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Postby Brenecia » Fri Jan 03, 2020 3:00 am

Trolleborg 1 - 2 Brenecia
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 2 - Broxham (18 - Lonergan 81'), 5 - Horgan, 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c); 8 - Matheson (21 - Parker 67'), 23 - Fallon, 13 - Wheeler; 7 - Cheney, 10 - Ciogach (17 - Lindauer 72'), 16 - Fletcher
Goals: Matheson 17', Fletcher 36'
Brenecia 2 - 1 Crystalline Caverns
(4-3-3) 12 - Cairncross; 18 - Lonergan, 5 - Horgan (22 - Beath 84'), 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c); 8 - Matheson, 4 - Locke, 13 - Wheeler (14 - Ruskin 70'); 7 - Cheney, 10 - Ciogach, 11 - Keynes (16 - Fletcher 58')
Goals: Cheney 20', Ciogach 44'

All we 1-2 see is consistency: Patriots clinch qualification after series of narrow wins
Diarmuid Henderson

Easy as 1-2-three times. Wins over Abanhfleft, Trolleborg and Crystalline Caverns confirmed the Patriots' progress to the World Cup, as while Abanhfleft can still theoretically make up the nine-point deficit, they cannot address the head-to-head tiebreaker that Creidne Lindauer's last-ditch winner secured for the Patriots.

It has been about par. Nothing to get excited about, but the job is done and with plenty of leeway to spare. Had the format included playoffs, then there would be significant regret in, for example, failing to score in Busukama, or failing to beat Terre at either attempt. But there are no playoffs, and can be no major grievances with how things have turned out.

Brelk-Xeral Erv has continued their steady work in charge, building on victory in the Campionato with a rejuvenation of the playing stocks that must count as fairly revolutionary by their standards. They've largely been content to leave well enough alone since the massive overhaul they made as soon as they took charge, but blooding the likes of Fallon, Lonergan and Parker will pay off. Arguably, it already has.

So upon reaching the World Cup, what are the team's expectations? Much depends on the draw. No longer can Brenecia back itself to break its way out of any group the formula could spit out, though realistically this wasn't the nation's level for long. It's likely they enter as third seeds. Dangerous ones, with nouveau-riche pedigree, but unseeded.

Brenecia's ideal tactic is to counter-attack, and they have the weapons to deal damage up front. Kara Ciogach is the name that springs instantly to mind but the star of the qualification cycle has actually been Lauren Cheney, surely bound for foreign shores sooner rather than later. With Quill not getting any younger and Wheeler never quite finding consistency, Cheney is the ace of the team. Her pace, her drive, her vision and her ruthlessness make her the one to watch.

But there will be a limit to any side overly reliant on a single player, and this was exposed when she was kept quiet in Busukama. Did Brenecia seriously look to threaten at any stage of that game, a couple strikes from Wheeler aside? But there is depth up front, and most fortunately at striker, where whirlwind Lindauer and freight train Niall Bremner both got on the scoresheet against Abanhfleft. When called upon, they stood up.

Midfield currently looms as the weak point of the side. Wheeler, Fallon and Matheson appear to be those currently in favour, but all have asterisks to their names. They play in the probable top three leagues, but not at the top echelon; Matheson and to a lesser degree Fallon are fighting for their places even there. Against top-level sides, it is probably a good trade for the Patriots to just smash it long and rely on their forwards against the opposing back line, nice and simple, and that's likely to some degree what Brelk-Xeral will order.

Brenecia's back line is sturdy enough on paper, but it's been a long time since the last clean sheet and that should be a concern. Cass Farrell does what she can, of course, and will be invaluable come the big occasion; had Brenecia held out that little bit longer to steal a point in Banija, it would have been down to her. Garrett Horgan is peerless so long as he's not forced to turn or sprint, while Broxham has run hot and cold this cycle.

What more is to be learned from the last three matches? Brelk-Xeral being themself, they are unlikely to suddenly rush in a bevy of new blood, or look to rest their talent. Rather, the emphasis will be on building chemistry, confidence and momentum going into the big occasion. Nobody will be pencilling in the Patriots to go deep into the World Cup, but then, few had them as champions in 80, either. We shall see.

1 - Cass Farrell (Northern Union), 12 - Opal Cairncross (Marketville, EUR), 20 - Scanlan Pritchard (Marque)
Defenders: 2 - Keziah Broxham (Mallox, COS), 3 - Gethin Quill (Revolutionaries, EUR), 5 - Garrett Horgan (Northern Union), 6 - Keane Mathers (Northern Stallions), 18 - Sorcha Lonergan (Northern Union), 19 - Morwen Prentice (Crystal Fair HC, CRY), 22 - Chadwick Beath (CA Paulinthal, PAS)
Midfielders: 4 - Keziah Locke (Duke of the North, PAS), 8 - Elysse Matheson (Hornchurch, EUR), 13 - Corby Wheeler (Goldstaff City, COS), 14 - Claire Ruskin (Kingsgrove), 21 - Riona Parker (Galatica, PAS), 23 - Ronan Fallon (Newrook City, NPH)
Forwards: 7 - Lauren Cheney (Kingsgrove), 9 - Niall Bremner (Unioneers, EUR), 10 - Kara Ciogach (Lajuno, EUR), 11 - Cathal Keynes (Lajuno, EUR), 15 - Cail Coghlan (Pikemouth), 16 - Ceridwen Fletcher (North Hall), 17 - Creidne Lindauer (Kingsgrove)

Atlantic Republic 1 - 3 Brenecia
Brenecia 1 - 1 Terre Septentrionale
Casta Marina 0 - 5 Brenecia
Brenecia 2 - 2 Banija
Abanhfleft 2 - 2 Brenecia
Brenecia 2 - 0 Trolleborg
Crystalline Caverns 0 - 2 Brenecia
Brenecia 3
- 1 Brigantii
Sarzonia 1 - 3 Brenecia
Brenecia 3
- 2 Sherpa Empire
Brenecia 6 - 2 Atlantic Republic
Terre Septentrionale 3 - 3 Brenecia
Brenecia 4 - 1 Casta Marina
Banija 1 - 0 Brenecia
Brenecia 2 - 1 Abanhfleft
Trolleborg 1 - 2 Brenecia
Brenecia 2
- 1 Crystalline Caverns
Brigantii vs. Brenecia
Brenecia vs. Sarzonia
Sherpa Empire vs. Brenecia
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Postby Jeruselem » Fri Jan 03, 2020 4:41 am

Princess Katherine Annabelle Dallas dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast with Belle Maestrom, one of the keepers.

Hello, this is Princess Katherine AnnaBELLE Dallas for Naked News Jeruselem. We're back at Dazza Dallas Stadium for another home game in World CUp 84 qualificatiom. It's round 18, leaving 4 games left to play. I'm with one the keepers BELLE Maestrom, who didn't play today because one of the other keepers played instead. 4 games, 4 games ... to decide who qualifies.

Belle: Eh, why you dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Kate: Because your name is Belle and well, I'm a Belle too. OK an Annabelle.
Belle: Ok yes, I'm Belle and you're Belle ... got it.
Kate: Well, today Welzat visited Jeruselem. We had to win this one, didn't matter for Welzat because they were pretty much eliminated.
Belle: Well they didn't come here for a holiday
Kate: Let's see what happened in the Group 11 first

Belle: I got no idea
Kate: Geektopia met visitors TJUN-ia and well, got some points. Well 1 point because it was 3-3 draw. Not that it mattered in the end because both teams are eliminated mathematically. It just means TJUN-ia stay ahead of Geektopia.
Belle: Yeah what happened to Geektopia, why send south after we smashe 5-2 and then well did that again and no recovery.
Kate: They did enough not to be last anyway. Schottia who have been bugging us by staying in 3rd spot, hosted Balqia who have proven to be tricky team. While Balqia are too far out and well were eliminated, Schottia are still in the hunt for 2nd spot if they could get close enough. They needed the win, badly. But they tripped over and lost 1-2 which for us is GOOD news.
Belle: Yeah, they've been keeping us out of 3rd spot for so long. For teams like us and Schottia, we need every win from here.
Kate: Savojarna who are also eliminated, hosted Taeshan who well aren't safe yet. Taeshan can seal the deal with a few wins, but they didn't do much and scrapped 0-0 draw.
Belle: Good news for us and Schottia!

Kate: And Free Republics visited Nahkistan, then trashed the home team 4-0. Normal
Belle: Free Republics can't seem to lose. Maybe they did it once but that's it.
Kate: Well, now to the game here. It was packed out, and the locals were hopeful of another win as we've been winning in 2nd half qualification.
Belle: Oh who had the bye?
Kate: Galar had a the bye, and them being last does it really matter anyway?
Belle: Not really

Kate: I have been mentioning our defense still isn't right which is a worry, and a team like Welzat shouldn't trouble us but they did. They put 3 goals past us.
Belle: Um yeah, it's frustrating about our defense we can do better. I mean if you can hold a top team to 2 goals why let in 3 against such lower team.
Kate: Well, that's the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is we kicked their ASS with 5 our five goals, yes even my cousin actually scored something.
Belle: Hamish was pretty inefficient in the 1st half but he's been putting in the work and getting the goals.
Kate: Yes, 2 goals in game for him. Sansa scored 2 and they had an own goal.
Belle: It could have been like 7 though

Kate: Well, it's doing wonders for our goal difference.
Belle: Yeah

The table! Anyone who's not 4th or higher is eliminated. Galar are still last on 11 points. Welzat despite the loss keep 10th spot with 11 points. Nahkistan keep 9th on 12. The bottom three are still the same. Geektopia are still 8th on 17, TJUN-ia hold 7th on 19 while Savojarna stay in the bottom half in 6th on 20 points. Balqia much improved but 5th in 24. Too far out from here for them. Well that leaves the top 4 teams! Oh there was a change.

Belle: Really?

Schottia were 3rd but the loss slipps them back to 4th on 28 points. Jeruselem get back 3rd with 30 points. Free Republics will win this group the way they are going in 45. Taeshan drew, so are on 36 points. So they are 6 point of 2 wins above Jeruselem. And they are 8 points or like 3 wins above Schottia. Still you'd think they get 1 or 2 wins and they are safe.

Belle: We need to win last 4 games don't we?

The rub is two of last four games is one is against Free Republics and one is against Taeshan. Pretty much we cannot repeat losing to them in the 1st half. Beating Free Republics would be nice but it wouldn't hurt them much. We must beat Taeshan!

Belle: And we have to win the other two games too
Kate: Yes, so we can decide our own fate for once.
Belle: And what about Schottia
Kate: They just need win everything, but Taeshan you would think can seal the deal.
Belle: It's going be interesting.
Kate: I know everyone's been working hard in the 2nd half and I can't say we haven't been trying. But now we have 4 crunch games and two are ones we can lose easily.

Belle: We can be proud of our efforts, we compared to last campaign
Kate: Oh that, we'll just ignore that one.
Belle: Yeah
Kate: Now, you're a goalkeeper. But you have a special training aid that's not even football related.
Belle: Obviously you can have soccer ball bouncing your home for training with confined spaces.
Kate: Tell that to young kids ...

Belle: I play Synth Riders at home to keep my training active.
Kate: That's my girl, I play Beat Sabers as well.
Belle: Beat Saber isn't that useful for my football, Synth Riders is more useful. Saying all that, you kick ass with those VR systems.
Kate: Beat Saber is safer than actually fencing. You can't stabbed by sharp objects in the face.
Belle: I guess so. How come you never use yourself in videos when you play. You have that Kawaii girl.
Kate: Oh that, I don't wear clothes when I play. I don't that's allowed to be shown or it's classified as something else.

Belle: Oh yes ...

Group 11
Geektopia 3–3 TJUN-ia
Schottia 1–2 Balqia
Jeruselem 5–3 Welzat
Savojarna 0–0 Taeshan
Nahkistan 0–4 Free Republics
Jeruselem's sports achievements ... hievements

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Postby Free Republics » Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:19 am

Woodson Coconuts IslandDome, Toakameau, Falatulu

Immediately after the Republican National Soccer Team clinched qualification with a rout of Nahkistan, all of the over the air television networks cut from their regularly scheduled programming as there was breaking news in Falatulu where a capacity crowd of 66,666 had gathered at the IslandDome, free of charge, for an "important announcement" to be followed by a live concert featuring a number of the biggest names in Republican music. The first thing television viewers saw was Abelino Greece walking onto the stage to the tune of a classic rock song called "Born in the FFR".

Abelino Greece - Thank you for coming out today. My fellow Falatuluans and my fellow Republicans, today I wish to talk to you about the future of the Federation of Free Republics. As you are likely well aware, our Federation currently faces a number of challenges. We have a consul who is currently undergoing an impeachment trial. Once again, we have major candidates for consul who have a questionable commitment to our values. We have an economy that has stagnated even as inflation has gone through the roof. We live in a country where well-funded fanatics can use frivolous lawsuits as a weapon against their political opponents. I can go on and on listing problems with our country but I'm going to stop because I want to talk about what is right about the Federation of Free Republics and what we should fight for to keep the Federation of Free Republics great!

The crowd applauded, for the most part. The Radical Alliance had packed the Dome with its supporters but there are also many others who had come of their own accord, suspecting that the "important announcement" involved the popular former president of Falatulu.

Abelino Greece - In the Federation of Free Republics, we are free to live our lives as we wish. We are free to eat what we want, drink what we want, smoke what we want and have sex with whomever we want to. We are free to speak our minds and we are free to defend ourselves from danger by carrying firearms, even in stadiums such as this one! We are free to get an education, to seek employment wherever we wish and to start a business if we wish to do so. We are free to buy and trade whatever we want to. We are free to live without worrying about excessive, complex or hard to understand tax laws. Unlike some countries, we do not have to pay somebody to figure out how much we owe the government for protecting our freedom. In fact, for most of us, the government deducts the exact amount we owe from our paychecks over the course of the year. We also have the legal right to refuse payment of further taxes if we've already paid 10% of our income in taxes to various levels of government over the course of a year. In short, we are free to live our lives as we wish and it is our freedom that makes us great!

More applause followed from the mostly pro-Greece crowd.

Abelino Greece - Yet, this freedom is threatened by those who wish to expand government and, in doing so, reduce your liberty. There are those who argue that a stronger state that "protects" you against the business community will actually expand your freedom. However, history shows that it is capitalizm that makes us free to choose and that the absence of capitalizm leads to oppression. The less capitalizm in a society, the more oppressive the society. There are countries in this multiverse where you can be forced to join the military against your will, where you can be charged with a crime without due process and where you cannot open a business that competes in an industry that the government has monopolized. In the Free Republics, we do not do things like that. Here, we do not put up barriers to stop people who dislike Googol's policies from starting their own Googol. We do not force people to choose between a cable TV monopoly and a landline phone monopoly for their Internet provider. We do not give your tax dollars to favored industries or pass laws making it more expensive or even illegal for you to buy foreign imports rather than Republican-made products because we know that this so-called "protection" of trade only causes recessions and impoverishes countries to protect noncompetitive local industries. That is why Republican-made products are the envy of the multiverse. If you don't produce goods of the highest quality, you won't make it here.

Abelino Greece continued to talk about policy and how the best government was one that did as little as possible until finally getting around to the point of his speech...

