Baptism of Fire 48 - Everything Thread

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Baptism of Fire 48 - Everything Thread

Postby Ossidiacqua » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:07 pm


Welcome, to the everything thread for the 48th Baptism of Fire! 54 nations will compete for the honour of becoming the 48th champions of the only tournament in NSSport you only get one shot at, and your hosts are Iturributa and Ossidiacqua. As the puppets of two experienced nations on NSSport, you are in safe hands, and we are both looking forwards to welcoming you all into the NSSport community.
Bid Thread.

All participating nations are encouraged to post a roster in this thread, and to post their RPs here as well. The results and groups will also be posted in this thread.

With 54 teams, there will be 9 groups of 6 teams each. The first 5 of these groups will be in Ossidiacqua, and the remaining 4 will be playing in Iturributa. The 9 group winners will gain passage to the second round, as well as the best 5 group runners-up. The remaining 4 group runners-up will be drawn into two single leg playoffs to determine which teams will take the final two place in the final sixteen. From there on in there will be a straight knockout to the final, single leg all the way.

You will not know which group you are in until the draw on Friday at 9pm EST, until then you will have the opportunity to post your first rosters and RPs. We will then, as was set out in the bid, sort the teams into two pots - "active", and "non-active" - for the purposes of the group draw. Doing this should in theory allow us to maintain a fair spread of RPers and non-RPers, allowing us to have a better chance of eliminating a smaller ratio of RPers to non-RPers after the group stage.

"What do I do?"
Well, many things. IC (In Character) information about the host nations and the stadiums you'll be playing in will appear in the thread soon, and will also be linked here. The hosts will generate the scores, and they will also appear here.

And what do you do? Well, first of all you are encouraged to post a roster. This is basically a list of the football players in your team, and can include a variety of different information. Player names are the most important, then there are things like shirt number, age, heigh, weight, gender, style of play, formations, tactics, managers, coaches, kits, home stadiums, and much more. Home stadiums obviously won't come into this tournament as you'll all be playing in Iturributa or Ossidiacqua, but it provides nice background information on your nation. Likewise, style modifiers won't be used in this tournament, but if you want to tell us how attacking/defensive your formation is, feel free. Roster will count towards your RP bonus, and rosters before the group draw will count towards how many other RPers end up in your group.

A vast array of different rosters are permissable. Some examples from my own past - 1 2 3 4

You may also notice the permissions list in those rosters, and what these do is basically give permission for your opponents to make up different facts about your team in their RPs.
Choose my goalscorers? Y/N - Do you give permission for your opponent to determine which of your players scored any goals.
Godmod scoring events? Y/N - Do you give permission for your opponent to come up with rather more unusual ways in which goalscoring happened - i.e. a meteorite crashing down and distracting your keeper resulting in the only goal of the game being a tap in.
RP injuries to my players? Y/N - Do you give permission for your opponent to say one of your players was injured? For how long?
Godmod injuries to my players? Y/N - Do you give permission for your opponent to say your players got injured in a less than normal way? Meteors? Bear attacks? Sudden gastronomic flu attack?
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Y/N - Do you give permission for your opponent to say your players were given yellow cards?
Hand out red cards to my players? Y/N - Do you give permission for your opponent to say your players were given red cards?
Godmod other events? Y/N - Do you give permission for your opponents to RP that any other rather unusual events happened? A flood sweeping half the crowd away at half time? A hawk carrying away the goalposts? The referee becoming a tiger five minutes in?
Remember - If your opponent has said you can't decide his goalscorers, don't decide his goalscorers. Otherwise, this could result in losing RP score. Similarly, contradicting what your opponent may have said in an earlier RP may also do that. Also, remember that these permissions will never change a scoreline, so if you happen to get hammered 5-0, it might actually be a blessing to allow your opponents the chance to say your captain got red carded or similar, might explain a heavy defeat...?

RPing means role play, and in its most basic form is talking about the results that the hosts generate. These could take a huge variety of different forms. From newspaper reports on the team's efforts, to a scathing talk show host slamming your team for a poor performance, to a first hand account of a striker scoring the winning goal, the internal monologues of a coach on the sidelines, the team relaxing in a bar and singing drunken sea-shanties between games... Anything.
For great examples of the type of things that can be RPed, check the threads for the last cycle of the Baptism of Fire and World Cup - Baptism of Fire, World Cup, and also check the Guide to Sports Roleplaying, and the General Sports Roleplaying Questions Thread.

So, if that's that, welcome to the Baptism of Fire!


A - E to be played in Ossidiacqua
Group A
Northern Sunrise Islands
Urbis Tractus

Group B

Group C
The nordic land of Skyrim
Kingdom of Phoenixia

Group D
Backyard Sports

Group E
Deep Fried Pickles
Bongo Johnson
Wild Isle

F - I to be played in Iturributa
Group F
The Scandinavian Islands
Vamprican-Krumbian Confederacy

Group G
The New Roman Imperialists
United Federation of the World
Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan

Group H
Arcadian Islands
Cosmic Censorship
Democratic States of Fenbar

Group I
Altito Asmoro

Scorination will be done with the most recent version of xkoranate, being 0.3.3, using the SQIS formula. Cutoffs will come first for teams in the Acquan half, coming at 11pm BST (10pm UTC). The cutoff for the Iturributan half of the draw would come three hours later, at 9pm EST (1am UTC).

The schedule is as follows, numbers represent the teams' positions after the draw:
MD1 - 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD2 - 6 v 4, 5 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3 - 2 v 6, 3 v 1, 4 v 5
MD4 - 6 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5 - 3 v 6, 4 v 2, 5 v 1

Fri 20th - Group Draw
Sun 22nd - MD1
Mon 23rd - MD2
Tue 24th - MD3
Wed 25th - MD4
Thu 26th - MD5
Fri 27th - Playoffs
Sat 28th - Round of 16
Sun 29th - Quarter Finals
Mon 30th - Semi Finals
Tue 31st - Final/TPPO
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Postby Ossidiacqua » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:08 pm

Former Oasirican Republic of Ossidiacqua
Host Information

I have provided a decent amount of information about Ossidiacqua below, including details on its unique history, and little bits about the bizarre stadiums I imagine to dot this land. Interaction with the customs and history that I have provided will be rewarded in RP bonus, though obviously not doing so won't harm you in any way. In particular, RPers are encouraged to get involved with the stadia descriptions and come up with their own details and developments in their construction. They are inspired by various passages in Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino, and aside from Il Colosseo they are all available for extensive godmodding, so long as your opponent's permissions also say its allowed. Go nuts. Basically, this allows you to have something to talk about and RP about even if your opponent is inactive and has presented no information.

Ossidiacqua is a nation coming blinking into the light of the international community. In what seems like mere years ago for most nations, as Oasirica, they sent a team to the Baptism of Fire. Meanwhile, at home, with a terrible disease name la Plaga ravaging the country, the academics of the nation prepared to put up a time wall around the central hospital that would allow medics and scientists on the inside to spend months developing a cure or vaccine for la Plaga, whilst only days passed outside the time wall, allowing the maximum population to be saved. However, it went wrong, and the time wall surrounded the entire nation, cutting off the baptism of fire squad. Months passed outside the wall, whilst inside it, la Plaga decimated the native population, leaving Djocorangan refugees (invited to Oasirica to shelter from the ongoing civil war in Djocoranga)in the nation untouched, ensuring they became both the primary caregivers and the nation re-builders

The time wall eventually dissipated after 270 years, labelled 'The Pause Time' by those inside the wall, revealing the nation of Ossidiacqua to the world for the first time. It was a much changed place - the weather, land, and cities had all changed, and the genetic heritage of the population had shifted from 99% Oasirican and 1% Other, to 97% Djocorangan and 3% Old Oasirican and the paragraphs below go some way to explaining some of what has happened as a consequence. You are also encouraged to read the series of RPs written during Oasirica's BoF, as they will provide a lot of back story that informs this complicated nation:
Cabinet One
Cabinet Two
Cabinet Three
Cabinet Four
Cabinet Five
Cabinet Six
Cabinet Seven
Cabinet Eight
Cabinet Nine
Cabinet Ten

The land of Oasirica was a large and beautiful one. After suffering the ravages of an unpredictable climate and loss of knowledge during the Pause Time, it has been transformed by the Djocorangan survivors of la Plaga into the Former Oasirican Republic of Ossidiacqua. Consisting of one main island and a handful of surrounding smaller ones, it can be found towards the north-west of the Vatmark region of Rushmore. The capital city of Sant'Elia is by far the biggest conurbation, and it whilst it used to shine with its golden spires and silver domes, it is now a shambolic and chaotic mix of alleyways and squares and piazzas, though the Acquans are making every effort to restore the city to its former glory, even getting the steam powered monorail back up and running, and employing a dirigible courier service.

Clean running water used to flow across the land and around the cities in an extensive network of aqueducts, channels, and canals. The continued eruption of volcanoes in the large Patriarchate of Vul in the east of the country during the Pause Time has affected this however, located over extensive mineral deposits as they were. These deposits included a huge amount of obsidian, obsidian that was distributed through the land in huge quantities, tainting the water, and giving the nation its new name. The water that flows is now nearly jet black in colour, and requires extensive treatment before it can be used as drinking water, leading the Acquans to rely on condensers that extract moisture from the dry air and from boiled off water vats often situated near rivers. These condensers often break, and are fixed by tech-priests who use mainly copycat work and guesses accompanied by some rather frenzied prayer rather than any informed ability to fix and maintain the machines, the knowledge for which died with the rapid spread of la Plaga. The weather is taking longer to recover from the time wall than expected, and the land whilst not particularly hot, is still exceptionally dry. The Oasiricans were a highly educated and cultured race, and the fall and loss of knowledge is embarrassing to the Acquans.

The patriarchate governmental system has moved from the old religion to one offering praise to a mechanical deity of no name, only various titles, with tech-priests and those in the Magisterium holding a high amount of respect. Since the dubious death of the former president, it is the maniacal High Cardinal Giocomo Re who is in charge of the country, supposedly on an interim basis, though this interim period has lasted several years now...

