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Postby Lisander » Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:41 pm


This is a national sports newswire for Lisander (and Featured Imperan League Tournaments). I've recently noticed I never made one, and I will start to track results, tables, news and even some RP for national sports here from now on. The only exception is rugby, since Imperan Rugby has its own Newswire.

Association Football
The Premiership | D1 Feminina | Liga Nacional | L3 | Divisão de Honra | Regional Leagues

Alpha League

Gridiron Football
AGFA | National Arena League

Lisander Basketball SuperLiga

Ice Hockey
Liga Nacional de Hóquei

Imperan Featured Tournaments
ProHit T20 (Lisander and Alice Bay T20 Cricket) | Elitserien (Lorenthia Ice Hockey)

If you're not Lisander (or a Lisanderian puppet), don't have an invitation to post here or isn't a moderator performing forum duties, you're not allowed to reply.
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Postby Lisander » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:37 pm


Rugby in summer, Hockey in Winter. These are the national sports of Lisander. And the same financial crisis that hit lisanderian rugby also hit the Hockey League. The professional impulse came from the early 2000s with the emergence of clubs as businesses, the restoration of the Harmin Cup paid by the government and the revival of LNH (for three seasons branded nLNH due to image rights issues), glorious, now divided between Northern and South Conference.

LNH Champions
nLNH 1: Sendas Wolves
nLNH 2: Kasandora Blues
LNH 3: Kasandora Blues
LNH 4: AS Virtus Hockey
LNH 5: Kasandora Blues

League Map
Northern Conference
HC Dalena | Beaumont Wolves | HC Universitário | Grandeville Royals
Southern Conference
AS Virtus Hockey | HC Sparta | Soria Bats | Kasandora Blues
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:22 am


The Headquarters of the "Association of Gridiron Football Athletes" was a two-room apartment in Brax, Lisander. There, four part-time workers read e-mails, hoping for news.

—The E-mail finally came! — the president, Gustavo Santander, shouted with excitation. — they will support our league! We granted the ISF sponsorship! Kyle, follow as planned, send the application to Arena Bowl. Andreas, call the interested owners.

"Yeah, we managed the main sponsorship and the league license. Are you still interested?"

"Of course, count on Kasandora Dockers"

"Despina Angels are in, and you should call Andreas ******, he is interested in start an Indoor Gridiron team too"

"We are Soria Batallion and you will hear from us"

"Yes, Sirenia is also in, but we lost Sparta partnership, give us a little more time"

"Linville Lions are completely in"

"Salinas is in"

"Dawson is in, but we haven't found a name"

"Pine Point Jacks will join!"

—Boss, Brax is also in?

—Of course!
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Reserved for the National Arena League

Postby Lisander » Sat Feb 25, 2017 2:22 pm


Reserved for the National Arena League.
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Postby Lisander » Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:45 pm


The Premiership is the First Division of Lisander. The Premiership emerged from a club initiative, supported by Tristarbank, to replace the championship of the former Union des Associations de Football de Principauté de Lisander, later Federação Lisandena de Futebol, Confederação Nacional de Desportos and now back to Federação Lisandena de Futebol.

1 (UAFPL)	Universitário (1)
2 (UAFPL) Universitário (2)
3 (UAFPL) Universitário (3)
4 (UAFPL) Casterwill (1)
5 (UAFPL) Sparta (1)
6 (UAFPL) Casterwill (2)
7 (UAFPL) Sparta (2)
8 (UAFPL) Racing (1)
9 (UAFPL) Shamrocks (1)
10 (UAFPL) Shamrocks (2)
11 (UAFPL) Sparta (3)
12 (UAFPL) Casterwill (3)
13 (UAFPL) Casterwill (4)
14 (UAFPL) Shamrocks (3)
15 (UAFPL) Dawson (1)
16 (UAFPL) Racing (2)
17 (UAFPL) Racing (3)
18 (UAFPL) Virtus (1)
19 (UAFPL) Virtus (2)
20 (UAFPL) Virtus (3)
21 (UAFPL) Virtus (4)
22 (UAFPL) Virtus (5)
23 (UAFPL) Virtus (6)
24 (FLF) Virtus (7)
25 (FLF) Sparta (4)
26 (FLF) Sparta (5)
27 (FLF) Racing (4)
28 (FLF) Shamrocks (4)
29 (FLF) Shamrocks (5)
30 (FLF) Dawson (2)
31 (FLF) Sparta (6)
32 (FLF) Sparta (7)
33 (FLF) Casterwill (6)
34 (FLF) Shamrocks (6)
35 (FLF) Dawson (3)
36 (FLF) Racing (5)
37 (FLF) Racing (6)
38 (FLF) Racing (7)
39 (FLF) Casterwill (7)
40 (FLF) Liath Cuain (1)
41 (FLF) Racing (9)
42 (FLF) Liath Cuain (1)
43 (FLF) Sparta (8)
44 (FLF) Sparta (9)
45 (FLF) Liath Cuain (3)
46 (FLF) Sparta (10)
47 (FLF) Sparta (11)
48 (FLF) Racing (10)
49 (FLF) Racing (11)
50 (FLF) Shamrocks (7)
51 (FLF) Shamrocks (8)
52 (FLF) Sparta (12)
53 (FLF) Oeste (1)
54 (FLF) Atlético de Kasandora (1)
55 (FLF) Pines Athletic (1)
56 (FLF) Atlético de Kasandora (2)
57 (FLF) Pines Athletic (2)
58 (FLF) Casterwill (8)
59 (FLF) Virtus (10)
60 (FLF) Liath Cuain (4)
61 (FLF) Virtus (11)
62 (FLF) Shamrocks (10)
63 (FLF) Dawson (4)
64 (FLF) Sparta (13)
65 (FLF) Racing (12)
66 (FLF) Racing (13)
67 (FLF) Sparta (14)
68 (FLF) Sparta (15)
69 (FLF) Virtus (12)
70 (FLF) Liath Cuain (5)
71 (FLF) Racing (14)
72 (FLF) Shamrocks (11)
73 (FLF) Atlético de Kasandora (3)
74 (FLF) Atlético de Kasandora (4)
75 (FLF) Liath Cuain (6)
76 (FLF) Liath Cuain (7)
77 (FLF) Sparta (16)
78 (FLF) Virtus (13)
79 (FLF) Shamrocks (12)
80 (FLF) Virtus (14)
81 (FLF) Shamrocks (13)
82 (FLF) Atlético de Kasandora (5)
83 (FLF) Liath Cuain (8)
84 (FLF) Racing (15)
85 (FLF) Liath Cuain (9)
86 (FLF) Sparta (17)
87 (FLF) Liath Cuain (10)
88 (FLF) Shamrocks (14)
89 (CND) Racing (16)
90 (Prem) Virtus (15)
91 (Prem) Stellar Kasandora (1)
92 (Prem) Dawson FC (5)

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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:23 am


Reserved for the Ladies Division 1.
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:35 am


Liga Nacional (National League) is the second division of Lisanderian Football. Before the Premiership, it was a semi-pro tournament, but with the boost of professionalism that the experience of a new first division generated in the lower leagues, The National League had its first edition completely pro already in the second season of Premiership. Currently, the National League is sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Remington, internationally known for sponsoring the Lisanderian team at WGPC, Bitten Heroes.

Pre-UICA editions

Season 2 | Season 3

Season 4
Full Tournament
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:47 am


The Lisanderian third division, branded Vitalis L3 (after Vitalis, a healthy food restaurant chain) started at the same time of Liga Nacional. L3 is the lowest professional path in Lisander Association Football, and to reach this league, teams must comply with some rules apart sporting performance:

    1. Host the games in a stadium with capacity for at least 700 people.
    2. Have at least one coach and 14 players receiving wages in cash.
    3. Have a coach accredited by the FLF and a doctor in its permanent staff.

Previous Editions

Season 2 | Season 3
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:21 pm


Season 4 - Preview

The Premiership is the First Division of Lisander. In its fourth Season, also known as the 93rd National Championship, 14 teams will dispute the biggest trophy in Lisanderian Association Football.

And since this is the first season being broadcast outside the Principality, let's start with a presentation of the 14 teams!

ImageAtlético Clube de Kasandora
City: Kasandora
Titles: 5

The tetracolors (most teams have two or three colors, the ACK has four: White, Red, Blue and Black) were the most successful team from the south to the previous season, with five national titles. They own a very strong academy and the ACK Arena, the most modern stadium in Lisander. The ACK also has teams of Handball and Basketball.