Abelino Greece - We need a new leader who will fight for our values, not for some fanciful Golden Age where free stuff falls out of the sky or some so-called Common Good society where we turn back our clocks a few hundred years or so to a simpler time when everybody attended church on Sundays and children were seen but not heard. The only path forward for the Free Republics is the truly Radical path of defending and expanding our freedom. That is why I will be running for the Radical Alliance nomination to be your next consul. I know many people say that my time has passed after my narrow loss 7 years ago. I've "had my chance", they say and should step aside for somebody else. Well, I had planned upon doing that but then as I traveled across this great Federation, people started asking me if I was going to run again including many people who told me that they voted for my opponent 7 years ago but wish they'd voted for me instead. If I were to step aside and let somebody else carry the Radical banner next year, the odds are that we would lose and a loss to Nova Hellstrom or worse Valentin Svensson would potentially be bad for this nation.

The crowd's reaction was decidedly mixed. Many of them liked Hellstrom but, this being Falatulu, almost all of them agreed about Svensson.

Abelino Greece - Nova Hellstrom is a nice woman but haven't we learned yet that electing celebrities just because they're celebrities is not the answer? While I disagree with the impeachment of Kyle Bolton, I think even his biggest fans would admit he has been a terrible consul. On the other hand, the kind of stuff Svensson talks about terrifies me. I fear that he could be another Reino Kulseth. Thus, I feel that the only responsible course is to enter the race and vie for a chance to once again work with Scarlett Nicholls for the good of the Free Republics!

The crowd applauded. Falatulu was one of the few places where Scarlett Nicholls remained popular.

Abelino Greece - That is all I have to say tonight. Please enjoy the concert and may we keep the Free Republics free!
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Postby Sarzonia » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:16 am

The feeling inside Bryan Marshall Memorial Stadium was a strange one. Playing inside a stadium named for Sarzonia's first national team manager, and the first one to die during his tenure as national team boss was surreal for a team that was still feeling the effects of grief over the loss of the second manager to do so.

Some of the Stars players still were working on processing their grief. Some hadn't even started.

Against a Brigantii side that had also been eliminated from World Cup contention, the ragtag Stars lineup featuring mostly its second choice players, save for team captain and defender Russ Howard, midfielder Carlos dos Santos, and striker Jake Campos, stared back at a team that was still jockeying for position among the other also-rans in Group 2.

Still, the Stars got a result they'd become more familiar with in the second half of the World Cup qualifying campaign: A victory. The 85,376 packed into the once forgotten home grounds for the Stars cheered on as Clayton Wilson and Mek'hi West both scored goals for the Stars. They watched Paolo Gomes notch a clean sheet with four saves, with only one of them being a challenging bid by striker Russ Bell in the 47th minute that Gomes parried away at the last second. He then corralled the corner kick attempt by Ian Neville and booted the ball well out of danger.

The result improves Sarzonia's record to 6-6-5 and places the Stars in fourth place in the Group 2 table, right behind the three highest ranked teams in the group. World No. 5 Banija have already punched their ticket to either Cassadaigua or Baker Park, while No. 19 Brenecia are still within hailing distance of the group title even though they are four points behind the Kadongo Kamu. The former world champions are nine points clear of Abanhfleft, who can still sneak into the proper, but cannot do so as group winners.

Sarzonia have a well deserved bye coming up, then will travel to face Brenecia at Kingsgarden in Rozelle. Manager Kevin Connelly announced that the Stars would play their first choice lineup, including goalkeeper Mateo Sandoval against the Patriots since they're still fighting for the group title and they're still looking to officially punch their ticket to the proper.

"It's also a matter of pride for us," Connelly said. "Number one, they beat us at our place 3-1 and we want a measure of revenge. Number two, they're a former world champion like we are. Number three, we can still make a mark on the race for Cassadaigua or Baker Park and I'd like to see us deal them some damage."

And number four, the team plan a brief ceremony at Hendrix Stadium in Woodstock prior to their Jan. 5 match against The Sherpa Empire in the final home match of the season, both to honour the final match to be played at the stadium prior to its expected demolishing and to mark the 11th anniversary of the Miracle at Marshall, an unranked Sarzonia's 2-0 result over The Han Empire in their second match of World Cup 44 qualifying. That Stars team ended up playing to 2-2 and 3-3 draws against world No. 1 and two-time defending champion Valanora, including an away match in the final match of qualifying that saw the Stars leading the Elves 3-1 with 20 minutes remaining before the champions came back with two goals to eliminate the Stars from contention.

That Stars team finished 4-7-3 with a goal differential of plus-2 with 25 goals scored and 23 goals conceded. This Stars team currently sit one match over .500 with a plus-2 goal differential. The difference, of course, is the years between returns have seen many more footballing nations take part, thus making higher ranks much more difficult to earn. That, plus this Stars team is padding their results for pride and a possible Cup of Harmony berth rather than fighting to return to the final stage.

That doesn't matter all that much to this team. They'll take the results. They'll take the healing that coming together to overcome adversity and get these results brings them.

It may not have been the result the Stars wanted going in, but they are one of just three unranked sides with a winning record currently. All three sides are returning to the world of international football after extended absences and all three have established football pedigrees.

Squornshelous, the country at the centre of a political row that has raised tensions in External Affairs, sit at 6-6-4 with the highest goal scoring total of the three teams. They've tallied 38 goals but have conceded 36. Meanwhile, Bears Armed are still mathematically alive for a berth in the proper at 8-2-6 and in fifth place in Group 9. They've scored 32 goals and have coughed up 30. Sarzonia's record is only one match above .500, their goal difference is the same, but they've only scored 27 goals and have conceded just 25.

The success of the three unranked sides has been remarkable, but perhaps not surprising given the histories of the three teams involved. That's a matter for another day. For tonight, the Stars will rest, and they will do so with an 11 p.m. curfew imposed by Connelly.

"Better to do that than take any chances," he said.

Of course, the previous bye came prior to the match at Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock against Brenecia, so with the next match against the World Cup 80 champions being in Rozelle, the chances that the Stars would even want a night on the town in Woodstock would be remote anyway.
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Postby HUElavia » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:21 am

HUElavia give up points in another home game!

Once again, HUElavia was hosting World Cup Qualifiers at home, this time at the Estadio Banco de HUElavia in Fuenteque, against The Ross Isles, using mainly the B-Team, with the exception of Amaru and Rocheteau from the regular starters playing. HUElavia expected an easy victory.

HUElavia took the lead in the 35th minute, when a cross by Rocheteau met the leg of Navarro, who chipped it in to make it 1-0, making the stadium roar and cheer with the lead. HUElavia had more opportunities, including a missed open net shot by Hamada, but to no avail as the first half ended 1-0.

The second half was roughly the same as the first, with Los Amarillos giving shot after shot, but being blocked by the goalkeeper or defenders. A free kick by Navarro came very close to going in, but narrowly went over the bar. The Ross Isles would shock the country though, as a cross by one of the midfielders met the head of the winger, who headed it past Armelino in the 90th minute, to tie it at 1-1. With the crowd shocked, HUElavia tried to give a few more attempts, but to no avail, as the match ended 1-1, and HUElavia drew for the 2nd straight match.

With the draw, HUElavia still retain 2nd place with 36 points, but only have a 1-point lead over Mercedini who won 5-3 on the road at Competitive Solitaire. HUElavia will travel to Folmara next, where the match will be played at Stade de Ragnac (65,000). Los Amarillos are obligated to win their remaining matches if they wish to Qualify to World Cup 84, which Group 3 is coming down to the wire. Starblaydia still lead the group with 39 points with a game in hand, while HUElavia and Mercedini follow with their "bye weeks" coming up. Eastfield Lodge is still mathematically able to qualify, but if HUElavia or Mercedini passes 37 points, they are eliminated. From the looks of it, the final matchday may be the day that 2nd place will be officially decided when the Top 4 teams will face off.

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Postby Audioslavia » Fri Jan 03, 2020 8:00 am

The only subtitles for this episode are YouTube's automated ones. We'll change this soon enough.

All videos are and will remain Unlisted on YouTube. The only way to find them is through links on the NS Sport forum.

I have not monetised any of The Idiot Project videos. If you see an advert, it is because YouTube puts adverts on videos with copyrighted music. The Idiot Project is strictly non-profit.

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The World Cup Scorigami database will be made publicly available after the conclusion of this series.

Please do not post spoilers on Discord or the forums.

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Chapter 1
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Postby Bears Armed » Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:22 am

Bears Armed vs. Port Ember
Venue: Waterstad International Stadium, Waterstad Borough, Port Ember Megalopolis, Republic of Port Ember
Score: 1-3.

Bears Armed (1): Rangh’harr (#17) @ 47’ (assist: Russett [#4]).
Port Ember (3): Moult (#7) @ 39’ (assist: Reddington [#10]); Nicovic (#9) @ 70’ (assist: Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford [#11]); Bowman (#22 [sub.]) @ 86’ (assist: Chamberlain [#8]).

Red Cards

Substitutions due to Injury

(journalist’s notes)
It’s hot here. Hot, hot, HOT! I really don’t envy the Belles, despite the fame that they’re earning, having to run around in these conditions.

Port Ember, like Bears Armed, have won all of their games since the mid-qualifiers break: Ranked at oneYonkh-twoEights-and-sixth in the world, group’s fifth seed. Come to this game from 6-2 away win over Xanneria (4th seed, 6th in table i.e. just below Belles), against whom they now — like the Belles — have done the double.(1)… and have already faced & beaten both Valanora (1st seed/top of table) and Kelssek (4th seed/now 4th in table), whom the Belles have yet to face during this half of qualifiers: on the other paw, they have yet to play their second fame against Ethane (2nd seed, now 3rd in table) who lost last week to Belles… and Ethane, like urrs, still has a game in hand over them. Nobody in this group has secured qualification yet, few in other groups neither.

Belles’ line-up
(#1) Karramarrsar Ulgha (GK)
(#2) Urrsa Irrumerrhabarra (LB)
(#3) Urrth’hrra Mead (RB)
(#4) Errinth’hrra Russett (Lyn) [C]

(#5) Harroya o Sarrndale (ML)
(#17) Nennu Rangh’harr (Ha.] (MR)
(#7) Nerretta Barris (LF)
(#10) Urrma Kuthbearrh (CF)
(#11) Karra Brent (RF)
(#23) Marra o Redbank (LW)
(#13) Sarranna White (RW)

(#15) Marra O TrustyHand (GK)
(#21) Mirra Thunderbolt (RM/RF)
(#24) Beorranna Norr-Vurra (F [any]/RW)
(#25) Jirroth’hra daughter-of-Harrieth’hrra (Ha.] (Mid or Wing, pref. R)
(#32) Marra Lightning (B/Lyn/M, either)
(#33) Urra-Marra Bright (M/Lyn/F, pref. L)
(#34) Emerladina Sunbird (M/W, pref. L)

Belles win toss, Kuthbearrh kicks-off to Brent but she’s dispossessed quickly by Reddington and hosts counter-attack… to-&-fro, first shot on target is theirs with Nikovic in thirteenth minute but K. Ulgha smothers it easily. We counter-attack, they counter-attack, outfield players on both sides so “balanced” that neither goalie has much to do… Belles more powerful, of course, but ‘Young Dragons’ at home more accustomed to the heat. Urrgah! Hosts’ strategy of trying to tire out opponents before going fully on offensive actually starting to work — despite Ursine stamina — here… By three-quarters of way to the break, Kuthbearrh seems a bit dizzy, passes clumsily to Barris but Reddington intercepts near mid-line and runs it up to Moult who launches shot from just outside goal area and slides ball just outside of K. Ulgha’s right leg into net for first goal of game. Kuthbearrh taken off, replaced by Norr-Vurra) (#24).Urrsarra signals Belles to adopt a more defensive stance, presumably until half-time, & chance to cool down. So, Belles go into break 1-0 down.
Urrsarra makes two changes to line-up now, using both remaining substitutions: K. Ulgha and Irrumerrhabarra both off, with O TrustyHand [#15] & Lightning [#34] as direct replacements. Doing this to strengthen defence end of team maybeso leads Dragons to expect continued emphasis on defensive play from Belles, whether reliance on counter-attacks for future advances or even settling for defeat &d trying to hold score at just 1-0, but if so then they’re wrong: Belles come out, refreshed, back on offensive and only two minutes later Russett’s long pass forwards is received by Rangh’harr — near touchline, about 24 yards from far end — who runs around & between trio of defenders to launch a desperate-looking shot that just gets into top left of net instead of going over or wide… Equalises!
Three minutes later, disaster! Lightning has hamstring problem, can’t continue, and with all 3 of the allowed substitutions already used the Belles now have to continue with only 10 girls on the pitch.(2) Yes, the second match in a row for which that was the case, although with a different reason to the previous one!
Midfielders fall back to solidify defence, attackers fall back to just inside own half as well, plan now evidently is hope that opponents slip up. Belles do their best, hold out for just over half of remaining time, but then Nicovic slots ball home into top right of net from edge of box — through Mead’s legs — to secure win for Dragons and then Bowman’s header from right next to the left post is just “icing on the cake” for them. Several of our girls visibly drooping as they leave pitch.

This and day’s other results (inc. wins for both Valanora and Ethane over teams several places below urrs; bye day for Kelssek) actually leave ALL positions in group’s table unchanged, but obviously points difference that Belles must overcome to qualify has increased... could still catch up even with Valanora, in theory, but only with 4 wins for urrs & 4 losses for them…
We’re now the lowest-placed team in this group that has even hypothetical chance of going to Cup itself… and now the only one left out of qualifiers’ DoubleEight-and-six ‘Unranked’ teams that can still hope for this.


(from ‘The Bear Necessities’…)

Belles Undaunted… But Changes Needed

Urrsarra Northgate has announced major changes to the Belles’ line-up ahead of their meeting with Lisander at Wimbley on Owlsday, but denies that this is due to a loss of faith in any of the dropped players’ abilities after the team’s 3-1 loss away to Port Ember three days ago.
“That defeat was unfortunate”, she told our reporter, “but neither I nor anybearry else in our team’s management is blaming any of those girls for it.
“The heat there on the day of the game, so close to the Equator, was simply too much for them: I’m proud that they managed to hold out even as well as they did, especially bearing in mind how highly their opponents were ranked on the basis of past performance. These changes have been made because our medical staff advise that all of the girls who are being withdrawn from the “first team” list need longer to recover physically from playing under those conditions… Marra Lightning’s unfortunate hamstring problem will keep her off of the active list for the rest of these qualifiers, but all of the others should be ready to return for the game against Valanora in three
“And there are three ways in which this situation isn’t as bad as it could be: Firstly, of course, even the players who haven’t been starting regularly for the Belles during this competition so far were chosen for proven ability and have been undergoing supervised training during this period, so we aren’t having to search around quickly to find newcomers; secondly, the two games for which so many regulars will be unavailable are — at least — against sides that have appeared relatively weak so far; and thirdly, Steffannee Bruin — having served her one game’s suspension for the red card “awarded” to her during our win against Razneta — is available for use again.”

Belles to face Lisander
(#27) Charranna o Barrdenn (GK)
(#16) UrrsarraShipbear (LB)
(#31) Marra Oldcastle (RB)
(#17) Nennu Rangh’harr [Ha.] (Lyn.) [acting Captain]
(#6) Steffannee Bruin (MR)
(#20) Gyrrthhra Urrswald’s-Stone (ML)
(#21) Mirra Thunderbolt (RF)
(#37) Amarr’hrrree o Redwood (CF)
(#23) Marra o Redbank (LF)
(#25) Jirroth’hra daughter-of-Harrieth’hrra [Ha.] (RW)
(#26) Hannorra Scarlett [VV] (LW)

(#14) Serranna Orchards (GK)
(#35) Karra Bronze (M or B, pref. R)
(#36) Karrh’hreena o Goodsword (B or M, pref. L)
(#33) Urra-Marra Bright (Lyn., ML or LF)
(#34) Emerladina Sunbird (M or W)
(#11) Karra Brent (F or W)
(#24) Beorranna Norr-Vurra (F or W)


OOC Footnotes

1. “have done the double against” = “have beaten in both the ‘home’ leg & the ‘away’ leg of the 2 games scheduled between those teams during a particular competition”.

