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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:11 pm

2041-42 Q-League Previews

After 16 years of absence in the international stage, the Q-League is finally back. The series of complicated national affairs and bureaucratic squabble has caused the initial withdrawal of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec sixteen years ago, and also torpedoed many attempts to brin it back. Now, with the royal assent earned and both Royal and Imperial Sporting Councils having mended their discord, the Q-League is once again starting at the international stage from the bottom. From right below you'll find out that not a lot has changed with the teams that are on the top side. Still, there were lots of changes and additions made since forever ago, and now it's the time to see what we've been all looking for!


Nicknames: Les Soldats, Capitoliens
Stadium: The Reneegrad, Reneegrad, Capitale-Nationale (Capacity: 89,415)
Kit Sponsor: Royal Quebecois Army (Military)
Manager: Moon Tae-Hong, 43
Starting XI (4-4-2): Okello; Kim - Nappaaluk - Milne-Chamberlain - Matousek; Park - Hertel - Bourassa - Halbert; Kweon - Fernandez (NCS)

Club: For past six decades of Quebecois football, CSKA Quebec has always been the biggest show in the town. But it's not really because they were winning sweepstake of trophies on a yearly basis. Rather, it's due to its diamond stature of being the only top-class club in the National Capital Region where the talent pool is lot smaller than its catchment basin of 7 million people. Owned by the Department of National Defence under the sports society of the Royal Quebecois Forces, CSKA is famous for its academy system that drills the importance of teamwork and defence within its players, providing a crucial backbone for the Quebecois national football team during their heyday years. In the sixteen years of Quebecois absence from international football, they have continued to serve as a consistent powerhouse, most recently winning the Q-League title in 2038-39 season. As for rivalry, they are best known for the legendary Le Classique Quebecois, the most famous of all Quebecois football rivalries, but are also rivals with RC Hanyang and Levis Athletic as well.

Squad: Moon Tae-Hong knows he will be under great pressure to be back on top. Last season they were expected to win it all in the record pace but that's not how it worked out for them, as the club had next to no highlights to recall in what was a catastrophic second half, only to let Montreal Koreana overtake them at the last matchday for the title. The response to such a disappointment, of course, was a massive spending spree, as they picked up Nelson Okello from Vaughan-York Azzurri and Frederic Halbert, and completed the cherry on top with the 25-year old Caraqueno national team captain, Omar Vargas Hernandez.

The strength of the club, once again, is expected to be up in the midfield. The 2040 QIS MVP, Omar-Anthony Bourassa, is now a solid leader and pin of the midfields at age 25, and is now in charge of mentoring Alexandre Park, best known as the other teenager of the team. The fresh signee on his homecoming, Frederic Halbert does well with his defensive responsibilities and plays a crucial role in the art of time-wasting that the Quebec City side has been known under Moon era. Not to mention Marco Hertel, the first of Quebecois legend Xavier Hertel's five children with Princess Anna of Jeruselem, is the best midfielder in Quebec right now, and certainly has the world-class potential. Expect him to be all over the field and display his flairs of creativity with some gamesmanship. The area of concern, on the other hand, is the position that Xavier excelled in his time with Fontvielle FC (Yttribia) and CD FAS (San Jose Guayabal). Kweon and the third-option Matthieu Chamillard are reliable options to score, but they do need to perform better in order to make sure that Hernandez's not going to be marked every day and all day long.

Defensively, the team brings back their entire starting four, with Kim, Nappaaluk, Milne-Chamberlain and Matousek all reaching their mid-20s and height of their game. Kim, Milne-Chamberlain and Matousek, all having played together since their academy years at age 11, are well-arounded backs whom are known for almost never going to the front third of the pitch, while Nappaaluk, who came from Nunavut North Stars three summers ago, is coming nicely into his new position as the libero. On the goals, Nelson Okello is expected to have little problem blocking few occasional shots heading towards his way.

Prediction : 1st. Anything lower than a 2nd place will be downer for them, and everybody knows that.


Nicknames : Ducks, Northern Drillers
Stadium : Foothills Park, Goose Bay, Labrador (Capacity: 21,495)
Kit Sponsor : Nordic Energy (Oil and Gas)
Manager : Michael Aethsytch, 38
Starting XI (4-1-3-2) : Bousquet; Lightstone - Hitchens - Ssekandi (SDR) - Savikataaq; Chopra (SDR); Hong - Perry - Kweon; Garon - O'Byrne

Background Information: A club built by the Dukhoborian refugees from the Novopetrogradian Empire in 1890s-1900s, Dukhoborian stays true to its heritage by continuing to be owned by its local members. In a city of 450,000 with high income, product of both the oil and gas, and livestock industries, this also means that the franchise is not going to be the ones snapping up players, but will always have lots of cash in storage. Similar to the DNA of Labradorians and their personalities, the club's maverick, joy-good-luck approach to all things with their fortune isn't going anywhere and we should feel happy about that. They aren't going to be one of those world-beaters, but they are always going to come to the pitch and fight, and will bring a huge group of fans in any away matches.

Commentary: Michael Aethsytch is in his third year with Dukhoborian and has continued as expected from his father's time. The challenge this offseason was to not fall into any spending trap, as the club recently completed an expensive rebuilding of the Foothills Park that desperately needed one for past three decades. While they did manage to not sell anybody, they were also unable to make possible boosts in the midfield by sacrificing one of their key defensive pieces. Whether that was a good choice or not, we'll see. Still, they did manage to keep the key to their variation of Karela in South Detroiter duo Deepak Chopra and Pierce Ssekandi, after throwing out the previous rumours about selling them to none other than Kingston FC, and that alone should be praised for.

Dukhoborian plays a heavily defensive 4-1-3-2, with Bradley O'Byrne and Henri-Noel Garon providing vast majority of the scoring by the club. On most other teams, Garon would be better used as a shadow striker, but due to both their relatively smaller physical features, the focus has been made on the duo using their speed and the gap of opposition defence. This is also the resultant of the three in the midfield being rudimentary in terms of offensive execution. As a result, crosses have become particularly preferred mode, with hopes that either Garon or O'Byrne will pick it up quickly enough to score. At least they have little to worry on the backfield, however, as Melinda Hitchens, Pierce Ssekendi and Deepak Chopra are well in their primetime lockdown mode. The three, supported nicely by Graeme Lightstone and Lara Savikataaq, should take little time to bring back the chemistry they had sparked the previous two seasons. And if all goes wrong, William Bousquet will find himself in position and ready to execute what he'll be asked to anyway.

Prediction : 15th. Parking the bus is easy but, as with Iqaluit, it's hard to keep up with that when you're away from home. If they do upgrade their midfields by making a couple of collegiate signings or transfers, this team will be quite formidable at least.


Nicknames: Hals
Stadium: Leith Park (Capacity: 28,740)
Kit Sponsor: Aeroquebec (Airline)
Manager: Leonardo Conavacio, 52
Starting XI (4-3-3): Oh; Rivera - Matheson-Weon - McKechnie - Yi; McKellar ('C') - Bergeron - Montgomery; de Buxhoeveden - Kim - Murphy (SCT)

Background Information : Haligonian was one of the most successful teams to take advantage of the 16-year long Quebecois absence from international football. Founded in 1879 by members of the Schottian community in North End of Halifax, the club is historically one of the stronger teams. However, after their heydays in 1970s and 1980s, they struggled in the Q-League era, usually belonging to one of the worst in the Q-League or the best in the Championship. They have dramatically improved in the 2030s under the direction of Norman Hacker, however, and this was proven with the Q-League title in two years ago (2039-40 season), their first Quebecois league title in 58 years. As with CSKA, Haligonian is known for their smashmouth football that runs counter to the Takil football that is always in vogue in Quebec. And while Halifax, known for its balance of mountains and beaches, hot springs and seafood, as well as world-renowned Halifax International Film Festival (HIFF), is not known for being the football town at all, but the team is fiercely supported by the local Korean-Gaelic population and has enough cash to make differences as needed.

Commentary: You only need two words to describe the Hals' offseason. Leonardo. Conavacio.Norman Hacker, its manager of 17 years who was largely responsible for its return to glory, retired, and there stood a huge task to take a step up. Haligonian then made the signing of the offseason by landing Leonardo Conavacio. The Quebecois international footballing legend decided to permanently return to his home country after just over three decades abroad, and it happens to be Haligonian of all teams. Upon his arrival, he immediately made necessary measures, bringing Lyall Murphy, a Schottian top prospect who were two-time all-Quebecois with Northwestern University, and Oh Dong-Joon, a veteran of PLI Islanders. Aside from that the Halifax, Aca. based club stayed out of any notable transfers, even though they did sign 3 other collegiate prospects to add to their depth.

Noah Kim, who broke through the Q-League the past season with 20 goals scored, will lead the troika of forwards, flanked by Pierre de Buxhoeveden and Murphy. de Buxhoeveden is a headscratcher whose excellent physique and positioning is partly neutered by horrible first touch of his, while Murphy is a speed right winger whose knack for the game is underrated.

The hometown boy, Seamus McKellar, grew up idolising Leonardo Conavacio, and is more than thrilled to prove his Midas' touch as a playmaker to Conavacio. On the other hand, tougher challenges are expected for all-arounders Ryane Montgomery and Diane-Michelle Bergeron, who will be expected to focus less on defensive responsibilities and contribute more on offence. The defence has seen some changes as well, as retirement of veterans Ioanna Siriteanu and Hahm Woong-Bin left open for next phase of transition coming up. Collegiate signings Judson Rivera and Leah McKechnie are expected to continue their powerful partnership from their days at California University, while Theo Matheson-Weon and Ericsson Yi stand out little, but also make little mistakes. The most notable acquisition for this summer, Oh Dong-Joon, is the anchor on the goals after seven seasons and seventeen clean sheets with PLI Islanders.

Prediction: 4th. They aren't there yet, but can make deep pushes if all transitions well into Conavacio era.


Nicknames: Steeltown, The Hammer, Hamilton's Finest
Stadium: Barry Johnson's Field, Hamilton, Ontario (Capacity: 23415)
Kit Sponsor: Barry Johnson's (coffee, donuts and fast food)
Manager: Dino Corelli, 49
Starting XI (4-3-3): Lissouba; Dufresne - Fonvizin - Oronhyatekha ('C') - Jenkins; Stevenson-Kim - Goh - Cormack; Brownlee - Martensson - Hyeon

Background Information: A major side coming from the industrial heartland an hour west of Kingston (making it fall just outside of Greater Kingston Area), Steelers incorporate both the working class foundation of the city with the surrounding suburbs, who come from those who are their descendants or commute to the city. Despite its relative proximity to Kingston, it is a city with their own sporting tradition and both the Steelers and gridiron team Tiger-Cats are good examples of it. Interestingly enough, unlike other teams of similarly working class origins, Steelers do not have a particularly memorable era to speak of in recent history, with their last Quebecois Premiership title coming in 1953-54. Still, this doesn't mean that it's a bad team at all- if anything they are rather the opposite- the team stayed on the top flight the entire time Quebec was active on UICA and continued to stay well in shape. They were relegated once during the sixteen years of absence, but made it back after two seasons in waiting, and stood tall and firm in the Q-League for past 8 seasons. Traditionally they are known for a longstanding rivalry against Kingston FC, and Dukhoborians, whom they shared a period relevance in ancient history.

Commentary: Dino Corelli's not going anywhere guys. Taking over the team relegated the season before, he managed to pull off enough bunnies from his top hat (that's ironic, of course) to 1) bring the Steelers back to Premiership his debuting season, 2) avoid relegation zone his sophomore season, and 3) he will probably bring them to their normal, comfy zone of 8th-12th place that we've all come to associate Hamilton's finest for. Not too bad of a start for club legend from good ole days. To go back to the team, it's a solid squad across the board.

Sam Oronhyatekha, the national team captain, is the best centre back in the nation at this point with her highly hexagonal style of play and philanthropical contribution in the local community. She is supported nicely by Guillaume-Alexis Dufresne, Valeri Fonvizin and Mark Jenkins, who are all in their early 20s but have seen plenty of playing time in recent years. In previous season, Corelli made major changes on the forwards by promoting Aron Martensson from the academy and signing Cedrick Hyeon from Mokpo City (League 1). That turned out well and now Hamilton has a serviceable trio of forwards that, if not injured too often, should be 'just' enough to reach their goal. This season the experiment will be done on the midfields, where Richard Cormack will be given plenty of playing time to see if he's worth the gamble now. There's still hope for him, but he tends to make 3 brilliant plays before fumbling in embarrassing fashion on the fourth play. We'll have to see if he will reduce that to every 6 to 8 plays. Werther-William Lissouba, who just turned 30, is going to be a solid factor on the goals as well.

Prediction: 8th. Sooner than later, the Steelers will have to make their decision on whether they will go on a complete rebuild or try to actually do something on Oronhyatekha's finest years with the club.


Nicknames: Hearts, The Dancing Club
Stadium: Apple Bowl (Capacity: 87,430)
Kit Sponsor: Sowha (Donnaconna - Soft Drink)
Manager: Jang Yun-Ha, 52
Starting XI (3-1-4-2): Trézéguet; Yi - Pelaez - Ondrášek; Seo; A. Cyr - Yoon - A. Peñaranda (NCS) - Bush-Sprenger; Aronsson - Bousquet-Cyr

Background Information: The largest side coming from Saguenay region, best known for its gridiron traditions, Heart of Saguenay have had a long history of being the club for 280,000 Valladar-Quebecois living in the northern half of Saguenay province. The club began with its small group of supporters coming from rural Valladar towns, but matured into a major side that is loved by Sagueneeans on the north side of St. Lawrence River (the south side, much smaller in population, supports Olympique de Rimouski) long time ago. Producer of occasional high-quality talent who usually get poached by bigger sides, the Hearts saw their fortunes improve about 6-7 years ago with a group of highly-talented players. Over time the seven who broke through with the team would move on, and now we only have 3 of them remaining. But in their place the Hearts found adequate replacements and continued to play well.

Commentary: This season's the Hearts' year, not because they are the likeliest to win the league or get relegated, but rather because of the direction they will have to take. The club, ten years into the Jang era, is one of the oldest in Quebec and needs to make their decision on how to appropriately transition into the next generation of players. The team's top scorer previous season was Hjalmar Aronsson with 17 goals in 29 starts, while he's shortly followed by Henri-Michel Bousquet-Cyr with 13 goals in 21 matches. Aronsson, now 31, has certainly gotten slower but remains a formidable force. The only signing by the Chicoutimi side Evander Bush-Sprenger, a highly-marketable midfielder whose tattoos and playmaking talents should draw enough fans of his own all the way from nearby Sangju Sangmu. He is supported by Isabelle Yoon, the second piece whose playing experience and leadership are all too valuable not to be recognised by opponents. Herménégilde Trézéguet, the third member of the big seven that marked their second place run four years ago, is expected to face a lot of easy and tough shots as twenty-year olds Michael Seo and Milos Ondrášek are propelled to starting position in a move to accelerate the transition process.

Prediction: 9th. They need to make their decision soon, because the trio is not getting any younger at this point.


Nicknames: The Northern Wall, Great Wall of Iqaluit, Bricks
Stadium: Iqaluit Stadium, Iqaluit, Nunavut (Capacity: 102,450)
Kit Sponsor: Narvik (E-commerce)
Manager: Sergei Kondratyuk-Llnagaay, 65
Starting XI (5-1-3-1): Kigatilik; Nakasuk - Ritcey - Czernin - Do - S. Piugattuk; Hansen; Bhatt - K. Piugattuk - Brasseur; Noh

Background Information: Iqaluit, the northern capital of Quebec, is a cold, desolate place of 750,000 people and 250,000 hockey rinks. With an average winter temperature of -27'C, It is by far the coldest major city in Quebec, and it shows right with the club that began as the football team of the RQAF/RQA/RQN Iqaluit. The northern powerhouse and one of two major Iqaluit sides, they are their own icons. The Northern Way- the shutdown defence, the counterattack, and the trust- has produced some of the finest defenders including Eugene Cohen and Leonardo Conavacio (for 2 seasons, by the way). The difficulty to bring free agents to the northern half of Quebec has caused the team to focus on youth and development- and they are always looking for foreign and domestic players looking to show their difference before heading elsewhere for greater sum of cash. Despite its stature, however, don't expect the Red Army to be a small-market team- it does fill the Iqaluit Stadium with regular sellouts after all. It's a big-market team behaving like a small-market team, not because of its management, but because of its geographical limitations.

Commentary: The Red and Whites had a fairly safe season last year with a 13th finish, as a consistent form the team has come to be associated with made all work well. Besides, Serhiy Kondratyuk-Llnagaay knows what wins them home games and what they can do to counterpunch their opponents when away. Unfortunately, they will have to sail the seas without Simon Jensen; the team's star defender died in a car crash near his Attawapiskat home, and that left the team facing a particularly grim offseason to start with. Karim Ritcey is a solid replacement, but replacing Jensen, the previous year's XI selection, is next to impossible- even for a defensively stout team like the IRA (ono). Aside from that, they return the team mostly similar from the previous season and with all them, one more year of experience. Unfortunately, the midfields is the biggest piece of the puzzle. The retirement of Tanya Aglukark also left them a gigantic hole in the midfield that essentially ensures even more defensive responsibilities on 18-year old Sanjay Bhatt and 26-year old Leonie Brasseur. At least, Noh Seung-Weon will be able to feed off the long ball with the rangey leaps and mangey hair of his on display, but there's only so much you can do when there's limited help. While playing in cold, snowy Iqaluit for the home games help, it remains to be seen on whether they can actually score any, if enough, to survive the relegation battle.

Prediction : 18th. What if Simon Jensen were still with us, and Aglukark playing for one more season? I'd have said 11th.


