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A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Kelssek » Sat Sep 07, 2019 7:52 am

It was a quiet evening in the elven forest community of Peinartha, so Aninyel heard the approaching footsteps before Galain’s tap on the door of her workshop.

“A pleasure to see you, Galain. You have come to see about the device, I imagine.”

“Yes, Thamior is playing in the World Cup tomorrow.”

“I know; you are not the only one keen to watch the match. This was an interesting project. I learned much from it. These tomes you brought were most useful.” She gestured at a pile of books with “University of Pembina Libraries” stamped on them and the scattered papers bearing the logo of the Régie de la radiodiffusion et télécommunications (this document also available in English).

Galain had been surprised how easy stealing the books was. He had simply tied his long hair into an oversized man-bun while wearing a plaid shirt from the thrift store. The security guard took a hard look at him, assumed the anti-theft system was malfunctioning again, and waved him on without even bothering to look at the library card Aninyel had fabricated. In any case, the dust on the books suggested no one had bothered with the physical copy of Electronic Devices and Circuitry, 11th edition in years.

Aninyel picked up the device on her work table. It looked like a rectangular box with a plate stuck to the side. The device hummed and lit up as she placed it on the ground, the plate facing up. A faint glowing rectangle appeared above it, slowly resolving into a rectangle with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Although the image of two humans playing tennis seemed clear and steady, she noted that Galain seemed somewhat less satisfied with the result. “Is something wrong?”

“There should be sound,” said Galain.

Aninyel placed her hand over the device and closed her eyes. Nothing happened for a few seconds. She opened her eyes, gazed at the box for a moment, and then gently shook it. Abruptly, the thwack of a tennis ball being struck and a primal scream filled the room.


“And that sets up match point...”

“That should do it. Low-energy lightning magic can be mysterious and tetchy,” said Aninyel.

Galain nodded. “Most of the humans’ work collectives have people whose entire job it is to help with such matters. Hopefully that will not trouble us tomorrow.”

“Will this be at your house?” Aninyel asked.

Galain pursed his lips before replying. “I had thought of holding a gathering in the dair, but some might not be too pleased with that. You know about the group draw?”

“You mean, do I know that Thamior will be playing for Kelssek against Valanora? Yes, I know.” Seeing that Galain seemed to be pondering how to phrase his response, Aninyel added, “You fear... difficulties?”

Galain simply nodded. Most syfirithà were Valanora supporters, seeing the Marauders as kin, and also much more successful than Kelssek. For that matter, it wasn’t unusual to see Kelssekians who were also fans. And then were was the lower-league professional club Mazinaw Vanorian which as far as Aninyel knew had no elven connections beyond the name.

On the other hand, for complicated political reasons that had never been fully settled, by default they were eligible to play for Kelssek if they got that far. The same complicated reasons had to do with a century-old attempt by humans to invade the forest and establish a logging industry. Kelssek had largely forgotten the incident, but many elves remained bitter about the violence and remained suspicious towards a people they regarded as violent and rapacious.

Moreover, while for the humans it had been a minor and regrettable skirmish by unsanctioned private mercenaries, for the syfiritha it was an existential crisis and the legal niceties on the other side were irrelevant. For the younger generation like Galain and Thamior, who were born after the war and even spent some time living in Kelssek’s cities when they reached adulthood, this was history.

Aninyel had lived through it, however, though she had been lucky enough not to have lost anyone close, and for her part, she was hesitant to speak on behalf of those who had.

“I see no problem if it is a matter of supporting our friend from afar. For Kelssek vs. Valanora, though... you are right to worry. That could become too complicated. We should see how the situation goes.”

Galain nodded. “Right. Tomorrow in the main hall then. We can see how others react, too.”

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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:55 pm


The Holy Empire World Cup 83 Finals Beach Hunk(ette) Calendar


The Holy Empire World Cup 83 Finals Beach Hunk(ette) Calendar


The Holy Empire World Cup 83 Finals Beach Hunk(ette) Calendar

(because repeating it three times might actually make you believe it!)


Has your team qualified for the World Cup?

Confused over the hosts, and think you're actually playing beach soccer in Drawkland?

Or maybe you're just confused over the difference between Vilita and Turori?

Are you a fan of a top-ranked nation, doomed to lose to Vilitaandorturori in the semifinals?

Or are you a fan of a low-ranked nation that's entering the World Cup like the proverbial lamb to the slaughter, doomed to lose 8-1 to Vilitaandorturori in your opening match?

Do you like seeing photographs of hot young athletes wearing very little?

Well, do we have good news for you!

The Holy Empire World Cup 83 Finals Beach Hunk(ette) Calendar has just been released!

We promise you that this is completely different from the World Cup 83 Holy Empire Beach Hunk Calendar released during the qualifiers (other than sharing a Mr January),
and is in no way, shape, or form a cheap attempt to cash in on the latter's popularity, or a lazy way of getting twice as much mileage from a very similar press release.

No! Instead of just featuring players from the Holy Empire, this calendar features players past and present from 12 different qualifying nations, and is full of
unauthorised images taken in unguarded private moments that would likely constitute some sort of dire invasion of privacy if we recognised the concept.

What's more, it doesn't just feature hot semi-naked hunks....
It also features hot semi-naked hunkettes - from more than one species!

Yes, this is equal opportunity invasion of mundy privacy in order to make some quick and easy cash by milking a popular concept
and flogging a dead horse for all its worth, until all our metaphors become inseparably mixed.

Buy one for your friends!

Buy one for your enemies!

Buy one for the lucky lady in your life!

Buy one for your hot gay man crush!

Buy one for your pansexual friend and their new transdimensional alien lover of indeterminate sex and species!

Buy one for that cute fluffy little... No. On second thought, don't do that. You're sick. You should be ashamed.

Here are five pictures straight from the pages of the OFFICIAL Holy Empire World Cup 83 Finals Beach Hunk(ette) Calendar

Mr January - Holy Empire

Imperial Goalkeeper Jorge Tzykandeles wearing his away kit

Miss March - Equestria

A shockingly naked Equestrian World Cup 82 midfielder Apple Cobbler getting ready for beach soccer

Mr July - Audioslavia

Audioslavia defender Ilatxi Altzibararechuluago shows off more than just his national beach soccer speedos.

Miss September - Apox

Apox winger Cassiopeia Quintero models her always-practical Apox red and white stripes beach soccer kit

Mr December - Starblaydia

Starblaydia legend (and Holy Empire assistant manager) Simeone Di Bradini in classic legendary black and white; we promise those shorts are purple!

Right now the Holy Empire World Cup 83 Beach Hunk Calendar is is available at all World Cup 83 host stadiums and illegal corner drug deals throughout Equestria, Banija, and Drawkland.

So what are you waiting for?

Order right now, and bring hot hunks and hunkettes of several species into what you've suddenly realised while
reading this ad is a sad, lonely, pathetic life that can only be made worth living by...

The Holy Empire World Cup 83 Finals Beach Hunk(ette) Calendar!
Available NOW!
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MD11 / MD 12 - Securing Top Spot in Group W

Postby Turori » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:06 am


Eels survive Group W, Seek First World Cup Title

Turori National Team Training Ground, Eels Park, Eelandii, Turori :: Much of the potential excitement leading into the final two match days in group W was extinguished when the Turori National Team wasn't even on the pitch. With seven teams in each group, every team had one off day in each half of the qualifications and it was on Turori's off day that then-last placed team in Group W Pratapgadh gave a huge gift to the front runners by taking down Terre Septentrionale 4-3 and ending the highly improved nations impressive attempt to challenge for World Cup Qualification.

The timing was even more critical for the Turori National Team as it completely changed their outlook for the next match in Terre Septentrionale where they would face the recently-eliminated team while their only remaining group rivals, The Macabees, had their own match day off.

When the Eels last left the pitch at home against Pratapgadh, it appeared that their Matchday 11 fixture against Terre Septentrionale would have massive Qualification implications. A win by Turori would ensure at least a playoff berth and eliminate the home side while a Terre Septentrionale win would pull them level with The Macabees and just 2 points behind Turori heading into the final matchday. Instead there was little if anything left to play for than pride for the home side with a four point advantage on the next closest team behind them in Darkmania and unable to reach the playoff or Qualification places with this being their final match of the Qualification campaign.

Turori got on the board early through Wiztsana Iretziia and held the 1-0 lead through half time. Nua'oma Aikiki appeared to break the hearts of the home fans that were hoping to see their side get back into the game after connecting on a long ball from Mikki Mayelli and then firing from the top of the box beyond the reach of Zofia Kwietniewska in the Septentrionale goal and silencing the crowd at the Stade NordAir in Ville Jacques-Cartier.

Just as they had started to lose hope on the day, however, the young substitute Sandrine Fontaine of Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier broke the goose egg with a splendid individual effort to get the ball past Timaala Hualtia and claw the home side back within a goal of the defending World Cup Runners-Up. Now, with a burst of confidence, Terre Septentriole pushed players forward and looked to attack and potentially secure a late equalizer to send their fans home with a signature result. In the end, however, it was not to be. As they moved their players up it opened the field for the experienced Turori squad who found themselves in a three-on-one break with less than 10 minutes to play. Aikiki, who had scored Turori's second goal, drew the defender in then selflessly dished off to Toru'u who was now one-on-one with on on-rushing Kwietniewska. The Yeaddin Owls midfielder would make no mistake, confidently firing into the goal to put the game away, secure all three points and keep Turori in the driver seat for World Cup Qualification atop Group W.

When the final whistle blew, the home crowd deservedly gave their team a standing ovation. Having entered the campaign as the fifth highest ranked team in Group W they had punched above their weight to finish in 3rd place and nearly challenged for a spot in the World Cup Finals. For Turori, victors on the day, it was not job done yet as they still needed a final matchday victory to secure top spot in the group and a place in the World Cup Finals.

Turori [3] - [1] Terre Septentrionale

:: Turori Goalscorers ::
:: 13' Wiztsana Iretziia
:: 49' Nua'oma Aikiki
:: 82' Daliora Toru'u
:: Turori Statistics ::
:: Possession: 53%
:: Shots on Target: 9
:: Corner Kicks: 4
:: Terre Septentrionale Statistics ::
:: Possession: 47%
:: Shots on Target: 3
:: Corner Kicks: 5

Turori Eels Lineup v. Terre Septentrionale ::
[GK]Timaala Hualtia, [D.]Yitizo Mpala'a, [D.]Lulu Pumaziiri, [D.]Mikki Mayelli, [D.] Amakli Inuro'o, [ML] Kentu Umaka'a, [MC]Kiidallen Aeroluzzi, [MC] Daliora Toru'u, [MR] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [FC]Wiztsana Iretziia, [FC]Nua'oma Aikiki
[FC]Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC]Turakia Diijelhma, [M]Cuoabaza Orani’aoa, [M]Indelli Nura'amura, [U ]Moumouni Verre'elali, [D]Biliki Rona'atu'i, [GK]Wiyauw An'maude

Almintora National Stadium, Almintora, Turori :: Heading into the final matchday the Turori Eels were one point clear of second place side The Macabees and were hosting the Groups last placed team Amurbia at the Almintora National Stadium in the capital of the Island Emirate, away from the National Team's home base in Eelandii. Coming into the match Amurbia had conceded more goals than any team in Group W while Turori had conceded the fewest. There was no room to let their guard down however as Turori's only remaining threat to Qualification was The Macabees who had a relatively favorable fixture against Darkmania, a team which the Eels had scored nine goals on over two matches earlier in Qualifying.

If there were any doubts about the Eels intentions to take the match to their likely morale-beaten opponents they were quickly erased less than a minute into the match when the young FC Almintora starlet Nua'oma Aikiki netted for the second consecutive match and sent the local fans in Almintora into raptures of cheer not only as it was the goal the Eels needed to secure their return to the World Cup Finals but it was their own player that had done it, perhaps signalling a rebirth for a city that had struggled on the domestic scene for generations.
Group W                          Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts
1 Turori 12 10 0 2 36 10 +26 30 Q
2 The Macabees 12 9 2 1 35 16 +19 29 P
3 Terre Septentrionale 12 6 0 6 24 24 0 18
4 Pratapgadh 12 4 3 5 15 21 −6 15
5 Darkmania 12 4 2 6 17 21 −4 14
6 Hyundai-Kia 12 3 0 9 15 32 −17 9
7 Amurbia 12 2 1 9 17 35 −18 7

There were still 89 minutes to go however and the task would be up to goalkeeper Timaala Hualtia and the Turorian defense to preserve the lead if things were going to go according to plan for the Eels. Amurbia for their part were not rolling over with some of their players playing for far more than just pride on the day. Their nation was in turmoil back home. Still a young nation having only been recently founded through the union of sixteen formerly sovereign territories, it seemed that the honeymoon had ended and some of the territories were discontent with the unification - particularly the East and West Qualtorians as well as the Durglow and Beldorm territories which were engaging in supply blocking activities. The Amurbia players were unified regardless of which territory they had originated and hoped a strong performance on the internationstatal stage would encourage their territories back home to see the strength of the unification and avoid dissolving the Coalition back into warring times.

Unfortunately for the visitors, Nua'oma Aikiki struck again just minutes into the second half of play in what will certainly be a night the young FC Almintora striker will never forget. It was Aikiki's goals that ultimately secured the Turori National Team's spot in the World Cup 83 Finals as they look to avenge their Runner-Up finish from World Cup 82 and lift the World Cup Trophy for the first time in their nations history.

As for their opponents, the Amurbians fate is now unknown. Shortly after they returned home the situation in Amurbian had finally dissolved and the Coalition of Amurbian Territories had collapsed. In all likelihood, the 2-0 defeat to the Turori National Team will be the last competitive internationstatal appearance for a unified Coalition of Amurbian Territories for a long time to come.