2. Situation inspired, OOC, by a similar problem that beset RL team ‘Newcastle FC’ in a recent Premier League game.
The Confederated Clans of the Free Bears of Bears Armed
(includes The Ursine NorthLands) Demonym = Bear[s]; adjective = ‘Urrsish’.
Our population is approximately 20 million. We do have a national government, although its role is strictly limited. Economy = thriving. Those aren't "biker gangs", they're our traditional cross-Clan 'Warrior Societies'... and are generally respected, not feared.
Author of some GA Resolutions, via Bears Armed Mission; subject of an SC resolution.
Factbook. We have more than 70 MAPS. Visitors' Guide.
The IDU's WA Drafting Room is open to help you.
Author of issues #429, 712, 729, 934, 1120, 1152.

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Melancholy at Matai: The Tale of Burakuriri State University's football team
Written by sportswriter and general office room weirdo Shinji Boisbriand-Kagawa.

Light rain falls over the Burakuriri State Football Stadium. A venue with a capacity of 10.000, now seating only about 250 souls who decided to attend the tryouts for the University's football team. It's the second time in four years that the University, once a name in the higher echelon of Hinodejin football now struggling to even fill a mere three percent of itself. Where is everybody, you might ask?

To make one thing clear, Burakuriri State University wasn't the first institution to lace their boots for a game of football in the state leagues: the currently independent outfit Hiun University, then known as Hiuni University, played the Rakun municipality team on February 20th, 2025 for the first matchday of the Kameria State League. Still, the boys from Matai were probably one of the few institutions to reach the heights of playing the Trophy of Eden.

In 2044, the team travelled from their home in Burakuriri to be the first of three University-based teams to participate in the entire history of the hallowed tournament. Unlike the 2060 entrants of Shirobara University and Enkuruma University, the University's club actually did win the Burakuriri State League in the previous year. The club was then drawn in Group A, together with hosts Hasumi City Sports Club (current-day Hasumi Tenshin) and fellow state champions: Minamikawa Zaibatsu (from Uchina, current-day Paradiso Saiyu), Shenmue Zaibatsu (from Ainushima, now professional side Tobari Potemkin), Poru Tech (from Ume-Aburana, merged with other small-time teams to form amateur side Ondori United) and Inagaki Cosmetics (from Kuroba, later turned professional and joined the Central Hinode League as Ayane Inagaki). The University Kids failed miserably in their one participation, scoring three goals, suffering nine, barely scraping a draw against fellow underling Inagaki Cosmetics. At the end of the tournament, Hasumi City SC and Minamikawa Zaibatsu performed reasonably but saw the title end up in the hands of the Gardenia Athletic Girls Club (current day Yuzuhira Belleza) with Azara Rosadora's progenitor Azara Sports Club in second.

Funnily enough, they actually would get a second invitation to the Trophy of Eden, following another state league win in 2052. Weary of what happened the last time around, the University politely refused the invitation, which led to Barutomai Reforming Social Club, runners-up, going to Kinokomura, Kameria for the following season's Trophy of Eden. While Barutomai would clinch an invite to the newly formed KiHi-League 4 (as Barutoromai Saints), BSU and University football as a whole took a dent with the professionalization that Hinodejin football was sinking their teeth in.

Many people could, can and will argue about the merits of football at the university level. It can be a distraction, which has been weighted massively as a con to some, which could explain the Imperial Forces Academy's erratic behaviour regarding their football team after their title win in the very first Hinodejin Intercollegiate Football League season. It also features a whole sum of expenses that, while usually handled by sponsors, mean that most institutions not only have to worry about the whole reason they exist in the first place (higher-level learning) but they also have to worry about whether or not the football team representing them is in a proper state of competitivity. Additionally, the Intercollegiate Football League sees larger travel time, even with the current technological advances of the Empire as is. Historically, that was a problem with Mido-Hinode University, easily the finest football institution at their part of the Empire but very distant from their rivals in the same range of talent, which is what made the University briefly reconsider having a football team, to begin with.

So, what are the positives of university football, Shinji? Sure, I've been listing mostly negative points against this level of football but let's not forget the main reason university football even exists, it's a breeding ground for Hinodejin talent. Hinodejin youth club football has often been seen as an erratic system that hurt development for players due to what was seen as a "lack of spirit" in the youth club level at the time while most prospects came from lower league teams or amateur sides. University football so far can claim Iori Saitou, Sang Kyung-Ja, Ikki Tokei, Choji Matsumono-Gide, Myozan Namezono and many others, not even counting the myriads of players that bounced into the Hinodejin leagues via spending time on the Intercollegiate Football League. Additionally, it gives institutions something to do, which many consider a good thing as it drives attendance higher for the universities themselves and it's not really required that they have any sort of scholarship process. Teams like Beart College, Imperial Forces Academy, Zora Institute and the Metropolitan Institute don't have scholarship programs but at least two of those have been competent performers year after year, which shows that you don't really need to go through all sorts of trouble to build up a team.

Back then, football inside the schools was all over the place: most teams played independently of their state league, arranging games against nearby institutions and never really playing professional teams. Exceptions came with the likes of Hiuni, Miare, Burakuriri State and Uranai but their participations were usually filler, with Burakuriri State being the major exception and the honest true competitor of the whole bunch. The thing is, by the late 50s, most university teams had already stepped down from the state leagues, citing a lack of quality opposition which never made up for attendances rivalling those of the past. Despite their good performances, Burakuriri State also saw their attendance drop as the level of the opposition dropped as well. The team would eventually be deactivated in 2065, after a couple of years playing an independent schedule.

Koji Suzumarukishi, then captain of Burakuriri State University's brief revived team following the team's draw against Ainushima University on the Selective Tournament wrote:I think they're underestimating our skills as a football team. Sure, we didn't go out of our way to recruit players from the All-Hinodejin League but there's a good reason for that: Burakuriri State is the home of greats and will not need players from outside to perform great.

Burakuriri State University's series of revivals started in 2080, mostly for festive reasons where the University would come up with a makeshift team for friendlies against professional teams from the Burakuriri province before trying to suit up for the state league in the early 2100s. Some of the university's presidents would use a proper revival of the football team to entice voting in their favour before usually dropping it, which ended up hurting them in the long run as the team that would otherwise be a given at the original season of the Hinodejin Intercollegiate Football League found itself bumped off for way less respected teams.

However, things seemed to be looking up with the announcement of the Selective Tournament, a knock-out cup that would end up signalling four teams for the following season of Intercollegiate Football. Joining teams from all over the Empire was a brand new Burakuriri State University, led by Madao Suzumarukishi and his son Koji, neither of them with any major football experience but with the hopes that they could indeed form a team capable of qualifying to the Intercollegiate Football League in spite of being a rather grassroots team with little star power and a direct refusal to invite players from the High School level to shine in this tournament that turned out to be a one-season deal.

The team's first game was at Ainushima University, where the team somehow managed to get away with a four-to-two win, including a goal by Koji himself which would then be followed by a two-two draw at Burakuriri in front of 2.000 paying attendants, a rather inauspicious start but with enough prospect for the future. Of course, as you might expect, Burakuriri State University was then set to play Asakawa College at the First Round Proper, which was pretty much where the four teams that were relegated from the Football League started out at the tournament and suffice to say, the game against Asakawa presented a lot of problems: the Violets were from Ume-Aburana but on the way from Matai to Saru (more or less halfway through the entirety of the main island), the team had to face heavy rain and sleet. They arrived with a half-day rest and then played a way more organized team. Burakuriri did manage to only suffer two goals but failed to score at the Saru Royal Grounds. At home, they were actually leading two-nil against the institution named after the Hinodejin royal clan, until a goal by a young Mizuki Asakawa (currently trying her hand at a masters degree, also happens to be a member of the Asakawa royal clan as the name implies) saw the legend of Burakuriri State die a death once again.

In what has to be its' twelveth revival, the very tryout I referred to earlier in this text is actually being run by Hideyoshi Minigame, the son of legendary top scorer Sakura from the early days of the KiHi-League. Sakura herself never attended the institution although her first main squad game in her career was a two-one victory against BSU when she briefly played for the Rosetta Athletic Club. The team will probably play an independent schedule before aligning with one of the other leagues of the Empire, following a severe refusal of admission by the Intercollegiate Football League. Odds are they'll be joining the Insular Intercollegiate League but most fans ponder if this Burakuriri State team will get anywhere close to their prideful moments in a league currently dominated by the Miishima Polytechnical Institute.

One thing is certain, however. The rain will keep falling in this legendary stadium... It's the wet season, after all.
Let the sun burn my eyes / Let it burn my back
At the beach / In my dreams / But you still
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The IC follow-up to Northern Sunrise Islands / Demonym: Hinodejin (singular, plural)

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Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

Seven In a Row For Our Dragons!

Port Ember 3 - 1 Bears Armed

By Erica Davies - Port Ember Times Sports Section

The Port Emberian Dragons pulled off yet another consecutive victory in the second half of the World Cup 84 Qualification Season, when they defeated the Bears Armed National Team in an home match this past Match Day 17.

The second half of the qualifier season sees Port Ember facing off against all the teams they have allready faced in the first half, allowing the oppertunity to exact revenge on lost matches - or reprove themselves. This second match against Bears Armed was a chance for our young team to prove to themselves and the world that it was not luck that brought them their previous 2-1 victory.

This win has resulted in slightly settling Port Ember into the hotly contested second place on the group table, which is a Qualification spot. Altough qualifying now seems to be a reality, the road ahead is boding to be a hard fought one, as the closest competing teams played on less match than our Dragons.

This win now sets our national team on an impressive seven game winstreak.

This home match was played at a fully packed Waterstad International Stadium, situated in the Waterstad Borough of the capital - Port Ember Megalopolis; Republic of Port Ember.

The Game - Summary

This match marked the seventh match of the second half of the qualifier season, and was a truly entertaining match as both sides gave it their all on the pitch.

Just a reminder - we have been informed that our opponents are true sentinent - and talking bears, and not large humans in bear costumes as some gossip tabloids suggests.

The game commenced with the Bears launching attacks from the get go, but the Port Emberian captain Ray Reddington kept putting pressure to the attackers, stealing posession and launching an immediate counter, faltering against a strong defence - and this continued rellentlessly as the Bears continued launching attacks, and the Dragon's midfield shutting it down and following up with counters - linking up with star striker Danny Nicovic having his shot at goal stopped by the opposing keeper in minute 13, reproving the danger the Port Emberian midfield can pose when they are on form. This trend continued as the Bears continued attacking rellentlessly, and the Port Emberian midfield continiously shutting it down and launching counters, until one of these counters paid off with striker Leon Moult breaking through and scoring with an assist from Reddington in minute 39.

The second half commences with the Bears yet again going onto the attack and caught the defenders sleeping, with Rangh’harr scoring in minute 47.

Immediately following this goal, Lightning picks up a nasty hamstring injury and is forced to be recalled from play - but as the Bears has allready used all three substitutes, they are left with 10 players on the field, which forces this team to adopt a more defencive play.

The Dragons immediately capitalises on this weaklink and presses constant attacks down range, with
Danny Nicovic scoring in minute 70 and substitute striker Ryan Bowman scoring with a header in minute 86, closing the match with a 3-1 win for the hosts.

The Fans

The 100 000 Port Emberian fans in attendance were back to their standard noisy and passionate antics, cheering and energising their young team.

Port Emberian Player Scores

Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Peter Smith - 7/10. The 'Rock' had a quite day between the sticks as the midfield and defence held firm. Allowed only one goal past him.

Center Back (CB)(#2): Josh Richards - 7/10. Josh was a solid defender, executing brilliant tackles when required for the full 90 minutes. Although not the most technical player, his physical strength and fitness got the job done in a manner which could inspire many future footballers.

Center Back (CB)(#3): Jason Lee. 8/10. 'The Backline Prince' did what he does best for the full 90 minutes - organise and rally the backline. Surely responsible for assisting his side in keeping the opposing score low.

Full Back (LB)(#4): Alex Kuhn - 6/10. The opposition mostly avoided the left backline for most of the match, giving Alex a peacefull match, which was not his mistake. When shots were taken into his reach, Alex managed to hold up his own.

Full Back (RB)(#5): Russel Pierce - 7/10. Was a solid defender, executing brilliant tackles when required for the full 90 minutes. Although not the most technical player, his physical strength and fitness got the job done in a manner which could inspire many future footballers.

Attacking Midfield (AM)(#10): Ray Reddington - 10/10. Brilliant day for the Captain on the field. Never failed to exploit potentiol gaps during offences and managed to create gaps when there was none. Assisted an excellent goal due to good midfield-striker chenistry. This was a true 'midfielder's game' and can be credited for this victory.

Defensive Midfield (DM)(#6): Steven Packard - 8/10. Great day for Steven as he worked hard, and managed to link up well with Reddington to create counter attack oppertunities. This was a true 'midfielder's game' and can be credited for this victory.

Wide Midfield (LM)(#8): Jason Chamberlain - 7/10. This was a true 'midfielder's game' and can be credited for this victory. Also assisted in a score.

Wide Midfield (RM)(#11): Eric Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford - 7/10. Had a excellent field day and proved his worth as the newcomer to the team. Assisted an excellent goal due to good midfield-striker chenistry.

Central Forward (CF)(#7): Leon Moult - 8/10. Seemed to be back to his normal and brilliant form as he posed constant threats to the opposition defence. Scored an excellent goal.

Central Forward (CF)(#9): Danny Nicovic 8/10. Proved to the world that he is deserving of his Star Status, picking up a excellent goal.

Match Stats

Match: Port Ember Vs Bear Armed

Location: Port Ember

Result: 3 - 1 Win for Port Ember

Goals - Port Ember: Danny Nicovic; Leon Moult; Ryan Bowman.

Goals - Bears Armed: Rangh’harr

Man of the Match - Port Ember: Ray Reddington

Aftermatch word from the Coach

"I am very proud of how our lads played today. We truly have a champion team representing our nation. I just wish to thank our visitors for giving us hell today, as its an honor to play against strong teams - its what drives us to become a better team. I am also dissapointed in the effects which our tropical heat bode - and the fact that you were forced to play with 10 players for the entire second half. These factors were no ones's fault, but it g gave us a small advantage which I despise. Sorry for your troubles!" Coach Baxter

Article by Erica Davies
Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

The Port Emberian Dragons prepares to face off against Ethane as part of the World Cup 84 Qualifier Season!

Pre Match Analysis & Interview

By Erica Davies - Port Ember Times Sports Journal

The road to World Cup 84 Qualifiers is in full swing as Match Day 19 is upon the Port Emberian side.

Port Ember's national team will square off against Ethane in their eighteenth match of the World Cup 84 Qualification Season, to be played at the King Edward IV Stadium, - the traditional home of the Ethane National Team, located in New Sarum, Ethane.

This match marks the second time that these two teams will meet on the football field, Port Ember having lost their first encounter earlier this season with a narrow 2 - 1 score.

Team Stats Analysis


This team is currently ranked as the 32nd best team in the world on the international ranking system, and posesses a decent footballing history and a strong and developed football culture and infrastructure.

This team is currently placed in position 3 of 11 on the qualifier table - with 33 points ammassed so far, with 10 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, scoring a total of 42 goals while allowing 27 goals to be scored against them.

