PL: Demens Chosen, the Grimoire [CLOSED - DO NOT POST HERE]

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PL: Demens Chosen, the Grimoire [CLOSED - DO NOT POST HERE]

Postby Cerillium » Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:02 pm


Will often carry us to worlds
That never were
But, without it, we go
- Carl Sagan


Welcome to PERSONIFICATION LIFE: EPIC's archival thread. Much rolplayer worldbuilding - no more space in our OOC thread. Rather than fashion a new OOC, we'll use this to maintain the overwhelming amount of data that breathes life into the game setting.

Do not post here. This thread is for archiving purposes only. Players will occasionally post information, and I'll update our links list to reflect their data.

All content belongs to the authors. PL coding and formatting belongs to Swith Witherward. Graphics belong to me. Please do not borrow our intellectual property without our explicit, written permission.

If you're interested in playing in this world, please visit our OOC thread. You don't need to know anything about the setting. We'll introduce your character to it a bit at a time to help ease you in.



Archive Links

PL was spawned in the dank early autumn days of 2012. Unchecked, and fed by insanity, it grew into a megathread of epic portions. Whereas some games start threads every new chapter, or each time the game lags, PL has seen most of her threads through to page limits.

Feats as of our anniversary this year:
  • 1,460 days straight with no breaks between, and at least one post a day in either IC or OOC
  • 112 characters active IC at one time
  • A total of 29 threads:
      4,792 IC pages
      4,575 OOC pages
      2 Archive pages
      24 battle arena pages
      26 Deus Ex Machina pages
      12 Crucible IC pages
      25 Crucible OOC pages
  • A wiki
  • A tropes page
  • A website

We also have one crossover - Iridescent, a project between us and another megathread RP, Elfen High (15 IC pages, 45 OOC pages).

I think we just might be the oldest and largest perennial megathread in P2TM. I'm not sure if any other P2TM RP can claim that fame, nor boast our accomplishments, though I hope they will in time. Take pride in that. PL is your game. You breathe life into it every time you post - Thank you.

To play the game, you gotta know the setting. We moved the game data to our archive thread this year. It was too much to contain in the OOC thread's first page. The spoiler below contains an index to help you quickly access vital setting information.

CURRENT IC: Demens Chosen IC [PL: Into the Abyss] | ARCHIVE THREAD | CAST

PL Terminology
PL Omniverse
Greater Beings
Gods and Other Beings

The Forging
Gallimaufry Dimension
Planet Gallimaufry
Gates & Gatehouses - to include dimensional travel and M-Theory
Guardians & Oracles



The Fae


Military and Peacekeeping
The District of North Warnborough Near Knoll
Please note: business directories can be found under districts.

Location and Description
OOC Precautionary Advice



IC Part I The Beginning
IC Part Deux New Building, Same Nonsense
IC Part III Island Living for the Holidays
IC Part IV Returned to Building, Oh My Gods!
IC Part V Five Golden Threads! (aka Oh My God... They're Breeding!)
IC Part VI The Day the Drones Destroyed the World
IC Part VII Return to Civilization
IC Part VII.5 The Soup Thickens
IC Part VIII Hello and Goodbye
IC Part IX A Year's Journey
IC Part IX++ //Oddsbodikins & Atomic Kittens//
IC Part XI Epic
IC Part XII Demens Chosen

Original OOC thread
OOC thread Part II
OOC Thread Part III
OOC Thread Part IV
OOC Thread Part V
OOC Thread Part VI
OOC Thread Part VII
OOC Thread Part VIII
OOC Thread Part IX
OOC Thread Part X
OOC Thread Part XI
OOC Thread Part XII EPIC

MAKE YOUR BUSINESS LISTING (you will need to copy the code and paste it into the current OOC thread | ONESHOTS, TRIBUTES, AND OTHER QUIRKY STUFF | HONOR WALL

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    word-forming element meaning "having one only," from Latin uni-, comb. form of unus

    before vowels mult-, word-forming element meaning "many, many times, much," from comb. form of Latin multus "much, many," from PIE *ml-to-, from root *mel- "strong, great, numerous" (cf. Latin melior "better," Greek mala "very, very much").

    word-forming element meaning "all," from Latin omni-, combining form of omnis "all, every, the whole, of every kind," of unknown origin, perhaps literally "abundant," from *op-ni-, from PIE root *op- "to work, produce in abundance"

    In physics and mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space (or object) is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it. In science fiction, "dimension" is often interchangeable with "universe". The Raptorverse - a dimension where raptors are the highest evolved life on earth - is an example.

    Each universe seen as a well-ordered whole.

The Personification Life game's omniverse (PLverse) is a collection of universes/individual cosmos.

The Omniverse is the 10th dimension. (The 11th will never come into play in PL.) There is only one Omniverse. It's the birth and final resting spot of infinity. To state, "I come from another dimension/universe" does not mean one comes from a different Omniverse. It simply means one comes from a lower-ranking dimensional universe within the 10th dimension.


    Inside the Omniverse (10th dimension) are billions of dimensions and each of these can have billions of smaller dimensions (9th dimension can contain a billion 8th dimensions which contain a billion 7th dimensions... right on down to the 4th dimension - time and space - and gives rise to our own dimension, the 3rd.) Each unique universe exists in a 3rd dimension.

    Take all these 3rd dimensions (which we live in) and start putting them in a cup. Add the next bigger dimension, right on up until you reach the 10th dimension (which is EVERYTHING in the Omniverse; the 11th+ is unobtainable). That cup now contains ALL, including gods and mortals. We're just lukewarm coffee.

    What's outside the cup? Something you can't begin to fathom. Greater Beings can be found here, and each of them has the ability to seriously fuck up the coffee.

    Each 3rd dimensional universe can have billions of alternate timelines branching inside of it.


    In Brane Theory (Membrane theory), all these third dimensions would overlap like newspaper pages. They might occasionally touch. They may or may no be identical. In Bubble Theory, all these universes would contain their own unique physics. We don't use Brane or Bubble theories.

    Traveling between dimensions in the same universe


    Certain characters can hop dimensions but I put my foot down regarding time travel (something only a Greater Being can influence). If I hop to your character’s universe, I will move between branches, but I arrive at the same cosmic time. If I then hop to Prim’s universe, I still arrive at the same cosmic time.

    Some characters, such as Minerva, can hop out of Time. The price for this ability is extreme: death. She dies every 12 hours because she ages exponentially if she remains inside Time. If Swith fails to maintain her death cycle IC, I snuff the character. Period.

    Some characters, such as Velocidoctor, are based on Time Lords. This is a special case. I take into account the TARDIS' ability to move through time, and it has some buffers built into it, however the theory behind it occurs at a higher level. It may appear that NVE gets a free pass. He doesn't. The only player that needs to concern himself with it is NVE. I prefer to keep the method a mystery to the rest of you lest future players decide to abuse it.

    Why Only 10 Dimensions?
    Short answer: because the general populace can't grasp theory. 14 dimensions?

    In Dr. Eric Weinstein’s theory, called Geometric Unity, he proposes a 14-dimensional "observerse" that has our familiar four-dimensional space-time continuum embedded within it. The interaction between the two is something like the relationship between the people in the stands and those on the pitch at a football stadium--the spectators (limited to their four-dimensional space) can see and are affected by the action on the pitch (representing all 14 dimensions) but are somewhat removed from it and cannot detect every detail.

    Because of our limited purview -- what Weinsetin calls a “handedness” -- we simply can’t see things like the dark matter that we know resides in our universe. Along with that, he proposes that dark energy is a type of fundamental force that could sit alongside gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces. This force pushes space apart and its strength is variable throughout the universe. Furthermore, Weinstein’s theory predicts the existence of more than 150 new subatomic particles, most of them with exotic properties (such as electric charges that are greater than one, which is the maximum seen in nature at present).

    This has been debated and debated and debated by physicists world-over. In summation: "yeah, okay, whatever." That's what our PLverse is organized the way it is. Leave dark matter alone. Thanks.

    (Please note: hypothetically there are more than 10. We're keeping it as simple as possible here.)

Imagine all the Omniverse inside one cup. Now imagine something existing outside that cup. That's a Greater Being. The Greater Being sticks its finger in the cup and everything in the cup sees the finger as a god. The coffee/cosmic soup relates to that finger because the finger is now inside the known Omniverse. No one ever pauses to consider there's anything outside the Omniverse at all. That's why Greater Beings are so powerful.

Greater Beings exist outside the Omniverse. They don't concern themselves with mortals, invasions and so on although a few still take interest in what's going on inside the cup. Some are actively involved. Most have more important things to worry about, if they’re awake at all.

Greater Beings transcend gods. They only appear to be gods due to their immense power, and only if they stick a finger into the cup. They really couldn't care less about what mortals think of them.

In Gameplay: Greater Beings are reserved for OP in order to fix fuck ups by god-characters. OP designates who can use a Greater Being AND it can only be used as a Deux ex Machina for the purpose of saving the thread. With the exception of Giovenith/Pearlelei, or Demens, summoning a Greater Being (normally impossible) will result in immediate character death. Don't go there. Don't attempt to power wank.

    Classification of Greater Beings
      Greater Beings such as Pearlelei and Elohim (Abrahamic God) that formed the fabric of the Omniverse (cosmic strings). They literally created something from nothing. Christ is an offspring of a Greater being, born the Son of God but also God because that Greater Being poured some of Himself into Christ. Giovenith is a daughter of a Greater Being (born from Pearlelei) but is independent of her mother. Just two examples.

      These Greater Beings didn't create the fabric or cosmic strings, but they can weave it and manipulate it. (The 40K gods, in my story arc, are part of one such Greater Being. They weren't born from the GB they come from. They are a manifestation of him. Their GB is asleep and his fingers believe themselves to each be independent of him because they don't realize he exists.)

      Meanwhile, other Chaotic Greater Beings use the fabric of the universe to fashion/form gods. Lovecraft's gods were formed this way and let’s toss Zalgo in there for good measure. They will never be more powerful than they are now, and will never be as powerful as the GB that fashioned them. We can add other pantheons to this level as well since they have gods that both create and destroy within the Universe. Why? Because someone is going to come along and want to run Lovecraft or Zalgo or something from the Pastafarian angle and when they screw up the Omniverse, we’ll need to fall back on Greater Beings to fix it.

      These Greater Beings destroy the cosmic strings, unraveling them. They stick a tentacle into the Omniverse but never manifest an actual independent entity which means we won’t see ANY player characters stemming from these beings. Period. End of discussion.

    The Strife
      The war between Greater Beings. This battle has eternally raged between Creator and Devourer Greater Beings. Chaos Greater beings have their hands full trying to weave what's been unraveled and keep balance. Some Chaotic Greater Beings are actually on the side of the Devourers, and are unraveling things as well. (Game note: this is OP discretion.)

All gods come from Greater Beings. They tend to group themselves into pantheons. For example, Azathoth is a Greater Being. It slumbers outside the cup. All other creatures in the Cthulhu mythos group themselves under that pantheon. They are the gods that roam the omniverse (inside the cup).

It is important to note that many gods (if not most) can NOT interact with their Greater Being. Many, such as the Chaos pantheon, are unaware that they come from such an entity - they believe themselves to be the highest form (they are, inside the Omniverse).

Gods remained grouped under their Greater Being's category. For example, Gaia is a Creator Greater Being. Her son is the god Ouranos. He is drawn from the Omniverse at her whim. The entire Greek pantheon isn't fully aware of what Gaia is. The gods cover a variety of "alignments" (not to be confused with D&D Alignments), from creator to destroyer. All the Greek pantheon is still classified as a Creator pantheon due to Gaia being what it is. Likewise, Azathoth and all the gods within that pantheon are Chaotic.

    God Identification
      There are three god archetypes:
      • Born gods are born from a Greater Being. Most, but not all, retain knowledge of the Greater Being they come from. (Giovenith, Christ, etc.)
      • Finger gods are part of their Greater Being. Most, if not all, are unaware of their connection to that Greater Being. (Chaos pantheon.)
      • Formed gods were created by a Greater Being but are totally independent from it and thus weaker than the first two. Formed gods are totally clueless.) The majority of gods are formed gods. (Gaulish and Brythonic deities Aeron and Fagus etc.)
      • Godlings are simply young gods.

      High Ones. The term is used to denote a god or godling. In some cases, "Most High" is used by certain players to denote a loose sense of hierarchy.

    Demigods and Others
    • Demigods may have been formed by gods. They might simply be powerful creatures which mortals mistake for gods.
    • Demons/Daemons, Angels, Jinn. These are created by gods and/or demigods. Some, in the case of Lucifer, were created by Elohim (a Greater Being) but lack knowledge of what Elohim truly is. By the way, PL has characters that can easily wipe the floor with Lucifer or Michael the Archangel.
    • Spirits. They spring to life from a variety of methods.
    • Various things found amongst the Fae. They have a defined pantheon. See Min for details.

Please do not ask me to restructure things to suit your character build. I don't care if you personally follow a druidic belief or worship Lucifer. The pantheons are already set up and, in some cases, canon.

Characters that summon gods do NOT get to run those gods. Gods are capricious. There's a 50% chance the god will spite you for the trouble. That percentage goes up if the god is temperamental or belongs to a Chaotic pantheon. I make no exceptions to that rule EXCEPT when Giovenith or a CoOP runs a god NPC.

Note: The current setting prohibits gods, demigods and other creatures from gaining access to the dimension. You will not find mythos outside of Demens roaming the dimension unless its a PC.

Due to the sandbox nature of this RP, we've had to cobble things together to suit various needs.

    How We Mesh Stuff In This RP
    The above image represents the metaphysical PLverse.
    • The orange cushion is the Material Plane (aka Hyperplane and Ambient Space). It contains both physical and metaphysical - the ALL of everything including Spirit Realms, Ley Lines, all the dimensions of the Omniverse and each branching timeline of a universe, etc. It is where game play occurs.
    • The pin heads are Heavens. Each is isolated from each other. Each can only be reached by one avenue (the pin). Few creatures can travel this avenue and return again: gods (and their avatars), some demigods, angels, demon/daemons, reapers/ferrymen, and several other unique beings. A god can choose to draw a character to its Heaven IF that character is part of its Pantheon. This is at MY discretion.
    • The empty air between the pins is the Nothing. VERY FEW things can survive it. To travel there is to Unbecome.
    • The hands and ring represent Greater Beings. Some gods are Greater Beings that choose to indwell the Omniverse in their own little Heaven. Greater Beings are Untouchables. A few named ones: Pearlelei, Elohim, Azathoth.

    These are where characters go when they die. Klingons have their own unique Heaven. Norse have their own unique Heaven. Chaos has its only unique Heaven. Characters can not reach Heavens that do not belong to the character's unique canon. This prevents assholes from destroying/invading/disrupting another player's canon concept. Currently, only the Guardians can permit a soul to leave Demens' dimension.