Football in Ossidiacqua is the national sport, and support is fanatical. The Campiocinato continued during the Pause Time as a way to keep spirits up, and has been running for 313 seasons as the football league structure in the country, with three divisions, A-Liga, B-Liga, and C-Liga. The league has dominated by the three big Sant'Elia clubs; CA Conquistadores (67 Campiocinatos), Condensadores CD (62), Caballeros CF (58), as well as by Qolo-Qolo (47) of Sant'Antioco. Internazionale (23), Atletico Sant'Elia (17), Unión Gimignano CF (17), AS Débardeurs Nationale (11), Magisterio AC (9), Académica di Terrabianco (4), RCD San Marco (1), Clube Cobreloa (1), and FC Sommieres Hibernia (1) are the other clubs to have sealed a title so far.

Typical images of Ossidiacqua: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Transport links are obviously complicated by the fact that there is no national grid in the nation, and internal combustion engines are rare. However, there are plentiful horse-driven stagecoaches that travel between cities, and although their timetable is far from regular, there are many steam trains as well. That said, if you do manage to locate and source an internal combustion powered taxi, their drivers keep their vehicles in exceptional order, and whilst not cheap, they will be the best way to travel. All roads lead to Sant'Elia however, as the capital is by far and away the largest city in Ossidiacqua, and it will be a common place to interchange.

The Acquan diet is driven mainly by fresh fish and seafood, as well as the meat of the hardy goat and antelopes that survive in the hills. Farming struggles on the land, devoid of rain, but water condensing and irrigation systems do manage to keep enough crops in bloom to keep the population fed, and the investment of several Polarian companies in the farming sector means the national diet is slowly returning to its pre-pause time roots, with breads, pastas, rices and sweets growing in popularity.

The national language of the Federation is Acquan, a subtle language based on a large range of ancient dialects from across the region. It isn't an easy language for the foreigner to pick up, though any attempt to make yourself understood in the language will be greatly appreciated and warmly received by any Acquan host. However, English is increasingly spoken across the nation. All the same, here are a few phrases that you may find useful.
Hello - Ciao/Ola
Good morning - Buongiorno
Good evening - Buonasera
Goodbye - Arrivederci
Please - Por favor
Thank you - Grazie
Which way to the stadium? - In che modo allo stadio?
Could I have the bill, please? - Potrei avere il conto?
Excuse me, I am lost. - Mi scusi, sono perduto
I feel unwell. - Mi sento male
I need help. - Ho bisogno di aiuto
Long live Ossidiacqua! - Viva Ossidiacqua!
Your country is ridiculous. - Il vostro paese è ridicolo

The currency unit is the obt. One hundred cents make an obt. Represented by the symbol Ø, the obt is a relatively weak currency. Expect to pay between Ø10-20 for a pint of lager, between Ø150-200 for a decent meal for two in an average restaurant, Ø4-8 for a takeaway cup of the Acquan delicacy, coffé, and between Ø250-300 for a night at a three-star hotel.

Healthcare in Ossidiacqua is advanced, despite the lack of technology. Years and years without such technology during the Pause Time means Acquan medical schools have centuries of expertise when it comes to natural and "old time" remedies for various ailments. So, though nationals of more advanced nations may look down upon the medical treatment available in Ossidiacqua, you're in safe hands.

After the group stage draw on Friday, we warmly invite you to check back here to see which stadia you will be playing in.
Group A
Il Colosseo - Sant'Elia - 103,450 - The national stadium, an archaic stone construction in the centre of Sant'Elia, Il Colosseo is lit by oil lamps and features vast walls of stained glass. It seats 103,450 and is a treasured landmark, being one of the first building built by Acquans following the eradication of la Plaga, as the nation began to reinvent itself during the Pause Time. Stadia for the kncokout stages are yet to be determined, but the final of the 48th Baptism of Fire will be here. Image.
Stade de la Mer - Sant'Elia - 61,031 - The home of AS Débardeurs Nationale, this stadium is located in the docklands of the capital city, and actually floats on the water itself, accessible only by a bridge.
Campo Domingo - Pax-en-Gimignano - 60,042 - The home of AS Universidad Tecnico, Campo Domingo is located in the basement of the university, inside a huge natural cave that lies beneath the flood plain, dripping with moisture constantly.
- The first Group A match listed for any matchday will take place at Il Colosseo, the second will take place at Stade de la Mer, and the third will take place at Campo Domingo. See the schedule after the group stage draw on Friday for details.

Group B
El Imperio - Sant'Elia - 95,411 - The home of all-time leading league winners CA Conquistadores, this giant stadium sits atop a hill in Sant'Elia, and lights up at night with great flaming torches being lit on all the giant golden eagles that decorate its top. There are also extensive grounds around the stadium that are left clear of city development, protected by a ten foot high wall of finest granite.
Il Cratere - Sant'Antioco - 98,211 - The home of Qolo-Qolo, this huge stadium is built into the sides of a giant crater that is a dramatic feature of the Sant-Antioco geography, so the pitch level is several metres sub-ground level as the seats slope down towards it.
Stade du Ray - San Marco - 79,223 - The home of RCD San Marco, the Stade du Ray is unique amongst stadiums in that the spectators are provided with no seating at all, it is a 100% terraced stadium. Furthermore, the playing field is on the top of building in downtown San Marco, accessible by stairs and six storeys up. The terraces are constructed on the roofs of neighbouring buildings, but remain separated from the pitch by the narrow city streets. Only the dugouts and substitue benches have a direct bridge to the playing field.
- The first Group B match listed for any matchday will take place at El Imperio, the second will take place at Il Cratere, and the third will take place at Stade du Ray. See the schedule after the group stage draw on Friday for details.

Group C
Rue de Novembre - Sant'Elia - 74,100 - The home of the oldest team in the country, Internazionale, this large stadium has been renovated several times, such that all the plumbing is now external of all walls to allow ease of further renovations.
Stadio Luis Giro - Collindiana - 47,211 - The home of Clube Cobreloa, this stadium in the mining area is set into an old quarry, with seats for two stands cut straight from the living rock in rough hewn steps. This gives the stadium a unique amphitheatre effect.
Stadio Alianza - Inca - 41,769 - The home of Alianza Inca FS, this stadium is a new build after the old one was bought out and turned into housing by the council thanks to the limited space available on the slopes of Inca - built on the slopes of a coastal ravine. as such, the stadium was built above the city. Literally, above the city - suspended from a web of wires strung between the walls of the ravine and hung there like a giant stationary cablecar.
- The first Group C match listed for any matchday will take place at Rue de Novembre, the second will take place at Stadio Luis Giro, and the third will take place at Stadio Alianza. See the schedule after the group stage draw on Friday for details.

Group D
Estadio Acqua - Sant'Elia - 93,300 - The home of Condensadores CD, the stadium has long been an exhibition of condensing technology, and as such features great channels, fountains, and elaborate waterfalls that snake and twist their way around the stands after the water is extracted from the atmosphere by the condensers that surround the roof. The water then irrigates lush gardens and plantings inside the stadium, making it a little like playing in a botanical garden.
Stadio Municipal - Sant'Elia - 72,941 - The home of Magisterio AC, the club of the administration that is the life blood of the nation, this stadium looks like any other building in the Magisterium complex in the north of the capital, and it is only when you enter through its grand doors that you see it is a large and intimidating stadium. They never have an empty seat, oddly.
Stadio Alberto - Oristano - 32,944 - The home of AS Clube Toros, this stadium is located precariously on the cliffs that surround Lago Gimignano. Up to 20% of the stadium's western stands hang over the edge, propped up by spindly wooden struts and hastily improvised supports.
- The first Group D match listed for any matchday will take place at Estadio Acqua, the second will take place at Stadio Municipal, and the third will take place at Stadio Alberto. See the schedule after the group stage draw on Friday for details.

Group E
Stade Blanco - Sant'Elia - 89,770 - The home of Caballeros CF, this stadium is built on the site of the old barracks and stables in the capital, and is nicknamed 'white towers' by fans. Every stand is marked by a rickety wooden tower on both corners as well as in the middle, and the whole stadium features extensive battlements and is painted white.
Stadio Comunale - Elbegna - 42,011 - The home of Estudiantes CRF, this stadium has long been a source of ongoing engineering projects for the students of the university in Elbegna, treating it as their personal testing ground. Currently, they're testing scaffolding and frameworks, so the whole stadium features no load bearing walls and is just a mess of scaffolding and seats, meaning you can look straight through to the pitch from outside, and then onto the coastline beyond. Who knows what it might look like in two weeks however.
Stadio Aquila - Villafretta - 27,449 - The home of Sporting Villafretta, this stadium is not actually in the city itself, but is on a tiny island in between the two islands that make up the state of Scoggilados (see map, above) - harking back to the times when the games between teams of the two islands would need a neutral venue. So when Sporting's origianl stadium collapsed, they took ownership of Stadio Aquila. The island has space only for the stadium, and generates its power through windmills on its roof that also draw water up the only clean water well in the nation. Reachable only by boat.
- The first Group E match listed for any matchday will take place at Stade Blanco, the second will take place at Stadio Comunale, and the third will take place at Stadio Aquila. See the schedule after the group stage draw on Friday for details.

Stadia for the knockout stages will be edited in here at a later date.
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The Former Oasirican Republic of Ossidiacqua - Pop. 87,500,000
Capital: Sant'Elia - Demonym: Acquan - Trigramme: OSD
Runner-Up: Cup of Harmony 56
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Apox National Football Team

Postby Apox » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:36 pm

Team Overview: Having come of the back of warm-up tournament, the Romili Cup in the top 4, the Apox team will be hoping to do well in Baptism of Fire 48. Key players are captain Dravid Scott, midfielders Olim Benzari and Ken Rickwright and up and coming defender Jack Forster.

