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- Project Warfighter Application -

Battle Colour of the Royal Commandos

Regimental Quick March

Name of Nation: The Unified Isles

Name of Group: The Royal Commando Regiment (RCR)

Name of Outfit: 2nd Troop, A Squadron, RCR

Detailed Outfit Loadout: See: "Operators of the Outfit". Note: In addition to the equipment and training mentioned below, all Operators are equiped with three grenades (Smoke, Flashbang or Fragmentation) and a Combat Pistol Mk. X, and are trained in HALO jumps and Scuba Diving. (And Bayonet Fighting, but that´s something all Isle´ish soldiers can do)

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Royal Commandos in Battle Dress

Painting of a Royal Commando in Full Dress Uniform

Biography of Outfit:
Regimental History:
The Royal Commandos were raised in 1941 as "Third Royal Reconnaissance Regiment" (3RRR). During World War 2, they were in use as Pathfinder Units for Airborne Division. In 1951, after ten years of existence, the three Reconnaissance Regiments were reformed. 1RRR turned into a fully-fledged Parachute Battalion, 2RRR into a Light Mechanized unit, and 3RRR was temporarily disbanded, with many of the former officers and NCOs being reintegrated into the newly formed "Royal Aviation Regiment" (RAR).

The RAR was the first helicopter outfit of the Royal Isle´ish Army and served as a Counter-Insurgency unit in the inital days of its existence. In 1973, the Royal Commandos came together in their final form. The Original RAR was disbanded into multiple regiments, with a small force of the best men forming the new "Royal Commando Regiment".

Regimental Organization:
The Modern-day Royal Commandos are organized in three squadrons (A to C) at five troops each. A troop has ~12 Men in strength, the whole regiment is about 220 Total Personnel, of which 20 are Officers and 200 are Enlisted.

--A Squadron, Royal Commandos--
1 Troop - Regimental HQ
2 Troop - Combat Troop, Detached to TF Atlas
3 Troop - Combat Troop
4 Troop - Combat Troop
5 Troop - Combat Troop

--B Squadron, Royal Commandos--
1 Troop - Sharpshooter Detachment
2 Troop - Demolitions Detachment
3 Troop - Interrogation Troop
4 Troop - Escort Troop
5 Troop - [REDACTED]

--C Squadron, Royal Commandos--
1 Troop - Recruitment Troop
2 Troop - Training Troop
3 Troop - Attack Helicopter Troop
4 Troop - Transport Helicopter Troop
5 Troop - Internal Security Troop

Operators of the Outfit:
--HQ Team--
Captain Oliver Duncan. Platoon Commander. Originally from 2nd Royal Parachute Regiment (Airborne Unit). Rose through the enlisted ranks over multiple wars and was commissioned a few years ago. Usually equipped with an Isle´ish Carbine Mk. IX and a bayonet, but also Flamethrower Certified.

Sergeant Major Leonard Powell. Platoon NCO. Originally from Her Majesties Scout-Sniper Detachement (Designated Sniper Unit). Relatively young for a Sergeant Major at barely ten years of experience. Should technically equip himself with an Isle´ish Carbine Mk. IX, but usually sticks to his trusted Sharpshooter Rifle Mk. VII.

Corporal Anthony Jordan. Platoon Medic. Originally from the Royal Corps of Medics. Trained and experienced as Combat Lifesaver. Also certified as surgeon. Wears an Carbine Mk. IX with bayonet.

--1st Fireteam (HMG Team)--
Staff Sergeant George Ross. Team Leader. Originally from the Lincoln Cuirassiers (Air Assault). Most experienced soldier in the entire outfit with over twenty years of experience. Equiped with an Carbine Mk. IX with bayonet.

Sergeant Nicholas Harrison. Team Automatic Rifleman. Originally from the Guard Rangers (Mechanized Infantry). Equiped with the LMG Mk. IV. Also trained in operating the HMG Mk. III.

Sergeant Asad Tangri. Designated Marksman. Originally from 7th Royal Marines (Air Assault). Devout Zorotastrian. Equiped with the Marksman Rifle Mk. IX (Variant of the Carbine Mk. IX) with bayonet. Ammunition bearer if the platoon carries the HMG Mk. III into battle.

--2nd Fireteam (Mortar Team)--
Staff Sergeant Bradley Thornton. Team Leader. Originally from the Leicester Mounted (Light Mechanized). Trained as mortar coordination officer. Equiped with an Carbine Mk. IX with bayonet.

Sergeant Ashley Houston. Team Automatic Riflewomen. Originally from the Jarl of Warwick´s Own Regiment of Foot (Mechanized). Only female operator in the outfit and third female Commando in history. Equiped with an LMG Mk. IV. Also bears the ammunition for the platoon mortar if needed.

Sergeant Helmut Schneider. Designated Marksman. Originally from the International Hussars (Foreign Legion Armoured Regiment), was born in Germany. Trained as Mortar Operator and carries the platoon mortar into battle if needed. Equiped with an Marksman Rifle Mk. IX with bayonet.

--3rd Fireteam--
Staff Sergeant Grayson Pierce. Team Leader. Originally from the 1st Royal Tank Regiment (Mechanized). Trained as explosive specialist. Equiped with an Carbine Mk. IX with bayonet.

Corporal Kyle Webb. Team Automatic Rifleman. Originally from the Buchanan Lancers. Currently on probation. Equiped with LMG Mk. IV.

Sergeant Matthew Parker. Designated Marksman. Originally from the Royal Dragoons. Also the Platoon Radio Operator. Equiped with an Marksman Rifle Mk. IX with bayonet.

RP Example: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=376260&start=125

Techlevel: MT

NS Activity: Daily

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Application to Project Warfighter

Náttúr Erum 'n Tæv

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:
The Arthurian Federation - Arthuria

Name of Group:
Enhverfätet Operations Sektion - Environmental Operations Section - EOS

Name of Outfit:
Charlie Patrol, 3 Commando, Environmental Operations Section - 3C Environmental Ops

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Not all of the following equipment is carried at one time. Load out varies per mission and dependent on weight requirements, but the following is an overview of the equipment available to EOS personnel.
  • Uniform - Arthurian MultiCam Battledress (in Arctic, Temperate or Black Tactical Patterns) | Thermal underlayer if required | Personal boot preference | Lightweight fingerless gloves or cold weather gloves | Ballistic glasses | Knee and elbow pads | Ops-Core FAST combat helmet | Commando green beret with EOS cap badge (pictured above)
  • Uniform Accessories - AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle | Personal headset | Electronic jacket (containing the computer unit, manager unit, radio, man-machine interface, GPS, cables and connector) | Virtus body armour | Thigh-mounted holster
  • Personal Amenities - Two-day ration pack | Flexible water carrier | Field dressing | Survival bag | Bivouac and sleeping equipment if required for mission | Ropes, hooks and pegs | Weapons cleaning kit (housed in butt of rifle) | Additional 1-litre water flask
  • Weapons - SG 553 carbine | SG 550 assault rifle | Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle | Glock 19 | MG36 LMG | Accuracy International AWM | M3 MAAWS | FGM-148 Javelin | Mk19 Grenade Launcher | Mortars | MG3 MG | Browning M2 HMG | Tactical War Axe | KM2000 Combat Knife | 4 HG 85 fragmentation grenades | 2-4 stun grenades | 2-4 L83A1 smoke grenades
  • Vehicles - Toyota Prius | Of course not. That would be silly

