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Postby Audioslavia » Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:54 pm

The Idiot Project - Episode 5, Chapter 1
(clicking the link takes you directly to YouTube)

Original Script
Winning. It’s why we’re here. It’s why we keep coming back, and boy is it easy to keep coming back if you’re winning. Life at the top of the KPB rankings gives you and your fellow nationals victory after victory after glorious, validating victory. The occasional defeat can be explained away - your goalkeeper’s ill, the pitch too wide, the opposition too rough - and before you know it you and your brethren are right back where they were. Winning.

Winning is what all these teams do. Cycle after cycle they win, and win and come back and win… right down to here, just outside the all-time top two-hundred, where that win percentage drops below fifty. These teams don’t quite get to win all the time, but still win more than they lose.  Two hundred places on, we’re already at the point where losing takes up most of a team’s time, and then… 

And then there’s the other 87%. 

These are the teams that, more often than not, were defeated. Beaten. Overcome. Routed. They are teams that failed. They capitulated. They floundered. They forced me to pick up a thesaurus rather than utter the dreaded ‘L’ word. 

They lost.

Yet even this episode of The Idiot Project, which is based around the theme of losers and losing, can’t bring itself to focus solely on these teams that saw more Ls than a Welsh scrabble set. We start the episode with a team that staunchly refused to lose. 

We start with Aguazul.

Aguazul’s run in the late fifties is something we’ve touched on before. They won four World Cups. Seven teams have won at least that many titles, sure, but largely not in the modern era, displayed here in dark blue. World Cups since cycle 47 have had an average of 166 entrants. Prior to cycle 47, a typical qualifying tournament had just 86. Winning so much in so short a period if a much harder thing to do these days, yet Aguazul did just that.

Within these six cycles is the unprecedented three-peat, a one-off accomplishment that, honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever see again. Although eleven different teams have won two titles back-to-back, aside from Bedistan and Valanora none of them ever looked like adding a third the next cycle. Looking only at the more competitive modern era, no team has even come close.

Let’s look closer at how, exactly, Aguazul achieved this feat. 


Over the course of these three cycles, Aguazul suffered two losses. Two. From sixty-five games. And both of these games meant absolutely nothing. In this first loss it’s the final game of the qualifiers, they’re seventeen points clear at the top of the group and have no reason to give the game any respect whatsoever. The second loss is a dead-rubber against The Archregimancy in which we think Aguazul gave some game-time to some fringe players. This is denied by La Verdad which, given the newspaper’s general trustworthiness, all but confirms it. Either way, they were already through to the second round, and won the group regardless.

In researching Episode 4 we looked at this Aguazul run and we figured, yeah, this is almost definitely the greatest three-cycle run by any team in the history of the World Cup

Almost definitely. 

So close to ‘definitely’ that I’m almost certain I don’t need to crunch the numbers and find out for sure whether, statistically, this can be called the greatest three-cycle run of all time.

Okay fine. Here’s the Sosimo Lissón Metric.

The Sosimo Lissón Metric is named after the Aguazul super-striker that was part of each of the nation’s four World Cup wins, as a fringe player in cycle 54 and as a line-leading super striker in World Cups 57, 58 and 59,  scoring vital goals in the latter stages of each tournament. Definitive records of his goal scoring prowess are a little hard to come by, but over these 65 games we’re quite sure he scored over thirty goals. Nowhere near Val Kylx or Alan Belmore territory, sure, but on the plus side he’s nowhere near Val Kylx or Alan Belmore territory. 

Sosimo’s mark was left most prominently in the place where goalscoring records can’t be padded: Penalty shoot-outs. The Aguazul side of this era were a frighteningly hard team to beat, and even if you matched them for 120 minutes it was 100% certain that Sosimo and friends would better you in the shoot-out. We’ve named the chart after him because he is the embodiment of absolutely refusing to lose. That and - fittingly for this episode - his name begins with an ‘L’.

The Sosimo Lisson metric works like this. 
* We’re only interested in teams that played three cycles in a row at least once. Everyone else, we discard.

* For the teams remaining, we find their Games Played for every cycle and their Games Lost for every cycle.

* Then, we start to combine every batch of three World Cups. 

* We take each blue number - total matches - and divide it by each red number - total losses.

* We discard everything except the highest number, leaving one “golden” era and its Sosimo Lisson Metric. Our postulate is that the higher this number is, the better the team over that era. ‘Better’, as always, means ‘didn’t lose’. The database contains qualifiers, finals matches and any Official Friendlies which were posted onto the scores thread. There are no ‘divide by zero’ errors, so we know that no team has ever managed to go undefeated for three cycles. It’s important to mention at this point that games that went to penalty shoot-outs are listed as ties, regardless of whether a team won or lost the match. 

* In this graphic which we’ll use for knockout matches, we use green for wins and red for losses. The green field shows the team that progressed to the next round. If Sosimo Lisson hadn’t helped win this shoot-out, the number on the left would be red, and the one on the right green.

Only a fifth of all teams to have entered the World Cup are here.  To even get on this list you need to have played three cycles in a row, so our friends from the Chronicles of Ridiculousness are nowhere to be found, although their wheelhouse of cycles 30 to 32 is represented at the very bottom, with a commendably game but ultimately doomed Tocapa bringing up the rear.

Let’s look at the teams that went two in a row, starting with Az-cz. Their greatest ever era actually doesn’t actually include their World Cup winning cycle 38 in which the side lost eight times in twenty-four games. It instead runs from cycles 35 to 37. 67 games, nine losses. Take the first number, divide it by the second and you get seven point four recurring - their Sosimo Lisson score. Is this a good score? Well it’s good enough for 97th overall, which is decent, but perhaps a few dozen lower than where you’d expect a back-to-back champion to be. 

Most of the two-in-a-row champions are here, dotted around the top thirty, but interestingly Sosimo Lissón generally doesn’t consider their back-to-back eras to be their all-time best. Vilita’s greatest run isn’t in the current era, where they’ve won the World Cup three times, but instead the period in and around their first title. Audioslavia were at their strongest a few cycles after winning their only silverware, Sorthern Northland a few cycles before. Going further into the past, Brazillico’s double-era is well down the order largely through playing so few games over that time and Rejistania, who defined themselves by being difficult to beat and dominated cycles 12 to 18, are surprisingly low, their golden era coming during their more resolutely Karelan days in the early 20s.

So. Moment of truth time. Aguazul’s run between World Cups 57 and 59. Is it ‘almost definitely’ the greatest of all time? 


...because it’s not even the greatest Aguazul run of all-time. They played 22 games in their one-loss Cycle 56 and only 19 in their one-loss cycle 59, so the former receives the higher score.

So, is this the greatest three-cycle run in history? Could it be possible that there is a team that is more impressive, statistically, than this Aguazul team?

Have a look at the top five. Who’s missing? Who’s conspicuous by their absence? Whose theme music is that?

Aguazul’s golden generation played 68 games and lost twice for a total of 34 points. Between cycles 53 and 55, Valanora lost only twice in 70 games. 35 points. They are side-by-side in the centre of this scattergraph, with the score on the Y axis and the cycle along the X. 

This Aguazul run, which I was absolutely sure was the greatest of all time, has fallen foul of the Untitled Elf Rule: In any metric, Valanora must be at - or near - the top.

And so… Erm… that’s the end of the video. I mean what, were you expecting an epic four minute synthwave montage? I’ve done one for Valanora before. There’s no reason to do another one here.

Here, for there to be an epic four minute synthwave montage, there’d have to be some kind of surprisingly dominant dark-horse, far far above every other team in history.

<Epic four-minute synthwave montage>

  • Working title: “The Sosimo Lissón Metric”
  • The idea for this episode was born in Episode 4, Chapter 5, which included Kiryu-shi inflicting a rare loss on Aguazul in World Cup 61. I’d gone back and found out the last time Aguazul lost, and in the process discovered that they’d gone on a run of about 50 games with only one defeat.
  • The idea for the Sosimo Lissón Metric came when I realised it was easier to count how many losses a team had suffered over X cycles than it would be to figure out what the longest lossless run ever was. Dividing games by losses makes for a more interestingly curved graph than, say, doing win-percentage over X cycles or something like that.
  • I only really created the Sosimo Lissón Metric in order to do an epic 4-minute synthwave montage about Aguazul’s 57-59 side. When the data came back and put them behind Valanora, I groaned. And then I saw Schottia.
  • Perturbator’s excellent album Dangerous Days has been used before on The Idiot Project. In Episode 1, Chapter 1, the Vilitan Zoom section is accompanied by the track Raw Power. The YouTube permissions for the album are pretty lax.
  • The idea of using Humans Are Such Easy Prey over a montage of a team going on an epic run is… pretty much the *only* reason *any* of the above script was written. It just turned out I was doing it to Schottia rather than Aguazul.
  • One of Valanora’s famous 40s sides would have had a Sosimo Lissón Metric score of about 50 (they missed a set of qualifiers due to hosting a tournament around then), but for the fact that the Idiot Project database includes any friendly matches that were posted in the official World Cup scores thread. They only lost one competitive match between cycles 40 and 42 (iirc). Their second loss was in a friendly. Either way, they’d still be comfortably behind Schottia.
    In any case, Schottia’s team in the late 70s is worth covering. We looked at them from the other side in the Bonesea episode (E2C2) and it was nice to have them as the good guys.
  • On September 12th, the entire script for this video simply read ‘Aguazul Humans Are Such Easy Prey’. By September 14th it was exactly the same, only with Schottia instead of Aguazul, having done the research.
  • The script was largely finished by September 29th. The video was largely done by mid October.
  • Mriin’s take on this was that it was a really strong opening to the episode. Aside from some shakier moments (the Aguazul run is glossed over a little too quickly and the writing for this video isn’t the best) I’m inclined to agree. E5C1 is pretty slick.

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Postby Krytenia » Sat Jan 23, 2021 3:46 pm


Broken Remnants
By Rami Niblick in Emberton

WHETHER a certain Mr P. Davis reads this particular organ, or whether great minds simply think alike, I'm not sure. What I do know is that the national team manager has shown he's not afraid to change tactics - or personnel - and it has reaped rewards as Krytenia now stand, technically, in control of their own destiny in Group Seven.

With Ross Green being, ahem, "rested" in the Dragons' three-nil pasting of Socialist New Britain a few days beforehand, Davis decided to mix things up against the Squornshelan Remnant States, countering the Confederacy's two-line midfield with a 3-5-2 formation. This saw Neil Smith playing in a deeper role than usual, the talented Stuart Kuipers brought in for Joe Bielsa, and a rare start for Eddie Bull alongside Joey Sinton and Ross Okano. That last one seems to signal the end of Ross Green's time as a regular starter in sky blue, with Cormac O'Neill taking over the armband from the deposed captain.

Given that both Davis and Anne-Sophie Groothuis had identified the middle of the park as the place where the game was to be won or lost, it's perhaps unsurprising that the underlying story of the match was one of midfield congestion. Space was at a premium around the centre circle, with O'Neill and Jirar Lomidan akin to two field generals directing their troops in a melée of metaphorical fire and gunsmoke. Krytenia's wingbacks, meanwhile, stood firm as the Squornshelans attempted to put some width into the game. Jzeovak Vladcik had the wily Rodolfo Martinez following him around like a bad smell, whilst Marcus Bellamy was giving Oliwer Starosta similar headaches on the other side of the pitch. Both sides struggled to create chances, not through a lack of opportunity, but through world-class defending. Anything one side tried was countered by their opponents adjusting their shape to meet the danger, excellent reading of the game, or else simply doing the fundamentals well and denying the strikers oxygen.

The match looked destined to end in stalemate until twelve minutes from time. Davis changed tack one more time, replacing both Curtis Sunday and Alun Belmwr with the raw pace combination of Alex Parsons and Apollo Peters. With tiring legs, it proved the difference as a Bull clearance bypassed the midfield entirely, allowing Peters to chase it down, control it, and put a finish past a helplessly exposed Stovar Krieven to secure the three points with the only goal of the game.

The result means that despite being third in the group, and five points off the playoffs, Krytenia hold the chance of qualifying for the World Cup in their own hands. All it requires is for the Dragons to win their remaining seven matches, and make sure their win over Farfadillis is by two or more goals. That chance comes quicker than you'd think, as the Farves come to the Isserson in the second game of our next double-header; before that, though, there's the hopefully straightforward task of taking three points from Caryton in their own backyard. Onward!

Peters 79

- no scorers -
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Postby Farfadillis » Sat Jan 23, 2021 4:30 pm

Image The Kamikaze Image
A site dedicated to Farf football
National Team Section
On (not) firing managers
submitted just now

With the recent goings-on in Nephara, with arguably the best manager in the world unceremoniously leaving their job over a couple of bad results, I thought it would be nice to go over how utterly impossible this scenario would be in Farfadillis. Specifically, I am going to go over how pretty much every manager in Farfadillis logically should have been fired, in some cases at more than one point, and how all of them would've resigned if they'd had the same standards as Daniella Strauss. The reasons why NT managers have the best job security in the country are various but, for the most part, it just seems to be that remembering to fire managers is hard for the FFFF.

So yeah, let's go over every single manager of La Vherderoja in history. That's over five decades... but, tellingly, it is only six managers that we have to talk about.

Fendergéson Numbá - World Cups 60 and 61
The first-ever Farf manager, better remembered (if remembered at all) for his exploits as manager of the Apox national team. His term as manager may have been short (indeed, it was the shortest to date), clocking in at just three years, but his job was actually never under threat, and the reasons for his resignation are somewhat understandable: he was not in the right space of mind after his brother died. We think. We're pretty sure that's what happened but can't bother to check. It was, what, half a century ago? Anyway, the team struggled tremendously in that first cycle, managing just one win and finishing bottom of the group. Did Fendergéson get fired? Nope. And, by all accounts, he could've lasted plenty of time managing the NT, considering he turned out to actually be a good manager.

Héctor Rossizzo - World Cups 62 through 68
Rossizzo needs no introduction... if you're Farf or maybe if you're a Chariots fan. Rossizzo took over right after Numbá resigned and immediately guided the team to one of its worst-ever performances in an AOCAF Cup. The following cycle, the NT regressed, not even coming close to battling for qualification, unlike the previous cycle. You would've been forgiven for firing him, though it wouldn't have been clear-cut. You would've been wrong if you did, though, as he went on to reach the AOCAF Cup semifinals right after, and then guided a then-unheralded Farfadillis side to its first-ever World Cup. First-ever World Cup quarterfinals too. The dude was harnessing the raw talent of his players and things were going very smoothly. He reached another semifinal after that. Expectations were very high going into WC 64 qualifiers and... bang, out. A disaster. Our ranking dropped, our players looked uninspired.

Most managers would've been fired after that, mostly as a product of their own previous success. Nonetheless, the FFFF either forgot to or didn't care enough, and Rossizzo stayed. The team proceeded to crash out in the AOCAF Cup group stage. Nonetheless, Rossizzo persisted, as did the FFFF's whistling and looking away. He eventually managed to right the ship, reaching the quarterfinals again in World Cup 67 and eventually winning AOCAF Cup 43. Expectations were high again, and again he failed to follow up success with more success, with the team failing to qualify for World Cup 68. The team looked disappointing throughout qualifiers, and you would've been forgiven for firing Rossizzo. Again. But no, the FFFF once again turned a blind eye, and Rossizzo reached an AOCAF Cup final, losing to hosts Valanora.

Having shown what he was made of, Rossizzo managed to hang onto his job and continue to make the NT better. We're kidding, obviously; he was actually fired after that, for whatever reason. Gotta mix it up sometimes, I guess.

Steffan Pekarik - World Cup 69 through 74
The first foreigner to manage the national team, Steffan had won the World Cup with Polar Islandstates recently (as assistant manager, mind) and was itching to cut his teeth with his first full-time job as manager of a good-ish NT (at the time we were worse). Pekarik's time at the helm would be best described as boring and sort of mediocre, but it's undeniable that he helped bring stability to a national team that lacked it wholesale. His World Cup performances went like this: group stage, second round, second round, second round, quarterfinal, quarterfinal. He won an AOCAF Cup, too. In reality, this is the guy you would have the hardest time finding an exact moment in which to fire him. However, you should bear in mind that by the time we missed out on the quarterfinals for the third time in a row, the team was looking like they could very well win the World Cup within a few cycles. The stagnation would've been frustrating for most football associations (especially considering that, besides the one title, the team's performances at the AOCAF Cup were mostly shocking and/or disappointing). Besides that, his position looked particularly untenable during World Cup 71 qualifiers. We were struggling hard, and we had had a terrible AOCAF Cup before that

Why did he resign after World Cup 74? He couldn't take it anymore. The team was doing well enough, but it just wasn't worth the countless hours of therapy he needed to manage a team like Farfadillis.

Tíbürçìó Çötàvíê - World Cups 75 through 81
Tíbürçìó was a peculiar manager. Nowadays, he is mostly regarded as the guy who laid the foundations for the team's eventual World Cup title. The predecessor Ichi Tuzzio needed to guide the team to the trophy. At the time, however, opinions on him were very split. Much like Tíbürçìó himself, la Vherderoja was utterly unpredictable during his reign, and not exactly in the best way. Great WC performances were followed by terrible AOCAF Cup performances, and the team mostly seemed unable to decide whether they were a top 5 team or a top 50 team. More importantly, this could change within days. With Tíbürçìó at the helm, Farfadillis reached three semifinals. The overall record? 11-6-4, barely surpassing a 50% win rate.

However, he did reach the semifinals. We may have a 6-5 record on quarterfinals nowadays, but we were actually 0-4 when he took over (and 0-5 one cycle later). Reaching the semifinals in World Cup 77 meant breaking a long-standing curse. "So, uh, why would you ever have fired him?" You might be asking yourself. This is a complicated answer because there are many factors to take into consideration. Factor number one: Tíbürçìó was not afraid to speak his mind. So much so that he openly instigated Rulandese insurrection, culminating in revolution and genocide. Not a great look. Factor number two: towards the end of his tenure, he was literally suffering from dementia. It was hard to tell at first, as the illness had to reach a very advanced state before he changed his behavior, but I think we can agree his position should've been untenable when he crashed out in the World Cup 81 group stage and his illness became public knowledge.

Nonetheless, the FFFF thought it imprudent to fire him, instead giving him the chance to carry the team to glory one last time. He retired winning his only trophy, thanks to an unlikely run to the title in the 57th AOCAF Cup. He resigned right after, and it was probably for the better.