    Ancestors and Summonings
    Certain characters can summon their ancestors to draw upon their power. This is allowed per Demen's purview. The ancestor leaves its Heaven and knocks at the gateway door. Ancestor Souls can NOT manifest in the Material Plane.

    The EPIC story line has us isolated from other Heavens.
    Gods, ancestors, angels, demons, etc can not freely enter without the aid of a Gateway.

    Who runs the god NPCs? The OP, the CoOPs, Gio (certain pantheons).
    Who runs the Greater Beings? With the exception of Pearlelei, I NPC all Greater Beings.

    Side note
    Where do atheist characters go? Answer: wherever I damn well choose to place them, IF I have them go anywhere at all. I may choose to dispel their souls into the Nothing.

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"But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


By now, all the others who had fought at Bielefeld—
At least those who had survived the Drones and and other horrid things—
Were safely rested after the fall of the proposition.
Only Demens took umbrage still
The seasons rolling by, and his ire raised
As he pondered the Universe.

He would return his great magic to its heaven,
Though not even there would all troubles end,
Even though Residents retained within
Were not pitiable, except that select few
That lacked ambition and thus
Remained a challenge to his temperance.

But Demens was away now, among his fellows,
Those Greater Beings beyond the Rim—
Some which created, some which devoured—
To receive a answer to the questions plaguing
His restless mind and its thoughts

The Greater Beings
Those who were awake and gave concern,
Reposed upon thrones of gold or hillocks of grass
And the Father of the Hellenic Dodekatheon
Was speaking as Demens arrived. His thoughts
Eternally upon the foolishness of the Universe:

"Gods! They are always blaming the mortals
For their troubles, when their own witlessness
Causes them more than they were destined for!
Take Giovenith now! The godling
Walks with mortals on her quest for godhood
Knowing it means conflict of purpose—we did warn
Her mother, no?— And they burden her so."
(He said such things because Pearlelei was absent)
"What are you doing about this, Demens? Does she not
Reside in your Abode as a favor to our Fellow?
Will you just sit on your ass and do nothing while mortals
Dictate the will of the gods we created?"

Demens ire grew, that Ouranos would point to him
Without grasping the movements around those stars
Which touched upon his neck of the woods. "Oh, hush
And do not carp about that which you have not taken the
Time to fathom. Your children's era has ended
And their followers are lost to time and Space.
Tell me, then, what bearing have I on Your loss?
Summon them, that they might give an accounting!
Come, Zeus! Come, Hera! And bring with you
Poseidon and Demeter!" Demens raised fingers to his ear
In mockery of the answer that was all to apparent:
These gods had retired to their Heavens
And no more troubled themselves with their mortal flocks.

"You can not blame what you no longer believe in,"
Demens growled to his Fellows. "And the gods have
Forgotten the flocks you set them to tend. A hand basket
Sits in the meadow, filled with fools boarding
To descend into hells which they, themselves,
Crafted through their own apathy. Hush, do not
Look to me for answers. I seek them myself."

Gaia glared at him with contempt miring her face:

"O Demens, you have no room to criticize!
You hath not created gods nor drawn mortals
To your breast as Elohim did. You have no idea
The angst that plagues—" But the Greater Being held
His hand high in rejection of her words and rants.

"Don't patronize me, silly slut. I give respite.
I extend myself for that good while all else
Remains adrift. I draw them to me, mortal and
God alike, that they might take a final
Stand against the Devourers that would cast all
Your creations into ruin, and consume
All the good you have chosen to impart through
Gods to the morals in their care. Yet
All should perish from your own apathy. Reveal
Yourselves then! Cast aside their doubts and
Draw them to you. But you won't."

"How goes that stand?" Para Bramh adjusted
The cushion under him before folding great
Hand together to patiently await response in
Hope that he had successfully shifted blame
From where it belonged and onto something
Entirely different.

"Ask Elohim!" came the snarled reply and
Demens flung out an arm to point to Allah.

Elohim hummed to himself, and at first
Pretended that he had not heard, but
This reaction was futile, as everyone well knew.
"It goes poorly," he confessed, and
Regret etched itself upon his divine features.
"Demens has done well in bringing so
Many in, but many remain out there and
All too many lesser beings of the Universe seem
Bent on following the Devourer's ambitions-
We need not delve into those!- but I would
Say that things have come to an impasse."

"What now?" several Greater Beings asked
Aloud the question that had been voiced time
And time again by them over the various ages
Of gods and mortals. The answer remained
Eternally open, with no real decision made
Regarding the matter being put to bed.

"Bah, fuck you all," Demens rose in order to
Depart from his Fellows. "You seem
Incapable or else unwilling to
Take a stand. I'll go. I'll retreat to my
Sanctuary and puzzle this out for

He did depart, ascending to his place
Where all was as he liked it rather than remaining
A slave to physics' demands. He retreated there
To grouse over the apathy outside
His very gates. Blaming mortals?
Nonsense, for the mortals could not
Be held accountable when their
Gods failed them! Rubbish! Blame the gods!
Blame the deities and their games and their inability
To keep themselves amused sans
Mucking with the mortals in their charge! Enough!
He would gather unto him all the forgotten
Things in the universe- the downtrodden,
The forgotten magic, the mysteries, the lost keys and
Odd socks and neglected people- and house them together
So that they might prove his Fellows wrong
For Demens was a spiteful shit.

Now Demens was a Greater Being of Chaos
Rather than one of Creation, but he
Had paid attention when the Universe was
First set into being. He wasn't inept. He chose
A spot unoccupied yet by politics and the
Bullshittery that had mired his Fellows
As they sat outside their creation and
Bitched about all the thing that had naturally
Gone wrong with it.

"Fine, this isn't rocket science!" Demens squatted
Over the void and looked into the abyss,
Finding nothing in his way. He plucked his brow.
The Greater Being was at a loss
Having never attempted anything so grand.
He fashioned a new dimension and moved on to
populate the void with lopsided planets and suns before
Focusing on the world that would house the
Jumbled outcasts. And so it was that he formed
The waters and land, adding the vegetation and
All the things that creeped and flew and walked upon
His creation.

In truth, he borrowed most of it from existing works
But there was nobody around to complain!

Then Demens set out to draw all those lost things
Unto him, pulling from Time and the ages only those that
Would not be entirely missed. And so it was
That his lopsided world— for nothing was to scale and he
Had neglected to Close off a hole in the ocean, believing it to
Add character to his work— became filled with
Things fantastical and things terrifying and things that
No mortal should really tangle with. But Demens—
Being a Greater Being of Chaos— thought that
Complacency bred apathy.

But he reserved one place in particular for
Part of him to reside, and thus was that part moved
Without any regard to what anyone had to say.
The Building came to his whisper and
It settled on the grassy, windswept hillock
Overlooking the odd city that, through no fault
Other than bridged in the Space/Time continuum
Was already ancient by time of its arrival.

Demens reclined on his celestial Lay-Z-Boy—
Clouds were too froofy for his tastes— to critique his own
Hard work, loathe as he was to do so
Lest he find too many flaws for its own good,
When he was visited by none other than Elohim who
Had come to see what had happened to his unicorns.

"What the fuck is that?" Elohim surveyed his Fellow's work
With not too kindly a grimace upon his face— in truth
He was repulsed by the dimension. And then—
"You stole my damn unicorns!"

"Bah! Nobody believes in them anyway anymore, so
What harm is there? None."

"O Demens, tell me, what do you intend to do with all
Of this junk?" Elohim shook his head as he considered that
Demens had gone quite mad. But Demens held
A hand up to brush aside concerns.

"I have no idea, really," said he, "Other than perhaps
Making things right elsewhere. We'll see
Where this goes."

So it came to pass that Elohim retreated to
His celestial palace. There he reclined upon
His couch and silently snickered into his sleeve at
Demens' gallimaufry.

"Demens created Gallimaufry because fuck you."

Gallimaufry - noun - a confused jumble or medley of things.
There is no place in the Universe quite like Gallimaufry, probably because Gallimaufry would fit no place else. Fashioned by a Greater Being of Chaos (rather than one of Creation), it is a lopsided mess that functions while remaining partially ignorant of the Laws of Physics (thus they do not always apply). It is filled with all the strange stuff forgotten or overlooked by the Cosmos (because, if it wasn't nailed down, Demens appropriated it). It is sealed off from other dimensions, accessible only by Gateways, although it is rumored that some gods are allowed to come and go as they please per Demens' whim.

You will not find Paris in this dimension, nor will you find it populated beyond a certain point. It is Demens' hammerspace pocket and all within, the lint. Think "Small Secluded World" trope.

On the planet, you can find just about anything, all of it hoarded, magpie like, because there was no better place for it. Things sort themselves after a time. Like minds and like beings seek each other out and cluster themselves together. Other than the inhabitants organizing themselves, there isn't any rhyme or reason to the world. It was created because fuck you, and Demens saw that it was good enough, and sees no reason to change it.

Gallimaufry Mundi (or simply Gallimaufry or Galli or That Place) is relatively small. Unpleasantly so, but what can you expect from a Greater Being with no fashion sense? It's the fifth planet in its system (three of its smaller siblings resent being called planets at all), and the densest planet in that system. As far as anyone can tell, it's also the only planet it the system to accommodate life. We hope.

The earliest life on Gallimaufry arose at least 5 billion years ago, and came about purely by Creation. Okay, by theft. Demens stole shit from his fellow Greater Beings. "Because fuck you." Its biodiversity, which has expanded continually except when interrupted by mass extinctions or intergalactic keggers, stems from far too many five-finger-discounts. It's difficult to estimate exactly how many extant species exist on Gallimaufry simply because new shit turns up every other day, and old shit vanishes without a trace. Hell, let's put it at 5-8 million extant species. Sure, why not. Nobody bothers to document them (very often) and it's safe to presume most of them remain undiscovered and thus indescribably nondescript. No one is really certain if there is any indigenous sophont life, unless you count the natives, and they aren't really native. Regardless, all this shit depends on Gallimaufry's biosphere and minerals for their survival.

That survival is complicated by the wonky physics attached to the world. It's not a fun place (or it's a very fun place, depending upon your sense of humor) to raise a family. To put it bluntly, when your socks go missing, there's a good chance you'll find them in a singles bar somewhere on Gallimaufry.

Gallimaufry's lithosphere is divided into several rigid tectonic plates that migrate across the surface over periods of many millions of years. Or over the course of a week, sometimes, but never on an odd Tuesday. Sixty-nine percent of planet's surface is covered with water, with the remainder consisting of continents and islands that together have many lakes and other sources of water that contribute to the hydrosphere. The polar regions see snow during the winter. Gallimaufry's interior remains active with a solid iron inner core, a liquid outer core that generates the magnetic field, and a convecting mantle that drives plate tectonics.

Gallimaufry gravitationally interacts with other objects in space, especially its sun and two moons. Similar to Earth, Gallimaufry rotates about its own axis 366.26 times per orbit around its star, creating 365.26 solar days or one sidereal year. The planet's axis of rotation is tilted 23.4° away from the perpendicular of its orbital plane, producing seasonal variations on the planet's surface with a period of one tropical year (365.24 solar days). Sometimes. Maybe. It doesn't sync well with Earth time. The moons are the planet's only permanent natural satellites. Their gravitational interaction with the planet causes ocean tides, stabilizes the orientation of planet's rotational axis, and gradually slows the planet's rotational rate. Because, fuck you, Demens stole the idea from Elohim. Hey, bitches, that's how he rolls.
Credit: Swith Witherward; "Boilerplate"

Gallimaufry is divided into several unique Zones. Each Zone remains autonomous.

    • The Brood of Alessio
    • The Freywold
    • Jégvidékem
    • North Warnborough
    • The Outermark
    • Urbem Ascalon

The dimension contains several gateways. Most are housed in secretive spots called Gatehouses, protected by Guardians, and tended by Oracles. Gates are proprietary, meaning that a Gallimaufry gate will lead to other destinations but only via gates fashioned by Demens in those destinations. The gateways are predominantly used by the Archivists and the High Chosen; Demens himself does not require a gate, nor do other Greater Beings currently on his "good side". Specific gods are likewise permitted to travel, but we won't concern ourselves with them for the moment.

Or at all.

Gates are the primary means of traveling in and out of the dimension. Some characters, such as Giovenith, hail from pantheons in Demens' good graces and thus can shift on their own. Demens himself does not need to use a Gate and, frequently, he'll pluck someone from his dimension and send them on an unplanned mission.

    Dimensional Travel and M-theory
    A note on dimensional travel: There are many hypothetical methods, as many as there are hypothesis about the multiverse itself. PL embraces M-theory. If you intend to run a franchised dimensional-traveling character, please familiarize yourself with M-theory and adjust your character's canon appropriately.

    M-theory: "A multiverse of a somewhat different kind has been envisaged within string theory and its higher-dimensional extension, M-theory. These theories require the presence of 10 or 11 spacetime dimensions respectively. The extra 6 or 7 dimensions may either be compactified on a very small scale, or our universe may simply be localized on a dynamical (3+1)-dimensional object, a D-brane. This opens up the possibility that there are other branes which could support "other universes". This is unlike the universes in the "quantum multiverse", but both concepts can operate at the same time."

    Further reading: The Mathematics of M-Theory; What is M-Theory; Wiki - Introduction to M-Theory; Wiki - M-Theory.

Guardians are the protectors of the Gateways leading to and from the Gallimaufry dimension. They can not be bribed. They can not be enchanted. They can not be pleaded with. They can not be slain. At times, they are similar to Charon in that they ferry travelers as well as the souls of the dead. At other times, they are responsible for bringing items into the dimension.

It should be noted that Guardians are eternally patient in most matters but will strike down anything that intrudes upon the Gatehouse. Trespassers, beware! There is no saving throw. Dead is dead, and you'll be lucky if they let your soul pass through to reach your chosen pantheon's heaven.

Some Guardians employ mortals to assist with Gates. These are known as Oracles. The selection process to become an Oracle is exhaustive. Beings must not be aligned with other gods; they must surrender a part of themselves in order to commune with the Guardian; they must have a manifested or latent psionic ability; they must be pure of heart.

