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Who needs it, who got it, who hands it out and why.
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All About the Mods/Suggest a Mod!

Postby Luna Amore » Sun May 23, 2010 5:09 pm

Note by Rep: Original post written by The Basenji, and later modified by various mods to keep it up-to-date.

Since we seemed to have lost our first version, I'm going to write a second version. Hopefully this will help you guys out.

What is a Moderator?
A Moderator (often called a Mod) is a player just like you and me that volunteers his/her time to make this site clean from spam, flaming, and make sure the players stay within line. Think of them as police/judges/jurors/janitors.

How do I become a Moderator?
If you make helpful posts in Moderation (but not in Report threads, of course), Technical, and anywhere else help is needed, the Mods will notice you. If you're kind, helpful, and level-headed, you may have what it takes to be a mod (That said, while we look for helpful people, back-seat modding and spamming Moderation are among the quickest ways to get yourself taken out of consideration). When new mods are needed, you may be asked to become a Forum Mod.

Just a note: Don't ask to be a mod, that usually only hurts your chances. "Let your actions speak louder then your words." Self-nominations will not be accepted. Asking to be a Mod is a sure way to get the 'No' check-box marked.

Who are the mods?

Site Admin
[violet] (email:
SalusaSecondus (email:
Pythagosaurus (email:
Ballotonia (email:
Eluvatar (email:

Tech Modling
The Blaatschapen

Forum Admin
Reploid Productions

Senior Game Mod

Senior Issues Mod
Sedgistan (email:

Game Mod
The Archregimancy
Crazy Girl
New Visayan Islands
Mallorea and Riva

Issues Moderator
Luna Amore

Senior Forum Mod

Forum Mod

Retired Mods
Amerigo the mod
Dread Lady Nathicana
GMC Military Arms
Lunatic Goofballs
Melkor Unchained
Neutered Sputniks
Old Tyrannia
Tactical Grace
The Most Glorious Hack
The SLAGLands
Unfree People
USS Monitor

Retired Admin

Game Mod, Forum Mod... what does it all mean!?

Let's break down the ranks for a second:

Forum Mod: These moderators maintain the rules of the NationStates forums. Forum mods have the power to move threads from one forum to another, lock threads, forumban rulebreakers, and edit out posts and images that break the site rules. All new moderators begin as forum moderators.

Senior Forum Mod: An experienced Forum Moderator, often one who has been offered a game mod position and turned it down.

Game Mod: From time to time a Forum Moderator will be promoted to the rank of a Game Moderator. Game Mods have all the powers of a Forum Mod, and more. Among these powers are the abilities to delete nations, eject nations from the WA, delete WA proposals, and IP ban troublemakers.

Issues Moderator: a Game Moderator who is also part of the Issues Editors team.

Senior Game Mod: An experienced Game Moderator.

Senior Issues Moderator: A Senior Game Moderator who is also part of the Issues Editors team.

Forum Admin: The most senior rank a moderator can hold. Forum admins handle the more technical aspects of forum maintenance - adding new subforums, tweaking code, adding features, and more.

Tech Modling: A staff member who assists with technical matters.

Site Admin: An admin is responsible for coding new features, bug fixes, and other goodies. Our own beloved [violet] belongs here. The Site Admins do all the coding, and techie stuff to make this game run smoothly.

