World Cup 83 - Roleplay Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Flavovespia » Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:41 pm


Flavovespia 4–6 Torisakia

After the disappointment of the result against Ko-oren, many looked at the positives that could be taken from a spirited performance. However the result against Torisakia today has been described as a complete calamity and a defensive diatribe. Sure the 6th goal can't be blamed on anyone, given the last-minute circumstances it happened, nor the well struck free kick from Gregory Franklyn, but multiple goals came from major defensive errors.

Both teams lined up in their home kits for this encounter inside the enclosed City Arena, with #1-11 starting for Flavovespia again. Immediately Flavovespia looked to assert themselves at home, and it only took the 4th minute for the first goal of the game. Ramon Martin used his pace to streak clear of the Torisakia defence, before a pull back to Andrew Mason who's accurate low drive was beyond Mitch Issacson. 1-0 to the Hornets.

The lead however, lasted all of 11 minutes. Unlike the later goals, this one was more skill from Torisakia than any real fault of Flavovespia. Derek Lovel played a deep cross to the right hand side of the box. John Calvert couldn't get there with his head, and Johnny Kelso nodded it home past David Meehan. 1-1, and the Ice Birds celebrated their first goal of the qualifiers.

The Ice Birds took the lead at the half-hour mark, with the first signs of the Flavovespian defence beginning to struggle. Syarhey Sweetcloud had been looking weak coming into this game, but held off Ronald Maddox as he surged into the box. His shot was parried away by Meehan, but Neil Wright's attempt at a clearance smacked into Jordan Kallian as he blocked it. The Torisakia striker was probably looking to control the ball, but a somewhat fortuitous bounce off the kneecap saw the Ice Birds take a 2-1 lead.

Torisakia would have desperately wanted a lead at half-time, but in the final minute of the first half, Flavovespia got an equaliser. James King with the corner found Henrik Jensen, who's header was well placed into the corner of the net, beyond Issacson and the defence in the box. 2-2 it was at half time, and the game was becoming an enthralling encounter.

If the first half was entertaining, the second half was much more of a spectacle in many ways. Andrew Mason was nursing a minor hamstring injury in the first half, and his Stanmorn teammate Scott Coleman replaced him for the second half. On the 52nd minute, this looked to have paid off in spectacular fashion. A decent Flavovespia attack saw a Jonathan Feld shot punched away out of the box. Coleman saw the ball all the way to his position 25 metres away from goal, and hit the perfect volley, the swerve and dip on the ball making it unplayable for the defence. 3-2, and the Hornets had the lead.

It became 4-2 just after the hour mark. Good build-up play in the midfield saw King and Coleman put Feld through on goal. His 1 vs 1 shot was blocked by Issacson, but the rebound was reached by Hall first, who tapped it into the opposite corner, before Issacson could get back in position. The lead for Flavovespia was now 2 goals, and some though they now had points on the board.

The 70th minute however, saw things turn bad. A back-pass by Maddox saw Meehan slip over. He scrambled to his feet and managed to hook the ball away, towards Stephen Shepherd. Shepherd however, paid little attention to Lovel who ran in, got to the ball, and had pretty much an empty net to shoot into. Lovel made no mistake, putting the ball into the opposite corner of Meehan, trying desperately to recover his position. 4-3 now, and Flavovespia had 20 minutes to hold a lead.

That lead lasted only another 6 minutes. Faron James held off subsitute Simon Davison through the midfield, and to Kelso. Kelso managed to juke past Neil Wright, and Calvert didn't have the pace to close down the angle. Meehan tried his best, but the 1 vs 1 situation was too tough for the Flavovespia goalkeeper, as Kelso buried his shot into the back of the net. 4-4 with 15 minutes to play, and either team looked poised to take it.

Sadly for Flavovespia, the 84th minute proved to be a farcical way to concede. With Sweetcloud closing in, Maddox seemed to try and play the ball parallel to the 18 yard line to Wright or Shepherd. However his pass was completely scuffed, despite his attempts to claim Sweetcloud got a hand on it as he slid in to block. The ball looped agonisingly towards the Flavovespia net. Meehan was backpedalling all the way to try and reach the ball, and Wright ran in to attempt to clear it off the line with an acrobatic clearance. The #4 missed the ball however as it bounced off the post and over the line, and the keeper fell on top of him, as he clawed the ball back across the line. Meehan's protests were futile, the ball was over the line, and Flavovespia were down 4-5. To add further insult to injury, the game was delayed for at least 2 minutes, to untangle Meehan, Wright and the latter's shoe from the net, and the centre back looked to be limping slightly as well, with all 3 subs used up.

Flavovespia threw the kitchen sink at Torisakia. In the 96th minute, a corner saw all 10 Flavovespians other than King in the Torisakia box. It was do or die as the corner came in. Calvert got the initial header, but it was knocked away. Kanta Serafin got to the ball first, about 25 metres away from the Torisakia box. He needed no invitation to simply hit the ball with all his might. The ball flew to the Flavovespia penalty box without bouncing, and rolled into the empty net, before Coleman or substitute Guoliang Fu got there to knock it back downfield. That was the last kick, 4-6 it finished, with Flavovespia suffering an embarrassing capitulation in the final 20 minutes.

Annoyed with the defence, and somewhat his attack, Nick Cole has moved to a 3-5-2 for the next game, and made 6 changes to the starting 11. The line-up for the next game is pictured below. Conor Harrington comes in as the new man between the posts, John Calvert is the only defender to retain his place, and Feld and Martin drop to the bench, thanks to the performances of Scott Coleman. Conor Harrington, Mark James, Tony Gardner and Charles Winward are uncapped, so it will be interesting to see their debuts away against Dreamplanet


Domestic News

The biggest transfer news is the lack of a transfer happening. Waldster have announced that they are no longer pursuing Scott Coleman. The manager of Waldster, Nathan Kent, has described the potential transfer as “no longer in the strategic interests of the club”, although some are suggesting that’s a polite euphemism for the player being too expensive for them to pursue. Interestingly Stanmorn themselves are linked with another striker, Apsbrooke’s young talent Sean McClafferty, although with a price tag of at least £20m, it would be a big expense for a team already talented up front to spend.

St Astons City failed to make the top half after expecting to challenge for the Globe Cup. They’ve looked for an additional attacking option, and for £21m, 21 year old Marc Sharratt of Sporting Towerhaite will move north and don the navy kit of the Saints for next season. Linking up with national team attacker Guoliang Fu, St Astons City will look to be much improved up front for next season.

Sources have also suggested transfer offers have already been made to Malcolm Mackay, although Butterfield Rovers have refused to acknowledge these rumours publicly. There is also talk that their striker John Lawler could be linked to a move to Waldster, since the Scott Coleman transfer collapsed.

Away from transfer news, the Flavovespia Football Association will convene with the 64 league teams, 96 “non-league” alliance and also delegates of the cup competitions and amateur and grassroots football to discuss future development plans. Discussions of the league structure will likely see it remain as it is, but the big change could be in the Flavovespia Gold Cup, with a real ambition to try and open it up to more teams.
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Postby Mattijana » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:42 pm

World Cup 83: Things not to say to a Mattijanan Football Fan


With Mattijana's first three qualifiers already taking a distinctly Mattijanan feel after two losses to lower-ranked opposition and a draw with Jeruselem, fans are becoming more and more disgruntled with their team and manager Dusan Vukoja.

The marmots do still however have a good following despite the now nearly 10 cycles without qualification and you might well bump into plenty of Mattijanans around the nations of group X and various regional hubs. Some of us might also have given up and gone on holiday instead, in which case this guide is particularly useful.

The team, and indeed the country it represents, has acquired a few labels over it's history and these are almost certainly to be avoided if you meet someone from our country. As a result, here is a definitive (but not exhaustive) list of things not to say to a Mattijanan football fan. Mattijanans are generally a fairly polite bunch, so won't say anything too rude to your face, even if they would like to hammer a free kick into it from point-blank range.

1: Where even is Mattijana anyway?

Likely response: *sigh* It's in Western Esportiva, which means it isn't really near anything of note to be fair.

Internal monologue: F**ks sake... 9 years of playing the most popular sport in the multiverse internationally and we've achieved so much that no-one even knows of our existence... either that or most people are idiots... like you.

As opening questions, this one does sting quite a bit. Mattijanans are at least proud of their country even if the national football team is the subject of ridicule, so for people to not be aware of where Mattijana is for reasons other than a trip to watch the football is annoying.

2: Aren't you the team that does really well in the Campionato Esportiva and then look rubbish in the World Cup?

Umm...well yes, I suppose we are.

On the bright side, you've at least recognised that we're not totally hopeless, but there's really no need to keep poking that wound.

Mattijana's brilliance in Esportiva's regional tournament (1 championship, 1x2nd and 3x3rd in the last 6 years) and subsequent, but inevitable abject performance in World Cup qualifying has long been one of the greatest national mysteries. If we knew why it happened, we'd have won the World Cup by now, or more likely just won nothing.

3: Hmm... well I suppose the Campionato Esportiva's a fairly small tournament really

It is the smallest official regional tournament, but we've beaten some pretty good sides over the last few years.

We've beaten Brenecia twice, as well as South Covello, Filindostan and a bunch of other teams ranked way higher than us in the World Rankings. We're still not exactly a big fish in a small pond.

Mattijana's Campionato Esportiva win is one of the nation's proudest sporting moments. Making it sound insignificant is not just rude, but also takes the credit away from some hard-fought and richly deserved victories.

4: Don't you bottle it a lot?

Well we do tend to go downhill a bit in the second half of qualifying.

Don't you dare even mention the B-word.

Mattijana's record in the second half of World Cup qualifying campaigns is not pleasant reading. Every time the team gets themselves into a promising position to push on for a qualifying place, they completely lose the plot and slip into a lower mid-table position. It's the hope that kills you, although given they're start to this cycle, there isn't much of that around either.

Aren't you just asking for too much?

Well we're a reasonably big nation and football's popular enough for us to do at lease a little bit better.

We just want to qualify once ok. It's not too much to ask.

(Field) Hockey is Mattijana's most popular sport with Cricket, Tennis and Winter Sports also up there, but football is certainly popular and is one of the few sports universally played in all parts of the country. In that case, you'd have thought we'd have produced enough decent players to threaten qualification. Unfortunately, the above reasons, as well as bad luck and inept management mean we still haven't and have no imminent chance of doing so.
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Postby Joshenia » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:46 pm

by Vundikani Magalasi

Joshenia's performance against Bongo Johnson was a painful game for Golden Eagles fans to watch. The Joshenian team played terribly, all three goals from Bongo Johnson were causes due to either mistakes from the defence or the midfield. You would expect that after changing tactics in this iteration of the Nation states World Cup, from using an attacking midfielder to a holding midfielder we could stop leaking goals at the back but no the messy performance at the back continues. Most fans who had traveled to Bongo Johnson were so embarrassed by the performance that they left the ground and removed their jerseys in shame.

