[Tennis/NSTT] Grass court season 7 [RP/Results]

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[Tennis/NSTT] Grass court season 7 [RP/Results]

Postby Electrum » Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:35 am

NationStates Tennis Tour grass court season 7 RP thread


This thread will be the thread where roleplays and results will be posted for the four grass court tournaments of the season. In order, these tournaments are:
  • Three Degrees Open (Tier 2) hosted in Regis Island, Baggieland
  • Salvador Hills Open (Tier 1) hosted in Salvador, The Grearish Union
  • The Britonish Open (Tier 1) hosted in Doportedas, Britonisea
  • Mercedinian Open (Grand Slam) hosted in Zoloroni, Mercedini
This post will contain general information about the tournaments, whereas the next four posts will contain specific information on the host city and draws/schedules for each of the four tournaments.

Scorination Details
All NSTT tournaments will be scorinated on xkoranate with advantage sets. Grand slam singles tournaments will be best of five advantage sets. All other tournaments are best of three advantage sets. The logarithm points will be used, so that the vast inequalities in total points don't mean predictable matches. To determine the seeding and points of doubles pairings, the average of the sum of the doubles players logarithmic rankings will be used. Draws for both the singles and doubles competition will follow the normal procedures undertaken by the ITF.

All roleplays are scored, with quality over quantity emphasized. Multiple roleplays submitted on the same day will be counted as one larger whole. All players without a ranking will have a skill level equal to the lowest main draw player's logarithmic points. For doubles pairs comprised of players from two different nations, the higher scoring roleplay from both nations will be applied to the mixed pair.

Where there are more entrants than available places, a knock-out qualification round is played.

At the conclusion of each tournament, rankings are updated to reflect the new points earned by players. These points last one year/season.

Grass court season 7 sign-up thread
NSTT Season 7 tournament timeline and rankings
NSTT Discussion/OOC thread
NSTT Discord server

Timeline (all times in UTC)
11 Jun - Sign-ups open
0300 25 Jun - Sign-ups close for Three Degrees Open
28 Jun - 5 Jul - Three Degrees Open (cutoffs 0300)
1900 5 Jul - Sign-ups close for Salvador Hills Open
8 Jul - 15 Jul - Salvador Hills Open (cutoffs 1900)
Mid-season break
11 Sep - Sign-ups reopened
2000 24 Sep - Sign-ups close for The Britonish Open
27 Sep - 4 Oct - The Britonish Open
14 Oct - Sign-ups close for Mercedinian Open
19 Oct - 28 Oct - Mercedinian Open
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Postby Baggieland » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:44 pm

1400 25 Jun - Sign-ups close for Three Degrees Open

This has now changed to 3am UTC. (Date is still the same).

28 Jun - 5 Jul - Three Degrees Open (cutoffs 1400)

Cut off times will be 3am UTC. (There might be some days where it's a bit later. No more than an hour or two though).
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Postby The Grearish Union » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:49 pm


Salvador Hills Open, Grearish Union
The most picturesque event of the NSTT is back!

The Salvador valley in The Grearish Union welcomes one and all to the proposed Salvador Hills Open in the city of Salvador nestled cozily in the lap of the Antane mountain range. The city (earlier known as San Salvador) was bought from San Jose Guayabal after their government decided to sell of some of the land to restart the governance in the nation. The valley itself is covered in sprawling meadows and the pristine river Macary flows through it at the trough. Not far in the distance one could see the sun rise and set over mighty Antane Range, lighting it up in a splendid amber as it goes about its daily routine. Winter further up in the mountains are a prime season for skiing, while the summers are the pleasant time when we invite the greatest tennis players of the world to come to Salvador for the Salvador Hills Open! The sprawling meadows make for the perfect blades of grass on display at the Salvador Tennis Arena, where Grearish tennis hero, Jeff Rogers is rumoured to have played in his early years.

Centre Court
Centre Court (20,000)
Fondly known by one and all as the Salvador Tennis Arena, it is a speculation among the majority that the Grearish tennis hero in Jeff Rogers used to spend much of his childhood in the then SJG, where his maternal family is from. The arena has a capacity of 20,000 people with separate provisions for VIP and VVIP seating. It is believed that this arena could hold up to 40,000 spectators back when the local Salvadorans who weren't as well-off could come to watch the national tournaments while standing. This has since been done away with. An all-seated stadium, it promises to gift competitive tennis in front of a passionate crowd, while the Antane range overlooks the proceedings with utmost grace. The temperatures will remain around 7-8 degrees Celsius and upwards up to about 13-14 degrees, making for pleasant playing conditions when coupled with the pristine grass cover in the arena.

Court A
Court A (8,000)
Located in the heart of the City of Salvador, Court A is probably the oldest patch of green designated for tennis in the entirety of the Grearish Union. Not far from the Salvador Hills University, it is crucial to the extraction of tennis talent in the region. Matches are played in front of crowds ranging up to 8,000 in attendance, while being overlooked by the Church of Salvador just across the street and by the humongous, but beautiful Antane Mountains in the distant background. The heritage associated with the arena makes it have its own character, as young starlets see their dreams rise and fall in the unwieldy world of tennis. The conditions in the stadium is typical to the the state of Adenham, and Salvador in particular, with summertime (tournament-time) maximums reaching 13-14 degrees Celsius on average.

Court B
Court B, (12,000)
The newest tennis court to be used in the Salvador Hills Open will be Court B, made solely for the purpose of having the additional cournt needed to host a prestigious NSTT tournament. The investors have been given the incentive of higher returns as the Open progresses, owing to the high sponsorship value that Salvador Hills Open generates. The state-of-the-art facility will see a number of matches, mostly for lower-ranked, or qulaifications, however. This can be attributed to the lack of heritage that the court has, when compared to the other two. The Antane mountains overlook this arena as well, giving a signature feel to the tournament as a whole, with spectacular sunsets at this specific venue, ensuring a full turnout at 12,000 spectators. The weather is forecasted to behave the way it is expected to, with an average of 13-14 degrees Celsius for a maximum temperature reading.

Practice Courts
Practice Courts on the outskirts of the City of Salvador

There will be one practice court available for every 8 players in the singles event, and one for every 8 pairs in the doubles event. The practice arenas are a little on the outskirts of the bustling city, to provide a calm atmosphere for the athletes, as well as ensure high security in all situations. The players' hotel is also located close to the training complex for optimised movement, and reduced travelling stress.

Our Partners


Singles Draw
Qualifying Round
Q1: Widya Loe (KHW) vs Barklay Raiken-Tellay (SNC)
Q2: Constance Appleton (STR) vs Chris Long (UKG)
Q3: Jon Nuna (AUG) vs Margaret Moore (UKG)
Q4: Morriah Stevens (MIL) vs Nidumoro Jyasko (STR)
Q5: Emilie Fletcher (UKG) vs Misha Orzech (AUG)

Main Draw

Doubles Draw
Qualifying Round
Q1: Heather Swan/Alexander Schlosberg (UKG) vs Covon Lohi/Josek Tan (JOV)
Q2: Waiu Wiavely/Constance Appleton (STR) vs Gusti Sing Nggawe/Uyah Nyonya (SDG)
Q3: Stephen Davis/David Stevens (MIL) vs Ulrich Senft/Helle Söderberg (BVR)
Q4: Paul Gesta/Frederick Holbach (AUG) vs Batera Siwara/Hemat Darwisa (ERM)
Q5: Athan Lopês/Brendon Cantelou (MAL) vs Ruth Geoffrion-Conacher/Oh Seung-Yin (QUE)

Main Draw

OOC and Scheduling
  • All cutoffs are at 1900 UTC
  • Schedule:
    8th July: QF1 - Qualifiers for both Singles' and Doubles' events
    9th July: MD1 - Singles, Round 1
    10th July: MD2 - Singles Round 2, Doubles Round 1
    11th July: MD3 - Both events, Round of 32
    12th July: MD4 - Both events, Round of 16
    13th July: MD5 - Both events, Quarterfinals
    14th July: MD6 - Both events, Semifinals
    15th July: MD7 - Both events, Finals
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Postby Britonisea » Sat Jun 12, 2021 5:11 am

The Britonish Open I
Singles Champion: Al Montis de Surmar (AND)
The Britonish Open II
Singles Champion: Elaine Foyner (CEN)
Doubles Champions: Perger Rianor/Ricpeer Rianor (CEN)
The Britonish Open III
Singles Champion: Llinos Cairistìona (FCF)
Doubles Champion: Llinos Cairistìona/Säde Kaja (FCF)
The Britonish Open IV
Singles Champion: TBA - 4th October 2021
Doubles Champions: TBA - 4th October 2021

Welcome Back

Widely regarded as one of the first events of what is today the NSTT, The Britonish Open has been around for quite some time. With 2018 seeing the Barlinedon Tennis Complex going under heavy restoration, Barlinedon was deemed not good enough for international standards and while lower league national tennis matches were held in the tennis complex, for the first time in three years, Britonisea is ready to welcome back loyal tennis fans to the capital of the country for what is expected to be another fantastic tournament. For the first time since 2015, The Britonish Open has been listed as a Tier One tournament with a total of 64 singles playing in the main draw, alongside 32 doubles with many more players expected to join us in the qualification round. It has been quite some time since international tennis in Britonisea, by but no means underestimate the drive and passion that the country has had whilst Britonish hosting has been put on hold. The news that Britonisea would be hosting a Tier One tournament in the run-up to the Mercedinian Open - which has been upgraded to a Grand Slam - sent shockwaves through the country, with not very many expecting the announcement. After Britonisea's stellar performance at the Olympic Games which saw the country top the medal table in that sport for the first time in its history, Britons are more than ready to bring tennis home - Doportedas and the Britons await your arrival. Who will follow in the footsteps of the stars listed above? We simply cannot wait to find out...

About Barlinedon Tennis Complex

The Barlinedon Tennis Complex is the flagship grass tennis complex in the country - and the most known! With hard courts being played on in the north of the country, in the west, kids grew up on grass courts and so it's a huge win for them that Doportedas was chosen as the tennis capital of the country. Barlinedon Tennis Complex is located in the town, Barlinedon in one of the major central boroughs of the capital - not too far away from Centrale - the hub and main town of Doportedas and home to Centrale Station which is a multi-platform station connecting people to either Olympia Airport via Underground services or our main airport Aeroporte International via Overground services (and Underground services too if you want to take a long way around!). Centrale also has many connections across Britonisea and Aloquirbe and so with Barlinedon being a stone throw away from this, the Complex is easily connected to the rest of the world.

What can you see?
Barlinedon South Facing View @ Night
You can see all of the courts that will be used, with the courts on the right having seating capacity, Courts 2-5. And at the end of the park, you can see Centre Court (14,820)...

What can you see?
Barlinedon North Facing View @ Day
Here you will be able to see Main Court, a newly built arena (13,000) with Court 1 (now 3,000) being downsized to fit the huge arena next to it.

Order of Play at The Britonish Open will be revealed, with courts being decided based on a ranking of a player or whether a player is Britonish. It is the aim of the organisers to have at least one Briton play in one of the two arenas per day, with an expected three to four matches in each of the arenas, five matches on Courts 1-4, with excess matches. Tickets for the main two courts during the latter stages of the competition will be above £80 Brito Pound Sterlings, but in order to get onto the site, prices will be set at £9, with discounts for students and under 18s - tickets are available in two batches - weeks before the competition and 24 hours before each day (1 BPS = 1.67-1.69 NSD).

Matches will be assigned either Morning Session (10 AM - 1:30 PM), Day Session (2 PM - 5:30 PM) or Night Session (6 PM - 10:30 PM) on the following courts...

Centre Court (14,820) - Centre Court at the Barlinedon Tennis Complex is back and better than ever. On the same court where we saw Llinos Cairistìona from Ferret Civilization
dominate in both the singles and doubles at the third Britonish Open, the Court will spring back into action with more memories yet to be written. There is a retractable roof on this court.