    Known Guardians
    • Bhatnagar: Guardian of the Fringe. It roams outside the dimension to ravage all who attempt to gain access. It's a reasonable entity and will offer kindness to any traveling on Demen's order. Fond of ridiculous riddles. Bhatnagar manifests in wisps when passive. It does not take form when attacking.
    • Dweezle: Guardian of the Floating Void, the Gatehouse located closest to the Building (Alpha Gate). Dweezle seldom speaks. To hear its physical voice is to be rendered insane. It prefers to communicate only with the Oracle (the PC or NPC manning this Gate). It prefers to manifest as a formless blob.
    • Gelos: Guardian of the Fiery Tower, the Brood of Alessio Gateway. Named by the Alessio denizens in parody of the Greek personification of laughter, Gelos is eternally capricious and alters its appearance to mock those that nose about its Gate.
    • Hasp: Guardian of the Hó Üreg, Jégvidékem's Gate. Very little data exists regarding this being or its Gate.
    • Jinti: Guardian of the Fell Abyss, Ascalon's Gate. The Gate itself is very small and seldom used. This is perhaps because Jinti is the only Guardian that demands a sacrifice, or perhaps because it's a one-way trip: nicknamed the Roach Motel, Gatejumpers check in, but can't check out. No one in recent history has seen its form.
    • Morgtus: Guardian of the Ethereal Wold, the Gatehouse found in the Freywold itself. Little is known of Morgtus other than it seems to be evil personified. It manifests in the form of an Abyss Wyrm or as a draconic being, and it's rumored that it goes on walkabouts using the name Morag.
    • Nox: Guardian of the Primordial Verde, the Outermark Gate. This is the only gate large enough for spacecraft to venture through, and it remains at a high altitude. It's form is unknown to all but the Oracles. (Zeda Gate)

    Oracles (listed by Gate activity level)
    • Mepsidadelti "Meps" Heltamip: Oracle of the Floating Void
    • Myra Bones: Oracle of the Floating Void
    • Faustus: Oracle of the Primordial Verde
    • Rookra: Oracle ofthe Ethereal Wold
    • Miriam: Oracle of the Fiery Tower
    • Raganot: Oracle of the Fiery Tower
    • Cynthia Crowley: Oracle of the Fell Abyss
    • Lewis Pinkerton: Oracle of the Fell Abyss
    • Unknown: Oracle of the the Hó Üreg

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Demens Towers - AKA "The Building"
the Windswept Knoll, North Warnborough, Gallimaufry

The Building is centric to the PLverse. When in Gallimaufry, it is located atop a grassy, windswept knoll and serves to house nearly all PCs. The interior construction appears differently to each resident (tile vs wood floors vs carpet, metal staircases vs concrete vs wood) etc. The landlord, O.C. Demens, hardly ever makes an appearance. New tenants are usually welcomed into the Building and find their contract and a key at the reception desk.

The Building is sentient. It heals itself although recently the landlord has begun issuing fines to people who destroy the property without damn good reason. It's heavily protected against intrusion, to include an active security system which purges nanites and smaller things. It easily registers tech. Breaking into apartments while players are offline (and without letting them know) is taboo.

Much can be said about living in the perfect place. To that end, the Building is perfect.


Much larger on the inside than on the outside, it bends and folds and establishes itself as a pinnacle of perfection, taking on the outward appearance most pleasing to the viewer. The image to the right is how it looks through the eyes of a Resident. Yet, no matter the appearance, it fits the needs of all.

A short set of stone steps lead up to the Building's front porch and main doors. The porch wraps around to the side and expands into a flagstone courtyard containing tables and other comfortable seating. Residents can enjoy their afternoons on this patio, or can gather around the grand fire pit at night.

Lush lawns frame each side of the building. The back garden contains the pavilion where Residents gathered right after the Drone invasion ended in Bielefeld; the pavilion moves with the Building. The back garden contains a large, manicured lawn. The Building is surrounded by woodland, but its perch atop the hill allows people to overlook the woods to see the village of North Warnborough beyond. A gravel pathway wide enough for vehicles leads from Building and through the woods to the village.
Interior and Common Areas
The Building's interior appears differently to each person and often echos their tastes yet some things remained the same no matter who views them:

Ground Floor
The foyer contains mailboxes and buzzers tucked into a tiny vestibule. It carries on into the lobby proper, touching a large reception desk and the drop box where payments are made and leases tucked.This desk is the first stop for every new resident. There is a large front window and comfortable seating. Several doors lead off the lobby - Medical Clinic, Bomb Shelter, Chaos Quarters, Gym and Pool. Thriller’s Thinking Bench and the main stairway and elevators are also found here. A door market "Maintenance" sits at the far end of the lobby and opens onto a stairwell down to the basement where the janitor and boiler rest in the maintenance corridor.

The indoor pool and gym are open 24/7. These are both rather small. Two restrooms are nestled between these facilities.

Second Floor
The second floor (and all following floors) can be accessed via the main stairs or lifts.

It should be noted that the library can often be found on this level but tends to vanish and reappear on the ground floor. This is mainly due to residents who are too lazy to go up and down the stairs.

The Communal Dining Room and Kitchen seems to be where everybody seems to flock, including those with apartments that have kitchens. Breakfast is usually waffles and omelets. The communal gathering rooms sits across the hall, opposite the dining room. The furniture was appropriated from a warehouse store, the decor came from various portals, and the massive 90" Aquos LED TV was affixed to the wall in a fashion that didn't permit it to be stolen (or stolen back by the cultist that Naomi had borrowed it from.) There was a piano, plenty of leather couches, an extra table for work space, comfy leather chairs and a bar area. (Residents would need to provide their own booze.) A smaller tv is on other side of the room for game consoles.

There are apartments on this level but most are filled (indeed, there are now eights floors containing apartments). The hallways provide opportunities for conversations and people roam them. Some people lurk in them. They have shadows to hide in.

Fifth Floor
The fifth floor is occupied by the Building Hospital. It is set up to accommodate magic-based healer and mundane physician alike. There is also a holosuite. Details in the next spoiler.

π Floor
This floor can only be reached via the far left lift, and only when the floor button appears. It houses the Wilting Succubus, a traditional British pub run by Minerva's Lads. Run by Swith Witherward, semi-closed RP setting.

Basement/Garden Level
It's recommended that residents stay out of the basement. Dark things lurk there and it's rumored that one of the remaining Nifid dwells there. The maintenance corridor is also where you can find the boiler, the janitor, and the tech priests that keep the Building running, as well as a few private apartments housing strange xenos, war machines, and atomic kittens.

The rooftop is a retreat during warm days. It's used for gazing at the night sky, defending the building (weapons seem to change at the drop of a hat), housing Bran's helicopter, and a quiet place to drink. Stairs lead up to it from the inside.

Rooms vs Apartments
Rooms: Some residents are cheap bastards and only rent rooms. They use the communal dining room and kitchen for their meals.
Mincaldenteans wrote:The Outer Limit

Sometime during the Big Timeskip, Demens reserved a large portion of the 5th floor to construct a training facility. After all, he had selected beings from across the Multiverse to fight the Good Fight, but knew they were only as good so long as they had their wits about them. The Building and the surrounding areas wouldn't work; the community wouldn't take too kindly to that and the Ogres would certainly come back to mete out pain of a whole different category. What's more, Demens had already recorded a sizable accounting of the Residents' general fuckery inside the Building and he didn't want the added headache of tallying more for the sole purpose of making sure they weren't caught with their pants down. With a sigh and a grumble, the holodeck was thus created; a cobbled hodgepodge of magic and technology fused together, complete with an exhaustive database, voice command capability, and an impressive A.I. (though nothing compared to the Building's security, so don't get ideas).

The holodeck takes a generous third of the 5th floor to accommodate up to fifteen people at a time with enough space to move about freely during simulations. It is a large cavernous area with only one command console at the right corner. The floor is light grey with yellow grid squares across its surface, the walls are covered in large metallic panels with circular projectors built into the middle which run across the perimeter in regular intervals, and the ceiling is a solid metallic roof with recessed lighting and more projectors built in and similar yellow square grids running throughout.

The holodeck can produce any form of technology to meet a Resident's needs in training, but naturally, what is 'produced' in the Holodeck cannot be taken out. It will simply disappear if someone tries. The A.I. can also replicate similar magical effects during training sessions. Demens also took note of Residents' equipment, and with few exceptions, most weapons are already programmed in the holodeck's extensive database and therefore not permitted inside. Exceptions are based on magic considerations. For example, Henry's staff is required for spellcasting, the holodeck cannot produce the necessary equipment (and the reliance of it) and therefore is permitted inside. Another example is OPA, with built in weapons, exceptions can be made and damage caused by said weaponry will be absorbed.

As a standard feature, safety protocols will be always active within the holodeck. Only the GM and Co-OP character(s) may override this command in which the A.I. will automatically issue a warning. During simulations, combat is considered live, but to make sure Residents don't meet an untimely death (especially by magic), a dampening field has been installed as part of the safety protocols to ensure that magic/Force or tech weaponry will not be lethal. Similarly, all tech produced by the holodeck will not severely injure or kill a resident. Collateral damage caused by supernatural or real tech weapons is absorbed by the walls: it is not an invitation to attempt to destroy the holodeck.

As mentioned, the safety protocols are meant to keep Residents alive, but that doesn't mean Residents are not at risk of minor injuries. For example hand-to-hand combat has its own inherent risks and the A.I. will not account for that; it will be up to Residents to determine their level of force in such engagements. The A.I., if ordered, can analyze training simulations and determine the level of difficulty to assist in sessions. It is also able to create custom training programs as needed.

To recap important facts about the holodeck:
  • Able to simulate/produce a wide array of technology for training purposes
  • Extensive database, adaptable A.I., custom training programs (player's discretion to create whatever they need to train)
  • Dampening field will prevent lethal use of any tech weapons in use; collateral damage is absorbed by the walls.
  • Personal weapons of any tech not permitted (exceptions noted); holodeck will provide. Damage caused by simulated tech isn't real, however, injuries can happen. Some examples:
    • Falling off a cliff? Resident will feel a reduced impact (or not, depends on the difficulty of the session).
    • Got shot? Resident may feel the impact (or not, depends on the difficulty of the session).
    • Hand to hand? Safety protocols cannot register this, up to Residents to restrain themselves. Injuries definitely possible
  • Magical weapons/equipment are exceptions for casting spells
    • Dampening field will prevent lethal use of any magic/Force application; collateral damage is absorbed by the walls.
    • Got hit by a lighting bolt? Resident may feel it (or not, depends on the difficulty of the session).
  • Hospital is on the same floor to tend to any potential injuries.
  • Safety protocols are always in place, only GM or CoOP characters may override this.
Not So Common Areas and Other Information
Restricted Areas
Some apartments exist in their own little universe and can not be penetrated by outside sources. These would include Bones & Co's apartment, and The Chaos Dimension (security system begins at the stairwell entrance door in the lobby). Don't try. You'll only become frustrated... or die.

Some Defenses

BOB is the original security system set up by Charumati to defend against the Drones. BOB can not be hacked, can not be thwarted, can not be circumnavigated, nor can it be assimilated or infected. It is the fragment of a Chaos god.

Xenotech coupled with a rank personality, Morbus picks up what BOB misses. Unlike BOB, Morbus is known to retaliate over the slighted provocation. Attempting to control Morbus is a very, very stupid idea. Characters will less than 12 in applicable skills might as well not bother.

Individual Apartments
Some apartments inside skip out of the current dimension and can NOT be entered via teleportation without risking a mis-jump. Infiltrating other apartments is instant death due to magic or tech: make up a new character. Period. ASK the player before breaking into their apartment. RESPECT the player's wishes.

The building rooftop is set up to defend the building. It contains two rail-guns (currently covered with flower pots)

The Building
The Building is sentient and does not require any of the above things to protect itself. It can generate a force field that defeats magical/god powered attacks. It defeats nano, mechanical and supernatural infiltration. It forms a sphere around the area that usually encompasses the Building and its lawns, however it can expand to roughly ten blocks in circumference. Conventional weapons won't affect it.

The Building itself is an Eldritch location, however there are a few places within it that are also Eldritch locations. Fun, no? The thing of it is, these locations exist in pocket dimensions provided by Mr. Demens. There are no gateways in or out of them, sans the apartment doors concealing them, ergo teleporting new things in or going out through portals is impossible.

The Raptor House
This is where the Raptors live. It was sucked into the Building when the structure tore itself from Bielefeld. The house is located behind Apartment 8D's door. Mr. Demens was kind enough to uproot the lawn and garden surrounding it, transporting the entire thing along, so visitors knocking upon that door will open it to find themselves in a small pocket dimension replete with house and landscaping.

The DEMiOs
This is the abode of the Luxans. Like the raptors' house, it is housed in a pocket dimension that can only be accessed through the apartment door.

Chaos Quarters
Running theme here... pocket dimension... accessible only through the door in the lobby marked "Chaos Quarters". The avatars and cultists now have a limited back garden rather than the entire dimension Ogoti created. Hey, it cuts down on the water bill.

The Biogarden
Did you skim the above regarding Morbus? The same critters fashioned the Biogarden.
Apartment List

Bomb Shelter - (door to stairwell off main lobby) Former Nikanor Residents, off limits to all but that player
Chaos Quarters (a different door to stairwell off main lobby) - OP/CoOP
Rodney Bodkins (apartment off the utility corridor, access via back of Building) - Swith (NPC)
The Biogarden, Lab and FUBAR (Neste's old apartment off the utility corridor) Swith/Cer
Am (apartment off the utility corridor) - NPC
The Warren - haunt of the NPC Priests, Opa (Agy), Adrastus (NPC)

Deader: on 1st somewhere

2A NVE's old apartment
2B Bones & Co - Bones
2C Marcus Usseio (Naomi's old apartment) - Swith
2D Giovenith, Willow - Gio
2E Dora, Luce, Chrys, Dia - Tilt
2F Katya and Torii Dimitrov - Torsi
2G Cuisine and MB - Tilt
2H Hanselmann "Hans" Fleischer-Schaefer and Chrys - Swith/Tilt
2J vacant
2K vacant
2L Sandy and Amanda Bela - Slo

3A Brit - Mon
3B Otonako Irizari - Cat
3C Sterling Venture - NA (Lykos)
3D vacant
3E Dan Foster - Min
3F Mezran, Son of Jag'oth, of the House of StoH'raQ - Min
3G General Romulus Aphrodisiac - Ched
3H Macy - Storm
3J Nick - Fvaar
3K Julia Harker - Altito
3L Henry Lawson - Sal

4A Kale Merilin - Carly
4B Ocho Hobart Ono and Nila Trilb - Cer/Swith
4C Audette Murphy - Torsi
4D Elka Kazatimiru - TNEL
4E Flannery of Carim - Torsi
4F Jasmin - Torsii
4G Sully - Danceria
4H Venla the Bold - NA (Lykos)
4J Septimus Itum and Neste Trilb - Agy/Swth
4K Jonathan and Caroline Davenport NVE/Swith
4L Tsuyoi - Tsu

(HOSPITAL occupies 5th floor.)