Joshenia has not been a stranger to losing in the Nationstates World Cup. In its first world cup in the first 3 games, Joshenia lost 2 games and won one and of course one of the loses was on match day 3. In Nationstates World Cup 82 Joshenia lost all its first 3 matches. The first world cup that Joshenia participated in showed that the quality of football in the country was poor but the boys played good football for their level. In this second world cup the boys showed potential and could have qualified if only the defence had done its job. Now in World Cup 83 the start for Joshenia has been incredible with one win, one lose and one draw. However Joshenia's defence has been a problem and the striking force is not that good either. The truth has to be told, we leak a lot of goals not just because of poor performance but also due to the level of football played in Joshenia. Joshenia does not have a national league with professional football, it relies on the state leagues that offer amateur to semi-professional football. With amateur players in the national team, these players do not have the concentration to keep getting caught off guard by opposition and they do not have the composure to equalize which leads to draws. If Joshenia wants a chance at winning the Nationstates World Cup one day then it must invest in a national league that promotes Joshenian talent. I hear that the State Football Associations have joined together to form the Council of Joshenain Football Associations in order to create a national league. If these rumors are true then good for us but if not I then urge the Queen to get involved and form a national league that Joshenains can be proud off.

Now about the immediate problems that Joshenia faces. The defence has been atrocious, all whole defence needs to be benched. The holding midfielder needs to be given instructions on how to play effectively in his role. I believe that Joshenains are naturally blessed, we are the Tiger Cats chosen people. Joshenia has a chance to make history and qualify for the World Cup Finals if only the defence can get its business in order.

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Postby Kita-Hinode » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:12 pm

OOC: This weaker version of your regular Pokécard has been brought to you by an Android phone (because I'm still at Grandfather's flat).

Marie Monteiro had been checking the clock every now and then. She had seen her son go out with a good classmate of his but she didn't expect them to be back late. She was amazed that he hadn't returned home in ten seconds, but by now they were away for half an hour. She entertained herself with a TV show but every now and then she prepared herself for the eventual debate and excuses.

The door bell rung, the mother had a mix of relief but also frsutration. She thought Lloyd would be the one to clear her boy's mind but it appeared not?
She would have to think of away to break Lucas out of that shock on her own.

She looked at the two boys. Lucas looked as if he had a fire inside. A look of confidence but without the usual mischievousness. Lloyd was still there and he looked fine. Then someone behind the two cleared their voice. Her voice. She took a good look and soon realized who the third person was.

MM: Let me guess, Lucas did something to you?
AM: Well... he does owe me tickets to Margaretpallooza.
MM: Lucas, what did I tell you about- Wait, tickets?
LL: Ann got fired for giving out about Lucas at work in front of her boss. Lucas promised he'd help her out by becoming a Pokémon Master.
MM: ... Are you sure we can't pay those tickets?
AM: If you want to kill the plot, madam.
LL: What?
AM: Nothing.
LM: Mom... I feel like I should take that journey. Besides, wasn't dad a Pokémon Champion?
MM: He was. Keyword being was. I don't think he'll be happy about it... Look, Lucas. Why don't we just pay her tickets?
LM: Mom...
MM: Lucas.
LM: I want to make up to her.
Marie grinned.
MM: Well, that's a new one. My little Lucas is in love.
The two quickly shook their heads.
LM: No offense to her but we're friends.
AM: I hated his guts until half an hour ago, it's not a whole lot better now!
MM: But... why Pokémon?
LM: It's cheaper.
AM: It'll net us three tickets.
LL: And I always wanted to go in a Pokémon trip, to be honest.
MM: Oh, Lloyd... not you too....
AM: Make it three, so you can't deny us learning under his dad!
She frowned before going back into the house.
MM: Follow me.

The trio's eyes widened. The secret room of the Monteiro's house had a wall of Pokéballs, each labelled respectively. The most notable ones? Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Sylveon, Umbreon and Espeon. The team of the Champion.
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Postby Eraman » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:41 pm



DAULAPURA, ERAMAN - The President of Eraman Football Association, Tun Sengalang Petara has hired himself as
the head coach of the national football team.

The new head coach who is also the bendahara (prime minister) of Eraman first match in charge will be against
The Szcerkina Federacy this Tuesday at the Daulapura Stadium.

"I have decided that the best man for this job is myself. Therefore, I am hiring myself as the new head coach
of the national team starting from now until there is a better candidate." he said at the press conference.

The ERAFA president is currently under fire by football fans across the country for the national team abysmal
performance in recent matches.

The drop in performance started after the bendahara kicked his nephew, Putra Daulapura Suara Petara from
the national team for leaving his domestic club, Royal Daulapura on a free transfer at the end of the 69th
Baptism of Fire.

This led to a nationwide boycott from professional football players in the country in solidarity with the
former deputy team captain of the country. The national team has since been then represented by Royal
Daulapura players.

The national team is currently bottom of Group K in the qualifying round of the 83rd World Cup after
Matchday 3 with no points.
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Postby Port Ember » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:41 pm

Port Emberian Training Camp - 1 day prior to matchup against Qusmo

The sounds of a whistle blaring and the demanding shouts from Stuart Baxter was the only sounds one could hear coming from the Waterstad International Stadium as The Tridents was running through their practice drills in preparation for their upcoming match against Qusmo.

The combined sweat from the 25 players on the field was enough to fill a swimming pool from the amount of work the lads were putting in, all on demand from their coach. He was extra relentless today. He always was, but today he was even worse.

The lads were supposed to rest today, and spend some time with their families before their flight later that evening, but early morning all of them received a simple bland phone call 'Get to the field. Now.' And here they were - not resting. Not spending time with their families. Instead they were running ball drills & field drills for three hours straight, followed with the current 2 hours of fitness drills. It was complete madness offcourse, but the lads understood why. They knew the coach was stressed about the upcoming match "their toughest yet" as he stated to the media. But still this was madness. They needed their rest to be fresh for the game ahead.

Problem is, one unidentified player decided to tell that to the coach whilst hiding between the crowd of players. The coach instantanously turned bloodred in the face and shouted "Are you kidding me?!? The most important match of your entire lives lays ahead of you, and you choose to bitch?! Do NOT piss me off lads. You told me you wanted this moment to be yours. THIS IS HOW YOU TAKE THAT MOMENT! You are rewarded equally to what you put in. So you want to be legends?! Then bloody work for it! RESTART THE FIELD DRILLS!"

The players mumbled in dissatisfaction but none spoke against the coach again, instead silently following the orders and working on. No one said it - but they all wanted revenge. And they would have it against their opponents tomorow - tomorow their opponents will suffer like they did today. Death before dishonor.
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Human rights?

Postby Balqia » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:51 pm

There could’ve been better days to get the flu, but Liene was lucky enough to be blessed with this opportunity. She send an e-mail to her boss to explain why she wouldn’t work today. At least a warm bed and some hot chocolate were available to stay comfortable. She turned on the TV, a journalist was standing in a place with some trees and snow, probably the Victory Park in the center of Orsav. In the background some police officers and what seemed to be foreigners.
-...Thanks Petre.- spoke the journalist with a monotonous voice -Today we had some problems here in the Victory Park. Right here two Kava...graders?! Where arrested after hugging each other, what was reported as a homossexual act. However, after hearing the suspects the police officers discovered that hughing is a normal act in Kavagrad.- he stops for a millisecond with a strange look in the face.-Many people suspect that the accusation was made by Football fans frustrated with the match result of today. We interviewed some people here on the park to know their thoughts.
The camera cuts the reporter and shows a blond woman with winter clothes, the average Balqese woman. The reporter asks about her opinion in the case, and with a tin voice she answers.
-Well, we all know that making corporal contact in affective ways between two people of the same sex is interpreted by law as a crime. However many foreigners don’t know the legislation in Balqia, and end up showing… err… unauthorized affection in public spaces.
The camera cuts to an old man with a mustache, with the reporter's question he scratches his ear and says.
-I actually don’t knew about the situation. But if it depended on me public spaces of Balqia should be closed to foreigners. The government relies too heavily on tourism. I don’t want some pesky foreigners damaging people’s goods. We fought a war to let these barbarians out of this nation, and now they invade us and bring these barbaric behavior to our glorious nation…
The camera cuts the scene as the old man's face is turning red and his voice growing in tone. Some balqese, especially the old ones, are renowned for their xenophobia and hatred for everything foreign. Liene went to the fridge and took a can of soda. When she returned a man with a suit and glasses was in the screen. In the screen his name appeared followed by his profession “Ander Tianoviq - Sociologist”. He started to talk as Liene lay down in the bed.
-It was surely a controversial situation, especially in the international scenario. Several nations acuse Balqia of violating human rights, and when I say several I mean it. However I don’t think we should be seen as the villains in this story, te people are very anxious with the World Cup, we just need to remember the seven defeats in the last one to have an idea of the national frustration with football and foreigners.
-Mr Tianoviq, we have brought some messages that were posted on a foreign social media. Would you mind to comment on those?
-I will be very happy on doing so.
A minute of silence was made as the reporter pulled out some sheets of paper from an envelop.
-This one was made in response to the news. It reads “Balqia is very scary, they arrest people because they hug each other.
As Ander prepares to speak a disclaimer passes through the screen “the comments grammar were corrected to facilitate your understanding of the content”.
-Well, actually you shouldn’t be afraid from Balqia, we are a common tourist destination. And no, we don’t arrest people for hugging, a denounce was made and the police acted thinking that a crime against the moral was being commited.
-This one says “Commies arresting people for no reason, what a surprise”.
-To this one I must make clear two things. One, we aren’t communist, the state seized the means of production to guarantee a more efficient production and to assure our autarky. Second, those people weren’t arrested, they were released after explaining that hugging friends is common in Kavagrad.
-The third one says “I don’t believe that laws like these exist in the 21st century. What a bigot country”.
-Ah, this is a common misunderstood that people commit about Balqia. Our laws weren’t created to guarantee individual rights, but to ensure national integrity. So a lot of laws are based in Hailism and traditions. We balqese think that a lot of foreign laws are strange too, but when in foreign soil we respect them and try to follow them as strict as possible.
-Thanks Mr Tianoviq, just to finish with the interview. What are your feelings about the World Cup?
The man smiles before answering, he is notably enthusiastic about the Cup.
-I am very excited. I think we have chances of qualification and we should be aiming at it. Our boys are doing an excellent job and I can only hope they win the next match against Kiryu-shi.
Liene turns of the TV. She was too tired to think and her head was about to explode in pain. The last thing she done before sleep was to write in her diary. “I am sick of football”.
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Postby South Covello » Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:24 pm

RIots in Streets of Riverview as Anti-Fascists Clash with Redwin Supporters
by Jill White, Riverview Post

353 people were arrested, 79 people killed, and 317 people injured after a clash between Carter Redwin supporters and security and anti-Fascist counterprotesters at a Redwin rally in Riverview at the ruins of his campaign headquarters. After Redwin and his supporters were heard chanting "DEATH TO ANTI-FASICSTS!" a group of counterprotesters shouted out "FUCK YOU, REDWIN!" in unison and one of them threw a bottle into the crowd of Redwin supporters. As usual, Redwin was protected by private security rather than police, and one of the security guards fired a shot into the crowd of counterprotesters. Some of them fled in panic while others threw additional objects at the Redwin supporters or security. More shots were fired, and ultimately 79 people, almost exclusively counterprotesters, were killed, and 317 people injured, again, almost exclusively counterprotesters. Eventually, police showed up on the scene, and after fighting with Redwin's personal militia to gain access and interview witnesses, arrested 161 of the counterprotesters for various minor charges including disorderly conduct, and 192 of the Redwin supporters and security. Most notably, eight of Redwin's security guards who fired into the crowd were charged with murder, while several of his supporters who attacked the counterprotesters were charged with crimes ranging from disorderly conduct to assault with a deadly weapon. It was an all-out bloodbath representing the deep tyrant that Carter Redwin is, and this is the moment of truth that hopefully will turn voters off of him.