Main Court (13,000) - Main Court at the Barlinedon Tennis Complex is a new stadium that currently is on the site of the old Court One - well, half of it. Main Court has a retractable roof which will be perfect for rainy days at the competition (if there are any). The roof is super quick and easy to close due to the roof opening being quite small anyway. The arena is quite big on the inside, and we cannot wait to have you inside. Air-conditioned too!

Court One (3,000) - Court One used to be bigger but as you can see above, Main Court has taken most of its place, leaving 3,000 seats but this will bring you close to the action and excitement of Main Court. The Court is completely outdoors and will also be the home of some of the top seeds in the competition too.

Courts Two to Five (2,000) - These courts have seats on two sides of the court (one longways and the other behind the baseline) with the other sides being open for the viewing public. There is a small fee to have a seat. We are hoping that this provides a cool atmosphere where players can not only be cheered on by those seated but can also look up at those who are having a quick look down to see who is playing.

Practise & Outdoor Courts - Due to the number of those participating at The Britonish Open, some players will have to play on the courts which are adjacent to Courts Two to Five. These courts can be used as both practise courts (and players can have the option to have these courts covered using sheets which you can unhook from the ground on the outside of the courts - but we will do this for you) or as championship courts and we will open it up for the public to watch.

While you're at the Barlinedon Tennis Complex, you can do much more than just watch tennis. There are opportunities to play tennis yourself on some of our clay and hard courts - you can book a one-hour training session with some of the coaches and even win a chance for a one-to-one with some of the biggest Britonish tennis stars. Barlinedon is alongside a canal and so you're able to have a seat and enjoy your lunch from one of the many food vendors there. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, as you can see above, Barlinedon is very well connected to the rest of the city, so you can take a quick trip into Centrale or the nearby University as they have their freshers' events going on. Finally, along the canal (probably huge screens on one side of the canal with fans on the other side?), there will be huge screens featuring the matches from the courts you have to pay to enter (Arenas and Court One) so those who are on the grounds won't miss out on the best tennis action.

As we head out of the summer, the weather may be a lot more unpredictable than if the competition was held during the height of summer. We can expect clear weather, but some days may be overcast.

Scheduling & Qualifers

Singles Bracket
Doubles Bracket
Brackets Overview

Every nation will have at least one tennis player in the final 64 (singles) or 32 (doubles) and due to the fact that we usually get more sign-ups than 64/32, qualifiers need to be held. Qualifiers will take place on all courts except Centre, Main and One. Britonish players and the highest-ranked qualifiers will be playing on Courts Two to Five.

Cut-off 20:00 - 21:00 UTC
27th September - The First Round (Singles - 96), The Doubles Qualification Day
28th September - The Second Round (Singles - 64), The First Round (Doubles - 48)
29th September - The Third Round (Singles - 32), The Second Round (Doubles - 32)
30th September - The Fourth Round (Singles - 16), The Third Round (Doubles - 16)
1st October - Rest
2nd October - Quarter-Finals (Singles & Doubles)
3rd October - Semi-Finals (Singles & Doubles)
4th October - Finals (Singles & Doubles)

OOC Information

The cut-off for each day will be at 20:00 UTC but can be as late as 21:00 UTC. I will be on the NS Tennis Discord to let you guys know when the cut-off is about to come. The 1st October 2021 will be a rest day due to RL events for me. RP-wise, the rest day doesn't exist, with the Finals happening (in IC) on Sunday 3rd October, Semi-Finals happening on Saturday, Quarters on Friday.

New players without ranking points will be granted a skill level equal to the main draw player’s log points if they have roleplayed. This is a one time boost. For those of you who RP before the qualifiers (pre-tournament RPs), there will be RP bonuses available for you! After the break, for those of you who have decided to stick around for the whole week, RP bonuses will also be a touch higher too as a thank you for staying around for so long! I will be providing the Order of Play, the weather forecast and actual forecast for the day and local news from both inside the complex and outside (for example if something has happened which affects the general mood of the Britonish population etc) which nations can use prompts for their RPs which I will be looking out for and giving bonuses to.

If you'd like to RP about the Britonish crowd, feel free to ask/let me know if anything major is going on. As tennis is the nation's national sport, expect the crowd to be quite excitable. Britons will always back their Brits (even if they really like their opponents). Britons do have favouritism for countries that have been on the tennis circuit from the days of the ATP, players that have done well at the Olympic Games or players from nations Britonisea is familiar with through other shared passions. The crowd won't boo unless a player shows a dislike towards them. Britons have a strong detest for those who damage any tennis equipment such as racquets, hitting the net out of frustration, hitting the ball purposefully at an opponent, ball person, line umpires or judges. Fiesty characters, Britons will fall deeply in love with - except for when they're up against Britons - as it may come across as rude. If Britons are upset with a result or unhappy with the way a tennis player has treated the country/the fans, they will leave the arena before the end of the match in order to hide their frustration (this may also affect the attendance of their matches for the rest of the competition). Britons, can be really nice and helpful people and are honestly very grateful they get to have live international NSTT tennis back in their country for the first time in years. Also, personally, I love reading about crowd-player interaction so expect some bonuses there too!

If you have any questions regarding Britonisea, just send me a message on the NS Tennis Discord.

Singles Bracket
Doubles Bracket
Brackets Overview
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Postby Mercedini » Sat Jun 12, 2021 5:23 am


Mercedinian Open V
Cortex Centre - Zoloroni Sports City, Mercedini
First EditionSecond EditionThird Edition • Fourth Edition

Welcome to the Mercedinian Open. This is currently the longest running event on the Grass Circuit, currently in it's fifth edition. It is a Grand Slam event for the first time, and is held on grass and hosted at the Cortex Centre in Zoloroni Sports City, Mercedini. As is usually the case, two events will be held, a singles event along with a doubles event, which will be running in parallel with each other. As previously mentioned, this is the fifth iteration of the Mercedinian Open, for those new to the NSTT circuit or if you just need some inspiration for potential IC posts, then you can view full results and previous RPs above.

(cut-offs will take at the next available opportunity after 2030 UTC (9:30pm UK Time) on the dates stated below)

19th October: Qualification Round
20th October: Singles First Round (of 128)
22nd October: Singles Second Round, Doubles First Round (of 64)
23rd October: Round of 32
24th October: Round of 16
26th October: Quarterfinals
27th October: Semifinals
28th October: Finals


Cortex Centre
Make Memories at Mercedini's home of Tennis

Location: Zoloroni Sports City - Northeastern Zoloroni, Mercedini
Capacity: ~45,000 (across 16 courts)
Tenants: Mercedinian Tennis Association, Zoloroni Tennis Club
Year Built: 2009
Transportation Features:
- Zoloroni Metropolitan Train Service: T2, T9 & TSC
- Zoloroni Metropolitan Bus Service: B9, B16, B19 & SportsCity Direct
- Zoloroni International Airport
- Twenty-five minute drive from Carlsgrunik MetroBullet Station, Zoloroni Central

The prosperous capital of Mercedini is the stage for the Mercedinian Open for the fifth time. The Cortex Centre was one of the first completed complexes in the Zoloroni Sports City, initially hosting the domestic qualifying for the nation's first outing as an international tennis-playing nation. Following that, a successful bid was accepted by the NSTT for Mercedini to host their own tennis tournament, and the rest is history. The MercOpen was the final tournaments to be played before the NSTT hiatus a couple of years ago, with the tournament traditionally hosted in the final quarter of the year, every year for the past five years. It is seen as one of the more stable locations to host a tennis tournament, with Dini also hosting the NSTT World Tour Finals in Shebchetsik a couple of years back. Dinians turn up in their thousands, and combined with foreign visitors, make for a week-long spectacle of sport. With the NSTT now getting bigger and bigger as the years progress, the MTA finally realised their dream when they bagged the Grand Slam position for the grass court circuit. It will be the first tournament with this new status.

Mercedini has two national languages and both are universally spoken in the nation as children are taught both at a young age. Mercedinian is the native language of all citizens and is based around the Italian language, knowing the language isn't paramount to a tourist's experience but Mercedinians always appreciate a foreigner attempting to communicate in Mercedinian. If learning a foreign language isn't your thing then English is also universally spoken throughout the nation (especially in cities and other metropolitan areas as it is considered the language of business and commerce). It is common for Mercedinians to speak more than one language with some opting for a third if proficient enough in their previous two, Google Translate is also only a couple of clicks away if you need it.

Mercedini's national currency is the Mercede (M) and is used universally for the nation's transactions. Currently, the Mercede is a strong and reliable currency with 1.56 NationStates Dollars equalling 1 Mercede (M0.64 = 1 NS$). Goods & Services in Mercedini are comparably cheap thanks to low operating costs, free-trade deals and low import tariffs for foreign goods, they can be paid for using the common Mercede currency, although visitors can pay with NS Dollars or use their credit or debit cards. Citizens of Mercedini are pretty well-off with average incomes topping M145,000 (226,822 NS$) which means luxury goods & services are as much a part of Mercedinian shopping-culture as the bargains.

Food & Drink is considered a pillar of Mercedinian culture, which means visitors are literally in for a treat when they visit one of the nations many cafes, restaurants, bars or pubs. As previously mentioned, integration has played a large part in the cuisine, but ultimately Mercedinian cuisine has stayed largely close to it's roots. Mercedinian cuisine, like the language, is based on Italian cuisine, with flavourful pasta and rice dishes on offer, along with pizzas and stuffed flatbreads perfect for carnivores and vegetarians alike. For the tourists, dishes from their home nation will always be on offer which means that visitors can always have a taste of home while enjoying the action in Mercedini. If you're a fan of carb crashes, we think you'll love our nosh!

As it is the official capital city of Mercedini as well as the commercial hub of the nation, Zoloroni is large bustling city littered with modern skyscrapers and office buildings. Zoloroni will be at the centre of the action, holding the host arena as well as hosting most of the pre-festival events that will happen in Mercedini. Visitors will not be disappointed as Zoloroni has restaurants, shops and sightseeing trips in abundance, meaning that players and fans have plenty of activities waiting for them on their off-days. Zoloroni's main sporting attraction is the Sports City, which just a small journey away from the city centre.

Mercedinans are generally very peaceful to visitors and will pretty much always help out foreigners. If you need a recommendation for a restaurant or need help finding direction to their favourite tourist spot, someone will always be at hand to give you a point in the right direction. Mercedinians usually keep to themselves out on the street but will converse with almost anyone if approached in a friendly manner, and it always helps to know a bit of Mercedinian first. As a nation, Mercedini welcomes new visitors with open arms and hopes every tourist has a great experience in our nation. Andiamo!

If you want to know more about Mercedini before you visit, feel free to TG me about life in the country

There's something for everyone at the Mercedinian Open

VolareMercedini Centre Court (22,000)
As the name suggests, Centre Courts is in the middle of all the action and will showcase the best that the NSTT has to offer, from the highest seeds to big match featuring two underdogs, stories will likely be written in front of nearly 22,000 spectators. With much of the media attention also focused on Centre Court, the eyes of the multiverse will be draw to players featured here. If you're a seed at this tournament, make sure to book yourself a locker and a seat before you inevitably walk onto the perfectly manicured grass.

Almeronovic Court One (10,500)
Named after Mercedini's most notable Singles' player before the NSTT hiatus, Court One will also be a place where players can make a name for themselves. Like the name would suggest, Court One will stage the 'best-of-the-rest' matches as well as acting as the overflow court for matches which would have taken place on Centre Court. While players from the lower ranks might find Centre Court inaccessible without an unfavourable draw, Court One's earlier matches typically feature those with an outside chance of a run, giving them a taste of the fame that could be bestowed upon them.

Court Two (3,500)
The largest court to be utilised in the qualification rounds, Court 2 is the largest court open to the main public which doesn't require an extra ticket to access (like you need with Centre Court or Court One). This results in the mini-cauldron being jam-packed with spectators for most of the day, as the general public soak up the sun while taking in some of the best of the day's mid-tier tennis.