Turori [2] - [0] Amurbia

:: Turori Goalscorers ::
:: 1' Nua'oma Aikiki
:: 47' Nua'oma Aikiki
:: Turori Statistics ::
:: Possession: 58%
:: Shots on Target: 7
:: Corner Kicks: 9
:: Amurbia Statistics ::
:: Possession: 42%
:: Shots on Target: 4
:: Corner Kicks: 6

Turori Eels Lineup v. Amurbia ::
[GK]Timaala Hualtia, [D.]Mikki Mayelli, [D.]Tarek Edgeli, [D.]Moumouni Verre'elali, [D.] Lulu Pumaziiri, [ML] Mbdiai Akarenaa, [MC]Kentu Umaka'a, [MC] Indelli Nura'amura, [MR] Daliora Toru'u, [FC]Meldi'ita Mungwaii, [FC]Nua'oma Aikiki
[FC]Turakia Diijelhma, [FC]Kala'a Yuliizala, [M]Saito Koshiki, [M]Lati'ala Giaoka, [U ]Amakli Inuro'o, [D]Yitizo Mpala'a, [GK]Wiyauw An'maude

<Silexhera> Why does Turori make sense? :p

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Postby Nephara » Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:17 am

Kandonica 2 - 6 Nephara
(4-4-2) 12 - Mercator; 2 - Kielseng, 5 - Thorn, 6 - Steelhenge (22 - Brosch 17'), 3 - Katarec; 13 - Saroszi (7 - Fanaiyan 62'), 15 - Rosenthal, 8 - Klein (c), 16 - Deventer; 17 - Bastable (23 - Breremond 70'), 10 - Metzger
Goals: Bastable 20' 51', Metzger 36', Deventer 44', Kielseng 72', Fanaiyan 87'
Nephara 2 - 0 Geektopia
(4-4-2) 12 - Mercator; 2 - Kielseng (18 - Sanger 67'), 5 - Thorn, 22 - Brosch, 19 - Rouphos; 13 - Saroszi, 4 - Shone, 8 - Klein (c, 21 - Chalk 75'), 11 - Strongbow (vc); 17 - Bastable, 10 - Metzger (14 - Tzorvas 78')
Goals: Saroszi 11', Thorn 34'

Traditionally, one waited longer than an hour and a half to declare victory in a federal election. Althea Carrick did not believe in tradition.
Spanning just a single timezone, the results rolled in at once to the red-ribboned Pro Dem convention. As expected, as always, Sabrefell, Crisisbless, Vermillion and Stahlburg stayed loyal. Elsewhere, terracotta rolled back yellow in Chenoworth, green in Cranequin, blue in Brinemouth and upstart cyan in Treason. Have the cities, and you had Nephara. Beyond that and their other core holdings, they fought hard to seize Creed and Rochford, Coret and Starling, the Marches and Leichhardt. The north Starling bellwether of Aske flipped. Corvistone remained impenetrable, and they lost some marginals to the fringes; but the Pro Dems had their core, and more besides. The Nationals shrunk, the Alliance and Moving Forward too, and while the protectionist Returners seized unwelcome ground in the northwest (bolstered by the defection of a couple of established Pro Dems) it was still clear that the polls were, more or less, right. Yes, the Progressive Democrats would need a coalition to govern; it would not be the best-case scenario. And, yes, much of their new vote share had crippled their natural bedfellows in Moving Forward, meaning the Liberal Alliance made for their most likely companions. Still. It was a good day.
After a brief conversation with her own analysts, nerds barely keeping their excitement in check, the barrel-chested Carrick stepped up to the podium in a carefully-tailored black suit, got her people to contact the big news organisations, and began to speak.
Victory had been inevitable, and it had arrived. She'd been measuring up the curtains at the official residence, Crescent Court, for some time. She had told Nephara her plans, and evidently Nephara had liked what she had heard.
She offered her commiserations to Sherry Garnett, the incumbent Chancellor; her services in that position would no longer be necessary, and that she could cool her heels a while fantasising about how to cling to power. Suffice to say, her days of leading the Nationals around by the nose were done.
She would be a powerful, independent leader. Nephara would flourish. Nephara would no longer be taken for granted. Her enemies would quake.
Seventeen minutes later, independent analysts actually called the election. By then, Carrick was already asleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

It was, as was the one after... and so forth. The tall, lean and headstrong northwesterner Konrad Weaver was announced as Chancellor and the charismatic, one-eyed rake Tricia Sanders as Minister for Defence, with a smattering of others earmarked before the Alliance scrambled to the door for coalition talks. Rising Alliance star Ursula Bradford got the Treasury, and there were some other Cabinet scraps Carrick saw fit to throw them, but the message had been sent; they were lucky to be here at all. Moving Forward made a collective sad face when the deal was struck, but they were a weak, fading power anyway.
She left Weaver behind to work out the rest of the kinks. Weaver's personal brand had room for compromise; Carrick's did not. Besides, she had ceremonies to attend, ribbons to cut. And World Cups to visit, beyond that. Business and pleasure would blend together, for a while.
She embarked on her fancy new plane for the first time at Sabrefell and disembarked too many hours later in Banija, meeting a stressed-looking ambassador, name of Kurtis Baumann.
As they walked out into the blessed sunlight, Carrick raised a hand. An aide slipped her a lit cigarette. "Talk to me, Baumann."
"Right, ah."
"Brief. Concise."
"Okay, so, uhm. You read the briefings, right?"
"Did they tell you they fucking hate you here?"
Carrick paused for just a second. Nodded, impressed. Direct. "Why's that?"
"You're... you, ma'am. You're just about the most Nepharim Nepharan God saw fit to put on this Earth, and this... this is basically the anti-Nephara."
She sighed. "Right. Guess I can play when I get home. Mm." She snapped her fingers, and another aide came up. "Plans have changed. Lassiter and Kastanis will find alternative arrangements, and keep their heads low."
"Understood, ma'am."
Baumann bit his lip. Carrick smiled at him, encouragingly. "Go on."
"Well, keeping your, ah, friends out of sight will help with that..."

By the end, she kind of enjoyed the whole spectacle of Nepharing it up, being herself. Giving Atlantian Oceania a taste of the new country. Flashing around some pageantry...
... but it wasn't all power moves and flexing, the sort of thing that played well while campaigning. She wasn't about to risk being seen as a cartoon figure. She was a serious player, and she was intent to build connections wider than just the CRC. Carrick thought big-picture.
Baumann continued to impress. Someone who had connections and could massage them in the right places - and at only 46, he had plenty of promising career left in him. And a serious overhaul of Nephara's diplomatic corps had always been a high priority in her mind, mostly to scaffold things better, make delegation easier. As it stood, many talented people - this guy she'd never heard of among them - were operating at less than the sum of their parts.
Ah, well. She knew the competent people she wanted to appoint, and those competent people would be given the authority to elevate other competent people to report to them. A nice perk of calling in the Alliance was poaching that up-and-comer, Lukas Kenway, to take the Foreign Affairs portfolio and shake things up. Carrick could be non-partisan when it suited her. And the country, of course.

And now she was settling down, very visibly, in the corporate boxes at HarmonyLink (the most romantic of names, she knew) to watch the Cormorants.
Football was her passion. Genuinely. Not for her the rictus-smiles of pretending to enjoy popular activities, the carefully stage-managed attempts by Nationals PR to convince the Nepharim public that Margrave Pritchard was a totally real person; not for her the aloof bohemian not-giving-a-fuck of Margravine Fern. Carrick fucking loved football, and she'd be here whether or not she'd won the election. Hey, it was an opportunity to let Weaver bed in more at home.
The camera settled on her face. She glanced over at the big Jumbotron projecting her head across the world, her eyes flicked across to the camera, and she offered a brisk wave. The green waves in the crowd cheered and let off flares. Yeah, she was apparently popular with Nephara's away fans. Chalk that up as another demographic for the pollsters to cream themselves over.
But she knew that her popularity was nothing compared to the reception they gave the lads and lasses in green and black as they marched out of the tunnel. Whatever wheels Carrick greased in Herzegovina meant nothing compared to how these eleven people could make them feel by scoring more goals than they let in over the course of the next hour and a half. Hell, Carrick knew because she'd be feeling it too, riding every high and low with the rest of them.
Hawke, Mercator, Kielseng, Close, Shone, Thorn, Steelhenge, Metzger, Strongbow, Saroszi, Moxham. Strauss wasn't gonna pull her punches. This was a strong squad of strong Nepharim, ready to make their country proud.
The Margravine of Nephara clicked her fingers and opened up her hand. A dutiful aide slipped a pint of beer into it. "Thanks," she muttered, and settled in.
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:30 am

At last, the World Cup will begin,
by Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

The official beginning of World Cup 83 takes place this weekend, and I can’t wait. Actually, I have waited enough! The format that required an additional playoff round seemed to add extra time to play for those who locked up their World Cup spot by winning their qualifying group. Having said that, I did like the format as it kept a lot of teams involved in the conversation of qualifying for the World Cup longer. Within the qualifying groups, there were several groups that had a first place team pull away from everyone else and therefore leave second place wide open. Where that happened, many teams that would normally would have packed up their World Cup dreams two thirds of the way into qualifying still had a chance. Some of them probably knew that once they got into the playoff, they’d be unlikely to advance further, but there is something special and a small victory to having made that playoff. That is why I really liked it. It would have been more stressful if we had to be a part of it, but from the sidelines, I was able to kick back and watch nations that fly under the World Cup radar have their moment in the spotlight. Six teams advanced out of that and got to the World Cup, while many others will settle for the Cup of Harmony.

It’s going to be busy for the Cassadagan sports fan as the Five Star Mobile 500 takes place today from the Concord Heights Motor Speedway. Reigning NSSCRA Champion and Five Star Mobile-sponsored Stacie Houston won herself the pole for this race. Why am I mentioning this in a World Cup article? Well, people talk about elections and wars and trials in World Cup articles. Actually, there’s a bigger reason, as you can’t expect that Five Star Mobile, as a company would back down on a competition. Here’s the exciting contest, entitled the Five Star Cup:

Five Star Cup Rules:
– 90 fans are selected at random, and given a number from 1-90.
– If Stacie Houston leads the lap number the fan is assigned, that fan wins $27,000. If Jenna Logan, Meghan Sharpe, or Tyler Abbott (the other Cassadagan drivers) leads the lap number the fan is assigned, that fan wins $15,000. (Note: Stacie Houston is on the pole, so chances are good that several fans with early drawn numbers will cash out).
– In the opening World Cup match against 38th-ranked Chromatika, any and all goals scored by Cassadaigua will give the fan with the number of the minute in which the goal was scored, $50,000. (Any goal scored in injury time will be treated as a 45th or 90th minute goal, whichever would apply).
– If Stacie Houston leads the same number lap that a Cassadagan goal is scored, that fan will win $1,000.000, but if this occurs on lap 27, and the 27th minute, $2,700,000 will be awarded. (Laps leads by Sharpe, Logan, or Abbott if and when a Cassadagan goal is scored at the same number lap they led result in a $500,000 payout).
– Fans can enter the drawing by going to the Five Star Mobile website. (OOC: If interested, other nations can RP one fan of theirs having been selected one of the random numbers, except 27.)

Five Star Mobile spokesperson Amanda Phillips told me, “This is another example of Five Star Mobile showing it’s willingness to give back to the fans and why we are one of the top companies in the whole multiverse in sporting activities. Instead of trying to bid and opt to be a sponsor for the tournament, we have decided on giving back on the fans. This contest is open to everyone, regardless of where they are from. It’s a big weekend for Cassadagan sports, with the race tonight and the World Cup opening tomorrow.”

We’ve heard that Five Star Mobile considered offering an additional incentive if the soccer team’s #27, Breanne Rothers, scored a goal, but Breanne is a substitute and probably not going to be playing in the 27th minute. Due to that, this potential additional opportunity was passed on.

Speaking of goals, one of the best things about this campaign was the frequency in the amount of times Cassadaigua found the back of the net. During qualifying, Cassadaigua scored 38 goals in the twelve games played, and that was tied for the third most scored of all nations participating. Only Nephara and The Holy Empire scored more then Cassadaigua, and the Fillies were even with the two-time defending World Cup champions from Vilita. This speaks well for the consistency of the team, as it was not all dependent on one player. Hannah Ranucci did lead the team in goals, but Rachel Schanke, Zack Pierce, and Sierra Mattison were consistently finding their name on the scoresheet too. Off the bench, Caitlyn Mayer was extremely effective. The team often used the typical 4-4-2 formation, but did play with a 4-3-3 at times and when that occurred, Mayer did start while Rachel Brenner was kept on the sideline. I expect that coach Sweeney will utilize the 4-4-2 in the World Cup.

As we scout the opposition, Cassadaigua is still a pot three team, unfortunately, but their rank is close enough to Brenecia that you can throw out the ranks when they play as it will be all about who executes better. Both Cassadaigua and Brenecia hope to take down 3rd-ranked Farfadillis. The fourth pot team is a fourth pot team in number only. That is Chromatika, a well accomplished team at this level. This is going to make Group C greatly competitive. Our team has played really well, and it is important to be on good form right now. They are, but I’m sure the others can say the same thing.
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WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-86.
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54, 67 & 84; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, Some NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Five Star Cup Competition Entrants

Postby Turori » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:22 am



Turorian Family hopes to Win Big in Five Star Cup

Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Concord Heights, Cassadaigua For one Turorian family living abroad in Starksville, Cassadaigua, the upcoming week will be a whirlwind of opportunity, excitement and hopefully exhilaration as they hope to come away with big prizes in the Five Star Cup, a promotional contest being run by Cassadaigua's largest telecommunications company Five Star Mobile.

The Yuritzi'ayuro family heard about the competition during advertisements for the upcoming Five Star Mobile 500 NationStates Stock Car Racing Association event to be held at the Concord Heights Motor Speedway in Concord Heights Cassadaigua. Each family member decided to enter the contest and against all odds, two were selected as finalists in the grand prize sweepstakes.

Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro, a mother of three, moved to Starskville as part of the transition team for the expansion of Cocoa-bo into the Starksville region of Cassadaigua. While the job was only expected to be temporary, Yuritzi'ayuro ended up taking on new responsibility as the general manager of Cocoa-bo properties in lower Cassadaigua and moved her whole family to Starksville. It was her son, Mitimi, who first learned of the contest and encouraged the entire family to enter. Mitimi is a big motorsports fan whose favorite driver is naturally Turori's famous World Grand Prix driver iBen Toralmintii.

While Toralmintii won't be competing in the upcoming Five Star Mobile 500 Stock Car race in Concord Heights, the Yuritzi'ayuro's will be as Niriki and Mitimi were both drawn as finalists for the contest. Each fan in the contest was assigned a number between 1-90 and can earn cash prizes if any of Team Cassdaigua's drivers leads that lap during the Five Star Mobile 500 in Concord Heights, with the prize nearly double if it is defending NSSCRA Champion Stacie Houston who leads that lap.

Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro was assigned the number 23 for the contest while her son Mitimi was assigned the number 77 which coincidentally is the racing number of Mitimi's favorite driver, iBen Toralmintii.

If any Team Cassadaigua driver leads lap 23 or lap 77 the family will be in for a cash windfall but can get an even bigger prize if Cassadaigua manage to score a goal in their opening World Cup Finals match later that same week against Chromatika. The real windfall would come if both the Lap and Goal challenges are met then the cash prize increases ten fold. While Niriki Yuritzi'ayuro has admitted she doesn't follow either sport particularly closely, she knows enough to understand who is who thanks to the keen interests of her children.

While Mitimi's favorite driver iBen Toralmintii does not regularly compete on the NSSCRA circuit, there are still other drivers which the barely-eligible young fan roots for including Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver Centur Tiones in the #2 Tiones Lumber Dart and the up-and-coming Sherpalander Rinzi Aogar Zakhilwal in the #06 Automodi. While Mitimi's younger sister was not eligible to enter the contest due to her age, she will certainly be rooting alongside her family with her #11 Jenna Logan Pink Love t-shirt. As with any young fan, however, her support may be a bit fickle as her older brother admits that she had been rooting for Meghan Sharpe when they first moved to Cassadaigua during the previous season.

Whatever the outcome, the Yuritzi'ayuro family will be on hand in Concord Heights helping to man the Cocoa-bo displays track side, passing out spinners and Better with Cocoa-bo stylized Cassadagan flags before taking their place alongside some of the other Five Star Cup hopefuls on race day.

