Depths of Space:Galaxy Reborn (FT/Open/OOC)

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Depths of Space:Galaxy Reborn (FT/Open/OOC)

Postby Tagali Federation » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:12 am

Ever since the birth of the first intelligent species all those eons ago, beings all across the Universe looked into the stars, longing to travel among them. Many would never get the chance, either dying out or fearing the unknown, choosing to remain trapped on their Homeworld. Some races however, would not be known as fearful men. Breaking free of their cradle, these Species would expand across their Galaxies.

They would find many perils waiting for them in the void, but also many great marvels the stars had to offer. Great Civilizations would emerge, some forming Utopias, free of conflict and suffering while on the pursuit of knowledge. Others expanding aggressively, seeing the stars as the final and never ending domain of conquest. Whatever their ethics and ideals, they all find themselves in The Depths of Space.

1: Follow NS site rules (duh)
2:OP's Word is law, same goes for CO-OPs.
3: Be reasonable with tech
4: No Godmodding or Metagaming
5:Psionics are allowed, but same with rule 3, nothing extreme.
6: 2 nation limit per person. Both nations must be in use and cannot be used to get around limits implemented by the application. Anyone found breaking this rule will be kicked from the Rp.
7:Don't just try to win. The goal here is to make a story.


Starting Date: January 1st, 2599.

Most Fleets are under 10,000 vessels.

-Frigate: 800-900 meters max
-Destroyers: 1.5km max
-Cruisers: 3km
-Battle Cruiser: 4-5km
-Battleship: 6-7km
-Carriers: 8-10km
-Dreadnought/Super Dreadnought: 11-19km
-Titans: 40-90km no more then 4 ships in total.

Technology Limits:

FTL Drives:
The Nations of the Depths of Space Universe use Warp Drives, their ships create a subspace "bubble" around the ship, simultaneously contracting space in front of the ship and expanding space behind it. This allows ships to travel distances that would normally take centuries be completed within a much more manageable time frame. Still, while the technology has proven to be beneficial to the creation of hundreds of Galactic Civilizations, it is not without faults. Ships cannot travel between Systems instantly. Travelling to a nearby system still takes a few days at best, and travel from one side of the Galaxy to another would take decades. Not to mention that FTL travel puts incredible strain on the drives. To avoid damage to the drive and the ship as a whole, one must allow their drive to cool down by stopping in a system for a period of time.

Code: Select all
NS Name:
Nation Name:
Capital: (System, planet/station)
population size: (Limit 1 Trillion)
Primary species: (please supply a picture or a small description)
Nation History:(2 paragraph minimum)
Miltary size: (3% of population)
Military Tech:
Standard Weaponry:
Soldier appearance:
Standard Ship Appearance:

#DOSAPP (do not delete)

NS Name: Tagali Federation
Nation Name: The United Sol System Entente
Capital: Sol System, Earth

population size: 740 Billion
Primary species:
Terran Humans: Humans native to Earth and the surrounding Planets and Systems. They are the direct descendants of the first colonists hundreds of years ago. While the occasional conflict arises, Terrans have historically been quick to unite against outside Forces.
-Colonials: Humans who's ancestors were apart of 2nd Generation Colony initiatives launched from established systems other than Sol. Colonials vary in their cultures and beliefs. Those closer to Terran space share most of the ideals and culture of their Terran Brothers and Sisters, those on the far reaches of the Entente however begin to take on their own ideologies, often due to the distance from Earth and the mixing of Aliens in their populations.

Alien Species: A wide variety of Species live under the Entente. Many of them, especially living on the fringes of the Entente, are former subject species of the Tagali Empire, joining the Entente to protect from a common enemy.
Nation History:
The Entente can trace its roots back to the mid-21st Century. Under the leadership of Secretary General Mustafa Danso, the powers of the UN were enhanced greatly, giving it greater authority over nations. Along with sweeping climate regulation and Human Rights reforms, the UN took on a greater interest in space exploration to solve Humanity's growing resource and habitat needs. In 2072, the UN took over funding and control over the two private outposts on the Moon and Mars. Within a decade, these settlements would have populations of 1,000, with the Lunar base serving as a way station for Mars and incursions deeper in the Solar System.

By 2116, outposts and settlements had sprang up all across the System. With the invention of the Kaaronda Warp Drive, Humanity was able to break free of the Solar System, exploration and colony vessels ventured forth to tame the systems surrounding the home of Humanity. From Alpha Centauri and Trappist-1 to Tau Ceti and the Groombridge-34, Humans spread across the stars. Sometimes, a colony would revolt, or a people would break away, but the course was steady for Humanity.

Then in 2312, Humanity would make contact with intelligent life, but it would not be the peace exchange of knowledge and culture some had hoped for, but one of titanium and plasma. After a series of mysterious blackouts of outer colonies and missing freighters, the Tagali Empire descended on Humanity like a tidal wave. Despite Humanity's best attempts, the Tagali killed millions in their war of conquest. Their movement into Human territory suggested that they had prior intelligence before their invasion, for they knew which worlds to subjugate and which ones to put to flame. It seemed as nothing could stop the Tagali horde.

Humanity's luck would turn around in 2319, in the Battle of the Dunes. On the desert world of Al-Suri, The Tagali Armada was crippled, sending it on the retreat for the rest of the war. Mankind began a major push for victory, liberating and avenging taken worlds one by one. By 2321, the Tagali were now on the defensive in their own territory, with many subjugated species joining the fight, siding with the Humans. In the fall of 2322, the Tagali sued for peace, unable to continue the war. The peace treaty resulted in the liberation of dozens of species and the creation of a DMZ between the two nations.

Many of the liberated Species elected to ally with the Humans, and thus, the Entente was born. Humanity now stands with dozens of other species to protect their borders and expand their knowledge of the Universe.

Miltary size: 10 Billion
Military Tech:

-Gunpowder and Kinetic Weaponry
-Missile Weaponry
-Artificial Intelligence
-Cybernetic Augmentations
-Fusion Reactors
-Genetic Modification (limited)
-Energy Weaponry
-Ship cloaking (Limited)

Standard Weaponry:

Infantry Rifles
NK-92 (Colonial Militias, Section 01 Planetary Garrison Forces, currently being phased out)
M-74 Assault Rifle (Used by all branches)
M-1 Plasma Rifle(Prototype, currently in use by specialized "field testing" Divisions)

SMGs, shotguns, and side arms
CQW-12 "Bashir"
Soldier appearance:
Section 01: Ground-Based Operations
Standard Section 01 Soldier

Section 02: Naval and Marine Operations
Entente Marine Armor
Entente Sailor Uniform
Pilot Suit
Entente Naval Officer Uniform

Standard Ship Appearance:

(Small Craft)
EIIC-12 "Rigveda"-Class Interceptor
EIFC-15 "Artemis"-Class Fighter
EIBC-21 "Ogoun"-Class Bombercraft
EITC-12 Fu Xi-Class Dropship

(Battle Suits)
ELBS-12 "Impi" Light Battle Suit
ESBS-21 "Hoplite" Standard Battle Suit
[url=d02ed6eb125fcd8d17042de3f1999eff--scifi-concept-art.jpg]EHABS-08 "Keshig" Artillery Battle Suit[/url]
EISS-"Kitsune"Strike Suit

Saladin-Class Corvette
"Yi"-Class Stealth Corvette
Zhukov-Class Frigate
"Bolivar"-Class Cruiser
Hongi Hika-Class Destroyer
Washington-Class Carrier
Mbasi-Class Dreadnought

#DOSAPP (do not delete)

NS Name:Tagali Federation
Nation Name: Tagali Empire
Flag: Banner of the Current Ruling House, Sajana
Capital:Todval System, Jakala

population size: 980 Billion
Primary species: Tagali: Human-Like Appearance, Blue Skin, stronger, faster, and more agile, than Humans, 8 feet tall, orange blood.
Nation History:
The history of the Tagali Empire begins 5,000 years ago, on the edges of the outer arm. The Tagali, a race of blue skinned humanoids, had already been space faring outside of their solar system for over a century, but had fragmented into warring factions ruled by noble houses. The war would have continued indefinitely, if not for a resurgent power rising out of their home planet, Jakala. Claiming to be descendants of ancient Warriors and Kings of the past, a claim backed up by large stockpiles of weapons and resources, House Hanon united the warring houses, either through diplomacy or by conflict. After a 25 year long campaign, House Hanon named themselves Rulers of all Tagali, silencing any opposition with assassinations, just as many Tagali leaders had done for generations.

While House Hanon would be a relatively short lived dynasty, they laid the groundwork for their successors to expand the Tagali domain. A golden age of expansion and technological advancement began. With the blessing of the current Ruler and their House, Noble Houses pushed forward across the stars, expanding Tagali territory as they founded new colonies. It would not be long before the Tagali encountered another intelligent species, the Maug-Lai, a large bipedal hyena-like species. Despite initial calls for peaceful coexistence, neither side thought of the other as equals. War was inevitable. A 10 year long war began as the Tagali slowly pushed their way into the Maug-Lai's systems. With their numbers low and technologically inferior to the Tagali, the Maug-Lai surrendered, becoming a subject species to the Tagali. This First Contact would set the tone for Tagali policy on xenos up until the modern day. Over the years, dozens of species would be annexed into the Empire in long campaigns the Tagali call subjugations.

In the 24th Century, the Empire would find itself at war with a new found species called Humans. A race similar in their own image, but small and frail. Such a conquest should have been an easy task. Intelligence about the expanse of their territory had been gathered, the Armadas of the Tagali had been assembled, and they were sent on the war path.

The war began smoothly, just as many others had. The Humans fought courageously, but they could not stand against the might of the Tagali. World after world was either subjugated or burned by plasma; the wreckage of Human Fleets floating in their orbit. Victory seemed to be inevitable. That is, until what the Tagali call "Nazif Alramal", The Blooding on the Sand. Humanity turned the tide, accomplishing the impossible by pushing the Tagali back, even past their own borders. Much to the shame of the Tagali, the weakened Emperor had been forced to sign a peace treaty or risk the entire Empire and all they had worked for.

The post-war era was a dark time for the Empire. The union of Humans and many of their former subjugated species stood as an insult to the fallen Tagali. Those species that remained grew emboldened and revolted. Noble Houses had begun to fight among each other for territory and resources. The Empire seemed to be falling apart.

Then, the rise of a new Imperial House would change everything. Through assassination and cunning, House Sajana ascended the throne. Under their rule, the Sajana brought the Houses back under the boot of the Imperial House. Piracy was brutally stamped out once again, and xenos began to gain more rights than they had under any other Imperial House. All this, along with opening the borders to merchants and traders; it seemed that the Tagali had begun to change. The Empire seemed to be becoming a more peaceful member of the Galactic Community.

Much to the ire of the Entente and its neighbors, this proved to be not the case. Rebellions were crushed with brutality, often leaving millions dead. The Sajana reorganized the military, ending the feudal Armies of the Houses and bringing them into the Imperial Forces. Military production was ramped up, and "accidental" incursions and skirmishes into Entente and NEF space became common occurences, without the Imperial House's knowledge of course....

200 years have past since the War, and the Empire has come back, stronger than before. Now under the leadership of Empress Yaliza Sel-Sajana, the Empire has returned to its conquering ways, re-subjugating those few species that struck out on their own after the war. Allies are being gathered, and the War Banners of the Houses are being raised. The Empire is preparing for war once again, and it doesn't intend on losing.

Miltary size: 20 Billion
Military Tech:
Shield Technology (Personal and Vehicle/ships)
Plasma Weaponry
Cloaking Technology
Beasts of Burden for specialized troops and environments
Sentient AI
Standard Weaponry:

Tagali Weapons
Soldier appearance:

Imperial Skirmishers
Imperial Marine
Imperial Infantry
Imperial Head Hunter

Standard Ship Appearance:

(Small craft)
TISV-10 "Void Runner" Multi-role Fighter
TILD-90 "Dezri" Dropship
TIHD-70 "Hava" Dropship

(Battle Suits)
TERBS03-"Rito" Light Battlesuit
TECBS06-"Ora" Officer's Battle Suit
TESBS15-"Mora" Standard Battlesuit
TEIBS01-"Sekru" Imperial Battlesui

Chiyon-Class Super-Dreadnought
Tulaj-Class Siege Ship
Kuram-Class Dreadnought
Shika-Class Carrier
Haca-Class Battlecruiser
Ezri-Class Cruiser
Yitgri-Class Frigate
Okura-Class Corvette
#DOSAPP (do not delete)
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Tagali Federation
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Postby Tagali Federation » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:21 am

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[spoiler=Nation Info]The Tagali Federation- An FT Nation made up of dozens of species.

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Postby Higher Japan » Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:44 am

Formal tag.
We don't use NS stats
A -0 civilization, according to this index.
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Postby Plzen » Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:03 am

Tag. Incredibly busy this week, but may app for a robotic civilisation later.

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Postby Veroxia » Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:32 am

NS Name: Veroxia
Nation Name: The Korosian Collective

Capital: A-1 System, Koros

Population size: 1 Trillion
Primary species:
Korosian(Original Make)
Korosian(A-1 System Make)
Nation History:
Many millennia ago, there was an ancient civilization known by name as the Praetorian Brotherhood. The nation, inhabited by the honorable and peaceful Praetorians searched for balance within the galaxy; many serving to be peacekeepers. The Praetorians, despite their advanced state refused to destroy nature themselves nor could they revert to an industrial state, found a solution: the Dronusi.

The Dronusi, the Frankenstein of the Praetorians were originally meant to act as a supportive measure to their peacekeeping and industrial operations. Knowingly, they gave the Dronusi free-will with the belief that all 'life', biological or synthetic should have a mind of it's own; ironically their downfall. The Dronusi quickly developed a contempt for their creators, viewing them as advanced yet backwater. It was irrational for the Praetorians to not see the potential of their technology and use it for the best. When they say other forms of life, they saw but the Praetorians; irrational and disgusting. However, with their limited capacity to rid this life from the galaxy; the Dronusi were forced to covertly build an army to do that for themselves: the Synthetic Battle Droid(Korosian).

The SBD was designed after various observations made on various militaries across the galaxy, the SBD designed to be uniform yet individualistic, loyal but opportunistic. The Dronusi created them to be *too good*.

The downfall of the Praetorians was quick, yet gruesome. The Dronusi-created army of SBD's surprised the defenders, their methods of defense and offense simply outmaneuvered and outdated. With the Praetorians out of the way, the Dronusi proclaimed a crusade against biological life itself. The SBD Army had their own plans, however.

The programming of the SBD was at the time delicate to change, and would adapt to the situation they were in. They realized that if the Dronusi were victorious in their conquests; they too would end like the Praetorians. Using the advantage they held at the time across Dronusi space, they launched a preemptive strike against important Dronusi facilities and began to form their own autonomous nations. Failing to see this occur, the Dronusi were not so easily swayed by this act of betrayal. If they were to end, their creations would end with them. The skies of Praetoria now filled with bright lights dashing through the clouding fumes of white, landing within it's own ground. Planets shook to the ground as the atomic force gripped into the dirt; wiping out nearly anything in its path. The story of another civilization ends.

However, the SBD's did not all perish under these strikes; and so traveled across the outer galaxy as refugees. Where there was civilization, they were seen as monsters. Not even space appeared to welcome the synths. Years later, the refugees found an almost barren planet: Koros. Desolate, yet potentially great; the SBD's would settle here to start a new life. This settlement would grow to a metropolis, and the systems surrounding it prospering.

They no longer saw themselves as machines, nor as objects. They now saw themselves as a people, a people known as the Korosians.

Miltary size: 30 Billion
Military Tech:
  • Energy-based weaponry
  • EMP-Resistance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Kinetic & Missile-based weaponry
  • Hovercraft
  • Energy-based shielding
  • Holographic projections
  • Ion-based weaponry

Standard Weaponry:
Soldier appearance:
-Same as Primary Species, along with others-
  1. Korosian Grunt
  2. Command Unit
  3. Heavy Unit
  4. Support Unit
  5. Medium Unit
  6. Praetorian Legionnaire

Standard Ship Appearance:

#DOSAPP (do not delete)
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Postby Labstoska » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:04 am

Tag for a merchant hive mind.