ImageAssociation Sportive Virtus 1904
City: Despina
Titles: 15

Previously just AS VIRTUS, added the foundation year in 2012, when a serious crisis crumbled over the team, which went bankrupt and was sold to a foreign millionaire, which caused a widespread upheaval among the fans. For 2013, the team was purchased by Hermine Airlines, one of the companies linked to the sovereign family of the principality, and subsequently donated back to the Sports Association of which it bears the name. They have 15 national titles, the latest one in the first year of the Premiership. Basketball is another sport played by the club.

ImageClub de Football Thiéry sur le mer
City: Thiéry sur le mer
Titles: none

A small club, whose stadium fits the whole city, sitting. The team does not have any national league title and lived oscillating between the first and second division. From the beginning of the premiership, it began to stabilize, and stopped being relegated.

ImageClub Sparta
City: Sirenia
Titles: 17

From the city of Sirenia comes one of the greatest powers of the national sport, perhaps the largest of them. Club Sparta was founded in 1899 by Juliano Lutz, so that the employees of the factory of his family have moments of rest and leisure. Club Sparta also has professional ice hockey, rugby, basketball and handball departments, and is the biggest winner of the national football championship with 17 titles. National team captain Andreas Wagner is also captain of Sparta.

ImageClube Atlético Oeste
City: Despina
Titles: 1

The second force of the city of Despina, behind Virtus. They have a national title, and recently they are garnering better positions in the National League. They have a basketball team.

ImageClube Naval de Sendas
City: Sendas
Titles: none

Naval is the strongest team of the north. But another team without great expression. Always the middle of the table and sometimes reaching a Top 5, I would say it's a little better than five seasons ago and already left the era of its existence where it oscillated between divisions. The evolution of the league has been good for them.

ImageDawson Football Club
City: Dawson
Titles: 5

Current national champions, led by National Team right-back Bruno Lasses. Dawson is a club created by immigrants of other nations. It has 5 national titles. Dawson FC also have a Ladies team playing in D1 Feminina.

ImageFootball Club Solaris Sirenia
City: Sirenia
Titles: None

Founded as a weekend team, Solaris is a midsize club, and although it does not have big titles compared to its neighbors of Sparta, and oscillate well between the divisions, they have a passionate fan base. Some club members have founded a baseball team.

ImageFootball Club Styria
City: Soria
Titles: None

The youngest of the league, the biggest fucking surprise. Founded recently by Scott Remington (Remington Pharmaceuticals, same from Bitten Heroes), from the estate of a former weekend league team (to garner fans), the team started in the first season of L3 (Season 2).They qualified for Nacional in that same season, and in the National, they qualified again, now for the Premiership. In two seasons, from path 3 to path 1. Amazing. No one knows what's going to happen from now on. The most likely is that now this team enters a period of oscillation between the Premiership and the National. But speaking in Styria is difficult to predict anything.

ImageLiath Cuain Chlub Peil
City: Porto Gris
Titles: 10

Or Porto Gris FC, it depends on what division the team is in. Owner of ten national titles, the Liath is the team of the Hibernian nationalist community of Porto Gris. Founded in 1922, after a split of the Shamrocks, suffered 2016 in the National League and now is back.

ImagePines Athletic Rugby Football Club
City: Pine Point
Titles: 2

Primarily a Rugby Club, Pines is a Heroic bulwark of amateurism (YET PROFESSIONAL) in the first league. Pines is the only first division club that has declined to become a Sports Corporation. Until 2010, it did not even transfer players, but in recent years it has been modernizing. Football and rugby share club structure. It has two national titles.

ImageRacing Club de Soria
City: Soria
Titles: 16

Founded in 1927, it was the only team in the capital in the Premiership until Premiership 4, since historically the capital, Soria, has Rugby as the main sport (Do you remember? URSA, like in URSA Sevens). The Princes have sixteen national titles, the last of them in the season immediately preceding the beginning of the new system. They are historical rivals of AS Virtus 1904, with which they make the game called SuperDerby.

ImageSporting Club de Grandeville
City: Grandeville
Titles: None

In the north, the preference has always been Hockey, so much so that Sporting never took a national title. Founded in the 1940s, Sporting enjoyed the partnership it had with Virtus during the first three years of the Premiership through their joint sponsor, and now comes with everything in search of good results.

ImageShamrocks Football Club
City: Porto Gris
Titles: 14

The shamrocks own 14 national titles. Founded in 1901, the club is the representative of the unionist colony in Porto Gris, a port city northeast of Soria, with a strong Anglo-Irish presence. The share of Irish nationalists separated from the Shamrocks in 1922 to form the Liath Cuáin CP.
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:28 pm


Season 4 - First Half

Code: Select all
Round 1
AC Kasandora 4–3 Sporting Grandeville
AS Virtus 1904 1–0 Solaris Sirenia
CA Oeste 0–0 Shamrocks FC
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 3–0 Racing Club de Soria
Club Sparta 1–1 Pines Athletic RFC
Clube Naval de Sendas 2–2 Liath Cuain CP
Dawson FC 0–1 FC Styria

Round 2
Sporting Grandeville 1–1 FC Styria
Liath Cuain CP 2–2 Dawson FC
Pines Athletic RFC 0–1 Clube Naval de Sendas
Racing Club de Soria 0–3 Club Sparta
Shamrocks FC 0–3 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
Solaris Sirenia 0–0 CA Oeste
AC Kasandora 2–1 AS Virtus 1904

Round 3
AS Virtus 1904 2–2 Sporting Grandeville
CA Oeste 0–1 AC Kasandora
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 2–3 Solaris Sirenia
Club Sparta 0–1 Shamrocks FC
Clube Naval de Sendas 2–0 Racing Club de Soria
Dawson FC 1–1 Pines Athletic RFC
FC Styria 1–1 Liath Cuain CP

Round 4
Sporting Grandeville 0–0 Liath Cuain CP
Pines Athletic RFC 1–3 FC Styria
Racing Club de Soria 1–1 Dawson FC
Shamrocks FC 0–1 Clube Naval de Sendas
Solaris Sirenia 0–1 Club Sparta
AC Kasandora 2–2 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
AS Virtus 1904 0–1 CA Oeste

Round 5
CA Oeste 0–3 Sporting Grandeville
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 2–4 AS Virtus 1904
Club Sparta 3–1 AC Kasandora
Clube Naval de Sendas 0–3 Solaris Sirenia
Dawson FC 0–0 Shamrocks FC
FC Styria 1–3 Racing Club de Soria
Liath Cuain CP 2–0 Pines Athletic RFC

Round 6
Sporting Grandeville 3–1 Pines Athletic RFC
Racing Club de Soria 4–2 Liath Cuain CP
Shamrocks FC 0–2 FC Styria
Solaris Sirenia 0–0 Dawson FC
AC Kasandora 2–1 Clube Naval de Sendas
AS Virtus 1904 3–1 Club Sparta
CA Oeste 2–2 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer

Round 7
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 0–2 Sporting Grandeville
Club Sparta 2–0 CA Oeste
Clube Naval de Sendas 3–1 AS Virtus 1904
Dawson FC 2–0 AC Kasandora
FC Styria 1–2 Solaris Sirenia
Liath Cuain CP 0–1 Shamrocks FC
Pines Athletic RFC 2–3 Racing Club de Soria

Round 8
Sporting Grandeville 3–1 Racing Club de Soria
Shamrocks FC 1–0 Pines Athletic RFC
Solaris Sirenia 2–1 Liath Cuain CP
AC Kasandora 3–3 FC Styria
AS Virtus 1904 1–3 Dawson FC
CA Oeste 3–3 Clube Naval de Sendas
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 0–3 Club Sparta

Round 9
Club Sparta 2–1 Sporting Grandeville
Clube Naval de Sendas 3–1 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
Dawson FC 1–1 CA Oeste
FC Styria 1–0 AS Virtus 1904
Liath Cuain CP 1–2 AC Kasandora
Pines Athletic RFC 0–1 Solaris Sirenia
Racing Club de Soria 3–1 Shamrocks FC

Round 10
Sporting Grandeville 1–1 Shamrocks FC
Solaris Sirenia 0–0 Racing Club de Soria
AC Kasandora 2–2 Pines Athletic RFC
AS Virtus 1904 1–2 Liath Cuain CP
CA Oeste 1–2 FC Styria
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 1–1 Dawson FC
Club Sparta 2–2 Clube Naval de Sendas

Round 11
Clube Naval de Sendas 1–0 Sporting Grandeville
Dawson FC 1–2 Club Sparta
FC Styria 1–2 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
Liath Cuain CP 2–2 CA Oeste
Pines Athletic RFC 0–1 AS Virtus 1904
Racing Club de Soria 3–2 AC Kasandora
Shamrocks FC 2–4 Solaris Sirenia

Round 12
Sporting Grandeville 1–1 Solaris Sirenia
AC Kasandora 3–3 Shamrocks FC
AS Virtus 1904 3–0 Racing Club de Soria
CA Oeste 2–2 Pines Athletic RFC
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 3–1 Liath Cuain CP
Club Sparta 2–1 FC Styria
Clube Naval de Sendas 0–1 Dawson FC

Round 13
Dawson FC 3–1 Sporting Grandeville
FC Styria 0–2 Clube Naval de Sendas
Liath Cuain CP 1–0 Club Sparta
Pines Athletic RFC 1–1 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
Racing Club de Soria 0–1 CA Oeste
Shamrocks FC 0–1 AS Virtus 1904
Solaris Sirenia 2–3 AC Kasandora

Do you prefer with or without emotion?

