GCF World Twenty20 Championship XIV - everything thread

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GCF World Twenty20 Championship XIV - everything thread

Postby Liventia » Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:49 am

Opening post credit: Swathes of this OP were written by Gruenberg for the last ODI World Trophy.

World Twenty20 Championship XIV – Everything thread

This is a Twenty20 cricket tournament, a bat-and-ball game with a few similarities to and many differences from baseball. It is played between national teams. All games will take place in Liventia.

This is the roleplay thread and with the exception of hosting announcements, all out of character (OOC) chatter should take place in the OOC thread. Please post here only rosters and roleplays. Please ensure your RPs reflect the posted final results; you may not come up with your own results (other than individual performances, or in the case of government propaganda).

Please post a roster if at all possible. It is a basic courtesy to your opponents to do so given that cricket RP is, more so than for some other sports, very dependent on knowing the details of both teams.

At bare minimum, your roster should include:
  • 11 players.
  • Your RP permissions (see below).
Preferably, your roster should also include:
  • One of your players as captain.
  • One of your players as wicket-keeper.
  • At least five of your players who are bowlers (including bowling all-rounders or batsmen who can bowl).
  • A basic indication of your likely batting order.
  • The colour of your kit (Twenty20 cricket is played using a white ball and thus all teams must play in non-white kits such that the ball is visible against them).
You might additionally wish to include:
  • Reserve players; or instead of naming a starting 11, you might just list a larger squad for your opponent to choose from.
  • Player details, bios, tendencies, stats, etc.
  • Coaching staff.
  • History, tactics, stats.
  • Information about your touring fans.
  • Any other relevant information. This does not include home ground details, as all matches will take place in Liventia.

RP permissions
RP permissions work a little differently in cricket as it is almost impossible for one player to RP only about their own players. Therefore for the purposes of this tournament it is generally assumed that all players consent to having their opponents determine basic outcomes such as player scores and wicket incidences. You may clarify permissions relating to specific events or requesting certain focuses e.g. specifying that your players would never engage in Mankading, describing your team’s tactics.

You may (and are encouraged to!) clarify any other RP permissions e.g. whether your opponent may injure your players or godmode events (which means create bizarre and unusual circumstances that would never happen in real life like all 10 wickets falling to pace, all 10 wickets falling to spin, the ball landing in a pot of white paint… wait…).

Two tournament-wide permissions apply.
  • No violence towards the host country or destruction of the host country’s infrastructure.
  • No introduction of pandemics to the host country or to opposing teams.

You may wish to include the following RP permissions box with your roster/squad list to advise your opponents on their rights should they RP before you:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y/N
RP injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y/N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y/N
*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).

Please also note that the SARS-Cov-2 virus/Covid-19 pandemic does not exist in Liventia, and should not be introduced to the country in your RPs at risk of expulsion from the tournament.

Style modifiers
There will be no team style modifiers.
Each group will be assigned ground style modifiers, with all pitches at each group's designated grounds curated to be similar.

Tiebreaker rules
All group-stage ties will be resolved by as many super-overs as required until a winner is found. Each win will be worth 2 points, while a super over defeat will be worth 1 point.
All knockout ties will be resolved by as many super-overs as required until a winner is found.
Group stage tiebreakers (within groups) will be: points, wins (including super over), wins (not including super over), head-to-head wins, head-to-head net run rate, overall net run rate. If more than two teams are tied, the tiebreakers will reset if the tie is broken for one team but other teams remain tied.
Group stage tiebreakers (inter-group) will be: points, wins (including super over), wins (not including super over), overall net run rate. Head-to-head results against any group-mates involved in the tie will not count. If more than two teams are tied, the tiebreakers will reset if the tie is broken for one team but other teams remain tied.

Match information
The Decision Review System (third umpire TV review) will be in use. Each team will receive one unsuccessful challenge per innings.

Schedule [all cutoffs will take place around 21:45 UTC on the days stated, unless otherwise advised]:
MD1 (7 June): 1 bye, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5
MD2 (9 June): 5 bye, 6 v 4, 7 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3 (12 June): 2 bye, 3 v 1, 4 v 7, 5 v 6
MD4 (14 June): 6 bye, 7 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5 (16 June): 3 bye, 4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 7
MD6 (18 June): 7 bye, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD7 (20 June): 4 bye, 5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1
Play-in round (22 June)
Round of 16 (24 June)
Quarter-finals (26 June)
Consolation semi-finals (27 June)
Semi-finals, 5th place playoff, 7th place playoff (28 June)
3rd place playoff (29 June)
Final (30 June)

Group draw
The group draw was conducted using's list randomiser, first to randomise the order of teams in each pot to group them, then a second time within each group.
Full group details, including stadium information, to follow on 5 June.
Pot 1: Ko-oren, Liventia, Darmen, The Plough Islands, Elejamie
Pot 2: West Phoenicia, Damukuni, Krytenia, Eastfield Lodge, Pratapgadh
Pot 3: Lisander and Alice Bay, Barunia, Ethane, The Grearish Union, Hebitaka
Pot 4: Sylestone, The Sarian, Rundel, Gruenberg, Kriegiersien
Unranked pot: everyone else
Group A
Quebec and Shingoryeo
Vilita and Turori
Lisander and Alice Bay

Group B
The Sarian
The Plough Islands

Group C
The Grearish Union
West Phoenicia
New Jacobland

Group D
Eastfield Lodge

Group E

Current rankings
1	Ko-oren			43.725
2 Liventia 42.574
3 Darmen 37.404
4 Mattijana 36.516
5 The Plough Islands 34.546
6 Elejamie 32.848
7 West Phoenicia 30.788
8 Busoga Islands 22.758
9 Damukuni 22.708
10 Krytenia 19.792
11 Eastfield Lodge 18.914
12 Pratapgadh 18.684
13 Apox 17.982
14 Sajnur 16.134
15 Lisander 15.114
16 Barunia 14.731
17 Ethane 13.811
18 Indusse 13.459
19 Northwest Kalactin 13.218
20 Teusland 12.185
21 The Grearish Union 11.560
22 Hebitaka 11.366
23 Al Wadiya 9.180
23 Central Shaneville 9.180
23 Sylestone 9.180
23 The Sarian 9.180
27 Rooimervania 7.555
28 Rundel 6.800
28 The Jovannic 6.800
30 Tornado Queendom 5.168
31 Mughals royal 4.788
32 Greater Kamilistan 4.420
32 Gruenberg 4.420
34 Retricoal 3.871
34 Sisdonia 3.871
36 Tulize 3.595
37 Kriegiersien 3.060
38 Deyrland 2.445
39 A Flock of Seagulls 1.019
39 Melbergia 1.019
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Postby Liventia » Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:50 am

About Liventia
Liventia has strict laws when it comes to behaviour; rioting used to carry the death penalty until a moratorium on capital punishment was brought into effect four decades ago. There is a total ban on outdoor public smoking (including e-cigarettes) and outdoor public drinking, including in bars and restaurants in Liventia. Public alcoholism will result in prosecution. The drugs trade is banned, although casual use is not actively policed. The minimum age for smoking and drinking in the country is 17. Streaking or other pitch invasions at cricket matches will result in an on-the-spot fine and a court date for potential further sanction.

Ground information
Group A
Quebec and Shingoryeo
Vilita and Turori
Lisander and Alice Bay

Group stadium style modifier: +1

The first listed game on each matchday will be played ICly at 18:00 local time at the Dawston Ground in Orean, a club ground with hitter-friendly boundaries but an otherwise neutral pitch. Located in southwestern Orean, Dawston Ground is believed to be one of the oldest club grounds still in use today, and is believed to be the source of the name of Cricketfield Road which runs along it as well as the nearby Orean Metro Suburban Line station of the same name. Capacity: 5,000. End names: Cricketfield Road End, Dawston End.

The second listed game on each matchday will be played ICly at 13:00 local time and the third listed game at 19:00 local time (on different pitches) at the Folenisa Cricket Ground in Folenisa. The FCG is referred to in Liventia as "HQ" and is one of the country's most beloved grounds among players, with both bat and ball able to dominate at times during long-form games. The "HQ" nickname is derived as the headquarters of the Cricketing Board of Authority of Liventia are based on site. Capacity: 25,600. End names: Desert End, Walton Road End.

Group B
The Sarian
The Plough Islands

Group stadium style modifier: -2

The first listed game on each matchday will be played ICly at 13:00 local time and the third listed game at 19:00 local time (on different pitches) at The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground in Dover. The Bastion is traditionally considered the spinners' paradise in Liventia, although the limited-over pitches at the Bastion, in addition to the ropes being pulled in, have levelled the playing field slightly. However, spin bowlers should still find plenty of joy at this ground. Capacity: 28,225. End names: Town End, Clock End.

The second listed game on each matchday will be played ICly at 18:00 local time at the Island Cricket Arena in Schimpol, the only Liventian ground located off the mainland. Friendly to the fast bowlers, thanks to the ground being located just inland from the coast. The sea breeze often picks up, and aids seam and swing – not to mention makes catching high balls slightly tricky. Equally true in T20 cricket as in one-dayers and first-class games. Capacity: 27,500. End names: City End, Mainland End.

Group C
The Grearish Union
West Phoenicia
New Jacobland

Group stadium style modifier: +3

All three games each matchday will be played, in order, at 11:00, 15:30, and 20:00 local time (on different pitches) at the Park Central Oval in Orean, the 'Home of Liventian Cricket'. A batsman's dream, usually flat as a road in Test cricket. No different in the short-form stuff. It's about limiting the score when you bowl here, rather than trying for wickets. Capacity: 37,500. End names: Lothian End, Poplar End.

Group D
Eastfield Lodge

Group stadium style modifier: +3

All three games each matchday will be played, in order, at 11:00, 15:30, and 20:00 local time (on different pitches) at the National Centre of Excellence Oval in City Centre. It is the second-largest ground in the country and home to Liventia's national youth academy, and the pitches are friendly to batsmen. Bowlers will be tested if it's hot – the evening game will provide the most respite. Capacity: 37,000. End names: Pavilion End, Academy End.

Group E

Group stadium style modifier: 0

The first listed game on each matchday will be played ICly at 13:00 local time and the second listed game at 19:00 local time (on different pitches) at the Racecourse Ground in Talbott. The home ground of Talbott Downs, it is located adjacent to the horse racetrack on the outskirts of Talbott which gives the ground its name. Plays neutrally in T20 cricket. Capacity: 7,500. End names: Racecourse End, Grandstand End.

The third listed game on each matchday will be played ICly at 18:00 local time at Lewes Park in Neverend. A former club ground converted for international cricket, it is now one of the country's main Test grounds. The cool air of the mountainous city ensures that this ground is bowler-friendly; to make up for it, boundaries have been pulled in. Capacity: 11,000. End names: Town End, Pavilion End.

Further information about knockout round stadium assignments will be announced in due course.
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The Sarian
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Postby The Sarian » Fri Jun 04, 2021 12:38 pm


The Sarian Cricket Team

i. Squad

#03 Grajs A Vioolspeler - Vice Captain/All Rounder
.:: she/her | Age: 29 | RHB | Right-arm fast-medium | Club: Haaglanden ::.
.:: T20Is: 6 | Batting Avrg: 26.0 | Bowling Avrg: 23.29 ::.

Part of the team of the tournament in the ODI World Cup but T20 has always been her best format. A big hitter in the upper order. Can sometimes be costly while bowling, but a fantastic variety of balls mean she can be a wicked wicket taker.

#08 Wilfrid H Hendriks - All Rounder
.:: he/him | Age: 28 | LHB | Left-arm fast-medium | Club: Ghoberg ::.
.:: T20Is: 6| Batting Avrg: 20.00 | Bowling Avrg: 37.00 ::.

Was the choice left-arm option in the last T20 World Cup, but largely replaced by Oli Abaal. Traditionally been seen as more of a bowler-who-can-bat, but has had a couple of seasons of disappointing figures with the ball whilst batting has notably improved. Penchant for trying to knick an extra run - even where one might not exist...

#22 Oli JT Abaal - Bowler
.:: he/him | Age: 35 | RHB | Left-arm fast-medium | Club: Kroningdam ::.
.:: T20Is: 0 | Batting Avrg: - | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Veteran of the domestic game who has impressed in the ODI team. Likely to open the batting, and is incredibly talented at getting the wicket of fellow-left handers. Knows his way around a bat, but traditionally accustomed with more defensive strokes.

#24 Max L Pym - Batsman
.:: he/him | Age: 26 | RHB | Right-arm leg spin | Club: Haaglanden ::.
.:: T20Is: 6 | Batting Avrg: 22.83 | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Opened the batting at the last T20 World Cup but will likely find himself lower down the order this time. Fantastic batsman once he gets in, but has struggled with inconsistency domestically. Known as a fantastic and aerobic fielder, able to pull of some spectacular catches.

#25 Filip A Stormdoop - Bowler
.:: he/him | Age: 21 | RHB | Right-arm medium | Club: Wilaamstad ::.
.:: T20Is: 6 | Batting Avrg: 0.00 | Bowling Avrg: 17.33 ::.

Best deployed immediately after the powerplay. Talented at keeping the run rate low, but less successful at taking wickets in this format. If the batting gets to Stormdoop, something has gone wrong and he's not going to save The Sarian. Bats at number 10 rather than 11 for largely superstitious reasons.

#26 Sofia-Ann Bruen - Bowler
.:: she/her | Age: 24 | RHB | Right-arm medium-fast | Club: Oostelund ::.
.:: T20Is: 0 | Batting Avrg: - | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Recieving first international cap in any format, but has impressed domestically. Has great form taking wickets as a death bowler for Oostelund, but remains to be seen if she can reproduce this with the pressure of international cricket. The wildcard.

#41 Anders DJ Ruitdekker - Captain/Batsman
.:: he/him | Age: 31 | RHB | Right-arm off spin| Club: Kroningdam ::.
.:: T20Is: 6 | Batting Avrg: 37.00 | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Retains captaincy despite disappointment of last T20 World Cup. Opening batsman, who likes to make the most of the powerplay. Known for his ability to survive large amounts of pressure and keep his wicket while others fall around him. Occasional off spin when the conditions are plum.

#46 Jodi E Zwarte - All Rounder
.:: he/him | Age: 23 | RHB | Right-arm fast-medium | Club: Bondstad ::.
.:: T20Is: 4 | Batting Avrg: 18.00 | Bowling Avrg: 34.33 ::.

The cockroach of Saari cricket - constantly in sides but regularly dropped for inconsistent form. Considerably stronger with the bat and excels when faced with needing a high number of runs from a small amount of overs.