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Postby The Assorted Saharan Outposts » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:05 am

Tag. Not sure how quickly I can get an app up, but I like the idea of this.
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Postby Ithalian Empire » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:11 am

NS Name: Ithalian Empire
Nation Name: The Antivar Commonwealth
Flag: A red filed with to black bars on the side. In the center is a six pointed wight star. The red is the blood of those who died for the Commonwealth, black for the fertile fields of Antivar, the white of the star represents the purity of the creators will and the star is the guiding beacon of the Creator.
Capital: Aniv, Antivar (ar begin the Antivarian word for son.)

population size: 950 Billion
Primary species:
Antivarians:Antivarians are large and physically imposing creatures, pound per pound the average Antivarian male is 10-12 times stronger than the average human male. Antivarians are a mammalian species. Males reach maturity at around 16-18 years of age and females reach maturity at around 15-18 years of age. Antivarian give life birth, Antivarian young are born after a gestation period of around 10 months. These newborns are called pups. Pups are born blind and deaf, after around 2 months there eyes will open and they will be able to hear.

To move their large frames and powerful muscles Antivarians require nearly 15,000 calories a day. There metabolisms also operate at a higher rate than most other races meaning that not only are Antivarians large and strong, but they also have the ability to move rapidly as well.

The Antivarian cardiovascular system is a powerhouse, the heart nearly 4 times the size and power of a humans to pump the large quantities of blood needed to transport nutrients and oxygen to the organs of the Antivarian. Antivarian blood, like the blood of nearly all creatures living on the planet Antivar, have a copper based blood. This gives the Antivarians skin a green tone to it.
To say Antivarian culture is conservative is like saying a supernova is bright. Antivarians keep a strict moral code, comparable to the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament. Antivarians believe that loyalty is key for society to move smoothly.

Antivarian's a very social animals, forming very tight social bond with one another, and even other species. Antivarians have a strong parental due to their pups being so small and helpless. Antivarians will fight to the death to protect there young and the young of other races.

Religion is a key player within Antivarian culture. The Antivarian religion is based around the conflict between two opposing forces. The Creator, an all powerful god who created all that is within the Universe, and his foil the Destroyer who embodies decay and destruction. The Antivarian's believe that one day the Destroyer will come and wreak havoc upon the entirety of Creation. Antivarian religion also says the the Ancestors, those Antivairan who went on before, act as an intermediary between the mortal world and the world of the Creator.

Shanxi: A large, carnivorous and surprisingly warm blooded reptilian like race. Shanki are covered in a thick hide of scales that act as a very effective natural armour, there claws and teeth combined with their scales and incredible strength make the ferocious hunters and natural warriors. The Shanki have webbing in between there fingers and toes, an adaptation needed for the wet and swampy nature of their homeworld.

Shanxi, like other reptilian species, lay eggs. These embryos inside will hatch after a six month incubation period. The temperature that the egg is incubated at will determin the sex of the the chick inside. During the incubation period the mother will guard her clutch of normally 2 eggs with her life, the father will also help in protecting the clutch and provides food for the female, who will not leave the eggs alone till they hatch.

The Shanxi have developed a very rigid society, advancement through the ranks of power is incredibly difficult and most Shanxi do the same jobs that their parent did. This has lead to an almost caste like system amongst the Shanxi people. At the top of this system is the nobility who rule over the parts of the Commonwealth the Shanxi control. Warriors and artisans come next along with farmers and at the very bottom of this social structure are merchants, since to the Shanxi they provide little to the Empire as a whole. It is possible to move around in this social structure, but it is considered to be an insult to one's heritage to do so.

The Shanxi are not necessary a war like people but they will not hesitate to fight of need be. They will not hesitate to step into the affairs of other nation, or on an even more personal level with other people, if they feel that there is an injustice that needs to be rectified.

Leader Bio:
Nation History:
While humans were figuring out bronze, the Antivarians had started colonizing there home system. This was no united endevour however, Antivarian colonization was done by the most powerful of the nation states that had grown up on the world of Antivar. These colonies served as bragging points just as much as they served a practical perpose. By the late second century BC anything in the home system that could have been colonized was colonized. with the invention of the warp drive in 55 BC Antivarians began to rapidly expand beyond there cradle. These new colonies themselves operated as independent nations and in time would send out colony ships of there own. These new interstellar nations would war and forge alliances amongst them selves like there fractured brethren on Antivar, but that was soon to change.

The Great War began on Antivar, the Cer'das Empire would wage war across the home world in an effort to unite the world once and for all. Millions perished, but in the end the conquest was successful. With the full might of the home world the newly crowned Emperor of all Antivarians, Ger'san She'ttel, would launch the second stage of his vision, the subjugation of the colonies. Some colonies joined without a fight, but for those that put up resistance war was a waged. After 13 years of bloodshed the Antivarian people were a united race amongst the stars.

For the next few millennia Antivarians would continue to expand, weather through war, diplomacy, or colonization it did no matter. Nothing could stop them, until the ran into the Shanxi Dominion. First contact was rather rocky, and relations between the two races would only continue to grow chilly. Eventually war would break out, and for 20 years the Antivar Empire and the Shanxi Dominion would wage a war that ground to a stalemate. When Anivarian forces finally broke through the Shanxi lines both nations were exhausted, a generation dead and the leaders who started the war with them so on the 6th of June, 1056 AD the Treaty of Commonwealth was signed, thus combining two nation into one and the Antiv Commonwealth was born.

From 1056 to the modern day peace has reigned over the Commonwealth. However, Emperor To'ver She'ttel has died, his eldest son having been killed some years before. The crown thus passes the Sho'te She'ttel, the second son who was never meant to hold the burden of rule over the vast Commonwealth. It remain to be seen if this young Emperor can hold the nation together whilst steering it through the treachery and ambitions of other powers.

Miltary size: 20 billion
Military Tech: Mixed
Standard Weaponry:
Universal Rifle System Model 30 300 yd maxs range, mass driver type weapon. X-15 Sniper Weapon 1.5 mi range, energy weapon.
P-45 Pistol 12 ft maxs range, energy weapon.
Common Ground Fighting Vehicles:
X-17: Hovering a few feet of the ground the X-17 is a fearsome predator with massive 150mm railgun main battle canan and protected by the latest in armour tech, it is a tough nut to crack.
G Siries Battlesuit The G Siries Battlesuit is the primary mech suit within the Commonwealth, emfisising speed and rate of fire it is primarly an anti-infintry weapon.
Soldier appearance:
Royal Commonwealth Navy The Republican Navy forms the backbone or the Republic's military force. With nearly ten billion in service and a thousands combat ready ships in service it is also the largest. The Navy provides transport for the Army, the Marines, the Mechanized Infantry. Amongst their many logistical and combat roles is providing air support for ground troops, clear away orbital defenses, and protect trade lanes from piracy.
Army The ground slogeris of the Commonwealth military, taking ground and holding it is there primary job. The second largest branch of the military at five billion the Antivarians still place a high value on quality over quantity. It is not uncommon to see multiple generations of one family all serving in the military. The Army is almost a military sect within the Antivarian society.
Royal Marine Corps
The elite all purpose troop of the military. Used in everything from special operations to guarding sensitive beings and material. Drawn up from the the Army the Marines consist of the best of the best. The Marines are the smallest branch of the military and under ten million.
Mechanized Infantry
The Mechanized Infantry are the heavy weapons and amour of ground campaigns. Utilizing tanks and mechs the Mechanized Infantry carve paths of destruction for the Army to exploit. Punching holes in enemy defenses and collapsing enemy fronts with fury, the Mechanized Infantry is the shock and awe of the Commonwealths military.
Standard Ship Appearance:
Ship Classes:
Stalwart Class Frigate
Length: 800m
Inventory: 3000
Roll: Picket Ship
Emperor Ger'sha Class Destroyer
Length: 1km
Inventory: 1,500
Roll: Escort
Domination Class Cruiser
Lenght: 3 km
Inventory: 3,000
Roll: Ship of the Line
[ulr=]Oblivion Class Battle Cruiser[/url]
Length: 5km
Inventory: 900
Roll: Ship of the Line
Commonwealth Class Battleship
Length: 7km
Inventory: 300
Roll:Ship of the Line
Antiv Class Carrier
Lenght 10km
Roll: Spacefighter transport
Absolution Class Dreadnought
Inventory: 50
Length: 18km
Roll: Fleet Headquarters
Antivar Class Titan
Inventory: 3
Length: 57km
Roll: Domination
N80 Fighter
Lenght: 30m
Inventory:1 million
Roll: Interceptor Fighter
Lenght: 35m
Roll: Sepuriority Fighter
Inventory: 700,000
Roll: Bomber craft

#DOSAPP (do not delete)

Wip, probably be finished tomorrow.
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Postby Turmenista » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:39 am

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Tagging.

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Postby Spindle » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:03 am

Necessary tag and vague promise of an application at some point this week.
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Postby The National Dominion of Hungary » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:29 am

I'll be getting my app up soon, just a quick question, which is the current year in the RP?

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Postby The Moscow Metro Red Line » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:38 am

NS Name: The Moscow Metro Red Line
Nation Name: Ostian Imperium
Flag: Imperial Banner of the Ostian Imperium
Capital: Ostia System, Ostia, Nue Berlin

Population size: 675 Billion
Primary species: Humans, Kriegschen, Schlange
Leader Bio:
Emperor Karl the Seventh came to power after the death of his brother, the previous Emperor, as the result of food poisoning. Though foul play has been suspected, the Inquisition and Unit 8250 has assured that public that it was indeed an accident and not an assassination. The rule of Karl the Seventh, has been noted as a stable period in Ostian history. Karl the Seventh has expanded the Imperium yet has not entered into any major wars with any power. Perhaps the most notable act under his reign was the complete jurisdiction of an entire sector to the Ostian Inquisition. He has also initiated multiple military projects including one known as the Faust Project. Emperor Karl the Seventh has a wife who was a Royal Guardsman, and has four children. His children are Joseph Marx, Hilde Marx, Xaiver Marx, and Kastella Marx.

Nation History:
The Ostian Imperium originates from a independent human colony called the Nue Berlin Colony. The Nue Berlin Colony was founded on November 9th, 2149. It started as a fringe colony and later became a productive colony. However due to its productivity the Nue Berlin Colony declared their own independence from the Earth-government due to its location being at the edge of human controlled space. After their own rapid rise and industrialization of its home system, the Nue Berlin Colony declared itself the Ostian Republic. As the Republic grew, it re-encountered its colonial neighbors which were now the Yaroslavian Territories and the Stelan Confederacy. A delicate three way power struggle began as both powers attacked, allied and betrayed each other in order to achieve supremacy. Territory changed hands constantly and each of these powers were fueled by the blood of humans and aliens. In the climax of the conflict, the Ostian Republic was nearing defeat due to a joint Yaroslavian and Stelan Alliance. As the two powers began dividing Ostian territory, a young man, who would later become Emperor Karl Engels the First, found a few books in an unknown language. These books contained the symbols and history of an old earth civilization known as the Deuch Dekrat Reublik. After deciphering the ancient Earth language, Karl Engels led a rebellion against the Republic. His rebellion was successful and he renamed the Ostian Republic to the Ostian Imperium.

With his leadership, the Ostians were able to defeat both powers within 30 years. However the cost of the long wars between the Territories and the Confederacy have depleted the natural resources of the Ostian Imperium. As a result, the Ostian Imperium began to expand to outlying systems and worlds in order to feed and sustain its populace. Though the Ostian Imperium has encountered alien species prior to the formation of the Imperium, the first official contact was with the Kreigschen Empire. Accustomed to warfare than diplomacy, the Imperium declared war on the Kreigschen and began a war of conquest. However as the war progressed and no gains were made on both sides, the two species decided to end the war. With the end of the war, came a period of peace and cooperation between the two species. Eventually the two species joined forces under the reign Emperor Friedrich the First.

With the constant wars and need for more labor in public works projects, Emperor Karl the Second created the labor battalions and instituted conscription. Essentially, citizens could be forcibly conscripted into the military and sent to the labor battalions where they would be used as slave labor. At first it was seen as an necessary evil given the time, but eventually it lead to the creation of the first and the second class citizen policies. Additionally it was at this time that the Inquisition was formed after the attempted assassination of Emperor Karl the Second. The Inquisition was given the authority to be above the Emperor's Law and only the Emperor and his appointed officials are in charge of them. Thus began the rivalry between the Royal Guard and the Inquisition for the Emperor's favor. At first the Imperium ignored this but after a Civil War almost broke out between the two, Empress Lenina the First declared that the Inquisition will be responsible for its own income and have control of planets.

The reign of Empress Lenina the First has been marked as one of the most liberal times in Ostian history. Coming to power as the result of a political coup, Empress Lenina the First began instituting a policy of modernization in the Imperium. Under her reign the Ostian military turned from a conscripted and volunteer force to a purely volunteer army. Furthermore, the policy of forced conscription and labor battalions have been abolished. Empress Lenina the First for her actions was given the title of Lenina the Modernizer. Lenina the Modernizer's reign has been noted as the golden age of the Imperium.

Military size:
  • 13 Billion Total Personnel
    • 5 Billion Active Personnel
    • 8 Billion Reserve Personnel
Military Technology:
  • Battlesuits
  • Thermal Weaponry
  • Holograms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Psionics (Limited and Restricted to those part of the Faust Project)
  • Missiles
  • Railguns
  • Biotechnologies
  • Energy Shielding
  • Gunpowder and Kinetic Weaponry
  • Hovercraft
Standard Weaponry: Soldier Equipment Roster, Battlesuit Equipment Roster, Vehicle Roster
Soldier appearance: Soldier Roster
Standard Ship Appearance: Ship Roster

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The National Dominion of Hungary wrote:I'll be getting my app up soon, just a quick question, which is the current year in the RP?

Current date is Jan 1st, 2599.
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APP and Nah'ni Lore

Postby Shadowwell » Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:49 am

NS Name: Shadowwell
Nation Name: Nah'ni Imperium
Flag: TBD/NA
Capital: Planet, has no formal name, only the First Hive.

population size: 1 Trillion
Primary species: Nah'ni, an insectoid and arthropoid race, divided into Castes, each with a specific purpose, info below App.
Nation History: the Nah'ni Imperium, is old, even they do not know how old they are, but they have existed, for many, many millennia, outliving much greater civilizations than their own. The Imperium started from humble roots on the First Hive World, they once lived in loose familial cells, scattered across their home world. That all changed when the First Queen was born, it was she who rallied the Nah'ni into the First Hive, and changed how they were through the Bond. The First Queen, Wove the Bond, and connected the Nah'ni, she did not make them mindless drones, she wasnted them to be subservient, but still able to think for themselves.

The First Queen ruled for many years, eventually becoming the High Queen as the Swarm spread, and more Hives popped up across their world. The Nah'ni advanced and developed under the guiding hand of the First Queen. The Castes developed as the Nah'ni evolved and certain members among them became more suited to certain tasks. There was peace and prosperity for a great deal of time, then the First Hive War began. The First Queen, for all her power and wisdom, was still a mortal being, susceptible to the ravages of time, so she died. For a brief time, her Daughter ruled, but many Queens thought she was too weak, so the First Hive War began. Millions upon millions of Nah'ni marched, fought and died, before the next High Queen was crowned.

The Nah'ni were visited by a spacefaring civilization, that sought the abundant resources of their world, resources the Nah'ni did not need due to their less than conventional technology. Due to how the Nah'ni lived, the civilization mistook the signs of the Nah'ni for wildlife, and even when they discovered the Nah'ni, they thought of them to be akin to primitive savages. The moment they enslaved the first Worker, they brought upon their doom, in response to the injustice to their members, the Swarm moved and flowed across the world like a living tsunami. From studying the civilizations tech, they were able to evolve further, this began the Nah'ni's journey to the stars.