Nevertheless, Redwin's support seemed stronger than ever, as he gave a speech later that night describing the police as "instruments of that tyrant Presidentress al-Jabari who calls itself President Hale" and promising to "bring those armed thugs to justice" if elected President. "Who do you trust more?" he asked, "some police or me? Because as we all know from the Gregist days, police and government are a bunch of thugs, especially when its name be David Hale or so it says. I alone will be righteous in government, not even the Legislature is righteous anymore. I alone know how to rule this nation and Make Us Great Again. Together, we shall only have police who actually want to Make us Great Again, and not police who dare arrest people for showing their support of me. And no, rumors they attacked the anti-fascists are FAKE NEWS! The anti-fascists attacked us, yet it's my amazing security who was charged with murder! The police and anti-fascists are Gregist-inspired thug terrorists who must be destroyed! One of them even tried to assassinate me! This is simply unacceptable that that thug who tried to assassinate me is not charged with attempted murder!'

Although Redwin's speech was littered with falsehoods, false claims of assassination attempts which never happened, threats, name-calling, and many more snap polling revealed that 98 percent of Redwin supporters believe the speech was "completely accurate." It's as if the truth no longer matters, thanks to this assclown. President Hale, for his part issued a statement decrying the "senseless violence" and urging people to come together and "unite against fascism." Redwin used this quote as a further opportunity to suggest Hale was a terrorist, saying "That transgender idiot Muslim gay Presidentress al-Jabari is a thug and it clearly shows that it is an anti-fascist thug clown who will kill us all. I alone will destroy that menace and fix this nation to make us Great Again!"

In some good news, the wave of terror conducted by Redwin supporters seems to have stopped, at least for the moment, although National Security Services reportedly thwarted a plot by Redwin supporters to assassinate President Hale. Redwin, of course, decried this as "fake news" while simultaneously praising his supporters for their "ingenuity, bravery, and innocence in the whole ordeal." An NSS spokesperson declined to comment on whether this constituted encouraging a presidential assassination, or whether such a thing would be criminal if so. However, things are getting really bad here thanks to a far-right nutjob.

Now, voters are frustrated with President Hale, who made a lot of promises to revitalize this country and has failed to keep any of them. We still don't have free college or free healthcare, the economy is taking a downturn after the intiial boost caused by the revolution, and it is clear people are struggling. But that is no excuse to elect a far-right fascist. As journalists, we are supposed to be neutral in most cases, but in this case, we simply cannot remain neutral against these forces of evil. Every day I receive dozens of death threats, rape threats, and more from these vile Redwin supporters. They say my place is in the kitchen, not criticizng their dear leader. But no, our place is to expose the truth, and the truth is that Carter Redwin is a vile, evil leader who must not be elected, or our country will once again descend into chaos. This is a man who has supported the misogynistic Church of Saintland, who has said women should not be journalists (unless of course they support him like that viie woman Lori Hopper, in which case he's strangely OK with it) who has said women should not be in politics, who has said women should not do anything except make him a sandwich, who has yelled at female counterprotesters to stop protesting and make him a sandwich then encouraged his supporters to attack them, and he's not just anti-woman. He's encouraged the mass murders of Muslims, gays, Jews, atheists, racial minorities, immigrants, and basically everyone who isn't a striaght, white, Christian, male who thinks just like him. Why? In the supposed name of "National Greatness", the same philosophy that that vile Republican Samuel Izmailov fought for. Well, even the Gregists knew Izmailov was bad news. Remember - the Gregists were acquitted of hacking Izmailov's email, on the grounds that they were defending the world against tyranny. Surely as free people who are not megalomaniacs like the so-called "Lord Almighty" Gregory it is even more our legal right and duty to do the same. Redwin must be stopped!

From the Twii.tur of Carter Redwin

Carter Redwin went on yet another Twii storm after Jill White's article was pubiished.

10:01 PM: Jill "Stinky Skank" White says I must be stopped! But SHE is the one who must be stopped! Threatening me is a CRIME! #LOCKHERUP #ALJABARITOO

10:13 PM: Such a nasty woman, Jill "Stinky Stink Skank Skank Stink" White is. Wipe her out along with all the other FAKE NEWS who dare criticize Me I am Great!

10:16 PM: WOMEN should not be journalists or anything but Servents to Men! But Jill White is the Worst of All Women because she LIES and is FAKE NEWS!

10:21 PM: Jill White should say GOOD NIGHT and GOOD BYE! Supporters, you know what you need to do.

The last twii, sent at 10:21 PM, raised significant alarm as it was seen as encouraging his merry band of supporters to attack Jill White. White announced that she would not bow to Redwin's "terroristic threats" and would continue reporting, "whatever the cost."
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Postby New Lusitania and the Algarves » Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:36 pm

STL|Serviços de Transmissão Lusitana
Sport | Football|
World Cup 83 | 83º Mundial

Rakivland 2-2 New Lusitania

The Selecção now looked to continue their winning ways when they visited Rakivland. Some changes to the squad were made. After his goal, Cavalariça started in Jota's position with Vinagrete and Cédric Silva starting in the defensive flanks. Despite New Lusitania looking as favourites, Rakivland were the ones opening the tally with a good goal coming from the right side of the box, a great goal which if any fault has to be given, it's to Cédric that let the adversary through. Just before half-time, Mário found a way to cross the ball in, landing near Silveira whose heading expertise was used in this particular situation to score the equaliser.
The two teams returned with no advantage between them on the scoreline meaning that there would be a real contest in the second half. On sixty-five minutes of play in Rakivland, the away side scored with Guerreiros managing a great run in which he passed the ball to Mário who turn reciprocated the gesture. After a long cross, it managed to land in Silveira who attempted the shot but ended up hitting the post. After a very messy situation, Francisco Gama opened his personal tab this edition with a simple yet complex tap-in. Rakivland would draw the match from a free-kick a mere ten minutes later after Nevais went for a bolder-than-usual tackle, which got him a yellow.
There were a few other situations to note, besides the goals. After the aforementioned, there was a good corner cross for Rakivland and an amazing stopped shot by their goalkeeper from a shot by Cavalariça.
But it was to end all square. At the end of the game, some analysed New Lusitania to underestimate their opponents, although some players disagreed with that opinion. Overall, the consensus was that the game's result was a fair one considering what each side produced over the course of ninety minutes and that Cassadaigua may feel a slight ease of pressure now that they have a bigger gap.

Around the Grounds
In Group Q, Abaja managed an away win at New Karelograd by a single goal in a well fought match as Bengaliana almost pulled off a point away at Cassadaigua with the women of the pink and black flagged nation triumphing towards the business end of the game to make it 3-2.
New Lusitania are currently tied third, with Abaja on 4 points with the Selecção with a game in hand. Cassadaigua, however, lead with 6 out of 6 possible points, having the same number of games as New Lusitania following their rest on Matchday 2. Under Abaja are the Crystalline Caverns and New Karelograd on 3 with Bengaliana yet to point.
On the stat viewpoint, South Covello and Apox count are the only teams yet to concede a goal with both of them at the top of their respective groups. Abercontin-Jereaux of Group C has the undesirable title of the Team with most conceded (12). South Covello have 8 scored against Apox's 4 however. The most scored however may shock you as it's Dreamplanet with 11 goals scored, being placed fifth in their group at the moment, with their defence in part in fault for that conceding 9. 95X, Starbladyia and Turori are also congratulated by scoring 10 and being at the top of their respective groups, showing great promise for times to come and for the World Cup, of course.
Another surprise are those yet to score which include more experienced sides like Lochario, Oberur Ar Moro and Eraman as well as lesser known sides the long named Lepolanatnessferia and the shorter named Caras.

GOALS: Cavalariça (1), Silveira (1), Gama (1)
ASSISTS: Veiga (1), Guerreiros (1), Silveira (1)
CARDS: Nevais (1Y)

World Cup 82 Quals
Top Goalscorers: Silveira (9)
Assists: Fernando (8)
Cup of Harmony 74
Top Goalscorer: Silveira (4)
Assists: Fernando (3)
Matchday: Internationals
coverage of the best
STL1 22:00 GMT
World Cup 83
The best of the action on STL, your National Broadcaster
New Lusitania in exclusive.
Reach us with your reactions:
#STL #forçaselecção #WC83 #LUS
STL in association with FLF

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Postby Krytenia » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:30 pm


You Again!
By Rami Niblick in Zoloroni, Mercedini

SARZONIA, Starblaydia, Audioslavia...maybe Aguazul and Valanora at a pinch. These names live in infamy within the Krytenian footballing psyche, countries who we bot eagerly anticipate and quietly dread having to play on the global stage. The last five years or so, though, have seen a potential new name ready to be added to the pantheon: Mercedini. After taking six points off the Dragons in World Cup LXXXII qualifying, it was the Golden Eagles once more standing in the way of Krytenia's ambition; once again, it was the men in black and gold coming out on top.

Krytenia did, at least, look more stable in defence. Gareth Brannan looked at least mobile, if not exactly speedy, and the shape of the defensive line held much better than it did against, say, the San Carlos Islands. The first half was notable not only for its lack of chances, but also the effective suffocation of the threat of Daniel Dostalok and Ben Chillotov.

The problem, however, was further up. Murray Schwarzkopf looked for all the world like a man swept out to sea, unable to control the tempo in the middle of the park. Chris Naismith and Selaphiel Kennedy cut lonely figures up front, starved of chances by a midfield unable to keep the ball long enough to create chances.

Eventually, the centre couldn't hold. The Dragons had fought valiantly and defended bravely, but in the end Mercedini were too strong, too dangerous going forward. Dostalok started finding gaps, and from one such opportunity opened the scoring with a blistering strike from the edge of the box that Marcus Washington just couldn't reach.

With the Dragons chasing the game, a second goal seemed inevitable, and when it came, it effectively killed the match off as a contest. Johannes Nymark won't be complaining though, as he latched onto a slide-rule Chillotov pass to dink the ball past and onrushing Washington and secure the points for the home side.

All is not lost for Alex Sampson's men, however. Defeat is certainly a blow, but the Dragons will be at home next, with a game in Ashton against HUElavia. Three points are a requirement here to have a realistic shot at making the finals, and if the back line can hold, and the midfield break through as we know they can, they've got a good chance. Onward!