Nicknames: The Reds, Jacobites
[region-tag]Stadium: [/region-tag]OVO Field (Capacity: 30,460)
Kit Sponsor: CPM (Donnacona - Bank)
Manager: Johan Achinioti-Jönsson, 61
Starting XI (3-1-2-4): Banos; Merkeley - Ethier - Kamyashinsky ('C'); Uhm; Orosio - Park; Yi - Guweddeko (SDR) - Chae - Swyripa

Background Information : When it comes to Honam Football, we come to remember the good ole Reds. Located in the heart of Downtown Kingston, they were consistently among the big-spenders of Q-League by the end of their accreditation under UICA, and now they will be able to hopefully improve the squad even further with splash signings made. In past sixteen years they were among the leaders who tried to bring Royal Kingdom of Quebec back to international footballing stage. While largely unfruitful, the amount of international cash saved was instead used to save up and also make domestic transfers, eventually culminating in their 2039-40 Q-League title. With the international football now in firm focus, the stinkin' rich ownership group of Honam Sports and Entertainment is expected to continue their free-spending ways. Their move from Pavel Wilson Stadium, which they share with Kingston Argonauts (QFL), to comfier, brand new domains of OVO Field should prove to serve as a statement of interest for the team that is applying to make it to the next level sporting academics *(graduate school admissions reference).

Commentary: Everybody knows Kingston FC needs to rebound. The previous season's drop to 9th place, only a year after winning the Q-League title, was shocking to everybody. Nobody's happy about it, and that's all the reason that is needed for Johan Achinioti-Jönsson to aim big, go hard and whatnot this season. Fortunately enough, Kingston FC should have more than enough on their squad to at least tantalise their opponents. As a team they are led by the four horsemen of Roderick Yi, Eddie Guweddeko, Chae Bong-Doo, and Marcus Swyripa are all back with high expectations and magnificent goals. Chae and Swyripa are master technicians who, if they overcome their excessive fouling, have the national team potential, while Guweddko possesses exceptional power and energy to the game that is best described with 5 headers (out of 21 goals) scored the previous season. Among them, however, they are best remembered for their superstar Roderick Yi, whose on-ball movements are clean and efficient, is a darn good smooth talker into the opponent defences and is expected to score 30 this season.

The problem with this team, however, is not the ceiling, but the system it runs upon. Even in Quebec, where such display of firewagon football is ever so prominent, having defensive game of some form is still essential to survive. For example, Ben Merkeley and Evan Uhm coming out of position were the reasons why they suffered enough second-half downturn and ultimately too many losses. Unfortunately, the team is not really the one to make proper adjustments and make signings on the backend. Ultimately, there's only so much can Jean-Michel Banos do as relatively undermanned and overexposed goalkeeper. If they don't fix that, they will continue to fall well short of their ceiling.

Prediction: 5th. Fix the defence and IFCF will come to you.


Nicknames: Fleur-de-Lis
Stadium: CO2 Arena, Montreal, Montreal (Capacity: 34,837)
Kit Sponsor: Avian (Electronics)
Manager: Mohamed Karoui, 63
Starting XI (4-1-3-2): van der Merwe; Kim - Bernier-Legault - Ngolo - Brown; Masson; Langlet-Lallana - Andjaparidze ('C') - DeLuca-Champagne; Duclos - Cha

Background Information: Known by most b00mers as 'the third Montreal team' due to being outshadowed by the traditional rivalry between Montreal Koreana and Montreal City. Fortunately, the team stayed true to its fans of Southeastern Montreal, and played safe, eventually overtaking City whose financial mismanagement dropped them to a league-mandated punishment. The Dufresne-Vignault family owned the franchise for 120 years until the family squabble caused massive discord in the side.

Commentary: While Koreana made a huge comeback to upset CSKA Quebec in their championship run last season, Impact came very close to relegation. The Impact, just coming off ownership changes and shaky front office personnel for previous seasons that St. John's Arsenal is repeating now, stayed the entire time well below the mid-table they were expected to finish around this time last year. The club is finally entering some period of stability now, but also had to bid goodbye to the national team midfielder/right wing Daniel Kasaboski-Wilcox, who gave the team an impressive sum of money upon his departure to Zenit Attawapiskat. The club hopes that Sylas Langlet-Lallana or club graduate Jean-Andre DeLuca-Champagne will step up in their place.

The backend is covered by 37-year old Rodney van der Merwe, who has been their starter for 16 years and still feel as if he's 13 turning 17. Ahead of him stand defensive quartet with different age and skillsets - the flair and offensive tendencies of wingbacks Skylar Brown and Kim Yun-Mi run in opposites to Xavier Bernier-Legault and Ngolo, whose rough handling of the ball limit their transition game to long ball. This is then complemented by Pascal Masson, who is expected to help Langlet-Lallana and DeLuca-Champagne round out their development as needed. Team captain Mikheil Andjaparidze is a two-time selection to Commonwealth Games teams when he was younger, and is not going anywhere in both literal and figurative terms. He's certainly slower, but every other facet of his vision and physique remain well in standing, and that's a good thing for the team that lacks stability. Yvette Duclos was the major signing of the Impact this offseason and is expected to make heavy impact to the team with her pace and signature left-foot volley.

Prediction : 13th. It's not gonna get relegated, but it will take some time before they can consider moving back to 8th-12th place range.


Nicknames: Le Grand M, The Blue Devils
Stadium: The Samseongoloondongjang, Montreal, Montreal (Capacity: 84,375)
Kit Sponsor: Kinetic Arts (Video Games)
Manager: Jannick Kontiola, 49
Starting XI (4-2-1-3): G. Kim; Tam-Moh - Garfunkel-Marchand - Raeff - Allard; Y. Kim ('C') - Vujadinovic; Jeong; Lattanzio (NCS) - Fillion - Park

Background Information: In an average foreign fan's view, Montreal Koreana represents the Quebecois football. Historically, Montreal Koreana has been the biggest and most accomplished club in Quebecois history. Having been around since 1893 as the football club of the Koreana Society's Montreal Branch (think of Maccabi, for RLstates comparisons), the club has won a Quebecois title in every decade but the 1970s, when the club was at its darkest years. In the UICA era, they struggled lot more than their Newfoundlander rivals, but was still highly relevant, and continued to be its usual self during the sixteen years of absence. As a club, they are located in Koreana District of Montreal and share a historic but imbalanced rivalry with Montreal City, and a smaller but more entertaining one with the Impact.

Commentary: Entering this offseason Montreal Koreana had little to worry about, as it remained relatively stable. The previous season's miraculous win, while impressive given the number of injuries the team had the previous season, ended in a low note with the departure of Angelo Gelinas, its manager of previous six seasons, to Marinos Metropolis. Fortunately they quickly mended the gap on their helm by promoting assistant manager Jannick Kontiola to the chief of the staff. The team he has in front isn't a bad one to start with.

On the left, we have Romeo Lattanzio, a notorious tank whose fames off the pitch is just as well documented as his penetration into the corner. Park Jeong-Doo is the best goalscoring threat in Quebec right now, with his interest in testing waters abroad highly noted by the followers of Q-League the past few seasons. To the centre, of course, Michel Filion serves as the shadow striker who feeds off nicely from the crosses. Marianne Jeong is a highly efficient CAM whose endurance has been questioned in her first two seasons with Koreana, but since has proven her detractors wrong. Right behind her, Vujadinovic and Yanic Kim are highly capable midfielders who have stood tall through the development pyramid with Koreana, and are now 29 and 30. Age may have given them slower pace, but also gifted them further insight on understanding the game, and they are the leaders that the team really benefits from. The backline is a solid four that can do whatever they wish to do when not caught out of position - superstar libero in Lucien Raeff, the brute force of Mathieu Allard and Eli Garfunkel-Marchand, and not to mention the outlaw Jerry Tam-Moh. Gaetan Kim is a 28 year old who saw plenty of playing time when he first started out, but fell out of starting job against Henri Noh. Now, with the Caraqueno returning to his home club back in Nuevo Caracas, the starting job is his after. He's a top-class keeper whose abilities are always going to be challenged because of Koreana club's love of the Takil brand of football, but is expected to do his own with the wins. With a very well arounded team, Koreana is expected to dip for a little bit, but should be a surefire winner the very next year. Koreana's youth developmental academy is top-class too, and they can also rely upon a bit more depth that should come up by then.

Prediction: 3rd. As with Haligonian, the change in leadership will cause some teething issues and growing pains. But once they're over that, then they are going to be back to their usual selves.


Nicknames: Piques, Big O
Stadium: The Steelyard, Rimouski, Saguenay (Capacity: 19,440)
Kit Sponsor: ROSCO (Steelworks)
Manager: Devane Miller, 52
Starting XI (4-2-3-1): Nam; Rombaugh (SDR) - Daguenais-Bizet - Yoon-Goo - Boissonault; Smolkine - R. Ashoona; Gilbert - Larionov -Schneiderlin; Min

Background Information: Olympique's dotted green and yellow jerseys, like the team and its supporters of heavily Valladar origins, are heavily distinguishable features of those coming from Rimouski. The Olympique pride themselves on playing flashy, pass-oriented style of the play, and they have been home to some of the nation's finest prospects since the club's founding in 1889. Until early 2000s, Olympique was one of the richest clubs in the country, supported by ROSCO whose continued financial success keep the city from turning into London or Hamilton in late 2000s. Still, during and after the Quebecois time in the UICA/IFCF, the team ended up witnessing many ups and downs of its fortunes, with their closest call including surviving the relegation-promotion playoffs two seasons ago. Fortunately, they have rebounded well and made their bank off collegiate signings the previous offseason (2040), before miraculously rebounding their fortunes to finish 4th. With the decade-high now established, the Olympique is looking to hopefully win their first Q-League title since 2003-04.

Commentary: After a magic turnaround with the Olympique, Sergio Duquez left Rimouski to take over for the South Detroit national team, causing Devane Miller, yet another Quebecois NT legend, to take over the team after a decade leading the PLI Islanders to relevance. The first thing he had to do, unfortunately, were to get as much cash out of two inevitable departures in always-trustworthy Eugene Carmody (Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa) and superstar Lucien Raeff. That had meant that much of their formidable defence and half their offensive IQ in the previous season was gone. Fortunately enough, most of the team's lineup remains intact on elsewhere, and that means that Miller will have enough to work around with for now. Pierre-Antoine Schneiderlin, the son of the Quebecois footballer best known for his time with Falourr in Eura, is now the right wing to take over. He's not exactly at the level we're used to be, but should be a fine substitute as they continue to look for solid options. Recently-married pair of Sebastien Daguenais-Bizeta and Janet Yoon-Goo anchor the defence that sweeps the ball away with confidence, while Ray Ashoona and Ilya Smolkine look to continue their progress from the rookie campaign. Then, Min Dong-Jin is still the same old self, and at 27, is aiming to score his 100th league goal this season. His nose for the net is dazzling as always, and so is his love of taking shirts off after every other goal and getting yellow carded. The true hometown boy who played all his life on both the local schools and on Olympique system, he is that one guy who's going to be part of the Piques' fans' folktales for many decades ahead.

Prediction: 7th. Believe me, it's a very good team they have over there. But it's not the best. Who knows though- a couple of X-factors kicking in and the team may be off to lot better stages than my median.


Nicknames: The Hilltops, Backburners of the Grove
Stadium: The Charterhouse, Ottawa, Outaouais (Capacity: 33,150)
Kit Sponsor: Pomegranate (Electronics)
Manager: Bud 'The Rocky' Grant, 49
Starting XI (4-3-2-1): Barrette; McKeough - Yim-Duvernay - Hussein-Wang - Hinchley; Perros - Hong - O. Peñaranda (NCS, 'C'); Durkheim - Al-Bashwati; Austin

Background Information: With their past three stadiums built right next to the University of Ottawa and the surrounding student housing projects, the Fury are located at the heart of Ottawa's long history of professional sports. In their 130 years of history, they are particularly notorious for many ownership changes, but manage to stay on top two tiers of Quebecois football pyramid with relative ease. Nowadays they range between bottom half of Q-League and top half of Championship, but with their reputation intact and solid. Unfortunately, the recent years' budgetary restrictions left the team in a quite dreadful spot for....

Commentary:'s an universal fact that Ottawa Fury's been broke and gambling on their debtors' money for past three seasons. The team manager Bud 'The Rocky' Grant had only few weeks to sign 4 collegiate players (mid-tier signings on what's a pretty solid class of graduating athletes) and reorganise the team after 3 starters either retired or moved onto other Quebecois clubs. As a result, the team lacks steel on defence and David Barrette convinces nobody that he's a realistic option on goal. The midfielder corp is fairly average, with Caraqueno refugee Osvaldo Peñaranda leading the way as the only foreigner captain of this season. Brianne Peros and Ben Hong are solid academy products but perhaps, their leafiness isn't a good thing when the team's fighting to escape relegation. Up front, Rodrigo Austin Milhoes is a flashy striker who knows how to score in very limited opportunities he's given. Of course, the problem is that they are now relying too much on academy players and free signings which, for all the merits of development, isn't a good sign of a time trying to survive. It is unlikely they go the way of the Brenecian side South Rathia over twenty years ago, but they better hope injury bug won't hit them or else they'll come pretty close to it.

Prediction: 20th. This team's just awful.


Nicknames: Argos
Stadium: Parc de Patriotes
Kit Sponsor: Parken's (Dairy, from Norrehavn)
Manager: Yi Seung-Hyeon, 58
Starting XI (4-4-2): Prevost; Kabongo - McLean - Hong - Davis; Ferguson - Grondin-Martin - Park - Chochaeva; Giguere - Kim

Background Information: On a vibrant maritime city known for the headquarters of the Royal Coast Guard headquarters, Perce Town is a small town club that is known for its significance to Quebecois football. And of course, representing that town and also the Gaspesie province, is Perce Town, a side with its own story of rise. Traditionally a borderline Q-League/Championship side, Perce Town broke out of what many fans thought was the club's ceiling and is now well entrenched within top 10. This is partly due to the Argos' advantage in having the priority access to the talent in Gaspesie province, as well as its academy side that's headed by none other than Eric Varsteeg, brother of the former Avenida Principal superstar.

Commentary: This may be the best Perce Town squad we've ever seen in living memory, with Yi finally equipped to have excellent depth across the board. It does not have a particularly scary weakness, and is quite well built up with balance between the local veterans and youth academy products. Pace, speed and grit are everywhere and growing in the drugged waters of Parc des Patriotes and the Roche-Belanger facilities. Jeremy Giguere is a formidable poacher who scores not often but is clutch when his services are asked. He is nicely supported by teenager Kim Jong-Yoon and Universite de Gaspe signing Yana Chochaeva, just one of three they signed from UdeG or Hampden College this summer. Chochaeva is expected to add solid transition role combining with Eloise Grondin-Martin, Dani Chavez Ferguson and Channing Park to form a steel-like unit. Defensively Loic Kabongo leads the way in a strong back four that knows how to shut down opponents as asked, while Melvin Hong hopes to survive in a race against time as the club's patience with his overweight self may be running very thin.

As a team this team simply doesn't have enough starpower beyond second gear yet. Still, Naomi Prevost, the team captain of past 9 seasons, is going to walk off happy knowing that she's been able to play a crucial role the Town to become a legitimate power. Her service to the team, after 15 seasons, will be dearly missed as the 36-year old announced just this morning that she'll be retiring at the season's end to transition into a coaching career.

Prediction: 6th.


Nicknames: Isles, the Peggy-O's, Purple Flash
Stadium: Bannockburn Stadium, Charlottetown, Acadie (Capacity: 10,890)
Kit Sponsor: Visit PLI (Tourism)
Manager: Charles Loranger, 35
Starting XI (3-1-4-2): Simard; Barras - McQuaid - W. Goh; S. Goh; Rimbaud-Charest - Webster - Maeng - Friesen; MacKinnon - Wright

Background Information: PLI Islanders are that one club on the island that was always been there in top two tiers for over 110 years (they first made the jump in 1936), gradually developing its relevance. The Islanders, coming from Prince Laurent Island that is famous for seasonal industries and pastoral sceneries, found themselves in solid foothold to the top-tier football with strong average attendance (it's an island of 200,000 people, guys) and excellent management in the past three decades. In past decade, the Islanders finished at the high of 6th (2036-37) under Devane Miller's managership.

Commentary: Charles Loranger had a particularly overwhelming and frustrating offseason. His takeover of the club as the interim replacement of Devane Miller, who left the club for Montreal Koreana after a decade in charge, has brought little excitement and grave worries for the club as they found themselves with only an annoucement of Guy Rimbaud-Charest on a loan from Winnipeg United. The previous four years saw the club finding itself well above the relegation zone, placing 10th, 9th, 14th and 11th to give the club well-needed confidence boost. Unfortunately, Miller's departure also came with Oh (Haligonian), Halbert (CSKA) and a couple of depth players, and there's no doubt that the club is in a huge trouble.

After scoring 6 goals in 15 appearances last season, Jane MacKinnon is ready to step up for the club on offence and she will be backed up by Levinson Wright. Among the midfielders, Rimbaud-Charest and Rudy Maeng, the brother-in-laws coming from Winnipeg's South High School, are expected to be simple and no-nonsense in their craft, making up for their lack of vision. In the back three, Owen McQuaid is the anchor who, when not injured, can deliver with stability to the defence that needs a lot of it. Leon Simard is the youngest starting goalkeeper with the club as the eighteen year old is expected to do all he can to beat the odds and survive his baptism of fire in professional football.

Prediction: 17th. It's a good team that will be back in the Q-League in 2-3 years if they get relegated, but the sheer loss of talent and inexperienced manager (believe me, I do think that he has very good potential to succeed in long term),


Nicknames: Noksaekjeonsa, Green Warriors
Stadium: Parc de Volontaires (Capacity: 36,730)
Kit Sponsor: Magnus (Automobile)
Manager: Pierre-Ian Noh, 59
Starting XI (4-1-2-1-2): Park; XXX - Jovanovic - Duclos-Desharnais - Lee-Tremblay; Yang; Carmody - McCauley ('C'); Namur-Jaures; Kweon - Diressa

Background Information: There are those with longer history but not necessarily the enough push to make it to the top....and then there's Sherbrooke. Located in the middle of mountain range near the Semar border, Sherbrooke is a regional centre of 450,000 people famous for its recreational activities and petite townships in the surrounding mountains. Traditionally an extremely volatile franchise, the club's fortunes really took off during the latter years of Quebecois participation in the UICA, they came into relevance with the new ownership under Magnus Motors. Since then they never looked back, consistently placing in the top 8 of Q-League, even though they were just as well known for falling well short of the goal with whoopsie-daisie signings and last-month slides, to explain for only one Q-League championship won during the 'sixteen years gone'. With excellent facilities and very good youth academy, Sherbrooke always comes up with something new to surprise us all.

