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Overview: Sports in Kelssek
Kelssek does not have a national sport and periodic suggestions that one should be named very quickly get shot down by fans of other sports. That said, ice hockey (just "hockey") and rugby union (just "rugby") are clearly the two most popular spectator sports in the country. Association football, which can be called either football or soccer interchangeably in Kelssek as there isn't another form of "football" to confuse it with, and water polo are the other two sports with professional leagues and a wide following. The ten most-played sports in terms of registered participants in organized competition are, in order, swimming, soccer, rugby, hockey, water polo, curling, ultimate, tennis, basketball, and alpine skiing.

Sports governance is largely in the hands of civil society. The Kelssek Olympic Committee is responsible for participation in the Olympic Games and is probably the most influential association, alongside the associations which govern the country's most popular sports either to watch or play: Kelssek Hockey Association, Kelssek Rugby Federation, Aquatics Kelssek, Football Kelssek, and Kelssek Alpine. Having participated in every edition of the Olympics since the 2nd cycle, Kelssek has won the most overall number of gold and total Olympic medals. At the Olympics, its traditional strengths are in alpine and freestyle skiing, biathlon, judo, swimming, water polo, rowing, and canoeing. Prospective national athletes as nominated by their sport federation are eligible to receive government stipends, and many sports outside the main professional four have national team programs for training and competition.

The organization of competitive youth and amateur sport is primarily club-based, with inter-schools and university competition also playing an important but secondary role. Youth sport participation is heavily subsidized to encourage accessibility regardless of a family's economic means. That said, cycling, tennis, golf, and rowing are culturally regarded as somewhat elitist and less accessible sports (although notably, not skiing, as it's a very common activity given the country's geography).

Notable national team facilities
Swimming Kelssek National Centres of Excellence: Kingstown, Neorvins, Langlois
Federal Institute for Sport, Neorvins: basketball, field hockey, tennis, figure skating
Federal Institute for Sport, Alavaria: bobsleigh, skeleton, luge, freestyle skiing
Skate Kelssek Centre for Excellence, Coldwater (Etnier)

International competitions
The country has hosted some of the world's biggest international events: the 5th Summer Olympics (Outineau), the 12th Summer Olympics (Novonaya & Provinsk, Vekaiyu), the 4th Winter Olympics (Alavaria), football's World Cup 46, World Cup of Hockey (five times), Rugby World Cup (three times), and the inaugural World Aquatics Championships.

Kelssek has the world's most successful men's water polo team (5 Olympic titles) and joint-most successful women's water polo team (2 Olympic titles). The country has won two Rugby World Cups, one World Cup of Hockey, and football's Cup of Harmony once.

Further reading
National teams: football | hockey | rugby | water polo
Kelssek at the Olympics - a work-in-progress listing Kelssek's Olympic medallists
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Season results: 13 (CHL12) - 14 (HCL13) - 15 (HCL14)

What's more prestigious and important, the Desjardins Cup or the KHL Premiership? Debate is never-ending. The Cup winner has always been considered the national champion, but isn't it easier to win a knockout tournament than a league season where you have to play against every team home and away? Does the history and tradition of the KHL pennant mean nothing to you uncultured ignoramuses? But if you're in a weaker region you get an advantage because you play against your own region's teams four times a season and against the other teams only twice so the league championship isn't a fair gauge of which team is the best, and anyway the Cup is really the tournament of the people. This is usually the point where the bouncer prods you outside with a baton.

Team profiles
Burnaby Ravens
Arena: False Creek Arena

Key players: Ryan Carter-Jenkins (D), Harry Cowan (LW), Lindsey Porter (C), Mark McCann (C)

Club de hockey Outineau
Arena: Centre Saint-Jacques
Honours: Desjardins Cup (19)

“Le Grand Club” do indeed have one of the biggest, nationwide fanbases and plays in the largest arena in the KHL. There are other teams in metropolitan Outineau, of course, but CH Outineau is by far the dominant one. Their major rivals are Olympique Langlois and to a lesser extent the Kirkenes Dragons.
Key players: Shawn Freedman (C/RW), Simon Durocher (G), Ariane Provost (D), Eric Seaborn (RW), Sean Deoirchan (D)
Legends: Séverine Jeanne

Dinamo Lupinissia

Home arena: Barthold Park
Honours: KHL Premiership (4): 9, 13, 14
Desjardins Cup (2): 9, 14

Originally named “Dynamo”, they changed the spelling in their second year of play for a more exotic feel. Semi-ironically nicknamed the Lightning Wolves. Unsurprisingly, other teams in the province of Lupinissia resent them.
Key players: Sean Duneasler (C/RW), Rory Kirkland (RD)

Internationale Hockey Club
Home arena: Bantam Yards

Based in Latrobe and one of the most popular teams in the country. Has some of the most eclectic fanbases drawing on Latrobe and southern Etnier geographically but also punk subcultures and people who have general trade unionist or leftist politics.

Kirkenes Dragons
Home arena: Harbourside Gardens
Key players: Mathieu Fabre (RW/LW), Matej Halmana (RD)
Legends: Neville Keanes - playmaking centre who captained Kelssek to the World Cup title.

Olympique Langlois
Home arena: Aréna Olympique
Honours: KHL Premiership: 10, 11
Desjardins Cup: 15

Un seul Olympique, there’s only one Olympique, as their fans sing. In fact, there are many teams with this name, but the point is that it’s the Langlois club that is the biggest and the one that others were presumably named after.

Key players: Angus Chan (C), Jonathan Dumot (RW), Patrick Nuneaton (D), Martin Giordon (LW)

Neorvins Wolves
Home: Federation Arena

It's a bit more of a struggle playing in the national capital than you might think: since the city has an high number of transplants who moved there to work for the government and public sector, even home games fill up with opposition supporters especially when big-city teams come to town.
Key players: Kirk Betand (D), Brandon Regg (LW), Calin Minotti (C)

Faucons de Saint-Rémy
Home arena: Colisée de Saint-Rémy (19,600)
Honours: KHL Premiership (1): 16

Rendered as Saint-Rémy Falcons in English, FdSR are a solid top-division team but have been overshadowed and outcompeted most of their history by bigger teams like CH Outineau.
Key players: Cameron Franklin (C), Bradley Donovan (G), Peter Sullivan (D), Amanda Luewin (RW)

Vickery Vikings
Home arena: Great Northern Arena (18,600)

Key players: Rachel Winter (RW), Trey Rama (LW), Nathan Williams (RW), Chris Mladon (D)

Major rivalries
The Battle of Kirkenes - Dragons vs. Rangers
The Rangers-Dragons rivalry is extremely bitter and rooted in sectarian, class, and political ideology. Traditionally associated with monarchism and the Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite, the Rangers were notorious through the 20th century for a segment of violent far-right "ultras" who the club has tried to disavow (some say insincerely, and insist that the present tense very much applies to this sentence). As historically the more successful and indeed wealthier team, the Dragons have their share of detractors though mostly outside the city, where they are the team associated with Kirkenes's conservative, elite, capitalist, and/or latte-sipping lefty hoity-toity intellectual class (select appropriate urban-metropolitan stereotype). It is true however that the Dragons were generally associated with Gaelic cultural groups and blue-collar workers back in the day. Consequently, the hooligan element of the Dragons ultras often talk of "defending the revolution" in clashes with the blue team. To reduce the danger, alcohol sales at the arena are banned, any game between the two clubs must be held in daylight hours, and riot police patrol the vicinity of the arena and nearby bars on the day - the only sporting event in Kelssek to routinuely have such a dark cloud over it.
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Last completed season: 17
National broadcasters: UTV, KBC, NSN (regional)

Burnaby Lions
Home: Stadium Konoha (54,500)
Honours: Superleague (1): 9

Latrobe AFC
Home: Macquarie Docklands (55,700)

Neorvins Armada
Home: Canada Stadium (66,300)

Nordiques RFC
Home: Stade Outineau (80,000)
Honours: Superleague (2): 11, 12

Redswyth Rebels
Home: Millennium Park (53,500)
Honours: Superleague (3): 13, 15, 16
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National broadcasters: KBC, Network 12, NSN
Each of the 18 teams plays home and away 2 times against other teams during a season, followed by a championship playoffs between the top 8 placed teams, which is contested as a best of three knockout tournament. The playoffs format adopts AFL finals system. This sees the top four teams play against each other in preliminary finals, with winners gaining a bye directly to the semi-finals. The fifth to eighth place teams play in elimination finals with losers eliminated and winners playing the against the two losers of the top-four teams in the quarter-finals. This allows the top four teams two losses before being eliminated, while teams finishing 5th to 8th must win four series in a row to win the championship.

The bottom two clubs also contest a playoffs series against the top two clubs of the National League A Division, which decides promotion or relegation. With a season that typically runs from March to November, the KPPL is the 4th-ranked league in terms of viewership and ticket sales.

Kelssek’s water polo league system is fully professional to the second tier. Unlike the other three major professional sports, university competition is also a significant athlete development pathway. In addition, each tier has Open and Women’s divisions, which are contested by the same clubs although they may be in different tiers at different times. Clubs may enter B teams but at no time may a B team be in the same or higher tier as the first team.

Seasons: 35


Burnaby Thunderbirds
Home venue: University College Burnaby Aquatics Centre
Honours: League champions (8) – 2, 6, 19, 21, 23, 27, 28, 32

Key players: Harry Sponner, Nathan Frolík, Kyle Oberdorf, Jason Harries, Conor Wilson, Damien Mann, Hunter Torakis, Daniel Fenton, Ben Dobbin, Adam Hólmarsson Image
Bethany Peeling, Gwynn Trotter, Emerald Mercer, Margaux Martel, Isabelle Perez, Kaleigh Wulkiewicz, Brigitte Wang, Paige Jones, Sorcha Wright, Mackenzie Bosch

Daudard-des-Oiseaux Waterpolo
Home venue: Complexe sportif Daudard-des-Oiseaux
Honours: League champions (4) – 5, 30, 31, 35
Based in the northwestern districts of Outineau, one of the oldest aquatics clubs in the country and initially the only one that had a chance of beating Dynamo.

Key players: Raïf Gerzhaen-Charbon, Mathieu Boujurin, Léo Blanchard-Guerin, Félix Varnai, Michel Chrysospathis, Luca Stafford, Ryan Bryden, Steffon Proulx
Béatrice Lapine, Inni Raida, Drótt Gunnersdóttir Image, Marie Fanok, Madison Lim, Nahida Oldshaw
Linnea Younes, Justine Griffiths, Mégane Dupuis

Dynamo Lupinissia
Home venue: Chiltsen Yard
Dynamo Water Polo has the most national championships of all clubs. It is also part of a larger multi-sport club, based in Ulyanôf, which also has a top-flight hockey team and a history of producing Olympians in a wide range of sports. Notably, the water polo team kept the club’s original spelling when other teams swapped the Y for an I because unlike the other sport sections they’d already won a few titles by then and the water polo players didn’t like the idea.
Key players: Kayley Hatter, Jeremy Altenzig, Nathan Nguyen, Alvin Thompson

Kraken d'Outineau
Honours: League champions (1) – 24
Home venue: Centre Sainte-Hélène

Key players: Josh Pillbont, Émile Labelle, Guillaume Villemure, Segol Tellson Image, Rémy Dubé, Seth Kameda, Alwyn Bòid, Adrian Tabbiani, Jérôme Nordstrom, Luke Tabbiani, Mikko Jensen-Lapierre
Women's: Cathy Spalding, Alexia McManamon, Katherine Bolduc, Monica Bolduc, Mary Ling, Sara Sadiq, Lise Martel, Llinos Roux, Irène Guay, Julie McBrearty, Samantha Vukcevic

Kirkenes Jets
Honours: League champions (12) – 12, 22
Home venue: Hydestone Park
Closely linked with the University of Kirkenes varsity team, the club was originally formed by alumni to compete in senior tournaments. While they don’t have any formal link these days, the club is known to keep a close eye on interuniversity competitions in their backyard.
Key players: Open: Miles Subotic, Hakon Oldshaw, Darien Welsh, Gavin Bray, Eoin Pekar, Scott Kozar, Jack Hain, André Fekete, Eoin Dhomgnuill
Women's: Angelina Lorenzosdóttir Image, Justine Griffiths, Linnea Mac an Lèigh, Andrea Barros, Llinos Brunelle

Club aquatique de Langlois
Home venue: Complexe sportif Des Plages
Known as CALA for short.
Key players: Gaétan Houle, Jonas Remillard, Colin Laurent-Rompré

Redswyth Marlins
Home venue: Southborne Mill (4,600)

Key players: Open: Trey Faulkner, Pierre Lacousteau, Pitor Krilic, Aaron Marchant, Julius Stasiak, Joseph Trevellan, Dermot Shaw, Ronnie O'Shea, Jérôme Soinen, Caolan Mac Dùbhghlas
Women's: Linnea Mac an Lèigh, Andrea Barros, Llinos Brunelle, Madison Lee, Aerona Destry, Sonya Jones, Liùsaidh Jennings

Lakeland Storm
Home venue: Commonwealth Place

Based in Kingstown, the capital of Konoha, Storm has a strong interprovincial rivalry with the Thunderbirds in which they are usually regarded as the underdogs. Fans often complain that while they’ve got a strong record of training some of the country’s top players, they often get poached by big-city teams with larger budgets.

Key players: Callum Devine, Paul Louis-Ariya, Darren Reuter

Wynleth Avengers
Home venue: Bariffynnon Eriw
Promoted to the Premier League for season 36, they’ve gone through a rough spell despite having developed their fair share of national team players over the years.

Key players: Ellis Haimidi, Eva Glendon, James Roos, Bryan Danton
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The Kelssek Football League Championship is the top-flight league that determines Kelssek's football championship. See here for a summary of league history. As of its 62nd season (IFCF 3), it was ranked 55th in the world based on Kelssek teams' performance in international club competitions.


The Coupe des Patriotes (CdP), organized by the national association and open to any registered football club in the country, is Kelssek's national cup tournament. It is currently sponsored by food delivery company BuyNMunchin, something which made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move. A list of past finals is here.

KFL 59 - summary and CdP 8
KFL 60 - preview | summary and CdP 9 |
KFL 61 - preview | reports | summary and CdP 10

General information
Media industry and popularity of overseas leagues in Kelssek
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IFCF qualification
Champions' League 2nd preliminary round
Porto 1-2 CF Outineau: Macon-Petrault puts Outineau in driver's seat

Challenger's Cup 1st preliminary round
Burnaby 0-0 Heldingen: Centurions optimistic after stalemate
Océanic sinking after disastrous 4-1 loss in home leg against Pistoleros
FK Bazugh 1-1 Kirkenes: Webster grabs vital away goal

Liga B Champion's Trophy 2nd preliminary round
Thor Draxville knocks out Les Castors on penalties
Tivali City 1-2 FC Novanaya: Novanaya advances again with shootout win in Vilita
IFCF apostrophe madness drives copy editors to drink - KELSSEK PRESS AGENCY
So the Champions' League is a competition for many champions. That seems logical even if many of the teams are not actually champions and there is a "non-champions path". We can live with that. But who is the Challenger to whom the Challenger's Cup belongs? Is it only for one challenger? Can't be, because there's over a hundred teams entered in it. Does the competition for top second-tier teams award a trophy that already belongs to one particular Liga B Champion? Surely that's stealing. Stet stet stet stet AAAAHHH stet

IFCF qualification
Champions League 2nd preliminary round
Outineau 3-2 Porto: Davies orchestrates CFO victory

Challengers Cup 1st preliminary round
Kirkenes humiliated 4-1 at home as FK Bazugh cruise through
Heldingen wins 3-1 to dump Burnaby out of Challenger's Cup

Liga B Champion's Trophy 3rd preliminary round
North York outmatched by Taeshan's Nightspurs
Pasargan side Targas City eliminates FC Novanaya on penalties

Matchweek 1
St-Richard smashes Kirkenes 5-0 in opening day shocker
CF Outineau 3-2 Arvika: Farrer fires champions off to winning start
Langelier at the double as Latrobe and Kingstown battle to 4-4 draw under the roof at The Dock

Matchweek 2
Early title decider? CF Outineau misfires in 2-0 loss to Burnaby SC
Shearwater 2-4 Strathcona: Rukavina rifles hat-trick
Kirkenes 3-3 Hamiltonian: Houston, Tule lead Cambria fightback
Mazinaw 3-4 Clayquot: Wylten gives Clayquot the edge

Champions League 3rd preliminary round Dinamo Bender 2-4 CF Outineau: Primakov scores big in return to Pridnestrovia
Cup Winners Cup preliminary round Kings Lunsel FC and CF Saint-Richard see out 1-1 draw

Matchweek 3
Burnaby 6-3 Arvika: Centurions notch third straight win under the roof
Kirkenes 2-2 Clayquot: Ks still winless after Wylten's late equalizer
Latrobe 5-1 Shearwater: Merciless Ilev leads the carnage
St-Rémy's fast start halted as CF Outineau thumps them 5-2
Océanic 2-1 Les Castors: Snow deepens Brun-et-Or struggles

Champions League 3rd preliminary round CF Outineau 2-0 Dinamo Bender: Rouge-et-bleu marches on with win at home
Cup Winners Cup preliminary round St-Richard prevails on penalties after 1-1 draw with Kings Lunsel FC

Matchweek 4
Castors grab first win in frigid 5-4 goalfest against Sitka Valley
Faillace and Eriksen notch screamers as St-Rémy and Burnaby battle to 1-1 draw
Arvika 0-1 Coquitlam: Home cooking no cure as ASC sinks to the bottom
Mazinaw 1-1 Latrobe AFC: Oresund's late equalizer stymies Latrobe

Matchweek 5
Latrobe 2-1 Kirkenes: Latrobe stays unbeaten as Torshen rues missed penalty
Oceanic 2-1 Burnaby: Fiete sees red and Takai attacks
CF Saint-Richard moves top on goal difference after 4-1 win against Les Castors
St-Remy 1-0 Arvika: Ronanye's wondergoal nails ASC to the bottom

Champions League play-off round Teussen Stelburg 1-1 CF Outineau: Potter sees red as Outineau gives away late penalty
Cup Winners Cup first round Advantage St-Richard as they grab 1-1 draw away in Cosumar against Olask Islanders

Matchweek 6
Les Castors 2-4 Hamilton: Last team unbeaten, Cambria goes top
Chill wind for Shearwater as ASC Arvika takes first home win 3-1
Guardia galvanizes his side as St-Remy holds off Oceanic for 3-2 win
Kirkenes 3-3 Kingstown: Defensive wobbles lets Athletic steal vital point
Five-team tie on 13 points highlights knife-edge race for the top four

Champions League play-off round Stalemate at Crémazie puts CF Outineau into the group stage on away goals
Cup Winners Cup first round St-Richard out to Olask Islanders after losing 3-2 at home
CF Outineau carries the flag - HOOF! MAGAZINE
With a goalless draw at home to Siovanija and Teusland club FC Teussen Stelburg, CF Outineau made history as only the second Kelssekian club to reach the group stage of a UICA or IFCF international tournament.

Matchweek 7
Hamilton 4-5 CF Outineau: Primakov comes off bench to lift champions to thrilling win
Oceanic 1-2 Arvika: Trouble brews in Langlois after another tepid loss
Burnaby falls to St-Richard as Navigateurs toast 4-1 shocker
Cashin torpedoes Port City as Strathcona wins 3-1
St-Richard 4-1 Burnaby: Navigateurs widen goal difference lead and show they mean business

Matchweek 8
CF Outineau 2-1 Clayquot: Primakov nets two in dominant performance
St-Rémy 1-2 St-Richard: VAR controversy as CSSR sees Enger's equalizer chalked off against the surprising league leaders
Océanic listless in 1-1 draw against Sitka Valley
Burnaby adrift as Hamiltonian Cambria wins 2-0 at Stadium Konoha
Fine margins show the perils of parity - NATIONAL INDEPENDENT
The fall and rise of CS Saint-Rémy and the challenge for the trophy being mounted by Hamiltonian Cambria in only their second year in the KFL Championship show just how small the margins are and how much is at stake at this early stage. Three teams are tied on 19 points at the top of the table, with Latrobe and Hamilton two points behind, and traditional powers St-Rémy and Burnaby still in touching distance.

Matchweek 9
Hamilton 2-1 St-Rémy: Hamilton joins the first-place battle while CSSR suffers second straight loss
Sitka 0-2 Arvika: ASC claws its way out of the relegation dogfight with away win
Strathcona 1-1 CF Outineau: Macon-Petrault and Millclef on target but nothing decided between second and third
Thorpe grabs hat-trick and Valiser pulls the strings as Shearwater thumps NGSA 6-1
North York notches first win with 2-1 victory in Coquitlam

Champions League group stage Welcome to the big leagues: 1830 Cathair shows no mercy in 4-1 hiding of CF Outineau

Matchweek 10
Sitka 4-1 St-Richard: Navigateurs 8-game unbeaten streak snapped by struggling Sitka
Burnaby 1-1 Strathcona: Centurions keep pace while Stratcona goes top
Willsden Harbour celebrates Port City's first top-flight win, clawing Coquitlam Utd into the relegation fight
St-Rémy 0-0 Clayquot: Guardia calls for players to show cutting edge as CSSR rue missed chances
Hervé drags Castors out of the mire in 2-0 win against Kingstown

Champions League group stage CF Outineau 0-3 Spartangrad: Gulf in class on display
St-Louis shows his stripes with Strathcona - WESTERN TELEGRAM
As the season reaches the quarter mark with Strathcona Internationals top of the table by a hair, François Saint-Louis is showing his coaching pedigree in his first permanent gig in the managerial hot seat.

Matchweek 11
Mazinaw 4-4 North York: Cains tormets Vanorian's defence and four players sent off in heated encounter
Strathcona 1-2 St-Rémy: Guardia hails response as Ronayne finds net twice
Coquitlam in trouble after 5-2 home loss to Les Castors
Latrobe 1-3 Burnaby: Fiete and Liadon combine for vital victory
CF Outineau wins with the kids - L'ÉTOILE
19-year old striker Radomir Primakov has been on fire since he nabbed a brace against Dinamo Bender in the first match he's played in Pridnestrovia since
moving to Kelssek. Together with the emergence of Macon-Petrault, the young guns are giving the defending champions a boost on attack many thought would be a weakness after Keled Petheô hung up his boots.

Matchweek 12
CF Outineau 3-4 Coquitlam: Singh and Bronson combine to give United big win
North York falters at the finish, while 4-3 win in derby showdown could put Kirkenes FC back on track
St-Richard 5-3 Hamilton: Navigateurs two points clear after fast-paced clash
Burnaby 1-2 Kingstown: Combeford finds joy, Centurions struggle as Faillace sent off

Champions League group stage Kionao Locals 0-1 CF Outineau: Davies scores for historic win in Turori

Matchweek 13
CF Outineau rides momemtum back to top of the table as Farrer feeds a 3-1 away win against Shearwater
Latrobe 2-0 Océanic: Victory by video for Latrobe as VAR awards two penalties
Coquitlam humbled 3-0 as Petrovic runs rampant in Battle of Burnaby
Port City holds Kirkenes FC to 2-2 draw

Matchweek 14
Hamilton 4-2 Clayquot: Cambria moves into second place
Arvika 1-2 North York: NY claws back early deficit as battle for survival heats up
Port City 4-2 NGSA: Port shows no surrender... yet
St-Richard 1-0 Strathcona: concedes clumsy penalty to hand St-Richard the win

Champions League group stage Kionao Locals battle to 1-1 draw in Outineau

Matchweek 15
Kirkenes 2-0 CF Outineau: Fresh legs a factor in War of the Crowns
St-Rémy stifles Shearwater 1-0 to keep top four challenge alive
Les Castors stake claim to safety with 3-1 win in Ulyanof
Mazinaw 1-4 Burnaby: Faillace, Féarghaill to face disciplinary committee as scuffle breaks out

Champions League group stage Few surprises from CF Outineau as Spartangrad cruises to 3-0 win

Matchweek 16
Burnaby 1-2 Kirkenes: Centurions come apart in tense contest
St-Rémy ruthless in 6-2 crushing of Mazinaw Vanorian
Sitka Valley sink to bottom as Pokorný's header steals 1-0 win for Coquitlam
CF Outineau 2-2 NGSA: Canning-Meagher denies Outineau at the death

Coupe des Patriotes 1st round
Kawarthas needs extra time to see off Delta Sorthern
Third-division Gimli pulls coup in 3-1 win over FC Novonaya
Wynleth Flyers cruise 3-0 over Keeleford County
Bramerlea upsets Association Ariddienne 4-2
Colwynians manhandle Torbay to advance

Matchweek 17
North York 4-7 CF Outineau: Primakov notches first career hat-trick in madcap match at Portedowns
Burnaby SC looking for answers after NGSA deals them second straight loss
St-Richard lead shrinks to one point with 3-2 loss against struggling Coquitlam
Kirkenes 0-1 St-Rémy: Enger's strike gives CSSR advantage in fight for fourth

Champions League group stage 1830 Cathair 2-0 CF Outineau: Depleted CFO squad rolls over in Audioslavia

Matchweek 18
CF Outineau 0-1 Port City: Amber Docherty the hero as defending champions stunned at home by bottom club
Océanic 4-2 Kirkenes: Takai and Turuc make deadly combo and Webster's double can't save KFC
Strathcona 0-1 Latrobe: Parrott on target as Internationals suffer third loss in five games
Underdogs living large at the top of the table - NATIONAL INDEPENDENT
CF Saint-Richard are top of the table ahead on goal difference against Hamiltonian Cambria: not something we thought we'd see as the season nears the halfway mark. Can these youngsters last the distance or will the big dogs claw their way back, like last season?

Matchweek 19
Les Castors rise to the occasion in Outineau derby, CF sink to 5th after 1-1 draw
Shearwater 2-2 Hamiltonian: Thorpe's brace denies Cambria the win
Ronayne rallies St-Rémy to 2-0 away win against North York
Mazinaw 0-1 St-Richard: Navigateurs capitalize as Hamiltonian drops points

Coupe des Patriotes 2nd round
Redswyth Red Stars advance on penalties over Bramerlea
Capital City moves on with 3-2 extra time win against St. David
Union Lachine into third round with convincing 4-2 win in Arlingsdale
Trenton beats Lakers despite Lekands's sending off

Matchweek 20
Arikva 1-5 CF Outineau: White-out conditions no help as ASC demolished by imperious CFO
Castors 2-3 Burnaby: Ascioli helps Centurions squeeze third straight league win after tough battle
Coquitlam 3-4 Strathcona: Dusty's double can't stop the Rukavina show
Title race tightens after wild week in the KFL - POST & TELEGRAPH
Three points separate sixth from first after a wild weekend that saw leaders St-Richard smashed by Kirkenes, Hamiltonian limp to a draw in Mazinaw,
CF Outineau demolish ASC Arvika with the orange ball, and Saint-Rémy stroll over Port City.

Matchweek 21
Burnaby 2-1 CF Outineau: Feidhlim's equalizer and Liadon's rocket puts Burnaby in first place
Sitka 3-0 North York: NY falls to bottom but Sitka still 6 points from safety
Strathcona 2-3 Shearwater: Thorpe seals winner for Shearwater in Vickery
Farahani on point as ASC Arvika gets crucial 2-0 win in Kingstown

Matchweek 22
CF Outineau 1-3 St-Rémy: leads CSSR to scintillating victory in Battaile du Beaulac
Frustration and excitement in 0-0 draw as CF St-Richard can't put away North York
Mainzaw puts one over Strathcona to move 8 points clear of the drop zone
NGSA 1-1 Hamiltonian: Cambria rues dropped points after McGrath's costly error

Coupe des Patriotes 3rd round
Rukavina scores three in 20 minutes as Strathcona trounces Capital City 4-1
CF Outineau brushes aside Sunshine Coast in 5-1 win
Burnaby sweeps past listless Océanic 3-0
Latrobe beats Shearwater 2-1 in damp contest
Brandis marshals Kirkenes to 2-0 win against ASC Arvika

Matchweek 23
St-Rémy 0-1 Burnaby: Petrovic's finish gives Centurions the win in top of the table clash
St-Richard puts five past hapless Port City to move back into second
Hamiltonian 1-1 North York: Houston saves Cambria the blushes against basement team
Latrobe 0-1 Mazinaw: Magennis stops 16 shots as Vanorian pull smash-and-grab win

Matchweek 24
Burnaby hits speedbump, Normand saves penalty as Océanic holds out for 1-1 draw
NGSA's 2-1 win in Ulyanof marks fourth loss in a row for Strathcona
Kirkenes battles into IFCF spots with 2-1 win against Latrobe
Knife edge title race stays close- BURNABY STAR
No one can quite seem to pull away in the chase for the championship as Burnaby SC remains one point ahead of CF Saint-Richard while CS Saint-Rémy and Kirkenes FC are only two points behind.

Matchweek 25
St-Richard 0-2 CF Outineau: Goals from Primakov and Corvin push Bleu-et-Rouge into third
Eriksen key in solid defensive display as CSSR wins 1-0 in Langlois
Strathcona 1-0 North York: Berton-Fleury snaps the skid
NGSA Ulyanof climbs to 7th as 2-1 win in Latrobe makes it a ten-match unbeaten run

Matchweek 26
Twist of Fiete gives Burnaby 1-0 win against St-Richard
Kirkenes 5-4 Coquitlam: "Playing desperate is one way to put it"
CF Outineau claws back into contention with 4-2 victory against Hamiltonian
Arvika 1-0 Océanic: Relegation battlers seize three points to pile on misery

Matchweek 27
Hamiltonian 3-1 Burnaby: Centurions can't cope with Houston
St-Rémy goes top after chaotic 5-4 win in St-Richard
CF Outineau's title hopes run into a wall as Clayquot City runs off 3-2 winners
What happened in Langlois? - L'ÉTOILE
A 3-1 win against Sitka Valley can't mask the sense of dread at Océanic CF, who sit in 12th place wondering how their season went so badly off the rails.

Matchweek 28
CF Outineau 2-3 Strathcona: Phelan leads as Internationals storm back to win from two goals down
ASC Arvika steals vital 1-0 win over Sitka Valley in relegation six-pointer
Burnaby 3-3 Clayquot: Faillace sees red as Clayquot rally for the point
St-Rémy 2-1 Hamiltonian: CSSR holds on against Cambria pushback to move into first place

KFL Championship            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 CS Saint-Rémy 28 18 4 6 52 28 +24 58 IFCF CL
2 Kirkenes FC 28 17 5 6 66 53 +13 56 IFCF CC
3 Burnaby SC 28 17 4 7 60 40 +20 55 IFCF CC
4 CF Outineau 28 15 5 8 69 48 +21 50 IFCF CC
5 Hamiltonian Cambria 28 14 8 6 67 54 +13 50
6 CF Saint-Richard 28 14 6 8 59 46 +13 48
7 Strathcona Internationals 28 14 5 9 61 49 +12 47
8 Latrobe AFC 28 13 7 8 45 33 +12 46
9 NGSA Ulyanof 28 13 6 9 53 52 +1 45
10 Mazinaw Vanorian 28 11 6 11 48 50 −2 39
11 Clayquot City 28 10 7 11 49 51 −2 37
12 Langlois Océanic 28 9 9 10 47 46 +1 36
13 Shearwater FC 28 10 5 13 46 47 −1 35
14 Castors d'Outineau 28 8 7 13 41 52 −11 31
15 Kingstown Athletic 28 7 8 13 39 51 −12 29
16 ASC Arvika 28 8 5 15 34 53 −19 29
17 Coquitlam United 28 7 6 15 44 59 −15 27
18 Port City FC 28 6 7 15 36 53 −17 25 R
19 North York FC 28 2 12 14 37 62 −25 18 R
20 Sitka Valley 28 4 4 20 36 62 −26 16 R

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Matchweek 29
Clayquot 0-1 St-Rémy: Davies's penalty gives CSSR sixth straight win
Strathcona 4-3 Burnaby: Abed-Louis's first goal stands as winner
St-Richard beats Sitka 4-1 to climb into IFCF contention
Ilev's late equalizer for Latrobe leaves CF Outineau 10 points off the top
Kirkenes snatches 1-0 win against ASC Arivka to keep pace with CS Saint-Rémy

Matchweek 30
Ilev leads late Latrobe rally to silence home fans with 2-0 win in Burnaby
Rukavina's cheeky lob stands as 1-0 winner for Strathcona against leaders CSSR
Castors 2-5 Coquitlam: Dusty Clement's hat-trick helps build a buffer
Kirkenes FC moves top with 4-2 away win in Ulyanof
Bottled...? - HOOF! MAGAZINE
Was this the weekend that showed who's bottled it? Strathcona manager François St-Louis was probably going a bit too far in gloating over his team's 1-0 win in Saint-Rémy. But as the pressure ramps up with eight matches to go, losses for CF Outineau and Burnaby SC this weekend which saw both sides tumble in the table could also end up defining their season.

Matchweek 31
Hamiltonian 3-2 St-Richard: Cambria climbs back into fourth
Heart-in-mouth 0-0 draw in Kirkenes derby sees North York escape with a point
NGSA 0-1 Arvika: ASC inches towards safety with Quintin's volley
Latrobe 0-0 St-Rémy: Shaughlin saves the draw as CSSR unable to capitalize on Kirkenes stumble

Matchweek 32
CF Outineau's title hopes flame out with 3-0 loss against Shearwater
St-Richard 6-4 Clayquot: Defence, who needs it?
Sitka springs 1-0 surprise on Strathcona to stay alive
Fates still to be decided at top and bottom of the table - NATIONAL INDEPENDENT
After a 1-1 draw, Port City still faces tough climb out of drop zone, but could have cost Kirkenes FC the title as CSSR then moved into the lead with a 4-3 win against Kingstown.

Matchweek 33
North York comes back to beat ASC Arvika 2-1, but is it too little too late?
late goal brings Kirkenes relief in 1-0 win against stubborn Les Castors side
Strathcona 4-2 St-Richard: Fight for fourth still wide open
Singh scores two as Coquitlam beats CS St-Rémy 2-1, leaving Kirkenes in first place

Coupe des Patriotes semi-finals
Merciless Burnaby stamps on Union Lachine's dreams
McCarrigan's daisy-cutter puts Clayquot City in the final

Matchweek 34
Hamiltonian 4-4 Strathcona: Advantage Cambria after pitched battle at B.A. Field
Outineau 2-2 Kirkenes: Stalemate in War of the Crowns could be bad for both sides
Burnaby 1-2 Mazinaw: Oresund's double downs the Centurions
CSSR stonewalled by Shearwater and miss chance to take the lead
Port City still endangered after win against North York - KIRKENES COURIER
The big match of this weekend was at the foot of the table and it was Port City whose 3-0 win keeps them alive for now, but still with four points the difference between them and 17th-placed ASC Arvika. The task gets that much harder for North York, the team at the losing end who drop to last place and are now inches from relegation.

   KFL Championship            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Kirkenes FC 34 20 8 6 76 59 +17 68
2 CS Saint-Rémy 34 20 6 8 58 34 +24 66
3 Burnaby SC 34 19 5 10 71 51 +20 62
4 Hamiltonian Cambria 34 17 10 7 79 66 +13 61
5 CF Saint-Richard 34 18 6 10 77 60 +17 60
6 Strathcona Internationals 34 17 7 10 77 62 +15 58
7 CF Outineau 34 16 8 10 77 59 +18 56
8 Mazinaw Vanorian 34 16 6 12 57 53 +4 54
9 NGSA Ulyanof 34 15 7 12 61 60 +1 52
10 Latrobe AFC 34 14 9 11 51 42 +9 51
11 Langlois Océanic 34 12 12 10 61 52 +9 48
12 Shearwater FC 34 13 6 15 56 53 +3 45
13 Clayquot City 34 12 7 15 58 63 −5 43
14 Coquitlam United 34 11 8 15 58 66 −8 41
15 Castors d'Outineau 34 9 8 17 48 67 −19 35
16 Kingstown Athletic 34 7 12 15 50 65 −15 33
17 ASC Arvika 34 9 6 19 37 59 −22 33
18 Port City FC 34 7 8 19 42 61 −19 29
19 Sitka Valley 34 6 5 23 41 71 −30 23
20 North York FC 34 3 14 17 41 73 −32 23

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Matchweek 35
Mazinaw 0-3 St-Remy: No way through for Vanorian as Ronayne, Eriksen, and Davies all get on the scoresheet
Cambria clings to fourth after Langelier deals them a 1-0 loss in Latrobe
Clayquot claims 3-2 win as Strathcona falters at the finish again
Kirkenes 2-2 Burnaby: Feidhlim's leveller could deny Kirkenes the title, result leaves CSSR first on goal difference
North York and Sitka relegated - NATIONAL INDEPENDENT
ASC Arvika and Port City fought to a 2-2 draw that does Port City no good with four points to make up in the last four matches. But the match turned out to be decisive for two other teams in the relegation battle when they failed to win on Sunday. A scoreless draw against Castors d'Outineau meant safety for the other newly-promoted side and consigned North York FC to relegation - the indie club you've probably never heard of are going back to the KFL National. Then Arjan Singh's marker gave Coquitlam United a 1-0 win over Sitka Valley, sending the Arlingsdale club down the trap door too.

Matchweek 36

"Welcome to the Stade Intersat. It's some dreary weather on the Claire river for this top-of-the-table clash that could well decide who lifts the KFL Championship this year. Nothing will be guaranteed by this match but with only two more to go after this, any lost ground will be extremely hard to make up. CSSR in their blue and gold home colours and Kirkenes FC in their traditional red."

"Two teams who are tied on 69 points. Kirkenes to kick off. You have to think they need a result a little bit more because they're 10 behind on goal difference. Gorka with a pass to Owen... Saved by Shaughlin! And straight from the kick-off Kirkenes got the first chance of this match!"
"Kirkenes giving notice that they're going to take this game to St-Rémy."

"...Ronanye with the ball on the left as St-Remy looking for a way through here... This 22-year old has impressed all season on loan from Crisisbless United, and that's the kind of cross-field pass that he's capable of!... Julien... fires it wide! CSSR inches away from the opening goal!"

"Thanks, Gerry. Gerry Tallin with the post-match from Arvika there, and Strathcona are still in the hunt for fourth after that win against Arvika earlier today. And here at the Intersat the home fans are furious as Josie Webster chopped down Connor Wimble! What's the referee going to do here?... It's a yellow card in the end, but that was a reckless tackle on the St-Remy midfielder. We're still scoreless here with 31 minutes gone between Kirkenes and St-Remy."

"...Enger on the overlap. Greta Enger still going. That's not a good pass... but Elden can't quite get control of that interception... Wimble beats Avalor to the ball with a sliding challenge and here is Deschamps... she runs right into Avalor and DAVIES SCORES!!! The ball bounced loose and Gabriel Davies on the half-volley thumps it past Jason Curtin from 25 yards!! St-Remy are ahead one-nil with six minutes left in the first half!"

"That's an excellent through ball from Roy! Can Davies make it two?... Davies is brought down! He wants a penalty, the crowd wants a penalty but that was an excellent tackle from Boudreau and Peter Corrigan is not interested!"
"No question there, Kirkenes got out of jail with that because going two goals down was probably going to kill this game here."

"Seven minutes plus additional time to go here in the first half. Kirkenes have recovered well from conceding early but they're still behind by a goal. Gorka lofts that into the box... Shaughlin has spilled it! TORSHEN!!... Arndeau got to it but did it cross the line?! Kirkenes players definitely think so, but not the referee! Arndeau just saved a goal there!
"...and from our in-goal camera you can see how close that was. You need to see green grass between the line and the ball for it to count, and Arndeau got there just in time."
"If you're wondering about that gasp from the crowd, they've just put the goal-line technology graphic up on the screens in the stadium and it was indeed molecules away from crossing the line."

"The whistle blows for half time and in this top of the table clash St-Rémy leads one-nil. If they can hold on it's a big step towards their first championship in six years, and back from the death after their brush with relegation last season."
"The big change this season, I think, is that St-Rémy look so much more solid on defence. Guardia has really got them much better organized. Bringing in new signings, too, Corinne Eriksen and Greta Enger have both brought some steel to that team. They’re now the best defence in the league and when they take the lead they just don’t give it up. That’s the challenge which Kirkenes FC face now. It's going to be very hard to come back but they have to if they want to win this title."

"Welcome back to St-Remy and the Stade Intersat where CSSR leads one-nil in this potential title decider against Kirkenes FC. And for those of you joining us from abroad, or who just aren't soccer fans, the fans in the Tribune de la Rivière are in fact jumping and chanting "Qui a mangé tous les pogos". Jolène, you're the expert here...?"
"A pogo is a small sausage, with quite terrible quality meat in it, that's been deep fried in batter. Who ate all the pogos. One of the traditions here in St-Rémy."
"Well that certainly clears it up. And as St-Rémy kick off the second half, any words from the coaches, Jolène?"
"Jorge Guardia thinks his team need to go for a second goal. Says that he told his players one goal is not going to be enough to win this match. Kirkenes coach Kyle Allister's message is they've had the better chances, they need to keep to the gameplan, move the ball quickly, and not get frustrated because this is a difficult opponent to break down."

"That's deflected as Boudreau was trying to pick out Brandis on the left. Caleb Roy will take control of that ball for St-Rémy. Slides it through for Ronanye! SAVED BY CURTIN! Oh what a chance that was, four minutes into the second half!"

"Avalor does well to cut out that pass. Webster... Kirkland pumps it forward to Torshen. Webster barrelling through that's a foul on the edge of the area! Yellow card for Arndeau and here's a chance to line up a free kick."
"It's going to be Webster... and Shaughlin had to be alert because that deflected off the wall! But it's a corner to Kirkenes... Brandis with the delivery, Renak gets his head to it but that's only going as far as Elden... Elden goes over to the right for Kirkland coming out to get it... oh, that's broken for Torshen! WHO SCORES THE EQUALIZER!! Kirkenes are level after 53 minutes!"

"Gorka finds the run of Brandis. She takes it to the byline... and Kirkland has been dragged to the ground in the box! What's the refer- it's a penalty! Enger is getting booked and she thinks Kirkland hit the deck pretty easily there, but she clearly held him back to stop him getting to that cross!"
"Torshen has already got a goal. Can he put Kirkenes in front?... SHAUGHLIN SAVES IT! It's still alive and... Eriksen gets there first! She boots it out for a throw and a huge moment at the Intersat! The crowd is on their feet and it's still 1-1!

"And Guardia's going to play the first card here. Ní Bheacháin comes on for Connor Wimble. A player coming back from a muscle strain and she's going to get a good 20 minutes to try to break the deadlock here."

"Now it's a double sub for Kirkenes. Kyle Allister freshens up the midfield with Conan Markowski for Gorka and Cordelier coming on for Avalor. Those are definitely tactical changes with Kirkenes wanting to get the win here, knowing that they're not going to make up that goal difference in four games..."
"He needs to steady the ship. The tide has turned in the last few minutes."

"76 minutes gone and still tied at one. Arndeau slides that ball towards Ní Bheacháin. Now it's Caleb Roy, directing traffic here as he looks for a passing option... Gregoire beats out Davies to that high ball... Ní Bheacháin gets it back... finds the run of Ronanye! He cuts in! Curtin saves... AND XAVIER JULIEN PUTS IT AWAY!! On the rebound it's St-Rémy who lead 2-1! Oh can you believe it!!"

"...stopped by Eriksen, another excellent tackle from the Apoxian midfielder. Kirkenes are behind and they've simply not been able to find a way through here. Cabrallo is coming on, a versatile full-back who'll give Kirkenes more options on the right flank..."

"Now it's lofted into the box by Cordelier... Owen! AND IT'S IN THE NET!! KIRKENES HAVE EQUALIZED!! NO THEY HAVEN'T! Offside flag is up! They can't believe it, but surely this is going to be reviewed..."
"Some conclusion has been reached here. Owen was offside! No goal! VAR strikes again and St-Remy still ahead in this crucial match!"

"You have to credit them for keeping their heads. Missing a penalty, the goal chalked off. It's been all Kirkenes the last few minutes. St-Remy are holding up, and Deschamps is feeling a bit of cramp it seems, and Kirkland's very politely asking the ref whether that's time wasting..."
"Very polite words."
"Are 20-year olds allowed to get cramp?"
"The fourth official is about to hold up that board... and it will be five added minutes."

"Ní Bheacháin nearly picked that off... and Markowski's done well to find Owen with that! Owen into the box!... Fourtin with a vital tackle! It's behind for a corner and it's a final roll of the dice as the keeper Jason Curtin is coming forward for this!"
"We are three minutes into time added on as Webster runs up to take the corner. Oh, and that short corner nearly caught out the defence there! Well not so fast... Owen got a shot away but it came off some legs and it breaks for St-Remy now! Curtin is busting a gut to get back to this net. Enger is going for it from the halfway line...! Curtin's not going to get to it!... IT'S IN!! Three-one to St-Remy!"

"And they are singing "Quatre lettres" here, four letters, CSSR, as CS Saint-Remy take a huge step towards the KFL Championship trophy!... And that's the final whistle! Three-one is the final score here in St-Remy and the fans here in the Intersat feel like they're nearly there! Listen to this ovation!"

" have to give the credit to what Jorge Guardia has masterminded here. He promised he'd bring this club back to where it belongs, and a lot of people doubted it with this team ending last season this close from relegation, Matt Lister leaving in the off-season. They haven't won the trophy yet... but that would be as good a response as you can imagine."

Relegated North York takes a bite out of CF Outineau in 4-3 win
Port City gains a point in relegation battle with draw against Castors
Wylten lifts Clayquot to 1-0 win over Latrobe in Etnier derby

Matchweek 37
Shearwater wins 3-1 as St-Richard's Challengers Cup hopes hang by a thread
Burnaby assured of IFCF football after strolling to 3-0 win against North York
Kirkenes 2-1 Oceanic: Owen's goal ensures title chase goes to final weekend
Port City relegated after thrashing by CF Outineau - THE MERCURY
CF Outineau had a point to prove after losing last week to an already-relegated side and they took their frustrations out in a 5-1 win over Port City that sends the Willsden Harbour club back to the KFL National.

Matchweek 38
"Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the final day of the Kelssek Football League season here on the Grandstand on KBC Radio One. Every match at the same time, and we'll bring you updates nationwide as the goals come in across the league.
"Here we go. Two p.m. in the west, 3pm Central time and 4pm on the coast... and it is kickoff on this final day of the KFL season. Saint-Remy are the champions-designate, and they will lift the trophy today unless they lose and Kirkenes somehow gets a 15-goal margin over Sitka Valley but you'd think pride would be enough of a motivation for a team already relegated."
"Not to mention for any scouts watching, of course. But 7-0 in one and 8-0 in the other, it's still technically possible."
"Quite true, Peter."
"And relegation is already decided so what's the most interesting to watch is the fight for fourth place. St-Richard and Hamiltonian Cambria have the edge there while Strathcona stand a chance if all the results go their way. Hamiltonian are at home to Shearwater, St-Richard home against Mazinaw Vanorian, while Strathcona host Kingstown Athletic."
"Hamiltonian have really been the exciting story this year. The two top foreign managers in this league and take nothing away from Jorge Guardia's accomplishment this year, Johannes Sulo has been here longer and brought this team up from the second division. He is building a club, not just a team, and you hope as a neutra that's rewarded with an IFCF place."
"Goal in Outineau and it's Castors in the lead! They lead 1-0 at Parc de la Crémazie with 17 minutes played."
"What a drop-off for CF Outineau. From the high of playing in the Champions League group, they won't make it at all this year. You have to wonder if all the extra matches, and that fatigue, caught up with them down the stretch."
"Losing to Union Lachine in the Coupe des Patriotes quarters seemed to be the point they started to struggle. They were still in the title race before that."
"Goal for Kirkenes! Here we go! They lead 1-0 against Sitka Valley in Arlingsdale and they've got just 14 more to go!"
"And oh my word, just as I said that North York have scored and lead 1-0 against CS Saint-Rémy! Can you imagine...? I don't want to jinx it for either team... What are you doing guys, you're already relegated!"
"Rukavina has opened the scoring for Strathcona! A very composed finish. They lead 1-0 against Kingstown and their IFCF hopes are still alive."
"...Another goal for Burnaby and they lead 3-0 in the first half. They'll finish third no matter what and they're probably already thinking about their Cup final next Saturday."
"Really looking forward to that, the first soccer match in the Waterfront Dome and over 70,000 tickets sold, just a handful left if you're thinking about a trip to Kirkenes..."
"And the other team in that Cup final will be Clayquot City who are up against Burnaby's city rivals Coquitlam today. 13th or 14th place to be decided between them, not where either of those clubs wanted to be, but you'll think Coquitlam will take it after skirting relegation for a while this year..."
"Goal for Kingstown! They draw level 2-2 with Strathcona just before half time. Francois St-Louis is saying something to his assistants and I imagine those players are in for a bit of criticism at half time..."
"Second half action gets underway across the KFL. So far St-Remy are still on track to win the title on goal difference. The race for fourth is on as Saint-Richard still tied 0-0 with Mazinaw and Hamiltonian Cambria will get that IFCF spot if they hold to their lead, they're leading 1-0 at home against Shearwater."
"Up in the far north, Cale de Munster has missed a penalty for ASC Arvika. Another team that's had a brush with the trap door this year, but they're already safe of course... Still no score between ASC and Latrobe."
"And it's all slipping away from Strathcona! Kingstown takes the lead, it's 3-2 for the visitors at Bowreach! This could be a real missed opportunity as St-Richard are still locked in a 0-0 stalemate against Mazinaw Vanorian."
"Dennis Hartley has pulled a goal back for NGSA Ulyanof, but Langlois Oceanic still leads that match 3-2 after 59 minutes... And it's a goal for St-Rémy!! They finally take the lead, it's 2-1 and Caleb Roy the scorer! Surely they will go on to win this now."
"Coretta Corcrain has struck for Shearwater! Hamiltonian Cambria are behind 2-1 and just clinging to fourth place now, with St-Richard and Vanorian still scoreless... 15 minutes still to play!"
"There's a VAR check in Outineau and... It's a penalty to Les Castors! A chance to tie the Outineau derby... As Turbott puts the ball on the spot, news that Shearwater have equalized against Hamiltonian Cambria, 1-1 the score there. Turbott steps up... Goal for Castors! Struck with power to Saint-Gerlais's right and it's 2-2 in the derby d'Outineau..."
"And it's the substitute Seong Mi-Na who gets the goal for St-Richard! Surely the winning goal at 86 minutes! St-Richard, as it stands, will be in the Challengers Cup!"
"Final whistles are sounding across the league. Burnaby beats Port City 5-1. Arvika and Latrobe fight to a goalless draw. The Outineau derby finishes 2-2. Strathcona are out of the IFCF contention, beaten 4-2 by Kingstown Athletic... Fourth place is still to be decided and as it stands it will be St-Richard on goal difference!"
"...and it's full time in Hamilton! Cambria lose! And they will be fifth unless something... no, it's over on the coast too and Saint-Richard will take fourth place. What a vital goal that was from Seong, coming off the bench in his first season after signing from Kita-Hinode out of university."
"St-Rémy are still playing out the added time but they are champions! The final score is Kirkenes 1, Sitka Valley nil. No 15-goal win today... The cheers are rising at the Intersat as the news spreads around the home crowd..."