Manager - Steven Frew
Style - 1.0

Starters in bold
Jarvis Staniels - Aged 31
William Hewitt - Aged 20
Sam Frew - Aged 19

Chris Neguwa - Aged 27
Sam Lowe - Aged 30
Dan Weekes - Aged 21
Kem Qsad - Aged 20
Donnie Rathburn - Aged 32 VICE CAPTAIN
Jack Forster - Aged 20
Jennie Scott - Aged 23

Ken Rickwright - Aged 29
Olim Benzari - Aged 22
Giannaki Smith - Aged 35
Will Fich - Aged 18
Tom Heeeh -Aged 26
Cas Newan - Aged 20
Jonty Smith - Aged 27
Fari Y - Aged 19

Dravid Scott - Aged 28 CAPTAIN
Stan Miller - Aged 34
Geri Keller - Aged 23
Chris Maasden - Aged 19
Oli Weekes - Aged 25


Choose my goalscorers: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES but not the whole team and not so that they're dead
Godmod injuries: NO
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: YES but once again not to the entire team
Godmod events: YES


The Apox time for this tournament is Friday 20th-Tues 31st July 563 A.T
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Third: Campionato Esportiva XIII
Fourth: Campionato Esportiva VII & XV
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Postby Perinpanland » Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:58 pm

Cameras pan to three men sitting on an oval desk with. On the right is the Soccer Analysis Joe Brown. In the middle is a young dashing Soccer Informat Chad Dylan and on the Right is Ex-Coach of Chymala FC Steve White.

Mr. Brown: Hi and welcome to the SoccerNet. It is time, Our First EVER Perinpanian soccer team will play in an international tournament.

Mr. Dylan: Yes and for those that don't know here is our roster. The underlined are the starters:

Right Forward #12 Dani Alves of Chansyville Rhinos
Left Forward #8 Raymond Bradley of Chansyville Rhinos
"C" Right Forward #5 Rosario Charpentier of Gothamcity
Left Forward #13 Alex Coelho of Stanland United
Central Midfielder/Central Forward #10 Chas Morrison of Stanland United
Right Defensive Defender #24 Ignacio Cook of Chymala FC
Central Defensive Midfielder #9 Scottie Fish of Stanland United
Central Midfielder #19 Honoré Michel of Mile State Dynos
Left Midfielder #11 Donovan Miles of Gothamcity
Central Defensive Midfielder #14 Tony Summerfield of Gothamcity
Left Defensive Defender #17 Adolfo Unai of Jeraboo Forresters
Right Midfielder #3 Rolf Valenzuela of Chymala FC
Central Defender #7 Theirn Connors of Chansyville Rhinos
Left Defender #2 Maximillien Mason of Jeraboo Forresters
Central Defender #18 Gus Mullen of Mile State Dynos
Right Defensive Defender #28 Freddy Sidro of Jeraboo Forresters
Right Defender #6 Arlen Wall of Stanland United
Right Defender #21 Forrest Voss of Chymala FC
Central Defender #4 Nicolas Worley of Chansyville Rhinos
Left Defender #16 Adriano Xavier of Gothamcity
Goaltender #31 Dwight Dwyer of Gothamcity
Goaltender #1 Gaspard Trotter of Stanland United

THey will be using the Gothamcity line-up: 4-4-2 (diamond)


and here is the coaching staff:

Team Coach: Enrico Martini
Asst. Coach: James Vallenchi
Striker Coach: Alan Ferguson
Defensive Coach: Leanardo Hamocki
Midfield Coach: Rene Vengaurd
Free Kick Trainer: Fabio Kapello
Goalie Trainer: Eric Hammond

Any Surpises or comments?

Mr. White: Well I knew for a fact that Rosario Charpentier would be captain, after his outstanding performance in the national tournament scoring the most goals in the tournament and leading Gothamcity to the finals of course he would captain. I am surprise however the Chas Morrison would be central midfielder. He is forward for his team.

Mr. Brown: Yes but mind I remind you, Chas has felt more comfortable being able to move back after a failed attempt to score. His team, Stanland United almost lost to Chymala FC in the quarter finals due to the goal made by Benjamin Bembe of the Jereboo Forresters if it weren't for the Penalty Kicks later. Eversince he is seen moving back more to defend. Overall it does seem to look like a very strong defensive team with formidable strikers to score those needed goals. The Midfield also like it can penetrate through the opponents team with ease and shot for goal if needed. Mr. Dylan who do you think the three stars will be awarded to in the Perinpanland team.

Mr. Dylan: Well for me the third star would go to #7 Defender Theirn Connors. His Defensive thinking is outstanding. As soon as his teamate goes up he'd stay behind to recover a missed opportunity by his partner and vice versa. He is also able to command his defensive team and also he is amazing at taking the ball away. He applies pressure onto the player which forces his opponents to pass leading to an interception by his teammates and may I add, he clears the ball so that it would land straight in front of the strikers feet.

Second Star would go to #1 Goaltender Gaspard Trotter. His goaltending is impecable. I mean he had played a shutout for almost every game until the semi finals. Also He is the main reason Stanland United won the national cup in Perinpanland beating Gothamcity 0-1 in Penalty Shots. The Penalty Shots outcomes were 1-3. His reaction time is amazing and his reflexes are at the level of an international hockey goalie with the ability to stop the initial shots and the rebounds. HE is able to quickly move from left to right and dive when necessary.

Finally the first star would go to #5 Rosario Charpentier. He is an amazing striker. Scoring the most goals in the tournament and singlehandedly score the two goals against Chymala FC. They called him a one-man team back home in his neighborhood during his days playing in the college team. I mean most of his goals a purely one on one against the goalies where he simply crosses the goalie and taps it in. This is due to his amazing amount of stamina and his sprinting speed. What your outcome probablities.

Mr. Brown: Quarter Finals Pentaly or Semi Finals

Mr. Dylan: Quarter Finals

Mr. White: Finals

Mr. Brown: Woah Ho!

Mr White: It's not optimism its based on true stats.

Mr.Brown: Alright and that will be all in this segment see you on friday where the games begin!


Choose my goalscorers: NO
RP injuries to my players: YES but to a healable extent
Godmod injuries: NO
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: YES but one card per person per game
Godmod events: YES
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Postby Conclespia » Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:45 pm

Choose my goalscorers Y - The attacking third are a talented bunch and there are playmaking options from both Saegerson and Cho while Storm and Bolt provide excellent crosses and cut-ins from the flanks; these are all centered on the target man, Sandy Steamroller.
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N - TG me first if you want to do so.
Godmod other events N

Formation: 4-2-3-1
Head Coach: Blue Thunder (Earth Pony - Male) - Internationally renowned for his success as a manager for Fillysota FC, Blue Thunder's potential was instantly recognized by the Conclespian Football Association and he was swiftly recruited as the manager for the national team. Known for his strict and disciplined approach to his coaching, his philosophy on the pitch contrasts his personality and he utilizes a free-flowing 4-2-3-1 formation with an emphasis on keeping possession via short, quick passes. When outmatched or on the defensive he prefers to play a swift and sharp counter-attack that catches opponents off-guard.
Assistant Coach: Rising Tide (Pegasus Pony - Female)

Nickname: Et Bonest (The Blues)

Style Modifier: + 3.0

Starting Lineup:
1, Goalkeeper: Matthew Peterson (Human - Male) - The distinguished and internationally renowned goalkeeper of FC Askern United, Peterson is a goalkeeper known for his athletic and shot-stopping ability as well as his quick reflexes.
3, Leftback: Benjamin Hunslaar (Human - Male) - Hunslaar is known for his bursts up the field and is more of a winger than a defender at times; him linking up with Lightning Bolt is often the source of goals as his curling crosses often reach the target man. However, this offensive mindset of his has often left a gap in the defensive wall and this can be a weakness when the team is caught on the breakaway. He plays for Moonich City FC.
4, Centerback: Thomas Equitar (Human - Male) - Thomas Equitar almost forms an impenetrable defensive wall when he partners up with Headstrong; known for his strong tackles and ability to read the game, he has often made countless vital interceptions that would have let opposition strikers through on goal.
14, Centerback: Headstrong (Unicorn - Male) - True to his name, this defender's strength is undoubtedly his aerial ability and he has proven this over and over again for both club and country, his ability immortalized when he charged into the the box during a corner kick and executed a diving header crashing into goal, securing a place in the top four for Silverwich City.
5, Rightback: Ethan Dunlap (Human - Male) - Dunlap is renowned and respected among his fellow professionals for his tireless work ethic and attitude towards the game. Sturdy in defense and also motivational in offense, he has often been the rallying point for his peers when his team are caught on the counterattack.
13, Left Defensive Midfield: Daniel Saegerson (Human - Male) - Known for his integral role in his club, Foutbel Club (FC) Cohina in helping them win the FA Cup, Saegerson has great vision and his distribution skills are one of of the best, which have helped set up quite a few goals in his experiences playing for both his club and the national team.
25, Right Defensive Midfield: Blade Runner (Earth Pony - Male) - Blade Runner is a pony known for his quick temper but also his willingness to comply with team tactics. He is renowned for his long-throws which have led to scored goals on several occasions, and also his ability to read the game and to intercept passes. However, he had to be disciplined several times due to occasional fights with opponents or arguments with the referee.
7, Left Attacking Midfield: Lightning Bolt (Pegasus Pony - Male) - True to his name, Bolt is renowned for his quick speed and acceleration, and uses his trickery to get around defenders. He also has a good crossing ability to get the ball into the box, something that his club (FC Askern United) uses to it's full extent.
8, Center Attacking Midfield: Ryan Cho (Human - Male) - A distinguished player for both club and country, Cho is known for his great passing ability and vision as well as his unfailing composure under pressure, his work ethic and his leadership on and off of the pitch, qualities that are the reasons why he's the captain for both FC Cohina and the national team.
6, Right Attacking Midfield: Canyon Storm (Pegasus Pony - Male) - Canyon Storm is a winger known for his excellent ball control and crossing ability as well as his clinical finishing, often able to score from 20 yards or more. He often links up with his rightback, Ethan Dunlap, whenever the defender overlaps or gives him options.
9, Striker: Sandy Steamroller (Pegasus Pony - Male) - Known for his accurate and hard shot, this starlet is one of the most valued young players in Conclespia, and has already stamped his hoof into the starting eleven of FC Askern United at a mere 19 years old due to his prolific goalscoring. He is also by far the youngest member of the squad, even for a team that only has 2 players above the age of 28.

