The Stories from Valentine Z [VZ and Puppets ONLY]

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The Stories from Valentine Z [VZ and Puppets ONLY]

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:31 am

The Stories Heard Around De Geweldige Sierlijke Katachtige Utopia en Zijne Autonome Machten ov Valentine Z

A Collection of Shorts

A sister project of The Adventures of Gwen “Tracer” Allison, rather than focusing on one single character’s adventures through multiple dimensions, this project and short story collection will focus on the other characters of Valentine Z, detailing their stories before, during, or perhaps even after Valentine Z. Unless said otherwise, all of these stories will be considered canon.

It will be updated periodically as I go along, with my University life, updates may be sparse at times. For the sake of reading and making it a “storybook”, only I will have the power as the OP to post here. Feel free to read along, and I hope that you guys enjoy reading! Don’t worry, it will be kept PG-13 (or even lower) as per the rules.
Occasional bad language, violence, a little bit of gore. Sexual themes will only go as far as kisses, nothing more. :P

The years will be in convention of actual Earth’s years, not Decimal Years that Valentine Z uses. This is to eliminate the confusion.

If you want to know more or ask about this project, you can send me a Telegram. I’m open to it! :)

It’s all for free, but just thought I will put it here – some of the pictures are taken by myself, while others are taken from the internet. The links can be found in the raw BBCode of my posts, accessible through “Quoting”.

Some real life events are inside but for the most parts, it's fictional and will deviate away. However, in the event that storylines line-up with actual real-life events, it is simply a matter of coincidence.

RL Earth is defined as Real-Life Earth, that is, simply based on the OOC Earth, but not exactly the OOC Earth itself. Any and all inaccuracies or deviations that might be considered... deviant, is also purely unintentional, and utmost care will be given to touch and handle sensitive subjects, or best, not mentioned at all.
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Table of Content

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:32 am

1st Work: “I, Clarissa”
Characters Involved: Clarissa Alanis Star.
Part 1: viewtopic.php?p=36256751#p36256751
Part 2: viewtopic.php?p=36264481#p36264481
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Possible Expansion Space.

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:32 am


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I, Clarissa (Part I)

Postby Valentine Z » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:33 am



“It’s complete, Sir. She’s ready for your evaluation,” the voice from the communications system hailed into the office of one particular computer scientist. The many years and months of work was finally complete, and he was able to sigh a relief after so long.

“Excellent,” the scientist responded back, “I will be here shortly.”

“Thank you, Dr. Tristian.”

Hibernating his own work computer into a standby mode and making sure that it’s locked, he grabbed his coat promptly and lightly stormed out of the door – the kind that one sees when a person is not angry, but simply in a hurry. He snaked around the corridors, giving a meaningful look to all of the passing scientists and security guards alike. It would be the very first time they finally saw him smiling around and generally in a chipper mood for the first time since perhaps weeks, or even months. Tristian was extremely eager and anxious for this project to work and maybe this time, Isalov Industries would get a breakthrough that would not shut them down from excessive fund usage.

After a minute of walk that seemed like eternity, Tristian arrived at the laboratory, with several other scientists waiting eagerly for him to arrive. “There you are, Tristian. We have finally done it!” one of them exclaimed, trying his best to button his excitement. The lab itself was bundled and covered with wires from walls to ceilings, with a considerably large number of laptops, computers, and servers all whirring loudly. The place was kept at 14° C in order to cool the devices, with all the scientists and lab technicians all in their thick clothing. Due to the lack of hazardous materials involved in the computer lab, none of them were compelled to wear safety goggles, gloves, and the like.

“Thank you, friend,” Tristian replied back, moving back to his informal but polite tone, “So… the Administrator. Is he here?”

“Can’t find him yet. He said that he would come, but… circumstances. Told us to do this without us, and provide raw footage to him,” he then eyed at the nearby camera that was pointed at a sealed capsule. That would where the soon-to-be crown jewel of Isalov Industries was in.