#57 Lucie M Snaijer - Batsman
.:: she/her | Age: 24 | RHB | Left-arm medium| Club: Ghoberg ::.
.:: T20Is: 6| Batting Avrg: 39.00 | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Not quite temperamentally suited to T20 - needing a few overs to get in and with a preference for more defensive sweeps. However, has a strong batting average - albeit bolstered by a pair of not outs. Nominally number six in the order, but may be promoted if wickets are falling quickly. Conversely, may be overlooked if quick runs are needed.

#66 Jon QM DeBruut - Batsman
.:: he/him | Age: 20 | LHB | Slow left-arm orthodox | Club: Wilaamstad ::.
.:: T20Is: 0 | Batting Avrg: - | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

DeBruut by name, brute by nature. If he's not hitting a ball for six, he's not happy - though this comes with a number of risks. Famous for his wild beard, and is one of the biggest personalities both on and off the pitch. Voted most likely to drop an easy catch.

#71 Marscha M DeSaari - Wicketkeeper-Batsman
.:: she/her | Age: 30 | RHB |Right-arm off break | Club: Kroningdam ::.
.:: T20Is: 6 | Batting Avrg: 25.50 | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Has been accused of being too cautious in the past, but has worked on this part of her game. Incredibly good at exploiting gaps in every fielding set-up. Dependable with the gloves, though certainly nothing special.

#83 Fleur H Zeunier - Batsman
.:: she/her | Age: 18 | RHB | Right-arm medium-fast | Club: Bondstad ::.
.:: T20Is: 0 | Batting Avrg: - | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Made big splash in domestic debut season. Very fond of the reverse sweep. Nominally the second choice wicketkeeper, though untested with the gloves.

#89 Martine K Kloeten - Bowler
.:: she/her | Age: 19 | RHB | Right-arm fast | Club: Wilaamstad ::.
.:: T20Is: 2 | Batting Avrg: - | Bowling Avrg: 13.33 ::.

Widely regarded as under-utilised in last T20 World Cup - and has only improved since. Recurring elbow injury means she needs more rest than most quicks, however, and has been known to choke under pressure. Amazingly still a teenager.

#95 Winie H Smit - Bowler
.:: she/her | Age: 20 | LHB | Left-arm off spin | Club: Kroningdam ::.
.:: T20Is: 1 | Batting Avrg: - | Bowling Avrg: 22.00 ::.

Only specialist spin option in the squad. Fantastic sweeper in the field and surprisingly competent with the bat. Known to struggle against batsman with a strong front foot.

#97 Tomas HT Bietje - All Rounder
.:: he/him | Age: 28 | LHB | Right-arm fast-medium | Club: Bondstad ::.
.:: T20Is: 0 | Batting Avrg: - | Bowling Avrg: - ::.

Been in the international conversation since the first Saari ODI World Cup appearance, but failed to get a call up until now. Very much a bowling all-rounder, though is a strong lower-order anchor if required. Can get very grumpy if things don't go his way.

ii. Prefered Batting Order

A team may be in my most recent roleplay. If not, you may pick your own side from the squad. Below is the theoretically strongest XI.

O: ADJ Ruitdekker (Capt.)
O: MM DeSaari (WK)
3: GA Vioolspeler
4: JQM DeBruut
5: ML Pym
6: LM Snaijer
7: JE Zwarte
8: OJT Abaal
9: WH Smit
10: FA Stormdoop
11: SA Bruen

iii. Kits & Permissions


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, though no injury which affects future matches without my permission.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, though no injury which affects future matches without my permission.
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Yes
Create a full scorecard for my team: Yes

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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Jun 04, 2021 1:35 pm

Ko-orenite National Team@World Twenty20 Championships XIII

Nickname Dragonflies
Head Coach Georgianna Burress
Batting Coach Hector Hamilton
Bowling Coach Geddwod yDiddatawn
Fielding Coach Rosalia Graham
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)

MD1 Krytenia
MD2 Rundel
MD4 Bollonich
MD5 Quebec and Shingoryeo
MD6 Vilita and Turori
MD7 Lisander and Alice Bay

Starting XI
#31 Alois Lyness (22) - L med/L Opener (Greencaster)
#25 Simeon Penn (25) - L unorth/L Opener (Greencaster)
#8 Blaine Risewell (24) - R fast/R Batsman (Greencaster)
#28 Lucius Letchford (24) - L orth/L Batsman (Greencaster)
#56 Ronald Taylor (22) - L med/L All-rounder (West Surbourneshire)
#30 Eli Hunniford (31) - R med/R Wicketkeeper (West Surbourneshire)
#23 Chaddwf yMwffrael (23) - R fast/R All-rounder (Mawryshire)
#29 Mitchell Enright (21) - R leg/R Bowler (Greencaster)
#12 William Thrall (24) - R fast/R Bowler (Leeshire)
#10 Garfield Hooligan (27) - L fast/L Bowler (Willowbourne) (C)
#22 Lesomhof yPipaem (20) - L fast/L Bowler (Mawryshire)

#49 Reginald Twaddle (25) - R fast/R Opener (West Surbourneshire)
#50 Llowcan yRheighewn (31) - R med/R Batsman (Mawryshire)
#24 Gilbert Wheelwright (32) - R med/R Wicketkeeper (Greencaster) (VC)
#9 Boyd Jack (21) - R fast/R Bowler (West Surbourneshire)

The squad is noticeably younger than the previous one. The stars of the tournament-winning Dragonflies weren't just thrown aside, but the selection criteria have simply been applied as before: a focus on younger players, with a handful of experienced members that can act as captains or vice-captains... and sometimes it's just the younger guys that seem to play better than the older folk. That's certainly the case this year, with Twaddle in the paviliton as Lyness (22) walks out instead. The all-rounders are 22 and 23 - instead of yMharwn at 30 or Treadway at 37. Penn, Letchford, Enright, and Hooligan all have previous experience with a national team (be it ODI, T20, or even Test cricket); the same goes for Twaddle, yRheighewn, and Wheelwright, who are all selected as extras.

All eyes are on Risewell and Letchford, who have been insanely good at their regions as well as in their T20 teams (Eastern Miners and Mayara Marauders, respectively). The bowling is a little deeper than the batting, as all four full-time starting bowlers can make a difference. For the batsmen, aside from those mentioned, don't expect stellar performances. Though, as we all know, T20 is a fickle format and anything can happen.

Five out of eleven starters are from Greencaster, the region that excelled in the List-A season (8 wins, 2 losses) with no other region anywhere near them. The stars of the remaining five regions were selected, but nothing can touch that Greencastrian dominance. In fact - it has been suggested that an all Ko-orenite XI would probably be on par with Greencaster in List A or T20 - a suggestion that wasn't put in practice in the end. In the T20 season, the Aubury Maroons went 11-0, employing only Lyness from those selected for the national team. The reason not more of Aubury was selected is that there were a lot of older players on the team. Second and third (7 wins, 4 losses) were the Linieux Lieutenants and the Greencaster Bears, and they supplied Penn and Hunniford (Linieux) and... nobody (Bears).

As for the schedule: interestingly, we play three nations in the first four rounds, and then play six nations in the final three rounds. The cyan menace of Krytenia will be the match most of us are looking forward to - but once that round 1 fixture is over, there's plenty more to watch. Bollonich is an interesting newcomer, and then it's the usual suspects... if you were expecting this to be a World Cup of Hockey. Quebec and Shingoryeo, our neighbours, are a team we're hopefully beating by a great many runs or... several wickets. Vilita and Turori used to be our near-neighbours and this match should be a testament of our nations' strong ties. Closing out the group stage, it's Lisander and Alice Bay, a nation that ranks quite high in 'what's your favourite team when Ko-oren is out of the X World Cup' with X meaning anything from rugby league to baseball.

RP Permissions: no deaths or career-ending events.
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Postby Baggieland » Fri Jun 04, 2021 7:24 pm

The Throstles.


Gareth White.

Starting XI:
1. Billy Richards (opening batsman, R).
2. Reg Marshall (opening batsman, R).
3. Peter Mead (batsman, L).
4. Richard Smith (batsman, R).
5. Garry Greenidge (C) (batsman, R).
6. Brian Parks (wicketkeeper / batsman, R).
7. Sam Udal (all-rounder: off-spin bowler / batsman, R).
8. Steve Warne (leg-spin bowler, R).
9. Michael Marshall (fast bowler, R).
10. David Shackleton (medium pace bowler, R).
11. Paul Sainsbury (orthodox-spin bowler, L).

12. Keith Pieterson (batsman, R).
13. Graham Brown (wicketkeeper / batsman / medium pace bowler, L).
14. Don White (fast bowler, R).
15. Roy Cottam (fast-medium bowler, R).

If my opponents RP first:
Godmod match events – Y.
Roleplay injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod injuries to my players – Y.
Godmod how my players were dismissed – Y.
Create a full scorecard for my team – Y.
*Nothing ridiculous please.

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Postby Rundel » Fri Jun 04, 2021 7:31 pm

This will be Rundel's second foray into international sport; listed statistics are from Twenty20 Championship XIII. Some totals may not add up because of lackadaisical record-keeping; the culpable scorekeepers have made atonement for their transgressions.

Typical batting order:

1. Abeneg Hurnamb - bats right. 5 matches batted, 131 runs.
2. Robley Pauxten - bats left. 6 matches batted, 195 runs.
3. Fipkin Gorig - bats right. First tournament.
4. Callo Kemdawn - all-around, right. [Captain] 5 matches batted, 85 runs.
5. Zhobie Bostwa - wicketkeeper, left. 6 matches batted, 100 runs.
6. Rikkel Doudie - all-around, right. 1 match batted, 16 runs.
7. Wilk Eutaw - all-around, right. 4 matches batted, 48 runs. 6 matches bowled, 14.1 overs, 3 wickets, 110 runs allowed.
8. Throll Kentocks - bowls left. 2 matches batted, 38 runs. 5 matches bowled, 18 overs, 9 wickets, 131 runs allowed.
9. Sippel Angacos - bowls left. [Vice-captain] 2 matches batted, 17 runs. 6 matches bowled, 20 overs, 5 wickets, 189 runs allowed.
10. Flark Balgula - bowls right. 1 match batted, 7 runs. 6 matches bowled, 24 overs, 6 wickets, 215 runs allowed.
11. Frencka Obsing - bowls right. 1 match batted, 9 runs. 6 matches bowled, 24 overs, 7 wickets, 226 runs allowed.

Typical bowling order:
1/3/5/7: Obsing
2/4/6/8: Balgula
9/12/15/18: Angacos
10/13/16/19: Kentocks
11/14: Eutaw
17/20: Doudie

Balgula is the fastest bowler on the team and he will usually alternate with Obsing for the first few overs. Beyond him, however, most Rundler bowlers would be considered spin bowlers by international standards; they are used to taking advantage of poor-condition pitches. If neither Bostwa or Dellus are available, Eutaw is most likely to fill in as backup wicketkeeper.

Loran Dellus - wicketkeeper, right. 1 match batted, 47 runs.
Danyal Aulbort - all-around, right. First tournament.
Patskie Tallung - all-around, left. First tournament.
Evliny Sindjen - bats right. First tournament.
Snita Massoin - bowls left. 1 match batted, 17 runs. 1 match bowled, 3 overs, 1 wicket, 25 runs allowed.

Kits: gray, alternate bronze

About Rundel: Rundel is a dreary and dour marshland. Although its democratic institutions are fairly robust, the country's citizens tend to be conservative and suspicious of change. The local religion is responsible for many self-flagellating attitudes (mostly metaphorical). If there is one point of pride in society, it is their bell towers, which although secular institutions fulfill many of the social and cultural functions that said religion tends to fail at. Even small villages will boast of their tower and perform complicated patterns to signal far and wide. Those fans brave enough to venture beyond our borders will not be particularly prone to grand displays of emotion, for better or for worse, but will probably complain about the weather and/or the umpires' implementations of newfangled technology and tiebreakers.

If you RP first:
-choose my players' statistics and scorecards: allowed and encouraged
-slightly alter given batting and bowling orders: yes
-dramatically turn upside-down given batting and bowling orders: not without in-character justification
-roleplay injuries: yes
-do statistically implausible things: yes
-roleplay my characters' dialogue/reactions to things outside the match: no (or ask first)

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Pratapgadh National Cricket Team - GCF World Twenty20 Champi

Postby Pratapgadh » Fri Jun 04, 2021 8:38 pm

Pratapgadh Cricket Federation
Pratapgadh Men's National Cricket Team

Test Stats
ODI Stats
T20I Stats
T20I Record
Current Rank12
Won10 (50.0%)
Lost8 (40.0%)
Tied2 (10.0%)
Record Against Opponent (T20I)
Opp (Rank)PldWLT
Sajnur (14)3210
Damukuni (9)1001
Mattijana (4)1010
Liventia (2)2011
Darmen (3)1010
Busoga Islands (8)1100
Teusland (20)1100
Barunia (16)1100
Tulize (36)1100
The Plough Islands (5)1010
Northwest Kalactin (19)1100
Elejamie (6)1010
Hebitaka (22)3300
Gruenberg (32)1100
Rundel (28)1010
Regular First XI
1. Rajendra Rathore
2. Divaj Dharel
3. Bipin Parte
4. Farhang Gondalwala (C)
5. Sanjay Gadia
6. Javed Kazmi (WK)
7. Rajat Rajawat
8. Bhuvan Shahane
9. Pradip Khatmode
10. Abdaal Rahman
11. Kartik Kakadia
Farhang Gondalwala29Captain
Sanjay Gadia33Vice-Captain
Tarun Kavinde50Head Coach
Juman Mulani37Batting Coach
Kasool Noorani39Bowling Coach
Nikhil Patkar42Fielding Coach
Navneet Bhalotia36Fitness Coach
NameAgeBatting StyleBowling StyleDomestic TeamShirt NumberT20Is PlayedStats
Bholanath Dhanuka29Left-handedN/ASuryapur CC/Sunrisers82Click Here!
Bipin Parte34Right-handedRight-arm Off SpinRanthambore CC/Legends2018Click Here!
Divaj Dharel24Right-handedN/AChandigarh CC/Cobras720Click Here!
Rajendra Rathore28Right-handedN/AJaipur CC/Jaguars4518Click Here!
Darsheel Upadhyay23Left-handedN/AGurugram CC/Giants600Click Here!
Farhang Gondalwala29Left-handedLeft-arm MediumSuryapur CC/Sunrisers8912Click Here!
Jitendra Patil27Right-handedN/AUdaipur CC/Rajas402Click Here!
Nusrat Khan26Left-handedN/ARanthambore CC/Legends340Click Here!
Javed Kazmi32Right-handedN/ARajendragadh CC/Royals7411Click Here!
Tajendar Kuliar26Left-handedN/AChandigarh CC/Cobras880Click Here!
Rajat Rajawat26Right-handedRight-arm Off SpinJaipur CC/Jaguars142Click Here!
Sandha Ghalo32Left-handedLeft-arm Fast MediumAjayamer CC/Sixers4311Click Here!
Sanjay Gadia33Left-handedLeft-arm Medium FastChittorgarh CC/Challengers1918Click Here!
Savir Sanghavir25Right-handedRight-arm Leg SpinAjayamer CC/Sixers715Click Here!
Abdaal Rahman28Right-handedRight-arm FastJaisalmer CC/Eagles3117Click Here!
Anand Chauhan23Right-handedRight-arm Fast MediumBundi CC24Click Here!
Bhuvan Shahane25Left-handedLeft-arm FastMumbai CC/Masters648Click Here!
Kartik Kakadia30Right-handedRight-arm FastRanthambore CC/Legends2317Click Here!
Parghat Singh Kahlon (aka Kali)25Right-handedRight-arm FastAmritsar CC/Warriors31Click Here!
Neel Karamchand25Right-handedRight-arm Off SpinJaisalmer CC/Eagles115Click Here!
Pradip Khatmode35Left-handedLeft-arm Orthodox SpinAmritsar CC/Warriors8613Click Here!
Sukhwinder Chinna24Right-handedRight-arm Leg SpinSuryapur CC/Sunrisers621Click Here!
Matchday 1 vs Hebitaka (22) at UNKNOWN GROUND
Matchday 2 vs BYE
Matchday 3 vs Sylestone (UR) at UNKNOWN GROUND
Matchday 4 vs Starblaydia (UR) at UNKNOWN GROUND
Matchday 5 vs Dryicor (UR) at UNKNOWN GROUND
Matchday 6 vs Arjunnagar (UR) at UNKNOWN GROUND
Matchday 7 vs Elejamie (6) at UNKNOWN GROUND