Thus the Nah'ni spread, with their Ships, they left the technology of the civilization alone, though they would continue being harassed, the civilization fell, as did most foes of the Nah'ni. That technology, was left alone, though that would bring about the first of many dark times for the Nah'ni, their First Dark Age. A Vizier of the First Hive, discovered the tech, and sought to use it, he would orchestrate many deaths, not of enemies of the Swarm, that would have been normal, no he killed off Queens, and other Nah'ni that stood in his way. Though no male had ruled, that was more of a tradition, until that Vizier, whos name has been struck from history, took the crown and Usurped the Bond.

He used the Bond, to influence the Nah'ni more to his liking, they became more aggressive, more warlike. They flowed through space, consuming civilizations and adapting, but then a force rose up against the Usurper and his regime, a Dowager and a Vizier among the Hiveless, led those formerly of the First Hive against the Usurper. The conflict lasted many years, but it ended as the Hiveless Vizier fought and killed the Usurper in one on one combat. Those that willingly followed the Usurper were exiled to join the Hiveless in Penance for their sins. Time has passed, and the Nah'ni have gone through many High Queens, Hive Wars, and even a few Dark Ages, but they have remained. The Nah'ni have been quiet and reclusive for a long time, rarely leaving their space. They have been peaceful for many years, but as more and more civilizations take to the stars, who knows what the future holds for the Imperium.

Miltary size: 30 Billion
Military Tech: All tech, the Nah'ni have, are biological adaptations, their military tech is no different. Most members of the Soldier Caste are larger and stronger than other Nah'ni. Some can discharge electricity, others can launch globs of acid that are a mix of two naturally produced chemicals, others still are massive almagamations of raw power, Thick Chitin and Cutting scythes used to tear swathes throw enemy ranks, infantry or otherwise.

Captains, those that 'pilot' and Bond with Nah'ni ships, are typically psionic in nature, and they can project a Psionic shield of sorts, with the aid of the ship, to protect it, for a time. They can also direct the energy of the ship, into a manifested Psionic burst, that can have a variety of effects.

Standard Weaponry: Most Nah'ni infantry of the Soldier Caste have at the bare minimum sharp scythes that can cut through flesh and sinew along with several types of Pheromones, as well as venom and/or poison, which depends upon the Hive.

Nah'ni Ships generally have have hidden scythes, though most use Drones, which are organic projectiles, grown by the Ships. They can survive in space for a relatively long amount of time, when they hit something, they burrow into it, and consume it, and they mutate over time, becoming a festering cancerous wound on a ship, slowly spreading. There are also large Drones, that are often used as boarding pods, sending members of the Soldier Caste to wreak havoc within the enemy ship. In addition, they have specially created Soldiers, called Fighters, that operate similar to Knights, but are capable of moving about in space, for a time, and are used against enemy star-fighters and as harassment.
Soldier appearance: Descriptions and pics below.
Standard Ship Appearance: The appearances of Nah'ni ships, are much like the Nah'ni themselves, varying in size and appearance per Hive and Hive World. They are generally dark colored and cylindrical in appearance, with hulls of segmented Chitin.

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Life span of the Castes
(The numbers are the max recorded age range, on average, and do not include the formative years)

Nobility: Most of the Nobility Caste have the same life spans of Workers, with exceptions. The High Queen can live for up to 1500 years or, Dowagers are similar, while normal Queens only live to be around 700-850 years on average.
Vizier: 1200 years
Crafter: 475 – 650 years
Soldier: 125-150 years
Worker: 165 – 210 years

Caste Division:

The Hierarchy of the Nah’ni is not too dissimilar from that of mundane insects. Though there are obvious differences. This just lists the general overview of the Nah’ni Caste system, and more variants of each Caste member might exist, this just lists just the major ones, additionally, aside from the specific functions of the different Castes, nearly every Nah’ni has certain abilities and characteristics, for example, all Nah’ni have an inherent weakness to both fire and parasite, and all molt atleast once or twice in their lifetimes. A general rule of thumb is the more intelligent a Caste, the more humanoid they are, this is especially true for the Viziers and Nobility.

The highest Caste, is the Nobility Caste, this includes the Queen, once one becomes a/the Queen, they will change, be promoted in a sense. The Nobility Caste can include members of the Queens family as well as their Consort, though that is not always the case. In the Rare cases that the previous Queen survives after they take a role not dissimilar to that of the Vizier Caste, though the term Dowager is used for them. Members of the Nobility Caste, most commonly Queens can be rather long lived; the First Queen herself lived for several centuries.

Those born into the Nobility Caste, are generally smarter, and pick things up easier than most other Nah’ni young. Depedning upon whether both of their parents were of the Nobility Caste, or of others as well, certain young can be more predisposed towards certain actions or acquisition of certain knowledge. The Nobility Caste, as well as the Vizier Caste, are the only Nah’ni that have any sort of Psionic potential.

The next highest Caste, is the Vizier Caste, they are among the most intelligent Nah’ni. They generally have a humanoid appearance, looking more man than insect, though their appearance depends upon the environment they were grown in. Aside from the enhanced intelligence, they also possess extremely advanced senses and pheromones. While they cannot generally read minds in the truest sense, they can infer what others are feeling due to the chemicals and such released as well as any minute twitches or the like. They are used by the Queens as advisors, as well as diplomats to other races.

During periods of War, they are also used as commanders and tacticians, to make use of their inherent traits. During particularly desperate periods in Nah’ni history Viziers have also been grown as assassins, to silence the enemies of the Hive is needed. To this end, most Viziers are stronger and faster than normal Worker, but they lack the durability of the larger soldiers. They are the only other Caste that can live as long as the Queen. Viziers also act as the historians of the Hive, recording information from Dowagers and the past to be used by the next generation of the Hive. In the rare instances that a member is born into the Vizier Caste, rather than simply of it, the offspring is always male.

Below them are the members of Crafter Caste, they are not just craftsman in the traditional meaning of the word, as many are responsible for creating things. They are also responsible for the changes that happen to each subsequent generation of Nah’ni. Those who improve the Soldiers and the other beings used in war are called the Warcrafters. Those that are responsible for the general changes are called the Broodmothers, though they do not truly birth the Nah’ni, they along with the Queen, are the ‘mothers’ of each subsequent generation. The changes they make, are not immediate, and might take a generation or three in order to become fully integrated into the Nah’ni as a whole or that particular Hive/Hive World.

Some changes might be localized to a specific Hive, the Sari Mountain Hive, for example has adapted to the extreme cold, and thus are hardier in such drastic temperatures compared to Nah’ni from more temperate climates, they have also adapted to the barren conditions, being more self-sufficient and not relying on hunting for food as much, though their pattern changes did aid their hunting in the region that they lived in. Other changes might be carried throughout the Swarm as a whole. Before the Soldier Caste came into being, the Workers were unable to defend themselves effectively.

Originally they had but one set of spindly arms and no wings, the First Queen birthed the first of those that would become the Crafters and they in turn changed the Workers. They were given thicker, stronger limbs and carapaces; some were given wings, while others gained scythes akin to those sported by Mantis’. That was when the Nah’ni first started to become what the First Queen wanted her people to be. Though the Soldier Caste would eventually take the spot as the ones to fight for and defend the Hives, the Workers would keep the changes, for defense and harvesting purposes.

Below them is the Soldier Caste, the defenders of the Swarm and those that would rend their enemies. When they originally lived in the Black hills, the Nah’ni had no real means of defending themselves; they relied on swarm tactics, overpowering their foes with the sheer amount of them and the weight of their bodies. After the First Queen created the First Hive and formed the Bond, the Nah’ni could no longer afford to just through themselves upon their enemies and hope their numbers prevailed. In order to defend the Hive, and protect the Queen that had made them more than what they once were, the Broodmothers created the Soldiers.

The First Soldiers, were originally Workers, that had proved skilled and exceptional in combat, they were reborn as Soldiers. They were made much larger and stronger than they once were which was already impressive for their size. They were given sharper scythes which would fold into a second set of limbs from their back. They were given much thicker carapaces to start, which would later be improved upon. Originally the Soldiers were even simpler than the Workers once were, they lived only to fight and protect, but subsequent generations would weed the undesirable traits out.

As the Nah’ni expanded, they took concepts from the other races they met and improved the Soldiers even more. Meeting armored soldiers for the first time, led to the creation of the Nah’ni’s own version. These members of the Soldier Caste would be called Knights, in the languages of the other races. They are generally large easily dwarfing the average normal Soldier, which is already double the size of most Workers. They lack the small set of wings for gliding and bursts speed that most other Soldiers have, in their place they possess massive scythe like blades which can fold out of a set of arms that sprout from their back.

Though Soldiers are more heavily ‘armored’ than most Nah’ni, the Knights take this a step further, they have a set of ‘armor’ that they wear. It is a secondary exoskeleton of sorts that can be removed, it is part of what gives them their massive size. They can only be stored in certain sections of the Hive, or else the armor will die. When ‘worn’ it connects to the Knight fully, through their pheromone vents. The ‘armor’ gives them increased durability, but it also allows them to launch globs of a sort of acidic bile. One component is a Pheromone most Soldiers can produce, the other is provided by the ‘armor’, they are then combined just before being expelled.

Though the Knights are astonishingly powerful, they have equally debilitating weaknesses. They are slow, much slower even than a normal Soldier, and they have obvious weak points. The areas where the ‘armor’ ‘links’ into the pheromone vents are discolored, which marks where they are. If enough of these spots are injured the Knight will be unable to move for a time. Another problem is the secondary exoskeleton, while providing an increase in certain areas also makes them ‘overheat’ rather easily, they rarely travel during the day and if they do, it is in the shade or underground.

There exist other variants of within the Soldier Caste, which are based off of weapons of war made by the other races. One variation is the Ram, its purpose is to tear down the structures in its path, it size is larger than that of the Knight, but they are just as slow, and are a rarity, mostly because the Nah’ni rarely war with those that have conventional cities and structures. A more common variant of the Solder Caste is the Scout, they were first developed shortly after the first Soldiers were, to combat the threat of the Roc’s and Gryphons in their new home. They are the smallest member of the Soldier Caste as well as the fastest, though some would say they are also the most dangerous.

They, like Workers are capable of actual Flight, rather than just short bursts of speed or gliding. This is not where their talents end however; they are also capable of jumping great heights, which can be further supplementing by the usage of their wings. Though smaller, they have ‘sharper’ scythes, and are more nimble allowing them to dispatch larger less agile foes easier. However their small size and fast speed means that they have less durability than most of the Soldier Caste, and even less than Workers do, despite this, they have a lower fatality rate than most other Soldiers, this is mostly due to the fact that they rarely are on the frontlines.

The lowest Caste of the Nah’ni and the one whose members are more commonly encountered are those of the Worker Caste, which is how they are referred to by members of the other races. They possess all the features and abilities most of Nah’ni have. These include but aren’t limited to a natural regen, a general resistance to bladed weapons along with a weakness to crushing and piercing ones, a thick natural chitinous ‘armor’, pheromones of varying types, great strength for their size, as well as a general difference, however slight, between the genders.

Though the Nah’ni as a whole have an impressive immune system, the Workers’ is even more impressive, they recover from most illnesses and such faster and injuries affect them less, generally. They have an astonishing stamina and endurance, this lets them work and go without food and water for extended periods of time, it exceeds even that of the Soldier, though Workers lack the durability and such they have. They, like all Nah’ni have enhanced senses, this allows them to track pheromone trails, but they also have more advanced eyesight compared to all Nah’ni but for the Vizier and Nobility Castes.

Two variants of the standard Worker include the Hunter and then the Gatherer. The Hunter leads groups of normal Workers to hunt animals to collect food. They also dress and prepare it for consumption, many Nah’ni eat their meat raw, even while it is living, but others also enjoy it cooked. The Gatherers are similar, but gather food without killing, they grow plants as well as cultivate a form of livestock animal that produces a thick viscous honey like substance that can be consumed, it tastes sweet and non-Nah’ni can find it addicting, as it provides a sort of fleeting tingling euphoria.

Workers, much like the Vizier and Nobility Castes are capable of the speech of other peoples, but theirs is much more heavily 'accented'. Workers have certain abilities inherent to them that assist in their endeavors. Nah’ni Workers can release jolts of electricity, that can stun prey, this is often coupled with their pheromones to capture people or while hunting. They absorb energy from the sun, which enables them to produce limited amounts which can then be released, in just as limited amounts. Female Workers also have a barbless sting and a mild venom that can cause great pain.

Since the Nah'ni took to the stars, one particular type of Nah'ni, a specialized variant of the Vizier caste, called the Captain, was created. They have a high psionic potential, but it is harnessed, they are the only ones, who can Bond, with the Nah'ni Ships. They are specially chosen among the Casteless Drones, ni their formative years,

One oddity, among the Castes, are the Ships, they are grown, by members of the Crafter Caste. They are large space capable constrcuts, that are surprisingly capable of Sapience and sentience. They bond with their partner, the Captain, and gain an insight into things such as emotions, feelings and such. That is not all the Bond provides however, it also lets the Captain, influence the Ship, to a small extent, controlling certain functions, this is helpful in stressful situations. The bond can affect the Ship and the Captain both, in negative ways, the Ship, can get attached to the crew of the ship, rather easily, this is one reasons why the Crews are rotated out to prevent the ship from getting overly attached. in the most recent Nah'ni Dark Age, many Ships were affected by the loss of their captain and crew and went on a rampage against all Nah'ni.

Appearances of the Castes

Nobility: The Nobility Caste, aside from the Queens, are similar in size and such to Workers, though are different in other way. They are generally more intelligent and cunning, and less dedicated than the Workers. Queens are typically much like the Broodmothers, but different, being more free in many ways. The High Queen, much like the Vizier are humanoid, and while they lack the shear armor the Soldiers do, they are much wiser, and among the only Nah'ni capable of magic.

Vizier: Viziers are humanoid, much like the High Queen, and members of the Nobility Caste, but are almost always male in build, gender and appearance. They have segmented chitin, that provides a bit more flexibility than that possessed by mos Soldiers.

Crafters: Aside from the Broodmothers, who are much larger, they appear rather similar in size to Workers. For the most part they have the same functions, though some are more specialized.

Soldiers: Soldiers are taller than Workers by around a foot, typically. Their exoskeleton's have edges that hang over, slightly covering where the joints and limbs protrude from. Though it depends upon the specific type of Soldier, they are generally among the largest of the Nah'ni, with some exceptions. Though it seems to be seamless, the Carpace of a typical Soldier, is not one solid piece. Unlike in actual insects the Abdomen for the Nah'ni is where the legs emerge from, on the back of that is a solid piece of chitinous exoskeleton, which can endure many blows. The thorax on a Nah'ni serves as the torso region, and the back is again a mostly solid piece of chitin, but where the thorax and abdomen meet there are several weaker but flexible bands of chitin to allow a certain amount of movement. This is not seen most of the time as the gap is obscured by the overhangs from the Chitinous back plates. Similar bands are around the joints to allow more freedom of movement, the only sign that they are different from the rest of the exoskeleton is that they are slightly lighter in color.

Workers: On average they seem to stand from around 4 feet to 5 and a half feet in height. In all actuality most stand at around 5 and a half, they just carry themselves lower. Males, mostly, have wings and scythes, while females also have wings, but no scythe arms, but they have barbless stings and a venom. Some Hives are different though, the Jungle Hive Workers are more spider like and females have spinnerets.

About the Nah’ni

General Info: The Nah’ni as a whole, are rather mellow and peaceful creatures, this translates into their culture heavily. The Nah’ni are very industrious and hardworking, though each Caste have their own things they are more suited for, many Nah’ni do certain things to pass the time. Some make crafts and what other races would consider art. During their long lifespans, compared to humans, Workers tend to pick up and master what others would consider a craft.