   KFL Championship            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 CS Saint-Rémy 38 24 6 8 69 37 +32 78 CL
2 Kirkenes FC 38 22 9 7 82 65 +17 75 CC
3 Burnaby SC 38 22 6 10 83 55 +28 72 CC
4 CF Saint-Richard 38 19 7 12 81 66 +15 64 CC
5 Hamiltonian Cambria 38 18 10 10 85 74 +11 64
6 CF Outineau 38 17 10 11 89 68 +21 61
7 Strathcona Internationals 38 18 7 13 83 72 +11 61
8 Latrobe AFC 38 16 10 12 54 43 +11 58
9 Langlois Océanic 38 15 12 11 69 58 +11 57
10 Mazinaw Vanorian 38 16 6 16 61 63 −2 54
11 NGSA Ulyanof 38 15 8 15 66 68 −2 53
12 Shearwater FC 38 15 7 16 63 58 +5 52
13 Coquitlam United 38 14 9 15 64 68 −4 51
14 Clayquot City 38 14 7 17 62 67 −5 49
15 Kingstown Athletic 38 10 12 16 59 72 −13 42
16 ASC Arvika 38 10 8 20 43 63 −20 38
17 Castors d'Outineau 38 9 11 18 52 74 −22 38
18 Port City FC 38 7 10 21 48 75 −27 31 R
19 Sitka Valley 38 7 6 25 46 77 −31 27 R
20 North York FC 38 4 15 19 47 83 −36 27 R

Players Association Player of the Year - Caleb Roy (CS Saint-Rémy)
Nominees: Patrice Langelier (Latrobe AFC), Analor Avalor (Kirkenes FC), Corinne Eriksen (CS Saint-Rémy)
Air Kelssek Foreign Player of the Year - Greta Enger (CS Saint-Rémy)
Nominees: Casimir Ronayne (CS Saint-Rémy), Ashton Houston (Hamiltonian Cambria), Analor Avalor (Kirkenes FC)
National Fund Young Player of the Year - Roman Torshen (Kirkenes FC)
Nominees: Arjan Singh (Coquitlam United), Radomir Primakov (CF Outineau), Casimir Ronayne (CS Saint-Rémy)
Golden Glove - Bernard Despatie (Burnaby SC)
Nominees: Cale Shaughlin (CS Saint-Rémy), Michelle Normand (CF Saint-Richard), Jason Curtin (Kirkenes FC)

Team of the Year
GK: Bernard Despatie (Burnaby SC)
DL: Daley Potter (CF Outineau)
DC: Jonathan Dubois (CF Saint-Richard)
DC: Hermann Maaraket (Hamiltonian Cambria)
DR: Greta Enger (CS Saint-Rémy)
ML: Antoine Girard (CF Saint-Richard)
MC: Caleb Roy (CS Saint-Rémy)
MC: Analor Avalor (Kirkenes FC)
MR: Patrick Kirkland (Kirkenes FC)
FC: Ashton Houston (Hamiltonian Cambria)
FC: Patrice Langelier (Latrobe AFC)
Subs: Jason Curtin [GK] (Kirkenes FC)
Thamior Liadon [D LR] (Burnaby SC)
Adam Corvin [M C] (CF Outineau)
Casimir Ronayne [M L] (CS Saint-Rémy)
Anri Fiete [M R] (Burnaby SC)
Roman Torshen [F C] (Kirkenes FC)
Seamus Wylten [F C] (Clayquot City)

   KFL National             Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Torbay Thunder 38 21 9 8 72 51 +21 72 C
2 FC Novonaya 38 21 6 11 64 48 +16 69 P
3 Trenton AC 38 20 8 10 73 45 +28 68 Pl
4 Point Grey & Kitsilano 38 17 11 10 58 50 +8 62 Pl
5 Capital City FC 38 18 6 14 68 53 +15 60 Pl
6 Colwynian Vale 38 16 11 11 55 49 +6 59 Pl
7 Fretscray FC 38 16 10 12 53 48 +5 58
8 Wynleth Flyers 38 16 9 13 69 59 +10 57
9 St. Kildera FC 38 14 14 10 59 57 +2 56
10 Metropolitan FC 38 15 10 13 62 58 +4 55
11 Kawarthas District 38 14 10 14 65 57 +8 52
12 CS Rivière-du-Nord 38 14 8 16 54 58 −4 50
13 Redswyth Red Stars 38 15 5 18 48 52 −4 50
14 King Albert Park 38 12 10 16 44 56 −12 46
15 CF Mirabelle 38 13 7 18 47 61 −14 46
16 Association Ariddienne 38 12 9 17 40 49 −9 45
17 St. David Wanderers 38 11 11 16 50 61 −11 44 R
18 Innisfail County 38 12 6 20 47 65 −18 42 R
19 Saintsport Heath 38 10 10 18 51 65 −14 40 R
20 Sunrise Coast 38 6 4 28 44 81 −37 22 R

KFL National promotion playoffs
Semi-finals Cathysceau, Wynleth
Trenton AC 0–0 Colwynian Vale (1–1 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Capital City FC 1–1 Point Grey & Kitsilano (2–1 AET)

Final - Kanard Park, Clayquot
Colwynian Vale 4–1 Capital City FC

   KFL Association North    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Southbank Mariners 26 19 6 1 63 22 +41 63 P
2 Sudbury Rangers 26 16 7 3 65 31 +34 55 Pl
3 Bramerlea Bulldogs 26 17 4 5 56 27 +29 55 Pl
4 Châteaufroid 26 15 10 1 55 29 +26 55 Pl
5 Áfram Gimli 26 14 7 5 42 20 +22 49 Pl
6 Llandlaff City 26 14 5 7 51 32 +19 47
7 Neíra Alavaria 26 6 9 11 26 43 −17 27
8 Hawthorn Elms 26 6 7 13 19 36 −17 25
9 Natanel Royals 26 6 6 14 33 42 −9 24
10 Ealesgreen United 26 6 6 14 24 45 −21 24
11 High River 26 5 7 14 17 36 −19 22
12 New Scarborough 26 6 4 16 27 59 −32 22
13 Rockecliffe & Eatons 26 4 7 15 21 49 −28 19
14 Keeleford County 26 3 5 18 22 50 −28 14

KFL Association South Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 AS Concordia-Montérégie 26 20 3 3 49 12 +37 63 P
2 Union Lachine 26 18 3 5 49 28 +21 57 Pl
3 Gagliano Mariners 26 16 5 5 47 30 +17 53 Pl
4 Pembina City 26 16 3 7 45 14 +31 51 Pl
5 Arlingsdale City 26 14 5 7 39 29 +10 47 Pl
6 Miramichi Lakers 26 15 1 10 39 28 +11 46
7 Stade Laneux 26 13 6 7 49 31 +18 45
8 West Haligonia Spartan 26 12 6 8 50 36 +14 42
9 AS Grands-Sources 26 11 8 7 43 37 +6 41
10 Breton Pacifica 26 6 6 14 16 37 −21 24
11 Stade Montagnards 26 4 3 19 22 58 −36 15
12 Wild Rose FC 26 4 2 20 14 50 −36 14
13 AS Lac-Abitargnais 26 3 3 20 19 56 −37 12
14 Delta Sortherns 26 2 2 22 21 56 −35 8

KFL Association promotion playoffs
Sudbury Rangers 1–0 Áfram Gimli
Bramerlea Bulldogs 2–0 Chateâufroid

Gagliano Mariners 1–1 Pembina City (2–2 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Arlingsdale City 3–2 Union Lachine

Finals - The Domain, Neorvins
North: Sudbury Rangers 2–0 Bramerlea Bulldogs
South: Arlingsdale City 1–0 Pembina City


presented by / présenté par

1st round
Gagliano Mariners 0–3 Metropolitan FC
Capital City FC 5–1 Stade Montagnards
Trenton AC 4–1 New Scarborough
Stade Laneux 1–0 Natanel Royals
Hawthorn Elms 2–2 AS Lac-Abitargnais (2–2 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Sunrise Coast 1–0 Wild Rose FC
Rockecliffe & Eatons 0–0 Arlingsdale City (0–1 AET)
Southbank Mariners 4–0 Neíra Alavaria
High River 2–3 Châteaufroid
St. David Wanderers 0–0 AS Grands-Sources (2–0 AET)
Kawarthas District 0–0 Delta Sorthern (2–0 AET)
Bramerlea Bulldogs 4–2 Association Ariddienne
Ealesgreen United 1–2 Fretscray FC
Llandlaff City 1–2 Redswyth Red Stars
Innisfail County 1–0 Saintsport Heath
Colwynian Vale 2–1 Torbay Thunder
Miramichi Lakers 4–4 Pembina City (4–4 AET) (5–4 pen.)
St. Kildera FC 2–2 AS Concordia-Montérégie (2–2 AET) (3–1 pen.)
Áfram Gimli 3–3 FC Novonaya (4–3 AET)
Breton Pacifica 1–1 CS Rivière-du-Nord (2–1 AET)
West Haligonia Spartan 0–1 Union Lachine
CF Mirabelle 1–1 King Albert Park (1–2 AET)
Sudbury Rangers 1–3 Point Grey & Kitsilano
Keeleford County 0–3 Wynleth Flyers

2nd round
Kawarthas District 1–2 Innisfail County
Sunrise Coast 2–1 Áfram Gimli
Trenton AC 2–1 Miramichi Lakers
Breton Pacifica 1–1 Hawthorn Elms (2–1 AET)
Redswyth Red Stars 0–0 Bramerlea Bulldogs (1–1 AET) (4–2 pen.)
King Albert Park 3–2 Colwynian Vale
Metropolitan FC 0–0 Point Grey & Kitsilano (1–1 AET) (4–3 pen.)
Capital City FC 2–2 St. David Wanderers (3–2 AET)
Wynleth Flyers 2–1 Stade Laneux
Châteaufroid 1–2 St. Kildera FC
Arlingsdale City 2–4 Union Lachine
Fretscray FC 2–0 Southbank Mariners

3rd round
Port City FC 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Hamiltonian Cambria 3–0 St. Kildera FC
Mazinaw Vanorian 2–0 Redswyth Red Stars
Union Lachine 3–2 Metropolitan FC
Kirkenes FC 2–0 ASC Arvika
Wynleth Flyers 1–2 Sitka Valley
Trenton AC 3–3 King Albert Park (3–5 AET)
North York FC 1–0 Castors d'Outineau
Strathcona Internationals 4–1 Capital City FC
Kingstown Athletic 2–4 CF Saint-Richard
Burnaby SC 3–0 Langlois Océanic
Fretscray FC 1–2 Coquitlam United
Breton Pacifica 0–2 Clayquot City
Sunrise Coast 0–5 CF Outineau
Latrobe AFC 2–1 Shearwater FC
NGSA Ulyanof 2–1 Innisfail County

4th round
CF Outineau 2–0 King Albert Park
Kirkenes FC 0–0 CF Saint-Richard (0–2 AET)
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–0 Coquitlam United
Strathcona Internationals 1–3 Burnaby SC
Clayquot City 3–0 Wynleth Flyers
North York FC 1–1 Latrobe AFC (1–1 AET) (3–1 pen.)
NGSA Ulyanof 3–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Union Lachine 1–0 CS Saint-Rémy

Clayquot City 3–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
Burnaby SC 3–0 North York FC
Union Lachine 1–0 CF Outineau
NGSA Ulyanof 3–1 CF Saint-Richard

Union Lachine 1–3 Burnaby SC
Clayquot City 1–0 NGSA Ulyanof

It's the end of a long season and it's the tenth Coupe des Patriotes final at the gleaming Waterfront Dome in Kirkenes. Still got that new stadium smell and full of 74,000 fans here for this occasion which pits Clayquot City against Burnaby SC. The starting lineups are here:
Clayquot (3-5-2): Luke Thomas, Morgan Epsom, Ward Blackburn, Alex Morrison, Lyndon Haynes, Sean Clarke, Jacques Lebeaume, Justin Tang, Nishant Gilam, Colm McCarrigan, Seamus Wylten
Burnaby (4-4-1-1): Bernard Despatie, Abrrick Faillace, Keith Leung, Simon Boulechemin, Thamior Liadon, Anri Fiete, Kari Zücker, Ryan Judge, Nicole Birch, Giuseppe Ascioli, Aaron Karushige

1 min: Burnaby SC kick-off in their blue and green colours, while Clayquot City play in their brown and gold. This is Clayquot's first appearance in the Cup final, while Burnaby were upset by provincial rivals Kingstown Athletic two years ago, something Kingstown fans still gloat about every chance they get.

6 min: Burnaby gets the first real chance of the match as Karushige cushions a long pass from Liadon, dribbles past Epsom, but gets it all wrong and sends the wall wide at the near post.

9 min: Clayquot seemed to be settling into the match but then a terrible giveaway by Alex Morrison as his attempt at a breakout pass is cut off by Nicole Birch, who immediately picks out Giuseppe Ascioli's run. Thomas positions himself well to make the save but Ascioli also needed to shoot that somewhere other than straight at the Clayquot keeper.

14 min: Another chance for Burnaby! Anri Fiete's pass puts Karushige through on goal, but as he shapes to shoot Ward Blackburn intervenes with a goal-saving tackle! But wait, here comes the VAR...

16 min: Well, that was a waste of time to confirm that Blackburn's tackle was finely timed and there's no penalty.

20 min: Free kick to Clayquot. Simon Boulechemin is booked for wrestling Lyndon Haynes to the ground as the midfielder skipped past his challenge. Colm McCarrigan will fancy this from 25-ish metres.

21 min: GOAL FOR CLAYQUOT! - It's Clayquot who get the first goal! The free kick beats Despatie and comes out off the upright. As it trickled across the goal Seamus Wylten got there first and snaffled the ball over the goal line, although he collided with Ryan Judge in the process and seems to have come off worst from it. Clayquot leads 1-0!

25 min: Burnaby nearly pull that goal back as a poor touch gifts the ball to Thamior Liadon, who looks up and swings in a cross into the path of Ryan Judge, whose shot hits the crossbar!

39 min: A real blow for Clayquot as Seamus Wylten can't continue. Hopefully it isn't too serious; he'd been having such a great season and was looking to break into the Kelssek squad, too. A big opportunity for 19-year old Luke Johnson who's been sent on to replace him.

41 min: Lyndon Haynes escapes the attention of Thamior Liadon for the first time this match and summons his best crossing ability to deliver it... to the opposite touchline where it's out for a Burnaby throw-in.

44 min: Unusual to get four minutes added on to the first half but that's the state of the world these days.

45+4' min: A scare for Clayquot as Thomas spilled a long bomb from Zücker into the path of Ascioli, but the Burnaby player can't sort his legs out in time and Ward Blackburn gets back to clean it up. Clayquot go into half time leading 1-0.

47 min: An excellent save from Thomas to keep out a shot from Ascioli, who was unaccountably unmarked dead centre and 15 yards out.

58 min: BURNABY HAVE EQUALIZED AT 1-1!! Karushige lays it off for Anri Fiete who takes one touch and fires that into the roof of the net.

63 min: After the restart Clayquot made three passes before Burnaby grabbed possession again, and haven't touched the ball since. The momentum has turned and the Centurions can smell the win now.

65 min: Leung is booked for a meaty tackle on Clayquot's Luke Johnson.

74 min: Josh Wallin comes on as a sub and nearly scores for Burnaby with his first touch of the game, which is chopped off the line by Morrison! Whatever Clayquot's defensive plan is they need to relearn it quickly or this disorganization is going to cost them. Blackburn and Morrison are still arguing about who should have picked up Wallin's run.

79 min: CLAYQUOT TAKES THE LEAD!! An innocent goal kick, an aerial challenge and a ball going nowhere in particular. Jacques Lebaume knocks it forward into space and none of the Burnaby players picks up on Lyndon Haynes's diagonal run into the middle. The Brenecian winger sprints past two Burnaby players like they're standing still and strikes the ball into the net. A very poor defensive lapse and Burnaby are on the verge of losing it!

82 min: VAR STRIKES AGAIN. Burnaby respond with a vengeance. Liadon's cross is flicked on by Birch, and Karushige thought he'd scored the equalizer with a simple finish. But VAR shows Birch was offside by a knee and the goal is disallowed. This is one we're going to be talking about for a while.

90 min: You have to say Clayquot have been stellar at shutting down this match defensively after that reprive from VAR. They will have to hold on for 5 more minutes.

FINAL SCORE: Clayquot City 2–1 Burnaby SC. Clayquot claim their first Coupe des Patriotes, and Burnaby manager Seth Harrison can only shake his head at his team's second Cup final loss in three years!
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NSWiki page

All-Sports Club Arvika
Home ground: Community Stadium (34,700)
Fanzine: North Star
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 49

Based in Surono's provincial capital 350 km from the northern polar circle, ASC are the northernmost professional club in the country. Other than a brief spell of success over a decade ago, ASC have been a solid mid-table team but now are creeping downwards.

Does Hovad Morton have what it takes to stop ASC's downward drift? It is starkly unclear but the board seem to be happy to let him right the ship. No one will say it out loud but avoiding relegation is going to be top of mind at ASC this year.
Players in: Tetsuya Watanabe (Kyokaitai Univ.), Khoidod Bavgainykhu (Miishima Poly. Inst.), Yolandi Heimat (Vermillion Wanderers), Lucius Akaayar (youth), Ismail Husar (youth)

Manager: Hovad Morton
First 11: Damien Mill [GK], Ismail Husar [D L], Alex Fisher [DC], Bryan Ianokis [D C], Gabriel Farahani [D R]*, Yolandi Heimat [M C]* (Image NPH), Nick Carter [M LC]*, Thomas Phillips [M R], Patrice Cannonière [M C], Cale de Munster [ST], Tetsuya Watanabe [ST] (Image HIN)
Squad: Khoidod Bavgainykhu [GK] (Image HIN), Colin Neuville [D L], Norris Vlietsen [D/M RC], Lewis Parkinson [M C], Lucius Akaayar [M C], Ryan Berwent [M L], Davis Quintin [ST]

Burnaby Sport Club
Home ground: Stadium Konoha (54,500)
Main rivals: Coquitlam United, Kirkenes FC
Honours: KFL Championship (12): 4, 13, 16, 25, 29, 44, 47, 48, 50, 52, 54, 58; runners-up: 56
Coupe des Patriotes runners-up: 8, 11
Fanzines: Altitude Sickness, Two O'Clock Gun, Blue Patch Boys

The club with the most national championships, Burnaby SC was named Kelssek's UICA Club of the Century as the country's most successful club on the world stage, leading to the somewhat clumsy nickname "Centurions". If people outside the country know one Kelssek football club it's this one, thanks to their incredible accomplishment of two appearances in the Globe Cup group stage (yes, that really does make you the most successful Kelssek team; it's never been clear whether "Centurions" is self-deprecating or not). Their historical success is built on their long-established youth development system, which takes advantage of the relative popularity of soccer in the Burnaby metropolitan area.

After a 3rd place finish and being upset in the Cup final last year, fans were surprised - or perhaps not so surprised - that Seth Harrison has made only minor additions to a young team, with a notable Savojar prospect among them. He might have preferred more, but a disciplinary problem staff will only refer to as the "Kisloups salmon incident" led to a group of teenage academy players being unceremoniously dumped from the system. The first team can count on the development of players like Maiev Feildhlim and Samir Petrovic to make the difference this season.
Players in: Olaf Haabjörn (NSA Jarnstad), Markus Oyvind (youth), Turok van Halen (Minamimachi Univ), Pierre Vasseur (Bohemians Metropolis, loan)
Players out: Lewis Brockton (released), Mason Karven (released), Michal Spacek (released), Jason Knapp (released)

Manager: Seth Harrison
First 11: Bernard Despatie [GK], Abbrick Faillace [D L]* (ImageAUD), Simon Boulechemin [D C], Thamior Liadon [D LR]*, Kari Zücker [M C], Anri Fiete [M R]* (CMT), Maiev Feidhlim [M L] (Image SRS), Ryan Judge [M C], Giuseppe Ascioli [AM], Pierre Vasseur [ST], Samir Petrovic [ST]
Squad: Pietro Salinas [GK], Josh Wallin [M R], Phillip Lozic [D C], Olaf Haabjörn [D C] (ImageSVJ), Tanner Malvin [M C], Jason McGwire [D/M L], Nicole Birch [M L], Markus Oyvind [AM], Aaron Karushige [F C]

Club de football Outineau
Home ground: Parc de la Crémazie (27,800)
Main rivals: Kirkenes FC, Castors d'Outineau, CS Saint-Rémy
Honours: KFL Championship (7): 12, 15, 27, 33, 41, 50, 60; runners-up: 59
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 5
Ad'ihan Challenge Trophy (1): 18
Fanzines: Tourtière congelé, Ignoble, Latte-Sipping Cock Muncher's Quarterly

CF Outineau are one of the traditional powers of Kelssek football. In one of the country's most (in)famous television "hot mike" incidents, a KBC analyst was caught on the air dismissing the Outineau fanbase as lacking passion due to (in not so many words) the city's social liberalism and bourgeois habits. The comment gave the club's main English fanzine/blog its title. The 55,000-seater Stade Olympique d'Outineau is also used as the home venue for matches in the winter months (since it has a roof) and for high-demand matches against rivals. CF Outineau's rivalry with Kirkenes FC, the Guerre des Couronnes (War of the Crowns), is the most heated and occasionally violent in Kelssekian soccer.

Last season they made history by reaching the group stage of the Champions League, a momentous achievement that made them the first Kelssek club to ever reach such heights. Suck it, Burnaby SC! But the extra matches took a toll and their form dipped alarmingly in the later part of the year, and they finished a disappointing 6th. The arrival of Brigitte Coppinger from Crisisbless was probably the biggest transfer of the window and put the rest of the league on notice that CFO are in it not just for the IFCF spots, but to win the title outright. And can Radomir Primakov's progress make up the goals that departed rising star Loïc Maçon-Petrault contributed to make CFO last year's top-scoring team?
Players in: Jeanne Dutronc (Totsuka Univ), Joris Elzokari (τ350k/$1m, Megabrantid), Emmett Thackary (youth), Saori Takahata (Imperial Forces Academy), Brigitte Coppinger (Crisisbless, τ870k/$2.5m), Vanda Gerô (Centre for Excellence Apox)
Players out: Loïc Maçon-Petrault (Unioneers, τ1.6m/$4.5m), James McDonald (Rolalas FC, τ600k/$1.8m), Issac Lafrenière (released)

Manager: Peter Boyd
First XI: Sébastien St.-Gerlais [GK], Daley Potter [D L], Joris Elzokari [D C] (Image SRS), Jean-Pierre Simond [D C], Ashley Douglass [D/M R]*, Odveig Wheeler [DM]* (ImageSTL), Joshua Farrer [M L] (Image BRE), Adam Corvin [M C], Brigitte Coppinger [RW/ST]* (Image NPH), Radomir Primakov [F C] (ImagePDN), Scott Davies [F C]
Squad: Jeanne Dutronc [GK] (Image HIN), Nicolas Lebaume [D R], Emmett Thackary [D R], Jean-Phillippe Auiloquet [D C], Alain Veddicho [AM C], Juan Hernandez [M LC], Vanda Gerô, [F C] (Image PAS)

Club de football Saint-Richard
Home ground: Stade Michel-Beaulieu (19,400)
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 35
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 9
Main rivals: Langlois Océanic
Fanzines: Moules frites

Les Navigateurs pride themselves on their "small town" ethos, being close to the community, and a squad primarily made up of "gars de chez nous", youth players from the local area who came up through its academy. The last two years have been heady days for the club, with their win in the Cup giving them a brief taste of the international scene. They followed this with an enthralling late run of form to finish 4th and enter the Challengers Cup.

St-Richard did unexpectedly well to reach 4th place and gain a spot in the Challengers Cup, giving them two straight years in international play and shining a spotlight on a club that's never been considered "big". Unfortunately, this has also led to some significant departures and to give them credit, the club has been more than willing to let their players leave for bigger things with no hard feelings.
Players in: Louise Tremblay (youth), Freya McCosgraigh (Cypher Town), Justin Romand (youth), Areke Shinra (Gerudo Trading Co.), Venig de Bondyes (Hibernus, t350k/$1m)
Players out: Mark Anderson (Avenida Leal, undisc), Daniel Bélanger (Rozelle Alliance, $2.5m), Bertrand Paré (Union Forge, free), Christophe Violette (Celeritas, free)

Manager: Romain Dupuis (prefers 4-4-2 diamond)
First XI: Michelle Normand [GK], Sungnam-Simon Park [D LC], Maxime Bearnon-Sappeur [D C]*, Alexandre von Mertens [D C], Venig de Bondyes [M C] (Image OAM),Freya McCosgraigh [AM]* (SCT), Antoine Girard [M L]*, Seong Mi-Na [M RL] Image HIN), Pascal Desdélices [F C], Juan Marc Valdéz [F C]
Squad: Areke Shinra [GK] (Image HIN), Jonathan Dubois [D C], Gus Charbonnier-Dupuis [M C], Mortéza Fadel [DM],Justin Romand [M LR]

Clayquot City Football Club
Home ground: Kanard Park (32,600)
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 10, 26; runners-up: 53
Fanzine: Gold Star Republic

A long-established club from the capital of Etnier, Clayquot have been comfortable features of the top flight for ages yet have rarely broken out of mid-table mediocrity. This gave rise to the self-deprecating terrace song, We Finished Ninth Again.

An unconventional signing was "Destroyer" Raizen Saikyomono from the Kita-Hinode street football scene, who offers a dash of flair and better service to up-and-coming striker Seamus Wylten which could make Clayquot a dark horse this season.
Players in: Teyo Echehun (Echegoyan), Raizen Saikyomono (The Vengeful Storm), Sigrun Holgersdottir (NSA Ejana), Olette Coleyn (Trenton AC, τ100k/$280k)
Players out:

First 11: Luke Thomas [GK], Gérard Olivier [D C], Morgan Epsom [D C], Ward Blackburn [D C]* (Image BRE), Sean Clarke [M R], Justin Tang [M C], Luke Johnson [AM]*, Lyndon Haynes [M L] (Image BRE), Raizen Saikyomono [M R/ST] (Image HIN), Colm McCarrigan [F C], Seamus Wylten [F C]*
Squad: Olette Coleyn [GK] (Image BRE), Teyo Echehun [D C] (Image ASG), Alex Morrison [D C], Jacques Lebeaume [M C], Anders Kreissen [M L], Nishant Gilam [M C], Sigrun Holgersdottir [F C] (ImageSVJ)

Club de football Les Castors
Home ground: Place Saint-Luc (20,200)
Honours: KFL Championship (4): 20, 22, 38, 43; runners-up: 54
KFL National runners-up: 60
Rivals: CF Outineau
Fanzine: Homme petit d'homme petit

Variously referred to as CF Les Castors or Castors d'Outineau to emphasize the city they're from. Historically at least on level pegging with local rivals CF Outineau, they've gone through some rough times recently and are finally back in the top flight. The most famous product of the club is François St-Louis, who played for Albrecht FC in Candelaria And Marquez and was a key player during Kelssek's period of (relative) international success and is now manager at Strathcona.

The Brave Beavers were the sole survivors of last year's promotion class and did fairly well before they scared everyone when the late season gave them that sinking feeling. Can they escape again? They beefed up the defence and have brought through a promising forward.
Players in: Brandon Cohen (Twin Saints), Bastian Windsor (Issington), Logan Klocke (youth), Thor Ibrahim (youth)
Players out: Jonah Rushcliffe (Stade Richelain, free)

Manager: Patrick O'Brien
First XI: Dimitrije Azar [GK] (Image MRC), Bastian Windsor [D C]* (Image NPH), Morgan Lovelack [D L], Finn Harrow [D C], Brandon Cohen [D R] (Image ETN), Pierre-Olivier Duclair [M C]*, Alexandre Worrel-Thuban [M C], Jacquéline Lapierre [M R], Troy Peterson [AM LC], Paul Turbott [F C]*, Jean Hervé [F C]
Squad: Logan Klocke [M L], Thor Ibrahim [F C] Alain-Laurent Rougerond [D C]

Colwynian Vale
Home ground: Ironworkers Road (22,600)
Main rivals: Wynleth Flyers
Honours: Coupe des Patriotes (1): 7
Fanzine: Welded Together

Nicknamed the Dockers in reference to their history as a team formed by workers at the Colwyn harbour. After finishing 6th in KFL National, Vale came up good when it mattered to win the promotion playoffs. They were last in the top flight two seasons ago.

They've made a game attempt at boosting their playing squad after suprisingly winning the promotion playoffs and all the new additions will need to work out if they are to have quality sufficient to survive.
Players in: Jordan Dawson (Foretham Coven, free), Bryan Leeman (youth), Anis Trabelsi (Creed United, free), Archer Cains (North York, τ200k/$570k)

First XI: Clive Bannon [GK], Lukas Hess [D L], Arnaud Pelletier [D C], Linus Doolin [D C], Daffyd Jenkins [D R], Wes Potter [M C], Gordon Frei [M C]*, Archer Cains [M L]* (Image HVY), Peter Giordani [M R], Anis Trabelsi [F C]* (Image AUD), Kyle Morgens [F C]
Squad: Brian Leeman [M RC], Lyam Henderson [M L]

Coquitlam United
Home ground: Maillardville Park (20,300)
Main rivals: Burnaby SC, Metropolitan FC
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 28; runners-up: 51, 52
Fanzine: Bear-Proof Bins

While bearing the name of only one of them, United represents metropolitan Burnaby's eastern suburbs, and so are often nicknamed the "Easties". Their largest ultras group are known as The Empire.
Were the management scared straight by last year's unexpected brush with relegation? Whatever it is, the Easties splashed out the thalers and made two marquee signings. Veteran Banija international right back Obey Chidiebere will be key to the team's season.
Players in: Rycszard Vepocojat (Lublova Reds), Obey Chidiebere (Herzegovina City), Kevin Cannon (Point Grey)

Manager: Henri Hubert
First 11: Piotr Lukowitz [GK], Caleigh Smith, Kassel Pokorný [D C]*, Obey Chidiebere [D R]* (Image BNJ), Stephanie Grübling [DM], Annabel Curtis [M C], John Parker [M L], Simon Barisstan [M R], Michael Thompson [M C], Rycszard Vepocojat [M/AM C] (Image SRS), Dusty Clement [ST] (Image BRE), Arjan Singh [F C]*
Squad: Kevin Cannon [GK], Casey Lindner [D C], Colin Mackrel [F C], Alex Bronson [M C] (Image XAN), Jahn Nilsson [AM/F]

Club sportif de Saint-Rémy
Home ground: Stade Intersat
Honours: KFL Championship (4): 8, 23, 55, 61; runners-up: 57, 58
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 3
Fanzine: Qui a mangé tous les pogos?, Carte-cadeaux de Dieu

Often referred to as CSSR for short. The club's motto "ferai valoir" roughly translates as "put it to good use" though its meaning has several religious and historical layers, such as referencing a famous battleship and some Catholic Church stuff (hence the title of an unauthorized fanzine, "God's gift card"). Among the club legends is Ian Sinclair, who played for Kelssek at six World Cups (37-42) and was the first Kelssekian footballer to play abroad when he signed for A.F.F. in Cafundéu.

Jorge Guardia enters his second full season in charge having built the unswerving loyalty of what are now the league's the defending champions. He commented that he's still rebuilding the team but it looks like a pretty solid dreadnought from here, and a good bet to retain the trophy despite the departure of two key players from their championship team. Loanee Casimir Ronanye returned to Crisisbless with a winner's medal and the close season was spent looking to make sure that creativity and flair won't be missing this year - it will be interesting to see what Darin Crow will bring in that regard.
Players in: Darin Crow (Meadow Hills, τ520k/$1.5m), Brian Sanders (Midtown Athletic Club, free), Osman Bennouna (youth), Terrance Foley (youth), Arsène de Saintyon (Kerlaudy Univ, free), Denig Regnault (Regium Immortal, τ520k/$1.5m)
Players out: Joseline Fourtin (Felswyr, τ1.4m/$4m), Casimir Ronayne (Crisisbless Utd, end of loan)

Manager: Jorge Guardia Image
First 11: Cale Shaughlin [GK], Benat Renak [D L], Jean-Marc Arndeau [D C], Brian Sanders [D C] (Image CBP), Greta Enger [D R]* (Image VAL), Sara Ní Bheacháin [M C], Corinne Eriksen [DM] (Image APX), Xavier Julien [M R], Dening Regnault [M L]* (Image OAM), Gabriel Davies [F C], Darin Crow [F C] (Image TOR)
Squad: Terrance Foley [D L], Osman Bennouna [D C], Jérémie Chasseur-Ardenne [D R], Connor Wimble [M C], Kristian Mashtian [M C], Maxime Deschamps [CM/AM], Arsène de Saintyon [F C] (Image OAM), Caleb Roy [M L] (Image ETN)

Football Club of Novonaya
Home ground: Griffin Park (39,200)
Rivals: NGSA Ulyanof
Fanzine(s): The Grand Gallop

FC Novonaya has enjoyed a rise in attention, attendances, and ambitions after the refurbishment and expansion of their home stadium for the 12th Summer Olympics. Season 62 sees them enter the top division for the first time in their history, and the board have made it clear they intend to stay there.

Promoted as runners-up of the KFL National, the club has made big transfer market moves (for a club of their stature, at least), determined to establish themselves in the top flight.

Manager: Nicholas Fieldmarsh
First 11: Nathan Meeks [GK], Peter Lambert-Cross [D L], Dragan Djejić [D C] (Image ZRH), Gregor Lacan [D C], Marius Gunder [D R]*, Genzo Tawari [DM] (Image HIN), Tyler Blackwood [M C]*, Daniel Brown [M R], Charles Wiser [M C], Julia Bradford [M L], Henning Hemmingsen [ST] (Image DCA), Masashige Vachimitsu [ST]* (Image KOR)
Squad: Alice Forsyth [D RC], Carson Hill [M C], Alejandro Nunez [ST]

Hamiltonian Cambria
Home ground: B.A. Johnston Field (24,700)
Honours: KFL National Northern (1): 58
Rivals: Kirkenes FC
Fanzines: Dragon's Breath Mints

Hamilton is an industrial city that sneers at the effete big city slickers of nearby Kirkenes, despite the fact that many residents actually commute to work there. But much like the city's post-industrial revival, Cambria is getting in touch with its cosmopolitan side and has embraced the youth movement of their odd foreign DBC-winning manager Johannes Sulo. Thanks to their recent rise from the second division to challenge the big dogs, they've become a sentimental second-favourite team for many fans.

Cambria came achingly close to an IFCF spot last year, beaten out to fourth place on the final day by fellow sentimental underdogs Saint-Richard. But Sulo has shown he knows how to develop and get the best out of young players, and they are likely to continue to thrive under his watch. The team's eye-catching acquisition, however, was a veteran compatriot of the manager, 35-year old central defender Corella da Silva. Sulo was upfront in his intentions: the former Cosumar international arrives from one of the biggest clubs in the world and can teach the youngsters what it means to play on the world's biggest stage. "[da Silva] might give us one or two seasons of play, but I expect that there'll be an effect on the team that lasts much longer than that", Sulo commented. Bottom line: Cambria are likely to be in the hunt for the top four again.
Players in: Corella da Silva (Raynor City United), Joncis Pataiere (Univ. of Salmudos), Ashton Moore (Urbanista, τ1.1m/$3m)
Players out: Marianne Abbott (Bearden, τ600k/$1.75m)

Manager: Johannes Sulo (Image COS)
First 11: Damien Harcomb [GK], Russ Jenkins [D L], Jagoda Novosel [D R] (Image PAS), Corella da Silva [D C] (Image COS), Colm Gallimh [D LC], , Marco Marchesni [M C], Ashton Moore* [M C] (Image EUR) Dario Tule [M R]* (Image SAJ), Joncis Pataiere [M L] (Image OAM), Ashton Houston [ST]* (Image HVY), Ilan Milanovic [ST]
Squad: Brian Pool [GK], David McGrath [D C], Kathy Franklin [D RC], Angeline Subotic [M C], Catherine Wells [ST]

Océanic club de football Langlois
Home ground: Stade de la Pacifique (26,800)
Main rivals: CF Saint-Richard
Honours: KFL Championship (7): 5, 11, 17, 19, 30, 56, 57; runners-up: 49
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 2
Fanzines: Coach-marde, Aux larmes salés

One of the earliest football clubs to be established in Kelssek, Océanic were the local pioneers of a fluid, direct style of play that has been a lasting influence on the sport's development in Kelssek. Known as the Ville des Mille Collines (city of thousand hills), Langlois is a scenic port city whose richly decorated historical architecture testifies to the power and wealth of its early modern era merchant class.

New manager Calen Reamsey has been busy overhauling the squad, or trying to at least as takers were slim for the players deemed surplus to requirements. Atsushi Ryu and Armisael are eye-catching arrivals who can add some threat down the flanks, while Stephen Field adds some solidity to the defence. It's hard to imagine there will be a repeat of last season's stagger to a disappointing ninth, but they aren't the only club that's making moves, and a lot will depend on how well the new signings gel together with a team in transition.

Players in: Atsushi Ryu (Istria City, τ700k/$2m) Scotia MacDonald (youth), Armisael (Alliance Barossia, free), Steven Field (Waldster, τ350k/$1m), Tyrone Russell (youth), Zilar Galharretborde (Royal Arexa, free), Lance Atkinson (youth)
Players out: Ian Egmar (Schemerdrecht SVV, τ520k/$1.5m), Oliver Amhill (Oslograd Academy, loan), Giorsal Ó Connaíl (Traal Athletics, τ520k/$1.5m)

Manager: Calen Reamsey
First XI: Marc-Henri Normand [GK], Armisael [D L]* (DAI), Phillippe Galiani [D C], Stephen Field [D C] (FVA), Adelaide Southers [D R] (Image NPH), Forzu-Nirlo Uzo [M C]* (Image QUS), Kathy Eowins [DM], Atsushi Ryu [AM LC]* ( DUN), Zilar Galharretborde [M R] (ASG), Cory Browning [FC], Jourdain Dupuis [FC]
Squad: Scotia MacDonald [GK], Jacques Peele [D RC], Pierre-Louis Laishram [AM/F], Huseyn Turunc [M LC], Lindsey Cowan [M R], Nicholas Takai [M L]

Kingstown Athletic
Home ground: Larkhamfield (18,800)
Rivals: Burnaby SC, Saanich AFC
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 46
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 9
Fanzines: Two Sailing Wait

While Kingstown fans consider Burnaby SC their main rivals, Burnaby generally doesn't deign to reciprocate, even after the final of Coupe des Patriotes 9 where the Lakers won the trophy in an upset victory and did not hold back in rubbing their illustrious opponents' noses in it.

The arrival of Thimiscles Seanclair midway through KFL61 was a huge boost to the club and helped them stay out of relegation. But expect to see them battling against that fate again, simply because teams are increasingly having to run to stay still in the bottom half of the table.
Players in: Brigitte Franckh (youth)

Manager: Nico Trentini
First XI: Thimiscles Seanclair [GK]* (YSP), Carey Troeger [D L], Marcus Manning [D LC], Casey Miller [D C], Shawn Sim [D R], Gregor Nagley [M C]*, Phillip Donnelly [M C], Patrick Lanks [M L], Lois Combeford [D/M R]* (Image BRE), Lane Michaels [F C], Luke Randall [F C]
Squad: Leonard Varia [GK], Justine Bixby [D C], Lewis Brockton [D LR], Bryan Kiddow [DM C], Fergal Norris [M RC], Matthew Knox [AM/F], Brigitte Franckh [M R]

Kirkenes Football Club
Home ground: Exhibition Place (38,400)
Honours: KFL Championship (4): 9, 18, 37, 42; runners-up: 60
Rivals: CF Outineau, Burnaby SC, North York
Fanzines: Rubber Pellets Digest, Centre of the Universe
Manager: Kyle Allister

The oldest and most popular team of Kelssek's biggest city, KFC has tended to hover near the top without getting the trophies they so desperately crave. During the winter months, home matches are played at Waterfront Dome with only the lower tier seats sold.

Kirkenes were three points away from the title last season, and you would be optimistic about their chances this year but for the fact that bigger leagues came in for two of the stars of that team. They also ended up missing the transfer targets who might have been able to replace the gap that's opened up in their attack. The upshot is that their impressive performance last season has led to their team being weakened to the point they will struggle to get into the top four, and life isn't fair. One youngster whose development will be worth watching is Marietta Tesla, an inventive and cerebral full-back signed from Kita-Hinode.
Players in: Isidra Jeurissen (Dwile Warriors, τ520k/$1.5m), Kendra Millaeral (youth), Marietta Tesla (Mide Girls' Academy), Eva Karven (youth), Sophie Hildebrand (youth)
Players out: Roman Torshen (Norrion Rovers, τ1.6m/$4.5m), Danielle Cordelier (Falkner United, τ520k/$1.5m)

First XI: Jason Curtin [GK], Isidra Jeurissen [D/M L] (NPH/APX), Martin Gregoire [D C], Joachim Elden [D C] (MBT), Michael Cabrallo [D R], Analor Avalor [M L]* (Image KOR), Nolan Gorka [M L], Patrick Kirkland [M R]*, Lysander Brandis [AM] (MYT), Josie Webster [AM]* (Image NPH), Darnell Owen [F C]
Squad: Kendra Millaerl [GK], Allison Tucker [D LC], Patrice Boudreau [D C], Conan Markowski [M C], Lily Marshall [D C], Eva Karven [ST], Sophie Hildebrand [AM/F C]

Latrobe Athletic and Football Club
Home ground: Macquarie Docklands (55,700)
Rivals: Clayquot City
Honours: KFL Championship (6): 2, 14, 21, 24, 34, 53, runners-up: 55
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 4
Fanzines: That's Not the Try Line, Jamie Toohey's Pension Plan

The soccer section of a multi-football club which also has a successful rugby union team. Indeed, many people who are primarily rugby fans do come to the soccer matches and vice versa.
Fans in Latrobe have gotten used to having high hopes dashed and turn into another slow march to 5th or 6th place followed by promises that next year will bring a glorious future. If the addition of Aleksandr Lukonov addresses the club's big struggles with service to the forwards last season, a title challenge from Latrobe could be real this time, but no one would call them favourites.
Players in: Brayden Welland (youth), Raïf Ducharne (youth), Aleksandr Lukonov (Olympia Borograd τ1.05m/$3m), Iroha Irei (Hylia University), Artair Mac Ronaigh (NGSA Ulyanof, τ380k/$1.1m)
Players out: Ivo Ilev (Mazinaw Vanorian, τ1.3m/$3.7m)

Manager: Darach Salthill
First XI: Myles Connely [GK] (Image HVY), Artair Mac Ronaigh [D L], Aguri Hondachi [D C], Christian Arbour [D C], Valentijn Doorwouds [D R]* (Image KOR), Aleksander Lukonov [M R]* (STL), Andreas Karnezis [M C] (Image FHU), Julian Edwards [M LC], Patrice Langelier [F C]*, Cameron Parrott [F C]
Squad: Iroha Irei [GK] (Image HIN), Léo Moselle [D L], Brayden Welland [D C], Cormac Ó Conneely [D R], Raïf Ducharne [M C], Logan Wright [M RL]

Mazinaw Vanorian Football Club
Home ground: Crowchilds (18,100)
Rivals: Strathcona Internationals
Honours: KFL National South (1): 59
Fanzines: Tricky Trees

Promoted two seasons ago, many expected Mazinaw to go straight back down, but instead they climbed the table and for a few weeks even threatened to win the championship (they didn't). Few underestimate them now, but last year the heady days of season 60 were hard to recapture. The club's name reflects the fact that Vanorian football and Valanora's national team has been and still is much more popular among Kelssekian soccer fans than their own national league.
Players in: Ivo Ilev (Latrobe, τ1.3m/$3.7m)

Manager: Gary Allard
First XI: Doug Magennis [GK], Link Smith [D C], Kevin Rackard [D C], Tegan Earrach [D L], Caelin Vinter [D R], Tomás Fierro [M C]* (Image CEN), Jeremy Féarghaill [M C], Ivo Ilev [M R]* (Image STL), Phrem Mutsuga [M L]* (Image HIN), Cassie Silverton [F C], Pfandr Oresund [F C] (Image SRS)
Squad: Ronnie Burton [M R], André Normand [M L], Michael Asano [M R], Nolan Murphy [DM], Jordan Normand [AM]

New Generation Sports Association of Ulyanof
Home ground: Stadium of the Stars (44,600)
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 31, 32
Fanzines: The New Era Raider, Weekly Howl
Rivals: Strathcona Internationals

The soccer section of a multi-sports club which was founded as part of the Olympic modernist movement. It is also famous as having developed many of the Olympic athletes from the province of Lupinissia.

Comfortable in their mid-table status, NGSA were 11th last year and will probably meet the same fate this year unless their picking over of the KFL National individual award-winners turn out to be much better players than we think.
Players in: Cephas Lidston (Han Dold City, free), Girolamo Alcides (Sitka Valley, τ120k/$349k), Marc Westerbard (Trenton Athletic), Antoine Boucher (Redswyth Red Stars)
Players out: Artair Mac Ronaigh (Latrobe AFC, τ400k/$1.1m)

First XI: Matt Tergien [GK], Cephas Lidston [D L]* (SRS), Antoine Boucher [D C], Kevin Hampton [D C] (Image ETN), Stan Lionakis [D R], Rory Canning-Meagher [M C]*, Girolamo Alcides [M C] (Image MRC), Peter Crawford [M C], Jonas Petteri [M C], Tyler Prentice [AM]*, Dennis Hartley [F C]
Squad: Rory Delburton [D C], Namine Kirishima [DM/M RLC], Richard Bell [M C], Wyola Whetworth [F C] (Image HVY)

Shearwater Football Club
Home ground: Kingswharf (40,500)
Rivals: Langlois Océanic
Fanzines: Southwest Stand Dispatch, Yellow Brick Road
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 36, 40

Founded as a recreational club by personnel of the Shearwater naval base, the club continues to have strong links with the Kelssek Navy. Today their stadium is across the harbour from the base in the former docklands of downtown Breton, the largest city and capital of Haligonia.

Shearwater have shallow depth, if you can get your head around that: a good number of average players. Ostensibly, their ambition is to make an IFCF spot but that looks deeply unrealistic because there are at least six teams clearly ahead of them. They are a good bet to cruise around mid-table and not bother their fans with anything more exciting than that.

Manager: Ryan Potter
First XI: Logan Stevenson [GK], Shane Reilly [D L], Rémond Leste [D C], Jordan Ilic [D C], Lucas Crokert [D R], Dylan McTavish [M C], Nico Jenkins [M L], Coretta Corcrain [M R]* (Image BRE), George Thorpe [AM]* (Image EUR), Ronan Macpadraig [ST], Brent Valiser [ST]
Squad: Lant Hartto [GK], Kai Fukushima [M RC], Joseph Green [D/M C], Gary Swann [D C], Bryce Graughan [M C], Cory Grossman [M C], Rainier Froboess [AM/ST]

Strathcona Internationals
Home ground: Bowreach (27,300)
Rivals: Mazinaw Vanorian, NGSA Ulyanof
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 59
KFL National South (1): 53
Fanzines: To the Ends of the Earth, MPB: Mosh Pit of the Bourgeoisie

Founded by a group of expatriates during the industrial era. Strathcona is an inner-city neighbourhood which borders downtown Vickery on the south bank of the river which splits the city. Ironically given the club's working class identity, these days it's known as gentrification central. The club is a relative newcomer to the top table, but has firmly established their place in the Championship since winning promotion in KFL53. Their first-ever title came six years later but they missed out on a chance at international competition because it also happened to be the year UICA vapourized. Consequently, the club has a chip on its shoulder, blaming the "footballing establishment" for denying them entry to international club tournments when not only were they denied the chance to compete in the UICA season that never was, their paperwork to enter the Dwile Invitational mysteriously disappeared after passing through Football Kelssek's fax machine.

