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1. Morioh Town
2. Dholebole Dhakurians
3. Baxlog Bolts
4. Coronet Capitals
5. Depilated Magicians
6. Norwegian wood CC
7. Tekos Saint Germain
8. Rudenberg Sweepers
9. Devon Dynamos
10. Basten Veterans


The tournament consists of 10 teams from 5 countries with the top 2 teams from each country. It will be played in the T-20 format in which both innings will be of 20 overs or 120 balls.The competition will be based on a 10 team round robin consisting of 2 legs, 1 home and 1 away. The top four teams after the end of the round robin will advance to the semi finals where the first placed team will play the fourth placed team and the second placed team will face the third placed team and the winners of the semi finals will go to the finals. There will be a relegation and promotion system with the bottom two clubs will get relegated and new clubs from the respective nations.

The tournament will be hosted in one of the five nations in different seasons. The first season will be held in Brookstation as decided by the QCL Federation.
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Manager - Clint Robinson
Ground - Morioh Cricket Ground, Morioh
Major Rival - Devon Dynamos
About - Morioh, being the sports capital of Brookstation is definitely expected to have a cricket club. Morioh Town, founded as Morioh Cricket Club is the oldest cricket club in Brookstation set up by Bashar Jackson himself in 1951. The first batch of the club consisted mostly of locals but now it is the best cricket club in Brookstation.

BAT-Tomokazu Fujita
BAT Kozo Tanaka
BAT Yahuhiro Ehara
ALL Rohan Kishibe(c)
BAT- Phillipe Lathoud
WK- Cristophe Vossart
ALL Hiroshi Kuroki
BOWL Keito Nagani
BOWL Stephane Guizart
BOWL Ashok Ranagaswamy
BOWL Norikazu Shige

BAT- Thiery Portes
BAT- Jackson Stoecklin
ALL -Eric Tristant
BAT -Frederic Quentin
WK -David Herbert
BOWL- Phillipe Groc
BOWL -Francis Alimodo


Manager - Debarko Dutta
Ground - Dhakuria Cricket Ground, Dhakuria
Major Rival - everyone
About - Founded in 1980 by the Local Federation of Dhakuria consisted of Dhakurians only for a large period of time. In the recent years it has attracted players from other cities.

Squad- BAT-Hamzah Ryan
BAT- Courtney Briggs
BAT- Theo Sinclair
BAT- Eugene Seymour
BAT- Victor Carroll
WK- Bruce Hayes (c)
ALL- Rafael Morlaes
BOWL- Barnaby Ali
BOWL- Anita Guerreiro
BOWL- Vincent Norris
BOWL- Xander Brady
BAT- Josh Flynn
BAT- Rupert Mills
BAT- Morgan Whittle
ALL- Pearl Gibbs
WK-Albert White
ALL-Jarad Edwards
BOWL-Felix Tait
BOWL-Benjamin Strickland
BOWL-Andre Tate


Manager - Jatayu Doyle
Ground - Mirk Cricket Ground, Baxlog
Major Rival - Rudenburg Sweepers
About - Though cricket plays second fiddle to football in most parts of Ardengard, it is an intricate part of Baxlog culture. Founded in 1992, the Baxlog Bolts is made up of some of the best cricketers in Ardengard, as well as some foreign nationals. Its fierce rivalry with the Rudenburg counterpart helps to keep the sport fresh and dynamic in the country.

Squad -
BAT - Philip Jacobs
BAT – Garth Jenkins
BAT - Desmond McKenzie (c)
BAT – Stan Kamper
BAT - Gale Pymn Jr.
ALL - Adele Ogle
ALL - Ted Shellstropp
BOWL - Ivan Lector
BOWL - Harriet Robbie
BOWL - Joey Hale
BOWL - Letty Horne
BAT - Miriam Hoyles
BAT - Robert Nandi
BAT - Dora Boots
ALL - Trent Shaw
BOWL - Evan Bruger
BOWL - Barry Potts
BOWL - Pip Fruer


Manager - Jerome Victor
Ground - Coronet International Cricket Ground , Coronet
Major Rival - Basten Veterans and Dholbole Dhakurians
About - The club based on Coronet, a cricket loving city has been long attached with the cricket history. The manager of this club , Jerome Victor focuses more on his team's bowling. The club's motto before each match is - " Its time to bowl everyone out."

Squad- BAT- Nicholas Miller
BAT- Brandon Johnson
WK- Mark Moore (c)
ALL- Samuel Taylor
BAT- Sami Blaese
BAT- Jason Brown
ALL- Patrick Jones
BOWL- Zachary Wilson
BOWL- Kevin Williams
BOWL- Anthony David
BOWL- Steven Smith
BAT- Richard Harris
BAT- Tyler Thompson
BAT- Stephen White
ALL- Timothy Martin
WK- Cody Martinez
BOWL-Jeffrey Garcia
BOWL-Dylan Jackson
BOWL-Jordan Anderson


Manager - Leon Baldy
Ground - Round, Irregular Arena
Major Rival - Dholbole Dhakurians
About - A newly formed club owned by one of the richest men , the club has seen a fast growth, hiring players from all over Brookstation and other countries as well. In their first season, they are likely to perform well. The club's motto is - "When there is a hope there is a way. "

Squad- WK- Kenneth Meyer
ALL- Yasin Black
BAT- Gerald McDonald
BAT-Ciaran Berry
BAT-Rocco Fernandez (c)
BAT- Glenn Thompson
BAT- Barry Davdison
BOWL- Lawrence Chavez
BOWL- Jesse Grant
BOWL-Oliver Curtis
BOWL- Harry Spencer
BAT- Jennah Ramirez
WK- Khalid Stevenson
BAT- Jonah Fitzgerald
ALL- Ashley Graves
BAT-Aron Burns
BOWL- Shawn Robinson
BOWL- Melvin Sheperd
BOWL- Marco Kirby
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Manager - Eren Windhall
Ground - Rockton Oval
Major Rival - Morioh Town
About - This team was founded by the local lumberjacks of Norwegian wood which gives it the nickname of "Lumberjacks" and slowly this club grew after getting funds from cricket lovers. The club is looking forward to the first season of QCL.

BAT - Donjohn Macdonald
BAT - Andrion Howard
ALL - Willy Smith
WK - Itsu Jennings
BAT- Frasco McLaughlin (c)
BAT- Vijayendra Ghosh
BOWL- Miska Howarth
BOWL- Osmond Lyons
BOWL- Motega Rojas
BOWL- Hawk Park
BOWL- Brainsucker Stewart

BAT- Lenno O'Ryan
BAT- Tuncer Huff
BAT- Videl Gray
BOWL- Zahavi Higgins
BOWL- Abderus Cullen
BOWL- Feri Marquez
WK- Loys Herrera
ALL- Reiyn Fowler


Manager - Aneek Dasgupta
Ground - Sonarpur local football ground
Major Rival - Dholebole Dhakurians
About - Originally founded as a football club by Arya Nandy, a big fan of Paris Saint Germain the club started providing cricket facilities and the reserve footballers were the ones who first started in the team and that is how this club came to be.

BAT- Thilo Diallo
BAT- Abdou Herrera
WK- Ander Wijnaldum
BAT- Georginio Perreira
ALL- Danilo Nascimento
BAT- Rafael Alcantara Icardi
ALL- Mauro Paredes
BOWL- Leandro Navas
BOWL- Keylor Kehrer
BOWL- Gianluigi Mendes
BOWL- Presnel Correa (c)

BAT- Nicholas Kimpembe
BAT- Marco Gueye
BAT- Idrissa Hakimi
WK- Marco Maria
ALL- Angel Santos
BOWL- Julian Gharbi
BOWL- Juan Kurzawa
BOWL- Layvin Draxler


Manager - Agatha Shonku
Ground - Rudenburg Grounds, Rudenburg
Major Rival - Baxlog Bolts
Cricket is often drowned by the popular badminton culture in Rudenburg. However, RS helps to keep an enthusiasm for this sport as well. Estd. in the early 2000s, it provides a platform for young talent to mix with veterans. Over the years, it has developed a healthy rivalry with the Baxlog team. A match between the two is dearly anticipated by all Ardengardians.

BAT-Jacques Coste
BAT-Algernon Mari
WK-Rene Dron
ALL-Philbert Naidu
BAT-Hilga Soto (C)
BAT-Lorlei Oscuro
ALL-Traci Rowe
BOWL-Akay Foster
BOWL-Adrian Massy
BOWL-Vento Hines
BOWL-Azim Bailen

Substitutes :-
BAT-Terence Hale
BAT-Pierre Decaneli
WK-Okane Mondet
ALL-Vicenza Sutton
BOWL-Berna Hussein
BOWL-Armando Lewison
BOWL-Vaughan Grande


Manager - George Robinhood
Ground - Devonhood Cricket Stadium, Devonhood
Major Rival - Morioh Town and Tekos Saint Germain
About - Another cricket loving city which is also one of the best cricket clubs in the country.It was set up in the year 1987 by Steven Warner. The team mostly specialises in batting and fielding but they also like to destroy the batting order of their opponents with the ball.

BAT- Carl Johnson
ALL- Ashley Peters
BAT- David Desmond
BAT- Ralph Henricks
ALL- Mike Henderson
BAT- Ralph Thompson
WK- Jimmy Perkins
ALL -John Smalling
BOWL-Martin Carberry
BOWL-Ashton Blaine
BOWL- Ollie Richardson

Substitutes :-
BOW- Richie Smythe
BAT- Steven Alex Roy
BAT- Samuel Cottrel
ALL- Dwayne Peterson
BAT -Marcus Turner
ALL- Mark Odegaard
BOWL- Donald Fraser
WK- Roston Cornwall


Manager - Tamojit Ghosh
Ground - Plagiarism Park, Basten
Major Rival - No one
About - Known for their infamous style of play with a number of incidents of ball tampering and cheating in the recent times. Despite of having a number of fines on their manager, Tamojit, he insists on sticking to this style of play. The team has always been desperate for winning since their foundation in 1986.

BAT- George Rushworth
BAT- Carl Taylor (c)
BAT- Emmanuel Phillips
ALL- Ash Osadebe
BAT- Kieran Ward
WK- Connor Labadie
ALL- Stephen Shade
ALL- Josh Kiernan
BOWL- Brandon Earing
BOWL-Rollin Kinsela
BOWL- Liam Monthe

Substitutes :-
BAT- Rory Mills
BAT- Manny Halden
BAT- Sam Bates
BOWL- Zack Perry
BOWL- Alfie Willis
BOWL- Joe Leak
ALL- Tom Coogan
WK- Jack White
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Dreamland Falcons

Coach :- Bob Ferguson
Stadium :- Brochardt Oval
Jersey :-

Rudolf Ihbe (Prop)(20)(C)
Kenneth Shittu (Prop)(18)
Sulley Kennel(Hooker) (23)
Daryl Ndukwu(Scrum half)(26)
Edward Norwood(Fly half) (23)
Philip Maguire(Centre)(30)
Ron Andeh(Wing)(17)

Anthony Thurston (Prop)(24)
Bobbie Blay (22)(Prop)
Eddie Arthur (25)(Hooker)
Mark Imrie(32)(Centre)
Tom Rowe (37)(Scrum Half)
Joe Trout (24)(Fly half)
Arthur Farley (21) (Wing)

Space Coast Galaxy

Coach :- Bill Ray
Stadium :- Space Coast Showground
Jersey :-
Squad :-

Roger Ayinra (Prop)(30)
Peter Thompson (Prop)(20)
Des Buckley (Hooker)(21)
Ernst Lorenz (Scrum Half)(22)(C)
Brian Wagstaff (Fly half)(19)
Don Phelps (Centre)(28)
Robin Boys (Wing)(18)

Allan Hoskins (Prop)(21)
George Paul (Prop)(36)
Robert Wasley (Hooker)(22)
Charles Sobrian (Scrum Half)(26)
James Clarke (Fly half)(17)
Jules Sexton (Wing)(19)

Halebid Rabbits

Coach :- Tony Lee
Stadium :- Humbank Stadium
Jersey :-

John Stewart (Prop)(24)
Robert Swansea (Prop)(31)(C)
Erich Hasselberg (Hooker)(21)
John Lacey (Scrum Half)(20)
Mike McGregor (32)(Fly Half)
Bobby Wenden (26)(Centre)
Bob Bennet (30)(Wing)

John Windle (Prop)(18)
Ron Gilchrist (Prop)(31)
Sandy Jackson (Hooker)(27)
Ian Graham (Scrum Half)(28)
Tony Abraham (Fly half)(23)
Tom Jerome (Centre)(25)
Harry Robinson (Wing)(24)

Rottenham Dragons

Coach :- Stanley Roberts
Stadium :- The Cauldron

Edwin Allotey (Prop)(24)
Wendell Bernard (Prop)(28)
Ken Mottley (Hooker)(21)
Wilson Clough (Scrum Half)(24)
Carl Andt(Fly Half)(19)(C)
Noel Kiprugut (Centre)(17)
Alan Keino (Wing)(22)

Kip Simpson (Prop)(19)
Bill Alder (Prop)(29)
Jim Adcocks (Hooker)(26)
David Parker (Scrum Half)(21)
Mike Hemery (Fly Half)(30)
Kingsley Roche (Centre)(25)
Ken Agbabokha (Wing)(31)

Artiana Jacksons

Coach :- Peter O'Brien
Stadium :- Artiana Stadium
Jersey :-
Squad :-

Charles Bone (Prop)(24)(C)
Kenny Welsh (Prop)(23)
Pablo Mends (Hooker)(25)
Jordi Llovera (Scrum Half)(22)
Albert Torres (Fly Half)(34)
Americo de Ridder (Centre)(23)
Enric van Dittmar (Wing)(24)


Victor Rios (Prop)(27)
Louis di Lovera (Prop)(25)
Oscar Figueaira (Hooker)(34)
Steven Guss (Scrum Half)(30)
Alistair Lee (Fly Half)(19)
Andrew Allen (Centre)(25)
Chris Hislop (Wing)(27)

Cosque Wingers

Coach :- David Paul
Stadium :- Wellermore Stadium
Jersey :-

Cameron Holland (Prop)(20)
Vicky Richmond (Prop)(23)
Mike Coates (Hooker)(31)
Colin Medhurst (Scrum Half)(26)
Erwin Klammer (Fly Half)(21)
Bill Bevan (Centre)(20)(C)
Franz Hoflener (Wing)(23)


Helmut Steiner (Prop)(25)
Anton Enn (Prop)(19)
Walter Horn (Hooker)(30)
Rudolf Eder (Centre) (23)
Alfred Schruder (Scrum Half)(25)
Walter Krispel (Fly Half)(18)
Gunter Grossing (Wing)(19)
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Morioh Joestars

Coach :- Henri Downhill
Stadium :- Central Morioh Stadium
Jersey :-
Squad :-

Henri Couquelet (Prop)(19)
Pierre Mollin (Prop)(30)
Gary Brooker (Hooker)(23)
John Hill (Scrum Half)(27)
Jim Tommy (Fly Half)(25)
Steve Read (Centre)(25)
Jackie Messer (Wing)(19)(C)

Todd Podborski (Scrum Half)(23)
Michael Athans (Prop)(19)
Alan Flynn (Prop)(25)
Clark Wilson (Hooker)(28)
Robert Leuty (Fly Half)(36)
David McLachlan (Wing)(21)

Essidise Giants

Coach :- Jaime Beacom
Stadium :- Spritzone Arena
Jersey :-

Ernest Sibbit (Prop)(24)
Gary Orser (Prop)(30)
Brian Eggleton (Hooker)(23)(C)
Lyndon Eisler (Scrum Half)(30)
Lloyd Martini (Fly Half)(25)
Paul Johnston (Centre)(27)
John McColl (Wing)(18)

Robert Thomas (Prop)(19)
Darren Gosselin (Prop)(32)
Mario Anderson (Hooker)(24)
Warren Bartel (Scrum Half)(33)
J J Driver (Fly Half)(27)
Robin Daegneault (Centre)(18)
Bruce Lidster (Wing)(28)

Other side of paradise Sharks

Coach :- Doug Patrick
Stadium :- Paradise Cove

Craig Courtnall (Prop)(21)
James Redmond (Prop)(34)
Nikolaos Bembis (Hooker)(23)
Ebenezer Clayton (Scrum Half)(29)(C)
Kevin Donnelly (Fly Half)(36)
Russ Dineen (Centre)(25)
Dave Flately (Wing)(32)

Pat Gagnan (Prop)(25)
Dave Karpan (Prop)(18)
Vlaughn Lowe (Hooker)(27)
Darren Muller (Scrum Half)(27)
Kirk Tipett (Fly Half)(24)
Dave Wilson (Centre)(28)
Carey Wood (Wing)(21)

Neverwinter Hookers

Coach :- Josh Boyle
Stadium :- Neverwinter Oval
Jersey :-

Morgan Bullemor (Prop)(26)
Ethan Cherry(Prop)(27)
Precious Dias (Hooker)(36)
Martin Mackenzie(Scrum Half)(23)
George Gittens (Fly Half)(21)
Mohan Ghosh (Centre)(35)
Ray Chambers (Wing)(28)(C)

Sylvanus Vakakis (Prop)(26)
Pierre Johnson(Prop)(18)
George Blackman(Hooker)(28)
Louis Manners(Scrum Half)(31)
George Martin(Fly Half)(30)
Arthur Oliver (Centre)(20)
Don Shannos (Wing)(23)

Shemellden Bandits

Coach :- Abraham Lyon
Stadium:- Wise Hill Stadium

John Wachire (Prop)(32)
Michael Kelly (Prop)(28)
Konstatinos Ferentinos(Hooker)
Joseph Mutua (Scrum Half ) (26)
Joe Webb (Fly Half)(30)(C)
Roy Owens (Centre)(21)
Ramon Headley (Wing)(19)

Stephen Braithwaite (Prop)(20)
Shane Deshong (Prop)(23)
Burkhert Gittens (Hooker)(36)
Dakeil Fanus (Scrum Half)(27)
Corey Thorpe (Fly Half)(31)
Bernard Sargeant (Centre )(21)
Louis Chase (Wing)(25)

Kars United

Coach :- Ronald Maskell
Stadium :- Strata Jubilee Stadium
Jersey :-

Joseph French (Prop)(21)
Cameron Mathas (Prop)(29)
Brad Robertson (Hooker)(30)
Jake Rew (Scrum Half)(23)
Harry Johnson (Fly Half)(21)
Stylianos Lanitou (Centre)(32)
Horace St Jean (Wing)(27)(C)

Quentin Millar (Prop)(23)
Ben Southgate (Prop)(32)
Nick Walsh (Hooker)(30)
Tom Delany (Scrum Half)(17)
Flynn Elli (Fly Half)(17)
Shea Kelly (Centre)(29)
Robert Ngtai ( Wing)(28)
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Matchday 1 

Kars United 17–21 Space Coast Galaxy
Artiana Jacksons 14–0 Shemellden Bandits
Cosque Wingers 12–3 Rottenham Dragons
Dreamland Falcons 31–7 OSOP Sharks
Essidise Giants 8–17 Neverwinter Hookers
Halebid Rabbits 18–0 Morioh Joestars

Matchday 2

Space Coast Galaxy 30–6 Morioh Joestars
Neverwinter Hookers 22–10 Halebid Rabbits
OSOP Sharks 9–11 Essidise Giants
Rottenham Dragons 15–7 Dreamland Falcons
Shemellden Bandits 10–8 Cosque Wingers
Kars United 10–3 Artiana Jacksons

Matchday 3

Artiana Jacksons 10–6 Space Coast Galaxy
Cosque Wingers 11–3 Kars United
Dreamland Falcons 10–28 Shemellden Bandits
Essidise Giants 0–12 Rottenham Dragons
Halebid Rabbits 24–10 OSOP Sharks
Morioh Joestars 10–10 Neverwinter Hookers

Matchday 4

Space Coast Galaxy 9–13 Neverwinter Hookers
OSOP Sharks 13–6 Morioh Joestars
Rottenham Dragons 17–15 Halebid Rabbits
Shemellden Bandits 14–10 Essidise Giants
Kars United 22–10 Dreamland Falcons
Artiana Jacksons 22–6 Cosque Wingers

Matchday 5

Cosque Wingers 18–8 Space Coast Galaxy
Dreamland Falcons 21–16 Artiana Jacksons
Essidise Giants 19–17 Kars United
Halebid Rabbits 47–13 Shemellden Bandits
Morioh Joestars 7–6 Rottenham Dragons
Neverwinter Hookers 10–0 OSOP Sharks

Matchday 6

Space Coast Galaxy 7–18 OSOP Sharks
Rottenham Dragons 10–12 Neverwinter Hookers
Shemellden Bandits 20–10 Morioh Joestars
Kars United 27–11 Halebid Rabbits
Artiana Jacksons 31–14 Essidise Giants
Cosque Wingers 21–10 Dreamland Falcons

Matchday 7

Dreamland Falcons 19–6 Space Coast Galaxy
Essidise Giants 10–3 Cosque Wingers
Halebid Rabbits 14–10 Artiana Jacksons
Morioh Joestars 12–7 Kars United
Neverwinter Hookers 13–6 Shemellden Bandits
OSOP Sharks 0–3 Rottenham Dragons

Table after Matchday 7

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 Neverwinter Hookers 7 6 1 0 97 53 +44 26
2 Halebid Rabbits 7 4 0 3 139 99 +40 16
3 Artiana Jacksons 7 4 0 3 106 71 +35 16
4 Cosque Wingers 7 4 0 3 79 66 +13 16
5 Rottenham Dragons 7 4 0 3 66 53 +13 16
6 Shemellden Bandits 7 4 0 3 91 112 −21 16
7 Kars United 7 3 0 4 103 87 +16 12
8 Dreamland Falcons 7 3 0 4 108 115 −7 12
9 Essidise Giants 7 3 0 4 72 103 −31 12
10 Morioh Joestars 7 2 1 4 51 104 −53 10
11 Space Coast Galaxy 7 2 0 5 87 101 −14 8
12 OSOP Sharks 7 2 0 5 57 92 −35 8

Matchday 8 

Space Coast Galaxy 14–13 Rottenham Dragons
Shemellden Bandits 10–13 OSOP Sharks
Kars United 6–6 Neverwinter Hookers
Artiana Jacksons 9–3 Morioh Joestars
Cosque Wingers 27–10 Halebid Rabbits
Dreamland Falcons 19–6 Essidise Giants

Matchday 9

Essidise Giants 19–0 Space Coast Galaxy
Halebid Rabbits 15–21 Dreamland Falcons
Morioh Joestars 10–0 Cosque Wingers
Neverwinter Hookers 17–8 Artiana Jacksons
OSOP Sharks 29–17 Kars United
Rottenham Dragons 21–6 Shemellden Bandits

Matchday 10

Space Coast Galaxy 0–21 Shemellden Bandits
Kars United 6–5 Rottenham Dragons
Artiana Jacksons 20–17 OSOP Sharks
Cosque Wingers 7–26 Neverwinter Hookers
Dreamland Falcons 21–3 Morioh Joestars
Essidise Giants 25–11 Halebid Rabbits

Matchday 11

Halebid Rabbits 10–9 Space Coast Galaxy
Morioh Joestars 15–0 Essidise Giants
Neverwinter Hookers 15–17 Dreamland Falcons
OSOP Sharks 11–6 Cosque Wingers
Rottenham Dragons 28–13 Artiana Jacksons
Shemellden Bandits 6–7 Kars United

Matchday 12

Space Coast Galaxy 3–3 Kars United
Shemellden Bandits 19–37 Artiana Jacksons
Rottenham Dragons 26–10 Cosque Wingers
OSOP Sharks 19–10 Dreamland Falcons
Neverwinter Hookers 6–20 Essidise Giants
Morioh Joestars 22–25 Halebid Rabbits

Matchday 13

Morioh Joestars 6–25 Space Coast Galaxy
Halebid Rabbits 8–10 Neverwinter Hookers
Essidise Giants 3–3 OSOP Sharks
Dreamland Falcons 10–11 Rottenham Dragons
Cosque Wingers 20–9 Shemellden Bandits
Artiana Jacksons 13–7 Kars United

Matchday 14

Space Coast Galaxy 6–7 Artiana Jacksons
Kars United 11–20 Cosque Wingers
Shemellden Bandits 24–15 Dreamland Falcons
Rottenham Dragons 10–10 Essidise Giants
OSOP Sharks 26–7 Halebid Rabbits
Neverwinter Hookers 16–0 Morioh Joestars

Table after Matchday 14

Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 Neverwinter Hookers 14 10 2 2 193 119 +74 44
2 Artiana Jacksons 14 9 0 5 213 168 +45 36
3 Rottenham Dragons 14 8 1 5 180 122 +58 34
4 OSOP Sharks 14 7 1 6 175 165 +10 30
5 Dreamland Falcons 14 7 0 7 221 208 +13 28
6 Cosque Wingers 14 7 0 7 169 169 0 28
7 Essidise Giants 14 6 2 6 155 167 −12 28
8 Kars United 14 5 2 7 160 169 −9 24
9 Halebid Rabbits 14 6 0 8 225 239 −14 24
10 Shemellden Bandits 14 6 0 8 186 225 −39 24
11 Space Coast Galaxy 14 4 1 9 144 180 −36 18
12 Morioh Joestars 14 4 1 9 110 200 −90 18

