World Cup 84- RP Thread (IC)

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World Cup 84- RP Thread (IC)

Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:36 pm


World Cup Links: RP | Rosters | Results | OOC Discussion | Signups | Host Bid | BOF 71 |

This is the official Roleplay thread for World Cup 84! Tell the story of your team in whatever way you choose! Match report? Great! Player/personal blog? Great, too. So to are multi-part stories about anything to do with your team, your nation, or whatever!

Group 1:
Pius Desurongcrandis (136)
Audioslavia (24)
Sargossa (13)
Greater Cebu (336)
Brusseldorf (48)
Kandorith (179)
Newmanistan (93)
Islas Aaland (110)
Aimena (283)
Joyea (UR)
Acronius (62)

Group 2:
The Sherpa Empire (96)
Atlantic Republic (UR)
Terre Septentrionale (77)
Casta Marina (301)
Banija (5)
Abahnfleft (42)
Trolleborg (175)
Crystalline Caverns (66)
Brigantii (158)
Sarzonia (UR)
Brenecia (19)

Group 3:
Eastfield Lodge (53)
The Sarian (112)
Competitive Solitaire (81)
Schiavonia (132)
Mercedini (28)
Tara & Cambray (269)
Starblaydia (6)
The Ross Isles (349)
Folmara (UR)
Magnaterrica (252)
HUElavia (55)

Group 4:
Guadalajara (341)
Sajnur (76)
Turori (11)
Benjamin Mark (132)
Cosumar (18)
Saintland (161)
Devonta (67)
Pink Floyd FC (241)
Barsland (318)
95X (40)
Ynyslas (UR)

Group 5:
Monso (UR)
Nephara (16)
Squornshelous (UR)
Aquitlita (308)
The Macabees (25)
Siovanija & Teusland (51)
Euran Oceania Territories (82)
Anthor (100)
Lochario (73)
Poafmersia (175)
Bolgano (140)

Group 6:
Acapais (143)
Darkmania (87)
Equestria (2)
Hapilopper (71)
Kwangtsu Guannan (301)
Quakmybush (102)
Sultanate of Oontaz (241)
Nomoterra (318)
Vdara (UR)
Darmen (31)
Bongo Johnson (41)

Group 7:
Bloing (301)
Zealandiana (153)
Main Nation Ministry (29)
Busoga Islands (69)
Mriin (15)
Kavagrad (79)
Lons (120)
Plane of Possibility (336)
Northwest Kalactin (218)
Chromatika (45)
Petrovsky (UR)

Group 8:
Qasden (23)
Filindostan (59)
Furby Island (UR)
Bliuji (121)
Squornshelan Remnant States (36)
Ziwana (204)
Mitra and Soma (308)
Flavovespia (146)
Mustardy (UR)
Vakolicci Haven and Celeria (74)
South Covello (3)

Group 9:
Lisander (125)
Ouna (132)
Valanora (8)
Kelssek (47)
Appalachian Nation (182)
Five Cities (269)
Xanneria (56)
Bears Armed (UR)
Ethane (32)
Razneta (UR)
Port Ember (86)

Group 10:
Volinovia (343)
Mareibat (111)
Pauh Janggi (193)
Juvencus (35)
Quincy (168)
Kita-Hinode (21)
The Holy Empire (14)
Freeport (65)
Osarius (84)
Nirvacana (269)
Wreckeria (UR)

Group 11:
Jeruselem (54)
Schottia (158)
Geektopia (104)
Galar (202)
TJUN-ia (295)
Balqia (91)
Welzat (318)
Taeshan (26)
Free Republics (17)
Nahkistan (UR)
Savojarna (43)

Group 12:
Libonesia (123)
North East Asia (301)
Melbergia (137)
Pasarga (30)
Yttribia (UR)
Polkopia (64)
Drawkland (38)
Farfadillis (7)
Timuria (75)
Fujai (231)
Gyatso-Kai (UR)

Group 13:
Beepee (70)
Mkabia (UR)
Geisenfried (88)
Damukuni (34)
Tornado Queendom (107)
Togonistan (143)
Noooooooooooo (222)
Andromeda Island Group (UR)
Gor Kebab (257)
Eura (10)
Reçueçn (44)

Group 14:
Krytenia (46)
Castanya (221)
Vilita (1)
Mattijana (60)
Gopnikea (UR)
Fetra (283)
Zwangzug (33)
Tamgu (113)
Alenburg (154)
Hampton Island (UR)
Ancherion (83)

Group 15:
Grod Island (95)
Indusse (141)
Eraman (78)
Apox (12)
Barfleur (252)
New Lusitania (50)
Aldeveria (283)
Eshan (68)
ZSeparatists (330)
Ko-oren (22)
Tarchusland (UR)

(First Half Scorinated by Cassadaigua- Cutoffs between 9-10pm, eastern USA time)
Matchday 1 (Dec. 13)- 2 v 11, 3 v 10, 4 v 9, 5 v 8, 6 v 7 (Bye: 1)
Matchday 2 (Dec. 14)- 8 v 6, 9 v 5, 10 v 4, 11 v 3, 1 v 2 (Bye: 7)
Matchday 3 (Dec. 15)- 3 v 1, 4 v 11, 5 v 10, 6 v 9, 7 v 8 (Bye: 2)
Matchday 4 (Dec. 16)- 9 v 7, 10 v 6, 11 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3 (Bye: 8)
Matchday 5 (Dec. 17)- 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 11, 7 v 10, 8 v 9 (Bye: 3)
Matchday 6 (Dec. 18)- 10 v 8, 11 v 7, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4 (Bye: 9)
Matchday 7 (Dec. 19)- 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, 8 v 11, 9 v 10 (Bye: 4)
Matchday 8 (Dec. 20)- 11 v 9, 1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5 (Bye: 10)
Matchday 9 (Dec. 21)- 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 8 v 2, 9 v 1, 10 v 11 (Bye: 5)
Matchday 10 (Dec. 22)- 1 v 10, 2 v 9, 3 v 8, 4 v 7, 5 v 6 (Bye: 11)
Matchday 11 (Dec. 23)- 7 v 5, 8 v 4, 9 v 3, 10 v 2, 11 v 1 (Bye: 6)

Midway/Holiday Break (December 24-25)
(Second Half Scorinated by Baker Park- Cutoffs between 11pm-midnight, eastern USA time)

Matchday 12 (Dec. 26)- 11 v 2, 10 v 3, 9 v 4, 8 v 5, 7 v 6 (Bye: 1)
Matchday 13 (Dec. 27)- 6 v 8, 5 v 9, 4 v 10, 3 v 11, 2 v 1 (Bye: 7)
Matchday 14 (Dec. 28)- 1 v 3, 11 v 4, 10 v 5, 9 v 6, 8 v 7 (Bye: 2)
Matchday 15 (Dec. 29)- 7 v 9, 6 v 10, 5 v 11, 4 v 1, 3 v 2 (Bye: 8)
Matchday 16 (Dec. 30)- 2 v 4, 1 v 5, 11 v 6, 10 v 7, 9 v 8 (Bye: 3)
– New Years Eve: Off Day --
Matchday 17 (Jan. 1)- 8 v 10, 7 v 11, 6 v 1, 5 v 2, 4 v 3 (Bye: 9)
Matchday 18 (Jan. 2)- 3 v 5, 2 v 6, 1 v 7, 11 v 8, 10 v 9 (Bye: 4)
Matchday 19 (Jan. 3)- 9 v 11, 8 v 1, 7 v 2, 6 v 3, 5 v 4 (Bye: 10)
Matchday 20 (Jan. 4)- 4 v 6, 3 v 7, 2 v 8, 1 v 9, 11 v 10 (Bye: 5)
Matchday 21 (Jan. 5)- 10 v 1, 9 v 2, 8 v 3, 7 v 4, 6 v 5 (Bye: 11)
Matchday 22 (Jan. 6)- 5 v 7, 4 v 8, 3 v 9, 2 v 10, 1 v 11 (Bye: 6)

Top two teams per group advance to World Cup!

Groups A-D in Cassadaigua, and scorinated by Baker Park
Groups E-H in Baker Park, and scorinated by Cassadaigua

Group A:
Cassadaigua (4)
Chromatika (37)
Ko-oren (20)
Turori (11)

Group B:
Valanora (8)
Eura (7)
95X (39)
Kita Hinode (17)

Group C:
Zwangzug (26)
Farfadillis (9)
Banija (3)
HUElavia (45)

Group D:
Brenecia (19)
Darmen (31)
Mriin (14)
South Covello (5)

Group E:
Baker Park (10)
Nephara (18)
Free Republics (16)
Drawkland (34)

Group F:
Vilita (1)
Siovanija & Teusland (43)
Sargossa (13)
Audioslavia (23)

Group G:
Port Ember (48)
Apox (12)
Equestria (2)
Taeshan (24)

Group H:
Qasden (21)
Recuecn (32)
The Holy Empire (15)
Starblaydia (6)

World Cup: (Groups E-H Cutoff times, 9pm-10pm EST; Groups A-D Cutoff times 11pm-midnight EST)
January 12- Group Draw (3pm EST)
January 18- 1 v 4, 2 v 3
January 20- 4 v 3, 1 v 2
January 22- 2 v 4, 3 v 1
January 24- Round of 16- A1vB2, C1vD2, B1vA2, D1vC2, E1vF2, G1vH2, F1vE2, H1vG2
January 26- Quarterfinals- SR1vSR2, SR3vSR4, SR5vSR6, SR7vSR8
January 28- Semifinals- QF1vQF2, QF3vQF4
January 29- 3rd Place Game
January 30- WORLD CUP 84 TITLE GAME @ Dagan Airways Stadium, Concord Heights

Cassadagan Travel Guide (next post) will state which game is being played where with Cassadaigua, so please refer to that.

Baker Park Information in the post after that includes a map and location information as well.
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NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37, 38 & 41; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:37 pm


The Cassadaigua Board of Tourism would like to welcome you to our great nation for the 84th Edition of the World Cup. We, on behalf of the Cassadagan Association for Soccer Excellence (CASE) are proud to be hosting this World Cup alongside the great nation of Baker Park.

Many of you are here to support your nation that will be playing their games here in Cassadaigua, but there will additionally be many that come here as a neutral fan, simply to enjoy the greatest sporting competition in the World. You are here to enjoy the great sport of football, or soccer, whichever it is called in your homeland. However, there is so much more that you can do in Cassadaigua. This guide will provide information that will help you get the most of your visit, so that you can leave happy no matter what the ending result of your nation’s fate becomes in the World Cup.

Part I: About Cassadaigua

1)Firstly, where is Cassadaigua and what is the best way to get here?

Cassadaigua is located in the region of Rushmore, and more specifically south-central Rushmore.

The best recommendation to get here is to fly in, unless you are from nearby in Rushmore, you may just want to drive or take a train. All Cassadagan cities have a major airport, and the nation has an advanced rail system as well. If you insisted on traveling by sea, there are some easily attainable port cities to make it very convenient, but we suggest flying in.

2) Will I be safe? What is crime like?

Cassadaigua is no more or no less safe then any other nation. During the World Cup, you can confidently expect and enjoy world class security to ensure your utmost enjoyment at the games and the communities in which they are taking part. The security presence will be noticeable throughout, but also have been highly trained in these situations, so they will not bear an overwhelming or intimidating presence. If one is intimidated by it, then they were probably planning on doing something wrong in the first place.

In recent years, the Matriarchy has seen improvements in gender equality. Organizations such as MEN (Male Equality Now) have peacefully been successful in narrowing the gap. At this time, therefore, protests are not occurring.

3) Tell me more about your female-dominated society. Are male tourists safe?

Cassadaigua’s society is different then what is seen throughout most of the world. In our nation, the female is the dominant gender and is superior to the male. This should not be surprising if you have followed our own national sport teams in even the slightest of ways. There are some groups who feel that men are greatly oppressed in our nation, but that is not really the case. If you are a man, and you are visiting Cassadaigua, as long as you are aware of our somewhat different culture, you should not have a tough time fitting in. After all, Cassadagan men that play by the rules here and respect their role can be very successful themselves. As long as you respect our culture, you should be fine while you are here. If you act disrespectful, then don’t be surprised if you are soon put in your place. You are expected to follow all Cassadagan laws, even if it is not a law in your own country.

4) I’ve been to nations that have talking ponies, or banned cars, or taxes on every little thing. Should I expect anything like this?

Cassadagans love horses, but there are no talking ponies here. At least not that we know of. If we have any sentient immigrants from nations like Equestrian States, they keep a very low profile. Cars are very much a way of life, and our taxes aren’t anything out of the ordinary, and if anything are a little lower then average. Cassadaigua is modern, economic powerhouse. There are no unusual factors associated with the country, other then the gender differences.

Socially, Cassadaigua is open to members of all faiths, and we respect your right to worship your respective deity in the way you see fit; or to not worship one at all. Homosexuality is accepted in the country, though we can’t promise that some random drunk in the stands or on the streets won’t make offensive comments.

As far as drinking is concerned, the legal age is 18, though many get away with underage drinking as it is not as aggressively policed as it may be in other lands. However, do not drink and drive. If you are caught, you will have a greater jail sentence then you might be expecting, and if you kill anyone by drunk driving, you will receive the death penalty.

Smoking anywhere in public is banned, but legal in your own home. This applies to both cigarettes and marijuana. All other recreational drugs are banned.

Part II: Host Cities

CONCORD HEIGHTS: Dagan Airways Stadium (Capacity: 83,000)

Concord Heights is the capital of Cassadaigua and hosted many international championships in the past. This includes the World Cup, as well as several editions of the World Baseball Classic. The city, which is also the most populous in the country, has a lot that one can do, whether sports themed, or not. Chances are, you are coming here for sports, so feel free to visit the Cassadaigua National Sports Hall of Fame. Here you will learn the stories of the legends of Cassadagan sport, including those who have their numbers retired from the soccer team on monument wall in the north end zone of the stadium (the concept here is like Monument Park at Yankee Stadium). While at the Hall of Fame, you can also learn about other Cassadagan legends and earn new or greater appreciation for those who helped us become the first nation to win a title in the five greatest sports in the World.

Those wishing to do something non-sports themed can find additional museums across the city, including the national museum which pays homage to the past leaders of the nation. You can also take a guided tour of the grounds of the Palace itself where the Queen resides, though access to the Palace itself is not open to public. The city is also home to prestigious learning institutions, such as the University of Concord Heights, but perhaps stop by the Concord Heights Beauty School which will provide a complimentary makeover for anyone holding a ticket to the final game. Other tourists can receive makeovers at a reduced rate, or simply receive information on looking one’s best in order to impress people when one returns home.