Dostalok 65
Nymark 78

no scorers
KRYTENIA: RIP "Losing in semi-finals" meme. 2004-2020.
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Languages: English (de jure), Spanish, French, Welsh (official regional only)

Hosts: Cup of Harmony VII, AOCAF I, Cup of Harmony XV, World Cup XXIV, AOCAF XIII, World Cup XXIX, AOCAF XVII, AOCAF XXIII, World Cup XL, Cup of Harmony XXXII, Baptism of Fire XXXII, AOCAF XXVII, Baptism of Fire XXXVI, World Cup L, Baptism of Fire XL, Cup of Harmony LXIV, AOCAF XLVIII, World Cup LXXV, AOCAF LX
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Postby Timuria » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:48 pm

Under Qualified Chapter 3

Prior to the match against Kiryu-shi

Iskender filed into the manager's office and sat on the chair facing his desk. His head still thumped lightly from the previous night's activities. He had to be rescued from the roof, like the oaf he was. Or at least felt like in that moment. He sipped from his water bottle as he tried to wrack his brain about what might happen. Of course he hadn't broken any laws, but he had broken the rules of the team's facility. Was he going to be kicked out of the squad?

Bekir waled in and sighed, displeased that his backup goalkeeper couldn't participate in the scrimmage he had organised. He sat and looked at his goalkeeper allowing silence to fill the room and tension to build in the young man. In his early life, prior to his ill-fated stint as an agriculture minister he had learned the value of well deployed silence. After Iskender began to visibly look uncomfortable he cleared his throat, "Look, I know you... came here with a reputation. I mean you were something of a viral sensation." Iskender mustered what fortitude he had to not allow the spinning that threatened to take over his head consume him."That doesn't excuse a flagrant violation of team policy. But Ozbek has explained what happened last night." Iskender tried his best to retain a neutral expression, he couldn't even remember what had happened the night before. "So we're formally warning you both." Bekir stood up and patted Iskender on the shoulder, "I know it's hard. To have failed so publicly. It gets easier." He gave him one final pat on the shoulder before he left the locker room.

Iskender sat, reflecting. He had felt a particular guilt regarding the Baptism of Fire. He stood up and sighed, he wanted to punch something and cry. His hand had become a fist without him realising, trembling. He closed his eyes and centered himself. Things would get better, he thought, people wont even remember that game. He walked out and greeted his remaining team mates, jibes about his nocturnal activities rained on him as he laughed along, one of the guys again.


After the match against Kiryu-shi

The players ran into the locker room after such an exhilarating comeback victory they couldn't help but begin to cheer and woop as they jumped in the air. Many of the players mauled the fortunate winning goal scorer. Ismail's face had a delighted smile chiseled into it, as Bekir walked in. The oxygen was sucked from the room as the team noticed his face. It wasn't one of joy, or even relief, both would have been perfectly understandable. His face wore a look of anger. "What are you all so excited about?"

Vatan stuttered as he tried to speak for the team, "W-w-well we won didn't we?"

Bekir raised an eyebrow, "Oh sure we won. But you should've steamrolled those guys. Instead you're in her jumping around over a narrow one goal win!" The players looked down at their feet as he continued, "Look I know this is our first world cup and you all are excited." He stood on a bench in the changing room, "But do you think if you come out and play like that against any of the other teams in this group that you'll win?" The team, suitably ashamed, didn't meet the piercing gaze of their manager who had effortlessly assumed command in the moment. "So yeah, we won, we got the three points, but we're getting right back to work okay?"

Iskender called out surprising the team, "Yes coach!" Seeing his approval shifted the room, even if he was just a backup, he held a lot of affection among his teammates, they muttered in agreement.

"Great, so the curfew is lifted." The team high fived each other at that particular news, "But I don't want any misconduct while you're on duty with us. When you're at your clubs do whatever you like, but when we're together, we're all about business okay?" The team nodded and murmured in approval.

Senol smiled at his friend, at least he liked to consider him his friend at this point, leaned in and whispered, "You're getting better at this."

Bekir elbowed him playfully and chuckled, "Well I couldn't realistically get worse." He joked as he walked to the small manager's room in the stadium.

He found a note, as he often did after every game, Rabia was always near, watching or listening. Making sure he wasn't endangering whatever the party's mission was with sports. As he walked up to the desk he pondered upon what that might be, sure some of the benefits were obvious, but why would they be so keen on him to succeed. Who would win? It bothered him, he never understood why he, a man with a marginal interest in sport was the anointed manager, worse still being compelled to remain in place, lest his darkest moments become common knowledge.

He saw a note, "Congratulations on your win, enjoy this small token of my appreciation. Your guardian angel, Rabia." Bekir felt his cheeks flush as he grabbed the box and opened it, he knew there was something more to him and Rabia than observer and subject. There was an atmosphere. He opened the box and found a series of small heart shaped chocolates. White chocolate, his favourite. He smiled as he tossed one into his mouth and noticed the other side of the note, "Meet me at the Volunteers hotel after your first practice back home. Dress to impress xo." Bekir grimaced as he considered whether it was right, whether he could really take this first step in moving on, in becoming whole again. He would regret not doing so, he thought, so he resolved to see where this lead, even if it led to a provincial administrators position in some remote backwater, such that they existed in Timuria.
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Postby Turori » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:20 pm


Eels Return to Traditional Tactic in 1-0 Matchday 2 victory.

It had been a very un-Turorian stretch of Matches going back to the close fought 1-1 draw in the World Cup 82 Quarter Finals against 12th ranked Pasarga where, for the first time in the history of the Turori National Team that they had actually won a penalty shootout at the Quarter Final stage or later in the World Cup Finals. The Turorians had a long history of losing in the Quarter Finals with their first Quarter Final defeat coming in a 1-3 defeat to Squornshelous during World Cup 18. It wasn't until World Cup 22 however that Turori first made it to extra time in a World Cup Quarter Final, after a trio of consecutive defeats, they took eventual World Cup Champion Sarzonia to Penalty Kicks before being eliminated in what many feel was Turori's World Cup to lose with the Sarzo's eventually cruising to their first World Cup title and the fourth in a row for upstart region Atlantian Oceania.

Turori had once again made a habit of Quarter Final defeats in the 70's and lost another penalty shootout this time to Eura during World Cup 71. Finally, however, after succesive Quarter Final defeats to Schottia and The Holy Empire, Turori broke through during World Cup 81 with a victory over Ethane to win their first ever World Cup Quarter Final match. So it is only fitting that one cycle later the Eels would win their first ever World Cup Quarter Final penalty shootout. The turmoil continued from their with the nine-goal Semi-Final thriller against Farfadillis leading up to another soul-crushing World Cup elimination at the hands of neighbors Vilita - this time in the most critical match of them all, the World Cup Final.

After the offseason as the players went their separate ways, some to play in regional competitions, some to contest Under-21 World Cup championships and all of which ending in the same level of disappointment, it was time for the Eelskin Brown to re-unite the players of Turori as they began the quest once more as one of the longest active World Cup droughts marched on to the tournaments 83rd edition.

Turori had picked up right where they left off with very un-Turorian play in their campaign opener against the Dancing Mechanics of Hyundai-Kia smashing six goals past the World Cup debutants. Of course, Turori went into that match heavy favorites and left without disappointing in what would ultimately be a good stat padding day for the Turorian players. The real work would start, however, on Matchday 2. It would be Turori against the Macabees in one of the Marquee matchups of Group W and there would be no time for sloppy play, showboating or unconventional form. After deviating from their bread and butter System Karela inspired Turorian Kar-eel-a tactics in order to navigate their way through the World Cup 82 Finals, Eels head coach Kliaill Tuirma executed a defensive performance that would have had many wondering if it was really Hexa Tux or Syku-Lyku Agbayani on the sidelines. After 90 minutes of stalemate between Group W's two highest ranked nations, the Turori Eels executed the perfect 1-0 victory with Lati'ala Gioka scoring in stoppage time to give Turori all 3 points and the perfect start to their World Cup 83 Qualification Campaign
Turori [1] - [0] The Macabees

:: Turori Goalscorers ::
:: 90' Lati'ala Giaoka
:: Turori Statistics ::
:: Possession: 56%
:: Shots on Target: 5
:: Corner Kicks: 10
:: The Macabees Statistics ::
:: Possession: 44%
:: Shots on Target: 2
:: Corner Kicks: 0

'Turori Eels Lineup v. The Macabees ::
[GK]Wiyauw An'maude, [D.]Mikki Mayelli, [D.]Amakli Inuro'o, [D.]Tarek Edgeli, [D.] Yitizo Mpala'a, [ML] Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MC]Daliora Toru'u, [MC] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MR] Lati'ala Giaoka, [FC]Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC]Wiztsana Iretziia
[FC]Mirana Gotuai, [FC]Inamari Altariiz, [M]Saito Koshiki, [M]Kentu Umaka'a, [U ]Geafi Laina-Sola, [D]Moumouni Verre'elali, [GK]Timaala Hualtia

<Silexhera> Why does Turori make sense? :p

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Postby Brusseldorf » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:32 pm



sort by |latest ⮟|

Brusseldorf 3-2 Filindostan Highlights
August 6th

Filindostan pulled away from the home side quickly in the opening minutes of last night’s game, scoring in the 3rd minute. Brusseldorf’s defence looked to crumble a second time only minutes later, save for a goal-line clearance by a determined Andrea Zidane. The back line gradually got into the game, preventing Filindostan from scoring for the rest of the first half. A skilful run by Lellouche opened up the opposing midfield, giving Wolfenden a clear pass to Sidi, who sent it low and hard. The Filindostan keeper dove the correct way to make a brilliant save for the away side. The score at half time was 0-1. The Brusseldorfen back line looked much stronger going into the second half, Boronia effectively shutting down his side of the field to any forays by the opposition. Ricard Sciolan did well to put pressure on the midfield, however conceded an unfortunate penalty that Filindostan scored. Late in the second half, Teddy Wolfenden finally took a goal for Los Alrededores, a looping effort that sent the opposition goalkeeper backpedaling to no avail. With only 5 minutes of regular time remaining, the Brusseldorf attack switched on, with an inspired few minutes of football that allowed Debut substitute Michael Scafford an open shot on goal. With the score at 2-2 at 90 minutes, Brusseldorf locked down the midfield and remained in possession of the ball for all four minutes of extra time. In the 94th minute, substitute Chorus Reynolds sent a low, curling ball in from a corner. Unfortunately for Filindostan, it connected with one of their defenders and deflected into the goal. Brusseldorf finished what was an entertaining match with a 3-2 victory and 3 more points on the leaderboard.


The broadcast camera panned across the bottom section of the stands, looking to find a particularly attractive spectator or a group of enthusiastic fans. It was late in the game, and Los Alrededores’ hopes were fading.
Halfway along Row Z was a tanned middle-aged Mediterranean man, jumping up and down holding a megaphone. Around him the active support was in full swing.
”Channel, switch to Cam 3... you won’t believe this”
The screens in the stadium switched to Cam 3, and Mario Sánchez’ beaming smile was broadcast around the whole of the Fennec Stadia.
Fans started jumping out of their seats, whooping and cheering. The active support started chanting.

Mario Sánchez loves Los Alrededores,
Mario Sánchez loves Los Alrededores!
He’s never missed a game,
So it would be a shame,
For Sajnur to lock him up and throw away the key!
Don’t ask us how we got him out,
Don’t ask us how we got him out!
Mario doesn’t like a tie,
So he beat them up; that’s why
So Viva Los Alrededores!
Viva Los Alrededores!
Viva Los Alrededores!