Matchday 15

Neverwinter Hookers 21–20 Space Coast Galaxy
Morioh Joestars 23–10 OSOP Sharks
Halebid Rabbits 10–13 Rottenham Dragons
Essidise Giants 12–16 Shemellden Bandits
Dreamland Falcons 16–5 Kars United
Cosque Wingers 16–24 Artiana Jacksons

Matchday 16

Space Coast Galaxy 23–3 Cosque Wingers
Artiana Jacksons 26–17 Dreamland Falcons
Kars United 16–17 Essidise Giants
Shemellden Bandits 23–6 Halebid Rabbits
Rottenham Dragons 21–13 Morioh Joestars
OSOP Sharks 8–21 Neverwinter Hookers

Matchday 17

OSOP Sharks 7–16 Space Coast Galaxy
Neverwinter Hookers 14–13 Rottenham Dragons
Morioh Joestars 34–25 Shemellden Bandits
Halebid Rabbits 12–20 Kars United
Essidise Giants 10–20 Artiana Jacksons
Dreamland Falcons 17–20 Cosque Wingers

Matchday 18

Space Coast Galaxy 7–10 Dreamland Falcons
Cosque Wingers 10–6 Essidise Giants
Artiana Jacksons 7–13 Halebid Rabbits
Kars United 9–15 Morioh Joestars
Shemellden Bandits 13–17 Neverwinter Hookers
Rottenham Dragons 20–13 OSOP Sharks

Matchday 19

Rottenham Dragons 7–24 Space Coast Galaxy
OSOP Sharks 13–3 Shemellden Bandits
Neverwinter Hookers 13–10 Kars United
Morioh Joestars 13–10 Artiana Jacksons
Halebid Rabbits 21–0 Cosque Wingers
Essidise Giants 7–8 Dreamland Falcons

Matchday 20

Space Coast Galaxy 17–6 Essidise Giants
Dreamland Falcons 20–10 Halebid Rabbits
Cosque Wingers 6–7 Morioh Joestars
Artiana Jacksons 6–11 Neverwinter Hookers
Kars United 17–3 OSOP Sharks
Shemellden Bandits 39–5 Rottenham Dragons

Matchday 21

Shemellden Bandits 21–13 Space Coast Galaxy
Rottenham Dragons 8–7 Kars United
OSOP Sharks 10–12 Artiana Jacksons
Neverwinter Hookers 17–25 Cosque Wingers
Morioh Joestars 23–6 Dreamland Falcons
Halebid Rabbits 23–11 Essidise Giants


Space Coast Galaxy 32–7 Halebid Rabbits
Essidise Giants 24–13 Morioh Joestars
Dreamland Falcons 23–0 Neverwinter Hookers
Cosque Wingers 14–10 OSOP Sharks
Artiana Jacksons 12–20 Rottenham Dragons
Kars United 14–15 Shemellden Bandits


Pld W D L PF PA PD Pts
1 Neverwinter Hookers 22 16 2 4 307 237 +70 68
2 Rottenham Dragons 22 13 1 8 287 254 +33 54
3 Artiana Jacksons 22 13 0 9 330 278 +52 52
4 Dreamland Falcons 22 12 0 10 338 306 +32 48
5 Shemellden Bandits 22 11 0 11 341 339 +2 44
6 Cosque Wingers 22 11 0 11 263 294 −31 44
7 Morioh Joestars 22 10 1 11 251 311 −60 42
8 Space Coast Galaxy 22 9 1 12 296 262 +34 38
9 Halebid Rabbits 22 9 0 13 327 365 −38 36
10 Essidise Giants 22 8 2 12 248 290 −42 36
11 OSOP Sharks 22 8 1 13 249 291 −42 34
12 Kars United 22 7 2 13 258 268 −10 32


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Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 97/6 (20 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 101/6 (12.5 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 137/7 (20 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 141/8 (14.4 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 220/5 (20 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 165/9 (20 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 204/6 (20 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 170/8 (20 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 141/5 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 150/5 (20 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 155/5 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 139 (17.4 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 133/5 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 134/8 (16.5 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 164/9 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 136 (16.4 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 101/6 (13.2 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 98/6 (20 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 146/5 (20 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 116 (17.1 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 149/7 (20 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 153/7 (16 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 191/6 (20 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 126 (19 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 157/3 (20 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 132/2 (20 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 186/5 (20 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 132/7 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 133/7 (20 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 189/5 (20 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 127/6 (20 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 171/6 (20 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 185/4 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 141/8 (20 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 141/2 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 187/1 (20 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 102/7 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 105/9 (13.4 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 158/3 (20 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 187/7 (20 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 137/7 (18.1 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 135/7 (20 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 139/7 (20 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 143/7 (17.4 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 159/6 (20 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 120/7 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 146/4 (17.3 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 143/5 (20 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 163/5 (20 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 137/3 (20 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 222/6 (20 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 106/5 (20 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 131/3 (20 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 134/5 (14.5 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 98/8 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 219/6 (20 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 132/3 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 134/6 (15.2 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 123/4 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 131/2 (20 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 142/2 (20 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 144/8 (18 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 138/4 (20 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 141/8 (12.4 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 149/8 (20 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 136/7 (20 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 143 (18.1 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 147/7 (18.4 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 141/7 (20 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 140/9 (20 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 160/8 (20 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 130/8 (20 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 140/9 (20 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 143/5 (15.2 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 125/6 (20 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 186/7 (20 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 139/6 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 143/7 (18 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 171/7 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 141 (15.3 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 226/5 (20 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 136/4 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 140/6 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 180 (18.2 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 139/7 (17.4 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 138 (17.3 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 211/8 (20 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 143/8 (20 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 176/2 (20 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 177/9 (18.4 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 171/2 (20 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 145/4 (20 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 105/5 (11.2 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 103 (18.1 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 139/4 (12.1 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 137/5 (20 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 195/9 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 155/5 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 161/5 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 129/4 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 117/8 (14.5 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 116/5 (20 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 164 (18.5 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 185/6 (20 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 161/6 (18.2 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 160 (19.3 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 206/5 (20 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 114/6 (20 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 186 (19 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 109 (16.1 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 157/6 (20 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 132/8 (20 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 148/2 (20 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 129/3 (20 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 125/4 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 129/6 (17.2 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 151/3 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 170/4 (20 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 175/9 (19.2 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 174/6 (20 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 164 (19.4 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 155/5 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 131/6 (20 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 169/5 (20 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 175/6 (15.4 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 174/8 (20 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 109/2 (20 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 110/5 (17.1 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 181/5 (20 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 104 (18 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 116/7 (12 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 114/6 (20 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 160/6 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 129 (18 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 133/6 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 134/5 (15.5 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 139/5 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 144/9 (20 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 152/7 (20 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 146/3 (20 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 139/9 (16.1 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 135/6 (20 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 155/6 (20 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 113/8 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 155/2 (20 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 137/3 (20 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 119/7 (15.1 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 116/8 (20 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 200/7 (20 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 115/2 (20 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 141/4 (12.5 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 137 (16.5 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 136/8 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 158/2 (20 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 187/6 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 158/5 (20 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 134/8 (20 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 162/6 (20 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 151/4 (19.4 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 147/7 (20 overs)

Depilated Magicians (TSY) 157/7 (20 overs)
Morioh Town(BRO) 159/6 (19.5 overs)

Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 138/7 (15.1 overs)
Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 134/3 (20 overs)

Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 159/5 (20 overs)
Basten Veterans (TSY) 151/2 (20 overs)

Coronet Capitals(KIL) 117/9 (14.4 overs)
Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 113/5 (20 overs)

Devon Dynamos(KIL) 160/4 (20 overs)
Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 166/8 (20 overs)

Morioh Town(BRO) 111 (16.3 overs)
Devon Dynamos(KIL) 228/6 (20 overs)

Dholbole Dhakurians(TAK) 169/6 (20 overs)
Coronet Capitals(KIL) 109/3 (20 overs)

Rudenburg Sweepers(ARG) 109/8 (16.1 overs)
Baxlog Bolts(ARG) 108/6 (20 overs)

Basten Veterans (TSY) 128 (19.2 overs)
Tekos Saint Germain(TAK) 161 (19 overs)

Norweigan wood CC(BRO) 126/6 (20 overs)
Depilated Magicians (TSY) 137/5 (20 overs)


Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Baxlog Bolts 18 13 0 5 2877 2583 +294 26
2 Devon Dynamos 18 12 0 6 2883 2589 +294 24
3 Dholbole Dhakurians 18 11 0 7 2720 2534 +186 22
4 Morioh Town 18 11 0 7 2594 2630 −36 22
5 Tekos Saint Germain 18 11 0 7 2740 2784 −44 22
6 Coronet Capitals 18 10 0 8 2626 2700 −74 20
7 Rudenburg Sweepers 18 8 0 10 2614 2440 +174 16
8 Depilated Magicians 18 5 0 13 2450 2681 −231 10
9 Norweigan wood CC 18 5 0 13 2329 2674 −345 10
10 Basten Veterans 18 4 0 14 2506 2724 −218 8


Baxlog Bolts 135/8 (20 overs)
Morioh Town 150/5 (20 overs)

Devon Dynamos 166/6 (16.1 overs)
Dholebole Dhakurians 163/7 (20 overs)


Baxlog Bolts 205/4 (20 overs)
Dholebole Dhakurians 134/6 (20 overs)


Morioh Town 172/2 (20 overs)
Devon Dynamos 176/9 (18.3 overs)





Golden Bat(Most Runs) :- Carl Johnson , Devon Dynamos
Golden Ball(Most Wickets) :- Benjamin Strickland , Dholebole Dhakurians
Golden Wicket(Most Valuable Player) :- Ralph Hendricks , Devon Dynamos
Fair Play Award :- Coronet Capitals


BAT- Carl Johnson , Devon Dynamos
BAT- Kozo Tanaka , Morioh Town
BAT- Gerald McDonald , Depilated Magicians
ALL- Rohan Kishibe , Morioh Town
BAT- Ralph Henricks , Devon Dynamos
WK- Jimmy Perkins , Devon Dynamos
ALL- Mauro Paredes , Teko Saint Germain
BOWL- Harriet Robbie , Baxlog Bolts
BOWL- Benjamin Strickland , Dholebole Dhakurians
BOWL- Adrian Massy , Rudenburg Sweepers
BOWL- Ollie Richardson , Devon Dynamos
12TH MAN - Ashok Rangaswamy , Morioh Town
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Coach - Travis Colliton
Stadium - County Cricket Ground
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Bob Doublesday (c)
Tomokazu Fujita
Morgan Whittle
Jonah Fitzgerald
Vinzenz Ermi (wk) (Ardengard)
Videl Gray
Johannes Bijanhof
Feri Marquez
David Dewsbery
Patrick Heimann
Daniel Frank


Coach - Jeremy Hunter
Stadium - Morioh Cricket Ground
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

David Daniel (Bollonich)
Kozo Tanaka
Jackson Stoecklin
Rohan Kishibe (c)
Phillipe Lathoud (Ardengard)
Cristophe Vossart (wk)
Benjamin Strickland
Joey Hale
Brainsucker Stewart (Castlebruxo)
Ashok Ranagaswamy
Norikazu Shige


Coach - Trent Sutter
Stadium - Rockton Oval
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Donjohn Macdonald
Carl Johnson (c)
Willy Smith
Frasco McLaughlin
Vijayendra Ghosh
Ian Evans (Bollonich)
Roston Cornwall (wk)
Osmond Lyons
Hawk Park
Abderus Cullen
Vaughan Grande(Ardengard)


Coach - Sean Brown
Stadium - Goolsea Riverside Ground
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

George Rushworth
David Desmond
Peter Heskett (c)
Rene Dron (wk)
Pierre Decaneli
Fernard Baetens
Mark Odegaard
Keito Nagani
Xander Brady
Leonale Faleuka
Ricki Makavilitogia


Coach - Dave Lain
Stadium - Brochardt Oval
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Peter Palmer
Yahuhiro Ehara
Theo Sinclair
David Beachill (wk)
Norbert de Smet
Gale Pymn Jr.
Andre Delaunois (c)
Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze (Quebec and Shingoryeo)
Benjamin Strickland
Dylan Jackson
Steven Smith
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Coach - Nick Beckman
Stadium - Halebid Ground
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Philip Jacobs
Nicholas Miller (c)
Mark Moore (wk)
Glenn Thompson
Reiyn Fowler
Ian Evans (Bollonich)
Hiroshi Kuroki
Phillipe Groc
Claude Cadieux
Sylvain Robitaille
Jean Rousseau


Coach - Jim Michael
Stadium - Wellermore Stadium
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Ben Surin
Frederic Quentin
Bruny Mahorn
David Herbert (wk)
Wayne Field (Ardengard)
Jason Brown
Trent Shaw
Peter Wilson
Harriet Robbie (c)
Felix Tait
Anthony McLean


Coach - Harold Grouchy
Stadium - Venus Gardens
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Dejan Brankovic (wk)
Slobodan Popovic
Juan Perez (Bollonich)
Tyler Thompson
Samuel Taylor
Andrion Howard
Jimmy Montgomery
Xavier Sherburn (Bollonich)(c)
Kevin Williams
Shawn Robinson
Jos Lafortune


Coach - Bryan Luis
Stadium - Spike Spiegel Stadium
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Joseph Blair
Paul De Jonckherre
Loys Herrera
Jacques Coste
Francois Verougstraete (wk) (c)
Wim Thijs (Castlebruxo)
Stephen Shade
Erwin Vanhaecke
Michel Steels
Martin Carberry
Cedric Wercx


Coach - Drew Evans
Stadium - Ogre Street
Jersey -

Starting XI (In order) -

Peter Risager
Algernon Mari (Ardengard)
Balvinder Saran
George Finch (Quebec and Shingoryeo)(wk)(c)
Samuel Cottrell
Nikola Pentilla
Dwayne Peterson (Ardengard)
Richie Smythe
Liam Monthe
Kenneth Cronje
Neville Douglas Wynter
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Matchweek 1

Anarchy in Goolsea 361/4 (50 overs)
Scroton Queens 150/5 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 182 (48.5 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 184/7 (29.3 overs)

Dreamland Royals 276/9 (34.4 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 275/6 (50 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 309/5 (47.1 overs)
Morioh Town 308/9 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 250/8 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 356 (49.2 overs)

The time was 8 pm sharp by every Brook's watch and the first ever ball of the Brookstation One Day League was bowled by 18 year young Jimmy Montgomery of Scroton Queens. It was flicked slightly by George Rusworth for a one. Jimmy Montgomery was not satisfied with just being the first player to bowl an over in BODL, thus he went on to take a wicket in the very first over by dismissing George Rusworth, becoming the first player to take a wicket in the BODL. The first innings saw a pretty large score put forward by Goolsea having lost only four wickets. A brilliant knock of 174* from Rene Dron and 77 by Peter Heskett put Queens in a quite difficult situation. The second innings played by Scroton was more of a test innings rather than a first class innings. They ended up scoring only 150 runs at a mere run rate of 3 with five wickets in hand. Makavilitogia bowled an excellent spell taking 2 wickets and only giving 23 runs with an economy of 2.3.

The second match was also a match where Cosque Bashers took a very slow approach to the innings. Bashers lost 5 wickets at 114 runs and after that a struggling effort by Trent Shaw allowed them to reach 182 until they lost their final wicket. Ogre Street took a calm approach and played a quick innings losing quite a few wickets on the way. Balvinder Saran scored a half century.

In the thrid match, Norweigan wood played a good innings putting a target of 276 in front of their opponents Dreamland Royals. A half century came from Carl Johnson and Vijayendra Ghosh. Dreamland played a very fast innings. Sinclair and de Smet scored more than 70 runs each helping the team. Although the team lost a lot of wickets toward the end, thanks to Cullen. Dreamland achieved a thrilling win with only one wicket in hand.

In the fourth match, Morioh Town posed a target of 309 to Essidise Destroyers. David Daniel scored a century. Essidise Destroyers played a good and wise innings and chased down the score with five wickets to spare. It can be said that all the players played well with 4 players scoring half centuries.

The final match of the first week saw Halebid Elephants score a huge amount of runs. A century came from Glenn Thompson. Despite of good efforts from Fubfield, Elephants ended up winning the match.

Matchweek 2

Scroton Queens 269 (49.2 overs)
Halebid Elephants 287/3 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 210/9 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 213/9 (34.3 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 213/5 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 293 (49.1 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 211/8 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 298/2 (50 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 247/3 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 247/6 (50 overs)

In the second match week, none of the team could score 300 or more (although Dreamland Royals came quite close) After the matchweek , Halebid Elephants were leading with Dreamland at second place. The Dreamland derby also took place. Dreamland Royals ended up winning the derby with Peter Palmer scoring a brilliant century. This match also saw a tied match (which is pretty rare in cricket) between Goolsea and Cosque. Anarchy had scored 247 runs with a great partnership between David Desmond and Rene Dron. Cosque proved to be an able opponent giving them a tough fight. With three runs needed in the last ball, Jason Brown hit a shot and a coordinated run between the wickets allowed him to pick up two runs and tie the match.

Matchweek 3

Cosque Bashers 265 (49.2 overs)
Scroton Queens 269/8 (47.2 overs)

Dreamland Royals 219/8 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 266/7 (50 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 174/4 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 202 (36.3 overs)

Fubfield XI 203/2 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 258/3 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 230/6 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 278/2 (50 overs)

The third matchweek saw similar sort of results like the previous matchweek with no team scoring 300 or more. Anarchy in Goolsea gained an unexpected win over Dreamland Royals thanks to Faleuka who stopped Dreamland at only 219 runs. This win helped them climb to the top of the table. Cosque Bashers were at the end of the table not being able to register a single win by the third matchday.

Matchweek 4

Scroton Queens 268/6 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 236/9 (50 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 155/9 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 157/9 (30.4 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 337 (49.1 overs)
Fubfield XI 287/9 (50 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 169/9 (26.2 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 166/8 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 292/5 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 295/8 (41.5 overs)

Ogre Street finally broke the dry run of scoring less than 300 on matchday 4 when they scored a 337 against Fubfield. Risager scored a century. Ogre Street could have scored more had they wickets in hands. The team's middle order were not able to stay consistent and that made Ogre Street lose wickets along the way. It must be said that Fubfield tried their best reaching 287 with a good performance from Bob Doublesday but that was not sufficient enough to hand them the match. Anarchy held on to their lead while Cosque still sat on 0 points.

Matchweek 5

Dreamland Royals 186 (29.3 overs)
Scroton Queens 210 (48.3 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 218/8 (34.1 overs)
Cosque Bashers 214/9 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 260/8 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 264/8 (49.2 overs)

Halebid Elephants 211 (48.4 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 212/8 (32.1 overs)

Morioh Town 204/4 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 216/7 (50 overs)

The awaited match between Halebid and the second Dreamland side, Ogre Street led by Quebecoise won in the encounter. George Finch played a good innings scoring a half century. More credit should be given to Wynter and Smythe who both took 3 wickets and stopped Halebid to 211 runs.

The encounter between Morioh and Norweigan wood was a very thrilling match but at the end Morioh Town were unable to chase the target by a very small margin. The last overs bowled by Park had been crucial for the Cats' win which also gave him the man of the match award. Anarchy was still leading the table with Cosque still not being able to open their account.

Matchweek 6

Scroton Queens 269/9 (42.2 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 268/9 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 353/5 (45.4 overs)
Morioh Town 351 (43.3 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 239/9 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 237/3 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 167/1 (27.2 overs)
Fubfield XI 163/9 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 393/7 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 267/8 (50 overs)

Matchweek 6 saw one of the most successful chases in the history of Brook cricket with Ogre Street being able to chase down the huge score of 351. Jackson Stoecklien and Rohan Kishibe had both player a brilliant innings which allowed them to pose such a large score. But the team led by Finch was not less. George Finch scored a century, receiving help from Cottrell to chase the score with 4.2 overs in hand.

Cosque Bashers also registered their first win of the season defeating Fubfield by 9 wickets. Robitaille bowled an awesome spell taking 5 wickets which handed him the man of the match as well. Nicholas Miller and Mark Moore were able to reach the target quite easily setting a strong partnership.

Dreamland also set the highest score till now against Essidise Destroyers. Peter Palmer and Beachill both scored a century covering the relatively poor performance by the rest of the batters.

Table after Matchweek 6

Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Anarchy in Goolsea 6 5 0 1546 1279 +267 16
2 Ogre Street Cricket Club 6 5 1 1499 1503 −4 15
3 Dreamland Royals 6 4 2 1667 1521 +146 12
4 Scroton Queens 6 4 2 1435 1603 −168 12
5 Halebid Elephants 6 3 3 1478 1403 +75 9
6 Essidise Destroyers 6 3 3 1427 1499 −72 9
7 Norweigan wood Cats 6 2 4 1385 1402 −17 6
8 Cosque Bashers 6 1 4 1367 1376 −9 4
9 Morioh Town 6 1 5 1587 1589 −2 3
10 Fubfield XI 6 1 5 1376 1592 −216 3

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Matchweek 7

Essidise Destroyers 223/9 (33.1 overs)
Scroton Queens 221/9 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 195 (30.4 overs)
Dreamland Royals 198/7 (36.1 overs)

Halebid Elephants 241/2 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 294/5 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 127/8 (24.5 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 126 (36.5 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 258/8 (49.5 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 256/8 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals stopped Fubfield at a mere score of 195. Chinenyeze took five wickets. It wasn't much of a problem for Dreamland Royals to chase down the score.

The biggest surprise of the matchweek was Morioh inflicting a humiliating defeat upon Anarchy. A series of quick wickets made Goolsea stop at a dead end with only 126 runs in hand. The pitch of Morioh Cricket Ground seemed to be magical as Morioh itself struggled to reach the target but 126 was extremely less to stop Morioh from winning. Brainsucker Stewart won the man of the match.

Matchweek 8

Scroton Queens 201 (48.1 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 228 (44.1 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 310/9 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 265 (48.5 overs)

Cosque Bashers 346/9 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 280/3 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 271/9 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 260 (49.4 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 208 (37.2 overs)
Fubfield XI 212/7 (33 overs)

The big there clubs (Ogre Street, Anarchy, Dreamland) continued to stay at top after winning all their respective matches in matchday 8.

What was surprising, was the fact that Morioh suffered a pretty bad defeat after their unexpected win over Anarchy. Cosque played a good innings with Ben Surin making a century. Although Morioh started well , they started playing slowly towards the end which handed the match to Cosque.

Matchweek 9

Fubfield XI 215/8 (50 overs)
Scroton Queens 219/3 (32.5 overs)

Halebid Elephants 164/3 (33.3 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 162/7 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 217/5 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 265/5 (50 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 139 (31.2 overs)
Cosque Bashers 303/9 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 324/6 (46.2 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 322/9 (50 overs)

The main attraction of matchday 9 was at Ogre Street between the home club and Goolsea. Goolsea set a high target of 323 runs to stay on the safe side. Dron and Heskett both made half centuries. Ogre Street surprisingly handled the pressure quite well and Mari and Finch handled the game in a professional manner. They managed to reach the target with 3.4 overs in hand, thus making the huge crowd at home happy. The climbed over Anarchy to take the second spot on the table.

Matchweek 10

Scroton Queens 333/6 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 247/9 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 255 (42.1 overs)
Cosque Bashers 226/6 (50 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 219/2 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 220/7 (40 overs)

Morioh Town 269/5 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 326/9 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 291/8 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 299 (49.1 overs)

Anarchy's dry spell continued when they suffered a terrible defeat to Scroton Queens. Popovic and Thompson set up a good partnership which lasted long and helped the team cross 300 runs. The pitch largely favoured pace and thus the pace bowlers of Goolsea were beaten hard. Things didn't go well in Goolsea's case. They had a good start with a big run rate but a number of wickets toppling one after the other causes them trouble. Thanks to Baetens they were atleast able to reach near 250. There was a good bowling performance from the Bollonischian captain Xavier Sherburn.

Matchweek 11

Halebid Elephants 200 (37.3 overs)
Scroton Queens 203/8 (41.4 overs)

Fubfield XI 214/2 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 195/8 (50 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 225/8 (28.2 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 222/6 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 226/3 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 311/9 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 315 (48.5 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 327/5 (50 overs)

The first match saw Halebid play a pretty good innings when they started out well with a high run rate. But when a number of wickets fell quickly, their performance came to a standstill. Scroton had no problem in chasing the score and thus continued their winning streak.

Essidise Destroyers played the fastest innings of the league as of yet when they successfully chased 222 runs in only 28 overs against Cats.

The main match was the showdown between Dreamland and Ogre Street. Although Dreamland were expected to win, Ogre Street played an excellent innings putting a target of 312 on board. Furthermore, their bowlers also helped them in their run chase by confining them to 226 runs in 50 overs. Ogre Street were the table toppers now.

Matchweek 12

Scroton Queens 137 (38.3 overs)
Cosque Bashers 280 (36 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 260 (48.1 overs)
Dreamland Royals 199 (46.2 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 258/8 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 265 (49.3 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 309/9 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 184/7 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 338/7 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 231 (35.1 overs)

Matchweek 12 was extremely strange. The big teams (Scroton , Dreamland , Ogre Street) all suffered losses. Cosque Bashers surprised the entirety of Brookstation when they scored 280 runs and confined Scroton to only 137 runs. Captain Harriet Robbie was adjudged the man of the match as he played a crucial role by taking 4 wickets against Scroton.