“Well, let’s get the cameras rolling, and let’s begin,” Tristian motioned the other scientists, whilst reciting his own lines over and over. This cannot fail this time, he thought to himself. This fusion has to work after so many failures.

“This has to work, right?” Tristian asked at another one of his colleagues, “Dr. Mitchell, we have been trying this for so long, we cannot fail this, right?”

“No, friend,” Mitchell replied back, trailing off and tugging his collar a little, “At least, I hope not. Don’t worry, the security team is here for… security. In case, you know?”

“I know what you mean… let’s get going, then… I don’t think we should delay anymore, eh? Camera! Roll, please!”

The technician then started recording, a recording light on the video camera being activated.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, and the Administrator…” Tristian began speaking to the camera, aloof though a tad excited, “I am proud to present the work that we have accomplished after so many months and years. Many sleepless days and nights, to perfect something as remote as merging the human mind with a computational one. The calculations, the codes, and the synthetic neurons, they have all been proven to work at their utmost efficiency thanks to the hard work of all my colleagues. I could not have done this without them. Without further ado, my fellow friends and families… allow me to introduce our latest creation!”

On cue, the capsule opens with the accompanying fog and some smoke. After they diffused away to the surroundings, they were greeted by the sight of a synthetic human – a robot in the form of a young adult girl. Blue-skinned, dark blue dress, and orange-coloured synthetic hair bundled up neatly in a ponytail. The round face, made out of an extremely high-quality electronic paper screen, fluidly comes to life, revealing a cartoonish face that shows a little smile, along with its eyes looking around wildly at the lab around itself.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… meet Clarissa Alanis Star!” Tristian announced proudly. At that moment, the camera zoomed out to the capsule and Tristian, as well as with many other scientists and technicians clapping and cheering elatedly. The cheering and clapping died down naturally after 6 seconds, with Tristian and the team bowing down and the former continuing his speech.

“Now then… here is our first few steps with Clarissa. She has no knowledge of anything at the moment, a blank slate. She has the basic human emotions encoded into her, and what we feel would be in the mind of an infant when they are born. She will be the very first truly Smart Artificial Intelligence, that will learn our every motion, every move, and her CPU mind will accelerate this, helping her and giving her the edge that no one else will have!”

Clarissa finished looking around, and the platform below her moved and would wheel her a meter or two in front and towards Tristian, with the harnesses and cables being removed by the other technicians, then running on her batteries. She looked around yet again, whilst fidgeting a little and trying to balance her 7-feet tall frame along the way.

“A little difficulty with standing up, Clarissa?” Tristian asked, to which Clarissa says nothing, and does not react. She has no idea what he was saying.

“It’s okay, girl. You will learn. Now come, put up your hands,” Tristian said, as he put out both his hands in front of him and towards Clarissa. The latter also does the same.

“Good, good… now that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now, follow me,” Tristian said again calmly, holding both of Clarissa’s hands and Tristian himself shuffling backwards slowly. Clarissa did the shuffling, but backwards, resulting in her moving away from Tristian instead of following her. A few chuckles and laughs were heard, along with Tristian’s.

“Haha, ahh no girl, to me… To me!” he said with a smile, babying his very first successful creation. He turned around and walked along, trying to show Clarissa how to walk, “Follow me, girl!”

Clarissa scanned Tristian’s walk and motion in a couple of seconds, processing it. After a while, she lifted one foot off and placed it in front of the other, alternating for the next step. And after just 4 seconds, she was walking slowly towards Tristian, putting back her arms slowly.

“Good girl! Baby’s first steps! Easy, right?” Tristian said to her and the rest of the team. The team responded, but Clarissa did not. She tried to imitate a few sounds, but it all went “Ooooh!” or “Aaaah!”

“Tsk, no worries on your lack of words. We came prepared!” Tristian motioned Mitchell to take a tablet, along with a pair of earphones. He then turned on a series of videos that are meant for human infants to learn.