<Silexhera> Why does Turori make sense? :p

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Saturday evening, St John's Palace, Belle Haven

Many people in the Commonwealth believed that the Palace--the ceremonial home of the Head of State, and formerly of the 5 men (and their families) of the Oldenburg family who served as Prince Regent--was at its most beautiful at night, with the spotlights illuminating the limestone exterior, giving the building an ethereal glow, especially when viewed from the southern shore of the river.

The procession of the motorcade from the Intercontinental Hotel to the palace came off without incident; six vehicles moved along the streets and pulled alongside the external main staircase in front of the Palace at 6:40, with the guests being greeted as they exited their transportation.

a few hours previous, in advance of the State Banquet

PM Rebecca Schoenlein and Foreign Minister Tom Dixon had made their brief pitch to Mutangi, the Crown Prince of Banija, as well as it's foreign minister. "Highness, we understand the Katikkiro's desire to show to the multiverse that authoritarian rule under the guise of democracy is abhorrent to all." Dixon had led off to ease into the subject.
"We certainly believe that a fair, open trial against Matthias Mutebi is warranted under your law."
Now it was the Prime Minister's turn to take over.
"Frankly, as a nation, we are not even that opposed to the death penalty under the proper circumstances, as we have it ourselves. But we--the government, not necessarily the population--think that a verdict of guilty with the death penalty might be mitigated by the Guardian Council with a commutation to life imprisonment, which is what he is already bound to under the terms of the treaty" She deliberately avoided the use of the word 'surrender'.

Dixon took up the conversation. "We are expressing our opinion as a friend and ally, but of course we respect whatever decision ends up being the final disposition."

Meanwhile, in the vehicle ahead of the PM and Isebantu, Hannah Delaney was wading into the same pool, but with a different approach. "Your Majesty, I'm sure that you are not prepared to discuss a sensitive subject in a just a short space of time, but the PM did want me to convey that she is engaging the Waziri in a discussion about the situation involving Mutebi. It's our view that a trial and conviction is not problematic, but that an ultimate decision to commute the death sentence might be a better outcome for all involved. The return to prison for a life sentence might have as much weight as a warrant for execution. This is strictly our opinion, as of course we will respect any final determination made. We have the death penalty here in Baker Park, so we don't bring this up as an objection on that ground."

at the Palace

Doing the honors was the Steward of the Household, the person who was the chief "staff" member at the Palace; no one was ever referred to as a "servant" or a "domestic", or even as "the help", as all who worked within the confines were always called "staff", and always spoken to--even by the highest ranking personage--with an honorific preceding their name (Miss Jones, Mr Smith, Mrs. Brown, etc).
Tradition dictated that all of the children who had grown up in the Palace were under strict instruction that adult staff were always above a minor child on the hierarchy--a son of the Prince Regent, for example, was always expected to address even a house maid correctly, and was never to "order" a staff member to do something--& any person on the staff could speak directly to the Prince Regent or his Consort to report misbehavior by a younger member of the family.
Prince Robert was once punished by his father, Prince William, for complaining that the staff had nicer things than he did. Prince William angrily replied, "that's because they work harder than we do!", and made his future heir change linens and sweep the floors of staff rooms for 2 days.

The Steward provided the appropriate welcome to all of the members of the Royal Family of Banija, and instructed the various "footmen" (who were generally extra staff who worked in the kitchen, the janitorial, or the office staffs) to lead the guests towards the main entrance. Once there, the guests were greeted by the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Secretary of State, and the Speaker of the House, along with their respective spouses; the Deputy Minister of State for Foreign Affairs was now the person in charge of the introductions of numerous government ministers and dignitaries, and subsequently, the formal State introduction of the Head of State and his wife.

As soon as the Kabaka, Luguba, Isebantu and the rest of the party were organized into the receiving line for the invited guests, the stream of people who had been assembled in the East Hall were shown through into the Diplomatic Reception Room, where the PM and the Head, along with the Secretary of State and the Foreign Minister were spread through the line with an aide nearby to introduce particular guests to the visitors.

"Ah, Your Majesty, I'd like to introduce you to retired Commander Marie O'Brien Lerner, and her husband, retired Lt Commander Keith Lerner; the Commander was the officer in charge on one of the ships that served off Istria during the relief effort, and was commended for her actions during that period."

Marie gave a slight curtsy and Keith bowed as the Kabaka greeted them.

When the line had been shown through, the guests had been instructed to progress to the second floor, and eventually the VIP's were led up the staircase and into the State Banquet Room, where the national anthems of the two nations were played and then all were seated for dinner.
AOCAF LXII Champions
2x Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5&9) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII (co-hosts), LX Third Place
World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84/86 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC Vice President
WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33/35 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Postby Brenecia » Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:37 am

Brenecia 3 - 3 Damukuni
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 2 - Broxham, 5 - Horgan, 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c); 8 - Matheson (14 - Ruskin 77'), 4 - Locke, 13 - Wheeler; 7 - Cheney (15 - Garrard 68'), 10 - Ciogach, 16 - Fletcher (11 - Keynes 77')
Goals: Ciogach 31', Fletcher 57', Matheson 61'
Bolgano 2 - 6 Brenecia
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 2 - Broxham, 5 - Horgan (22 - Beath 82'), 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c, 19 - Prentice 60'); 21 - Case (vc), 4 - Locke, 13 - Wheeler (14 - Ruskin 65'); 15 - Garrard, 10 - Ciogach 16 - Fletcher
Goals: Fletcher 33', Horgan 41', Quill 47', Case 50', Wheeler 61', Ciogach 67'
Banija 2 - 0 Brenecia
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 2 - Broxham, 5 - Horgan, 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c); 21 - Case (8 - Matheson 76'), 4 - Locke, 13 - Wheeler; 7 - Cheney (15 - Garrard 68'), 10 - Ciogach, 16 - Fletcher (11 - Keynes 67')
Brenecia 5 - 3 Hapilopper
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 2 - Broxham (22 - Beath 87'), 5 - Horgan, 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c); 21 - Case, 4 - Locke (23 - Alweather 74'), 13 - Wheeler; 15 - Garrard, 9 - Riordan (17 - Lindauer 74'), 16 - Fletcher
Goals: Garrard 33', Riordan 41' 86', Wheeler 44', Horgan 70'
Vilita 2 - 3 Brenecia
(4-3-3) 1 - Farrell; 2 - Broxham, 22 - Beath, 6 - Mathers, 3 - Quill (c, 19 - Prentice 76'); 8 - Matheson (21 - Case 54'), 4 - Locke (23 - Alweather 89'), 14 - Ruskin; 7 - Cheney, 10 - Ciogach, 16 - Fletcher
Goals: Fletcher 16', Quill 22', Ruskin 87'

Patriots must look ahead, not back, to recapture glory
Laura Mulholland

The Cup of Champions defence may have ended with a failure in the group stage, but one suspects that Brelk-Xeral Erv will be satisfied with their performance. There were plenty of bright shoots to take, and, after all, they've still proven their worth from hauling the Patriots through qualifying.

Despite the early setback of defeat against Banija by a two-goal margin that was later to prove fatal, the Patriots rallied. It was a slightly-rotated outfit came out against Hapilopper, with Case, Garrard and Riordan all brought into the fold - each one significantly larger than the player they replaced. The hint was there.

Garrard duly opened the scoring after a quiet opening half-hour, slipping between the lines with a flying header to convert a diagonal ball from Corby Wheeler, before Wheeler set up Riordan with a lethal through-ball - the Mallox striker making no mistake - and finally scoring herself, finding the top corner from a free kick. Eleven minutes, and 0-0 had become 3-0.

The Haps fought back in the second half, showing the indomitable spirit that had made them such fierce rivals in qualifying, but a towering header from Garrett Horgan - becoming something of a signature - slipped between the goals to slip a knife between the ribs, with a beautiful cross from Ceridwen Fletcher chested down and thumped home by the industrious Riordan late on.

"It was a more direct game we played today," Brelk-Xeral told the press afterwards. "Perhaps a new feather in our caps. We dug in, we 'got stuck in', and we deserved the win." They had a point. Due to necessity, Brelk-Xeral's pretty much used their first-choice XI throughout their entire tenure; even a handful of changes here proved that they were, at least, somewhat open to rotation, to say nothing of the slightly more physical tactical switch.

Wheeler had played perhaps the best game, probably the best half, of her international career - but she'd also pick up a caution late on to match the one she'd received against Banija, meaning she'd miss the next match. From there, the Jungle Cats awaited, having scored six without reply so far in the tournament. Ceridwen Fletcher ended that streak with a rather speculative but perfectly-weighted strike from outside the area, before Gethin Quill, rushing inside of her, found his way onto a ball from Matheson to stroke past Sanamun.

It wouldn't last, and the Jungle Cats would control the second half much as the Patriots had controlled the first; well-taken strikes from Sekagaya and Milaaso put the overall goal out of the Patriots' reach, though Claire Ruskin snapped her goalless run against the run of play late on with a thunderous strike. Out, then, despite six points - but it was hard to find fault with the Patriots, at least since their uncharacteristically out-of-sorts first match.

To nobody's surprise, the final World Cup squad is the same set of 23 as marched out for the Cup of Champions, and the eleven that will march out against Farfadillis in the group's crunch match will almost certainly be the same that came out against Banija. The Farves are, bluntly, the far superior team, and should be rights sweep the group - but with Brenecian pace up front and the traditional Farfish openness at the back, it's set to be a bloodbath.

Even just scanning through the clubs represented among the Farfish squad is a heart-stopping process; hardened veterans once among the world's best, such as Tifoxe and Eleonora, no longer even able to command regular starts, while a new wave predictably spearheaded by their best forwards, Holsteiner and Ens, enters their prime. In Gethin Quill, Brenecia have one player who could walk into the Farfish starting XI. In the aforementioned strikers, Bajnok, Marchiondo, Zsase, Wceil, rue Cazade and de Sajao, the Farves have eight who could walk into the Patriots, to say nothing of how any Brenecian would salivate to have the prodigal Cidh coming through the ranks.

Next up are a Cassadaigua side starting to warming to their best again, as they enter their third consecutive World Cup. The Fillies boast their usual, largely domestically-based assortment of players, with undeniable talent that makes one wonder how strong their league could be in UICA. There's also a smattering of men, with Martin and Pierce having proven themselves as regular starters. The wild card Caitlyn Mayer will be a storyline to watch - out of favour for the time being, but will that last?

It's fairly predictable how the match against the Fillies will turn out; attack vs. counterattack. The Fillies like to dominate possession with a strong midfield core, and score lots of goals through the seasoned Ranucci and promising Schanke; the Patriots like to spring forward on the counter as soon as any Dagan attack breaks down, and have the weapons necessary to draw blood. Yet again, this will be one to watch for the neutral, and impossible to look away from as a Brenecian.

Chromatika complete a group that have, at various stages, all been giants of the game. The Chromatiks have the lowest present rank, and undoubtedly the most to prove, with serious destabilisation at home meaning much of their side is in the shop window. It's going to be a transitional year for the side, with veterans such as Montague and Nier starting to make room for a next generation exemplified by Henri de Aea, one of the best emergent defenders coming through. They also have a wild-card striker called Caitlyn (well, Kaytlyn), in the shape of former Galactico Victoriane, an early bloomer who has to really grasp her chance to make good on her promise.

They're the hardest side to predict in the group, as tends to happen when a near-legendary striker in Keira Andisori will have to rely on a Nepharim First Division winger in Conrad to provide her service, a genuine rising star in de Aea is partnered by Yeri Ibex, struggling for game-time at Chenoworth Rovers, and a number of others are just looking for a crust somewhere. The only thing that can be relied upon in the match-up against Brenecia is, yes, predictably, a lot of goals.

What's abundantly clear is that this group is unpredictable, difficult to call. While the Patriots are second-seeds in the ranks, and on paper appear good enough to justify it, it's not too hard to see things going wrong in a group where Cassadaigua and Chromatika are surely among the strongest third- and fourth-seeds out there. But if the result of the Cup of Champions repeats, and the Patriots crash out, it won't be the end of the world; Brelk-Xeral has already proven they're the right person for the job.
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Postby Sargossa » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:01 am

SSM | Sargossan State Media

International Edition - Sport

Quest For Success

Blanco Borrayo reports;

It proved to be a most un-Sargossan of finishes to the qualification stage. A group that had looked more stacked with banana skins than bring your chimpanzee to work day at the local fruit emporium ended in a finish surprisingly devoid of drama. The challenges from plucky New Saria and crafty veterans Osarius petered out, while Drawkland and Kelssek became looked in a death spiral for the one playoff place. In the final stages tidy wins over the nearest challengers (1 – 0 in Drawkland and 4 – 0 at home to Kelssek) saw the Corsairs end Group D with a nine point cushion at the top.

The final two results were particularly encouraging due to the defensive poise shown by a side that has so frequently be shown to suffer from a glass jaw. The wider picture showed five clean sheets in the final seven fixtures, a run that followed the disappointing collapse to Drawkland in Soluca. Following that defeat national coach Rodrigo Defederico tweaked his system, eschewing his wide midfielders in favour of wing backs and introducing a tough tackling midfield battler into the centre of the park. Turning his usual 3-4-3 into a more traditional 5-3-2. And given its success we expect to see the system continue into the World Cup proper.

Talking of the World Cup proper the draw has taken place and Sargossa are heading to Equestria. Where, among the frolicking four-legged types, they will be faced by foes old, new and ‘oh, dear God, why?’.

Past Record
P2 W0 D0 L2

Fans of both Ko-oren and Sargossa can probably spot some similarities between their respective national sides. Both hail from traditional sporting heartlands, their rankings aren’t far apart, they’ve both claimed a Cup of Harmony title and they both have the ability to pack a serious punch while seemingly lacking the consistency to challenge for the very top honours. For now, at least. Plus both come into this tournament on the backs of impressive qualification campaigns. Sargossa comfortably finishing atop Group D and Ko-oren confining former world champions Eura to the ignominy of the playoffs in Group M.

Corsairs and Fireflys have clashed just twice before in their history, way back when during the qualification campaign for World Cup 68. On those occasions the Ko-orenites enjoyed home and away wins, 1 – 0 on their own turf and a definitive 3 – 1 victory in San Marquez, as they beat the Corsairs to the automatic qualification slot.

The match in Equestria should prove an interesting clash of tactics as two similar formations with polar opposite styles run into each other. Defederico’s switch from 3-4-3 to 5-3-2 has in no way dampened the coach’s desire to see his charges indulge their offensive instincts, but instead provides a more stable base for them to launch their attacks. While Katanmak Juliasterinthen’s side are the proverbial immovable object, with just eight goals conceded in qualifying.

In a World Cup group stage defeat in the opening encounter isn’t necessarily fatal but with the group’s two middle ranked nations meeting in the first round of matches both sides will know their entire campaign could depend on these ninety minutes. So, no pressure.

Past Record
P8 W1 D2 L5

Way, way back during the qualification campaign for World Cup 66 a young nation called Nephara were turned over 4 – 2 in Soluca. That was the sole highlight of Sargossa’s history with Nephara. The Corsairs barely scrapped over the line in that campaign, pushed all the way by The Cormorants, and haven’t tasted a victory since. Meanwhile Nephara have hoarded a veritable treasure trove of silverware, including a mightily impressive triple crown of Baptism Of Fire, Cup Of Harmony and World Cup titles and being named regional champions of both Rushmore and Esportiva. We remember that Rushmori title very well, Nephara defeating Sargossa in the final of Copa Rushmori XXX. Before doing the same in the semi-finals two years later.

