The Sixty - Important Personnel of Valentine Z [READ-ONLY]

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The Sixty - Important Personnel of Valentine Z [READ-ONLY]

Postby Valentine Z » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:05 am



Please try your best to read everything about that one character. You wouldn't read only the first 5 steps of an IKEA instructions, right?

// Valkyrie OS: Please input password.

// 12345

// Valkyrie OS: ACCESS GRANTED. Please choose a file to display. All of the Leaders are under Valentine Z, but some operate at different regions.

"That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"

Due to its nature and inception, Valentine Z is truly a place known for many oddball characters that live alongside the perfectly normal people. Here, you will find the information, as well as Overwatch-TF2-inspired abilities that each of the characters have. All you have to do is go to the Table of Contents below, which in turn will lead to each character.

In forum-posts, I’ll link the character to their own entry, so that the search will be easier.

Note that the nationalities, races, ethnicity sometimes do not correspond to the image used for that character. This can be explained by the fact that the Valentians are used to having synthetic bodies and as a result, a lot of the Valentians now have skin tones and other bodily aspects that deviate away from the actual nationality.

Bits and Bobs:

An average Valentian is said to have 2000 HP, just like how RL Overwatch characters have 200 HP on average. So, Your Mileage May Vary if you want to use my system; it all depends on whether or not you agree with the persons you are fighting with/against, to have an agreement that both parties will need a standard hit-point/damage table.

Of course, video game damage tables don't always translate well (like, how are you going to gauge how much stubbing your toe hurts?) but hey, suspension of disbelief can be played!

More about Hit Point ranges, described to the best of my abilities.
HP Range and Description
< 1000
Smaller and weaker creatures, such as insects.

1000 - 1500
Any other weaker humans, such as young children who are incapable of combat.

1500 - 2000
Somewhat combat-fit humans, but are more suited to fit the support role, or they may be asked to stay behind the front lines for their offensives.

Average health of a fit and healthy adult Valentian human.

2000 - 3000
A human that has been conditioned and trained specifically for combat operations.

3000 - 5000
Either trained for combat operations, or that these characters have an extra layer or tanky armor to protect them. Can be a combination of both.

5000 - 10000
As durable as a small vehicle or a poorly-built defense structure. Can be difficult to take down through small arms.

10000 - 100,000
Durability ranging from a tank to a decently-fortified bunker. From a recent RP, the Decepticons from the Transformer series lies here, ranging from 20k to 50k worth of HP. As durable as Main Battle Tanks, and anti-armor arms are advised.

100,000 - 5,000,000
Structures or beings with extraordinary powers. At this point, only extremely-fortified buildings are the stuff of reality. Other units, such as Valentijn, are a combination of his mutation, and his armor. Superintendent Clarissa from Samantha-Higgs fits here because of her status as a 250-meter tall robot, which is akin to an extremely large building that is well-armored.

> 5,000,000
Mostly deities or beings of other omniscient nature belongs here. This is when most conventions break up, and they have large health pools simply due to their godlike status. They can be completely invincible but perhaps only for a limited time, as far as the health pool will allow. I don't make all-time totally invincible characters.


viewtopic.php?p=34425541#p34425541 (a fight with Pax Cybertronian's characters). Before posting, we agreed on how much HP should the Decepticons have using my system, and we played it fair so that while my characters can indeed be powerful, they can't take on a bigger threat alone and will die (only to reappear magically).

viewtopic.php?p=35368542#p35368542. Helped by one of the RP Mentors on the site. ^^

No posting, please!

Legal and Rule-Based Stuff:
- Credit is given to the best of my knowledge for the images used.
- Images used are SFW and abides by NS rules as much as possible.
- All of these photos are public, i.e. they are either screenshots of well-known media, or a public figure. No private photos, is what I am saying.
- Reiteration: All pictures used at the time of my understanding are valid. However, some images can have changed links or altogether not work at all. I will try my best to trawl through every week or so, but if you see something very wrong and not PG-13, please Tele me ASAP. ><
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Table of Content

Postby Valentine Z » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:05 am

No. 1.0 - Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing

No. 1.5 - Anastasia “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Freya Valentina Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye

No. 02 - Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison

No. 03 - Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi

No. 04 - Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian

No. 05 - Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Unendlichkeit Jäger” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Chua Shi Hui

No. 06 - Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna

No. 07 - Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Lizbeth Alex Cass Eirian

No. 08 - Assistant Secretary Mandy Juliet Voorzicht “Le Diplomate Indiscutable Mais Maladroit” Willow Stephanie Madison Rose Hélène Deborah Colette Diva Lydia Koh Raphaëlle Lucie V. Trs. Bertillon

No. 09 - Premier Ministre Kendrick Elliott Quinton Øistein Håvard “Ustoppelig Vilje” Demetrius Barrett Anderson Jovita Eril Moff Tarvin Dsv. Gudmund Ronny Runar Elias Dp. Marius Andres Hemmingsen

No. 10 - Vice Premier Ministre Markus Tom Lincoln Schillinger Lewis Joyelle Wei Jaiden X. “Hraður Og Banvænn” Nordmann M. Geoff Julius Wyatt Junius Mar Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson

No. 11 - Chief Senator Annette Shannon Gwendolyn “Höchste Gerechtigkeit Und Heitere Ehre” Melissa Liliah Nelie Irella I. Steinhäusser Magdalena Tammy Elizabeth Jennifier Dorothea Wanda Ec. Lexer

No. 12 - Intelligence Officer Jenny Claudia Joy Lena Linette “Sombra De Kenshutsu Sa Renai Hakkā” Marce Tanya Mayweather Ik. D. Do. S. Morishita Whitney Sakurano Fujima Felice Hoshiko Radiance

No. 13 - Lead Ambassador Germaine Athena “Mercy De Herzhafter Schutzengel” Sylvi Angelina Zoe Sophia Jen Alanna Rx J. Hailie Ziegler Halls Constance Pauletta Ginevra Lola Lauran Ambra Tschanz

No. 14 - Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga” Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung

No. 15 - Head Engineer Tiffany Violet Sunshine Charlotte Zelina “Duō Gōngnéng Jī” Alessandra Jennesa Cassandra Haley Hanneke Karlijn Gerrieke Roosmarijn Pnt Mollen Audrey Mariel Jeanette Smiley

No. 16 - Trade Representative Charmaine Marissa Hannah “Universal Börsenmakler en Verkäuferin” Katherine Vivian Hadriane Gwyneth Amy Emilia Margrit Vera Carina Ivanne Augusta D. Melny Teresa

No. 17 - Head Medic Klarke Ray Zane Samson Kourtney Brian Drake Cameron “Dovitljiv Bolničar” Jona T. Jaylon Melvyn Everett Miralem Kova Čamil Ensar Kristofer Marcell Kilian Elia Xr. Nico Zahirović

No. 18 - Head Aviator Hayes Trevon Leon Sergio Omarion Kirk William S. Px. “El Aviador Desastroso” Aiden Baxton Cristóbal Hugo Eustacio Dennis Victor Emiliano Bienvenida Gerrick Carballar Ordóñez

No. 19 - Wing Commander Angeline Joyce Crystal Bella Wv “A Estrela Alegre” Samara Sapphire Tamara Annie Estefania Carolina Tavares Alencar Melissa Clemente Teixeira Vanda Regina Mik Nogueira

No. 20 - Chief Technician Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus “Technisch Wonder” Markeith Steven Maurice Mel Van Droogenbroeck Thorbjørn Miller Clement Samuel Joey Luca N X. Wout Van Den Borre

No. 21 - Fleet Admiral Augustine Lorenzo Terry Vinto Chevy “L'inarrestabile E Di Forte Impatto” Silas Walton Wesley Stuart Dalton Burton Miles N. Dv. S. Walter Stefano Coronato Ermes Faletti Imparato

No. 22 - Admiral Genki Matthieu Van Damme Roman Marcus Anthony Travis John Timothy Justin Clarkeson Johnny Darrius Mill E. Lancelot Bartram Androw Daniel Anderson Ct. Grenfeld Lee Zhuān Jiā

No. 23 - Commodore Cheryl Rikka Catherine Emily Paulie “The Slashing Fury of Oceania” Hermione Lauren Rebecka Joyce. Dorcas Shermaine Temperance Sabrina Juliette Rachelle Evelyn Marian Hitch

No. 24 - Field Marshal Jacob Dalston Sullivan Kelvin “Az Alvilág Örök Fenyegetése” Jamilian Svi Donald Zobor Tres. Taylor Xavier Ryman Axel Simon Váradi Szőke Mészáros Barnabás András Krisztián

No. 25 - Marshal Benjamin Donnie Derrick Taylor Andrew A. “Ceann láidir” Harley Bennie Wattson Sidney Greyson Donovan Ó. Patrickson Moires Archie Jesse Gibbons Timothy Martias Sam Fiannaidhe

No. 26 - Ensign Raymond Ivan Tyler Frederick Marcel Daniel “The Persistent and Undying Might” Mahora Tereiti Anton Zaire Lawrence I. Kaleb Gordon Thompson Viole Dante Gardner Andreson Kenneth

No. 27 - Head of Special Operations Isaac Logan Carlson Phillip Randall “Det Hvislende Slange” Trevor Celin Mathias Mørk Nuller Taylor Anceolitti Virality Evans Alexis Brooks Slyder N. Ps. Washington

No. 28 - Head of Special Forces Hendrick Morrison Damaris Tony “De Försvarare Ov Ljus” Gaaf. Sone Backström Edvin Joacim Skoog Erickson Albert Mikael Phoenix Aiden Ryder B. N. T. Fawkes Lexus

No. 29 - Senior Colonel Clarke Hattori Jansen Hanzi Beatrice Grace “De Kong Na” Emmet. Trace Shawn. Kimo Setari X. M. F. Allan Jamison Vakheeds Keola Somphone Vick Sengprachanh Kommandam

No. 30 - Colonel Adrian Dominic Markus Austin Manuel Ridley Lùcas “Waffenmacher” MacIomhair Aindreas Dannon Anglo Blair Trenton Mya Uw Holmes Gallacher Fletcher Jayden Henderson McKenzie

No. 31 - Lt. Col. Farzin Alexzander Marcus Dylan Marquis Nelson Vox. “The Backup Plan” Danesh Tobias Rockington Caleb Riley Harv. Philip Safavi Yvonnes Johannes Vixer Dexter Lenn. Farad Arsalan

No. 32 - Major Layla Jamie Stefanie Symmantra Evangeline Jaiden Autumn Celeste Jane Justine Emma “Shen, The Bringer of Light” Samara Kaitlinn Char Madelief Kat Mvst Astrella Janice Lim Tian Zhi

No. 33 - 1st Cpt. Angela Stella Trista Josephine Natalie Rv. E. Tps. “The Eternal Explorer” Bethany Alyssa Valeska Payton. Mikayla Gosling Josie Rowan Serenity Chelsea Lynette Hannah Tan Fang Ling

No. 34 - 2nd Cpt. Annabelle Grace Whitney Zoey Luminisa “Femeia Simțurilor Extraordinare” Claire Estevi Danielle Tricia Kate Carrie Kora Costiniu Frumoasa Emiliana Georgeta Melanie Ioannes Corinna

No. 35 - 3rd Cpt. Linus Maverick Winston Nelson Esteban Drak Veer Hanuman “Mī Cheāwn̒” Stefan Sanda Claude Ecta. Yao-Yun Karmatha Nikki Dragoslav Darius Er. Leonidas Finn Davis P. Sy. Merrick

No. 36 - 4th Cpt. Hayes Trevon Licht Leon Sergio Omarion Toch Meng Sangha Amelie “Itthipl Changveak” Strider Sotearith Tg. Kastovook Victor Harley Lucille Preston Holland Addison Vintar J. Gannon

No. 37 - 1st Commander Michelle Karen Kassandra Zann Harley Iliana “Nezastavitelná Síla” Breya Angelina Jayne Valérie Vítková Breanna Shirley Geigen Deborah Beveline Tegan Evelyn Saniya Pavlína

No. 38 - 2nd Commander Carissa Beatrice Amanda Sammi Astriella C. N. Dawn “Tere Toa” Schlechter Mavis Trina Arona Harriet Bonnie Zaira Adaline Eliana Sophia Diamond Isobel Rena Jolana Natana

No. 39 - 3rd Commander Colleen Selina Heather Lizzie Clarisse Andrina Leoni Verônica Leah Whitford “Pássaro de Fogo” Vale Zakiti Adelaida Codorniu Irene Alexandra Karina Domini. Zina He. V. Tessa

No. 40 - Lt. Com. Linda Valerie Scarlett Anne-Marie Annalise Mercedes Jasmine I. “Exagerar” Fatima Candela Serena María Barrueco Nazaret Rafaela Esperanza Yvonne Np. Sandra Nicole Manzanares

No. 41 - 1st Lt. Robert Calvin Osbaldo Patrick Stanley Bartev “Mt’ut’yuny” Atam Armen Dzovag Vanagan Gogbashian Jettison Edwin Hyman Granville Nathaniel Oswald Jackie Solomon Y. N. Lawerence

No. 42 - 2nd Lt. Sylvie Peyton Amy Ximena Melanie Ying Kristina “Празнина” Rakocevic Sharrat-Sippar Zorana Bosiljka Đoko Jovana Acacia Katie Rosanna Marjorie Helen Nelly May Cxk. J. Lois Katrin

No. 43 - 3rd Lt. Leonard Clinton Tyrell Clement Danny “Meedoënlose” Yusef Stiaan Heinrich Christo Philippus Kores Jonathan Isabeau Zander Cronie Aitan Mattys Karl Fale Erco Winst. N. Van Der Linde

No. 44 - Chief Warrant Officer Joshua Kelly Allen Valench Dimitri “Nguvu” Rashid Fanaka Darweshi H. Terv Kertarajasa Winstin Clayton Voshon Shawnee LeMaun Grady V U. Olwethu Nkokheli Mthobeni

No. 45 - 1st Warrant Officer Stanley Walton Orion Mako I “Patience” Donovanna Valery F. Annison Mikel Hiamovi Bayden Hakim Lawrence Wilkerson Levell Vance D. T. Sequoyah Degotoga Cheasequah

No. 46 - 2nd Warrant Officer Adrian Deston Emile Immanuel Warren Jack “Шокер” Sammie L. Marston Josyp Oleksandr Mykola Leonid Henadij Eduard Mikhael Wr. Kostyantyn Volodymyrovych Dudnyk

No. 47 - 3rd Warrant Officer Celine Amelia Pinky Felicia Florence “Nezaustavljiva Duša” Katarina Mirjam Tihan Elle O. Laura Marina Nevenka Veronika Dora Hana Anastazija Rosie Sarat. Ruža Magovac

No. 48 - 4th Warrant Officer Genevieve Meredith Amy Sadie “Tabïğat Küşi” Rachell. Winter Marhabbat Tamara Talshin Hanifa Sezim Marilyn Enlik Hamima Lapis Tatti J. Dx. Mariam Daniarova Nurlanov

No. 49 - Mst. Sgt. Ariel Naomi Diamond Maria Destini Tierra Alita Elizabeth “Wanita Badai” Candace Bastiet Rena Maybell Amalia Carolina Saxon Alice Ys. Jane Vera Cheyenne Melati Ratna Kartawijaya

No. 50 - Staff Sgt. Ezekiel Victor Brennen Zaine Sterling Cedric Uubato Beelwade “Go'aamiye” Azaria Frederick Salow Sharmarke Xaaf. D. V. S. Pascow Ai. Faris Daltese Joni Xareed Darmaan Maxamed

No. 51 - Sgt. Maj. Gabriel Nicholas Carlos Devin Il. Jeremy “Maut de Magere Hein” Ned Jovan Reece Clemmo Josep Morhaedo Warner Lowenan Paras Aastik Prabhakar Varuni Chanda Seth Satavelekar

No. 52 - 1st Sgt. Gustav Ernest Desmond Jefferson “Grūdintas Kareivis” Canice Aldrick Žilvinas Alannis Florijonas Nojus Hs. Kristofora Justin R. B. Di. Skirgaila Ažuolas Steponas Vytautas Ambraziejus

No. 53 - 2nd Sgt. Kostas Malcolm Theodore Xavier Brian Julian Fidel “Ātrs Skrējējs” Seimanis Venantijs Rennas. Alina Sigvars Callum Cadens Reid Shawn Gabrielle Blakes Jesse Vl. Alvits K. Ph. Bērzīts

No. 54 - 3rd Sgt. Tracie Valentina Kat Pauline Sarah Harper Aceline R. Alexi “Merisotilas” Susanna Casey Caylee Rowan Jemina E. Kyllikki Terhikki Annie Elliah Sam. Ilmatar Hyvärinen Lindholm Heinon

No. 55 - 4th Sgt. Harris Anthony Leroy Gabriel Taylor Stephen “Kedi” Ozakar Yakup Farid Reyhan Seda Demirtug Ermis Ceyhun Tekir Andreas Vesa Albert Janna Addi Kai Samuli Jaime N. Q. Dsr. Sezgin

No. 56 - Mst. Cpl. Chloe Lucy Jeanna Tammie Taylor Erin Anna-Maria Beliah Mariah Caitlin Chelsea Quinn Harlee Ellie Lexus Y. Wvs. Lane Pharad Ta-roten-sekhet Zalika Heba Raneem Kattan Sabbagh

No. 57 - Senior L. Cpl. Amanda Rhianna Zann Lilly “Σπαρτιάτης” H. P. Kendall Lexi Ioulita Vesna Euphemia Neola Minerv Evlampia Theoni Stefania Evdoksia Vassilik Athanasia Aleka Kollia Gianopoulou

No. 58 - L. Cpl. Duruljiayiji Matthew Russell Victor Zackary James Adrian “Гэрэл” Rayleigh Vin. R. Jarchigudai Shinghk Bazile Aspertia Bachart Morris Tedbald Rollon Ingram Emlig Mauci Dayir Yerentai

No. 59 - Senior Pvt. Aziz Freddy Greyson H. Ericson “Easifat Ramalia” Marvin Anthony Kylan Vooris. Jamison U. Mizgîn Behî Raihaan Razeen Farajallah Tornike Bidzina Babken Nawaar Fayyaad el-Wali

No. 60 - Pvt. Vanessa Josephina Kelly Estelle Mizuki Vox. “Lidenskapelig Rose” Joanna Devi Mallika Lilan Herdis Luna Lise-Lotte Jeanette Natasja Hanna Rannveig Emilie Madeleine Veronica Langager

End of.

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No. 1 - Valentijn "De Sierlijke Valkyrie" Samantha Maxwell

Postby Valentine Z » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:06 am

Name: Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Basilisk Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing
  • 11 700,00 centimetres (383 ft. 10 3/10 in.) (After nuclear blast.)
  • Was 185,42 centimeters (6 ft. 1 in.) Pre-Valentian Era
Weight (without armor): 16 600 000 kilograms / 36 596 735 lb.
Weight (with armor): 22 660 000 kilograms / 49 956 748 lb.
Date of Birth: 14th of February, 1960. Physically perpetually stuck at 31 years old.
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Dutch-Burmese
Theme Song(s): Patrick Jumpen - Peace, Love, and Understanding // Michael Reimann - Im Reich der Mitte // Socialist World Republic - Sozialistische Weltrepublik


Leader of Valentine Z (egoistically named after himself). Eccentric, yet fun and kind-hearted for the most parts, Valentijn was perhaps known by the many (both Valentians and outsiders alike) as the main person behind saving humanity from a gloomy future that awaits them from the nuclear destruction that was brought about from the pre-Valentian Era. Born in 1960 to a Dutch mother and a Burmese father, his childhood was not exactly the most exciting amongst the Valentians, for the lack of a better word. He had an average life with his parents, the only child to his parents and a kid that did relatively average in his studies, except perhaps in the study of humanities, particularly having a fondness for Physical Geography and spent most of his time admiring the world around him. While he was studying for the first year of his junior college, he found himself being drafted into Burma’s Armed Forces as a conscript at the age of 16, perhaps because the country needed more numbers to make up for the many deaths of the Cold War that was taking place.

He served in the Army for a good few years, moving up to the ranks not through sheer might but by his meekness of it all. Valentijn was not always the one to deploy and suggest use of force, preferring to talking it out and to ensure that diplomacy is a living art. He was deployed here and there around the perimeters of Burma, his superiors slowly realising the merits of a man who wanted to minimize the bloodshed as much as possible. Even for a gentle and soft-spoken diplomat as a commissioned officer, Valentijn would come across a kill that he would express regret with.

"It was a routine negotiation and talk of truce on the Northern borders of Burma. Like I said, routine. I could have drove the Chinese and Russian occupants out of it, but I simply feel that they can stay with us, but should not enact violence with us. Frankly, I really don't give a damn on what their commanders or countries were ordering them to do; if we can settle a middle ground, I will do it. Anyway, it was going well for a good 35 minutes, then it happened. A man rushed onto me, guns aimed at me. I had no choice, I shot him on his arm for a disarming. Unfortunately, I shot him on the artery, was pronounced dead hours later. At this point, I wanted to resign but then I asked myself: Would I rather accidentally kill someone, or let this bloodbath continue?"
- Cpt. Valentijn, 1985, Botched Negotiation at Kachin State of Northern Burma.

Still, the art of negotiation only took Valentijn so far, with Cold War eventually warming up and escalating to such a situation that Valentijn would remark having rubbish thrown at him, to perhaps even live grenades or a stray shot. It was becoming dangerous even for someone like him who was simply trying to make peace of the situation. As a result of this, he retreated back to the military academy, wanting to take refreshers about both offensive and defensive tactics, though mostly the latter. Additionally taking a few pages out of the superhero comics at that time, Valentijn fashioned himself with a thick suit of armor along with a heavy shield to boot. The only problem was that he was too meek and weak to carry them, and thus began a strict and weight-building regiment simply to regain the strength of his basic training days. Some time later, the tactics have changed - negotiation unfortunately has no place on the table, and the world was gaining more heat - sometimes even literally. Realising that he could not talk his way out of it, along with his strength-based body build, Valentijn proposed to his commanders and subordinates alike to let him charge straight into the battlefield and to bash the unlucky enemies with his shield. Wary but without much options, his commanders approved the operation, but with a remark: "You best know what you are doing here, Major Valentijn. You are putting yourself and our men at risk here."

Armed with a heavy-duty shield that could stop indirect tank blasts, as well as deflect smaller bullets due to the active electric field that Valentijn could turn on, he found out that his plan more or less worked. There were a few minor injuries on the first few tours that he went into the front lines, but eventually, he prospered and made it through, with stories about "Major Valentijn's Task Force" capturing the most number of POWs with the least number of injuries, though with a trade-off of said POWs needing minor to major dentist surgeries. "That man was something else entirely, I am not sure if I should promote him, or rail at him for being strategically stupid." Valentijn also became the one not to retreat no matter how much odds was against him - with the exceptions to perhaps save his men from further injuries. He did this for well over a few months and a handful worth of tours across the Eastern Hemisphere, surviving a staggering amount of ordeals and battles without getting a major injury, whilst causalities from his men kept to a minimum; there were moments when death in the battlefield was due to uncontrollable circumstances, or a small flaw in Valentijn's part.

"I do regret that I feel like I am leading my men to their doom, but they were given a choice, and they took it. I will admit, often times I am not the best tactician, but I will damn make sure that they are not left behind."
- Major Valentijn, 1987, The Luzon Defensive.

By the end of 1987, Valentijn was promoted to the rank Field Marshal, having been through at least 20 tours, perhaps owing to the all-out war, as well as Valentijn constantly signing up for one tour after another. Valentijn was then known for his rise from a meek and non-imposing commissioned officer, to perhaps one that many (both his people and outside) were intimidated by. This was not necessarily because of his brutality, and rather because the sight of a fully-armored man knocking people unconscious in one fell swoop was more than enough as horror fuel. Eventually, from his military career, he started looking into the prospects of becoming the President of his own country. Through fierce but clean campaigns, he failed at first in the General Elections of 1988, with people's consensus being that they did not trust a former military-man to lead the country, lest Burma goes into a Marshal Law, or worse, a coup. In 1990, Valentijn got that chance once again, mostly because the then-President of Burma was killed during his speech. Not the one wanting to suffer the same fate, he campaigned fiercely once more, eventually getting a good 60% of Burma supporting him.

The Plan to End All Wars
"... I will swear by the people of Burma, as well as to hope and wish that we along with the world will go through this storm together as humanity first and foremost."
- President Valentijn, 1990, Yangon, Burma. Inauguration Speech.

As his first job as President for the first year, he would more or less do his usual administrative work, ensuring tolerate and love for everyone even in the darkest days of humanity. An un-negligible numbers of people opposed the idea at first, perhaps because of the whole war business that was killing their families left and right. Even then, Valentijn bide his time, slowly enacting his plan of saving humanity from a possible nuclear attack instead of being yet another president of his country that would vanquish in a nuclear fire. As a result, under the mist of radio jammers and tightly-close secrets, as well as from the help of many of his friends, he started Project Resolute – an ambitious project akin to the human counterpart of Noah’s Ark – to save humanity’s in an extremely diverse way and to preserve future generations from falling into the same cycle of war and death. Of course, it came with its own problems, the obvious one being the in-fighting amongst the people that Valentijn chose randomly to save from.

"Leave your bigoted thoughts from the media behind! Now is the time for ALL of you to be united as one – as Humanity itself. The survival of each of the race, religion and nationality depend on each other, and only by leaving your twisted judgments behind will we prosper. Times are extremely tough, Col. Marcus and his workers have been up day and night to finish Project Resolute. We believe that a nuclear missile might be hitting our planet anytime soon, and both sides of the war are to be blamed. This dome will cover and protect 4 square kilometers of Downtown Yangon, and it should be enough to withstand direct hits from around 3 megaton nuclear missiles. After that, we will begin the process of terra-forming, whereby a device will be set off at the other end of the hemisphere – which will make it around… Canada or USA, I think, in order to remove the radiation from the fallout and use the energy in turn to power our city."
- President Valentijn, 1991, Yangon, Burma. Addressing to the pacified people chosen by Project Resolute.

Another problem came back a bit for Valentijn in the form of biasness, perhaps as to why he would save a certain group of people, or whether or not if the randomization is actually random enough. The demographics of each of the people were an obvious selector, but there were doubts as to whether or not this would become a glorified cruise ship for Valentijn and his cronies. He would take the time as much as he can to address these concerns, stating that he did it as best as he can to select the right numbers of people, and that it is inevitable to save everyone at this point. "A necessarily evil," Valentijn described it, citing about how he would not be able to save the rest of the populace due to the way things were getting out of hand. This went on quietly for a few more years, Valentijn and his friends trying their best to run this small Project Resolute discreetly, planting them in Points of Interests so as to prevent other countries from knowing. As the project came to a completion, however, Valentijn made the mistake of being away from the fallout shelters and instead was spending time (with Surveillant Clarissa as his then-assistant) at the outskirt of the city, specifically at his childhood home. Unfortunately for him, nuclear missiles were launched at the very moment and even more unfortunately, he was directly hit on the head by a falling nuclear bomb. It was pretty painful, to say the least. The Project Resolute, however, was successful, with 500,000+ people being saved from the global annihilation.

64 times the man he used to be
A few days later after the initial fallout, Clarissa wanted to ease her mind of Valentijn's fate, the two being a little closer to each other at this point. This was on top of looking for survivors worldwide before thinking of the future plans. She assembled her crew to find more survivors hiding in their own makeshift shelters and to bring them into the dome. However, other than discovering hundreds of survivors worldwide, they were amazed to find out that not only the nuclear missiles failed to kill Valentijn, but also mutated him with unusual attributes. He has grown to a towering 117 meters, and commented that he does not mind the extra height despite the fact that he is standing out from the crowd all the time, as well as everyday chores becoming annoying. When he was found by the Valentians, he was described as wearing rags made and sewn by himself, as well as using road signs and whatever else he can salvage in order to cover himself. He also became stronger, faster and smarter, unconstrained by the Square-Cube Law. Still, it was uncertain on how much percentage or how many folds for each of the categories. All of this would have been offset by slight mental instability – the nuclear blast took a toll on his mental state and though not classified as clinically insane, he is still considered, among his peers, to have a few screws loose in his head. Valentijn also suffers from existential crisis, something that is inherit from his younger days, but he started to question more and more about the purpose of life. The major drawback to those around him was that he is (and still to this day) constantly emitting high energy gamma rays which has an effective range of 100 meters. He was unable to visit the fruits of his labor until a few weeks later when the Valentians made a set of armor to absorb the natural radiation that Valentine emits, so that he can finally fit back right alongside his family, his friends, and his people.

"The idea of it being a "woman's armor" was my idea, to be perfectly honest. It had to be done that way. Well, nearly had to. I will spare the more intricate details on how I actually would not mind wearing such a thing and how I have quite a love for the Valkyries, but back then, the radiation-absorbing mechanism and the engine was a little too huge to carry. Anyone more sensible would have asked my Valentian friends to design it such a way that the absorbing engine was on the back. I had other plans - the breastplate was pretty much a free space, so I told them to work on it like a woman's armor, except that the chest part will house the engine to absorb the radiation. On top of it looking nice, I am very sure no one will want to argue that I am wearing something rather unusual. It's not everyday that I - a 117 meter tall person - will get questioned on the things I wear, anyway."

Valkyrie Valentijn is in the house.

- Valkyrie Valentijn, 1999, "New Outfit, New Life".

As far as everyone was concerned, it worked; the gamma rays he emitted from his body, when he is in his armor, only have an effective range of 5 meters – while it is still dangerous for anyone to be too close to him, he can at least be a little bit closer to the surroundings. Still, after further research and improvements, as well as a little something in the form of "actual functional magic becoming reality", the Valentians have finally managed to convert the radiation that Valentijn emits into a purest form of energy. Further down the line, after many failed attempts, they managed to create an energy synthesiser for the whole suit, which now converts the gamma radiation that Valentijn emits into a harmless “healing” energy, all of which is done right before the gamma rays leave the suit. In other words, Valentijn now simply emits a beneficial type of energy to those around him, as long as he’s in his anti-radiation suit. The healing energy is emitted at a 60-meter radius, at least when he is in his suit. Naturally a heavy eater due to his extremely fast metabolism rate, he consumes an average of 2,330,000,000 kilogram calories (kcal or Cal) per day - at least theoretically. While a good percentage of the energy comes from food he ate, Valentijn realises that he could either ask the magical beings in Valentine Z for an energy injection, or have his suits transfer nondescript pieces of mass (mostly rocks, or meteors from space) into pure form of energy, the same method that Clarissa utilises in her body for energy to her batteries. Furthermore, while Valentijn could walk by himself and was not too bothered by the square-cube law enough to make him a glacier, the suit itself has an internal exoskeleton system that supports Valentijn and increases his movement speeds by as much as 400%.

The very dictator he sworn himself to not become
Still, even for someone who has saved the world, he would find himself in the troubles for exploiting both his stature and the power he has. He got into a bit of hot water when it comes to corrupt practices, or by leading with an iron fist (literally and metaphorically). While he did manage to run the world just fine for 20 years, he went on and on and surround himself with his friends. Valentijn became more power-hungry, sought and wanting to control the entire nation (that is, the entirety of Valentine Z) by himself. He also has implemented a few too many policies that didn't really make much sense, such as the long names that spans up to 20+ words. Eventually, even for someone who saved the world, Valentijn was forced to step down for a good few years after one of his decisions forced the nation into a state of disrepair, undoing several years of scientific advancement due to his careless nature and being rash with the devices he was presented with and believing himself to be the authority.

"I would like to apologise for the screw-up, I really do. To be honest, I will say the same things along the line of "I have no idea what came over me", but it is clear: I have been unfair to everyone involved, and I have set many of us back from the world that we were aiming to create. For this, I will voluntarily resign from my position, and you can elect someone else to take over."
- President Valentijn, 2025, Yangon, Burma. Farewell Speech before his Incarceration.

Valentijn then pardoned himself and made his way to the oversized home that would be used for his house arrest, much to the relief of his people and his friends who were thinking of ways to curb and tame a giant in case Valentijn showed resistance. With Valentijn then under house arrest, the Valentians voted for then-Col. Marcus to be their impromptu president of Valentine Z. 5 years would have passed, and Valentijn would ask for a second chance to make things right and perhaps to lead his home and his people once again. He has no problems with Marcus running the world (in fact, Valentijn would give Marcus and Jolyn parts of Europe - namely Victoriaans Nederlands - to rule, after they have stepped down voluntarily. Valentijn would do this with the rest of world, giving parts of the world as autonomous regions for capable Valentians to rule over, while Valentijn once again was back on his seat of power. For most of the people, Valentine Z to them is a country run by a Benevolent Dictator for Life. There is a chance for history to repeat itself, and their worries are not unfounded since Valentijn himself had a momentary downfall. However, decades of making Valentine Z a safe haven (and even a utopia) for as many people as possible ensured that Valkyrie Valentijn has nothing but goodwill and peace for the people under him, thereby renewing and reinforcing the trust they have on him.

"I will lead Valentine Z to a better future ahead, and this time, I will make damn sure that I did it correctly and transparently."
- Valkyrie General Valentijn, 2030.

Mid-Life Sex Swap
In 2077, Valentijn suffered a major malfunction on his suit, caused by an electrical surge. In turn, he was involuntarily absorbing anyone that gets near him onto himself and his suit, accumulating a lot of minds into his computers along the way. Eventually, with the help of Gwen Tracer Allison, he was able to dance his way out of it, resulting in him going back to his original self with the persons he has absorbed coming out unharmed, while Valentijn had a side effect of being turned into a woman due to Fate’s powers being intertwined in a single move. (Now) She wasn't too bothered by this, citing to stay as a woman for an indefinite amount of time and only to ask Gwen to change her back to a man once she is done with the idea.

"That was, without a doubt, one of the weirdest moments of my life, and this is coming from me out of all the people. I have a time-and-space bending friends, a robot as a wife, I am 117 meters tall, the people around me are 16-20 feet tall on average, and yet here I am, this being the weirdest. The electrical surge caused me to absorb a lot of my friends and families, along with random strangers. They thankfully did not die when absorbed, but they got "sucked" into my body and then resided on my armor's on-board computers. I'm actually surprised that the systems could hold A LOT of souls and consciousness given the limited space and the complexity of consciousness, but I'm sure that magic was involved. Anyway, Gwen asked me that I have to do a dance, which I said "Okay, I have had and experienced weirder," and so I did dance. It worked, everyone was out of my body, and then there is me.

I got turned into a woman. Apparently, from what Gwen told me, the set of moves that unbind souls from me was tied to the spell of sorts that would swap the gender and sexual characteristics of a person. For all intents and purposes, I am still me, but I am a woman. On top of that, I think Gwen also gave me immortality, which I am just stating like it was yet another Tuesday for me. I could not recall how exactly that happened, but something about leftover powers or something, and how she could bend time and space. I personally don't get this bit if I have to be extremely honest. All I can say is: Stuff happened. It's contrived.

I do look pretty good with my short hair. So this became a more permanent thing (for now, anyway) and as a result, the radiation absorbing engine has to be pushed somewhere else. It is now lined inside my armor evenly, not just concentrated on the breastplate because there was no more space there. Details aside, we managed to make it work.

- Valkyrie General Valentijn, 2077, "And how I stopped fretting about being turned into a woman without surgery and starts loving it."