“So, folks… I know what you are thinking; why don’t you just feed her the information directly? Like, maybe just put in directly in her data input slot? Ahh, we certainly could, but we want her to learn the human way! A proof, that she is functional like a human, but faster. Here, girl!”

They helped Clarissa up by plugging in the earphones onto her ears, and giving the tablet. She held it haphazardly, but eventually learned to use her opposable thumbs to grip them. The videos were a series of kids’ videos as aforementioned, covering the basics of alphabets, numbers, pronunciations, simple phrases, and many more. The videos also feature children doing basic movements, such as running, jumping, clapping, and many more that kids do. As the videos were being played, Clarissa would scan the screen, along with hearing out whatever was being played. She would then found herself mimicking these voices and noises along the way to her very best. “Aaaa?” “A!” “App-pell!” / “B? Bbbb. Ballwe!” This went on for several more minutes, and after the videos are over, Clarissa was ready.

“Hello!” she smiled, “I… Clarissa! I am Clarissa. I am happy to be here!”

Another thunderous roars and applause echoed through the lab once again. Tristian, Mitchell, and basically every single personnel were simply happy with her progress.

“The span of progress is amazing!” Tristian exclaimed to his other colleagues, “She… she went from simple tonal voices, to small sentences in a matter of minutes! The videos lasted around 15 minutes in total, covering the basics of English and the numbers. And she did it and even more.”

Another scientist then plugged in Clarissa to the nearby computer, which the latter did not mind and was curious. The computer accessed Clarissa’s files, and it was then confirmed that there were indeed many new files being inside her, and written by her.”

“Incredible! She coded and made new rules for herself! All in machine language, though it would seem like… a human wrote it. Brillant, Clarissa!”

“Brill-lee-yant?” Clarissa asked.

“You are good, Clarissa!”

“Ohhh. Thank you very much!” she smiled sheepishly, making a ^_^ face.
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I, Clarissa (Part II)

Postby Valentine Z » Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:11 am



The video camera stopped recording, and the science team once again applauded wildly and patted each other’s back, amongst handshakes, hugs, and many, many more. Tristian had an incredible sigh of relief and he too was congratulated as the project lead. Clarissa, not knowing anything at the moment, clapped softly and smiling at herself. The other scientists took notice of it, and they found that to be rather adorable.

“Come, Clarissa!” Tristian called her out from a short distance, “We have to take you to the Administrator! He is going to be very happy to see you!”

“Yay, I cannot wait!” Clarissa exclaimed back.

“Can you walk here?” Tristian asked.

“Yes, I can. I am coming to you,” Clarissa replied back, walking slowly and surely, gaining momentum along the way. It took her perhaps around 50 seconds to cover that 18 meters distance towards Tristian. She have mastered the art of walking, for now, at least.

“Good girl! Let’s go, Clarissa.”

As they walked slowly to the Administrator’s office, Tristian and Clarissa had a short conversation with each other. The other scientists and technicians, as well as security officers and other visitors and guests, were looking at the blue robot in a dress with a cyan heart on it. They all waved at her, said hello to her, amongst many others. However, they were specifically told not to take flash photography of her. After all, she has not experienced that yet, and they were afraid that it might trigger her in some unexpected manners or ways that were not predicted. If the human mind can be unpredictable, so will a replica of a human mind combined with a computer.

“So, Clarissa… how do you feel so far?”

“Feel? I am happy! Hm hm!”

“That is good to hear. Is there a thing that you would like to know?”

“I… I do not want to know anything. Well, not yet.”

“What is on your mind now, then?”

“Ohh, yes! Why is it so cold in here?”

“Ahh, well… we like the cold! The computers also like it too!”

“Hm hm, I see!” Clarissa turned her head and gave a little smile at Tristian, perhaps indicative of her trusting him. She might be wall taller than everyone around her, but she certainly is as helpless as a newborn infant, or at most perhaps the intellect of an average 4-year-old. Clarissa was then told to keep quiet for most duration of the meeting with the Administrative in order to avoid any mishaps, to which she complied.