Ichi Tuzzio - World Cups 82 through 84
Yes, the guy that guided us to our (so far) only World Cup win could've come close to getting fired, too. Yes, he hit the ground running in his first cycle, reaching the semifinals for the fourth time in the NT's history (and getting unceremoniously destroyed by Turori). However, after that, the team looked uninspired for three straight years. An okay-but-not-great AOCAF Cup was followed by an inexplicable perfect run in World Cup 83 qualifiers. The team didn't deserve that, at all, but it happened. It all predictably came crumbling down at the proper, though, as the team struggled to get out of the group stage and promptly got sent home by a superior Eura side. At this point, he might've been fired by some other FA. The following AOCAF Cup, the team looked quite dreadful, crashing out in the group stage and looking vastly inferior to any half-decent team it came across. During World Cup 84 qualifiers, the team looked... not very sharp. The third-worst record since the team's qualifying streak began in World Cup 69.

Tuzzio didn't lose his job, then guided the team to the trophy, despite the squad being noticeably worse player-for-player than the ones Çötàvíê had had at his disposal, with prime Xíxì Êns and Kósa Bajnok as well as blooming Faragó rue Cazade the only clear improvements over, say, the World Cup 78 squad. The lesson here? Patience and/or irresponsibility pays off.

Tuzzio went on to resign after the World Cup win, and we can't blame him.

Pamela Scott - World Cups 85 through now
We hosted the AOCAF Cup right after our World Cup win. We did badly. We hosted the World Cup right after... and crashed out in the group stage. Did Pam get fired? If you haven't got the hint yet (somehow!): No! And we're probably better for that. The truth is, after the World Cup win, most of the squad was a bit on the old side, and there didn't seem to be many talented youngsters coming through. Nowadays, Farfadillis look like they could challenge for the World Cup for another decade (with some luck, at least). This kind of decision-making is something you will struggle to find in other FAs. Another point for the FFFF!

So, how long will Pam last? It's hard to tell. She has the federation's full backing and the players moderate backing, but there are rumors that she finds the job very distressing, much like Pekarik did back in the day. Our money is on her finally cracking eventually, perhaps a few cycles down the line. Short of the team failing to qualify, though, it looks like Pam could stay around for quite a bit longer.

So, summing up, the FFFF basically forgets to fire managers, and this actually turns out to be a good decision every time. Maybe, and this is gonna make me sound like a nutcase, managers don't affect results much, if at all? Sometimes it almost feels like fate decides how a team does, and managers get fired and hired as a result of that. Almost as if causality was reversed. Otherwise, why is La Vherderoja about as successful as the Cormorants, despite the FFFF seemingly hiring and firing mostly at random?
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Postby Graintfjall » Sat Jan 23, 2021 5:27 pm

Excerpt from The Fußball Show with Jessika Jünkindietrünk.

    Jessika is wearing a fetching new dress. Apparently the show’s budget all goes to wardrobe though, and not to any enunciation lessons that might help her with the issues she has pronouncing foreign names.

    “So Granitxhaka currently sit second in Group 11, within sight of the qualifying playoffs. Is qualification a realistic prospect?”

    Caption “Olle Tobiasson, football journalist” appears, although by now Jessika’s viewers are well acquainted with him.

    “It’s too early to call it ‘realistic’. After all, even if Græntfjall battle their way into holding onto second place they’d still probably face play-offs – and we all remember what happened last time. So let’s not get carried away. And even that is a long way away: right now, the Snow Wolves must focus on the much more immediate threat of Nephara.”

    “Yes, as you say, they’re playing Nepharious next…”

    “I don’t think I did say that, but OK. Yes, they are playing the world ranked number 2 side, a team that has beaten Græntfjall on every occasion the two have met, boasting many self-proclaimed ‘Galacticos’, with a roster representing many of the leading world club teams to whom GPL teams are but shit on their shoe. And even worse, they now seriously have something to prove.”

    “So the game is a write-off, Petter?”

    Camera pans over to “Petter Erlingsson, Steinaux captain”, another face very familiar to Jessika’s viewers.

    “No, but Olle is of course right that regardless of how the group table looks at the moment, Nephara will be considered very strong favorites. That said, the group table looks as it does now despite Nephara already beating Græntfjall in the first half of qualifying. So even a loss here doesn’t necessarily spell the end of qualifying hopes so long as the Snow Wolves recover. Another 7 – 2 drubbing will totally demoralize them and wash away all the progress they’ve made under Kang.”

    “Quite cautious estimates. Neither of you want to predict a win?”

    Olle and Petter exchange a rueful side-eye, shrug, and then shake their heads in unison.

    “What a shame! Oh well, let’s brighten the mood by looking back on a game that GruffAlpacas did win, and that’s the match against North Canyonero.”

    They all turn to the monitor as the highlights start playing, culminating in Amanda Guttisdóttir’s exceptional free-kick, whipping the ball up over the wall and then down with perfect curl into the bottom right corner.
    Jessika in the Grænt Room before filming. Behind her you can see the ‘no face coverings permitted’ warning sign required by the burqa ban law to be displayed in all workplaces, and other important industrial safety notices.

    “An exciting match all round, and Kang Guilin will be delighted to have come away with three points!”

    “I don’t know if I can go as far as ‘exciting’,” says Olle grumpily. Olle has never been excited about anything in his whole life. “It was an exceptionally dull first half, with South Covello’s trademark stifling defense really shutting everything down. A team like Græntfjall, used to playing without possession and counter-attacking, really isn’t that well suited to that set-up and it’s no surprise they had trouble getting any offense going.”

    “But they did get something going in the second half. Petter, what changed?”

    “It seemed like Eiríka Jonathansdóttir coming on was the decisive moment,” explains Petter, as highlights of some of Eiríka’s attacking runs play behind them. “Once Kang played her he shifted the whole system: three at the back, Elektra Lúthersdóttir – who absolutely ran herself ragged – moving up to the right wing position. It all slotted together very nicely and in the long run some kind of three-at-the-back system might be worth looking at, especially with Hjörleifur Reynarsson and Tom Ernestisson playing so solidly.”

    “Haha, you couldn’t resist getting a word in for your Steinaux teammate Hjörleifur Reynarsson!”

    “Well, he’s been the Snow Wolves’ best player this qualifying period, and he scored two key goals in these two games. The one against South Covello really broke the deadlock, and was the result of a lot of good build-up play finally unlocking that formidable defense.”

    “And the second goal – should it have been a free-kick?”

    “Yes, absolutely. Jason Þórhallursson, whatever questions I’ve had about some of his conduct, has never been known for simulation. He won the free-kick fairly and Amanda converted it superbly.”

    “It was very well taken. With Bríana off and Hanne still absent, it was always going to be Amanda, but even if she telegraphed it all the way there was nothing Tyler could do about it.”

    “And it was a fair free-kick for you, too?”

    Olle shrugs. “Þórhallursson has worn bigger challenges than that and come away standing, but I don’t think he intentionally dived. So yes, it was a bad tackle, from the replays I saw anyway.”

    “Overall, a pretty satisfying 2 – 0 win. Was it enough to smooth over the concerns lingering from the game against Kandoattitude?”

    “That was a bad showing and no mistake. The Lotus Warriors played the Snow Wolves off the park and were extremely unfortunate to come away with only a point. But yes, actually, this was enough of an improvement to make me think that was just a bad night out.”

    “Olle, you don’t look so sure?”

    “I think the difficulty is Græntfjall didn’t really look like they had much hope of coming back from behind with the way Kandorith played, high-tempo, lots of possession. They led for 85 something minutes, am I right?”

    Jessika and Petter nod.

    “And too often Græntfjall’s offensive options are either hope Þórhallursson magics up a goal out of his arse…”

    “A vivid image, Olle.”

    “…or try to lump it in from a set-piece. Against Kandorith they won two late corners against the run of play. They got two tall defenders to the ball and headed in goals. And they come away with a draw and their unbeaten streak in tact – but it doesn’t really reflect how badly we all saw them play. If they have an off night against Nephara I don’t see them getting such free chances to pull back an unearned goal or two.”

    “Tough words there from Olle. Well, join us after the Nephara match for the highlights – and Olle and Petter’s thoughts on what is going to be a very significant game for both teams…”

Kandorith – 2 (2)
Kiyotada; Takayama, Takahashi, Miyake, Hisagyushi; Tanaka, Hirano Image (63’ Tamura Image); Kaba, Honda Image (13’) Image (77’ Hoshi Image), Yamaguchi; Katano Image (5’) Image (71’ Matsuda Image)

Græntfjall – 2 (0)
Einvarðursson; Vilbertsdóttir Image (87’ Johannesson Image Image (88’)), Reynarsson Image (69’), Ernestisson, Lúthersdóttir; Ásvaldursson, Jvarsson; Snæþórsson, Guttisdóttir, Noahsdóttir Image (89’ Kristersson Image); Þórhallursson Image (78’ Jonathansdóttir Image)

Græntfjall – 2 (0)
Einvarðursson; Vilbertsdóttir, Reynarsson Image (59’), Ernestisson Image (84’), Lúthersdóttir Image (66’ Kristersson Image); Ásvaldursson, Jvarsson; Snæþórsson, Guttisdóttir Image (55’), Noahsdóttir Image (50’ Jonathansdóttir Image); Þórhallursson Image (77’ Rögnvaldursson Image)

South Covello – 0 (0)
Tyler; Klementine, Yachtwood, Ukelele Image (36’), Gonzo; Rivers, Night Image (88’ Bork Image), Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward Image (88’ Lewis Image), McNiel; McAllister Image (61’ Gomez Image); Charles
Solo: IBC30, WCoH42
Co-host: CR36, BoF74
Champions: BoF73
Runners-up: DBC49
The White Winter Queendom of Græntfjall
GS SuperSports+

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Postby Sylestone » Sat Jan 23, 2021 5:36 pm

The user behind Vdara has an issue of going to sleep on time and this "RP" is dedicated to him. I understand that he's getting a bit sick of this Go To Sleep business, but I have his special permission to keep doing these things.

Sorry, don't have time for a full-on match report today.

"Firetruck" is me
"Country Roads Take Me Home" is Vdara

Wait... what?

Uno Reverse Card.

Late for you, early for me.

I just woke up, silly.

Mate, last night I slept like a rock toilet except there were thousands of mosquitoes in my room.

Ok, so it may have only been one.


Sounds about right.

I just woke up. I think.

I'm hungry.

And a sweet potato to finish the conversation.

Matchday Ten

Mixer 13', 28'
Bar Stool 75'

Matchday Eleven

Football: CoH 78 third place, MSMT runners up, IFC 1 runners up
Aussie Rules: ARWC II Winners, ARWC I semifinalists
BoF 74CoH 78, ARWC 2&3, WLC 36
President of Aussie Rules (WC)
Aussie Rules Rankings

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Postby Pemecutan » Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:51 pm


Sunday, 24 January 2021 (Redite Kliwon Wuku Watugunung, Pawukon 1780)

The Fate of New Season

Pemecutan Puri - As Pemecutan National Football Team compete in 87th World Cup and some of the clubs are in IFCF competitions, at home several talks are in the circle about the changing of the domestic league in their second season. Pemecutan Domestic League is begin their new era after the merging of their two separate league, Eka League and Surya Utama League. Both leagues are manage by the regional association. Last year, both league are merge and created Kasa League which become the new top level Pemecutan Domestic League. The next 3 lower level leagues are also the result of this merge. They are Karo, Katiga and Kapat League. This year another change will apply. With the annexation of Soracana Islands, the country's domestic league will be merge with PFA Domestic League (the new Pemecutan league). This move will ensure the eligibility of Soracanian clubs in international level. Although they are first reluctant about the merge, but with a hard lobbied and the fact that Parsewi Mengwi (ex-club of Surya Utama League) is manage to finished 4th in Kasa League and compete in IFCF Challenger's Cup, makes them agree to merge.

In the new season, 4 Soracanian clubs will be included in PFA Domestic League. One each for each league level. The selection are based of the lastest result of SIFA A-League (Soracanian domestic league). They are Nilayam, Calugida, Gato Uyuri and Pasahiranta. The rest of the clubs will be included in its own league as the fifth tier of Pemecutan football system. This fifth tier is manage by the regional association.

In another news, PFA is engaged in a talks with others football associations of Melayu Archipelago about the establishment of Super League of Melayu Archipelago (Suloma for short). This league will comprise of the best clubs from each participating associations which will makes Suloma as a multi-associations league. The latest meeting result give Pemecutan 2 places in Suloma which will be given to the top 2 of Kasa League. They are Pesetih Titih and Pesub Ubung. Although this decision is quite impressive but the sports fans and critics are divided.

The pros looking the Suloma is good place for Pemecutan clubs to engaged in more larger competitive tournament. As the league will comprises several clubs from several countries, it can make them improve better. They are also stated that by Suloma, the players might got the intention to play abroad. This issue have been around for years where Pemecutanian players are rarely playing outside the country. Pemecutan high exchange rate (the latest rate is 1 PUR = 1.93 NSD) is the main reason that the players reluctant to play abroad. They are afraid that they will got a lower salary than inside the country.

While the cons are also give their opinion. Their largest concern are IFCF eligibility. As a multi-associations league, there are 6 placement for them and primary association will be getting more placement than the others. In the Suloma, Pemecutan is not a primary association. They are in fact the fourth. And if their clubs are unable to reached top 6 then they won't be eligible to any IFCF competitions. While the domestic Kasa League winner will be eligible for LBCT competition as it is considered tier 2 competition under Suloma. This issue makes the cons afraid that Pemecutan somehow might losing their position in international stage if they are unable to reached the eligibility line. Other concern is the league structure. With the establishment of Suloma, Pemecutan Domestic League structure will be change drastically. It is a major change which happened two times in a row for the country. The cons afraid that the change might confused the clubs and also the regional associations. And the fact that Soracana is entering the league this year makes it more confusing. The relegation and promotion system will also not the same for every season. Kasa League winner won't automatically got a promotion into Suloma if there are no Pemecutanian club that being relegated. This issue also makes the cons believe that lesser clubs will got the chance to play in IFCF Champions League or Challenger's Cup. Despite the pros and the cons, PFA officials has yet to announce their decision about Suloma participation.

"We are still research about the pro and the con for this participation. Nevertheless, we all wants the best for our club members."

- Kadek Oka Riyadi, PFA spoke person

PFA will give their decision shortly before the beginning of the season which is schedule on the third week of February. Pemecutan Super League as usual will be the opening event for the season. This edition the competition will be played between Pesetih Titih (the winner of Kasa League) and Pesepoh Pohgading (the winner of Pemecutan Union Cup).

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Postby Garifunya » Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:53 pm

Report: Attackers had links to Frederykvil ultras

Maryssa Hassink, De Frederykvil Dagblad

It appears that several attackers involved in the Frederykvil attacks on a primarily Latino housing complex had links to sometimes-violent football fan groups, referred to as ultras or hooligans, associated with Frederykvil football clubs FC Frederykvil and Eendracht Garifunya. New information, coming from the Frederyvkil police, reveals that a supporter group of Eendracht Garifunya, through various messaging and social media apps, has identified some of the attackers. Following the spread of this information, supporters of FC Frederykvil identified other individuals as well. Names have not been released at this time, but the Frederykvil police, the Jandaams, and intelligence services are on the lookout for these individuals.

FC Frederykvil and Eendracht Garifunya issued a joint statement, saying, "We stand against violence and racial hatred of any kind. Our fans are incredibly passionate and we try to create a vibrant and supportive atmosphere at each and every match, but violence and hooliganism is unacceptable. We will work to increase security and curb efforts of so-called ultras or hooligans at our matches, as well as promote an environment of racial harmony. If we stand together, we can defeat the forces that would tear us apart."

It is a rare show of unity between the two traditional rivals. Their rivalry goes back years and has typically had a racial component, though that has somewhat lessened in recent years. FC Frederykvil has been the traditional club for white Garifunyans to support, while Eendracht has traditionally had an almost-exclusively black Garifunyan support base. Eendracht is also known as the club "Baas" Gillaat supported, sometimes illegally, while he was President. Both clubs are incredibly successful, and so have attracted a number of fair-weather fans of mixed racial backgrounds, but the respective fan bases remain mostly racially distinct. There have been clashes between supporters of both groups in the past, including racially motivated ones. The main ultra groups for Eendracht and Frederykvil, Aarde Zwart (lit. "Black Earth/Land") and Syeljongen (lit. Heaven's Boys/Lads), disavowed any members that might have been involved in the attacks, saying, "Our passion is defending our club and our fans, not bashing random skulls and promoting hatred."

President Immanuel Prins also decried the violence, saying, "I'm a huge football fan. As my wife and children can tell you, I live and die with Zeerovers. But violence, whether at football matches or not, is unacceptable. Our sporting culture cannot promote violence, whether against rival fans, fellow citizens, or foreign fans who come to see their teams play our Dolfijnen. I call on all ultra or hooligan groups to immediately renounce violence and disorderly conduct and commit themselves to peaceful support of their clubs." He also added that local police and Jandaams would immediately provide additional security for Puerto CF, the Vrijport-based club that is primarily Latino in both players and fans. When asked if he would seek the disbanding or additional surveillance of Aarde Zwart, Syeljongen, or other ultra groups, Prins refused to comment, saying, "The right to free association is important. Our focus is the prevention of violence, not targeting specific groups. If further information warrants further action, we will not hesitate."