The Dagan Airways Stadium will host the championship game. Other games will be announced when the schedule is released.

Matchday 1: (Group A)- Cassadaigua vs Turori
Matchday 2: (Group B)- Valanora vs Eura
Matchday 3: (Group D)- Brenecia vs Mriin
R16- Cassadaigua vs Eura

BRATTLEBORO: Five Star Mobile Stadium (Capacity: 85,000)

The stadium is sponsored by Five Star Mobile, who have become Cassadaigua’s most well known company in terms of sponsoring sporting events. That has been seen most in NSSCRA where not only did they host the Five Star Mobile 500, but they hosted the Five Star Clash, a competition that was willing to award money to people from anywhere. The company has been great with gearing contests towards fans, and that should be expected during the World Cup as well. Brattleboro was not always a large city, became that way with the rise of the technological age. The prestigious Brattleboro Technical Insitute played a big part of that, and graduates remained committed to the area. People from Brattleboro are affectionately referred to as, “Brats”. While here, feel free to visit the Brattleboro Regional Transit Arena in the city and utilize the public transit system that was modernized by the entity from Banija.

The city these days has something for everyone, but it does not try to hide the fact that it caters more to the younger demographics then it does older citizens.

The city will host the Cassadagan semifinal, as well as other games to be determined.

Matchday 1: (Group C)- Farfadillis vs Banija
Matchday 2: (Group A)- Cassadaigua vs Chromatika
Matchday 3: (Group D)- Darmen vs South Covello
R16: Turori vs Kita-Hinode

GRANDE MOUNTAIN - Peak’n’Break Stadium (Capacity: 66,000)

When Cassadaigua opened the doors to international bids on stadiums, Zwangzug-based Peak’n’Break, known of course for their delicious line of muffins and other baked goods may have been taking a bit of gamble. Grande Mountain is a big city and a deserving one, but it also does not have a great reputation throughout the matriarchy due to some disturbing gender rights issues that took place here in the past. In fairness to the city, a lot of that is so long ago that it should not even be mentioned anymore, but it may have made bigger Cassadagan entities hesitant on sponsoring the facility. That did not stop Peak’n’Break, and now the company will see their name on the bigger stage.

The city gets its name due to the fact that it is in the north-central mountainous portion of the nation. It might not be the season right now, but feel free to come back during the wintertime to enjoy the fantastic skiing opportunities here! This is the city where Male Equality Now keeps its headquarters, so you could always pay them a visit if you want to learn more about their recent accomplishments and future initiatives.

Games hosted by the stadium are to be determined.

Matchday 1- (Group B)- Valanora vs Kita-Hinode
Matchday 2- (Group C)- Zwangzug vs Farfadillis
Matchday 3- (Group A)- Cassadaigua vs Ko-oren
R16- Farfadillis vs Mriin

STARKSVILLE- Cocoa-bo Stadium (Capacity: 70,000)

“Everything’s better with Cocoa-bo!” proved to be the case with Starksville and the well-known company based in Turori. At first, it seemed like the company was looking to expand with a regional facility in Concord Heights, but it would be that it would be best in Starksville. This city had been in a growing state well before Cocoa-bo’s involvement in the city. It had been the case that Rutland was seen as the our best port city, but the city officials there did not keep up with the times and saw many businesses leave Rutland for Starksville. As the economy shifted, so did the population, and now the renovated Cocoa-bo Stadium is ready to welcome fans of the World Cup. It has had group stage matches before, and while the schedule is still to be determined, it is probable that it will see playoff matches as well.

As a port city, there are plenty of beaches that one can enjoy, and nightlife opportunities abound. Historically, it does not have as deep of a history, as it sees itself as being about the future, instead of looking back at the past.

Matchday 1: (Group D)- Brenecia vs South Covello
Matchday 2: (Group A)- Ko-oren vs Turori
Matchday 3: (Group B)- Eura vs Kita-Hinode
R16- Brenecia vs Banija

NEW LAKELAND- Qusmair Stadium (Capacity: 77,000)

The city of New Lakeland was annexed by Cassadaigua a while ago, so it did not initially hold Cassadagan values. Because of that, there was always gender equality in the city. However, as it has become assimilated into our culture, that has changed slightly. Regardless, if you wanted to go somewhere in Cassadaigua that did not really feel like Cassadaigua, this was the place for you. It can be difficult city to describe, because those that live here and the overall northwestern part of the country take pride in their heritage, but at the same time will bleed pink just like anyone else here does in terms of the supporting the national team. Recently, teams from the city have been very successful.

This stadium, sponsored by the Qusmo-based Qusmair allows that nation to still get some attention during the World Cup. It’s a stadium that recently got a facelift but more work is planned in the future to remove some of the luxury boxes that there are too many of, and replace them with standard seating.

The stadium will see some group stage action, but other then that, there is uncertainty.

Matchday 1 (Group D)- Darmen vs Mriin
Matchday 2 (Group C)- Banija vs HUElavia
Matchday 3 (Group B)- Valanora vs 95X

WINCHESTER- Winchester City Lottery Stadium (Capacity: 59,000)

This is the smallest stadium to be hosting any of the games on the Cassadagan side. Winchester is the anti-Brattleboro, meaning that while Brattleboro has a younger demographic, this city in the mountains has an older demographic. Ironically, it was once a small city that many older retired people migrated too in order to get away from big city life. However, since so many did this, they created a big city themselves. The locals don’t want you here, but they want your money. That is why they are willing to put up with you all coming here and spending your money in the community, so that it can re-circulate in the community and be gambled away by playing bingo or buying an insane amount of scratch off tickets.

This is not a place with much of a nightlife, unless playing bingo is something that you are looking to do, in which case, have at it!

It is probable that Winchester will only host few group stage games once the eventual schedule is released.

Matchday 1: (Group C)- Zwangzug vs HUElavia
Matchday 2: (Group D)- Brenecia vs Darmen
Matchday 3: (Group C)- Farfadillis vs HUElavia

RUTLAND- Ferguson Stadium (Capacity: 64,000)

Even though we stated earlier that Starksville has taken over from Rutland in being the more well known port city, it is not as if Rutland has become a ghost town. There was question as to whether or not it would be used as a host city, but it’s place in Cassadagan soccer history is too significant to pass up. The stadium is named after Courtney Ferguson, the first ever captain of the national team. Her time preceded that of our successful World Cup teams, but this is where she grew up, so the city still holds a unique place.

If you’re coming here, you can still find things to do on the port and some halfway decent beaches. The city itself seemed to focus all its efforts on the port, so while that area is very nice and attractive, it is the rest of the city that needs a makeover.

The stadium is expected to only host group stage games.

Matchday 1: (Group B)- Eura vs 95X
Matchday 2: (Group D)- Mriin vs South Covello
Matchday 3: (Group A)- Turori vs Chromatika

VICTORIAVILLE- Cassgo Stadium (Capacity: 74,000)

This is a very nice stadium sponsored by the largest oil and gas company in the nation, which is Cassgo, located in the southwestern part of the country. The city is often awarded games in tournaments like the World Cup so that those living in that portion of the country have close games that they can travel too. Those that live here do take a lot of pride in their hometown, and it arguably could be considered a little like Brattleboro without the technological influence.

It will host games during the group stage and possibly a round of 16 game.

Matchday 1: (Group A)- Chromatika vs Ko-oren
Matchday 2: (Group B)- 95X vs Kita Hinode
Matchday 3: (Group C)- Banija vs Zwangzug
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NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19 & 50; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37, 38 & 41; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21. 3rd Place @ WC 86
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:49 pm

The Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park is pleased to welcome visitors from across the multiverse for the Finals of World Cup 84, which we are proudly the co-hosts of with Cassadaigua.

The Commonwealth of Baker Park was established in 1892, and has from its inception been open and inclusive of all people seeking to establish settled lives here; more recently, the country has seen a rise in the number of immigrants from other AO nations and has worked to provide wider access & accommodation to sentient non-human species who have made their home within our borders.


Centrally located within Atlantian Oceana, Baker Park is one of the top tourist destinations in the region, welcoming nearly 1.9 million visitors per year. Especially in the northern third of the country, outdoor pursuits are most popular among visitors. We have a mostly temperate climate, with autumn and early winter the times of the year when precipitation is heaviest.

Belle Haven is the national capital of the Commonwealth; with a metro area population of over 5.6 million, it is also the largest city, the financial, entertainment, and cultural center of the country, and more than likely your first stop on your trip to Baker Park.

Belle Haven International Airport (BHX) serves 41 foreign & domestic carriers and accommodates over 900 takeoffs and departures per day. The airport is approximately 18 miles south of the city center, and there are numerous ground transportation options for arriving visitors at Belle Haven International; Metro Transit Buses, commuter rail, taxis, for hire limos, private coaches, rental cars and both private hub-to-hub & hotel shuttles are available to carry the traveler to any part of the city (or further) as needed.

There are also large airports that serve the other areas of the Commonwealth where matches will be played. Oceana, Ezriquay, Endborough, and Shirley have International standard airports, capable of handling inbound flights from anywhere in the multiverse.

Travel in Baker Park is easy and safe due to the modern mass transportation infrastructure that the country has built over the last 60 years. Connections to major cities are available via rail, road, plane or ferry. Rental cars are available at relatively modest rates, as competition is fierce among rental firms; almost any type of vehicle you might wish to hire is available, as the Commonwealth automobile market is made up of about 35% imports, so you'll find about any make or model you could imagine here.

Baker Park prides itself on the equality of citizens and the respect for the rule of law; we have an array of civil liberties that are important as the foundation of our society. Cannabis is legal for use and purchase, and prostitution is not illegal, but not technically legal either. By law, prostitution arrests can be charged as no more than minor misdemeanors, although in some places it is not a criminal offense at all.

Most bars and pubs have closing time at 3am, and only such establishments that serve food can legally open prior to 11:15 am to serve alcohol. The legal age for purchase and consumption is 18.
We have legalized gambling in Baker Park; there is a modern casino downtown in Belle Haven as well as casinos in East Liverpool (just south of Endborough) and suburban Oceana.

Baker Park's currency is the CBP dollar; generally $1 NS is equivalent to about CBP$ 1.35. The monetary system is decimalized and denominations are 2, 5, 10 and 50 cent coins, 1 and 2 dollar coins, and 5, 10, 25, 100 and 500 dollar notes.

As a result of the 1998 elimination of the 1 cent coin, the general practice throughout the county is to round up or down any prices that would result in purchases or change returned ending in 1 or 3 cents; for example, a merchant may keep the extra 1 cent if your change due is 3.31, or may return 2.54 if the amount due is 2.53 (merchants and vendors have through the years generally adapted pricing so this is a rare occurrence).

Cash gratuities for service are not expected, but are not uncommon. Generally, workers in hospitality and tourism are more accustomed to receiving small tips, but the level of service you receive is not affected if you choose not to do so. Workers at all levels of employment are paid under a scheme known as CLAWS (Classified Labor and Wage Scale) which ensures that citizens are compensated fairly and reasonably equal to their peers based on years of work and experience.


BBP National Stadium—Belle Haven (capacity 74,000)
The success of the AOCAF LVIII tournament brought attention once more to the less than ideal specifications of Keller Field, and renewed a discussion about a new stadium for the capital. This eventually dovetailed with the plans for the much needed 3T Tunnel (train, transport, truck) under the Belle Haven River on the west side of downtown, and with a necessity for some land reclamation of the river bank for the tunnel project, the project was green-lighted. Designed by Grossman, Abbot, Cole Architecture, the Commonwealth's leading design firm, the stadium will be a state of the art facility in every respect.
Three tiers of seating, as well as two levels of executive & club level seating, will allow the stadium to be used in several different configurations. The field level stands will accommodate approximately 18,000 spectators (with executive level boxes included) that will allow for smaller sporting events to be hosted; the middle tier will permit the capacity to be increased to 35,000—incorporating an additional club level seating arrangement—which will be large enough for major football and soccer contests to be held, as well as concerts and other exhibitions, while the upper tier will consist of slightly more than number of seats as the lower two levels combined.
Matches--All Baker Park NT (MD1, MD2, MD3--Group E); 3rd Place Playoff

Sportsmen's Park—Belle Haven (capacity 41,000)
The capital's second stadium and the oldest in the country, is also its most visited & recognizable, to even the slightly casual Baker Park sports fan. Most of the famous "firsts" in sport history occurred at the venue over the years since it was completed in 1921; its name comes from the former Deauville Sportsmen's Club—charter members of the FAC in 1901. Temporary seating has brought the capacity to 41,000 for the World Cup.
Matches--MD2 Drawkland v Free Republics (Group E); MD3 Vilita v Sargossa (Group F); Round of 16 match 6 (G1 v H2)

Jacob F Gleason Field—Belle Haven (capacity 47,306)
World Cup 84 will mark the first time soccer has been played at Gleason Field, home of the University of the Commonwealth football team. Familiar to NSCF viewers from the games UC has hosted, it will be fitted with a temporary grass surface on top of the FuzzyField Turf used normally. Located in the suburb of College Park, it has been the nation's second largest stadium for many years, but will drop a spot upon the opening of the BBP National Stadium.
Matches--MD1 Starblaydia v Qasden (Group H); MD3 Nephara v Drawkland (Group E); Quarterfinal match 3

Collins Park—Oceana (capacity 47,000)
Often called The Park Stadium by locals here in the country's third largest city. Rebuilt on two previous occasions at the site of the former State Stadium, it also has gotten a makeover ahead of the World Cup, and has reclaimed its place in the main rotation of home venues for the National Team.
Matches--MD1 Vilita v Audioslavia (Group F); MD2 Starblaydia v The Holy Empire (Group H); Semi-Final #2

Rogers Stadium—Endborough (capacity 46,800)
Completed in 1926 as a home for the Endborough Gold Sox baseball team. Located in West Endborough, across the White River from Endborough City, it is accessible to the central downtown area by a relatively new subway line that runs under the river near where it flows into the Belle Haven River.
Matches--MD1 Apox v Equestria (Group G); Round of 16 match 7 (F1 v E2); Quarterfinal match 4

