[IC Thread] Hockey World Cup 19

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[IC Thread] Hockey World Cup 19

Postby Lisander » Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:36 pm


Welcome to Lisander for the 19th edition of the Hockey World Cup! (or for those living in Northern American countries, Field Hockey) The Principality welcomes you for some days of fun in some cities of the Metropolitan Region of Soria, the capital of our beautiful nation. The 36 signed nations will be divided into four groups in four cities, spanned around 100 Km. Azhaar, the old capital city of Lisander, a peaceful town, full of history and with great tourist potential; Linville, A suburban city with a developing technological industrial park neighbouring Soria; Kasandora, a city in southeast Lisander, with nice beaches and an inviting nightlife, and Casterwilll, another smaller city, but with a population completely mad about sports and facilities among the best in the entire world! The teams will play a single-round robin in a format similar to the planned Hockey Nations League, which is soon to be started! The best 12 will then head to Soria, a vibrant and cosmopolitan Port City where two arenas will receive them for the knockout rounds. Nordland Metropolitano, one of the most modern indoor stadiums in the nation, will receive the semifinals and the final match!

Poafmersia [PotatoFarmers]
Quebec and Shingoryeo
Anglo-Saxe Coburg
The Jovannic
A Kea
Hannasea (puppet of SWR)
Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland
The Gothanita Isles (puppet of Poafmersia)
Doge Land
Sendhang (puppet of Eraman)
ABEN Union [Britonesia]
Rhaecia (puppet of Lisander)
Commonwealth of Baker Park

Group Draw, Pots and Format
With no rankings defined, there will be no pots for the tournament. The group draw will happen Saturday, September 11, around 19-20h UTC, in NS Sports Discord. The hosts and the top 3 finishers of the last edition of FHWC (Lisander, Sarzonia, Barunia and Huelavia) will be top seeders for one of each group. No bonus will be assigned to these nations for this reason. With four groups of 9, there will be 8 matchdays. The group winners advance to quarterfinals, while second and third-placed team will have a playoff round before it.

A Kea
The Gothanita Isles
Quebec and Shingoryeo

The Jovannic
ABEN Union

Doge Land
Anglo-Saxe Coburg

Commonwealth of Baker Park
Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland

Scorination, RP bonus and cut-offs
As usual, xkoranate 0.3.3 will be used, with the default hockey formula. RP bonus, as stated in the bid, will be cumulative and generous. To cover for the lack of established rankings, however, a variable (but game-changing) presentation bonus will be provided to all nations that provide a good background of hockey in its domains. The intention of this is to reward those able to present a credible hockey culture in their backgrounds, which would subsidise a good performance on the field. Cut-offs will be every day starting from Tuesday, September 14, and will be everyday around 20-21h UTC. After the end of the group stage . Results should come in the following one or two hours.

Group Draw: September 11
MD1 (2 v 9, 3 v 8, 4 v 7, 5 v 6): September 15
MD2 (7 v 5, 8 v 4, 9 v 3, 1 v 2): September 16
MD3 (3 v 1, 4 v 9, 5 v 8, 6 v 7): September 17
MD4 (8 v 6, 9 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3): September 18
MD5 (4 v 2, 5 v 1, 6 v 9, 7 v 8 ): September 19
MD6 (9 v 7, 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4): September 20
MD7 (5 v 3, 6 v 2, 7 v 1, 8 v 9): September 21
MD8 (1 v 8, 2 v 7, 3 v 6, 4 v 5): September 22
MD9 (6 v 4, 7 v 3, 8 v 2, 9 v 1): September 23

Play-off: September 25
Quarterfinals: September 26
Semifinals: September 27
Finals: September 28
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Postby Lisander » Fri Sep 10, 2021 3:37 pm

Lisander is a sports-loving nation in somewhere near Astyria. Its government is a Constitutional Monarchy. The nation is ruled by a Prince, Johannes VII, and it's governed by a Prime-Minister, currently, Ferdinand Ecker, a Social-Democrat politician. Gifted with a beautiful and protected environment and a very cultured population, Lisander boasts of its social advancements, including a high HDI, a national health system free to everyone, public education being among the top 6% in the multiverse, marriage equality and ridiculously low crime rate. Contrasting with this, Lisander have a very high tributary charge, and most things you could buy are probably a little more expensive than in the rest of the world. Well, it's the price of the life quality.

Lisander is also known (or at least wants to be known for) its completely digital identification/banking/public services system, the LSiD, that unites all data of the citizen in a microchip that can be carried in a card or in any wearable equipment. Foreigners visiting Lisander also get temporary LSiDs with its own information, in case of they need to use some public service, like a hospital.

When it comes to sports, there are four major team sports. Rugby is the most famous one. The Irises are currently the Rugby World Champions. Association Football is the biggest in number of teams and athletes, and also have the biggest fanbase, however, its federation lacks organization and the Lisanderian Eleven never reached the World Cup Final Tournament. Basketball and Hockey divide the third position in the preference of the fans. While the former is most popular at the midnorth agricultural cities, the latter share popularity with Rugby in Soria, the capital of the nation. Other sports that attracts Lisanderian people, but on an amateur basis, are gridiron football, cricket, volleyball and the "racing" ones, be it in bycicles, motorbikes, cars or boats. Recently, fencing, tennis and golf has surging (with the increase of population's general income)

Hockey started as an elite sport, exclusively for women, but with the decades passing, it become more inclusive. Men's hockey is still a level behind Women's hockey in Lisander (In Olympics, lisanderian men reached Round of 16, while women reached quarterfinals), and only the women have a professional league, the MetroLeague (named Hellebank League by sponsorship reasons). Metropolitan Soria is the seat of National Hockey, and have the most number of clubs. The Real Federação de Hóquei de Lisander (Royal Hockey Federation of Lisander, one of a few public boards that is allowed to use a royal title despite the nation being a principality) expects to host the Hockey World Cup in order to continue to rid the sport of its former elitist and metropolitan-centred image. Still, in what was considered an oxymoron, it plans to host matches only in venues in Soria and nearby towns like Linville, Kasandora, Casterwill and Azhaar, claiming that they are the venues with the best structure.

National Team: The Queens
Hockey is for the lisanderian females what rugby is for the males. Long established in the Metropolitan Soria, with teams formed inside the famous social clubs established since the late 1800s/early 1900s, like Victorian, St. Helens, Linville and Escrime. The only professional league of the nation is the Metropolitan League, played by teams of Soria Metropolis. There are some minor leagues, but those are only for amateurs. A curious fact: Since 1941, the "Queens", as they are called even if Lisander is a Principality, can wear the Lisander Coat of Arms with a crown.

WOMEN'S: Starters are underscored, Alternates are italicized.
#	Name			Position		Team
1 Luisa Draxler Goalkeeper Image HC Victorian
2 Lourdes Arneaux Defender Image Hellenians Hockey
3 Amanda Dantes Defender Image Trinity College Hockey
4 Georgina Moran Defender Image Club d'Escrime
5 Ania Castell Forward Image St. Helens Hockey
6 Julia Ferrer Forward Image Linville Leonessa HC
7 Iris Horner Midfielder Image HC Victorian
8 Cecilia Korinthiellis Midfielder Image Hellenians Hockey
9 Pia St. Marie Forward Image Hellenians Hockey
10 Larissa Viterbo Midfielder Image RRC Winterburg
11 Ambrosia Monteiro Forward Image Trinity College Hockey
12 Rebecca Deventer Defender Image Club d'Escrime
13 Fernanda Granat Defender Image Hellenians Hockey
14 Patricia Deventer Forward Image Club d'Escrime
15 Denise Burnier Midfielder Image Club Sparta
16 Alice Deventer Goalkeeper Image Club d'Escrime
17 Sofia Mont Defender Image Club Sparta
18 Janine Bouvier Midfielder Image St. Helens Hockey
19 Anneliese Chagny Defender Image St. Helens Hockey

Coach Anne-Marie Friel

RP Permissions: No killing, no crippling
Style Mod: +3
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The Principality of Lisander
a sports loving, very highly developed nation.
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Postby Kriegiersien » Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:04 am

Kriegiersien Hockey Team


The Kriegiersien delegation starts as always in their

After the women failed in the round of 16 against Lisander in the Olympics and the men didn't even make it through the group stage, a mixed team will be send to the World Cup.