Appearance/Description of Operator:
EOS Commandos in their 2014 Charity Calendar
EOS Commandos modelling their Summer Collection

Biography of Outfit:
The Environmental Operations Section is the Arthurian Federation's tier one special forces unit. It is a part of the Føðerabundätet Enhverfø Umboður (the Federal Environment Agency), which is an executive agency of the Federal Ministry of Nature and the Environment. The unit is also colloquially referred to as 'the envelopes', from the shortened form of their name (Environmental Ops), or 'Nature's Bastards'. Amongst law enforcement and the military, EOS officers are regarded as having the most intensive selection and training processes, and they are the only such government unit to use special weapons and tactics. Their motto is 'Náttúr Erum 'n Tæv', which loosely translates as 'Nature's a Bitch'; far from being sexist macho-play, it refers to the tenacity with which female canines will protect their offspring.

The Environmental Operations Sections was created in 1072 A.R. (1982 AD). At the time, the Environment Agency was failing to enforce ecological protection legislation effectively in Arthuria. Not only was its budget too small to cover the entire country, it was also incapable of sending civilian inspectors to the mountainous terrain of the south or the forests of the central belt. The Operations Section was consequently designed to be a mobile unit of highly-fit inspectors capable of enduring the harshest of Arthuria's antarctic climate. They would penetrate all parts of the country to ensure that ecological protection and conservation laws were being adhered to by farmers, herders and rural communities. The unit was also fully firearm trained because of the high number of incidents involving bear and wolf attacks (the firearms would not be used to kill the animals unless absolutely necessary, but to scare them away from the patrols).

In 1073 A.R. (1983 AD), a year after its creation, the government decided to transfer responsibility for counter-terror duties to the Environmental Operations Section. Throughout the late 1060s and the early 1070s A.R. (1970s and 1980s AD), Arthuria had suffered from an increasing number of eco-terrorist attacks targeting rural farms, scientific laboratories and 'soft' civilian centres within the cities. The regular police forces, the Lögreglan, lacked their own armed response units at both the federal and cantonal level. While the necessary units were being raised, the EOS was drafted in as a temporary counter-terror unit. Their selection seemed natural, given their advanced firearm training, ability using unconventional tactics and their proficiency in psychological operations - all of which were necessary to tackle rule-breaking farmers and reindeer herders. By using the Operations Section for this role, the government was also able to delegitimise the use of terror for ecological aims by associating law, order and peace with the forces of the environmental ministry. The Operations Section was due to end their counter-terror duties in 1075 A.R. (1985 AD), when the Lögreglan had acquired their own armed response capabilities, but the unit was so successful in this role that it has retained it to this day. The EOS is deployed to situations which the Lögreglan deem too dangerous for their own officers, or to terror incidents overseas when a foreign state requests the assistance of the Arthurian government.

The Environmental Operations Section has the same primary roles to this day: environmental protection and counter-terror. Environmental protection requires the Operations Section to enforce legislation where normal means have not worked. This mainly requires them to take an investigatory and intervention role against offenders who contribute to air pollution, chemical abuse, illegal waste management practices, water pollution and the sabotage of water resources. The EOS is also involved in the fight against eco-crime, having disarmed and dismantled a number of extremely violent non-free range farming gangs and rescued tens of thousands of chicks from a life behind bars. In the name of natural conservation, they have occasionally been called out to rescue cats from especially tall trees.

In its counter-terror role, for which it is more famous, the Environmental Operations Section continues to be deployed in times of national emergency. One of the Commandos (sub-units) within the Section specialises in urban and siege warfare specifically as a response to hostage situations and aircraft hijackings. Other Commandos provide manhunt and tracking capabilities, while the Frogtrooper Commando provides the maritime skills required to interdict drug smugglers, counter piracy and end human trafficking on Arthuria's shores. The diversity of skills offered by the EOS (and a strong policy of non-intervention) explains why the Arthurian military still lacks its own special forces unit, and why the majority of urban Lögreglumaðures are routinely able to patrol unarmed.

The unit is organised into five combat Commandos and a central administrative Commando. The Frogtrooper Commando specialises in maritime and diving operations; the Paratrooper Commando specialises in airdrops and helicopter operations; the Counter-Terror Commando specialises in urban and siege operations, including tackling aircraft hijackings; the Ski Commando specialises in arctic, sub-arctic and mountainous operations, including the use of reindeer-mounted warfare; and the Jæger Commando specialises in long-range tracking, reconnaissance and sabotage. Each Commando comprises roughly twenty-five officers, split into three Patrols. There is some degree of interoperability between the Commandos, as each member is required to rotate between them once every three years. Though EOS is on an equal footing with other tier-one special operations forces, its primary expertise is in sub-Arctic climates.

The last known operation in which the Envelopes were involved was an environmental protection mission. A reindeer herder in the south of Arthuria had repeatedly failed to register new reindeer births with the Environment Agency. The Paratrooper Commando worked in conjunction with the Ski Commando to enforce a fine on the herder and take seventeen young reindeer into protective custody until the fine is paid. The operation was a complete success.