Commentary: As a team the Green Warriors were both consistent and inconsistent enough last season to finish third, and this frustrated everybody. With the team remaining the same as last year, aside from a couple of academy signings, the departure of Adel Abdelghadir to Trojana Condommakers FC and a retirement of backup goalkeeper Santeri Seppala, one can only wonder what will be up next. Pierre-Ian Noh, however, is a manager who loves experimenting with his players and their formations, and would do anything to get his matchups right. Sherbrooke plays the never-say-die style of Quebecois Takil only rivalled by Koreana and Kingston FC, and with his personnel now comparable to the army of Inferi, one can only imagine the sacrifice of all but minimal forms of defence, and lots of 7-5s and 6-4s on their scoreboard.

Mercurial striker, Eloise Kweon, pairs up nicely with the defending golden boot Mamadou Diressa, who's now accomplished all he's wanted at age 30 on a 37-goal season. The quartet of midfielders in Yang, Carmody, McCauley and Namur-Jaures love playing a video-game-ramped up version of Tiki-Taka and aren't afraid to jump into the action either. Eric Namur-Jaures, in particular, has profited off nicely with the presence of Kweon and Diressa to score some as well, and it's a pretty sight. The defenders, encouraged by the Farf-Quebecois Takil, position themselves high up the turf, and are anchored by in-laws Ivan Jovanovic and Tatiana Ivanovic. In the end, all this fun means that Park Jae-Heon and his backup Michael Silver has the hardest job on the team.

Prediction: 3rd.


Nicknames: Gunners, Newfies, the Pointers
Stadium: Blue Point Stadium, St. John'sm Newfoundland (Capacity: 67,430)
Kit Sponsor: Aeroomni (Aerospace)
Manager: Brock Kemerer-Lascelles, 45
Starting XI (4-1-3-2): O'Neill; Nelson-Joo - Goh - McDonagh - Dubois; Eksi; Lambert - Ostergaard (NHV) - Casey; Khedira - van Robben ('C')

Background Information: The only Newfoundland side to have not been relegated from the top flight in 125 years (they were last relegated in 1917, when they were still named His Majesty's Arsenal), St. John's Arsenal is one club that always bring forth the history and taste of Newfoundland. In the years of Quebecois participation in international football, they have been successful, with their finest glory coming from semifinals appearance at the UICA Globe Cup.

The side, known for its output of legendary talent in Hazel van Robben and Corinne Martel-Burns, was one of few Quebecois clubs particularly hit hard during the sixteen years gone. The retirement of Kurt Hlasek, the longtime manager of 18 seasons, two years ago only made things go worse for the club, as the front office's transfer indecisiveness and inability to funnel proper cash into the club has caused the historical club many problems. As a result, it's unlikely that they would spend big money in the offseason transfer market. Still, Arsenal's continuing to produce top-class (though yet-to-be-mature at this point in time) talent, and with their excellent facilities and the home advantage (but then the entire island is, you can argue), they should remain to be relevant in the Quebecois footballing scene.

Commentary: In the offseason that was disappointing for second straight season, the only highlight was the return of Hazel van Robben to her home club. Her signing, which runs just for this season, is expected to give the club a much-needed boost in firepower while its group of young forwards are still developing, and also give van Robben a fitting end to her illustrious career that was mostly spent in Magnaeus City, CD FAS and 1830 Cathair.

Aside from that, the club stayed out of signing beyond a couple of collegiate players, Rodion Kazakov and Angela Santarelli, in the manners true to Arsenal of past 4-5 seasons. That's fine, really, because St. John's is not one of those who are just not going to sign anybody. The issue in St. John's, however, is that the current Arsenal side is a poorly managed team, led by a Kemerer-Lascelles whose excessive loyalty towards the 4-1-3-2 formation leaves many concerned. Quite unfortunate because the squad St. John's still has is still a darn good culmination of pieces.

Gordon Nelson-Joo, the twenty-year old from Gander, is a swift wingback and youngest member of the back four that has two-time XI selection Kelsey McDonagh and aging veterans Roger Goh and Jeanne-Joannie Dubois. Fatima Eksi is a surprising selection on the CDM after quietly signing with the Arsenal from University of Kingston, and may end up being a possible x-factor to what's otherwise a shaky line. The trio of Samuel Lambert, Heidi Ostergaard, and Cee Lo Casey are all brilliant in a couple of specialties, but have struggled to make their combination work in triples. Still, the excitement is there as the 18-year old Mohamed Khedira, and 21-year old Barrett O'Reilly foresee themselves with greater production. Playing with Hazel van Robben can do that to you, and that's what the fans will come to watch their games for.

Prediction: 10th. This is not the Arsenal we know of, and frankly it's waste Hazel van Robben's final pro season like that.
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Nicknames: The Cygnus, Athletic
Stadium: VisitMB.que Arena (Capacity: 29,563)
Kit Sponsor: Pacific Casino (Entertainment)
Manager: Marianne Godbut-Sweeney, 60
Starting XI (4-3-1-2): Koo; Green ('C') - Kinley - Béland-Goyette - Smolkin; Lester - Sarrazin - Nam-Simmonds; G. Ashoona; Lumley - Byeon

Background Information: Prince Eric is the ocean-fringed metropolis bordering the northern end of Northandryun Passage that faces the Salamantic Oceans, against the mountain ranges that separates the Manitoban West Coast with northern tablelands. Renowned across Atlantian Oceania for its range of options in outdoor sports thanks to surrounding mountains and ocean, Prince Eric is a city with particularly high number of high-level and community athletic participation and footprint in the national scale. This reflects into the Swanguard Athletic's community-ownership model, one of few out there in the first two tiers of Quebecois football these days. While the older generation of football fans remember them for their eighteen years spent in the Quebecois Championship, Swanguard is now better known for the 3 Q-League titles they won under the direction of Marianne Godbut-Sweeney, who is now entering her 22nd year in the league. During her time, Swanguard Athletic came out of its long slumber in the Championship and finally stepped up, before making itself as a powerhouse with the core that came up right after the borders were closed for international football. Unfortunately, they are facing the same problem that Hearts and Steelers are dealing on their own. Is it a good time to cash off their elderly talent or spend more in hopes of one more push before the cuts?

Commentary: Of course, everything lies upon continuation of heydays for Marianne Godbut-Sweeney. The Prince Eric native, now in her 22nd year as the team's manager, has put together a powerhouse that is now desperately and expectedly aging and needs even more power to overcome their possible adversity. Picking up Konstantin Smolkin from University of Saskatchewan and Rose Nam-Simmons from University of Goose Bay was one of those moves, adding further stability and youth into the team that's on top 3 of Q-League for its age. Aside from that, the team has stayed out of further signings, preferring to gamble on future transfers in a cycle or two when tough choices ought to be made on the future of its core.

15 years into her Q-League career, Eileen Green has stayed ethereal as the top-class left back and is expected to continue her top calibre play and leadership this season. At age 34, she's no short of questions as he has discussed retirement for past season or two, but is expected to play for the next two or three seasons on a high level of play at least. This is followed by the return of Arnaud Béland-Goyette and Nadia Kinley, two longtime veterans with Swanguard, and the joining of Smolkin only adds to what could be the most complete backfield in Q-League. As for the rest of the squad, they are rounded out nicely by solid depth across the board. Pierre-Luc Sarrazin, even on his last season of professional football at age 38, may be the most important player for Swanguard Athletic. Mature, well-established and universally idolised leader of the club and Prince Eric sporting community, Sarrazin still has the pace and durability that gave him the nickname 'Air Tank' and there's no doubt that he will be dearly missed in the coming years. Georges Ashoona, if he succeeds in overcoming the downturn of his form that was too noticeable in the second half of last season, is expected to contribute heavily as the primary ball handler in offence. Lumley and Byeon are solid duo of forwards that are expected to be bolstered further by Harald Jespersen, a key substitute option for the squad that needs them more than ever.

Prediction: 11th. The club's decline has begun.


Nicknames: 77ers, Highlanders
Stadium: Galway Park, Sydney, Acadie (Capacity: 10,890)
Kit Sponsor: Eason (Shipbuilding)
Manager: Benoit-Clement Boyd-Allen, 62
Starting XI (4-1-3-2): McInnis ('C'); Wilson - Ascough - Chapdelaine - McMorris; Sigurdsson; Heo - MacDougall - Jones-Wilde; Ha - Whelan

Background Information: Originally a sizeable island on the northeastern tip of Acadie province, Cape Breton Island's traditionally known for coal (earlier) and automobiles industries (nowadays), as well as famous series of trails that go through its Welsh-speaking towns. The major football club there, the Umnama'kik-Inverness 1877, has seen the successful rise too with the club, since the 2000s, rose from the League 2 to the top half of Q-League. Now owned in a 50-50 partnership of fans and Gwangmoo Motors, the second-largest automobile company in Quebec, the 77ers have long gone past their small team days and believe there's more to come in their future. They do know that the current core they have is the one they need to win a cup or two, before they will have to look inwards to find further talent.

Commentary: Manager Benoit-Clement Boyd-Allen, has been managing this team since 2014, may be reaching for the highest of stars on year 27 of his season. It all began when they signed the QIS MVP, Sinead MacDougall, from Farrer University on a smash hit deal, and is followed up by signing left winger/midfielder Heo Myeong-Heon from championship side London FC.

The previous season's 5th place finish was marked with a noticeable surprise by many on how they had been sleeping on Ha Yeong-Jong and Nancy Whalen duo, who contributed for 67 goals. Unfortunately, Ha is out with sports hernia for some time, meaning that Whalen will have to deke past defenders with all of her speed. The strength of this team is in the midfields, where Sinead MacDougall should shine in the centre to replace the Filip Vujadinovic (Koreana). Right off the bat, she's expected to be one of the top two players on the team, with the other being Nelson Ha, the 29-year old team captain who grew two blocks away from the town. Jones-Wilde and Heo are both smooth technicians who have little offensive capabilities, but are nonetheless excellent in transition. Finally, the 77ers have a fairly flexible back four and their pieces combine with Sigurdsson to shine overall. Glenn McInnis is an above-average goalkeeper but they may need to find a replacement for him soon as the guy's now 34.

Prediction: 8th. The 77ers are definitely ready, but are they really ready? Not sure about it yet.


Nicknames: The Greens, Communists
Stadium: Beyreuth Park (Capacity: 17,000)
Kit Sponsor: Kingston Dominion Bank (Commerce)
Manager: Ben-Ben Harkness, 35
Starting XI (4-2-4): Nam; Noel - Chun-Kim - Petruzzo - Shainberg; Lavezzi - Iacovetta; Capaldi ('C') - DiMaio - Yeom - Tsehelska

Background Information: Best known as the other Kingston club in the scene, Vaughan-York Azzurri is a historic club with loyal support. Its fanbase comes from a much smaller catchment basin than its Downtown rival, having largely been based around York region and its Italian and Portuguese-speaking communities. As the minority groups became part of the mainstream Quebecois society, so did the club, but their adherence towards Le Takil Quebecois remain well into this day. Aside from their rivalry with Kingston FC and other Kingston clubs, Azzurri is best remembered for their Coupe du Roi win the past May, when they beat Montreal Koreana at The Reneegrad.

Commentary: Azzurri's a good team, not gonna lie. But still, their chance of survival is not good, simply because of what happened to them during the offseason. Earlier this summer, they had to sell longtime stars Okello (CSKA) and Sarrazin (Swanguard) who both refused to sign on an extension with a year left because of their frustration with the team's inability to prove that they are ready to do better. They did bring back academy product Roberto DiMaio, a solid option on any forward position, from Umnama'kik Inverness 1877, and they have enough young guys to replace the losses. Still, they don't have enough goals on both the front and the back to score. They do have good talents scattered across the board; Noah Shainberg is a tempting option on the right fullback after showing promise the previous season, while Guillermo Lavezzi and Danielle Yeom are trustworthy on completing their mission. But the team lacks much spark beyond their cohesion and appears quite distressed from the loss of the team's heart and soul. It's a good team, but even more of a miracle if they survive. Using 4-2-4 on a team that cannot afford to experiment the Quebecois vogue isn't wise after all.

Prediction: 19th


Nicknames: The U, South Side Club
Stadium: Alannis Varela Stadium, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Capacity: 48,549)
Kit Sponsor: Jaeil (Confectionary)
Manager: Percival Yoon, 53
Starting XI (4-4-2): Ferreira; Normanton - Yim - Tuliaupupu - Pelaez; Ibanez - Garcia - Parker - Desbarats; Park - Donovan ('C')

Background Information: Winnipeg is the provincial capital of Manitoba (metropolitan population: 2,348,190) that is known for all the wrong things; depressing winters, shantytown, gang violence, and neverending plains that make you even more depressed and worried the moment you head to the suburbs. But this kind of depressing cities also bring some of the most popular football clubs int he nation, and Winnipeg United is one of them. Longtime rivals with the northern side Spartak, Winnipeg United is universally adored in the southern half of Winnipeg. It shows on their matchdays where the wave of yellow and black cover the city, and those on the south side stayed loyal to the team's highly fluctuating form in their years of absence (highest: 4th, lowest: 17th). Still, dealing with the possibility of relegation and joining their rivals Spartak scares everybody, and fans right not just hope that the financial trouble from the front office's mismanagement will end at some point.

Commentary: The sole spotlight will be on them, as the Spartak's relegation the previous year left United as the Winnipeg's sole team remaining in the Q-League. Of course, that doesn't mean that their struggle will be discussed in lesser fashion either. They still have an uphill battle to survive, as the team is currently in shambles in both on and off the turf. Ferreira is still a serviceable goalkeeper at age 28, while Lauren Park and Elton Parker Jr are both solid in their positions. Who knows, maybe the ex-hoodlum Raheem Donovan is expecting a 20-goal campaign too. But the thing is that this team's perhaps too outmanned on defence. I mean, the Q-League is known to be a league that is heavily divided between +5 and -5 sides. But still, you need some form of strength and this team doesn't have any of that. The saddest part is that it's not their fault either, as team captain Sauron is out with a season- and possibly career-ending injury, and Isabel Cervantes is no longer the top-class left back she were. It's just not a team to bet for at this point.

Prediction: 16th


Nicknames: Rocketeers, Z-Faktor
Stadium: City of Attawapiskat Stadium (Capacity: 42,340)
Kit Sponsor: Quebecom (Telecommunications)
Manager: Colin McQuaid, 46
Starting XI: Dyr-Namestnikov; Park - Rasmussen - Gunnarsson - Siirilä; St-Cyr - Kim - Imeretinski ('C') - Kasaboski-Wilcox; Mandusic - Kjaer

Background Information: The star of Northwestern Quebec, Zenit Attawapiskat is the crown jewel from two provinces of heavily-Nordic population (this means the northern half of the Norrish Union, of course), Abitibi-Temiscamingue and Northwest. With their constantly-renovated City of Attawapiskat Stadium and top-class facilities, they still stand as highly attractive club even as they have found themselves outside of the Big Four (Zenit, Arsenal, Koreana and CSKA) back in the UICA days. In order to rebound from the years of mediocrity, the expectations will be high for Colin McQuaid to make proper adjustments. He has time, but for how long...remains to be seen.

Commentary: Colin McQuaid is back in his season with Zenit and the stakes are higher this time. Last year they managed to exceed expectations and finished 9th place, but to repeat such performance would be a bit of stretch to say at this point. The quartet of transfer signings included poaching away Daniel Kasaboski-Wilcox and Dinesh Kapoor from Montreal Impact and Lakeshore, left back Park Yun-Mi from University of Attawapiskat, not to mention a loan of Gustav Rasmussen from Heart of Saguenay.

In what will be the key testing season for Zenit, the key concern of course lies on the defence. Rasmussen and Gunnarsson are both solid centrebacks with good pace, but their focus remains in question. And that's not even the worst part of their back four, as neither Park nor Siirilä are too inconsistent and untimely (Park's 35 and Siirilä 18) to be relied upon on a full season. On a team like Zenit where wingbacks are expected to roam all over the flanks, this is even worse.

At least the team will have enough strengths on the midfields and the forwards to keep the question marks at bay to certain extent. The star acquisition of the Zenit, undersized speedbird Daniel Kasaboski-Wilcox will see a career-high campaign after being underutilised as a CM with Impact. This is possible due to Kim Byeong-Soo and Zinetula Imeretinski preferring to play in more conventional role, with former as a ball-playing midfielder and latter deep-lying playmaker. The latest beneficiaries of this in Petar Mandusic and Bent Kjaer will too bring fresh edge to the offence that has seen 3 retirements and 2 transfers out of the franchise since previous offseason. They are both tall, well-rounded forwards with solid first touches, and the excitement for their breakout's hard to contain among the fans as they came back from the offseason full of progress in training regimen....out in the wilderness!

Prediction: 11th. McQuaid did make a lot of positive changes and they should do better than 15th place that the fans caused the fans to protest in front of the stadium previous May. Still, their defence will cause enough people heart attack and it's not a problem that gets solved overnight.

And now...let's actually go to the league and see how our teams are doing!

