World Cup 83 - Roleplay Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Recuecn » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:06 pm

Outside Reçueçn City, at the Reçueçn National Football Team training ground: Tremblay paced along the edge of the pitch as the players sprinted back and forth from one side to another on his assistant's whistle, running suicides. "Allez, les gars!" he called. "Let's go!"

It was a yell of encouragement, not frustration. The players were working hard, muscles pumping, sweat dripping from their foreheads and glistening on their arms. The drill was a tough one, but at this point, he knew they were able to do it. They had better be able to do it. The team was a small one, a newcomer to the stage on which the multiverse played its football. Tremblay was perfectly aware that the RNFT might be eaten alive by the footballing giants it would face during world cup qualifications. There was simply no way to compete with the finances or the talent of nations so large, so established, and so dominant. But despite this Tremblay hadn't given up hope. There were still areas where he could do battle on even ground.

Tremblay had made his name in Reçuecian football by his strategy and tactics, and he still counted on that. Certainly, he hadn't been anonymous when he was a player, but it was as the coach of Associated Savoie that he had come to relative prominence. It had been he who pioneered modern football tactics in Reçueçn, adapting more quickly than his competitors and producing innovations they hadn't foreseen. He had been so far ahead of the pack that even years after he quit coaching, at sixty-nine years old, nice, quiet retirement was not something he would be allowed. He had responded when the RNFT had called him up, and he felt that the teams performance had demonstrated that he still had his touch. He didn't feel outclassed by any football tactician in the multiverse, then.

So if he could hold his own in the mental game--Tremblay's most famous quote was that "Le football, c'est 99% mental, et l'autre 1%, c'est aussi mental"--then all he needed was for his players to hold their own in the physical game. Inborn talent and life-long coaching through a rigorous football academy system were things that Reçueçn couldn't match the other countries in. But what it could match was physical training. Tremblay knew he could have his team fit and physically ready by the time qualifying started if they religiously followed his exercise programs. He could have the most in shape, physically in tune group of sapient beings in the qualifiers if they worked at it. That was his angle. That was the point where Reçueçn could match, then outclass its opposition.

All of this Tremblay had already figured out, and it floated in the back of his head as he yelled encouragement to his squad. They were certainly in better and better shape every day, but they still had work to do, and they were starting to look tired.

Of course, that was part of it. They would have to be ready to deal with exhaustion. That was part and parcel of playing football. But it was not fun to push through heaving lungs, weak legs, and a dry mouth, just to run across the pitch back and forth at top speed in the sun. It made you want to give up and collapse on the ground. It made you want to dive into a bucket of ice water headfirst and just stop. It made thoughts run through your head: How long can this go on? Is he trying to kill us? I can't do this.

They could do it. Tremblay knew they could. And he knew they had to if they wanted to have a chance. So as the team continued its sprints, he paced back and forth, yelling, egging them on. A couple wisps of his unruly gray hair stuck out and floated in the air; more of it was plastered to his head in sweat--he was sweating too. He was still in good shape, but he was seventy now, and it showed if you looked at him. Not in his confident gait, or his straight shoulders, but in his wrinkled hands and his skinny limbs.

They can do this, Tremblay thought. We can do this. I can do this.

He was aware that he needed confidence in himself, that he was asking much of himself. But more importantly, he still had that confidence.

A final whistle blew. "That's it!" The assistant yelled. The players collapsed, hands on their knees. Others leaned back, folding their hands on top of their head, trying to breathe as much fresh air as possible.

"Good work, boys, I knew you could do it. Make sure you all do our normal warm-down jog, get rid of that stress. We've got more fitness training first thing tomorrow morning, with a scrimmage after. I'll see you then."
Upcoming Match
Qasden vs. Reçueçn
World Cup 82 Qualifiers — Matchday 1
Royal Turkish Van Stadium, Turkish Van City, Qasden

Reçueçn line-up: Gerauld Firaut (c), Leo Beck, Ägidius Heissler, Norman Bright, Oliver Spencer, Luc Pélissier, Grégoire Leclair, Maynard Hebron, Hippolyte Lavigne, Franky Adams, Freeman Lebo

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Postby Port Ember » Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:09 am

Port Ember Times

Soccer - World Cup Qualifiers Is Here!!

By Erica Davies - Port Ember Times Sports Section

The much anticipated and prepared for World Cup Qualifier stint has finally arrived and will officially kick off tomorow with Port Ember's national football team, The Tridents facing off against the national team of Chromatika in Port Ember Megalopolis.

The Home Game

The opening match will take place in the Waterstad International Stadium, located within the Waterstad Borough of Port Ember Megalopolis. The state of the art, grass pitched stadium is the home stadium of our national team and also where all their training takes place. Approximately 70 000 seats of the total 94,736 seats have all ready been booked by the passionate supporters, with many more tickets expected to be sold at the gates tomorow.

The weather forecast has predicted a hot humid day for the game, at 38° celcius and 87% humidity.


The Game

The game ahead is sure to be a titanic clash on the pitch, which will most definitely entertain the massive crowd in attendance.

The Chromatika side is currently ranked at the whopping spot of 47th best team in the world. This is an obviously strong side with centuries worth of experience in the game and will be the toughest game for Port Ember to play thus far in our fledgeling sports history.

Port Ember's Tridents are ranked as the 186th best team in the world and is still seen as international newbies, partaking only in one international tournament - the last Baptism of Fire league, where they clinched the third overall spot.

The Team

Port Ember's Tridents is fortunately in very good form, still fresh from their recent Baptism of Fire league, and even fresher from a training camp dubbed 'Camp Steel'. The team is filled with young and passionate players, avaraging 19 years of age, who has all demonstrated extreme fitness and excellent team chemistry, compliments of the 4 year long Youth Development Program, which saw this team train and develop together for the last 5 years.

The following starting line up has been announced for the upcoming match against Chromatika:

Starting Line-Up

Goalkeeper (GK)(#1): Peter Smith.
Center Back (CB)(#2): Josh Richards.
Center Back (CB)(#3): Jason Lee.
Full Back (LB)(#4): Alex Kuhn.
Full Back (RB)(#5): Russel Pierce.
Attacking Midfield (AM)(#10): Raymond Reddington.
Defensive Midfield (DM)(#6): Steven Packard.
Wide Midfield (LM)(#8): Jason Chamberlain.
Wide Midfield (RM)(#11): Steve Rogers.
Central Forward (CF)(#7): Leon Moult.
Central Forward (CF)(#9): Danny Nicovic.

Bench Line-Up

Goalkeeper (GK)(#12): Jack Allwick.
Goalkeeper (GK)(#13): Trevor Carson.
Center Back (CB)(#14): Bruno Martins.
Center Back (CB)(#15): Victor White.
Full Back (LB)(#16): Theo Hermandez.
Full Back (RB)(#17): George Lindsey.
Attacking Midfield (AM)(#18): William Carvello.
Defensive Midfield (DM)(#19): Liam Grimshaw.
Wide Midfield (LM)(#20): Fraser Murray.
Wide Midfield (RM)(#21): John Swift.
Central Forward (CF)(#22): Ryan Bowman.
Central Forward (CF)(#23): Jason Status.

The Tridents have announced that they will indeed march onto the pitch with the Home Kit for their opening qualifier match.


On behalf of The Port Ember Times, I wish the Tridents good luck and fortune for their upcoming match, and may they play their hearts out and make our nation proud!

Article by Erica Davies
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Postby Eraman » Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:18 am



ANARA, ERAMAN - The national team head coach, Kitchi Diman requested for support and cooperation from the national
football governing body, domestic clubs and senior national team players in order for the national team to have a
successful campaign in the 83rd World Cup qualifying round.

Kitchi Diman requested for reconciliation between the president of Eraman Football Association, Tun Sengalang Petara
and senior national team players.

"We have not been able to field our best 11 since the last game of our Baptism of Fire because of a few disagreement
between ERAFA and some senior players and I hope both sides can come to an agreement in time for our World Cup
qualification campaign."

In the same press conference, Kitchi Diman also requested for cooperation from domestic clubs to release selected
players willingly to attend training camp and compete for the national team.

Finally, Kitchi Diman added, the national team will only be able to perform well in the international stage if all
sides can work together, set aside any differences and move forward for the sake of the country.

Eraman will play 5th ranked and group favourite, South Covello in its first match on the 1st of August at the
Daulapura Stadium, Daulapura.

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Postby ThePenguinLand » Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:13 am

A look at the PenguinLand World Cup Qualifying squad

The PenguinLand Times takes a look at the 23 players who have made it into the starting lineup for the upcoming tournament. We will be judging coach Ray Will Bradford's decision as to the effectiveness of his team.


GK: Bogodin Stankovich-35yrs (captain)-Greater PenguinLandia FC
Captain of the PenguinLand team for some time now Stankovich has always managed to maintain composure in between the sticks. Commanding an experienced back four, other fledging members of the team have always looked to him for guidance. At 35 years, he still manages to make it into starting 11 with grace as his experience truly is the key to the PenguinLand's defence.

LB:Slozmow Jedercik-27yrs-Greater PenguinLandia FC
A capable defender who fits right in with the defense style of football played at the national level. Jedercik has never been one to back down from an attack though, as his through balls have become something of a match winning occurence in the league this season. He works well alongside other members of his club, having good chemistry with Eden Fore out on the opposing wing.

CB: Shidlern Prokazy-25yrs-Greater PenguinLandia FC
Another one of the Greater PenguinLandia FC members in the team, Prokazy has also maintained great form when playing in PenguinLand's defence forming a great partnership alongside Rosamin Hidercky. This partnership has become the foundation for the PenguinLand defence since the Independents cup 5.

CB: Rosamin Hidercky-25yrs-Yuria FC
A very capable defender and excellent player alongside Prokazy. Having slightly less experience in the top tiers of PenguinLand football, he sometimes struggles a bit with the faster and more skillfull players. His most memorable match yet came in the Independents cup 5, when the PenguinLand where beaten 3-2 by Abhanflet in the round of 16. Even though the PenguinLand lost that match, Hidercky performance is still remembered to this day.

RB: Eden Fore-28yrs-Greater PenguinLand FC
A player that adds a bit of creativty and playmaking to the PenguinLand going forward while offering a solid defense position at the back. Fore has always been a good player one whose place in the starting 11 would never be questioned. His insightful passes often open space for more profilic goal scoring players and his link with midfielder Mattinas Gonzalodin has at times given the PenguinLand a crucial goal needed to go through.

CM: Mattinas Gonzalodin-31yrs-Penguin FC
A solid defensive player as well as an accurate passer. Gonzalodin has often been described as the controller in the PenguinLand's midlfield trio, often setting the pace for the game and dictating the tempo.

CM: Mattias Gonzalaherna-27yrs-Greater PenguinLandia FC
The playmaker of the team. Gonzalaherna's creative spark adds more options going forward as well as reliable finsher, who will often be just as willing to score a goal as to set-up one.

CM: Nowac Strezelny-27yrs-Regonia FC
Normally the more classic midlfield player in the trio Strezelny provides a link between the midlfield and the attack, setting up many oppurtinities. Recently, his efforts in the Copa South Pacifica helped PenguinLand avoid a loss with New Cahereria, allowing to gain a cruciall needed point and avoid being out in only the second group game.

LW: Leopold Dinawsci-25yrs-Penguin FC
One of the youngest players in the team, Dinawsci has become a rising star. His skill and talent have led to become a formidable winger in the domestic league, with 22 goals to his name. One of the few attacking players to keep his consistency during the world cup 82 qualifiers and to still be played under the awful management of Robbie Olsen's brother, Marcus Olsen. Dinawsci is a true attacking maestro.

RW: Mattias Fernandes-26yrs-Penguin FC
Unlike Dinawsci, Fernandes has not kept his composure since the world cup 82 Qualifiers. He has since struggled to score in conseceutive matches and has let a bit of the creative spark die. Although, this spark was later revived during the indepedents cup 7, with wonderful play in the latter half of the tournament.

ST: Martinas Edmunsonowivic-23yrs-Penguin FC
Edmunsonowivic is the star of the PenguinLand team. Their all time top scorer, a clinical finisher in and outside of the box he will hopefully add many goals to the PenguinLand this tournament. With the pre-tournament friendlies are anything to go by, the bond with the wingers is still strong and looks to be utilised.
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Postby Timuria » Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:39 am

OOC: The content in this could be a bit heavy for some people, this is a continuation of my BoF RP series "The Fire is Real"

Under Qualified Chapter 1:

Bekir stood up and sighed, that interview was an ordeal in itself. He walked over to the young lady who was interviewing him, what was her name? Yasemin? She extended a hand towards him and smiled with a warmth that contrasted with her professional approach to their interview. "Thank you Bekir, I hope I wasn't too tough on you?"

Bekir chucked and extended his hand, gently taking hers in his, "Oh not at all... Yasemin." No response to the name he used, he must have gotten it right, "You're only trying to get the best story for your readers."

"Well I think we'll be seeing each other again. Good luck in the Qualifiers." She retrieved her hand from his grip, in his focus on her name he had completely forgotten he was almost holding her hand hostage.