Team Doctor:
Bertie Bonesaw

Mental Coach:
Jane Patrick


Men’s team
Coach: Raldaf Fire

Tsolias Tzaziki

Field Players
Koenraad Gunnar
Roger Percy
Ewart Brent
Andrew Karlheinz
Gray Damiaan
Virgil Ernie
Allison Gerolt
Finlay Alwin
Austen Joep
Trueman Kodey

Women’s team
Coach: Gena Neric

Ornella Otto

Field Players
Lorene Rosmarie
Kristina Maria
Ashlie Hillevi
Alina Jodene
Francene Trixie
Robina Faithe
Caleigh Drina
Liana Sonje
Hayley Judy
Brandee Henrietta
Dani Madyson

RP permissions:
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Postby Wrengoh » Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:44 am

Due to current events and (some issues) related to Sports Regulation in the Nation, the Women's Team have declined to participate in (all) tournaments until certain policy changes are reversed, even as the Hockey Association of Rengois (HAR) put in a word to increase pay.



Perkoi Kerikuioh [Goalkeeper] (Captain)

Field Players:
Onoh Rinhol [Left Winger]
Lonben Fruc [Left Inner] <can also play Forward>
Ketnoc Mweh [Center Forward] <can also play Inner>
Menoi Winoh [Right Inner] <can also play Midfielder>
Nanrei Frenge [Right Winger]
Gulroh Mirenhi [Left Midfielder] <can also play Forward>
Furolei Yerec [Center Half] (Vice Captain)
Daluc Inoh [Right Midfielder] <can also play Sweeper>
Firoc Pwah [Left Defender]
Mungweh Srenga [Right Defender]



Ein Honpei - Inner, Midfielder {role undecided}
Pherboh Fatungoih - Midfielder, Forward/Right Wing {role undecided}
Rieke Shruc - Sweeper, Defender/Fullback {role undecided}
Mutongke Meigopi - Forward/Left Wing {role undecided}
Grenbhe Dumoh - [Goalkeeper]


Neidoi Lutoih - Inner, Midfielder {role undecided}
Junfehoi Feinoc - [Forward]
Srenpei Beihol - [Midfielder]
Trenbe Nenkoih - Defender, Midfielder {role undecided}
Hinoc Renightoi - [Defender/Fullback]
Cenbeioh Bre - [Inner]
Dei Iganeh - Forward, Midfielder {role undecided}
Latengei Punkoh - [Goalkeeper]


Teirhe Nunkoh (Main), Netiro Feinoc, Sweika Lenkoinoh

Team Assistance:
Guheig Mrenke, Kranga Dumoh, Cereic Hipol

Unohi Fnuoh, Junetai Fnuoh, Nupione Irenkoih


Team Colors - The Team colors of the National Wrengohian Hockey Teams are Yellow, Dark Green and Turquoise (Home) and Dark Brown and Light Green (Away).

Playstyle for WC - It is currently rotating between Midfield setups and Counter-Attacking. Formations (and positioning) will be subject to match and situation.


Roleplay Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y (would prefer them not to be permanent)
RP other events: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (would prefer them not to be permanent)
Hand out green/yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
Style Mod: -2

*Please feel free to refer to the Wrengohian Hockey Team Factbook for any Additional Information
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Postby Lathamford » Sat Sep 11, 2021 3:34 pm



Head Coach:: Jabez Graydon
Assistant:: Ephraim Scott
Offensive Coach:: Prosperity Duncan
Defensive Coach:: Noble Graham
Fitness Coach:: Jacques Van Deventer
Physio:: Philippus Bosman
Team Doctor:: Dr. Arabella Strydom

Mod. Style:: -2

Oliver Montagu GK Dukelane Destroyer 32 First Team
Patrick Auldyngton GK Greymont Gazalle 26 Reserve
Henry Blackwell GK Grasswind Godspeed 26 Reserve
Davis Meiggs FB Charlie River Condor 30 First Team
Jacob Spetyll FB Greymont Gazalle 28 First Team

Icon Sinnerdread FB Grasswind Godspeed 27 Reserve
Thurston Dygenys FB Greymont Gazalle 23 Reserve
Alfsige Underhill FB Dukelane Destroyer 34 Reserve
Alfsige Daelyngridge LH Dukelane Destroyer 35 First Team/ Captain
Cyrus Kersey LH Thetford Tribal 25 Reserve
Kendall Glucksman RH Charlie River Condor 30 First Team/ Vice Captain
Arcana Silverfinder RH Grasswind Godspeed 21 Reserve
Marcellus Ness CH Charlie River Condor 29 First Team
Alfred Windham CH Dukelane Destroyer 31 Reserve
Ailwin Wardyworth IL Dukelane Destroyer 32 First Team
Gerrard Cresswell IL Thetford Tribal 25 Reserve
Jarred Hubertz IR Charlie River Condor 29 First Team
Hercules Robinson IR Thetford Tribal 21 Reserve
Will Columbus Glass CF Dukelane Destroyer 25 First Team
Rydd Vyctyz CF Greymont Gazalle 28 Reserve
Andreas Buechner CF Charlie River Condor 27 Reserve
Stanford Ximines LW Charlie River Condor 22 First Team
Vicar Roulf LW Dukelane Destroyer 24 Reserve
Peter Lucian Hogwood RW Dukelane Destroyer 31 First Team
Stanford Slowik RW Anders Apollo 24 Reserve




If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N

The Jovannic
ABEN Union
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Postby Brookstation » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:06 pm




Seeing that the men's team only qualified to the round of 32 in the Olympics whereas the women's team on the other hand had managed to advance till the round of 16, Brookstation would be sending a women's delegation this year.


Alison Blackie
Dot Bishop

Field Players
Cath Houghton
Frances Winkless
Alex Carrell
Rowan Eyre
Lisa Everick
Kate Sanders
Eliza Mackenzie
Ali Trickey
Alison Zino
Francesca Miller
Charlotte Beever(C)
Christene Robertson
Shirley Johnston
Rebecca Duncan(VC)

Management Staff

Head Coach: Adele Lawrence
Assistant Coach: Yasmin Miles
Defense Coach: Phoebe Tran
Offensive Coach: Bella Wong
Team Doctor: Willie Cooper

If my opponent role-plays first they may:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y


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Doge Land
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Postby Doge Land » Sun Sep 12, 2021 5:45 am


Doge Land will be sending in a men's team, since no women signed up for the team.