The chants of Viva Los Alrededores! continued.
Down on the pitch, something in the Brusseldorfen side switched on.
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Postby Saltstead » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:41 pm

All Saltsteadish! All football!
Saltstead are (possibly) irrevocably ****ed

If you were hoping for a cruise to the playoffs and a shot at winning the qualification group outright, please save yourself the disappointment and put those hopes to bed. In a typical Saltsteadish fashion, the National Eleven are determined to throw away the campaign one way or another.

Two years ago, Saltstead need a mere draw in Ashwell; Qusmo ran out of King William VII National Park with a famous and celebrated win. Four years ago, Saltstead were on their way out the door until someone at the Garifunya FA headquarters set all the paperwork (and presumably the whole country) on fire; Drawkland wreaked havoc on the Stallions’ World Cup talent pool as revenge for losing the playoff. And don’t get us started on Buyan and the shithousing in that playoff…

We have never finished as winners or runners-up of a World Cup qualifying group and look even less likely to do so now. Saltstead have notched their first win of the campaign, but have done it two games to late after dropping a grand total of four points in matches against no-name teams—and we literally mean “no-name” given that both have ardently refused to release details on who exactly is playing for them.

Libonesia should have realistically been Saltstead’s third win, yet the (admittedly heroic) exploits of Namey McNameface put Tulize in an unassailable lead and the nerves of Piėr Josefssen gifted Benjamin Park a point by means of his body being in the path of a ball Marianne Åudershof had just kept out of the net. As a result, Baker Park sit a point ahead of us with a game in hand, while Eastfield Lodge sit two points back, but with an extra game to play.

Now the Stallions face down their two most difficult opponents in quick succession. First comes a visit to Baker Park, where they’ll be looking to affirm their victory over us at AOCAF was no fluke. With the force of Ezriquay’s cozy Queen Victoria Stadium behind them, Baker Park will simply attack better than Saltstead has ever been able to before—the weird 6–1 aberration against Frejo notwithstanding—and will be buoyed by the incresingly floundering defence on display by the Saltsteadish side. Of course, having beaten a substantially identical Saltstead 3–2 not even a handful of months ago will buoy the cause.

Next will be Eastfield Lodge, who, despite perenially failing to qualify for the World Cup, still qualify as a halfway decent team. Described as “the big winner” of the qualifying draw despite landing comparatively difficult first and second seeds, Eastfield Lodge doubtlessly see this group as their best chance to qualify for their third World Cup finals and first in twelve years. Though they won’t have the support of the home crowd (at least in this immediate matchup), they’ll have much more practice with attacking football as well and—if the match against Tulize is any indication—a great shot at walking out of Ashwell with a least one point.

Compounding matters, we will be wrapping up our qualification matches a week early, meaning that everyone else will still have a game to play once we’ve finished all ours. This means we will need to finish at least three (if we have the tiebreakers on our side) or four (if we don’t) points clear of our nearest challengers to secure our World Cup or playoff tickets. Any fewer and we sit on our hands, powerless to the mercy or cruelty of the final game results. And as the campaigns of World Cup 81 and 82 forewarn, those results never go Saltstead’s way.

If Saltstead can snatch results against Baker Park and Eastfield Lodge, we can turn off the sirens for a couple of months, or at least as for as long as it takes for Saltstead to go back to dropping points against rank underdogs. Let’s pray that Saltstead don’t keep dropping points like overly-heated tubers.

██ Baker Park predicted starting XI: Caroline Gordon; Derick Briggs, Tracey Vasillias, Emily Arnold; Nick Haller (c), Annabeth Westmoreland, Veronica Navarro, Jamari Bozeman; Tyrek Jones, Alex Sandoval, Sabrina Patton
Saltstead predicted starting XI: Robert-Jan van Daal; Otto Frederickssen, Emmet le Duc, Maxime Crabshaas, Anne-Elisabeth Smid; Nicholas Tiberius, Benjamin Sħåul; Ann-Marine Crabshaas (c), Adelaide de Jong, Natasħa Aħterop; Haråud Haråudssen
— Aleksander Mathiassen from Shirley, Baker Park

iTLD: .ha
Demonym: Saltsteader
Adjectival: Saltsteadish
This nation does not necessarily reflect my actual political views
Discontinue use if rash develops
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Qusmo - 06/08/2019

Maybe the real World Cup title was the friends we made along the way.
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Postby Eura » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:45 pm

Euran government warns against populism and chastens Redwin, mounting crisis in Mareibat, CRC elections scheduled

Foreign Secretary's remarks follow government warning to South Covello amidst "Redwin-mania"

The Foreign Secretary, Ian Smith, today outlined the Liberal government's concerns about a marked increase in the strength of populist right wing movements in democratic countries. His speech to the Guardians of Democratic Freedom Forum was the clearest sign yet that the current Euran government has been deeply unsettled by such developments. In recent years the intelligence services and Eura's diplomatic corps have vastly increased resources dedicated to understanding phenomenon such as the rise of President Revan in Eshan and the increasingly illiberal Ward administration in Brenecia. Sources inside the Foreign Office, and even one senior figure close to the Prime Minister, have told the Emplor and other outlets that they are particularly alarmed by the rise of far right leader Carter Redwin in South Covello. Nearly a hundred people were killed and hundreds more injured in riots in the Esportivan country this week, a spate of violence that sent shockwaves through the international coalition that intervened in South Covello to help remove the so-called Gregist regime from power years ago.

Smith specifically addressed concerns about South Covello in a question and answer session that followed the speech. 'There's absolutely no room for the kind of violence we've witnessed this week in a democratic society, not at all. What we have seen from afar is deeply disturbing and the Covellan people have my absolute sympathy. Base thuggery and extremist skulduggery from people who can't admit defeat are sadly part and parcel of any society recovering from a dictatorship.' Although Smith pulled no punches in condemning the violent acts, he stopped short of publicly making comments that could be deemed to be interfering in another country's democratic process, refusing to confirm if Eura had offered any political or economic assistance to South Covello's President Hale. 'We've got our concerns and believe President Hale's status as the elected president of South Covello should be respected. That is all.' However, it is thought that Eura is quietly repositioning strategic assets and communicating directly with former coalition partners such as Sargossa about what to do if Carter Redwin were to somehow attain power, suggesting the Foreign Office's confidence in Hale's ability to end the domestic chaos may not be very strong.

Small Rushmori island nation racked by instability; Eura calls for restraint

Any hope of a swift or satisfying resolution to the Mareibat crisis has dwindled in recent days as the head of state, "Imperator" Jhon Cossack, retreated further with most of his forces now bottled up in the capital of Halholzer. Substantial damage and an unknown loss of life has been incurred by fighting on several of the tiny nations' islands. Crucially this has included the fall of Teol and Bellight to rebels, the two key cities outside of the main island. Although the regime has lost control of these regions the rebel forces that have taken them are neither unified nor strong enough for any one group to unite the country. Groups such as the Mareibat Freedom Militia and Bellight People's Army are struggling for legitimacy while more peaceful political groupings remain unlikely to seize control without outside intervention. The chaos has spilled over into Apox, the nation that was formerly Mareibat's colonial master, with two significant terrorist attacks in recent times having impacted the Apoxian political climate significantly.

It is not yet clear what exactly Apox will do or what groups have approached them for assistance on their side, but the nation's media and sources close to the government have hinted that decisive military intervention is now being seriously considered for the first time. The ruling coalition of the Greens and ANP are thought to be considering their options carefully amidst a great deal of domestic pressure for action on head of government Matthias Sindelar. Upping the ante for some kind of intervention is the opposition Free Party, which has swung to the right under unorthodox leader Artur Winklebottom. Polling suggests that while the current government is safe for now, Winklebottom is threatening to turn things around by exploiting the current situation. Meanwhile, the reaction of most international powers has been indifferent. Eura has been a notable exception to this with its self-selected role as a regional "guardian" and substantial interests in Mareibat, namely unfettered and safe access to the Mareibat Straits shipping routes and a desire to control the spread of legacy equipment and personnel from the war with Sameba. With these goals in mind a Euran spokesperson urged all sides to consider a negotiated settlement, and insisted that it would ensure the crisis has a minimal impact on seaborne trade.

Rushmori Parliament elections to be held in Eura for first time later this year

Following months of negotiations between different political parties under the watchful eye and neutral steer of the Constitution and Elections Office, Eura's own Parliament has finally passed the required legislation to allow Euran voters to elect new members of Rushmori Parliament this year. Despite strong objections from the Capital Party and the more right and left wing fringes of the political spectrum, the Rushmori Elections Act was passed with a heavy victory for the government. As a result, Eurans will go to the polls later this year to elect 45 representatives to the Rushmori Parliament, the maximum allowed for any single country. Member states have the freedom to choose an appropriate electoral system for conducting these elections themselves, and unsurprisingly the Euran government under the pro-electoral reform Liberal party has ensured it will be a proportional representation election rather than operating by First Past the Post. The country will be divided into 45 regions of roughly equal population, with final boundaries being put back to the house in a binding vote several months before the elections take place.

Even at this early stage many polls are predicting the Liberals will win an overwhelming victory in the Rushmori elections. Euran Parliament voting intention polls have the Liberals miles ahead of any opposition party of 45% of the vote, and Rushmori Parliament polls show an even bigger lead with pollsters EuraVotes and Viewpoint measuring their support at 49% and 54% respectively. The bigger question may be who will come second. The recent victory of the "soft left" candidate Harry Barnham in the Social Party leadership election means the party will adopt a much more strongly pro-Rushmori position, which may lead to a recovery by securing the substantial minority of the 75% of pro-CRC voters who did not vote Liberal at the last election. On the right the Unionist Party may make unexpected gains as an unorthodox nationalist but simultaneously pro-Rushmori force. The Capital Party is seeking to lead the Rushmore-skeptic cause, but early polling suggests they are currently fighting for third or fourth behind the Civil Federalist, Social and Liberal parties.
United Federation of Eura - Sporting achievements
Champions: WC66, WC73, CR23, CR27, CR34, Market Cup I, Next Generation Trophy
Runner up: WC60, WC72, WC78, CR16, CR20, CR32, CoH51
Host: CR24, BoF60, CR Under 21's and Under 17's

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[OOC note: in the previous chapter, I mistakenly referred to the mayor of Beçonailles as the mayor of Besançon. I've fixed that now.]
Mister Minister | Ch. 1 | Monsieur le Ministre
Mister Minister | Ch. 2 | Monsieur le Ministre
The mayor of Beçonailles' legislative office, a bit more than a year ago.

When Jean-Luc came into work the next morning, he was still ruminating on the things he'd seen yesterday. The presentation in the Mayoral Chamber about tourism; the kids playing soccer; the UICA game on TV; his conversation with Monsieur Rougemont: they were all connecting in his mind. He was still sort of daydreaming when the mayor snapped him out of it.

"Bonjour! Lassalle!" The mayor wasn't mad, but it seemed that he was about ready to snap his fingers in Jean-Luc's face to get his attention. Jean-Luc looked down at him. The mayor was sitting at his desk, covered with reports and analysis of recent presentations in the chamber, plus some charts--Jean-Luc recognized the most recent opinion polls. He guessed where the conversation was heading.

He didn't guess, however, where it turned first. "What happened to those kids you scared off, yesterday, Lassalle?" the Mayor asked. "Do you still have their ball?"

"Oh, no--I gave it back to them after the session ended. I told them to meet me there just before I left for the day."