Port Ember:

This team is ranked as the 86th best team in the world currently and has proven to be a formiddable and adaptable new team on the international field prior to the start of this season.

This is only the second international season in which Port Ember is partaking, and they have managed to jump to their current ranking in only that short period. The international sports media have regularly called this team the 'Dark Horse' of the group due to them making a name for themselves so quickly.

Even though the team has struggled to find their rhythm in the first half of the qualifier season, it appears that their old and dangerous form had reappeared after the Holiday Break, as they now are on a 7 game winning streak.

This team is currently placed in position 2 of 11 on the qualifier table - with 34 points ammassed so far, scoring a total of 41 goals while allowing 29 goals to be scored against them.

Team Analysis - Port Ember


This team is known for their highly aggressive offences and legendary counter attacks, with world class strikers. The striker duo also seems on excellent form lately.


Traditionally the strongest component of this team, under command of the amazing Reddington. The midfield is a dangerous element to its oponents, acting as an attacking defence and sets up the front line well with attacking oppertunities.


The backline is displaying a better form than normal, yet is still not its strongest compoment, focussing more on fluid attacks and counter attacks.


Analysts have nothing but praise for Peter Smith the starting goalie. The young man is a legend in the making.


The team has a impressive line-up of substitutes, whom have received field time recently, adding possible depth to the team when needed. The extra attention they have received from the assistant coach is sure to play a important role as well.

Team Morale & Cohesion:

This team seems to have regained their composure and morale, standing united against any opposition. Their previous seven wins in a row, three of those against much stronger opononents, have boosted morale immensely.

Current Form:


This team is on a current 7 game winning streak, and has the looks of a champion team at the moment.

Typical Gameplan: Their typical system of tiring out and frustrating their opponents in an attempt to pull their 'Bait Ambush' is a risky play which can easily go wrong and concede a goal. However when it works, it is highly effective.

Team Analysis - Ethane


This team employes a system dubbed "Rotational Football" - a system which caught our inexperienced team completely offguard in our previous encounter. This system's core is placing constant pressure on the opposition, and the idea that individual players aren't stuck to their positions but can move around and change positions throughout the game, allowing a strong level of fluidity within the team's tactics.


This team employes a system dubbed "Rotational Football" - a system which caught our inexperienced team completely offguard in our previous encounter. This system's core is placing constant pressure on the opposition, and the idea that individual players aren't stuck to their positions but can move around and change positions throughout the game, allowing a strong level of fluidity within the team's tactics.


This team employes a system dubbed "Rotational Football" - a system which caught our inexperienced team completely offguard in our previous encounter. This system's core is placing constant pressure on the opposition, and the idea that individual players aren't stuck to their positions but can move around and change positions throughout the game, allowing a strong level of fluidity within the team's tactics.


Analysts have nothing but praise for the starting goalie, and have proven to be a goalkeeping machine between the sticks.


The team has a impressive line-up of substitutes, whom have received field time recently, adding possible depth to the team when needed.

Team Morale & Cohesion:

This is one of the strongest teams in the group, and were practically assured of a qualification spot from the start. However a few nasty setbacks combined with constant good performances from Port Ember and Kelssek are now jeapordising this honor, and it remains to be seen how they will deal with this pressure.

Current Form:


Despite a brilliant start to their season, they have struggled to maintain their momentum in the second half of the season, throwing points and morale away against teams they were expected to win.

Typical Gameplan:

"Rotational Football"

Starting Line-Ups

Port Ember

Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Peter Smith.

Center Back (CB)(#2): Josh Richards.

Center Back (CB)(#3): Jason Lee.

Full Back (LB)(#4): Alex Kuhn.

Full Back (RB)(#5): Russel Pierce.

Attacking Midfield (AM)(#10): Ray Reddington.

Defensive Midfield (DM)(#6): Steven Packard.

Wide Midfield (LM)(#8): Jason Chamberlain.

Wide Midfield (RM)(#11): Eric Tosaír of the Tribe of Waterford

Central Forward (CF)(#7): Leon Moult.

Central Forward (CF)(#9): Danny Nicovic.


Altough the team roster is available, the starting squad for the upcoming match has not been released.

Team Kit

Port Ember have announced that they will play with their primary kit in their upcoming match.


Pre Match Interview with Coach Stuart Baxter:

Erica Davies: Coach, first off, congratulations are in order - the hard fought for victory over Bears Armed is the talk of the entire nation!

Coach Baxter: Thank you Erica! It was a good match, as was our last encounter. That team truly always brings forth a big and hard fight, and our young team is forced to be at their best in order to bring back the rum! Its always an honor to play such a talented team.

Erica Davies: Thanks for that Coach! So you are about to face the very team whom poses your largest and closest threat for your qualification hopes. Feeling any pressure?

Coach Baxter: Offcourse I am feeling the pressure Erica. I do not foresee Ethane losing any of their remaining matches, so if we lose against them tomorow, our qualification dream is snuffed. The next match is a MUST WIN for us - no doubt about that.

Erica Davies: So coach, Ethane is next. How are you feeling?

Coach Baxter: Well like I said, its a must win match for us, so the pressure is steeping in. Then there is other facts to contend with, for example they are the second strongest team in this group on paper, and have proven to be footballing legends. They have also defeated us in our previous encounter offcourse, and this time they have the added he ground advantage. And their 'Rotational Football' system is something very unorthodox and difficult to prepare for.

But its not all doom and gloom news for us though! We are on our greatest ever form with 7 consecutive victories in a row as proof. Furthermore, I studied their playstyle intensively - and I think I have cracked the key to their defeat.

Erica Davies: Well said coach! Well thats all for today - and we as a nation hope you all the luck and fortune for tomorow!

Article by Erica Davies
Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

The World Cup 84 Qualification Season

A Closer Look at Group 9 Results

By Gerhard Black - Port Ember Times Sports Journal

This article aims to take a closer look into the broader events and results relating to our opposition whom also forms part of Group 9 of the World Cup 84 Qualification Season.

Match Day 18 Results & Analytical Opinion

Valanora 4–0 Appalachian Nation

No surprises here, as the 5 times world champions returned to form and smashed their opponents. Its an pleasure to watch these legends perform at their peak form.

Ouna 3–2 Five Cities

It was a enteraining match and ended as predicted.

Lisander 2–3 Xanneria

The thundering offensive tactics of Xanneria is always a pleasure to observe, and it paid off for them against a much weaker side, who gave it their all. Hats off to both teams.

Port Ember 3–1 Bears Armed

A entertaining and tough match, just as predicted. Our young Dragons are truly on their greatest form to date.

Razneta 1–2 Ethane

Although I would have preffered if Ethane lost this match in order to further our team's possibility of qualifying, it was indeed entertaining to see this great team return to form and raise hell on the pitch.

(Nations listed first was the host of the specific match)

An Analysts opinions on Each Team After Match Day 16


This truly legendary team dominated this group before the Holiday Break, yet is currently stuggling in the second half. Their loss against Port Ember was followed with 2 consecutive draws, followed with two masterclass victories. Even though they are went through a rough patch, I am confident that they will recover and will still end this season on top. Its simple providence.


Although qualification seemed garuanteed for a long time, since the end of Match Day 17, they have lost their spot to our Dragons. They will have to bring forth something hard and special to reclaim their spot from a determimed Port Ember.


They started off slow but have gained massive momentum and is looking dangerous. One of the three teams with a realistic chance to grab the second qualification spot.

Port Ember

Our young Dragons do not have a true hope of actually reaching a qualification spot, although with a perfect combination of the right blessings & curses it might even happen. But this aside, our national team is on their best ever form, and is making our nation pride.

Bears Armed

A team who is making waves and causing some brilliant upsets. Definitely a side to keep an close eye on.


No longer has a chance to qualify, yet has proven to be still dangerous. An exciting team delivering exciting matches.


One of the strongest teams having a terrible season. They have the potentiol to still make some absolute and awesome comebacks.


A team who has once shown potentiol of greatness, but keeps having nasty setbacks.


A weak side whom is known to cause huge upsets when unprepared for, but its too late to do anything meaningfull this season.

Five Cities

A weak side whom is known to cause huge upsets when unprepared for, but its too late to do anything meaningfull this season.

Appalachian Nation

A side whom does not belong in last place. I have watched both games between them and our own national team, and they play their absolute hearts out. Someone needas to fix what ever is broken and fast - such talent and latent potentiol is too good to throw away.

Current Group Standings

Group 9                         Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Valanora 16 12 2 2 58 20 +38 38
2 Port Ember 17 11 1 5 41 29 +12 34
3 Ethane 16 10 3 3 42 27 +15 33
4 Kelssek 16 10 0 6 42 32 +10 30
5 Bears Armed 16 8 2 6 32 30 +2 26
6 Xanneria 16 7 1 8 37 42 −5 22
7 Lisander 16 5 3 8 30 42 −12 18
8 Razneta 17 5 2 10 19 31 −12 17
9 Ouna 16 4 5 7 22 36 −14 17
10 Five Cities 17 3 3 11 31 50 −19 12
11 Appalachian Nation 17 2 4 11 31 46 −15 10

Article by Gerhard Black
Port Ember Times
Sports Journal

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STL|Serviços de Transmissão


Sport | Football|
World Cup 84

Double Bill

New Lusitania 1-1 Grod Island
@Estádio de Coimbra, Coimbra (Att:43 567)

New Lusitania now returned home to the student city ofCoimbra to play against Grod Island. Grod Island had been on the receiving end of New Lusitania's biggest victory in the campaign meaning it was a bit more personal for them. Despite an average first round, they managed the gargantuan defeat of being the only team so far to beat Apox who was on 12 victories, 2 draws and that loss entering this match. It was a must win for many reasons namely getting closer to second as Eraman travelled to Apox and Ko-oren was away at Eshan. For New Lusitania, Patríce would lineup with Vinagrete, Carriça and Cancela alongside Nevais. In Midfield, Breu, Fernando, Veiga and Gama with Jota and Silveira occupying their usual positions. The game started extremely well for New Lusitania, two shots on target by Silveira and another by Veiga set the pace for a blistering first half. It seemed everything was under control and all that was needed was the goal. The emphasis of course is on the word seemed. In the second half, Grod island opened the scoring much to the dismay of the home crowd. From then on, New Lusitania were playing catch-up until they scored the equaliser on the seventy-fifth minute of play. Silveira with a great shot following an assist from Fernando. It was, however, still a bad result for New Lusitania with the distance to second growing instead of shortening. FULL TIME: 1-1

Indusse 2-3 New Lusitania
@Indusse Stadium, Indusse (Att: ?)

Back on the road to see if spirits would raise, New Lusitania would travel East into Indusse. Two changes as Horta and Leiteiro returned as Indusse played their usual eleven with three strikers up front in a 4-2-1-3. New Lusitania to play in bordeaux shirts and shorts as Indusse play orange and white with blue shorts. Indusse started off the game much better and Bekam's first goal at around twenty-fifth minute of play made things a bit more complicated. New Lusitania weren't affected though and soon after Horta gave a key assist to Jota so he could shoot it in to the net and at halftime all was square. Second half and New Lusitania got off well. Silveira would score this time as Veiga played a threaded through pass. A great strike would put the Selecção temporarily in the lead. At the hour mark however, with Butea putting it in in a counter-attack. The goal stood despite considerations by the officiating team of a foul on Nevais - 2-2 and all tied once more. In the dying moments, Veiga passed the ball to Gama who in a sheer moment of brilliance shot it into the net perfectly to take the three points. Sensational stuff! FULL TIME: 2-3

Around The Grounds
Ko-oren beat the ZSeperatists by 1-0 to open a five point gap between them and the Selecção. They are one of the few teams with the same games as New Lusitania however. Eraman was beaten at home by Barfleur (0-2) and Eshan got a point at tricky Tarchusland in a goalless draw. This means the Selecção, Eraman, Eshan and Barfleur can still mathematically advance, though if it's hard for the Selecção it can be harder for the other teams. Eraman can still do it easily as they have a game in hand along with Eshan meaning the former can equal the 35 points of the Dragonflies with slightly more ease. This all means New Lusitania can still appear in the middle of the table at the end even if it doesn't represent the efforts of the team.
In seventh, Grod Island has amassed twenty points as Indusse keeps behind them with fourteen with Tarchusland trailing a point behind. Aldaveria is ninth with ten and the politically unstable condition that broke out in the ZSeperatists mid-qualifiers puts their very existence in question and it had repurcussions on the team. Apox however are top and without playing tonight have confirmed their ticket in World Cup 84 even if they don't win the group, however hard that may seem.
Banija, the Free Republics and Vilita have all done the same with Eura going one better having won the group already. New Lusitania have the two big ones up next playing Eraman at home and Apox away. If they are to have any chance to make it, they'll have to make some points here.

GOALS: Silveira (7), Veiga (5), Gama (5), Fernando (4), Paciente (3), Jota (3), Mário
ASSISTS: Fernando (6), Mário (5), Gama (4), Veiga (4), Paciente (2), Luz, Jota, Moreira, Horta
CARDS: Guerreiros, Fernando, Breu, Gama
INJURIES: Jorge Mário (expected return in around 2 matches)
ADDITIONAL INFO: Horta steps up as back-up LM

World Cup 83 Quals
Top Goalscorers: Silveira (11)
Assists: Fernando (8)
Matchday: Internationals
coverage of the best
STL1 22:00 GMT
World Cup 84
The best of the action on STL, your National Broadcaster.
New Lusitania in exclusive.
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South Covello 1–0 Flavovespia

Flavovespia were close to pulling off a shock result in this match, but ultimately the hosts came through. Flavovespia are now mathematically eliminated from qualification for the World Cup, but even after the 4th Matchday, odds were above 500/1 on it happening.

After the rotation of recent games, it was a simple 1-11 starting line up for Flavovespia in their now commonly used 4-2-2-2. Importantly for the visitors, James King was back in the starting line up. The picturesque Revolution Stadium was the venue, the host lining up in their yellow and light blue stripes, the visitors in all black.

The game began unsurprisingly with South Covello dominant in possession. The hosts play a risk averse game, keen to wait for the opportunity to come to them, instead of forcing it. This left them with a huge advantage in the possession and passing stats. However, Michael and Hall both dropped back, and even Coleman and Daley leaving a big number of bodies in the way of South Covello. With that in mind, there was a lot of sideways, backwards and diagonal passing, but few major risky passes downfield.

South Covello came close twice in the opening half. Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward had a free kick 27 metres out. That didn’t stop him going for it from that range, and David Meehan did well to tip the curving, dipping ball from going in. David Meehan also did well when Coconut Charles looked set to break clear, but just couldn’t get a shot away quick enough before it was smothered by the Flavovespian goalkeeper. Meehan had faced some criticism recently for his performances, but was silencing the critics today.

It was 0-0 at half-time, but all the good chances had gone the way of South Covello. An ambitious 30 metre shot from Steven Hall that was more a threat to the flora and fauna in the valley outside the ground than the goal was all Flavovespia had to show for their efforts. That said, they’d never complain about drawing at half time with one of the world’s finest teams.

The second half seemed to follow much of the pattern of the first half. South Covello were relentless in possession, but never seemed that keen to go for the killer ball, and Flavovespia were just doing enough to keep them at bay. Flavovespia weren’t without a few opportunities, and Terence Daley did force a save out of Matthew Tyler with a half decent shot.

Nevertheless, it became a matter of counting down the minutes for Flavovespia, and wondering if they really could go all the way and hold on for a famous result away in South Covello. Some fans were getting flashbacks of that 1-1 draw to Eura in their debut campaign, or the two victories over 95X in the AOCAF Cup 59.