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y (Telegram me for permission)
RP injuries to my players: Y (Telegram me for permission)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
*It is assumed whoever RPs first has the right to select the method of dismissal, but not whether
there were godmod circumstances behind them (e.g. a ball hitting a bird before being caught fairly).
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Cricket Rankings
  • Test Cricket: 11th (out of 12)
  • ODI: 25th (out of 48)
  • T20I: 12th (out of 39)
Cricket Stats

Updated on 28 February, 2021 (15:51 NZT)
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Postby Hebitaka » Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:53 pm

Hebitaka's team for the GCF World T20 XIV


16 Hebitakish men are getting ready for GCF WT20 XIV. We hope good results and service from the host nation:-

First Team and 12th Man

Ord Name		Age	Pos		Bat	Bowl	T20 Team	FCTeam		note
1 Ravi Fathima 24 Bat right LS Royals Darek Opener
2 Nasako Kim 30 Bat Left LM Royal XI Kiri Opener
3 Debraj Joshi 27 Bat Right OS Maverick Dacina VC
4 David Aron 28 All Right LS Knights Konoha ---------
5 Musfiqur Asif 31 All Left LMF Maverick Kiri Captain
6 Kamado Musako 26 Bat Right RM Challengers Iwa ----------
7 Tanujit Mondal 23 WK Left --- Knights East DT Keeper
8 Shin Tenzuo 26 All Right LMF Devils Konoha ----------
9 Ryo Hibiki 29 Bowl Right RMF Knights Kumo ----------
10 Chiku Bhave 25 All Left LMF Knights East DT ----------
11 Tatsuki Kimano 30 Bowl Right RMF Rifles East DT ----------

12 Ravi Taimur 29 Bat Right LS Devils Konoha 12th

On Bench
Mukoto Rasuki		27	Bowl		Right	LS	Panthers	Farinoko	
Kimito Tinao 27 Bat Left SLA Kings Dacina
Arman Javed 25 Bat Right RM Maverick Kiri
Rahul Rao 24 Bat Right RM Maverick Kiri

Player Kit:-

Bowler           overs
Aron 9, 11, 17
Asif 1, 3, 5, 7
Tenzuo 2, 4, 6, 8
Hibiki 10, 12, 19
Bhave 13, 15, 18
Kimano 14, 16, 20

Head Coach: Vishal Sherma
Feild Coach Gerard Ruso
Bat Coach Kim Naegi
Bowl Coach David Burner

Role Plays:
Create a scorecard: Yes(Unless I create one myself)
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Don't Kill or threaten Career
Godmod other events: Yes
Permanent member of IFTC

Member of SETA
Member of New GRAIL

General Domestic Thread - Soccer Domestic League - Rugby Domestic League

12th U-18 WC Round of 16
13th GCF WT20 Quaterfinalists
1st STWC Finalists and Runners
3rd AICB Semi Finalist and Co-host
Coff's 7s I - Quater Finalist(Trophy)
BoF 74 Round of 32

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Postby Garbelia » Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:25 pm

Garbelery International Cricket Team:

Batting order for the first team:

Opener: Chōko Romeijnders ~ Right-handed batsman ~ Does not bowl ~ 21
ODI Statistics: Played: 5, Average: 67.4, Strike rate: 91.5, Highest score: 112, Not outs: 0
Chōko Romeijnders is a fluent young opener skilled in both attack and defence, who specialises at playing fast bowling on flat tracks, but sometimes seems to lack against spin. Her favourite shot is the leg glance.

Opener: Shou Hiramew ~ Left-handed batsman ~ Slow Left Arm bowler (Part-time) ~ 27
ODI Statistics: Played: 5, Average: 63.2, Strike rate: 128.45, Highest score: 107, Not outs: 0
Shou Hiramew is a brutal top-order batter. His hook is legendary in Garbelia but he prefers hitting straight down the ground. His technique is simple: hit it miles. No innovation, just raw power.

Number 3: (Top order) Vydra Kawauso ~ Right-handed batsman ~ Does not bowl ~ 21
ODI Statistics: Did not play in GCF ODI Trophy II
Vydra Kawauso is a radical, innovative number 3, with all the latest modern techniques. Expect reverse sweeps, paddles, flamingoes, shots through his legs or anything you could imagine. Their favourite shot is the helicopter.

Number 4 (Wicketkeeper): Lutra Ottaa ~ Right-handed batsman ~ Wicketkeeper ~ 25
ODI Statistics: Did not play in GCF ODI Trophy II
Lutra Ottaa is an excellent wicketkeeper and a solid but unremarkable batsotter. She is contesting Hiramew for the title of best player of spin in the side, with sound technique. She scores slower than most T20 batters, but has the ability to hit the ball in any direction, or pick up the pace of the innings. Her favourite shot is the on-drive.

Number 5 (Middle-order batter): Akiutra Altink ~ Right-handed batsman ~ Medium-pace bowler ~ 24
ODI Statistics: Played: 5, Average: 25.75, Strike rate: 75.96, Highest score: 48, Not outs: 1
Akiutra Altink used to be an all-rounder, but after not bowling a single ball in the GCF ODI Trophy II, she reverted to just batting. A showy batsman with a full repertoire, she thrives on quicker deliveries. Her favourite shot is the ramp.

Number 6 (All-rounder): Fett Otto ~ Right handed batsman ~ Leg-Spinner ~ 27
ODI Statistics: Did not play in GCF ODI Trophy II
Fett Otto is an all rounder who tries to focus on batting. He does not bowl any variations aside the googly, but a deadly accurate, flat leg-break, which can usually even turn on a seamer's pitch, is enough. His batting is suited to T20, with strength, but also the ability to ease the ball into gaps. His favourite shot is a push to midwicket.

Number 7 (All-rounder): Greet Dreessotter ~ Left-handed batsman ~ Fast bowler ~ 26
ODI Statistics: Played: 5, Average: 13, Strike rate: 67.71, Highest score: 40, Not outs: 0, Wickets: 2, Overs: 33, Runs conceded: 100, Best: 1-19 (7.0)
Greet Dreessotter is a restrictive fast bowler, with a good variety of batting styles to compliment it. He always seems to perform best under pressure, when the rest of the team is struggling, and has an astoundingly low economy whenever he bowls. His favourite shot is the cover-drive, and his favourite delivery is the out-swinger bowled across the batsman.

Number 8 (Bowler): Koen Shinotta ~ Right-handed batsman ~ Off-spinner ~ 21
ODI Statistics: Played: 4, Average: 20, Strike rate: 82.35, Highest score: 31, Not outs: 2, Wickets: 3, Runs conceded: 122, Overs: 28, Best: 1-39 (10.0)
Koen Shinotta is a young, exciting off-spinner, who has mastered variations including: the off-spinner, the flipper, the top-spinner, the carrom ball, the arm ball and the doosra. Although he can sometimes concede a lot of runs, he makes up for it in crucial wickets.
His favourite is the doosra, and his favourite shot is the square drive.

Number 9 (Bowler): Loutre Kawa ~ Right-handed batsman ~ Medium-fast seamer ~ 23
ODI Statistics: Did not play in GCF ODI Trophy II
Loutre Kawa is a seamer who can swing the ball both ways, and bowl cutters. His favourite delivery is the outswinger, and his average speed is 84mph in the Garbelery T20 Cricket Cup.

Number 10 (Bowler): Catto Mog ~ Left-handed batsman ~ Medium-fast seamer ~ 18 ~ CAPTAIN
ODI Statistics: Played: 5, Batting Average: 10, Wickets: 12, Runs: 217, Overs: 50, Best: 5-12 (10.00)
Catto Mog is a very young seamer who took the Garbelery League by surprise in his debut year, taking 19 wickets in 5 matches, then 12 from 5 in his international debut tournament. He has mastered the subtle variation in pace and likes to bring the ball across the batsman. His favourite delivery is the off-cutter, and his average speed is 85mph, but varies significantly. He is thought to be Garbelia's most promising player.

Number 11 (Bowler): Lutra Scritkyposs ~ Right handed batsman ~ Fast Bowler ~~ 23
ODI Statistics: Played: 5, Batting Average: 7, Wickets: 4, Runs conceded: 186, Overs: 47, Best: 2-57 (10.00)
Lutra Scritkyposs, nicknamed 'The Demon Lord of Garvernord' is a scintillating fast bowler. She can sometimes be a bit inaccurate, but makes up for it in pace and effectiveness, being the only bowler in Garbelia to have bowled a delivery above 100mph. Her average speed is 96mph, and her favourite delivery is the bouncer, having concussed a total of 9 batsmen in her career.

Bowling order (Usual overs bowled):
  1. Catto Mog (10)
  2. Loutre Kawa (8)
  3. Lutra Scritkyposs (10)
  4. Koen Shinotta (7)
  5. Greet Dreessotter (8)
  6. Fett Otto (6)
  7. Shou Hiramew (1)

In the event of a Super Over:
Bowler: Greet Dreessotter
Batsmen: Shou Hiramew, Chōko Romeijnders, Vydra Kawauso


Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y but limited and realistic
Godmod injuries to my players: Y but limited and realistic
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y more exotic the better!
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y But if I'm online before you start writing your RP, TG me as I may be working on something already.

Kazuo Koolen ~ 29 ~ RHB ~ Plays at 1 and 2
Cornelis Peters ~ 25 ~ LHB ~ Plays at 1,2,3 and 4.
Kazuo Nagel ~ 30 ~ RHB ~ Plays at 3,4 and 5
Lysanne Hoek ~ 36 ~ LHB ~ Medium bowler ~ Plays at 6,7 and 8
Roy De Ven ~ 17 ~ LHB ~ Leg spinner ~ Plays at 6, 7 and 8.

The fans:
Fans of Garbelia, of course nicknamed 'The Otters', are a quiet crowd, and prefer test cricket to the shorter forms. They love a good chant, however, and are always there for their team. In catching chances for the other team, they chomp their jaws as though eating, very loudly, to put the opposing team off.

The team will hope that a pace battery is good enough for the batting pitches of group 3, and will have to hope that all the debutant middle order players don't fail them.
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Postby Liventia » Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:16 pm

Ground information is now available in the second post of this thread.

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Postby West Phoenicia » Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:32 pm

West Phoenician Lightning Bolts


Governing Body:

West Phoenicia Cricket Federation


• GCF World Twenty20 Championships XI

Park Central Oval in Orean


Head Coach: Janet Mount-Alexander
Senior Assistant Coach: Harry Franklin
Batting Coach: Duncan O'Toole
Bowling Coach: Rajmesh Singh
Fielding Coach: Kian Ngyuen
Performance coach: Oliver Newman
Physiotherapist: Dixie Craven
Team Dietican: Sally Fforde

Captain: Jack Tennessee

Name Age Bats City State Birthplace
Jack Tennessee 34 Right Handed Jackson
Grey Gryphon 30 Right Handed Antebellum Territory
James Emanon 31 Left Handed Agape
Aaron Shields 28 Left Handed Upper West Phoenicia
Samuel Persana 24 Right Handed Jackson

All Rounders: 

Name Age Bats Bowling Style City State Birth place
Hasaga Kain 26 Right Handed Right Arm, Fast Bowling Neo Indus

Wicket Keepers:

Name Age Bats City State Birth place
Ricky Parvarti 28 Right Handed Scarlett Orient Isles


Name Age Bats Bowling Style City State Birth Place
Alan Narre 32 Right Handed Right Arm Pace Jackson
Priapus Fellachino 25 Left Handed Left Arm Spin New Rome
Anh Viet 27 Right Handed Right Arm Spin Scarlett Orient Isles
Brutus Brinkley 19 Left Handed left-armed unorthodox spinner Oceania District

Batting Order

* G. Gryphon
* J. Emanon
* J.Tennessee
* H. Kain
* A. Shields
* S. Persana
* R. Parvati
* A. Narre
* P. Fellachino
* A. Viet
* B. Brinkley



MD1 Darmen
MD3 Garbelia
MD4 New Jacobland
MD5 Gruenberg
MD6 Uncertainty
MD7 The Grearish Union

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: n
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y

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Postby Sylestone » Sat Jun 05, 2021 10:04 pm


Sylestone are sending a nineteen-player squad to Liventia for the 14th GCF World T20 Championship. It goes as follows:

Nickname: The Hawthorns

Staff and Management

Coach: Jack Fiedler (M) - Age 40
Batting Coach: Sandra Morton (F) - Age 37
Bowling Coach: George Byron (M) - Age 55
Fielding Coach: Daniel Michael (M) - Age 46


Luke Tiati (WK, VC)
10 matches. 305 runs @ 30.5, strike rate 125.51, HS 57. 2 50s, 0 100s.
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Fluent
About: Luke Tiati is currently in the middle of a brilliant run of form, finishing as one of the highest scorers in last year’s One-Day World Trophy and thus earning himself a place in the Team of the Tournament. While T20 is not his strong suit, he will still certainly be looking for big runs and carry the team through to the knockout stages. Tiati is a fluent batsman; lovely to watch. Instead of going for sixes, he looks to bisect the field with graceful strokeplay. He loves to drive and will do so whenever he can. He will be one of Sylestone’s stars in the years to come - he still has many before him.