While most would class Strathcona as underperforming last year, there were good signs Andrey Yusupov's late bloom adds some spice to their midfield and Bratislav Rukavina showed some flashes of a breakout last season. It's a team that has all the tools to challenge for trophies and really just needs to perform to its potential. A top-four challenger.
Players in: Rhys Dadit (youth), Laurel Tinker-Witt (Dwile Warriors, undisclosed), Rafael Hythewater (Egloskerry, free)

Manager: François Saint-Louis
First XI: Laurel Tinker-Witt [GK] (ZWZ), Ryan Dumont [D C]*, Teadgh Brewer [D C], Astrid Lodgen [D LR], Carey Mason [D L], Andrey Yusupov [M C], Sammy Ramm [M RC], Raven Cashin [M R]* (Image BRE), Marko Kotalczyk [M L], Hayden Phelan [F C], Bratislav Rukavina [ST]* (Image PAS)
Squad: Peter Collan [GK], Rafael Hythewater [D C], Zamil Abed-Louis [DM] (Image EFL), Ilan Markowicz [M C], Jonathan Berton-Fleury [M C], Sean Donnelly [AM], Laura Millclef [AM/F]

Torbay Thunder
Home stadium: Armidale Plain (10,300)
Fanzine(s): Crown of Thors
Honours: KFL National (1): 61

Based in the capital of Kewatin on the rocky Fjordlands, Torbay have really caught some attention with two straight promotions. In a part of the country where rugby is the dominant sport, they've often had to struggle just to get people to see soccer as worth their time. Former Kelssek international Niall Jenkins sat on the bench for World Cup 55 and is full of stories of the past generation's legends which supposedly get more mythical with every team talk. Whatever it is, his methods are apparently working.
Players in: Krista Staniels (Southfell United), Carey Mason (Shearwater), Alisen Mitrovic (Trenton Athletic), Gotzon Berystain [DM] (Sporting Arkamo)

Manager: Niall Jenkins
First 11: Hildur Eiríksdóttir [GK], Krista Staniels [D C]* (Image APX), Blake Carter [D C], Carey Mason [D L]*, Alisen Mitrovic [D R], Gotzon Berystain [DM] (Image ASG), Adam Callaghan [M C], Rhys Williams [M LC]*, Gregor MacLean [M R], Ryan Trottier [F C], Vincent Price [F C]
Squad: Valgarður Benediktsson [M C], Marius Roberge-Savoie [AM C], Taylor Alfred [AM/F LC], Dominic Lewis [D C]

Transfers in
Fees in universal standard dollars.
Name                    Pos     Age    Nat     From                       To                   Fee (m)
Krista Staniels D C 33 APX Southfell United (NPH) Torbay Thunder free
Teyo Echehun D C 20 ASG Echegoyan FC (ASG) Clayquot City free
Gotzon Berystain DM 21 ASG Sporting Arkamo (ASG) Torbay Thunder free
Zilar Galharretborde M R 21 ASG Royal Arexa (ASG) Langlois Océanic free
Logan Ragno ST 25 AUD Waddell Northerners (XAN) Mazinaw Vanorian free
Anis Trabelsi ST 32 AUD Creed United (NPH) Colwynian Vale free
Obey Chidiebere D R 34 BNJ Herzegovina City FC (BNJ) Coquitlam United 1.0
Murphy Collins GK 28 BRE Urukspor (TMR) NGSA Ulyanof 0.2
Brian Sanders D RC 29 CBP Midtown Athl Club (CBP) CS Saint-Rémy free
Jordan Cohen M L 22 CMT Chromatik State Univ (CMT) Strathcona Intls free
Wang Yuan ST 22 CMT Alnio Univ of the Arts (CMT) NGSA Ulyanof free
Corella da Silva D C 35 COS Raynor City United (VAL) Hamiltonian Cambria free
Armisael M L 30 DAI Alliance Barossia (NPH) Langlois Océanic free
Henning Hemmingsen ST 25 DCA Cap Nordique (DCA) FC Novonaya free
Atsushi Ryu AM LC 33 DUN Istria City FC (BNJ) Langlois Oceanic 2.0
Brandon Cohen D R 31 ETN Twin Saints (BRE) CF Les Castors free
Ashton Moore M C 22 EUR Urbanista (APX) Hamiltonian Cambria 3.0
Genzo Tawari DM 21 HIN Himawari University (HIN) FC Novonaya free
Iroha Irei GK 21 HIN Hylia University (HIN) Latrobe AFC free
Saori Takahata AM/F C 21 HIN Imperial Forces Acad (HIN) CF Outineau free
Marietta Tesla D/M LC 21 HIN Mide Girls' Academy (HIN) Kirkenes FC free
Namine Kirishima DM/M LRC 21 HIN Kameria University (HIN) NGSA Ulyanof free
Turok van Halen M/AM C 21 HIN Minamimachi Univ (HIN) Burnaby SC free
Tetsuya Watanabe ST 21 HIN Kyokaitai Univ (HIN) ASC Arvika free
Jeanne Dutronc GK 21 HIN Totsuka Univ (HIN) CF Outineau free
Khoidod Bavgainykhu GK 21 HIN Miishima Poly Inst (HIN) ASC Arvika free
Areke Shinra GK 21 HIN Gerudo Trading Co (HIN) CF Saint-Richard free
Raizen Saikyomono M R/ST 21 HIN The Vengeful Storm (HIN) Clayquot City free
Wyola Whetwoth F C 20 HVY Baywall Athletic (HVY) NGSA Ulyanof free
Jordan Dawson D/M C 24 HVY Foretham Coven (HVY) Colwynian Vale free
Masashige Vachimitsu ST 32 KOR Finbar Stalwarts (BRE) FC Novonaya free
Brigitte Coppinger RW/ST 32 NPH Crisisbless (NPH) CF Outineau 2.5
Yolandi Heimat M C 31 NPH Vermillion Wanderers (NPH) ASC Arvika free
Rafael Hythewater D C 34 NPH Egloskerry (APX) Strathcona Intls free
Bastian Windsor D C 32 NPH Issington FC (APX) CF Les Castors free
Isidra Jeurissen D/M L 32 NPH/APX Dwile Warriors (APX) Kirkenes FC 1.5
Joncis Pataiere M L 22 OAM Univ of Salmudos (OAM) Hamiltonian Cambria free
Arsène de Saintyon ST 22 OAM Kerlaudy University (OAM) CS Saint-Rémy free
Vanda Gerô ST 19 PAS Ctr for Excellence (APX) CF Outineau undisc
Freya McCosgraigh AM 31 SCT Cypher Town (NPH) CF Saint-Richard free
Karen D C 32 SHT Primer FC (SHT) Shearwater FC free
Joris Elzokari D C 21 SRS Megabrantid (SRS) CF Outineau 1.0
Rycszard Vepocojat M/AM C 29 SRS Lublova Reds (SRS) Coquitlam United 1.75
Brion Stienno ST 26 SRS Emerald Coast (SRS) Burnaby SC 3.5
Cephas Lidston D L 20 SRS Han Dold City (SRS) NGSA Ulyanof free
Aleksander Lukonov M R 29 STL Olympia Borograd (STL) Latrobe AFC 3.0
Julijan Koprvic GK 19 STL FK Metropola Borograd (STL) Kawarthas DFA loan
Sigrun Holgersdottir ST 19 SVJ NSA Ejana (SVJ) Clayquot City free
Olaf Haabjörn D C 19 SVJ NSA Jarnstad (SVJ) Burnaby SC free
Darin Crow ST 23 TOR Meadow Hills (TOR) CS Saint-Rémy 1.5
Pierre Vasseur F C 27 VLD Bohemians Metropolis (VLD) Burnaby SC loan
Dragan Djejić D C 20 ZRH VZRH Matov-Uri Jrs (ZRH) FC Novonaya free
Laurel Tinker-Witt GK -- ZWZ Dwile Warriors (APX) Strathcona Intls undisc

Transfers out
Name                    Pos     Age    Nat     From                       To                   Fee (m)
Amber Docherty M R 21 Port City Athletic Club Olarria (ASG) 0.8
Daniel Bélanger M R 22 CF St-Richard Rozelle Alliance (BRE) 2.5
Danielle Cordelier M C 26 Kirkenes FC Falkner United (BRE) 1.5
Joseline Fourtin D C 27 CS Saint-Rémy Felswyr (CMT) 4.0
Connor Macdonald DM C 23 Strathcona Intls Marianopolis (DCA) 1.5
John Whelehan GK 34 Latrobe AFC DKI Telecom 5G (DCA)
Jonah Rushcliffe D R/L 35 CF Les Castors Stade Richelain (DCA)
Mason Karven AM/F C 19 Burnaby SC Cap Nordique (DCA)
Roman Torshen F C 20 Kirkenes FC Norrion Rovers (EFL) 4.5
Loïc Maçon-Petrault F C 21 CF Outineau Unioneers (EUR) 4.5
Mark Anderson M C 22 CF St-Richard Avenida Leal (FFD) undisc
Bertrand Paré F RC 19 CF Saint-Richard Union Forge (HVY)
Ian Egmar D/M L 26 Langlois Océanic Schemerdrecht SVV (KOR) 1.5
Christophe Violette AM/F C 19 CF Saint-Richard Celeritas (OAM)
Jason Knapp M C 19 Burnaby SC Ottawa Fury (QUE)
Ross Knanirck M C 20 Latrobe AFC Lublova Reds (SRS) 1.0
Giorsal Ó Connaíl M C 27 Langlois Océanic Traal Athletics (SRS) 1.5
James McDonald M L/R 25 CF Outineau Rolalas FC (VAL) 1.75
Issac Lafrenière M LC 19 CF Outineau Vilitan League (VIL)
Marianne Abbott M R 22 Hamiltonian Cambria Bearden FC (XAN) 1.75
Cathy Hanselmann D LC 19 Shearwater FC St Felix (XAN)
Michal Spacek D/M C 20 Burnaby SC Trippville (XAN)
Lewis Brockton D LR 18 Kingstown Athletic Shanbock University (ZWZ) scholarship
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“Pre”-season, week 1
The first preliminary round of the Challengers Cup saw Burnaby’s 2-0 away win let them park the bus in cruise through their home leg against Charlotte 1949 while CF Saint-Richard’s foray into the Challengers Cup proved to be brief as they lost the away leg 1-0 to CF Bondstad. In the Liga B Champions Trophy, Trenton Athletic bowed out in the first preliminary round against Pria in a series that was full of excitement and short on quality, with at least three player-missing-the-net memes that will live in graphics interchange format forever. And in the Champions League first preliminary round, CS Saint-Rémy manhandled an unexpectedly pliant Marianopolis side to advance. Xavier Julien orchestrated the win and new signing Darin Crow opened his account with a great burst of speed to waft a through ball past the challenge of the keeper.”

“Pre”-season, week 2
Things moving quickly in the IFCF tournaments as the Challengers Cup second preliminary round saw Burnaby get a winnable tie against AC Kasandora from Lisander, while Kirkenes was drawn to face a formidable test against Vilita’s Colonial Sile. New arrival Steinno scored on his debut but then Burnaby made a real mess of things when they let in two late goals at home to turn a 2-0 cruise into a 2-2 horror show before the eyes of their disbelieving fans. Needing to win the trip to Lisander, they overextended and ended up conceding in the 55th minute to end their international hopes. Kirkenes ended up stomping the Vilitan side, helped by what would turn out to be Roman Torshen’s last two goals for the team at Exhibition Place as the young striker completed his move to Eastfield Lodge’s Norrion Rovers the next day.

“Pre”-season, week 3
CS Saint-Rémy were the KFL’s best team defensively last year, but Joseline Fourtin’s transfer seems to have left them with some adjusting to do in the Champions League third preliminary round. A 2-1 home loss put the KFL champions in a tough spot ahead of the away leg. At first the trip to the Whirl Islands seemed to have an upset on the cards as CSSR roared back with goals from Greta Enger and Caleb Roy, taking a 2-1 scoreline after 90 minutes which sent the tie to extra time. But Eastburg United came back at them however and scored just 3 minutes in to seal the win.

Also in action was Liga B Trophy’s second preliminary round: FC Novonaya prevailed over Elves from Plane of Possibility in a chaotic, but in the end fairly neutral contest. Their opponents apparently expected to play against centaurs and seemed very disappointed when they realized this would not be the case. New signings Hemming Hemmingsen and Masashige Vachimitsu showed the promising strike partnership that Novonaya hope will earn them a longer-term spot in the top flight this year.

Matchweek 1
“...on G/S Radio. And opening night is in the books for a new KFL Championship season. Latrobe AFC take the battle of Etnier 2-1 against Clayquot City, CF Outineau held to a 3-3 draw in Mazinaw by Vanorian, and a debacle for Kirkenes as their home opener goes pear-shaped and Océanic deals thema 4-1 hiding in the battle of the big spenders. Winning starts for the newly promoted teams, as well, Colwynian Vale with a 4-1 win against Kingstown Athletic at the Ironworkers, and FC Novonaya travelling north to beat ASC Arvika 3-1... Why don’t we start there, Rob, what’s your take on that one?”

“I reckon FC Novonaya are going to stay up this year. That’s a solid team with good support and a club that’s really looking to build something. Now they aren’t the only club trying to do that, and it’s getting very busy in the lower end of the Championship hierarchy, but you see the different approaches that some clubs have where they almost accept their fate, right?”

“Yeah, for some clubs, they get promoted and it’s almost like a bit of a lark for them, you know we’ll give it a shot and see what happens, they float through the season and aren’t too disappointed when they go back to the National the following year. Not so for FC Novonaya. And you think about the other two clubs in the past years who you can say the same thing about?”

“Hamilton and Mazinaw.”

“Exactly. Look where they are now, and look at some of the clubs that have gotten complacent and now they’re suddenly waking up and going, oh crap. Kingstown are like that. Arvika are like that. Coquitlam are in danger, I know they won this weekend-”

“Yeah, a 3-1 win for United against Torbay Thunder, Annabel Curtis scoring with a lovely chip and Alex Bronson coming off the bench to get the second goal... You’re already calling that a relegation six pointer?”

“Yeah, well... Surely last season was a wake-up call, but a lot of them are still in that frame of mind, that they’re the other Burnaby club, they’re too big to go down... Watch out, the Empire- you know, their supporters groups can see it, they’re not happy about it, but it doesn’t seem to have gotten through to the management.”

“Ok, so that’s two of the promotion class, what about the third, no love for the Colwyn Dockers? They did beat Kingstown 4-1, pretty impressive, no? That will be a big result at the end of the season if those are two of the teams in the relegation battle as most would expect.”

“Too early to say about Colwyn. They were not impressive in the National last year, it was a blazing run of form that got them past Trenton in the playoffs. On penalties, a very poor game that was. And Capital City just... collapsed in that final. It’ll be a while before we know who’s the real Colwynian Vale.”

“But take nothing away from the Dockers, right? Anis Trabelsi with a brilliant hat trick. Head and shoulders above his teammates, a real class player. Couldn’t ask for a better debut – I wonder if he’s realizing how far down the KFL is from Apox... But I don’t know why Kingstown started Leonard Varia in goal. You’ve brought in an excellent goalkeeper in Thimiscles Seanclair, and you want him to sit on the bench? Who carried you through the latter part of last season? Figure it out, Nico Trentini.”

“Moving on to... a big start at the Intersat for the defending champions as CS Saint-Rémy whacked Castors 5-1. CSSR the team to beat this year I think. Two goals for Darin Crow, Caleb Roy, Connor Wimble, and Xavier Julien adding the others. Great league debut for the Torisakian, who’s already scored in the IFCF.”

“Yeah, a really convincing win. Jorge Guardia is not doing a lot wrong here. They’ve had a good foray in the transfer market, players actually want to go there which is a new experience for most KFL teams I think.” [laughter]

“Well, they looked a bit shaky in the Champions League you have to say. But it does give them a bit of a leg up, because they’ve been playing some competitive matches for a few weeks already, and you could see just how much sharper they were out there.”

“Alright, Mazinaw 3, CF Outineau 3. Ilo Ilev settling well out west, what a crossing clinic he did for Vanorian. Put that opening goal right on Oresund’s forehead. I thought CFO stole a point there, thanks to a couple of great reflex saves by Saint-Gerlais to keep Oresund to one goal that is. What did you learn from that match up?”

“That Outineau needed a bigger transfer window than they got. Look, they had one of the biggest signatures, and Brigitte Coppinger did just fine out there, didn’t score but she’ll get plenty enough this year. But compare that to the ambition showed by Kirkenes, St-Rémy, and Océanic, you know...”

“They didn’t lose their top scorer like Kirkenes did, though? In fact they’ve added a proven goalscorer in Coppinger, Kirkenes lost Roman Torshen and we don’t quite know what they’ve got in Hilebrand and Karven. And they got humbled 4-1 against Langlois – more on that after the break. I don’t agree, I think Outineau looked much better this weekend.”

“You might be right, it’s just week one. Lysander Brandis and Josie Webster are going to be carrying the offence for them, so they don’t need the kind of complete forward that’s hard to find and keep in the KFL. I still think Kirkenes will be above CFO at the end of the season.”

“And that does it for part one. After this ad break, we’re back for what I think was the big one Burnaby loses 3-2 at home to Strathcona, already setting the tone in the race for the top places. Back after this message...”

Kirkenes FC were drawn to face another giant in the Challengers Cup 3rd preliminary round: Bastion of the Eura Gold League. After slaying Colonial Sile, the match attracted a huge amount of attention and ticket sales. It was moved to the larger Harbourfront Dome and although hopes of an unprecedented sell-out didn’t materialize, the attendance of 67,502 was a new club record by a country mile. And then KFC sent the fans into delirium by seizing a two-goal lead, and holding on to win the home leg 3-2. Meanwhile, in the Liga B Trophy 3rd preliminary round, the trip to Unified Leganda turned into a romp for Torbay Thunder, who walloped Ohafia Pride 4-1 to take a commanding lead into the second leg.

Matchweek 2
“A big away win for Burnaby at the Stade Olympique as they beat CF Outineau 1-0, Oceanic wins 2-1 against Mazinaw and are now joint top with Hamiltonian Cambria who won 4-2 against ASC Arvika.
But we start with Torbay 5, Novonaya 4. A battle fresh from the second division and what a match that was.”

“Novonaya’s strikers were deadly today, it was a real shame the defence turned out to be so shaky. Gregor Lacan getting himself sent off, and a tough day at the office for Dragan Djejic. Two goals each for Henning Hemmingsen and Masashige Vachimitsu. Novonaya seemed to be running away with it early but then Torbay levelled the score with two goals in 7 minutes before half time with Benediktsson and Price getting the goals, Lacan then getting a second yellow card in the 58th minute which was just the start of the trouble. Gregor MacLean from a free kick, Krista Staniels heading in off a corner. Novonaya pulled one back but then Torbay killed it off on a 3-on-2 counterattack, Marius Roberge-Savoie putting the ball in the net. Big thrills and big spills at Armidale Plain, then.”

“Those are two sides that have every chance of beating the drop. I know I said this before but it seems like Mazinaw and Hamiltonian again, right? That year when they were both promoted and surprised everybody. Two years ago, now? And that means two more teams who’ve gotten used to life in the top tier are going back down. Who’s it going to be?”

“There’s a lot of candidates. The thing is, since the international transfers have opened up and given where the KFL is in the big scheme of things, the bottom half of the table is much, much tighter than it was just four or five years ago. We’re looking at the start of the season, used to be you’d have at most five or six clubs you’d say – well they’re going to be in a scrap this year. Now, pretty much half the league is just a bad run or a few key injuries away from getting dragged in. You never would’ve thought clubs like ASC or Coquitlam would be in a relegation fight, but last year, they both spent time in the bottom three.”

“Alright, let’s get to the big one. CF Outineau nil, Burnaby SC one. Controversial red card straight after half time saw CFO down to ten, Ashley Douglass lunging in on Anri Fiete. But it was still a pretty even game after that before Burnaby finally got the winner in the 86th minute from Kari Zücker, putting home the rebound after Saint-Gerlais couldn’t hold on to a point-blank shot from Aaron Karushige.”

“Harsh decision, harsh result. Burnaby got a bit lucky I thought, it wasn’t a very convincing win from them. But you could see that Outineau were struggling to establish possession. If you look at the stats they did like 32 fouls to Burnaby’s 20, because they were running around in midfield. But while losing was harsh I didn’t see CFO deserving to win that one.”

“Yeah, it was one of those hyped-up matches that ends up being a bit of a bore, when both teams just kind of cancel each other out, or play too conservatively cause they don’t want to lose, right? Definitely, Adam Corvin’s had better game Odveig Wheeler’s had better games...”

“Burnaby had two 34-year olds on their starting eleven. I mean, come on, you’re getting outworked and outfoxed by the veterans is one thing, but show some spark. I know Liadon skews the average age but seriously.”

“Kids should run faster on that lawn, is what you’re saying... Moving on to the match at Bowreach, Strathcona and St-Rémy in a goalless draw – points dropped for the champions, or points dropped for Strathcona?”

“Strathcona deserved to win I think, and how did Rukavina sky that ball? That was a pretty dire match, all in all. St-Rémy just sat back, Strathcona just inept. Andrey Yusupov had a good game for them, probably the best player on the pitch, but that’s not saying much.”

“Latrobe wins 1-0 in Ulyanof, Patrice Langelier getting the game’s only goal, Aleksander Lukonov missing a penalty in his second match for AFC. Kirkenes with a 4-2 win over Coquitlam, are they that good or are Coquitlam going to be bad again this year?”

“Roman Torshen won’t be there to supply the goals so scoring four against Coquitlam is a promising sign. And that’s the kind of thing that teams in this league have to cope with, by the way, every team faces the same issue that bigger leagues and bigger clubs are going to swoop in and grab your best players, especially your youngsters. So no whinging about that, KFC fans. Were Coquitlam bad, well, they gave it a good shot even after going 2-0 down, you kind of have to in front of your home support. I really think last year was a blip. Obey Chidiebere brings some real class to that team, he had another excellent game despite his teammates not being so excellent, and they should be in much better shape this year.”

“Hamiltonian Cambria winning 4-2 against ASC Arvika in another goalfest. Boy, Cambria looked good out there. Dario Tule with a 25-yard howitzer, and then goals for Ashton Houston and Joncis Pataiere. ASC pulled one back with Cale de Munster taking advantage of just bad marking. Then Marco Marchesni making sure by tapping in a cross from Tule. Tetsuya Watanabe scored his first senior goal for ASC but would probably have wanted it to be a bit more significant than that.”

“There was a real gulf in quality. ASC are not a good team, but you have to win like that to show that you’re a good team. You know we’ve seen the qualities of Cambria over the last two years, we know how Johannes Sulo works, they came very close to top four last year. I think you have to take them seriously as title challengers, not just lurking around the top, they really could do something this year.”

“Quickly before the break do we have time for Kingstown vs. Saint-Richard? Anything you made from that?”

“And that is when Thimiscles Sinclair saved a penalty. Kingstown could’ve been embarrassed there. If they don’t pick things up, this could be a long season for them. St-Richard are not looking like the team that surprised us with a fourth place last year, either. But, you know, a win is a win, and Seong Mi-Na had a nice goal. So good for them.”

“All right, when we come back, more goalless draw action in Clayquot City versus Colwynian Vale, and Shearwater getting on the board with a 2-1 win away to Castors d’Outineau.”

Challengers Cup third preliminary round, second leg – Kirkenes FC dared to dream as they went into the away leg against Bastion and took the lead after 9 minutes. But Bastion had other plans and their response was devastating: five unanswered goals to stamp down the upstarts and advance 7-5 on aggregate.
Liga B Trophy 3rd preliminary round, second leg – Armidale Plain saw the home team win its first-ever international football match 2-0, as Torbay Thunder advanced comfortably with goals from Vincent Price and Taylor Alfred.
  • CS Saint-Remy have been drawn to face Ramusok United (Cosumar) in the playoff round, entering the Challengers Cup after their loss in the Champions League.
  • Clayquot City take a 2-0 advantage to Northwest Kalacitin for the second leg against GCCFC, with Raizen Saikyomono showing why his street football name was “Destroyer”.

Matchweek 3
KBC NewsRadio
“Over at the Docklands in Latrobe, AFC fall to the Beavers of Outineau, striker Thor Ibrahim gets his first senior goal at the age of 19 with a burst of speed to get on the end of a 30-yard pass from P-O Duclair, a beautiful first touch and slides it past Myles Connely for the winning goal. It finished 2-1 to Les Castors... Wow.”

“Hah, yeah, that’s the kind of goal you pretend you’re scoring when you’re a 6 year old running around with a ragged tennis ball in the back yard and... you just gotta be happy for this guy, what a goal that was.”

“...Another win for Burnaby SC as Valladar loanee Pierre Vasseur opens his account against Langlois. It finished 4-2 for the Centurions, Samir Petrovic also scoring a penalty and Anri Fiete and Thamior Liadon getting on the scoresheet.”

Midweek IFCF
Challengers Cup playoff round, first leg – CS Saint-Rémy gave up an ominous away goal but are still in a good position with 2-1 win agianst Ramusok United. They travel to Cosumar next week and are very much the underdogs.
Cup Winners Cup preliminary round, second leg – A 1-1 draw away to GCCFC saw Clayquot City cruise through to the first round of the competition, where a trip to Equestria to play against United Cup winning hoofballers Cloudsdale Flyers awaits.

Matchweek 4
“...wonderful weather this afternoon for this clash between second and fourth place. Saint-Rémy are one point ahead of Océanic and yet to be beaten, but the home team like their chances today. The Stade de la Pacifique is full today, it’s early in the season but this promises to be a big match in the fight for the KFL Championship. Langlois vs. Saint-Remy... and it’s live!”
“Enger on the left now... oh, she’s picked out Ní Bhecháin with that diagonal pass! Saint-Rémy could be in here! DE SAINTYON!...Normand saved it! Saint-Rémy wasting no time here, getting a chance straight from the kickoff!”
“We remain scoreless here after 28 minutes. St-Rémy having the bulk of possession so far, it’s been a bit of nerves from Océanic I think... Field’s picked off that pass for Océanic. Atsushi Ryu gets that ball... slips it into the box for Laishram!.. Ohhhh how did he miss that?!
“Southers... a rare foray forward for Océanic here. Russell... Turunc got taken out! Refereee waves play on... surely VAR will be looking at that? Well, the whistle goes for half time and the home fans are letting the officials know what they think of that.”
“Well this is interesting, Saint-Rémy switching things up a bit by bringing on Xavier Julien for Sara Ní Bhecháin. They seem to be looking for more width as the second half gets under way... Galharretborde... inch-perfect tackle from Sanders. Eriksen... and that was cynical by Armisael to take Julien to the turf, and the full-back from Dainer will get the game’s first yellow card.”
“Can Saint-Rémy remain unbeaten? They’ve mostly had control of this game but Océanic have had some decent chances, as Eowins nearly gave that away to Connor Wimble... but she got that throu-Laishram lets loose!... and that’s tipped over the bar by Shaughlin!”
“Well, why not go for that. They’ve had the ball but not been able to make it count, Océan-”
“Short corner ther-FIELD HEADS IT IN!!... Stephen Field puts Océanic ahead! It’s a first goal for the centre-back, what a great start to life in Kelssek he’s having!”
“Another sub for Saint-Rémy and Arsène de Saintyon will come off for Gabriel Davies. A good showing from the young striker today, making his first start in a big match and I reckon we’ll be seeing more of him before too long.”
“Renak’s been getting bullied by Ryu all day. The home fans almost expect some magic when the ball’s at his feet. Now Huseyn Turunc has a go!! Shauglin was beaten but the crossbar wasn’t! It stays 1-0 to Océanic...”
“Uzo had nowhere to go there. Great defending by Enger. A chance maybe for Saint-Rémy... Roy runs into trouble and it’s coming right back. Armisael to Turunc... IT’S TWO-NIL!! Pierre-Louis Laishram with the tap-in!! Surely that settles it, with 11 minutes to go!”
“...and time is up, it’s Océanic who take this win! The defending champions suffer their first defeat of the season in Langlois. CSSR got the better start but couldn’t make their chances pay... Langlois Océanic move into second place, behind Hamiltonian Cambria who won 1-0 in Torbay earlier today.”

KBC NewsRadio
...Turning to the KFL Championship, a shock in the Battle of Burnaby as Coquitlam’s Arjan Singh netted a brace, Kassel Pokorny headed in a corner, and Dusty Clement undressed Simon Boulechemin – not literally – as Coquitlam finished 4-1 winners over Burnaby SC... Elsewhere Seamus Wylten was on target for Clayquot City who were 3-0 winners over ASC Arvika, and Castors d’Outineau fought to a 3-3 draw against Colwynian Vale with their new Audioslavian signing Anis Trabelsi getting his first three goals in Kelssek in the space of 22 minutes.

In the Sunday matches, Latrobe moved level on points with the pack in second place with a 2-0 win over Strathcona Internationals, who suffered their first loss of the year. Sharktail national team captain Karen was dominant in defence for Shearwater FC as they won 2-1 against CF Outineau at Parc de la Crémazie. Brent Valliser and Coretta Corcrain getting on the scoresheet for Shearwater while Outineau have struggled to find scoring so far and both Brigitte Coppinger and Radomir Primakov are still on zero goals for the year – it was Juan Hernandez who got the consolation goal for them.

Midweek: Challengers Cup playoff round, second leg “We played the perfect road game” against Ramusok United, said captain Caleb Roy. After a disappointing loss in the league, CS Saint-Rémy mounted a sturdy defence and a smash-and-grab operation to win their midweek match 1-0 and advance to the qualifying round, upsetting the club from Cosumar.

Matchweek 5
“But we start with CF Outineau on the bottom of the table after losing 1-0 against Latrobe at the Dock making it three losses in a row. Is their title ambition already over?”

“Well. It’s not started, has it? You can say this was a very tough sequence of fixtures, St-Rémy, Burnaby, and Latrobe one after the other, Shearwater and Vanorian are not pushovers either. But if you’re going to be a contender, you’ve got to take some points from them. You’ve got to win a couple, and they should have won a couple. They were poor against Burnaby, they were unlucky against St-Rémy, very poor against Shearwater, and could have gone either way against Latrobe, but end of the day, one draw, four losses. It can only get better from here but there’s a danger now that a negative pattern starts to set in.”

“I wouldn’t bet on that. I think that it’s funny while it lasts, but the bottom line is, they’ve got too much quality to stay on the bottom for very long. I think Brigitte Coppinger needs to start scoring, you know, she’s the big signing, there’s a bit of a confidence thing that’s going on now.”

“Need to get that monkey off her back.”

“Yeah. Before it becomes a gorilla.”

“Do not feed it after midnight. I think we’re mixing up our metaphors here. Anyway, that win puts Latrobe fourth – tied on points with Hamiltonian, who are top of the table on goal difference. Also with 12 points are Océanic, who won 3-2 in Shearwater, and Kirkenes, who dealt Burnaby their second straight loss with a 2-1 win at Stadium Konoha. Strathcona did a number on Colwynian Vale taking home a 3-0 away win, Bratislav Rukavina was stellar for the Internationals. CF Saint-Richard also staying in touch with the pack after winning 3-2 against Les Castors.”

Challengers Cup qualifying round, first leg CS Saint-Rémy’s hopes of making the group stage of the Challengers Cup hang by a thread after a debacle at the Intersat. The 3-1 loss flattered CSSR as Tihon dominated play and could well have scored more.
Cup Winners Cup first round, first leg – It’s all still to play for despite Clayquot City’s loss in Cloudsdale as the Flyers take a 1-0 lead to Kelssek.

Matchweek 6
“Kirkenes came apart at home as CS Saint-Rémy notched another win. Goals for as CSSR win 2-0 at Exhibition Place. And CF Outineau came together for once with a 4-0 win, Radomir Primakov with two goals and before you ask, no, not for Coppinger as that drought continues. But CF Outineau will feel like they’ve turned a corner even though it is just Colwyn. Right? Langlois and Latrobe in a 1-1 draw, and of course, all is chaos in Mazinaw as Vanorian give up eight goals – count them – eight! Burnaby SC win 8-3 at Crowchilds. This is surely the record for a high-scoring match in the KFL, we think. All this and more coming up on Podcast FC.”

Aleksander Lukonov [1]-1 LATROBE AFC 76’(GREAT GOAL – HD - DESPACITO)

Challengers Cup qualifying round, second leg – End of the road for St-Rémy, and for Kelssek’s involvement in the world club championships. CSSR’s luck finally ran out as they took a 1-0 lead but found their offence ruthlessly blunted by a Tihon side determined to qualify for the main stage of the tournament.
Cup Winners Cup first round, second leg – Clayquot City managed to level the aggregate score as Lyndon Haynes knocked in a goal for a 1-0 scoreline after ninety minutes at Kanard Park. But the Cloudsdale Flyers scored early in extra time, giving them not only a 2-1 lead but an away goal. Clayquot needed two and got as close as you can imagine with Colm McCarrigan putting the ball in the net two minutes later, but Cloudsdale held out against the onslaught to crush Clayquot dreams.

Matchweek 7
“Back to square one for CF Outineau as they lose again!... this time to CF St-Richard. And this one was ugly, it finished 4-2 as St-Richard are making another push for the top four. How long can keep his job in this situation? At least Brigitte Coppinger finally got her first goal for CF Outineau.

ASC Arvika got a big win against Strathcona in a 4-3 goal fest up in the north. Hamiltonian Cambria was held to a 2-2 draw against NGSA Ulyanof. Océanic left it late to get the winner against Colwynian Vale. That one finished 1-0 thanks to a poacher’s special from Patrice Langelier who met a rebound with a diving header. And more of goals, goals, goals, for Burnaby SC who won 5-3 at home to the Torbay Thunder, Kirkenes FC thrashed Shearwater 4-0 – the Kingswharf started emptying out at half-time with score 3-0, but to be fair it was... no, it was a nice day, so they’re not even fair-weather fans in Breton! All this and so much more, this is Podcast FC from G/S Radio.”

Matchweek 8
KBC NewsRadio
It’s Cambria, Oceanic and CSSR all separated by goal difference at the top of the table. Saint-Remy getting the better of Burnaby SC with a 2-1 win that puts the Centurions already 7 points adrift.

”Ascioli couldn’t find the pass he wanted and now it breaks the other way... It’s a four-on-two if Wimble can find the pass. He does find Xavier Julien! Crow shoots it!... St-Rémy get the opening goal!! Darin Crow makes it two-nil here at Stadium Konoha, it’s Burnaby who go behind!”

Is it time to talk about managerial changes yet? Certainly CF Outineau’s Peter Boyd is under pressure but for now a 2-0 win over ASC Arvika should mean he lives for next weekend. The problem obviously is the team’s first win coming eight weeks into the season is not a good time for any club. Meanwhile in Kirkenes...

Now it’s Jeurissen... finds WebsTERRRR!! What a strike! Kirkenes take the lead!!... Josie Webster met that one on the volley and there was no chance for Connely!
A vital goal in the fight for fourth and fifth which saw Kirkenes move ahead of Latrobe with a 2-0 victory at home. Coquitlam moves into the top half with a 3-0 pounding of Colwynian Vale. Clayquot City’s Ward Blackburn will serve a three-match suspension after being sent off for a two-footed scissor tackle in Torbay Thunder’s 3-2 win over Clayquot City. Marius Roberge-Savoie will be out for at least two months with an ankle injury, here’s Torbay manager Niall Jenkins:
”I think it’s an appropriate decision, Marius was lucky ‘cause stuff like that can end careers, as it is, he’s missing a lot more than three games... That’s the kind of tackle we don’t want in our game.”

Rounding off the weekend’s results, Strathcona won 3-1 against FC Novonaya with Pasargan striker Bratislav Rukavina scoring her fourth goal in three games for the Internationals to cancel out Novonaya’s opening goal from Henning Hemmingsen. Sean Donnelly and Laura Millclef added two more goals in the second half for Strathcona. Océanic enjoyed a dominating 3-0 win over St-Richard with Zilar Galharretborde named player of the match, and Logan Ragno’s well taken penalty in the 15th minute gave Mazinaw Vanorian a 1-0 win over Shearwater.

Matchweek 9
Welcome back to the studio here on KBC Sports. It’s a big win for the visitors here at B.A Johnston Field in Hamilton. Amos Proudhom is downstairs with Strathcona manager François St.-Louis.

“François, how important is this 2-0 win against Hamiltonian Cambria?”
“Yeah, given the way we handled this match against the league leaders, it’s a big, big result for where we want this club to be. I was very happy with how our players responded, their attitude is very good, both the young players and the more experienced ones. And especially for Laurel Tinker-Witt, a new goalkeeper in this league, to get a clean sheet in this high pressure match, well done for her.”
“Your team are now sixth, but you’re only six points away from the leaders, do you think you can catch them?”
“It’s very strong and competitive in this league now, and we have to focus on every match as it comes. We can’t get too much into league position right now it’s still early in the season. Precisely because it’s so close, we have to keep our concentration and focus one match at a time. There will be ups and there will be defeats and challenges... you know... that’s all.”
“Alright thank you François St-Louis, Strathcona Internationals manager.”

After winning 1-0 against Torbay Thunder, CS Saint-Rémy take sole possession of first place on 22 points with Kirkenes FC second and Océanic third, Hamiltonian and Latrobe AFC are right behind them, with just three points separating first from fifth. ASC Arvika earned a 3-3 draw against Oceanic, with Yolandi Heimat scoring his first goal for ASC there and named the player of the match. That puts the Langlois club in third place.

Now two of the teams that many see as underperforming picked up wins this weekend, with CF Outineau winning 3-1 in Novonaya, and Burnaby SC getting a 4-2 result against Shearwater. Both still far off where most would have predicted them being, Burnaby in 8th and Outineau in 13th position.

Matchweek 10
KBC NewsRadio
“You’re listening to Grandstand on KBC NewsRadio. Turning to soccer now, and major moves at the top of the KFL table as CS Saint-Rémy drop points at home to Shearwater.”

Corcrain floats that across... Oh, that’s too easy! It’s Shearwater who take the lead, Ronan Macpadraig with a simple finish... Brian Sanders with his head in his hands, how often do you see him miss a header like that?!

Crow now... Oohhh! The crowd here in St-Rémy want a penalty but that was a perfect sliding tackle from Karen! Great stuff to keep his team ahead against the league champions!

Fukushima... Froboess across to meet that pass... it’s through to JENKINS!! TWO NIL!! Nico Jenkins has silenced the Intersat! Saint-Rémy are in big, big trouble after 26 minutes!

...a few scares here. Oh, that’s a good through ball... DE SAINTYON!! IT’S THE EQUALIZER! St-Rémy have come from behind to tie this up!

“That match finished 2-2. Kirkenes FC move into first place with a 2-0 win against CF St-Richard. Lysander Brandis opened the scoring and then it was an own goal by Jonathan Dubios that finished that match. Langlois Océanic also overtook Saint-Rémy on goal difference with a 3-1 win at home to FC Novonaya. It’s just one point between the top three teams, with Strathcona Internationals lurking 4 points back in fourth. They got a 4-3 win against Kingstown Athletic. Meanwhile, CF Outineau back from the dead? It might be too soon to tell but they got an important win at home to move up to 12th. “

Wheeler to Primakov. Squares it for COPPINGER...!!! One-nil! She just bullied her way past Corella da Silva there!

And here’s Gerô!... Well, that’s not the prettiest goal but they all count! Off the shin is what fooled Damien Harcomb, and it’s the young Pasargan’s first senior goal!

...Cambria will feel hard done by, but they simply didn’t finish their chances. Jenkins moves it forward from deep. Moore... meant for Dario Tule, but Hamilton gets it back... Pataiere beats his man... and what a nice finish into the top corner, but that’s not going to change much in this match I’m afraid!

It’s not as gloomy at Parc de la Crémazie as it was 90 minutes ago, a 4-2 win for CF Outineau. And it’s a second straight defeat for Cambria... suddenly the early leaders are looking very vulnerable!

“Elsewhere Coquitlam United fell 2-1 to ASC Arvika, and Seamus Wylten scored a hat-trick as Clayquot City ran out 5-2 winners over Castors d’Outineau, who now sit bottom with just one win from ten matches.”

Matchweek 11
“And so it finishes 4-2 here as Oceanic claim a big win over Hamiltonian Cambria. Full match analysis and highlights coming up as we await the coaches in the media room, but first a round up of the day’s action... No goals but no shortage of excitement at the Dock, as the goalkeepers were the stars of the show. It’s really quite astounding that you put 14 shots on target from Latrobe AFC, 11 from Saint-Remy. And it finished 0-0, your thoughts, Harry Powell?”

“Yeah, those are nearly hockey shot totals there. And the quality was from the goalkeepers, Myles Connely had a couple of spectacular ones. And some very sharp work by Shaughlin to handle I think four one-on-one situations? I think he’d gotten into the heads of the Latrobe strikers by the end.”

“Saint-Remy did well defensively too, you have to credit Sanders and the effort by the midfield to really limit the options... Now, CF Outineau winning 2-0 away to Kingstown. Brigitte Coppinger with her second goal in two games. And Josh Farrer getting one bar-down from 20 yards. Crisis over? Crisis averted?”

“Well, not really, they are ninth in the table. That isn’t acceptable for that club. I really expected more from Kingstown to be honest. They’re not world-beaters, but they could’ve got a result from that match. How many times is Thimiscles Seanclair going to bail them out only for them to knock more holes in the boat?”

“The average age of the back four they played in that match was 22 and a half.”

“You’re suggesting it’s inexperience, I think they’re just not good enough. There’s plenty of young players who have an instinct and ability to read the game. Technique, the basics shouldn’t be an issue if you’re a professional footballer. Got to sort this out, Brockton, Bixby, or they’re not gonna have much of a future. Shawn Sim is due back from injury, so that’ll improve things I think.”

Matchweek 12
“...Kirkenes FC beating Novonaya 6-4 at the Ex, a good one for the neutrals, torture for the fans as it went back and forth before Kirkenes finally pulled away.”

“Novonaya have been... it’s like putting a truck engine into a smart car. You might win a drag race but it’s gonna spin out and crash and burn in tricky situations. They’ve got these two amazing, quality strikers, and just not a whole lot of quality in the rest of the squad. There’s only so much you can do. I think at around the 20th minute when they’ve been trading punches and the score was 2-2, they just started to go for it. And you love to see that, but it ended badly cause you can’t just outscore Kirkenes FC when you’re a freshly promoted team and they outmatch you clearly in 2/3rds of the pitch.”

“So to your point, they are 6th in the league in goals for... but second-last in goal difference, and second-last in the standings.”

“Sums it up really.”

“Couple of other high-scoring games here. CF Outineau thrashing Clayquot City 5-1 for their fifth win in a row, moving up to a lofty eighth in the table. Strathcona 5-2 winners over NGSA Ulyanof and closing the gap on Océanic in third, who lost 3-2 at home to Kingstown Athletic.”

“And slipping down the table is Hamiltonian Cambria who drew 2-2 with Coquitlam United, which you have to say is not what either team wanted.”

“The Easties think they should have won this, their manager Henri Hubert said as much. Dusty Clement scored one but should have had two, you could see he was trying to pick the corner. But the way Damien Harcomb was playing, just test him, force him to make the save. It was a great pass from Vepocojat, right between the two centre-backs.”

Matchweek 13
“CSSR falter on their trip to the Salt Coast, Castors dig themselves deeper into the muck as Strathcona climb to third, and Hamiltonian Cambria get back on form with a rivalry win against Kirkenes. Hello and welcome back to the Grandstand on KBC NewsRadio, now for some soccer action from the KFL Championship.”

Oh he’s done it! Valdez from an impossible angle! That has to be the winning goal for St-Richard! Saint-Remy’s gone nine league matches unbeaten, but that looks set to end with 5 minutes to go!

The VAR review is complete... it’s a penalty! Ward Blackburn can’t believe it!... and it’s a second yellow card! Blackburn is off! Clayquot are down to ten! What a turn of events here at Kanard Park.
Dupuis to take the penalty... oh it’s off the po- GOAL! A stroke of luck there! Jourdain Dupuis hit the post but made no mistake with the rebound. Just like that it’s all come apart for Clayquot City, as Langlois Oceanic take the lead, it’s 2-1!

“And 2-1 it finished. Meanwhile NGSA Ulyanof battled to a 2-2 draw against CF Outineau with Girolamo Alcides and Wang Yuan on target but their efforts cancelled out with a brace from Brigitte Coppinger.”

Coppinger!! CF Outineau have equalized!... That took a deflection off Hampton, it looks like. The Ethane defender looks to the heavens... 2-2 the score at the Stadium of the Stars!
Final whistle goes and... well it’s not the result they wanted, but it could’ve been worse for Outineau. It’s a slow climb back to the top but this is their sixth match unbeaten.

Matchweek 14
“Let’s start with the top of the table where two points separate five teams. Kirkenes FC are first with 30 points, ahead of Océanic and St-Rémy on goal difference. Followed by Strathcona in fourth on 28 points with one goal better than Burnaby SC. No signs of anyone pulling away just yet.”

“It’s definitely something you like to see as a fan, every match matters so much more in situations like this and it seems like one team gets an advantage, the next week they lose it, it’s thrilling stuff really. At the same time you realize that if it’s like this at the end of the season, one of these teams won’t make it to IFCF competition, it’s really that huge a thing to miss out on.”

“To that point of how close it is – Océanic were kind of despondent after they gave up a two-goal lead against NGSA Ulyanof in a game that ended 3-3. Second week in a row NGSA have held one of the big clubs to a draw, by the way. And then Kirkenes are up in the evening match, and they end up losing 2-1 at home to Kingstown. Some great saves by Thimiscles in that match. And then Saint-Rémy on Sunday bounce back from a defeat last week to see off ASC Arvika 2-1. Just like that, the top three are all deadlocked again.”

“Mazinaw Vanorian 1, Hamiltonian Cambria nil. Nice link up play with Pherem Mutsuga playing the ball square to Logan Ragno who put the ball into the net. It’s not been such a good year for Vanorian, has it? But they’re turning the corner, it looks like.”

“Yeah, they got a good win, was it 6-2 last week in Novonaya? Big goalfest, and now they’re building some momentum. The opposite story in Hamilton, as Cambria have slid down to ninth after leading the league earlier on. So that was a match of two teams going in opposite directions and the result really helped confirm it. One thing I’ll highlight is how Ivo Ilev has been key to this Mazinaw team recently.”

“Right you are. Strathcona drop to fourth after losing to the newly promoted side Torbay Thunder. Wild match too, 4-3 it ended. That allowed Burnaby SC to catch up on points with a 3-2 win against another promoted team FC Novonaya.”

“Torbay, well it’s a surprise and it’s not such a surprise I think. They’re up to 11th, and barring some kind of terrible collapse they should be well-placed to stay in the Championship. I’m more shocked by how badly Novonaya are doing. I would have predicted them to be more in Torbay’s spot, to be honest.”

“To say nothing of Castors, who were steamrolled in the Outineau derby in a flattering 2-0 win for CF Outineau. Flattering for the bottom team in the league, that is.”

“They’re only five or six points from safety, though? I don’t think they’re doomed, there’s plenty of time to make up that ground.”

Matchweek 15
KBC NewsRadio
“Headlines from the weekend’s action in the KFL Championship, now. Clayquot City came from behind to grab a 3-3 draw with Kirkenes which left KFC falling off the pace at the top of the table.”

No fuss from Elden as he got his head to that... Sketchy tackle by Lebaume but Clayquot get it clear. Only as far as Tesla down the left... Tesla’s cross met by Webster!! And that’s two-nil, what a strike low across the face of goal!

Echehun lofts it forward... lovely flick from Saikyomono. Wylten is in!... Great finish by Seamus Wylten! He picks that ball up right away and Clayquot have narrowed the deficit to one with just about 15 minutes to go!

Fresh legs of Holgersdottir, with a real chance to be the hero here. She skips past Gorka, but Elden will clean that up... Echehun now for Clayquot. He’s done well as a young centre-defender. Haynes is going to chase that... not a good cross, you have to s- OH MY WORD! What a calamity from Jason Curtin! I think that will be Lyndon Haynes’s goal, but that’s the equalizer on 89 minutes! That is a horrible feeling to give away a goal like that!...

Kirkenes fell to third place as both Océanic and Saint-Rémy took away comfortable wins against the bottom two. Langlois did just enough as Cory Browning’s header was the difference against struggling last-place side Castors d’Outineau, and CSSR won 3-1 on the road against FC Novonaya, who remain two points ahead of Les Castors in 19th place.

Hamiltonian Cambria drew 1-1 with Burnaby SC in a wet and windy affair at B.A. Johnston Field. Valladar striker Pierre Vasseur opened the scoring for Burnaby with a placed shot from the edge of the penalty box, while Ilan Milanovic levelled the score in the 62nd minute. CF Saint-Richard climb to 7th after a 1-0 win against Latrobe AFC, newly promoted sides Colwynian Vale and Torbay Thunder traded fire to a 4-4 stalemate, and Arjan Singh scored two in Coquitlam United’s 4-3 win over NGSA Ulaynof.

Matchweek 16
KBC NewsRadio
”Uhhh... It’s hard to know what to say after something like that. We obviously know it’s not good enough. We’ve got to not let this affect us, got to put it behind us really...”
Full-back Ashley Douglass speaking after a nine-game unbeaten run ended with a rude shock for CF Outineau as they lost 4-1 in Torbay. The Thunder have been a revelation this season and that big home win puts them in 12th place.

CS Saint-Rémy are back on top after winning 2-0 against Hamiltonian Cambria. Darin Crow scored just 4 minutes in and Xavier Julien got the second goal on 70 minutes to seal the win, which also makes it three games without a win for Cambria. Another big result came in Langlois as Océanic lost to Strathcona in a battle that was pretty even as a contest until Océanic just seemed to collapse in the final 20 minutes. Deadlocked at 2-2, Strathcona scored twice in 7 minutes to seal the win and Océanic never looked like getting back into that game.

Kirkenes FC kept up the pace by trouncing NGSA Ulyanof 5-1 with Isidra Jeurissen scoring twice and Josie Webster picking up the player of the match award for a masterclass in midfield. A big surprise between Kingstown and Burnaby and it’s the Lakers who are above Burnaby in the standings in a shock 4-3 win that silenced the Stadium Konoha crowd, which saw Luke Randall get a hat-trick and Thimiscles Seanclair save a penalty. Gabriel Farahani’s free kick gave ASC Arvika 1-1 draw away to Latrobe, while Seong Mi-Na and Pascal Desdelices were on the board as CF St-Richard won 2-0 against Colwynian Vale...

                                Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 CS Saint-Rémy 16 11 3 2 24 10 +14 36
2 Kirkenes FC 16 11 1 4 41 23 +18 34
3 Langlois Océanic 16 10 3 3 38 26 +12 33
4 Strathcona Internationals 16 10 2 4 43 28 +15 32

5 Kingstown Athletic 16 10 0 6 28 28 0 30
6 Burnaby SC 16 9 2 5 42 31 +11 29
7 CF Saint-Richard 16 9 2 5 25 27 −2 29
8 Latrobe AFC 16 7 5 4 17 12 +5 26
9 CF Outineau 16 7 3 6 32 23 +9 24
10 Hamiltonian Cambria 16 7 3 6 26 24 +2 24
11 Coquitlam United 16 6 3 7 27 26 +1 21
12 Torbay Thunder 16 6 3 7 32 32 0 21
13 Mazinaw Vanorian 16 5 3 8 24 30 −6 18
14 Clayquot City 16 4 5 7 33 32 +1 17
15 ASC Arvika 16 5 2 9 20 27 −7 17
16 Shearwater FC 16 4 4 8 25 36 −11 16
17 NGSA Ulyanof 16 2 7 7 28 36 −8 13
18 Colwynian Vale 16 2 7 7 22 34 −12 13
19 FC Novonaya 16 3 1 12 31 50 −19 10
20 Castors d'Outineau 16 2 1 13 16 39 −23 7

Matchweek 16.5 - Coupe des Patriotes first round
Welcome to this Patriotes Cup first round special for Podcast FC, we look at all the action taking place this week, and it’s also a good time to look at what’s happening in the lower divisions of the KFL. That’s a lot of ground to cover and we’re clearly not going to get to all of it, but why don’t we start with any of the Cup results that stood out for you guys?

I’m picking out Port City 4, Association Ariddienne 5. What a match that was. For Port City, losing like that when they were leading 4-1 at 50 minutes, it stings. Morale wise, that’s got to be a real blow to a Port City club that were in the Championship last year and now are looking at a second straight relegation in the league.

