AOCAF LXV: Baker Park/Vilitan Cove--Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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AOCAF LXV: Baker Park/Vilitan Cove--Everything Thread

Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Fri Nov 19, 2021 10:22 pm



Welcome the 65th AOCAF, hosted by the Commonwealth of Baker Park and nations of Vilita, Turori and Tropicorp.

This is the thread to post your rosters, RP's and other IC information, please direct all OOC communication to the Signup thread.

Tentative start date will be December 5 with the Final around December 19th (EDIT)

CUTOFFS WILL OCCUR within a window between 1:00-3:00 am Eastern US Time (6:00-9:00 am GMT/4:00-7:00 pm Korea/Japan time), i.e, the first cutoff will be around 20-22 hours from this update.
Match schedule: EDIT

MD1--12/6 Sun/Mon 2v5, 3v4 (bye 1)
MD2--12/7 Mon/Tue 5v3, 1v2 (bye 4)
BYE--12/8 Tue/Wed
MD3--12/9 Wed/Thur 3v1, 4v5 (bye 2)
MD4--12/10 Thur/Fri 1v4, 2v3 (bye 5)
BYE--12/11 Fri/Sat
MD5--12/12 Sat/Sun 4v2, 5v1 (bye 3)

Top 2 from each group through to the Round of 16, top 2 3rd placed sides--one from each half of the draw--also advance and the other four 3rd placed teams will have a one match playoff to determine the final 2 places from each half.

Playoff--12/13 Sun/Mon
Round of 16--12/14 Mon/Tues
Quarterfinal--12/16 Wed/Thur
Semi-Final--12/18 Fri/Sat
Final--12/20 Sun/Mon


Group A
Busgoa Islands
Schima Bas
Baker Park

Group B
Pluvia & the Saxean Isles
Aji No Moto

Group C
Jabal Akhdar
Euran Oceanic Territories

Vilita Group (D)
The Cordian Isles
Sultanate of Oontaz
Vilita & Turori

Turori Group (E)
Blouman Empire
Squornshelan Remnant States

Tropicorp Group (F)
Crystal Empire
Mlima Kijani

Aji No Moto
Baker Park
Blouman Empire
Busoga Islands
Crystal Empire
Euran Oceania Territories
Jabal Akhdar
Milchama :: (AOBS) :: (AO Bowl) :: (AORC) :: (AOT20)
**Misrantis -
Mlima Kijani
Pluvia and the Saxean Isles :: (AOBS) :: (AORC)
Sarzonia :: (AOBS) :: (AO Bowl)
**Saint Kanye - :: (AO Bowl)
Schima Bas
Squornshelan Remnant States
Sultanate of Oontaz
The Cordian Isles :: (AO Bowl)
**Turori -
Vilita & Turori
In addition to the tournament, there will be support events in the host nations similar to the AOlympics that ran concurrently with AOCAF LXIV.
Four regional Championship events will be held with ALL RP bonus shared across support competitions with exception of Roster bonus (Must post a roster for individual competitions to get a roster bonus for that competition).
All rosters can be submitted in a single post for the purpose of receiving credit.

-AO Basketball Championships

The other events to be contested:

-AO Baseball Series
-AO T20 Cricket Championship[ (debut event)
-AO Bowl Gridiron Championship
-AO Rugby Championships

Nations signed up for the AOCAF, and other regional nations not signed up for the tournament that meet the entry criteria may signe up for one or all of the events via this link:
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AOCAF 62 & 66 Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
DBC 53/74th U21 World Cup Champions
Eagles Cup 13 Runner-Up (Cup of Champions Winner)
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85, AOCAF LXIII, Women's World Cup 15 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 & 90 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86/87/88 Round of 16
World Cup 80/89/91 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 5x Mineral Conference Champions (18/19/20/21/23)
1x playoff semi-final
1x playoff quarterfinal

WLC President
WLC 38 Third Place
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35/36/37 (host)/39 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

Rugby 7's AORC 1&2 Champions

AO Twenty20 Runner-up

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Postby Vilita and Turori » Fri Nov 19, 2021 10:22 pm

Map of Vilita & Turori & Tropicoast

AOCAF 65 Vilitan Cove Venue Selection Tool (TAB 3) ::Click Here to access the list of available Venues for AOCAF 50 Group Stage Matches,and reserve your stadium for your RPs!


Vilita Group (D)
The Cordian Isles
Sultanate of Oontaz
Vilita & Turori

Turori Group (E)
Blouman Empire
Squornshelan Remnant States

Tropicorp Group (F)
Crystal Empire
Mlima Kijani


Most Recent Edition: Banija defeated the Euran Oceania Territories 5-4 in the Gold Medal Game to claim their first AOBS Title. The Sultanate of Oontaz Finished in 3rd Place.

Group A:
Toys '4' All Diamond, Lopinka, Vilita

VIlita & Turori
Sultanate of Oontaz
The Cordian Isles
Group B:
Unity Field, Irottea, Vilita

Pluvia & The Saxean Isles
Busoga Islands
Schima Bas
Group C:
Tropicoast Field, Tropicoast, Tropicorp

Aji No Moto

First Scorination (12/7)
MD1: 2v5 3v4 (1 Bye)
MD2: 5v3 1v2 (4 Bye)

Second Scorination (12/9)
MD3: 3v1 4v5 (2 Bye)
MD4: 1v4 2v3 (5 Bye)

Third Scorination (12/11)
MD5: 4v2 5v1 (3 Bye)

Top 2 in Each Group Advance to QF
Best 3rd Place Team Advance to QF
Other 3rd Placed Teams in 1 Game Playoff to QF


Inaugural Edition

Group A:
1st Listed Game: Jolly Bird House, Jlinal, Vilita
2nd Listed Game: Marine Grounds, Crosaibi, Vilita

Vilita & Turori
Baker Park
The Cordian Isles
Group B:
1st Listed Game: Yeaddin Cricket Club, Yeaddin, Vilita
2nd Listed Game: Eelandii Cricket Grounds, Eelandii, Turori

Busoga Islands
Jabal Akhdar

First Scorination (12/7)
MD1: 1v4 2v3

Second Scorination (12/9)
MD2: 4v3 1v2

Third Scorination (12/11)
MD3: 2v4 3v1

Group Winners advance Directly to Semi-Final.
QF = B2 v. A3 / A2 v. B3
SF = A1 v. B2A3 / B1 v. A2B3
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Commonwealth of Baker Park
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Fri Nov 19, 2021 10:23 pm

The Nation
Commonwealth of Baker Park was established in 1892, and has from its inception been open and inclusive of all people seeking to establish settled lives here; more recently, the country has seen a rise in the number of immigrants from other AO nations and has worked to provide wider access & accommodation to non-binary humans & sentient non-human species who have made their home within our borders. This is a natural continuation of the spirit and ethos of our history, as people of all nations, all ethnic groups, all religions, all colors came to take a leap of faith in a new land and built a nation which embraces diversity, community and equality. Today, we have over 54 million residents who can claim their origins from all over the multiverse.

Centrally located within Atlantian Oceana, Baker Park is one of the top tourist destinations in the region, welcoming over 2 million visitors per year. Especially in the northern third of the country, outdoor pursuits are most popular among visitors. We have a mostly temperate climate, with autumn and early winter the times of the year when precipitation is heaviest.

The engine that drives the country's economy is the industrial conglomerate that was founded by the family that established the nation, the Baker International Corporation. Known informally by citizens as "The Company" or BI, from the beginning of the 20th Century until the mid 1960's it was responsible for close to 50% of the nation's GDP; over the past 40 years it has divested itself from many of the companies that dominated the economy, opening up opportunities for more investment and growth for both those entities and competitors alike.
The country is a federal, parliamentary democracy. There are 7 constituent states, each having their own unicameral legislative body. The Parliament of the Commonwealth consists of the 175 member House of Assembly and the 56 member Council of State. Until 1978, the central figure of country was the Prince Regent, whose duties were largely ceremonial although he held a few specific rights and duties; the premature death of the last Prince left the country unprepared, as there was no immediate successor. The position was renamed Head of State and it became an elected office in 1996.

Baker Park prides itself on the array of civil liberties it offers. Cannabis is legal for use and purchase, and prostitution is not illegal, but not technically legal either. By law, prostitution arrests can be charged as no more than minor misdemeanors, although in some places it is not a criminal offense at all.
Violent crime is extremely rare in the Commonwealth. There is a higher chance you will fall off a subway platform than be assaulted or robbed with a firearm, and we take pride in the safety of our subways.

The majority age is 18 for the purchase and consumption of alcohol, with establishments that wish to serve alcohol prior to 11:00 am required to have a full service food menu; 2:45 am is the cutoff for sales of alcoholic beverages, although not all establishments have business hours that late.

On the food scene, there are very few styles of cuisine that a visitor would find lacking in this country; Parkers are obsessed with strong flavors & aromas--natural fresh food or combinations of unique ingredients to produce something innovative. There is less processing of agricultural goods in the Commonwealth than in most highly developed nations, as the size of the country means that packaged food doesn't require as long a shelf life.

The Venues

Baker Park's co-hosting of World Cup 84 with Cassadaigua saw a large public works project instituted to bring several venues up to a higher standard, and the entire sporting community of the Commonwealth have reaped the benefits. In a nod to AOCAF 58, all the venues used in this edition also hosted matches for that tournament as well—with the exception of the BBP Stadium.

Belle Haven is the national capital of the Commonwealth; with a metro area population of over 5.6 million, it is also the largest city, the financial, entertainment, and cultural center of the country, and more than likely your first stop on your trip to Baker Park. Belle Haven International Airport (BHX) serves 41 foreign & domestic carriers and accommodates over 900 takeoffs and departures per day. The airport is approximately 18 miles south of the city center, and there are numerous ground transportation options for arriving visitors at Belle Haven International.

BBP National Stadium—Belle Haven (capacity 74,000)

Designed by Grossman, Abbot, Cole Architecture, the Commonwealth's leading design firm, the stadium is a state of the art facility in every respect.
Three tiers of seating, as well as two levels of executive & club level seating, allow the stadium to be used in several different configurations. Victoria & Albert SC call the 17,000 seat field level area their home after leaving their famous Rosenau ground, and the stadium has hosted the World Cup 3rd Place Match, two NSCF Championship games, the AOCL Final, as well as numerous domestic contests in several sports.
The Bank of Baker Park is the name sponsor, the nation's fourth largest financial company having been a major partner of the Football Association of the Commonwealth for over 60 years.

Sportsmen's Park—BH (capacity 39,000)

The capital's third stadium (behind the BBP and Keller Field) and the oldest in the country is also its most visited & recognizable to even the slightly casual Baker Park sports fan. Most of the famous "firsts" in sport history occurred at the venue over the years since it was completed in 1921; its name comes from the former Deauville Sportsmen's Club—charter members of the FAC in 1901.

Although Salisbury is not technically considered as part of the Metro Belle Haven area, the extension in 1991 of the subway/commuter rail line (Red Line, access from Belle Haven's Midtown Transit Center, approximate trip is 35 minutes.) to the Salisbury Civic Center (adjacent to the stadium) meant that this city became a target of commuters moving in over the next decade.

Salisbury Stadium (capacity 25,900)

The town's central location means that the stadium hosts many prominent sporting events.

Endborough is the Commonwealth's Second City, located in the northeastern part of the country. It is the state capital of Endover and the home of the nation's top institution of higher education, the University of Endover. Much of the state beyond the city is pristine wilderness, with the Lake District one of most popular family vacation destination area.

Rogers Stadium—Endborough (capacity 46,800)

Completed in 1926 as a home for the Endborough Gold Sox baseball team, it was not well suited to larger field sports like football and soccer; however it did host 2 National Team matches in 1960 and 1964. In 1975, the Endborough Eagles professional football team entered into an agreement to help finance an expansion that nearly doubled the capacity and another investment from the Endborough RFC to share the stadium as a tenant brought about further improvements.

Oceana is the capital of Osheana, and the nation's third largest city. It has always had a reputation as being the "anti-Belle Haven", due to its more conservative outlook and tradition; it was the home base of the former Northern States Company, who were the second largest business venture in the country.

Collins Park—Oceana (capacity 47,000)

A stadium with a complicated history, it is the third athletic ground that has sat on this site. Built and rebuilt in phases and with irregular planning, it was only at the beginning of the 2000's that serious consideration was given to making meaningful structural and aesthetic renovations. A good place to see a match, although it suffers from not having a full time soccer tenant.

Ezriquay is the fourth largest city and capital of Ezra; situated on a peninsula formed by the last major bend in the Belle Haven River, it's often referred to as "The Thumb". Much more industrialized than the first three cities, it has more blue-collar feel to it.

Queen Victoria Stadium—Ezriquay (capacity 37,475)

The stadium has much in common with several of the other older venues on this list—its riverside location, easy access to public transportation and multi-use adaptability. With the University of Ezriquay just across road there are plenty of food & drink establishments nearby that cater to both students and sports fans alike. The “Queen” got a royal makeover ahead of WC84 despite the off and on debate about whether a new stadium should replace it on a different part of the city.

Coolville is the capital of Midalia state and the fifth largest city in Baker Park. The citizens have a bit of an identity crisis, with the other main towns in the state (St Warren & Kellerville) and their down-river neighbors Shirley all having less than positive feelings for them. One of the two major cities (Lima being the other) in the Chemical and synthetic products industry. Can be reached by air via Shirley's airport (45-50 minutes by car).

Carrollton—Coolville (capacity 33,000)

Although it has been the home of Coolville United FC since 1949, the inaugural BP Open Cup marked the first time international soccer matches were ever played at the ground; some have said the rivalry between the city and its neighbor Shirley has played a role, but the reality is the stadium was never up to any sort of standard for hosting the NT. It hosted games in World Cup 84 after the last stand left to be rebuilt (all four were redone over the course of 15 years) had been completed.

Springfield would probably not be the bustling city of over 300,000 if a simple decision had not been made to route one of the east-west cross country railway lines through it instead of further south.
The city—BP's 8th largest--is the nation's agricultural hub, as the food processors & packagers, the farm commodity markets, the agri-business companies are all based here in the heart of "farm country".
The Baker Park State Fair began here in 1919 and has grown through the years to become the de facto national Agricultural Fair of the Commonwealth.

State Fairgrounds Stadium—Springfield (capacity 44,000)

Constructed in the 1970's to replace the aging wooden grandstand at the Fairgrounds, it hosts many sporting events and concerts year round. Expanded to it's current capacity for World Cup 84.

Newport is the country's major seaport and also home to the Naval Service of the Commonwealth Fleet Command, but it also has plenty of other things to see and do. It was the home of the Western & Southern Company, another BI rival in the early years and is a leader in transport and shipping of both imports and exports. It is accessible by air via Ezriquay's airport (45 minutes by car/30 minutes by express rail).

Newport City Stadium (capacity 33,000)

The stadium is home to the Newport City FC and the Naval Academy's football team and has been a frequent host to the NT in recent years, having received a well-deserved facelift and expansion for WC 84.

Group A
MD1 BP vs Gyatso-kai @BBP /Busoga Islands vs Schima Bas @Sportsmens
MD2 BP vs Busoga Islands @BBP/Milchama vs Gyatso-kai @Salisbury
MD3 BP vs Schima Bas @QV/Busoga Islands vs Milchama @Sportsmen's
MD4 Milchama vs Schima Bas @Sportsmen's/Gyatso-kai vs Busoga Islands @Salisbury
MD5 BP vs Milchama @BBP/Schima Bas vs Gyatso-kai @Salisbury

Group B
MD1 Kimi-Suomi vs Aji No Moto @Newport/Pluvia/Saxean Isles vs Valanora @QV
MD2 Valanora vs Kimi-Suomi @QV/Delaclava vs Pluvia/Saxean Isles @Collins
MD3 Kimi-Suomi vs Delaclava @Newport/Aji No Moto vs Valanora @Collins
MD4 Delaclava vs Aji No Moto @Collins/Pluvia/Saxean Isles vs Kimi-Suomi @QV
MD5 Aji No Moto vs Pluvia/Saxean Isles @Newport/Valanora vs Delaclava @QV

Group C
MD1 Demot vs Equestria @Springfield/EOT vs Romsten @Carrollton
MD2 Equestria vs EOT @Rogers/Jabal Akhdar vs Demot @Carrollton
MD3 EOT vs Jabal Akhdar @Springfield/Romsten vs Equestria @Carrollton
MD4 Jabal Akhdar vs Romsten @Rogers/Demot vs EOT @Springfield
MD5 Romsten vs Demot @Carrollton/Equestria vs Jabal Akhdar @Springfield

Round of 16
Sportsmen's Park, Springfield, Queen Victoria, Newport

Collins Park, Rogers Stadium

BBP National Stadium
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AOCAF 62 & 66 Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
DBC 53/74th U21 World Cup Champions
Eagles Cup 13 Runner-Up (Cup of Champions Winner)
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85, AOCAF LXIII, Women's World Cup 15 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 & 90 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86/87/88 Round of 16
World Cup 80/89/91 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 5x Mineral Conference Champions (18/19/20/21/23)
1x playoff semi-final
1x playoff quarterfinal

WLC President
WLC 38 Third Place
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35/36/37 (host)/39 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

Rugby 7's AORC 1&2 Champions

AO Twenty20 Runner-up

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Postby Farfadillis » Sat Nov 20, 2021 2:21 pm

The Freisan Farf Freitball Francitian hereby presents the Farf roster for the 65th Edition of the AOCAF Cup
Nation Name: The Oulandish Lands of Farfadillis
Demonym: Farf (plural Farves)
Team Nickname: La Vherderoja
Honours: World Cup 84 and AOCAF Cups 43, 48 and 57 Winners

Provided by ediraf


Manager: Lele Manguele
Assistant Manager: Lele Manguele
Tearm Medic[sic]: Lele Manguele

#1 - Dieje Ibrelaná - GK - Age 31 - Urbizania Wanderers
#12 - Rogerio Defigueroa - GK - Age 22 - Avenida Leal
#23 - Lís Âllásí - GK - Age 25 - Lonngeylin Coast

#6 - Loxjilo Exihosahar - LB - Age 29 - Royal Rumiatzi
#2 - Vyacheslav Khavarin - CB - Age 28 - La Nueva Avenida
#4 - Têrçêr Ànáxímane - RB - Age 28 - Sabrefell Moths

#13 - Agapeto Chayra - LB - Age 21 - La Nueva Avenida
#14 - Gëngüdó Pìgülôçô - CB - Age 25 - Rülândéá Kôstä
#15 - Kolejes Marajis - RB - Age 22 - Gortz United

#3 - Ígnîgo Çí Xôrí - CM - Age 29 - Mâ Âlâmëómë
#5 - Mbogo Nørgaard - CM - Age 24 - Revolutionaries
#8 - Emiliano Gallegas - LW - Age 29 - Energija Chernovets
#10 - Faragó rue Cazade - OM - Age 36 - Brinemouth
#11 - Tôsgo Alxíkí - RW - Age 27 - Revolutionaries

#16 - Tercero Yturri - CM - Age 19 - Avenida Leal
#17 - Fujanej Moloses - CM - Age 25 - Turoki Tide
#19 - Yonatoño de la Garza - LW - Age 18 - La Querida
#20 - Tè Xüwân - TK - Age 21 - Rülândéá Kôstä
#21 - Böávêntür Âgínsôgnó - OM - Age 18 - Dí Maozöxê

#7 - Röémün Çídh - ST - Age 28 - AC Izotz Zubia
#9 - Edmün Çídh - ST - Age 30 - Raynor City United
#18 - Horacio Bastanchury - ST - Age 26 - La Nueva Avenida

#22 - Eötrenois Rigozsoldos - ST - Age 20 - René Skaé
#24 - Mâánéràtö Jíí - ST - Age 19 - Ituraitz FC

The Outlandish Lands of Farfadillis Ӿ Population: 20,814,000 ± 11,186,000
Capital: not applicable Ӿ Demonym: Farf, plural Farves
Shango-Fogoa Premier League (wiki) Ӿ How to get any WA Category Ӿ Farfadillis national football team Ӿ Map of Farfadillis Ӿ Name Generator

Champions: World Cup 84 and AOCAF Cups 43, 48 and 57
Hosts: World Cups 85 and 91, Baptisms of Fire 54, 68 and 78 and AOCAF Cups 38, 60 and 67

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Postby The Cordian Isles » Sun Nov 21, 2021 9:23 am

Cordia National Football Team


In Cordia's first-ever major international football competition, they come in with low expectations and high hopes. The AOCAF is one of the most competitive tournaments in the world, and no win here is ever guaranteed. This tournament, which is likely to consist of the world's better teams delivering a pummeling to the Cordian side, will serve mostly as a warm-up for the upcoming Baptism of Fire, getting the jitters out and facing stiff competition so that the football machine runs smoothly against the unranked sides of the Baptism. In terms of strategy, the team plays a balanced style, which could prove interesting given the extremes seen in the CIFA, as players will have to adjust to being more conservative on the attack and more aggressive on the defense.