Sadly for Flavovespia, the dream was shattered in the 81st minute. Lonzo Gordon-McHayward-Greensward-Squidward played the ball into the path of substitute striker Woody Woodstock. Woodstock got himself into a good position, and hit an accurate and powerful shot, that Meehan had no real chance of stopping. 1-0 to the hosts, a score that felt inevitable, and yet still saddening for the visitors.

Flavovespia did try and throw a bit more forward at the end, but South Covello were content to put plenty of players behind the ball for the final minutes, and take even fewer risks than before. In the end, the final whistle would go to finish the game at 1-0. South Covello got the win they needed, to almost certainly take them to the World Cup, and the dream was over for Flavovespia.

For Flavovespia, they lie 6 points off of 8th placed Bluiji, and the chances of Flavovespia finishing outside the bottom 3 do look remote with games vs Qasden (H) and Filindostan (A) coming up. At the top of the group, South Covello on 39 points need only 2 more points to definitely qualify. Ziwana (30 points) and Qasden one point behind but with a game in hand and the H2H vs Ziwana look set to fight it out to the end for the second ticket to Cassadaigua and Baker Park

Post Match Interviews

Richard Crawford on the result “It’s always tough to lose, even when you’re expected to. South Covello were the better team, but they’re expected to be. You can’t be harsh on anyone from the side for that result.”

Richard Crawford on Flavovespia’s chances of getting out the Bottom 3 “Nothing is impossible, the next 2 games are tough, no doubt about that. But then we finish with 2 very winnable games as I see it, and we can still do it with some more wins”.

Steven Hall in playing in South Covello “They’re one of those nations that everyone’s heard of, so to face them competitively is a great honour. It wasn’t the result we wanted, but the lads still feel pleased with how we did, and we can only learn from this”

James King on his return “It is good to be back on the pitch. I was disappointed to have to miss 2 games with a small injury. Of course we wanted to get a better result against South Covello, but if we can play like this against other teams, we will get a better result”

David Meehan on his performance “Well I did concede, which sadly made the difference. You want to keep a clean sheet, but credit to that striker, it was a good shot. I’m hoping I’m doing enough to keep my place in the team”

A History of Football in Flavovespia

Part 16

The decade of 29BU-20BU would see considerable change to both the footballing world of Greater Waldster, and the nation itself. At times these changes were intertwined, others were independent of each other, however this decade changed a lot about the nation’s football.

29BU saw the GWNFA Super League further relax its policies on kits. Over the last few seasons, although they held a veto on kit colour changes, and provided a stock collection of templates to choose from, changes had been made. Away kits were now an option for the GWNFA Super League teams. They were introduced a handful of years ago instead of trying to force all teams to wear a home kit throughout the season. The expansion of the league made that unviable.

The kit freedom gave the nation some iconic kits in the GWNFA Super League. For the first time, St Aston City included their famous cross on their shirts, creating a famous kit well recognised across the nation. Hadford Hill switched from white shorts to red shorts, creating their famous all-red look that has stood the test of time. A few teams also went with some unconventional changes. Havermilly abandoned their claret and black colour scheme, for a light and dark blue kit. Langmere Green Rovers also wore a pale green kit, an unusual colour scheme.

28BU however saw some ugly scenes published across the nation. The growing popularity of the GWNFA Super League saw tens of thousands watch games in person, including thousands of away fans, with millions watching derby games on TV. For the police and authorities however, the increase in crowds brought an increase in anti-social behaviour and hooliganism. Matches between Waldster and Hadford Hill, Loxthorpe Rovers and Langmere Green Rovers, any of the outer Waldster derbies and the Lunselbury derby had seen notable numbers of arrests in and outside stadiums, and trouble brewing. This came to a head in this year.

The 10th Matchday of the season saw Kings Lunsel host Abbots Lunsel. The visitors were 2nd in the table, having only lost to Hadford Hill away, and were looking in far better shape than their rivals. An early goal by Kings Lunsel made it seem like they’d defeat their rivals. However Abbots Lunsel got an 86th minute equaliser, which shocked the crowd, who were hopeful to win over their rivals.

Then, in the 90th minute, Robby Henderson, who’d been on the end of a lot of stick from the home fans, smashed home the winner. Henderson’s response was to run up to a particularly vocal section of the Kings Lunsel crowd, and make a 2-1 gesture, holding up his fingers in an obscene way. The already angry crowd were furious, and a few bottles and a shoe were chucked at him and a bottle clipped the side of his face. This caused pandemonium as Henderson charged towards the crowd. Players, substitutes, coaches, stewards and a few fans ended up in a huge brawl on the sidelines, although it should be said several were trying to break up the fight. The match finished 1-2. For his part in the drama, Henderson got himself sent off, fined 2 weeks wages and banned for 6 games. The scenes were described by the national news reporter on the Saturday News headlines as “An ugly stain on the game, behaviour that is totally unprofessional and all involved should be ashamed.” , further adding “nobody wants to watch scenes like that”. As it turned out, Super Sunday the next day, the highlights show of GWNFA Super League football, had its highest ever viewing figures for 3 years.

The reverse fixture was to be played in the 6pm Saturday evening prime time slot on national TV. Tensions were high, and a considerable number of extra police were dispatched. However, even this wasn’t enough. Trouble had already broken out outside the stadium, between the two sets of fans, requiring intervention by police fans to physically form a barrier between the sides. Then inside the ground, fierce exchanges between the two sets of fans saw them try to force their way between the police separating the two sets of fans. That failed, but then a pitch invasion broke out. With hundreds of fans fighting in the pitches and in the stands, all on national TV, it was a chaotic situation. Seats were torn out of the stand and thrown about. Advertising hoardings, the corner flags, goalposts and parts of the pitch all got ruined in the brawl. Needless to say, the game was postponed. Thankfully nobody died, but 23 fans and 7 police and stewards suffered serious injuries, and many more had minor injuries.

The immediate response by the GWNFA was severe on both sides. A points deduction was deemed unfair on the players and those running the sides. However both teams were forced to forfeit all TV money from the game, had their remaining televised games forfeited (although their opponents were still paid out a TV sum), and were forced to play their last home games behind closed doors, and forbidden from having away fans attend any more games this season. Abbots Lunsel, with their stadium in no fit state to host a game, had to play their final home game in the stadium of non-league Crimblewood Park.

Further changes were made commencing in 27BU. The local police had the right to veto suggested TV timings for matches. Derbies would as much as possible be put away from late time slots. More training for police to deal with football related issues occurred. Furthermore, there would be a lifetime ban on all involved in hooliganism, for a while alcoholic beverages were completed banned from stadiums, although this ban was later lifted to no alcoholic drinks in the stands. Club staff were also advised on how to deal with drunk and disorderly fans inside and outside the ground. For the TV companies as well, there were strict instructions to not broadcast hooliganism, as the governance of Greater Waldster blamed that on the trouble last season.

The changes, although harsh at the time, did quickly begin to reduce the issue of hooliganism that had been brewing for a while. For the GWNFA Super League however, they were somewhat disappointed to see that for a few years afterwards, the popularity of football in the nation seemed to have declined. There was a sentiment that the hooliganism issue had dampened the spirit and enjoyment of the game to the neutrals.

There was also a lot of talk in this decade about the state of football outside of the top flight. The United Football League and the Eastern Alliance were growing in popularity and financial clout, especially the former. However, it seemed the door to joining the GWNFA Super League, despite earlier comments by Stephen Parks, was firmly shut. Indeed he had left in 28BU, somewhat a scapegoat of the issues that year, and Anthony McKenna, one of the supporters of the 12 team idea, was his replacement. Expansion of the GWNFA Super League looked very unlikely.

In terms of results, this continued to be a golden age of Hadford Hill and St Astons City. Up to 26BU, they continued their dominance of the Top 2. Behind them was a struggling Waldster, Abbots Lunsel and Kings Lunsel, the 2 Eastern rivals, Loxthorpe Rovers and Langmere Green Rovers, and Carston Green having another decent run. This was an era where there was beginning to be a somewhat divided top and bottom of the league, hence some calling to stage a review of their place in the GWNFA Super League.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:17 pm


We've been defeated heavily over the past few match days, but finally TJUN-ia scored another point: a 3-3 draw away a Geektopia.

Our drought ended by the feet of Joe Green (2) and Kepo Ulawaya.

3 games left. Bring it on.
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:20 pm


Terre Septentrionale beats Casta Marina

Casta Marina - On matchday 17, Terre Septentrionale had to travel to Casta Marina to play against them. Georges-Kévin Vainqueur was the starting goalkeeper for the Nordiques and Player #1 started in net for Casta Marina. Slawomir Skrzeszewski missed the game because of a one game suspension after he received two yellow cards against the Atlantic Republic and Weronika Zubrowska took his place on the starting XI. Terre Septentrionale controlled the ball 55% of the time and shot 16 times with 10 on target. Casta Marina shot 12 times with 7 on target. Terre Septentrionale attacked at the 11th minute when Franciszek Niedzwiecki passed to Pawel Wawrzynkiewicz who dribbled and made a short pass to Sandrine Fontaine who made a header pass to Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa. Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa heads the ball right into the net and it's a goal! 1-0 Terre Septentrionale. Casta Marina scored two unanswered goals before the end of the first half and it was 2-1 casta Marina at the halftime.

The Reprezentacja Nordycki attacked at the 50th minute when Roksana Kolodziejczyk passed to Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa who shoots but Goalkeeper #1 deflects the ball and it goes over the net, it's a corner kick! Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz takes the corner kick, he kicks the ball in the penalty area. Defenseman #3 jumps higher than anyone and clears the ball. The ball is intercepted by Zdzislaw Brzezanczyk who shoots from 100 meters and it's a goal! The game is tied at 2-2. Casta Marina attacked one minute later when Player #8 passed to Player #11 who shoots all over the net, it's a goal kick! Georges-Kévin Vainqueur kicks the ball as far as he can, Sandrine Fontaine and Player #5 both jumps to get the ball. Fontaine jumps higher and makes a header pass to Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa who passes to Roksana Kolodziejczyk on her right. Roksana Kolodziejczyk shoots and she scores! Terre Septentrionale takes a 3-2 lead. Casta Marina tied the game at the 68th minute when Player #6 made a cross to Player #9 and he scores. The Northmen attacked at the 85th minute when Roksana Kolodziejczyk passed backwards to Alicja Jedrzejczyk who dribbled with the ball and passed to Sandrine Fontaine who shoots. It's a goal! Terre Septentrionale takes the lead again and the final score is 4-3!

11th minute: Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa assisted by Sandrine Fontaine
28th minute: Player #10 assisted by Player #7
39th minute: Player #11 unassisted

50th minute: Zdzislaw Brzezanczyk unassisted
51st minute: Roksana Kolodziejczyk assisted by Fryderyka Cwierczakiewiczowa

68th minute: Player #9 assisted by Player #6
85th minute: Sandrine Fontaine assisted by Alicja Jedrzejczyk

17th minute: Yannick Ksiezniakiewicz
32nd minute: Player #2
63rd minute: Player #8

79th minute: Charlie MacEachern


Group 2

With 15 games played, Terre Septentrionale is in 4th place in group 2 with 22 points. On matchday 18, the Nordiques will recieve Banija at home at Stade NordAir in Ville Jacques-cartier, the capital and largest city. Zofia Kwietniewska will be back in the net and Slawomir Skrzeszewski, who served his one game suspension, will also be back.
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OOC: there is no use of the word 'it' in this RP. With luck I don't have to explain why.

The Knights of the Oblong Table In....


of World Cup qualification

From the Journals of Sir Pellehan

I am Sir Pellehan of the Dolorous Stroke.

In my last entry, I wrote that "I might engage in a side quest that shall seek to restore my purity, and indeed the purity of the whole team ... a difficult quest of convoluted plot, illogical goals, and uncertain outcome".

This, then, was my quest...

I was sent to a vast forest to seek the advice of mighty World Cup champions of World Cups past. That two such champions exist in the coaching team was considered broadly irrelevant for the sake of moving the plot forward. I wouldn't be facing much of a quest if my goals could be resolved by having a conversation with the coaching team over a cup of tea and some ginger biscuits.

In any case, in this forest I encountered the dread Knights Who Say Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pikang-zoom-boing-[indistinct mumble].

To pass through the forest, I was tasked with seeking a shrubbery to place next to another shrubbery that some previous knights of a different more circular chivalric order had misplaced. I was to place my own shrubbery slightly higher to offer a two-level effect with a little path running down the middle. Following this successful shrubbery placement, I was then to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring.

Fortunately, being an experienced questing knight, I always keep a spare shrubbery in my saddle bags. Many's the knight who has been seeking some sort of Grail equivalent who has encountered guardian knights who desire shrubberies. There is no need to go to neighbouring villages to accost elderly women or passing shrubbery salesmen if one is adequately prepared. I even keep a small range of shrubberies with me when I go a-questing, just to maximise my ability to address any shrubbery-related tasks that might arise. I'm personally fond of rhododendrons.

However, in this particular case, I found that my spare strawberry bush was best-able to address the needs of the Knights Who Say Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pikang-zoom-boing-[indistinct mumble]. While they were pleased, they were keen to remind me that I was still to wield my herring to tree-chopping effect.

Now, when on a quest, a cautious knight will always make sure that there is some redundancy in his packing. In my case, I like to combine my emergency food rations with my tools, and always carry a saddlebag full of Bradini's giant razor-back herring. 'Tis an amazing fish that is not just tasty and high in protein - and thus serves as valuable field rations - but also has a razor-sharp and remarkably robust spine. As such, the species' skeleton can be used to cut through almost any vegetation. While I took a few hours to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with the skeletal remains of Bradini's giant razor-back herring, and built up quite the sweat in the process, the task was ultimately a simple one. The Knights Who Say Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pikang-zoom-boing-[indistinct mumble] proved to be honourable, and soon I was on my way.

Thus I was able to pass on my way across time and space and speak about strategy with such World Cup legends as Laborious Hawk, Dazza Dallas, Ug-Ug, Alan Belmore, Urk - and many more. Though I must admit that An Egg was not the greatest conversationalist; the Mexican jumping beans were somewhat more engaged.

One would like to think that this side quest had something to do with my brace of goals in last night's match, goals that keep us in the hunt for the Holy Grail of World Cup qualification.

I hope so; the Grail is ours to lose.
Τί ἐστιν ἀλήθεια?

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Postby Recuecn » Fri Jan 03, 2020 3:10 pm

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9| Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12
Mister Minister | Ch. 13 | Monsieur le Ministre

Pre-IAC 7 Press Conference, Ministry of Sport, Reçueçn, Reçueçn--Jean-Luc Lassalle waited nervously in the wings, about to walk up to the podium and announce the changes to the RNFA as well as the first post-RNFL collapse call-up for the RNFT. This is unlike me, he thought. Normally I'm great at public speaking. Mentally, I'm confident, so why do I feel like this? A spark of realization hit him as he became aware that the tingling sensation he was feeling wasn't nervousness--it was excitement and relief.

The recent crisis--the threatened boycott by the RNFA of the National Team--had been an initiation of sorts into his new role as the Minister of Sport, a position he had created only a year ago. Somehow, he hadn't expected how hard the job would be. He knew already that in the future, he would think back to this moment, not his inauguration ceremony, as the beginning of his time in the Ministry. The first months had been a honeymoon, a period he could look back on only in hazy, golden-tinged memories as an experience too good to be true. And this--this had been a dark, towering outburst of stress and anxiety that would loom in his memories forever in the way only a traumatic event of that type could.