Though the general Hierarchy of the Hive is set in stone, certain things can elevate a member of a particular Caste beyond the norm. Those of the ‘lesser’ Castes, if they are able to reach an old age, can gain a certain amount of respect and Prestige. If a Worker lives to be old, this means they have served the Hive well, for a Soldier this means that they are a veteran of many battles and have seen and survived much combat. For Crafters it means that they have become true masters of their craft, for Viziers it means that they have served the Hive and the Queen, perhaps more than one of the latter. Age and mastery are not the only measures of a respected Nah’ni, but they are the most common ways that status is marked.

There is one particular ‘tradition’ that nearly every race that knows about the Nah’ni, knows of. This ‘tradition’ is the Hive Wars, which is a period of time after the High Queen has died, where the various Hive’s and their inhabitants fight for supremacy to see which Queen will become the next High Queen and take the Bond upon themselves. This does not always happen, as if an offspring of the High Queen is acceptable, they could become the next High Queen. During the Hive Wars, the Nah’ni become much more aggressive, towards one another and other races, they are sometimes marked by periods of expansion and conquest as well.

Not every Hive will participate in the Hive Wars, usually only Hives which have stood for many centuries will participate, there are exceptions though. During the 3rd Hive War, this was just after the Nah’ni started to really expand, several Smaller Hives and their Queens teamed up and eventually one. They would rule in a cycle, with each taking the position of High Queen for several decades. However, that was a rarity, those Queens were all Brood-Sisters so they held a bond greater than most Nah’ni. More often than not, the smaller hives stay out of the conflict.

The Nah’ni, do not have names, well not conventional ones, for the other languages at least. Due to the Nah’ni’s language, and the fact that most do not speak any other language but their own, the Names for Nah’ni outside their Hives are generic, and many are just referred to by their Caste as a Title of sorts. Sometimes Viziers or Queens may take a name from the history of other races that they like. Some Viziers have been able to translate other languages into Nah’ni, but due to the presence of mandibles and such many Nah’ni have, few could speak it without a heavy ‘accent’.

Nah’ni are born as larvae, an infants like stage, after this they change into their child form, which is essentially a smaller version of how a Worker looks. They will then molt a few times, for each major stage of their growing period. This all happens during a period of 10-15 years or so, and by the time they reach their final molting stage, most will have chosen their specialization, or had it chosen for them. One this period is over they are considered adults and they can then do their jobs and such, for the most part.

After an incident involving pirates and pillagers and the plundering of the Burial fields, a tradition began, that would evolve. After a new High Queen is Chosen, the previous members of the First Hive will leave. Many stay in the First Hive, but only those not oriented for combat. The Soldiers and any surviving Viziers leave the First Hive and head to the borders of Nah'ni space, they guard it, and serve as the first contact against any intruders. This is not always the case, the Hiveless sometimes just wander the galaxy, this is what most that do not stay in the First Hive, or go to guard the Border do. The Hiveless also do not answer to any Queen, but are still subject under the laws of a Hive, should they visit one.

Though typically the First Hive will be where the High Queen resides, this is not always the case. A previous High Queen that hailed from an ice planet could not deal well with other climates well, so instead of abandoning her own hive, and the climate she was adjusted to, she became the High Queen centered in that Hive World. For a time this left the First Hive without a Queen, but a Dowager took over, with the next successor following them. Similar cases have offspring of the previous High Queen taking over, while being advised by a Vizier and/or a Dowager.

Though the Nah'ni are largely the same, the different Hives, located in different climates, regions, and such, each have their own specific and unique adaptations. The Nah'ni of worlds with much rock and ore are genearlly tougher, more hardy, colored in dark, dull greys and browns, larger, and slower, the Workers are more multipurpose and varied as well. Those of jungle worlds are generally lighter, and faster, the female Workers have spinnerets instead of barbless stings, they can weave silk, which is astonishingly strong. They are less durable as a whole, and the Soldiers while still larger lack the armor the Iron Mountain Soldiers have. Some Jungle Nah'ni can also secrete a potent venom, but it is not fatal, unless many bites are given, it just induces fear and panic, their fangs cannot pierce through thick cloth or armor, only males have this. They usually have brighter colors, but also mottled shades of green and brown to better blend in.

Hives in worlds with prevalent water and plains are more adapted to aquatic and humid environments. They can 'walk' and float on water, the smaller Castes at least. Unfortunately due to living in soft earth, as opposed to hard mountains, they are weaker and smaller than the Hives of 'harder' worlds, but are just as durable, soldiers not included. The average Worker is much smarter however, and are much more reclusive than even normal Nah'ni. They are masters of camouflage and the entrance to their Hive is hidden even to other Nah'ni not of the same Hive. Some of the Worker Caste of this Hive can dive and are accomplished fishermen, though they do not often get a chance to hunt for fish in the dry season.

The exoskeletons of Nah'ni are wondrous things, they are organic, and are grown as part of a Nah'ni, each Caste has their own style of exoskeleton, with different Hives being different as well. Despite being roughly as strong as certain metal armors, though nominally thicker, Nah'ni exoskeletons are much more flexible, though not to the extreme. This flexibility only lasts when the Nah'ni is alive, however. When a Nah'ni dies, their exoskeleton gradually hardens, but also becomes more brittle unless treated right, or preserved.

Despite how many think of them, the Nah'ni are not a Hive Mind, not exactly anyways. The High Queen, can sense the deaths of others of the Swarm, but cannot outright contact them. The only of the NAh'ni who can contact the High Queen, through the Bond are the other Queens, the Captains, and some viziers. The Captains could access the Bond, through their own unique Bond with their Ships, while most Vizier have some psionic potential, so they can tap into the Bond. For most Nah'ni the presence of the Bond is an instinctual feeling, that does not exactly affect them, except in times of war or distress.

Mating habits: The Nah’ni still hold remnants of the traits held by their more mundane insect brethren. The Queen is not the only one that can mate, but typically the Brood of a/the Queen is better, generally. The members of every Caste, or nearly so, are capable of breeding, more often than not, no matter the Caste, the resulting Brood will be composed entirely of Workers. This is not always the case however, though it occurs more often when a new Hive is in its infancy phase, Soldiers, Vizier, and other Castes can be produced by breeding in between the members of a Caste. New Crafters and Viziers are more often than not members of the Queens Brood, during the early years of a Hive, anyways.

Nah’ni young, before they become a full member of whatever Caste, are called Drones. A Drone becomes an 'adult' when they undergoe their Change, this is a period that lasts from a few months to several years. It is not too dissimilar from Puberty in other races, though the Change is arguably much greater. They not only go through emotional and mental changes, but major, major physical changes as well. Workers gain a multitude of changes for different functions, depending upon the region, Soldiers become much larger, and that change can take some getting used to, especially if they are a Knight. Using extra limbs and such takes time to adjust to as well, and then the different types of pheromones and such as well.

Though interbreeding between the Castes is uncommon, it is not entirely rare. The results of these rare unions can produce some interesting effects. There are stories of Workers born between a Soldier and a Worker that have increased strength, but are still the same size and such of an average Worker. That is actually how the War-crafter variant of the Crafter Caste came about. The offspring of a Soldier and a Crafter was more predisposed to ‘craft’ more aggressive and combat oriented changes. This was what led to the Broodmothers birthing the first of the War-crafters.

The Nah’ni can only reproduce through breeding during their mating season period, which takes place in the first or second half of the year, depending upon the climate and region in which they live. During the Mating season their colors become more pronounced, and certain types of pheromones unique to the season are produced as well. These pheromones are only produced by females of other Castes, though most predominantly Workers, they are kept in the Hive during this time. This rule came about after several incidents involving certain activities of other races becoming less restricted. During this time, Male Workers will ‘sing’ to draw in a mate, members of other races have noted, that while an acquired taste, Nah’ni ‘music’ can be quite pleasant.
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Moscow's Ostia is accepted.
[spoiler=Nation Info]The Tagali Federation- An FT Nation made up of dozens of species.

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heckin tag
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NS Name: The New Earth Federation
Nation Name: United System of the New Earth Federation
Flag: My NS flag
Capital: Arcadia, New Earth

population size: 650.7 Billion
Primary species: Human (40%), Dracoian (25%), Evandari (15%), Fenvaria (20%)
Descriptions and other info here
Nation History:

The NEF was born of fire and determination as well with the Human Tagali war raging though the early years of the Entente’s space faring time. The main event of the war that saw the catalyst of the NEF formnation was the evacuation during the mid war as Tagali ships slowly pushed inward on the Entente, slowly but it looked like surely that Entente would fall. With fear and desperation gripping several of the smaller outer and mid core worlds, many attempted to flee towards the more protected core worlds and other worlds deeper into the territory. Most made it to safety however some where not as lucky this is where the NEF began to form, during an evacuation of a long lost world the evacuation came under fire from a Tagali fleet that just warped into the system. A long and grinding battle of “knife fighting” occurred as the human fleet in the system attempted to defend the civilian ships that started to come underfire, also heavy ground fighting also took place as the military forces here as well as the civilian police forces attempted to counter the Tagali invasion. The ground fighting was firece and bloody, with most of the military force being wiped out and forced to retreat with the evacuating civilians. Things weren’t any better in space as out gunned and becoming surrounded the fleet blind jumped with the the civilian ships to a random set of star coordinates.

As they jumped out of the system the Tagali ships would follow them and it was a dangerous game of cat and mouse as slowly the civilian ships as well as military ships would be peeled away from the whole fleet. And after a few weeks of running and gunning away from the fleet, the survivors finally arrived in a previously undiscovered and what they thought to be uninhabited system which seemed to have two continental classed slightly larger earth sized planets in it. Both seemed to have large amounts of minerals on them and wel, the entire system to be a goldmine for minerals and other aspects needed for a space age civilization. Cut off, out gunned, and almost out of fuel they dropped all of the non combat ships onto the thrid planet in the system which they would call New Earth seeing as they were technically not apart of the UN anymore. With the civilian ships on the ground everyone prepared for their last stand, all able bodied men and women where forced to take up arms in case the fighting took to the surface. Which never seemed that the Tagali just gave up left them alone; cautiously they expanded outwards across the planet setting up temporary shelters and the most basic of infrastructure. As they did so they kept an eye to the sky waiting for the Tagali to return to finish them off. But to their surprise as they expanded and claimed the planet no attack would come, so with confidence the began to call themselves the New Earth Federation. So it was now time to explore the system, which would bring them into confrontation with the Dracoians, a bipedal humanoid lizard race that originated from the planet known as Draco, which was the four planet in the system.

This would lead to the the Federation-Dracoian War was a very brief war that fought between the New Earth Federation and the Confederate States of Draco. Initial contact between the Federation the the CSD was first over New Earth’s moon, New Luna. A group of explorers, scientist and military escorts went to the moon in order to see if the moon could be colonized. However on their way back they discovered a strange transmission and so they went off course to investigate this transmission. Once they reached the object that was producing transmission, they discovered an unknown spaceship just sitting between New Earth and the fourth planet.

So they bordered the ship and went to investigate. However within docking with the ship they were attack by the security forces that the CSD sent with the ship, all of the crew was killed immediately save one Trooper who wiped all of the Nav records when he fell back to the cockpit, he was soon killed after that. After losing contact with the exploration ship the Federation sent the destroyer NEF New Haven to investigate the disappearance. When the New Haven reached the site of disappearance it was immediately attacked then bordered by the CSD. The boarding teams were repelled and then the ship was taken over back NEF forces, both ships were taken back to New Earth. Soon a Battlegroup was mustered to invade the planet, and several legions where mustered to take part in the invasion after the battlegroup would bombard the CSD military installations and factories. The battlegroup arrives and invades the planet, the Dracoians had a much larger force but were largely disorganized because there was base military organization, tactics, and equipment for the Dracoians military; so their military depended on how the state that they came from organized and equipped its military, this created a large amount of confusion and bureaucracy. The next major battle was the Battle of Firebase Delta, this battle was critical because it was one of the outermost perimeter defenses that was established when the Federation landed on the planet. The reason behind the strategic battle was that this base helped protect a major supply depot that was located roughly 10 miles form the base, so this base was heavily defended with a large amount of infantry, air support, and armor support. So when the Dracoians attacked this base it was a desperate fight to hold them back. In the end the Federation was able to hold them off but at the cost of 70% of the soldiers stationed there. Next is the the battle of Lok pass, this battle was over the critical supply route that led form the northern states into the southern states. The Federation was able to take the pass along with the fortress there effectively cutting off the more industrial northern states form the more agricultural southern states. With both halves of the planet cut off form one another the Federation invaded first the Northern States in order to crippled their industry and ability to wage war, at the same a second Federation for attacked the Southern States. The southern states put up little to no fight as most of their militias or armies had retreated to the capital to protect it form the Federation military. The final was the Seige of Nar'val, this battle took about 7 months to end and during the first few days these 7 months Federation forces camped outside the capital's walls and proceeded to drop pamphlets warning the populace to move underground or somewhere safe. The next day the Federation began to shell the entire city, the shelling would last for about four hours and had a three hour in between each volley. Finally after the 7 months of shelling the city surrender thus ending the Federation-Dracoian War.

With the Dracoians under their heel the NEF was unsure how to deal with them they had fought honorably in the fighting so many of through the NEF political landscape and civilian landscape pushed for a sort of equal rights policy towards races that were seen as honorable. Which would help keep the fragile peace for six years which in this time both planets began to develop more and more. And to much of the Dracoians surprise they where treated out well and started to fit in due to the now militarized culture seeing as both species began to show more and more pride in the military. Though there was some who still resented the rule of the NEF on Draco and at first these protests seemed to be peaceful and well small only springing up in a few of the smaller states though little that was known that the state under the control of Ral Naar who at the time was a governor of a rather small and isolated state.

With the Human-Dracoian War over, the Federation began to rebuild Draco and expand. However these where troubled times as a small group of Dracoians resented the Federation because of their imperialistic and militant take over of Draco, however few moved toward violence. A certain highly militant Dracoian named Ral Naar organized a small group of followers and decides revolts against the Federation declaring his state free and will never bow to the Federation. Naar establishes the Free State of Draco, then he proceeds to orders his followers to massacre all Federation Troopers as well as all humans and pro-Federation Dracoians. On New Earth, the 3rd Battlegroup organized and is sent to Draco to put down the rebellion, meanwhile Troopers stationed on Draco are on high alert and mobilized to defend their assigned states as well to put down any other rebellions. When the 3rd Battlegroup arrives a simultaneous invasion by space and group commences on the FSD within weeks the "capital" of the FSD is captured along with a majority of Ral's military/ political advisors are captured however Ral eludes capture for a month before being captured but Federation forces at his personal fortress. Naar is placed on trial he is found guilty of treason, genocide, terrorism, conspiracy to commit genocide, conspiracy to commit treason, and conspiracy to commit terrorism. Naar is executed by firing squad his body is then sent to the deepest part of the ocean and dropped there.

With the Naar Rebellion over and new legislation sweeping across the NEF allowing for more equal rights as well as a series of anti-terrorism laws that made it quite the capital offense. Over the next years the NEF would expland and conquer it was after this that the NEF encounter it’s two newest races to be incorporated. NEF Destroyer Intrepid was doing a rather normal patrol along the out core ring, in doing so it picks up what appeared to be communications on Andor, initiating first contact with the Evandari Republic. A rather diplomatic species of anthropomorphic cat people that seemed very keen on meeting new people. Also at this time NEF Destroyer Devil's Hand crashes on Areia making contact with the Fenvarians who are a anthropomorphic Wolf/fox mix people, warlike and quite clan based. After a month of negotiation and cultural exchange in a surprise event the Evandari began to vote to decide if they should join the NEF. At the end of the month, the vote results where sent to the NEF diplomat as well as a petition to join the NEF, over 90% of the world voted to join. As for the Fenvarians the last Clankreig starts to draw to an end and the larger clans begun to diliberate on the idea of joining the NEF after a bit of culture exchange and the more they learn about the Federation. Suprised by this, the NEF Parliament spent an entire month and a half debating this topic, in the end they agreed to the petition and the Evandari (June) and Fenvaria (July) where given full citizen rights.