Sort of the highlight fixture, I guess, which was Kawarthas 2, Sitka Valley 3 in extra time. Aengus Ditmarsh with the winner for Sitka. Two clubs fighting for promotion in the National, although 2nd-place Sitka certainly looking more likely than Kawarthas down in 9th. Should Kawarthas have played Lelfick in goal instead of the youngster Julijan Koprvic?

Well, you’ve got a deal with Metropola Borograd that he’ll get at least X number of games, that’s one thing, but he’s clearly better than Simon Lelfick. Who I don’t think will have much of a future at Kawarthas even after the loan is over, because there was a reason they looked at who might be sent out to them and said we’ll take the 19-year old goalie.

And you know, in the league, they’re still in playoffs contention, and we saw how Colwnyian Vale won promotion last season after finishing 6th, and it’s very close in the top half, so you can’t write off any of the teams going down to tenth, I think.

Ok, let’s move on to... Association South league leaders Saintsport Heath were knocked out on penalties by National division PGK. A close one there, and those could be two clubs trading divisions at the end of the season. And I think the one surprise, on paper, is West Haligonia Spartan beating Wynleth Flyers but the Spartan, as a lower league team, tops their table by some margin while Wynleth is relegation fodder...

...Let’s talk about the promotion race in KFL National, then. North York lead by 3 points after 16 games, Sitka Valley second, those are the automatic places. St. Kildera 5 points behind, followed by CF Mirabelle, Southbank Mariners, and Fretscray rounding out the playoff spots. And then four teams one point behind 6th: Redswyth Red Stars, Rivière-du-Nord, Kawarthas, and Metropolitan. Still a wide-open race just coming up on the halfway mark, hey. Put you on the spot, predict the three who go up.

It is indeed too close to call, really. Uh, I think Sitka, North York, and Redswyth.

Really? I don’t think Sitka will last, actually. I do like North York’s chances, but I’ll say Mirabelle and Saint-K will be the other two. Association North sees Saintsport Heath in front by six points over Chateaufroid, and then St. David in third. Association South’s top three are closer, with West Haligonia Spartan in front by two points over Innisfail, and third is Union Lachine.
-   KFL National             Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 North York FC 16 12 3 1 36 18 +18 39
2 Sitka Valley 16 11 3 2 35 21 +14 36
3 St. Kildera FC 16 10 1 5 34 29 +5 31
4 CF Mirabelle 16 9 2 5 25 17 +8 29
5 Southbank Mariners 16 8 3 5 28 20 +8 27
6 Fretscray FC 16 7 3 6 23 23 0 24
7 Redswyth Red Stars 16 6 5 5 29 28 +1 23
8 CS Rivière-du-Nord 16 6 5 5 26 25 +1 23
9 Kawarthas District 16 7 2 7 19 21 −2 23
10 Metropolitan FC 16 7 2 7 23 28 −5 23
11 Trenton AC 16 6 3 7 23 23 0 21
12 King Albert Park 16 6 3 7 23 24 −1 21
13 Association Ariddienne 16 5 4 7 25 26 −1 19
14 AS Concordia-Montérégie 16 5 3 8 25 28 −3 18
15 Arlingsdale City 16 5 2 9 20 26 −6 17
16 Point Grey & Kitsilano 16 5 2 9 17 23 −6 17
17 Capital City FC 16 3 7 6 17 27 −10 16
18 Port City FC 16 2 8 6 17 23 −6 14
19 Wynleth Flyers 16 3 4 9 22 28 −6 13
20 Sudbury Rangers 16 2 5 9 20 29 −9 11

KFL Association North Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Saintsport Heath 12 10 2 0 32 8 +24 32
2 Châteaufroid 10 8 2 0 17 3 +14 26
3 St. David Wanderers 13 7 4 2 31 13 +18 25
4 Llandlaff City 13 6 2 5 17 16 +1 20
5 Bramerlea Bulldogs 11 5 2 4 14 13 +1 17
6 Áfram Gimli 10 5 0 5 11 9 +2 15
7 Hawthorn Elms 10 4 3 3 13 16 −3 15
8 New Scarborough 10 4 2 4 12 16 −4 14
9 Natanel Royals 13 3 3 7 11 21 −10 12
10 Keeleford County 11 3 2 6 8 16 −8 11
11 High River 11 2 3 6 12 19 −7 9
12 Neíra Alavaria 10 3 0 7 9 18 −9 9
13 Rockecliffe & Eatons 10 2 1 7 10 19 −9 7
14 Ealesgreen United 10 1 2 7 5 15 −10 5

KFL Association South Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 West Haligonia Spartan 12 9 1 2 24 12 +12 28
2 Innisfail County 13 8 2 3 35 20 +15 26
3 Union Lachine 13 7 3 3 24 19 +5 24
4 Pembina City 10 6 2 2 16 9 +7 20
5 AS Grands-Sources 11 6 1 4 26 19 +7 19
6 Gagliano Mariners 10 5 2 3 16 14 +2 17
7 Miramichi Lakers 10 5 2 3 11 10 +1 17
8 Stade Laneux 10 3 4 3 19 19 0 13
9 Stade Montagnards 13 3 3 7 16 22 −6 12
10 Sunrise Coast 10 2 4 4 15 18 −3 10
11 Wild Rose FC 11 2 3 6 10 18 −8 9
12 Delta Sortherns 10 2 3 5 6 14 −8 9
13 AS Lac-Abitargnais 11 2 1 8 8 21 −13 7
14 Breton Pacifica 10 0 3 7 11 22 −11 3

Matchweek 17
Corinne Eriksen now... Deschamps plays it forward for de Saintyon! And Saint-Remy take the lead through Arsène de Saintyon!!

Crow is through on goal!... Seanclair comes out and saves it! Excellent work by the Kingstown goalkeeper! That’s a game-saver right there!

Lois Combeford’s duel with Greta Enger has been the story of this match. And this time Combeford gets past Enger... That shot’s come off Sanders, and is that... handball? Kingstown want a penalty, and it looks like VAR is going to come into play...

...The referee’s checked the screen... and it’s a penalty!
Big moment for Lane Michaels here... into the bottom right corner, no fear from the young man!! Kingstown have equalized, it’s 1-1!

CS Saint-Remy drop points with a draw against Kingstown Athletic and Kirkenes FC took advantage by beating cellar dwellers Castors d’Outineau 3-1 to take top spot by goal difference.

Meanwhile a rematch of last year’s Patriotes Cup final saw Burnaby SC run off with a 5-2 win away to Clayquot City. They’re racking up the goals these few weeks and move into 5th place with that win.

A 1-1 stalemate in Arvika leaves Colywnian Vale one point above the relegation zone. Anis Trabelsi gave the Dockers the lead before ASC pulled one back on the counter attack from substitute Davis Quintin.

Rounding out the week was a big match between two Beaulac clubs as CF Outineau hosted Océanic.

Primakov!... what a miss!! With the goal at his mercy, that should have been 1-0 to Outineau.

Coppinger’s on the rebound!... and it’s Davies who gets it in! Two saves from Normand weren’t enough, we’re all square at 1-1!

Armisael switches that play, it’s now Adelaide Southers down the right. Uzo slipped up there, pretty wet day toda-Elzokari’s taken out Galharretborde there, but the referee’s played the advantage! Three on two for Océanic, what will Ryu do here? He lofts it for DUPUIS!! And that’s surely the winning goal!! 2-1 Océanic!

CF Outineau striker Brigitte Coppinger was outspoken about the team’s lacklustre season. She sparked controversy with her post-match comments to NSN’s Thomas Ching, in what many fans have interpreted as a shot at her manager.

”Quite frankly it’s not what I was promised in terms of the winning mentality. I look around and see a team that’s capable of a lot more. The direction we’re going is all wrong and the fans deserve better than what we’re giving them.”

The 32-year old Nepharim striker arrived in the off season from Crisisbless in one of the KFL’s biggest transfers of the window.

CF Saint-Richard 2–0 Torbay Thunder
ASC Arvika 1–1 Colwynian Vale
FC Novonaya 2–5 Latrobe AFC
Hamiltonian Cambria 2–6 Shearwater FC
Kingstown Athletic 1–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Clayquot City 2–5 Burnaby SC
NGSA Ulyanof 0–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Castors d'Outineau 1–3 Kirkenes FC
Strathcona Internationals 4–2 Coquitlam United
CF Outineau 1–2 Langlois Océanic

Matchweek 18
A managerial casualty at CF Outineau as Peter Boyd has resigned and the board is expected to confirm Romain Dupuis as the new manager, which opens up the job at CF Saint-Richard. Boyd probably pushed as much as jumped there, as a team many considered title favourites languish in 10th place after a third straight loss. Coquitlam United were 2-1 winners with Dusty Clement’s brace piling misery upon CFO. Also in Burnaby...
Alcides slots it through for Wang Yuan... OH YES! It’s in and NGSA have the lead! A great first touch from the Chromatik striker and he put it past Despatie!

...Kevin Hampton has had the better of that matchup here, Burnaby can’t get down the middle with him bossing the backline. Ascioli moves it wide now. That’s a low cross from Fiete! VASSEUR!! No chance for Tergien! Burnaby are level, it’s 1-1!!

Jonas Petteri had the beating of Ascioli there. Aaron Karushige has the ball out wide for Burnaby... Hampton heads clear. Oh, it’s a gift for Whetwoth, if he can find the run of Hartley! Dennis Hartley!! Lofted into the top corner!! NGSA are in front again!!

We’re tied at two now. Zucker has really settled down this midfield for Burnaby since coming on... Feidhlim’s got the fresh legs too... Tergien tips it wide! And it’s Vasseur again!!! 3-2 to Burnaby, that was slipshod defending from the Ulyanof club. They’ve had the lead twice in this game but now Burnaby SC have the advantage...

3-2 the final score there, and that’s set the table for the relegation spots. With Colwynian Vale’s 3-0 win against FC Novonaya, that puts NGSA Ulyanof five points from safety, FC Novonaya three points behind them, and Castors d’Outineau, whose 3-1 home defeat against Mazinaw Vanorian was the seventh straight sees them bottom of the league with only 7 points.

At the top of the table CS Saint-Remy lost 3-2 against Clayquot City and Kirkenes FC went top of the league with a stunning 5-1 win over Strathcona Internationals, who fall to fifth. Eva Karven with two goals, Josie Webster, Isidra Jeurissen, and Conan Markowski also on the scoresheet for Kirkenes. A big win too for Torbay Thunder who beat Langlois Oceanic 3-1. ASC Arvika won 1-0 against CF Saint-Richard, Shearwater got a 1-0 win home to Kingstown.

Torbay Thunder 3–1 Langlois Océanic
Coquitlam United 2–1 CF Outineau
Kirkenes FC 5–1 Strathcona Internationals
Mazinaw Vanorian 3–1 Castors d'Outineau
Burnaby SC 3–2 NGSA Ulyanof
CS Saint-Rémy 2–3 Clayquot City
Shearwater FC 1–0 Kingstown Athletic
Latrobe AFC 1–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
Colwynian Vale 3–0 FC Novonaya
CF Saint-Richard 0–1 ASC Arvika
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Matchweek 19

It’s a chance for league leaders Kirkenes to put some space between them and the chasers. Meanwhile, it’s Romain Dupuis thrown in at the deep end! Two days after taking the job as manager of CF Outineau he faces a home clash against the old enemy. Can he salvage the season with CFO in tenth place as they take on their league-leading rivals? This is Saturday Soccer, it’s the War of the Crowns, and it’s live!...

And Kirkenes cut that out very promptly off the boot of Tucker... Coppinger is letting Farrer know she didn’t think that cross was any use to anyone... It’ll be interesting to see how the new manager handles outspoken personalities like that in the squad...

Wheeler tackles. Oh this could be dangerous as Outineau have caught Kirkenes on the counter!.. And that’s great defensive work by Elden to give Primakov nowhere to go...

...Coppinger is on-side here!... Curtin’s down...! but Lily Marshall slides in with a goal line clearance!! That was a certain goal for Outineau, but we’re still scoreless here! We’re just 30 minutes into the Romain Dupuis era, and the crowd seems happier already!...

...Hernandez going to get away there, and Avalor’s going to get a yellow card for his trouble. Free kick for CF Outineau, 40 yards out on the left flank. Corvin lofts it forward. Primakov..! It’s saved by Curtin!

Coming up at half time, what’s wrong in Hamilton? After a shock surrender to Colwynian Vale, it’s the seventh game without a win for Hamiltonian Cambria and they slide down to tenth. What’s wrong in Clayquot? Shearwater showed up and give City a 5-0 thrashing. Highlights and more coming up.

Thanks Justin, and it’s still nil-nil here. A rare foray for Kirkenes here as Josie Webster moves the ball forward. Elzokari closed that down well... oh and Potter’s miscued that... loose ball is taken by Brandis. Oooohh it’s OWEN WHO SCORES!! A thunderbolt and completely against the run of play, Kirkenes FC will take a 1-0 lead at half time!..

...The message I think would be to keep at it, CF Outineau have clearly been the better team and they just need to almost ignore what happened and go out and keep playing they way they’ve been playi-Primakov plays it to VEDDICHOOOooh what a chance that was! Straight over the bar from point blank range by Alain Veddicho...
...wider a little, trying to find that extra margin to get back on level terms. 79% possession this match and behind 1-0, that really tells the story. Coppinger... Hernandez finds Primakov! AND OUTINEAU ARE LEVEL! Great work to get his head to that! And now CF Outineau surely have the wind in their sails.

Cross in from Douglass... and Primakov hits the post!! That should’ve been his second!... Outineau are really pushing here!

...electrifying, intelligent player, I think we’re going to be seeing more of Marietta Tesla... She’s going for it! Saint-Gerlais had to be sharp to get to that... Outineau clear, but Elzokari’s not gotten it very far. Back in from Markowski!! OHHH it’s in at the near post! Kirkenes are ahead again! What a finish by Sophie Hildebrandt! The 20-year old rookie puts KFC ahead in the War of the Crowns!... A real turn of events. Somehow, Kirkenes are winning this match.

...he did well to ride that challenge by Auiloquet. Jeurissen. No way through, Elzokari made sure of that. Primakov’s making a run. So is Ashley Douglass. It’s Douglass from the left! A great cross and Coppinger with the finish!!!... SHE’S MISSED IT!! That was a certain goal! That should have been the equalizer!

...and with CS Saint-Remy having won their match in Ulyanof, Kirkenes know they need three points here. They’ve got to hold out for another 10 minutes plus added time. But here’s Outineau trying to get three points themselves! Veddicho runs into a brick wall of Elden there...

...back they come on the counter! Here’s Kirkland coming forward for KFC now. Brandis from the edge of the AREA!!! A deadly strike from Lysander Brandis! What a collapse by CF Outineau this is! They had this game for the taking and they now go two goals down!

That’s the final whistle and Kirkenes FC wins 3-1 in the War of the Crowns! Wasted chances. That’s the simple story for CF Outineau here. Romain Dupuis has lost his first match in charge of CFO, and it’s a long road ahead...

Meanwhile in the Coupe des Patriotes second round, the upset of the round was Association side Bramerlea Bulldogs knocking out Metropolitan 3-2, and Hawthorn Elms are into the third round after winning 2-0 against Sunrise Coast. More expected results as well: Sitka Valley beat Pembina City 2-0, and Capital City won 4-1 against Stade Laneux. Some tasty fixtures for the third round where the Championship clubs enter the competition. Kirkenes will be home against defending champions Clayquot City, and a Battle of Beaulac between CF Outineau and CS Saint-Rémy, that one’s already booked for the 55,000-seater Olympic Stadium.

ASC Arvika 3–3 Torbay Thunder
FC Novonaya 2–4 CF Saint-Richard
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–2 Colwynian Vale
Kingstown Athletic 0–2 Latrobe AFC
Clayquot City 0–5 Shearwater FC
NGSA Ulyanof 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Castors d'Outineau 1–4 Burnaby SC
Strathcona Internationals 3–5 Mazinaw Vanorian
CF Outineau 1–3 Kirkenes FC
Langlois Océanic 2–2 Coquitlam United

Matchweek 20
Plot thickens! Chaos at the top! Or not really? Big results but not much movement, is this a turning point in the title race? Océanic sure hope so after Atsushi Ryu’s big goal gave them a 1-0 win against Kirkenes, who remain first by just two points.

CS Saint-Remy had a chance to go level on points but they were held to a 0-0 draw against cellar team Castors d’Outineau. This was Les Castors’ first point in eight matches but they’re still in a deep rut and both the other two teams in the relegation zone won this weekend. FC Novonaya are second from bottom but took an important 4-3 win against ASC Arvika who are also fighting to stay above the drop zone, and NGSA Ulyanof won 2-1 against Shearwater with Rory Canning-Meagher putting in a player of the match performance.

CF Outineau got their first win under new manager Romain Dupuis. Radomir Primakov, Adam Corvin, and Brigitte Coppinger all scored in a 3-0 win against Mazinaw Vanorian. And Strathcona Internationals took a big step in the fight for fourth spot and the last Challengers Cup place when they won 2-0 at home to Burnaby SC with Bratislav Rukavina’s double sinking the Centurions. The two teams are now level points with Burnaby clinging to fourth place on goal difference.

Torbay Thunder 2–4 Coquitlam United
Langlois Océanic 1–0 Kirkenes FC
CF Outineau 3–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
Strathcona Internationals 2–0 Burnaby SC
Castors d'Outineau 0–0 CS Saint-Rémy
NGSA Ulyanof 2–1 Shearwater FC
Clayquot City 2–0 Latrobe AFC
Kingstown Athletic 2–0 Colwynian Vale
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–1 CF Saint-Richard
FC Novonaya 4–3 ASC Arvika

Matchweek 21
Kirkenes FC extend their lead to four points after Saint-Remy fought to a draw 1-1 against Strathcona Internationals. Kirkenes then beat Coquitlam United 2-1. Hamiltonian Cambria have fallen six spots to 15th in just three weeks, adding a 2-1 loss in the far north to ASC Arvika to a dismal run of form. Cale de Munster’s 85th minute winner takes ASC’s safety margin ahead of 18th place NGSA Ulyanof to 8 points. League play takes a break next week for the Patriotes Cup third round as all Championship teams enter the national cup competition.
FC Novonaya 3–3 Torbay Thunder
ASC Arvika 2–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
CF Saint-Richard 3–2 Kingstown Athletic
Colwynian Vale 1–5 Clayquot City
Latrobe AFC 2–2 NGSA Ulyanof
Shearwater FC 1–1 Castors d'Outineau
CS Saint-Rémy 1–1 Strathcona Internationals
Burnaby SC 1–1 CF Outineau
Mazinaw Vanorian 0–0 Langlois Océanic
Kirkenes FC 2–1 Coquitlam United

Coupe des Patriotes third round
Lots of upsets in the Patriotes Cup, let’s get right to it. Two of the top three league teams are out of the Cup! Defending champions Clayquot City won 3-2 in Kirkenes to knock out the league leaders. But there’s a bigger upset as National division Capital City went to Langlois and knocked out Oceanic by the same scoreline.

More lower division teams winning against the top flight. Hamiltonian Cambria’s dire league form continued in a loss to National division’s Sitka Valley, Coquitlam United lost 1-0 against Association Ariddienne, and Innisfail County of the KFL Association South beat Torbay Thunder 1-0. One match which maybe was even more than expected was Strathcona’s 9-1 pounding of the third division’s Bramerlea Bulldogs.

You know, all these are teams that have been kind of flat and not very inspiring in the last few weeks. It’s a wake up call. As a neutral you hope this makes for a more energetic bunch of teams when we’re back in the league next week. Add to that CF Outineau losing to St-Remy 4-0, that’s definitely a wake-up call. New manager, same old... crap.

Matchweek 22
Torbay Thunder get a thrilling upset against league leaders Kirkenes FC! And Saint-Remy win the Battle of Beaulac twice in two weeks with a 1-0 win that rubs CF Outineau’s faces in it. We’ll start with that. Romain Dupuis moves from CF Saint-Richard to manage a team that’s six places and 11 points behind the Navigators... Was this the mistake of his career?

This is his fifth match, right? He’s faced three rivalry matches, all losses. He’s drawn against Burnaby SC, and he won against Mazinaw. So five tough matches, four of them really tough matches. It stings but what kind of expectations are you going to hold over a guy who comes into a club with big expectations and stuff that’s coming off the rails? The other side of that question is, would he have been better off staying at St-Richard? With a team that he built, he’s got a great rapport with the fans and he’s brought them success, by that club’s standards, taken them into international competitions. You have one of the biggest clubs in the country asking for your services, it’s hard to say no.

The question you ask is, can he win the league with Saint-Richard, or with CF Outineau? You have to be honest and say as much as you love what he’s done for club like Saint-Richard, that’s kind of the limit, what he got out of those players. And the writing’s on the wall, because you get them to fourth and what happens, your stars get signed up by the big boys. You’re fighting against the current. But with CFO, you have a chance to do much more. That’s a squad that should be consistent title challengers, consistently in the IFCF, and if he can get them to just play to their ability, that’s where they’ll be.

Ok, it’s time to take our first break, and when we return, Burnaby moves into third after a 3-2 win away to Oceanic. The Centurions are now four points from the top. For weeks now it’s been between Kirkenes and Saint-Remy. But are they a factor in the title race? Hamiltonian Cambria lose again, this time to relegation-battlers FC Novonaya. And when you’re 15th you’re not too far from being relegation fodder yourself... So has Johannes Sulo lost the magic touch? What’s happening to Cambria?

Torbay Thunder 3–2 Kirkenes FC
Coquitlam United 2–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Langlois Océanic 2–3 Burnaby SC
CF Outineau 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Strathcona Internationals 4–4 Shearwater FC
Castors d'Outineau 1–2 Latrobe AFC
NGSA Ulyanof 3–1 Colwynian Vale
Clayquot City 2–1 CF Saint-Richard
Kingstown Athletic 1–1 ASC Arvika
Hamiltonian Cambria 0–1 FC Novonaya

Matchweek 23
We’ll start at Stadium Konoha where the Battle of Burnaby saw Burnaby SC lose 2-1 thanks to Arjan Singh’s tenth goal of the season. A volley which went in off the upright from 20 yards, a good time for him to find some form in what’s been an up and down season for him. Coquitlam United take the bragging rights having won both of the Battle of Burnaby matches this season.

Kirkenes FC continue to lead by one point. Now they were playing on Sunday, so it was a pressure situation after Saint-Rémy won on Saturday with 1-0 at home to Océanic, who dropped to 6th place. Océanic are falling away after looking like real title contenders earlier this year. Anyway, Kirkenes finally got a the goal they needed six minutes from time against a very tough defensive effort from Mazinaw Vanorian, who really should have gotten that point. Rookie Eva Karven was the scorer and 1-0 it finished. Also, Strathcona won 3-1 against Latrobe to stay 6 points behind the leaders but they move up to 3rd place with Burnaby and Océanic losing games this weekend.

A relegation six-pointer went Castors d’Outineau’s way. Their first win in over 3 months against 18th-place Colwynian Vale narrows the gap leaving them 8 points away from safety, although that’s realistically 9 when you look at the huge goal difference disadvantage they’ve got. NGSA Ulyanof and Colwynian tied on points there. Can you imagine if relegation comes down to that?

Hamiltonian Cambria 1–0 Torbay Thunder
FC Novonaya 0–1 Kingstown Athletic
ASC Arvika 1–1 Clayquot City
CF Saint-Richard 3–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Colwynian Vale 0–1 Castors d'Outineau
Latrobe AFC 1–3 Strathcona Internationals
Shearwater FC 0–1 CF Outineau
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Langlois Océanic
Burnaby SC 1–2 Coquitlam United
Mazinaw Vanorian 0–1 Kirkenes FC

Matchweek 24
...and in the KFL Championship it stays tight in the title race. Wins for Kirkenes and Saint-Rémy mean it’s still one point between them at the top of the table.

Brandis steams right past Boulechemin! She finds Darnell Owen... and it’s in!! Kirkenes are now two goals ahead! Missed tackle from Zuecker, Liadon caught upfield, and it’s all going wrong for the Centurions already!
Pierre Vasseur... OH WHAT A STRIKE! The Valladar has done it again, Burnaby SC with an instant reply! Manager Seth Harrison stormed right over to the touchline and he’s already yelling instructions... Can they get another one?
And it’s over here at Exhibition Place! Burnaby were pushing hard but they couldn’t get the equalizer. It’s a second loss in a row, but they will remain fourth. And this could be a vital win for the league leaders!

CS Saint-Rémy meanwhile were in Burnaby to take on Coquitlam United, and came away 1-0 winners thanks to a diving header from right-back Jérémie Chasseur-Ardenne. Corinne Eriksen was sent off with 25 minutes left but CSSR were able to hold on to their lead and keep pace with KFC.

At the bottom of the table the plot thickens. After going 10 games without a win Castors d’Outineau are now five points from safety and won twice in a row for the first time this year by beating CF Saint-Richard 1-0 on a wondergoal by Thor Ibrahim. But ahead of them NGSA Ulyanof, Colwynian Vale, and FC Novonaya are all tied on points with NGSA safe on goal difference...

Torbay Thunder 4–2 Mazinaw Vanorian
Kirkenes FC 3–2 Burnaby SC
Coquitlam United 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Langlois Océanic 0–1 Shearwater FC
CF Outineau 2–0 Latrobe AFC
Strathcona Internationals 2–0 Colwynian Vale
Castors d'Outineau 1–0 CF Saint-Richard
NGSA Ulyanof 1–4 ASC Arvika
Clayquot City 2–4 FC Novonaya
Kingstown Athletic 1–2 Hamiltonian Cambria

Coupe des Patriotes fourth round
More upsets in the Patriotes Cup! Oh boy this one was a big one. Association Ariddienne are into the quarter-finals after winning on penalties against CS Saint-Rémy. Absolutely incredible scenes as they hosted one of the biggest clubs in the country in the 5,000-seater Stade Pailler in northeastern Outineau. The score was 2-2 at full time, with André Latoux and Benjamin Mina scoring for Ariddienne while the much better-known names Darin Crow and Caleb Roy did for CSSR. Finally it was Arsène de Saintyon who missed the decisive penalty. Something that the 22-year old is going to have to learn from. But really quite an amazing achievement for this club that just got promoted to the National division this year, for the first time ever. What a story for them, and they’re in the last eight now!

They’re also joined by Capital City FC, who beat Innisfail County 2-0, so there was always going to be at least one lower-division team in the quarterfinals. But another probably smaller upset was Latrobe AFC losing on penalties to Colwynian Vale. And in a re-match of last year’s final, Clayquot City rose to win again, 3-1 against Burnaby SC. Clayquot have been pretty indifferent in the league so they’ll be very happy with that result.

Matchweek 25
...So it was all square in the top-of-the-table clash at the Intersat as Saint-Rémy and Kirkenes fight to a 1-1 draw. This fixture practically cliched the title for CSSR last season, this time is it advantage Kirkenes?

- Yes, CSSR now need Kirkenes to slip up, and not slip up themselves. I think this was a really big missed opportunity. There’s still time, and a lot could still change, but yes, Kirkenes now can breathe a bit easier that they’ve got that contest behind them.

CF Outineau move up to ninth spot with a 6-0 thrashing of Colwynian Vale. So Romain Dupuis has got them around the corner now? It is “just” Colwynian, I know...

- Better than the alternative. It’s the kind of win they needed, there’s a lot of ground to make up though, and I don’t think Strathcona or Burnaby are going to be slipping up, and even if they do, there are four teams up ahead of them.

OK, well after beating Burnaby in the Cup midweek, Clayquot gave up five goals and lost 5-3 against Hamiltonian Cambria. They needed that win, Cambria, their third in a row and hopefully at least get back on track, even though this isn’t going to be their year. Remarkably Les Castors picked up a third win in a row this week too. A 2-1 away win against ASC Arvika, problem is it’s only their fifth all year. Then again, they now only need 4 points to get out of the relegation zone, so the situation’s not as dire anymore. It’s going to be a very tense fight at the bottom of the table...

Kingstown Athletic 3–2 Torbay Thunder
Hamiltonian Cambria 5–3 Clayquot City
FC Novonaya 2–2 NGSA Ulyanof
ASC Arvika 1–2 Castors d'Outineau
CF Saint-Richard 1–2 Strathcona Internationals
Colwynian Vale 0–6 CF Outineau
Latrobe AFC 2–2 Langlois Océanic
Shearwater FC 1–1 Coquitlam United
CS Saint-Rémy 1–1 Kirkenes FC
Burnaby SC 2–0 Mazinaw Vanorian

Matchweek 26
“Jeurissen trying to find a red shirt but Karen did well to cut out that cross, and it’s Shearwater with the ball now... Thorpe... back for Leste. Corcrain got taken out there! Markowski’s going to get the game’s first yellow card.
Kirkenes trying to set the tone here, maybe a bit late, that tackle, harsh decision I thought.
Fukushima is through!!... MACPADRAIG...!! Shearwater takes the lead!! They’ve silenced the home fans here in Kirkenes.”

Shearwater’s Karen was player of the match as Shearwater snatched a 1-1 draw away to Kirkenes FC in a result that shakes up the title race after CS Saint-Rémy’s match in Mazinaw.

De Saintyon is forced wide with the ball... gets that to Julien... GOAL!! Xavier Julien slots it in from a sharp angle! Saint-Rémy takes the lead!
Ohhh that’s a terrible mistake from Rackard! He’s headed that through ball right past his own keeper! CSSR certainly didn’t need any help, and with that own goal they go up 3-0!

It finished 3-1 and with that CS Saint-Rémy move into first place by a point. At the other end of the table, a big win for NGSA Ulyanof as they kept themselves out of the relegation zone with a 3-2 win against Hamiltonian Cambria. Girolamo Alcides was stellar in that match for NGSA and won the penalty that made the difference, converted with flair by Wang Yuan.

A crucial encounter between FC Novonaya and Castors d’Outineau saw a 4-2 win for the Centaurs as Henning Hemmingsen’s hat trick helped Novonaya make up some of the goal difference that leaves them still in the relegation zone. It’s a big blow for Castors’ hopes, coming into the match off three straight wins, a win here could have vaulted them off the bottom of the table.

Torbay Thunder 0–2 Burnaby SC
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–3 CS Saint-Rémy
Kirkenes FC 1–1 Shearwater FC
Coquitlam United 2–4 Latrobe AFC
Langlois Océanic 1–0 Colwynian Vale
CF Outineau 3–2 CF Saint-Richard
Strathcona Internationals 3–1 ASC Arvika
Castors d'Outineau 2–4 FC Novonaya
NGSA Ulyanof 3–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Clayquot City 1–1 Kingstown Athletic

Matchweek 27
The lead changes hands again. Kirkenes FC held scoreless by Latrobe AFC at the Docklands, and what did CS Saint-Rémy do with this chance to extend the lead...? They lost at home to Burnaby SC as the Centurions again had loanee Pierre Vasseur on the mark to take the game 1-0. That result means Kirkenes moves ahead on goal difference.

- It’s looking just like last year but in reverse, isn’t it? This time it’s Kirkenes who benefit from goal difference, +27 to +18 for CSSR, and at this rate it could be decisive. Supposedly defence wins championships, and you can see Cale Shaughlin is a hot bet for the golden glove, it’s clear Saint-Rémy are a solid defence, which is apparently worth a lot in the KFL. Old jokes about “KFL defending” not withstanding. But if you can’t put the ball in the net, you’re not going to have a good time.

In fact, one of the teams in the relegation zone’s scored more goals that Saint-Rémy.

- Really? Wow.

NGSA Ulyanof, with 43 goals, have seven more than the defending champions in second place. In fact, only two teams have scored fewer goals than Saint-Rémy this season. Second-last Colwnyian Vale, and last place Castors d’Outineau.

- Cripes. If Saint-Rémy blow this... won’t have to look very far to see what the problem is.

Happy days are here again for CF Outineau? A thriller in the far north ended up with the fifth straight win for Romain Dupuis’s squad. ASC Arvika thought they could steal this one when they took a 3-1 lead into half time but Brigitte Coppinger had other ideas as she scored twice and set up strike partner Radomir Primakov for the winning goal. A high-octane, character performance. Games like that really show the mettle of a squad. It’s hard to believe these are the same players that were limping into 12th place just two months ago.

- We don’t really have a Battle of Lupinissia, because I think this is actually the first time NGSA and Novonaya have been in the same division... and it’ll be hard to get a rivalry going if one goes up and one goes down, but you know, no time like the present to start.

Clayquot City 1–3 Torbay Thunder
Kingstown Athletic 1–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–0 Castors d'Outineau
FC Novonaya 2–2 Strathcona Internationals
ASC Arvika 3–4 CF Outineau
CF Saint-Richard 1–3 Langlois Océanic
Colwynian Vale 0–3 Coquitlam United
Latrobe AFC 0–0 Kirkenes FC
Shearwater FC 2–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
CS Saint-Rémy 0–1 Burnaby SC

Matchweek 28
CF Outineau’s winning streak came to a crashing halt against FC Novonaya. Classic cliche of who wanted it more, FC Novonaya fighting to avoid relegation won 2-1 at Parc de la Crémazie and put three points between them and NGSA Ulyanof, who stumbled to a scoreless draw against Clayquot City.

The deadlock continues at the top of the table, with Kirkenes and Saint-Rémy both getting wins against bottom-half opposition. Kirkenes FC trotted off with an easy home win 3-1 against the Dockers of Colwynian Vale, and CSSR came off 3-0 winners from their trip to the Fjordlands as Torbay Thunder were no match for Gabriel Davies’s right boot... Pherem Mutsuga headed in the winner as Mazinaw Vanorian won 1-0 against Latrobe AFC. And Océanic falls five points behind the chase for the IFCF spots while Kingstown are still flying high in 6th position, dealing Les Castors a 2-1 defeat in Outineau. Castors now 10 points from safety so that little surge the last few weeks has been given away again.

Torbay Thunder 0–3 CS Saint-Rémy
Burnaby SC 3–0 Shearwater FC
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–0 Latrobe AFC
Kirkenes FC 3–1 Colwynian Vale
Coquitlam United 0–1 CF Saint-Richard
Langlois Océanic 0–0 ASC Arvika
CF Outineau 1–2 FC Novonaya
Strathcona Internationals 1–0 Hamiltonian Cambria
Castors d'Outineau 1–2 Kingstown Athletic
NGSA Ulyanof 0–0 Clayquot City

Coupe des Patriotes quarter-finals
Clayquot City 4–3 Colwynian Vale
Shearwater FC 1–0 ASC Arvika
Kingstown Athletic 4–2 Capital City FC
Association Ariddienne 0–1 Strathcona Internationals

Matchweek 29
”My brother-in-law’s a scientist, right. And we were having dinner the other day and he tells me something interesting. That when you have 95% certainty, that’s scientifically correct, right? I’m explaining it wrong. But you get the idea, scientists know it’s just not possible to do it 100%, just philosophically you can’t. So why are we fu-...faffin’ about with these pillocks drawing lines on the screen? I don’t get it. It’s a complete joke.”

Tale as old as time, a manager complains about VAR. Kirkenes FC falls to second after Eva Karven’s goal was chalked off, giving CF Saint-Richard a well-deserved point in a 2-2 stalemate on the Salt Coast. And prompting some philosophy from Kyle Allister. But we start with the Patriotes Cup, are Strathcona now the favourites for this? They have to be, right? Strathcona, Kingstown, Clayquot City, and Shearwater are the four teams left standing. It wasn’t easy for Strathcona despite facing a lower-division opponent. It ended 1-0 at the Stade Pailler in northeastern Outineau, again, a full and excited crowd and not an easy path when they got drawn against two of the top four clubs in the country in a row. Hayden Phelan will go down as the villainous scorer of the winning goal in the inevitable film adaptation coming to your screens soon.

- Yes, and against an impressive, determined, lower-division opponent. What a story for Association Ariddienne, and it’s a shame that it had to end, but to reach the quarter-finals is a real achievement. For a club that’s representing something quite community-oriented, a welcoming culture and just good stuff overall. Some of those kids have an opportunity to show their class that maybe they’d never had got otherwise. Sadly, it might only be a matter of time before the Championship clubs swoop in, though.

Such is life. Any notes from the quarterfinals you wanted to add before we get to the weekend league action?

- Shearwater’s win against ASC Arvika is probably the best we’ve seen them play all year and that’s a problem... it’s why they’re 14th. Kingstown are also this year’s feelgood story, apparently. Overshadowed as it is by the genuine underdogs of this plotline, but they’re enjoying life right now. Thimiscles Seanclair, their elven goalkeeper from Yesopalitha, he is clearly making a big contribution here. He gives the whole team confidence to attack because they know he can bail them out of tricky situations. And Clayquot City are in the semifinals too, another team that’s not had the best of times in the league, but a chance to defend their trophy.

Ok, moving on back to the KFL Championship... Kirkenes held to a draw in St-Richard, and then Saint Rémy winning 2-0 away to Shearwater to move two points ahead. Kingstown draws 1-1 with Strathcona, while Burnaby won 2-0 against Latrobe at the Dock. Burnaby and Strathcona are both on 57 points. So the top four are all within four points of each other.

- I think I’ll pick CS Saint-Rémy to defend the title. Yes, all four have a decent chance but with only 9 matches left, I think it’s gonna be the players who know what it takes to grind out that stretch.

Ok, wow. I didn’t ask you to pick the winner, but there we go. Well, what about the IFCF spots. Uzo delivering two goals in their 4-2 win over FC Novonaya on Saturday. Can Océanic catch up to the two teams on 57 points from five points back?

- Uhhh, it’s gonna be... no. They won’t.

Well said. And I do want to note before we go to the break that with CF Outineau’s win in Hamilton, Romain Dupuis is now finally above his former club in the table. Excelsior!

NGSA Ulyanof 1–2 Torbay Thunder
Clayquot City 3–1 Castors d'Outineau
Kingstown Athletic 1–1 Strathcona Internationals
Hamiltonian Cambria 0–2 CF Outineau
FC Novonaya 2–4 Langlois Océanic
ASC Arvika 2–3 Coquitlam United
CF Saint-Richard 2–2 Kirkenes FC
Colwynian Vale 1–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
Latrobe AFC 0–2 Burnaby SC
Shearwater FC 0–2 CS Saint-Rémy

Matchweek 30
And now the latest from the KFL Championship, Kirkenes FC are back in the lead in the race for the title after their 2-0 win at home to ASC Arvika.

“Well the ball’s in the net but there’s quite a bit of argument going on here. Kirkenes think they’ve taken the lead. ASC’s Ryan Berwent is furious, he thinks that ball went out of play when the Kirkenes player tackled him... and it definitely looked like Josie Webster had the ball hit her arm when she chested down that ball...”
[...] “And I’m really, really surprised that the referee has looked at the VAR screen and decided to stick with that call. Kirkenes 2, Latrobe AFC 1 is the score... but it’s not right, that decision, it just isn’t.”

Meanwhile Iroha Irei made some spectacular saves in goal for Latrobe AFC as the Ruggers took a 2-2 draw off CS Saint-Rémy. Darin Crow converted a penalty and Connor Wimble added a second goal on 59 minutes. Irei’s getting a run as the starting goalkeeper with Myles Connely on the shelf for the rest of the season after suffering an injury while representing Havynwilde in international play. Player of the match Aleksander Lukonov scored twice for Latrobe AFC as they cling to 10th place in the table.

And now here’s Sophie Grifter reporting for KBC Sports from Langlois where Océanic CF fought to a 1-1 draw against Hamiltonian Cambria.
“In-form midfielder Forzu-Nirlo Uzo got a third goal in two games to cancel out Ashton Moore’s early goal for Hamiltonian. Dario Tule was player of the match for Cambria, a constant threat down the right flank and Houston should have done much better with a 83rd-minute chance. Still, Océanic will be unhappy to have missed another chance to gain ground in their fight for fourth place and qualification for the IFCF Challengers Cup.”

But while Océanic would’ve liked to be higher up the table, even more so for Cambria?

“That’s right. It’s hard to say what happened at Hamiltonian. The goals just seemed to dry up for them, and they began to slide down. This was a match they showed some of that spark that’s been missing for a while. You know, Johannes Sulo talked after the match about playing for pride, after their season went off the rails a bit. They showed a lot more than Océanic who have a lot more than pride to play for today.”

Torbay Thunder 4–2 Shearwater FC
CS Saint-Rémy 2–2 Latrobe AFC
Burnaby SC 4–2 Colwynian Vale
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–0 CF Saint-Richard
Kirkenes FC 2–0 ASC Arvika
Coquitlam United 5–2 FC Novonaya
Langlois Océanic 1–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
CF Outineau 1–0 Kingstown Athletic
Strathcona Internationals 2–2 Clayquot City
Castors d'Outineau 0–0 NGSA Ulyanof

Matchweek 31
Suddenly everything has opened up at the top of the table. CS Saint-Rémy goes top and Kirkenes falls to third. Strathcona clings to fourth after losing to a desperate relegation scrapper. And now Burnaby SC have entered the chat, moving to second and two points behind the leader after their win against CF Saint-Richard. We start in the far west at Griffin Park, home of FC Novonaya.

”Wiser gets past Gorka... and Hemmingsen with the ball for Novonaya. Elden’s completely misjudged that. OH, IT’S A GOAL! Vachimitsu just floated right through the Kirkenes backline and whipped it past Curtin!” [...]
“These are two teams at the opposite end of the table, Kirkenes fighting for the championship, FC Novonaya trying to stay in the league at all... but the tables have turned here. This could be a big win for them, and a big loss for Kirkenes. It finishes 2-1 here at Griffin Park!”

I don’t want to overstate this, but Masashige Vachimitsu could’ve scored the most important goal in that club’s history. Him and Hemmingsen, when they’ve been able to click, are actually one of the best strike partnerships in the league. Anyway, that’s because NGSA got a surprise win of their own.

“Rukavina... his goal opened the scoring, but Strathcona are going to need some better cutting edge if they’re going to break this deadlock. Launched at the goal by Cashin, but easy pickings for Tergien. Launched forward by the Ulyanof goalie. Great touch by Canning-Meagher.... That’s a great flick on in fact! HARTLEY!!! Oh my word, Ulyanof have taken the lead!! Rafael Hythewater was caught totally flat-footed by that pass! Strathcona have it all to do here!!”

But with both teams winning it’s still two points between FC Novonaya and NGSA Ulaynof as they both try to stay in the Championship. Meanwhile, Burnaby SC got a 2-1 win on the road in Saint-Richard to move into second place. A new challenger approaches, then. Freya McCosgraigh put Saint-Richard ahead but the Centurions hit back with Samir Petrovic scoring from the penalty spot. Alexandre von Mertens was sent off for a second yellow card and Burnaby made full use of the advantage as they passed their way through their opponents before Pierre Vasseur made the finish for the winner and his 20th goal of the season.

NGSA Ulyanof 3–1 Strathcona Internationals
Clayquot City 1–1 CF Outineau
Kingstown Athletic 1–4 Langlois Océanic
Hamiltonian Cambria 4–1 Coquitlam United
FC Novonaya 2–1 Kirkenes FC
ASC Arvika 1–2 Mazinaw Vanorian
CF Saint-Richard 1–2 Burnaby SC
Colwynian Vale 0–3 CS Saint-Rémy
Latrobe AFC 1–2 Shearwater FC
Castors d'Outineau 1–2 Torbay Thunder

Matchweek 32 are we seeing a Kirkenes FC bottle job here? At a crucial point in the season, they’ve lost a second straight match and this one against Hamiltonian Cambria, which will be a nice one for the Cambria fans.

Oh yeah. It’s always nice to get one over the downtown team. Now they’re not going to do a whole lot this year, Cambria, but if they have denied Kirkenes the title, that’s definitely something they’ll crow about. This is happening while CSSR knocked four past Saint-Richard, too, so you think it might be a turning point? That we’ll look back and say week 32, that’s when the title was won and lost. could say that whoever wins I guess. KFC now 6 points behind the leaders and it’s now Burnaby SC who are the main contenders. Tell you what, everyone’s going to want a top loanee after this. Pierre Vasseur has been stellar for them, and we remember last year Saint-Remy had Casimir Ronanyne playing a vital role. Off back at Crisisbless United, I don’t know if he’s having as much fun... well, I guess I’ll have to go check out how he’s doing...

The Battle of Conryia! Best DERBIES of FOOTBALL | HD 4K

“They’re coming for you, they’re coming for youuu, alien chemtrails, they’re coming for you”

That’s the chant of the home fans in Mazinaw as they taunt the visitors from Vickery. Tinfoil hats and lizard people costumes were on display at Crowchilds as Mazinaw welcomed their provincial rivals to town. Stay with us to find out why. But first, how does this rivalry start?

The two big cities of Conryia aren’t all that different, really, but don’t say that to the locals. And it’s true that Mazinaw tends to be more techy, commercial, and futurist, while Vickery is more artsy, cosmopolitan, and historic. Both cities are split by river ravines they’ve turned into acres of beautiful parkland. Both like to think they’re close to their country, ranching, rodeo-riding, cattle-steering roots. And both have football teams that quite recently jumped into the top flight and started making waves.

Two years ago Mazinaw Vanorian were promoted to the KFL Championship for the first time in their history. They surprised everyone by finishing 7th thanks to the guidance of Gary Allard, the mastermind of their rise from the lower leagues, and for a couple of weeks at the three-quarter mark they hovered within three points of top spot – only to then see the dream die with three straight losses.

Meanwhile, winning a historic first-ever league championship three years ago seems only to have brought grief and grievance to Strathcona. Internationals fans, egged on by director and general embarrassment Lynton Poister, have been vocal about how the football establishment denied them the chance to play in an international club tournament as part of a conspiracy to keep down a club that’s challenging the status quo. They even launched a lawsuit against Football Kelssek and the Dwile Invitational organizers, the ruling expected this week, but it’s really not clear what they might get out of it even if the judge rules in their favour.

”I want to live like lizard people / I want to rule UICA like lizard people do / Wanna sue the lizard people / I wanna sue the lizard people like you”

So with that court ruling fresh in the headlines, Mazinaw has taken the conspiracy jokes and run with it. Vanorian’s ultras unveiled a tifo before the kickoff featuring the Strathcona team being abducted by aliens and the UFO meme slogan “I want to believe”, and regaled their opponents with chants like...

”All the frogs are turning gay, turning gay, turning gay / All the frogs are turning gay, FLOUR-IDE WATER...”

But it was Strathcona who had the last laugh. They dictated the play for most of the first half and got two goals to show for it. Mazinaw pulled one back through Ivo Ilev after the break, but hopes of a comeback were snuffed out when midfielder Andrey Yusupov nailed a 30-yard strike to the top left corner and then Bratislav Rukavina completed a hat-trick from the penalty spot. Pfandr Oresund beat Laurel Tinker-Witt one-on-one, but that proved merely a consolation as Laura Millclef netted in stoppage time to take the score to 5-2. The result keeps Strathcona’s top-four hopes alive, while Mazinaw will have to lick their wounds in the lower mid-table.

Shearwater FC 0–2 Colwynian Vale
CS Saint-Rémy 4–0 CF Saint-Richard
Burnaby SC 2–1 ASC Arvika
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–1 FC Novonaya
Kirkenes FC 0–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Torbay Thunder 0–2 Latrobe AFC
Mazinaw Vanorian 2–5 Strathcona Internationals
Coquitlam United 2–1 Kingstown Athletic
Langlois Océanic 5–1 Clayquot City
CF Outineau 5–1 NGSA Ulyanof

Coupe des Patriotes semi-finals
Strathcona Internationals 1–3 Kingstown Athletic
Shearwater FC 0–1 Clayquot City

Matchweek 33
...A hangover from a big win in their provincial derby lead to possibly Strathcona’s worst week ever? They lost in the Cup, they lost in the league, and even lost in the courtroom. First it was the Tuesday semifinal, where they were beaten at home 3-1 by Kingstown Athletic. 18-year old Brigitte Franckh had an excellent game, so did Luke Randall who got a goal, and Lois Combeford had a part in all three goals it seemed. Kingstown has been kind of reliant on goalkeeper Thimiscles Seanclair all season, but he didn’t really have much to do and it was surprisingly easy for them. Strathcona just didn’t show any punch in that game. And then they lost on Saturday, too. What did you make of that, Kenny?

- Yeah, this one was a bit more of a game that got away from Strathcona. Torbay really sat back, you know, and it was a bit of a rope-a-dope from them. Some devastating play from Taylor Alfred. Zaamil Abed-Louis seemed kind of lost really, he got bullied by the veterans on the Torbay team like Roberge-Savoie, Ryan Trottier. But you learn to play those big games... I reckon Abed-Louis will probably play some bigger games than those two in the end. Bratislav Rukavina went missing, usually a reliable source of goals but Torbay managed to cut off the supply. All in all, we see why Torbay’s been playing so comfortably and cruising in mid-table when the other two promoted sides are locked in the relegation cage match.

In the other semi-final, by the way, Clayquot City are through to the final on a 1-0 win against Shearwater FC by the harbour in Breton, and will have the chance to be the first club to successfully defend the Patriotes Cup. Allegations that a seagull distracted Logan Stevenson on that goal but I don’t know if that was a joke or something, anyway, you’re the home team so you should be used to that... But with Strathcona stumbling, just like that, Océanic are in the IFCF spots with a 2-1 win away to Ulyanof. There’s now three teams from the northwest fighting make sure they’re not in that fatal 18th place as ASC Arvika’s loss to Burnaby puts them two points above the dropzone.

- Another one to note, the Outineau derby ended in a 4-1 drubbing that went CF Outineau’s way. That’s probably going to be the last Outineau derby for a little while with Castors nailed to the bottom of the table. Actually, when was the last time they weren’t bottom? This has got to be some kind of horrible record, most futile soccer team in national history.