Operators of the Outfit:
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Oðin Eriksson (Callsign: Blitzen) - Officer in command of Charlie Patrol. Formerly a vicar until his village church was destroyed in a storm. With nothing else to lose he joined the Environment Agency and entered into EOS in 1995. Known as a gentleman, he never swears or loses his temper but is masterfully persuasive and knows how to best utilise the members of his team.
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Agnete Schmidt (Callsign: Dasher) - Second in command of Charlie Patrol. She used to be a postman, which in Arthuria's Antarctic climate is an incredibly tough job. She is therefore incredibly strong and possesses excellent endurance. Her greatest skill is her ability to operate the team's communications equipment.
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Sebine Skadesdottir (Callsign: Dancer) - She first learned to drive when she was thirteen living on her parents' farm. Since then she has accumulated more parking tickets than any person in Arthuria's history. Rather than imprison her, the government allowed her to serve three weeks of community service fixing EOS's vehicles. She staid on after her service and is now a full member of the Section.
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Achilles Hilmirsson (Callsign: Prancer) - Designated sniper. Formerly an accountant. Even the seemingly most unremarkable people have incredible skills. Achilles' skill is the ability to eject hot lead from its casing and subsequently cause the death or injury of a target with the use of a high-powered rifle.
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Ivor Grímsson (Callsign: Vixen) - Formerly a jæger in the Arthurian military, Ivor became bored by the lack of action (Arthuria is a declared neutral state). He joined EOS in 2010 and has since delivered fines to countless felons. He is usually the team's machine gun operator, assisted by Sebine. He has a large, red beard.
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Justinus Rasmussen (Callsign: Comet) - Quiet but efficient, Justinus is an average operator until he gains access to explosives or anti-armour weapons. He would generally be described as a sapper, providing the structural engineering knowledge to accompany Sebine's mechanical skills.
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Eva Larsen (Callsign: Cupid) - More of a free spirit than the other members of Charlie Patrol, she is nonetheless an excellent operator in high-pressure situations. It is outside of those situations that she encounters problems with discipline. She is a natural with the Patrol's huskies, and so whenever they are on sled duty she takes the reigns. She is also the best reindeer rider of the Patrol.
  • Enhverfätet Umboðsmaður Ellen Lilleholt (Callsign: Donner) - Like Oðin, Ellen is a kind and gentle person who keeps the team's bond tight. She is the advice-giver and problem-solver of first resort. She is also excellent at understanding the tenets of psychological warfare, which is made use of by the Patrol on occasion.

RP Example:


NS Activity:
Frequent. I will only get involved in RPs that I believe I can continue.

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Combat Technology Recon Group

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Cascadia's Combat Technology Recon Group

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Cascadia

Name of Group: Combat Technology Reconnaissance Group (CTRG)

Name of Outfit: Task Group: Aegis; Combat Element (9 members), Flight Golf-Alpha-Six-Two-Three-Seven (13 Members), and Whiskey 2 Charlie (Riverine Combat Extraction Infiltration Team [RCEIT]) (16 members).

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
Combat Element: Corsair
All Members: Mk.2 Personnel Armor Set, M/03 Combat Knife, M/01 Handgun, Mk.1 Fragmentation Grenades, M/01F Flashbang Grenades, M/01S Smoke Grenade, Joint Heads Up Display /Tactical Communications System, E-Tool, Flares, Grappling Hook/Rope, 1 week rations (collectively), 3 days survival water(collectively), Augmented Reality Night Vision Goggles, backpack, Ground Sheet, Sleeping Bag (3 Season).

Allen "Corsair 1" Mc Donald [Commanding Officer] : High-Power Binoculars, M/07NLD Assault Rifle.
Andrew "Corsair 2" Martell [Executive Officer] : VHF/LF Jammer, Military Rugged Tablet, M/08NLD Assault Rifle, CJOL Rescue System.
Anthony "Corsair 3" Gurrero [Marksman] : High-Power Binoculars, Ghillie Sheet, M/10CT DMR, M/0320 LLR.
James "Corsair 4" Ladnek [Weapons Officer] : M/04A3 Light Machine Gun OR MG/1 Special Purpose Machine Gun.
Jeremiah "Corsair 5" [Technical Engineer] : Dowel Field Engineer Kit, Mine Detector, M/07NLD + M/023 Grenade Launcher.
Kevin "Corsair 6" Hatch [Medic] : Field Surgeon Kit, Stretcher, M/08NLD, 8x Spare IFAK's.
Mark "Corsair 7" Heartell [RTO + JTAC] : M/08NLD, Mk. 4 SOFLAM, LRHFR.
Ryan "Corsair 8" Barret [Scout + AT] : M/08NLD, M/ATLGM plus 2 Reloads
William "Corsair 9" Barber [Scout] : M/07NLD, Combined Rangefinder and long range thermal scope

Golf-Alpha-6-2-3-7 "Guardian Angels"

All Members: Fight operations gear to be specified by Task Force: Atlas Command Personnel.
3 V-44X "Blackfish" VTOL-Class Transport Aircraft (VCTA)
- 2x Transport able to carry up to the size and weight of a LAV-25 fully loaded or 32 fully armed personnel plus supplies.
- 1x Gunship variant, with one 23mm Chaingun, one 40mm Autocannon, and one 155m Cannon. Including fully automated systems and ammo storage.

Whisky-Two-Charlie "Riptide"

All Members Mimic Corsair team plus the following;
2x SWAWC (Special Warfare Assault Water-Craft) Armed up to (but to each crafts unit leader) 1 built in Remote Weapons platform mounted on the front of the vessel using ether; One 20mm M/33 Grenade Machine Gun, One 12.7mm M/23 Heavy Machine Gun, or both mounted in a Armored Warfare Remote Heavy Weapons Mount (AWRHWM); and 5 Heavy weapons mounts around the craft. Two on the port side, Two on the starboard side, one on the stern gun deck. These weapons mounts can use all weapons that are able to be attached to the mounts in any style the squadron commander approves of.

Weapons that have been uses include; Single or Double mounted SPMG .338 calibre Machine guns, Single or double mounted LIM-85 5.56mm Light Machine Guns, Single or Double mounded M/321 "Miniguns", Single mounting of both the M/33 GMG, and M/23 HMG.The boat also carries a M/ATLGM with 5 reloads or M/PCML Single use launchers in case of emergency.

Appearance/Description of Operator:
(new image coming soon)

Biography of Outfit:
Cascadia's Combat Technology and Recon Group is a unit that combines the full force of the Cascadian military into one group. Roughly 500 members and growing the CTRG main goal is to find new combative tech and steal it (putting it mildly). However with the knowledge of this, CTRG has more than just stealing technology, it also has a mandate to secure global stability by limiting certain factions access to certain tech: like terrorists from gaining the ability to harness nuclear materials.

Tasks Group Aegis or Aegis for short has one of the most elite combined fighting forces in the Cascadian militaries arsenal, Excluding [Redacted]. Aegis will act as a support group or direct action group within Atlas's arsenal and may be used as seen fit. they come with one pair of "Prowler" LSV's, one MQ/12 "Falcon" Unmanned Helicopter Attack Drone (UHAD) and a pair of MQ/4 "Greyhawks" to assist with many of TF:Atlas's Operations.