Scotland Stadium—Endborough (capacity 27,000)
The home of the University of Endover football team, it is easily recognizable to sports fans in Baker Park as the scene of many memorable games involving the Wildcats. First hosted the national team in 1970, and twice more in the pre-NSWC era, and was the scene of a group stage match in AOCAF LIX, a 3-1 victory over Lochario, which marked the 50th victory for Manager Pamela Scott. Will have the smallest pitch (111x72 yds) of all the venues used in the World Cup.
Matches--MD2 Sargossa v Audioslavia (Group F); MD3 Apox v Taeshan (Group G)

State Fairgrounds Stadium—Springfield (capacity 44,000)
Constructed in the 1970's to replace the aging wooden grandstand at the Fairgrounds, it hosts many sporting events and concerts year round. A second expansion ahead of the World Cup has now seen the stadium nearly double its original capacity.
Matches--MD1 Nephara v Free Republics (Group E); MD2 Equestria v Taeshan (Group G)

Queen Victoria Stadium—Ezriquay (capacity 37,500)
The stadium has much in common with several of the other older venues on this list—its riverside location, easy access to public transportation and multi-use adaptability. An 18 month project has seen the replacement of all the seats and the pitch.
Matches--MD1 Siovanija & Teusland v Sargossa (Group F); MD2 Qasden v Reçueçn (Group H)

Prince William Stadium—Newmarket (capacity 30,000)
The stadium was completed in 1952 and is named for Prince William of Oldenburg, the second Prince Regent of the Commonwealth; he succeeded his father, Prince Frederick in 1912 and served until his death at the age of 66 in 1947. It has been fitted with temporary seating for this tournament to bring it up to its current capacity.
Matches--MD3 Siovanija & Teusland v Audioslavia (Group F); Round of 16 match 8 (H1-G2)

Newport City Stadium--(capacity 35,000)
The stadium is home to the Newport City FC and the Naval Academy's football team and has been a frequent host to the NT in recent years. An extensive rebuild has increased the seating to current capacity.
Matches--MD1 Reçueçn v The Holy Empire (Group H); MD2 Vilita v Siovanija & Teusland (Group F); MD3 Port Ember v Equestria (Group G)

Presidents Park—Shirley (capacity 29,000)
Presidents Park retains its unusual shape and mismatched stands for reasons that have less to do with money & more to do with the desire of fans to not change the character of the ground; many campaigns to build a modern facility away from downtown have been squashed by public sentiment. Completed in 1923 and renovated and rebuilt several times, the roof on the Main Stand was for many years the largest under-truss cantilevered structure in the Commonwealth. The North Terrace has been expanded for the World Cup. Has hosted the NT more times than any other venue in the country.
Matches--MD2 Port Ember v Apox (Group G); MD3 Qasden v The Holy Empire (Group H); Round of 16 match 5 (E1-F2)

Carrollton—Coolville (capacity 33,000)
Although it has been the home of Coolville United FC since 1949, the inaugural BP Open Cup marked the first time international soccer matches were ever played at the ground. Since the 1990's it has been completely rebuilt one side at a time and is an outstanding venue for the spectator; with the completion of the new Paulson Street Stand, it is ready to host matches in the World Cup.
Matches--MD1 Taeshan v Port Ember (Group G); MD3 Reçueçn v Starbladyia (Group H)
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AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85, AOCAF LXIII, Women's World Cup 15 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 & 90 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86/87/88 Round of 16
World Cup 80/89/91 Group Stage
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Postby Bolgano » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:18 pm

After the Wonder Cup

Bolgano players are currently resting, some in their lakes, others on the beaches, also in the woods or in the frost Fedek, others are with their family except Tom Evans, in a trial in Bolgano City

Evans: When will that bus arrive?
D.Razor: I don't know, those people in Fedek are weird, right?
Evans: Playing in Ouna was a rare thing, Africa is always in drought and the playing field is dry
D. Razor: Don't change my conversation, what really happened?
Evans: There were riots in Fedek after I signed a contract with Peto Blues, I was sanctioned for a while and I was forbidden to return to Fedek
D. Razor: I'm sorry
Evans: It doesn't matter ...
Lawyer: I asked for a taxi from a close friend
Evans: And the bus?
Lawyer: Apparently he broke down on the road
D. Razor: Well I'm leaving, good luck Evans
Evans: So what are the defenses?
Lawyer: Best Wait
* Arriving at the trial *
Evans: Where will it be?
Lawyer: In that room, we don't need people or press, we try our best to prevent someone from knowing something, but it's too late * they get out of the taxi *
Press: Evans, what will happen in a few minutes, will you return to Fedek ASS?
Security: Please, get out of here
Evans: And Daniels says that Fedek are weird
Judge: Good morning, please sit down, we are here meeting about the event between Tom Evans and the owners of Fedek ASS, Carl Morrinson, please start, Mr. Morrinson
Morrinson: Thank you very much, Mr. Judge, after Evans accepted the offer of Peto Blues, we observed some incidents in the city of Fedek, where after this player left, Fedek was in curfew and was news throughout the region of Atlantian Oceania, where it is believed that in Ouna I take advantage of free time to join the black market and sell Drugs ...
Evans: LIE ... !!!
Judge: Silence, continue, Morrinson
Morrinson: Following, we get some evidence of what he did, he brought in a suitcase a drug that is only in Ouna, we cannot identify it but it is known to be grass
Judge: Bring it * it smells * it smells like weed
Morrinson: Exactly, it's just not the same DNA
Judge: Evans, what do you have to say in your defense?
Evans: The first thing I will say is that this is a big lie, that you think that security at Bolgano airports could not be identified quickly, I also have proof that will save me, my lawyer is from Ouna
Judge: You are rightly black
Lawyer: If, proudly, give me that * it smells * good, first, it is not a drug from Ouna, it is from a nearby nation and second, it is not a drug
Morrinson: You think that will save you and that stupid
Evans: That stupid one you are talking about gave them their first SuperLeague, more respect
Morrinson: Shut up brat
Evans: Who do you say brat?
Morrinson: Who else to you?
Judge: SILENCE !!! Let the expert talk
Morrinson: That racist lawyer?
Judge: No, the racist is you, you have a secured fine, we have an expert on this so we will see who tells the truth
Max: Hello, did you call me?
Judge: Yes, there is a problem with a foreign drug
Max: It's easy, I'll take it to my office
Morrinson: Don't smoke it
Evans: Surely you smoked half of that
Morrinson: Do you want me to shut you up?
Judge: Silence again, the issue is drug, for that stupidity have you quoted Evans?
Morrinson: If it's true that he brought this drug, the only way he won't go to prison will be to end the contract with Peto Blues and come to Fedek ASS
Judge: Is that all?
Morrinson: Yes
Judge: Withdraw
Max: Wait a moment, it didn't take us a minute
Morrinson: It's a drug surely
Max: No, it's a medicinal plant that is in southern Bolgano, so this was just stupid at the end
Morrinson: For there, it's a lie, it's just a joke of you!
Max: So, I'm leaving?
Judge: Yes, in the end I decided this, Evans, your prohibition of being in Fedek will withdraw, while Mr. Morrinson will have fines for Racism, and ask for a meaningless trial
Lawyer: So why was this trial made?
Judge: I don't know, in the end, retire
Morrinson: Evans, you are forced to return to Fedek ASS
Evans: In the future, currently ... no.
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Postby Wrecker » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:33 pm

The WAS office, Halsted, Wreckeria
Leading up to qualifying for World Cup 84
For decades upon decades, the Republic of Wreckeria had been a nation in strife. 54 years ago, the nation had made an attempt to qualify for the World Cup, but those qualifying efforts came at a horrible time for the nation – their President John Adler, a former race car driver, was shot, leading to decades of instability and civil war in the nation. Pretty much the only thing for sure in Wreckeria as that nothing at all was for sure.

Last year, it appeared that things were starting to come together for the nation. The nation’s two warring factions, the True Wreckerians and the Party of Pride, who by now consisted of people who had known nothing but war, and had grown tired of fighting each other. The True Wreckerians had been a hard-line group of right-wing extremists who wanted nothing but Wreckeria to become a military power, while the Party of Pride had wanted Wreckeria to become a good neighbor to other nations across the multiverse. They had seen other nations thrive and prosper, but all they could do was spin their wheels.

But perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was the success of a nearby nation known as Hapilopper. Until about a year or two before, Hapilopper had stayed out of the spotlight, taking care of its own problems, not really interested in international relations, or international sport. But last year, the Hapiloppians took to international sport and excelled. In international football, the Dominion had become the toast of town, winning the Baptism of Fire and coming within a hair of qualifying for the World Cup, pulling off some real giant-killing efforts in the process. In auto racing, Drake Stevenson, who was half-Wreckerian by birth, competed in the World Grand Prix Championship, nearly winning the Grand Prix in Vilita.

In stock car racing, a sport the Wreckerians knew quite well, a Hapiloppian team known as Team Blue joined the ranks of the NSSCRA and, for better or worse, became one of the most talked-about teams in all of sport, even if people were talking about blue iguanas, moldy golf clubs and runaway golf carts as much as their drivers making waves on the track. In baseball, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team was making waves, making the playoffs its first year.

The Wreckerians realized that Hapilopper had come from practically nothing to become well-liked in the world of international sport. But they had the resources to get the job done. Hapilopper had been experiencing a massive boom in its economy. Wreckeria, on the other hand, had been ravaged by decades of instability that they just didn’t have the means to get a football pipeline going the way the Hapiloppians had.

They figured if anything could bring them to peace, it was rallying around a group of football players the same way Hapilopper did the year before.

Leading the group was David Simmons, the head of the new Wreckerian Association of Soccer (WAS), who felt “Peace Through Sport” would help Wreckeria get past the stigma of being a war-torn hellhole. Maybe the nation could be inspired by their fellow countrymen going up against nations from around the world. This was their chance at rewriting the script about Wreckeria as a whole.

Simmons sat in his cramped office in Halsted and looked at a faded picture of the Wreckerian team from the 30th World Cup. It was a group of players that could have been great, but were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. They had gotten going just as the nation started devolving into 50 years of violence. Only two of them were still around – Bob Langdon, the team’s starting goalkeeper, and Mike Atwood, a starting midfielder. Both were in their late-70s and had fled to Hapilopper as a way to get away from the violence in Wreckeria. Simmons hoped he could get in touch with either man as a way to fire up his ragtag bunch of players who had been selected from auditions he and members of his staff had held.

Thinking the Hapilopper Football Association knew their whereabouts, Simmons called them using the only phone number he had for them.

“May I ask who is calling, please?” asked a gruff voice on the other end of the line.

“My name is Dave Simmons. I’m from the Wreckerian Association of Soccer, and I was wondering if you had any contact info for a Bob Langdon and a Mike Atwood.

They played for a Wreckerian team that attempted to qualify for World Cup 30, and I was wondering…”

“First of all, we don’t have contact information for them, and even if we did, we wouldn’t give them to you. The last thing we need is more of your kind coming in to kill us.”

Whoever was on the other end of the line hung up. Dave somewhat understood. He had heard that Hapiloppians were instantly suspicious of Wreckerians, due to their history together, but all he wanted was a chance to open some kind of dialogue with the Hapiloppians to see that they weren’t all bad. But he wasn’t sure if he was going to get that chance. The only thing he knew was that both men were still alive, but he wasn’t sure if they were reclusive shut-ins living in an apartment in Hapilopper City, or if they were community leaders, or whatever.

That evening, Simmons and head coach Marvin Byrnes watched over the players in the middle of training. On paper, they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of qualifying for the World Cup, much less winning it. But the two realized the team was going to try like hell to make it. These were young people who had known nothing but war, violence and hatred all of their lives, and they were tired of it. They figured they could improve their lives, and the lives of everyone around them, if they could just work their asses off over the course of the next few weeks.

It was evident that their facilities were nowhere near the level of other teams. Their practice facility also doubled as Wreckeria’s national stadium, the 30,000-seat Halsted Park, one of the few places in all of the capital city of Halsted that hadn’t been impacted by the continual wars going on in the nation. The stadium had once been a proud venue, home of the Halsted Wolverines, the old football team that used to dominate the Wreckerian Premier League, but that was a long time ago. The grass field had been overtaken by age. Graffiti lined portions of the stands. It was obvious the stadium was in a run-down part of town. But it was pretty much all the Wreckerian Association of Soccer had at the time. Maybe in due time, and once Wreckeria could rebuild, the WAS could house themselves in better facilities like those used by their neighbors the Hapiloppians.

“Did you talk to anyone from Hapilopper?” Marvin asked.

“Tried to, I got blown off,” Dave replied. “I had one number from the HFA and whoever was there really didn’t want to talk.”

“I can see that. We’re going to have to win their trust one way or another. We’ve got to show them we’re not going to cause trouble.”

“I know. I imagine they’re going to be real skeptical of us.”


It was clear, just from taking a quick glance at the Wreckerians, that they would have a very hard road ahead. The players were determined and committed to get the job done, but that would only take them so far. They would need a miracle to get them past the qualifying stage. But it was possible. Last year, Reçueçn came from out of nowhere to not just qualify, but make it to the knockout stage. It would be a tall order for the Wreckerians, but nothing was impossible.
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Postby Hapilopper » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:35 pm

The HNFT Center, Hapilopper City
Leading up to qualifying for World Cup 84
Dominic Probst, Thom Perkins and other staff were looking through what teams to look out for in the 84th World Cup. More specifically, they were looking for what teams they didn’t want to have to face as they attempted to qualify. The group of staff members looked down the list of nations to see who they wanted to avoid facing. The group shuddered at the idea of playing a team like Equestria – they got spanked by the Equestrians last time out. They didn’t think lightning would strike twice against Brenecia. They didn’t want Ernie Stevenson to piss off the Nepharim in international competition. Vilita and Turori, either together or separate, seemed like a frightening concept. Ditto with Starblaydia, Valanora, Cassadaigua, Banija and South Covello.

The group looked down the roster, and found a peculiar, yet frightening name on the list. When they saw the name “Wreckeria,” it was like they had seen a ghost. It was a reminder to a more terrifying time in their lives, when Hapiloppians lived their lives in fear every day.

“They’re not going to do something in this World Cup, are they?” Dom asked, his eyes incredibly wide.

“I sure hope not,” Thom responded. “God damn. They’ve been killing each other for 50 years. Hell, I was scared for my life back when I was a kid.”

“Me too. Remember the Hamilton Square incident?” Dom asked.

Thom shuddered at the thought of one of Hapilopper’s darkest days. It was a day that the strife in Wreckeria spilled over into the Dominion, and in a horrific way.