The Cordian NT is managed by Nepharan Diandra Ballard, a former goalkeeper for the Nepharan national team, as well as playing for legendary club AFC Treason. Having spent years playing and performing for the best, and watching from behind when she wasn't in the play, Cordians are expecting big things from Ballard. The step up from managing a second division team, even in Nephara, to a national team, even one like Cordia's, is hard to understate, so for now Cordians can just hold their breath and hope for the best as the AOCAF begins.


Striker Sebastian Voll
Team: Brenville Blue
Age: 28
Known for his positioning and a hard, accurate shot, Voll has been Brenville's top scorer for three years running. With the departure of Poplawski, Voll takes over as team captain heading into AOCAF 65, and it remains to be seen how he will perform in that role.
Substitute: Jorie Rounds | Jutland Cannons | 23

Striker Anton Osterholt
Team: Gilded City Dragons
Age: 22
Osterholt is very good with his feet, able to completely sell a fake, which has earned him the nickname “Anton Anklebreaker”. He's expected to be the primary scorer on a Dragons team that emphasizes a defensive, conservative approach to football.
Substitute: Ine van Dijck | Creston Wolves | 27

Left Midfielder Nicholas Eriksen
Team: Cordasfjord FC
Age: 27
Eriksen is well-known for his crosses and passing, an important skill for him as he will be responsible for getting the ball into the box from the left side.
Substitute: Lucas van Oers | Jutland FC | 24

Left Center Midfielder Hannah Andersen
Team: Thor’s Rest Storm
Age: 26
Great communication allows Andersen to "overcome" a lack of skill more perceived by sports pundits than real, though many of Andersen's best plays have been made with her head rather than her feet. A more defensive-minded midfielder who will not give up the inside of the field.
Substitute: Henry Smits | Vikings FC | 27

Right Center Midfielder Bee Karjalainen
Team: Brenville Blue
Age: 28
Karjalainen is newer to the team, added after a solid CIFA performance despite being part of the strained 4-2-4 Brenville midfield. Karjalainen's best skill is her endurance. She never seems to run out of fuel and it seems like she can be everywhere at once in Brenville. She doesn't have to worry about that in the NT's 4-4-2, but she will be able to cover if desperation hits.
Substitute: Erik Pratt | Jutland Cannons | 28

Right Midfielder Rasmus Karlssen
Team: Thor’s Rest Storm
Age: 23
Rasmus has been called the smartest player in the CIFA, and for good reason. He can read the opposition like an open book and excels at creating scoring chances. Space and gaps in opposing defense often just seems to materialize in front of him. Storm fans call him "the Magician".
Substitute: Perry Oosterhuis | Skalton Harpers | 26

Left Back Eric Johnson
Team: Creston Wolves
Age: 24
An aggressive defender, Johnson will challenge any attempt to move down his side. This is a risky strategy that can result in a major change either way, and it’s a major reason for Creston’s Cordia Cup victory last season.
Substitute: Lucia Verkerk | Gilded City Dragons | 23

Left Center Back Redvin Chase
Team: Jutland Cannons
Age: 26
Chase is one of the CIFA's better defenders, with a solid header that often proves critical to the Cordian defense on set pieces. Chase does play a physical game, though, and he could see the yellow and red cards pile up if that gets out of hand.
Substitute: Milani Göransson | Brenville Blue | 23

Right Center Back Frederick Johnson
Team: Jutland FC
Age: 24
Another solid center back, Johnson excels at pinpoint passes and keeping attackers on the outside per the Cordian gameplan.
Substitute: Sigrid Altena | Skalton Harpers | 26

Right Back Vladimir Demov
Team: Danvirk FC
Age: 28
Demov is one of the best defenders in the CIFA, with a powerful shot that can score from outside and impeccable defensive positioning. His experience anchors the Cordian backline.
Substitute: Jean Admiraal | Valley Fold Vengeance | 26

Goalkeeper Kristin Bergstrin
Team: Jutland Cannons
Age: 24
Bergstrin is an exceptional goalkeeper who signed with Cannons over the offseason in order to leave the doomed Lakeshore Hersir. She has been one of the most successful keepers in her time, though there is debate as to whether this is to her credit or the defenses she's been fortunate enough to have in front of her.
Substitute: Jordi Jongen | Creston Wolves | 23

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, but I decide severity
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y, up to once per match.
Godmod other events: Y, but TG me first.
Style Modifier(-5 to +5): 0

Top Scorers: Voll, Osterholt
Most Physical: Demov
Set Piece Takers: Eriksen, Karlssen

RP permissions apply to Gridiron and Rugby, though adapted to the sports in question.
QB - Emanuel Ostergaard
QB - Jesse Adcock
QB - Hayden Gray
RB - Garrett Barrett
RB - Winfield Huxtable
RB - Selby Radclyffe
TE - Lanny Sniders
TE - David Samuels
TE - Bryan Thompsett
RT - Ryker Black
RT - Gareth Lynwood
RG - Don Gray
RG - Arron Allen
C - Tatu Burrell
C - Erle Garrod
LG - Chaz Love
LG - Chuckie Coke
LT - Mitch Irving
LT - Emery Siddall
WR - Clyde Atkinson
WR - Brion Ayers
WR - Tor Myles
WR - Barney Vollan
WR - Ozzie Farran
WR - Michael Odell

DE - Wyatt Wortham
DE - Charley Akselsen
DE - Lewis Power
DE - Kim Elvis
DT - Tryggve Boon
DT - Pete Berntsen
DT - Kodey Jackman
DT - Jooa Blakeley
OLB - Bridger Gully
OLB - Loui Judd
OLB - Jae Rose
OLB - Gerry Wortham
ILB - Lake Holst
ILB - Milford Wilton
ILB - Benjamin Skovgaard
ILB - Lorin Barrett
CB - Reuben Attaway
CB - Aden Ogden
CB - Jalmari Hermansen
CB - Kamden Ridge
SS - Valdemar Edvardsen
SS - Shaw Sharman
FS - Andreas English
FS - Chucky Apted
FS - Georg Niemi

Loosehead Prop - Fulton Cook
Hooker - Kenneth Mitchell
Tighthead Prop - Peregrine Leyton

Scrum Half - Florence Otis
Fly Half - Oscar Newman
Center - Lucas Blakeley
Wing - Dakota Fairclough

Cass Carpenter
Peder Quickley
Francis Nash
Austyn Bellamy

Irvin Womack
Arttu Waterman
Lauren Day
Helgi Coupe
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I Guess We're In The AO Gang Now?

Postby Kimi-Suomi » Mon Nov 22, 2021 7:26 am


Name: Kimi-Suomi
Trigram: KIM
Football Association: Football Federation of Kimi-Suomi (Kimi-Suomen Jalkapalloliitto, KSJ for short)
Nickname: The Eagle-Owls [Huuhkajat] (official), Kimi's Army [Kimin Armeija] (unofficial)
Home Kit: White/Dark Blue
Away Kit: All Dark Blue

So...we're back, huh? The World Cup was certainly interesting and while we weren't invited to whatever a "Cup of Harmony" is, we still did some interesting things while you didn't see. We're in "Atlantian Oceania" now, which describes itself as the premier sporting region in this land. Why AO? I don't know, you tell me. The move to AO means we've begun to act more seriously, with Aurélia Karvonen entering the AOGP in preparation for the launch of Huuhkajat Moottoriurheilu in NSSCRA 12 with TJUN-ia's Daniel Marx. Apparently, we need to share the return of Marx to our counterparts in Hapilopper and beyond and so, Marx shall be a guest of honour for this tournament...whatever it is. Apparently, the AOCAF is a regional football tournament and so, the Commonwealth of Baker Park and the nations of the Vilitan Cove (Vilita, Turori and Tropicorp) shall host the comeback of Esko Laaksonen and his team. NOSTA KUIN HUUHKAJAT!

Manager: Esko Laaksonen (49)
Formation: 5-3-2
Style Modifier: None
Position: Name (Age, Number)

GK: Kauko Loukamaa (29, #1)
LB: Simo Talvela (27, #2)
CB: Arto Rautavaara (22, #3)
CB: Tiina Rautavaara (22, #4)
CB: Heli Rautavaara (22, #5)
RB: Heidi Itälä (21, #6)
LM: Hannu Koivu (28, #7)
CM: Anne Hintz (29, #8)
RM: Tero Salo (27, #9)
ST: Kimi Airo (22, #10)
ST: Valtteri Nordström (21, #11)

GK: Peter Nurmi (23, #12)
GK: Anna-Leena Outinen (18, #23)
LB: Carl Oesch (21, #13)
CB: Anna Iso-Hollo (19, #14)
CB: Kaarlo Karjalainen (17, #15)
CB: Kimmo Karjalainen (17, #16)
RB: Satu Sinisalo (17, #17)
LM: Annina Tuominen (21, #18)
CM: Mika Noronen (19, #19)
RM: Maria Tuominen (21, #20)
ST: Teemu Räikkönen (17, #21)
ST: Jyrki Bottas (17, #22)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Nov 22, 2021 8:21 am

Sarzonia Stars


Note: Home kits have a primarily navy colour scheme; away kits are primarily white; keeper kits are green. Kits designed by Starblaydia

If my opponent RP's first, they have permission to do the following:
Style: 1.75
Formation: 4-4-2
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (stuff like deciding who scores a PK, who passes to whom and how the goal's scored is cool. Weird shit is not.)
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (no more than one more than you do for your own team)
Yellow Card Players: Y (same rule as red cards)
Godmod Other Events: N

Interim Manager: Nathan Hanifer
The former manager of Sarzonia's Under 21 national team, Hanifer was the other finalist for the Stars managerial role. He assumed the assistancy at the request of Mentes and was named interim manager after Mentes was fired.
Interim Assistant Manager: Eric Dent
Dent will serve as a de facto defensive coordinator for the Stars, and will work primarily with the defence and the defensive midfielders.

HOME GROUND: Dave Wilson Stadium, Woodstock (105,690 capacity, natural grass field); alternate home ground i Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock (75,900 capacity)

Roster (Starters in bold)

1 Carlton Sandt, 22, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds (Lakiska SC, Banijan Soccer League)
Sandt is the younger brother of legendary Stars goalkeeper Horace Sandt. He won the starting job for the Wanderers as a true freshman and led a previously downtrodden side to the national semifinals. He has catlike reflexes and is quick off his line. Can get too aggressive.
33 Trent Woodson, 27, 5-foot-11, 170 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
Woodson becomes the backup while Paolo Gomes is recovering from a torn ACL. He has a decent mix of size and agility.

4 Charlie King, 28, 5-foot-11, 155 pounds (Saugerties Snakes)
King plays as a defensive-oriented fullback, often marking the opposing team's top striker. He relies more on positioning and reading his opponent's tendencies and body language to figure out where to run than on speed. He's not exactly a burner.
5 Tommy Benignati, 32, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds (Wilmington FC)
The older brother of Marco Beningnati, Tommy plays a much more rugged style than Marco does. Can play sweeper in a three-back lineup.
7 Matt Taylor, 27, 6-feet, 185 pounds (Burlington Browns)
Taylor's speed lends itself to being a fullback, but he plays halfback for the Browns. He has a tendency to struggle with more physical forwards and offensive midfielders.
6 John Taylor, 22, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds, Portsmouth University
The younger twin brother of Under 21 national team player Carlette Taylor, John plays a similar style to his sister's, although with much more speed.
18 Ben Russell, 33, 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, Rochester Renegades
In his first season as team captain of the Renegades, he led the team to a Sarzonian Football Confederation championship, resulting in the team's promotion to the Cyanea League. If he's on the pitch in the event Howard gets subbed for, he will don the captain's armband. He is a reserve halfback for the Stars.
22 Carmela Bowen, 30, 5-foot-8, 145 pounds, Woodstock Justice
Brown plays fullback for the Justice, a Sarzonian women's football team, and typically marks whomever the playmaking midfielder is. Her stamina earned her a spot on the national team.
44 Pat Meyers, 24, 5-foot-8, 152 pounds, unaffiliated
Meyers won a lawsuit against the Portland Timbers third division affiliate when the team dismissed them after successfully proving the club released them due to their gender non-conforming status

8 Ernie Mabree, 28, 5-foot-10, 175 pounds (FC Corcorran)
Mabree has one of the better left-booted shots in the Sarzonian league structure and is one of the fastest players in Sarzonia. He'll play an important role in Sarzonia's offence.
10 Clayton Wilson, 23, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds, (Woodstock Wild) Captain
A grandson of legendary Stars forward Brian Wilson and great-grandson of coach Dave Wilson, Clayton is not just a fourth generation star among the Stars, he served as the playmaker for the Under 21 Stars and is a sterling wing player on the Wild.
18 Carlos dos Santos, 27, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Wild)
A right wing player, he will sometimes be called upon to take free kicks if Reynolds is unable to for some reason.
23 Jaxon Hennepin, 28, 5-foot-7, 155 pounds (Wilmington FC)
Hennepin earned a starting role as a playmaking midfielder for WIlmington, but also played half a season in defensive midfield when the team was beset with injuries.
30 Erik Swann, 25, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Portland Timbers)
Swann's strength is being a late-match offensive substitute who can score in a pinch.
14 Winnie Taunton, 27, 5-foot-9, 150 pounds
Taunton takes a majority of the penalties on the women's national team and produces blinding speed on the wings.

19 Holly Cambrio, 28, 5-foot-7, 145 pounds (Woodstock Justice)
Cambrio adds flair and ball movement skill and the ability to serve as a sparkplug off the bench, but would be a starter for a women's national team if that competition got resurrected.
21 Jake Campos, 23 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, (Portland Timbers)
Campos is a straight up target player in the front line. His leaping ability makes him a prime candidate for headers in the box off corner kicks and indirect free kicks. He played on the Junior
41 Carly Wilcox, 22, 5-foot-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Wild reserves)
Stars team that competed in the most recent AOCAF.
Wilcox retained her place on the Wild's reserve squad and made eight appearances and six starts after her transition.
32 Nick Raiden, 21, 6-foot-4, 210 pounds, Saugerties Snakes
Raiden is pure power and pace. He doesn't quite have the finesse of either of the starting forwards, but he is available for late-match offence if needed.
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Nov 22, 2021 9:09 am

For a team that vastly improved from one World Cup cycle to another, there were major questions swirling around the Sarzonian national football team.

Manager Nathan Hanifer was the source of some of the drama as the Incorporated Football Federation Board of Governors learned he was a candidate for the managerial role for the Kadongo Kamu after Banija fired longtime manager Marcus Waters. However, the IFF opted to retain Hanifer as manager after IFF chairman Zack Wilson convinced skeptical Board members that the opportunity to manage a top tier football programme was too great for Hanifer to ignore.

However, Sarzonia's flameout in the Cup of Harmony, as the Stars failed to qualify for the knockout rounds of that tournament for the first time in four attempts since the Stars returned to international football in the World Cup 84 cycle likely gives Hanifer a shorter leash than he otherwise might have. He'll also have to do it without forward Cayden Aguirre, who announced his retirement from international football as he admitted to more difficulty getting motivated "on the wrong side of 30."

Holly Cambrio will take over a starting role for Sarzonia after having been a supersub for several competitions. She said she relishes the opportunity to join the starting 11 for the Stars.

"Oh yeah, definitely," she said. "I've been waiting for this chance for a while now. I'm excited to finally get it." Cambrio said she already had chemistry with Jake Campos, the other starter up top, from times when both players would be on the field in the second halves of matches. She said she enjoys playing with Campos, whom she called a "once in a generation-type player."

The Stars haven't made too many other changes to the side that fell short of World Cup qualifying and failed to advance out of the Cup of Harmony group stages, but that doesn't mean nothing else changed. Former Under 21 national team forward Nick Raiden joined the Stars senior team after beating out several others for a reserve role. Hanifer said Raiden will likely see the pitch in a similar role to Cambrio's.

"He's definitely got that same kind of ball skill and a knack for finding himself in position to score," Hanifer said. "I like what he brings to the team." Moreso than his skill on or away from the ball, Hanifer also pointed to Raiden's team-first attitude.

"He doesn't call attention to himself," Hanifer said. "That's something I greatly appreciate."
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Pluvia and the Saxean Isles
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Postby Pluvia and the Saxean Isles » Mon Nov 22, 2021 9:18 am

Pluvia and the Saxean Isles AOCAF LXV Roster

Nickname: Magpies
Formation: 3-4-1-2
Style: +2.5
Manager: Laurent Chambéry, Savigliane

The Magpies' uniform is a traditional black and white striped kit with white shorts. However, they may be seen on occasion sporting the national colors of blue and gold with white shorts.