Style mod: -2

Travis Wilder

Andres Todd (RESERVE)

Scott Fowler
Brent Page
Dennis Rivera

Kevin Hayes (RESERVE)
Stephen Chase (RESERVE)
Louis Burgess (RESERVE)

Wesley Owen
Howard Sharp
Nathan McCray

Perry Guy (RESERVE)
Jonathon Potts (RESERVE)
Collin Hart (RESERVE)

Patrick Bishop
Stephen Pollard
Ian McKay
Matthew Workman
William Greene

Brett Stone (RESERVE)
Taylor Lang (RESERVE)
George Hayes (RESERVE)


RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (Shoot me a TG before you do it though)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (Shoot me a TG before you do it though)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Barunia » Sun Sep 12, 2021 6:16 am

Barunian National Hockey Team
Field Hockey World Cup 19

Team Information
Nickname: Los Lunas / The Moons
Playstyle: Defensive
Team Colours: White with sky blue trim (Home); Dark red with yellow trim (Away)
GK colours: Red (Home); Yellow (Away); Green (Alternative)
Co-Captain: Janice Hughes
Co-Captain: Luciana Perez
Coach: Tiffany Grouch

Barunia is a hockey-mad nation. The National Hockey League features 108 teams spread out across 6 divisions, which gives a massive depth of talent for the national team to draw from. All of the players on the team are drawn from the top flight, the National Premier League. The current league champions are the Newland Bulls, who are led by Janice Hughes, probably the best player in Barunia. Not surprisingly, she is one of the captain's of this side.
The team is coached by Tiffany Grouch. Grouch is a legend of the sport in Barunia, being the most decorated player in the country's history. A goalkeeper, she is also the most capped international for Barunia, was captain for all of that time, and is an Olympic gold medallist.

#  Ps  Name                    Sex  Team
1 GK Lydia Finch F Delmars City
12 GK Matthew Watts M Whitefeather HC
23 GK Lonnie Jones F North Islands Broncos
2 SW Carrie O'Donnell F Edwardton Eels
13 FB Christie Helm F Edwardton Eels
3 FB Luciana Perez F North Islands Broncos
14 FB Rupert Harricourt M Newland Bulls
4 FB Liam Spiers M Delmars City
15 FB Madison Holmeyer F Notre Dame HC
5 HB Bell Gordon F Trinity Reds
16 HB David Burton M Odessa United HC
6 HB Adam Cooper M Whitefeather HC
17 HB Kelly Garnett F Porthaven Piranhas
7 C Janice Hughes F Newland Bulls
18 C Stefanie Morris F South Drophsort Iron
8 LW Faith Burroughs F Porthaven Piranhas
19 LW Rhonda Bowles F Edwardton Eels
9 RW Sarah Thorpe-Martinez F Delmars City
20 RW Stephen Brady M Newland Bulls
10 FW Michael Brown M Delmars City
21 FW Simon Lamont M Odessa United HC
11 FW Linda Elwes F Edwardton Eels
22 FW Raymond Friend M Newland City HC

Formation: The Barunians usually run a 3-3-4 formation, but consider themselves a defensive team. They employ a specialist sweeper to hang back in the circle and provide an additional defender. Additionally, in midfield one of the two halfbacks will usually hang back in case of a turnover, allowing the centre and other halfback to go forward. The two wingers are listed as forwards, but can play the length of the pitch. Their main job though is to set up goals by either runs into the circle or penetrating passes to the forwards. The Barunians also commonly employ a 4-3-3, removing a forward in favour of a fullback.

RP permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Injure my players: Y, but I choose the severity. Nothing that would definitely put them out for a game.
RP other events: Y
Hand out Green or Yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out Red cards to my players: N
God mod goals/injuries/other events: N
Style Mod: -2
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Postby HUElavia » Sun Sep 12, 2021 9:09 am

HUElavia National Field Hockey Team

#1- Gabriel da Silva (M) (26 Years Old)
#13- Natalia Rodriguez (F) (24 Years Old)

#2- Antionio Soares (M) (30 Years Old)
#3- Leticia Santos (F) (27 Years Old)
#4- Hector Sanchez (M) (27 Years Old)
#5- Raquel Rivero (F) (29 Years Old)
#16- Tamara Perez (F) (23 Years Old)
#18- Nikhil Pavlov (M) (23 Years Old)

#6- Marcia Silva (F) (24 Years Old)
#8- Carlos Zubizarreta (M) (30 Years Old)
#10- Lin Chang (F) (22 Years Old)
#14- Laurence Bernard (M) (23 Years Old)

#7- Rafael Moreno (M) (26 Years Old)
#9- Felicia Santos (F) (23 Years Old)
#11- Fabio Gomes (M) (25 Years Old)
#12- Angelina Garcia (F) (21 Years Old)
#15- Luca Romano (M) (26 Years Old)
#17- Mizuki Sato (F) (21 Years Old)
#19- Aurora Fernandes (F) (22 Years Old)
#20- Orlando Gallo (M) (27 Years Old)

Formation: 4-2-4 (Or 4-2-2-2)
Style Mod: +1.5

Starting XI: 1 da Silva, 2 Soares, 5 Rivero, 3 Santos, 18 Pavlov, 6 Silva, 8 Zubizarreta, 7 Moreno, 9 Santos, 11 Gomes, 20 Gallo

Captains: Soares, Zubizarreta, Rivero

RP permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Injure my players: Yes, but nothing severe
RP other events: Yes
Hand out Green or Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: No
God mod goals/injuries/other events: No
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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:12 am

Field Hockey World Cup 19 - Ko-orenite Roster

Field hockey is the unofficial sport of Intermare - where it rivals soccer and gridiron for popularity. If you were to go further up north, it's too cold to reliably play the game, and ice hockey is a huge pastime there instead. In Intermare, the climate is just right, situated nicely between two bodies of water, and it's fairly low-lying, and so its cities and towns have embraced the sport. The top level teams play all over Intermare though there is a slight bias towards Schemerdrecht. The league is a 12-team, 22-matchday affair most recently won by Hazel-Amber.

DV Frans van Amandine (m, 28) - Tuinderbeek
DV Naut Heitink (m, 30) - Rozenvoorde
DV Gertrude Pelzer (v, 30) - Hazel-Amber

Verdedigers/Defenders LA=Linksachter/Leftback MA=Middenachter/Centreback RA=Rechtsachter/Rightback VS=Voorstopper/Stopper*
LA Tone Steegmans (m, 30) - Rozenvoorde
LA Simme Goutbeek (m, 30) - Wintertoorn
MA Quint Albers (m, 26) - Sterrenwolde
MA Holvaster Gustaafsen (m, 28) - Angelwoud
RA Ido Imbert (m, 30) - April
RA Amelius Helhulst (m, 25) - Donderen
VS Evan Williams (m, 29) - Vleugelberg
VS Lisemoed Dageraad (v, 27) - Herengein

Middenvelders/Midfielders LM=Linksmid/Left midfielder CM=Centrummid/Central midfielder RM=Rechtsmid/Right midfielder
LM Willis Welter (m, 21) - Wintertoorn
LM Vincens Veerdael (m, 27) - Hazel-Amber
CM Matheus Gaaispar (m, 24) - Laringen
CM Roedolf Valkenkers (m, 27) - Hazel-Amber
RM Tjibbe Vaseweerd (m, 22) - Rozenvoorde
RM Vincent Veerwilg (m, 23) - Angelwoud

Aanvallers/Forwards LV=Linksvoor/Left forward SP=Spits/Striker RV=Rechtsvoor/Right forward
LV Rosa Sterrenspar (v, 28) - Sterrenwolde
LV Kejan Korbeld (m, 20) - Rozenvoorde
SP Willem Zomerdadel (m, 26) - Laringen
SP Yde Heideberk (v, 23) - Hazel-Amber
RV Are van Daal (m, 24) - Wintertoorn
RV Christine Linhulst (v, 28) - Hazel-Amber

Captain and Vice Captain: Albers & Gaaispar
Key players: Imbert, Steegmans, Williams
Short corner specialists: Imbert, Zomerdadel
Penalty strokes: Van Daal

This team is looking for mistakes by the other side, comfortable to sink deep onto its own half until there's room for a quick break. Speed and fluid passing in attack, traversing most of the field in just one or two strokes, it's what makes this team confident to win the trophy at home. Starting XI is the 11 players named first for each position (Steegmans, Albers, Imbert, Williams, for defence, for example), but feel free to change this up.