Iqaluit Red Army 0–1 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Hamilton Steelers 0–1 Winnipeg United
Ottawa Fury
5–1 Olympique de Rimouski
Perce Town 0–0 Montreal Koreana
CSKA Quebec 0–2 Zenit Attawapiskat
Kingston FC
3–1 Heart of Saguenay
Dukhoborian 0–1 Swanguard Athletic
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–1 St. John's Arsenal
Montreal Impact 1–1 PLI Islanders
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 1–1 Haligonian

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 3–5 Haligonian
PLI Islanders 1–2 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
St. John's Arsenal 1–1 Montreal Impact
Swanguard Athletic 1–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Heart of Saguenay 0–2 Dukhoborian
Zenit Attawapiskat 1–3 Kingston FC
Montreal Koreana
1–0 CSKA Quebec
Olympique de Rimouski 2–1 Perce Town
Winnipeg United 4–0 Ottawa Fury
Iqaluit Red Army 1–1 Hamilton Steelers

Hamilton Steelers 2–1 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Ottawa Fury 1–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Perce Town 1–0 Winnipeg United
CSKA Quebec 0–0 Olympique de Rimouski
Kingston FC 0–3 Montreal Koreana
Dukhoborian 0–0 Zenit Attawapiskat
Vaughan-York Azzurri 4–9 Heart of Saguenay
Montreal Impact 0–1 Swanguard Athletic
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 3–3 St. John's Arsenal
Haligonian 5–1 PLI Islanders

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 5–3 PLI Islanders
St. John's Arsenal 0–1 Haligonian
Swanguard Athletic 0–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Heart of Saguenay
1–0 Montreal Impact
Zenit Attawapiskat 0–2 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Montreal Koreana
2–1 Dukhoborian
Olympique de Rimouski 3–3 Kingston FC
Winnipeg United 2–2 CSKA Quebec
Iqaluit Red Army 0–1 Perce Town
Hamilton Steelers
1–0 Ottawa Fury

Ottawa Fury 0–1 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Perce Town
2–0 Hamilton Steelers
CSKA Quebec 1–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Kingston FC 1–0 Winnipeg United
Dukhoborian 1–3 Olympique de Rimouski
Vaughan-York Azzurri 3–7 Montreal Koreana
Montreal Impact 1–3 Zenit Attawapiskat
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 0–2 Heart of Saguenay
1–0 Swanguard Athletic
PLI Islanders 1–1 St. John's Arsenal

2041-42 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Montreal Koreana 5 4 1 0 13 4 +9 13
2 Haligonian 5 4 1 0 13 5 +8 13
3 Perce Town 5 3 1 1 5 2 +3 10
4 Kingston FC 5 3 1 1 10 8 +2 10
5 Heart of Saguenay 5 3 0 2 13 9 +4 9
6 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 5 3 0 2 11 10 +1 9
7 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 5 2 2 1 7 7 0 8
8 Olympique de Rimouski 5 2 2 1 9 10 −1 8
9 Winnipeg United 5 2 1 2 7 4 +3 7
10 Zenit Attawapiskat 5 2 1 2 6 6 0 7
11 Swanguard Athletic 5 2 1 2 3 3 0 7
12 Hamilton Steelers 5 2 1 2 4 5 −1 7
13 St. John's Arsenal 5 1 3 1 6 6 0 6
14 Ottawa Fury 5 2 0 3 6 7 −1 6
15 CSKA Quebec 5 1 2 2 3 5 −2 5
16 Dukhoborian 5 1 1 3 4 6 −2 4
17 Vaughan-York Azzurri 5 1 1 3 10 18 −8 4
18 Montreal Impact 5 0 2 3 3 7 −4 2
19 PLI Islanders 5 0 2 3 7 14 −7 2
20 Iqaluit Red Army 5 0 1 4 1 5 −4 1

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 1–0 St. John's Arsenal
Swanguard Athletic 1–1 PLI Islanders
Heart of Saguenay 3–0 Haligonian
Zenit Attawapiskat 1–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Montreal Koreana 1–2 Montreal Impact
Olympique de Rimouski 3–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Winnipeg United 0–1 Dukhoborian
Iqaluit Red Army 1–1 Kingston FC
Hamilton Steelers 1–1 CSKA Quebec
Ottawa Fury 1–2 Perce Town

Perce Town 1–6 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
CSKA Quebec
3–1 Ottawa Fury
Kingston FC 5–3 Hamilton Steelers
Dukhoborian 1–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Vaughan-York Azzurri 2–0 Winnipeg United
Montreal Impact 1–0 Olympique de Rimouski
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 3–0 Montreal Koreana
Haligonian 0–5 Zenit Attawapiskat
PLI Islanders 1–4 Heart of Saguenay
St. John's Arsenal
1–0 Swanguard Athletic

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 1–0 Swanguard Athletic
Heart of Saguenay 1–3 St. John's Arsenal
Zenit Attawapiskat
3–0 PLI Islanders
Montreal Koreana 0–4 Haligonian
Olympique de Rimouski 0–0 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Winnipeg United 1–3 Montreal Impact
Iqaluit Red Army 0–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Hamilton Steelers 0–1 Dukhoborian
Ottawa Fury 5–7 Kingston FC
Perce Town 0–1 CSKA Quebec

CSKA Quebec 2–1 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Kingston FC 1–0 Perce Town
Dukhoborian 5–4 Ottawa Fury
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–1 Hamilton Steelers
Montreal Impact
1–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 1–3 Winnipeg United
1–0 Olympique de Rimouski
PLI Islanders 1–5 Montreal Koreana
St. John's Arsenal
3–1 Zenit Attawapiskat
Swanguard Athletic 1–2 Heart of Saguenay

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 5–5 Heart of Saguenay
Zenit Attawapiskat 1–3 Swanguard Athletic
Montreal Koreana 1–3 St. John's Arsenal
Olympique de Rimouski 2–2 PLI Islanders
Winnipeg United 1–5 Haligonian
Iqaluit Red Army 0–0 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Hamilton Steelers 2–2 Montreal Impact
Ottawa Fury 7–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Perce Town 1–1 Dukhoborian
CSKA Quebec 2–0 Kingston FC

2041-42 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Haligonian 10 7 1 2 23 14 +9 22
2 Kingston FC 10 6 2 2 24 19 +5 20
3 Heart of Saguenay 10 6 1 3 28 19 +9 19
4 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 10 6 1 3 25 18 +7 19
5 St. John's Arsenal 10 5 3 2 16 10 +6 18
6 CSKA Quebec 10 5 3 2 12 8 +4 18
7 Dukhoborian 10 5 2 3 13 11 +2 17
8 Montreal Koreana 10 5 1 4 20 17 +3 16
9 Montreal Impact 10 4 3 3 12 11 +1 15
10 Zenit Attawapiskat 10 4 2 4 17 13 +4 14
11 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 10 3 5 2 12 11 +1 14
12 Perce Town 10 4 2 4 9 12 −3 14
13 Olympique de Rimouski 10 3 4 3 14 15 −1 13
14 Hamilton Steelers 10 3 3 4 11 14 −3 12
15 Swanguard Athletic 10 3 2 5 8 9 −1 11
16 Winnipeg United 10 3 1 6 12 16 −4 10
17 Ottawa Fury 10 3 0 7 24 25 −1 9
18 Vaughan-York Azzurri 10 2 2 6 14 29 −15 8
19 Iqaluit Red Army 10 0 4 6 2 8 −6 4
20 PLI Islanders 10 0 4 6 12 29 −17 4

Yong-Heon's Football Blog!, coming from Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch

5 Most Memorable Anthems of Q-League 2041-42
Leland Guettirez-Ighalo

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - Being a country known for the internationally infamous supporters' group, the Bubonic Plague, Royal Kingdom of Quebec is known for its ultra culture, but especially their anthems. This comes back to the time when the footballing traditions were much more domestic and regional in nature, meaning that you would hear your fathers and grandfathers singing about it on tavern with their joes and boos.

Today, we would like to introduce 5 of the most memorable anthems from this year's Q-League teams, with fitting explanations added to them.


'Goner Cecily-O' tells the story of a group of Schottic lads leaving a provincial town named Babylon. Of course, there's no Babylon in Schottia nor Quebec, so there is a likelier sense of biblical allusion given to it. The famous story, which grows into a known urban legend in Halifax, begins when the young craftsman named Eddy calls in love with a young woman named Cecily, and asks her to come with him to Quebec. She declines because of her fear of leaving her home, and he swears vengeance if he ever returns. The song ends in a sad note decade later, with Cecily learning that he died while on board the ship, having found his love in the neighbourhood named Ceciliad. Given the importance of Ceciliad as one of several original Schottic-Quebecois neighbourhoods, this may have been a way to commemorate the Schottic-Quebecois heritage of the Arrondissement-Sud, Halifax.

Starting in 1990s, Halifax emerged as a centre for Quebecois music and film, most notably in actor Sir. Joel-Lynn McCarthy. While the Halifax native was never a singer himself, Sir. Joel's wife, Dame Irene, was a well-known Jazz singer by early-mid 2000s, and also worked on a country-folk band named Cygnus with her twin Diane and bandmates Miguel Cervantes, Simone Nault, Khadjimurat Baev and Joh Jeong-Sook. In 2012, Cygnus, based on a lyrics written by Dame Irene and Diane, released 'Goner Cecili-o' as a tribute to Haligonian football club that both Sir. Joel (who grew up cheering for them) and Diane (a former footballer with nearby St. Mary's College for her collegiate career) were a fan of. It reached a number one and resulted in the Haligonian supporters in the A-Sud singing it for two weeks it was on top of the charts.

Since then, it became a matter of folklore for not just the Hals fans, but also the Schottic-Quebecois people- the most famous example of this song being sung in recent times was on the third week of the season, when Haligonian fans sung the song to welcome back Leonardo Conavacio on their home opener. The game, a 5-1 win over PLI Islanders, was particularly memorable because of his symbol as a history of Quebecois footballers in Schottia (both through marriage and his short but memorable run with Port Sebastian), but it was the first home game for the college signing Lyall Murphy, a Schottian who spent a four-year career with Northwestern University.


Since we're talking about clubs built by immigrants, it makes sense to take the northbound train and pop into Stade de Saguenay, the home to Chicoutimi-based Heart of Saguenay. The Hearts' ultra isn't as notorious as that of the Hibs, and their anthem certainly doesn't have a tragic backstory comparable to that of Schottian immigration to Quebec. Still, they do have a particularly captivating song that reminds us to stay positive in the times of darkness. A classic reggae song by Valladar-Quebecois reggae artist Chico Vieira, 'Ensemble, On Reve d'Etoiles' placed number 2 in 1975, in the middle of economic downturn and the air of instability.

Upon immediate release, the Hearts fans found particular appeal to the song and made it their own, first singing it on that year's Boxing Day match against Moncton Schooners. The popular theory behind the song's adoption was that it talked of overcoming the sense of communal discord that was fuelled by gang violence and unemployment prevalent in Chicoutimi at the time. The other theory was that Vieira, a Hearts fan who grew up in the city, and secretly went to watch the game in one of the boxes, so the club played the song to acknowledge his presence without risking the life of one of their most famous supporters in club history. Since then, the song is sung in every home match, filled with marijuana smell and 50 tons of Maroon hand flares.


When it comes to kicking off their matchday experience, ignoring Haligonian would mean a grave disrespect. I mean, no other club in Quebec can claim that the city's 4 fortresses launch fire from 44 19th-century styled cannons, as the players run into the turf into the Iqaluit Stadium that's already covered with 100 tons of red hand flares. Cannon Cannon Fire has been popular in Quebec since it was released in 1989 which, if you understand the context of the Cold War that stood within Quebecois Commonwealth for much of the second half of 20th century, would make perfect contextual sense. Introduced by then-manager Ivan Semenov-Ittigaltuk, the song is best remembered for marking a critical change that laid ahead for the nation in Marian Lecavalier years. Ironically enough, it was briefly used for the campaign rally song by New Democratic Party in the 2006 Quebecois elections, before the lawsuit coming from the original singer of the song, Michael Shin, forced the Party to withdraw it. Since then, the song has stayed largely independent from partisanship, and is now remembered along with the sea of red and cannons that come with it.


Written in the same melody as 'Alma Mater Cliù', the legendary school song of Queen's College, 'Glory Glory Koreana' was first introduced to the Koreana folklore by the rock band Bulkgot (means flames in Korean) on their song 'My Home Montreal', a song dedicated in their homage to the Quebecois metropolis the members all originate from. While already a long popular tune, the song's popularity in football took off with Montreal Koreana. Since first singing the song in 1987, Koreana fans took it on their own to kick off the return of now the winningest club in Quebecois history, and made it more than just a football anthem.

With a critical link to their hated rivals CSKA, the first time the Koreana fans sang the song was on the home leg of the 1987-88 Q-League season. It was said that the Koreana fans, after an epic comeback that led the Montreal side to a 3-3 tie after being down 0-3 at the halftime, turned the song at the 91st minute of the game and started making up their lyrics as they sang to the tune. Since then it was officially adopted by Montreal Koreana, with the Koreana fans waving their flags in the sea of blue and white before the kickoff, during intermission, and after every home win. Of course, with the club's fortunes having turned around under the direction of the late Sir. Kim Ji-Choon, there have been plenty of times to sing the song after the final whistle's blown.


The newest one on the list is a bit of a bizarre selection, yes. Still, we felt that it deserved a mention because it caught massive popularity among Winnipeg United supporters, whose need of solace in a depressing season led into something quite hilarious.

Officially called 'Vamonos Muchachos' but better described as 'Pegrino', this anthem is played before the first whistle and the start of the first half of every United home game. The origins of the song was a bit simpler than that of 'Glory Glory Koreana'. Famous Caraqueno actress Elaina Mendez and local rapper Senor Mondial came up with the original composition as the second song to their latest single 'Hometown Babe'.

Of course, things worked out the other way. While 'Hometown Homie' placed 5th at the Quebecois Charts, ever-so-savvy United supporters were immediately hooked to what was supposed to be a secondary addition to the single album. The song placed on top of the Quebecois charts, staying at it for six full weeks. Unfortunately, the 2-2 tie against CSKA Quebec on the first match of the season, brought by the chant, has yet to improve much of the club's fortune on this early season...

Kingston FC 3–1 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Dukhoborian 0–0 CSKA Quebec
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–1 Perce Town
Montreal Impact 0–2 Ottawa Fury
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 4–1 Hamilton Steelers
Haligonian 0–2 Iqaluit Red Army
PLI Islanders 5–5 Winnipeg United
St. John's Arsenal 3–0 Olympique de Rimouski
Swanguard Athletic 1–3 Montreal Koreana
Heart of Saguenay
3–0 Zenit Attawapiskat

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 3–1 Zenit Attawapiskat
Montreal Koreana 3–0 Heart of Saguenay
Olympique de Rimouski 0–0 Swanguard Athletic
Winnipeg United 4–3 St. John's Arsenal
Iqaluit Red Army 1–0 PLI Islanders
Hamilton Steelers 1–1 Haligonian
Ottawa Fury 3–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Perce Town 0–1 Montreal Impact
CSKA Quebec 0–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Kingston FC 4–1 Dukhoborian

Dukhoborian 0–3 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Vaughan-York Azzurri 1–5 Kingston FC
Montreal Impact 0–1 CSKA Quebec
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 0–1 Perce Town
5–0 Ottawa Fury
PLI Islanders 2–1 Hamilton Steelers
St. John's Arsenal 0–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Swanguard Athletic 1–1 Winnipeg United
Heart of Saguenay 1–3 Olympique de Rimouski
Zenit Attawapiskat 1–3 Montreal Koreana

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 1–1 Montreal Koreana
Olympique de Rimouski 1–0 Zenit Attawapiskat
Winnipeg United 0–8 Heart of Saguenay
Iqaluit Red Army 0–0 Swanguard Athletic
Hamilton Steelers 1–0 St. John's Arsenal
Ottawa Fury 4–6 PLI Islanders
Perce Town 1–2 Haligonian
CSKA Quebec 2–3 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Kingston FC 0–0 Montreal Impact
Dukhoborian 0–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri

Vaughan-York Azzurri 4–3 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Montreal Impact 0–1 Dukhoborian
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 5–5 Kingston FC
Haligonian 0–3 CSKA Quebec
PLI Islanders 0–1 Perce Town
St. John's Arsenal 5–1 Ottawa Fury
Swanguard Athletic 2–1 Hamilton Steelers
Heart of Saguenay 1–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Zenit Attawapiskat 1–0 Winnipeg United
Montreal Koreana 0–3 Olympique de Rimouski

2041-42 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Kingston FC 15 9 4 2 41 27 +14 31
2 Haligonian 15 9 2 4 31 21 +10 29
3 Heart of Saguenay 15 9 1 5 41 25 +16 28
4 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 15 8 2 5 36 27 +9 26
5 Montreal Koreana 15 8 2 5 30 23 +7 26
6 CSKA Quebec 15 7 5 3 18 11 +7 26
7 St. John's Arsenal 15 7 4 4 27 16 +11 25
8 Olympique de Rimouski 15 6 5 4 21 19 +2 23
9 Perce Town 15 7 2 6 13 15 −2 23
10 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 15 5 6 4 25 23 +2 21
11 Dukhoborian 15 6 3 6 15 19 −4 21
12 Montreal Impact 15 5 4 6 13 15 −2 19
13 Swanguard Athletic 15 4 5 6 12 14 −2 17
14 Zenit Attawapiskat 15 5 2 8 20 23 −3 17
15 Hamilton Steelers 15 4 4 7 16 23 −7 16
16 Ottawa Fury 15 5 0 10 34 42 −8 15
17 Winnipeg United 15 4 3 8 22 34 −12 15
18 Vaughan-York Azzurri 15 4 3 8 20 38 −18 15
19 Iqaluit Red Army 15 2 6 7 5 9 −4 12
20 PLI Islanders 15 2 5 8 25 41 −16 11

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 3–0 Olympique de Rimouski
Winnipeg United 1–9 Montreal Koreana
Iqaluit Red Army 0–4 Zenit Attawapiskat
Hamilton Steelers
2–0 Heart of Saguenay
Ottawa Fury 2–1 Swanguard Athletic
Perce Town 0–0 St. John's Arsenal
CSKA Quebec 1–0 PLI Islanders
Kingston FC 1–7 Haligonian
Dukhoborian 1–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Vaughan-York Azzurri 3–2 Montreal Impact