GK #1 Bram Holger, 30, Claesey Athletic
GK #12 Danny Brandt, 27, RSC Marienburg
GK #23 Leo Zoecke, 24, Port Marian FC

CB #2 Ashton Houghton, 30, Port Marian FC
CB #3 Tristan Baumeister, 27, Victoria Alenard
CB #4 Axel Newman, 30, SC Roslina
CB #13 Lachlan West, 29, Barnwick Rovers
CB #14 Alistair Bradley, 25, Racing Club Alenard
CB #15 Joshua Weidenfeld, 27, RSC Marienburg
CB #16 Manuel Schuettler, 24, Marienburg City

LM #6 Matthew Fletcher, 33, Marienburg City
CM #8 Brandon Turner, 29, Victoria Alenard
CM #5 Alfie Baker, 31, Victoria Alenard
RM #10 Tristan Schuerer, 31, Racing Club Alenard, captain
CAM #9 Davis Kingsley, 26, Marienburg City
MF #17 Austin Davies, 25, RSC Marienburg
MF #18 Paul Strickler, 24, SC Roslina
MF #19 Connor Robinson, 26, RSC Marienburg
MF #20 Brodie McGuire, 23, Claesey Athletic

LW #11 Carsten Francke, 28, SC Roslina
RW #7 Rory Goldberg, 26, Brentsea Athletic
FW #21 Finn Roberts, 32, Racing Club Alenard
FW #22 Adam Black, 28, Invictus 1889


I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: No
Injure Players: Small things, every two of my players you injure, one of yours must be injured
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes, one for one on each team
Yellow Card Players: Yes, two on my team for one on your team
Godmod Other Events: No

Pluvia and the Saxean Isles National Baseball Team (The Magpies)

Starting Rotation (order as given)
RHP #36 Dominic Lowe, 32 - ace leads all starters with a 150 KPH fastball, good curve
RHP #44 Max Niehaus, 27 - cut on his fastball makes up for pedestrian 142 KPH velocity, also has a changeup and curve he uses effectively
LHP #19 Lucas Mittermaier, 25 - Mittermaier has two good pitches, a 149 KPH fastball and a hard-biting slider, but not much else or control
LHP #20 Ian Heinlein, 26 - big sweeping curveball is his best pitch, but has good location with 140 KPH fastball and changeup

LHP #48 Lachlan Douglas, 29 - lefty has a bit of a hesitation in his motion, biiig over-the-top curve is his major weapon, also throws a decent fastball and changeup
LHP #46 Jody Harris, 28 - submarine pitcher from the left side, mainly uses his slider to strike out lefties, but arm slot makes 128 KPH fastball tricky too
RHP #57 Alex Graham, 33 - long reliever, stands nearly 2m tall, features a fastball (136 KPH), curveball, changeup, slider, average stuff but height makes him hard to hit
RHP #38 Nico Taylor, 30 - little guy, only 1.68m with an unimpressive fastball, but features an excellent curveball and slider
RHP #30 Alex Patterson, 24 - submariner barely touches 134 KPH, but slider seems to rise and changeup is a plus pitch
RHP #43 Julian Kerr, 26 - knuckle curve and splitter are feature pitches, can throw a slider too, but that and fastball are not great
RHP #16 Ashton Davies, 31 - has learned how to throw a screwball, unusual for a right-hander, but effective in addition to his 145 KPH fastball
RHP #11 Rory Burke, 28 - hardest thrower in the league, can throw 155, usually 150-53, has a nasty slider too, control is not perfect, but better

C #18 Ben MacLeod, 29, (R/R) - catching skills aren't polished, but they're adequate and he hits well for a catcher
C #60 Emil Haugwitz, 24, (S/R) - good defender, tremendous bat control, limited power means pitchers can challenge him and get away with it

1B #21 Billy Bruce, 34, (L/L) - big power, only really power hitter on the team, slow and somewhat limited defensively
3B #26 Bastian Thalberg, 29, (L/R) - good defender with a good arm, hits right-handers decently, left-handers are tricky for him
SS #11 Roderick Schoenberg, 31, (S/R) - excellent defender with good range, speed, and arm, light hitter
2B #6 Christopher Bergler, 27, (R/R) - bat-first player sprays line drives and has good speed, but defensive skills are mediocre, even for second
CI #50 Jacob King, 29, (R/R) - arm is a bit of a stretch at third, but fine, hits left-handers well, pretty good defender at first
IF/OF #27 Lucas Cox, 27, (R/R) - can play any defensive position except catcher, but shortstop, second, left field, and third base are his best ones, super-sub who defends well but doesn't hit much

OF #25 Philip Falkenburg, 28, (L/L) - best player on the team, great pure hitter with a good eye, decent power, only average defensively
OF #35 Robbie Collins, 30, (S/R) - slap hitter, average but no power, not many walks, very fast, decent arm but great range
OF #24 Travis Newman, 32, (L/R) - second-best power on the team, adequate defender in left, will be stretched in right, struggle in center, pretty good hitter
OF #29 Nicolas Ross, 25, (S/R) - good arm and range means he can play anywhere defensively, speed thrills, but bat is well below average

Michael Griffiths #55 (Manager)

Evan Cochrane #1 (Hitting Coach/3rd base coach)

Jonas Stern #47 (Pitching Coach/1st base coach)

John Burns #15 (Bench Coach)

The team is taken from the semi-pro PSIBL, and therefore the level of play is not very high. The PSIBA is not very old, and doesn't have a lot of money to offer the national team, but it does its best. The team is mostly Pluvian (Anglo-Saxon/Germanic/British Celtic) with a small admixture of Saxean Islanders (Scottish Celtic). They will play small ball, emphasizing good fundamentals, moving the runner over, and taking the extra base. They don't expect a lot of success, but you never know, as they have surprised before.

Starting Lineup w/o DH
CF Robbie Collins
LF Philip Falkenburg
2B Christopher Bergler
1B Billy Bruce
RF Travis Newman
C Ben MacLeod
3B Bastian Thalberg vs RHP/Jacob King vs LHP
SS Roderick Schoenberg
P Pitcher's Spot

Starting Lineup w/DH
CF Robbie Collins
LF Philip Falkenburg
2B Christopher Bergler
1B Billy Bruce
RF Travis Newman
DH Ben MacLeod
3B Bastian Thalberg vs RHP/Jacob King vs LHP
C Emil Haugwitz
SS Roderick Schoenberg

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not serious ones. Back stiffness, jammed fingers, bruises, etc. Nothing that would keep them out of the lineup for more than 1 game. Reciprocity is expected.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No, but manager is fair game
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Style Modifier: -1

Pluvia and the Saxean Isles National Rugby Union Team

Nickname: Eagles
Head Coach: Jamie Wilson

Starting VII
1. Ben Turnbull, loosehead prop, 33
2. Nathan Kirk, hooker, 30
3. Denny Mason, tighthead prop, 31
9. Toby Morgentaler, scrum half, 29, captain
10. Sam Morrison, fly half, 28,
11. Angus McLean, wing, 27
12. Lane McDonald, inside centre, 28

4. Rory James, lock, 33
5. Killian Fraser, lock, 29
6. Jordan Bainbridge, blindside flanker, 28
7. Tim Marks, openside flanker, 32
8. Marcus Kasper, eight-man, 31
13. Will Dixon, outside centre, 32
14. Paul Kruse, wing, 31
15. Christopher Farber, fullback, 26

Should my opponent RP first, he/she may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y, nothing serious
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, only if you also give a red to one of your players
Godmod other events: N
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AOCAF Cup 65 Roster

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:20 am

Squornshelan Remnant States Black-and-Reds Roster


RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
No death or defection without my consent, anything else is fair game
I will not be RPing anything pandemic-related. I come here to get away from the real world.
Style Modifier: +1
Formation: 4-2-3-1

Trigram: SRS
Manager: Anne-Sophie Groothuis Image
Coming off a frustrating World Cup cycle that saw the Black-and-Reds fail to make the qualifying playoffs, and exit the Cup of Harmony in the quarterfinals, Groothuis is now facing the reality of a national team core whose best players are steadily approaching the twilight of their careers, with many already on the wrong side of 30 years old. With this in mind, she announced her intention to give the vast majority of the usual first team a break, and to bring a much younger squad to the Confederacy's first AOCAF Cup. The necessity of bringing along the next generation cannot be ignored in the continuing pursuit of a second World Cup qualification, the Omerican insisted at a contentious presser, and the AOCAF Cup will be an excellent opportunity for these players to gain experience playing against top teams on the world stage. She'll also be able to evaluate which players can perform best in her possession-based system, and facilitate the type of fluid, creative attack she wants to foster. With such an unproven side, expectations at home are fairly low, which might prove a blessing for the team, to not be burdened by much pressure to perform. Groothuis, on the other hand, has seen her seat warm up again a bit, as the follow-up to her team's qualification for World Cup 88 has not been what was hoped for. If she can lead this side to a decent performance, though, then even a relatively early exit might serve to quiet her critics, if the team shows promise for World Cup 90 and beyond.
Captain: Damnagoras
Vice Captain: Sawda Bedrosian
Long Form Name: The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
Short Form Names: Squornshelan Confederacy, The Confederacy, United Squornshelous
Demonyms: Confederate (political); Squornshelan (cultural, not always PC)
Ethnicites in the Confederacy include Squornshelan, Molvanian, Brantid, Algolian, Sivolvian, and Han. If you are curious about a particular player's ethnicity you can send me a TG or message me on discord
Team Nickname: Black-and-Reds (never Red-and-Blacks)
Team Colors: Confederate Red (#EE0000) and Black (#000000)

#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
1 Safiyyah Kartal 26 She/Her Image Yassaca
13 Nurul Heiskanen 24 He/Him Image Viltvodle United
19 Teija Sminov 24 She/Her Image Damogran
Right Backs:
#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
2 Pirjo Loefgren 22 He/Him Image Tor
14 Solan Halfariani 21 He/Him Image Damogran
Left Backs:
#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
3 Vasilii Nyberg 25 He/Him Image Santraginus
15 Suraya Torosian 25 She/Her Image Halebid Warriors
Center Backs:
#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
4 Sawda Bedrosian 24 She/Her Image Gallant Cross
5 Kadriye Palk 23 She/Her Image Syneca
23 Malai Yarlut 23 She/Her Image Sporting Jaglan
25 Blasko Titov 23 He/Him Image Megabrantid
#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
6 Anikke Oljanen 23 She/Her Image Chalesm
8 Pyotr Arikansky 21 He/Him Image FK Arsika
10 Damnagoras 22 They/Them Image Asbury Park FC
20 Vancy Akkaynak 26 She/Her Image Brantisvogan
16 Vlart Hedberg 22 He/Him Image Straton FC
Right Wings:
#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
7 Vadim Arkhipov 23 He/Him Image Olympia Arkintoofle
24 Arttu Ditou 21 He/Him Image Brantisvogan
Left Wings:
#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
11 Thorgnyr Bondarov 23 He/Him Image Tropicorp FC
21 Chiranjivi Dast 24 He/Him Image Megabrantid
#  Player            Age    Pro.    Club
9 Roimata Shehu 25 She/Her Image Gallant Cross
22 Kambiz Ortan 23 He/Him Image Lanar
17 Caitrin Ness 25 She/Her Image Northandryun Rovers
18 Snorre Fridtjofs 23 He/Him Image Kyethas Rivermen

Damnagoras is the only regular first teamer named to the current roster, and will wear the captain's armband, though Arikansky, Bondarov, Dast, Loefgren, and Nyberg have all also earned at least one cap. Arikansky, Bondarov, Loefgren, Nyberg, and Fridtjofs also did all appear under the banner of the Independent Athletes from Squornshelous at AOCAF 64. Expect to see a variety of players earn time on the field, as Groothuis's objective here is clearly more to evaluate than to field the best eleven possible. In goal, there is very little separating Kartal from Heiskanen and Sminov. In defense, Nyberg and Loefgren are both players who like to get forward along the wing, as is Halfariani. Torosian is a bit more conservative. Bedrosian is by far the most steady and accomplished at center back, with any of Palk, Yarlut, and Titov largely interchangeable as her partner. In midfield, Damnagoras and Akkaynak are attackers, plain and simple, but very different in style. Akkaynak spends a lot of time on the ball and as a distributor, while Damnagoras lurks between the lines, finding their way into space as a scoring option. The other three are a bit more flexible, with Arikansky an excellent technician who leans attacking but can also use his quick feet well in defense. Oljanen is more of a box-to-box player while Hedberg is much more defensive-minded, and both play for clubs that put a strong emphasis on defensive responsibility. On the wings, this team is really spoiled for choice. out left, Bondarov is very experienced for a 23-year-old, having started for the I.A.S. and gotten a fair amount of high-level club experience already with Tropicorp. Dast is a product of the prodigious winning machine at Megabrantid, and has earned his way into the Firm's first team with a deft touch and blazing speed. On the right, Arkhipov played a huge role in keeping Olympia up, and while his days in Arkintoofle may be numbered, their attack will remain dangerous as long as he's featured in it. Ditou has emerged as a quite capable winger with an excellent crossing touch for the rapidly improving Red Flash. Finally up front, a group of strikers all playing abroad, three of which have emerged seemingly from nowhere after struggling to make an impact in the SCFA. Shehu was let go by Yassaca after her first pro-contract expired, and while its hard to argue with what the Tigers have done since that time, winning three straight league titles, her breakout season with Gallant Cross, winning the A-League golden boot makes you wonder how much scarier Yassaca would've been had they kept her around. Ortan struggled mightily to make much impact with Syneca, but then again who didn't at that time. Likewise, he found his form with playing time abroad, making his name as a prolific, if slightly streaky goalscorer in the Red League. Ness was regarded as a good, but not spectacular striker for Wavel, particularly after their attack failed to accomplish much, and the Evergreens were relegated in their first top-flight season. When no Superleague team showed interest, Ness made the leap abroad and carved out a place for herself as the muscle in Northandryun's attack, helping lead the Rovers to a third-place finish. Finally Fridtjofs, who was occasionally something of an afterthought on an I.A.S. team including names like Vang and Anker, also went abroad for playing time, and has been among the league leaders in attacking production in Tikariot, and Kyethas look to be genuine contenders for a spot in the Challengers Cup.
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The Confederacy of Squornshelan Remnant States
Successor State to the Imperium of Squornshelous
Trigram: SRS
KPB Ranking: 26.65 (24th)
World Cup 31 Champions
World Cup:
2nd: 15, 38
3rd: 20, 25
SF: 18, 27
QF: 5, 11, 12, 22, 30, 32, 33, 34, 40
Ro16: 6, 7, 9, 16, 21, 23, 24, 28, 36, 37, 39, 90
Group Stage: 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 26, 29, 35, 41, 88, 91
DNQ: 14, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89
Cup of Harmony:
QF: 6, 73, 75, 81
Ro16: 74
Ro32: 79
Group Stage: 76, 77
2nd: AOCAF65
3rd: IAC8
2nd Round: IAC6, IAC7, IAC12
1st Round: IAC9, IAC11
BoF68 QF

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Postby Sarzonia » Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:30 am

Sarzonia national women's baseball team

13 Manager: Jolene Carter-Hancock, 49
15 Bench coach: Elise Spencer, 62
22 Third base coach: Nikia Charlton, 54
28 First base coach: Joy McKenna, 53
39 Pitching coach: Mike Spencer, 43
12 Hitting coach: Glenda Barclay, 48

3 Ellyn Sanders (5-foot-9, 175 pounds), great defensive catcher, great at calling a game
10 Terri Crowley (5-foot-11, 166 pounds), average defensively, can call a decent game
15 Carney Lester (5-foot-5, 135 pounds), purely an offensive catcher and can sometimes play DH if necessary

20 Justine Gomez, 1B (5-foot-11, 155 pounds), hits for average; typically a line drive hitter. Doesn't hit many home runs (though she plays in a large ballpark)
9 Marta Gomes, 2B (5-foot-4, 125 pounds), very tough, hard-nosed player for someone of her size. Uses speed on the bases. Typical second baseman's arm.
15 Jayne Sakata SS (6-foot, 165 pounds), she's also a tough player but with a bigger bat and much more pop than you might expect for a shortstop
18 Jaycee Robinson, 3B (5-foot-9, 175 pounds), power bat, slick glove, doesn't hit for much average and is quick on the diamond, but not a fast runner

11 Hannah Eberley (5-foot-10, 160 pounds), plays shortstop or third base, can get on base. Draws a lot of walks
14 Mickie Meissner (6-foot-2, 190 pounds), plays first base and sometimes can play short or third depending on injuries or extra innings. Has played corner outfield in some extra inning contests. Can start at DH if needed.
17 Carolina Barclay (5-foot-9, 165 pounds), plays second base or shortstop. Not a great hitter, but has a couple of clutch hits to her name.

21 Delta Polanco, LF (6-foot, 195 pounds), rangy left fielder, good average hitter with speed. Below average arm.
7 Bradie Coleman, CF (5-foot-10, 165 pounds), fast runner, decent throwing arm, positions herself in the outfield depending on hitter and what she expects her pitcher to throw.
26 Dawn Evans, RF (6-foot-1, 185 pounds), decent speed, but known best for a rocket arm with deadly accuracy. In short, don't you fucking DARE run on her! Good average and power.

6 Zoë Lazzera, corner outfielder (5-foot-11, 170 pounds), average hitter, line drive hitter, good outfielder, but not a great throwing arm
85 Leonarda Gonzalez, CF (6-foot-1, 205 pounds), not the greatest speed, but can take charge out there. Good power hitter.

27 RHP Jaycee Buck (5-foot-11, 185 pounds), fastball is in the mid-90s, good curveball, average slider. Changeup is a bit too hard to be effective.
30 LHP Elaine Pulcifer (6-foot, 200 pounds), plus-fastball, dangerous curveball and above average changeup. Slider is very hittable
31 LHP Kendra Arthur (5-foot-10, 155 pounds), below average fastball, but makes up for it with great breaking/offspeed pitches
45 RHP Karen Holcomb (6-foot, 185 pounds), average pitches, above average location

33 RHP Candice Murray (5-foot-11, 170 pounds), good fastball, great slider, below average curveball, rarely throws a changeup. Used in long relief
37 LHP Colette Tyson (5-foot-10, 165 pounds), below average fastball, above average changeup, decent slider. Used in long relief
38 RHP Lisa Gerhardt (5-foot-9, 175 pounds), plus fastball and changeup, uses a curveball only to show it from time to time. Used in middle relief
40 LHP Clara Johnson (5-foot-10, 170 pounds), below average fastball, great location, great everything else. At her best, she could be a Greg Maddux-type (like she decides when she wants to miss). Used in middle relief
41 RHP Erika Benes (6-foot, 200 pounds), above average fastball, throws a palmball and a serviceable slider. Serves as righthanded setup pitcher
43 LHP Mikela Anderson (5-foot-10, 169 pounds), average fastball, great deception including a changeup that uses the same motion as her fastball. Serves as lefty setup pitcher.
44 RHP Dayna Endicott (6-foot, 205 pounds), plus fastball, dangerous 12-to-6 curveball. Righty closer
47 Jessie Andrews (5-foot-11, 200 pounds), plus fastball, incredible slider. Lefty closer.
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Sarzonia Stars

If my opponent RP's our game first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes. I'll determine severity.
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod "other" events: No*
*Send me a TG or see if I pop into Discord if you have ideas.

Head Coach: Gavin Davis, 39
Yes, THAT Gavin Davis. Becomes the coach with the sudden firing of Les Steckhall and Khrys Taylor's decision to not become the head coach.
Offensive coordinator: Clay Blankenship, 54
Blankenship will call the offensive plays after Khris Taylor and the Incorporated Gridball Federation failed to agree to terms on a new contract. Blankenship will call the plays for Davis.
Quarterbacks Coach: Noah Hendry, 38
Steps in as quarterbacks coach with the sudden promotion of Gavin Davis to the head coaching position.
Running Backs Coach: Mike Pendry, 56
His Portland Pirates team led the Incorporated Gridball League in rushing, helping make up for an inexperienced quarterback.
Wide Receivers Coach: Mel Brady, 51
He serves in the same position on Woodstock's coaching staff, so he is used to the more wide open offence Gates wants in the nation's capital.
Tight Ends Coach: Marc Johnson, 40
He played on the last Stars team to suit up in a World Bowl. Currently in his first coaching role.
Offensive Line Coach: George Cowley, 40
Also played for the Stars in their previous World Bowl appearance, he has been the offensive line coach for a semipro team for three seasons.
Defensive Coordinator: Kyle Hanley, 51
Hanley plays an aggressive 4-3 defence with frequent blitzes, much like his predecessor Kirk Olivadotti.
Defensive Line Coach: Tyler Paige, 49
The younger brother of former Stars coach Arthur Paige, Tyler works extensively with the line and with edge linebackers.
Linebackers Coach: Jerome London, 45
He was a coach on the field for the Stars as a player and will formally coach the linebacker corps now.
Secondary Coach: Kevin Leonard, 45
Another veteran of the last Stars team who takes on a coaching role.
Special Teams Coordinator: Dylan Massey, 52
Massey has tutored kickers and seems to specialise in turning them into walk off kick experts.

