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A meeting place where national storefronts can tout their wares and discuss trade. [In character]


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Free Trade Agreement

Postby Xaverium » Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:37 am

I, Benjamin Hawthorne, in my position as Chancellor of Xaverium, hereby grants permission for the entry of VMK and Royal Beaufort Shipwrights commercial shipping, export operations, and industrial manufacturing within the borders of the Federal Republic.

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Postby Svadyetsk » Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:42 pm

I, Vanya Mikhailovitch, Secretary to President Alexei Petrov, Glorious Leader of Svadyetsk, representing the people of Svadyetsk, hereby give the permission for VMK to introduce its operation of export and industrial manufacturing within the borders of the United Soviet States under conditions outlined below;

1. VMK abides by all Svadyetskan tax laws

2. VMK consents to the terms of the Foreign Trade Policy of Svadyetsk

3. A set proportion of any VMK staff employed in th sovereign nation of Svadyetsk are residents of the Glorious homeland.

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Postby Tangaliro » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:22 am

Nation: Tangaliro
Order: 8x Indonesia Classes
30x Panzerhaubitze 2E Self Propelled Artillery
50x VLT M5 trucks
[Optional]Additional comments:We would like to donate the 30 Panzerhaubitze 2Es and 50 VLT M5s to The Novakian Empire.
“In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them. Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.”
-Sun Tzu

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Eurasian Countries
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Postby Eurasian Countries » Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:04 am

Nation: Eurasian Union
Order: 60x KDF80 Vuurhaag Interceptor Aircraft
Additional comments: We would like fast delivery.
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Punto Perejil
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Postby Punto Perejil » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:15 pm

Nation: Punto Perejil
  • Pz.Kpf.W AY1-1A 'Arctos' Medium Tank[Price: 3.5 million] x3
  • Y0L-3O ‘Yolo’ Long Range Search 3D Radar [Price: 7.5 million] x1
  • Common Multi-Purpose Frigate [CMPF][Price: 850 million] x1
Additional comments: We would like the Y0L-30 to be prefabricated to fit atop our 204 foot tall radar defense tower.

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Western Pacific Territories
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Postby Western Pacific Territories » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:41 pm

Official Message, CLASSIFIED.

TO: VMK Defence & Steel Works.
FROM: Western Pacific Territories Military.
SUBJECT: Purchase of Military Weaponry.

Hello to whomever this message states. The Western Pacific Territories is interesting in buying military weaponry from your company for a variety of reasons. We wish to purchase weaponry today to arm multiple sections of our reservist units in case of war. We are looking to re-arm the 17th Reservist Armored Section with 20 VAT M-2 'Stalker' Main Battle Tanks for a price of 80 million dollars, or 320 million Shiehs. We request that these tanks have storage space to hold 4 FASRA-72 rifles for the crew.

Secondly, we will mention that we are looking towards supplying the undermanned 7th Logistics Platoon with 50 VLT M5 Military Trucks, for a total of 14.75 million dollars, or 59 million Shiehs, which is a total price of 379 million dollars. We hope for a urgent reply to this message.

Leotrasnvi Valiansovarck, Commander of Armed Forces.

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Trade Agreement

Postby Henardles » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:24 pm

The Empire of Henardles greets His Majesty Wilhelm III


I, Herrick Kuhlbert, absolute leader of The Empire of Henardles am honored to say that Henardles has opened its borders to VMK commercial/industrial operations and export. Henardlesian companies and businesses will receive the same rights of VMK within Yohannesian borders as VMK does in ours. We hope the bond between our nations grows stronger.

Thank you,
Herrick Kuhlbert,
Absolute leader of Henardles

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Postby Palmyrion » Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:00 pm

National Arsenal Directorate-Bureau of Armaments Acquisition
Gregorio Valzado Square, Capital City of Benevolencia
Federal Capital District, United Federation of Palmyrion

16 January 2016

VMK Defence & Steel Works
Te Whanganui-a-Tara, The Great and Most Royal Empire of Yohannes

To whom it may concern,

Greetings, WMK Defense & Steel Works. We have been looking to expand Palmyrion's military superiority for years already, serving as the main entity of how she acquires the latest of warfighter gear. As Palmyrion continues to fight in more frontiers she also needs better and more weapons to sustain a vast international military presence.

A full-strength corps in Halfblakistan, engaged in a rather bitter border war. Slavers to the north. Communists to the east. Islamists to the south. These are the military situations Palmyrion finds herself in, and while our military industrial complex is sufficient we believe that other nations produce better weapons than we do. One of these is VMK Defense and Steel Works, and we have been looking up to you.

As part of our Force 2020 program, which seeks to improve our forces for the second decade of this rough century, we would like to procure some products from your storefront. Attached is a Procurement Document detailing what we would procure from this company.

Sincerely Yours
Harold Magan
Secretary, Bureau of Armaments Acquisition
National Armaments Directorate


100ZM-7L "Dreadnought" Intercontinental Strategic Stealth Bomber$ 2,000,000,000
Total Cost:$200,000,000,000
Kali Yuga Canon (Royal Federation) | Greater Dienstadi Canon (Royal Commonwealth)
Note: both canons exist independently of each other.

The 2020 Palmyrian Federal Election draws near! Cast your vote and ask your questions now! Hiraya Manawari!


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Postby Allanea » Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:26 pm

Official Message from the Capitalist International

Due to the commencement of hostilities with Ralkovia, the Greater Prussian Empire requires a vast quantity of armaments, DPRs, ships and equipment.

X1 DPR for the Commonwealth-class aircraft carrier [to be produced in New Dornalia]
x1 DPR for the Waarden nuclear cruiser [for New Dornalia, which is not affected by an Knootian sanctions]
x1 DPR for the Indonesia-class SSN [to be produced in New Dornalia]

10.8 trillion will be wired upon confirmation
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Postby Palisede » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:02 am


Federation of Palisede

Official Communiqué


Formal Purchase Order

for the

Ministry of National Defence

presented by:

Jonathon Brekkard

Minister of the Ministry of National Defence

Office of the Minister
of the Palisedean Ministry of National Defence

Ministry of National Defence
Vincent City, C2 M1A

Our Reference: MoD-PO5214A-TPS14

To VMK Defence & Steel Works,
We wish to put foward purchase requests for some of your advertised products.

Nation: Palisede
  • 5 x Naval Carrier Packages (cost estimate: NS $105 billion)
  • 20 x Phlegethon-class FFG guided missile frigates (cost estimate: NS $20 billion)
Total Cost: NS $125,000,000,000
Additional comments: With spare parts to be produced locally (see form below for details).

Nation: Palisede
Name of shipbuilding company, agency or organisation to manufacture our technical & naval spare parts: Cavallia Maritime Manufacturing & Shipyards

We hope our order is in good order and not breeching upon any restrictions.

We thank VMK Defence & Steel Works for their cooperation and look forward to further business in the future.