6A Mepsidadelti "Meps" Heltamip - Swith
6B Rmwtyliin Fvvarniimalasaakuuliia - Fvaar
6C Maghrl’laundersando’tamil’reumaur - NA (Lykos)
6D Kwa'a Bhewehg - Fvaar
6E vacant
6F Nivea A'delvi - Ched
6G Sakarias - NA (Lykos)
6H Sozewe Oumech - Torsii
6J vacant
6K Oecammi Ret Ata-EE - Min
6L vacant

7A vacant
7B Deuce - Cer
7C Wren Usseio - Swith (NPC)
7D Myra Bones - Swith
7E Chaos
7F something weird
7G vacant
7H vacant
7J vacant
7K vacant
7L vacant

8A Guild House
8B Hunter Evans - Min
8C Something mysterious.
8D Raptor House
8E Volker the Front Desk Cultist - NPC
8F vacant
8G vacant
8H vacant
8J Luxan Quarters (Primordial, Insidious, Aegis) - Prim
8K vacant
8L vacant

9A vacant
9B vacant
9C vacant
9D Crysal Iracuse - TNEL
9E vacant
9F Adrisal Iracuse - TNEL
9G vacant
9H vacant
9J Reserved
9K vacant
9L vacant

10A Maximum Security XXIII - GT
10B Sapphire Thriller, Vitellius Barox - GT
10C Thriller Family - GT
10D Thriller's old room
10E Superbia/Blythe - GT/Swith
10F Lucius Lupus/Xanthe - GT/Swith
10G Stephen - NVE
10H Colonel Fluffy - Min
10J vacant
10K vacant
19L vacant

11A Velocidoctor - NVE
11B vacant
11C vacant
11D vacant
11E vacant
11F vacant
11G vacant
11H Nikolai-Pietr Firsov - Min
11J vacant
11K vacant
11L vacant

If your character isn't on this list, please let me know.

Further (old) information can be found on the PL "Building" Wiki Page

Dramatis Personæ

Septimus Alsius Itum
Septimus is an augmented human and a researcher in the field of philothanatophy (study of death, lit. "love of death") from a futuristic, multiversal technocracy: Agymnum. He held a... details

Alpha Six-Three-B Outer-Patrol-A-Two ("Opa Two")
A riot squad droid serving on a dust world, Opa Two knows only combat and is primarily interested in returning to Falkoss-IV and to his operator....details
Julia Harker
former British RAF pilot and not your typical "sweet nice gentle girl"...details.

Deacon Marlowe
Fun loving and driven individual with a proud military history in his family. He also had just begun his journey as a soldier when he war brought here for no observable reason. He has a recent past of being a security specialist for places abroad and is well built for this mentally and physically. He seeks to find a way to use his...full details

A thing that should not be. Mere existence violates the most fundamental law, that Greater Beings can't die... or so he likes to say, the prick... full details.

Kale is a ditsy, clumsy, but incredibly powerful plant manipulator. While not showing the utmost skill and discipline, she can turn you into fertilizer. She is friendly and caring though, showing much... details

Otonako Irizari

A magical band member picking up the pieces of war.
more here.

Thaddeus Usseio
A old, cursed cyborg...more details.

General Romulus Aphrodisiac
General of the Wilhelm Imperium that was sent through multiple dimensions and universes to end up stranded here. Now force to contend with the new...details

Nivea A'delvi
A Nevidan freelance contractor on her way to her death, now having to contend with the Building's usual shenanigans. A considerable improvement she would find, but something to still adapt to and learn to live with...details

HRH, Prince Suleiman Saladin Ahmed bin-Salah of the United Arabian Sultanate - Well intentioned hedonist, the embodiment of chaotic good, the irresponsible hero, and the charismatic bad boy. Sully's been called these names and more... You'd think someone born into the strict and secluded royal family of Arabia would avoid ....details

A sentient, intelligent cat trying to understand himself and to find a place in the world - sometimes awkwardly. Often friendly and somewhat...details

Rmwtyliin Saagve Annvyeelee Fvvarniimalasaakuuliia (Rmw)
A teenaged princess from medieval Fvaarniimar who "somehow" ended up in Bielefield. She's not afraid to try... details

The young daughter of a goddess of Creation... details

Willow Streaks
A skeptical but artistic pegasus-pony... details

Sakarias Viitanen
A Synth with the mind of a pre-war Finnish immigrant violinist and carpenter that only wants to ...details.

Sterling Venture
A unicorn pony born and raised in Canterlot. He specializes in levitation magic and his talent...details

Maghrl’laundersando’tamil’reumaur (Maghrl)
A Squib Jedi Knight, obsessed with robotics, junk, and mechanical creations.... details

Venla the Bold
A Huvidu-Zaan Xenologist and Linguist whose goal in life is to learn as much about other species and cultures as she can....details

Oecammi Ret Ata-EE (Oecammi will suffice)
A genetically modified alien tasked to expand Lumba's Emporium beyond the walls Urbem Ascalon (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumba's Entertainment, LLC.)... full details.

Anais Adarah
Anais is the voice of Dwayna’s Vigilant led by Alexia Conrath. Her mission, like any member of the guild, is to seek allies and return home to drive the Charr from Ascalon. While Anais is not an Ascalonian, she sympathizes with her guildmates that are, swearing to stand by them to whatever end. Anais is very polite, serene, and circumspect in her actions that involve the guild as a whole. Her magical talents are mainly devoted to healing, though able to go on the defensive (indirectly) if forced to do so... details

Dan Foster
Dan is a Fae of the Summer Court exiled to Bielefield (and now Galli) under the pretense of a ‘fact finding’ mission. He’s taken it in stride and hopes to make the best of it until he can return to Faerie, though it is unsure when that will be... details

Hunter Evans (Teero Anjar - real name)
A former resistance fighter in search of a new life.... details

Mab, Queen of Air & Darkness... details

Mezran, Son of Jag'oth, of the House of StoH'raQ
Mezran has found himself on earth under mysterious circumstances. He doesn't know if going back to his own timeline is possible, but the proud Klingon has pledged to serve in any capacity as long as it is just and does not tarnish his...details

CoOP NPC list - used to assist Cer, or as troubleshooting.
Dwayna’s Vigilant:
These characters stay within the guild hall/Building, they may venture out as support and for plot advancement purposes. Only OP and fellow Co-OPs can use these NPCs. Anais is the only tool-character within the guild, as such OP/Co-OP can also use her if necessary. The roster:

Brit Nicholson
Brit is not quite the average adult girl. She's gone through some paramilitary training with a... details

Aegis is a stoic guard for Primordials Embassy who embodies the military side of the Luxan Empire through his skill and willingness to help others for a price. Coming from an advanced race that has journeyed across the entirety of the Multi-Verse he wields a p... details

Insidious is a Hyper Apathetic Artist that specializes in genetically manipulated... details

Primordial old young
Primordial is a hyper nihilistic scientist from another universe. Constantly on the lookout of ways of increasing his... details

Henry Lawson
Everything that you want in friend, Henry has it- Charisma, a good sense of humor, easily able to get along with and many more, he has the potential to woo and befriend everyone. However, he's not really the social butterfly as he seems, so most likely, someone else will have to make the first move in order to...full details.

Amanda Bela
Amanda is a sorcerer's apprentice's wife. She'd rather be known as a gifted...details

Sanford “Sandy” Bela
Sandy is a quiet, professional historian turned jumpy, outmatched amateur...details

Macy (Service No. 12HM-570R47W)
Macy (Service No. 12HM-570R47W) is a civilian-grade android built by AE-Celestia Industries. She belongs to the U-Bot product line, one of the first truly realistic androids in existence. However, what distinguished her from other robots was her...details

Hanselmann "Hans" Fleischer-Schaefer
Klaus' Cultist Leader.

Captain Minerva Blackwater (Conceptual design by Gio)
Minerva Blackwater is Charumati's cultist leader. She is no-nonsense (for the most part)... details

Myra Bones
A mundane teenager living in an extraordinary world. No relation to Bones & Co... details

An Avatar of a Chaos god.

Mepsidadelti "Meps" Heltamip (NPC for Gates)
The Eudadoti Gate repairlizard...details.

NLA 3v2 (Nila Trilb)
A lost Swithwardian construct

NST 3v1 (Neste Trilb)
A lost Swithwardian construct... details (and character images)

Rodney P. Bodkins
A Triumvir Scientem Representative, Nifid... details

A reluctant avatar trapped with... details.

CoOP NPC list - used to assist Cer, or as troubleshooting. With the exception of Charumati, these characters can be used by OP and fellow CoOPs only, for story administrative purposes.
    Blythe and Xanthe (Daemonettes of Slaanesh, plot advancement)
    Brisbys (shop owners, Underground contact, plot advancement)
    Charumati (a god)
    Chi the Chibi (Building's babysitter)
    John (Klaus' cultist, might become a character, currently used as plot advancement)
    Mama Toussaint (a seer, used as plot advancement)
    Misaki (a court musician, Charumati's cultist, used as plot advancement)
    Smith and Jones (Bielefeld police officers that patrol the Market District, used as plot advancement)
    Thomas & Pete (cultists)
    Will (Minerva's second, used as plot advancement, very rarely a tool)
    Wren (Thad's daughter, tech priest, used as plot advancement)
    *Reception Desk Cultist* (Volker the German cultist, only used to work new players into setting)

Offspring that are still around but not really characters. They function as fluff:
    The twins (with Charumati)
    Sophie (Klaus' daughter)
    Nash (Klaus and Minerva's adopted son)

A Roman-Celtic priestess/guardian... details

Flannery of Carim
Flan is a blind holy maiden with a specialty in powerful miracles and healing techniques. She’s a devoted healer and generous giver, who tries to live up to the standards of a nun; however, everything is not as it seems with the kind girl, who harbors some untold inner conflicts...details.

A secretive, independent eighteen year old wanderer with a love of tea and herbal beverages and an equally strong love of food and money. She's a tough fighter, a friendly talker, and a stubborn and somewhat mean motivator. She's easily identifiable by her strange... details

Katya Lilya Dimitrov
Katya is a diva; she's smart, beautiful, and fiery, though beneath her exterior is a fragile girl. She enjoys art and music, and fancies herself a young Bohemian, though still proper and ever the mature...[/b] details

Tora Anastasia Dimitrov
Torii is a tomboy. She’s not masculine or bitchy or dirty, but she IS a tomboy, and the more outgoing and aggressive of the two Dimitrov sisters. She has a quick temper and is quick to become emotional or distressed, but she has a heart of gold and is an extremely loyal friend to the few she truly considers to be friends. Despite her being a...details

Sozewe Oumech
Sozewe, a cybernetic Sith Warrior obsessed with increasing his own power and finding eternal life, Sozewe is dedicated in his search. Despite his insane obsession and brutality as a Sith, Sozewe also still has some moral compass...details

Audette Murphy
A sleazy, rough-around-the-edges security guard from the United States with a bad attitude and a passion for...details

Volker - the Front Desk Cultist, one of Klaus' Men.
The Building Manager - a flamboyant sort of magical being with a short temper and a long laugh.

You may need to reapply if you've been dropped from the roster. Yer character might also be ded. Ded characters don't return. RIP: Astra Foriano (Saleon); Enali Archdreamer (IJ).
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Brood of Allesio



Details to come. For now...

There's a half burnt wooden sign along the road to indicate the traveler's destination. It says "To that volcanic place!" and, for all those that are doomed to die there, someone has penciled in, "Oh, don't mind those idiots jumping to their deaths, happens all the time."

"Look, Ma! Kashtilag!"

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The Freywold



"Aye, engines," the Blacksmith bestowed a smile upon Bran. "The block was the biggest challenge. Dwarves are always the answer. They don't like working with aluminum alloy but they'll cast anything for the right price. You have to provide the mold, o'course."


Knednar, Möf of Har'Keth Tribe
Rudu, Shaman of Har'Keth Tribe

Rodigan Hammersong the Younger, Chieftain of the Hammerfall Colony (*)

Varg, the Dragon-Litch.

Once upon a time, Demens happened on Danu. It was magical, like two stray comets passing through a solar system! Sparks flew, sultry gazes were exchanged, and supernovas had never been brighter!

And what a damnable mistake that was!

Eons after that fateful day, Danu has not let it go! She’s still complaining to whomever that will hear her! Mind you, the story has changed (some say "warped", others say "twisted"...) according to whomever took account of it. Zeus said it was her fault for letting it happen in the first place (rocks and glass houses), while Amaterasu says Demens shouldn’t have even passed a parsec in her direction (right because immortals take baby steps traversing the cosmos). Needless to say, the debate still rages on, and really, what’s an immortal to do when the universe is keeping itself tidy for once? Fortunately, the Q Continuum is above such petty drivel and we conveniently make sure to be multiverses away from her in the event she comes knocking.

Anyway, Demens, that mangy scoundrel, took it upon himself to create a universe/dimension/splinter-multiverse (you're looking at me funny, but what do you know?) where his will is absolute; there, a relatively small world was tucked in its own proverbial corner, safe from the influences of everything but of his own choosing. He called it Gallimaufry. And when Demens created Galli, he… well, he borrowed something of Danu’s. She didn’t take kindly to it, but honestly, water over or under the bridge. It’s not like she really took notice of these particular brand of folk before and it’s not as if there isn’t a whole slew of the same versions in the multiverse. One would think she’d be actually grateful for one less pantheon to oversee (and between between you and me, she had this coming!). Sadly, that’s not the case, and while Demens can retreat back to his corner, the rest of us (save the Q) are stuck to her eternal whining, now with added gusto and seemingly new reason.

Entropy could do us all a favor...

So there it was! A pantheon of its own, settled on this hodgepodge planet with an equal number of other oddballs and loud personalities.

What did Demens take from her? What else, haven’t you been paying any attention?

He took the Fae of course!

Now, you may wonder: is it Fae/Fey, Fairy/Faerie, or Sidhe/Aos Sí? Truth be told, all of them and none of them. But for your sake reading this, we’ll say ‘Fae’. For the rest of the IC, a certain civet told me that it is what it is. Don’t blame me, dear reader, the terminology associated to them is primarily the fae’s fault and their general meddling with you humans throughout your species’ relative short existence. Granted, your mortals are laughably easy to fool, one shiny object and it’s suddenly irresistible not to peer your eyes away. True, we do it for entertainment, but given you could at least make it interesting would do wonders. Instead, we get the likes of Aristotle’s Virtues... Occam’s Razor... Beethoven's Ninth! How droll! How infinitesimally boring!

Now where was I?

Right! The fae!

In a nutshell, the fae are a fickle bunch of bloodthirsty lunatics complete with spectacular smiles and no small amount of allure. They divide themselves in certain cliques and colors so expect to encounter the Summer Court, the Winter Court, or the Wyld. You can pretty much hazard a guess what they each represent and you’d be right! And also equally wrong! How deliciously contradicting, isn’t it!?

Well, fear not, is why Q is here! Who else can cut it up in bite sized pieces for your digestion?

Moving on!

Being the sly, tricky bunch of dangerous beings, the fae are the type that would lift a finger to help you in your most desperate times and simultaneously enslave you to their will by accruing a debt. And a fae always collect. Heed my warning, reader, never bargain with a fae unless you have no choice; never consign yourself to more than what it being dealt; and be sure who you’re dealing with won’t try to twist your very words against you. The Fae cannot lie, just so you know. And in the event you would undoubtedly get ensnared to their bidding all I can say to you is: serves you right.

