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Postby IFCF » Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:19 pm


The First IFCF Challenger's Cup
Round of 16 Results and Quarterfinal Draw

Round of 16
Blue Bolded teams advance to the IFCF Challenger's Cup Quarterfinals.
Losing teams are eliminated from the IFCF Challenger's Cup

(SCT)     Willox Street Pirates  p 2–2    Mliona-Lpaka              (TUR)   1–1   1–1  (4–2 pen)   
(NFX) Black Hawks NFX 1–3 Royal Jam FC (EFL) 1–3 0–0
(XAN) East End FC 0–7 Malabon SC (AFT) 0–4 0–3
(NPH) Crisisbless 3–1 Galatica (PAS) 1–0 2–1
(ZWZ) Keppal Cosmos 2–1 Herzegovina City FC (BNJ) 1–1 1–0
(SCT) Cornellians 3–5 Port Sebastian (SCT) 2–3 1–2
(TUR) Cednia Beach a 1–1 Crawford CIty FC (COS) 0–0 1–1
(NPH) Sabrefell Athletic 1–4 Jungle Strike FC (VIL) 0–2 1–2

Quarterfinals Draw
The draw for this round is unrestricted. There are no seeds- everybody is eligible to play anybody. Teams from the same group, or teams from the same association and/or league are now eligible to play each other.

Willox Street Pirates (SCT)
Royal Jam FC (EFL)
Malabon SC (AFT)
Crisisbless (NPH)
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)
Port Sebastian (SCT)
Cednia Beach (TUR)
Jungle Strike FC (VIL)

First team listed is home in first leg.
Willox Street Pirates (SCT) v. Cednia Beach (TUR)
Crisisbless (NPH) v. Port Sebastian (SCT)
Jungle Strike FC (VIL) v. Malabon SC (AFT)
Royal Jam FC (EFL) v. Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)
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Postby IFCF » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:48 pm


The First IFCF Liga B Champion's Trophy
Second Round

(EFL)                Seniors FC  p 2–2    Thor Jraxville            (CBR)   1–1   1–1  (5–4 pen)
(COS) Fevelo Colony 2–2 a Workers Union (EUR) 2–2 0–0
(PFA) FC United of Mancodas 4–4 a FC Almintora (TUR) 2–3 2–1
(BRE) Snowden River 3–1 Duntho Sporting Club (BNJ) 1–0 2–1
(VAL) Club ESF 5–2 Bwubanza City SC (BNJ) 3–2 2–0
(SCT) Kings Park 5–7 Rosbank Town (BRE) 2–3 3–4
(AFT) Fleftic Army 3–3 p Sweet Apple City (EQS) 2–1 1–2 (4–5 pen)
(EUR) Whitepill 3–4 Arcticala Inlet (VIL) 1–2 2–2

Quarterfinals draw
The 8 teams were placed in a single pot for an unrestricted draw. The team drawn first in each pairing will play the first leg at home.

Arcticala Inlet (VIL) vs. Rosbank Town (BRE)
Snowden River (BRE) vs. Seniors FC (EFL)
Workers Union (EUR) vs. FC Almintora (TUR)
Sweet Apple City (EQS) vs. Club ESF (VAL)
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Postby IFCF » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:35 am


The First IFCF Challenger's Cup
Quarterfinals Results and Semifinal Draw

Blue Bolded teams advance to the IFCF Challenger's Cup Semifinals.
Losing teams are eliminated from the IFCF Challenger's Cup

(SCT)     Willox Street Pirates    2–2 p  Cednia Beach              (TUR)   1–1   1–1  (0–3 pen)
(NPH) Crisisbless 4–5 Port Sebastian (SCT) 1–2 3–3
(VIL) Jungle Strike FC 2–2 a Malabon SC (AFT) 1–2 1–0
(EFL) Royal Jam FC 2–3 Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ) 2–2 0–1

Semifinals Draw
The draw for this round is unrestricted. There are no seeds- everybody is eligible to play anybody. Teams from the same group, or teams from the same association and/or league are now eligible to play each other.

Final Four
Cednia Beach (TUR)
Port Sebastian (SCT)
Malabon SC (AFT)
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)

First team listed is home in first leg.
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ) v. Port Sebastian (SCT)
Cednia Beach (TUR) v. Malabon SC (AFT)
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Postby IFCF » Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:38 am


The First IFCF Champions’ League

(NPH)           Sabrefell Moths  p 2–2    1093 Club de Atlantea     (TAE)   1–1   1–1  (4–2 pen)
(EUR) Spartangrad 2–3 1830 Cathair (AUD) 2–2 0–1
(EFL) Olympia FC 2–2 p Tanrısal (PAS) 1–1 1–1 (2–3 pen)
(BRE) Northern Stallions 4–2 Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT) 2–2 2–0

Semi-finals draw
The draw for this round is unrestricted. There are no seeds- everybody is eligible to play anybody. Teams from the same group, or teams from the same association and/or league are now eligible to play each other.

Final Four
Sabrefell Moths (NPH)
1830 Cathair (AUD)
Tanrısal (PAS)
Northern Stallions (BRE)

First team listed is home in first leg.
Sabrefell Moths (NPH) vs. Northern Stallions (BRE)
1830 Cathair (AUD) vs. Tanrısal (PAS)
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Postby IFCF » Fri Jan 17, 2020 1:22 pm


The First IFCF Liga B Champion's Trophy

(VIL)           Arcticala Inlet    2–2 p  Rosbank Town              (BRE)   1–1   1–1  (5–6 pen)
(BRE) Snowden River 3–2 Seniors FC (EFL) 3–2 0–0
(EUR) Workers Union 2–2 a FC Almintora (TUR) 2–1 0–1
(EQS) Sweet Apple City 1–3 Club ESF (VAL) 0–2 1–1

Semifinals draw
The 4 teams were placed in a single pot for an unrestricted draw. The team drawn first in each pairing will play the first leg at home.

Rosbank Town (BRE) vs. Snowden River (BRE)
Club ESF (VAL) vs. FC Almintora (TUR)
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Postby IFCF » Sat Jan 18, 2020 5:39 am


The First IFCF Champions’ League

(NPH)           Sabrefell Moths    2–2 p  Northern Stallions        (BRE)   1–1   1–1  (2–4 pen)
(AUD) 1830 Cathair 3–0 Tanrısal (PAS) 2–0 1–0

(BRE)        Northern Stallions    0–0 p  1830 Cathair              (AUD)  (0–0 FT · 2–4 pen)

1830 Cathair win their second CC/CL final, the third time an Audioslavian club have done so.
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Postby IFCF » Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:10 am


The First IFCF Challenger's Cup
We have a champion!

Blue Bolded teams advance to the IFCF Challenger's Cup Final.
Losing teams are eliminated from the IFCF Challenger's Cup

(ZWZ)             Keppal Cosmos    2–2 p  Port Sebastian            (SCT)   1–1   1–1  (2–4 pen)

(TUR) Cednia Beach 3–3 a Malabon SC (AFT) 3–1 0–2

First IFCF Challenger's Cup Final
This match is a single leg played at the neutral site venue of Macquarie Docklands Stadium in Latrobe, Kelssek, which has a capacity of 55,700.
Blue Bolded team is the champion of the IFCF Challenger's Cup.

(SCT)            Port Sebastian    0–1    Malabon SC                (AFT)  

Malabon SC win their first Challenger's Cup/Globe Cup Final, and it is the first time a Fleftic club has won a IFCF or UICA competition. Congratulations!
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Postby IFCF » Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:47 pm


The First IFCF Liga B Champion's Trophy
Semifinals & Final

(BRE)              Rosbank Town    2–2 p  Snowden River             (BRE)   1–1   1–1  (4–5 pen)
(VAL) Club ESF 5–3 FC Almintora (TUR) 3–3 2–0

at Almintora National Stadium, Almintora, Turori
(BRE)             Snowden River    2–1    Club ESF                  (VAL)

Snowden River win the inaugural IFCF Liga B Champion's Trophy and their first IFCF or UICA title.
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Postby IFCF » Sat Jan 18, 2020 5:39 pm


The First IFCF Super Cup

(AFT)                Malabon SC    2–1    Snowden River             (BRE)
(BRE) Snowden River 0–2 1830 Cathair (AUD)
(AUD) 1830 Cathair 3–1 Malabon SC (AFT)

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 1830 Cathair 2 2 0 0 5 1 +4 6
2 Malabon SC 2 1 0 1 3 4 −1 3
3 Snowden River 2 0 0 2 1 4 −3 0

1830 Cathair win the inaugural IFCF Super Cup, making it two Super Cup wins from two.

Updated coefficients are now available.

The entry limits for the next season of IFCF competition will be as follows:
The 2nd Champions’ League: The number of teams allowed is determined according to the association coëfficient ranking, with the following distribution:
  • Associations ranked 1–4 (Nephara, Eura, Brenecia, and Valanora) are allowed to enter four teams.
  • Associations ranked 5–8 (Turori, Capitalizt SLANI, Cosumar, and Zwangzug) are allowed to enter three teams.
  • Associations ranked 9–33 (Audioslavia, Eastfield Lodge, Pasarga, Valladares, 95X, Taeshan, Farfadillis, Vilita, Schottia, Apox, Banija, Abanhfleft, New Gelderland, Qusmo, Darmen, Electrum, Starblaydia, Mercedini, Mriin, Ethane, Siovanija and Teusland, Jasĭyun, Ceni, and Filindostan) are allowed to enter two teams. [NB: Port Christopher are ranked 32, but no longer exist as an association.]
  • Associations ranked 34 and below, and unranked associations, are allowed to enter one team.
  • Special considerations:
    • 1830 Cathair FC and Malabon SC are assured places in the Champions’ League group stage. If either fails to qualify for the Champions’ League through their domestic league, their association will receive an additional place. If either qualifies for the Challengers' Cup, their Challengers' Cup place will be vacated.
    • V-League: Has five places. Turori must enter at least two teams and another association at least one.
    • Liga Supre, Ancherion Super League, United League, Rabastor Premier League: Each has two places, which must be filled by different associations.
The 2nd Challengers' Cup: Every association is allowed to enter three teams. Multiassociational leagues with two primary associations may enter six teams, of which no more than four may be from the same association; associations ranked 1–4 must enter at least two teams each, and associations ranked 5–12 (including Turori) must enter at least one team each.
The 2nd Liga B Champions' Trophy: Every association is allowed to enter three teams. Multiassociational leagues with two primary associations may enter six teams, of which no more than four may be from the same association.
The 2nd Rising Stars' Cup: Every association is allowed to enter one team. (The youth teams of clubs which reach The Champions’ Cup group stage will also be entered.) Multiassociational youth leagues with two primary associations may enter two teams, which must be from different associations.
  • AFC Treason is assured a place in the Rising Stars' Cup. If it does not qualify as champion of its domestic youth league, Nephara will receive an additional place in the youth champions’ path. If its senior team qualifies for the Champions’ League group stage, it will enter the Champions’ League path instead.
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:09 pm


Welcome to the 34th edition of the International University Challenge Championship, the top international competition for sides representing Universities and Colleges all across the multiverse. For this edition, a grand total of eight countries sent their entries to the tournament, reaching a total of twenty-one participating institutions.

BRN	Baranil
DAR Darmen
HIN Kita-Hinode
KOR Ko-oren
STL Siovania and Teusland
TAE Taeshan
WRS Wara-Salas
ZWZ Zwangzug

Extra Notes:

- As the lone final site bid, the Jagdgeschwader-Rot-Stadion at Lubeck, Siovania and Teusland was chosen unanimously as the host of the final. Its' home federation is allowed to send bids for the final's host bidding rights again next season, though it'd be preferred if another venue is sent instead.

- The entries from Taeshan were accepted despite the less common name method used by the athletic departments of their institutions. The Imperial Hinodejin Football Association would like to make it clear that such a pattern is acceptable, although it is preferable for the teams to be referred to their home universities' actual names instead of nicknames, if only for consistency's sake.

Due to the number of entries present, the group stage of the tournament has been shelved in favour of knock-outs.
The weakest entry of each nation (and Wara-Salas' sole entry) were then drawn together with a group featuring another four teams.

Wara-Salas Eskol de Technologica (WRS) 1–1 Universisi de Kuban (BRN) (1–3 AET)
Willowbourne Institute of Humanities (KOR) 1–2 102d Polyteknik (ZWZ)
Graver's Point Bombers (TAE) 2–2 Universitat-Stelburg (STL) (2–2 AET) (4–3 pen.)
Tentai University (HIN) 0–1 National Christian University (DAR)
University of Homler (ZWZ) 2–0 Gehrenna National University (KOR)
Air Force Aeros (TAE) 1–2 Maxford University (DAR)

The six survivors from the First Round join the ten remaining entries of the tournament.
Technische Universiteit Sterrenwolde (KOR) 1–1 Universisi de Vodvok (BRN) (1–1 AET) (2–3 pen.)
Graver's Point Bombers (TAE) 0–2 Universisi de Kuban (BRN)
Willowbourne Technological Academy (KOR) 3–1 Tim City University (DAR)
National Christian University (DAR) 1–3 Navy Deystroyers (TAE)
Hylia University (HIN) 1–0 Luftwaffenakademie (STL)
University of Homler (ZWZ) 1–1 Kanshiro University (HIN) (2–2 AET) (3–2 pen.)
University of Borograd (STL) 2–3 102d Polyteknik (ZWZ)
Maxford University (DAR) 4–2 Lanius University (ZWZ)

The eight winners from the Second Round square off.
Hylia University (HIN) 1–0 Navy Deystroyers (TAE)
Willowbourne Technological Academy (KOR) 4–2 102d Polyteknik (ZWZ)
Universisi de Kuban (BRN) 0–2 Universisi de Vodvok (BRN)
Maxford University (DAR) 1–3 University of Homler (ZWZ)

Finally, two semi-finals are established in order to define who will play for the IUCC's trophy.
University of Homler (ZWZ) 2–0 Hylia University (HIN)
Willowbourne Technological Academy (KOR) 1–0 Universisi de Vodvok (BRN)

Here's the grand final!
FINAL @ Jagdgeschwader-Rot-Stadion - Lubbeck, Siovania and Teusland
University of Homler (ZWZ) 1–2 Willowbourne Technological Academy (KOR)

Congratulations to the Willowbourne Technological Academy out of Ko-oren for pulling a repeat of their win last edition and Commiserations to the University of Homler and the other institutions that failed to reach the final. Again, our most sincere thanks to all entries for allowing another edition of the IUCC into existence.

- The Willowbourne Technological Academy is thus granted the opportunity to defend their title next season, being guaranteed into the Group Stage of the next tournament, should numbers allow for a Group Stage. This entry will not count as one of Ko-oren's entries, who shall, in turn, be allowed to send three institutions besides Willowbourne Tech to the next tournament. Should Ko-oren not send any entries, Willowbourne Tech will be the country's sole entry.
- The deadline for the next IUCC shall be the same as the one for IFCF again.
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Postby FFI » Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:34 am

The Inaugural FFI Liga dos Vencedores
Qualifying Round & Group Stage

Qualifying Round
(HUE)        Olympique de Lourdes  p 2–2    Dury FC                   (PFA)   1–1   1–1  (3–0 pen)

(PRQ) Geofinder Guánren 2–4 Reçueçn FC (RCN) 0–3 2–1

(FJA) Bruland IF 1–0 Calk (EIL) 1–0 0–0

(MLY) Darkclouds FC 2–2 a De Commons FC (TSA) 2–1 0–1

(PCU) Pesetih Titih a 2–2 Dragons de Massagui (MKB) 0–0 2–2

(JSC) Gato Uyuri 3–7 Sandheights City (ZIW) 2–5 1–2

(ZIW) Western United 1–7 Ruacalu (JSC) 0–2 1–5

(MKB) Olympique Garo 2–4 Pescam Campuhan (PCU) 1–3 1–1

(TSA) CF Bondstad 4–2 Duncanshire FC (MLY) 2–2 2–0

(EIL) Anwick Prison 3–4 Rhaegal Athletic (DRG) 3–2 0–2

(RCN) Association Genève 4–3 Almoren IL (FJA) 3–3 1–0

(PFA) Bikarish 5–1 Crownpower (PRQ) 2–0 3–1

(HVY) Baywall Athletic 4–1 Real Carumba FC (HUE) 3–0 1–1

(ULG) Marcoton Academical 0–4 Bassabook Old Boys (ZWZ) 0–1 0–3

(GHR) Swan Song 1–3 Langtree United (MRC) 0–2 1–1

(RTS) Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica 0–6 Malabon SC (AFT) 0–2 0–4