Offence: Balanced (0 modifier)
Defensive style: Base 4-3 with frequent blitzes
Two-point conversion modifier: LOGICAL
Home surface: Grass (Joe Gibbs Stadium, Woodstock - capacity 75,900)

QB: Sam Rosen (6-foot, 205 pounds (Portland), 28
Steckhall was able to lure his signal caller from the Pirates. He hopes that Rosen's familiarity with his offence will speed up his learning curve.
RB: Ty'Relle Clinton (Portland), 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, 24
He employs a bruising running style, but he can surprise defenders with speed and quickness when he gets out in space.
FB: Les Creighton (New Jeruselem Monks), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
Creighton's a blocker who will occasionally get the ball in short yardage situations.
WR: Steve Swain (Corcorran Cruisers), 6-foot-3, 205 pounds
He's the guy you want to get the ball in crucial third down conversions.
WR: Matt Largent (Wilmington Roughnecks), 5-foot-11, 185 pounds
He's the speedster in the lineup and he's the deep threat.
TE: Al Langston, 6-foot-5, 265 pounds (Woodstock)
He started as a blocker until Week 7 last season when he caught eight passes for 76 yards and two touchdowns. Now he handles both roles.
LT: Matt Frost, 6-foot-4, 325 pounds (Woodstock), 29 years old
Frost protects Locklear's blind side in Woodstock and is expected to here.
LG: Nate Felton (Corcorran), 6-foot-2, 319 pounds, 31 years old
He was on the last Stars team and will be counted on for veteran presence as much as his blocking.
C: Rodney Tucker (Portland), 6-foot-2, 293 pounds, 33 years old
Tucker makes up for lack of size by technique and experience. He's the de facto captain of the line.
RG: Marty Vance (Nicksia Knights), 6-foot-5, 335 pounds
He was always nicknamed House when he was growing up, even after he was no longer THE biggest player on either team.
RT: Ike Dennehy (Truxtun Commodores), 6-foot-5, 355 pounds
Dennehy is used to protecting the blind side of a lefty quarterback, and he can throw terrifying blocks in the run game.

DE: Arlen Cunningham (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 280 pounds
He's a pass rusher through and through. Paige is expected to sub him out for short yardage run situations.
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
Steps in as a run-stopper with Colin Grassley being cut from the team.
DT: Pete Downey (Somerset Snakes), 6-foot-4, 360 pounds
He's another run-stopper who will be subbed for in pass rush situations.
DE: Clancy Wilson (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
Another guy who can rush the passer. He can stay in on short yardage situations.
WLB: Artem Roshovski (Portland), 6-foot-2, 265 pounds
Pass rusher. Lives in the weight room. Often plays pass rushing defensive end on third and long.
MLB: Howard Dent (Woodstock), 6-foot-1, 255 pounds
He calls the signals for the defence. He knows how Paige thinks and what he wants.
SLB: Calvin Jacks (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 270 pounds
Known more as a run-stuffer who can play end in a pinch, he logged a career-high five sacks last season.
CB: Will Donnelly (Portland), 6-foot, 200 pounds
He typically plays the opposing team's best receiver and is known as a shutdown corner.
CB: Quinn Bowles (Woodstock), 5-foot-11, 190 pounds
He's more of a speed guy than even Donnelly is, but isn't a sure tackler.
FS: Cliff Longoria (Corcorran), 6-foot-4, 240 pounds
Think the late Sean Taylor. That's how he plays.
Strong Safety: Zane Yates (Portland), 6-foot-2, 235 pounds
He's another terrifying hitter on a team full of terrifying hitters.

QB: Mike Barnett (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 210 pounds.
Not the best arm, but he can execute a West Coast offence if necessary.
QB: Wendy Bartlett (no affiliation), 5-foot-11, 170 pounds
Has some mobility and a decent arm. Her lack of experience and size will keep her third string for now.
RB: Paul Edgerton (Woodstock), 5-foot-9, 195 pounds
He's a scatback who can catch passes out of the backfield when called upon.
FB: Wilson Marquez (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 250 pounds
WR: Hayden Gregory (Portland Power, women's gridball team) 5-foot-7, 175 pounds, 23 years old
WR: Marquise Harris (Truxtun), 6-foot-4, 215 pounds
TE: Edison Burkett (Wilmington), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
RB: Tom Bennett (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 220 pounds
TE: Austin Vesey (Nicksia), 6-foot-4, 260 pounds
OT: Zeke Bradley (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-5, 340 pounds
OG: Yael Jeffries (Rypien) 6-foot-2, 317 pounds
OT/OG Spencer Henderson (Townshend Tornados), 6-foot-5, 330 pounds
C: Aaron Branson (Portland), 6-foot-4, 315 pounds
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
DT/DE: Harvey Quace (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
DE: Ryan Nichols (Portland), 6-foot-3, 290 pounds
DE/LB: Steve Fischer (Townshend), 6-foot-2, 280 pounds
LB: Troy Walton (Corcorran), 6-foot-1, 260 pounds
CB: Clancy Rollingford (Saugerties), 5-foot-11, 195 pounds
CB: Tyrriel Langston (Nicksia), 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
S: Chris Snell (Portland), 6-foot, 205 pounds

P: Evelyn Sutter (holds for extra points and field goal attempts. If there were a need for a fourth-string quarterback, she'd get the call.)
K: Matt Vargas
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Postby Tropicorp » Thu Nov 25, 2021 1:46 pm


AOCAF Draw Moved as EOT Referendum Continues

Tropicorp Park, Tropicoast, Tropicorp :: Anticipation was at its peak on the Tropicoast side of the Troportal in Atlantian Oceania where a series of major events continue to potentially shape the future of the Quasi Governmental Entity and its prosperity within Atlantian Oceania. Tropicoast's Tropicorp Park has been named as a primary venue for the upcoming AOCAF LXV Competition to be hosted in Baker Park and the Vilitan Cove. As the reality of their new lifestyle began to settle in for the locals they greatly anticipated the ability to jump in and serve as joint hosts along with the other nations of the Vilitan Cove and the Commonwealth of Baker Park. While a number of post-foxchester settlements had already cropped up on Atlantian Oceania's center continent, none of those newcomer nations had established senior footsport squads to send to the AOCAF LXV competition - even considering the entire tournament would be hosted on the Legacy Calania continent that had suffered the brunt of the effects of the foxchester event between Baker Park and the VIlitan Cove.

Previously the home to Lake Bekk and the very epicenter of the sporting multiverse, on the eve of the draw for the tournament that had previously been deemed the premier regional competition in the multiverse - among the 29 entries to the competition thus far just the host nations call AO's center continent home. Other nations on the continent such as The Jovannic and Aboveland are maintstays in their primary sport but have rarely shown the same level of competitiveness in the multiverse's oldest sport. The Euran Oceania Territories, Tropicorp's nearest foreign neighbor and a Pot 2 team in the Atlantian Oceania Regional rankings were in the midst of a period of Political and Social instability surrounding the contentious referendum for regional alignment which came on the heels of additional referendum throughout the Euran system. Regional interest and focus on the campaigns has increased as voting day closed in including the #LetsGoAO campaigns on twii.tur that even saw Tropicorp race cars re-painted for the AO Grand Prix of Baker Park in support of the LGAO cause in the referendum. The Group Draw for the LXV AOCAF Cup which was coincidentally scheduled initially on the same day as the voting day for the Three Euran Referendums, was moved to be the day following the conclusion of the voting in the Territories due to the importance of the outcome and potential inclusion of the territories in the AOCAF competition being played just a stones throw from their borders.

With the loss of major nearby customers such as former border nations Kryetnia and Ibixia as well as the nearby Exclave of the Royal Kindom of Quebec, Tropicorp's nearterm future shifted once again back to research and development and shifted away from the financial honey pot of production activities. New portal-based research and spinoffs such as the Aquacorp and the expanded multi-regional territory of the Cocoabo Forest have opened the door to extensive new partnerships and research opportunities. With The Cocoabo Forest team having missed out on the entry list for the regional competition on the far side of the portal it is likely that they would join forces with Team Tropicorp for the upcoming AOCAF Competition to keep their skills sharp against quality opposition. Poor showings in recent AOCAF competitions have seen Tropicorp drop down to 17th in the regional rankings but the team are hoping for a boost on home soil that could lead to a berth in the Knockout Rounds and a target of an appearance in the Quarter Final round or later for the Techies.
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Postby Sarzonia » Fri Nov 26, 2021 4:00 pm

The AO Bowl may have been a tournament Sarzonia helped found and hosted in its early days as a multiversal sporting competitor, but Sarzonia haven't been back to the Atlantian Oceania gridball fields since the very early days of its sporting tenure.

So why are the Stars back?

For Gavin Davis, it's an opportunity for his team to prove itself and prepare itself for the rigours of another World Bowl. It's an opportunity for him to show what he can do as a manager running the team from the beginning of training camp. It's an opportunity for him to further put his stamp on the team after he took over for Les Steckhall. It's an opportunity for him to begin to assemble a coaching staff that more closely resembles what he wants.

Gone is offensive coordinator Khris Taylor, who declined to assume the managerial duties when Steckhall was fired and faced accusations of abuse of his players. Gavin Davis stepped in from his position as quarterbacks coach, and while the two got on in general and worked well together, Davis said their offensive philosophies didn't quite mesh.

"He wanted to use more of a West Coast-style offence where I want us to play more ball control and throw the ball a little bit more downfield," Davis said. New offensive coordinator Clay Blankenship "firmly believes in the running game and likes to stretch the field a little more than Khris did."

"I like the style of offence Gavin likes to run and I think the team have the right personnel for that offence," Blankenship said. "I want to see [quarterback Sam] Rosen stretch the field more."

Even with Rosen throwing more, the Stars still expect to lean rather heavily on running back Ty'Relle Clinton and his bruising style of power gridball. He's also worked in the off-season on catching passes out of the backfield, though he likely will still head to the sidelines on obvious passing downs.

"Ty'Relle can do well in the short passing game, buy we're not putting him out wide and playing empty backfield with him," Davis said.

Meanwhile, defensive coordinator Kyle Hanley is expected to largely stay with his pressure defence and blitz packages.

"Some of the teams we're going up against won't be used to our speed and may not have seen a four-man line the way we employ it," he said. "We'll go three-man or five-man if necessary."
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Postby Gyatso-kai » Sat Nov 27, 2021 1:18 am

Gyatso-kai National Football Team
‘The Bisons’


Official Name: Gyatso-kai Men’s National Football Team / 凯海洋国家足球队 (Kaihaiyáng Guójia Zúqiú Duì) / Gyats'kai Tsad droten Taab’rugam
Official Nation Name: The Avatarian Republics of Gyatso-kai / 凯海洋降世神通共和国 (Kaihaiyáng Jiàngshì Shéntong Gònghéguó) / Tsad Gyats'kai Jettise
Country Code: GKI
Officiating League: The Republic Premier Football League (RPFL)
Founded: 1876 (228 AKy)
Regional Officiating Body: The Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football (AOCAF)
Year of Membership: 2019.2 (63 AAg)
AOCAF:10-7-19 (WDL)
World Cup: 152-60-86 (41-26-45 Post Silence)
All-Time: 186-82-128
Titles: 0
AOCAF: 16th (After AOCAF LXIV)
World Cup: 89th (After WC LXXXIX)
Nickname: Bisons
Style: +3.0 out of 5.0

When RP'ing, the name of my players in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD are the player's family names. These are the names on their jersey and the name professional commentators would call out when making observations. Also, do not write the names in all capital letters, as this is somewhat annoying when reading; I just imagine someone reading calmly along then suddenly SHOUTING the player's name. For example, if writing about FENG Shaoli making a long shot, one would write "Feng made a long shot..." as opposed to "FENG made a long shot..." If you have any further questions regarding names, please feel free to telegram me.

Players age ONE YEAR in-between cups.

Starting players will have their names in GREEN type
Alternate players will have their names in BLUE type
Reserve Players will have their names in STANDARD type.
Travelling Players will be in tables.


22- ARMOK Hikari
Height: 177cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 29 years old - Team: Southern AFC

Coming off a successful sixth season with Southern AFC, Armok Hikari has continued to develop rather nicely when compared to his style back at his alma mater, University of Omashu. After the announcement of Zhao Baoli taking off the 2021.2 Campaign to rest and regroup after his disastrous performances in both World Cup 87 and Cup of Harmony 79, it was to be expected to see Armok promoted to starter.

Unlike Zhao and his sniping mid-range clears, Armok tends to favor the long-range kicks out to midpitch so as to clear as much action from the back end as possible. Also, Armok is a much more traditional goalkeeper when compared to the very ball-heavy play styles of the former starter for the Bisons; he firmly believes that his primary goal is to stop balls from getting to the net, and by clearing out the attacking zone quickly, it gives him a chance to set the team up more defensively as he does tend to hand over possession often, but that allows him to focus on the main job of stopping balls and not worrying about diving out of the box and going for more ‘flashy’ plays.

Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: B
CAPS: :: 76 GOALS: N/A :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 61-64, WC 85-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

44- HAMADA Roshi
Height: 181cm - Weight: 90kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Concord Dusk AFC

After signing a three year, ¥15 million contract with Concord Dusk AFC, Hamada Roshi has essentially made it as a goalkeeper in Gyatso-kai. Coming onto Concord Dusk to backup the aging Kjotvi Bar’kad is no easy assignment, however, with most analysts seeing Bar’kad retiring in no more than two years, soon Hamada may see himself starting for the Black & Gold.

A player who developed an odd style in the Fire Nation, Hamada is known for stepping way in front of the net and attempting to use his physique to stop an offensive player before getting to the ball. Many attribute this odd quirk to Hamada and his twin brother Yoshi having grown up playing ice hockey; whereas Roshi would go on to find his love in football, his brother Yoshi continues to attract scouts on the ice at the University of Kyoko in the Fire Nation. Equally adept at his position as a younger Kio’los, the 2021.3 Campaign has already seen Hamada start in net twice for the Bisons; during the first victory over Ko-oren and the nil-all draw against Mertagne.

Hopefully he will get more time this World Cup…
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: C
CAPS: 15 :: GOALS: N/A :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 62-63, WC 87-89, Eagles Cup XI

31- LEE Findao
Height: 191cm - Weight: 94kg – Age: 22 years old - Team: Academy of South Kibago

An incredibly young and underdeveloped player – at least in terms of multi-verse play – Lee Findao took the Avatarian Football world by surprise when it was announced after The Combine that they would be taking the Reserve Position on the National Team ahead of suspected replacement Pao Lishin. Such a surprise that on the day the rosters were set to be announced, Lee had already packed themselves up and was boarding a transport out of the National Sports Complex.

Not the most confident way to start your journey to the AOCAF Cup…

With a collegiate style typical of players his size – wide stance, quick to try and muscle defenders out of the ball, and making saves from deep out of the net – we can only hope that has time goes on, Lee will continue to mature under the tutelage of Nishimura on the National Team.

Rating: C+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C

Travelling With the Team

Name		Age		Team					Nation              .
PAO Lishin 25 Mando FC Earth
TSUTSAMA Yen 22 University of Adirolf Fire
TSUNADE Ki’sae 21 Kyoshi State University Mandalorian

As had been done under Vhett, Head Coach Tay’haai has instituted a Travelling Corps so as to bring young and upcoming players along with the Bisons to show them what Multiverse Play is all about. Pao Lishin, still a bit bitter about being passed over last World Cup and now for AOCAF, is a surprise to see return on the travelling corps. Last campaign, it was reported that Pao spent most of the practice days away from the other members of the goalkeeping unit; in the weeks leading up to the AOCAF Cup, it is being reported he is talking more with Goalkeeping Coach Nishimura Kenshin.

Tsutsama Yen, is a relative newcomer to the multiverse; having a somewhat average season at UA, he came to the National Team tryouts before World Cup 87 and put up some impressive physical numbers through the Combine, and thus found his way onto the Corps. Showing great promise as a younger player, he signed on with Gaoling Union after graduation and has already begun to cement himself as a strong back-up to franchise keeper Mit Wasan’i

With the promotion of Lee Findao to Reserve, the third spot on the Corps was awarded to Tsunade Kise, a young Mandalorian keeper out of Kyoshi State. At 21-years-of-age, he is set to graduate following this campaign cycle, though it is uncertain where he will wind up. Tsunade has shown a similar style to the former Bison Aki Kio’los, and of the three members of the Travelling Corps, he is the most likely to see promotion.

Left Defenders:
16- TERCAR Shuajo
Height: 180cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Mando FC

Tercar Shuajo, who signed a four-year contract with Mando FC after graduating from Northern University, has added 8kg to his frame in muscle, yet still retains his speed. A very quick and agile defender, Tercar uses his feet and agility to outmaneuver most other players instead of relying on sheer mass to take away a ball, a tactic he learned from pairing with Itawaku during exhibition games prior to World Cup 86.

Now into his fourth campaign as starting defender, Tercar is looking to further cement himself into the team. With both Hashimoto Isamiru and Somchai Kikwan both growing older with every passing game, soon it may be time for Tercar to take his speed and agility to the centre of the pitch. Tercar bares the distinction of being one of only two players to score a goal during the last AOCAF – the lone goal against Vilita & Turori on the opening day of the tournament.
Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C
CAPS: 83 :: GOALS: :: 20 TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 63-64, WC 86-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

12- PAM Kai
Height: 183cm - Weight: 86kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Senlin Timbers

Formerly the backup to the Beast of the North, Pam Kai spent five tournaments in the shadow of Itawaku, hoping to one day earn the starting spot from him or to replace him. However, at the tryout camp, it was Tercar Shuajo who shined, and received the Starting Spike from Tay’haai. Following another lackluster season in Senlin, Pam has shown himself to be a perennial backup defender; though this time, he has been kicked out of the limelight by a former classmate and teammate of his from Northern University… One has to wonder how that will play out during the tournament.

Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: A
CAPS: 72 :: GOALS: 19 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 61-64,WC 84-89, CoH 79

26 – Khánh KA’LOMI
Height: 190cm - Weight: 94kg – Age: 23 years old - Team: Island FC

A young Southern Watertribesman who signed a professional contract with Island FC at just 20-years-of-age, Khánh Ka’lomi is already making waves in the Avatarian sports community. With an impressive size for such a young player, many see him as the next Itawaku, and some have already started calling him “The Beast of the South”. In his first season at Island FC, Ka’lomi put up impressive numbers for a defencemen; ending his season with the highest involvement in goals by a defender with 2 goal and 7 assists to go with 6 clean sheets. Given the way the Bisons have been playing in tournaments prior, don’t expect Ka’lomi to find himself sitting in the press box too much, with a late series call-up likely should Pam or Tercar start to tire or fail to produce.
Rating: B- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: C
CAPS: 30 :: GOALS: 5 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 62-64, WC 87-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

Central Defenders
5- HASHIMOTO Isamiru
Height: 178cm - Weight: 75kg – Age: 36 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED

One of the most highly-rated player for the Bison defence, Hashimoto Isamiru, or “Hashi” as he is loving called by fans, has shown himself to be a very valuable asset to the team. A strong defensive player who often falls in to a full-back position, Hashimoto has made great strides in improving his passing and marking skills since he was traded to Ba Sing Se UNITED from Keldabe FC after a very disappointing season which saw Kelabe not advance to the playoffs for the first time in five years.

However, as time as worn on, so too as age on Hashimoto. Set to turn 37 during the 2021.3 Campaign, many have been calling for Hashi to step down gracefully and retire. However, in previous interviews over the 2021.1 Campaign, Hashimoto has already said he would not even entertain retirement until he had earned his century-and-half cap for the National Team.