This information will hopefully lead to the arrest of many of the individuals involved, but the larger question remains: does Garifunyan sporting culture promote violence? Should we abolish ultra groups? These are questions, not just for Prins or the Parliament, but also for the teams and groups involved, as well as all of us. Is the possibility of violence from supporter groups justification for a wholesale change in our sporting culture?
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Postby Chromatika » Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:57 pm

Matchday 10: Drawkland 1-1 Chromatika
DRK: Rodney '24; CMT: Vidal '51
Starting XI: Ria; Xiao - de Aea - Anderson - Ilya; Thorben - Armageddon (C) - Conrad; Mora; Vidal - Sierra.
Substitutes: Pomeroy -> Ilya ('62), Hauser -> Mora ('76), Will -> Andseron ('81)

Matchday 11: Chromatika 6-4 United States of Devonta @ The Capitalizt Dome, Chromia, Capital District
CMT: Mora '18, Vidal '38, Sierra '58, Thorben '76, Non '80, Kuznetsov '90+2; DEV: Forward '8, L. Midfielder '21, R. Midfielder '33, L. Winger '40
Starting XI: Ria; Xiao - de Aea - Anderson - Ilya; Thorben - Armageddon (C) - Conrad; Mora; Vidal - Sierra.
Substitutes: Zuniga -> Armageddon ('49), Non -> Sierra ('79), Kuznetsov -> Conrad ('88)
It was from Mirielle Baum, like clockwork. The Social Media expert on Arling's staff was a consummate professional, and after such an attention-grabbing win like the one that the Chromatks had just engineered, it made sense to be on top of headlines that would hit the nation the next morning:

By: Michael Isaacs, The Islander

Michael Isaacs was the stereotypical beats writer that tried to make the littlest of controversies into huge ones in full swing, and these set of results would've given him enough fodder. Given Ria's record of conceding seven goals in three matches (albeit two against the top seeds in Drawkland), if Tioux did do very well against Eastfield Lodge and Mavinet, there could be more fuel under that particular fire. With there being eighteen games in qualifying, not every Chromatik goalkeeper would get four starts; if everything went according to plan and Chromatika didn't feel the need to start better keepers in later matches, Ria and Alexander would get three starts apiece with Tioux, Juxon Fillar, and Descombes getting four. This would probably be the best day that Isaacs has had in recent days - his constituents had a lot to gobble up.

By: Suzie D'Orca, The Lhor Times

Shelby could barely contain a yawn at that headline. If Michael was the one trying to pick a fight, Suzie was the doomsayer who really gained a following in the disastrous qualifying campaign two cycles ago. She liked to nitpick everything that the Chromatik team ever did wrong and try to tell her audience that the team was destined for failure. Most of her readers kept her articles as something to laugh at, but she did have a good point here and there. Perhaps there was a point to be made about the fact that two of the three goals scored in the last fifteen minutes of the match came from Chromatik substitutes, and the fact that all four Devontan goals came in the second half. She doubted that it was just stamina, though, as the Anomalies had switched philosophy - going from possession-based football to more of a crisp, short passing attack - in the second half. Still, worse articles had been written about pettier things, and it wasn't directly offensive.

By: LeAnn Choisier, Urrheddiao Daily

A simple headline for a simple writer. The Urrheddiao Daily wasn't a sports paper, and LeAnn Choisier had limited space to get her words in. Choisier was someone that Arling wanted more writing samples from - there was a possibility that she could end up being a far better writer than anybody gave her credit for. Perhaps for The Rebel?

Which prompted her to scroll all the way to the bottom, past the regional papers for Eyrods, Deprí Lanar, Deprí Sanar, Chromia...

How Chromatika Engineered a Comeback that Could Define a Qualifying Campaign
By: Jordan Lawless, The Rebel

Jordan was a master. The master of headlines. Every Chromatik that read that headline would like to read it. Also, it was so true - now, Chromatika had a five point lead over Devonta and Mavinet, with a home match against Mavinet looming. With the ease that they'd gotten past seeds 6-10 the first leg, there was some hope for Chromatika going forward.
Chromatik Team for WC 87 Qualifying - Matchday 12 @ Eastfield Lodge and Matchday 13 vs. Mavinet @ The Capitalizt Dome, Chromia, Capital District
Projected Starting XI: Tioux; Chapman - Will - Ken - Pomeroy; Victoriane (C) - Zuniga - Kuznetsov; Kuzami; Non - Andisori, B.
Reserves: Fillar, J., Descombes; De Saint-Pierre, Rondeau, Baugh, Austic; Marc, Dias, Han; Kim, M.J.; Gainsbourg, Andisori, K.
As Shelby Arling sat down at her desk after Chromatika's dramatic come-from-behind victory over Devonta in the Capitalizt Dome, she got the notification that an email had been received.
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Postby Geektopia » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:30 pm


A New Web Blog Series Thing: The Molecular Level Ep. 3 | Legend: --- Arturo Vitriol

--- » Welcome back to my show, listeners. Listen, I'm not going to be dishonest here. There has been a long hiatus of two weeks due to civil uncertainties. Our news source teamed up with other broadcast journalism companies that rake in much less capital but hold much more information and we found out with the help of these companies that barely hold their economical weight that the name of this terrorist organization is the "Alphabet Association". From our own belief, they have twenty six high-ranking officials that are assigned to split into groups of two to enforce their ideological terror over thirteen parts of the country. Right now, the first mission is being initiated in either one of the Chiseled Cheddar cities in Isleshore, so it's a beached paradise turned into a very dangerous place to live in right now. I know I've been caught up in this, but haven't found more information on it over the weekend, so that's why I'm returning to this show. I might be a little more rusty than usual in my overall presentation and explanation of these materials, which are non-alliterative Geosmin and Ibogaine. Actually, none of the three materials I polled my viewers on including in the show started with the same letter, it got a bit old at times, those alliterative episodes.

--- » So, going over last edition's notable errors, I told you guys that I was going to point out these materials etymologies and show you the Geektopian translation. Yes, the language still exists, we just had a scarcity of writers on this site willing to cover the ins and outs ever since our dedicated linguist Abdel-Dayem left for a rival news television station somewhere in the Chinese Congo. Unfortunately, I'm only going to skim over the etymologies section here by shortly explaining one chemical name. Geosmine kind of merges into itself with it's etymology. In the literary language which the Ancient Greeks used to use, you can put the "geo"; meaning earth, and "osmḗ"; meaning smell, to get the English translation of "earth smell"! Unbelievable! You can also switch these words around to form the Latin translation of "terranidore", which sounds much more badass and impractical for a scientific name. Geektopian translations for the substance of Geosmine also include "terranidore" and the direct translation, "gusomnie".

--- » So, to get us started on this chemical, Geosmine really does live up to it's Greek translation, as it is known in these modern times as the "smell of the country" and that's why it's produced in the soil by little micro organisms that also form in the soil called Streptomyces. Whilst the smell of this was identified to belong to another chemical that wasn't known to anyone in 4512, another discovery came even later on the Kwandoan timeline in 4890, when this molecule was taken into a lab where several chemical technicians tried to duplicate the Geosmin molecule, for the reason of wanting to solidify the Geosmin to redecorate their houses more naturally. It was titled "the untouchable chemical" for a while, as nobody could find a use for it. But this chemical's biosynthesis had to first be understood for these revolutionary scientists to clone it, which it begins in farnesyldiphosphate. The catalytic domains in an enzyme with the name of germacradienol-geosmin synthase is essential for this part, wherein one of it's domains transforms farnesyldiphosphate into germacradienol. The newly-converted germacradienol then fuses with the second catalytic domain that didn't do anything in the process before, making our Geosmine.

--- » Here I have the Geosmine, and this is the important part for some viewers, we get to see what it looks like, point out it's physical characteristics, and I sell it on Tbay after that. This, physically, is a colorless, odorless liquid and it's melting point is in the two hundred seventies Celcius wise. The melting point is roughly five hundred and seventy degrees Fahrenheit, and I can play with it in my hands. As I said, the chemical Geosmine is a lot like water in it's appearance as a liquid. A lot of common liquids look like water, but Geosmine in liquid form isn't common, there's no excuse for this, I wanted to see a molecule which in it's liquid state looked like something from another planet, that was the expectation ever since getting out of bed and deciding to film an episode after I had my morning coffee. Now, since my day is in an absolute state of ruin, I'll have to drink this liquid and eject it off the show or find out how to get rid of it in some other way. This online guide for getting rid of Geosmine on the website tells me I put this in a tray and douse it with acid; it's not specified which kind of acid, so I'll have to wind up with the option of dissecting the acid out of my orange juice which will take four months. Then, to make myself feel better I'll leave the dissected orange juice carton on my ex's doorstep, brilliant!

--- » Alright, alright, I had to calm myself down there, but I know I won't be calm when I see that Geosmine tray so I had to cover it in something, like a hand rag that could envelop a tray. Illogical, I know, but such things do exist in the countries of Geektopia and Aimena.

--- » Another etymology! Yay! Ibogaine, ibogaine, oh yeah, so it's an attachment of the psychedelic plant Iboga, discovered by French settlers in the midlands of the Congo. I don't know what the suffix -ine is for, but it must translate to something. Hmmm, so in Ancient Greek or the Latin language -ine is defined as "of or pertaining to", "like", "of the nature of", and "made of". Yeah that makes sense, the psychedelic substance is made out of the plant itself. Boring translation, but one that makes sense, I approve.

--- » Anyways, segueing to our next molecule, people stuff drugs, hallucinogens, and toxins in their bodies because of addiction all the time but as much as these things can create false reward systems and destroy some lives, there is an object they can also stuff into their bodies, not too much though, to drastically improve circumstances for these people who've disabled their brain stems to refill these psychedelic needs. Ibogaine has been used in ceremonial, tribalistic meditations for hundreds of decades and was a psychological tool for hunters and gatherers which increased concentration, accuracy, and awareness, but this herb can be used in modern times too and is not in itself an addictive, mind-altering tool. These kinds of drugs are found in convenience stores and can cure addictions to others, it's actually incredible. One dose is what medical scientists were claiming can remove the destructive dependence of these hard drugs called by names such as Coke, Blow, Rock, Crack, Yayo, Snow, Sniff, Sneeze, White, Nose Candy, Bernice, Toot, Line, Dust, and Flake. Oh wait, those are all names for cocaine, which we won't be covering next episode. Maybe I will in the far future when I'm able to hold myself up without sponsors which have rules that limit you to mentioning injections that people in the region of Europeia have taken more than 500 times. I'll probably put Dopamine on the website poll again because no sicko's taken it more than half a thousand times without physically lasting as long as pufferfish being injected with air by a tire pump.

--- » Have I ever performed an outro on this show? Hold on, I'll have to grab the script.

--- » Well I'm sorry to say it, watchers, but I'll have to carry on with my life as a scientist and needlessly perform experiments by excessively comparing things to one another. We might cover Dopamine next week, I dunno. I don't want it to be a cursed option, like, for instance, no majority carries the molecule and it gets benched for nineteen polls in a row, but at the same time, I'm kind of shying away from covering it for my first or second segment of the show due to my censors and everything, I guess we'll see what happens next week.
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:58 pm

Regional Qualifiers, MD 10&11
AO Group 1
Khytonya 0–5 Turori
Ibixa 0–1 Krytenia
Legalese 0–2 Qasden
Freeport 1–0 Tioguldos

AO Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Farfadillis 8 7 0 1 12 2 +10 21
2 Krytenia 9 6 2 1 11 4 +7 20
3 Qasden 9 6 1 2 18 7 +11 19
4 Turori 9 5 1 3 13 5 +8 16
5 Freeport 9 4 3 2 9 7 +2 15
6 Tioguldos 9 5 0 4 8 8 0 15
7 Khytonya 9 1 2 6 5 17 −12 5
8 Legalese 9 0 2 7 8 21 −13 2
9 Ibixa 9 0 1 8 1 14 −13 1

AO Group 2
Pluvia and Saxean 1–3 Ko-oren
Bonbohk u Piche 0–3 Siovanija and Teusland
Netop 3–5 Mavinet
Gyatso-Kai 0–0 Barunia

AO Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Ko-oren 9 6 2 1 18 11 +7 20
2 Mavinet 9 6 1 2 21 11 +10 19
3 Valanora 8 6 1 1 12 3 +9 19
4 Siovanija and Teusland 9 4 3 2 23 12 +11 15
5 Gyatso-Kai 9 4 3 2 13 10 +3 15
6 Barunia 9 3 3 3 13 10 +3 12
7 Netop 9 3 0 6 13 17 −4 9
8 Pluvia and Saxean 9 1 1 7 8 19 −11 4
9 Bonbohk u Piche 9 0 0 9 5 33 −28 0

AO Group 3
Fjorsz 2–2 Audioslavia
Sett Forest 1–3 Equestria
Quakmybush 4–0 Maccian
Euran Oceania Territories 2–4 Busoga Islands

AO Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Banija 8 6 2 0 20 7 +13 20
2 Busoga Islands 9 6 2 1 15 7 +8 20
3 Audioslavia 9 6 1 2 17 10 +7 19
4 Equestria 9 5 2 2 21 16 +5 17
5 Maccian 9 4 1 4 15 16 −1 13
6 Euran Oceania Territories 9 4 0 5 18 19 −1 12
7 Quakmybush 9 2 1 6 14 20 −6 7
8 Fjorsz 9 1 3 5 11 18 −7 6
9 Sett Forest 9 0 0 9 5 23 −18 0

AO Group 4
Muralos 1–2 Mriin
Wreckeria 0–1 Flavovespia
Savigliane 0–1 Northwest kalactin
Saltstead 1–0 Twicetagria

AO Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mriin 9 8 1 0 23 11 +12 25
2 Starblaydia 8 6 1 1 14 4 +10 19
3 Flavovespia 9 6 1 2 17 10 +7 19
4 Northwest kalactin 9 4 3 2 11 6 +5 15
5 Saltstead 9 5 0 4 13 14 −1 15
6 Twicetagria 9 2 3 4 9 11 −2 9
7 Savigliane 9 2 2 5 14 15 −1 8
8 Wreckeria 9 1 0 8 5 18 −13 3
9 Muralos 9 0 1 8 5 22 −17 1

AO Group 5
Jabal Ahkdar 1–4 Commonwealth of Baker Park
Cosumar 0–3 Chromatika
Hapilopper 0–1 Independent Athletes from Quebec
Huayramarca 2–1 Blouman Empire

AO Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Commonwealth of Baker Park 9 7 2 0 19 5 +14 23
2 Vilita 8 6 1 1 21 8 +13 19
3 Independent Athletes from Quebec 9 6 1 2 19 10 +9 19
4 Chromatika 9 4 3 2 18 9 +9 15
5 Hapilopper 9 4 2 3 13 15 −2 14
6 Huayramarca 9 3 2 4 16 13 +3 11
7 Blouman Empire 9 2 2 5 6 11 −5 8
8 Cosumar 9 1 0 8 2 25 −23 3
9 Jabal Ahkdar 9 0 1 8 4 22 −18 1

Game of the Day: Legalese 0–2 Qasden
Legalese and Qasden, who are both former powerhouses faced off today in a highly contested match. Both teams are regaining the magic they once had, so it is fun to watch them play again. Qasden’s offense could not be stopped today, and their stellar defensive play got them the win.

Best Team so Far: Mriin
Even though they may not seem like the strongest squad in their group, Mriin has been playing about as good as anyone else so far, as they have posted an 8-1-0 record, and lead their group, which has many tough teams such as Starblaydia and Northwest Kalactin.

Worst Defense: Bonbohk u Piche
Bonbohk u Piche has given up a total of 33 goals so far, and that is only half the story. Along with their horrendous offense, their defense has ensured them an 0-0-9 record that puts them among the worst in the tournament. 5 goals only is very disappointing also.

Rushmore Group 1

Rushmore Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pasarga 4 4 0 0 9 2 +7 12
2 Electrum 4 2 0 2 8 6 +2 6
3 Eastfield Lodge 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Darmen 4 1 1 2 6 6 0 4
5 San Ortelio 4 0 1 3 3 11 −8 1

Rushmore Group 2

Rushmore Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Savojarna 4 4 0 0 10 1 +9 12
2 Yuezhou 4 3 0 1 7 2 +5 9
3 Crystalline Caverns 4 2 0 2 6 8 −2 6
4 Valladares 4 1 0 3 3 5 −2 3
5 Govournauch 4 0 0 4 0 10 −10 0

Rushmore Group 3

Rushmore Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Eura 4 4 0 0 11 1 +10 12
2 Oberour Ar Moro 4 3 0 1 7 3 +4 9
3 Nagore 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Sargossa 4 1 0 3 4 4 0 3
5 Nacaltora 4 0 0 4 1 14 −13 0

Rushmore Group 4

Rushmore Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Cassadaigua 4 3 1 0 11 3 +8 10
2 Tikariot 4 2 2 0 4 0 +4 8
3 Astograth 4 2 1 1 3 3 0 7
4 Southwest Eastnorth 4 1 0 3 5 7 −2 3
5 Simulland 4 0 0 4 1 11 −10 0

Rushmore Group 5

Rushmore Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Nephara 4 4 0 0 10 1 +9 12
2 Plane of Possibility 4 2 1 1 4 5 −1 7
3 Graintfjall 4 2 0 2 8 4 +4 6
4 Mytanija 4 0 2 2 5 10 −5 2
5 Hispinas 4 0 1 3 7 14 −7 1

No Results

Indies Group 1
Caryton 0–4 Terre Septentrionale
Melbergia 0–3 New Lusitania
North Alazia 0–1 Indusse
T Republic 0–1 Emastalia
TBS 0–1 Icecliff

Indies Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Terre Septentrionale 10 8 1 1 31 7 +24 25
2 New Lusitania 10 7 1 2 20 8 +12 22
3 Indusse 10 5 3 2 18 12 +6 18
4 Emastalia 10 4 2 4 18 14 +4 14
5 Melbergia 10 4 2 4 11 20 −9 14
6 T Republic 10 3 3 4 5 12 −7 12
7 Icecliff 10 2 3 5 9 13 −4 9
8 TBS 10 2 3 5 9 17 −8 9
9 North Alazia 10 2 2 6 9 18 −9 8
10 Caryton 10 2 2 6 5 14 −9 8

Indies Group 2
Beepee 3–4 Drawkland
Widaya 0–1 Poafmersia
U-koro 0–2 Juvencus
Cirrus Azale 0–2 Murphtannia
UAC 2–0 Hebitaka

Indies Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Poafmersia 10 9 0 1 23 7 +16 27
2 Drawkland 10 9 0 1 26 13 +13 27
3 Murphtannia 10 8 0 2 25 5 +20 24
4 Juvencus 10 7 1 2 18 7 +11 22
5 Hebitaka 10 2 3 5 12 22 −10 9
6 Cirrus Azale 10 3 0 7 10 22 −12 9
7 Beepee 10 2 2 6 17 28 −11 8
8 UAC 10 2 1 7 10 18 −8 7
9 Widaya 10 2 1 7 7 16 −9 7
10 U-koro 10 1 2 7 4 14 −10 5

Waisnor 2–1 Abanhfleft
Trolleborg 2–1 Al-Qurija
Stevid 0–2 Bluecliff
State of Trinity 1–2 Freechi
Squidroidia 1–1 Garifunya