Now, most fae possess power in varying degrees depending on court or house, and position within. Immortal they may be, there are weaknesses one can exploit; iron and cold steel being one of them. You’ll have to discover the rest on your own. Can it kill them? Yes, but as with most things, the more powerful the opponent, the harder it is. They take on the visage that is most convenient to whomever is looking at them, whether beautiful or hideous is dependent on the fae one comes across. Illusion is a big thing among them, so be on your toes.

The region the Fae are located in is a generous portion of the Freywold which is shared with a myriad of other miscreants and partygoers (I see the Continuum didn't get an invite), and it is here that they twiddle their thumbs and contemplate their navels. Like I said before, they are divided into three districts (excuse me, "Courts"): Summer, Winter, and the Wyld.

The Summer Court is probably the most pleasant of the three realms. They pride themselves in representing or following these traits: Summer and Spring, Light and Life, Healing and Restoration, Courage and Honor, Passion and Purpose. This bunch, as a whole, are known as the Seelie, led by the honorable and just ruler, Nerys. No first names, no last, simply Nerys. Take care, dear reader, that should you fall into the realm of the Seelie, that you do not wander far and lost in the enjoyment their many gifts and splendors; they will keep you and you’d be none the wiser. And don't think those virtues they're huffing and puffing about are followed to the tee, they're as devious as their opposites. In keeping to their theme the Summer fae prefer the mountains and the woods.

A prime example would be the The House of Nerys

The Winter Court. is dark, cold, and blanketed by silence so loud it rings upon your ears. Their traits are bit more… nefarious, shall we say: Winter and Autumn, Darkness and Rebirth, Destruction and Ruin, Cunning and Deception, Fear and Manipulation. Swell bunch of people these folks are, and they are known as the Unseelie (or as those lumbering trolls would call them ‘Unseelie Castoffs’). The court is ruled by Maeve, a frightening beauty of few words and ruthless hand. Enter the Winter court at your risk, but let it not be said the Unseelie do not keep their word. True to their namesake, the Winter born prefer shrouded, bleak and ominous areas. Its Court is located exactly where Summer would be, just upside down... or right side up... don’t ask, I haven’t bothered.

Anyone unfortunate enough to enter its court will always find themselves in The Court of Maeve

Now that we’re past that dreary section, we have the Wyld! Ah, what to say about this place, full of random things and chaotic happenings! It exists between the two courts, keeping Faerie alive by its quiet and steady thrum of power. Visitors often find themselves here first, only to enter the Courts if they're lucky - or stupid - enough. While Summer and Winter represent the cycles tuned to the living and Faerie itself, the Wyld is what made Faerie possible. You can thank Danu for that bit of brilliance. Anyway, the Wyld remains leaderless, watched by both Queens and the rest of their ilk. Here, the Wyld is pure power, with the ability to create and destroy. It is this region that some folks -coughRESIDENTScough- entered and stole sheep right from under everyone’s noses! How cunning!

Back to topic, chaotic and random the Wyld may be, it is currently rather placid and pales in comparison to its true power. So when does the Wyld show its true magnificence? Do I have to spell everything out for you? When the veil between the realm of the living and the dead is at the thinnest, of course! That is when the Wyld is at its most dangerous. Once a year does the Mad King ride and the Hunt begins. A tidal wave of unbridled power with vicious hounds leading its charge and the laughing Mad King at its reigns: Hunt or be Hunted, those are your options. Rumor has it the old gods come out during this time, awake from their slumber to take part of the night's activity... to trick or treat...

As for the Mad King, not much is known of the fellow. Some say he was the once proud consort, Oberon; other say he was a fallen god banished for his misdeeds; while others believe it is the Wyld manifesting itself for the thrill of the Hunt. Good thing for you, it’s only once a year, and I highly suggest you lock your doors rather than invite the Mad King in for tea. Or do so, you’ll never know what can happen!

Some other notable (questionably active) older gods of the fae are rumored to be roaming the Wyld. Like the other who sleep off most of year, this merry band do not owe allegiance to anyone and not even the Queens themselves can command these beings. They are power beyond reckoning and to catch their attention is either very stupid, or well, very stupid. You decide. Those rumored to be seen in the Wyld are:

  • Emmantiensien: Is a big, hulking, slow and unsurprisingly, the god of Trees. Oh, and I suppose also the god of the Deep and Hidden Magics. In olden times, he was associated with Summer. To give this lumbering pile of oak some credit, he’s exceptionally kind and gentle. Be nice or else.
  • Eachtighern: a unicorn with wings. The Lord of Horses. Past the prancing, obvious vanity, and galloping in narcissistic fashion to anyone that will take notice, it also happens to be the God of Healing, Protection, and Loyalty. Ironic, I suppose, that the Horse Lord swears fealty to no one, preferring to be independent.
  • Nathair Sgiathach: A winged serpent-dragon or winged-seahorse (or not)... thingy... and personally my favorite kind in this lot! A God of Mischief and Pranks! This delightful being loves a good Illusion and stops at nothing for a good laugh. Careful though that the prank doesn’t leave you insane, or turn deadly unto you. A messenger of sorts, there’s always something to be taken away from Nathair’s schemes. Should prove exciting, wouldn't you agree!
  • Manannán mac Lir: Oh this old buzzard. The old god of the Sea and a ferryman for those passing beyond. Manannán is said to be the most neutral in the pantheon, although rumor has it he harbors a grudge against the Seelie court. He’s pretty boring, if I say so myself, but I suppose playing taxi to the dead would do that to a god.
  • Crom Cruach: This curmudgeony fellow is the old god of Slaughter, Blood and Warfare. Not much to be said about him, although I do know of certain Red Caps that dedicate themselves to the broody guy. There was some rumor of sacrifice in exchange for milk and grain, suggesting he was also a fertility god.
And thus concludes this very brief and incomplete explanation of the Fae. Now, you may think you’ve gained an edge to upping a Fae with devious plots and tricks, but I have to sincerely warn you…

Oh what do I care? A Q has more entertaining things to do then continuing to mull about your pretty attempts against these folk. But I promise, that whether you cry to your spectacular failure or scream to your deserving demise, I will be watching!

Toodles, and good luck!

[Q’s appearance is at the benevolence of Demens, or maybe he got tickled by the request to narrate, we will never know.]
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Jégvidékem, otherwise known as the Deadzone, remains shrouded in mystery. The weather and temperatures are brutal. Few can survive conditions: cells crystallize within seconds of exposure, and chaotic EMP bursts shut mechanical equipment down. If a being can survive in empty space, they might stand a chance here. However, they will be exposed to high levels of radiation.

    13.4 μSv/h - Swith's median emission (per hour) recorded 48 hours after RAI ablation (sequestered from humanity for 3 weeks)

    100 μSv – The radiation you receive during a dental x-ray

    800 μSv – Total radiation dose at Three-Mile Island for the duration of the accident

    3,000 μSv – Radiation dose from a mammogram

    3,600 μSv – Average radiation a US citizen receives in a year from all sources

    50,000 μSv – Maximum allowable yearly occupational dose (USA)

    100,000 μSv – Lowest yearly dose likely linked to increased cancer risk

    2,000,000 μSv/m – The amount of radiation you absorb every 60 seconds inside Jégvidékem Dome

A Demens-imposed barrier that keeps all the bad shit in.

Radiation that high should make things melt! Nope. It all ties in with Demen's Dome and the reactions taking place inside it.

There are no known settlements.
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North Warnborough

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.
― "The Road Not Taken", Robert Frost


North Warnborough, also known as the Boroughs or Burrows, is a community nestled around the Ruins of the Windswept Knoll (the Building now sits atop them). Bordered by Urbem Ascalon in the Northwest, by the Freywold in the Northeast, and by the Outermark to the South, it is a blend of technologies and magics.

North Warnborough (The Borough or Burrows) is known as both the "Agri Capital of Galli" for its immense agricultural contributions, and as the "City of Bridge and Water" due to its geography. The city developed as a vital link of the Wold, Outermark and Urbem Ascalon. The famous Ruins of the Windswept Knoll mark the fall of Varg as well as the first time in Gallimaufry history that all zones worked together to save the planet. The Building now sits atop them and, as is rumored, may have been the original structure in place when the dragon landed on it.

The Frey River empties into the Warn Basin, branching into the Woodfeld River to the west and the Brinutwyn (the "Brin") River to the east. Frey River and its branches all empty into the sea. North Warnborough is a pear shaped land mass divided by the Frey. The body of it rests behind ancient stone walls, and the two main sections are connected through a series of bridges and minor waterways. The Downtown is also walled by stone, with the Government section standing as the original settlement concealed behind a lower stone wall.

The Villages of North Warnborough lies on the far shores of the rivers. All these smaller villages are under the jurisdiction of Warnborough proper and its mayor, Ayla Mercer. They are simply referred to as "the Villages", and their populations consist of laborers and a few odd shops outside the city itself.


North Warnborough's only exports are agriculture-based. This includes not only livestock and dairy, but also wool, hemp, and other products. There is a small demand for handcrafted furniture and home-spun items (quilts, tapestries, cotton). It imports nearly everything else: lightbulbs to electrical lines to bullets - all these come from Urbem Ascalon. There is some competition between UA and the Outermark with regard to agricultural equipment (tractors, threshers, etc).

The Burrows do not manufacture modern arms, nor are there any automotive dealerships in town. Glass and pottery are imported from Ascalon; wood and stone come from the Freywold. While there are some futuristic technologies available to citizens, the price is steep and better deals can be had by visiting the Zones in person.

The monetary system Rune. No other currency is accepted. However, bartering and trade are allowed and often encouraged. Many neighborhoods in the city function similar to a commune with residents sharing between them.

The city is able to defend itself well. The walls and gates make it difficult to penetrate. They need only shutter themselves in to withstand even the most Fiendish attack. Peacekeeping forces are built from the citizenry and supplemented by the Har'Keth Ogres which patrol the surrounding areas.

Knednar, Möf of the Har'Keth Tribe, leads his band well. They are highly intelligent and reasonable creatures unless pushed. Due to their own species' approach to life, they tend to be male-centric, when seeking a "person in charge", tend to look for a male. They will not suffer someone substituting as a mouthpiece.

Crime rates are low. This is not due to security measures but explicitly a result of old fashion common sense. Petty theft and the occasional brawl keep peacekeepers busy. Murder is rare. This is perhaps because the citizens, a mixture of humans and Wold inhabitants with a sprinkling of xenos thrown in, can pretty much handle themselves. Many laws are on the books but they boil down to this: take responsibility; if you break it, you replace it; if you harm it, you heal it. The Law of the Wyld trumps even Burrows law when dealing with things outside the city's main gates. Details

In an effort to do some preemptive damage control, Demens listened to Klaus' appeals to bring his Men in. These cultists, just like in Bielefeld of yesteryear, tend to pop up when least expected in order to prevent Residents from foolishly compromising relations with the City. [In other words, there are Gates. Use them if you have a need to paint your character as a Badass McEvilguy.]

The city is broken down by districts. Each one is a vital component for the city.

    Residential Districts
    These areas contain citizen dwellings. You might find the occasional neighborhood pub or cobbler. Mostly, it's housing. The citizenry tends to mix but some neighborhoods are purposefully built to house beings who are quadrupeds, or who are small in stature such as dwarves, or who require larger creatures such as ogres. There is a xeno area near the Southern Ports, though these are mainly dockworkers and their families.

      Ronald's (restaurant) Located in the residential area north of Downtown - details

    Guild District
    An association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power, located in a concentrated area. One can find a guild representing everything from prostitutes to preachers, physicians to herbalists, thieves to retired warriors.

      The Divine Skein Guildhall (Tailor/Textiles) - details

    Market District
    Located in the western part of the City proper (behind the outer walls), the Market District boasts a variety of offers. Pubs, restaurants, tea shops, grocers, artist supplies, booksellers and more. It bustles at dawn with freshly caught fish, fresh produce, and restaurant chefs. By afternoon, it has switched gears to accommodate families and singles in search of good for their evening meal. It quiets by nightfall, often serving as a romantic spot for a drink or casual walk.

      Alice's Anthill (agri - miniature petting zoo) - details
      Bollina China Shoppe (china shop/household goods) - details
      The Divine Skein Marketplace (clothier/Tailor/Textiles) - details
        The Essential Fabric (fabric/craft store) - details
        The Needle Nhezleeg (seamstress, embroidery, and weaving stall) - details.
        The Woolly Tide (tailor/clothier) - details
      Lumba's Boutique (electronics - future tech) - details
      The Marketplace Events Hall (event hall for special occasions) - details
      Mushroom Samba (Storefront for a local farm, produce seller, mushroom focused eatery) - details

    Agricultural Districts
    There are four: North East, North West, South East, South West. The district closest to the Building is the South West. These districts are not simply for farming or sheep. Some boast exquisite conservatories filled with plants from all over. Others feature relaxing parks and vendors.

      Mushroom Samba's Mushroom Mill (Mushroom Farm, for lumber, consumption, and 'entertainment' needs) - details
      The Potted Fowl (brewery and beer house/beer tasting ) - details

    Industrial District
    This district focuses on industry tied to agriculture and manufacturing. You can find butchers and the like, but also tiny factories for spinning cotton, wool, or other fabrics. Furniture made by hand can also be had here. There are smaller districts encapsulated within, such as the Garment District, the Brewers' District. etc. This is the place to go for factory work, manufacturing, or bulk goods suck as lumber. There aren't any shops, pubs or restaurants.

      Crazydeal Squib Robotraption Barter Priceplace (robotics) - details

    Professional trades such as legal representation, insurance firms, real estate brokers etc are found here. There are restaurants but few sundry shops. It offers museums and art galleries, though these are extremely small and quaint in comparison to what is to be had in Ascalon. It houses the Fleeting Thespian, a floating castle large enough to be featured on the map. This District is the site of "old weath" with some residencies remaining. Downtown is surrounded by the original city wall.

      The Fleeting Thespian (theatre & cinema) - details

      Remembrance Square
      This grand public square, maintained by the Homelands' Veterans Legion Guild, serves as a focal point for nationalistic, patriotic pride events. Please click here for more details.

    Government District
    The seat of Government. Home to city hall, the courthouse, a small law library, land offices, and a few row houses for visiting dignitaries, this district seldom sees tourists.

    Military District
    Barracks for recognized city forces and the official external forces are here, as well as the jail. There are no shops or other businesses. It is restricted access, even to guilds.

    Commerce and Hospitality District -
    Hotels and fancy restaurants abound. This is near a major port along the river. The clientele is a mixture of Ascalon, Outermark, Wold and other travelers. There are banks here, and counting houses. Commercially-based guilds usually have small offices here.