18, Goalkeeper: Orange Cider (Earth Pony - Male) - The starting goalkeeper for Silverwich City, Orange Cider is known for his easygoing attitude, being the "joker" of the squad, and also his reliability in goal and is a more-than-capable replacement for Matthew Peterson.
22, Leftback: Jacob Akordiance (Human - Male) - Solid and dependable in defense, Akordiance is a starter for Moonich City and has more than once saved his club when they were exposed, running back to cover and also clearing off the lines.
12, Centerback: Road Rage (Earth Pony - Male) - Road Rage is renowned for his discipline in defense and his strong but fair tackles. Although he was lacking match fitness due to injury for much of the regular season, he recovered just in time for the tournament and is a vice-captain for the team.
17, Left Wing/Midfielder: Fred Watson (Human - Male) - Watson is undoubtedly the fastest member of the squad, reaching speeds of up to 32 kilometers per hour during his sprints down the flanks. He is one of the youngest players on the squad, at the age of 20 years and 3 months and he is one of the best dribblers on the team. However, he has sometimes been criticized for spending too much time on the ball and has been chastised by Blue Thunder for it. He plays for Patriarch FC.
19, Center Midfielder: Thunder Storm (Unicorn - Male) - Thunder Storm is known for his bursts of excellence but also for his inconsistency. At his best, his displays in midfield are dazzling but at worst he is awfully unproductive and even detrimental towards the team's performance as a whole, which is why he spends most of the time on the bench. However, due to his unripe age and him being one of the three youngsters on the squad (Steamroller, Watson, and himself), he is expected to develop into a great midfielder.
23, Striker/Center Forward: Colin Manning (Human - Male) - Manning is one of the oldest and most experienced members of the squad. He is a consistent starter for FC Cohina and is known for his ability to hold up the penalty box and is good at scoring from set pieces, and is the other vice captain of the squad.
11, Center Attacking/Center Midfielder: Blizzard Edinsborough (Earth Pony - Male) - This midfielder is known for his cool personality and his calm in the storm. He is unwavering in the face of pressure and is not afraid to take on stronger players, despite his diminutive size. He has a human last name due to him being adopted by a human couple, Tony and Mary Edinsborough. He is a dead-ball specialist and is often the free-kick taker for the team when playing.
21, Center Forward: Sugar Rush (Earth Pony - Male) - His name fits his work ethic as Sugar Rush can be found all over the pitch during a match. He has endless reserves of energy and this forward uses this to his advantage as he often pops up in the right areas likes to play a very physical game, often going after headers and challenging the opposing centerbacks.
26, Rightback: Jeremy Hunslaar (Human - Male) - The younger twin brother of Benjamin Hunslaar, this fullback is the exact opposite of his sibling in terms of playing style, personality and position. In contrast to his brother, Jeremy is known for his quiet and humble personality and his tendency to be reserved in matches and sitting back in defense. However, his commitment to the game is unwavering and he is respected by his teammates for this.

Field Kit

Goalkeeper Kit

(All kits built with Nike Kit Builder, I own the design for the kits only while Nike owns the products).

Home Stadiums (WIP):

Permafrost Arena (cap. 85,000) - The home stadium of of FC Cohina, this resembles a crystal ball at night, a definite landmark of the city. Two huge screens outside the arena provide live coverage of the national team during international friendlies or tournaments and is often a source of hundreds of thousands of supporters watching.


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Postby Deep Fried Pickles » Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:38 pm

Deep Fried Pickles National Soccer Team

Starting Roster:
DF PAT Ringer
DF NORM Leathers
MF TERRY Parkins
S PAUL Wharton
S KEVIN Wharton

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: CHRIS Payton
Asst. Coach: MARTY Strother
Striker Coach: BRYAN Mclellan
Defensive Coach: DENNY East
Midfield Coach: TONY Bunker
Goalie Coach: LUIS French

Style Modifier: +4
Nickname: The Koshers
Abbreviation: DFP
If my opponent RPs first:
Choose my goalscorers: NO
RP injuries to my players: NO
Godmod injuries: NO
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: NO red, YES yellow, but limit of one per game.
Godmod events: YES (nothing extreme)

-----------------P. Wharton------------K. Wharton-----------
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Postby Malt » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:36 pm

Colonial Football Team
squadra di calcio coloniale

STARTERS informazioni sulla partita
UNO. Nic Eaton - Goalkeeper portiere
DUE. Teale Whitelaw - Left Defender difensore sinistra
TRE. Tyler Durante - Center Defender difensore centro
QUATTRO. Demarion Greenfax - Right Defender difensore destro
CINQUE. Carlo Chiatti - Left Defending Midfielder centrocampista difendere sinistra
SEI. Carla Arcuri - Right Defending Midfielder centrocampista difendere destro
SETTE. Salvatore Marciano - Left Midfielder centrocampista sinistra
OTTO. Mariano Luttazzi - Center Midfielder centrocampista centro
NOVE. Mia Ferilli - Right Midfielder centrocampista destro
DIECI. Angelo de Luca - Attacking Midfielder centrocampista offensivo
UNDICI. Bruno Bianchi - Attacking Forward avanti attaccando

RESERVES elenco di riserva
Delwin-Wilkes Harrell - Goalkeeper portiere
Balder Warfield - Left Defender difensore sinistra
Baden Whittaker - Right Defender difensore destro
Kenleigh Trumble - Left Defending Midfielder centrocampista difendere sinistra
Daniel Yardleigh - Right Defending Midfielder centrocampista difendere destro
Doane Ascot - Left Midfielder centrocampista sinistra
Yale Newland - Center Midfielder centrocampista centro
Blake Oakes - Right Midfielder centrocampista destro
James Mead - Attacking Midfielder centrocampista offensivo

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Postby Leorudo » Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:20 pm

Leorudo Roar A.F.C. Baptism of Fire Roster Information

Style Modifier: -4
Nickname: "Roar"
Fan Base: (About Five Million Views per Televised Game)
Abbreviation: AFC
If my opponent RPs first:
Choose my goalscorers: Sure, but if I have already RPed, respect it.
RP injuries to my players: Yes(Minor Injuries only)
Godmod injuries: Minor injuries only, no more serious than the rest of the game he gets injured in.
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: Yellows Only, please
Godmod events: Sure, but nothing crazy

Name-Position-Fifa Rating-Age
Starting Roster
Scena Tartarus-Keeper-91-24
Juan Rojas-Defender-87-26
Donald Freedman-Defender-85-29
Shaun Delrose-Midfielder-85-35
Carlos Azulis-Striker-83-20
Leonardi Opladious-Midfielder-82-25
Brendan Kiernan-Midfielder-79-26
Jim Fenlon-Forward-78-30
Luke Moore-Forward-76-23
Curtis Osano-Forward/Midfielder-74-26
Rashid Yussu-Defender-73-38

Seb Brown-Keeper-83-34
Warren Cummings-Defender-70-20
Callum McNaughton-Forward-68-24
Mat Mitchel-Defender-67-23

OOC: If anyone can guess what roster I stole some names from WITHOUT using a search engine, you get...uh....virtual satisfaction of being factually correct!

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Postby Romili » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:43 pm

Romili National Football Team
Manager: Emperor Owen I
Nickname: The Reds
Style Mod: -3
Roster: Starters in bold
GK: Dodeden Faco
GK: Souf Bidpog
GK: Yugero Axev
Def: Gurder Gerhu
Def: Ruv Zuiro
Def: Keuio Web
Def: Teray Asaid
Def: Yuio Reli
Def: Huy Eget
Def: Tued Ted
Mid: Nucer Hudio
Mid: Juk Jucio
Mid: Faret Weepes
Mid: Weru Zasica
Mid: Hu Hingut
Mid: Guyeric Ducib
Mid: Ferral Robuc
Att:Cerit Suhuio
Att: Veverio Yexio
Att: Weverio Asero
Att: Tuiop Piop
Att: Eret Becuro
Att: Owenios Favuy

Ages and caps of players, previous games, Captain...

Kits:sorry if too big

If my opponent RPs first:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes, but if I score 2 or more goals Cerit Suhuio must score at least one of them.
RP injuries to my players: Yes(Minor Injuries only)
Godmod injuries: Minor injuries only, no more serious than the rest of the game he gets injured in.
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: Yellows Only, please
Godmod events: Yes
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Participants:World Cup 61 and Baptism of Fire 48, VII Summer Olympics
Host: Romili Cup 1
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Postby Slembana » Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:59 am

Slembana national football team
Nickname:The Afra Birds
Manager:Ian Harvey
(starters in (s))
Max Direfa (age 29) (#12)
Jordan Vaniel (age 25) (#23)
Toby Gapman (age 30) (s) (#1)
Tom Iflon (age 21) (s) (#2)
Yannick Fleftouno (age 19) (#13)
Gavin Stockwell (age 35) (captain) (s) (#5)
Arran Maxwell-Hunter (age 18) (s) (#4)
Warren Lockton (age 20) (#20)
James Bareman (age 37) (#22)
Norris Rawlinson (age 32) (s) (#3)
Steven Mirrenson (age 22) (#14)
Finlay Yalnif (age 27) (s) (#7)
Jonny Robertson (age 31) (#15)
Val Slistick (age 26) (s) (#8)
Friday Keane (age 23) (s) (#6)
Dominic Halmez (age 30) (#18)
Zorro Pullman (age 24) (#21)
Fred Krager (age 30) (s) (#11)
Javo Jexa (age 25) (#19)
Jarod Vale (age 24) (s) (#9)
Innes Yuhu (age 19) (s) (#10)
Nick Dowell-Kin (age 17) (#17)
Xavier Reivax (age 22) (#16)

Choose my scorers, but nothing weird.