And yet he'd come through it and had found the story's happy ending. The boycott threat hadn't been publicized, the public hadn't panicked, the reputations of the Ministry and the Association had made it through untarnished. He'd found the people who he could count on in a tough situation, and they'd stuck with him. He had to admit he'd learned a lot about himself, too--about his own stubbornness and the problems it could cause. But the end result had been worth it, he was convinced. The RNFA was stronger now, the Ministry's relationship with it was healthier, teams across Reçueçn would be better represented, and the sport had a brighter future.

Jeanne Chartray came in from the hallway outside and disturbed his train of thought with a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, are you ready?"

He turned to look at her. He wouldn't have been able to make it out of this whole mess without her help and advice. In fact, she was really the one who deserved the credit for resolving the entire conflict. She was the one who had tempered his stubbornness with her own even-headedness.

"Yeah, I think so," he said. Their eyes met. It's not fair that I'm the one giving the press conference, that I'm the one people are going to think accomplished this, Jean-Luc thought. "Hey." He took her hand from his shoulder and pressed it between both of his. "I still don't think I've said this enough: thank you so much. It's not even accurate to say I couldn't have done this without you, because I didn't do it, you did the whole thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Jeanne laughed, her clear ringing laugh. "And here I still thought you were upset that I gave the RNFA what they wanted."

"It did take me a bit to understand what you'd done. I wasn't thinking outside the box like that. I should probably apologize as well, I had no right to be disappointed--what you came up with was so much better."

A ministry aide burst into the room. "Mr. Minister, are you ready? The networks are saying they want to start in thirty seconds."

Jeanne gave a look to Lassalle, mouthed 'good luck,' and slipped out to go find her seat.

"I'm ready," said Jean-Luc.
"Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs, et bonjour aussi à toutes et à tous qui nous rejoignent en direct. I am honored to present several important announcements regarding the future of football in Reçueçn.

"As you are aware, it had been several years in our nation since the collapse of league play, until, with the foundation of the new Ministry of Sport, the RNFL was recreated, and under the direction of the RNFA, resumed competition. Its third season wrapped up earlier this year, and its fourth, and first full season since the hiatus, is expected next year in the fall.

"However, before domestic competition resumes, there is, as always, an international tournament in the off-season. I am pleased to announce that for the first time in years, Reçueçn will be fielding a national team: The Unicorns are back!

"Bringing back our team has been no small effort, and is one that must be undertaken by the nation as a whole. That is why today, we are redefining the RNFA as this nation's football governing body, and giving it authory over the RNFT. Of course this could not be done without sizable changes in the RNFA itself as well. Soccer teams across Reçueçn at professional, semi-professional, and amateur levels, will be pleased to know that they are now being given a voice on the RNFA's executive board. So are the National Team itself, youth football, women's football, and the Ministry of Sport. With a wider-rounded perspective from its leadership, we can all count on the RNFA to ably carry out its new duties as the football governing body of Reçueçn.

"Determining the new charter of the RNFA has not been easy. Such negotiations can be difficult, tense, and drag on for weeks, even threatening the international season. But there is one individual who I would like to thank for their invaluable contribution to the process.

"This person is responsible for many ideas which broke gridlock in negotiation chambers; for moderating discussion; for being able to see things from the other side's perspective in order to bring opposing groups together. This hero of the sport put the interests of the game first and foremost, above any personal goals or factional ties.

"In a moment I will invite up Jacques Tremblay, who has been reappointed as The Unicorns' head coach, who will then make his own announcements regarding the national team call-up for IAC 7. But before I do, I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to this individual of whom I spoke.

"The Reçuecian National Ministry of Sport has not yet made its appointment to the executive board of the RNFA, and I can think of no better person than the one who has already distinguished herself so highly in negotiation with them. Jeanne Chartray, would you come up to the podium please?"

The press corps filled the room with clamorous applause, as Jeanne, surprised and confused, made her way up to the front. After all, she was one of their own--a columnist for the Reçueçn Times (although a political one, so some had wondered at her attendance at a sports press release). Jeanne herself had seen where Lassalle was going as he had begun to thank her, but had certainly not expected to be handed a government position at the end of the spiel. She was so surprised she forgot to smile as Lassalle handed her a certificate and the cameras flashed.

Chartray had still been busy thinking about how she was going to write up her scoop on the negotiation proceedings. It would still be a great story: The Great Football Disaster That Wasn't, she would call it. Reçuecians would be shocked to find out how close they had come to not having a national team worth the name.

But she would accept the position. She had always figured been able to meet her deadlines, and nothing could change that. Plus, in some strange way, she felt that she had been caught up in the reemergence of Reçuecian football. She couldn't put her finger on it, but somehow she felt that her story had become intertwined with that of monsieur le ministre--this young minister whose own story was only the first chapter of what was to come in Reçueçn.

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Postby Eastfield Lodge » Fri Jan 03, 2020 4:26 pm

Portal Control Centre, Saltbed Mountains
Sometime in the first half of qualifying

Last Time...

“Well, you know what football is like in this country, all the inertia of an oil tanker when it comes to change. Still, not like we have the players to challenge a-”

A deafening roar interrupted Laurens, his hands clasped over his ears and his mouth still open in a scream.

A few weeks had passed since the explosion. Laurens Wilton was still in hospital, scarred all over his body from the burns, and temporarily blind from the light show. The Doctor had reassured him his sight would come back with time, although with how time was acting up lately, who knows how long.that actually meant. His body was pretty much intact, thankfully - as he was sitting at the time, most of the energy blast was diverted around and above his head. Morvora Stringer, who was standing in the middle of what used to be the auxiliary control room, wasn’t so lucky. She in effect took the full blast, and ended up being redistributed throughout the rest of the complex via the ventilation system as she was atomised. The rest of the team in the room were shielded as well as they were in the side rooms, although most also ended up as casualties when the servers they were monitoring overloaded and exploded, much like the control desk Laurens was sitting at.

He still didn’t understand what happened, and couldn’t even say anything - even breathing hurt his still-mending ribs. Something about the void axis doing something that the team hadn’t predicted - what was expected to happen was for the void axis to keep twisting and deviating as it had been since the emergency began. But what actually happened was much more severe - somehow the void axis deviation accelerated at a sudden moment, the sudden strain warped the entrance to the void on the Mountain side, breaking a few of the fusion conduits that helped sustain the power source that was keeping the portal open. The conduits began feeding the escape systems, a pressure valve of sorts that provided relief in case of power overloads, but they couldn’t cope with the sheer volume coming through. Stray fusion streams began bursting through the warped sections, coalescing in front of the room’s window and directing resultant spray of high-energy photons and relativistic matter straight at Morvora, all within the space of a second. She was instantly vaporized, the room exploded in various electrical balls of sparks, and Laurens scarred for life, both physically and psychologically.

The portal had been closed for just a few days, whilst repairs and urgent upgrades to the system were mobilised and installed - better pressure relief systems, putting the conduits further away from danger and so on. Normal service resumed within the week, and it felt like the problem had resolved itself. Except it hadn’t. The void was still twisting, just slowly and without sudden jerks, and right now, minds were hard at work devising systems to try and revert the changes. One thing was for certain however - whatever was happening wasn’t natural. The Doctor theorised that someone was messing with the fundamental structure of spacetime in some neighbouring universe, in a way that was affecting the void architecture in its surrounding voidspace. As this dimension was a small bubble universe, it was particularly susceptible to changes in void architecture, and therefore extremely vulnerable to such shenanigans.

As for who? Well, the Doctor didn’t have an answer for that. Dimensional engineering on this scale was only able to be done by very few people and forces of nature - the Dreamed Realm being one such example. Almost all of those who could pull this off were either benevolent or so intrinsically woven into the fabric of the multiverse that they were committed to order. Or, in a lot of cases, has simply ceased to exist and left behind their mechanisms and creations. Dimensional mapping showed that a neighbouring universe was approaching this one, almost close enough for another portal to open up, somewhere a few miles over the Scholarly Empire according to the best calculations. Preparations needed to be made, and quickly, and the Doctor, who had been forced to abandon his national team duties as a result of the crisis, was going to be vital once more to the future of the Imperial Commonwealth.

MD11: HUElavia 1-0 Eastfield Lodge
Line-up (3-3-3-1): Couch - Mackenzie, Carr-Ponce, Holding - French, Qwivotic, Dad (<> Garner 75’) - Accardi, Stepanov (<> Bevan 67’), Cousin - Murray (<> Mohd 75’)
Goals (Assists): N/A

MD13: The Sarian 0-0 Eastfield Lodge
Line-up (3-3-3-1): Couch - Mackenzie, Carr-Ponce, Holding (<> Whitfield 66’) - French, Qwivotic, Dad - Accardi (<> Foley 66’), Bevan, Cousin - Mohd (<> Morales 58’)
Goals (Assists): N/A

MD14: Eastfield Lodge 0-0 Competitive Solitaire
Line-up (3-3-3-1): Couch - Mackenzie, Carr-Ponce, Whitfield - French, Qwivotic (<> Jeremiah-Dockson 73’), Garner - Accardi (<> Glibin 81’), Farrow, LaRosso (<> Berretti 79’) - Murray
Goals (Assists): N/A

MD15: Schiavonia 1-5 Eastfield Lodge
Line-up (3-3-3-1): Couch - Mackenzie, Carr-Ponce, Whitfield - French (<> Elbaz 76’), Jeremiah-Dockson, Garner - Accardi (<> Glibin 61’), Farrow, Berretti - Murray (<> Mohd 80’)
Goals (Assists): Berretti (23’ - Accardi, 78’ - Elbaz), Murray (37’), Carr-Ponce (51’ - Accardi), Farrow (66’ - Berretti)

MD16: Eastfield Lodge 2-2 Mercedini
Line-up (3-3-3-1): Couch - Mackenzie, Carr-Ponce, Whitfield - French (<> Nagi 68’), Jeremiah-Dockson, Garner - Accardi, Farrow (<> Stepanov 78’), Berretti - Murray (<> Mohd 74’)
Goals (Assists): Murray (14’ - Berretti), Jeremiah-Dockson (67’)

MD17: Tara & Cambray 2-4 Eastfield Lodge
Line-up (3-3-3-1): Couch - Mackenzie, Carr-Ponce, Whitfield (<> Tierney 53’) - French, Jeremiah-Dockson, Garner - Accardi, Farrow (<> Bevan 67’), Berretti (<> LaRosso 73’) - Murray
Goals (Assists): Accardi (19’ - Murray), Murray (45+2’ - Accardi, 47’), LaRosso (89’ - Bevan)

MD18: Eastfield Lodge 1-5 Starblaydia
Line-up (3-3-3-1): Couch - Mackenzie, Carr-Ponce, Tierney (<> Holding 46’) - French (<> Nagi 64’), Jeremiah-Dockson, Garner - Accardi, Stepanov (<> Bevan 71’), Berretti - Murray
Goals (Assists): Murray (69’ - Nagi)

Line-up to play The Ross Isles (3-3-3-1)
Couch - Hargreaves, Carr-Ponce, Holding - Nagi, Jeremiah-Dockson, Garner - Accardi, Farrow, Berretti - Murray
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by Brianne Henry,

Unfortunately, this game preview against Audioslavia comes on the heels of a very disappointing loss, which was the first time we dropped points to a team ranked below us during the campaign. It was inevitable, not because we can look back in our history and say that you can count on the Rockets to lose a match like that, but moreso as a reminder that this team still really does have a way to go before they are ready to be considered a threat in the World Cup. As the team flirts with qualification to the point where we are still thinking about it as a considerable possibility this late, the age old question of “Is it better to qualify for the World Cup and do little, or nothing, or to go to the Cup of Harmony and have a strong run?” That question can be tackled in a later issue, which might have to be the posed dilemma if we lose to Audioslavia. After starting really well, the Bulls have been staggering in their last few matches and this could be a good time for our team to pull off the big win. So let us look at this big upcoming match, with some very important criteria to be aware of.

Aspect 1: Professional Motorsports Series run

We’ll start this side by side comparison of the nations by looking at motorsports. After all, personnel from Audioslavia are the primary organizers of the WGPC, otherwise known as the World Grand Prix Circuit (or maybe C stands for championships, either works). Meanwhile, personnel from Newmanistan are the primary organizers of NSSCRA. Of course, you know what that stands for. Now, as we compare these two motorsports series, the obvious component of stock car racing being far superior to open wheel racing that it isn’t even funny is not really the point of it. There are people out there that will enjoy open wheel racing, and if you are really into technology and all that, then maybe you can appreciate that form of racing. But racing cars should be about racing the type of cars that you can actually drive, which is why stock car racing is the better form of motorsport. I know I am just preaching to the choir for my Newmanistanian audience.

Now, this criteria is more about the series itself, and the WGPC has had more completed editions then that of NSSCRA. It also has multiple tiers, for whatever that’s worth. Therefore, it is probably the most fair to give the edge here to Audioslavia, though it’s close.

Aspect 2: Popular people named Jeremy

Next we move on to this second aspect, which is notable soccer people that are named Jeremy. For Newmanistan, Jeremy McAllister is the most prolific goal scorer in national history and has done a lot for our national program. I talked about that in a previous article, so I am not going to start repeating myself. It would seem like he would have the edge on most other Jeremy’s out there, but when you think of Audioslavia, who is the first person to come to your mind? Jeremy Jaffacake, of course. You’d have to be an idiot to not know who he is, as not only is he famous in his own land, everyone out there that has played a few cycles of this can instantly tell you who Jeremy Jaffacake is. They can’t do that with Jeremy McAllister. Major advantage to Audioslavia.

Aspect 3: Number of World Cups won

Yeah, well. At one time, Audioslavia had a reputation for always losing in the title game, but they sure turned that around and have now won two World Cups. That is an impressive feat and obviously something we are no where close too. However,

Aspect 3b: Number of Cup of Harmonies Won

With three Cup of Harmony triumphs, we have more Cup of Harmony wins then Audioslavia has World Cups. I know that means nothing. Though it is interesting, we have won more WCC-sanctioned tournaments then Audioslavia (including the Baptism of Fire, too). Chew on that for a moment. Still, advantage, Audioslavia.

Aspect 3c: Number of World Baseball Classics Won

We’ve won it six times. Audioslavia is too scared of us to bother trying.
Major advantage, Newmanistan.

Aspect 4: Coolest Club Soccer Team names

On this, we have to give ourselves the nod. Not that there’s anything great about “Pocono City Capitals” or “Southport Tigers”, but it sure beats “AFC Treason”, or “1830 Cathair”. (If their rivals don’t have a hairball related chant, it’s time to make one). Sure, there are a lot of leagues out there who think it’s clever to tell a story with their name, or include their, presumed, year of foundation, but please, that’s boring. What’s better? “Let’s Go Capitals!” or “Let’s go 1830 Cathair!” I rest my case. Advantage in our favor.

Aspect 5: Rank, player positions, tactics, and all that silliness.

Audioslavia, ranked 24. Newmanistan, ranked 93.
Like that matters.
2-2, in Audioslavia on Matchday 8.
Now let’s get it done at home!
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
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World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, 5, & 35; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, 38, 44, & 46; CoH 33, 35, & 39; CE 25, WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Multiple NSCAA Basketball Tournaments, and a horse racing series

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Postby Taeshan » Fri Jan 03, 2020 5:18 pm

"Are you happy with a 0-0 tie in Savojarna"?

"Well it is better than a loss. It's also the first time we've done anything but lose against them. Could have done better. With Schottia's loss and Jeruselem's win it keeps the race interesting, but we've got a result we can use."

"Jeruselem comes to the Atlantea Coliseum next to close it out for the campaign. What do you expect in that game"?