"Well, that's good. We don't want people complaining that legislative staff is stealing their children's toys."

"No, sir."

The mayor had found himself the perfect to segue to what Jean-Luc had been expecting him to address. "Speaking of people's opinions of us, have you seen these latest polls?" He handed the sheets on his desk to Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc had seen them in the news that morning--that was his job. The mayor went on. "Here, look at this pie graph."

"Pie chart."


"You called it a pie graph. I'm pretty sure everyone calls them pie charts."

"Sure, whatever. The point is, our numbers have taken a dip." Jean-Luc could see this very plainly. The polls did not look particularly good.

"I'll have to head back to Beçonailles and do some constituent networking," said the mayor. 'Constituent networking' was what he called campaigning. Although technically, he was maybe right--he hopefully wouldn't be on the campaign trail per se for a while yet.

"I'm leaving you here with Bréas, he'll be in charge. Most of the executive staff will return to Beçonailles with me, so I'll leave just you two here with the regular legislative staff."

"Yes sir."

"I want you in the chamber sending me reports on what goes on in there. Bréas will have his hands full keeping the office in shape."

"I can handle that."

"Of course." The mayor rose. Most of the stuff he needed to take with him had already been packed (part of what had helped Jean-Luc figure out what was going on before the mayor announced it). The mayor paused in the doorway. "Oh, and Lassalle?"


"If you see any nice little waves of public opinion we can ride to higher ratings, let me know."

"Yes sir."

The mayor winked, and with that he was gone.

As Jean-Luc prepped to head into the session that was about to start in the chamber, the last comment the mayor had made stayed with him. He thought he might have something the Mayor could use. During the session he was kept busy taking notes, but when he took his lunch break, the thought returned to him.

Jean-Luc was having lunch that day in the chamber's cafeteria, munching mindlessly on some vegetables he had packed. The constant babble from the news broadcast on the TV in the corner was almost a meditative aid as he zoned out. Usually he didn't eat alone, but he'd planned to take his lunch with a couple of his coworkers today before they'd realized that they were heading back to Beçonailles. So now here he was, thinking of nothing while he ate his food, when one of the news reports snapped him out of his trance.

"Former RNFL club Chapel-Field House announced today a fundraising drive in an effort to keep the club in the black. Chapel-Field House, which played two and a half seasons in the RNFA's First League before the league folded, said that if this effort fails, the club will be forced to declare bankruptcy and cease operations.

"A press release from the club today claimed that it was too difficult to compete with other clubs in the same city, despite Reçueçn's status as the second largest city in the nation and the nation's capital. The Reçueçn Raptors and Reçueçn FC also compete in Reçueçn, and the latter are the most popular soccer team in the country. However, Chapel-Field House representatives today claimed that they were being driven out of business not by the other nearby sides as much as by the lack of organization for the sport in the country.

"Ever since the RNFL folded half-way through its fourth year of competition, attendance and ratings have been way down, club managers report. Teams large and small are feeling the financial bite of this downturn. Chapel-Field House is hopeful that this funding drive may alleviate their temporary situation, but fear that the club may continue to be in danger until the country once more has a more consistent structure for football as a sport."

The reporters had interviewed some fans they found on the street.

"Yeah we really wish the teams were doing better, it's really sad," said one. "I'm not a House supporter, but it's not just them that's been affected. It's all sorts of teams. I keep hoping the sport will turn around, but I don't even want to go to a game if I'm going to be the only one there."

"It's so hard to justify going to games anymore," said another fan. "I really miss the RNFL--the games meant a lot more when you had a league championship to play for--UICA spots---you know. The games feel a bit pointless now. Plus the scheduling is pretty last minute sometimes, you don't know when they'll play, or who they'll play--and they don't even sell season passes anymore."

The screen switched back to the newscaster in the studio. "Chapel-Field House not the only team struggling in Reçuecian soccer, then," said the reporter. "It seems fans want more for the sport--but what can they do for the game? Only time will show the fate of Reçuecian football.

"This has been an RTV Sports Report." The broadcast changed to the weather.

Jean-Luc was disappointed. He had sort of seen this coming--he was an ardent Chapel-Field House supporter, and the stands had been empty lately--but it was terrible none the less. He promptly pulled up the club's website on his phone and made a donation. The website marked the progress that had been made towards completing the drive. Jean-Luc gave a low whistle. It was hardly any.

That was when it all clicked in his head. The presentation yesterday, the kids pretending to be foreign soccer players, the UICA game on TV, and now the Mayor, searching for "a wave of public opinion," and the news article on the decline of Reçuecian soccer. It all made sense. He had an idea.

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Hearts of Ash

Chapter 3: Deja Vu

So on the day of the World Cup Party, I felt this sense of deja vu. You know what I'm talking about. Seeing something you already seen before. When the party happened, there was only some differences. For once, Charlie was with me during that time, where it actually made me more comfortable. I didn't see Colin arrive, though I was still on edge, since I figured he would appear late in the party. Gerald and the gang were mingling with the other guests, where me and Charlie were just discussing about the song we were planning and some other stuff to lighten the mood.

"World Cup match is happening right now. You think we're going to beat Free Republics?" Jessica asked Charlie, where Jessica hasn't really come up with anything to say, since she didn't know what to talk about. "I think we have a good team since we have demons as players." "Well, you know how it is every season. Just gotta press our luck to see what happens." It was then that Charlie's friend Alistair pops up with a cup of punch in his hand. "Hello, Charlie!" Alistair said, surprising the both of them in an announcer voice. "Alistair! You're here!" Charlie started to look happy, upon seeing a familiar face. "Figured I dropped by, seeing how the World Cup is popular in this nation." "Oh don't worry, we practically do this every season. Gerald let you in?"
"Yeah, some of my other buddies are in here, also. Only a few, but we're still on our best behavior."
"Huh. No wonder, it's a bit more crowded in here." Jessica thought. Before she can react, Brenda yelled towards Jessica and Charlie. "Hey Charlie! Could you help me find the cake knife in the kitchen? It should be lying around!"
"Hang on a second, Brenda! I be right back, Jessica!" Charlie said to Jessica, where both of them shed a short smile, before Charlie went to the kitchen to help Brenda. Now, Jessica was with Alistair, where he seemed to have already took note of something with Charlie and Jessica.

"You two being lovebirds?" Alistair teased Jessica, where she reacted in shock. "Wait what?" Jessica tried to keep her voice down. "Relax. Charlie didn't tell me. I just know by looking at the two of you together that I figured something happened when she stopped sleeping at my place less and less."
"At least, don't be some blunt about it. Someone can overhear us."
"Did know?"
"It was her idea. We didn't do the real deal."
"Figured she wouldn't."
"Oh please, if she wanted to, I would do it with her."
"Well, Jessica. You like to take risks, don't you?"
"What the fuck are you getting at, Alistair?"

"You do realize that demons aren't allowed to procreate."
"Procreate? I know that isn't possible-"
"No, Jessica. Not just you, everyone."

Jessica was a bit transfixed on that statement, since she didn't really know how the biology of a demon worked in Main Nation Ministry. "So a human and a demon can't have kids?" Jessica asked. "You see, Jessica. Even when God is up in his high heavens doing jackshit, he gave some regulations to prevent most of us from multiplying like rabbits. Anyone who becomes a demon can't really do sex the normal way humanity has involved."
"That better be sarcasm or some bullshit, because I call Gerald over to throw your ass out!" Jessica threatened Alistair, since she probably wondered how Charlie would feel. That was when Jessica started to have a sudden thought in her mind. "Oh god, not now.." Jessica said in her mind, as she is reminded of him.
"Relax, Jessica. Charlie already knows this."
"You know you're such a dick."
"Charlie is to me. It's part of our nature." Alistair delivered a somewhat sinister smile, though she figured since he was a demon after all. "Right.."

Meanwhile, on the other end of the living room, Charlie was called over to the kitchen where she was instead met with Gerald. "Uhhh, Charlie?" Gerald said, trying to keep his stoic posture up. "Is something the matter?"
"It's not about you, it's about Jessica. And that one article from Gossip Magazine. I can't let her know, since we're somewhat related."
"What does Gossip Magazine have to do with this?"
"Well, you see I got a call from someone up in Foreign Imports and from someone sent by Dorbi Truman, Secretary of Foreign Relations."
"The Leader was sent an online article from Gossip Magazine and now he's reportedly going to go on a killing spree for the authors and one responsible. I don't know what he read, but they said he was pissed. If something happens, we might have to get legally involved, because of the articles written about us."
"You don't think the Ministry would drag us to represent them in an international court, right?" Charlie said, making sure that Jessica didn't wonder off, only to see her with Alistair.

"It's a minor concern, but knowing Keller is up there, she might pull some strings. But it's best not to tell Jessica." Gerald said, as he let her go. It wasn't until she heard the doorbell was when she went over to answer it. "Sorry, if it's a bit crowded!" Charlie was welcoming the man who answered the door. However, the man didn't seem to be interested in going in. "I just want to talk with Jess. Is she in there?" the man said, where it looked like Brenda seemed to see him, as he was talking to Charlie through the door. "Jessica is kinda busy at the moment. Should I-"
"Brad, we talked about this!" Brenda suddenly barged in, seemingly recognizing the man.
"Oh come on! I just want to make some amends!"
"Brad, leave." Brenda slammed the door, where Charlie was confused. "Uhhh, who's Brad."
"Ex-boyfriend of Jessica. Don't mention it to her." Brenda immediately said, where Charlie grew a bit concerned.

Eventually, the match day was starting to dwindle down. Main Nation Ministry lost to Free Republics, though it was still possible for a comeback in the later rounds. As people start to leave, Jessica sat on the couch with Charlie. "That was a boring game." Jessica said, as Charlie decided to comfort her. "There is always the next Match Day. How about I take you somewhere tomorrow? Maybe we can have some fun?" Charlie offered. Jessica looked at the time, though she wasn't really sure if she should take Charlie's offer. "We can next week, but not tomorrow. I want to de-stress after the party. It's getting close to midnight and I kinda tired." Jessica told her, where she motioned at Gerald, though Charlie didn't seem to notice.

Around when both of them went to bed, Charlie slept in the guest room, where Jessica waited till Charlie was completely asleep. Getting herself dressed, usually in her standard garb that she somewhat uses ritualistic, she went downstairs to use her car. Getting her phone, she made a quick call, where someone answered.
"I want to see him, quick. I know it's late, but it's better to do it in this time. I won't wake him up."
"Just do it before the curfew kicks in, ok?"

Jessica parked her car in front of the apartments. A lot of people would compare it to a motel, due to how small it was, but it was the place where he was currently staying. Heading upstairs, she lightly tap the door, knowing she hear Jessica. After undoing the chain-lock, Jessica was met by her friend Sarah as she greeted her. "You sure you wouldn't wake him." Sarah asked, where just about as she went outside, she turned towards the railing to make sure that no one was following her. It was somewhat of a common thought, but it was mainly important, since she was getting paranoid and the anxiety was catching up to her.
"Jessica? You coming in?"
"Yeah.. I'm coming." Jessica softly said, as she headed inside the apartment.