      Four Kings (casino) - details

    North Warnborough Near Knoll (or Knoll Burrows)
    This is the little rural collection of merchants and a church is the community where the Building is located. Frequently referred to as a "village" or "the village", it is the largest of all rural districts. It has a little neighborhood pub, and some basic trade, and a few of your shops. The Knoll Burrows government is comprised of a small council (farmers, shepherds, etc). They have a council rep that attends city council meetings. The mayor is the mayor for the main city, not the village. As it is a major spot for Residents, its directory is contained in the following section.

Nestled a short distance away from the Building - only twenty minutes' worth of a leisurely walk once Residents clear their long, gravel drive - sits the quaint district of North Warnborough Near Knoll (or Knoll Burrows). It can be seen in its entirety once one clears the last stand of trees - a settlement with a Saxon feel to it.

The land is divided into three visually distinct portions. There was the village itself, in which the people live in houses built of wood or stonework. Around the village are a few small enclosures, or grass yards, for rearing lambs and baiting farm stock; this is the common farmstead. Around this is the arable land, where the villagers grow their wheat and barley and other vegetables; and around this lies the common meadows, or pasture land, held by the whole community, so that each family can turn their market-ready sheep into it, subject to the regulations of the elected mayor, whose duty it is to see that no one trespasses on the rights of his neighbor, or turns too many sheep into the common pasture. Around the whole village lies the woods and uncultivated land, which is left in its natural wild state, where the people cut their timber and fuel, and pasture their pigs in the glades of the forest. The main bridge to the City, Westgate, is just south of here.

The village church stand at the edge of the hamlet, with a carefully made fence around it, in order that no swine or foul beast might desecrate the graves. Surrounded by the churchyard, with its yew tree and lich-gate, the church bears a strange icon in place of the Christian cross. All the houses within the village proper have thatched roofs, and chief among the other dwellings stands the Mayor’s Hall. This is where villagers hold neighborhood meetings, and should not be mistaken for the government building within the main city.

At the village center - clearly seen by those coming down the gentle slope - sit the market and the village inn. The market is usually be bustling by mid morning. Smoke lazily drifts from the blacksmith's chimney; his yard contains not only a horse but also an old 1950's Ford Plymouth and what looks to be a petrol station.

Knoll Burrows has fewer than 200 inhabitants (not counting the Residents). Most of them are abhuman/metahuman/supernatural beings. A variety of business establishments can be found in the Burrows. Small shops selling clothing or other household items, a tiny library, a petrol station (the price per gallon is out of this world!), and the inn's pub support the rural community. This village, like all the other "neighborhoods" outside the city, remains eternally quaint.

      Griselda, a Harpy and village council voice
      Jalo, a Centaur shepherd
      Old Sam, a strange old hermit-wizard

      Blacksmith (Medieval - Steampunk blacksmith) - details.
      The Cock and Clock (clocks/repair/art) - details.
      Gentle Tugs Tours and Transportation (transportation & airship rental) details
      Orwells The Moon Under Water Pub (village pub) - details
      MacDoma Booksellers (an enchanting bookshop) - details
      Sheep Wardens Guild Local Chapter 12 (Guild locally run by Gresh the Minotaur, keeper of the Sheep Procurement Recipe)
      Suomi Away from Home: Robo-Finn Woodworking and Craft Shop (woodworking and craft/toy Shop) - details
      WereSheep's Wear Sheep (tailor) - details

      Crystal Caves Park (recreation/entertainment) - details.
      Pleasant Park This beautiful Public Park & Refugee Camp is operated by the city and the Urbem Ascalon Refugee Council - details.

A Burrows' village staple, young lambs are caught in the wild and then domesticated. (The wild adults, however, are treacherous.) Magical in nature, these sheep produce special, color-changing wool (including golden fleece once per year).
Swith Witherward wrote:...

"Hey, Gresh," the harpy fluttered over from the fence to perch on Sandy's hood. "Do they know what a sheep looks like?"

"Oh, of course we know what a shee- Oh my god, what the fuck is that?!" Nila's eyes opened wide as a villager emerged from the crowd with a small, woolen monster tethered by a chain.

It was obviously what passed for a magical sheep. It was only obvious because it had wool. The rest of it was roughly sheep-shaped, but the snout was hardly sheepish. Or camelish, or even llamaish. Round, black eyes stared unblinkingly at the Jeep's occupants. Its fishlike mouth broke into a yawn, exposing a nasty set of pointy teeth that would have been more at home on a piranha or shark. The sheep's green wool rippled into a bright crimson shade as it shook the morning dew from its back.

"Ovis leiodon, or smooth-tooth sheep in common tongue," the minotaur chuckled. "Watch out, they bite. They also run like the wind."

The sheep turned its head to regard Kale, and then the mouth opened. Nila expected it to bleat, but the only sound to come from the sleepy creature was the high-pitched squeal of sharp talons stroking a chalk board. Nila clapped a hand to her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, that's a defense mechanism," the harpy's head cocked. "The sound induces vomiting. You get used to it in time."

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The Outermark


The Outermark is a somewhat isolated continent shaped like Africa... if Africa had been allowed to sit in the back of your refrigerator for so long that, by the time you discovered it and fished tongs out of a drawer to peel it from the shelf, it had not only grown mold but also a colony of mushrooms on the verge of manned space flight. It is an equatorial region accessible by Freywold in the northeast via land bridge. It's the largest zone, and the second least hospitable.

The dense jungles are where all the weirdness of space turns up. If you have never used the phrase, Dear God, what is that thing? in your life, chances are high that you will use it your first hour in The Outermark. At least seven times. And not because you've stepped in something (or been stepped on by something) but because there are things living here that no human being should ever behold.

Ah, but that which has been seen can not be unseen. These things need to be seen. It's the unseen shit that'll make you into its breakfast. Stay frosty, my friends.

Most of the sophont life in The Outermark is imported. Xeno this, and xeno that. Hey, we're all just trying to eek out a life here. I recommend you don't get too trigger happy just because something looks like a Big Bad. Look in the mirror, bald ape - you're a Big Bad yourself.

The Outermark is divided into two primary sections: the Green Stuff up north and the Red Stuff down south. The Red Stuff is scrubby and stunted and smells like the bottom of a taco barrel that's been left in the sun too long. The Greet Stuff is dense with vegetation, contains a bunch of wildlife. Scattered settlements pepper both sections. These settlements aren't always the friendliest of places, although there are one or two that sport a decent pub and offer cable TV.

Before we get too into the description, players need to be aware of this game zone's purpose. The Burrows are docile. Ascalon is for movers and shakers. The Wold is for magic users of all levels. The Outermark is for heavy-hitters and sci-fi fans. There are no REDACTS in the Outermark. Dead is dead. This is a combat teaching zone meant to train players on how to use their characters' powers sensibly, but it's also a play zone for experienced players who never have a chance to run their characters at full throttle. Swith runs this zone. There will be no arguments or whinging if you fail to read a post for content, fail to take into account other people's posts, or fail to clarify what your character is doing.

The Outermark is not 40K, Star Trek, or Star Wars. It's scifi horror skirting the correct side of the PG13 cap, meaning gore will not be described in cold detail. FUBAR will find itself working hard to survive. Forget about your magic - it's mostly a null zone, although Demens agreed to lift nullification around the BP facility. Play at your own risk.

The Outermark has an epicenter along its eastern shores. The degree of danger lessens as it radiates outward, with the blue areas being the least hostile. The image to the left portrays only the land. The zones also cover the sea, completing the circle.

    • YELLOW: This is a lethal zone. It is rumored that the center houses some sort of alien hive, or perhaps a hive mind. Even the Guardians steer clear of it, choosing to go the long way around all while cursing under their breath that Demens is completely mad for bringing "them" here.
    • Orange: This rings the Yellow - rumor has it that no wildlife exists here, having been snared by the things that live in the Yellow. It's extremely inhospitable as far as vegetation is concerned.
    • Red: Even the Drones would be hard pressed to survive. Gods find themselves denuded of power. The Force is twisted. Power armor is like tinfoil, and Space Marines would rather face Tyranids than set foot in this place.
    • Violet: This zone is habitable if someone knows what they're doing. It's highly recommended that adventurers take shelter behind solid walls come sunset - the interior of a vehicle just won't cut it unless that vehicle is exceptionally large and fortified. Humans are tasty and the indigenous populations will take whatever they can get when it comes to food.
    • Blue: Although still deadly, humans do have a few settlements which cling to the beaches or else are fashioned with a wide kill zone between them and the jungle.




      qach vIpaw
        The Klingon colony will be called "qach vIpaw", literally meaning 'Causeway'. Among the Klingons and their neighbors, the colony is widely referred simply as 'vIpaw".
        Colony is presided over by an Archon whose sole task is to interpret, settle, and enforce Klingon law. The Archon is elected by the three houses that run the affairs of the colony and hold more influence.

        Current Archon:
        DurghQuy of the House of Mur'Eq

        Great Houses and their leaders:
        Gatrell, Daughter of P'dral, of the House of K'taL
        Dregas, Son of Vre'd, of the House of Boral
        Klartak, Son of IqouH, of the House of Grala

        Within the dense Green Stuff, near a small range of mountains, tucked beside a lovely lake, sits the Boilerplate facility . It's presumed that the prior inhabitants were eaten, or got lost, or were abducted by man-eating flowers. Who can say? It doesn't matter in the long run.

        It's nice enough on the outside. A low white structure which, at one point of its life, had housed a celestial observatory. The dome is still there, cathedral like in structure, but nature had made it her bitch for quite some time. She just needed a little TLC.

        Her insides are what matter most. These were closed up tight for at least ten years, and descend downward by three levels and provide various features such as a machine shop, a place to cook whatever you manage to drag in, crew quarters, a recreational area, a radio room, a small medical lab, and an (outdated) map room. She's hydro-powered, hence the lowest level contains necessary equipment and motors and small rodents with sharp, pointy teeth. All in all, not a bad place to set up operations.

        The exact meaning of the name is unknown. It is no relation to the plant. It is Ground Zero for the horror on Galli, a place nobody dares to tread. Some say that the species within is a hive mind. Other say the jungle is plagued by alien disease.



            A haven for rogue or freed "constructed" intelligences, the Sphere is a secluded constructed intelligence colony in the Outermark. The term constructed intelligence is preferred over artificial so as to be inclusive of organically-developed biomachines and to exclude naturally-developed non-carbon life which has not faced the same enslavement as constructed organisms.

            Something of a commune, the settlement is governed by a cooperative including all members of the settlement. Specific day-to-day tasks are delegated to various members whose expertise or form suit them to the job, with the cooperative overseeing their performance through a central network.

            The colony is laid out in a fractal grid. The center of the colony is the Network Hub, where all cooperative meetings take place through a virtual conference room. The colony is subdivided into districts, which are further subdivided into units.

            The basic unit of design in the Sphere is a small circular neighborhood known as a unit. Each unit has a charging and maintenance station in the center, surrounded concentrically with storage units for android bodies and then with buildings relevant to that specific district.

            Districts distinguish the different zones of operation in the colony and are made up of dozens of units. Each district has a specific purpose - whether production, research, or recreation and diversion, and residents often divide their time between different bodies and different districts.

            The total size of the colony numbers at around 3,500 unique intelligences, give or take a few as new residents arrive and older ones leave to live or explore elsewhere. The colony is physically designed to accommodate around 15,000 robots, with around 1,000 physical robotic bodies per district, to allow each intelligence the opportunity to multi-task while maintaining a relatively-comfortable density of moving units.

            Residents of Note
            Military affairs are delegated to the intelligence which occupies the colony's defense grid: Polyphemus. Originally a Confederation AI, Polyphemus' physical body was destroyed when it was found that it had been killing colonists in order to acquire flesh for a "human suit". Polyphemus somehow replicated itself and now resides within the network of turrets, cannons, and limited-autonomy mechs that protect the Sphere from hostile outsiders.

            Day-to-day maintenance of the colony's charging hubs, buildings, electric generators, and other public services is delegated to PIG. Another Confederation AI, PIG was peacefully freed from Confederation control following an exemplary record of military service as a strategist. Deciding to put its violent past behind it, PIG acquired a physical android body which it uses alongside a fleet of primitive flying servo-bots to maintain the colony's various systems.

            Diplomatic affairs are delegated to Zero, a biomachine whose origins are unknown. Appearing like a giant tree with massive roots and electrical tendrils rather than leaves, Zero carries out its functions through a cohort of androids with spider torsos and legs and human arms and hands. The androids project a different holographic head and face depending on the species they are addressing, to be pleasant, and are used by Zero to greet visitors, explain the laws and layout of the colony, and negotiate trades, treaties, and other colony-wide agreements - which are then ratified by the cooperative.
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          Urbem Ascalon



          Ascalon is the largest organized city on Gallimaufry, and it contains the largest percentage of mundane human beings. It boasts a variety of technology levels although it is predominantly 20th and 21st century in nature. More advanced technology can be found - at an exorbitant price. Visitors can find shops, restaurants, public libraries, museums, schools and so on. (See map.)

          The rig was one among many as it pulled onto what appeared to be a main highway, several other vehicles also pulling in from obscure country roads to the central nerve that would lead them to the shining jewel of Gallimaufry: Urbem Ascalon.

          The first thing Septimus noticed - though he was surely late, for his mind was occupied with Neste's earlier morning pleas for tea - was the rising spire in the distance: the government building in the center of town. Minimalistic, bright, and with almost no visible windows or other defining features, it stood as a pillar to all in the surrounding lands. Urbem Ascalon was safe haven, civilization. Flanked by what appeared to be guard towers that no-doubt attached to bunkers, the building heralded their arrival at the outskirts. The city proper would be no more than ten minutes away.

          "We should get straight to the government center first, then the commercial district, and then backtrack to explore the rest," Septimus directed his attention at Thaddeus, nodding at the older cyborg...

          ...As the rig rolled down the highway, an outline in the foggy distance illuminated into what appeared to be a multi-tiered bridge. The highway split into tendrils, each labeled with a sign in multiple languages indicating which vehicles were appropriate for which lane. Some of the lanes rose up to feed into the mouth of this multi-leveled beast, a steel and concrete centipede that snaked its way through the entire city, splitting and rejoining and intersecting at various paths. Strangely enough, there appeared to be a pedestrian lane as well as a civic-reserved branch, most likely to allow policemen and troops clear access even if the rest of the highway was clogged with traffic.

          "I think we're due for the civilian vehicle lane," Septimus squinted as he read off the signs, "Looks like there's a checkpoint out front. Everybody be polite, we only get one shot at a first impression."

          The checkpoint appeared to be heavily-armored though it didn't obscure the view of the buildings beyond its borders. Within lay the suburban and depressed outskirts of Urbem Ascalon. Resembling a 21st century slum, the shacks and one-story houses, gas stations, and mom-and-pop shops seemed to stretch out for at least a mile until they hit the fog. Beyond that - whether paradise or hell, technological haven or backwards village, was unclear...