Only three more caps to go…

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 147 :: GOALS: 30 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-64,WC 84-87, 89, CoH 76, 79, Eagles Cup XI

15- UTHAN A’den
Height: 185cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 25 years old - Team:FC Beijing

A large and physically imposing player, Uthan A’den does not play a very physical game like Auranaq or Hashimoto, but instead proves himself to be one of the fastest players on the team; one who uses that speed to outpace and overtake many of his opponents. Less prove to tackle and trip, and more likely to simply run up from behind and steal the ball mid-dribble, expect to see Uthan engaging opponents closer to the net than you will be comfortable with from previous Bisons campaigns.

Having reached his century mark during the 6-2 win at home against The Juniper Union during World Cup 88 – and also scoring his first multiverse hat trick – Uthan became one of the youngest players to reach the milemark, following in the footsteps of Akiyama Qiangyu and Bralor Kotyc’e to reach a century before 25.

And given his presence, Uthan is expected to play for a very long time.

Rating: A- - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A
CAPS: 133 :: GOALS: 41 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59- 64,WC 84-89, CoH 76, 79, Eagles Cup XI

15- Ganham Ri’om
Height: 175cm - Weight: 70kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Concord Dusk AFC

Though not as fast as Uthan, Ganham Ri’om is a full-back more focused on the offence, who uses his skill with the ball to often drive the offence from the backfield. Though Ganham can have some minor difficulties when tasked with defence (given that he played his entire career at Hatsu State as a offensive midfielder before switching to defence when drafted), he is a very dedicated player and works hard to improve where he knows there are weakness.
Rating: B+ - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: B
CAPS: 53 :: GOALS: 16 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-60, 64,WC 84-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

Right Defenders:

3- SOMCHAI Kikwan
Height: 187cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 34 years old - Team: Itakawai City

While certainly not the oldest player in the defence, Somchai Kikwan does serve as the counterpoint to Uthan’s youthful excitement. Having graduated from Kyoshi State, Somchai is very familiar to the style of play Uthan is used to, and the two of them communicate very well on the side of the field. Very adept at playing the middle of the field, when pushed to the right side, Somchai is quick to adapt and has the endurance and stamina to keep up with the demands.

Having made his multiverse debut in World Cup 85, Somchai has continued to play through a nagging lower body injury. While he has shown signs of improvement – as well as the additional reports of him seeing a Northern Healer for therapy, he continues to play a On-Off schedule; starting one game, resting the next. Many felt he should be taken out of the starting line-up, however, after being the only player to score in four of the Bisons’ five World Cup 86 victories he seems to have garnished a bit of faith from the ASPN team of commentators. Though in World Cup 87, he hit a bit of a dry spell and then during the Cup of Harmony 79 scored three of the team’s eight goals.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 80 :: GOALS: 33 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 63-64, WC 85-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

23- HUANG Aodhán
Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: Makapu ERUPT

With Mi’rez Yiman retiring, Huang Aodhán would find himself moving up on the list of right defenders. Signed onto a Taap-A team right out of college, Huang was quick to mature and found his way onto the Makapu ERUPT three season ago. A quick study, he adapted well to his new team and soon made it to their starting eleven. Huang is a natural athlete, with impressive speed and stamina to match, and we can expect to see that natural athleticism on display as the tournament wears on and fatigue sets into the Starting Eleven.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 42 :: GOALS: 12 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 60-64, WC 84-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

15 – Tarou ADEEN
Height: 189cm - Weight: 90kg – Age: 24 years old - Team: Royal Flames

With the retirement of a couple of the Bisons’ core defenders, the Travelling Corps has produced another potential feature player in the form of Tarou Adeen. A product of both the Royal Fire Developmental Programs as well as serving under the tutelage of Fujimoto Zhong at Omashu State, Adeen is sure to see his number called in future tournaments, especially as players like Somchai continue to add years to their career. Though, unlike Somchai, Adeen brings more size to the right; standing at just under 190cm and weighs a little under 90kg. Combine that size with his speed and vision on the pitch, and you have a defender who can knock an opponent off course and redirect a ball to a forward without even lifting his head from his target. As with others in the lower levels of the team, expect to see Adeen as the tournament progresses.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 8 :: GOALS: 4 :: TOURN. PLAYED: WC 88-89, CoH 79

Travelling With the Team

Position	Name		Age		School / Team			Nation                |
RD KATO Zhao Ling 23 Enceri FC Mandalorian
RD YAMADA Goro 22 Ba Sing Se UNITED Fire
CD ZHOU Hiroto 22 Concord Dusk AFC Earth

The Travelling Corps for Defense is all small trio of defenders who are all potential future Bisons.

Kato Zhao Ling, who graduated from Enceri University and signed an entry-level two-year contract with FC She Pass, is coming off his first RPFL All-Star selection and a third-place finish in the 2021.1 Season, having been traded to Enceri FC before the end of his contract and signing on an entry-level single-year bridge pending the conclusion of the 2021.3 Season. Yamato Goro surprised the football world upon graduation, having signed with Ba Sing Se over Itakawai; Yamato is certainly being watched to replace either of the aging defencemen in Hashimoto and Somchai. Zhou Hiroto, who helped Kibago University win their third consecutive Earthen Shield tournament in five years, also is vying for an eventual spot on the national roster after signing an entry-level two-year contract with Concord Dusk AFC.

Defensive Midfielders:

Height: 178cm - Weight: 76kg – Age: 37 years old - Team: Northern AFC

A strong defensive midfielder. Takahashi Hikaru’s strength lies in his kicks; easily able to send a ball soaring across the pitch with surprising accuracy, Takahashi is known for feeding the ball to the strikers and catching many opposing defences off-guard. He often has great vision, and he is easily able to read the play and can adapt accordingly.

Now, Takahashi has to step into a new role, as the oldest player on the team. With the retirement of so many of his fellow over-30 players, some feel the pressure is on Takahashi to produce more in this upcoming World Cup… or hang up the Number Seven jersey for the last time.
Rating: S – Team Relationship: S – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 148 :: GOALS: 68 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-64,WC 84-89, CoH 75, 79, Eagles Cup XI

6- MA Haijiang
Height: 187cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 34 years old - Team: Northern AFC

Former Head Coach Tay’haai made the unusual selection of having both of his defensive midfielders come from the same team, for reasons most can ascertain…. And it’s a decision that Interim Head Coach Wong Haru A proven veteran on the pitch, Ma Haijiang complements Takahashi’s strong kicks and accuracy with the speed to overcome most opponents; if he can not strike a ball deep, Takahashi will often send a volley up to Ma who will then run it into the offensive zone before lasering the ball to an open forward. Expect to see either Ma or Takahashi in the assist column for plenty of goals.

Though, now with both players into their 30s, and many calling for younger blood to take the reigns, one has to wonder how much longer the ‘Northern Duo’ will continue to play together… or worse, who will be the first to retire…
Rating: A- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 150 :: GOALS: 51 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-64,WC 84-89, CoH 76, 79, Eagles Cup XI

17- YOSHIDA Arata
Height: 177cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 31 years old - Team: Royal Flames

Yoshida Arata is a dedicated player who has worked incredibly hard to make his way to the national team; having spent several months training with one of the greatest Avatarian midfielders to ever play the game, Bralor Kotyc’e. Time spent with Bralor has proven to greatly improve his game, seeing Yoshida climb up the ranks during the Trials for the national team.

Though, Yoshida is not a player you will often notice. He is not one for showboating, and very rarely makes a goal or garnishes an assist. Instead, he focuses his time on the pitch by setting up the offense for a great pass, a decisive tackle that often swings the game’s momentum, or just being able to intercept the ball at the most opportune time. One of the best midfielders in the Southern Conference of the RPFL, Yoshida is sure to see time on the pitch by relieving Takahashi or Ma in the later games of the competition.

Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: B
CAPS: 69 :: GOALS: 15 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60, 62-64,WC 84-89, Eagles Cup XI

Neutral Midfielders:

Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 34 years old - Team: Senlin Timbers

An extremely technical midfielder, Hisakawa Si Woo is not one to shy away from trying for goals. More adept at reading the play and setting up his forwards, Hisakawa is a bit more impatient than one would like, and he posseses the speed and agility to run through a good defence and find the back of the net on occasion. He is also the only player on the Bisons who is currently unsigned; his contract with the Taap-A team Omashu Athletic ended after AOCAF LX, and with nothing really to showcase his worth, Omashu Athletic chose to not sign Hisakawa; a fact that has certainly hurt his morale going into the last World Cup. However, an impressive showing, including four goals at WC 85, saw Hisakawa sign a two-year contract with the Senlin Timbers just days after the completion of the group stage.
Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 119 :: GOALS: 34 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-64,WC 84, 86-89, CoH 76,79, Eagles Cup XI

Attacking Midfielders:

8- YU Shichiro
Height: 183cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 29 years old - Team: Keldabe FC

With a very offensive-minded footballing style, Yu Shichiro works as the last link between the midfield and the offence. Much like Hisakawa, Yu has been known to even advance from the midfield to score quite a few key goals in pivotal games, including the 2019.2 Ve’vut Cup winning goal against Concord Dusk AFC. He has a powerful long shot and is exceptional at heading, both of which are aided by his height. However, as skilled as he is in offense, Yu still prefers to pass the ball up to forwards for an assist in a goal as opposed to being the star player.

Rating: A- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 113 :: GOALS: 20 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-64,WC 84-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

11- GUANYU Jun
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Omashu Athletic (Taap-A)
A very creative midfielder, Guanyu Jun is very capable of making plays on the fly; with great vision and quick feet, he often can set up his forwards for a great goal or keep the ball moving through the middle. Though having graduated from Heibai University right after AOCAF, Guanyu, who managed to only appear in a single game during AOCAF, started in the next two World Cups as well as AOCAF 60, before being knocked off his starting position by Yu Shichiro coming into AOCAF 61. Who knows how that will play out, seeing as how many in the sports world see Guanyu as more of a playmaker than Yu and a bit more skilled despite being three years his junior.

Rating: B+ – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 61 :: GOALS: 16 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60,62-64,WC 84-85,87-89, CoH 79, Eagles Cup XI

14 – Fei’kao SONG
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: FC Mando

Relatively young when compared to his teammates, Fei’kao Song chose to forgo his collegiate career, getting drafted by FC Mando the day before his twentieth birthday. Despite all the fanfare of his first season behind him, Song has not had a promising start to his sophomore season. Given his still-developing skills in midfield, his is seen as a comparatively weak player and often spends more time with the coaching staff than other more-seasoned players. Song, much like Hisakawa, is a technical player by nature whose greatest asset is not in his aim or power, but in the art of dribbling which he uses at every opportunity. While more prone to provide assists on plays as opposed to goals, Song has proven himself through Trials to Tay’haai and earned a spot on the National Team, albeit a reserve position.

Rating: B- – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: C
CAPS: 28 :: GOALS: 12 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 60, 63-64, WC 87-89 CoH 76, 79

Travelling With the Team

Position	Name			Age		School/Team					Nation
DM INOUE Anernerk 25 R.C UNITED Water
DM Kal ITOWA 25 FC Beijing Water
NM Penlu SAITO 22 Omashu Fire
OM SHAO Mi’ka 24 Solus FC Water
OM DIK Up’lis 23 Northern AFC Earth

Mostly comprised of Water Tribesmen, the Midfield Travelling Corps is a grabbag of talent. From the University of the Northern Tribes come home-grown Inoue Anernerk, who at just like his father, the famed Inoue Kuruk, completed back-to-back double-digit scoring seasons in his last two seasons of college; impressive for a man who is supposed to be on the defensive midfield. From UST, Kal Itowa mirrors the success of Inoue, though a career less filled with goals and more with assists. Penlu Saito, a young player from the developmental Chomain State Academy, hopes to see a professional contract within the year, and with such a great season in the ADFL, you can be sure he will at least entertain some good offers. Out of the University of Kibago, Shao Mi’ka is a relatively quiet player who has had offers from both Gaoling Union and Senlin Timbers. Dik Up’lis rounds out the Travelling Corps, bringing from Omashu State a drive for excellence many teams would love to have, even if it comes with a bit more maturing to be fostered.

9 - Dag’da SKIRATA
Height: 185cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED

From the fabled and illustrious Skirata family, Dag’da Skirata continues to show why the Skirata’s are the most famous Avatarian family in sports; from his grandfather Kad coaching the Men’s National Ice Hockey Team to his father A’den’s 59 goals in 190 caps for the Bisons, Dag’da has some massive shoes to fill. Though his youthful energy often times shows itself in classic mistakes, Skirata is able to power his way through many the defender and be it by foot or by head, he finds the net more often than not. Earning his century in the abysmal Cup of Harmony 79, Skirata hopes to redeem himself in the next campaign set to begin in Atlantian Oceania. In-between the 2021.1 and 2021.2 Campaigns, Skirata has shocked much of the Avatarian Sports world, forgoing the expected signing with his hometown FC Itakawai and signing with their interleague rival Ba Sing Se United for an undisclosed amount; however, the six-year contract is likely one of the most expensive to be signed in recent memory.

For the second AOCAF in a row, Skirata has been one of, or in this case, the only player to score a goal for the national team; a lone goal against Torisakia. Also of mention, Skirata achieved his century during Cup of Harmony against Electrum, just weeks after turning 25…Something fellow Mandalorian Uthan Aden holds over Skirata’s head.
Rating: S – Team Relationship: S – Morale: S – Form: A
CAPS: 154 :: GOALS: 90 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-64,WC 84-89, CoH 76,79,Eagles Cup XI

10 - SONG Kaoru
Height: 178cm - Weight: 74kg – Age: 29 years old - Team: FC Mando

Much like Skirata, Song Kaoru comes from a sports-centric family; with his father a coach in the RPFL, his mother a third-line winger for the Ice Bisons and his younger brother the star goalkeeper for Itakawai City, fans and critics have come to expect nothing but greatness from Song. They have certainly not been disappointed in domestic play, with Song showing a near-effortless game on the pitch. Dodging defenders as if they were standing still, sniping balls past nets which might as well have been empty, Song has quickly become the media’s favorite player... especially with how he loves to be interviewed.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: :: 149 GOALS: 64 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59-64,WC 84-89, CoH 76, 79, Eagles Cup XI

29- LI Yuuta
Height: 185cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 29 years old - Team: Island FC

Older than both of the starting forwards, Li Yuuta also finds himself the oldest member of the Forward Corps. Playing the last six seasons in Island FC, Li has continued to develop as a well-rounded secondary striker; able to shield the ball from the other team and hold them off long enough for either of the Bisons’ primary stikers to get into position for a great shot. Li is very adept at striking himself, having led Island FC in Goals Scored last season.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 45 :: GOALS: 18 :: TOURN. PLAYED: AOCAF 59, 60,62-63,WC 84-89, CoH 76, Eagles Cup XI

19 - KIM Vinh Lành
Height: 185cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Island FC

A seasoned pivot man through five seasons at Island FC, Kim Vinh Lành is known for his ability to read the pitch and place himself ahead of a ball to bring in an attempt --- even if the pass is terrible --- through his excellent ball-handling skills. Albeit not the most conditioned player, with stamina that often finds him at the back of the pack during running exercises, Kim makes up for his endurance with incredibly fast bursts to the goal.

Rating: B – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 30 :: GOALS: 9 :: TOURN. PLAYED: WC 86-89, CoH 79


Captain: TAKAHASI Hikaru
Vice-Captain: HASHIMOTO Isamiru
Third Captain: MA Haijiang

Kick Takers (in order of ability)
Free kicks: SONG Kaoru
Right corners: GANHAN Ri’om, UTHAN A’den
Left corners: TAKAHASHI Hikaru, UTHAN A’den
Penalties: Dag’da SKIRATA, TAKAHASHI Hikaru, MA Haijiang, GUANYU Jun, HASHIMOTO Isamiru, YU Shichiro, SOMCHAI Kikwan


Head Coach: .:: VACANT ::.

Following the completion of the 2021.1 Campaign and World Cup 88, the initial contract for Head Coach Kad’e Tay’haai had reached its conclusion. In no surprise to anyone in the Avatarian Football Community, Director of the National Sports Council and President of the Avatarian Leagues of Association Football Vhett Boba accepted the completion of the contract and formally dismissed Tay’haai after twelve tournaments. The first Head Coach after The Silence, many had expected Tay’haai to bring glory back to the Bisons on the multiverse stage; instead, the National Team held a 36.08% Winning Record, including multiple losing streaks of three games or more, including the winless 79th Cup of Harmony and the single-win AOCAF 63.

Not exactly how the former star player for the Bisons Pre-Silence and collegiate coach wanted his national coaching career to transpire, and certainly not how he envisioned it ending… a 3-1 loss at home after winning just six games out of eighteen.

Interim Head Coach: WONG Haru
Height: 185cm – Weight: 88kg – Age 51 years old – Team: FC Itakawai, Assistant General Manager

Once a star defender for the Bisons, following his retirement from national and multiverse play, Wong Haru made a name for himself with a brief stint in coaching professionally; first as a Defensive Coach for Solus FC for two years and then FC She Pass for another four. However, when Wakahisa Hikaru – whose infamous knee injury in the championship game for the Republic Chalice brought the nation to tears and ended his professional career – called Wong, as the General Manager for FC Itakawai, to hand him the reigns of the infamous team right when they shifted ownership, it was a call Wong could not pass up. Being the head coach of one of the RPFL’s best teams for nearly 8 years truly honed his knowledge of the game as well as his abilities to analyze and coach players to greatness, all before he was promoted within to the role of Assistant General Manager under Wakahisa. After being both a player, a captain, positional coach, head coach, and assistant general manager, the only two roles left for Wong were to be either the National Team Head Coach, and the President of the ALAF. Thanks to Tay’haai - who brought Wong on as the assistant coach for the team back at the start of his tenure - one goal was soon to be achieevd. Though for now, the title of "Interim" hangs over Wong, and it is up to him to guide the lost ship back on course until a more permanent coach can be chosen... or he can earn the title himself.

Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Confidence: B
Tourn. Coached:
As Interim Head[b] – AOCAF 64,WC 89, CoH 76, 79, Eagles Cup XI
[b]As Assistant
AOCAF 59-63,WC 84-88, CoH 76, 79

Coaching Assistants:
Forwards: KUSONAGI Batou, PHAM Vinh Lành, KRYSE Pre
Defence: NAKAMURA Batou and MAKI LI
Goalkeepers: KITA Bai’a, NISHIMURA Kenshin

Head Medical Officer: Doctor FONG Jintao
Height: 190cm – Weight: 82kg – Age 36 years old
Following the retirement of Wen Wuchin after the 85th World Cup, the much-younger Doctor Fong Jintao replaced the “Ol’Doc” as he was so lovingly referred to as by the team. Having served through the Grand Army of the Republic, Doctor Fong is a veritable successor to the Ol’Doc’s history as the last member of the Old Guard – all staff appointed by former-Head Coach and now Director Boba Vhett. When not travelling with the team, Fong carries the rank of Captain, First Class and serves in the 501st Legion in the First Territorial Army, stationed in Republic City; specifically, he is a resident Surgeon within the Third Avatarian Guard, and is seen as a competitor for the soon-to-be-vacated position of Head Assistant Surgeon in the Capital Medical Facility, thanks to another former member of the Old Guard retiring from that post.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A
Medical Assistants: HU Haicheng, HONG Sujin, LEE Jiabao

Security Chief: Captain AKAAN (RC-4868)
Height: 190cm – Weight: 90kg – Age: 47 years old CHRONOLOGICAL (50 years old BIOLOGICAL)
A clone officer within the Grand Army of the Republic, RC-4868 was appointed Chief of Security for the National Team in 2011.1. Each time the team travels abroad --- so long as he is not engaged in a mission --- RC-4868 is pulled from service and placed into the spotlight of security. He is battle-hardened, having been raised since birth for war and combat, and as such often views these assignments with true boredom. The seven men he brings with him on assignment share the same sentiments of the ‘mission’, however, their ‘unwaivering loyalty’ to the Republic prevents any negative speak during the assignment. Each is a member of the Avatarian Guard, whose sole responsibility is to defend the Avatar at both home and abroad; this protection then extends to all sports teams travelling beyond the borders of the Five Nations.
Rating: A – Strength: A – Tactics: A – Skill: A
Security Assistants: CT-2234, CT-45-9934, CC-8341, CT-2401, CC-75-3341, RC-1346, RC-4321, RC-4555

Director of the National Team & President of the ALAF: HIS RIGHT HONOURABLE VHETTBoba
Age: 75 – Time in the job: 8 Years (35 )

Once the longest serving Head Coach in Avatarian History – with a record spanning 261 games, ten World Cups and multiple other multiverse competitions – it was only right for Vhett to step into the role of President of the Avatarian Leagues of Association Football. Having brought a team from nothing to the quarterfinals in 8 World Cups is not something to look away from, and although his career was tarnished slightly by the final performances of the Bisons – going 5-7-1 in his last World Cup – Vhett is confident that soon glory will be returned to the Avatarian Republics, although initial performances in all seven tournaments to date have been far from promising.
Rating: S - Influence: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A – History: S


For the Sixty-Fifth Edition of the AOCAF Cup, the Bisons will be wearing the uniforms they debuted in the 2021.1 Campaign at the Eighty-Seventh World Cup.







While under Tay’haai and Vhett, the Bisons utilized the modern standard of the 4-4-2 Formation. Giving the Bisons a strong midfield presence while pairing two quick strikers – in the last cup being Skirata and Song Kaoru – the 4-4-2 allowed many of the Bison games to keep low goals for an opponent while giving them a chance to rack up high goals.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case…

Under Interim Coach Wong Haru, the Bisons are changing up their usual style and taking out the second forward and replacing them with a stronger midfield presence in what is known as a 4-5-1 Formation. Usually taken by teams wanting to secure a lead, the 4-5-1 is often seen as a more ‘defensive minded’ formation. The extra midfielder – in this case Hisakawa Si Woo – often will float between a defensive position and a support position for the remaining forward. In choosing the speed of Skirata over the accuracy of Song Kaoru, Interim Coach Wong is giving up offensive capability to shore up defence. Especially considering that Song was the lead goal-scorer in the last World Cup, the focus on a slightly-younger Skirata may be a look to the future and keep Song on standby should the offence need a boost.

Expect to see the two men swapped out from game to game until the team solidifies. Of course, in a tournament with just four games, the team may not be able to completely figure out its new strategy in quick-enough fashion.

Unfortunately, the first foray of the new formation did not go according to plan, with the Bisons scoring a lone goal, and conceding five in three games. Of course, it takes time for a new formation and new coaching strategies to take effect, so the National Sports Council continues to out its faith in this new experiment, and behind Wong.



Matchday 01 at ImageBaker Park4 @ BBP National Stadium, Belle Haven
Matchday 02 at ImageMilchama33 @ Salisbury Stadium, Salisbury
Matchday 03 BYE DAY
Matchday 04 vs ImageBusoga Islands8 @ Salisbury Stadium, Salisbury
Matchday 05 at ImageSchima Bas48 @ Salisbury Stadium, Salisbury


Choose my goal scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
Injure to my players: Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries. I will decide and RP any further inactivity for a player caused by your injury.
Godmod injuries: Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes (1 MAX PER GAME)
Godmod Other Events: Yes, within reason. Please telegram me if you’re in doubt.
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Postby Valanora » Sat Nov 27, 2021 8:41 am

From the Offices of the VSC does the Marauder information come

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events N
RP injuries to my players Y (no more than three weeks out)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players N
Godmod Other Events Y

What is the name of…

…the five time World Cup champions?
The Eternal Empire -or- Valanora (known prior to World Cup 37 as Elves Security Forces)

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia, Vyinta, and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their home matches?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Style Modifier: +2

Stadium: Hatire Memorial, Capri (60,000)



Home Away

Didrik Gjedrem
Age: 55
While the Marauders had a disappointing and early end to their run in the World Cup, Didrik's worst showing as the man in charge of the national team, it was deemed his first two cycles in charge were enough of a success that he had earned a one cycle extension. There would be no better tonic for the Marauders than to finally regain the regional trophy, a trophy that has eluded them for some time now. However it seems to be within reach with Didrik's methodical and attacking mentality, as seen by how close the side was to regaining it during the last tournament.

Assistant Manager
Kasper Volheim
Age: 41
After a successful trial run with the recently reinstated U21 national team, Volheim was appointed the assistant manager for the senior team as well with the number of youth players that are in the team and pool at large. Having shown to have the capabilities of managing them at Raynor City United's youth team and being a good go between as an assistant in the Di Bradini Cup, Volheim looks to keep up the success rate at the senior level and perhaps be that missing piece to get the team to winning a trophy.


1 Julius Miljeteig, Cednia Beach AFC Image
Age - 34
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 162 lbs
Julius has had a good showing at the domestic level but at the international level he has not been able to be consistently among the best, being a step below the greatness that was Sean Smørdal. However he makes the saves that he is expected to, being a fairly reliable shot stopper but not an elite level keeper by any means. Fortunately for him, he does not need to make the spectacular often with superb field players in front of him.


4 Vårin Løvland, Mar Sara FC
Age - 29
Sex - F
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148 lbs
As pacy as most Vanorian footballers come, tenacious as well, she is one of those rare defenders who is as comfortable with the ball at her feet as she is in defending her marks. Quick to get stuck in and throw her body at an opponent, she is perhaps a bit more reckless than a normal Vanorian defender, but her play with the Flames as been stellar and has produced the results that have given her the chance to start for the national team.

6 Ralph Winter, Kitara AA Image
Age - 24
Sex - M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 172 lbs
A strong and versatile defender who can play both as a fullback or as a centerback when called upon as he does for his club side, a club side who just managed to bring home the Champions' League. Winter will be looking to use the competition to go from the reserve pool to be considered for the starting lineup.

2 Ulrike Kluge, SC Rinaldi
Age - 29
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168 lbs
A quick and pacy defender who can sometimes get caught out by smart opposition but her raw physical skills allow her to overcome any such mistakes with the recovery speed needed to be an elite level defender. Her lack of consistency is why it has taken her so long to get into the first team.


8 Pánfilo Veliz, FC Capri
Age: 31
Sex - M
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs
The first player born in Sabine and Caddonia to make the national team, Veliz was carefully groomed to be a dynamic attacking winger coming through the Capri youth and reserve teams. That masterful ability to dribble, cross, or if needed even finish moves makes him a wonderful assist for the offensive side of the ball, but does mean he is a bit more lax when it comes to his defensive responsibilities.

7 Heike Schoß, Jinja City FC Image
Age - 24
Sex - F
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 167 lbs
A young attacking midfielder that has learned to play a little further back in order to have a chance to break into the national team rather than trying to dislodge Hawk. She is intelligent on the ball and seems to be on the upwards part of her career after joining Jinja City in the highly competitive S-FPL.

10 Laborious Hawk, Bastion Image
Age - 752
Sex - M
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 213 lbs
Words do not even begin to define his talent, his talent defines words. He was awarded one of the spots that the Vanorians have in the World Cup Hall of Fame, with it being very well deserved, as he has and continues to earn everything he has been given every single day. Hawk simply strives to be the very best footballer, captain, and teammate that there can be, with the hunger for perfection driving him forth on and off the pitch.

5 Gideon Riemann, AS Bezieres Image
Age - 24
Sex - M
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 184 lbs
Gideon emerged as a powerful and reliable center midfielder during the Finals two World Cups ago, coming to play a destroyer role alongside Larsen and was able to be a highly influential impact substitute. Strong and pacy, versatile enough to play both in the center of the park as well as on the wing when called upon, he looks to be a long term starter for the Marauders as long as his club career doesn't have him fall out of favor.

3 Indra Söderström, Brinemouth Image
Age - 24
Sex - F
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 142 lbs
Thought to be one of the next great attacking wingers for the Marauders, Indra made the interesting decision to go to one of the struggling sides of the Audioslavia league. She did her best to keep them up for several seasons before they were relegated but she catapulted to one of the best teams in the world in Brinemouth on the basis of her talent showcased both for club as well as country. Still in need of a bit of refinement, she is nonetheless a very lethal player out wide for the Marauders.


9 Jutta Palminger, FC Capri
Age - 24
Sex - F
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 172 lbs
Another product of the masterful attacking academy at Capri, Jutta started her career as just a cunny speed merchant who used her pace to get behind defenses and easily score. A late growth spurt turned her into a more well rounded player with an imposing physical presence that can both move past defenders and through the channels, but also win fights in the air when she has to.

11 Lothas Ludwig, FC Felsenkirchen 1879 Image
Age - 24
Sex - M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161 lbs
Few players in Vanorian history have made such a climb as quickly and as profoundly as Ludwig has, bar that of Laborious Hawk, and it is easy to see why there is some hot debate as to whether Lothas is the best player in his generation. He is a well rounded striker who has a good amount of strength for his size and plenty of pace to get past lackadaisical defending. Versatile enough to play on the wing or as a withdrawn striker when needed and unselfish enough to feed teammates if they have the better opportunity. Lothas is a star now and looks to only get better as he starts to enter the prime of his career.

12 GK Isak Helland, age 29, Aleiusia Capital Image
23 GK Viktor Sandnes, age 20, Oslograd Academy Image
15 CB Armin Freihof, age 24, SW Stahlberg Image
13 RB/RW Gudrun Bißmeier, age 24, Crystal Fair HC Image
17 LB Karoline Wellenbrink, age 24, Raynor City United (F)
18 LW Jaimes Ybarra, age 29, FC Capri
21 AMLR Miriam Troegner, age 24, Kingsgrove Image (F)
20 MC Götz Konstantin, age 24, Bastion Image
16 MC Otto Lyecht, age 25, Soldarian FC
22 AMC Marco Grunewald, age 29, Raynor City United
14 ST Elias Hammer, age 25, Lonngeylin Coast Image
19 ST Taina Vääräniemi, age 22, Dí Maozöxê Image (F)


Captain: Laborious Hawk
Set Piece Taker: Laborious Hawk
Penalty Taker: Lothas Ludwig
Right Corner: Pánfilo Veliz
Left Corner: Pánfilo Veliz
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Postby Jabal Akhdar » Sat Nov 27, 2021 11:43 am

Link to cricket roster


Nation name: Jabal Akhdar
Trigram: EJA
Adjective/demonym: Akhdari
Nickname: Green Falcons

Players in red are new to the squad. All players are domestic unless otherwise noted, and all players are available for transfer as free agents.

Coach: Rasheeq el-Hamid

Taking over from Maajid al-Shaer, who led the Green Falcons through two mediocre AOCAF campaigns, earning three draws in Siovanija & Teusland, and a first win in Equestria, but never seriously looking like contenders, el-Hamid’s mission is clear: to make a first playoff round. Formerly a manager with Ashkarqa, Souday, and Al Maidura, el-Hamid is pretty experienced and regarded as a defensively minded coach who might have a low tolerance for poor discipline and the clumsy errors that have plagued past Green Falcons’ campaigns.


1 – GK – Mamdooh el-Abdul (Salayrah) – 25
12 – GK – Abdul Kader el-Sham (Khamad) – 25
23 – GK – Ashraf Muhyddeen al-Hammoud (AOPIC Greens) – 26

Although el-Sham is more popular and al-Hammoud plays for the leading club, it’s el-Abdul, a controversial but acrobatic figure, who keeps the #1 jersey. He’s served a doping ban in his short career and can be indecisive in managing his defensive area, but as a pure shot-stopper he’s the best option, and has accrued the most experience for the NT.


2 – DL – Abdur Razzaaq el-Wahba (Kalbam) – 27
3 – DR – Rayyan Noor Zaman (Image Maigburg) – 25
4 – DC – Umar el-Saladin (Khamad) – 18
5 – DC – Abdus Samad al-Idris (Image Jáhkot) – 25
6 – DC – Zaahir Kamil Abdullah (Kalbam) – 27
18 – DC – Shukri Ya’qoob al-Reza (Al Maidura) – 30
21 – DL – Mu’min Humam Kassis (AOPIC Greens) – 26
22 – DC – Nizaar el-Aslam (Salayrah) – 32

el-Saladin is a strong young center-back brought in at a tender age as the team seeks new options at the position it’s struggled at the most. He partners the sage campaigner el-Aslam, for whom this is a probably the last campaign, and although al-Reza moves to the bench, he’s still around to provide experience if needed. el-Wahba, though not especially quick, is preferred as a stronger defender to the flashy Kassis, while the team’s best player is Zaman, a wing-back with a powerful right boot who’s always a threat to shoot or cross; unusually for a fullback, he was the team’s highest scorer in World Cup qualifying.


7 – MC – Abdul-Majid Jarir Hakimi (AOPIC Greens) – 28
11 – MC – Siddeeqi el-Saidi (Salayrah) – 28
14 – DM – Mutlaq el-Basha (AOPIC Greens) – 21
16 – MC – Dhaafir el-Moustafa – (Image Khupolole Leopards) – 28
17 – MC – Sidqi Zuhair el-Afzal (AOPIC Greens) – 24
20 – MC – Shaddaad el-Hashemi (Kalbam) – 27

Taking over from Saadiq Batr el-Matar is his young apprentice at AOPIC Greens, Mutlaq el-Basha, a sturdy defensive midfielder not afraid to put the boot on. He partners the experience el-Moustafa, who’s more of a holding midfielder, shuttling up and down the pitch. He has a good work rate but a poor final touch can let down his passing. The two hold down positions behind the playmarker, Hakimi, who’s been the team’s best player for a while, at least on his good days. He’s a popular player who likes to attack, both the opposition goal, and sometimes fans. el-Hashemi has already amassed a long and depressing injury history in his career as a playmaking attacking midfielder; el-Afzal is a dependable but not particularly exciting distributor; el-Saidi, new to the team, has attacking instincts that his skill set doesn’t always allow him to realize.


8 – LW – Misfar Akram (AOPIC Greens) – 25
9 – CF – Zainuddeen al-Ali (Salayrah) – 27
10 – RW – Mu’awiya el-Burki (Souday) – 32
13 – CF – Dhaki Raashid al-Shaheed (Khamad) – 24
15 – CF – Wajeeh el-Fadel (AOPIC Greens) – 27
19 – RW – Najeeb Ghaalib el-Farooqi (Kalbam) – 27

It’s all change with three new starters on the front line. The retirement of captain Kanaan means Misfar Akram takes over his #8 shirt and his starting role on the left. Less skilful but faster and stronger, Akram is more of a support striker than a true winger, cutting inside but not always making the best of his final touch. al-Shaheed, having failed to make the most of his opportunities, loses his starting role to the new big thing in the Dawriyy al-Muḥtarifayni, Wajeeh el-Fadel of table-topping AOPIC Greens. el-Fadel isn’t tall for a striker, but his low center of gravity allows him to stop and turn on a dinar, and he has a ferociously powerful left boot. el-Farooqi, who’s a very reliable right winger, takes over in place of el-Burki, who’s more creative but less consistent. el-Ali is another promising talent.

Style modifier: -2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
If you use photographs for your RPs, please do not say the photographs represent my players without asking me first.


Shakaar Rana (RHB, WK)
Aftab Qadiri (c) (LHB, OB)
Ajinkya Kaasbhatta (RHB, LM)
Abdul Wahab al-Salim (RHB)
Naeem Sajjadi (LHB, LM)
Kamaaluddeen (RHB)

Ali Akbar Nizamani (RHB, LBG)
Aslan Qambrani (RHB, RM)
Varinderjeet Singh (RHB, RM)

Chandrama Kayal (LHB, WK)

Spin bowlers
Masood Naqvi (LHB, LWS)
Tajdar Reza (RHB, SLA)

Seam bowlers
Ishaaq Hameed (LHB, LF)
Mukhtar Mohamed (RHB, RFM)
Sunil Karulkar (RHB, RFM)

Default lineup

1. Aslan Qambrani
2. Ajinkya Kaasbhatta
3. Aftab Qadiri (c)
4. Naeem Sajjadi
5. Kamaaluddeen
6. Chandrama Kayal (wk)
7. Ali Akbar Nizamani
8. Sunil Karulkar
9. Mukhtar Mohamed
10. Ishaaq Hameed
11. Tajdar Reza
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Postby Demot » Sat Nov 27, 2021 12:05 pm

Demot "Dynamo" Roster

Home Away

Manager: Scott Gaines, age 60
Assistant: Gary Josephs, age 58

Modifier: +4

GK: Ramón Coleman, age 30, Tiranyus FC
GK: Erica Caldwell, age 32, Skyhaven FC(F)
GK: Elsie Morris, age 36, Santa Rosa FC (F)
LB: Emily Blevins, age 26, FC Almintora Image (F)
LB: Melvin Kinney, age 34, Freestone FC
CB: Jacqueline Juárez, age 31, Skyhaven FC (F)

CB: Irene Colón, age 27, Club Demot (F)
RB: Julio Jordan, age 31, Druidisian United
RB: Clyde Torres, age 25, Atalantian FC
RW: Judith Mason, age 31, Club Demot (F)
RW: Derek Crawford, age 24, Druidisian FC
LW: Irene Osborne, age 31, Atalantian FC (F)
LW: Glen López, age 26, Santa Rosa FC
MC: Dawn Washington, age 23, Parthen United (F)
MC: Ricardo Henderson, age 30, Club Demot
AMC: Theodore Dunlap, age 32, Oceanic United
AMC: Randy Banks, age 34, Santa Rosa FC
AMC: Edgar Méndez, age 29, Likewell Kirk

AMC: Margaret Castañeda, age 30, Freestone FC (F)
ST: Gabriel Baldwin, age 30, Druidisian FC
ST: Gilbert Irwin, age 31, Skyhaven FC
ST: Bryan Hernández, age 25, Santa Rosa FC
ST: André Maynard, age 33, Likewell Kirk


I Give To My Opponent The Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y, but no more than two games out
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: TG me first.

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Postby Mlima Kijani » Sat Nov 27, 2021 3:15 pm

Link to rugby roster


Nation name: Mlima Kijani
Trigram: MLK
Demonym/adjective: Kijani
Nickname: Kings

All players are domestic unless otherwise stated. All players are available for transfer as free agents.


Coach: Enoch Apolo (65)
Assistant coach: Ochola Bigombe (35)


1. Kĩbachia Theuri (28) KPC Sharks
13. Kĩng’Ori Mũthĩnji (19) Khupolole Leopards
18. Mindika Nyang’o (23) Kibungama


2. Michael Odhiambo (24) Image AOPIC Greens
3. Taamiti Bingamu (24) Bujuyaga Stars
4. Emanuel Ngigi (21) Image Igulu City
5. Mũthũngũ Watene (22) Image Fliserboding
12. Jordan Adongo (28) Mpiyunga
15. Thuũ “Combo” Ngũnjiri (22) Khupolole Leopards
16. Barnabas Nyang’au (20) Image Hofvinger
20. Mumbya Ibulaim (25) Image Estdal


6. Kajwang Orombi (19) Khupolole Leopards
7. Rajabu Husein Obama (28) Bugebanda
8. Wang’Ombe Ciugũ (29) Image A’otufu SC
11. Jubal Ogweyo (21) Bugebanda
14. Ramadhani Muhammed (22) Kibungama
17. Hamad Nyamu (28) KPC Sharks
19. Ngina Njerũ (24) Kibungama
21. Gĩchikũ Mũrĩranja (22) Kigu City


9. Kĩoi Mũrũngarũa (27) Kigu City
10. Rufus Abong’o (24) Image AOPIC Greens
22. Joseph Odikinyi (28) Image Maigburg
23. Jaazaniah Opondo (25) Image Kalbam



except for:

Please don’t use unedited photographs and say they’re my players.