Courts 3-5 (1,200)
Venturing further out to the outer courts of the complex, Courts Three to Five have all recently seen investment and improvements to the stands and to the infrastructure, which tripled the capacity and added Hawk-Eye capability to the courts for the first time in the tournament fourth edition. Plenty of noise can still be made by the 1,500 or so spectators that can squeeze into these areas, and this will likely be the first port of call for the lower ranked players going through qualification and the opening rounds of the tournament.

Courts 6-11 (400 + Standing Room)
Making your way through the maze of bodies and confusing routes to the outer courts, you will find Courts Six to Eleven all lined up in a row, now made easier to access thanks to a widening of the path which, before, made it impossible to move through if someone was coming the other way. Former champions have graced these courts on their way to greatness, so players can retrace the steps of the greats in these very intimate areas in front of less than 500 onlookers.

Courts 12-16 (150 + Standing Room)
A favourite of the pensioners as one of the most intimate locations on the NSTT circuit, a spot on Courts 12-16 means you have your very own audience, where you can see the faces and smell every packed lunch in the audience when playing here. These courts are seldom used towards the later rounds of the tournament, but they are a favourite of many former champions due to the intimacy and uniqueness of the courts compared with the multi-tiered cathedrals in other locations.

Opening Round Draws & Formatting
Plot your Path to Greatness

64 Players, 32 Advance To The First Round (BO5)

(Q) Erik Burawa (HOP) vs. (Q) Josip Ratković (SRE)
(Q) Grace Covalt (KHD) vs. (Q) Darcassan Magkalyn (DFX)
(Q) Shroom Wafa (NTN) vs. (Q) Jennadora Elaisey (SNC)
(Q) Atlas Dominguez (GRU) vs. (Q) Styliani Kelesdou (BRO)
(Q) Fatimah Lee (SDR) vs. (Q) Ivan Belosorochko (WSN)
(Q) Vivian Walsh (UAD) vs. (Q) Jonik Aravyre (DFX)
(Q) Lily Adams (HOP) vs. (Q) Chak'Alley (SNC)
(Q) Madeleine Jeffries (HOP) vs. (Q) Aaliyah de León (BRI)
(Q) Georgios Tiskas (BRO) vs. (Q) Teagan Cantrell (UAD)
(Q) Martin Khalizniakov (BPE) vs. (Q) Farryn Sarkrana (DFX)
(Q) Derby Cuellar (UAD) vs. (Q) Diana jansen (SHT)
(Q) Fabienne Bumgarner (GGY) vs. (Q) Emily Romanescu (ADB)
(Q) Hana Kaori (NTN) vs. (Q) Nomin Ionescu (NTN)
(Q) Mahmud Syarif (SDR) vs. (Q) Amarsin Gandas (ADB)
(Q) Mikhail Korotkevich (WSN) vs. (Q) Joseph Bram (HOP)
(Q) Stan Shaw (SNC) vs. (Q) Benedek Szabo (GGY)
(Q) Dale Carman (UAD) vs. (Q) Arthur Phoenix-Howard (BRI)
(Q) Vaeri Yllamyar (DFX) vs. (Q) Thomas Graves (BRO)
(Q) Amir Utama (SDR) vs. (Q) Ada Nunez (GRU)
(Q) Lydia Turnowski (HOP) vs. (Q) Ivo Dhjukharevic (BPE)
(Q) Phoebe Johnson (BRO) vs. (Q) Indah Mizrahi (SDR)
(Q) Yusuf Setiawan (SDR) vs. (Q) Lenta Rasmi (ERM)
(Q) Tiur Santosa (SDR) vs. (Q) Leone Na (BRI)
(Q) Kim Chester (UAD) vs. (Q) Clayton King (BRO)
(Q) Elena Fiori (SOR) vs. (Q) Konstadinos Papadimitrou (BRO)
(Q) Phyrra Erro (DFX) vs. (Q) Faylen Olafina (DFX)
(Q) Ralph Henschel (GGY) vs. (Q) Dora Klemenčić (SRE)
(Q) Zeta Juanis (ERM) vs. (Q) Dusan Ventaromovich (BPE)
(Q) nazri robert (SHT) vs. (Q) Igor Matković (SRE)
(Q) Jayson Melbegli (HOP) vs. (Q) Lacey John (UAD)
(Q) Ion Victor Amúlio (NTN) vs. (Q) Rog Ion Tralito (NTN)
(Q) Ioana Amúlio Constantinescu (NTN) vs. (Q) Waltraut Harman (GGY)

38 Duos, 19 Advance To The First Round (BO3)

(Q) Thomas Graves/Clayton King (BRO) vs. (Q) Darcassan Magkalyn/Jonik Aravyre (DFX)
(Q) Cintia Sirokay/Louise Gunther (GGY) vs. (Q) Nathan Bensaïd/Rachel Archibald (BRI)
(Q) Petra Mačinković/Dora Klemenčić (SRE) vs. (Q) Ljubomir Ivanković/Martin Ocvirek (SRE/RAS)
(Q) Leanne Stewart/Zeke Newham (ETM/BRI) vs. (Q) Lily Adams/Lydia Turnowski (HOP)
(Q) Joseph Bram/Hans Josep (HOP) vs. (Q) Tunjung Ma'rif/Budi Darmawan (SDR)
(Q) Kiambang Wijaya/Rosa Chen (SDR) vs. (Q) Ada Nunez/Nelly Cooke (GRU)
(Q) Mirko Tonti/Leandro Baliani (SOR) vs. (Q) Minnie Laise/Johnnie Laise (SNC)
(Q) Derby Cuellar/Teagan Cantrell (UAD) vs. (Q) Will Nolovor/Kell Korden (CEN)
(Q) Kim Chester/Vivian Walsh (UAD) vs. (Q) Faylen Olafina/Phyrra Erro (DFX)
(Q) Milicent Broon/Alexander Dumor (KHD) vs. (Q) Zeta Juanis/Zahra Tusita (ERM)
(Q) Elena Fiori/Claudio Borchi (SOR) vs. (Q) Iohanna Márcia Enderssen-Moura/Maria Cláudia Amúlio (NTN)
(Q) Farryn Sarkrana/Vaeri Yllamyar (DFX) vs. (Q) Mihai Carolus Maro/Claudius Ion Varro (NTN)
(Q) Phoebe Johnson/Georgios Tiskas (BRO) vs. (Q) Batera Siwara/Hemat Darwisa (ERM)
(Q) Alexandra Barna/Cecilia Riesz (GGY) vs. (Q) Aaren Seabrooke/Lacey John (UAD)
(Q) Neth Soulner/Dioro Hansil (SNC/CEN) vs. (Q) Martin Khalizniakov/Dusan Ventaromovich (BPE)
(Q) Jaguar Zenteanite/Kush Acharya (BRI) vs. (Q) Grayson Norris/Margie Brown (GRU)
(Q) Ioana Amulio Constantinescu/Ion Victor Amúlio (NTN) vs. (Q) Lenta Rasmi/Jayadi Ahmad (ERM/PCU)
(Q) Ralph Henschel/Walther Rapp (GGY) vs. (Q) Taufan Deraman/Andika Muda (ERM)
(Q) Konstadinos Papadimitrou/Styliani Kelesdou (BRO) vs. (Q) Chak'Alley/Stan Shaw (SNC)

[1] Lonus Varalin (CEN) vs. Kyrsten Fletcher (HOP)
Lucija Bagarić (SRE) vs. Qualifier 32

[32] Eva Sarvan (ACS) vs. Harold Crawley (TJU)
Shinji Makauchi (TJU) vs. Foger Rederer (ADB)

[16] Philippe Baloui (TJU) vs. Sevastrya Drakonyz (DFX)
Qualifier 11 vs. Qualifier 31

[17] Bartholomew Pole (KHD) vs. Qualifier 19
Ayu Ratih Kemalasari (PCU) vs. Jason Gordon (BRI)

[9] Jean van de Kloor (TJU) vs. Qualifier 21
Goran Bogdanovich (BPE) vs. Qualifier 28

[24] Rodrick Uppatin (KHD) vs. Orsolya Szabo (GGY)
Indigo Crawford (UAD) vs. Qualifier 9

[8] Dewa Putu Adrian Putra (PCU) vs. Zahra Tusita (ERM)
Eva Brandt (GRU) vs. Luciano Crepaldi (SOR)

[25] Grady Maccay (KHD) vs. Liam Penderyn (CEN)
Mirella Xanthou (BRO) vs. Alya elyas (SHT)

[4] Valentina Spetsova (TJU) vs. Bianka Arendt (GGY)
Qualifier 30 vs. Sythenae Drakonyz (DFX)

[29] Lucas Parvash (ACS) vs. Grayson Norris (GRU)
Qualifier 3 vs. Anthony Powers (KHD)

[13] Janet Riley (ETM) vs. Qualifier 24
Qualifier 23 vs. Qualifier 7

[20] Armin Miksa (GGY) vs. Graziano Giunti (SOR)
Qualifier 4 vs. Alexios Lakovakis (BRO)

[12] Dioro Hansil (CEN) vs. Barklay Raiken-Tellay (SNC)
Qualifier 8 vs. Hemat Darwisa (ERM)

[21] Martha McNeil (GRU) vs. Dewa Ayu Cintya Dewi (PCU)
Qualifier 13 vs. Theresa Waterford (KHD)

[5] Andrew Simmons (ETM) vs. Qualifier 29
Qualifier 26 vs. Ion Gheorghe Gheorghenescu (NTN)

[28] Johmer Vales (CEN) vs. Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE)
Davi Malakkar (ACS) vs. Qualifier 14

[2] Ardil Navsal (CEN) vs. Mekar Laut (ERM)
Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs. Chad Cilsertin (KHD)

[31] Carmichael Brown (ETM) vs. Jack Ho (ETM)
Alina Koreleva (SRE) vs. Ralph Newkärn (BRI)

[15] Joe Katsi (TJU) vs. Kika Dovan (CEN)
Derek Dubrovnik (BRI) vs. Naim alex (SHT)

[18] Donat Kis (GGY) vs. Valery Ushakov (WSN)
Maria Sophia Lubis (PCU) vs. Qualifier 16

[10] Vladimir Mikhailov (WSN) vs. Andrea Vergnani (SOR)
Qualifier 22 vs. Qualifier 10

[23] Ricardo Toli (BRI) vs. Maddison Scott (ETM)
Qualifier 1 vs. Ikram fawz (SHT)

[7] Ngurah Putra Muliawan (PCU) vs. Marcus Hathwar (ETM)
Jimi Rusman (ERM) vs. Qualifier 5

[26] Syamim kevin (SHT) vs. Aaren Seabrooke (UAD)
Jumal Huyluer (HOP) vs. Qualifier 17

[3] Fiorenzo Tartoni (SOR) vs. Haikal jansen (SHT)
Massimo Recinella (SOR) vs. Elizabeth Quehall (BRI)

[30] Botack Andiam (CEN) vs. Qualifier 15
Indah Susanti (PCU) vs. Qualifier 20

[14] Teegan Sosa (GRU) vs. Marisa Maradona (CEN)
Puteri Alamsyah (SDR) vs. Qualifier 27

[19] Tena Špiričić (SRE) vs. Qualifier 25
Neth Soulner (SNC) vs. Mihaela Ioana Prisco (NTN)

[11] Jeff Rogers (GRU) vs. Qualifier 6
Sekar Laut (ERM) vs. Qualifier 12

[22] Ivan Štimac (SRE) vs. Dian Wirasastra (SDR)
Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs. Qualifier 2

[6] Mindy Waterford (KHD) vs. Livinia Moore (ETM)
Lucy Muneer (SHT) vs. Qualifier 18

[27] Komang Agus Artawan (PCU) vs. Batera Siwara (ERM)
Iris Bergadhga (ACS) vs. Margie Brown (GRU)


[1] Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (ETM/CEN) vs. Qualifier 13
Qualifier 17 vs. Mirella Xanthou/Alexios Lakovakis (BRO)

[16] Anthony Kawasaki/Jack Ho (ETM) vs. Qualifier 6
Putu Listya Dewi/Putu Ayu Maherani (PCU) vs. Qualifier 14