Apart from that, a similar result was produced when Anarchy faced Dreamland. Dreamland was stuck at 199 losing all wickets while chasing a target of 260. Odegaard and Makavilitogia both took 3 wickets and the latter was announced the man of the match.

Perhaps the most surprising defeat was that of Ogre Street. Essidise was confined to 265 runs and Ogre Street started the match pretty well but they were not able to maintain that. They failed to chase down the score and could only reach 258 with two wickets in hand due to the combined effort of lower order batsmen Pentilla and Peterson.

Matchweek 13

Morioh Town 166/6 (50 overs)
Scroton Queens 167/2 (26.2 overs)

Halebid Elephants 306 (48.4 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 276/2 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 237/9 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 240/8 (41.1 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 243/7 (37.1 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 241/7 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 260 (46.5 overs)
Cosque Bashers 301/9 (50 overs)

Matchweek 14

Scroton Queens 132/9 (30.2 overs)
Dreamland Royals 128 (36.5 overs)

Cosque Bashers 247/6 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 250/8 (34.5 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 211/8 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 268/6 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 196 (48.1 overs)
Halebid Elephants 197/5 (38.4 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 223/9 (42.2 overs)
Morioh Town 221/2 (50 overs)

Matchweek 15

Norweigan wood Cats 206/6 (31.4 overs)
Scroton Queens 205/7 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 202/9 (39.4 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 200/7 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 212/5 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 255/5 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 369 (49.1 overs)
Cosque Bashers 289 (47.4 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 273/8 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 242/8 (50 overs)

Matchweek 16

Scroton Queens 253/8 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 219/9 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 232/5 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 105 (31.3 overs)

Cosque Bashers 210/9 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 221 (41 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 241/9 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 242/9 (47.3 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 187 (46.5 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 189/6 (22 overs)

Matchweek 17

Ogre Street Cricket Club 270/8 (50 overs)
Scroton Queens 296/5 (50 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 197/9 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 200/6 (34.3 overs)

Morioh Town 124/2 (31 overs)
Cosque Bashers 123 (33.4 overs)

Halebid Elephants 224/2 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 304 (49.2 overs)

Fubfield XI 183/9 (28.5 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 182 (37.4 overs)

Matchweek 18

Scroton Queens 236 (32.5 overs)
Fubfield XI 237/6 (38.5 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 271/6 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 272/6 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 233/7 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 235/9 (42.2 overs)

Cosque Bashers 179 (49 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 182/8 (28.1 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 208/9 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 226 (46.4 overs)

Final Table

Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Ogre Street Cricket Club 18 11 7 4450 4330 +120 33
2 Scroton Queens 18 11 7 4038 4222 −184 33
3 Anarchy in Goolsea 18 10 7 4494 4230 +264 31
4 Dreamland Royals 18 10 8 4445 4253 +192 30
5 Essidise Destroyers 18 10 8 4274 4283 −9 30
6 Norweigan wood Cats 18 8 10 4070 4198 −128 24
7 Halebid Elephants 18 8 10 4297 4482 −185 24
8 Fubfield XI 18 8 10 4094 4402 −308 24
9 Morioh Town 18 7 11 4203 4284 −81 21
10 Cosque Bashers 18 6 11 4480 4161 +319 19

Qualifiers and Final

Qualifier 1
Ogre Street Cricket Club 224/9 (40.1 overs)
Scroton Queens 223/8 (50 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 254/5 (46.5 overs)
Dreamland Royals 252/5 (50 overs)

Qualifier 2
Anarchy in Goolsea 244/9 (49.1 overs)
Scroton Queens 241 (47 overs)

Anarchy in Goolsea 257 (45 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 261/5 (39.1 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club are the champions of the first Brookstation One Day Tournament


Matchweek 1

Kenville bat first
Kenville 391 (94.5 overs), 447/7d (98.4 overs)
Ballcary 479 (163.3 overs), 148/3 (41.1 overs)

Rofintech bat first
Rofintech 452 (147.5 overs), 217/2d (47.4 overs)
South Cordovia 279 (75.3 overs), 308 (79.3 overs)
South Cordovia lose by 82 runs

Capital bat first
Capital 479/5d (162.4 overs), 267/4d (70.2 overs)
Kiergboshire 343 (79.1 overs), 336/7 (97.5 overs)

Matchweek 2

Kenville bat first
Kenville 403 (99.1 overs), 337 (138.4 overs)
Rofintech 394 (95.0 overs), 221/4 (70.0 overs)

Ballcary bat first
Ballcary 671/5d (168.2 overs)
Capital 326 (97.3 overs), follow-on 335 (134.2 overs)
Ballcary win by an innings and 10 runs

Kiergboshire bat first
Kiergboshire 329 (109.4 overs), 274/2d (74.5 overs)
South Cordovia 168 (40.1 overs), 400/8 (167.1 overs)

Matchweek 3

South Cordovia bat first
South Cordovia 280 (99.4 overs), 255 (89.1 overs)
Kenville 367 (106.2 overs), 173/1 (70.0 overs)
Kenville win by 9 wickets

Kiergboshire bat first
Kiergboshire 384 (89.5 overs), 229 (58.4 overs)
Ballcary 589/7d (140.2 overs), 25/0 (6.4 overs)
Ballcary win by 10 wickets

Rofintech bat first
Rofintech 325 (106.0 overs), 312/9d (93.1 overs)
Capital 273 (86.2 overs), 352 (115.0 overs)
Capital lose by 12 runs

Matchweek 4

Kiergboshire bat first
Kiergboshire 253 (44.4 overs), 303 (87.1 overs)
Kenville 378 (134.0 overs), 179/4 (48.5 overs)
Kenville win by 6 wickets

Ballcary bat first
Ballcary 477/4d (155.4 overs), 356 (96.5 overs)
Rofintech 554 (136.3 overs), 243/8 (57.4 overs)

Capital bat first
Capital 404 (117.2 overs), 245/3 (76.2 overs)
South Cordovia 191 (59.2 overs), follow-on 456 (128.0 overs)
Capital win by 7 wickets

Matchweek 5

Capital bat first
Capital 176 (51.2 overs), 183 (45.2 overs)
Kenville 418/8d (119.1 overs)
Kenville win by an innings and 59 runs

South Cordovia bat first
South Cordovia 203 (58.3 overs), 493 (148.3 overs)
Ballcary 449/6d (131.5 overs), 248/6 (65.4 overs)
Ballcary win by 4 wickets

Kiergboshire bat first
Kiergboshire 288 (104.2 overs), 334/9d (87.2 overs)
Rofintech 259 (85.2 overs), 285 (68.3 overs)
Rofintech lose by 78 runs

Team M W L T D N/A PT
Kenville 5 3 0 0 2 0 11
Ballcary 5 3 0 0 2 0 11
Rofintech 5 2 1 0 2 0 8
Kiergboshire 5 1 2 0 2 0 5
Capital 5 1 3 0 1 0 4
South Cordovia 5 0 5 0 0 0 1

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Regiis Dreamland

Nickname: The old legend
Stadium: Pop Smoke Stadium (100,000)
Manager: Colin Tredwell
Expert's prediction: 1st

Starting Lineup
GK: Raphael Martins Image
RB: Nicolas Insfran Image
CB: Cesar Sanabria Image
CB: Emilio Couto Image
LB: Gielsen Nato Image
CM: Florian Mohr Image
LM: Jose Santos Image
RM: Marjeille Castagne Image
LW: Bruno da Costa Image
CF: Moussa Wague Image
RW: Timo Blomeyer Image

FC Hacienda

Nicknames: The Dinosaurs
Stadium: Bruno Pucci Arena
Manager: Derek Schwartz
Expert's prediction: 2nd

Starting Lineup:
GK: Stanley Austin Image
CB: Courtney Murphy Image
CB: Tommy Hayden Image
CB: Gregory Rodgers Image
CDM: Terrence Morgan Image
LM: Nick Hernandez Image
RM: Nathan Floyd Image
CM: Denzil Modise Image
AM: Jack Skelton Image
CF: Pablo Sims Image
CF: Edward Parsons Image

Strange City

Nickname: Tech pundits
Stadium: The Hub
Manager: Jerry Thomas
Expert's prediction: 3rd

Starting Lineup:
GK: Andy Barnes Image
RB: Aubrey Burns Image
CB: Jayden Alonso Image
CB: Stefan Nillson Image
CB: Dossa Image
LB: Christophe du Mesnil Image
CM: Tobias Weizmann Image
CM: John Richardson Image
RW: Mitch Welch Image
CF: Ga Yong Lee Image
LW: Stan McCarthy Image

Denver Stags

Nickname: The Stags
Stadium: Denver Stadium of the Who
Manager: Gilbert Reese
Expert's prediction: 4th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Leon Berry Image
CB: Vito Minotto Image
CB: Albert Thomas Image
CB: Ronald Hill Image
DM: Noah Bloodworth Image
DM: Vandui Narantua Image
LW: Christopher Sanders Image
AM: Phil Paine Image
RW: Jimmy Robinson Image
CF: Lukasz Kownacki Image

FC Rottenham

Nickname: The Yellows
Stadium: Jeckins Arena
Manager: Guy Graves
Expert's prediction: 5th

Starting Lineup
GK: Allen Fleming Image
CB: Steve Robertson Image
CB: Benny Becker Image
CB: Lucas Dawson Image
CDM: Orlando Chapman Image
LM: Ricky Horton Image
CM: Jean Allen Image
CM: Darrel Lucas Image
RM: Terry Summers Image
CF: Curtis Townsend Image
CF: Marion Diaz Image

Halebid United

Nickname: The Jacks
Stadium: Halebid Stadium
Manager: Terry Patterson
Expert's prediction: 6th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Todd Long Image
RB: Matthew Ward Image
CB: Eric Jenkins Image
CB: Lawrence Butler Image
LB: Charles Morgan Image
RM: Arthur Bell Image
CM: Calle Vikingstad Image
LM: Steve Bailey Image
RW: Chris Jones Image
LW: Steven Walker Image
CF: Martin Rivera Image

Artiana Galaxy

Nickname: The Astros
Stadium: The Galaxy
Manager: Zachary Brooks
Expert's prediction: 7th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Ronald Moreira Image
RB: Scott Birghitti Image
CB: Mohammad Kashi Image
CB: Jordan Aouar Image
LB: Rostin Mcgree Image
RM: Dario Atkinson Image
CM: Swampstare Hellbug Image
LM: Frank Fuchs Image
RW: Lallana Andriatsima Image
LW: Narciso Martinez Image
CF: Carmichael Dempsey Image

Towning SC

Nickname: The Deer
Stadium: JKM Tyres Stadium
Manager: Levi Walters
Expert's prediction: 8th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Stefan Franz Image
CB: Shawn Padilla Image
CB: Darin Guerrero Image
CB: Stewart Moreno Image
RM: Donald Hill Image
CM: Bob Rodriguez Image
CM: Edwin Dunn Image
LM: William Jennings Image
OM: Andre Lamb Image
CF: Brett Shelton Image
CF: Van Lucas Image

Shkotan FC

Nickname: Fighters
Stadium: Wildpark
Manager: Jimmy Fox
Expert's prediction: 9th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Bradley Leonard Image
RB: Wilson Tate Image
CB: Dustin Griffith Image
CB: Marlon Porter Image
LB: Elbert Wells Image
RM: Joshua Bates Image
CM: Tomas Owens Image
LM: Lewis Ward Image
RW: Rudolph Fowler Image
LW: Alex Hanson Image
CF: Shmuel Kahn Image

Red Tube Volint

Nickname: N/A
Stadium: Moore Arena
Manager: Alvin Simon
Expert's prediction: 10th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Ramon Malone Image
CB: Terrance Robertson Image
CB: Walter Keller Image
CB: Jorge Cardozo (DRP)
DM: Paul Nichols Image
RM: Pete Patrick Image
CM: Jorge Belada Image
CM: Tony Roy Image
LM: Julio Russell Image
CF: Grady Nash Image
CF: Enrique Gilbert Image

Towning FC

Nickname: The Ravens
Stadium: Towning FC Stadium
Manager: Orville Hopkins
Expert's prediction: 11th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Ivan Keller Image
CB: Jacob Wise Image
CB: Terrance Drake Image
CB: Alfredo White Image
RM: Jerald Walton Image
CM: Stuart Bowen Image
CM: Bennie Reeves Image
LM: Raul Griffin Image
RW: Hartvig Arthursson Image
LW: Fredrick Santiago Image
CF: Nick Morgan Image

Moukamthorpeles FC

Nickname: The shoemakers
Stadium: Billford Road
Manager: Andrew Williams
Expert's prediction: 12th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Jose Carter Image
CB: Justin Roberts Image
CB: Gary Henderson Image
CB: Fred Diaz Image
RM: Sean Perez Image
CM: Lucien Karmel Image
CM: Keith Price Image
LM: Dennis Barnes Image
RW: Mark Jackson Image
LW: Nicholas Rodriguez Image
CF: Donald Wood Image

Dynamo Leitvambusch

Nickname: The kickers of the neighbourhood
Stadium: Leitvambusch-Stadion
Manager: Saul Brewer
Expert's prediction: 13th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Austin Patterson Image
RB: Marcos Ingram Image
CB: Orville Harrington Image
CB: Loren Burton Image
LB: Wendell Wilson Image
CDM: Guadalupe Hayes Image
LM: Jared Miles Image
RM: George Crawford Image
LW: Van Walker Image
RW: Juste De Haven Image
CF: Zach Harvard Image


Nickname: The Gunners
Stadium: Lightdale
Manager: Gerald Powell
Expert's prediction: 14th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Howard Turner Image
CB: Kenneth Simmons Image
CB: Scott Wright Image
CB: Stephen Nelson Image
RM: Paul Stewart Image
CM: Joe Parker Image
CM: Bobby Ross Image
LM: Logan Goff Image
AM: Samuel Lopez Image
CF: Wayne Brooks Image
CF: Earl Adams Image

Kars Club

Nickname: Kars Eleven
Stadium: Kars Club Stadium
Manager: Clinton Moody
Expert's prediction: 15th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Wilfred Griffin Image
RB: Lionel Mclaughlin Image
CB: Johnnie Ellis Image
CB: Clayton Vasquez Image
LB: Colin Sharp Image
CDM: Darnell Saunders Image
RM: Keith Hicks Image
CM: Nicolas Christensen Image
LM: Reardan Jot Image
CF: Jerald Baldwin Image
CF: Emanuel Waters Image


Nickname: Whammers
Stadium: The Algrove
Manager: Louis Arnold
Expert's prediction: 16th

Starting Lineup
GK: Irving Burgess Image
RB: Herman Hawkins Image
CB: David Wilson Image
CB: Jesus Stanley Image
LB: Rudy Strickland Image
DM: Roosevelt Douglas Image
DM: Lee Gross Image
LW: Spidersquawk Blackscream Image
AM: Kim Adams Image
RW: Robin Black Image
CF: Luis Walters Image

FC Kars

Nickname: The Islanders
Stadium: Brookstadion
Manager: Andre Barker
Experts prediction: 17th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Jordan Norton Image
CB: Terrell Grant Image
CB: Ralph Olson Image
CB: Lawrence Greene Image
LM: Kenneth Schneider Image
CM: Ricardo Parker Image
CM: Brent Powers Image
CM: Domingo Ryan Image
RM: Marshall Sutton Image
CF: Milton Bennett Image
CF: Daniel Mckinney Image


Nickname: The lilies
Stadium: Santiago Peters Stadium
Manager: Raymond Daniel
Expert's prediction: 18th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Jorge Manning Image
RB: Eduardo Blake Image
CB: Wade Davidson Image
CB: Benjamin Morrison Image
LB: Jeremy Hall Image
CM: Zainuddeen al-Naim Image
LM: Leslie Butler Image
RM: Taylor Scott Image
LW: Melvin Harrison Image
RW: Glen Mendez Image
CF: Darryl Singleton Image

Scroton FC

Nickname: Blues
Stadium: St. Peter's
Manager: Ronnie Cox
Expert's prediction: 19th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Pete Casey Image
CB: Jonathan Tran Image
CB: Clint Potter Image
CB: Harry Mccormick Image
RM: Claude de Lessai Image
CM: Doug Carlson Image
CM: Bert Brock Image
LM: Ellis Garrett Image
OM: Earl Turner Image
CF: Vernon Fitzgerald Image
CF: Cecil Wright Image

Leitvambusch Miners

Nickname: The Miners
Stadium: Leitvambusch Football Club
Manager: Aaron White
Expert's prediction: 20th

Starting Lineup:
GK: Alan Washington Image
RB: Eugene Baker Image
CB: Jeremy Clark Image
CB: Daniel Hall Image
LB: Jerry Brown Image
DM: Randy Bryant Image
RM: Henry Gonzalez Image
CM: Billy Cooper Image
CM: Mohantes Tuljos Image
LM: Louis Rogers Image
CF: Bruce James Image
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Matchweek 1

Artiana Galaxy 1–1 Wham
Denver Stags 0–0 Waffen
Drublin 2–0 Towning SC
Dynamo Leitvambusch 3–0 Towning FC
FC Hacienda 2–0 Strange City
FC Kars 1–1 Shkotan FC
FC Rottenham 2–0 Scroton FC
Halebid United 1–2 Regiis Dreamland
Kars Club 1–1 Red Tube Volint
Leitvambusch Miners 0–0 Moukamthorpeles FC

Matchweek 2

Wham 0–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
Red Tube Volint 2–2 Leitvambusch Miners
Regiis Dreamland 2–1 Kars Club
Scroton FC 2–1 Halebid United
Shkotan FC 3–3 FC Rottenham
Strange City 2–1 FC Kars
Towning FC 1–3 FC Hacienda
Towning SC 1–1 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Waffen 2–0 Drublin
Artiana Galaxy 1–1 Denver Stags

Matchweek 3

Denver Stags 1–0 Wham
Drublin 3–2 Artiana Galaxy
Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–1 Waffen
FC Hacienda 0–2 Towning SC
FC Kars 1–3 Towning FC
FC Rottenham 1–0 Strange City
Halebid United 1–0 Shkotan FC
Kars Club 4–2 Scroton FC
Leitvambusch Miners 2–0 Regiis Dreamland
Moukamthorpeles FC 3–1 Red Tube Volint

Matchweek 4

Wham 1–0 Red Tube Volint
Regiis Dreamland 1–2 Moukamthorpeles FC
Scroton FC 0–1 Leitvambusch Miners
Shkotan FC 1–1 Kars Club
Strange City 1–0 Halebid United
Towning FC 0–1 FC Rottenham
Towning SC 2–1 FC Kars
Waffen 2–2 FC Hacienda
Artiana Galaxy 0–2 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Denver Stags 2–1 Drublin

Matchweek 5

Drublin 1–1 Wham
Dynamo Leitvambusch 2–0 Denver Stags
FC Hacienda 2–2 Artiana Galaxy
FC Kars 1–0 Waffen
FC Rottenham 1–3 Towning SC
Halebid United 2–0 Towning FC
Kars Club 2–1 Strange City
Leitvambusch Miners 0–3 Shkotan FC
Moukamthorpeles FC 1–0 Scroton FC
Red Tube Volint 2–0 Regiis Dreamland

Matchweek 6

Wham 0–4 Regiis Dreamland
Scroton FC 2–4 Red Tube Volint
Shkotan FC 3–2 Moukamthorpeles FC
Strange City 1–1 Leitvambusch Miners
Towning FC 1–0 Kars Club
Towning SC 3–5 Halebid United
Waffen 2–9 FC Rottenham
Artiana Galaxy 2–2 FC Kars
Denver Stags 4–0 FC Hacienda
Drublin 1–1 Dynamo Leitvambusch

Matchweek 7

Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–2 Wham
FC Hacienda 0–2 Drublin
FC Kars 1–2 Denver Stags
FC Rottenham 1–2 Artiana Galaxy
Halebid United 3–0 Waffen
Kars Club 3–1 Towning SC
Leitvambusch Miners 6–2 Towning FC
Moukamthorpeles FC 1–0 Strange City
Red Tube Volint 1–1 Shkotan FC
Regiis Dreamland 2–1 Scroton FC

Matchweek 8

Wham 1–0 Scroton FC
Shkotan FC 0–3 Regiis Dreamland
Strange City 0–2 Red Tube Volint
Towning FC 1–4 Moukamthorpeles FC
Towning SC 1–0 Leitvambusch Miners
Waffen 3–0 Kars Club
Artiana Galaxy 1–1 Halebid United
Denver Stags 1–0 FC Rottenham
Drublin 2–0 FC Kars
Dynamo Leitvambusch 0–1 FC Hacienda

Matchweek 9

FC Hacienda 5–1 Wham
FC Kars 3–2 Dynamo Leitvambusch
FC Rottenham 2–0 Drublin
Halebid United 1–2 Denver Stags
Kars Club 1–2 Artiana Galaxy
Leitvambusch Miners 1–0 Waffen
Moukamthorpeles FC 1–1 Towning SC
Red Tube Volint 0–1 Towning FC
Regiis Dreamland 2–2 Strange City
Scroton FC 0–0 Shkotan FC

Matchweek 10

Wham 1–2 Shkotan FC
Strange City 6–2 Scroton FC
Towning FC 0–1 Regiis Dreamland
Towning SC 4–0 Red Tube Volint
Waffen 4–2 Moukamthorpeles FC
Artiana Galaxy 2–0 Leitvambusch Miners
Denver Stags 3–1 Kars Club
Drublin 0–0 Halebid United
Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–2 FC Rottenham
FC Hacienda 2–0 FC Kars

Matchweek 11

FC Kars 1–1 Wham
FC Rottenham 1–4 FC Hacienda
Halebid United 2–1 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Kars Club 1–2 Drublin
Leitvambusch Miners 2–3 Denver Stags
Moukamthorpeles FC 3–1 Artiana Galaxy
Red Tube Volint 1–3 Waffen
Regiis Dreamland 2–0 Towning SC
Scroton FC 1–0 Towning FC
Shkotan FC 0–0 Strange City

Matchweek 12

Wham 3–3 Strange City
Towning FC 0–2 Shkotan FC
Towning SC 2–1 Scroton FC
Waffen 1–1 Regiis Dreamland
Artiana Galaxy 1–0 Red Tube Volint
Denver Stags 2–1 Moukamthorpeles FC
Drublin 1–1 Leitvambusch Miners
Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–1 Kars Club
FC Hacienda 1–0 Halebid United
FC Kars 1–1 FC Rottenham

Matchweek 13

FC Rottenham 2–2 Wham
Halebid United 1–1 FC Kars
Kars Club 0–3 FC Hacienda
Leitvambusch Miners 0–3 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Moukamthorpeles FC 1–3 Drublin
Red Tube Volint 1–3 Denver Stags
Regiis Dreamland 1–0 Artiana Galaxy
Scroton FC 1–0 Waffen
Shkotan FC 1–0 Towning SC
Strange City 0–0 Towning FC

Matchweek 14

Wham 0–3 Towning FC
Towning SC 2–3 Strange City
Waffen 4–1 Shkotan FC
Artiana Galaxy 2–0 Scroton FC
Denver Stags 1–1 Regiis Dreamland
Drublin 2–0 Red Tube Volint
Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–1 Moukamthorpeles FC
FC Hacienda 3–0 Leitvambusch Miners
FC Kars 1–2 Kars Club
FC Rottenham 2–0 Halebid United

Matchweek 15

Halebid United 3–0 Wham
Kars Club 2–2 FC Rottenham
Leitvambusch Miners 2–1 FC Kars
Moukamthorpeles FC 2–0 FC Hacienda
Red Tube Volint 1–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Regiis Dreamland 3–2 Drublin
Scroton FC 0–1 Denver Stags
Shkotan FC 4–0 Artiana Galaxy
Strange City 2–1 Waffen
Towning FC 1–1 Towning SC

Matchweek 16

Wham 0–1 Towning SC
Waffen 0–1 Towning FC
Artiana Galaxy 1–0 Strange City
Denver Stags 1–0 Shkotan FC
Drublin 0–0 Scroton FC
Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–5 Regiis Dreamland
FC Hacienda 0–0 Red Tube Volint
FC Kars 3–1 Moukamthorpeles FC
FC Rottenham 1–2 Leitvambusch Miners
Halebid United 1–0 Kars Club

Matchweek 17

Kars Club 4–1 Wham
Leitvambusch Miners 3–2 Halebid United
Moukamthorpeles FC 0–0 FC Rottenham
Red Tube Volint 1–1 FC Kars
Regiis Dreamland 1–2 FC Hacienda
Scroton FC 3–2 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Shkotan FC 1–0 Drublin
Strange City 1–1 Denver Stags
Towning FC 2–1 Artiana Galaxy
Towning SC 5–0 Waffen

Matchweek 18

Wham 0–2 Waffen
Artiana Galaxy 0–0 Towning SC
Denver Stags 1–0 Towning FC
Drublin 1–1 Strange City
Dynamo Leitvambusch 0–2 Shkotan FC
FC Hacienda 2–1 Scroton FC
FC Kars 0–0 Regiis Dreamland
FC Rottenham 2–2 Red Tube Volint
Halebid United 4–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
Kars Club 7–0 Leitvambusch Miners