In the middle of the empty streets, the sounds of a wagon being dragged was heard, as the girl with the red wagon looked up towards the apartment, before continuing down the road.
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|national football| |club football| |basketball| |rugby| |volleyball| |lacrosse| |tennis| |cycling| |golf|

World Cup 83 qualification: chief Omerican supporter group may boycott the Incorrigibles’ return leg game in South Covello
The Incorrigibles Supporters’ Trust may not travel to Omerica’s away game in South Covello due to incitement of bigotry from presidential candidate

Port-Alexandre, Mespalia — Representatives of Omerica’s largest supporter group have provisionally declared a boycott of Omerica’s away game in South Covello due to the incitements of presidential candidate Carter Redwin.

Redwin, a far-right extremist and reported fascist, is challenging incumbent President David Hale and is infamous for his oft-nonsensical stream-of-consciousness “Twii storms”. Redwin has reportedly agitated for political violence against journalists and supporters of Hale and incited violence against Muslims, Jews, immigrants, LGBT+ people and people of colour. Since Redwin announced his candidacy for the South Covellan leadership, several places of worship have been attacked, as have gay establishments and gatherings of immigrants, and a recent rally in Riverview ended with dozens of deaths and hundreds of people injured, mostly opponents of Redwin’s politics.

“Carter Redwin has created a climate of violence and intimidation in South Covello,” IST spokesman French Fry stated outside the Federal Palace of Sport, which houses the headquarters of the United Republican Soccer Federation. “We stand in solidarity with all of Omerica supporters, regardless of religion, colour, sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that football must be open to all and we cannot support financially a country where the safety of anyone is not guaranteed.”

Specifically joining the protest is Christiane di Pietro, who has accompanied her partner Frédérique Acardi to most away games for the past decade. “It’s clear that Redwin in inciting bigoted violence,” di Pietro said in French at the announcement. “The terrorist attacks continue in South Covello and the government there is doing nothing about it.”

“We’re very clear targets,” Acardi stated. “We’re not shy about our relationship and the terrorists have made the LGBT community one of their targets. And although she’s been learning, Christiane doesn’t speak English, so she would be at even more risk because of that.”

The United Republican Soccer Federation have reported a spike in requests to cancel tickets due to Redwin’s campaign, with an additional spike after the clash in Riverview. The IST have acknowledged that while some of the cancellation requests will have come from those targeted, most will have come from friends and family of those who would be at risk in South Covello. It remains unclear if the tickets can or will be cancelled.

“As Omericans, we believe in equality of all people,” URSF General Secretary Jean-Pierre Castejon stated after a meeting with Supporters’ Trust representatives. “To quote our Charter of Rights, ‘the rights of humanity are universal, valid at all times in all places for all people by virtue of their humanity’. Our actions will be in full accordance with our nation’s mission statement and we pledge that our supporters will not be left by the wayside.”

When asked if the boycott could be averted, IST representatives responded positively. According to the IST representatives and the URSF, both the Trust and Federation will be request formal guarantees from the South Covello Soccer Federation that Omerican players, staff and supporters will be able to travel safely to and from the match. While it is unlikely that the national team will completely refuse to honour the fixture, the URSF stated that they needed the guarantee so that “our non-Christian, non-white and LGBT players can focus on the game, rather than if their personal safety is at risk.”

A spokesperson for federal Justice Secretary Justin van Schoorl stated that “[w]e have every interest in ensuring our citizens are not the victims of hate crimes. We should not have to be advising our citizens of colour to stay away from countries because of racism or our LGBT citizens because of homophobia.” Spokespersons for Foreign Secretary Raphaëlle Espina a did not respond to requests for comment from SFRD.

Officials from South Covello could not be reached for comment.

Omerica resume their twelfth World Cup qualifying campaign against South Covello in Romainbourg’s Stade de la République, with live coverage on SFRD Sport. ⚜️
For your reading pleasure
▶ Federal Councillor Christine Willis hospitalised in her New West Flemish hometown with an unknown condition
▶ “C’est notre moment”: IAC trophy arrives in Wharfland Ferry for the Emerald Isles leg of its nationwide tour
▶ Man claiming to be a Pope arrested for assault, motor vehicle theft and public urination in Williamstown, Free State
▶ “Can they even do that?” Omericans remain puzzled as Lochario reportedly consider withdrawing from World Cup qualification
United Republican Soccer Federation
6 Jacques la Rouge Road
Port Alexandre, AM 18-A40
Omerica 2–0 Brigantii

World Cup 83 qualifying group stage — Matchday Two
Stade Marin, Romainbourg, Romainbourg

Goalscorers: Jean-François Fernand 10’; Martin la Rouge 65’
Omerica line-up: Drew Durant; Jet Sneyders – Emily Michelakis – Jesús Cruz – Marine Roldan; Alex Rodrigues – Sean Tester; George Palmeiro – Robin van Tyn (captain) – Martin la Rouge; Jean-François Fernand
Substitutions: Sneyders > Felix Zanetti (46’) – Palmeiro > Adélaïde Argyris (55’) – Fernand > Christina Falkirk (77’)

Sherpa Empire v Omerica
World Cup 83 qualifying group stage — Matchday Three
Hunan Territorial People’s Stadium, Changsha, Sherpa Empire

Omerica line-up: Valentine Augustin; Julie Boulos – Aristide de Felice – Charity Kayode – Fernand Michelakakis; John Soares – Elise Bianchi; Clemente Affini – Red Bolton (captain) – Maria Nelissen; Édouard Bouchard

United Republican Soccer Federation
6 Jacques la Rouge Road
Port Alexandre, AM 18-A40
Sherpa Empire 3–3 Omerica

World Cup 83 qualifying group stage — Matchday Three
Hunan Territorial People’s Stadium, Changsha, Sherpa Empire

Goalscorers: Shubhashish Srihatta 34’, 57’ – Aristide de Felice 82’ (og); Maria Nelissen 24’, 86’ – Clemente Affini 70’
Omerica line-up: Valentine Augustin; Julie Boulos – Aristide de Felice – Charity Kayode – Fernand Michelakakis; John Soares – Elise Bianchi; Clemente Affini – Red Bolton (captain) – Maria Nelissen; Édouard Bouchard
Substitutions: Affini > George Palmeiro (46’) – Kayode > Emily Michelakis (58’) – Bianchi > Sean Tester (79’)

Omerica v South Covello
World Cup 83 qualifying group stage — Matchday Five
Stade de la République, Romainbourg, Romainbourg

Omerica line-up: Valentine Augustin; Julie Boulos – Aristide de Felice – Charity Kayode – Fernand Michelakakis; John Soares – Elise Bianchi; Clemente Affini – Red Bolton (captain) – Maria Nelissen; Édouard Bouchard

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Omerica – 27/09/2017
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Kanoria - 27/09/2017
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This Book Shouldn't Exist - Part 1, Chapter 1, Article V

Postby Tinhampton » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:22 pm

OOC: Still utterly baffled? The Table of Contents for This Book Shouldn't Exist can be found HERE.

(C) Lydia Gould and Abdulrahman Haddad 2019

Part 1, Chapter 1 - The Historical Literature

For a fleeting moment after the ultimate defeat at Dagan hands transpired, the Tinhamptonian representatives were fearful of being sent back home - and, but for the Grace of Margaret, would have. By the end of the play-offs, when the soon-to-be-superstars in pink absolutely dismantled Acronius to make their way to Republica and Banija, the Miners had been offered their tickets to the 73rd Cup of Harmony in Cassadaigua and - as it was known at the time - the Equestrian States. Our games - as it turned out - were all to be held in the nation that the players were now calling their second home, but a mouthwatering clash with one of the other thirty-one teams at the Royal Equestria Stadium in Canterlot awaited. But why now, for a squad that had - barely, if at all - met their expectations for the qualification cycle? (Tinhampton's only representation at the World Cup came via privately-employed guards from Libero, the infamous security consortium with their dreaded yellow CCTV cameras, after they won a bid to provide these services.)
Because this was Rachel Coltfield's new order, dragged kicking and screaming into the modern age of something vaguely resembling professionalism: after the defeat against Oscioru, also by two goals to one, much of the old squad was brought out and replaced by a team of newcomers who were all partaking in the then-fledgling and almost incorrupt Tinhamptonian MegaLeague. Ian Jones' run of 103 consecutive caps, stretching back to that aboriginal 1-0 defeat at the hands of Electrum, was ended with the capitulation at the Stadio Oceanus; when the short-lived sweeper experiment began in the next game, South Libertopia's Lydia Morrison had to face off against Tinhampton's first international from one of the old colonies, Aihlo Vatunska, who would otherwise be sickened at the eleven black-and-gold bikinis on show at Tin Park. Sure, Mohamed al-Khazr was Tinhampton's first-ever goalscorer, but then he always defined himself as a Tinhamptonian.
The MegaLeague was hardly the epitome of glamour, although the league is today considered to be among the best sixty in the world by some miracle, and all of the players had some sort of part-time job: One of them worked at the dollar-store tills. Another was a GP. Our star striker was a bartender - until she got flogged off to Crystal Fair - who got arrested for yelling at that GP. And our captain repaired cars for a living. Atherton, Vatunska, Whitbread and North, and too many bench-dwellers for the average fan to take note of: this was indeed a comprehensive refurbishment of the Tinhamptonian outfit, by a woman who rapidly became the most unpopular in Tinhampton after leading the team to a 3-2 defeat against a television channel (U-62). The ship had to be somehow set right, and Coltfield was not widely thought of as the person who would do so, especially after her first few games forced her to move Vatunska up into defensive midfield, among other changes, to mould a 4-1-4-1 formation. And yet, with barely any other marks that could be considered indeliably hers, they did it. How exactly such a mediocre team managed to muscle their way past toned athletes and other bags of money is a story for another time.
So what happened, there and then? After barely scraping into the last space available in Pot 1, Tinhampton coasted (if that can be said) past Beepee, Freeport and Kelssek, before defeating a testy South Toronto team in the last sixteen and the much-fancied Main Nation Ministry in the quarter-finals. The semi-final against Jeruselem is widely considered to be one of the worst in history: after a goalless draw with precisely zero shots on target for both teams combined, all of the first thirty-eight spot-kicks in the shootout were spurned, before Nate George's low and hard effort proved the difference in a decider that was almost as long as the match itself.
But who cared? And so onto Equestria, where Louise Whitbread before the half-time oranges - from Beepee, of course - and her long-time friend Peter North soon afterwards secured the biggest victory in Tinhampton's history - until we win the World Cup, that is. (Tinhampton won 2-0 over Beepee to begin that successful Cup of Harmony campaign - the debut of Fetakela Manuta, that archetypical Sochean Muslim - and, in a performance that drew many comparisons and like predictions, the qualifiers for the 83rd World Cup.) But that is a far-from-certain conclusion, and two men knew more than most about why...
The Self-Administrative City of TINHAMPTON (pop. 319,372): Saffron Howard, Mayor (UCP); Alexander Smith, WA Delegate-Ambassador

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Postby Chromatika » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:30 pm

Recap of Matchday 2: Chromatika 2 - 2 Competitive Solitaire @ The Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City, Chromatika (Cap. 144,000)
Goals: Conrad '29, Andisori, K. '90+2
Starting XI: Nier; Ruth - de Aea - Ibex - Ilya; Thorben - Kuzami - Armageddon - Conrad; Andisori, K. (C) - Victoriane.
Substitutes: Mora -> Armageddon ('61), Xe -> Conrad ('72), Vidal -> Victoriane ('81)
Recap: A disaster of a match was salvaged by a historical, monumental moment as Keira Andisori's hundredth goal salvaged a point at the Chromatiks' home opener. Though Retta Conrad's early header off of a gorgeous Kuzami cross gave the Chromatiks the early lead, two gaffes by the new back line - one by de Aea and the other a rather comical one by Aoife Ruth - put the hosts back. Olimpia Vidal's substitution late in the match proved of consequence as the youngster put a tripping juke on one of the would-be-defenders and slotted the ball to Andisori - goalless through her last five appearances - who slotted the ball neatly past the outstretched hands of the keeper in injury time. Still a rather disappointing result, especially given this twelve-game qualifying cycle, but a feel-good moment nonetheless.