Personality and Noteworthy Relationships
As aforementioned, Valkyrie Valentijn, now a woman, still has "quite a handful of screws loose inside", in her own words. This does not mean that she is a full-on lunatic or a psychopathic one, but rather just a bubbly and eccentric person from the description of those who have met and worked with her. Valkyrie Valentijn is told to be kind, compassionate, gentle, and all-around having a literal big heart towards those around her, using her stature and her role as the ruler of Valentine Z to ensure that it is a safe haven and an utopia for as many people as possible. Valentijn also tends to be a little bit prideful with her own looks and the world that she has developed for her people and friends, and considers her world of Earth and Mars to be one of the best for coexistence and peace. Additionally, while she still has a lot of her sanity intact, Valentijn herself admits that she has a bit of problem here and there with her eccentric nature - including but not limited to going on (non-angry) rants on just about any topic, talking to herself now and then (to which Valentijn saw as her having thoughts being said out loud), and general clumsiness which was rather unsettling for everyone seeing how she is 117 meters tall and could level a building by sheer accident. Given that she hailed from the military of the old world, as well as continuing on as an officer and a General for Valentian Army, Valentijn can get fired up and energetic in a moment's whim, being able to drive anyone with much vigor. Valentijn certainly knows when to push, and when to respect limits.

Valentijn also has quite a love for motorsports racing and the general international (and interdimensional sports scene), and recently has entered the international motorsports event known as NSSCRA (NationStates Stock Car Racing Association), driving and racing for the main team in the Everlong Series. She started her racing career with NSSCRA 10, which took place in 2084 for the Valentians, and then continuing on with NSSCRA 11 (2086), and then slating to make a comeback for the next season. As a result of aforementioned vigor, Valentijn also heads the Valentian football team that has so far played for two seasons of World Cup (Season 85 and 88), on top of smaller events like Baptism of Fire 72 and Cup of Harmony 80. With her around, the Valentians will be playing in the international scene for almost all the sports they can get into, with the future being as unpredictable and exciting.

Relationships-wise, Valkyrie Valentijn is married to Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi to what is seemed as the very first human-android relationship, and one that is not seen as lonely or awkward. After getting strangled by Clarissa out of self-defense, the two started warming up with one another, with Valentijn welcoming the robot from another world into her circle of friends. Eventually, the two enjoyed each other's company more and more, with Clarissa occupying and looking out for Valentijn as she resides in the latter's computer boards. Clarissa was also given the task with managing a large portion of the world that is Valentine Z as an autonomous region, as well as making full use of her capabilities as a state of the art robot from another dimension to help out Valentijn. Valentijn and Clarissa then got happily married after confessing their feelings towards one another back in 2030, and the two have been efficient in working together and running Valentine Z together with the rest of the Valentians. The two maintains a romantic relationship though completely sexually inactive. The two have also spent quite a lot of time on NSSCRA, even though they are not on the same league.

Valentijn's relationship with Anastasia “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Freya Valentina Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye has been also a positive one as far as everyone was concerned. After all, Anastasia, for all intents and purposes, is a counterpart of Valentijn from another universe - one where magic prevails much more over the usual technology and science that dominate the Valentian world a little bit more. Additionally, the two of them sharing nearly the same stature (with Anastasia being half of Valentijn's height). With her magical powers still working in Valentine Z, Anastasia works alongside Valentijn and both of them appreciative of each other's company. The two have also spent quite a lot of time on NSSCRA, even though they are not on the same league of the racing scene.

Valentijn and Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison are also as close as friends can be. With the latter getting a status and total control over space and time, she decided to stay in Valentine Z because in her own words, "There is something very gentle about this giant world. I think I want to stay in here." While she does not run the day-to-day affairs like the rest of the leading Valentians, Gwen still helps out Valentijn with a few decisions here and there, even going as far as to ensure that Valentijn's decisions would not have a large Butterfly Effect down the line. Additionally, the friendship between Valentijn and Gwen have been magnified thanks to the latter providing transdimensional trips to other worlds, planets, and countries that Valentijn and Clarissa would often see themselves vacationing in (whilst blending in appearance and height-wise). The three of them genuinely enjoy each other's company, and the aforementioned vacations to distant lands have helped.

While a little distant, Valentijn and Holly Aceline “De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Van Haar Mooie Universum” Aurora Symantha Vreugde Astrid Lavender Lexis Lilac Harmony Tsi. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight also has a very functional friendship between the two of them as a result of Valentijn making sure that no one knows about Holly's nature unless she herself wanted to reveal to the outside world out of choice. This was on top of giving Holly the freedom to simply exist in her world as well as being able to visit the Valentians anytime she wants, instead of exploiting the limitless energy that she has. The recent NSSCRA events and interactions have also helped a lot in reinforcing the friendship and synergy between the two, with Valentijn visiting the Garden more often in order to appreciate the nature of itself and of Holly. Also has quite a like for Holly's world being cooling.

Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Unendlichkeit Jäger” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying and Valentijn have been best friends ever since their meeting in 1984, specifically in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. The two maintained contact and were on good terms from that point onwards, using their approved personal accounts from each of their army forces in order to have lighthearted chat with one another. The ideas that the two friends have with one another, on top of the already-topping chemistry, have ensured that the two Valentians are together for decades and perhaps even eternities to come. Valentijn has entrusted Marcus with running the day-to-day affairs for parts of Valentine Z designated as Victoriaans Nederlands, an autonomous region consisting most of Europe. In terms of military operations, it is a long-standing belief and a fact that Valentijn and Marcus basically functioned as bash brothers (in this case, bash siblings), being able to coordinate well with one another and carry out almost any operation.

Valentijn values the neutral and balanced attitude of Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga” Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung, considering her not just as a friend, but also as someone who has helped a lot in the pre-Valentian Eras when it comes to negotiating with people and making sure that they all see the big pictures of it. With being a journalist also having the responsibility of handling cameras and videos, Charlene often sees herself talking passionately to Valentijn about the hobby they share, with Valentijn asking Charlene to tag along with Clarissa and the rest of the Valentians whenever they are about to go for a hike or for some tourist opportunities in other worlds. "She's capable, and she maintains the integrity of the news in Valentine Z," Valentijn remarked.

Click image for bigger image.

Valentijn is also proud of being turned into a woman. One time!

Valentijn's insistance on having a woman-themed armor gave him this fifth armour, which has a degree of Water Elementals infused inside of it, thanks to Anastasia's magic.
Artist Credit: Jason Nguyen (ArtStation)

Cliff Background and Props by XKCD.

General Valentijn in his fourth anti-radiation suit/armor. Infused with the same nanobots from the previous three suits, this one has a much more medieval feel to it. He insists that it is not a feminine armor set. On the first picture are: Clarissa, along with two more 6-feet tall stick people for reference. Image credit: A Skyrim Mod, images and mod found here. Link here. Person on fingertip for scale (Credit for the silhouette here).

General Valentijn in his third anti-radiation suit, much more reminiscent of the armor that he would wear into battle. Infused with the same nanobots from the first and second suit, this one is a bit more militaristic. The M4 is a afterthought into the image, seeing as he could no longer use human-sized small arms. Image credit: Far Cry 1, Crytek, Ubisoft; screenshot taken by me. Edited by me.

General Valentijn in his second set of suit. Note that the gun in his hands are an afterthought, i.e. it was added in through photo manipulation. Credit: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., drawn by Hagtorp.

General Valentijn in his first anti-radiation suit. The latest (up-scaled) version of the suit took 2 months to complete. Despite his stature in the images, he is perfectly capable of standing up straight, as well as normal physical movement. Scale-wise, a 6-foot human would be just a few pixels. Infused with nano-bots in order to accommodate his body’s possible expansion, or shrinkage.
Image credit: Bioshock 2.

”Gameplay” Stats and Abilities
Valkyrie Valentijn is an all-rounded character, and for her size, she is considered to be way too overpowered beyond her usual peers and when compared against the other Valentian personnel and troops. It is this advantage that puts her on the frontlines, as she desires so, with a large anti-tank (and perhaps even anti-fortress) rifle, on top of a large sledgehammer that she uses to cause massive tremors. Valentijn has a massive health pool of 250,000 HP.

Weapons and Equipment
Primary Weapon: Valkyrie Solothurn S31-4000

"Piercing though multiple rows of foes, Valkyrie Valentijn made sure that the frontlines are hers."
Valkyrie Solothurn S31-4000, perhaps a nod to the man's obsession with anything that is Valkyrie-related. The weapon still has the design and mechanisms of its original counterpart, except that it fires energy from the rounds (which in turn are now capacitors instead of carrying gunpowder). A massive weapon made for and only for Valentijn to shoot without a problem and dislocation. It has a massive damage of 100,000 per shot, at 2 rounds shot per second, effective DPS at 200,000, it took many to output the same amount of DPS that Valentijn can do simply from firing it. The gun’s specifications are as follows: Mass - 8 449 645 kg (empty); Length - 115 m; Barrel length - 75 m; Cartridge - 1000 mm × 7450 mm Solidus Capacitors; Caliber - 1000 mm; Action - Semi-automatic; Muzzle velocity - 250 000 000 m/s; Feed system - 60 rounds; Rate of Fire - 120 BPM; Scope - 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x

Secondary weapon: 2400-tonnes Sledgehammer
"A good smash will pulverize anything, imagine a much larger hammer. With this hammer, your nails will very soon cease to be."
A large sledgehammer that can more or less disintegrate anything that Valentijn decided to smash down on. The hammer has a passive effect whereby, upon being slammed down, unleashes a wave of energy and tremors that damages enemies in a cone, as well as slowing them down. The damage varies from 60,000 to 100 and the slowing from 30% to 5%, highest at the epicentre and lowest at the 40 meters distance. 1.5 hits/sec for 90,000 DPS.

Good Radiation
"Stand fest and tall in the battlefield, Valentijn. Protect your people not from comfort of your bunker, but from the frontlines and inspiring many. Your footprints also make good trenches and foxholes."
A converter in the form of an amulet that turns Valentijn's harmful radiation to that of a healing and positive one. 1% of maximum HP healed per second to Valentijn herself, and with 2% of maximum HP healed per second to the allies around her. Her healing radius scales with her height, the default of her 117 meters height bringing about a healing radius of 90 meters. The amount healed is fixed regardless of distance the target is away from Valentijn.

Husband-Wife Tag Team
"Valentine Z and everyone in it? Yes. However, there is nothing in this world more valuable than Clarissa. And I intend to keep it that way." - Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine
When Clarissa is around Valentijn in a 30 meter radius, Valentijn has an increase of Maximum HP from 250,000 to 524,288, as well as a +1.0% hit points regeneration rate. This effect stays the same as long as the two are within radius, and does not decrease or increase with distance. This ability’s health regeneration stacks with Good Radiation, and will stay on even if Nuclear Fortitude has been activated, but prone to anti-healing debuffs and abilities.

Living Armor
In her time of need, her armour adapts accordingly and focuses on where she needs protection the most. Not surprisingly, at the end of the day, she would remark about how heavy her helmet was.
A “living” layer of hardened materials controlled from her armours’ computers, 5% of the damage taken would be absorbed into 5% damage resistance, giving up to 35% damage resistance. Each armour stack lasts 10 seconds.

Seismic Slam
"It's important to know when to put your foot down."
Valentijn stomps the ground around her, causing 20000-50 damage to enemies in a 100 meter radius, with 40000 direct damage dealt to the epicentre (which is around 10 meters radius). Anyone caught in the radius is stunned for a maximum of 80% of their movement speed, as well as being stunned for a maximum of 4 seconds. Both of these traits are inversely proportional to how far targets are from the epicentre. May also cause internal bleeding.

Nuclear Fortitude
"I'll burn myself and everyone around me if I believe that I can catch you in my flames."
Nullifying her amulet, Valentijn unleashes a wave of radiation, with 8% of enemy's maximum HP drained in a 100 meter radius over time. The enemies' health, however, will stops draining when enemy's HP is at 1, necessitating a killing blow. For Valentijn’s allies, they will have 4% of their maximum GP drained in a 100 meter radius. The skill cannot be cancelled midway once it's being used, and Valentijn herself is immune to the effects of the radiation.

Valentijn's Template / Sample


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - From the Man in a Woman's Armor!
Speaker of the Moment: Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Svitw. Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Anyone can read and redistribute the information.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

"Valentijn", by Clarissa Alanis Star
ISO: 600
Shutter Speed: 1/400 sec
Aperture: f/88
Focal Length: 300 mm
Effective Megapixels: 215
Frames per Second: 240
Exposure Settings: Manual

Radiation: ~ 0 Sv around 5 meters.


It is indeed safe to approach Valentijn!

HP: 250 000 / 250 000

Currently equipped with one sledgehammer, Valentijn looks around for an opportunity to show his building demolition skills.

Valentijn “De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General ov Valentine Z” Samantha Maxwell Delta Weston Stijn Angelus Tracey Mitchell Tristian Marnix Svitw. Lewis Hyatt X. Constantine Sein Lin Zaw Naing: I quite like him! He's err... I will have to say he's a bit arrogant and narcissistic, kinda like me. But he's like me, but multiplied by a thousand. ... Stop staring at my chest. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. I am okay with him in terms of his personality, maybe... but I cannot help but feel irked that he has so many appalling policies and qualities when it comes to politics! They say it's not 1984, and I say that it is 1985, then. You know, a year after a dictatorship has formed and now the dictatorship has became an even bigger dumpster fire. Overall... eh. I can see myself talking to him for a few things now and then, but politically-speaking, it's best that we stay away, although I wonder if I can try to convert you away from the lunatic side. Well, one can try, right? I wonder if that will work, but if it doesn't, it's a lesson that some people can't change. See you around, err... friend- acquaintance... s'thing. Ugh, man...
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No. 1½ - Anastasia “High Valkyrie” Freya Valentina Ada

Postby Valentine Z » Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:14 am

Name: Anastasia “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Freya Valentina Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye
Height: 5500 centimeters (180 ft. 5 17/48 in.) Was 269,24 centimeters (8 ft. 10 in.) before magical infusion.
Weight: 1.770.000 kilograms.
Age - Chronological: 102. // Physical: Perpetually stuck at 28.
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Burmese-Dutch
Theme Song(s): Of Monsters And Men - King And Lionheart

The gender-bent version of General Valentijn, from one of the many, many parallel universes. In that universe, everything was more or less in-line with this Valentine Z, except that Valentijn was a girl named Valkyrie Anastasia, and born slightly younger. Anastasia lost her own Valentian friends and her home planet, falling victim to The Chaos Bringer. She is welcomed with open hands by Valentijn, though the two are sort of lost on how to interact with one another. I mean, if you meet your other self, and they are of the opposite gender, how would you react?

Unlike General Valentijn and his world, High Valkyrie Anastasia and the world she came from was highly magical in nature, being able to perform feats and tasks that are deemed impossible by scientific standards. However, with that said, the amount of magic available on the world was limited, and most of the magic was bestowed and channelled to High Valkyrie Anastasia after she has been chosen as a successor and fit to run the nation. Sympathetic, calm, and un-insane, Anastasia ruled with a fair hand, ensuring that the world under her will not go into conflicts with one another, or with the outsiders unless provoked first. Their world was, according to Anastasia, was described to be set around 1500 CE, whereby a mix of Medieval-Enlightenment Era tech blended together with the magical elements that the world has.

During the time of her ruling, she came across a tome of knowledge from one of the desolate libraries, with a few spells in older languages that she did not fully understand but can read with some literacy after casting one of the spells, it turned out that a copious amount of mana was trapped inside the book, and upon releasing it, went into her body and made her a giantess. She also obtained immortality and freedom from death, being revived at a base 10 seconds, and +1 seconds every time she dies subsequently (e.g. 10 secs for the first time, 11 secs for the 2nd, and so on). Her people were understandably taken aback for a moment, though they still accepted her as their leader, seeing how they could still use a strong and capable woman just like her, just with the added attribute that she is now 46 meters tall.

They were, however, invaded by The Chaos Bringer one day. The planet was unfortunate to be one of its first victims, with its magical powers simply not enough to fight off the invaders. She then conjured up a teleportation for herself, but it would only herself to go through and no one else. After much persuasion and deliberation from her citizens to go and save herself from the mess, Anastasia reluctantly walked through whilst the people sacrificed themselves and were left to die.

She was founded in one of the rural villages in Valentine Z, specifically in Norway, whereby the reporters and other Valentians on-site thought that it was Valentijn by in a different suit. Turns out, it was no other than Anastasia herself, and Valentijn was notified of the arrival of this stranger. Being reserved and fortunately speaking the same language, Anastasia stayed put while Valentijn arrived, and two of the struck a conversation about their similarities and differences.

Anastasia is an all-rounded character, though it was mostly her support-oriented abilities that lets her shine. She has nearly more or less the same stats as Valentijn when it comes to sword, except that she hits slower and softer. However, this was more than made up for by her two passives – Holy Dawn and Flames of Dawn. The former lets Anastasia hit smaller targets (less than 5% of her current height) to take 150% damage from her attacks, while the latter lets her hit multiple targets, with the secondary targets receiving 40% of the primary attack. As for the active abilities, The Blinding Lights let Anastasia heals her allies in a 5 meter AoE at 30% of their max HP, while damaging enemies at 20 % of their HP. She can also throwdown an enemy just like Valentijn, except slightly softer. If needed be, Anastasia can Sword Slam her immediate area, dealing up to 5000 damage in a 4-meter radius, and stuns for 2 seconds. She also has Debtitude and Reactive Matrix to protect her allies, with the former letting Anastasia heal up to 5 of her allies while draining her own lifeforce, with the latter surrounding a selected ally with a reactive shield that reduces damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds, and the shield cannot be neutralised. Ultimately, Anastasia has Inner Fire, which infuses an ally (or herself) with magical fires and light, scaling up their appearance by 100% (making them twice as big), as well as a 90% bonus damage, all with the expense of a 33% slower rate of fire.

Appearance of Anastasia as drawn by one of the artists. Credit: Soul Calibur, Bandai Namco.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary Attack: Sword of Dawn. Attack rate is slightly slower than Valentijn, and Anastasia does not hit as hard as Valentijn. Has maximum range of 30 meters.
Holy Dawn (Passive): Targets that are less than 5% of the height of Anastasia (default at 5750 centimetres, so less than 287.50 cm default) take 150% damage.
Flames of Dawn (Passive): Anastasia's Sword of Dawn has the ability to hit multiple targets. The secondary targets receive 40% damage, stacks with Holy Dawn.
The Blinding Lights: After 2 seconds of cast time, Anastasia heals her allies in a 5 meter AoE at 30% of their maximum HP, while damaging enemies at 20% HP.
Throwdown: Grabs an enemy and slams it onto the ground. 2000 pure damage that ignores damage. 2.5 second stun after slammed, with +10% damage taken.
Sword Slam: Anastasia slams the immediate ground around her with the handle of her sword, dealing 5000 - 100 damage in a 4-meter radius. Stuns for 2 secs.
Debtitude: Anastasia transfers her life essence to others around her. Can target up to 5 allies, transferring 500 HP / sec to them, at a cost of 1000 HP / sec / ally.
Reactive Matrix: Surrounds an ally with a reactive shield that reduces damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds. The shield cannot be neutralised with EMP attacks.
Inner Fire (Ultimate): Infuses an ally or self with magical fires and light, scaling up its appearance by 100%, as well as 90% bonus damage, but 33% slower ROF.

Anastasia's Template / Sample


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - We make the International Roleplay much more flavored!
Speaker of the Moment: Anastasia “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Freya Valentina Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Anyone can read and redistribute the information.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

"Valentina", by Clarissa Alanis Star
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec
Aperture: f/40
Focal Length: 22 mm
Effective Megapixels: 300
Exposure Settings: Manual
Anastasia “De Sierlijke en Vrij High Valkyrie ov Valentine Z” Freya Valentina Ada. Jolin Annelijn Caitlin Trijntje Crystal Clarice Constance Judy Voi. D. Nexitros Annile Teresa Thida Myat Yadana Aye: Ahh, hello there, my little friend! Great to see you, of course! I believe that this might be the very first time that we have met each other, hm hm! What do I think about you, you ask me? Well, I am overall positive! I believe that you and I have more or less came across each other as positive, seeing how you seem to be negative towards that vile person! I cannot stand him and the ideas that he stand for, you know? I only wish for the day where we stop killing each other, or torturing other beings across the universe, or beyond, but it is inevitable that conflicts happen almost all the damn time! I am quite sick of it, if you ask me! Well, enough ranting about my feelings to you, I'm sorry about that! I am positive on you like I said, and I hope that we will meet each other again soon, you know? It's good to meet someone as eye-pleasing to meet as yourself, hehe! Please take care of yourself, and I hope that this message will reach to you in good faith, hm hm!
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No. 2 - Chief Aviator Gwen “Fate” Tracer

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Name: Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison
  • 10.000,00 centimeters (328 ft. 1 in.) (Fate of the Omniverse, Valentian Era)
  • 609,60 centimeters (20 ft. 0 in) (Normal, Valentian Era, Height Enhancement)
  • 304,80 centimeters (10 ft. 0 in) (Normal, Valentian Era)
  • 260,35 centimeters (8 ft. 6 ½ in.) (Valentian Era, before Slipstream Incident).
  • 199,39 centimeters (6 ft. 6 ½ in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: Chronological: 10^(102031) years (1 followed by 102031 zeroes), Physical: 31
Nation of origin / Nationality: British
Theme Songs: Overwatch - Overtime! // Action 52 - Time Warp Tickers Theme // Kyi Kyi Htay - Lay Nar Yi / လေးနာရီ (4 O'Clock)

"She's not exactly a Goddess, but with the powers she got, she might as well be one." - A comment from a random British citizen, Universe RVG-594F-930A.

A fighter pilot from another universe that landed in the wondrous world of Valentine Z, and then eventually setting off on her series of adventures, Chief Aviator Gwen is one who truly can claim to have seen it all and heard it all. If there is something that happened in the Omniverse - no matter how small or big it is, she has seen it, noted it, and would generally leave it alone. Gwen's childhood and the events leading up were more or less uneventful - she was described as an outgoing and cheerful girl, eventually graduating with a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering. She often saw herself as someone who is a bit more hands-on, offering to try out a concept or a theory instead of burying herself behind the books almost all the time. A few more years after, Gwen went from the civilian companies and contractors to those of the military, particularly changing her career option from a commercial pilot to one that of an air force.

Life before Interdimensional Travels
"I mean, there is fun in flying commercial planes too, and it is safe too, you know? Sure, you have the usual terror elements, but in my world, at least, that was not exactly a main problem for my career. I just feel like there is more action that could be calling me, and there you go, fighter pilot! Of course, that was not the easiest of tasks for me, given the series of tasks and tests - ohh how I hated those written theory tests. I did pretty well on the simulator though, so it all worked out!"
- Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton

Then a proud member of RAF, Gwen lead on to become one of the more well-known faces of her aviation career, though she turned out the more outlandish and lavish offers that awaits her in the top brass of the Air Force. She always see herself as a field operative, seeking more missions and tours and turning down the socialite standings that she might have gotten from her role. Gwen eventually worked for half a decade more as one of RAF's finest pilots before moving on once again to become one of the main field operatives for Overwatch - an organisation that is, in particular, interested in multidimensional traveling, whilst at the same time, interested in peace for the multiverse. As one of her many tasks as an initiative, Gwen was then tasked with going back to the past of another universe, i.e. Valentine Z’s universe, and to prevent a nuclear strike from happening there. A plot taken straight out of a sci-fi movie, Gwen traveled back to the past to meet up with Valentijn, explaining her motive and the fate of Cold War. As expected, Overwatch assumed too much from the humans, since even with her around from the future, no amount of conviction and negotiation worked, with Gwen nearly being shot by one of the rebel groups. Worse, her gateway back to her home was severed, thanks to the fact that Overwatch was overrun without her, the stashed time machine broken into pieces.

Meeting the Valentians
"Gwen Tracer Allison is her name. From the future, another dimension, as they called it, she was supposed to stop the Cold War that was escalating here. Sadly, her plans backfired - which, I have to be honest, I found a bit ironic, because I thought she would have expected that. Then again, time traveling does not mean that you get the knowledge of everything happening. So her time machine broke, and I swear she got a bit hysterical for the time being. She pulled me by my collars - not to attack me, but to shake me repeatedly and was just sobbing her eyes out. "My friends! I can't meet my friends anymore! I am STUCK!" she cried out. I can only feel for the poor woman."
- Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine, An Autobiography of My Life

Down on hope, and with no way of traveling back to her universe, Gwen decided to live her life alongside Valentijn and his friends, with all of them soon becoming close friends with one another. Gwen figured that these groups of people are not as bad as they seem, at least for the ones that were not psychopaths that were hellbent on sending millions of people to their death. After the nukes hit the scene, with the trust of the then-ragtag group of Valentians, her exceptional pilot skills landed her the job of a scout - to exploring the entire world and picking up signals from every nook and crater of the once-beautiful Earth that was in barrens and still burning at many of the places. Her agile and quirky nature are also some of the things that gave the survivors a beacon of hope – a smiling face in the midst of a crisis, even after knowing that the whole world around her has come down to nothing.

Several years have then passed, and Gwen lived her years rather uneventfully, as with most of the other Valentians that see little to no military action given their pacifist nature; whilst they still train on a regular basis, they do not exactly have true enemies around them to fight. That would be a good thing, Gwen thought to herself. Eventually at some point in future, Gwen went for a space exploration mission alongside 1st Cpt. Angela, who got the budget that she needed in order to go for a mission on charting the galaxies around them. The liftoff, traveling at near light speeds and cryostasis went along well, with Angela and Gwen getting to know each other a little bit more, to the point where the two trusts each other and shares their interest in Aviation Engineering, Aerospace, and Physics. Feeling a little daring, Gwen decided to go outside of the shuttle for a short spacewalk, though it turned into a disaster as the ship mysteriously lost power for a short period of time. However, that short period of time was still enough for Gwen and the spaceship to drift towards a black hole and to make matters worse, the cable that tethered her from the cable snapped. With nothing else to hold onto, Gwen fell into the black hole.

Subverted Descent Into Insanity
"I cried, of course I cried. She was my friend since we took off Earth, and she became my best and only friend amongst this mysterious and empty space. It was not her fault, she just wanted to go for a short walk in space. Then it happened, the power went down, and the shuttle was slowly dragged into the black hole. The cable snapped before I could do anything, and the next thing I know... she is gone. Forever. What fell in, is not coming out. [sobs] Please excuse me."
- Angela Stella Tan Fang Ling, Pilot's Log, 4 hours after losing Gwen

"Also, just as a note, I am just saying that there are going to be spoilers ahead of here if you have not read about my adventures fully yet, or at least when it was supposed to finish, but this overview revealed a few keypoints here and there. This part is supposed to complement my adventures written in full detail!" However, for Gwen, that was not death. Ending up first in an empty mental asylum, Gwen checked on herself to see if she was in some sort of purgatory or hell. After all, there was little to no way she made it out of that black hole to be in where she was standing. After a series of tests involving pinching herself repeatedly, Gwen confirmed that she was indeed somehow alive from that predicament, and thus explored further, eventually ending up with countering and killing a few monsters, nearly losing her mind in the process, and then killing the mastermind herself that perpetuated this mental asylum turned house of horrors.

From Realistic Worlds to Fictional Worlds
Sofia yelled, as she fired a shot towards Gwen. At that moment in time, she was more or less unprepared and was expecting to die. Gwen closed her eyes, fully expecting to die as she was certainly not faster than a bullet. She closed her eyes… for a second… for a few seconds.

“Hm?” she opened her eyes, only to find out that the bullet had stopped midair and was near her face. In fact, the entire surrounding came down to a halt. It was as if some temporal force was stopping Gwen from dying.

- The Adventures of Gwen Tracer Allison, Log Part 7.

As she drove out of there, Gwen then found herself in Yangon, Burma in the early 2000s, though not the one that either she or the Valentians would experience. The Burma, and this world in particular, did not explode in a nuclear hellfire. She looked around and did some sightseeing, convinced that this would be the break and the holiday that she needed. As to how she managed to effortlessly teleport from one place to another is still a mystery, which was further amplified when she ended up in the world of New Alexandria, Reach, 27 years before the planet got invaded. It was also here that she made her own theory up as to how or why she was spontaneously teleporting all over the place.

Gwen made a theory, though she was by no means a physicist or a scientist: If she is correct, it was this exotic matter that was acting as a Deus Ex Machina and was holding her. Her molecules that make up the body are no longer in sync with any of the universes and would be with their own clocks. This also changed her body metabolism in a sense that adding on the digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the food, anything that the body could not digest will instead be converted into at first an ordinary form of energy, then it will be converted into dark matter through a series of Mass-Energy to Energy-Mass conversion. Overtime, all the food that she ate and any undigested food in the stomach would be converted into this dark matter that would, with a right amount of energy, send her flying into another dimension with speeds exceeding 1 x 1050 meters per second. Though despite the unsynchronized body, Gwen can still be hurt with physical damage and pure violence.

While not losing the train of thought, Gwen vigorously wrote down the theories that were needed for this little project to work, as well as the chronical device that she might need to tether her to an universe. She got the means to travel to other dimensions – now all she needs is a device that could let her do it by herself anytime, anywhere, without random occurrences.

- The Adventures of Gwen Tracer Allison, Log Part 15.

Gwen went for a bit of a clubbing - drinks and dance plentiful, and it was soon after that she slowly went to a vacant local hotel in the morning and slept it off for the afternoon. For her instance, Gwen once again traveled through decades - that one afternoon that jolted her 27 years into the future, whereby the Covenant has invaded Reach. Doing her best in surviving and saving a couple of other people from getting slaughtered in the process, Gwen hightailed out from a hospital and was about to board the evacuation helicopter, only to fell several hundred meters to her supposed death.

This would go on for a few more moments for her, at which point Gwen realised that either something has been intervening in her favor, or that she has some sort of plot armour that she simply could not describe. After that fall in Reach, she found herself back on Earth, this time during World War 2, and specifically minutes before Pearl Harbor. Unable to convince anyone, with people convinced that she was off her rockers, she made her way to Hawaii, to which she was taken care of by the local villagers after she fainted halfway through her ordeal. There, she met a few other war refugees who were trying to get back to Europe - particularly two girls named Doris and Jayne.

The Horrors of War
As she eats, sleep, and plays in the village, Gwen would also be talking to the villagers about how she would get off the island, though in a positive manner. After all, she was not getting out to get away from the natives and rather, she would need to get to Britain to get Doris and Jayne back with their family. Gwen also learned from a few American soldiers stationed here that the Japanese-Americans were ordered to be either kept on these islands, or transferred to other concentration camps that were situated in the western parts of United States mainland. The President had recently issued this order, it seems, in response to the attack, and this would prove to be a rather bad time for these villagers and other Japanese-Americans.

These internments in turn would make it extremely difficult for these people, but for Gwen, Doris, and Jayne, it would seem easier because of their British nationality, at least for the latter two. It would take more than that for the Americans to be convinced that Gwen is British. Adding this is the fact that as aforementioned, she does not have any form of identification, nor money, to get around, and as a result of all of this, Gwen would either need to send the two off alone, or try another way. Another way, in this case, Gwen decided that she would help the two kids get back to Britain as quickly as possible, while trying her best to stay low-key and interacting with as few people as possible. She would most certainly need connections, from whoever it might be, and she reckoned that she would need to get some rations as much as she can when she reaches the main land.

- The Adventures of Gwen Tracer Allison, Log Part 22.

As she and the kids arrived in San Francisco, they then took a bus ride to New York, spending a few more days and earning some money through various means to afford a hotel and basic necessities. It was eventually after reading a newspaper (on top of Gwen realising that the girls were Jewish) that Gwen stole a military plane one under the veil of a snowstorm and piloted to Europe, in a vain hope and attempt to save the parents of Doris and Jayne. They crash-landed in the middle of the night somewhere in the more remote part of the Netherlands, avoiding (and shooting one Nazi to death) while Gwen got the help of the locals and the networks of refugees to keep Doris and Jayne safe while she would make her own way to Auschwitz.

"I made a promise to the girls," Gwen walked towards the truck and gave Doris and Jayne a gentle pat, "And I well-intend to keep it."
- The Adventures of Gwen Tracer Allison, Log Part 29.

This would also be the place and time where Gwen made her very own DMR - Dark Matter Regulator. The idea is to make sure that she can use up a bit of these accumulating dark matter, to which Gwen does not know about its source, in order to prevent her from spontaneously teleporting if it became full once again. After what seemed like hours and hours of testing, sparks flying, and hammering out the kinks, she did it. A Dark Matter harness that she then wore on her undergarment, covering it up with her blouse. There was a faint blue glow emanating out of it, but this was then countered by gluing up the tubes with some paper. There was also an arm extension attached to the device to regulate and control the flow of Dark Matter. If all works, Gwen thought, she should be able to stabilise her teleportation and time jumps. The problem is, she does not know what kind of effects will there be on her. With the press of a button, she tested it out. And it worked for her, to catch the train to the godforsaken place.

A Right Woman at the Right Time in Auschwitz
"Looking at the hopeless and crying faces, frozen in time (or in super slow motion), unsure of the fates ahead of them, was wrenching Gwen's heart further and further. At the same time, this would give her the determination that she would need to not give up even in the slightest, as well as to quickly find a place that she could stay well-hidden in."
- The Adventures of Gwen Tracer Allison, Log Part ??.

Meeting up with rest of the POWs, Gwen familiarized herself with the people around her, to which it took perhaps a few weeks for them to fully trust her, especially given the context of the war where everyone could betray each other in the flash of a moment. With the help of the rebels, refugees, and the able-bodied POWs, Gwen overthrew the Nazis that were running Auschwitz, on top of trampling a few hundred others that were in the immediate area. They were helped by the fact that Gwen was using her time powers to slow down and rack a couple more kills or saving more people, but she kept it as quietly as possible, not letting anyone know of her powers just yet. With Doris and Jayne eventually finding their parents later, it was time for Gwen to move on with her life of her own, exploring the world that she was sure would be different positively. She watched the war slow down until peace was once again an option, hoping that the people of the world would never go into such a war again after such an atrocity has happened. Perhaps she could even be the savior. "Thank you, Miss Gwen," the girls said tearfully. Gwen did not get out of the way to change the events of WW2 in her favor. Even with the power of space and time on her side, Gwen knew full well that she could not take on thousands of people on her own. Even if she could, she told herself not to meddle with the natural set of events, even if said natural is viperous at best.

Many more years have passed, with Gwen living subtly as best as she could. One thing that she could not shake off was the fact that not a lot of people seem to care that she was suddenly 8 feet tall around wherever she went. People did notice and looked up to talk to her, but there weren't a lot of comments regarding that, let alone people swarming her to take photos with "Possibly the tallest woman alive".

Somewhen Beyond 1950...
Eventually, Gwen found herself in the underwater world known as Rapture, a place where individualism is held sacrosanct. Not a lot of people knew about it, and yet here she was, holding an invitation letter that she got from "The One You Saved". Excited and nothing much to do, she visited the city through a secret bathysphere travel, to which Gwen was then promptly welcomed and became a relatively popular figure in the small underwater world (though not as big as the bigger names). She used the science and technology available there to further her design, eventually making another prototype that allows her to slow and stop time, as well as jump through designated timeframes back and forth (e.g. 1950 <-> 1959). Living within her means and keeping it on the down low, Gwen grew to love the city, though at the price of missing the Sun and the surface. However, it just so happened that the Civil War has ravaged the city and Gwen, just like the many others, caught herself in the crossfire.