She began to walk away swiftly before he could muster a response. "T-thanks, have a safe trip home!" He called out, she was just far enough that it felt awkward to him that he had called out to her. He sighed and checked his pockets, he found his key and began to make the journey to his car. As he walked he felt seen, everyone in the building would nod to him, whisper to their companions. It bothered him, that he was unknown other than his horrific mistake in his previous role, but now he had taken the national team to a quarter final in a tournament with other minnows people recognised him. It was always a mix of surprise and jealously, like people thought they could do a better job. He wished he could give them that chance.

He approached his car, almost a vision of futurism, an unkind person would describe his electric car as a sphere. He got into the drivers seat, his hand shook as he grabbed the wheel and turn on the ignition. He felt exhausted, maybe even a little drunk, but he hadn't had a drop, had he? He sighed and shook his head, opening his windows. It didn't help that it was warm, even for the summer in Demir. He felt his head drop and suddenly. His eyes opened, pain ran through his body and he saw them, the bloody faces, the eyes that didn't have fear in them, but confusion. The people in the other car sprawled unnaturally. The two jewels in his car dimmed, as life faded from them and the lustre faded from his own life. He felt his chest constrict as a flash hit his eyes while sirens wailed.


Bekir leaped up and gasped. He was in bed, its soft and warm covers offering little protection from the demons of his past. The nightmare was different this time. Before it was always set in the distant past, where that event belonged, this time it had merged with his activities earlier in the day. He raised a hand to his forehead and felt the dampness. He wiped what sweat he could from his brow and sat up. His apartment was one of the most luxurious in the city, though they were all luxurious by the standards of many other countries. He grabbed his phone and looked at the time, "Three, forty-two. Better than last night." He muttered to himself as he pulled himself from the warm confines of his bed.

He walked, groggily towards his kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, gulping it down he didn't notice the redheaded woman sitting at his dining table. "You really should try to get a full nights sleep." Bekir almost choked as he reacted with shock looking to where the feminine voice had come from. It was Rabia again. "The party is getting worried about your state of mind."

He gulped the rest of his water to clear the water that had got caught in his throat. "For a second I thought you were here because you cared about me." He sarcastically retorted as he sat across from the woman.

Rabia seemed to lose a step after that retort, Bekir wondered if he had touched a nerve. "No. This is strictly a professional visit." She fixed a stray hair that had clung to her face, "We can't have our long terms manager having a breakdown."

Bekir looked away not even dignifying her suggestion with any kind of response. She cleared her throat and looked at him with piercing eyes. "Yeah. Fine." Bekir responded almost as if he were an admonished teenager. "Look I'm not going to have a breakdown. I'll see this through."

Rabia's eyes narrowed, but apparently satisfied she stood up and tossed a set of keys to him, "Be more careful with your spare apartment keys. Anyone could have found them. Don't make me come here again." Her tone gradually shifted from friendly to scolding with a smoothness that unnerved Bekir. "Goodnight Bekir. Enjoy training tomorrow." She sauntered out and closed the door behind her. Bekir slumped, resting his head on the table, barely believing what had just happened was real. The line had blurred in the past.

Sitting up and rubbing his face he groaned as he looked at his phone. "Nothing." He commented, of course there would be nothing who would message him at almost 4AM. He made his way to the bedroom, exhaustion overtook him, as if the years of poor sleep had hit him all at once. Before he hit his pillows sleeps embrace had taken him, hoping the worst of his nightmares and guilt were behind him.
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Postby The Macabees » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:30 am


Green eyes, long blonde hair, her hips swayed as she walked.

There were not a single man's eyes which were not on her like a nose on the scent of hot, sizzling bacon. Emelie always caught all the attention when she walked into the facilities every early morning. It made the other women jealous, some of which sneered at her openly and others who brooded privately. And her smile suggested she knew it.

The new analyst, Dario Gertona, intercepted her in the hallway leading to the elevators. She ignored him, but he had read online that the key to success with women was persistence. He had been persistent, alright. Many saw it as 'too persistent,' stalker-ish even. Indeed, the constant stream of flowers to her locker, office,...home was one thing. The love notes and strange presents, like t-shirts with the messages imprinted on them...and the pink, fluffy handcuffs...were another. It was the camera he had set up outside the entrance of her home, so that he could "capture her beauty every morning" that had been truly weird. But, he was a harmless fellow she knew, so she chose to simply ignore him.

This time, he came to her with a black eye. Not that that soured his mood toward her. He had that same silly smile on that same ugly face. His hair was equally as disheveled as always and, once again, he had done nothing about the sprinkle of acne on his chin. He looked like a 27-year-old teenager. The clothes, a baggy tropical button-up shirt, and poorly fitted jeans with sandals on his feet, hardly helped his cause.

"What happened to your eye?" she asked, naively. Of course, Emelie knew exactly what had happened.

Dario pretended she didn't, although he too figured she knew. "Oh, nothing," he answered. "Had an accident yesterday evening. Nothing big. Didn't even hurt."

"Oh, okay," he said. Her finger went to the call button for the elevator. Looking at him with an arched eyebrow, she asked with her sweet voice, "Isn't your guys' room here, on the first floor?"

Nodding, he said, "Yes, yes it is. But, I have a doctor's appointment today."

"Oh?" she inquired.

"With you," he added.

"Oh?" she repeated.

He chuckled. "Yep, scheduled it the other day. The team is letting me use the facilities here. In fact, they're giving all non-players access to the medical staff before the tournament as a 'show of gratitude,' according to the sporting director, at least. Saves me time from having to go to the hospital or clinic and then back here, that way we waste less time and can work more. That's my guess."

"Ah," she said. "Great." That's just great, she thought.

The elevator dinged open. They both stepped in. Awkward was the ride up as he looked at her expectantly but she said nothing.

"I'm guessing I'm your doctor today," he asked, as the door dinged open again. This time on her floor, where the medical facilities were.

"Yep," he replied. "I made sure to request you spec—" His words trailed off when he saw who was standing on the other side of the now open door.

Frapto Nevara, the towering blonde-haired defender with ice-cold blue eyes, smiled at her. His smile disappeared when he saw the man with her. "I thought I taught you a lesson yesterday, Dario. She doesn't like you. You're a creep, don't you get it? Besides, didn't I tell her to leave you alone or else I'd give you another black eye?"

"Screw you, Frapto!" shouted Dario, tears welling up at the corner of his eyes. "You didn't even give me a chance to defend myself yesterday.—"

"You, you, you," taunted the defender, laughing. "Shut up, creep!"

Emelie was smiling at the player. When Dario saw that it took all he had within him to hold back from crying. "Whatever," he said, his voice cracking and frail, "I'll just reschedule my appointment for tomorrow. I forgot...I'm busy this morning, I have a lot of work to do before the qualifiers start for the World Cup. You know, Frapto, I'm the one who helps you win games. Without me, you'd be nothing!"

"Get out of here, twerp," retorted the player, as he put his strong right arm around the girl.

She was laughing as the elevator door closed between them. Dario cried before they shut fully.

"I messed that guy up yesterday, Emelie," said Frapto. "It was easy, but it didn't feel good. Was sort of a dick move, you know."

"You're my protector," she said, seemingly innocent and naïve. She cuddled upon him.

"Anytime, baby," he replied.

As the elevator descended, Dario plotted. His mind raced with every sort of evil idea, from ambushing Frapto with a lead pipe to straight forward murder. No, he thought, I won't survive in prison. My revenge must be more subtle, subtle enough that no one will be able to tie it back to me. But what? How would he do it?

He supposed he had an entire tournament to think about it.

When he made it back to the first floor and walked to the analysts' room at the end of a long hall, another three guys and one woman were there typing and analyzing away. The girl turned to see him and she smiled, her eyes lighting up behind the black thick-framed glasses that hid most of her face. "Hi, Dario," she said.

"Hey," he answered, his tone lackluster.

"What happened to your eye?" she asked, concerned.

He shot her a glare. "Mind your own fuggin' business, Janis."

She looked down sadness. She obviously liked him, but he never showed the same affection back. She'd keep trying. She had read on the internet that persistence was key.

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WC83 Pre-Qualifying

Postby Squornshelan Remnant States » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:30 am

OOC: I'm not running late and low on RP ideas. No, not at all. It's all part of the plan, yes. Yes, of course, my wonderful RP plan that I've had all along.

Change of Seasons, 1

It was all going terribly wrong.

Everything from the moment I stepped foot in this office, newly elected SCFA president Ailen Koirala contemplated the small fleck of missing finish on the edge of her desk that had occupied entirely too much of her attention of late, has been a complete farce. Founding president Rijkhard Provorov had abruptly announced his resignation for health reasons after five years shepherding the fledgling association, and with the World Cup looming, a hastily organized special election took place. Koirala, whose roots were in the Brantisvogan financial sector, had been the association's CFO. She was nominated and elected on the strength of her reputation for a thoroughgoing attention to detail, and demanding meticulous organization from her subordinates. While she'd known that such a young organization was bound to have a fair amount of disorder in its affairs (she would hardly have been such a clear choice if it hadn't) the scope of the problem was beyond anything she'd imagined.

Worse still, Provorov had left little in the way of notes. Apparently the old man had kept extensive portions of SCFA policy and procedures in his head. Ailen was left in the unenviable position of having to essentially recreate the association almost from the ground up. That's what it felt like some days at least.

The latest embarrassment had been the qualifying group draw. With an unprecedented 24 groups to be drawn, the draw was the event of the season, with representative delegations present from every participating nation. Every nation, that is, except the Confederacy. While the precise cause of the mix-up still evaded Ailen, arrangements for the Confederate delegation had been made for the day following the draw. Somehow, no one had caught the discrepancy until it was far too late to change their travel and accommodation plans. As a result, no one was present to represent the SCFA as, in Pot 2 for the first time, they were drawn into Group H, along with one of the few nations with an older footballing history, The Eternal Empire. The Black-and-Reds would also be renewing their acquaintance with Quakmybush, so talking points abounded. An amazing draw from a publicity standpoint and no one there to be interviewed about it. It was totally unbelievable.

She glanced again at the flawed spot on the desk. Donnell hasn't even gotten around to naming a roster yet. This entire organization is asleep at the wheel. Enough brooding though, it was time to do something about it. She pressed the intercom to speak with her assistant. "Ivar, I want a meeting, conference call, something, with Donnell, tomorrow. Tomorrow, you understand? I don't care what she's doing, I'm going to talk with her, and she's going to name a roster by the end of the week." That's a start.

"And Ivar?"

"Yes Ms. Korala?"

"Get me a new desk."
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Postby San Felix » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:42 am


El Valle F.C - First Premiers of La Liga Mayor!

What an amazing first season we had! El Valle F.C rampaged through the season, with an impressive record of 19 wins, 2 draws and merely 1 loss, El Valle F.C scored the Shield of Liberty for themselves!


The play-off stage was filled with suspense and excitement. Juvenil de la Victoria couldn't keep up with El Valle's offense and ended up losing 2-1 to them in the semi-finals. Pistoleros de Manzanares held a really good lead against Club Marinos, but, Club Marinos came back strong by tying the game. In the end, the match was decided with a penalty shootout! Club Marinos scored 5 penalties and snatched the victory for themselves!

The Gran Final de la Liga Mayor was the most spectated sports event in San Felix, with over 200,000 fanatics all around the country watching the game live. The game was a close one, but in the end: El Valle scored a free-kick goal and after a pretty bad miss by Club Marinos' Michael Rueda it was official! El Valle F.C won the competition and became the very first team to represent San Felix on the Champions' Cup!

Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary people! We have our first Premiers! El Valle F.C!

What can we expect for next season?

Well, two more teams have confirmed membership in the Liga Mayor: Deportivo San Vicente and Universidad de San Vicente! Adding another derby to the league: the San Vicente derby! Deportivo San Vicente won 1 Campeonato Nacional and ended up as runners-up in two past editions, Universidad de San Vicente won several college cups and is regarded as the best college team in the nation ever since Juvenil de la Victoria turned professional. It'll be a pleasure to see these two teams in la Liga!
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Postby Schiavonia » Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:39 pm

“Hello there!”

The enthusiasm in young Isla’s voice made her greeting sound tuneful.

“I wonder if you could help me. I’m trying to get to Busukuma Convention Centre.”

No response.

“You see, I’ve never been to Banija before, and I don’t know my way around. Then I saw you, and thought ‘A horse! Of course!’”

She stroked his chestnut nose.

“I read that there are horses on the hosting team and the World Cup Committee, so I figured you would be able to tell me where to go.”

He neighed to her, nodding, happy to have his nose stroked after spending all day standing in a field.

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. I guess your linguistic skills might not be as good as mine, what with me being a human and everything, but I can appreciate that. But a nod is as good as a yes, I think the saying goes. So, which way is it?”

At this point, the horse turned around to the right to eat from a bundle of hay.

“It’s in this direction? Oh, great! Thank you! You have been most helpful!”

The horse continued on with his breakfast, as another ingenious idea struck Isla somewhere between the hollows of her skull.

“Look, you seem absolutely lovely. Could you come with me and be my local guide? I feel as though we’ve made a connection. Let me come over there...”

She climbed the fence to untether her new friend.