(ERM) Royal Daulapura 1–3 Chalesm FC (SRS) 0–3 1–0

(NLA) Sporting Clube da Lusitânia 2–4 Lokomotiv Kuban (LSP) 2–3 0–1

(QGP) Lumineers 1–4 CSKA Kuban (LSP) 1–3 0–1

Group Stage Draw
The 32 teams were divided into 4 pots. Those qualifying directly for the group stage were seeded by UICA coefficient, but those coming up from the qualifying round were not reseeded. Teams from the same association could not be drawn against each other. Following the draw ceremony a computer draw randomized placement within each group.
Pot 1
18.600 Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)
8.600 Zoloroni City (MRC)
7.125 Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT)
4.000 Syneca AC (SRS)
3.688 Sparta Kuban (LSP)
3.688 Mordov Rogak (LSP)
3.125 City of Light (QGP)
2.438 FC Porto (NLA)
Pot 2
1.313 Anara (ERM)
1.250 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz (RTS)
1.063 Cloudreach Cavalry (GHR)
1.000 Leighton Albion (ULG)
0.000 Avante Leipreachán (HVY)
0.000 Reçueçn FC (RCN)
0.000 De Commons FC (TSA)
0.000 Sandheights City (ZIW)
Pot 3
0.000 Ruacalu (JSC)
0.000 Pescam Campuhan (PCU)
0.000 Rhaegal Athletic (DRG)
18.600 Bassabook Old Boys (ZWZ)
8.600 Langtree United (MRC)
7.125 Malabon SC (AFT)
4.000 Chalesm FC (SRS)
3.688 Lokomotiv Kuban (LSP)
Pot 4
3.688 CSKA Kuban (LSP)
0.000 Olympique de Lourdes (HUE)
0.000 Bruland IF (FJA)
0.000 Pesetih Titih (PCU)
0.000 CF Bondstad (TSA)
0.000 Association Genève (RCN)
0.000 Bikarish (PFA)
0.000 Baywall Athletic (HVY)

Group A
Mordov Rogak (LSP)
Association Genève (RCN)
Chalesm FC (SRS)
Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz (RTS)

Group B
Avante Leipreachán (HVY)
Lokomotiv Kuban (LSP)
Bikarish (PFA)
Zoloroni City (MRC)

Group C
Leighton Albion (ULG)
Bassabook Old Boys (ZWZ)
Olympique de Lourdes (HUE)
City of Light (QGP)

Group D
De Commons FC (TSA)
Ruacalu (JSC)
Pesetih Titih (PCU)
FC Porto (NLA)

Group E
Rhaegal Athletic (DRG)
Cloudreach Cavalry (GHR)
Syneca AC (SRS)
CSKA Kuban (LSP)

Group F
Sandheights City (ZIW)
Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT)
Pescam Campuhan (PCU)
Baywall Athletic (HVY)

Group G
Bruland IF (FJA)
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)
Anara (ERM)
Malabon SC (AFT)

Group H
Reçueçn FC (RCN)
CF Bondstad (TSA)
Langtree United (MRC)
Sparta Kuban (LSP)

Group winners and runners up advance to the Liga dos Vencedores eighth-finals.
Third place teams advance to the Copa das Confederações eighth-finals.
Group A                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     SZC    MOR    ASG    CHL
1 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz RTS 6 3 1 2 8 7 1 10 - 3-0 1-1 0-1
2 Mordov Rogak LSP 6 3 0 3 11 9 2 9 3-0 - 0-1 1-3

3 Association Genève RCN 6 2 2 2 7 8 -1 8 1-2 2-4 - 1-1
4 Chalesm FC SRS 6 2 1 3 6 8 -2 7 1-2 0-3 0-1 -

Group B                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     LOK    BIK    AVA    ZOL
1 Lokomotiv Kuban LSP 6 3 1 2 9 9 0 10 * - 2-2 2-3 2-1
2 Bikarish PFA 6 3 1 2 10 7 3 10 * 0-1 - 2-0 1-2

3 Avante Leipreachán HVY 6 2 2 2 9 10 -1 8 2-0 1-3 - 1-1
4 Zoloroni City MRC 6 1 2 3 8 10 -2 5 1-2 1-2 2-2 -
Tie broken by head to head results

Group C                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     LEI    BAS    CIT    OLY
1 Leighton Albion ULG 6 4 0 2 9 7 2 12 - 0-2 3-2 2-1
2 Bassabook Old Boys ZWZ 6 3 2 1 7 3 4 11 2-0 - 0-0 1-2

3 City of Light QGP 6 1 2 3 5 7 -2 5 * 0-2 0-1 - 1-1
4 Olympique de Lourdes HUE 6 1 2 3 5 9 -4 5 * 0-2 1-1 0-2 -
Tie broken by head to head results

Group D                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     POR    RUA    DEC    PES
1 FC Porto NLA 6 4 1 1 11 4 7 13 - 0-0 2-1 1-0
2 Ruacalu JSC 6 3 1 2 8 9 -1 10 2-1 - 0-4 3-2

3 De Commons FC TSA 6 2 1 3 9 8 1 7 1-3 1-0 - 2-2
4 Pesetih Titih PCU 6 1 1 4 6 13 -7 4 0-4 1-3 1-0 -

Group E                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     SYN    KUB    RHA    CLO
1 Syneca AC SRS 6 4 1 1 13 5 8 13 * - 2-2 3-0 3-0
2 CSKA Kuban LSP 6 4 1 1 11 8 3 13 * 0-2 - 3-1 2-1

3 Rhaegal Athletic DRG 6 3 0 3 11 12 -1 9 3-2 1-2 - 2-1
4 Cloudreach Cavalry GHR 6 0 0 6 4 14 -10 0 0-1 1-2 1-4 -
Tie broken by head to head results

Group F                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     PES    WAN    BAY    SAN
1 Pescam Campuhan PCU 6 4 1 1 8 5 3 13 - 2-1 1-0 1-1
2 Wanda Island Wanderers AFT 6 2 1 3 6 5 1 7 * 0-1 - 0-1 3-0

3 Baywall Athletic HVY 6 2 1 3 5 7 -2 7 * 1-3 1-2 - 0-0
4 Sandheights City ZIW 6 1 3 2 4 6 -2 6 2-0 0-0 1-2 -
Tie broken by head to head goals scored away from home

Group G                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     BRU    ANA    KEP    MAL
1 Bruland IF FJA 6 3 3 0 7 3 4 12 - 1-0 0-0 0-0
2 Anara ERM 6 2 2 2 3 2 1 8 0-1 - 0-0 1-0

3 Keppal Cosmos ZWZ 6 1 3 2 7 8 -1 6 3-5 0-2 - 1-1
4 Malabon SC AFT 6 0 4 2 1 5 -4 4 0-0 0-0 0-3 -

Group H                              Pld  W  D  L  GF  GA  GD Pts     BON    LAN    SPA    REC                 
1 CF Bondstad TSA 6 3 1 2 9 5 4 10 - 0-1 1-1 3-0
2 Langtree United MRC 6 2 2 2 5 5 0 8 * 0-1 - 0-1 2-2

3 Sparta Kuban LSP 6 2 2 2 4 5 -1 8 * 0-2 1-2 - 1-0
4 Reçueçn FC RCN 6 1 3 2 5 8 -3 6 3-2 0-0 0-0 -
Tie broken by head to head goals scored away from home

Eighth-finals Draw
Seeded Teams
Syneca AC (SRS)
Lokomotiv Kuban (LSP)
FC Porto (NLA)
Leighton Albion (ULG)
Pescam Campuhan (PCU)
CF Bondstad (TSA)
Bruland IF (FJA)
Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz (RTS)
Unseeded Teams
Bikarish (PFA)
Ruacalu (JSC)
Mordov Rogak (LSP)
Anara (ERM)
CSKA Kuban (LSP)
Langtree United (MRC)
Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT)
Bassabook Old Boys (ZWZ)

Group winners were seeded and group runners up were unseeded. Clubs from the same association could not be drawn against each other. Seeded teams will play the second leg at home.

Bikarish (PFA) vs Syneca AC (SRS)
Ruacalu (JSC) vs Lokomotiv Kuban (LSP)
Mordov Rogak (LSP) vs FC Porto (NLA)
Anara (ERM) vs Leighton Albion (ULG)
CSKA Kuban (LSP) vs Pescam Campuhan (PCU)
Langtree United (MRC) vs CF Bondstad (TSA)
Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT) vs Bruland IF (FJA)
Bassabook Old Boys (ZWZ) vs Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz (RTS)


The Inaugural Copa das Confederações
Qualifying Round and Group Stages

Qualifying Round
Red Bolded teams advance to Group stages of the FFI Copa das Confederações.
Losing teams are eliminated.
(HUE)               RCD San Rafael    0–5    Blasting Beach            (QGP)   0–3   0–2
(MKB) Kouarou Golden Boys 3–3 a Sevhila FC (NLA) 3–1 0–2
(HVY) Advernians 4–2 Royal Puncakpura (ERM) 2–1 2–1
(PFA) Sarim Potato FC 2–3 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier (RTS) 0–2 2–1
(TSA) Tiugz FC 5–3 Anaba Shamans (GHR) 3–1 2–2
(RCN) Bonneville Sporting 0–3 Royal Standard AFC (ULG) 0–2 0–1
(FJA) Solbakken IL 2–3 Bledlynn FC (MLY) 1–1 1–2
(PCU) Pesebal Balun 2–1 Han Guan (PRQ) 1–1 1–0
(ZIW) Al-Wadid Young Boys 1–0 Crois Uaine (EIL) 0–0 1–0
(JSC) Calu Humang 4–5 Orky Magic (DRG) 2–3 2–2

Group stage draw
CSKA Vodvok (LSP) and Zenit Kuban (LSP) have equal club coëfficients (as neither has played in the Copa das Confederações before) which rank 5th among the 16 teams in the group stage. They were placed in a special pot, with one ball transferred to Pot 2 and the other to Pot 3 at the start of the draw.

Group A
Viltvodle United (SRS)
CSKA Vodvok (LSP)
Advernians (HVY)
Orky Magic (DRG)

Group B
Orga City (MRC)
Sevhila FC (NLA)
Royal Standard AFC (ULG)
Al-Wadid Young Boys (ZIW)

Group C
Namiri Forest (ZWZ)
Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier (RTS)
Tiugz FC (TSA)
Pesebal Balun (PCU)

Group D
Admiral Porcusces (AFT)
Blasting Beach (QGP)
Zenit Kuban (LSP)
Bledlynn FC (MLY)

||Group A                            Pld   W  D  L   GF  GA  GD  Pts                      
1 Viltvodle United (SRS) 6 3 1 2 9 8 +1 10 — 0–2 2–2 1–0
2 Advernians (HVY) 6 2 2 2 8 7 +1 8 1–3 — 2–0 1–1

3 Orky Magic (DRG) 6 2 2 2 9 11 −2 8 2–1 1–1 — 4–2
4 CSKA Vodvok (LSP) 6 2 1 3 9 9 0 7 1–2 2–1 3–0 —

Group B Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Orga City (MRC) 6 6 0 0 19 2 +17 18 — 4–0 5–0 2–0
2 Royal Standard AFC (ULG) 6 2 1 3 6 11 −5 7 0–4 — 1–1 1–0

3 Al-Wadid Young Boys (ZIW) 6 1 2 3 6 12 −6 5 1–2 0–3 — 3–0
4 Sevhila FC (NLA) 6 1 1 4 4 10 −6 4 1–2 2–1 1–1 —

Group C Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Namiri Forest (ZWZ) 6 5 1 0 14 2 +12 16 — 4–1 4–0 2–0
2 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier (RTS) 6 3 1 2 8 8 0 10 1–1 — 0–3 1–0

3 Tiugz FC (TSA) 6 2 1 3 9 12 −3 7 0–2 0–1 — 3–2
4 Pesebal Balun (PCU) 6 0 1 5 5 14 −9 1 0–1 0–4 3–3 —

Group D Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Blasting Beach (QGP) 6 5 0 1 10 6 +4 15 — 3–1 2–0 1–0
2 Admiral Porcusces (AFT) 6 3 1 2 10 8 +2 10 3–0 — 2–1 2–3

3 Zenit Kuban (LSP) 6 2 1 3 6 6 0 7 1–2 0–0 — 2–0
4 Bledlynn FC (MLY) 6 1 0 5 5 11 −6 3 1–2 1–2 0–2 —

Eighth-final Draw
Seeded teams from Liga dos Vencedores Group Stage
Association Genève (RCN)
Avante Leipreachán (HVY)
City of Light (QGP)
De Commons FC (TSA)
Rhaegal Athletic (DRG)
Baywall Athletic (HVY)
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)
Sparta Kuban (LSP)
Unseeded teams from Copa das Confederações Group Stage
Viltvodle United (SRS)
Advernians (HVY)
Orga City (MRC)
Royal Standard AFC (ULG)
Namiri Forest (ZWZ)
Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier (RTS)
Blasting Beach (QGP)
Admiral Porcusces (AFT)

Teams from the Liga dos Vencedores were seeded, and teams from the Copa das Confederações were unseeded.

Baywall Athletic (HVY) vs Viltvodle United (SRS)
Sparta Kuban (LSP) vs Namiri Forest (ZWZ)
Avante Leipreachán (HVY) vs Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier (RTS)
Association Genève (RCN) vs Blasting Beach (QGP)
De Commons FC (TSA) vs Orga City (MRC)
Rhaegal Athletic (DRG) vs Royal Standard AFC (ULG)
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ) vs Admiral Porcusces (AFT)
City of Light (QGP) vs Advernians (HVY)

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The Zeta Reka Football Dossier
Issue 1
The Federal Republic of Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom (Federativna Republik Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom) introduces itself to the global sporting community. Results, transfers, rumors, and more will be published in this sports report. The first issue will cover fundamental information of the domestic game. The latest season is already in progress, and full coverage will start with the second issue.

The sport of Association Football existed on the margins for many years in the Kingdom, and later Republic, of Zeta Reka. When this nation merged with it's northern neighbors, a somewhat professional domestic league was formed. However, the league was not long for the world. Local politics were rife with instability, without a steady government, and with a broken economy, populist forces established a Socialist government that broke apart the professional football clubs.

During the socialist era, the game saw a small amount of backing from a political system that was more interested in traditional local sports. Military clubs were the most powerful in country, providing recreation for the armed forces. With the fall of the authoritarian regime, society began to make adjustments. For football, broadcasters have made plays to promote the sport, while players and a new class of team owners sought to increase their earnings. Slowly the sport grew, finally being played in front of large crowds, and entering into it's own niche of culture. The financial success of privatized sport has lead to larger stadiums, higher class players, and a Football industry poised to be a powerful cultural export.

The Federal League is structured in a fashion native to Zeta Reka's oldest sporting contests. Centuries ago, competitions were held in the various fiefdoms, cities and kingdoms of the area. Winners of local competitions would then compete against each other for greater honors. While these medieval sports have mostly gone to the wayside, local qualifying still continues today. in most sports. Local Football Associations in the Republic's three subdivisions manage qualifying by unique rules.

Sixteen clubs are awarded spots in Division 1. Most entry slots are guaranteed to the country's major subdivisions, Zeta Reka and Hügeltaldom, who each split qualifying to two sub divisions. A pair of slots are awarded to the Glavni Oblast, the seat of the Federal Government. For the past few seasons, four "wild card" slots give extra clubs a chance. Sixteen clubs that perform well but fail to enter Division 1 are seeded into Division 2. The worst entrants in qualifying spend their season in lower leagues, fighting relegation into the local leagues. The easiest way to explain this system is to show it in action. Qualifying has finished in the country, with all clubs situated in their slots. Below are the raw results from regional qualifying plus a description of the local qualifying systems.

Rekadom, Zeta Reka Oblast
Clubs play home and away in three groups of five.
All winners advance to Division 1.
The best runner up enters the national playoffs.
The two remaining clubs with the best rankings advance to Division 2.
The lowest ranking clubs enter the 14 team Rekadom League.
Group A
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 DD Porto Nowi 8 6 1 1 19 5 +14 19 (Div 1)
2 Porto Nowi OR 8 5 0 3 11 12 −1 15 (Div 2)
3 Beginn-Davn 8 3 2 3 4 5 −1 11
4 Nomad Travelers FK 8 2 2 4 6 9 −3 8
5 FKP Cawgrade 8 1 1 6 2 11 −9 4
-— 4–0 2–0 2–2 3–0
3–2 — 1–2 2–1 2–1
0–1 0–1 — 1–0 1–0
0–2 2–1 0–0 — 1–0
0–3 0–1 0–0 1–0 —

Group B
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 FK Ofau 8 5 2 1 10 4 +6 17 (Div 1)
2 PRD Ofau 8 4 1 3 21 11 +10 13 (Div 2)
3 Automotive Klub 8 2 3 3 11 10 +1 9
4 Handler Silve FK 8 2 2 4 12 17 −5 8
5 Astra AK 8 2 2 4 8 20 −12 8
-— 1–0 1–0 2–0 2–1
2–1 — 0–1 2–3 4–1
0–0 3–3 — 1–2 3–0
0–2 1–3 3–3 — 3–4
1–1 0–7 1–0 0–0 —

Group C
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 AK Stanimir 8 6 1 1 22 8 +14 19 (Div 1)
2 FKP Ottović County 8 5 2 1 14 6 +8 17 (Playoffs)
3 FK Woz 8 2 4 2 14 12 +2 10 (Div 2)*
4 Porto Nowi Athletik 8 2 2 4 5 11 −6 8
5 Kovgrade 8 0 1 7 3 21 −18 1
*FK Woz were the winner of the previous season's "Federal Association Fair Play Award"
and gained an automatic Federal League slot.
-— 2–0 5–2 5–0 4–0
3–0 — 1–1 3–0 2–0
3–4 1–1 — 0–0 2–0
0–2 0–1 0–0 — 3–0
0–0 2–3 1–5 0–2 —

Ogroven, Zeta Reka Oblast
Three groups of five play home/away.
The top two group winners advance automatically.
The third winner and the best group runner-ups play in a series to qualify for the playoffs, with the loser entering division 2.
The other two runner-ups are automatically sent to Division 2
The bottom 9 clubs enter the 12 team Ogroven League.
Team                      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Ogroven Vanguardi FK 8 7 1 0 17 6 +11 22 (Div 1)
2 Spasavanje-Policija FK 8 5 1 2 17 8 +9 16 (Div 2)
3 Duisgrade Athletik 8 4 0 4 9 11 −2 12
4 FK Esseglein 8 2 1 5 5 11 −6 7
5 FK Pflugergrade 8 0 1 7 1 13 −12 1
-— 4–3 3–1 2–0 2–0
2–3 — 4–0 1–0 2–0
0–1 0–2 — 2–1 3–0
0–0 1–3 0–2 — 1–0
0–2 0–0 0–1 1–2 —