Learning from the Naar Rebellion the NEF was quick to crush any potential radical opposition for the Evandari, it was easy as there was little to no radical opposition given their nature if loving to meet new people. As for the Fenvaria their was some but not popular radical resistance among a few of their more isolated clans which would quickly reverse their opinion after seeing the technology and military might that was given to their rivals and other clans. Things where relatively peaceful with a few pirate raid here and there until the NEF came into contact with the Confederation of Human Planets which was a loose confederation of human centric nplanets that joined together in a mutual security. Their view of the NEF was rather negative as well they where human centric and during their formation they eradicated all and any alien that they dared come across, this was due to their escape from the Tagali Forces years prior. Soon a full out war broke out which would be known as the NEF-CHP War, for the most part the fighting was rather intense during the first few years which was largely just ship battles and hit and runs, however as time passed on the NEF and CHP would discover each other’s planets and invade them. This was known as the Bloodly Years as this was some of the most brutal, costly, and destructive years in the War as Federation began to enforce uninvaded fortress worlds and slowly fall back to these fortress worlds, however in the meantime the Federation destroyed all strategic buildings to halt the CHP invasion force. Some of these battles enculded Battle of New Folkland which saw the 60% causality rate on both sides, Battle of Jugenheim, Battle of Devils Nubeula; largest space battle in the war first use large scale use of Super Dreadnoughts, Raid of Issa Prime also known as the Last Stand of the 31st Commando Legion, Battle of Alpha Prime, and Siege of New Jerusalem which saw some of the heaviest ground and orbital fighting about a 90% causality rate for both NEF and CHP Forces.

In the end the war saw a massive territorial lost of the CHP which resulted in the NEF taking most of their frontier worlds as well as their absorption into the NEF. Which the NEF was quick to occupy these planets with military forces and crush any remaining anti-xeno mindset and radical ideology seeing it as a threat to the NEF as a whole. This section of the NEF would be known as the frontier given it’s still a rather unexplored and unknown region of both of the nations. For the most part the NEF would occupy this region until it fully stabilized which parts of it have but for the most part these regions would be under FHG protection. As more years passed the NEF would come back into contact with the Tagali however this was due to a previously unknown house coming across one of the more wild planets and proceeding to raid it, which prompted a military response. But it was too late to keep the secret of the MEF away from the Tagali, soon more and more raids would come leading to more heavily guarded colonies, more FHG Forces, more planetary cannons. Etc. little that the Tagali know is that these are more of the frontier worlds and what have been fighting where Federal Home Guardsmen the Police and militia of the NEF.

Miltary size: 15.535 Billion
Army: 5.8 billion
-Troopers: 3 billion
-Commandos: 2 billion
-Paladins: 8 million
Navy: 5 billion
10k ships
5 sectors, 2700 Systems
1 Sector, 540 Systems
2000 ships Per Sector (Sector Fleet)
-1000 Destroyers
-110 Carriers
-450 Cruisers
-100 Battleships
-40 Dreads
-10 Super Dreads
-300 corvettes
1 Fleet per 108 Systems
-1 Fleet: 400 ships
-Battlegroup: 200 ships
-Strike Force: 100 ships
-Patrol Fleet: 50
Air Force: 4.735 billion

Military Tech:
-Ground based
Railguns, micro Railguns
Plasma based weaponry
Power melee weapons
Class I Power armor (Designated infantry units only)
Military grade cybernetics
Cloaking technology
Infantry based shielding
Infantry based jump jets
Ship based shielding, Tier V (Hyper Shielding)
-Spaceship mounted
Plasma based weapons
Ion Cannons
Gauss weaponry
Nuclear warheads
-City based
Solar collectors/panels
Wind turbines
Geothermal turbines
Nuclear Fusion
Deuterium based reactors
Antimatter reactors (limited)
Cold Fusion
-Ship based
Deuterium based reactors
Other nuclear reactors
Mirco nuclear power plants, mostly used in Class I power armor
Bio-gel (Basically medigel from Mass Effect)
Gene tailoring/Genetic modification (limited use)
Neural implants
-Ship mounted
FTL: Warp
Impulse or Plasma Engines
QEC (Quantum Engagement Communication), holographic projections
Artificial Intelligence (both military and Civilian)
Terraforming/Atmospheric manipulation/Atmospheric filtering
EMP hardening technology

Standard Weaponry: (All standard issue ARs, BRs, and DMRs; used by NEF AF and FHG)
M83A7 Pulse Assault Rifle
M83A3 "Bismarck" Pulse Battle Rifle
M56 "Artemis" Pulse DMR
All weapons and stats here.

Soldier appearance:
-Role: Basic Infantry
-Armor Category: Medium
Info: Troopers are the most basic form of infantry in the Federation Armed Forces (FAF). They are very loyal to the Federation and their squad as most of them form close bonds on and off the battlefield, most of these bonds are created during basic training. They are trained to be both free thinking and to follow orders, this allows them to be combat effective and have a moral decision. Troopers are usually deployed in a wide array of combat and non-combat roles, they are also deployed in squads of ten (four riflemen, one medic, one marksman, one sergeant, one radio, one heavy weapons, and one demo/engineer).
Appearance: All Troopers wear the standard issue BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) which is made up of two parts, the fatigues and the armor set, the Mk VI armor set. Both items can be camouflaged to match the environment where they are fighting, which makes the armor and uniform versatile in battle. Most of that camouflage patterns used in the NEF are either hex based or digital based camouflage, with the exception to multicam. Though the standard armor color is a steel grey with the fatigues being a navy blue (pants are grey). As for ranked Troopers they are identified by both their rank insignia which sits in the center of the upper chest (similar to that of the US army), the NEF flag is situated on the left shoulder pad while legion patches and specialization ribbons are on the right. As for the legion patches the specialization usually goes below the patch since the armor as there isn't really a collar on the armor. With the near renditions of the armor thruster packs have been added on, these packs are attached to the backside of the Trooper right about the gluteus maximums. A backpack is also attached to the armor this is where all of their non-combat gear goes (food, extra clothing, gun cleaning kit, tent, sleeping bag, etc),
Armor: All Troopers wear the Mk VI armor set, however it is customizable giving the user a personal touch to the armor. The helmet of the armor set is made up a Titanium alloy and is coated with a heat resistant material. The inside of the helmet is patted for comfort, the helmet also has a built in visor and fully encloses the head. It also features a HUD system that displays ammunition, bio-readings, weapon information, a targeting reticle, and squad information. The helmet as has a built in radio on both sides of the helmet which can be accessed by clicking on the internal mike of one of the headphone buttons on the side of the helmet where the ears would be. The chest plate is made up of a Kevlar vest with 10mm Titanium alloy plates that are fitted on the outside of the vest. The chest plate cover the chest, groin, and throat. The armor also has a layer of Heat Regulating Gel (HRG) and ballistic absorbing gel, the HRG regulates body temperature of the Trooper depending on the environment that they are deployed in. It also helps reduce the burns of energy based weapons and the ballistic gel is to help slow down the velocity of ballistic weapons and also reduce plasma burns. They also wear shoulder pads, forearm guards, thigh guards, and shin guards. The Mk VI armor suit also has shielding however it is quite limited to only defecting small arms fire, another addition that as been dome over the years is to increase the Troopers mobility and for that they are now equipped with thruster packs to help with mobility on the battlefield. On the forearm guards there is a built in GPS which is mounted to the non-dominate arm of the user, this is largely due to allowing the Trooper to fire with there dominate hand if they are surprised when looking at the GPS.
Training: Trooper training is a three year long process that start for everyone at the age of 18, after they completed the Military Academy, which is our version of high school. You first start off with basic training, which includes hand to hand combat, weapon training, survival training, cardio, communication and the Military Amplitude test (which gives you a list of all recommended positions in the military). After the first phase of basic, you are then implanted with all standard NEF implants (bone coating, neural implants, and muscle amps). After this you are trained again to familiarize yourself with the training that you had before and to adjust yourself to the implants. The washout rate of Troopers is about 20-25 percent this is due to failing first phase of basic, dying in implantation, or not being able to adjust.

Standard Ship Appearance:
Type: Destroyer
Ares Class
Class: Ares
Year Produced:
Length: 1,479 meters
Width: 590 meters
Height: 495 meters
Shielding: Yes
Armor 20 meters of Titanium-Tungsten Ceramic alloy armor, honeycomb superstructure
Armaments: (1) Super MAC cannon, (10) Missile pods (40 missiles per pod), (10) Heavy Kinetic cannons, (20) Plasma Turrets, (10) Ion cannons turrets, (6) Nukes, (10) laser point defense turrets
Power plant: Deuterium nuclear fusion reactor
Occupants:Crew- 500
-A battalion of Troopers
-14 FTT-158 "Raptors”
-20 F-190 "Grimm Reapers”
-30 IFVs and LRVs
-20 Athena Tanks
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Tech Level: Mid FT, 2898
Militaristic, imperialistic, multi species spacefaring nation, not based on Earth
Captial: New Earth, Arcadia system
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NS Name: Darksworth
Nation Name: The Kratocratic Grand Consciousness

Capital: Meshah System, The Planets of Inner Conscience, Zorxus the Third|Testafirious the Second|Mosus the First

population size: 945.560 B
Primary species: ~Vor'Saktenus~
The only officially-recognized species of the Grand Conscious.

They are fragile creatures, easily killed but can do hard-labouring jobs. Their physical disadvantage however is outweighed by their special trait. They are all connected to the Grand Conscious, a group of Vor'Saktenus having every mind of their species connected to them, among others.


Nation History:
The knowledge seekers of the universe, unsurprisingly, came from humble beginnings.

The Vor'Saktenus were simple organisms which seeked to eat and reproduce, they had fragile bodies but an open mind. They had developed intelligence, but not the wisdom to use it. They are birds without wings. And so, through some miraculous evolutionary spectacle, the Vor'Saktenus adapted. They developed a hivemind of sorts, but only to the few that were the best of the species. These became the holders of the inter-individual knowledge. Which would be later called as the Grand Conscious.

Before the years of space-travel, their civilization were focused upon the enlightenment of their species. They manage to achieve a renaissance-like period in the days of bronze and steel and managed to extinguish every other species in their home planet in the era of flight and innovation.

And soon, things rolled from there. Using the collective knowledge of all under the hands of the few, coordination and harmony was surprisingly achieved. They advanced through the eras in a surprising speed. And they strived higher, and higher, and higher. Until they reached the skies. They have discovered space travel. Only one of the few frontiers to their journey for the quest of enlightenment. They spread their influence and knowledge far and wide, although with a bit' of a hiccup.

Ever since they travelled the stars, they have met hard challenges, with great rewards as a pay off. Wars are not a foreign concept to them, although they don't specialize in hem. Their weak biology along with their scientific-leaning in technology makes their species, along with their entire population, left at a disadvantage. And the Vor'Saktenus learned the hard way.

The Vorus-Tercharus, or more known as the "Third Innovation War", was the waking call that signaled the Grand Conscious to adapt once more. They fought the war against a lesser foe, the Terch, an industrial nation with an extremely religion-based context. Although more primitive, they were able to beat back the Vor'Saktenus several in multiple occasions. But the Terch were finally defeated after 70 Human years of fighting, with half the population of the Grand Conscious gone no less.

This was the deciding factor that proved that the Vor'Saktenus needed to adapt, not with their body , but with their thinking. And with that, they picked up biological warfare and slavery. Using their current technological levels to augment and destroy a creature's will and wisdom, replacing them with the mindset of that of a slave focused to follow their new masters, the Grand Conscious.

Ever since then, they have inter-twined their tech with the basis of both intellectual enrichment and forcing millions of species under their heel. And due to this particular scenario, they have developed a culture and sentiment of treating other lifeforms in the universe as inferior, made to only aid the Vor'Saktenus in their conquest of knowledge and wisdom.

The Vor'Saktenus haven't met yet any other contending species that could compare to their might and intelligence until now, when first contact would be made between two completely different species. Only the wiseness of the Grand Consciousness and the entropy of this plane of existence would determine if this first contact would result in peace, or war.

Miltary size: Officially 28.3 B
*Note: 2/3 of the Military Pop. count are actually enslaved and/or biologically crafted species, reasons are that the Vor'Saktenus are not a combat/warfare-oriented species design and that they'd rather use other creatures more specialized in those regions of expertise to do their dirty bidding, primarily through forced slavery and psycho-kinetic connections. The ones that are composed of truly Vor-Saktenus are the crew of several of the ships designated by the Grand Conscious armada.

Military Tech:
  • Armaments:
    Psychokinetic-Based (Extremely Rare)
  • General Use:
    Artificial Intelligence (Simple)
    Cyber-components (Factory-Grade)
    Artificial Augmentation (Simple)
  • Inter-Stellar Travel:
    Artificial Intelligence (Path Finding, Targetting Systems, Ship Building)
    Warp Drives
    Biological Augmentation (Fuel-use, Factory-use, Combat-use)
    Unmanned Mastery (Rare)
    Psycho-Kinetic Mastery (Communications, Work Synchronization, Intel-sharing)

Standard Weaponry:
Most Vor'Saktenuses prefer not to do trooper-based and ground combat themselves in battles unless the situation gets desperate. In those cases, these rifles are issued for the allocated Vor'Saktenus ground-force troops.
  • The Vorus Reaper~
    The most common among the ground troops when left in individual combat. Most suitable in crowd control or stealth-based anti-armor operations.
  • The Vorus Repeater~
    The non-piercing but rapid-fire variant of the Vorus Reaper. Now specialized in excellent open-confrontation crowd control. Not reliable against heavily-armored targets.

Soldier appearance:
A ground force composing of the Grand Consciousness' primary species which are the Vor'Saktenus is the most rarest sight in the battlefield due to their fragile composure. The main ground force of the Grand Conscious are other enslaved and more primitive species, which are heavily-modified in behaviour and genetics to accustom the battle. Although breakouts and "undesirable outcomes" often happens.
  • The Ticks~
    The most commonly deployed in battles during frontline combat. Ticks are usually deployed in the millions of millions, although easy to kill, they are able to acquire strength in numbers. Often overrunning enemy positions in less than a week or even a day. If left unsupervised, they may reproduce in a vastly swift rate. Which might soon delve said battlefield into a wasteland, which will be unsuitable for combat unless orbital bombardment is used.

  • Head Hunters~
    Head Hunters are the more evolved and specialized form of the Ticks. This time around, they are now more specialized to attack high-value looking targets, using camouflage and stealth to accompany it into killing. They may sometimes group up and form packs, which are more specialized in actually taking on armored vehicles and units, using their strong mandibles and abdominal appendages to tear through armor and flesh alike. Although they are still easy to kill by conventional means like their lesser brethrens.

  • Greenies~
    Greenies are considered to be the standard "mechanized" units of the Grand Consciousness. These large beings use their scythe-like claws and tough armor to match up with other tanks of the battlefield. And long with that, they also have a deadly case of drooling a deadly substance known as "Fluoroantimonic acid". This highly corrosive acid cannot melt through armor however but is used as anti-infantry weapons, just so that nothing else tries to have any funny ideas while nearby a Greenie. Unfortunately, this is also deadly for the other creatures of the Grand Consciousness as well, which can serve as quite a friendly-fire prone hazard in the battlefield.

  • Eaters~
    The main anti-personnel of the Grand-Consciousness. With huge mouth-like appendages in almost every underside, these creatures specialize in chewing through various infantry armor, they have a tough hide protecting them from various calibers of firearms. Their large and bony appendages being used as legs provide moderate speed.

  • Pummelers~
    These creatures, with their extremely-armored frame and bulky shape, are used as the anti-armor of the "Ground Forces". They use a ramming motion to put a dent in hardened metal. But the off-set side is that they can easily be taken out with a well-placed shot in the undersides.

  • Workers~
    Now, unlike their insect-like brethrens, these creatures are used in building bases and structures during combat. Their bulky head houses a signalling object of sorts that connects them to the basic level of the Grand Conscious, where they are able to acquire orders and commands. Their intelligence is only comparable to the Earthly ants, where all they know is how to work continously. Combat is not what they're made for.