[8] Val Korekal/Luciano Crepaldi (CEN/SOR) vs. Anna Humpford/Carter Kanasaw (KHD)
Elizabeth Quehall/Ricardo Toli (BRI) vs. Fiorenzo Tartoni/Andrea Vergnani (SOR)

[9] Leonid Farkaš/Goran Ibrahimović (SRE) vs. Carrol water/cherrie kane (SHT)
Qualifier 1 vs. Liam Penderyn/Jac Iegis (CEN)

[5] Martha McNeil/Jeff Rogers (GRU) vs. Qualifier 12
Evgeny Kondratenko/Oleg Vlasov (WSN) vs. Qualifier 15

[12] Bradley Kohnface/Erin Maldry (KHD) vs. Qualifier 9
Qualifier 3 vs. Foger Rederer/Emily Romanescu (ADB)

[4] Elia Xal/Fia Xal (CEN) vs. Ivo Dhjukharevic/Goran Bogdanovich (BPE)
Qualifier 8 vs. Sythenae Drakonyz/Sevastrya Drakonyz (DFX)

[13] Riley Dovatin/Melissa Turnface (KHD) vs. Abi Forrest/Leone Na (BRI)
Tena Špiričić/Alina Koreleva (SRE) vs. Kim Li Bo/Mei Li Bo (TJU)

[6] Coosal Darlcheri/Perger Rianor (CEN) vs. Vuyani Rabada/Kaui Kamakawiwoʻole (TJU)
Qualifier 11 vs. Muhammad Pratama/Bungso Kiat (SDR)

[11] Komang Antari/Kadek Andreawati (PCU) vs. Jeremy Glass/Teegan Sosa (GRU)
Izzat manson/george fakhrul (SHT) vs. Miguel Taberon/Pedro Arrachar (ACS)

[3] Sonya Gredello/Rosa Levinsky (ETM) vs. Mihai Caeso Mihailescu/Márcus Gabriel Alencastro (NTN)
Ana Radkkar/Eva Radkkar (ACS) vs. Qualifier 18

[14] Oka Sulastra/Luh Putu Yundari (PCU) vs. Qualifier 10
Qualifier 2 vs. Eka Putrawan/Dwi Ratmadi (PCU)

[7] Shinji Makauchi/Felipe de la Rosa (TJU) vs. Vanessza Pataki/Marvin Weinwurm (GGY)
Haikal jansen/diana jansen (SHT) vs. Mekar Laut/Sekar Laut (ERM)

[10] Valentina Spetsova/Austin McDanielson (TJU) vs. Jennadora Elaisey/Barklay Raiken-Tellay (SNC)
Kyrsten Fletcher/Jumal Huyluer (HOP) vs. Indigo Crawford/Dale Carman (UAD)

[2] Spencer Kohnhead/Marcus Hathwar (KHD/ETM) vs. Bahari zack/isaac daud (SHT)
Qualifier 19 vs. Qualifier 5

[15] Massimo Recinella/Oscar Recinella (SOR) vs. Qualifier 4
Qualifier 16 vs. Qualifier 7
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Postby Baggieland » Sun Jun 20, 2021 8:35 pm

The Three Degrees Open

It wasn't that long ago that tennis was illegal in Baggieland and most citizens hadn't even heard of this sport. However, thanks to the courageous exploits of two young men – John Ivanisevic and Goran McEnroe – tennis is now legal and firmly in the hearts of all Baggies. A purpose-built tennis stadium is situated next to the Maripasoula Cricket Ground on Regis Island. The main event each day will be played at the stadium and the adjoining Cyrille Park will have temporary courts and stands constructed for all the other games.


Baggieland is a tropical island nation with a plethora of sun-kissed beaches lined with majestic palms. There are plenty of water sports to enjoy such as surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving on pristine coral reefs, together with a vibrant and exciting nightlife. Visitors can also venture into the unspoiled wilderness to experience jungle trekking, white water rafting and mountain climbing in this nation that has it all.



There are four main cities:

Hawthorn is the capital and by far the largest city. It has the nation’s sole airport, which serves international flights only. It surrounds Lake Throstle, which actually isn’t a lake, but an inland sea.

Albion has Baggieland’s only deep-water port and is the centre of all international trade, as well as being home to the Baggielandian Royal Navy. It is an industrial city and the only one without a beach, so most tourists avoid it.

Stoney Lane and the nearby Ark Island have the best snorkelling and scuba diving spots.

Bunn’s Field has the best surfing beaches and there are also good snorkelling and scuba diving locations around Birches Island.

There are three smaller populated areas in the Three Degrees region:

Regis Island, Batson Island and Cunningham Island. These islands have good surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving as well, but they are best known by scuba divers for the abundance of ship wrecks.

There are no cars in Baggieland, but there is a very efficient public transportation system. There are trams within cities, trains between cities and ferries to the islands. All of which run every few minutes from early in the morning until late at night. The longest route, Cunningham Island to Ark Island, takes no more than five hours.

Sport in Baggieland

All Baggies are sport crazy, the nation comes to a standstill every time a game is being played. The players that make it to the top of their game are treated as gods.

Dartmouth Hill (97,842), Hawthorn, is the home of football.

Birches Park (89,476), Bunn’s Field, is the home of rugby.

Waverley Oval (82,612), Albion, is the home of Aussie rules.

Cooper’s Field (62,591), Stoney Lane, is the home of cricket.

Cyrille Park (18,542), Regis Island, is the home of tennis.

Maripasoula Stadium (32,836), Regis Island.

St. George’s (28,451), Batson Island.

The Archway (19,026), Cunningham Island.

Travel Warning Advisory

Are you wondering why there are so many ship wrecks in the Three Degrees Region? There is a rogue submarine HMS Onslaught that operates in this area. They approach the ferries looking for booty and often sink the ships if they’re not satisfied with the takings (they always allow the passengers and crew into the lifeboats first – no one’s been lost – yet). If you should find yourself in this situation, well… you’re on your own.
Danger rating: 5/10. They might be satisfied with their booty.

As Baggieland has an equatorial climate, there are sharks in the seas off the coast, but no shark nets. If you should find yourself up against a tiger shark while enjoying the beach life, well… you’re on your own.
Danger rating: 1/10. Shark attacks are infrequent and rarely fatal. Shark diving tours are available.

Etiquette in Baggieland

As in any country, there are some social 'Dos and Don'ts'. Here's a couple to make sure your stay in Baggieland doesn't cause any cultural misunderstandings:

1. Always eat lasagna with a spoon.
(Not as uncouth as it sounds).
2. Always bow to fast-food workers before placing your order.
(A bit of appreciation for those who sacrifice their social lives in order to serve us).
3. The Royal Family are revered in Baggieland; please pay respect.
(The national anthem is played everyday at 6pm and before every film showing at cinemas).

National Anthem

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Postby Baggieland » Fri Jun 25, 2021 10:22 pm

The Three Degrees Open.

Qualifying matches start on Monday 28th June at 3am (ish) UTC.

Doubles qualifying:
Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (ETM)
Clara Behringer/Christel Brändle (BVR)
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Postby Beaverriver » Sun Jun 27, 2021 12:38 am

The Elkhausen Report

Native Elkhauser Joins the Multiversal Tennis Tour

After playing for several years on the Beaver River Tennis Circuit, Elkhausen-born Clara Behringer will make the jump to the multiversal NationState Tennis Tour (NSTT). The NSTT is split into four seasons: a outdoor hard court season, a clay court season, a grass court season, and an indoor hard court season. Currently, the NSTT is beginning its grass court season, a surface familiar to many Beaverites and Forestlene players. Clara will be playing under the Beaver River flag and will be one of the first Beaverites to join the NSTT along with Birgit Gallego, Helle Söderberg, Ulrich Senft, and Christel Brändle. This is the first Beaverite athletes to compete in a multiversal sporting event since World Cup 76.

Clara started off her career in the junior circuit in Forestly at 15 years old becoming the Forestlene Junior Champion at the end of the season. She moved with her family to Beaver River to compete in the Beaver River Junior Tennis Circuit where she rose to prominence by becoming one of the top players in the circuit, winning numerous tournaments and becoming runner-up in the Beaver River Junior Championship when she was 17. She turned pro on her 18th birthday and joined the Beaver River Tennis Pro Tour. Since turning pro she has won numerous tournaments and lost in the semifinals to top Beaverite tennis player, Birgit Gallego in 4-sets. To continue challenging herself, she jumped at the opportunity to join the NationStates Tennis Tour at the start of the grass court season as a way to prove herself to the world. Many pro-integration people hope that Clara Behringer will become a symbol of what Forestly can do if it joins Beaver River.

Clara Behringer will be competing in the Three Degree Open in Regis Island, Baggieland of B71 which starts this Monday. She will be facing Jose Miguel Castellanos of Quebec and Shingoryeo in the singles qualifying round and she will join fellow Forestlene Christel Brändle in the doubles qualifying round against Bryson Dingley and Nissa Tran of Electrum.
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Postby Baggieland » Sun Jun 27, 2021 7:05 pm

Doubles Qualifying.

Bryson Dingley/Nissa Tran (ETM)               4   2
Clara Behringer/Christel Brändle (BVR) 6 6

30th June: Singles qualifying and Singles round 1
1st July: Singles round 2 and Doubles round 1
2nd July: Singles round 3 and Doubles round 2
3rd July: Quarterfinals
4th July: Semifinals
5th July: Finals
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Postby Baggieland » Sun Jun 27, 2021 7:41 pm

Here are the links to the tournament builders:


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Postby Srednjaci » Mon Jun 28, 2021 12:49 am


The Three Degrees Open

TENA ŠPIRIČIĆ - 20 years, 179 cm, 69 kg, born in Katanija. Our third best ranked tennis player, is currently in 80th position and for this year 45th position. It has a 10:6 win-loss ratio. In doubles Tena is on 68th position in the world and 39th on Entry list for this year.
At Electrum Slam she was the most successful.An excellent tactician on the field, a very intelligent player with great technique. She compensates for her's lack of strong punches with fast legs, great technique and quick reactions.
She reads the game very well and closes the possibilities of getting easy points to the opponent. Does'nt make a lot of unforced errores during the match, all around player, with incredible defensive skills, return to the field every ball she catches. She has great overhead smash, terrific volley, great forehand and backhand.
Serves accurately and precisely, rarely makes mistakes on service. The balls have rotations and bounce faster in contact with the ground.
There is no speed like Lucija Bagarić but her first serves are hard to read and return. Tena also uses a two-handed hidden backhand that is also hard to read. She often annoys his opponents with his game because She returns each ball and thus forces the opponent to take an one more shot, which is often an unforced error for an annoyed opponent.
She is a former Srednjaci champion, and a former junior Srednjaci champion. The last tournament she won is the Melarit Gold Coast Open two months ago.
The win-loss ratio last season was 47:15, earning 2.3 million Dalats.
Tena Špiričić played her first match outside DR Srednjaci in the qualifications of the Steiningestrasse tournament and beat Benedicto Napoletani (YVK) with 6: 4,4: 6,6: 2. In the first round of the tournament she beat Zunaira Hardy (BUC) with 4: 6,7: 6,6: 0! In the second round, she was defeated by Rodrick Uppatin (31) (KHD) with 6: 3.6: 2.
At the Electrum Slam, she lost a match in the third round to winner Valentina Spetsova. After a hard and even fight, Spetsova was better.
Tena Špriričić played well in the tournament however again paid tribute to inexperience. She lost the third round match to John Ivanicevic of Baggieland with 6:3,4:6,6:7.
On Beçonailles Slam, Špiričić didn't have luck in draw session. She has to faced Andrew Simmons from Electrum in first round. After really good fight, Simmons wins.


Tena Played werry well on this tournament but she fell in scond round of Georg Heraklit . Player from Gnejs was better this time.