“...I’m not the greatest climber ever. In fact, I failed in gym class. Apparently, you’re not supposed to do the high jump off both feet. Who knew?”

She tumbled down to the ground, somehow managing to land on one foot and get herself upright again, before starting to untether her Banijan equine buddy.

“I mean, if you are part of the hosting committee, you shouldn’t be tied up like this. You should be a free horse. Let’s get you released. I’m Isla, by the way. Wonderful to meet you. And you must have a name, too, yes? Don’t tell me - I can guess this.”

Rope untied from the fencepost, she proceeded to lead the horse out of the field. Strange, considering she still had no real idea where to go.

“I mean, we all have names, right? My name is Isla, which comes from my mother’s side of the family. Her father was from a little island somewhere called Schiavonia. I’m not sure where it actually is, to be honest with you, but I am here representing it, as I am both in charge of it and representing its football team. You could play with us if you like. In fact, I’m going to be playing centre back, because I’ve read that there are two of them on the team, and I’d like a friend alongside me.”

At this point, the horse started looking a little reluctant to come along with her. Then it dawned on her.

“Sorry, were you having your breakfast? Come on, let’s go back and finish it. You are a free horse, aren’t you? I mean, I’m not robbing someone of their horse… robbing… Robin? Oh, that’s a nice name. Is your name Robin?”

The horse gladly started munching his hay again, in a manner Isla mistook for another nod.

“Great! Well, in that case, Robin, you munch your way through that lot, and then we’ll get ourselves going! To the Convention Centre! In the meantime, I guess it might help if I tell you what I’m doing here…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Three months earlier…

It had started like any other day for Isla Llewelyn. Getting out of bed, eating breakfast, getting washed, dressed and bundled out of the door to go to school. The academic day wasn’t anything to write home about, even with a letter writing session in English.

As the day wore on, rain started to fall. Going home was usually the high point of the day, but when it tanks it down, it’s just moving from the mundane to the glum. After rushing home, she shuffled through her front door, throwing her satchel to the carpet, then scrambled her way up the stairs to the bathroom to dry herself down. Eventually, she could relax in her room. Her time - school done for the day, father still at work, nothing to disturb her peace.

Until a knock at the door.

‘Ignore it,’ she thought, ‘this is my time! They’ll go away in a minute.’

Another knock.

‘They’ll give up now. I’m fine here. Nothing’s going to change my little world.’

More knocks. And the shout of a man.

“Isla Llewelyn! I know you’re in there!”

She went over to the window, and saw a suited, middle-aged individual stood by the front porch. He had a briefcase and looked serious, important. She opened the window and peered out.

“Hello?” she called down, catching the man’s attention.

“Hello there, Miss Llewelyn.”

“Who are you? What do you want?”

“My name is Viliaka O’Connor. I have a very important message for you. Something huge. Life changing, in fact.”

Isla knew not to speak to strangers, but something was bugging her.

“How do you know my name?” she asked confused.

“We’ve been waiting to talk to you all your life.”

“But I’ve just been here. I’m not that difficult to find.”

“No, but we had to make sure we had the right person. And that you were old enough to receive this message.”

“And that’s today, is it?”

“Fifteen and a half years since your birth, according to this document. So yes. Today.” He looked down at his shoes awkwardly. “Is there any chance I could come in? Only it’s very wet out here.”

Normally, the answer would be “No way! This is weird!” But today… somehow it seemed the reasonable thing to do. “Give me a moment. I’ll come let you in.”

She did just that, handing over a towel upon his entry. “Thank you,” O’Connor said.

“It’s fine. Come on in.”


“You say thanks a lot.”

“Well, it’s a Schiavone thing. There’s nothing wrong with being grateful.”

Isla looked puzzled. “A what thing?”


“What’s that?”

“Schiavonia. Where I’m from. Well, half-from”


“What do you mean, where?”

“Well, I’ve never heard of it.”

“How could you have never heard of it?”

“Well, I only know about four countries.”

“And that’s not one of them?”


“Even though your mother’s father came from there.”

“Did he?”



“His name was Randy Dalton. He was a real hero of Schiavonia.”

“What did he do?”

“He was an adventurer. We was looking for a mystical figure by the name of Margaret, and her two rumoured sisters.”

“A mystical figure?”

“It’s a long story.”


“But the important thing is that he settled here in New Cefn. And his bloodline currently ends with you.”

“Why is that important?”

“Well… essentially… these documents outline that you are in charge.”



“But… how?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thirty years earlier...

It had started like any other day for Benny Sanderson. Getting out of bed, eating breakfast, getting washed, dressed and bundled out of the door to go to work. The working day wasn’t anything to write home about, though since his son had disappeared in San Jose Guayabal a few years before, there was only one piece of writing home he ever wanted to see. But then, the nation is so small that Benny may as well be working from home anyway.

But just because it is small, it doesn’t mean it is insignificant. Hosting two games at World Cup 75 had been an unexpected honour for his nation, and it was expected that the nation’s tourism industry would now just go from strength to strength. These were exciting times, with another AOCAF and World Cup 76 qualifying to look forward to. Schiavonia really was on its way back. Again.

On this day, Benny had a meeting in Craw with the Cafundelese-Schiavone Business Consortium and Visit Schiavonia, who were looking to use these new opportunities to help the country’s international presence grow. He would then head to the King Francesco Stadium to put together training plans for the Schiavone Football Federation. And then back to New Kingsbury, just a few miles away, to discuss the nation’s governance with Tony Cueto. Fairly busy, but run-of-the-mill for one of the highest-profile figures in this tiny nation of less than ten thousand permanent residents. Until…

The earth shook. This hadn’t happened since they had lived on the back of the gigantic creature which they had called home until just a couple of decades ago. And though they were unsure why it was happening at the time, it turned out their island was just hungry. But that didn’t explain it now. Now it felt… different somehow.

The initial reaction was to evacuate all tourists from the island. New Kingsbury and, in particular, Craw, are popular tourist destinations, and any sense that they might be in danger meant that they would have to leave. The call went out - foreign nationals first! Schiavones would never put their safety before that of their guests.

And yet, it would prove disastrous for the locals.

As the evacuation continued, the sky went from a beautiful clean blue to a deathly dark grey, seemingly coming from the mountain sitting above Valae. The urgency to get their guests from the island intensified.

By the time they had all left, the air had started turning toxic. And by this point, a river of lava had headed down the mountainside, destroying everything in its path. And that included both Craw and New Kingsbury.

What had started as an ordinary day in this extraordinary island paradise had ended in tragedy. A land of hope, destroyed by nature.

Schiavonia no more.

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Bolgano Stadium, Bolgano
Just prior to Match One: Hapilopper v. Bolgano
The Hapilopper National Football Team had just returned from its final training session just before their first match of the World Cup Qualifiers. The HNFT, riding a 10-match winning streak, was getting set to take on a team that, like them, had participated in the Baptism of Fire. The team from Bolgano had made it to the knockout rounds of the tournament, before getting eliminated by the Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison. It would be the first time the Hapiloppians had ever taken on the Bolgano team, and they felt reasonably confident.

Manager and head coach Thom Perkins looked confident as he looked at his players. Every member of the HNFT had put up a great effort in the days before the match. Hapilopper could knock these guys off, no question about it. All they needed to do was put in the work, and that was something the Hapiloppians enjoyed doing.

“Gentlemen, you know why we’re here,” Thom said to the players of the HNFT. “This is step one in the 14-step program to qualifying for the World Cup. Not a lot of people think we’ll make it all the way, but what’s the worst that could happen, you know? What we need to do is show people what Hapilopper is made of in these matches. That means having our way with Bolgano. That means having our way with any team we face, and that means just doing as best as we goddamn well can.”

The fact was, while some pundits had given Hapilopper an outside shot at making it into the World Cup, most believed two of three teams – Brenecia, Damukuni or Polkopia, would qualify out of Group N. The Hapiloppians had to pull off some incredible upsets if they stood even a snowball’s chance in hell at making the World Cup. Thom was no fool. He wasn’t going to tell his team that they were shoo-ins to qualifying for the world’s biggest sporting tournament when it was beyond obvious that Hapilopper had a steep hill to climb.

At least they weren’t playing any of the top three teams for their first match.

“Remember what I told you guys before our last match?” Thom said with a smile.

The last time the HNFT had played a competitive match was against West Phoenicia, in the finals of the 70th Baptism of Fire.

“I said that this is your moment,” Thom said. “You are Hapilopper. We are Hapilopper. We will make our countrymen proud. Go out and kick some serious ass. I believe in each of you, and I know you can do this.”

To the chagrin of Hapilopper City Nationals general manager Patrick Frazier, five of the six players that visited Capital Stadium in the middle of an HC Nationals baseball game were either starting or were listed as designated subs. The only one that wasn’t scheduled to either start or sub in was Rufus Weeks, who lost the battle to John Cornett for serving as a sub striker in the event they needed one.

In the days that followed the debacle at Capital Stadium, the HC Nationals filed a formal complaint to both the National League of Hapilopper baseball association and the Hapilopper Football Association, stating the stunt pulled by the six players – Rufus, Cornett, Stan Long, Bobby East, Ernie Stevenson and Cooter Harris – had a substantial negative effect, psychologically, on the HC Nationals. The NLH responded by stating there was nothing they could do. The HFA responded by stating that, after investigating whatever happened at Capital Stadium, there was no ill intent on the behalf of any of the six players, and thus, no action would be taken, aside from Thom Perkins nicely telling his players to, please, be careful what you do in public.

Some suggested there had been a different motive for the HC Nationals’ protest. For years, baseball had been one of the two most popular sports in Hapilopper, along with auto racing, and the HC Nationals were the top team in all of Hapilopper. Hapiloppians typically wore the red HCN ballcaps and red HC Nationals jerseys as fashion statements. The “National Machine” of the 1970s and 1980s, even to this day, are spoken of as the greatest baseball team in history, if not the greatest sports team in history, at least as far as Hapilopper was concerned.

And now here was this upstart group of footballers upstaging those playing Hapilopper’s game, the Dominion’s game, and upstaging Hapilopper’s team on prime time television, no less. Never mind the fact that the six players had never stepped foot in the stadium, nor announced on social media they were heading to the stadium. They had just gone there to thank fans that had camped out to get tickets to the team’s World Cup Qualifiers. Under no circumstances had they intended to go there and make a scene, but they quickly realized how big of a deal they really were.

In fact, the only player that saw a change of scenery because of the Capital Stadium incident was Leroy Hunnisett, older brother of HNFT midfielder Murray Hunnisett.
Leroy was berated by Frazier following the game, and told to tell his brother to tell his teammates to never pull something like that again, in language that was, well, less than professional. Leroy took offense to the comments, and as a matter of fact, so did half the HC Nationals team. The next morning, Leroy stormed into Frazier’s office and demanded an apology for his unprofessional behavior. When Frazier blew Leroy off, Leroy demanded to be traded.

That afternoon, both Leroy, through agent Claude Alexander and the HC Nationals released dueling press releases. Leroy accused the team of unprofessional behavior. The Nationals accused Leroy of “showing no regard for the loyal fans of Hapilopper City,” which was hilarious, considering these were the same “loyal fans” that poured out of Capital Stadium to get a glimpse of the six footballers. About a dozen players on the HC Nationals team made a point of this fan exodus that evening.
That night, after the HC Nationals indicated they would not trade him, Leroy announced he would sit out the rest of the season, or at least, until Frazier was ousted as general manager, something that he indicated “was more likely than the team lets on publicly.”

“We’ve got some serious issues, especially down this stretch run,” Leroy said to reporters. “We’re not going to be able to win games if the guy on top micromanages us all like we’re his little playthings. I don’t really know why he insisted on coming down to berate me after that game Sunday, but it’s not the first time he’s done that. Shit, he’s driven our manager to drink after a few close losses. He always insists that something’s wrong, even if nothing is. It’s toxic as hell.”

So, rather than sitting in the clubhouse of Capital Stadium before the HC Nationals game against Peoria, Leroy Hunnisett was sitting in a box at Bolgano Stadium, next to Dominic Probst, the head of the Hapilopper Football Association. While members of the Hapiloppian media had taken note of his presence, Leroy refused to answer any questions about his relationship with his baseball team, only stating that he was there to cheer on his little brother.

“I hope he does better than I did in international competition,” Leroy said.

The truth was, Leroy had come to Bolgano to escape those questions about his future with the HC Nationals. He wanted to see his little brother play soccer and go for victory. While he had done that during a group match in the Baptism of Fire and enjoyed his time there, he hadn’t even told his brother he’d be in Bolgano.

“Why didn’t you?” Dominic asked Leroy.

“I wanted to surprise him,” Leroy responded with a smile. “I figure we’d get a nice dinner after the match.”