Matchweek 19

Leitvambusch Miners 3–1 Wham
Moukamthorpeles FC 1–0 Kars Club
Red Tube Volint 4–1 Halebid United
Regiis Dreamland 2–1 FC Rottenham
Scroton FC 1–0 FC Kars
Shkotan FC 0–3 FC Hacienda
Strange City 2–1 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Towning FC 1–0 Drublin
Towning SC 0–2 Denver Stags
Waffen 1–1 Artiana Galaxy

Matchweek 20

Wham 0–3 Artiana Galaxy
Waffen 2–0 Denver Stags
Towning SC 1–0 Drublin
Towning FC 1–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Strange City 1–1 FC Hacienda
Shkotan FC 4–4 FC Kars
Scroton FC 0–4 FC Rottenham
Regiis Dreamland 1–0 Halebid United
Red Tube Volint 2–0 Kars Club
Moukamthorpeles FC 2–0 Leitvambusch Miners

Matchweek 21

Moukamthorpeles FC 3–0 Wham
Leitvambusch Miners 0–3 Red Tube Volint
Kars Club 0–2 Regiis Dreamland
Halebid United 4–1 Scroton FC
FC Rottenham 2–2 Shkotan FC
FC Kars 0–2 Strange City
FC Hacienda 3–1 Towning FC
Dynamo Leitvambusch 3–1 Towning SC
Drublin 1–0 Waffen
Denver Stags 1–1 Artiana Galaxy

Matchweek 22

Wham 1–1 Denver Stags
Artiana Galaxy 4–3 Drublin
Waffen 1–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Towning SC 2–1 FC Hacienda
Towning FC 1–0 FC Kars
Strange City 3–0 FC Rottenham
Shkotan FC 1–2 Halebid United
Scroton FC 4–0 Kars Club
Regiis Dreamland 1–0 Leitvambusch Miners
Red Tube Volint 1–1 Moukamthorpeles FC

Matchweek 23

Red Tube Volint 1–3 Wham
Moukamthorpeles FC 1–1 Regiis Dreamland
Leitvambusch Miners 0–0 Scroton FC
Kars Club 1–0 Shkotan FC
Halebid United 0–1 Strange City
FC Rottenham 1–2 Towning FC
FC Kars 2–3 Towning SC
FC Hacienda 2–0 Waffen
Dynamo Leitvambusch 2–1 Artiana Galaxy
Drublin 0–2 Denver Stags

Matchweek 24

Wham 2–0 Drublin
Denver Stags 0–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Artiana Galaxy 2–0 FC Hacienda
Waffen 3–0 FC Kars
Towning SC 1–0 FC Rottenham
Towning FC 1–0 Halebid United
Strange City 1–0 Kars Club
Shkotan FC 3–1 Leitvambusch Miners
Scroton FC 0–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
Regiis Dreamland 0–0 Red Tube Volint

Matchweek 25

Regiis Dreamland 0–1 Wham
Red Tube Volint 0–1 Scroton FC
Moukamthorpeles FC 3–1 Shkotan FC
Leitvambusch Miners 0–1 Strange City
Kars Club 1–2 Towning FC
Halebid United 0–0 Towning SC
FC Rottenham 4–2 Waffen
FC Kars 4–1 Artiana Galaxy
FC Hacienda 4–1 Denver Stags
Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–0 Drublin

Matchweek 26

Wham 3–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Drublin 1–1 FC Hacienda
Denver Stags 3–1 FC Kars
Artiana Galaxy 0–1 FC Rottenham
Waffen 0–3 Halebid United
Towning SC 0–0 Kars Club
Towning FC 2–0 Leitvambusch Miners
Strange City 2–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
Shkotan FC 1–1 Red Tube Volint
Scroton FC 0–2 Regiis Dreamland

Matchweek 27

Scroton FC 2–2 Wham
Regiis Dreamland 3–0 Shkotan FC
Red Tube Volint 3–4 Strange City
Moukamthorpeles FC 2–1 Towning FC
Leitvambusch Miners 0–1 Towning SC
Kars Club 3–1 Waffen
Halebid United 0–0 Artiana Galaxy
FC Rottenham 1–1 Denver Stags
FC Kars 0–3 Drublin
FC Hacienda 2–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch

Matchweek 28

Wham 3–3 FC Hacienda
Dynamo Leitvambusch 0–1 FC Kars
Drublin 0–1 FC Rottenham
Denver Stags 0–0 Halebid United
Artiana Galaxy 3–0 Kars Club
Waffen 2–1 Leitvambusch Miners
Towning SC 0–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
Towning FC 1–1 Red Tube Volint
Strange City 2–1 Regiis Dreamland
Shkotan FC 1–0 Scroton FC

Matchweek 29

Shkotan FC 6–2 Wham
Scroton FC 2–1 Strange City
Regiis Dreamland 3–0 Towning FC
Red Tube Volint 1–1 Towning SC
Moukamthorpeles FC 0–0 Waffen
Leitvambusch Miners 0–2 Artiana Galaxy
Kars Club 0–0 Denver Stags
Halebid United 2–1 Drublin
FC Rottenham 1–1 Dynamo Leitvambusch
FC Kars 0–1 FC Hacienda

Matchweek 30

Wham 1–2 FC Kars
FC Hacienda 1–0 FC Rottenham
Dynamo Leitvambusch 0–2 Halebid United
Drublin 1–0 Kars Club
Denver Stags 1–1 Leitvambusch Miners
Artiana Galaxy 2–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
Waffen 2–1 Red Tube Volint
Towning SC 1–2 Regiis Dreamland
Towning FC 1–0 Scroton FC
Strange City 2–0 Shkotan FC

Matchweek 31

Strange City 1–1 Wham
Shkotan FC 1–1 Towning FC
Scroton FC 1–3 Towning SC
Regiis Dreamland 4–2 Waffen
Red Tube Volint 2–0 Artiana Galaxy
Moukamthorpeles FC 0–1 Denver Stags
Leitvambusch Miners 2–1 Drublin
Kars Club 2–2 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Halebid United 1–2 FC Hacienda
FC Rottenham 0–1 FC Kars

Matchweek 32

Wham 3–3 FC Rottenham
FC Kars 0–4 Halebid United
FC Hacienda 4–0 Kars Club
Dynamo Leitvambusch 3–0 Leitvambusch Miners
Drublin 1–1 Moukamthorpeles FC
Denver Stags 0–0 Red Tube Volint
Artiana Galaxy 0–0 Regiis Dreamland
Waffen 1–0 Scroton FC
Towning SC 2–2 Shkotan FC
Towning FC 0–2 Strange City

Matchweek 33

Towning FC 1–1 Wham
Strange City 2–2 Towning SC
Shkotan FC 1–1 Waffen
Scroton FC 2–2 Artiana Galaxy
Regiis Dreamland 0–0 Denver Stags
Red Tube Volint 0–0 Drublin
Moukamthorpeles FC 1–3 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Leitvambusch Miners 1–0 FC Hacienda
Kars Club 2–0 FC Kars
Halebid United 2–0 FC Rottenham

Matchweek 34

Wham 1–1 Halebid United
FC Rottenham 2–2 Kars Club
FC Kars 1–1 Leitvambusch Miners
FC Hacienda 5–1 Moukamthorpeles FC
Dynamo Leitvambusch 2–0 Red Tube Volint
Drublin 1–2 Regiis Dreamland
Denver Stags 1–1 Scroton FC
Artiana Galaxy 0–0 Shkotan FC
Waffen 0–0 Strange City
Towning SC 2–1 Towning FC

Matchweek 34

Wham 1–1 Halebid United
FC Rottenham 2–2 Kars Club
FC Kars 1–1 Leitvambusch Miners
FC Hacienda 5–1 Moukamthorpeles FC
Dynamo Leitvambusch 2–0 Red Tube Volint
Drublin 1–2 Regiis Dreamland
Denver Stags 1–1 Scroton FC
Artiana Galaxy 0–0 Shkotan FC
Waffen 0–0 Strange City
Towning SC 2–1 Towning FC

Matchweek 35

Towning SC 1–0 Wham
Towning FC 0–0 Waffen
Strange City 0–1 Artiana Galaxy
Shkotan FC 0–2 Denver Stags
Scroton FC 0–1 Drublin
Regiis Dreamland 2–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Red Tube Volint 4–2 FC Hacienda
Moukamthorpeles FC 3–1 FC Kars
Leitvambusch Miners 1–0 FC Rottenham
Kars Club 0–0 Halebid United

Matchweek 36

Wham 0–0 Kars Club
Halebid United 2–1 Leitvambusch Miners
FC Rottenham 1–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
FC Kars 2–1 Red Tube Volint
FC Hacienda 1–0 Regiis Dreamland
Dynamo Leitvambusch 2–0 Scroton FC
Drublin 1–1 Shkotan FC
Denver Stags 6–0 Strange City
Artiana Galaxy 4–1 Towning FC
Waffen 1–2 Towning SC

Matchweek 37

Waffen 2–1 Wham
Towning SC 1–1 Artiana Galaxy
Towning FC 3–1 Denver Stags
Strange City 3–1 Drublin
Shkotan FC 0–0 Dynamo Leitvambusch
Scroton FC 1–1 FC Hacienda
Regiis Dreamland 2–0 FC Kars
Red Tube Volint 1–0 FC Rottenham
Moukamthorpeles FC 0–3 Halebid United
Leitvambusch Miners 0–1 Kars Club

Matchweek 38

Wham 0–0 Leitvambusch Miners
Kars Club 2–0 Moukamthorpeles FC
Halebid United 2–0 Red Tube Volint
FC Rottenham 0–1 Regiis Dreamland
FC Kars 1–0 Scroton FC
FC Hacienda 2–1 Shkotan FC
Dynamo Leitvambusch 2–1 Strange City
Drublin 1–1 Towning FC
Denver Stags 1–1 Towning SC
Artiana Galaxy 0–1 Waffen

Final Table

BFL                     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Regiis Dreamland 38 23 8 7 60 28 +32 77
2 FC Hacienda 38 23 7 8 71 39 +32 76

3 Denver Stags 38 19 15 4 53 29 +24 72
4 Towning SC 38 17 12 9 54 42 +12 63
5 Halebid United 38 18 8 12 57 33 +24 62
6 Strange City 38 17 11 10 54 44 +10 62
7 Artiana Galaxy 38 14 13 11 49 43 +6 55
8 Towning FC 38 15 7 16 38 50 −12 52
9 Waffen 38 14 9 15 47 55 −8 51
10 Moukamthorpeles FC 38 13 11 14 44 50 −6 50
11 Shkotan FC 38 11 15 12 50 51 −1 48
12 FC Rottenham 38 12 11 15 55 51 +4 47
13 Dynamo Leitvambusch 38 12 9 17 45 47 −2 45
14 Drublin 38 11 11 16 40 43 −3 44
15 Red Tube Volint 38 10 13 15 45 50 −5 43
16 Kars Club 38 11 10 17 45 53 −8 43
17 Leitvambusch Miners 38 11 8 19 35 59 −24 41
18 FC Kars 38 9 9 20 40 63 −23 36
19 Wham 38 7 15 16 41 67 −26 36
20 Scroton FC 38 8 8 22 32 58 −26 32

Regiis Dreamland, one of the oldest football clubs of Brookstation and the favourites of capital, Dreamland suffered a very unfortunate relegation in the second season of the Twin Premier League. Although they were playing in the Brook Football League now, their fans had not given up on them. Playing with one of the biggest fanbase in the biggest stadium of Brookstation, Regiis Dreamland managed to clinch the title. Youngster Moussa Wague and Bruno da Costa played a vital role in the team to help Dreamland score goals. Emilio Couto of Cabo Azure also acted as a wall in the defense giving them a goal difference of +32. Questions regarding the ability of Colin Tredwell staying as manager of the club have been answered by Tredwell himself who showed that he can bring the Old Legends back to the Twin Premier League. Regiis Dreamland had a pretty poor start to the tournament, losing three consecutive games to underdogs like Red Tube Volint and Leitvambusch Miners. However, Regiis came into the title run around the tenth matchday. No matter, how much they tried, they weren't able to reach the top of the table as that position was permanently occupied by Denver Stags. It was on the thirtieth matchday that they became leaders. Things weren't over for them yet. They had a long way to go and had a new rival on their way. FC Hacienda soon knocked Regiis off the top and stayed in that position for several matchweeks. It seemed at one point of time that Hacienda were going to clinch the title but Regiis Dreamland climbed the top of the table on the penultimate matchweek, when Hacienda suffered a very unexpected tie with Scroton FC. Thus Regiis ended up winning the title just one point ahead of their main rivals, FC Hacienda. Although FC Hacienda failed to keep the title, one of their positives were in the Brook conference where they managed to finish above Regiis Dreamland and thus guarantee their position in the Twin Premier League for the first time. As for Denver Stags, things had been unfortunate for them. Dominating the table for 29 entire matchweeks but still not finishing as the champions or the runner ups is perhaps the saddest thing that can happen to a club. A series of ties saw them have their sad climax. Although, we all feel sad for Denver, what is good is the cut throat level of competition of the Brook Football League. Football is supposed to be a sport where we see frequent upsets and sudden betterment and that is something we saw throughout the season. Regiis Dreamland's Moussa Wague won the golden boot and Denver Stag's Vito Minotto made it to The Team of the Season. Majority of the players in the TOTS are from these three clubs.
Competition was not so concentrated below these three club.
The team which had shocked us was obviously Towning SC. A team which finished 11th last season and was predicted to finish 8th this season caused the biggest shock in the tournament by finishing at 4th place. Their manager, Levi Walters has been awarded the manager of the season something which he definitely deserved after coming as a new coach and changing the outcome of their entire team. Their defense was mediocre at most but Lamb, Lucas and Shelton proved to their ability giving their team a boost in the offense.
Finishing right below them due to a difference of only one point was Halebid United. Halebid's second team finished sixth last season giving their fans the hope of doing better as seasons pass by. They did better this season but they could've done better had they not suffered unfortunate defeats or ties. The key player of their squad who also made it to the Team of the Season was Calle Vikingstad of Savorjana. He played a crucial role in the midfield controlling both the defense and offense of the team by opening opportunities and helping fellow defenders when required.
Another relegated side, Strange City managed to finish sixth below what the experts had predicted. The team had struggled throughout the tournament to catch up to their major competitors but unfortunately they weren't able to play the Brook Conference. Things seemed empty for Strange City after they lost their main striker Quincy Poe. Ga Yong Lee wasn't able to fill the gap even after receiving a lot of support from international midfielders, du Mesnil and Weizmann.

Another relegated side, who were fortunate enough to participate in the first edition of the Twin Premier League failed to clinch a good position in the table yet again. Artiana Galaxy failed to dominate the galaxy for the most part, finishing on 55 points (7 points lower than sixth placed Strange City). Artiana Galaxy started their campaign with a draw against Wham, following another surprising tie against Denver before losing to unexpected side, Drublin. None of Artiana's players was exceptionally good this season but Narciso Martinez made it to the team of the season having a pretty high number of assists. Dario Atkinson also made it to the bench of TOTS but apart from Martinez and Atkinson, the other players and coach Zachary Brooks didn't seem able to match the fierce competition of the other teams.
Towning FC had their pretty much usual season where they finished eighth more or less what everyone had expected. What was disappointing was the fact that the team lacked execution. Neither the team's defense nor offense was up to the mark. Conceding, 50 goals and scoring only 38, they didn't have the season they looked forward to. The Ravens led by Hartvig Arthursson will look for a more successful season and will probably make changes to their coaching staff.
The team which had the best season was none other than Essidise side, Waffen. A side which has the best jersey and also which has just been promoted from the third division is not expected to reach the top half of the table but Waffen were able to prove us all wrong by clinching ninth position ahead of clubs like Shkotan FC and FC Rottenham. Surprisingly enough, Audioslavian Logan Goff made it to the Team of the Season as he proved the classic example of being an able captain. Waffen is definitely going to succeed in the long run and maybe one day we will see the Essidise Derby for the first time. Youngsters of the club such as Stephen Nelson, Samuel Lopez and Joe Parker have also got support from their entire team and thus the team has shown us the prospect of a bright future with Gerald Powell.
Talking about promoted clubs, focusing only on Waffen's performance would be very wrong as their main counterpart Moukamthorpeles FC also had a great season just like Waffen finishing at the rock middle of the table. This club's performance have not only helped the club but also the village of Moukamthorpeles on a whole. The village which didn't have internet facilities or proper supply of water now has a railway station and 24*7 water and electricity services thanks to the performance of the village based club founded by the headman of village. Seeing the team's dedicated performance, a lot of businessmen have provided support to the club and for the first time the club saw an international player Lucien Karmel play for the club. Finishing again just one point below rivals Waffen, perhaps due to the 4-2 loss to Waffen on the first leg of the derby, they should be happy with the fact that they were able to bring light into the lives of many Brooks who needed that desperately.
By far the biggest disappointment of the season was Shkotan FC's performance. They were termed as the 'accidental winners' after finishing fourth in the BFL last season. But they could get lucky once but not always. The experts had predicted Shkotan to finish in ninth place but they ended up in the second half at 11th place. The team led by once star manager Jimmy Fox caused the biggest disappointment. No one has any answer as to what caused the sudden downfall of the club but most accusations point to a bad training of players, bad training facilities, lack of equipment and lack of co ordination between the players. In all probablities this downfall was caused as their owner James Rock suffered a big loss in his business and lost a lot of token invested online. What is scary is the fact that this club might not even exist next season until they are able to find a good manager worthy of handling this club.
Below them was FC Rottenham. Just like the other Rottenham club, FC Rottenham's season was another mediocre one. Although players like Jean Allen, Steve Robertson and skipper Orlando Chapman put in a lot of effort the team couldn't finish in the top half of the table. They had scored an impressive number of goals (55) but where they went wrong was in their defense as they suffered 51 goals.
Dynamo Leitvambusch, the Waffen of last season didn't have a good season this time. They finished at 13th place, four place down their position last year. But one good thing for Dynamo was that they were able to upset their rival Miners both times in the Leitvambusch derby 3-0. In the first match, Crawford, de Haven and Harvard scored to see them win in the Miner's home. When things came into Dynamo's den, Leitvambusch-Stadion, the Miners were heartbroken to see a crushing defeat thanks to one of the most brilliant shows of the season from Xannerian, Zach Harvard scoring all three goals of the season. All they can seek is to make sure they stay in the BFL for the next few seasons.
The company Red Tube again failed to gain profits as their sponsored club disappointed them heavily. Jokes apart, although Red Tube's business suffered pretty good gains this year, their club based in Volint failed to make a mark almost entering the relegation battle. The club which finished at 12th place last season was expected to better this time but things are as they are. Red Tube might stop sponsoring them in the near future. Soren Coleman's departure from the club completely devastated the club as he was the only player in the team worthy of bringing in surprises but Grady Nash was unable to fill that spot even after receiving a lot of support from fellow winger Julio Russell.

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Club Information

Nickname: The Anarchists
Stadium: Goolsea Riverside Ground
Coach: Sean Brown
Captain: Jason Walkins
Last season: Runners up
Transfer Activity:
Norbert de Smet from Dreamland Royals
Ali Amini from Dreamland Royals
Jason Walkins from Tjun-ia
Abhinav Singh from Capital Coyotes, Sylestone
Mark Odegaard to Cosque Bashers
Leonale Faleuka to Cosque Bashers

Starting Lineup (in order)
George Rushworth (Opener)
Jason Walkins (C) Image (Opener)
Peter Heskett (Middle order)
Rene Dron (Wicket keeper)
Pierre Decaneli (Middle order)
Fernard Baetens (All rounder)
Norbert de Smet (All rounder)
Abhinav Singh Image (Bowler)
Xander Brady Image (Bowler)
Ali Amini (Bowler)
Ricki Makavilitogia (Bowler)

David Desmond (Opener)
Keito Nagani (Bowler)
Kevin Herrera (Wicket keeper)
Law Wing (All rounder)
Zoltan Szello (Bowler)

No other team in Brookstation has a more bizarre history than Anarchy in Goolsea. In the early 1960s, the power of local mafia groups escalated sharply in Goolsea thanks to extremely corrupt mayor, Vito Falcano. The rise of power of the mafia in Goolsea obviously created a lot of problems for the citizen of the state. Thus everything in Goolsea at that period of time indicated to taking down the mafia in some way or the other. Anarchy in Goolsea happened to be formed during that period and this is what gave them their unique name. The team was not able to develop during the few decades but when the mafia were taken down, this team received financial support from the community in Goolsea and went on to became an elite club in Brookstation. Anarchy were runners up of last season and they also managed to reach the quarter finals of the List-A Super Class. They made a lot of modifications to their team, buying Tjunian captain Jason Walkins, who will also serve as the skipper of Anarchy for this term, Abhinav Singh from Sylestone and Brook international, Norbert de Smet. They are sure to have a successful season ahead.


Club Information

Nickname: The Bashers
Stadium: Wellermore Stadium
Coach: Jim Michael
Captain: Kamaaluddeen
Last season: 10th
Transfer Activity:
Kamaaluddeen from Jabal Akhdar
Trevor Wilkinson from Tumbra
Mark Odegaard from Anarchy in Goolsea
Leonale Faleuka from Anarchy in Goolsea
Anthony Mclean to Morioh Town

Starting Lineup (in order)
Ben Surin (Opener)
Frederic Quentin (Opener)
Kamaaluddeen (C) Image (Middle order)
David Herbert (Wicket keeper)
Wayne Field (Middle order)
Jason Brown (Lower order)
Trent Shaw (All rounder)
Trevor Wilkinson Image (Bowler)
Harriet Robbie (Bowler)
Leonale Faleuka (Bowler)
Felix Tait (Bowler)

Bruny Mahorn (Middle order)
Peter Wilson (Bowler)
Jevon Moody (Bowler)
Shogo Chida (Wicket keeper)
Ibrahim Awadallah (All rounder)

Cosque Bashers had always been a struggling side since its formation in 1976. Cosque is a town where every sport finds it place and perhaps that is the reason fellow Cosquemen are "jacks of all sport but master of none". Till day, all their sport clubs have suffered numerous losses and the same applies with the cricket club as well. Cosque Bashers had a poor season, winning only six matches. However this year, the club will embark on a new journey as 60% of the shares of the club has been acquired by Brook businessman John Walter. He immediately made a number of changes in the team starting with buying star players including the likes of Kamaaluddeen, Trevor Wilkinson and Leonale Faleuka. Experts say that these changes are going to bring a new dawn and Cosque Bashers might as well have the chances of making it to the qualifiers. No matter how impossible may the possibility of such a change happening be, the Cosque Bashers are definitely to going to give their best on the field.


Club Information

Nickname: The Kings of Dreamland
Stadium: Brochardt Oval
Coach: Dave Lain
Captain: Andre Delaunois
Last season: 4th
Transfer Activity:
Morgan Whittle from Fubfield XI
David Nawai from Scroton Queens
Blackjaw Spidergut from Castlelobruxo
Naseem Latif Choudhry from Corridor of Uncertainty
Norbert de Smet to Anarchy in Goolsea
Yahuhiro Ehara to Norweigan wood cats
Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze to Halebid Elephants
Ali Amini to Anarchy in Goolsea

Starting Lineup (in order)
Peter Palmer (Opener)
Blackjaw Spidergut Image (Opener)
Theo Sinclair (Middle order)
David Beachill (Wicket keeper)
Morgan Whittle (Middle order)
Gale Pymn Jr. (Lower order)
Andre Delaunois (C) (Bowler)
Naseem Latif Choudhry Image (Bowler)
Meji Mondambo (Bowler)
Dylan Jackson (Bowler)
Steven Smith (Bowler)

Ali Belgasem (Opener)
Arnor Jonsson (Wicket keeper)
Devender Singh (All rounder)
David Nawai (Bowler)
Haider Nasir Hossein (Bowler)

The youngest side in the league, Dreamland City was formed just two years ago. The club is owned by Gary Werner, the third richest man in the country and the owner of technology company, Tekcon. The reason for forming this club was to fill the gap in the league which was missing one club. Although Gary Werner spent his "resources" in building the Dreamland side, they failed to reach upto their city rivals, Ogre Street. Their season wasn't bad as they managed to stay in the upper part of the table throughout the table but their unfortunate loss to Anarchy in the Eliminator saw their dreams being shattered. Their transfer policy for this season is pretty ambiguous. They released two of their most important all rounders, Norbert de Smet and Quebecois Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze along with other players. However they signed internationals Blackjaw Spidergut and Naseem Latif Choudhry. Their aim for this season would be to retain their position in the top four.