The Cormorants may be under new management, but it was business as usual for Daniella Strauss’ side as they dropped just two points on the way to the Finals, racking up fifty four goals in the process. They bring strength, physicality, organisation and the two solid banks of four that soak up pressure before launching devasting counterattacks. We know exactly what theyoffer but overcoming it is an entirely different matter. So here's the traditional tentative crumb of comfort. The Corsairs are unbeaten against Nephara at the Finals, having drawn 1 – 1 right here in Equestria during World Cup 70. Which is nice.

Past Record
P0 W0 D0 L0

Completing the quartet of qualification group winners are Zwangzug. As ancient as they are enigmatic this Zwangzugian are expected to . . . actually, we have no idea. A flat back ten isn’t entirely out of the question for a side that favours the defensive but the lowest ranked nation in the group aren’t just making up the numbers (they’re more into words, we respect that), having topped a qualification group that featured both Barunia and Pasarga. Which shows that when they are actually forced to make a move rather than just pass they can make that move rather well.

This will be the first ever meeting between Zwangzug and Sargossa but if the opposition have any lingering Aguazuleño influence (a nation they may or may not have any connection with) it could be a heck of a game. If the defensive stalwarts have also got the moves like Agua no one is safe. Plus, they also have a 5 – 1 win over Candelaria And Marquez to their name. Which is hilarious.


Champions: Cup of Harmony 41 / Di Bradini Cup 13 / Copa Rushmori V / Copa Rushmori XIV / Copa Rushmori XX
Sargossa at the Olympics

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Postby Equestrian States » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:38 am

Hoofball in Equestria: A Brief Primer
by Meticulous Quill

Equestria’s most popular sport is easily football, or hoofball as the country’s sapient ungulate natives call the game. The sport was first introduced to Equestria nearly 200 years ago by foreign merchants, but it wasn’t until just a few decades ago that hoofball began its rise to the heights of popularity that it enjoys today.

The Equestrian national hoofball team, nicknamed the Ponies, made their first international appearances at the 45th Baptism of Fire and the 58th World Cup, but performed rather poorly in their debut cycle. However, under the guidance of manager Twilight Striker, the team rapidly climbed the ranks over the next two cycles. The Ponies reached the knockout rounds of the 51st Cup of Harmony before nearly stunning the multiverse by qualifying for the 60th World Cup, only to be denied by a 2-1 added extra time defeat against 21st-ranked Astograth.

It seemed to Equestrian hoofball supporters that they were on the cusp of becoming a force to be reckoned with in the international game, but the next several cycles were defined not by the Ponies’ successes, but rather by their failures. The Equestrians routinely underperformed at the Cup of Harmony, either coming up agonizingly short in the second-round or bombing out of the tournament in the group stage. However, it was the Ponies’ failure to qualify for the World Cup which truly frustrated the fans and players alike. Between World Cups 60-63, the Equestrians competed in three qualifying playoffs and lost each time by just one goal.

In the months prior to the World Cup 64 qualifying campaign, manager Twilight Striker found herself under intense pressure from the press, supporters, and the Hoofball Association, to produce results or else face being sacked. The Ponies were seeded third in their qualifying group, behind World Cup stalwarts Sargossa and an ascendant Osarius team, and most pundits predicted the Equestrians would once more be relegated to the Cup of Harmony. However, the Ponies took the group by storm, opening the campaign with eight consecutive victories and remaining undefeated for an incredible 15 matches until Osarius narrowly overcame the Equestrians 1-0 at Cloudsdale’s Sky-High Coliseum. Despite dominating the group for much of the campaign, the Equestrians were facing yet another potential playoff after Osarius clinched the group title and its automatic World Cup berth. Fortunately for the Ponies, another path to the finals was available: finishing as one of the top overall runners-up. A late goal from Rainbow Blitz on the final match day secured the Equestrians a draw against Sargossa in front of over 90,000 screaming Ponies supporters at the Equestria Dome in Canterlot, the result just enough to clinch Equestria a spot at the 64th World Cup in Wight and New Montreal States.

The Ponies were not expected to do much at the World Cup 64, drawn into Group H alongside 5th-ranked Polar Islandstates and 11th-ranked Saugeais, and lost their first ever World Cup match 2-0 against the Polarians. The Equestrians scratched out a 2-2 draw against Saugeais to keep their second-round dreams alive by a thread, though the Ponies would need help from Polar Islandstates to advance. Unfortunately, despite Equestria earning their first finals win against rivals Yesopalitha, Saugeais defeated Polar Islandstates to eliminate the Ponies from the tournament.

The appearance of the national team at the 64th World Cup marked the beginning of Equestrian hoofball’s first golden age. Backed by a youth program that was churning out potential world-class stars at a remarkable rate, culminating in the under-21 national team winning the 27th Di Bradini Cup, the Ponies qualified directly for each of the next two World Cups. But these successes were marred by the team’s continued failure to make a serious run at the World Cup, eliminated each time in the group stage, even after completing the World Cup 66 cycle without losing a single game in qualifying or at the finals.

Then, before the 67th World Cup, the Hoofball Association announced that Equestria would be bidding with Cassadaigua for the rights to host the next World Cup. One of the most fiercely contested votes in the World Cup Committee’s history went in favor of the Cassadagan-Equestrian bid, and preparations began immediately to welcome the multiverse to Equestria’s shores. By the time the World Cup started, both the nation and the team were ready. The Ponies, undefeated in a pre-tournament friendly tour, started the tournament with a 2-0 win against New Sideburn (known today as Nephara). A pair of draws against Antoletia and top-ranked Polar Islandstates were enough for the Ponies to break through another barrier and advance to the knockout stage for the first time. Sadly, the Equestrians’ dreams of a deep run on home soil were dashed almost immediately in a 2-0 loss against Valladares in the second round, but the future seemed limitless for the Ponies.

Entering the 68th World Cup cycle, the Equestrians were ranked 15th and comfortably the top seed in their qualifying group. Having qualified for the last four World Cups, the Ponies were heavily favored to make it five straight appearances. At first, everything seemed to be going as planned, the Equestrians winning seven of their first eight matches, the only hiccup coming in a loss to second-seeded Zwangzug; but then, the collapse began. Another loss to Zwangzug and a pair of draws against lowly Levivania and the Gandham Islands relegated the Ponies to the runners-up playoffs where they were drawn against 171st-ranked Armakistan in the first of two rounds of playoffs.

Equestria entered the first leg in Armakistan expecting to quickly overpower the Armaks, but were left fuming after slumping to a 1-0 defeat in which the Ponies were reduced to seven players thanks to an over-zealous Sanctii referee, whom Equestrian supporters insist to this day was determined to cost them the match. The Equestrians rallied at home in the second leg for a 5-3 win to advance to the second round of playoffs and were again drawn against a significantly lower ranked opponent: 104th-ranked Buyan. In what can only be described as a catastrophic scheduling error, the host committee scheduled the Ponies to play at home for the first leg despite being the higher seed. Many in Equestria called foul, asserting that the error was a malicious plot by their rivals in the Free Republics to put the Ponies at a disadvantage in the fixture, but the World Cup Committee declined to correct the host committee’s supposed mistake. The Ponies lost the first match 1-0, forcing them to play from behind in the decisive second game in Buyan, in which they were humiliated and eliminated in a 4-2 defeat.

The 60th Cup of Harmony offered the Equestrians an opportunity to salvage something from a hugely disappointing cycle, but the Ponies would underperform once again in the consolation tournament, crashing out on penalties to hosts Kinitaria in the second round.

The following cycle, with longtime captain and star striker Fire Dash set to retire at the end of the campaign, the Ponies were largely back to their usual form during the group stage, shrugging off a few mild upsets and the disappointment of World Cup 68 to win their group. Unfortunately, the qualifying format for the 69th World Cup relegated Equestria to yet another playoff, as only some group winners were granted direct qualification and the Ponies fell just one point short of the cutoff. Against heavy underdogs New Montreal States, the Ponies would lose the first leg in Canterlot 3-1. However, on the road in New Montreal, the Equestrians rallied to tie the aggregate score at 5-5, and were in position to advance on away goals when New Montreal States scored a soul-crushing last-minute goal that sent the Ponies crashing out of the World Cup through a qualifying playoff for the fifth time. The Ponies would not be invited to participate in the 61st Cup of Harmony, and Twilight Striker resigned as national team manager the following day.

While missing the Cup of Harmony, Equestria was invited to host and participate in the Runner Cup, a consolation tournament for the teams which failed to reach the consolation tournament. The Hoofball Association accepted and appointed then-Canterlot Stars manager Pearly White as the interim boss of the national team. Pearly White's team showed no mercy to their overmatched opponents and easily won the tournament, the Ponies’ performance earning the young unicorn the job on a permanent basis.

The newly appointed manager’s mettle was not to be tested during World Cup 70 qualifying, however, as the Equestrians were selected to co-host the tournament with San José Guayabal, granting the Ponies a reprieve from the challenge of qualifying as a lower seed. Despite a series of encouraging performances in friendly matches against some of the multiverse’s best sides, expectations for the Equestrians at the World Cup were low, as the Ponies entered the tournament ranked just 40th in the multiverse. Thus, it came as a complete surprise when the Equestrians not only advanced from, but finished atop of, Group A ahead of favorites 14th-ranked Nephara. Though the Ponies would again bow out in the second round, this time in a 4-3 thriller against Legalese, the future looked bright once more for Equestrian hoofball. The following cycle, the Equestrians breezed through qualifying without a single defeat, but were eliminated in the World Cup 71 group stage after being drawn into a group of death with defending champions Osarius, the future champions from the Unified Sunrise Islands (now Kita-Hinode), and a talented Apox team.

At this point, the historical record becomes somewhat muddled. Equestrian sources claim that they were elected hosts for the 72nd World Cup but lost all contact with the outside world before the tournament began thanks to the “interdimensional magical shenanigans” of Discord, a deity of chaos and disharmony. Meanwhile, non-local records show that the Ponies not only hosted that tournament, but also participated in World Cups 72-78 with infrequent success. For the sake of maintaining impartiality, this Lonely Multiverse guide will not be covering this period, known as the ‘Equestrian Temporal Stasis’.1

Regardless, by the 79th World Cup in this dimension, the Equestrians were ranked a lowly 62nd when (according to local sources) they returned from stasis. It took some time for the Ponies to shake off the alleged effects of this stasis, but improved gradually as the qualifying campaign wore on, including a stunning 3-2 upset of the 5th-ranked Holy Empire in the Dreamed Realm. However, the slow start the Ponies had endured doomed the team’s qualifying efforts to failure.

It was at the 71st Cup of Harmony that the Equestrians would meet the Banijans, now the Ponies’ fiercest rivals. In a pre-tournament friendly, the Ponies had dominated the Kadongo Kamu 3-1, but the rivalry truly began in a do-or-die group stage fixture, which the Equestrians emerged victorious from by a 2-0 score and subsequently advanced to the knockout stage. In the second round, the Ponies defeated Filindostan to reach the quarterfinals of a WCC-sanctioned tournament for the first time in the team’s history, before being eliminated by New Gazi in the next round.

Hoping to make up for “missing” World Cup 72, the Hoofball Association partnered with their counterparts in Starblaydia to secure the hosting rights for the 80th World Cup. Once more, the Equestrians were on the main stage alongside the multiverse’s best. Expectations for the Ponies were low, but excitement was sky-high among Equestrian hoofball fans. In a nail-biting opening fixture against none other than the Kadongo Kamu, against whose home nation the Equestrians were actively at war with over the Busogan Islands, the Ponies claimed another victory. A win the following week against New Gazi not only avenged the Equestrian’s earlier Cup of Harmony defeat, but also secured the Ponies’ advancement.

Nobody expected the Equestrians to defeat the Chromatiks in the second round, but the Ponies miraculously kept their run alive in a 2-1 upset. Despite being ranked just 41st entering the tournament, the Equestrians were through to the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time. Brenecia would eliminate the Ponies in the following round en route to claiming their first title, but the Ponies performance had placed them right back where they belonged in the conversation of the multiverse’s hoofball elite.

In the last two cycles, the Ponies have shrugged off the mantle of also-rans, returning to the quarterfinals at World Cup 81 and reaching the second round at World Cup 82, and climbing into the top ten rankings. Meanwhile, at the regional level, the Ponies have been consistent contenders in the AOCAF Cup. In front of a hostile local crowd against Banija in the 58th AOCAF Final, the Ponies won their first ever major title.

Thus, we reach the present, where the 7th-ranked Equestrians are dreaming of becoming the first host nation to win the World Cup on home soil since The Holy Empire. The streets of Canterlot, Manehattan, Stalliongrad, and every other town in Equestria are buzzing with anticipation and excitement. As such, Lonely Multiverse readers should expect an electric atmosphere at every World Cup match in Equestria.

1 Lonely Multiverse refrains from making any judgement or recommendation regarding which version(s) of reality it or its readers should accept, and encourages readers to be cautious when addressing the topic with those who may be sensitive to such controversial subjects
83rd World Cup Champions
58th & 59th AOCAF Cup Champions
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Postby Zwangzug » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:59 am

(OOC: Ko-oren and I collaborated on coming up with these questions via Discord!)

The Spenson Star

The World Cup proper is exciting on many levels; not only does one's homeland get to face off against world-class competition, but it also stands a chance of making the international press. In some cases, more cryptic or insular nations may face a challenge in explaining themselves to global commentators. Even the prodigious Lunaro Tsukida, watcher of streams across the world, has admitted to being stymied on occasion by the nuances of Zwangzug football. With his help, we've provided a quick guide to some of the questions our foreign readers may be facing.

Who are the key players for this national team, and what clubs do they represent?

Let's take this in reverse order; Keppal Cosmos are the defending champions, having recently won their fourth title, although the details of this have yet to come to the attention of the international community. They are the home club for Martin Scallop, a longtime defender and now captain, who forced his way onto the "Team of the Qualifiers" for WC80 by being one of the few defenders who cared. More recently, Joel McJakill has done well as their #1. The son of Bigtopian migrants, he is believed to be the inspiration for some verses in "Harmony Sound," although who even knows.

Prior to that, Arlington City won their first championship in modern history. Joshua Twoni, as you've noticed, is one of their longer-serving consistent contributors. Perhaps a more iconic player, however, is Sydney Stefred, known for scoring a dramatic winning goal against unheralded Velestria in the previous Cup of Harmony, and threatening violence to representatives of "stupid old fogey nations" who "can't get over themselves." Considering that Zwangzug actually has the longest history of Group B, we hope she will not cause a scene.

Who are the most interesting club teams in the 1./?

"Interesting" is a subjective word. The most successful in this league's history are Excelsior Slogda, who have eight titles overall and, at one point, four in a row (albeit with the last coming after a long hiatus). Despite the addition of several Audioslavian nationals, they are now what may be termed "very bad."