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Ogroven Sportlich 8 7 1 0 18 5 +13 22 (Div 1)
2 Zanatlija FK 8 1 6 1 10 10 0 9 (Div 2)
3 FKP Matov-Uri 8 1 5 2 11 13 −2 8
4 Athletik Zanatlija 8 1 4 3 5 9 −4 7
5 Spartanac 8 1 2 5 13 20 −7 5
-— 2–0 2–0 2–0 4–2
0–0 — 3–3 0–0 3–1
0–2 1–1 — 0–0 4–2
0–2 3–3 0–0 — 2–0
3–4 0–0 3–3 2–0 —

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 WZRH Matov-Uri 8 5 3 0 9 2 +7 18
2 Industriejskigrade 8 5 1 2 16 4 +12 16
3 Sts’ Katedrala 8 1 5 2 5 9 −4 8
4 Brdo Pasa 8 1 4 3 8 15 −7 7
5 Pudding Manufacturing 8 0 3 5 3 11 −8 3
-— 0–0 0–0 2–0 1–0
0–1 — 3–0 2–1 2–0
0–2 2–1 — 2–2 0–0
1–1 0–5 1–1 — 0–0
1–2 0–3 0–0 2–3 —

WZRH Matov-Uri 2-0 Industriejskigrade (2-0, 0-0)

Hügeltaldom Oblast North
The Hügeltaldom Oblast 1st Division consists of 6 teams playing home/away.
The bottom club is sent to play in the 10 team Hügeltaldom Northern League.
Team                    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 FK Banifgrade 10 5 2 3 15 7 +8 17 (Div 1)
2 FK Stassengrade 10 5 2 3 10 6 +4 17 (Div 1)
3 Platinastigrade 10 5 2 3 10 6 +4 17 (Div 1)
4 Wahrsager Der Berg 10 3 5 2 7 8 −1 14 (Playoffs)
5 Ruzhan Stassengrade 10 2 4 4 9 13 −4 10 (Div 2)
6 FK Dvorac loze 10 1 3 6 8 19 −11 6
-— 0–1 1–2 4–0 1–1 2–0
2–0 — 2–0 1–3 1–1 0–1
0–1 0–0 — 0–0 1–0 2–0
0–0 1–0 2–1 — 0–0 1–1
0–2 0–1 0–2 1–0 — 3–3
1–4 0–2 0–2 0–0 2–3 —

Hugeltaldom Oblast South
Two groups play on neutral ground in round one.
The results from round one are used to reposition clubs into the "Top Group" and the "Bottom Group".
The Top Group's top two teams automatically advance into Division 1.
The bottom two play home and away, The winning club advances to the playoffs and the loser enters Division 2.
The Relegation Group's bottom two are relegated to the Hugeltaldom Southern League.
Round 1
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kven FK 3 3 0 0 7 2 +5 9
2 Ribar PRD 3 1 1 1 4 3 +1 4
3 FK Keppleburg 3 1 0 2 2 5 −3 3
4 Besstagrade 3 0 1 2 1 4 −3 1
— 2–1 3–1 2–0
— — 2–0 1–1
— — — —
— — 0–1 —

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 FK Ovrâd 3 2 0 1 6 3 +3 6
2 Ovrâd Fruchtbarkeit 3 1 2 0 6 5 +1 5
3 Hüelhunde FK 3 1 1 1 6 7 −1 4
4 Traktor Klub 3 0 1 2 2 5 −3 1
-— — 4–2 —
1–0 — 3–3 —
-— — — —
0–2 2–2 0–1 —

Round 2
Top Group
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kven FK 6 6 0 0 15 2 +13 18 (Div 1)
2 Ribar PRD 6 2 2 2 10 9 +1 8 (Div 1)
3 Ovrâd Fruchtbarkeit 6 1 2 3 5 10 −5 5
4 FK Ovrâd 6 0 2 4 4 13 −9 2
-— 4–0 2–1 3–0
1–2 — 0–0 2–2
0–1 1–5 — 1–0
0–3 0–2 2–2 —

Relegation Group
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Beestagrade 6 3 2 1 10 6 +4 11 (Div 2)
2 Hüelhunde FK 6 2 4 0 9 7 +2 10 (Div 2)
3 FK Keppleburg 6 2 2 2 4 4 0 8 (Relegated)
4 Traktor Klub 6 0 2 4 6 12 −6 2 (Relegated)

-— 0–0 1–0 2–0
4–3 — 2–1 3–3
0–0 0–0 — 1–0
2–4 0–0 1–2 —

Ovrâd Fruchtbarkeit 2-3 FK Ovrâd (2-2, 0-1)

Glavni Oblast
Clubs qualify via two eight-team home/away tournaments
The 8 first round losers play for survival in the 16 team Glavni Oblast League
Aleiusia Capital (1) 8-1 The Ants (8) (5-1, 3-0)
Striped Kits (1) 2-0 DD Aleiusia (8) (1-0, 1-0)
Fire Rescue (4) 2-2 (ag) Sakow Spartans (5) (0-1, 2-1)
AKF Imperialismus (4) 5-5 (ag) FK South Aleiusia (5) (1-3, 4-2)
Aleiusia Riverside (3) 3-1 Zelen Boulevard FK (6) (1-1, 2-0)
FK Finansijskigrade (3) 1-1 (ag) FK 246m (6) (0-0, 1-1)
The Lucky Gauners (2) 0-4 Proud Tigers (7) (0-1, 0-3)
Politehnika (2) 0-2 Regal (7) (0-0, 0-2)

Aleiusia Capital 5-1 AKF Imperialismus (3-1, 2-0)
Striped Kits 1-0 Fire Rescue (1-0, 0-0)
FK Finansijskigrade 5-6 Proud Tigers (3-2, 2-4)
Aleiusia Riverside 0-0 (4-5) Regal (0-0, 0-0)

Aleiusia Capital 3-0 Proud Tigers (2-0, 1-0)
Striped Kits 1-1 (ag) Regal (1-1, 0-0)

Proud Tigers 0-2 Striped Kits (0-1, 0-1)

National Playoffs
A single round robin with four teams entering Division 1, and the final team entering Division 2
Team                    Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 FKP Ottović County 4 2 2 0 7 3 +4 8 (Div 1)
2 Striped Kits 4 2 1 1 4 2 +2 7 (Div 1)
3 Wahrsager Der Berg 4 1 3 0 3 2 +1 6 (Div 1)
4 WZRH Matov-Uri 4 1 1 2 2 3 −1 4 (Div 1)

5 FK Ovrâd 4 0 1 3 3 9 −6 1 (Div 2)
— 0–0 1–1 2–1 4–1
— — — — 3–1
— 1–0 — — 1–1
— 0–1 0–0 — 1–0
— — — — —

After weeks of dramatic football, the final stages are set, and these 16 clubs will be seen competing for the 74th annual "Federal Vase"

Formation: 3-4-3
Last performance: 4th
Tickets to Stanimir matches are hard to come by, the record setting, "shoot early, pass often" offence, has put Stanimir in the top four in six straight years, with two championships. Last year, the teams six losses to the top three clubs put the team into fourth late in the season. Striker Alek Wladowić looks to win his third straight "Golden Leg Award," setting the single-season goals record last year with 38, scoring four hat tricks on low rated clubs. "Hopefully the goals will mean more next year" said former record holder Luka Lukić when speaking to the press.

In spite of offensive dominance, Stanimir's profile is a tale of two clubs. Last season's scoreline was 70-40, that's 110 goals in 30 matches, or approximately a goal every 24 minutes. Some joked left midfielder Stojan Heiden made more saves than either keeper in the club. Essential work has to be made on the other end of the game. There's still time to right the course, and eight goals conceded in qualifying is above average for the club.

Formation: 4-4-1-1
Last performance: 3rd
This big budget side has won seven cups and seven league titles, the fourth most in league history. Today, the club has not won the league in nine years. But there is hope for the future. Striker Wlado Iwanić was sold and replaced by nineteen year old Bogdan Rawić. The 166cm Rawić was nicknamed "Baby Bogdan" by Capital's youth manager. In a league where 7/11 strikers in last seasons' top five teams were over twenty eight, Bogdan's debut is a sign of generational change in the country. Rawić scored two goals in five straight appearances for the junior team last season, and has helped the team with two straight youth championships and a double.

At midfield, the club has kept itself stable this season. Last year's hot transfer, Jad ibn-Tariq ibn-Janko al-Ghozali will miss the first seven or eight weeks due to a muscle injury, on the plus side, the recovery process is one month ahead of schedule. The back third has been the same for the past four seasons, the Yakowić tiwns and veteran keeper Ribar Žekowić still occupy the center, while the retiring right back Steffanow Kostessen looks for a position in coaching with the club.

Formation: 3-5-2
Last performance: 1st
After a come-from-behind championship win two years ago, the modern domestic game's most successful club won last season's championship by seven points and won the cup 3-0. Porto Nowi has captured eight of the last fourteen championships, and it hasn't been a fluke. Two coaches have guided the club to glory, and only one player from before their first title is still on call as a starter, Rybkiow Prodanowić. Rybkiow, known affectionately to the pubic as Rybki, has made football famous in the country. Returning as captain for ninth time, Rybki has already scored six and assisted thrice in qualifying.

A reshuffling of the roster sees Porto Nowi's front three reduced to two via a longtime striker retiring into position coaching. Striker Saschow Augustin returned to his boyhood position along the wings. In their place there is a new striker named Valdi Di. Vladi Di was signed from Ogroven Vanguardi FK after undisclosed contract disagreements and was a high scorer last year. Most of the club remains unchanged, just a year older. The starting eleven's average age is above 30 for the first time in a few years, but for at least another year, life appears to flow through the aging roster.

Formation: 4-5-1
Last performance: 8th
Police presence this season at Banfigrade's 6,000 seat Tallmow Sports Complex has increased to 190 officers. Home matches for Banfigrade are thus the most policed matches in the country with 31.5 fans per officer. The increase was ordered after a drug sale was interrupted by attempted vehicular homicide at last season's thirteenth home match. The incident came in spite of promises from Banfigrade's owners that the year would be catastrophe free. Observers who watch the club play see the fan culture as a chicken in egg situation. Over it's 50 year history, Banfigrade's style of play has been especially coarse. Any win is a win, and any point is a point.

Long time head coach Maxow Wladokić, the final coach of the socialist era, will likely retire at the season's end. The historic nature of the season gives the club a strong motivation to better their last campaign's 10-10-10 record. Midfields as of have had a hard time navigating past the muscle of players like Aligatoro Kawall & Jakosam Ljubisawić. Even with the brutish central midfielders, Banfigrade's wing players, Pawo Ribarić & Rik Gutmann have a graceful partnership with striker Stajkwon Hokwok.

Formation: 4-4-1-1 with diamond
Last performance: 4th in Division 2
Ofau was suspended from the top flight after being involved in a large match fixing scandal two seasons ago. Of all clubs implicated in a nationwide sting, Ofau is the first to renter Division 1. Some credit the rebound to the club's pro-community, pro-sustainability culture. In an interview with the local press, club president Boriwoj Gadić promised the club would not pay down any deficits by reappropriating funds normally used for community development projects. The fans stayed in spite of the scandals, in fact, attendance increased last year, and is projected to go up further.

Internally, not playing at the highest level lead to roster shifts, continuing into this season. eight members of the old club's starting XI have left. Money used to sell off those who wanted to leave was used to soak up losses, and also used to sign striker Goran Waldić. Waldić returns after being sold from the club seven years ago at age 16, and size and bulk matches up close with his partner Wuk Böhmer. Most don't give Ofau much of a chance, but they normally don't. However, support for the club at home is at an all time high, with a city of 150,000 lies in wait to see what the "Greenshirts" next moves are.

Formation: 4-5-1
Last performance: 10th
Around 770,000 people live in the city of Stassengrade, but thousands have never seen any of Stassengrade's four national championships. The current generation of player has renewed hope in those who swear by "The Hawks." Veteran head coach Kurtuz Ljubisawić has prioritized defense, and scoring a point when away. More controversially, Ljubisawić has introduced his tenth club to the "tactical injury-time card" worrying officials across the league.

Formation: 4-4-2
Last performance: 2nd in the Rekadom League
Football Klub Profesionalni Ottović County, founded as an offshoot of a prestigious youth club, has spent a decade working to break into the top flight. Head coach Radomir Davidović guided the club into the first division at the earliest moment. The young team has already shocked the country, defeating AK Stanimir 3-0 in qualifying.

Two assists in that match came from the 27 year old captain Zoran Kować, who also scored six goals of his own in qualifying. Kować is the second oldest member of a starting eleven that has only lived a combined 257 years. The team's midfield is quite narrow. The compact center allows Kować, or midfield partner Anpele Zork, to play forward with aple coverage and turn the formation into a flattened 4-3-3.

Formation 3-3-2-2
Last performance: 7th
Kven is a small tourism town with 5,200 permanent residents. Many of society's most wealthy persons own homes in the area. The local stadium fits 4,000 after renovations funded by investments from the Kven Tourism Board and some wealthy part time resdients. The investments were made with a plan to increase the prestige of the community, and everyone's property values.

Head Coach Janko Perlog has concocted a unique style of play for his club, highlighted by a sizeable hole in the midfield. This system transforms the back three into more of a back five. The wings start low and play up high, assisted by club captain Želmir Kolarowić. The side went 9-0-0 in qualifying, giving the well-to-do club a strong dark horse quality.

Formation: 3-4-1-2
Last performance: 6th in the Ogroven League
A club more successful in local traditional sports and basketball, Ogroven Sportlich services the local people of Hügeltaldom. Described as "Germanic," by outsiders, the people of Hügeltaldom are linked to the country's identity, both in uplifting and tragic ways. In a city of separatism and strife, many generational Hügeltalions flock to Sportlich and are know for their extreme passion, especially when there's something to brag about.

The main success of this generation of Sportlich football comes from three key areas. On the edges, veterans Frans Muller and Jorgen Jajalpo want to have historic final chapter, and have pushed themselves as hard as possible. Youth is shown in striker Filip Schumacher, 22 years young. Filip Schumacher has played through sickness and health for the club, scoring his first hat trick this season. Finally, captain Josef Djurkowić makes key plays from afar, last year the club completed longball percentage was reported to be the third highest in the country.

Formation: 4-4-2
Last performance: 6th
Ogroven Vanguardi made a fortune in other sports, and used this muscle to expand into football. Winning the second division two years ago, the club finished sixth place after leading at the half seventeen times. The success from last season has led to some poaching of the club, and one starter retired. The new look Vanguardi has an average age of just 25 years old. Rookies Millanskio Dragonowić and Wald Wald have a golden chance to learn, while veteran Miloš Lujowia has given his captainship to first team playmaker Rankoslaw Antonijewić.

Formation: 5-4-1
Last performance: 5th
Recently purchased by mining company Rudarstvo Korporacija ZK&H, Platinastigrade have returned to prominence. The city of platinum is located near the center of the nation. The service sector has grown, and community regrowth is symbolized in Platinastigrade's slow rise back into title contention. Aging captain Healmutow Reich is officially a wing back, but he has played shallow most of the year. combined with the teams willingness to extend the contracts of defensive substitutes has lead to retirement rumors for the club legend.

Formation: 4-4-1-1
Last performance: 5th in the Glavni League
Regal comes from the capital City of Aleiusia, in the city, two clubs lock themselves into the 1st division by winning a knockout tournament, Regal won once, drawing five times and losing zero times. The Purple and Gold has just been promoted out of the local "Capital League" finishing just five points ahead of their next closest rival.

The upset run came about due to steady performances from players like 36 year old captain, Iwan Prodjikski, young striker Abdul-Malik Kozari, and former Ogroven backup midfielder Aleksander Stanimirić, who scored two essential injury time goals. The razor thin margin that allowed Regal to qualify has been called "beginner's luck" in the press, but the new kids on the block claim they are ready to prove the doubters wrong.

Formation: 4-3-2-1
Last performance: 2nd in Division 2
Twenty years ago, Ribar PRD was three goals away from winning their first national championship. However, in the era of free market football, the songs sung at Proizvodnja Stadion have become angry and resentful. Ribar has finished bottom of the table three times in their five Division 1 appearances, and their highest performance was ninth. What was once the most popular club in town faced removal from their ground.

Last season they rallied to place second in the 2nd Division, and sunk into the 1st Division this year through injury time. The club's longest tenured starter, Zroankow Marković, was sold in the off season, and finding a replacement is still the club's biggest challenge this year. With history and a dedicated club culture, Ribar PRD looks onward and upward this season.

Formation: 4-5-1
Last performance: 11th
Once thought of as the "Club of Tomorrow" Striped Kits reputation for being a soulless entity is only matched by the current defense's reputation for tacking down strikers across the country. In spite of a strong defensive game, the club has finished with a negative goal differential twice in a row. Supporters are optimistic due to the continued development of striker Cezar Millandrowski, aged 23, and backup Adi Jouini, aged 22. However, head coach and football operations director Sergey Slobdanić may not tend to any player's development if the club worsens any further.