Simon Monteane
10 matches. 245 runs @ 30.63, strike rate 136.11, HS 65. 3 50s, 0 100s.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Fluent
About: Simon Monteane’s selection alongside Luke Tiati as Sylestone’s first-choice opener in the 14th edition of the GCF World Twenty20 Championship has and will cause some contention, with Lachlan Edwards and Yash Ubuni each waiting in the sheds. However, Monteane’s performances have proven that he is certainly an able opener and with an average of roughly 30 in international T20s across all positions. At 29 years of age, though, this may be his tournament to shine.

Lachlan Edwards
3 matches. 23 runs @ 11.5, strike rate 135.29, HS 12*. 0 50s, 0 100s. 1 wicket @ 14, economy 6.00, strike rate 14.00, BB 1-14. 0 4-fors.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Fluent
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Leg Spin
About: Lachlan Edwards shot out of the blocks as a sixteen-year-old, scoring roughly 800 runs in only 11 matches in the inaugural GCF ODI World Trophy. However, since that, he has struggled as bowlers have uncovered his weaknesses - leg-spin bowling and full-tosses, as well as refusing to bowl short to him. Over his career, Edwards has only played three T20 internationals; the one against Ethane when he was knocked out, eliminating him from the tournament and most of the way through the following Esportivan East-West Cup and two in the Sylestonean middle-order in the second East-West Cup. He will be Sylestone’s backup opener in this tournament but could also play a vital role in the middle order if asked.
As for bowling, Edwards is unlike a typical leg-spinner. He is quite accurate and doesn’t spin it much, and generally bowls quite flat, too. As

Yash Ubuni (WK)
1 match. 8 runs @ 8, strike rate 100.00, HS 8. 0 50s, 0 100s.
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Aggressive
About: In as Sylestone’s fourth opener in their squad for the 14th GCF World Twenty20 Championship, Yash Ubuni is a big, big fella. He is built like a wrestler, with huge guns making up for a lack of footwork and technical skill with pure power. However, he is aging and isn’t quite timing the ball as well as he used to be able to which is why he is only just skirting on the edge of the national team. With only a couple of years left until he retires, Ubuni needs a good domestic season, and soon, if he is to play many more internationals.

Middle Order

Lachlan Cocrine
10 matches. 457 runs @ 56, strike rate 171.43, HS 104*. 3 50s, 1 100s.
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Aggressive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Style: Off Spin
About: Unarguably Sylestone’s best T20 batsman, Lachlan Cocrine is the only Sylestonean to ever score a century in a T20 International in the 13th GCF World T20 Championship, against Krytenia (as you would have guessed). He maintains a brilliant strike rate of above 170 with an average of above 50, with four scores above 50 in only ten internationals. At only 24 years of age, Cocrine has a fruitful career to come as he tries to propel his team towards a possible finals berth. Will anyone be able to stop him?

Daniel Fomleya (C)
10 matches. 197 runs @ 21.89, strike rate 123.90, HS 66. 2 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, economy 8.33, strike rate N/A, BB 0-7. 0 4-fors
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Fluent
Bowling Arm: Left
Bowling Type: Off Spin
About: After being at the job for three years now, Daniel Fomleya is beginning to age, which is showing in his performances. This will likely be his final World T20 Championship and while he is ambitious of leading Sylestone to an ODI World Trophy in the competition’s third edition, it is unlikely he will make it past the Test season next year. However, despite being lowly-ranked, his leadership could well and truly take the nation to new heights in the cricketing world. Can he finish off his last T20 World Cup on a strong note?

Liam Afosha
10 matches. 173 runs @ 43.25, strike rate 146.61, HS 41*, 0 50s, 0 100s. 2 wickets @ 125.5, economy 8.46, strike rate 89.00, BB 1-18. 0 4-fors.
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Calm, reasonably aggressive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Off Spin
About: Alongside Luke Tiati, Liam Afosha was one of Sylestone’s most consistent and important batsmen in the second GCF ODI World Trophy held in Gruenberg last year. Unfortunately, he could not quite seal a spot in the team of the tournament, but he played a huge role in many games, notably in the two-wicket victory over Baggieland, where Afosha’s 120 not out ensured a Sylestonean victory by a single wicket. After a brilliant domestic season, he is absolutely in his prime to make a huge impact in this tournament, especially with the bat as the Hawthorns’ designated finisher.
His bowling, however, is a thing of worry. Over recent years, he has conceded a fair few runs with his off-breaks. At a domestic level and on home pitches, his average is absolutely superb, but he cannot adjust away from home. As Sylestone’s fifth bowling option, he will certainly be the one opponents target.

Chloe Anderson
On debut.
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Reasonably aggressive
Bowling Arm: Left
Bowling Type: Leg Spin
About: Chloe Anderson rewrote history books when, in the second GCF ODI World Trophy, she became the first-ever woman to play cricket for Sylestone. Furthermore, she backed her case with a flawless 65 en route to 9-351 against Darmen, combining with Liam Afosha for a wonderful 169-run partnership. Now, she will be looking to further improve her game, taking the number six position in Sylestone’s starting eleven.
As for her bowling, Anderson is a part-time left-arm leggie, creating an odd angle, especially for right-hand batsmen. She gets a fair amount of turn, too, but is known for bowling the odd bad delivery. Certainly a handy player, though.

Peter Lenton
6 matches. 53 runs @ 26.5, strike rate 108.16, HS 15. 0 50s, 0 100s.
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Reasonably aggressive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Medium
About: Unfortunately, Peter Lenton’s heyday occurred a couple of years before the Sylestonean national cricket team was created. He is still a useful player, but wasted at number seven in the Sylestone lineup. However, in a side where batting is the strong point, it’s just the way it is. However, throughout the tournament, he may be replaced by a bowler, while Norbert Pistecial or Sean Polen move up to fill in the void. It just depends on how they go.

Oliver Edwards
2 matches. 13 runs @ N/A, strike rate 260.00, HS 13*. 0 50s, 0 100s.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Aggressive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Medium
About: Cousin to Lachlan Edwards, Oliver Edwards is basically just Yash Ubuni but younger, at least when it comes to batting. He lacks the technical skill, but has powerful hands which drive through the ball. When he is in touch, it is impossible to stop him but thus far, we’ve never really seen him at his heights. If he can bring that out this World T20 Championship, though, then it will be a sight to behold.

Jack Martin
2 matches. 26 runs @ 13, strike rate 162.50, HS 20. 0 50s, 0 100s. 0 wickets @ N/A, economy 13.00, strike rate N/A. BB 0-10, 0 4-fors
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Unorthodox, aggressive
Bowling Arm: Left
Bowling Type: Off Spin
About: At only 20 years of age, Jack Martin has a bright future in Sylestonean cricket. In this side, though, he will be the second all-rounder to Liam Afosha. Martin’s greatest wish is to play in a team with his idol, which could well happen if the Sylestonean batsmen fail to fire. If this is the case, Martin will likely slot in the number six or seven position.
Aside from the bowlers, Martin’s batting is far and away the most unorthodox of everyone in this squad. He isn’t afraid to get down and reverse sweep, charge fast bowlers and can even ramp any delivery he likes over the keeper’s head. At least, that’s what it feels like. Martin is also a handy bowler who can send down a few overs a match, with accurate offies that are very good at keeping the run-rate down, although his statistics don’t show it. Yet.

Mitchell Stein
On debut.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Fluent
Bowling Arm: Left
Bowling Type: Leg Spin
About: It was a three-way contest for the final middle-order spot between Mitch Stein, Zac Charlton and Patrick Shotenham. It was a difficult call, but with Mitch Stein just coming into a strong bout of form, the Sylestonean selectors elected him to fill in the final role ahead of the more experienced Charlton. Stein is a fluent batsman who had come off a successful domestic season and captained Sylestone A in Grearia during the East-West Cup last year. Now, on the international stage, will he be able to maintain his form?


Norbert Pistecial
9 matches. 25 runs @ 8.33, strike rate 119.05, HS 12*. 0 50s, 0 100s. 7 wickets @ 43.86, economy 8.53, strike rate 30.86. BB 2-28, 0 4-fors.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Aggressive
Bowling Arm: Left
Bowling Type: Swing
About: Norbert Pistecial is yet another young player with a supremely bright future. He is already effectively a shoo-in across all formats and is basically an all-rounder. He would certainly not mind one bit if he was to bat at seven or even higher; he has the ability to do so. Pistecial’s overs are generally used up at the beginning of the game where he can find the most swing - he has tried and failed to bowl at the death. As a result, his statistics are not a fair reflection of Pistecial as a player.

Sean Polen
3 matches. 14 runs @ N/A, strike rate 175.00, HS 14*. 0 50s, 0 100s. 2 wickets @ 48, economy 8.47, strike rate 34.00. BB 2-37, 0 4-fors.
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Aggressive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Seam, fast-medium
About: Sean Polen has announced that this will be his final tournament, being 34 years of age. However, he and the team will be determined to end Polen’s career on a strong note through making it to the knockout stages, if not even further. Polen is a handy player, but bowls a tad too short at times, which can see him get pumped. His batting is extremely handy, with a current average of 38.4 in one-day internationals across nine innings. In the Starting XI, he will be placed at number nine, which simply showcases the Hawthorns’ strength when it comes to batting.

Broughton Hall
9 matches. 3 runs @ 3, strike rate 150.00, HS 3. 0 50s, 0 100s. 20 wickets @ 12.45, economy 6.92, strike rate 10.80. BB 5-24, 1 4-for.
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Tentative, fluent at times
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Hybrid Spin
About: Far and away Sylestone’s best bowler, Broughton Hall has made an utterly brilliant start to his international career, across all formats. He has shown signs of capability with the bat, particularly in one ODI against Gruenberg in last year’s World Trophy where he scored 28 to take his side to a semi-respectable total. However, his bowling is absolutely crucial to Sylestone’s success. Always has been. Across his nine T20 internationals, Hall has bagged 20 wickets at only 12.45 with an economy of only 6.92. However, opposition batsmen are beginning to work him out and it is his job to come up with new variations to keep them guessing. This tournament will undoubtedly put Hall’s bowling to the test, so how will he bounce back?

Joshua Vilesti
9 matches. 0 runs @ N/A, strike rate N/A, HS 0*. 8 wickets @ 33.13, economy 7.50, strike rate 26.50. BB 2-27, 0 4-fors.
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Aggressive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Fast
About: The final player in Sylestone’s original starting XI, Josh Vilesti is known for tearing through lineups, particularly in the domestic setup. His batting is quite abysmal, though he can still certainly hold a bat. However, he is aging and as a result, his bowling is nowhere near as lethal as it was a few years ago. Although he still maintains accuracy, his pace has dropped from above 145 km/h to around 140 km/h. This may well be his last World T20 Championship as the next is likely to come around when he is 34, although this has not yet been confirmed. Will he be able to finish on a high note?

Zangj Jonjaakh
7 matches. 38 runs @ 38, strike rate 237.50, HS 20*. 0 50s, 0 100s.
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Right
Batting Style: Extremely aggressive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Fast
About: Over recent years, Zangj Jonjaakh’s lack of accuracy has really let him down. When Sylestone’s national team was established, he was in the starting XI but has now well and truly dropped out of it in favour of Sean Polen. Like Polen and Vilesti, this will likely be his last World T20 Championship but alas, may not even get a game. His pace is still there, but no longer is his accuracy and it is really starting to bite.
As for batting, Jonjaakh is Sylestone’s most aggressive. If he cannot hit a ball for six, he aims for four. If he cannot hit a four, he aims to hit the ball as hard as he can. That is the way he bats and if he gets going, is impossible to stop. Is likely to bat around eight or nine, but could move up during the death overs to propel the Sylestonean total.

Georgia Haines
On debut.
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Tentative, defensive
Bowling Arm: Right
Bowling Type: Leg Spin
About: Georgia Haines is one of only two females in the nineteen-player squad Sylestone are sending to Liventia for the 14th edition of the World T20 Championship. She came into the squad as a player who had excelled on the domestic stage, but hadn’t been able to transform that form in her two ODIs to date. It is unlikely that she will be able to get a game in this tournament, especially with Broughton Hall keeping her out of the side, but you can never know.

Talvin Mankira
On debut.
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Batting Hand: Left
Batting Style: Tentative, reasonably aggressive
Bowling Arm: Left
Bowling Type: Fast
About: One of only two left arm quicks in the squad, Talvin Mankira is the final member of the squad. There was a fair amount of deliberation over whether to bring Mankira or swing bowler Nathan Norwell into the side, but in the end Mankira was selected as he is much more efficient in T20s. Is expected to take over Josh Vilesti’s mantle for a few years after his retirement, so may get a game here or there depending on circumstances. Standing at 199cm, he gets abnormal bounce and will always keep the batsmen guessing

Predicted Starting XI vs Elejamie
Luke Tiati (+)
Simon Monteane
Lachlan Cocrine
Daniel Fomleya (c)
Liam Afosha
Chloe Anderson
Peter Lenton
Norbert Pistecial
Sean Polen
Broughton Hall
Joshua Vilesti


RP Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Aye, of course you can.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, only minor ones and I can decide the length.
Godmod injuries to my players: Let me know first.
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Don’t see a problem.
Create a full scorecard for my team: Use my players in the selected lineup in my previous RP, please. If I forget, then no worries. I would personally love it if you made a scorecard, though.

Please note, though, that the team does not under any circumstances participate in cheating and plays under the spirit of cricket at all times. This means they do not participate in mankading and the like.
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Postby New Jacobland » Sun Jun 06, 2021 2:35 am

New Jacobland Cricket

GCF Twenty20 World Cup Squad:
(Batting order is as shown)

Dylan Cook:


Bowl: N/A
Bat: Left-hand

Dylan Cook is one of the senior players in this lineup, at age 31. He has all the shots, and plays them elegantly. Not one for mindless slogging, he is a great player to have in the early stages of the innings.

Don Taylor


Bowl: N/A
Bat: Right-hand

Taylor is another player of finesse. He specialises in beautiful shots from exquisite cover drives to fine flicks off his pads. He also doesn't like slogging.