Probably the most "interesting," in the sense of "why is this country even allowed to play football," are Rovers United and Ephesian FC. The former are Zwangzug's oldest club, and literally, some...rovers...who united. They are true barnstormers who don't have a home stadium. As for Ephesian, they play in the capital (Zwischen), and their claim to fame is the highly symmetrical 3-2-1-2-3. That's not a typo.

Why does the league have 1 point for a win and .5 for a draw?

Because a team that draws two games is just as mediocre as a team that wins one and loses one? Because we don't want to incentivize scoring more goals for the heck of it? I don't know, that's how we've always done it. Of course you could also make it 2 and 1, or 2x and some x, it's all equivalent.

Why did Algebraic English go out of fashion? Is Joshua "2ni's" name a reference to it?

It's complicated, but mostly has to do with a national sense of shame and "what were we even thinking, this was dumb." There are large cities where it still dominates, they're just not the ones the international press is privy to. Naming the First Division "1./" was a compromise to appease the Algebraic people, because how many times do you even care what the name of the league is.

Joshua 2ni may in fact have been named in honor of a famous "Joshua 3," but that would be pretty nerdy even for us...

Why do you play a (1)-4-6-0?

Okay, this is an easier one. The newer iterations of the team until recently had a 4-5-1; last cycle, the striker choices were Spencer Gleason (Ephesian), Kostya Hart-Farm (Slogda), and Gabi Lanius-Sexton (Trebuchet Cham, who replaced Gleason during the CoH). The problem is that all those clubs had bad seasons, with only Cham squeaking into the top eight. So with the arrival of new manager Tavish Willow, he was like "let's do something else because we don't have any good strikers."

It helps that we won't wind up with a single guy scoring ninety-something goals because he's the main striker and we don't have backups or something, but that's not even the main reason.

And why do you write out the 0 instead of just saying 4-6?

Because it's important to make sure every position feels included and respected. Including the goalkeepers. We don't want them developing a complex. During the WC35-41 era the national team had a...difficult relationship with the concept of goalkeeping, although the country has mostly gotten over that attitude (see "Ephesian," above).

How, if at all, is Zwangzug related to Aguazul?

During the WC40-42 era, when the UICA was just getting off the ground, Zwangzug and Aguazul collaborated on a league for "Minor United Footballing Nations" (intended to be a contrast to a "World Association Football League" that never took root). This featured Rovers United, Arlington, and Zwangzug clubs Spenson Suburbia and Namiri Forest, together with four Aguazuleño sides. It saw the beginnings of the 1-.5-0 system, and a "Cupcake Cup" that used the Casaran system for scoring. Aguazul, like most of the respectable world, thought this was dumb and ditched to do their own thing once our sporting headquarters were bulldozed; they formed a full league which turned into a pyramid system and eventually a World Cup team that did some stuff.

If we have any other questions can we contact you?

Oh please oh please yes, our researchers would love to wax poetic about days and players gone by that nobody really cares about. (Sydney Stefred will be disappointed but oh well.)
IRC humor, (self-referential)
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Postby Banija » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:27 am

Kabaka - King
Luguba - Queen Consort
Sarauniya - Queen Mother
Isebantu - Crown Prince
Omugabe/Omugaba - Prince/Princess
Omulangira/Kyabazinga - Duke/Duchess
Kagere/Kiweewa - Lord/Lady
Katikkiro - Prime Minister
Waziri - Foreign Minister
Lukiiko- Parliament
Kiongozi- Leader of the Opposition

Banijan rooms at St. John's Palace, an hour before the State Banquet in Belle Haven

The Isebantu was having a discussion with his Father, the Kabaka, and his older sister, Omugaba Immaculate. This was a grand state visit, but of course, when you were on a state visit, business was, and had to be discussed, and this was time that they carved out, in their own quarters, to discuss business. It would be just the three of them in discussions here- discussions on things that they wanted to talk about, on things they wanted to take home with them, from the state visit specifically, and how this banquet would go.

"Well, of course, after the President gives the opening toast, then it will be my turn to speak." The Kabaka said. "That's when we will give the gifts that we have prepared for our gracious hosts- and we know how they will be given." There was no need for the three to go over this. They had been given plenty of time to practice this back in Busukuma, and they had the whole thing prepared. Even with the Isebantu's children there, they expected everythign to go smoothly. But the young children, the second and third in line to the throne, respectively, were going to be more than ready for this. They were getting dressed, both prepared to wear their Kanzus. "But that's not why we're in my room right now. My son, I got word that you had discussions about the Katikkiro's case? What did they tell you?"

"Yes, we had a conversation about it in the ride here, with the Foreign and Prime Minister." Said Isebantu Mutungi. "They expressed their concern that Mutebi being officially given the death penalty would have unintended consequences. They brought up the concern that his death penalty, this happening now, might be unnecessary. My sister, you sit on the Guardian Council. What do you think about this?"

Omugaba Immaculate took a deep breath, and then started to speak. "That is what I am thinking. I have struggled with this- we heard arguments before we left for Belle Haven, and the death of Mutebi, on the eve of the World Cup Finals, would certainly not be good. Convincing the rest of the Guardian Council for life imprisonment should not be hard... But you know how some of the bishops especially might want him to pay. They viewed him as an affront to the values of the church. But they also understand how this works. I'll talk to them- make them see the error. You don't want Banija to get bad headlines because of this, we don't want unrest..."

"Hell, the Defiance Coalition isn't dead. Just look at what happened in Darmen just a few weeks ago." Said Isebantu Mutungi. "They are still alive and well. But cracking down too hard, doing something like this, might provoke a perverse reaction. Life in prison should be the ruling- and we will ensure that the call is made. We can transfer him to a maximum security prison, or a military prison, some sort of reduction in his conditions, but we aren't going to let him become some sort of martyr. What do you think, father?"

The Kabaka paused, and thought and hard. "That is good thinking, my son." Said the Kabaka. "Make sure the message is delivered personally, to our hosts. That will be on you- there is no need for me to deliver it, as I was not in the conversation. Make sure you tell the Prime Minister personally, however- she deserves that after all she has done for our country."

They nodded in agreement, and Omugaba Immaculate immediately placed a call back to Busukuma. She'd do the leg work here, actually sitting on the Guardian Council. Meanwhile the other two began their own preparations for the state banquet...

State Banquet Room, St.John's Palace, Belle Haven

President Gregson asked for everyone one to sit down, before the formal start of the dinner. Then, of course, he handed the floor to the guest, Kabaka Mwanga. The Kabaka was wearing a brand new maroon agbada. The other Banijan men in the travelling party, including his grandchildren, were wearing Baker Park produced suit jackets over their kanzus. The women, of course, were all wearing vibrantly colored gomesis.

The Kabaka then rose. "I would like to thank all of you, for your attendance of this banquet. This state visit has been eye-opening, and it has surely deepened the bonds between the Kingdom of Banija and the Commonwealth of Baker Park. I have mentioned this before, but looking at the Banijan community thriving in Mansfield, being the first Banijan royal to see that with my own eyes, going to the Mansfield Temple, to see the strength of that community, is a testament in and of itself.

Before we really get started with the excellent meal that is ahead of us- and I can assure you, after a few days, I fully understand the qualities of Baker Park's food, I would like to say a few words." He paused, looked around and saw all eyes on him, and then continued. "I would like to make an acknowledgement. The first acknowledgement I would like to make, is of Commander Marie O'Brien Lerner. I had the pleasure of meeting her earlier today, less than just a hour ago. She, of course, is a military veteran of this country, and deserves being honored just for that. But she put her life on the line for doing what was right- serving during the relief effort, doing what she could to bring food to people who suffered during the terrible drought. Commander Lerner, may you please stand for a great round of applause." And as she stood, he began clapping, as the Banijans and then the rest of the room joined in for an applause for Commander Lerner.

"Now, of course, this is for one of the best parts of the banquet- gift-giving. And for this, I would like to ask my own son, Isebantu Mutungi, to rise for the gift." The Kabaka then sat down and Isebantu Mutungi stood up himself.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Said Isebantu Mutungi. "This is the first of three gifts that we plan on giving tonight- to show our gratitude not only for this visit, but show our gratitude for the overall relationship of Baker Park and Banija. One of strength, one of equals, one of a diplomatic and economic relationship growing closer and stronger, for the benefit of all involved. The gift that I have to give, is to the Prime Minister. If the Prime Minister could please stand." And Prime Minister Schoenlein then rose from her seat. "This is a gift, symbolizing the relationship that started between the Prime Minister and my grandfather, may he rest in peace. It was a strong partnership then, and the Prime Minister's work with his late majesty helped rebuild Banija after the war. The gift that I would like to give is a portrait, painted in Banija, of Kabaka Albert III and the Prime Minister shaking hands." And everyone in the room clapped as he walked over to her, handed her the painting, and then went back to his seat.

"Now, I would like to introduce my own mother, for the next gift."

Luguba Katrina then stood up. "I would like to ask President Gregson to please rise." And the President rose. "I want to talk about the benefits of what is possible between Baker Park and Banija. When we work together, things can go well, and we can accomplish great things. This was shown in the realm of sport, when we co-hosted AOCAF LVIII together. While this major tournament is not easy to host, the work of our football associations was absolutely fantastic. This took a lot of coordination on a lot of levels, everything from footballing authorities, to aviation authorities, and everything in between. And yet, besides this being only the second ever time this tournament was co-hosted, it went off without a hitch, with record performance for both of our national teams. In thanks for that tournament, I would like to present the President with this soccer ball, adorned with the AOCAF LVIII logo, as a visual reminder of what is possible when Baker Park and Banija are working together." And she walked over, to a polite applause, and presented the President with the ball.

"Now, I would like to give the floor to my loving husband, for our final gift."

The Kabaka then rose. "Now, this is not something that is often discussed, but this is a Banijan royal tradition that has lasted ever since our origins. Here is for a slight history lesson. in the Kasanke tribe. Back then, when a son of the Shujaa, or chief, reached manhood, he was supposed to lead a hunt for a leopard. It was to signify that he would be able to take on foreign threats, to show his ability to eventually lead the people, to show his ability to defend the tribe. The skin of the leopard was supposed to be kept as a symbol of that moment, to show that moment of triumph into manhood. Now of course, that has evolved over the years as we have modernized. Over the last 200 or so years, a caged leopard has been presented to a male expected to be monarch upon the reaching of the age of manhood, that will be killed.

"Over that period of time, however, this has evolved into a tradition where a monarch, upon a visit to a foreign country, has gifted that leopard skin. That is to show the personal affection he has for a country, and to show the value that he places on that relationship. You will remember that my father gifted a leopard skin to Emperor Boston in Bostopia, shortly after the beginning of World Cup 79 Qualifying. And now, I would like to present mine to you." He motioned toward the door, where an aide brought him a large, cleaned, leopard skin. Many people in the room arched their heads to take a look at it. "Prime Minister Schoenlein, if you could please stand again." And he walked over and gave her the leopard skin. "May the relationship of Banija and Baker Park grow stronger and stronger!"

He then returned to his seat. "Our gratitude for this visit knows no bounds. I can smell the food from here- let's eat, hey?"
Reigning World Cup champions. Vice President of the World Cup Committee. President of the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Reigning IBC Winners. Map of Banija.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
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Postby Mercedini » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:26 am

Back At The Big Time
Tough Draw Awaits Dini Following Qualification Scrap
@ Zoloroni Sports City Stadium - Zoloroni, Mercedini

It looked bleak at times, but Mercedini have made it back to the promised land where they will fight it out for the World Cup crow, even if they have the longest odds of lifting the multiverse's prestigious title. A last gasp draw for Krytenia against Schottia meant the Cyan Army failed to grab the group's only auto-qualifying spot, meaning Dini had booked their spot in Banija and Equestria, even if it was only just. Since then, Krytenia failed to make it out of the playoffs, and were relegated to the Cup of Harmony which is already in full flow. Now, attention returns to Mercedini for their latest World Cup endeavour, the boys in blue and black will attempt to go where they haven't gone before, past the group stages and into the World Cup knockout rounds. They face stiff opposition within their group, thanks to their seeding in pot four and the competitive grouping which has been a staple of this World Cup cycle from the outset. There is belief that this team has something special about them, with an ever-increasing pool of experience at this level combined with growing momentum from an expanding domestic league system and recent successes in international youth tournaments finally maturing to senior level. The big names are still on top, but the fragility of previous cycles will be tested once again as Mercedini try to expel the demons of a mid-tier side.

So the Golden eagles will travel away from the relative safety of Zoloroni as Banija becomes the setting of another World Cup adventure, a nation which has caused joy and heartache for the the sides previously, even if the team has never actually played inside Banija before. It was a World Cup playoff where Mercedini and Banija became familiar with each other for the first time. With a war-torn Banija electing to play their home leg in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec for security reasons, but the pseudo-home side did not have the mindset that came from a neutral tie. The team in orange and green threw caution to the wind and wound up a comprehensive 3-0 win against Mercedini, to all but seal the tie in favour of the home side. Following that, Dini knew they had it all to do inside the Sports City Stadium and looked to have bought it back when they went 2-0 up in the first half. But a large away contingency in the stadium and outside in Zoloroni Park witnessed a crucial away goal that would put Banija safely through to the World Cup proper. A second goal to level the tie on the night sealed the fate of the Golden Eagles, but not before Billic restored a bit of pride for the Mercedinians as a late winner resultd in a 3-2 score line on the night, lifting the score to 5-3 on aggregate.

It was difficult to comprehend the knock that the MFA took following the defeat, but there was a significant siler lining following that defeat, as Mercedini would power on throughout the rest of the cycle in the Cup of Harmony, and took major scalps from Qasden, Kita-Hinode and former champions Audioslavia to lift the cycle's secondary trophy to the World Cup. Since then, Mercedini have qualified for every World Cup, falling at the group stages each time but making progress with every edition.

Despite entering qualifying as a Pot 1 side, Mercedini will go into the World Cup as one of the lowest ranked teams remaining in contention, meaning they would have to overcome at least two higher ranked sides if they want to make it to the knockout rounds for their maiden appearance at that late stage. However, the draw has given them a fairly even draw in terms of teams and nations they will play against. First, they will face against the Free Republics in an all-IAC match-up, then they will have to contend with pseudo-former-champions Kita-Hinode, a team that is only ranked one place above the Golden Eagles in the world rankings. Finally, they will face the biggest dog in the group, South Covello who are ranked 5th in the world, and it will be match day three where these two teams will face off for the first time, hopefully with something still left to play for between the two sides. Mercedini have had a hard time in staying in contention by the third and final group stage match day, but with their supposed easiest two matches at the start of their World Cup, we could see Dini playing for at least something come the final day, even if they have to beat the multiverse's fifth best team by at least seven goals.