Yellow cards only.

Minor injuries only. And no weird injuries (i.e., a dog biting someones bum!)

Do not godmod other events.
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Postby Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:30 am

Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan
Common Translation: Floating City of the Ocean
Denonym: Qumadosfanii
Acronym: WTQ
Race: Draconian

Do anything you like short of killing my players without permission.

Formation: 3-4-3 (+3)

Squad Colors: Green and Orange
Home Pitch: Tolgalen Tirnlg

Manager: Rayath K'ang

RF Ysuluth L'skel
CF Quiathoth D'kal
LF Joth X'ald
RM Ustuhth R'koh
CM Nyrothubth M'ia
LM Itith S'sul
DM Darkinath S'hin
RB Opath H'kyv
CB Adyth S'gaz
LB Wartaierth Y'shy
K Hateth X'ald

F Angerauth C'lax
M Yrath L'que
D Eldcereth K'dyc
K Burenuth M'zyd
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Postby Slembana » Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:10 am

Am I allowed to take part.
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Postby Camwood » Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:19 am

Slembana wrote:Am I allowed to take part.

Seeing as sign ups are closed, and you are not signed up, probably not. But it is up to the hosts I guess.
The Republic of Camwood
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Postby Redaya » Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:45 am

Redayan National Soccer Team.
Nickname: "Fighting Bears"
Abbreviation: RST.
Manager: Farda Todivarzad.

GK: Faramarz Midonesti
GK: Runoro Bahzo
GK: Shabak Kirishia
Def: Sardar Goshidivar
Def: Jake Kadar
Def: Bakdad Bepar
Def: Sesanta Liszan
Def: Manama Norporang
Def: Bosese Poldadzad
Def: Zardosht Mamad
Mid: Polakat Shokhi
Mid: Natat Ablahati
Mid: Robert Getmez
Mid: Sok Ritiya
Mid: Jolo Mikishia
Mid: Abbas Haberlar
Att: Aydin Likimak
Att: Bodobia Kabiri
Att: Koshteh Tariki
Att: Felek Sibzamini
Att: Khordani Khodkar

If my opponent RPs first:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: No.
Godmod injuries: No.
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: Yellow cards only.
Godmod events: Yes. (So long as it does not involve any of my players getting injured.)
RP Population: 8 million.
Redayan Defense Force (Army): 206 thousand troops.
National Eagle Force (Air Force): 9 thousand pilots, 21 thousand troops.
Redayan Patriotic Defenders (Army): 100 thousand troops.
Redayan Navy (Navy): 14 thousand troops.
Total Military Size: 350 thousand troops.
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Postby Kingdom of Phoenixia » Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:36 am

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first premilinary report for the Baptism of Fire Cup Nr. 48 ! My name is Lars Larson and I will be your guide trough the evening.
Today we will get a detailed look over the 23 hopefull players which will represent the Kingdom of Phoenixia in the international premier of our country.

Now to the chart, if the names says nothing to you don't worry, I must research their history too but I have no doubt that after the BFC they will be national heroes.
#1 Lukas Eirikson, yes you heard right, I say Eirikson as in our King but they have no blood relationship. Anyway he is 20 years old and a good example for the whole chart. Since two years he plays in Benadigaro and hold the record for the most games with no goals so he was the logical choice for this team.

#2 Jakob Grietson 23 years old right defence captain of the team, raised from humble homes and proud of it. Football is his live and everyone who has the malevolence to play against him will congratulate the team for this man.
#4 Daniel 'the Iron Duke' Janson 20 years old left defence, the nickname sayed it this man is responsible for 5 major injuries, 3 bone crushs and the best statistic a team in Phoenixia ever had 58 goals to 4.
#6 Robert Frederikson 18 years center defense, nothing to say about him, silent guy who did his job with ease, no suprise on this position.
#7 Nils Gudwinson 22 years, center defense, comrade of Frederikson and Eirikson, together the two are responsible for 20 matchs without failure and a secure championship in Benadigaro

#3 Lars Olsen 18 years right middlefield, brilliant in his debut season and got the spot without questions. 8 Goals, 10 Assists and 5 Men of the Match Honors speaks a clear language.
#5 Rio Rioson 18 years old left middlefield, immigrant from Columbo, lost his family early in his life and changed his last name to Rioson shortly before he was elected for this tourament. Valuable, talented Player but equipped with the temperament of his birth Nation
#8 Karl Gudmer 20 years offensive middlefield, questionable but a good player if he's in the right mood. Shoot 4 goals in a single game but his season yield only contents 14 goals.
#9 Lukas Stefano 24 years, defensive middlefield, got the tendency of the golden pass but his main advantage is the great defence work. Played in Heythor since 5 years.

#11 Andreas Stenko 20 years Attack, son of immigrants. His father prefered a 'healthy career' for his son but after the first year in the league of Phoenixia he changed his mind. 50 Goals in two years, artist in regard of free kicks and a height of 2,10 metre makes this player unquestionable.
#12 Jan Urquarth 18 years Attack, they last name characterize the player very good, 20 goals in the last season but also 3 red cards for unnecessary violence against the goalkeeper. But he promised a change in that.

#10 Edwin Karlson 16 years right defence, inexperienced but talented.
#13 William Jansson 18 years, Attack, not related with Daniel Janson. 16 goals in his first season, this year he will play the rule of a joker but he hopes for more in the next edition of the world cup.
#14 Ila Bergson 20 years left defence, unconvential name paired with a unconvential player, a force to be recognised and damm proud of it.
#15 Holger Gudwin 18 years allrounder, a talent found shortly before the tourament, good player for the middlefield but others than that he had no plans for a position
#16 Simon Wolf, an oldie in relation to the rest of the team, 30 years old and this will be most likely his last grand tourament. He is a experienced goalkeeper but he was at no time more than above average. Be that as it may he is the number 2 in the Goalkeeper Position.
#17 Jens Holgerson, only 16 years old and the rising star in Phoenixia. His nomination was a suprise for many journalists but he have earned this post with two good seasons in the college league.
#18 William Blonquist 23 years defence middlefield, player above average with a good sprint and a look for counters, offensive variant of Lukas Stefano

Coach: Jens Rigerson 35, in his past a valuable player who never became the chance to play in a international tourament. Prefered a 4-4-2 system.

System 4-4-2 with a rue.
Stylefactor + 2

You can:
Choose my goalscorers: yes
Godmode my goalscores: yes
injure my players: no
Godmod injuries: no
Issue cards: yes
Godmod events: yes
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Postby Balma » Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:23 am

Federación Balmeña de Fútbol

Selección nacional



#1 Joan BAGUER, 24 years, Goalkeeper, Vermat CF
#2 Maikel TRON, 27 years, Defender, Chaves CD
#3 Isco MIRAMAR, 26 years, Defender, Balmas CF
#4 Lucas PEDRERO, 30 years, Defender, Cangrias FC
#5 Diego SICUAL, 25 years, Defender, Recifes CF
#6 Pau BOLSON, 23 years, Midfielder, Svenja CF
#7 Carlos COSTA, 26 years, Midfielder, Balmas CF
#8 Victor BILBO, 31 years, Midfielder, Cangrias CF
#9 Fran GUNVAR, 27 years, Midfielder, Balmas CF
#10 Grego ONUBERES, 22 years, Forward, Cangrias FC
#11 Javi PATER, 29 years, Forward, Nueva Oceania CF

#12 Pedro LEQUI, 28 years, Goalkeeper, Nueva Oceania CF
#13 Manu FRANCES, 21 years, Defender, Svenja CF
#14 Iker PERICES, 28 years, Defender, Balmas CF
#15 Caros BRIANCO, 30 years, Midfielder, Cangrias FC
#16 Antonio DUNAS, 25 years, Midfielder, Vermat CF
#17 Isaac TORRE, 28 years, Forward, Balmas CF
#18 Sandro NIAN, 23 years, Forward, Cangrias FC
#19 Tomás BASCO, 24 years, Midfielder, AD Flammas
#20 Luis MARTEL, 29 years, Defender, Balmas CF

Juan Carlos Mantes
Style : +1

Choose my goalscorers? : Yes
Godmod scoring events? No
RP injuries to my players? No
Godmod injuries to my players? No
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Yes
Hand out red cards to my players? Yes
Godmod other events? No

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Postby Boyznichov » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:18 am

Team : The United States Boyznichov National Team

Manager : Martien Meulemans
Asisten Manager : Christopher S. Harrison
Coach : Jameel Shamon

Formation : 4-3-3
Style Modifer : +2

Our National Team Squad
Starting XI :
GK - Basim Nu'aym Abadi
DEF - Leland Gregory
DEF - Zaman Faris Asghar (Cap)
DEF - Rayford Murphy
DEF - Safi Imran Ganim
MED - Dominic Oswaldo Pace
MED - Muhibb Daher
MED - Jasim Haik
FOW - Bernardo Hartman
FOW - Azeem Al Hakam Khoury
FOW - Rigoberto Travis Berg

Sub :
GK - Bernardo Hartman
DEF - Faruq Na'il Guirguis
DEF - Leonardo Cristopher Jackson
MED - Sidney Porfirio Wells
MED - Abdul-Rafi Seif
FOW -Ward Shadin Cham
FOW - Elmo Gonzalez

If my opponent RPs first:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: No.
Godmod injuries: No.
Issue yellow/red cards to my players: yes
Godmod events: No
Economic Left/Right: 0.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 2.21

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Postby Yorobia » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:36 am

Yorobian National Team

Skill: Unranked
Style: +2

Manager: Alberto Maretinez-Male Earth Pony
Assistant Manager: Starlight-Female Pegasus

Formation: 4-5-1

Star Striker: Rainbow Hoof, Male Pegasus (C)

Left Winger: Rusty Wind, Male Pegasus
Right Winger: Lightning Flash, Male Pegasus
Left Center Midfielder: Blue Ray, Male Unicorn
Right Center Midfielder: Supersonic, Male Unicorn
Defensive Midfielder: Iron Force, Male Unicorn
Left Wing Back: Copycat, Male Pegasus
Left Center Back: Metal Grip, Male Earth Pony
Right Center Back: Kazuma Koyoka, Male Earth Pony
Right Wing Back: Fire Eagle, Male Pegasus
Goalkeeper: Philroy, Male Earth Pony

Attacker: Yellow Inkling, Male Pegasus
Midfielder: Trojan Arrow, Male Unicorn
Defender: Poison Lock, Male Earth Pony
Goalkeeper: Jumping Jack, Male Pegasus

Polar Ice, Male Unicorn
Minty, Female Earth Pony
Rapid Fire, Male Pegasus
Sunset, Female Unicorn


More player appearances soon to come.
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Postby Slembana » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:40 am

I take it I'm not allowed to take part? :(

When's the next BoF, Cup of Harmony, and World Cup? Please don't be stupidly late! And if it's on a school day (weekdays from 15/08/12 onwards), please give me time to sign up!
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Postby Ossidiacqua » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:45 am

Host information for Ossidiacqua has been edited in here. I now leave you in the capable hands of Iturributa for the Group Stage draw on Friday. Until then, let's see some RPing!