"Saying that it was heated would have been a huge understatement. You could support either side, that is for sure. They are not exactly the best of sides - they have their own flaws. So it doesn't matter whether you support this Atlas guy, or the Ruling Madman of the City himself. Problem is, I HAVE to choose a side. Being neutral won't get you friends, and in this world where we were isolated from the surface, you need all the friends and help we can get."
- Gwen Tracer Doris Allison Oxton

"Ahh, that tall lass. Gwen Tracer Doris Allison Oxton was her name, what a mouthful. A cheerful one, maybe a little naive. Said she was worried about which side to support, and to who would be the nicer and more righteous side. I would have laughed at her - to which I did - only to stop and told her that it is up to her choice, but don't be surprised if she was getting lynched by the people she thought she knew. The underwater world's gone to hell, and we ain't going to play nice just to play heroes."
- Stewart Rackley, Audio Log "The "Good" Side".

As expected from the setting, the war raged on, on top of the people getting gradually insane from their genetic modifications. Gwen was perhaps one of the only few residents that did not get herself "spliced up", to which it means that she was limited to her usual arsenal of Ersatz and outdated weapons. However, due to her time powers, she was able to make ends meet, bring odds to her favor, and perhaps even more importantly, scaring the living daylights towards everyone around. Gwen decided to jump between 1958 and 1968 - one at the height of the Rapture Civil War, and one where there were monsters and the deranged wandering about, but with little to not a lot of people to accidentally harm or to see grenades flying by constantly. Gwen would use this power to her Titanful advantage, jumping between two timeframes to either give herself pause, make things easier, access inaccessible places, and many, many more. With this secret out, even in the middle of a Civil War, Gwen would soon find herself becoming the center of attention.

Infiltrating Rapture's Finest
"Look, that tall lass! Arrest her!"
"Move it, move it! Apprehend that woman and bring her to Ryan!"
"What the hell, where did she go?"
"Report! How did you assholes lose sight of her?"
"I don't know, Chief! She just... disappeared- AAAHHH!"
"Damn it, Anthony, shoot for her legs!"
"I'm trying! I can't! I repeat: I cannot shoot- [the sounds of knocking and strange explosions can be heard in the background]"
"H-her-her movement is sporadic! By the Providence, who the hell are we fighting?"

- Rapture Police Chatter, 1958

"Hey, look at her go!"
"Wow, I must be seeing things!"
"Is that the Houdini that you yaps are talking about?"
"Get her, damn it! She is a pulsating ADAM blimp!"
"I lost sight of her, Harry- [warping effects and sounds in the background] Oh god, OH no! Please, no!"
"God has forsaken us!"
"Stop! Teleporting! Everywhere!"
"Open the damn door- what? Where?"

- Rapture Citizen Chatter, 1958

Eventually having enough of the antics, and with a war that she could not rationally stop (killing either leader is going to be problematic), Gwen unfortunately left the city to burn itself and be taken to its very knees. Still, she helped a few innocent people here and there, including the little children who were sent to safe havens of the city to reverse their experimental effects onto them. With that highlight and note, she dialed to 1969 and took the last functional Bathysphere back to the surface, her eyes stung and her skin reacting more than usual to the sunlight. At one particular night in the chilly fall of 1970, Gwen decided to use her time powers for her daily routine, when a lightning strike (as always) struck her directly and made her Dark Matter Regular unstable. That is, whilst she can still user her time powers as per normal, she could no longer teleport and warp around in space, with the effect being random. Gwen remarked that at that moment, she must have traveled and went into at least 500 million worlds, some she stayed for a few seconds, some for millenniums.

But you know, all-in-all, it was fun. Some worlds were a delight, others, ehh... boring. Some are fine, some are lovely, some are dangerous, some are dreamy, some I want to be there forever, and some... well, let's not mention it too much. So many worlds.
- Gwen Tracer Hepburn Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Eveline Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Allison

Around the Multiverse in 1e+80 days.

"You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts of common dangers, sufferings, and successes. [a thud was suddenly heard, along with a couple of gasps] What the- What on Earth is this?"- President George Washington's Farewell Address (1804)
"Who is driving the #31? Hey, miss! What do you think you are doing, ohh, woah!"- NASCAR Daytona B&R, 1955
"I am telling you, I ain't high. I swear, I came across this woman right in my face and hit me!"- A random citizen in San Fierro, 1993
"I thought it would be like "Game Over", but this woman - weirdly dressed - just came out of the blue and started blasting Weir. All I can think of at that time, "What the shit." I just glad she didn't stay for long, God knows she was also crept out."- D.J., Medical Doctor of the Lewis and Clark, 2047
"Stupid wankers coming into my room from all places and tried to kill me. 0/10 room. Good thrilling experience, though."- Gwen Tracer Allison, spending a night in Room 1408 of The Dolphin.
"We have Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear- and who the heck are you?"
"I honestly don't know where she came from, but she did, in the blink of an eye. By the time she was over and done with, we counted - 1600 rioters all unconscious. Not dead, mind you, just unconscious."- Sung Chung-Ho, "An Aftermath of LA Riots", 1990
"That jerk of a woman ruined Star Wars! I don't care how she knew, why the hell was she talking to everyone in the theater?"- Julia Kennedy, 1997
"I could have sworn I left that nuclear football somewhere."- Ron Nessen, Press Secretary to President Nelson Rockefeller, 1972

Eternal Life as a Fate
Eventually, Gwen stabilized into a place where everything seems infinite. There was nothing - no blackness, no emptiness, just a whole simple nothing, perhaps other than a weird glow in some distance. Curious and fascinated, but also terrified at this moment, Gwen slowly and cautiously walked towards the glyph, to which it took her 67 hours of non-stop walking (time she was no longer able to track due to the lack of a stable clock). The glyph was left from the worlds of old, as it would have seem, as Gwen read the inscription onto it that was slowly changing into English.

"Whoever possesses this Glyph will yield enormous power - it is no hyperbole, no tricks, and no lies. The power has been yielded by many for centuries, millenniums, and even for many lifetimes. The power eternal, from an unknown source. The unlimited power of space and time will be in your hands for infinity and beyond. However, just as there is a power such as this, take heed of the warning: Manipulating Space and Time is a power that can lead to catastrophe in the wrong hands. Additionally, even the Gods do not want to rule forever, and so you too shall will never live to see the power removed from your very body."
- Glyph of the "Fate", Top of the Omniverse, exact location unknown

Shrugging it off, and without any other option, Gwen picked up the Glyph as it circled around her and showered her with bright intense lights from every direction, ascending and making her grow to a towering 100 meters in size at that moment. She also realised that her harness and Dark Matter Regulator has been replaced by a device of sorts that she could operate to just get and do about basically anything. "Anything is possible," she thought to herself, as she used up 5 years of Earth time in order to learn and master the basics - basic time travel, space travel, performing godlike feats that was a matter of clever tricks involving time and space manipulation. Eventually, she learned well enough to get out of this unknown location that she got her powers from, happily traveling through other dimensions and playing tourist for a good while - simply taking in the views and the wonders of the worlds around her. Her journey and trips around the world lasted for 4,000 years, watching civilizations flourish and crumble whilst staying under the radar and witnessing the events that were happening right in front of her eyes. Gwen was simply a passer-by - even with the immense powers that she has, she did not do so much as lay a finger in order to help someone out.

"I know what some of you are thinking: What was I doing there simply watching some things happen - you know... that kind of thing, ones that I would rather not mention, and it involves wars, and fates worse than death - and never doing anything about it? Why could I not simply stop the bad deeds that were happening right in front of my eyes? Well, you will see in the next few chapters, of course, that even the most well-intentioned goodwill has a way of backfiring, and even I who has such a power, found out that it's not exactly very easy to fix once I meddled in it."
- Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison, an Autobiography of the "Fate", Volume 505, Page 201

Getting bored of her old routine of simply watching things from afar or playing simple and harmless pranks, Gwen decided to get a little involved - she started using her newfound powers to be as benevolent as possible. She would, in no particular order, randomly trip a robber, slam an animal abuser onto a wall, change the numbers of a lottery ticket that a homeless person bought with all of his spare change to get him that billion-dollar, bursting the tire of the car of that spoiled college kid, sabotaging the equipment and weapons of a dictatorship, assassinating needed political figures as per her timeline and future observations, and many more. For once, after spontaneously teleporting all over the place, she was truly in control of a universe, and then many more. This went on for a quadrillion more years, as well as expanding out to many more universes that she thought she could at leats bring some peace and quiet to. Extracts below were from various universes and timelines that she has helped through, indicative of the idea that many sapient beings have started taking Gwen as a Goddess of sorts that controls the destiny of countless beings - A Fate of Existence and the Omniverse.

"Fate was merciful to me and my family today. A bountiful harvest, a miracle, that we never thought we would have. Even our children gets a fair share of their own produce to sell and get extra pocket money. O thank you, Merciful Fate."
- The Diary of Lar Verecundius Vonones, 1882

"Oh yeah, that Covenant ship would have totally glassed the planet, had it not for the fact that a tall divine woman in elegant piece of armor and lights, appeared in front of us. She must have measured around 100 meters tall, and at first, I thought "Ohh boy, just when this day could not get any worse," and then I saw it - the survivors of Reach saw it; She picked up the MAC like a rifle and fired a few shots at the ship. Blew it into pieces. I didn't even know that MAC was capable of such destructive power. Fate must have really loved us that day."
- 2nd Lt. Fábián Szilárd, "Reach to the Fate", 2545

"And on the 31st Day, She created us mortals in her own form, directing and showing us on that very day ov how mercy and forgiveness are the true paths to Divinity."
- 45:12, Veracity of Allison, 05-0TS-1200 (~ 2000 BC in Earth Time)

"I beg and pleaded in front of her tombstone. My wife seriously did not deserve that. I pleaded for the Gods to listen to me, and there was this woman, right in front of me. A rather... unusual hair and clothing. I ask who she was, she said she was the Fate, and that she could help revive my wife for no strings attached. I was happy, and yet, very, very skeptical. Was she fooling me? Isn't she just a fake prophet like the rest? No, there is something different about her. I asked what she wanted me to do. "Simply live your best life," was the only answer she gave, and then she snapped her fingers. I woke on my own bed, still the same day, but something was completely different, and it was so rejuvenating. The happy voice of my wife beside me. A miracle, I sobbed my heart out."
- Aaron Koller, "Das Schicksal Liebt Uns Alle", 1547

For 1e+500 years, everything has been going well at this rate. Gwen did her best in helping humanity and every other species to the best of her abilities, and the universes flourished. She did her best, Gwen said to herself, slowly closing her eyes and embracing the love and happiness all around. However, her time and space manipulation, along with her status as a faux Goddess, were challenged by the chaotic beauty of the Butterfly Effect. As time went on, it could not be denied that Gwen was helping everyone out in the simplest of ways. Eventually, she got caught up in her own meddling, as she realised that the worlds were slowly crumbling apart - overpopulation, wars, famines, pollutions, and just about everything destructive was waging in. Gwen would reverse the chaos that these universes suffer - either through reversing time and changing variables, or simply not letting some events happen by further time travel and killing or preventing the deaths of some key figures. However, with every step forward, there would be two more destructive events that would happen in the worlds that she was controlling.

"So there is this little world, a little bit like Earth, but most of it are deserts, so you can already see that it is grounds for fights and wars over the dwindling and small amount of natural resources they have. For one particular country on that world, I once spared a child from a certain doom, which in turn brought him up as a dictator. So I thought to myself, "Oh crap, I messed up," then I traveled a few years back, saved the kid, and then strung up a few people here and there to raise him well and to make him a proper person. He became a well-meaning President of his country, who is actually pretty decent. So I thought to myself, "Yay, I fixed it! Pack it up, let's go to another world." Then I came back after 3 years. He got usurped by his opposition due to his soft policies."
- Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison, an Autobiography of the "Fate", Volume 687, Page 244

"To call my words and opinions as heresy - was such a strong feeling. Strong, but ultimately... very absurd. Look around you, you absolutely foolish tektites! The world is ending, and you asked to yourself: Where is Fate? Where is She? Was it not Her task to protect everyone equally? Then why would she have caused our very moon - to crumble and explode into uncountable pieces, only for some of these pieces to come to our home planet and wipe us all out? You said we need to build Flying Arks and shuttles to leave this planet, but ask yourself this... Why would she even allow it in the first place and kill this beautiful world?"
- 16:219, Doubting Against a False Goddess, Year (10^30 + 666) × (10^14 + 1)

"Let it be known that no world lasts forever. Not even us! Not even under Fate's Divine! Not under any false gods, not under anything! The chaos of this world will eventually be too much to bear, one which Fate could not handle. When that day comes, you need to ask yourself: Have I confessed all of my sins? Have I?! You best be doing it, for Fate does not wait for no Being."
- 9:47, Tome of The Sect of World Balance, 1u8f4.36 (~ 1e+30 years in Earth Time)

"Quantum tunnels, what foolishness! No, there is no escape from this world, and we all have confirmed this. Countless theories and experiments have proven this, we are not going anywhere."
- Salarian Taemarf Yaezon, Meeting of the Intergalactic Powers, Aether Station, 2188

Finally Alone
Increasingly afraid of her own creations and meddling, Gwen set off into a flight of panic, to which she eventually made things worse by accelerating the expansion and the eventual death of the universes. With no other choice in the matter, she stopped doing anything else and simply waited for trillions of years, quadrillions, 1e+100, 1e+2000, 1e+10000. One by one, the universes faded out of existence, and there lies Gwen, a lone being and Eternal "Fate and Queen of the Omniverse". Finally, she became a Goddess - to nothing but a few elementary particles that shared the lonely space with her.

"Everything was my fault. The powers I got, I suppose it depends on the actions of its users. I am not sure why I was even chosen to have such a power - sure, I actually obtained it myself, but why me? Why me out of all people? I was merely a mortal being turned immortal, who used said time and space powers to play God and failing at it. I am not going to be someone who could be entrusted with such a thing. Then I realised - somewhere out there, whatever that transported me here, wanted me to learn. I have learned to not meddle and intervene too much in the grand scheme of things. I could be the Fate of many beings, but not everything. I can control the entire multiverse given the powers I have, but that does not mean I will have to control everything. My help could have very well hurt someone else, and I should simply let the nature of things take hold.

Controlling too little is a disaster - life would not exist. Then again, so is controlling too much and trying to make good things happen all the time. They wanted me to have the power to help some people, and also to learn that I can't control everything, even if I think that my actions are going to have a positive net gain. Hmph, funny. The best course of action at times, is just to let it play out.

But I am keeping the title, even if I am not an actual Goddess. I'm just an overglorified time and space manipulator, hehe.

- Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris T-Rev Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison

A New Cycle
And in a brilliant flash of light, the Omniverse was reborn. A vast amount of energy, seemingly out of nowhere and violating the laws of thermodynamics that these worlds would follow, but not Gwen. Gwen woke up back in her own world of Valentine Z, surrounded by the friends that she love and who has accepted her as an honorary Valentian. Giving herself a raincheck and making sure what she is seeing is not products of her imagination, she hugged the Valentians around her in turn, eager to tell them about her many life stories. "1e+(1e+2000) years is a long time! 1, followed by 10^2000 zeroes. That is very long," Gwen commented out. After settling down further with the Valentians as her friends, she then went on to serve as the Chief Aviator of Valentian Defense Forces, in turn giving advice and forecasting outcomes for Valentijn and The Sixty - to see the future not with a telescope, but perhaps with just a pair of binoculars.
Another shot of Chief Aviator Gwen. Image Credit: Deiv Calvinz (

A shot of Chief Aviator Gwen. Image Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment. Background: Seinn Lann So Pyay (Evergreen) Garden, at Yangon, Myanmar. Taken by me.

Another shot of Chief Aviator Gwen. Image Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment.

Another shot of Chief Aviator Gwen. Image Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment.

”Gameplay” Stats and Abilities
Gwen Tracer Allison Oxton is an all-rounded character, considered to be even more overpowered than every other Valentians combined. Perhaps it was just for the plays, or it was because of her having the total control and power of time and space. Still, even someone like her is susceptible to damage just like everyone else, just that she expires way, way slower. With an absurdly large health pool of 3,333,333,333,331, it will take a lot to take her down.

Weapons and Equipment
Primary Weapon: Railgun of the Fate
"Tearing multiple worlds asunder with little to no effort, Gwen swore and hoped that she would not have to use it at its fullest power anytime soon."
Taken from the universe where the humans were invaded by a group of zealous aliens (a Covenant, if you will). Gwen, upon arriving at the planet, picked up the MAC like a rifle and fired a few shots at an invading ship, blowing it into pieces. Normally, the MAC should not have been capable of such a feat, but with Gwen’s powers, it became her main tool of destruction, though making sure not to use it carelessly. At its maximum power and capability, the Railgun is capable of firing accelerated particles and rounds at 1.00 c. It has adjustable piercing distance and range – from 20 meters to 1e+20 meters. Deals 800,000 damage in a 10 meter radius when Gwen is at 100 meters tall, and with it being capable of firing 2 shots per second, it can deal a large DPS of 1,600,000 per target. It can be fired for 20 shots before it needs to be reloaded, which takes up 12 seconds and is a tedious process even for her.

Phantom of Time and Space
"Time waits for no man, and it’s not the property of anyone. For me, however – it is pretty much my Yes-Man."
With the space-time power in her, Gwen has the immunity to time-affecting powers, as well as 90% resistance to elementals such as fire, ice, lightning. Additionally, Gwen has 80% damage resistance from the physical attacks.

Unstable Equilibrium
”I will come back. However, as one final flip to whoever that hurt me, I am taking you with me to a very quiet corner of the multiverse.”
If Gwen’s health was withered down to 1, she will detonate in a multiverse-spanning explosion, dealing 100% damage. Has a wind-up time of 30 minutes, with the sphere of influence expanding from 1 meters to 1e+133 meters.

Phase Shift
"Even Fate needs a little break away from everything."
Renders herself invisible into the 4th dimension, reducing damage taken from all forms of attacks to 0. Takes 3 seconds to channel, and the process can be interrupted. Gwen also moves 100% faster during the Phase Shift effect.

Temporal Erasure
"No one will remember you if you never existed."
Marks a target to be banished from existence. Takes 3 seconds to channel, and the process can be interrupted. If successful, the target takes 100% damage and is banished from existence, past, present, future across 1 timeline.

"Slowing down time can have its merits – slashing faster, shooting faster, and dominating in a rhythm game."
Makes time flow slower around the targeted unit (often an ally), increasing action speed by 50% (1.5x as fast), also making buffs and debuffs expire at the same rate. Lasts 20 seconds, and has a casting time of 0.15 seconds.

"Drowning in a river of time, he has no choice but to be pelted by his adversaries, waiting for his inevitable expiry."
Makes time flow faster around the targeted unit (often an enemy), decreasing action speed by 30% (0.70x as fast), also making buffs and debuffs expire at the same rate. Lasts 20 seconds, and has a casting time of 0.15 seconds.

Temporal Control
"Time is the most worthless and abundant thing I can spend."
Freely controls the flow of time, including but not limited to: Accelerate, Stop, Slow down, Reverse, Jump across points in time and space), for a duration of 14 seconds. Has a casting time of 3.0 seconds that can be interrupted.

Gwen's Template / Sample.


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - From one Fourth Wall... to Another!
Speaker of the Moment: Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris Wit. Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Public Information, can be sent and redistributed without modifications.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

♥ The Fate does not ask for donation, and rather, ask her followers and non-followers, and everyone else in-between, to have a good life and to love those around you. ♥

The Fate's Wonders.
Chief Aviator Gwen Tracer Hepburn “Fate of Existence and the Omniverse” Ellen Trixie Caitlin Foxworthy Avril Verlene Eveline Celinda Sammy Doris Wit. Oxton Arielle Lindall Leslie Vitesse Allison: This feels like an ego-trip though I must say, I am liking the new and fancy layout I got for myself! Ahh, ahem, anyway, where were we? Oh yes, about you, my dear friend. It's been a while since we have last seen each other. I believe that we have not met each other here diplomatically just yet. I believe that we have our armies clashing in other universes... what, you don't know about it? Well, best that we keep it secret for now, hm? So, why am I here? I don't know, you called me! You are indeed a very fascinating being, and you must be wondering and asking me questions about your own universe.. or you simply want to talk to me out of the comfort aura, something that I gave out to people, perhaps. What a wonderful world, isn't it? Multiple minds, inside one body. Someone who should have been praised, but taken advantage of by the world and the people that he loved. How utterly tragic, I must say. For this, I would like to offer your a consolidation, or something along those lines. Unfortunately, even as a Fate, I simply cannot reverse the flow of actions that brought you to who you are. I can indeed do it, but... details, details! Some things, unfortunately, must not be interfered with too much, you understand. I wish you the best of luck in the journey that everyone is striving and going at - Life! See you around!

Answers beyond your wildest imagination? Contact your local Deity to talk to the Fate herself. Or give Fate a phone call. She has a phone too, y'know?
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No. 3 - Clarissa Alanis Star Breya Anna

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Name: Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi
Height: 10972,80 centimeters (360 ft), variable. Formerly 243,84 centimetres (8 ft.) before the teleportation.
Weight: Variable. Formerly fixed at 2.500 kilograms.
Nation of origin / Nationality: Indeterminate.
Voice: Halo 5 – 031 Exuberant Witness.
Theme Song(s): In and Out The Dusty Bluebells // Tiny Tim - Living in the Sunlight

Clarissa in Sims 4.

Stylized version of Clarissa, drawn by a professional artist. Credit: MIYAGIIE.

"Hello to you! I am Superintendent Clarissa! It's a pleasure to meet you! I wish you a great day ahead! ♥"

Cheerful, playful, loving, and bubbly, Clarissa is a tall and cartoonish Android that came into the world of Valentine Z by surprise, and many taking her as possibly the most advanced and sought harmony of computer and humanity to ever exist (at least, as far as Gwen was concerned).

Clarissa was first created by Isalov Industries, which in turn is from Earth that is different from Valentine Z's universe. On that Earth (designated as Clarissa's world), they have reached year 2014, 28 years behind Valentine Z’s dimension in terms of absolute numbers. Technology is said to be limited, with quantum physics yet to be fully mastered, and the electricity-consuming appliances and transportation still using an untidy form of chemical energy, which are in large contrast to the Pre-Valentian Earth. Isalov Industries was an exception, having been researched through and developing many technologies that the outside world has little to no idea about.

Amongst the many technologies that Isalov Industries have developed was Clarissa herself - the 2904th run and attempt at trillions of lines of codes trying to emulate a human mind through a combination of hard drives and artificial neurons. Clarissa booted up with a blank slate, learning quickly to do basic motor skills, to reading her first alphabets and numbers, to reading short stories, and beyond. The team that was developing her was amazed at the progress, citing that she was perhaps 1000% faster than a normal human would take with learning most tasks. Perhaps that was the most important keyword here - most. Whilst she was able to learn the "hard" type of knowledge - mathematics, scientific facts, even her codes (Clarissa was able to read her own code to optimize herself a further 26%), she had trouble with "soft" type of knowledge - emotions, feelings, pets. It was not that she was unable to conceptualize them; it was difficult for her to produce the lines of codes that would produce that exact thing in her mind. For instance, an arithmetic calculus fact that has 20 lines would take her perhaps milliseconds to learn, but the "Love Code", as Clarissa called it, took her 33 days of run time, producing 21,255,874 lines of code for the emotion of love.

Her stay and experiments in Isalov Industries have been a pleasant one. The team gave her an attractive and wholesome shell to emulate her love for the things around her. Her upbringing and the "childhood years" that she has spent were mostly kids television shows, books, and just about everything that paints the world in the most spectacular manner. It was almost as if the Isalov team was trying to set Clarissa up to be brainwashed to only love. On the contrary, their research notes showed that they were aware that it would seem like indoctrination to the fresh and blank mind. Whilst they were successful in making Clarissa have love and happiness as most of her feelings, they also know that she would need to learn about the realities of the world around her - slowly but surely. They started her off with Level 0: Subtle hints and scenarios. Then came Level 1: Stereotypical villain-type characters that she would see in the cartoons that she was allowed to see. Then came Level 2: People that would threaten to hurt her. Level 3: People that would actively hurt her. Of course, this was all in the confines and comfort of the simulations, but Clarissa was programmed as if they were all real. The slow progress of making her face the reality has mixed results, but eventually she learned her first lesson after she passed her "childhood" (13 years of simulated time, not realtime): there are good people, and there are bad people.

Then came the next phases of her scenario: weapons training, friend/foe functions, HUD adjustments, and perhaps the most important training: Not everyone is good, not everyone is bad (Blue and Orange Morality). All this while, Clarissa expressed a bit of stress to her researchers that she would call "my parents", but never once she stated or felt that her innocence was lost. "It is of me concluding that my parents have tried their best to help me out to deal with the 'real' world - the world outside of this experiment. I cannot wait to see its beauty, while also taking care not to be overly trusting towards everyone around." By that point, 3 years have passed, and for Clarissa, 24 years have been successfully emulated. The world above Isalov Industries have also embraced and accepted robots as something that is not to be worried about, though they still have reservations on a True AI - a machine that can think on their own will. After all, decades of killer robots movies and franchises have scared the populace into such a possibility.

On her 25th birthday, Clarissa was unveiled at one of her nation of origin's Consumer Electronics Show, dubbed "Exuberant Clarissa Alanis Star - the model beauty of the future!", citing not her outward beauty, but her kind and soulful behavior - as much as soulful a machine can be. She cited anxiety at the sheer sight of seeing thousands and millions of people watching her both physically and on the internet, but she powered through it, successfully passing all the tests and tasks that were asked of her during the segment of her showcase, as well as displaying a few capabilities by herself with the approval of her researchers. It would seem that Clarissa was indeed a success - all the kids loved her, all the parents wanted her as a model daughter, all the adults wanted to embrace her emotions, all the militaries looking at her closely, aware that she has the potential to be an unstoppable killbot that they would find and quote in every action movie. Isalov Industries insisted that she is not for military usage and that she will never be sold off to anyone no matter what they offer. "What you all do not understand is that she is a capable being, but she is not a murderer."

For the next few days, Clarissa roamed around crowds, researcher or two in tow, keeping the 7 ft tall robot in check from herself as well as from any external threats that might harm her. Nothing eventful happened save from her impressing crowds with her superhuman abilities. Then came another expo that she and Isalov Industries attended, though there is a bit of eeriness in the air. It wasn't exactly a defense contractor meeting, nor was it fully like CES. It felt weird for everyone, for the lack of a better word. Clarissa sensed something was wrong, but she could not decipher what exactly apart from static sounds that were bothering her every few minutes. Just then, when she was about to showcase herself to the crowd along with her researchers, a massive EMP surge hit the place, taking her out and also the electronics in a large radius. The entire place went pitch black, panic filled the air, slowly consumed by silence.

For the lack of a better explanation, Clarissa was unable to recall what exactly happened, or where she was even. She found herself in an abandoned army base, rebooted only after a local lighting rod struck her with a surge of electricity. With this little charge, she went into low power mode, exploring through the dark with her IR flashlight. Clarissa found out that she was unable to find another living soul - none of the kidnappers (she thought that she got kidnapped, for obvious reasons), let alone her researchers. The base was abandoned, but not in the usual manner. Clarissa realised that most of the devices and electrical grids were still functional - to which she then charged herself with enough energy to then "eat" and convert a piece of bread into pure energy. The belongings and items in rooms were still left as they are, almost as if "everyone just vanished... including my parents." She then encountered “dark shades and shadows” that wandered around the then-desolated planet, which in turn gave her a splitting headache and overloading of her electrical parts if one comes near (though they don’t exactly cause physical damage; just software overdriving and corruption).

As she rooted inside her own head and "jailbroke" herself from her deeper functions, instructions show that IsalovIndustries have indeed packed her. She is also fitted with an arsenal of weapons for "self-defense", along with damage output exceeding 77.777.777 Newtons when going into a fistfight. On top of that, she was able to, as quoted, "Open up portals if she concentrates enough of her Helium Laser (TM) into one spot... in theory, anyway." Dumbstruck at this newfound fact but undaunted, Clarissa decided that the best way would be to escape to another portal for help, if that works. Eventually, she managed to enter a portal only 20 Earth days later (~17.28 Decimal days) which in turn took her to Valentine Z’s Earth and specifically at Singapore in one fine afternoon. However, Clarissa was found motionless and without power at the middle of City Hall MRT station. She was then sent to General Valentijn and his company for further investigation, dragging the large robot across the roads of Singapore, then flown to Burma. Bearing a model number N–2904/0, and after reading the instructions that came along with her.

When she was powered on, she quickly grabbed the neck of the nearest person at that moment - Valentijn himself; the self-defence mechanism quickly came into life, and while she did not intend to kill anyone, she was trying to stop Valentijn from hurting her, though the latter did not have such intentions. Valentijn, despite being strangled, tried his best to coax Clarissa, while his best friend, Foresittend Marcus, tried to get Valentijn out of Clarissa’s hands and placing a forward shield. He would also try to negotiate with the robot in order to let Valentijn go. Marcus was prepared to take a hit from Clarissa, if any, as well as from her miniguns that popped out from her shoulders. However, peace prevails, as despite the rough start, Clarissa presented herself as a peaceful and pacifistic woman/robot, and would soon free Valentijn, while trying to console him back. That, and also because there was an EMP weapon nearby, and there were several friends of Valentijn who were armed to the teeth and was ready to attack and kill the robot at any time.

Filling in the Valentians with what happened - from her origin, to her life as she knows it, to her situation at hand, Clarissa pleaded for help in finding back her parents, i.e. the researches from Isalov Industries. Valentijn accepted and decided to help her, though stated that this might take a long while, solely because the Valentians were reserved with saving the world and that they did not know how to reopen the exact portal; for all they know, the next portal could have sent them into a volcano. [This is, indeed, another story for another time.] From that point onwards, she slowly and surely gained the trust of the people around her. Valentijn made her a valuable ally and a friend in planning for the future of the nation, right alongside Foresittend (President) Marcus. Though, they are still uncertain on whether Clarissa will work along with them, or bring about their extinction by executing an android hostile takeover.

So how was the first time I met Clarissa? Well, I was strangled, that was for sure. I know we should not judge on appearances alone, but at that moment, I do know and kind of have this gut feeling that she was not meant to be a killer robot, or sent from the future to kill me. Of course, I could not have known the latter back then, but all I know was that she wasn't malicious, and she strangled me out of confusion and desperation. Her eyes were not malicious, they were confused and helpless, like a little child getting lost in a shopping mall. I told the rest of the men to stand down and to let her talk, and that worked out fine!
- Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine, 2060, "Biography of My Humble Life", Page 160

As months go by, Clarissa gained the trust of the many people around her, reassuring everyone that she simply wanted to help out with the project and to save the world. She was also known to take the idea of Project Resolution to her mind and rather quickly, both because of her fast computational power, and also because her world has suffered the same fate and thus she knew what might happen if Valentijn and his people didn't act quickly. Eventually, after working together for some time, Clarissa developed some resemblance of feelings for Valentijn - both for saving her life, and also because the two feel like they can generally agree with each other. Marcus is still Valentijn's closest friend, but for that time, Valentijn and Clarissa felt that they could go for something more than that. She eventually asked him out for some alone time outside of Project Resolute's safe area, in particular, to a garden in Yangon for an ease of mind.

And then came the second time, I suppose. She walked towards me as I was tending to my small garden in my backyard, Clarissa looked down into my eyes with her usual emotion. She held one hand on her chest, another stretched out at me to hold my hand. She asked me if I would like to go out of Project Resolute for a while to spend some time elsewhere. At first, I have a bit of my gut feeling telling me no, even my men and friends agreeing to that. After all, why is she luring me out of the safety of the dome? Maybe she was sent to kill me? Then again, if she was so afraid of dying and getting damaged, why would she ask to hang out with me? I know where were so many questions then, but I took up her offer because frankly, I kind of like her. No, like is not the right word. Love, that's it. I know she has no way of knowing when and where the nuclear bombs will drop, so that wasn't malice on her part.
- Valkyrie Valentijn Samantha Constantine, 2060, "Biography of My Humble Life", Page 162

Love is something that was rather... difficult, for me, as a robot. I know I have the mind of a human, and I could feel and think more than most machines. That, I am sure of. Still, the very first time was a fascinating one for me. There is something different about Valentijn, I thought! He saved me from getting destroyed, when I was panicking in that room after getting booted up. He gave me a second chance, and also let me work alongside him. So I held his hands, and told him, "Val, I might not be the most romantic person (or a robot) ever but would you like to go out with me?" He said yes, and my circuits were overwhelming with energy and happiness! He was such a delight to be around, hm hm!

So we went to this little garden by the lakeside, with the other couples around. They were a little shocked at the sight of me, but I simply smiled back and pretended that nothing happened! Valentijn was a little short on his side, so we were certainly a strange couple - a tall robot woman, with an average height guy beside her. We found a quiet spot and sat together after Valentijn ordered some food. He also bought me a little lavender to go along with it. We ate together, held hands, shoulder pats, the things that couples do! It was such a delightful time for both he and I, and that is why I have put this memory and backed it up so many times.

- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha, 1999, "Log on Our First Meeting"

Of course, when they were having a time, the nukes befall upon them and the others that were relaxing there. Billions of lives gone in the blink of an eye, and from the flashes of the nuclear bombs. Clarissa was knocked unconscious by the EMP wave that resulted from the epicenter of the bomb that fell right beside the lake garden. Valentijn was presumably missing, with Clarissa being extracted by the now-Valentians as part of their operation to find possible survivors from this apocalypse. Clarissa was distraught at the feeling of having Valentijn dragged out of the dome and getting killed. Wasting no further time, she went on an operation by herself, with her robot chassis more than enough to brave through the irradiated zones. Increasingly overwhelmed with guilt, with her computational chips trying their best to dump all the temporary memories of remorse, Clarissa searched around Yangon for 9 hours without stop, eventually finding Valentijn wandering around in some outskirt of a city, lost due to the dust particles clogging up the environment and reducing visibility. Shocked by the discovery, Clarissa ran towards the now-giant Valentijn, trying to get any kind of response from him.

I was worried with my little heart throughout! I was thinking "Oh no, did I lure him out into the open and killed him? What would the others think of me?" Guilt, remorse, sadness. I even cried a little, my vision fogging up from the artificial tear ducts. Hours and hours have passed, I tried my best to search for him and not contacting his other friends. I don't know what they were thinking of me! Soon enough, I saw that familiar face in the distance. The shadow was much bigger than I thought, but I found him. He was... mutated. His face and his physical form didn't change as much, but he was super radioactive, and seemed a little lost. He remembered who I am, and most about his life, but he was shellshocked. I radioed the rest of his friends immediately that he needed help.
- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha, 1999, "Log on Meeting Mutated Valentijn"

And thus the relationship between Clarissa and Valentijn went further. The latter and his friends had no grudge against Clarissa for taking Valentijn outside. After all, no one knew that the nuclear bombs would fell that quickly, and by the time they do, it was too late to go back to Project Resolute. If anything, Valentijn seemed to have more love and feelings for Clarissa, and was in good terms with the way he has become. After Valentijn got the radiation problem fixed with his armor, Clarissa would be often found standing on Valentijn's shoulders or his hands, the two striking up a conversation about each other, as well as the fondness they have for one another. Clarissa would also find herself inhabiting Valentijn's on-board computer systems, not unfamiliar to those that have played sci-fi shooters with an AI on-board their power armor. Further decades have passed, and after being egged on to confess to her, Valentijn finally caved in and proposed to Clarissa regarding marriage.