Castors d'Outineau 1–4 CF Outineau
NGSA Ulyanof 1–2 Langlois Océanic
Clayquot City 3–4 Coquitlam United
Kingstown Athletic 0–1 Kirkenes FC
Strathcona Internationals 2–4 Torbay Thunder
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
FC Novonaya 0–1 Burnaby SC
ASC Arvika 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
CF Saint-Richard 2–1 Shearwater FC
Colwynian Vale 0–1 Latrobe AFC

Matchweek 34
...I don’t think anyone believed they were going to dig themselves out of this hole, but Castors d’Outineau are now officially relegated. They lost 3-2 against Océanic CF, and maybe for a couple minutes when Thor Ibrahim got them to within a goal on 54 minutes you think maybe there’s a miracle here, but really, this was a long time coming.
- You really do have to feel for their fans. This season must’ve been just soul-crushing, because they’ve been clearly the worst team in the league all year, and they have been on the bottom of the standings since week eight. Once they got into a rut the players just seemed to give up. They had a spot where they got three straight wins, and then just faded away again. And just financially, this has also hurt them, the stadium’s been pretty much empty, people stopped coming because people in Outineau have a lot better things to do than watch a terrible football team lose. You’ve probably got more visiting fans in the stadium most home games. Maybe a year bullying the semi-pro teams in the National division will help them, that’s the one thing about relegation.
Actually, there aren’t semi-pro teams in the National anymore. Maybe one or two, I think, might have a few part-time players. But that was a thing when we were supposed to be in a new era of Kelssek football, when the Association division was created a few years back, remember?
- Yeah, I’m a crusty old man, huh, but the point is, this was just the worst and now it’s over, and I think a lot of Castors supporters have some closure and they can move on with their lives. At least they didn’t drag out this futility. Thor Ibrahim will get a nice transfer somewhere, I think. Lots of teams want a kid who scores 17 goals a year. Which, I’ll point out, accounts for exactly half of all the goals Castors scored.

Alright, and this could also have been the day that CS Saint-Rémy effectively claimed the title. Burnaby SC losing to Hamiltonian Cambria allowed them to extend their lead to five points, with only four matches left. CSSR meanwhile cruised to a 3-0 win against FC Novonaya in a pretty carefree sun and rainbows day at the Intersat.
-Yeah, Novonaya definitely didn’t look like a team fighting for their lives but CSSR also could just have been too good for them. Dening Regnault really turning on the style in this latter half of the season, scoring one and delivering a seeing-eye cross for Darin Crow to slot in, then Greta Enger cutting in from deep to supply Kristian Mashtian. Meanwhile at Stadium Konoha a penalty given away by Burnaby’s Simon Boulechemin saw a lot of faffing on VAR again, but it was definitely handball. And Ashton Houston steps up and scores that match’s only goal.

Torbay Thunder 4–0 Colwynian Vale
Latrobe AFC 2–0 CF Saint-Richard
Shearwater FC 1–1 ASC Arvika
CS Saint-Rémy 3–0 FC Novonaya
Burnaby SC 0–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
Mazinaw Vanorian 4–1 Kingstown Athletic
Kirkenes FC 3–3 Clayquot City
Coquitlam United 2–2 NGSA Ulyanof
Langlois Océanic 3–2 Castors d'Outineau
CF Outineau 0–0 Strathcona Internationals

Okay, let’s take a quick look at the lower divisions. With eight matches to go, the fixtures list is about to get busy. Sitka Valley are looking a real shoo-in for promotion with a nine-point lead at the top of the table, with North York also looking for a quick return to the Championship division but having to hold off St. Kildera, who are aiming to enter the top flight for the first time. In fact, the playoffs contenders are almost all looking for that, with the exception of Kawarthas although they too have spent quite a long time in the National relatively speaking. Southbank Mariners, Association Ariddienne – who are having quite the season, all things considered – and CF Mirabelle all occupying the playoff spots right now.

And in the third tier, Saintsport Heath lead the Association North by 7 points with St. David Wanderers, Chateaufroid, Llandaff City and Bramerlea Bulldogs in the playoff spots, Afram Gimli and Hawthorn Elms both within two points in the chasing pack. In the Association South, it’s a logjam for the top five but then a bit of distance to sixth. Innisfail County lead by one point, followed by Pembina City, West Haligonia Spartan, and Union Lachine. But you also see the big gap when you get to this level between the professional teams and the semi-pro teams, a lot of fans saying this gap in quality means that planned expansions should be put off for now. You see this with poor Ealesgreen United sitting bottom of the Association North having only one win this season and not looking likely to add to that tally in the final weeks...

Matchweek 35
“Welcome to Bowreach on Vickery’s South Bank. The snow’s been shovelled away and mulled wine seems to have outsold the beer on this chilly afternoon in the high prairie... minus two in the shade and we’ll see how the undersoil heating works out. A place in the Challengers Cup on the line here as fourth-place Océanic look to put some distance ahead of the fifth-place Internationals. Strathcona versus Océanic CF, and it’s live!”

“It’s been a good start from Strathcona. Hartpoach tries to thread that pass forward, Southers will clear that, and it’s a throw-in for Strathcona.”
“Bryan Hartpoach in his 6th start for the team, 18-year old academy player who’s got good touch and some skill. You like to see a manager trust a young rookie like that in this kind of high-pressure match.”
“Cashin’s through ball... Yusupov cuts in! Yusupov’s taken a tumble!... Penalty!! No hesitation from the referee! And that’s also a yellow card for Armisael. Six minutes in, what a chance this is, in a match that could decide international qualification between these two teams. What’s... well here we go with a VAR check.”
“I really don’t think there’s any doubt on this one. Not sure what the guys in the bunker are saying.”
“...Garrett Hart is coming back, and confirms the penalty. I think maybe it was whether Armisael should also have been sent off? No matter... Rukavina is going to take this...”
“... and WHAT A SAVE!! Tipped wide by Normand at full stretch! It remains scoreless here!”
“Well, that’s not a bad penalty, but that was exceptional goalkeeping. Normand guesses right and gets a mighty leap to his left. Rukavina probably meant to direct it lower down a bit. Good power but just a brilliant stop by Normand.”
“Southers... oh, she’s lost the ball. And Strathcona has a chance now. Cashin to Rukavinaaaa!!! And that was a waste of a chance! We still await the first goal here at Bowreach!”

“...A lot of teams want to play from the back, but once in a while that’s going to lead to things like that. Southers is looking upfield, she doesn’t see what’s right in front of her, and the pass is picked straight off by Cashin. Should’ve been a goal, Rukavina just couldn’t direct it properly...”
“Océanic pressed back... and it gets through now. Galharretborde flicked that on. Shot by Laishram! Collan tips it wide, but here’s Atsushi Ryu!!... Ooooohhhh he got back to save it!! What a recovery by the goalkeeper to get back and save that rebound!!... and... the crowd erupted with that save but they’ve gone quiet because Peter Collan collided hard with the upright, and has stayed down...”
“That didn’t look good.”
[...] “It looks like he can’t continue. It could’ve been the impact with the post, or his feet getting caught up in the netting. But Strathcona are being forced to use their first substitution to replace an injured goalkeeper. Laurel Tinker-Witt is going to play her 13th match of the season, signed from Dwile Warriors at the start of this season, and this is a big occasion to come in to this match with 25 minutes played.”

“You wonder if missing the penalty has also affected Strathcona a little... That’s a great ball by Uzo! Océanic streaming forward. Laishram has a go!... and safe hands from Tinker-Witt.”

“...that’ll be about it for the third minute of stoppage time, as that cross-field pass has been completely misdirected by McEntee... Or maybe Strathcona are going to slip one in! Dadit has released Yusupov down the middle... here’s YUSUPOV!!! [clack] [collective gasp] ...That would have been an incredible goal on the stroke of half time... Yusupov blazed past Field, Normand stood rooted to the ground. But... there is the half time whistle, and plenty of action, but still no goals here at Bowreach.”

So with those results earlier today, all square in the title race as both CS Saint-Rémy and Burnaby SC got wins. CSSR need five points from the last three matches to lift the trophy after beating Hamiltonian Cambria 2-0. Meanwhile Kirkenes FC suffered another surprise defeat losing 1-0 to NGSA Ulyanof. Wyola Whetwoth’s goal secured an important three points that lifts NGSA out of the relegation zone pending the result of ASC Arvika at home to Latrobe AFC tomorrow afternoon. Kirkenes meanwhile could drop to fourth if Océanic wins this match. And on that note, we return to Bowreach for the second half...

“...Huseyn Turunc replaces McEntee. This is an attacking sub from Océanic, they sure think they can win this.”
“Lodgen has a real job on her hands to contain a high-octane talent like Ryu... and he’s free down the left again! Shot comes off Hythewater!... McEntee got the rebound but launched it into orbit... And Océanic want a penalty, they’re claiming handball, but none of the officials are interested. Not a peep from the VAR bunker, either. Nil-nil the score here.”
“Laishram. Passes to Galherretborde... blocked by Brewe-oh it’s a goal!! Galharretborde reacted quickest and Océanic have broken the deadlock! They’ve taken the lead with 19 minutes to go!”

“Phelan flickes it on for Rukavina! OH THAT’S SQUIRMED THROUGH!! It’s across the line! What power behind that shot, Normand couldn’t hold on... desperately flailing at it... It’s Rukavina with the equalizer and this is a contest!”

“Pumped across from Ryu... Turnuc heads it into the arms of Tinker-Witt. A chance goes begging for Océanic there.”
“And it’s really Strathcona who need to push the issue, they’re the ones behind in the standings. But Océanic have responded well, they’re soaking up the pressure, and getting chances on the break like that one. They need to hold on for ten more plus stoppage time...”

“...for Strathcona. You wonder if Hartpoach should’ve come on at this kind of situation rather than starting, the kind of energy he brings, when you inject it at this time of the match, it can make a huge difference.”
“And here is the sub Millclef on the move... Rukavina’s screaming for the ball! It’s Cashin who puts in the cross...! OHH that’s deflected straight in!! Or maybe Ruvakina got a touch... But all that matters is that Strathcona are 2-1 up!”

“Hythewater heads that one away. He’s been a quiet performer for Strathcona, the Nepharim centre-back... Océanic will have one last chance to attack I think. Uzo with the ball. Abed-Louis does well to tackle, he’s taking no chances... and there’s the final whistle! Strathcona have won this 2-1, and this is a big result for their Challengers Cup hopes. Océanic cling to fourth, but it’s a difference of one goal in the table, and they will know there’s no room to slip up in the three remaining matches of the season.”

Strathcona Internationals 2–1 Langlois Océanic
Castors d'Outineau 0–2 Coquitlam United
NGSA Ulyanof 1–0 Kirkenes FC
Kingstown Athletic 2–3 Burnaby SC
Hamiltonian Cambria 0–2 CS Saint-Rémy
FC Novonaya 3–1 Shearwater FC
ASC Arvika 1–1 Latrobe AFC
CF Outineau 3–3 Torbay Thunder
CF Saint-Richard 4–3 Colwynian Vale

Clayquot City 2–4 Mazinaw Vanorian
Burnaby SC 4–4 Castors d'Outineau

   KFL Championship            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
-1 CS Saint-Rémy 35 23 8 4 56 20 +36 77
2 Burnaby SC 35 23 3 9 83 53 +30 72
3 Kirkenes FC 35 20 6 9 74 46 +28 66
4 Langlois Océanic 35 19 8 8 72 50 +22 65

5 Strathcona Internationals 35 19 8 8 83 62 +21 65
6 CF Outineau 35 17 7 11 72 45 +27 58
7 Coquitlam United 35 16 6 13 67 60 +7 54
8 Latrobe AFC 35 14 11 10 45 37 +8 53
9 CF Saint-Richard 35 16 4 15 53 59 −6 52
10 Torbay Thunder 35 15 6 14 74 70 +4 51
11 Hamiltonian Cambria 35 15 6 14 52 51 +1 51
12 Kingstown Athletic 35 15 4 16 49 58 −9 49
13 Mazinaw Vanorian 35 13 5 17 50 58 −8 44
14 Shearwater FC 35 10 9 16 55 66 −11 39
15 Clayquot City 35 9 11 15 70 80 −10 38
16 FC Novonaya 35 10 5 20 67 94 −27 35
17 ASC Arvika 35 8 9 18 47 60 −13 33
18 NGSA Ulyanof 35 7 12 16 52 69 −17 33
19 Colwynian Vale 35 6 8 21 39 78 −39 26
20 Castors d'Outineau 35 5 4 26 34 78 −44 19 R
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Matchweek 36
CS Saint-Rémy are nearly there after a 1-0 win over Kingstown Athletic, but they’ll still need two more points to be crowned champions. Burnaby SC were determined to take the fight as long as possible as they came back from three goals down to win at home against Clayquot City.

Colwynian Vale will join Les Castors in the KFL National after a relegation six-pointer that wasn’t so great for ASC Arvika either. ASC have a slight advantage on goal difference but are two points behind NGSA Ulyanof after the NewGens grabbed what could be a crucial 2-1 win at Mazinaw Vanorian.

Meanwhile in the race for fourth and the final Challengers Cup spot, it’s advantage Strathcona. Their 2-0 win against Coquitlam means CF Outineau’s remote chances are now gone but it was CFO’s 2-0 win against Océanic CF that could be decisive and allowed François St-Louis’s team to open up a three point lead over the Langlois club.

Torbay Thunder 1–4 CF Saint-Richard
Colwynian Vale 1–1 ASC Arvika
Latrobe AFC 0–2 FC Novonaya
Shearwater FC 0–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Kingstown Athletic
Burnaby SC 5–4 Clayquot City
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–2 NGSA Ulyanof
Kirkenes FC 2–1 Castors d'Outineau
Coquitlam United 0–2 Strathcona Internationals
Langlois Océanic 0–2 CF Outineau

Matchweek 37
CS Saint-Rémy crowned champions with win in Clayquot
CSSR have successfully defended their KFL championship trophy after a 3-1 win against Clayquot City finally put them out of reach of Burnaby SC. If Clayquot are already thinking of their Cup final in two weeks, they’ve got to be careful as this streak of seven matches without a win has suddenly put them hovering over the toilet with just the slightest risk of relegation if a lot goes wrong for them next week.

Kirkenes FC have also clinched an IFCF spot with a win away to Strathcona which sets up an intriguing final day for that coveted final place in international play. Strathcona will go into the final match level on points and one goal better off than Océanic, who won their match against Torbay Thunder 3-2. Strathcona might have thought they had it wrapped up, but you can imagine how awful it would be to slip up on the final day...

Langlois Océanic 3–2 Torbay Thunder
CF Outineau 2–0 Coquitlam United
Strathcona Internationals 2–3 Kirkenes FC
Castors d'Outineau 2–3 Mazinaw Vanorian
NGSA Ulyanof 1–4 Burnaby SC
Clayquot City 1–3 CS Saint-Rémy
Kingstown Athletic 0–1 Shearwater FC
Hamiltonian Cambria 3–3 Latrobe AFC
FC Novonaya 2–2 Colwynian Vale
ASC Arvika 1–1 CF Saint-Richard

Matchweek 38
And here it is, the grand finale of the league season. The champions are already decided, as are two of the three relegated teams, but that doesn’t make the final day any less exciting or dread-filled, especially if you’re supporting one of the teams on the cusp.
4 Strathcona Internationals    37   20   8   9    87   65  +22    68
5 Langlois Océanic 37 20 8 9 74 53 +21 68

It’s just about as close as you can get in the fight to be the fourth team in the IFCF Challengers Cup next year. Strathcona have a margin of one in the first tiebreaker, goal difference, but if it goes to goals for, they’re on some steadier ground there. It’s pretty much whoever gets the better result today who gets the prize. Strathcona face what should be a pretty easy opponent, basement-dwellers Castors d’Outineau, while Océanic will have to be at their best away at Maillardville Park to face Coquitlam United.
16 Clayquot City                37    9  11  17    75   88  −13    38
17 NGSA Ulyanof 37 8 12 17 55 74 −19 36
18 ASC Arvika 37 8 11 18 49 62 −13 35

The relegation battle comes down to this. Clayquot City need one point to be safe and have a decent chance away to Shearwater FC. NGSA Ulyanof aren’t likely to make up ASC’s goal difference advantage, so they’ll need to make sure to at least match whatever result ASC gets... They face a formidable task hosting Burnaby SC, but with the Centurions guaranteed to be second in the league no matter how the scores turn out, it’s possible they might not have quite that competitive edge today. And the team who go into the final day in the drop zone, ASC Arvika, travel to Kewatin’s capital to face Torbay Thunder, who’ve excelled for a newly promoted team and will surely relish sending a long-time Championship team down in their place.

...and away we go, it’s kickoff across the league. Ten matches all at once here on SportsInfo, and we’ll bring you all the latest highlights and commentary as it happens!

It’s a goal for Mazinaw to get us started here! They take the lead through Ivo Ilev at the Intersat. I’m not sure a loss would even spoil the party for St-Rémy though, they’re just interested in parading that trophy at the end.’s Dennis Tang at Exhibition Place for Kirkenes FC vs. CF Outineau.
“Yes, thanks Gavin. You know a lot of people were looking at a War of the Crowns on the final day and licking their lips, and wouldn’t it have been great if this had been, say, a title decider. Kirkenes FC are guaranteed third, and CF Outineau are really playing for pride more than anything, you know they’d like to get one over their rivals today. It’s been back and forth but still no score here in Kirkenes.”

Thanks Dennis, and a goal in Colwyn to tell you about, and it’s been scored by Ilan Milanovic. Hamiltonian Cambria take the lead away at already-relegated Colwynian Vale. And over in the relegation battle, Clayquot City have just been awarded a penalty against Shearwater! Seamus Wylten steps up... and slides that one in! Clayquot are ahead 1-0 at Kingswharf.

...And Océanic are behind! Obey Chidibere’s cross found Arjan Singh and the Coquitlam forward powered a volley past Normand. Just like that, their IFCF hopes are dealt a blow... But there’s plenty of time for more twists just 17 minutes into the final day.

A goal in Torbay and ASC Arvika go down 1-0! They need anything they can get to stand a chance of avoiding relegation and they’re already in a hole...

Les Castors have nothing to play for but Thor Ibrahim Ahmad certainly does! The 19-year old has given the bottom club the lead against Strathcona! What a talent this kid is, surely he will have a menu to choose from, I can’t see him playing in the National division next year. Strathcona will go through in fourth as things stand if Océanic also loses 1-0, as they’re doing now. This is knife-edge stuff.

Half time and as it stands, Strathcona will be in the Challengers Cup and ASC Arvika relegated...fortunately for ASC Arvika, Burnaby SC aren’t letting up on NGSA Ulyanof as Aaron Karushige has given the Centurions a 2-0 lead at Stadium Konoha. But even if the NewGens lose, ASC will still go down unless they manage to gain a point on them... Latrobe have a 1-0 lead at home to Kingstown... it’s not been easy since losing their first-choice keeper to injury. They’ll be good value to finish in the top half of the table, but that marks another season they’ve not been able to keep touch with the top four fight.

...right out of the gate, Océanic have drawn level with Coquitlam United! Pierre-Louis Laishram makes it 1-1. They badly need that with Strathcona now leading 2-1 against Castors d’Outineau and pressing for the win. I honestly can’t see Océanic getting fourth if they can’t find a way to beat Coquitlam.
- Indeed, it’s a difficult task. Coquitlam have been decent this year and it’s the development of players like... Oh, and you just saw the experience and skill of Obey Chidibere there, nearly putting Dusty Clement through on goal. But like I’m saying, they’ve got a transition to make, and players like Clement, Alex Bronson has been finding more first-eleven time this year, they’ve got to pick up the baton.

So it’s looking pretty bleak for ASC in the relegation fight. Here’s our reporter at Armidale Plain. Any thoughts from you Danielle?
“Well, ASC Arvika are down 3-0 against Torbay and staring down the barrel here. You know, Gabriel Farahani’s one of those players who’s got to look himself in the mirror and say, what am I here to do, what am I playing for? The team looks to him for leadership and it’s quite honestly been lacking the last few months.”

...have moved two goals ahead. Over to Bowreach for more.
“Actually just as you said that, Strathcona moved three goals ahead! You have to say this was predictable. Les Castors have let in two goals in just about 100 seconds. After a good start they’ve practically collapsed and this could really turn ugly for them with the score 4-1 after 55 minutes. Strathcona know goal difference could be decisive today...”

Océanic have taken the lead! They lead 2-1 but they need a lot more than that. They need to win and do two goals better than Strathcona today, and that’s a tough task... NGSA Ulyanof are soundly beaten here, Burnaby SC takes a 4-0 lead with just over 15 minutes to go. That won’t do ASC Arvika a lot of good however, as they’re 4-0 down themselves...

Clayquot City have got a second goal late against Shearwater – that sees them comfortably safe, but with ASC digging themselves a hole today it wouldn’t have mattered... Oh, and Océanic have given up the equalizer! Dusty Clement with the goal for Coquitlam! Well, the goal difference won’t matter now! Océanic has to win to stand a chance... whistle in Kirkenes too, and the Kirkenes-Outineau match ends in a 0-0 draw. No late surprises here, it’s all unfolded in pretty unequivocal fashion. ASC Arvika’s 4-0 loss against Torbay Thunder sends them down to the KFL National. Strathcona’s 4-1 win against Castors d’Outineau gives them the advantage and Océanic can’t match them Coquitlam fought them to a 2-2 draw. They're setting up the stage for a trophy presentation in St-Rémy, it ends as a 1-1 draw between Mazinaw and CSSR. Saint-Rémy already had their title defence wrapped up last week of course... we'll cross over live to the Intersat in just a few moments.

Torbay Thunder 4–0 ASC Arvika
CF Saint-Richard 1–0 FC Novonaya
Colwynian Vale 2–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Latrobe AFC 2–0 Kingstown Athletic
Shearwater FC 0–2 Clayquot City
CS Saint-Rémy 1–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
NGSA Ulyanof 1–4 Burnaby SC
Strathcona Internationals 4–1 Castors d'Outineau
Kirkenes FC 0–0 CF Outineau
Coquitlam United 2–2 Langlois Océanic

   KFL Championship            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 CS Saint-Rémy 38 25 9 4 61 22 +39 84 CL
2 Burnaby SC 38 25 4 9 96 62 +34 79 CC
3 Kirkenes FC 38 22 7 9 79 49 +30 73 CC
4 Strathcona Internationals 38 21 8 9 92 67 +25 71 CC
5 Langlois Océanic 38 20 9 9 77 56 +21 69
6 CF Outineau 38 19 8 11 76 45 +31 65
7 CF Saint-Richard 38 18 5 15 59 61 −2 59
8 Latrobe AFC 38 15 12 11 50 42 +8 57
9 Hamiltonian Cambria 38 16 8 14 58 56 +2 56
10 Coquitlam United 38 16 7 15 69 66 +3 55
11 Torbay Thunder 38 16 6 16 81 77 +4 54
12 Kingstown Athletic 38 15 4 19 49 62 −13 49
13 Mazinaw Vanorian 38 14 5 19 56 67 −11 47
14 Shearwater FC 38 11 9 18 56 69 −13 42
15 Clayquot City 38 10 11 17 77 88 −11 41
16 FC Novonaya 38 11 6 21 71 97 −26 39
17 NGSA Ulyanof 38 8 13 17 56 75 −19 37
18 ASC Arvika 38 8 11 19 49 66 −17 35 R
19 Colwynian Vale 38 6 11 21 44 83 −39 29 R
20 Castors d'Outineau 38 5 5 28 41 87 −46 20 R


Players Association Player of the Year: Brian Sanders (St-Rémy)
Nominees: Lysander Brandis (Kirkenes), Thimiscles Seanclair (Kingstown), Cale Shaughlin (St-Rémy)
Air Kelssek Foreign Player of the Year: Bratislav Rukavina (Strathcona)
Nominees: Denig Regnault (St-Rémy), Pierre Vasseur (Burnaby), Obey Chidiebere (Coquitlam)
National Fund Young Player of the Year: Zilar Galharretborde (Océanic)
Nominees: Marietta Tesla (Kirkenes), Arsène de Saintyon (St-Rémy), Adam Callaghan (Torbay)

Team of the year
GK: Cale Shaughlin (St-Rémy) Golden Glove
DF: Abbrick Faillace (Burnaby)
DF: Brian Sanders (St-Rémy)
DF: Joachim Elden (Kirkenes)
DF: Obey Chidiebere (Coquitlam)
MF: Analor Avalor (Kirkenes)
MF: Giuseppe Ascioli (Burnaby)
MF: Denig Regnualt(St-Rémy)
MF: Aleksander Lukonov (Latrobe)
FW: Bratislav Rukavina (Strathcona)
Fw: Pierre Vasseur (Burnaby)
GK: Thimiscles Seanclair (Kingstown)
DF: Greta Enger (St-Rémy)
DF: Phillippe Galiani (Océanic)
MF: Rycszard Vepocojat (Coquitlam)
MF: Dario Tule (Hamiltonian)
FW: Darin Crow (St-Rémy)
FW: Brigitte Coppinger (CF Outineau)

   KFL National             Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Sitka Valley 38 26 4 8 83 46 +37 82
2 Kawarthas District 38 20 7 11 57 49 +8 67

3 St. Kildera FC 38 21 4 13 64 59 +5 67
4 North York FC 38 18 11 9 71 52 +19 65
5 Association Ariddienne 38 18 8 12 68 52 +16 62
6 Southbank Mariners 38 17 11 10 58 47 +11 62

7 CF Mirabelle 38 18 8 12 56 49 +7 62
8 CS Rivière-du-Nord 38 16 8 14 62 60 +2 56
9 Fretscray FC 38 15 9 14 52 54 −2 54
10 King Albert Park 38 14 10 14 54 51 +3 52
11 AS Concordia-Montérégie 38 15 5 18 58 65 −7 50
12 Capital City FC 38 12 13 13 47 53 −6 49
13 Metropolitan FC 38 13 9 16 54 63 −9 48
14 Trenton AC 38 13 7 18 53 60 −7 46
15 Port City FC 38 11 12 15 55 59 −4 45
16 Redswyth Red Stars 38 11 12 15 50 55 −5 45
17 Point Grey & Kitsilano 38 12 7 19 50 62 −12 43
18 Wynleth Flyers 38 10 9 19 50 59 −9 39
19 Sudbury Rangers 38 9 9 20 48 62 −14 36
20 Arlingsdale City 38 8 3 27 39 72 −33 27

KFL National playoffs
St. Kildera FC 1–0 Southbank Mariners
North York FC 0–1 Association Ariddienne

St. Kildera FC 0–1 Association Ariddienne
   KFL Association North    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Saintsport Heath 26 21 4 1 75 24 +51 67
2 St. David Wanderers 26 16 8 2 71 31 +40 56
3 Châteaufroid 26 14 5 7 47 34 +13 47
4 Áfram Gimli 26 13 5 8 41 30 +11 44
5 Llandlaff City 26 13 5 8 36 30 +6 44

6 Bramerlea Bulldogs 26 12 7 7 43 33 +10 43
7 Hawthorn Elms 26 10 8 8 38 38 0 38
8 Neíra Alavaria 26 8 5 13 25 43 −18 29
9 New Scarborough 26 7 7 12 30 42 −12 28
10 Keeleford County 26 6 7 13 26 39 −13 25
11 Natanel Royals 26 6 7 13 35 52 −17 25
12 Rockecliffe & Eatons 26 7 3 16 28 45 −17 24
13 High River 26 5 5 16 30 57 −27 20
14 Ealesgreen United 26 3 6 17 20 47 −27 15

KFL Association South Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pembina City 26 16 6 4 43 19 +24 54
2 Innisfail County 26 16 4 6 66 34 +32 52
3 West Haligonia Spartan 26 14 8 4 41 24 +17 50
4 AS Grands-Sources 26 13 6 7 56 42 +14 45
5 Union Lachine 26 13 6 7 49 42 +7 45

6 Stade Laneux 26 11 7 8 51 44 +7 40
7 Miramichi Lakers 26 11 7 8 33 29 +4 40
8 Gagliano Mariners 26 10 9 7 35 33 +2 39
9 Sunrise Coast 26 7 9 10 36 40 −4 30
10 Delta Sortherns 26 5 8 13 22 41 −19 23
11 AS Lac-Abitargnais 26 6 4 16 25 46 −21 22
12 Breton Pacifica 26 5 7 14 23 45 −22 22
13 Wild Rose FC 26 4 7 15 24 48 −24 19
14 Stade Montagnards 26 4 6 16 27 44 −17 18

KFL Association playoffs
North semifinals
St. David Wanderers 0–0 Llandlaff City (1–0 AET)
Châteaufroid 4–2 Áfram Gimli
South semifinals
Innisfail County 3–1 Union Lachine
West Haligonia Spartan 1–0 AS Grands-Sources

North: St. David Wanderers 2–0 Châteaufroid
South: Innisfail County 2–2 West Haligonia Spartan (2–2 AET) (6–7 pen.)


Presented by / présenté par


First round
Miramichi Lakers 1–1 Arlingsdale City (1–3 AET)
Port City FC 4–5 Association Ariddienne
Stade Laneux 1–0 Wild Rose FC
CS Rivière-du-Nord 2–0 Châteaufroid
Neíra Alavaria 3–2 Keeleford County
Innisfail County 1–0 Natanel Royals
Breton Pacifica 1–4 High River
Metropolitan FC 2–1 Áfram Gimli
Saintsport Heath 0–0 Point Grey & Kitsilano (1–1 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Fretscray FC 3–2 Llandlaff City
Delta Sorthern 2–2 Hawthorn Elms (2–3 AET)
West Haligonia Spartan 3–2 Wynleth Flyers
Gagliano Mariners 3–3 Pembina City (4–4 AET) (2–4 pen.)
St. Kildera FC 1–1 Capital City FC (1–2 AET)
AS Concordia-Montérégie 1–1 Union Lachine (2–2 AET) (4–3 pen.)
Stade Montagnards 1–2 CF Mirabelle
St. David Wanderers 3–2 Trenton AC
Southbank Mariners 0–2 Sunrise Coast
Ealesgreen United 2–2 Bramerlea Bulldogs (2–3 AET)
New Scarborough 2–2 King Albert Park (2–2 AET) (3–1 pen.)
AS Grands-Sources 4–0 AS Lac-Abitargnais
North York FC 1–2 Sudbury Rangers
Redswyth Red Stars 2–1 Rockecliffe & Eatons
Kawarthas District 2–2 Sitka Valley (2–3 AET)

Second round
Sunrise Coast 0–2 Hawthorn Elms
High River 0–3 Fretscray FC
New Scarborough 0–0 Neíra Alavaria (0–2 AET)
Pembina City 0–2 Sitka Valley
Sudbury Rangers 2–1 Point Grey & Kitsilano
Bramerlea Bulldogs 3–2 Metropolitan FC
AS Grands-Sources 2–4 CS Rivière-du-Nord
Innisfail County 1–0 Arlingsdale City
Redswyth Red Stars 4–2 CF Mirabelle
Association Ariddienne 3–2 West Haligonia Spartan
St. David Wanderers 3–0 AS Concordia-Montérégie
Stade Laneux 1–4 Capital City FC

Third round
Hawthorn Elms 0–4 Shearwater FC
Kirkenes FC 2–3 Clayquot City
CF Outineau 0–4 CS Saint-Rémy
Sitka Valley 3–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
Langlois Océanic 2–3 Capital City FC
Coquitlam United 0–1 Association Ariddienne
ASC Arvika 3–2 Mazinaw Vanorian
Burnaby SC 4–1 Redswyth Red Stars
Innisfail County 1–0 Torbay Thunder
Colwynian Vale 2–0 CS Rivière-du-Nord
NGSA Ulyanof 7–0 Neíra Alavaria
Strathcona Internationals 9–1 Bramerlea Bulldogs
Kingstown Athletic 3–2 Fretscray FC
Latrobe AFC 2–0 Sudbury Rangers
St. David Wanderers 3–1 CF Saint-Richard
FC Novonaya 3–3 Castors d'Outineau (3–3 AET) (5–3 pen.)

Fourth round
NGSA Ulyanof 1–2 Strathcona Internationals
Latrobe AFC 0–0 Colwynian Vale (1–1 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Clayquot City 3–1 Burnaby SC
Sitka Valley 2–3 Shearwater FC
St. David Wanderers 4–4 ASC Arvika (4–4 AET) (1–4 pen.)
Association Ariddienne 2–2 CS Saint-Rémy (2–2 AET) (4–1 pen.)
FC Novonaya 2–5 Kingstown Athletic
Innisfail County 0–2 Capital City FC
Clayquot City 4–3 Colwynian Vale
Shearwater FC 1–0 ASC Arvika
Kingstown Athletic 4–2 Capital City FC
Association Ariddienne 0–1 Strathcona Internationals

Strathcona Internationals 1–3 Kingstown Athletic
Shearwater FC 0–1 Clayquot City

11th Coupe des Patriotes Final

“Well, they might not have had the best of times in the league, but the Cup is all about showing up when you need to, and these two teams have earned their spot through some clutch performances. Welcome to Burnaby, where it’s a spring drizzle that greets us, a pleasant 19 degrees however and great conditions for a soccer match.”
“Clayquot have a unique chance to defend their trophy. After a dismal year in the league, the Cup campaign has become the focus of fans’ hopes. You have to think they’ll rise to the occasion today. Kingstown Athletic are something of the opposite in terms of the league season, doing much better than expected and even looking like they could steal an IFCF spot for a while. Their upset win over Burnaby SC in the final of CdP 8 is a landmark in club history and they’ve also got a chance today. Whichever team wins will also become the first club to win a second Patriotes Cup, so there’s a lot of that kind of thing on the line today.”

“...Seanclair made it look easy but he really bailed out his team here early on. Haynes with some blinding speed to get through there, on-side, could have directed it better, really, but it’s Clayquot with a statement of intent already 9 minutes in.”

“Clayquot have control here early... Saikyomono... gets right past Justine Bixby! Here’s Wylten!! IT’S A GOAL FOR CLAYQUOT! He took it the long way around Thimiscles Seanclair and Clayquot City take the lead after 12 minutes!”

“...A nice pass by Tang , but Johnson slices at that!... It’s a chance missed to double their advantage.”

“ say that they do ride their luck at times.”
“And that pass is picked off by Combeford! Kingstown look to counter here... RANDALL!!! ohh, that’s just a waste, it’s too easy for Luke Thomas.”

“Patrick Lanks has stayed down after that hard tackle from Ward Blackburn. The referee sees nothing wrong with that. Kingstown still have the ball, but they’re down a player.”
“Ouch, another one.”
“And... this time they will get a free kick and Blackburn’s trail of destruction gets a yellow card.”
“Matthew Knox will fancy this. He likes to swing them in at the far post, and Luke Thomas is trying to organize the Clayquot wall but he’s got to know that.”
“...and that deflects off the wall for a corner. It’s taken quickly!... but Thomas will collect that weak header all day, Miller’s not going to threaten the net like that.”

“Nice passes from Kingstown, but it’s that finish that’s lacking for the Lakers.”
“They just don’t really have the cutting edge on offence, they’re solid and well-organized, but you also need to have players who can make some magic...”
“They’ve given the ball away! Lebaume’s found Saikyomono, here’s someone who can make magic... right past Miller!... and he’s shaved the crossbar from 30 yards!!”
“Tried to catch Seanclair off his line it looks like. They called him ‘Destroyer’ in street football and you see those ball skills at work, he loves to dangle the bait and beat defenders... and not a bad shot in the end, why not go for that.”

“And it’s a bit of an early sub as Mary Hartman looking to press the advantage for Clayquot City. It’s a big moment for Sigrun Holgersdottir as the 19-year old from Savojarna will come on and it looks like Clayquot are switching to a strike pair.”
“I reckon they’re going to go a bit more route-one now, Anders Kreissen is also coming on, a more defensive-minded midfielder for Lyndon Haynes... they can’t sit back this early, though, that’d be a big mistake.”

“Lebeaume will pump this forward... Wylten’s unmarked! OHH IT’S A BRILLIANT SAVE! Seamus Wylten robbed by Thimiscles Seanclair!”

“Combeford from the right!... and Luke Randall has powered that header over the bar! That should’ve been the equalizer! What a letoff for Clayquot.”

“Blackburn’s gone in hard on Fergal Norris! And what’s the referee going to do here?... It’s just a free kick!”
“He’s already on a yellow, now Kingstown want him off and they’ve got a good argument for that... you’d think this is a VAR incident.”
“Thomas saves it!... and Echehun thumps it out!... Ward Blackburn is getting huge abuse from the Kingstown fans. There’s quite a bit more blue in the stadium, as the Lakers support didn’t have quite as far to go to get here, in the stadium of their inter-province rivals in fact...”

“Tang... it’s off to Wylten! And Holgersdottir’s unmarked!... SEANCLAIR SAVES! Denied again!”

“Gilam cuts that one off, and Kingstown are still pinned back, they can’t get it clear... Tang to Wylten... oh, and Saikyomono!!... Nestled into the back of the net! Too easy! And after 77 minutes it’s Clayquot City two, Kingstown Athletic nil. Surely they have their hands on the trophy now!”

“Kreissen crosses it in... Holgersdottir!.. Seanclair saves that! Well, what a great story that would’ve been, for that youngster to score in the Cup final. Thimiscles Seanclair’s not running a make-a-wish charity though... but with just 4 minutes to go it’s really looking like a lost cause for Kingstown.”

“And that’s it! Clayquot City have won here! They’re the first team to ever successfully defend that trophy, and what a great prize to end a season that looked flirting with disaster at times! What will be down in the record books is that Clayquot City have won the 11th Patriotes Cup!”

FT: Clayquot City 2–0 Kingstown Athletic

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                         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Redswyth Marlins 34 25 1 8 311 234 +77 76
2 Daudard-des-Oiseaux 34 24 2 8 301 233 +68 74
3 Latrobe Dolphins 34 21 6 7 306 255 +51 69
4 Natanel Aquatic Club 34 21 5 8 300 263 +37 68
5 Burnaby Thunderbirds 34 20 5 9 317 265 +52 65
6 Dynamo Lupinissia 34 19 6 9 283 253 +30 63
7 Laneux Natation 1874 34 18 8 8 294 267 +27 62
8 Kirkenes Jets 34 15 5 14 265 271 −6 50
9 Clayquot Neptunes 34 14 5 15 274 277 −3 47
10 CA Langlois 34 12 6 16 269 276 −7 42
11 Neorvins Sharks 34 11 4 19 260 290 −30 37
12 Kraken d'Outineau 34 10 7 17 241 278 −37 37
13 Lakeland Storm 34 9 8 17 283 286 −3 35
14 Kirkenes Blues 34 9 7 18 268 293 −25 34
15 Breton Mooseheads 34 10 4 20 252 298 −46 34
16 Vickery Tsunami 34 8 4 22 252 306 −54 28
17 Colywn Aquatics 34 7 5 22 247 317 −70 26
18 Kewatin Vipers 34 6 6 22 236 297 −61 24

Championship playoffs
Preliminary finals
Redswyth Marlins 0–2 Natanel Aquatic Club 8-9 7-8
Daudard-des-Oiseaux 2–1 Latrobe Dolphins 7-11 11-9 16-8

Elimination finals
Kirkenes Jets 1-2 Burnaby Thunderbirds 8-11 11-5 4-6
Dynamo Lupinissia 0-2 Laneux Natation 1874 7-8 7-8*

Redswyth Marlins 2–0 Laneux Natation 1874 9-7 11-3
Latrobe Dolphins 2–0 Burnaby Thunderbirds 8-4 12-8

Natanel Aquatic Club 1–2 Redswyth Marlins 5-8 8-5 6-8
Daudard-des-Oiseaux 2–0 Latrobe Dolphins 11-6 15-7

Championship finals
Redswyth Marlins 0–2 Daudard-des-Oiseaux 6-8 10-11*

* indicates match decided in overtime

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The Premiership - Season 16

Northern                    Pld      W      D      L      GF      GA     GD     Pts
1 Redswyth Union 76 42 13 21 321 233 88 97 Q
2 Internationale 76 35 20 21 286 250 36 90 Q
3 Wynleth Gaels 76 37 15 24 281 249 32 89 Q
4 Red Star Clayquot 76 35 17 24 292 272 20 87 Q
5 Neorvins Wolves 76 33 17 26 261 267 -6 83 q
6 Kirkenes Dragons 76 35 7 34 271 247 24 77 q
7 Colwyn Thunder 76 30 16 30 252 246 6 76
8 Kirkenes Rangers 76 27 15 34 264 281 -17 69
9 Kardinia Hawks 76 28 11 37 254 265 -11 67
10 Kingsharbour Royals 76 21 11 44 222 278 -56 53 R

Pacific Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 CH Outineau 76 51 11 14 343 228 115 113 Q
2 Olympique Langlois 76 46 11 19 324 239 85 103 Q
3 CS Val d'Argent 76 40 12 24 293 226 67 92 Q
4 Faucons de Saint-Rémy 76 38 10 28 279 238 41 86 Q
5 Chevalles de Champjaune 76 38 8 30 279 269 10 84 q
6 Beaujoire Hockey 1949 76 31 14 31 271 275 -4 76 q
7 Cantons-de-l'Ouest 76 31 14 31 260 265 -5 76
8 Breton Emeralds 76 22 13 41 249 311 -62 57
9 Escadron de Dorval 76 21 12 43 248 330 -82 54
10 Dartmoor Admirals 76 10 12 54 214 348 -134 32 R

Western Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Vickery Vikings 76 48 10 18 303 226 77 106 Q
2 Dinamo Lupinissia 76 36 13 27 274 250 24 85 Q
3 Alavaria Vanorian 76 33 15 28 290 271 19 81 Q
4 Burnaby Ravens 76 34 12 30 283 255 28 80 Q
5 Mazinaw Knights 76 30 15 31 282 258 24 75
6 Olympique Laneux 76 27 14 35 228 278 -50 68
7 Pembina Thistle 76 27 12 37 247 289 -42 66
8 Novanaya Rangers 76 26 14 36 241 284 -43 66
9 Ad Astra 76 24 15 37 256 289 -33 63
10 Natanel Rangers 76 9 11 56 222 373 -151 29 R

Desjardins Cup playoffs

First round
CH Outineau          4   4   7   5
Beaujoire 1949 2 2 2 2

Red Star Clayquot 3 4 2 1 1 1
Faucons St-Rémy 0 3 3* 4 4 4

CS Val d'Argent 2 5* 2 5 3 4*
Neorvins Wolves 3 4 1 2 6 3

Olympique Langlois 5 6 4 6 4
Alavaria Vanorian 2 5 6 1 2

Internationale 2 5 2 6 7 4
Chevalles Champjaune 5 4 5 2 2 1

Redswyth Union 4 2 3 2 3
Burnaby Ravens 5 1 4 4 6

Wynleth Gaels 4 5 7* 2 4 3
Dinamo Lupinissia 2 2 6 3 6 1

Vickery Vikings 3 5 0 4 5 4
Kirkenes Dragons 6 1 5 6 3 6

First seeds CH Outineau barely broke a sweat disposing of Beaujoire in a series sweep. Internationale stumbled out the gate and found themselves behind 2-1 after a tough away game 3, but then Riley Hesselboe got going and recorded 7 goals, 11 assists as Internationale stomped three straight wins to advance. The big surprise of the round was the Kirkenes Dragons torching the second-seeded Vikes in six games. The stage was set for three intra-provincial rivalry games in the quarters...

CH Outineau            5   4   1   6*  1*
Faucons St-Rémy 1 3 3 5 0

CS Val d'Argent 5 4 2 3
Olympique Langlois 7 6 4 6

Internationale 5 1 5 4 4
Burnaby Ravens 6 3 3 5 5*

Wynleth Gaels 3 4* 3 2 6* 3
Kirkenes Dragons 5 3 5 4 5 5

Dragons continued their underdog run against Wynleth. Internationale were favoured for the series but the underperforming Ravens found their stride at the right time to overcome the odds. Le CH vs. Les Faucons was highly anticipated as the Outineau had not been able to beat the Faucons in four Premiership matches, but this time St-Rémy barely posed an obstacle. There was a speed bump in game 3 as St-Rémy seemed to finally remember how to defence, but the Outineau steamroller simply started up again to close out the series with a couple of wild overtime thrillers. Elsewhere, it was smooth sailing for Olympique against the mining-town upstarts from Val d'Argent.

CH Outineau          3   4   0   5   3   6   6
Olympique Langlois 7 5* 2 3 1 4 3

Burnaby Ravens 4* 3 2 2 3 3 3
Kirkenes Dragons 3 4 0 8 1 6 6

CH Outineau finally met their match. Wilting against Olympique's high-octane forechecking, they quickly dug themselves into a hole while the Langlois fans came to game 4 with brooms waving, ready to mark a sweep as the home team went into the first intermission up 2-0. What happened next will haunt the Vert-et-or for years to come: they gave up five goals in the second period to lose game 4, and then narrowly lost a tightly contested game 5. Then came a stunning reverse sweep as Outineau won the next three in imperious style. Also the Dragons carried on their fine postseason form to beat Burnaby in seven games and that's cool too.

CH Outineau        3   3*  7   2   6   5*
Kirkenes Dragons 4 2 4 3* 5 4

It's hard to imagine a more fraught hockey series in Kelssek than the War of the Crowns as the Cup final. CH were the heavy favourites but everything seemed possible when the Dragons won game 1. But the juggernaut was not to be denied and while the Dragons rallied to win game 4 in overtime, in truth they never seemed like recapturing the rhythm that had seen them this far when their defensive organization collapsed in the 7-4 defeat of game 3. Theo Marginer deflected a point shot from Roland Bradley to notch the overtime winner in Kirkenes's Harbourside Gardens, giving CH Outineau its 20th Desjardins Cup and a Double to go with the Premiership pennant.

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NSWiki page

Association Ariddienne
Home ground: Stade Pailler (5,000; 12,400 with temporary structures)
Fanzine: Tient à cœur

A community sports organization formed by the Ariddian diaspora in Outineau, serving the needs of the many immigrant communities mostly in the city’s eastern districts. Ariddienne’s rise to the top flight and reaching the quarter-finals of the Coupe des Patriotes made them the feel-good story of season 62. It’s likely to be a tough transition, and not just on the field which they rent from the local council and had to guilt-trip into letting them rent and install bleachers to increase capacity. And they can’t play home matches at night because the lights aren’t bright enough for TV.

AA have got to be having some vertigo finding themselves here after winning the promotion playoffs as the fifth-place KFL National team. A big boost to the club is the arrival of veteran midfielder Sammy Ramm who turned down a new contract from Strathcona and took a pay cut to rejoin the club where he first kicked an organized football. With a couple of promising teenagers like a Farf refugee and a striker named Maradrogba, optimists give them a 50-50 chance to avoid relegation.

Players in: Sammy Ramm (Strathcona Intls, free), Danielle Maradrogba (youth), Êsêkïl dí Völará (youth), Bruno Silva (Project Olimpo Jutsii, free)

Manager: Yvan Sissoko
First 11: Yves Esho [GK], Matiu Chanteau [D R], Celestina Manato [D C], Louise Menara [D C], Théo Arakelyan [D L], Pierre Aboubacar [DM C], Ismaël Zahiri [AM C] Cory Martello [M L], Sammy Ramm [M C]*, Bruno Silva [M R] (Image DRP/HIN), Danielle Maradrogba [AM/F RC], Benjamin Mina [F C],
Squad: Lucas Tolland [D C], Êsêkïl dí Völará [M C], Pierre-Louis Marcos [M C], Jacques Argentine [M C], André Latoux [M R]

Burnaby Sport Club
Home ground: Stadium Konoha (60,200)
Main rivals: Coquitlam United, Kirkenes FC
Honours: KFL Championship (12): 4, 13, 16, 25, 29, 44, 47, 48, 50, 52, 54, 58; runners-up: 56
Coupe des Patriotes runners-up: 8, 11
Fanzines: Altitude Sickness, Two O'Clock Gun, Blue Patch Boys

The club with the most national championships, Burnaby SC was named Kelssek's UICA Club of the Century as the country's most successful club on the world stage, leading to the somewhat clumsy nickname "Centurions". If people outside the country know one Kelssek football club it's this one, thanks to their incredible accomplishment of two appearances in the Globe Cup group stage (yes, that really does make you the most successful Kelssek team; it's never been clear whether "Centurions" is self-deprecating or not). Their historical success is built on their long-established youth development system, which takes advantage of the relative popularity of soccer in the Burnaby metropolitan area.

It was a rocky road last season that was not too shabby in the end as Burnaby landed up in third thanks to a late rally. The loan of Pierre Vasseur was made into a transfer after the striker’s stellar performance; that and the progress of a relatively young side should see them at least maintain that placing. But the big question is whether they can do better than that, and a lot hinges on whether their impressive collection of youngsters pans out this year.

Players in: Pierre Vasseur (Bohemians Metropolis, τ840k/$2.4m), Nacuémiró Buené (youth), Minerva Emond (Farond YFC, free), Ashleigh Coles (Johnho Utd, τ520k/$1.5m)
Players out: Ryan Judge (retired), Brion Stienno (Shearwater, τ1m/$2.8m)

Manager: Seth Harrison
First 11: Bernard Despatie [GK], Olaf Haabjörn [D C] (Image SVJ), Simon Boulechemin [D C], Thamior Liadon [D LR]*, Abbrick Faillace [D L] (Image AUD), Kari Zücker [M C], Anri Fiete [M R]* (Image CMT), Maiev Feidhlim [M L] (Image SRS), Giuseppe Ascioli [AM], Pierre Vasseur [ST]* (Image VLD), Samir Petrovic [ST]
Squad: Pietro Salinas [GK], Ashleigh Coles [RB] (Image ETN), Josh Wallin [M R], Phillip Lozic [D C], Jason McGwire [D/M L], Turok van Halen [AM C] (Image HIN), Tanner Malvin [M C], Nicole Birch [M L], Markus Oyvind [AM C], Minerva Emond [AM] (Image EFL), Aaron Karushige [F C]

Club de football Outineau
Home ground: Parc de la Crémazie (27,800)
Main rivals: Kirkenes FC, Castors d'Outineau, CS Saint-Rémy
Honours: KFL Championship (7): 12, 15, 27, 33, 41, 50, 60; runners-up: 59
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 5
Ad'ihan Challenge Trophy (1): 18
Fanzines: Tourtière congelé, Ignoble, Latte-Sipping Cock Muncher's Quarterly

CF Outineau are one of the traditional powers of Kelssek football. In one of the country's most (in)famous television "hot mike" incidents, a KBC analyst was caught on the air dismissing the Outineau fanbase as lacking passion due to (in not so many words) the city's social liberalism and bourgeois habits. The comment gave the club's main English fanzine/blog its title. The 55,000-seater Stade Olympique d'Outineau is also used as the home venue for matches in the winter months (since it has a roof) and for high-demand matches against rivals. CF Outineau's rivalry with Kirkenes FC, the Guerre des Couronnes (War of the Crowns), is the most heated and occasionally violent in Kelssekian soccer.

Brigitte Coppinger took a while to settle in but once she got going things did seem to click. Outineau’s previous season matched the patchy form of their star signing with an alarming early slump but the recovery came too late to get the team into the IFCF places. Peter Boyd got the sack midway through last season with the team adrift in 10th place and the questionable decision to release Issac Lafrenière, a youth player who ended up having a decent season in Vilita’s top division. Romain Dupuis, after getting poached from CF Saint-Richard to right the ship, enters his first full season in charge hoping to build momentum on the team’s strong finish.