Formation: 4-4-2
Last performance: 14th
The name Wahrsager Der Berg literally translates as "Fortune teller of the mountain" and is in reference to an old Hügeltadom legend of an oracle that gave wisdom to ancient kings and tribal chiefs. The club season was 0-2-12 against the league's top seven, and only won seven matches in total, lacking any ability to predict the other team's shots.

It does not require the power of prophecy to see that Wharsager Der Berg could repeat their performance from last season. A funding shortfall saw their new head coach Zawalij Iwanć to struggle for answers. On the plus side, a top eight performance by the under 21s shows there is some potential for the future.

Formation: 4-4-2
Last performance: 2nd
The Most successful club in the history of Zeta Reka football and formerly affiliated with the armed forces. Matov-Uri were runners-up two and three years ago. Some allege the 19 championships won by "The Soldiers" have come about because of connections to longtime former socialist leader Jawo Matov-Uri, the namesake of the city he made to be the nation's capital. Regardless of reason, The Soldiers were undeniably on top of the mountain, but in an era of increasing wages, the club has ebbed and flowed, winning just one title and two cups in 16 years. This mirrors the slow decline of Matov-Uri as a city, which lost it's capital status during the transition to capitalism.

Last year, the club finished as runners-up, climbing up from seventh by collecting 22 points in the final eight matches. The club's sturdy defensive tactics allowed them to concede less than 40 goals combined in the last two division one campaigns. Credit also has to be given to backs like club captain Wladmir Bogdanić, or Wladmir Zuzkoff, who was awarded "defender of the year." The only downside to the club has been small goal totals of 25 and just 15 two years ago. However, the scoring chances can only increase for the club, as young striker Zoran Kalinić looks to debut off a great qualifying campaign. If the club has already been able to win 1-0 ten times in a season, way can't they also win 2-0 this year?

Edited for transciption errors, and not posted by the Federal Federation staff as a quote.
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Postby FFI » Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:25 pm

Federação de Clubes de Futebol Independente

We are proud to present, for the first time ever, the victors of the Liga dos Vencedores and the Copa das Confederações. Information regarding the forthcoming edition of the tournament will be posted at a later date to allow time for further community discussion on the direction of the tournament regarding expectations, format, hosting, et cetera. It can be expected, however, that we will again use the IFCF cutoff. Among other items, we will consider renaming of the Copa das Confederações to avoid confusion with Rushmore's Copa de Campeones, evaluate the community's desire to see two full-season format tournaments, and publish more specific guidelines for multi-associational league entries.

But now, without further ado, the first FFI knockout rounds!

Liga dos Vencedores Round of Sixteen

(PFA)                    Bikarish  p 2–2    Syneca AC                   (SRS)   1–1   1–1  (5–3 pen)

(JSC) Ruacalu 5–4 Lokomotiv Kuban (LSP) 2–1 3–3

(LSP) Mordov Rogak 4–3 FC Porto (NLA) 3–1 1–2

(ERM) Anara 1–3 Leighton Albion (ULG) 0–3 1–0

(LSP) CSKA Kuban 3–0 Pescam Campuhan (PCU) 2–0 1–0

(MRC) Langtree United 3–1 CF Bondstad (TSA) 2–0 1–1

(AFT) Wanda Island Wanderers 3–2 Bruland IF (FJA) 1–1 2–1

(ZWZ) Bassabook Old Boys 3–4 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz (RTS) 1–3 2–1

Quarterfinals Draw
Draws from quarterfinals on are unseeded.
Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz (RTS) vs CSKA Kuban (LSP)
Leighton Albion (ULG) vs Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT)
Ruacalu (JSC) vs Langtree United (MRC)
Bikarish (PFA) vs Mordov Rogak (LSP)

(RTS) Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz    2–2 p  CSKA Kuban                  (LSP)   1–1   1–1  (1–4 pen)

(ULG) Leighton Albion 0–3 Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT) 0–3 0–0

(JSC) Ruacalu 2–1 Langtree United (MRC) 0–1 2–0

(PFA) Bikarish 5–4 Mordov Rogak (LSP) 4–1 1–3

Semifinal and Final Draw
Ruacalu (JSC) vs Bikarish (PFA)
Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT) vs CSKA Kuban (LSP)

Liga dos Vencedores Final
Ruacalu (JSC) or Bikarish (PFA) vs Wanda Island Wanderers (AFT) or CSKA Kuban (LSP)

(JSC)                     Ruacalu    2–2 p  Bikarish                    (PFA)   1–1   1–1  (0–1 pen)

(AFT) Wanda Island Wanderers 5–1 CSKA Kuban (LSP) 2–1 3–0

Liga dos Vencedores Final
(PFA)                    Bikarish  p 1–1    Wanda Island Wanderers      (AFT)   (3–1 pen)

Congratulations to the first ever winners of the Federação's Liga dos Vencedores! Poafmersia, new to the domestic football scene, comes away with the first Liga title, and Abanhfleft narrowly misses out on another international domestic championship this cycle. Commiserations to the runners up as well as the others who didn't make it all the way. Thanks so much for your participation in this tournament.

Copa das Confederações Round of Sixteen

  Baywall Athletic (HVY) 4–0 Viltvodle United (SRS)          2-0    2-0
Sparta Kuban (LSP) 3–5 Namiri Forest (ZWZ) 0-3 3-2
Avante Leipreachán (HVY) 2-3 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier (RTS) 2-0 0-3
Association Genéve (RCN) 2–4 Blasting Beach (QGP) 0-2 2-2
De Commons FC (TSA) 1–3 Orga City (MRC) 0-2 1-1
Rhaegal Athletic (DRG) 0-1 Royal Standard AFC (ULG) 0-1 0-0
Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ) 6–2 Admiral Porcuses (AFT) 4-1 2-1
City of Light (QGP) 1–2 Advernians (HVY) 1-0 0-2

Quarterfinals Draw
Baywall Athletic (HVY) vs Blasting Beach (QGP)
Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier (RTS) vs Advernians (HVY)
Royal Standard AFC (ULG) vs Namiri Forest (ZWZ)
Orga City (MRC) vs Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)

(HVY)            Baywall Athletic  p 2–2    Blasting Beach              (QGP)   1–1   1–1  (4–3 pen)

(RTS) Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier 2–7 Advernians (HVY) 2–4 0–3

(ULG) Royal Standard AFC a 1–1 Namiri Forest (ZWZ) 0–0 1–1

(MRC) Orga City 0–1 Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ) 0–1 0–0

Draw for the Copa das Confederações Semifinals and Final
Semifinals draw
Advernians (HVY) vs Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)
Royal Standard AFC (ULG) vs Baywall Athletic (HVY)

Final Draw
Royal Standard AFC (ULG) or Baywall Athletic (HVY) vs Advernians (HVY) or Keppal Cosmos (ZWZ)

(HVY)                  Advernians  p 2–2    Keppal Cosmos               (ZWZ)   1–1   1–1  (4–2 pen)

(ULG) Royal Standard AFC 3–2 Baywall Athletic (HVY) 2–1 1–1

Copa das Confederações Final
(HVY)                Advernians    0–2    Royal Standard AFC        (ULG)

In Havynwilde's first cycle of participation in international domestic competition, Advernians make it all the way to the Copa das Confederações final but come up short, leaving Unified Legandia's Royal Standard AFC as the first ever winner of the competition. Congratulations and commiserations where appropriate! We hope you'll join us next time.

a joint project to unite the independents
This account is administered by either Reçueçn, Squidroidia, Montaña Verde or Poafmersia

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Postby IFCF » Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:19 am


The First IFCF Cup Winners' Cup

With 47 entrants, the teams from the top 17 ranked entered associations were given a bye into the First Round.

Preliminary Round
(HVY)		Advernians		  0–3	Viltvodle United	(SRS)	0-3 0-0
(BRN) Dynamo Vodvok 3–2 Lincolnpoole FC (ULG) 0-0 3-2
(PJI) Kiambang Athletic FC 2–4 South Birkdale (CRS) 0-1 2-3
(FVA) Kings Lunsel FC 2–2 p CF Saint-Richard (KSK) 1-1 1-1 (3-4 pen)
(KOR) Miradela 4–2 Hisar FK (TMR) 2-0 2-2
(POP) Paladins a 1–1 Dalaris City (PFA) 0-0 1-1
(LIS) AC Kasandora 7–5 FC Teussen Stelburg (STL) 3-3 4-2
(SAJ) FK Bazugh 2–0 Royal Canterlot HC (EQS) 2-0 0-0
(SVJ) Energie Thorsborg 3–1 Crois Uaine (EIL) 2-0 1-1
(NLA) Vitória de Guimarães 1–2 Gornik Ostrezeszow (RTS) 1-1 0-1
(WRL) Navel FC 0–1 Riuwiee United (AFT) 0-0 0-1
(FID) Fortunas 4–3 Pesebal Balun (PCU) 3-3 1-0
(ACH) AC Lopel 2–0 Fedek (BGN) 0-0 2-0
(ABJ) AC Ikeland 2–0 Alissar Phoenix (OSR) 1-0 1-0
(CBP) Midtown AC 4–7 Dinamo Vitebsk (PDN) 2-3 2-4

First Round
(MRN)		Maal Dæmons		  2–3	Raynor City United	(VAL)	0-0 2-3
(BRE) Pikemouth 1–2 AC Izotz Zubia (AUD) 0-1 1-1
(SAJ) FK Bazugh p 5–5 Gornik Ostrezeszow (RTS) 2-3 3-2 (6-5 pen)
(SCT) Port Sebastian 6–2 Dynamo Shebchetsik (MRC) 1-1 5-1
(PDN) Dinamo Vitebsk 1–1 a Tempala United Saints (DAR) 1-1 0-0
(EUR) Falourr 3–4 Williams Isle (TAE) 1-2 2-2
(APX) FC Endeavour 4–1 South Birkdale (CRS) 3-1 1-0
(ACH) AC Lopel 2–1 AC Ikeland (ABJ) 1-1 1-0
(EFL) FM Town 2–1 Jungle Strike FC (VIL) 1-1 1-0
(COS) Olask Islanders 4–3 CF Saint-Richard (KSK) 1-1 3-2
(BRN) Dynamo Vodvok a 4–4 AC Kasandora (LIS) 0-1 4-3
(BNJ) Rukunbi FC 3–1 Energie Thorsborg (SVJ) 2-0 1-1
(AFT) Riuwiee United 8–5 Miradela (KOR) 4-3 4-2
(POP) Paladins 2–2 a Hellinic Rouge (PAS) 1-2 1-0
(VLD) Metropolis Alligators 1–0 Fortunas (FID) 0-0 1-0
(SRS) Viltvodle United 2–4 Parrhesia United (NPH) 2-2 0-2

Second Round
(SCT)		Port Sebastian		  2–5	Parrhesia United	(NPH)	0-3 2-2
(TAE) Williams Isle a 3–3 Olask Islanders (COS) 0-1 3-2
(APX) FC Endeavour 6–1 FM Town (EFL) 1-0 5-1
(BRN) Dynamo Vodvok a 3–3 AC Lopel (ACH) 0-1 3-2
(BNJ) Rukunbi FC 0–3 Hellinic Rouge (PAS) 0-1 0-2
(AFT) Riuwiee United 6–1 Metropolis Alligators (VLD) 4-1 2-0
(SAJ) FK Bazugh 0–5 AC Izotz Zubia (AUD) 0-2 0-3
(DAR) Tempala United Saints 0–3 Raynor City United (VAL) 0-1 0-2

(AFT)		Riuwiee United		2–5	Raynor City United	(VAL)	1-3 1-2
(PAS) Hellinic Rouge 2–4 Parrhesia United (NPH) 2-3 0-1
(APX) FC Endeavour 9–1 Dynamo Vodvok (BRN) 5-0 4-1
(AUD) AC Izotz Zubia 2–1 Williams Isle (TAE) 2-0 0-1

(AUD)		AC Izotz Zubia		2–1	Parrhesia United	(NPH)	2-0 0-1
(VAL) Raynor City United 1–2 FC Endeavour (APX) 0-0 1-2

@ The Battleground, Raynor City, Valanora
(AUD)		AC Izotz Zubia		1–0	FC Endeavour	(APX)

Congratulations to AC Izotz Zubia for winning the first edition of the IFCF Cup Winners' Cup. All associations may enter the champion of their primary domestic cup into the next edition, with the exception of Audioslavia, whom will be granted a second entry should AC Izotz Zubia not qualify on sporting merit.
The International Federation of Club Football (IFCF)
Latest Season | Entry Rules | Current Coëfficients
Champions League | Challengers Cup | Liga B Champions Trophy | Cup Winners' Cup | Rising Stars Cup | Super Cup

IFCF Executive Council

Chromatika, Eastfield Lodge, Equestria, Kelssek, Nephara, Poafmersia, The Licentian Isles, Valanora, Valladares

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VCISIM: Vilitan Cove Invitational - 6

Postby Vilitan Cove » Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:50 pm


6th Vilitan Cove Invitational

Participating Associations with Criteria of Consideration
[VAL] Defending Champion
[AQL] Cup Competition
[AUD] League Table
[BGN] Best Defense
[BNJ] Most Improved
[BRN] League Table
[CBP] League Table
[CBR] League Table
[COS] Most Improved
[CRY] Fair Play Table
[DAR] Uber Table
[DKI] Fair Play Table
[EFL] Cup Competition
[EIL] Cup Competition
[EQS] Fair Play Table
[FID] Best Defense
[FPT] League Table
[HIN] League Table
[HVY] Best Defense
[KOR] Challenge Group Winner
[MKB] Goal Differential
[MRN] Most Goals
[OSR] League Table
[PAS] Fair Play Table
[PRQ] Cup Competition
[QGP] Regional Representation
[STL] Goal Differential
[TAE] Fair Play Table
[TUR] Fair Play Table
[VAL] Goal Differential
[VIL] Fair Play Table
[ZWZ] Cup Competition

Procedural Note: The Invitational Applications of Cosumar and Ko-oren were accepted despite not being submitted with the appropriate letterhead. The Invitational Application of Han Guan was also accepted, even though it was never actually sent to the organizing committee, as the association had left a message on twii.tur indicating that they had intended to submit such an application. Numerous associations submitted multiple applications of which only the most recent application was considered. The organizing committee accepted the entry of Zenit Kuban from Baranil only once, despite it being submitted three times by the association. Any other associations applying for an invitation whose applications were sent by drunk Cocoabo, intercepted by Darth Starblayder's goons, lost in a high-stakes Nationstates Trading Card game or otherwise not received were not extended an invitation to compete. Rolalas FC was extended an invitation as defending champions per the competition charter. Defending Runner-Up Cedniavella were not invited due to their participation in the IFCF Liga B Cup as well as the fact that their inclusion would have made an awkward tournament size of 33 clubs.

The Vilitan Cove Invitational is an International Club Competition. Designed to allow clubs who have not already qualified for a major international club competition (UICA; IFCF; Cup Winners Cup) a chance to compete on the international stage. The Invitational is designed as a Fair Play competition, however an association may set any sporting criteria by which to determine which team will be permitted to apply to the competition. The Vilitan Cove Inivitational Committee reserves the right to change the competition entry criteria at any point.

Not all applicants are guaranteed invitation into the competition, particularly in the event more than 32 associations apply for consideration.

The format of the competition is a Fixed Bracket Knockout. All pairings prior to the Semi-Final stage will be two-legged home and away aggregate knockout rounds.
The "Away Goals" rule will not apply. Any match which is level on aggregate at the conclusion of full time during the second leg will immediately proceed to an extra time period. There will be no silver or golden goal scenario, and a full 30 minute extra time period would be contested. If the scores are still level, a penalty shootout will be employed to determine which team advances.

Semi-Final and Final stages will each be a single knockout match at a selected location in the Vilitan Cove region.