Style modifier: +1.2

Rugby Sevens


1. Sefu Chitundu BK
2. Kajwang Akomo FW
3. Gachũhĩ Githendũ FW
4. Waigwa Warũirũ BK
5. Jaramogi Opondo (c) BK
6. Rashid Abdalla FW
7. Busar Kiama FW
8. Onyango Adika FW
9. Badessa Waysira BK
10. Jesus Akombo BK
11. Sefu Keambiroiro BK
12. Jamal Komani BK

You may choose my scorers but please use Jaramogi Opondo for kicks.
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Postby Pacitalia » Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:59 am

Federazione Giocare di Calcio Pacitaliana

The Blue Foxes
Champions; AOCAF Cups 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, 34, 36, 37, 40

Representing the Pacitalian Republic in
international association football competition

Home, away and goalkeeper "Generazione 5.0" kits by Ediraf

The Blue Foxes returned to international football competition for the first time in over twenty-four cycles at the last AOCAF Cup — an eight-year hiatus. The national team, despite its long absence, continues to hold the all-time record number of titles won at 10, a level of achievement that remains unmatched in the AOCAF Cup and in any other senior international association football. Pacitalia enters the tournament ranked twenty-fourth in Atlantian Oceania, up ten spots from AOCAF Cup 64.

Most likely starting eleven
Names displayed are as shown on back of player shirts

Default formations: 4-2-3-1 (primary), 5-2-2-1 (secondary)
Style modifier: neutral (0)
Opponent permissions: Make substitutions, choose scorers, delegate yellow and red cards, assign injuries within reason

Manager: Narciso Pennachetti
Pennachetti returns to the same role he held in the later years of Pacitalia's period of dominance. The Federation is hopeful that Pennachetti, and his returning assistants, Tiberio Dovolani and Paolmarco Sanvezzo, can work their magic on this young Foxes side eager to stamp its name in the history books. Pennachetti's other managing experience over his 25-plus-year career was with Pacitalian clubs FC Nero Sapuntoli, FC Cavalieri Saronni, and FC Segadors Bergamo, Scandonian powerhouse Voyageurs Korendam, and the Pacitalian under-21 men's national side. His previous stint as Blue Foxes manager was in AOCAF Cups 35 through 38, leading them to two back-to-back titles in Cups 36 and 37. Pennachetti attempted a defensive approach in the last AOCAF Cup that proved ultimately unsuccessful, with the Foxes managing just two goals and bowing out at the group stage. Pacitalia will be slightly more aggressive in its play albeit with the traditional 4-2-3-1 deployment that Pacitalians are accustomed to seeing.

The squad

** Denotes likeliest starter per position
C Denotes team captain
† Denotes reserve player or recent national call-up not officially named to the 23-man squad
(NB: only notable reserves and call-ups will have a short bio)


** 11 Gianmarco Zolà (age 25), 30 caps, 11 goals
Zolà is not the first member of his family to play for his country at an international competition. Avid international football fans will recall Gianmarco's uncle Abro as the long-time starting keeper for the Blue Foxes, backstopping the Pacitalian side to its first championships. Zolà is a ballhawk whose speed and knack for getting space from defenders may frustrate opponents on the counterattack.

15 Damone Rosso (age 25), 24 caps, 7 goals
Previously the most common starting forward in the Blue Foxes' 4-2-3-1 formations, Rosso has found himself somewhat usurped by the more talented Zolà in the last couple of years. Known for trademark brilliant strikes from outside the penalty area at the club level that have made him a fan favourite, Rosso has struggled to translate that form to the international arena.

12 Vincenzo Corvidasso (age 21), 11 caps, 3 goals
A relatively recent addition to the national side for Pacitalia, Corvidasso has shown quite a lot of promise as a versatile, two-way striker who can create chances in front of goal. All three of his international goals to date have been off headers. If Pacitalia struggles early, manager Pennachetti may lean on Corvidasso as a frequent substitute.

21 Xabi Ferrán (age 30), 88 caps, 24 goals
Xabi has been a hit-or-miss choice for several years with questions about his fitness as early as 2012. His most noticeable decline in form came after the Foxes' last title in AOCAF Cup 40. He had the good fortune of studying under all-time leading Pacitalian scorer Ambrosino Giurimano, but has been eclipsed by younger upstarts like Zolà and Rosso. He was officially demoted off the 23-man squad in 2019 and has only appeared since on occasional call-ups.

Attacking midfielders

** 9 Guillermo (Memo) Sánchez (age 23), 54 caps, 15 goals
Memo's placement up the left side for the Blue Foxes will be designed to take advantage of the young Marquerian's arcing left-footed crosses into the box. Sánchez is also the team's most proficient corner taker from both sides of goal and should be able to reliably provide accurate deliveries near goal. Football experts have often remarked on the similarities in chemistry between Mau and Memo to the partnership between former national stars Michelangelo Mascagnano and Andolfabio Vunghiasso.

** 10 Mau Camp i Armengol (age 22), 38 caps, 24 goals
Unquestionably the keystone of the Pacitalian side, Mau has already cemented his place as the next standard-bearer of the Blue Foxes. Despite only being 22, he has led Il Premerato in scoring for three straight seasons, coming second in his first season. The Empordian is fresh off a league title with his club 1865 Fontevella. He is the quarterback of the national team, able to cover wide swathes of the mid-pitch and coordinate both the attacking and defending strategy.

** 8 Dario Formetti (age 26), 50 caps, 11 goals
The most senior of the three most likely starting front midfielders, Formetti is very much a physical presence, tall and very muscular. Somewhat of the national side's playboy, Formetti has gotten as much attention during matches for his rough tackling as he has off the pitch with his social media, full of shirtless photos and workout tips, alongside videos of him partying and womanizing. There is, however, no doubt, that he's undeniably talented and works extremely hard to keep his place in the starting XI.

16 Cristián Piqué (age 32), 88 caps, 30 goals
One of the holdovers from the starting XI from AOCAF Cup 40, Piqué has spent equal time in the starting eleven and on the bench as a substitute in recent years as he ages. He still retains much of the speed and fitness of his younger years, and manager Pennachetti is still a big fan of Piqué's intelligent, patient passing and dribbling skills. He will be looking to Piqué to provide mentorship and calm as the younger stars dip a first toe in the figurative waters of the tournament.

20 Benjamín Madero (age 28), 58 caps, 9 goals
Madero had a brief spell in the starting eleven through the mid-2010s, though the entirety of that time was in meaningless matches at the beginning of the "Dark Ages", when the Pacitalian government eliminated funding for international competitive sport programs. As a result, Madero is largely seen as untested at the international level and could see more playing time than expected, especially if hopes for progression out of the group stage fade early.

26 Marcangelo Bettero (age 27), 31 caps, 7 goals
Bettero is a chippy midfielder who has a similar boundary-pushing style to Formetti. His "mind game" style of play, annoying opponents with messy tackling and vulgarities, often earns him cautions or yellows from the referee, and this undisciplined style does not mesh well with his manager's overall strategy.

28 Damiano Arzurossi (age 20), 18 caps, 10 goals
Another promising midfield talent with high potential, football watchers are generally in agreement that a more permanent place in the starting XI is an inevitability. Damiano has been an offensive factory for the Blue Foxes in his 18 appearances, with a goals-per-match ratio almost on par with superstar teammate Mau. Like Madero, though for different reasons, Pennachetti may give him above-average minutes and an opportunity to shine.

25 Robel Bordeianu (age 21), 10 caps, 1 goal

Defensive midfielders

** 6 Nikolaos Armaou (age 24), 55 caps, 16 goals
As the only member of the Greco-Pacitalian community in the starting eleven, Armaou is a source of immense pride among the estimated 35 million Pacitalians of Greek descent. Armaou is often the unsung workhorse of the Pacitalian side, but with a commendable level of goal-scoring in his own right. He has an innate ability to get under balls delivered into the box off corners and free kicks and this sixth sense should be of great use to the Blue Foxes.

** 7 Aber Garza (age 29), 77 caps, 21 goals
Anchoring the back-right midfield, Garza is equally as resolute as his left-side counterpart Armaou, often chided as a "stick in the mud" for his ability to stay on his feet and pull off gravity-defying loops around opposing players. Garza relies on a combination of below-average height and a stocky build to centre himself during high-intensity play, providing a first line of defence for the Blue Foxes up the right flank.

14 Ando Figarache (age 22), 17 caps, 2 goals

24 Marco Scarruffo (age 21), 10 caps


** C 2 Hermès Adiarche (age 33), 109 caps, 6 goals
One of the greatest fullbacks in Pacitalian history, Adiarche has captained the Blue Foxes since 2017. He is arguably the heart and soul of the side, the second-most capped player behind his goalkeeper and a steady presence on the back line. Pennachetti will lean heavily on Adiarche's leadership and direction in the Pacitalian half of the pitch.

** 4 Kiko Rodríguez (age 22), 32 caps, 2 goals
The most promising defensive talent of the next generation in Pacitalia, Kiko may very well be the heir to the back-line throne. Praised for his game maturity and his calm, level approach, Kiko almost never shows panic or concern even during bad stretches of play, earning himself the nickname "the serious one" from his teammates at the club level. He is regarded as a generational centre back and will likely see a career-defining moment or two at AOCAF Cup 65.

** 3 Mauro Girometta (age 27), 52 caps, 3 goals
Girometta was a standout performer both in university football and for the national under-21 squad but had a rough transition to senior international competition, often at odds with managers and goalkeepers during defensive breakdowns. His continued place in the starting eleven was seen to be at risk toward the late 2010s but he has seen a resurrection of sorts in the past 18 months and is now a reliable fixture of the first team.

** 5 Aurelio Seriesta (age 35), 99 caps, 6 goals
Opposite Adiarche at right-back is the other "anchor" of the defensive back four and a man just as legendary a name in football lore. Seriesta has been part of seven of the ten championship winning teams Pacitalia has fielded, dating back to AOCAF Cup 30. He has been just as much a fixture in league competition with a long, storied career at Astograthian club Echegoyan FC before returning to Foringana to captain the Scandonian club Ravens Poortendam.

18 Angelos Gavridis (age 24), 28 caps, 2 goals
Injury-prone Gavridis has battled numerous calf and hamstring problems and may have otherwise seen more playing time in the tournament in place of the aging Seriesta or the unpredictable Girometta. But Pennachetti may not be willing to chance it for Gavridis' sake, especially as the FC Nero Sapuntoli centre back has enjoyed a relatively fit stretch of his career in recent months.

17 Drağan Mihaiescu (age 25), 32 caps, 1 goal
Often as unpredictable as Girometta and as temperamental as Bettero, Mihaiescu's playing time will likely be limited as Pennachetti makes the back four the anchor of his team and installs players with experience and upon whom he's confident he can rely. In a pinch, Mihaiescu's brilliantly clean tackling skills may come in handy.

29 Josep Mora (age 29), 50 caps, 6 goals
The lanky, agile Empordian is the substitute fullback most likely to see playing time — or even start for the Blue Foxes at some point. Mora has been biding his time largely on the bench as he usually slots in most effectively on the left wing, a position consistently occupied by his captain. He has not been as effective down the middle, or the opposite side of the pitch, so if Adiarche remains healthy, the only other plausible option for Mora to slot into would be in place of Armaou in midfield.

19 Donatello Ferragni (age 19), 2 caps

23 Taddeo Marzonero (age 20), 5 caps, 1 goal

30 Balo Braga de Souza (age 21), 11 caps, 1 goal

31 Ilyas Albayrak (age 21), 6 caps

32 Agustín Lardizábal (age 20), 8 caps, 1 goal


** 2 Ander Bera (age 31), 122 caps
The most-capped player in Pacitalian history, Bera will make his 123rd career appearance in the starting XI — that is, assuming he remains healthy enough to start. Initially named to the first eleven to begin Cup 64, a hamstring injury forced him out after just one match, the initial 1-0 victory over Delaclava. Emin Demirtas replaced him for the remainder of the group stage and surrendered 5 goals. A ruthless penalty killer with phenomenal goal IQ, Bera serves as alternate captain to Adiarche. He could be the difference-maker in tight matches, as the Foxes rely on his record 102 league and 54 international career clean sheets.

22 Emin Demirtas (age 33), 39 caps
The other half of Pacitalia's reliable pair of keepers has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his counterpart Bera for the better part of the last decade. While Bera has earned more caps and is the unquestionable starter, Demirtas' time in net for his country is nothing to laugh at. The passionate Demirtas is a fan favourite who is already tapped for increased playing time, as Pennachetti has already named him to start in the Foxes' final pre-tournament tune-up, a friendly against Baker Park.

27 Paolo Corasetto (age 22), 5 caps

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Pacitalian Republic
Repubblica Pacitaliana

RP population (est. May 2021): 414,440,614
Capital and largest city: Timiocato
Founding date: 21st November 1503
Archonate (head of state): Vittoria Agradossa
Prime Minister (head of government): Damián Moya
Land area: 4,600,674 sq km
Official languages: Pacitalian, English nationally; Marqueríana (Spanish) and Empordán (Catalan) regionally
Location: On the continent of Foringana in southeastern Atlantian Oceania
Telephone calling code: +2
Internet TLDs: .pc, .rp

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Saint Kanye
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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun Nov 28, 2021 7:37 pm

The KGB (Kanyean Gridiron Board) proudly presents St. Kanye's roster for the AO Bowl. The Surge went their furthest so far in the recently concluded World Bowl XLII, finishing runner-up to the powerhouse Ranoria Krauts, and are hoping to display (or even surpass) the same level of play on the regional stage.


Full nation name: The Glorious Free Republic of Saint Kanye
Short nation name: St. Kanye
Trigramme: STK
Demonym: Kanyean (formal), Yeezie (informal)
Nickname: Surge
Colors: Purple, lime, black
World Rank: #8 post-World Bowl XLI


Home (primary = purple pants, alternate = black pants)

Away (primary = purple pants, alternate = white pants)


All players and staff are male, starters in bold, standout players with asterisk (*).

HC: Jeff Delphine
OC: Dan Shelby
DC: Kevin Macintyre
ST: Ken Kirby


QB: #8 R.J. Linetti* / #7 Harry Santos / #9 Malcolm Payne
RB: #34 Noah Sherman* / #20 Gregory Silk
FB: #32 Marco Jackson / #33 Nico Jackson
WR: #12 Bruce Dobler* / #18 Patrick Moore / #13 Taylor Johns / #16 Hunter Lane / #14 Chip Wong / #15 Isaak Clearwater*
TE: #80 Hussein Jeffers / #88 Greg Malloy / #81 Brayden Galazkiewicz
LT: #63 Burton Baxter / #62 Anthony Walsh
LG: #66 Derek Horton / #61 Robert Shannon
C: #69 Gordon Ferguson / #68 Michael Hicks
RG: #64 Clay Conrad / #65 Jahar Gray
RT: #60 Mitch Grant / #67 Theo Parker


LE: #77 Simon Carver / #72 Liam Steele
RE: #78 Matt Dawson* / #71 Jason Sparks
NT: #99 Robby Edison / #75 Jon Patel / #74 Kevin Montrose / #76 Ken Miles
LOLB: #52 Jasper Heath / #51 Zach Price
MLB: #56 Justin Varley* / #58 Alvin Faris / #93 Thad Vinter
ROLB: #53 Hansel Jones / #55 Shawn Solomon
CB: #22 Aidan O'Connor / #21 Mason Schwartz / #28 Bernard Van Pelt / #27 Phil Wade
FS: #40 Gary Bradman* / #42 Raheem Kerrigan
SS: #45 Oliver Law / #39 Axel Bartlett


K: #1 James Rasputin*
P: #10 Chris Florence
LS: #50 Ruben Elroy


3DRB: #20 Gregory Silk
KR: #13 Taylor Johns
PR: #88 Greg Malloy
KOS: #10 Chris Florence
Holder: #7 Harry Santos
Gunner1: #39 Axel Bartlett
Gunner2: #15 Isaak Clearwater
Off. Captain: #8 R.J. Linetti
Def. Captain: #56 Justin Varley
ST Captain: #15 Isaak Clearwater


Offense: I Form, ~70% Pass, ~30% Run
Defense: 3-4, Blitz Happy
Special Teams: Always go for it on 4th and less than 5 and on opponent's side of field.


Pencurve Electronics Field, Kardashia, St. Kanye (seating capacity 69,420)



Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yeah
RP injuries to my players: Nah
Godmod Injuries to my players: Nope
Suspend my players: No way
Godmod suspension events: Nein
Godmod other events: It depends. Coronavirus or pandemic-related RPs are NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS NO VIRUS OR PANDEMIC, OR ANY WAY OF HAVING ONE, IN OUR COUNTRY. TG otherwise.
Use real images for my players: Sure, as long as you don't use the Vikings. I HATE THE VIKINGS.
Style Mod: +π/2 (or simply +1.57)
Last edited by Saint Kanye on Sun Nov 28, 2021 7:41 pm, edited 3 times in total.
Gale Force Racing (NSSCRA Main Tier)
18 Jeremiah Brooke (S9 Champ) | 27 Stacie Houston (S7 Champ, S12 Runner-up) | 46 Thea Alvarez (S10 Runner-up)

Skip Stiller Speedworks (NSSCRA Second Tier)
20 Daryl Calhoun (S11 Champ, S10 Runner-up) | 22 Pyotr Lavrentiev | 30 Lexi Patterson

IBC 20, 22, 23, 24 (Basketball)
NSCAA 11 (College Basketball)
IC7 II (7ball)
Arena Bowl VI (Arena Gridiron)
NSSCRA 9 (Stock Car Racing)

World Bowl 42 (Gridiron)
NSSCRA 10, 12

IBC 19

A to the O, baby

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Commonwealth of Baker Park
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sun Nov 28, 2021 9:48 pm

Football Association of the Commonwealth


Major Honors

5th Under 18 World Championship
9th Under 18 World Championship
62nd AOCAF Cup
67th Baptism of Fire
Third Place
58th AOCAF Cup
60th AOCAF Cup
Fourth Place
Women's World Cup 15/Jenna Raven Cup 2
World Cup 85
63rd AOCAF Cup

Manager—Liam Sullivan
Assistant Manager—Chris LaRue
Coaches—Melissa Kinney, Elaine King

1 Rob Callaway		26	Newport City FC		         4 (3)
21 Beth Rossi 22 Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC 0 (1)
24 Ian Dickerson 23 Southend AC 0

5 Victor Onikambe 27 Southend AC 48 (2)
3 Gabby Jordan 29 Newmarket Ladies FC 65 (10)
2 Darren Flowers 29 Brentford FC 12 (10)
17 Liam Hughes 28 Gunzlach (GRF) 5 (3)
18 Jon Schulman 25 Fairport City FC 5 (1)
16 Susie Knight 27 Club Stein-los (PAS) 11 (6)
4 Amy Freeman 27 Riverside City Ladies FC 25 (4)

7 Alonzo Boyle 23 Southend AC 6 (3)
11 Park Jae-Sung 22 Monmouth Park FC 5 (2)
15 Grant Myers 29 Kohnhead City FC (KHD) 8 (4)
20 Luke Olivera 24 Korsbach (GRF) 2 (1)
19 Paul Vetter 23 Linden Woods FC 4 (4)
6 Isabelle Wiley 25 Hannover United FC 16 (9)
14 Anna Porter 29 Aries Chariots FC (NPH) 47 (30)
8 Amy Reynolds 28 Clayton City Ladies FC 35 (5)

12 Chandra Mack 27 Zolorini City FC (MRC) 23 (8)
9 Karrie Price 24 Shirley Metros Ladies FC 12 (9)
10 Quinton Harris 26 Meadowdale FC 12 (7)
23 Peter Obulundi 22 Newmarket Saxons FC 2 (5)
13 Serena McDavid 23 Lajuno FC (EUR) 3 (1)
22 Kyle Baum 26 Bayern-Algaer (TAE) 1 (5)


In the event my opponent RPs first, they may...
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: YES
RP injuries to my players: YES, but those that would be for just the duration of the match (TG in advance would be appreciated as well)
Godmod injuries to my players: See Above
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES
Hand out red cards to my players: YES, but again, a heads up in advance is appreciated, as I would do for you.
Godmod other events: TG what you have in mind, I'm easy to come to an understanding with
AOCAF 62 & 66 Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
DBC 53/74th U21 World Cup Champions
Eagles Cup 13 Runner-Up (Cup of Champions Winner)
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85, AOCAF LXIII, Women's World Cup 15 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 & 90 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86/87/88 Round of 16
World Cup 80/89/91 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 5x Mineral Conference Champions (18/19/20/21/23)
1x playoff semi-final
1x playoff quarterfinal

WLC President
WLC 38 Third Place
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35/36/37 (host)/39 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

Rugby 7's AORC 1&2 Champions

AO Twenty20 Runner-up

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Postby Schima Bas » Mon Nov 29, 2021 2:26 pm

Schima Bas | The Golden Crescent

National Team Record: (8-5-10)
Manager: Eugenio Tio (8-5-10)
Captain: Casildo Hana
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: +3

Last Tournament Performance
CoH 81 2-1-2, 2th in Group G, eliminated by Poafmersia in Round of 22.