*a stopper occupies more or less the same space as the centreback, but is more man-marking oriented, taller, heavier, bulkier, and engages the (centre) forward directly, freeing up the centreback for 'man extra' or other tactical duties.

Style: -4
Formation: 3-1-3-3 (or 1-3-3-3, depends how you look at it. There are two central defenders that are in front of one another rather alongside each other)
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Injure my players: Y
RP other events: Y
Hand out Green or Yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out Red cards to my players: Y
God mod goals/injuries/other events: Y
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Postby Indusse » Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:50 pm

Indussean Hockey Federation
Field Hockey World Cup Squad

#1 - Paul Herbergshire
#32 - Jonas Horfin
R - Jack Joey

#7 - Travis Golderk
#22 - Jayesh Gupta
#55 - Mahmud Ali Jaffar
#10 - Matt Heurick
R - Sergei Bargiker
R - Milind Das

Half Backs
#11 - Rajesh Manmathan
#13 - Rouley Mascareni
#20 - Aniket Yajashvi
R - Yoko Harari
R - George Kuttath
R - Navjot Singh Mann

#25 - Akash Sen
#43 - Parminder Singh Marwi
#18 - Madhav Pattnayak
#77 - Ali Abdul Gaffar
#5 - Ming Lee
R - Harishankar Das
R - Govind Thakur

R indicates Reserve
RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No

NS Sports
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Sep 13, 2021 5:42 am

Sarzonia Stars

Style modifier 0 (balanced between attacking and defence-oriented)

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my goalscorers - Y
Godmod goalscoring events - N
Injure my players - N
Godmod injury events - N
Give my players disciplinary cards - Y (no more than one or two; this is not a dirty side by any stretch of the imagination)

Manager Brad Richie (42)
Richie was the team captain and a midfielder on the last Stars team that competed in field hockey and won gold at the 15th edition of the sport's ultimate competition. He originally asked former manager Harry Cartwright to come out of retirement, first as the manager, then as an assistant manager, but he declined.

Assistant Manager Bill Houlder (38)
Holder will work with the defensive team and favours a physical style of play that was akin to how he competed as a player on the Stars' championship-winning team.

Goalkeepers Coach Dave Finney (34)
Finney will parlay his experience as a goalkeeper on the Stars into his guidance of the team's goalkeepers this go round.

1 Matt Marchment, 34, 5-11, 175 pounds (Woodstock Miracle)
Marchment was the starter for the championship-winning Stars and he believes he still has one good run left in him.
30 Christian Barker, 22, 6-foot-2, 205 pounds (Portland Mariners)
Barker is just a rookie, but he won the starting job with the Mariners in training. He started the season 5-1 en route to a 10-3 record. He will sit behind the veteran Marchment.

2 Joe Hall, 26 5-foot-11, 180 pounds (Nicksia Nobles)
Hall has spent three seasons in Nicksia after being born just north of the border with Delaclava in a sleepy town. He admits he's still not used to the city life. Speaks with a slight Delaclav accent.
3 Aaron Carlson, 27, 6-foot-5, 215 pounds (Catherina)
The only starter who plays in a foreign country, even if Sarzonians sometimes question whether Delaclava counts as one, Carlson brings a physical presence to the Stars backline.
5 Nick Haney, 6-foot-1, 200 pounds (Portland Mariners)
Another player who figures to use his size to his advantage, he also brings speed to the back four and will be counted on to shut down faster attackers.
11 Ben Adams, 35, 6-foot-1, 205 pounds (free agent), team captain
Adams will be counted on as the experienced hand for a team that otherwise largely lacks international experience.
13 Elisse Mathers, 23, 5-foot-4, 145 pounds (free agent)
Mathers is still trying to latch onto a team in the Sarzonian league, but with it still containing only four teams, she's having trouble landing a spot.
14 Josh Jacobs, 21, 5-foot-9, 165 pounds (Joe Gibbs University)
He plays more of a central role in reserve. He starts for his college team as a central defender.

6 Paul Tomlinson, 28, 6-foot, 185 pounds (Ravenna Rollers)
He plays a rugged defensive midfield position and is unafraid to mix it up, even with bigger players
13 Quentin Barker 32, 5-foot-10, 170 pounds (Woodstock)
Barker, who was one of the youngest players on the last Stars team to compete in field hockey, is now one of the veterans. He now makes up for lost speed due to an ACL tear with a sixth sense for positioning and his ability to anticipate where his teammates will look for him.
14 Christian Candele, 23 (Nicksia), 5-foot-9, 155 pounds
The younger brother of Jonathan, he shares his brother's ability to distribute the ball, but is more disciplined defensively.
16 Vickie Nelson, 27, 5-foot-6, 135 pounds (Nicksia)
She’s learned to be an opportunistic offensively and a total pest on defence. That scrappiness led Richie to install her in the lineup.
17 Joy Windsor, 21, 5-foot-4, 115 pounds (Woodstock City College)
Windsor is lanky and fast, but needs to develop some bulk to be considered for the starting lineup.
20 Enrique Salvador, 20, 5-foot-8, 160 pounds (Somerset University)
He provides depth at playmaking/offensive midfielder and can be a sparkplug off the bench.
10 Allison Campos 27, 5-foot-10, 160 pounds (Corcorran FHC – semipro women’s team)
Even though she doesn’t have the professional or major college pedigree of the rest of the team, Campos is a pure goal scorer and a surprisingly physical presence. She’s arguably the toughest player on the team.
12 Joe Cartwright, 19, 6-foot-2, 200 pounds (unaffiliated)
Cartwright is the grandnephew of the one Sarzonia manager who took the team to a championship victory. He is finishing up preparatory schoolwork prior to starting at Joe Gibbs University in Nicksia in the fall.
18 Deontae West, 25, 5-foot-9, 171 pounds (Portland)
West is known more for getting in space and being creative with the ball than he is for brute force. He’ll be counted on as a vital substitute when the team needs offence late.
Former WLC President. Current member of the IBC and WBC Councils and the WCoH Federation. He/him/his.
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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Sep 13, 2021 5:51 am

Unlike the 16th edition of the Field Hockey World Cup, then known as the fourth Field Hockey World Championships, the Sarzonian national field hockey team would be back to defend their title this time around.

Sarzonia excused itself from the international stage for a lengthy absence between Brad Richie holding the trophy aloft as a team captain and their return with Richie managing the Stars. In between Sarzonia's appearances in the Field Hockey World Cup, there were two more editions and a celebration tournament, neither of which saw Sarzonia involved. Thus, Sarzonia won the last two Field Hockey World Cup competitions it took part in.

And that means pressure. Even though the Lisanderans organising the current edition weren't compiling ranks owing to the rarity of this competition taking place, there was still pressure. After all, Sarzonia were defending champions. That automatically meant pressure. That always meant a team facing the champions would take their best shots at knocking out the champion. And Richie knows that well.

"We were fortunate in that we weren't the defending champions the last time out," he said. "We were a little bit of an unknown quantity out there before. Not so much now."

Now, the Stars are considered a power in the sport as two-time champions. They're legitimately a power in a sport that still is working to establish a foothold in the country. It's certainly not a strange occurrence in Sarzonia. After all, Katie Sampson has lionised herself as a hero in Sarzonia for managing the Aussie Rules Football team to two World Cup titles and a third placed finish in all three editions of that tournament. And that sport also remains a curiosity in Sarzonia.

One thing Richie has in his favour is Matt Marchment, who was in the sticks for both world championships the Stars have won in this sport. He'd decided to have one more go at the competition rather than retire, even though as a two-time world champion, his legacy in the sport and in Sarzonia's sporting history were both long since secured.