At the end of the day, it's a question of pride and a question of breaking boundaries which will be the objective of the Mercedinian side for this World Cup. The matches that are laid ahead are certainly winnable, and with Group F one of the closest groups in terms of quality and achievements, all four teams have a fair crack of making it into the top two come the end of the three matchdays, it's just a question of who pulls out the results on the night and how that will reflect the all-important group table as the drama develops. In their first match as this World Cup Finals tournament, Dini will play the Free Republics in what must be a mustn't-lose game between the two sides. A point will be useful if that is followed up with a win against Kita-Hinode, but three or four points is almost an imperative in these first two games considering the challenge that lies ahead after that. Mercedini have got the far, it would be a shame for them to go out with as small as a whimper as previous editions. Andiamo!
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World Hit Festival
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Postby Free Republics » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:50 pm

News Magazine

Midterm Results: Common Good, Golden Age tie for 1st, Liberty Party barely retains representation in Assembly
By: Matthew DeRose

The midterm elections ended in disaster for the Liberty Party of Consul Kyle Bolton and Consul Scarlett Nicholls as the ruling party in the Free Republics finished with just 2.2% of the vote, barely enough to retain representation in the Assembly. The Radical Alliance of Speaker Abelino Greece fared slightly better, finishing with 17.3%. The Sexual Freedom List fell just short of the threshold at 1.9% and thus have lost all of their seats in the Assembly. The big winners of the election are Valentin Svensson's Common Good and Nova Hellstrom-Hancock's Golden Age, both of which finished at 23.8%. The Moderate Liberal Conservatives, who were nearly wiped out a couple years ago, bounced back to pick up 11.6%. Responsible Progress fell to 5.8%. Reports at the moment indicate that a coalition between Golden Age and Common Good is expected but that Svensson and Hellstrom-Hancock cannot agree upon which of them should be the Speaker. Responsible Progress is expected to be the 3rd coalition partner. At the moment, it is unclear whether Golden Age or Common Good received more votes as some votes are still being counted in the Malifornia Charter Society and it is unclear whether Common Good will be able to make up their 1678 vote deficit after all ballots are counted.

The disastrous election result is the latest bad news for embattled Consul Scarlett Nicholls. Her approval ratings have fallen dramatically in recent months as Nicholls Enterprises has been affected by the Piedalue aircraft scandal and concerns about whether the Consul's father Senator Emeritus Robert Nicholls improperly used his position to enrich his company during his term as Consul. The Liberty Party has also been beset by infighting in recent months as Consul Nicholls and Consul Bolton's feud has escalated and members of the party have been forced to choose sides. Exit polls indicated that voters disapproved of the personal conduct of Scarlett Nicholls by a 77 to 20 margin, with women disapproving by a margin of 75 to 23. Voters also disapproved of the personal conduct of Kyle Bolton by a margin of 92 to 4. Scarlett Nicholls maintains a 31% job approval rating. Kyle Bolton's job approval rating is 7%.

In the aftermath of the election, both Valentin Svensson and Nova Hellstrom-Hancock declared victory and claimed a mandate to form a coalition and be elected Speaker. Both spoke of their desire to form a coalition with the other even as both of them are likely preparing to run for consul. Most experts expect Common Good to form a coalition with Golden Age with some 3rd figure acceptable to both as the compromise Speaker but for the time being it is important for both leaders to assert their right to rule the Assembly. It is unlikely, however, that either leader would actually wish to be Speaker as holding the office would likely reduce the amount of time they have to spend on the campaign trail.

Matthew DeRose writes about the Federation Government. He is a graduate of the University of Republica with bachelors degrees in Journalism and Political Science. During his time in college, he interned with the Republica Post. Although the Post didn't have any openings for him upon his graduation, he had left an impression on their editor, who recommended him to Admiral Theriault.

Sister Polus's Thoughts had been pre-empted for several nights in a row by election coverage. This left the Sanctii-born nun without a platform to discuss her ideas as she was now contractually prohibited from releasing videos without the approval of WOLF News. As she watched election coverage, her phone suddenly started ringing. She picked it up.

Sister Polus - Hello. This is Sister Polus.

Caller - Hello, Sister Polus. This is Valentin Svensson. I'm calling to inform you that the Assembly has just passed the "Freedom to Fire Teachers Act" which prohibits employment contracts for teachers that prohibit the firing of said teacher or permit said teacher to ignore school policies.

Sister Polus - That is very bad news. Can't you do something about it?

Valentin Svensson - Unfortunately, we probably cannot. Even if we could, your contract would still be invalidated if this becomes law.

Sister Polus - Then we must see to it that this never becomes law.

Valentin Svensson - And how are we going to do that?

Sister Polus - As it turns out, there's a certain consul who is currently having financial problems.

Valentin Svensson - You mean to tell me that Kyle Bolton is broke?

Sister Polus - He is. He's spent so much money on debauchery that he's run out and he doesn't get his consul's salary for a few more weeks. Thus, I've been paying him of late to serve our interests.

Valentin Svensson - How are you getting the money to do this?

Sister Polus - The Church has plenty of money that can be used toward the ends of the Church and its very important for the Church that I remain in my teaching position here.

Valentin Svensson - Then I imagine you'll be calling him soon to offer him another bribe?

Sister Polus - Of course.

Listening in on the call was the director of the Republican Intelligence Agency (RIA), Adelfo Loggia. Mr. Loggia knew he had to inform Consul Nicholls immediately about what he had discovered...
Why I left NS Sports
World Cup 85 Champions
1st: DBC 28, X Winter Olympics, Independents Cup 4, CoH 66, WBC 46, World Bowl XXXVIII, World Cup 85
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Postby Recuecn » Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:56 pm

The mayor of Beçonailles' legislative office, a bit more than a year ago.
Jean-Luc opened up his email the next morning at work to find a response from the mayor to his proposal for an initiative for a new sports ministry. It was not good news.

This proposal seems both unrealistic and unhelpful, the email read. See if you can't find an issue to get behind that's already in the public eye.

Well, I guess that settles that, thought Jean-Luc. Time to move on. He couldn't deny, however, how excited he had been about his proposal. It had found the perfect intersection between his two passions, sports and politics.

Jean-Luc's frustration mounted with the next piece of news. It was Samuel who drew his attention to it, but he sounded plenty cheerful about whatever it might be. "Hey Jean-Luc, I'm sending you a link," he called from the other end of the office. "You might wanna check this out."

The link led to the front page of the Reçueçn Times. A headline read: Govt to save Reçueçn Football? Suddenly Jean-Luc had a sinking feeling. He'd just come up with this idea yesterday. There was no way this was happening.

Jean-Luc scanned through the article. Right there in the second paragraph was what he had feared--his name, but even worse, a mention of his role working on behalf of the Mayor of Beçonailles. At least the idea wasn't ever directly credited to the Mayor--he'd have some plausible deniability. He'd also probably have no choice but to fire Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc grimaced. This was not how he had wanted his day to start.

The phone rang. Samuel answered it. "Hello, this is the office of the mayor of Beçonailles. What can I help you with?" A pause. "Uh, Jean-Luc, it's for you."

Jean-Luc took the call on his phone. "Hi, what can the Mayor's office do for you today?"

"I'm not actually calling for the Mayor per se," said the caller. I was hoping to speak to Jean-Luc Lassalle; I understand he works in this office?"

"I'm Jean-Luc. What can I do for you?"

"Oh!" The caller sounded surprised. "Uh, well, it's great to talk to you! Um, It's not so much that I need you to do anything for me. I'd just like you to keep doing what you're doing."

"Sorry? I don't quite understand."

"I saw in the Times today about your initiative in support of Reçuecian football. I'm just calling to say I think it's a great idea and I hope that you go through with it."

"Oh." It was Jean-Luc's turn to be surprised. "Well thank you."

"I guess you could say I'm a lobbyist. But you're already doing what I want you to be doing. And there's lots of other people who feel the same way. I'm guessing you already know that. But you'll probably be hearing from more of them."

The caller was right. By the time Jean-Luc took his lunch break, the number of calls and emails the office had received in support of the new 'proposal for the creation of a ministry of sport.' Of course, there was no such proposal. The Mayor had just rejected it that morning. But Jean-Luc wondered if the Beçonailles office was getting the same feedback that the Reçueçn office was. At this rate the Mayor might wind up changing his mind.

Jean-Luc found himself having to write another email to his boss, this one a bit more awkward than the last.

Mr. Mayor,

In regards to the last email I received from you, I would like to make it clear that as I always have, I accept your decision on the matter of the proposal I sent you. I can fully understand that it is not the sort of issue you want to campaign on. I have no problem with this.

I'm sure you're waiting for a 'but' at this point, but there isn't one. I'm merely writing proactively to make sure that you know I feel this way, since I'm worried that you might be getting conflicting information from other sources.

In regards to the article in the Times this morning, I apologize and accept full responsibility. In my defense, however, I would like to say that when I spoke to Chartray, I was unaware that she was a journalist, and that at no point was I given to understand that our conversation would be published, or was anything other than exactly that, a private conversation.

Once again, my apologies regarding this whole affair.


The phone rang again. Jean-Luc hit send on his email and picked up the phone, glad to be moving on to something else. Time to be done with that whole mess, he thought.

He was wrong. The phone call was from the cultural division of the national television agency, and they wanted to interview him.

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WC83F - Group H Preview

Postby Vilita » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:25 pm



Familiar Territory for Jungle Cats in Banija

BCEL Stadium, Jinja City, Hangaza, Banija :: The Vilitan National Team have been drawn into Group H of the World Cup 83 Finals in Equestria and Banija where they will contest all of their matches in Banija - something that could be a good omen of sorts for the Jungle Cats as they will return to the sights and stadiums that comprised the start of their current run of success during the World Cup 81 Finals.

Much like they have been at Equestria and Banija, the Jungle Cats were then drawn in the final group in the Banija half of the World Cup Draw which, for World Cup 81, was Group D. In fact the similarities do not stop there.

In both World Cup 81 and World Cup 83, Vilita were drawn in the Vilitan half of the draw. As the highest seed in their group. In the final group drawn in that half. With two other Atlantian Oceania nations in their group. With their closest challenger, an Atlantian Oceania nation, being ranked exactly 12th, with another Atlantian Oceania team in the pot three slot and then an outsider close behind.

The Jungle Cats will return the majority of players from their World Cup 82 Title Winning Squad and as such will begin World Cup 83 as favorites to lift the World Cup once more as they seek to become just the second nation in history to win Three consecutive World Cup titles - a feat accomplished only once previously by Aguazul from World Cup 57-59.

Of course, Vilita have never previously won a world cup that was hosted in Equestria but have never lost won hosted in Banija. As they will be playing their matches in Banija fans of the Vilita Jungle Cats will certainly be hoping that their Banijan luck will outweigh their lack of success in previous Equestrian tournaments.
Group H
Image Vilita (1)
Image Audioslavia (17)
Image The Macabees (36)
Image Baker Park (12)

MD1 v. Baker Park
BCEL Stadium

MD2 v. Audioslavia
Mavuto Field

MD3 v. The Macabees
The Wolf's Den

While they will be familiar with the surroundings, having based their World Cup 81 title run from Banija and more recently having contested the Cup of Champions in Banija, the Jungle Cats will be kick-starting their campaign in unfamiliar territory at the BCEL Stadium in Jinja City. In what will certainly feel like an unfair advantage to their opponents on the day, the top team in the multiverse and defending World Cup Champions will be kicking off their title defense campaign at a stadium sponsored by one of the biggest corporations in the home country of their opponents, #12 Baker Park. It will be a match with great implications on the finish of Group H with the winner in pole position to advance and the loser will then have to fend off stiff competition from #17 Audioslavia and #36 The Macabees to rescue their World Cup campaign.

The BCEL Stadium has a capacity of 52,400 and the Vilitans may need help from their rival neighbor Turorian fans to fill the stands out quiet out the Baker Park supporters decked out in their BCEL gear as many Turorian's may already be in town anticipating the stadiums Match day 2 Group G clash between Mriin and Turori. While Turorian fans may not typically be seen rooting for the Jungle Cats, it is no secret that after being eliminated by Vilita in the Semi Finals of World Cup 81 and then being defeated once more by Vilita in the World Cup 82 Final, the Turorians are looking for revenge and can only achieve that goal if the Vilitans advance from Group H to set up a rematch at some stage of the knockout rounds where Turori could potentially get the chance to defeat their colonial rivals for the first time ever at the World Cup Finals.

Both sides will have a lot of work to do to get to that point, however. If the Jungle Cats can survive the hostile environment at the BCEL stadium on Match day 1 they will then have to move on to the Behemoth Mavuto Field in Hoima where 75,000 will watch a rematch of the World Cup 20 Final a mere 63 cycles on as two titans of the World Cup clash in what could be a make or break encounter for both teams depending on their results from the opening match day. While Vilita will take on their two highest ranked opponents over the first two Match days, there will be nothing easy about their final Match day fixture against The Macabees. Though ranked 36th in the multiverse The Macabees pulled off a 3-2 victory over #2 ranked side in the multiverse Turori during the World Cup 83 Qualifications then steamrolled a difficult group in the playoffs to secure a spot in the World Cup 83 Finals. One thing that the Vilita National Team will have going for it on the final match day is the venue as Vilita contested two of their three World Cup 81 Group Stage matches at the very same Wolf's Den stadium in Busembe. However, the Jungle Cats have dropped points on Match day 3 of the World Cup group stage in 11 of the last 12 World Cup finals with their lone Match day 3 victory in the modern era of World Cup Finals group stage action coming during World Cup 80 when they narrowly survived a shootout with host nation Equestrian States to close out the group stage just one match day after a 3-2 victory over 62nd ranked Banija.

Now, once more in Equestria and Banija, the Vilita National Team will tighten the laces and take to the field as they look to equal the all-time mark at the pinnacle of the World Cup one more time.

-¤-¤-¤World Cup 20 Champions¤-¤-¤-¤-¤-¤World Cup 68 Champions¤-¤-¤-
-¤-¤-¤World Cup 77 Champions¤-¤-¤-

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Postby Chromatika » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:15 pm

Recap of Playoff Group Game 3: Busoga Islands 3-3 Chromatika
Goals: Conrad '65, Victoriane '71, Sierra '77
Starting Lineup: Nier; Ruth - de Aea - Ibex - Damjana; Thorben - Mora - Montague - Conrad; Andisori, K. (C) - Victoriane.
Substitutes: Kelly -> Thorben '49, Sierra -> Andisori '73, An -> Ruth '82
Recap: Honestly, this post does it more justice.

Projected Lineup vs. Cassadaigua: Nier; An - de Aea - Ibex - Ilya; Thorben - Mora - Montague - Conrad; Andisori, K. (C) - Victoriane.
Canterlot, Equestria

They had landed a few days ago ahead of the pivotal opener against Cassadaigua. Drawn in a group with Brenecia and Farfadillis, ranked fourth in the group, the Chromatiks knew that they must win the opener to have a sliver of chance to advance in the group.

Keira Andisori settled into her hotel room after a long day of film study when a glint caught her eye.

There was a white speck in the southeast corner of the hotel room. It looked a bit out of place and ethereal. With her conversation with The Messenger in mind, Keira approached it with trepidation.

When her hand brushed it, a bright flash appeared in the room, and a human in white robes stood before her. They looked like one of Ki Niro's folk - kind of Hinodejin - and was diminutive in size, maybe five feet three inches tall. They had black hair, a chiseled face, but the eyes were what caught her attention.

The eyes were blank. Not like blind-blank, but blank as in there were no pupils. It wasn't creepy, though, because the whites were vibrating with bright light.

"Who... Who are you?" asked Keira, her voice catching. Remembering that The Messenger hadn't spoken to her, she expected a nonverbal reply.