With regards,

Jonathon Brekkard

Minister of National Defence

Ministry of National Defence
Federation of Palisede

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Postby Arkasija » Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:03 am

Yohannes wrote:
Viewing recommendation:

This storefront is best viewed in Default and Century (wide RMB) NationStates themes. Viewing this storefront using the Dark NationStates theme is not recommended, as the dark theme will affect some of the images with transparent background in a bad way. You can alter your theme in your account settings\____(^_^)____/
Freeform Roleplaying Thread: this fictional entity (VMK) is a freeform roleplaying content, meaning that other NationStates nations or players as well as buyers and suppliers connected with us can wave away or quite simply not acknowledge certain roleplayed content related to this entity that they disagree with

Latest product: Dreadnought Intercontinental Strategic Stealth Bomber [ click here to see the design ]
Under research:
[1] Project ‘Terra’ FFIX Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser [ link to initial blueprint ]
[2] Project ‘Leviathan’ Multi-Regional Stealth Bomber [ link to the thread ]

Instant delivery and approval: your ordered designs are shipped and delivered immediately to your nation the moment you have posted your order on this storefront. My IC replies are just there for roleplaying flavours. The moment you have posted your order, you get what you have just ordered and can use them for wars and stuff without having to wait for me to reply [ more explanation ]

Important announcement to existing or potential story partners: to see full update/explanation [ click here ]


Achtung – Panzer... Suchen und Zerstören!
Selling Tanks and Ships to NationStates & International Incidents Roleplayers since 2011
Endorsements: Ainin | Allanea | Anemos Major | Charlotte Ryberg | Dogs of War | Eslovakia | Globus
Jenrak | Knootoss | Maltropia | New Carloso | New Edom | Novo Wagondia | Lamoni | Lyras | Questers
San Pellegrino Romana | The Jonathanian States | Togeria | Van Luxemburg | Versail | Zunkwentania

(Image)Our Panzers Have Been Used in Multiple Past International Incidents Wars
Since 2011, By New Forums Fluffies and Regulars Alike, Humans Or Elves, Furries or Not
Where Enemy Commander Sees the Rumbling of Our Panzers' Tracks, They Say;
Bloody Hell, not dem Steroid-Pumped und Overweight VMK Panzers Again
And They Sip Their Arjuna Tea to Await Their Fate in Hell
Uniquely VMK - The Three-Letter Word They Hate


Proud index member and participant of the prestigious annual Geannese Rothward Report

Kia Ora! Welcome to our storefront

VMK Defence & Steel Works, commonly known as VMK or VMK AG, is the military–industrial storefront of the nineteen countries. Officially known in Yohannes as Vereinigte Waffenindustrie des Yohannesisches Königreichs, we are the exporting front of the defence firms, precision engineering family-owned companies and publicly listed enterprises in Yohannes. In addition, we are also the exporting front of RBSG shipbuilding firms, and is an institutional partner of allied enterprises originating from Alfegos, Fallenrun, Holy Marsh, Knootoss, Regnum Albion, Symphonia, The Freethinkers and Trivval.

We are proud of the years of tradition our affiliated firms have in respecting the principles of fair trade and equal relationship with other like minded members of the international business communities. VMK has supported the industrialisation effort of various nations by providing our multi regional network of capital and labour opportunities. Our historical investments and partnerships abroad have contributed to the construction of industrial facilities and factories to facilitate export and promote growth in some parts of the world.

We are the subject of the World Assembly Security Council Resolution #149, passed in 2014 for our contribution to international commerce and trade.

Financing & Discounts

In partnership with the Bank of Yohannes, formerly known as the Yohannesische Bundesbank, we can allow you to pay off your order in increments, or yearly payment with a maximum period of ten years for you to fully pay your order. Regular customers and trade partners coming from the old world regions will also be given a 1.5% discount. Historical customers of the Royal Beaufort Shipwrights Guild, absorbed by our institution in August 2014, are also able to claim a further 1.5% discount to their order.

We give 3% discount to customers or trade partners coming from the new world regions, and also will give a 5% (stackable to the above) discounts to clients or customers of Minoa Free Trading Charter and Trade Network Association, as well as governments of the 500+ nations that Yohannes are in trade relationship and agreement with.

We mainly accept the NationStates Dollar or Universal Standard Dollar as the currency you use for paying us, as these are the two currencies primarily acknowledged by the two superpowers of the NS RP World, the Empire of Maxtopia and the Republic of Bigtopia. However, we will also be fine with you paying us using your national currency.

Storefront Rules & Regulations

    1. The things you want to buy and order will automatically arrive in your nation the very moment that you have posted your order in this storefront, unless;

      1.1. You are involved in a war/conflict roleplay thread with other nations in the NationStates and/or International Incidents forums. If that is the case, then your order will only arrive in your nation after you have finished the war/conflict. Why is that? So that it is fair for the other participants involved

      1.2. You order a ridiculous number of stuff, for example things like buying 100 million tanks or 1 million ships in one go. Sorry, I am flexible and all... but even I won't accept something like that ae

      1.3. You are in a state of war with one of my (very few) close allies. In this situation, I will have to ask my allies to see if they will mind that I supply you with VMK war machines.
    2. This storefront is a mix of OOC [out of character] and IC [in-character]. I am not as strict as I was once, and am nowadays very relaxed. So, if you want to talk OOC or order IC it's up to you really. You can also ask about RPing stuff related to this storefront, like for example if you want me to roleplay VMK participating in one of your NationStates or International Incidents roleplaying threads.

How do I buy from this storefront/how do I make a purchase?

Method number one: For storytellers and writers who don't usually use the NationStates official forums (and hear about this small fictional concept of a thread from your region friends): you can simply participate in this storyline in terms of its connection with your nation by simply declaring that your government has opened its borders to VMK commercial/industrial operations and export. Here are two good examples [ Little Sealand ] [ The New Albania ]

Method number two: Alternatively, you can fill the following application to buy or order items from our storefront:

Code: Select all
Nation: [put the name of your nation here]
Order: [put the stuff you want to buy here, also don't forget the number of that stuff you want to buy. Price we will calculate for you so don't worry]
[Optional]Additional comments: [you don't have to fill this one, or you can put anything else you want to say here]

Communique Method

If your government want to buy something, how will it write that?

Same as if you want to buy something, what will you tell me?

But replace 'me' or 'I' with 'the Government of Santiago II'

So, it can be, in a simple way like this:


The Government of Santiago II is hereby forwarding its interest to buy/purchase/import [number of ship/tank/design] [name of the ships/tanks/design]. We will deliver the payment once you have confirmed this order.

Thank you/sincerely/cordially,
[your representative name here]
[his or her position]


Click each name or image to see the product, DPR means 'Domestic Production Right'.



Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1L 'Panthera Leo' Main Battle Tank[Price: 18 million][DPR: 250 billion]

From the NationStates regions of Gholgoth to Greater Dienstad, and Atlas to Hemithea, as of 2011 over two million armoured fighting vehicles based upon that of the AY2 family has been exported and manufactured around the world. Over one hundred and fifty nations as of the present operate the AY2 series of armoured vehicles; tanks, self-propelled artilleries and other role-designated variants, establishing the Yohannesian Panzerkampfwagen (Pz.Kpf.W) AY2 as one of the world's foremost exported family of armoured fighting vehicle series, alongside that of the established Anemonian HT9A7 Yvernyr of ASAEA, Lyran LY7 and LY4 Wolfhound of Lyran Arms as well as the Lamonian M2 Valkyrie of LAIX Arms.

The L variant came into existence as an incentive by the VMK Research & Development Division to further push the AY2 series' boundary, and maximise the potential lethality and mobility of the said family of armoured fighting vehicles. Ever since its entrance in 2000, the previous E variant was known worldwide for its tactical and engineering qualitative parity with that of the already acknowledged and established state-of-the-art main battle tanks found overseas. It is therefore the wish of the Yohannesian Federal Ministry of Defence, Wehrmacht and that of the VMK R&D Division, to conceptualise Yohannes' next generation of main battle tank, based closely from that of the successful E variant.