Hamilton Square, Hapilopper City
August 9, 1980, 12:15 PM local time
For decades, Hamilton Square had been the sentimental center of town in Hapilopper City. People would gather for musical events, political rallies and boxing matches. It was the place to go celebrate when the HC Nationals won the NLH Championship. It was a great place to get ice cream. It was a place for couples to get engaged, fall in love and get married (and sometimes all of the above at the same time).

But on August 9, 1980 just after noon, Hamilton Square became Hell on Earth. Members of the True Wreckerians, a right-wing group dedicated to turning Wreckeria into a military power that the rest of the world could fear, decided that the one way Wreckeria’s stature in the rest of the world could expand would be to strike fear in the hearts of their neighbors, and maybe, by some chance, the Wreckerians could unite around this incident and become a world leader like it had before its president, John Adler, was shot in an assassination attempt at his race shop.

That afternoon, Hamilton Square was hosting a block party associated with the Hapilopper National Exhibition, the nation’s biggest celebration of technology, culture and sport. Many of Hapilopper’s most important individuals – athletes, political leaders, celebrities, innovators and the like were on hand to celebrate what would be the start of the Hapilopper National Exhibition. Thousands of Hapiloppians were on hand for what would be a joyous occasion. But then, five men dressed as punk rockers, wearing patches for the True Wreckerians on their jackets, opened fire on the crowd. People scattered for cover, but some wouldn’t make it in time. By the time the carnage had ended and police had taken down the five Wreckerians, dozens were killed, and many more were wounded.

One of them was 14-year old Thom Perkins, who had come to the block party with his parents and his next-door neighbor and lifelong friend Dominic Probst. They had been there to see members of the HC Nationals and get the autograph of Chet Byrd, someone just a couple of years older who was inspiring teenagers across the nation with his runs in HASCAR. Instead, they were running for their lives, trying to simply survive on a day that was supposed to be a joyous occasion.

There were other incidents that occurred in Hapilopper in those times involving Wreckerians. The 1980s was a scary time for Hapiloppians as they wondered if anyone from Wreckeria would show up and conduct a terrorist act of some sort in their backyard. But 8/9/80 in downtown Hapilopper City was the most high-profile incident. It was the worst. And those that were there never, ever forgot it.

The HNFT Center, Hapilopper City
The present day
Dom and Thom, now working as the head of the Hapilopper Football Association and the head coach of the senior team, were really, really quiet. Other members of the HNFT staff were quiet too, but they hadn’t been there when the True Wreckerians opened fire. Dom and Thom had. They had seen people die right in front of them. They had run for their lives when it happened, and as a result, held a strong distrust – even a dislike – for the Wreckerians. They looked down their nose at this nation that had been nothing but trouble for the Hapiloppians for over 50 years.

Thom broke the silence. It was clear he was shaken by seeing the name “Wreckeria” on the list of nations competing in the World Cup.

“I’m going to tell you, I really hope we’re not put in the same group as those guys,” Thom said, his voice shaking with emotion. “I don’t want to go through what we had to deal with as kids.”

“You know, supposedly they changed,” said technical director Jim McNeil. “Supposedly the people in charge of the two warring factions got together a year or so ago and decided that they were going nowhere and they entered into a peace treaty.”

“I’m deeply moved, Jim,” Dom replied. “Those bastards killed a lot of people. I watched them kill people. I watched them murder people and laugh about it. If they want goodwill from me, they had better prove it to me they’re not a murderous group of bastards. I don’t want to go in that hellhole.”

Just then, someone’s phone rang. Dom saw his phone ringing and an unfamiliar number on his phone. He wasn’t sure who it was, but figured it was Ernie Stevenson calling in from Nephara or one of the Midnight Express calling in from wherever they may be. It turned out to not be the case.

On the other end of the line was a nervous, almost timid voice with an accent similar to a Hapiloppian accent. It wasn’t a fan, but it was someone from, of all places, the Wreckerian Association of Soccer.

“First of all, we don’t have contact information for them, and even if we did, we wouldn’t give them to you. The last thing we need is more of your kind coming in to kill us,” Dom snapped over the line just before he hung up.

“Who was that?” Thom asked.

“Some guy named David Simmons from the Wreckerian Association of Soccer,” Dom said, looking visibly agitated at having just spoken to a Wreckerian. “He said he was looking for contact information for a couple of people who he said played for Wreckeria when they sent a team to the World Cup qualifiers 50 years ago. Some guys named Bob Langdon and Mike Atwood.”

Thom perked up. He knew Bob Langdon. He had been an equipment manager for The Soldiers for the last 25 years and knew him quite well. He didn’t know he played for the Wreckerian team so many years before. Bob Langdon was a good man. A generous man to everyone that played in Hapiloppian football, he had taken kids in, fed them well and taught them tricks he had learned as a soccer player himself. Thom decided when this meeting was over, he would call Bob up and ask him about his experiences in Wreckeria and trying to qualify for the 30th World Cup.

If Thom could get Bob to talk about Wreckeria and his experiences in that land just before the decades of strife got going, it could do a bit to ease the tension being felt by the Hapiloppians. Maybe it could serve as a way to better relations between the Wreckerians and the Hapiloppians, relations that had been pretty poor since that ugly afternoon in downtown Hapilopper City some 40 years before.
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Postby Yttribia » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:02 pm

"Well, shit."

Those were the two words that summed up the thoughts of around 31 million Yttribians, who were going to be displaced at any moment. Over 40 years of preparation for this event, and now it was finally here.

The last 40 years had been weird for the country. You know how they used to be a better-than-average, football loving nation with a weird obsession with defensive midfielders? Well 40+ years ago, I decided to destroy everything because I just didn't have time to look over these people anymore.

Wait, you might be wondering why I said "you" in the midst of all this. Hell, now you're wondering why I said "I" in here. It's simple, really, when you think about it — there I go again.

So allow me to introduce myself.

I am the person behind all of this. As in, the person writing this storyline out about a fake nation on a website dedicated to fake nations.

Six actual years ago, back in 2013, I found this website and decided to make this nation. It was a pretty cool run for the two or so years that I was involved seriously within the community. Made some good friends, created some weird collaborative storylines and generally had a blast on here. And the best part was playing God to every single Yttribian. Like, seriously, getting to create this weird world for them where they interacted with Pokémon and ponies? Damn was it brilliant. And just getting to decide how they managed to go through the multiverse and its weird nooks and crannies.

For all intents and purposes, I am God to these 31 million people. They just didn't know it yet.

Until now, that is.

Life—my actual life, the dude writing all of this—got in the way of being able to try and revamp something on this website, with this username or any other username. University, relationships and trying to be able to have a social life distracted me, and in turn, sent Yttribia into this sort of hellish grove of sorts.

And by hellish grove, I really mean dystopian wonderland.

Natural disaster upon natural disaster led to the current status of dismay the country was in. Earthquakes, typhoons, wildfires, blizzards, heat waves—you name the type of natural disaster, Yttribia was fucked because of it. Even if the natural disaster wasn't able to happen previously because of Yttribia's geography, Mother Nature (a.k.a. me) decided to send two middle fingers to Yttribia because why not?

All the progress that had been established in the country, the sort of idealistic and brilliant standards the nation had built up for so long were now flushed down the drain. Futuristic buildings were no longer being maintained. Standards of living were quickly falling to subpar levels.

From it, a nation that had once established itself as a regular mainstay in the multiversal sporting scene was fading into obscurity. The World Cup stadia that were oh so shiny and oh so bright when Yttribia hosted the tournament were ruinous to the point where they were almost beyond salvageable.

But, most notably, the spirit and the will of the people was no longer what it once was at this nation's peak: happy and content. No one gave a damn anymore about anything. These 31 million people that prided themselves so much in trying their hardest and being the best they could be were just apathetic towards everything in their sights.

Sporting events were now rare, and, if they were taking place, were not occuring at the same grandiose level they were ran at. Nobody wanted to meet up with anybody else. The livelihood that existed in Yttribia was gone. The country's culture simply died. No other way of putting it.

To feel joy would have been an act of resistance against the nation's adopted status of futility.

And who is to say that the will of the people isn't reflective of Yttribia's actual showrunner?

But I'm digressing.

A change was needed, for sure.

The nation and its people could have simply withered on for the rest of their lives, their children's lives, their grandchildren's lives and so on and so forth. Who would have blamed them if they just wanted to be like that?

But weird, brazen clocks that appeared out of nowhere prevented them from doing so.

They began to pop up in town squares across the nation. They all looked eerily familiar to the ones that graced these same town squares when Yttribia was getting ready to host the World Cup, but these countdown clocks read something different when they arrived in town.

"40 years until The Relocation. Please prepare accordingly. - The Showrunner."

"40 years" became "39 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds." Each second that lapsed saw one second less of preparation time for the Relocation.

It was collective screams of "Who are you?" from this nation's inhabitants, wondering why their seemingly eternal state of moping and sloth was being taken away from them. Hell, I would be too if I just found out that my entire life as I know it is being turned upside down in 40 years because the country was being whisked away.

Now, how they figured out it was being whisked away from Esportiva was due to past instances of other nations heading out to different regions. It wasn't that they were scared of the idea of relocating, it was that they were scared they themselves were going to relocate.

People, being brought into the world and crossing into realms of a life outside this one, were now getting accustomed to the idea of relocating as the clock ticked down to zero. They didn't know how they were being relocated, but whatever that meant created chaos.

But they prepared nonetheless. Whatever the hell it meant, they prepared their asses off for four decades to make sure they wouldn't have to deal with whatever conundrum came about at the end of the timer.

To make this part of the story reach its natural conclusion and not drag it out like I would have had this been 2015 and my pretentious self still thought he was an amazing writer, the clocks reached their waning seconds.

It was a mass event in Yttribia, with every town square filled to the outskirts as the people awaited for the event. Hopefully painless, likely painful, they all thought. It was time for them to find out.

"Three seconds."

Families held onto each other, wondering if the eerie countdown would ruin their lives and just send them into an inferno of torture and pain.

"Two seconds."

The people who had screwed up their lives so badly are finally in a state of peace with themselves, realizing that whatever they did was not as bad as what was about to go down.

"One second."

The country went silent at this point. Everyone wanted to know what happens next. So do you, probably.

"Zero seconds."

Nothing seemed to change at zero seconds. Everyone felt a quick jolt, but other than that, it all seemed like some sort of stupid happenstance that warranted a "That's it?" from the comic relief character in this storyline because of the literary irony that this event was literally nothing more than a quick jolt.

Everyone did realize, somehow, that they were no longer in Esportiva. Maybe it was the fact that it just didn't feel like Esportiva. Or maybe it was the fact the countdown clocks now said "Welcome to Atlantian Oceania. Standby for a further message." I take it that it's likely the latter.

But a further message meant some other form of dread was about to come about. "Oh boy, can't wait for another underwhelming countdown to fool us all," one person said to the responses of "Yeahs" from the crowd.

And that person was right.

"10 days (give or take) until World Cup 84 qualifiers commence. Please prepare accordingly. - The Showrunner" was the new countdown that appeared across all of these clocks across the nation.

40 years ago, when the country prepared to get sent into another region against their will, they all shared the same collective thought at the sight that was there to behold. 40 years later, they all shared the same collective thought at what the countdown clock said now.

"Well, shit."

I guess it's time for them to field a football team, again.
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WC84 Pre-Qualifying

Postby Squornshelous » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:26 am

The Squornshelan Football Federation, Vogsphere

The World Cup Committee,

DELIGHTED to finally return to participation in international football and the larger multiverse, having been unfortunately afflicted by various disruptive temporal phenomena which prevented this return until the present.

DISMAYED to learn that the Squornshelan Confederate Football Association (SCFA), under the auspices of the so-called Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States has made unlicensed use of certain imagery and other important identifying characteristics of the Squornshelan Football Federation and the Squornshelan national football team.

ASSERTING that every nation and national football association or federation retains the exclusive right to its own imagery, history, and identity.

RESOLVED, firmly, that this illegal action by the SCFA cannot be permitted to continue:

The Squornshelan Football Federation, accordingly, formally lodges a protest against the actions of the SCFA, and submits the following requests for the consideration of the World Cup Committee:

FIRST: That the WCC shall immediately require the SCFA to cease usage of the Flag of Squornshelous in all WCC sanctioned tournaments.

SECOND: That the WCC shall likewise require the SCFA to immediately relinquish its claim to be the successor state to the Imperium of Squornshelous.

THIRD: That the WCC shall require the SCFA to pay compensation of no less than $100 million (multiversal standard dollars) for its prior appropriation of the proprietary imagery and identity of the Imperial Ministry of Sport and the Squornshelan Football Federation.

FOURTH: That, until complying with the aforesaid requirements, the Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States shall be barred from participation in all WCC sanctioned events.
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WC84 Pre-Qualifying

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:36 pm

Squornshelan Confederate Football Association
Official Press Release

Re: Imperial Protest

It is not the business of the SCFA to make determinations as to the legitimacy of governments and their claims to history. We are a football association, and our business is football. Our focus at present is on the upcoming qualifying tournament, and our hopes that this will be the year that Confederate players once again rub shoulders with the world's best at the World Cup proper. To this end, we seek to remove any unnecessary distractions for our coaches, players, and fans. The story should be about what our team does on the field, not on quarrelsome bureaucracy.

To be clear, the SCFA makes no admission of wrongdoing. Citizens of Algolia, Flania, Han Dold, Megabrantis, Molvania, and Sivolvia played on those old Imperial teams, and their heritage is ours. We believe, however, that it is in the best interest of our players to accede to the first and second demands of the SFF for the time being. The question of who owns the history of Squornshelous will be settled in due course, and in the meantime, it is high time we eschewed the flag of our former oppressors.

Accordingly, the SCFA is delighted to have the privilege of being the first to unveil the new flag of the Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States. While the colors are familiar, their arrangement, and thereby their symbolism is novel. At top and bottom, the black, which symbolizes the darkness of our past. Emerging from the black, two pure white stripes, symbolizing the bright hope we have for our future and freedom. Finally, dividing and tempering the white, a single stripe of red, which remembers the blood of sacrifice by which our hope was bought, and symbolizes the righteousness of our struggle.

Lastly, we reject the Imperium's crass demand for monetary reparation. While it would be improper here to digress into political acrimony, the notion of the Confederacy paying any reparation to the Imperium is laughable at best, and quite frankly, offensive. We call upon the WCC to likewise reject this naked avarice, and pay no further heed the Imperium's calumnies.

Ailen Koirala
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Postby HUElavia » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:50 pm

HUElavia begins another WC Qualification with much promise!