After two difficult seasons, it seems that Club Sparta seems to be finally catching up on the field. But with five clubs separated by just four points, who can say anything for sure?

The middle of the season finds, as expected, much excitement. Sparta follows first, but being pressured by Clube Naval, by neighbor Solaris Sirenia, with a miraculous campaign, and by Atlético Kasandora. On the other side of the table, Racing and Shamrocks continue in a very bad year...

But it's only half the year. Even a poor team can save themselves. Unless it's Pines Athletic. It is past time for them to accept professionalism in its entirety.

Premiership            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Club Sparta 13 8 2 3 22 12 +10 26
2 Clube Naval de Sendas 13 7 3 3 21 15 +6 24
3 Solaris Sirenia 13 6 4 3 18 12 +6 22
4 AC Kasandora 13 6 4 3 27 26 +1 22
5 Dawson FC 13 4 7 2 16 11 +5 19
6 AS Virtus 1904 13 6 1 6 19 17 +2 19
7 FC Styria 13 5 3 5 18 18 0 18
8 Sporting Grandeville 13 4 5 4 21 17 +4 17
9 Racing Club de Soria 13 5 2 6 18 24 −6 17
10 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 13 4 4 5 22 23 −1 16
11 Liath Cuain CP 13 3 5 5 17 20 −3 14
12 CA Oeste 13 2 7 4 13 18 −5 13
13 Shamrocks FC 13 3 4 6 10 18 −8 13
14 Pines Athletic RFC 13 0 5 8 11 22 −11 5
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:02 pm


Season 4 - Second Half

Code: Select all
Round 14
Sporting Grandeville 1–2 AC Kasandora
Solaris Sirenia 1–3 AS Virtus 1904
Shamrocks FC 1–0 CA Oeste
Racing Club de Soria 1–2 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
Pines Athletic RFC 2–0 Club Sparta
Liath Cuain CP 2–1 Clube Naval de Sendas
FC Styria 1–3 Dawson FC

Round 15
FC Styria 1–2 Sporting Grandeville
Dawson FC 3–3 Liath Cuain CP
Clube Naval de Sendas 3–1 Pines Athletic RFC
Club Sparta 1–0 Racing Club de Soria
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 2–1 Shamrocks FC
CA Oeste 3–0 Solaris Sirenia
AS Virtus 1904 1–2 AC Kasandora

Round 16
Sporting Grandeville 2–2 AS Virtus 1904
AC Kasandora 3–1 CA Oeste
Solaris Sirenia 1–1 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
Shamrocks FC 1–2 Club Sparta
Racing Club de Soria 2–3 Clube Naval de Sendas
Pines Athletic RFC 0–1 Dawson FC
Liath Cuain CP 0–0 FC Styria

Round 17
Liath Cuain CP 1–2 Sporting Grandeville
FC Styria 1–3 Pines Athletic RFC
Dawson FC 2–0 Racing Club de Soria
Clube Naval de Sendas 0–3 Shamrocks FC
Club Sparta 2–2 Solaris Sirenia
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 2–1 AC Kasandora
CA Oeste 0–2 AS Virtus 1904


Round 18 was about to have a great game: Image v Image. A six-point game. This was the Premiership table top after 17 rounds:

Premiership            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Club Sparta 17 10 3 4 27 17 +10 33
2 AC Kasandora 17 9 4 4 35 31 +4 31

So I decided to make it a little bit different. I used another scorination method: a Spreadsheet. And here we go with a chronicle of the most anticipated game in the year!

The eighteenth round (Sept. 5) featured a six-point lead game, which would be so fucking cool that I preferred to use another method to scorinate.

And that match was Atlético Kasandora versus Club Sparta in a full ACK Arena! WHAT A GAME, MY FRIENDS!

The home side was better in the first half, stopping in the strong defence of Anders Michaelichen, National Eleven keeper. Sparta was searching space all through the first half, looking for alternatives. The 0-0 after 45 minutes was no prize for anyone.

But in the 11th minute of the second half, in a position of Armin Santiago, Edward Rosell came from the left and sent a ball in the middle of the goal, which still slipped in the gloves of Vítor Marin and entered. 1-0 for Sparta.

The game remained tense in the midfield, Tássio Camden and Cyril Amati, two national team members, each one by his side. The second goal of the game, in the 32nd minute of the second half, comes in a fine pass from Cyril Amati to Benjamin Arcelli (who came in just minutes before), who took Arthur Adler out and kicked Michaelichen's way out. Game tied.

And it would have ended if it were not for Edward Rosell's head to be found by Vittorio de Mathis's corner kick at 44:52. It was not a great goal, it was not an amazing goal. But it was a goal that gave Sparta a comfort in the lead and pushed Atlético to third place in the championship (because Naval won). Think about it, what an important goal.

Code: Select all
Round 18
Sporting Grandeville 3–2 CA Oeste
AS Virtus 1904 2–2 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
*** AC Kasandora 1–2 Club Sparta *** (SEE ABOVE)
Solaris Sirenia 1–3 Clube Naval de Sendas
Shamrocks FC 2–0 Dawson FC
Racing Club de Soria 2–2 FC Styria
Pines Athletic RFC 2–1 Liath Cuain CP

Round 19
Pines Athletic RFC 1–1 Sporting Grandeville
Liath Cuain CP 2–2 Racing Club de Soria
FC Styria 2–2 Shamrocks FC
Dawson FC 0–1 Solaris Sirenia
Clube Naval de Sendas 1–1 AC Kasandora
Club Sparta 0–1 AS Virtus 1904
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 1–0 CA Oeste

Round 20
Sporting Grandeville 3–0 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
CA Oeste 3–1 Club Sparta
AS Virtus 1904 2–1 Clube Naval de Sendas
AC Kasandora 2–3 Dawson FC
Solaris Sirenia 1–1 FC Styria
Shamrocks FC 0–1 Liath Cuain CP
Racing Club de Soria 3–1 Pines Athletic RFC

Round 21
Racing Club de Soria 0–2 Sporting Grandeville
Pines Athletic RFC 2–2 Shamrocks FC
Liath Cuain CP 1–1 Solaris Sirenia
FC Styria 0–3 AC Kasandora
Dawson FC 2–1 AS Virtus 1904
Clube Naval de Sendas 2–0 CA Oeste
Club Sparta 2–1 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer

Round 22
Sporting Grandeville 1–2 Club Sparta
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 2–2 Clube Naval de Sendas
CA Oeste 0–1 Dawson FC
AS Virtus 1904 1–0 FC Styria
AC Kasandora 2–0 Liath Cuain CP
Solaris Sirenia 3–1 Pines Athletic RFC
Shamrocks FC 2–1 Racing Club de Soria

Round 23
Shamrocks FC 1–1 Sporting Grandeville
Racing Club de Soria 0–2 Solaris Sirenia
Pines Athletic RFC 0–3 AC Kasandora
Liath Cuain CP 1–2 AS Virtus 1904
FC Styria 2–2 CA Oeste
Dawson FC 3–1 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
Clube Naval de Sendas 0–0 Club Sparta

Round 24
Sporting Grandeville 1–1 Clube Naval de Sendas
Club Sparta 1–0 Dawson FC
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 2–2 FC Styria
CA Oeste 1–1 Liath Cuain CP
AS Virtus 1904 1–3 Pines Athletic RFC
AC Kasandora 4–0 Racing Club de Soria
Solaris Sirenia 1–1 Shamrocks FC

Round 25
Solaris Sirenia 0–2 Sporting Grandeville
Shamrocks FC 1–1 AC Kasandora
Racing Club de Soria 3–1 AS Virtus 1904
Pines Athletic RFC 0–2 CA Oeste
Liath Cuain CP 1–2 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer
FC Styria 1–3 Club Sparta
Dawson FC 1–2 Clube Naval de Sendas

Round 26
Sporting Grandeville 1–1 Dawson FC
Clube Naval de Sendas 2–3 FC Styria
Club Sparta 1–0 Liath Cuain CP
CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 0–1 Pines Athletic RFC
CA Oeste 1–0 Racing Club de Soria
AS Virtus 1904 0–0 Shamrocks FC
AC Kasandora 3–3 Solaris Sirenia

And after 26 games, here you have the final table!