Read more about the Panzerkampfwagen AY2-1L Panthera Leo [ here ]

Strengths: Powerful armament, excellent armour design, decent mobility for its weight, above average modularity, benchmark electronics & networking capabilities
Weaknesses: problematic suspension & transmission maintenance, shot turret trap vulnerability and various other fatal weak points, below average signature reductions


Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E 'Panthera Tigris' Main Battle Tank[Price: 15 million][DPR: 105 billion]

The Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E Panthera Tigris is the E variant of the AY2 series, and is a state-of-the-art main battle tank, utilising cutting edge electronics, engineering systems and technologies. The Yohannesian AY2 series of armoured fighting vehicle model was conceptualised to provide a mobile power projectile platform, with operational ease of logistics and technical modularity in mind. During the development and initial project phase of the AY1 series' L variant, debates were on-going within the VMK Board of Committee's inner council chamber, in regard to the persistent operational problems and logistical issue which can be found upon the design's prototype, and initial first assembly line of production. It was during the design's inception that a major error was made, in regard to the incorporation of a six cylinder engine as the AY1-1L's system of propulsion. Following mobile field testing operation conducted at the Valedonia experiment and proving range, the prototype could not withstand the internal pressure and technical problems resulting from the weight of its base chassis design, in conjunction with the incorporation of the AY4M 140/L50 gun and its intended electronics as well as networking systems.

The base of the AY1-L's chassis itself was inflexible, and was not designed with a continually-updated mobile platform capability in mind. While the incorporation of a new Forza FB-12TSD as its primary propulsion system did reduce the rate of the AY1's operational testing problems substantially, a persistent nature was still there to observe and look disconcertingly upon, by the VMK Board of Committee and in finality, that of the Yohannesian Federal acquisition and development board. These reasons were included as the primary explanation behind the eventual development of the AY2 model; as a way to fill the ever-intensive and crucially required easing of logistical operational requirement, and a more flexible main battle tank emphasising both the factor of mobility as well as tactical operational breakthrough potential within its attached formation.

Read more about the Panzerkampfwagen AY2-1E Panthera Tigris [ here ]

Strengths: Powerful armament, very good armour design, good mobility for its weight, benchmark electronics & networking capabilities
Weaknesses: weak rear armour & certain fatal points, below average urban operation & support capabilities, problematic suspension & propulsion on extreme terrains


San-Silvacian T2009A3 Main Battle Tank[Price: 9.75 million][DPR: 50 billion]

The T2009A2 was supposed to be an anti-tank gun, capable of following infantry and mechanized forces and providing ‘deadly’ anti-tank support. However, the program had too many issues with the unmanned turret's electrical system and autoloader. It was later phased out a year after entering service, opting to simply give out full-size battle tanks to units when needed. When plans for the T2012 surfaced, design teams across the nation began submitting their blueprints; even Vickers have had different teams designing different tanks, one of which was the T2009A3, an improvement on the San-Silvacian benchmark T2009A1. Both tanks were selected with emphasis on the T2012 in production and funding. The T2009A3 was merely an upgrade program for the T2009A1, however specially modified sub-variants of the T2009A3s were also built.

After the fall of the Reich, the T2009A3 program was selected to fully replace the T2012 to become the standard main battle tank of the nation, and brought back into service, now to replace the T2012 that failed horribly. The upgrades to the T2009A1 that the A3 brought with it was the use of a newer automated loading system not dissimilar in characteristic to that found in the T2012. They also shared electrical systems, however the T2009A3/4s were considered as the more reliable and robust option. In August of 2012, the T2009A4 was released for both export and home usage. The T2009A4 was specially reserved for nations that could not or did not want to use the 140mm main gun seen on every T2009 since its inception. Using the German 120mm main gun, the T2009A4 appeals to many members of ISAF and other nations abroad; with more ammunition, more crew space, a fast automated loading system, and the possible use of gun-launched anti-tank guided missiles or GLATGMs.

Read more about the San-Silvacian T2009A3 [ here ]

Strengths: Very good mobility for its role, very good extreme terrain capabilities, benchmark modularity
Weaknesses: weak secondary armaments, below average urban operation & support capabilities


Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1B 'Panthera Uncia' Main Battle Tank[Price: 8 million][DPR: 40 billion]

The AY2 was conceptualised as a result of practicality and ease of logistics requirement. During the developmental phase of the AY1 Serenity, debates were on-going within the VMK Board of Committee regarding the initial negative outcome of the AY1 prototype. Initially equipped with a six cyclinder engine as its propulsion system, the prototype of the AY1 model could not withstand the various internal pressure and weight resulting from its networking sensory systems, electronics, and most importantly, its 140mm/L48 AY1M smoothbore gun, until the adoption of the twelve cylinders Forza FB-12TSD as its primary propulsion system.

Lessons learnt from the utilisation of the AY1 series in combat has provided the technological knowledge essentially needed by the VMK Bureau of Development and Technological Research, and as a result the AY2 came into existence. Weighting much less and with emphasis being put within its electronics and mobility, designated in full as the Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1B Tiger, the AY2 was thus conceptualised with 1B designated to symbolise its first variant type to enter production, and service. The development of the AY2 was initiated with chassis flexibility and the possibility of future variants' ease of modification being put in mind within its design, unlike that of its counterpart, the heavier AY1 Serenity.

Read more about the Panzerkampfwagen AY2-1B Panthera Uncia [ here ]

Strengths: Very good mobility for its role, very good extreme terrain capabilities, benchmark modularity
Weaknesses: weak secondary armaments, below average urban operation & support capabilities


King Leopard Main Battle Tank[Price: 5.9 million][DPR: 25 billion]

The Snow Leopard is a Imperial Main Battle Tank mainly in service with the armies of the Imperial Federation of Fallenrun and the Nerodian Empire. It was originally designed and built by the Bashford Imperial Armaments Company. It has seen service in the War of the Two Empresses and the Firmadorean Crisis. King Leopard II is the export version of the Snow Leopard, using torsion bar suspension instead of hydropneumatic for reduced cost, as well as mounting a 120mm L44 gun instead of the L50.

Read more about the King Leopard [ here ]



VAT M-2 'Stalker' Main Battle Tank[Price: 5 million][DPR: refer here]

The M-2 Stalker is a third-generation main battle tank developed within the Unified States of Daemyrs. The M-2 is a highly mobile tank, designed for modern armoured ground warfare, balancing the trinity of armour, firepower, and manoeuvrability. Notable features include the use of a powerful multi-fuel turbine, the adoption of sophisticated composite armour, and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment for crew safety. Weighing just over 61 short tons, it is one of the heaviest combat vehicles ever fielded by the Unified States.

The M-2 entered U.S.D. service in 1986, replacing the ageing M-61 tank. It served for over a decade alongside the improved M-61D, which had entered service in 1983. The M-2 remains the principal main battle tank of the Unified States Army and Marine Corps, as well as experiencing increased use with the Daemyrs Home Guard.
Four main versions of the M-2 have been deployed, the M-2, M-2A, M-2B, and M-2C incorporating improved armament, protection and electronics. These improvements, as well as periodic upgrades to older tanks, have allowed this long-serving vehicle to remain in front-line service. The M-2D was under early development as of 2009.

Read more about the M-2 Stalker [ here ]




Pz.Kpf.W AY1-1A 'Arctos' Medium Tank[Price: 3.5 million][DPR: 20 billion]

The AY1 was developed in the early 1960s following Yohannes' introduction into the armoured vehicle technological race worldwide. Named the "Arctos", and understandably more commonly known internationally as simply the "Yohannesian AY1", the AY1-series of tanks was the initial experimental project behind the further development and marked improvement of the AY2-series of tanks. Known for its modularity, mobility and mass-production capacity, the AY1-series of tanks has served within the Yohannesian Wehrmacht for over 50 years as of the present, with numerous variants found throughout varied armoured and infantry support formations within the Wehrmacht's order of strategic engagement. It is also the logical reserved and inventory model chosen by that of the Bundesversammlung (Yohannesian parliament). The AY1-series of tanks, as of the present, can still be found in various countries internationally, a symbol of its longetivity and quality ever since it was first engineered upon.