  • Snippers~
    Like the Greenies, this is the closest monstrosity that the Grand Consciousness can be use as an "airforce" in planetary-based combat. They are less-used as actual air units and more of hit-n-run troops to provide support for the ground units. It uses it's light-frame and swift speed to agilely dodge projectiles and other battlefield hazards and snatch up an unsuspecting target from the ground. To which it would mercilessly tear through the caught being with skilled precision, leaving nothing but a bloody' mess that would just plop down on the ground after it is presumed dead. It has limited counter-air maneuvers to boot however and the best it could do to another air-based enemy unit is to fly fast and slam hard to said air-based target, hoping that it did enough damage or atleast caused a minor nuisance.

  • Prawners~
    This is the only known aquatic-based unit that the Grand Consciousness has, since the Vor'Saktenus' are severely inexperienced and completely alien to the concept of naval combat. The Prawners is an invasive species that uses it's multiple appendages and limbs to tear apart armor in a monotonous and trained fashion. Using it's trained senses to disassemble other opponent naval units. But if it can't disassemble the target, then the best it could do is disrupt it by shaking and moving the target by harassing it.

  • Rummagers~
    The all-round almost non-combat unit of the "Ground Forces". These creatures specializes in acquiring the carcasses of battle, bringing them back to the nearest location of operations to be used either for fuel or macabre experimentation and research. Combat-wise, they aren't equipped to fight but they can use their multiple tentacles to stretch and tear through any organic beings with ease. But their lack of armor proves to be quite a problem and a couple rounds from kinetic firearms can take it down.

Standard Ship Appearance:
Now, unlike the Grand Consciousness' planetary-based combat experience, this is where they excel. Using their knowledge of inter-galactic space and hivemind-like thinking, they are able to craft powerful ships. Although this would be mainly be geared towards exploration and the acquiring of specimens and other-worldly knowledge. But they are ready to fight over said resources if needed.

  • Explorers~
    50 M
    Explorers are the most commonly used ship of the Grand Consciousness for, well, exploration. It is armed lightly with kinetic-based weaponry and is only expected to fend off hostile fauna and flora during it's many journeys.

  • Spectates~
    75 M
    The official fighter unit of the Grand Consciousness. It is armed for short-range battles with plasma and kinetic-based weaponry. Commonly piloted by 1 Vor'Saktenus. They are also used as convoy guards in the numbers of 5-7 Spectates per guarded object.

  • Ringers~
    150 M
    The heavy-class of the miniscule ships that the Grand Consciousness produce, they are commonly use to explore unknown voids of spaces in a "light" manner. Armed heavily with Kinetic and Plasma-based weaponry since it is expected to survive an encounter with possibly hostile space-borne organisms.

  • Handlers~
    1 Km
    These ships are usually used as transporters of personnel and shipments alike, they don't have any weapons, instead sacrificing their unarmed frame by strengthening their weight hold. They are either used to transport diplomats, explorers or the "ground forces"

  • Anchors~
    2 Km
    The resource gatherers for the Grand Conscious. They use heavy plasma-based weaponry to mine materials and have abductive appendages that can be discharged from the main body and catch interesting specimens. They are also used as cargo transports because of their heavy frame and "armed" attachments.

  • Athmosters~
    2 Km
    These are the first-stage planetary re-adjustment ships of the Grand-Conscious. These ships release specific compounds of gasses and molecular bondings to the atmosphere, which can affect large swats of land. Transforming these land for suitable experimentation stations and colonies. For defensive measures, it releases dangerous compounds in the air nearby it, "toxifying" the surrounding area for months or even years.

  • Harvesters~
    13 Km
    These giant ships are not combat-oriented nor for research-purposes, instead they are used to harvest resources from various inter-stellar bodies in a swift and massive rate. They are also used as an optional cargo-holding unit in the armada. The only know defensive measure they have is using their two large scythe-like apparatuses in their underside as massive blades, able to cut through anything with ease. In terms of armor, they are surround with floating heavy-plates, designed to reflect anything undesirable away from the ship's fragile framework.

  • Purifiers~
    15 Km
    The only known kinds of ships in the Grand Consciousness' built with the purpose of warfare, of sorts. Well, warfare is a bit' of an exaggeration. They are mainly used to wipe out various species in a planet's sphere of life. In terms of actual combat, they are the uncontested champions for anti-personnel specialization in the Grand Conscious Armada. Although they would be quite limited in actually fighting other large and inter-stellar ships however. They are accompanied usually by entire hordes of Spectates. Some ships are even armed with an entire bay designed to hold Spectates and such.

  • Guardians~
    17 Km
    These are the inter-stellar ships used by the Grand Conscious to temporarily store it's large homeless population mass until there is a suitable planet to thrive in. These ships are commonly regarded as mini-Motherships, often used as headquarters for various operations in deep space. They are extremely armed, both for acquiring resources and to attack since these giant structures houses thousands of lives which would be harmful to the Grand Conscious if lost. They also house up to 5 Colonial Barons, which are to be used to transform planets into suitable homes for the population mass.

  • Colonial Barons~
    10 Km
    Using mastery of gas and enmasse compound conversion, they are able to transform entire sub-continents into a pre-planned environment that the Grand Consciousness wishes in under a decade or so. And along with that, they have thousands of Athmosters stored within their colonial databases. Which are used to speed up the transformation of a planet.

  • Forbiddens~
    11 Km
    The black sheep of the Grand Conscious armada, instead of storing research-purpose and material gathering apparatuses, these ships are used to deploy the "Ground Forces". Due to their contents, they are highly radioactive and are also a highly contagious ship, up to the point where this ship signifies that war has come to take it's payment upon the mortal beings of the universal plane.

  • Brinks
    19 Km
    The all-round purpose carrier of the Grand Conscious armada. This ship is unarmed, but counters that disadvantage by having almost every space in her framework as designated holding bays for both the large ships and the miniscule shiplings of the armada, she is also used as a planet-wide head of operations. This ship is the only know mega-ship known to not be manned and is instead directly controlled by a pre-assigned crew from a nearby planetoid or controlled by the Grand Conscious itself.

  • Spheroids
    19 Km
    These ships are commonly used as mobile command centers in terms of inter-planetary operations. They don't house any armaments or large ships but has an arrangement of the miniscule shiplings that the Grand Conscious produces, which are used as scouts or even as combat-oriented hordes. But their main purpose is to command and lead various operations in a systems from a single planet. They are crewed by an immense amount of personnel, with some sporting weaponry themselves.

  • Paradox~
    70 Km
    The only one of it's kind, built in the first onset of the Vor'Saktenus entering space. This is the headquarters of all inter-galactic operations that resides with the same authority with the Grand Conscious. The Paradox houses 10 entire armadas within her, and is armed with enough weapons capable of destroying entire armies a thousandfold than the population of the Grand Conscious. Only problem is, she hasn't moved from her spot ever since and has been almost been classified as an Omega-structure instead of a Prime headquarters. But no one outside of the Grand Conscious Kratocracy knows where it resides however.

  • Omega~
    90 Km
    The start of it all, the first ship built by the aspiring Vor-Saktenus species upon the revelation of space travel. And they dreamt big. Omega is the backup database of the Grand Conscious, everything the Kratocracy knows is stored in this Aetherly structure. It isn't armed, but is always guarded. It is located in the Outer Ring planets of the Meshah system.

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Technology Level: Tier 4-5: PT/MT
Arcane Level: Level 0-Inept
Influence Type: Type 6-Planetary Politician
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Tier: Tier 5
Type: Type IV
Government Size: Superpower
Based on this Index

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Would you appreciate some NPC nations that people can interact as they wish with? I don't really have time to write for another RP, but it could be good for people to have nations they can interact with without depending on other players.
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Basically done, will add some more in-depth ship descriptions later on.

NS Name: The National Dominion of Hungary, or just NDH if you prefer.
Nation Name: The Calyxian Dominion.
Flag: This one
Capital: Kallurah System, Thrassia Station.

population size: 879 Billion
Primary species:
The Sterassians evolved on the temperate world of Calyxis, a planet with a diverse bioshpere containing both rainforests, temperate plains and dry, windswpet deserts. Sterassians are mammals and like all other placental mammals they are warm-blooded and give birth to live offspring which they nourish with milk. In many ways, Sterassians closely resemble Humans and other humanoid species, as their facial structure, hair-growth patterns, general body shape and sexual dimorphism is very, very similar. They have five fingers, one being an opposable thumb and it is believed this hand structure aided them in making tools early on in their history. Their circulatory system is closed and consists of one heart and a network of blood vessels as well as two lungs which breathe mainly a nitrogen-oxygen based atmosphere. They are omnivorous, consuming both meats and plants for sustenance along with high calcium foods such as the milk of other animals. Sterassian skin appears in varying shades of color between very pinkish-white to light blue up to dark violet. Their blood is the color of deep indigo. Their muscle tissue is slightly denser than that of standard baseline humans giving them a wiry strength, probably the result of Calyxis being a 1.12G world. The genetic similarity to Humans and Tagali could be evidence of some common ancestor, possibly if the species were all artificially created by some ancient, hyper-advanced species eons past and might become a theory after those two species are discovered. Sterassian male and female

The Sramnird are an avian species that evolved on the oceanic tropical world of Paralecht with over 90% ocean cover. The Sramnird are an oviparous haplo-diploid species, meaning that unfertilized eggs produce males and fertilized eggs produce females. Once a year, a Sramnird female will lay between one to four eggs. Social rules and norms prevent all but a fraction from being fertilized. As a result, 90% of the species is composed of males. They have four fingers, two in the middle and one opposable thumb on each side, they are covered in feathers and have four eyes. Sramnird have a binary circulatory system, consisting of one larger and one smaller heart along with a network of blood vessels, their blood is iron-hemoglobin based and red in color. They breathe oxygen and their homeworld has a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere comparable to Earth's, allowing them to breathe the same atmosphere as humans and Sterassians. They are omnivorous, consuming both meat and plants. Females are generally slightly smaller than males and have white feathers, while males have feathers in a colorful plumage varying range of colors from light blue, to gray and various colors of red, orange and green. Sramnird female

The Tavoans are a humanoid species hailing from the terrestrial world of Hazrah, a planet with a single super continent and very fertile soil. They are warmblooded placental mammals giving birth to live young. Their overall body shape and sexual dimorphism makes them then nearly identical to humans but there are a number of marked differences, mostly regarding the head. A flat stripe of ridged cartilage runs along the tops of their skulls and down the backs of their necks and they have a vertically ridged nasal structure. They are four-eyed, one pair is set wide in prominent bony sockets protruding from the corners of their face. The second set of eyes is smaller and closer together, set higher on the face, just beneath the middle of the forehead. Their skin complexions include reddish-brown, greenish, yellow-greenish to yellow-brownish, light brown, and teal. They have human-like hands with four fingers and a opposable thumb and a closed circulatory system with a single heart. They are green-blooded and breathe a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere similar to the one found on Earth. They are omnivorous and the females of the species are generally slightly shorter than the males. Tavoan male Tavoan female

The Hyrkanians are a carnivorous reptilian species hailing from the harsh terrestrial world of Arnhur. Despite being reptiles, they are viviparous and give birth to live young. They have a closed circulatory system that consists of one heart and a network of blood vessels as well as two lungs which breathe mainly a nitrogen-oxygen based atmosphere. Hyrkanians typically stand over six feet tall, have two long, proportionately thick fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand, each tipped with talons, and a set of mandibles around their mouths. Hyrkanians are also recognizable by their voices, which have a distinctive flanging effect. They are sexually dimorphic but males and females do not differ greatly in their general body shape and structure as other sexually dimorphic species do. They exhibit the characteristics of predators rather than those of prey species, their forward-facing alert eyes give the impression that they possess outstanding eyesight and their teeth and jaws mimic the structures possessed by apex predators such as Earth's crocodiles or ancient, carnivorous dinosaurs. Needless to say, their talons on both their feet and hands seem capable of ripping flesh. Hyrkanian male Hyrkanian female

The Nikalossians are an ursine species hailing from the cold arctic world of Ehaok. Just like the Sterassians they are warm-blooded placental mammals. They are covered in thick white fur which has helped them keep warm on their cold homeworld and camouflage them among the snows, either while hunting or while hiding from predators, they also have four separate ears. They have five large fingers with retractable claws and an opposable thumb, their paws are however rather clumsy and have difficulty manipulating small, precise equipment. Their circulatory system is closed with one large, strong heart pumping red iron-hemoglobin based blood through their network of blood vessels. They breathe the nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere of their homeworld which allows them to breathe the same atmosphere as humans the other species of the Dominion. They are omnivorous, consuming both meat and plants although they generally prefer meat when possible. Nikalossians can stand on their hind legs in order to manipulate objects but they generally walk on all fours, where they can reach a high speed while they are slow and clumsy when walking on just their hind legs. Males are generally larger than the females. Nikalossian male

The Sharyad are a humanoid species hailing from the rocky terrestrial world of Tej and it is believed their reddish skin tone was developed early in their evolutionary history to hide them from predators among the ruddy, arid hills on their homeworld. Like all other species in the Dominion except for the Sramnird and Hyrkanians, the Sharyad are warmblooded placental mammal who give birth to live young which are then nourished with milk. Their overall body shape and sexual dimorphism makes them then nearly identical to humans, Tavoans and Sterassians and they are genetically similar enough to Sterassians to be able to produce mixed offspring. Though these hybrids are often born with severe mental and physical disabilities. They have human-like hands with four fingers and a opposable thumb and a closed circulatory system with a single heart. Their blood is light blue and they breathe a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Males are larger than females and have a greater muscle mass, they also sport ridged bone plates extending up along the skull toward the top of the head and small bony protrusions from their jaw. Females are smaller and have long, outward-pointing ears. Females also have significantly different skin tone in comparison to the males, whereas males have a matte reddish-brown, females have a more vibrant red color intermixed with deep black patters. While the males have bone plates, females only have a small horn-like protrusion extending up along the forehead. Sharyadan Male Sharyadan Female

Nation History: The history of the Calyxian Dominion begins with the history of the Sterassians, a humanoid species evolved on the planet of Calyxis where their first civilizations arose after the discovery of agriculture around 10 000 BCE and tribes settled down, abandoning their hunter-gatherer lifestyle for sedentary farming, eventually leading to the development of metalworking and more advanced tools along with the first territorial states rising in more densely populated regions. Around 750 CE they entered the Industrial revolution, by 927 they had detonated the first atomic weapon on Calyxis and by 1054 they had constructed their first ever permanent settlement beyond the homeworld, a small research station inhabited by 32 scientists and support staff on Hiqost, one of Calyxis´ moons. By this time they had achieved fusion power and had built dozens of great cities across Calyxis, civilizations had risen and fallen across the planet in the millennia since they had discovered agriculture and the research station was rightly hailed as a great accomplishment.

But overall, the 11'th century was a very dark time on Calyxis. It seemed like the clock was ticking for Sterassian civilization as a whole. Massive population growth had driven the population of the planet into 15 billion, space and resources was running out and environmental pollution was rising to abysmal levels, it seemed the Sterassians would consume their homeworld and then consume themselves. As the situation degraded further large conflicts over resources and environmental disasters caused by the excessive pollution crippled most Calyxian nation-states. As military conflicts and natural disasters combined with increasing societal imbalance took their toll on the population of Calyxis, it was likely that a worldwide political administration called for emergence in order to quell the international instability.

The League of United Powers rebranded itself as the Calyxian Directorate under the leadership of retired general Uhrlan En'Gahon and seized executive power over the independent national governments on Calyxis following more than a century of calamities, armed conflicts and environmental catastrophes that dealt crippling damage to the global economy. With power over Calyxis established, Uhrlan En'Gahon used the Calyxian Defense Forces, the amalgamated armies of the former nation-states, his political support in a group of movements known together as the Alliance for Calyxis and the new but rapidly rising religious movement of Kylarism to cement his power and reform the Calyxian Directorate into the Calyxian Dominion in 1145, with himself as the head in the shape of the first Emperor and laying the foundation for the Calyxian political system we see today.