As another World Cup dawns on the NS Universe, HUElavia has a lot of optimism towards this qualifications. In the WCQ for WC 83, HUElavia came 5 points short of a playoff berth, despite upsetting the #1 Seed of the group and having had the lead halfway into the qualifiers, but a set of draws and losses caused Los Amarillos to fall short.

This time around, many of the players from the last qualifier are around, including some new faces in each section of the field. Most notably, this is the first time that female players are permitted to the National Team, after experiments done by other teams both domestically and internationally. Kira Smirnov, Natalia Ramirez, and Ayuka Hamada-Fukuda are the first three female players to be called up, and both have a lot of promise to be pioneers in the team for women across the country.

HUElavia is projected to be either a 3rd or 4th seed team for this qualifiers, but there is optimism that they can make some noise. Stadiums to host matches are to be announced once the qualifying draw is done on December 7th. By then, it is expected for tickets to become sold out within hours.

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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:16 pm

"We're back."

With those two words, Bryan Ostrom looked out at the assembled media that gathered in the press room at Dave Wilson Stadium in Woodstock.

He suppressed an urge to shake his head in disbelief until the urge got too strong to ignore.

After a 27-Cup absence, the Sarzonian national football team would compete in a World Cup again.

The last time the Stars were on this stage, they were co-hosts with Cafundeu. Controversy surrounding Sarzonian officiating led to the Stars retreating from the world stage for eight years.

After a few editions of the World Lacrosse Championships, the Stars waded tenuously into other sports, until the Department of Health and Athletics finally decided to send another team.

But the first question they had to answer was who would manage the team? Brian Wilson opted not to. He served as manager when the Stars initially returned from another extended absence. His brother Kevin declined, preferring instead to manage the Stars in the event they decided to send a "B" team to the next AOCAF.

Franz Braddock was out. More accurately, he died over a year ago at age 92.

Enter Ostrom, who was given the unenviable task of managing the Under 21 national team against senior national sides in AOCAF. The fact the Junior Stars didn't embarrass themselves and actually helped push a more highly regarded Demot side out of contention for the knockout rounds led Sarzonia to decide on Ostrom to guide a senior team.

The task would be long and arduous. The Stars enter this tournament like they did years before: Unranked. Sure, they had their moments in their first World Cup back from their previous absence: A shock 2-0 victory over then-No. 11 The Han Empire, plus other shock results. None were quite so shocking as being within minutes of a multiverse-shattering two-goal victory over No. 1 Valanora that would have sent the Stars through to the World Cup group stage. The predictable collapse to a 3-3 draw kept the Stars from the monumental upset. It was oddly similar to the first World Cup the Stars appeared in, when the debutant team led the qualifying group with two matches left, only to lose both and be relegated to the Cup of Harmony.

Ostrom knows he's going to have to manage expectations. The Stars don't have any players among their starting 11 who could be identified as, well, stars. Only their reserves have names that stand out because of bloodlines. Carlton Sandt, the younger brother of Horace Sandt as the third choice goalkeeper. Clayton Wilson, the grandson of Brian Wilson and great-grandson of the late Dave Wilson as a reserve midfielder. The team likely wouldn't make the same waves they did long ago, but they would be here to learn.

"This is going to be a new experience for most of these players," Ostrom said. "That's the exciting part about all of this."
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Postby Bliuji » Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:19 pm

The Rise of Sviatoslav Vasiliev

Another World Cup is upon the young and some-what experienced Bliujian squad. We all know that things wen't horrible first time around for Bliuji as they finished with only 12 points and a record of 2-6-4. As expected though, you can still argue that Bliuji is still very new to the competitive scene but their players have to do better this time around. And what was not expected is the performance we saw in BOF 70, with Bliuji going 5-0-1 and making it all the way to the quarterfinals. A truly amazing performance and you got to see a taste of what their players are capable of.

November 10th, 2019 Downtown Prussia

Today was the day, Bliuji's staff had sent out their best scouts to recruit better players to the team in hopes of qualifying for WC84. The new recruits looked extremely anxious. Players such as William Case V, Raymond Sebanochev and Nikon Kotov all got their chance to shine during the IAC 8, where Bliuji got knocked out in the round of 16 during a close 1-0 loss against Recuecn.

The scouts had spent so much time searching far and wide across the country for a 3 month period to find the most highly skilled players in the nation and putting them all together in tryouts to find the best of the best. The format was 4 teams 11 on 11 scrimmage tournament. Players who were expected to make the team such as William Case, Raymond Sebanochev and Carter Woods ended up under preforming and did not come close to making it. More specifically though scouts were looking for players with a combination of the best chemistry and mechanical skill

One player who looked extraordinary in try-outs was Sviatoslav Vasiliev. Before this nobody knew who he was; and just wasn't popular in the Bliuji soccer community. When you see him on the field he is fast as all hell, has an insanely accurate shot and known for an aggressive play style. In the tryouts though, he really showed off his insane skill; by making even the best Bliuji defenders look foolish. Not only that though he was paired up with Erik Belov and they ended up winning the entire thing.

To give you a little more information about Sviatoslav Vasiliev he is signed to Backwoods FC in the BSL and statistically he is currently ranked number 1 as the best player in the BSL.
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Postby Xanneria » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:01 am

A Guide to WC84
By Steve Stevenson

With another World Cup qualifying session its always fascinating to see what Predictions come true or wildly miss the mark, So here are some random teams I will be making predictions about with varying degree of accuracy. Here are some thoughts about five 'random' teams


Starting off with Xanneria, our beloved home nation, They key to this team is getting over the slump that has plagued the Maroons each of the two qualifying sessions in the prior cycles. Both cycles have been plauged by massive loss streak within the middle of the tournament. If Xanneria can spread out the losses more and not have to play catch up, then we could see the Maroons contend for one of the top two spots. Especially after what we saw out of the Hinodijan team last cycle. I predict them to run in the top half of their group, likely between at best 2nd and at worst 4th.

Appalachian Nation

Appalachia, one of the closest allies of the Xannerians, has entered their first World Cup. Runners up int he BoF, they took the footy world by storm and won games in anyway possible from 5-4 to 2-0. They could play upset as they have the skill players to do so. We had teams like Happilopper and company run amuck through qualifiers before a major meltdown with goalie Cooter Harris (now at Northshore FC) happened. If they can keep the shuffling strategy of coach Jim Conkey who likes to get leads and swap in defensive players immediately afterwards, then they can do some damage. A solid defense could lead them to mid pack, I predict between 4th and 8th.


Hapilopper came in guns 'a' blazing last cycle. They ran up a huge winning streak to make it to the play offs only to blank out and collapse. The team collapsed at the start of the cycle when Cooter Harris suffered mental breakdowns on the pitch. But we could see them doing better. With Rod Hughes at the Keepers spot they could secure a qualifying spot. United Marietta player Sweet Stan Long is on the team as a reserve and could play a role in Hapiloppers games. We predict a 2nd to 4th place finish


Schottia, is a promising team. With a popular domestic league they have grown a huge fan base within Xanneria and reserve Xannerian NT member Doby Bunkirk plays for Port James Athletic in their top league. We could see them running towards the top. Jack Avelione can lead them to places only few dream of and we predict anywhere from 2nd to 6th.


Well we were going to talk about Tinhampton here, but they had a late withdrawal from the FA there. The reason given was "FA Restructuring", but many people are suspicious that a scandal involving their FA submitted random news articles from the local news in e-mails to the World Cup Committee members. Its a shame that they couldn't get into the WC despite the "restructuring" so we'll what the future holds for Tinhampton
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Postby TJUN-ia » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:01 pm

The Following is a Presentation by the Football Association of TJUN-ia

David Seems

Today, we can announce the appointment of David Seems as Head Coach of TJUN-ia's national senior football team.

The 35-year-old from TJUN-ia City was part of the interim coaching staff that led us to the knockout phase of the Baptism of Fire at our first attempt. No further comments will be made at this time.
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Postby Tarchusland » Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:31 pm

Despite the unrest in the region with Tarchusland recently choosing sides and threatening to close all forms of travel with Depackya, the nation is standing strong. The team will not forfeit the tournament and games at Trebet Koppa will go on as normal. In fact, the stadium has just announced the opening of BetKop, the Trebet Koppa sportsbook.

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Postby Trolleborg » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:33 am


TR: Good evening, dear viewers! This is Trolleborg TV, I am Ternes Rieper, and now we sit here with a FA chief executive Torben Mortensen.
TM: Good evening, Ternes, good evening viewers. Happy to meet you all again.

TR: Now, of course, everyone is interested in how preparations for the qualifying games of the World Cup are going.
TM: We are considering potential candidates to strengthen our team, the head coach is watching videos intensively and conducting consultations. In principle, there is a chance for anyone who has shown the necessary qualities during the championship. But I don’t think that more than half a dozen players will be added to the BoF lineup. After the draw and before the start of the tournament, a training camp will be held, the head coach intends to look at the candidates there and prepare for the matches properly - physically, tactically and psychologically.

TR: We have already discussed the chances of our team in the qualifying tournament on your last visit to us, has your opinion changed?
TM: I have to disappoint you - despite winning the BoF, no, it hasn't changed. As I already predicted, in the new KPB rating we were in 175th place. There are 11 teams in each qualifying group, which means “our” basket is, most probably, the fifth - and, therefore, we will get at least four teams stronger than us. It will be extremely difficult to get something in such conditions, and I urge the fans to understanding that the victory march definitely will not happened. But it is in difficult moments that it is very important that you continue support the team. If we achieve anything at all, it is will be largely due to you, our fans.

TR: let's talk about another aspect - the reception of foreign guests. What progress has been made in this direction since our last meeting?
TM: Very significant. The airport does not require any improvements, the average travel time from airplane doors to airport doors is 7 minutes, including passport control and baggage claim. We have enough hotel rooms of all classes to meet the needs of guests. The integrated payment system is finally brought online, allowing guests of the country to pay expenses in their usual way. Any credit cards, payment systems, even the most exotic, some types of cash - all this will be accepted for payment. You only need to go to the bank to change the currency unless you only recognize as a money the triangular shells on the chain and nothing more. On just such a case, at the airport and several points in the city center, there are special exchangers that are very noticeable, there you can choose the best option how to use the exchanged money. The artificial intelligence system, which is designed to simplify the stay of foreigners in the country as much as possible, has also begin to work...

TR: Tell us more about her
TM: Artificial intelligence system “Keith”, free for connection and use, which acts as a translator, transport consultant, leisure organizer, hotel search engine, and a ticket service for cultural events.
With her help you can even integrate yourself into our main T-friends social network. It greatly simplifies life, in a wide range of services from showing the most convenient public transport routes from the airport to the hotel to developing the most suitable cultural program for you. Do you like military history, for example? “Keith” will ask you how much time you have left, and recommend, depending on this, the Military History Museum and plus the Museum of 1st December, draw a route and tell you something about the exhibits themselves, or maybe give the contacts of a volunteer who can conduct a tour, and translate his story. And if you add that you love military equipment, it will direct you, for example, how to get to the Arsenal and marked where in the city there are various copies of the equipment exhibited as monuments, and whom to turn for consultations and which book to read. Did you know where to find biplane in the city? Keith know, I prove it myself.

TR: And if something nevertheless goes wrong?
TM: If so, then there is still a free “Trolleborg for Tourists” guide, in paper and digital form, and the last line of defense, our volunteers, in characteristic costumes of a saber-toothed cat, who will be on duty in places of the greatest concentration of foreigners. They will be able to communicate with foreigners in their language and give them the necessary information. By the way, another aspect: the opportunity to order and receive directly at the airport in a special machine any literature on the history and culture of Trolleborg in your language.

TR: And what aspects do you find most worrying?
TM: Ticket distribution. As you know, the stadium was built by volunteers, and therefore admission to all competitions is always free. How to provide tickets to everyone in our country and abroad is a problem. We allocate a quota of a quarter of all seats for guests, and three quarters of tickets will be distributed according to the results of the computer program review of applications, the “weight” of which is determined by social merits, and part of the tickets will be distributed according to the results of the draw.

TR: Will all matches be played on “1st December”?
TM: Yes. And here is another problem. Perhaps foreigners will find it inadequate to their requirements. Wait a little, now I’ll explain. We at FA studied the infrastructure and the U18 World Cup and BoF very carefully. Our stadium “December 1” is radically different from the recent sports buildings. Pay attention to their architecture...

TR: Everyone has a roof. But we don’t need it, our weather regulation system works.
TM: Roofs are not the only thing. The stadium “December 1” is quite far from the center, 8 kilometers from the historical core and 12 from the CBD. He has almost no parking place for personal vehicles. Yes, we have excellent public transport, but nevertheless. In addition, our stadiums are designed to sit (or stand in worry or exaltation) and look at the pitch. We go to football for the sake of game. Neither eating nor drinking in the stands is not particularly common. Foreign fans may not be comfortable with that.

TR: you know, you will not please everyone ...
TM: Nevertheless, as hospitable hosts, we should also think about it. And we think. We have nowhere to place buffets, there is simply no place, so, apparently, we will confine ourselves to vending machines with a beer and snacks and some kind of system for quickly disposing of garbage in the stands. We think about everything, as you see.

TR: and for those who do not get into the game?
TM: Of course, we will organize the broadcast, and fan zones will be organized in two locations in Trolleborg City. We also intend to use the ice palace and try to arrange a three-dimensional broadcast in it, but so far I am not ready to give an answer whether this will succeed

TR: Ok, thank you for interview, and there was a report of our team trip with a BoF cup. Let’s see.

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Postby Trolleborg » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:39 am


A great readers response was caused by an interview with the head of the FA, in which he reported on the state of Trollebor readiness to receive guests. Two journalists of our newspaper decided to find out how things are going, from personal experience. They began their journey at the airport and that’s what happened.

The giant airport of our capital with its six landing stripes and busy terminal always seemed to us very cumbersome, but only until we happened to be abroad. And we can say - our airport is a model of efficiency, so we did not check this once again, but started from the arrivals hall, being dressed as a excentric foreigners.