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Abanhfleft 10 8 1 1 19 7 +12 25
2 Freechi 10 6 2 2 23 15 +8 20
3 Squidroidia 10 5 4 1 17 7 +10 19
4 Trolleborg 10 6 1 3 19 14 +5 19
5 Garifunya 10 5 3 2 23 12 +11 18
6 Bluecliff 10 4 2 4 16 14 +2 14
7 Waisnor 10 2 2 6 12 20 −8 8
8 Stevid 10 2 2 6 7 20 −13 8
9 Al-Qurija 10 1 2 7 6 17 −11 5
10 State of Trinity 10 0 3 7 10 26 −16 3

Indies Group 4
Trigel 1–1 Zwangzug
Hafamarimet 0–3 Geektopia
Cascadia 1–1 Darkmania
Quemmor Isles 0–2 Megistos
St. Domingues 0–0 PSTCT

Indies Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Zwangzug 10 8 2 0 25 6 +19 26
2 Megistos 10 8 0 2 29 9 +20 24
3 Geektopia 10 7 1 2 19 9 +10 22
4 Darkmania 10 5 1 4 16 14 +2 16
5 St. Domingues 10 3 3 4 12 17 −5 12
6 Quemmor Isles 10 4 0 6 10 21 −11 12
7 PSTCT 10 2 4 4 13 19 −6 10
8 Trigel 10 3 1 6 12 21 −9 10
9 Hafamarimet 10 3 1 6 8 18 −10 10
10 Cascadia 10 0 1 9 5 15 −10 1

Indies Group 5
Smosh Games 0–2 Kandorith
Hindu RR 0–4 Jeruselem
Aepreleh 0–3 Kohnhead
West Angola 2–5 Sulsuland
Mexi Catcha 1–2 Ranoria

Indies Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kandorith 10 9 1 0 24 5 +19 28
2 Jeruselem 10 7 2 1 21 3 +18 23
3 Kohnhead 10 7 2 1 20 10 +10 23
4 Sulsuland 10 7 0 3 25 11 +14 21
5 Mexi Catcha 10 3 2 5 13 22 −9 11
6 Smosh Games 10 3 1 6 11 21 −10 10
7 Aepreleh 10 3 0 7 14 23 −9 9
8 Ranoria 10 2 1 7 12 18 −6 7
9 West Angola 10 0 5 5 7 16 −9 5
10 Hindu RR 10 1 2 7 6 24 −18 5

Indies Group 6
Gothina Isles 0–2 Kelssek
Tornado Queendom 0–2 Squornshelous
Magnecia and Galmencia 0–2 Sharktail
North Japan 2–5 Balqia
Mand Blustopia 4–1 Chartistan

Indies Group 6 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kelssek 10 10 0 0 26 4 +22 30
2 Sharktail 10 8 1 1 21 6 +15 25
3 Squornshelous 10 7 0 3 20 9 +11 21
4 Mand Blustopia 10 6 0 4 19 15 +4 18
5 Balqia 10 4 3 3 14 14 0 15
6 North Japan 10 3 1 6 13 18 −5 10
7 Gothina Isles 10 2 1 7 9 22 −13 7
8 Chartistan 10 1 3 6 7 16 −9 6
9 Tornado Queendom 10 1 3 6 6 18 −12 6
10 Magnecia and Galmencia 10 1 2 7 9 22 −13 5

Indies Group 7
Garbellia 2–6 Mercedini
Critical Operations 0–3 Port Ember
Regmotto 0–1 Squornshelan Remnant States
Socialist New Britain 0–1 Rangers FC
Sannyamathaland 3–1 Fluvannia

Indies Group 7 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Port Ember 10 9 1 0 25 7 +18 28
2 Mercedini 10 8 1 1 26 9 +17 25
3 Rangers FC 10 6 3 1 23 7 +16 21
4 Squornshelan Remnant States 10 5 2 3 15 10 +5 17
5 Socialist New Britain 10 3 2 5 14 19 −5 11
6 Garbellia 10 2 3 5 14 19 −5 9
7 Critical Operations 10 3 0 7 11 23 −12 9
8 Fluvannia 10 3 0 7 6 18 −12 9
9 Regmotto 10 2 1 7 11 22 −11 7
10 Sannyamathaland 10 1 3 6 8 19 −11 6

Indies Group 8
Pays Den Haut 0–3 HUElavia
Frezza 3–2 Omerica
Logano 2–3 Devonta
Silvedana 2–5 Baggieland
Rwezakaland 1–5 Transvolcanic

Indies Group 8 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Devonta 10 8 2 0 20 9 +11 26
2 HUElavia 10 8 1 1 20 9 +11 25
3 Baggieland 10 8 0 2 15 6 +9 24
4 Transvolcanic 10 6 2 2 26 11 +15 20
5 Pays Den Haut 10 3 2 5 15 19 −4 11
6 Frezza 10 3 2 5 15 19 −4 11
7 Omerica 10 2 2 6 11 21 −10 8
8 Rwezakaland 10 2 1 7 10 19 −9 7
9 Silvedana 10 1 3 6 10 20 −10 6
10 Logano 10 0 3 7 12 21 −9 3

Indies Group 9
Lorrana 0–1 The Holy Empire
Pemecutan 0–1 TJUN-ia
Norish Jeia Repa 1–3 Acronius
Red Kelp 0–6 Havynwilde
Armed King 0–2 Arklanda

Indies Group 9 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 The Holy Empire 10 9 1 0 23 5 +18 28
2 Acronius 10 6 3 1 18 6 +12 21
3 Havynwilde 10 5 4 1 21 9 +12 19
4 Pemecutan 10 5 2 3 12 9 +3 17
5 TJUN-ia 10 4 4 2 13 7 +6 16
6 Arklanda 10 2 5 3 12 16 −4 11
7 Norish Jeia Repa 10 2 2 6 10 18 −8 8
8 Lorrana 10 1 3 6 9 19 −10 6
9 Red Kelp 10 1 3 6 12 26 −14 6
10 Armed King 10 0 3 7 7 22 −15 3

Indies Group 10
Thibaea 1–4 The Sarian
Acastanha 0–1 Tequilo
Yerapia 1–6 Sajnur
Central Shaneville 0–1 ZSeparatists
United Pink States 3–3 Treekidistan

Indies Group 10 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Tequilo 10 8 2 0 23 6 +17 26
2 Sajnur 10 8 0 2 26 9 +17 24
3 The Sarian 10 7 3 0 21 6 +15 24
4 ZSeparatists 10 5 3 2 14 11 +3 18
5 United Pink States 10 3 3 4 10 18 −8 12
6 Yerapia 10 2 4 4 18 25 −7 10
7 Treekidistan 10 3 1 6 14 21 −7 10
8 Acastanha 10 2 0 8 7 15 −8 6
9 Central Shaneville 10 1 3 6 3 11 −8 6
10 Thibaea 10 1 1 8 7 21 −14 4

Game of the Day: Squidroidia 1–1 Garifunya
Once again, Group 3 is providing us with action for the tournament. Squidroidia and Garifunya both have out up good squads in the past. Squidroidia may seem better now, but Garifunya has an arguably better history. Today, nobody could win, as they both grabbed 1 point on their way to qualification.

Best Team so Far: Poafmersia
Sitting pretty at a 9-1-0 record, Poafmersia has trekked through an extremely tough group 2, and they now hold the lead in the said group. If their play keeps up like this, they may have no problem getting through the second half of the tournament.

Worst Defense: Hindu RR
While they may not have the highest Goals Against, Hindu Ram Rajya is struggling just as much as their real counterparts, as they fall to a rough 1-2-7 record, among the worst in their group. This is all led by their defense, who has given up a total of 24 goals so far.

AO Group 1
Tioguldos 4–3 Legalese
Qasden 6–1 Ibixa
Krytenia 1–0 Khytonya
Turori 3–1 Farfadillis

AO Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Krytenia 10 7 2 1 12 4 +8 23
2 Qasden 10 7 1 2 24 8 +16 22
3 Farfadillis 9 7 0 2 13 5 +8 21
4 Turori 10 6 1 3 16 6 +10 19
5 Tioguldos 10 6 0 4 12 11 +1 18
6 Freeport 9 4 3 2 9 7 +2 15
7 Khytonya 10 1 2 7 5 18 −13 5
8 Legalese 10 0 2 8 11 25 −14 2
9 Ibixa 10 0 1 9 2 20 −18 1

AO Group 2
Barunia 0–1 Netop
Mavinet 2–0 Bonbohk u Piche
Siovanija and Teusland 2–0 Pluvia and Saxean
Ko-oren 0–1 Valanora

AO Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mavinet 10 7 1 2 23 11 +12 22
2 Valanora 9 7 1 1 13 3 +10 22
3 Ko-oren 10 6 2 2 18 12 +6 20
4 Siovanija and Teusland 10 5 3 2 25 12 +13 18
5 Gyatso-Kai 9 4 3 2 13 10 +3 15
6 Barunia 10 3 3 4 13 11 +2 12
7 Netop 10 4 0 6 14 17 −3 12
8 Pluvia and Saxean 10 1 1 8 8 21 −13 4
9 Bonbohk u Piche 10 0 0 10 5 35 −30 0

AO Group 3
Busoga Islands 1–3 Quakmybush
Maccian 0–1 Sett Forest
Equestria 3–1 Fjorsz
Audioslavia 2–3 Banija

AO Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Banija 9 7 2 0 23 9 +14 23
2 Equestria 10 6 2 2 24 17 +7 20
3 Busoga Islands 10 6 2 2 16 10 +6 20
4 Audioslavia 10 6 1 3 19 13 +6 19
5 Maccian 10 4 1 5 15 17 −2 13
6 Euran Oceania Territories 9 4 0 5 18 19 −1 12
7 Quakmybush 10 3 1 6 17 21 −4 10
8 Fjorsz 10 1 3 6 12 21 −9 6
9 Sett Forest 10 1 0 9 6 23 −17 3

AO Group 4
Twicetagria 0–1 Savigliane
Northwest kalactin 1–0 Wreckeria
Flavovespia 2–0 Muralos
Mriin 2–2 Starblaydia

AO Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mriin 10 8 2 0 25 13 +12 26
2 Flavovespia 10 7 1 2 19 10 +9 22
3 Starblaydia 9 6 2 1 16 6 +10 20
4 Northwest kalactin 10 5 3 2 12 6 +6 18
5 Saltstead 9 5 0 4 13 14 −1 15
6 Savigliane 10 3 2 5 15 15 0 11
7 Twicetagria 10 2 3 5 9 12 −3 9
8 Wreckeria 10 1 0 9 5 19 −14 3
9 Muralos 10 0 1 9 5 24 −19 1

AO Group 5
Blouman Empire 1–0 Hapilopper
Independent Athletes from Quebec 1–2 Cosumar
Chromatika 6–2 Jabal Ahkdar
Commonwealth of Baker Park 5–4 Vilita

AO Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Commonwealth of Baker Park 10 8 2 0 24 9 +15 26
2 Vilita 9 6 1 2 25 13 +12 19
3 Independent Athletes from Quebec 10 6 1 3 20 12 +8 19
4 Chromatika 10 5 3 2 24 11 +13 18
5 Hapilopper 10 4 2 4 13 16 −3 14
6 Huayramarca 9 3 2 4 16 13 +3 11
7 Blouman Empire 10 3 2 5 7 11 −4 11
8 Cosumar 10 2 0 8 4 26 −22 6
9 Jabal Ahkdar 10 0 1 9 6 28 −22 1[/pre]

Game of the Day: Commonwealth of Baker Park 5–4 Vilita
Among 2 of the best teams in the tournament are Baker Park, and Vilita. Both of these teams faced off today in a rough and tumble match, that saw a plethora of goals scored. Baker Park edged out Vilita in the end however, 5-4.

Rivalry of the Day: Turori 3–1 Farfadillis
In a Southwest v. (Kind of) Southwest game, Turori and Farfadillis played each other in a game that would be an exciting one. Turori, despite having considerably less skill coming in, was able to easily handle the very skilled Farfadillis team.

Worst Team Today: Maccian
Maccian isn’t necessarily among the best yet, although their rising squad certainly has as much potential as anyone in the region. However, their loss today to the infamous Sett Forest proved different, as they helped end the losing streak of their Group 3 counterparts.

Rushmore Group 1
Darmen 1–2 Pasarga

Rushmore Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pasarga 5 5 0 0 11 3 +8 15
2 Electrum 4 2 0 2 8 6 +2 6
3 Eastfield Lodge 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Darmen 5 1 1 3 7 8 −1 4
5 San Ortelio 4 0 1 3 3 11 −8 1

Rushmore Group 2
Valladares 2–2 Savojarna

Rushmore Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Savojarna 5 4 1 0 12 3 +9 13
2 Yuezhou 4 3 0 1 7 2 +5 9
3 Crystalline Caverns 4 2 0 2 6 8 −2 6
4 Valladares 5 1 1 3 5 7 −2 4
5 Govournauch 4 0 0 4 0 10 −10 0

Rushmore Group 3
Sargossa 1–1 Eura

Rushmore Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Eura 5 4 1 0 12 2 +10 13
2 Oberour Ar Moro 4 3 0 1 7 3 +4 9
3 Nagore 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Sargossa 5 1 1 3 5 5 0 4
5 Nacaltora 4 0 0 4 1 14 −13 0

Rushmore Group 4
Astograth 0–1 Cassadaigua

Rushmore Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Cassadaigua 5 4 1 0 12 3 +9 13
2 Tikariot 4 2 2 0 4 0 +4 8
3 Astograth 5 2 1 2 3 4 −1 7
4 Southwest Eastnorth 4 1 0 3 5 7 −2 3
5 Simulland 4 0 0 4 1 11 −10 0

Rushmore Group 5
Graintfjall 2–1 Nephara

Rushmore Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Nephara 5 4 0 1 11 3 +8 12
2 Graintfjall 5 3 0 2 10 5 +5 9
3 Plane of Possibility 4 2 1 1 4 5 −1 7
4 Mytanija 4 0 2 2 5 10 −5 2
5 Hispinas 4 0 1 3 7 14 −7 1

Game of the Day: Darmen 1–2 Pasarga
2 teams with strong histories, Pasarga and Darmen played today in a match that would help decide Group 1 of the Rushmore regionals. Pasarga was able to complete the important win, which may help them ensure qualification in the simulation.

Upset of the Day: Graintfjall 2–1 Nephara
Coming into today, Nephara seemed like the most technically perfect team in the tournament, although this loss may have been a roadblock for that. Nobody expected Graintfjall to win this game, although this 2-1 win may be putting Nephara’s hold on the group in jeopardy.

Indies Group 1
TBS 3–3 Caryton
Icecliff 0–1 T Republic
Emastalia 1–0 North Alazia
Indusse 1–1 Melbergia
New Lusitania 1–2 Terre Septentrionale

Indies Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Terre Septentrionale 11 9 1 1 33 8 +25 28
2 New Lusitania 11 7 1 3 21 10 +11 22
3 Indusse 11 5 4 2 19 13 +6 19
4 Emastalia 11 5 2 4 19 14 +5 17
5 T Republic 11 4 3 4 6 12 −6 15
6 Melbergia 11 4 3 4 12 21 −9 15
7 TBS 11 2 4 5 12 20 −8 10
8 Icecliff 11 2 3 6 9 14 −5 9
9 Caryton 11 2 3 6 8 17 −9 9
10 North Alazia 11 2 2 7 9 19 −10 8

Indies Group 2
UAC 2–1 Beepee
Hebitaka 1–3 Cirrus Azale
Murphtannia 4–2 U-koro
Juvencus 1–0 Widaya
Poafmersia 0–2 Drawkland

Indies Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Drawkland 11 10 0 1 28 13 +15 30
2 Murphtannia 11 9 0 2 29 7 +22 27
3 Poafmersia 11 9 0 2 23 9 +14 27
4 Juvencus 11 8 1 2 19 7 +12 25
5 Cirrus Azale 11 4 0 7 13 23 −10 12
6 UAC 11 3 1 7 12 19 −7 10
7 Hebitaka 11 2 3 6 13 25 −12 9
8 Beepee 11 2 2 7 18 30 −12 8
9 Widaya 11 2 1 8 7 17 −10 7
10 U-koro 11 1 2 8 6 18 −12 5

Squidroidia 1–0 Waisnor
Garifunya 2–1 State of Trinity
Freechi 1–0 Stevid
Bluecliff 2–1 Trolleborg
Al-Qurija 2–3 Abanhfleft

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Abanhfleft 11 9 1 1 22 9 +13 28
2 Freechi 11 7 2 2 24 15 +9 23
3 Squidroidia 11 6 4 1 18 7 +11 22
4 Garifunya 11 6 3 2 25 13 +12 21
5 Trolleborg 11 6 1 4 20 16 +4 19
6 Bluecliff 11 5 2 4 18 15 +3 17
7 Waisnor 11 2 2 7 12 21 −9 8
8 Stevid 11 2 2 7 7 21 −14 8
9 Al-Qurija 11 1 2 8 8 20 −12 5
10 State of Trinity 11 0 3 8 11 28 −17 3

Indies Group 4
St. Domingues 1–2 Trigel
PSTCT 1–1 Quemmor Isles
Megistos 4–1 Cascadia
Darkmania 1–0 Hafamarimet
Geektopia 4–1 Zwangzug

Indies Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Megistos 11 9 0 2 33 10 +23 27
2 Zwangzug 11 8 2 1 26 10 +16 26
3 Geektopia 11 8 1 2 23 10 +13 25
4 Darkmania 11 6 1 4 17 14 +3 19
5 Trigel 11 4 1 6 14 22 −8 13
6 Quemmor Isles 11 4 1 6 11 22 −11 13
7 St. Domingues 11 3 3 5 13 19 −6 12
8 PSTCT 11 2 5 4 14 20 −6 11
9 Hafamarimet 11 3 1 7 8 19 −11 10
10 Cascadia 11 0 1 10 6 19 −13 1

Indies Group 5
Mexi Catcha 2–2 Smosh Games
Ranoria 2–3 West Angola
Sulsuland 3–0 Aepreleh
Kohnhead 3–1 Hindu RR
Jeruselem 1–2 Kandorith