It was a few minutes before the match. The teams exited the tunnel. The Hapiloppians looked ready, confident, inspired, and hell-bent on raising hell in Bolgano. Ernie Stevenson had that twinkle in his eye. He wanted to put on a hell of a show for everyone watching around the world. Hapilopper was about to officially start their campaign for that "impossible dream" of qualifying for the 83rd World Cup.
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The Placeholder

Chapter ⅤⅠⅠⅠ

I was sitting at a chair and eating key lime pie,I don know why,I just didn't know why.I don't even like key limes,but the pie was not quite that bad,it was actually somehow quite good.I was somewhere house-like Mihaela Ioana Apilescu had taken me.There I was,sitting and eating a slice of key lime pie which I questioned I should not be eating,what if it was somehow poisoned.I stopped eating and she said "Gheoghe Ionescu,chief-inspector,huh!?" to which I replied "Yes,Gheorghe Gabriel Ionescu,and you would be Mihaela Ioana Apilescu,works for the investigative division of the governmnet and is infiltered,right?",she then answered "Right,and there are some informations that I can't just tell you,they're extremelly confidential,but I guess you've already got they're the bad guys;and what is some of the stuff they're into.I can tell you're not one of them,I clearly can distinguish you from them,I knew this since that 'public place',let's call it that way.But I do want to know how much you are trustable.And I'm sorry for the key lime's just that I had made to try,and...well I did not find any lemons on the market,so hat was what rested as an option.Here take these data you might already know.".
She handled me some files and I began readin,surprisingly or not,at least some of them were related from what I could remember I saw in that bathroom."Thank you very much,I'd guess." and she replied "Do not thank me,it is just my job."
It was so weird that in a period of time so short I've been found by one of the ones I was trying to hide,was took to somewhere I barely knew and got so much information,but from the knowledge I had then,none that could be helpfull at solving the little girl's case.I was surprisedly tyed and she put a black cloth over my head,in a way I could not clearly see,but I could freely talk and breathe,but it took me some minutes because I was trying to release myself and was in an alert state because of the adrenaline rush in my blood circulation."I did this to you because I don't know if you're of full trust,and I surely do not want to risk you knowing where my house is.It makes sense,you'd do the same if you were in my position,probably."
And there I was,almost tyed and in front of my house,but the question here is,how did she knew where I lived,even if she is worknig for the government,how did she knew where I lived,and why was it me?Was it so just to let me basically tied in fron of my own house late in the night?
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Postby Recuecn » Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:05 am

Mister Minister | Ch. 1 | Monsieur le Ministre
Inside a session of the Mayoral Chamber in Reçueçn's Central Legislature, a bit more than a year ago.

Jean-Luc sat to the Mayor's left, jotting down notes on the speaker the Mayor could refer to later. His phone also lay on the desk before him, a live feed rolling past as journalists in the back of the chamber published their analysis on social media. The mayor was flanked by some of his more senior staff members as well, and all of them were wearing headsets through which translation was being provided--the speaker was presenting in German.

The presentation was on the tourism industry within Reçueçn. It was painfully dull, but that was thanks mostly to the incredibly soporific style of the presenter. Jean-Luc was used to this sort of thing. Legislators, when not campaigning, somehow found a way to make everything sound boring. Despite this, Jean-Luc's interest had, for some reason, been piqued.

The speaker was making the case that apparently Reçuecians found their nation even more dull than most of those in the chamber were finding his speech. Although he wasn't presenting any statistics on foreigners visiting the nation, apparently domestic tourism was way down. Furthermore, it wasn't as if this had come out of nowhere. For the last few years it had been a worrisome trend. Well... 'worrisome'. It didn't seem that anyone much cared except for this man, who was paid to do so, and now was here speaking to the chamber about it. He was now trying to persuade the legislators that they should care as well, so naturally he was talking money.

"The economic affect of this decline will be an important one, and signs are already appearing. Many locations that ask their guests where they are from, such as hotels, museums with guest books, et cetera, find that they have had fewer patrons visiting from other parts of the country. They find as well that this accounts very well for what looks at first glance like a general decline in business. Apparently, Reçuecians are no longer intrigued by the history, culture, or attractions of states outside their own. These figures here--" the man pointed to a couple graphs on display-- "show what this has cost various states' GDPs."

"There are other indicators as well. Reçuecians, evidently lacking interest in their own country, are now more likely to vacation abroad, even if only for very short periods at a time. This habit funnels money directly out of the country--"

The speaker was interrupted at that instant by a sudden loud commotion. Summer had just begun, and as the temperature outside was still pleasant, the windows of the chamber, high and narrow, had been opened for a breath of fresh air. But now through the windows came the noise of something thudding against the wall just outside. Then the sound of something metal being knocked over, and more thumps, interspersed with yells. Then children's laughter.

The Mayor turned to Jean-Luc. "Lassalle, those kids are back with their football. Go shoo them off."

"Yes, Mayor." Jean-Luc rose and filed out to the back of the chamber. Seeing that someone was addressing the disruption, the speaker began to drone on again as Jean-Luc slipped out the tall doors and down a passageway to a small exit on the side of the building.

Now safely out of the Mayor's gaze, he rolled his eyes as he went. He had been highly trained--he had his master's in policy--and felt ready to help the Mayor's office in substantive matters, yet he was constantly being sent on these 'go-fer' tasks. It was always menial things. Fetching lunch. Making copies. It wasn't as if the office didn't have secretarial assistance. Now he was sent off to herd children like some kind of nanny. Wasn't there security around somewhere who should be doing this?

Jean-Luc pushed open the door and stepped out into the afternoon sun. He was in a small courtyard formed by the U-shaped north wing of the legislative building. Jean-Luc was pretty familiar with it now--this wasn't the first time he'd had to come out here to warn away a group of kids. There wasn't much there. A lamppost. A bench. A trash can the children had knocked over. And of course, a small group of boys, kicking around a soccer ball.

They had apparently not noticed Jean-Luc standing there, for they continued with their game. The bench and the lamppost appeared to serve as one goal, while the trash can and its lid made another. They yelled to each other as they played.

"We're the Sabrefell moths! Who are you?"

"We're 1830 Cathair!"

"I'm Rommik Valgard!"

"You can't be Valgard, he doesn't play for Cathair!"

Jean-Luc broke in. "Hey! Les gamins! Haven't I told you before you can't play football here while the chamber's in session?!"

The game came to a halt. The kids stared sheepishly at Jean-Luc. A few tried to protest.

"But monsieur!"

"No! I've told you this before, you know this! You're distracting the reps, and now I've had to take the time to come all the way out here! Go find somewhere else to play!"

Ever so slowly, the group of boys turned and began to shuffle away.

"And put back that trash can!" Jean-Luc went back inside.

He was still in the passageway when he heard the laughter break out again, accompanied once more by the noise of the ball bouncing against the wall of the chamber. This caused a disgruntled commotion to break out in the chamber--he could hear the grumbling from here. Sighing, he turned back and went back out.

Sure enough, the boys were back in the middle of their game. Jean-Luc strode right up to them.

"Hey! Monsieur!"

When Jean-Luc returned to the Mayoral Chamber, it was quiet outside, and he had a soccer ball under his arm.
The session over, Jean-Luc meandered through the streets of down-town Reçueçn, looking for a promising bar to have a pint in before he returned to his apartment for dinner. He liked trying new places, so he let his feet guide him down random streets in the pedestrian zone of the city, looking into the bars to see if anything caught his eye. An avid sports fan, Jean-Luc was hoping he'd be able to find a brasserie that was showing a Chapel-Field House game, or failing that, some other Reçuecian soccer match.

He wasn't having any luck. All the TVs in the sports bars were showing preliminary UICA games, all teams no one had ever heard of. Jean-Luc gave up and picked a bar that looked like it at least had a good menu (forgetting he hadn't meant to order any food) and going in, took a seat on a barstool.

Five minutes later, he was sipping his beer and eating an appetizer of fries while absent-mindedly watching the game that was showing when someone took the seat next to him. Jean-Luc recognized him as another federal staffer--he'd seen him before when the Mayor had sat on a couple foreign affairs committees. He remembered him, probably because he'd been struck by how young he was--he was probably about Jean-Luc's age, and Jean-Luc was the youngest staffer on the chamber floor. This man, although he looked to also be a junior staffer, had clearly been shouldered with a lot of responsibility in his role; everyone in the foreign ministry was, since the chamber hadn't been able to agree on an appointee for Minister of Foreign Affairs for years now.

"How's it going?"

"Not bad," the man replied. "You?"


"Long day?"

Jean-Luc thought back to the presentation... and the kids. "You could say so."

The man extended a hand. "I'm Rougemont. Enchanté."

"Enchanté. Lassalle."

Rougemont ordered a glass of wine and turned back to Jean-Luc. "You work in the chamber, yes? I think I recognize you from a committee session a while back."

"Yeah, I'm a junior analyst for Mayor Berger."

Rougemont didn't appear to recognize the name. "From?"

"Beçonailles. I spend a decent amount of my time at his office back there, too. Or at least I used to. Lately I've stayed on up here attending sessions when he goes back. He's with us in the capital at the moment though."

"Ah, the glamorous life of a policy analyst," smiled Rougemont. "We executive staffers are stuck doing paperwork all day long."

Jean-Luc raised his glass. "I'm with you there." He took a gulp of his beer, trying to wash away the thought of the drudgery. He decided to change the subject.

He nodded at the television. "Are you a football fan?"

Rougemont looked up at the screen. "I can't say I'm a big one. I was pretty into the RNFL when it was around, but now that there's no regular schedule, no regular season... it's pretty hard to follow."

Jean-Luc nodded grimly. "That's true. You have to be pretty devoted."

"You are?"

"I guess. I'm a big Chapel-Field House fan, mostly."

By the look in Rougemont's eyes, it took a second before he remembered the existence of Chapel-Field House. They hadn't been a top side. "It's really sad. The game's really fallen apart here in Reçueçn."

"You're right," Jean-Luc agreed. "You can't even find a local game on TV." He gestured at the television. "If it's not a UICA game, they won't show it."

"Someone should really do something about it. I don't think it represents the country very well that our league is totally dissolved. It's not like there's no passion for the sport--people love football! They're always talking about it. How come we can't get it organized at the professional level?"

"Yeah," said Jean-Luc. "Someone should do something about it."
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Postby Port Ember » Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:27 am

Waterstad International Stadium
Minutes before the match vs Chromatika

There was an almost earie silince in the lockerroom of the Port Emberian team in the Waterstad International stadium mere minutes before the kickoff of the World Cup Qualifiers run against Chromatika, a team who is rated 139 spots higher on the international rankings. The only sounds which could actually be heard was the rumblings of the massive crowd in the stands above. The players continued to dress for the derby ahead, filled with silence and nervousness.

Moments later Coach Stuart Baxter entered the room and all eyes fell upon him. The young lads viewed their coach in the same light as they did their fathers. He was their pa.. their coach.. their leader. They wanted, no, Needed him to say something.. anything, to calm their nerves.

Coach Baxter sighed deeply before speaking, in his all fammiliar deep gruffy voice: "I have nothing more to say about the technicalities of this match.. We have ran through the gameplan a thousand times. You know the plan better than your own bloody names..

Nah, I am here to speak to you about something else.. I want to tell you something that no one else has the balls to tell ya.. I want you to listen to the sounds above.. Aye, hear the crowd.. Hear their passion.. their hope.. their loyalty.. their support.. That sound which you are hearing? That is the sound of 90 000 loyal fans. And I am here to tell ya.. you have not yet earned it. We have not nearly given those loyal fans out there enough work to have deserved their dedication. We do not deserve them!! Tonight you better go earn it!! Go make us worth of their support and dedication!!"

The young lads were shocked in their earie silence whilst the coach spoke. It was harsh and brutal. But it was true. They totally agreed as they knew they have not yet performed as they should have.. yet the fans kept supporting the complete and utter hell out of them. When the coach finished, the lads broke into cheer at the top of their lungs.

The coach settled them doen back to silice before continuing "Lastly I wish to speak to you about your opponents.. Let me tell you that everyone.. EVERYONE believes we are going to lose today. Everyone. Even those 90 000 supporters outside today. Yet they are there.. And most of all, your opponents believes to their very cores that they will DECIMATE you today. They... wish to steal your honor!! Steal your 5 years of constant hard work!! Steal your loyal fans!! Steal your legacy!! They want to take away your hard work, dedication and passion for this game. They are undermining your suffering you survived during Camp Steel. They want to EMBARRESS YOU IN YOUR OWN BLOODY HOME!!!

Its your choice whether you will allow them to shait on your names or not..."

The team completely went beserk. The coach could not manage to settle them down again so he let them be as they charged outside down the corridor towards the pitch..
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Postby The Sarian » Wed Jul 31, 2019 9:45 am

The National Gazette


Long Read: When the Sari football team take to the field against Kelssek, it will be the culmination of a long and often tumultuous journey. The Gazette takes a look into how a group of teenage girls came to be the new face of Sari Football.

Kendall Sinclair steps up to the ball, and curls it past a wall made up of plastic men. It lands far wide of the netless goal she is aiming for. At nineteen, she is one of the oldest players in the squad and was recently named as the team’s captain.

Like the rest of the team, Kendall’s childhood was not easy. As the first generation to grow up on the Isle of New Saria, she has known no different to the never-ending metropolis that has come to define Sari life. Her mother commited suicide when she was just four, and her father was never on the scene. Being brought up by her Grandmother in the Wycliffe district of the city meant a life where economic uncertainty and crime were commonplace. Before getting involved in Wycliffe’s Football Academy, Kendall regularly didn’t know when she would next eat.