Ben Clark (c)


Bowl: Right-arm Medium Seam
Bat: Right-hand

New Jacobland's skipper, he is a steady batsman. He can defend and stay in, but if the situation arises he can explode.

Henry Cooper (wk)


Bowl: N/A
Bat: Right-hand

A fine wicketkeeper-batsman, he is not a stroke player nor a slogger, but a mix. He is extremely good at facing spin, but quick bowling is his weakness.

Ricky Martin


Bowl: Slow left-arm leg-spin
Bat: Right-hand

This man can hit a long ball. A great player to have in the endgame, or when you need some quick runs. The death bowler's nightmare.

Dwayne Cahier

Batting All-rounder

Bowl: Left-arm Medium-Fast Swing
Bat: Left-hand

Another huge hitter, Cahier is also a more than handy bowler. He is an extremely versatile cricketer, and slots in nicely down the order at six.

John Parker

Bowling All-rounder

Bowl: Right-arm Fast Medium Seam
Bat: Right-hand

A senior player, Parker has proven consistent over a long time. He shows no signs of slowing down at age 35 and is a decent lower-order batter.

Michael Jensen

Fast Bowler

Bowl: Right-arm Fast Swing
Bat: Right-hand

One of New Jacobland's best current speedsters, he regularly reaches 140kph. His inswinging yorker has castled many a batsman...

Ferraro Refari

Leg-spin Bowler

Bowl: Left-arm Leg-spin
Bat: Left-hand

Refari is a prodigious turner, and he gives the ball a good rev. His variations of pace are what make him international quality.

Will Johnson

Fast Bowler

Bowl: Right-arm Fast Medium Seam
Bat: Right-hand

He isn't a flashy bowler, but he is consistent. One of the most economical bowlers in New Jacobland, he is known for his consistent bowling.

Brett Cook

Fast Bowler

Bowl: Right-arm Fast Swing
Bat: Right-hand

Cook is the most renowned pace bowler in NJ, and it is easy to see why. He pushes 150kph at best, and his variations make him deadly.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: N
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
*Godmod how my players were dismissed: N
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y

Walter McCormack
Kevin Mackie
Evan O'Brien
Jonathan West

Kit Colors: Blue and Red

Coaching Staff:

Danny Josephs (age 48) - Head Coach
Edith Jesser (age 32) - Specialist Spin-bowling Coach
David Jones (age 54) - Specialist Fast-bowling Coach
Mark Vernerd (age 46) - Specialist Batting Coach
Monty Jhodes (age 51) - Fielding Coach
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Postby The Grearish Union » Sun Jun 06, 2021 8:09 am

Black Dolphins squad for the 14th T20 World Championship

Cricket Grearia announced the Grearish cricket squad for the Twenty20 World Championship XIV due to be held in Liventia here in Forsho here on Saturday. Taylor Kincheloe has been finalised as the the skipper of the Black Dolphins, with Gita Teter adjudged her deputy, in what is to be their one big outing after the fantastic retention of the East-West Cup on home soil. The team will reportedly leave the country in a weeks' time after a specially arranged national camp for the team that will take place in Atheburn.

It has been announced that touring Grearish fans will be given a 25% waiver off of their travel fares as a concession for attending the World Championship in Liventia. It saddens CG that the touring fans will not be able to enjoy their classic Omersk beer due to the public drinking ban in Liventia, but it is being made clear that the cricket team shall more than compensate for this setback with their performance. On behalf of the CG, we advise all Grearish fans to adhere to local laws in Liventia, and we hope we will see you at the cricket!

Coaching Staff
[LEN] Image Garland Goudreau (Head Coach)
[LEN] Image Léroy Bérard (Assistant Coach and Spin Consultant)
[DKI] Image Christy Pattinson (Pace Bowling Coach)
[DKI] Image Matthew Simkar (Batting Coach)
[DKI] Image Carolyn Wetzel (Fielding Coach)

NOTE: All players are listed in descending form coefficient (calculated by the statisticians at CG based on their current domestic performances) for each of the batters', bowlers', wicketkeepers' and allrounders' departments. The higher they are on these lists, the greater is the chance of success in their respective duties.

23-Player Squad
[Bat] Eldridge Surprenant (23) - L Orthodox/L (Elesborough Everblades)
[Bat] Shirely Hershey (31) - R Fast/R (Adenham Bears)
[Bat] Temeka Pippin (33) - R Medium/R (Valgow Bulls)
[Bat] Numbers Benedetto (27) - L Medium/L (Valgow Bulls)
[Bat] Taylor Kincheloe (23) - R Medium/L (Manta Islanders) Captain
[Bat] Mirian Dodds (34) - L Fast/R (Adenham Bears)
[Bat] Osvaldo Cullison (23) - R Medium/R (Grearish Railways)
[Bat] Marni Passman (19) - L Fast/L (Grearish Railways)
[Bat] Tilda Ernst (35) - R Legbreak/L (Manta Islanders)
[Bat] Gayle Merrill (19) - L Medium/R (Grearish Services)

[All-Rounder] Chauncey Conry (29) - L Orthodox/R (Forsho Rangers)
[All-Rounder] Leon Nethercott (19) - R Medium/L (Grearish Services)
[All-Rounder] Dewayne Goolsby (32) - R Fast/L (Adenham Bears)
[All-Rounder] Gita Teter (32) - R Legbreak/L (Grearish Services) Vice-Captain

[Wicketkeeper] Brendon Corrie (23) - L Wrist/L (Manta Islanders)
[Wicketkeeper] Brady Byerley (25) - L Wrist/R (Atheburn Lions)

[Bowl] Son Copes (36) - R Medium/L (Forsho Rangers)
[Bowl] Guillermo Luque (33) - R Slow/R (Glomridge Magpies)
[Bowl] Angeline Ponder (26) - L Wrist/L (Chicaster Clarets)
[Bowl] Mee Merideth (39) - L Fast/L (Elesborough Everblades)
[Bowl] Samuel Zylstra (37) - L Medium/R (Glomridge Magpies)
[Bowl] Ellie Dunlap (22) - L Wrist/R (Manta Islanders)

Test (Unlimited Overs) - One Day International - Twenty20 International

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N (but feel free to TG/Discord PM me, I might change my mind)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y
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Postby Elejamie » Sun Jun 06, 2021 8:56 am


Elejamian national cricket team
Selección de críquet de Elejamia
Elejam cerikit tim

aka The Greenblacks
Coach: Vijay Dhillon
Style mod: 0

Cricket is a fairly new sport to Elejamie, with the first match on Elejamian soil being played in 1960. However, it wasn't until 1967 that an official national side was formed and 1974 when the first domestic match was played, between Aventry and Surter, with Aventry winning by seven wickets. In 1987, a small limited-overs cricket tournament - the Cross-Tractal Cup - was played, with Wyken winning all of their group games against East Reise, Nuevo Paraíso and Mittedorf before beating Aventry in the semi-final and Autumnia in the final (Autumnia would later go on to win the 1989 edition). Three more editions were played before the tournament was cancelled in 1991 for unknown reasons, with West Reise (who had won the trophy in 1988 and 1990) being allowed to keep it.

However, despite its short run, it still managed to draw a considerable amount of fans and, after plenty of delays, the Elejamian Cricket League - a Twenty20 tournament - was formed in 2005. Beginning on the third Saturday in April, the tournament sees eighteen teams split into two groups of nine depending on whether they're on the Eastern or Western half. After playing each other once, the top four in each group then advance to another two groups (again, depending on whether or not they're on the Eastern or Western sides) where they'll play each other twice, home and away. The winners of each group would then face each other in the Grand Final, whereas both runners-up will compete for the Bronze Cup; both matches are played best of five with a Super Over used to break any ties. Aventry (who plays in the Eastern Group) won the inaugural tournament, losing their first two games but going on to win their series against neighbours Burnett (who play in the Western Group) 3-2; Keene District won the Bronze Cup thanks to a 3-1 series win over Rosetta. Currently, the newly formed Nuevo Paraíso y Valledorado are the ECL champions, having swept Wyken 3-0, whereas Richston beat Rosetta and Elephant Isles 3-1 to take home the Bronze Cup. A women's edition of the tournament began in 2012, with Mittedorf winning the Grand Final, where they swept Birch State, whereas Autumnia beat Swannings 3-2 to win the Bronze Cup; the current EWCL champions are Swannings who managed to win their second title in a row after a 3-2 win over Eastern Elejamie, whereas Aventry are current Bronze Cup holders following a 3-1 series win against Keene District.

Elejamie didn't have a great start to the last tournament. They began with a 13-run loss to Rundel before they bounced back with a win against Northwest Kalactin by four wickets. This was even followed with a decent 24-run win over Pratapgadh to lead the group going into their break but, unfortunately, this was then followed by a disappointing loss by 23 runs to Hebitaka. they went on to beat Gruenberg by two wickets, thanks to Lucas Mahler scoring a four with not that many balls left to go. They went into their last match against Liventia desperately needing a win to make it through to the next round. While they got their wish, winning by two wickets, Hebitaka were also able to win by four wickets and thus made it into the quarter-finals instead, meaning that the Greenblacks had to catch the next flight home.

No.	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand
1 Steve Loughlin (vc) SP SRTR Left
2 Dawoud Halabi D WYKN Right
3 Robert Hamilton RCM ESRE Right
4 Mike Bentley MJ BNTT Left
5 Kelly Entwistle KS ATMN Right
6 Ricardo Montoya RE BIST Left
7 Salman Halabi S KEDS Right
8 Danny Slezinger (c) DJ AVEN Left
9 Lucas Mahler L MTDF Left
10 Arían Rodriguez AG MDLN Right
11 Pablo Novak P NUPA Right

(c) - Captain
(vc) - Vice captain

No	Name			Initials	Tract	Hand	Position
12 Nick Hutcherson NT WERS Left 1-2
13 Dan McCafferty DR ESEL Left 1-3
14 Dave Garner DG SHNR Right 2-5
15 Pael Cetorin P SWNG Right 5-7
16 Frank Kaderabek FSK WRWK Left 8-11
17 Julián Blanco JA RCST Left 9-10
18 Fuad al-Jurjani F ROIY Right 10-11

  1. Robert Hamilton (left-armed fast)
  2. Danny Slezinger (left-armed unorthodox spinner)
  3. Lucas Mahler (left-armed orthodox-spinner)
  4. Arían Rodriguez (right-armed leg-spinner)
  5. Pablo Novak (right-armed fast)

Should they play:

  • Nick Hutcherson (left-armed medium) 1-2
  • Dave Garner (right-armed medium-fast) - 2-3
  • Frank Kaderabek (left-armed unorthodox spinner) - 3-4
  • Julián Blanco (left-armed swinger) - 5

  1. Mike Bentley (main)
  2. Pael Cetorin (first reserve)
  3. Fuad al-Jurjani (second reserve)


Along with some green helmets with a black chin strap and white ear pads. In the event of them playing another team that primarily wears any shade of green, Elejamie will wear an all black kit but with the same helmet. Yes, they will do this even if they are the home side.

Don't kill any of my players. If you do want to injure any of them, then you can only injure one of them per game and they can miss up to two games (meaning you can't do anything career-ending). Other than that, go nuts.

Hopefully this is alright. Any problems with this, please let me know so I can go back and take out, change or put in anything that needs to be done.

Also, full names for most of my players are listed here. Except for those without middle names, the other players' full names are: David George Garner and Franklin Stephen Karel Kaderabek.
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Postby Bollonich » Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:47 am

The Bollonischian National Cricket Team

Bollonischian Cricket Board

Cricket is a sport that is highly popular in Bollonich and in fact has a large base of fans who follow cricket regularly, and the presence of a T20 league in Bollonich has greatly aided the interest of the people towards the sport. The 14th edition of the GCF T20 Championship will be chance for the Bollonischian T20 Cricket team to show their prowess and skill which has already been successfully displayed in the BT20 Bash. For the upcoming T20 Championship the BCB has chosen a squad of 23 players from Bollonich’s top league to represent us.

Name Age Position Proficiency Team
Truman Simons 28 Opener Right-Handed Vretonia Tigers
Quentin Christopher 37 Middle Order Right-Handed Akushan Halo
Magnolia Samuel 24 Top Order Left-Handed NCHS CC

Name Age Position Proficiency Team
Gerald Merritt 27 Opener Left-Handed Fermonto
Earnestine John 32 Opener Right-Handed San Pablo CC
Roderick Hale 24 Top Order Right-Handed Vreton Knights
Pat Jepson 36 Top Order Right-Handed San Pablo CC
Gale “Chip” Haggard 20 Top Order Left-Handed Rocker Lagos
Nellie Strange 25 Middle Order Left-Handed NCHS CC
William Abaraham 34 Middle Order Right-Handed Vretonian Tigers

Name Age Type Position Proficiency Bowling Type Team
Kathy Foster 31 Batting Middle Order Left-Handed Left arm, Wrist Spin Maihar Warriors
Lois Derrick 29 Bowling Tail Right-Handed Right arm, Medium Fast NCHS CC
Ingram Lorrey 27 Both Middle Order Right-Handed Right arm, Off Spin Vreton Knights
Doug Christopher 38 Batting Top Order Left-Handed Left arm, Off Spin San Pablo CC
Traci Rowe 21 Bowling Tail Left-Handed Left arm, Fast Fermonto
Bentley Burns 25 Bowling Middle Order Right-Handed Right arm, Medium Akushan Halo

Name Age Type Proficiency Team
Jamie Brinley 29 Left arm, Off Spin Right-Handed Rocker Lagos
Sharron Irvine 31 Right arm, Wrist Spin Right-Handed NCHS CC
Letty Horne 24 Right arm, Fast Right-Handed San Pablo CC
Nolan Waterson 36 Right arm, Medium Fast Right-Handed Vretonian Tigers
Leonard Harrlson 33 Left arm, Medium Fast Left-Handed Vretonian Tigers
Jarrett Hallie 19 Left arm, Chinaman Left-Handed Vreton Knights
Valentine Ronald 24 Right arm, Mystery Spin Right-Handed NCHS CC

Line up
#7 Truman Simmons (Opener)
Truman is the best wicketkeeper of Bollonich who also happens to be one of the best batsmen of the team. He plays for the Vretonian Tigers in the Bollonich T20 Bash. He is a highly skilled batsman who prefers to use his right hand with a dynamic skill set and vast variety of shots.

#75 Gerald Merritt (Opener)

Gerald forms a great opening partnership with Truman as a right hand left hand dynamic. Gerald opposite to Truman’s style of play likes to play slowly at first speeding up after settling down. The Fermonto opener is highly technical player having low dependence on brute force.