Indies Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kandorith 11 10 1 0 26 6 +20 31
2 Kohnhead 11 8 2 1 23 11 +12 26
3 Sulsuland 11 8 0 3 28 11 +17 24
4 Jeruselem 11 7 2 2 22 5 +17 23
5 Mexi Catcha 11 3 3 5 15 24 −9 12
6 Smosh Games 11 3 2 6 13 23 −10 11
7 Aepreleh 11 3 0 8 14 26 −12 9
8 West Angola 11 1 5 5 10 18 −8 8
9 Ranoria 11 2 1 8 14 21 −7 7
10 Hindu RR 11 1 2 8 7 27 −20 5

Indies Group 6
Mand Blustopia 1–0 Gothina Isles
Chartistan 2–2 North Japan
Balqia 1–0 Magnecia and Galmencia
Sharktail 1–0 Tornado Queendom
Squornshelous 0–0 Kelssek

Indies Group 6 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kelssek 11 10 1 0 26 4 +22 31
2 Sharktail 11 9 1 1 22 6 +16 28
3 Squornshelous 11 7 1 3 20 9 +11 22
4 Mand Blustopia 11 7 0 4 20 15 +5 21
5 Balqia 11 5 3 3 15 14 +1 18
6 North Japan 11 3 2 6 15 20 −5 11
7 Chartistan 11 1 4 6 9 18 −9 7
8 Gothina Isles 11 2 1 8 9 23 −14 7
9 Tornado Queendom 11 1 3 7 6 19 −13 6
10 Magnecia and Galmencia 11 1 2 8 9 23 −14 5

Indies Group 7
Sannyamathaland 3–2 Garbellia
Fluvannia 1–0 Socialist New Britain
Rangers FC 2–0 Regmotto
Squornshelan Remnant States 1–1 Critical Operations
Port Ember 1–0 Mercedini

Indies Group 7 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Port Ember 11 10 1 0 26 7 +19 31
2 Mercedini 11 8 1 2 26 10 +16 25
3 Rangers FC 11 7 3 1 25 7 +18 24
4 Squornshelan Remnant States 11 5 3 3 16 11 +5 18
5 Fluvannia 11 4 0 7 7 18 −11 12
6 Socialist New Britain 11 3 2 6 14 20 −6 11
7 Critical Operations 11 3 1 7 12 24 −12 10
8 Garbellia 11 2 3 6 16 22 −6 9
9 Sannyamathaland 11 2 3 6 11 21 −10 9
10 Regmotto 11 2 1 8 11 24 −13 7

Indies Group 8
Rwezakaland 3–2 Pays Den Haut
Transvolcanic 4–2 Silvedana
Baggieland 3–0 Logano
Devonta 4–0 Frezza
Omerica 0–3 HUElavia

Indies Group 8 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Devonta 11 9 2 0 24 9 +15 29
2 HUElavia 11 9 1 1 23 9 +14 28
3 Baggieland 11 9 0 2 18 6 +12 27
4 Transvolcanic 11 7 2 2 30 13 +17 23
5 Pays Den Haut 11 3 2 6 17 22 −5 11
6 Frezza 11 3 2 6 15 23 −8 11
7 Rwezakaland 11 3 1 7 13 21 −8 10
8 Omerica 11 2 2 7 11 24 −13 8
9 Silvedana 11 1 3 7 12 24 −12 6
10 Logano 11 0 3 8 12 24 −12 3

Indies Group 9
Armed King 0–0 Lorrana
Arklanda 1–0 Red Kelp
Havynwilde 3–0 Norish Jeia Repa
Acronius 3–1 Pemecutan
TJUN-ia 3–3 The Holy Empire

Indies Group 9 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 The Holy Empire 11 9 2 0 26 8 +18 29
2 Acronius 11 7 3 1 21 7 +14 24
3 Havynwilde 11 6 4 1 24 9 +15 22
4 TJUN-ia 11 4 5 2 16 10 +6 17
5 Pemecutan 11 5 2 4 13 12 +1 17
6 Arklanda 11 3 5 3 13 16 −3 14
7 Norish Jeia Repa 11 2 2 7 10 21 −11 8
8 Lorrana 11 1 4 6 9 19 −10 7
9 Red Kelp 11 1 3 7 12 27 −15 6
10 Armed King 11 0 4 7 7 22 −15 4

Indies Group 10
United Pink States 3–5 Thibaea
Treekidistan 1–1 Central Shaneville
ZSeparatists 1–0 Yerapia
Sajnur 3–0 Acastanha
Tequilo 2–2 The Sarian

Indies Group 10 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Sajnur 11 9 0 2 29 9 +20 27
2 Tequilo 11 8 3 0 25 8 +17 27
3 The Sarian 11 7 4 0 23 8 +15 25
4 ZSeparatists 11 6 3 2 15 11 +4 21
5 United Pink States 11 3 3 5 13 23 −10 12
6 Treekidistan 11 3 2 6 15 22 −7 11
7 Yerapia 11 2 4 5 18 26 −8 10
8 Central Shaneville 11 1 4 6 4 12 −8 7
9 Thibaea 11 2 1 8 12 24 −12 7
10 Acastanha 11 2 0 9 7 18 −11 6

Game of the Day: Poafmersia 0–2 Drawkland
In likely the most contested group in this entire simulation, Drawkland was able to take control with this win. Both teams were looking to get ahead of one another with a win here, although strong defensive play from the Drawklandians ensured a win.

Upset of the Day: Squornshelous 0–0 Kelssek
Even though this win may not look super surprising on paper, the Squornshelous draw to Kelssek is one of the most surprising results of the tournament. Coming in, Kelssek was riding high as the only Indies team with all wins. Even though they only tied, this tie changes the group drastically.

High Scoring Shootout: United Pink States 3–5 Thibaea
It may not be the most important game in the group considering the status of the teams involved, although the game between the United Pink States and Thibaea was one of the most exciting. This game was high powered, back and fourth football that was ultimately won, in a close contest by Thibaea.
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Postby Baggieland » Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:36 am


Ups and Downs Again

Nephara 2 – 2 Baggieland

Baggieland continued with their propensity during this tournament to have one good result coupled with a bad one. As the second half of this qualifying campaign kicked off the Throstles travelled to Nephara and came away with a very respectable draw.

The hosts opened the scoring midway through the first half, which was well deserved as they had dominated possession up to that point. The Cormorants also had an impressive seven goal attempts during the first period with the away side having to settle for a defensive game plan.

In the second half Baggieland found their attacking prowess and it wasn't long before they got themselves level courtesy of a Brunt pin-point free-kick. As the half wore on with both sides looking to get themselves in front, it was the Throstles who edged into the lead with the end of the game in sight. This time Bomber got himself on the score-sheet after racing into the penalty box, he brushed off the challenge from Thorn and hammered the ball home. Unfortunately for Baggieland, Nephara equalised almost instantly from the restart. The game would finish two-all, and most Baggies will be ruing the missed oportunity to come away with an historic victory.

Baggieland 1 – 2 Indusse

In the other match, most Baggies were hoping to climb up the table with a home success over Indusse. The Throstles raced into an early lead with a goal from Ginger, getting his first goal of the tournament after Richardson had twisted his ankle in training the day before the match, when he turned his marker well and delivered a snap shot from about 12 yards out. Baggieland were all over Indusse during the first 45 minutes and it looked like the home side were going to rack up a cricket score against the visitors, and it was a surprise to most observers when the players went into the break with the score at just 1 – 0.

As the second half began, Indusse equalised almost immediately, a hopeful cross into the centre evaded the home central defenders and Kumar sneaked in to grab the goal. Baggieland thought they had regained the lead not once, but twice, but both times they were ruled offside, which were very marginal decisions indeed. This clearly infuriated the home players, but they should of kept their minds on the game rather than the perceived bias of the linesman: in the dying moments of the game the Baggielandian defence were nothing short of comical as a mix up allowed Indusse to pop up with the winner.

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Postby Mapletish » Sun Jan 24, 2021 12:40 am

Part 1 - Raphael Singer

The Sour Kind
"I only know one thing, that is I know nothing"

Commentaries| Timothy Jozua

Heart to Heart Talk with Raphael Singer #2

"Right back from the camera back, if you are new to this podcast today, I am Timothy and today we have the towering defender Raphael Singer here today for a heart to heart talk or the HTHT. Previously we had Job Bobbie here with me to talk about his life and his transition from rugby and swimming to association football. Now, Singer, we see how you have overcome your self esteem issues but are there still instances when you are still overwhelmed by what has happened to you?"

"Absolutely, those memories do come back and haunt me whenever I am left alone with my thoughts. But I learnt to deal with them. It is not the easiest of things though, because once the thoughts come, they generally don't stop and you end up not being able to sleep from all of that. But, what got me through are my friends and family. They have always been there and I am really grateful for them. Back in those younger days, we generally don't know enough to acknowledge that such instances of bullying are damaging to our self esteem and self confidence which thus play a role in affecting the mental health. However, these days we are generally more aware of its effects and we are working on how to prevent them from hampering our daily functioning."

"Very nice, I am sure that such an experience has had an impact on you, what is your take for young people who are facing such issues?"

"Well, I am no expert in this but there a few tips that I hope can help you, if you are facing them. Remember, to always speak up if you are feeling the bullying because bullying comes with huge long terms effects. Anxiety, self-esteem issues, depression, feelings of shame, these are long term effects on appetite, sleep and even school performance. The constant stress that you are put through isn't worth it. Firstly, one of the ways to deal with the situation is ignoring the agitator. I know it can be hard if it is to ignore someone who is picking on you all the time and being in your face all the time, but it can be a viable option too. Pretending that they don't exist can work well, and then keep doing that. Just like how water cannot get in the boat if you don't allow the water to come in.

Secondly, other than to ignore your bully, is to face it. Don't run away because the bully gains power from the reactions he gets. Hanging your head low isn't going to do you good. Instead do what you are doing, but hold your head high, hold it up confidently and face it. Not going there for a fight though but to face it, to own it, and be confident, now you get some power from that as well. Well of course, hang your head up high but try to avoid the place where your bully hangs out if you dont have to be there. Having a temporary confidence boost though is essential but it is not for you to go out there and pick a fight.

I think one last tip is to tell your experience to someone else. Telling someone helps to diffuse some of these stress that you are facing and then it is a good platform to find solutions to this bullying problem that you are facing. As for help though, really. It helps. Find a trusted adult, a friend or talk to your parent. Sharing the issue helps with developing solutions to the problem and of course finding new coping strategies to help you get by, that is useful. Of course, if you do not have a trusted person to go to, seek help from the school counsellor though, I think that helps."

"Alright, good 3 tips I hope the younger listeners out there can gather from. Do drop a Private Message too if you need help. Next, after the heavy topic, do you think that it is sustainable to make localised music or do you think something generic fits the bill?"

"Well, although you see me making music covers for mostly international pop music, the Maplish market will have a space for Maplish music, whether is it pop, jazz, hip-pop, etc, it is the Maplish essence in all of these that remains unique on the music market. Even though our music market has been saturated by international pop music and influenced by international trends, the Maplish portion of the market continues to be front runner for our market. Local productions are made just for locals, suited for our tastes and this is a problem if our people don't support local music, or local produce. And they think that overseas produce are of better quality. Then we are importing someone's else culture, not exporting our own or even preserving our own. So I guess it will remain sustainable but it is the consumers who drive the market."

"Do you think then that the day the Maplish music falls out of favour, we might have lost our music culture altogether."

"Well, I guess that is the day when the international culture attacks our shores and overwhelms us and we become a generic culture of our own, of course we are not working for that to happen, that is not the definition of a global village though, that should not be the definition of a global village where everything becomes generic and nothing stands out to be unique anymore, such a world is a boring world."

"Now, thank you for your insights today, where can our followers find you?"

"Oh just watch me play on TV, or you can just search for me on any search engine or you can find me on any major video streaming services haha."

"Thank you Singer Singer!"

"Yes thank you."
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Postby Twicetagram and JYPe » Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:43 am

I woke up after that episode. I was still stranded on the floor. What was I doing? I shouldn’t be running around crazy when I’ve a baby in me. Fuck. I’ve got a baby, just remembered that. I got up, head aching. It’s like someone had stabbed my brain. Not fatal, but bad enough that dying would be more favourable.

4 days. That’s how long I had till I made my way to Quebec. I’d be leaving on a private helicopter in the night. No fuss. I hope my troubles would end in Quebec. I didn’t know why, but I felt that Twicetagria had become some sort of mental asylum for me. I needed to get out fast.

I tried to cheer myself up by listening to music. However, the first song that played was the song that had played on repeat in my mind last night. I didn’t know if it was a coincidence, but i wanted to forget whatever happened so I switched my phone off.

Oh, my phone. I thought I’d thrown it away a few days ago, but I didn’t want anyone looking through my private info. The main reason why is wanted to throw away my phone was because I had kept on receiving phone calls from random people. Probably people who wanted me dead. I really didn’t understand. Whatever.

I made myself some scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs of horrible quality, but hey, at least it’s edible. Tasty shit. This was the first time in forever I’d felt calm. Maybe I should take up cooking as a hobby, heh. After that, I switched on the television. I felt empowered for some reason. I didn’t have a sense of anger or fear of my past and future. Now, I actually felt confident. Yeah didn’t know what happened. Maybe it’s because I’m moving out of this hellhole in a few days. Maybe. Either way, this was the best I’ve felt in weeks.

4 days later

The sun had set by now. The helicopter would be coming any minute. I held in my excitement. Quebec was located quite near here, so there wouldn’t be any problem reaching there. I’d be laying over at other countries, but only for a while.

It’s already 9 pm. Where are they? I thought. Just then, I could hear the propellers of the helicopter chopping in the distance. It’s coming! I smiled a bit. No one in my family or national team had bode me farewell. Good for them anyway. I wouldn’t care about them anyway. They’d be irrelevant in a few days. I didn’t know what would be of my house. I’d moved all my furniture to my new home in Quebec. Home... That would be what I’d call Quebec forever. Sorry Twicetagria, but I’m moving on. Call me toxic, I won’t really care anyway.

The helicopter soon landed. The pilot asked if I was ready in Québécois French. I found that delightfully lovely. I answered in English, though. The pilot frowned a bit, before I boarded the copter. There weren’t many in the helicopter. The only people there was probably a few staff from CSKA Quebec. I took a deep breath one last time in my former home. I would miss this place. Well, maybe I will. As the helicopter took off, Legothria looked smaller and smaller. Soon enough, it looked like a pea from my point of view. As we made it out of Twicetagria, I mouthed the word “bye”. I wanted to shed a tear, ironically.

As we began to leave the archipelago, my head started throbbing again. It hurt, this time much more. Then, I heard a sinister voice ask, “Are you really going to abandon your home country, traitor?” The voice then asked my more questions I didn’t want to say. The only thing I knew was that this helicopter ride was going to be rough. Shit.
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Postby Ranoria » Sun Jan 24, 2021 1:43 am

"Optimism is the path to the dark side. Optimism leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

And so reality begins to set in. Two straight losses, an injury to our much-beloved midfielder Rayko Grossman, in the second game, anyway, there's a lot to unpack here, so let's get right into it!

First off: That was physically painful. Just when we got the audacity to have some optimism, our Krauts were smacked around in two straight losses. The Plane of Possibility took us down in a 3-2 shootout (or what qualifies as one in this sport), but we were hoping to bounce back against a 2-3-5 Trigel Squad immedietely after to get back a respectable record. No such luck.

Our front men, coming off one of their better performances, was absolutely dominated in every facet of the game against Trigel. Rarely were they able to advance the ball, and any shot we did get on the goal never even came close. Both fans and players alike grew frustrated, angry even, at the lack of the offensive unit's ability to keep possession. "This is why we hate soccer," many a Ranorian Twittur user vented online.

And, with their producing a ton of turnovers, the midfielders had to pick up the slack. They did well, and our Krauts allowed just one goal, but Rayko Grossman rolled his ankle in a tangle of legs trying to get the ball near the end of the game. Reportedly, it's likely that he suffered a high ankle sprain, and will keep him out for a minimum of six games. It's a devastating blow to an already floundering team as we struggle to gain our footing in this tournament.

And on that rather dire note: go Krauts!
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Postby Brenecia » Sun Jan 24, 2021 2:44 am

Brenecia 1 - 0 Hindu Ram Rajya
(4-2-3-1) 20 - Dundalk; 2 - Bravender, 6 - Ford, 18 - Giltanan, 19 - Watermark (3 - Roscommon 65'); 23 - Schofield, 13 - Deal; 15 - Fife (22 - Waters 59'), 21 - Archer, 11 - Pace; 14 - Hazeldean
Goal: Deal 24'

Brenecia 2 - 0 Plane of Possibility
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 17 - Shepherd, 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 4 - Townsend (c, 23 - Schofield 78'), 14 - Caitiff; 22 - Waters (15 - Fife 58'), 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher; 7 - Cheney (9 - White 73')
Goals: Cheney 39' pen, Fife 66'

HALF-TIME RETROSPECTIVE: Iron defence shows Wright way to qualification
Annette Brisbane

Hindu Ram Rajya 1 - 4 Brenecia
(4-2-3-1) 12 - Cove; 17 - Shepherd, 18 - Giltanan, 6 - Ford, 19 - Watermark; 23 - Schofield, 8 - Caitiff (13 - Deal 65'); 22 - Waters, 10 - Parrish (21 - Archer 80'), 11 - Pace (16 - Fletcher 76'); 14 - Hazeldean
Goals: Caitiff 20', Giltanan 27', Waters 44', Hazeldean 85'

Overview A routine win mostly relevant for recalls for Shepherd and Waters, and first caps for Rozelle duo Tiarnan Cove and Ronan Schofield, shortly before the latter left for Valanora.

Best Player Unsurprisingly, Esther Caitiff ran the show in midfield. By the time she was off the pitch just after the hour, the game was done and dusted, and she'd opened the scoring through a deft little header arriving late into the box.

Cause for Concern Conceding a goal to a side who are still yet to win is a worrying sign. Granted, it was a warning bell the side evidently learned from...

Plane of Possibility 1 - 1 Brenecia
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 2 - Bravender, 5 - Leadbetter, 6 - Ford, 3 - Roscommon (19 - Watermark 67'); 4 - Townsend (c), 14 - Caitiff (13 - Deal 57'); 7 - Cheney, 10 - Parrish, 11 - Pace; 9 - White (15 - Fife 72')
Goals: Pace 29'

Overview Looks a lot less bad in retrospect in light of the Plane's strong form since then. Nevertheless, this match evidently shook up Brelk-Xeral's thinking regarding squad selection.