The “Keith” system really made itself known right away, but we felt that it was unsportsmanlike to start from there and, for a beginning, turned to the information bureau counter. One of us speaks well in a language common in the region, so he make all the conversation. The staff answered him in the same language - though, as it turned out, thanks to “Keith's” prompts. We declared ourselves to be art lovers who want to spend three hours exploring Trolleborg culture, and personnel immediately threw us a completely satisfactory option - an Art Museum and a Gallery of Marinists, and then, since we were poised as a modernity lovers, add the Modern Sculpture Park (have you heard about that place?). Precisely in that order, because then our route on the map, which had the airport and the stadium as the end points, was a complete arc. We checked “Keith” with the same scheme, only added an hour and a half - and we were also offered the Old Workshops Building, because there is a temporary exhibition of contemporary architecture projects, and they also recommended an illustrated short guide to innovations in art. In addition, the system asked us how it would be more interesting for us to get to the city faster or to have a prettier view, and offered either a high-speed train to the CBD with a transfer to the bus, or a metro route through the countryside and then by tram through the city historic core. When we finished this experiment, the system aloud asked if we would like to stay a day longer, saying that it has cultural entertainment options and a good selection of hotels.

For fun, we then conducted a new search, declaring the main interests of drinking and football, without time limits. We were immediately offered a choice of different types of drinking establishments, with an emphasis on places where you can watch football on the big screen, several routes with an approximate set of prices, plus excursions to two stadiums, a museum of sports glory and a club of sports simulators, in order to play there virtual football and hockey.

Next, we decided to try out the payment system. One of us kept a debit card from a trip abroad, without it they were not allowed to make payments on transport - and our system successfully recognized it, indicated how much the trip to the city would cost and what is the percentage of the amount on the card, and then “Keith” interfered and suggested immediately calculating the full cost of our cultural program. Since she intervened, we asked her where to exchange a chain of triangular shells for florins. After few seconds, she directed us to the same information point, and there the smiling girl immediately offered four options - cash, a temporary transport card, a temporary debit card or a “Trolleborg card”, which provides discounted access to transport and museums.

Read more at Leesse.tro

[OOC message: if everyone wish to make an entertaining stay in the country and have exciting adventures let me know, or we can create something together]
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WCQ 84 Chapter 1: After the BoF

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For a complete list of RPs for this WCQ, it can be found on my roster page here. This RP is also a continuation of my RP from the BoF, featuring the 3rd/4th Playoffs and its aftermath, so for any background, you may want to read my RPs in the BoF

Wayr Stadium, Zwangzug
Back in Zwangzug after the "outing" in Timuria for the knockout stages, the players found themselves playing in a particularly different place from before. The atmosphere was very different from the other matches the team had played this far, in Zwangzug or Timuria. Less fans had showed up this time round, particularly also because of its relative inaccessibility and many fans remained absolutely upset after that loss in the semi-finals. Nevertheless, the President of Poafmersia, Pikashru Nakisan, showed up as promised, to join the remaining 10 thousand fans to support the team.
The irony of the third-fourth playoffs, or the bronze medal match as some people call it, was that the match was for nothing except glory. Everyone's attention would definitely be focused on the finals held somewhere else, where the winner of the cup would be showered with glory for winning a trophy on their first attempt. For the poor teams here who survived the long run but failed at the very last hurdle, they could only settle for a third place finish and claim the tiny bit of glory leftover from the finals. That was why the President remained defiant that he should come and show his support despite the Poafmersian team not making it to the finals. "We all know very well how sad it is trying to beat everyone on the way to the finals and losing at the last match. However, in sports, we cannot drown ourselves in sorrow of the past and feel upset because we lost the semi-finals. Cannot win the cup anymore? It is okay, we can push for the World Cup. I have heard that there is only 16 days between the finals and the World Cup Qualifiers, and the ridiculous qualifying methods mean that they need to recover from every match quickly. I will still go and give them the support and tell them that they did well," he told reporters on the day he left Fiskadaha for Zwangzug. The President knows his stuff very well, especially since his nephew is also a professional football player. He knows the morale needs to be kept up to allow them to continue their dream of reaching the World Cup on first try, which is difficult but not impossible.
The players, however, were not demoralised as much after a nice pep talk from head coach Adnan Suliaha, and they played the game with usual gusto.
Proficiency in front of goal was lost this game, similar to what happened the semi-finals. The players somehow failed to take all the chances given, and let Pauh Janggi start the scoring with a goal from Osman Khaidir in the 39th minute. It was after the break did Poafmersia equalise with a normal tap-in by Joel Haodao in the 55th minute. 7 minutes later, a defensive error after a poorly-taken corner saw Osman run half the field to take a powerful shot past Jabik Henderson the goalkeeper, who was unable to stop the shot. Danille Trasa replaced Jessie Mchargrita, the right midfielder immediately as Adnan fielded fresh legs. It was only till 82nd minute where Shakira Handaris managed to take another goal through an assist from Danille who made a nice through pass. Full time came, and with both sides inseparable, they went into extra time. Poafmersia brought on Alexri Timson to replace Joel and Dikash in goal to prepare for a penalty shootout. Luckily, they got the last say after 28 minutes, as Shakira scored his 11th goal of the season.
After the match and the prize giving ceremony, the team decided to leave Zwangzug immediately to return home after a tired campaign. As they were leaving, head coach Adnan Suliaha told reporters that the players had "learnt a lot from this campaign" and they would "take home the experience to come back stronger for the World Cup Qualifiers". "2.7 ranking points as we have earned would probably give us a rank of 190 or 200+, and with the qualification methods recently announced, it is particularly ridiculous. Whose idea was it to play a 11 group round robin twice? I mean sure, with playoffs and everything the number of matches is similar, but at least we have a break between group stage and playoffs. This time round, we are stuck in the same group, with probably 6 or 7 teams higher ranked than us, we need lots of results to go our way to get top 2 in the group."
Nevertheless, President Nakisan was proud of the team's achievements. "Path to glory is never smooth, and I think it would be better for the players to experience one set back now than experience it later. The PFFA has prepared a series of friendlies to warm the team up, and we will let them do their job and hopefully allow them to prepare for the qualifiers."

Fiskadaha, Poafmersia
As soon as the team landed at the Airport, head coach Adnan Suliaha had to leave for the PFFA headquarters. The management was having a discussion on plans for qualifiers and league scheduling, as this was the nation's first international world cup cycle and it coincided with a proposed swap in league cycle, which came with change in league format. As he went to the headquarters, he read about the sports news, which showed that the World Cup Qualifiers Draw was confirmed to be held in 6 days and Poafmersia was placed in the 8th pot based on current entry list. Of course, a detailed look at the preliminary list showed that they were top of the 8th pot together with Baptism of Fire winners Trolleborg (whatever happened in that semi-finals has since been forgotten and Adnan has decided to move on from that episode), so they had a chance to move 1 pot up if some nations withdraw their teams. The number of unranked nations is also huge, with many returning nations coming back to play after many cycles outside, while newcomers who skipped the Baptism of Fire also made up the list. What was on his mind, however, was whether he needed to remove some players off the list in exchange for others. He was quite sure he needed a larger squad for the duration of the qualifiers, considering the hectic nature. "Hopefully I can get the approval for an expanded squad," he told himself.
At the headquarters, major club representatives were there with some of the PFFA big shots. The Premier League and Super League representatives were upset at the current proposed schedule, as it meant squeezing matches into 8 months to ensure that it ends early. With IFCF competitions on the horizon, the clubs also wanted the new entrants from Poafmersia to come from the expanded league instead of choosing from the last Champions Cup, to give non-state champions a better shot at the club competitions. What was made worse was the formation of the club competitions for Independent nations unaligned with the sporting regions, and qualifications for that competition would also have to be sorted out. Crazy as it sounds, but discussions over qualification for the club competitions would wait. The schedule would take precedence, especially with the Ridimag passing a bill banning local sports from being screened on the same day as that sport's international team matches, effectively killing of approximately 2 out of 7 days weekly to do league and cup matches.
"Oh here is Adnan," said one of the PFFA officials present. "Let us listen to him first, okay?"
Adnan decided to shift scheduling aside and talk about picking more people into the official squad for the World Cup Qualifiers. "With no restrictions for a squad during the entire duration, and a really hectic schedule, I believe we need to have an expanded squad to prevent tiring them out. This squad would mainly come from the Premier League clubs, with only 2 or 3 from the Super League clubs. As a result, I think Premier League would be the affected ones with regards to scheduling."
"Whatever fits the coaches' wishes. Would a 35 player squad be good enough? Besides, squeezing the international break together means the Premier League would not be affected after the World Cup Qualifiers and they can play 2 matchdays a week if necessary to make up for time," said one of the members present. Many Premier League representatives nodded in agreement. "Since PL is suspended, why not pick like a 40 member squad? That would definitely work out to help the players rotate," said another representative.
"I was thinking of 30-35 members. Too many would be bad if we are not using the players anyways. I have not decided if I will cut from the BoF squad, but I will be calling up some of the waitlist and also some of the players who I rested for the BoF but they have been confirmed to play the WCQ. 15 groups of 11 members is a ridiculous way of qualifying, and with 1 to 2 matches per week, it would help to have much more."
After long discussions, it was agreed that the PFFA will submit a namelist of 34 players, which could allow for 2 separate squads when necessary. The schedule discussions then continued. With the National League (Tier 3-5) starting this weekend and continuing during the Qualifiers, the Super League clubs wanted to follow suit. Some of the Premier League clubs also wanted the resumption at a slower pace, but the PFFA officials disagreed.
"Why not I tell you this. Clubs with players in the national team playing that week have matches suspended, and Super League will resume at 1 match per week. Therefore, when the players do not play, they can return to their clubs to play. For the Premier League, I am not sure if the same thing can occur, but I guess it would be better not to do so and let the teams come in on equal footing," said Adnan after the discussions died down. "Besides, at max I will only call 3 to 4 Super League players. They would probably be rotated around. Besides, I am not even sure when the transfer season ended will they remain in those clubs or will they have moved on." This was met with thunderous applause from the Super League club representatives. "I would even say that the Developmental League can continue too as per normal. With the new rules changing the DL to a mainly U21 competition with exceptions for some U23 players, I think clubs can apply for suspension at their own liberty."
And so it was fixed. With Adnan's brilliant talking skills, anything could happen and had happened. Adnan wanted to go home and sleep so that he could start plotting a return in the WCQ. But how? Firstly, 4 friendlies will come first. The PFFA had made a nice job in getting 4 friendlies on schedule, before the Qualifiers officially started. With matches against high ranking nations like Baker Park and Qasden, the team would experience the difficulties of playing better opponents and see if they can get their way through. But first, rest would be needed.
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Citizen of The North Pacific
Ambassador to Europe.
Speaker, The North Pacific

Sportswire. Achievements: BoF 71 Bronze; IAC X and IAC XI Champions
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The stone that looks like Ramsey is Schottia's idea and was originally mentioned in their RPs a few times. It also bears mention that they literally developed Kensey more than I ever did...

The Godhead in the Kensey vale started off... most accurately, it started off as a landmark. Something the locals used to keep track of, to help make sense of the interminable grasslands. It was hard to talk about the second stump on the right-hand side past the cassowary nest (don't tread too close!); when someone noticed something as simple as, hey, this rock looks kinda like Gethin Ramsey, it was nice and helpful.
"Uh-huh, uh-huh." Malte Roeder, the guy sent up from Treason to pick the damn thing up, lit up a cigarette and clamped it between his teeth. He already knew this was gonna be a long day. "And you never thought to just, like. Put up signs?"
"You don't understand how it is," rumbled Big Malcolm, the impromptu community liaison. The people who lived in Kensey Town were strange enough, but the community in their outskirts... "We're a rustic kind of people. Artisans."
"Misfits. Shit, did I say that--"
"Aloud? Yeah."
"Hngh." Roeder clicked his fingers. "It's true, though. Anyway. Look. You don't own the damn rock."
"This is where it wants to be."
"... It's a rock."
"I'm aware," reasoned Big Malcolm.
"Rocks don't want shit. They're... they're rocks. It's a fucking rock, Mr... Big Malcolm."
"So why do you want it?"
"Because I got told to bring it down to Corvistone. They want to put it up in Phoenix Rise, give the place some atmosphere."
"Why does it need atmosphere?"
"Mate, have you seen a Corvistone home game?" Roeder shook his head, chuckling. "Anyway, a couple fan bloggers brought it up and it kinda blew up. Now, the NFA sent me here with orders to grab it and leave. I don't have to be nice."
"Don't you... ?"
"No. See." Roeder grinned. "Way I see it, and I did some thinking on the road up, we already got a couple pilgrims coming up. Saying they wanted to commune with the man himself or some shit. I don't know. But they just stumbled on it, snapped some photos and left. So either I take it or I twii them some fucking map coordinates."
Big Malcolm reddened, then paled, then turned an intriguing shade of purple. "You wouldn't dare."
"I don't give a fuck, man. I just need the stone."
He got the stone, and with it a promotion for 'initiative'. He dumped it down at Phoenix Rise, they hauled it up into the stands to leer over the field, and the fans lapped it up.
Just, something didn't quite turn out as expected. People began to believe.

"And the thing is, they probably wouldn't if they had more to believe in on the pitch." Daniella Strauss sighed, and put her boots on the table. "Still. It takes the pressure off me. I'm a pragmatic woman, Monica. I know if I don't get to the last sixteen, I'm - pshew! - kaputt." She mimed a bullet through her skull. "For all my big plans."
The drawn-looking woman, lean and silver, blinked lazily at her over the table. "When expectations are so high, that can choke everything. Results have been poor."
"I think we do have to look back at what we used to do well."
Strauss shrugged, and leaned back into her plush swivel-chair. "You'd be amazed how many people have told me that," she said, not entirely without bitterness.
"Well, it's true. To some degree." Brightwater flashed a smile with a deep bitterness of its own. "That's why I'm here, now. No? You wanted an older, wiser head. But one without the prospects of taking over the job for themselves. I know I don't. I thought, maybe, one day I would, but... anyway, now I'm past it."
Undeniably true. Brightwater's latest stint had been whipping the Ceyne Isles national team into some sort of shape. It had been a nice, breezy diversion, something away from the pressures of top-class football. Brightwater's career, tragically, was that of an Icarus figure; early successes had catapulted her to the heights AFC Treason and Eastweald, and she had unambiguously failed at both. And now she was here, at the Cormorants... as the assistant.
"I'm not bitter," she lied.
"Of course not," soothed Strauss. "You're going to play a very important role in this squad, Monica. I need your tactical insight. Bryony... Christ, I loved her to death, but she had the strategic insight of a sponge."
"No, it's true! I have stories- she wasn't- I mean, she was bright. Just. Not minded, that way."
"Aha. Well. Yes, of course I'd be delighted to scheme with you." Brightwater leaned forward. "And I'd be lying if I didn't say..."
"... When I'd been watching this team? Oh, you have potential. And I have ideas."