Premiership            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Club Sparta 26 16 4 6 39 25 +14 52 CHAMPIONS
2 AC Kasandora 26 13 7 6 55 41 +14 46 GC
3 Clube Naval de Sendas 26 12 7 7 42 34 +8 43 GC
4 Dawson FC 26 11 9 6 36 26 +10 42 GC

5 Sporting Grandeville 26 10 10 6 43 31 +12 40
6 AS Virtus 1904 26 12 4 10 38 34 +4 40
7 Solaris Sirenia 26 9 10 7 35 33 +2 37
8 CF Thiéry sur-le-mer 26 9 8 9 40 43 −3 35
9 Shamrocks FC 26 7 10 9 27 31 −4 31
10 CA Oeste 26 6 9 11 28 35 −7 27
11 FC Styria 26 6 9 11 34 44 −10 27
12 Liath Cuain CP 26 5 10 11 31 39 −8 25
13 Racing Club de Soria 26 7 4 15 32 49 −17 25 Relegated
14 Pines Athletic RFC 26 5 7 14 28 43 −15 22 Relegated
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Postby Lisander » Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:25 pm

Season 4

Code: Select all
Round 1
AD Lisandras 0–2 UD Três Rios
AO Asteras 2–1 Trent United
Alix Hearts 1–2 Stellar Kasandora
Argos FC 1–0 St. Helen's FC
Athletic Villarossa 3–4 Sporting Salinas
Atlas FC 2–2 Scarlets FC
Beaumont AC 2–0 FC Victoria 03
Club Defensor 1–1 Elysium SC

Round 2
UD Três Rios 2–2 Elysium SC
FC Victoria 03 1–1 Club Defensor
Scarlets FC 3–1 Beaumont AC
Sporting Salinas 1–4 Atlas FC
St. Helen's FC 1–1 Athletic Villarossa
Stellar Kasandora 1–1 Argos FC
Trent United 0–3 Alix Hearts
AD Lisandras 0–1 AO Asteras

Round 3
AO Asteras 2–1 UD Três Rios
Alix Hearts 0–4 AD Lisandras
Argos FC 1–1 Trent United
Athletic Villarossa 2–3 Stellar Kasandora
Atlas FC 0–2 St. Helen's FC
Beaumont AC 3–1 Sporting Salinas
Club Defensor 2–1 Scarlets FC
Elysium SC 2–1 FC Victoria 03

Round 4
UD Três Rios 1–1 FC Victoria 03
Scarlets FC 2–1 Elysium SC
Sporting Salinas 0–1 Club Defensor
St. Helen's FC 0–3 Beaumont AC
Stellar Kasandora 2–0 Atlas FC
Trent United 4–1 Athletic Villarossa
AD Lisandras 3–2 Argos FC
AO Asteras 1–2 Alix Hearts

Round 5
Alix Hearts 0–1 UD Três Rios
Argos FC 1–1 AO Asteras
Athletic Villarossa 1–2 AD Lisandras
Atlas FC 1–1 Trent United
Beaumont AC 1–2 Stellar Kasandora
Club Defensor 2–1 St. Helen's FC
Elysium SC 1–3 Sporting Salinas
FC Victoria 03 3–0 Scarlets FC

Round 6
UD Três Rios 2–1 Scarlets FC
Sporting Salinas 0–1 FC Victoria 03
St. Helen's FC 0–2 Elysium SC
Stellar Kasandora 3–1 Club Defensor
Trent United 0–1 Beaumont AC
AD Lisandras 1–2 Atlas FC
AO Asteras 1–2 Athletic Villarossa
Alix Hearts 4–0 Argos FC

Round 7
Argos FC 1–2 UD Três Rios
Athletic Villarossa 1–1 Alix Hearts
Atlas FC 1–1 AO Asteras
Beaumont AC 1–1 AD Lisandras
Club Defensor 2–2 Trent United
Elysium SC 0–1 Stellar Kasandora
FC Victoria 03 1–1 St. Helen's FC
Scarlets FC 1–0 Sporting Salinas

Round 8
UD Três Rios 0–1 Sporting Salinas
St. Helen's FC 1–0 Scarlets FC
Stellar Kasandora 1–0 FC Victoria 03
Trent United 0–0 Elysium SC
AD Lisandras 1–0 Club Defensor
AO Asteras 1–0 Beaumont AC
Alix Hearts 3–4 Atlas FC
Argos FC 0–0 Athletic Villarossa

Round 9
Athletic Villarossa 1–1 UD Três Rios
Atlas FC 1–1 Argos FC
Beaumont AC 2–0 Alix Hearts
Club Defensor 0–1 AO Asteras
Elysium SC 2–0 AD Lisandras
FC Victoria 03 0–3 Trent United
Scarlets FC 4–1 Stellar Kasandora
Sporting Salinas 2–1 St. Helen's FC

Round 10
UD Três Rios 1–1 St. Helen's FC
Stellar Kasandora 4–0 Sporting Salinas
Trent United 0–1 Scarlets FC
AD Lisandras 0–2 FC Victoria 03
AO Asteras 2–3 Elysium SC
Alix Hearts 1–1 Club Defensor
Argos FC 2–1 Beaumont AC
Athletic Villarossa 1–1 Atlas FC

Round 11
Atlas FC 1–0 UD Três Rios
Beaumont AC 3–3 Athletic Villarossa
Club Defensor 3–1 Argos FC
Elysium SC 2–0 Alix Hearts
FC Victoria 03 2–0 AO Asteras
Scarlets FC 0–1 AD Lisandras
Sporting Salinas 3–1 Trent United
St. Helen's FC 1–1 Stellar Kasandora

Round 12
UD Três Rios 0–4 Stellar Kasandora
Trent United 3–2 St. Helen's FC
AD Lisandras 1–2 Sporting Salinas
AO Asteras 0–1 Scarlets FC
Alix Hearts 0–1 FC Victoria 03
Argos FC 2–2 Elysium SC
Athletic Villarossa 0–1 Club Defensor
Atlas FC 4–0 Beaumont AC

Round 13
Beaumont AC 2–0 UD Três Rios
Club Defensor 3–1 Atlas FC
Elysium SC 1–1 Athletic Villarossa
FC Victoria 03 4–0 Argos FC
Scarlets FC 2–1 Alix Hearts
Sporting Salinas 2–3 AO Asteras
St. Helen's FC 0–3 AD Lisandras
Stellar Kasandora 0–0 Trent United

Round 14
UD Três Rios 2–0 Trent United
AD Lisandras 2–2 Stellar Kasandora
AO Asteras 2–2 St. Helen's FC
Alix Hearts 1–2 Sporting Salinas
Argos FC 1–0 Scarlets FC
Athletic Villarossa 3–2 FC Victoria 03
Atlas FC 1–2 Elysium SC
Beaumont AC 0–2 Club Defensor

Round 15
Club Defensor 0–2 UD Três Rios
Elysium SC 2–2 Beaumont AC
FC Victoria 03 1–1 Atlas FC
Scarlets FC 0–3 Athletic Villarossa
Sporting Salinas 1–0 Argos FC
St. Helen's FC 3–2 Alix Hearts
Stellar Kasandora 2–1 AO Asteras
Trent United 2–1 AD Lisandras

Round 16
UD Três Rios 1–2 AD Lisandras
Trent United 4–5 AO Asteras
Stellar Kasandora 2–2 Alix Hearts
St. Helen's FC 3–0 Argos FC
Sporting Salinas 1–1 Athletic Villarossa
Scarlets FC 0–1 Atlas FC
FC Victoria 03 2–1 Beaumont AC
Elysium SC 0–1 Club Defensor