Round of 32
(VAL)               Rolalas FC   10-1   Rytuk                    (BGN)    7-1   3-0   
(STL) FC Rotmunde 1932 4-3 Keitendō United (DKI) 1-1 2-2 (AET)
(PAS) Baskita FC 4-0 Union Silviana (AQL) 1-0 3-0
(DAR) Rogerton Valladar CF 1-3 Canterlot Stars (EQS) 0-1 1-2
(EFL) Tuntingone FC 3-2 Orizuru Turic (OSR) 2-1 1-1
(TAE) Yenvil Town FC 5-2 Negus Koromanti (CBR) 2-1 3-1
(TUR) Sporta Eelandii 9-0 Letterkenny Thursdays (EIL) 5-0 4-0
(MRN) Harbor 2-1 Weeping Willow (QGP) 1-0 1-1
(VAL) Char Sara FC 4-1 Les Onze N'Goba (MKB) 2-0 2-1
(FID) Perouno Bandarito 0-1 Zenit Kuban (BRN) 0-0 0-1
(AUD) Cazadores Cathair 6-1 Advernians (HVY) 3-1 3-0
(BNJ) Umbazi Met Sporting Club 4-0 Crystopolis City (CRY) 2-0 2-0
(ZWZ) Rovers United 6-3 Condottiere (FPT) 4-1 2-2
(VIL) Makosile United 3-1 Crusaders FC (CBP) 1-0 2-1
(COS) Ziemelu Skaida 6-1 Han Guan (PRQ) 4-0 2-1
(HIN) Hwoarang Seidoshi 4-5 Straudum (KOR) 2-3 2-1 (AET)

Round of 16
(VAL)          Rolalas FC    4-3   FC Rotmunde 1932            (STL)    2-1   1-2   (AET)
(PAS) Baskita FC 5-0 Canterlot Stars (EQS) 2-0 3-0
(EFL) Tuntingone FC 3-2 Yenvil Town FC (TAE) 2-0 1-2
(TUR) Sporta Eelandii 2-3 Harbor (MRN) 0-1 2-2
(VAL) Char Sara FC 3-1 Zenit Kuban (BRN) 2-0 1-1
(AUD) Cazadores Cathair 5-1 Umbazi Met Sporting Club (BNJ) 2-0 3-1
(ZWZ) Rovers United 2-2 Makosile United (VIL) 1-1 1-1 (8-7 pen)
(COS) Ziemelu Skaida 4-0 Straudum (KOR) 2-0 2-0

(VAL)          Rolalas FC    3-4   Baskita FC                  (PAS)    1-3   2-1   
(EFL) Tuntingone FC 3-2 Harbor (MRN) 2-0 1-2
(VAL) Char Sara FC 4-5 Cazadores Cathair (AUD) 3-2 1-3
(ZWZ) Rovers United 5-4 Ziemelu Skaida (COS) 3-2 2-2

Semi-Final :: Marine World Park, Crosaibi, Vilita
(PAS)          Baskita FC    3-2   Tuntingone FC               (EFL)       (AET)
Semi-Final :: Alikki-Corra Academy, Alikki-Corra, Vilita
(AUD)   Cazadores Cathair    3-0   Rovers United               (ZWZ)

3rd Place Matchup :: Council Stadium, Tivali, Vilita
(EFL)       Tuntingone FC    2-2   Rovers United               (ZWZ)       (6-7 pen)

Vilitan Cove Invitational Final :: Tivali Ring Stadium, Alikki-Corra, Vilita
(PAS)          Baskita FC    0-0   Cazadores Cathair           (AUD)       (4-2 pen)

The rules for application to the VCI, which should be adhered to by any association which is inviting one of their clubs to apply for a slot in the tournament, are as follows:
Number of Teams Allowed to Apply: ( ONE )
  • Single-Association leagues may have one applicant team
  • Multi-Association leagues may have no more than three applicant teams with no more than one applicant from a single association
Criteria for Invitation:
  • In order to be invited, an applicant team must not have qualified for any Major Senior International competition (UICA, IFCF, Cup Winners Cup) during that cycle
  • An association may permit an applicant team using any criteria it chooses so long as the qualified applicant is selected based on sporting merit.
    • Preference for Invitations may go to applicants who have been selected via a Fair Play table
    • Other applicant criteria may include, but are not limited to: Best Defensive Record, Most Team Goals Scored, Most Improved Team
Previous Edition Finalists:
  • The Champion Team will proceed directly to the Tropicorp Super Cup qualifying stage to contest two matches in the Non-IFCF Super Group.
  • If the Champion Team finishes first in the Non-IFCF Super Group they will contest the Tropicorp Super Cup final
  • The reigning Champion Team does not need to apply for an invitation and will receive an invitation in addition to and exempt from other entrants and criteria
  • If deemed advantageous to the competition, the reigning Runner-Up, if not already invited, may also be extended an invitation under the same exemption

In order to apply for consideration to be Invited to the nest Vilitan Cove Invitational, interested associations should follow the following guidelines.

Interested applicants may include their information in their standard League Newswire post so long as the appropriate format is adhered to, particularly the inclusion of the keytext "VCIAPP:" as bolded below. Interested applicants may also telegram to Vilitan Cove prior to the UICA Cycle Cutoff.

Sample Applications:
Sample Application:
VCIAPP: Samplestan FC (TRG)

Sample Application:
VCIAPP: Samplestan FC (TRG)
Selection Via: Fair Play Table

Sample Application:
VCIAPP: Samplestan FC
Association: Samplestan (TRG)
Selection Via: Fair Play Table
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71st Super Cycle / 23rd by Tropicorp / 1st Tropicorp Super C

Postby Tropicorp » Sun Jan 26, 2020 4:51 pm


Audioslavian club 1830 Cathair, winners of the IFCF Champions League, were also winners of the 1st IFCF Super Group, the 71st time that the winners of the Champions Cup, Globe/Challengers Cup and Series B / Liga B Cup contested a post internationstatal domestic tournament. Tropicorp's sponsorship of the Super Cup competition through UICA reaches back to the 52nd edition of the event and had already been extended through the UICA 75th anniversary campaign. With the IFCF absorbing control of competitions from UICA, however, it left an untenable break for Tropicorp which had invested heavily in the Super Cup brand for the previous 20+ cycles.

However, the initial confusion in the transition from UICA to IFCF eventually made way for opportunity. The traditional UICA Super Cup included only the winners of three of the four UICA sanctioned events. Other major competitions such as the Cup Winners Cup and Vilitan Cove Invitational were rightly excluded as not being official UICA sanctioned events, but Tropicorp saw an opportunity to unite them in the Non-IFCF Super Group. The winners of the 'other' 3 major internationstatal domestic competitions would be invited to compete in their own three team group identical to the format of the old UICA Super Cup. The winner of this group would then be invited to contest the Tropicorp Super Cup against the winner of the new IFCF Super Group.

The Non-IFCF Super Group would be timed such that the matches would correspond roughly to the end of the Vilitan Cove Invitational tournament with the IFCF Youth Cup Champions playing their match against the Cup Winners Cup champions first, before each team played a single game against the winners of the Vilitan Cove Invitational. The IFCF Youth Cup Champions would be permitted up to 3 Senior 'Guest' players on the pitch at any given time in addition to a generous age restriction up to 21 years old for the remainder of their participating players. While the single-match format would be the debut of the Tropicorp Super Cup, it will be also be the 23rd consecutive season which Tropicorp has sponsored a domestic Super Cup competition on the multiverse level serving as sole title sponsor of the UICA Super Cup for the previous 22 seasons.

Non-IFCF Super Group

(NPH)      AFC Treason  2–2 AC Izotz Zubia   (AUD)
(PAS) Baskita FC 2–0 AFC Treason (NPH)
(AUD) AC Izotz Zubia 0–2 Baskita FC (PAS)

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Baskita FC PAS 2 2 0 0 4 0 +4 6 ADVANCE
2 AC Izotz Zubia AUD 2 0 1 1 2 4 −2 1
AFC Treason NPH 2 0 1 1 2 4 −2 1

The Tropicorp Super Cup
Tropicorp Park, Tropicoast, Tropicorp

Tropicorp Park, Tropicoast, Tropicorp (72,000)

History and Tenants :: Tropicorp Park is home to Tropicorp FC, members of the Vilitan Stellar Division and also regularly serves as the home of assorted International and Domestic Competitions. The Tropicorp Cup, a four team, 2 day grand-finale of the Tropicorp Lower League has served as an outstanding warmup to test the hospitality available at Tropicorp Park, and was critical in the build up to the decision to allow the finals of the Eagle's Cup V competition to take place in Tropicorp, the first major international competition of any kind to be held in Tropicoast.

Tropicorp Park hosted the 54th AOCAF Final that saw Cosumar break through with a first ever regional title over Eshan. The stadium was also the final site for the AOCL XXIII contested between Mâ Âlâmëómë of Farfadillis and Blades ex Magnaeus of Mertagne with the Farf side being victorious on Penalty Kicks; and for AOCL XVII which saw Jungle Strike FC defeat Fligsive FC 3-0.

Tropicorp officials are continuously looking to expand the portfolio of events held at the Park and began hosting UICA competition finals in addition to its long-standing partnership with the UICA Super Cup competition. Tropicorp Park hosted the final of the 70th UICA Series 'B' Champions Cup and the 25th UICA Youth Cup competitions. Tropicorp officials are always looking for new partnerships, however, and continue to take advantage of the opportunities to showcase their hospitality including branching beyond Footsport. The NSCF Tropicorp Bowl was contested on the gridiron with Raynor University defeating the university of Iqaluit 27-14.

(AUD)   1830 Cathair   1–1 Baskita FC     (PAS) (2–1 AET)

1830 Cathair, winners of the IFCF Super Group wins first ever Tropicorp Super Cup match at Tropicorp Park to re-affirm their status as the best club in the multiverse after their victory in the IFCF Champions League.

UICA 52-59
UICA 72-73
UICA 60-71
- Tropicorp -

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Postby Pasarga » Mon Jan 27, 2020 11:57 pm


CdC 47

Real Seaga (AQL) - 0.00
Sterling City United (DAR) - 21.575
Olympia FC (EFL) - 39.9
Spartangrad (EUR) - 56.44
AFC Treason (NPH) - 60.583
Tanrısal (PAS) - 39.184
Dinamo Bender (PDN) - 12.5
Paladins (POP) - 0.75
Port Sebastian (SCT) - 27.683
Lokomotive Jarnstad (SVJ) - 7.125
Laketown Rangers (TAE) - 31.6
AS Bezieres (VLD) - 37.4
Navel Sharks (WRL) - 11.375

With thirteen entrants, the three top ranked associations (Nephara, Eura, Eastfield Lodge) will get a bye into the Quarterfinals.

First Round
(VLD)	AS Bezieres		3–3 a	Laketown Rangers	(TAE)	2-2 1-1
(PDN) Dinamo Bender 1–3 Navel Sharks (WRL) 1-2 0-1
(AQL) Real Seaga 1–2 Lokomotive Jarnstad (SVJ) 0-0 1-2
(PAS) Tanrısal 2–0 Paladins (POP) 1-0 1-0
(DAR) Sterling City United 6–3 Port Sebastian (SCT) 3-1 3-2

(NPH)	AFC Treason		6–3	Lokomotive Jarnstad	(SVJ)	4-2 2-1
(DAR) Sterling City United 1–5 Laketown Rangers (TAE) 1-3 0-2
(PAS) Tanrısal 3–3 a Olympia FC (EFL) 2-2 1-1
(WRL) Navel Sharks 3–8 Spartangrad (EUR) 2-2 1-6

(EUR)	Spartangrad	6–0	AFC Treason		(NPH)	4-0 2-0
(EFL) Olympia FC 5–3 Laketown Rangers (TAE) 4-3 1-0

Stade de Torgos (90,000), Torgos, Pasarga

(EUR) Spartangrad	1–0	Olympia FC	(EFL)

Future bids for host stadia will be taken into consideration, though the default in case of no bids will always be the stadium of Stade de Torgos in Torgos. A final reminder also that all Rushmori nations only (including any and all puppets) will be able to submit their league champions only (or top ranked team in the event of multi-associational leagues of more than one Rushmori nation) for entry into the next CdC; this includes puppet leagues that don't submit to IFCF. The submission period opened when the IFCF closed entries to the last IFCF tournaments, and will close again when the IFCF closes entries to the next IFCF tournaments. No invitations will be sent. You must indicate at the bottom of your league summary that you wish your league champion to take part, and I take no responsibility for missing it if you've only shown it in your table.

Keep your entries coming in for the next edition!
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Postby Xanneria » Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:39 am

Alright never officially entered CEdC with my teams

Xanneria wrote:
Xanneria (XAN) Qualifiers - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=478437&p=36593941#p36593941
CEdC: Hawthorne Kickers, East End FC

Starcom Racing (SCM) Qualifiers - viewtopic.php?p=36596449#p36596449
CEdC: Kyle's Town United, Tonga XI

Puppet of Xanneria

A Mushroom Kingdom (AMK) Qualifiers - viewtopic.php?p=36596391#p36596391
CEdC: Kong Island Union, Goomba Village Superstars

Puppet of Xanneria

Xanneria (XAN) final site bids
CEdC Championship: MetroCom Deluxe City Stadium Alexandria, York(52,000)
One of the more under-the-radar new stadiums in Xanneria, Deluxe City Stadium is the crown jewel of Alexandria (One of the most under-the-radar cities in Xanneria) With a capcity of 52,000 This stadium is home to the most popular of the three Alexandria teams(Alexandria City). The stadium has hosted the Group stages of both the last Campianato Esportiva, and Cup of Harmony. It would make great host for the CEdC as there hasn't been much sucess in any level of Alexandrian football as of late.
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FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines/ 7-2 vs Starcom Racing/5-0 vs HAIKU
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Postby Valanora » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:13 am


Procedural Note
With Twenty entrants, there will be one preliminary round before the first round proper.

Preliminary Round
(DEM)	Likewell Kirk		4–1	Langmere Green Rovers FC	(FVA)	3-1 1-0
(DOG) Oakport 1–3 Cloudesdale Flyers (EQS) 1-1 0-2
(CRY) Crystopolis City 7–1 Alissar Phoenix (OSR) 4-1 3-0
(STL) FC Teussen Stelburg 6–3 Serverak (BGN) 1-0 5-3

First Round
(VAL)	Raynor City United	3–1	Jraxville FC		(CBR)	2-0 1-1
(NFX) Black Hawks NFX 4–2 1830 Cathair (AUD) 3-1 1-1
(CBP) Learfield FC 2–3 Likewell Kirk (DEM) 0-2 2-1
(STL) FC Teussen Stelburg 2–1 Crystopolis City (CRY) 0-0 2-1
(FFD) René Skaé 0–2 Mallox (COS) 0-0 0-2
(TUR) Cednia Beach 1–3 AC Izotz Zubia (AUD) 0-1 1-2
(VIL) Jungle Strike FC 3–1 Cloudesdale Flyers (EQS) 3-0 0-1
(BNJ) Jinja City FC 3–4 Maal Dæmons (MRN) 2-0 1-4

Second Round
(AUD)	AC Izotz Zubia		2–1	Jungle Strike FC	(VIL)	0-1 2-0
(COS) Mallox 5–4 Black Hawks NFX (NFX) 3-2 2-2
(MRN) Maal Dæmons 3–2 Likewell Kirk (DEM) 3-1 0-1
(VAL) Raynor City United 3–1 FC Teussen Stelburg (STL) 2-1 1-0

(COS)	Mallox			  2–4	Maal Dæmons	(MRN)	2-1 0-3
(VAL) Raynor City United a 4–4 AC Izotz Zubia (AUD) 1-0 3-4

National Stadium, Belle Haven, Baker Park
(VAL)	Raynor City United	0–0	Maal Dæmons	(MRN)	(2–0 aet)

It was a surprising tournament all around, with the likes of little Likewell Kirk making it into the Quarterfinals and so a surprise finalist of Maal Dæmons came to be after turning their home soil into a fortress. However awaiting them in the Final in Baker Park was a Raynor City United side who would not be denied, though the Mriin side would take the Vanorian giants to extra time before ultimately being found out and United lifting the trophy once more. All entrants into the next AOCL must have won their nation's league or be the highest placed team of their association in a multiassociation league, with the exception of Raynor City United who are guaranteed a spot in the next AOCL first round. Should they fail to qualify directly, Valanora will be granted a second spot.
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Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Fhulghamous Peninsula » Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:33 pm

2027-28 Fhulghamousian Premier League Final Table

Fhulghamous Peninsula (FHU) Qualifiers
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Postby Copper Cuprum » Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:34 pm

2027-28 Copperite National League Final Standings

Copper Cuprum (CCU) Qualifiers
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CEdC: Vay Deg Eels A.F.C., Mah Deg Diamonds
The Chiefdom of Copper Cuprum
Leader: Chief Deg

Client state of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
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Postby Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom » Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:50 pm

The Zeta Reka Football Dossier
Issue 2

While clubs around the world focused on player transactions and as national teams continued to battle on the world's stage, sixteen of Zeta Reka's clubs played for possession of the diamond studded Federal Vase. Half of the season has finished, with many shocks and surprises along the way. For those who missed the induction article on the Federal League of Zeta Reka & Hügeltaldom, football's fastest rising commodity, Issue #1 of The Zeta Reka Football Dossier is still on the net.

Striped Kits 0-1 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
Platinastigrade 0-0 FK Banfigrade
FKP Ottowić County 1-2 AK Stanimir
VZRH Matov-Uri 2-2 Ogroven Sportlich
Aleiusia Capital 1-0 Ribar PRD
Kven FK 4-1 Wahrsager Der Berg
Regal 0-2 FK Ofau
DD Porto Nowi 1-0 FK Stassengrade

Opening day kicked off with somber clouds covering the nation. However across the country football shimmered and shined. Porto Nowi came in confident as defending champs, but were held to a goalless for an hour by the a Stassengrade side that was carded five times. Kven FK tore apart Wahrsager from a hat trick by winger Albertow Nowak and a slick penalty late in the game. Aleiusia Capital showed their stuff scoring ten minutes into their match against Ribar, and then took no risks, securing a win.

The most exciting match of the day saw Ottowić Coutny face a domestic baptism of fire against AK Stanimir. Stanimir went up 2-0 in the first half after firing wildly, but saw their offence slow in the second half. Ottowić's counter attack became strong in the last twenty minutes, with forward Dmitar Draganić shooting on target twice in a few minutes. A botched penalty from Stanimir captain Klaudio Radkov saw Ottowić gain possession late. Just forty seconds passed as Ottowić scored their first top flight goal. Stanimir won the day, but the young Ottowić squad looked brilliant all day.

Ogroven Vanguardi FK 1-0 FK Stassengrade
FK Ofau 0-1 DD Porto Nowi
Wahrsager Der Berg 3-1 Regal
Ribar PRD 0-4 Kven FK
Ogroven Sportlich 1-3 Aleiusia Capital
AK Stanimir 0-2 VZRH Matov-Uri
FK Banfigrade 1-0 FKP Ottowić County
Striped Kits 1-0 Platinastigrade

In one of the Zeta Reka's oldest rivalries, VZRH Matov-Uri locked horns with AK Stanimir, formerly known as VZRH Porto Nowi. No scoring took place in the first half as Stanimir's fluid and free wheeling offence was smothered by Matov-Uri's skilled play. After just over an hour, Matov-Uri striker Iwar Jawoko took a pass from partner Zoran Kalinić and scored a crisp goal in the corner. Near the end of regulation, Weljko Jurić hooked in a great goal from the left. Stanimir gave up a late goal again, this time in a more consequential situation.