Tena Špiričić (SRE)              7   2   2
Georg Heraklit (PUG) 5 6 6

Hamilton International

Tena Špiričić loose in third round singles. But storry of the tournament is first double finals partnering with Alina Koreleva
Doubles - final
Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (2) (ETM/CEN)     6   6
Tena Špiričić/Alina Koreleva (SRE) 4 1

singles third round
Bartolo Sabanero (1) (AQL)           6   6
Tena Špiričić (SRE) 2 4

Singles,First round
Andrew Simmons (6) (ETM) 6 6 2 4 6
Tena Špiričić (SRE) 1 4 6 6 2

In The Three Degrees open in Baggieland, Tena is sixth seed and in first match she will play to Ingrid Dal from Gnejs.

First Round
(6) Tena Špiričić (SRE)
Ingrid Dal (PUG)

LJUBOMIR IVANKOVIĆ - 22 years old, 185 cm, 79 kg, plays with his right hand, two-handed backhand. He is currently ranked 78th in the world and is the 41st player in the world this year. He is the second best positioned tennis player from Srednjaci with a 12:6 win-loss ratio.
The player from the baseline prefers clay, but he also manages very well on hard surfaces. He can keep the ball in the game for a long time and has a great drop shot!
moves very well, great leg work. He returned to tennis after a one-year break due to injury and in the final of the championship DR Srednjaci lost to Ivan Štimac with 7: 5,3: 6,3: 6, 6: 4,1: 6!
He is good on the serve, he often has over 75% of the interception of the first serve and almost 82% of the points won after the first serve. The average speed of the first service is 182 kmh (113 mph), the fastest service is 211 kmh (131 mph).
He places his services very well and mostly likes kick service from the body or flat service in the body.
He misses a good game online.
In DR Srednjaci he has the most victories in his career, collecting 64 and 12 defeats.
Ivankovic played in the Steiningestrassetournament and won in the first round Gregory Huemenn (INS) with 6: 4,1: 6,6: 4 and in the second round he lost to Mindy Waterford (5) (KHD) with 7: 5,6: 4 so in tournaments it has a 1: 1 ratio!
At the Electrum Slam, Ivankovic lost in the second round in a great match to finalist Navsal 6:4,3:6,4:6,6:4,6:2.
At Astello International, Ivanković lost in the third round to Alya Elyas, the seventh player in the tournament, seveth seed.
Alya Elyas (7) (SHT)                    6   6
Ljubomir Ivankovic (SRE) 3 2

At the Antillia Masters, Ivanković goes trough quallies but fell in first round of Ardil Navsal 6:2,6:4.


On Hamilton International Ljubo reached the fourth round in singles, fell to Ardil Navsal, but failed in first round of doubles partnering with Leanne Stewart from Electrum.
Ardil Navsal (5) (CEN)            7   6
Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE) 6 2

On Beçonailles Slam, Ivanković was out too early like all our players. Hel lose second round match to Jeff Rogers.
Singles, First Round
Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE)          6   6   6
Theresa Waterford (KHD) 3 4 0

Singles, second round
Jeff Rogers (15) (GRU)              6   6   6
Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE) 4 4 2

In Three Degrees Open tournament, Ljubomir is fourth seed. In first round mactch he will play to Mirko Tonti from San Ortelio.

First round
(4) Ljubomir Ivanković (SRE)
Mirko Tonti (SOR)

Ljubomir will play doubles competition partnering with Leanne Stewart from Electrum.

LUCIJA BAGARIĆ - 19 years old, 183 cm tall, 72 kg, born in Bistua Nuova and also plays for Smash Tennis Club.
Lucija has a win-loss ratio of 8:5, she is currently in the 122nd position, but she is also the 79th player in the world for this year.
With her tennis club, she won the DR Srednjaci championship last year. Muscular constitutions of the body, she plays with her right hand, one-handed backhand is also her best shot in the game. She likes all substrates but mostly grassy and hard courts.
Great foot work and pure power from the baseline give her the ability to quickly transit the game to the net.
She plays very well on the net, she also plays doubles so her volley is great, she is very successful, it is hard to lob her.
Her service is phenomenal. Serve quickly, powerfully and very accurately. Lucija has the best ratio of ases vs double foults in Srednjaci. She served 504 aces in 72 matches played, which is 7 per match.
She served the most aces in match against Irina Prydruchna in the first round of the Dormatisi Open. In two sets, she served 26 aces and only 1 double fault.
Strong service allows her to play "serve-volley".
Her fastest forehand was 168 kmh (104 mph) and her one-handed backhand was 161 kmh (100 mph). Her service is 82% of interceptions and after the first service she gets 86% of points! The average speed of the first service is 179 kmh (111mph) and the fastest speed service is 211 kmh (131 mph).
In the individual women's competition, she won gold at the championship in DR Srednjaci with a victory in the final against the then champion Tena Špiričić with 6: 7, 6: 2, 6: 4.
In mixed doubles, she was first in a pair with Leonid Farkaš.
Lucija Bagarić made great progress in the return game. The opponent's second serve waits inside the court in front of the baseline and perceives the direction of the first serve very well so that he returns the ball to the opponent very well and strongly.
Lucija had a win-loss ratio of 66: 6 last season. She won 10 titles in the DR Srednjaci and earned 3.1 million Dalats.
Lucija Bagarić played qualifiers at the Steiningestrasse tournament and beat Constantino Benedetto (YVK) with 6: 0.6: 4 but lost in the first round of the tournament to Stephen Saltswoon (INS) with 6: 4,4:6,1:6.
At the Electrum Slam, she was unlucky, getting injured in a match and eventually losing. She started well and won the first set. However at the start of the second set, a thigh muscle injury stopped her. She did not surrender the match but could not move.
Lonus Varalin (4) (CEN)                3   6   6   6
Lucija Bagarić (Q) (SRE) 6 1 1 1

A somewhat disappointing performance for Lucija Bagarić at Astello International. She expected more from her performance in the tournament. However, she lost the second round match to Bradley Tang.
Bradley Tang (19) (UNV)              6   6   6
Lucija Bagarić (SRE) 7 2 1

At the Antillia Masters, Bagarić wonn qualifing rounds but fell in first round.
Lucija Bagarić (SRE)             7   3   3
Dorotea Granit (PUG) 5 6 6

Lucija Bagarić loose in second round.

In Beçonailles Slam Bagarić lose first round match.
Beçonailles Slam
Lucija Bagarić (SRE)              3   6   5   6   4
Kika Dovan (CEN) 6 1 7 3 6

In Three Degrees Open in Baggieland, Lucija is 14th seed player on tournament. She will play to Andree Bapako from Acastanha.
First round
(14) Lucija Bagarić (SRE)
Andre Bapako (ACS)

ALINA KORELEVA-she is 18 years old, a young tennis player born in the town of Raduč. The best junior of the region and the city of Raduč. She won two junior tournaments of the highest rank in DR Srednjaci and is currently number 2 in the junior championship of DR Srednjaci. Alina is 221st singles world ranking player and 157th player on entry list for this year .
I doubles competition, Alina is 76th player in the world and 44th player on entry doubles list for this year.
A talented tennis player who mostly uses the service volley game. She has a good first serve, a high percentage of interceptions, but also a great game after the service.
Koreleva will play qualifications on ELECTRUM Slam and try to make the first points for international rankings.
Alina loose in second round of qualifications Electrum Slam.
Hamilton International - double , partnering with Tena Špiričić FINALS
Sara Zhuo/Gyrachor Rentos (2) (ETM/CEN)     6   6
Tena Špiričić/Alina Koreleva (SRE) 4 1

On Beçonailles Slam Alina surprisingly lost match to Dotivijan teenager Dijana Jukić in qualifying second round match.
Beçonailles Slam
Singles Qualifying Round 2
Alina Koreleva (SRE) 7 6
Nuqinti Okorew (MAL) 5 4

Singles Qualifying Round 3
Alina Koreleva (SRE) 6 3 2
Dijana Jukić (DOT) 4 6 6

In Three Degrees Open, Alina will faced to Ken Pollock from TJUN-ia in first round .

First round
Alina Koreleva (SRE)
Ken Pollock (TJU)



1. Ivan Štimac 45
2. Ljubomir Ivanković 78
3. Tena Špiričić 80
4. Lucija Bagarić 122
5. Alina Koreleva 221

6. Dora Klemenčić 246
7. Josip Ratković 314
7. Igor Matković 314

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Postby Gnejs » Tue Jun 29, 2021 5:43 am


Werner Naess leaned back in his chair and massaged his temples. He'd had a long week. Amongst other things he had cleared up some sort of mishap at the Three Degrees administration office. The fixtures had been distributed a few days ago, and mysteriously Arne Oxwald wasn’t on them. Three or four phone calls had revealed some sort of mix-up, where the registrar in Baggieland had interpreted Oxwald's first name as short for 'Barney', and his middle name of Valk as a thinly veiled reference to 'Walk'. He had labelled the entire entry as a disingenuous ridicule of his motherland and its athletes, and tossed it aside. It took Werner the better part of an hour – and frequent use of his standard "Vacationing in Baggieland – Common Idioms" to convince the registrar that Oxwald was indeed a real person, and that his signup in no way was meant to indicate that the Union was out for trouble or wished to mock Goran McEnroe's engrossment with balls and chalk. It had ended on a cheerful note, and the updated fixtures had just arrived with Arne Oxwald seeded at 14 and up against Lucy Muneer of Sharktail.

He was tired, feeling shrivelled. A shadow of his former self. Just a few weeks ago he would have jumped on this opportunity to punish Oxwald for his treacherous ways in defecting from the Elite Programme. Not so anymore. Recent events causing his fall from grace within the ranks of the GTF had drained him of power. People looked at him differently these days. Respect, or fear, was gone, and antipathy and hunger had replaced them. He had forsaken any will to fight back, and focused what remaining energy he had on administrating everyday tasks, withdrawn from the vultures. Only his trusted secretary, Mikkel, had remained loyal, and Werner had become increasingly dependent on the young man. He was his sole source of information on what went on within the GTF outside his own office. The news he brought was often grim. What had first surfaced as loose rumours of having Werner dethroned at the upcoming general assembly, was now as concrete as they come and common knowledge within the halls of the GTF. It was his old nemesis Elias Hird who was leading the charge, according to Mikkel. Not surprising, that old hound had fought Werner every step on his way to remoulding Gnejsian tennis. His rise to power had never been easy, requiring skilled balancing acts between shifting allies in all the four Tennis Regions. Now it seemed Hird was about to tip the scales in his favour once again, relying on trusted old methods of rallying the plebeians of the small clubs dotting the land. But who would replace him? Not Hird himself, surely. He was much too old, and had always been better at pulling strings from behind the scenes rather than standing upfront.

As if by some sort of divine intervention, Werner's thoughts about his would-be usurper was followed by a knock on the door, and Mikkel entering. He was flushed and talked rapidly.

"Sir. I have news. They've decided on a name."

Werner looked up with a sense of trepidation hitting his stomach.


"It's Falk, Sir. They're going to put up Tangeus Falk as new chair of the GTF. They're making it public soon."

Werner sat in shock. Falk? That deranged soothsayer? In charge of the GTF? It was madness. What, mandatory juggling lessons and yoga classes all across the land? Dismantle the Elite Programmes and the Academies of Excellence and start distributing funds according to how the planets align or who's aura shines the brightest? Werner started feeling a warm sensation in his belly. It was part anger, part determination. "No", he thought to himself. Not on my watch.

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Postby Electrum » Tue Jun 29, 2021 6:54 am

Centralis Herald - Sports Section - Luke Zhang

Dingley and Tran out in qualifying

In an admirable performance, Bryson Dingley and Nissa Tran have bowled out in their first ever international match, losing to fellow debutantes Clara Behringer and Christel Brändle from Beaverriver. While the Electrumites were downed in straight sets by the Beaverrites, this match gave them valuable experience which was totally different to what they were used to in Electrum. Playing in the strange land of Baggieland where there are no cars and people bow to fast food workers served as a culture shock.