#40 Gale “Chip” Haggard (3rd)
Gale Haggard affectionately known as Chip is a left handed player from Rocker Lagos who provides stability to the top order and has come useful is various games where early wickets fell for us. He is an integral and young part of the team.

#21 Roderick Hale (4th)
The 24 year old Vreton Knights top order Batsman is what we call the most unorthodox batsman ever. He is unafraid to try out crazy and new shots and even created his own style of play. His aggressive mindset is often what drives the team to score loads of runs, however he also known to throw away his wicket.

#61 William Abraham (5th) (VC)
William is an experienced middle order batsman providing much needed stability to the line up following the presence of dynamic players like Roderick Hale and Truman Simmons. William is also the 2nd most experienced player on the team often serving as the captain however in this tournament he shall take the role of vice captain.

#72 Kathy Foster (6th)
The 31 years old Maihar Warriors all rounder provide depth to the line up. She is a great all rounder with major focus on her batting, however she is also a great asset from the bowling perspective as she is one of the few people who can bowl left handed leg spin.

#34 Ingram Lorrey (7th)
Ingram how comes at 5th down is the true all rounder among all the players as he is equally skilled at both batting and bowling being able to bowl good variation along with his traditional off spin. He is also an equally capable batsman as she can come out and immediately start scoring runs which is important for a player coming in after the fall of 5 wickets.

#46 Traci Rowe (8th)
The Bollonischian batting doesn’t go very deep with signs of weakness appearing from 6th down itself as Traci is a fast bowler who can bat too. However she isn’t very proficient at batting. She on the other hand is one of the best bowlers’ on the team as her speeds can reach unto 140-150 km/h and with the ability to swing the ball both ways.

#22 Nolan Waterson (9th) (C)
Nolan Waterson is the 36 year old medium fast pacer of Bollonich who is also the leader and captain the team. He has been at the top of T20 cricket in Bollonich for a long time and with Bollonich participating in the T20 World Cup he was a natural choice for captaincy and to lead the squad. Looking past his bowling skills however will be a huge mistake as even though his pace has reduced over the years, he still remains one of the best pacers in Bollonich.

#9 Sharron Irvine (10th)
Sharron is a player from NCHS CC, a historical team with a large number of reputed players. Sharron is an experienced wrist spinner whose googlies are the meanest of them all with the capability to bamboozle any batsmen.

#59 Letty Horne (11th)
Letty is the last player in the line up of Bollonich, as she closes the line up with her brilliant fast bowling and also nasty bouncers. Her batting is arguably the worst in the team, however her bowling makes u for it all, and her performances for San Pablo CC are highly encouraging.

Name                  Age     Position               Previous Team  
Heath Smalls 57 Head Coach Vretonian Tigers
Cy Causey 43 Batting Coach NCHS CC
Felix Martel 61 Bowling Coach San Pablo CC
Max Ty 39 Fielding Coach Fermonto
Oakley Jeffers 48 Physio Rocker Lagos

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Any form of godmodding has to be run by me
RP injuries to my players: Yes but I determine severity, if I am not involved in advance it won't be considered canon.
Godmod injuries to my players: Again I need to be informed for any sort of godmodding
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Look above at godmodding policy
Create a full scorecard for my team: If you do want to create a scorecard let me know in advance you are doing so. Before posting the scorecard, it should be run by me and approved. If you will be doing so, please do it completely as in the Batting and Bowling of both sides or else don't.
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Postby Sylestone » Sun Jun 06, 2021 2:58 pm

The 14th GCF Twenty20 World Championship is the second such competition the Sylestonean national cricket team has participated in, the previous one being the 13th, held in Gruenberg and the Grearish Union. Sylestone managed to rack up victories over Ethane, Kriegiersien and Krytenia, but lost to Darmen, Sajnur and West Phoenicia, top rank coming into the tournament. It was an acceptable, while not totally dominant performance, but this tournament promises more.

In the two years since the previous tournament, Sylestone, or the Hawthorns as they have been dubbed, named after the plant found in the Sylestonean grasslands and in many cities, have risen quickly through the ranks. In the previous year, the nation came fourth overall in the second ODI World Trophy despite looking like taking out the trophy for the majority of the Super Group stage. They then lost their second-straight East-West Trophy to the Grearish Union, despite winning the T20s and the quadrangular one-day tournament alongside Ethane and the Licentian Isles. Yet, they still have not appeared to be playing to the best of their ability, at least not yet. Could this be the tournament when they finally do?

However, they will lack the element of surprise. They had that in the second ODI World Trophy, where they came in as a force that had shown their ability in previous tournaments, but never really pushed the final few spots. They did that in Gruenberg. Following a loss to Garbelia in the first round, the Hawthorns defeated the Plough Islands, Baggieland, Silvedania and Lisander en route to first place in the group. They then defeated Darmen by 171 runs, followed by Ko-oren before tying with Barunia and defeating Krytenia. The two wicket win here ensured that Sylestone would make it to the semifinals, and so they began to relax. It cost them.

It was only small at first - an abysmal batting performance against Gruenberg led to a two-wicket loss to the hosts as they moved into first place in the Super Group. This was backed up by a six-wicket loss to eventual champions The Sarian, despite playing a weakened lineup.

The semifinal against Krytenia was one to forget. A poor batting display meant that the Hawthorns could only put 231 on the board. Krytenia’s batsmen then went berserk, chasing down the total with tons of overs in hand for the loss of only two wickets. A complete battering.

The third-place playoff against Gruenberg was a better game, but still not a great one for the Sylestoneans. They still came out second best by a fair margin, as they slipped to their fourth defeat in a row to finish fourth.

This, followed by an East-West Cup loss, meant that the Sylestone national side were in a bit of a poor run of form. However, after no international cricket for a fair while now, they are almost ready to start all over again and take out some of the best nations in the T20 world. The group, Group Five for the 14th edition of the World T20 Championship, will be discussed below.

Game #1 vs Elejamie (6)
Elejamie. Hmm. They seem to have a habit of doing absolute dog poop in all formats apart from T20. In T20, they are sixth in the world and listed at the bottom of Pot 1, but are still a mighty power to overcome. If this were to be ODIs, the Hawthorns would have limited troubles but as it’s not, they might as well give up and go home now. Elejamie are qualifying from this group, end of story. We predict a loss, and a fairly large one, too, to kick off the campaign.

Game #2 vs Hebitaka (22)
Hebitaka qualified for the quarterfinals from unranked in the most recent edition of the GCF T20 World Championship with a 4-2 record in their group. As a result, they are a promising side in the T20 arena. However, Sylestone still appears to be a contender here and ranked only one place behind the Hebitakans, we think that we may just be able to take them. Just.

Game #3 vs Pratapgadh (12)
Yet another tough game. Following on from the Hebitaka game is one against Pratapgadh, a side much more well-known across the cricketing universe. It will be yet another close game, that is for sure, but at number 12 in T20s compared to Sylestone’s 23, the Pot 2 side in the group should be able to take out a victory.

Game #4 vs Starblaydia (UR)
After a bye day, Sylestone will be finishing off the campaign with three matches against three unranked sides. The first of these will be Starblaydia, playing in their first T20 World Championship. However, these guys will undoubtedly be very, very strong as they have a strong sporting culture. We predict that, in fact, they might well be good enough to defeat the Hawthorns. A loss, but only just.

Game #5 vs Dryicor (UR)
With qualifying hopes on the line, the Hawthorns will be up against Dryicor on matchday six, or game five depending on how you look at it. Like Starblaydia, they are unranked and will certainly kick up a bit of a stink, but it will not be nothing that good, solid play from the Hawthorns won’t be able to handle. A win to keep hopes of progression alive.

Game #6 vs Arjunnagar (UR)
Another unranked side, another side who could very well defeat Sylestone. However, we do not think that they will possess the qualities required to really take the Hawthorns on. If the 23rd ranked side has a bad day, then they could very well take points away, but if not? They’re goners.

So that’s it. Three wins and three losses. Will it be enough to progress from the group stage?
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Postby Nua Fodhla » Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:00 pm


##  Name                      Age  Bat  Role/Bowling                                   
01 Seán Mullan 26 RHB Opener
02 Fiachna Ó hÁilgheasa 24 LHB Opener
03 Niall de Búrca (C) 27 RHB Top order
04 Lorcán Ó Grianna 23 LHB All-rounder/Slow left arm orthodox (SLA)
05 Éanán Mac Giolla Seanáin 22 RHB All-rounder/Right arm medium-fast (RMF)
06 Ciarán Mannion 30 RHB Middle order/Primary wicketkeeper
07 Oisín Mag Aonghusa 32 RHB Middle order/Occasional right arm medium (RM)
08 Éamon Kelly 23 LHB All-rounder/Slow left arm wrist spin (SLW)
09 Michael Brennan 34 RHB Bowler/Right arm fast (RF)
10 Tomás Gallagher 31 LHB Bowler/Left arm fast-medium (LFM)
11 Louie Doolan 25 RHB Bowler/Off-break (OB)

12 Liam Ó Duinnín 22 RHB Middle order
13 Damon Mac Diarmada 22 LHB All-rounder/Left arm medium-fast (LMF)
14 Patrick Sweeney 21 LHB Middle order/back-up wicketkeeper
15 Rory Geraghty 19 RHB Bowler/Right arm fast-medium (RFM)

HC Fr. Colm Dempsey 56

Cricket was introduced to Fodhla by the Bearlans at the beginning of the previous century, with the game beginning to spread from the east coast over the subsequent years. The game gained some degree of popularity and slotted in behind Gaelic football, hurling and association football in the nation's sporting consciousness. Many of the amateur clubs which were founded in the early days still exist in the present, being able to trace their lineage right back despite many of the challenges they have faced. One example was the ban on competing in 'foreign sports' by the CLG (Cumann Lúthchleas Gael, ie. the governing body for Gaelic games in Fodhla), an event which set back any further spread of cricket for a period - as well as association football to a lesser extent - with hefty penalties handed out to any athletes that were found to be competing in these sports as well as in CLG events serving as a deterrent to put them off. In recent years the CLG has softened their stance, lifting the ban and improving relations with the governing bodies for the so called 'foreign sports'. The BCNF (Bord Cruicéad Náisiúnta na Fodhla) does not run an official league, but instead acts as a central point of organisation for clubs all over Fodhla to set-up matches against one another. These matches tend to be played on weekday evenings because Friday nights are traditionally saved for association football and weekends for CLG matches - either Gaelic football or hurling - this does mean that Fodhlan cricketers are used to a reduced overs format (usually of the 20 overs variety).

The BCNF has selected the best cricketers from Fodhla for the nation's first entry to the 14th GCF World Twenty20 Championship and the team is led by head coach Fr. Colm Dempsey, a Catholic priest and long-time cricketer and supporter of the sport. He is never afraid of critiquing his charges' cover drive techniques or giving impromptu motivational sermons. The team is captained by top order batsman Niall de Búrca who is probably the most technically sound player in the team, even if his batting style may be more suited to a longer format. A number of the Fodhlan national team are trying to impress during this tournament in a bid to gain a contract in a league which will actually pay them to play cricket, with the domestic game in Fodhla being strictly amateur like pretty much all top-level sport in the country except association football. Those most likely to do that are opening batsman Fiachna Ó hÁilgheasa, who is also the most likely member of the squad to regularly hit boundaries; the pair of all-rounders Lorcán Ó Grianna and Éanán Mac Giolla Seanáin; and finally the 25 year old spinner Louie Doolan, a man who comes from a sporting family, his younger brother Levi Doolan plays association football for Olympic Thessia in the Mytanar Top League. Outside of those four and the captain this team just isn't very good and is likely to struggle at this tournament, but the BCNF hopes that competing against other international teams can generate greater interest in the sport and allow those athletes that have been selected a chance to improve their games with exposure to superior opposition. The Fodhlan team will play in an all green kit, with some white and orange trim and black pads when batting.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod match events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (I shall determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod how my players were dismissed: Y
Create a full scorecard for my team: Y

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GCF World Twenty20 Championship: A Difficult Group
There was quite the cheer at the airport here in Orean as the Black Dolphins landed at the airport on Thursday. The flight was reportedly intentionally booked late by Cricket Grearia in order to accommodate for the late group draw. Expressing their desire to arrive directly at the organising city was always the first agenda on the cards, as experts continue to dissect their motivation behind a move as such. There has been debates going to great lengths about the rationality of such a late arrival, with former national level cricket sensation Ted Jones going on to say, "It is shambolic how the management comes up short whenever there is need of swift action, and later it is called a masterstroke!" It is understandable when the former greats speak out against the money-grabbing tendencies of the board, but whether the most recent decision can be backed or not is a question that only time is equipped enough to answer in a matter satisfactory to all.

The Grearish Union are slated to play their games in the Park Central Oval in the city of Orean for all their Group C fixtures. Known as the 'Home of Liventian Cricket', it is expected that it would carry special meaning for Garland Goudreau, the Liventian head coach for the Grearish national side. "I feel the Black Dolphins are in the form of their lives," he said, "and winning games have built up their confidence." He went on to stress that it will be important for the Black Dolphins to not get ahead of themselves in the city that has hosted multiple Olympics and is hallowed in the sporting multiverse.

Having been drawn into Group C and with the likes of West Phoenicia and Darmen looking down menacingly on the rest of the teams, the campaign seems to promise to be quite a difficult one for the Grearish as they try to come to terms with the World Championship level of concentration and consistency that is so needed in this format of the polite game! With quite a few nations not returning from the last time that we played the Twenty20 World Championship, the 21st ranked Black Dolphins found themselves seeded 14th and in the third pot. Complain as they may, it should be relatively easy for the Grearish to pump through into the knockout stages given that they are able to pull of something miraculous against the two higher-pot teams and that they don't drop points to weaker sides in the process.

Gruenberg have been co-hosts with the GU for the 13th edition of the Twenty20 World Championship, and just like the GU, they had been handed a string of dismal performances before crashing out in the group stages. They will be looking for redemption in this Championship, and eyes will be on the goats to see if they achieve what they aim for. Opinions are uncertain about Uncertainty, and details about said team could not be reliably identified. It would be imperative for the Black Dolphins to pick up full points from this matchup to keep their hopes of advancing alive. The pot 1 opposition is in the form of Darmen, in Group C, as a country steeped in cricketing history finds itself on the prowl again for newer, and greater glory. Expecting a win out of this match would be quite a bit of a gamble, and it depends on the Grearish Union how they would assess the situation. Same goes for West Phoenicia, who are pot 2, and very obviously the second-most difficult hurdle in this group. While the average Grearish cricket fan might not recognise them as a powerhouse, their ranking speaks for itself. It will still be important for the Black Dolphins to try and muster something from these encounters. The Garbelian Otters impressed the world with their ODI performances in the World Trophy, but it is yet to be seen how they do in the shorter format with a few debuting players included in their squad. Likewise, the entire team from New Jacobland would be debuting alongside their nation. For both of these encounters, Grearia should expect a victory and four total points in the bag.