Platinastigrade 0-1 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
FKP Ottowić County 0-1 Striped Kits
VZRH Matov-Uri 0-0 FK Banfigrade
Aleiusia Capital 3-0 AK Stanimir
Kven FK 4-1 Ogroven Sportlich
Regal 0-4 Ribar PRD
DD Porto Nowi 0-1 Wahrsager Der Berg
FK Stassengrade 1-0 FK Ofau

A third match, a third four goal performance for Kven, the club's aggressive style is paying off well. While some are riding high, Head Coach Janko Perlog said of the wins that, "They are not against the rich clubs, or the well managed clubs. We will be tested only by them this season. However we will pass the tests." Other rivals out of the gate are fellow nine point clubs Ogroven Vanguardi and Aleiusia Capital. Capital beat AK Stanimir 3-0, their first league win against Stanimir in three seasons.

Police had a large amount of paperwork to handle after a pitch invasion at half time in the match between Stassengrade and Ofau. Reports say a racially charged gesture was directed at an Ofau fan by another fan, who claimed to have been encouraged by a Stassengrade coach. The Federal Football Federation is currently investigating the situation. Even with the controversy, Stassengrade went on to win on a muddy and damaged pitch.

Ogroven Vanguardi FK 1-1 FK Ofau
Wahrsager Der Berg 0-1 FK Stassengrade
Ribar PRD 1-0 DD Porto Nowi
Ogroven Sportlich 1-1 Regal
AK Stanimir 0-1 Kven FK
FK Banfigrade 2-1 Aleiusia Capital
Striped Kits 1-4 VZRH Matov-Uri
Platinastigrade 0-2 FKP Ottowić County

Kven's deep lying players proved to be essential in a 1-0 win against Stanimir. VZRH is off to their highest scoring start in six years, completely outclassing the defensive minded but wounded Striped Kits. Porto Novi lost a huge upset against Ribar when back Micha Werner botched a pass into the waiting boot of Ribar's Baskow Pejić.

The four bottom ranked clubs all played each other, Ottowić County pulling ahead of them all by snapping their losing streak against the goaless Platinastigrade. Regal also collected their first points of the year against Sportlich. Finally, Kven scored a tight win against AK Stanimir to hold a small league lead over Capital, who lost 2-1.

FKP Ottowić County 1-0 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
VZRH Matov-Uri 0-0 Platinastigrade
Aleiusia Capital 2-1 Striped Kits
Kven FK 0-1 FK Banfigrade
Regal 0-2 AK Stanimir
DD Porto Nowi 1-1 Ogroven Sportlich
FK Stassengrade 0-1 Ribar PRD
FK Ofau 1-1 Wahrsager Der Berg

Most matches on day five were quiet. Kven gave up a goal after eighteen minutes of tight football against an undefeated FK Banfigrade side. Defensive purists got to enjoy a rough, physical match between Platinastigrade and Matov-Uri lead to an ejection per half. Proto Nowi shockingly drew against Sportlich at home, continuing a cold streak, the defending champions. With pay this, there have reportedly been proposals for a roster adjustments at the executive level.

In a most noteworthy match, Striped Kits scored once on just five shots total against Capital, with three on target. In spite of this achievement, Capital's hotshot striker Bogdan Rawić scored twice. Rawić's eleventh hour game winner prompted strong applause from the home crowd, who have a new hero in their pint sized striker.

Ogroven Vanguardi FK 1-0 Wahrsager Der Berg
Ribar PRD 0-1 FK Ofau
Ogroven Sportlich 3-2 FK Stassengrade
AK Stanimir 1-1 DD Porto Nowi
FK Banfigrade 3-0 Regal
Striped Kits 1-3 Kven FK
Platinastigrade 2-3 Aleiusia Capital
FKP Ottowić County 1-0 VZRH Matov-Uri

Porto Nowi's quiet draw against Stanimir is befitting of both club's seasons. both are in the bottom half of the league, the worst combined start for the clubs in thirteen years. After being told their comfortable spots were in danger, Rybki gave a huge assist to Vladi Di in the 88th minute to prevent the club from losing. Regardless of the heroics, coach Draganić refused to promise any player safety. A gluttony of un-loaned young players could add some energy to an aging line, especially eighteen year old striker Arnald Gal as a replacement for the goalless Waltko Kowac.

Kven FK made good work if Striped Kits' middle five, scoring three in the first half and giving up a single goal in the second. Keeper Rade Pejić will miss around six matches due to a small tear in his thigh. While journeyman backup midfielder Matej Brandt scored his first goal in three years. Speaking of first goals, Platinastigrade scored their first two goals of the season in a losing effort to Capital. Capital maintain a strong record behind league leaders Kven. Dark horses Banfigrade and Vanguardi are also within a three points of the leaders. Aall other clubs are below double digits.

VZRH Matov-Uri 0-1 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
Aleiusia Capital 2-1 FKP Ottowić County
Kven FK 1-3 Platinastigrade
Regal 1-5 Striped Kits
DD Porto Nowi 4-2 FK Banfigrade
FK Stassengrade 2-2 AK Stanimir
FK Ofau 1-2 Ogroven Sportlich
Wahrsager Der Berg 0-1 Ribar PRD

Regal's loss to Striped Kits see the first dismissal of a coach this season. The now former boss Boris Petrowić is blamed for a lack of conditioning in the players. A counter point made by a loyalists was that Regal was not expected to even play in the top 16 this year. Regardless of circumstance, the club has now appointed an interim head coach from within the organization. Porto Nowi showed it's roster's depth at home as they went from losing 1-2 to winning 4-2 against Banfigrade. New starters Arnald Gal and Wiktor Nebojsa Dassow scored or assisted in the match. Capital took control of the table winning at home by refusing to hand over any opportunity to the opposition in the final half hour. Kven lost 1-3 to Platinastigrade, who received their first win of their season in a shocking upset.

Update: After an investigation, the Federal Football Federation has fined a Stassengrade coach for encouraging a pitch invasion on matchday 3. The invasion, caused by the shouting of an anti-Arab phrase into the stands, damaged the perimeter of the pitch, but not the paying area. The Anti-Discrimination Organization, a large human rights group, claimed in a press release that the punishment is "not enough" because the fine "only reprimands the coach for the on field for his racist language, not the root issue itself." FK Stassengrade has refused to make any comments.

Ogroven Vanguardi FK 2-1 Ribar PRD
Ogroven Sportlich 1-1 Wahrsager Der Berg
AK Stanimir 3-3 FK Ofau
FK Banfigrade 0-0 FK Stassengrade
Striped Kits 1-1 DD Porto Nowi
Platinastigrade 1-0 Regal
FKP Ottowić County 0-1 Kven FK
VZRH Matov-Uri 2-3 Aleiusia Capital

Bogdan Rawić scored all three goals for Capital, the rookie striker's performance makes him the highest goal scorer in the club this season with ten goals to his name. Kven scored in nineteen minutes against Ottowić and bunkered down to win, hurting Ottowić midfielder Iwan Ilić in the process.

Stanimir and Ofau slung guns against each other, scoring rapidly in the second half, shifting the lead two times in twelve minutes. Ofau captain Boriwoj Kazarian lost his position after giving a screed against management and other players. Unlike Stanimir and Ofau, no lead existed at all in Stassengrade and Banfigrade's rainy match up.

Aleiusia Capital 0-1 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
Kven FK 1-1 VZRH Matov-Uri
Regal 2-5 FKP Ottowić County
DD Porto Nowi 0-0 Platinastigrade
FK Stassengrade 0-1 Striped Kits
FK Ofau 1-1 FK Banfigrade
Wahrsager Der Berg 0-2 AK Stanimir
Ribar PRD 1-3 Ogroven Sportlich

Most league leaders put up a underwhelming performance today. Vanguardi took advantage and became league leaders exclusively for the first time in club history. Kven was hoping for a win against Matov-Uri, but after two goals in 15 minutes all seven of match's backs kept away almost any shots. Fourth placed Banfigrade too hoped for an away win as Ofau hasn't won at home yet, but Banifgrade could not take the lead. Late heroics from the local club led to a draw that pleased no one. Porto Nowi hosted a bitter scoreless rematch from a last year's cup final against Platinastigrade, who avenged last year loss.

Platinastigrade's sporting director shockingly resigned after the match. The now former director Marko Dusan said in an interview with the local press that, "It was time to go." Rumors link Dusan to a job at former club Banfigrade on their executive committee, or that Kven, impressed by their loss earlier in the year to Platinastigrade, may have poached Dusan. Dusan had been connected to match fixing allegations that ran rampant years ago, but avoided any punishment.

Ogroven Vanguardi FK 2-2 Ogroven Sportlich
AK Stanimir 1-1 Ribar PRD
FK Banfigrade 1-0 Wahrsager Der Berg
Striped Kits 0-2 FK Ofau
Platinastigrade 3-0 FK Stassengrade
FKP Ottowić County 0-0 DD Porto Nowi
VZRH Matov-Uri 5-0 Regal (one own goal)
Aleiusia Capital 4-4 Kven FK

Four out of the top five drew their matches. Vanguardi vs. Sportlich became violent in the stands after Sportlich took a two goal lead at 70 minuities. Reports of anti Germanic violence in the city are unconfirmed. Vanguardi Kven slung guns to collect an all important point in their title run against Capital, who had lead 3-1 at the half. Lastly, Porto Nowi went to Ottowić County to grind out a scoreless game, the first draw in Ottowić's season.

Ofau gained mid table momentum by winning at the "Stadion of Stripes", while Matov-Uri moved up too by crushing Regal 5-0. Matov-Uri's first five goal game in five years came thanks to a hat trick for Weljko Jurić, and an own goal from Regal's keeper. Banfigrade's Stajkwon Hokwok and Wharsager keeper Eike Eggstein were carded after a shoving match when Hokwok scored a goal inches from the line.

Kven FK 3–2 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
Regal 1–3 Aleiusia Capital
DD Porto Nowi 1–0 VZRH Matov-Uri
FK Stassengrade 0–0 FKP Ottowić County
FK Ofau 0–1 Platinastigrade
Wahrsager Der Berg 0–1 Striped Kits
Ribar PRD 1–1 FK Banfigrade
Ogroven Sportlich 1–6 AK Stanimir

Kven and Vanguardi traded the lead multiple times in their encounter, with the final goal scored in injury time, desperately punted by Kven's Albertow Nowak from afar. Aleiusia Capital was down by one at the half against the winless Regal, but came back strong, while Stanimir traveled to Ogroven to win by five in a huge blowout. Each of these large clubs need big wins, as they look for new sponsorship deals.

The country's eyes were most focused on Porto Nowi and Matov-Uri, who played for 20,000 fans in a downpour that officials were relived to find was not a snowstorm. A goal from Rybki was called offsides in the first half, almost leading draw. The defending champs had good fortune as Rybki scored off a penalty at the eighty-fifth minute, ending a streak of draws in a fantastic way.

Ogroven Vanguardi FK 0–0 AK Stanimir
FK Banfigrade 3–1 Ogroven Sportlich
Striped Kits 4–2 Ribar PRD
Platinastigrade 1–1 Wahrsager Der Berg
FKP Ottowić County 0–1 FK Ofau
VZRH Matov-Uri 1–1 FK Stassengrade
Aleiusia Capital 2–3 DD Porto Nowi
Kven FK 8–0 Regal

Two hat tricks were recorded by Kven's forwards against Regal with Kven's high pace attack overwhelming Regal to score four goals in each half. The game had an extra sweetness for Kven supporters. Just six years ago the club faced injury problems and lost by 8 in a cup match against AK Stanimir. Today Kven are a talent deep, high performance, one-of-a-kind club in Zeta Reka, true contenders.

Porto Nowi and Capital had a star studded match, thousands gathered to see a competitive exciting game, and got everything they asked for. Porto Nowi came from behind, scoring three times in the second half to win 3-2 away. Striped Kits also came back in the second half of their contest when they turned up the heat against Ribar.

Regal 0–3 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
DD Porto Nowi 2–2 Kven FK
FK Stassengrade 0–1 Aleiusia Capital
FK Ofau 0–0 VZRH Matov-Uri
Wahrsager Der Berg 0–0 FKP Ottowić County
Ribar PRD 0–1 Platinastigrade
Ogroven Sportlich 0–1 Striped Kits
AK Stanimir 3-3 FK Banfigrade

Most matches from day thirteen was pushed closer to fourteen due to a massive snowstorm that covered most of the league's venues. Some clubs clearly put on the breaks for the day, with two goalless draws and three 0-1 results. Proto Nowi and Kven each played for a win, Porto Nowi was trying to break away from the pack, and Kven was looking to stay ahead. That match plus a similar game between Stanimir and Banfigrade turned out to be draws.

Ogroven Vanguardi FK 0-0 FK Banfigrade
Striped Kits 1–0 AK Stanimir
Platinastigrade 1–0 Ogroven Sportlich
FKP Ottowić County 1–0 Ribar PRD
VZRH Matov-Uri 1–0 Wahrsager Der Berg
Aleiusia Capital 3–1 FK Ofau
Kven FK 1–0 FK Stassengrade
Regal 0–3 DD Porto Nowi

Kven felt the sting of the dirty playing Stassengrade , who saw their sixth red card of the year. The Coaching staff is now under investigation from their aggressive play. Kven ultimately won off a goal in injury time. Capital dominated at home, taking a two goal lead against Ofau in just 10 minutes. At minute sixty two, a young backup named Tedorow Noske score his first senior goal. The goal was emotional. Two years ago at age twenty one, Noske broke his neck in a motorcycle accident and his entire career was almost written off. Capital's faithful gave the young man a standing ovation for almost two minutes.

DD Porto Nowi 1-0 Ogroven Vanguardi FK
FK Stassengrade 1–1 Regal
FK Ofau 0-1 Kven FK
Wahrsager Der Berg 0–0 Aleiusia Capital
Ribar PRD 0–0 VZRH Matov-Uri
Ogroven Sportlich 0–0 FKP Ottowić County
AK Stanimir 4–0 Platinastigrade
FK Banfigrade 1–1 Striped Kits

Kven took back the lead thanks to their own victory against Ofau, and Capital's socreless draw against the lowly Wahrsager Der Berg. Porto Nowi slid past Striped Kits and Banfigrad in the standings due to the later two teams drawing their encounter. Stanimir are now 5-6-4 and in eighth place after winning by a wide margin against Platinastigrade, their worst season opening in just over a decade. Platinastigrade's captain Helmutow Reich was taken off the field due to a muscle injury during his team's lopsided loss. Regal faced heartbreak today against Stassengrade. Regal looked solid as led 1-0 at the half for just the second time this season. A long pass was intercepted at the 80th minute for a quick goal.

Stats & Standings
Division 1
Team                     Pld  W  D  L   GF  GA  GD   Pts
1 Kven FK 15 10 3 2 38 16 +22 33
2 Aleiusia Capital 15 10 2 3 31 19 +12 32
3 Ogroven Vanguardi FK 15 8 4 3 16 9 +7 28
4 DD Porto Nowi 15 7 6 2 19 11 +8 27
5 FK Banfigrade 15 6 8 1 19 12 +7 26
6 Striped Kits 15 8 2 5 20 17 +3 26
7 Platinastigrade 15 6 4 5 13 13 0 22
8 AK Stanimir 15 5 6 4 26 19 +7 21
9 VZRH Matov-Uri 15 4 7 4 18 11 +7 19
10 FKP Ottowić County 15 5 4 6 12 10 +2 19
11 FK Ofau 15 4 5 6 14 15 −1 17
12 Ribar PRD 15 4 3 8 13 19 −6 15
13 Ogroven Sportlich 15 3 6 6 19 29 −10 15
14 FK Stassengrade 15 2 5 8 8 16 −8 11
15 Wahrsager Der Berg 15 2 5 8 8 16 −8 11
16 Regal 15 0 2 13 7 49 −42 2

Goals scored
Goals conceded
Head-to-head goal differential
Away goals
Drawing of lots (if two teams tie) or a coin toss (if three or more tie)

1st: Kven FK
Wlado Iwanić: 12
Franziz Reus: 6
Albertow Nowak: 5
Želmir Kolarowić: 4
Uros Rokslaw: 3
Miloš Simeoniwić: 3
Matej Brandt: 1
Emil Obst: 1
Nowi Wukowić: 1
Uros Rokslaw: 1
Commendant Wukowić: 1

Miloš Simeoniwić: 9
Albertow Nowak: 5
Wladmir Janić: 5
Želmir Kolarowić: 4
Wlado Iwanić: 3
Carl Gerstacker: 2
Matej Brandt: 1
Franziz Reus: 1

Kven has worked itself to the bone in order to take the lead this season. Expectations for this small club have been exceeded by a wide margin. Their defense has shown some weakness, but impeccable wing play and great dribbling have kept the offence strong and the general public amazed. Strikers Wlado Iwanić and Franziz Reus have deadly shots near and far, and captain Želmir Kolarowić's creativity and pace sees him making plays almost everywhere. While the club has given away as many goals as the 14th or 15th ranked teams, Kven has scored a whopping thirty extra goals of their own.