Dingley spoke to the adjustment difficulties in a press conference after their match: "We didn't have much sleep before our match today - we were travelling overseas for the first time, we had a lot of nerves, and were surrounded by some very loud family members. We just need to work on adapting more - adapting to the conditions and being on tour, the springier courts here in Regis Island, and mid match as well. Nissa and myself just could not keep up our form over the two sets, and we wish the Beaverites well."

The start of the first set was promising for the Electrumites. They managed to break Behringer's serve with Tran's quick hands at the net complementing nicely with Dingley's crushing returns. Often the Electrumites would just go for the one-two - a Dingley return, and Tran crossing over with the volley to finish off the return. The Electrumites managed to hold onto this break until their second service game when Tran was broken to love - the gusty conditions were not helpful. From that point, it was one way traffic for the Beaverites, with them making ground on a lot of the Electrumite service games while the Electrumites could not do the same in their return games. It was telling that in the second half of the first set, the Beaverites faced 0 break points to the Electrumite's 6. This momentum continued into the second set where the Beaverites won 6 games to 2. In the end, they had better movement, the better serve and the tactics -- with good reads on the Tran serve and exposing Dingley's vulnerable backhand shots.

Dingley and Tran managed to obtain an Electrumite spot into the main draw of the Three Degrees Open after being the top pair of the domestic Electrum tour -- a move reminiscent of Anthony Kawasaki and Leanne Stewart. But unlike Kawasaki and Stewart, there is no romantic attachment between the two, nor will there ever be: Dingley is married, and Tran is bring her family on tour. This bodes well for a successful partnership -- previous romantic pairings such as Darlcheri and Rentos and Kawasaki and Stewart have inevitably ended up in failures.

However, it is essential that Dingley and Tran get as much match experience as possible after years in the domestic tour. The ELTA has already promised them a fast-tracked transition to life on tour with promised spots in the Mercedinian Open and the River Cities Open. The ELTA hopes that this extra match experience will mean that the Electrumites will have many opportunities to build up match experience, get their first win and climb the rankings. It was just unfortunate that the Electrumites were drawn into qualifying at Baggieland.
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Postby Baggieland » Tue Jun 29, 2021 6:45 pm

Singles Qualifying.

Austin Powers (KHD)                  6   6
Ulrich Senft (BVR) 2 4

Duwanisarga Yajamaja (PCU) 2 6 3
Odgoda Appichently (STR) 6 4 6

Leêni Pekro (MAL) 6 5 12
Memphis Coutaire (STR) 2 7 10

Nuqinti Okorew (MAL) 6 5 5
Clara Behringer (BVR) 4 7 7

Hans Maunholzer (STR) 6 0 6
Han Song-Oh (QUE) 3 6 4

Helle Söderberg (BVR) 6 6
Jose Miguel Castellanos (QUE) 4 0

Colby Nonk (KHW) 6 5 6
Byron Aucamon (CEN) 4 7 2

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Postby Ceni » Tue Jun 29, 2021 7:23 pm

Byron Versus the World

Up until this point, Byron Aucamon hated his trip to Baggieland. No, it wasn't the way they ate lasagna with a spoon (he'd tried it and found an understated pleasure in it). No, it wasn't the way that they all bowed to fast food workers while ordering said lasagna with said spoon. No, it wasn't the way that society stood still for the 6pm rendition of the national anthem (although he didn't particularly find its heavy metal sounds resonant to the ears).

It was this whole tennis tournament thing. For him, it had been a disaster from the start.

It started with the trip from the airport to the tournament itself on Regis Island. The first tram from the airport into the main train station trundled past him just as he got to the transfer point, and the second blew him off at full speed. Was it full? He'd never know. He finally managed to grab an overcrowded tram into Hawthorn itself to catch the train to Three Degrees to catch the ferry to Regis Island itself.

He made it to the train — and then it broke down. He felt like Elaine in that Seinfeld episode, wondering if they could start the wedding without the ring (or if they could start the tennis tournament without its players).

Weary and ragged, he made it into Three Degrees more than an hour behind schedule, with the sweat beading on his back and his shoulders aching from having to lug his tennis bags across the goddamn country.

And then there was the ferry. Byron shuddered. He didn't want to think about the ferry, what with that goddamn submarine lurking in the waters. Thank goodness it didn't strike, but Byron did see the pirates boarding a ferry ahead of them. For once, Byron was happy about being late. They probably would have taken his new racquets.

Regis Island itself wasn't too bad. He could see the beach from his hotel room and the ocean in the distance.

But then came the tournament. Organizers had apparently forgotten a couple of players from Srednjaci, so they promised to redraw the tournament, making it into a perfect 64-player draw. So he was in the main tournament without having to play in the qualifiers. That was a sigh of relief.

And then they discovered more missing players in the draw, so they reopened the qualifying draw. And he was in it. It reminded him of a Dr. Seuss video he watched as a kid. He was in qualifying and out of qualifying and in qualifying again. So far, 0/10 on the communication side.

To make matters worse, the other Cenian players shunned him. It wasn't so much that they disliked him outright but rather that they were in their own individual bubbles. The three singles players had known each other well before he came on the scene, and the doubles partnerships sticked together for the most part. He thought he caught Jana Arkinn's eye at some point back in Ceni, but he'd never gotten close enough to test his feelings.

So he stayed to himself and moped in his room. Hopefully, his qualifying match wouldn't end up so disastrously.
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NSTT #1s: Lonus Varalin, Ardil Navsal (singles), Gyrachor Rentos, Elia Xal/Fia Xal (doubles)
UICA Champions' Cup titles (1): 1860 Azoth
World Cup 76, World Cup 79
Baptism of Fire 61
Cup of Harmony 63
Copa Rushmori 41
International Basketball Championships 20
Cenian Open (Grand Slam) 1-8
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Postby Baggieland » Tue Jun 29, 2021 8:30 pm

Singles Round 1.

Margie Brown (1) (GRU)               6   5   6
Clara Behringer (BVR) 4 7 2

Tristan Delisle (RCN) 6 4 6
Austin Powers (KHD) 4 6 1

Arne Oxwald (14) (PUG) 4 6 6
Lucy Muneer (SHT) 6 2 2

Sandra Mae (DOT) 6 6
Ilonka Plevnik (DOT) 3 3

Andrea Vergnani (5) (SOR) 6 6
Colby Nonk (KHW) 0 2

Arlo Daniels (BUC) 2 7 5
Ken Pollock (TJU) 6 6 7

Augusta Björnstjärna (11) (PUG) 6 6
Jack Ho (ETM) 2 2

Eva Brandt (GRU) 7 7
Ikram Fawz (SHT) 5 5

Ljubomir Ivanković (4) (SRE) 6 6
Mirko Tonti (SOR) 2 4

André Bapako (ACS) 4 2
Ingrid Dal (PUG) 6 6

Goran McEnroe (16) (BGG) 6 6
Marcel Bilodeau (QUE) 1 4

Blake Gabolon (STR) 1 1
Domenico Lunghi (SOR) 6 6

Tena Špiričić (7) (SRE) 3 6 6
Thibaut Berthelot (RCN) 6 1 3

Helle Söderberg (BVR) 7 2 4
Birgit Gallego (WC) (BVR) 5 6 6

Davi Malakkar (10) (ACS) 4 6 6
Sibylla Naess (PUG) 6 1 2

A'Kero Pendent (MAL) 6 6
Martin Lane (KHD) 3 4

Livinia Moore (2) (ETM) 6 6
Fisher Gulo (WC) (KHW) 2 1

Grace Covalt (KHD) 7 2 6
Arabella McCarthy (QUE) 6 6 2

Graziano Giunti (13) (SOR) 6 3 5
Jasmin Wayverson (TJU) 1 6 7

Amara Charles (BUC) 6 3 6
Vilim Gulić (DOT) 4 6 3

Indah Susanti (6) (PCU) 6 7
Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) 2 5

Leêni Pekro (MAL) 4 4
Ada Nunez (GRU) 6 6

Hildebrant Weisgerber (12) (RCN) 6 7
Enveri Anakiré (MAL) 4 5

Andy Amada (CEN) 6 6
Pedro Sanchez de la Cruz (TJU) 1 0

Noah Damaris (3) (CEN) 4 6 6
Hakim Kalah-Mustafa (TJU) 6 0 4

Esterina Picarelli (RCN) 6 6
Odgoda Appichently (STR) 3 2

Rivera Bassett (15) (BUC) 7 7
Lucija Bagarić (SRE) 6 6

Hans Maunholzer (STR) 3 7 3
Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 6 5 6

Grayson Norris (8) (GRU) 3 3
Zunaira Hardy (BUC) 6 6

Sammy Shuter (KHD) 6 4
Alen Glesnik (DOT) 7 6

Maria Sophia Lubis (9) (PCU) 6 6 1
Neia Dovan (CEN) 7 3 6

Isis Dimpal (ACS) 4 6 2
Alina Koreleva (SRE) 6 4 6

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Postby Beaverriver » Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:06 pm

Clara walks out of Cyrille Park exhausted. She just played two singles matches in one day with both of them going to three sets. The qualifying match into the main draw was a grueling 3 setter which ended 4-6 7-5 7-5 and lasted for 2 hours in the morning. Unfortunately, her next match wasn't easier as she had to face Margie Brown, the 1 seed in the Three Degrees Open. She fought hard but the first match of the day really got to her in the third set, losing the match 4-6 7-5 2-6. Fortunately, she didn't have a long press conference. Her doubles partner, Christel, was there waiting for her at the exit to Cyrille Park.
"Sooooo. How did it go?" said Christel.
"As you expect with a 1 seed after playing three-setter earlier," said Clara.
"Well that's too bad. I just hate it when the tournament organizers don't have it together."
"Yeah. First, they announced that they were having singles qualifying the same day as our qualifying match then they said it wasn't needed then changed their minds again and had it the same day as the first round. But hey, you play the hand you're dealt with and I say I played it well."
"That's true. I guess you're not up to practicing later today considering your matches. Maybe we could do it tomorrow morning around 6?"
"Yeah, that's fine. I'm probably going to bed early because I feel absolutely tired."
Suddenly, Clara's bag starts to vibrate. She sifts through her bag until she finds her vibrating phone with a call from Beaver River. She accepts the call and says hello exhaustively.
"Hello Clara!" said a male voice. "This is Micheal from the Baeten Post Office. I have an urgent letter from the Elkhausen Elections Office and I saw that you are out of the country for a couple of months. Is there a particular address or post office that you would like to receive the letter from?" She remembers that the referendum was only two months away and that she requested a mail ballot recently.
"Uh, yeah. I will be at the Salvador Hills Open next week which should be a good place to send it to." She pulls back her phone and asks Christel where the event is taking place.
"Well it's in Salvador, The Grearish Union silly. Did you forget?" answered Christel
"Thank you." Clara puts back the phone onto her ear. "The best post office to send to is the one in Salvador, The Grearish Union."
"Sure. It will arrive in 5-7 business days. Is there anything else?" said Micheal.
"Yeah, can you send a text when it has arrived and how I can get it?"
"Um. We currently don't provide that service but I can ask the manager to set that up for you, but I can't guarantee that it'll happen."
"Thank you. Hope it works. Bye." Clara hangs up her phone. She grows even more tired after the phone call. Christel and her walk over to the bus stop, hoping that a bus would show up any minute. A few minutes later, a bus pulls up to the bus stop. Christel and Clara get onto the bus and sits towards the back of the bus next to each other. Clara lays her head on Christel and drifts off to sleep while the bus pulls away from the bus stop.
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Postby Srednjaci » Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:32 pm


The Three Degrees Open

IVAN JURLINA : Dear viewers, welcome to the show "IT's TENNIS TIME".
The tennis season on the grass courts begins with the tournament in Baggieland. Our tennis has four representatives. Ljubomir Ivanković is appointed the fourth seed of the tournament and Tena Špiričić the seventh seed.
This is the first time in history that we have two seeds in one tournament.

Ljubomir Ivanković (4) (SRE)         6   6
Mirko Tonti (SOR) 2 4

In the first round, Ljubo had Mirko Tonti as his opponent. The player from San Ortelio played a quality match, but Ljubo had the main word in that match. From the beginning, he imposed authority and his own rhythm in the game. Tonti only looks more seriously in the second set and was better in the rallys. However, it was too late.