Operators of the Outfit: (To be Released)
RP Example: ... .php?15526 (IceColdMarksman)

Techlevel: P-MT (2035 Armaverse)

Equipment Used by Tasks Group: Aegis (TG:Aegis)

Weapons Systems
(to come soon)
Vehicle Systems
(to come soon)
Un-Manned Vehicle Systems
(to come soon)
Air Warfare Systems
(to come soon)
Naval Warfare Systems
(to come soon)
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- Project Warfighter Application -
Name of Nation: United Federation of the Relikan Republics

Name of Group: Operational Recon Platoon - Heavy Advanced Network // ORPHAN ForceTask Force 48

Name of Outfit:ORPHAN Force Task Force, 48th Generation Team A (Tenacious Komodo)

Detailed Outfit Loadout:


Type-IV ZERO Thermal/Cooling Bodysuit (All Black, recycles trapped moisture to cool internal body heat or traps heat to retain temperatures. Mouthpiece protects wearer against chemical and gas attacks. Covers and clings to all of body except eyes. Name Tag is found below the left collarbone on a strip visible only to UV Light. Flexible Pads along the chestbone, groin and thighs provide slight protection from blunt force damage.)
Modular Tactical Armour Carrier (Camouflage Pixelated)
MIRAGE-D Camouflage Suit (Camouflage Pixelated)
THINKING-CAP Tactical Modular Helmet (Camouflage Pixelated)
RAD Tactical Field Radio (Attached to Helmet)
Multivision Goggles (Thermal, Nightvision, UHD Clearvision)
COMIC-VOCA/RAD Earpiece-Communicator (Non-Powered Wireless Earpieces, Cells receive transmissions and converts them into sonic patterns for the human ear within 1 kilometer.)
VOCALOID Vocal Particle Spray (Nanoparticles sprayed into operator's throat to detect speech patterns which are transmitted to COMIC Communicators)
Gripmaster Combat Gloves (All Black)
Light Kevlar Padding along the arms, shins.

Grenades (According to Mission)
RSG-02F Fragmentation Grenades
RSG-02E Explosive Grenades
RSG-03S Sensory Disruption Grenades
RTS-01AMP Electrical Looping/EMP Grenades
SMK-01 Smoke Grenades
DECY-01 Sonic Emitter Grenades
(Choice of sonic emitter - Sensual, Ballistic, Explosive, Whine)

Vest Equipment

[Vest - 4 Ammo pouches for eight standard 30-round magazines, 3 Grenade Pouches for 3 grenades, 1 Accessory Pouch for small Accessories or 2x Magazines, 3 Spare Woven Sections on the Left, 2 on the Right. Quick vest release catch on the right to prevent vest from drowning operator.]

Tactical Flashlight (Pouch weaved into Rear Left of Vest)
1-liter Water Bottle (Pouch weaved into Front Left of Vest)
4-liter Water Bag (Back Compartment, over Rear Ceramic Plate)
Tactical Mirror, 6cm x 4cm (Accessory Pouch)
Notepad and Waterproof Marker (Accessory Pouch)
Tactical Map (Accessory Pouch)
24-hour Waterproof Camouflage Cream, Green and Black (Accessory Pouch)
Mosquito Repellent (Accessory Pouch)
Water Purification Pills (Accessory Pouch)
4-piece Fruity-flavored Mentos (Accessory Pouch)
Weapon Maintenance Kit (Back Pouch)
Goretex Jacket (Back Pouch)
Four 2,000 Calorie Ration Packs, mixture of Mediterranean, Oriental, Western and Middle Eastern Calorific Mixtures (Back Pouch, Back Compartment)
Toilet Paper, 6 sheets (Back Pouch)
Serrated Combat Knife (Pouch weaved into Rear Right of Vest)
Tactical Relikan Army Tool Knife (Pouch weaved into Middle Right of Vest)
Combat Plating resisting up to 12.7mm

First Aid Pack, Single use Bandage (Left Trousers Pocket)

Field Pack
(Depending on Mission Profile) -
Mine-Prodder, Sleeping Bag, Replacement Boots, 3x SpecOps T-shirt, 3x SpecOps shorts, Undergarments, Socks, Running Shoes, Six 2,000 Calorie Ration Packs, Compact Towel, Bathing Powder, Shaving Kit, Sanitary Kit.


Assault Rifles - M4A4, HK-416, FN SCAR, FN F2000.
LMGs - Ultimax 100, IMI Negev, M249.
Shotguns - SPAS-12, AA-12, Striker.
SMGs - MP-7, MP-5, P-90.
Sniper Rifles - Barrett .50cal, AS50, M14 EBR, HK-417
Handguns - USP, FN Five-Seven, IMI Desert Eagle, P250, P2000.

Sights - Red Dot, ACOG, 1.5x-3x Magnification Tactical Scopes, 2.5x-6x Magnification Marksman Scopes.
Laser Designator - Red Laser Designator (50m Range), Heartbeat Sensor.
Underslung - Underslug Grenade Launcher, Tactical Shotgun.
Muzzle Attachments - Silencers / Suppressors.
Stock - Ergonomic Assault Stock, Automatic Recoil Suppression Stock.

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Krisio Ovemaars, Pioneer of the ORPHAN Force or Standard ORPHAN Force Outfits sans Full Tactical Loadout

Biography of Outfit:

The Operational Recon Platoon - Heavy Advanced Network, or ORPHAN Force, was a highly controversial Tier One outfit meant to cross international laws and operate without boundaries. Originally made up of young orphans below the age of 6 being trained by numerous instructors from different special forces groups, these individuals were orphans whose parents died from war, disease or accidents. One thing which the Federation does not do however, was intentionally create orphans, even when there were children with seemingly high potential to become great soldiers.

The terrorist attacks during the Unification Rift of 1966 created the need for a special forces group to operate within the Republic of Relikai. The first unit, TF-108, became the standard Tier One unit which was recognised in the Republic and neighbouring nations, the unit which was always called upon to solve hostage situations, attack terrorist safehouses and more. The nations around the Republic created their own Special Forces during this time, intent on showing each other the capabilities of their own localised training. Rusandra's Task Force Echo, Moskoyva's Special Unit 97 and Starspectre branches, Namba's Kunoichi and Yukikaze battalions and Dravkavich's Death Guard and Blitzklinge were examples of units born out of TF-108's conception. However, the Republics were still divided during this time, so while instructors often shared their knowledge, there was mistrust and suspicion of the technological deals and cooperation between the Special Forces Groups.

1978 brought about a new change in Regional Special Forces Operations, when Namba discovered the location of a terrorist cell whose leader was planning a nuclear attack on Relikai's major industrial complexes. While members of the Yukikaze struck hard, Namba ultimately failed to prevent the escape of the terrorist leader, who disappeared after killing the Kunoichi agent planted within their ranks, forty-eight hours after the first engagement.

This incident brought about a shift of mentality between the military men and the politicians. One faction who wanted unrestricted access for a combined special ops team, shared information and logistics across the region, while the politicians wanted a similar outcome, but through Regional Unification. However, since the latter option would take years and possibly decades to achieve, a gathering of military leaders decided to form an illegal force of Special Operations Force, operating with no borders, and no identity. The plan came with an experimental portion, drawing manpower from orphans around the region to form the core of the ORPHAN Program.