The Golden Crescent’s second outing saw them reach the knockout stage of their first tournament, falling 3-1 to Poafmersia. Eugenio Tio has worked to establish the national team’s identity, but his time with the team may be drawing to an end. Disagreements within the team have been leaked to the public, and many players are upset with Tio’s coaching style at the moment. It will have to be seen if he can right the ship.

Tio’s strategy focuses on wing play, and has been known to counter exceptionally well. The defense has historically been a weak point for the national team, but recent changes to the starting XII hope to change that.

The start of the Crown Premier League shifted up the national team squad, as Tio scrambled to find the best players for his style of play. Much of the defense has been dropped in favor of the entire L’embac Ourelasia starting defense, except for center back Aris Sileo. The offense also sees the addition of Mashal al-Jama, who’s work with Ourelasia Hearts teammate Hideki Nazar in domestics has many hoping that same magic will carry over into international play.

Starting XII
GK: Tebrum Bourreau, 26 (L’embac Ourelasia)
LB: Orgasni Azizi, 23 (L’embac Ourelasia)
CB: Aris Sileo, 27 (Barracelio FC)
CB: Avery Cloutier, 30 (L’embac Ourelasia)
RB: Abdullah Naqvi, 29 (Ourelasia Hearts)
LM: Makin Moghaddam, 26 (Alquierdi Crown)
CM: Bisma Shehadeh, 29 (Alquerdi Crown)
RM: Araft Sergeant, 30 (Barracelio FC)
F: Hideki Nazar, 26 (Ourelasia Hearts)
F: Casildo Hana, 20 (Alquierdi Crown)
F: Mashal al-Jama, 28 (Ourelasia Hearts)

1. SS Norman Jerrod, 25
2. CF Leonard Kindle, 29
3. 2B Darrel Blackwell, 25
4. LF Ritchie Harold, 26
5. RF Norman Goldmacher, 27
6. 1B Walter Yulesech, 25
7. C Fred Jeffreys, 23
8. 3B Alfred Moss, 28
9. (Pitcher)

(In order of starting)
SP Donovan Yulele, 28
SP Jacobs Howardson, 26
SP Justin Geralda, 25

RP Harold Longwester, 36
RP Golbin Ayer, 22
RP Lee Harvery, 27
RP Laurens Gilligrand, 28
RP Floss Vernassus, 26
RP Yon Alam, 27
RP Bob Packard, 32


C David Ross, 29
IF Harvey Mulaney, 26
IF Armin McGraw, 24
OF Xavier Mostly, 27
OF Phillip Gold, 26
SS Tessa Banks, 24

Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, if you inform me before and I agree.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, limit three per match.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, limit one per match. If you really must use more, tg me!
Godmod other events: Yes, Ask me first!
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Postby Milchama » Mon Nov 29, 2021 6:54 pm

Bolivarian Cityless-Forum-Tab-Reminder-Take-Learned-Picayune-Today-Landed-Updates-News-Paper-Local-National-International-Edition-Momentous-Moment

Sports Section

A Whole Lot of Rosters

This is a throw away paper to put out a bunch rosters. Here are our rosters:

(3-3-4 +3):
GK: Archer von Bowman
D: Dom Davis
D: Gary Hopapop
D: Gill Givt
M: Dem Vladkos
M: Raul Meckiner
M: Amos Hanon
F: Dino Romemun
F: Eliyav ben Yair - Brother of Dana
F: Dana Bat Yair - Sister of Eliyav
F: Ellen Hennenon

GK: Fletcher Swordman
D: Gam Ani
D: Gal Stopper
D: Aish Onfire
M: Steven Menick
M: Sean McConnor
M: Emoyar Wapapoppop
F: Dean Nit
F: Emily Winsome
F: Bean Counter
F: Earl Dixie

1. Jack Newbury 2B
2. Tristram Davis SS
3. Harry Kimnt LF
4. Eric Donst 1B
5. Thomas Daniel RF
6. Daniel Thomas CF
7. Gared Eddins C
8. Miriam Mayim 3B
9. [Pitcher]

SP 1: Matt Nikent
SP 2: Tomasz Thomas
SP 3: Nell Harrish
SP 4: Eddie Hecht

RP 1: Boris Mornes
RP 2: Altan Lazerevich
RP 3: Boyar Blocht
RP 4: Himbo McPherson
RP 5: Meresh Mournermer
RP 6: Ger Zimmer

C: Kololot Ninetent
3B/IF: Dam Meldonon
SS/IF: Selah Jones
OF: Belle Genteniny
OF: Emeric Latashtor
All Rounder: Michael Liamston

• 5 Matt Kauffman
• 13 Alex Swieca
Running Backs
• 33 Isaac Saslavsky
• 34 Ndavyah Williams
• 41 Yuval Penta
Wide Receivers
• 10 Binyamin Shultz
• 11 Yonatan Curran
• 19 Nimrod Smith
• 80 Cameron Simmonds
• 88 Gideon Reiz
Tight Ends
• 82 Amit Kolton
• 84 Shmuel Halpern
• 89 Adam Davis
Offensive Linemen
• 51 Yonatan Eliyahu
• 60 Aviram Cohen
• 68 Erez Pahima
• 72 Amir Nakar
• 75 Elad Ohana
• 76 Ehud Sharon
• 79 Yaniv Kovalsky
Defensive Linemen
• 47 Sandro Kalandadze
• 50 Leon Gikher
• 65 Eyal Franfurter
• 67 Avia Shermak
• 78 Uria Loberbom
• 97 Evyatar Hacohen
• 98 Idan Melchior
• 99 Yizhak Manshuri
• 42 Or Shalom
• 52 Asaf Katz
• 53 Niv Medlinger
• 56 Jeremiah Jelski
• 64 Noam Dalal
Defensive Backs
• 20 Dani Eastman
• 21 Ariel Back
• 22 Ehud Klein
• 23 Ori Rafaelovich
• 24 Jason Hess
• 28 Guy Halberthal
• 31 Mica Allon
Special Teams
• 7 Gal Mesika K/P

T20 Side:
1. Greg Cochran LHB
2. Bethany Guerin WK
3. Hayden March (c) RHB Part time off spin
4. Daniel Khas RHB
5. Lieb Levrovich LHB All Rounder. Bowls wrist spin.
6. Erin Inimak RHB
7. Bryan Hampton LHB Off spinner
8. Denny Kischant RHB Fast bowler
9. Tanya Pehrson RHB Fast bowler. Throws left
10. Wesley Hesch RHB Fast bowler
11. Dani Geren RHB Specialist Fielder. - Geren is a shortstop but since T20 so rarely gets down to the 11th bat, he specializes as an expert fielder always going to the spot where it is most likely the ball will be hit.

Efes Mahbet RHB WK
Benny Huant RHB Double bowler. Generally bowls medium pace but will occasionally bowl off spin.
Ryan Cohen RHB Part time leg spin. Middle order/Top order batter
Itzhik Maron RHB - Specialist Fielder
Jerome Carney RHB
Davy Carpenter LHB All around medium fast

1 Marion Filmer
2 Dan O'Caley
3 Odin Daniels
4 Kent Clarkmick
5 Itay Bar Yochai
6 Evan Evens
7 Dinarit Imanim

8 Gamliel Davis
9 Miliya Aviad
10 Nemen Etatta
11 Denten True Young
12 Meyer Moralis

RP Permissions:
Do whatever. The only exception is in baseball Milchama will NEVER use the DH. Even if it's an option the pitcher will hit. When we host games we expect the other team to use their pitcher.
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Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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Postby Qasden » Fri Dec 03, 2021 6:58 pm


Kits courtesy of Siru (Home) and ZSports (Away) of Tikariot and Ziwana respectively
Tragedy. It's all the Qasden Association Football Association could reasonably obsess about. Following an abysmal Round of 16 exit to the one nation we seemingly can never beat, everyone's tone began to shift drastically against the manager, Sylvia Zimari. While early successes brought the first female head to the foray of national symbolism, it was her constant failures to qualify and beat Baker Park that caused the national mentality to worsen beyond Bjarnasson proportions. Initially, she was due to be sacked prior to World Cup 89; thanks to a friend in Prime Minister Zachary Sedsten, however, a political gamble was waged in her name for one last ditch effort to save both of their careers.

Unfortunately, that wouldn't be a happy case. The qualifiers would see the Vans finish in 4th, far beyond the qualifying requirements and under teams who were thought to have been worse than us. Suffice to say, not a fantastic time to be the trailblazing face of Qad football. Following the elimination, QAFA formally split off ties with Zimari, ending the talented manager's reign 2 tournies in. Sylvia would, of course, go on to other things, now a manager for Poafmersian club, Kistina Galaxy. For Qasden, we needed something new and fast.

Icarus Darsten, like the great Jon Merritt, was an established icon within the athletic community. The original captain of the national team, Darsten's reveal as assistant manager heightened the attention and hopes towards AOCAF 62 all those moons ago. Despite being right beside Sylvia through the thick and thicker of the past few tries, QAFA decided he was the best fit for the job. For the first time in association history, the team's higher-ups were entirely made up of former players. Joined by his former teammate, Ryan Xandreas, it's now time for Icarus to decide where fate shall take the Vans. Can a looming AOCAF 65 bring with it a great matter of victory? Or will the problems faced by the familiar past be revisited for yet another occasion? Stay tuned, stay updated, and stay alert for the first looks of the regional extravaganza, carefully coordinated by Vilita and shudders the Commonwealth of Baker Park!

KPB: 14.16 (11th)
Style: +3
Preferred Formation: 4-4-2
Nicknames: The Turkish Vans/Vans | The Calicos (Used for Away Matches) | The Blue-Reds
The (Un)lucky Ones
Image Icarus Darsten
Age: 39|Position: Manager|Last Known Affiliation: Qasden NT
The former captain of Qasden, Darsten has been involved with the club from its very conception. As a hard working player whose honor and respectability could shatter diamonds, Icarus wasn't ready to part ways with competition after Sylvia's overhaul of the old team, and was enlisted as an assistant manager in her new administration. In the wake of World Cup 89, however, the association decided to ditch Zimari to pursue other names, leading to the promotion of her heir apparent to the job. Like Sylvia before him, Icarus will be put to the test in order to truly decide if he's fit for a proper replacement.

Image Ryan Xandreas
Age: 36|Position: Assistant Manager|Last Known Affiliation: Qasden NT

In the aftermath of "The Great Refresh", Xandreas, like many of the now declared "OldVans", stayed within the association as a mentor for future NT prospects. Co-leading the National Academy's midfielder program alongside Valentijn Munson, Ryan was introduced to managerial duty following the departure of aloof Cavernite, Gaston Rolf. This strange interaction led to the formation of the X-Squad, a fancy term given to the academy's foreign-foraying team competing at the then ongoing Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy. Despite a quarter-final exit, the release of Sylvia Zimari from the association brought about a new need for a co-manager at the top; and with no other viable candidates around (save an elderly Zachary Sols and a less-so Osmer Kerrison), the academy director/manager returned to the national spotlight once again.
Image 12- Tommy Waluigi
Age: 27|Position: Goal Keeper|Last Known Affiliation: Crossroads Image
Smart, loyal, and a skilled keeper who was vital to Qasden's success in Banija and a main attractor for Chromatika's Crossroads. Despite this, Waluigi's drive has also left him blind to a goal every now and then, and if it weren't for dumb luck, he'd probably still be a substitute.
Substitute Goal Keepers
23- Meghan Maurie-Cane|20|Aissa United Image
00- Cliff Rouge|20|Brenville Blue Image
Image 5- Joanna Rigby
Age: 30|Position: Defender|Last Known Affiliation: Qasden NT
Her appearance and bubbly nature would entrance anyone into believing she'd be an easy opponent, but don't let that façade fool you. The second that first whistle is blown, her attitude takes a complete 180, and suddenly those who doubted her are suddenly running for the hills!

Image 32- Gregory Nana
Age: 20|Position: Defender|Last Known Affiliation: Pro Stampano Image
A domineering upcomer of Qasden's defender program, Nana ended up earning the friendship with most of the former National Team that taught at the academy, scoring him lucrative positions on both the Olympic and Academy squads. Despite certainly needing his fair share of work done in order to keep his position at the top, Gregory's run in San Ortelio has already shown positive things for this NT newbie.

Image 4- Cora Varnham
Age: 29|Position: Defender|Last Known Affiliation: Stahlburg City Image
Skillful, fierce, and a smartass above all, Varnham was brought up from depths unknown and displays tremendous tenacity when it comes to letting opponents past her. She serves as a pivotal player in Zimari's push for a strong defense, though her gastronomy does serve as a strong plus.

Image 2- Rufus Lester
Age: 31|Position: Defender|Last Known Affiliation: Qasden NT
A talented and agile defender in his own right, though his main rise to fame was a result of happenstance: having the insignia "DIX" when the new team donned roman numeral kits. Being a funky guy, Lester squabbles among the team's comedians in an effort to assert himself as the rightful king of jokes, even if it means risking an unsavory punchline for a bit.
Substitute Defenders
3- Vance Justice|20|Dalton United FC Image
8- Aristide Quickley|28
9- Mariel Quackerjacks|20|Westwood Sprites Ladies FC Image
31- Kaitlyn Cecil|23
7- Maria Vosswater|21|

Image 11- Michelle McCracken (C)
Age: 27|Position: Midfielder|Last Known Affiliation: Brattleboro FC Image
By far the most dominant of the NewVans. McCracken was recruited as part of a shortlist of female players drafted by Zimari and Valentijn Munson, the first woman of the National Team. Michelle is professionally competitive, and was quick to assert herself as the commanding individual on the field, gaining Darsten's trust in her taking over as Team Captain. She's easily one of the bigger role model figures on the team, given her ability to mask the difficulty of balancing an intense work-life schedule as something with ease.

Image 13- Uwu Lekoye
Age: 22|Position: Midfielder|Last Known Affiliation: Asbury Park FC Image
One of the more popular folk at the academy, Lekoye was found to be an exceptional midfielder throughout his play in interschool scrimmages and, recently, the Olympics. Wanting to make a name for himself beyond the school walls, Uwu became one of the most recent additions to the primary XI, courtesy of a contract with Asbury Park (though not directly).

Image 16- Marco Bruno
Age: 19|Position: Midfielder|Last Known Affiliation: Sporting Ittuributa Image
A callup from the National Academy's affiliate in West Qasden, Bruno is by far the favorite when it comes to who will lead the NT in the future. Confident in his mannerisms just as much as he is with his skills, but should still receive some form of guidance, given a tragic backstory he refuses to elaborate on for "plot reasons".

Image 17- Shug De La Fontaine
Age: 28|Position: Midfielder|Last Known Affiliation: Loxthorpe Rovers FC Image
This is the kind of a man that can make one question their own sexuality. An absolute chad on and off the pitch, Shug knows how to score goals as well as he does women. Sure, he can come off as a bit of a douche because of it, but he's as respectful as his mentality can allow most of the time.
Substitute Midfielders
15- Osmund Blackbourne|31
14- Paige Homewood|25|Meriador FC Image
38- Rogerette Wellson|21

Image 42- Lennox Dragoslav
Age: 23|Position: Forward|Last Known Affiliation: Bearden Image
Dragoslav is an absolute beast of a human, reaching a staggering 6' 10" (208cm) and sporting the only known facial hair to bring fear to the eyes of Odin. On the field, his massive physique can be a tad cumbersome, given that speed can be a bit of a problem when it comes to outflanking defenders. With that being said, his shots rarely go off target, and when he squares up on the pitch, it's hard to not feel some form of intimidation when confronting him.

Image 20- Jaylyn Bone
Age: 25|Position: Forward|Last Known Affiliation: Algolia Image
Think Ike Sexton, but actually pleasant to be around. Jaylyn was brought about as a prodigy from Chevlin, an eastern city bordering Dogsmouth responsible for the subpar sporting organization, Eastern Athletic. Bone had grown fond of Ike as a friend, and the two occupy each other most of the time, much to the thankfulness of others around them.
Substitute Forwards
21- Willow Harland|29
22- Robby O'Stalingrad|21|St. Pat's AC Image
69- Ike Sexton|30

I Give My Opponent Permission To
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y (get my ok first)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: N (get my ok first)
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod anything else: No destroying/killing/harming my players, venues, cities, you get the idea. Other than that, it's fairly fair game.

Coach: Buddy McClark
RHP- Jimmy "A Constant State of Sleep Paralysis" Snooze
LHP- Lester Plattsburgh
RHP- Iona Rouser
RHP- Chip Caballero
RHP- Jeff Bitches

RHP- The Oslo Accords
LHP- Jeb Loney
RHP- Liyue Xi
RHP- Tony Coglioni
LHP- Jordan Jam-Jams
RHP- Dustin Monstrat
RHP- Yekaterina Sosnovich
1B- David Camp
2B- Lawson Laurence
SS- Rebecca Jetson
3B- Fred "The Med" Doctor
C- Brian Shuster-Kane
RF- Neddy DaFont
CF- Johnny Badgers
LF- Darrell Striker

IF- Kenny Ludwick
IF- LJ Revetahw
OF- A Tub of Folgers
OF- Zesty Buoy
C- Connie Catsenborough
Sporting Achievements
World Cup Ranking: 78th; KPB: 11.05; Style: +3
/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ˗



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