Club Information

Nickname: The War Lords
Stadium: Spike Spiegel Stadium
Coach: Bryan Luis
Captain: Joseph Gregorson
Last season: 5th
Transfer Activity:
Darjo Zulje from Sajnur
Joseph Gregorson from Tjun-ia
Andrew Ambrize from New Gloucester Jaguars, Sylestone
Cristopher Dunn from Morioh Town
Balvinder Saran from Ogre Street Cricket club
Joseph Blair - retired
Erwin Vanhaecke to Ogre Street Cricket club
Loys Herrera to Fubfield XI

Starting Lineup (in order)
Darjo Zulje Image (Opener)
Paul De Jonckherre (Opener)
Balvinder Saran (Middle order)
Joseph Gregorson (C) Image (Middle order)
Francois Verougstraete (Wicket keeper)
Wim Thijs (Lower order)
Stephen Shade (All rounder)
Cristopher Dunn (Bowler)
Michel Steels (Bowler)
Martin Carberry (Bowler)
Andrew Ambrize Image (Bowler)

Cedric Wercx (Bowler)
Jacques Coste (Middle order)
Ko Chul (Wicket keeper)
Mohammad al Zinkawi (All rounder)
Talant Proskurakova (Bowler)

Essidise Destroyers was founded in 1978. For some years, attempts to find a cricket club in a city dominated initially by football and rugby, this task seemed difficult. Even finding a stadium to play in was difficult for them, but as their performances became noticeably better, a cricket board was set up in Essidise which supported the club. The growing support and love from their local supporters are the only things which made it possible for them to come this far. The club missed out on the qualifiers just due to their negative run difference. This year however, the club has higher hopes. The club made three international signings, Darjo Zulje from Sajnur, Tjunian one day captain Joseph Gregorson and Sylestonean Andrew Ambrize. They also signed Balvinder Saran from last year's winning side, Ogre Street. Unfortunately, long term Brook national player, Joseph Blair retired at the age of 39. The club hopes that Darjo Zulje from Sajnur will be able to take up his position in the team. With an entirely new team, Essidise will embark on their quest of chasing the title.


Club Information

Nickname: The Blues
Stadium: County Cricket Ground
Coach: Travis Colliton
Captain: Bob Doublesday
Last season: 8th
Transfer Activity:
Jacques Daniël Christiaan Van Jaarsveld from Corridor of Uncertainty
Raymond Scully from Tumbra
Loys Herrera from Essidise Destroyers
Morgan Whittle to Dreamland Royals

Starting Lineup (in order)
Bob Doublesday (C) (Opener)
Tomokazu Fujita (Opener)
Loys Herrera (Middler order)
Jonah Fitzgerald (Middle order)
Vinzenz Ermi Image (Wicket keeper)
Videl Gray (Lower order)
Johannes Bijanhof (All rounder)
Jacques Daniël Christiaan Van Jaarsveld Image (All rounder)
David Dewsbery (Bowler)
Raymond Scully Image (Bowler)
Daniel Frank (Bowler)

Feri Marquez (Bowler)
Patrick Heimann (Bowler)
Peter Hasse (Middle order)
Samuel Saraku (Wicket keeper)
Allan Carry (All rounder)

Fubfield, a city comprised of mostly British settlers had always loved the sport. Two cricket clubs were thus readily formed within the city. But it didn't take long for both these clubs to suffer from financial problems as Fubfield was not as developed as the other towns of Brookstation. Thus, the two clubs decided to form a merger. Although, this merger was opposed by both teams, fearing that they would lose their 'dignity', it had to happen if they wanted to play this sport. Finishing at a disappointing 8th place in the table, the club signed Raymond Scully and Jacques Daniël Christiaan Van Jaarsveld from Tumbra and Uncertainty respectively. Jacques Daniël Christiaan Van Jaarsveld have been a national player for Uncertainty and brings in a lot of experience in both batting and bowling with him. Despite of all their expenditure, experts predict them to finish at a disappointing 7th place, just one above last season.
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Club Information

Nickname: The Elephants
Stadium: Halebid Ground
Coach: Nick Beckman
Captain: Nicholas Miller
Last season: 7th
Transfer Activity:
Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze from Dreamland Royals
Roger Ntini from Tjun-ia
Philip Dawson from Tumbra

Starting Lineup (in order)
Philip Jacobs (Opener)
Nicholas Miller (C) (Opener)
Mark Moore (Wicket keeper)
Roger Ntini Image(All rounder)
Glenn Thompson (Middle order)
Reiyn Fowler (All rounder)
Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze Image(All rounder)
Philip Dawson Image (Bowler)
Phillipe Groc (Bowler)
Sylvain Robitaille (Bowler)
Jean Rousseau (Bowler)

Paul Gillick (Bowler)
Claude Cadieux (Bowler)
Ariel Schlesinger (Wicket keeper)
Marco Nespoli (Wicket keeper)
Vincent Wawa (All rounder)

Halebid Elephants, formerly known as the Halebid Cricket Club was founded in 1976 by national team cricketer, Johnathan G. Brooks after retiring as a player. He loved the sport and wanted to stay in touch with it and thus he inaugrated this association and started providing locals cricket training. Soon, this association had the ability to see itself evolve as a club. The name of this club was changed in the early 90s when the club decided to conduct a city wide poll to suggest a name for the club to gain more attraction from the masses towards the sport. This method was successful and saw the club adopt the title of Elephants. The club didn't have much of a success during it's years but they occasionally produced good results. The inaugural season of the Brookstation One Day League was no different. The club had a mediocre performance and finished at 7th place. This year, the club has made a massive signing by signing Tjun-ian star Roger Ntini along with buying Quebecois all rounder Clemenence-Odette Chinenyeze from Dreamland Royals. Apart from that the club also signed Tumbran bowler, Philip Dawson. With the inclusion of three international players in the team, Halebid is set out for yet another season with much higher expectations this time.


Club Information

Nickname: The Oldies
Stadium: Morioh Cricket Ground
Coach: Jeremy Hunter
Captain: Rohan Kishibe
Last season: 9th
Transfer Activity:
Anthony Mclean from Cosque Bashers
Jangy Davis from Ogre Street Cricket club
Dejan Brankovic from Scroton Queens
Peter Longlege from Suffolk Seals
Norikazu Shige to Norweigan wood Cats
Cristophe Vossart to Scroton Queens
Cristopher Dunn to Essidise Destroyers

Starting Lineup (in order)
David Daniel Image(Opener)
Kozo Tanaka (Opener)
Peter Longlege Image(Middle order)
Rohan Kishibe (c) (All rounder)
Phillipe Lathoud Image (Middle order)
Dejan Brankovic (Wicket keeper)
Benjamin Strickland (Bowler)
Joey Hale (Bowler)
Brainsucker Stewart Image (Bowler)
Ashok Ranagaswamy (Bowler)
Jangy Davis (Bowler)

Jackson Stoecklin (Middle order)
Georgios Mantzouranis (Wicket keeper)
Randy Bartholomew (All rounder)
Anthony McLean (Bowler)
Kevin Valenzuela (Bowler)

Morioh Town was founded in 1951 as a rowing and football club. Since most of the sport lovers of Brookstation resided in Morioh, the club soon started including other sports in the club. Cricket was added as a sport on a completely experimental basis but ironically enough, the club had a lot of success in cricket but suffered from constant relegations in football. The club went on to become the most successful cricket team in Brookstation. However the club could not adapt to the current fast paced style of cricket and thus had a difficult time playing in the T20 format. Their debut in the league was anticipated to be something great but unfortunately it wasn't. It went as bad or possibly worse than it could ever. The team managed to cumulate a mere number of seven wins and finishing at ninth place in the table. This year however, the team is looking forward to a better season and the inclusion of Sylestonean Peter Longlege and Brook Dejan Brankovic is hopefully going to change the team's fortunes. After all, cricket is an unpredictable game.


Club Information

Nickname: The Kittens
Stadium: Rockton Oval
Coach: Trent Sutter
Captain: Shaun Clapiope
Last season: 6th
Transfer Activity:
Shaun Clapiope from Suffolk Seals
Norikazu Shige from Morioh Town
Yahuhiro Ehara from Dreamland Royals
Nabie Cisse to Ogre Street Cricket Club
Adam Pompey to Scroton Queens

Starting Lineup (in order)
Donjohn Macdonald (Opener)
Carl Johnson Image(Opener)
Willy Smith (Middle order)
Frasco McLaughlin (Middle order)
Vijayendra Ghosh (Middle order)
Ian Evans Image(All rounder)
Roston Cornwall (Wicket keeper)
Osmond Lyons (Bowler)
Shaun Clapiope (c) Image(Bowler)
Abderus Cullen (Bowler)
Vaughan Grande (Bowler)

Hawk Park (Bowler)
Yahuhiro Ehara (Opener)
Holder Togna (Wicket keeper)
Norikazu Shige (Bowler)
Dudley Etienne (All rounder)

Norweigan wood cats(originally Norweigan wood Cricket Club) was initially founded by a group of friends in the start of the 1960s. Soon, cricket lovers from the city joined the club and the two other local clubs of Norweigan wood, Robertshire and Hercules merged with the club establishing it as the major club of Norweigan wood. The club didn't have a successful start at all, losing most of its games in the early 60s and 70s. The club had a massive renovation last year, thanks to the first season of the much awaited Brookstation ODI League started. The reason behind them adopting the "cats" title is still unknown. The club had a pretty mediocre debut season and thus decided to sign Sylestonean bowler, Shaun Clapiope who will serve as the captain for this season. They also signed bowler, Norikazu Shige from Morioh Town. The cats can hope to have a better season under their new Sylestonean skipper.


Club Information

Nickname: The Gentlemen
Stadium: Ogre Street
Coach: Drew Evans
Captain: George Finch
Last season: Champions
Transfer Activity:
Rohit Rajpore from Tjun-ia
Nabie Cisse from Norweigan wood Cats
Erwin Vanhaecke from Essidise Destroyers
Balvinder Saran to Essidise Destroyers
Jangy Davis to Morioh Town

Starting Lineup (in order)
Peter Risager (Opener)
Algernon Mari (Opener)
Ronald Janevics (Middle order)
George Finch Image(C) (Wicket keeper)
Samuel Cottrell (Middle order)
Nikola Pentilla (Lower order)
Dwayne Peterson Image(All rounder)
Rohit Rajpore Image(All rounder)
Liam Monthe (Bowler)
Kenneth Cronje (Bowler)
Neville Douglas Wynter (Bowler)

Richie Smythe (Bowler)
Nabie Cisse (Middle order)
Rudy Rich (Wicket keeper)
Clement Djoka (All rounder)
Erwin Vanhaecke (Bowler)

The best ODI club in Brookstation, Ogre Street Cricket Club's run with last season's trophy was quite impressive. What was more impressive was the fact that this club managed to shock the entire world by reaching the Finals of the the List A Super Class but unfortunately they had to be eliminated there by Suffolk Seals who went on to be crowned as the inaugral champions.
Ogre Street Cricket Club is the oldest cricket club of Dreamland, founded much before their home rivals, Dreamland Royals. Ogre Street Cricket Club was founded in the the university of the same name in 1961 and within a matter of time, the university students began to excel in the sport and they final achieved dominance after winning the first season of the BODL. The club acquired brilliant Tjuni-an all rounder Rohit Rajpore who is going to be a worthy inclusion to the team. On the other hand, Balvinder Saran departed the club for his new team, Essidise Destroyers. Not being able to get any transfer to replace Saran, Ogre Street will see young Ronald Janevics who was picked up by a scout, play for the club. Hopefully, the club will have yet another great season.


Club Information

Nickname: The Queens
Stadium: Venus Gardens
Coach: Harold Grouchy
Captain: Xavier Sherburn
Last season: 3rd
Transfer Activity:
Vumtyhop Chuffles from Gruenberg
Cristophe Vossart from Morioh Town
Adam Pompey from Norweigan wood Cats
David Nawai to Dreamland Royals
Dejan Brankovic to Morioh Town
Kevin Williams to unknown

Starting Lineup (in order)
Vumtyhop Chuffles Image(Wicket Keeper)
Slobodan Popovic (Opener)
Juan Perez Image(Middle order)
Tyler Thompson (Middle order)
Samuel Taylor (Middle order)
Andrion Howard (Lower order)
Mark Odegaard (All rounder)
Jimmy Montgomery (Bowler)
Xavier Sherburn Image(C) (Bowler)
Shawn Robinson (Bowler)
Jos Lafortune (Bowler)

Cristophe Vossart (Wicket keeper)
Rashid Dovgun (Middle order)
Suleiman Ngumba (All rounder)
Adam Pompey (Bowler)
Jo Jong-Ran (Bowler)

Scroton is not a popular city in Brookstation. In fact, calling it a mountainside town would be more suitable. Despite of not being an urban city, the club still displayed it's love for the sport by establishing a cricket club in 1986. The club never really achieved success in its early days and remained as an underachieving side but then the club was bought by The Queen Group of Restaurants and the club saw a massive renovation. Signing Bollonischian international, Xavier Sherburn and making him the captain of the team would be their first step. The club also included the likes of Brook youngster Jimmy Montgomery and Jos Lafortune. They had a phenomenal season in their debut campaign, finishing at second place. However the club saw a disappointing exit after an unexpected loss to Anarchy in Goolsea and missed out from reaching the finals. This year the club continued to make changes in hopes of having a better and dominant season ahead. They signed Vumtyhop Chuffles from Gruenberg, followed by Cristophe Vossart from Morioh Town. With the inclusion of talented opener and a world cup winner in their side, the club is sure to have yet another successful year.

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Season 4


Other Side of Paradise
Manager - Marius Popescu (46)
Ground - Joseph Joestar Stadium (90,000) in Other Side of Paradise
Major Rival - Space Coast Rockets
Experts’ Prediction - Top 3
Last Season - 3rd
About - Other Side of Paradise were heading into the second season of the TPL after a nail biting finish to the first one. Starting off slowly, they managed to pick up the pace and quickly caught up to main competitors Vreton City. After catching up, they showed no rest as they powered on towards their first ever TPL victory. The last season was one of the best seasons for Other side of Paradise having done what they looked very close to doing in their first season too. They’ve also made a small reinforcement to keep up with Vreton City with the signing of Kehr while also losing out on Dolphin to AFC Richmond for a hefty sum of 3.1 million. The team will be focusing to keep that elusive and revered Twin Premier League trophy with themselves while competing with their biggest competitors Vreton City.
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Leandro Guzman from Space Coast Rockets for 0.2 million
George Athey to Essidise Titans for 1 million
Johnson Temitape to Rottenham United for 0.6 million
Alan King to Halebid United for 0.1 million
Robert Nodge to Regiis Dreamland for free
Jabril Conde to Regiis Dreamland for 0.2 million

GK: Mohammed Mandrea (32) Image
LB: Cristian Luengo (29) Image
CB: Marcus Fredriksson (20) Image
CB: Steven Antonino (20) Image
RB: Leandro Guzman (27) Image
RM: Félix d'Amienz (23) Image
CAM: Alexis de la Vega (29) Image
LM: Andreas Roles (32) Image
LW: Ravi Mohanty (30) Image
RW: Breval le Batelie (23) Image
CF: Leon Michael Robes (28) Image

GK: Afrim Kqiku (29) Image
DF: Norbert Benham (36) Image
DF: Deryck Hutton (23) Image
DF: Arthur Lloyd (23) Image
MD: Unai Vecino (30) Image
MD: Darell Larkins (30) Image
MD: Tavian Tudorache (22) Image
MD: Trevor Liddicott (35) Image
FW: Stuart Cook (25) Image
RW: Johannes Kehr (22) Image

Space Coast Rockets
Manager - Tony Koltuniewicz (46)
Ground - The Galaxy (78,000) in Space Coast
Major Rival - Other side of paradise
Experts’ Prediction - Top 6
Last Season - 5th Place
About - Finishing 5th in the Twin Premier League last season, Space Coast is looking forward to having yet another successful season. They started by signing Nepharan midfielder, Soren Coleman who had helped Red Tube Volint to a large extent last season, To strengthen their midfield further, they signed Victor Wilmots from new side Rottenham United. Wilmots had played an important role and helped open attacks for Rottenham last season and hopefully he will continue with his performance this season in another jersey. They lost Aleksander Simovic from their side to Rottenham United. Experts predict Space Coast to be towards the top of the table once again.
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Martin Rivera from Halebid United for 0 million
Leandro Guzman to Other side of paradise for 0.2 million
GK: Carlos Corzo (31) Image
LB: Nahuel Mercado (30) Image
CB: Mark Jamieson (19) Image
RB: Elliot McCullough (24) Image
RM: Harrison Malik (26) Image
CDM: Jason Dieng (32) Image
LM: Soren Coleman (33) Image
CM: Stefan Ivanisenya (28) Image
CM: Victor Wilmots (24) Image
CF: John J Johnson (25) Image
CF: Ronan Senneschault (30) Image

GK: Anton Moukam (37) Image
DF: Dzimitry Rias (34) Image
DF: Egor Stasevich (32) Image
MD: Houssen Ferri (28) Image
MD: Ronald Marshall (24) Image
MD: Martin Rivera (25) Image
FW: Bojan (31) Image
FW: Leander Vermoden (24) Image
FW: Jonas Valdavia (29) Image
FW: Henri Teniste (26) Image
CM: Donald Mason (21) Image
LM: Filip Willumson (26) Image

FC 69 Norweigan wood
Manager - Carlo Bortolozzi (66)
Ground - Octopus' Garden (100,000) in Norwegian wood
Major Rival - Clube de Norwegian wood
Experts’ Prediction - Top 8
Last Season - 6th place
About - Finishing just below their opponents-Space Coast , FC 69 Norweigan wood had started the season with a loss. Their performance at the beginning of last season was mediocre at large but they started climbing the table mid-season and managed to grab a spot in the top 6. A club with an unusual liking towards South Newlandian players, they signed their third South Newlandian player from relegated side, Regiis Dreamland-Lorenzo Oreales. They didn't sell any major player from their team but old Graham Godhard went to play for Cosque Horsemen. Their main focus this season will be to retain their position in the top 6.
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Gabriel Brown from Clube de Norwegian wood for 1 million
Jacob Wise from Towning FC for 0 million
Maksin Tarasov from Dreamland City for 0.3 million
Alfred Weasley to FC Hacienda for 1 million
Mauris David to Towning SC for 0 million

GK: Tony North (32) Image
LB: Richard Oak (34) Image
CB:Gabriel Brown(33) Image
CB: John Brookes (20) Image
RB: Jerrard Lovell (32) Image
LM: Arun Mehta (29) Image
OM: Kevin Weaver (26) Image
LM: Lorenzo Oreales (20) Image
LW:Manish Rajan (34) Image
CF: Darrell-Jerold Atkins (28) Image
RW: Darren Cole (30) Image

GK: Ravinder Suresh (24) Image
GK: Emrys Sutcliffe (26) Image
DF: Jacob Wise (30) Image
DF: Noor Ali (33) Image
DF: Vivek Kaur (36) Image
CM: Michael Drake (25) Image
MD: Nicolai Kashi (31) Image
MD: Karobo Sealleira (25) Image
MD: Arthur Buss (25) Image
FW: Maksin Tarasov (30) Image
FW: Omar Tajpah (29) Image
FW: Kevin Small (31) Image
FW: Ricardo Rebes (28) Image

AC Dason
Manager - Alexander Pale (61)
Ground - FBM Arena (41,400) in Dason
Major Rival - Strange City FC
Experts’ Prediction - Bottom Half
Last Season - 10th place
About - AC Dason made a number of sensible moves this season starting with Donnaconan national Greyson Gregoire. Gregoire is a good and talented footballer and he is a player who intelligently plans the game. His move to Dason will be a blessing for the club and this move is definitely a good substitution for Michail da Costa who departed the club for FC 69 Norweigan wood. Alongside Banfi and Villaverde, Gregoire is definitely going to bolster the midfield of the team. Maxwell Diakhate had a terrible season and spent most of his time on the bench owing to the large number of injuries he suffered. They needed to find a striker to fill up that empty spot and thus we saw Daniel Kerlov making a move to this club. Something which must be appreciated is the way in which the club planned everything out and made up for the players they lost. Daniel Kerlov is a good player but his age is not a positive factor. This would imply that Kerlov won't be able to stay on field for the entire duration and thus they needed a substitute. But, Alexander Pale had everything planned out and he immediately ran after Johan Edling of Essidise who eventually made the move thus giving Dason their replacement for Kerlov. The only loss they could not make up for was losing their best defender Kearyn Caceres who made a quite late move to Steinaux in Graentfjall. Well, buying a replacement on the last day of the window is practically impossible but with the new signings, the club definitely has a bright future ahead of them.
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Greyson Gregoire from Daedonggang,Quebec and Shingoryeo for 3.26 for 1.8 million
Daniel Kerlov from Cdf Celtade, Audioslavia for 1.5 million
Johan Edling from Essidise Titans for 0 million
Kearyn Caceres to Steinaux,Graintfjall for 0.2 million
Michail da Costa to FC 69 Norwegian wood for 0.9 million
Anicet Lukoki to Dreamland City for 0.1 million
Manuel Ansaldi to AFC Richmond for 0 million

GK: Artur Rybus (27) Image
CB: Anthony Baccus (24) Image
CB: Adrian Gigore (31) Image
CB: Rasihawn Donaldson (25) Image
CDM: Marco Villaverde (20) Image
CM: Weber Banfi (23) Image
LM: Greyson Gregoire(30) DCA/Image
RM: Ethan Aarons (23) Image
LW: Rosario Riccobono (18) Image
CF: Matt Strongwick (21) Image
RW: Daniel Kerlov (35) Image

GK: David Forster (33) Image
GK: Sebastian Melo (25) Image
DF: Jon Gulan (35) Image
DF: Joel Nato (31) Image
MD: Jacek Swierczok (25) Image
MD: Jeremy Dubois (26) Image
MD: Mitchell Pierias (30) Image
FW: Cedric Silve (33) Image
FW: Johan Edling (26) Image
FW: Maxwell Diakhate (32) Image

Dreamland City
Manager - Vincente del Aqua (45)
Ground - Glass Animals Park (44,000) in Dreamland
Major Rival - AC Dason
Experts’ Prediction - Top 5
Last Season - 1st
About - The champion ! The club that defied all odds . Yes, we are talking about Dreamland City. Dreamland City have brought in Andrew Dalton from Avondale City FC. Andrew Dalton is an attacking player who will fit into the squad of Dreamland easily. He also has a great potential on the field and possesses a great footballing knowledge and thus Dalton's move is a beneficial one for the club. Apart from that, they also managed to sign young Rottenham United midfielder Jean Cuyper and AC Dason striker Anicet Lukoki. Dreamland City winning the TPL backfired on them as defenders Geovani Angeles and Ewerton Custodio departed the team along with substitute striker Maksin Tarasov. The main point to realise at this point is that this club has failed to make any changes to the defence. When a club wins the league by surprise, it's main aim should be to retain that position by having a stable starting eleven as well as a good bench but Dreamland did nothing to strengthen their defence. This just implies that with Oskar Graves retired, Nate Harlow is going to be under a lot of pressure throughout the season. Their goalkeeper, Mitch Bailey hit 36 just recently and thus having a reliable second hand option would have been crucial for the club. With such a poor planning and a poor defence, it would be safe to say that Dreamland City didn't utilise the transfer window to their advantage
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Andrew Dalton from Avondale City FC, Sylestone for 1.3 million
Jean Cuyper from Rottenham United for 0.7 million
Anicet Lukoki from AC Dason for 0.1 million
Stefan Diev from AFC Richmond for free
Ewerton Custodio to Westria FC,Atheara for free
Geovani Angeles to Urrhed FC,Chromatika for 0.5 million
Maksin Tarasov to FC 69 Norwegian wood for 0.3 million

GK: Mitch Bailey (35) Image
CB: Nate Harlow (28) Image
CB: Oskar Graves (37) Image
CB: Mike Oeltjen (22) Image
CDM: Christian Sanchez (27) Image
CM:Maxime Deschamps (27) Image
LM: Han Zexian (26) Image
RM: Andrew Dalton (27) Image/Image
LW: Dwayne Onfroy (30) Image
CF: Audric Trentesaulx (19) Image
RW: Aaron Martins (25) Image

GK: Markus Kallman (31) Image
GK: Ivan Rudakov (32) Image
DF: Tom Dening (24) Image
DF: Josh Whitefield (33) Image
DF: Dave Harvey (28) Image
MD: Michael Soeler (29) Image
MD: Sebastian Piepman (23) Image
MD: Yanga Ferrier (30) Image
MD:Martin Mbiwa (23) Image
MD:Stefan Diev (28) Image
MD: Lassi Toivsmanki (25) Image
FW: Anicet Lukoki (32) Image
FW: Nathan Braithwaite (31) Image
FW: Leonardo Baca (21) Image

Clube de Norweigan wood
Manager - Ground - The Fortress (33,000) in Norwegian wood
Major Rival - FC 69 Norwegian wood
Experts’ Prediction - Relegation battle
Last Season - 20th place
About - Clube de Norweigan wood, the club which finished last in the previous season. Firing their manager, Tomas Mader would just be their first move in reforming their team.
Apart from that they needed to bring in new players. They signed youngster Daniel Muller from The 14 Stars, who is going to be the replacement for Brook international Ashton Must who announced his retirement last December. Apart from Ashton Must, there was another man, Gregory Hammond who was not able to handle the depression of that terrible season and he also decided to retire from the sport. They were able to find a replacement for Hammond and signed Nakamura from Poafmersian club, Dalaris City. Nakamura is a national team player for Hebitaka. He has a habit of launching balls from the back and prefers to stay wide. This was perfect for the club as Norweigan's playing style is more or less similar. One of their best defenders who had been playing for the club for around a decade, departed the club for their arch rivals FC 69 Norweigan wood. This move had definitely caused a lot of controversy and Brown is now considered as a traitor in Norweigan wood. Anyway, coming back to the point, to fill up the position of Brown, Clube signed Tjun-ian youngster Alexander Lopez who is going to be a good option to play alongside Devilliers and Zefirov. Another great striker they signed was Young Brandonson from Chartistan, the team who made a brilliant run in last year's Cup of Harmony reaching the semi finals.
It has to be admitted that Clube has definitely put in a lot of effort to bring in a change. They not only brought an influx of young talents into the quite old team but also signed players on free which saved them a lot of money which can be spent on other training facilities. The club's willingness to develop with the limited resources in hand is quite remarkable

Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Daniel Muller from Greenville U-21,The 14 Stars for 1 million
Nakamura from Dalaris City,Poafmersia for 2 million
Alexander Lopez from UAC Academy,Tjun-ia for free
Young Brandonson from Chartistan for free
Thornton Irvine from Georgetown AC,Commonwealth of Baker Park for free
Gabriel Brown to FC 69 Norwegian wood for 1 million
Eugene Hnatyuk to FC Hacienda for 0.4 million

GK: Theold Bracewell (34) Image
LB: Max Devilliers (31) Image
CB: Gennady Zefirov (18) Image
CB: Claudio Gomes (32) Image
RB: Alexander Lopez (16) Image
LM: Sohil Rijal (26) Image
RM: Thornton Irvine (31) (HVY)
CM: Nakamura (32) (HTK)
LW: Ali Harchi (31) Image
CF: Daniel Muller(20) (TFS)
RW: Vykintas Vasiliauskas (22) Image

GK: William Rainbridge (22) Image
GK: Avi Diskin (23) Image
DF: Philip Schmid (28) Image
DF: Henry Hadlam (37) Image
DF : Telmo de Nunes (33) Image
DF: Ashley Wilde (31) Image
MD: Moris Lowe (30) Image
MD: Michael Mead (30) Image
FW: Andrew Bickley (27) Image
FW: Young Brandonson(-) (CHA)
FW: Petar Petrovic(29) Image

Essidise Titans
Manager - Jose Fowler (47)
Ground - Old Town Road
Major Rival - FC Hacienda
Experts’ Prediction - Bottom Half
Last Season - 19th place
About - Essidise Titans had a remarkable season under new manager, Jose Fowler and as a team which was expected to fight the relegation battles,, they somehow managed to keep themselves ahead of the relegation battle. Following the success of Essidise, Jose Fowler decided to make some further changes to the squad. They brought in centre back George Taylor from Bavingtor FC.This move was a necessary one as Essidise's main weakness was their defence and bringing in Taylor was a sensible move. The biggest loss the club suffered was losing their goalkeeper again. Joel Latibeauderie, Brookstation's starting goalkeeper departed the club just the previous season and now youngster Lance Logan made history by making the biggest Brook move of all time. He was signed by 1830 Cathair which is undoubtedly one of the premier teams for free.The club signed young Brook national Markus Lekas from AFC Richmond who is going to be a potential replacement for Quincy Poe whom they ironically lost to AFC Richmond themselves. The club made two huge signings which includes Other side of paradise defender George Athey who had been a crucial player for the side for a long time. Athey alongside Taylor is definitely going to bolster the Titans' defense. They made a somewhat trade deal with AC Dason swapping Johan Edling for Sokole Ake. Essidise have undoubtedly made full use of the transfer window and have increased the overall potential of the team to have a better season.
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
George Taylor from Bavingtor FC,Flavovespia for 1.5 million
Sokole Ake from AC Dason for 0 million
Markus Lekas from AFC Richmond for 1 million
George Athey from Other side of paradise for 1.8 million
Lance Logan to 1830 Cathair,Audioslavia for free
Johan Edling to AC Dason for 0 million
Quincy Poe to AFC Richmond for 0.6 million

GK: Roff Jacobson (26) Image
LB: Andres Brandt (24) Image
CB: Alf Gustaffson (22) Image
CB: George Taylor (33) Image
CB: Clover Kinsey-Hessenford (31) Bonesea
RB: Anders Jonsson (30) Image
CM: Deepak Swamir (30) Image
CM: Chris Robichaud (19) Image
LW: Sebastian Reimann (35) Image
CF: Markus Lekas (18) Image
RW: Sokole Ake (21) Image

GK: Lance Logan (18) Image
GK: Hans Edling (24) Image
DF: Ander Karlson (19) Image
DF: Kenth Lunden (35) Image
DF: Hans Danielson (24) Image
DF: Bengt Alenpaa (31) Image
DF: Tomas Carlsson (29) Image
MD: Kristof Johannson (24) Image
MD: Peter Skaal (25) Image
MD: Gunnar Karlstorm (30) Image
AT: Olaf Leue (32) Image
AT: Bernt Adamson (20) Image
AT: Thomas Peterman (27) Image
AT: Peter Scheler (34) Image

AFC Richmond
Manager - Led Tasso
Ground - Yale Road
Major Rival - Regiis Dreamland
Experts’ Prediction - Relegation Battle
Last Season - 1st in BFL (promoted)
About - AFC Richmond, a.k.a the club which has always reminded us of the power of money. A club that found themselves in the Thrid Division managed to reach the Twin Premier League. After supposedly completing their mission, they set out for their debut season in the TPL completing the most number of transfers. Well, money doesn't serve every purpose and eventually they had to see a terrible finish to their debut season. However, they still managed to retain their position in the TPL thanks to the conference. But they won't be satisfied until and unless they have the trophy with them and thus they made another round of transfers with the surplus money in possession. Their biggest transfer was probably buying Sylestonean striker Mukkhali Ratnasingham from North Chamberley. North Chamberley managed to get promoted to the Toilet League in Sylestone and Mukkhali had definitely helped his team to that title. He is a young player and thus he will be a good option playing alongside Higginsbottom and Leonhardsen. I really don't know why but for some reason they decided to sign Quincy Poe. I mean, what the hell ? Quincy Poe had a bright future ahead of him and suddenly he decided to make a move to AFC Richmond just for money. Poe wouldn't be the starting option for their team and that is not something a young player would be looking forward to but anyway it's his decision after all. However, Poe would be a good substitute and thus AFC Richmond would have a number of players to come to the rescue if anything goes wrong. Apart from that they also signed Manuel Ansaldi from AC Dason who is going to be another substitute striker. They also acquired a second goalkeeper, Jose Carter from Moukamthorpeles. They needed some money though, which resulted in Stefan Diev making a move to champion club Dreamland City. Well they lost a young potential defender and a brilliant striker Soren Rhine and Markus Lekas who was not satisfied with Richmond and he departed from Astena Rangers and Essidise Titans respectively
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Mukkhali Ratnasingham from North Chamberley,Sylestone for 2 million
Quincy Poe from Essidise Titans for 1 million
Manuel Ansaldi from AC Dason for 0 million
Soren Rhine to Astena Rangers,Atheara for free
Markus Lekas to Essidise Titans for 1 million
Stefan Diev to Dreamland City for free

GK - Jean-Luc van Dasselaar (34) Image
RB- Franz Bortel (21) Image
CB- Tom Albury (19) Image
CB- Gustaaf Godefreid (31) Image
LB- Howard Kempe (24) Image
CM- Joao Machado (33) Image
CM- Jon Percovich (22) Image
CM- Pradosh Mitter (17) Kiltoch
ST- Mukkhali Ratnasingham (24) Image
ST- Billy Higginsbottom (22) Image
ST- Paul Leonhardsen (34) Image

GK- Kenneth Townsend (25) Image
DF- Bryce Cully (30) Image
DF- Soren Rhine (19) Image
DF- Callum Belwach (25) Image
MF- Gabriel Dailley (27) Image
MF- Louis Vassell (24) Image
MF- Gary Hewett (29) Image
ST- Manuel Ansaldi (29) Image
ST-Quincy Poe (21) Image
ST- Chris Colfer (23) Image
ST- Leandre Stuart (26) Image

Regiis Dreamland
Manager -Colin Tredwell
Ground - Pop Smoke Stadium (100,000)
Major Rival - FC Hacienda
Experts’ Prediction - Bottom Half
Last Season - 1st in BFL (promoted)
About - AFC Richmond is perhaps the only club to retain such a position in the history of Brook football. A club that started their campaign in the third division and got promoted to the second devision, working all the way up to the Twin Premier League. AFC Richmond had a brilliant season winning the Brook Football League and getting promoted. They have done a huge number of signings, not to mention the assets from their owners. Their main signing this season was John Percovich. The defender from Quebecoise side, Sarnia 4.25 is sure to impress the club and help them in their debut campaign as well. Apart from him, they also signed Xannerian Billy Higginbotham who played a very important role in Denver's team last season. It is thus safe to assume that AFC Richmond is going to have a good season.
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Rico Wolff from Vikings FC,Cordian Isles for 1.5 million
Dorian Bullock from Chamberley City,Sylestone for 1.4 million
Ceroteus Cliffswallow from Xanark City FC, Tikariot for free
Robert Nodge from Other side of paradise for free
Jabril Conde from Other side of paradise for 0.2 million
Florian Mohr to FC Moukamthorpeles for 0 million

GK: Robert Nodge (20) Image
RB: Rico Wolff (28) (COR)
CB: Dorian Bullock (36) Image
CB: Emilio Couto Image
LB: Jabril Conde (20) Image
CM: Ceroteus Cliffswallow (32) Image
LM: Jose Santos Image
RM: Marjeille Castagne Image
LW: Bruno da Costa Image
CF: Moussa Wague Image
RW: Timo Blomeyer Image

GK: Raphael Martins Image
DF: Gielsen Nato Image
DF: Cesar Sanabria Image
DF: Nicolas Insfran Image

FC Hacienda
Manager -Derek Schwartz (41)
Ground - Bruno Pucci Arena (19,000)
Major Rival - FC Hacienda
Experts’ Prediction - Relegation battle
Last Season - 2nd in BFL (promoted)
About - AFC Richmond is perhaps the only club to retain such a position in the history of Brook football. A club that started their campaign in the third division and got promoted to the second devision, working all the way up to the Twin Premier League. AFC Richmond had a brilliant season winning the Brook Football League and getting promoted. They have done a huge number of signings, not to mention the assets from their owners. Their main signing this season was John Percovich. The defender from Quebecoise side, Sarnia 4.25 is sure to impress the club and help them in their debut campaign as well. Apart from him, they also signed Xannerian Billy Higginbotham who played a very important role in Denver's team last season. It is thus safe to assume that AFC Richmond is going to have a good season.
Jersey -

Transfer Activity
Balesio Gabarret from Valnohar Rovers FC,Tikariot for free
Vivian Celeste from Delano City SC,Xanneria for free
Alfred Weasley from Space Coast Rockets for 1 million
Eugene Hnatyuk from Clube de Norwegian wood for 0.4 million
Pablo Sims to Denver Stags for free

GK: Stanley Austin Image
CB: Courtney Murphy Image
CB: Tommy Hayden Image
CB: Gregory Rodgers Image
CDM: Terrence Morgan Image
LM: Balesio Gabarret(25) Image
RM: Vivian Celeste (26) STO/Image
CM: Denzil Modise Image
AM: Jack Skelton Image
CF: Alfred Weasley (20) Image
CF: Eugene Hnatyuk (27) Image
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Matchweek 1

Scroton Queens 283/9 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 177/9 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 198/7 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 201/8 (44.4 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 271/9 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 274/9 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 184/8 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 297/6 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 259/7 (42.4 overs)
Fubfield XI 257/8 (50 overs)

Matchweek 2

Anarchy in Goolsea 244/9 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 248/9 (48.5 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 179 (47.4 overs)
Halebid Elephants 230/4 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 199 (46.2 overs)
Morioh Town 200/8 (34.2 overs)

Cosque Bashers 272/9 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 244/3 (50 overs)

Scroton Queens 254/5 (40.2 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 253 (48.3 overs)

Matchweek 3

Ogre Street Cricket Club 163/8 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 260/9 (50 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 294/8 (49.5 overs)
Scroton Queens 290/8 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 226/6 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 229/8 (30.2 overs)

Halebid Elephants 227/3 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 339/5 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 279/2 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 195/9 (50 overs)

Matchweek 4

Anarchy in Goolsea 223/9 (43.1 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 219 (44.3 overs)

Dreamland Royals 247/5 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 207/2 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 409/5 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 266/9 (50 overs)

Scroton Queens 242/7 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 352/5 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 241/6 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 247/9 (50 overs)

Matchweek 5

Norweigan wood Cats 250/6 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 253/6 (45.5 overs)

Morioh Town 256/5 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 310 (37.1 overs)

Halebid Elephants 213/9 (35.4 overs)
Scroton Queens 211 (47.1 overs)

Fubfield XI 236/9 (40.2 overs)
Cosque Bashers 234/3 (50 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 216/6 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 207 (33.1 overs)

Matchweek 6

Anarchy in Goolsea 237/7 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 227/6 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 209 (48.2 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 210/9 (27.1 overs)

Scroton Queens 162 (32 overs)
Fubfield XI 305/2 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 151/5 (25 overs)
Halebid Elephants 149 (34.3 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 212/9 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 214/9 (36.3 overs)

Matchweek 7

Morioh Town 331 (40.3 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 207/7 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 203 (33.5 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 246/5 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 213/9 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 215/9 (39.5 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 300/9 (50 overs)
Scroton Queens 228/2 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 247/9 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 200/9 (50 overs)

Matchweek 8

Anarchy in Goolsea 213/2 (37 overs)
Cosque Bashers 211/7 (50 overs)

Scroton Queens 240/7 (38.4 overs)
Dreamland Royals 236/6 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 196/4 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 200/5 (44 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 176/4 (50 overs)
Fubfield XI 274/8 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 196/8 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 230/9 (50 overs)

Matchweek 9

Halebid Elephants 211/5 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 215/5 (33.3 overs)

Fubfield XI 218/6 (39.2 overs)
Morioh Town 216 (44.5 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 182/9 (28.4 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 181 (48 overs)

Dreamland Royals 192/6 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 193/9 (45.3 overs)

Cosque Bashers 237/9 (50 overs)
Scroton Queens 238/6 (44.5 overs)

Matchweek 10

Anarchy in Goolsea 168 (33.5 overs)
Scroton Queens 238/2 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 273/2 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 291/8 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 245/8 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 162/6 (50 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 243/9 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 246/8 (46.5 overs)

Fubfield XI 210/9 (44.2 overs)
Halebid Elephants 209 (48.4 overs)

Matchweek 11

Fubfield XI 296/6 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 250/9 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 217/7 (35.5 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 215/8 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 202/4 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 203/5 (38 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 257/6 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 259/8 (38.3 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 242/3 (36.2 overs)
Scroton Queens 239/5 (50 overs)

Matchweek 12

Anarchy in Goolsea 211/5 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 212/9 (42.2 overs)

Scroton Queens 259/5 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 158 (47.4 overs)

Cosque Bashers 279/6 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 306/5 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 207/8 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 209/3 (44.2 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 174/7 (28.3 overs)
Fubfield XI 171/3 (50 overs)

Matchweek 13

Essidise Destroyers 231/4 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 247/7 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 155/4 (24.4 overs)
Dreamland Royals 153/6 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 224 (46.2 overs)
Cosque Bashers 226/6 (41.5 overs)

Morioh Town 199/7 (31.4 overs)
Scroton Queens 197 (45.1 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 190/5 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 192/5 (47 overs)

Matchweek 14

Anarchy in Goolsea 210/9 (35 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 206 (47 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 260 (46.5 overs)
Morioh Town 261/2 (40.2 overs)

Scroton Queens 221/8 (43.3 overs)
Halebid Elephants 217/9 (50 overs)

Cosque Bashers 232/8 (44.5 overs)
Fubfield XI 231/9 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 238/7 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 241/9 (43.2 overs)

Matchweek 15

Dreamland Royals 231/8 (45.5 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 230/5 (50 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 286/5 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 288/6 (43 overs)

Fubfield XI 218/7 (50 overs)
Scroton Queens 221/9 (39.1 overs)

Halebid Elephants 235/9 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 239/9 (32.4 overs)

Morioh Town 185 (34 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 189/6 (41.5 overs

Matchweek 16

Anarchy in Goolsea 170/9 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 250/5 (50 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 237/9 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 190/9 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 212 (41.2 overs)
Fubfield XI 107 (43.5 overs)

Scroton Queens 156 (38 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 157/2 (34.4 overs)

Cosque Bashers 265/7 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 246/8 (50 overs)

Matchweek 17

Cosque Bashers 173/6 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 238/7 (50 overs)

Dreamland Royals 109/5 (21.1 overs)
Scroton Queens 106 (27.3 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 293/7 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 272/5 (50 overs)

Fubfield XI 238/9 (50 overs)
Norweigan wood Cats 268/5 (50 overs)

Halebid Elephants 216/8 (50 overs)
Morioh Town 281/5 (50 overs)

Matchweek 18

Anarchy in Goolsea 260/8 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 182/9 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 242/7 (41.1 overs)
Fubfield XI 240/2 (50 overs)

Norweigan wood Cats 221/4 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 219/7 (50 overs)

Ogre Street Cricket Club 314/6 (50 overs)
Dreamland Royals 217/7 (50 overs)

Scroton Queens 277/7 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 286/9 (50 overs)


BODL                            Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Morioh Town 18 11 0 7 4347 4141 +206 33
2 Ogre Street Cricket Club 18 11 0 7 4154 3998 +156 33
3 Essidise Destroyers 18 10 0 8 4057 3993 +64 30
4 Cosque Bashers 18 10 0 8 4483 4434 +49 30

5 Anarchy in Goolsea 18 10 0 8 4013 4162 −149 30
6 Fubfield XI 18 9 0 9 4103 3909 +194 27
7 Dreamland Royals 18 8 0 10 4017 3875 +142 24
8 Scroton Queens 18 8 0 10 4062 4121 −59 24
9 Norweigan wood Cats 18 7 0 11 4009 4200 −191 21
10 Halebid Elephants 18 6 0 12 3887 4299 −412 18



Morioh Town has had a complete resurrection. A journey from the ninth place to the table toppers is just a fairy tale that I can describe in details in a novel. In short however, the team proved us that- " Nothing is impossible if we believe it's possible."


The team's main strength did not lie in their batting nor their bowling but within the entire club, the team members, the coaches, the staff , all of whom who made themselves believe in themselves and prove the nation wrong. The team's coordination along with Rohan Kishibe's captaincy has been just marvellous and the team has won it for themselves.

Key Player

Dejan Brankovic Image

Considered as an underachiever in Scroton, the Queens sold Brankovic this season and Morioh gave him shelter unaware of the blessing he was going to be. Brankovic didn't play in his usual top order but in the lower order and that is where he found his form. Brankovic just proved to be a beast. His shots covered the entire field and his diversity in shots confused the opposition. He was one of the only players who had the ability to turn a situation completely and make his team win under the most unlikely situations. His consistent performance along with his shots and brilliant wicket keeping earned him a slot in the Team of the Season.

Best match

Anarchy in Goolsea 170/9 (50 overs) 
Morioh Town 250/5 (50 overs)

Morioh Town didn't look as a team who was going to top the table. In order to so, they had to win their last three matches. Having lost to an unexpected Norwegian wood side, the team faced Anarchy a quite capable team. " In batting much will depend on David Daniel who has been in good shape for the past few club games" said a sports journalist before the Anarchy and Morioh match, something which was accurately true.

Goolsea could have had Daniel out before he even scored. The two opening batsmen sprinted an extremely risky single and Beachill shied at stumps . Had the ball hit, Daniel was out. Tanaka and Longlege got dismissed soon. Daniel settled in to demonstrate his pulling, driving and hooking singles and doubles to keep the score up. He was utterly in charge while the Morioh wickets kept on falling. Alongside, Kishibe he made a great partnership and Kishibe's half century was greeted by his century. After Kishibe's dismissal Lathoud couldn't add much. But Daniel still stayed on the field and had a brilliant knock of 146*.

Anarchy were faced with the pressure and they couldn't handle it well. The Morioh spinners Stewart and Rangaswamy took advantage of the pitch and helped drop the Anarchy wickets and slowly the team collapsed somehow managing to a score of 170. David Daniel's impressive knock made Morioh win a very crucial match in their campaign.

Top scorer : Dejan Brankovic Image
Top wicket taker : Brainsucker StewartImage


Ogre Street has undoubtedly become one of the most celebrated clubs in Brookstation having reached the finals of the LASL 1. The team set out on their journey with a lot of expectations and they were successfully able to meet them by finishing at second place.


Ogre Street's main strength was it's bowling in the lower middle and the death overs. That is where Winter , Rajpore and Cronje picked up most of the wickets and restrained the teams at a lower score. Talking of their batting , it was Algernon Mari who did the job. Mari has been one of Ogre's key players this season and his ability to face the spinners just made things better for them.

Key Player

Neville Douglas Winter Image

It would be difficult to choose between Mari and Winter but statistically it's Winter who will make it. Winter was this season's second highest wicket taker just one wicket short of going above Makavilitogia in comparison to whom he had a better economy. Winter unlike the other bowlers is a slow bowler and although many bowlers are trying to change their style recently, Winter has actually been effective. His balls seem slow to the batsman but in reality it has a beautiful swing which deceives the them and catches them off gaurd. The rest is left on the statistics which obviously proves him to be a great player and the bright future of the Brookstation bowling.

Best match

Morioh Town 256/5 (50 overs ) 
Ogre Street Cricket Club 310 (37.5)

When one sees the current champions lose all four of their starting four matches, they know that something is out of place. In their fifth matchday, Ogre Street were up against the to be champions and if it wasn't then, it would probably be never. Ogre had to gain a victory at any cost possible. Ogre played one of the fastest innings of the season, scoring a total of 310 in only 37 overs. Finch and Mari treated the match more like a T20 and endeavoured to take the balls out of the nation. It was raining sixes throughout until Mari's wicket fell. But did three wickets bother them ? No, it didn't. Ogre continued playing in their aggressive style and took their score at a rate of 9 runs per over. The wickets also fell rapidly and the fielders had a difficult time stopping the boundaries but a target of 311 was not an easy one.

Morioh played in their customary slow manner, similar to any ordinary cricket club. They didn't lose wickets, didn't hit much boundaries. Kishibe and Longlege scored a fifty and it went quite ordinarily. They ended up at an respectable score of 256 losing only 5 wickets, giving Ogre Street their first win of the season.

Top scorer : Algernon Mari Image
Top wicket taker : Neville Douglas Winter Image


Essidise was another side that have shown signs of improvement this season making it to the playoffs. The Joseph Gregorson led side cruised past the other teams to find an exceptional climax.


Their first strength are the openers. Zulje and de Jonckherre. Zulje and Jonckherre are too extremely aggressive players and focuses on getting as many boundaries in the powerplay as possible. This is not something that is looked upon in ODIs but this has proved effective for the team atleast. Apart from the openers, the team has an in depth batting as well. Finally, their squad has the one and only Joseph Gregorson, the MVP of the season.

Key Player

Joseph Gregorson Image

The one and only Joseph Gregorson ! Joseph Gregorson is a renowned player and the captain of the Tjun-ian side. He has earned his captaincy in the Tjun-ian team and thus it is evident that he is both an able captain as well as an exceptional batsman. What makes Gregorson such a player is his ability to understand the game. Knowing that his team possess to destructive openers and the fact that the very reason he steps in the crease is because the openers have lost their wicket, he plays a slow game, hitting boundaries on certain occasions. He stays on the field for a long time and his main source of runs are ones and twos. Effectively, he has been awarded the second highest scorer of runs and the second highest run scorer.

Best match

Morioh Town 184/8 (50 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 297/6 (50 overs)

It was Essidise's opening game and standing against the to be group toppers, an exciting match was anticipated. Essidise won the toss and elected to bat first. Zulje and de Jonckherre played their usual knock of about 30 and then Gregorson stepped in to do the rest of the job. Gregorson stayed on the field for a pretty long duration and scored a half century. The player who had a good innings was Balvinder Saran who scored a century and a steady all round batting from the team took them to 297 for 6.

Essidise were without two key bowlers, Stephen Dunn and Andrew Ambrize but a young swing bowler, 18 year old Talant Proskurakova took a career best of 4/25 and Morioh were forced to follow on with a massive number of runs behind compared to Essidise. The wicket was lively in the morning but settled down to its customary predictability. Towards the end Proskurakova took the two crucial wickets of Kishibe and Strickland but Morioh had recovered considerably from the beginning. None the less, they could only manage a score of 184.

Top scorer : Joseph Gregorson Image
Top wicket taker : Andrew Ambrize Image


If any club had a rise somewhat similar to the downfall of Scroton Queens, it would definitely be Cosque Basher. The club which finished at the undisputed last position last season climbed their way to the fourth place and made it to the playoffs. Preparations had been made within the club to restore it back to glory and it paid off well.


Their strength was again in their batting line-up consisting of Ben Surin, Frederic Quentin , Kamaaluddeen and David Herbert. Surin and Quentin had been in a great form throughout the season and Kamaaluddeen led his men to successful victories both batting first and chasing runs.

Key Player

Harriet Robbie Image

Brook international Harriet Robbie has been Cosque's key player even if they claimed the fame for their batting. Robbie is an extremely fast bowler and bowls at an average of 130+ kmph. Unlike other fast bowlers who usually scares the batsman and prevents him from scoring runs, Robbie also has the ability to take wickets. At times his economy is quite high compared to the other bowlers but he has been the highest wicket taker of the club and the third overall.