Task Force 48, the number chosen for the number of years since the countries have won independence from their former colonial masters, was formed with twelve members initially. One from each of the regional countries, Task Force 48 began operating and chasing terrorist cells and leads in tandem with local forces, assuring the destruction of twice as many cells as the previous year.

In the year 1997, the Unification Clause combined all twelve nations into a United Federation, revealing the existence of Task Force 48. Now with a pioneering batch of ORPHANs, TF-48's efficiency was shown in Operation Lightning Spear, the deployment of a hundred and twenty ORPHANs against twelve terrorist sites resulted in a victory for the United Republic, with casualties amounting to thirty percent, a respectable amount for a force of youngsters going on their first mission. Over the years, Task Force 48 has evolved from unit involved in strike missions, to HUMINT Operations and Deep Infiltration. Instructors were made up of members from other Tier One units in the reformed military branches, as well as retired ORPHAN Force agents who were too old to keep up with the intensity of ORPHAN operations, or crippled in the field of battle.

While the existence of ORPHANs remained a secret, as well as a process of procuring members to replenish their ranks, there were few enough Orphans selected every six months that it was ignored by the public through 'administrative errors'.

Training of the ORPHAN -

Ages 4-6 - Language and Ethical Training, Physical Conditioning Begins
The average language to be mastered by an ORPHAN was six, for their future operational theaters. Starting from a young age, language and physical conditioning was impressed upon the ORPHANs, stretching their bodies to the limit as well as mentally training them for languages and mental problems. Fun and play came in the form of physical sports and games, including wrestling and relay racing. A strict regimen of rest and nutrition was drawn up for the trainees, ensuring their growth and training progress was closely monitored during their formative years.

Ages 6-12
Physical conditioning reaches a top level, acrobatics and athletic training including daily runs of several kilometers in the morning and the evening. Basic weapon training and simulated recoil control are introduced, including basic geography and mathematics skills. Academic lessons take precedence for afternoon sessions, physical training for morning and evenings. Children are divided into HUMINT and Combat Specialist Branches, the former involved in infiltration and information gathering, while the latter trains on the art of direct action.

Ages 12-15
For HUMINT, specific training for each individual commences from the age of 12. CombSpec troopers work in sections, platoons, and entire battalions with generations up to three levels ahead, testing their competency and adaptability to new groups and opponents. Weapon specialization commences at the age of 14, where one fires a weapon at harsh circumstances every day, a miss determining a session of harsh training, or a rested day to perform better. At the age of 15, each ORPHAN goes through six months of 'Hell Training', spending three months in Jungle and Arctic terrains, after spending their lives in the desert terrain of ORPHAN HQ.

Ages 16 - Onwards
ORPHANs graduate with an active mission, their success determining their graduation as members of the ORPHAN Force. Missions were selected that every member needed to contribute or have the operation end in failure. There were rumors that ORPHAN Commanders send their graduates into traps, in order to test their resilience and ability to pull through the harshest of trials. Upon graduation, ORPHANs were placed into an Active List, training everyday as they prepared for the next operation, or being prepared to deploy within two hours.

Operators of the Outfit:

Johnathan Gravosia, 31, Karmenia, 3 Years, Team Leader/Assault/Demolitions (Combat Specialist Division)
Konayama Miyuki, 21, Namba, 17 Years, Recon/Assault (Infiltration/HUMINT Division)
Katori Yuki, 24, Akiba, 18 Years, Recon/Assault (Infiltration/HUMINT Division)
Hayatsuki Sakura, 18, Hakata, 12 Years, Sniper (Combat Specialist Division)
Klaudius Konovalov, 25, Moskoyva, 15 Years, Assault/Demolitions (Combat Specialist Division)

RP Example:

Techlevel: Modern Tech - Barely PMT

NS Activity: Frequent

"Atlas Shrugged"(Do Not Delete)

Task Force Atlas Personnel File


Name: Johnathan Gravosia
Alias: "Graves"

Unit: ORPHAN Force // Task Force 48
Role: Squad Commander / Direct Action

Age: 31
Height: 187cm
Weight: 87kg

Birthplace: Karmenia, United Federation of Relikan Republics

Biographical Information: Born to a pair of blessed Relikan parents I was, who migrated to the land of the milk and honey (Karmenia) some time before they decided to have some potent sexy time. Guess you just learnt where some of my likes come from. I grew up as a baker's child would, attending school and going about causing trouble. I had a pretty good aim with this right arm of mine, smashing windows with rocks and sending bullies to the doctor. Of course, I was never caught, otherwise it would be John who's the new bully.

My childhood was in Mygracia, was seventeen when the first plane flew into the World Stock Exchange. Father was a businessman in the North Tower. I remember the screams that day. My rock struck a copper's vehicle shattering the window, but it was not the smash which rang in my ears. It was the screaming, the explosion as planes flew into the building. I had my own home then, but safety was with my parents when a kid's feeling lost. I have not grown up prior, but that day of infamy was when John Gravosia becomes a man born from tragedy.

I looked after my mum from then on, signing up with the Army to get a stable income. I mean, I know baking, but it's not my way. I possess fitness, strength and constitution, so where better to bring the hell of Relikai other than the armed forces? The training was tough, brutal, but ultimately I got into the airborne. I was the first into Nava during Operation Navari Freedom. Combat was sporadic, but Koban International Airport was where I received my baptism of fire. I lost my helmet, when a 7.62 grazed it an an angle it knocked me down and I thought I was blind. Stupid me needed my commander to slap the helmet right, but damn, giving fire was one thing, taking a bullet was another.

First kill was a long shot, eight hundred meters, driver of a convoy. That time I was still using scoped anti-material rifles, instead of the lighter ones used by the Operators or the marksmen. To be honest, my first shot was a miss, killing the guy next to the driver, but the second managed to tear the fella's arm off. That was my aim at twenty-one, but it slowly improved, just like how my scoring rate with ladies improved after that. It was quite the feeling, knowing that you made a difference in the future events to come. Ending a life? More like saving ten lives I'd say.

I was there during the Battle Miko to take down Huey and Joey Sande. A detachment of the Screaming Eagles working with some Operators to take them down, securing the city as a base. I probably did something weird, for it was this battle which the D-boys talked about me. Apparently, as I'd learn later, it was my bullet which drew first blood when an Operator five hundred yards to my side missed the target. I wasn't really meant to be the sniper who took the first kill, but an observer calling targets for the Operators to take.

108 picked me up during Operation Enduring Fox. Why? I suspect it's not because of my shooting abilities. I'm a crapper with small weapons, but years in the field allowed me to place five shots a meter apart over a kilometer using a simple 2x magnification. Instincts, that's what they valued, and it was off to Fort Bran. Training was harsh, by mortal standards, but it was almost routine for myself. Lots of training, education, and before long it's off to Saytre, picking up the pieces from Operation Alpha Serpent. There I spent a year in Novovreka, away from Direct Action duties, honing espionage, getting a tan and the respect of the locals. I fought a couple of skirmishes alongside the warlords, secured some deals for grain and water. None of these actually helps Relikai, but it was a proving ground for my first mission as an Operator.