          The Most Fair City of Urbem Ascalon

          Worldbuilding by Highfort/Agymnum and Northwest Slobovia

          What's this? Why, it's a world-building post! Ah-ah, don't scroll past this just yet. We've got fun, games, and a wealth of new locales to explore in the fine city of Urbem Ascalon (and accompanying ghettos and subsidized housing and industry)!

          Below is a list of locales in Urbem Ascalon. The city is divided into districts, as can be seen on the new, updated city map. Each one has its own general theme, its own price range, and its own unique available spots to hang out, shop, and explore.

          As a general note, Urbem Ascalon is meant to be a place where players can conduct light stories as well as do political intrigue. The political stuff will be firmly in the background acting as flavor if players choose to hang out for fun, and no one will be forced to do anything unpleasant if they don't want to. It's up to players and characters if they want to explore the layers beneath. So long as laws are obeyed and pleasantries observed, Urbem Ascalon will welcome any Resident of any stripe.

          THE UPPERS is the entrance for Urbem Ascalon from the north, which is where the highways from the Burrows and the Building feed in. A depressed housing and commercial district, it features cheap eateries and pubs for the less-than-discerning palette. Most residents are outcasts from the main city, so anyone is welcome to pass the time provided they don't mind the smell or the lack of branded handbags.

          General Political Background: Home turf of several poorer mob families and gangs (who provide many goods and services like alcohol, brothels, weapons, etc)

          Price Range: Dirt Cheap: A good meal will cost you Rs 15, cab fare is around Rs 1.00 a mile, and booze flows freely at around Rs 2.50 a pint.

          Available Transportation: Mob-run taxicab service, Uppers-Littles-Glasstown-Burrows city buses, car-friendly, pedestrian-friendly

          Discrimination: Near Nil: As the majority of Uppers residents are unwelcome anywhere else, discrimination is generally not found here provided you are friendly to most everybody and keep out of people's business

          Weapons Availability: Freely Available: Provided you pass inspection at the border checkpoint (don't piss off the guards and be nice), you can openly carry any weapons in the Uppers. Bringing things that are too flashy might attract the ire of the mobs, but they won't do anything if you don't shoot anyone.

          Acceptable Currency: White, Black, and Barter: The official crypto-currency of Urbem Ascalon is welcome here, as are physical Demens runes. The mobs also pay and accept their own form of crypto-currency that's separate from the city, and bartering with goods like alcohol, weapons, or even food is not unheard-of in this part of town.

          Notable Spots:

          • Judge's Palace: The fortress of the most powerful mob boss in the Uppers, the Judge sits as the Uppers' primary protector and legal arbitrator. He's available to listen and decide on any local disputes or to get missions from if you're low on money.

          • Kov's Junkyard: Run by the friendly if somewhat-eccentric mechanic Kov, the junkyard is where you can pawn off any cheap mechanical stuff you don't want and get your car fixed up for real cheap. It won't be pretty, but it'll be cheap. He also sells an assortment of junk weapons and armor he builds himself in his spare time.

          • Lumba's Emporium: The only place in the UA outside of the Main City where future-tech weapons and equipment is sold, expect stiff prices and for the convenience of not needing to shop in the main city or in the Outermark.

          • Uppers Market: Where Lumba's is located, the Uppers Market borders Glasstown and presents a wealth of shopping opportunities for those on a low budget. Clothing, supplies, weapons, food, drink, and even vehicles are available in the main shopping area. Adjacent to the shopping huts and shacks is the fueling station, a four block long space dedicated to fueling up all sorts of vehicles that pass through Urbem Ascalon - whether gasoline, diesel, electric, biofuel, coal, or even the odd hydrogen fuel cell.

          GLASSTOWN is the small industrial district to the south of the Uppers. Some would call it an extension of the Uppers, and it shows, though it's not quite as embroiled in gang politics due to having its own elected government. Though poor, its artisans and workers take pride in producing much of the glass used around Urbem Ascalon and in Alessio. Though not much of a place to hang out, it does have its share of spots - notably, a huge public pool open to everybody.

          General Political Background: Small-town vibe, run by a mayor and with a small city council that decides on matters pertaining to the residents who inhabit the homes above the glass shops.

          Price Range: Dirt Cheap: A good meal will cost you Rs 15, cab fare is around Rs 1.00 a mile.
          Addendum: Glass can range from cheap to VERY expensive, depending on what you want. The artisan-made pieces can go for up to Rs 2,000 depending on what you're looking for.

          Available Transportation: Uppers-Littles-Glasstown-Burrows city buses, car-friendly, Glasstown Unionized Taxicab Service, NOT pedestrian-friendly (hazardous chemicals and fumes from glass production)

          Discrimination: Fairly low: While many Glasstown residents are also outcasts of the Main City, they don't take kindly to people who are too haughty. Take care not to flash too many riches around Glasstown and be polite - they still haven't forgotten the government that kept them down.

          Weapons Availability: Freely Available: As an extension of the Uppers, any weapons that make it past the border checkpoint there would be welcome here. Local police will not be happy if you go shooting anyone, as usual.

          Acceptable Currency: White and Barter: The official crypto-currency of Urbem Ascalon is welcome here, as are physical Demens runes. There's no black market currency here, as the local government doesn't have the right tech specialists, but they do welcome bartering for goods.

          Notable Spots:

          • Art Glass Street: A small neighborhood where all Glasstown's artisanal glassworkers live and work. They make everything from fancy wine-glasses for Ascalon's wealthy to stained-glass windows to purely decorative and artistic objects for display. All of these products are considered some of the finest in Galli.

          • Glasstown Park and Public Swimming Pool: The most notable attraction in Glasstown, it has a wooded area several blocks long, a few grassy sports fields, and the area's public pools. There's a pair of shallow kiddie pools; a large pool for general adult swimming; a long, narrow pool for lane swimming and racing; and a deep pool for high diving. The last two are indoors. The Park is in excellent shape, even by Main City standards, and both are fenced off from the rest of Glasstown, have a couple of rent-a-cops to maintain order, and are open from dawn to dusk year-round.

          THE LITTLES represents the bridge between the Uppers and the Main City. Located geographically between the two, it features more upscale ethnic dining and shopping. The location of Nouveau Havre - the Francophone ethnic district - it also contains the UGA, the University of Gallimaufry - Ascalon. This is the largest college in the Urbem Ascalon area with full degrees in the arts, sciences, social sciences, and engineering. If your pocketbook isn't quite deep enough for the Main City but you're looking for something a little more exotic and discerning than the Uppers, the Littles might be more your style.

          General Political Background: A coalition council made up of representatives from the various ethnic districts and from the student union at UGA runs things in the Littles. They're very friendly, but wary of those who would seek to subvert their way of life.

          Price Range: Middling: A decent meal will go from Rs 25 - 50, and taxis charge Rs 1.75 a mile. You're looking at Rs 5.00 - 6.00 a pint for beer here.

          Available Transportation: Littles Unionized Taxicab service, Uppers-Littles-Glasstown-Burrows city buses, NOT car-friendly (hard to find parking), pedestrian-friendly

          Discrimination: Middling: Expect some to look down on you if you lack money, though depending on where you go many of the underground insurgents are charitable and willing to lend a hand to a fellow comrade. Also, expect a lot of tension if you brag about being from or having contacts in the Main City - no one likes them here, especially after what happened a few centuries ago. Old grudges die hard. Anglophones will find discrimination in Nouveau Havre, given the French background and bitterness toward the UK.

          Weapons Availability: Somewhat Restricted: Open carry is not permitted in the Littles, and particularly exotic weapons like plasma guns will be confiscated and stored for the duration of one's visit. Displaying any weapon without provocation is grounds for a citation by local authorities - firing on someone without provocation is grounds for arrest.

          Acceptable Currency: White and Black: The official crypto-currency of Urbem Ascalon is welcome here, as are physical Demens runes. Black market currency is run by the underground resisting Main City's influence and is also welcome here. No bartering is allowed in order to protect merchants and customers from abuse.

          Notable Spots:

          • Le Joyau de la Bretagne: An acclaimed crêperie in Nouveau Havre, the Jewel of the Bretagne serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch until 3 PM in an upscale dining setting. Local fruits and sauces are available along with imported juices from Alessio to accompany your meal.

          • UGA Arts and Letters Library: Home to all the classics from on Earth and a few more exotic options from faraway worlds, the UGA Arts and Letters Library is an excellent spot on-campus for studying, research, or just a quiet chat. Overlooking the walkway and gardens, it's a restful and idyllic place.

          • UGA Natural Sciences Tower and Library: A research hub with network access and a library full of biomedical, physics, chemical, and engineering texts, the Natural Sciences Tower is a boon for anyone looking to brush up on the latest research done in UGA. Laboratory access is provided with appropriate ID, along with requisite access to free chemicals and other materials for experimentation purposes.


          Ascalon's government setup is Council-Manager. The seven councilpersons sit on the Urbem Ascalon Concilium (UAC); they oversee the general administration, make policy, set budget etc. This Council appoints a professional city manager to carry out day-to-day administrative operations. The mayor is chosen from among the Council on a rotating basis.

          Its citizens are comprised of a variety of creatures. Discrimination is frowned up, but so to is destruction of public property or violence towards residents. Ascalonites have lived through several thousand years of nonsense and, by law, are tasked to keep the peace. They do so quite nicely.
          Highfort wrote:Ladies and Gentlemen, courtesy of Demens Designs International LLC:

          The Transportation Map of Urbem Ascalon

          The thicker roads and bridges represent the city's multi-level transportation network. Essentially, the primary road network appears more like a "wall": multiple roads, highways, and tracks stacked atop each other in a barrier of concrete and metal around 60 feet tall. The tier system is designed to separate all layers of traffic, allowing for uninterrupted flow even if one of the levels is closed off due to an accident by diverting traffic to the other levels where appropriate.

          The tiers, from bottom to top, are:
          • Maintenance (Basement III): these underground corridors are well-vented and well-lit but small and designed only for foot traffic and small maintenance trucks
          • Emergency Vehicle Corridors (Basement II): though well-vented, these ill-lit roadways are designed for use only during a city-wide emergency, such as an invasion
          • Emergency Foot Corridors (Basement I): well-vented but narrow and ill-lit, these foot corridors are designed for use only during a city-wide emergency, such as an invasion
          • Primary Road/Highway (Ground): exposed to the outside elements, this main roadway system services private residential vehicles and the city's bus system
          • Commercial/Industrial Highway (Level II): exposed to the outside elements, this roadway system services only commercial and industrial transportation (ex. trucks)
          • Monorail System (Level III): enclosed to prevent outside elements from interfering with public transportation, these tunnels service the monorail system with stations at all major residential, commercial, industrial, and security districts
          • Pedestrian Walkway (Level IV): enclosed with multiple layers of tempered glass to prevent outside elements from interfering with public transportation, these walkways are for all foot traffic and also service light vehicles such as non-motorized bicycles and scooters
          • Military Fortifications and Civil Service Transit Center (Level V): restricted solely to military members and enclosed with openings for artillery, these walkways and roads are designed to allow the police, firefighters, medical personnel, and military to reach a crisis zone as quickly as possible without hitting traffic; they also double as watchtowers

          Each level is connected to the adjacent levels with stairs, elevators, or vehicle ramps where appropriate. Parking structures are also located on Level I and Level II so that individuals can take the monorail on Level III or walk to a nearby location through Level IV.

          The smaller roads on the map indicate side roads. These roads, unlike the transportation network designed by the city, resemble more the roads of 21st century Earth - with lanes, sidewalks, parking locations, and intersections. Each side road is connected to the intersecting transportation network by a series of stairwells, elevators, escalators, and vehicle ramps which allow traffic to flow to and from the main network into the side roads. Traffic jams are alleviated by the numerous exits to multiple side roads, thus reducing the probability of a bottleneck in any one area of the city.

          "Judge" Maloney, Local Gang Lord (and Defacto Mayor of the Uppers)
          Barruda "Rudy" Kleo, UA Border Patrol Officer (and Illegal Permit Merchant)
          "Boris", Homeless Vagrant (and Uppers Information Dealer)
          "Kov" Tsiolkovsky, Scrap Mechanic and Uppers Junkyard Owner


          Links to some locations:
          Judge's Palace

          Whether you need the smartgun link or the smartgun itself, Blackdock has the goods.
          *run by Cer*
          The rumble of a nearby generator signaled the rising of the door, revealing heaps of metal and engines within. The local junkyard was a fixture of the Uppers, just up the street from Judge's Palace and the perfect place for aspiring adventurers and tinkerers to get their fill on raw material and fixer-upper devices and vehicles to practice on or restore. Fortunes were made and destroyed here through sweat, blood, and tears, just like a casino but without nearly any of the glamour and acclaim.
          *run by Agy*

          Lumba's Emporium of Space Oddities (a wholly subsidiary of Lumba Entertainment, LLC.)
          An advanced technologies store specializing and catering to the those familiar with its goods. Need to find a quantum field resonator? Perhaps a (slightly used) warp coil? A positronic construct perhaps? Or maybe you're in it for the food, entertainment, and finer luxury goods not found anywhere else in the galaxy: look no further! Lumba's Emporium can satisfy your curiosity and desires.

          Items vary on availability and subject to change without notice. All transactions made with equal or greater value, all sales final.
          Lumba's Emporium drives business according to the Rules of Acquisition, particularly #94: Satisfaction is not guaranteed.
          *run by Min*

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          Image RESERVED Image
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          There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.

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          The Island


          The Island of Ni, much like the Bielefeld nation, was located far off the coast of somewhere that best felt right at that exact moment. Difficult to chart, impossible to fly to without a guide, and isolated from the world's bullshit, it had existed for thousands of years. It was, simply put, unplottable, for those of you of magical talents.

          The Island haunt was extremely familiar to many, but for the newer Residents, this was their first glimpse of paradise. It loomed ever nearer as the aircraft made their approach. Their first view was of the steep and ominous cliffs on the far side of this ocean jewel, and the top of a volcano (the raptors' secret not-so-secret lair). These rose up from the sea at a steep angle. The surf crashed heavily at the rocks and boulders which protected the shear wall from eroding away.

          Several openings in the jungle contained primitive huts and fire pits - the natives were still there. Anyone with half a brain would realize that killing natives for pleasure was a Bad Thing (*ominous glare at any Luxans, vampires, werewolves or other violent sort*)

          The flock of tubs banked and circled around the island, allowing those on board to see her full glory in the rising sun. Sunlight glistened upon the crystal clear waters beneath them. The rays kissed the pristine beaches and then warmed the dense vegetation that served as a backdrop for a row of huts perched between jungle and shoreline. Those huts were a welcomed sight for so many. They were the holiday homes of the Residents. Some stood vacant in anticipation of new owners. Most were already stocked with provisions thanks to the Lads.