It was because of stories like this that the academy adopted a holistic approach to development. As well as sport, the academy offers an additional two hours of academic tutoring and tailors support for girls in need of food and shelter. Financed by Pauline Graham, the widow of fishing magnate George Graham, the academy opened seven years ago and now trains around seventy girls from ages 11 to 18. The first cohort, including Kendall are now graduating. Independently, they are creating an affiliate of the academy for senior players. Though the club game in New Saria is still largely disorganised and male dominated, it is hoped that academy graduates will be able to play competitively against other sides.

For many of the squad, the game against Kelssek will be their first competitive match. Girls in the academy regularly play full-side matches against each other, but finding competition is nearly impossible. The Wycliffe Academy is the only of its kind on the island, male or female. The team has lined up in the past against sides from independent schools or youth sides from amateur teams, but a complete lack of central government funding for sport means that the youth game in New Saria is depleted, elitist and far away from Wycliffe.

This does beg the question as to how the Wycliffe girls came anywhere near to wearing a Sari shirt in the World Cup, let alone as a football academy representing the whole nation. Though amateur and struggling, there are still adult males playing football on the island. Indeed, an attempt has previously been made to assemble a team from the amateur sides to represent New Saria. However, due to a lack of funding they had to withdraw prior to a single ball being kicked.

But funding onlys tell half the story - whilst it is true that without Pauline Graham’s philanthropy (and sponsorship deals that will see the girl’s Instagrams advertise teeth whiteners and key lime pie as much as their skills on the field) the seemingly crazy idea would have never caught on, it is also true that the single minded ambition of the girls has had just as much of a role.

It was Kendall who began the campaign. She smiles as she recalls it, admitting embarrassingly that it started off “as a bit of a joke”. She had read in the paper that the latest government budget had again meant that the Sari Football Federation would remain unfunded, and thus would be again be postponing its application for World Cup Committee (WCC) Affiliate Status. In a tongue in cheek way, she penned a letter stating that her football team would be willing to represent New Saria “if no-one else would”. She never expected a reply.

Three weeks later, Kendall received a response. It was from the Executive Office for Cultural Affairs. Not only would the Sari Football Federation refuse to sanction any team, even self-funded, as it believed it would eventually lead to the side being tax-payer funded but the Sari Football Federation was being abolished entirely. Despite being a shell without any employees or responsibilities, the government had continued to maintain the Sari Football Federation since The Sarian had stopped participating in organised association football decades prior as a means to keep alive the myth that New Saria would be lining up against the world’s best. Now, it was gone.

But with that sparked opportunity. With the Sari Football Federation gone, the girls believed they could enter the World Cup as ‘Wycliffe Academy’. “It was my idea” boasts Kendall, proudly. “We checked the WCC rules, Pauline was happy to front the money for WCC Affiliate Membership and we were ready to go”.

Pauline Graham knw that the costs would rise: travelling and hotels for six away games plus security for the academy’s football pitch for home games are projected to be costing thousands per match, before a single footballing cost is incurred. Sponsorship and broadcasting helped lighten the load, but the Girls still had to engage in aggressive fundraising to meet the shortfall. But they did it.

Then came the bombshell - the Executive Office for Cultural Affairs had written to the World Cup Committee angrily demanding that Wycliffe Academy be denied access to the World Cup and that they were “an amatuer, junior clubside … competing on false pretences”. Though the Academy was not attempting to compete as ‘New Saria’, the Government argued that their participation would prevent a future Sari team.

Traditionally an (in)famously laissez-faire institution, the WCC refused to adjudicate the case. So the Sari government threatened to take the Wycliffe Academy to court. Faced with a costly legal bill, Pauline Graham informed the girls that they would not be able to compete. Not wanting to admit defeat, the girls started a petition - which gained a couple of thousand signatures within a few weeks - and attempted to raise publicity. But they were increasingly resigned to the fact that they would not be competing.

And then the story leaked. When asked how the story got to the Herald, Kendall gives a wiley smile. No matter the providence, the story led to the Cultural Affairs Office to make a complete u-turn. ‘Wycliffe Academy’ would not be going to the World Cup. New Saria would.

Line-up versus Kelssek: (3-5-2) H. Singh | T. Yorke, H.M Llewellyn, K. Sinclair | J. Green, I. Stanway, K. Fortuna, C. Gardner, S. Common | L. Pieterson, G. Beard
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Postby Dreamplanet » Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:17 am


Os Tricores gear up for WC83 Campaign


The Dreamplanetian Dream wakes up once more, this time with a medal to back it up

Dreamplanet was in the 3rd pot for the qualifying draw and will fancy themselves to go through to the World Cup finals for the first time ever, the nation is abuzz with hope and the squad shares their optimism, however it will never be an easy target as there are 6 other teams trying to qualify to the World Cup, and there are the 2 nations above Os Tricores, the 7th ranked in the world Eura and the 21st ranked in the world Ko-oren.

Despite this, Rodrigo Vaz has said in a press conference: "The goal is direct qualification, the play-offs are the bare minimum but the squad shares my optimism, we will do our best to make this qualifying campaign one to remember." On the other hand, many have accused Rodrigo Vaz of raising the bar too high and therefore putting more pressure on the squad, even with the criticism the general consensus is that the nation is optimistic of their chances for the World Cup Qualification campaign, the Campionato Esportiva 24 silver medal filled the nation up with hope and the squad with confidence, the squad is ready to take on the world.

Luis Silva will be the man to lead Os Tricores in this qualifying campaign, his 5th World Cup appearance alongside Aaron Hungar and Paulo Figueiredo, the team has an interesting mix of new faces and old faces, the influx in youth talent contributed to Dreamplanet's run to the CE24 final, they will be hoping to carry on the dream and take the nation to the World Cup, something that Luis Silva has been trying since the very start and something that youth stars like Miguel Benedito will hope to put him in the history books alongside his fellow countrymen.

August 1st - MD1: Western Bjornaic vs Dreamplanet
August 2nd - MD2: Dreamplanet vs Eura
August 4th - MD3: Ko-oren vs Dreamplanet
August 5th - MD4: Torisakia vs Dreamplanet
August 6th - MD5: Dreamplanet vs Flavovespia
August 9th - MD6: Bye
August 10th - MD7: Dreamplanet vs Freeport
August 12th - MD8: Dreamplanet vs Western Bjornaic
August 13th - MD9: Eura vs Dreamplanet
August 14th - MD10: Dreamplanet vs Ko-oren
August 16th - MD11: Dreamplanet vs Torisakia
August 17th - MD12: Flavovespia vs Dreamplanet
August 19th - MD13: Bye
August 21st - MD14: Freeport vs Dreamplanet
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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:55 am



by Taylor Larson,

For some reason, Newmanistan is attempting to qualify for the World Cup again. Not really sure why, but it does provide an opportunity to generate some revenue for soccer programs throughout the Empire. It is, of course, a nice opportunity for our soccer players to take on the best in the World, for a little while, as fun as that may be to lose those games.

As soccer fans know, Newmanistan does not have a proud history in this tournament, but perhaps we have been a little hard on what we actually have achieved. We are a Baptism of Fire winner, and a three time Cup of Harmony winner. On that basis then, we have two-thirds of the championships that are available to nations during a World Cup cycle. In total, the four championships that Newmanistan has won across the three tournaments ranks them ahead of the vast majority of nations that are attempting to qualify for the tournament. Unfortunately, we were not able to qualify for the World Cup with any regularity, and those Cup of Harmony wins were seen as being very bittersweet at the time. Again, then, I mention, maybe we have been a little hard on ourselves. Maybe we have been a little better in this tournament then we tell ourselves. The reality is, unless you are qualifying for the World Cup, what Newmanistan has achieved won’t really seem like that much.

A lot of the newer nations now probably only see Newmanistan as a baseball nation, or as a stock car racing nation. Perhaps, maybe basketball too. Just not soccer. Since the Empire returned to international sports, it has only attempted to qualify for one World Cup, the 80th, and that was really just a ceremonial thing since we initially debuted in the 40th. There is nothing ceremonial about this. There was no real reason for Newmanistan to attempt to qualify and likely get humbled by some of the best nations in the world. Why then, are we bothering?

“The sport is dying in Newmanistan,” said manager Miguel Hernandez when I asked him that question, “it is a great sport, and while it is never going to have the popularity here like it does in other countries, it is a sport that should still be successful.” Hernandez is faced with the task of assembling this team, and leading them against tough opposition. They have played one friendly, taking on 19th- ranked Cassadaigua away in Brattleboro, and being spanked, 7-0. Hernandez told me he knew that would be a tough battle, “Going into Cassadaigua and playing a two time champion that has their program on an upswing right now was not an easy assignment, but you get better by playing better teams. When we decided to take them on, that was our thought, but we really struggled as a team, and coupled with taking on a Dagan side who played with something to prove, it didn’t go well. But hopefully, we can learn from it and move forward.” One thing Hernandez also did was criticize the Campinato Esportiva rosters sent by Newmanistan, which were never the best players in the Empire. At least this time, we are bringing the best players we have.

The group is a seven-team group and Cosumar is the best team we will face. They probably have a baseball game or two they will use as motivation to try and pummel us and get revenge on, so that will be really tough. Eshan and Lochario will be hoping to get the group title ahead of Cosumar, and that’s really the role Newmanistan is going to have right now. Be someone’s spoiler.

Maybe we would be better against them in beach soccer.
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Postby Flavovespia » Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:33 pm


The draw for the World Cup qualifiers was announced, and this was the draw for Flavovespia:

Code: Select all
Group M
Freeport (104)
Western Bjornaic (349)
Eura (7)
Ko-oren (29)
Flavovespia (UR)
Torisakia (229)
Dreamplanet (64)

Initial reaction to the draw suggested that Flavovespia's already tough task of making it past the qualifiers would be made more difficult with some challenging Pot 2 and Pot 3 teams, along with a less than favourable draw. Starting and finishing away to the Top 2 teams in the group, along with playing them both in consecutive matchdays will be a tall order for the team to face. The FFD previews the 6 teams that make up our opponents for the qualifiers.


Eura are twice world champions and three times runners up in the World Cup, and have a prestigious record, both worldwide and continentally. The former world champions will be by far the team Flavovespians will be most excited to see grace our shores, but they will be the last team Flavovespia play. The were unlucky to go out in the groups of World Cup 82 with 6 points, and were runners up in the last edition of the Copa Rushmori. They will be expected by almost everyone to be in the Top 2 of this group.

As of yet the final confirmation of the Eura team hasn't been released. It is likely however that Michael Brandon will continue to manage the team. Likely also, is a continuation of many of the team and tactics from their relatively successful Copa Rushmori campaign, so an attacking 4-2-3-1, not unlike the Flavovespian side is the likely approach for Eura, as they seek to qualify for another World Cup.


A fellow Atlantian Oceania nation, Ko-oren will make their 26th appearance at the World Cup qualifiers, with 10 successful qualifications, 6 of which lead to a Round of 16 appearance. The team, nicknamed the Dragonflies play in a blue/green diagonally divided shirt, with a yellow dividing sash. The kit itself, with the dragonfly emblem is quite a simple concept, but works very well. Last time in the AOCAF they reached the Round of 16, albeit with 3 points and a negative goal difference in the group stage, and in the last World Cup cycle they did not qualify, but were 3rd in the Cup of Harmony.

The team are famous for an ultra-defensive style, playing a 5-3-2 with one of the 3 midfielders as a DM. Despite this setup, their style of play can provide a twist on the more traditional approach to playing a 5-3-2, with a lot of overlap between the defence and midfield. Nevertheless, the pose a dangerous threat with the creative abilities of Maximilien Longchambon in the front 3 of the midfield, able to cut through any defence. The DM's of Flavovespia must make sure to try and mark him out of the game and stifle his creativity. To get something against Ko-oren requires breaking down a strong 5 man defence, with star names likes Lionel Dalton and the up and coming Minne van Schelven.

Dreamplanet, ranked 64th in the world, have never qualified for a World Cup, but see this as their biggest chance. With a surprise 2nd place in CE24, the most recent continental tournament they've played in. Last World Cup they were 3rd in the qualifying group, but did not enter the Cup of Harmony. They line up in a dark red shirt, with navy blue sleeves and green trim, with green shorts and navy blue socks. Their fans have a reputation for expecting wins, and they hate to lose, even more so than other nations.

Tactically they are a fairly attacking team, with a 4-1-2-3 default formation. In terms of goal scoring threat their wide attacker pairing of Luis Silva and Aaron Hungar are by far the most dangerous, with 105 international goals between them. Interestingly, both their goalkeepers also each have one international goal. Dreamplanet look to bring an exciting attacking game, and matches between them and their group opponents will be fun, especially against the more defensive Ko-oren, in what could be a key battle near the top.


Freeport, also called Freeport Isles and nicknamed The Condottieri haven't had much to cheer about recently, they were bottom of their group in the last AOCAF and World Cup Qualifiers. It remains to be seen how much of this is simply a blip, or a downwards trend, but as far as Pot 4 teams go, it's one Flavovespia won't have minded drawing. It's believed the FFA are targeting 5th minimum in the group, so Freeport is an opportunity to pick up some points.