Althea Carrick may have been the head of state in one of the world's strongest social democracies, but she didn't look the part. In truth, she looked like some kind of world-weary hard-boiled detective, particularly bundled up in black and cream coats as she went to inspect the Godhead.
She tugged off her gloves, and ran her careworn hands across the face of the thing. It was all crags. Just like the God in question. And up close, it really did seem like the man himself was leering out from under that iron brow, that cold stare, square jawline... "Forty-two years since the Baptism of Fire," she mused. "I was a kid. I was... seven, I guess. I still remember, vaguely, watching it on the television. Maybe the next Margrave after me doesn't remember at all."
"Yeah." Camilla Rinehart had guarded two Margraves before Carrick. She was not a partisan figure. She was here because the Nepharim military would back her in a cage-match against Death, not because she was much of a conversationalist.
"How long's it- it can't be long before the players start dropping off, too, right?"
An aide cleared his throat. "Three of the twenty-three already have, ma'am."
"Damn! How?"
"Dacia Mountain of illness. Maria Stout in a skiiing accident. Chase Wingett of a drug overdose."
"Fuck!" Carrick shook her head. "That's just wrong. Though I guess it was an old team. Well, whatever. So, Godhead, huh? What's the... plan, with it? Is it just gonna sit here?"
Franziska Rensenbrink, Chair of the NFA, shook her head. "No, ma'am. He will be taken to all home matches, the Murder are alr-"
"The what?"
"The largest active support organisation. Murder, as in, crows. Anyway, we'll ship him to them, and they'll walk him down the street to the stadium, and he'll stand in the active section. We'll ship him to major tournaments, too. Maybe even overland within Terranea."
Carrick pulled her gloves back on. "Can't help but notice your choice of pronoun, Franzi."
"'Him'. It's... a rock. A glowering rock, sure, but a rock. This whole thing is a gimmick, a, a stunt. Right? Tell me I'm wrong."
The raw-boned Chair stared hard at the Godhead, then looked back at the Margravine, then back to the Godhead once more. She swallowed.
"If you had met the man... it is easy to feel that he was too stubborn to let death stop him," she settled for. "And we're now deep into a dark age, in all honesty. There was a reality in which we built on our successes, twenty years back - it really has been twenty years! - and we undoubtedly have, in the domestic game. But if you look at our modern history, there is a half where we won everything we contested, and a half where we have underachieved catastrophically. Hell, there's nations making the World Cup every year that have to rely on a... a vague knowledge that we meant something once! That we represented something! People were afraid of the green and black, that we'd fight with heart and courage and fire, that we had teeth, that on any given day we could destroy anyone in our paths! We destroyed dreams! And now? Now?? We're a budget fucking Audioslavia! We're just another underachieving old guard nation that cruises our way to our next implosion, burdened by a national press that expects miracles from the merely above-average, the duality of our rank being a strong statement and a damning fall from grace, the inability of us to just get it together again. Who are we, Margravine? The Godhead reminds us! We were - are - warriors! Conquerors! And the Godhead tells us that the world will be ours again!"
There was a long, deep silence, interrupted only by their breathing in the cold, dry air.
"And under such circumstances," Rensenbrink added, "yes, it is easy to see how perhaps Ramsey's spirit might inhabit the--"
"Yeah, that's-" The Margravine put up a hand. "That's great, Franzi. That's enough."
"Of course, ma'am."
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Analysis Media industry
New entrants slicing up the live sports pie
Soccer fans groan under escalating bills as sports broadcasters battle for eyeballs

Just five years ago, an antenna and a basic cable subscription would be enough for coverage of Kelssek’s four main sports leagues, and the most popular overseas soccer leagues of Valanora, Apox, Nephara, and Eura.

Between over-the-air broadcasts from the Kelssek Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Network 12, UTV, and the cable channels National Sports Network (NSN), SportVu and Unisport, the Kelssek sports fan could follow their local professional rugby, hockey, soccer, and water polo teams, with national telecasts on the weekends and a feast of international tournaments and the Olympics.

Broadcast rights switched from time to time, but since all three main channels are part of standard cable packages, this merely changed the number to push on the remote from the TV-watching fan’s perspective. And they also had the option of buying “out-of-market” packages offered by the leagues themselves for access to every match.

Prices and competition were at the level of which cable company you subscribe to, and the platform was pretty simple to figure out. If you had the sports package, you had the sports. It was simply a question of which channel they were on. Of course, since only four or five of the most popular matches each week were shown live, this could not please everyone, points out industry analyst Joan Rowland.

“Rightsholders picked the most popular matches to broadcast, and that depends on how big a fanbase the teams have. So with Valanora’s Elven Premiership, if you’re a fan of Stormguard Lions or Raynor City United, you could watch practically every match they played. Less so if you’re an Ibini supporter. And clubs with a cult following that got relegated, like Club ESF, the lower division isn’t available by conventional means – so you’d have to figure out how to pirate a stream.”

All that changed in the last four years as streaming providers entered the live sports game. Grandstand Sports (branded as G/S) were the first to make a play when they bought streaming rights for the Rugby Superleague and Kelssek Water Polo League, the second and fourth-most popular leagues in the country. But since this didn’t remove anything from the regular channels, this passed unnoticed for most fans.

Then, what was expected to be a simple rights renewal for NSN unexpectedly turned into a high-stakes bidding war. Exclusive rights for all broadcasts of Valanora’s Elven Premiership, which remains the most popular overseas sports league, was nearly poached by hopeful disruptors Dzt, and NSN eventually paid out a 46% increase to retain the deal.

“For NSN, this was central. There was no way they could let the Elven Premiership go somewhere else,” said Rowland. “Beyond the audience and revenue, the idea that they’re the go-to place for global sport is their brand identity, and Valanora’s soccer league is synonymous with that,” said Rowland.

Dzt moved on from this by snapping up the exclusive rights to the Nepharim Premiership the following year. Having already overpaid for the Elven Premiership, NSN decided to let it go. NSN declined to comment for this story.

The Nepharim Premiership’s audience is the fastest-growing in Kelssek and reputedly attracts a younger demographic. This move took what’s currently rated the number one league in the world off television screens in Kelssek and made it available only through the internet.

Now the Apox National League, which isn’t far behind in audience numbers after a surge of interest followed the transfers of national team stars Colm O’Tuathil and Brayden Custworth, is going the same way. Rival streaming service G/S outbid Unisport for the rights after the cable network decided to prioritize securing the rights for the international club tournaments.

“The image of soccer is also changing, and that’s one of the reasons overseas leagues have become a hotter property,” says Rowland. “For a long time it’s been seen as a sport watched byWASP [White Anglo-Saxon Protestant] folks, a big contrast to the blue-collar, heartland images of rugby and hockey. Part of this change is that the leagues of Nepharim and Apox are – in this country at least – exciting shiny new things. A lot of people for whom soccer is just too middle-class or foreign or whatever, are getting into it because of that.”

The latest salvo in the broadcast wars is NSN’s launch of its AOdirect channels, which propose to make the viewer feel like they’re actually in Atlantian Oceania. Or right in the Cocoabo Forest, in the words of one of their ads. One probably does not get the best satellite reception there, but you get the idea. Its buffet of live soccer, hockey, and other sports from the region that Kelssekians probably have the most cultural ties seems to have stemmed the bleeding.

One of the more interesting aspects of AOdirect is actually what might otherwise seem like filler. Instead of having its own studio panels, NSN opted to licence analysis and commentary content from the AO broadcasters themselves. While selling this as part of the (alleged) Cocoabo Forest experience, it can’t escape notice that this saves NSN a bit of money overall.

But with choice has also come cost. To get access to the same leagues that five years ago cost an average τ25 per month, a fan now needs to fork out τ49. The average price of NSN, SportVu, and UniSport on a conventional cable package is now τ29. But Dzt and G/S each cost τ8 per month. That means the price has nearly doubled.

And while the three cable services now offer their own direct streaming services at the same price, which can cut the total to τ40, saving that τ9 would mean giving up all the channels that don’t have sports on them. This is a move that will certainly be vetoed by other members of the household.

“For 90 per cent of people, they now have to pay more to follow their team and watch the same matches they’re used to watching. Sure, you get all the matches in the league, and a bunch of other things they’ve thrown in. But whether that adds value? Maybe somewhere out there is someone who actually sits down all weekend to watch every match of the Euraleague, but I don’t actually know anyone who does,” said Rowland.

Don Rosales, who heads the advocacy group No Sports Telly Greed (NoStug), warns it could get even worse if leagues or broadcasters begin splitting up the rights.

“A lot of people thought cord-cutting was the future. Now people say, ‘instead of paying for channels I don’t watch, I’m paying for sports I don’t watch.’ So that’s great, I guess.”

“We still haven’t seen the worst-case scenario where in some countries the same league is split up among two or three different providers. And worse, on different platforms, so you need cable and internet and 5G or what have you. This is simply parasitic. We have to pay more to get the same product.”

It’s led to a lot of frustration, and even some attempts to get the government to step in. The federal government maintains a list of events that must be on free-air TV, including the World Cup finals in hockey, rugby, and soccer, the Desjardins Cup final series which decides the Kelssek Hockey League championship, national team knockout matches, and selected Olympic events.

When Kelssek went to Cup of Harmony 73 and entered the knockout phases, rightsholder NSN was required to make their live broadcasts of Kelssek’s second round and quarter-final matches available on free-to-air nationwide. As a subsidiary of UnionTV, this was as simple as putting it on the UTV terrestrial network.

While no streaming-only service yet has the rights to a sporting event on the list, no one seems to have a clear answer for what might happen in such a situation.

“It looks like competition, but it’s not, it’s actually worse than a monopoly. It’s several monopolies, for each competition your team might be involved in. And if the league you follow gets taken by a more expensive provider, you can’t just decide I’m going to support Mar Sara instead of Sabrefell Moths,” said Rosales.

“We don’t want to see what happens in capitalist countries where the fees go completely out of control, it drives big money into the sports leagues themselves, and this spirals into higher and higher prices.”

“Some people think everything should be on the KBC for free. Whatever it is, the regulators have to make sure people aren’t getting gouged by these rotating monopolies, the same as any other consumer industry. Because there is a monopoly on every single match you might want to watch.”

Federal Minister for Culture Gerard Brière-Joly’s portfolio includes oversight of the arms-length Radio and Telecommunications Authority (RTA), which sets the Broadcasts of National Importance List and licences all broadcasters. He suggested that ensuring accessibility of major domestic leagues and national team matches is where the government might step in.

“Sports on TV is no trivial matter, it’s a question of ensuring equal access to the same cultural resources, and we all know that sport is a big part of the public discourse. This is especially important in a nation like ours where sport expresses our national unity across language and cultural divides.”

“I don’t think we’re at that point yet, but I can say that this government won’t tolerate private monopolies that exploit the people, and we’ll be vigilant to deter and counteract such behaviour. It’s also not in the national interest for broadcasters to be bidding against each other for overseas leagues. That sends excessive foreign exchange out of the country.”

University of Kirkenes School of Business professor Natalie Trout doesn’t think that broadcast rights deals are about to bring the country to a balance of payments crisis. “If Celestar exports ten airliners per year, that should about cover it,” she says.

“The real issue is that money people spend on pay-TV subscriptions is money they can’t spend on other goods. That’s a knock-on effect on the wider economy.”

One league with no plans to pull back from TV services and entirely go the streaming route is the Kelssek Football League (KFL), which fears that this could actually backfire by reducing visibility. The KFL is currently shown nationally on basic cable channel SportVu with two weekly free-to-air matches on Network 12. The league also offers both a cable and streaming option for full access to all matches. They’ve watched the changing landscape closely but don’t see the benefit of going exclusive, said Vice-President of Development Declan Andrews.

Andrews also points out that broadband connections necessary for the same quality as cable or satellite are often less available and more expensive outside the main cities, especially in provinces where internet isn’t a public utility.

“It’s not such an issue in Beaulac or Etnier, where everyone has at least the public-funded broadband. But we’ve got millions of people in Noua Cymru who’d lose the HD [high-definition] feed if we went with streaming, or have to pay something ridiculous for a high enough speed.”

“Our thinking is that it’s important to be as visible as possible. We need to maintain and grow our share of the audience. Reducing our league’s footprint is not the way forward, especially when hockey and rugby are so much more popular in this country. That’d be self-sabotage.”

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What should Bliuji expect

Postby Bliuji » Thu Dec 05, 2019 1:27 pm

Thus far in Bliuji's experience at the international level hasn't been as management and fans hoped it would go. Back in the IAC we saw fans with higher expectations due to the fact that Bliuji had gone up in the rankings. And it did turn out good in "some ways". Following two extremely competitive games a 1-0 loss to Free Republics and a 1-0 loss to Recuecn was some of the best effort Bliuji had put into their matches. There is no doubt if they play that well in the qualifiers they will have a good chance to qualify for World Cup 84.

Competition is tough though with multiple good teams on the come up. In the BOF many new teams showed their skill such as Poafmerisa, Trolleborg and Ziwana. And how could we not forget other amazing teams on the rise such as Hapilopper and Sajnur. With competition being tough these are teams Bliuji doesn't want to go up against aside from the best teams in the world.

Just a few months ago Bliuji stunned the multiverse with the in-experienced squad going 5-0-1 in the BOF and unfortunately loosing to San Felix in the quarterfinals. Management really doesn't know where this profound play style went. Fast forward a few months and the squad is still relatively the same aside from a few new signings of course. In hopes of making the team better for this competition fans had total confidence in seeing Andriy Voronin; signing big names from the BSL (Bliujian Super League) Such as Spartacus Yuriev, Philemon Yefremov Nikon Kotov and Sviatoslav Vasiliev; which didn't really go as expected.

Tracking back to the WC83 the team just wasn't "there". Yes it was still the same exact squad from BOF 70 however players suffered from lack of international experience and the pressure got to them. Fast forwarding to IAC 8 where the performance was slightly better. Staff has discussed a lot about this issue with players; usually the reason highly depends on their mindset. As we have seen in past events; a few players on the team such as Leon Bocharov and Raymond Sebanochev (Who are no longer on the team) have mad many problems with the staff and other players which overall negatively affected their performance on the field.

Overall though it really depends on how the entire team deals with this situation. The WC84 lineup is solely built on friendship and chemistry; the staff has picked out players who play good together and don't have negative relations with each other. Which is ultimately why Andriy Voronin dropped a lot of good players since the IAC 8. And we know this for a fact. During a post game interview facing the tough loss against Recuecn Andriy Voronin said this "We are looking into some big changes because we can no longer put up with playing in a toxic environment".