I spent five years in 108, finishing my tour as an infiltrator in Namba before returning back Home. Here, I received an offer to become some spook of the CIA, and it means another ticket back to the deserts. By then I managed to get a good aim with handguns and such, a useful skill when I had to defend myself from a potential car bomb, killing both occupants as they tried to flee the building. It's really worth it, I mean, why not? Pay's good, I live and die for no one, and should I be captured, no one else gets the blame. I never thought of getting married, but my only regret was being out of the country when my ma had a heart attack, dying before the doctors could get to her. At least she's with dad right now, and that event led to one of my most life-changing experiences ever.

The ORPHAN Force.

There were five of us, from the 108th and the Yukikaze. Sent back into the desert under the vows of utmost secrecy. The man I was to replace has died from unforeseen consequences, and I was quite suspicious of this job as it sounded like I could die any time. Well, first thing to die was my reluctance when I saw my charge, my orphan, a small Japanese waif who can't be older than ten. I was to follow every order given in the training schedule, to mold her into a weapon, the perfect soldier. She was an excellent individual, lacks muscle but I'd find out why the hard way in the future. She was with me nearly 24/7, even when taking a shower I had to stand outside the curtain as part of her training.

What was the ORPHAN Force to me? Controversial. It would be shut down the moment substantial evidence could be gathered on it's existence. I know other darker groups might exist out there, but seriously... I was an instructor, or rather, a personal trainer of this girl, my only charge. Most of the other ORPHANs work as a squad under a trainer, but for the assassins, it was a private trainer, or multiple trainers. There, I organised missions, mostly spying and scouting ones, had her follow me in some undercover movements. My proudest moment was when she fought out of an ambush, returning to base all bloody and exhausted, yet able to give a perfect report on the successful demolition of a terrorist weapons depot.

Remember when I said I enjoy a nice lady after a hard day at work? I slowly began to regret sharing that with the commanders. It was... she was still a child back then. Orders were to turn the girls training to be assassins into women, ripping away the ownership of their bodies and turning them into weapons. Many trainers balked, refusing to pull it off but they have soldiers ready. Undisciplined men who cared little for morals... The last thing I did to protect my charge was to do her myself, tearing into her innocence as she stared into my face, drugged, helpless and wide eyed with that sense of betrayal. I knew I made a mistake, we made a mistake. We got too attached to them, unwilling to subject the ORPHANs to the cruelest methods. The last of my humanity seemed to disappear that day, I was no longer in charge of a human. I was rearing an animal, a weapon, as was my original job scope.

During her coming of age ceremony, when the girl became eighteen, we were supposed to kill each other in a fight to the death. Or rather, I was supposed to kill her should she fail, but she would be able to get away with a severe maiming of her targets. Eight prisoners from Guantanamo, eight prisoners from the Namba Red Army, and myself in an open arena, One versus Seventeen. We were given the authority to whatever we wanted to the girl, and creating a nice show before killing her would grant them freedom. Lies, of course, but desperate men would believe desperate tales. They never stood a chance, undisciplined savages who got hard and wanted a good screwing of an assassin who looked like a simple girl with boobs and a hell of an ass. It was over within ten minutes, and no surprise to have me and her standing last. She was bleeding and bruised, but with a look which I wished for, a look which sealed my fate long before she came at me with her arms and legs moving like a shadow. The successful tale of me forging that fire within her, I felt it when she stomped her boot onto the back of my neck, and my lower vertebrae. I was down and beaten, but the Commanders refused to call off the fight.

The exercise came to an end, and thankfully, we established a relationship beyond simple mentorship from then on. How I hoped I could have told that minx that it was all alright, for I saw that tear in her dark eyes as she stared forward, unblinking.

Psychological Profile: Talkative, chatty, ain't I? Yeah, that's my style. I prefer diplomacy over combat. Too bad we can't reason with the ET, but I can with humans. I think you'd be able to discern much of me from what I told you, but... yeah... I talk a lot, enjoy my drinks, enjoy a woman or two. I mean, which guy doesn't? Poor sods who miss out on life. I always like to keep my mind on something, something to focus on. A naked flame, a thought, a target. Might call me hyperactive, but hey it works, got me far.

I do feel empathy for the ORPHANs, children with their innocence taken from them at such a young age. Their childhood was warped, a corrupted sense of normalcy taken from them, just like how my left arm was taken from me. Softhearted, yeah, but I could be brutal at the same time. One does not become an Airborne, or an Operator, by pitying every kid without a home, every legless beggar. A never say die attitude was needed, and since September Eleven, I had it.

Official -
Relikan Naval Divers
Underwater Demolitions Training
Seaborne Assault Maneuvers
Jungle Survival Course
CQC Specialist Combat Training

Task Force 108
Specialist Marksmanship Training
UrbanOps Assault/Defence Training
Arctic/Desert/Jungle Conditioning
Airborne Assault Training
Hostage Rescue Training

Extreme Physical Conditioning

Notable Experience:
Namba Red Season (Terrorist War on the Federation)
Blockade of Mizandi (Deployment of TF-108 for the search of the entire merchant fleet for a suspected nuclear device)
Namba Red Purge (ORPHAN Force Operations in the Kingdom of Namba,

Typical Loadout: (Normal Loadout for this Operator)
Notes: (Any extra information, such as flaws, or notable relationships or other information)
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Postby Ghondra » Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:16 am

Ghondra wrote:- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: Ghondra

Name of Group: Joint-Branch Special Operations Command

Name of Outfit: Schneider Squad, Dagger Company, 1st Regiment JB-SOC

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
    Basic Loadout: HV-15 Tactical Plate Carrier/Black, Legionary Advanced Soldier Set (Similar to the Ghost's CROSSCOM or the real life Gladius System), Shroud Tactical Combat Knife, FP-19 Pistol/Suppressed, Flashbang Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, Deployable Motion Sensors, EMP Grenades, Smoke Grenades, NVG Ocular Implants, Cochlear Implants, Basic provisions to last a week.
    Dawes's Loadout: Binoculars, high powered & high gain radio, AMA-15 Advanced Battle Rifle/Suppressed
    Mayhew's Loadout: MA219 Man-Portable Machine Gun, SMG-32/Suppressed
    Tanaka's Loadout: EMP hardened Field Tablet and Laptop, High powered and high gain Radio, Advanced Battle Rifle/Suppressed
    Lowe's Loadout: 4x C4 Satchels, Two Heavy Demolition Charges, ATG-5 Guided Munitions Launcher and 2x Rockets.
    Davenport's Loadout: SMG-32/Suppressed, LRR32-A1 Sniper Rifle

Appearance/Description of Operator:
    Lieutenant Commander Elaine Dawes: She has a small and lithe but muscular frame with short blonde hair, pointed nose and green eyes. She wears a standard combat loadout except the plate carrier, in its place she wears a Black Kevlar Tactical Vest.