Yet, to refute all that was said before about the difficulty of Group C opponents of the Grearish Union, it is to be remembered that this is the shortest format of the game, and it is way too easy for big teams to loose their footing and weaker teams to gain their footing in a matter of moments. In this elaborate game of luck, nifty bowling and hard, hard hitting – the Grearish fans are hoping to have a better experience than days in the past. The game is way too popular here to not have an internationally successful team.

Taylor Kincheloe – skipper – are you listening?

Grearish XI v Garbelia (in batting order)
Kincheloe (C)
Corrie (WK)
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Stumps!: Fuck It, We're Back For The T20!

Postby TJUN-ia » Mon Jun 07, 2021 4:35 am


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
National Cricket Board: TJUN-ia Board of Cricket (TBC)
Nickname: Jaguars (official)/Jags (short form)/Bowlin' Jags (who knows)
ODI Colours: Light Blue with Orange Accents
T20 Colours: Light Blue with Orange Stripes on front and sleeves
White Ball Head Coach: Virat Indushapa (34, CEA)

Yep, it's finally time for the grand return of TJUN-ia Cricket to us all, just what we need after another gruelling WCQ campaign in football. Last time out, the TBC and their Bowlin' Jags debuted to the world in style by becoming the rare team that wins 3 matches but doesn't advance due to the dreaded Net Run Rate. While our late collapse at the ODI Trophy surely stung, it also showed that we, as a cricketing nation, still have a lot of work to be done in order to climb up the ranks of the sport. With that in mind, a change of game is on the horizon as we head out to Liventia for the 14th World T20 Championship, our first taste of the shortest format of the game we now love.

Over the last few months, some change has impacted this team en route to this debut T20 tournament. The biggest one is in coaching as the TBC has finally chosen a head coach for the white ball game (ODI and T20) by the name of Virat Indushapa, a 34-year-old who has committed to only changing the current playstyle (developed by ODI Captain Joseph Gregorson) doesn't work out for this form of the game. If any change is required, then it won't be from Gregorson as all-rounder Roger Ntini has been made T20 Captain in time for this tournament. With two very tough games before an MD3 bye on the horizon, a change in leadership could be important in the battles ahead.

Number: Name (Position, Age, Handedness, Region)
#01 Jason Walkins (Batter, 22, R, NAU)
#02 Logan McGarra (Batter, 21, R, UO)
#03 Roger Ntini (All-Rounder, 23, L, AU) (T20 C)
#04 Chase Helton (Batter, 20, R, CU)
#05 Rohit Rajpore (All-Rounder, 19, R, CEA)
#06 Esteban Soto (Bowler, 20, R, UAC)
#07 Zawar Ahmed (Batter, 23, R, ArU)
#08 Gabriel Miziara (Wicket-Keeper, 22, L, UAS)
#09 Joseph Gregorson (Batter, 24, L, JB TJUN-ia) (ODI C)
#10 Peter Kylasov (Bowler, 23, R, CSTO)
#11 Ahmed Ali (Bowler, 21, L, CEA)

#12 Wille Mutombodzi (Batter, 19, R, AU)
#13 Chris Parker (All-Rounder, 20, L, CU)
#14 Kane Nukunuku (Bowler, 19, R, UO)
#15 James Laughlin (Wicket-Keeper, 20, R, NAU)

MD1: vs The Plough Islands (5) @The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground, Dover (1pm local)
MD2: vs Damukuni (9) @The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground, Dover (7pm local)
MD4: vs The Sarian (23) @The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground, Dover (7pm local)
MD5: vs Malandrin (UR) @The Bastion Dover Cricket Ground, Dover (1pm local)
MD6: vs Fodhla (UR) @Island Cricket Arena, Schimpol (6pm local)
MD7: vs Barunia (16) @Island Cricket Arena, Schimpol (6pm local)

No violence against the players, but godmodding will be allowed (I like fun :) ).
As TJUN-ia is a nation built on the notions of equality for all, "Mankading" shall not be used by the TJUN-ian team.
Style Modifier: 0
3rd: ARWC3
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12, 7WC6
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49, WCoH42, DBC50
Other: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Corridor of Uncertainty » Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:12 am

 №  Name						Role		Bats	Bowls	Domestic club 
3. John Oliver William Harper (c) Batsman LHB OB Eifsovtka
41. Gayashan Jayatilleke Thehan Gunewardena (vc) All-rounder RHB OB Cratendune
8. Michael Austin Griffin Wicket-keeper LHB — Bolaño
11. Naseem Latif Choudhry All-rounder LHB SLA Orthoplex
16. Seth Eli Cameron Bowler RHB RFM Umm Ji
22. Mukesh Yajnadhar Abhijeet Bowler RHB OB Bolaño
26. Jaco Schalk Aitan de Villiers All-rounder RHB RMF Song Ji
29. Ariana Zoe Cooper Batsman RHB OB Bolaño
51. Jayanath Chaminda Thilakarathne Priyanath Silva Bowler LHB OB Pryde
53. Devon Jamarr Roberts Bowler RHB RF Song Ji
55. Farooq Hasan Bowler LHB LF Candle in the Dark
59. Jamarcus Lavell Pettygrove All-rounder RHB RM Orthoplex
64. Thomas Mitchell James Batsman RHB LB Western Hiriade
66. Vusumuzi Mandlenkosi Mntimande Bowler RHB RFM Eifsovtka
96. Shahbaz Bahawalanzai Arshad Wicket-keeper RHB — Mynydd y Giantin

Batting: The team will open with Mike Griffin and Thehan Gunewardena as hard-hitting strokemakers. Griffin is fairly orthodox, if very aggressive, looking to march down to the pace bowlers to intimidate them almost as much as a hint of spin intimates him; Gunewardena is a more versatile player, marrying innovation with traditional power hitting, all without the technique of a true red ball opener against the swinging ball. Jack Harper is the team’s most rounded all-format batsman, an orthodox stylist who’s more likely to evince a purr of satisfaction with a bended-knee cover drive than a cheer of jubilation from an agricultural hoik. Tom James is inventive, raw, and very, very strong. Shahbaz Bahawalanzai is a doughty little basher who can tonk the ball out of the ground and miss middle-stump half-volleys with approximately equal degrees of frequency. Ariana Cooper is a nuggety and occasionally explosive opener, here probably forced to play a different role down the order.

Then come the all-rounders. Jamarcus Pettygrove also opens for his club and he too is being asked to play more of a finisher role. A trudger between the wickets but usually capable of making that academic with a mixture of enormous sixes and comically poor swipes across the line. Schalk de Villiers is an exciting prospect but a bit suspect against spin. Naseem Latif is a wristy strokemaker who’s comfortable against spin but less so against raw pace, capable of flashy drives and infuriating brain-fades in equal measure.

Of the bowlers, Thilakarathne Silva and Seth Cameron can hold a bat, while Devon Roberts has the frame but not the eye for power-hitting. The rest are pretty hopeless.

Bowling: The seamers offer diverse skills. Roberts, tall, fast, and aggressive, looks to bowl back of a length containment and hurrying, vicious bouncers. Cameron is just as tall but slower and more metronomic, hammering a repetitive line and length. Farooq Hasan is the most talented, and the most raw, capable of wild reverse swing and wild... wildness. Vusumuzi Mntimande is a bustling line-and-length merchant. de Villiers can generate steepling bounce off a short run and Pettygrove is surprisingly tame for a man of his size. In all likelihood, Roberts and Cameron can be expected to open, Hasan to bowl at the death.

The middle overs should be given over to the spinners. Gunewardena, who could also open, is a containing option, and even Harper can fill in at a pinch. Latif bowls with a bouncy step at a quick pace without sacrificing turn. Mukesh Abhijeet and Silva are both listed as off-spinners but are very different bowlers, Abhijeet with a gorgeous, classical action, high arm, loopy in the air; Silva is a mystery spinner who packs a carom ball, a googly, a topspinner, and a big ripping off-break bowled with the wrist to boot.

Fielding: Griffin’s keeping is much as his batting: much more comfortable to pace, where he’s reliable and can show off genuine athleticism, than to spin, where he’s little more than a stopper. Shahbaz is much the same, a stopper rather than a stumper, and no better with the gloves while significantly worse with the bat so should not need to be used much. In the outfield, Uncertain players are generally pretty good fielders; less so among the lumbering giants of the pace bowlers, though Cameron and de Villiers are still pretty good.

Harper’s a captain more noted for his statesmanlike leadership than his tactical genius, so don’t expect too many wacky fields or strange placements. He’ll give his pace bowlers a chance with a slip early on, and if he can stand in at slip or catching cover to the spinners. The best fielders are James, sliding about with abandon at point, and Harper himself, who’ll catch the odd fly at slip.

RP permissions: You can do whatever you like in terms of cricket action. Please don’t injure my players, RP them engaging in violence, or have them engage in blatant cheating.

Our people are referred to as Uncertainties or as Uncertain; Corridor is just a pretitle.

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Postby Sannyamathland » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:47 am

Cricket in Sannyamathland:The game of cricket was introduced in the Sannyamathland in the 18th century,during the British occupation.The game was quite popular previously,but since then the popularity seems to have dwindled down.It is only in recent times,that the game seems to have regained some of its long lost glory.The emigration of people from Southeast Asian countries have given the game a much needed boost.Traditionally,cricket was played in the British settlements in the Soviet Republic,especially in the Western part of the country,but now it is much more spread out.Still,it is a relatively unknown sport in the country, followed by only about 2 percent of the population,and has a long way to go before it could overtake Ice Hockey,the third most popular team sport in the country after Football and Basketball.Cricket is administered in the country by Soviet Cricket.There is no franchise league in the Sannyamathland,although there does exist a domestic first class competition and an annual t20 competition that started last year.

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Peter Svidler
Batting Coach: Ian McDonald
Bowling Coach: Danil Mikhailov
Fielding Coach: Stephan Stephanov

Starting 11

1.Alexander Ivanovsky(age:32,Batsman,R)
2.James Peterson(age:27,Batsman,L)
3.Mikhail Artesev(age:33,Wicket Keeper, R)(captain)
4.Gregory Ostrovesky(age:21,Batsman,R)
5. Vladimir Arteseev(age:23, Batsman, L)
6.Rahul Sharma(age:26,Batsman,R,occassional spinner)
7.Stuart White (age:27,All Rounder, Right Arm Fast, R)
8.Viktor Radev(age: 26, Right Arm Spinner, R)
9.Ivan Bhukhov(age:28,Right Arm Fast,R)
10.Boris Ivanchov(age:26,Left Arm Fast,L)
11.Jason Smith(age:22,left-arm unorthodox spin, L)

1.John Pearson(age: 24, Batsman, R)
2.Benjamin Johnson(age:29,Batsman,L)
3.Levon Iliyev(age:32,Allrounder,Right Arm Spin,R)
4.Fydor Savchenko(age:25,Right Arm Fast,R)
5.Dmitry Vassilevitch(age:33,Spin,R)
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Postby Bollonich » Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:57 am

The Karvian Chronicle

Sport - Ko-oren, Krytenia and Lisander in the Group Stages; GCF T20 Championship Draw

Next week will see the start of the 14th GCF T20 Championship as Bollonich’s National Cricket Team takes part for the first time. Being an unranked team like lots of the other participants, Bollonich was placed in the Unranked Pot. Which meant we would have 4 ranked teams in our group. And as the draw unfolded in Liventia we soon realised that we had been drawn into some sort of Group of Death. We had been drawn into the group with Ko-oren, Cup of Harmony hosts Krytenia, Lisander and Rundel. Ko-orean is the team ranked 1st in the whole world which makes our chances against them highly unlikely. Krytenia, Lisander and Rundel are all very strong opponents defeating whom shall however be possible. Teams like Quebec and Shingoryeo and Vilita and Turori are respectively some of the greatest sporting nations out there in the multiverse with rich histories in other sports like football. However their campaigns in the cricketing world are new and shall be starting off from point 0 from where we are starting right now. Hence we should fancy our chances against opponents as such, beating whom shall be necessary if we wish to qualify. Our first game is against Lisander and Alice Bay a team we should be able to compete against. Winning will be difficult however we need to compete especially with the large number of Bollonischian Cricket Fanatics who have travelled to fellow Rushmori nation Liventia to witness the GCF T20 Championship.

MD 1 : Bollonich (UR) vs Lisander and Alice Bay (15) @ Folenisa Cricket Ground, Folenisa at 13:00 local time
MD 2 : Bollonich (UR) vs Krytenia (10) @ Folenisa Cricket Ground, Folenisa at 13:00 local time
MD 3 : Bollonich (UR) vs Rundel (28) @ Dawston Ground, Orean at 18:00 local time
MD 4 : Bollonich (UR) vs Ko-oren (1) @ Folenisa Cricket Ground, Folenisa at 19:00 local time
MD 5 : Bye
MD 6 : Bollonich (UR) vs Quebec and Shingoryeo (UR) @ Folenisa Cricket Ground, Folenisa at 19:00 local time
MD 7 : Bollonich (UR) vs Vilita and Turori (UR) @ Dawston Ground, Orean at 18:00 local time

Politics - Are we heading into a political revolution?

With the 2022 elections arriving at a surprisingly fast pace it is important to take into consideration the future of Bollonischian Politics and where we are heading. With the Socialist Marxist Party undergoing a youth revolution and the Liberal Party at the top of their power in the complete history of Bollonischian Politics. This is the best time to discuss the long term impacts of the lonely election of the Liberals into office for a third term. If the Liberals are elected into office with the support they are to receive this would mean the one of the greatest wins’ in election history. The way Bollonischian national elections work is that there is very little leeway for parties to win elections. Hence winning around 170 seats out of a possible 305 means that the Liberals would get a huge advantage over Socialists in the Senate. The Liberals have moved farther towards the right following the Socialists move towards the centre. The Liberals however have struggled to implement some of their right wing ideas as the Socialists have given them extremely difficult competition.
When looking at possible future repercussions it is not smart to overlook the youth revolution the socialist party is going through right now. They have had the popular support of the youth for some time now, however the youth have never directly taken part in the politics. However this has changed over the past months as more young people have come together in support of the Socialist/Marxist Party following the Fermont Riots. This youth revolution could have huge implications on politics in the decades to come as this could be starting of a momentous rise of the Socialists into power right when the Liberals ascend to the greatest yet. Whatever the results of the 2022 elections we can safely look towards Bollonischian politics and guarantee that change is something we cannot control and this is certainly going to undergo a change soon.
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Efficient organization a welcome change as Uncertainties return to global T20, says coach driver

Uncertain national cricket team coach driver Peter Ballard says the team are looking forward to the challenge of the coming GCF T20 Championship. The 14th edition is being hosted by Liventia, and Ballard says there are already “promising signs” that the tournament will be run far better than last year’s shambolic ODI Trophy in Gruenberg, whose hosting the Uncertain Cricket Board was highly critical of. “Well, step one, they haven’t said anything about goats,” said Ballard, when asked to elaborate.