Thus, she was shocked when the female-presenting figure actually spoke in a slow, calculated tone.

"I... I don't know my name. Hello, Keira Andisori. I bear a message from The Enlightened. The Messenger returned to us twenty cycles ago. We wanted to respond as soon as we could, but we lost concept of time when it comes to your world."

"I thought you people could only talk to me in dreams. And now, you can actually talk?" inquired Keira, not quite believing her ears.

"Yes, indeed," replied the figure, "I have been... Detached. Sent out. To help you on this plain. I was The Hope, now I am The Sword. But I lack a conventional name of yours."

Keira's jaws dropped.

"Does that mean that you can do stuff? Have powers? Help us against Venom?" she pressed.

"Venom is the name you gave The Black Mark, yes? Indeed, I have been sent to help you against... 'him'. I guess I am 'she' now, am I not? What is a good female name?" answered the woman.

"Um..." Keira paused. Names were important.

"How about Joan?" she came up with a few moments later, while the now-declared-woman was patiently waiting.

"Joan. Jo-an. That works for me. Fits with what I am here to do. Hello, Keira. My name is Joan. I am here to help, but in order to blend in, I will need a pair of those... sunglasses, I think they're called. We couldn't conceal the eyes," replied Joan.

"It is good to have you, Joan. We'll get you a pair soon enough," stated Keira.

"I will take a bit of time to fit in. I will need access to your internet to see the latest reports on Venom and the whereabouts of Trenn Rien and Jordan Lawless. I will also need to attend all your matches to make sure that Venom doesn't make an effort on your life," explained Joan.

"That is fine. Do you want the rest of the team to know?" it would be hard for Keira to keep a surprise, and she knew this. Especially from Alyss.

"I do not mind your wife knowing," answered Joan, "But perhaps not the rest for a while. It will take some time for me to be effective."

And thus, Joan Myrtle joined the Chromatik contingent, and a new piece was added to the board.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:19 pm

OOC--roster updated + additional info

FAC Press Release—World Cup 83 notes
for further info, contact Sasha Henderson, FAC Director of Media Relations

Hello, again: World Cup 83, co-hosted by Banija and the Equestrian States, marks the fourth consecutive appearance for the Commonwealth of Baker Park at the Finals; they are currently the only nation that has never failed to qualify, sharing with Drawkland the status of joining the multiverse's best 32 nations in four straight attempts from their debut (Drawkland's streak was broken in WC 81).

B(o)FF?: WC83 will be the second major tournament that Baker Park have contested in the Kingdom of Banija; they made their debut on the WCC stage at the Baptism of Fire 67, where they finished second to Beepee. Nine players who took home medals from that tournament return in this squad—keeper Jared Wyatt; defenders Derick Briggs & Tracey Vasillias; midfielders Vernica Navarro, Lorenzo Taborn, Nick Haller and Jamari Bozeman; and forwards Alex Sandoval and Tyrek Jones.

Reaching for more: The BP National Team enter the Finals with an all-time record of 4 wins, 4 defeats and 3 draws; they have progressed to the knockout stage in their previous two tries and look towards making an improvement on that achievement here. If they can replicate the trajectory shown by the team over the three previous AOCAF tournaments (group stage, quarterfinal, semi-final), it will be another step forward for the FAC

Hail, Champions: For the second time, Baker Park will open their WC journey against the defending tournament champions; in WC 81, it was Brenecia who provided the opposition, as the sides battled to a 2-2 draw. That tournament, as well as the last, was won by Vilita, who enter the match ranked #1 in the latest KPB rankings. The two-times holders cruised through qualification and are tipped by many to be the odds-on favorite to make a triple crown of NSWC titles.

Home away from home: The squad will be based at the Hangaza Regional Academy in Jinja City, one of Banija's youth soccer centers. It also happens that the first match of tourney will be in Jinja City, at the 52,000 BCEL Stadium. The Commonwealth's largest beverage manufacturer and distributor bought the naming rights to the stadium prior to the BoF, which was the venue's inaugural event. BP have played two matches there, both in BoF67, losing in a group stage contest to Dalmat, and triumphing in the semi-final against Makhnovia.

50 for Vasillias: The opening match will be the 50th international cap for co-captain Tracey Vasillias. The 30 year old defender from Middletown City Women played in that BoF semi, scoring her first international goal in the 4-2 win. Her next international tally will make her the Commonwealth's all time leader in goals by a defender.

50 is the new 30: Prior to the NSWC era in Baker Park, 30 cap internationals were rare. The national teams played far fewer matches per season, and the window of opportunity was smaller. Vasillias will join 3 teammates who have hit the half-century in appearances during this cycle—co-captain LW Nick Haller gained his in the friendly against Banija prior to the qualifying tournament; F Alex Sandoval got his in the 4-3 defeat at Memorial Stadium in Eastfield Lodge (along with a goal); and D Derick Briggs earned his 50th cap in the following match against San Felix at the Prince William Stadium in Newmarket. In addition, 5 other players in the squad are closing in on the mark—F Sabrina Patton & M Annabeth Westmoreland are at 45, M Lorenzo Taborn is at 44 and his sidekick RW Veronica Navarro stands just one behind, and M Amanda Hayes sits on 42 appearances.

Gordon has her own record: G Caroline Gordon will make her 31st NS era start between the sticks, pushing her past Scott Hartline. Along with Mollie Pelletier (25), the trio have been starters in 60% of the 130 National Team matches played in the mixed-gender format.

lineup vs Vilita: Gordon; Briggs, Vasillias(C), Foreman; Haller, Westmoreland, Taborn, Navarro; Bozeman; Sandoval, Patton
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Postby Mriin » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:38 pm

“So where do you play, again?” Pia jabbed at her phone a few times, clearly having zoned out of the briefing on the Bongonians. And Apox was just a jaunt away from Bongo Johnson...

Aldo had been paying attention, but details on the wildly inconsistent squad were thin and a distraction was welcome. “Barbury. Off to the northeast, on the bay that looks a bit like a co--”

“Hold up, I can’t get this damn map to load.” A few more plaintive jabs, attempting to bring up a detailed piece of Apox-specific cartography. “How big is this thing?”

“Oh god, you found that one. Don’t zoom in right awa--”

“Ahh!” Pia yelped, her phone clattering to the floor with a distinct sizzle and drawing the eyes of the rest of the room. “Look, there was a spider, I got it, y’all turn back around,” she bluffed through a slight blush, swiping the phone back up and closing the tab as quick as possible.

Aldo waited for their attention to be directed back to the front--where Tailtiu and Joren had never paused their discussion about how Wallawalla Bing-Bang might be a problematic matchup for Tia and why Jean-Claude Benoit may have neglected to give Ooga Chaka the callup--to whisper a “tried to warn you.” Pia wasn’t amused. “Really though, it’s a great city. You should have seen it after Apox beat the Bongos in the last Cup; my buddy Titan posted a nutty Twii.tur video of the party. And he got to see Nephara vs. Cosumar at the Green--that’s a great fuckin’ day.”

"Sure sounds like it. Can't wait for us give them a bad one, then."

That roused a chuckle out of him. "Absolutely. And they won't have home field this time, so we oughta plaster 'em."
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Postby Farfadillis » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:53 pm

Tuzzio blew for a foul. Marchiondo had clattered Çídh. For the third time. Ezequiel was not the type of defender that took being made fun of lightly, Edmün was not the type of player who gave in to a couple of fouls. With Çídh's abilities the results were... predictable.

The rest of the squad was finding their behavior slightly annoying. The training was supposed to be light and oriented towards tactics, as the game against Brenecia was the day after. However, Çídh was having none of that. The kid was laser-focused on impressing Tuzzio in the hopes of starting the game, or at least getting game time. A pipe dream, no doubt.

Or so everybody else would've thought, if he hadn't scored three impressive goals in just fifteen minutes and been the only reason the substitutes were thrashing the starters. Holsteiner, on the other hand, had already missed two sitters. Çídh looked invigorated by every goal, playing even better with every goal he scored.

Tuzzio couldn't help but draw parallels between the young Rulandese and some of his past teammates. For one, it was obvious Edmün had watched videos of Friekder Dandalleion as a kid. Friekder himself, watching the game as his assistant, pointed it out. "He goes bottom right while his body says he'll go bottom left, and he sometimes goes bottom left outright. I almost feel like I've seen that before..." He sheepishly said, none the wiser. For him, it was natural. For Edmün, it was a polished and practice technique. The truth is that it wasn't a much better way of tricking the goalkeeper than any other; he was good at scoring merely because he'd put in the hours of shot practice, and he'd done it in that particular style.

The other thing Tuzzio immediately noticed was that Çídh liked to drop left and make a thousand and one feints in order to either cut in or run down the flank and cross. Whichever option seemed better after the thousandth feint. He knew who Edmün copied that from, too: Risko Kâí, another Farf legend. However, Edmün's iteration of Risko's quirky feinting seemed very slightly off. Ever so slightly slower, even if still very fast, and ever so slightly aimless. Sometimes, even outright aimless. He still got a lot of mileage out of it, but that was most likely down to his impeccable dribbling itself. The kid clearly had incredible natural talent. Again, it seemed it was this, and not his copying of Risko, that made him good.

Perhaps the most evident trait of Edmün's game that seemed "inspired" by a Farf player was how he used both feet indistinctly. This was obviously inspired by Fôrté Wínrôuge, as anyone in Farfadillis or, perhaps, the entire Multiverse could've noticed. What anyone in the entire Multiverse could've noticed, too, was that he was right-footed. His left foot was good, yes, but he could do things nobody else could with his right. Still, this disparity made it evident that he was trying too hard to be someone he wasn't. After all, Wínrôuge's "weak" left foot was roughly as strong as Edmün's right foot.

As Tuzzio pondered all this, Çídh fired off a missile off his right foot from the edge of the box. Four-one. He looked ecstatic. The starting eleven started looking embarrassed and exasperated. "Take it easy," he shouted at them "the last thing we need is an injury at the start of the tournament."

The long shot was, he dared guess, inspired by his own exploits as a professional footballer. After all, if the kid had taken the time to watch Dandalleion, they were sort of a package. The fact Edmün had looked at him like a student trying to please his mentor right after only made it more likely. The technique was close enough, but he wouldn't have taken the shot. He liked to shoot when there wasn't someone in front of him, Edmün had done it despite that. Even if the end result was good this time, he'd watched him flunk shots like that one many times before. Again, the kid seemed a bit too eager to be like his idols.

After practice ended, Ichi called Edmün over. The substitutes had won five-three in the end, and Edmün had scored all five. Brimming with confidence, the Rulandese was expecting the three magical words: "You start tomorrow."

What he got, instead, was: "Not good enough."
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Postby Banija » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:12 pm

Kabaka - King
Luguba - Queen Consort
Sarauniya - Queen Mother
Isebantu - Crown Prince
Omugabe/Omugaba - Prince/Princess
Omulangira/Kyabazinga - Duke/Duchess
Kagere/Kiweewa - Lord/Lady
Katikkiro - Prime Minister
Waziri - Foreign Minister
Lukiiko- Parliament
Kiongozi- Leader of the Opposition

Scene is set at the Stadium of the Restoration- 2 IC months after the State visit to Baker Park

The Kabaka was sitting on the home bench at the opening ceremonies of the World Cup Finals. They were just beginning as the crowd began filing into the stadium. His Majesty was speaking with President Gregson of the Commonwealth of Baker Park, whose country he had just had the opportunity to make a state visit to, and Regent Christine II of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, another nation very close to Banija. The stadium announcer then bellowed- "let the opening ceremonies of World Cup 83 begin!"

Large Taeshan, Banijan, and Equestrian flags were brought onto the field. Taeshan and Banija, of course, representing the two nations playing today, and the Equestrian flag reflecting the other co-host of this tournament, and the host nation of the 83rd World Cup Final. In a pre-World Cup friendly, scheduled before Banija knew that Taeshan would be in their World Cup group, the Banijans fell on home soil to Taeshan by a score of 2-1- a worrying result for many fans of the Kadongo Kamu, which included the Kabaka himself. But of course, this was the opening ceremonies! That wasn't what they were thinking about.

The stadium announcer then bellowed again. "And now, presenting here as friends of the Kabaka and the Kingdom of Banija, our esteemed foreign dignitaries!" And all of them walked out to center pitch, with smattering applause. As the public addressor called each of their names, they stepped forward and waved. "Regent Christine II of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec and Head of the Commonwealth, President Luisa Benitez of South Covello, Margravine Althea Carrick of Nephara, Empress Satomi I of Kita-Hinode, Ambassador from Mriin to the GSW Nelia Martaan, Prince Franz-Pierre of Qasden, Emperor Hector Manuel Zevala of Valanora, Prime Minister Amy Yarley of Eura, PRime Minister Thekla Aupintathen of Ko-oren, President William Mathis of Hapilopper, President Joachaim Fleiss of Siovanija & Teusland, Vizier Ibrahim Karaman of our northern neighbors Timuria, President Revan Bennett of the Echani Republic, and certainly in a position of honor today, President Michael Gregson of Baker Park!" The crowd applauded politely for each name announced, with the loudest applause reserved for Christine II, President Bennett, and President Gregson, though especially the latter due to the very recent Banijan state visit to Belle Haven & Mansfield.

And then, the opening ceremony really got under way. There was approximately 120 kiganda dancers as part of the tournament's opening ceremony, with most of them dressed in Banijan colors, but approximately 30 of them wearing the purple and gold of the Equestrian States, the country's hosting partners for this World Cup. It seemed as if they filled the pitch, and the popular traditional Banijan dance was widely enjoyed by members of the crowd, who were dressed nearly head to toe in green.

Then, of course, this opening ceremony, unlike the last one Banija hosted just a few years back for World Cup 81, would not just feature traditional dances. The RBSA this time around made an effort to modernize the opening ceremony, to get more Banijan viewers. The Rosaline Challenge was sweeping Banija thanks to twii.tur, and they had brought on a group of schoolchildren to actually do. The Kabaka himself hadn't heard of it until his own grandsons had done it for him, the day before they left for Baker Park, but here were almost 100 children, doing this dance in unison in front of over 90,000 in the crowd and tens of millions watching from across the country and around the multiverse.

While they transitioned to the next part of the opening ceremony, a video was shown on the billboard showcasing the timeline of the bid. The video started with highlights from the AOCAF LVIII final, which, naturally, received audible boo's from the partisan crowd at the Stadium of the Restoration. They showed Kabaka Mwanga with Princess Candace at the AOCAF LVIII Final, and they showed highlights of the bid itself. With epic orchestral music playing in the background, the video flashed through the introductory press conference, to the vote announcement by WCC leadership, to even a clip of Equestrian and Banijan officials together at the Cup of Champions.

Then, of course, the focus returned to what was happening on the field. They were going through popular dances. The azonto dance was performed, to the pleasure of many in the crowd, and then, a popular Banijan artist, Young Kizza, took the stage and performed a pair of songs, to the great delight of locals. Lastly, as a fulfillment to continue to show Banijan culture, they had over 200 men perform a war dance, to the great fulfillment of viewing eyes at home.