Round 17
Elysium SC 1–0 UD Três Rios
Club Defensor 2–0 FC Victoria 03
Beaumont AC 3–0 Scarlets FC
Atlas FC 2–2 Sporting Salinas
Athletic Villarossa 4–1 St. Helen's FC
Argos FC 0–2 Stellar Kasandora
Alix Hearts 2–3 Trent United
AO Asteras 0–0 AD Lisandras

Round 18
UD Três Rios 3–0 AO Asteras
AD Lisandras 1–1 Alix Hearts
Trent United 1–0 Argos FC
Stellar Kasandora 1–0 Athletic Villarossa
St. Helen's FC 2–0 Atlas FC
Sporting Salinas 2–3 Beaumont AC
Scarlets FC 2–3 Club Defensor
FC Victoria 03 0–1 Elysium SC

Round 19
FC Victoria 03 4–2 UD Três Rios
Elysium SC 0–2 Scarlets FC
Club Defensor 1–1 Sporting Salinas
Beaumont AC 2–2 St. Helen's FC
Atlas FC 2–1 Stellar Kasandora
Athletic Villarossa 0–2 Trent United
Argos FC 1–1 AD Lisandras
Alix Hearts 0–0 AO Asteras

Round 20
UD Três Rios 0–2 Alix Hearts
AO Asteras 3–0 Argos FC
AD Lisandras 1–2 Athletic Villarossa
Trent United 1–2 Atlas FC
Stellar Kasandora 1–0 Beaumont AC
St. Helen's FC 1–1 Club Defensor
Sporting Salinas 0–0 Elysium SC
Scarlets FC 0–1 FC Victoria 03

Round 21
Scarlets FC 2–1 UD Três Rios
FC Victoria 03 0–3 Sporting Salinas
Elysium SC 2–1 St. Helen's FC
Club Defensor 1–2 Stellar Kasandora
Beaumont AC 1–1 Trent United
Atlas FC 1–1 AD Lisandras
Athletic Villarossa 2–1 AO Asteras
Argos FC 3–1 Alix Hearts

Round 22
UD Três Rios 0–1 Argos FC
Alix Hearts 0–2 Athletic Villarossa
AO Asteras 2–1 Atlas FC
AD Lisandras 1–2 Beaumont AC
Trent United 0–1 Club Defensor
Stellar Kasandora 1–1 Elysium SC
St. Helen's FC 1–1 FC Victoria 03
Sporting Salinas 2–0 Scarlets FC

Round 23
Sporting Salinas 2–4 UD Três Rios
Scarlets FC 1–2 St. Helen's FC
FC Victoria 03 3–1 Stellar Kasandora
Elysium SC 2–3 Trent United
Club Defensor 1–2 AD Lisandras
Beaumont AC 1–2 AO Asteras
Atlas FC 1–2 Alix Hearts
Athletic Villarossa 1–1 Argos FC

Round 24
UD Três Rios 4–0 Athletic Villarossa
Argos FC 1–2 Atlas FC
Alix Hearts 0–3 Beaumont AC
AO Asteras 2–4 Club Defensor
AD Lisandras 3–2 Elysium SC
Trent United 0–2 FC Victoria 03
Stellar Kasandora 0–0 Scarlets FC
St. Helen's FC 2–1 Sporting Salinas

Round 25
St. Helen's FC 1–3 UD Três Rios
Sporting Salinas 1–4 Stellar Kasandora
Scarlets FC 1–1 Trent United
FC Victoria 03 2–2 AD Lisandras
Elysium SC 1–4 AO Asteras
Club Defensor 2–2 Alix Hearts
Beaumont AC 1–3 Argos FC
Atlas FC 3–1 Athletic Villarossa

Round 26
UD Três Rios 1–1 Atlas FC
Athletic Villarossa 0–2 Beaumont AC
Argos FC 4–2 Club Defensor
Alix Hearts 0–1 Elysium SC
AO Asteras 0–2 FC Victoria 03
AD Lisandras 2–0 Scarlets FC
Trent United 1–0 Sporting Salinas
Stellar Kasandora 0–1 St. Helen's FC

Round 27
Stellar Kasandora 0–4 UD Três Rios
St. Helen's FC 2–1 Trent United
Sporting Salinas 0–1 AD Lisandras
Scarlets FC 1–2 AO Asteras
FC Victoria 03 0–0 Alix Hearts
Elysium SC 1–2 Argos FC
Club Defensor 0–2 Athletic Villarossa
Beaumont AC 0–2 Atlas FC

Round 28
UD Três Rios 1–0 Beaumont AC
Atlas FC 1–0 Club Defensor
Athletic Villarossa 1–2 Elysium SC
Argos FC 3–0 FC Victoria 03
Alix Hearts 1–1 Scarlets FC
AO Asteras 0–1 Sporting Salinas
AD Lisandras 1–0 St. Helen's FC
Trent United 0–1 Stellar Kasandora

Round 29
Trent United 2–1 UD Três Rios
Stellar Kasandora 1–1 AD Lisandras
St. Helen's FC 1–3 AO Asteras
Sporting Salinas 4–1 Alix Hearts
Scarlets FC 0–1 Argos FC
FC Victoria 03 2–1 Athletic Villarossa
Elysium SC 5–1 Atlas FC
Club Defensor 0–1 Beaumont AC

Round 30
UD Três Rios 0–2 Club Defensor
Beaumont AC 3–0 Elysium SC
Atlas FC 1–2 FC Victoria 03
Athletic Villarossa 2–0 Scarlets FC
Argos FC 0–1 Sporting Salinas
Alix Hearts 3–1 St. Helen's FC
AO Asteras 2–0 Stellar Kasandora
AD Lisandras 2–1 Trent United

Liga Nacional Remington  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Stellar Kasandora 30 16 8 6 46 32 +14 56 Promoted
2 FC Victoria 03 30 14 7 9 41 33 +8 49 Promoted

3 AD Lisandras 30 13 8 9 41 34 +7 47
4 AO Asteras 30 14 5 11 45 41 +4 47
5 Club Defensor 30 13 7 10 41 36 +5 46
6 Atlas FC 30 12 9 9 45 42 +3 45
7 Beaumont AC 30 13 5 12 45 38 +7 44
8 Elysium SC 30 12 8 10 42 40 +2 44
9 Sporting Salinas 30 13 4 13 43 45 −2 43
10 UD Três Rios 30 12 5 13 42 37 +5 41
11 Argos FC 30 10 8 12 34 43 −9 38
12 Trent United 30 10 7 13 39 42 −3 37
13 Athletic Villarossa 30 9 9 12 42 46 −4 36
14 St. Helen's FC 30 9 8 13 37 47 −10 35
15 Scarlets FC 30 9 4 17 28 41 −13 31 Relegated
16 Alix Hearts 30 6 8 16 36 50 −14 26 Relegated
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Lisanderian Hockey isn't living its golden days. After losing the WCoH 33 qualifiers to Lorenthia, and didn't even participate in WCoH 34, the crisis was brought to the surface when LNH revealed Season 5 format. The northern teams denounced that the chosen format would weaken the north teams, and in long-term, also weaken the league and the National Team. The President of HC Dalena stated, on a polemic interview:

"For me it is very clear what the board is doing. The northern conference is much better than the southern conference. Keeping the games inside the conferences is a way to ensure that the weakest teams get to the postseason, and the one who harms is the North, who truly supports Hockey in this country! They have football and rugby. They should stop this trick."

The fact is: The chosen format wasn't nice to Northern Conference. The solution for the northern teams would be an expansion, which unfortunately is unlikely, after all there is little interest in new teams in the south. What was defined: THE FORMAT: The eight teams play inside the conferences twice in a total of six games on Thursdays and Sundays with a break for Christmas and New Years. Exceptionally, on the first day of the year, the All-Star Game was held at Vermillion Arena, the largest stadium in North Lisander, specially prepared to receive the match.