A full roster for Freeport hasn't yet been made available for the FFD. However based on past tournaments, they look to play an attacking approach, sometimes called hoofball. In this case, the hoof part is rather literal, the team being made up of sentient animals, including horses, ponies and pegasuses. Nevertheless it will be entertaining to watch Flavovespia come up against Freeport in the qualifiers.

Torisakia returned to international football after a long absence in World Cup 81, placing 8th out of 10 in their group, but didn't participate in World Cup 82 qualifying. The team, nicknamed the Ice Birds wear a laser blue home shirt with red sleeves, and a maroon star insignia. Like Flavovespia, they've come into a World Cup campaign with no ranking, so it will be interesting to see how the 2 teams will compare and play against each other.

The classic 4-4-2 is their tactic of choice, with a somewhat attacking mindset. Captain Johnny Kelso and Jordan Kallian will look to be their key strikers in the qualifying campaign, with Syarhey Sweetcloud and Gregory Franklynlining up in midfield but being more traditional attackers. Manager Andy Sanders seems keen to play with his best XI as opposed to an XI based on his chosen formation. This approach could be interesting to watch out for.

Western Bjornaic
The Pot 6 team in this group. They picked up a solitary point in their Baptism of Fire in this cycle, and should be the place where Flavovespia look to pick up points in this qualifying campaign. They only conceded 11 goals in the Baptism of Fire, with ~1.5 goals conceded per match that isn't a bad display, but scoring just 4 goals in the entire tournament really hurt them, it's not hard to think a better strike force would have got them many more points than 1.

Western Bjornaic are in some ways the surprise of this group, the FFD has found little information other than the Baptism of Fire results to evaluate this team on. One would gues based on their results that their defence is their strongest point, with attacking needing some work. Neverthless Nick Cole will prepare the Flavovespia National Team for all eventualities.

Stadium Selection

There was some consternation over the awarding of the 2 top matches, against Eura and Ko-oren to the Hornet's Nest in Waldster. The decision to do this, according to the FFA, was to do with having a "double header" to try and help the national team. The feasibility of that remains to be seen, but the decision has been made, and the tickets have been sold. The other 4 games were awarded simply by capacity and group seeding, giving Marthorpe the honour of hosting the inaugural Flavovespia home match against Torisakia. The full fixtures and venues are below:

Code: Select all
MD1   Ko-oren   A   
MD2   Bye      
MD3   Torisakia   H   City Arena, Marthorpe
MD4   Dreamplanet   A   
MD5   Freeport   H   Saints Park, St Aston's
MD6   Western Bjornaic   A   
MD7   Eura   H   Hornet's Nest, Waldster
MD8   Ko-oren   H   Hornet's Nest, Waldster
MD9   Bye      
MD10   Torisakia   A   
MD11   Dreamplanet   H   Highland Park, Hadford Hill
MD12   Freeport   A   
MD13   Western Bjornaic   H   Rovers Arena, Loxthorpe
MD14   Eura   A   
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Postby Chromatika » Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:23 pm

Where Have I Been? An Answer, A Question, and Looking Ahead
by Jordan Lawless
Chromatik City Courier

Hello, dear readers. It's me, Jordan. Yes, we're back - two cycles later.

You might be asking, my friends, about the obvious: "Why didn't you report World Cup 81? What is your opinion on what's happened between the Chromatik Football Federation, the Chromatik League, and those pesky politicians? What happened to the Chromatik City Courier?"

Well... It's a long story. You know the whole lawsuit that got brought to the forefront of the press, of the Checkers Party of the Government, as they now call themselves? Those pesky old BIV/Gold-Silver-Bronze from the old days that said that they had joined the Revolution, but really didn't? I mean, look at what they are trying to do. They say that the Chromatik League shouldn't exist because we're "elevating footballers above normal people". But really, they're just mad at the team for leading the Rainbow Revolution. Too bad that enough people have actually begun listening to their crap. Isn't that a little weird to anyone? How does a populace that was so fired up about what Gabriella Antonio and Franscesca Cortes did become so enamored by a bunch of bigwigs saying that footballers shouldn't get preferential treatment, that foreign players plying the craft of football in Chromatika is bad for the Chromatik (meaning that immigrants are a bad thing), that the development of entertainment in Chromatika before infrastructure is detrimental to society as a whole, and ultimately that sure - the Rainbow Caste system wasn't good for the nation - but segregation based upon nationality and whether they prescribe to the old way of life is what is needed? Who gave them the actual platform to stand on that the old way of what was being done is what is best for the nation moving forward, just wrapped in different labels such as "Traditional" and "Old-School"?

I have been trying to answer that question for the last three years while this paper was also mired as part of the lawsuit for promoting the Chromatik Football Federation and the Chromatik League. Recently, the courts said that freedom of press is more important than the dumb lawsuit. It only took three years, am I right?

I've been in contact with most of the Old Starting XI and the ones that retired, plus a few others who had a say in the Revolution. I've had three personal interviews with Alina Krasnikova, who is looking to step down, but doesn't dare to with the power that the Checkers Party has gained. I'll share the tidbits of what I've talked about with them, and what they think should be done regarding the current political climate, but before that, let me ask you all one question.

What has been your best moment as a Chromatik in the last five years, since the Revolution? Have you ever thought of what went into that moment becoming possible? "Freedom isn't free", the saying goes. But with our country, it's more recent. More fresh. Is it really fair to discount what has been sacrificed to get us to this point? Has the lives that have been lost, the happiness that has been sacrificed, been in vain? What good is Chromatika if we revert back to our old ways of hatred and segregation and the elite ruling everything?

What have the Chromatik team been doing? I'll fill you in on where some of them are at. Most of them are well, some of them not really, but all of them are still with us. Erika and Z are together now. Alyss and Keira is still the lesbian power couple, residing in Nephara. Gabriella had twin girls with Cormak Lethbridge - Claudia and Jayala Lethbridge-Antonio.

What about the current team? Still led by Parker, the enigmatic maestro. Williamson's become more of a manager to the team, while Z is no longer a distraction to most, being taken and all. The team lacks experience at the right back and center back positions - the center back one being more prominent with the shifting back to a 4-4-2. Expect Kuazmi or Montague if she plays to play a bit further back to assist de Aea and Ibex, and allow Mora or Armageddon to do more of the playmaking. Dragana will be out for blood, with Thorben hanging a bit further back.

What will be very fun to watch is the strikers, no matter whom they field. Consider this: The Captain of Starling. The Face of Lammerton. The only Chromatik in the Audioslav League. Reserve at RGS Athletic, a national power and an international mainstay. One of the greatest playmakers in the Nepharim Premiership. "The Younger Andisori", but Captain at Rozelle United of Brenecia. The last one? The best Chromatik striker of the now-defunct league, one energetic, fierce Victorina Bird.

Oh, and Keira is about to get a hundred goals.

I've been told that many, many legends will be in the crowd when Chromatika has their first home match this cycle. The entire stadium will be at full throat, ready to get back into football.

Is this team ready to face the limelight once again, once more seeped in political turmoil? If their track record under Parker is any indication, yes, they are ready.

Chromatika is back, baby.

It's time to hope again.
Preview of Matchday 1: @ (186) Port Ember @ Waterstad International Stadium, Waterstad Borough, Port Ember Megalopolis, Republic of Port Ember (Cap. 94,736)
Starting XI: Ria; Ruth - de Aea - Ibex - Ilya; Kelly - Armageddon - Montague - Dragana; Andisori, K. (C) - Andisori, B.
Preview: The very first task on the new Chromatiks' agenda is Port Ember, a very energetic bunch who will be looking for a huge upset. Though there are a few substitutes starting - Ruth in for An, Armageddon for Mora, the younger Andisori for Victoriane - the traveling crowd will be at full volume, the players rearing to go. Will Keira score her hundredth goal?
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Postby Cassadaigua » Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:41 am

Friendlies Split, Team Ready,
by Chelsea Dufresne, Concord Heights Times

Qualifying for the 83rd World Cup begins today, and unlike the last several campaigns, Cassadaigua competed in multiple friendlies for the team to get prepared. With a very similar roster to the last campaign, chemistry was not necessarily a concern for the team, but manager Stephanie Sweeney wanted to the team to have the warm ups regardless. There will be a post-qualifying friendly as well against one of hosts, in Banija, to look forward to. “When you look at our teams that won World Cups, and in that whole era, we were always playing friendlies, especially before qualifying which is when we prefer to do it. We have had a couple here and there, but never really went back to scheduling them at that level. I considered that a priority for the team. We did well in the last World Cup, but there were hiccups in qualifying at times last cycle, and we cannot afford them.” Sweeney also emphasized the importance of winning the group, “You have to win the group. No one that’s a top seed in their group wants to end up in that group of playoff games to decide the other six slots. It will be exciting soccer that I prefer to watch knowing that I am already in the World Cup.”

The first friendly saw the Fillies take on Siovanija and Teusland, ranked 53rd in the World and hoping to knock off The Holy Empire from their perch in Group H. Sweeney went with the traditional starting lineup but both forwards, Hannah Ranucci and Rachel Schanke would only play the first half. Getting more chemistry between Ranucci and Schanke seems to be a priority. They have played together in several games now, but have never been the declared top starters right from the start. Each of them played well, but neither were involved in the scoring of what turned in to a 2-0 win for the Fillies. Sierra Mattison scored in the 32nd, and Caitlyn Mayer, the former starter who lost her starting job to Schanke, scoring in the 66th. It is believed that Mayer will get plenty of time, and so far she has said the right things about being taken out of the lineup. “I’m still going to be getting playing time, and I am honored to be wearing this jersey. I will do my part when asked,” Mayer said. Either she’s incredibly diplomatic and understanding, or she does a good job of masking her frustration about not being the starting lineup. Time will tell.

Up next was Baker Park, the only team Cassadaigua played in a friendly that is ranked better then them. They are close in rank, though, and with Baker Park ranked 13th, they are like Cassadaigua in that they just want to win their group as a top seed and not have to worry about the playoff. Changes in the lineup saw Jessica Curran and Hannah Shanley get the game off and the Brookes, Sorrentino and Sutter move into the starting lineup. Breanne Rothers and Emma McKee started in place of Shelby Martin and Zack Pierce. Up front, Ranucci and Schanke again started and played only the first half. It was a competitive match that saw Baker Park get the 2-1 win here in Concord Heights, losing the game in the 85th minute. “It was a great test for us,” Sweeney said, “Glad we had it on the schedule, perhaps we can do it often. The result would certainly have been more frustrating if it wasn’t a friendly.”

The third friendly saw them take on Newmanistan, a nation we had friendlies with often a long time ago, but as the Rockets no longer regularly compete in the World Cup, those friendlies stopped. The only starters that played were again Ranucci and Schanke, but Sweeney played a 4-3-3 in this match, with Caitlyn Mayer also starting. Mayer was certainly determined to show what she could do with these two, and the Rockets were outclassed. Ranucci ends up with a hat trick, and both Schanke and Mayer picking up two goals in the 7-0 win from Brattleboro. “The goal in this game was to see how a 4-3-3 could work out for us.” Sweeney said, “The Newmanistan defenders had a tough time with them, and I think this result shows that it is something that we can revisit in qualifying. We want Caitlyn ot play more, but with Rachel developing as she is, she needs to be playing. Hannah is still our go-to.”

Not all friendlies were played at home, as the team also the short trip north in Rushmore to Darmen, playing in Scott City. Sweeney used a mixture of starters and reserves in this match, with the main change being Robert Nunez as starting goalkeeper. Nunez played exceptionally well, but the Fillies were kept off the scoreboard in a 1-0 loss. “As a nearby Rushmori nation, a friendly between us and Darmen makes sense to regularly put on the schedule for not just our teams, but for our fan bases. It was a good match, we went back to the 4-4-2 here, but allowed Ranucci and Schanke to have the match off since they played the other three friendlies. The effort was there, and I am confident that we are ready to begin qualifying.”

Now then, it is time to begin qualifying. There are 24 groups of seven, and the group winners are all going to advance to World Cup 83, hosted by Banija and Equestrian States. Non-group winners still have a chance to make the World Cup, but will need to do so through playoff matches. Cassadaigua is in group Q, and on paper, this should be a group we win. We are the top seed, and the main opposition figures to come from 42nd ranked New Lusitania, but we have seen surprises before, so no one in this group will be taken lightly. New Karelograd will be the destination of our first qualifying game, which will be followed by a bye. Getting off to a good start is obviously critical, as the Fillies will want to put the group away early and not give the underdogs a chance to get thoughts in their head that they could beat us out. No matter how you slice it, qualifying always gives us excitement and unpredictability, and it will be no different this time out.
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Johnson Sacked!