The AY1 is currently being used mainly to bolster and reinforce Yohannesian overseas detachments, mainly used in reserve role and/or second line assault role. Over 15,000 is currently registered within the Wehrmacht's storage. Since its introduction in 1961, over 300,000 AY1 tanks has been manufactured and produced, both within the Kingdom of Yohannes and countries internationally with the legal and technical capacity to manufacture the aforementioned series of tanks.

Read more about the Pz.Kpf.W AY1-1A Arctos [ here ]



San-Silvacian T2009A1 Medium Tank[Price: 6.75 million][DPR: 40 billion]

In 1987, the People's Republic of San-Silvacian began to slowly disassemble its vast arms manufacturing industry following the aftermath of the Usean Military Stand Off which lasted from 1957 to 1985. Billions of NSD/USD were cut from defence spending and the large, mainly conscript San-Silvacian army was scaled down to a comparatively smaller personnel size of six million. One of the issues that was brought up during this time was the need for a domestically-designed new battle tank to replace the M55 series, which, as much to the dismay of the San-Silvacian General Staff, was effectively an obsolete option if compared to other 4th generation main battle tanks, such as the Abrams, Leopard and Challenger. In 1989, the M55A5 EBMS was unveiled and production began. It was a stop gap tank inspired by the American M60A3 TTS, however, it was only supposed to enter service for 4 to 5 years before being replaced by a new 4th generation tank.

A single tank design stood out from the crowd, which was the X2009. It meet or exceeded every set requirement with a VMK 140mm smoothbore gun, a weight of 62 tons and so on. It was, seemingly overnight, set into production with the T2009A1.

Read more about the San-Silvacian T2009A1 [ here ]



DAT-A55 'Predator' Medium Tank[Price: 7 million][DPR: 30 billion]

Development of a new main battle tank came during year 1995, where advances in military technology saw the obsolescence of the country's ageing fleet of Leopard 2 tanks. As the country grew richer, so too did the desire for increased indigenous military equipment and Drackonisa High Command soon laid plans for the future development of the armed forces. Chief of which, was the development of an indigenous main battle tank produced and designed entirely within the country. As the years passed and new military innovations and technological advancements in the field of electronics, armour and armament came into existence, the project was delayed due to continuous corrections and improvements to the original design to include these new developments. Work on a final prototype was finally completed on December 2006, where a technological demonstrator was produced to showcase its capabilities. The project was not without setbacks however, and there were accuracy problems with the tank's 128mm l55 main gun which were rectified in a second trial.

Following a complete redesign of the tank, it was decided to utilize an interleaved wheel design to improve weight distribution and a brand new drivetrain was designed to address the previous issues. It took several trial runs to work out all the kinks in its design, due to it being Drackonisa's first indigenous designed tank. Despite a program plagued by numerous difficulties, the team pressed on and eventually finished the production model for its first production run in June 2008. The predator tank's largely modular design simplifies maintenance and further upgrade and modernization packages are easily installed on the vehicle itself.

Read more about the DAT-A55 Predator [ here ]



Stridsvagn 107 Light Tank[Price: 3.5 million][DPR: 80 billion]

The Stridsvagn 107 was created to create a vehicle for the Riemaian national guard and other nations that was light enough to be dropped into areas via the Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System, and rugged enough to be able to stand up against many modern threats on the battlefield today, including helicopters and main battle tanks.

Note from the Manufacturer: The Stridsvagn 107 can take out a main battle tank, but it is highly advised that you do not attempt to do so except under dire circumstances.

Read more about the Stvn 107 [ here ]


Artilleries & Anti-Air Systems


Panzerhaubitze 2E Self Propelled Artillery[Price: 6.5 million][DPR: 32 billion]

The Panzerhaubitze 2E (English: Armoured Howitzer 2E) is a self propelled artillery system developed by VMK, and was designated as the new replacement of the Panzerhaubitze 1H (PzH 1H) series of mobile artillery within the Yohannesian Wehrmacht (Defence Forces). The Panzerhaubitze 2E utilises a modified chassis and is based of the state-of-the-art Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E Panthera Tigris.

The Panzerhaubitze 2E incorporate an enlarged auto-frettaged and fully-automatic ammunition handling and firing Halstenmetall AY3H 170/L50 cannon, modified from that of the AY-1E Panthera Tigris' AY7M 140/L50 gun to resemble its indirect power projectile role. It is also equipped with an extra ammunition information management sub-system alongside its modified AYTRACK fire control system, borrowed heavily from that of the Panthera Tigris. Simultaneously pre-programmed together is the PzH 2E modified AY3H 170 mm compatible XA1Y-E2 automatic loading system of the original Panthera Tigris, with the ability to initiate MRSI (multiple round simultaneus impact) firing capability, which enable the PzH 2E to fire up to six rounds simultaneously within one targeted spot.

Read more about the Panzerhaubitze 2E [ here ]



Panzerhaubitze AY1-H1 Armoured Howitzer[Price: 5.7 million][DPR: 30 billion]

The AY1-H1 SPG (self-propelled gun) is an old Anago-Yohannesian self-propelled gun adapted from, and based on the chassis of that of the old AY1 'Serenity'. It was conceptualised in 2003 following the conclusion, visibility of realisation, and sure-finality of the AY1 Serenity main battle research project, and its development was to fill a flexible role as the Kaiserlichen und Königlichen Streitkräfte's mean of a domestically manufactured Anago-Yohannesian primary assault gun, formational offensive support, and operational mobile artillery unit.

Read more about the Panzerhaubitze AY1-H1 [ here ]



DAT-B91 'Hamster' Self Propelled Artillery[Price: 3 million][DPR: 20 billion]

The development of the Hamster began in 1991, to fulfil a requirement to provide better mobile fire support to the combined arms divisions of the Drackonisian Armed Forces. Due to the local environment requiring it to cross small bridges as well as operate in confined spaces such as rainforests in the largely tropical environment, the decision to purchase foreign howitzers was deemed unfeasible as the average weight range was around 70 tons and the vehicles were either too heavy or too wide. The new artillery has to fulfil a stringent requirement of a highly mobile unit capable of being air-transportable, capable of keeping up with the high tempo of armoured operations and being less fuel demanding, all the while still being able to provide the firepower, range and accuracy artillery units are capable of.

Read more about the DAT-B91 Hamster [ here ]



Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer 2E Anti Air Tank[Price: 6 million][DPR: 30 billion]

The Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer 2E (English: Anti-Aircraft Cannon Tank 2E) or more commonly known as the Flakpanzer 2E, is the primary mobile anti-aircraft aerial defence system of the Yohannesian Wehrmacht. Exceedingly well-armoured and extremely mobile, the Flakpanzer 2E easily fill its role as an air and ground defence self-propelled artillery system simultaneously. It utilises a modified AY2 chassis and is based of the state-of-the-art Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E Panthera Tigris. The turret system of the E variant has been replaced and modified to accommodate for the automatic arms elevation attachment system of the Flakpanzer's two externally mounted Halstenmetall AY1A TCL automatic cannons. The basic concept of the vehicle's design is to provide the Yohannesian Wehrmacht with an well-rounded mobile, lethal and efficient modular anti-aircraft aerial defence platform. Based from the chassis of the AY2 series of tanks' E variant, the Flakpanzer 2E maintained the E variant's Adversus and Hauberk hull structure layout, thus maintaining the excellent all-around protection trait and well-armoured characteristic of the Panthera Tigris.

The E variant's integrated AYHK10 ADS was kept, although electronics and sensory unrelated to that of the Flakpanzer 2E's intended role was removed. The Forza FB-12TSD propulsion and 8GDCT automated double clutch transmission systems of the Panthera Tigris was also kept alongside its VLT HPVS-MBT hydropneumatic active suspension system, thus allowing the Flakpanzer 2E to maintain the excellent mobility of the Panthera Tigris.