"I love getting out there and competing," he said. "That's the bottom line."
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Postby Eraman » Mon Sep 13, 2021 7:35 am

Konfederasi Hoki Eraman
Eramanian Hockey Confederation


Eraman National Hockey Team
Trigramme: ERM
Demonym: Eramanian
Nickname: The Falcon
Style Modifier: 2


Eraman, officially the Kingdom of Eraman, is an island country in the Melayu Archipelago. The federal constitutional monarchy consists of seven kingdoms and two states. It shares a land border with Samudera Darussalam and a maritime border with Pemecutan, Sharktail, and Southern Palm Islands. Anara is the national capital and largest city while Daulapura is the royal seat of the monarch. The country's population is 14,753,910.

Eraman is ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse. About half of the population is ethnically Malay, with large minorities of Girian, Mandaran, and Palmyran. Malay and English are recognized as the official languages of Eraman. The economy is mainly fuelled by its natural resources but is expanding in the sectors of commerce, manufacturing, and tourism.

Field hockey is one of the more popular sport in Eraman competing with badminton, sepak takraw, and tennis for the second most popular sport in the country after football. This is Eraman's first-ever participation in a competitive international tournament.

Staffs & Tactics

Head Coach: Jati Sudarsa
Style Modifier : 2
Formation : 4-3-3


Team Line Up
Starting Line Up in bold
  • Mulia Jayan, (25/GK) - Citta
  • Desa Darmeyu, (26/GK) - Vidya
  • Jejaka Caru, (29/GK) - Daula
  • Hitam Surari, (28/SW) - Vidya (CAPTAIN)
  • Perwira Sinduksit, (31/RB) - Citta
  • Mahir Naimisri, (29/CB) - Citta
  • Budi Kratuman, (27/LB) - Vidya
  • Taufan Carugupta, (25/SW) - Citta
  • Embong Dewaki, (27/RB) - Vidya
  • Bujang Utaya, (28/CB) - Daula
  • Jaya Satrugatin, (29/LB) - Daula
  • Usop Danda, (29/CH) - Vidya
  • Bambang Nandin, (31/IR) - Vidya
  • Sulung Wibawasu, (28/IL) - Citta
  • Biru Aradin, (26/CH) - Citta
  • Luncai Badracaru, (30/IR) - Aru
  • Bulat Anangi, (24/IL) - Vidya
  • Rai Matariswan, (28/RW) - Vidya
  • Atan Satursaha, (29/LW) - Citta
  • Jiwa Lomaharsana, (30/CF) - Citta
  • Perang Sastidata, (24/RW) - Citta
  • Labuh Suparsua, (22/LW) - Vidya
  • Tanggang Sucanti, (21/CF) - Daula




Sponsored by zsports, a major sports brand from Ziwana.

RP Permission

The opponent may do the following if they RP first
Choose my scorer: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: N
RP Injuries to My Players: Y (No career-ending)
Green or Yellow Card My Player: Y
Red Card My Player: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y

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Trigramme: ERM | Demonym: Eramanian | Population: 14,753,910
Info: Wiki | Sports: Liga Eraman

Daulapura Daily
- based in Daulapura, the royal capital
- government-owned and ruling party propaganda
- support Royal Daulapura FC
Eraman Journal
- based in Anara, the capital city
- by the peasants, for the peasants (actually by the millionaires, for the masses)
- support Anara FC

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Postby Anglo-Saxe Coburg » Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:22 pm

Sæxan National Hockey Federation
Sæxan National Hockey Team


Home/Away Kits

Coaching Team
Coach: Kelsey Garrett
Assistant Coaches: Ealhild Agelindasdohtor, Hrotsvitha Nunez, Nina Soetaert
Manager: Karin De Ronde

Formation Played: 2-3-2-3
Style Modifier: +2
[C] = Captain
[SXI] = Starting XI

Athalvi Fastavisdohtor [SXI]
Beoryssa Egeldasdohtor

Agata Mayer [SXI]
Roswitha Dreher
Tabitha Holland [SXI]
Ingeeitha Dislathasdohtor
Jocelyn Hill [SXI]
Emlin Albrecht

Sam Kyung-Hu [SXI]
Farvi Agvarr
Valerie Rowse [SXI]
Maud Schenck [SXI]
Freyja Eoþriþsdothor [SXI] [C]

Carla Weber [SXI]
Tess Hodgson [SXI]
Alryssa Young [SXI]
Ulfa Riise -Reserve
Salena Wintringham -Reserve

RP Permissions
• Godmod scoring events: Y
• Choose my goal-scorers: Y
• RP injuries to my players: N
• Hand out green/yellow cards to my players: Y
• Hand out red cards to my players: N
• Godmod other events: Y
The Commonwealth of Anglo-Saxe Coburg/La Ŝtatkomunumo de Anglo-Saxe Coburg

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Postby Trolleborg » Mon Sep 13, 2021 4:34 pm


Coach for the team was, per tradition, selected by vote of specialists, administration and fans. Altought this method not always give best possible results, Trolleborg stubbornly employ him. Right now finger pointed on the Dagfinn Hagfors, winner of the two out of the four most recent Trolleborg leagues, meanwhile added a national cup to his silverware collection. Known proponent of the fast attacking hockey, he was also never neglect defence, employing almost every possible formation when see reason for this of that tactics.

Hendrick Yorring (28). Accordingly to his family legend, he started playing hockey at about the same time as walking. And he was one of the best goalkeepers of the last decade in our hockey. Right now things looked like he is in the prime years, but it is big question, are this is enought for international battles.
Torstein Halst (27). Cold-blooded and smart goalkeeper, and in addition to that he is known specialists in penalty kicks parrying.

Finnsnes Albeck (27). He plays as a fullback, but is known for his abilities to move ball forward with speed and precision.
Frederick Hanstholm (26). Begin his career as a midfielder and have aspirations to be forward, but instead he is now talented defender. In addition to his defensive duties he have good number of scored goals to his name.
Harbjor (23). One of the few people, who succeed in emigration to the Trolleborg before “Great Opening” five years ago. His previous country was known for field hockey, and tradition influence is highly visible in his game.
Theo Karstrup (21). After notable performance in the two last seasons he have a ticket to the national team camp despite young age. Many think, however, that he is too young to be considered as a part of the team.
Morten Aggerback (25). Defender, who, despite relatively young age, has already a lot of experience and obvious successes in our hockey. He has gold medal of the most recent Trolleborg chamionship.
Michael Bernhard (24). The man who is married to the hockey. While being seven-years old, he organized a school hockey club, and move fast in the Trolleborg hockey pyramide, debuted in the highest league at 16. He prove himself astute and versatle defender.
Morgens Aarst (27). Known specialist for closing opposition forwards neatly but reliable.

Kjetil Algoot (25). One can easily summed his qualities as follows: “Fast and clever player”. As young man he gave up football for field hockey, and he successfully make transition from promising youngster to the brilliant player.
Casper Ojsten (30). Another player from the most recent Trolleborg champion team. On the field he is always cold-minded and use intellect rather legwork as his main weapon.
Morten Viggen (27). Beginning play hockey only when 14 years old, he nevertheless make his way to the line of foremost players in the Trolleborg hockey league. He is also known for his cinema part-time career, most recently he playing role in one of the historical films as a medieval strongman.
Lennart Johans (31). Man who play like have a eyes on the every side of the head, viewing everyone and everything on the field, master of both fast attacks and counter-attacks.

Arnfinn Winghorst (28). Passionately known to the Trolleborg hockey world as a “Thundering Stick”, and this is it.
Hendrick Sejmus (27). Agile forward, excelled in both scoring goals and at playing along others.
Soren Cragmoor (34). One of the most accomplished Trolleborg field hockey players. While his career is obviously nearing its end, he remain skillful and wise player, and selected as team captain.
Theo Irwin (29) apart from his goal-scoring talent, he is big and menacingly-looked, and is reputable master of building pressure on the opposition defenders.
Torfinn Bagger (27). Very creative player, unbeliveable good in the skill of avoiding defence attention.