2nd: Aleiusia Capital
Bogdan Rawić: 14
Luka Lukić: 4
Stanko Yakowić: 3
David Dix: 2
Milowan Dorsa: 1
Jowan Grbić: 1
Jad: 1
Iwanow Markowić: 1
Iwo Matijk: 1
Tedorow Noske: 1
Waldmir Prtajin: 1
Janko Yakowić: 1

Luka Lukić: 9
Jad: 6
David Dix: 3
Bogdan Rawić: 2
Stanko Yakowić: 2
Iwanow Markowić: 1
Iwo Matijk: 1
Dragan Nikitowić: 1

A refreshed roster has ignited arenas all across the country, burring down inferior defenses. The Luka Lukić/Bogdan Rawić pair have helped each other nine times to score, with other plays being made by the country's highest paid midfield. The high rolling style of the club has seen them give up a few goals, but they have made up for the losses in spectacular style.

3rd: Ogroven Vanguardi FK
Josip Jorowić: 5
Donijan Darow: 4
Miloš Lujowia: 3
Iwan Zlatanić: 2
Rankoslaw Antonijewić: 1
Strawkow Wukowić: 1

Josip Jorowić: 5
Miloš Lujowia: 3
Donijan Darow: 2
Rankoslaw Antonijewić: 1
Iwan Zlatanić: 1

Ogroven Vanguardi have been silent and violent, and the opposition has laid down in defeat eight times thus far. Josip Jorowić has shown himself to be team's best offensive weapon, but he not the club's biggest asset. Backs like Jan Hoffman, Jan Thimig and Izok Dokawić have been irreplaceable on defense, shutting down rivals and moving the ball up efficiently.

4th: DD Porto Nowi
Vladi Di: 5
Rybki: 4
Arnald Gal: 3
Wiktor Nebojsa Dassow: 2
Saschow Augustin: 1
Mullow Dorboslawić: 1
Koijok Janić: 1
Waltko Kowac: 1
Bartolomej Waldmirowić: 1

Rybki: 6
Mohammed Aziz: 2
Wiktor Nebojsa Dassow: 2
Saschow Augustin: 1
Arnald Gal: 1
Micha Werner: 1

Porto Nowi were in a quandary earlier in the season. The club was replacing members of it's squad, but had to reshuffle them a second time after a string of embarrassing results. Now the club has climbed it's way into the top four. Looking to learn from their mistakes, Porto Nowi has increased their prep by around 150% from to where it was last season. The players themselves have seen a fire lit in them. Most of the team's current core are signed to long term deals, but know their careers would suffer if they were demoted to years on the bench.

Captain Rybki has begun to make great plays to the quick front two of Valdi Di and Arnald Gal. The midfield has seen significant adjustment since qualifying. Vice captain Mullow Dorboslawić, central midfilder Wiktor Nebojsa Daddow and Rybki form a dynamic web of passing triangles with either wing, while an odd midfielder out keeps the opposition guessing. On defense the back 3 remains solid, and in the box, veteran keeper Bosko Nowak makes great plays every game. "It's crunch time" Vladi Di told reporters, "We're putting in the effort to win, and we know we could win any game."

5th: FK Banfigrade
Stajkwon Hokwok: 13
Jakosam Ljubisawić: 4
Rik Gutmann: 1
Bogdanow Ilić: 1

Pawo Ribarić: 6
Jakosam Ljubisawić: 2
Brankiko Nikowić: 2
Stani Gross: 1
Alagator Kawall: 1

Banfigrade's possessional play has snuffed out most opposition this season. The directive for the attack has been to feed the ball deep into the penalty area for Stajkwon Hokwok to score. The team has flourished tactically, and coach Maxow Wladokić's swan song of management could climax in a piece of silverware.

6th: Striped Kits
Adi Jouini: 8
Michi Klaus: 5
Wladmir Stankoruss: 5
Tomislaw Mirić: 1
Iwano Pascal: 1

Michi Klaus: 7
Wladmir Stankoruss: 4
Novi Illić: 1

Going strong in their last five, Striped Kits have quietly shown they are a dark horse this season. Giving up less than handful of goals in their final stretch, the roster has coalesced into a tough attacking squad. The flat 4-5-1 has smoothed a fair share of opponents, but those who have broken past did not have any trouble in the box.

7th: Platinastigrade
Sander Oruiwić: 7
Ranko Radić: 2
Matej Jehu: 1
Janko Lexow: 1
Helmutow Reich: 1
Kewin Neshkow: 1

Ranko Radić: 4
Stef Brankowić: 2
Zoran Markešić: 1
Hans Rudda: 1

Starting slowly, Platinastigrade have gone from the near bottom to the mid tier. An injured captain and an goalie with a snapped metatarsus are the only significant trouble points for the roster. The club's ownership group has hired a new sporting director, former player Wladmir Witko Radić, father of the club's starting left midfielder. Radić has made some small changes to the offence, looking to drive up goals, and ticket sales. Reports suggested the head coach was not in on the fix.

8th: AK Stanimir
Momir Lončar: 6
Stojan Heiden: 5
Alek Wladowić: 5
Uzelak Wladowić: 3
Klaudio Radkov: 2
Ratimir Grbić: 1
Wuk Klazz: 1
Domonik Lukawić: 1
Mladen Pavić: 1
Uzelac Wladowić: 1

Stojan Heiden: 6
Klaudio Radkov: 3
Alek Wladowić: 3
Stevan Vlahović: 2
Wuk Klazz: 1
Tagalw Witov: 1

Stanimir have seen a statistical downturn this season, they are down by around ten in terms of goals scored, and the roster has yet to find a big shooter, but many of the pieces have smashed the ball. Stojan Heiden has been the club's best player, performing well on both sides of the ball, but his contract has not yet been extended for the future.

9th: VZRH Matov-Uri
Iwar Jawoko: 6
Weljko Jurić: 3
Zoran Kalinić: 3
Wladmir Kowen: 2
Wlatko Pejić: 2
Tito Krakow: 1
Other Team: 1

Zoran Kalinić: 6
Wladmir Kowen: 2
Yuri Iwaw Wladowić: 2
Wladmir Bogdanić: 1
Wlatko Pejić: 1

At the half, VZRH are down six spots compared to last season, giving up more goals at the halfway point than in prior years. Though few expected the unbelievable numbers to last forever, the dip is what supporters are blaming. In spite of the complaints, the club is still solid on both sides of the ball. However, all players need to work harder in key situations if they want to pull out a strong year.

10th: FKP Ottowić County
Anpele Zork: 5
Dmitar Draganić: 4
Majid Dana: 2
Wuk Koziwier: 1

Dmitar Draganić: 3
Zoran Kować: 2
Majid Dana: 1
Luka Nikowić: 1

The young players of have reportedly Ottowić County been put under significant pressures this year. The flexible offence the club uses has been demanding. While attacks in the league have been simplistic, Ottowić's midfield and forward players have been exhausted shifting from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3.

"I'm a striker, a winger and a sometimes I play midfield" said central midfielder Anpele Zork in a interview with the "Express Review" newspaper. Coach Radomir Davidović was quoted in the article as saying , "This club houses one of the top talent development systems in the country. Players will continue to leave the club with a wide range of skills and a high price tag."

11th: FK Ofau
Goran Waldić: 5
Wuk Böhmer: 4
Ilija Ilić: 2
Lokomotiv Gespak: 1
Boriwoj Kazarian: 1
Marko Yurić: 1

Wuk Böhmer: 4
Boriwoj Kazarian: 2
Ilija Ilić: 2
Goran Waldić: 1

Ofau's four meters of striking might has seen some success this season. However, the club continues to struggle and appears to be focusing it's attention on the cup. The injury bug has infected the back file, giving anyone in goal a stiff workout each match.

12th: Ribar PRD
Baskow Pejić: 6
Janko Rašović: 4
Zaid Ajda: 1
Oklop Muller: 1
Janko Rašović: 1

Zaid Ajda: 2
Zoran Miliošić: 2
Maximillian Domonwinjkski: 1
Oklop Muller: 1
Janko Rašović: 1

"Tover Prevara" or "Tower Trick" is the name fans have given to Ribar's formation. We're not enterally sure where the name originates, but backs coach was once charged with tax fraud when he was a player in Porto Nowi. The club has scored some good wins against better known clubs, but have often lost due to simple errors. A finish closer to the top awaits this club if the parts can gel together nicely.

13th: Ogroven Sportlich
Filip Schumacher: 12
Mrioslaw Brunić: 2
Iwo Jorgow: 2
Frans Muller: 2
Janko Pavić: 1

Janko Pavić: 7
Iwo Jorgow: 3
Filip Schumacher: 2
Frans Muller: 1
Jorgen Jajalpo: 1

Sportlich has been impressive this season. Filip Schumacher has been worked hard, scoring over three fifths of the club's goals and assisting twice. The club's attack has been cracking center backs like an ice pick, with Janko Pavić being difficult man to mark, and the strikers picking some sweet shots. Combine a powerful center with good wing play, and defending against Spotlich becomes a challenge.

On the down side, the defense is ranked 2nd to last in the league due to giving up twenty nine goals. Without much depth or a solid back line, Sportlich went from 6th to 13th after one draw and four losses. The basketball organization's money has caught a bit of cabin fever this season, and could spend some cash in the off season.

14th: FK Stassengrade
Noa Lehr: 2
Theophil Gottlieb: 2
Kazario Iwanić: 2
Ranko Blažević: 1
Banfi Teodorić: 1

Theophil Gottlieb: 2
Denis Silvester: 2

Stassengrade has seen six ejections so far this year, a league lead. Yellow cards are handed out at an average of five times per match. The bullying tactics have not lead to success, this could be because the club is a joint second to last in goals. Other off field troubles have seen the club investigated and sanctioned for various on and off field offences. The combination of bad play and poorer behavior has fueled large complaints by sportswriters in Zeta Reka, and a bevy of league fines.

15th: Wahrsager Der Berg
Jonow Rayko: 3
Jowan Powan: 2
Yannik Wuković: 2
Nikoliwić Sad: 1

Nikoliwić Sad: 5
Wladmir Stojanowić: 1

Wahrsager Der Berg are behind Stassengrade due to losing 0-1 early in the season. The club's simplistic attack has been refuted by a fair few clubs. Only one match has seen the club score. Faithful fans have seen five goals away from home, but not much good has come from this season. After all the talk of improvement, the board has fired head coach Zawalij Iwanć for failing to stop the rot. Alfred Stockert, caretaker coach and former assistant to Iwanć has adopted a 4-5-1 formation for match 16.

16th: Regal
Widald Seppel: 3
Abdul-Malik Kozari: 2
Iwan Prodjikski: 1
Antonin Raykow: 1

Abdul-Malik Kozari: 2
Domoniow Ilić: 1
Widald Seppel: 1

Kozlow Kazarow: 1

The club has been written off. Regal's performance is the worst in league history after fifteen matches, breaking the record of the now defunct "South Pier Warriors AFK" who went 1-0-14 three seasons ago, finished at 1-1-28, and folded last year. Regal's points come from two draws away from home, including a near win. In spite of the club's poor home performance, attendance has not dropped at all from last year. "It's a great thing to see them play," said a Regal supporter named Williem, "To be at the top anywhere is a blessing for anyone, I'll come every day to support the men we have."

Team                       Pld  W  D  L   GF  GA  GD   Pts
1 Spasavanje-Policija FK 15 8 6 1 40 20 +20 30
2 Aleiusia Riverside 15 8 6 1 27 14 +13 30
3 Industriejskigrade 15 8 6 1 27 18 +9 30
4 Porto Nowi OR 15 8 4 3 31 15 +16 28
5 AFK Imperialismus 15 8 4 3 27 15 +12 28
6 FK Finansijskigrade 15 7 5 3 26 22 +4 26
7 FK Ovrâd 15 6 6 3 20 19 +1 24
8 Proud Tigers 15 5 4 6 28 27 +1 19
9 Fire Rescue 15 5 4 6 10 13 −3 19
10 Ovrâd Fruchtbarkeit 15 5 4 6 27 31 −4 19
11 Ruzan Stassengrade 15 2 9 4 17 19 −2 15
12 FK Woz 15 3 3 9 19 24 −5 12
13 Beestagrade 15 3 3 9 13 24 −11 12
14 PRD Ofau 15 2 5 8 13 29 −16 11
15 Zanatlija FK 15 1 7 7 13 24 −11 10
16 Huelhunde FK 15 2 2 11 8 32 −24 8

In addition to the top level, sixteen team are fighting in Division 2. The winners of this second division have annually played in a special match again the national champions. This year, the Federal Football Association hopes the Division 2 champions will perform in the IFCF's Liga B competition. Spasavanje-Policija leads the table, with fellow Division 2 mainstay Aleiusia Riverside and former cup winner Industriejskigrade trailing on their differentials. Those three teams plus fourth place Porto Nowi OR and fifth place Imperialismus were touted as clubs that were lucked out of Division 1. All five appear to be the top contenders in Division 2 this year.

So far, these scrappy second tier clubs have scored many goals, and also had some blue collar defensive wars. Finansijskigrade and Ovrâd Fruchtbarkeit scored eleven goals combined on opening day, but two matchdays later they scraped out single goal games. The top slot for scoring goes to the high powered attack of former national champions Spasavanje-Policija, who are more than 10 goals ahead of any other club. In all the chaos, AFK Imperialismus' veteran keeper Nikokhail Draganić has saved the most shots per game of anyone this season.

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NSWiki page

All-Sports Club Arvika
Home ground: Community Stadium (34,700)
Fanzine: North Star

Based in the provincial capital of Surono 350 km from the northern polar circle, ASC are the northernmost professional club in the country.

Manager: Hovad Morton
First XI: Mill, Vlietsen, Farahani, Fisher, Ianokis, Neuville, Parkinson, Berwent, Cannonière, Quintin, de Munster
Prediction: 14th

Burnaby Sport Club
Home ground: Stadium Konoha (54,500)
Main rivals: Coquitlam United, Kirkenes FC
Honours: KFL Championship (5): 49, 51, 52, 54, 58; runners-up: 56
Coupe des Patriotes runners-up: 8
Fanzines: Altitude Sickness, Two O'Clock Gun, Blue Patch Boys

Burnaby SC was named UICA Kelssekian Club of the Century as the country's most successful club on the world stage, leading to the somewhat clumsy nickname "Centurions". If people outside the country know one Kelssek football club it's this one.

Manager: Seth Harrison
First 11: Despatie, Faillace [AUD], Boulechemin, Leung, Liadon, Zücker, Fiete Image, Feidhlim Image, Judge, Ascioli, Faillace Image
Squad: Petrovic [F C], Wallin [M R], Karushige [F C], Lozic [D C], Malvin [M C], McGwire [D/M L], Birch [M L]
Players in: Keith Leung (youth), Maiev Feidhlim (Canyons, τ300k/$1m), Taner Malvin (youth), Jason McGwire (youth)
Players out: Taj Zayn Bazzi Image (retired)

Prediction: 5th. A solid lineup with some exciting youngsters but they'll have a fight on their hands with Kirkenes and Outineau clearly ahead.

Club de football Outineau
Home ground: Parc de la Crémazie (27,800)
Main rivals: Kirkenes FC, Castors d'Outineau, CS Saint-Rémy
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 50, 60; runners-up: 59
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 5
Ad'ihan Challenge Trophy winners (1): 18th
Fanzines: Tourtière congelé, Ignoble, Latte-Sipping Cock Muncher's Quarterly

CF Outineau's rivalry with Kirkenes FC, the Guerre des Couronnes, is the most heated and occasionally violent in Kelssekian soccer. In one of Kelssek's most famous television "hot mike" incidents, a KBC analyst was caught on the air dismissing the Outineau fanbase as lacking passion due to (in not so many words) the city's social liberalism and bourgeois habits. The comment gave the club's main English fanzine/blog its title. The 55,000-seater Stade Olympique d'Outineau is also used as the home venue for matches in the winter months (since it has a roof) and for high-demand matches against rivals.

Manager: Peter Boyd
First XI: St.-Gerlais, Potter, Simond, Douglass, Lebaume, Wheeler Image, Farrer Image, Hernandez, Corvin, Davies, Macon-Petrault
Squad: McDonald [M LR], Auiloquet [D C], Veddicho [AM C], Primakov Image [F C]
Players in: Joshua Farrer (Francisca Orient, free), Juan Hernandez (Kingstown Athletic, τ350k)
Players out: Troy Luck Image (Mynda Electra, τ400k/$1.25m), Keled Petheô Image (retired)

Prediction: 2nd. After winning the title, CF Outineau have brought in some fresh blood into the attack and more squad depth, but they could struggle to fill the gap in the strikeforce left by Keled Petheô's retirement.

Club de football Saint-Richard
Home ground: Stade Michel-Beaulieu (19,400)
Honours: Coupe des Patriotes (1): 9
Main rivals: Langlois Océanic
Fanzines: Moules frites

Les Navigateurs pride themselves on their "small town" ethos, being close to the community, and a squad primarily made up of "gars de chez nous", youth players from the local area who came up through its academy.
Manager: Romain Dupuis
First XI: Romand, Park, Dubois, Bearnon-Sappeur, von Mertens, Fadel, Charbonnier-Dupuis, Girard, Seong Image, Desdélices, Valdéz
Squad: Anderson, Bélanger
Players in: Seong Mi-Na Image (free, Kanshiro Univ.)
Prediction: 12th. Defending Cup champions, but will IFCF football be a boon or distraction?

Clayquot City Football Club
Home ground: Kanard Park (32,600)
Honours: KFL Championship runners-up: 53
Fanzine: Gold Star Republic

Clayquot are one of those teams that have been comfortable features of the top flight for ages yet have rarely broken out of mid-table mediocrity.