How will these management decisions affect the team. We arn't going to know that until we see Bliuji play in their games to see the results that are supposed to have a positive impact on the teams psychology, chemistry and friendship. Fans on the other hand are questioning these decisions because as we said before the staff did drop a lot of highly skilled players.

One noticeable drop out though was Sidor Alexandrov. One of the best midfielders to ever play for Bliuji is now gone due to injuries. This is expected to affect the midfielders chemistry as because now Erik Belov, Gabriel Kolesnikov and Vitaly Aksakov have to adapt to playing with new team-mate Sviatoslav Vasiliev. Even fans know from watching Sviatoslav play astronomically well in the BSL he should do just fine. Players like Carl Mackwood and Xanderikek Miles are both products of Bliuji's U-18 team and will get their chance to shine as well in the qualifiers. Staff has high hopes for these two and refers to them as "the future of Bliuji football". Not only that though Bliuji is still worried about their goalkeeper situation. Andriy Pyatov won't be here forever and so far it looks like there are no good replacements for him at the moment if need be.

Qualifications are always scary though, the teams that usually do make it have the best players and have worked really hard against other really talented teams to get where they are. Fans arn't expecting much this world cup but it's important to remember that any team can beat any team. So let's just hope that Bliuji can qualify :)
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Postby Timuria » Thu Dec 05, 2019 4:51 pm


Government Lead Stable Despite Slowdown


by Yilmaz Ibrahim

With the election less than 12 months away, the official election period is about to be entered, with the successful hosting of the Baptism of Fire offering a slight boost to the profile of the ruling TIOC in the headline voting intention pushing them a bit closer to a larger majority as the election period is set to begin. This is despite a slight slowdown in growth, with the economy still growing at 1.1%, but with a slight and rare, increase in inequality beginning to annoy some of the electorate. The main opposition OK have not managed to make any progress since the last poll by İlerleme. While the TKP have lost a lot of the momentum they had begun to gain with a 1.4% regression on their last poll numbers, the taint of the scandal regarding the delay of the official electoral period in favour of the AOCAF Cup still hitting them rather than the governing party who have taken credit for the excellent running of the BoF. ALTI have also slid, with their national conservative message failing to gain traction despite the slight slowdown. BAHP have been taking advantage of their leader's popularity and have seen a slight climb in their poll ratings. While SC have continued their long slide to 5.7% and the smallest major party by popular vote share.

The two party preference hasn't moved very much during the intervening period, OK has made up a little bit of ground, but this hasn't changed the projected results in any of the constituencies. Though it is worth noting that the support in the two party polling for TIOC is much softer with 18% of the voters choosing them doing so with minimal enthusiasm. If OK can gain the support of those voters they could force a minority government, something Naz Dogancay will be very eager to achieve.

The preference for Prime Minister makes grim reading for the incumbent Sabuktigin Imamoglu, with many in his own party citing him as the cause of the party's difficulties, his misstep regarding the AOCAF has meant that he hasn't repeated the same mistake with the World Cup Qualifiers, but his popularity has leaked anyway, with investment into sport being a key part of his political project. Many feel that project isn't succeeding, despite the positives of hosting the BoF and the construction of excellent facilities and 5 new stadiums. Rahim Muhadow has continued his rise in the polls, the only LGBTQ+ and Shia leader of a political party has begun to attain mainstream appeal, with many considering him seriously as a potential Prime Minister, even if his party's polling hasn't caught up. Naz Dogancay will feel some relief that her personal numbers have begun to rebound after a tough time, though it is worrying senior OK figures that she still remains in third place. The other leaders are beginning to feel the squeeze as the top three begin to pull away into the election period, sparking controversy about who should be invited to which debates, with Muhadow demanding his inclusion in every debate and to be recognised as the main opposition candidate for the one-on-one debate against the Prime Minister, a case that will be hard to deny if he remains second in preference for Prime Minister and his party continues to gain support.

This parliament's first task will be to elect a new President with Ibrahim Karaman, a nonpartisan President stepping down. If as the polls currently show TIOC not only retains its majority, but gains seats, it will be difficult for the other parties to stop them from electing their preferred, partisan candidate for President. This is unthinkable to a lot of the opposition, who have long been suspicious of TIOC and the potential for executive fiat on their party with a pliant, partisan President. Though the TKP will likely ally TIOC if they attempt to govern as a minority, likely in exchange for a preferred Presidential nominee jointly picked by the parties. OK will be hoping for some kind of controversy to erupt, with current national team manager Bekir Altingunes a well known former TIOC minister the focus of extreme scrutiny following the team's poor performances and rumours of an unconventional party like atmosphere among the players with narcotic consumption allegedly rampant on the team.

The first set of debates will be between all party leaders in a months time on HRT, with all party leaders expected to attend.

First Preference Voting Intention (changes with last poll):
TIOC 33.1% (+0.4%)
OK 26.3% (nc)
TKP 10.4% (-1.4%)
ALTI 11.3% (-0.4%)
BAHP 9.3% (+0.7%)
SC 5.7% (-0.6%)
Oth 3.9%

Current Two Party Preference Poll:
TIOC 51.4% (-0.1%)
OK 48.6% (+0.1%)

Preference for Prime Minister:
Sabuktigin Imamoglu 29% (-1%)
Rahim Muhadow 22% (+2%)
Naz Dogancay 21% (+3%)
Ulku Guzelhayat 10% (-3%)
Kemal Macaoglu 7% (-2%)
Alparslan Timurtas 6% (-3%)
None of these/Other 5%

Current projected Parliament (Changes with last election):
TIOC 301 (+16)
OK 144 (+22)
BAHP 44 (+27)
TKP 23 (+14)
SC 20 (-87)
ALTI 18 (+10)

TIOC Majority of 52

(For those who want information on each party please click here)
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Postby Wrecker » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:23 pm

The WAS offices, Halsted, Wreckeria
A few days before the group draw
David Simmons sat in his cramped office in Halsted, reading a copy of the Wreckerian Sports News, a weekly sports newspaper that, somehow or another survived all the infighting and wars that had wrecked the nation, no pun intended. The sports news media had picked up on the fact that the WAS had attempted to contact the Hapilopper Football Association in an attempt to get in touch with a couple Wreckerians that had played for the last World Cup team, but was rebuked by someone from the association. However, the WSN framed it as an attempted alliance between the two national teams, something that was not on the cards. At least, not yet.

There were other headlines – Trolleborg had won the Baptism of Fire, and a group of motorsport enthusiasts from Halsted were looking at fielding a single-car team in the next NSSCRA stock car championship. As Simmons read through the WSN, he grumbled over the fact that whoever he had spoken to over the phone had been so rude.

He put down the WSN just at the moment that the senior team’s main staff – head coach Marvin Byrnes, assistant manager Abner Crewe, assistant coach Nick Donaldson, goalkeeping coach Quentin Joyner, trainer Charlie Garner, tech director Darrell Glazier, and physiotherapist Gabriela Petrescu – all walked in. The six-person staff were all responsible for making sure the team was fit and ready to play what would be, unquestionably, be a tough series of matches. They weren’t expected to qualify for the World Cup proper, but it didn’t mean they weren’t going to try.

“Just for what it’s worth, I think we’ve got the best staff we’ve got available here,” Marvin said. “Gabriela and her staff have been working to make sure our players are in tip-top shape. I’ve been meeting with Abner and Nick every day and all three of us have been running drills with the players.”

“Any issues?” David asked.

“Nothing that requires you to step in,” Marvin continued. “Our midfielders could stand to be a little less sloppy, but we’re working with them. They’re learning to work together and we’ve had some growing pains, but nothing we can’t fix.”

Marvin looked at the WSN newspaper sitting on David’s desk and looked suspiciously at it. He had read the article and wondered about it.

“So, did you contact the Hapiloppians?” Marvin asked. “The article said you called up Dom Probst and asked for something from the Hapilopper Football Association, then it speculated you were asking for an alliance. Probst apparently hung up the phone on you. You fishing for an alliance with a nation that doesn’t really trust us?”

“No, I wasn’t asking for an alliance,” David responded, somewhat irritated at the article. “I was asking for some contact information. According to something in this office, it said a couple of the players that was on the last Wreckerian team fled to Hapilopper and are still alive. I was just asking for their phone number so I could talk to them. I don’t think we’re ready for an alliance of any kind with the Hapiloppians. Not yet, at least.”

David picked up the newspaper and thumbed through it. The article indeed stated that David had somehow gotten a hold of Dom Probst’s personal cell phone and asked him for assistance of some sort. The article also speculated what a Hapilopper/Wreckeria alliance would look like.

“I guarantee you 90 percent of this article is bullshit,” David lazily said. “There’s no way I have Dom Probst’s phone number. I just had one phone number on a piece of paper somewhere. If I wanted to start some kind of alliance with the Haps, I’d have to get lucky with contacts or something.

“You know, I think I could help,” Gabriela interjected. Everyone looked back to her, sitting in the corner of the small wood grain-walled office. “I was friends with Ernie Stevenson’s big brother in a past life, and I’ve still got his phone number.”

“Really? Drake, the race car driver?” Marvin asked. “He’s a pretty big name, how did you get Drake’s phone number.”

“We were friends in high school,” she said. “More than friends actually, but that’s beside the point. I could ask him if he could help in any way.”

“Well, hold off on that, will you?” David said. “I’ll be heading over for the group draw in a few days, maybe if I can meet Mr. Probst, maybe we could have a talk about that. I’d rather talk to someone directly involved with their team. I don’t need any of their current players, I need our guys from our last team. I don’t know if the Stevensons would have any info on those guys.”

“Fair point.”

David didn’t know it at the time, but a lot of his issues were going to be resolved soon, at least as far as getting ahold of one of those Hapiloppian exiles. And Gabriela knew it probably was for the best she didn’t call Drake Stevenson up, but not for the reasons she suspected. Sure, she knew that if she called him, it would send his emotions into overdrive, but he had been dealing with some roommate issues lately.

While some members of the Wreckerian team were wondering if they would get ahold of some of the World Cup 30 players, Wreckerian players were worried about who they would play and if they could match up against some of the top teams in all the multiverse. There had been stories shared about Wreckeria getting bludgeoned by Starblaydia in the qualifiers for the 30th World Cup, and Starblaydia was still among the top teams in multiversal football. They worried about facing teams like Vilita and Equestria. South Covello and Banija seemed like a frightening concept, as did Farfadillis and Valanora.

All they knew that was Wreckeria was in for one hell of a tough ride in the next few months.
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Postby Folmara » Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:26 pm

Dragon Stadium, Birubang, Osmanapore

The final whistle blows, and the small yet loud away stands erupt into cheers. The last non-multiverse friendly against the Osmanapore National Team has ended with a resounding 1-3 win. Folmara was ecstatic, this wild dream of playing against teams from other universes was almost here. But now, in the glimmering lights of this futuristic stadium, the team roared and celebrated. It was a great day to be a Folmaran

Two Days Later, 7th December, 1919. Stade de Ragnac team office

Priarious, the FMNT manager, sits at the desk of the large empty room. Waiting for the arrival of the defensive players, and the starting goalie, Dagobert. The knock comes moments later.

“Come in” Priarious says hastily.

Five players enter, Dagobert, along with the four starting defenders. “Sit” He said. The five men eagerly sat into the nearest chairs, as if awaiting praise. “I am most disappointed with your performances this last week.” Priarious said, the shock hit instantly, the most senior defender, 35 year old Alberix spoke in mere moments. “Wh...What’s the problem?” He stuttered.

Priarious adjusted his posture. “Simple, your defensive abilities have proven to be...well poor to say the least, your abilities to feed the midfield and offense are exemplary however when it cones to protecting Dago, you fail, three goals conceded, and eight scored in just two games, and against teams that aren't bad at all, but don’t have nearly the ability expected to best us in any way.” He said without feeling. “I’m going to schedule friendlies against Faustlin, Mairegalla, and a second game against Plai Nukchai, all at home. I want the average goals conceded per game below one or else I will switch the defensive lines, you are dismissed.”

The five men stood, stared at the old man for a split second, and left. They walked silently down the stadiums stairs, and parted.

Folmara Radio Commission Headquarters, Werninberal

A man read a broadcast script, he was shocked, the manager CHANGING the team, it was ludicrous, he thought. The actual new looks more bloody interesting than this travesty. He entered his office, which doubled as a radio broadcasting room. The man was none other than Tibesso Liberowyn, a dashing 20 year old activist, cynical comedian, radio star, just about the most influential man in the country other than the king. The light went red, and he began his broadcast.

“Hello ladies and gentleman I’m Tibesso Liberowyn and you’re listening to FRC113. You know reading this script pissed me off to the point that I’m actually going to read from the international news first. Starting off with a wonderful day in Nagaoa, where the sun shines, women smile, and you can’t walk a block without getting disemboweled with a sword, that's right earlier this week the Nagaoa Shogun announced that acts of “public depravity” would be punished with public assisted ritual suicide, which just goes to prove my theory...death is a preferable alternative to getting an education.

All kidding aside a student at Fenton University, the only university that other countries give “enough damns” about was a target on this new law after him and over 25 other students were killed bu army officers while demonstrating for democracy. The student, Saigō Odagawa, had recently committed the heinous crime of taking an overseas vacation, and upon his return founded a pro-democracy movement. Which tells me that, if an isolationist military dictatorship has a more liberal populace than you, you are doing something horribly wrong.”

Welp thats out of the way. Tibesso thought while switching to domestic news, which was changes in the excellently performing national team.

“Now folks for the stuff that is gonna piss you off, Folmara National Team manager Priarious has been considering changes to his starting defensive line in the wake of Folmara’s 1-3 away win again Osmanapore two days ago. Which begs the question, if you beat a team that has the skill to fight back, enough money to buy the referees and champagne, and enough clout to not get steamrolled by it’s neighbors, where is the justification for change in the lineup. I mean I think it’s ridiculous to punished the defensive players for a good performance. One goal conceded it no big whoop, especially when you win with 2 goals to spare. Priarious has also scheduled three more home friendly games, including more challenging games against Faustlin and Mairegalla, and a revisit from Plai Nukchai, and when we beat all three of them, he will likely drink a shit ton of booze and request to retire. Thats all for today folks, tune in tomorrow for more news, laughs, and opinions society will well you not to like, goodbye folks, I’m Tibesso Liberowyn.”
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Postby Ziwana » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:57 am




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