Slembana wrote:Am I allowed to take part.

Unfortunately, no, signups were closed a few days ago. However, there are many other events available on nssports, so why don't you sitck around and see what you can find. The World Cup cycle will take around a month and a half, so look out for for signups around then, and hopefully we'll see you in Baptism of Fire 49! Signups will stay open for a while so there will be plenty of time to fit it around school, don't worry. Also, by the time the Baptism of Fire has finished, we may see a nation signed up for the World Cup cease to exist, in which case there will be a gap for you. It may be worth going to the signups thread here and stating your intent to sign up if a spot does become available.

And Camwood, either answer or don't. If you're just going to say "but it's up to the hosts" at the end of your post then what's the point in answering?

Now, let's get this thread back IC, thanks.
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Postby Slembana » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:55 am

Ossidiacqua wrote:Host information for Ossidiacqua has been edited in here. I now leave you in the capable hands of Iturributa for the Group Stage draw on Friday. Until then, let's see some RPing!

Slembana wrote:Am I allowed to take part.

Unfortunately, no, signups were closed a few days ago. However, there are many other events available on nssports, so why don't you sitck around and see what you can find. The World Cup cycle will take around a month and a half, so look out for for signups around then, and hopefully we'll see you in Baptism of Fire 49! Signups will stay open for a while so there will be plenty of time to fit it around school, don't worry. Also, by the time the Baptism of Fire has finished, we may see a nation signed up for the World Cup cease to exist, in which case there will be a gap for you. It may be worth going to the signups thread here and stating your intent to sign up if a spot does become available.

And Camwood, either answer or don't. If you're just going to say "but it's up to the hosts" at the end of your post then what's the point in answering?

Now, let's get this thread back IC, thanks.

Thanks, Ossidiacqua. It's a pity I can't sign up. A month and a half from now would be 1/2 September - I'd be back at school, but those two days are the weekend. I've posted my intent on taking the spot of a nation in the World Cup which stops existing - I hope it doesn't go to a penalty shoot-out! And I hope Slembana is still existing by the time the BoF is finished as well! How do I stop my nation from being deleted? I think my nation might be deleted...

I can't wait until BoF 49 and WC 62! But, roll on the current tournaments! I'll just follow the action.
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DS of Fenbar Team News:

Manager: Michael Griffiths


Playing for MK City, he is still looking for his first game at national level. Although he enjoys being Carr's understudy, he has often said he would prefer to be actually playing than learning from the master.
Caps: 0 Clean Sheets: - Age: 28
At 5'5'', you would not expect the Oldcastle stopper to be a goalie, but his amazing agility and reactions make him easily the best in Fenbar.
Caps: 11 Clean Sheets: 4 Age: 23
A great young prospect who plies his trade with Arrow Rovers. Although he probably won't get a look in in this tournament, he is one to watch for the future.
Caps: 0 Clean Sheets: - Age: 18

Although his team finished bottom of the league last season, he was voted best left back in the country, and is a good attacking option.
Caps: 9 Goals: 0 Age: 28
Has played every single national game so far, and has proved his selection worthwhile time and again with good consistent performances, being rewarded with the vice-captaincy. Is quite a prolific goal scorer for a defender, and uses his pace and stamina to cut off passes, and rescue dire situations.
Caps: 11 Goals: 1 Age: 21
Again, he is a consistent performer, and has captained club side New Beetle well over the past few seasons. Can often make some good runs into the box, as well as being a tough tackler.
Caps: 11 Goals: 0 Age: 24
Along with partner Watson, his central position in Zinkak United's successful 6-3-1 formation helped them to the League title last season.
Caps: 1 Goals: 0 Age: 27
A brilliant attacking full back who can whip in crosses and score from long distance. His pace and power make him difficult to handle in both defence and attack.
Caps: 10 Goals: 1 Age: 22
Often overlooked in selection, the only national game he has played in is the semi-final defeat in the previous tournament. Is only kept out of the side due to the brilliance of Call and Murphy. A more defensive option.
Caps: 1 Goals: 0 Age: 29
Along with partner McKechnie, his central position in Zinkak United's successful 6-3-1 formation helped them to the League title last season.
Caps: 1 Goals: 0 Age: 30

A surprise choice from Manager Griffiths, Bailey is a more defensive option, and has good season for MK City last year.
Caps: 0 Goals: - Age: 19
A constant performer on the international stage, Carlo is a brilliant playmaker, and his probing corners are often finished off. His excellent form showed when he was voted player of the tournament in the regional tournament.
Caps: 9 Goals: 1 Age: 27
A flying left winger who can cut inside and shoot, or speed down the touchline and send in searching crosses, he is one to look out for.
Caps: 10 Goals: 2 Age: 25
Can play anywhere across the midfield, and is a constant worker. Coming to the end of a good career.
Caps: 4 Goals: 0 Age: 30
Matthew's partner in the Queens FC midfield, injury has kept him out of previous tournaments, but he will be looking for some more playing time in this tournament
Caps: 0 Goals: - Age: 28
Although not the fastest of wingers, he has an unbelievable control of a ball, and often leaves full backs looking very foolish.
Caps: 10 Goals: 1 Age: 26

Possibly the country's best ever striker, his amazing goal scoring record (12 goals in 11 games internationally) means his name is almost written in stone when it comes to team selection. His pace, stamina and skill make him the best player in the league at the moment. At the age of just 21, and already captain of the side, his future looks very bright.
Caps: 11 Goals: 12 Age: 21
Almost the perfect compliment to Ackle, Hockaday can hold off defenders, send in crosses, and create the perfect scoring oppurtunity.
Caps: 8 Goals: 2 Age: 24
Almost a carbon copy of Hockaday, his selection has been disrupted by injury, cards, and the fact that he has difficulty scoring.
Caps: 3 Goals: 0 Age: 29
Often comes on towards the end of games, scoring vital goals. The oldest member of the squad, he has earned the nickname 'supersub' over the years.
Caps: 1 Goals: 0 Age: 32
Another prolific goalscorer, he is often in the right place at the right time. More of a poacher than a trickster.
Caps: 10 Goals: 6 Age: 26

Preferred Starting XI: 4-3-2-1

Coming straight off the back of their third place finish in the regional tournament, the squad will be looking to start their worldwide careers well in the Baptism of Fire. Captain Jack Ackle said yesterday that the team were in good spirits going into the tournament, and were hoping that a good performance here would bode well for the World Cup qualifying campaign. With Manager Michael Griffiths naming a very attack minded squad, things are looking up for the DSF national Football team

Choose Goalscorers: Yes, anyone but the goalie, and not too many defenders
RP injuries: Yes, but do not specify an amount of time.
Hand out cards: Yellows, but no reds.
Godmods: NONE
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Postby Westros » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:45 am

Manager: Simon Mcbride
Style: Atacking
Formation: 4-3-3

Starting Lineup

GK- Kendrick Marshall
LB- Tony Spence
LCB- Ken Bell
RCB- Max Adams
RB- Dan Brooks
LM- Anton Daily
CM- Tim Wood
RM- Jason Webb
LW- Malcolm King
CF- Russell McBride
RW- Lewis Illwy

GK- John Albert
RB- Richard Hitam
LB- William Joke
CB- Bert Arnold
CM- David Spitz
CM- Max KillZone
ST- Robert Mahonny

Football Kit
All Blue Jersey
Yellow Shorts
Blue socks

Choose my goalscorers: N
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y Within Reason
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y With a good reason
Hand out red cards to my players: Y Within Reason
Godmod other events: N
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Postby Oswaldia » Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:46 am

Oswald Ducal Football Federation Entry Form
Representing the Grand Duchy of Oswaldia
Team Nickname: Clippers
Abbreviation: GDO
Primary Kit

Secondary Kit

Keeper's Kit

Home Stadium: Naval Memorial Stadium
President of the Ducal Football Federation: His Royal Highness Andrew, Prince of Highmore

Coach: Sir Don Bartel
Known to dress conservatively at matches, Bartel always has a sour face during the match. He's not one to get wound up over calls or even goals, but has a very calculated manor that makes him kind of a dronelike figure.
Assistant: Michael Dunn
A former National Team member, Dunn is now waiting in the wings to become the manager of the club. He is known to be a bit eccentric and has caused a stir nationally because he dresses in workout gear.

Formation: 4-4-2

The Clippers have been known to take a defensive approach to the game with free movement and speed. They are not the strongest club in the world, but they do have the legs to speed the ball to goal.