Preview of Matchday: Chromatika @ (UR) San Jose Guayabal
Starting XI: Williams; McBee - Will - Anderson - Austic; Kelly - Dias - Limones - Croix-Pierre; Gail (C) - Bird.
Preview: Is it too early to say must-win game? Well, with the game against Qusmo on the horizon, Chromatika must take all three points against an unranked side. Parker seems confident in his bench - starting all third string players - but should he be? If they don't win this one, start panicking.

Where Are They Now? Gabriella Antonio
by Jordan Lawless
Chromatik City Courier

Jordan's Recap

Yes. That was disappointing. Let's not get past that too quickly. The mistakes made by de Aea and Ruth were rather plain, and shouldn't have happened, but they're young, not too many caps, and all that stuff. Retta Conrad? Welcome to the big leagues! Mimi Kuzami continues to impress with her sneakily good crossing skills - and Conrad's head is as good as they come. She has a bright future ahead of her.

It really did seem like the Chromatiks would take a home loss. Competitive Solitaire played solid defense, opportunistic offense, and took what the Chromatiks gave, and some more.

And then, a moment of pure magic happened.

Olimpia Vidal - fresh introduced in the game to put a dash of adrenaline into the lineup - juked one midfielder, made a defender trip, and found a streaking Andisori in the ninety-second minute. Now, Andisori has scored a lot of goals in a myriad of ways - penalty kicks, headers, short-range shots, some mid-range volleys, but she is so good when it comes to tap-ins where the keeper has one split second to try to stop the ball.

Andisori, this time, went straight. The keeper went left.


She raced to the sidelines, the entire stadium standing up and cheering, the billboards declaring the hundredth goal, the very first time that a Chromatik has scored one hundred goals for the country. Then, with the camera on her, she kissed Alyss Montague fully on the mouth, and they took a minute. The entire stadium applauded. Take that, Checkers Party, take that.

Afterwards, there were some interviews with Keira, Alyss, even a message from Gabriella Antonio and Meagan Kelly.

What a moment for the Chromatiks. Maybe it was best that it took this cycle for that moment to come through.

Gabriella Antonio - The "What If?" Question Lingers

When Chromatik Captain Gabriella Antonio declared she would quit professional football around the age of thirty to start a family with Cosumarite Cormak Lethbridge, the Chromatik public went into shock. Sure, Gabriella wasn't much of a looker, and it was a bit strange for some that Cormak would decide to marry her. Shame on them, by the way. But Antonio - she of one hundred twenty-three caps and forty-three goals - decided to hang up her cleats on her own terms.


Gabriella is a mother of twin girls, Claudia and Jayala Lethbridge-Antonio, living in Cosumar. She also reportedly is going to school at Ramusok Capital University to be a sports therapist.

She's been subject of tons of articles, news stories, and whatnot. However, she is writing an autobiography. The working title, she says, is "The Icarus Story of Gabriella Antonio". Icarus, of course, refers to the man who flew too close to the sun and fell. When prodded about what she flew too close to, she doesn't even wait a heartbeat:

"Fame. Scrutiny. I lost a bit of what made me me."

Why did she leave the game?

"To find who I was, to make me myself again."

And when someone comes clean like that? You just take it. There is nothing more to be added.

So, how is Gabriella Antonio?

She's doing fine, thank you. Nobody else's opinion matters but hers and maybe Cormak's, but probably not even that.

That is who Gabriella is. If you didn't know that? You didn't really know her at all.
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CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
KPB Ranking: 24 (Post 87 Qualifying)
RP Population: 20 million

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95X WC 83 MD 3 RP

Postby 95X » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:07 pm

As 95Xers watched matchday 3 on national TV:

"And it's a goal! Diego Dodongo with an impressive kick, and after only twelve minutes of action the 95Xers are up, one to nothing!"

"Ajax throws it in, the opponents are trying to take possession, whoa, Hardin on the far side, it's a goal! We're twenty-four minutes in, and with that goal from Sydney Hardin, it's two-to-nothing, 95X!"

"It'll be a free kick for Alix Ajax from the marked spot. Oh my, it was a clear shot! 95X is up, three to nothing! They're going to credit this goal in the thirty-ninth minute."

"At halftime, the score is 95X three, Kiryu-shi zero."

(In the 60th minute) "Dodongo, again! That's his second goal of the game, and its four-nothing, 95X!"

"Four goals for 95X tonight, they'll improve to two wins, one draw in this World Cup qualification campaign, though it looks like 95X is taking a victory drive to finish this one, nice move by Sydney Hardin there, it's a goal! Hardin in the eighty-ninth minute, and 95X will take a sweeping win in grand fashion, five to nothing!"
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Postby Qusmo » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:11 pm

Very important disclaimer.

Chapter I.
Chapter II.
Chapter III.
Chapter IV.

Chapter V.


Qusmi’y, your nation is under attack

This Saturday, the news reverberated across the country that Franziska Schnee-Krull, the starting right back for newly-crowned Pug Qusmyra champions KF Koflir, claimed not only that “many natural languages have different words that distinguish [men & women],” but that “men and women have different body parts.” Schnee-Krull’s remarks shocked the country, revealing herself to be prejudiced against the people of the very country in which she plays football on a weekly basis. Schnee-Krull & her publicists apparently realized, eventually, that these kind of slanderous remarks would impact their bottom lines, & the Zwangzugian issued a clearly carefully scripted statement that apologized “if anyone has misinterpreted [her] statements in a way that would cause offense.”

So, to Franziska Schnee-Krull, we say: Yes, you did “cause offense,” & no, we will not accept your apology.

One’s true character shines in their moments of candor, not after days of rehearsal & training by handlers. & Schnee-Krull showed herself to be a bigot. She may feign disbelief at our accusation, but the reality is plain for anyone to see. She never never expressed regret that she said what she did, or more crucially, that she believes what she does; she simply feels inconvenienced that we were offended at an attack on our society. She was asked about Qusma culture in regards to its gender norms, & this was her response: a remark that treated the male-female gender duality as the only legitimate forms of gender or sex & which, through her pointed omission, refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Qusma nonbinary.

Through her omission, Franziska Schnee-Krull refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Qusma people.

Schnee-Krull desperately tried to defend the indefensible, noting that in many societies, females such as herself are oppressed. However, this is a fact of which all Qusmi’y are already well aware; we do not need a lecture from someone who thinks herself above us to teach us. In fact, we at Blip kujz Evarty Qanza have already published an editorial explaining how corrosive a gender duopoly was for societies - &, crucially, for all societies - which maintain it. In all gender-based societies, gender-based oppression is the norm - whether a male-dominated gendered society or a female-dominated gendered-society. The root of oppression is not found exclusively in males, nor in females; it lies in the very notion of gender as a construct.

In fact, Schnee-Krull’s attempted defense only serves as further indictment of what she has done.

Qusma culture is built upon one central tenet: the absence of sex, gender, & all the ugly vestiges of hate & prejudice they inevitably create - & when Schnee-Krull sneers upon this cultural & biological reality, she sneers upon Qusma culture, & she sneers upon Qusma people. It is a disgrace that her greed is so great that she feels comfortable growing rich profiting from hardworking Qusmi’y & loyal local club fans when she has shown herself to hate those very people. It is no surprise, then, that since her infamous comments, countless Qusmi’y have called on her club to transfer her to a club outside of the country.

But Schnee-Krull’s vile comments are merely a symptom of a larger disease.

Qusmo has, in recent years, seemed to assume an increasing indifference towards who enters our country. As we have opened our borders, we have begun accepting migrants who do not benefit this nation & who do not understand its people. In fact, through the example of Schnee-Krull - a symbol of migrants living in Qusmo, as the very first foreigner to be signed to play in Pug Qusmyra - we see that some migrants now living in Qusmo hate the country that welcomed them.

These migrants have their own country, & if they hate Qusmo so much, they ought to leave it.

Qusmo is presently engaged in a battle of peoples; it is not a martial war, but a cultural one. The Qusma people is a proud one; it is confident in its moral rectitude, for it is the one society which rejects gender-, & sex-, & sexuality-based oppression in all its forms. It is the one people in which all who belong to it are united in solidarity. But as Schnee-Krull’s blasphemous screed against Qusmi’y reveals, there are growing numbers of people in our own country which have not become a part of that culture, which do not attempt to become a part of that culture, &, perhaps, which cannot become a part of that culture. There are growing numbers of people in our own country who would seek to benefit from the benignity of our country while attempting to destroy our society & our people. We must never let them.

In this momentous clash of civilizations, every Qusmi must do whatever it takes to ensure a future in which they may remain Qusma.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:15 pm

Rematch on tap for MD 4
Frank Armitage
The Daily Mail Chief Soccer Writer

The Commonwealth National Team will look to make it three wins from 3 matches when they host Saltstead at the Queen Victoria Stadium on matchday 4 of World Cup Qualifying.

The Stallions and BP met in the round of 16 at the AOCAF 58 tournament, a 3-2 win for the hosts at Sportsmen's Park, which manager Pamela Scott knows will play large in the minds of the visitors.

"They are an excellent side, and I'm sure that somewhere in their minds, they see us and how we have risen up through the ranks, and maybe they think there's a score to settle. They are the second ranked nation in this group (31st), so on that basis, they probably believe they have every chance to make it through. We will certainly not underestimate them."

Saltstead & Drawkland were the bidders for hosting rights to this World Cup, losing out to Equestria/Banija, and so they have an extra incentive to make the final 32 team field.

Scott has left a few of her big names out of the squad for this round of matches, in order to replicate some of the benefits of the split-squad qualifying process from the previous two cycles. "Obviously, we went with a smaller pool this time, so there are going to be matches where you want to give some of the vets a breather. Everyone has total confidence in all of the others who started camp."

Lineup vs Saltstead--Gordon; Bartok, Rasanamira, Arnold; Haller (C), Callum, Taborn, Hayes; Patton; Sandoval, Jones
subs--Gaines, Monaghan, Hutchins, Fernandez, Voss, Stone, Wagner, Wadsworth, LeClair
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2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Postby Tinhampton » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:49 pm

FLASHBACK to the Sunday Herald's front page, 8th February 1987:
Last edited by Tinhampton on Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:50 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Postby Banija » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:50 pm

The beautiful game takes place in all sorts of unexpected places, and is loved all over the globe.

For this 4th cutoff of World Cup Qualifying, we'll explore the intricacies of prison soccer back in Uganda. I hope you enjoy!
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