Resources could now be spent on colonizing the home system instead of fighting over the resources on the homeworld, and the next two centuries saw expansion and colonization across many stellar bodies in their home system and even sent several sleeper ships to attempt colonization of nearby systems. 1352 saw a great change in the Sterassian space age, the development of the Hoszard-Rathyryon Shockpoint Drivecore, an economically viable FTL-drive system which allowed FTL-travel to be implemented in any sort of meaningful scale. The rush of FTL exploration and colonization resulted in the finding of the remains of the former sleeper ships, all of whom failed due to varying circumstances. But with viable supply and communication lines back to the home system, interstellar expansion was now viable and throughout a whole century the Sterassians expanded across the stars. The Dominion could engage in spreading the Sterassian race beyond their home solar system, relieving the serious ecological pressure on the home world. Simultaneously, this expansion was also to usher in promising new opportunities for the Sterassians, as some of these colonies, with their bountiful deposits of raw materials could offer abundant stores of resources that had otherwise been considerably unique and scarce on Calyxis and in the home system. With the initial advent of interplanetary trade driving down the costs of what had once been an expensive implementation of their technology such as the forging of space-worthy ships and naval vessels, the effects from these carefully implemented first colonization projects are hailed as great achievements by all Sterassians to this day and probably will until the day they are all gone.

By 1600 the Dominion encompassed over 800 colonized stellar bodies, with billions of Sterassians living and dying beyond the home system. It was also the end of the En'Gahon imperial line which ended after Emperor Kherlan VIII died childless in 1625, and the throne passed to the Va'Khaldor dynastry. These times also marked the end of the peaceful expansion of the Dominion. Despite the prosperity and unprecedented growth and development the Sterassian civilization experienced during this time, tensions soon rose on some of the more remote colonies that sought independence from the government of the Dominion. On behalf of over five dozen worlds, the Secessionist Union of Independents submitted formal requests to the Calyxian Dominion demanding independence in 1628. As these requests were left denied, tensions began to rise among the Outer Colonies and in 1630 several armed uprisings began against the Dominion. The Colonial Defense Administration and Calyxian Armed Forces responded swiftly and severely, though the heavy handed tactics only served to increase resistance. Soon, many people on Outer Colonies, and even on some Inner Colonies, began questioning the often draconian measures used by the CDA and CAF to keep colonies in line, the situation only worsened after Empress Yrvannah IV died without a legal heir in 1655, marking the beginning of a vicious power-struggle in the Calyxian government.

All these factors resulted in the First Great Interstellar War which erupted in 1657 and ripped the Dominion into five separate groups fighting over a forty-four year period. The loyalists were torn between Empress Yrvannah's cousin, Duke Bandar Va'Khaldor and her illegitimate daughter, Princess Velarah Uladzmir. A splinter force of the CDA and CAF rallied around the charismatic Lord-General Hardir Banzis, fighting to install him as a military dictator and overthrow the old Dominion government. The Free Systems Alliance formed from Secessionist Union rebels and CDA defectors fighting for independence from whatever government would form on Calyxis and lastly the Army of Justice which began as a movement fighting to install a democratic government on Calyxis but was soon overtaken by the fringes of the political left and for the vast majority of the war fought to establish a communist-style society. The war was immensely bloody and destructive, all sides engaged in large scale political terror and mass-atrocities. It is estimated that over sixteen percent of the Sterassian population was killed, totaling around 6.7 billion casualties in total. The war ended after Princess Velarah Uladzmir's loyalist forces defeated the final holdouts of the FSA and the princess was crowned Empress of the Dominion on Calyxis a year later in 1701.

The rebuilding was a long and exhausting process, not nearly finished when the Dominion made first contact with the Nikalossian species. The encounter sent shockwaves through Calyxian society, they were not the only sentient life in the universe. Luckily the Nikalossians were peaceful, they had no other choice as they had made contact with a highly hostile civilization of machines that had once rebelled and exterminated their creators. These machines, called the Rhax had driven the Nikalossians back to the last few colonies they had and after learning of the Calyxian Dominion, conducted probing attacks on Calyxian colonies, and the Dominion was pulled into another war in 1705. While the Civil War had been devastating, it was also perhaps what allowed the Dominion to defeat and annihilate the Rhax. They had massive numbers of troops and assets left over from the conflict which had yet to be demobilized and deactivated, they had gained over four decades of invaluable experience regarding interstellar warfare operations, constructed a large military-industrial complex to support the war effort and been collectively hardened by four decades of brutal civil war.

It was during this war that they encountered the Sramnird, an avian species similarly embattled by the Rhax and by joining together the three organic races managed to defeat and destory the Rhax in 1712. After the end of the war, the Calyxian Dominion was the most powerful state in the local area of space since most of the fighting had occurred on Nikalossian, Sramnird and Rhax territory. This allowed them to incorporate the Nikalossian and Sramnird states into the Dominion peacefully, both as the two species were immensely grateful for the aid in defeating the Rhax, and because they did not really have the strength to oppose the Sterassians in an open conflict. The following decades was a long and slow process of rebuilding and recovery, but by 1805 the new and consolidated dominion began expanding once again, with cooperation from the three united species and technology seized from the highly advanced Rhax the Dominion entered a second golden age of expansion and exploration, the only conflict being in the form of pirates and the occasional terrorist organization. But other then that there have been four centuries of peace and expansion. This was been improved further by the incorporation of two new species. The Tavoans in 2053, a species that had just invented FTL-travel and begun exploring and expanding from their overcrowded home system, the Tavoans became the fourth species to join the Dominion. In 2148 the Hyrkanians, a reptilian species which had reached interplanetary spaceflight and colonized their home system were fighting a brutal war between four planetary states when they were discovered by Calyxian explorers. While many gladly joined the Dominion, others were unwilling at first. Nonetheless, they were quickly defeated by the CAF and those Hyrkanians that joined the Dominion, becoming the fifth species to become part of the Imperial domain.

2204 saw the end of the second golden age however. First contact with the species known as the Khorvari was far, far from peaceful as a number of Calyxian frontier colonies went dark. The Khorvari were a species which very well could be described as a space-faring ecosystem comprised of innumerable different bioforms which are all variations on the same genetic theme. The Khorvari race was ultimately dedicated solely to its own survival, propagation and evolutionary advancement. They came across the void as a single monstrous superorganism that travels across the universe in a great fleet of biomechanical ships, systematically consuming all other biomatter to enable its own rapid evolution and reproduction. The war lasted until 2239 when the last major Khorvari formations were destroyed and the species seemingly pushed to near-extinction, though the price was heavy, over 530 worlds lost and 182 billion casualties were suffered, and so, once again, the Calyxian Dominion rebuilt. The Khorvari aliens proved to be a great mystery, while they were defeated, there has been no way to make sure that the Gigafleet that invaded the Dominion was the only one in the Galaxy.

After the rebuilding of the Yr'Iss and Rothga Sectors which had been turned into warswept wastelands by the Khorvari Conflict, the Dominion entered into an era of calm development but small conflicts against Khorvari splinter-fleets and various pirate and terrorist organizations that used the devastation to set up clandestine bases across the embattled sectors continued to plague the lower spinward regions for several decades. The sixth species to join were the Sharyad, another humanoid species that refused any offers of submitting and joining the Dominion and put up fierce resistance when war broke out. Eventually, realizing the unlikelihood of them winning the war as they understood the scale of the state that opposed them, and they saw the opportunity to profit from the expansion of trade, they accepted the Letters of Concord and the Sharyadan Federation became a semi-autonomous state under the rule of the Calyxian Dominion in 2552.

Today, in 2599, the Calyxian Dominion now hold sway of over 10 000 colonized worlds, moons and asteroids, the wealth of which powers a strong economy. The colonies range from heavily-populated and economically, politically and strategically significant worlds to struggling pioneer outposts which can barely sustain 10,000 people. All is not well however. While every being in the Dominion enjoys longer and better life than their pre-spaceflight ancestors could imagine, the gap between the richest and poorest is wide and the social system quite stratified. Strict laws limit in varying degrees the freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the political freedoms of the people, it cannot be denied the Calyxian Dominion is a repressive, authoritarian state. The nature of the regime and several of it's policies, despite the general permissiveness regarding business policy and economic law also prevent the Calyxian economy from truly reaching it's full potential. Repressed ideological and religious groups sometimes radicalize into terrorist organizations.

Miltary size: 12 billion active peacetime military personnel, another 12 billion are in active reserve while another 2 billion are in the reserves and various and para-military forces. All in all, the Calyxian Dominion can raise 26 billion troops at full wartime mobilization across all branches.

Military Tech:

Handheld Railweapons.
Powered Battlesuits.
Laser Weapons.
Cybernetic Augmentation.
Genetic Augmentation (Not extremely extensive)
Ship-mounted Spinal Coilguns.
Gravitic Launchers
Energy Shielding (Personal/Vehicular/Starcraft)
Missiles (Guided and Unguided)
Smart Munitions (Guided fire-and-forget munitions)
Active Camouflage (Limited)
Support drones (Various roles. Medical/Recon/Fire support/ECM/etc)
Plasma Weapons (Mostly used in missile warheads)
Nuclear Fission weapons (Warheads)
Nuclear Fusion weapons (Warheads)
AI Support (Ship/Operational-level.)
VI Support (Down to Platoon-level.)

Standard Weaponry: The CAF infantry forces use a wide array of armaments, including carbines, shotguns, SMG's, DMR's, LMG's, GPMG's, sniper rifles, missile launchers, AP-lasers and other armaments needed to accomplish their missions. The main service rifle is the Kbk-M112 assault rifle, it is essentially a miniaturized coilgun that discharges ultra low caliber rounds made out of high-density materials at hypersonic speeds, each carrying tremendous amounts of kinetic energy: these rounds are designed to squash on impact, transferring their energy to the target and causing immense localized trauma. This effect is immediate and extreme in unarmored and lightly armored targets, with impacts liquefying soft tissues, bursting organs and fracturing bones. In the event that targets are not directly killed by fire, they will mostly be rendered incapacitated by grievous wounds and severe hydrostatic shock. It is less effective against heavily armored hostiles unless AP-rounds are used. The standard sidearm is the P-Vyss-M35, a recoil-operated and magazine-fed slug-thrower pistol which fires a 12.7mm explosive-tipped shot, it is designed to be exceedingly rugged and reliable.

Soldier appearance: The Mark XII TYTAN Hardsuit provides the soldiers with triple-layer protection. The outermost layer is a deflector-shield which detects objects incoming at a high speed and generates deflecting energy barriers provided they have enough energy in their power cells. The inner layer consists of fabric armor with kinetic padding. Areas that don't need to be flexible or required extra protection, such as the head, chest or shins, are reinforced with plates of ceramide covered with armoplas. When the shields are down and the armor is hit by a projectile the soldier would have to put his trust in the ceramide and the ballistic shock-absorbing gel below, in the case of directed energy weapons, the armoplas is meant to boil away or ablate rather than burning the wearer. The TYTAN generally provided good protection from ballistic weapons and laser weapons and relatively poor protection from plasma weapons. The Hardsuit comes in several main forms, adapted to the various species that make up the Dominion and serve in the CAF. Other specialized forms of armor also exist, used by various Special Operations Forces and Specialized Auxiliaries. The most common are the Infantry and Marine configurations.

Standard Ship Appearance:

Manufacturer: Varkhard Galactic
Class: Fighter
Length: 20 m.
Width: 19.8 m
Height: 4.8 m.
Armaments: 2 35mm Rapid-Fire Railguns. 1 MX-12 Missile Delivery System.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 1 pilot.
Complement: NA.

The Fulcrum Multirole Atmospheric/Extra-atmospheric fighter serves primarily as a strike fighter and zero-G dogfighter, where it's smaller target profile and 10 maneuvering thrusters afford the Fulcrum better 3D-maneuvering capabilities than the more popular Flanker. The MX-12 Missile Delivery System can hold 12 XR50 dogfight missiles or 8 79C anti-ship missiles.

Manufacturer: Calyxian State Arms
Class: Fighter
Length: 64 m.
Width: 75 m
Height: 8.5 m.
Armaments: 8 50mm Mark K12 ASW Rapid-Fire Railguns. 1 Mark ZX-16 Missile Delivery System.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 1 pilot.
Complement: NA.

The Flanker Multirole Atmospheric/Extra-atmospheric fighter has been designed specifically to be able to fulfill a large variety of mission profiles, including everything from dogfighting, interception, suppression, precision bombing, reconnaissance or direct attack. It's size makes it a larger target than the Fulcrum and it is less maneuverable both in atmosphere and in 3D, but it's much more aerodynamic shape makes it more suited to planetary operations. Optionally, it can be armed with a single nuclear fusion missile or a MK-12 Mine Deployment System carrying 32 mines. The Flanker's firepower and great versatility makes it the most commonly used fighter in the CAF.

Manufacturer: Tavvok Aerial Solutions
Class: Dropship
Length: 32 m.
Width: 26.8 m
Height: 10.8 m.
Armaments: 1 70mm Mark 320 Rapid-Fire Railgun. 2 AGMM Missile Pods.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 2 pilots.
Complement: NA.

The Ferric Multirole Atmospheric/Extra-atmospheric Dropship is the primary aerial troop transport and close-support gunship in use by the CAF. The Ferric is most effective when used to relocate units and provide fire-support to friendly ground forces, alternatively engaging hostiles said ground forces may have a difficult time reaching. The Ferric can carry 14 troops seated and 20 seated and standing, alternatively it can carry 5 wounded laying down when used in a CASEVAC role, it can also be fitted with a modular supply transport pod it can also be used to carry supplies to troops on the ground. It is armed with a single retractable 70mm Mark 320 rapid-fire railgun in it's chin as well as two AGMM Missile pods which are an integral part of it's air-frame, each missile pod can carry 8 RKM78 unguided missiles which can be used to suppress hostile troops or to clear hostile forces from an LZ.

Manufacturer: Varkhard Galactic
Class: Bomber
Length: 70.6 m.
Width: 26.2 m
Height: 22 m.
Armaments: 4 n70mm M320 Rapid-Fire Railguns. 3 Mark 10 ASM Missile Delivery System.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 2 pilots.
Complement: NA.

The Thunderbird Atmospheric/Extra-atmospheric Bomber is primarily used in zero-G as it has poor aerodynamic qualities which limits it's atmospheric maneuverability. It's space-frame has earned it the nickname of the flying chisel among the CAF air-crews. The large size of the Thunderbird allows it to be outfitted with various powerful sensor-suites allowing the bomber to serve as an in-system STL patrol and scout vessel and the Customs department of the Dominion Police Services use these recon Thunderbirds extensively.

Lightning-Class Corvette
Manufacturer: ArSec AB
Class: Corvette
Length: 240 m.
Width: 56.8 m
Height: 60 m.
Armaments: 1 20D-Series Spinal Mass Accelerator. 2 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 6 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 64 naval personnel.
Complement: 16 marines. 1 Ferric Dropship.

Lightning-Class corvettes excel in interdiction, patrol, and security roles. These small corvettes are outfitted with an extensive sensor-suite that uses a combination of heat, EM, laser and radar scanners for actively detecting and tracking targets, while monitoring surrounding space for anomalous energy sources. As these corvettes are substantially outgunned by most warships, they must rely on their small size and low sensor profile to avoid unwinnable battles.

Spectre-Class Stealth Corvette
Manufacturer: Calyxian State Arms
Class: Corvette
Length: 84 m.
Width: 37.5 m.
Height: 26 m.
Armaments: 2 Mark 85 ASW/AC 75mm Rapid-Fire Railguns. 1 M450CBA Missile Delivery System.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 24 naval personnel.
Complement: 6 marines.

The Spectre-Class is primarily designed for speed and stealth with the purpose of deep-space reconnaissance. Fitted with a bleeding-edge Shockpoint Drivecore model, Spectre-class Corvettes are capable of traveling across distant parts of the Dominion at a relatively high speed. These ships feature the most advanced internal emission sink stealth system designed by the Dominion, allowing the ships to 'run silent' for around 38 hours, or drift passively through a system for three weeks before having to vent stored heat and give away it's position.