Style –5

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Injure my players: Y (but I will decide severity)
RP other events: N
Hand out Green or Yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out Red cards to my players: N
God mod goals/injuries/other events: N (but you can mail me if having something interesting in mind, and I try to accomodate your wishes).

Players behave themselves well on the field, so red cards almost not in use, there was no more than two or three per Trolleborg hockey season.

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Postby Trolleborg » Mon Sep 13, 2021 4:56 pm

Greetings, compatriots!
It’s TTV with a news from unexplored world of international field hockey. Our team just arrived at the stadium where her first game of the tournament about to began. Like you all know, field hockey in our country usually take back seat to the football and hockey, but have considerable following, albeit concentrated in the relatively few locations. 48th season of the High League just ended, by some hard fans counted years of the hockey league from the much more distant times.

Attendance of the first league ordinary games is usually 3 to 4 thousands of spectators, with key games can boast 10-15 thousands. There was visible surge of interest and attendance figures rise due to the World Hockey Cup, which add approximately 15 percent spectators more than usual. This is due to the fact than many of our compatriots temporarily join fanbase of field hockey due to the patriotic feeling, and we must note some of the important points of the hockey history for them.

Debut of our teams in the international hockey come with Olympic games two cycles away. Our man team just missed playoffs, having lost key game on the group stage by razor-thin margin to the obvious favourites, and woman’s team bravely won their group having four victories in five games, successfully passed first round of the playoffs but was eliminated on the quarterfinals. It was interesting and rather confusing fact that none of the opposition teams in Olympic tournaments apart from Ko-oren are present here.

Captain declare that main goal of the team is to play as good as only possible with a view to encourage youngsters to play hockey.

For uniform our lads take white and green kit, and Trolleborg hockey players usually playing with their own brand of sticks, being created from the special wood, of the so called “Healthy Tree”, which was able to quickly recover after being cut not too much.

Trolleborg TV try to broadcast game summaries in 3D, but no one sure what AI of TTV understood about this game and as a result as how things will be looked like in the viewing zones of Trolleborg homes.

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Postby Lathamford » Mon Sep 13, 2021 6:43 pm


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Postby Srednjaci » Mon Sep 13, 2021 9:35 pm


The Srednjacia's are participating in the World Cup for the first time.
At the Summer Olympics, both our men's and women's national teams were stopped in the knockout phase.
Our federation is sending a mix team to this championship.
Our best players will try to place as well as possible.

Srednjaci are in the tough group, group A.

A Kea
The Gothanita Isles
Quebec and Shingoryeo

No.  Name                Pos.   Age   Club
1 Filip Šovagović GK 21 HK Dormatisi
2 Branimir Bačić FB 31 HK Mladost Melarit
3 Ivana Kostelčić HB 34 HK Dinamo Katanija
4 Vladica Gešić W 22 HK Neptune Taru
5 Vladimir Taković FB 32 HK Dormatisi
6 Amanda Sertušić HB 31 HK Automobili Raduč
7 Fran Bocun HB 29 HK Dotivija City Thunder
8 Sanja Kestić W 33 HK Mladost Melarit
9 Valery Semedov CF 20 HK Dinamo Katanija
10 Dario Salković GK 24 HK Traktor Vitreja
11 Samantha Shields I 29 HK Bistua Nuova Warriors
12 Vedran Jušović (C) FB 32 HK Dormatisi
13 Aki Karanfilovski I 26 HK Podgora
14 Ivica Alardović CF 20 HK Dinamo Katanija
15 Igor Postojnik HB 24 HK Kula
16 Sunit Beagu W 20 HK Neptune Taru

Style Modifier : +1
Coach : Gianna Lovrić

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Postby Sylestone » Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:11 pm




Following a brilliant performance by the men’s hockey team at the 15th Summer Olympics in Electrum, where they came fourth, this team will be predominantly dominated by men rather than women. However, the women are certainly able players too, being knocked out in the round of 32 by Magnecia on penalties despite continuously showing class throughout the group stage. With a team combined of the best players in each team on display here, the Sylestoneans will indeed be a tough ask for any side, no matter who they are.


Nickname: The Hawthorns
Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: -5


Coach: Sarah Sher (F - Age 48)
Manager: Oliver Whitlam (M - Age 52)


Name				Age		Gender		City/Town
GK: Brodie Mockridge 28 M Chamberley
LB: Harrison Coffhill 26 M Betham
LCB: Claire Yirawala 27 F Betham
RCB: Blake Sheridan 34 M Katham
RB: Angus Hershfield 32 M Pesfield
LM: Gemma McLellan 33 F Cleorough
CM: Isabelle Lempriere (c) 26 F Dunkirk
RM: Charles de Pury 20 M Halpenley
LW: Christopher Hurst 30 M Chamberley
CF: Tyson Arndell 25 M Betham
RW: Victoria Rosenthal 19 F Chamberley

GK: Lara Garside 28 F Pesfield
GK: Taylah Brewer 33 F Betham
LB: Dakota Synan 25 F Betham
LCB: Declan Hoolan 34 M Pesfield
RCB: Leah Landsborough 33 F Avondale
RB: Brayden Doherty 23 M Dodle
LM: Ben Eimble 29 M Conton
CM: Michael Elkin 32 M Halpenley
RM: George McCabe 22 M Chamberley
LW: Justin Vis 31 M Freeman
CF: Stephanie Freeman 19 F Emacuton
RW: Callum Ernest 31 M Avondale


If my opponent RPs first, they may:
[b]Choose my lineup:
Only if I haven’t done so already in a previous RP.
Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes. If it’s drastic, get permission.
RP injuries to my players: Get permission.
Godmod injuries to my players: Get permission.
Hand my players green cards: Yes, any number.
Hand my players yellow cards: Yes, up to three.
Eject/suspend my players: Get permission.
Godmod other events: Get permission, but generally yes.
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Postby Brookstation » Tue Sep 14, 2021 2:27 am

Hello and welcome everyone to our show and I am your host, Johnathan Fugo and with the hockey World Cup knocking at the doors, it is time for us to analyse Brookstation's performance in the world cup. Today we have with us , Robert Schaffen , one of the most experienced hockey pundit who has been analysing and researching on the sport for well over a decade. We also have Lisa McEnroe former Brookstation women's hockey captain and the current head coach of our team Adele Lawrence.

Johnathan: So how do you think are we gonna perform in our first ever hockey World Cup campaign ?

Adele: It is definitely not going to be easy. There are 36 team from all over the world but at the end of the day only one of us is going to emerge as champions. Also taking into account the fact that we haven't participated in many major international hockey tournaments, there are a lot of expectations on our part. The Sports Federation has sent the women's team seeing our success in the Olympics but this is going to be as difficult. We have gone through a lot of training and let's just hope that there is a positive outcome.

Johnathan: Robert what do you have to say ?

Robert: Well I agree with Adele on the part that a lot of expectations are definitely on them. You see hockey is a popular sport within some parts of Brookstation but again it is not popular EVERYWHERE and that is what makes it a bit difficult. There is a competition for men since the early 80's but if you see the women's teams have only participated once in 2020 but again they were the ones who performed extremely well in the Olympics having reached the round of 16. Having an analytical approach it might be taken into consideration that the team is comprised of mostly players below the age of 25 which plays a very important factor in the performance of the team.

Johnathan: Could you please elaborate on that ?

Robert: You see when we are talking of new and young players, two things needs to be taken into consideration: the experience and the attributes. Experience is a very important factor which our team unfortunately misses out on but on the other hand young players have better physical features such as speed, agility , shots and precision. These are the main qualities which are required by the players along with experience. So I feel that we are definitely going to do well but again nothing can be said from before and nor can we be so sure.