Read more about the Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer 2E [ here ]




Pionierpanzer AY2-AVEE 'Hindenburg' Engineering Tank[Price: 15.3 million][DPR: 80 billion]

The Pionierpanzer AY2-AVEE (English: Combat Engineering Tank AY2-AVEE) or more commonly known as the PiPz AY2-AVEE, is the primary combat engineering tank of the Yohannesian Wehrmacht (Defence Forces). The AY2-AVEE utilises a modified AY2 chassis and is based of the state-of-the-art Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E Panthera Tigris.

The AY2-AVEE, which stand for the AY2 Armoured Vehicle Engineering E-series, was designed to be equipped with a short-barreled Halstenmetall 170mm AY5D demolition gun, specifically developed with the full purpose of demolishing ground obstacles, such as large accumulation of bricks, opposing walls, tactical roadblocks, bunkers, and various other logistical boundaries and/or field barriers within its main gun's range. Included with the main gun is its utilisation of a land mine clearing rake, and if need be, a bulldozer device.

Beside these changes, the AY2-AVEE maintained the E variant's Adversus and Hauberk armour layout, thus maintaining the excellent all-around protection trait and well-armoured characteristic of the Panthera Tigris. The Forza FB-12TSD propulsion and 8GDCT automated double clutch transmission systems of the Panthera Tigris was also kept, alongside its VLT HPVS-MBT hydropneumatic active suspension system, thus allowing the AY2-AVEE to maintain the excellent mobility of the Panthera Tigris.

Read more about the Pionierpanzer AY2-AVEE [ here ]



Panzerschnellbrücke 2E Bridge Tank[Price: 2.9 million][DPR: 10 billion]

The Panzerschnellbrücke 2E (English: Rapid Bridge Tank 2E) is the primary rapid launched, tactical assault bridge tank of the Yohannesian Wehrmacht (Defence Forces). The Panzerschnellbrücke 2E was envisioned with the primary task to establish multiple crucial tactical bridgeheads which will influence the much larger, strategic initiative of its corresponding attached formation(s). In some cases, unfavourable tactical situation on the immediate field of operation will find one’s formation lacking upon the availability of a sizeable or qualitatively secured bridge. It is in such a situation that the Panzerschnellbrücke 2E will be most useful within. Its other usefulness is the fact that the bridge can rapidly be assembled and launched, at no more than five minutes, and can rapidly disengage at no more than nine minutes.

Read more about the Panzerschnellbrücke 2E [ here ]



Bergepanzer 2E Armoured Recovery Vehicle[Price: 5.3 million][DPR: 25 billion]

The Bergepanzer 2E (English: Armoured Recovery Vehicle 2E) is a heavy armoured recovery vehicular system developed by VMK, and is designated as the replacement of the Bergepanzer 1L series of armoured recovery vehicle within the Yohannesian Wehrmacht. The Bergepanzer 2E utilises a modified chassis and is based of the state-of-the-art Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E Panthera Tigris.

The internal crew compartment structure of the original E variant was changed to accomodate and reflect the vehicle's role. Four crew members in total is designated towards the Bergepanzer 2E, that of the commander, driver and an addition of two specialised vehicular engineers. The vehicle's designated driver seat is switched to the front of the compartment, whilst that of the commander placed at the rear of the driver's seat. Four large doors, two on the surrounding left and right side of the compartment, has been integrated into the vehicle to accomodate for the crews' ease of entrance and departure.

Read more about the Bergepanzer 2E [ here ]




Pseudonaja Protected Mobility Vehicle[Price: 250,000][DPR: 1.25 billion]

Designed to meet the needs of defence forces constantly challenged by IED's, mines or small arms ambushes, the Pseudonaja Protected Mobile Vehicle (PMV) is a highly mobile and highly protected light vehicle that provides protection and flexibility in a complex operational environment for up to six soldiers. The vehicle was developed as a next-generation light mobility vehicle for the Southern Cynocephali Defence Force (SCDF), which can be airlifted by standard cargo aircraft. Pseudonaja PMV has a maximum speed of 130 km/h, and is able to travel up to to 1,000 km in range.

The Pseudonaja has been extensively tested against improvised explosive devices (IED) and small arms fire to ensure that its design allows maximum protection. Tests were conducted by SCDF personnel to gather the data and modernise the blast management system equipped in the vehicle. The vehicle is named after a genus of venomous elapid snakes native to Southern Cynocephali. Members of this genus are known commonly as brown snakes and are often extremely well camouflaged in their surroundings. These snakes, even when young, are extremely venomous are widely considered to be the most dangerous snake in the country. With this in mind, lead designer and development manager Jean Dieu de Soult felt the name was fitting for the project.

Read more about the Pseudonaja Protected Mobility Vehicle [ here ]



Forza Corio E Military Truck[Price: 72,000][DPR: refer here]

The Forza Corio E Military Truck - marketed under the Panzer package deal in partnership with Forza Automotive - is a truck designed by Forza Automotive of United Coronado to fulfill both military and civillian roles. United Coronado is a nation of contrasts, from the vast and arid interior deserts to the urban sprawl around major city centres. For a truck to perform admirably in any situation that the harsh and unforgiving environment could throw at it, it needed to be both reliable and easy to maintain. But for a truck to survive in a nation of strict emissions laws and minimum highway speeds, it needed to be clever enough to face adversity. The Forza Corio blends both brawn with brains and can capably fulfill any role which a medium or heavyweight truck might be faced with.

Read more about the Forza Corio E Military Truck [ here ]



VLT M5 Military Truck[Price: 295,000][DPR: refer here]

This design is marketed under the Panzer package deal in partnership with VLT Automotive. The first deliveries of the VLT M5 took place at the Findelkasern in Luxembourg. They were destined for the first regiment of the Groussherzogliche Arméi, the regiment being otherwise known as the Gourssherzogliche Wuecht. The vehicle was at that point the pinnacle of Van Luxemburger experience in the development of military trucks, and perhaps one of the most advanced of its kind. Nevertheless, vehicle reliability remained a major issue for the Arméi that had ordered these vehicles, and thus two different versions had been designed, one primarily for logistical services with the auxiliary troops of the Arméi, and one version that would only have the most basic of necessities on board.

With the former being equipped with more luxuries and an improved suspension system that allowed for more comfort, but also was extremely capable in various types of terrain, the M5a was clearly the most popular version among the soldiers and drivers that had to operate these vehicles. On the other hand, mechanics and financial experts preferred the simpler M5b, as it was far easier to repair due to a lack of complicated parts, and had a lower replacement cost, while the less complicated parts were also cheaper and universally available. With these differences in preference regarding various versions of the M5, the Ministry of Defence evaluated the design together with VLT’s defence vehicles department in early 2009, in order to come to a better design that was beneficial for all parties.

Read more about the VLT M5 Military Truck [ here ]



Darius Crossver SUV[Price: 295,000][DPR: apply here]

What some foreigners knew and commonly acknowledged today as the 'Darius' was in fact the fourth incarnation of its kind. The first concept of the car commonly associated with Automobil Yohannes' introductory approach into the market of crossover SUV was established in January 1996. AY research & design team at the time was preliminarily conducting its first experimentation with a new concept in Yohannes;

  • A four-wheel drive emphasising a casual persona and flexibility to attract the younger generation in Yohannes.
  • The idea to approach the above mentioned goal was to allow a passenger-comfort driving experience, whilst simultaneously combining overall good motorway speed with four permanent wheel drive and acceptable ground clearance.
  • In turn, the above experience will attract client-contacts who are not interested in mud plugging off road cars, with emphasis made in the possibility of maximising their various leisure schedules; such as moutain biking, tramping or weekends sailing.
  • New features which will attract potential buyers; retractable and storable twin sunroofs, fully-reclined passenger seats for sleeping and comfortable back space.
Read more about the Darius Crossover SUV [ here ]


We, the Government of Arkasija, hereby allow the institution of VMK to open its operations of export and industrial manufacturing in our nation.