"Well we won a close fought game in Jeruselem. They scored unlike a lot of clubs have against us. We're playing well defensively, sometimes it can be hard to match it offensively."

"You're the only club in all of qualifying with less than double digit goals against, you think you can hold out for the final four games"?

"That sounds ridiculous. 16 games, 8 goals right...Well I hope so. If we only let one goal in that means at worst we have 3 points. And honestly that might even qualify us. If we win against Jeruselem and Welzat holds Schottia at home that has us all but qualified. Jeruselem now holds the cards in making this interesting. Any sort of result for them keeps the battle open. Especially with Schottia up next."

"How do you prepare for life or death games"?

"The same way we've prepared all season. We've been fantastic for all but a few games, and that has cost us the chance to already be qualified. We were neck and neck with Free Republics for all but a few mistakes. We've only lost twice, and if the other results are better than we're doing better."

"What do you have planned for the Jeruselem game"?


"What happens if you lose"?

"We make things way more interesting than anybody thought they would be"."

"What happens if you fail to qualify"?

"Then I resign in the post-game conference."
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Cup of Harmony 35, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34, World Lacrosse Championship 2

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83, 84 (RoS), 85

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14, Sporting World Cup 10,
Quidditch World Cup 10, World Cup of Hockey 41

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Postby Banija » Fri Jan 03, 2020 5:22 pm

Banijan fans at a local bar after the Terre Septentrionale match

"Hey man, what a fun game that was." Said Oscar Lubato. He was a proud member of the Kadongo Craze, one of the two major travelling fan groups of the Kadongo Kamu. Now that a trip to the Finals had actually been clinched, these last few games were going to be much more stress free, at least for fans. "Shoot, did you see Ugonna's gaol? What a hit. I thought for sure that the ball was going over the top of crossbar."

"Yea, I thought that was a real fun one." Said Lubato's friend, John Kabongo. Kabongo had also been a long-time member of the Kadongo Craze. "Man, it's been one hell of a campaign. Thank God that our group doesn't have much stress- everything's wrapped up here. We're going through, Brenecia is going through, the only question is who is going through at the top of the group, and who is going through in second place. No final day drama. Heaven knows, I've had enough of that." And the two laughed. Kabongo, of course, was a Herzegovina City FC fan from birth, born and raised in the city. He even went to Northern Moravica University, the city's flagship university and the nation's flagship public school.

"Oh yea, tough luck to you man. And guess what? We actually won a trophy this year." Oscar replied. And the two laughed. The Banijan Soccer League season, of course, had one of the most dramatic finishes it had seen in years, going all the way down to the final day. Herzegovina City, of course, was trying to win its 3rd consecutive title, and become the first Banijan side to do so in the era of professional football. And they almost did so. However, a loss on the penultimate matchday of the season saw Herzegovina City slip one point behind Jinja City, who then hammered away for the league title by emphatically winning in Umbazi by a score of 9-0. Herzegovina City fans, naturally, were extremely disappointed at the outcome. "You guys have enough trophies anyways- nobody was shedding a tear for you."

"Ah, screw off man." Said John. "Is that your first trophy in, like, ever?" And the two men then ordered their drinks. Oscar was from Istria, and a graduate of the University of Loyola-Istria, the other major university and the flagship institution of the church within the country. Oscar has been a big time fan of Rukunbi FC, and they did indeed win their first trophy of the professional era, when they brought down city rivals Istria City FC. Oscar enjoyed that day so much he couldn't even remember the night, as Rukunbi FC fans essentially took over Busukuma for a night after that game ended. They, of course, like sports fans normally do, gave each other good natured jabs about their club teams. The discussion then flipped toward the World Cup.

"So man, who do you not want in a Banijan Qualification group?" Oscar asked? "It's always tough, and we'll be in the top 2 pots... But if we can get that Pot 1 spot, we'll be golden."

"Well, it's all about staying in Pot 1, isn't it?" John Replied. "We seem likely to stay there. But it's tough to stay in the top 6- and if we don't, we risk drawing a group with a Cassadaigua side that is playing at home. Or a Baker Park side playing at home. Wouldn't that be a disappointment?"

"That'd absolutely blow." Oscar said. "You just know that we're going to be drawn to Cassadaigua. What luck we've had so far. All four World Cups we've played in the Glorious Southwest. Baker Park is basically Southwestern if we got to play there too. We'll run out that kind of luck eventually, though, and have to play elsewhere. Brattleboro is nice this time of year, isn't it?"

"Who knows? I've never been there." Said John. "Who else do we not want? Well, there's no such thing as an easy World Cup group, but there are harder groups than others. Miss me with Valanora. They've got the history- and hell, they wanna beat Star to 6. I know we beat them in that friendly, but we can't do that again."

"Yea, Valanora would be a terror. But you know who I don't want?" Said Oscar. "But you know whose been killing teams? The Free Republics. You know, their ranking is only 17th, but they've played a game less than we have, and have a point more than we do. 15 wins. Madness. They could be a Pot 2 side that easily sneaks up on us." And then, they began discussing more teams that they did not want the Banijans to play in the group stages. Eura. Nephara. The Holy Empire. And, of course, the team that eliminated them from the last AOCAF, Ko-oren. And even the mention of the name Equestria got a few people to boo loudly who were sitting in that bar.

"Hey, you excited for the NSCF this year?" Oscar said. "Loyola's gonna kick your ass this year."

"Ha! You know Northern's coming for you man." John said. "We won the conference last year. We've been to two straight championship games. Loyola's time is over. We're the best team in the country, and hell, even the Celestia, and it's not close."

"Man, what kind of beer are you drinking? That's the only way you can think stuff like that man." Oscar replied. "Let's go through it, shall we? Loyola has been to three NSCF championship games. We've won two championship games. We have the better uniforms. In the last 5 seasons we've played in the NSCF, we've won at least one playoff game.And hell, we even have the better rivalries. Our international rival is Richardson University. Hotly competitive, we're 2-2 against each other, and we had some of the best games of the NSCF against each other."

"You're living in the past, Oscar." Said John. "It's all about what have you done for me lately in sports. Your last two seasons have ended in the semifinals. Who lifted the trophy in NSCF 19? Oh yea, it wasn't Loyola. It was us. And how did we do it? Oh, we did it the hard way. We won on your own damn field, at the Istria Lightning Yard, on our way to a title. And how did Isaka Jawara end his college football career? Taking a knee, stomaching his only home loss of his entire career, to the best team in Moravica, in Banija, and in the Celestia- Northern Moravica. And this past season, we went back! We lost to Cold Hill in the final, but that was in Ranoria. You saw the madhouse they had for that one, right?"

"Ah man, get out of here. How are you gonna brag about second place?" Oscar said. "Second place is first loser, in my book." And, of course, they went in circles talking about the age-old argument- Northern v. Loyola.

"Hey man, did you hear about the Islamic U?" John said, after about 5 minutes of banter.

"Of course not." Oscar said. "What'd they do, try to join the BCSG? We don't need em."

"No man, they're trying to join the NSCF." John said.

"What??" Oscar exclaimed. "That can't be true. That can't be possible- the Islamic University, in the NSCF?"

"Oh, you haven't heard? Man, it just happened, but it's huge." John said. "Of course, you and I know both know that college football wasn't sustainable on the Busoga Islands. I thought they'd try to join an Equestria college football organization, but to be quite honest, I have no idea if college football is even a thing in Canterlot. But yea, I was reading about it, and it apparently looks like the Islander version of the BCSG decided to stop sponsoring football as a sport entirely. So they went to look abroad... And the NSCF was the option."

"Oh damn. That's huge. Are our schools gonna block the move?" Oscar asked.

"I have no idea man." John said. "Northern and Loyola don't like the idea. From what I can tell on twii.tur, Loyola officials are especially against the idea of the Islamic U of Busoga joining the NSCF. But this isn't the BCSG, where you got 59 schools jerked around by the 2 biggest among them. This is an international collegiate sporting organization. Each of the schools in there are arguably the biggest and most powerful in their own right in their home countries. They won't get pushed around by either of our schools. I imagine neither will vote for the idea though."

"Ah, fuck." Oscar said. "I wonder if we'll be in the same conference. Remember when the Celestia used to be the easy conference? Not anymore man. The Salamantic Universities are making the conference competitive again, which is good. But if they throw in the Islamic U? Then it's going to be a downright terror. And then, of course, what happens if they aren't in our conference? We've got a rivalry with them. Well, we had a rivalry with them. Now we've got two teams that are guaranteed non-conference every year? That gives us a functional 12 game conference schedule. And the one, for sure, will be a cupcake. What a brutal schedule we'll have."

"Well, I hope they don't get in." John said. "If they're in the Celestia, you're right- the conference will be too deep. Of course, they've only played the Little Sisters of the Poor for the last decade, so maybe they aren't good. But they'll get good again. They've always recruited well in Moravica, which pissed me off. Like that one 5 star wideout we had that decided to go to Valanora at the last second. Recruiting in our country is going to be a beast- both of us, obviously. Richardson, Cold Hill, Saguenay, the University of the Commonwealth, and then you're going to put both the Salamantic Universities and the Islamic U. And that's before any of the BCSG schools! Get them the hell out of here."

And the two discussed more college football. But it was clear- the Islamic University was going to make an impact in the NSCF when it got there...
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Postby Valanora » Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:57 pm

The group was finally starting to take focus and thanks to rebounding the way that the five time former champions were keen to do, the Marauders were looking good for the group title despite stumbling after the break at the mid-qualifying point. As it stood, they could even lose that last matchday showdown with second seeds Ethane and still run away as the group champions, though the journey from where the side are currently sitting to there is quite a long one yet, and such a sort of ending to the campaign would be bitter sweet. Through all the ups and downs that the Marauders have had, dating back to their first international appearance in the World Cup way back in the Cycle of 29 taking on Audioslavia, the side has always done its best to get to their destination on their merit and not backdoor their way into wins or advancement. It is something uniquely Vanorian and perhaps even contrasts with the otherwise collective minded society in the way that the athletes and clubs of the nation believed so highly in meritocracy.

Though why should they not believe in such an idea? It is not necessarily against the collective nature of Vanorian governing either, to believe those that have the merit for advancement to get that advancement over those who happen to know the right people or were fortunate enough to be born into the right family. While those might open a few more doors for individuals, it is typically seen at the end of the day that those who have put in the work and shown their skill in that work will receive the boons for that labor. All Vanorians have to do to see an example of that fact is none other than the captain of the Marauders in Laborious Hawk, a player who was born into just another family in Hondo and through a small bit of luck and a lot of their own hard work has become one of the icons of the footballing world for nearly a century over. All those who have come across Hawk will testify to the fact that the man has put in hours upon hours in training and preparation for matches to get to where he has gotten and has often paid his good fortune forward when the opportunity has arisen to do so, like when he personally paid all the taxes for Vanorians who had traveled to Cafundeu for a World Cup, teammates and fans alike.

By bettering ones self to make yourself more productive or more skilled in any given area, not only are you making yourself better but you are lifting the whole as well. The collective whole relies on every piece and if one piece gets better then the entire piece gets better, so that when for example Hawk became quite talented at taking free kicks, it was just not seen as a boon for him and getting more playing time but a boon for the entire team. With that extra skill, Hawk was able to help the Marauders routinely convert free kicks from thirty to forty yards out and those added goals resulted in more points being collected and the gradual increase in skill for the entire team. Hard work and skill rubs off on people, when others see someone else doing the work to make themselves better, there is that innate feeling that you have to think about what you can do to better yourself as well. We see it all the time in sports, where a single industrious and talented player can come into the squad and help lift the levels of those around them to heights that they would have otherwise thought beyond them. Such is the motivating tool of such industrious individuals.

That is why they usually end up being leaders on squads, be it as the captain or vice captain, one of the vocal leaders who can bring the group together and get the rest of the team to calm down or play with more urgency, whatever is required in the moment. Hawk has done it for decades now, sometimes with words and other times by being the example for which the rest of the squad is expected to follow. And follow they have, though few have been able to ever quite reach up to those same high levels that the legendary captain of the squad has been able to ascend, they have though seen their play rise to where they can be considered among the best in their positions not only nationally but often times in the entire footballing world. If and when the time comes for the captain to hang up his footballing boots and move on to some other adventure in his life, the Marauders are going to be hard pressed to be able to find someone who could fill in that void in both talent and leadership. It is quite likely we might never see his like again and should cherish his presence as long as it is here. For now, we can admire his leadership skill as he leads the Marauders on their revival and keep their heads out in front of a group that has tried to trip them up, being the collective lift to the whole that is the team.
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Postby Zwangzug » Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:58 pm

Dear Rocket Report (attn: Brianne Henry)

We believe that the most impressive achievement in Newmanistan sports history was winning your first World Baseball Classic in WBC10 no we don't we think it's some car racing thing from well before our time. We would also like to pass along our local gaming industry's tips on how to build a comprehensive storyline, which is:

-acquire a discounted copy of a puzzly but mediocrely-themed game
-begin imagining how to make it relevant to a Zwangzug audience
-carefully transform it into a humorous simulation of NSWC history
-be promptly overshadowed by a much more impressive simulation of NSWC history
-plan to travel halfway across a large country in such a manner that it will not be easy to transport the segments of your game
-skip ahead and realize that you've gotten yourself into an unwinnable scenario
-lack the energy to resume
-fizzle out
-return to previous dilemma of not having a comprehensive storyline

please tell me they're not going to try Ticket to Ride next, nobody likes Ticket to Ride except some nerds in Ko-oren and Aguazul and they don't count

We hope your publication finds this useful!
Naomi Clarkson
and Wesley Indar-Vonn


Merano Regency

The @@MONTH@@ @@SYNONYM_FOR_INSANITY@@ university sports committee has issued a draft proposal on a long-range study of mental health in college athletes. "Just because whatever we're calling ourselves now makes light of 'playoff fever' and other behaviors of fan passion, doesn't mean that depression and anxiety aren't public health issues affecting individuals of all ages," said league spokesperson Brenda Rapier. "Many young adults struggle with their mental health especially in academic settings, and while sports can be a healthy outlet for socialization and exercise, the pressure of performing on a national stage can often exascerbate underlying issues."

Questions regarding the study include whether it would track lesser-highlighted sports such as baseball, concerns about speciesism seeing as how many zebras do not pursue higher education, and whether foreign players would be encouraged to enroll. "We want to preserve privacy of participants," said Rapier, "and we don't want any school to mandate participation. That said, we hope this will be an important resource to future generations of researchers."

Upon being asked what about the present moment made it a particularly relevant time to call attention to these serious diseases, Rapier said, "geez, that's kind of a heavy question."

"Maybe the folks at Ephesian can finally use this to falsify some of their implausible hypotheses?" she added, after we prodded her to finish on a lighter note because this article was getting kind of dark.

(Noile-Murne 72)
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Postby Kandorith » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:11 pm

Shinonome Kyoai - International

Moriyase Hints At Resignation

Group 1
Sargossa 3–2 Brusseldorf
Audioslavia 0–0 Kandorith
Pius Desurongcrandis 4–3 Newmanistan
Acronius 0–1 Islas Aaland
Joyea 2–4 Aimena

Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Audioslavia 16 12 3 1 39 17 +22 39
2 Sargossa 16 12 1 3 50 28 +22 37
3 Newmanistan 16 12 1 3 39 19 +20 37
4 Brusseldorf 17 9 1 7 28 27 +1 28
5 Kandorith 17 7 5 5 30 22 +8 26
6 Acronius 17 7 1 9 30 34 −4 22
7 Islas Aaland 16 6 2 8 25 32 −7 20
8 Greater Cebu 16 5 2 9 25 43 −18 17
9 Joyea 17 5 1 11 24 38 −14 16
10 Aimena 16 2 4 10 17 29 −12 10
11 Pius Desurongcrandis 16 2 1 13 22 40 −18 7

Tenkyo, Kandorith keeps fighting for a top spot in the group against all odds, yet in the home camp rumours are spreading and the press was given an answer. Moriyase is most likely to resign after the current qualification round for the national team. Even though the national team is performing against all odds Moriyase feels his time has come to hand over the manager role to someone else.