Montreal Impact 1–0 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 0–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Haligonian 0–1 Dukhoborian
PLI Islanders 0–10 Kingston FC
St. John's Arsenal 0–2 CSKA Quebec
Swanguard Athletic 0–2 Perce Town
Heart of Saguenay 1–1 Ottawa Fury
Zenit Attawapiskat 0–4 Hamilton Steelers
Montreal Koreana 0–1 Iqaluit Red Army
Olympique de Rimouski
3–1 Winnipeg United

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 5–3 Winnipeg United
Iqaluit Red Army 1–0 Olympique de Rimouski
Hamilton Steelers 0–3 Montreal Koreana
Ottawa Fury
5–0 Zenit Attawapiskat
Perce Town 0–1 Heart of Saguenay
CSKA Quebec 1–1 Swanguard Athletic
Kingston FC 5–6 St. John's Arsenal
Dukhoborian 0–0 PLI Islanders
Vaughan-York Azzurri 3–1 Haligonian
Montreal Impact 2–0 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877

Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 3–1 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Haligonian 1–0 Montreal Impact
PLI Islanders 3–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri
St. John's Arsenal 4–1 Dukhoborian
Swanguard Athletic 0–7 Kingston FC
Heart of Saguenay 1–1 CSKA Quebec
Zenit Attawapiskat 0–2 Perce Town
Montreal Koreana 6–1 Ottawa Fury
Olympique de Rimouski 7–0 Hamilton Steelers
Winnipeg United 0–2 Iqaluit Red Army

2041-42 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Kingston FC 19 11 4 4 64 40 +24 37
2 Montreal Koreana 19 11 2 6 48 26 +22 35
3 Haligonian 19 11 2 6 40 26 +14 35
4 CSKA Quebec 19 9 7 3 23 13 +10 34
5 Heart of Saguenay 19 10 3 6 44 29 +15 33
6 St. John's Arsenal 19 9 5 5 37 24 +13 32
7 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 19 10 2 7 45 34 +11 32
8 Perce Town 19 9 3 7 17 16 +1 30
9 Olympique de Rimouski 19 8 5 6 31 24 +7 29
10 Dukhoborian 19 7 5 7 18 24 −6 26
11 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 19 6 7 6 29 28 +1 25
12 Montreal Impact 19 7 4 8 18 19 −1 25
13 Vaughan-York Azzurri 19 7 3 9 27 44 −17 24
14 Ottawa Fury 19 7 1 11 43 50 −7 22
15 Hamilton Steelers 19 6 4 9 22 33 −11 22
16 Iqaluit Red Army 19 5 6 8 9 13 −4 21
17 Zenit Attawapiskat 19 6 2 11 24 34 −10 20
18 Swanguard Athletic 19 4 6 9 14 26 −12 18
19 PLI Islanders 19 3 6 10 28 52 −24 15
20 Winnipeg United 19 4 3 12 27 53 −26 15

Sir. Jayson Dhanda, forever a fighter, passes into eternity
Nicolas Milliken-Milner

QUEBEC CITY, CAPITALE-NATIONALE - The statement issued by his family confirmed that Sir. Jayson Dhanda died peacefully at his home in Quebec City with his wife and family beside him.

Within hours, the rows of floral and photographic tributes have already been laid at the Quebecois national football team's home ground, the Reneegrad. The RQFA previously confirmed that the fans will be able to leave their tributes for the next week.

The statement also confirmed that the private funeral would be held, while a celebration of life ceremony will happen in June, upon Mr. Dhanda's wish not to leave further conflict with Q-League schedule than already expected.

The federal province of Capitale-Nationale held a minute of silence at 11:30 a.m., following the announcement made at the Royal Palace under His Majesty, Jacques IX of Quebec. This was followed by the flags being flown at half mast at the Reneegrad, CSKA Stadium, and the Royal Quebecois Football Association's Headquarters at 1876 Abbotsford Boulevard.

A Book of Remembrance has also been opened at the Hall of Remembrance at The Reneegrad, which will be available for the week as well. One minute of silence will also be held at all Quebecois football matches over the course of this weekend.

Most members of the Quebecois national football team and the RQFF staff, dating back to Dhanda's time with Quebecois national team, are expected to be arriving in Quebec City later this evening, and are expected to be presented at the funeral. This includes Q-League managers Leonardo Conavacio, Jannick Kontiola, and Devane Miller, who will be taking a federation-mandated leave of absence from their duty with Haligonian, Montreal Koreana and Olympique de Rimouski.

Born in Utica, Osarius, Sir. Jayson grew up in the Utica United's academy before embarking on a thirteen-year long career with the United. He was also a longtime member of the Osarian national team, also captaining the international power on occasion.

After his celebrated career as footballer, Dhanda's club managerial career continued for many decades. He initially began as a player-manager at Charleston Athletic (now Ajamilu FC), before he moved to national academy and then the developmental manager with the Osarian national football team.

After a couple of years with the Osarian national team program, he was appointed as the manager of the Quebecois national football team, shortly after the retirement of legendary Sir. Kim Ji-Choon following the World Cup 69. Taking over the Grim Reapers side that was renowned for its offensive prowess but lacked consistency, he continued the national team's evolution during his 8 years with 2 quarterfinal finishes (WC73 and WC74) and a round of 16 finish (WC71). His time was remembered in particular for the development and maturation of world-class talent that was coming into age at the end of his predecessor's time, not to mention that of his own too.

After his time in Quebec City, his managerial career continued in Valladares, where he led the Valladar national team to a runner-up finish in World Cup 74 during his 8 year reign, before his dismissal following the WCQ79. Because of this, he is remembered very fondly in both nations, with his managerial reigns both resulting in glories back in his days.

Dhanda had fought a long battle against cancer, being diagnosed six years ago in 2036. He beat the initial stomach cancer and continued to fight well against diabetes (which he was diagnosed with in 2032), before being diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago.

Sir. Jayson married his wife Alexandra, a high school sweetheart of his, in 1991. He is survived by Alexandra, their daughters Eloise and Bernice, and 5 grandchildren. His grandson, Sergueï Chtchedrine-Dhanda, is an up-and-coming prospect.

Royal Quebecois Football Federation issued a statement that they are 'deeply saddened' by the loss the Quebecois footballing community has suffered.

Fatima Naser, the Operations Director of the RQFF, said: 'Sir Jayson was the true legend of the international football, whose contribution to international football in both Quebec and Valladares were highly valuable. He will be dearly missed by all of us in the sporting world and the Quebecois nation.'

The likewise sentiment was repeated by Asociacion del Futbol de Valladares and Osarian Football Association. Earlier this morning, the AFV released their press statement on the manager's passing: 'The Asociación Valladar de Fútbol wishes to express its sincerest condolences at the departure of former NT manager Jayson Dhanda. He will always be remembered for his hard and dedicated work while coaching La Nacional and by having played a big part in the most recent successes of the Valladar national team, turning it into one 'of the most competitive teams of the multiverse at the time. The thoughts of everyone at the VFA are with his family at this sad moment.

Former national team captain and Marinos Metropolis club legend Zachary Fortin also paid tribute to Sir Jayson. He said: 'Today is a sad day for everyone, especially his family, friends and all those who had the privilege to work with the great man.

'The old sir was an honourable man. He knew how to work with those around him, and always stayed honourable and respectful. In the years when he was part of the Quebecois National Team, he did his best to understand all of us coming from different parts of the nation and the world, and made sure to put us together as a team. The likewise, of course, was repeated with his staff and those who were working for the federation.

'For what he did in football and the community, he was always held with great respect across the World, and this was particularly felt so in Osarius, Quebec and Valladares.

'He was a true fighter, and battled until the last. We will dearly miss him.'
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Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 6–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Winnipeg United 2–0 Hamilton Steelers
Olympique de Rimouski 7–1 Ottawa Fury
Montreal Koreana 3–1 Perce Town
Zenit Attawapiskat 1–0 CSKA Quebec
Heart of Saguenay 0–3 Kingston FC
Swanguard Athletic 0–1 Dukhoborian
St. John's Arsenal
3–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
PLI Islanders 1–0 Montreal Impact
Haligonian 0–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877

Haligonian 5–0 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 7–0 PLI Islanders
Montreal Impact 2–2 St. John's Arsenal
Vaughan-York Azzurri 1–4 Swanguard Athletic
Dukhoborian 1–1 Heart of Saguenay
Kingston FC 7–0 Zenit Attawapiskat
CSKA Quebec 2–1 Montreal Koreana
Perce Town 1–1 Olympique de Rimouski
Ottawa Fury 0–3 Winnipeg United
Hamilton Steelers
1–0 Iqaluit Red Army

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 7–0 Hamilton Steelers
Iqaluit Red Army 0–0 Ottawa Fury
Winnipeg United 0–2 Perce Town
Olympique de Rimouski
2–1 CSKA Quebec
Montreal Koreana 1–3 Kingston FC
Zenit Attawapiskat
1–0 Dukhoborian
Heart of Saguenay 1–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Swanguard Athletic 4–1 Montreal Impact
St. John's Arsenal 2–2 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
PLI Islanders 1–3 Haligonian

PLI Islanders 1–3 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
1–0 St. John's Arsenal
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 0–1 Swanguard Athletic
Montreal Impact 1–1 Heart of Saguenay
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–3 Zenit Attawapiskat
Dukhoborian 2–5 Montreal Koreana
Kingston FC 1–3 Olympique de Rimouski
CSKA Quebec
2–1 Winnipeg United
Perce Town 1–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Ottawa Fury 3–1 Hamilton Steelers

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 0–0 Ottawa Fury
Hamilton Steelers 3–0 Perce Town
Iqaluit Red Army 0–1 CSKA Quebec
Winnipeg United 2–4 Kingston FC
Olympique de Rimouski 0–0 Dukhoborian
Montreal Koreana 1–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Zenit Attawapiskat 0–1 Montreal Impact
Heart of Saguenay 1–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Swanguard Athletic 0–1 Haligonian
St. John's Arsenal 7–3 PLI Islanders

St. John's Arsenal 1–5 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
PLI Islanders 0–1 Swanguard Athletic
Haligonian 1–1 Heart of Saguenay
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 4–0 Zenit Attawapiskat
Montreal Impact 3–7 Montreal Koreana
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–2 Olympique de Rimouski
Dukhoborian 2–1 Winnipeg United
Kingston FC 0–1 Iqaluit Red Army
CSKA Quebec 3–1 Hamilton Steelers
Perce Town 4–1 Ottawa Fury

2041-42 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Kingston FC 25 15 4 6 82 47 +35 49
2 Haligonian 25 15 3 7 51 29 +22 48
3 CSKA Quebec 25 13 7 5 32 19 +13 46
4 Montreal Koreana 25 14 3 8 66 38 +28 45
5 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 25 14 3 8 66 41 +25 45
6 Olympique de Rimouski 25 12 7 6 46 28 +18 43
7 St. John's Arsenal 25 11 7 7 52 38 +14 40
8 Perce Town 25 12 4 9 26 24 +2 40
9 Heart of Saguenay 25 10 8 7 49 37 +12 38
10 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 25 9 9 7 44 32 +12 36
11 Dukhoborian 25 9 7 9 24 32 −8 34
12 Swanguard Athletic 25 8 6 11 24 30 −6 30
13 Montreal Impact 25 8 6 11 26 34 −8 30
14 Zenit Attawapiskat 25 9 2 14 29 46 −17 29
15 Hamilton Steelers 25 8 4 13 28 48 −20 28
16 Ottawa Fury 25 8 3 14 48 65 −17 27
17 Vaughan-York Azzurri 25 7 5 13 31 58 −27 26
18 Iqaluit Red Army 25 6 7 12 10 22 −12 25
19 Winnipeg United 25 6 3 16 36 63 −27 21
20 PLI Islanders 25 4 6 15 34 73 −39 18

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 1–2 Perce Town
Ottawa Fury 0–2 CSKA Quebec
Hamilton Steelers 3–1 Kingston FC
Iqaluit Red Army 0–1 Dukhoborian
Winnipeg United 1–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Olympique de Rimouski 0–0 Montreal Impact
Montreal Koreana 3–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Zenit Attawapiskat 4–1 Haligonian
Heart of Saguenay 3–3 PLI Islanders
Swanguard Athletic 5–3 St. John's Arsenal

Swanguard Athletic 7–3 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
St. John's Arsenal 3–7 Heart of Saguenay
PLI Islanders 2–1 Zenit Attawapiskat
Haligonian 0–6 Montreal Koreana
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 1–3 Olympique de Rimouski
Montreal Impact 2–0 Winnipeg United
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–1 Iqaluit Red Army
Dukhoborian 0–1 Hamilton Steelers
Kingston FC 5–1 Ottawa Fury
CSKA Quebec 0–0 Perce Town

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 1–0 CSKA Quebec
Perce Town 2–1 Kingston FC
Ottawa Fury 1–1 Dukhoborian
Hamilton Steelers 1–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Iqaluit Red Army 0–1 Montreal Impact
Winnipeg United 1–3 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Olympique de Rimouski 3–0 Haligonian
Montreal Koreana 5–0 PLI Islanders
Zenit Attawapiskat 3–3 St. John's Arsenal
Heart of Saguenay 0–4 Swanguard Athletic

Heart of Saguenay 1–7 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Swanguard Athletic 0–3 Zenit Attawapiskat
St. John's Arsenal 1–7 Montreal Koreana
PLI Islanders 1–1 Olympique de Rimouski
Haligonian 3–3 Winnipeg United
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 3–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Montreal Impact 0–1 Hamilton Steelers
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–5 Ottawa Fury
Dukhoborian 0–1 Perce Town
Kingston FC 0–1 CSKA Quebec

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 2–0 Kingston FC
CSKA Quebec 0–1 Dukhoborian
Perce Town 2–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Ottawa Fury 0–0 Montreal Impact
Hamilton Steelers 5–5 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Iqaluit Red Army 2–1 Haligonian
Winnipeg United 1–1 PLI Islanders
Olympique de Rimouski 3–3 St. John's Arsenal
Montreal Koreana 4–0 Swanguard Athletic
Zenit Attawapiskat 0–7 Heart of Saguenay

2041-42 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Montreal Koreana 30 19 3 8 91 40 +51 60
2 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 30 17 3 10 80 51 +29 54
3 CSKA Quebec 30 15 8 7 35 21 +14 53
4 Perce Town 30 16 5 9 33 26 +7 53
5 Kingston FC 30 16 4 10 89 56 +33 52
6 Olympique de Rimouski 30 14 10 6 56 33 +23 52
7 Haligonian 30 15 4 11 56 47 +9 49
8 Heart of Saguenay 30 12 9 9 67 54 +13 45
9 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 30 11 10 9 57 44 +13 43
10 St. John's Arsenal 30 11 9 10 65 63 +2 42
11 Dukhoborian 30 11 8 11 27 35 −8 41
12 Hamilton Steelers 30 12 5 13 39 54 −15 41
13 Swanguard Athletic 30 11 6 13 40 43 −3 39
14 Montreal Impact 30 10 8 12 29 35 −6 38
15 Zenit Attawapiskat 30 11 3 16 40 59 −19 36
16 Ottawa Fury 30 9 5 16 55 73 −18 32
17 Iqaluit Red Army 30 8 7 15 13 28 −15 31
18 Winnipeg United 30 7 5 18 42 72 −30 26
19 Vaughan-York Azzurri 30 7 5 18 31 68 −37 26
20 PLI Islanders 30 5 9 16 41 84 −43 24

Zenit Attawapiskat 3–5 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Heart of Saguenay 0–1 Montreal Koreana
Swanguard Athletic
1–0 Olympique de Rimouski
St. John's Arsenal 5–0 Winnipeg United
PLI Islanders 1–0 Iqaluit Red Army
Haligonian 0–1 Hamilton Steelers
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
3–1 Ottawa Fury
Montreal Impact 0–1 Perce Town
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–2 CSKA Quebec
Dukhoborian 0–1 Kingston FC

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 1–1 Dukhoborian
Kingston FC 5–5 Vaughan-York Azzurri
CSKA Quebec 0–0 Montreal Impact
Perce Town 2–0 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Ottawa Fury 3–3 Haligonian
Hamilton Steelers 1–1 PLI Islanders
Iqaluit Red Army 0–1 St. John's Arsenal
Winnipeg United 1–1 Swanguard Athletic
Olympique de Rimouski 1–1 Heart of Saguenay
Montreal Koreana 3–5 Zenit Attawapiskat

Montreal Koreana 4–2 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Zenit Attawapiskat 3–5 Olympique de Rimouski
Heart of Saguenay 1–5 Winnipeg United
Swanguard Athletic 1–1 Iqaluit Red Army
St. John's Arsenal 0–1 Hamilton Steelers
PLI Islanders 1–1 Ottawa Fury
Haligonian 3–1 Perce Town
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 0–1 CSKA Quebec
Montreal Impact 1–1 Kingston FC
Vaughan-York Azzurri 2–4 Dukhoborian

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 1–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Dukhoborian 0–0 Montreal Impact
Kingston FC 1–4 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
CSKA Quebec 1–2 Haligonian
Perce Town
2–0 PLI Islanders
Ottawa Fury 1–5 St. John's Arsenal
Hamilton Steelers 1–1 Swanguard Athletic
Iqaluit Red Army 1–0 Heart of Saguenay
Winnipeg United 2–4 Zenit Attawapiskat
Olympique de Rimouski 1–1 Montreal Koreana

Olympique de Rimouski 3–3 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Montreal Koreana 10–6 Winnipeg United
Zenit Attawapiskat 1–2 Iqaluit Red Army
Heart of Saguenay
1–0 Hamilton Steelers
[b]Swanguard Athletic[/b] 5–3 Ottawa Fury
St. John's Arsenal 2–3 Perce Town
PLI Islanders 1–5 CSKA Quebec
6–0 Kingston FC
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 0–1 Dukhoborian
Montreal Impact 0–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 5–1 Montreal Impact
Vaughan-York Azzurri 1–5 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Dukhoborian 1–4 Haligonian
Kingston FC 1–0 PLI Islanders
CSKA Quebec 0–1 St. John's Arsenal
Perce Town 0–0 Swanguard Athletic
Ottawa Fury 1–1 Heart of Saguenay
Hamilton Steelers 1–0 Zenit Attawapiskat
Iqaluit Red Army 0–0 Montreal Koreana
Winnipeg United 1–3 Olympique de Rimouski

Winnipeg United 1–3 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa
Olympique de Rimouski 0–6 Iqaluit Red Army
Montreal Koreana 0–4 Hamilton Steelers
Zenit Attawapiskat 0–1 Ottawa Fury
Heart of Saguenay 0–3 Perce Town
Swanguard Athletic 0–1 CSKA Quebec
St. John's Arsenal 1–5 Kingston FC
PLI Islanders
1–0 Dukhoborian
Haligonian 1–0 Vaughan-York Azzurri
Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 5–1 Montreal Impact

Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 7–7 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877
Montreal Impact 0–2 Haligonian
Vaughan-York Azzurri 0–1 PLI Islanders
Dukhoborian 1–1 St. John's Arsenal
Kingston FC 0–1 Swanguard Athletic
CSKA Quebec
1–0 Heart of Saguenay
Perce Town 1–2 Zenit Attawapiskat
Ottawa Fury 1–3 Montreal Koreana
Hamilton Steelers
5–3 Olympique de Rimouski
Iqaluit Red Army 0–3 Winnipeg United

Somewhere in Halifax, two weeks later...