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Reply to the nation of Monfrox

Postby Yohannes » Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:21 am

Monfrox wrote:


The nation of Monfrox has consulted the catalog and has decided to go with a small order for now to test and train soldiers on the new equipment. Enclosed is the order form.

The Leader of Monfrox
Field Marshal Lidev von Sturmgeist

Nation: Monfrox
Order: 42 Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1L MBTs: 21 in a Halstenmetall AY1M 40/L70 TCL 40mm coaxial autocannon and LA-420A1 Havik II BLATGM launcher configuration, 21 in a Mark 30 45/L65 MCT 30mm and Nimbus III-F SAM launcher configuration
100 Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E MBTs
Additional comments: You may keep the mounted AY14-HMGs, as we will mount our own standard HMGs to minimize on training time.


Bodybuilder plumber turned con artist turned industrialist struck gold

ImageYou don't expect going to a bar and turning a multimillion dollar [contract] instead of meeting your special lady... or man, for the night.

Te Whanganui a Tara, 10 April - Renee-Optikal Tamaki GmbH (ISEY: RET), the growing Westland based optical instrument and parts manufacturer, has announced the delivery of orders to equip up to one hundred brand new, fresh off the assembly line Panzers. 'Made in Yohannes, good as gold', as quipped from the mouth of Managing Director Robert Doherty-Simatupang early this morning. 'As we announce our short to medium term plan to our major shareholders next week, we expect the small to medium business communities in Yohannes to happily welcome the news.

Stefan von Browning, former Mr/Mrs Bodybuilder Yohannes, briefly arrested for fourth rate 'offence against the nation' when he attempted to export a pair of VMK branded steel shoes in 2003, and proud founder of Renee-Optikal in 2008, has confirmed '... that the deal went through only because of divine intervention; you see, I was standing at the right spot, drinking at the right time, and talking the right words... and the... ehh.. pretty drunk ambassador from dear Monfrox heartily agreed with whatever it was coming out of my mouth.'

'I couldn't remember the exact details, you see... but I can assure that it is good. It'll make Yohannes great. We will build a bridge between Monfrox and Yohannes.'

'Metaphorical bridge, mind you. Just like what you are reading now.'

ISEY business report of our trading partners abroad shows that 'the nation of Monfrox is a strong nation, its people proud of their culture and their nation. Mercantilism may be put aside in the interest of good bilateral relationship between the militaristic nation and our nineteen countries.'

'Export receipts forecast has indicated that this deal will inject at least 70 million NationStates or Universal Standard Dollars to the Westland economy, with an additional number of around 58 specialist civil and material senior engineers brought in from Monfrox as one part of our agreement. We are looking forward to an open minded discussion between our lads. Technical discussion... of course, not that that excuse will be needed anyway... mate if you wouldn't mind, I will have to go to the nearest..'

The Stock Exchange of Yohannes' ISEY list reported a cash outflow of 27.2 million NSD/USD in the quarter for the company, as its affiliated regional storefronts concluded a range of funding plans and intellectual property insurance with local provincial merchant banks.

Renee-Optikal Tamaki reported a cash and deposit holding of 79.6 million NSD/USD as of March 13, down from 159.7 million NSD/USD at the beginning of the quarter.

Its shares closed up 4 cents as of today at 8.01 NSD/USD.

Published by The Imperial Herald
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Reply to the nation of Bladia

Postby Yohannes » Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:22 am

Blademasters765 wrote:
Under the Imperial Authority of the Bladian Empire

To VMK Defence & Steel Works.

On behalf of the Royal Bladian Empire I would like to inform you that the empire has managed to reunite after many long years of civil war caused by the slaughter of the Amandil Royal Family.
Emperor Tomas Eldoran now reigns in our lands.

We would like to thank you for your continued support with military arms during our campaign to restore order.
As order has been restored we would like to continue shipments at larger quantities to insure that the military is kept as highly armed as it was before the chaos.

I hope for your continued support for our nation.

Elrac Fardom
First Minister of Bladia

[ Out of character information: as the account of Bladia has ceased to exist, the in character existence of things contained in this in character post will not be activated/considered as true by me. If the player behind the account of Bladia has decided to bring that account back, this story will be activated, and the details contained here will then be considered as existing by me ]


Taranaki-Southbourne making it in the land of the Bladian

Image... pretty sweet really. We tell em’ of Kiwi ingenuity...

Te Whanganui a Tara, 11 April - For the preceding three months, the rate of staff turnover for Brown & Dick Barrel & Technology Limited (ISEY: BBT) ‘has been exceptional’, the company claims. HR 2IC Officer Rudi Flaherty said it had created fifty new jobs for the local Taranaki-Southbourne community last month, with an additional thirty estimated to be created within the next five weeks ‘to cope with continuing demand from our trading partners in Bladia.’

‘The company is currently participating in a small and medium sized businesses seminar held in the Bladian Imperial capital city… so we are also a bit surprised with that invitation [and] opportunity presented to us abroad as well…’

‘Pretty sweet really. We tell em’ of Kiwi ingenuity, and I am sure the Bladian are very well acquainted by our lot already since God knows when…’

‘We have to compete with many other businesses and suppliers… not just in the nineteen countries, but also others out there, including domestic Bladian companies.’

‘… so I can say with confidence that we have punched above our weight quite well considering the obstacles and all… and while we can still do a lot better than where we are at now, bugger all is all I can say.’

‘We’re looking ahead positive of this newfound opportunity, and would like to offer our thanks to the people of Bladia and their government.’

The ISEY listed business specialised in metallurgy production and secondary supply, as well as small electrical components in the Taranaki-Southborne region. Managing Director SamanthaTan announced to the shareholders of its goal to achieve its 15 per cent growth mark for the next three years, and to increase the number of staff – of local Taranaki-Southborne born to benefit the community – scholarship in partnership with the University of Te Whanganui-a-Tara School of Engineering.

Mrs Tan said of the importance of preventing further brain drain in the local community. ‘While the company’s long standing membership under the united banner of VMK did somewhat reduce that [brain drain to other regions and abroad], the numbers are still noticeably there.’

‘We will ensure that the best and brightest will have the opportunity to stay in Taranaki-Southborne, and benefit our lovely community for years to come.

The Stock Exchange of Yohannes' ISEY list reported a cash and deposit holding of 30.7 million NSD/USD as of April 8, down from 41 million NSD/USD at the beginning of the quarter.

Its shares closed up 2 cents at 3.08 NSD/USD.

Published by The Imperial Herald

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Reply to the nation of Cantautahi

Postby Yohannes » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:42 pm

Cantautahi wrote:Nation name: Cantautahi
Number of factories: 11


Volksgrad-Hemstadt Chemical's 11 new factories to be opened in Cantautahi

Image... to be deliberately obtuse for the sake of consolidating his voting base even further…

Te Whanganui a Tara, 13 April - Volksgrad-Hemstadt Chemical – a subsidiary of Halstenmetall – purchased eleven of the recently renovated Aggregate Ltd plants in Cantautahi just a week following His Majesty’s Government biannual industrial meeting; signaling the continuing expansion of one of the nineteen countries’ major companies abroad.

Dr Brandon Temuaki-Fisher, the 51-year old industrialist behind the recent acquisitions, had promised to ‘respect the local communities, provide living wage jobs, and acknowledged any local mores of the surrounding areas.’