Three weeks out from the start of the World Cup, the Barunian Football Association has fired their head coach. Adam Johnson’s tenure was on shaky ground after Barunia crashed to their worst ever finish in a World Cup qualifying campaign, but the BFA had previously thrown their support behind Johnson until Wednesday, when Johnson was informed his services were no longer required. The change in attitude from the BFA comes after the final 23-player squad for the tournament was finalised, and certain players may have forced the BFA’s hand. A player spokesperson today denied any such involvement from the squad, saying that the appointment of the coach was a matter for the BFA. However, many players have expressed their frustration at what they saw as Johnson’s lacklustre approach. Barunian team captain Hannah Miller-Brown released a statement saying that the team was “ready to work” with any coach.

In the meantime, the BFA have appointed youth development coach Kassandra Wainwright as interim coach of the national team. Mrs Wainwright is a former national team player and Olympic women’s team captain (known by her maiden name of Berry), and has been coaching the BFA’s Youth team for the last three years, as well as being on the board of the Youth Development Program. Wainwright will meet with the team for the first time on Monday. Wainwright will take the team into the World Cup qualifiers, however the BFA have announced the permanent position will be opened for submissions within the month. For the first time, the position will also be open to international submissions, meaning that Barunia could be led by a foreign coach as early as the World Cup, with the BFA hopeful the position will be filled by the end of qualifying.

Johnson made his coaching debut as an interim replacement for the legendary Joric Ruskin during the 1st Independents Cup, and a semi-finals appearance in that tournament saw him offered the top spot permanently. He followed that up with a second-place in the 69th Cup of Harmony. However, things began to go downhill after that, the Suns failing to qualify for either tournament in the next two cycles. With his job on the line, Johnson’s charges took Barunia to their first World Cup appearance in 3 years. They followed that up with direct qualification and a Round of 16 appearance in World Cup 81. With things looking up, hopes and expectations were high for the team to improve upon their success. But the Suns constantly failed to fire against low-ranked teams, ultimately finishing fourth. That might not seem like a low position, but the numbers don’t lie. Barunia ended with a 7-6-5 record from their 18 games. The last time Barunia lost 5 games was way back in World Cup 65, which was only their second World Cup and when the Suns were ranked well outside the top 100. They had lost 6 games in their debut cup, but they also won 11, came second, and came within a whisker of qualifying. Barunia have never finished below fourth place in a qualifying campaign, and have only achieved that four times: once in 65, once under Ruskin in WC70, where they went on to the final of the Cup of Harmony, and in 79 and 82. Those last two were both under Johnson, a fact that has surely not been lost on either the BFA, the players, or the public.

The BFA were approached for comment, but referred all media communications to the official press release. Mr Johnson was not available for comment.
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Postby Kita-Hinode » Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:59 am

He sat on the bench, watching the game with a frown, his jaw on his hands as he waited for the manager to finally put him on the field. He was the number eighteen for Carnegie Helland's under-21 team, having risen from the team's youth ranks with his brother, Matt. His name was Lucas Monteiro, and by that point, he would rather be anywhere else than in a cold bench during the rain that befell their match against Revile Town.

Lucas was the youngest of three brothers and a sister, both of his parents were from abroad Anglia, although he wasn't exactly familiar with where they were from. Of course, he was also often referred to as the lesser one in comparison to his brother, Matthew. Matthew Monteiro had briefly been considered for the national team but was skipped over players from the capital. Lucas was pissed over it but his brother made sure that he'd behave.

Now, the captain of the under-21 team had the ball. He skipped past one midfielder, faced a defender from Revile Town. The defender went for a tackle while Lucas, uninterested, looked at the stands, trying to find anyone that was even watching this meaningless friendly. He heard a scream. The bench emptied out in a hurry, causing Lucas to look back. He could barely see Matt... and he wasn't standing up.

The bell rang.

A black-haired boy smiled as the door was opened. A brunette lady smiled as she found him. "Lloyd, welcome!" He smiled, waving, before adjusting his hat. He also had, noticeably a bag of books. The lady chuckled once she noticed it. "Let me guess. You brought Lucas' homework." A slight frown appeared on her face as she remembered why he didn't go. "I'm sorry. He's not been... well, talkative after what happened."

Lloyd nodded, sighing briefly. "Could I try and talk with him?" She nodded, letting him enter the house. He made sure to examine the walls, noticing several pictures. Most of those displayed a couple holding several Pokémon trophies. Him, an amateur Pokémon trainer at his spare time, pondered where those pictures came from. They looked like serious business, one would think that trainers of that sort of pedigree would be well known where they lived but yet, the house itself was unassuming. Soon enough, he could hear the mother humming, which caused him to step away from that wall of trophies and mementos towards the closed door. He knocked. "What do you want?" A rather raspy voice replied. It was clear that whoever was there was at least somewhat pissed. Lloyd sighed, clearing his throat before replying. "It's me, Lucas. Lloyd. Can I enter?"

The lines hung for a bit before a proper reply came. "What do you want?" Lloyd sighed again, placing the books near the boy's door. "Our homeroom teacher made me bring your homework. It wasn't even supposed to be me, Ann Marie refused." He could hear a chuckle. "Good riddance, that goth hates my guts. Fine, enter." As Lloyd pushed the door open, he noticed the room, a light yellow tone that had clearly seen some posters being ripped, something one could tell from the marks all over the walls. He looked to the floor, noticing they were all posters of the team. He placed the books near his bed, looking at the boy. He wasn't really a friend of Lucas, but he knew him decently enough. He was, after all, the snarkiest student of the class, often causing trouble. But right now, he was a wreck, his eyes somewhat red and his expression being pretty sad. "So... what happened?"

Lucas walked across the pitch, noticing the commotion. Players rounded around the referee. Matt laid on the pitch, in pain. The blonde could see that his brother's foot was clearly not in the right place. It laid hanging to the side. It looked unnatural. And then there was the defender. A smirk on his face, for he knew exactly what he did. He had taken Lucas' brother out of commission, possibly out of football as a whole.

To the few people that were in the stadium, the reports were that they had seen two disgusting sights in a single day: Matthew Monteiro's distorted left leg and Jean Canton's face after a very much unexpected and very destructive meeting with Lucas Monteiro's fists.

"They terminated my contract then and there. Not like they paid us but they told me to not bother with coming back after that. They called me names. Said they were surprised Jean's family didn't try to sue me or the team but still... they left my brother in the cold. They actually thought it was OK to leave him-" As his tone started to rise, Lloyd gave him a stern look. Lucas sighed, silencing himself. "I might not be good in football, but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to knock 'a snivelling Kalosian on his ass' like that."

Lucas got up from bed, crossing his arms. "I won't discuss whether I was in the right or not. Jean is a bell-end and he deserved the boot. If the wanker wants to gift me Kalosian cheese and poisoned Slurpuff sweets then let him do so. I'll take them and shove it right up-" Lloyd frowned again, stopping him. "Look. It's clear you're not in the mood and being alone means you'll keep ruminating this. Let's go outside, surely we can find something you can waste your time on." Lucas blinked as Lloyd picked up his hat again. "Well, what about my homework?" Lloyd shook his head, crossing his arms. "It's Friday. Do it during the weekend."
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News Magazine

I've started a New Political Party and I will be its First Candidate for Consul
By: Nova Hellstrom-Hancock

In recent months, our political system has fallen into chaos due to the brazen incompetence of the Liberty Party and Consul Scarlett Nicholls, who has proven to be just as corrupt as her father. This has opened the door for a new political party called Common Good to emerge onto the scene. The Common Good party has put forward the facade of being a mainstream secular party and has ridden this facade to first place in the polls but they are really just the Holy Party and the Salvation Circle under a new name. Unfortunately, with the recent Supreme Court ruling granting voting rights to residents of charter societies and with the fact that we will not have a large influx of foreigners in our Federation at the time of the election to vote down the theocrats, Common Good appears likely to win unless something changes.

For years, we've seen how feckless our political establishment is. The so-called "vital center" has repeatedly failed to win elections over the past couple decades, always finding a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The so-called Radicals have also repeatedly failed to find a leader like Venicio Piazza who can actually win. The Liberty Party has won our last 2 elections. First, they elected Kyle Bolton, a great soccer player and a longtime personal friend of mine but also a man who had no real interest in governing and was just running as a joke. I've known Kyle and his wife for a long time. In fact, I've fought many battles both with and against Lucia Bolton over the years and I respect the hell out of her. She's one of the greatest performers, male or female, in the history of the sport of professional wrestling but I don't think even the Boltons think Kyle is fit to be our consul. There's also Scarlett Nicholls, a woman whom I admire at a personal level for her mockery of the Holy Party and her work spying upon the O'Reilly regime as part of Falatulu's intelligence, but also not a woman who should be a consul of the Free Republics.

The Liberty Party has flat out failed to govern because they have no agenda besides sexual freedom. While I am obviously a fan of sexual freedom, I believe we need an agenda to restore the Greatness of the Free Republics. I looked far and wide for a political party that has a plan to make us great again and I did not find one. Therefore, I will be launching a new party called Golden Age and I will recruit the best people to bring about a new Golden Age that will begin once you elect me as your consul.

In this new Golden Age that I will bring about with the help of my candidates, we will ensure that the rights of all are protected whether foreigner or Republican. We will stand up to corporate interests that place greed before the national interest. We will protect the rights of all workers by outlawing exploitative labor practices, prohibiting superiors from sexual exploiting their subordinates in the workplace, protect workers from unfair contracts that restrict their freedom to pursue other opportunities in the future and ensure that everybody is paid a fair wage based upon the principle of equal pay for equal work. Furthermore, we will establish a civilian force as well trained and well equipped as our military to serve the interests of the nation and we will ensure that every able-bodied Republican who wants a job has the option of serving our nation.

Now you may be wondering why I didn't just join Common Good since Golden Age's economic platform is fairly similar to theirs and both are fairly similar to Sebastian Trudeau's economic platform. Well, for one thing, we want to protect workers from creeps like Jasper Chuter, my former boss at Sporting World, who forced me to perform anal sex in order to keep my job at Sporting World. While I'm not opposed to performing anal sex on principle by any means, like all women, I found Jasper Chuter to be a repulsive creep who I want nothing to do with. I am appalled to learn that he has a new job at Gossip Magazine, a publication that can fairly and accurately be described as an outright fake news publication, where he is likely repeating his creepy behavior while also publishing outright lies such as his recent fake sex tape showing Sir Koby Theodore, the assistant coach of Rule Theriault's National Soccer Team, having sex with some teenage girl from the Main Nation Ministry. Needless to say, the "video" is a total forgery which was stolen from a pornographic web site. This kind of fake porn video should be illegal as a form of harassment. In addition, I believe we need to extend our child pornography laws to prohibit images and videos featuring or purporting to feature anybody under the age of 21. Young adults who just got out of high school are not mature enough yet to make a decision about whether or not they should do pornography and I say this as somebody who is perfectly fine with pornography.

However, there are even bigger differences between Golden Age and Common Good. Common Good wishes to put all women back in the kitchen where we would, presumably, be barefoot and pregnant all of the time. Golden Age rejects this retrograde idea because we believe that men and women should be 100% equal. We don't believe it is the place of government to tell women how to live. Now, we recognize that many women are underpaid compared to men for the same work. Therefore, we propose that all salary information be made a matter of public record by law so that all workers may negotiate salary with full knowledge of what a fair and competitive rate is given their abilities, position and responsibilities. Just as the public publication of salaries in the professional sports industry allows athletes to negotiate fair wages that reflect their abilities, it will have the same benefit for workers in other industries. In addition, Golden Age strongly supports the right to unionize. And to ensure that women are free to pursue our careers rather than unwanted pregnancies, we support a constitutional amendment to guarantee a woman's right to reproductive choice in every Republic in the FFR.

However, I have yet to mention our plan for the charter societies. Simply put, we wish to abolish charter societies because they were a mistake that has allowed extremist groups to oppress many millions of our fellow Republicans. Their souls cry out for justice, for liberation from the hellish tyrannies imposed upon them by Robert Nicholls. Golden Age will provide that liberation. We also demand that Scarlett Nicholls and Kyle Bolton order the charter societies to utilize a secret ballot independently monitored by the Federation Commission for Elections (FCE) to ensure that all ballots are cast freely and without intimidation.

We will be revealing more of our policies in the weeks to come but rest assured that Golden Age is in it to win it. We promise to deliver our program if elected, no ifs or buts, and by any means necessary. Unlike the typical politicians you may be used to, we mean what we say and we say what we mean. If you agree with us, we ask that you join us in fighting to bring change and take back control of our government for the people of the Free Republics.

Nova Hellstrom-Hancock is the editor-in-chief of Sporting World, the coach for the Republican National Soccer Team, LLC Cheerleading Squad and one of the most decorated champions in the history of the (old) Republican Wrestling Conglomerate where she won the World Ladies Championship on 7 different occasions. At one time, she was a part-time international sports correspondent for Sporting World and a co-chair of the World Cup 68 Seeding Committee. She got her start covering high school soccer for the Petrograd Times before working for Sporting World. At one time, she played girls soccer for Petrograd Christian School. She was Sporting World's correspondent at the 27th Di Bradini Cup, the 52nd Baptism of Fire and during qualifying for the 65th World Cup before transitioning into a successful career as a professional wrestler. She lives in Falatulu with her husband Kieran.
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3rd: World Cups 71 & 81, DBC 29, UWCFC Gold Cup III, GCoS 1
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Current Senior Consul: Kyle Bolton (Liberty)
Current Junior Consul: Scarlett Nicholls (Liberty)
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(OOC: I somehow got the dates wrong yesterday as I thought yesterday was the first... So my previous post should considered written AFTER this one)

Thrashers Sports Magazine

A Look into the Tridents' Staff Members

As dedicated fans and supporters of our national team, we all know and love the players by now, however we often forget the massive impact and contribution that the backstage staff members brings to the squad. Therefore this article aims to properly introduce the team who supports the team, and ensures that they are at their best when they run onto the pitch and wage their war for a possible spot in the world cup during the upcoming Qualifier run.