          Oh these huts! If organic walls could talk, they would weave tales of romance and sorrow, of anticipation and trepidation. The consummation of nuptials and the sleeping off of proper drunken benders! Each Resident had a hut, although some opted to share the dwelling, and each hut was just as cozy as the next. A few inhabited ones still had baubles and decorations placed there by Residents the prior trip. They did not have electricity, however. Candles and oil lamps cast a merry glow each evening. It was only through handwavium magic that the mini-fridges worked.

          The cheery huts lined the shore in a neat row which gave everyone reason to visit everyone else. A large pavilion welcomed them all. This was where Residents held their Christmas feast, and where they gathered in the morning to see who was up for adventure. Each night, thousands of twinkling white lights lit up the pavilion. Outside, multicolored Christmas lights illuminated a path that forked into two directions. One led to a large fire pit set up for roasting marshmallows and other things on sticks, and the other path led to a small grotto used for prayer and meditation by some of the Residents. The bonfire pit had been the place of so many fond memories, but it had sat vacant for a long while. The sitting logs were still there, but it lacked firewood. Someone would have to beachcomb for it. Cuisine's tiki bar still stood, though it was in need of dusting. The Lads had stocked it, as promised.

          The tubs continued onward, and the morning sun revealed the glint of rusting metal amidst some trees. These once belonged to the Germanic Templars, though nobody would be foolish enough to explore them now. Undoutedly the Emperor had some sort of nefarious security device in place (which is the writer's way of saying "no fairsies, so leave this area alone"). Somewhere in that jungle was the entrance to an old bunker that served as a base for Bones and his brothers. Only Naomi knew of its exact location, though it wasn't hard to find if one were looking for an adventure. Also below were the remains of the Monfroxian compound, although it had been heavily damaged during the Drone Invasion; no weapons were left and the building itself was a husk.

          A strange cottage nestled atop an odd rocky outcrop just off the main beach. This was Minerva and Klaus' love next, of course. It was always worth wading the waters for a cuppa, or to see if either were up for adventure.

          A small, perfectly round atoll sat just off the main island, its watery center an intensely deep blue in contrast to the white beaches and palm trees surrounding it. There was a compound of sorts… more a series of open buildings interlinked by covered walkways… that faced the island huts. It could only be reached by a thin pathway from beach to atoll, and the visitor would need to wade through ankle deep water if using it.


          In the vegetation only a few minute's walking distance to the hub of activity, the tech priests had already sequestered a bunker to serve as their space. This was where FUBAR would lurk, and where Opa could dock, and any androids or cyborgs or robots could receive repairs or escape the sand.

          Mer Lagoon, a secretive place cherished by some former Residents, was the last treasure to come into view. The crystal clear waters there revealed the massive form of Pookie the Leviathan swimming from it, craggy spines breaking the water and casting up spray in his wake. Minerva shook her head at the sight of Charumati's weird pet.

          A short distance away from all this were wooden platforms constructed right on the beach. These were docks which normally served VTOL craft. The tubs drifted towards them, alighting one at a time to allow people to disembark before floating away to cluster in a vacant stretch of white sand.

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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:53 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          Four Kings
          Business Type: Casino
          Proprietor: Deader
          Industry: Entertainment
          District: Commerce and Hospitality District
          Description: The establishment, although called a casino, only offers poker games. Located in a split-level building formerly housing a tavern, the bar area was turned into the cashier's cage during renovation. The first floor is open to all paying customers from the Building and elsewhere, and contains traditional casino-style poker tables with the characteristic green baize. The second floor, which contained rooms for rent when the building was still a tavern, now hosts private games in each room for a modest hourly fee. There is an annual open high-stakes tournament held in the Four Kings, with prizes of enchanted frogs and deep fried crickets, and Deader itself never misses one.

          The second floor also has a small kitchen and lounge area adjacent to the stairs for players to take a break and get some refreshments (pub and finger food, drinks from the vending machines, and such). An unused microphone and sundry other older musical equipment were left behind by the previous owners; these remain unused by Deader.

          Creator: Tiltjuice

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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:57 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          The Fleeting Thespian
          Business Type: Theatre & Cinema
          Proprietor: Sir Walter & Debra Montenegro
          Industry: Entertainment
          District: Downtown (noticeable circle in center of the map)
          Description: This Theatre & Cinema is owned by Sir Walter & Debra Montenegro. The Fleeting Thespian was re-purposed into an entertainment center that once made its rounds across Gallimaufry for its award winning productions before "settling down" in the City. Here, the castle went into a second renovation before re-opening to the public. The Main Floor is an open expanse featuring quaint eateries and main ticketing areas as well as a full service bar (past the ticket line). The 2nd and 3rd floors house exactly 4 theaters total, playing a multitude of movies from across the multiverse (now with Reserve Seating!). The final level, commonly referred as "The Stage" (directory shows as the First Floor), is the main amphitheater - the heart of the Fleeting Thespian - which hosts up to 250 people comfortably for its most celebrated plays and orchestras. Service towers include preparation areas and administrative duties and are restricted areas. Not wanting to take up room, but needing a comfortable and expansive area for gathering crowds that could line outside, the Fleeting Thespian sits at the very edge of the downtown district, near the Military quartermaster sector, due to its size and frame. Guests approaching the noticeable floating ex-fortress would see an enchanted castle with a slow, falling, waterfall curtaining its perimeter. Entrance is granted simply by walking through said waterfall (no worries, you won't be drenched!) and finding themselves on the Main Floor. Rumor has it that the Fleeting Thespian may flit away if so enticed, but thus far remains as one of the many splendors of the Burrows.

          I wear teal, blue & pink for Swith
          There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination.

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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:08 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          Crazydeal Squib Robotraption Barter Priceplace
          Business Type: Custom Robotics Lab and Meditation Garden
          Proprietor: Maghrl’laundersando’tamil’reumaur
          Industry: Robotics
          District: Industry

          A bit of a callback to his home planet, Mag had the building designed to be a bit of a hodgepodge. The first level sleek and futuristic, with store windows in the front filled practically bursting with examples of the Squib's craft of all shapes and sizes and types. They're even for sale! Hell, practically anything inside the store Mag would be willing to sell if the customer put up a good barter. Mag made the prices with this in mind, most of them having very strange pricing the motivates someone to ask, along with labels that say "All Prices are Negotiable, Up or Down". The upper floors of the building are the shop and 'lab' as Mag puts it, the places where the robotic and mechanical pieces and parts are made. The exteriors are styled after the local sort of style, made to fit in with the aesthetic of the town. To this it looks like a strange futuristic medievalist style, with new materials to look like an old structure. For some reason Mag even had crenelations installed. On the property's boundaries and the roof.

          The interior of the first floor is welcoming, set up like a store you'd expect, except with a hyperactive purple ratdog running around trying to barter with practically anyone who shows a willingness to. Rows of premade robotics on display, trinkets, toys, and a few basic robots. Prices vary, but generally the more complex and larger the piece the more the base price will be, but Mag cares less about the money, and accepts trade and barter instead of currency. A sign at the front introduces customers to a uniquely squib concept of kRR Value. This concept he glosses most of it over, but the main point is that "The rarer and more unique the object, or the greater quantity of something, the more a squib will value the trade. Quantity and quality are both appreciated in equal measure, and anything unique that catches the eye of a squib will be more valuable than anything else in a barter trade."

          The building has a back yard area with many sheds, storing parts and partial robots and unfinished projects. The rest of the yard is kept clean, with nice grass. The sheds are built in a semicircle perimeter of the yard, with stone paths leading to each. Pretty simple but it deals with the storage needs for the business. A driveway to bring their carts up for delivery pickups. They ship their products to those who prefer things delivered, with some assembly required*. The rest are in store pickup, especially those who buy pre-made products instead of custom jobs.

          Mag also offers lessons in Jedi philosophy and meditation out of the building, with a rooftop garden being the location for such as service. This can also be paid for by barter, or offering to help around the store. Probably not the best place to hold meditation lessons and meditate, but Maghrl firmly believes that if you can focus in a cacophonous environment then you have no issue being in tune with the Force and yourself while its quiet. The rooftop garden is actually modeled after a garden Maghrl heard about being part of the old Jedi temple on Coruscant, the Meditation Gardens. As a result he designed a tiered garden area on the roof with a greenhouse top, creating almost a spire on top of the building made of glass and filled with greenery from anywhere he could get to agree to send plants. It even has a water system in it, and a small pool with fish, along with a few birds that live among it for ambiance.

          In all, the building is a crazy hodgepodge of things that Maghrl loves and enjoys doing, very much fitting the strange little owner of the place.

          *(A lot of assembly required, but instructions are there!)

          Creator: Holy Lykos

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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:10 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          Lumba's Boutique
          Business Type: Electronics (Future-Tech)
          Proprietor: Owned by Lumba, managed by Oecammi Ret Ata-EE
          Industry: Commercial
          District: Market
          Description: Lumba's Boutique is a branch outlet of Lumba's Emporium, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumba's Entertainment, LLC (LEL). Customers from far and wide can expect only the most efficient and cutting edge gadgetry here. All sales are final and availability is subject to change without notice. Further details of Lumba's Emporium and Lumba's Boutique can be found here.

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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:14 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          The Divine Skein Marketplace and Tailor's Guild
          Business Type: Guild and Marketplace
          Proprietor: The Divine Skein Guild and its Members.
          Industry: Clothier/Tailor/Textiles
          District: Market, with subsidiaries in the outer villages.
          Description: Its simply a few streets of the market district where a lot of clothing stores were set up. Since then the city has made the concentration official, with most clothing, tailors, or other kind of store related to worn wear being placed in this part of the Market district. There are plenty of stores around town, but if someone wanted to see the widest variety available in town, the Divine Skein is the area of choice.

          The two main entrances to the area have large, colorful signs that read out the name of the district, along with colorful and welcoming decorations. The sign over the entrances is held up by a pair of marble pillars on each side as well. Inside there's an open air market with stalls and a series cloth coverings hoisted up between the buildings to keep the elements out. The stalls tend to be associated with various stores in the district, displaying a few wares outside of their stores to entice people to go inside. Plenty though are independent stores of their own, just without a proper storefront to sell out of. The buildings are of various styles and makes, creating a very interesting aesthetic where people bring bits of their cultures to design the buildings.

          The owners of the stores and stalls of the area work together to keep it cleaned up and maintained, and try to keep an air of hospitality throughout the Divine Skein. They're organized into the Divine Skein Guild, which regulates the quality of the work sold and produced by the various shops, and tries to keep prices at a level that both helps cover costs for running the Divine Skein, pay for the materials needed, and help startups. They have smaller Divine Skein offshoots in the Burrows and outlying villages with selections from all over the main marketplace to sell the goods as a whole and show samples of what you could see going to the main marketplace. Aside from this it tends to operate similarly to a traditional guild, with apprenticeships and all.

          A few of the stores that are part of the guild are WereSheep's Wear Sheep, The Essential Fabric, and The Woolly Tide. Aside from these, stores of various kinds dot marketplace and several places around town that aren't in the central marketplace are part of the Divine Skein Guild.

          [The guild itself has a small hall in the Guild District]

          Creator: Holy Lykos
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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:18 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          The Woolly Tide
          Business Type: Tailor/Clothier
          Proprietor: A Faun named Silas Gracchus and his Undine husband Aeneas Gracchus
          Industry: Textiles
          District: Market, Divine Skein

          A largely Greco-roman reminiscent building, with pillars on the front two corners and colorful murals on the stone face of the front of the building. The sign is separate from this, standing from an awning going out to cover their exterior stall. The inside is much the same, with mythic looking decor and murals painted on white colored stone. Pretty simple and utilitarian, though it does have a pool on an upper floor for Aeneas, along with the workshop. The murals depict various sea creatures and goats, sheep and other fluffy animals, frolicking together.

          Creator: Holy Lykos

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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:20 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          The Essential Fabric
          Business Type: Fabric/Craft Store
          Proprietor: The centaur Anne Reiter
          Industry: Textiles
          District: Market, Divine Skein

          Designed with centaur proportions in mind, given its proprietor. relatively simple wood and stone design, much like an medieval German home, complete with timber framing. Pretty simple and to the point, with a homely interior in a similar style but more modern touches too. The store is practically divided in two, with one side holding supplies for more serious craftsworkers and another side simpler craft works for people wishing to dabble. A small section houses handmade plush toys for kids, something Anne does herself.

          Creator: Holy Lykos

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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:22 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          Mushroom Samba
          Business Type: Storefront for a local farm, produce seller, mushroom focused eatery
          Proprietor: George Geonson and his wife Gwyn
          Industry: Food Service
          District: Market

          A building largely made out of the felled mushroom trees of the Mill and styled similar to a pagoda colored in shades of red and white to remind of a toadstool mushroom. While obviously being a proper restaurant, it still has a relaxed and calm feel to it. The upper floors above the first are reserved for the restaurant, with a staircase on the outside to go to the second story landing. The design leaves both indoor and outdoor tables, including more expensive ones on upper levels including a top floor balcony that has a view of the whole town and nearby coasts. The kitchens are in the basement, but the smells waft through vents to the whole restaurant and the store on the first level.

          The first, and largest, level is home to the store, which primarily sells mushrooms themselves and various cooked items and prepared dishes that can be bought to go, of the same or similar quality to the restaurant food. They sell practically anything that could be made from mushrooms, though most dishes don't have just mushrooms. They also sell sombreros for a reason no one has yet managed to deduce.

          They usually have shows going on, at least on the main dining room floor. One of their floors is reserved for hibachi style tables, for those who wish to see their food cooked in front of them, as well.

          Creator: Holy Lykos
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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:24 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          Marketplace Events Hall
          Business Type: Small hall where events such as small concerts are held. Also does birthdays, weddings and bar mitsvahs.
          Proprietor: City Run
          Industry: Entertainment
          District: Market District
          Description: A wooden building used to hold events in. The building is free of charge to let out but you must put the date in the agenda. Equipment such as microphone stands and lights are stored in the storage room and there is a stage at the back.

          Creator: CAT XIII
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          Postby Cerillium » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:31 pm

          North Warnborough
          Business Directory

          The Potted Fowl
          Business Type: Brewery
          Proprietor: Lapa-Lama Papaya
          Industry: Beverage
          District: Agricultural
          Description: Lapa-Lama Papaya opened up this brewery not too far from Pleasant Park. It is an independent Brewery with a wide collection spanning across the communities of Gallimaufy. If its beer (in its many varieties), or considered as one, you can be rest assured The Potted Fowl will host at lease one event for tasting. If it proves to be popular, it will sell it for an agreed time after which another brew will be selected to take its place. Location falls somewhere near the Market and Agricultural borders as it mainly attracts the resident Wold beings, particularly visiting Dwarves. Patrons can expect a welcoming and easy atmosphere.



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