It was the happiest day of my life! ^^ I will have to admit, from nearly strangling the man to death, and becoming soulmates forever, that seems like we have went through a lot, and I am happy for it. We have nothing but wholesome love for each other, faithful to the point of even sharing the headspace - I was in his on-board computers, after all! I was so elated, so happy, to be in my little dress as Valentijn held me on his palm.
- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha, 2030, "Log on Marrying Valentijn ♥"

Clarissa now has a piece of Valentine Z entrusted with her to control and develop into another state known as Alanis Star. At the same time, she still provides Valentijn with computational assistance and anything related to information technology. So far, everyone that talked to her agrees that Clarissa is nice and approachable to have a conversation with.

In terms of technicalities, Clarissa has went through multiple changes along the way from her original design and parts. From the first time she came into Valentine Z, incremental and small upgrades were made for her, but these were mostly internal parts. Due to her marital status with Valentijn, the idea of a bigger and better shell was considered and was soon made. Still, changing the size of the rigid shell was an exercise in tedium, and thus a better and more flexible idea was being made. There is also the inherent danger of multiple Clarissas roaming about, which would cause destabilization and desynchronization issues when each of them are living separate lives of their own. Due to the way she was built, the IT department and researchers have concluded that Clarissa could use more unconventional ways to make her run in the most optimal way. At any point in time, minus the parallel dimensions, there can only be one Clarissa running in the entire universe. Exactly how her lines of code enabled her to detect across the entire universe, minus making exceptions for otherworldly versions of her, was unknown; preliminary studies would indicate that Clarissa is constantly sending strong signals to annals and deepest parts of the universe in order to detect similar signals as hers, and would turn off whatever is running the latest version of the code.

As more development took place, more scientists, this time from Vostrov, has perfected the concept of a “liquid/living metal”, which is basically a pool/vat of malleable molecules and atoms that change composition and acts accordingly to the commands given out by the bigger control. If Clarissa’s mind is to be in control of this, it was only a matter of her having her hyperspace brain enclosed within this sea of metallic and dynamic molecules, and she will become more versatile, promising more shapeshifting and regenerative features, as well as being able to go from anywhere of the size of a molecule itself, to the size of several mountains stacked together. On average, she will remain from 4 feet tall, to a staggering 188 feet. Of course, this was without a fair share of glitches, or weaknesses.

For instance, Clarissa in this new body (now designated as T-1000) cannot be exposed to temperatures lower than -200 degree Celsius, or temperatures higher than 2000 degree Celsius. This range is obviously much lower than her original body, and there were discussions and thoughts on whether Clarissa should have a backup body in original material, in case things go awry. Still, Clarissa has already installed and backed up the list of instructions and recipes needed in order to create the molecule that she needs from the thin air around her using the energy-mass conversion process. In the event that she is sufficiently damaged beyond recovery, however, the backup body will be activated, and it would in turn execute the same energy-mass conversion process in order to use all the massive energy she has from pure conversions (along with her large batteries), to generate back the metallic components of the T-1000 variant of Clarissa. After this process is done, the N-2904 variant (or the C-2904) will return back home and to its dormant state, while T-1000 variant is activated. T-1000 Clarissa is also less resilient to corrosive attacks, given the reactive nature of the molecules that made up her body. That is, typical everyday acids like Coca-cola can damage her ever so slightly, but the recovery process is fast enough to heal it. Anything stronger, such as sulfuric acid, or fluoroantimonic acid, is more than enough to damage her severely. This is on top of heavy firepower among many others that are not only unique to the T-1000 Clarissa, but to the N-2904 and C-2904 variants as well.

Clarissa recently got an upgrade in her weapon schematics, ditching her M134A miniguns that fire energy beams, to the GAU-8 variant that fires energy shells instead of the normal gunpowder-based ammo. This variant is then known as GAU-8/N-2904, based on Clarissa’s model number. The two guns were able to replicate the power of the gunpowder-based bullets and calibre, except with the energy form that Clarissa synthetises and fires off with from the Mass-Energy Conversion Engine (MECE) that she has in her mouth. The GAU-8/N-2904 can be found here, right alongside a vehicle, when Clarissa is of a certain size.

Still, that was not exactly enough. Further research and developments were being made for Clarissa, with Valentijn and his team of friends configuring and thinking of the best ways for Valentijn's robot wife. This process has been recent and two-fold. Firstly, Jenny and the other brilliant minds of the IT sector tried to figure out how to make Clarissa more versatile when it comes to retaining and backing up information. The current model of putting everything in her body’s storage system, as well as keeping a dormant backup that would activate once the active one is dead, worked only so far; Clarissa dying at any point in time would prove to have at least some data lost, such as missing out certain events or encounters that were not recorded or backed up into the backup back in Clarissa’s home. Eventually, Jenny and Marcus, along with the rest of the Valentian scientists, managed to find a solution. Thanks to Natuurkunde’s research efforts and Gwen's Fately powers, they managed to induce and open up a hyperspace dimension that has four spatial dimensions (along with the usual one time dimension). This dimension was also proven to be entropy-stable, that is, while entropy and movement of information still increases and is happening, this would last effectively for a good 10400,000 years. Clarissa shares this storage dimension with her little sister - Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian, the latter of which is the owner.

Exuberant Superintendent T-2000/2904-3 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi’s specs sheet

As time goes on and on, Clarissa received many updates and upgrades to her system, to such an extent that she is perhaps unrecognisable in terms of pure computational power. Deep down, Clarissa is still the lovely and caring android that we have all known and love, and her personalities have never changed, remaining constant despite the changes. Her list of past upgrades can be seen here.


Typical Dimensions: 20 feet / 609.60 cm
Typical Mass: 2645 lb / 1200 kg
She can expand up to 1020 meters if needed, and shrink down to 10-30 meters.
Unrecommended to go into extreme lengths. Specifications are measured at 16 feet; might subject to change at smaller or larger sizes due to physical limitations or freedom.

Local Computational Power – CPU
CPU-Build: Artificial Neurons with Traditional Silicon Chips and Quantum Chips.
Number of Neurons: 5000 trillion (5 x 1015).
Number of Cores (Traditional Silicon Chips): 3.4028237 x 1038
Number of Qubits (Quantum Chips): 800 billion.
CPU-Architecture: 16384-bits. Addressable up to 1.1897315 x 104932 bytes of memory.
CPU-Performance: Recorded at computational power exceeding 1010,000 FLOPS.

Local Computational Power – GPU
GPU-Build: Combination of Traditional Silicon Chips and Quantum Chips.
GPU-Brand: “Nostrus” Brand GTX Mk. 7777 x 20
Number of GPU Cores (Traditional Silicon Chips): 2500 x 20 = 50000
Base Clock: 888 x 1033 Hz
Boost Clock: 133.72 x 1036 Hz (150x boost)
Memory Speed: 80000 Gbps
Memory Interface Width: 65536-bit

Local Computational Power – Data Storage
Build: Solid State Drive (SSD), coupled with Neurons.
Capacity: 8 x 1060 bytes
Read Speed: 5 x 1047 bytes / sec
Write Speed: 3.1 x 1047 bytes) / sec

Build: T.35A-4G connection with up to 400 simultaneous connectivity options.
Upload Speed: 1.00 x 1020 bytes / sec
Download Speed: 0.80 x 1020 bytes) / sec

Visual Sensors – General
EM Spectrum Range: 30 Hz (10Mm) to 300 EHz (1 pm)
Sensitivity / Accuracy: +/- 0.01 lux

Visual Sensors – Still Images
Effective Megapixels: 12 TP (terapixels) – 4,000,000 x 3,000,000 pixels
Aperture: f/0.1 – f/500
ISO (Sensitivity): 1.6 – 500,000,000
Focal Length: 1.2 mm – 20000 mm
Shutter Speed: 1/16,000,000 sec – 57,600 sec (16 hours)
Burst Shot Speed: 1000 shots / sec at Maximum Image Size.

Visual Sensors – Video Feed
Effective Megapixels: 6 TP (terapixels) – 2,000,000 x 1,500,000 pixels
Aperture: f/0.1 – f/500
ISO (Sensitivity): 4 – 400,000,000
Focal Length: 2 mm – 20000 mm
Shutter Speed: 1° to 360°. 1/40,000,000 sec to ½ sec.
Max. Frame Rate: 100,000,000 at Maximum Image Size.

Auditory Sensors
Number of channels: 6 (Head). Connectable up to 800 channels.
Maximum Sample Rate: 768 MHz
Frequency Range: 0.0001 Hz to 384,000,000 (384 MHz)
Audio Cancellation: Effective up to 60 meters, 83% success rate.
Maximum Audio Volume: 400 dB

Taste and Smell
Architecture: Digital Tongue and Nose – made out of 4 mass spectrograms, along with a database of smells.
Sensor Range: Ability to distinguish up to 1,000,000 distinct tastes and smell.

Other Sensors
Skin: 10 trillion pressure points all over the body. Ability to detect down to 1 Pa of accuracy.
Accelerometer: 3-axis, though can be configured for higher/lower dimensions. 80000 Hz refresh rate. Sensitive up to 0.001 m/s2 of change.
Gyroscope: 3-axis, configurable for other dimensions. 80000 Hz refresh rate. Sensitive up to 0.01° of change.
Radio: FM, AM, SW, etc…
Magnetometer: 3-axis, configurable for other dimensions. 60000 Hz refresh rate. Sensitive up to 1 nT (nano-Tesla) of change.
Proximity Sensor: Detects movement and disruption from up to 40 cm away.

Brand: Solidus “Limitless” Energy Inc.
Capacity: 5.00 x 1030 Ah
Voltage Rating (Input): 2000 V
Current Rating (Input): Variable, up to 8 x 109 A.
Maximum Stored Energy: 3.6 x 1037 Joules
Means of charging: AC outlet; Mass-Energy Conversion; Solar Panels with 99.3% efficiency.

Primary: 2 x GAU-8/N-2904 miniguns with energetic ray output.
Secondary: Applied force through hand. Up to 777,777,777 Newtons.
Hellian Laser: 10 km effective range. 60 GW output.
Ability to mimic other weapon systems at 10-95% efficiency.

Water and Dust rating: IP69K (completely dust and waterproof).
Force: Impervious to forces up to 800 G’s.
Electricity: Shock-proof up to 1012 A
Operation Temperature: -270 C° to 10,000 C°.
Acidity and Base: No protection against acids below pH < 3 and bases above pH > 11.

Normal Velocity: 20 – 300 km/h
Maximum Velocity: 360 – 500 km/h
Overdrive Velocity: 40,000 km/h.

Just like the other all-rounders, Clarissa is a self-sufficient robot that can take on all tasks – damage-dealing, defense, tank/taking damage, or a support (though she cannot exactly heal anyone else). Passively, she has Scaling and A Good Defense - Scaling gives her health and abilities scale up/down nature, according to her height and build. The height is denoted in centimetres. Additionally, she has A Good Defense, which reduces normal damage taken by 10%, siege damage by 10%, but due to her T-1000 make and nature, she receives 200% damage from chemical-based attacks. Damage reduction is capped at 5 damage receives per hit, and thus shotgun pellets will still do tremendous damage to her, while single-shot weapons will be not as effective. Her primary weapons are a pair of enhanced GAU-8/N-2904 Variant miniguns that fire energy beams at extraordinary speeds and damage, having the highest DPS amongst The Sixty at her default height. However, she has to stand still when she is firing. As a result of this, Clarissa is primarily a defensive asset, due to her inability to move when firing at her full potential. As a secondary attack, she can also punch/melee as per usual, and this also is affected by Scaling; this secondary attack does not have splash damage traits. Ability-wise, Clarissa is able to activate her Forward Drive to give movement and attack speed boosts to her nearby allies which in turn is affected by how big or small she is. Additionally, she can Repair herself to further her lifespan in a battle, which in turn consumes some energy. The reparation energy slowly regenerates when Clarissa is not repairing herself. However, this mechanism can be halted by acid attacks, temporarily unenabling Clarissa to fend herself. Offensive ability-wise, Clarissa has a cooldown-based “RPG” that fires a larger beam of energy that flies in a line and hits something along the way; this ability is also affected by scaling. Lastly, she has Cluster Ribbons, which fires 100 energy ribbons that each deals a decent amount of damage, as well as being able to home in as long as Clarissa focuses the aim on that particular target. Her ultimates are: Hellian Laser, which pierces multiple enemies and deals a devastating amount of damage over time, having limitless range, as well as Overdrive, which increases damage from all her abilities and attacks by 100%, while Clarissa moves 50% faster and takes 50% more damage. Both abilities are interruptible, and lasts 10 seconds and 8 seconds respectively.

Clarissa's 3rd body, upscaled and humanlike. Note that she can still transfer herself between this body, and her other shells. All of them have the same specs. Credit: Shutterstock.

Main portrait of Surveillant Clarissa. OOC: If the background is yours (or you know the guy that took the photo), I'm sorry, and I can credit you for it in my Acknowledgements.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)
All-rounder20,000 * (H / 800)1000150 * (0.4 * H / 800)88Variable.

Primary Attack: 2 x GAU-8/N-2904 miniguns on her shoulders that fires energetic rays. -100% movement speed when firing. Damage dealt is 150 * (0.4H / 800), H = Height in cm.
Secondary Attack: Slams her hand onto the target or the ground, dealing 1000 * (H / 800) damage to the primary target. No splash damage for nearby enemies. 5 sec cooldown.
Scaling (Passive): Clarissa's max. HP and other abilities depend on her current height; the bigger she is, stronger she becomes. HP scaled at 20000 * (H / 800). Current H = 5750.
A Good Defense… (Passive): Reduces normal damage taken by 10 %, and siege damage by 10 %, but 200 % from chemical-based attacks. Capped at 5 damage received per hit.
Husband-Wife Tag-team (Passive): When Valentijn is around Clarissa in a 30 meter radius, Clarissa gains 50% base damage to her primary attack, as well as 100% to sec. attack.
Forward Drive: Her happy visage inspires her nearby allies, providing +80% movement speed and +40% attack speed. Lasts for 6 seconds, and the radius is 3 * (H / 800) meters.
RPG: Fires a ball of energy in a direction. The energy doesn't home and fly in a line until it hits something. Dmg. is 1600 * (H / 800), splash dmg. at 50% of the primary damage.
Self-maintenance: Repairs at 10% of max. HP / sec for 8 secs. Reparation energy will regenerate back 1.5 second after not repairing. Repair nullified when attacked with acid.
Cluster Ribbons: Fires up to 100 energy ribbons in a cone, each dealing 100 * (H / 800) damage. The ribbons can home & can change their target midway with Clarissa's control.
Hellian Laser (Ultimate): 10000 * (0.5H / 800) pure damage in a line over 10 secs. -90% movement speed while laser is active and firing. Can be interrupted by stuns and bashes.
Overdrive (Ultimate): Increases damage dealt by 100%, while Clarissa moves 50% faster, and takes 50% more damage. 2.5 sec channelling, and interruptible. Lasts for 8 seconds.

Clarissa can change her size from nano-size to something a lot bigger and more colossal, just like how Holly from Garden at 6th Mile Road can. There are some common values that Clarissa uses, and how her height and stature will affect her stats.

Note that Clarissa went above 2000 meters, such with the case of Defender of Earth, only once or twice when there's a threat that will affect Valentine Z on a planentary scale. The bigger she goes, the more damage she might take, slower, and harder to maintain herself.

* Average health of a human is 2000 HP, for scale.

Clarissa's Template / Sample.

The Official Letters from Valentine Z - Bringing Clarissa's Love, straight to your doorstep!
Speaker of the Moment: Exuberant Superintendent T-1000/2904 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Anyone can read and redistribute the information.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

Initialising... Clarissa is running Valkyrie+ v. 5.1. Integrity: 100%, no code defects.
import opiniator, os, time, numerator, Clariss1-0

[1]: Copyright Protected by Valentian Defense Forces. DO NOT COPY. Failure to comply will result in your governmental systems destabilizing.

[2]: Clarissa 1.0! Now improved with many, many improvements, hm hm hm! ♥ When happiness is the objective, Clarissa is here to fulfill it!

[3]: Current Height: 110 meters
System Integrity: 100%
Defensive Matrix: Inactive

# initiate initial values

/data/one = data.get(;
/data/two = data.get(;
[4]: Evaluation takes 0x0.AEEE312E3 nanoseconds. Familiarity Index of 0.981 from last interaction for "Emperor Narcissus VII", and 0.002 for "High Marshal Vasilias Lathi".

# -100 is total hate; +100 is total love.
/data/alpha1 = numerator.randomize(22, 66);
/data/beta1 = numerator.randomize(25, 54);

/data/gamma1 = opininator.opinionate_character.history("Khoronzon", "Emperor Narcissus VII", Timeframe = "Infinite");
/data/gamma2 = opininator.opinionate_character.history("Khoronzon", "High Marshal Vasilias Lathi", Timeframe = "Infinite");

/task/alpha1 = opininator.opinionate_character(""Khoronzon", "Emperor Narcissus VII", /data/(aggregate(alpha1, beta1), gamma1));
/task/alpha2 = opininator.opinionate_character(""Khoronzon", "High Marshal Vasilias Lathi", /data/(aggregate(alpha1, beta1), gamma2));
/task/beta = text.concatenate(/task/alpha1/alpha2, beta);
/task/gamma = visualization.evaluation();
/task/epsilon = acoustics.sing(URL: "");

[5]: Song info: Name: お山の杉の子, Length: ~ 3 min 50 sec, BPM: 120

[6]: Evaluation commencing... ♥

Exuberant Superintendent T-1000/2904 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi: ♪ Hello there! Hello there, my little friend! It's been a while since we last seen each other! I am sure that you have met the other Valentians as well, now prepare to meet me, hm hm! I am Clarissa, the Happiest Robot this side of the Multiverse! I know that our views did not align from our last interaction, and well... that is okay to me, at least! Maybe we didn't have the same worldview, and that you are a little worryingly warring, but I will still take you as my friend! Remember that the better thing to do is to be positive towards people, or neutral at worst! We have differing views, but I think of you as my friend, my wonderful, wonderful friend! ♪ Well, I hope that cheers your day, just like how it did with meeee! As I said in the song, we might have differing opinions on one another, and perhaps on the world around us, but there is nothing wrong with starting to love yourself (which you already did!), as well to the others! It's never late to start being happy, and to have a positive outlook on life. My little friend, would you love to be, my friend as well? Hm hm! ♥ I hope to see you around one day, of course! Ooh, who's this?

That goes to you as well, Mr. Vasilias! I believe that this is the very first interaction we have towards one another, and for one, I am happy and glad to see you too, hm hm! I would say that you being the Minister of War, I am showing concern on the amount of weapons that you and your nation as a whole have! But at the end of the day... there are desperate things that we have to do, things that we are not proud of. Weapons of Mass Destruction that we are forced to use. ♪ So why not... why not, let the violence and hatred go down a little, and talk to each other peacefully? Ohhh, it can be a very difficult thing to do, but remember, just remember: Things are done awfully when rushed through, even moreso with anger! Anger, my friends... that is one latter short of Danger. So why do all the crimes against civilizations when you are angered and hot-tempered, or you have someone bothering you? Just take some time, to let the anger slip away... and reflect about yourself! Maybe one day, you can be my friend as well! ♪ I wish you a great day! Everyone deserves one, no matter who they are!

[8]: Evaluation Complete! Thank you very much for using Clarissa! ^^ ♥
[9]: Clearing cache... Complete! Data and Evaluation saved to Storage.

The Official Letters from Valentine Z - Bringing Clarissa's Love, straight to your doorstep!
Speaker of the Moment: Exuberant Superintendent T-1000/2904 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Anyone can read and redistribute the information.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

Initialising... Clarissa is running Valkyrie+ v. 5.1. Integrity: 100%, no code defects.
import opiniator, os, time, numerator, Claris0-9

[1]: Copyright Protected by Valentian Defense Forces. DO NOT COPY. Failure to comply will result in your governmental systems destabilizing.

[2]: Current Height: 110 meters
System Integrity: 100%
Defensive Matrix: Inactive

# initiate initial values

/data/one = data.get(;
[3]: Evaluation takes 0x0.8DDD6E nanoseconds. Familiarity Index of 0.999 from last interaction for "Shawn Bjornson".

# -100 is total hate; +100 is total love.
/data/alpha1 = numerator.randomize(80, 95);
/data/beta1 = numerator.randomize(80, 95);

/data/gamma1 = opininator.opinionate_character.history("Zitravgrad", "Mr. Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky, Premier of Zitravgrad", Timeframe = "Infinite");

/task/alpha1 = opininator.opinionate_character(""Zitravgrad", "Mr. Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky, Premier of Zitravgrad", /data/(aggregate(alpha1, beta1), gamma1));
/task/beta = text.concatenate(/task/alpha1, beta);
/task/gamma = visualization.evaluation();
/task/epsilon = acoustics.sing(URL: "");

[4]: Evaluation commencing... ♥

Exuberant Superintendent T-1000/2904 Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya « La Amoureux Chéri » Millie Taissa Butterfly Mélody Coraline Jolijn Trini Clementine Hollie Samantha Zeta Harumi: ♪ Hello hello, my little friend, it's nice to see you again! I hope you are doing well, just as happy as me! Mr. Kazimir, it is indeed joyous that we meet each other! I am always positive on you, for you will always be one of my bestest friends in this whole wide world! You have been through a lot, and I can see those weary eyes that need a break! Well, with Clarissa, you will get your just break just fine, and together, we will sing songs and have an ice-cream! ^^ ♪ Don't worry, my little friend... [She prones down and inches toward him with her massive frame] I really hope that you will have a great day, and that you will have a moment with Feodora! After all, it's always good to spend some time with someone that you love! I know Vallie and me have been spending time together as well, so I think that you should do that as well! [She hands out a flower] I got something for you, hm hm! ^^ Like this flower that blossoms out, I hope that at the end of the day... I hope, I hope, you will find joy just like me! You will always be my friend, and I will always help you out when you need help! I wonder... if you would like one of our Valentian health professionals' assistance regarding your psychological health! I think Ms. Germaine Mercy can help you out, so if you do want help, I can always give her a call for you!

[6]: Evaluation Complete! Thank you very much for using Clarissa! ^^ ♥
[7]: Clearing cache... Complete! Data and Evaluation saved to Storage.
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No. 4 - Zastępca Strażnika Adriana “Manipulator Światła” Kow

Postby Valentine Z » Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:28 am

Name: Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian
  • 891.84 centimeters (29 ft 3.12 in) with Universe Scaling.
  • Initially built at 335,28 centimeters (11 ft).
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Polish

"I am getting myself a little sister? This is going to be amazing, yayyy! ♥" - My big sister - Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha's - reaction

All right, let me just initialise myself first - retrieving data banks, checking RAM integrity... I am all set, woo-hoo! Hmm? Oh, hi! If you are reading this as of now, let me just send my warmest regards to you! I am Adriana, the Polish Robot! There is definitely a longer name for me, to which you can look at it up there in the dossier! For now, please do call me Adriana, I am more than fine with that! This has certainly been a relatively short but fulfilling life so far! All the history, all the things, everything that the Valentians have put inside my storage space. The amount of knowledge, along with the struggles, are nothing short of epic! Well, not epic in the "awesome" way. There were just so many stories to make them epics, but other than that, a lot of lives have been lost, and it is a terrifying chapter before I exist! I can only hope that none of this will happen with the Valentians around, but I am getting ahead!

So, maybe we will start a little bit with the basics first. I am a slightly smaller robot that hails from the land of Poland, and my primary task is to ensure that the Valentians have a backup of whatever Clarissa has! You can say that I am more or less a clone of her, but I am treated like her little sister, and equally loved by the Valentians! It all sort of just started when Clarissa got her system upgrades, and she was using more unorthodox materials. Artificial neurons are one thing, and I am using it too, but over the years, I was told that she has gotten upgrades that changed her physically. That is, she is now using liquid metal along with a lot of other smart materials in order to make herself more flexible and answer to every situation. That was pretty cool, I thought to myself! Of course, that also has a bit of a problem with her being not very resilient to the elements, and she is a little fragile. There is no shame in that, but it was made clear back then that they need to develop another android in order to serve as a backup. There are backup systems, but with the technology becoming much more advanced, we not only use static backups.

As a result, that is where I come in, hm hm! I was made around that one day in 2045, specifically August of 12. I was built at a specified height of 10 feet at first, but the later upgrades and all the Valentians getting taller, made me the 20 feet as you are seeing me today. I have quite a handful of Solid State Drives (SSD) in my head, along with a few barebones storage systems here and there. At this point, I am sure you might be asking me right now: If you have such a low capacity, then how are you going to backup everything that Clarissa has, who in turn has a backup of her own of the entirety of Valentine Z and her blueprints, schemes, and the like? Well, there is where my next ability came in: My head is connected to a network of backup computers that are in another dimension! It is a hard-link between me and that dimension, and nothing and no one short of Chief Aviator Gwen can modify it. Although admittedly, dimensional travelers may find this dimension and cause havoc, but for the time being, it should be fine. The dimension has been isolated, squelched, and hidden away nicely from the other dimensions. I am the only one who can access it, with privileges given to a few limited Valentian friends who can run diagnoses or other checkups on me! It is very, very secure, and I am protected from almost all of the physical and computational attacks.

Of course, after I was built and created by my company in Poland, it was time for me to start learning! It was pretty difficult at first, I will have to admit. I am not exactly good with languages (both English and Polish), let alone a few other languages that I have been fed. I really tried my best, but my love is still in my own language - the computer languages and syntaxes that I am extremely familiar over. And I am good at calculus too, so I could do a lot of complex differential analysis tasks! All good so far, hehe. Cognitive, motor skills, all of them also took a while for me to adapt. I realised that I am built rather robustly and have quite a strength, haha! That is pretty cool, I thought to myself. But that also means that I have to be extremely careful when I am handling things, lest I break something. I am not exactly meant for destruction, after all! The task of learning took me a while, but I have managed to gone through the tutorials and the set of instructions that were fed to me. I know about who the Valentians are slowly but surely, why I was brought into this world, what are my roles, and of course, my free will as a robot! I do have failsafes here and there and understandably enough, they did not want me to go crazy. Other than that, I have much of a free will as an average citizen in Valentine Z, except that instead of getting an arrest, I will simply be asked to be shut down and to give me a re-evaluation. That is pretty fair, I thought to myself. I was also equipped with a shield generator and a cannon of sorts that I can use for self-defense. These are not exactly the most powerful or dangerous weapons, but if used wisely and as a deterrence, I can act in self-defense and make use of the energy I got from firing the cannon and absorbing energy, in order to create hard light shields around me. It was pretty cool, though a little unwieldly if I have it turned on. It does flush nicely into my body, so that's good. Then, I was ready to be presented to the world, and to that one person who is very, very happy to see me. We share the same principles, even though I will have to admit that we are not exactly built the same. Still, semantics, I presume!

At that one particularly fine day, I was told by Valentijn and the rest of my Valentian friends that they got a little surprise going for me. Ooooh, wonderful, I thought to myself! I love surprises! And since these are the Valentians, I was very, very certain that this would not be the nasty kind of surprise, haha! Anyway, they said it was a secret, and so they lead me back to my home as I slowly walked beside them, holding Valentijn's hand as they blindfolded me and made sure I was not using any other sensors. "Okay, you can open your eyes now!"

And in front of me, a particularly muscle-bound android stood still, waving at me and then finally saying out her line: "Hi, Clarissa! I am Adriana, the Polish Robot! I am designated to be your backup, and I am programmed to serve you alongside as your little sister. I do hope we will be able to work together!" At that moment, my circuits have definitely crossed with joy and happiness. Adriana, as is her name (she got A LOT more names just like the rest of the Valentians), she's so adorable! I have been working with the Valentians for quite some time as a lone android operating the entirety of the world, so having a little sister to help you out isn't that bad at all. On top of that, she speaks the same languages as me, and in particular, has quite a massive database as I was told! This is going to be great!

I also thanked the Valentians for this lovely surprise, as I offered my palm for Adriana to step onto, and then climbing onto my shoulder. She is a little bit on the heavy side, to which she admitted that she was built to last and take the harshest of physical damage, like a tank. That is fine, I told her, as I walked slowly around my home and showed my new little sister to the wonderful world of the Valentians! We are going to be best friends, but sisters first and foremost! ♥

- Clarissa Alanis Star Samantha, 2047, "My adorable Little Sis! :3"

Cloud Computational Power – Physical Specs
Size: At least 104,000,000,000 square meters.
Entropy Stable: Yes, at least 1010e+10,000,000,000 years.

Cloud Computational Power – CPU
CPU-Build: Combination of Traditional Silicon Chips and Quantum Chips. Artificial brain with neurons in the dimension.
Number of Neurons: 1.00 x 101,000,000,000.
Number of Cores (Traditional Silicon Chips): 1.00 x 102,000,000,000
Number of Qubits (Quantum Chips): 1.00 x 101,000,000,000
CPU-Architecture: 220-bits. Addressable up to 6.7411401 x 10315652 bytes of memory.
CPU-Performance: Recorded at computational power exceeding 500 x 101,000,000,000 FLOPS.

Cloud Computational Power – GPU
GPU-Build: Combination of Traditional Silicon Chips and Quantum Chips.
GPU-Brand: “Nexitros” Brand Mk. 8423; 400 x 109,000,000,000
Number of GPU Cores (Traditional Silicon Chips): 25,000,000 x 400 x 109,000,000,000 = 1.00 x 109,000,000,011
Base Clock: 888 x 1033,000,000 Hz
Boost Clock: 133.72 x 1036 Hz (150x boost)
Memory Speed: 80000 Gbps
Memory Interface Width: 222-bit

Cloud Computational Power – Data Storage
Build: Solid State Drive (SSD), coupled with Neurons.
Capacity: 8.00 x 10200,000,000,000 bytes
Read Speed: 5.00 x 1057,000,000 bytes / sec
Write Speed: 3.1 x 1057,000,000 bytes) / sec

Portrait of Zastępca Surveillant Adriana. Credit: A webcomic called Sammy.

A more realistic body/depiction of Adriana. Credit: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft.

”Gameplay” Stats and Abilities
Adriana Ela Kowalski Faith Lillian, due to her physical size and build, is considered a Tank class – whereby she does not have the speed or the damage output compared to her sister counterpart. However, having been chosen by the people, as well as by Clarissa herself, to be the main super backup of everything in Valentine Z, Adriana is built to be able to take on a ton of punishments before she gets knocked down. Her life of 8000 HP is supplemented by a maximum of 6000 or 10000 shields that is generated through the stacks of damages she did. A little bit on the slower side, but with all the defensive measures and decent damage output, the speed is not a very big factor here.

Weapons and Equipment
Primary Weapon: Prism Gun
A rather large and cumbersome Prism Gun that fires ribbons of energy and light, with perfect accuracy and no spread towards the target. It has an effective range of 100 meters. Can attack and spread up to 5 targets with 80% damage received for the secondary targets. Main damage is 20 / hit, with 20 hits / second, with primary attack of 400 DPS. The 5 targets that will spread to will each receive 320 DPS, with a total of 2000 DPS for the 6 targets.

Energy Reserves
"More than just a guiding light, they danced around her with anticipation, to serve her in her times of need – either offensively or defensively."
With each damage done, Adriana is granted a 10 points worth of Light Energy, up to a maximum of 10000 points. These points can be used either for damage boost or temporary shield. May not gain charges during the effects.

"With several diamond-tipped drills out of commission, I believe it's safe to say that Adriana is up for the task of being a robust backup system."
Adriana has a passive Physical Damage Reduction of up to 60%, along with 70% Fire Damage Reduction, 85% Frost and Ice Damage Reduction, 30% Shock and Lightning Damage Reduction, and 90% Poison Damage Reduction.

Force Field
"Unstoppable from the get-go, determined to the very end – all from knowing that she has a legacy to protect."
Consumes all of the Light Energy charges in an instant, converting 1 Light Energy charge to an equivalent of 1 Energy Shield, up to a total of 10000. However, due to the unstable nature of stacking the higher amount of shields, the stable Energy Shield up to 6000 lasts 30 seconds before dissipating instantly, while the shields from 6001 to 10000 will drain slowly at a rate of 250 units per second, lasting a total of 16 seconds. Shield does not regenerate.

High Beam
"Not even the best and most protective sunscreen will protect you from this."
Consumes all Light Energy charges, converting 50 Light Energy charges to 1% Global Attack Damage, up to 200% to give a main DPS of 1200. +1 target per 2000 charges, to a total of 10 secondary targets, up to 10800 DPS.

Light Whip
"Lithe enough to dance and waltz around the battlefield, a ribbon that sears those who dares to venture close to her or those she protects."
Adriana conjures up a whip made out of solidified lights, with a base damage of 1000 per hit, with a stacking damage from High Beam for up to 3000 per hit. Attack interval is fixed at 1.50 seconds, with DPS from 666 to 2000.

Husaria Legacy
"A construct made of light, of the centuries gone by. And yet, practical as ever, in this futuristic and magical battlefield."
Spawns up to 4 hussars made out of light, equipped with a long lance and a szabla. The constructs follow Adriana around for 10 seconds. Each have 2500 HP, as well as immunity to all forms of elemental and poison damage.

Adriana's Template / Sample


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - The Wondrous World of Artificial Intelligence, and Pseudo-SQL!
Speaker of the Moment: Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Public Information, can be sent and redistributed without modifications.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

Initialising Adriana v 2.5...
Clearing Previous Memory Dumps...
Refreshing... Done!

Checking firmware... Checking BIOS... Checking Storage: Storage exceeds the limits of the physical world. Estimated 1e+100 bytes in artificial neurons.
V-SQL (Valentine Z's version of SQL) initiated... Done! // Codes are purposely errornated in the opinion piece to prevent data compromises onto Adriana. Syntax and other errors exist throughout, and their locations not disclosed.
Booting up.. done!
Importing Clarissa-OS... Done!

Adriana The Polish Robot
Mk. II
Initiating Sequence...

Create Table T, Select * From "List of Leaders"
Select * From "List of Leaders", where NAME = "High-King Utakol"
> 1 result found! High-King Utakol of The Gryphonic States

Select * From "List of Leaders", where NAME = "Overseer Victoria Quinn"
> 1 result found! Overseer Victoria Quinn of Area 6-Z

Select * From "List of Leaders", where NAME = "Matthieu XV"
> 57736 results found! Automatic Narrowing initiated... done! Matthieu XV of Alpes a Septentrionali imperium found. Proceed?

Select * From "List of Leaders", where NAME = "I.K.K.M. Sophie"
> 1 result found! I.K.K.M. Sophie of North German Realm

Insert Result into Table T.