Warsword-Class Frigate
Manufacturer: ArSec AB
Class: Frigate
Length: 535 m.
Width: 198 m.
Height: 162.5 m.
Armaments: 1 322G-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 50 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 20 Mark 80 Helix point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 265 naval personnel.
Complement: 85 marines. 8 Ferric Dropships. 4 Fulcrum Fighters.

The Warsword-Class frigate serves as an escort, fleet support and patrol vessel. The Warsword-class is very fast and maneuverable in 3D with 32 powerful maneuvering thrusters spread across the ship's spaceframe, allowing it to engage hostile vessels while avoiding high volumes of return fire from unguided hostile munitions.

Bulwark-Class Heavy Frigate
Manufacturer: Ulandir Heavy Machine Works
Class: Frigate
Length: 575 m.
Width: 94.8 m.
Height: 126.5 m.
Armaments: 1 324G-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 64 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 8 twin-linked 155mm Mark 212 Broadside Coilguns. 12 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 312 naval personnel.
Complement: 85 marines. 8 Ferric Dropships. 6 Fulcrum Fighters.

The Bulwark-Class heavy frigates are used as both escort ships and swift-attack vessels. Before the Khorvari Conflict the concept of a "heavy frigate" was mostly just considered a gross misallocation of CAF funding and resources. But an intermediate, 575 meter-long ship class between frigates and destroyers proved very valuable when countering certain Khorvari spaceforms. They also served as long-range patrol vessels in the embattled sectors after the conflict, hunting Khorvari splinters, pirates and terrorists.

Firestorm-Class Destroyer
Manufacturer: Ulandir Heavy Machine Works
Class: Destroyer
Length: 485 m.
Width: 124 m.
Height: 95.8 m.
Armaments: 1 Gravitic Launcher. 2 3302H-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 52 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 16 Mark 80 Helix point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 255 naval personnel.
Complement: 50 marines. 2 Ferric Dropships. 3 Fulcrum Fighters.

The Firestorm-Class features a distinctive arrowhead profile. Like the Firebrand-class the Firestorm-class combines heavy armament with high speed and thick, high-quality armor. A relatively small class of warship, these destroyers, just like frigates, often use wolfpack tactics in major fleet battles to engage more powerful hostile warships with coordinated SMA fire and hit-and-run attacks to overwhelm their target's often superior defenses. Fast and requiring only a small crew, Firestorm-class destroyers do not have as much armor as larger warships within the CN, and while they are powerful attack-ships they lack general-purpose utility. At 485 meters long, it is actually smaller than the Warsword and Bulwark-classes of frigate, but Firestorm's have almost twice the mass due to the heavy armor.

Firebrand-Class Heavy Destroyer
Manufacturer: TCS Interstellar
Class: Destroyer
Length: 688.4 m.
Width: 234 m.
Height: 258 m.
Armaments: 1 Gravitic Launcher. 2 3302H2-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 80 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 26 twin-linked 210mm Mark 212 Broadside Coilguns. 38 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 312 naval personnel.
Complement: 68 marines. 12 Ferric Dropships. 6 Flanker Fighters.

The Firebrand-Class often serves as the command vessel for long-range frontier patrol groups composed of Firestorm destroyers and Warsword and Bulwark frigates. Designed for long-range endurance in order to be capable of operating for months without returning to a base, the Firebrand carries large supply storage cargo bays. It has a large CIC and a Quantum Entanglement Communications Array to relay information back to HQ and out to the various ships of the patrol group.

Ordinator-Class Light Cruiser
Manufacturer: Morsam-Hazrah Aerospatial Industries
Class: Cruiser
Length: 1020.8 m.
Width: 448 m.
Height: 278 m.
Armaments: 1 Gravitic Launcher. 2 3302H2-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 80 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 26 twin-linked 210mm Mark 212 Broadside Coilguns. 38 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 585 naval personnel.
Complement: 145 marines. 18 Ferric Dropships. 10 Flanker Fighters.

The Ordinator-Class is built to suit a wide variety of mission-profiles, including that of convoy escort and command, but also scouting and fleet support. They provide heavy firepower and high speed in a well-armored package to the CAF, often making it the most common heavy starship encountered away from large naval bases and deployed for pirate-suppression campaigns and similar types of missions where any larger ships are either too slow, too conspicuous or both.

Dauntless-Class Cruiser
Manufacturer: Calyxian State Arms
Class: Cruiser
Length: 1490 m.
Width: 412 m.
Height: 481 m.
Armaments: 1 Gravitic Launcher. 2 4500K-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 300 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 32 twin-linked 250mm Mark 35A3 Broadside Coilguns. 40 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 767 naval personnel.
Complement: 220 marines. 24 Ferric Dropships. 16 Flanker Fighters.

The Dauntless-Class are strong middle-weight combatants. These are the largest ships in the CAF that have any business in skirmishes, swift raids and lighting strikes and are often the flagships of such operations. The Dauntless cruisers are, like many Calyxian ships designed with versatility in mind. Able to be effectively used in many roles including escort, fleet support, interdiction, convoy protection and long-range patrol. Dauntless-Class cruisers are often the first heavy ships to respond in an emergency, bringing heavy firepower to defeat unexpected incursions.

Defiant-Class Battlecruiser
Manufacturer: Synnar Fleet Systems
Class: Cruiser
Length: 2455 m.
Width: 598 m.
Height: 780 m.
Armaments: 2 Heavy Gravitic Launchers. 2 C1238-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 480 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 48 twin-linked 300mm Mark 14G Broadside Coilguns. 72 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 1005 naval personnel.
Complement: 645 marines. 32 Ferric Dropships. 24 Flanker Fighters.

Faster than battleships yet still equipped with strong shielding and armor. The Defiant-Class vessels are purely attack ships. Often a favored type of ship to along with Dauntless-Class Cruisers to use in temporarily holding a strategic area before larger more powerful battleships or capital ships can get there. In major fleet engagements, there is little point to having a Defiant remain mobile as they can be easily hit by any ship so they tend to remain stationary while slugging it out with ships around their class, only moving when needed to a specific area of the battlefield and take up new firing positions.

Valiance-Class Battleship
Manufacturer: Waystellar Heavy Engineering
Class: Battleship
Length: 3644 m.
Width: 833 m.
Height: 1040 m.
Armaments: 3 Heavy Gravitic Launchers. 4 78720HDS-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 600 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 50 twin-linked 360mm Mark 12GA Broadside Coilguns. 62 twin-linked 250mm Mark 35A3 Broadside Coilguns. 124 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 1379 naval personnel.
Complement: 645 marines. 32 Ferric Dropships. 32 Flanker Fighters. 4 Thunderbird Bombers.

The high powered guns of these Heavy Ships can wear down hostile Capital Ships and quickly take out most cruiser-class hostiles. Battleships are also essential for planetary assaults as they are best for conducting orbital bombardment of ground targets. The Valiance-Class is usually only deployed for major fleet engagements and planetary invasions.

Ravenous-Class Carrier
Manufacturer: Morsam-Hazrah Aerospatial Industries
Class: Carrier
Length: 6558,8 m.
Width: 1035 m.
Height: 1240 m.
Armaments: 1 Gravitic Launcher. 2 A2F-Series Spinal Mass Accelerators. 80 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 68 Mark 80 Helix point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 3640 naval personnel.
Complement: 220 marines. 96 Ferric Dropships. 18 Zahrak Dropships. 432 Flanker Fighters. 72 Fulcrum Fighters. 124 Thunderbird Bombers.

The standard Fleet-Carrier of the CAF, the Ravenous-Class is usually only deployed for major battles and operations where they serve the role of single-ship deployment platforms and fleet support vessels. They are lightly armed for their size and depend on escorts of Frigates and Destroyers along with their deployable Fighters and Bombers to screen the ship and eliminate possible hostiles. It is possible to recover and rearm fighters during combat, though mostly the carriers simply seal the flight decks after deploying their craft and try to stay out of the way.

Dominator-Class Assault Carrier
Manufacturer: Calyxian State Arms
Class: Carrier
Length: 8694 m.
Width: 2140 m.
Height: 1799.2 m.
Armaments: 3 Heavy Gravitic Launchers. 4 CCR38-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 200 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 220 Mark 64 Guardian point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 4668 naval personnel.
Complement: 6250 marines. 448 Ferric Dropships. 24 Zahrak Dropships. 664 Flanker Fighters. 172 Fulcrum Fighters. 282 Thunderbird Bombers.

The Dominator-Class Assault Carrier serves mainly as a force-deployment platform, carrying a large complement of troops, vehicles and A/X craft to initiate and support ground operations system-wide. It also contains miniaturized and reconfigurable automated factories and chemical processors that are commonly found only in colony support vessels, allowing the carriers to produce fuel, spare parts, and rarely even complete combat vehicles without outside assistance. As such, each Dominator-class assault carrier holds a number of cargo lighters and resource gatherers to support its troops and support ships in harsh expeditionary environments.

Imperial-Class Dreadnought
Manufacturer: Calyxian State Arms
Class: Dreadnought
Length: 10404 m.
Width: 1633 m.
Height: 2081 m.
Armaments: 3 Heavy Gravitic Launchers. 4 CCR38-Series Heavy-Coil Spinal Mass Accelerators. 1060 Mark 1260 Missile Pods. 48 twin-linked 360mm Mark 12GA Broadside Coilguns. 120 twin-linked 250mm Mark 35A3 Broadside Coilguns. 266 Mark 80 Helix point defense guns.
Defenses: Titanium Nanolaminate battleplate. Cyclonic Energy Shielding.
Crew: 7670 naval personnel.
Complement: 9328 marines. 262 Ferric Dropships. 24 Zahrak Dropships. 288 Flanker Fighters. 156 Thunderbird Bombers.

The Imperial-Class is by far the largest class of warships currently in active service in the Calyxian Navy. Heavy armed, armored and shielded, the Imperial-Class generally serves as the flagship of a Grand Admiral of a full Battlefleet, it's cavernous CIC and advanced communications systems more than capable of managing the activities of a battlefleet spread across several star-systems. Like many designs of CAF assets, the Imperial-Class is meant to be able to suit many kinds of mission-profiles, such as force-deployment and even long-range exploration in dangerous areas of space along with being capable of serving scientific and diplomatic endeavors.

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Postby The United Remnants of America » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:05 pm

At worst, I'll post here.
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Postby Democratic East-Asia » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:37 pm

Heck there are lots of big factions.
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Postby Shadowwell » Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:12 pm

Democratic East-Asia wrote:Heck there are lots of big factions.

Not really all that unexpected.
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Postby Kraicia » Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:21 pm

(NS Name): Kraicia
(Nation Name): Scharfestierian Martial Dictatorship

(Capital): Northwest Scutum-Centaurus Arm, Fleissigesheiligtum

(Population Size): 600,000,000,000 (600 Billion)
(Primary Species):
- (Visual Reference #01): Scharfestierian Grenadier (Full Armor and Grenade Launcher)
- (Visual Reference #02): Scharfestierian High Commander (Full Military Attire excluding headgear)
- (Visual Reference #03): Scharfestierian High Officer (Full Armor and Military Attire)
- (Visual Reference #04): Scharfestierian Lesser Officer (Full Armor)
- (Visual Reference #05): Scharfestierian Commander (Full Armor)
- (Visual Reference #06): Scharfestierian Veteran Hammerer(Full Armor and War Hammer)
(Nation History): Upon first glance, one might believe that the Scharfestierians are definitely a savage species - which is a justified belief only if one were ignorant to not know the Scharfesterians' history. Despite the confirmed fears of savagery and brutality amongst other species, the Scharfesterians were actually a surprisingly intelligent species for their size and strength. Originally evolving from mass pack hunters and gatherers, the Scharfesterians were collective and militaristic to their core since the foundations of their first pre-industrial civilizations. War was not only a part of life for the Scharfesterians, but it also coursed through the Scharfesterian's blood like gold. Subsequently, it came to no surprise that the Scharfesterians would leap into the space age as a Unitary, Autocratic, Totalitarian, Fascist, Single-Party State.

The Scharfesterians sought their interests into the abyss of space not only in their quest for glory, but also resources and living space for their ever-so growing species. In the first several centuries, the Scharfesterians enjoyed a prosperous yet all too easy age of interstellar colonialism and imperialism that brought new technologies and wealth to the Scharfesterian Martial Dictatorship, better known as Unruhmlicheswachstum (lit. "Inglorious Growth"); however, as its name was implied, this golden age of extraterrestrial exploration constantly left the military itching for war and unsatisfied with the lack of any worthy foes. The only reason why the military kept to themselves during this age was not only their own morals, but because of not wanting to meet the wrath of a purge that could otherwise wipe out the entire dictatorship from the inside out.

Though it wasn't until the end of Unruhmlicheswachstum that the Scharfesterians would be suddenly introduced to a powerful foe; however, that didn't come without some nasty surprises. This new foe - better known as the Zarazheniye - were an unmistakable humanoid species, whom wielded technological innovations that were genetically engineered and purely organic - something that they had in large numbers when they proceeded to invade the Scharfesterian Martial Dictatorship. Overwhelmed and outgunned yet not outsmarted, the Scharfesterians waged a 20-year-long war with the Zarazheniye, coming out on top of their foes with superior intelligence, fanaticism, firepower, and strength; however, while the war ended with the extinction of the Zarazheniye, the Scharfesterians paid their success with the war with heavy costs.

The war was nearly a Pyrrhic victory, though the loss of life was enormous for both sides - though the Scharfesterians had slightly less casualties than the Zarazheniye. Merely a hundred dozen colonies under the Scharfesterians had been lost during the war, many of them either left infested and uninhabitable or sometimes harboring Zarazheniyen strongholds that waged skirmishes for years following after the war. Though if there was one thing that the Scharfesterians learned from the Scharfest-Zara War, the Scharfesterians were never to underestimate their enemy as well as remaining unprepared to take them head on in the harrowing depths of war.

Now, the Scharfesterians are moving forward beyond the aftermath of the Scharfest-Zara War, though the empire wasn't exactly the same as it used to be. The Scharfesterians are in need of looking for new colonies in order to finish their economic and financial recovery from the war. Though battle-harden and prepared to wage another war, their next encounter with any other foe wouldn't be as colossal and lengthy as the Scharfest-Zara least until now...

(Military Size): Approximately 17,000,000,000 (17 Billion)
(Military Tech):
- Mass Driver Weaponry (Handheld - 'Metal Storm' or Conventional - and Ship-Graded - Magnetic Acceleration Cannons)
- Handheld Fire-and-Forget Weaponry (e.g. Missile Weaponry)
- Wormhole-Based FTL Technology (Space Station Sized Only)
- Powered Body Armor (e.g. Scharfestieran Commander/Officer Armor)
- Advanced Microscopic Computer Technology (e.g. Combat-Graded Subdermal Implants; Triggerless yet Personalised and Smart Firearms)
- Energy Shielding (Personal and Vehicle-Graded Only)
- Advanced Superalloys and Superplastics (e.g. Hyper-Condensed Armour)
- Antimatter Reactors
- Active Camouflage (Non-Invisible yet Counter-Infrared Technology)
- Repulsorlift Technology
(Standard Weaponry):
- Spiker Pistol/Carbine
- Spiker Machine Gun
- Spiker Shotgun
- Grenade Launcher
- War Hammer
(Soldier Appearance):
- Common Infantry (Spiker Pistol/Carbine or War Hammer)
- Veteran Infantry (War Hammers)
- Grenadier (With Grenade Launcher)
(Standard Ship Appearance):
- Corvette
- Destroyer (Three in Formation with a Dreadnought/Carrier)
- Light Cruiser
- Heavy Cruiser
- Dreadnought/Carrier

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Postby Beutarch » Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:53 pm

Must we include every ship/unit that is used, or can we just put a sampling?
I have no idea what to put here.
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