First 11: Thomas, Olivier, Blackburn Image, Morrison, Clarke, Lebeaume, Tang, Haynes Image, Gilam, McCarrigan, Wylten
Squad: Epsom [D C], Kreissen [M L]
Players in: Luke Johnson (youth), Ward Blackburn Image (Rozelle, free), Lyndon Haynes Image (Vadborg Aces, free), Devin Alton (Glen Éira, 100k), Nishant Gilam (youth)
Players out: Victor Clinton (FK Novograd, τ90k/$250k)
Prediction: 8th

Club de football Les Castors
Home ground: Place Saint-Luc (20,200)
Honours: KFL Championship runners-up: 54; KFL National runners-up: 60
Rivals: CF Outineau
Fanzine: Homme petit d'homme petit

Historically at least on level pegging with CF Outineau, they've gone through some rough times and are finally back in the top flight. Best known for producing François St-Louis, who played for Albrecht FC in Candelaria And Marquez and was a key player during Kelssek's period of (relative) international success.
Manager: Patrick O'Brien
First XI: Azar Image, Lovelack, Harrow, Rougerond, Rushcliffe, Duclair, Lapierre, Worrel-Thuban, Peterson, Hervé, Turbott
Players in: Dimitrije Azar (Project Olimpico, free)
Prediction: 18th. Barring another surprise from the newly promoted teams, Les Castors have at most an outside chance of staying up.

Coquitlam United
Home ground: Maillardville Park (20,300)
Main rivals: Burnaby SC, Metropolitan FC
Honours: KFL Championship runners-up: 51, 52
Fanzine: Bear-Proof Bins

While bearing the name of only one of them, United represents metropolitan Burnaby's eastern suburbs, and so are often nicknamed the "Easties". Their largest ultras group are known as The Empire.

Manager: Henri Hubert
First 11: Lukowitz, Smith, Pokorný, Lindner, Grübling, Curtis, Parker, Barisstan, Thompson, Clement Image, Singh
Squad: Mackrel [F C], Bronson Image [M C], Nilsson [AM/F]
Players in: Alex Bronson Image (Austin College, free), Dusty Clement Image (AFC Westpike, free)
Prediction: 11th

Club sportif de Saint-Rémy
Home ground: Stade Intersat
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 55, runners-up: 57, 58; Coupe des Patriotes (1): 3
Fanzine: Qui a mangé tous les pogos?, Carte-cadeaux de Dieu

Often referred to as CSSR for short. The club's motto "ferai valoir" roughly translates as "put it to good use" though its meaning has several religious and historical layers, such as referencing a famous battleship and some Catholic Church stuff (hence the title of an unauthorized fanzine, "God's gift card").

Manager: Jorge Guardia Image
First XI: Shaughlin, Renak, Fourtin, Arndeau, Enger Image, Ní Bheacháin, Eriksen Image, Roy Image, Ronayne Image, Julien, Davies
Squad: Chasseur-Ardenne [D R], Wimble [M C]
Players in: Corinne Eriksen (AFC Corvistone, τ900k/$2.5m), Casimir Ronayne Image (Crisisbless Utd, loan), Greta Enger Image (Mar Sara, 1.6m/$4.5m), Maxime Deschamps (youth)
Players out: Matthew Lister (Blue Strike Zoloroni, τ1.9m/$5.5m)

Prediction: 3rd. Jorge Guardia has big ambitions and has overseen some big additions. But the big question will be what state his squad overhaul is in and what more he can get out of the players who spectacularly imploded last year.

Hamiltonian Cambria
Home ground: B.A. Johnston Field (24,700)
Honours: KFL National Northern (1): 58
Rivals: Kirkenes FC
Fanzines: Dragon's Breath Mints

Hamilton is an industrial city that sneers at the effete big city slickers of nearby Kirkenes, despite the fact that many residents actually commute to work there. But much like the city's post-industrial revival, Cambria is getting in touch with its cosmopolitan side and has embraced the youth movement of their odd foreign DBC-winning manager Johannes Sulo.

Manager: Johannes Sulo Image
First 11: Harcomb, Jenkins, Novosel Image, Maaraket Image, Gallimh, McGrath, Subotic, Abbott, Marchesni, Tule Image, Milanovic, Wells, Houston Image
Players in: Ashton Houston Image (Baywall Athletic, 1.4m/$4m)
Prediction: 9th. Sulo is really building a solid top flight team and we can expect them to hold on to the gains they made last year.

Océanic club de football Langlois
Home ground: Stade de la Pacifique (26,800)
Main rivals: CF Saint-Richard
Honours: KFL Championship (2): 56, 57; runners-up: 49
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 2
Fanzines: Coach-marde, Aux larmes salés

One of the first football clubs to be established in Kelssek, Océanic were the local pioneers of a fluid, direct style of play that has been a lasting influence on the sport's development in Kelssek. Known as the Ville des Mille Collines (city of thousand hills), Langlois is a scenic port city whose richly decorated historical architecture testifies to the power and wealth of its early modern era merchant class.

Manager: Michel Deslauriers
First XI: Normand, Galiani, Peele, Egmar, Southers Image, Uzo Image, Eowins, Ó Connaíl, Takai, Browning, Amhill
Squad: Laishram [AM/F], Dupuis [F C], Turunc [M LC], McEntee [D/M C], Cowan [M R]
Players in: Huseyn Turunc (youth), Pierre-Louis Laishram (youth), Jourdain Dupuis (youth)

Prediction: 6th

Kingstown Athletic
Home ground: Larkhamfield (18,800)
Rivals: Burnaby SC, Saanich AFC
Honours: Coupe des Patriotes (1): 9
Fanzines: Two Sailing Wait

While Kingstown fans consider Burnaby SC their main rivals, Burnaby generally doesn't deign to reciprocate. This might change after the final of Coupe des Patriotes 9 where the Lakers won the trophy in an upset victory and did not hold back in rubbing their illustrious opponents' noses in it.

Manager: Nico Trentini
First XI: Varia, Troeger, Manning, Miller, Sim, Nagley, Donnelly, Lanks, Combeford Image, Michaels, Randall
Squad: Brockton [D LR], Kiddow [DM C], Norris [M RC], Knox [AM/F]
Players in: Lois Combeford Image (Finbar Stalwarts, free), Lewis Brockton (youth)
Players out: Juan Hernandez (CF Outineau)

Prediction: 16th. They'll be battling relegation again this year.

Kirkenes Football Club
Home ground: Exhibition Place (38,400)
Honours: KFL Championship runners-up: 60
Rivals: CF Outineau, Burnaby SC, North York
Fanzines: Rubber Pellets Digest, Centre of the Universe
Manager: Kyle Allister

The oldest and most popular team of Kelssek's biggest city, KFC has usually hovered near the top without getting the trophies they so desperately crave. During the winter months, home matches are played at Waterfront Dome with only the lower tier seats sold.

First XI: Curtin, Gregoire, Boudreau, Elden [MBT], Cabrallo, Avalor Image, Gorka, Kirkland, Brandis [MYT], Webster Image, Owen, Torshen
Squad: Cordelier [M RC], Markowski [M C], Marshall [D C]
Players in: Joachim Elden [MBT] (Sabrefell Moths, τ700k/$2m), Lysander Brandis (Rudar, free), Josie Webster (Raynor City Utd, τ900k/$2m)
Prediction: 1st. A couple of exciting acquisitions in the transfer market and the progress of its young team over the past season make them the team to beat in the league this year. Second place was a pleasant surprise last year and the team is now better than it was then.

Latrobe Athletic and Football Club
Home ground: Macquarie Docklands (55,700)
Rivals: Clayquot City
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 53, runners-up: 55
Coupe des Patriotes (1): 4
Fanzines: That's Not the Try Line, Jamie Toohey's Pension Plan

The soccer section of a multi-sport club which also has a successful rugby union team. Indeed, many people who are primarily rugby fans do come to the soccer matches and vice versa.

Manager: Darach Salthill
First XI: Connely Image, Hondachi, Arbour, Moselle, Doorwouds Image, Knanirck, Ilev Image, Karnezis Image, Edwards, Langelier, Parrott
Squad: Whelehan [GK], Ó Conneely [D/M R], Holloway [F C]
Players in: Miles Connely (1964 Briarcliff, τ200k/$600k)
Players out: Amber Docherty (Port City, τ200k)
Prediction: 7th

Mazinaw Vanorian Football Club
Home ground: Crowchilds (18,100)
Rivals: Strathcona Internationals
Honours: KFL National South (1): 59
Fanzines: Tricky Trees

The club is named in honour of Valanora's national team, reflecting the fact that Vanorian football has been and still is much more popular among Kelssekian soccer fans than their own national league.

Manager: Gary Allard
First XI: Magennis, Smith, Rackard, Earrach, Vinter, Fierro Image, Murphy, Féarghaill, Mutsuga Image, Silverton, Oresund Image
Squad: Burton [M R], Normand [M L]
Players in: Pfandr Oresund (Viltvodle Utd, free)
Prediction: 13th. They surprised last season and while their challenge to the established powers fell short, they've shown they're more than capable of being a solid mid-table team.

North York Football Club
Home ground: Portedowns Park (26,400)
Rivals: Kirkenes FC
Honours: KFL National (1): 60
KFL Championship runners up: 50
Fanzine: Rosedale Rejects

The club of the northern districts of Kirkenes. After being relegated and spending some time in the second division, fans adopted something of a running joke about the team being an underground indie band. Often resents being seen as the poor cousin of the wealthier and older Kirkenes FC.

Manager: Ross Cowan
First 11: Schlosser, Erdegley, Turok, Malter, Hoster, Wilson, Koizumi Image, Cains, Lewis, Jackson, Ewing
Players in: Kimiko Koizumi (Togene Girls' Academy, free), Archer Cains (Advernians, free), Nolan Ewing (youth)

Prediction: 19th. They're determined to stay up but the experience of teams that have survived multiple relegation battles will probably win out.

New Generation Sports Association of Ulyanof
Home ground: Stadium of the Stars (44,600)
Rivals: Strathcona Internationals
Fanzines: The New Era Raider, Weekly Howl

The soccer section of a multi-sports club which was founded as part of the Olympic modernist movement. It is also famous as having developed many of the Olympic athletes from the province of Lupinissia.

First XI: Tergien, Delburton, Lionakis, Hampton Image, Mac Ronaigh, Canning-Meagher, Bell, Crawford, Petteri, Prentice, Hartley
Prediction: 15th. A team going sideways.

Port City Football Club
Home ground: Dartmoor (10,700)
Fanzines: Good Lighthousekeeping

Based in beach resort country, or what passes for a beach in Kelssek at least, in Willsden Harbour on the south coast of Haligonia. Has a half-hearted rivalry with Shearwater FC largely due to geographical proximity, but it's hard to sustain when they've not usually been in the same division and Shearwater expects to just roll them over anyway.

First 11: Trotter Image, Weatherby, Holmes, Strickland, Benoît, Wheeler, Thierry, McGwire, Docherty, Libero, Dagenais
Manager: Gerry Schiller
Players in: Henry Trotter Image (Basque Univ, free), Mark Westerbard (Trenton AC, free), Amber Docherty (Latrobe AFC, τ150k)
Prediction: 20th. Even getting to the promotion playoffs last season was a surprise. And despite attempts to boost the squad, it will be an even bigger surprise if these minnows survive in the top flight.

Shearwater Football Club
Home ground: Kingswharf (40,500)
Rivals: Langlois Océanic
Fanzines: Southwest Stand Dispatch, Yellow Brick Road

Founded as a recreational club by personnel of the Shearwater naval base and continues to have a strong association with the Kelssek Navy. Today their stadium is across the harbour from the base in the former docklands of downtown Breton, the largest city of the province of Haligonia.

Manager: Michael Johnson
First XI: Stevenson, Reilly, Swann, Ilic, Crokert, McTavish, Jenkins, Corcrain Image, Thorpe Image, Macpadraig, Valiser
Squad: Fukushima [M RC], Green [D/M C], Leste [D C], Graughan [M C]
Players in: George Thorpe Image (Ulsa Rovers, free), Rémond Leste (youth), Jordan Ilic (Colwynian Vale, 250k), Bryce Graughan (Trenton AC, 150k)
Players out: Olivier Oisette (Synenca AC, τ300k/$1m)
Prediction: 9th

Sitka Valley
Home ground: St. Kilda Road (19,600)
Rivals: Shearwater FC
Fanzines: Nailed to the Pine
Based in Arlingsdale, Wenerdere. Fans sing "The Lumberjack Song" at kickoff in an ironic tribute to their region's stereotypical economic activity (in reality the largest industry in Arlingsdale is insurance services, but that's not nearly as fun).

Manager: David Harmond
First XI: Lewes, Kennedy, Dosanjh, Valparan, Smith, Alcides Image, Toszsic, Luton, McArony, Wynne, Ditmarsh, Dupuis
Players in: Girolamo Alcides Image (Project Olimpico, free)

Prediction: 17th. Their improbable top 4 challenge last year is not a reflection of the team's quality, sad as it is to assert this. They won't be able to ride luck or being underestimated this year.

Strathcona Internationals
Home ground: Bowreach (27,300)
Rivals: Mazinaw Vanorian, NGSA Ulyanof
Honours: KFL Championship (1): 59
KFL National division winners (1): 53 (South)
Fanzines: To the Ends of the Earth

Founded by a group of expatriates during the industrial era. Strathcona is an inner-city neighbourhood which borders downtown Vickery on the south bank of the river which splits the city. Ironically given the club's working class identity, these days it's known as gentrification central.

Manager: François Saint-Louis
First XI: Collan, Dumont, Brewer, Lodgen, Macdonald, Markowicz, Ramm, Cashin Image, Berton-Fleury, Kotalczyk, Phelan, Rukavina Image
Squad: Abed-Louis Image [DM C], Donnelly [AM C]
Players in: Zaamil Abed-Louis Image (Mt. Salt Football Academy, free)

Prediction: 4th. Last season, they suffered a disappointing slump, recriminations, and sued Football Kelssek for not getting them into an international club tournament after UICA's collapse deprived them of the Champions' Cup they'd qualified for. If the players can ignore the off-field shenanigans, they have every chance of earning an IFCF spot the normal way though winning the title is probably beyond them.

Transfers in
Name              Pos    Age      Nat      From                        To                   Fee (m USD)
Greta Enger RB 32 VAL Mar Sara FC (VAL) CS Saint-Rémy 4.5
Denis Dezelac CF 17 STL Olympia Borograd (STL) Kawarthas DFA Loan
Ashton Houston ST 27 HVY Baywall Athletic (HVY) Hamiltonian Cambria 4.0
Casimir Ronayne LW 22 NPH Crisisbless United (NPH) CS Saint-Rémy Loan
Josie Webster AMC 31 NPH Raynor City United (VAL) Kirkenes FC 2.5
Myles Connely GK 27 HVY 1964 Briarcliff (HVY) Latrobe AFC 0.6
Corinne Eriksen DM 31 APX AFC Corvistone (NPH) CS Saint-Rémy 2.5
Maiev Feidhlim LM 23 SRS Canyons (SRS) Burnaby SC 1.0
Joachim Elden CB 33 MBT Sabrefell Moths (NPH) Kirkenes FC 2.0
Archer Cains LM 26 HVY Advernians (HVY) North York
Lyndon Haynes LW 28 BRE Vadborg Aces (OUN) Clayquot City
Lois Combeford RB/RM 33 BRE Finbar Stalwarts (BRE) Kingstown Athletic
Joshua Farrer LM 30 BRE Francisca Orient (BRE) CF Outineau
Ward Blackburn CB 31 BRE Rozelle (BRE) Clayquot City
Dusty Clement ST 25 BRE AFC Westpike (BRE) Coquitlam United
Henry Trotter GK 21 AUD Basque Univ (HIN) Port City FC
Seong Mi-Na OM 21 HIN Kanshiro Univ (HIN) CF Saint-Richard
Lysander Brandis AM 27 NPH Rudar (MYT) Kirkenes FC
Dimitrije Azar GK 22 MRC Project Olimpo (MRC) Castors d'Outineau
Girolamo Alcides CM 22 MRC Project Olimpo (MRC) Sitka Valley
Olette Coleyn GK 21 BRE Ctr for Excellence (APX) Trenton AC
Pfandr Oresund ST 27 SRS Viltvodle United (SRS) Mazinaw Vanorian
Alex Bronson MF 21 XAN Austin College (XAN) Coquitlam United
Kimiko Koizumi M LRC 21 HIN Togene Girls' Acad (HIN) North York FC
George Thorpe AM 31 EUR Ulsa Rovers (EUR) Shearwater FC
Zaamil Abed-Louis DM 18 EFL Mt Salt Football Acad (EFL) Strathcona Intls
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Postby Gergary » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:15 am

Gergarian Football National Championships 1802

Gergary (GGY) qualifiers
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Postby Valanora » Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:21 am

As per Preview & Tables

Valanora (VAL) Qualifiers
2nd IFCF Champions League: Soldarian FC, Raynor City United, Ibini FC, Mar Sara FC
2nd IFCF Challengers Cup: SC Rinaldi, Hondo FC, FC Capri
2nd IFCF Liga B Champions Trophy: Ursona FC, AC Asarnova, Raynor City FC

Cup Winners' Cup: Mar Sara FC
AOCL: Raynor City United (Holders), Soldarian FC
VCIAPP: Gladerial United
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