Then, of course, RBSA Chairman Robel Ezera took the mic and walked out to center pitch himself. "Thank you, everybody, and welcome to the 83rd World Cup Finals!" He yelled into the mic as the crowd started to chant- 'Ba-knee-ja!'. "This is an event brought forth due to great collaboration efforts, and I would like to introduce to the crowd those who worked hard to make sure this event came off without a hitch. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna of Equestria!" And the two ponies walked onto the field as the crowd politely applauded.

"At a football level, there has to be a lot of cooperation across a lot of areas. And while there are so many names I can mention, there are two specifically that I must. First, of course, is Brilliant Night. The Chairpony of the Hoofball Association, we have been speaking at many late hours, to make sure this event goes off without a hitch. And, of course, Princess Candace, one of the best leaders that the WCC has ever seen. Can we give them a hand?" And the crowd, at Robel Ezera's beckoning, gave a polite applause. It grew louder when the Kabaka himself rose from the sideline and began enthusiastically applauding, and the camera showed him doing so.

At that point, Ezera walked off of the pitch, and two more versions of the Banijan and Equestrian flags were brought onto the field. Equestrian legends were chosen to do this. The public addressor announced the holders of this Equestrian Flag- Fire Dash, the country's all-time leading goalscorer. Cloudchaser, the AOCAF LVIII winner. Starlight Sparke, the old assists leader before being overtaken by Cloudchaser. And Andrea Molovi, the former Equestrian NT defender. The holders of the Banijan flag were Kiggwe Mavuto, the first man to captain Banija to a World Cup Finals. George Wangolo, the first Banijan Galactico. Matthias Muhumuza and Toyuwka Okafor, both retired national team strikers, rounded out the quad of Banijan legends. And both sets of four walked their national flags onto the field.

Then, attention was turned to the big screens, yet again, as another video began to play.

*Clips of past World Cups are shown as deep voiced narrator begins to talk*

Narrator: We started with 170. Now? We have 32. 32 sides, 32 countries, who will fight for the ultimate trophy.

*Clip shown of VIlitans scoring in the 82nd World Cup FInal*

Narrator: We are in the midst of one of the greatest ever sides in this sport. Can anyone take their crown?

*Clip shown of big time goals in World Cup Qualifying*

Narrator: The history. The passion. Why this competition just means so much more- why we sacrifice it all to get that silverware.

*Banijan highlights from AOCAF LVIII start showing*

Narrator: The Greater Southwest is the center of the sporting world. Who will triumph in Equestria and Banija? Who will rise in Atlantian Oceania's Southwest? Whose theater of dreams will these countries be?

*Then a montage of celebrating fans at World Cup, from various countries and tournaments*

Narrator: The World Cup is here. Say your prayers. Calm your nerves. The World Cup is here- are you ready?

After the video finished, the opening ceremony performers cleared the field. The two sides, the Kadongo Kamu and Taeshan's national team, began to warm-up. Everything was set- the tournament would kick off shortly.
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Postby Qasden » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:50 pm

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Postby Equestrian States » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:12 pm


Groups E-H - Match Day 1 Cutoff
Sponsored by Libero Security

Are you in need of some security for your major international sports tournament? Contact Official World Cup 83 Security Partner Libero Security today! They offer well-armed guards to... *ahem* ..."deal" with your least favorite hooligans and pitch invaders. Unfortunately, Libero Security has been barred from entry to Equestria after being deemed a security threat, but aside from that we've only heard good things about them.

Who will start the World Cup with a win? Who will have to dig themselves out of a hole? We're about to find out. Have some cutoff tunes while you wait.

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Postby Eura » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:56 pm

Brandon and much of his squad survive brush with infamy but big task remains ahead
Report by our Euran international team correspondent Isabel Haynes

The Euran national team has been praised by their manager Michael Brandon as a "bloody great bunch of footballers" after they came through the test of a tough qualifying playoff group with a perfect record, and now head to the 83rd World Cup.

Playoff Group 5, played on neutral ground in the Hebrew Republic, kicked off with Eura in a familiar duel with Mytanija. Although they were not the most fancied team in the group Euran's know better than to underestimate Mytanar football, which has a long and proud history and pedigree that originated at a similar time to our own. It was not a surprise then when they took the lead in the 14th minute of the game. Brandon's refreshed Eura line up, featuring Brian Bond starting over Rhys Griffiths on the left and Monica Rowland over John Talbot in midfield, started sluggishly and were punished by Directus talisman Boris Kalinic intercepting a sloppy pass on the edge of the box and finishing nicely. That early shock to the system woke Eura from their slumber. Their passing improved and shape tightened up and Mytanija, themselves out of form, began to show the signs of potential for capitulation. An equaliser came within quarter of an hour - Dion Underwood chipping in with a rare header at the near post from an Anthony Townsend cross.

The Mytanar's held firm until half time and created a couple of more opportunities as Eura ratcheted up the pressure. In time that pressure told; a 57th minute counter-attack left Eura's opponents backpedaling towards their own goal as Underwood raced through. His shot was tame and for a moment the defenders had an opportunity to clear a loose ball, parried away by the goalkeeper. Instead Bond was quickest to it, drove into the box on the left hand side and powered the ball through the goalkeeper and in by the far post. An avalanche of Euran pressure came forth and led to two more Euran goals. Bond turned provider for Underwood, using his strength and pace again to force his way into an opportune position for Underwood receive and take an easy tap in. Then Townsend joined the scoring with a dipping free kick from just outside the area. The Mytanar's can never be accused of not being up for a fight, however. They wrestled their way back into the game, opening a narrow window of opportunity for a comeback when Kalinic scrambled in his deserved second. It was too late though. In their pursuit of two more goals to tie the game Mytanija left enough gaps at the back for substitute Griffiths to run through on the counter and beat the keeper one on one.

Winning 5-2 against the Mytanar's gave Eura a much needed confidence boost and calmed any nerves ahead of the game against bottom seeds Newmanistan. Not known for their footballing traditions unlike Mytanija, Newmanistan nevertheless exceeded expectations in their group, and demonstrated that at the top level there is no such thing as a guaranteed win. If anything they played like favourites rather than underdogs throughout qualifying. Running hot with confidence themselves, Newmanistan flew at Eura with everything they had and it almost worked. Like Mytanija they took an unexpected lead when Jerome Beyer scored an outrageous flick in only the 5th minute off Jarrell Connolly's corner, possibly the best goal of the playoffs that we are aware of at least, looping it over Robert Griffin from a tight angle with his backheel. Unlike the previous game Eura were not able to calm down proceedings immediately and assert control. Yet they did equalise soon afterwards, Underwood again the scorer. He subsequently hit the post before Oscar Coltrane made it 2-1, assisted by a deflection, to mark his 200th appearance for Eura.

It was only halfway through the first period and there was more drama to come. Newmanistan were starting to look a bit shaken yet they never gave in and Derek Schaefer got them back in the game with another goal from a corner, this time a more conventional header from six yards. Eura piled forward again as one of the most exciting games we've seen Eura play recently grew into an even more compelling contest. Bond made it 3-2 with a header of its own and then, on the brink of half time, Schaefer converted from the edge of the box. Brandon sensed a need to simply outscore Eura's opponent as his defenders had once again proved sorely lacking, Harvey Blake in particular having a torrid time at the back. Bond was shifted up front in a formation change as Eura went for the classic Euran 4-2-2-2. It worked almost instantly, Bond and Underwood linking up for the latter to score from a cutback and make it 4-3. Newmanistan struggled to cope with both strikers as a pair, and when Underwood completed his hat trick with a brilliant driven finish to make it 5-3, it seemed to be game over. Not quite. Schaefer popped up to net his own hat-trick. It was a nervy finish for Eura, however their opponents had exhausted themselves and now the experience of the Euran's played in their favour. A tiring Tim Marley gifted the Euran's a penalty which Coltrane readily dispatched.

Eura reverted to their starting formation for the final crucial game against Saltstead and made two changes to their lineup, dropping Blake and Hall in a radical alteration to the back line, to be replaced by Holdenberg pair Stanley Burns and Oliver Murray. 32 year old Murray was a particularly eyebrow raising choice despite his form for his club whereas many commentators have been calling for Burns to be given a shot since the start of qualifying. Saltstead were Eura's final opponent, the second seeds and theoretically Eura's main challenge to overcome in the group. It may have been the case that Eura outranked every other team in the playoffs in the WCC's official KPB rankings, but Saltstead were clearly no amateurs at 31st in the world, and to boot they had remarkably gone undefeated in qualifying, only being prevented from qualification by drawing too many games. Both Mytanija and Newmanistan had been unable to score against them - the Stallions as they are known will have known their defence would be key to getting a result. This was possibly the toughest opponent Eura could have faced in the context and it made for a fascinating contest; one or the other would be out come the end of the 90 minutes. If Eura avoided defeat they would qualify, avoiding embarrassment and making Saltstead the first team in years to go unbeaten in qualifying and yet fail to qualify. If Eura lost, they would be out for the first time in decades, ending one of the longest successful qualification streaks in World Cup history.

Hype and fanfare were abound in the build up to the match. The Euran sporting media and public, already obsessed with football, were worked up into a state of epic proportions. EBC television broadcast the game as usual on free to air television, and with kick off hundreds of millions of Euran's held their breath for what was to come. Unlike the previous two matches there was no explosive start. Both sides were terrified of giving the game away early by being caught with their trousers down. Experienced Saltstead forward Haråud Haråudssen looked so isolated up front that he could have been forgiven for picking up a book and waiting until his team decided to come out of their own half. It was a matter of who would blink first and eventually the Euran's did so. With no shots on target having been registered after 20 minutes, Liam Armstrong served up an absolute peach of a shot from all of 30 yards that Robert-Jan van Daal had to acrobatically tip over his crossbar. Eura began to create chances and Saltstead were being tested to the limits of their abilities as half time approached. There was a huge penalty appeal when Monica Rowland was apparently tripped just inside the box. The referee was unmoved.

Neither side changed their lineup at half time. Saltstead had evidently realised that if they continued to sit back Eura would find a way through sooner or later, so they started the second half much more confidently, and finally registered a short on target when Natasħa Aħterop forced a save out of Griffin from outside the area. By contrast Eura looked like the break had taken their momentum away and were struggling again to put break down the Saltstead defence. Increasingly a sense of frustration grew as Saltstead, knowing they had to win the game to qualify, created more and more chances while Eura dithered. The key moment of the game came in the 59th minute when Aħterop put Haråudssen through on goal out of the blue with a through ball that looked over hit until it suddenly wasn't. Haråudssen had to score - this was one of those opportunities that you cannot miss if you want to qualify for a major tournament. He advanced into the box at a slight angle on the right, steadied himself, side footed the ball with his right foot and watched it glide just wide of the post. Haråudssen collapsed in an anguished heap. It looked like he had blown it. Truthfully Griffin had actually glanced what was a shot on target narrowly off target, a world class save too marginal to notice with the naked eye.

At the centre of the game was Rowland, who has become a pivotal figure for Eura since her switch from Nephara. She could see the way things were going and started taking control of the game in the only way she knows how; with a boot to the shins and getting to every ball no matter the circumstances, playing with an unrelenting sense of urgency so often absent in even many of the most talented Euran players. It had to be her to make the difference. She is not an out and out goalscorer but this was not an occasion where natural scoring ability was the key factor. Eura won a dangerous looking free kick which was poorly taken by Townsend and was rebounded away. Rowland was there to meet the loose ball and get it back in the mixer. She followed her own ball in, having looped it up in the air, and positioned herself as a melee ensued. Bond was uncharacteristically muscled out. Underwood was nowhere. Armstrong and Coltrane flailed at it. Rowland made sure she did not. 10 yards from goal, the keeper and a few bodies to beat, she whacked the ball through them all with her right boot and Eura were ahead. The joy of the moment was plain to see for anyone present.

Not to be deterred, Eura's opponents threw themselves forward needing two goals minimum to save their World Cup dream. Their efforts were magnificent and deserved more than the nil return that they got. The 68th minute sending off of Eura's Anthony Townsend in a rare incident of ill discipline made that failure to score all the more vexing. What they got instead was the sucker punch of Moira Woakes coming off the bench and putting the contest out of reach with ten minutes remaining, a superb curling shot from the corner of the box. Eura's women have more than proven the EFA's previous gender assumptions wrong in recent years and this match was no exception. Saltstead did not lay down their tools. Nevertheless, it was now clear that the game was up. Their chance had gone and Eura had won 2-0. The arrival of the final whistle heralded jubilation throughout the country as the nation collectively allowed itself to breathe normally again. Eura's redemption, a great escape from the chasm that Euran football faced from failure to qualify for a World Cup, was a weight off all of our minds. Brandon praised his players as much as he possibly could in the post-game interviews. He was more understated about his own success in avoiding calamity, perhaps humbled by the brush with career ending disaster he'd experienced.

Qualification meant that warm up friendlies would need to be arranged. They came together quickly. Eura traveled to play Skorji Oslograd's Euran Oceania Territories in Fligsive with an experimental team featuring the full depth of the wider qualifying squad. Several players impressed in a chaotic 5-3 win, chief among them Burns, Dean Steele, John Fletcher (who scored twice) and Harry Humphreys. After that Eura came home to sign off before their trip to Equestria with an impressive 3-1 victory over Pasarga. There is a caveat that Pasarga are horribly out of form and failed to qualify in what their own pundits describe as an appealing qualifying campaign, but they are still a side with quality in their ranks and a good record against the Euran's. In this game a full strength lineup was fielded and there were no performances of concern as Underwood, Bond and Dean Sharp from the bench got on the scoresheet to ensure Alexander Jager's goal would only be a consolation. After the debacle that was Eura's qualifying campaign, they have now won half a dozen games in a row, and a sense of positivity has returned to the side after what feels like an age of negativity.

The national team have been drawn into Group D where yet another daunting challenge against three multifaceted opponents awaits. Eura are second seeds this time after dropping to 10th in the rankings. Eura will start against Reçueçn, a relatively new side on the international scene. However much like Newmanistan they have repeatedly proved the skeptics wrong with their results and have burst onto the international scene rather than gently emerging over time. Second up are the favourites for the group, the indomitable Holy Empire against whom Eura have historically struggled, and not just in the famous 60th World Cup final. Eura will likely need to get a result against them to be sure of progressing deeper into the tournament. Once they have dealt with that test they will play Qusmo who have been strong in recent years and have proven themselves capable of seeing off quality teams. As the Euran team and their manager prepare for the group stage, they will no doubt be troubled by the difficult journey that got them here and compare it to how they have struggled mentally at tournaments in recent years. What they must remember is that for all their failures, they have shown themselves now that their strengths can prove to be the greater force when it matters.
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Postby Banija » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:15 pm

Cutoff for Groups A-D

The security group that hasn't (We believe) been banned from the other half of this tournament, Matchday 1 for Groups A-D is hereby brought to you by the Brute Squad!


Famously paid in both cash and vodka, the brute squad are perfect when you have people protesting your national cuisines, or responding to fans carrying around borderline pornographic World Cup calendars.

This is also the least corrupt organization in the entirety of the multiverse, by their own standards.

Here's your first cutoff song of the Equestrian half of the World Cup Finals! May the odds be ever in your favor.
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