‘We are also interested in acquiring an initial group of skilled, knowledgeable workforce as a part of our broad management recruitment programme for the soon to be opened plants…’

‘… a quarter of their salaries will be paid in full, while training will be provided to ensure that everything will run smoothly once the plants are opened fully for production.’

Some members of the local councils in Cantautahi had expressed their concerns over the negative consequential effects of ‘an industrial complex, to be run by a foreign company, looked after by foreign management completely detached from the ground… ending up not benefitting our community in the process.’

‘… however, after hearing of the fact that [middle] regional management will be [given to] locals… I’d say that fact alone has alleviated some of our initial concerns.’

Domestic critics, especially exponents of Yohannesian first employment, argue over the doubtful benefit of ‘constructing and producing things overseas’ for the benefit of ‘foreign countries and people.’

‘Where are the jobs for our own people…? It’s our money that goes there… and so, why are we not benefitting in the process…? Yohannes First leader Loseton Peters said at a Grey Power’s meeting this morning.

Dr Fisher said of the importance Yohannesian industries abroad had on outside local communities, and that the long term cost of providing positive consequential effects ‘… are definitely less than the after tax profit we have for our products.’

‘Otherwise, we will not be looking at pursuing this opportunity in Cantautahi.’

‘Mr Peters need not reply back. I am sure he fully knows the benefit we will potentially accrued…’

‘… to be deliberately obtuse for the sake of consolidating his voting base even further… is pretty much his style we all should be familiar of by now.’

The Stock Exchange of Yohannes' ISEY list reported that Halstenmetall shares closed up 3 cents at 10.11 NSD/USD.

Published by The Imperial Herald
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Postby Carosi » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:06 am


The Empire of Carosi

In his unfathomable wisdom your beloved leader and Emperor, my husband, the Conqueror of the Plains, Lion of the Mountains, the King of Kings, the Hero of the Zaria Valley, The Sun of Carosi, his Divine Majesty Emperor Mardock III, rightful ruler of Ibeis, has decided that we can be of help to each other.

Nation: The Empire of Carosi
Order: At the moment we don’t have the money to buy your fancy tools of war. We have a different type of offer to make.
Additional comments: The Empire of Carosi neither has labor nor environmental laws. We also have no taxes but high unemployment. We would like to ask Yohannes if they are interested to open some production and R&D facilities in our nation. Your compounds would be located near a deep water port and have rail road connections. A new city is being constructed next to your premises. We have no regulations regarding scientific experiments other than that you do that in your compounds. While the area we can offer you is very small it would be extra territorial like an embassy so you can do there whatever you please.

Empress Consort Neneka I
Head of the Royal Chamber of Commerce

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Postby New Roman Empire » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:44 am


It has been awhile since we have been in contact tacf with you. We are ince again putting our trust in your weapons and technology once again. We have never been dissatisfied with anything we have ordered. So along with our letter is our order.

Tiberius Atlas CEO of Xirvo Corporations

5x Commonwealth Class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier [CVN], 6x Washington Class Nuclear Guided Missile Battleship [BBGN], 300x Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E 'Panthera Tigris' Main Battle Tank
“Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus"
Member of the:IRON Alliance
Xirvo Corporation "Contractors of the future."
I use 1% of my population: 83,720,000

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Postby Adzakwa » Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:26 pm

Nation: Adzakwa
15 Pz.Kpf.W AY1-1A 'Arctos' Medium Tank 3.5m
2 Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer 2E Anti Air Tank 6m
2 Crossbow-IV Y Extended Guided Missile System 325k
8 Nimbus III-F S07X Surface to Air Missile System 150k
1 Phlegethon Class Guided Missile Frigate [FFG] 1b
2 Common Multi-Purpose Frigate [CMPF] 850m
2 Zeedier Class Fast Attack Submarine [SSK] 1b
3 KDF80 Vuurhaag Interceptor Aircraft 160m

OOC: Im going to RP as this actually being multiple orders over the last 7 years but for logistical purposes Im going to post them as one order now.

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Postby Istvatan » Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:32 pm


Republic of Istvatan National Administration Council

Ministry of Commerce and International Affairs

I, George Goldberg, on behalf of the Istvatanian Ministry of Commerce and International Affairs, hereby give the permission for inclusion of VMK export and industrial operations within the borders of our nation.
In return, Istvatanian National Administration Council (R.I.N.A.C.) demands that VMK complies with the trade regulations and conditions that are to be implemented and changed at any given date.

-The Ministry of Commerce and International Affairs of Republic of Istvatan- George Goldberg

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Postby Whiteshore » Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:23 am

Nation: Republic of Acadia
Order: 150 Pz.Kpf.W AY2-1E 'Panthera Tigris' Main Battle Tanks, 125 Stvn 107 Light Tanks, 200 Panzerhaubitze AY1-H1 Armoured Howitzers, 30 Panzerhaubitze 2E Self Propelled Artillery, 30 KDF80 Vuurhaag Interceptor Aircraft, 1 Washington Class Nuclear Guided Missile Battleship [BBGN], 2 Oceania Class Nuclear Guided Missile Cruisers, 2 De Ruyter Class Battlecruisers, 1 Waarden Class Nuclear Guided Missile Cruisers, 1 Joint Advanced Aircraft Carrier, 8 Common New-Generation Destroyers, 6 Dauntless Class Guided Missile Destroyers, 15 Common Multi-Purpose Frigates, 10 Zeedier Class Fast Attack Submarines, and 2 Royal Sovereign Class Super Yachts
[Optional]Additional comments: [you don't have to fill this one, or you can put anything else you want to say here]
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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Jurestist » Mon Apr 25, 2016 7:43 am

My name is Greg Williamson and I'm the Secretary of Defense for The Revolutionary Republic of Jurestist and I was looking at your available ships and I was wondering if you could help with the retro fitting of 30 cargo ship into transports, warships, and battleships if you do I would be will to pay n$14,000,000,000 for your services. The JNA already has started on the work and is asking for help from private companies like yours if you don't provide this service could you point me to a company that does.

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Capitalist Paradise

Postby Sir Cumberbun of Gloucester » Sun May 08, 2016 9:12 pm

To VMK Industries,

I, Sir Barren Loxely, would like to purchase the following in order to win the war against the Monarchical tyranny;

550 M-2 Stalker Main Battle Tanks: Order $2.750 billion NSD

125 Pionierpanzer AY2-AVEE Engineering Tanks: Order $1.913 billion NSD

35 Panzerschnellbrücke 2E Bridge Laying Tanks: Order $101.5 million NSD

115 Bergepanzer 2E Armored Recovery Vehicles: Order $609.5 million NSD

800 VLT M5 Military Trucks: Order $236 million NSD

1 Washington Class Nuclear Guided Missile Battleship: Order $6.2 billion NSD

4 De Ruyter Class Pocket Battleships: Order $15.6 billion NSD

Totaling $27.41 billion NSD, all of which shall be paid in full via wire upon acceptance. These weapons shall be used for us to overcome our foes on land and sea, and once this is accomplished, these units shall be used to provide general national security.

Sir Barren Loxely
Sir Cumberbun of Gloucester

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Reply to the nation of Barcen

Postby Yohannes » Wed May 25, 2016 10:45 pm

Barcen wrote:Nation: The Democratic Republic of Barcen opens its borders to VMK manufacturing and expect Yohannes to do the same for our industries
Order: Wiremu Class merchant ships for our trade

[ Out of character information: as the account of Barcen has ceased to exist, the in character existence of things contained in this in character post will not be activated/considered as true by me. If the player behind the account has decided to bring that account back, this story will be activated, and the details contained here will then be considered as existing by me ]


Adelbert Brothers to construct 30 Wiremu ships by 2018

Image... a confirmation of the confidence of customers of both nations...