Johnathan: Lisa, what do you think ?

Lisa: You see hockey is a sport where speed and the precision of passes are an important factor according to me. I started out in the team when I was just 18 and as Robert said the players lack experience and even I had faced the same situation then but again my speed was better compared to the others and I was more _active_ in the team. So I believe we are going to do well and I trust Adele and I believe she will nourish the players to go up on the big stage and perform well. Training is also an important factor and I believe my players have trained really hard and my young girls are definitely going to do well.

Johnathan: So Adele how have you approached training ?

Adele: Well we have to take training very seriously as this is the world cup and as we all know practice makes one perfect we need to practice a lot. My girls are very punctual and serious about the sport and they approach training vey seriously and I am proud of that. Other than that we also have to practice a bit more to get adapted to the stadiums in Sarzonia.

Johnathan : In our last international in the Olympics we had lost against The Grearish Union. So where do you think did we go wrong ?

Robert : Firstly one should understand that the Grearish Union were much more experienced than our team. In the first two quarters the score was 1-1 but then in the third quarter they scored and I beleive after that our players became a bit nervous. They were not able to make correct decisions on the field and suddenly the entire team turned aggressive which gave them the opportunity to score again and win the game. So I would suggest the players to be calm on the pitch and to stick to their strategy. A sudden change in technique can be dangerous.

Johnathan: So Adele, we have seen a number of new players who have been named in the squad. Are they going to make their debut ?

Adele: Well you see it depends. But hopefully they will. I am thinking of making Alex start for tomorrow's match.

Lisa: That's really appreciated. I have seen Alex play and she is a wonderful player. Her passing is really good and she performs quite well under pressure. I hope she contributes to the team.

Johnathan : Adele is there anything you would like to say to the audience ?

Adele: I would just like to tell everyone to keep their hopes on us. Even though we are not the best now , we will definitely give our best and work our way up. So stay positive and watch us in the first match.

Johnathan: Thank you everyone for your precious time and we end today's discussion here. Be sure to stay positive and cheer our hockey team.


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Postby Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland » Tue Sep 14, 2021 10:57 am


Team name: Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland
Trigram: SWR
Demonym/adjective: Schutzenphalian, Schutzi (colloq.)
Team nickname: Die Blumenflauschensgebeitmienetingsbrüglaudehenschgeblörstweltekranzenkeitstagerinnersmöchtes (“The Team” in Schutzenphalian)

Coaching staff
Head coach: Dominik Herman
Strength & conditioning: Sarah Hoch
Political officer: Sophia von Hauptberndorf


1. Jonas Schwartz
9. Leni Oberlander

2. Martin Beike
5. Swen Brandt
13. Tobias Wannemaker (captain)
27. Joel Heilig
30. Samantha Morgenstern (vice-captain)
17. Carolina Feist

15. Jonas Finkel
6. Leonhard Esmann
4. Felix Weichselbraun
26. Saskia Manninger
29. Elsa Schifter

21. Wolfgang Askin
12. Thorsten Maurer
3. Phillipp Baier
25. Franziska Mendel
19. Eva Ransmayr

The Team generally set up in a 4 – 3 – 3 formation with Martin Beike anchoring the defence alongside Tobias Wannemaker. The central midfield runs through Elsa Schifter. Wolfgang Askin and Thorsten Maurer are the team’s true centre forwards, with Franziska Mendel playing just behind. Naturally, formations are fairly fluid, though.

Penalty corner set-up

Injection: Mendel, Ransmayr or Esmann
Trap: Ransmayr, Esmann or Weichselbraunn
Drag-flick specialists: Wannemaker, Maurer or Beike

RP permissions

You may choose goalscorers but please use the highlighted players for penalty corners/strokes.

You may RP cards, injuries and godmode events that would end a player’s participation in a game.

Events that will end a player’s participation in future matches (e.g. flagrantly illegal or immoral action that would clearly lead to suspension, serious injury or death, running off to join the circus) are not permitted.

Please do not use photographs and say they represent my characters, or RP violence by or against my characters.

Otherwise, go nuts.

Style modifier: 0
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Postby Hannasea » Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:46 am


Team name: The Hannasean Federation / Hannasea
Trigram: HAN
Demonym/adjective: Hannasean (pronounced ‘Hanna-seen’)
Team nickname: Black Sticks

Coach: A nice big one with air conditioning :)

Roster (customary starters/most minutes in bold)

2. Addison Stewart (GK) (Oak Park Broncos)
17. Evie Phillips (GK) (Coral Coast Swans)
With her flying stick saves and aggressiveness at chasing down attackers twice her size, Addison Stewart was considered the MVP of the Black Sticks 5 years ago and the hands-down best goalkeeper in the FHL. Since then her powers appear to have dulled a little, but she remains pretty reliable and won’t make too many unforced errors, even if she’s more goal-bound than before.

16. Kassy Abraham (LB) (Butterfly City Robots)
10. Jade Elliott (CB) (Greenfield Monkeys)
3. Mia Harris (RB) (Greenville Arsenal)
6. Sofia Weaver (Coral Coast Swans)
4. Sarah Tanner (Angelwood Snakes)
At the heart of the Black Sticks’ defence is Jade Elliott, who has the size to cover opposing centre forwards, offer lockdown defence, and then release quick breaks with long accurate passes and throws. Whether this will transfer when playing against mixed or men’s teams however remains to be seen. Mia Harris is a very capable defender who can press high and Kassy Abraham the team’s second option at penalty corners.

15. Jasmine Dawson (CH) (Marble Hills Hornets)
Team captain Dawson plays as a forward-pressing centre back who can run high with the midfield or pull back and sweep up; she was the key to their attacking 3-1-3-3 set-up and is looking to play a similar role in the 3-1-4-2 look they now favour. She doesn’t just have a big motor, also possessing excellent vision and passing.

7. Vanessa Aguirre (LM) (Coral Coast Swans)
8. Holly George (CM) (Greenfield Monkeys)
18. Bethany Cook (CM) (Greenfield Monkeys)
12. Erin Campbell (RM) (Silver Creek HSC)
13. Amara Knight (Silver Mountain Ravens)
14. Leila Bronson (Oak Park Broncos)
Not part of the Olympic side, Bethany Cook is a dynamic midfielder coming off a couple seasons’ worth of injuries. She plays alongside her domestic teammate and Olympic MVP Holly George, a super small, super fast, super super skilled ball of energy. Vanessa Aguirre is mostly famous as the team’s PC specialist; she’s also got a lethal tomahawk. Erin Campbell is fast and skilled but can let her ambition get the best of her.

5. Chloe Ross (FW) (Greenfield Monkeys)
11. Emilia Tanner (FW) (Greenfield Monkeys)
1. Maya Cox (Coral Coast Swans)
9. Danielle Robertson (Deer River HSC)
Is it any surprise the Monkeys are the best team in the FHL? Ross led the scoring at the Olympics. It may be an unglamorous set-up, but her ‘Ross Sweep’ is faultless in turning in the many crosses sent her way. Tanner is an absolute livewire on either swing, her favoured tactic being a hard run to the baseline and sharp pull-back into traffic.

RP permissions

Please keep hockey realistic-ish, allowing for the fact this is NS and this is a women’s team competing in co-ed/men’s hockey.

Please have Aguirre, Cook or Abraham take PCs, and Aguirre, George or Cook take PSs.

Please do not use photographs and say they represent my players.

Please do not have violence from/to my players and supporters.

Please have fun.

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HOURS 22:08

"This is kinda wrong Temoih, it goes against every ethics they taught us in school, straight up ambush journalism.." said a man with television camera primed at a low lit training ground, from out of hedge of nearby bushes.