Regular Season

Code: Select all
Round 1
Beaumont Athletic (N) 3–2 HC Universitário (N)
Grandeville Royals (N) 2–0 HC Dalena (N)

Round 2
HC Universitário (N) 1–0 HC Dalena (N)
Beaumont Athletic (N) 0–2 Grandeville Royals (N)

Round 3
Grandeville Royals (N) 1–0 HC Universitário (N)
HC Dalena (N) 0–1 Beaumont Athletic (N)

Round 4
HC Universitário (N) 0–1 Beaumont Athletic (N)
HC Dalena (N) 1–0 Grandeville Royals (N)

Rodada 5
HC Dalena (N) 3–0 HC Universitário (N)
Grandeville Royals (N) 0–1 Beaumont Athletic (N)

Round 6
HC Universitário (N) 3–2 Grandeville Royals (N)
Beaumont Athletic (N) 0–1 HC Dalena (N)


Round 1
AS Virtus Hockey 1–0 Kasandora Blues
HC Sparta 1–0 Soria Bats

Round 2
Kasandora Blues (S) 0–0 Soria Bats (S)
AS Virtus Hockey (S) 0–2 HC Sparta (S)

Round 3
HC Sparta (S) 1–0 Kasandora Blues (S)
Soria Bats (S) 1–2 AS Virtus Hockey (S)

Round 4
Kasandora Blues (S) 2–1 AS Virtus Hockey (S)
Soria Bats (S) 1–1 HC Sparta (S)

Round 5
Soria Bats (S) 0–3 Kasandora Blues (S)
HC Sparta (S) 2–1 AS Virtus Hockey (S)

Round 6
Kasandora Blues (S) 0–1 HC Sparta (S)
AS Virtus Hockey (S) 1–3 Soria Bats (S)

LNH All-Star Game

LNH's First All-Star Game was marked by tensions between the Northern teams and the league board. The second-placed in the South Conference, Kasandora Blues, qualified with only two wins. One less than the third-placed of the North Conference. This, of course, further enraged the northerners. There was only one small incident for the war to be declared. And it turned out to be the choice of the arena where the ASG would happen. We cannot tell if it's all true or just conspiracy theory, but some say the game was set for the Vermillion Arena just because the stadium has red seats, the colour chosen for the southern uniforms.

If it was a marketing move, the shot backfired. Fifty thousand Northern fans turned the Vermillion Arena into a blue inferno. And they celebrated an absolute overpower. The Northern team played the first two periods in the water bath. In the third, with the southerners tired, they came as a steamroller, making five goals in twenty minutes. Tiago Durand resisted a lot, but Mark Horsfall and Eric Montells were in a great day. The Southerners were completely humiliated. It is worth remembering that 5 of the 6 starters of the national team played in blue, and only one (Tim Bloxham) was from the south.

LNH ALL-STAR Game - Vermillion Arena, Salinas

Mark Horsfall 9'
Ricardo Winfield 22'
Fernando Simoniti 43'
Mark Horsfall 47'
Eric Montells 52'
Eric Montells 55'
Mark Horsfall 58'
Tim Bloxham 16'
Kasper Holgersen 38'


After a regular mid-season season, marked by many defeats for northern teams, and in two very truncated games, Kasandora Blues took the place to the final. Empa's goal by Kasper Holgersen made the Blues reach the Harmin Cup match "without a shred of merit," according to local media.

Beaumont Wolves 0-1 Kasandora Blues
Kasandora Blues 2-1 Beaumont Wolves

If the Blues went by leaps and bounds, the same can not be said of the Grandeville Royals. The Royals won and convinced. The goals of Bruno Ferreira and Ricardo Winfield (3) made the underdog of the season the most qualified to win the Harmin Cup that time.

HC Sparta 0-2 Grandeville Royals
Grandeville Royals 2-1 HC Sparta

Harmin Cup
In a series of games between the promising underdog and the criticized team, Kasandora Blues asserted his prestige and the best cast of the South (to the rage of the Northerners), and reached Harmin Cup once again!

After losing the first game, away from home, they won the second (in Sirenia, because they started the works of the new Arena that the Blues and AC Kasandora will divide from next seasons) and were to win the third, again in the north, and in overtime!

GAME 1: Ice Palace, Grandeville
Grandeville Royals 2-1 Kasandora Blues

GAME 2: Palaestra, Sirenia
Kasandora Blues 4-2 Grandeville Royals

GAME 3: Ice Palace, Grandeville
Grandeville Royals 1-1 Kasandora Blues (1-2 OT)
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Lisander Basketball SuperLiga

The Lisander Basketball SuperLiga is the main competition of Lisanderian Basketball, starting as a professional league thanks to the joint work of Lisander Basketball Federation, Ministry of Sport, Sponsors and Local Governments. The negotiations involved more than 25 teams. Both there were teams with strong basketball in amateur leagues and multi-sport clubs, as well as football or rugby clubs interested in starting in new sports.

In the end, and in order to avoid a league crowded with teams that would not attract fans, the Federation evaluated each request and chose 14 teams, separating them into two divisions, one for the teams from the North, and one for the teams from the South, like LNH does with hockey.

League Map

Team Profiles

Northern Division
Location: Lerna, Misty Coast
Colors: Teal and White; Orange.
Arena: Gymnasium Lernae (cap. 4000)
Info: BC Olympia is one of the most traditional basketball teams in Lisander. They took to Lerna, one of the biggest cities in western Lisander, lots of relevant titles in Amateur Basketball. They are currently sponsored by K-Star, the biggest supermarket chain of Western Lisander. K-Star is property of Armando Castar, who played basketball for Olympia between 1955-1957, so he was the first contacted by team to assume as sponsor. Much is expected from this team.

PG #
SG #4 Raphael Alion
SF #
PF #
C #9 Guiherme Savin

Location: Isny, Eastern Province
Colors: Dark Blue and Red.
Arena: Isny Communal Sports Park (cap. 1000)
Info: Isny Valliant is a traditional rugby team in Eastern Province, currently searching new sponsors and opportunities. Basketball was a low-risk investment, considering Isny is a city in the region called "The Shield", they could count with players not contracted by bigger teams in the area. They didn''t have much expectations in being accepted by FLB, but with the acceptance, came a lot of interest from supporters and sponsoring from public sector.

PG #5 Rodrigo Gatti
SG #9 Leonardo Aseri
SF #
PF #14 Lucas Heinrich
C #

Location: Portes, Eastern Province
Colors: Black and white
Arena: Portia University Arena (cap. 4000)
Info: The Portia University Basketball team is a reference in College Basketball. Its Alumni team, formed independently 70 years ago, is now a professional side, thanks to the efforts of "The Class of 04'", National College Basketball Champion , who interceded with the university, allowing the club to use the arena, in exchange for giving opportunities to college players who want to become professionals.

PG #39 Kevan Ellis
SG #6 Daniel Heitgen
SF #
PF #13 Bruno Loyola
C #

Location: Mirtylis, Eastern Province
Colors: Green and Blue
Arena: Myrtilis Pavillion (cap. 5100)
Info: They also are a team of the region called Shield. "Our production keeps the nation safe like a shield", the people usually say. Cities from Mid-north were mainly agricultural before the digital revolution. Since they had no permanent Ice and "green fields for production shouldn't be wasted", wood floors were common, and then basketball turned popular. Myrtilis BC is the oldest basketball team of the region, founded in 1935. The Communal Chamber funds the team itself, Making Myrtilis BC a 100% public team.
PG #9 Serge Lorandi
SG #
SF #20 Antonio Castellani
PF #
C #

Location: Montecorvo, Eastern Province
Colors: Dark Blue
Arena: The Crow Nest, Oficially Ginásio da Associação Atlética Montecorvina (cap. 7000)
Info: Dark colors, a discret logo slick and cool uniforms turned the Crows in the favourite team of all hipsters in Lisander. Montecorvo is a small city, and one of the highest, reaching nearly 1000 meter high. The crows are common. The team itself is not that good, but the club have an awesome structure. The Montecorvina is a private club, but nearly 70% of the 9,000 citizens living in Montecorvo are members. Can surprise in long-term.

PG #32 Edward Sevres
SG #
SF #4 Tássio Vins
PF #
C #5 Matias Bridi

Location: Orissa, Eastern Province
Colors: Brick Red, White.
Arena: Stars Garden, (cap. 4100)
Info: Myrtilis had wooden floor for its team. When Orissa, their eastern neighbours, founded their team, one year after, they couldn't afford that floor, so they used to play and train in a red clay bricks floor. Later, they decided to honor the pioneers of the basketball who stood against the Myrtilian bullying, the club adopted the "Brick Red" as its main colour. Orissa and Myrtilis still have a strong rivalry in basketball, if not the strongest of them.