As the conversation went on casually and Clarissa learned some new words, they arrived at the Administrator’s office. Tristian knocked on the door, tugging his collar for a short while and looking at Clarissa standing right beside him. She was as calm as water in a pool, and her eyes were looking around with much curiosity. A few seconds later, the door creaked open and both of them were greeted by the sight of a man in his 40s in in his cobalt-coloured suit. A few other men of nearly the same age were seen inside, though they were wearing grey-coloured suits. Tristian was becoming increasingly anxious, but they finally broke the ice a little soon after.

“Hello there, Mr. Kelly,” Tristian addressed towards the man in the blue suit, exchanging handshakes with him and the others, “And the others as well. I am glad to have you all here.”

“We are as well,” Kelly started off after clearing his throat a little, followed by giving a neutral but well-meaning look to Clarissa, “We are glad to see you, Clarissa. Sorry I could not be there; I was filing some paperwork with these gentlemen over here.”

“Ohh err, it’s fine, no issue with that,” Tristian replied back, trying his best to be as formal as possible, “So… I got the video right here from the camera. I am very sure that Clarissa will turn many heads in a good way, and soon we could be looking at a new leap in the fields of Artificial Intelligence.”

“That’s good to hear. Thank you, Tristian, we will take a look at it right now.” Kelly then turned on the Television right beside, which was connected to his work computer. He stuck the flash drive onto the computer, played the video file, and all of them watched the footage. There were some talks among themselves from Kelly and the grey suits, but for the most parts, they were watching intensely.

“Oooh, look! That is me on the… screen!” Clarissa exclaimed but softly.

“Yes, that is you, Clarissa. You did great there,” Tristian replied.

“Agree. I can see the potential in it,” one of the men in the grey suits confirmed.

It went on for the entirety of the duration of the video, and after it ended, Kelly cleared his throat yet again, whilst slowly fidgeting with a pen in his hand. He and the grey suits were as calm as Clarissa in the room, and at that moment, Tristian felt a little lost. None of them were showing any visible emotions, and it was getting increasingly impossible to think about how they feel.

“So… my Sirs,” Tristian broke the silence, “What do you all think?”

“Oh, well, the technology has a lot of potential, and once again, congratulations to your team!” one of the grey suits replied back, “But err… I am afraid that Mr. Kelly might have some… concerns, is it?”

“Hmm, ahh, yes, “ Kelly began yet again, “So, the girl right here shows a lot of prowess in her learning skills, and she is like a human child. Very natural thing to do. But see… the problem is… we are all working and making this secretly, and no one outside of our world has seen anything this advanced yet. How would their reaction be like?”

“Ahh, that… I gave that some thought, Mr. Kelly, but… you are right in that-“ Tristian said, with increasing anxiety.

“Ohh Tristian, don’t be too overworked,” Kelly changed his tone, smiling a little more frequently now and then, “The cliché of emotionless and faceless administrators doesn’t apply to us. We applaud your work and we are certainly very happy, but… of course, the question is on whether or not the world will react positively to her? Her design is already a step-up – a cute and friendly face for everyone, but the surveys show that, well, not a lot of people are warming up to the idea of fully sentient robots, you see?”

“I understand what you mean, Mr. Kelly.”

“I am looking forward to Clarissa learning as much as she can, but for the time being, I’m afraid that she needs to be let out slowly. Start with a few pictures first, and perhaps an article, and then spread it all over the internet. It will take some time for people to be friendly to her, and for her to be… much more human.”

“I understand… so what do you suppose that we do for her?”

“Nothing much for the time being. Just, teach her stuff, do basic things with her… basically raise her up like how you would raise a child. She’s more or less a blank slate like a child,” Kelly then leans in to whisper into Tristian’s ears, “And you can always wipe her memory if you mess up.”

Tristian agreed and chuckled anxiously. He was hoping that he will not need to do that, though the idea itself being suggested is not uncommon.
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