" Tonti is a quality player and has a good overview of the game. I had to be patient and focused in the second set. He served well and didn’t give too many chances. I used the first one I had. This was a good match and I am glad I won, "said Ljubo Ivanković.

Tena Špiričić (7) (SRE)              3   6   6
Thibaut Berthelot (RCN) 6 1 3

Tena Špiričić has been appointed the seventh seed of the tournament. For the first round she got a player from Recuecn, Thibaut Berthelot. Tena did not open the match well. She lost her serve right at the beginning and Thibaut Berthelot went 3-0. By the end of the first set, Tena had failed to reverse the score despite playing well. However, in the next two sets, Tena raised the level of her game and that was still too much to follow for Thibaut Berthelot.

"I didn't sleep well last night, I had headaches. Today I felt a little exhausted and it took me a while to get into the match. I'm very happy that I managed to recover and win. It's important for me to win even when I'm not playing the best tennis. . "said Tena

Alina Koreleva (SRE)                 6   4   6
Isis Dimpal (ACS) 4 6 2

Alina managed to achieve her first professional win in the main draw. Alina was better than Isis Dimpal from Acastanha. Alina started the first set well and took the lead 2: 0. Dimpal equalized however but Alina managed to make a break again and win the set. Dimpal got the second set much more convincingly. Alina failed to transfer her game from the first set to the second. Third set was much more equal, but Alina still managed to win.

"I'm very happy that I managed to win. I had nervousness and nervousness but I managed to celebrate in the end. This is my first win in the main draw and there will be some points for me." said Alina.

Rivera Bassett (15) (BUC)            7   7
Lucija Bagarić (SRE) 6 6

In a very even match, Lucija Bagarić was defeated. Another disappointing result for her. It will be very difficult to get back from this state because Lucia failed to pass the first round neither to Beçonailles and now nor to Regis Island. Rivera Bassett is 15th seed and she was more focused and koncetrated.

"I'm not happy and I'm going to have to change something. I expected a lot more from this season than the results showed me. This is not the way for me. I know I'm still young but I expect more." said Lucija

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Postby Ceni » Wed Jun 30, 2021 6:00 pm

Byron Versus the World

As it turned out, Byron's qualifying match ended disastrously.

It started off with a misunderstanding about the time of the match. Maybe Byron's watch was off by 45 minutes, or maybe he had fallen into a temporal vortex and lost 45 minutes of his life, or something crazy like that. Whatever the cause, he had to rush over to the temporary courts without much time to spare. As the Elizabeth Bishop poem went, "The art of losing isn't hard to master," especially when you're in a hurry, and Byron forgot his favorite sports drink in all the chaos and hubbub. As he ran over to the courts, he kept muttering to himself, "All's well that ends well."

Of course, reader, as you know, it did not end well.

He was slated to play the strangely named Colby Nonk from the equally strangely named Khaiwoon, which as its entry materials for the tournament proudly proclaimed was an unabashed dictatorship. Lovely. Was Nonk playing for personal pride, or for salvation from a murderous regime? Of course, the Dictatorship of Khaiwoon did not make other information about itself copiously available, so Byron could not study Nonk or his country in much detail.

Not that it would have mattered. Although Byron had grown up playing on grass courts at New Oxford, he had not accustomed much to Baggie grass courts. Heck, that public transport labyrinth from the other day sucked up most of his practice time. And since the Baggies had set up the courts literally overnight (or so he surmised), they were far more slippery than the courts he was used to.

So, of course he had to trip at 2-0 up in the third set. He conceded that he had played poorly in the first set, dumping his distinctive forehand into the net a few too many times. But he shone in the second set, even if Nonk's serves kept hitting the tape and bouncing in weird ways. He didn't succeed in breaking Nonk until the 12th game of the second set, but that was enough.

And he broke Nonk again at the beginning of the third.

But, as a shooting pain up his ankle reminded him, he tripped on the slick grass.

He couldn't forget that moment: Serving and quickly moving in for the volley... Nonk returning with a groundstroke to force him to hit a half volley to his left, right on the line... an unfortunate step on the tape... disaster.

Byron called the physio over, but the physio couldn't massage his ankle back into submission. A taped ankle plus a slippery surface meant that Byron could not aggressively chase balls down or zip down to the net. It meant that Nonk won the remaining six games in the set and, ergo, the match.

It was a disheartening experience, walking up to the net to shake a guy named Colby Nonk's hand in dejected defeat.

All the qualifiers lost the next day, so it might not have mattered. Still, Byron thought he could have pulled off an upset. But it didn't much matter if he couldn't get into the main draw as a whole.

Byron went back to Elizabeth Bishop: "The art of losing isn’t hard to master." And in this case, it definitely brought disaster.
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NSTT #1s: Lonus Varalin, Ardil Navsal (singles), Gyrachor Rentos, Elia Xal/Fia Xal (doubles)
UICA Champions' Cup titles (1): 1860 Azoth
World Cup 76, World Cup 79
Baptism of Fire 61
Cup of Harmony 63
Copa Rushmori 41
International Basketball Championships 20
Cenian Open (Grand Slam) 1-8
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Postby Baggieland » Wed Jun 30, 2021 7:40 pm

Singles Round 2.

Margie Brown (1) (GRU)               3   5
Tristan Delisle (RCN) 6 7

Arne Oxwald (14) (PUG) 6 1 6
Sandra Mae (DOT) 4 6 2

Andrea Vergnani (5) (SOR) 6 6
Ken Pollock (TJU) 3 2

Augusta Björnstjärna (11) (PUG) 6 2 6
Eva Brandt (GRU) 2 6 4

Ljubomir Ivanković (4) (SRE) 6 6
Ingrid Dal (PUG) 1 2

Goran McEnroe (16) (BGG) 6 7
Domenico Lunghi (SOR) 1 6

Tena Špiričić (7) (SRE) 6 6
Birgit Gallego (BVR) 2 1

Davi Malakkar (10) (ACS) 6 2 3
A'Kero Pendent (MAL) 4 6 6

Livinia Moore (2) (ETM) 6 4 7
Grace Covalt (KHD) 4 6 5

Jasmin Wayverson (TJU) 6 6
Amara Charles (BUC) 7 7

Indah Susanti (6) (PCU) 7 4 7
Ada Nunez (GRU) 6 6 5

Hildebrant Weisgerber (12) (RCN) 6 5 6
Andy Amada (CEN) 4 7 2

Noah Damaris (3) (CEN) 6 2 11
Esterina Picarelli (RCN) 2 6 9

Rivera Bassett (15) (BUC) 3 6 6
Marcus Hathwar (ETM) 6 3 2

Zunaira Hardy (BUC) 6 7
Alen Glesnik (DOT) 1 6

Neia Dovan (CEN) 6 4
Alina Koreleva (SRE) 7 6

Doubles Round 1.

Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (1) (SHT)                6   6
Clara Behringer/Christel Brändle (BVR) 3 3

Appfel Maconaires/Christianson Hagely (STR) 4 6
Hildebrant Weisgerber/Valérie Chéron (RCN) 6 7

Ilham Nugraha/Jimi Rusman (5) (PCU/ERM) 6 6
Vječeslav Korent/Alen Glesnik (DOT) 3 4

Margie Brown/Grayson Norris (GRU) 6 6
Aston Casmira/Amber Bernit (KHW) 2 2

Liam Penderyn/Jac Iegis (3) (CEN) 6 6
Hans Maunholzer/Memphis Coutaire (STR) 4 2

Jayadi Ahmad/Lenta Rasmi (PCU/ERM) 6 6
Mirko Tonti/Leandro Baliani (SOR) 3 3

Arthur Leloup/Tristan Delisle (8) (RCN) 6 6
Ulrich Senft/Helle Söderberg (BVR) 4 3

Qúentin Bandù/Asthin Ra'Bero (MAL) 4 1
André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS) 6 6

Jeremy Glass/Teegan Sosa (2) (GRU) 6 7
Marcel Bilodeau/Han Song-Oh (QUE) 2 5

Kayla McKerrin/Vladimir Boiyskovsky (TJU) 6 5
Ljubomir Ivanković/Leanne Stewart (SRE/ETM) 7 7

Amara Charles/Rivera Bassett (7) (BUC) 6 6
Ilonka Plevnik/Mihaela Mazurkijević (DOT) 1 4

Lorpe DeTreik/Gérme Yves (MAL) 2 4
Kendra Fulhampton/Michael Fulhampton (TJU) 6 6

Will Nolovor/Kell Korden (4) (CEN) 6 6
Duwanisarga Yajamaja/Kirigundi Padurjili (PCU) 2 4

Alanna Choo/Jean-Luc Pocnic (QUE) 0 6
Milicent Broon/Alexander Dumor (KHD) 6 7

Bahari Zack/Isaac Daud (6) (SHT) 6 7
Jana Arkinn/Courtney Lewis (CEN/CDG) 1 6

Domenico Lunghi/Stella Lunghi (SOR) 4 2
Mindy Waterford/Theresa Waterford (KHD) 6 6
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Postby Electrum » Thu Jul 01, 2021 6:43 am

Centralis Herald - Sports Section - Luke Zhang

Onwards and upwards for Moore?

All eyes are on Livinia Moore coming into the third round of the Three Degrees Open singles competition as she is the highest remaining seeded player in the draw. With top seed Margie Brown having an uncharacteristically poor day yesterday losing to Recuecn's Tristan Delisle in an error filled match, Moore has a golden opportunity to advance far into this tournament.

However, Moore is not the favourite. Instead, that mantle has gone to Srednjaci's Ljubomir Ivanković, who because he is in Brown's half of the draw, has been given the path of least resistance to the final. That's if he manages to defeat hometown favourite Goran McEnroe tomorrow. Ivanković's form has been impeccable, with decent runs in Centralis, Hamilton and Beconailles, all achieved in a shorter period of time than many of the other journeymen in this tournament. Meanwhile McEnroe will have to keep his temper under control and use the home crowd advantage to defeat Ivankovic. It's going to be tough - he's under pressure to perform at home, and he won't be used to the home crowd given the fact that tennis was just legalised so that the tournament could be held.

Why snub Moore? She's wildly inconsistent. Although she's theoretically the top seed of those remaining in the tournament, it's more a function of how long she's been playing -- having a whole season of points under her belt, compared to the half season of the Srednjaci players. It includes first round losses at Ubung, Shinzoba, Antillia and Beconailles which means she hasn't been performing well enough to graduate out of the Tier 2 tournaments. On her good days she can use her bag of tricks like the squash shot and lobs to frustrate her opponent. On her poor days, she gets blown away by her opponents, especially the ones who focus on power, and she would often throw out the short ball that her opponent can easily put it away.

Her last match against Kohnhead's Grace Covalt demonstrated that fact -- it was a tight match which was basically decided on who could hold their nerve at the key points, with just a single break deciding all the sets (6-4, 4-6, 7-5). For example, during the second set, Covalt became strategic and made inroads in the Moore service game. She stood closer to the baseline, dictated play and basically pushed Moore from side to side, opening up the angles and court for that easy put away. Moore just simply could not do anything to disrupt the points as Covalt generated a lot of pace.

However, in the final set, Moore bounced back, and tried to keep the points as short as possible. It was another tight affair with Covalt having two match points on her own serve. Fortunately, Moore's unorthodox playstyle of drop shots, volleys, lobs and slices constantly kept Covalt off balance, especially when Covalt kept missing her own first serves. Moore eventually managed to break, and with the help of her ever-reliable serve, won the final set 7-5 and made it to the next round. Up next for Moore is Amara Charles, who also had a close victory of TJUN-ia's Jasmin Wayverson in straight sets.
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Postby Srednjaci » Thu Jul 01, 2021 9:45 am


The Three Degrees Open

IVAN JURLINA: Dear viewers, welcome to the show "IT'S TENNIS TIME". the second round was played on the Regis Island grounds in Baggieland. Our representatives were excellent and they all won their matches.
Ljubo had a double program and managed to win in the single competition as well as in the double with Stewart from Electrum.