    Staff Sergeant Derek Mayhew: Huge and muscular frame and has no hair with a stubby nose and hazel eyes and keeps a trimmed beard. Wears a standard combat loadout.

    Petty Officer Leroy Tanaka: Average frame with black hair and hazel eyes. Wears a standard combat loadout and wears a cap.

    Warrant Officer Annette Lowe: Average frame with brown hair and blue eyes. Wears a standard combat loadout.

    Warrant Officer Judd Davenport: Small and lithe frame with brown hair and green eyes. Wears a standard combat loadout except the plate carrier, he wears a Tactical Vest and a balaclava.

Biography of Outfit:
Schneider Squad has been deployed around the world, seen and operated in every locale, from scorching desert to wet tropical jungles. Schneider Squad specializes as a Surgical Force, their motto "As a Scalpel" reflects their role in the JB-SOC. They have a reputation as Phantoms, their enemies rarely seen them coming and when they do something has gone horribly wrong for Schneider. Deactivated in 2009, the squad was re-activated under the command of Lieutenant Commander Elaine Dawes after Ghondra joined Project Atlas. Returning to their original role as the scalpel. Their primary weakness is extended combat.

Operators of the Outfit: (Note: Those are my nicknames for them)
    Lieutenant Commander Elaine Dawes - Little Miss Hardass
    A 32 year old Veteran of two Wars and formerly part of the Imperial Navy's elite Frogmen Corps, Commander Dawes is one of the most experienced members of the JB-SOC. Dawes is cold and calculating, putting the mission above all else, but this is not to say that she is cruel, she will never leave a man behind if she can help it.

    Staff Sergeant Derek Mayhew- The Hulk
    The Senior Non-Com of Schneider Squad, the 40 year old man is the oldest and by far the most worn of the 5 man squad. Specializing in Close Quarters Combat, Mayhew is a compassionate man, generally tired of war. He often plays the mother hen for Schneider. He is, despite his soft personality; a hulking muscular man with graying brown hair. When something goes wrong he is the Heavy Weapons Specialist of the Squad.

    Petty Officer Leroy Tanaka - Mr. Roboto
    The Electronic and Information Warfare Specialist of Schnider Squad, Leroy Tanaka, known as Mr. Roboto to his comrades, Tanaka, like Warrant Officer Lowe, he is one of the most inexperienced members of the squad, he can hack into any system known to man, but he prefers to stay behind the lines, supporting the rest of his squad, though he can hold his own in a fight, behind the lines is where he truly excels. Silent on the battlefield, he is a loudmouthed braggart in the rec room.

    Warrant Officer Annette Lowe- Exploder-In-Chief
    An eccentric and fresh faced recruit, Lowe enlisted in the Air Force and soon made a name for herself as one of the best Demo experts in the service. She was recruited by the Air Force's SOF Program and is only recently assigned to Schneider. A self-admitted Pyromaniac, she loves explosions and loves her job.

    Warrant Officer Judd Davenport - Ninja
    An expert in Infiltration, Davenport was in the same class as Lowe but graduated the program a year earlier than the others. Davenport is almost soundless on the battlefield, always mindful of his surroundings, he can run almost silently, only being noticed when he is about to bury a knife into an Enemy's neck. Davenport is brutal, efficient, emotionless and above all: Dispassionate. He also serves as the designated marksman and sniper of Schneider Squad.

RP Experience:
The End of an Era: An Age of Beginnings
A World in Chaos

Techlevel: Slight PMT

NS Activity: In the summer? Everyday. After it? Mostly on the weekends.

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Postby Dimoniquid » Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:30 am



- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation: The Theocratic Imperial State of Dimoniquid

Name of Group: 2rd Dimonicist Special Operations Group (DSOG3)

Name of Outfit: DSOG3 Combat Unit 7 (Also known as The Ruthless).

Detailed Outfit Loadout: They are equipped with a CARB system (picture), which allows a standard rifle base platform and a specialist rifle base platform to be customised from the very smallest of sub guns to the largest of rocket launchers. It uses a variety of caseless ammunition, is made of a polymer, and can be used with a variety of scopes, grenade launchers, and grips. The troops employ an in development "Hammer" pistol; caseless ammunition, and uses a ceramic cap to electrically ignite the primer of the ammunition. DSOG units carry enough ammunition, grenades, tools, individual first aid kits, and food for three days in their body pouches, while their bergens carry more specialised equipment and ammunition, including explosive, depleted uranium, or armour piercing rounds, explosives, break-down-weaponry such as rocket launchers or anti-material sniper rifles, and long range radio communications, intelligence gathering equipment, and hazardous material protective clothing. Unit 7 will always do extensive research on their assignments, and will rotate and customise their weapons and equipment accordingly.

Appearance/Description of Operator:
Units usually look like this. It consists of a DAR-04 helmet, which is usually fitted with a UOH (Universal Optical Headset) which can enhance their view, and provide an IR image. It can also be fitted with other optics, flashlights, and cameras; this comes with a radio headset and balaclava. They also wear Battle Dress Uniforms, in an array of camouflage, with built in polymer elbow and knee pads. The body armour is Dimonicist standard issue, but also comes with a belt kit that can be fitted with suspenders to provide more pouches. The uniform also includes standard issue polymer knuckled combat gloves and combat boots.

The unit also makes use of exoskeletons; the standard base version (picture) which is attached to the body armour, with a head support, and can be employed on much longer missions. The specialist version, which has a much more robust hydraulics system, a more powerful battery core, and Level IV kevlar armor covering the body while Level III is used to cover the arms and legs. They are employed when heavier weapons or equipment are needed. Standard exoskeletons are mainly used for logistics and for heavy weaponry in the Imperial Military in both combat and logistics, but specialist skeletons are a rare commodity and are currently strict development. The unit does not always wear this uniform, though; depending on the mission, they can also decide to wear enemy uniforms to disguise themselves, or wear mismatched uniforms to remove any recognition of their unit; whether it be by a symbol or organisation.

Biography of Outfit: The Ruthless, as they are nicknamed, are a unit of soldiers under the Homestead Program; a program that was dedicated towards raising soldiers from younger and younger ages as the age of majority was lowered. In the 1960s the government saw an opportunity in the rising numbers of orphans from parents who had died in wars, and decided to send a number of small group to a military facility for training. Some underwent intense education training, learning everything from advanced mechanics to ancient military tactics. Others underwent intense physical training, military training, and a small group underwent behavioural conditioning, which was eventually scrapped because of legal and ethical disapproval. After small successes in test groups, the program was enacted and produced twenty individuals who became Unit 7. The program was then refined and given increased funding, where another group of twenty three was produced in 2025. Most of the original group have either since retired, died, or have gone on to help supervise the military on the program or other matters of importance.