Best Player On a match where almost nobody really played poorly but nobody really excelled, either, the standout was Scathach Wright's brilliant late save at the feet of a substitute forward that salvaged a point.

Cause for Concern Mhacha White looked poor up front, overwhelmed with a lone striking brief. Lauren Cheney came really close to punching Clovette Bravender in the face when the young fullback managed to commit a foul throw late on.

Brenecia 3 - 0 Filindostan
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 17 - Shepherd (2 - Bravender 76'), 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 4 - Townsend (c, 23 - Schofield 68'), 14 - Caitiff; 22 - Waters, 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher (11 - Pace 62'); 7 - Cheney
Goals: Cheney 28' 57' 90+1'

Overview A reshuffle, and then a massive statement of intent from the Patriots, destroying a credible rival 3-0.

Best Player Lauren Cheney, obviously. Surprising everyone by going out in front, she lashed home a brilliant hat-trick.

Cause for Concern None to speak of, though nobody but Cheney really came close to scoring, bar a corner Leadbetter headed narrowly over the bar.

West Angola 0 - 3 Brenecia
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 17 - Shepherd, 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 19 - Watermark; 23 - Schofield, 14 - Caitiff (13 - Deal 77'); 22 - Waters (15 - Fife 77'), 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher; 7 - Cheney (9 - White 70')
Goals: Parrish 28', Caitiff 43', Fife 83'

Overview A perfect away performance against a West Angola side that have not lived up to their history so far.

Best Player Ronan Schofield has to take the plaudits. A brilliantly composed performance in midfield from the by-then RCU man, one of the great emerging midfielders of this generation. He even nearly snatched a late goal, forcing a great save from the Angolan 'keeper.

Cause for Concern None to speak of.

Brenecia 2 - 0 Terre Septentrionale
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 17 - Shepherd (2 - Bravender 76'), 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 4 - Townsend (c), 14 - Caitiff (23 - Schofield 84'); 22 - Waters, 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher (11 - Pace 66'); 7 - Cheney
Goals: Waters 39', Cheney 51'

Overview First against second seeds in a Rozelle downpour that only got worse as the match went on. If the conditions by the end had been in play at the start, the game probably wouldn't have gone ahead. Nevertheless, a disciplined victory saw the Patriots through.

Best Player Banija-based Linoan Waters vindicated her return to favour, coming close to winning a penalty early on before deftly curling the first goal past Vainqueur, and continuing to impress in the second half. A reminder that Cheney's move not only tacks up a gap in the squad, but frees Waters to play.

Cause for Concern It's a good thing Waters was so effective, because the left flank produced relatively little. A slip from Roscommon should have been turned into a Terre goal in the first half, while neither Fletcher nor Pace impressed, the latter missing an easy chance late on.

Ranoria 0 - 1 Brenecia
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 17 - Shepherd, 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 4 - Townsend (c), 14 - Caitiff (13 - Deal 71'); 22 - Waters (9 - White 79'), 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher; 7 - Cheney
Goals: Waters 32'

Overview Ranoria, sensibly, opted to put defence first against the former World Champions. They'll feel pleased with a disciplined defensive performance, but Brenecia will be happy enough for the points.

Best Player Triss Roscommon atoned for her moment of weakness against Terre, laying on the assist for Waters with a deft, disguised forward pass, sending in a variety of low, powerful crosses and defending sharply at the back.

Cause for Concern Wright made a rare-as-hen's-teeth error when the sheer power of Chlorid's strike from 28 yards slipped through her hands and behind her back; she had to scramble desperately to paw the ball out for a corner. On the whole, it was an uninspired performance.

Brenecia 3 - 0 Trigel
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 2 - Bravender, 6 - Ford, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 23 - Schofield, 14 - Caitiff; 15 - Fife, 10 - Parrish (21 - Archer 72'), 16 - Fletcher (11 - Pace 72'); 9 - White
Goals: Fife 52', White 65', Caitiff 68'

Overview A match that turned on the interval, with the Patriots ultimately having enough to overwhelm their opponents.

Best Player The second half's Dreigiau Parrish, who laid on all three assists in the space of half an hour, dancing light-footed past players and seeing every pass he made seem to stick.

Cause for Concern The first half's Dreigiau Parrish.

CRC 1 - 2 Brenecia
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 2 - Bravender, 6 - Ford, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 23 - Schofield (4 - Townsend 81'), 14 - Caitiff; 22 - Waters (15 - Fife 72'), 21 - Archer (10 - Parrish 72'), 11 - Pace; 7 - Cheney
Goals: Archer 26', Caitiff 79'

Overview An oddly disjointed performance away from home, but a late strike from Caitiff saved Brenecia from dropping points.

Best Player Esther Caitiff again. The only player who managed above a 6/10, who could crack out of second gear, and ultimately, who lashed home the winner.

Cause for Concern A bizarrely terrible match for Lauren Cheney in front of goal, her only poor performance yet. Parrish's inability to find his rhythm with just eighteen minutes to play.

Brenecia 0 - 0 Riena
(4-2-3-1) 1 - Wright; 17 - Shepherd (2 - Bravender 79'), 5 - Leadbetter, 18 - Giltanan, 3 - Roscommon; 4 - Townsend (c), 14 - Caitiff (13 - Deal 57'); 22 - Waters, 10 - Parrish, 16 - Fletcher (11 - Pace 68'); 7 - Cheney

Overview A dull scoreless draw between the top two that serves both sides well enough, without really thrilling either. Away from home, Riena will be the happier of the two sides; in the reverse fixture with the same scoreline, it would've been Brenecia.

Best Player Finn Townsend rose above all clamour to put more trust in Ronan Schofield by producing a brilliantly belligerent midfield performance that shook down his Riennic opponents and kept things safe at the back.

Cause for Concern A third goalless game in a row for Lauren Cheney, and the lack of sharpness overall.

1 - Scathach Wright (Raynor City United, VAL), 12 - Tiarnan Cove (Rozelle), 20 - Cairbre Dundalk (Chenoworth Rovers, NPH)
Defenders: 2 - Clovette Bravender (Ulsa, EUR), 3 - Triss Roscommon (Revolutionaries, EUR), 5 - Finn Leadbetter (Holdenberg, EUR), 6 - Leona Ford (Workers Union, EUR), 17 - Caithe Shepherd (Rozelle), 18 - Casey Giltanan (Workers Union, EUR), 19 - Deimne Watermark (Northern Stallions)
Midfielders: 4 - Finn Townsend (CdF Celtade, AUD, c), 8 - Esther Caitiff (Ulsa, EUR), 10 - Dreigiau Parrish (KT Itzalovalle, AUD), 11 - Tricia Pace (Northern Union), 13 - Cheney Deal (Northern Stallions), 15 - Mathgamain Fife (Rozelle), 16 - Ceridwen Fletcher (Holdenberg, EUR), 21 - Gaheris Archer (North Hall), 22 - Linoan Waters (Istria City, BNJ), 23 - Ronan Schofield (Raynor City United, VAL)
Forwards: 7 - Lauren Cheney (Spartangrad, EUR), 9 - Mhacha White (Farrenton Athletic, EUR), 14 - Kitty Hazeldean (Marque)

Hindu Ram Rajya 1 - 4 Brenecia
Plane of Possibility 1 - 1 Brenecia
Brenecia 3 - 0 Filindostan
West Angola 0 - 3 Brenecia
Brenecia 2
- 0 Terre Septentrionale
Ranoria 0 - 1 Brenecia
Brenecia 3
- 0 Trigel
CRC 1 - 2 Brenecia
Brenecia 0 - 0 Riena
Brenecia 1 - 0 Hindu Ram Rajya
Brenecia 2 - 0 Plane of Possibility
Filindostan vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. West Angola
Terre Septentrionale vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Ranoria
Trigel vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. CRC
Riena vs. Brenecia
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Postby Trolleborg » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:55 am

Greetings, compatriots!
It’s TTV with latest news from the football fields.
Alas, the news is pretty bad.


Our team was defeated in a match with the newcomers of world football, where, it seemed, it should have won. This interrupted the series of 17 consecutive victories of our team in the qualifying tournaments of the world championships. But it's too early for us to be too sad, since it seems that much more upsets is still ahead. As for Waisnor, we gave these three points into good hands, into the hands of the guys who are fight on the field, and just taking their first steps in world football. Fate sometimes sends such signs, wanting to cheer newcomers. We all remember the sudden victory of our lads over Banija in the first qualifying round, at a time when public opinion was already solidly on the side of those who offered not to participate further in international competitions. Hopefully, this victory will benefit Waisnor and encourage local players. Let's wish them good luck, especially in the match against Holy Empire.

The game, in fact, was quite equal, with some advantage of our players, but there was not enough soul drive, which is so necessary at the moment when the whole football world is looking with interest at what is happening in our qualifying group, and not everyone is cheering for our guys. The only goal was scored in the 78th minute, after unsuccessful actions of the midfielders, who lost the ball, and the defenders, who lost players.


Once again congratulations to Waisnor on a legitimate reason for joy



After a tough away game, everyone wait, of course, to see how the match would turn out at home. We can’t say that result was very encouraging, the team was still heavy in move and acted without spark and invention. We must add that the head coach gave a number of key players a rest, since the hardest pair of matches and the imminent opening of the Trolleborg championship are ahead. But still, nevertheless, the available resources were enough for a modest but much needed victory.

Gulbranden opened the scoring, confidently ended the Kolding cross into the penalty area


Then Finnsnes fired a shot from a distance, the goalkeeper parried, but two of our forwards came first, and Skaloed sent the ball into the net.


Even before the break, Sulsuland narrowed the gap to a minimum thanks to laxiness of our defenses.


It’s must be admitted, that adjusting to the realities of international football takes time, our defenders is a living proof of this.

There were no more goals scored in this match, although our guys could increase the gap at least four times.

Fortunately, Holy Empire also lost points in these two rounds, and so far we are in first place. But our guys are facing two hardest matches, which will give an exact answer about how things are looked like in our football.

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Postby The Gothanita Isles » Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:57 am

Valladares 5-4 TGI
@ Alexander I National Stadium, Swangard, District of Metropolis, Valladares (cap. 95,021)
Lineup for TGI (4-2-3-1 -> 4-1-4-1): Thulile Bolkvadze (c); Jeanette Ross, Saif al-Din Kartal, Abu Bakr Ekmekçi, Charlee Harel; Amalija Bothe (Chloe Brewster 79'), Remus McQueen; Grigorii McCrory (Marino Barros 52'), Ladislava Tyler, Cyneburga London; Abdelkader Kartal
Cards: Cristian Benítez 40' (yellow)
Cards: Jeanette Ross 18' (yellow); Charlee Harel 65' (yellow)
Goals: Aymeric Fortin 17', 78'; Thibault Benezet 28', 90+1' (pen); Arley Barrios 55'
Goals: Cyneburga London 6'; Abdelkader Kartal 40', 67'; Marino Barros 83'

TGI 3-0 Regmotto
@ Donkeristan Stadium, Poolside, South Jeolerina, Rushmore (cap. 30,000)
Lineup for TGI (4-2-3-1): Seo-Yun Gage; Ayokunle Christian, Timotheos Dunn, Den Benjaminson, Charlee Harel; Sardar Chaplin, Remus McQueen; Stefanie Salzwedel, Ladislava Tyler (c), Vladan Bloxam; Adelia Kelly
Cards: None
Goals: Adelia Kelly 12'; Den Benjaminson 55'; Vladan Bloxam 80'

The Poolside Evening News
Edged out by Valladares, TGI slips behind in tight race for 2nd
Valiant effort, but it was nowhere enough. That was vice-captain Ladislava Tyler's opinion of the match against Valladares, where the defences were totally thrown open and it became a battle of offence.
After showcasing the team's offensive capabilities following the 4-3 win over Pasarga, the team headed to their fixture against Valladares oozing with confidence. Indeed, the team was first to strike following a brilliant goal from Cyneburga London, who silenced critics with yet another powerful shot from the edge of the field. Many thought that she was too old to be in the field and that Zahi Castillias was merely leaving her there because of pressure, but London's capabilities clearly have not waned. The home side then put forth 2 goals in the next 22 minutes, thanks to efforts by the front line of Aymeric Fortin and Thibault Benezet. Just when everyone thought that the first half will quieten down, it was Abdelkader Kartal who fired the away side forward after catching on a failed clearance by Paulo Gaviria.
The second half was even more exciting. Arley Barrios fired in a free-kick from 30 yards out to lead 3-2, but it took 12 minutes for Kartal to equalise after catching a failed offside trap that was laid out by the hosts. Kartal could have scored his 3rd of the night just 7 minutes later, but this time round, Gaviria made amends for his error and pushed out the ball for a corner, which the Yellow Lions was unable to convert. Instead, it would be a nice long-range clearance from Martín Delgado which would find Fortin, and with Hareel unable to catch up with Fortin's pace, Fortin ran all the way to goal to get it past Gothanitan captain Bolkvadze, giving the hosts a 4-3 lead much to the cheer of the home fans.
Putting on Chloe Brewster to make it 4-1-4-1, Zahi Castillias called on his team to push even harder. Within 4 minutes, Brewster made a fine through pass to find Marino Barros, allowing Barros to tap it in to equalise once again for the away side. But it would be a foul by Ekmekçi in the box on Benezet during stoppage time that gave the home side a penalty, and Benezet promptly converted to give the hosts all 3 sides.
After the game, Ladislava Tyler said that they were "unfortunate" not to grab a single point. "The team today performed much better as compared to our opening home game. It is frustrating, but our defence was extremely leaky today, and that caused our performance to have a dip. We need to be more cautious in the future, though if our offence keeps at this standard, we can certainly win more games." This sentiment was echoed by Kartal, widely considered by many Gothanitan fans as their man-of-the-match. "I think slowly we are forgetting that defence comes first. When we are left on the back foot, we have to attack, but that doesn't mean that we can forgo our defence and just purely attack. I think it is a mistake on our part too."
Falling 5 points behind 2nd placed South Newlandia, and dropping to 6th, our Yellow Lions has to put in better performances to keep themselves in the race for 2nd. Two easy games against Regmotto and U-Koro will follow after this, before a tricky home tie to Hampton Island. The Isles needs to grab maximum points from these games to keep themselves in the race.

The Jeolerinan
Matchday 11 Roundup - And the drop begins
This week, 10% of the 190 teams competing for 30 spots in the World Cup Finals were officially eliminated from contention, while another 15 teams will be on their way to the door very soon. As start the business end of the Qualifiers, we figure that maybe we could give an overview to what is happening around in the tournament, and also give our analysis about the things that are happening in these groups. In cooperation with Poafmersia's Sporting Daily, we will be listing our analysis of all 19 groups in the World Cup Qualifiers. We shall start with the first 10 groups, while Sporting Daily will do the other 9.

For the groups we have listed, the following would be our legend.
Team Name (Y) - Cannot be group winners, but may still qualify for the World Cup as the 3 best runners-up.
Team Name (Z) - Cannot qualify for the World Cup directly, but may still advance to the Play-offs
Team Name (E) - Eliminated

And...let us go!

Group 1                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Reçueçn 11 9 1 1 26 6 +20 28
2 Geektopia 11 7 3 1 20 11 +9 24
3 Fluvannia 11 6 3 2 20 12 +8 21
4 HUElavia 11 6 1 4 25 18 +7 19
5 Tioguldos 11 6 1 4 25 24 +1 19
6 Sajnur 11 4 4 3 27 22 +5 16
7 Murphtannia 11 2 3 6 13 21 −8 9
8 Rwekazaland 11 2 2 7 8 25 −17 8
9 Silvedania 11 2 2 7 3 9 −6 8
10 Pays den haut (E) 11 0 2 9 6 25 −19 2
Top seeds Reçueçn are 4 points clear of 2nd placed Geektopia, with Fluvannia holding 3rd place over 2nd seeds HUElavia and 5th seeds Tioguldos. Honestly, we think the battle isn't lost. There is still a chance HUElavia may mount a challenge for 2nd place, especially over the next 3 fixtures where they host Geektopia, travel to Reçueçn, and then host Fluvannia. As for Tioguldos, their chance probably lies in the last 4 fixtures, where they play every team above them in back-to-back matches. We wouldn't say any team has the advantage per se. Even top seeds Reçueçn needs to find points next week when they travel to Fluvannia and host HUElavia. Probably the least we can say is that the battle is yet to come.

Group 2                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Brenecia 11 9 2 0 22 3 +19 29
2 Riena 11 7 4 0 19 8 +11 25
3 Terre Septentrionale 11 7 3 1 28 11 +17 24
4 Plane of Possibility 11 6 4 1 24 15 +9 22
5 Filindostan 11 4 3 4 23 20 +3 15
6 Ranoria 11 4 1 6 17 15 +2 13
7 Trigel 11 3 3 5 11 20 −9 12
8 Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison 11 2 2 7 15 27 −12 8
9 West Angola (Y) 11 2 0 9 9 22 −13 6
10 Hindu Ram Rajya (E) 11 0 0 11 7 34 −27 0
Two unbeaten teams at the top. Riena may be 1 point ahead of 2nd seeds Terre Septentrionale, but until one side wins the Matchday 12 meeting, or until the final day, nothing can be decided. We should be careful of really ruling out Plane of Possibility too, since their form book suggests that they may very well may throw a spanner in the works against the teams above them. One thing we are more comfortable predicting - that Brenecia is likely to be in the top 2. As for top spot, we doubt Brenecia would lose it anyways.But after Matchday 8, we aren't so sure anymore.

Group 3                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Cassadaigua 11 9 2 0 35 14 +21 29
2 TJUN-ia 11 8 1 2 27 15 +12 25
3 Acronius 11 6 2 3 23 15 +8 20
4 Busoga Islands 11 5 3 3 18 12 +6 18
5 Muralos 11 5 2 4 26 26 0 17
6 Havynwilde 11 4 3 4 21 22 −1 15
7 Flavovespia 11 4 3 4 23 19 +4 15
8 Central Shaneville 11 3 2 6 19 28 −9 11
9 Hispinas (Z) 11 1 2 8 8 26 −18 5
10 Nacaltora (E) 11 0 0 11 5 28 −23 0
Top seeds Cassadaigua are at the top of the group - probably the only normal thing in this group. Honestly, maybe this group state is the normal. TJUN-ia, after a brilliant run where they only lost the opener to Busoga Islands, drew away against 6th seeds Havynwilde, and lost to top seeds Cassadaigua. Honestly, a brilliant run. And they have shown the capabilities when they fended off a challenge from Busoga Islands with that win in Matchday 10. With no obvious challengers (we think 5th seeds Acronius, despite their abilities, aren't able to challenge the 5 point lead; while Busoga Islands may be too far off to mount a challenge if TJUN-ia keep their form), we believe the top 2 would stay like that.