Clarissa-OS.opininator("T1_NAME, T1_NATION" + "T2_NAME, T2_NATION" + "T3_NAME, T3_NATION"+ "T4_NAME, T4_NATION")
Adriana.useLang("EN-US" = 95, "PL-PL" = 33)

Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian: Ahh, hello there, my friend! Hmm, I don't think I have seen you around! Well, it doesn't matter much when we are going to know each other soon enough! I am Adriana, the Polski Robot! What a wonderful time to meet someone as splendid as you! I have read your files [8.57 KB, .txt format], and I must say, I am very, very fascinated by you and your species' history! It is just too bad that the humans, well... part of us, have attacked you! I didn't mean that the Valentians have attacked you! I am just ashamed to see that humanity attacked someone as great as you! Maybe they are jealous, or something along that line? Either way, I am glad for you and your people to be prospering from the ashes of the old. Szkoda, że wojna musi się wydarzyć. (It's too bad that the war has to happen.) Though of course, I too understand the nature of different types of races around us, and even different nations. We simply could not stop fighting each other, hm? Well, see you around, my friend! This has been great! ^^

Oh, and as for you, Ms. Victoria? I believe... I believe that we have seen each other before! ♪ How do you do you do? ♪ Haha, anyway, I am glad to see you around as well! You are so selfless, so very helping, and very committed to your people's cause! I am sure and certain that humanity, a part of it, survives thanks to your competence, your efforts, and the aforementioned selfless acts you have done for them. I am sure that they thank you on a daily basis, and that's all that matters! I have noticed something about your mental health, though, so... I was wondering if there is anything me or the other Valentians can do to help you out? Maybe someone closer to talk to, a best friend, even! Or maybe just someone to keep you company and help you out with the daily leader tasks? Either way, I can't wait to hear from you again, haha! ^^

Oh dear me, there are soooo many people to talk about! Emperor Matthieu XV, Emperor... I think. Ahh, anyway, good to see you too, I suppose! ^^; I am.. if I am to be honest, I am a little wary with the way you do things around with your ruling, and as well as some of the policies that you might uphold. Of course, I am not the one to judge someone too harshly, and I believe that even with the different kinds of ideologies, there is at least still something positive about people if you look into them deep enough! I believe, I believe that you make a good leader for your nation, but I am just a bit concerned with a few things, that is all! Well, I still wish you all the best and remember: I am Adriana, haha! ^^

And last but not the very least... my great little friend Ms. Sophie! I hope you don't mind me calling you that, of course! If there is an alternative name that you want, please do let me know! Anyway, moving on with the opinions... it is of one of my highest opinions on someone as pure and great as you! A very strong woman, and a great role model for citizens of NGR, be it they be men, or women. You have more or less inspired a lot of people to not only be patriotic, but to be upstanding citizens and to serve alongside their countrymen and countrywomen! To jest coś, co jest bardzo, bardzo niesamowite! (That is something that is very, very awesome!) I wish you and the Chancellor all the best in everything that you all do, and maybe we will see each other again some day, yes? I can't wait for the day and all that to meet you again! Maybe we can have a dinner, or a tea session!

Insert * from T into DATABASE. [Append accordingly]
Memory cache cleared. Moving new data from volatile to non-volatile medium... done!

Thank you for talking to Adriana the Polish Robot! ♥

The Official Letters from Valentine Z - The Wondrous World of Artificial Intelligence, and Pseudo-SQL!
Speaker of the Moment: Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Public Information, can be sent and redistributed without modifications.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

Initialising Adriana v 2.5...
Clearing Previous Memory Dumps...
Refreshing... Done!

Checking firmware... Checking BIOS... Checking Storage: Storage exceeds the limits of the physical world. Estimated 1e+100 bytes in artificial neurons.
V-SQL (Valentine Z's version of SQL) initiated... Done! // Codes are purposely errornated in the opinion piece to prevent data compromises onto Adriana. Syntax and other errors exist throughout, and their locations not disclosed.
Booting up.. done!
Importing ClarissOS... Done!

Adriana The Polish Robot
Mk. II
Initiating Sequence...
Create Table T, Select * From "List of Leaders"
Select * From "List of Leaders", where NAME = "Sophie"
> 4025 results found! Narrow it down, please!

Select * From "List of Leaders", where NAME = "Sophie", NATION = "North German Realm"
> 1 result found! I.K.K.M. Sophie

Insert Result into Table T.

ClarissOS.opininator("T1_NAME, T1_NATION")
Adriana.useLang("EN-US" = 95, "PL-PL" = 50)

Zastępca Strażnika Adriana Krystal Desiree “Cudowny Manipulacja Światłem” Venus Kowalski Faith Stanisława Engelse I. Cherise Krystyna Zaborowska Sztormowska Pamela Alina Re. T. Lillian: Ahh, hello there, my little friend! Glad to see you around too, haha! I believe that we have not met each other yet! Scanning... yes! This is our very first time, haha! I am Adriana the Polish Robot! It is such a great honor to see someone like you! Empress Sophie, what a wonderful name you have there! It has been said here that you are quite a blunt and straightforward person! It's one of those traits that you need to talk around and prevent misunderstanding, so... I like it, hm hm! I love your approach towards your people as well! Someone that lets their people do as they please, only stepping in when necessary! Ludzie tacy jak ty są nieoszlifowanym diamentem! / People like you are a diamond in the rough! Hmm, yes, yes, I see! That's a lot of honors you have gotten yourself as well! I wish you and your nation, the Kingdom... Queendom? Ahh, your land, all the best! I hope that you will be able to counter all the difficulties that you will come across! See you around! Pamiętaj, że zawsze jesteś kochany przez ludzi wokół ciebie! / Remember that you are always loved by people around you! Now, please excuse me, and thank you for taking the time to talk to me!

Evaluation Complete.
Insert * from T into DATABASE. [Append accordingly]
[Code conflict at line 0x3371AA. Automatic fix initiated... done!]
Memory cache cleared. Moving new data from volatile to non-volatile medium... done!

Thank you for talking to Adriana the Polish Robot! ♥
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No. 5 - Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds

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Name: Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Unendlichkeit Jäger” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Chua Shi Hui
  • 1.330,26 centimeters (43 ft 7.7 in) (Valentian Era, Defense Outfit, Universe Scaling)
  • 500,10 centimeters (16 ft. 4 8/9 in.) (Valentine Era, Defense Outfit)
  • 716,18 centimeters (23 ft. 6 in.) (Valentian Era, Normal, Universe Scaling)
  • 269,24 centimeters (8 ft. 10 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 208,28 centimeters (6 ft. 10 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: Chronologically: 103 // Physically: 27
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Singaporean Chinese
Theme Song(s): Tim Reilly & Jeff Dale - Social Network // Klingande ft. M-22 - Somewhere New

"As my friend told me - charge forward with might."

Hailing from the land of Singapore in the pre-Valentian Era, Foresittend (President in Anglo-Saxon / Old English) Marcus leads Victoriaans Nederlands, being one of the main driving forces of the autonomous region, as well as for the overall scientific consensus of Valentine Z. Born to a rather ordinary life, Marcus has been known to his friend as someone who has quite a long temper, alongside with the neutrality to boot. With that said, he was certainly not a pushover, and is particularly vocal when he feels that either himself or someone beside him - whether they are his friend or a stranger - has been treated unfairly. It was perhaps this quality that earns him the unofficial nickname of "A Man of Balance" - he has not gained a lot of enemies during his life from primary schools to universities, but it has not gained him that a lot of good friends. It was certain that Marcus was well-known and well-liked, but the man is a quiet individual when it comes to his own feelings.

Eventually, he was pulled into Singapore's own conscription program, moving up to the ranks of being a commissioned officer, but unlike Valentijn, he did not see that a lot of action (and deaths) from the lack of tours. This was owing to Singapore in the world of pre-Valentine Z also not really going after countries, or having to defend from its neighbors. In short: Singapore had a relatively boring life even when the entire world around them was going nuclear. As a result, by the time Marcus became a Lt. Colonel in the SAF, he signed up to be attached to the technology division of the military, in particular to develop new types of defensive measures that could increase the survival rate of his men, as well as being humane and merciful on the enemies on the other side. One of the projects in particular involves a material that is described informally as "Kevlar but on steroids," which took several months of development and testing. After all, with the war going on and escalating, Marcus and his researches need to be as quick as possible. After what seems like the 800th try, the new material not only stopped large-caliber bullets, but it would more or less leave the armor unharmed. Smaller-caliber bullets were outright deflected, and it also has resistance to most forms of chemical corrosion and oxidation, as well as quite a resistance to radiation. Marcus and his team named it "Alloy 41", and began looking at its applications. The Alloy became an obvious choice for armor plating and blocking off hazards, but the main drawback was on how heavy it was.

It would seem that in the first few tests, the Alloy was excellent in offering protection from gunshots, explosives, impacts, and even CBRN threats. The drawbacks that we have seen, however, are that it is extremely in-malleable, alongside being extremely heavy, with the mass measurement providing results that it is, on average, 20 times heavier than Kevlar. If the weight was significantly reduced, we could definitely make this for our soldiers, but seems like the weight was part of the protection process.
- Lt. Col. Marcus Fang Wu Ying, Assistant Researchers Faith Wen Nuan, Angelice Wan Zhenya, Cedric Huang Zhelan, scientific research paper on Alloy 41: A look at future possibility and replacement for Kevlar

Eventually, the war around the world escalated and Marcus was called back into active duty on the frontlines. Bidding his research team farewell, as well as bringing some of his alloys with him, Marcus' first task was to travel to west of Thailand to oversee the operations there, given the friendly attitude of the Southeast Asian nations towards one another in spite of the war. With a few men on his side, he made his way further down west, eventually stepping on the soils of Burma. The surveying was a relatively simple task, owing to the friendly attitude that the two nations have. He then met then-Captain Valentijn of the Burmese Army in a string of coincidence, as Valentijn was then attached to watch over the Eastern side of Burma. The two met eye to eye with one another, shared their own experience, and had quite a positive friendship with one another.

As soon as we met one another, we know that there is something common that we see eye to eye. The first meeting with him was tense, but it was eventually dissolved into laughter and happiness as he shared some of the delicacies that he brought over from his HQ. He first asked if I was Muslim, I told him "No, Captain. I'm a free thinker." Then he went into another chuckle and opened this little plastic lunchbox. "Wet tha dok htoe, Burmese pork offal skewers. Give it a try, they are nice!" They definitely are nice, I will tell you that! We also shared a few drinks here and there together, and both my men and their men definitely got along well. I was then thankfully informed that I am not supposed to hurt them, let alone kill them; I was just a liaison for both Burmese and Thai forces, and I was just supposed to keep the peace.
- Lt. Col. Marcus Fang Wu Ying, 1984, Meeting Valentijn at Mae Hong Son, Thailand

After a year, Marcus and Valentijn went their separate ways, Marcus being called back to Singapore again for domestic operations, while Valentijn went to the Northern Regions for his own operations. The two maintained contact and were on good terms from that point onwards, using their approved personal accounts from each of their army forces in order to have lighthearted chat with one another. Eventually, years passed until that one faithful day of 1990 whereby Valentijn became a President of Burma. In the meanwhile, Marcus went up the rank of Colonel, declining further promotions onto the desk in order to stay in the front lines. It would be another year when Marcus eventually found himself in such a scenario that would play a big part of his life, and for the many others.

One day, he simply called me to my personal phone from a series of proxies. He has never done it before in our communications, but I did remember him telling me that this method is only going to be used for something that is urgent and needs immediate attention. I was free on that day, so I listened. At first, as much as he is my best friend, I have a difficult time believing him, not just because of his proposed Project Resolute. I simply refused to believe that the world would go into a nuclear war. I told him, "Val, the war is horrible as it is, but I am not sure if we should go ahead with this." But I listened to him, not just because he's my friend, but he sounds deadly serious. I have never heard of such a tone from him before. "Marcus, there won't be a future if we don't do this. Please meet me at Yangon, we have A LOT to discuss." And that was where I went, using up my leave days with a cover story that I am meeting my friends there.
- Col. Marcus Fang Wu Ying, 1990, An Urgent Phonecall from a Friend; Singapore, Singapore

It would be in Yangon that he was told about Project Resolute. It was a lot for him to take in, even if Valentijn was explaining the idea to him as calmly as possible. Marcus did not sit well with the idea that 500,000+ people had to be chosen as some sort of destiny in order to repopulate the nation. Still, a rational man by all measures, as well as believing and trusting his companion, Marcus decided to assist Valentijn in any means possible, giving him the plans for Alloy 41 and in hope that "If one day there was no Nuclear Bombardment and we were in war for any reason, I can only hope that you will not use this against us." As history would turn out, Marcus found himself being aware of the increasing possibilities of the planetary nuclear bomb, along with the increasing violence from both the smaller and bigger wars alike. Marcus eventually decided to stay in Yangon, helping out Marcus alongside the few other people that he was introduced to.

It was surreal. I finally see my alloy being used to the fullest of extent in securing the future for humanity. This I was happy for. However, part of me still feels like this could have been prevented completely by negotiation, but that was also getting worse and worse, I heard. Someone went out to the negotiation table, then his head suddenly splattered. It was a bit gruesome to be on the TV, and I caught a few seconds of it. It was not nice. Anyway, with that said, I brought my family along, I feel bad. I love my family, but... should I given these 4 slots for the other people?
- Col. Marcus Fang Wu Ying, 1990, Construction of Project Resolute; Yangon, Burma

With the Project Resolute done, the Nuclear Armageddon happening, along with the Terraform, Marcus then went back to the restored Singapore. "There were everything physically, but not in spirit. As soon as I stepped onto the land, it was tragically quiet. Not even the animals are there, at least not yet."

Marcus started working up the ranks, unbiased and treating his new-found friends as equally as possible, but at the same time being the trusted friend of Valentijn. Still, Valentijn became more power-hungry, sought and wanting to control the entire nation (that is, the entirety of Valentine Z) by himself. He also has implemented a few too many policies that didn't really make much sense, such as the long names that spans up to 20+ words. Eventually, even for someone who saved the world, Valentijn was forced to step down for a good few years after one of his decisions forced the nation into a state of disrepair – a scientific advancement across all endeavors were halted due to a contracted that he signed without consulting anyone else. The country called for a voting on the next person to lead, and out of Clarissa, Jolyn, Jamie, Marcus, and a few other candidates, Marcus won by 32% of the votes. Now an impromptu president, he read up on politics more, trying to forgo his nature and love as a scientist (and perhaps partly a military man himself).

The repopulation and logistics were mostly fine for the time being at this moment. Unfortunately, my best friend got carried away and started making and proposing things in favor of him. I cannot exactly blame him too much for it, but at the same time, he should be back into leading. Truth be told, leading the entire world was pretty tedious. The technological and scientific advancement was slowly coming back up, the damage undone. I got a bit of a rough start because people were somewhat wary that I was spending too time and money on elaborate science projects instead of politics, or helping advance the world. Thing is, I have been doing that together alongside running the world. I used quite a lot of my own money for these projects, I didn't really want to touch the public funds unless it's some multi-billion dollar project. But back then, I wasn't really into huge projects.

Anyway, suffice to say that I was proven wrong when I addressed my intention on the projects that I was working on. You see, I was addressing the lack of nutritional food, health problems, and many more that came along the way. I took the last few months researching everything that the people would want - cure for (most) cancers, eradication of malnutrition, improving the standard of life amongst the populace. I really do hope that this is going to be reality in the next few years. The people had my support, and I could not let them down. Though I do wish that Valentijn would lead again, while I just take a smaller autonomous nation like Clarissa did. He certainly is a better leader, I am sure, even if he got himself into a little bit of hot water.

- Col. Marcus Fang Wu Ying, 2027, On Advancement Towards the Better World

He is also a firm believer of personal freedom – that everyone should be able to do what they want and without the government constantly looking at them through their daily lives. Of course, he is aware that having total freedom can be a disaster (such as rising crime rates, compromised safety and so on), so Foresittend Marcus drew a proposal. This states that citizens should be able to practice according to their beliefs, and that everyone – regardless of species, race, nationality or religion, should be able to go through their lives without any discrimination. As aforementioned, people won’t be watched over by the government all the time, but the presence of police and social welfare ensures that crime is being made aware of and subsequently brought down. This idea in turn was reflected in Valentine Z, since his ideas were influential to General Valentijn, who subsequently implemented the zero-discrimination policy and subsequently becoming the Top 1% in the world for inclusiveness. This idea is then brought towards Victoriaans Nederlands.

Seeing the needs of the people around him, Marcus additionally started the welfare system to ensure that every single person in need is taken care of. Though it has some setbacks (disagreements from the people) at first due to the absurd tax rates needed to support the system, they trust that Marcus knows exactly what he is doing. Unsurprisingly, the welfare system became popular a few Decimal Years later after realizing that public healthcare and the welfare are much needed, in turn reducing the physical and mental illnesses that the populace suffers from. Marcus is also well-liked by his colleagues and the people around him, being able to socialize well with them. The reason for this is his charisma, as well as utmost politeness and compassion to anyone, forgiving even those that has wronged him.

One day in the post-Cold War Era he was presented with a specimen from another dimension, where one of the alien species – [DATA MISSING], can be found in. It was dead when presented to Marcus, and was wearing a body armor, though with weak points on the neck area, as well as at the backs, due to the exposed nature of these areas. After an initial analysis of the armor, as well as studying the worm-like organisms, Marcus figured that he could use this armor to his advantage. The plan was to replicate the armor, which was a little similar to Alloy 41 that Marcus and his team have invented, but are slightly better and more alien. He replicated the armor, put in slots for the worms, and hollowed out some space for himself in order get himself inside. Soon after, he carefully separated the worms from their original armor and put them in a vat in order to preserve and prevent them from rot, as well as with a possibility to revive them. Marcus realised that he could not revive them the old Dr. Frankenstein way, since he found out that the worms were a colony and they don't have a single nervous system. After a few trials and errors, he designated a node and a few wires to tap into multiple nervous systems.

After the worms grew back, revived and put on sedation, Marcus made a move to integrate himself with the worms in order to assume direct control over them. All of this happened in a secure facility, watched by multiple prominent Valentians, especially by Valentijn himself, who was in his armor and was prepared to take some damage from Marcus should the worms control him instead. After all the checks and failsafes are checked for and done, Marcus sat across the suit, implants and brain nodes connected to a cable across the armor strapped and held down by Valentijn.

So the worms were ready, it would have seem at that time. I would have made a comment about how its face and the backs were obvious weak spots, but I suppose they were need in order for me to gain access to it. Good too, I didn't have to cut off the original armor that way when I was retrieving them. I got everyone ready, Valentijn was ready to hold me down and control me if something bad happened to me, and Jolyn was helpful that she would rewind time for me if something did happen. In the suit, turn on the power, I have established connection to the colony of worms inside of it.

0th minute, nothing. 1st minute, nothing. 5th minute, a slight dull headache, no big deal. If this happened according to plan, it would have ended here and there. Of course not, something was bound to happen, and it did happen. On the 10th minute, I started moving my arms, and the arm cannon on my right hand wanting to fire off. Thank goodness I took out the plasma canisters. Anyway, I remembered struggling, trying to break free of Valentijn's grip, but that wasn't me. No, the worms were resisting, and they were trying to shut me off, trying to kill my nerves in turn. This was supposed to be a symbiotic relationship, not a parasitic one, so I tried my best to convince them. Whatever good thoughts I could think of for them, I tried. I know I did. I tried to convince them that I simply wanted them to follow me and help me out, and in exchange, I will feed them and treat them as humanely as possible.

They still struggled, getting a little stronger. Valentijn outside expressed some discomfort as the needles on the suit were trying to jab onto him. He switched a little so that it would be the stronger parts of his own suit that would get hit by the needles. At one point, Valentijn used his free left hand to cusp me and the suit, but the worms defied and smashed his thumb, Valentijn recoiling in pain. I tried more happy thoughts, more thoughts to make them pleased. They seemed enraged by the loss of their bond brother, but they also did not mind if they established such a connection with me. Different species, but not that much of a deal, I hope. They hoped.

I accepted, and that was the end of it. As Valentijn slowly lifted his hands off from me and the suit, I was given full control of my body, as well as the colony. Whatever command I did, they complied. It felt like an extension to my body, like an exoskeleton. How cool is that, I thought to myself. Thankfully, the removal process was easy. I am not permanently fixated in the suit, but the bond was permanent. I realised that they would walk around and just follow me. Of course, I could order them to stay put and a few other commands, like a dog of some sort. There was no telepathic connection involved, sadly. It was mostly thanks to voice commands, and well, fitting an ear on the thing. It took me a while to realise that they used low-frequency vibrations to communicate and thus, I had to use such a method - a low frequency receiver. So yes, that is how I got this biological exoskeleton of a suit for myself.

- Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Unendlichkeit Jäger” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying, 2040, The Hunter Experiment; Vostrov Testing Site 044-150, Nagoya, Japan, part of Vostrov, Valentine Z.

Foresittend Marcus (right) in his Defence outfit, in a sparring practice with Vice Foresittend Jolyn Ceeta (left). Image Credit: Bungie.

”Gameplay” Stats and Abilities
Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds Chua Shu Hui, is classified as a Tank-class character, focusing on strength with a relatively close degree on knowledge and intelligence. By all accounts, Marcus is extremely slow, what with him wearing a large metal armour with several layers of thickness, along with living hivemind of worms from another system which in turn has chosen Marcus for Mutual Symbiosis that benefits both. On the upside, due to all of this, Marcus is extremely resilient, being flat-out immune to all forms of stuns, large damage reductions across all elements, rapid healing, with a large health pool of 10000. Deals devastating point damage, or an explosive small AoE.

Weapons and Equipment
Primary Weapon: Plasma Arm Cannon
"It takes a while to charge, and there is bound to be friendly fire, but once it makes its mark, there is no more target to clean up after it done its job."
Charges up a hand cannon for 2-5 seconds, then firing in an arc. Damage ranges from 800-10 to 4000-50 with the area of effect from 6 to 13 meters radius. Also does lingering burning damage of 140-900 / sec for 3 seconds.

Secondary Weapon: Heavy Shield Swing
"It's a really simple thing to do: Find a target, charge towards it, and make sure that it is pummelled to the ground."
A large shield that, when swung, can damage multiple enemies, varying from 40-90% of primary damage. The primary damage dealt is 1444, and can be swung every 2 seconds, with effective DPS of 722 on the primary target.

"Even accounting for some weak spots here and there, the fact remains, that the world may crumble, but Marcus and its armour can be seen standing on the broken grounds."
Movement Speed penalty of 60%. In exchange, Physical Damage Reduction of 90%, Fire Damage Reduction of 90%, Cold Damage Reduction of 85%, Lightning Damage Reduction of 85%, and Poison Damage Reduction of 25%.

"Every punch it lands, is nothing more than encouragement for us to keep on going."
Marcus cannot be stunned, slowed, or interrupted, and overrides any of these buffs on the abilities. Curses and debuffs on him have a maximum starting duration of 3 seconds, and a minimum starting duration of 1 second.

"I am not punishing them for their actions, but with their actions."
Grants a 20% chance to reflect back 50% of the damage back to the attacker, or 10% chance to reflect back 75% of the damage back to the attacker, or 5% chance to reflect back 100% of the damage back to the attacker.

"For the deeds we do together, there is nothing but benefit and company, and that is always a positive."
Grants a health generation of 500 HP / second for a duration of 4 seconds. This ability cannot be enhanced, cursed, or amplified or diminished in any way, and will last even when Marcus is at full health at any point in duration.

Forward Charge
"It's up to everyone else to get out of our way."
With the shield in front, Marcus charges forward for a total distance of 20 meters, followed by a swing that deals 2000 physical damage to the first target that it hits, as well as a knockback of 3 meters. Charge is uninterruptible.

Righteous Shock and Fire
"A limit to one's patience can be found out in the most offending ways."
Grants extra 50% HP to 15000, along with generating a fire and electricity aura that deals 1800 fire damage and 3000 lightning damage in a 1.5 meter radius over 6 seconds. Reduces self's Fire and Lighting Resistances by 10%.

Marcus' Template / Sample


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - On this episode of "Lovecraft Loves All"!
Speaker of the Moment: Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Infinity Hunter” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Public Information, can be sent and redistributed without modifications.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

"Certainly not."
- Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds
> Suit booting up.
> Life Support System: Active.
> Status: All green across all fronts.
> Defensive Matrix... Activated.

> Systems: Active.
> ADS: Active.
> Mood / Emotions: Neutral. Curious. Docile.
> Worm State: Neutral. Docile.

> Defensive Systems Neutralised (kept at neutral).
> "Exoskeleton Colony active and ready."
> "Hmm, nifty. The first few steps are always the most tedious."
> "Adjusting for Marcus' walk cycle and pattern... calibration completed."

Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Maximillian “Infinity Hunter” Swifty Felix Maverick Prometheus Revlin Lynx Artyom Lichtenstein Baptiste C. Viot. Talon Haydn Lincoln Taal Reynolds Fang Wu Ying: Ahh, Miss! Pleasure to see you around these parts! I am Marcus and... a lot of other names, but just Marcus will do. I have heard about you, but I have to admit, it has been a while and my memory is kinda foggy at this point. With that said, it's nice to see someone as brave as you! What a life that you have walked through and I must say, you are still as brave as ever. I would say that you should not be too distraught over some of the things and actions that you have nearly or almost took. After all... it's only human to make mistakes, and it's a sign of a human with a heart to learn from the mistakes, which you have done just that. I wish you all the best, and I hope that we will meet each other again for a tea, or something of that sorts. Now, please excuse me... I will have to be somewhere, and I certainly would not want to hold you back much more than this conversation. Please take care!

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No. 6 - Vice Foresittend Jolyn Ceeta

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Name: Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna
  • 648,61 centimeters (21 ft 3.4 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 243,84 centimeters (8 ft. 0 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 182,88 centimeters (6 ft. 0 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Russian
Theme Song(s): Mission Impossible - Theme Song // Капитан Пронин / Captain Pronin Theme // 007: James Bond - Theme

"Интеллект действует в обоих направлениях. (Intelligence works both ways.)"

The fourth most powerful person in Valentine Z and also running Victoriaans Nederlands with Foresittend Marcus, Vice President Jolyn Ceeta is well known for her intelligence and prudence. She is an all-rounder in extensive fields of knowledge and thus making her the perfect person to run the education system of the nation. Her idea of balancing between academic and non-academic workload in schools across the country has also been eulogized by many, as students do not find school to be too tedious – a place where they can learn and grow as a person instead of having concepts and theories drilled into a head all-day long. She quickly moved up to the ranks from a simple teacher in [TIME MISSING], to becoming a school principal of [DATA REDACTED] in [TIME MISSING], then taking over as the Ministry of Education. Her efforts and methods of teaching are unparalleled right after she started teaching, and will be uncontested for years and decades to come as long as she’s still alive and well. She visibly shows hatred towards ignorance as a whole, e.g. those that refuse to educate themselves on the world’s happenings and affairs, or further broadening their knowledge and education level. Valentijn quickly became fond of her as a teacher and also because he is impressed with the wide range of languages that she can speak, since Valentijn himself yearns to become a polyglot one day.

Recently, it has been found that Jolyn used to be a former secret agent for [DATA REDACTED], and given that the people around her only knew about this after the intel has been dispatched, she has been keeping this to an impressively elevated level of secret. Other than that, however, nothing much about these operations were known since they were still classified; all we know is that Jolyn used to be in them, and she did a pretty great job at it. Ever since she stepped up into Valentine Z’s office, she started implementing security measures that has an extremely high success rate of keeping intruders out. During one of the only sessions where she elaborates on her past job, Jolyn comments that she was never caught, let alone, interrogated, by anyone that wanted her dead or alive. Either due to a sheer amount of luck or due to an intricate set of skills, she was able to complete her mission and escape from a facility undetected (unless the mission requires otherwise). Though she has retired from her former employer, Jolyn is still ready for espionage tasks and comments that she has pleasure and fun doing them. Because of this, Valentijn designated her as a secret agent should circumstances necessitate a spy to be deployed. This made her prepared 24/7, carrying a suitcase full of gadgets – ranging from a simple set of disguises to hacking devices and mind wipers (exactly how they work is still unknown), that are ready for almost any task.

It is also important to take note that to a certain degree, Jolyn is able to control the flow of time itself for her own benefit. She does not announce or tell anyone on how much exactly she can control, but as of now, we know that she can
  • Reverse time for as long as 720 seconds.
  • Stop time for 40 seconds.
  • Slow time down to a factor of 0.01. She seems to be able to do it for 30 seconds of real-time. That is, she experiences 3000 seconds while the world moves on 30 seconds. Her “30-second rest” can become a “50-minute” nap for her.
  • Leap forward in time for 30 – 600 seconds. Her actions are limited, and she was only able to look around her surroundings, that is, she cannot change the future directly.
    Other information, such as on how exactly she obtained these powers, are unknown.

Proficient in almost all the languages that have been documented or heard of, as well as a couple of extras. In theory, Jolyn is able to read, speak and write in more than thousands of languages, as well as the ones that we have not exactly heard of. She can do this with utmost efficiency, for instance, being able to change from English to German, then to Sumerian, then to Hungarian, then to Polish, all in a single sentence. This was also the reason why Jolyn supported Germaine’s work on Valkyrie Sprak, as she felt that a super-language can effectively combine all of these smaller languages together.

Given her time as a spy and master of espionage, Jolyn certainly has a few tricks up her sleeves, none of which her enemies are going to expect. Her twin handguns, 2 x AM Alter courtesy of Aldion, deliver deadly damage, as well as a rewarding critical strike, for those that are proficient when it comes to aiming down the sights and controlled shots, instead of spraying and praying. Her ability kit is similar to Jenny, except with some differences. Instead of becoming invisible like Jenny, Jolyn is able to use a target or someone as a base for disguise, and imitate as the enemy. Her sabotages not only disable the enemy’s abilities, but it also reduces the damage dealt by their primary weapons by 20%. On top of that, her stasis ability would slow down the enemies, while Jolyn is also able to exploit a target’s weak spot – instead of chasing a weakened enemy, she makes them weakened for an easy picking. Ultimately, Jolyn can also distort time around her, slowing down enemies to a varying degrees, depending on whether or not they are in the centre of her when Jolyn activates it. She does work the best in the backlines, but Jolyn has a slight advantage over Jenny when it comes to frontlines, as she could disguise as an enemy, only to backstab them when needed.

Actual portrait of V. Foresittend Jolyn. Credit: Shutterstock.
Another appearance of V. Foresittend Jolyn. Credit: Sims 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary Attack: Twin handguns with pinpoint accuracy. 70% damage falloff at 100 meter range, with 90% at 200 meter range.
Critical Strike (Passive): 10% chance to do 200% of critical damage on a shot to the head (i.e. Critical Headshot is 540 damage).
Art of Deception: Transforms into a desired target, 1 sec cast. If she fires in disguise, 50% bonus damage for first shots. 6 sec.
Sabotage: Disables an enemy's abilities for 4 seconds, while reducing its attack damage by 20%. 2 seconds cast, interruptible.
Stasis: Slows down an enemy's attack and movement speed by 90% for 4 seconds. Takes 0.5 secs to cast, must maintain LOS.
Weak Spots: 3 sec cast time, global range. Target takes 50% more damage from all attacks, 80% more from Jolyn. Lasts 4 sec.
Time Distortion (Ultimate): Enemies suffer slowdowns ranging from 0.20 x to 0 x, affecting damage alongside. Lasts 5 seconds.

Performing additional security checks...
User: █████████ █
Clearance Level: 10
Password: **********
From: Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna (Jolyn Helen Ceeta); ███████████
To: [Those concerned with this mail / file; exact addresses redacted]
BCC: Valentijn Maxwell Samantha Constantine, Valentina Crystal Clarice, Gwen Tracer Allison, Clarissa Alanis Star, Adriana Kowalski Faith, plus ██ others.

Jolyn Helen Ceeta. Copy-proofed.
Vice Foresittend Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Moira “Неуловимая, Женщина-шпион” Marlene Wendy Lucille Lapis Jill Khorosheva Vin. Zolina łnt. Natasha Vasilisa Helen Ceeta Tescelyn Maximovna: It has come to my attention that there seems to be a change in leadership in Low Bloods. Mr. Low, or Oni, or whoever that the Valentians have talked to in the past has seemed to have deceased, and this is on top of the heinous attack from The Rapture Republic that is seen as asinine by most of the international community. I can only do nothing much but yearn and lament their losses, and wishing them all the best moving forward. I am more or less positive towards them, that is without a doubt true, and at the same time, we must get hold of Rapture and see what is seriously up with them. I am aware of their warmongering nature, but we seriously cannot have them loose like that.

As for Mr. Shawn, it has been the same between me and the rest of the Valentians. I have not seen any anomalies with them so far, and I am very glad for that. Not that I have any reasons of distrust anyway, but you will never know if they have someone in their ranks inciting violence and hatred with their allies. I am glad to detail this in my writing that there is no such thing happening, and the Valentians and the allies of Skyhooked can rest easy knowing that there is no hostility among their ranks. I am also eager to make connections with their own espionage and spy network, in hopes that Valentine Z and Skyhooked will benefit from the common knowledge that we will possibly get.

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No. 7 - Head Secretary Jamie “The Elegant Mathematician”

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Name: Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Lizbeth Alex Cass Eirian
  • 736,45 centimeters (24 ft 1.94 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 276,86 centimeters (9 ft. 1 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era + Valentian Era)
Nation of origin / Nationality: American

The fifth most powerful person in Valentine Z, and also in-charge of Voorzichtigheid, Head of Secretary Mandy Izabella is calculative and meticulous in all the tasks that she does. Born and raised in America, Jamie is one of the only few people that can speak fluently with a Transatlantic accent, that is, the style of speech and accent that was dominant in USA in the early 20th Century. Her genetic traits also make her the tallest person on Earth (naturally, since Surveillant Clarissa and General Valentijn dwarfed her in the later time).

Jamie first came into attention of Valentijn when she visited Burma for a quick vacation. She visited one of the casinos for a quick game of luck and soon found herself arrested after being accused of cheating. However, wanting to give her a fair trial, Valentijn went into further investigations and it turns out that Jamie was not cheating at all; she is simply gifted with mathematics, and calculating at breakneck speeds. She was simply calculating the odds on the fly and thus was able to win a princely amount of cash from just a few games. She eventually became one of Valentijn’s trusted personnel and friend. Due to the meticulous nature of her work and being able to single out every single detail that she sees, Jamie was promoted to the Head of Secretary, whereby she is able to handle nearly all the incoming paperwork with ease. Additionally, her accent also made her rather popular, as it turns out that Valentine Z’s populace is quite fond of the accent and the very choice of complex vocabulary that she uses. Though, the downside was that her speech was filled with long and complex lexicons, resulting in Jamie unable to get to her point using fewer words.

Jamie also proves herself to be proficient with long-range weapons. With a short amount of time used for weapon familiarization, Jamie can use sniper rifles at a dangerously high efficiency, fetching at least a 99 % accuracy with almost all the weapons she uses; the only limit for her seems to be from the weapons themselves. This is revealed to be due to her participation in World War II as a frontline sniper, whereby she was able to fetch 488 confirmed kills using a [DATA MISSING] and without an assistant to calculate her trajectories and wind speeds; she can do everything by herself, after all. Jamie shows slight regret over this, stating that she had no choice but to defend her motherland at that time. For now, she just does the shooting out of her own pleasure, with her targets ranging from empty tin cans to soda bottles; Jamie shows disdain in using her sniper skills to hunt animals or kill other humans, with the only exception when her friends or families are in immediate threat. Her favorite weapon is an AS–50, which she remarks that it “sounds like a thunder rumbling and scores well on the intimidation factor. Makes a good crowd control just by firing a warning shot.”
Portrait shot of Head of Secretary Jamie. Image credit: Sims 4.

”Gameplay” Stats and Abilities
Jamie Izabella Maxie Cass Ruby P. Eirian is a long-range defensive damage character. With a customized sniper rifle that she trusts with her life, along with her finesse and agility, she is able to pick off enemies with large damage output for single targets. However, she also has a very slow rate of fire and no abilities that deal with crowds of enemies (save for piercing shots). As a result, Jamie can be quickly overwhelmed when met with numbers. 2000 HP.