Players in: Afrim Degirmen (Yassaka, τ380k/$1.1m), Juha Terjakov (Admiral Storevik, τ260k/$750k), Götz Makatsch (Keenan Athletic, τ350k/$1m)
Players out: Alain Veddicho (Castellum, τ310k/$900k), Nicolas Lebaume (Toureres, τ350k), Jean-Pierre Simond (Jansberg Laguna, free)

Manager: Romain Dupuis
First XI: Sébastien St-Gerlais [GK], Daley Potter [D L],, Afrim Degirmen [D C] (Image SRS), Jean-Phillippe Auiloquet [D C], Ashley Douglass [D/M R]*, Odveig Wheeler [DM]* (Image STL), Joshua Farrer [M L] (Image BRE), Juha Terjakov [M C] (Image SVJ), Brigitte Coppinger [RW/ST]* (Image NPH), Vanda Gerô, [F C] (Image PAS)
Squad: Jeanne Dutronc [GK] (Image HIN), Joris Elzokari [D C] (Image SRS), Emmett Thackary [D R], Juan Hernandez [M LC], Götz Makatsch [CM/AM] (Image VAL), Adam Corvin [CM], Saori Takahata [AM] (Image HIN), Scott Davies [F C], Radomir Primakov [F C] (ImagePDN)

Club de football Saint-Richard
Home ground: Stade Michel-Beaulieu (19,400)
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 35
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 9
Main rivals: Langlois Océanic
Fanzines: Moules frites

Les Navigateurs pride themselves on their "small town" ethos, being close to the community, and a squad primarily made up of "gars de chez nous", youth players from the local area who came up through its academy. The last few years have been heady days for the club, with a recent Cup win and a taste of life in the IFCF Challengers Cup after finishing fourth two years ago.

St-Richard have always been cursed to have their best players headhunted by bigger clubs and last season it was their manager who was enticed to move inland to the bright lights of Outineau. Their chief scout also won’t confirm or deny that the new right-back is a guy he got drunk with at the World Cup in Farfadillis. This season, if nothing else, should be interesting for CFSR.

Players in: Eulatie Abraham (Pùr State Univ, free), Yara Mearns (youth), Edmün Dârgâneý (unknown Farf club), Karina Jacobson (loan extended)
Players out: none

Manager: Michel Poitras
First XI: Michelle Normand [GK], Sungnam-Simon Park [D LC], Maxime Bearnon-Sappeur [D C]*, Alexandre von Mertens [D C], Venig de Bondyes [M C] (Image OAM),Freya McCosgraigh [AM]* (SCT), Antoine Girard [M L]*, Seong Mi-Na [M RL] Image HIN), Eulatie Abraham [F C] (Image CMT), Juan Marc Valdéz [F C]
Squad: Areke Shinra [GK] (Image HIN), Edmün Dârgâneý (Image FFD), Jonathan Dubois [D C], Gus Charbonnier-Dupuis [M C], Mortéza Fadel [DM],Justin Romand [M LR], Pascal Desdélices [F C]

Clayquot City Football Club
Home ground: Kanard Park (32,600)
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 10, 26; runners-up: 53
Coupe des Patriotes (2): 10, 11
Fanzine: Gold Star Republic

A long-established club from the capital of Etnier, Clayquot have been comfortable features of the top flight for ages yet have rarely broken out of mid-table mediocrity, giving rise to the self-deprecating terrace song, We Finished Ninth Again. They recently became the first team to successfully defend the Patriotes Cup (and to win it more than once).

Despite the cup win, last season’s brush with relegation was not something that Clayquot should feel okay about. With solid central defenders, flair on the wings, and a young striker in Seamus Wylten who has shown he can really do some damage at the international level, there’s no reason Clayquot can’t finish ninth again.

Players in: Kari Bardiche (Usmer, τ700k/$2m), Donatien Csokonai (youth)
Players out: Alex Morrison (Port City, loan)

Manager: Mary Henderson
First 11: Luke Thomas [GK], Kari Bardiche [D L] (Image NPH), Morgan Epsom [D C], Ward Blackburn [D C]* (Image BRE), Paul Franks [D RC], Sean Clarke [M R], Justin Tang [M C], Luke Johnson [AM]*, Lyndon Haynes [M L] (Image BRE), Raizen Saikyomono [M R/ST] (Image HIN), Seamus Wylten [F C]*
Squad: Olette Coleyn [GK] (Image BRE), Teyo Echehun [D C] (Image ASG), Gérard Olivier [D C], Jacques Lebeaume [M C], Anders Kreissen [M L], Nishant Gilam [M C], Donatien Csokonai [AM] (KSK/FFD), Sigrun Holgersdottir [F C], Colm McCarrigan [F C] (Image SVJ)

Coquitlam United
Home ground: Maillardville Park (20,300)
Main rivals: Burnaby SC, Metropolitan FC
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 28; runners-up: 51, 52
Fanzine: Bear-Proof Bins

While bearing the name of only one of them, United represents metropolitan Burnaby's eastern suburbs, and so are often nicknamed the "Easties". Their largest ultras group are known as The Empire. Coquitlam finished a mediocre and comfortable tenth place last season despite a lot of pessimism around the team. This season will be the crucial time for players on the cusp like Alex Bronson and Dusty Clement to show they’ve made progress and deserve to be in the starting lineup.

Players in: Kâyetá Jírraósôás (youth), Neil Lych (Sporting Rigerata Utd, τ170k/$500k), Heidi Hopkins (youth)

Manager: Henri Hubert
First 11: Piotr Lukowitz [GK], Caleigh Smith [D C], Kassel Pokorný [D C]*, Obey Chidiebere [D R]* (Image BNJ), Neil Lych [D L] ( HVY), Stephanie Grübling [DM], Annabel Curtis [M C], Alex Bronson [M C] (Image XAN), Rycszard Vepocojat [M/AM C] (Image SRS), Dusty Clement [ST] (Image BRE), Arjan Singh [F C]*
Squad: Kevin Cannon [GK], Kâyetá Jírraósôás [RB] (KSK/FFD), Casey Lindner [D C], Colin Mackrel [F C], Michael Thompson [M C], Jahn Nilsson [AM/F], John Parker [M L], Simon Barisstan [M R]

Club sportif de Saint-Rémy
Home ground: Stade Intersat
Honours: KFL Championship (5): 8, 23, 55, 61, 62; runners-up: 57, 58
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 3
Fanzine: Qui a mangé tous les pogos?, Carte-cadeaux de Dieu

Often referred to as CSSR for short. The club's motto "ferai valoir" roughly translates as "put it to good use" though its meaning has several religious and historical layers, such as referencing a famous battleship and some Catholic Church stuff (hence the title of an unauthorized fanzine, "God's gift card"). Among the club legends is Ian Sinclair, who played for Kelssek at six World Cups (37-42) and was the first Kelssekian footballer to play abroad when he signed for A.F.F. in Cafundéu.

Two titles in a row was a tough accomplishment. Three would be truly formidable, and most expect there will be some fall-off and a transition to the younger crop of players this year. Budget consolidation saw the departure of Caleb Roy but there’s plenty of skill in the lineup with players like Dening Regnault and Greta Enger likely to be important generators in the team. Also, Arsène de Saintyon in particular is a young forward who could really make a mark this year.

Players in: Charles Linton-Arbour (youth)
Players out: Caleb Roy (CS Saint-Rémy, τ520k/$1.5m)

Manager: Jorge Guardia Image
First 11: Cale Shaughlin [GK], Benat Renak [D L], Jean-Marc Arndeau [D C], Brian Sanders [D C] (Image CBP), Greta Enger [D R]* (Image VAL), Sara Ní Bheacháin [M C], Corinne Eriksen [DM] (Image APX), Xavier Julien [M R],
Dening Regnault [M L]* (Image OAM), Arsène de Saintyon [F C] (Image OAM), Darin Crow [F C]* (Image TOR).
Squad: Terrance Foley [D L], Osman Bennouna [D C], Jérémie Chasseur-Ardenne [D R], Connor Wimble [M C], Kristian Mashtian [M C], Maxime Deschamps [CM/AM], Gabriel Davies [F C]

Football Club of Novonaya
Home ground: Griffin Park (39,200)
Honours: KFL National runners-up: 61
Rivals: NGSA Ulyanof
Fanzine(s): The Grand Gallop

After years of bouncing between second and third division, FC Novonaya has enjoyed a rise in attention, attendances, and ambitions after the refurbishment and expansion of their home stadium for the 12th Summer Olympics. Last season was the club’s first-ever top flight season and its board is determined to put in the cash to establish themselves there.

Service to their star strikers was a big problem last year – commentators compared it to putting a supercar engine into a rusty chassis picked up off the side of the road. Experienced former KFL player of the year Caleb Roy could be the missing ingredient.

Manager: Nicholas Fieldmarsh
Players in: Caleb Roy (CS Saint-Rémy, τ520k/$1.5m), Maiya Ovidinjus (youth), Ovidijus Stubbs (youth), Ludovicus Dagnesses (youth)
Players out: Peter Lambert-Cross (retired), Charles Wiser (retired)

First 11: Nathan Meeks [GK], Ovidijus Stubbs [LWB] (Image BRE), Dragan Djejić [D C] (Image ZRH), Gregor Lacan [D C], Marius Gunder [D R]*, Genzo Tawari [DM] (Image HIN), Daniel Brown [M R], Caleb Roy [M C]* (Image ETN), Julia Bradford [M L], Henning Hemmingsen [ST] (DCA), Masashige Vachimitsu [ST]* (Image KOR)
Squad: Alice Forsyth [D RC], Carson Hill [M C],Tyler Blackwood [M C], Alejandro Nunez [ST], Ludovicus Dagnesses [AM] (KSK/FFD)

Hamiltonian Cambria
Home ground: B.A. Johnston Field (24,700)
Honours: KFL National Northern (1): 58
Rivals: Kirkenes FC
Fanzines: Dragon's Breath Mints

Hamilton is an industrial city that sneers at the effete big city slickers of nearby Kirkenes, despite the fact that many residents actually commute to work there. But much like the city's post-industrial revival, Cambria is getting in touch with its cosmopolitan side and has embraced the youth movement of their odd foreign DBC-winning manager Johannes Sulo. Thanks to their recent rise from the second division to challenge the big dogs, they've become a sentimental second-favourite team for many fans.

There’s an odd sense of drift at the club, and while mid-table is still a great place in the context of the club’s history, there’s a sense they’re capable of much more. It’ll start with finding the consistency that seemed to desert them last season and left their hopes of IFCF football slipping further and further away.

Players in: Irinia Wassef (Damogran FC, 520k/$1.5m), İlham Kazimov (Havran Genclar, free), Richard MacEwan (youth), Tomás Guisao (youth)

Manager: Johannes Sulo (Image COS)
First 11: Damien Harcomb [GK], Russ Jenkins [D L], Jagoda Novosel [D R] (Image PAS), Irinia Wassef [D C] (Image SRS), Colm Gallimh [D LC], Marco Marchesni [M C], Ashton Moore* [M C] (Image EUR) Dario Tule [M R]* (Image SAJ), Joncis Pataiere [M L] (Image OAM), Ashton Houston [ST]* (HVY), Ilan Milanovic [ST]
Squad: Brian Pool [GK], David McGrath [D C], Corella da Silva [D C] (Image COS), Kathy Franklin [D RC], Angeline Subotic [M C], Richard MacEwan [M C], Tomás Guisao [RM] (KSK/FFD), Catherine Wells [ST], İlham Kazimov [ST] (Image TMR)

Kawarthas District Football Association
Home ground: Redmord Point (16,500)
Honours: KFL National runners-up: 62
Main rivals: Redswyth Red Stars, Kirkenes FC

Technically speaking the club is the representative team of the three counties in the green belt in between Redswyth and the northern sprawl of metropolitan Kirkenes. As a practical matter it’s in the unusual position of also being the organizing body for non-professional soccer in its region. While careful not to get too distant from this convenient source of fan loyalty, the club itself is more and more of separate entity and in the past few years has seen investment and seats on its board taken up by certain Siovanija and Teusland persons who have lakeside cabins in the area maybe? KDFA is based in Llandewi, the largest city of a region which is increasingly becoming southern Redswyth.

Kawarthas snuck into second place and automatic promotion after putting on winning run to end off a season that had until then seen them drifting around the lower playoff spots. In recent years they’ve always found spots for Republikaliga loanees and though there’s always an unknown factor these two are tipped to be the best ones yet and could well be starters if they prove themselves. They have a decent chance of staying up if they can maintain the supply to marquee signing Cameron Parrott.

Players in: Clement Fitzgibbon (youth), Terry Williams (youth), Phineas Betteridge (Berkton FC, free), Fran Barnet (Birdingstone Utd, free), Reinhard Listner (FC Teussen Stelburg, loan), Henrik Martin (TSV Marzig, loan), Cameron Parrott (Latrobe AFC, 500k/$1.4m)
First 11: Victoria Liggot [GK], Phineas Betteridge [RB] (KOR), Nathan Craig [CB], Michael MacAllister [LB]*, Rory Milertt [CM], Angela Morris [CM], Ryan Sheller [AM], Fran Barnet [RW] (ETN), Rachel Rosen [LW], Brett Larchgrove [ST], Cameron Parrott [ST]*
Squad: Clement Fitzgibbon [GK], Reinhard Listner [CB] (Image STL), Terry Williams [CB/DM], Charli Wright [RB], Jade Carlieson [RM], Ryan Sheller [CM/AM], Henrik Martin [CM] (Image STL)

Océanic club de football Langlois
Home ground: Stade de la Pacifique (28,800)
Main rivals: CF Saint-Richard
Honours: KFL Championship (7): 5, 11, 17, 19, 30, 56, 57; runners-up: 49
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 2
Fanzines: Coach-marde, Aux larmes salés

One of the earliest football clubs to be established in Kelssek, Océanic were the local pioneers of a fluid, direct style of play that has been a lasting influence on the sport's development in Kelssek. Known as the Ville des Mille Collines (city of thousand hills), Langlois is a scenic port city whose richly decorated historical architecture testifies to the power and wealth of its early modern era merchant class.

Weiram is one of the league’s most exciting signings of the close season and adds some much-needed dynamism to the midfield. By any standard last year’s fall to fifth on the final day should be considered a failure given the talent at the team’s disposal. Improvement on that finish has to be considered a minimum expectation.

Players in: Émile Robin (youth), Kiera Weiram (Vidial Alchemists, 700k/$2m)
Players out: John McEntee (retired)

Manager: Calen Reamsey
First XI: Marc-Henri Normand [GK], Armisael [D L]* (DAI), Phillippe Galiani [D C], Stephen Field [D C] (FVA), Adelaide Southers [D R] (Image NPH), Forzu-Nirlo Uzo [M C]* (Image QUS), Kiera Weiram [CM] (Image MRN), Atsushi Ryu [AM LC]* ( DUN), Zilar Galharretborde [M R] (Image ASG), Cory Browning [FC], Jourdain Dupuis [FC]
Squad: Scotia MacDonald [GK], Jacques Peele [D RC], Kathy Eowins [DM], Émile Robin [DM], Pierre-Louis Laishram [AM/F], Huseyn Turunc [M LC], Lindsey Cowan [M R], Nicholas Takai [M L]

Kingstown Athletic
Home ground: Larkhamfield (18,800)
Rivals: Burnaby SC
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 46
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 9
Fanzines: Two Sailing Wait

Based in the provincial capital of Konoha, a small, pretty, and laid-back counterpart to the big city Burnaby. While Kingstown fans consider Burnaby SC their main rivals, Burnaby generally doesn't deign to reciprocate, even after the final of Coupe des Patriotes 9 where the Lakers won the trophy in an upset victory and did not hold back in rubbing their illustrious opponents' noses in it.

Whatever the reasons for the apparent inability to attract new signings, without any arrivals in the close season Athletic will have to hope for progression from their relatively baby-faced squad. It’s not unreasonable to think players like Fergal Norris and Phil Donnelly are due to break out, and they know they’ve got a safe pair of hands in goal.

Players in: Roland Shields (youth)
Manager: Nico Trentini
First XI: Thimiscles Seanclair [GK]* (YSP), Carey Troeger [D L], Marcus Manning [D LC], Casey Miller [D C], Shawn Sim [D R], Gregor Nagley [M C]*, Phillip Donnelly [M C], Patrick Lanks [M L], Lois Combeford [D/M R]* (Image BRE), Lane Michaels [F C], Luke Randall [F C]
Squad: Leonard Varia [GK], Justine Bixby [D C], Lewis Brockton [D LR], Roland Shields [DM C], Bryan Kiddow [DM C], Fergal Norris [M RC], Matthew Knox [AM/F], Brigitte Franckh [M R]

Kirkenes Football Club
Home ground: Exhibition Place (38,400)
Honours: KFL Championship (4): 9, 18, 37, 42; runners-up: 60
Rivals: CF Outineau, Burnaby SC, North York
Fanzines: Rubber Pellets Digest, Centre of the Universe
Manager: Kyle Allister

The oldest and most popular team of Kelssek's biggest city, KFC has tended to hover near the top without getting the trophies they so desperately crave. During the winter months, home matches are played at Waterfront Dome with only the lower tier seats sold.

Foiled again! Kirkenes fell short of the championship for the second year in a row, fading away agonizingly in the final weeks. It’s not clear they’ve added to the squad in a way that will bring them back to the top. But unquestionably, Kirkenes landed the transfer scoop of the window by snagging national team number one Kai Poirier for a bargain price from the Cosumar top flight. Full back Marietta Tesla is also a youngster to watch.

Players in: Kai Poirier (Treftadeth Alliance, 350k/$1m), Meghan Hartsdown (350k/$1m), Christophe Violette (youth)
Players out: Martin Gregoire (retired), Lily Marshall (Foxhampton 630k/$1.8m)
First XI: Kai Poirier [GK]*, Isidra Jeurissen [D/M L] (NPH/APX),Patrice Boudreau [D C], Joachim Elden [D C] (MBT), Michael Cabrallo [D R], Meghan Hartsdown [M/AM C] (Image BRE), Nolan Gorka [M L], Patrick Kirkland [M R]*, Lysander Brandis [AM] (MYT), Josie Webster [AM]* (Image NPH), Darnell Owen [F C]
Squad: Jason Curtin [GK], Kendra Millaerl [GK], Allison Tucker [D LC], Analor Avalor [DM C], (Image KOR)Conan Markowski [M C], Eva Karven [ST], Sophie Hildebrand [AM/F C], Christophe Violette [ST]

Latrobe Athletic and Football Club
Home ground: Macquarie Docklands (55,700)
Rivals: Clayquot City
Honours: KFL Championship (6): 2, 14, 21, 24, 34, 53, runners-up: 55
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 4
Fanzines: That's Not the Try Line, Jamie Toohey's Pension Plan

The soccer section of a multi-football club which also has a successful rugby union team. Indeed, many people who are primarily rugby fans do come to the soccer matches and vice versa. Fans of Latrobe’s 11-player round ball on grass team have gotten used to having high hopes dashed and turned into another slow march to 5th or 6th place, followed by promises that next year will bring a glorious future.

After another mediocre showing Latrobe have made some big moves, boosting their strike force as well as adding a well-regarded coach from Sharktail to their backroom. They have all the ingredients to really make an impact on the title race and you have to feel there’s no more excuses for Darach Salthill this time.

Players in: Dominic Lee (youth), Christine Hill (youth), Émîróînó Üjíkân (Farfadillis amateur, free), Griogair Urquhart (Steckholl Utd, τ170k/$500k), Erland Stromby (Admiral Storevik, τ440k/$1.25m)
Players out: Cameron Parrott (Kawarthas, τ500k/$1.4m)

Manager: Darach Salthill; first team coach: Azmi (Image SHT)
First XI: Myles Connely [GK] (HVY), Artair Mac Ronaigh [D L], Aguri Hondachi [D C], Christian Arbour [D C], Valentijn Doorwouds [D R]* (Image KOR), Aleksander Lukonov [M R]* (Image STL), Andreas Karnezis [M C] (Image FHU), Raïf Ducharne [M C], Julian Edwards [M LC], Patrice Langelier [F C]*, Erland Stromby [ST] (Image SVJ)
Squad: Iroha Irei [GK] (Image HIN), Curtis Holman [D RC], Brayden Welland [D C], Léo Moselle [D L], Brayden Welland [D C], Cormac Ó Conneely [D R], Logan Wright [M RL], Julian Edwards [M LC], Logan Wright [M RL], Émîróînó Üjíkân [AM] (Image FFD), Griogair Urquhart [FW] (Image DEL)

Mazinaw Vanorian Football Club
Home ground: Crowchilds (18,100)
Rivals: Strathcona Internationals
Honours: KFL National South (1): 59
Fanzines: Tricky Trees

The club's name reflects the fact that Valanora's national team and football league has been and still is much more popular among Kelssekian soccer fans than their own national league. It’s not clear how much of a role actual Vanorians had in the club’s founding, but records show they were fielding teams in regional and age-group leagues with names like “Mazinaw Ibini” and “Raynor Mazinaw” in the early years. The club are relative newcomers to the top flight, like their provincial rivals Strathcona.

Mazinaw really would rather not have lost their only proven right-back in Caelin Vinter and the squad is clearly weaker as a result. They’ll expect to be safe from relegation but they’re really counting on existing players to step up just to repeat their mid-table performance.

Players in: Slaven Bajalica (youth), Bertrand Paré (youth)
Players out: Caelin Vinter (AFC Westpike, τ420k/$1.2m), Michael Asano (retired)

Manager: Gary Allard
First XI: Doug Magennis [GK], Link Smith [D C], Kevin Rackard [D C], Tegan Earrach [D L], Bertrand Paré [D RC], Tomás Fierro [M C]* (Image CEN), Jeremy Féarghaill [M C], Ivo Ilev [M R]* (Image STL), Phrem Mutsuga [M L]* (Image HIN), Logan Ragno [ST] (Image AUD), Pfandr Oresund [F C] (Image SRS)
Squad: Slaven Bajalica [GK], Ronnie Burton [M R], André Normand [M L], Nolan Murphy [DM], Jordan Normand [AM], Cassie Silverton [F C]

New Generation Sports Association of Ulyanof
Home ground: Stadium of the Stars (44,600)
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 31, 32
Fanzines: The New Era Raider, Weekly Howl
Rivals: FC Novonaya, Strathcona Internationals

The soccer section of a multi-sports club which was founded as part of the Olympic modernist movement and is known as the training ground for many of the Olympic athletes from the province of Lupinissia.

Last season took the New Gens seconds from disaster – well, 90 minutes, but getting that close to relegation was close enough. Offloading two team veterans for fresh blood was a bold move but in many ways a necessary one. It’s not going to win them any prizes but there should at least be enough to keep them comfortably in the first division.

Players in: Alistair Swepstone (De Commons, free), Ikra Yonte (Olympia Arkintoofle, 350k/$1m)
Players out: Tyler Prentice (Altendalur, 350k/$1m), Rory Canning-Meagher (Jecken Newport, free)

First XI: Alistair Swepstone [GK] (Image NPH), Cephas Lidston [D L]* (Image SRS), Antoine Boucher [D C], Kevin Hampton [D C] (Image ETN), Stan Lionakis [D R], Girolamo Alcides [M C]* (Image MRC), Peter Crawford [M C], Jonas Petteri [M C], Ikra Yonte [M R]* (Image SRS), Dennis Hartley [F C], Wang Yuan [F C] (Image CMT)
Squad: Matt Tergien [GK], Rory Delburton [D C], Namine Kirishima [DM/M RLC], Richard Bell [M C], Wyola Whetworth [F C] (HVY)

Shearwater Football Club
Home ground: Kingswharf (40,500)
Main rivals: Langlois Océanic
Fanzines: Southwest Stand Dispatch, Yellow Brick Road
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 36, 40

Founded as a recreational club by personnel of the Shearwater naval base, the club continues to have strong links with the Kelssek Navy. Their stadium is across the harbour from the base in the former docklands of downtown Breton, the largest city and capital of Haligonia. Comfortable fixtures of the top division, they’re in the tough spot of being good enough for their players to keeping getting poached by top clubs but not good enough to fend off that interest.

Brion Stienno is starting afresh somewhat after he made 4 appearances for Burnaby SC before doing his ACL and missing the rest of the season. A talented striker with something to prove could well make the difference for this club.

Players in: Brion Stienno (Burnaby SC, τ1m/$2.9m), Denise Witt (youth), Russell McDougal (youth)
Players out: Logan Stevenson (Sitka Valley, τ400k)

Manager: Ryan Potter
First XI: Tomasz Janaczek [GK] (Image DEL), Shane Reilly [D L], Karen [D C] (Image SHT), Jordan Ilic [D C], Lucas Crokert [D R], Dylan McTavish [M C], Nico Jenkins [M L], Coretta Corcrain [M R]* (Image BRE), George Thorpe [AM]*, (Image EUR), Brent Valiser [ST], Brion Stienno [ST] (Image SRS)
Squad: Denise Witt [GK], Rémond Leste [D C], Kai Fukushima [M RC], Joseph Green [D/M C], Gary Swann [D C], Russell McDougal [RB], Bryce Graughan [M C], Cory Grossman [M C], Rainier Froboess [AM/ST], Ronan Macpadraig [ST], Tatjana Pistor [ST]

Sitka Valley Football Club
Home ground: St. Kilda Road (19,600)
Rivals: Shearwater FC
Honours: KFL National (1): 62
Fanzines: Nailed to the Pine
Based in Arlingsdale, Wenerdere. Fans sing "The Lumberjack Song" at kickoff in an ironic tribute to their region's stereotypical economic activity (in reality the largest industry in Arlingsdale is insurance services, but that's not nearly as fun).

Sitka ran away winning the KFL National title by 15 points last season and on the strength of that, they probably will at least make a valiant effort to not get relegated. An experienced top-flight goalkeeper in Logan Stevenson is a big improvement between the sticks.

Players in: Abdur Rahman Heather (Tavernia Academy, free), Timurdogan Yerli (Sariirmakspor)
Manager: David Harmond
First 11: Logan Stevenson [GK]*, Brendan Kennedy [LB], Louis Dosanjh [CB], Marcos Valparan [CB], Bryce Smith [RB], Danil Toszic [CM]*, Corey Luton [CM], Angela McArony [RM]*, Marcus Wynne [LM], Timurdogan Yerli [AM] (Image TMR), Aengus Ditmarsh [ST]
Squad: David Lewes [GK], Daffyd Rogers [LB] Valerie Drake [CB], Abdur Rahman Heather [CM] (Image EFL), Jean-André Dupuis [AM/FW], Cale Tackett [FW]

Strathcona Internationals
Home ground: Bowreach (34,900)
Rivals: Mazinaw Vanorian, NGSA Ulyanof
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 59
KFL National South (1): 53
Fanzines: To the Ends of the Earth, MPB: Mosh Pit of the Bourgeoisie

Founded by a group of expatriates during the industrial era. Strathcona is an inner-city neighbourhood which borders downtown Vickery on the south bank of the river which splits the city. Ironically given the club's working class identity, these days it's known as gentrification central. The club is a relative newcomer to the top table, but has firmly established their place in the Championship since winning promotion in KFL53. Their first-ever title came six years later but they missed out on a chance at international competition because it also happened to be the year UICA vapourized. Consequently, the club has a chip on its shoulder, blaming the "footballing establishment" for denying them entry to international club tournaments when not only were they denied the chance to compete in the UICA season that never was, their paperwork to enter the Dwile Invitational mysteriously disappeared after passing through Football Kelssek's fax machine.

Led by a national team legend in his first full season as a manager last season, they squeezed into fourth place and the Challengers Cup on their own steam, putting the taunting of the Mazinaw fans about the gay frogs and lizard people who really control club football behind them. They guilted Football Kelssek into paying for some stadium renovations as they hosted the 77th Cup of Harmony. There weren’t any significant additions to the playing squad however, which is the one caveat to predicting a strong season for Strathcona.

Players in: Doner Grrhonomó (youth), Waleeda Hollis-Park (Dillvill Academy, free), Chung Seo-Yeon (Nishikoku Univ, free)
Players out: Sammy Ramm (Association Ariddienne, free)

Manager: François Saint-Louis
First 11: Laurel Tinker-Witt [GK] (ZWZ), Ryan Dumont [D C]*, Teadgh Brewer [D C], Astrid Lodgen [D LR], Carey Mason [D L], Andrey Yusupov [M RC], Jonathan Berton-Fleury [M C], Raven Cashin [M R]* (Image BRE), Marko Kotalczyk [M L], Hayden Phelan [F C], Bratislav Rukavina [ST]* (Image PAS)
Squad: Peter Collan [GK], Rafael Hythewater [D C] (Image NPH), Nene Shibata [D C] (Image HIN), Waleeda Hollis-Park [D R] (EFL), Rhys Dadit [M C], Zamil Abed-Louis [DM] (Image EFL), Ilan Markowicz [M C], Sean Donnelly [AM], Laura Millclef [AM/F], Bryan Hartpoach [M L], Chung Seo-Yon [LW/CF] (Image HIN)

Torbay Thunder
Home stadium: Armidale Plain (10,300)
Fanzine(s): (Thor Pun Here)
Honours: KFL National (1): 61

Based in the capital of Kewatin on the rocky Fjordlands, Torbay entered the top flight last year on the back of two straight promotions. In a part of the country where rugby is the dominant sport, they've often had to struggle just to get people to see soccer as worth their time. Former Kelssek international Niall Jenkins sat on the bench for World Cup 55 and is full of stories of the past generation's legends which supposedly get more mythical with every team talk. Whatever it is, his methods are apparently working.

Torbay more than survived their first season in the Championship division, they made it comfortable with an 11th-place finish and pulled off some big wins against the big teams. Adam Callaghan did well and was nominated for the young player award, and it’ll be hard to keep him out of the team this year, while the addittion of Yolandi Heimat adds a veteran presence.

Players in: Dan Antoninsson (Oost-Hartburg, τ97k/$300k), Harold Archer (youth), Yolandi Heimat (ASC Arvika, 140k/$400k)

Manager: Niall Jenkins
First 11: Hildur Eiríksdóttir [GK], Krista Staniels [D C]* (Image APX), Blake Carter [D C], Carey Mason [D L]*, Alisen Mitrovic [D R], Gotzon Berystain [DM] (Image ASG), Yolandi Heimat [M C]* (Image NPH), Adam Callaghan [M C], Taylor Alfred [AM/F LC], Vincent Price [F C], Dan Antoninsson [FW] (Image GRF)
Squad: Harold Archer [RB], Valgarður Benediktsson [M C], Marius Roberge-Savoie [AM C], Dominic Lewis [D C], Rhys Williams [M LC], Gregor MacLean [M R], Ryan Trottier [F C]

Transfers in
Name                    Pos   Age  Nat   From                     To                      Fee
Ovidijus Stubbs LWB 27 BRE Finbar Stalwarts BRE FC Novonaya free
Meghan Hartsdown CM/AM 33 BRE Ibini FC VAL Kirkenes FC 1
Eulatie Abraham ST 23 CMT Pùr State Univ CMT CF Saint-Richard free
Griogair Urquhart FW 27 DEL Steckholl United DEL Latrobe AFC 0.5
Tomasz Janaczek GK 31 DEL Steckholl United DEL Shearwater FC 0.5
Bruno Silva RW 21 DRP/HIN Project Olimpo Jutsii Association Ariddienne free
Minerva Emond AMF 18 EFL Farond YFC EFL Burnaby SC free
Abdur Rahmaan Heather CMF 18 EFL Tavernia Academy EFL Sitka Valley free
Waleeda Hollis-Park RB 18 EFL Dillvill Academy EFL Strathcona Intls free
Ashleigh Coles RB 25 ETN Johnho United DAR Burnaby SC 1.5
Caleb Roy M L 33 ETN CS Saint-Rémy FC Novonaya 1.5
Fran Barnet RF 28 ETN Birdingstone United Kawarthas District free
Ludovicus Dagnesses OM 20 FFD unknown FFD FC Novonaya free
Émîróînó Üjíkân OM 17 FFD unknown FFD Latrobe AFC free
Dan Antoninsson CF/SS 30 GRF Oost-Hartburg GRF Torbay Thunder 0.3
Chung Seo-Yeon LW/CF 21 HIN Nishikoku Univ HIN Strathcona Intls free
Neil Lych LB 25 HVY Sporting Rigerata Utd Coquitlam United 0.5
Phineas Betteridge RB 20 KOR Berkton FC KOR Kawarthas District free
Kai Poirier GK 35 KSK Treftadeth Alliance COS Kirkenes FC 1
Kiera Weiram CM 28 MRN Vidial Alchemists MRN Langlois Océanic 2
Kari Bardiche LB 27 NPH Usmer EUR Clayquot City 2
Alistair Swepstone GK 32 NPH De Commons TSA NGSA Ulyanof free
Afrim Degirmen CB 20 SRS Yassaca SRS CF Outineau 1.1
Irinia Wassef CB 22 SRS Damogran FC SRS Hamiltonian Cambria 1.5
Ikra Yonte RM 22 SRS Olympia Arkintoofle NGSA Ulyanof 1
Reinhard Listner CB 18 STL FC Teussen Stelburg Kawarthas DFA Loan
Henrik Martin CM 19 STL TSV Marzig Kawarthas DFA Loan
Juha Terjakov OM 28 SVJ Admiral Storevik CF Outineau 0.75
Erland Stromby ST 24 SVJ Admiral Storevik Latrobe AFC 1.25
İlham Kazimov ST 18 TMR Havran Gencler TMR Hamiltonian Cambria free
Timurdogan Yerli MC/AMC 22 TMR Sariirmakspor Sitka Valley 0.5
Götz Makatsch MC/AMLR 18 VAL Keenan Athletic COS CF Outineau 1
Pierre Vasseur FW 28 VLD Bohemians Metropolis Burnaby SC 2.4

Transfers out
Name                   Pos    Age  From                    To                           Fee
Alain Veddicho AM C 31 CF Outineau Castellum FC NOV 0.9
Antoine Boucher D C 27 NGSA Ulaynof Olympique Sept-Iles NOV 0.9
Caelin Vinter D R 29 Mazinaw Vanorian AFC Westpike BRE 1.2
Rory Canning-Meagher M C 34 NGSA Ulaynof Jecken Newport SNL 0
Marcus Manning D LC 22 Kingstown Athletic Fligsive FC EOT 1
Lily Marshall D C 22 Kirkenes FC Foxhampton EUR 1.8
Tyler Prentice AM C 30 NGSA Ulaynof Altendalur GRF 1
Thor Ibrahim Ahmad ST 19 Castors d'Outineau Hornchurch EUR 4
Linus Doolin D C 25 Colwynian Vale Waldster FC FVA 1.2
Gabriel Farahani D R 28 ASC Arvika Rockridge Phoenix BRE 2
Nicolas Lebaume D R 29 CF Outineau Toureres NWK 1
Jean-Pierre Simond D C 34 CF Outineau Jansberg Laguna SEM free

Fees are in millions of Universal Standard Dollars (1 USD = τ0.35).
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Challengers Cup extra preliminary round
KarpìStomà (TAL) 0-0 Strathcona Intls
Strathcona Intls 1-0 KarpìStomà (TAL)
Strathcona Intls wins 1-0 on aggregate
Liga B Trophy extra preliminary round
RFK Ogdenagorv (MRC) 3-3 St. Kildera
St. Kildera 3-1 RRK Ogdenagorv
St.Kildera wins 6-4 on aggregate

Challengers Cup first preliminary round
Aleance Tusjak (LER) 0-2 Strathcona Intls
Strathcona Intls 2-1 Aleance Tusjak (LER)
Strathcona Intls wins 4-1 on aggregate
Liga B Trophy first preliminary round
St. Kildera 5-2 Sporting Kohnhead City (KND)
Sporting Kohnhead City (KND) 1-2 St Kildera
St.Kildera wins 7-3 on aggregate

Castle Wolfenstein (IGN) 0-1 Kirkenes FC
Kirkenes FC 2-0 Castle Wolfenstein
Kirkenes FC wins 3-0 on aggregate

Champions League first preliminary round
Kirkham Appliances (SYL) 1-3 CS Saint-Rémy
CS Saint-Rémy 0-0 Kirkham Appliances (SYL)
CS Saint-Rémy wins 3-1 on aggregate

Meanwhile in football, the international transfer window has opened and already a deal involving a KFL club to tell you about. It’s not a big surprise, this one, but Burnaby SC has confirmed the transfer of Pierre Vasseur from Bohemians Metropolis for τ840,000. Vasseur impressed while on a season-long loan from the Valladar club and so already a big move being made on day one.

Champions League second preliminary round
Calamari Wanderers (SQR) 1-3 CS Saint-Rémy
CS Saint-Rémy 1-1 Calamari Wanderers (SQR)
CS Saint-Rémy wins 4-2 on aggregate
Liga B Trophy second preliminary round
Dodle (SYL) 0-2 St. Kildera
St. Kildera 0-0 Dodle (SYL)
St. Kildera wins 2-0 on aggregate

Nukon (EUR) 1-2 Kawarthas
Kawarthas 0-0 Nukon (EUR)
Kawarthas wins 2-1 on aggregate

Challengers Cup second preliminary round
Kelvindale Town (GLZ) 3-1 Burnaby SC
Burnaby SC 1-2 Kelvindale Town (GLZ)
Kelvindale Town wins 5-2 on aggregate

D-B Fabrika Takimi (TMR) 1-1 Strathcona Intls
Strathcona Intls 0-3 D-B Fabrika Takimi (TMR)
Fabrika Takimi wins 4-1 on aggregate

CSKA Quebec (QUE) 1-4 Kirkenes FC
Kirkenes FC 3-0 CSKA Quebec (QUE)
Kirkenes FC wins 7-1 on aggregate

“Burnaby really screwed the pooch, though. There’s no excuse for what happened there. Should’ve won that matchup easily.”

Some more transfer news being confirmed now. Rory Canning-Meagher is out of contract at NGSA Ulyanof and has agreed to move to Jecken Newport in South Newlandia. Opting to move abroad there late in his career. Also leaving NGSA is Antoine Boucher, who signs for Olympique Sept-Iles and Alain Veddicho leaves CF Outineau for Castellum, both going to Nova Anglicana for transfer fees of τ250,000. Your thoughts on that?

“Yes, I think it’s a good move for those players, those are two clubs as well who weren’t too happy with their last season and are shaking up the roster a bit. In CF Outineau’s case this is the chance for Roman Dupuis as the new manager looking to start clearing out the surplus players and building the squad he wants...”
Liga B Trophy third preliminary round
St. Kildera 1-1 Athos (CSA)
Athos (CSA) 1-1 St. Kildera (a.e.t.)
Agg. tied 2-2, St. Kildera wins 6-5 in penalty shootout

Sitka Valley 3-0 North Drumgelloch (GLZ)
North Drumgelloch 0-2 Sitka Valley
Sitka Valley wins 5-0 on aggregate

Kawarthas 0-1 Raynor City FC (VAL)
Raynor City FC (VAL) 2-2 Kawarthas
Raynor City FC wins 3-2 on aggregate

Champions League third preliminary round
KFQ Qavazujzy (QUS) 2-1 CS Saint-Rémy
CS Saint-Rémy 1-0 KFQ Qavazujzy
KFQ Qavazujzy wins 3-1 on aggregate

Challengers Cup third preliminary round
Kirkenes FC 2-0 Quaggen (QGP)
Quaggen (QGP) 2-2 Kirkenes FC
Kirkenes FC wins 4-2 on aggregate

- And finally the Thor Ibrahim Ahmad transfer story comes to a conclusion as the young striker signs for Hornchurch for τ1.4 million. Easily the biggest transfer for the KFL this year. There were rumours of some clubs in The Jovannic offering up to τ2.5 million there.
“Well, for a player in Thor’s situation he can’t be going to a new, low-ranked league. Eura is the undoubtedly the right choice. His career is just beginning and in the long term he needs to be at a club like Hornchurch and not some... I don’t wanna insult anyone, but moving to an unknown league is a poor choice for a young player with his potential. And you know that’s still a lot of money that will help stabilize Castors’s situation after the horrific season they’ve had. It’s a bit different for a player like Marcus Manning where you know where your ceiling is and you say to yourself, yeah, why don’t I take the opportunity to go abroad for a while, the EOT might be nice.”
- What does this tell us about where the KFL stands as a league?
“I think we see that the league is improving in the global scheme of things, now if Saint-Rémy make it to the group stage of the Challengers Cup, that would be a realistic target and it would be a good sign of progress. I hope we can see the day when the KFL is a top 30 league and we have a representative in the group stages on a consistent basis. When players stop thinking they have to move abroad to advance their careers and get a shot at being on the national team.”
Liga B Trophy playoff round
Hôtel Chapelle-Pré (RCN) 2-0 St. Kildera
St. Kildera 0-0 Hôtel Chapelle-Pré (RCN)
Hôtel Chapelle-Pré wins 2-0 on aggregate

Rogerton Rebels (DAR) 1-4 Sitka Valley
Sitka Valley 3-1 Rogerton Rebels (DAR)
Sitka Valley wins 7-2 on aggregate
Challengers Cup playoff round
Kirkenes FC 5-2 Kingsgrove (BRE)
Kingsgrove (BRE) 2-2 Kirkenes FC
Kirkenes wins 7-4 on aggregate

Maynard AFC (KOR) 2-0 CS Saint-Remy
CS Saint-Remy 0-2 Maynard AFC (KOR)
Maynard AFC wins 4-0 on aggregate

“Expect the unexpected they say, but what a win for Kirkenes at home to Kingsgrove. They beat the Brenecian team 5-2 in a shocking result and then managed to hold them to a draw in Brenecia to advance to the next round of the Challengers Cup. And a big boost for them too with news that Kelssek’s number one goalkeeper Kai Poirier has agreed contract terms and will be joining the team at Exhibition Place as he completes a τ350,000 transfer from Cosumar’s Treftadeth Alliance.”
- “It’s very interesting because this is the first time I can remember that we’ve got an active national team member coming back from a top overseas club to the KFL. That’s a bargain price although there’s the situation in the Harligat Ligan which is part of the reason for that. We don’t know what other offers he might have got but it’s quite a pleasant surprise to have a player of that calibre deciding he’ll come back to the KFL. It’s a league that has improved quite a bit since he was casually pocketing Golden Glove awards six, seven years ago however...”

Matchweek 1
”Vasseur... it’s saved... but Karushige makes no mistake!... No chance for Tinker-Witt.”
“Karen heads clear... Oh and this could be a break for Shearwater. Four against two back the other way. And Stienno has his first goal one year after joining the KFL!”
“...Seamus Wylten! Spectacular! It’s four-nil! Clayquot are tearing apart Kawarthas here!...”
“and... Benjamin Mina has tied it up for Association Ariddienne! The dream continues for the minnows from northeast Outineau!”

“Welcome into the Football Focus studio. I’m Liz Riley and with me are former Kelssek international Paul Clifton and Martin Gregoire, formerly of Kirkenes FC. And let’s get straight into it with the War of the Crowns – hotly anticipated clash on opening day. Here’s the highlights from Parc de la Crémazie.”

”Oh, and that’s sloppy by Auiloquet... Brandis pokes it forward. And Eva Karven is on-side... Karven makes it one-nil!”
“Thumped towards goal by Coppinger... and what a save by Poirier!... That was from the top drawer.”
“...referee plays the advantage. Lofted in by Douglass and TERJAKOV! Left all alone at the edge of the six-yard box and the 28-year old scores on his debut... That is the equalizer for CF Outineau!”
“It’s been all Outineau since the hour mark... Gerô... and another quality save from Poirier, and he is berating his defence... they’re not going to hang on if they keep letting balls like that get through...”
“Kirkenes with the chance to counter now... Karven... Webster! And that’s inches wide! What a chance that was to put Kirkenes ahead...”
“And a nice flick by Gerô... Oh and that’s got to be the winning goal! The substitute scores with his first touch of the game,Takahata taps it past Poirier!”
“Corner for Kirkenes in injury time. Degirmen heads clear at the far post... and that’s the final whistle! First blood to CF Outineau in what could already be a big win in the title race.”

[Clifton] “Well that’s our first look at CF Outineau this season and already they’re looking pretty good you have to say, a crop of new signings but you wouldn’t have known today, they all seemed on the same page already and more cohesive, in fact, than the team who’s already playing their ninth game of the season.”
[Liz Riley] “No rest for Kirkenes as they host Pasarga’s CA Paulinthal in the first leg of the IFCF Challengers Cup qualifying round in midweek. A difficult task for them up against one-time runners-up in that competition, but they’ll have to find a way if they are to make it to the group stage. The other big story of this week is another match with implications at the top end as Burnaby SC took a 4-3 home win against Strathcona Internationals...”

Shearwater FC 1–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Challengers Cup qualifying round
1st leg: Kirkenes FC 2-1 CA Paulinthal (PAS)
Liga B Champions Trophy group stage
Sitka Valley 2-2 El Perro United (RTS)

Burnaby SC 4–3 Strathcona Internationals
Latrobe AFC 0–1 Langlois Océanic
CS Saint-Rémy 3–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
CF Outineau 2–1 Kirkenes FC
Coquitlam United 3–0 Kingstown Athletic
Clayquot City 5–0 Kawarthas District
Torbay Thunder 0–2 Mazinaw Vanorian
Sitka Valley 4–2 CF Saint-Richard
FC Novonaya 3–3 Association Ariddienne
”..and the final whistle goes, it’s a famous victory here for Kirkenes FC! Eva Karven with a composed finish one on one, and Lysander Brandis with a deadly strike from 20 yards, this first leg finishes 2-1 to the Red-and -White.”
“You have to give credit to Kirkenes, they’ve played with no fear today and this is a well-deserved lead they take into the second leg. This could still be a crucial away goal for Paulinthal and the Pasargan side are sure to be an even tougher challenge at home.”

Matchweek 2
[Liz Riley] An intriguing second round in the league leaves Burnaby SC as the only team with two wins from two, and Latrobe AFC are already struggling after finding themselves at the bottom of the table with two losses in two matches. Hamiltonian made a statement in a comeback win against CF Outineau while Océanic and Saint-Rémy cancelled each other out in Langlois. We start at Exhibition Place where, four days after pulling off a stunning win against CA Paulinthal in the Challengers Cup, Kirkenes can’t find their game against Coquitlam United and stumble to a 1-1 draw.
Chidibere’s cross was not dealt with very well... and Singh slots it in! Poor defending from Kirkenes and the visitors from Coquitlam have taken the lead!
Kawarthas bounced back from a 5-0 thrashing in Clayquot last week to earn their first win of the season against Torbay Thunder. Henrik Martin came off the bench to finish a well-worked team move, giving the loanee from the team’s first goal and standings points of the season. Strathcona put their opening day defeat behind them with a convincing win at home to Latrobe AFC. Bratislav Rukavina got things underway just 150 seconds into the match...

NGSA Ulyanof 1–0 Association Ariddienne
Challengers Cup qualifying round
2nd leg: CA Paulinthal (PAS) 3-0 Kirkenes FC
CA Paulinthal wins 4-2 on aggregate
Liga B Champions Trophy group stage
Arboren FC (KOR) 2-3 Sitka Valley

CF Saint-Richard 0–2 FC Novonaya
Mazinaw Vanorian 0–0 Sitka Valley
Kawarthas District 1–0 Torbay Thunder
Kingstown Athletic 0–0 Clayquot City
Kirkenes FC 1–1 Coquitlam United
Hamiltonian Cambria 3–2 CF Outineau
Langlois Océanic 0–0 CS Saint-Rémy
Strathcona Internationals 3–0 Latrobe AFC
Shearwater FC 0–1 Burnaby SC

“It’s pretty obvious that Paulinthal looked at what went wrong in the first leg and adapted. And Kirkenes thought they could just play the same game as in the first leg. And you saw the gap in quality not just in terms of skill but tactically and mentally. This was their third match in eight days, they had a dispiriting draw in the league on the weekend, and throw in the travel, jet lag and everything, Kirkenes really looked lethargic today.”

Matchweek 3
”...takes it around Tinker-Witt! And it’s there for Saint-Rémy! Anis Trabelsi with a cheeky move!”
“And Mina has put Ariddienne in the lead with a well-placed strike! This could be their first win in the top flight...”
“Hemmingsen with as finessed a header as you can imagine, the ball loops over the keeper and Novonaya lead 2-0!”
“Oh it’s off the post! That should have been the winner for Shearwater! Latrobe clinging on with ten players here...”
“And that is a disastrous clearance!... Liadon handed that gift to Ikra Yonte, who scores should be the winning goal for NGSA... this will be a stunning result!”

CF Outineau led 3-0 at half time and just about managed to hold off a spirited comeback from Océanic. Saori Takahata opened the scoring and Juha Terjakov has his first goal for his new club since joining from Admiral Storevik. And Kirkenes FC are still without a win after Raizen Saikyomono’s free kick went bar down into the goal to cancel out Eva Karven’s early goal...

Burnaby SC 1–2 NGSA Ulyanof
Cup Winners Cup 1st round
1st leg: Clayquot City 0-1 Port Patrick United (SCT)
Liga B Champions Trophy group stage
Sitka Valley 1-1 Lonngeylin City (VIL)

Latrobe AFC 0–0 Shearwater FC
CS Saint-Rémy 4–3 Strathcona Internationals
CF Outineau 3–2 Langlois Océanic
Coquitlam United 2–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Clayquot City 1–1 Kirkenes FC
Torbay Thunder 1–1 Kingstown Athletic
Sitka Valley 0–1 Kawarthas District
FC Novonaya 2–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Association Ariddienne 1–0 CF Saint-Richard

Matchweek 4
[Paul Clifton] “It’s really the ones on the bottom that are really remarkable. Latrobe AFC had a big transfer window, they were supposed to do big things this year and if this doesn’t turn around quickly, Darach Salthill is going to be out the door. No wins after four matches is just unacceptable.
[Liz Riley] “Did they maybe upset the team chemistry bringing in new players?
[Martin Gregoire] “If they did, then that’s poor scouting and management and even more of a reason Salthill should go. But for the other teams you can kind of say it’s not as bad as it looks as they’ve come out on the wrong end of some of the heavyweight fights early on. That’s the case for Strathcona, and for Langlois, well, they were poor against Coquitlam but otherwise these are teams that have had tough schedules and I wouldn’t panic just yet.”
[Liz Riley] “And this weekend indeed it was a tough one for Latrobe AFC as they suffered a 4-2 loss in Burnaby. What did you take from that if anything?”
[Martin] Firstly, Burnaby looked like contenders in that match. But they’ve been a bit inconsistent, and it’s hard to know if it’s because Latrobe were bad that they managed to put on such a show. Pierre Vasseur was excellent, scoring one and setting up another, Nacuémiró Buené came off the bench and looked very sharp for that half and hour, should’ve done a bit better with that chance he got on 80 minutes but did well to get into that position coming off the flank. On the Latrobe side, Patrice Langelier was poor, but he’s also not getting a lot of service. Aleksandr Lukonov looked out of sorts, I think Salthill waited much too long to give him the hook. Raïf Ducharne was a bright spot in midfield and we need to see more of that youngster.
[Liz] “And Strathcona were beaten 3-2 at home by CF Outineau, who go top of the league. Goalkeeper selection questions there.”
[Paul] “This wasn’t supposed to be a problem for them. But with both Tinker-Witt and Collan looking really off their game, you know, I think it’s time to pick one. The defenders want to have some stability too. Keepers have different styles sometimes the teamwork can be disrupted a bit. Strathcona’s centre-backs are a bit of a problem too, they have Rafael Hythewater who’s experienced but gets burned more and more nowadays, and you think ok, I’ll pair you up with a quick young set of legs, but my word, the last couple of weeks it’s like Nene Shibata and Teadgh Brewer have never seen a game of football in their life, the kind of blunders they’re making.”
[Martin] “At least the goals are going in for them. But that backline needs to spend some time in the video room. Brigitte Coppinger was walking right past them with the ball today. Any tackle? Any pressure? I’ll just thump it into the net from 10 yards then.”