PG #4 Jácome Lunardon
SG #
SF #17 Augusto Vieira
PF #
C #46 Vicente Ancona

Location: Sunion, North
Colors: Sky Blue, Navy, White.
Arena: Arena Comunal de Sunion, (cap. 980) or Lesport Olympique Arena (cap. 6000)
Info: From its foundation to two years ago, they were part of Lesport Olympique, but when the Commune (Municipality) of Sunion was founded, they decided to relocate, attracted by investment and added a nickname. The Dragons are probaly the weakest of the SuperLiga teams, but they have a solid budget and two arenas to play: The ultra-modern but small Sunion Arena, or their former home, Olympique Arena, bigger, but older.

PG #11 Wesley Mora
SG #
SF #27 Patricio Ferri
PF #
C #44 Alan Pontius

Southern Division
Location: Despina, Western Province
Colors: Dark Green, White.
Arena: Pavilhão dos Arminhos (cap. 5500)
Info: Undoubtedly one of the greatest powers of the national sport, AS Virtus 1904 also have pro teams in Premiership (football) and LNH (Hockey), with all of them being nicknamed Arminhos (Stoats). AS Virtus 1904 have a successful team, gathering the best players of the St. Michael Archangel University (Virtus was founded by USMA alumni in 1904). Hermine Airlines secured a sponsorship with them, so the team ACTUALLY have a stoat in the jersey (the airline logo).

PG #6 Danilo Dreyfus
SG #
SF #24 Guistavo Pircio
PF #7 Laurent Oyon
C #41 Conrado Villar

Location: Despina, Western Province
Colors: Red, White.
Arena: Despina Arena (cap. 1800)
Info: Oeste is the "ugly daughter" of Despina. While Virtus have its own structure, Clube Atlético Oeste started as a workers club and just jumped in the bandwagon of basketball because of the investment of a foreign enterprise. They will try to secure at least a spot on playoffs for start, but don't expect that much of them.

PG #11 Xavier Moran
SG #
SF #43 Domingos Baroni
PF #
C #17 Jonas Mertens

Location: Casterwill City, Eastern Province
Colors: Green, Burgundy
Arena: Parc des Sports Countess Tarsila (cap. 8000)
Info: Contrary to what the name says, Casterwill Roses isn't a club, but a Public Limited Sports Company, where the Countess of Casterwill have 67% of the actions and the Camden Automobiles retains the other 33%. Roses are another team founded exclusively for the SuperLiga, and have good players, but will probably lack in teamwork, since they're coming from colleges and teams around the nation.

PG #5 Henrique Conti
SG #44 Zane Mott
SF #26 Filipe Negromonte
PF #
C #4 Lisandro Montagne

Location: Soria, Eastern Province
Colors: Purple, Gold
Arena: Nordland Metropolitano (cap. 10000)
Info: Libertas Basketball is the oldest basketball-only club in Lisander. And recently they moved from their small club court, to the modern Nordland Metropolitano. Libertas also secured the biggest sponsoring contract of Lisander Basketball, having nearly the double of the highest budget of Northern Division (Olympia). They're expected to make a great season, since they contracted the best semi-pro and alumni basketball players in the Capital City of Soria. They are also the only team with a foreigner, the Aristian Asier Laso.

PG #4 Damian Michaelichen
SG #
SF #27 Filipe Frièse
PF #
C #9 Asier Laso (ARS)

Location: Sirenia, Suncoast
Colors: Red and Black.
Arena: Palaestra (cap. 9000)
Info: The Old Lady of Lisanderian sports, Club Sparta have the most successful team in Lisanderian Football, having also teams in Rugby and Ice Hockey. Basketball in Sparta is an old sport, the fourth one in order of inception (after Rugby, Football and Swimming), and the team, composed mainly of Sainte-Justine University alumni, will host its opponents in Palaestra, a great arena built side by side with Estadio Sparta, in the estate of Lutz Family, owner of the club.

PG #
SG #14 Eric Seller
SF #
PF #
C #7 Patricio Siren

Location: Kasandora, Suncoast
Colors:White, Blue, Red and Black.
Arena: The Box (cap. 10000), ACK Arena (cap. 32000)
Info: Atlético Clube de Kasandora is the pop team of our days, mainly by being prestiged by digital influencers, like the lisanderian DJ and "Girl of the year", a.m.i., as well as pop singers like Eric Mino and Roz Morian, all based in Kasandora. The team itself isn't top tier and should content itself with reaching playoffs. They are playing in ACK Arena while The Box (a 10k-seat arena ACK will share with LNH Kasandora Blues) isn't completed.

PG #
SG #11 Tiago Howells
SF #7 Gulherme Artidoro
PF #4 Lauro Sordi
C #20 Martin Lytz

Location: Cidade de Lisander, Azhaar
Colors:White, Blue, Red and Black.
Arena: Azhaar Communal Arena (cap. 1000)
Info: Azhaar, or The Islands, were the first settlement of Lisanderian founders. Cidade de Lisander currently have a population of only 20,000 inhabitants, due to the small size of the island (smaller than every other commune in Lisander). Azhaar team is a prospect, thought to generate interest and media attention to islands. The group is composed by amateur players and college alumni born in the islands or with families living here.
PG #
SG #60 Orian Natel
SF #
PF #36 Alexandre Martins
C #

In the season, teams face every other team in a triple round-robin. The first and third legs are played home and away games, while the second leg, in between, will have matches played in a neutral venue. The top four of each division advance to playoffs. Postseason phases are played in series of five matches and the first team to win 3 matches advances to the following round. This applies to Quarterfinals, Semifinals and International Playoff. The Superliga Finals will be played in a series of seven matches. The table is fixed, so Northern and Southern Division champions can't play in the postseason otherwise than in Finals. Between the Finalists, the team with most a better performance in the regular season plays the matches 1, 3, 5 and 7 at home.

Quarterfinals (series of 5)
Quarterfinal 1 - North 1 v South 4
Quarterfinal 2 - South 2 v North 3
Quarterfinal 3 - South 1 v North 4
Quarterfinal 4 - North 2 v South 3

Semifinals (series of 5)
Semifinal 1 - Winner of QF1 v Winner of QF2
Semifinal 2 - Winner of QF3 v Winner of QF4

International Playoff (series of 5), 3rd place final. Winner earns a spot to IUBC Trophy
Loser of SF1 v Loser of SF2

The Finals (series of 7)
Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2
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Postby Lisander » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:27 am

Season 1


Northern Division          Pld    W   L    Win % 
1 BC Olympia Lerna 39 30 9 0.769
2 Orissa Basketball 1936 39 22 17 0.564
3 Montecorvina AA 39 17 22 0.436
4 Academica AP 39 17 22 0.436
5 Myrtilis BC 39 17 22 0.436
6 Sunion BC 39 15 24 0.385
7 Isny Valliant 39 12 27 0.308

Southern Division Pld W L Win %
1 Casterwill Roses 39 29 10 0.744
2 AS Virtus 1904 39 26 13 0.667
3 Libertas Basketball 39 25 14 0.641
4 Club Sparta 39 17 22 0.436
5 CA Oeste 39 16 23 0.410
6 AC Kasandora 39 16 23 0.410
7 Azhaar BC 39 14 25 0.359


BC Olympia Lerna 3 - 2 Club Sparta
OLY 83-71 SPA, SPA 71-76 OLY, OLY 72-75 SPA, SPA 82-80 OLY, OLY 93-74 SPA

AS Virtus 1904 3 - 0 Montecorvina AA
VIR 66-55 MON, MON 65-71 VIR, VIR 83-66 MON, games 4 and 5 not needed

Casterwill Roses 3 - 1 Academica AP
ROS 53–78 AAP, AAP 73–80 ROS, ROS 85–60 AAP, AAP 71–94 ROS, game 5 not needed

Orissa Basketball 1936 1 - 3 Libertas Basketball
ORI 82–75 LIB, LIB 82–65 ORI, ORI 61–66 LIB, LIB 69–65 ORI, game 5 not needed


BC Olympia Lerna 3 - 0 AS Virtus 1904
OLY 85-79 VIR, VIR 61–79 OLY, OLY 90–73 VIR, games 4 and 5 not needed

Casterwill Roses 1 - 3 Libertas Basketball
CAS 83–67 LIB, LIB 88–66 CAS, CAS 79–82 LIB, LIB 84–71 CAS, game 5 not needed


AS Virtus 1904 3 - 1 Casterwill Roses
VIS 62-66 CAR, CAR 65-78 VIS, VIS 80-76 CAR, CAS 74-81 VIR, game 5 not needed
AS Virtus qualified for IUBC XIII