Best match

Cosque Bashers 409/5 (50 overs)
Halebid Elephants 266/9 (50 overs)

What a match it was ! This was the highest scoring match of the season and the only match in which two centuries were scored. Ben Surin and Frederic Quentin opened the batting and getting one of them out seemed as an impossible task for Halebid. Under the strong sun, Surin and Quentin kept on hitting boundaries and scoring as much as they could. The match was certainly entertaining. Usually ODIs don't see much boundaries but it was raining fours and sixes here. By the time the first wicket fell, Brookstation had already reached a score of 150. Quentin was not able to get a century but hit a beautiful knock of 81 before the umpire gave an lbw. Kamaaluddeen couldn't do much at all and within two overs, the second wicket fell. However, David Herbert rose to the occasion and played the game in a similar style to that of Surin. Surin reached his century and Herbert his half century. Surin had somewhat slowed down but the runs came flowing in. Surin finally got out in an attempt to hit a six at a score of 117. Herbert received support from Field and Brown and with their support completed his century as well. The match came to an end unfortunately and Herbert didn't lose his wicket with a score of 121.

Halebid shouldn't be blamed. They tried their best to retaliate but chasing such an enormous task was impossible. In order to chase such a high score, they had to play aggressively and wickets fell at the same rate especially when Robbie and Wilkinson were waiting for the wickets to fall. Fowler scored a 76 and the team mounted their score to an impressive 266.

Top scorer : Ben SurinImage
Top wicket taker : Harriet Robbie Image


Anarchy in Goolsea also had a pretty unfortunate season. The team tried their best to make it to the playoffs but missed it just by a small margin. In fact Goolsea, Cosque and Essidise all had the same amount of points but it was Anarchy who were the victims. One can be assured that Anarchy in Goolsea will come out stronger next season.


Goolsea's strength lies in their bowling. Makavilitogia is a bowler who always has an eye for the wicket and he helps the team drop the wickets as well. Singh on the other hand is a player who understands the game and deciphers when to bowl the yorkers and when to bowl the shorts. Singh has been really good at the death. Brady and de Smet are two mystery spinners who have always helped the team drop wickets at crucial times.

Key Player

Ricki Makavilitogia Image

Ricki has come from a poor background and it was the club which brought him into life. Ricki has similarly paid the club back with his bowling. Last season's highest wicket taker, Ricki was able to maintain the feat this year as well. Ricki has dropped most of his wickets in the powerplay and the early mid overs, which distinguishes him from the other bowlers. Taking the first wickets is a great way of dismantling the middle order as well.

Best Match

Ogre Street Cricket Club 163/8 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 260/9 (50 overs)

After two consecutive losses, Anarchy faced the undisputed champions, Ogre Street. Anarchy were to start the innings. Walkins put up a great show and within a matter of few overs, their run rate was as high as 10 p/o. Rushworth however got dismissed when Monthe surprised the batsman with a googly. Walkins on the other hand slowed down towards the middle and received support from the other batsmen. Walkins didn't even get close to being out while on the other hand wickets kept falling. Walkins finally scored a century before stepping out of the crease. By that time, the Goolsea scored had reached a pretty good point. Goolsea ended their innings at 260 runs.

Ogre Street was a team that had the ability to chase down the score but this is where Anarchy surprised them all. Makavilitogia dropped two crucial wickets of Mari and Janevics, both of whom had been in a good form. Singh stepped in a got Finch dismissed as well. Risager was on the field but he couldn't afford to lose his wicket. He started playing very slowly but mounted the score somewhat. Cottrell and Pentilla on the other hand lost their wickets as well. Rajpore and Janevics retained their wickets but slowed down in terms of performance. It seemed more of a test match. By the time their wickets fell, the match was almost over. The bowlers came and tried their hand at hitting boundaries but ended up falling. The stunning bowling of Anarchy earned them their first win of the season.

Top scorer : Jason Walkins Image
Top wicket taker : Ricki Makavilitogia Image


Fubfield was a team that had put the efforts to improve and their efforts did pay and the team finished at sixth place, two spots higher than last time. Fubfield is one of the best examples of a club who is slowly improving under the same coach. This goes on to show that their team has built up a good chemistry between them and will come out stronger next season.


Fubfield's strength lies in their batting lineup led by captain and this season's top scorer Bob Doublesday. Doublesday himself has done most of the work always but Herrera and Fitzgerald have risen to the occassion whenever required. There is obviously room for improvement and the club will seek to strengthen their batting performance the following season.

Their bowling has done exceptionally well too. Jacques Daniël Christiaan Van Jaarsveld and Raymond Scully have both been key members of the team and has helped take wickets. They have won a man of the match award each with Jaarsveld being named in the Team of the Season.

Key Player

Bob Doublesday Image

Oh how can someone possibly forget the brilliant season that Bob Doublesday. Whenever, he stepped into the field, he was an unstoppable machine who had come to score runs. Almost in every match, we saw him score a thirty or more. Doublesday's consistency has been one of the most remarkable ones in the history of Brook cricket and his performance is undoubtedly going to be remembered for years to come. His captaincy should also be appreciated. A team can't have an improvement unless their leader instates the mentality into his entire squad and under Doublesday, the team will come out stronger next season.

Best Match

Fubfield XI 218/6 (39.2 overs)
Morioh Town 216 (44.5 overs

Fubfield stood victorious under the full bright moon over the County Cricket Ground. Fubfield were faced with a target of 217 and they didn't have any trouble chasing the score down with more than 10 overs remaining. Fubfield's bowling had been truly remarkable and Jaarsveld and Dewsbery both took three wickets. Raymond Scully dropped the important wicket of Morioh captain, Rohan Kishibe. Apart from Kishibe (who scored a 57), none of the other players were able to score much and the dry pitch allowed the pacers to carry on with their swift bowling.

The pitch wasn't going to favour the Blues either and Davis and Strickland wasn't going to let the match slip out of their hand. But the Blues batting handled the situation handled the situation quite smoothly. Doublesday as usual put up an impressive performance, scoring a half century. His partner Tomokazu Fujita also helped his partner and scored a fifty himself. Their first wicket fell when the team had already crossed the hundred runs mark but then both the batsmen got dismissed but their work was done. Herrera and co. were enough to handle the rest of the runs and the Blues finished with an easy victory.

Top scorer : Bob Doublesday Image
Top wicket taker : Jacques Daniël Christiaan Van Jaarsveld Image


Finishing very close to their counterpart Scroton, Dreamland is another team which had a remarkable downfall.


Irrespective of whether the club won or lost , the batting line-up didn't fail to provide an entertaining performance. Dreamland is perhaps one of the only clubs that has scored 200+ runs in almost all of their matches. There was reason for that as well. Palmer , Spidergut and Sinclair are three very consistent top order batsmen. Dreamland were always off to a good start with their batting. Sinclair especially maintained his form and always helped the team mount up their score.

Key Player

Theo Sinclair Image

Sinclair is the only Dreamland player to make it to the Team of the Season. Sinclair had an impressive performance throughout the season even if their team were unable to achieve much. Sinclair as a first wicket batsmen understood the situation and played fiercely during the powerplay and then slowed down in the middle overs, thus keeping his wicket safe. Sinclair was the second highest run scorer of the second BODL.

Best match

Dreamland Royals 231/8 
Anarchy in Goolsea 230/5

Rushworth and Walkins stepped into the field under rainy conditions. The pitch was wet which meant that the spinners would have their advantage but on the other hand, the pacers would have a difficult time handling the ball. Therefore it was supposed to be a high scoring match. Walkins utilised the powerplay to his advantage and scored runs along the way. Rushworth couldn't stay on the field for long thanks to a silly shot aimed for a six which got him out. Heskett wasn't able to contribute towards the team either but it was later that Dron and Walkins set up a partnership with both of them scoring a half century. In fact, their partnership was so remarkable that both batsmen even stepped out of the field somewhat successively. They had mounted up the score indeed but their were very few overs in hand. Decaneli and Baetens played an aggressive game scoring their fair share of runs but couldn't stay on the pitch for long as expected. Wing and Singh finally brought the innings to a climax.

It was not a bad score and Royals were supposed to have a tough time chasing down the score. Palmer and Spidergut played slowly through the powerplay but the two wickets fell rapidly with both players having a 30+ score. It wasn't a bad start but when their main frontman Sinclair didn't meet the expectations, things started to become worse. The reason why Royals won that day was only because the entire team had put up a good performance with almost each batsmen scoring atleast a 20. Pymn Jr. was the man of the match however due to his fierce approach to the game which saw him score a half century off only 36 balls. He remained not out and carried his team to victory with only two wickets remaining.

Top scorer : Theo Sinclair Image
Top wicket taker : Andre Delaunois Image


If any team had a completely remarkable downfall, somewhat like that of Napoleon, it would undoubtedly be Scroton Queens. The team which finished 2nd last season now found themselves struggling and ended up finishing at a disappointing 8th place with 8 wins. Harold Grouchy failed to light up the Venus Gardens and was sacked by the club.


Deciding their strength would be a difficult factor as the team managed both their bowling and batting in the same way. However, it will be safe to assume that their batting line-up led by Gruenberg international Vumtyhop Chuffles did exceptionally well and the bowling consisting of Sherburn and Montgomery didn't fail to deliver either.

Key Player

Jimmy Motgomery Image

Deciding this was again a difficult factor but if a decision were to be made, then it would obviously be none other than Jimmy Montgomery, the highest wicket taker of Scroton and fourth highest altogether. The young Brook national displayed a consistent performance over the course of the season and his fast yorkers were a threat to the batsmen, not taking into account his occassionall sixes. Montgomery was good during the death overs and he bowled almost 4 overs out of the last ten. Montgomery has a young future ahead of him and he is the only player named in the Team of the Season.

Best match

Scroton Queens 283/9 (50 overs)
Anarchy in Goolsea 177/9 (50 overs)

It was time for yet another season of the BODL and two big clubs Scroton Queens and Anarchy in Goolsea faced each other in the Venus Gardens. Anarchy in Goolsea, last season's runners up were the obvious favourites for the match but Scroton was a good team as well and it was this very Goolsea side who had eliminated them from the playoffs last season. The coin was flipped and Scroton decided to bat. Sylestonean bowler, Abhinav Singh bowled the first ball of the second season. Scroton made a good start to the match as both Vumtyhop Chuffles and Slobodan Popovic opened a partnership which lasted for ten overs. In the 11th over however, Scroton lost their first wicket when Popovic was dismissed by Abhinav Singh. Juan Perez didn't stay in the field for much and only played four balls before being caught behind the wicket thanks to a brilliant swing ball by Abhinav Singh. Tyler Thompson got adapted to the field and played for quite a long period of time and was just going to reach his half century when he got out due to a yorker by Xander Brady. Chuffles on the other hand played very consistently and stayed on the field for the majority of the match. Andrion Howard was also a good player and he continued to provide his support to Chuffles. It seemed as a good partnership but it didn't get better as Chuffles got caught just near the boundary off Makavilitogia's ball. Mark Odegaard provided support to his partner and Howard stayed on the field throughout the entire duration of the match. The problems began when Odegaard's wicket fell and it seemed as if a domino in a series had been dropped considering the way in which Scroton's wickets fell one after the other. Scroton put up a final score of 283, not something very exciting but a pretty good start to the season indeed.

It was then time for Goolsea to shine on the field. Goolsea were expected to chase the score easily but they didn't have the ideal start they were looking for. George Rushworth couldn't stay at the pitch for long as he got bowled thanks to a brilliant yorker by Montgomery. Tjun-ian captain Jason Walkins also failed to make an impact due to a lack of coordination which resulted in Walkins getting run out unfortunately. Heskett and Dron stayed in the field for quite some time and it seemed that their little partnership could grow into a lethal one but unfortunately Dron didn't stay to see it come true. Decaneli was up next. This was when the actual partnership was set. Both the players played slowly and mounted up the score in a small margin. But time was something that went against them. With only a few overs remaining, they still had a lot on their plates. It was high time that they started to score on a large margin but wickets fell sooner than runs were scored. The lower order batsmen couldn't help it either. It was a do or die situation but at the end they ended up dying.

Top scorer : Vumtyhop ChufflesImage
Top wicket taker : Jimmy MontgomeryImage


The kittens couldn't meet the expectations of the season and had a pretty mediocre season like usual. They found themselves right above the Elephants with only one win more than the latter.


The kittens' bowling had been quite impressive. The bowling consisting of Clapiope, Lyons and Cullen usually held their opponents to a low score, but more importantly took the wickets along the way. This didn't alter their fortunes but the bowling lineup will come out stronger next time.

Key Player

Shaun ClapiopeImage

Shaun Clapiope, the captain had been phenomenal this season, even if their team didn't manage to get much on their plates. Clapiope was the one man army of the Kittens. Bought at a quite high price, Clapiope was expected to deliver a brilliant performance and he didn't fail to deliver. He ensured the fans that he is capable of putting swings and get the batsmen at ease and is a fantastic asset for the team.

Apart from that, he was good as a captain. He supported his team even at the most desperate situations and that's a reason why Norwegian wood cats won the hearts of everyone.

Best match

Ogre Street Cricket Club 241/6 
Norweigan wood Cats 247/9

Over the years, Norwegian wood has raised hopes only to be collapsed but for once, they had the upper hand when they faced current champions, Ogre Street. Ogre Street didn't set a low target. In fact the team played exceptionally well with Finch scoring 69 and Janevics scoring 53 with help from Risager and Mari both of whom scored 40+ runs. The team played in a usual good manner and the Kittens bowling couldn't stop the Gentlemen.

In order to chase the target, the Kittens needed to start on a positive note, which they couldn't. However Vijayendra Ghosh put up a brilliant score, scoring a century as well. This was enough to pull the team through not to mention the 43 scored by Cornwall. The wickets fell but Cornwall and Ghosh had put a lot of work off the shoulders of the bowlers and they managed to win the game with a six off Park and a wicket in hand.

Top scorer : Vijayendra Ghosh Image
Top wicket taker : Shaun ClapiopeImage


Despite making the best efforts to rebuild a strong team, Halebid Elephants didn't have a good season at all. Over the course of the entire season, they only managed to get six wins, losing more than 2/3rd of their matches. Halebid had a great start winning both their first two matches but their performance crashed worse than a stock market towards the last few matchdays which eventually finishing at last place.


Halebid Elephants didn't enjoy much success but however their main strength came from their
batting strategies. The batting line-up consisting of Jacobs, Miller, Moore and Ntini did do a good job as far as the team's performance is considered. Without these batsmen, their team probably would have found themselves in a worse position.

Key Player

Roger Ntini Image

Ntini is a well known Tjun-ian player in cricket and has been performing consistently for Halebid. Ntini isn't the club's highest scorer nor the club's highest wicket tacker but he has been able to maintain a balance between both his batting and bowling performances. Ntini has mainly been a consistent batsman for Halebid and has helped them score the runs. Coming in at fourth, Ntini had the pressures but he was able to handle them in style and this didn't affect his batting style. Ntini has the ability to understand the game and play carefully compared to the other batsmen like Philip Jacobs and Nicholas Miller. Halebid is a team which plays with four bowlers and usually one of the all rounder serves as the fifth bowler. Chinyenze is usually the fifth bowler but when a substitute bowler is required, Ntini steps up on the field and has the situation under his control. His performance against Morioh Town earns him the best player.

Best match

Morioh Town 196/8 
Halebid Elephants 230/9

After a pretty roller coaster performance, Halebid finally managed a surprising victory over the quite powerful Morioh side. Halebid started the batting on a positive note but neither Jacobs nor Miller was able to stay on the pitch for long. Moore and Ntini were next to face the pressure of the Morioh bowling consisting of Stewart and Rangaswamy, who were in a pretty good form. Moore and Ntini started a partnership but Moore's dismissal by Strickland increased the pressure on the Halebid side. Ntini however helped the team to increase the score somewhat and Thompson stayed on his support. Ntini soon reached his half century and Thompson also had a good amount of runs on his side but Thompson's foolish shot got him caught at the edge of the boundary. Fowler and Chinyenze also played a similar role of that Thompson and slowly helped mount the score with Chinyenze scoring a fifty. Ntini got dismissed at 82 and after that the team wasn't able to regain their form finally ending at a score of 230.

Morioh had a quite easy target to chase but the Halebid bowling proved to be phenomenal and Dawson and Groc soon got Morioh's top order to collapse with only 90 runs in total. Brankovic was faced with the task of handling the whole team and along with Strickland mounted the score and Brankovic ended with a run of 78 but the pair had played extremely slowly and when their wickets fell, the game became more slower and Morioh couldn't even reach the 200 run mark, giving Halebid an unexpected win.

Top scorer : Nicholas Miller Image
Top wicket taker : Sylvain RobitailleImage


Qualifier 1 
Morioh Town 224/8 (34.3 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 221/2 (50 overs)

Essidise Destroyers 225/8 (35.2 overs)
Cosque Bashers 223/3 (50 overs)

Qualifier 2
Ogre Street Cricket Club 161/2 (38.3 overs)
Essidise Destroyers 160/6 (50 overs)

Morioh Town 208/9 (50 overs)
Ogre Street Cricket Club 286/8 (50 overs)


Bob Doublesday Image
Algernon Mari Image
Theo Sinclair Image
Joseph Gregorson (C) Image
Dejan Brankovic (WK) Image
Jacques Daniel Christiaan Van Jaarsveld Image
Shaun Clapiope Image
Harriet Robbie Image
Andrew Ambrize Image
Ricki Makavilitogia Image
Neville Douglas Winter Image
12th man- Jimmy Montgomery Image


Vumtyhop Chuffles (WK) Image
Darjo Zulje Image
Kamaaluddeen Image
Joseph Gregorson (C) Image
Vinzenz Ermi Image
Jacques Daniel Christiaan Van Jaarsveld Image
Brainsucker Stewart Image
Naseem Latif Chaudhary Image
Shaun Clapiope Image
Raymond Scully Image
Andrew Ambrize Image


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BT20                         Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 Cosque Bashers 18 12 0 6 2669 2665 +4 36
2 Fubfield XI 18 12 0 6 2491 2529 −38 36
3 Dreamland Royals 18 10 1 7 2570 2518 +52 31
4 Morioh Town 18 10 0 8 2740 2577 +163 30

5 Halebid Elephants 18 10 0 8 2536 2508 +28 30
6 Essidise Destroyers 18 8 1 9 2558 2538 +20 25
7 Anarchy in Goolsea 18 8 0 10 2418 2415 +3 24
8 Ogre Street Cricket Club 18 8 0 10 2647 2701 −54 24
9 Scroton Queens 18 7 0 11 2742 2806 −64 21
10 Norwegian wood Cats 18 4 0 14 2598 2712 −114 12

Qualifier 1
Fubfield XI 261/9 (50 overs)
Cosque Bashers 184 (37 overs)

Dreamland Royals 196 (45.5 overs)
Morioh Town 248/7 (50 overs)

Qualifier 2
Cosque Bashers 142 (39.5 overs)
Morioh Town 146/9 (27.3 overs)

Fubfield XI 236 (48.4 overs)
Morioh Town 237/9 (49.1 overs)


Ballcary  bat first			
Kenville 359 (84.5 overs), 23/1 (6.2 overs)
Ballcary 264 (71.4 overs), 117 (35.1 overs)
Kenville win by 9 wickets

South Cordovia bat first
South Cordovia 304 (65.2 overs), 189 (50.2 overs)
Capital 229 (57.1 overs), 265/9 (48.1 overs)
Capital win by 1 wickets

Kiergboshire bat first
Kiergboshire 214 (57.3 overs), 218 (59.4 overs)
Rofintech 325 (118.0 overs), 108/3 (21.5 overs)
Rofintech win by 7 wickets

Rofintech  bat first			
Rofintech 213 (101.2 overs), 361 (99.5 overs)
Ballcary 443/7d (111.4 overs), 132/3 (27.1 overs)
Ballcary win by 7 wickets

Kiergboshire bat first
Kiergboshire 466/8d (140.2 overs), 135/3 (47.5 overs)
Capital 244 (62.0 overs), 533 (117.2 overs)

South Cordovia bat first
Kenville 409 (104.4 overs), 209/6 (57.5 overs)
South Cordovia 287 (77.0 overs), 330 (104.1 overs)
Kenville win by 4 wickets

Kenville bat first			
Kenville 300 (75.3 overs), 424 (98.1 overs)
Rofintech 334 (80.5 overs), 283 (72.2 overs)
Rofintech lose by 107 runs

South Cordovia bat first
Kiergboshire 255 (39.1 overs), 190 (39.0 overs)
South Cordovia 250 (56.0 overs), 281 (64.3 overs)
Kiergboshire lose by 86 runs

Capital bat first
Capital 281 (70.3 overs), 418 (106.3 overs)
Ballcary 373 (138.0 overs), 327/6 (85.5 overs)
Ballcary win by 4 wickets

Capital bat first			
Rofintech 184 (39.4 overs), 497 (162.1 overs)
Capital 466/7d (129.5 overs), 220/8 (59.1 overs)
Capital win by 2 wickets

Kenville bat first
Kiergboshire 226 (47.2 overs), 541 (106.4 overs)
Kenville 566/4d (135.0 overs), 202/6 (57.0 overs)
Kenville win by 4 wickets

Ballcary bat first
South Cordovia 232 (60.2 overs), 496/9 (122.0 overs)
Ballcary 380 (78.0 overs), 343/6d (83.4 overs)
South Cordovia win by 1 wickets

South Cordovia bat first			
Rofintech 253 (94.1 overs), 188 (57.4 overs)
South Cordovia 229 (46.1 overs), 308 (68.0 overs)
Rofintech lose by 96 runs

Kiergboshire bat first
Ballcary 238 (66.5 overs), 558/9 (152.0 overs)
Kiergboshire 527/4d (154.0 overs),

Capital bat first
Kenville 520 (160.2 overs), 121/2 (30.2 overs)
Capital 396 (84.5 overs), 242 (40.0 overs)
Kenville win by 8 wickets

Kenville 54 9 15 78 5
Ballcary 36 0 9 45 5

South Cordovia 36 0 3 39 5
Capital 30 0 3 33 5
Kiergboshire 12 0 9 21 5
Rofintech 12 0 6 18 5
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Season 5




Manager - Marius Popescu (48)
Ground - Joseph Joestar Stadium (90,000) in Other Side of Paradise

Major Rival - Space Coast Rockets
Experts’ Prediction - Top 3
Last Season - 5th
Tony North from FC 69 Norwegian wood
Leon Michael Robes to Cednia Beach AFC,Turori
Johannes Kehr to Rutland Dockside,Cassadaigua
Roberto Byan to FC Hacienda

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY 

Mohammed Mandrea GK 32 BRO
Cristian Luengo LB 30 BRO
Marcus Fredriksson CB 21 NRH Image
Steven Antonino CB 21 TKT Image
Leandro Guzman RB 28 BRO
Félix d'Amienz RM 25 OAM Image
Alexis de la Vega CAM 29 BRO
Andreas Roles LM 32 BRO
Ravi Mohanty LW 31 BRO
Breval le Batelie RW 24 OAM Image
David Waters CF 18 BRO

Afrim Kqiku GK 30 BRO
Tony North GK 34 BRO
Norbert Benham DF 37 BRO
Deryck Hutton DF 24 BRO
Arthur Lloyd DF 24 BRO
Unai Vecino MD 31 BRO
Darell Larkins MD 31 BRO
Tavian Tudorache MD 23 BRO
Trevor Liddicott MD 36 BRO
Stuart Cook FW 26 BRO
Devin Abbott FW 20 BRO
Kimberley Sanders FW 22 BRO
Cornelius Mann FW 32 BRO


Manager - Tony Koltuniewicz (48)
Ground - The Galaxy (78,000) in Space Coast

Major Rival - Other side of paradise
Experts’ Prediction - Top 5
Last Season - 3rd
Zander Campbell from FC Hacienda
Rosario Riccobono from AC Dason
Henri Teniste to Great Northern RR FC,Baker Park
Victor Wilmots to AC Dason

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY

Carlos Corzo GK 33 BRO
Nahuel Mercado LB 32 BRO
Mark Jamieson CB 21 BRO
Elliot McCullough RB 26 SNL Image
Zander Campbell RM 25 TLI Image
Jarek Nerkko CM 29 COS Image
Soren Coleman LM 35 NPH Image
Stefan Ivanisenya CM 30 BRO
Rosario Riccobono CF 18 BRO
John J Johnson CF 26 BRO
Ronan Senneschault CF 32 OAM Image

Anton Moukam GK 38 BRO
Terrell Graves GK 23 BRO
Ernesto Schulz DF 21 BRO
Arturo Powers DF 20 BRO
Dzimitry Rias DF 35 BRO
Egor Stasevich DF 33 BRO
Houssen Ferri MD 29 BRO
Harrison Malik MD 27 BRO
Jason Dieng MD 33 BRO
Bojan FW 32 BRO
Leander Vermoden FW 25 BOL Image
Jonas Valdavia FW 30 BRO
Donald Mason FW 26 BRO


Manager - Carlo Bortolozzi (66)
Ground - Octopus' Garden (60,000) in Norwegian wood

Major Rival - Clube de Norwegian wood
Experts’ Prediction - Top 5
Last Season - 2nd
Avi Diskin from Clube de Norwegian wood
Karobo Sealleira to Clube de Norwegian wood
Tony North to Other side of Paradise
Ravinder Suresh to Kars Club

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY

Jason Torino GK 27 QAD
Richard Oak LB 36 BRO
Gabriel Brown CB 35 BRO
John Brookes CB 22 BRO
Jerrard Lovell RB 34 JEC Image
Arun Mehta LM 31 BRO
Kevin Weaver OM 28 SNL Image
Lorenzo Oreales LM 22 SNL Image
Manish Rajan LW 36 BRO
Darrell-Jerold Atkins CF 30 SNL Image
Darren Cole RW 32 BRO