NGSA Ulyanof 3–0 CF Saint-Richard
Cup Winners Cup 1st round
2nd leg: Port Patrick United (SCT) 3-1 Clayquot City

Mazinaw Vanorian 0–0 Association Ariddienne
Kawarthas District 3–1 FC Novonaya
Kingstown Athletic 2–2 Sitka Valley
Kirkenes FC 3–1 Torbay Thunder
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–3 Clayquot City
Langlois Océanic 0–1 Coquitlam United
Strathcona Internationals 2–3 CF Outineau
Shearwater FC 2–3 CS Saint-Rémy
Burnaby SC 4–2 Latrobe AFC

Matchweek 5
“It’s two teams who find themselves in unexpected places in the league table. The New Gens are riding high and come to the Dock on the back of a win against title favourites Burnaby SC. Latrobe were supposed to be up there fighting for the trophy but instead are yet to win a game and find themselves on the bottom of the table. We’re at Macquarie Docklands for Latrobe AFC versus NGSA Ulyanof, and it’s live!

”An early chance for Latrobe here... Lukonov... finds Stromby... that’s high and wide. You have to say that isn’t what Latrobe was looking for when they signed him.”
“Alcides on the ball. He’s got a couple of runners with him if he can find them... Arbour got a foot in there, but he can’t win possession. Ulyanof have it back... Yuan... and that’s in off a deflection! It wasn’t pretty but they all count, NGSA have the lead!”
“...can Ulyanof press their advantage here. Douglass runs into trouble, Bell to help out. Alcides... and that’s a super pass! Yonte’s shot fizzes off the outside of the post! I think Connely got his fingertips to that too!”
“...Lukonov finds Langelier, oh and Hampton’s going to give away the free kick. Erland Stromby will fancy this but Lukonov can pick a corner too. It’s Stromby! Off the crossbar!!... and it’s still in, Langelier is first to it! And Ducharne applies the finish! Latrobe get the equalizer on the stroke of half time!

“We’re back for the second half and Karnezis is going to be sent on for Langelier. Latrobe seem to think they need more manpower in the midfield and Erland Stromby is going to be the lone striker here.”
[...] “Back to his own keeper from Arbour... Doorwouds picks up that long ball... it’s flicked on for Stromby!! LATROBE TAKE THE LEAD!!... Erland Stromby muscles past his marker and puts that away! Latrobe leads 2-1, four minutes into the second half. It looks like something they drew up in the locker room, that.”
“...Christine Hill will try her luck! And Swepstone with a top quality save to tip it wide! That could’ve been the cushion Latrobe needed...”
“Lionakis caught in possession! And Latrobe have a break here. Chance for Edwards! And that’s another outstanding save from Alistair Swepstone!”
“One of the things Ulyanof needed from the off-season was more consistent goalkeeping... and Swepstone is answering that. Poor Matt Tergien is sitting on that bench wondering if he’s got a future seeing performances like that.”
“Alcides!! What a strike to put the scores level!! NGSA have equalized with 15 minutes to go! That attack from the New Gens was completely against the tide. Latrobe could well rue failing to make their chances pay...”
“Karnezis looks like he’s in pain here and the half time substitute is signalling he needs to go off. It’s bad to worse for Latrobe and they’ll hope that’s not a serious injury... he’s done well to help create more for Latrobe this half, but their finishing has let them down...”
“STROMBY!!! And another superb save from Swepstone! Low and hard to the far post, that was destined to be the match winner! What have Latrobe got to do to get some luck here?”
“There’s the final whistle. Latrobe had the chances to win and it’s frustration for their fans as they head home. The pressure is on Darach Salthill as this’ll go down as two points lost and they are still bottom of the league. NGSA stay in fourth place, and they will take this I think!”

So more trouble for Latrobe but one team that broke out of its rut this week was Strathcona Internationals. It all looked like a shambles when they found themselves 2-0 down against Coquitlam United after 12 minutes, but then...
“Pokorný has dragged Rukavina to the ground... Penalty! I don’t think they get more obvious than that.[...] And no mistake from Rukavina. Well struck and no chance for Lukowitz. Strathcona are on the board.”
“Yusupov... he’s left Lych for dead there, this is a great run... and Carey Mason!! The full-back applies the finish! Down by two after twelve, Strathcona have the lead after 34 minutes! It’s 3-2!”
“And Curtis has given that away!... Chidiebere scythes into Kotalczyk but Strathcona still has the ball... Donnelly has a go! And it’s 5-3! Rukavina puts in the rebound! Lukowitz really should’ve held on to that and Strathcona restores the two-goal advantage!”
“Rukavina can’t get there... But Berton-Fleury does! And it’s seven! Strathcona have turned this into a rout! The Easties don’t know what hit them and the home crowd in Coquitlam are absolutely shell shocked by what they’ve witnessed! What a crazy game of football this has turned out to be.”

Elsewhere, CF Outineau go top of the table after a 4-0 thrashing of Shearwater. And a draw between Saint-Rémy and Burnaby at the Intersat allow Kawarthas District to climb into second place after their win against Association Ariddienne.

Latrobe AFC 2–2 NGSA Ulyanof
CS Saint-Rémy 1–1 Burnaby SC
CF Outineau 4–0 Shearwater FC
Coquitlam United 3–7 Strathcona Internationals
Clayquot City 0–0 Langlois Océanic
Torbay Thunder 0–0 Hamiltonian Cambria
Sitka Valley 0–1 Kirkenes FC
FC Novonaya 1–0 Kingstown Athletic
Association Ariddienne 0–1 Kawarthas District
CF Saint-Richard 1–0 Mazinaw Vanorian

Matchweek 6
[Aleksandr Lukonov] “Of course there is pressure. Fans are not happy, they want to win. We have finally things happening the way we deserve. I hope they enjoy this. We have many more to come, we need to keep winning.”
Finally a first win for Latrobe AFC and what a way to do it. They tore apart the defending champions with a 4-0 win at Macquarie Docklands. But we start with the big match of the week as Burnaby SC hosted CF Outineau as two of the title contenders go head to head.

“Birch’s cross is headed clear... it’s coming right back for Burnaby though. Karushige squeezes that through. Vasseur...! And that’s the opening goal! Burnaby ahead after 38 minutes.”
“Yellow card for Terjakov... it was a very late tackle and the free kick for Burnaby has Anri Fiete standing over it... Lozic with the header! Lozic doubles the lead! Disastrous defending at that set piece and they let the centre-back get a free header from 15 yards.”
“Hernandez. Corvin can’t find a pass either. Outineau’s had most of the ball but can’t do much with it, It’s been a very organized effort on defence by Burnaby. That’s gone over the top and Primakov...!! And a glimmer of hope here as CF Outineau pull one back with 20 minutes to go...

But 2-1 is how it finished and Burnaby move into second place tied on points but one behind on goal difference. And there was an upset in Kirkenes as FC Novonaya keep flying high. The Centaurs took a 3-1 win at Exhibition Place and Caleb Roy already linking up well with the strike partnership of Hemmingsen and Vachimitsu which proved too much for the KFC defence. FC Novonaya join three teams tied on 13 points at the top of the table and Kirkenes find themselves 5 points adrift of the leaders – who are NGSA Ulyanof, would you believe it.

NGSA Ulyanof 1–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
Kawarthas District 1–4 CF Saint-Richard
Kingstown Athletic 1–1 Association Ariddienne
Kirkenes FC 1–3 FC Novonaya
Hamiltonian Cambria 6–3 Sitka Valley
Langlois Océanic 2–2 Torbay Thunder
Strathcona Internationals 1–1 Clayquot City
Shearwater FC 2–1 Coquitlam United
Burnaby SC 2–1 CF Outineau
Latrobe AFC 4–0 CS Saint-Rémy

Matchweek 7
“Tule skips past that tackle... great ball in, and Joncis Pataiere gives Hamiltonian the lead!
“Hemmingsen with an ambitious lob to put FC Novonaya level!”
“Saikyomono to the byline... Kreissen gets on the end of that! A well worked goal! Clayquot City are 3-0 up, and the only unbeaten team left in the league are going to stretch that streak to seven!”
“Mutsuga down the left wing... it’s Vanorian on the counterattack! Flicked on by Oreseund! Ilev puts it in! Betteridge was left on his backside, Victoria Liggot beaten by the power of that shot... It’s 2-0 and Kawarthas have a mountain to climb in Mazinaw!”
“It’s Weiram from the edge of the area!... And that’s three! An unstoppable shot, it’s not been the best of starts from Océanic but they’re far too good for Sitka Valley here!”

Big day at Stade Pailler as Association Ariddienne hold the mighty Kirkenes FC to a 1-1 draw; it’s KFC’s third match without a win. CF Outineau suffer a second loss in a row while it’s an important win for Latrobe AFC as Aleksander Lukonov notched the game’s only goal in the 21st minute. And the Battle of Burnaby ended in a 1-1 draw that also sees FC Novonaya take first place after their win over Hamiltonian Cambria. Welcome to the Football Focus studio...

Torbay Thunder 1–3 Strathcona Internationals
Liga B Champions Trophy group stage
El Perro United (RTS) 3-1 Sitka Valley

CS Saint-Rémy 2–1 NGSA Ulyanof
CF Outineau 0–1 Latrobe AFC
Coquitlam United 1–1 Burnaby SC
Clayquot City 4–1 Shearwater FC
Sitka Valley 1–3 Langlois Océanic
FC Novonaya 2–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
Association Ariddienne 1–1 Kirkenes FC
CF Saint-Richard 1–0 Kingstown Athletic
Mazinaw Vanorian 3–1 Kawarthas District

“Sitka are the last Kelssek team left in the IFCF and they wilted against El Perro United after a weekend that saw them sink back into the relegation zone.”
- “It’s really tough to have to play in the Liga B Trophy because you want to take this competition seriously, but the travel and the extra games really make it hard to perform well in the league as well. A lot of teams just don’t have the squad to handle this. If Sitka just sends out their reserves from here on out, I don’t think anyone would blame them. It’s far more important to stay in the first division... I wonder if it’ll see some teams actually start to decline the chance to play in the Liga B Trophy.”

Matchweek 8
Coming up on the show, the Battle of Beaulac goes CF Outineau’s way and they take a big win to move into second place one point behind the leaders FC Novonaya. Saint-Rémy sit in sixth place, but just two points adrift as there’s just three points separating first from eighth at this early stage. Strathcona Internationals eased past Sitka Valley in a 3-1 victory at home. Meanwhile, at Stadium Konoha...

“a scramble in the box... It’s a goal! McCarrigan got his boot to it! Clayquot City just will not lose and they equalize for the third time! What has Burnaby got to do to keep a lead here!”
Burnaby drop to third place tied on points with CF Outineau but one behind on goal difference.

Latrobe AFC are looking for some consistency and need to find it quickly. After two big wins against St-Remy and CF Outineau, they stumbled against Coquitlam United and scraped out a 3-3 draw at Macquarie Docklands. Hamiltonian Cambria were clinical to beat Association Ariddienne 3-1 despite giving the newly-promoted minnows most of the ball. And the unlikely table toppers travelled to Langlois and came off the losers. Caleb Roy gave FC Novonaya the lead but Oceanic came right back and ended up taking the win.

Latrobe AFC 3–3 Coquitlam United
Liga B Champions Trophy group stage
Sitka Valley 0-3 Arboren FC (KOR)

NGSA Ulyanof 0–0 Kawarthas District
Kingstown Athletic 0–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Kirkenes FC 1–0 CF Saint-Richard
Hamiltonian Cambria 3–1 Association Ariddienne
Langlois Océanic 2–1 FC Novonaya
Strathcona Internationals 3–1 Sitka Valley
Shearwater FC 2–3 Torbay Thunder
Burnaby SC 3–3 Clayquot City
CS Saint-Rémy 2–3 CF Outineau

Matchweek 9
The big thrill ride of this week was Strathcona’s 5-5 draw with FC Novonaya. Ludicrous at times, some comedic errors at both ends, a very sketchy penalty. Your view of the performances there?
“To start, credit where credit is due. Caleb Roy has been a revelation for FC Novonaya. He’s linked up so well with the two top quality strikers, Vachamitsu and Hemmingsen, and he’s providing the creative force that they’d been starved of last season. I don’t think they’ll stay up at the top like this, but they will not fall very far. On the Strathcona side, we saw two very exciting midfielders who are staking a claim for a national team spot with this kind of show. Andrey Yusupov and 19-year old Bryan Hartpoach both were excellent in a match where Bratislav Rukavina was marked out of the game, they still found five goals. If they can sort out their defending, well, they need to because this is a club we have to treat as top five contenders, right? So they need to be better but those individual performances, they can take heart from.”

Another team falling down the table this week, NGSA Ulyanof as the New Gens came up against CF Outineau and 2-0 flattered them.
“Yeah, and you always see some unexpected things happening early in the season, but over time the difference in quality becomes evident and you see CF Outineau was just too good for them. Could’ve had three or four. Primakov and Coppinger each missed total sitters.”

At the bottom of the table, Kingstown Athletic are now nine games without a win. They drew with Kawarthas on Sunday. It’s quite shocking how poorly the team are playing, it often seems like Thimiscles Seanclair is the only one to show up because the big problem is just they’re not scoring any goals. It’s been three weeks since they scored a goal and that was against Ariddienne, who... well they aren’t the worst, but if they’re the best team you can score against... you’ve got a problem. You’re gonna have a bad time.

Torbay Thunder 0–0 Burnaby SC
Liga B Champions Trophy group stage
Lonngeylin City (VIL) 4-2 Sitka Valley

CF Outineau 2–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Coquitlam United 2–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Clayquot City 0–0 Latrobe AFC
Sitka Valley 2–2 Shearwater FC
FC Novonaya 5–5 Strathcona Internationals
Association Ariddienne 0–1 Langlois Océanic
CF Saint-Richard 2–0 Hamiltonian Cambria
Mazinaw Vanorian 0–1 Kirkenes FC
Kawarthas District 0–0 Kingstown Athletic

Matchweek 10
“The big news this week of course is that Darach Salthill has been sacked as manager of Latrobe AFC. Defeated 2-1 by Torbay Thunder on Saturday it took just about 48 hours for the board to make the decision as the team find themselves in 15th place.”

I don’t know if there’s any kind of record being kept about this, but Strathcona were involved in their second ten-goal game in a row. If your goalkeepers are struggling just have to score more, I guess. Peter Collan was given the chance against Association Ariddienne, and... I’m not sure if Francois St.-Louis won’t go back to Laurel Tinker-Witt next week because that didn’t really inspire any confidence against a team that is hardly an offensive powerhouse... But Strathcona did win the match and it finished 6-4. Bryan Hartpoach scored his fifth goal in two matches, Bratislav Rukavina had a hat-trick. It’s an important win that keeps them in the leading pack and they have the best goal difference of the seven teams within three points of first place.

Sitka Valley were put firmly in their place as they copped a 5-1 thrashing away to Burnaby SC, who go top of the table with a one point margin over CF Outineau, who were upset at home by Coquitlam United, Rycszard Vepocojat nipping in to capitalize on a poorly cleared corner. Kirkenes FC hung on to forestall a comeback from upstarts Kawarthas District and take a 3-2 win, while Saint-Remy scraped a win thanks to an own goal when Dening Regnualt’s cross deflected off the knee of Kari Bardiche.

NGSA Ulyanof 0–0 Kingstown Athletic
Kirkenes FC 3–2 Kawarthas District
Hamiltonian Cambria 2–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
Langlois Océanic 1–4 CF Saint-Richard
Strathcona Internationals 6–4 Association Ariddienne
Shearwater FC 3–3 FC Novonaya
Burnaby SC 5–1 Sitka Valley
Latrobe AFC 1–2 Torbay Thunder
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Clayquot City
CF Outineau 0–1 Coquitlam United

KFL Championship           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Burnaby SC 10 5 4 1 22 14 +8 19
2 CF Outineau 10 6 0 4 20 14 +6 18
3 FC Novonaya 10 5 3 2 23 19 +4 18
4 Kirkenes FC 10 5 3 2 14 11 +3 18
5 Strathcona Internationals 10 5 2 3 36 26 +10 17
6 CS Saint-Rémy 10 5 2 3 17 18 −1 17
7 Coquitlam United 10 4 4 2 18 17 +1 16
8 Clayquot City 10 3 6 1 17 8 +9 15
9 NGSA Ulyanof 10 4 3 3 10 8 +2 15
10 CF Saint-Richard 10 5 0 5 14 13 +1 15
11 Langlois Océanic 10 4 3 3 12 12 0 15
12 Hamiltonian Cambria 10 4 2 4 20 18 +2 14
13 Kawarthas District 10 4 2 4 10 16 −6 14
14 Mazinaw Vanorian 10 3 2 5 7 8 −1 11
15 Latrobe AFC 10 2 4 4 13 15 −2 10
16 Torbay Thunder 10 2 4 4 10 15 −5 10
17 Shearwater FC 10 2 3 5 13 21 −8 9
18 Association Ariddienne 10 1 4 5 11 17 −6 7
19 Kingstown Athletic 10 0 6 4 4 10 −6 6
20 Sitka Valley 10 1 3 6 14 25 −11 6

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Matchweek 11
“Regnault cuts in but runs into a wall... and is dispossessed. Berystain has been immense for Torbay today.”
“Magnificent from Brion Stienno! Shearwater doubles their advantage!”
“Lofted forward by Elden. Seanclair will collect this ball... oh no! A terrible miscommunication between the goalkeeper and the defender! Bixby collided with Seanclair and it’s Eva Karven who picks up the ball! That’s a cruel way to concede what is surely the winning goal for Kirkenes!”
“Tremblay hits the deck! It’s a penalty! Hythewater is in trouble here... that’s his second yellow card. Strathcona down a goal, down to ten players, and Saint-Richard have a chance to widen the lead!”
“Trablesi with an elusive move there. He’s got options. He goes for goal! And puts Saint-Rémy 1-0 up! Torbay’s defence just peeled apart by the Audioslavian!”

[Liz] We start with Burnaby’s win in Novonaya that puts them top of the table. Ascioli started things off, Buené with this first senior goal, and Anri Fiete coming off the bench to put the finishing touch. Novonaya getting a goal from Masashige Vachimitsu but they never looked like winning, there, did they?
[Paul] No, it was very much a romp for Burnaby, they had most of the ball, they were penetrative, a really good performance from them.
[Liz] Highlights of that game coming up, but keeping pace was CF Outineau who really took apart Clayquot City 4-1. But they’ve been up and down this season, how can they find that consistency?
[Martin] They’ve been pretty inconsistent, true, but it’s a matter of getting used to a new manager, new system, playing the way Dupuis wants them to. When it clicks like what we saw today, it was excellent. Good movement, nice passing, solid defensive positioning, over the stretch of the season I think they’ll have more matches like that one than not.

Coquitlam United 2–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Clayquot City 1–4 CF Outineau
Torbay Thunder 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Sitka Valley 1–1 Latrobe AFC
FC Novonaya 1–3 Burnaby SC
Association Ariddienne 1–2 Shearwater FC
CF Saint-Richard 4–2 Strathcona Internationals
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–1 Langlois Océanic
Kawarthas District 1–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Kingstown Athletic 2–3 Kirkenes FC

Matchweek 12
“Wang Yuan can’t believe that’s been kept out! Poirier with an incredible save! Kirkenes are hanging on to the lead by the skin of their teeth...”
“The VAR check is complete, and it’s offside... Ariddienne have fought bravely against the league leaders, and that equalizer would’ve been well-deserved. Benjamin Mina is ruled offside by a hair... Sometimes it’s just not your day.”
“Excellent interception by Eowins! That was nearly a brilliant pass from Henrik Martin, but now Océanic are getting the break. Ryu... Weiram... threads it to Laishram!! Three-nil! That’s some teamwork, and there’s nothing Kawarthas can do against this onslaught!...”
“Off the bar!! Connely was beaten and somehow we’re still scoreless between Hamiltonian and Kingstown...”

[Liz] Well, CS Saint-Rémy’s bid for a third successive title took a hit as they were held to a 3-3 draw by Sitka Valley at home. That defence looked surprisingly shaky there. FC Novonaya continued their excellent form with a 2-0 win away to Latrobe, who are still looking for a new manager and really looking out of sorts.
[Martin] It’s really unfair to Azmi, I think, for someone in his first few months in the job, just arrived in Kelssek as a coach, and suddenly the boss is out the door and he’s asked to be caretaker manager. I don’t blame him at all. Who I do blame is the players, who need to really wake up and play like professionals and realize there needs to be leadership and the senior players especially need to take a hand in this situation. It’s early enough to salvage the season but also realize, you’re hovering three points above the relegation zone, sort it out.
[Paul] You look at the lineup, they shouldn’t be down there. Plain and simple.

Shearwater FC 0–0 CF Saint-Richard
Burnaby SC 1–0 Association Ariddienne
Latrobe AFC 0–2 FC Novonaya
CS Saint-Rémy 3–3 Sitka Valley
CF Outineau 2–1 Torbay Thunder
Coquitlam United 2–3 Clayquot City
NGSA Ulyanof 0–1 Kirkenes FC
Hamiltonian Cambria 0–0 Kingstown Athletic
Langlois Océanic 3–0 Kawarthas District
Strathcona Internationals 2–2 Mazinaw Vanorian

Matchweek 13
“Great ball in for Yusupov... and Reinhard Listner had to get that tackle perfect and he did! Phelan could smell the goal already for Strathcona.”
“da Silva is left for dead! Webster applies the finish! And Cambria wouldn’t be denied but surely now Kirkenes have the win in the bag! The way this match has gone, though... who knows? Kirkenes FC six, Hamiltonian Cambria five.”
“Here’s Weiram! And a top-quality save from Seanclair! That header was looping in at the far post, how did the Kingstown keeper get to that!”
“Carlieson has found a way past Mason on the on wing... Parrott scores the equalizer! Kawarthas have done it! Tinker-Witt is furious that no one picked up Parrott there, Strathcona have let the three points slip away.”

Kai Poirier gets the day off and... things go a bit crazy at the back for Kirkenes. Although all of the top three also had some chaotic times with CF Outineau winning 4-3 against Sitka, and Burnaby SC getting into a 5-3 tangle with CF Saint-Richard.

Clayquot City 4–1 NGSA Ulyanof
Torbay Thunder 0–1 Coquitlam United
Sitka Valley 3–4 CF Outineau
FC Novonaya 0–2 CS Saint-Rémy
Association Ariddienne 0–2 Latrobe AFC
CF Saint-Richard 3–5 Burnaby SC
Mazinaw Vanorian 0–0 Shearwater FC
Kawarthas District 1–1 Strathcona Internationals
Kingstown Athletic 1–0 Langlois Océanic
Kirkenes FC 6–5 Hamiltonian Cambria

Matchweek 14
“Played across the box and Vasseur scores! Burnaby are back in the lead. You cannot leave a player of that quality unmarked at the corner of the six-yard box, and Mazinaw have paid for that mistake...”
“Stromby at the far post... and it’s 3-0! You can see the relief on the faces of the Latrobe AFC players. They’re going to take this win easily, and just maybe there’s a glimmer of light for this team.”
“Océanic have numbers forward. Finds Laishram down the middle! It’s gotta be! Oh my word what a save! And again with the legs! And they still can’t beat Kai Poirier!”

[Martin] CS Saint-Rémy were poor and could really have been punished... Ramm had a chance, Mina had a chance... you do have to feel for Association Ariddienne because they’ve come out against the big teams and really given them something to think about, but they’ve ended up on the wrong end of a few narrow losses and with a bit of luck, you know, it could be very different.
[Liz] And when you’re on the bottom looking up, even though the gap is just four points to safety, it can feel huge.
[Paul] Right, and the important thing is that they keep playing positive football like they’re doing.

NGSA Ulyanof 1–1 Hamiltonian Cambria
Langlois Océanic 0–1 Kirkenes FC
Strathcona Internationals 6–4 Kingstown Athletic
Shearwater FC 1–0 Kawarthas District
Burnaby SC 3–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Latrobe AFC 3–0 CF Saint-Richard
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Association Ariddienne
CF Outineau 4–3 FC Novonaya
Coquitlam United 0–0 Sitka Valley
Clayquot City 2–0 Torbay Thunder

Matchweek 15
“Vasseur... Ascioli... too easy for Karushige! It’s a fourth goal for Burnaby and an absolute shambles for Kawarthas, 4-0 down after 15 minutes...! ”
“That’s given away by Kirkenes and this could be dangerous. Can Strathcona make them pay?... Rukavina. Hartpoach! They can! Frustration for Poirier as I think that deflected off Joachim Elden.”
“Ashton Houston strikes it... and it deflects right past Normand! Hamiltonian Cambria have come back from 3-0 down and Océanic are in trouble now, the way things are going...”

[Liz]...I think this is the match where this Burnaby team showed what they were capable of. Yeah, you can say it was just Kawarthas District but this was actually a team in good form, that’s been performing well all season, and they tore them to pieces. But what did you think of the two loan players? They were looking very exposed today and some of the Kawarthas fans on Honkr were singling them out for criticism.
[Martin] Well, what can you say when you’re the centre-back and your team concedes eight goals?... From a footballing point of view, this was a test for Reinhard Listner. And he failed it, you have to say. He couldn’t handle Vasseur, he couldn’t handle Petrovic. But I felt sorry for him, to be honest, and he has to take it positively, it’s part of the learning experience to be on the side of a thrashing like that.
[Paul] Yeah. It’s a test of their mentality, They’ve done well to break into this team, you’re not going to judge them on a single match like this, and these things happen in football.”

[Liz] First round of the Coupe des Patriotes this weekend too, and some upsets of note, ASC Arvika’s been knocked out with a 1-0 away defeat to the relegation-fodder Southbank Mariners – they’ll want to pick themselves up quickly and focus on the promotion dogfight as they sit in fourth place in KFL National. League leaders Saintsport Heath needed extra time to overcome their Conference opposition, the Miramichi Lakers. Liga B Trophy heroes St. Kildera are into the next round after a 1-0 win against New Scarborough, and the choice fixture of the round was the clash of the second-division titans that saw Metropolitan FC beat North York on penalties to settle a 2-2 draw after the fourth half.

Torbay Thunder 2–1 NGSA Ulyanof
Sitka Valley 1–3 Clayquot City
FC Novonaya 1–2 Coquitlam United
Association Ariddienne 0–3 CF Outineau
CF Saint-Richard 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Mazinaw Vanorian 2–1 Latrobe AFC
Kawarthas District 2–8 Burnaby SC
Kingstown Athletic 0–2 Shearwater FC
Kirkenes FC 3–4 Strathcona Internationals
Hamiltonian Cambria 3–3 Langlois Océanic

Matchweek 16
“Oh and Sitka have given it away. Berystain... a lovely ball! Roberge-Savoie plays in Antoninssen...!! Torbay strikes early! Just two minutes into this game, and that could be a vital goal in the relegation battle...”
“Another poor touch there from Mutsuga and Vanorian could pay very dearly for that... Saint-Rémy on the counter. De Saintyon needs to pick the right option here. Crow lets it run to Xavier Julien...! Two-nil! And surely no way back now for Mazinaw.”
“Stienno breaks through the line! he’s one-on-one... and Poirier with a brilliant stop! There’s still no way through the Kirkenes keeper.”

[Liz] Burnaby slip up against the visitors from the provincial capital, and that’s also a vital point for Kingstown Athletic. That had implications at both ends of the table as CF Outineau’s win over Saint-Richard allowed them to move one point clear at the top, and things also tightened up at the bottom as Torbay and Sitka also fought to a draw but Association Ariddienne got a big win on the road in Coquitlam. We’re nearly halfway through the season, do you think the bottom three are going to stay there?

[Paul] I have the feeling Sitka and Ariddienne will be going back down this year. I actually think Sitka are more likely to be relegated, though, simply because Ariddienne have really picked themselves up and been really fearless against the bigger teams. A lot of times they still lost, and there’s no points for moral victories, but on a day like today, you can go to Maillardville Park and come away with a win, and that’s nothing to sniff at. Coquitlam themselves are not doing too badly either.

Latrobe AFC 2–0 Kawarthas District
CS Saint-Rémy 2–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
CF Outineau 1–0 CF Saint-Richard
NGSA Ulyanof 1–0 Langlois Océanic
Strathcona Internationals 2–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Shearwater FC 0–1 Kirkenes FC
Burnaby SC 2–2 Kingstown Athletic
Coquitlam United 1–2 Association Ariddienne
Clayquot City 5–2 FC Novonaya
Torbay Thunder 1–1 Sitka Valley

Matchweek 17
[Liz]Trading places at the top as this week it’s CF Outineau who stumble and Burnaby who get it done. And Strathcona deepen the misery for Oceanic as a 4-1 win which was also much-needed for the Internationals. Don’t look now but Latrobe AFC might be turning a corner as their second straight win sees them climb to tenth place. But the big story to start is that Clayquot City moved into the top four. They’ve got two Cups in a row, could they be challengers for the league, too?

[Paul]Well, never say never, but you have to give a lot of credit to this club, even if they aren’t likely to be first at the end. Seamus Wylten, we know he’s a quality striker, this year he’s really showing that consistency to be a top forward in this league and probably force the issue in termss of international selection, too. Ward Blackburn is having a renaissance in the backline and Kari Bardiche has been a great addition at left back and really makes their transition game so much smoother, a real deep-lying danger teams have to watch out for. And Raizen Saikyomono is also a young player with a lot of skill who’s learning to apply better. So a lot of things going right on that team.”

[Liz] ...Kirkenes FC beaten 2-0 at home by Burnaby SC. This one hurts and it was pretty stark to see the creativity and attacking flair of that Burnaby side against a pretty scrambling defence. Thamior Liadon and Pierre Vasseur getting the goals, and it could have been three or four without Kai Poirier in goal. Their defensive organization is catastrophic and it needs to be seriously worked on. There was apparently crowd trouble at Exhibition Place. This is of course the big coast versus west rivalry, but what exactly happened there?

[Martin] Well, the Burnaby supporters have this thing when they’re away to Kirkenes where they bring this fake money with them and tear it up and throw it on the home fans below them, which is a thing about how Kirkenes is a capitalists’ team, the city is a financial city, that kind of stuff. I’ve seen a few years ago where a guy had a fishing rod with a kind of stock certificate as bait on it. And some of the stadium security in the away section didn’t understand what was going on and they tried to eject some Burnaby fans for littering, which is spectacularly bad crowd management. So punches were thrown, there were some assault charges, police were called in, and the league is likely to issue some fines both ways.

Sitka Valley 1–0 NGSA Ulyanof
FC Novonaya 1–0 Torbay Thunder
Association Ariddienne 0–1 Clayquot City
CF Saint-Richard 1–2 Coquitlam United
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–0 CF Outineau
Kawarthas District 0–2 CS Saint-Rémy
Kingstown Athletic 0–1 Latrobe AFC
Kirkenes FC 0–2 Burnaby SC
Hamiltonian Cambria 4–2 Shearwater FC
Langlois Océanic 1–4 Strathcona Internationals

Matchweek 18
In the end, this is a good time for Warner Dranz to take the helm at Latrobe AFC. After all the speculation and rumours, here he is. This is going to be a real test, they’re going up against a good team, probably the best goalkeeper in the league, but it’s still going to be a winnable match and without the benefit of the form guide, you’ve have said this was an even matchup. Latrobe AFC hosts Kirkenes FC at Macquarie Docklands... and it’s live!

“Tesla slides in on Lukonov, and that’s a key matchup for the young left back as Latrobe really use Lukonov as a creative outlet... Hartsdown collects that for Kirkenes. Webster plays it through to Karven! And it’s just wide...”
“Arbour has managed to find Urquhart with that long ball... Lukonov! Poirier gets his hands on that. Lots of power but not well directed by the Latrobe winger.”
“Kirkenes with most of the ball as we expected in the first ten minutes... Elden looking for someone to pass to... oh he’s made a complete mess of that back pass! Stromby beats Poirier to it!... Can he hit this from 40 yards? He can! Latrobe lead 1-0 and it’s disaster for Joachim Elden!”
“Doorwouds cutting in from the right... Lee’s unmarked! Dominic Lee with the header! It’s 2-0 and it’s all falling apart for Kirkenes FC here!”
“...and POIRIER SAVES THE PENALTY!!... Kirkenes were done and dusted 30 minutes in. They’ve still got a big hill to climb, and they have got to sort out their defence here.”
“...Lysander Brandis!! What a goal! Kirkenes are level and finally they look like winners. They’ve turned this around completely since that penalty.”
“Cross by Lukonov and-oh... wow. That is really, really horrible luck for Kirkenes. Kai Poirier is furious, I mean he definitely called for it and I don’t know what Tucker was thinking there, but she’s headed that right out of her keeper’s hands and right into her own net!”
“Mac Ronaigh down the left flank for Latrobe.... oh, and that was a nasty challenge from Avalor! The referee is... it’s a straight red! Analor Avalor has been sent off. Kirkenes are down a goal and now they’re down to ten!”
“...Poirier the save! And Langelier’s shot is cleared off the line...! Kirkenes are scrambling now and Latrobe has the ball back... Urquhart... Lukonov makes it FIVE!”
“Josie Webster brings them back within one, and she’s picked up that ball and headed straight for the centre circle but we’ve had more than the full six minutes already, and surely there won’t be time... and that is indeed the final whistle! You might say Latrobe AFC got a bit lucky but Kirkenes orchestrated their own destruction today...”
“And Latrobe’s new manager looks pretty bemused as he shakes hands with the Kirkenes staff... I think Warner Dranz, if this is the first KFL match he’s actually seen, this is a pretty comedic introduction to football in Kelssek. He’s thinking, ‘what the heck did I get myself into’...”

Some surprises to tell you about in the second round of the Patriotes Cup as Conference division Innisfail County knocked out Metropolitan FC and the Natanel Royals beat Red Stars on penalties. Colwynian Vale are also out after a 4-1 loss against PGK. KFL National league leaders Saintsport Heath had to work against relegation-threatened Southbank Mariners but came out 1-0 winners, while Castors d’Outineau are through to the next round after beating bottom club St. Kildera.

NGSA Ulyanof 2–4 Strathcona Internationals
Shearwater FC 2–0 Langlois Océanic
Burnaby SC 2–4 Hamiltonian Cambria
Latrobe AFC 5–4 Kirkenes FC
CS Saint-Rémy 1–1 Kingstown Athletic
CF Outineau 4–4 Kawarthas District
Coquitlam United 0–2 Mazinaw Vanorian
Clayquot City 3–0 CF Saint-Richard
Torbay Thunder 1–0 Association Ariddienne
Sitka Valley 0–2 FC Novonaya

Matchweek 19
[Liz] “It was a pretty spirited affair, hardly a convincing win, but it’s three points against the league leaders, it’s enough, in my mind, to settle things down a bit and take the pressure off, and it should keep Reamsey in the job for one more week?”
[Paul] “Calen Reamsey isn’t under the same pressure as Darach Salthill was. I think Océanic are more of the mind that some things aren’t going to plan but the plan itself is sound, and they’re looking at how long it took for Latrobe AFC to finally find a new manager, and the injury list means they’re practically playing a youth squad at times, but this win will be immense validation coming against the in-form league leaders, who maybe took them a bit lightly today.”
[Liz] “Another loss for Kingstown Athletic puts them in the relegation zone as CF Outineau, 2-1 winners in that match, moved to the top of the league. A lot of people pointed out that Kingstown even after that match have 27 goals against but Outineau are on 28. Defence is just not winning championships for them, or at least isn’t taking them as far as it did last year.”
[Martin] “Defence? More like their goalkeeper. I think a lot of teams have figured Kingstown out since last year. They rely on their keeper and try to force you to attack them, and they try to choke up your attack with a low block while being patient for the chance to get a counter-attack. If only the first part is happening, though, you’re going to end up a lot of the time just having no answers when you fall behind. Once you concede the first goal, you’re swimming against the current and that’s happened a lot for them this season.”

Kingstown Athletic 1–2 CF Outineau
Kirkenes FC 1–0 CS Saint-Rémy
Hamiltonian Cambria 2–1 Latrobe AFC
Langlois Océanic 4–3 Burnaby SC
Strathcona Internationals 3–2 Shearwater FC
FC Novonaya 4–1 NGSA Ulyanof
Association Ariddienne 0–1 Sitka Valley
CF Saint-Richard 1–0 Torbay Thunder
Mazinaw Vanorian 4–4 Clayquot City
Kawarthas District 2–5 Coquitlam United

Matchweek 20
[Gerry] And so we turn to the surprise new managers derby, not that we didn’t expect Océanic vs. Latrobe this week but we certainly didn’t expect Océanic to have a new manager... Which finished in favour of Danny Flint and the team from Langlois, 2-1 at the Stade de la Pacifique. It’s an interesting clash of styles where Dranz is more of an old-school, defensively-oriented bench boss, while Flint is a players’ coach and more attacking minded.

[Oscar] “Some of it was, I think, you need time to adjust to a new style, for Latrobe this is their third match with Draz and they’re looking more cohesive for sure, for Océanic I reckon with Flint it was like they’d been unleashed a bit. But it’s early days yet, and if these two managers are the real deal we could be in for some very interesting times ahead.”

[Gerry] “In hindsight it seems like Calen Reamsey’s days were numbered and quite frankly the club kept this under wraps impressively. Not even a hint of what was going to happen until it happened. Usually there’s hints, leaks, the sneaky vote of confidence, but here, not a peep. And you compare this kind of drone strike to the long process that Latrobe went through... Reamsey must have known you can’t hover in the bottom half of the table with this club, but he looked so shell-shocked at the press conference I think he really didn’t see this coming. It was like just the sharpest guillotining I’ve seen in a while.”

[Oscar] Strathcona are on a roll, fourth straight win sees them knock down Burnaby SC, so recently leading the league, to fifth place. Yusupov has got to be a lock in the national team on this form. He’s got to be getting a look in, at least, as a natural right wing in a position where we’ve had players filling in there, is he going to be better than players like Patrice Champetier or Ashley Douglass in that spot? Play him and find out. Rafael Hythewater managed to shut down Pierre Vasseur, some old-school man-marking there, and Abed-Louis had a solid game, Tinker-Witt finding her stride in goal too. And the War of the Crowns ended 1-1. CF Outineau still ahead by a point but guess who’s back, CS Saint-Rémy just one point behind after their win against Cambria...

NGSA Ulyanof 0–0 Shearwater FC
Strathcona Internationals 3–1 Burnaby SC
Langlois Océanic 2–1 Latrobe AFC
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–2 CS Saint-Rémy
Kirkenes FC 1–1 CF Outineau
Kingstown Athletic 1–4 Coquitlam United
Kawarthas District 0–0 Clayquot City
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–0 Torbay Thunder
CF Saint-Richard 1–2 Sitka Valley
Association Ariddienne 2–2 FC Novonaya

Coupe des Patriotes third round
"The defending champions are out of the competition, with Langlois Océanic taking a 2-0 win over Clayquot City. So no third Cup. They’ll have to focus on winning the league instead – you’re laughing now, but just you wait. No underdog run by Association Ariddienne this year, they were beaten at home by CF Outineau in quite an exciting game in the end. They actually took the lead against the big town from downtown but then Brigitte Coppinger struck back, Juha Terjakov twisted the knife with the match winner, it finished 4-1."

- “That was the goal of the week for me. Not really because it was spectacular or its was important, but just the sheer skill of that. You could see the gears turning, he’s measuring it in his head, computing the spin, the wind direction, hits it with just the right force and direction, it skims on the turf and wrong-foots Luke Thomas. Terjakov has really brought the creativity and energy CFO were missing.”

"Océanic and Latrobe are both through, with Latrobe beating Shearwater and that wasn’t an easy match at all for them... For both these clubs, does the Cup take on a new importance? I think it definitely gives something to aim for and it can make up for a league season that by now seems clear isn’t going to end in glory..."

CF Mirabelle 0–0 Kirkenes FC (0–2 AET)
Point Grey & Kitsilano 2–2 AS Concordia-Montérégie (3–3 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Latrobe AFC 2–1 Shearwater FC
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–2 Torbay Thunder
Burnaby SC 5–3 Mazinaw Vanorian
Natanel Royals 3–1 Breton Pacifica
Kingstown Athletic 0–0 Sitka Valley (0–0 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Sudbury Rangers 0–2 Castors d'Outineau
Llandlaff City 2–3 CF Saint-Richard
Langlois Océanic 2–0 Clayquot City
Strathcona Internationals 4–3 Kawarthas District
Innisfail County 2–3 NGSA Ulyanof
Association Ariddienne 1–4 CF Outineau
Saintsport Heath 2–1 FC Novonaya
Áfram Gimli 0–4 Coquitlam United
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Capital City FC

Matchweek 21
”Petrovic has a go... blocked but Buené scores! Two goals in five minutes for Burnaby SC! They’re unstoppable today!”
“Henrik Martin with the sweetest of strikes from the edge of the area! That’s the goal Kawarthas needed to level the scores in this relegation six pointer!”
“Tinker-Witt gets across! Brilliant save from the Strathcona keeper... and Urquhart knows he should’ve given Latrobe the lead!”
“Bronson can’t get that, Kirkenes clear... and that’s been given straight to Vepocojat! And Poirier is left stranded as Vepocojat tucks that away! A moment of panic from Jeurissen, Coquitlam open the scoring, what an omni-shambles from the Kirkenes defence!”

Memes FC - @MemesFC
Your neutralness, it's a beige alert
10 Mazinaw Vanorian            21    7   7   7    21   21    0    28

KBC Sports - @kbcsports
FT at Kanard Park is 2-0. Clayquot City climb to second and send Kingstown Athletic to the bottom of the league.

Martin Gregoire - @MartinGregoireSI
I’m torn between saying Kai Poirier should get an award for really pulling Kirkenes’s nuts out of the fire so often despite some of the ridiculous situations he’s been put in, versus how much of the responsibility does the goalkeeper have when the defensive gaffes keep piling up like this?

Podcast FC - @GSpodcastFC
On this week’s show, we break down the four types of 0-0 draw and debate which ones we saw this week. Available every Monday 5am KSCT.

Saturday Soccer - @SatSoccer12
Terjakov’s third goal in three games helps CF Outineau to a 4-2 win and a three-point cushion.
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NSNFooty - @NSNfootball
Cale Shaughlin's massive triple save sends Langlois Océanic into a journey of despair and futility, and keeps the scores level for CS Saint-Rémy.

Cuddly Ultras - @cuddly_ultras
Eulatie Abraham’s magnificent swan dive cons a penalty that wins the match for CF Saint-Richard. Fucking VAR can’t even get this right.

Latrobe AFC 0–0 Strathcona Internationals
Burnaby SC 4–0 Shearwater FC
Association Ariddienne 0–0 NGSA Ulyanof
FC Novonaya 0–1 CF Saint-Richard
Sitka Valley 0–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
Torbay Thunder 2–2 Kawarthas District
Clayquot City 2–0 Kingstown Athletic
Coquitlam United 1–0 Kirkenes FC
CF Outineau 4–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
CS Saint-Rémy 0–0 Langlois Océanic

   KFL Championship           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
-1 CF Outineau 21 14 2 5 49 31 +18 44
-2 Clayquot City 21 11 8 2 45 22 +23 41
3 Burnaby SC 21 12 5 4 56 34 +22 41
4 CS Saint-Rémy 21 12 5 4 32 24 +8 41
5 Strathcona Internationals 21 11 6 4 67 48 +19 39

6 Coquitlam United 21 11 5 5 38 29 +9 38
7 Kirkenes FC 21 11 4 6 35 31 +4 37
8 FC Novonaya 21 9 4 8 41 39 +2 31
9 Hamiltonian Cambria 21 8 6 7 46 42 +4 30
10 Mazinaw Vanorian 21 7 7 7 21 21 0 28
11 Latrobe AFC 21 7 6 8 30 28 +2 27
12 Langlois Océanic 21 7 6 8 26 29 −3 27
13 CF Saint-Richard 21 8 1 12 25 32 −7 25
14 Shearwater FC 21 6 6 9 24 34 −10 24
15 NGSA Ulyanof 21 5 6 10 17 27 −10 21
16 Sitka Valley 21 4 8 9 27 40 −13 20
17 Torbay Thunder 21 4 6 11 17 28 −11 18
18 Kawarthas District 21 4 6 11 22 46 −24 18
19 Association Ariddienne 21 2 6 13 16 32 −16 12
20 Kingstown Athletic 21 1 9 11 16 33 −17 12
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Matchweek 22
“...Clayquot are playing it very loose in the midfield here. And it’s picked up by Tesla... Tesla’s taking this to the byline. The ball comes in to Hartsdown! It’s Meghan Hartsdown! 1-0 to Kirkenes!”
“Antoninsson plays that through. MacLean has the chance!... Big save! Seanclair keeps that out, and Kingstown hold on to what could be a vital three points against Torbay!”
“Ramm has won that back for Ariddienne... and Mina is through! Mina!! That’s the equalizer! Twice Saint-Richard have let the lead slip!”
“ going to wish he’d kept Rukavina on at this rate. But Strathcona get the corner. Oh, that’s fluffed by Shaughlin... and Hythewater! The centre-back kept his head there, and suddenly Saint-Rémy are behind!”
“Coppinger!! Normand blocked that! Oh what a chance for CF Outineau to steal the honours here! It’s been a wild finish to this match and that would have been the clincher!”

Langlois Océanic 4–4 CF Outineau
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–0 Coquitlam United
Kirkenes FC 1–0 Clayquot City
Kingstown Athletic 2–1 Torbay Thunder
Kawarthas District 1–1 Sitka Valley
Mazinaw Vanorian 2–1 FC Novonaya
CF Saint-Richard 2–2 Association Ariddienne
NGSA Ulyanof 0–4 Burnaby SC
Shearwater FC 1–1 Latrobe AFC
Strathcona Internationals 2–1 CS Saint-Rémy

Matchweek 23
CF Outineau are now winless in three match and their second draw in a row sees them slip to second place. And with a 3-1 win away to Latrobe AFC, Burnaby SC are now the league leaders by a single point.

And a stunning result at the Stade Intersat.
“Karen’s pass is directly through to Stienno!... No mistake there! This is incredible! Saint-Rémy have completely collapsed here!”
“Regnault is robbed with that strong challenge. Oh, and Thorpe managed to get to that ball!... Sanders is scrambling back for St-Rémy! And this should be easy for Corcrain...! It’s four-nil to Shearwater!”
“And the final score is 5-1! The few fans who stayed are looking pretty grim. Saint-Rémy slipping further and further behind in the title race.”

Shearwater moved into 14th place, level on points with Latrobe but still behind on goal difference. And it was a party atmosphere as the fans at Stade Pailler celebrated Association Ariddienne’s third win of the season. You might not expect a big ovation from the supporters of the second-last team in the league with a record like theirs, but these fans know where their club stands in the big scheme of things and they’ve got a lot of respect for the team’s efforts. And this win over Mazinaw Vanorian gives them hope they could survive in the top division, though they’ll need to gain five points and quickly.

It’s a dizzying fall from being the only Kelssek team in the group stage of the IFCF competitions just a few months ago. It’s all turned a bit ugly at St. Kildera: infighting among the board, embezzlement allegations, a club director arrested for tax fraud. St. Kildera haven’t won in 12 matches and they are bottom of the league, but they could now face action by the KFL that would make relegation or even suspension a certainty.

CF Saint-Richard 1–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Association Ariddienne 2–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
FC Novonaya 1–1 Kawarthas District
Sitka Valley 0–0 Kingstown Athletic
Torbay Thunder 2–0 Kirkenes FC
Clayquot City 1–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Coquitlam United 1–3 Langlois Océanic
CF Outineau 0–0 Strathcona Internationals
CS Saint-Rémy 1–5 Shearwater FC
Latrobe AFC 1–3 Burnaby SC

Matchweek 24
“...Warner Dranz there firing a bit of a shot across the bow of his squad, who might be in the firing line. I think Patrice Langelier is definitely on notice, there. It’s a bit unfair to Griogair Urquhart because he’s just not as good as the scouts thought. Aleksandr Lukonov, Christian Arbour, Andreas Karnezis, all senior players who want to see more from.”
“It’s really quite simple, NGSA are desperate to avoid relegation, and Latrobe were just sort of there. And the desperate team, the team that was more willing to bust a gut and put it on the line, were the ones who won. We’re getting to that part of the season. The bottom six teams all won this week. That’s what’s on the line for them.”

“Also this week were the IFCF Challengers Cup quarterfinals. And you know why we’re talking about it?”
“Yes. Yes I do.”
“Well, take it away.”
“Issac Lafrenière, playing for Kioano Locals, getting further than he was ever going to go with CF Outineau, who let him go for nothing. Released him for free thinking he wasn’t up to their standards, and well, we know he’s up to some very different standards now. Well done, Issac. Let’s see how far they get.”