Team Manager & Head Coach - Stuart Baxter

We all know the Coach by now, as he was pretty (in)famous during the Baptism of Fire league for his proud and sometimes arrogant rants during the pre game interviews.

This 48 year old man is actually a Braziliztan native, yet has gained Port Emberian citizenship when Braziliztan was colonised by Port Ember.

The coach has years of experience both on field, and from the side, as he was a star striker for 15 years in Braziliztan before he assumed the coaching whistle. He continued to coach the Braziliztan national team for 5 years before he was offered a job by the Port Emberian Football Association. He launched his career with PEFA by launching the Youth Development Program, taking on 30 times 14 years old lads in molding them into the very same team we know today as the Tridents. The nation adores him despite his previous arrogance, as he is credited for having fathered the passion for the sport in the nation. Some recent rumours have indicated that he is considering an early retirement, even though he has a valid contract till 2022.

Assistant Head Coach - Connor Davies

This 42 year old man is actually a Braziliztan native, yet has gained Port Emberian citizenship when Braziliztan was colonised by Port Ember.

The assistant coach has years of experience both on field, and from the side, as he was a star midfielder for 12 years in Braziliztan before he assumed the coaching whistle for a local Braziliztan club. He continued to coach the Braziliztan national team as the assistant coach under Stuart Baxter for 4 years before he was offered a job by the Port Emberian Football Association. He launched his career with PEFA by assisting his old friemd Coach Baxter with launching the Youth Development Program.

He is rumoures to be a introvert by nature and barely speaks to any person when not barking orders on the field. He has been complimented on his technical knowledge of the sport many times over and is seen as almost a genuis in the sport.

After the Baptism of Fire League, he has assumed the development of the bench players as his main responsibility, and we are excited to see whether it will pay off during the Qualifier run.

Many in the know feels although he is the obvious next-in-line to take the reigns from Baxter when he resigns, sources indicate that PEFA does not feel this way, as they view Connor too much of an introvert.

Defensive Coach - Daryl House

This 39 year old Port Emberian was the head coach of the Port Emberian Leauge Club - Waterstad Pirates, until he was hired by PEFA to take control as the defencive coach of the Youth Development Program. His consistent display of the technical know-how of the backline has kept him there all the way.

According to sources, before the Baptism of Fire, he was seen by PEFA as the most likely successor to Baxter in the future.

Due to the poor performance of the backline in the opening stages of the Baptism of Fire league, yet its quick recovery into a world class backline has placed the spot light on Daryl, with analysts feeling he needs to prove his worth, now more than ever.

Attacking Coach - George SinClaire.

This 42 year old Port Emberian was the head coach of the Port Emberian Leauge Club - Gold Coast Raiders, until he was hired by PEFA to take control as the attacking coach of the Youth Development Program. His consistent display of the technical know-how of the front line has kept him there all the way.

George is the member of the staff who is even more infamous than Coach Baxter due to his social life. He is famous for his ill temper and almost constant clashes with members of the public and the police alike.

Even though he is a true rebel and troublemaker, none can find fault with his passion and coaching skills. Under his watchfull eyes, The Tridents were one of the most successfull scoring teams during the last BoF.

Goalkeeping Coach - Jonathan Peters

This 35 year old Port Emberian was the starting goalkeeper of the Port Emberian Leauge Club - Gold Coast Raiders, until he was hired by PEFA to take control as the goalkeeping coach of the Youth Development Program. His consistent display of the technical know-how of goalkeeping has kept him there all the way.

He has proven times over that although he was a great player himself, he is a far better coach. His technical knowledge and excellent coaching abilities have helped sculpt the talent of Peter Smith into a almost legendary goalkeeper.

Fitness Coach - Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss aka Sensei, is a 40 year old Port Emberian sports legend. He was a 4 x Times Light Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts Champion and coach of 7 other Mixed Martial Arts champions before being poached by PEFA.

Many sports publications have praised his vast knowledge regarding human physiology, which he uses to optimise the fitness levels of his players, to almost miracle like levels. The Port Emberian side was clearly the fittest team in the Baptism of Fire, and Neil has received much acclaim for it. He is the 'Most wanted for an interview' in the fitness media at the moment.

Team Doctor - Dr Toby Curtiss

This 52 year old Port Emberian man is a qualified doctor with tons of experience and knowledge in the medical field.

Interesting fact about the Doc is that he used to serve in the Port Emberian Army, Special Forces, where he served as a combat trauma surgeon.

The Doc has retained his 'hardass' attitude and is known to be very stern with the players. This however has its benefits as the injured players recovers veey quickly due to his stern and helping hand.

Massage Therapist - Sally Jones

Sally Jones is a young and passionate massuese who is well known for posessing 'Magical Hands'. She has been with the team since the inception of the youth program and have been with the team during the baptism of fire, keeping the players fresh and ready for their games on such a tight schedule.

Physiotherapist - Dr Jolene Michels

Dr Michels is an experienced Physiotherapist known to be extremely caring of the players in the teams, sometimes described as a 'real life empath'. She owned her own practice before joining the youth program at its inception. She workes hard during the Baptism of Fire ti ensure her players did not succumb from minor injuries, and kept them fit and healthy.

Article by Josh Richards
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Postby Torisakia » Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:32 pm


OOC: Yes I used a picture of Jerry Trainor for the logo. He's the first person that came to my mind when I thought of the name "Bort" (aside from that one Sesame Street thing).

And welcome to another edition of the Sports With Bort blog, I'm your always humble host Bort Stevens. Today we've got another special edition lined up just for all you wonderful folks! It's the World Cup 83 preview post featuring the ever beloved Torisakia national team! Now I know what some of you are thinking: another international competition for Torisakia to suck in? They won't have the same success that we did in the World Bowl. Waste of money. But bear with me for a moment. I mentioned this in my opening World Bowl post, but ever since the Great Sport Crash a few years ago committees have been working hard to revamp our national teams. We already saw how that went with the national gridiron team, who made it to the quarterfinals of the World Bowl. So given their success we can have high hopes for the association football team in this upcoming World Cup. I understand we've never done well in the World Cup ever, but all of those prior appearances featured corruption, greed, blackmail, and murder. This time we have some of the best coaches and players handpicked by the Department of Sports & Recreation.

We've kept some of the big name players from past rosters, namely Johnny Kelso, Jordan Kallian, and Logan Brantley. But we've also added some new faces like Kanta Serafin and Syarhey Sweetcloud. Serafin comes from the East Lake Jethawks, who have been consistently a top 10 team in the TSL for the past few years and came in 6th this past season. East Lake has one of the best defenses in the league and Serafin has been a big part of that. He's fast, athletic, and always plays with his head up high. Sweetcloud comes from the Ogino Fire Ninjas, winners of 2 of the last 3 Megabowls in the TSL. Syarhey has been one of the best midfielders in recent years, even winning MVP in just his second season. Prior to East Lake, Sweetcloud played college with Southwestern Lake State where he won three Valley Side conference championships and made an appearance in the TCAA Championship. This is what we should have been doing all along: picking players that have been a central part in their clubs' successes and have proven they can compete with the big bois. Overall our roster is slightly young with the average age being 25. So we have players that haven't had a lot of experience on the international stage, but not so young that their chances of success are highly doubted.

As for coaching, everything is more or less the same from World Cup 81. Andy Sanders returns as the manager, but we replaced the assistant manager Owen Reed for Felix McQueen of South Bohan. McQueen is currently the manager of the South Bohan Zephyrs and recently led them to a TMSL title and got them promoted into the TSL. His idea of a mid-paced attack with a fast paced defense pairs well with Andy Sanders' middle-of-the-road approach to both sides of the ball. Sanders, the long time manager for the Tokai Ice Birds, has had a history of coaching some of the best players in the TSL in recent years, mostly during Tokai's dominance of the league between seasons 97 and 102. He's even coached some of the players on our rosters like Johnny Kelso (twice) and Josh Mikita. So having that familiarity and synergy might go a long way during the course of this event. We don't have as much synergy as our other national sports teams have had recently in terms of having players from the same teams or same coaching tree, but these guys have been together for the past couple of months during workouts so I would expect that some teambuilding has developed during that time.

Torisakia has been drawn into Group M along with Freeport, Western Bjornaic, Eura, Ko-oren, Flavovespia, and Dreamplanet. All but one of them (FLavovespia) are ranked according to the KPB. The highest is Eura who sits at 7th overall internationally. The lowest is surprisingly not Torisakia. They are the second lowest with a rank of 221. No the lowest is Western Bjornaic who is ranked 349th internationally. So at least we aren't the worst team in the group like we normally are. Four of Torisakia's opponents are in the Top 150: Eura, Ko-oren, and Dreamplanet, and Freeport. Given how many nations there are ranked in the KPB, it really puts it into perspective that Group M might be one of the tougher groups out there for this World Cup. Torisakia's first match is against, as luck would have it, Eura who again is the highest ranked nation in the group at 7th overall. To make it even worse, we'll be playing them on the road on their turf. Now I don't expect for us to win, but what I do expect is us to put up as much of a fight as we can. We need to send a statement to the world that Torisakia isn't the same old international doormat they've been in years past. We need to show them that we mean business and we're coming for dominance in the world of sports. There's no better competition to do that in than the World Cup. The World Bowl was only the beginning, this is just another roadblock on our road to greatness.

Welp, that's all I have for today. I'll be back with another edition of Sports with Bort soon to discuss the Torisakia-Eura matchup and preview the next matchup as well as take a look at other happenings around the tournament in other groups. Take care and gunter gleiben glauchen globen!
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Postby Ouna » Thu Aug 01, 2019 3:15 pm


The Ounaian national side have begun preparation for their first ever entry into the NationStates World Cup, with two friendlies scheduled before the beginning of qualifying.

The side will face off against Joshenia and Cobrio at their home stadium for their first ever games, before making their debut in a world cup qualifier against Group P rivals Lochario.

The team were a last second applicant to the World Cup as was requested by the National League as part of a sponsorship deal. This likely means the players have been lumped together and not given a lot of time to gel before the competition.

"There is not a lot of pressure on the team to perform at this tournament. We wanted to enter to help create a national unity amongst the talented footballers we have in this country, who often play against each other in the QNL on a weekly basis." said Walter De Lit, president of the Ouna National Football Association, earlier this week.

Despite a lack of pressure from National Team officials however, a lot of fans have hyped the team going into the tournament based on some celebrity garnered from their league performances.

One star is the Right Winger-cum-Striker Lunga Lun, who left his home of Karusha Dynamos on loan to Espor FC this season. He will join his fellow Ounaians back in camp at the Sucheberg Training Grounds located next to the National Team's stadium.

Lun when asked for comment. "It feels great to be home, and I can see a lot of improvement with the money that has come into the football establishment here recently. A lot of the infrastructure has improved meaning we can train better. We will always have talented players here in Ouna but now we have the facilities to support that.

Lunga Lun was announced as Vice Captain of the team by Head Coach Pluim (Laurens Pluim was Assistant Manager of Vadborg Wave - now Vadborg Aces - and help set up a specialised posessive, attacking system of play there which we will likely see in the national team). He narrowly missed out on the spot by another super talented winger named Obafemi Essoa.

The 27 year-old, who plays for the Visser Freetown Lions, is the highest rated player in Ouna. He plays Left Midfield for his domestic club, however with the 4-3-3 favoured by Pluim finds himself comfortably on the wing. The ace pairing of Lun and Essoa on the wings will likely find support from Julius Samson of the Bagatoro Warriors.

A 6 foot 7, Samson is a big player with a lot of physical strength. He uses this to win balls played out from the keeper and can play to the midfield three behind or out to the wingers. From here he hangs around outside the box as a false nine while the prolific wingers cut in towards goal. On set pieces Samson finds himself in the box using his height to head balls into the net.

Another option up front for Ouna is the in form Dida Thandanani, whose team the Trawadea Knights are leading the Domestic League. He has scored many goals this season and could easily find himself in the starting eleven.

An anticipated issue with the team is the lack of playing time the squad will have spent together. Pluim has stated he will spend time swapping the starting team around in order to find the correct format, and we expect to see two completely different teams in the pre-tournament friendlies against Joshenia and Cobrio.

What we do know is that they will be trained to utilise a 4-3-3 formation as currently played by the Vadborg Aces in the domestic league, and which Vadborg players will be at an advantage of understanding. Will more Aces players be selected? It is doubtful as Pluim will want to get the whole roster playing his way.

We have decided to produce two starting elevens we believe could be picked to face up against Lochario in the first qualifier.

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