#1 GK James Greene

Known for his great handwork, Greene has become a well known name around Oswaldia. He has trouble with the ball coming out of the corner, but he is quick witted and sharp with his keeping skills.
#2 RDB Richard Pike
At the age of 20, Pike is the youngest man on the squad. He has quick feet and good defensive skills, but he is rough around the edges.
#3 DB Mark Jenkins
Considered to be the shut-down defender in Oswaldian Football, Jenkins is one of the better known players on the squad. Many feel he should have been chosen as Captain, but Jenkins will have to wait for Travers' retirement for that honor.
#4 DB Carol Travers (C)
The "old man" of the national side, Carol Travers has been a member of the team ever since there was a team to compete. Travers has retired from domestic football, but he still is part of the national team.
#5 LDB Mike Niemeyer
Another new face to the club is Mike Niemeyer, who has been known as a firecracker young footballer. At 22 years of age, Niemeyer has the talent, but he is severely lacking in maturity.
#6 RM John Carp
"The Fisherman" has been a part of Oswaldian Football for a long time now and is quite possibly the most famous name on the team. He has excellent long ball skills and has an accurate foot from 25 yards out. Age is catching up to his speed however.
#7 RCM Richard Miller
Miller is new to the club and has a very sketchy past. Miller is used to being in trouble with the law with problems stemming from drunkenness, but he has seemed to found himself on the pitch. Miller is entering his first year of international football.
#8 LCM Andrew Green
Known more for being the husband of model Patricia Moore, Green's inclusion on the club is a result of his hard work on the pitch. He is a team player through and through, and is known to be somebody that everyone loves to work with.
#9 LM Clancy Heilman
Heilman is considered to be the opposite of Green. He is brash, he loves to trash talk, and he has had run-ins in the past with officials and opponents. Heilman is a danger cleaning up after the first attack, but has been known to be selfish with the ball.
#10 ST Anthony Rose
Rose comes from a family of footballers and has direct roots to the foundation of the sport in Oswaldia. He is a fast attacker and is known to take the ball deep into his opponent's territory. He is however prone to injury in the past.
#11 ST R. L. Johnson
Johnson is the set-up man for Rose during attacks, but is also deadly in the box. Johnson's dribbling has been known to open many holes in the past and his power is incredible even if his accuracy is off.

#12 GK Peter Hawkins
Hawkins is a young player for the national team, and is rough at his position. However, he is good for defending against set pieces and corners. Too bad that he gets confused when he is being rushed.
#14 DB Elliot Zimmerman
Zimmerman nearly made the starting squad, but he has taken the back seat to many of the older, more experienced players. Zimmerman usually finds time to play as one of the first substitutions.
#15 DB Walter Weisman
Weisman has been a member of the national team for years, but is now more of a symbol of humble beginnings than of anything currently on the pitch. Weisman has been rumored to be the next assistant after Dunn is promoted.
#16 MD Simon Uxbridge
Uxbridge is a speedy midfielder known for his incredible dribbling skills. He is young however and his passing has been known to be disastrous. If he improves for the future however, he could be the next starting midfielder for the club.
#17 MD Jerry Holbrooke
Holbrooke is a very qualified player who is known to be the second substitution in most matches. He is athletic and quick to action, but his football knowledge is somewhat lacking compared to other players and he is prone to mistakes.
#18 ST Miles Williams
Williams is a young player who has been known to be a "total footballer" and has played midfield and even defense before. However, his passion is being a forward and he has the striking skills to prove it. However, he has been used as a hybrid substitute.

Choose my goalscorers? : Yes
Godmod scoring events? No
RP injuries to my players? Yes
Godmod injuries to my players? No
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Yes
Hand out red cards to my players? Yes
Godmod other events? No

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Postby Iturributa » Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:55 am


So your nation is just barely starting to wade into the deep, deep waters (or fires) of international football, and by happenstance they've been sent to play in some place called Iturributa. You've never heard of it; as far as you know it might be a floating space station or populated entirely by skunk-people or be a place where your tribal scuba suit might get you thrown in jail. That's where the Iturributan Board for Hapless Tourists comes in, bringing you all the answers you might need to get to and get around the recently-formed Free Republic of Iturributa!

Iturributa, capital city of the eponymous Free Republic

Iturributa is located on the Goose Coast area of the Rushmore region, a helpful map of which you can find here; you'll find us towards the left middle of the map, coloured lavender and squished between Astograth and Politik. It's a fairly small nation heavily centralised on its capital city, after which the entire country is named; in total it has some 9 million inhabitants, of which the capital concentrates about two-thirds. Its difficult not to see why, though, as the city of Iturributa is cradled in a series of bays with wide, sandy beaches that - coupled with its warm wather - make it an enormously popular tourist destination.

To the south,the Blue Mountain Range crosses in from Astograth, in west-to-east direction, making southern and eastern Iturributa a place of valleys and foothills with a colder and drier climate, though it still harbours great natural and manmade beauty, as the landscape is breathtaking and littered with ancient ruins and tiny villages fit for exploration. The city of Garitzeta is the second largest in the country, and firmly entrenched in the rolling hills that begin to appear when one travels south from the capital.

The coast to the west of the capital, meanwhile, gradually grows more rugged until turning into large, rocky cliffs; the port city of Soloandia is located on a rare flat stretch along the way. Along the coast towards the east of the capital, there are many other popular beaches and resorts, though obviously not as gigantic as Iturributa proper. The city of Langaraitz is a hub in this area, while further east the city of Guenara is amidst hills, and a popular attraction for its cobblestone streets and massive walls, as it used to be a major fort back in the day.

A map of Iturributa is available here, coloured in lavender. The neighbouring Astograth is in olive green; read the History section if you would like to know more about the relations between the two.

Iturributa has a long, complicated and turbulent history. Many centuries ago, its present-day land was part of the grandiose Kingdom of Astograth, with prancing knights, dingy castles, ravishing princesses and all that; its capital was the city of Gesterlake. Four centuries did this feudal kingdom last, until the hazardous Dukes of such far-off places as Ituraitz and Iturributa, yearned for greater independence and, most importantly, not having to pay taxes to the king given their rich sea trade and whatnot. They banded together and systematically crippled the poor King Errolan's coffers until he had no choice but to set off for war; he promptly died in an ambush and the lords of the realm began a mad scramble to become top dog. None ever did.

Or at least not for many centuries more. The city - and Duchy - of Rumiatzi had been rising for some time before its duke Aitor decided it was time to recreate the Kingdom; he set forth with his armies against all the other lords who still clung onto the hopelessly outdated feudal system and managed to subjugate them all fairly quickly. The one Duchy that held out the longest, and fiercest, was Iturributa. The Duke of Rumiatzi proclaimed the Grand Duchy of Astograth (for he didn't dare take the mantle of the kings of old), and for four years he reigned with an iron fist over his new domain.

Aitor III reigned, that is, until he died in a very tragic, highly-publicised incident involving an ostrich and two crates of bowling balls. Foul play was suspected, and the High Council maintained the late ruler's brutal policy until his son, Aitor IV, was properly crowned. He immediately did what he could within the constraints implicitly imposed on him by the High Council his father had established, which included a policy of free trade with other nations, liberal individual freedoms and, most importantly for the present audience, the establishment of a national football league and a national team for Astograth, which came to be nicknamed Olibondeka, the Olives.

Iturributa continued to suffer, though, as they still desired complete political independence. This reached a high point with the death by natural cases of Aitor IV, around the time of the World Cup 59 qualifiers,; the nation-wide crisis that followed involved the Crown Prince Lastur being betrayed by the High Council and going rogue in the wilderness, and uprisings in nearly all former independent duchies, which were all crushed with weaponry fresh off the assembly line of the fellow Rushmori nation of FSSO. All except Iturributa's, of course, as the partisans had achieved a significant level of organisation and forced a stalemate with the Astograthian forces, strained and pressured by the international community as they were. Eventually, Crown Prince Lastur returned triumphant to Rumiatzi triumphant to be crowned Grand Duke and a ceasefire was reached with Iturributa, which in practice gave them complete autonomy despite Astograth still considering that territory theirs.

The Free Republic of Iturributa was set up and elections were held for the first time ever, while on the footballing level the Iturributans within the Astograthian squad quit amicably and formed the Iturributan national team, much like at club level, where the Iturributan clubs withdrew from the Astograthian Football League and formed the Iturributan Premier Division.

Iturributa hopes to prove itself to the world both as a free, independent nation and as an emerging power in the footballing community. The neighbouring Astograth naturally denies all claims, has made the World Cup Committee President's inbox burst with complaints and will be doing all in its power to boycott the 48th Baptism of Fire which they claim is being ilegally held on Astograthian soil.

Iturributa is a small nation, so transportation shouldn't be much of an issue within the country. Getting in is another story, as the Iturributa International Airport is the only one capable of receiving most flights; short distance flights from the likes of Civil Citizenry, Krytenia and Mytannion are capable of landing at the Garitzeta airport. In agreement with the Ossidiacquan authorities, there will be many more flights than usual from Iturributa to Sant'Elia, for ease of transport for teams, reporters, fans and so on, though groups F, G, H and I will all be held entirely within Iturributa.

For inter-city travel, Iturributa has a strong railway infrastructure as well as modern highways. Transportation within cities other than Iturributa proper should also be as simple as taking one of the many local bus routes or, in Garitzeta's case, the underground rail is also an option. The actual city of Iturributa, with its 6 million inhabitants, can be a nightmare, as traffic jams are commonplace and the underground is not as large as it should be. Ferries are an option, but limited in scope. Ample time is a necessity.