Burnaby SC 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Shearwater FC 0–3 CF Outineau
Strathcona Internationals 1–0 Coquitlam United
Langlois Océanic 3–3 Clayquot City
Hamiltonian Cambria 0–3 Torbay Thunder
Kirkenes FC 0–1 Sitka Valley
NGSA Ulyanof 2–1 Latrobe AFC
Kingstown Athletic 1–0 FC Novonaya
Kawarthas District 0–1 Association Ariddienne
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–2 CF Saint-Richard

Matchweek 25

This is the big one. The match that could decide the championship. Two points separate CF Outineau and Burnaby SC. The Centurions could take top spot with a win, the rouge-et-bleu could establish a five-point lead. It’s kickoff here at the Olympic Stadium in Outineau, moved here to accommodate demand, and 55,000 fans in the house for this hot ticket here in the City of Festivals. Burnaby in their blue and green to kickoff...

“Oh and Elzokari went flying into that tackle! Wallin’s going to need medical attention here... and I imagine VAR is going to get involved because that was completely reckless... replay here... oohhh that’s studs in the ankle and the other foot...”
“It’s a scissors tackle, just about. I think the refere’s got a decision to make here.”
“A ridiculous lunge... and there is a VAR review underway and the referee is waving away the players who all want to get their opinion heard on this as she’s trying to talk to the VAR bunker... CF Outineau bench looking a bit nervous there, as the Burnaby medical staff are working that magic spray.”
“And well that review is complete... and it’s yellow. Elzokari is very lucky. And I reckon Wallin is even luckier, if he’s playing on. That ankle might be two sizes bigger in the morning.”
“I have to say, that’s a red if it hadn’t happened 4 minutes in. Second half, Elzokari’s probably sent off. It’s not supposed to be like that but refs are scared to make that big a match changing decision sometimes.”

“...And safe hands from St-Gerlais, that free kick had a vicious curl to it and he did well to hold on to the ball.”

“...but you know that’s a match-changing decision too, Elzokari shouldn’t be on the pitch. And CF Outineau should be down to then, but they’re-”
“Wheeler’s played that in front of Terjakov...! And it’s over the bar from Coppinger! CFO a whisker away from taking the lead!”
“...that’s a great ball by Liadon and Feidhlim has it wide on the left. The cross is met by Ascioli!! He squeezes it just inside the post! One nil to Burnaby! First blood to the visitors!”
“Two minutes remaining now, it’s been all Burnaby for a while now. He’s beaten Elzokari to that ball. It’s slipped to Vasseur! That’s a phenomenal save by St-Gerlais!”
“Half time can’t come soon enough for CF Outineau. They’ve not been terrible but they need to find a way to stop Burnaby strolling through the midfield or I’m not sure how they’ll win this one.”

“Elzokari is first to that ball. Terjakov will take it forward for Outineau. Oh and he’s given Zuecker the slip... Here’s Terjakov from distance...! WHAT A SHOT! What a goal! Terjakov draws them level!”
“...and Coppinger cuts in. Cutback to Primakov... and Lozic slides in to clear that off the line! Despatie was beaten and CF Outineau nearly turns the match on its head 10 minutes into the second half!”

“...are going wide instead, as Liadon tries to create something for Burnaby. Nice pass through the channel... Karushige’s lay off... and Wallin’s put that over the bar! Oh that was a real chance to take back the lead.”
“Makatsch... the 18-year old Vanorian with the fresh legs here, and some space opening up as he finds Gerô... No way through. Faillace wins that ball for Burnaby... straight into a counterattack! It’s 3 on 2 the other way. Anri Fiete has it. Feidhlim... and a vital tackle by Auiloqet! He had to get that just right and he did!”

“...and it’ll go back to Fowler. CF Outineau are just probing here, you sense they’d be happy with a draw and to make sure Burnaby doesn’t gain on them, whatever happens. Terjakov’s gone down but referee plays the advantage. Makatsch going wide on the right... slides it to Coppinger...! Brigitte Coppinger! Saved by Despatie... and Gerô!! With the diving header!! It’s 2-1 in the 73rd minute!!

“...with the possession, if they can control and keep the ball, Outineau just needs to play it smart now. And Buené picks off that pass! That’s not playing it smart at all! Vasseur is in alone...! and St-Gerlais comes up big to deny Burnaby the equalizer!!”

“And that’s the final whistle! CF Outineau 2-1 winners over a Burnaby team who will feel hard done by. It’s a five point lead for Outineau now. And if they hold on for the title they’ll look back at this match as the big step to the trophy.”

Mazinaw Vanorian 2–2 NGSA Ulyanof
Coupe des Patriotes 4th round
Castors d'Outineau 0–1 Latrobe AFC
Strathcona Internationals 3–2 AS Concordia-Montérégie
Saintsport Heath 0–2 Langlois Océanic
Burnaby SC 1–1 Sitka Valley (3–1 AET)
CF Saint-Richard 2–4 CS Saint-Rémy
CF Outineau 3–0 Torbay Thunder
Natanel Royals 0–2 Coquitlam United
Kirkenes FC 3–3 NGSA Ulyanof (3–4 AET)

CF Saint-Richard 2–0 Kawarthas District
Association Ariddienne 1–0 Kingstown Athletic
FC Novonaya 0–0 Kirkenes FC
Sitka Valley 0–3 Hamiltonian Cambria
Torbay Thunder 2–3 Langlois Océanic
Clayquot City 1–0 Strathcona Internationals
Coquitlam United 2–2 Shearwater FC
CF Outineau 2–1 Burnaby SC
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Latrobe AFC

Matchweek 26
“It’s all gone according to plan it seems in the Cup, as all the lower division teams were eliminated and we head into the quarterfinals with an all-top-flight cast. Latrobe AFC made it hard for themselves against Les Castors, though Dranz did go for a more experimental lineup, shall we say. I don’t think anyone impressed him too much and he ended up sending out Lukonov to win the match, basically – supplying Langelier a ball that even he couldn’t screw up.”
“That’s a bit mean...”
“Well, if he’d played better this year, Latrobe wouldn’t be 14th.”
“The one upset I’d say was NGSA’s win over Kirkenes in extra time.”

“So the quarterfinal matchups, it’s Océanic hosting Latrobe, a matchup between the two new managers there, Strathcona vs. St-Rémy, that’s a mouthwatering prospect, CF Outineau against the New Gens, and Coquitlam hosting a Battle of Burnaby. They’ll hope that one goes better than what happened downtown on Saturday.”
“Oh boy. So yeah, we’ll turn to the league matches now and that was a pasting for the Easties.”

“This is sheer humiliation for Coquitlam, and a rout for Burnaby. They lead 5-1 in their city derby and that goal was just simply doing the basics to perfection. A string of seven passes and a tap-in for Karushige.”
“Bronson’s been tackled there and the ball’s back to Burnaby! Vasseur is under pressure... and Ascioli makes it six! Bronson and Chidibere are having a go at each other over whose fault that was... Coquitlam have completely unravelled here.”

Outineau are still five points ahead however, as they won 2-0 against Latrobe AFC. At the bottom of the table, Kawarthas gained a point on Ariddienne with a draw against Mazinaw. Saint-Rémy kept pace in third as Darin Crow stole the three points late on against NGSA Ulyanof, although tied on points with Burnaby the goal difference gets more and more forbidding by the week.

Burnaby SC 6–1 Coquitlam United
Shearwater FC 0–1 Clayquot City
Strathcona Internationals 2–2 Torbay Thunder
Langlois Océanic 4–2 Sitka Valley
Hamiltonian Cambria 3–3 FC Novonaya
Kirkenes FC 3–0 Association Ariddienne
Kingstown Athletic 0–1 CF Saint-Richard
NGSA Ulyanof 2–3 CS Saint-Rémy
Latrobe AFC 0–2 CF Outineau
Kawarthas District 1–1 Mazinaw Vanorian

Matchweek 27
[Paul] I think today you can put to bed the idea of CS Saint-Rémy coming up from behind to win the title. Three in a row is hard, it’s no question. You know, it’s not just about Caleb Roy, because there’s plenty of midfield talent in the team and you can see him at FC Novonaya, he’s important player for them but not a world-beater... No, it’s a team that teams like CF Outineau have been working to beat for the last little while, and here you just saw all of that come together and St-Rémy just didn’t know what hit them. Defensively, they’ve also been not as solid this year, and you can add to that the kind of adaptation other teams have done, CF Outineau going high-tempo 4-3-3 was risky because they don’t often play that way, but they weren’t the first to try it against CSSR this year and you look at the final score... it definitely worked.
[Liz] Yes, 6-1 the final score for the league leaders at Parc de la Crémazie today. You look at that scoresheet, Coppinger, Primakov, Gerô with a hat trick, and also Odveig Wheeler popping up to head in a corner. And that’s also been the formula for Outineau, to get that high powered offence firing, when that happens they can really roll over a team. Strathcona also move into third place with a win against Sitka Valley. That 1-0 loss for the Lumberjacks, and a win for Ariddienne 4-2 against Hamiltonian Cambria takes them just barely out of the relegation zone. Danielle Maradrogba with two goals. Êsêkïl dí Völará has been a revelation all year for that team, but now there’s another 18-year old to watch.

CF Saint-Richard 2–0 Kirkenes FC
Association Ariddienne 4–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Mazinaw Vanorian 0–0 Kingstown Athletic
FC Novonaya 0–2 Langlois Océanic
Sitka Valley 0–1 Strathcona Internationals
Torbay Thunder 2–1 Shearwater FC
Kawarthas District 1–2 NGSA Ulyanof
Clayquot City 1–2 Burnaby SC
Coquitlam United 0–1 Latrobe AFC
CF Outineau 6–1 CS Saint-Rémy

Matchweek 28
Honours even in the Battle of Etnier as a Latrobe AFC side looking for bragging rights and a Clayquot City team dreaming of the Challengers Cup fought out a 1-1 draw. More than a few scouts spotted at Macquarie Docklands as Seamus Wylten potted his 20th goal of the season and is likely to be looking for a move abroad, as well as Warner Dranz making noises about a clear-out at the end of the season.
The ever-dramatic Eulatie Abraham with a goal of the week as he basically juggled the ball past the Cambria defence to open the scoring in a match CF Saint-Richard won 2-0. A key result at the bottom of the table as Kingstown Athletic beat Kawarthas 1-0 to keep their hopes of staying up alive. And Coquitlam United dealt CS Saint-Rémy their third straight defeat as Arjan Singh capitalized on an uncharacteristic error by Greta Enger.
Kirkenes FC 3–2 Mazinaw Vanorian
Kingstown Athletic 1–0 Kawarthas District
NGSA Ulyanof 1–2 CF Outineau
CS Saint-Rémy 0–1 Coquitlam United
Latrobe AFC 1–1 Clayquot City
Burnaby SC 3–2 Torbay Thunder
Shearwater FC 3–3 Sitka Valley
Strathcona Internationals 5–3 FC Novonaya
Langlois Océanic 1–0 Association Ariddienne
Hamiltonian Cambria 0–2 CF Saint-Richard

Matchweek 29
Both CF Outineau and Burnaby SC slipped up this weekend... and here comes another challenger as Strathcona Internationals beat Ariddienne to draw level on points with the Centurions. Meanwhile Clayquot City and Kirkenes FC keep up the fight for the last Challengers Cup spot with both teams squeezing out wins.

Kingstown Athletic 1–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Kawarthas District 0–2 Kirkenes FC
Mazinaw Vanorian 3–3 Hamiltonian Cambria
CF Saint-Richard 1–2 Langlois Océanic
Association Ariddienne 1–2 Strathcona Internationals
FC Novonaya 1–2 Shearwater FC
Sitka Valley 3–2 Burnaby SC
Torbay Thunder 0–0 Latrobe AFC
Clayquot City 2–1 CS Saint-Rémy
Coquitlam United 2–1 CF Outineau

Matchweek 30

Saturday Soccer on 12 - @SatSoccer12
Insult added to injury: a fan at the Intersat gets her beer knocked out of her hand by Dan Antoninsson’s shot as Torbay stun St-Remy 4-1 on Saturday Soccer.
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Gemma Potter - @luridweeathe
Kai Poirier saves his fourth penalty of the season! That keeps Kirkenes FC in the lead against Kingstown.

THEY LIE - @hwetttner_21
Wow, was that Weiram beaten to a header?!? #OCEMAV

LelStet - @stet
Houston doubles up for Cambria who now lead 3-1 against Kawarthas #HAMKAW

Ancient Tech - @FanVidiprinter
Brion Stienno completes a hat-trick as Shearwater go up 6-1 against Ariddienne. AA need to keep in mind goal difference could be a factor here.

Clayquot’s Ward Blackburn after 2-0 loss to CF Outineau: “We need to pick ourselves up and realize we gave a good team a good showing. Lots of football left to be played and we still have every chance of top four, so we want to make a mark for this club and show we belong at the top.”

Mattias Wickean - @MWickean
Strathcona manager Francois St-Louis: “Keep winning? Sure, we have to think, we have every intention of pushing this fight right to the end. Third place, it’s also 5 points to first, so we’re the underdogs but we have a real chance to do something special.”

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Vepocojat puts Coquitlam in the lead in the Coupe des Patriotes edition of the Battle of Burnaby! #CdPQFs

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
No holds barred at Bowreach! Strathcona leads 2-1 and it’s only the 20th minute

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Three goals in ten minutes and CF Outineau are cruising to the win against NGSA Ulyanof #CdPQFs

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Arsene de Saintyon levels the score for St-Remy but Yusupov with an instant reply to put Strathcona in the lead again

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Latrobe AFC grabs the equalizer against Océanic! Stromby’s cool finish sends us to extra time in Langlois.

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Final whistle at Maillardville Park and Coquitlam United knocks out Burnaby SC! #CdPQFs

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Océanic takes the lead in extra time through Keira Weiram!

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Strathcona manager St-Louis praises fighting spirit of players as they win a barnburner of a match against CS Saint-Rémy

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Latrobe AFC pegs them back again!! Lukonov intercepts a poor breakout pass and strikes it into the roof of the net from a sharp angle.

KBC Sports - @KBCSports
Laishram plonks the penalty into the crossbar, Latrobe AFC wins the shootout! #CdPQFs

Football Kelssek - @FootballKSK
Coupe des Patriotes semifinal draw:
Strathcona vs. CF Outineau
Latrobe AFC vs. Coquitlam

NGSA Ulyanof 3–1 Coquitlam United
CF Outineau 2–0 Clayquot City
CS Saint-Rémy 1–4 Torbay Thunder
Latrobe AFC 2–0 Sitka Valley
Burnaby SC 6–2 FC Novonaya
Coupe des Patriotes quarterfinals
Langlois Océanic 1–1 Latrobe AFC (2–2 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Strathcona Internationals 5–4 CS Saint-Rémy
CF Outineau 4–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Coquitlam United 1–0 Burnaby SC

Shearwater FC 6–2 Association Ariddienne
Strathcona Internationals 4–2 CF Saint-Richard
Langlois Océanic 2–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Hamiltonian Cambria 4–1 Kawarthas District
Kirkenes FC 1–0 Kingstown Athletic

   KFL Championship           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 CF Outineau 30 20 4 6 71 40 +31 64
2 Burnaby SC 30 18 5 7 83 47 +36 59
3 Strathcona Internationals 30 17 8 5 84 58 +26 59
4 Kirkenes FC 30 16 5 9 45 38 +7 53
5 Clayquot City 30 14 10 6 55 34 +21 52
6 Langlois Océanic 30 14 8 8 50 43 +7 50
7 CS Saint-Rémy 30 15 5 10 42 46 −4 50
8 Coquitlam United 30 13 6 11 46 47 −1 45
9 Hamiltonian Cambria 30 12 8 10 64 59 +5 44
10 CF Saint-Richard 30 14 2 14 40 41 −1 44
11 Latrobe AFC 30 9 9 12 37 38 −1 36
12 Shearwater FC 30 9 9 12 44 50 −6 36
13 Mazinaw Vanorian 30 8 11 11 34 37 −3 35
14 FC Novonaya 30 9 7 14 52 61 −9 34
15 Torbay Thunder 30 8 8 14 35 40 −5 32
16 NGSA Ulyanof 30 8 7 15 29 43 −14 31
17 Sitka Valley 30 6 11 13 37 56 −19 29
18 Kingstown Athletic 30 5 11 14 21 37 −16 26
19 Association Ariddienne 30 6 7 17 29 49 −20 25
20 Kawarthas District 30 4 9 17 27 61 −34 21

KFL National Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
_1 Saintsport Heath 30 18 6 6 54 33 +21 60
2 Port City FC 30 17 6 7 55 37 +18 57

_3 St. David Wanderers 30 16 7 7 44 32 +12 55
4 Pembina City 30 15 7 8 40 29 +11 52
5 Castors d'Outineau 30 14 9 7 51 41 +10 51
6 Colwynian Vale 30 14 8 8 46 37 +9 50

7 Metropolitan FC 30 13 7 10 44 40 +4 46
8 ASC Arvika 30 11 12 7 44 34 +10 45
9 Capital City FC 30 12 7 11 46 45 +1 43
10 West Haligonia Spartan 30 10 9 11 46 44 +2 39
11 CS Rivière-du-Nord 30 10 8 12 39 36 +3 38
12 North York FC 30 10 7 13 50 54 −4 37
13 King Albert Park 30 11 3 16 41 42 −1 36
14 Fretscray FC 30 8 11 11 37 45 −8 35
15 CF Mirabelle 30 8 10 12 38 47 −9 34
16 Trenton AC 30 9 6 15 54 66 −12 33
17 Redswyth Red Stars 30 9 5 16 40 57 −17 32
18 AS Concordia-Montérégie 30 8 6 16 41 51 −10 30
19 Southbank Mariners 30 6 9 15 32 46 −14 27
20 St. Kildera FC 30 6 7 17 30 56 −26 25

Matchweek 31
The weekend kicked off with the Battle of Conryia and high-flying Strathcona made a statement with a 3-1 win in Mazinaw. Vanorian never really seemed to get into the game and the Internationals were in control. And then the big Saturday Soccer game came to Stade Pailler. One of the more unusual venues in the Championship this year with the majority of seats being temporary stands that the club had to get special permission and funding from the city council who own that facility to set up. When that crowd gets excited the noise of them stamping on the metal bleachers... definitely unique in the league. Anyway. It was a big day for 18-year old Êsêkïl dí Völará, who scored a really important goal, or it could definitely be a very important goal certainly for Association Ariddienne in their bid to stay in the top division. But it was also a big blow to Burnaby SC’s title hopes. They’re leading 3-2 in the 83rd minute, Sammy Ramm sends it over the top and dí Völará just beats the Burnaby keeper to the ball and pokes it past Despatie. I still wouldn’t bet on them beating the drop, but a point is a point. And then CF Outineau went on to win against Torbay Thunder, it wasn’t the smoothest of rides, but prevailing 4-2 in the end shows the difference between these two teams, really. That set of results pushes Strathcona into second place and Burnaby SC falls 7 points behind.
The other story was Langlois Oceanic climbing into fifth place, bouncing back from being knocked out of the Cup on penalties in midweek. They’re going to try to challenge Kirkenes FC for 4th place and the Challengers Cup spot, and you can also see four teams going for it now – with Clayquot City and Saint-Remy hot on the heels there.

Mazinaw Vanorian 1–3 Strathcona Internationals
CF Saint-Richard 2–1 Shearwater FC
Kirkenes FC 3–2 NGSA Ulyanof
Kingstown Athletic 0–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
Kawarthas District 3–4 Langlois Océanic
Association Ariddienne 3–3 Burnaby SC
FC Novonaya 1–1 Latrobe AFC
Sitka Valley 1–0 CS Saint-Rémy
Torbay Thunder 2–4 CF Outineau
Clayquot City 1–2 Coquitlam United

Matchweek 32
CSSR are adrift as another poor performance saw them draw 0-0 against FC Novonaya in a match that the visitors from the far west were unlucky not to win. Caleb Roy was player of the match in his return to the Intersat. Hamiltonian Cambria thumped the visitors from downtown Kirkenes 4-1 in a meltdown that’s really not inspiring much for fans who expected a title challenge and are instead 14 points behind the leaders as the season enters the home stretch. It was business as usual at the top three who all took comfortable wins meaning CF Outineau get one week closer to the championship. Another result of note was Latrobe AFC’s home defeat against Association Ariddienne in a match that saw Werner Dranz taking copious notes (probably about who’s getting shipped out) and brings Ariddienne three points from safety.

Langlois Océanic 2–1 Kingstown Athletic
Hamiltonian Cambria 4–1 Kirkenes FC
NGSA Ulyanof 2–1 Clayquot City
Coquitlam United 3–2 Torbay Thunder
CF Outineau 5–2 Sitka Valley
CS Saint-Rémy 0–0 FC Novonaya
Latrobe AFC 0–2 Association Ariddienne
Burnaby SC 3–1 CF Saint-Richard
Shearwater FC 1–1 Mazinaw Vanorian
Strathcona Internationals 5–1 Kawarthas District

Matchweek 33
Océanic and Kirkenes went into their matchup at Exhibition Place level on points with the Langlois club looking to cement a revival under their new manager by climbing into the top four. Instead, the hosts found their groove as Eva Karven and Josie Webster netted goals to give Kirkenes FC a 2-0 win. CF Outineau survived a scare away to FC Novonaya and managed a 4-3 win thanks to an own goal when goalkeeper Nathan Meeks shanked a clearance into the back of his own teammate and the ball ricocheted into the net. Burnaby SC slipped ten points behind the leaders after coming up on the wrong end of a ten-goal thriller in Mazinaw.
* * *
Coupe des Patriotes semifinals
“Yusupov... nice move to make some space. Phelan meets the cross and it’s 1-0 for Strathcona!! Hayden Phelan! A great inswinging cross to the edge of the six-yard box, Phelan gets his boot to it and Strathcona leads CF Outineau in the semifinal!”
“It’s a weak shot from Uruqhart and Tinker-Witt will collect it. Chance for a counter here as she throws that out to Abed-Louis. It’s Raven Cashin on the move... and 2-0! Surely the winning goal for Strathcona! A clinical finish and that will see them into the final!”

“Bronson with the through ball... and Singh scoops it over! That was a real chance for Coquitlam...”
“Dusty Clement fancies this free kick I think. Clement off the upright! Latrobe escape again!”
“And after no goals in 120 minutes of play we go to penalties… Nilsson is up first for Coquitlam. And Myles Connely saves it! Advantage Latrobe!”
“...this is the chance to win it for Latrobe. Erland Stromby… sends it wide!! He sinks to the turf! He knows that would’ve been so important for this team’s season… his teammates coming around...”
“...but Coquitlam United are still in a must-score situation. Michael Thompson steps up now… and it’s off the post! And it’s his turn to put his face in his hands! And by the skin of their teeth, Latrobe AFC are through to the final!”

Hamiltonian Cambria 4–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Kirkenes FC 2–0 Langlois Océanic
Kingstown Athletic 1–3 Strathcona Internationals
Kawarthas District 0–2 Shearwater FC
Mazinaw Vanorian 6–4 Burnaby SC
Coupe des Patriotes semifinals
Strathcona Internationals 2–0 CF Outineau
Latrobe AFC 0–0 Coquitlam United (0–0 AET) (4–3 pen.)

CF Saint-Richard 1–1 Latrobe AFC
Association Ariddienne 0–1 CS Saint-Rémy
FC Novonaya 3–4 CF Outineau
Sitka Valley 2–4 Coquitlam United
Torbay Thunder 3–4 Clayquot City

Matchweek 34
Kawarthas District are on the brink of relegation despite gaining a point at Stadium Konoha in a 3-3 draw with Burnaby SC. With four matches remaining they’re ten points behind Sitka Valley in 17th, three points ahead of Association Ariddienne who were beaten 1-0 by CF Outineau, who now need five points from four matches to clinch the championship. And they have their rivals in Kirkenes to thank, as KFC beat second-place Strathcona 2-1 to solidify their grip on fourth place and the final Challengers Cup spot.

Shearwater FC 0–0 Kingstown Athletic
Strathcona Internationals 1–2 Kirkenes FC
Langlois Océanic 2–2 Hamiltonian Cambria
NGSA Ulyanof 1–2 Torbay Thunder
Clayquot City 2–1 Sitka Valley
Coquitlam United 2–2 FC Novonaya
CF Outineau 1–0 Association Ariddienne
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 CF Saint-Richard
Latrobe AFC 1–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
Burnaby SC 3–3 Kawarthas District

Matchweek 35
[Martin] “...At the start of the season I think I’d have guessed completely the opposite fates for these two clubs. I’d have said Ariddienne would be the most likely to be relegated, which could still happen, but I’d have expected Kawarthas to be putting up much more of a fight. And they did, over most of the season, but as the injury list piled up, things were just slipping away from them. I think the Siovanija and Teusland clubs will be happy their loanees got so much playing time, but unfortunately there’s not many other upsides of the last couple of months for Kawarthas.”
[Liz] “Kawarthas District have been relegated to the KFL National for those of you just tuning in, losing to Latrobe AFC yesterday but it’s Association Ariddienne’s 1-0 win against Coquitlam United that has sealed their fate. As things stand, Ariddienne are out of the drop zone on goal difference as Sitka Valley’s loss at home to Torbay puts them in the bottom three. They are four points ahead of 19th-place Kingstown Athletic – by far the worst attack in the league – who could be next if either Sitka or Ariddienne win next week.”
[Paul] “So quite a lot could happen next week. CF Outineau can clinch the title with a win, or if they do better than whatever Strathcona do. The Internationals reached the 100-goal mark with their 4-2 win against Hamiltonian Cambria, with Bratislav Rukavina also hitting in goals number 30 and 31 of the season in that match to lead the league’s scoring chart. That result also guarantees them IFCF football. But barring a spectacular collapse at La Crémazie, it does look a lot like the title is going to be Outineau’s this year.”
[Martin] “Yes, but further down a little bit, the fight for the IFCF spots is a little more open, partly because Burnaby and Kirkenes have looked so fallible lately. Burnaby were not on their best against Kingstown, or you could say the relegation battlers were just more desperate on the day. And Kirkenes were lucky to hang on for a win after Lysander Brandis was sent off in the 56th minutes of the match. Kai Poirier was spectacular to keep that clean sheet against a Shearwater side who could smell a scalp.”

Kirkenes FC 1–0 Shearwater FC
Kingstown Athletic 2–2 Burnaby SC
Kawarthas District 0–1 Latrobe AFC
Langlois Océanic 4–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Hamiltonian Cambria 2–4 Strathcona Internationals
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–0 CS Saint-Rémy
CF Saint-Richard 0–3 CF Outineau
Association Ariddienne 1–0 Coquitlam United
Sitka Valley 0–1 Torbay Thunder
FC Novonaya 1–2 Clayquot City

Matchweek 36
We’re at Stadium of the Stars where NGSA Ulaynof host Sitka Valley. It’s an important match for both these teams as Sitka Valley sit in the bottom three and desperately need to get points by any means possible.
“Tackett’s shot is deflected! And Swepstone got across to save that! But it’s still live... and Yerli gets there! Can he hit the target... Yes he can! Timurdogan Yerli has put Sitka Valley ahead!”
“Some news from Clayquot where Association Ariddienne have taken the lead! I think most had put this down as the big chance for City to make up some ground in the fight for fourth place, and put some pressure on Kirkenes who’re up against Burnaby this evening, but now they’re going to have to fight from a goal down. It’s Danielle Maradrogba who’s put Ariddienne in the lead at Kanard Park.”
“a great ball by Alcides!... Wang Yuan is through!... He chips the keeper! NGSA Ulaynof are level!! It’s 2-2 in injury time! But... I think... VAR is going to check for an offside... and Yuan was offside by inches! The goal’s been chalked off!
“That will do it. It finishes NGSA Ulyanof 1, Sitka Valley 2. This is a massive result that’s turned the relegation battle on its head. NGSA Ulyanof have lost their fourth straight match and are suddenly in the relegation zone for the first time this season. Sitka Valley might just have saved themselves!”

This is CF Outineau’s chance to take their fate into their own hands... A win here will clinch the title. Less than that, and it’s over the Strathcona’s move on Sunday to see if they can keep up.
“on the volley!... A spectacular goal by Logan Ragno! The Audioslavian has put Mazinaw 2-0 ahead! Put away the champagne, CF Outineau look like they’re still in the team bus!”
“Mutsuga with the ball for Vanorian... It’s just silence from the home crowd at La Crémazie here. They can’t believe what they’re seeing. A disastrous first half for CF Outineau. Ashley Douglass blocks that cross... Quick corner taken by Mutsuga. And Oresund is in space. Oresund hits it... Oh my. Oh, oh, my. It’s not going to be today for CF Outineau, they’ll go into the interval down 3-0.”
“Makatsch has been solid since coming on at half time. Outineau will have two more chances to close this out, though, you can’t see them slipping up this close to the finish line. It’s only delaying the inevitable, I think. Makatsch plays it into the box. And Davies is unmarked! Scott Davies! Well, they’re on the board, and CF Outineau still in this match!”
“Ashley Douglass unleashes one...! Are you kidding me!... Four goals in twelve minutes! CF Outineau are ahead 4-3! They’ve completely turned this around!”
“Silverton flicks it on for IILEV!! A daisy cutter into the bottom left corner... and what are we seeing here! Down to ten, Mazinaw have equalized at 5-5!”
“...both the tactical change and also whatever was said at half time were definitely a big factor in what we’re seeing here. And CF Outineau have the ball back. Coppinger swings it in but Rackard heads away the cross. Terjakov’s through ball finds Gerô...! CF Outineau lead 6-5! They have one hand on the championship trophy!!”
“And that is the final whistle, and CF Outineau are the champions! Some fans looked ready to go home at half time, what a turnaround in a wild game of football that ends with a score of 7-5.”

The final whistle has gone at the Macquarie Docklands in a win for the home side that sees Latrobe AFC confirm relegation for Kingstown Athletic. Mark Harris is on the touchline.

“Yes, Liz after eight years in the top flight Kingstown Athletic have been relegated after a match that ended 3-2 to Latrobe AFC. This has been the story of the season really, they put up a good fight early in the match and went into halftime with the score at 2-2 with goals from Lane Michaels and Patrick Lanks, while Aleksandr Lukonov and Griogair Urquhart scored for Latrobe. But in the end it was Andreas Karnezis who consigned them to their fate with a piledriver of a shot from 20 yards that deflected in off the upright. 3-2 to the hosts was the final score.”

Torbay Thunder 0–1 FC Novonaya
Clayquot City 0–1 Association Ariddienne
Coquitlam United 3–1 CF Saint-Richard
NGSA Ulyanof 1–2 Sitka Valley
CF Outineau 7–5 Mazinaw Vanorian
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Kawarthas District
Latrobe AFC 3–2 Kingstown Athletic
Burnaby SC 1–0 Kirkenes FC
Shearwater FC 2–0 Hamiltonian Cambria
Strathcona Internationals 2–2 Langlois Océanic

And a quick word about the promotion race and what’s happening with the logjam in the playoff spots. There’s four teams tied on 62 points. It’s looking like Saintsport and Port City are both quite secure in the automatic promotion spot but there’s seeding implications for the playoffs, third place gets into the Liga B Champions Trophy whether you want to be in it or to avoid it, and there is still a very remote chance Castors d’Outineau could sneak into the picture.
1 Saintsport Heath            36   20  10   6    64   39  +25    70 A
2 Port City FC 36 20 8 8 65 41 +24 68 A
3 Colwynian Vale 36 18 8 10 52 40 +12 62 Pl
4 Pembina City 36 18 8 10 49 37 +12 62 Pl
5 Metropolitan FC 36 18 8 10 53 42 +11 62 Pl
6 St. David Wanderers 36 18 8 10 49 38 +11 62 Pl
7 Castors d'Outineau 36 15 12 9 60 53 +7 57

Matchweek 37
Clayquot City got a little help from their provincial rivals Latrobe AFC who seem determined to end the season on the right foot. Their 0-0 draw with Kirkenes was entertaining for the neutrals and soul-destroying if you supported either club, lots of attacking and lots of missed opportunities. Kirkenes FC goalkeeper Kai Poirier was a deserved player of the match and that tells you a lot about how that went. Clayquot meanwhile got a 2-0 win away to CF Saint-Richard with the help of Seamus Wylten’s 25th goal of the season and a bit of skill from Raizen Saikyomono.

And relegation news too, as NGSA Ulyanof, who won promotion in the same year as Kingstown Athletic, are going to be relegated in the same year too. Eight years of top-flight football come to an end for the New Gens after a dismal 1-0 loss against Strathcona coupled with Association Ariddienne’s 1-0 win against Torbay and Sitka Valley’s win against FC Novonaya. That’s the relegation battle sorted out then, on the penultimate week of the KFL Championship.

Strathcona Internationals 1–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Langlois Océanic 4–3 Shearwater FC
Hamiltonian Cambria 3–2 Burnaby SC
Kirkenes FC 0–0 Latrobe AFC
Kingstown Athletic 0–3 CS Saint-Rémy
Kawarthas District 2–3 CF Outineau
Mazinaw Vanorian 1–0 Coquitlam United
CF Saint-Richard 0–2 Clayquot City
Association Ariddienne 1–0 Torbay Thunder
FC Novonaya 2–3 Sitka Valley

Matchweek 38
All that remained to be settled were the IFCF places as Kirkenes FC held on to fourth place coming in to the final week with Clayquot and Océanic both in with a chance if they could win against Mazinaw and Burnaby respectively. For their part, CS Saint-Rémy were hosting Kirkenes FC on the final day and while CSSR were still technically in contention if they could win by five goals, everyone else would also have to lose.
4 Kirkenes FC                 37   20   6  11    54   46   +8    66
5 Clayquot City 37 18 10 9 67 44 +23 64
6 Langlois Océanic 37 18 10 9 68 56 +12 64
7 CS Saint-Rémy 37 19 6 12 48 48 0 63

The match at Stade Intersat was key fixture as Kirkenes really needed the three points to be sure of fourth place. Greta Enger’s goal in the 8th minute reverberated to Kanard Park and Stadium Konoha, where the fight was on for Clayquot and Océanic respectively. At 33 minutes, Raizen Saikyomono flitted through the Mazinaw backline and found the back of the net to give Clayquot the advantage. Océanic had a lot more to play for than the Centurions, but Burnaby weren’t going to just gift it to them, either. Oceánic went on the attack and had to hope Vanorian would peg Clayquot back. Kirkenes FC for their part were continually frustrated by Cale Shaughlin in the CSSR net. But while Pierre-Louis Laishram managed to bag the goal that would stand as the winner for Langlois Océanic on 64 minutes, Clayquot held out and claimed fourth and the final Challengers Cup spot on goal difference.

Torbay Thunder 0–1 CF Saint-Richard
Clayquot City 1–0 Mazinaw Vanorian
Coquitlam United 2–1 Kawarthas District
CF Outineau 1–0 Kingstown Athletic
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Kirkenes FC
NGSA Ulyanof 2–4 FC Novonaya
Sitka Valley 0–1 Association Ariddienne
Latrobe AFC 1–0 Hamiltonian Cambria
Burnaby SC 0–1 Langlois Océanic
Shearwater FC 1–1 Strathcona Internationals



   KFL Championship           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
-1 CF Outineau 38 28 4 6 99 54 +45 88
-2 Strathcona Internationals 38 22 10 6 104 68 +36 76
3 Burnaby SC 38 20 8 10 101 66 +35 68
4 Clayquot City 38 19 10 9 68 44 +24 67

5 Langlois Océanic 38 19 10 9 69 56 +13 67
6 Kirkenes FC 38 20 6 12 54 47 +7 66
7 CS Saint-Rémy 38 20 6 12 49 48 +1 66
8 Coquitlam United 38 18 7 13 62 58 +4 61
9 Hamiltonian Cambria 38 16 9 13 81 71 +10 57
10 Latrobe AFC 38 13 12 13 45 44 +1 51
11 CF Saint-Richard 38 16 3 19 46 55 −9 51
12 Shearwater FC 38 11 12 15 54 59 −5 45
13 Mazinaw Vanorian 38 11 12 15 49 54 −5 45
14 FC Novonaya 38 11 10 17 66 75 −9 43
15 Association Ariddienne 38 11 8 19 38 54 −16 41
16 Torbay Thunder 38 10 8 20 45 55 −10 38
17 Sitka Valley 38 9 11 18 48 72 −24 38
18 NGSA Ulyanof 38 9 7 22 37 64 −27 34
19 Kingstown Athletic 38 5 13 20 27 53 −26 28
20 Kawarthas District 38 4 10 24 37 82 −45 22

Players Association Player of the Year: Brigitte Coppinger (CF Outineau)
Nominees: Bratislav Rukavina (Strathcona), Ward Blackburn (Clayquot City), Andrey Yusupov (Strathcona)
Golden Glove: Luke Thomas (Clayquot City)
Nominees: Kai Poirier (Kirkenes FC), Sébastien St-Gerlais (CF Outineau), Myles Connely (Latrobe AFC)
Young Player of the Year: Raizen Saikyomono (Clayquot City)
Nominees: Êsêkïl dí Völará (Assoc. Ariddienne), Pierre-Louis Laishram (Océanic CF), Götz Makatsch (CF Outineau)
Foreign Player of the Year: Bratislav Rukavina (Strathcona)
Nominees: Juha Terjakov (CF Outineau), Brigitte Coppinger (CF Outineau), Pierre Vasseur (Burnaby SC)

Team of the season
GK: Sébastien Saint-Gerlais (CF Outineau)
DR: Thamior Liadon (Burnaby SC)
DC: Ward Blackburn (Clayquot City)
DC: Joachim Elden (Kirkenes FC)
DL: Kari Bardiche (Clayquot City)
MC: Andrey Yusupov (Strathcona)
MC: Juha Terjakov (CF Outineau)
MC: Raven Cashin (Strathcona)
FW: Brigitte Coppinger (CF Outineau)
FW: Seamus Wylten (Clayquot City)
FW: Bratislav Rukavina (Strathcona)

GK: Kai Poirier (Kirkenes FC)
DC: Joachim Elden (Kirkenes FC)
DR: Obey Chidiebere (Coquitlam Utd)
ML: Denig Regnault (CS Saint-Rémy)
MC: Kiera Weiram (Langlois Oceanic)
MC: Raizen Saikyomono (Clayquot City)
FW: Pierre Vasseur (Burnaby SC)

   KFL National               Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
-1 Port City FC 38 22 8 8 67 41 +26 74
2 Saintsport Heath 38 20 11 7 66 42 +24 71

-3 St. David Wanderers 38 19 8 11 52 39 +13 65
4 Colwynian Vale 38 19 8 11 59 47 +12 65
5 Metropolitan FC 38 18 9 11 54 44 +10 63
6 Pembina City 38 18 8 12 49 39 +10 62

7 Castors d'Outineau 38 16 13 9 65 57 +8 61
8 ASC Arvika 38 14 15 9 55 41 +14 57
9 CS Rivière-du-Nord 38 14 12 12 54 44 +10 54
10 Capital City FC 38 14 10 14 54 55 −1 52
11 West Haligonia Spartan 38 12 11 15 57 60 −3 47
12 North York FC 38 13 8 17 64 68 −4 47
13 CF Mirabelle 38 11 11 16 48 60 −12 44
14 Fretscray FC 38 11 11 16 50 64 −14 44
15 Trenton AC 38 11 9 18 67 82 −15 42
16 St. Kildera FC 38 10 10 18 45 65 −20 40
17 Southbank Mariners 38 9 12 17 39 53 −14 39
18 Redswyth Red Stars 38 10 9 19 49 70 −21 39
19 King Albert Park 38 11 5 22 45 53 −8 38
20 AS Concordia-Montérégie 38 9 10 19 47 62 −15 37

KFL National playoffs
St. David Wanderers 1–0 Pembina City
Colwynian Vale 2–0 Metropolitan FC
St. David Wanderers 2–2 Colwynian Vale (4–2 AET)

   KFL Association North    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
-1 Wynleth Flyers 26 21 2 3 60 22 +38 65
-2 Áfram Gimli 26 18 2 6 56 32 +24 56
3 Bramerlea Bulldogs 26 17 3 6 60 32 +28 54
4 Sudbury Rangers 26 15 8 3 47 25 +22 53
5 Châteaufroid 26 13 9 4 47 33 +14 48

6 Keeleford County 26 9 5 12 30 30 0 32
7 Ealesgreen United 26 8 6 12 25 38 −13 30
8 High River 26 7 7 12 31 41 −10 28
9 Neíra Alavaria 26 6 9 11 30 42 −12 27
10 New Scarborough 26 6 7 13 28 48 −20 25
11 Llandlaff City 26 5 9 12 35 44 −9 24
12 Natanel Royals 26 5 9 12 30 43 −13 24
13 Hawthorn Elms 26 6 6 14 28 45 −17 24
14 Rockecliffe & Eatons 26 2 6 18 26 58 −32 12

KFL Association South Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
-1 Miramichi Lakers 26 18 6 2 52 21 +31 60
-2 Innisfail County 26 16 7 3 49 20 +29 55
3 Point Grey & Kitsilano 26 14 7 5 44 28 +16 49
4 Union Lachine 26 14 7 5 58 44 +14 49
5 Arlingsdale City 26 13 8 5 49 35 +14 47

6 AS Grands-Sources 26 13 6 7 42 31 +11 45
7 Sunrise Coast 26 11 6 9 39 39 0 39
8 Stade Laneux 26 10 6 10 40 31 +9 36
9 Gagliano Mariners 26 9 6 11 37 44 −7 33
10 Breton Pacifica 26 7 4 15 26 45 −19 25
11 Stade Montagnards 26 4 9 13 39 46 −7 21
12 AS Lac-Abitargnais 26 5 4 17 29 52 −23 19
13 Wild Rose FC 26 3 6 17 25 58 −33 15
14 Delta Sortherns 26 2 4 20 33 68 −35 10

KFL Association playoffs
North semifinals
Áfram Gimli 1–0 Châteaufroid
Bramerlea Bulldogs 1–0 Sudbury Rangers
North final
Bramerlea Bulldogs 0–3 Áfram Gimli
South semifinals
Innisfail County 4–1 Arlingsdale City
Union Lachine 2–0 Point Grey & Kitsilano
South final:
Innisfail County 0–2 Union Lachine


Presented by / présenté par


1st round
Sunrise Coast 2–1 Bramerlea Bulldogs
St. David Wanderers 3–3 Colwynian Vale (3–3 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Arlingsdale City 0–0 Wild Rose FC (0–1 AET)
Redswyth Red Stars 1–1 Union Lachine (2–1 AET)
Stade Montagnards 0–5 Áfram Gimli
Saintsport Heath 2–2 Miramichi Lakers (3–2 AET)
Stade Laneux 2–1 AS Grands-Sources
CF Mirabelle 5–3 CS Rivière-du-Nord
Metropolitan FC 2–2 North York FC (2–2 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Ealesgreen United 1–3 Fretscray FC
Trenton AC 3–3 Gagliano Mariners (3–4 AET)
Southbank Mariners 1–0 ASC Arvika
Natanel Royals 2–0 Neíra Alavaria
AS Concordia-Montérégie 2–0 Rockecliffe & Eatons
Keeleford County 4–1 King Albert Park
Innisfail County 1–0 Wynleth Flyers
New Scarborough 0–1 St. Kildera FC
West Haligonia Spartan 0–2 Llandlaff City
Pembina City 0–1 Châteaufroid
AS Lac-Abitargnais 1–2 Breton Pacifica
Sudbury Rangers 1–0 High River
Castors d'Outineau 3–0 Hawthorn Elms
Point Grey & Kitsilano 3–1 Port City FC
Capital City FC 5–4 Delta Sorthern

2nd round
Gagliano Mariners 1–2 Áfram Gimli
Saintsport Heath 1–0 Southbank Mariners
Redswyth Red Stars 2–2 Natanel Royals (3–3 AET) (3–5 pen.)
Point Grey & Kitsilano 4–1 Colwynian Vale
Capital City FC 3–0 Sunrise Coast
Castors d'Outineau 3–1 St. Kildera FC
Sudbury Rangers 0–0 Fretscray FC (1–0 AET)
CF Mirabelle 3–2 Stade Laneux
Llandlaff City 2–0 Wild Rose FC
AS Concordia-Montérégie 1–0 Châteaufroid
Metropolitan FC 1–3 Innisfail County
Keeleford County 2–4 Breton Pacifica

3rd round – Championship clubs enter
CF Mirabelle 0–0 Kirkenes FC (0–2 AET)
Point Grey & Kitsilano 2–2 AS Concordia-Montérégie (3–3 AET) (5–4 pen.)
Latrobe AFC 2–1 Shearwater FC
Hamiltonian Cambria 1–2 Torbay Thunder
Burnaby SC 5–3 Mazinaw Vanorian
Natanel Royals 3–1 Breton Pacifica
Kingstown Athletic 0–0 Sitka Valley (0–0 AET) (4–5 pen.)
Sudbury Rangers 0–2 Castors d'Outineau
Llandlaff City 2–3 CF Saint-Richard
Langlois Océanic 2–0 Clayquot City
Strathcona Internationals 4–3 Kawarthas District
Innisfail County 2–3 NGSA Ulyanof
Association Ariddienne 1–4 CF Outineau
Saintsport Heath 2–1 FC Novonaya
Áfram Gimli 0–4 Coquitlam United
CS Saint-Rémy 1–0 Capital City FC

4th round
Castors d'Outineau 0–1 Latrobe AFC
Strathcona Internationals 3–2 AS Concordia-Montérégie
Saintsport Heath 0–2 Langlois Océanic
Burnaby SC 1–1 Sitka Valley (3–1 AET)
CF Saint-Richard 2–4 CS Saint-Rémy
CF Outineau 3–0 Torbay Thunder
Natanel Royals 0–2 Coquitlam United
Kirkenes FC 3–3 NGSA Ulyanof (3–4 AET)

Langlois Océanic 1–1 Latrobe AFC (2–2 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Strathcona Internationals 5–4 CS Saint-Rémy
CF Outineau 4–0 NGSA Ulyanof
Coquitlam United 1–0 Burnaby SC

Strathcona Internationals 2–0 CF Outineau
Latrobe AFC 0–0 Coquitlam United (0–0 AET) (4–3 pen.)

12th Coupe des Patriotes final

1’ - Kick off
3’ - An early attack for Strathcona and Latrobe’s Arbour concedes a free kick. Yusupov fires it wide.
7’ - As expected Strathcona are on the front foot here. Millclef prods a ball through the lines for Rukavina, but the striker’s offside.
15’ - Latrobe’s Mac Ronaigh is booked for a deliberate handball.
24’ - Concern for Latrobe AFC as Aleksandr Lukonov is getting treatment after coming off worse from an aerial challenge with Ryan Dumont.
34’ - Ducharne is booked for a meaty tackle on Cashin
37’ - Latrobe protests as Waleeda Hollis-Park fells Raïf Ducharne but the referee’s not interested.
41’ - The first big chance of the game! Strathcona build up on the right and Yusupov switches the play with a glorious pass out to the left wing. Laura Millclef picks it up on the byline and Aguri Hondachi is a half-second ahead of Rukavina to stop the Strathcona striker from poking the ball in from point blank range.
45’+1 – Doorwouds is booked for breaking up a Strathcona chance by tripping up Millclef.
45’ - And it’s still scoreless at half time.
49’ - GOAL FOR STRATHCONA! Laura Millclef whips a pass across the box and Bryan Hartpoach heads it in at the far post!
52’ - Valentijn Doorwouds gets a yellow card after the umpteenth nibble at Andrey Yusupov’s ankles.
55’ - Latrobe substitution: Émîróînó Üjíkân for Griogair Urquhart. Dranz seems to be switching to a 4-1-4-1 in an attempt to break through this midfield press.
59’ - Raven Cashin holds up the ball, beats Christian Arbour with a lovely turn, and finds Rukavina, who squeezes a shot off but it’s deflected behind by a diving Artair Mac Ronaigh.
62’ - Strathcona substitution: Chung Seo-Yeon for Bryan Hartpoach.
64’ - GOAL FOR LATROBE! Aleksandr Lukonov has been kept quiet by Ryan Dumont all game but a player of this quality only needs one chance. He surges into the box and makes a pass across two defenders that puts it on a plate for Erland Stromby.
69’ - Émîróînó Üjíkân takes a pass and unleashes a first-time shot from 15 yards but Tinker-Witt makes a good save.
75’ - Strathcona sends on Rhys Dadit for Waleeda Hollis-Park, and Latrobe make their third change with Dominic Lee replacing Logan Wright.
78’ - Seconds from disaster as Myles Connely’s delivery is picked off by Chung, but the Hinodejin’s attempt to find Rukavina is misplaced and Arbour gratefully scrambles it clear.
80’ - Just what Latrobe didn’t want: Strathcona are applying the pressure now and have a penalty shout as Hondachi looked to have clattered Rukavina in the box. Neither the referee on the pitch nor the VAR bunker have any interest, though.
83’ - GOAL FOR STRATHCONA! The breakthrough comes at last. Abed-Louis wins the ball from Raïf Ducharne and launches the ball wide on the right. Yusupov’s cross is perfectly delivered to Rukavina’s feet and there’s no stopping the league’s Golden Boot from 10 yards.
87’ - Latrobe’s looking totally deflated after that goal and haven’t been able to get any meaningful possession since then.
90’ - Strathcona substitution: Doner Grrhonomó for Andrey Yusupov, who gets a massive ovation from the fans in green. The 18-year old will get a mininum of 4 added minutes of Cup final to enjoy.
90+3’ - Strathcona have been sitting back a bit but they nearly nabbed a third goal on a counter-attack. Cashin’s shot was looping in at the far post and Connely was beaten, but Ducharne headed it off the line.
Final whistle! FT: Latrobe AFC 1–2 Strathcona Internationals. François St-Louis celebrates his first trophy two years after taking charge, and it’s a deserved victory for the Internationals. Latrobe’s drive for redemption comes up short but in the end Warner Dranz will have some decisions to make as he looks to build a team to his plan in the close season.
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                            Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts
1 Latrobe AFC 26 19 0 7 352 170 +182 76
2 Wynleth Cambria 26 18 1 7 358 206 +152 74
3 Redswyth Rebels 26 17 2 7 353 196 +157 72
4 Mazinaw Stallions 26 16 2 8 295 207 +88 68
5 Kirkenes Crusaders 26 15 1 10 288 267 +21 62
6 Nordiques RFC 26 14 2 10 314 241 +73 60
7 Clayquot Reds 26 12 1 13 247 330 −83 50
8 Hamilton Highlanders 26 11 1 14 273 372 −99 46
9 Rotor Novonaya 26 10 2 14 308 289 +19 44
10 Burnaby Lions 26 9 3 14 337 371 −34 42
11 Alouettes de Champjaune 26 9 2 15 180 290 −110 40
12 Neorvins Armada 26 8 0 18 249 322 −73 32
13 Breton RFC 26 7 2 17 220 325 −105 32
14 Vickery RFC 26 7 1 18 180 368 −188 30


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