'So, what's next?' Derek Hanson Jr. asked his father, Leonardo, as they were on their way back home on Leonardo's car. Lots of pressure were taken off since the previous weekend: first Coupe du Roi since 2016, a solid fourth place finish, and now all's clear for about a month before things would get hectic again with offseason planning. For once, Leo's the one driving their son home.

First full season as a professional manager had meant lots of weight to Conavacio and his household of 4, and of course Leo knew that it was not a normal job. I mean, the Conavacios continued to come back to Quebec on regular frequency after Leo's move to Equestrian States, and they would spend about a month with the quartet's grandparents in St. John's. But a permanent return to Quebec, to manage a team famous for its Schottian-Quebecois heritage and Leo's predecessor Norman Hacker, was still something. Having grown up in Manechester, where his father was the flashy second-in-command to the infamous Val Kylx, Derek could feel in the air all the nerves and excitement that coexisted in the streets of Halifax.

'Not sure,' Leo answered with uncertainty, slowly moving his shoulders around as he tried to think of what's next. 'Maybe we can think a bit about it when we get back home.' Derek wondered if his father was just tired, or annoyed with the volume of work ahead. Haligonian finished fourth and won the Cup, but quite unconvincingly so and nobody was happy about it. This, in combination with his brother Enrico coming back to likely discuss his next career in about a week's time, left both the father and his youngest son pretending to have forgotten about what's next. Still, Derek Jr knew very well about how his father was not really in a good state of health. Even when during his decade-long prime, Leonardo was infamous for not really taking care of his health. Derek Jr. knew from early age that cigarette smoking is bad, but also understood that he couldn't really quit. He never witnessed it in person, but had known the smell all along his life was quite worried at the rate of cigarette smoking his parents indulged upon.

'Why don't we see visit nono and nona?' Derek Jr. asked, looking outside the car window. He knew his father always felt guilty for not being able to visit his elderly parents enough, especially as his coach-managerial duties ramped up with Manechester and Haligonian. He knew that they just drove past a couple of hills and were getting closer to their home on the Eastern end of Halifax. This also meant that Leonardo Conavacio, as always, would start speeding around this point. 'Maybe we should just go there for a week, and visit auntie Hazel and uncle Eugene (McNair).'

The mention of van Robben, his ex-girlfriend and longtime teammate, had Leo squint his eyes for a second. Everybody had known about their relationship, and the fact that it was several years before Leo met Claire at Alianza FC didn't change the topic from being tabooed for most part. Still, Leonardo had to calm down and pretend nothing's wrong with the suggestion. 'Sounds like a good idea, Derek. Been a while since we last seen them, eh?' Leo nodded as the car accelerated on a flat road. Woops, Derek thought as he adjusted his glasses, knowing that his father was an awful driver. They say the habits don't die so quickly after all, and Leonardo is a creature of them. 'At least we can bring something palpable to them this time. Someday, you'll make grandpa and grandma proud too.'

'But I won't be the ones bringing the cups home...' he sighed, checking his cell phone. 'And I'm the only one not so athletic enough-'

'Don't say that again, Derek Hanson-Conavacio,' Leo warned, 'You know mummy and daddy loves all four of you equally.'

'It's true..'

'What's true?'

'That I'm the only one not out there...' came up from Derek's mouth. It was something that has been on his mind for some time. Truth be told, he felt slightly odd and out of fit since coming back to Quebec. After growing up in Equestrian States, where his father was 'that foreigner' but could get away with camouflages, since he was one, coming back as the national hero's son was quite overwhelming for him. Unlike his sibligngs, he seldom saw playing time on the middle school team (note: Halifax Grammar is a K-12 private school famous for its scouting of kids from all over the eastern half of Acadie province), and the pressure of being the brother of breakout star Enrico and wunderkind Hazel left him thinking a lot about why he had to be the physically ungifted one in the family.

To make it worse, it's not as if Derek Jr. didn't know about it either. If anything, he was highly cognisant of it all. Being one half Hanson and other half Conavacio, he knew a lot about the games the others did not even think of at his young age, and had his father's speaking skills to talk about strategies for hours and hours. But not being able to translate them at the pitch...that was certainly something that he was frustrated about. Besides, what can being the smartest kid in his form really give to him? It's not like he shared the bad boy element of earlier Conavacio; he's much more in line with the Conavacio of Porty days who was happy just to become a happy husband and a dad. I mean, Handon United fans will say otherwise, but that's not really the point here, dear reader. The guy's just as frustrated about that as the sixth grader boy's crush on an eighth grader girl.

'Yes, but you're the only Conavacio to have won a dux in grade 7...and we can surely find time to travel to Reneegrad!' Leonardo exclaimed in glee, raising his left hand outside the window in an effort to improve the mood of the topic. The same talk happening over and over again, about Derek Jr.'s inability to play sports at high level, was something that the father of four wasn't happy about, and hearing it on the way back from Halifax Grammar, where Derek Jr was the smartest kid in the form, was frustrating too. He knew from his struggles as a dyslexic schoolboy in St. John's that expecting everybody to be smart or athletic was rather ludicrous, and knew very well that being good at one thing and have others help him to learn over time would be a better idea. 'Who knows? You might work there like your mummy in Handon, and get to fly around the world too. you got your mother's brains, and we're all thankful that we at least have one genius in the family!''

'Thanks dad. That makes me wonder: I do wonder if the physios in Reneegrad will give us 'roids when we visit the facilities,' He said. 'Jimmy Huntley said to me over lunch that 'your papa must be on roids and grams of viga-agra back in the day', and I wonder if he's right..'

Well, as you can see here, Kids don't always translate jokes well. In this case, his best friend probably alluded to something more sexual about Derek's parents, but was lost in translation....and the kid didn't get it.

'No, no, no, we're not gonna talk like that today, young mister,' he said, giving his son a thumbs up, before moving it back to the steering wheel. 'Mummy won't like it.' Chuckling on the inside, Leo knew that he was certainly a lucky guy. For every impulsive Claire, as he always says on family breakfast (whenever Enrico and Hazel come back from abroad), there's a passionate Leo. And for every arrogant Enrico, there's a humble Hazel. And finally, for every beast-like Matteo, there's an ingenious Derek Jr, and he loved how he was blessed to be living in such a household. He just wished that Derek Jr. would learn to appreciate humour and mistranslation with ease.
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Q-League standings

2041-42 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Montreal Koreana 38 23 5 10 113 59 +54 74
2 CSKA Quebec 38 20 9 9 46 25 +21 69
3 Perce Town 38 21 6 11 46 33 +13 69
4 Haligonian 38 21 5 12 77 54 +23 68
5 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 38 20 7 11 107 72 +35 67
6 Kingston FC 38 19 6 13 103 74 +29 63
7 Olympique de Rimouski 38 16 13 9 72 54 +18 61
8 Hamilton Steelers 38 17 7 14 53 60 −7 58
9 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 38 15 11 12 81 59 +22 56
10 St. John's Arsenal 38 15 10 13 81 74 +7 55
11 Swanguard Athletic 38 14 10 14 50 50 0 52
12 Heart of Saguenay 38 13 11 14 71 67 +4 50
13 Dukhoborian 38 13 11 14 35 45 −10 50
14 Zenit Attawapiskat 38 14 3 21 58 79 −21 45
15 Iqaluit Red Army 38 11 9 18 23 35 −12 42
16 Montreal Impact 38 10 12 16 32 49 −17 42
17 Ottawa Fury 38 10 8 20 67 94 −27 38 PRO/REL PLAYOFFS
18 PLI Islanders 38 8 11 19 47 94 −47 35 RELEGATION
19 Winnipeg United 38 9 6 23 61 99 −38 33 RELEGATION
20 Vaughan-York Azzurri 38 7 8 23 40 87 −47 29 RELEGATION

Beolgyo Kilmarnock 5–5 Ottawa Fury
Ottawa Fury 2–2 Beolgyo Kilmarnock
Tied 7-7, Ottawa Fury wins on away goals

Quebecois League Championship standings

Quebecois League Championship  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Trojana Condommakers FC 46 26 13 7 63 27 +36 91 PROMOTION
2 Hochelaga 46 25 14 7 75 35 +40 89 PROMOTION
3 Northandryun Rovers 46 26 9 11 105 58 +47 87 PROMOTION

4 Beolgyo Kilmarnock 46 25 12 9 100 61 +39 87 PRO/REL PLAYOFFS
5 Mipojoseon 46 25 9 12 91 63 +28 84
6 AS Blainville 46 24 11 11 120 60 +60 83
7 Club Racing Sept-Iles 46 23 13 10 124 62 +62 82
8 Lakeshore 46 22 11 13 98 55 +43 77
9 Sangju Sangmu 46 22 11 13 50 34 +16 77
10 Nunavut North Stars 46 18 15 13 48 31 +17 69
11 London FC 46 19 11 16 49 32 +17 68
12 AJ Rouyn-Noranda 46 18 9 19 45 42 +3 63
13 RC Hanyang 46 18 8 20 59 61 −2 62
14 Leaside Lions 46 17 10 19 67 70 −3 61
15 Winnipeg Spartak 46 16 12 18 47 44 +3 60
16 RC Gaeseong 46 16 12 18 87 102 −15 60
17 Moncton Schooners 46 16 10 20 70 72 −2 58
18 Levis Athletic 46 15 9 22 88 96 −8 54
19 FNB Futbol 46 13 12 21 69 92 −23 51
20 Ottford United 46 12 9 25 51 110 −59 45
21 Amos Grenadiers 1878 46 11 9 26 26 61 −35 42 PRO/REL PLAYOFFS
22 Smallwood 46 9 13 24 35 66 −31 40 RELEGATION
23 Prince Eric Wanderers 46 9 7 30 48 113 −65 34 RELEGATION
24 Montreal City 46 2 1 43 21 189 −168 7 RELEGATION

Mokpo City 1–0 Amos Grenadiers 1878
Amos Grenadiers 1878 0–1 Mokpo City
Mokpo City wins, 2-0. Mokpo City is promoted to the Quebecois League Championship, Amos Grenadiers 1878 relegated to the League One.

Quebecois League One standings

League One 2041-42 Season  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Capital District Transit 38 27 8 3 141 42 +99 89 PROMOTION
2 Bathurst City 38 24 9 5 106 40 +66 81 PROMOTION
3 SC Roberval 38 24 9 5 55 25 +30 81 PROMOTION

4 Mokpo City 38 24 7 7 103 46 +57 79 PRO/REL PLAYOFFS
5 Cornwall Clippers 38 23 6 9 105 44 +61 75
6 Sarnia 4.25 38 23 4 11 57 31 +26 73
7 Saint John Koreana 38 19 10 9 56 35 +21 67
8 Baie-Verte 38 18 7 13 82 65 +17 61
9 AC Trojanajara 38 16 8 14 64 46 +18 56
10 Petawawa Regiment 38 16 8 14 59 62 −3 56
11 AS Val d'Or 38 15 6 17 74 77 −3 51
12 St-Bernard 38 13 11 14 36 29 +7 50
13 Damyang Reed Blazers 38 13 10 15 72 73 −1 49
14 Ogoki Valley Ojibwa 38 12 6 20 33 53 −20 42
15 Sherbrooke Sparta 38 9 10 19 60 92 −32 37
16 Hochelaga Lions 38 10 6 22 58 102 −44 36
17 Pacific FC 38 6 8 24 34 111 −77 26 PRO/REL PLAYOFFS
18 Escuminac 38 5 9 24 42 101 −59 24 RELEGATION
19 Nauwigewauk Union 38 6 6 26 40 114 −74 24 RELEGATION
20 Labrador Flying Lice 38 1 4 33 17 106 −89 7 RELEGATION

Daedonggang 3.26 3–3 Pacific FC
Pacific FC 1–1 Daedonggang 3.26
Tied 4-4, Pacific FC wins and stays in the League One.

Quebecois League Two standings

League Two 2041-42 Season  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Songaksan FC 38 37 0 1 114 13 +101 111 PROMOTION
2 Andong City 38 30 5 3 205 40 +165 95 PROMOTION
3 Petawawa Army 38 24 7 7 68 20 +48 79 PROMOTION

4 Daedonggang 3.26 38 23 9 6 136 48 +88 78 PRO/REL PLAYOFFS
5 FC McAdam 38 23 7 8 125 52 +73 76
6 Daedonggang United 38 21 5 12 136 55 +81 68
7 Olympique d'Outremont 38 19 8 11 93 72 +21 65
8 Guelph 1908 38 19 6 13 75 54 +21 63
9 Montreal 1862 38 18 7 13 126 82 +44 61
10 Levis United 38 16 11 11 110 65 +45 59
11 Saskatchewan 38 14 11 13 49 38 +11 53
12 Miramichi FC 38 17 2 19 87 88 −1 53
13 FC Megantic 38 14 7 17 99 100 −1 49
14 FC Antigonish 38 13 9 16 49 45 +4 48
15 CS Longeuil 38 9 7 22 65 106 −41 34
16 Club Phenix de Quebec 38 7 4 27 60 130 −70 25
17 Yarmouth Yeomen 38 6 5 27 54 168 −114 23 RELEGATION - EAST
18 Fredericton FC 38 6 4 28 30 81 −51 22 RELEGATION - EAST
19 Thunder Bay Wednesday 38 3 6 29 28 134 −106 15 RELEGATION - WEST
20 Durham Tigers 38 0 2 36 9 327 −318 2 RELEGATION - WEST

Quebecois League Three standings - West and East Divisions

League 3 West 2041-42 Season   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Mississaugua-Brampton Ajax 26 22 2 2 140 21 +119 68 PROMOTION
2 Academie Coreene d'Abitibi 26 20 2 4 54 9 +45 62 PROMOTION

3 Club Commonwealth Ottawa 26 16 6 4 88 29 +59 54
4 Moosonee Moosepack 26 15 4 7 78 38 +40 49
5 Sudbury United 26 13 3 10 51 51 0 42
6 FC Petakagawan 26 13 2 11 45 27 +18 41
7 Kenora 26 9 8 9 25 24 +1 35
8 FC Oshawa 26 9 4 13 39 40 −1 31
9 Sydenham FC 26 9 4 13 28 29 −1 31
10 Belleville United 26 8 5 13 40 67 −27 29
11 Winnipeg Barbican 26 8 4 14 43 56 −13 28
12 Churchill City 26 7 5 14 40 76 −36 26
13 AS Scarborough 26 2 6 18 23 94 −71 12 RELEGATION
14 North Bay Athletic 26 3 1 22 19 152 −133 10 RELEGATION

League 3 East 2041-42 Season Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Halifax Navy 26 18 6 2 87 25 +62 60 PROMOTION
2 Canso Ministers 26 16 3 7 78 41 +37 51 PROMOTION

3 Red Star Dollard SC 26 15 6 5 78 42 +36 51
4 Torbay Blue Joint 26 16 3 7 80 53 +27 51
5 Natasquan Union 26 16 3 7 40 22 +18 51
6 Sherringham Woods 26 14 8 4 92 39 +53 50
7 Lorneville Rovers 26 14 4 8 34 27 +7 46
8 Chicoutimi-Est 26 10 8 8 39 41 −2 38
9 Thetford City 26 9 6 11 54 59 −5 33
10 CS Mont-Chaq 26 5 7 14 40 58 −18 22
11 Shamrocks de Matapedia 26 6 3 17 24 44 −20 21
12 Saint John United 26 4 2 20 27 123 −96 14
13 Corner Brook 26 3 4 19 28 91 −63 13 RELEGATION
14 Shawinigan Hydro-Quebec 26 2 5 19 14 50 −36 11 RELEGATION

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Note : The first round is played but the results were not recorded, as it involved the matches between Quebecois sixth and seventh team sides.