"Well Bre, you aren't in school anymore and we're OTV News looking for a quick scoop, this is how we get it done on budget, and shhh.. think I hear someone coming.. just, focus on the shot, will you!" says the man next to him in said bushes.


[Recording.. /Start]

HOURS 22:10

An elderly man with a cloth cap wearing a windcheater and shorts sits on the artificial turf with his hands around his knees. A second man in vest and lower tracks with a towel around his neck approaches him.

"Hey Coach, thought you were talking with Kerikuioh" said the second man who sat down next to the elderly man
"Aye, I just did" said the old man with a sigh

"He's not leaving us, mean not right now is he?"
"Nah, but I've told him he's free to stay as long as he wants, I think he wants to tie it all up here before moving on, not to mention his family needs him now.. sort of.."

"Aye, aye.. so why'd you call me Coach?"
"Yrenge, remember when I first met you.. as Instructor Nunkoh"

HOURS 22:15

Yerec: "Why yeah Coach, you kept throwing balls at me all over the field, prolly chasing me or something too, cause I talked smack"
Nunkoh: "Exactly (guffaws) - never thought I'd be stuck with you lot today.. coming out of retirement (chuckles) but you proved right then you could walk the walk too"

Yerec: And? [he turns and looks intently at the Coach]
Nunkoh: So what's keeping you from telling me what's going on?

Yerec: (takes a deep breath) Coach we wanna play, that's all we wanna do 'kay.. but not like this, this is not how we play, yeah we swear a bit sometimes-
Nunkoh: That we do (smiles)
Yerec: I mean we're one of the rudest nations but more to the point, we can't go on like this, those dumba*ss suits have legit made us hate something I'd.. we'd never thought we could hate...

Nunkoh: I don't want to go into the dumb shenanigans of the Freih, but tell me.. if I threw Formation out of the window, how'd you go about it?
Yerec: What do ya mean Coach? This is a World cup, right? Right!?
Nunkoh: I didn't say it wasn't.
Yerec: You want us to play training then, play to the best of our spirits and all that wisdom you read out of those books?
Nunkoh: Well, would that make you hate less what you love? (pats Yerec on the shoulder)
Yerec ...Hmm, alright, lets play it that way then, we're up against some of the best teams I have seen but I just want everyone to know we can play Hockey.. and to be honest I could do with some of the that 'stick-discipline' and positivity right now..
Yerec: Discipline and training are sometimes inter-changable son, at times like these! (nods sagely)

HOURS 22:25

Yerec: Inoh came to me yesterday after the shootout practice.. said he could drop out if we needed more defense.
Nunkoh: Ugh, why does he think that, thought you prefer him to your right and that Mirenhi brat on the other side, speaking of which.. Inoh started to mouth as much as him.. darn.
Yerec: Er yyeeeaah, well Mirenhi will be where I tell him to be.. behind 25th, covering me, in mid-air, that's not the issue Coach.. thing is, Inoh thinks if we put him to sweep, the formation messes up-
Nunkoh: There's no formation for now, if he goes to the third line, Winoh goes to his position and Mweh comes to right lane.
Yerec: Coach besides the fact that it means we've got an unstable left then.. if I send Mirenhi up (*speaks under breath* and unless we drop Laning) you realize Winoh might then have to pass to Rinhol.
Nunkoh: Oh shoot, thought Pwah threatened to put them in their lockers.
Yerec: Well that he did Coach but its 'Teddy Bear' Pwah we're talking about, also why does he have me turn up everywhere, isn't he thinking of applying for Skipper sometime?
Nunkoh: Winoh's a nutter, but he's a serious type of one, how many you seen who'd check grass texture in the rain? Let's just keep him where he belongs, I want him to move around, tell me who Inoh wants then, Beinah Ninkoh's brother?
Yerec: His name's Shruc Sir, and he's Beinah Ninkoh's half-brother, I haven't seen him play much and all I know is he's been poached from athletics.. just how you did it with Frenge (narrows eyes at coach)
Nunkoh: (chortles)
Yerec: What did you do exactly? I just wanna know.
Nunkoh: Well I saw this kid running a 100m Sprint at clock time dragging a relay baton with no idea what he was doing, I just had a talk with his Academy guy..
Yerec: How does one even do that, and you're evil Coach.

HOURS 22:40

Nunkoh: Poor Frenge looks up to everyone, he's still a kid, well technically kinda is, did you talk to Mweh about how they were deciding to pass.
Yerec: I'll talk to them later tomorrow, gonna talk to Kerikuioh for the pep talk they're gonna need early in the morn- actually Mweh did come to me sometime in the middle of talking to Fruc and telling Frenge 'what-to-do'.
Nunkoh: He's a great chap Mweh, married recently right? What'd he say?
Yerec: The wife's in Sekroren Engineering, amateur driver herself -er, he said he wanted a 'go' from me that he trusted me and stuff (*red faced now*)
Nunkoh: Haha.. How'd that make you feel?
Yerec: I told I wanted him to score and I wouldn't wanna move him say, even with what Inoh suggested, honestly Coach you should just make him an In-Charge, he'd make a good-

{rustling noises..}

Yerec: What the.. who the hell are.. hey, that's the (gets up startled)
Nunkoh: It's that Diode Temoih guy, that does leaked videos and stuff, hey! come ba- (*blows whistle*)



HOURS 22:45

"Phew we made it, Bre!" Temoih cackles "now all we need is a Headline"

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How hockey got big in Hannasea

Hannasea has one of the least distinguished sporting records of any nation active in world sports. Particular highlights include betting the farm on their alpine skiing delegation at the last Winter Olympics only for the team to fail to win a single medal, and being one of the only nations in history to have not only failed to register a point but to fail to score a single goal in a tournament they themselves hosted. In everything from rugby to basketball to baseball, their teams international and domestic are little more than human chum for everyone else to feast on.

And then there’s hockey.

Hannasean women have competed in three Olympic tournaments, been to three Olympic semi-finals, and won three Olympic medals – two of them gold. They are the defending Olympic champions after failing to drop a game in Electrum and overpowering Quebec in a closely fought but ultimately decisive final. Hockey is the most popular women’s sport in the country. Tens of thousands of girls play in schools and local clubs routinely put out 3rd and 4th XIs while hateball [soccer] struggles to fill a club 2nd XI. In a recent poll of the biggest female athletes in the nation, 8 of the top 30 were hockey players.

It’s all the more surprising because hockey does not have a long history in the Guild Federation. While there are records of the game being played in 19th and early 20th century Hannasea, it was a fringe minority pursuit mostly associated with boarding schools and immigrants. What brought it to explosive popularity was the advent of artificial turf pitches, first introduced to Hannasea around 50 years ago. It completely changed what had hitherto been a game closer to unmounted polo or team golf, whacking a clod of earth with every shot on sodden former rugby fields, to a fast paced game of skill.

A further fact was a TV rights deal with SuperSport (now part of GS SuperSports+), who were looking to break into the live sports market but found rugby locked up with ancient legacy details and the public appetite for hateball too low. After signing a megabucks deal with the HBL, they were looking for a winter sport to balance out the schedule, and hockey came calling. Having hockey available on free-to-air television whet the public appetite, boosted by innovations such as brightly coloured balls to stand out from the generally blue playing surfaces.

Hockey has a strong association with softball. Hannasea is one of the few nations that retains gendered divisions for sports, and while in many other nations women play baseball, sometimes at very high levels – just ask anyone who’s watched the World Baseball Classic about Cassadaigua or Newmanistan – in Hannasea it’s mainly a men’s game, with women playing softball. Softball clubs linked with hockey clubs and the two sports became intertwined, with softball players using the winter hockey season to develop their hand-eye coordination and keep up their fitness, and vice versa. Even today many top level Hannasean clubs are ‘HSCs’: ‘hockey and softball clubs’.



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