Ljubomir Ivanković (4) (SRE)         6   6
Ingrid Dal (PUG) 1 2

Ljubomir Ivanković played another furious match. Ivanković's game today was completely different from the game from the first round. Since we have been following him, today, for the first time in his career, he played a service volley for the entire match. His opponent, Ingrid Dahl from Gnejs, simply had no answer on that. Ljubo was confident on the serve. He had a high percentage of first serve, 89% and equal to that was the percentage of points scored after the first serve. He served 9 ace of service without a double service error and was very successful on the volley.
He played as many as 37 successful volleys which is an absolute record of all our tennis players ever. So far, the record has been held by Lucija Bagarić from part of the hard courts season. Lucia played 31 successful volleys on net.
His next opponent is Goran McNroe. Goran has the advantage of the home court and Ljubo still plays better tennis. However, when they go out on the field, any advantage will be annulled and they will have to work hard.

"I worked a lot with my team for the season on the grass. After an early relegation from Beçonailles, I went with my team to prepare for the rest of the season. As you can see we worked a lot on the volleyball service. Yesterday I didn't use that style but today I decided play like that. This is a good indicator. "

REPORTER: Your next opponent is Goran McEnroe, what do you think about that match?

"The match will definitely be tough. McNroe is at home. He is a quality player. Although I have a lot more weapons in my hands with which I can attack him it will not be helpful if I make a mistake. I have to stay focused on my game." Ivanković

Ljubomir Ivanković playing amazing volley

Tena Špiričić (7) (SRE)              6   6
Birgit Gallego (BVR) 2 1

One of the best matches of this season was played by Tena Špiričić. When we say the best, I mean precise game and great service. Tena played almost unmistakably against Birgit Gallego of Beaverriver.
Galleo simply has not yet risen to such difficult challenges. Šprirčić immediately started in full force and authoritatively. Tena's outstanding forehand's and backhand's killed the opponent's game. Tena fired 33 winners and had only 8 unforced errors. Great!

"I'm happy with my game. I believe I'm on the right track and will continue to win. My opponent was a little impressed with the ambiance today but is gathering experience. She played the best she could at the moment." said Tena Špiričić.

Alina Koreleva (SRE)                 7   6
Neia Dovan (CEN) 6 4

Alina Koreleva continues with the victories encouraged by the win in the first round. Alina defeated Neia Dovan from Ceni in the second round. Although Dovan was the favorite in this match, Alina showed enviable maturity in the key moments of the game. Especially in the first match, her patience and intelligence were shown when a tie break was played.

"It's amazing that I anticipated her attacks so well. Neia is a great player and I knew I had to be focused from the first to the last point. Neia will punish even the slightest relaxation. I'm glad I managed to win. I'm looking forward to the next match." said Alina after the match.

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Postby Ceni » Thu Jul 01, 2021 7:11 pm

Terranean Broadcasting Company

Grass court season off to a mediocre start for Cenian contingent

By Zion Berik
TBC Sport in Regis Island, Baggieland

July 1, 2021

After the second round of singles play, only Noah Damaris and two doubles pairings remain in inaugural edition of Three Degrees Open.

After all three remaining Cenian singles entries won in the first round of the tournament, Cenian fans were hopeful that Andy Amada and Neia Dovan would build some momentum after poor Grand Slam performances set the top-20 stalwarts outside of the top 100 for the first time in their careers. But the courts were not friendly for either player as both lost in the second round, continuing their increasingly forsaken quests to return to the heights of international tennis.

Amada faced off against 12th seed Hildebrant Weisgerber of Reçueçn, host of the recent Grand Slam tournament in Beçonailles that proved so vexing for Cenian entries across the board. Weisgerber and Amada traded the first two sets, the first going to Weisgerber at 6-4 and the second going to Amada at 7-5. But Amada ran out of steam in the third set as his serve-and-volley game deteriorated rapidly after his first few service games. Meanwhile, Weisgerber's serve looked impenetrable for the Grand Slam champion.

"Man, this is so disappointing," said Amada in the post-match press conference. "It just seems like I can't get past anybody at the net, but when I come to the net, I get nothing but passing shots. What a match."

Meanwhile, Neia Dovan attempted to fight off Alina Koreleva from the up-and-coming nation of Srednjaci in an ultimately unsuccessful effort. It was a battle of youth against age as Dovan had ten years on her opponent, but it turned out that youthful vigor over experience won the day as Koreleva had just the right shots at just the right times to overcome Dovan's weaker performance, especially on serve.

World Arena Sport praised Koreleva's "enviable maturity" in their post-match report, and their description pretty much summed up the match as Dovan simply could not maintain a top performance after a few years' break from the tour.

In a singular bright light for the singles contingent in Baggieland, Noah Damaris played relative newcomer Esterina Picarelli, also of Reçueçn. Picarelli had worse luck that Weisgerber in the first set, for the Reçueçn national quickly lost it 6-2 after a serving onslaught from the Cenian. But Picarelli somehow managed to come back in the second self, reading Damaris' serve like a book and changing her step to take advantage of the low bouncing surface to win the second set 6-2.

The third set proved much tighter as Damaris' returning only seemed to get worse and worse as the match progressed. Although he again found his groove on serve, he simply could not penetrate Picarelli's serve, even though it was much slower and much less aggressive than Damaris'. Somehow, he found a break in the 20th game of the third set to make it to the third round of the competition, where he will face Rivera Bassett of Bucklin.

"I'm just exhausted," said Damaris, who plans to fall asleep early and eat plenty of pickles before his match Bassett. "I'm really worried about cramping tomorrow, and if I'm just too tired tomorrow, my serve will be off. Let's hope I don't jinx myself."

In the doubles competition, Cenian teams had the number three and the number four seeds in the tournament. Liam Penderyn and Jac Iegis played Hans Maunholzer and Memphis Coutaire from the relatively unknown nation of Saterun. Given that Maunholzer and Coutaire had never played a match on tour, Penderyn and Iegis expected to beat the pairing fairly respectfully. By that measure, Maunholzer and Coutaire held on well in the first set, but a couple of timely return winners and cross-court angled forehands found them a critical break in the 10th game.

The second set proved easier for the Cenian pairing as the break in that 10th game broke the Saterun pairing's resistance. They only managed two more games throughout the rest of the match to hand Penderyn and Iegis a 6-4, 6-2 victory.

"It feels good to win," said Penderyn, who had previously played with both Andrew Lamar and Harry Blackwood in the doubles when he represented New Gelderland.
"The competition on the NSTT has just stepped up a lot so far, and of course Jac and I really haven't gotten used to each other that much. So it was a good win on that front as well." Penderyn and Iegis will play Jayadi Ahmad and Leta Rasmi of Pemecutan and Eraman, respectively.

On the other half of the draw, Will Nolovor and Kell Korden had an inverted scoreline as they swept away a novice pair from Pemecutan, Duwanisarga Yajamaja and Kirigundi Padurjili, 6-2, 6-4.

But it was not all good news in the doubles draw as a promising partnership between Jana Arkinn and Courtney Lewis of Cassadaigua could not get off the ground. Although they took the sixth-seeded team of Bahari Zak and Isaac Daud of Sharktail to a tiebreak in the second set, they simply did not play well enough to advance to the second round.

Arkinn intimated that the poor performance might have the Cenian national federation have her play with yet another partner "I think they have faith in me," she said. "But I don't think that I've won a NSTT match yet, and that's definitely worrying me as a player and them as a federation. They like to switch things up, and maybe that will bring me some more success."

But then she asked the tennis player's perennial question: "Am I good enough?" she wondered.
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Postby Baggieland » Thu Jul 01, 2021 7:40 pm

Singles Round 3.

Tristan Delisle (RCN)                6   4   0
Arne Oxwald (14) (PUG) 2 6 6

Andrea Vergnani (5) (SOR) 1 6 6
Augusta Björnstjärna (11) (PUG) 6 4 2

Ljubomir Ivanković (4) (SRE) 4 2
Goran McEnroe (16) (BGG) 6 6

Tena Špiričić (7) (SRE) 6 4 6
A'Kero Pendent (MAL) 1 6 1

Livinia Moore (2) (ETM) 7 6
Amara Charles (BUC) 6 1

Indah Susanti (6) (PCU) 7 3 6
Hildebrant Weisgerber (12) (RCN) 6 6 4

Noah Damaris (3) (CEN) 7 7
Rivera Bassett (15) (BUC) 5 5

Zunaira Hardy (BUC) 6 6 3
Alina Koreleva (SRE) 7 4 6

Doubles Round 2.

Carrol Water/Cherrie Kane (1) (SHT)             6   6
Hildebrant Weisgerber/Valérie Chéron (RCN) 4 3

Ilham Nugraha/Jimi Rusman (5) (PCU/ERM) 6 6
Margie Brown/Grayson Norris (GRU) 1 3

Liam Penderyn/Jac Iegis (3) (CEN) 2 6 6
Jayadi Ahmad/Lenta Rasmi (PCU/ERM) 6 1 1

Arthur Leloup/Tristan Delisle (8) (RCN) 2 6 4
André Bapako/Isis Dimpal (ACS) 6 2 6

Jeremy Glass/Teegan Sosa (2) (GRU) 6 5 4
Ljubomir Ivanković/Leanne Stewart (SRE/ETM) 1 7 6

Amara Charles/Rivera Bassett (7) (BUC) 6 6
Kendra Fulhampton/Michael Fulhampton (TJU) 4 3

Will Nolovor/Kell Korden (4) (CEN) 1 6
Milicent Broon/Alexander Dumor (KHD) 6 7

Bahari Zack/Isaac Daud (6) (SHT) 6 7
Mindy Waterford/Theresa Waterford (KHD) 2 5
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Postby Srednjaci » Fri Jul 02, 2021 3:09 pm


The Three Degrees Open

IVAN JURLINA : Dear viewers, welcome to the show "IT'S TENNIS TIME". Ljubomir Ivanković is stoped. Goran McEnroe make a big upsset in third round. Goran was played amazing match and Ljubo haven't any answer on such outstanding play.

Ljubomir Ivanković (4) (SRE)         4   2
Goran McEnroe (16) (BGG) 6 6

Tena Špiričić win against A'Kero Pendent from Malandrin. Tena in first set show all her big potential. Her agresive style gave her cahnce to fasting up game to the highest level. In second set she played more relaxed and that was a mistake. A'Kero Pendent take a chance to comeback and impose his game. In third set tena didn't repeat same mistake twice. She played furiously and take a match.

Tena Špiričić (7) (SRE)              6   4   6
A'Kero Pendent (MAL) 1 6 1

Alina Koreleva played another amazing match. Her's thirt win came against Zunaira Hardy. Whata a match this two players had played. Zunaira had 4:1 and 5:3 lead, serving for set, but Alina was comeback and totaly turn match in own favour. In tie break of first set, Alina didn't made any unforced error. She win that tie break with 7:2. But in secnd set, Zunaira again make first break. But this time, she didn't lose it.
In third set, both players where really good on own serve until 3:3, then Alina make break, and leter another one and finish the match.
Really good run for Alina on this tournament.

Alina Koreleva (SRE)                 7   4   6
Zunaira Hardy (BUC) 6 6 3

What a great comeback we seen in doubles match . Double pair Ivanković/ Stewart was better than secon seed Jremy Glass/Teegan Sosa. In first set Ivanković/Stewart couldn't find a good ritham. They make errors often and Glass/Sosa didn't have any problems with them in first set. But what a comeback Ivanković/ Stewart made in second set! Galss/ Sosa take a lead 2:0! But pair from Srednjaci and Electrum didn't give up. They fight so good, start play a more agresivelly and take a second and third set. Finaly this doubles pair have a good run!

Ljubomir Ivanković/Leanne Stewart (SRE/ETM)     1   7   6
Jeremy Glass/Teegan Sosa (2) (GRU) 6 5 4



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