2041-42 Coupe du Roi

Second Round (Round of 128)

Kingston FC (QL) 11–1 Thetford City (L3)
London FC (CL) 1–0 Churchill City (L3)
Torbay Blue Joint (L3) 0–8 Zenit Attawapiskat (QL)
Shawinigan Hydro-Quebec (L3) 0–7 Prince Eric Wanderers (CL)
Andong City (L2) 1–5 Trojana Condommakers FC (CL)
Ottford United (CL) 1–0 Universite d'Abitibi Grenadiers (QIS-M)
CS Mont-Chaq (L3) 1–5 Moncton Schooners (CL)
Nunavut North Stars (CL) 3–0 North Bay Athletic (L3)
Lakeshore (CL) 0–1 University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (QIS-M)
Winnipeg United (QL) 5–0 Red Stars Dollard SC (L3)
Hamilton Steelers FC (QL) 5–5 FC Petakagawan (L3) (8–5 AET)
Beolgyo Kilmarnock (CL) 0–1 Labrador Flying Lice (L1)
Anticosti Athletic (L4) 1–5 Mipojoseon (CL)
FC McAdam (L2) 0–1 Perce Town (QL)
PLI Islanders (QL) 7–0 FC Barrie (L4)
Winnipeg Spartak (CL) 1–0 Shamrocks de Matapedia (L3)
Thunder Bay Wednesday (L2) 1–8 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa (QL)
Sangju Sangmu (CL) 3–1 AS Scarborough (L3)
Montreal Impact (QL) 6–2 Hochelaga Lions (L1)
Smallwood (CL) 5–3 Saint John United (L3)
Petawawa Regiment (L1) 3–1 Cornwall Clippers (L1)
Canso Ministers (L3) 1–1 RC Hanyang (CL) (2–2 AET) (7–8 pen.)
Nauwigewauk Union (L1) 7–1 Moosonee Moosepack (L3)
Club Commonwealth Ottawa (L3) 0–0 Levis United (L2) (1–0 AET)
AJ Rouyn-Noranda (CL) 3–1 Lorneville Rovers (L3)
Daedonggang United (L2) 0–5 California University Kodiaks (QIS-W)
Olymique d'Outremont (L2) 0–8 CSKA Quebec (QL)
Bathurst City (L1) 2–4 Natasquan Union (L3)
Sudbury United (L3) 7–1 Kitchener Tigers (L4)
Hochelaga (CL) 0–1 Sherbrooke Sparta (L1)
St. John's Arsenal (QL) 8–2 AS Hampyeong (L4)
Saskatchewan (L2) 0–5 Mokpo City (L1)
Fredericton FC (L2) 3–0 Gimli FC (L5)
Montreal 1862 (L2) 3–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 (QL)
New Anglesey Rangers (L5) 0–3 St. Alban's Academical (L5)
Sydenham FC (L3) 1–3 Swangard Athletic (QL)
Halifax Navy (L3) 3–1 Membertou College Chiefs (QIS-M)
Damyang Reed Blazers (L1) 1–1 Northwestern University Marauders (QIS-W) (2–1 AET)
SC Roberval (L1) 7–1 CS Longeuil (L2)
Sarnia 4.25 (L1) 1–3 AC Trojanajara (L1)
Leaside Lions (CL) 7–1 Corner Brook (L3)
Haligonian (QL) 7–1 Academie Coreene d'Abitibi (L3)
Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (QIS-W) 1–3 Olympique de Rimouski (QL)
Sherringham Woods (L3) 3–5 Ottawa Fury (QL)
Winnipeg Barbican (L3) 5–1 Chicoutimi-Est (L3)
AS Blainville (CL) 2–2 Montreal Koreana (QL) (2–3 AET)
Songaksan FC (L2) 1–1 Guelph 1908 (L2) (1–1 AET) (1–3 pen.)
RC Gaeseong (CL) 5–1 Petawawa Army (L2)
Baie-Verte (L1) 1–0 St-Bernard (L1)
Iqaluit Red Army (QL) 9–1 Club Phenix de Quebec (L2)
Daedonggang 3.26 (L2) 4–4 Ogoki Valley Ojibwa (L1) (4–5 AET)
FNB Futbol (CL) 0–4 Vaughan-York Azzurri (QL)
Mississauga-Brampton Ajax (L3) 1–3 Miramichi FC (L2)
FC Antigonish (L2) 0–5 Yarmouth Yeomen (L2)
Heart of Saguenay (QL) 0–3 Pacific FC (L1)
Kenora (L3) 1–5 Queen's College Golden Gaels (QIS-W)
Escumniac (L1) 0–3 Club Racing Sept-Iles (CL)
AS Val d'Or (L1) 3–1 Durham Tigers (L2)
Saint John Koreana (L1) 3–1 Levis Athletic (CL)
Belleville United (L3) 1–5 Amos Grenadiers 1878 (CL)
Dukhoborian (QL) 5–0 Montreal City (CL)
Northandryun Rovers (CL) 4–0 FC Oshawa (L3)
Mount Ester University Lancers (QIS-M) 1–3 Capital District Transit (L1)
FC Megantic (L2) 3–3 St-Antoine-Des-Monts (L4) (5–3 AET)

THIRD ROUND (Round of 64)

Club Commonwealth Ottawa (L3) 1–5 Zenit Attawapiskat (QL)
University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (QIS-M) 5–0 London FC (CL)
Moncton Schooners (CL) 0–7 Perce Town (QL)
Labrador Flying Lice (L1) 1–1 Hamilton Steelers FC (QL) (1–2 AET)
Baie-Verte (L1) 0–3 Mipojoseon (CL)
Montreal Koreana (QL) 0–0 Guelph 1908 (L2) (0–0 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Ogoki Valley Ojibwa (L1) 1–3 AC Trojanajara (L1)
PLI Islanders (QL) 0–0 Winnipeg Spartak (CL) (0–0 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Petawawa Regiment (L1) 5–0 Nunavut North Stars (CL)
Trojana Condommakers FC (CL) 1–3 Ottford United (CL)
Yarmouth Yeomen (L2) 0–1 Pacific FC (L1)
Vaughan-York Azzurri (QL) 7–1 St. Alban's Academical (L5)
Haligonian (QL) 8–4 Miramichi FC (L2)
Leaside Lions (CL) 1–1 Club Racing Sept-Iles (CL) (2–2 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa (QL) 1–1 California University Kodiaks (QIS-W) (3–1 AET)
Montreal Impact (QL) 2–0 Prince Eric Wanderers (CL)
Sudbury United (L3) 1–5 RC Hanyang (CL)
St. John's Arsenal (QL) 3–0 Natasquan Union (L3)
CSKA Quebec (QL) 3–0 Mokpo City (L1)
Swangard Athletic (QL) 3–3 Halifax Navy (L3) (3–3 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Montreal 1862 (L2) 1–3 Sherringham Woods (L3)
Damyang Reed Blazers (L1) 0–5 Olympique de Rimouski (QL)
SC Roberval (L1) 4–4 Fredericton FC (L2) (5–5 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Sangju Sangmu (CL) 0–3 Kingston FC (QL)
Nauwigewauk Union (L1) 0–0 Smallwood (CL) (2–0 AET)
AJ Rouyn-Noranda (CL) 1–0 Sherbrooke Sparta (L1)
AS Val d'Or (L1) 0–3 FC Megantic (L2)
Northandryun Rovers (CL) 1–3 Queen's College Golden Gaels (QIS-W)
Amos Grenadiers 1878 (CL) 3–3 Capital District Transit (L1) (4–4 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Dukhoborian (QL) 3–1 Saint John Koreana (L1)
Iqaluit Red Army (QL) 0–0 Winnipeg United (QL) (2–0 AET)
RC Gaeseong (CL) 7–1 Winnipeg Barbican (L3)

FOURTH ROUND (Round of 32)

Amos Grenadiers 1878 (CL) 1–1 Vaughan-York Azzurri (QL) (1–1 AET) (1–3 pen.)
Halifax Navy (L3) 0–0 Sherringham Woods (L3) (0–0 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Hamilton Steelers FC (QL) 3–5 Zenit Attawapiskat (QL)
RC Gaeseong (CL) 0–1 AJ Rouyn-Noranda (CL)
St. John's Arsenal (QL)
5–3 Dukhoborian (QL)
Petawawa Regiment (L1) 3–5 Club Racing Sept-Iles (CL)
Pacific FC (L1) 1–1 Perce Town (QL) (1–3 AET)
Queen's College Golden Gaels (QIS-W) 1–3 Mipojoseon (CL)
SC Roberval (L1) 1–5 CSKA Quebec (QL)
Kingston FC (QL) 3–5 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa (QL)
Haligonian (QL)
3–0 AC Trojanajara (L1)
Nauwigewauk Union (L1) 9–5 Iqaluit Red Army (QL)
Winnipeg Spartak (CL) 1–1 Olympique de Rimouski (QL) (1–2 AET)
FC Megantic (L2) 3–3 University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (QIS-M) (3–3 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Ottford United (CL) 0–1 Montreal Impact (QL)
RC Hanyang (CL)
3–1 Montreal Koreana (QL)

FIFTH ROUND (Round of 16)

Montreal Impact (QL) 1–3 Vaughan-York Azzurri (QL)
Olympique de Rimouski (QL)
4–0 Nauwigewauk Union (L1)
University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (QIS-M) 0–1 Club Racing Sept-Iles (CL)
Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa (QL) 1–3 AJ Rouyn-Noranda (CL)
CSKA Quebec (QL)
1–1 Zenit Attawapiskat (QL) (1–1 AET) (6–5 pen.)
Sherringham Woods (L3) 0–3 Mipojoseon (CL)
RC Hanyang (CL) 1–5 St. John's Arsenal (QL)
Perce Town (QL) 3–5 Haligonian (QL)

SIXTH ROUND (Quarterfinals)

Vaughan-York Azzurri (QL) 1–3 Olympique de Rimouski (QL)
AJ Rouyn-Noranda (CL)
2–0 Mipojoseon (CL)
Club Racing Sept-Iles (CL) 3–1 St. John's Arsenal (QL)
Haligonian (QL) 4–0 CSKA Quebec (QL)


Haligonian (QL) 3–1 Club Racing Sept-Iles (CL)
Olympique de Rimouski (QL) 2–2 AJ Rouyn-Noranda (CL) (2–2 AET) (3–4 pen.)


Haligonian (QL) 3–3 AJ Rouyn-Noranda (CL) (5–3 AET)

2042 Quebecois Intercollegiate Men's and Women's Football Championships

Hosted at Northwestern University (Attawapiskat, Northwest) & University of Prince Raoul Islands (Prince Eric, Manitoba)

Day 1

QIS Men's Quarterfinals
Membertou College Pride (AUS-M) 2–1 Northwestern University Marauders (HOSTS-M-B1G)
Farrer University Redmen (B1G-M) 1–1 University of Iqaluit Inukshuk (NEC-M) (1–2 AET)
Universite de Montreal Carabins (RSECQ-M) 1–2 Sangju College Saints (WILDCARD-M-RSECQ)
Nunavut State University Titans (P10-M) 0–1 Beyreuth University Yeomen (OUA-M)

QIS Women's Quarterfinals
Huronia University Spartans (OUA-W) 2–5 Universite d'Etoile-Nord Citadins (NEC-W)
California University Kodiaks (P10-W)
3–0 Queen's College Golden Gaels (B1G-W)
Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (RSECQ-W) 1–0 University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (HOSTS-W-P10)
University of Ottawa Gee-Gees (WILDCARD-W-B1G) 1–3 Mount Ester University Lancers (AUS-W)

Day 2
QIS Men's Consolation Semifinals
Northwestern University Marauders (HOSTS-M-B1G) 1–2 Farrer University Redmen (B1G-M)
Universite de Montreal Carabins (RSECQ-M) 1–2 Nunavut State University Titans (P10-M)

QIS Women's Consolation Semifinals
Huronia University Spartans (OUA-W) 2–2 Queen's College Golden Gaels (B1G-W) (3–2 AET)
University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (HOSTS-W-P10) 0–2 University of Ottawa Gee-Gees (WILDCARD-W-B1G)

QIS Men's Semifinals
Membertou College Pride (AUS-M) 2–0 University of Iqaluit Inukshuk (NEC-M)
Sangju College Saints (WILDCARD-M-RSECQ) 0–1 Beyreuth University Yeomen (OUA-M)

QIS Women's Semifinals
Universite d'Etoile-Nord Citadins (NEC-W) 1–0 California University Kodiaks (P10-W)
Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (RSECQ-W) 2–3 Mount Ester University Lancers (AUS-W)


QIS Men's Consolation Final
Farrer University Redmen (B1G-M) 1–0 Nunavut State University Titans (P10-M)

QIS Women's Consolation Final
Huronia University Spartans (OUA-W) 2–3 University of Ottawa Gee-Gees (WILDCARD-W-B1G)

QIS Men's Bronze Medal Match
University of Iqaluit Inukshuk (NEC-M) 0–1 Sangju College Saints (WILDCARD-M-RSECQ)

QIS Men's Final
Membertou College Pride (AUS-M) 1–3 Beyreuth University Yeomen (OUA-M)

QIS Women's Bronze Medal Match
California University Kodiaks (P10-W) 0–0 Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (RSECQ-W) (0–1 AET)

QIS Women's Final
Universite d'Etoile-Nord Citadins (NEC-W) 1–1 Mount Ester University Lancers (AUS-W) (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)
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2043-44 Q-League standings

HALIGONIAN (12th Title)

Hail, Conavacio. Hail.

When Leonardo Conavacio, still smelling a bit of champagne off the locker room after their Coupe du Roi victory, announced that Haligonian were going to 'make it all the way, and aim for that domestic double', many raised their eyebrows. Even with a big signing of Marcus Swyripa from Kingston FC, as well as collegiate signing of Elisabeth Cha from Mount Ester University, they stayed well out of making major splash signings that their opponents made, and that kept them well outta consideration. Still, most media pundits who knew Conavacio and the depth Haligonian club has argued that, as they aimed to continue their success from the previous season. Besides, Haligonian's positive finish to last season on a year we had all expect as a major transition year also meant greater excitement, and the nation's fans were wondering if this could be the year.

And they were absolutely right. Of course, this Haligonian side's still not the one that has all the firepower on the arsenal, nor does it have a clear cut answer up the back. Frankly, the closest thing they had all season as in a superstar would be a Siovanijan loanee Denis Dezelac, second-year professional Lyall Murphy and of course, team's mercurial centre midfieldr Seamus McKellar. Yet somehow they did it. Everybody performed as expected from their manager, and the team, brought together by McKellar, Leah McKechnie, Marcus Swyripa, and of course, the core of the Grim Reapers' midfield in Winter season transfer, Anton Vujadinovic (as for how he ended up here, see right below). Now, combine that with a phenomenal campaign by Dezelac, who shone especially in the second half in the first of two-year loan stretch, it all made sense in the end.

Haligonian's Success was marked by a particular contrast in form for Montreal Koreana, who made what was the signing of the offseason when they secured the services of Kelssekian international Louis Kuelvic from Birdingstone United of Ethane. With that signing as cherry on top, it was only rational and reasonable to expect Koreana to win the third straight Q-League title with ease. Besides, who wouldn't belive in the frontline of Kuelvic, Park and of course the national team master scorer Michel Fillion, as well as the presence of Grim Reapers' captain Anton Vujadinovic up middle and elite libero Lucien Raeff? With that much starpower, it was fairly safe to assume that the team was ready to win it all.

Unfortunately for millions of Koreana fans out there, that's not exactly how it turned out. Sure, they did have a phenomenal first half of the season, which seemed too uncharacteristic of the Jannick Kontiola-led team that had all the confidence in the world for sure. But their nine point lead, well ahead of Haligonian, CSKA and Inverness all proved to be no more than a catchable lead. The major scandal involving Michel Fillion and Anton Vujadinovic, which occurred over former sleeping with the latter's wife, forced the Montreal club's hand to sell Fillion to New Laketown Rangers and Vujadinvoc to none other than Haligonian. Then they hit a particular run of form that not even the strengths of the club, nor the patience of Jannick Kontiola, could have saved. Ultimately, the epic reversal of their fate from two years ago was what caused Koreana to finish second in what could have been their greatest season. Now, with two of their finest stars gone, Kontiola and the front office will probably have to make splash signings during the offseason to boost the team that needs all kinds of glitter and gold to be back and frankly, not make fool of themselves again.

While Haligonian's championship story was the one to watch this season, we cannot ignore Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 either. UI1877, who spent little but did sign a solid gamble as in Cee Lo Casey from St. John's Arsenal, finally had a good year where they overcame great expectations by the rich and the poor of the islanders on the northeastern tip of Acadie Province. With Ha-Whelan duo up front, Sinead MacDougall having a top XI-worthy season and of course, the defence doing unremarkable but stout job as expected from the quartet. Of course, the club is happy about the results and they are right in believing that they can challenge Koreana or Haligonian, but whether they will dethrone them down the road, will most likely depend upon whether they can find the successor to Glenn McInnis as their starting goalkeeper.

As expected from the season marked with close margins and competitive finishes, here were a couple of pleasant surprises found. Heart of Saguenay is one of them, having overcome all sorts of challenges to finish third by the half-way point and fifth by the time the final whistle rang at Apple Bowl on a 2-1 victory over Zenit Attawapiskat. The Hearts didn't get a ton of improvements, but where they improved were where they lacked the previous season. 21-year old rookie Benoit Djaozandry, a collegiate signing from Hanyang College, looked no less than stellar as the joker card for the team that's often criticised for having somewhat predictable offence, while Guillermo Lavezzi had a memorable campaign where the Vaughan-York Azzurri star worked well with Evander Bush-Sprenger. As with Seamus MacDougall from UI1877, this was also another breakout season for the Hearts captain, as the midfielder stepped up a notch in his offensive contribution to help Bousquet-Cyr, Aronsson and of course Djaozandry. And while their defence is still questionable, shown by the level of weariness they had shown with injuries and breakdowns, their goalkeeper tandem of Herménégilde Trézéguet and Nina Kawahara proved to be exactly what the doctor asked for, to place them on a very good finish to the season.

The likewise can be said towards CSKA Quebec. The Quebec City team, led by their new manager Ross Killanen, has stepped up nicely even with the loss of their two best players in Marco Hertel and Nelson Okello. Donovan Kim-Lumaniyka, their starting right back, has already made a very high-profile impact on the team and is likely to be considered on the national team for a solid decade and half, while Donnacona international Greyson Grégoire has done an adequate replacement of the mercurial degenerate who left for Valladar club Servette. While Caraqueno international Omar Vargas Fernandez struggled a bit here and there, and the defensive backfield with Kim, Nappaaluk, Milne-Chamberlain wishes they could have done's still a good season for the Quebec City squad.