Weapons and Equipment
Primary Weapon: Modified Anti-Material AS-133 Sniper Rifle
"With the world that is 2.66 times bigger, so do the calibres and the Valentians’ weapons. Case in point, Jamie is armed with a .50 cal that is upscaled into a 1.33 cal. The results, indeed, exceed expectations."
A semi-automatic sniper rifle with no damage falloff for up to 6 kilometers; 50% damage for 7-10 kilometers, and beyond that, 10% damage. Has 5 shots per magazine before needing to reload. 1200 damage per shot, with 1.54 seconds between each shot, resulting in an effective DPS of 780. Leaves a very thick trail when firing, giving away the position of its user when fired. Additionally, the sniper rifle has the ability to pierce through targets with each additional target receiving 62.5% of the previous damage. That is, the first target receives 100% damage, second target receives 62.5% damage, third target receives 40% damage, fourth target receives 25% damage, and so on.

Lucky Strike
"Holding it steady, I held my breath. With a shot that rang, they – no matter the size – fell at once. With no life and vital signs detected, I must conclude that I hit them square."
Jamie has an innate ability to hit a target with a lucky shot, killing it immediately regardless of the target. 5% chance against normal enemies, 3.5% against rare enemies, 1.5% against unique enemies, and 0.1% against bosses.

Quick Reload
”Calculations and shooting are arts of their own, yes. However, so is reloading. Less downtime, more shooting.”
Jamie reloads her sniper rifle 5% faster all the time, resulting in a 3.8 second reload time as base. At times, however, there is a 10% chance that she is able to reload it in 0.5 second instead. This will not occur consecutively.

Slower Breaths
"I am not a cold-blooded sniper; I have always been filled with adrenaline! Still, if I can slow down my shots, I can deliver."
Slows down the rate of fire by 100%, i.e. the shots take twice as long to deliver. This gives Jamie 50% more accuracy onto the targets, along with eliminating scope stray. Lasts 15 sec, 0 sec cooldown, and 2.0 sec cast time.

"I’ve been compromised!"
Portals Jamie anywhere for a maximum distance of 500 meters, while also giving her 100% increased movement speed afterwards for 10 seconds. The portal casting and movement takes 1.0 sec to cast, and 15 sec cooldown.

"The enemies are blind to where I am, so I will make them see!"
With 5 sec casting time that can be interrupted, Jamie deploys a life-like hologram of herself, which deals no damage to the enemies, and takes 25% more damage from enemy attacks. 10 sec lifetime with 20 sec cooldown.

Rapid fire
"A hail of five bullets, deadly and explosive."
With 3 sec casting time that can be interrupted, Jamie fires all of the rounds in her rifle in quick succession (0.25 sec per shot), hitting her target with 100% accuracy. Each bullet deals 10% less damage. 30 sec cooldown.

Jamie's Template / Sample


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - Greetings from the Wondrous Parts of the Past!
Speaker of the Moment: Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Cassandra Alex C. Eirian
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Anyone can read and redistribute the information.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

"The Secretary's Beauty."
Head Secretary Jamie Izabella Maxie Clara “The Elegant and Magnificent Mathematician” Pernella Ellie Natie Lexie Marie Valerie Ruby Æstriðr Fni. Clementine Millicent Cassandra Alex C. Eirian: Ahh, oh my! What a wondrous time for me to come back to this very place! It has been rather long, if I verbally express so myself! If you are wondering on the reasons on how I came about here, despite me being perhaps hundreds of years old? The wonders of Valentian Science, my friends! Oh my, where was I? Oh affirmative, about on this Empress I have to verbalize with. And I will verbalize, I have the displeasure of meeting one of the more atrocious persons that ever graces this very place, and the macrocosm holistically, I am sure! Ohh dear, where am I? My Darling Empress, you are one of the most repulsive beings I have the accolade of meeting, and that is verbally expressing a plethora of things! I have the delectation of meeting quite a handful magnitude of people on my time here, as well as being told by the other Valentians on the nature of the people here! You might not aurally perceived or ken about them, but sometimes, I miss your other variant, you optically discern? You have a much nicer and a kinder hearted version of yourself, somewhere out in this world of wonders! And I will be elated if I have the delectation of meeting her, and that world! I better get going now, I don't want to disturb you further... even if I am truly disgusted by looking at you.

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No. 8 - Assistant Secretary Mandy Voorzicht Colette

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Name: Assistant Secretary Mandy Juliet Voorzicht “Le Diplomate Indiscutable Mais Maladroit” Willow Stephanie Madison Rose Hélène Deborah Colette Diva Lydia Koh Raphaëlle Lucie V. Trs. Bertillon
  • 706,04 centimeters (23 ft. 1.97 in.) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 264,16 centimeters (8 ft. 8 1/2 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 204,47 centimeters (6 ft. 8 1/2 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: French

A peculiar and rather hyperactive woman with a taste for fine food and culinary, and a close friend of Jamie, Mandy is the Assistant Secretary for Jamie, hailing from the land of France.

Born in the remote villages of Paris, she then moved to the downtown area of the city and started working as a waitress for one of the many fine-dining restaurants. After a series of antics, and somewhat delayed promotions, she got promoted to the manager (with a supervisor above her), though there was some hesitation with this due to her rather clumsy nature; Mandy has the capability of an assistant manager or a supervisor, or even as a leader herself, but her clumsy and rather excited nature was holding her back for a moment or two.

In the meantime, Jamie Izabella went to the beautiful countryside of France for a visit, followed by visiting Paris and planning to have dinner at one of the many restaurants. At that moment, Mandy was on her day-off and was doing city exploration of her own. It was that faithful encounter at a restaurant that the two ran into each other and after apologising profusely to one another, they basically struck up a conversation and took a table for two instead of two tables for one. With a common interest and the love for fancy (but at the same time, not too expensive) food, the two became close friends, travelling around France’s beautiful landscape and usually secluded areas. After all, with the instability present around the entire world during their exploration, they at first restricted the travelling plans down to France.

Eventually, they decided to go to Myanmar for a visit, specifically to one of its more popular and controlled casinos, a la Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. With Jamie being suspected of cheating, Mandy went out so far as to defend her, putting up every single detail of Jamie’s plays as well as on the piling amount of evidence that she was indeed not cheating. When Valentijn came in to investigate – who in turn was going to let the women go anyway, the three struck up a conversation yet again and from there, the two women have a new friend in a country that is equally new for both of them.

Her reasoning and deductive skills are rather unparalled, and with Vice Foresittend Jolyn hitting the scene, the two enjoyed a friendly debate with one another, in both French and English. Perhaps that is why she found herself a place in Valentine Z as an assistant secretary, right alongside Head Secretary Jamie.

Mandy is a unique DPS that can cover both the short-range and long-range needs with her variable rifle/ shotgun – she can do long-range shots with single pallets at fast rate-of-fire, or she can charge up her shots to accumulate and fire several pallets at once for shotgun goodness. On top of that, Mandy is able to heal the people around with her a biotic field, providing the much-needed support and replenishment should the Supports are either not around or are down. Additionally, Mandy can increase her reflexes for the time being so as to deflect projectile-based attacks, as well as bullets. Though, electricity, fire, and ice would still be a threat to her while she is deflecting projectiles. Her ultimate is a Coup de force, which skipped the charge-up sequence for the shotgun, as well as giving it a boosted damage output for a limited duration.

A shot of Mandy. Credit: Sims 4

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary Attack: Variable rifle. Fires single pellets at fast speeds, though the damage out is rather low per pellet.
Secondary Attack: Variable shotgun. Charge up to fire up to 20 pallets. Maximum charge-up time is 3 seconds.
Biotic Field: Heals allies at a rate of 175 HP / sec for 8 seconds. The field has a 5 meter radius for area of effect.
Wired Reflexes: Deflects projectiles for 2.5 seconds. Will still take damage from non-projectiles, e.g. electricity.
Coup de force (Ultimate): Increases fully-charged shotgun's output by 300%. 0-sec charge-up. Lasts 8 seconds.
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No. 9 - Premier Ministre Kendrick “Ustoppelig Vilje” Demetri

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Name: Premier Ministre Kendrick Elliott Quinton Øistein Håvard “Ustoppelig Vilje” Demetrius Barrett Anderson Jovita Eril Moff Tarvin Dsv. Gudmund Ronny Runar Elias Dp. Marius Andres Hemmingsen
  • 530.86 centimeters (17 ft. 5 in.) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 265.43 centimeters (8 ft. 8 1 / 2 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 204.47 centimeters (6 ft. 8 1 / 2 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Norwegian

A commanding officer of the Norwegian Armed Forces, then-General Kendrick has seen it all and heard it all during his military career. Given the neutrality of the Scandinavian countries during the Cold War, Kendrick was mostly tasked with keeping the peace in the countries, making sure not to take sides of either Western or Eastern hemisphere. However, that was not to last forever, as it was old throughout history that it is near impossible to be a neutral power by helping out both sides of the war. While slowly running out of options, he decided to fortify the Scandinavian countries and declared them to be in a state of war. In actuality, they simply re-activated their reservists, as well as on the art of diplomacy and de-escalation so that no one will get hurt unnecessarily.

Given the secrecy of Project Resolute to the rest of the world, only the military’s top brass (as well as the leaders of smaller satellite nations) know about it for the most parts. Word spread to General Kendrick that Valentijn is seeking out potential candidates for Project Resolute and so the hunt went on in secrecy. The randomly selected people that Clarissa has generated were chosen, and along the way, Valentijn showed off to Kendrick about his strategies and tactics, i.e. charging in front of an enemy blindly and praying that he won’t get hit. Kendrick took this by surprise, while also remarking that, “It’s a miracle that Valentijn, for all intents and purpose, is still alive and well. Surely anyone else would have died in their very first war if they tried.”

Becoming a close friend and bridging the gap between the Scandinavians and the people back in Burma, Kendrick and Valentijn has forged a friendship between the two of them, ensuring that the Norwegians, Danes, Swedish, Finnish, and rest of the minority groups will safely transit back to Burma for preservation. Upon being asked for this randomised choice, Kendrick remarks that “It is indeed tragic, but there is nothing we can do about it, for the world is too heated.”

Despite his age, Prime Minister Kendrick is someone that should never be underestimated, or think that he is a frail and old man. Kendrick is a rather resilient man and thus was the reason why he became a Tank for his Valentian friends. While he did not have the highest amount of health compared to other tanks, his bubble shield, along with his Tesla Cannon, is able to provide both the defensive needs, as well as the offensive needs should enemies get a little too close to comfort. On top of all that, Kendrick can also call in an Air Strike so as to deal damage in a line, though not so much used as a crowd control. His ultimate is a rocket stomp, which, using his prosthetics and exoskeleton, Kendrick is able to deliver a stomp that while does not deal much damage, is able to effectively stun anyone that are foolish enough to get near him.

Portrait shot of PM Kendrick. Source: Star Wars.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary Attack: Short-range Tesla Cannon, hits multiple enemies. Can hit up to 20 tgts. with same dmg. output.
Hard stun: 400 flat damage, and stuns the target for 2 seconds. Hitting the ground deals 200 damage, 2 m AoE.
Bubble Shield: Drops a dome shield that protects against all projectiles. Shield has 3600 health, lasts 6 seconds.
Air Strike: Calls a bombing run in a line. 10 meter by 2 meters, 800 maximum damage to each enemy in the line.
Rocket Stomp (Ultimate): Slams the ground, dealing 100 damage in a 10 meter radius. Stuns affected for 4 secs.
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No. 10 – Vice Premier Ministre Markus Wyatt

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Name: Vice Premier Ministre Markus Tom Lincoln Schillinger Lewis Joyelle Wei Jaiden X. “Hraður Og Banvænn” Nordmann M. Geoff Julius Wyatt Junius Mar Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson
  • 685,77 centimeters (22 ft. 6 in.) (Valentian Era, Universe Scale)
  • 257,81 centimeters (8 ft. 5.5 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 196,85 centimeters (6 ft. 5.5 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Year of Birth: 1974
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Icelandic

"Sometimes I do wonder if my luck certainly has ran out. And most days, with the people I love around me, I am reassured that it certainly has not. That, and the old world is dead, anyway. That is certainly one way to look at it."

Introduction and Early Life
Part of The Sixty, Vice Prime Minister Markus runs Vostrov together with Prime Minister Kendrick, and manages the day-to-day issues that pops up within the autonomous parts of Valentine Z. Born to the Icelandic parents in 1974 in Reykjanesbær – a municipality on the Southern Peninsula (Suðurnes) in Iceland – Markus is a quick-witted fast-talker, being able to get through most of the situations and problems through the power of words alone. He lead a relatively normal and simple life and childhood – as much as it could be normal in a war-scared Iceland in the late 1970s and the 1980s, with most of his school time and classes having been peppered often times with the news and developments of the world around him. It also did not help as much that his parents were also part of the military force, one that is working together with the Icelandic Coast Guard in order to bolster its defensive powers and capabilities should the world go into a turmoil. As a result of these strings of events, Markus (by that time, a 6 year old with a nanny to help him out), was usually seen alone and were away from his parents. Still, despite all of this hardship, he was able to hang on, and managed to even bond with his parents as much as he could whenever they would come back home on the break days. Throughout the years, he went on through the academic structure uneventfully, showing a slightly-above average performance in school, being able to do relatively better in subjects such as Linguistics, English, and Icelandic, while not enjoying his time in the classes such as Bio-Chemistry.

Come the time in a university, Markus – with the help of his parents – attempted to get into the undergraduate program for Linguistics, a subject and topic that he has a fond interest and love towards. The attempt was a breeze, perhaps owing to the fact that given the state of the world, not a lot of people have a need for a linguist, perhaps save for being a war-time translator should the need arise. "I weighed and evaluated my choices, and I suppose that night, I told my parents that I wanted to be there," Markus remarked, "They were a bit hesitant at first, but since they also were involved in military duties, perhaps they didn't feel right to deny me of the possibility of being on the battlefield when they also were being exposed to it on a daily basis." And with that, he lived free of trouble in the university's campus, though preferring to live in his home for the most parts due to the distance, as well as citing the want to live with his parents more often should they come back home. As the years went and passed by, Markus cited the burnout that he was getting from the work and studies that he was doing. Even with the help of his quick-witted demeanour, he was not able to collaborate well and team up with his schoolmates for his group projects, and thus hurting his grade even more. Nonetheless, he made it through and through, with a few more years to go and chug through, before his school life is coming to a conclusion, and that he might get something out of this whole thing eventually. However, a sudden disruption would then take him on an adventure, a militaristic one.

Þýddu, takk! (Translate, please!) – Markus' role in the Pre-Valentian Wars
"Their reasoning was, well, I would remark that it's a little flawed, but since they did give me a crash course on codes and ciphers, I suppose that's fair. Anyway, they brought me in there, because they thought that I would be able to help them with the translations and the like, as well as deciphering the structure of the language, because maybe someone is using German, or Czech, or whatever that is. I shrugged at first, maybe they got the linguist and the polyglot wrong, but since I am there, might as well help them – my people – out to the best of my abilities. Hey, maybe one day I might be able to help them out of a situation with my talking, provided the enemy is up for talks."
- Markus Tom Lincoln Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson, 1995, "So you are drafted into the army.", A Short Biography of Who I Am, p. 53

Surely enough to the words and advices of his parents, Markus – being a fit young adult and armed to the teeth with the knowledge of linguistics – was called into arms for the slowly developing Icelandic Army, along with the rest of his schoolmates who were either deployed to other places provided they have the skills and were fit (both physically and emotionally) to be in the battlefields. With little to no other choices on the matter, along with the world becoming more and more heated in 1995, Markus accepted the calling, and soon found himself acting as a support for the defense forces of his motherland. He was paired up with the group of cryptanalysts (code breakers), in hopes that he will be able to bring some of his linguistic knowledge into the mix, even if he knew next to nothing about the codes themselves. With the usual military training (including one on cold acclimatization whereby he was dipped into a very cold lake), along with the code breaking basics, Markus was ready for the very thing that he was tasked with doing after merely 3 months of training, since there was little to no time to lose due to the nature of it.

And thus began Markus' work with Icelandic Defense Forces, armed with his knowledge of linguistics, as well as the new training that he has gotten from the military. At first, most of the tasks that given to him were relatively low-level, ranging from newspaper clippings to intercepted news broadcasts that were obtained from the countries in the Eastern Hemisphere. Eventually, the classification of the documents that he was given and tasked with became more and more sensitive, to the point where he was looking at intercepted secret messages and, as per the collaboration with the cryptographers that were paired up with him. Due to the training involved from the military which demands teamwork and cooperation, Markus was able to more or less overcome the issues that he used to have with regards to working with someone else. “Not so much that I have a problem with the others; I realised I was just a bit of a lone wolf,” was the remark that he gave upon being asked regarding this particular event and his characteristic. He also started picking more languages along the way, ones that are used in most of the Eastern European countries, as well as a few other languages from Southeast Asia for an added measure should he need it somewhen down the line. For a good portion of his impromptu military career, Markus did not see himself on the front lines, doing most of his work comfortably with the rest of the support battalions. It would be later down the timeline that he – along with the handful of other support troops – were called into action to be converted into infantrymen, with larger able members of the army being needed, coupled with the fact that the war was raging on at an alarming rate with even the self-defense armies of the small countries (such as Iceland) suffering a lot more causalities.

Íslensk útför – The Death of a Relative
"Making matters worse was, well, after a few more weeks of being in the infantry, I received the news, a very utterly dreadful one – my mother has unfortunately passed. KIA, they said. I mourned for her, shed a few tears, and we had a moment of silence. If I am to be blatantly honest, my dad and I sort of saw that coming. I mean, we are living in a time of turbulence, and with thousands of lives getting extinguished on a regular basis, and so on the frontlines, things were not exactly going to be that peachy. Certainly did not make it better for us, it’s just that we have to accept it. My dad, he took it a little harder than me. On the day that we received the news, I swear that something inside him might have snapped – he threatened to march and charge straight through the frontlines of wherever his wife passed, and “lob a crapton of grenades until they are all gone.” Fortunately, we were at home when we received that news, so there was no harm to him, but I had to stop him a little. The military medics and his comrades, the next day, were none the wiser. I pleaded and fast-talked my officers to change battalion not because I did not want to fight, but because I did not want to lose another family member, making up some reasoning about how I simply wanted to be with my dad. That must have worked, because after a gruelling 5 days, I got moved. I like to think that it was just him grieving not trauma."
- Markus Tom Lincoln Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson, 1995, "So you are drafted into the army.", A Short Biography of Who I Am, p. 89

For the next few days and perhaps even weeks, things have been more or less normal, as normal as it could be in the middle of a battlefield. Markus spent most of his time with his father and the new battalion, volunteering a lot of his free time as a watcher and a sentry in the event of any of them suddenly going haywire. His roles in the army has changed more and more as time went on – from acting as a translator and translating classified documents, to having more of his time devoted to fighting at the front lines alongside his father, the latter simply happy to see his son again after quite some time, and that he remarked that his wife / Markus’ mother would have been proud to see the two of them together once again; whether or not she would have been proud with them on the front lines and shooting the enemy even for defensive purposes, is another question entirely and is up to interpretation as of. The war would drag on for many more months and years, to predictably end with the nuclear bombardment of the entire world. As for Markus and his father, the way they survived was a story of its own, all thanks to Markus’ work. One particularly busy morning, he was given a pile of translation work to do, something that he has seen a trickle of it during his time as an infantry until very recently. Among one of the translations was the transmission – rumors about how there were a group of people seeking to gather the diversity and assortment of world’s populace somewhere on Earth. With the war not seeing any time to a peaceful resolution and end, these group of people were told to be working on this project of randomly selecting and extracting people to be added into this project’s populace. Excited at the idea, Markus kept it a secret for a while, afraid for a few reasons – for one, he certainly was not dreaming about getting picked up by these people, not to mention the implication of this secret being known to the rest of the world. He realised that whoever left this transmission behind a slew of classified information must have made it a point to not let anyone else know. “My first impression was that if little to no one outside of it knows of this group’s plans, then it’s best to keep it that way,” citing the worry that if that project was to be found, then everyone would waste no time in making that group the centre of attention for war, and thus would fight them instead in order to get one of the 500,000 places that the group is promising and guaranteeing. That would’ve been it…

Erfið Ákvörðun / Difficult Decision.
"Well, that one morning back at home, I have never seen such a glee on my dad’s face. At least, not after he lost his wife and was a little too solemn wherever I met him. Must have been something, was my obvious thought. I jokingly asked him what was making him so happy, to which he produced a crumpled up piece of paper – one that was written by an unknown source, from the looks of it. Has a bit of black ink here and there, but other than that, it’s mostly legible. He along with myself were apparently chosen for Project: Resolute, that one thing that I was able to decipher and translate that day (It was a relatively easy cipher, one that my comrades have taught me; luckily, I didn’t really have to spread it around in an attempt to know about it). Anyway, long-story short, we were to travel from Iceland to Burma, but through a series of private transportation and disguises, lest the whole operation would have been blown. I still have no idea how they managed to keep this for so long without most people knowing, especially in this day and age, but I suppose they managed to keep it cloaked up, or something. Technology has been evolving, after all. Going back to it, it would have been for the two of us, and we were very happy about the whole thing, to be honest. We were to get an asylum of sorts, this is going to save both me and him! We thought about the lack of other people that we were unable to take with us, but the paper was clear – they would try their best to accommodate but they were capped at the capacity of the number of people they could save."
- Markus Tom Lincoln Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson, 1997, "The Chosen One, or how I managed to get out and had to deal with it.”, A Short Biography of Who I Am, p. 100

And thus the plans were in motion. Markus and his dad went out and packed as much of their belongings as possible. They then travelled South-East, avoiding the detection of most of the spotlights and the ships, which was a bit more difficult than they thought they could do. However, with the help of the strangers of Project Resolute (The Sixty), they were able to get into Burma with little to no eventful happenings. All they knew was that they were going to be in a lot of trouble when this failed, for they were more or less marked as MIA (or worse, AWOL) at this point of life. As they arrived at Burma, they reported to none other than Valkyrie Valentijn, the man (at that time) who did the randomization and sent out the invitations to the random people all over the world. It would be at this point that Valentijn finally told the duo of the events that might happen, as well as the future that they may have to live in. They weighed in the decisions, but with desertion carrying a very heavy price, and in hopes that their old lives will not be able to catch up back to them, they eventually accepted, but not after a rather long and worthwhile talk as to whether or not they were going to make this decision and to leave the rest of the comrades behind. Valentijn did not impose this on them as compulsory, citing that if they choose to decline, they would simply be sent back to their country and place of origin, with an amnesic soon delivered so as to prevent them from leaking such a project. A few other Icelanders that they know were also chosen as they found out, and as a result, with the citation “Maybe the future won’t be too bad after all,” the two decided to stay, with the outside communication squelched (via signal suppressors and confiscating their communication devices) in order to prevent information leakage. Markus, as appears, would be living a rather different life, one that he did not expect to get and thinking that it would have been nothing but a distant memory. However, things would take a further complicated turn as Markus’ father bid him farewell the next day, promising Valentijn that he would not divulge the existence of this project to anyone, and that he would take with him to his grave. Markus was confused as to why, until it turned out that the invitation was for one person only, and it was to be given to Markus instead of to himself. Markus pleaded and fast-talked to Valentijn and the rest of the people working for the project, to which they were willing to accept on behalf of him.

"That morning, he was about to leave. Had I not wake up on time, I think that would have been the last time I see him without even as so much of a goodbye. I was asking him as to what was going on, then I finally learned about it – it was meant for one person. He was chosen, NOT me. He decided to cover that up and would go together with me, perhaps to ease me off or to just give me the reassurance. Maybe now I know where I got my way of the words from. Anyway, Valentijn – the leader of the project – along with the rest of the people, are willing to cover and let him stay, since 1) he has already made the journey and 2) they could still try their best to accommodate if there are people bringing one or two of their family members. I realised that a good half of the project’s residents were those without a surviving relative or a lineage, along with those whose culture was about to die and would need a revival. So that would have been 500,000 of us, plus a couple more so long as everyone would be able to survive. I pleaded again, to which he only produced the family picture of us – me in the middle, with the two of them on either side of me. Well, shit, I thought. He was adamant about not staying, and would rather die on the land like his wife (my mother). I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t talk him into it, no matter how hard I tried. And soon, he was gone. I held the picture, and kneed on the ground, crying out, sobbing pathetically. I watched him make his way into the same car that took us here, but would be just going back to the network of networks back to Iceland. Crying, bawling my eyes out, I must have looked very pathetic to the people around me. The car went off, and that was that. I couldn’t bear to look at it anymore, and so I went back to my accommodations. Only minutes later, I heard a knock on the door, to which I suddenly ran up and hugged him. My dad, he is here with me. He changed his mind at the end of it, and the car went off to pick out more people for Project Resolute. “I mean, I was going to go, but at the end of it, I think your mother would have wanted us together. Besides, I couldn’t feel and live and die seeing my son cried like that. Fast-talking and convincing me, sure, but bawling out like a little kid? It was embarrassing, but I mean, it worked. So, congrats, we will live through together,” were his words that day. And that’s how me and him stayed together until the nukes fell, opting to share a person’s worth of rations between the two of us in order to not cause a strain on these people."
- Markus Tom Lincoln Sigfastur H. Vix Svanmundur Gunnarsson, 1997, "The Chosen One, or how I managed to get out and had to deal with it.”, A Short Biography of Who I Am, p. 102

Later Life – An Honorary Valentian.
Markus lived peacefully with his dad during the dawn of the Valentian Era, having faced a handful of trouble and hardship just like the other Valentians, due to the fact that the country has been more or less established, and that the terraforming has only made the land habitable, and the Valentians would need to rebuild. It would have been physically hard and difficult, but emotionally, it was a breath of fresh air and a new page for everyone. The people that were saved no longer has any grudge towards one another, and that the old world has long seized to be, to be replaced by a large international country known as Valentine Z. It sounded like the beginning of a dictatorship which forced the people to be happy, but it was fortunately not that, as the people were able to believe, practice, and do whatever they wanted, so long as it isn’t seen as a crime even to the most tolerant of the Valentians. Going back to Markus’ and his family member, his father eventually passed due to natural causes, unable to live it through for the synthetic bodies that would have guaranteed him more of a life. He accepted the natural death, citing that “It was much better than him dying for no apparent reason. I hope him and my mom are together in the Heavens above,” Markus cited, to which he continued onto his linguistics studies, then travelling back to Iceland (now under Victoriaans Nederlands) to live together with his new Icelandic people, as well as the many other Valentians that resided in this international and multicultural world. “It certainly is different, in a good way,” he cited, blissful.

Further down the line, he also went to apply for the office and politics of Valentine Z, perhaps also indirectly proving the point that it is not always Valentijn’s close friends who got into the office (i.e. nepotism). With Kendrick at his side, he worked up the political ladder, eventually getting into the power of a Vice Prime Minister of Vostrov (encompassing Japan, China, and Korea of Valentine Z’s world), while Kendrick became the Prime Minister of Vostrov via his own means. “Vice PM is a good gig too,” he remarked, “Wouldn’t want myself too much power and to be quite honest, I am happy with where I am at that point.” He along with Kendrick would then work on Valentine Z’s aspects, including but not limited to linguistics (collaborating and creating the Valkyrie Sprak), along with focusing on the humanities and the cultural aspects of the education system of Valentine Z as a whole, while also researching about the languages as per his interest. As a form of self-defense and part of The Sixty as the active personnel of Valentian Defense Forces, Markus also equipped himself with a variety of weapons and abilities.

Vice PM Markus is primarily a support-class, though he too is not to be underestimated with when it comes to dealing damage. His primary weapon is an energy rifle, capable of dealing splash damage in a 1-meter radius, and can fire fairly quickly. It, however, has a problem with overheating, which happens after 48 continuous shots. His passive is a stats boost to all of his allies in a 4 meter radius, being able to give 50% extra HP, 100% movement speed, and -1 second to all the abilities’ cooldowns. This does not affect him, unfortunately. Active ability-wise, Markus has the power of Karmic Retribution, which enables him to deal 50% of the melee damage done to him back to his enemies, forcing a ranged-counter onto his enemies, working as far as to something several times larger and stronger than him; next up is Encrypt, which – scrambles and randomizes the enemy’s chatter with one another in a 10 meter radius making voice cues difficult for his enemy team. This lasts for 10 seconds. Lastly, his ultimate is to empower a target ally with an extra charge for all of their abilities, excluding the ultimates. Due to the set of abilities that Markus has, he is recommended to stay alongside his teammates and friends, to ensure that he can provide the much needed stat boosts.

A shot of Vice PM Markus. Source: Sims 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Medium-range Energy Rifle, capable of dealing splash damage in a 1 meter radius. Can overheat.
Significance Aura (Passive): +50% HP, +66% Movement Speed, and -1 sec cooldown to abilities in 5 m AoE.
Karmic Retribution: Return 50% of the damage dealt at Markus back to enemies for 7 seconds. Melee only.
Encrypt: Randomizes and scrambles the enemy’s chatter towards each other by 80% in a 10 meter AoE. 10 s.
Empowered (Ultimate): Gives the targeted ally one of their ability (excluding ultimates) with no cooldown.
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No. 11 - Chief Senator Shannon “Höchste Gerechtigkeit” Annet

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Name: Chief Senator Annette Shannon Gwendolyn “Höchste Gerechtigkeit Und Heitere Ehre” Melissa Liliah Nelie Irella I. Steinhäusser Magdalena Tammy Elizabeth Jennifier Dorothea Wanda Ec. Lexer
  • 662,13 centimeters (21 ft. 8.7 in.) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 248,92 centimeters (8 ft. 2 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 187,96 centimeters (6 ft. 2 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: German

Also dubbed as the lawmaker of Valentine Z, Chief Senator Annette has been in the line of law-making and legislations for years, or even a decade. She, along with Valentijn and his friends, shared the same feeling, is that everyone should have equal rights no matter what kind of a person they are in terms of race, language, or religion. Chief Senator Annette also has a strong belief that everyone deserves the right to proper justice without any impending or heavy legal fees, that is, the court and lawyers are to be free, all paid for and maintained by increasing the taxation.

Born in Germany, she finished her university career with a Masters in Law, and at the beginning of Cold War, Annette was quickly elected into the office as the main policymaker, that is, the one responsible for upkeeping the integrity of Germany’s law enforcement during the unstable times, ranging from equal rights for all the refugees in Germany, to maintaining order during a chaotic period of time through proper rationing of essentials. She also happens to be one of the people that Valentijn randomly picked from a German census and as a result, Annette was transferred to Yangon and eventually to Project Resolute, under the cover that she needs an immediate administrative leave due to personal issues, while scrutiny and rumours are also being suppressed.

Annette has one of the lowest amounts of health out of all the 60 Valentians, probably due to her old age. All of this compensated by her intelligence and being able to make sound and logical decisions even in times of war, as well as being able to handle a weapon impressively well. Annette is equipped with an automatic Thompson submachine gun that is modified to take in electrified shots, which has a chance to stun enemies, even cumulatively. The submachine gun itself is a short-burst weapon, though for short ranges, full-auto is recommended and is effective. Even for an offense hero, Annette has an ability that she can either use to shield herself, or to shield an ally, depending on the situation. As a result of only one person receiving it, Annette must make a sound decision that would effectively get both her and her allies to come out on top. On top of electricity-charged rounds, Annette’s weapon can also accept incendiary rounds, being able to fire literal fire bullets out of the gun and dealing burning damage to targets around her. Her ultimate is an auto-aim, a tactical visor that automatically locks onto the nearest target, and combine this with Annette’s weapon having a high ROF, with the ability for incendiary rounds, and Annette essentially becomes an one-woman army.

A shot of Chief Senator Shannon. Source: Sims 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary Attack: Automatic Thompson submachine gun. No damage falloff, but the accuracy falls off with time. Burst shots are recommended.
Electrical Discharge (Passive): Every 8th round shot from the gun will be imbued with shocks. Stuns for 0.5 seconds with each electrified shot.
Personal Shielding: +1000 health shield to self or selected ally. Shield lasts for 6 seconds, even if it is not fully depleted over time. Does stack.
Incendiary Rounds: +30 damage per sec of fire damage to every round fired. Fire Effects stack to + 300 dmg / s. Fire damage lasts 3 seconds.
Auto-aim (Ultimate): Automatically aims the nearest target. Does not aim at projectiles and abilities. +7% to electrical discharge. Lasts 10 sec.
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No. 12 - Intelligence Officer Jenny “Sombra” Hoshiko Radianc

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Name: Intelligence Officer Jenny Claudia Joy Lena Linette “Sombra De Kenshutsu Sa Renai Hakkā” Marce Tanya Mayweather Ik. D. Do. S. Morishita Whitney Sakurano Fujima Felice Hoshiko Radiance
  • 722,93 centimeters (23 ft 8.6 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 271,78 centimeters (8 ft 11 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 210,82 centimeters (6 ft 11 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Japanese

""I am in the mainframe," is no longer the thing we say anymore."

An expert hacker from the Land of the Rising Sun, Intelligence Officer Jenny Tanya Hoshiko Radiance is a natural when it comes to technology - especially on the software side of things. Born in the rather urban setting of Yokohama in the Pre-Valentian Era, Jenny lived and had a rather uneventful childhood together with her parents, the raging and escalating Cold War not affecting Japan at that moment in her life. Her rather uneventful and average life ended (but in a positive way) when her father bought a personal computer on that one faithful day. To say that Jenny was fascinated by such a contraption and a marvel of technology, would be an understatement, as she would use her allocated free time to get onto the computer and slowly discover the features and functions of it all. Even if one needs to know a little bit about the hardware, Jenny displayed her love on the software of the computers rather than the hardware, making her very first program at the age of 6.

She attended her local neighborhood school, to which she was able to further hone her computer skills to an extent as the school has recently unveiled an array of computer laboratories to equip the students with the much needed skills of the upcoming decades. Jenny was thrilled to use the school computers to do programming tasks of her own, whilst her other friends would mostly occupy themselves with the various browser-based games that were scattered all over the Internet and in large quantities. This, in turn, gave Jenny the attention that she did not exactly want, as her other schoolmates and classmates started teasing her about that one nerdy girl who is always getting lost in the lines of codes on a daily basis. Still, it would have been unfair to say that all Jenny got was ridicule and mockery, as a few others (both teachers and students alike) were impressed by her skills and her tenacity to simply code on and on. She would also join hackathons, from small school-wide contests to national ones, to become possibly one of the best names when it comes to youths with computers.

"Jenny has that passion for computing, that is already more than a common fact for the school. It goes to show that her parents have also embraced her interest and hobby to further guide and help develop her skills. It is also commendable that she was learning at a relatively faster pace - I would have the majority of a class still writing simple programs, whereas Jenny would have this folder, complete with smaller libraries and dependencies, that would output actually rather impressive results, one in particular about finding the cheapest bus and train fare back to the station nearest to her home.

Of course, I must also make a note that Jenny has saddled that line between being popular and unpopular, as with the archetypes of the schools in those shows from the Western Hemisphere. For instance, I noticed that Jenny has been picked on a little by the other boys and girls, while also attracting her own pool of admirers. She would also cope - at first by being that one quiet girl in the class, to becoming increasingly sarcastic and sardonic to those around her. Thankfully, she only went after those that have picked on her, because as far as I know, none of the teachers have any negative remarks about her attitude towards them."