There are current five original members still active in Unit 7. The Unit have seen numerous operations and participated in three separate tours, including the Cotton War, the Terris Border Dispute, and Operation Dragonstone. The most famous situation they are known for is the Siege of Harrowsfield; two fireteams from Unit 7, along with a platoon of National Guardsmen, invaded a hospital acting as a garrison for enemy troops in the town of Harrowsfield which was currently occupied by insurrectionists. Unit 7 used the platoon as covering fire, and eliminated the enemy troops. When a report was filed, the platoon described Unit 7 as "unstoppable", "fucking annihilating" and "ruthless", hence their nickname. The unit are primarily used as a surgical force, however have seen use in counter-terrorism, insurgency, counterinsurgency, overt and covert operations, and most recently manhunting.

Operators of the Outfit: With twenty eight members currently serving in Unit 7, the group is usually split into four teams of seven, or four teams of five and one team of eight, depending on the operation. It is lead by Major Samantha Harrick, who was one of the original members of the Homestead Program. Her second in command is Lieutenant Varro Khal, who is the oldest of the second generation; the youngest is Corporal Varro Vhal, Khal's younger sister, who is twenty two years old. Unit 7 not only contains twenty eight troops, but also contains a number of intelligence personnel, medical team (includes a surgeon and psychiatrist), engineers, and crews for the vehicles. They can also call upon the help of several different branches of the military if they need help. The entire unit is overseen by Lieutenant Colonel Brandon Ferris.

RP Example: The first one I could find is "War Against CASTLE", but I'll try and find some more.

Techlevel: PMT, possibly pushing onto early FTL.

NS Activity: I've recently gotten back on, so I should be pretty active a few times a week.

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Postby Anowa » Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:01 pm

- Project Warfighter Application -

Name of Nation:Allied States of Anowa

Name of Group:Air Force Detachment 17

Name of Outfit:Detachment 17, Squad Glacier.

Detailed Outfit Loadout:
All:S&W R8 revolver [5x speedloaders], Aegis assault armor, 4x M34 WP grenade, 4x AN/M14 grenade, 4x M67 Frag.

2nd Lieutenant Lane Martinson: AUG-A3 w/M320 [4x Magazines, 4x 40mm]

Warrant Officer Damian Morgan: AUG-A3, [4x Magazines] 4x extra frame batteries.

Warrant Officer Barry Grayson: M60E6, [4x 200 round belts]

Master Corporal Markus Ford: M60E6, [4x 200 round belts]

Appearance/Descrption of Operator:
Aegis Assault armor

Biography of Outfit:Their history began during the first world war as a specialized unit in assaulting Austro-Hungarian forts with flamethrowers as specialized infantry. Later on during the second world war they became airborne units, turning them into an Army Air Corps unit. During the First Anowan Civil War they were outfitted with much heavier armor, improving survivability. However, this not only limited their movement, but also their involvement in the war. They have contributed greatly to the war on terror, but their methods are usually under heavy international scrutiny. This has led to talks of tribunal for it's operators due to their heavy use of incendiary devices, and their questionable mental faculties. However, D-17 operations in their entire 100 years of existence have not resulted in a single civilian casualty. Whether this is because they try to avoid needed casualties, or because they aren't deployed into populated areas remains to be seen.

Usually consisting of six operators, two of which are equipped with Aegis assault gear, a collection of ceramics, Kevlar, and an exoskeleton frame weighing in at just under 200 pounds. Aegis users have a very hard time even keeping pace with normal soldiers with all their gear they carry. To circumvent this most of their ammo and standard equipment, such as extra batteries, food, water, is carried by the two unarmored members of the squad. Usually referred to as 'squires', despite the usual case of holding higher rank.

Almost two-thirds of D-17 operations are CSAR, during CSAR operations the 'Squires' act as door gunners supporting from above as their Aegis counterparts pave a pathway to a clear landing zone. However, this does not mean that D-17 operators are not capable of standard Tier One operations, in a pinch they are capable of operations where Aegis gear would be too inappropriate, and both parts of the team are trained in the exact same fashion. Due to the nature of Project Warfighter, no squires will be present in the squad due to a lack of operations requiring immediate air support.

As of recent, the Detachment has come under fire for a number of substance abuse scandals, suspected cover-ups of civilian casualties, and budget overruns. But regardless they remain in service, mainly because they're the only unit in the Anowan military capable of large scale CSAR operations. Many a soldier owes their lives to the D-17, and even as politicians they likely haven't forgotten.

Operators of the Outfit:
Captain Lane Martinson:: Born in the Lower Hive of Terrenus, Lane is no stranger to violence, having been born an orphan his lack of parentage proved to be a slight problem to him. With no one to give him any sort of guidance, and no one to really claim responsibility for him he was shafted into officer school and dropped into Detachment 17 -coincidentally- at the age of 17. He's rather small for the unit he serves in at 170 pounds and just over five and a half feet tall. He has a quick mind and a very high situational awareness, given the occupation he has, this is a god send.

Warrant Officer Damian Morgan:: Damian was born in the farmlands of Anowa Damian was the literal sense of a country boy. Focussing more on his physical self than his mental self, tests to see if he was a suitable candidate for the 303rd Shock Battalion were only barely passed. And while no means stupid, he only shows a level of intelligence in things he actually bothers to learn. He's of average height for the nation of Anowa at 5'11, and at the healthy weight of 184 pounds. His stamina is also notable, being one of the few to pass selection trials in a positive amount of time.

Master Corporal Barry Grayson:A large man at 6'1 and a little over 200 pounds, Barry is the oldest member of the team at the ripe age of 43. His age is a culmination of a very long military service, and he acts as the squad's councilor of sorts. Being born in Anowa's far south, he was always surrounded by tourists and resort towns, other than that he was a very much normal child. Now a father of four, Barry is going to try his damnedest to protect his quartet of children and his nation. Even if it means breaking a few WA conventions.

Master Corporal Markus Ford: Markus is a mute, or at least partially mute. A training accident in early 2007 caused his throat to take shrapnel, resulting in extensive damage to his vocal cords. As such the only sounds he can make are either guttural growls or squeaks. He's developed a small code for his team that works surprisingly well despite the circumstance. Regardless of his slight handicap, he is both mentally and physically fit for duty, and at 6'3 and weighing in at 230 pounds he's a beast of a man.

RP Experience:Do I have to?

Techlevel:MT (2015) - Hard PMT (2018/20)

NS Activity:On nearly every day.

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