Aside from that, there were three more teams to mention, albeit with lesser detail. Those were Zenit Attawapiskat, whose 17-year old goalkeeper Sandra Middleton survived neverending barrage of shots widely described as a wartime blitz, and the human driller of a goalscorer in Savojar Kaapo Terkala of Northandryun Rovers. Swanguard Athletic, at the same time, filled their gap with retirement of Pierre-Luc Sarrazin and transfer of Nadia Kinley to Kingston FC with wise signing of Teus ace-striker Erik Moselle, whose potential at age 20 remains fairly high, and underrated defensive pickups in Savojar rookie Milla Viipuri and Apoxian veteran Rudolph Orient. While it remains to be seen on how they will do in future, especially with Eileen Green coming to a slow but gradual drop-off in form for next while, the future for Swanguard should be bright if they keep this up.

2043-44 Q-League Season      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Haligonian 38 21 9 8 90 65 +25 72 CHAMPIONS + IFCF Champions League
2 Montreal Koreana 38 20 11 7 82 57 +25 71 IFCF Challengers Cup
3 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 38 23 1 14 67 54 +13 70 IFCF Challengers Cup
4 CSKA Quebec 38 19 10 9 66 56 +10 67 IFCF Challengers Cup

5 Heart of Saguenay 38 18 7 13 73 68 +5 61
6 Olympique de Rimouski 38 16 12 10 87 78 +9 60
7 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa 38 17 7 14 79 73 +6 58
8 Swanguard Athletic 38 15 11 12 70 69 +1 56
9 Iqaluit Red Army 38 14 13 11 38 34 +4 55
10 Kingston FC 38 15 9 14 77 75 +2 54
11 Montreal Impact 38 16 6 16 66 68 −2 54
12 St. John's Arsenal 38 13 13 12 79 73 +6 52
13 Zenit Attawapiskat 38 12 10 16 75 81 −6 46
14 Perce Town 38 12 9 17 49 54 −5 45
15 Northandryun Rovers 38 10 13 15 75 80 −5 43
16 Hamilton Steelers 38 10 9 19 55 66 −11 39
17 Hochelaga 38 10 9 19 48 60 −12 39 PRO/REL
18 Trojana Condommakers FC 38 10 9 19 35 50 −15 39 RELEGATED
19 Dukhoborian 38 9 7 22 52 72 −20 34 RELEGATED
20 Ottawa Fury 38 9 7 22 58 88 −30 34 RELEGATED

Levis Athletic 0–0 Hochelaga
Hochelaga 5–1 Levis Athletic
Hochelaga wins, 6-1

Quebecois League Championship standings

2043-44 Quebecois Championship Season  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Club Racing Sept-Iles 46 28 11 7 106 41 +65 95 PROMOTED + IFCF Liga B Champions' Trophy
2 PLI Islanders 46 26 13 7 42 21 +21 91 PROMOTED + IFCF Liga B Champions' Trophy
3 Winnipeg United 46 25 14 7 128 57 +71 89 PROMOTED + IFCF Liga B Champions' Trophy

4 Levis Athletic 46 22 11 13 82 63 +19 77 PRO/REL
5 Beolgyo Kilmarnock 46 21 14 11 89 78 +11 77
6 Vaughan-York Azzurri 46 20 16 10 94 71 +23 76
7 Lakeshore 46 20 12 14 90 59 +31 72
8 London FC 46 19 10 17 58 41 +17 67
9 Nunavut North Stars 46 18 13 15 46 34 +12 67
10 AS Blainville 46 18 13 15 75 76 −1 67
11 AJ Anju 46 16 13 17 57 59 −2 61
12 Mokpo City 46 14 19 13 78 91 −13 61
13 Moncton Schooners 46 17 9 20 52 80 −28 60
14 Mipojoseon 46 14 16 16 77 77 0 58
15 Capital District Transit 46 13 16 17 64 86 −22 55
16 Ottford United 46 11 19 16 31 43 −12 52
17 RC Gaeseong 46 13 12 21 63 72 −9 51
18 Leaside Lions 46 13 12 21 64 83 −19 51
19 FNB Futbol 46 14 8 24 69 110 −41 50
20 Winnipeg Spartak 46 13 10 23 40 51 −11 49
21 Bathurst City 46 11 15 20 40 59 −19 48
22 Sangju Sangmu 46 12 12 22 36 58 −22 48 RELEGATED
23 RC Hanyang 46 12 7 27 71 91 −20 43 RELEGATED
24 SC Roberval 46 6 17 23 46 97 −51 35 RELEGATED

Quebecois League One standings

2043-44 Quebecois League One Season  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Sarnia 4.25 38 28 7 3 85 27 +58 91 PROMOTED
2 Cornwall Clippers 38 24 10 4 142 52 +90 82 PROMOTED
3 Songaksan FC 38 24 8 6 131 61 +70 80 PROMOTED

4 Montreal City 38 24 7 7 131 49 +82 79
5 Baie-Verte 38 19 8 11 109 73 +36 65
6 Pacific FC 38 20 4 14 79 60 +19 64
7 Saint John Koreana 38 18 8 12 55 42 +13 62
8 Amos Grenadiers 1878 38 20 2 16 71 71 0 62
9 AS Val d'Or 38 16 7 15 91 70 +21 55
10 Andong City 38 14 12 12 33 29 +4 54
11 Smallwood 38 13 9 16 49 66 −17 48
12 Sherbrooke Sparta 38 13 6 19 55 115 −60 45
13 Petawawa Regiment 38 10 13 15 43 80 −37 43
14 Prince Eric Wanderers 38 10 10 18 78 93 −15 40
15 Ogoki Valley Ojibwa 38 10 9 19 30 38 −8 39
16 St-Bernard 38 9 9 20 32 55 −23 36
17 Hochelaga Lions 38 9 7 22 54 106 −52 34
18 AC Trojanajara 38 9 5 24 48 100 −52 32 RELEGATED
19 Petawawa Army 38 7 6 25 35 93 −58 27 RELEGATED
20 Damyang Reed Blazers 38 5 9 24 51 122 −71 24 RELEGATED

Quebecois League Two standings

Quebecois League Two 2043-44 Season  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Levis United 38 30 3 5 156 35 +121 93 PROMOTED
2 Daedonggang 3.26 38 28 3 7 129 36 +93 87 PROMOTED
3 Daedonggang United 38 27 4 7 135 37 +98 85 PROMOTED

4 Montreal 1862 38 22 7 9 103 62 +41 73
5 FC McAdam 38 21 8 9 101 54 +47 71
6 Mississaugua-Brampton Ajax 38 20 8 10 91 55 +36 68
7 Escuminac 38 20 8 10 52 30 +22 68
8 Academie Coreene d'Abitibi 38 18 12 8 41 20 +21 66
9 FC Antigonish 38 18 6 14 39 35 +4 60
10 Canso Ministers 38 16 7 15 39 31 +8 55
11 Saskatchewan 38 14 9 15 37 48 −11 51
12 Miramichi FC 38 13 9 16 72 95 −23 48
13 Nauwigewauk Union 38 13 9 16 63 87 −24 48
14 Olympique d'Outremont 38 13 5 20 64 101 −37 44
15 Club Phenix de Quebec 38 11 9 18 64 87 −23 42
16 FC Megantic 38 7 10 21 44 96 −52 31
17 Labrador City Flying Lice 38 7 8 23 30 87 −57 29
18 CS Longeuil 38 6 9 23 42 116 −74 27 RELEGATED
19 Halifax Navy 38 4 2 32 19 76 −57 14 RELEGATED
20 Guelph 1908 38 3 2 33 21 154 −133 11 RELEGATED
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2043-44 Coupe du Roi

Note : The first three rounds are played but the results not recorded.

FOURTH ROUND (Round of 32)

Zenit Attawapiskat (QL) 2–2 Heart of Saguenay (QL) (2–3 AET)
Ottawa Fury (QL) 1–1 Hochelaga (CL) (2–1 AET)
Winnipeg United (QL) 0–0 Northandryun Rovers (CL) (0–0 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Montreal Koreana (QL) 5–3 Perce Town (QL)
Moncton Schooners (CL) 1–5 Mipojoseon (CL)
PLI Islanders (QL) 5–1 Swangard Athletic (QL)
Sangju Sangmu (CL) 1–1 Olympique de Rimouski (QL) (1–2 AET)
Haligonian (QL) 3–0 Trojana Condommakers FC (CL)
Montreal 1862 (L2) 1–1 Hamilton Steelers FC (QL) (1–1 AET) (3–2 pen.)
Iqaluit Red Army (QL) 1–3 Levis Athletic (CL)
CSKA Quebec (QL) 0–0 Sherbrooke Noksaekjeonsa (QL) (2–0 AET)
London FC (CL) 6–0 Nunavut North Stars (CL)
Mount Ester University Lancers (QIS-M) 2–0 Montreal City (CL)
Montreal Impact (QL) 1–1 Heart of Saguenay (QL) (2–1 AET)
Baie-Verte (L1) 1–1 St. John's Arsenal (QL) (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Kingston FC (QL) 0–7 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 (QL)

FIFTH ROUND (Round of 16)

Ottawa Fury (QL) 0–3 Haligonian (QL)
Olympique de Rimouski (QL) 7–3 Winnipeg United (QL)
Mipojoseon (CL) 6–4 PLI Islanders (QL)
Montreal Koreana (QL) 3–0 Heart of Saguenay (QL)
Montreal Impact (QL) 10–2 London FC (CL)
Levis Athletic (CL) 1–0 Mount Ester University Lancers (QIS-M)
St. John's Arsenal (QL) 7–1 Unama'kik-Inverness 1877 (QL)
CSKA Quebec (QL) 3–1 Montreal 1862 (L2)

SIXTH ROUND (Quarterfinals)

Mipojoseon (CL) 3–2 Levis Athletic (CL)
Haligonian (QL) 1–1 Montreal Impact (QL) (2–1 AET)
Olympique de Rimouski (QL) 1–0 CSKA Quebec (QL)
Montreal Koreana (QL) 3–1 St. John's Arsenal (QL)


Haligonian (QL) 0–0 Mipojoseon (CL) (1–0 AET)
Montreal Koreana (QL) 2–2 Olympique de Rimouski (QL) (3–3 AET) (2–3 pen.)


Olympique de Rimouski (QL) 3–2 Haligonian (QL)

2044 Quebecois Youth Summer League

Hosted at California City Memorial Coliseum (California City, Manitoba) - The Charterhouse (Ottawa, Outaouais) - Apple Bowl (Chicoutimi, Saguenay) - Galway Park (Sydney, Acadie)

2044 Youth Summer League    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Quebec City Regional 25 18 5 2 97 49 +48 59 Summer Nights' Shield
2 East Abitibi Regional 25 15 1 9 61 52 +9 46
3 Acadie North Regional 25 12 9 4 73 48 +25 45
4 Northwest Regional 25 13 5 7 59 26 +33 44
5 Montreal Central Regional 25 13 4 8 71 46 +25 43
6 Southeast Regional 25 13 3 9 75 45 +30 42
7 Gaspesie Regional 25 12 5 8 41 40 +1 41
8 Newfoundland Regional 25 11 7 7 57 45 +12 40
9 Greater Kingston Regional 25 10 9 6 65 39 +26 39
10 Ontario North Regional 25 10 7 8 63 49 +14 37
11 Halifax Metropolitan Regional 25 11 4 10 51 48 +3 37
12 Nunavut Regional 25 9 9 7 56 42 +14 36
13 Northern Manitoba Regional 25 9 7 9 45 50 −5 34
14 Capitale-Nationale Regional 25 9 6 10 46 53 −7 33
15 Ontario South Regional 25 9 5 11 60 56 +4 32
16 Frontenac Regional 25 8 7 10 56 69 −13 31
17 Chicoutimi Regional 25 8 7 10 64 80 −16 31
18 St. John's Regional 25 7 9 9 40 49 −9 30
19 Levis Regional 25 7 8 10 55 74 −19 29
20 Mauricie Regional 25 8 3 14 40 70 −30 27
21 Montreal South Regional 25 7 5 13 40 65 −25 26
22 Southern Manitoba Regional 25 6 6 13 42 66 −24 24
23 Labrador Regional 25 7 3 15 40 64 −24 24
24 West Abitibi Regional 25 6 5 14 37 62 −25 23
25 Northern Saguenay Regional 25 6 5 14 39 70 −31 23
26 Montreal North Regional 25 4 10 11 40 56 −16 22

2044 Quebecois Intercollegiate Men's and Women's Football Championships

Hosted at Meghanville State University (Meghanville, South Detroit) & Masan College (Saint John-Habpo, Acadie)

Day 1

QIS Men's Quarterfinals
Membertou College Pride (AUS-M) 4–3 Northwestern University Marauders (B1G-M)
Saguenay Tech Hokies (Wildcard-M-RSECQ) 1–0 Nunavut State University Titans (P12-M)
University of St-Gabriel-Richard Wolverines (OUA-M) 3–4 Universite d'Etoile-Nord Citadins (NEC-M)
Meghanville State University Broncos (HOSTS-M-OUA) 0–6 Sangju College Saints (RSECQ-M)

QIS Women's Quarterfinals
Mount Ester University Lancers (AUS-W) 4–2 University of Kingston Blues (OUA-W)
Masan College Eagles (HOSTS-W-AUS) 1–1 University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (Wildcard-W-P12) (3–1 AET)
Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (RSECQ-W) 3–0 Farrer University Martlets (B1G-W)
University of Goose Bay Dinos (NEC-W) 3–5 California University Kodiaks (P12-W)

Day 2
QIS Men's Consolation Semifinals
Northwestern University Marauders (B1G-M) 0–3 Nunavut State University Titans (P12-M)
University of St-Gabriel-Richard Wolverines (OUA-M) 2–4 Meghanville State University Broncos (HOSTS-M-OUA)

QIS Women's Consolation Semifinals
University of Kingston Blues (OUA-W) 1–3 University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (Wildcard-W-P12)
Farrer University Martlets (B1G-W) 1–1 University of Goose Bay Dinos (NEC-W) (1–1 AET) (2–4 pen.)

QIS Men's Semifinals
Membertou College Pride (AUS-M) 2–0 Saguenay Tech Hokies (Wildcard-M-RSECQ)
Universite d'Etoile-Nord Citadins (NEC-M) 0–0 Sangju College Saints (RSECQ-M) (0–0 AET) (4–5 pen.)

QIS Women's Semifinals
Mount Ester University Lancers (AUS-W) 4–2 Masan College Eagles (HOSTS-W-AUS)
Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (RSECQ-W) 3–2 California University Kodiaks (P12-W)


QIS Men's Consolation Final
Nunavut State University Titans (P12-M) 1–0 Meghanville State University Broncos (HOSTS-M-OUA)

QIS Women's Consolation Final
University of Prince Raoul Islands Thunderbirds (Wildcard-W-P12) 4–5 University of Goose Bay Dinos (NEC-W)

QIS Men's Bronze Medal Match
Saguenay Tech Hokies (Wildcard-M-RSECQ) 2–2 Universite d'Etoile-Nord Citadins (NEC-M) (2–3 AET)

QIS Women's Bronze Medal Match
Masan College Eagles (HOSTS-W-AUS) 1–3 California University Kodiaks (P12-W)

QIS Men's Final
Membertou College Pride (AUS-M) 1–3 Sangju College Saints (RSECQ-M)

QIS Women's Final
Mount Ester University Lancers (AUS-W) 1–4 Universite St. Croix Bleu et Blanc (RSECQ-W)
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sun Aug 09, 2020 5:08 am

2043-44 Bundesliga Handball Season

Regular Season

2043-44 Bundesliga Handball Season  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD 
1 Sept-Iles Sangmu 34 24 1 9 943 831 +112
2 Attawapiskat HC 34 24 2 8 942 834 +108
3 Abitibi Ace 34 23 1 10 930 878 +52
4 Iroquois Confederacy 34 22 2 10 945 861 +84
5 CSKA Quebec 34 20 6 8 950 892 +58
6 Bathurst HC 34 20 4 10 924 869 +55
7 Montreal Koreana 34 18 4 12 919 867 +52
8 Olympique d'Anticosti 34 17 0 17 897 906 −9
9 Shawinigan Hydro-Quebec 34 16 3 15 890 888 +2
10 Speed River Lakers 34 16 2 16 876 910 −34
11 Corner Brook Islanders 34 15 2 17 910 917 −7
12 Montreal 76ers 34 14 5 15 921 894 +27
13 Lac-Megantic Estriens 34 12 3 19 882 933 −51
14 Igloolik Grizzlies 34 11 2 21 880 897 −17
15 Winnipeg Victory 34 10 4 20 855 911 −56
16 Goose Bay Cowboys 34 9 3 22 862 952 −90
17 Ottawa Regiment 34 7 1 26 845 974 −129
18 Saint John Argonauts 34 5 1 28 831 988 −157

2044 Bundesliga Handball Playoffs

First Round
CSKA Quebec 32–28 Montreal 76ers
Bathurst HC 32–22 Corner Brook Islanders
Montreal Koreana 22–22 Speed River Lakers (27–28 AET)
Olympique d'Anticosti 28–24 Shawinigan Hydro-Quebec

Sept-Iles Sangmu 30–22 Olympique d'Anticosti
Iroquois Confederacy 20–27 CSKA Quebec
Abitibi Ace 24–25 Bathurst HC
Attawapiskat HC
24–24 Speed River Lakers (28–27 AET)

Sept-Iles Sangmu 28–26 CSKA Quebec
Bathurst HC 29–30 Attawapiskat HC

Sandroff Shield Final
Sept-Iles Sangmu 29–22 Attawapiskat HC


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