Group 4                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Vdara 11 9 2 0 43 18 +25 29
2 Commonwealth of Baker Park 11 7 3 1 40 24 +16 24
3 Electrum 11 8 0 3 23 13 +10 24
4 Xanneria 11 5 4 2 24 18 +6 19
5 Hapilopper 11 6 1 4 27 21 +6 19
6 Cascadia 11 4 3 4 25 32 −7 15
7 Quakmybush 11 4 1 6 24 28 −4 13
8 North Japan 11 2 3 6 16 24 −8 9
9 Norish Jeia Repa (E) 11 0 2 9 13 33 −20 2
10 Bonbokh u Piche (E) 11 0 1 10 12 36 −24 1
Someone stop the Vdara juggernaut please - it is too strong. We thought Vdara would mount a strong challenge for the title, but we did not expect this juggernaut to be able to continue and even over-run Baker Park. Of all scorelines, it ended in 4-1. A 3 goal margin. It sent Vdara to 43 goals, an average of 3.89 per game. It gave Vdara a goal difference of +25, the best goal difference among all teams after Matchday 11, 3 ahead of world champions Banija and world number 7th Starblydia. Now Baker Park suddenly look like the team in danger of missing out, with Electrum posting good results too. In all honesty? Baker Park now has to save themselves. If they want to avoid the playoffs, they need to close out those wins that they failed to, and regain the form that has made them a force as they have always been.

Group 5                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Savojarna 11 9 1 1 20 6 +14 28
2 Saint-Domingue 11 7 1 3 28 17 +11 22
3 Abanhfleft 11 5 4 2 22 17 +5 19
4 Zwangzug 11 5 3 3 23 15 +8 18
5 Netop 11 5 3 3 30 26 +4 18
6 Ancherion 11 4 4 3 32 28 +4 16
7 Sharktail 11 4 2 5 21 24 −3 14
8 Koniglich Wasserstein 11 2 3 6 15 26 −11 9
9 Chartistan 11 2 1 8 11 21 −10 7
10 Hafamarimet (Z) 11 0 2 9 9 31 −22 2
Savojarna should keep the top spot. Yes, they will likely be challenged by a whole lot of other teams. Honestly, however, the battle for 2nd should be the one that is really tough to call. After a terrible first half, Zwangzug is slowly climbing back. But 269th ranked Saint-Domingue and 3rd seeds Abanhfleft will present a challenge that makes the battle for 2nd interesting. Difficult to make a call right now, but we think the fixture to watch is Abanhfleft vs Zwangzug in Matchday 15.

Group 6                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Turori 11 10 1 0 18 5 +13 31
2 San Ortelio 11 6 3 2 15 8 +7 21
3 Juvencus 11 5 5 1 12 6 +6 20
4 Gouvanarch 11 6 2 3 19 15 +4 20
5 Mercedini 11 5 3 3 24 12 +12 18
6 Qasden 11 4 3 4 8 7 +1 15
7 Treekidistan (Y) 11 2 3 6 9 21 −12 9
8 Freeport (Y) 11 2 1 8 12 14 −2 7
9 Cosumar (Y) 11 1 3 7 10 21 −11 6
10 Sannvamathland (Y) 11 2 0 9 6 24 −18 6
Turori is going to qualify - that is for sure. The question here is on 2nd place. 2nd seeds Qasden, 3rd seeds Mercedini are languishing in 6th and 5th respectively. Though they aren't too far off 2nd - 6 points and 3 points isn't the widest of gaps to overcome. But the group has always been difficult to predict, especially with Juvencus and San Ortelio providing such consistent performances we see them as teams that may possible snatch the playoff spot. Difficult to make a call at this stage, and it really depends on who blinks first.

Group 7                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Farfadillis 11 9 1 1 38 18 +20 28
2 Poafmersia 11 9 0 2 34 22 +12 27
3 Krytenia 11 7 1 3 29 14 +15 22
4 Squornshelan Remnant States 11 6 1 4 16 13 +3 19
5 Gyatso-Kai 11 6 1 4 31 22 +9 19
6 Southwest Eastnorth 11 5 1 5 25 23 +2 16
7 Bongo Johnson 11 4 1 6 21 26 −5 13
8 Socialist New Britain 11 2 2 7 9 26 −17 8
9 West Zirconia (Y) 11 2 0 9 18 29 −11 6
10 Caryton (E) 11 0 2 9 10 38 −28 2
Our friends Poafmersia are 5 points clear of Krytenia, but saying that the battle is over will certainly anger the chasing pack, especially second seeds Krytenia. Yet the sheer difficulties of predicting this at this stage means that we need to be more conservative in our prediction. This will certainly be a big week, with the Remnant States hosting Poafmersia in Matchday 13 and Krytenia hosting Farfadillis in Matchday 14. If Poafmersia wins and Krytenia loses, surely the battle is over. Otherwise, there may be a slight chance for the answer to be delayed all the way till Matchday 16, when Poafmersia hosts Krytenia at the Libira National Stadium.

Group 8                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Northwest Kalactin 11 9 1 1 27 11 +16 28
2 Audioslavia 11 8 2 1 23 12 +11 26
3 Huayramarca 11 7 3 1 23 12 +11 24
4 Mytanija 11 7 2 2 30 21 +9 23
5 Sargossa 11 6 1 4 36 24 +12 19
6 Damukuni 11 4 1 6 16 22 −6 13
7 Emastalia 11 4 1 6 21 28 −7 13
8 Ibixa 11 2 1 8 14 24 −10 7
9 Critical Operations (E) 11 1 0 10 9 24 −15 3
10 Cirrus Azale (E) 11 1 0 10 11 32 −21 3
The battle looks much more complicated than you think. Seriously. Firstly, it is Northwest Kalactin who has the dominant form. In the first half, Northwest Kalactin only dropped points away at Audioslavia and at home to Damukuni. They have really shown their ability to get themselves slightly forward as they did during their 4-3 away victory against Damukuni in Matchday 10. Audioslavia, on the other hand, may drop points here and there, but they are a very consistent team. Though picking up 1 point against returning side Mytanija is the reason why the battle is going on. And Audioslavia has to deal with Huayramarca, a team they drew goalless away. Huayramarca drew against Audioslavia, defeated Mytanija, and lost to Northwest Kalactin. The other points dropped would very likely turn into wins, and they, too, are possible challengers. Not to mention Mytanija, who has been producing a really good form. We see the battle is likely to between these 4 teams, though we think it would be Northwest Kalactin and Audioslavia who will be making it past the line.

Group 9                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 South Covello 11 8 2 1 24 9 +15 26
2 Græntfjall 11 7 2 2 20 11 +9 23
3 Indusse 11 7 2 2 26 14 +12 23
4 Nephara 11 6 3 2 23 16 +7 21
5 Kandorith 11 4 5 2 19 18 +1 17
6 Baggieland 11 4 3 4 26 22 +4 15
7 Garbelia 11 3 1 7 17 27 −10 10
8 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles 11 2 2 7 18 28 −10 8
9 Sett Forest 11 1 3 7 10 22 −12 6
10 Quemorr Isles (Z) 11 1 1 9 13 29 −16 4
South Covello will remain at the top? Please, no way. Our bets are placed on Nephara making the playoffs, and one of Græntfjall and Indusse qualifying for the first time. Why, you may ask. Nephara's performance has been quite shaky, and the uncertainty surrounds the notion of their new manager pick. Whether their new manager will fish out the best form in Nephara, we aren't sure. But one thing is for certain - Græntfjall and Indusse will take advantage of the chaos right now and pull South Covello down to fight for the auto-qualification spot. Græntfjall has done it. Now it is time to see if Indusse will do it.

Group 10                                Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Drawkland 11 8 2 1 28 10 +18 26
2 Chromatika 11 8 1 2 37 17 +20 25
3 Mavinet 11 6 2 3 19 16 +3 20
4 United States of Devonta 11 6 2 3 22 14 +8 20
5 ZSeparatists 11 6 1 4 26 26 0 19
6 Eastfield Lodge 11 6 0 5 26 24 +2 18
7 Freechi 11 6 0 5 16 16 0 18
8 Arklanda 11 3 2 6 15 20 −5 11
9 Logano Fraza (E) 11 1 0 10 13 29 −16 3
10 Smosh Games (E) 11 0 0 11 9 39 −30 0
Drawkland and Chromatika has the group on lockdown, and it seems that it would take quite a bit for Devonta and Mavinet, the likelier challengers, to pull off a result worthy of making the top 2 shake. Devonta may have defeated both Drawkland and Chromatika the first time round, but their form dipped as can be seen by Chromatika's 6-4 hammering of Devonta in Matchday 11. Mavinet, on the other hand, looks like a "best of the rest" as can be seen by their losses to Drawkland and Chromatika.
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Postby Electrum » Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:19 am


The Turnip: Magnifying Glass Sales Through The Roof As The Idiot Project Releases Yet Another Wallchart
by by Primmy Primmy Primrose, citizen journalist

The sales of magnifying glasses and microscopes have exploded today after The Idiot Project released yet another wallchart as part of its video series. Unsatisfied by the garguantuan goal-difference and head-to-head records of each team in World Cup 87 qualifying against every other team in World Cup 87 qualifying, The Idiot Project has resorted to more obscure statistics for printing and analysis. This includes the number of dives performed by each team against every other team in World Cup 87 qualifying to the percentage of goals won due to a gust of wind from a hovering helicopter that was just happening to be above the stadium.

These new wallchart contain so much data that even printing it on the typical A3 poster size led to magnifying glass manufacturers having the best days of their lives (because of course) with sales up five hundred per cent. "This has got to be the best day of my life, the only thing that comes close is the time that girl looked at me longingly from across the street back at high school," reminisces magnifying glass manufacturer Steven Michaels. He continues: "See, we usually make these magnifying glasses for people who like to burn ants and for people who can't see certain parts of their body with the naked eye, like me. But this Stupid Project business is making us a lot of money."

It's not just magnifying glass manufacturers that have had a field day. Devoted adherents of The Idiot Project, known as super fans, or patrons, say that blowing up the charts to a large scale just to view them is quite simply heretical. According to these adherents, the only way, and the best way to read the charts is to view it on full high definition on YouTube. How can the detail be captured? Invest in a tablet laptop and put it under a microscope. With up to a thousand times magnification, even the finest details - such as Electrum's stunning record over Audioslavia - can be found. Alternatively take a photo of the chart when it gets shown on screen and print out the image without blowing it up, then squint to enjoy the charts in their full glory. Why do these adherents disagree with blowing the charts up to poster size? These adherents say that it goes against the way that Jeremy Jaffacake intended for us to enjoy these charts -- zooming over them rather than static on a wall.


Artist's impression of a devoted adherent

If it weren't enough, now The Idiot Project is in talks with multi-dimensional beings to create hypercubecharts like tesseractcharts and for our friends who can perceive in higher levels of dimensions. A two-dimensional wall chart can only show so much. For example, you would need a tesseractchart to show both wins and goal differences across time, from World Cup 1 to World Cup 87. Of course, The Idiot Project fears that these products would be unnecessary for those creatures who can perceive from the fifth dimension onwards because they would be able to know all the results already because they would be able to see each fourth dimensional slice - time - all at once. Why bother having a wall chart when you can perceive what will happen in World Cup 1093? Of course, this just shows a new dimension of money hungriness that they're thinking about squeezing every penny by converting their wall charts into third dimensional and fourth dimensional objects. Just imagine the sales of four-dimensional magnifying glasses and microscopes when these get released!
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Postby Garbelia » Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:51 am

The rise of Goodotter...
By Norvis FC legend, Edward Ottero

"Arthur Goodotter. A famous name across Garbelia, and perhaps even the country's most well-known figure internationally. Time and time again, he has scored, whether as a consolation, a winner, or an equaliser. He has scored against everyone, from the world number two, to the world number 280. Where did Goodotter come from, and where is the 19-year-old going?

Arthur Goodotter was born in the year 2210, Garbelery calendar, to a family of otters in Garvida. Football was introduced to the nation the week after he was born, and he grew up with sport all around him. At the age of 15, Goodotter was scouted by the 3rd Division club, Borderlut AFC, and played for them as a lone striker. In a breakthrough season, he scored 43 goals in 30 games, and there was a race for his signature. Garvida Revolutionaries, his boyhood club, bought him for 10 million CryptoGarbels, on a five year contract, and he broke through to their first team at the age of 17, never looking back, becoming an all-time Garbelery league top scorer in just 2 seasons, and earning a call-up to the first national team. Interestingly, he was at school with Otto Otter, the 17-year-old midfielder, which has lead to their school playground becoming more of a trial pitch, with several scouts hidden amongst the teaching staff.

Results from the previous games:

Garbelia 3 - 0 Pluvia and The Saxean Isles
Blisset 12, McOtterson 35, Scratchington 90

Sett Forest 0 - 1 Garbelia
Goodotter 1

View from Venjolath Road will be broadcast on both radio and television daily until the end of the WC Qualifiers, and will be available as a podcast afterwards. Tomorrow, we bring you highlights and reaction for our next two games, after an incredible pair of games, bringing two wins for the low-ranked Otters.

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Postby Waisnor » Sun Jan 24, 2021 5:43 am

The situation has improved markedly

When second half of World Cup 87 qualification, now held in Ethane, was starting, Waisnorian fans did not expect anything special from their team. However, football team of Waisnor decided to surprise her fans and score the necessary points:

First match of second half with Trolleborg did not bode well for Waisnor - this team led the group and never lost points. The list of these matches also includes a victory over Waisnor with a score of 3-1. But apparently in this match, such statistics did not frighten Waisnorian players.
At the beginning of the match, Trolleborg quickly took the initiative on the field, his attacks were frequent, but Dmitry Samoilov was able not to miss a goal at the very beginning of the match. Waisnorians also made attempts to attack, made attempts to attack, but they were rare and did not succeed.
This went on for the entire first half, and when the teams left for the break, no one scored a goal. After the break Waisnorian team decided to slightly change their tactics - arrange rare but sharp attacks. However, in the first half of the second half, such tactics began to bear fruit a little - there were more dangerous moments near the goal of Tomas Kot Kotsson, but they could not end with a goal. Trolleborg itself kept pushing against the gate of Waisnor, but Samoilov still deflected blows.
At the 78th minute, one of the Waisnorian attacks finally ended in success - thanks to an accurate pass from the flank, Vitaly Butin was able to shoot right into the center of the goal and make the score 1-0.
After this goal was scored, Waisnorian team decided to go into deep defense in order to maintain a convenient score for themselves, and they did it. In the end, Waisnor was able to inflict the first defeat to Trolleborg in this qualification round.

This victory helped create the mood before the game with Mand Blustopia, in which Waisnor already was considered a favorite. It was already clear that Waisnorian team will win this match, it remains only to guess with what score.
Waisnor immediately started attacking Mand Blustopian gate, and at the 12th minute defence of this team cracked, which Danila Neverov was able to take advantage of, firing a strong shot into the upper corner of the goal and opening the scoring in this match.
Unlike the last match, Waisnorian team did not go into defense after a goal was scored, and continued to push against the enemy's gate, and on the 16th minute another goal was scored - Timur Skvortsov earned a penalty and was able to successfully realize it.
Further, the first half was not marked with anything, and the teams went on a break with a score of 2-0. The second half began almost the same as the first, but in order to score a goal Waisnorian team needed even less time - on the 50th minute Artur Shuteyko was able to beat the Mand Blustopian defense and quickly shot down the gate, making the score 3-0.
After the third goal was scored Waisnorian team seemed to play more calmly, however, even in this state she could score goals - on the 56th minute Danila Neverov made a double with a header after a free-kick.
This was the last goal in this meeting, and three more points went to Waisnor's piggy bank. After these two matches Waisnor climbed to 5th place in the group.

Team for a matches with Twicetagria and Red Kelp
Dmitry Samoilov
Pavel Burtsov
Nikolay Vaneev
Alexey Bastanov
Arseny Bratkov
Timur Skvortsov
Vyacheslav Grigoriev
Arthur Shuteyko
Prokhor Golovnov
Vitaly Butin
Danila Neverov
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81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36
88 = 24th/32
89 = 16th/37

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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WC87Q - MD10/MD11 - Tequilo Draw, Newmanistan Win

Postby Vilita » Sun Jan 24, 2021 6:33 am



Tequilo Tame Jungle Cats once More

Tivali Ring Stadium, Alikki-Corra, Vilita :: Halfway through Cavuna Aquafek's first full match in charge of the Vilitan National Team and things were not going the way the home side had hoped. In front of a near-capacity crowd at the Tivali Ring Stadium, there had been three goals registered on the scoresheet and every single one of them were attributed to a player of the other team: Tequilo.

Luckily for the Jungle Cats, the second tally of the day was an own goal that temporarily leveled the scores on the match until Ricardo Bailén's late first-half goal put Tequilo back in front along with a collective sigh from the Jungle Cat fans in the stadium.

Whatever Aquafek had to say in the locker room was effective, however, as the Vilitan side that returned to the pitch in the second half was looking far more impressive than the one that had appeared in the first half. The Vilitan side that brought the game to the Tequilan's in the second half looked more like the 6th ranked team in the multiverse and not the 56th ranked team like their opponents. Despite a booking for Kudii Davasarii, the Jungle Cats controlled the play and created chances, eventually leveling the scores through Enzoril Alabonni. In the moment, having trailed for a large portion of the match, a draw may have felt like a not-so bad result for the Vilitans. In the big picture, however, the Jungle Cats now had a record of 5-5-0 after ten matches. Having won just half of their games in a World Cup Qualification campaign where they are the top ranked team in the group and on paper expected to win every single match.

Fortunate, the current group 17 leaders Tikariot also managed to be held on the day with fifth place side Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom holding Tikariot to a 1-1 draw. It was a bit of positivity for the Jungle Cats even after the draw as they had been held by Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom during the first half of qualifying. With the results, Vilita were still just 5 points off the top of the table and despite having failed to win half their matches thus far in the World Cup 87 Qualifying campaign, could still control their own destiny through the remaining matches in the second half of Qualifying.