Uncertainty are one of just two teams playing in the tournament to have played in the first ever World T20 Championship. That, too, was beset by hosting problems, leading to Uncertainty’s withdrawal from international cricket. “We’re confident this time will go much better,” said the coach driver, pointing to Liventia’s extensive record of hosting high level international sports tournaments.

The Uncertainties will wear black and purple kit

Those two returning sides from the first edition, Darmen and Uncertainty, will play each other, in Group C at Park Central Oval, Orean. Uncertainty have also drawn world cricket heavyweights The Grearish Union and West Phoenicia, newcomers Garbelia and New Jacobland, against whom they will begin their challenge, and “some other scrubs”, whom Ballard says “shouldn’t be much of a test”.

The team will once again be led by Jack Harper, but features a number of changes from the ODI squad, most notably the dropping of vice-captain Pranav Joshi, considered unsuitable for T20 cricket, and Jacques van Jaarsveld, the big name all-rounder who proved a big flop at the World Trophy. Seth Grant is injured, while leg spinner Faraj al-Huq is also missing.

Among the new names, the two that stand out are intriguing mystery spinner Thilarakatne Silva, and bats(wo)man Ariana Cooper, who would become the first woman to represent Uncertainty if picked. While no trailblazer on the world stage – many other international teams have fielded women, dating right back to pioneers The Babbage Islands – Cooper is excited at the chance of making a small bit of national history.

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Hello! This section is going to be a little short since most of the OOC stuff is in the, erm, apology contained below. Unfortunately it turns out that joining a new region and being volunteered as cartographer is hard work, who knew :( and that, combined with the fact that Twenty20 simply isn't a high priority for me, means this might be a poorly roleplayed tournament - I hate to rank coast, so I hope that doesn't happen and that the Young Foxes can let some other, more deserving people have a go at doing well.
Good luck to everyone else involved, though - hopefully it'll be a good tournament, and I look forward to seeing the roleplays that come out of it!


The Commonwealth of the Plough Islands would like to apologise to the other teams in group B, as well as to the cricketing multiverse more generally, for the quality of this roster. Large parts of the structure and formatting have been copy-pasted from last year's roster, which is a lot better and has a wordsearch in it; so have many of the players, although the fact the Young Foxes are a youth team provides some flimsy justification. There is in fact an entire section that is lifted directly from that roster (the bit at the end where players are described); I have blued out the sections that are copied over for your convenience and that of the host. For this, we are sorry.
The main reasons for this, although these by no means excuse the quality, are that the user behind the Plough Islands has been heavily involved in Anaia business since that region was set up last month, which together with some RLStates commitments has led to a lack of bandwidth to get involved in what is a slightly peripheral tournament for me for in-character reasons. Therefore, roleplay permissions will be a little bit looser; feel free to basically do whatever within a sporting context, as long as nobody acts out of character or gets injured or humiliated too badly.
Hopefully the information posted below - combined with my factbook and my previous rosters - will enable my groupmates to roleplay around me; feel free to be creative with team lineups and batting orders based on the below. If you need any other help or want to run an idea past me, please feel free to reach out via telegram or on Discord (joey_picus#2168).


The 2021 edition of the World 20-over Championship had caught the Plough Islands Cricket Association somewhat off guard, with much of their attention devoted elsewhere - aside from the 2021 Harrison Cup and Sutcliffe Shield seasons, and preparations for the Test series later on in the year, PICA had been caught up in the events following their small country's endorsement of the Foxchester Declaration. Though the reception to the establishment of Anaia had been mixed throughout the multiverse, the Plough Islanders had seized on the opportunity to deepen regional cricketing ties with old friends Ko-oren and Krytenia, in addition to making new ones from the nascent cricket scenes in countries such as Starblaydia and Quebec, and so the offices of the Association at December Park had been busy laying the groundwork for what would become known as the Anaian Board of Cricket, or the ABC.
Despite the hectic backdrop, though, PICA had agreed to send a Young Foxes team to the 2021 event, and as with the previous two editions, it fell to youth coach Catherine Chambers to assemble a side to travel to Liventia and follow in the pawprints of Peter Hodgeson's runners up from Grearia. Coming so soon after the previous edition means that many of the core of that team, including leg-spinner Terry Gibbs - competing in his third 20-over World Championship - and the calm, assured batting all-rounder Arnold Tyrie, fall before the 1st May 2001 cutoff for eligibility set by the Association. Laura Scott, the Irondale Cricket Club left-hander, will captain the team from deep in the batting order.


#1 LM Scott (c) LHB SLA
#2 DV Andreyev RHB RFM
#3 WC Barrett (w) RHB
#4 HA Clark (w) LHB
#5 TSF Gibbs RHB RLB
#6 A Halasz RHB RLB
#7 SP Houghton RHB ROB
#8 CAV McCulloch RHB ROB
#9 RA Milroy RHB RLB
#10 JC Morris RHB RLB
#11 RG Piper LHB LMD
#12 A Rennie LHB SLA
#13 ADM Tyrie RHB RLB
#14 RA Williams LHB LFM
#15 MK Yerchkov RHB ROB



These remain exactly the same as they did for the last tournament; the current Plough Islands Cricket Association kits, in the national colours of green and amber with an alternate red kit to comply with Global Cricket Federation regulations on colour clashes, have served the country's teams well and are not yet due for replacement. The crest of the Young Foxes remains the traditional fox paw print above the Association's coat of arms, which depicts two foxes - in white and red, for limited-overs and first-class cricket - and the constellation from which the Plough Islands take their name.

Plough Islands Test/first-class (left) and One Day International/limited overs (centre/right) kits, made at the Red Flag Textile Co-operative.

Crest of the Young Foxes

on the 20th October 2020, with bits added on the 6th June 2021, the Plough Islands Gazette wrote:
by Caroline Iddon, Additional Sporting Correspondent, in Sutton

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Laura Muriel Scott (captain) 12th September 2001, Redcliff Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox Middle-order batter (4-7)

Donaghy: "Laura is not exactly a flair player or someone who will pull out an unusual shot or moment of genius to keep bowlers guessing - she just plays very solid, uncomplicated cricket, but does it very well and time and again, against pace or spin. She is also rarely phased by big occasions or difficult situations, within or without the crease; she just does whatever is needed, no more, no less, which can be either a great aid in a match or a frustration!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Dimitry Vladimirovich Andreyev 14th July 2002, Redcliff Right-hand bat Right-arm fast-medium Bowling all-rounder (6-8)

Donaghy: "Dimitry came through the Redcliff youth system as a batsman but the pitches up there are quite hard and if you can bowl quickly, you end up being a useful tactical option to have, and he has ended up being quite effective for the under-18s and even the second XI! He has a good, very technically correct action, bowls a great yorker, and he knows his way around the crease with the bat as well, especially in a difficult situation even though that has ended up not being his focus for the last few years"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Whitney Catherine Barrett3rd September 2003, Marsh Right-hand bat Wicket-keeper Wicket-keeper (5-8)

Donaghy: "When Whitney first came to a Redcliff youth session she was this little slight, fragile thing with a beautiful wristy batting action but in desperate need of bulking up; she managed that, more than enough, she grew muscles out of nowhere a few years later and ended up keeping wicket because she was the tallest one on the pitch! She still has her very natural batting instinct though, only now backed with experience and an awful lot of arm and upper body power - she may well end up in the side on that alone"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Humphrey Andrew Clark 3rd February 2003, Sutton Left-hand bat wicket-keeper Wicket-keeper (5-8)

Chambers: "Humphrey was unfortunate to miss out on the trip to Grearia - he had an emergency appendectomy on the Tuesday before we selected the final travelling squad which ruled him out of contention. He plays against pace very well which will be useful on Liventian pitches, and if he can get his shot selection right is capable of building a total quite quickly as long as he stays in. He is fairly solid behind the wicket as well, although he insists on standing up to spin and pace alike, and I am never sure whether this is bravery or foolishness!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Terry Stephen Frederick Gibbs 17th November 2001, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Tail-end bowler (10-11)

Chambers: "I was a little surprised when Lourens and the senior team took Terry to Liventia for the World Trophy, and he had maybe one good game taking 2-49 against Lisander but the tournament experience was really good for him and his confidence and happiness have been off the dial since he returned. He still has his bad days, but on his good days, he can lead the attack with confidence, and with an ball with a bit of wear on it he can get incredible amounts of turn"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Amanda Halasz 25th May 2003, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Opener (1-2)

Chambers: "Amanda is not from a traditional cricketing background - she is a Naval Force cadet - and we ended up coming across her by accident a few years ago at a summer course in Southport, but she took to batting quite naturally. Her stance in the crease is still a bit unusual, and she sometimes struggles to generate enough power, but she finds a way to play balls that most players would leave, and she thinks in terms of the game situation more than any opener I have previously worked with - she has a very analytical mind and finds the right shot for most situations"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Susan Phoebe Houghton 9th August 2002, Foxdale Right-hand bat Right-arm off break Bowler (7-10)

Chambers: "'off spin' is almost a misnomer, Susan actually bowls quite fast for a spinner, about ten or twenty kilometres an hour quicker than normal, and she uses variations in flight as much as she uses turn to take wickets. It is not a technique you see all that often - she started out as a pace bowler and developed it in the board youth leagues in Bradford - but it does work well for her, especially in limited overs where the batters are a lot less cautious and get caught out easier. She is not too bad with the bat either - she has made a century before in under-eighteen competition"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Charlotte Anne Valentina McCulloch 1st November 2003, Sutton Right-hand bat Right-arm off break Middle-order batter (4-7)

Chambers: "Charlotte's father and older half-sister are both cricketers, and her uncle is Sutton & Avalon captain Robin McCulloch, so Charlotte has grown up even deeper in the sport than most Islanders. She was an all-rounder but had a bad accident at school when she was twelve and lost a finger and knuckle on her right hand, so she could not grip the ball properly and had to reinvent herself as a batter - which she has done well, there are some shots she has trouble with but she handles spin very well and almost plays better when put under pressure"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Ruth Amanda Milroy 11th August 2002, Oldendale Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Top-order batter (3-4)

Chambers: "Ruth is a little different - she has made it into the squad through sheer force of will. One of the reasons that we had perhaps overlooked her before is her lack of conventional athleticism but she uses her weight surprisingly well to keep balanced over the wicket, and her arm strength and lack of fear do the rest - I have seen her hit part-time off-spinners for six off extremely slow, wayward balls, and her approach to pace is fairly similar only with a helmet on! She can move when she needs to, as well, and can be surprisingly agile fielding out in the slips"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Richard Gabriel Piper 6th January 2004, PIA Ishtar Left-hand bat Left-arm medium Opener (1-2)

Chambers: "If the truth be told, Richard is better suited to the longer form of the game than something like this - he digs in and builds a total and exploits gaps left in the fielding rather than scoring high and often. However he is such a thoughtful, sunny person and lifts the spirit of the team - and me! - so much we had to bring him along for that reason, if no other - and you need to have all tactical options open to you in sport, no matter if it is ten overs or fifty or five hundred"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Jonathan Colin Morris 20th November 2004, Foxdale Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Opener (1-2)

Donaghy: "Jonathan is confidence embodied - not to say he is not humble and eager to learn, but he always picks it up at the first attempt and is extremely forward-thinking in how he plays his cricket. He can bat very aggressively - occasionally a bit too much! He can occasionally be too confident for his own good but more often than not he does not go quietly or lose his wicket cheaply...definitely someone to watch in limited overs formats, and certainly a player capable of surprising"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Andrew Rennie 31st December 2004, Westmorland Left-hand bat Slow left-arm orthodox Bowler (7-10)

Chambers: "Andrew is a potato farmer's son who can move the ball around quite a bit and has a beautiful, technically almost perfect action that generates quite a lot of turn on an old pitch. One of the youngest players we are bringing to the championships, but I have been working with him and following his progress for several years in the Bradford age group teams and he is constantly refining his action and his variations - hopefully this will be a very valuable experience for him"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Arnold David MacManus Tyrie 29th January 2002, Highrock Right-hand bat Right-arm leg break Top-order batter (3-4)

Donaghy: "I seem to have played against Arnold a lot - New Dalmatia have brought through a lot of youth players recently, and Arnold was notable mainly as he stood very close to the wicket when batting and rarely used his feet. He keeps clear of his stumps easily though and is very difficult to bowl out, and his arms do most of the work for him - he can loft the ball for years and years, and despite his glasses he can spot a gap in coverage at the boundary immediately. An explosve batsman and probably well suited to this format!"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Raymond Andrew Williams 25th October 2001, Alioth Left-hand bat Left-arm fast-medium Tail-end bowler (10-11)

Chambers: "Raymond is another player who might be better suited to red-ball cricket with his natural game, but he brings an option we rarely have in that he bowls a very good line and length and keeps things consistent...and, domestically at least, hard to score against. He can swing the ball in a little which is something he works at very well, but he is still developing variations, and in this format I do worry he might struggle for wickets somewhat. With that being sad, he is also an excellent fielder - he manages to be economical even when not bowling! - and there are many other ways he can contribute"

NameDate of birthBatting styleBowling styleRole
Matthew Kevin Yerchkov 11th August 2004, Gloucester Right-hand bat Right-arm off break Bowling all-rounder (6-8)

Chambers: "We found Matthew quite late in his development - he only started playing cricket three years ago, he was part of a spike in interest when the senior team began to play Tests, but he took to the game quite well and here he is! His technique with the ball is a little unorthodox and he doesn't put much spin on it, but he has a lot of control over flight and deviation and catches batters out with that, and he is able with the bat as well - he made a match-winning 46 as a last-minute replacement in the Ho Chi Minh Trophy [for Sutton & Avalon clubs] the week before we set off for Liventia!"
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ODI rank: 3rd
T20 rank: 5th
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