Te Whanganui a Tara, 26 May - Adelbert Brothers Mercantile & Logistics on Tuesday signed a letter of intent with the Democratic Barcen Department of Foreign Trade to construct an initial number of one hundred and ten Wiremu class ships in a deal to be worth $17 billion annually, company spokesperson Christopher Yang said. ‘We are hoping that this initiative will spearhead, and cement, the foundation of a thriving Barco-Yohannesian trade.’

The announcement went down after five weeks of negotiations between the importing giant of Barcen Logistics Ltd and Adelbert Brothers, with both governments moderating the discussion, and confirming the final results of the lengthy negotiation. ‘The first batch of assembled ships to be delivered would hopefully eventually travel through the trading seaway and routes of both nations, symbolising the successful partnership of both companies in cementing a good Barco-Yohannesian relationship in the process’

‘This is a fantastic update and news for both of the companies involved. It is a confirmation of the confidence of customers of both nations towards both companies. The first thirty ships is set to be launched towards the end of 2018, with subsequent orders to be announced to meet further demand in Barcen.

‘Our estimation sees the the initial [thirty] vessels taking over 60 per cent of our capacity. Extending it even further would result in a significant backlog for our domestic arms operations… and so, we do not see it as one option… unless more capital and investment are to be had.’

‘The current financial climate in Yohannes clearly indicate that that question will be answered with a big no. We are hoping for its feasibility… but realistically, we are not optimistic about that possibility for now.’

With 165,000 tonnage, displacing a full 60,000 tonnes, the Wiremu class is powered by two Weilmfontein Ts10 twin skeg propulsion, and is a common thing to observe around the expanse of Yohannesian trading routes abroad.

The Stock Exchange of Yohannes’ ISEY list reported a cash and deposit holding of 380.7 million NSD/USD as of 26 May.

Its shares closed up 5 cents at 11.06 NSD/USD.

Published by The Imperial Herald
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Postby Asigna » Thu May 26, 2016 5:09 am


The Greater Philippine bayan official komuniko

Encryption: HIGH


In behalf of the government of the bayan, the ministry of war would like to purchase the following:

  • Nimbus III-F S07X-SAM X 1,000 ($150,000,000)
  • Dauntless-class destroyer X 20 ($30,000,000,000)

The calculated total cost is $180,000,000,000. We will deliver the payment once you have confirmed this order.

Signatura ni Punong (Leader's signature)
Adriano Timente

Domer Eluide, Chief of staff, Armed forces of the Philippines
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Reply to the nation of Byrton

Postby Yohannes » Thu May 26, 2016 5:38 pm

Byrton wrote:The People's Republic of Byrton opens its borders to the VMK manufacturing and expect Yohannes to do the same with our industries
Order: Wiremu Class merchant ships for trade

[ Out of character information: as the account of Byrton has ceased to exist, the in character existence of things contained in this in character post will not be activated/considered as true by me. If the player behind the account has decided to bring that account back, this story will be activated, and the details contained here will then be considered as existing by me ]


Halstenmetall, Renee EO to expand in Bryton as domestic manufacturing growth slows

Image... as slow demand overseas and a strong Quertz russling meant sluggish export...

Te Whanganui a Tara, 27 May - The Government of the People’s Republic of Bryton has opened its borders to VMK manufacturing and investment, as workers and suppliers demand the relaxation of His Majesty’s Foreign Office policy in dealing with periphery nations. ‘Orders to not just Halstenmetall, but also Renee Elektro-Optik and other established VMK firms have slightly slumped for a wee while since February last year,’ said Te Whanganui-a-Tara Chamber of Commerce President James Buchanan.

‘House prices are going up heaps in the capital city, while wages and salaries are slowly stagnating relative to the purchasing power of even middle Yohannes now…. as low skilled manufacturing jobs moved overseas… the dampening and consequential effects are going up slowly to middle Yohannes also.’

‘This is a trend that we as a nation can’t avoid, and couldn’t avoid for a wee while now… considering our position as an international financial and manufacturing nation. We are, therefore, subjected to the forces of international labour and market.’

‘But much of our strength also, paradoxically, comes from the factories and commercial works… financial institutions and bank branches we have abroad. The educated members of our society benefit in the process… but at the expense of our working class.’

‘The smart aerospace composite industry of our nation is one example of this [trend]. In the field of massive and complex manufacturing we are now in need of materials, with properties, that can be manipulated according to our needs. Smart materials are one among those unique materials…’

‘… The two examples that I will illustrate briefly is the T650-35 carbon fibre and AFR-PE-4 polyimide matrix. The Crown and His Majesty’s Foreign Office will simplify it as HTE skin of the ZM-7L Dreadnought stealth bomber.’

‘But the T650-35/AFR-PE-4 is more than just that; for this composite material, and its production line… down to the research and innovation involved in its beginning, involved the labour and work, and not just that… but also the brain, of nationals coming from not just Yohannes, but also our trading partners abroad.’

‘But… you see, while it is good for the government… to make it simple. The money comes to Yohannes the government and the institutions… the big corporations, the big banks. But… the money comes out of Yohannes the workers… or perhaps the potential [money], comes out of our hard-working workers, to the pockets of foreign workers.’

‘… This is why we as a nation have seen the rise of xenophobia as of recent… exemplified by the likes of Looseton [sic] peters and Yohannes First…’

‘… They are distasteful bunch… and while I do not agree with what they have done… I can see why they are gaining tractions politically.’

Manufacturing has been under pressure as slow demand overseas and a strong Quertz russling meant sluggish export and more importation by Yohannesians. The Reserve Bank has recently announced that it will raise interest rate to deaccelerate the Te Whanganui-a-Tara housing price, as domestic pundits pointed at the government for its ‘failure to shackle the tentacles of foreign investors in housing.’

Demand for ferrous metals, meanwhile, have gone up, but prices have failed to keep up, as neighbouring industrial nations Lamoni and Lyras increased their supplies of stainless steel and aluminium products for the last three months.

The Institute of Ferrous Metal Supply and the accompanying ISEY index forecast, however, that manufacturing activity will expand for the first three months from July, though down from 52.1 last month, indicating the possibility of growth disappearing pending market situation abroad.

The Stock Exchange of Yohannes’ ISEY list reported a combined cash and deposit holding of 12.7 trillion NSD/USD for the top seventy domestic aerospace manufacturing corporations as of 27 May.

Published by The Imperial Herald
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Togeria » Thu May 26, 2016 9:45 pm

The Goofy Mouse

Togeria's Premier News Network

Information following recent discussions between the Prime Minister and Queen of the Disneyland Kingdom of Togeria between Monarch of the Crown Commonwealth of Yohannes has come to public light. Following these highly important talks that have occurred in the north of the country a partnership has been established between the Crown Commonwealth and the DKT. This partnership is expected to give immense aid to both nations.

Details of the Partnership:

1. Togeria and Yohannes are to enter an economic partnership designed to strengthen the economy of both nations by easing the cost of production on the Crown Commonwealth.

2. Several factories planned to be built in Yohannes will be allocated to the country of Togeria.

3. These factories will build military good for the VMK including tanks, artillery systems, and armored vehicles.

4. In return for these goods a portion of the sold military hardware will be given to the DKT for their services.

5. This partnership is non-binding and both countries are free to negotiate terms at any time.

I love telegrams please by all means telegram me!

[1] peace
2 hostilities
3engaged conflicts
Maldaria- Victory
Revolution in Sharphats-Stalemates
2nd Russian civil war-indecisive
Parazal Civil War-Support wasn't active militarily
I am deeply sorry for the attacks on your nations capital, and pray for those affected by the attacks both in Paris and throughout France. As a fellow Muslim I apologize deeply and in place of those who use our religion to commit such an heinous crime. I pray for France, for Paris, and for all those affected.



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