Of course, the real moment of truth would come on the road as the Vilita National Team would travel to Newmanistan. It was a battle for the last potential transfer spot to the World Cup Finals. Three points separated the two teams heading into the match with Newmanistan in second position in the Group 17 table and the Jungle Cats one spot behind in third. Questions about the leadership of Cavuna Aquafek were already starting to linger on twii.tur after the draw with Tequilo at the Tivali Ring Stadium. Those cries grew even louder after the first half in Newmanistan where the Jungle Cats trailed 0-1 and appeared to be digging themselves and even deeper hole in Group 17.

For the second consecutive match, however, it was a second half show for the Vilitan National Team. Berali Tzufarei kicked off the rush in the 53rd minute to level the scores though the hosts temporarily clawed back on top on the hour mark. From that moment on it was all Vilita with Jirak Trikala converting a Polaox Torerun delivered corner kick to level things off once more in the 67th minute. Just two minutes later substitute Jyuola Mtalata put the Jungle Cats in the lead after a well placed shot from 20 yards out. The scoring was rounded out by attacking superstar Sipke Tarala who registered Vilita's fourth goal - the first time all campaign they surpassed the three goal mark and at a critical juncture in a must-win match for Vilita.

As the full time whistle blew, the Jungle Cats had narrowly clawed their way back into the second position level on points and +2 goals differential over Newmanistan. The victory also put destiny back firmly into their own hands as leaders Tikariot were held by Group 17 bottom dwellers Widaya in a result that allowed the Vilita National Team to close within three points of the top. With a match against Tikariot still to come later in the campaign, there was now nothing standing in the way of the Jungle Cats earning a spot in the World Cup 87 finals if they could turn their second half performances under Cavuna Aquafek against Tequilo and Newmanistan into full 90 minute performances on the pitch for the remainder of the campaign.

Vilita [2] - [2] Tequilo

GOALS: Vilita :: 36' Own Goal:: 71' Enzoril Alabonni
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 53%:: Shots: 7:: Corners: 8 Tequilo :: Possession: 47%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 5
Lineup: [GK] Vernasa Sanamun, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Rojara Tiones, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [ML] Lentali Purama, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Kudii Davasarii, [MC] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [MR] Polaox Torerun, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni
Bench: [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Fishtii Blikala, [M] Jurzen Devmiko, [M] Jyuola Mtalata, [U ] Tenziki Kulakao, [D] Inteali Koranjo, [GK] Mako Canopii

Vilita [4] - [2] Newmanistan

GOALS: Vilita :: 53' Berali Tzufarei:: 67' Jirak Trikala:: 69' Jyuola Mtalata:: 78' Sipke Tarala
STATS: Vilita :: Possession: 56%:: Shots: 9:: Corners: 7 Newmanistan :: Possession: 44%:: Shots: 8:: Corners: 6
Lineup: [GK] Mako Canopii, [D.] Lohani Riiyaaw, [D.] Jirak Trikala, [D.] Inteali Koranjo, [ML] Kudii Davasarii, [MC] Cywrenta Vlintejni, [MC] Limu Katarakhna, [MR] Polaox Torerun, [FC] Berali Tzufarei, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Clarana Refiami
Bench: [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Enzoril Alabonni, [M] Lentali Purama, [M] Jyuola Mtalata, [U ] Trezisi Rokopolis, [D] Rojara Tiones, [GK] Striitca Virahat

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
-¤-¤-¤World Cup 77 Champions¤-¤-¤-

Region: Atlantian Oceania - The Home of Sport

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Postby Zwangzug » Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:01 am

The Bassabook Baritone

The national football team returned from the mid-qualifying break in stunning form, beating Sharktail and then Ancherion by a score of 5-2 in each game. "What a difference a few days, a new manager, some rest, the absence of IFCF schedule demands, and the statistical tendency to regress to the mean make," said federation bureaucrat Ashley Spencer, speaking for the fanbase.

"It's definitely too soon to say that Kate DiMarini's arrival was a direct causal factor in snapping a six-game winless streak, quite soundly at that," Spencer also cautioned. "Which means we expect fans across the nation and beyond, even the statistically-minded ones, to do just that. We're not stupid, we know how human nature and rooting interest work."

Zwangzug are now fourth in the closely-packed group five, ahead of Netop based on head-to-head results. They remain as close (four points) to Sharktail in seventh as they do to Saint-Domingue in second. And even the impressive BoF side are still several points shy of the points needed to qualify directly from second, with Kelssek, Squornshelous, and Poafmersia currently leading that tally.

"Just as it is ludicrous but probably inevitable for the foreign press to dampen the enthusiasm of successful sides such as Saint-Domingue with baseless speculation about form and class," Spencer began, "--unless you think the spirits of our first-generation team are conspiring to fix the results, in which case I have many more metaphysical questions for you--it is likewise a fruitless effort to counsel our fans to pay attention to results in other groups. As much as I like to stress that it's not only good for your cosmopolitan understanding but also for your knowledge of your own nation's qualifying chances to have a grasp on what's taking place elsewhere, you just know fans are going to say stuff about 'I don't want to hear about other top sides being upset because that's, like, upsetting' and 'I can't even spell any of these places anyway, why do I care who wins a football match.'"

Two of DiMarini's domestic colleagues from Cham are in the starting XI for the national team, and both have praised her no-nonsense approach. "It's easy to say nice cliches when things are going well, but she isn't afraid to face the press when it's been rocky," mused Edwin Cherenkov-Nguyen. "We all hope it doesn't come to that here, but if worst comes to worst, she'll let us play our own game and not burden us with the job of quoting mindless truisms to dorks like you."

"Also," said Tova Miovuku, "she has never once appealed to the ancient memories of a reincarnated insane magic-user to justify a defensive substitution, which is really a nice change of pace."

(Azaim 36, Shahrul 65; Munshi 22, Idmar 27, Noile-Murne 40, Axelrod-Conway 51, Gannett 82)

(Blum 11 and 66, Cherenkov-Nguyen 39 and 74, Suzuki 47; Halperin 41, Salman 80)
IRC humor, (self-referential)
My issues
...using the lens of athletics to illustrate national culture, provide humor, interweave international affairs, and even incorporate mathematical theory...
WARNING: by construing meaning from this sequence of symbols, you have given implicit consent to the theory that words have noncircular semantic value and can be used to encode information about an external universe. Proceed with caution.

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Postby Squidroidia » Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:02 am

OOC: The regionals version of the Unofficial World Championships are deemed by myself and others as unofficial Unofficial World Championships (uUWCs for short). This isn't what the Lineal and Interim belts look like now, right now the Lineal belt belongs to Eura and the Interim belt belongs to Vdara.

Alternate Universe W87CQR
Tracking the Unofficial World Championships, part 3
With Shotclocking Supersquid

Oh hey, sorry for taking a break tracking the Unofficial World Championships. Seeing as it was the halfway point of the campaign, a little break was in order. Oh don't worry, I still kept track of the belts while I was gone, don't worry. When we last left you Freechi were preparing their 5th defense of the Interim belt, a belt that has lasted since the first ever World Cup, while Commonwealth of Baker Park were, well, Commonwealth of Baker Park. Holding the Interim belt they got from the AOCAF Cup for a ransom not even Vilita could pay. A lot has happened since then. In fact a belt has changed hands again!

Well, you gotta thank Garifunya for that. In Freechi's 5th defense of the Lineal belt within FFI Group 3 (Erm, excuse me, Indies Group 3, don't want to anger the Omericans who somehow watch me explain a belt), they got whooped by Garifunya. Like what happened on Matchday 3 with Trolleborg, the holders of the Lineal Belt conceded 5 goals to give up their hold on the belt. Garifunya were an Unofficial World Champion for the 2nd time in their history, and have held it ever since that moment. They denied Waisnor from getting the belt in their second attempt, and a Squidroidia side that had to wait 1 extra matchday because of the change from Freechi to Garifunya were also denied their first ever Unofficial World Championship. The scores for both games? 1-1. A 2-1 win against State of Trinity meant that they successfully defended their title thrice, with a 4th defense on the cards for them. Trolleborg and Abanhfleft are surely waiting for their chance to steal the belt away from them.

On the Interim belt side of things? Let me put this into a boring sentence for you plebs to understand - Commonwealth of Baker Park STILL have it. Even through Matchday 11 the belt, won by Banija in World Cup 87 and taken to the AOCAF Cup they hosted along with their friends in the Busoga Islands and basically EVERY other AO nation, they have defended their title a whopping 11 times since the Semi-Finals of that tournament. Of course, this is nowhere near the run that Unified Sunrise Islands had, and in fact it's just above Hapilopper's run of 10 in a row. Speaking of which, yeah, Hapilopper's where we're going to start with the Interim belt. Matchday 8? A 1-1 draw. If Hapilopper scored maybe another goal or 2, they would have the belt for the 2nd time in their history. But, of course, when you mess with Commonwealth of Baker Park, you get dealt with the common hand of poison bark. As for their next game against Cosumar? Ha. It wasn't even a game. I'm pretty sure the Cosumar teams of old could do better than this "Cosumar" team that had 4 scored against them.

The 2nd half of AO qualifying has already gone off to a fabulous start for the Bees. A 4-1 win against Jabal Akhdar got them prepped for the rematch against Vilita on Matchday 11. A 9 goal thriller, yes, but still a win in favor of Commonwealth of Baker Park, their 11th successful defense of the Interim belt in their run so far. With their biggest challenge in the Jungle Cats already behind them, a team like them could make it to 17 successful defenses if they play their cards right. That starts with a rematch with Chromatika, but with enough effort they can take the Interim belt to the World Cup in Taeshan and Ethane without a hitch. The Lineal Belt though? That will be harder. Much harder.

Until next time, wash your hands, stay safe, and maybe practice trying to beat Commonwealth of Baker Park.

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Boot It!: We Find Ourselves In No Man's Land

Postby TJUN-ia » Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:31 am

OOC: Anyone mentioned for Hispinas is based on their roster for BoF74

By Peter Davis

After ending the first half of fixtures 2nd by a whisker, but through a 4-game undefeated run, David Seems' Jaguars returned to action with a new goal in mind. While Cassadaigua's pace 4 points ahead of the Blue and Orange may be too quick to catch, the long line of teams within a few points behind the Jags was a definite excuse to keep the for on the gas pedal. No one wanted to miss out on the Top 2, especially after that playoff appearance at the last WC, so the main aim now is just to try and pull away from the chasing pack - and good progress was made on that front in our first 2 games back.

First up was a contest everyone circled as a big one even before MD1 was played: TJUN-ia at the Busoga Islands in The Dukuma Bowl. Everyone knew beforehand this was a big game but with the Busogans winning the first contest 3-1 in TJUN-ia City and with how Group 3 had played out since, this game would turn out to be TJUN-ia's second "2nd vs 3rd" contest in a row after the 3-2 win over Acronius in Szensky. With only one point separating the Pot 3 and Pot 4 sides entering this contest, this was certainly looking like one of the games of the matchday - and it certainly was. It would be a tight first half with both teams finding a way to score: Kamu Jacobs opening the scoring in front of a thunderous home crowd in the 26th, only for Kepo Ulawaya to respond almost instantly in the 28th. Both Seems and Bethany Donnell knew the game plan they wanted to play and entering the second half, it was all about trying to find any advantage that could lead to a second and potentially game-winning goal. Fortunately for TJUN-ia, their away form may be one of the best in the WCC outside of the Pot 1 sides and they put that to good use here. The winning goal would come in the 78th, a thunderbolt of a strike by substitute Carlos Pique sending the three-points to the Jags and giving TJUN-ia a 4 point cushion over their opponents. With Busoga losing to us and defending champions Banija losing to Stevidia of all teams at home, it wasn't a good night for most in the Shango-Fogoa.

Four became five and then came the home leg in Tiankong as we hosted 9th placed Hispinas in what many was expecting to be a fun and easy contest. It certainly was, with the Jags scoring a goal in each half and nothing getting past Harold Gylfisson in the net. Joe Green scored in the 34th while in 2nd, Tier 2 sub Manu Kepelewako found the back of the net in the 78th. Peter von Krjker was also brought in during the game, giving the crowd a good performance for the remainder of the contest - the Jags now at 6 games without defeat.

With Busoga losing to Acronius, the Jags now find themselves in No Man's Land in Group 3 - 4 points behind runaway leaders Cassie and 5 points clear over the side we will face on the final day of the Group Stage. While this position is great and all that, we mustn't lose our focus in the remaining 7 games. Next up is back-to-back contests against the Unranked teams of this group, with a road trip to pointless Nacaltora preceding Tiankong's final game of the tournament as we host 8th-placed Central Shaneville. It's looking good for now, but we mustn't be complacent. With Vdara, the matters of not going to sleep, holding the 3rd interim belt, let that be a reminder of the chaos of this tournament - anything can, and will, happen. GO JAGS!

SCHEDULE (Group 3) - lines indicate when next edition of Boot It! will be released
MD1: vs Busoga Islands (79) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City L 1-3 (T-9th)
MD2: @Hispinas (315) W 5-1 (7th)
MD3: vs Nacaltora (UR) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky W 4-0 (4th)
MD4: @Central Shaneville (UR) - Red Bull Arena, Shaneville City W 3-1 (3rd)
MD5: vs Cassadaigua (4) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City L 0-2 (4th)
MD6: @Flavovespia (41) - Highland Road, Hadford Hill W 1-0 (3rd)
MD7: vs Muralos (259) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong W 5-4 (2nd)
MD8: @Havynwilde (126) - Uvenstadion Superparc, Iyes D 1-1 (3rd)
MD9: vs Acronius (100) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky W 3-2 (2nd/6W-1D-2L/19pts/+9GD)
MD10: @Busoga Islands (79) - The Dukuma Oval, Dukuma, North Island W 2-1 (2nd)
MD11: vs Hispinas (315) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong W 2-0 (2nd)
MD12: @Nacaltora (UR)
MD13: vs Central Shaneville (UR) - Tiankong Stadium, Tiankong
MD14: @Cassadaigua (4) - Dagan Airways Stadium, Concord Heights
MD15: vs Flavovespia (41) - Beregozera Stadium, Szensky
MD16: @Muralos (259) - Komcatt Arena, Urbego (?)
MD17: vs Havynwilde (126) - National Stadium, TJUN-ia City
MD18: @Acronius (100) - Atlas Arena, Defense
4th: WBC50, IBC31
Quarterfinals: IAC9, ARWC1, RLWC19, IBC30, ARWC2, WB41, IAC12
Ro16: BoF71, CoH77, WBC49, IACX, IAC11, DBC49, WCoH42, DBC50
Ro32: CoH78, CoH79
Other: Bowl Winners (AVBF6)
NSSCRA - Jaguar Racing: #07 Michael Stefan (2 Wins)/#64 Alfonso Mercado/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champion/3 T2 Wins)
WGPC: #11 Lane Carter
NSTT: 3 Singles Titles (2 Runners-up)/1 Doubles Title (1 Runner-up)

UN - You all know what this is (U1)
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:57 am



By Taylor Larson,

Well, here we are. We all kind of feared this when that group draw came out, didn’t we? Newmanistan has been competitive and is still very much alive in Group 17, sitting three points behind group leading Tikariot, while being even with Vilita. The Rockets are a point ahead of Tequilo, and lead everyone else in this group. Sure, it would have been nice to see them pick up a win over Vilita at home, but we can’t ask for the world. At 7-2-2, this has not been a failure by any stretch of the imagination. Unfortunately, though, we have that looming cloud over our heads of not being able to qualify so often, so when we see results like this, we jump to the worst conclusions possible. How often have we been in this situation where two teams qualify (or make a playoff), and we have an upstart in the group like Tikariot just messing with the whole balance of power. We knew Tikariot would be tough. Heck, we’re familiar with them enough in the World Baseball Classic. Now we are learning that they can do a lot more in sports then hitting a baseball, or a softball, or whatever. Finishing second and getting that playoff matchup? We have seen that story before, too. When we have got the playoff, we’ve lost. And lost multiple times in the most frustrating manner to lose a playoff: on the away goals rule.

This has been an interesting qualifying session right now, and any troubles that Newmanistan might be having at the moment are small in comparison to some things that we are seeing in other groups. In Group 4, Baker Park certainly is not safe, as they are tied for second right now with the turnip heads from Electrum. An upstart, Vdara, leads that group. So, imagine Newmanistan and Baker Park in a playoff pairing. Group 5 is odd, as Zwangzug struggles in the 4th position, four points out of a top two spot. An upstart, Saint-Domingue, disrupts the balance of power there. You wouldn’t be an idiot to see that Audioslavia is not in a great position in Group 8, two points behind Northwest Kalactin. Northwest Kalactin is in first place? What is going on there? My editor says be nice to them, they might co-host the Cup of Harmony. Tikariot might too, but if they sent us to the Cup of Harmony then they’ve already won the war with us, haven’t they? So, how about Baker Park vs Audioslavia in that playoff. Yes, Baker Park, there is something called the Cup of Harmony, we know you have never experienced that. Hosting it would be a good way to show your people that it really does exist, however.

Group 9 is stunning. Nephara is fourth after 11 games. I mean, if you predicted that at the start of qualifying, you would be fired. That’s not the easiest group, but Nephara being in any sort of trouble right now is mind blowing. They are only two points out of second, so maybe a Nephara vs Baker Park playoff, or Nephara vs Audioslavia. Or Nephara vs Vilita? They have to be fine in the long run though, right? There is no guarantee for Starblaydia or Equestria in Group 12 as Omerica is hanging around enough to make them sweat. Isn’t that what Omerica always does? Hang around to make people notice and get concerned but never actually advance? Group 14 sees Mriin at 9-1-1, but in a second place tie. Dial 9-1-1 for them? In Group 19, Eura is in third. Eura. Third. Yes, I said that.

I don’t know if all that was meant to make us feel better or not, but this has not been a by the book qualifying session. The powers that be, Margaret if you will, have a way of making things all make more sense by the end of it. We have seen that many times before, and hopefully for the sky blue, we’ll take care of business a little better in these remaining seven games. There’s plenty of time left, but those second place playoff pairings, as we can see, are not where you want to be. Unless it means finishing third or worse, then you will be wishing that you were in one of them.
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4, 5, & 29; CE 26; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, 14, & 45; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series



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