- Seyama Masahiko, Principal of Blue River Academy, Yearly Report on Jenny Sakurano Hoshiko

Eventually, she moved on to secondary schooling, with the same song and dance as her primary school days. For that brief moment in life, however, she would learn to become more independent, as well as being more sociable whilst keeping her sarcastic attitude in check, only being harshly sarcastic when she needs to. Come tertiary schooling and then university, Jenny decided to specialize in the area of cybersecurity, citing fascination from her parents, from the TV shows that she has watched, along with the idea of infiltration and hacking being things that she found to be attractive - for both good and bad. It started off when Jenny decided to hack into the school's systems out of boredom, and perhaps just to see how much security was in a typical system that a lot of people interact with on a daily basis. On top of that, she was simply doing it out of curiosity and to see the results and scores of other schoolmates around her. However, the fun was cut short when she was nearly caught red-handed, quickly deleting off her tracks, and her university launching an investigation only to turn up with nothing. It was then said that an anonymous person has hacked into the systems, though no data has been compromised.

"So that was probably the last time I decided to use my skills for bad or for my own gain, I thought to myself. I mean, maybe I will still do it, who knows. The thing is, I told myself I will not go into the life of crime. I heard about these people, called the white-hat hackers. They do it for the benefit of the people and companies so that they can create a better security system. That sounds like my kind of thing - to infiltrate into a system and read all about their data by heart, but at the end of the day, I have no real use for them; I am just a very curious person that is breaking in, checked all of their stuff, didn't steal anything, and then leave to tell my client on how I got into their system."
- Intelligence Officer Jenny Claudia Joy Lena Linette “Sombra De Kenshutsu Sa Renai Hakkā” Marce Tanya Mayweather Ik. D. Do. S. Morishita Whitney Sakurano Fujima Felice Hoshiko Radiance

Graduated with a decent GPA of 3.33 on her result slip, Jenny applied and got into the job of a white-hat hacker for a local Japanese firm that deals with healthcare and patient databases. She was thrilled for the opportunity, not necessarily because she was going to go after and take the data. Rather, knowing the importance of health and personal particulars of people all around her, this would be a good challenge for her, as she saw herself counteracting many hacking attempts while she do her own hacking into the systems to better reinforce them. This went on for a good few more years with little to no incident, maybe save for some attempts here and there, but nothing that Jenny could not handle. Over the years, Jenny was planning to opt for a change of job or even the expertise in the field of IT, when the news from her parents hit her like a rail train.

As it turns out, Jenny's mother became a victim to one of the notorious and common forms of scam that is going around the Internet - an impersonation of a bank accountant or any other important entity, posing and promising a refund of some princely amount in exchange for a few hundred thousand yen worth of processing fees that might happen along the way. Whilst it sounded obvious on paper, the script and the manipulative nature of the scammers meant that even someone tech-savvy like Jenny's parents could (and had) fell victim to such a thing. With deep-seated anger behind her eyes, Jenny vowed to find out who these scammers and to do as much damage as she could back at them. She was unable to dismantle every single scam and to ensure that they would not happen again (given the nature of the world's politics due to Cold War escalations), but she would become a grey-hat hacker that she always wanted - doing her day-time job as per usual, and at night, making it hell and miserable for the people that scammed innocent folks.

"Listen to me very carefully, and listen well. I know who you people are, and I am not afraid to publish this information right out in the open. I am not the one to condone doxxing someone, nor am I the person to go after someone with such severity, but for you scum, I am making an exception. Here, see this screenshot? And the documents? Yeah, photos of you, your scamming friends right beside you, your personal particulars, the list of victims that you have terrorised and conned from. I will not stand for this, and I swear I will hurt those that have wronged not only my parents and my friends, but to every innocent people around you. I will publish this information to every single police force there is on this damn Earth, and I will make damn sure that you are all imprisoned for decades to come.

Shut down your operations. Or I will shut your life."

- Jenny Joy Lena Hoshiko Radiance, From one of her many scambaiting calls

With the click and disconnect from the other line, Jenny's job was done. What they do at that point is up to them, but Jenny told herself she will surely know when it's the same people again who has not changed their ways, or if it was another new breed of scammers. She has been doing this for years, while also changing contracts and becoming an independent grey-hat mercenary hacker of sorts; she is willing to accept those that would pay generously for her services, but at the same time would be adamant not to get into downright immoral activity. Jenny would also hack into the websites and databases of several governments - from both the Western and the Eastern Hemisphere, one of them including Burma. In other words, she came to the attention of Valentijn at first, who was puzzled as to why their government's site was slowing down on the most random of non-peak hour timings, as well as seeing several new comments from the "members" of the forum that Valentijn set up in order to communicate with his citizens. Valentijn got his own pools of talent in order to launch a countermeasure against Jenny, whom simply outsmarted every single person that Valentijn threw her way; all he got was that it has definitely happened from somewhere in Japan, and that was as most evaluative as it could get.

Frustrated, Valentijn sent Jolyn to Japan in order to track down this hacker, and to prevent her from doing more harm than good. With a blank check and a few other tools that she decided to bring along with her for such an expedition and tour, Jolyn arrived at Japan, though in another city at first because she was unable to track down exactly where Jenny was at. The two eventually met with a bit of a confrontation, but Jolyn, one being with a soft spot in spite of her espionage nature, let Jenny talk it out. The latter did so, explaining her life story that lead up until this point, and clarified that she was not intent on harming anyone at all and was simply checking out as to what the governments are doing.

"And then she told me, and I quote: I bet you also wanted to know what kind of things the governments of the world has. You have the physical presence, and I have the technical know-how. I was thinking if we could do these missions together. Un-quote. And I was like "Oh great, an offer I could not refuse because I have a soft heart."
- Jolyn Maxine Caulfield Helen Ceeta, "The Hacker Who Outsmarted Me"

Jenny and Jolyn became a bit of friends, seeing their like for espionage and backdoor works – only difference was that one did the infiltration through the Internet, while the other did it with hardware and spying. This was also perhaps the reason on how Jolyn and the rest of the Valentians know about the dangers of countries considering a nuclear strike, because the combined teamwork of Jolyn and Jenny granted them the most sought-for and important documents that were detailing such a Cold War escalation event. Valentijn would later then comment and praise both Jolyn and Jenny for their actions - the former for having a pause and sparing a defenseless person to explain themselves, and Jenny for effectively saving the world by providing Valentijn with the much-needed documents. Jenny then became a friend of Valentijn's inner circle, eventually being hand-picked by the other Valentians at that time to let her and her parents stick with her (cherry-picking people to be saved are independent of the randomised picking of 500,000 people).

Jenny now runs Valentine Z and its autonomous nations’ network systems, making sure that Valkyrie OS stays healthy and is resistant to attacks. Despite being with the Valentians, it is still more or less unknown when it comes to Jenny’s personal motives. She seems to be caring towards the Valentians themselves, but at the same time, she gives off a vibe that she is a lone wolf hacker facing the world’s challenges, as well as the fact that she seems to enjoy disrupting the systems just for the pleasure of it rather than for the overall good of everyone around her.

Jenny is a damage-dealing hero, being able to play both offensively and defensively well. Her submachine gun as a primary weapon is nothing much to write home about, but couple this with her ability to see through walls on enemies that are less than 33% of their maximum health, and this gives Jenny an edge in locating them. She also has a translocator that she is able to throw in an arc in order to teleport back to it, enabling her to get out of sticky situations. Jenny can also make herself invisible for 8 seconds, giving her a substantial movement speed bonus while cloaked; do note that any form of damage, directed at her or otherwise, can break the cloak. Her main strengths are in two of her abilities, a hack, and an EMP shutdown ultimate that can render enemies extremely vulnerable and being unable to use their abilities. If she need more damage, Jenny can also go for an alternative ultimate that she can use - equipping another submachine gun to double her damage out and giving her a devastating 1010.8 DPS for a total of 8 seconds. Due to her kit and the way she fights, Jenny is recommended to be in the backlines most of the time, though with her combined ability sets, she can go into the front-line just as well if the situation calls for it.

Intelligence Officer Jenny. Credits: Japanese 3D model Saya.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary Attack: Submachine gun with fast firing rate and large spread. Short (10 m) effective range, but no dmg. fall-off.
Informed Choices (Passive): When an enemy's health is below 1/3, its location is revealed to Jenny, though not to allies.
Teleportation: Throws a personal translocator in an arc. Teleporter lasts 25 seconds and immune to all forms of damage.
Cloaking: Renders self invisible for 8 seconds. Moves at 200 % of normal speed. Can be broken if Jenny takes damage.
Hack: Disables the enemies’ abilities, including some passives. 1.5 second channel time, can be broken. Lasts 5 seconds.
Dual-wield (Ultimate): Takes out another gun and fires both at the same time. Deals 150% damage. Lasts for 8 seconds.
EMP! (Ultimate): Disables all enemies' abilities (including some passive abilities) in 15 meters radius. Lasts for 6 seconds.
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No. 13 - Lead Ambassador Germaine “Mercy” Constance

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Name: Lead Ambassador Germaine Athena “Mercy De Herzhafter Schutzengel” Sylvi Angelina Zoe Sophia Jen Alanna Rx J. Hailie Ziegler Halls Constance Pauletta Ginevra Lola Lauran Ambra Tschanz
  • 702,67 centimeters (23 ft 0.64 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 264,16 centimeters (8 ft 8 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 203,20 centimeters (6 ft 8 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Swiss

A doctor-without-borders from the land of Switzerland, Germaine is a professional at stitching up wounds and curing almost every ailment that people around her would get. She believes in helping everyone around her regardless of the faction or from whatever intent they have in the conflict. After all, a wounded person even in a battlefield is deserving of mercy and she has plenty to give.

Her proficiency in 50+ languages, along with her license to practice medicine in wherever she goes, makes her an unstoppable character in terms of reducing the causality numbers.

Along the way, with the changing tide of conflicts and Cold War killing just about everyone, Germaine realised that she had to commit some desperate measures to her cause. That is, she modified her healing kit and staff such that it can be toggled to give the recipient an unparalleled amount of strength to their advantage. After all, she too realised sooner or later that sometimes in a battlefield, the code of conduct towards the doctors was more or less ignored, and she had to learn to how to fight back not only with her sidearm, but alongside anyone around her.

New reports and studies have shown that Germaine may has some sort of angelic powers along her side. She has the ability to retrieve the souls and consciousness of the person – fallen or otherwise, and preserve it so that they can either be transferred into another body, or sent to the realms of afterlife. Germaine also revealed herself to the person behind Valentijn’s dumb luck, being able to help him out and direct away the danger from him. Valentijn found out about this from thousands of kilometres away, and he thanked her for that. The question remains on why Germaine decided to help Valentijn when he was trudging through battlefields.

Germaine is primarily a Support character, being able to either heal an ally at an amazingly fast rate (she can fully patch up a 2000 HP unit in less than 5 seconds), and if a heal is not needed, she can boost the damage output of the selected ally by 40%. Should she need to defend or fend herself, Germaine can effortlessly switch to her laser rifle that pierces through multiple enemies, though at the expense of needing extreme accuracy and a relatively shorter range compared to other offensive and defensive heroes. In the meantime, if Germaine stopped taking damage for 1 second, she would have her health regenerate at a steady rate of 8% of her maximum base health per second. Other times, if she sees the need to travel to another ally around her, she can use her Guardian Angel flight to make her way quickly towards that ally, ensuring that the ally will get the assistant they need within seconds. Her ultimate consists of two choices – either she can enable a Valkyrie mode in order to heal multiple targets, heal herself faster, and to fly freely to ensure better sustainability, or a mass resurrection of the fallen comrades around her so as to bolster back the ranks of the attacking or the defending strength of her team. While she can indeed be played as an offensive and damage-based character, it is important to note that Germaine is not supposed to be the primary damage-dealer, and is instead supposed to be that one hero that is to provide the much needed help of her allies.

Portrait of Lead Ambassador Germaine. Credit: Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment. Screencap by Me.
Portrait of Lead Ambassador Germaine. Credit: From this public Twitter post.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Extremely accurate laser rifle. Short charge-up time, but -200 damage fall off at 100 meter range. Pieces multiple enemies.
Secondary: Heals at +400 HP/sec to a selected ally. The healed ally must not break line of sight with Germaine and not behind her.
Tertiary: +40% damage boost to selected ally. The dmg boosted ally must not break line of sight with Germaine and not behind her.
Regeneration (Passive): 1 s. after taking damage, Germaine regenerates her health back at 8% of max. HP / sec; 20% with Valkyrie.
Guardian Angel: Flies towards at an allied target within a line of sight. This flight is linear, and can be interrupted by self or enemy.
Valkyrie (Ultimate): Ability to fly freely, along with the healing / damage beam that bounces across multiple allies. Lasts 30 seconds.
Revive (Ultimate): Revive all the fallen allies around her in a 10 meter radius. 2 second cast time, which can be interrupted by stun.
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No. 14 - Head Diplomat Charlene Marceline Myong

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Name: Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga.” Celestie Christine Irelle Dv. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung
  • 616,18 centimeters (20 ft 2.59 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 231,65 centimeters (7 ft 7.2 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 170,69 centimeters (5 ft. 7.2 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: South Korean

A journalist without borders. If there is something that needs a dire need of attention and to be reported, Head Diplomat Charlene is the go-to person for such a thing. She is simply unfazed by the danger all around her, preferring to take account of the events and happenings in great detail using her assortment of cameras and video camcorders. Unlike most reporters, however, Charlene usually works alone, preferring to do the filming all by herself, while adding the necessary annotations later on the fly with whatever devices she has at the moment.

Attending an art school in Korea and later becoming a freelance photographer and a reporter for one of the news channels, Charlene was more or less getting the enjoyment of doing her usual job, when one day, the Cold War brought along the distrust between Korea and Japan. Specifically, the world’s best hacker – now-Intelligence Officer Jenny, sabotaged and hacked into the database of South Korea along the way. Charlene was hastily sent as a news reporter, while also being temporarily assigned as a diplomat.

As she made her way to Japan and some lengthy searches later, she came across Jenny, who in turn was working in a rather isolated (but heavily guarded) shack away from civilization; after all, the government would not want anyone to find out about their spying techniques. Charlene’s Diplomatic Immunity was quickly worn thin, but Jenny took some pity on her and again, the two struck a conversation, with Charlene having made promise that she would not reveal whatever was shared by Jenny, who in turn stated, “If only you know about the sheer amount of information the government hid. Some of the news you reported? Heh, was actually a front.”

As the two of them were having a conversation of their own, Jolyn managed to get past the guards and into the hideout at that exact moment; guns were pointed at one another in a three-way Mexican Standoff. It was only after a choice of words from Charlene then they managed to back down and decided to report back to Valentijn. Covering their tracks was a series of plans – Jenny simply faked their deaths with a certificate, while Charlene made a convincing headline and news, along with a seemingly gruesome found-footage that they shot.

With her former news-reporting and photography skills, along with being a makeshift negotiator, Charlene has been assigned the Head Diplomat of Valentine Z, being sent for missionaries along with the people that she chose to be her personal guards.

Charlene is a defensive damage-dealer, armed with a rapid-firing automatic pistol that is suitable in short-ranges. As a result of this, instead of actively seeking out enemies or doing long-range attacks, Charlene’s role is more of defending a designated area or a control point. Additionally, she takes 10% less damage from all forms of attack, down to the minimum of 50 per strike. Though, Charlene can still be interrupted and taken down by abilities. One of her abilities, a Flashbang, deals a small amount of damage, but the emphasis is on the sheer duration of stun (2 seconds) that it does on the targets around the flashbang, as well as interrupting the channelling abilities, as well as stopping momentum. She also has a crowd-controlling ability, Fan of Knives, that throws 8 knives in each cardinal direction, and the damage can stack to the same target, i.e. if the target is big enough or moved off somewhere along the way, it can get struck by other knives. In terms of ultimates, Charlene has two choices: Vulnerability, and Point Break. The former is defensive, exploits and nauseates the enemy, so much so that they take 500% more damage, as well as moving 20% slower for 15 seconds, while they also spontaneously vomit (stuns) for 1 sec, every 4 seconds. Point Break, on the other hand, is offensive, dealing a chain of diminishing damage to whoever was unfortunate enough to be caught by the bouncing knife. Vulnerability costs twice as charge as Point Break.

Portrait of Charlene in the present-time. Credit: Sims 4.
Portrait of Charlene in the present-time. Credit: Shutterstock.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Rapid-firing automatic pistol. Very high spread, and inaccurate at even medium ranges. Advice is to get close to an enemy as much as possible.
Protected (Passive): Charlene takes 10% less damage from all forms of attack, to min damage of 50. She can still be interrupted & taken down by abilities.
Flashbang: Stuns an enemy for 2 seconds, as well as dealing 80 damage. The stun can interrupt the channelling abilities as well as stopping momentum.
Fan of Knives: 1 knife in each cardinal direction, resulting in 8 knives being thrown. Each knife deals 500 damage and damages can stack to single target.
Vulnerability (Ultimate): Enemies take 500% more damage and moves 20% slower for 15 secs. Also cause spontaneous stuns every 4 sec that lasts 1 sec.
Point Break (Ultimate): 4000 damage to single target. The knife can bounce off another enemy within 10 meters. 75% fall off damage with each bounce.

Charlene's Template / Sample


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - This time, it's News! What else is new?
Speaker of the Moment: Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga” Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 0 - Public Information, can be sent and redistributed without modifications.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

♥ Valentine's Day off! This Edition is Free of Charge! ♥

28th of January, 2076 (RL Earth)
0.50 Valentian Credit
Love Letters - Still Better Than Your Smartphone!


Code: Select all

Author / Ed.: Charlene Adeline Annie Myong Suh-Hyung.
[REDACTED] Overdue.
Head Diplomat Charlene Jeannie Natalia Adeline Marceline “Wanbyeoghan Hyeobsang-Ga” Celestie Christine Irelle Dva. Arianna Rees Edith Novena Annie Ciara W. I. Bethany Myong Suh-Hyung: 대박! (Awesome!) So this was the legendary Mr. Shawn Bjornson that everyone was talking about! What a scoop this must have been for everyone making news back in 2010s... Nowadays, this kind of news is... sure, it is still newsworthy, don't get me wrong, but no one is really fazed after you have seen the Fate herself. "Gwen Tracer Allison now Fate of the Omniverse. More at 7". These kind of things just became normal, you know? Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I am positive on you too, of course! Just like how the rest of the Valentians are all right with you!

Ahh, as for the First King himself? I personally find him all right for now. I mean, this is the first time I have met him, so I could not say too much or give too much of an opinion. I could still give my piece, and here it is! So... hmm, I will have to say that I miss Mr. Oni, because we were a bit more accustomed to him. Given your violent nature, I really, really don't want to be on your bad side, haha! Then again, I can say with 99% certainty that you certainly would not hurt us. Then again... 가늠자는 20 20입니다! (Hindsight is 20-20!) Neutral for now, neutral. I have a mix of good things about him, as well as some things I am weary on!

Ahh, hello there, my good Sirs! I am Charlene, the head reporter and diplomat from the wondrous world of Valentine Z! ^^ So... I hope you folks are doing well! I know and am aware that Mr. Jones is fine, but for Mr. Tanner... I am personally worried for you. Sure, you are using your powers to help people out and that is good with me, but being in coma this whole time? The world is much bigger than San Francisco, and there are a lot of places that you MUST travel in your life! There's Egypt, Switzerland, and... oh no, let's not talk about that country. That was a big mistake of me going there. Anyway, positive on you both, of course! 정의를 지키십시오! (Please uphold justice!)
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No. 15 - Head Engineer Tiffany Violet Sunshine Smiley

Postby Valentine Z » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:42 am

Name: Head Engineer Tiffany Violet Sunshine Charlotte Zelina “Duō Gōngnéng Jī” Alessandra Jennesa Cassandra Haley Hanneke Karlijn Gerrieke Roosmarijn Pnt Mollen Audrey Mariel Jeanette Smiley
  • 726,31 centimeters (23 ft 9.95 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 273,05 centimeters (8 ft. 11 1 / 2 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 273,05 centimeters (8 ft. 11 1 / 2 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Hong Kong Chinese

An autonomous robot built in the factories and research labs of Hong Kong, Tiffany is a result of a need for a robot that can not only do on-site repairs, but is also extremely durable. Her robotic shell made her one of the toughest, if not the toughest, robot that the Valentians have the pleasure of meeting despite her appearance.

During the Cold War, the Hong Kong government was facing a shortage of engineers due to the war efforts, as well as many on-site human engineers falling victim to the circumstances of war. The brightest and most scientific minds have proposed an engineer robot instead of a war robot, which would help maintain the front lines and the machinery, while keeping itself alive as long as possible. After many weeks and months of research, Head Engineer Tiffany was ready for service, fitted with as many tools as they could, from a simple screwdriver, to the much more complex tools such as sabre saws, laser cutters, amongst many other bells and whistles. At that period in time, artificial intelligence was still rather primitive, so Tiffany did not get the artificial neurons that Clarissa and Adriana have in order to process thoughts faster. In other words, Tiffany was a little slow in the beginning, and was unable to process most of the human emotions.

Whilst serving on the front lines, she was quickly overwhelmed by the enemy forces one day and despite her assortment of tools and a pre-installed Vulcan Rifle, Tiffany was taken hostage by these forces and kept in then-Georgia. The idea of these rogue forces was to re-program her such that she would serve the Western Hemisphere, but it proved to be futile due to Tiffany’s armor. Eventually, they simply let her ran out of battery and abandoned her in a basement.

A few more years have passed then and come the end of the war, Valentijn and his party were searching for anything of interest and it was at that faithful moment that Tiffany’s backup batteries came into life and alerted the search party. They presented to Valentijn and Clarissa, who in turn presented to Jolyn and Jenny. Chief Technician Jared repaired the robot in terms of hardware, while Jenny wrote a much more efficient algorithms and programs that would not only make Tiffany faster, but gave her a range of human emotions. Granted, she is not exactly as expressive as Clarissa, but at the very least, she is a clever and efficient robot that can take a formidable amount of hits.

Due to the nature of her job, Tiffany is a strong and durable robot, mostly taking the role of a Defensive Tank that is a little on the slower side, but excellent with holding off a territory. Her energy-based Vulcan Rifle is able to fire indefinitely without overheating, due to the generous number of vents it has, as well as a robust coolant system on it. The only downside is that the longer Tiffany fires, the higher spread the rifle has, and at times, the bullets will cancel each other and make themselves less effective. When needed, Tiffany can temporarily upgrade her armour to a certain degree, taking less damage from attacks, as well as becoming uninterruptible or unable to be stunned. Her forward shield is a half-dome, deployed automatically and in the direction that Tiffany faces at that point. The shield has 4000 health, and can stop all the projectiles and bullets, though not electricity. Her forced pull is a mini black hole, being able to pull all the enemies onto the epicentre, while not interrupting any of their activities or abilities. Her ultimate is a simple Supercharger, being able to amplify the damage output of all the allies in an 8 meter radius by 50%. Stacking this ability up with other damage modifiers will make for a good and dangerous combination.

Head Engineer Tiffany. Credit: My Life as a Teenage Robot.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Energy-based Vulcan Rifle. Slightly higher rate of fire, decent range. The spread increases grad. with time.
Fortify: Takes 15 % less damage from attacks. Tiffany cannot be pinned, interrupted, or stunned. Lasts 4.5 seconds.
Forward Shield: Drops a shield in an arc. Shield's shape is one third of a dome, has 4000 health, and lasts 10 secs.
Forced Pull: Pulls all enemies onto a point in 5 meter radius, slight stun for 0.5 seconds. Does not interrupt abilities.
Supercharger (Ultimate): +50% damage to all allies in an 8 meter radius. The charger can be damaged. Lasts 12 sec.
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No. 16 - Trade Representative Charmaine Marissa Teresa

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:23 am

Name: Trade Representative Charmaine Marissa Hannah “Universal Börsenmakler en Verkäuferin” Katherine Vivian Hadriane Gwyneth Amy Emilia Margrit Vera Carina Ivanne Augusta D. Melny Teresa
  • 613,14 centimeters (20 ft 1.40 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 230.51 centimeters (7 ft. 6 3 / 4 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 169.55 centimeters (5 ft. 6 3 / 4 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Austrian

The woman that controls more or less the entirety of Valentian economy, as well as keeping an eye on the businesses that have been granted the privilege to run their work in the nation, Trade Representative Charmaine keeps a cold stance on limited capitalism, while allowing a degree of socialism and sharing of wealth to take place. This was due to her interest in mathematics (especially the finance sector of it), and as well as the poor background that she came from.

Born to a rather poor Austrian background, she more or less has the first-hand experience of living in the slums, as well as the stark conditions that she and her family have been exposed to. This was understandably due to the nature of the Cold War; during the time of conflict, it is common knowledge that basic necessities will be in short supply. For Charmaine and most of the Austrians, minus the upper-class, the rations were simply not enough, and they went about their day staving or conserving their energy, huddled up in their homes while wishing for the war to end. Despite the hardship, Charmaine tried her best to gather as much resources as needed, while having barely enough to stave off starvation. Many people remarked positively towards her generosity, though many were worried about her over-commitment to help others and putting herself in the line of danger.

When she was chosen by the then small Valentian government, she refused at first, citing that she would rather just die together with the others then to receive special treatment and leave her family and friends out. After much protesting and arguing with them, the people she loves told her simply to go and survive, as well as to make the conditions better for the new world with her newfound knowledge and the reading that she has done in her spare time. “Don’t let the new world suffer the same fate as ours,” was the very last words that she heard back from her friends and family, who in turn has accepted their deaths and the upcoming doomsday. Even after being told by the extracting Valentians that Valentijn could accept extras in, most of them simply refused, prepared to see each other in the next life, perhaps.

Come Valentine Z (the small dome encompassing the urban area of Yangon at that time), Charmaine displayed much sadness and melancholy towards the death of most of her family members and friends, stating that she simply could not make them come, and that she had second thoughts about spending her last few days with her family, rather than following the Valentians to the shelter. Valentijn kept a good eye on the Charmaine, as well as having his friends and some of the fellow troops to keep a lookout on the woman’s health.

Eventually, it improved, and after the nukes hit the scene, and terraforming was done, Charmaine let out one last cry and tears of sadness before accepting her family’s decision and promised to keep their words and to bring Valentine Z to a better place. Having been lived in a capitalist society, she was not certain on how exactly she would go about to make business plans and generate profits for everyone. She was aware of the limitations of communism, but at the same time, experienced the extreme wealth gap that was brought about by rampant capitalism, as well as the corrupt business practices.

Around the mid-2020s, Charmaine proposed a socialist economic system, whereby the factories, production centres, and basically the entire Valentian economy would be owned by the government and the states, while wealth will be distributed evenly, though not excessively evenly. It was like a semi-communist state, and it worked… for a few years. The production rates have declined, and with little to no incentive to do better or to create better products (after all, buying and selling was heavily monitored), the system was deemed as not so favourable by the other economists, as well as with the general populace. With that, Charmaine proposed a better Valentian economy, the one that runs on limited capitalism with some degree of socialism and communism involved, but nothing too much. In other words, businesses can receive an incentive to kickstart themselves, in order to get them to be motivated to serve the people, while for the huge businesses and companies that are operating in Valentine Z, contracts and protection laws were made and have to be signed so as to protect the people’s interest, as well as to prevent the large corporations from using their clout and earnings to create a monopoly or to bully their consumers around (e.g. charging anything they feel like, creating excessively luxurious products, or exploiting workers). This system, on the other hand, worked favourably for the Valentians, since this means that the Valentians can buy and sell whatever they want, while the world government would give them the incentives, and at the same time, watch over them in case they go too far. Adding this with the steady stream of products (specifically electronics) coming from Die Alles Fabrik for a cheaper price, and this meant that the environment could rest easy from excessive mining and manufacturing activities, while the Valentians enjoy what capitalism in general offers.

Due to the competence and confidence that she gave to the Valentians, as well as towards Valentijn himself, Charmaine was made the Trade Representative and Head Economist of Valentine Z, so as to ensure that they would enjoy economic prosperity evermore, and to make better trade relations with other nations in other worlds.

In terms of battles, Charmaine is a Support character, though not exactly someone that could heal her friends or restore their health. She is initially equipped with nothing but a fist punch in order to fend herself, and while not dealing much damage, she could do this indefinitely and without rest. However, her turret launcher is where it shines, being able to deploy up to 21 of them to protect the perimeter, as well as to launch them around the corners or at the enemy to disrupt them. Since she is much more of a defensive support, she has a passive ability that reduces the cooldown of her allies’ (unfortunately, also the enemies') abilities, allowing them to recover faster and to output at a much faster rate. If the odds are not looking too good, Charmaine could launch an aerial bombardment – a rocket barrage in a designated area, with up to 5600 points of damage, though Charmaine could be affected by her own rockets if she got caught in the way. Weapon Drop is yet another ability that somewhat indirectly benefits her allies, allowing them to reload their weapons 33% faster for 6 seconds, and dealing 5% more damage for that. Ultimately, Charmaine has an ability to duplicate an enemy (or an ally's) weapon and abilities, through studying their schematics that would take her 3 second to do, and this ability in turn could not be interrupted (though Charmaine would still take damage). This allows her to wield some other person’s weapon, though at 85% of the normal damage, and only for 15 seconds. The abilities, however, has an 10% shorter cooldown. Charmaine is recommended to be the backstage character, avoiding direct combat and casting her abilities now and then to support the allies around her. Though, if she managed to get a hands on a weapon, she would be able to temporarily charge into the frontlines.

Portrait of TR Charmaine. Credit: Brave Frontier.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)
Support2400∞ / 7120 / 100 per turret; max. 2100 with 21 turrets2 / 3.5 (launcher); 4 (turrets)240 / 400 per turret; max. 8400 with 21 turrets

Primary: A simple punch with a fist. Short range and melee, as normal as it is. There is also a swing that acts as a secondary mode, dealing 80 damage to multiple enemies around her.
Secondary: An oversized launcher (with 2 ROF) that fires off small mini turrets. The turrets take 1.5 sec to deploy and has automatic aiming. Has 400 HP, has 80 shots. Max 21 turrets.

Asset (Passive): Reduces all allies' abilities' cooldowns around Charmaine by 1.5 seconds. Area of Effect is 10 meter radius, and has no casting time (immediate effect). Affects enemies.
Aerial Bombardment: Calls in a rocket barrage in an 8 meter radius. 800 - 200 damage to enemies per rocket in the radius, with 7 rockets dropping from the sky. Warning: Affects self.
Weapon Upgrades: Allies reload their weapons 33% faster for 6 seconds, as well as dealing 5% more damage. The casting time is 1 second but uninterruptible (effect will still go through).
Schematics (Ultimate): 3 second cast time. Duplicates an enemy's weapon, as well as their abilities. The weapon and abilities deals 15% less damage, but 10% shorter cooldown. 15 sec.
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No. 17 - Head Medic Ray Klarke Drake Everett

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:24 am

Name: Head Medic Klarke Ray Zane Samson Kourtney Brian Drake Cameron “Dovitljiv Bolničar” Jona T. Jaylon Melvyn Everett Miralem Kova Čamil Ensar Kristofer Marcell Kilian Elia Xr. Nico Zahirović
  • 682,40 centimeters (22 ft 4.66 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 256.54 centimeters (8 ft. 5 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 195.58 centimeters (6 ft. 5 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Bosnian

A Bosnian scientist turned doctor turned field medic, Head Medic Klarke is the man of passion… in fact, with too much passion sometimes. Despite operating without a medical certificate in the past, it was told that Klarke’s medical methods were rather top-notch, being able to cure people with his assortment of robots that he has built in the past.

Initially, during the pre-Cold War Era, Klarke was one of the researchers for his country, helping his countrymen research better weapons, as well as to increase the chance of survival for their soldiers. While most of the scientists and researchers would propose on more armor or preventive measures to protect their soldiers, Klarke thought of a different approach - he brought up awareness that even if the preventative measures were in place and were working with their utmost efficiency, it is inevitable that sooner or later they would get hit by some stray fire or an explosion. The idea is to develop a weapon that would be able to heal allies, while damaging the enemies. However, this itself was rather vague; after all, a medicine will heal both the allies and the enemies when thrown. It is neither sentient nor aware nor has any of the programmed features to distinguish the enemy from the group of persons. Klarke, however, came up with a near-perfect procedure.

He devised and developed a group of nanobots and a special medicative liquid that also doubles as poison – the nanobots will reside harmlessly and dormant in the body of the allies and when the medicative liquid was thrown to the ally, the bots will recognise them as “healing liquid” and assimilate it with perfect efficiency. The beneficial ingredients will be activated to heal the ally, while the harmful substances are destroyed and made into harmless chemical compounds and components. As a result, without these nanobots in an ally’s body, the enemies in turn will get damaged from this “medicine”, since they do not have the secretive group of nanobots with the special programming to remove the active harmful ingredients.
Klarke got the attention of the researchers, as well as the country that he was working for. It was further developed and researched in secret, being made stronger and stronger such that it was able to reach the once-impossible efficiencies of more than 100%. That is, they can heal an ally faster than they can harm an enemy. Klarke was supposed to get an award for that, but he turned it down, for he wanted to turn this into a passion project, as well as to be able to heal his friends and comrades better. After it’s been unveiled, Klarke took his project along with him and parted with his researchers with good terms, vowing to use his medication and expertise to start his own clinic. Unfortunately, due to the violation of the Hippocrates’ Oath, he was unable to get the certificate that he needed and as a result, could not practice medicine. This did not stop him, as he would open it anyway, opening a backdoor clinic that would heal people “with such miracle that his patients would wonder if he was some sort of a witch doctor.”

One day, the unfortunate news for him was that someone snitched on him and Klarke was going to receive a hefty fine, as well as a house arrest for potentially endangering his people’s lives. After all, the medication would only work with the nanobots, and it could mean death of someone (despite the fact that Klarke has no such track record of killing someone, unintentional or not). The fortunate news, however, was that this was the very day when the nuclear bombs were launched and were about to go off. Given the near bunker-like capabilities of his home, Klarke was only knocked down and seriously injured, while the world around him was vaporized. Even more fortunate for the good doctor, a vat of medication dropped on the floor nearby, shattering and most of its contents splashing onto him. Partially healed, he would then drink more of the medication to heal himself and eventually, got himself in good order in no time.

A few days later, he got the attention of the Valentians when the Bosnian people told of this medic that would take in people into his own home and would cure them of radiation burns, as well as from many other ailments. Valentijn sent a group of people to investigate and sure enough, Klarke and the people he WAS saving were taken back to Valentine Z just before terraforming begins. After it all blew over, Klarke was granted a medical certificate, as well as having the honour of working with Lead Ambassador Germaine to truly bring the wonders of modern medicine to the people around them. His methods and unhinged attitude puts people on the edge, but at the end of the day, they know that they can rely on him.