BC Olympia Lerna 4 - 1 Libertas Basketball
OLY 72-86 LIB, LIB 59-69 OLY, OLY 90–62 LIB, LIB 78–88 OLY, OLY 83-81 LIB, games 6 and 7 not needed


Basketball Club OLYMPIA LERNA
(1st title)
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Postby Lisander » Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:10 pm

Season 2


Northern Division          Pld    W   L    Win % 
1 Orissa Basketball 1936 39 23 16 0.590
2 BC Olympia Lerna 39 22 17 0.564
3 Myrtilis BC 39 20 19 0.513
4 Academica AP 39 17 22 0.436
5 Sunion BC 39 17 22 0.436
6 Isny Valliant 39 16 23 0.410
7 Montecorvina AA 39 16 23 0.410

Southern Division Pld W L Win %
1 AS Virtus 1904 39 31 8 0.795
2 Casterwill Roses 39 26 13 0.667
3 Libertas Basketball 39 25 14 0.641
4 AC Kasandora 39 21 18 0.538
5 CA Oeste 39 15 24 0.385
6 Azhaar BC 39 12 27 0.308
7 Club Sparta 39 12 27 0.308


Orissa Basketball 1936 1-3 AC Kasandora
ORI 80-83 ACK, ACK 67-94 ORI, ORI 60-73 ACK, ACK 85-62 ORI, game 5 not needed

Casterwill Roses 3-0 Myrtilis BC
CAS 74-62 MYR, MYR 61-79 CAS, CAS 83-77 MYR , games 4 and 5 not needed

AS Virtus 1904 2-3 Academica AP
ASV 92-71 AAP, AAP 83-82 ASV, ASV 90-75 AAP, AAP 90-75 ASV, ASV 57-84 AAP

BC Olympia Lerna 1936 3-1 Libertas Basketball
OLY 67-62 LIB,LIB 73-78 OLY, OLY 61-72 LIB, LIB 79-92 OLY, game 5 not needed


AC Kasandora 2-3 Casterwill Roses
ACK 81-70 CAS, CAS 84-79 ACK, ACK 69-78 KAS, CAS 73-75 ACK, ACK 65-91 KAS
Casterwill Roses qualified for IUBC XV

Academica AP 0-3 BC Olympia Lerna
AAP 64-99 OLY, OLY 77-58 AAP, AAP 70-73 OLY, games 4 and 5 not needed
BC Olympia Lerna qualified for IUBC XV


AC Kasandora 3-0 Academica AP
ACK 93-76 AAP, AAP 71-82 ACK, ACK 102-59 AAP, games 4 and 5 not needed
AC Kasandora qualified for IUBC XV


Casterwill Roses 2-4 BC Olympia Lerna
CAS 73–94 OLY, OLY 66-60 CAS, CAS 58–84 OLY, OLY 60–72 CAS, CAS 74–64 OLY, OLY 85–66 CAS, game 7 not needed

Basketball Club OLYMPIA LERNA
(2nd title)
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Postby Lisander » Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:03 am

Season 3


Northern Division          Pld    W   L    Win % 
1 BC Olympia Lerna 39 29 10 0.744
2 Orissa Basketball 1936 39 24 15 0.615
3 Myrtilis BC 39 19 20 0.487
4 Academica AP 39 18 21 0.462
5 Isny Valliant 39 15 24 0.385
5 Sunion BC 39 15 24 0.385
7 Montecorvina AA 39 14 25 0.359

Southern Division Pld W L Win %
1 Casterwill Roses 39 27 12 0.692
2 AS Virtus 1904 39 24 15 0.615
3 AC Kasandora 39 20 19 0.513
4 Libertas Basketball 39 20 19 0.513
5 CA Oeste 39 17 22 0.436
6 Azhaar BC 39 16 23 0.410
7 Club Sparta 39 15 24 0.385


BC Olympia Lerna 1936 3-2 Libertas Basketball
BC Olympia Lerna 95–80 Libertas Basketball
Libertas Basketball 90–64 BC Olympia Lerna
BC Olympia Lerna 84–90 Libertas Basketball
Libertas Basketball 72–74 BC Olympia Lerna
BC Olympia Lerna 86–67 Libertas Basketball

Casterwill Roses 3-0 Academica AP
Casterwill Roses 84–57 Academica AP
Academica AP 57–84 Casterwill Roses
Casterwill Roses 75–66 Academica AP
games 4 and 5 not needed

Orissa Basketball 1936 3–2 AC Kasandora
Orissa Basketball 1936 62–81 AC Kasandora
AC Kasandora 79–88 Orissa Basketball 1936
Orissa Basketball 1936 77–62 AC Kasandora
AC Kasandora 65–62 Orissa Basketball 1936
Orissa Basketball 1936 72–62 AC Kasandora

Myrtilis BC 1–3 AS Virtus 1904
AS Virtus 1904 84–62 Myrtilis BC
Myrtilis BC 58–76 AS Virtus 1904
AS Virtus 1904 78–79 Myrtilis BC
Myrtilis BC 66–93 AS Virtus 1904
game 5 not needed


BC Olympia Lerna 3–1 Casterwill Roses
BC Olympia Lerna 79–71 Casterwill Roses
Casterwill Roses 70–76 BC Olympia Lerna
BC Olympia Lerna 66–83 Casterwill Roses
Casterwill Roses 67–94 BC Olympia Lerna
Game 5 not needed
BC Olympia Lerna qualified for IUBC XVI

Orissa Basketball 1936 1–3 AS Virtus 1904
Orissa Basketball 1936 74–77 AS Virtus 1904
AS Virtus 1904 75–79 Orissa Basketball 1936
Orissa Basketball 1936 57–78 AS Virtus 1904
AS Virtus 1904 93–79 Orissa Basketball 1936
Game 5 not needed
AS Virtus 1904 qualified for IUBC XVI


Casterwill Roses 3-0 Orissa Basketball 1936
Casterwill Roses 78–74 Orissa Basketball 1936
Orissa Basketball 1936 76–96 Casterwill Roses
Casterwill Roses 70–66 Orissa Basketball 1936
games 4 and 5 not needed
Casterwill Roses qualified for IUBC XVI


BC Olympia Lerna 4–1 AS Virtus 1904
BC Olympia Lerna 79–82 AS Virtus 1904
AS Virtus 1904 82–89 BC Olympia Lerna
BC Olympia Lerna 84–73 AS Virtus 1904
AS Virtus 1904 77–90 BC Olympia Lerna
BC Olympia Lerna 86–83 AS Virtus 1904
games 6 and 7 not needed

Basketball Club OLYMPIA LERNA
(3rd title)
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Postby Lisander » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:24 am

Season 5

In an awkward act of dyslexia and inattention, I closed xkoranate without saving the codes. Luckily, this time I had prints.


So... Club Sparta is the champion (for the 19th time, the second in a row) and it's going to Champions Cup. __Solaris Sirenia, __CF Thiéry sur-le-mer and __Liath Cuain CP are going to Globe Cup. Unfortunately to __FC Styria and __FC Victoria 03, the year was so bad, so they're going back to Liga Nacional Remington.

Season 5

Second division was also affected by my awkward acts.


__Racing Club de Soria (one of the biggest teams in the nation) recovered from an awful Season 4, where they faced relegation for the first time in their history. Filled with pain, angry, shame and other bad feelings, they disputed the Liga Nacional Remington and won it. __Soria Union join them in the pack for promotion. Both also earn a spot in Series B Champions' Cup. Sadly, for the Capital city of Soria, both relegated teams are from there. __Elysium Club and __Club d'Escrime will spend (at least) Season 6 in the L3 Vitalis Nacional B.

Season 5

The last season of League 3 under this name and under the sponsorship of the sports nutrition company Vitalis, was the last of my xkoranate-related casualties. From the season 6, third division will be called Nacional B.


Scarlets FC returns to Nacional, bringing with them FC Sagittarius.

There's no relegation, since all teams kept providing the minimum criteria for play in professional lower division(Host the games in a stadium with capacity for at least 700 people; Have at least one coach and 14 players receiving wages in cash and Have a coach accredited by the FLF and a doctor in its permanent staff). If new teams fulfill the criteria, Nacional B should expand to accomodate up to 24 teams before the creation of a new division. There are now nearly 80 amateur teams in the two first tiers of amateur league, and they can apply at any moment, provided the criteria is fulfilled.

Other than that, the season just flopped. No other results providing qualifiers or access to nothing.
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