The Iturributan people have much in common with those of Astograth, though you'd better not mention it in their presence! Life is slow and laid-back except on the busy streets of the capital's business centre, a major financial hub. The language spoken is a regional dialect of Astograthian, though calling it by its native, geopolitically-neutral name, Izkantza, will keep you on the locals' good side. English is largely understood if not spoken, with Spanish and French following at a distance largely due to the influence of Cotdelapomais and Krytenian immigrants; at any rate, ease of communication is one of the organisers' priorities and helpful multi-language signage should be located in the areas near stadiums. Here are some phrases in Astograthian, or Izkantza, which travellers may find useful:

Hello - Kaixa
Good morning - Egun oniak
Good afternoon - Aratzaldez
Goodbye - Agur
Yes - Hai
No - Ez
Please - Metsedes
Thank you - Ezkerrik azko
Which way to the stadium? - Estadioa nola yortu?
The bill, please - Faktarra, metsedes
Excuse me, I am lost - Barkatu, noa galdu du
Do you speak English? - Ingelesez itz egiten al duzu?
I don't understand - Ez dut ulertsen
Your country is ridiculous - Herrialdeko da zure barregarria

The Iturributan diet varies according to location. Along the coast, fresh fish and seafood are enjoyed, while further south traditional cuisine involves different preparations of goat and lamb meat. Agriculture is fairly poor due to a lack of flat land, though the extraction of sweet palm syrup is a thriving industry on the coast and olives and avocados are grown with moderate success amidst the hills.

The currency unit is the Iturributan diru, an offshoot of the Astograthian diru, and it is composed of one hundred ehunza. It is a weaker denomination than its more successful older brother and roughly equal to the Acquan obt. As such, one can expect to pay between Đ10-20 for a large glass of the local mildly alcoholic drink Pratarra, between Đ150-200 for a decent meal for two in an average restaurant, Đ5-10 for some fried fish popularly sold as street food, and between Đ250-300 for a night at a three-star hotel.

Healthcare in Iturributa is good, with national coverage, well-stocked hospitals and well-trained staff across the country. You might have trouble in the more rural areas, particularly near the barren border with Politik, but why would anyone want to go there anyway?

The schedule is as follows, numbers represent the teams' positions after the draw:
MD1 - 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD2 - 6 v 4, 5 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3 - 2 v 6, 3 v 1, 4 v 5
MD4 - 6 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5 - 3 v 6, 4 v 2, 5 v 1

Group F
Old City Stadium - Iturributa - 72,000
The largest stadium in the country, larger than any in Astograth save the majestic Grand Duke's Stadium even. A venerable venue located in the Old City sector of the capital, with as many tales as seats, when part of Astograth it hosted matches at the 45th Baptism of Fire, the 48th Cup of Harmony and the 8th edition of the Copa Rushmori, as well as occasionally served as home stadium for the Astograthian national team; these days it is the permanent home of the Iturributan national team and the two most popular clubs in the nation, Iturributa United and Sporting Iturributa, which has made it the site of several highly memorable matches UICA Champions' Cup matches, including two semifinals, as well as two editions of the famous Ides of March Cup between the champions of Astograth and Polar Islandstates. In this tournament, it is guaranteed to host one semifinal and the third place match. Image
MD1 - Inthelittlenation v Catocton
MD2 - Mashiki v Vamprican-Krumbian Confederacy
MD3 - Inthelittlenation v Mashiki
MD4 - Romili v Vamprican-Krumbian Confederacy
MD5 - The Scandinavian Islands v Mashiki

The Hippodrome - Iturributa - 22,160
Home of the country's third most successful team, Iturributa Racing Club, the Hippodrome was once upon a time a jockey club before being converted for full-on football use. Its capacity has been enlarged by six thousand for this tournament, and is expected to be the site of many more classic memories after Racing Club's unexpected win of the inaugural domestic cup over the giants of Iturributa United.
MD1 - The Scandinavian Islands v Vamprican-Krumbian Confederacy
MD2 - Catocton v The Scandinavian Islands
MD3 - Vamprican-Krumbian Confederacy v Catocton
MD4 - Mashiki v Catocton
MD5 - Catocton v Romili

Lon Biteri Stadium - Iturributa - 19,700
Named after an Iturributan folk hero and located not far from the shore, Freedom FC's stadium has suffered great modifications in preparation for this tournament, but the organisers have been careful to maintain the age-old stands of one of Iturributa's oldest and most traditional grounds. Still highly compact, the square-shaped stadium is beloved by the fans for their proximity to the pitch, which is kept to the minimum standards permitted by the regulations. There is practically no space at all between the goals and the stands behind, which makes for perhaps the best atmosphere in Iturributan football.
MD1 - Romili v Mashiki
MD2 - Romili v Inthelittlenation
MD3 - The Scandinavian Islands v Romili
MD4 - Inthelittlenation v The Scandinavian Islands
MD5 - Vamprican-Krumbian Confederacy v Inthelittlenation

Group G
Martyrs Arena - Garitzeta - 43,350
Martyrs Arena is a brand new stadium built entirely for the 48th Baptism of Fire, Garitzeta's new pride and the Free Republic's most extravagant expense for this tournament. Named after all Iturributans who died in the struggles against Astograth, the highly modern structure also houses a museum and memorial dedicated to them, as much a football stadium as a site of remembrance. It has no confirmed tennants yet, though Independent Garitzeta is expected to move in before the next season of the Premier Division.
MD1 - Daydreamtopia v Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan
MD2 - Malt v United Federation of the World
MD3 - Daydreamtopia v Malt
MD4 - The New Roman Imperialists v United Federation of the World
MD5 - Sundsborg v Malt

Letatzadur Stadium - Garitzeta - 21,200
Garitzeta Racing Club's ground is old and ageing, but its gigantic grandstand dwarfs the other sectors of the stadium and makes it quite a sight to behold. It hosted matches during the last Baptism of Fire held in Astograth, edition number 45, so the city and the venue both have experience in dealing with football fans. Image
MD1 - Sundsborg v United Federation of the World
MD2 - Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan v Sundsborg
MD3 - United Federation of the World v Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan
MD4 - Malt v Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan
MD5 - Wihsirmir Taoul di wer Qumadosfan v The New Roman Imperialists

The Crag - Garitzeta - 17,550
To be clear, The Crag isn't literally located in a crag - it's the name given to it by their tennants, Eagles FC of the second tier of Iturributan football. Long ignored, this venue on the Garitzetan outskirts finally gets its time in the sun, though not before hefty investment to bring it up to par with the other stadiums, and it is still the second smallest to be used in the competition. On the other hand, nowhere else in Iturributa can you catch sight of the Eagles' eponymous mascot flying over the stands...
MD1 - The New Roman Imperialists v Malt
MD2 - The New Roman Imperialists v Daydreamtopia
MD3 - Sundsborg v The New Roman Imperialists
MD4 - Daydreamtopia v Sundsborg
MD5 - United Federation of the World v Daydreamtopia

Group H
The Final Frontier - Guenara - 25,920
The name may be cheesy, but these are football fans who name it after all. At any rate, Guenara was for many centuries a major fort and a first line of defense against invaders from the east who daren't brave the mountain passes down south, and the city's top club Guenara Defender - and their home ground - pay homage to that. The new structure mimics castle towers in each of its four corners, on top of adding a missing stand and a lot more seating to those already existent.
MD1 - Cosmic Censorship v Democratic States of Fenbar
MD2 - Conclespia v Remad
MD3 - Cosmic Censorship v Conclespia
MD4 - Arcadian Islands v Remad
MD5 - Vindesby v Conclespia

Negaro Street - Guenara - 21,050
Guenara has two clubs, and the other, less successful, going-into-administration club is Guenara City, who call Negaro Street home. Regardless of their financial trouble, the authorities have invested to turn the ruined ground into a top venue with modern roofing and all-seating capacity, replacing the standing arrangements so popular among fans.
MD1 - Vindesby v Remad
MD2 - Democratic States of Fenbar v Vindesby
MD3 - Remad v Democratic States of Fenbar
MD4 - Conclespia v Democratic States of Fenbar
MD5 - Democratic States of Fenbar v Arcadian Islands

The Settling Grounds - Langaraitz - 24,400
The city of Langaraitz used to be a favourite spot for pirates and sea invasions, now it is a major resort town that is very well prepared for receiving tourists and football fans. Its lone club, Langaraitz Rovers, have never enjoyed much success nor popularity, but at least they've got a cool stadium to ease their relegation pains following extensive refurbishment.
MD1 - Arcadian Islands v Conclespia
MD2 - Arcadian Islands v Cosmic Censorship
MD3 - Vindesby v Arcadian Islands
MD4 - Cosmic Censorship v Vindesby
MD5 - Remad v Cosmic Censorship

Group I
The Colossus - Soloandia - 31,530
Sorokin's Old Boys is Soloandia's most popular club by a long shot, even outside the large Mytanar-descended population, so it didn't take much to convince the authorities to build them a new stadium. Perhaps they've overestimated their fans and it might turn into a bit of a white elephant, but The Colossus - with its large, steep, unroofed and well-fenced stands will be one of the Iturributan centrepieces in this Baptism of Fire.
MD1 - Deadmans v Artsakhestan
MD2 - Westros v Kerblaekistan
MD3 - Deadmans v Westros
MD4 - Aexalla v Kerblaekistan
MD5 - Altito Asmoro v Westros

East Lane - Soloandia - 20,470
Soloandia's other club, Palmandoak, also enjoys a great deal of popularity but none of the success, so East Lane wasn't high on the priority list for refurbishment. Conversion to all-seater, enlargement of a few stands, relaying of the pitch and it's ready to go. Foreign fans will surely enjoy the ground's vantage point on top of the cliffs, with a privileged few of the wide Modraine Sea.
MD1 - Altito Asmoro v Kerblaekistan
MD2 - Artsakhestan v Altito Asmoro
MD3 - Kerblaekistan v Artsakhestan
MD4 - Westros v Artsakhestan
MD5 - Artsakhestan v Aexalla

Oyandiano Stadium - Andozketa - 16,000
Oyandiano is an old ground with new, multi-coloured seating and a modern, sort of wavy roofing design that has many scratching their heads as to effectiveness. And effectiveness is important here, because rain, snow and wind are a day-to-day reality at the foot of the Blue Mountains, though at this time of year the visiting teams should be able to avoid the worst of it.
MD1 - Aexalla v Westros
MD2 - Aexalla v Deadmans
MD3 - Altito Asmoro v Aexalla
MD4 - Deadmans v Altito Asmoro
MD5 - Kerblaekistan v Deadmans
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