"It was a hard decision and I have thought about it for the past few days" A slightly tearful Moriyase said, addressing the press. "I would rather not quit, but my feeling tells me that after these qualifications the time has come for a younger generation. I have been making sure the team has been a young generation showing their talents, now it is also time for the management to be part of the modernization of the Kandorese football. It has been an absolute honour to be a part of this movement within the nation for many years, but sadly that time also has to end." Referring to the recent times, where football has been overtaking traditional Kandorese sports as the most visited and watched sport domestically.

"I have always considered every team I coached as family and it is always hard to let family members go. I do however ensure the nation and the team I will still fully commit to the current tournament placement matches and the upcoming period until a new manager will be appointed. I have helped building up this team and I will definitely not leave them in the cold." He said with a slight smile. "I have the utmost confidence in the football association and the nation to produce a huge new following for this wonderful sport. I also have to thank the association and the Kandorese people for their amazing supportership; it has been a honour, being the coach of the national team."

Moriyase has been the manager of the Kandorese national squad for the past four years, with it's ups and downs. However, major disappointments have not happened under his reign. Currently the Kandorese team has been looking at their best in years and many think they can push even further. The legacy of Moriyase will be the tale of a builder and a team player. Eventually the much renowned manager will go down in history as one of the greatest and stable managers in the Kandorese history of football. Right now it looks like Kandorith will not place themselves for the final tournament, but no one is worried about this happening. Moriyase has revived football in Kandorith and has shown the world what Kandorese football is about. If Kandorith reaches the final tournament, Moriyase has already agreed to stay manager for the long run. For the Kandorese football it will be a strange upcoming era but this time will be for the best. Where Moriyase leaves behind a spot, it will be filled by even more ambitious managers and coaches. The ambition of Kandorith knows no bounds from now on and the feeling of being a true underdog has been set, the future for football within the nation is brighter than ever.
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Shinonome Kyoai Headlines:
BREAKING NEWS: Hiyashi Corporation to unveil strategy for the coming year. ● Winter celebrations in full swing throughout the nation, celebrating the ending of the year and asking the gods for a prosperous 2021.

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Postby Timuria » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:29 pm


Comeback Attempt Fruitless

Timuria 2–3 Farfadillis
Vatan Ercetin (50, 70);Farfadillis #11 (20, 44), Farfadillis #8 (45+1)

by Tufan Nursultan

The Red Wolves put up a decent fight as they fell to group leaders Farfadillis in a contest that was made tight by the sheer effort of the Red Wolves. The result prior to their short break via the bye leaves them effectively eliminated as the Red Wolves will now be looking to build for the next campaign, hoping for an invite to the Cup of Harmony.

The first half as a dominant affair for Farfadillis who scored three excellent goals, the first a solid team move, flowing through the defence, exploiting Metin Boz until they broke the defence and got a goal. The second came in the 44th minute with a well placed effort. The third goal would come shortly after in injury time, from a penalty conceded by Gokdeniz Dag.

The second half heralded the potential of a shocking comeback, with Vatan Ercetin grabbing a goal via a powerful header in the 50th minute. The final consolation goal would also come from Vatan, whose long range effort squirmed past the goalkeeper into the back of the net.

What They Said After The Match:

Bekir Altingunes: "I don't like coming here and saying things like 'we'll have to learn from this.' Because, truth be told this match compared to the last one is us learning from it and it still wasn't quite good enough. That's not a reflection on these players who have played to the very best of their abilities, but on me and we'll be taking the bye to assess, properly, what's gone wrong."

Player Ratings:

Murat Yigithan 6/10

Ozbek Sarikaya 6/10

Eyup Mustafa 6/10

Metin Boz 5/10

Gokdeniz Dag 5/10

Atilla Acar 6/10

Yusuf Ihsanoglu 6/10

Tekin Yavuz 6/10

Caner Turan 6/10

Ertan Renda 6/10

Vatan Ercetin 7/10


Metin Aytacoglu 6/10

Yildiray Sabuktiginoglu 6/10

Man of the Match: Vatan Ercetin - Had a wonderful second half, grabbing the two ultimately conciliation goals for the Red Wolves.

Schedule and Results:
MD1: @ Pasarga W 2-0
MD2: vs Yttribia D 1-1, Halkın Güneş Çiftliği Stadium
MD3: @ Polkopia L 1-0
MD4 vs Drawkland L 3-0, Genel Sendika Stadium
MD5: @ Farfallidis L 7-0
MD6: Bye
MD7: vs Fujai, Madenci Stadium D 2-2
MD8: @ Gyatso-Kai D 1-1
MD9: vs Libonesia, Dev Halk Stadium W 5-3
MD 10: @ North East Asia W 3-1
MD11: vs Melbergia, Halkın Güneş Çiftliği W 4-3
MD12: vs Pasarga, Dev Halk Stadium W 3-2
MD13: @ Yttribia D 1-1
MD14: vs Polkopia, Genel Sendika Stadium L 1-0
MD15: @Drawkland L 1-0
MD16: vs Farfaillidis, Dev Halk Stadium L 3-2
MD17: Bye
MD18: @ Fujai
MD19: vs Gyatso-Kai, Madenci Stadium
MD20: @ Libonesia
MD21: vs North East Asia, Madenci Stadium
MD22: @ Melbergia
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Chapter 4.6: Matchday 18

Postby PotatoFarmers » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:29 pm

Fiskadaha, Poafmersia
This was taken from a reporter's notebook:
Qualification Race
Group 1: Audioslavia, Sargossa, Newmanistan in race (Brusseldorf cannot despite having enough points to tie with Sargossa and Newmanistan because Sargossa and Newmanistan will take at least one point from their MD20 meeting)
Group 2: Brenecia joins Banija to qualify (Abanhfleft cannot because if they win everything, they need Brenecia to lose everything and even that they would tie and Brenecia has 4 H2H points to Abanhfleft's 1)
Group 3: Starblaydia, HUElavia, Mercedini, and Eastfield Lodge all are mathematically in contention
Group 4: Turori, 95X, Sajnur, Saintland all are mathematically in contention
Group 5: Nephara and Siovanija & Teusland both qualify with Nephara's win over the latter (Poafmersia cannot beat STL on points, and when points are level, Poafmersia loses on H2H points 6-0)
Group 6: Equestria, Darmen, Darkmania, Hapilopper all in contention
Group 7: Chromatika, Mriin, Main Nation Ministry, Busoga Islands all in contention
Group 8: 8 teams in contention mathematically
Group 9: Valanora, Port Ember, Ethane, Kelssek, Bears Armed left in contention (Xanneria is out becuase they can only pull level with points to 2nd place Port Ember, but Port Ember beat them home and away)
Group 10: was a 3-way, still a 3-way between Kita-Hinode, The Holy Empire and Juvencus
Group 11: FFR qualified, Taeshan, Jeruselem, Schottia for 2nd slot
Group 12: Farfadillis, Pasarga, Drawkland, Polkopia in race
Group 13: Reçueçn, Damukuni, Tornado Queendom, Togonistan, Beepee in race to join Eura (Noooooo cannot qualify because Recuecn beat them home and away and Noooooo's max is 31)
Group 14: Vilita in, Zwangzug, Mattijana, Ancherion, Krytenia in race for 2nd slot
Group 15: Apox in (Only Ko-oren can catch them on points. Although Eraman can catch them on points, Apox would still beat Eraman on H2H points, which is 6-0), Ko-oren, New Lusitania, Eraman, Eshan still in race for 2nd slot

So that is 8 teams in, 22 teams left to qualify for the Cup. And Poafmersia will not be one of those competing for that spot after Nephara's win over Siovanija & Teusland . What is a nice consolation is that Poafmersia managed to get a 4-2 over Lochario with Pete Carisa and Joel Haodao scoring 2 goals each, with the team playing a 4-1-2-1-2 to overcome the opposition's strong midfield and defensive power.
With the team playing one hour after the match in Nephara was due to start, Adnan told the players to forget about that match and focus on every match to come. "Even if we fail to qualify let this be a learning lesson for all of us. Our first try has been relatively successful even if we end up third place or fourth, as we can see in the second half where we narrowly lost to Siovanija & Teusland, draw Anthor, while managing to win everyone thus far. For now, just focus on each and every match, win everything and chase that third place, okay?" He specifically confiscated the players' phones and called on fans not to make any mention of the other match, instead keeping the players under the impression they had some small qualification hopes.
Adnan did not even bother trying to field first team players. Rotation kicked in despite a bye next week, with Joel and Pete starting in a front 2, Dikash starting in goal, the back 4 being players not even involved in the BoF, and the 2 vice-captains not playing or even on the bench. The captain's armband fell to Joel, who was very glad to be given the opportunity to captain the squad.
"I thought you would give it to Pete?" Joel asked when Adnan told him that he would be captain.
"No Joel, Pete wouldn't need it. Despite being one of the younger players, you have done an excellent job in the team this far and made a huge impact on the squad as a whole. Soonout or later when the other players like Shakira and Danzik retire, you would probably be in line for captaincy given your talents, so we might as well start here. Go and bring your teammates to glory against Lochario, okay?"
"I never thought of being vice-captain, let alone getting the actual armband one day. Thank you so much for your confidence in me, I will definitely not forget this very day."
Many people were surprised to see Joel leading the team out of the tunnel. Fans, commentators, and pundits alike were shocked that Joel was given the armband in a heavily rotated squad. "At 23, you know things are going to get even better for him. Now he is already getting the armband in the national team. What is next? So long as Adnan remains coach, I think he might be groomed to become one of the best strikers and the successor to Danzik as captain!" commented one fan to the people around him, who nodded in agreement.
Getting such an honour is not something which should be taken lightly, and Joel know just that. Knowing that Lochario are a very stubborn side that has kept clean sheets against Nephara and Siovanija & Teusland in 3 games, and the difficulties in the match the last time round where they had to come back from 2 goals down to tie, Joel worked even harder this time round. The efforts payed off after he found a nice angle to slot the ball to the top right hand corner to open the scoring 17 minutes in. He was also instrumental in another
goal attempt by Pete 6 minutes later, but that was ruled out for offside. The confidence later helped the team as many players moved forward to press the Lochario team, and even Stegaj Johnatson got a brilliant shot that was saved. But Joel later converted a nice free kick which found the head of Pete and Pete promptly headed it in to make the team 2-0 up by half time.
By then, the fans knew that Poafmersia was out. Nephara's 4-2 win means Poafmersia would not find the 9.5 points to overhaul Siovanija & Teusland with 3 games left. Nevertheless, they continued to cheer their team on. They hoped that Poafmersia could overhaul The Macabees to get third, that would be a nice result for a team that is having their first international season.
At half time, no one in the dressing room know the results. The coaches and Adnan agreed unanimously to ignore that result, instead choosing to focus on beating Lochario and round up a run of results. The focus was on overcoming a stubborn defence and stopping their counter attack methods, and the coaches gave some advice on doing so. Half time past, and Lochario was first to score with their front striker getting one back up, but it was a solo effort from Pete which brought the team back up with a 2 goal lead. Lochario scored again from a nice corner goal where Dikash was unable to keep the ball out for the third time, but Joel managed to end the hopes of Lochario getting any of the spoilts with a stoppage time goal from 30 yards.
With the 4-2 win in the bag, and news coming from Nephara that their local press was commending the Poafmersian team for putting up such resistance in stopping them from qualification, the cat was let out of the bag. Nevertheless, the mood in the dressing room was high. Having managed 5 wins, a goalless draw away at Anthor, and a 1 goal loss at Siovanija & Teusland since the winter break, the Poafmersia team has clearly learnt a lot and grown stronger. As compared to the terrible first half of qualification where the team was suffering from stage fright, Poafmersia did really well in the second half! The team would enjoy 3 more matches, then probably return to domestic football and the new international club football season, before the international break where they might be Xanneria and Banija for the Cup of Harmony. Hopefully, the last 3 matches in the qualification could be nice friendlies and warm up matches, with the team still to play Nephara and Monso, teams they would want to get revenge on, as well as BOLGANO, which has found back their form in the second half too. The next 3 matches after the bye week would be taken with a nice change of mood, as the players would now be playing for honor instead of chasing for the qualification.

Poafmersia 4
Joel Haodao 17', 90'
Pete Carisa 40', 74'
Lochario 2
Player #9 61', 80'

Starting 11:
Dikash Johikas;
Mancest Nilson, Qetisan Monson, Mandy Gibson, Bolsto Nelison;
Ftiks Wariq (DM);
Bastia Hansilon (LM), Danill Trasa (RM);
Stegaj Johnatson (AM);
Joel Haodao (c), Pete Carisa

Alex Hoboson (for Mandy 78')
IC Name: The People's Republic of Poafmersia (Trigram: PFA)
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Postby Pasarga » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:36 pm

Júlia Müller had to hold her breath as she hung up the phone with her agent and then let out a long exhale. She had just did something that she had been scared to do for nearly five years, for she had gotten so comfortable in who she was and what her path had been. Now, that was all about to change and she could only hope that this was the right move, with all the rumors that had been swirling around her the last few months.

"You did it huh, actually let your agent hand in the transfer request?"

"Yeah, it is hella scary to think that in a few weeks I might be picking out an apartment in some other nation and having to learn about club's history and culture. But the more I thought about it, the more I knew this was something that I had to do now or I was not going to get the chance to do it again. I am in the prime of my career and banging in goals left, right, and center not just at the club level but internationally to. If I can't get a big move now, it is never going to happen." She was smiling, it was a nervous smile, but she was smiling.

"Well, if all the rumors are true, then you just put a big question into Cloudsdale Flyers lap. They gotta decide just how much their star striker is worth, if all the clubs reportedly interested are actually going to be putting in a bids for yous."

"Yeah, it aint easy either, I really have enjoyed my time in Equestria. It has been a nice experience, getting trained up out of the limelight of those bigger leagues and clubs but at some point you do have to ask yourself if this is it, is this the sum of your ambition? And while it scares me, I want to out there and be among the best in the world like Thor and Jager were before me. I want to be able to say that I took on all challenges and here I am, here I stand victorious and proud."

Christian smirked and shook his head slightly, it had taken her a few months but she had actually come around and started to embrace the challenge that was this new path that was opening up before her. He wondered who would actually get to enjoy that renewed sense of vigor and meaning though, what club would get lucky enough to land her and this drive that was being cultivated inside her right now.

"Glad to hear it, yet do not go storing all that drive and energy just for your domestic team though. While things are looking a bit better for the national team, we still got a job to do. We've got the second round of the gauntlet to go and while we might have thumped Yttribia in the first match, do not expect it to be so easy the second around. We've still got to win at least two if not all four of these last four matches to book our place. Drawkland is nipping at our heels and Polkopia is not far behind either. We need to take care of Yttribia as a team of our rank is expected to and then get results against our rivals so that the last match against Farfadillis is not a must win."

There was a smirk and a thumb up from the nervous but excited starlet striker. "Absolutely, securing our qualification is the most important thing and I wont let this transfer business distract me. Eyes are on the prize and the job that needs be done, you can count on me to put in my shift to see us through."



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