Avi Diskin GK 25 BRO
Emrys Sutcliffe GK 28 BRO
Jacob Wise DF 32 BRO
Roman Curry DF 29 BRO
Vivek Kaur DF 37 BRO
Michael Drake MD 27 BRO
Nicolai Kashi MD 32 BRO
Ian Lake MD 22 BRO
Arthur Buss MD 27 BRO
Maksin Tarasov FW 32 BRO
Omar Tajpah FW 31 BRO
Kevin Small FW 33 BRO
Ricardo Rebes FW 30 BRO


Manager - Vincent del Aqua (47)
Ground - Glass Animals Park (44,000) in Dreamland

Major Rival - AC Dason
Experts’ Prediction - Top Half
Last Season - 9th
Elbert Wells from Shkotan FC
Oskar Graves retired
Martin Mbiwa to Halebid Warriors

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY

Mitch Bailey GK 37 BRO
Nate Harlow CB 29 BRO
Elbert Wells CB 27 BRO
Mike Oeltjen CB 24 BRO
Christian Sanchez CDM 29 BRO
Maxime Deschamps CM 29 KSK Image
Han Zexian LM 28 HIN Image
Andrew Dalton RM 28 ETN/SYL Image/Image
Dwayne Onfroy LW 31 BRO
Audric Trentesaulx CF 21 GVN Image
Aaron Martins RW 27 BRO

Markus Kallman GK 33 BRO
Ivan Rudakov GK 34 BRO
Tom Dening DF 26 BRO
Josh Whitefield DF 35 BRO
Dave Harvey DF 30 BRO
Sebastian Piepman MD 25 BRO
Yanga Ferrier MD 32 BRO
Stefan Diev MD 27 BRO
Lassi Toivsmanki MD 27 BRO
Johnny Sores MD 24 BRO
Anicet Lukoki FW 34 BRO
Nathan Braithwaite FW 33 BRO
Leonardo Baca FW 23 BRO


Manager - Alexander Pale (63)
Ground - FBM Arena (41,400) in Dason

Major Rival - Dreamland City
Experts’ Prediction - Top Half
Last Season - 10th
Andres Brandt from Essidise Titans
Roy-Allan Butterfield from Rottenham United
Feulgencio Ermis to Clube de Norwegian wood
Joel Nato to Capital FC,Xanneria
Johan Edling to Lima City United FC
Rosario Riccobono to Space Coast Rockets

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY

Artur Rybus GK 29 BRO
Anthony Baccus CB 26 BRO
Adrian Gigore CB 32 BRO
Rasihawn Donaldson CB 27 BRO
Marco Villaverde CDM 22 MRT Image
Weber Banfi CM 25 ZRH Image
Greyson Gregoire LM 31 DCA/QUE
Ethan Aarons RM 25 BRO
Roy-Allan Butterfield LW 20 BRO
Matt Strongwick CF 23 LFD Image
Daniel Kerlov RW 36 SAJ Image

David Forster GK 34 BRO
Sebastian Melo GK 26 BRO
Andres Brandt DF 26 BRO
Timothy Daniel DF 18 BRO
Jake Knight DF 21 BRO
Clinton Daniel DF 18 BRO
Jacek Swierczok MD 27 BRO
Jeremy Dubois MD 28 BRO
Mitchell Pierias MD 32 BRO
Dallas Fox MD 30 BRO
Cedric Silve FW 35 BRO
Bruce Santos FW 22 BRO
Maxwell Diakhate FW 34 BRO
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Season 5




Manager - Colin Tredwell (53)
Ground - Pop Smoke Stadium (100,000)

Major Rival - Dreamland City
Experts’ Prediction - Upper part of bottom half
Last Season - 8th
Balesio Gabarret from FC Hacienda
Deepak Swamir from Essidise Titans

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY

Robert Nodge GK 22 BRO
Rico Wolff RB 29 COR Image
Dorian Bullock CB 37 BRE Image
Emilio Couto CB 20 CBZ Image
Jabril Conde LB 22 BRO
Ceroteus Cliffswallow CM 32 APX Image
Balesio Gabarret LM 26 ASG Image
Marjeille Castagne RM 33 BRO
Bruno da Costa LW 29 BRO
Moussa Wague CF 23 BRO
Timo Blomeyer RW 25 BRO
Bernard Ewout GK 19 BRO
Raphael Martins GK 30 BRO
Gielsen Nato DF 24 BRO
Cesar Sanabria DF 27 BRO
Nicolas Insfran DF 28 BRO
Rien Cornelius DF 30 BRO
Deepak Swamir MD 31 BRO
Jose Santos MD 28 BRO
Gabriel Richard MD 29 BRO
Tjeerd Kerneels FW 18 BRO
Silvester Horace FW 17 BRO
Reece Todd FW 23 BRO


Manager - Jose Fowler (47)
Ground - Old Town Road (34,000)

Major Rival - AFC Richmond
Experts’ Prediction - Bottom half
Last Season - 11th
Dane Chase from 1.FC Goudini, Gortolekua
Lukasz Kownacki from Denver Stags
Bernt Adamson to Mangrove FC, The 14 Stars
Andres Brandt to AC Dason
Deepak Swamir to Regiis Dreamland

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY

Roff Jacobson GK 28 BRO
Anders Jonsson RB 26 BRO
Alf Gustaffson CB 24 BRO
George Taylor CB 34 NWK Image
Clover Kinsey-HessenfordCB 32 BSE
George Athey LB 31 BRO
Dane Chase CM 29 GTK
Chris Robichaud CM 21 TKT Image
Sebastian Reimann LW 37 BRO
Markus Lekas CF 20 BRO
Sokole Ake RW 23 BRO

Eskil Knud GK 21 BRO
Hans Edling GK 26 BRO
Ander Karlson DF 21 BRO
Kenth Lunden DF 37 BRO
Hans Danielson DF 26 BRO
Bengt Alenpaa DF 33 BRO
Tomas Carlsson MD 31 BRO
Kristof Johannson MD 26 BRO
Lukasz Kownacki MD 27 BRO
Gunnar Karlstorm MD 32 BRO
Olaf Leue FW 34 BRO
Kris Brunt FW 19 BRO
Thomas Peterman FW 29 BRO


Manager - Led Tasso (40)
Ground - Yale Road (21,000)

Major Rival - Essidise Titans
Experts’ Prediction - Relegation Battle
Last Season - 15th
Benedict MacCambridge from Union Cathair,Audioslavia
Max Paterson from Betham FC,Sylestone
Ron Lubbers from Amandine AdF,Ko Oren
Quincy Poe to Berriaordena GZ, Gortolekua
Louis Vassell to Aspel,Eura
Chris Colfer to Richmond Town,StrayaRoos
Bryce Cully to Richmond Town,StrayaRoos

Jean-Luc van Dasselaar	GK	36	NAC Image
Benedict MacCambridge LB 23 AUD Image
Tom Albury CB 21 BRO
Gustaaf Godefreid CB 33 BRO
Ron Lubbers RB 26 KOR Image
Max Paterson CM 27 SYL Image
Jon Percovich CM 24 TKT Image
Steve Dolphin CM 27 BRO
Mukkhali Ratnasingham ST 24 SYL Image
Billy Higginsbottom ST 24 XAN Image
Paul Leonhardsen ST 36 NPH Image

Kenneth Townsend GK 27 BRO
Paul Lars GK 24 BRO
Howard Kempe CB 26 BRO
Franz Bortel DF 23 BRO
Callum Belwach DF 27 BRO
Gabriel Dailley DF 29 BRO
Alexander Knud MF 30 BRO
Gary Hewett MF 31 BRO
Ruben Frans MF 19 BRO
Erik Preben FW 22 BRO
Manuel Ansaldi FW 31 BRO
Leandre Stuart FW 28 BRO
Hugo Oscar FW 31 BRO


Manager - Led Tasso (40)
Ground - The Fortress (33,000) in Norwegian wood

Major Rival - FC 69 Norwegian wood
Experts’ Prediction - Relegation Battle
Last Season - 20th
Fulgencio Ermis from AC Dason
Karobo Sealleira from Fc 69 Norwegian wood
William Rainbridge to Sorenberg Park FC, Baker Park
Avi Diskin to FC 69 Norwegian wood

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY 

Theold Bracewell GK 36 NPH Image
Max Devilliers LB 32 KOR Image
Gennady Zefirov CB 20 PYA Image
Claudio Gomes CB 34 BRO
Alexander Lopez RB 17 TJU Image
Sohil Rijal LM 28 BRO
Thornton Irvine RM 32 HVY
Nakamura CM 33 HTK
Ali Harchi LW 33 BRO
Daniel Muller CF 21 TFS Image
Vykintas Vasiliauskas RW 24 BRO

Theodore Turner GK 20 BRO
Ricardo Wise GK 18 BRO
Philip Schmid DF 30 BRO
Henry Hadlam DF 39 BRO
Telmo de Nunes DF 34 BRO
Ashley Wilde DF 32 BRO
Moris Lowe MD 31 BRO
Michael Mead MD 31 BRO
Robert McDonald MD 22 BRO
Fulgencio Ermis MD 17 BRO
Andrew Bickley FW 29 BRO
Young Brandonson FW N/A CHA
Petar Petrovic FW 31 BRO


Manager - Terry Patterson (50)
Ground - Halebid Stadium (23000)

Major Rival - Halebid Warriors
Experts’ Prediction - Relegation Battle
Last Season - 2nd in BFL, promoted
Ga Yong Lee from Strange City
Leon Berry from Denver Stags
Elarig Jouvenel des Ursins from Saint Isidore University, Oberour ar Moro
Chadlai Stevenson II from Mountain Society of the Foot(ball),Qasden
Sean McGoldrick from Broadview AFC,Baker Park

NAME                    POS     AGE     NATIONALITY 

Leon Berry GK 28 BRO
Elarig J. des Ursins RB 21 OAM Image
Eric Jenkins CB 24 BRO
Lawrence Butler CB 21 BRO
Charles Morgan LB 31 BRO
Chadlai Stevenson II RM 22 QAD
Calle Vikingstad CM 36 SVJ Image
Sean McGoldrick LM 31 FVA Image
Chris Jones RW 25 BRO
Steven Walker LW 28 BRO
Ga Yong Lee CF 27 BRO
Todd Long GK 33 BRO
Patrick Emmanuelle GK 19 BRO
Matthew Ward DF 29 BRO
Leonel Sebastiene DF 21 BRO
Rosaire Denis DF 27 BRO
Cyril Armel DF 31 BRO
Carl Andt MF 33 BRO
Ludwig Sebastien MF 24 BRO
Arthur Bell MF 30 BRO
Steve Bailey MF 27 BRO
Martin Rivera ST 29 BRO
Melek Yoni ST 30 BRO
Jorg Luitpold ST 22 BRO

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Postby Brookstation » Sun Jun 12, 2022 8:34 pm


Season 5


TPL SEASON 5                Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 SC Lagos 38 21 9 8 71 45 +26 72
2 Vreton City FC 38 22 6 10 64 43 +21 72
3 Dreamland City 38 18 14 6 64 42 +22 68
4 FC 69 Norwegian wood 38 18 12 8 62 42 +20 66
5 Space Coast Rockets 38 18 10 10 56 39 +17 64

6 Other side of Paradise 38 16 12 10 67 45 +22 60
7 East Akusha CF 38 17 9 12 52 46 +6 60
8 FC Maihar 38 18 4 16 60 53 +7 58
9 AC Dason 38 15 11 12 68 56 +12 56
10 West Akusha CF 38 14 14 10 52 48 +4 56
11 Halebid United 38 14 12 12 63 60 +3 54
12 Vreton United 38 13 10 15 47 53 −6 49
13 Essidise Titans 38 13 8 17 54 61 −7 47
14 Regiis Dreamland 38 12 10 16 53 59 −6 46
15 Fermont United 38 10 14 14 54 58 −4 44
16 Real Pablo FC 38 11 10 17 49 69 −20 43
17 Maihar United 38 7 12 19 43 66 −23 33
18 Clube de Norwegian wood 38 8 9 21 35 62 −27 33
19 AFC Richmond 38 8 7 23 40 74 −34 31
20 Blich 38 7 7 24 42 75 −33 28


Brookstation Football League


Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 

1 Halebid Warriors 38 23 6 9 69 35 +34 75
2 Artiana Galaxy 38 22 4 12 59 36 +23 70
3 FC Hacienda 38 21 7 10 58 43 +15 70

4 Red Tube Volint 38 19 7 12 67 58 +9 64
5 Towning FC 38 18 9 11 52 50 +2 63
6 Rottenham United 38 17 11 10 68 44 +24 62
7 Towning SC 38 18 7 13 63 58 +5 61
8 Strange City 38 16 11 11 64 41 +23 59
9 Denver Stags 38 16 10 12 60 46 +14 58
10 Shkotan FC 38 13 16 9 59 55 +4 55
11 Niskalkok Greens 38 16 7 15 41 50 −9 55
12 Dynamo Leitvambusch 38 14 9 15 52 57 −5 51
13 Kars Club 38 11 14 13 45 49 −4 47
14 Waffen 38 10 16 12 49 50 −1 46
15 FC Rottenham 38 13 5 20 38 46 −8 44
16 Wham 38 11 7 20 47 61 −14 40
17 Artiana FC 38 9 7 22 44 67 −23 34
18 Drublin 38 7 13 18 28 53 −25 34
19 Moukamthorpeles FC 38 8 10 20 35 66 −31 34
20 Leitvambusch Miners 38 4 12 22 26 59 −33 24


Banto Creek Athletic 1–1 Dynamo Leitvambusch (1–1 AET) (2–4 pen.)
Toomsmisun United 1–0 Artiana FC
Port Nantan Blue Jackets 1–2 Cosque Horsemen
Artiana Galaxy 4–3 Saint Attjames Chillers
Drublin 2–1 Niskalok Greens
Brancar Hill Panthers 2–1 Yorkcastford Purple Haze
Denver Stags 1–0 Kars Club
FC Kars 1–3 Wham
FC Rottenham 2–2 Morioh Town (2–2 AET) (4–2 pen.)
FC Aursbuck 0–0 Towning FC (0–1 AET)
Fubfield 1–1 Towning SC (1–1 AET) (1–3 pen.)
Goolsea Pistols 2–2 Waffen (2–2 AET) (7–6 pen.)
Grongen Club 1–1 Hailmal Jackals (1–1 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Leitvambusch Miners 0–3 Halebid United
Shemellden Tossers 2–2 Moukamthorpeles FC (3–3 AET) (3–4 pen.)
Neverwinter 2–2 Red Tube Volint (3–2 AET)
Scroton FC 1–2 Nnem Suns
New Portsley 2–1 North Shey Swells

Halebid Warriors 0–2 FC 69 Norwegian wood
AFC Richmod 2–0 Toomsmisun United
Dynamo Leitvambusch 1–2 Cosque Horsemen
Other side of Paradise 1–0 AC Dason
Dreamland City 1–0 Artiana Galaxy
Brancar Hill Panthers 0–0 Space Coast Rockets (0–1 AET)
Regiis Dreamland 2–2 Clube de Norwegian wood (2–3 AET)
Drublin 0–2 Denver Stags
FC Hacienda 1–1 Towning SC (3–1 AET)
Towning FC 0–1 Strange City FC
Shkotan FC 0–0 Moukamthorpeles FC (1–0 AET)
Essidise Titans 0–0 Wham (0–1 AET)
Halebid United 1–0 Neverwinter
Rottenham United 3–0 FC Rottenham
New Portsley 1–0 Goolsea Pistols
Grongen Club 0–2 Nnem Suns

AFC Richmond 0–2 FC 69 Norweigan wood
Other side of Paradise 2–1 Cosque Horsemen
Space Coast Rockets 3–4 Dreamland City
Clube de Norwegian wood 2–3 Denver Stags
Halebid United 1–2 New Portsley
FC Hacienda 2–1 Strange City FC
Shkotan FC 2–1 Wham
Rottenham United 1–0 Nnem Suns



Other side of Paradise 1–0 FC 69 Norweigan wood
Dreamland City 3–6 Denver Stags
New Portsley 1–2 FC Hacienda
Shkotan FC 0–1 Rottenham United


Other side of Paradise 2–1 Denver Stags
FC Hacienda 0–1 Rottenham United

Other side of Paradise 1–0 Rottenham United


With the fifth season of the Twin Premier League's conclusion, the Beautiful Game provides it's readers with a summary of everything to briefly describe domestic football in BrookstatiOn the last year.

When's the next time we are going to win the League ?

It has been two season straight and none of the Brook clubs have been able to clinch the trophy although everytime, someone or the other came close enough to the title. However, this was perhaps Brookstation's worst Twin Premier League season and the most we could manage was 68, not even 69 points. Dreamland City again made a surprise breakthrough climbing over the other well established Brook teams while Mario Popescu was left scratching his hair and eventually being sacked after finishing at a disappointing sixth position, something that no Brook football follower had even predicted in his wildest dreams. FC 69 Norwegian maintained their consistency and finished right below third placed Dreamland City and credits must be given Carlo Bortollozi for such a brilliant rebuild of the club. Space Coast Rockets struggled way more than expected and a massive number of 10 draws just slowed down their process of gaining points.

Dreamland City started their campaign with a 2-2 tie with the champions SC Lagos and that was the earliest indication to show that the club was not merely present in the tournament as a formality but the club had actually come to tackle it's opponents. Under the guidance of Vincent del Aqua, the club led by Mitch Bailey went ahead to win 18 matches while drawing 14. Throughout the tournament, Dreamland's key player has obviously been Dwayne Onfroy, the national team player who has always dominated his presence on the field, finishing third on the top scorer's list. However the victory of the club is not credited to Onfroy itself. The international midfield trio worked in symphony, creating one of the , if not the most balanced formation in the league. Furthermore, youngster Tentelsaunx has again been really impressive and the player from Gouvanarch enjoyed a good season scoring 17 times for his club. Dropping back, we will find ourseleves our strong man, Nate Harlow who has led the defense entirely on his own and his defense did a great job conceding only 42 goals, one of the best figures of the season. And lastly, there is our very Mitch Bailey. The man, the myth, the legend and Dreamland's best player in history. His age didn't stop him yet again from protecting the goals of the Glass Animals Park and his leadership earned the club their second chance to the IFCF Champions League Qualifiers.

Halebid United just shocked the entire nation

One of the saddest part of every season is to see one's favourite club getting relegated from the tournament. But to cover up the sadness of one part of the nation, there is the promotion from the second division which brings in a new set of hopes for the supporters of the club and provides them an opportunity to prove their mettle. However as the saying goes, " With great power comes great responsibilty " and this is why majority of the clubs which step up to the more professional league, the teams struggle to find their way to the top and usually end up fighting for relegation. This has happened several times in the past and even now, AFC Richmond, a club notoriously known within the nation for spending enormous sums on internationals failed to make an appearance at the top half of the table despite of achieving promotion three years back.

Heading into their first season, the Jacks had made quite a few changes to their squad with the likes of international Stevenson II, McGoldrick and des Ursins. The team was rebuilt and Terry Patterson was ready to take his team to the Twin Premier League. On their very first matchday, the team was up against the Fermont side from Bollonich. The maximum any Jacks fan could hope for was a draw but McGoldrick just raised their hopes in the 5th minute of the game scoring from his first attempt from the edge of the box. Just within a matter of 10 minutes, Lee responded with a header to Stevenson II scoring the team's second. This was perhaps the earliest and one of the biggest shocks of the season. All journalists, including myself termed this as a miracle and down the line, Halebid would find themselves struggling for relegation but Patterson had different plans in mind. Throughout the season, the team bulldozered over it's opponents providing a tough competition to clubs like AC Dason and creating major upsets throughout.

Even if, Halebid was restricted at the 11th place, the club had won the hearts of the nation. Terry Patterson proved his capabilities and utillized the funds of the club to the fullest. Each and every signing performed brilliantly especially Sean McGoldrick. The Flavovespian midfielder was just unstoppable and due to his remarkable performances on the field, he earned the "Best Signing of the Year" title. (AFC Richmond should really try and learn from them and better use their money on buying some of Patterson's tactics ?)

This year's best jersey has to be attributed to the Rockets

The fifth edition of the Twin Premier League was unlike any regular season. It was an edition to commemorate the success of the club throughout the last five years. One of the striking features of this edition was the introduction of new jerseys by all Brook clubs. This was done in an effort to gain bigger sponsporships, attract a larger number of people and make the game more beautiful. However the most striking jerseys have definitely been Space Coast Rockets.

Based in the scientific hub of the nation, the team had based their theme behind the enviorenment of the city. Their name is a reference to Brookstation's only space station located in Space Coast. The city's fanbase consisted mostly of young students and researchers who came from various parts of the country to study in Space Coast and keeping in mind a modern generation theme in their mind, the club designed a jersey representing popular video game characters (specifically aliens, which is again a mild reference to the famous Space Coast Space Station). Brookstation's largest game producer 'Megacity's' headquarters are located in Space Coast and the company strongly supported the initiative and became this year's sponsors for the club.This jersey was an instant success and boys and girls could be spotted wearing the jersey overnight. The contrasting colours added a better feel to the jersey altogether and even when the team was on the verge on losing, the brilliant jersey brought a smile on everyone's faces.

Other side of Paradise successfully made up for their losses

In the midst of their disastrous season in the Twin Premier League, Mario Popescu managed to keep the fans satisfied by winning the Harrison Shield once again. This was also Mario Popescu's last honour for the club before being sacked due to internal pressure. This years Harrison Shield had been completely crazy and we got to see third division clubs like New Portsley making it to the Quarter Finals and Rottenham United reaching the final. Other side of Paradise advanced through the first two stages with relative ease but their first hurdle would come in the Quarter Finals facing FC 69 Norwegian wood.

It was a battle between two giants of Brook Football and if Other side of Paradise wanted to maintain their reputation, it was the perfect time for revenge. Easier said than done, the first half of the battle saw both teams with almost the same amount of possession play in a quite defensive manner. The first opportunity of the game was created by Norwegian wood when Oreales went wide and crossed it to Atkins who was waiting to receive the ball. Atkins delivered a neat header but the shot was not neat enough to match the reflexes of Mohammad Mandria. Thus the first half ended with both teams levelled at 0 goals. It would be in 73rd minute when le Batelie would finally find the net for his team after slipping the ball into the net in response to a smooth pass by Mohanty.

The final rounds weren't difficult for Other side of Paradise either as they got lucky enough to face two Division 2 sides which had somehow managed to reach that far. Nevertheless, Other side of Paradise did struggle in both the matches. For instance, in their semi final matchup against Denver, Denver had the lead in the first half and had it not been for the quick succession of goals by Mohanty and Waters respectively, the team probably wouldv'e lost the match. Similarly throughout the finals of the Harrison Shield, Other side of Paradise managed only 1 goal against a way more inexperienced Rottenham side. The team seriously needs to look forward to the next season. Following the resignation of Popescu, the club is looking for an international manager who can hopefully be able to resurrect their side to glory again.

We are getting to see a Halebid derby next year

One of the most positive updates of the season has been the promotion of Halebid Warriors to the Twin Premier League for the next season. Halebid Warriors is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated clubs in Brookstation but following a terrible campaign, the club got relegated to the second division. The club couldn't do much in their first season and as a result several players departed the club before the start of this season. Funnily enough, this actually increased the odds of the club and the Warriors would top the Brook Football League table by a margin of five points and advancing to the Brook conference.

Simply put, Halebid was unstoppable this season. They utilized every matches and dominated the entire league. Winning an impressive 23 games throughout the season, this might be one of the best performances by any club in the Brook Football League. Scott Gibson from Flavovespia led the team and a major part of the win has to be attributed to the man for his brilliant performances on the field along with his coordination with his teammates. Gibson was just unstoppable in front of the goal and scored wonderful goals from every corner of the box. His powerful shots combined with his pace earned him an upper hand on the field and he eventually won the golden boot in the second division. Assisting him, we had Albert Wood and Knut Yanazov, both of whom did a very good job again. Rakesh Dutta was present in the backline to patrol the defensive part and forming a strong bond with Travor Scott, the duo would become a major threat to the clubs of the Brook Football League.

However, winning the league itself won't be of much significance and Halebid had one more stage to overcome before returning to the Twin Premier League-The Brook Conference. Clube de Norwegian wood fought to keep their position in the table and were Halebid's main counterpart in the conference. Halebid did see some results they could've gone about without experiencing but overall Halebid did just as well they did in the Brook Football League and finishing at 2nd place, just two points above FC Hacienda, the club finally made it's return to league, ready to take on their arch rivals-Halebid United the next year.


GOLDEN BOOT: Quinn Quinn (SC Lagos)

GOLDEN GLOVES: Carlos Corzo (Space Coast Rockets)

GOLDEN BALL: Andrea Prentice Image (SC Lagos)

BEST MANAGER: Diane Niles (SC Lagos)

BEST SIGNING OF THE YEAR: Sean McGoldrick Image (Halebid United) and Dane Chase (GTK)(AFC Richmond)

BEST YOUNG PLAYER: David Waters (Other side of Paradise)

BEST INTERNATIONAL: Maxime Deschamps Image (Dreamland City) and Andrea Prentice Image(SC Lagos)

FAIR PLAY AWARD: Space Coast Rockets


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