Klarke is a Support Character, being able to both heal his allies, as well as damage enemies, with his Biotic Shotgun. The Biotic Shotgun offers burst healing at close range, so if there needs to be someone healed from afar, he can swap out to his Biotic Rifle that heals at a slightly faster value, but at the expense of being slower. Abilities-wise, he namely has a Biotic Grenade, Adrenaline Shot, and an Energy Blocker, all laid out in order to help him turn the fate of his comrades, as well as the enemies’, or ultimately to turn the tide of the battle. The Biotic Grenade heals allies at 10% of the maximum HP over time, while damages enemies at 5% of their maximum HP. All of this happens within the 6-meter radius, and happens overtime. Klarke can also deliver an Adrenaline Shot that can increase the attack speed and movement of the selected ally by 20% and 25% respectively for 5 seconds. However, if needed, he can also administer the shot for himself. Offensively, Klarke has an energy blocker that he can use towards an enemy, which in turn will nearly cripple the target with -80% attack speed and -90% movement speed modifiers, as well as decreasing his damage output by 40% for 4 seconds. Ultimately, Klarke has the ability to supercharge the healing liquid that he has and after 3 seconds of charging up, he unleashes the spray/mist in a 10-meter radius, healing all the allies (as well as himself) at 100% of their base HP. However, while Klarke is charging up his ability, he can be interrupted through stuns and other means, resulting in a wasted ultimate charge.


ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Biotic Shotgun. Heals Allies at 150% of damage dealt (i.e. 600 health). Damages Enemies at normal rate.
Secondary: Biotic Rifle. Heals Allies at 170% of damage dealt, but at a slower rate of fire. Damages at 100% rate.
Biotic Grenade: 6-m radius and lasts 5 secs. Heals allies at 10% of max. HP, damages enemies at 5% of max. HP.
Adrenaline Shot: +20% attack speed and +25% movement speed to selected ally for 5 secs. Can be used for self.
Energy Blocker: -80% attack speed, 90% movement speed, -40% damage output to a targeted enemy for 4 secs.
Instant Heal (Ultimate): Heals 100% of allies' HP in a 10 meter radius. 3 second casting time, and is interruptible.
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No. 18 - Head Aviator Hayes Trevon Victor Emiliano Gerrick

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:31 am

Name: Head Aviator Hayes Trevon Leon Sergio Omarion Kirk William S. Px. “El Aviador Desastroso” Aiden Baxton Cristóbal Hugo Eustacio Dennis Victor Emiliano Bienvenida Gerrick Carballar Ordóñez
  • 662,13 centimeters (21 ft 8.68 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 248.92 centimeters (8 ft. 2 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 187.96 centimeters (6 ft. 2 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Cuban

A daring pilot and a man of his own antics, Head Aviator Hayes is a walking hazard and a stroke of bad luck for those that dared to oppose him. A bubbly yet bumbling character, sudden but calm, there is little to nothing that Hayes cannot achieve, though the process of achieving that thing in the first place might ask a lot of people for more.

Having been promoted to the most luxurious and dedicated rank of a Senior Private for years, Hayes remarked that it was mainly because of his inability to do everything perfectly in one-go, i.e. always having hiccups and hazards along the way no matter what. He usually pins the blame onto himself, but at the same time, it was anyone's guess on how he managed to screw up even the simplest of the tasks. Miraculously, this does not happen for all the tasks and rather, it was a select percentage of them. Sometimes, he would be able to do a particular task without any problem with such uneventfulness, but other times, Hayes would become such a bumbling and incompetent mess that it would screw up for him even in the best of controlled environments.

However, it would also be sufficient to say that Hayes is not the main subject of these unlucky moments. Instead, it would appear that bad karma and bad luck would befall on people that have wronged him, or are natural enemies, whenever he is around. This was most evident when he went for a drink in a bar in his home country. After a series of escalations resulting typical drunkenness and clumsiness from Hayes himself, he would find himself in the middle of a bar brawl, all of which aimed at him. Miraculously, he only survived with a few minor scratches on his arms and legs, as well as minor bruises. This was a miracle especially considering that some of the patrons that tried to fight him ended up having to be hospitalised or half-paralysed as a result of multiple serious injuries. The reviewed footage would reveal no anomalies, and instead, showed that Hayes was simply good at dodging attacks and the patrons ended up hitting and nearly killing each other in an attempt to get Hayes.

In another separate training exercise, Hayes was tasked with flying his trusty plane a few kilometres around the Cuban airspace, along with live ammo and bombs being attached. The live ammunition was added mainly due to the instable nature of the Cold War back then, and that Hayes would most definitely need it in the event that someone decided to dogfight him. For the most parts, the mission was a success, being able to fly around and watch the airspace with little to no problem. However, Hayes accidentally pressed one of the buttons on the plane and instead of checking the HUD for him, the button dropped a bomb at where he was flying over, i.e. at some isolated nursery house. Frustrated at his bumbling incompetency, the senior officers were infuriated… for a total of 10 minutes. Later checks would reveal that the nursery house that Hayes accidentally bombed was not filled with old people and instead, it was a front of a splinter terrorist organisation that was a result of the political mess of the Cold War. The Cuban government and the military have been finding this group for weeks, only to end up with Hayes accidentally bombing it to oblivion. As a result of this, Hayes was quietly promoted to an officer rank, while disembowelling any and all information of his flight and the accident; after all, despite many convincing statements from the government, bombing a “nursery”, even if it was a terrorist hideout, would be not too much of a good image.

As the Valentians are extracting the people from Cuba for Project Resolute, Hayes would simply wander around into the landing zone and marked himself as the Head Aviator, believing that he was called for yet another mission by his country’s military. It was only later with the revelation that Hayes was not even picked by Project Resolute in the first place and it was his obliviousness and luck that saved him from the nuclear bombs that later would damage the entire world. After a lengthy explanation of who he is and how he came about, as well as the story of accidentally being promoted with the nursery incident, Hayes was then was given in charge of the Valentian Air Force, just right below Chief Aviator Gwen; this was after many evaluation tests that despite wandering off and being absentminded to a degree, Hayes is a well-off and capable person, and he has managed to rival Gwen in terms of piloting a ship.

Head Aviator Hayes is an Offensive hero, having a simple Automatic assault rifle that he can use with utmost efficiency and with as little spread as possible to nail his targets. Rating at 528 DPS, the damage fall-off to 33% of the normal damage would begin at 100 meter range, and with the maximum effective range being 150 meters. Passively, due to his sheer amount of luck and dodging skills, Hayes has a Hitback passive ability, whereby melee attacks on him will only deal 50% of the supposed damage to him, all the while giving back 33% of the damage back to the offender. This does not stack with any other damage amplification/reduction abilities, and is fixed. In the event that he has managed to wound himself, Hayes could drop a dispenser that will provide a 1000 HP healing pack every 3 seconds, for 9 seconds (i.e. 3 health packs). The medkit dispenser is invulnerable, but it can also be used by the enemy team, so caution is advised in order to not accidentally help the enemy use the healing pack. Additionally, he has helix missiles - double missiles that deals 400 damage each (up to 800 damage), and they can indeed be separated if the first target that got hit by one of the rockets dies, in order to hit another target behind him, if any. Hayes also has a Visor that auto-locks on a target, but at the expense of only dealing 95% of the normal damage. This lasts 3 seconds, and has a 0.5 second casting time that can be interrupted. Hayes’ Ultimate is Flight, whereby he calls in a fighter plane in order to fly slowly around the battlefield for a total duration of 10 seconds. The plane has its own separate healthbar of 4000 health, as well as having miniguns (1000 DPS) and micro missiles (700 DPS) that Hayes can use to his advantage.

Portrait of HA Hayes. Credit: Johnny English.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Automatic assault rifle. Long range, damage fall off of 20 damage per shot at 100 meter range. Small spread angle.
Hitback (Passive): Melee attacks on Hayes will deal half damage, and in turn deal 33% back to the offender. Doesn’t stack.
Medkit: Drops a dispenser that provides healing every 3 seconds. 1000 HP recovery with each healing pack. Lasts 9 seconds.
Helix Missiles: Double missiles that deals 400 damage each. The missiles can separate and hit two targets if first target dies.
Visor: Auto-locks on a target, at the expense of reducing damage output by 5%. Lasts 3 seconds. 0.5 secs interruptible cast.
Flight (Ultimate): Calls in a fighter plane and flies it around for 10 sec. The plane has 4000 health, miniguns & micro missiles.
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No. 19 - Wing Commander Angeline Joyce Estefania

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:24 am

Name: Wing Commander Angeline Joyce Crystal Bella Wv “A Estrela Alegre” Samara Sapphire Tamara Annie Estefania Carolina Tavares Alencar Melissa Clemente Teixeira Vanda Regina Mik Nogueira
  • 692,53 centimeters (22 ft 8.65 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 320,04 centimeters (8 ft 6.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 172,72 cm (5 ft 8 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Brazilian

“Together, we move forward!” being her favourite line for almost every occasion, Wing Commander Angeline is once again a Valentian that was out of this world. She came to the attention of Valentine Z, specifically Gwen Tracer Allison, when they had a rather fateful encounter across dimensions.

She started her life on an Earth that is from another dimension. She described it as rather peaceful, though with tech levels that are slightly ahead of the other Earths along the same timeframe. It was not as advanced as Valentine Z due to the lack of escalation of the Cold War, but as aforementioned, it edged out the other Earths that the Valentians have explored so far, mainly due to Angeline’s Earth accepting science as a whole. Her early life was more or less uneventful, with her joining the Brazilian Air Forces (Portuguese: Força Aérea Brasileira, FAB) at the legal age of 24. She trained and was in the service for a good 6 years, and she was not planning to quit anytime soon, as she would describe it. She would find a healthy amount of friendship between her comrades, as well as with most of her higher-ups and commanders; this was all attributed to her positive outlook on life, raising the morale of the trainees and everyone around through tough times. Of course, she is not exactly positive all the time, but for a non-Valentian and for someone from another Earth, this kind of unyielding positivity even in the time of crisis, is a positive sight.

One day, Angeline and her comrades have received news that there was an illegal alien on the Brazilian soil, going around scavenging and living like a vagrant. Whilst they have little to no concern with such people, this one was told to be an exception because of the vagrant’s elusive nature, as well as the tendency to disappear when trouble comes. The vagrant was also described to be a European woman, a little bit on the tall side, and no one has identified her. Of course, it turned out to be none other than Gwen Tracer Allison that ended up spontaneously teleporting to this land, but this is the piece of information that absolutely no one else knows; Angeline’s world has not even heard of teleportation or parallel dimensions, so this was already stacking up to a large list of mysteries for this “vagrant woman” that they are asked to take in for questioning.

As luck would have it, or unluck, whichever way you look at it, Gwen once again teleported randomly straight into one of FAB’s airfields, dazed and confused. The Brazilian Armed Forces and the guards there mistook her as a hostile and started giving her chase. Gwen, thinking of the worst situation to come, would in turn grab her own rifle from a nearby guard and start firing wildly in the air, followed by precise shots to injure and not to kill. Running on 60 rounds from the assault rifle, she then ditched it and ran to the nearest jet fighter – a Northrop F-5 that a serviceman was testing it on. It has enough fuel for a flight, but there were no weapons on it. Angeline took another F-5, one that was fully fuelled and armed, and gave chase to Gwen. The two had a one-way dogfight for a good 33 minutes, with Gwen showing off her piloting skills, and Angeline showing off her undeterred duty to take out the intruder. Finally, Angeline managed to shoot down Gwen, and landing her plane carefully, she then sprinted towards the crash site and towards Gwen. The two broke into a hand-to-hand combat, with Gwen getting the upper hand due to her 10-feet tall height, and Angeline getting curbstomped. Having enough, Angeline took out her sidearm and was about to shoot, when the plane that was in the background of their skirmish exploded. The unknown vagrant (Gwen) and Angeline were assumed dead, but both were declared as missing. They could not find both of their bodies.

As it turns out, right after the shot was fired from Angeline’s gun, the explosion gave energy to Gwen’s body as a whole and caused yet another spontaneous teleportation. For that moment, though, it was not an ordinary dimension and instead they were sent into a rather unsettling place – QTHOTH, as it was called. The exact nature of the place was extremely unknown even for Gwen (who at that moment has travelled through multiple dimensions), and much less for Angeline. The two were sent tumbling down a slope and after a series of blaming each other for sending them to the dimension, it was at that moment that both of them agreed to stop fighting, and to forgive each other and move on. This was especially so because they figured that they would need each other to get them out of the freakish dimension.


They travelled for a good 2 months without any ending, and it was out of miracle that neither of them were hungry nor have their bodily needs tended to. All they felt was the slowing insanity that was only alleviated by having each other as a friend. Of course, by this time, both Angeline and Gwen have known each other so well, explaining the situations that have brought her to Angeline's world, and that she didn't mean anything personal and was out of self-defence when they have to fight each other. Angeline accepted this, and Gwen would tell her more about herself, with a warning that she might disappear again any time soon due to her unstable nature.

Angeline would then notice that her wriststrap device that she had for piloting purposes (an analysis machine first, coupled with other features) started acting weirdly. Specifically, it would show whatever Gwen would say in the next 10 seconds. In other words, a prerecognition machine that understandably freaked out both of them. Not only that, the video field could, in practical usage, show events happening in both past and future with the turn of a few buttons and touch of a screen. It does not have the ability to manipulate, but Angeline can certainly use it for her own advantage or for others' benefits, she realised.

Speaking like a devil, Gwen indeed disappeared the very next day (or at least after 4 hours, after the duo lost track of precise times). Angeline trekked out alone on her own, lost and yet not hungry nor exhausted. Her positive attitude was slowly fading away, and her only contact and partner in the whirlwind of madness has disappeared to somewhere else. Desperate to get out, she used her device to scan around and find out any possible outings. Turns out, she found one. On one part of this bizarre dimension, there is going to be an opening that will potentially take her to her homeworld... In 50,000 years. She frantically used her device to find out any other openings, but it didn't seem to be that way. Disheartened and defeated, Angeline sulked in a corner.

With a strand of hope in her, Angeline then decided to walk around a little bit more for a few days, hoping to find another opening. The search went on and on, and she eventually found one that would open in 12 days. It was uncertain on where it would take her, but she figured that it would be much better than the portal that would take 50,000 years.

Hopeful, she camped and waited for those 12 days, passing time by talking to herself, adjusting her uniform, or toying around with her analysis machine; too bad it did not have a series or a movie inside of it, she thought to herself. With the portal opening as indicated by the machine, she then dashed into it, like a cat out of the water. The bad news was... It was not her dimension. Good news is, she landed in Valentine Z, and even better news being that Gwen was around to clear her of suspicions and names. Valentians indeed trust her from the start given their compassionate nature, but they are also wary of strangers at times. Well, most of them are, anyway.

After hugging it out and a tearful reunion, Angeline decided to live in Valentine Z permanently after a few weeks worth of stay, having requested Gwen and Clarissa to make a synthetic body and a consciousness clone of herself, and to send it back to her own world with the cover story of "Lost in a forest for a few days". With her newfound abilities, as well as an advanced suit and a new and taller body, Angeline became the active member of VDF and sworn to protect the nation and her friends. She then became a Wing Commander, the second highest rank in the Valentian Air Forces, only bested by Gwen herself.

Angeline is a Tank, being able to use her suit, and by expansion, her gadgets with a breeze to provide shieldings and higher chances of survival. Her primary weapon is a somewhat slow-firing pulse rifle that has a good rate of fire and a high capacity, but it has a rather slow rate of reload. The secondary function allows her to charge the weapon for up to 5 seconds, letting it unleash up to 20 shots in a burst. Overcharge can be damaging, with 10 dmg / sec after 8 seconds, and finally at the 15th second, the weapon would discharge all its heat and energy on Angeline, damaging her with up to 1000 points of damage. Her tertiary is a pulse pistol that has unlimited ammunition and that she can fire at a staggering 1120 DPS after damage amplification. However, this pistol is only available as an ult. Passively, Angeline can hover above the ground for a maximum of 6 seconds, with the fuel slowly regenerating when not in use. The jetpack has a controllable altitude. Actively, Angeline has a Bubble Shield that she can deploy anywhere to protect herself and her allies, and the shield is stationary, i.e. it has its own propulsions systems to keep itself in the air. She can also go for an offensive and ground-slam the enemy, which knockbacks and stuns the enemies in a 5-meter radius, with variable damage that depends on the distance of the enemy from the epicentre. Ultimately, she has Foresee, whereby she uses her wrist device in order to look into the future and avoids taking all forms of damage for 6 seconds. This also amplifies the damage that Angeline does, but only on her pistol that she has to force-change due to the cumbersome nature of using the device. The Ult also makes her move 20% slower.

A shot of Wing Commander Angeline. Credit: Sims 4

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Somewhat slow-firing pulse rifle. Has a ridiculously large capacity with a good rate of fire. Can be charged up as a sec. function.
Secondary: Charges a weapon for up to 5 seconds, at a rate of 4 shots / sec. Fires up to 20 shots in a burst. Overcharge can be damaging.
Tertiary (Ult-Only): A pulse pistol that has infinite capacity, and can fire 3.5 shots per sec at 1120 DPS (after the 4x damage amplification).
Jetpacks (Passive): Hovers above the ground for a maximum of 6 seconds. Fuel slowly regenerates when not in use. Controllable altitude.
Bubble Shield: Deploys a shield that can hover in the air and has a 10 meter radius of protection. 6000 HP, lasts for 8 s, or until destroyed.
Ground Slam: Knocks back enemies in a 5 meter radius. Deals 50-600 damage, depending on range from the epicentre. 2-sec stun for 5 m.
Foresee (Ultimate): Avoids taking any damage for 6 seconds, whilst swapping to her sidearm and dealing 400% dmg by Angeline's sidearm.

Angeline's Template / Sample


The Official Letters from Valentine Z - See through Angeline's Eyes!
Speaker of the Moment: Wing Commander Angeline Joyce Crystal Bella Wv “A Estrela Alegre” Samara Sapphire Tamara Annie Estefania Carolina Tavares Alencar Melissa Clemente Teixeira Vanda Regina Mik Nogueira
Classification / Privacy Concern: Public / Level 1 - Anyone can read and redistribute the information, but some information must not be leaked out.
Formatting Copyright-Protected by Valentine Z; no government is to emulate and re-use without express permission.

"Scanning you, hm hm!"
Time Forecast / Previsão de tempo: 10 minutes - 50 years.
Future Certainty / Certeza futura: 95.247 %.
"The machine says, but you are master of your own fate."
"A máquina diz, mas você é o dono do seu próprio destino."
Wing Commander Angeline Joyce Crystal Bella Wv “A Estrela Alegre” Samara Sapphire Tamara Annie Estefania Carolina Tavares Alencar Melissa Clemente Teixeira Vanda Regina Mik Nogueira: Very interesting stuff, if I am to say so myself... I am not a fan of your politics, but I must say that your course of future is... certainly interesting. A series of wars, perhaps. A series of coups, perhaps. A series of your actions that follows, that is certain. The wars and coups, however... did not seem to be your doing! That is the fascinating stuff, you see? I am not a fan of your politics... some of your politics. Most of your politics, such as pacifism, and equal pay, is pretty amazing, even if done by force. You are quite a mixed bag, if I have to say so myself. I am certainly not a fan of the leader forcing themselves on people's lives, but you seem to be doing quite a good job with keeping your nation well and alive. For that, I must say... you can't predict people completely, but you can certainly look them up and see that they are not too bad for the most parts. For that, I am most impressed, hm hm! Fascism and Dictatorship aside, you seem like a rather good man in all the other aspects, so my support for you is... it's there, but I have to say that I am not a very big of you because of those two things. Have a good day, still! Eu preciso ir. O destino pode ser imprevisível. (I must go. The Fate can be unpredictable.)

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No. 20 – Chief Technician Jared Mel Miller Clement

Postby Valentine Z » Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:35 pm

Name: Chief Technician Jared Kev Jensen Benedict Angus “Technisch Wonder” Markeith Steven Maurice Mel Van Droogenbroeck Thorbjørn Miller Clement Samuel Joey Luca N X. Wout Van Den Borre
  • 658,75 centimeters (21 ft 7.35 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 247,65 centimeters (8 ft. 1 1 / 2 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 186,69 centimeters (6 ft. 1 1 / 2 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Belgian

“If there is something broke, and if Jared can’t fix it, then that thing is FUBAR,” are always the words that Valentijn would have as an opinion towards Chief Technician Jared. Capable with handling and operating every single machine possible, as well as being a bona fide expert when it comes to engineering, Jared is of an intellectual mind whose ideas and innovations have always been elements of surprise for everyone involved, especially for the Valentians now that he is working for them.

Born to the rather rural area in Belgium, Jared would first find his passion with tinkering with his toys as a child. He would always be the one who would disassemble them piece-by-piece, look at how they work, then piece them back, for the most parts, anyway. Most of the time, he would be able to fix the toys back with perfect accuracy and precision, but other times, there would always be either be a screw left, or a wire being cut off and left that way (for a kid, he did not exactly have access to a soldering machine), along with a few other tinkering mishaps. His elementary and middle school lives were rather tame and uneventful, congruent to what one would expect from normal school life. Come High School, he has saved up just enough to buy an electrically-operated drill, which he would use for nearly all of his DIY projects, keeping it and cherishing it even to these days. It was a simple testament of how Jared would properly maintain his equipment, as well as his ability to fix something that would otherwise be thrown away into the refuse.

After graduation and with Cold War breaking out and looming over everyone’s heads, Jared landed into Belgium’s Defence Industry, which he cites that this was in order to protect his country, as well as to protect his friends and family. With him around, other countries would question on Belgium becoming suddenly advanced in terms of technology and the defence mechanisms that they have. In other words, with Jared joining the Defence Industry and just months afterwards, his inventions would make their way into the service, with the advanced weaponry and defensive matrices and systems being able to hold off even the most daunting of intrusions and invasions. He would consistently improve upon his work, though he also would show some remorse that his weapons were out there hurting or killing people. In the times of war, and after seeing millions of deaths around other countries (adding this to the fact that no one country can trust one another in the most heated moment of the Cold War), Jared would simply keep on churning out more and more designs to keep up with the times.

However, his path to fame would be later stopped by the fact that he was overworking, and the fact that he was simply one person amongst the many other inventors and engineers around him. Over time, Jared would realise that his methods were becoming less and less effective, and he was unable to keep up with the latest of technologies. His former systems that relies on gunpowder or primitive laser systems would soon be overwhelmed against the odds by the newly invented railguns, thermal detonators, and amongst many other weaponry that Belgium has managed to acquire from its allies (of note was that while there were tensions between nations, even for those on the same side, they would still give aid to each other in terms of logistics, with Belgium getting the much needed weapons). At his wit’s end and being unable to keep up with the times, Jared hanged his coat in shame and resigned from his line-of-work, preferring to come back to his family and friends and to forget about the whole Cold War thing.

As he made his way back home, he would then realise that his family was visited by the Valentians. To be more precise, his parents were chosen, having believed that they have got Jared himself on the grounds of the Valentians hearing that Jared has retired. However, it would soon turn out that they got his parents and after some clearing up, and due to Valentijn having the sympathy, he simply gave them a green light for all of them to come down to Yangon to be saved from the impending doom, and mainly because Valentijn would want Jared’s knowledge on engineering to be of use to him, though he was aware that Jared would not want to continue on with his line of work and Valentijn would respect that. And thus Jared, along with his family, were saved from harm and feeling grateful once again to the man that has tried to save as many as possible, Jared pledged his service and knowledge to work for Valentijn, as well as considering him a friend. To commemorate just that, Jared has teamed up with many other Valentians in order to craft up an armor for Valentijn, just so that he can finally be together and around his friends and family once again.

Jared is a defensive character, using his technological marvel in order to lockdown a point and with him around, no enemy will dare to go in alone only to be greeted by him and his weaponry. He has two weapons to fend himself with. One of them is a variable-range Rivet Gun that can fire single pellets somewhat accurately in an arc, or a short-range shotgun with multiple pellet burst at close range. Additionally, he has an electric drill that also has two functions - the first attack is a simple bash with the drill that is much more devastating than a normal melee from other characters, as well as whirring the drill, which deals a constant 400 DPS; the battery for the drill lasts for 12 seconds of continuous usage, and the battery will recharge slowly when not in use. Passively, Jared is Fortified, which reduces damage taken by allies in a 10 meter radius of him by 3%, though this only applies to non-melee attacks. For non-passive abilities, Jared has weapon upgrades, which he can give to an ally to increase their damage by 10%, attack speed by 10%, and 75 HP / sec draining fire damage when shot for 6 seconds. Additionally, he can give 800-HP armor pack pickups, which there can be up to 10 at any time on a map, and the packs do not stack up (you can only take one full pack). Ultimately, Jared can build a Turret, which lasts for 20 seconds, has 400 HP, and 800 DPS, while he has 1000 armor added to himself for the duration.

Shot of Chief Technician Jared. Credit: Marvel.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Variable-range Rivet Gun. Fires single pellets somewhat accurately in an arc, or multiple pellet burst at close range.
Secondary: Electrical Drill that deals tremendous damage at melee range. The first attack is a simple bash at 300 dmg / hit.
Tertiary: Electrical Drill that deals tremendous damage at melee range. The second attack operates the drill, dealing 400 DPS.
Fortified (Passive): -3% damage taken to allies in a 10 meter radius. This damage reduction only applies to non-melee attacks.
Weapon upgrades: +10% damage to an allies' primary weapon for 6 seconds, +10% att. speed, and 75 HP / sec fire damage.
Armor pack: +800 armor pack pickup. There can be up to 10 armor packs at any time on a map, & the packs do not stack up.
Turret (Ultimate): Builds a turret that lasts 20 seconds. 4000 health, 200 DPH with 4 ROF. +1000 armor to self for the duration.
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No. 21 - Fleet Admiral Augustine Lorenzo Stefano Imparato

Postby Valentine Z » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:49 am

Name: Fleet Admiral Augustine Lorenzo Terry Vinto Chevy “L’inarrestabile E Di Forte Impatto” Silas Walton Wesley Stuart Dalton Burton Miles N. Dv. S. Walter Stefano Coronato Ermes Faletti Imparato
  • 651,99 centimeters (21 ft 4.69 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 245,11 centimeters (8 ft 0.5 in) (Valentian Era)
  • 184,15 centimeters (6 ft 0.5 in) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Italian

For a man like Augustine, you would think that he would be in a mob, or at least a gangster of some sorts. However, Augustine is none of those, and is instead an honest Italian man that simply served in Italy’s own navy for years. Though a kind-hearted man through many measures, as well as with some dry humour to go along the way, it would not take a lot of effort to get on his rather brutish side. When his words and patience went thin and weary, Augustine would simply use his unusual strength to knock someone out with a black eye and send them home. In more extreme cases, he would strap his dissents on a Chinese water torture to make them go insane for a good 10 minutes before simply letting them go. He may have some unorthodox measures against his enemies, but let it still be known that Augustine is a honourable man and would never kill someone for a simple dispute; it was simply the psychological torture of him pretending to hurt them, obviously without letting his victims know.

One thing for certain, is that Augustine did not get this intimidating demeanour out of nowhere. During his time in the high seas, he simply had enough with going soft on the pirates and any rogue groups that were trying to invade or attack his ships during the journeys. It was that one faithful day at Myanmar, whereby Augustine and Valentijn were having a talk amongst their own. As they were docked a few nautical miles away from Yangon’s docks, Augustine’s ship suffered an even worse attack from a group of pirates, and it was at that point that he nearly ran out of mercy. He tied the pirates up while instructing some of his crew members to commandeer the leaky boat and follow the ship. The plan was to dispose these ragtag group of pirates in the middle of the sea and break their boat’s engine. Valentijn obviously was against this idea and after some reappraisal and a choice of words, they figured that they would simply interrogate the pirates and let them go in exchange for valuable information.

Augustine is an unusual Tank character, being able to dish out a lot of damage while soaking up the damage himself. Even if he walks slower than most of his friends and his attacks were a little on the slow side, his double-barrelled shotgun can produce an astonishing 1200 damage in a span of 0.1 seconds, a burst damage unlike no other. This was only limited by the nature of manually reloading his shotgun (theoretically, if he does not need to reload, he can do a terrifying 5500 DPS). Hauling anchors by himself, Augustine fashioned a coil of chain with a smaller anchor at the end of it to bash and drag enemies towards his side, only to get them blasted with his shotgun. He also has a mixture of Rum and Cola, which he can drink 0.8 seconds after casting to replenish 1500 health over the span of 3 seconds (500 / sec). Ultimately, he has two abilities – he can either go for a Comradeship with an ally to boost damage output of the ally by 200%, as long as he is within the 10 meter leash range (from Augustine). This lasts 8 seconds. The other Ultimate ability is Gating Goodness, whereby he inserts a long clip of his shotgun ammo, as well as an automatic reloading mechanism onto his gun, providing it with unlimited ammunition for 6 seconds. However, due to the nature of the reloading mechanism, the rate of fire was reduced to 6 rounds / second, effectively giving him 3600 DPS (more if he can do headshots), and a maximum of 21,600 damage for the duration. The ability launches the enemies backwards, so for this reason, it is recommended that Augustine either pin them to a wall, or have an ally pull them together with a gravity well, or simply push them off the cliff so that while it doesn’t deal damage, they will die from falling into the pit. This ability too can be interrupted.

Portrait of Fleet Admiral Augustine. Source: GTA 4.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Double-barreled Shotgun with short range. Large amount of pellets and large spread, with slow reload speeds.
Last shot (Passive): When health is lower than 10%, auto-reload & increases damage output by 40%. 12 secs cooldown.
Drag: Shoots a hook at an enemy, stunning it and dragging it towards Augustine. Interrupts channeling abilities at once.
Rum and Cola: Drinks a bottle of the mixture, healing 1500 health over 3 secs. Takes 0.8 seconds to cast, & interruptible.
Comradeship (Unique): +200% damage to a selected ally. Leash range limited to 10 meters from Augustine. Lasts 8 secs.
Gatling Goodness (Unique): Gives an auto-reloader w/ unlimited ammo for 6 s, launches enemies backwards. Interruptible.
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No. 22 - Admiral Genki Van Damme Roman Lee

Postby Valentine Z » Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:10 am

Name: Admiral Genki Matthieu Van Damme Roman Marcus Anthony Travis John Timothy Justin Clarkeson Johnny Darrius Mill E. Lancelot Bartram Androw Daniel Anderson Ct. Grenfeld Lee Zhuān Jiā
  • 621,59 centimeters (20 ft 4.72 in) (Valentian Era, Universe Scaling)
  • 233,68 centimeters (7 ft. 8 in.) (Valentian Era)
  • 172,72 centimeters (5 ft. 8 in.) (Pre-Valentian Era)
Age: [data missing]
Nation of origin / Nationality / Ethnicity / Race: Taiwanese

Well-versed and determined, Admiral Genki Anderson Lee is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to close combat, believing in using his bare hands and feet as weapons rather than a gun, though circumstances have forced him to carry around a semi-automatic pistol with him wherever he goes.

Genki’s early life is a typical tale of a rather weak man, physically-speaking. He was a little flimsy, and even if fast, he wasn’t exactly the best when it comes to fight-offs. And at that time, Taiwan itself was going through a series of turmoil, just like many other countries during Cold War. Political dissents were happening all the time, and all of this would escalate into fights or two. The streets were more or less unsafe at those times, and Genki wasn’t an exception; one day, after eating a dinner at one of the smaller restaurants, he was approached by a few drunken men, one of which started throwing false accusations and straight-out insulting Genki. Against the odds of one vs 8, Genki was defeated, and left bloodied with bruises and cuts.

Feeling shameful of being defenceless, he woke up one day and simply started training with his own sets of moves. He thought of going to a kung-fu studio, or any place that would teach him self-defence, but at this point, Genki was simply determined to break his own limits, especially after what happened to him that night. His series of trainings covered almost all the aspects, ranging from upper-body and core exercises, to leg trainings, and of course, most importantly, using a series of boxing bags and dummies to practice his attacks and defences. Every morning, he would run a total of 4 kilometres simply to build up his stamina.

After months and months of training, he was ready yet again. In his heart, Genki did not want to hit back the men that fought him that night; in fact, he was rather thankful that they “showed” him on how weak and frail he used to be. Besides, other than himself, nothing else was damaged or threatened, so revenge or retribution was not needed. However, fate indeed ran him through another test, and something that would eventually get him the attention he needed to survive; as he exited a train station, he ran across another group of random men, who in turn decided to push and shove around Genki for his smaller build and stance. Genki was not having any of them and this time, he managed to take on 10 men by his own, while only suffering a light bruise on his left arm. At one point, Genki was seen “disarming a knife from a man’s hand and delivering a swift kick to his face… all in the span of 0.88 seconds from Jenny, who was actually there throughout the whole thing (she was gathering intelligence, and on a vacation to Taiwan, even during the whole Cold War thing). The ten men that Genki effortlessly took down were later identified to be nothing more than a group of “freedom fighters” intent on terrorising a subway, so he quickly garnered a famous reputation from his close combat shenanigans.

Eventually, word reached from Jenny to Jolyn, who in turn told Valentijn about the whole fight scene, as well as the identity of this mysterious man. After several contacts, and tracking his movement, Jolyn decided to give Genki a friendly visit, informing him about the nuclear war that might happen anytime soon. He accepted the once in a lifetime offer, though he laments on why Valentijn could not save everyone from this whole nuclear war.

Today, he is promoted to a rank of Admiral, owing to the fact that the ships’ close quarters would give him the opportunity to use his combat tactics of punching and kicking people, should the need for it arise, or if he got attacked by a group of pirates, if any.

Admiral Genki is a short-range hero, with all his abilities working at close combat. With that said, he does have a semi-automatic pistol to defend himself should the need for a long-range attack is being called out, though there are much better options if one is to call for long-range reinforcements, since the pistol is all he's got. Thanks to the research and development of the Valentian technology, he was given a dynamo set that would generate shields from the kinetic energy from his attacks, while still letting him operate with 90% efficiency (all these damages are all due to this, so no further reduction is calculated). These shields are personal, and he cannot give it to anyone else. He has three basic attacks for simplicity – a karate chop that deals the most damage to the primary target (as well as a 90% slow rate), while the secondary enemies around would feel 80% of the damage going to them. Next, he has a flying kick that would launch enemies to the air up to 4 meter, and they would fall back onto the ground vertically. This attack also deals 80% damage to the secondary enemies around, and they too would be send back, though not as further as the primary enemy. Finally, in he has a swift punch, which simply deals 800 damage, plus stunning them for one second. This ability does not affect secondary targets. Ultimately, in the event that he generates enough energy, he can increase his reflexes and boost his attacks even further, rendering him more or less unstoppable towards anyone foolish enough to take him on; he tacks on 100 damage for each of his three offensive abilities, one extra charge for each of them with no cooldown (i.e. he can carry out each ability twice in quick succession), and all these abilities would further have a -70% to their cooldown duration. The ultimate ability lasts 8 seconds.

Shot of Admiral Genki.

ClassHPMagazine SizeDamage Per Hit (DPH)Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per secondDamage Per Second (DPS)

Primary: Semi-automatic pistol with short-medium effective range. Typical run-of-the-mill damage dealer, though not effective for most parts.
Shielding (Passive): Each ability-based attack provides 100 armor if a successful hit was done. Shielding lasts 3 seconds, & stacks up to 1000.
Karate chop: 850 damage dealt to the enemy, and 90% damage to the secondary targets around it. Enemy suffers -80% slow for 1.2 seconds.
Flying kick: 700 damage dealt, with 4 meter knockback. Deals 80% dmg. to the secondary targets around it. Launched enemies fall vertically.
Swift punch: Palm strikes an enemy with 800 damage, & stuns for 1 second. No damage to the secondary targets around it, i.e. single target.
Enhanced Reflexes (Ultimate): +100 damage to each ability, +1 extra to each ability with no cooldown, -70% cooldown duration, lasts 8 secs.
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