Edited thoroughly by Sirocco.
Edited by Stephistan for spelling error by Sirocco ha!
Further editing done by Sirocco for further clarification on a few subjects. Steph, it's been a hard day! I meant no wrong!
more editing by Sirocco done to fix the ellipses and make a few things more grammatically correct.
Sirocco edits a little to make his promotion to GM more public on the 15th of January (though he was promoted on the 13th)
And a touch more editing by Hack to (once again) mark Ineptia as retired. I think. Maybe...
Myrth added to the list on 4-17-04!
Edited a wee bit by Myrth just cuz I can.
Myrth edits again to correct the spelling of Menelmacar.
Violet moved Neut into Retired section. Enodia too. Then rejigged a bunch of names.
Sl4gd0r added The SLAGLands back to the Game Mods list where he belongs because he began ruling the universe again on 5-23-04.
Ineptia is still with us! Put back into the Game Mod list by Sirocco on 13/6/04.
On 20/6/04 Myrth removed all evidence of the Mod Collective, seeing as we let it die again.
14/7/04 Reppy added her new moddy email.
Sirocco jumped on the bandwagon and added his too on 23/7/04.
Myrth added his seksay mod gmail account so as not to feel left out on 10/08/04 at 4:30am YEAH!
Myrth proves he is the Ultimate Editmaster of d00m by adding Unfree People as FM on 03/09/04.
A huge re-editing of the whole thing to get rid of the 'Tech Modling' and 'Forum Admin' since they don't exist anymore. Some grammar has been corrected too. - Sirocco 4/9/04.
Added Katganistan--Karma 4/9/04.
Slaggy retires 9/9/04. Moved into retirement section by Sirocco.
Added my new shiny email addy, plus a cosmetic change -UP 9/12/04.
Added contact email -Hack Sept. 21, 2004.
Sirocco to Senior GM, TG to GM -- violet 14-Oct-04.
Added my email -- Salusa,
Stephistan retired. 11/27/04/.
Tactical Grace retired -UP 12/14/04.
Tsaraine sneakily modified--Rep: 1/3/05;
thoroughly re-edited by Sirocco 12/1/05.
Promoted Melk & Myrth -- [violet] 04-Feb-05;
Added Frisbeeteria as a forum mod -- Salusa 08-Feb-05;
added my email -- Frisbeeteria 10 Feb 05;
Retired Ineptia -- [violet] 18-Mar-05.
Myrth busted himself down to retired on 1/6/05. Ten points to the first person who notices! |
W00t! Ten points! Soon I will have a whole railway! -GMC|
Added my email account to the mods list- Kat |
Added my blog to the list! - Rep |
We can add blogs?! Cool, I'll do the same - Sirocco. |
7-Jul-05. Kat and Fris promoted to GM by [violet] |
Euroslavia promoted to forum mod on the third of August, 2005 ~ Sirocco.
Changes made to the link to Kat's blog - for some reason it led to Microsoft's website... 4/8/05 ~ Sirocco |
Added my moddy e-mail and blog. 9-August-05 ~ Euroslavia | Lost and restored, 8 Dec 08 ~ Fris |
~Updated email addresses, 8 Dec 08 - Kat|
Added forum admin position and posted to new forum, 17 April 09 - Rep |
Did a bunch of edits to bring the definitions up to date. The
UN was even referenced. Sheesh. 9 JUL 09 - Sirocco |
Added issue editors and description 13 AUG 09 - Sirocco |
Flibbleites is promoted to forum mod 15 AUG 09 |
Czardas promoted to forum mod 19 OCT 09. |
was I really? Whoever put that notice in was seriously negligent in adding me to the list then <.< ~ czar |
NO U ~ Euro |
Lunatic Goofballs promoted to forum mod 19 OCT 09 - Euro |
NERVUN tossed up to the forum mod position as well, what a day! 19 OCT 09 ~ Euro |
Added Modly email address so I can listen to the crickets chirping in its emptiness 02 NOV 09 - NERVUN |
ooh, we get e-mails too! neat! - czar |
someone seems to have fed Kryo to the game-mod-ification machine 30 Dec 09 - czar |
melkor -> senior, fris -> regular 21-APR-10 - violet |
Holy crap, Nathi's a forum mod! - Rep |
(Hell Freezes Over) ~ Nathi |
Jenrak promoted to Forum Mod 11 MAY 10 ~ czar |
Archregimancy promoted to Forum Mod 12 May 10 ~ Nathicana./
Edited by Ard on May 25, 2010, because she's been hanging around here for aaaages and nobody's even noticed that she and HotRodia got modded in 2007.|
THE! THE! Forgot the THE! 25 May 10 -NERV|
Brought back in line with the current vers. 04 Oct 2010 -NERV |
Sedgistan modded, that's what you get for being so helpful 12 Nov 2010 -NERV |
Added my email address 21 Nov 2010 - Sedge |
Added Demoness to retired mods list... silly whippersnappers! |
Expanded out the whole who the heck are we thing. At least we're no longer as mysterious as Kekko Kamen 17 Dec 2010 -NERV |
Attack of the Gameplayers! (CG modded) 12 Apr 2011 - Sedge |
Flib & Nerv -> Game Mod, added a couple of email addresses 24 Apr 2011 - Sedge |
Goobergunchia assimilated, Czardas of Nine separated from the cube 18 NOV 2011 ~ czar |
Nathi, Arch, and Sedge forced to eternal slavery as Game Mods 22 Nov 2011 -NERV |
New Issues Editors *cracks whip* 15 Dec 2011 - Sedge |
G-R resigned as Issues Editor 8 Jan 2012 - Sedge |
Luna Amore -> Issues Editor 10 Jan 2012 - Sedge |
Kindly Professor Hell becomes Issues Tech, Fris to Senior, Melkor to regular 12 Mar 2012 --Goob |
Cogitation reinstated as GM 6 Apr 2012 |
Ballotonia to Tech Admin 9 May 2012 --Goob |
Ballotonia email added 9 May 2012 - Ballo |
Dustistan and Maurepas retiring as Issues Editors 2 Aug 2012 - Sedge |
Transnapastain modded 3 Nov 2012 - Ballo |
CG becomes GM, Lord help us all 10 Nov 2012 - Ballo |
Le'see, Trans game modded, Melk, Siro, and Goob retired, and... oh yeah, we now got a pet sheep (Blaat) and Farn took the red pill. May Max have mercy on their souls. 13 Aug 2013 -NERV |
added an email-address 14 Aug 2013 - Blaat |
Feoras is people! who knew? 29 Dec 2013 -NERV |
Mousebumples and Mallorea and Riva become FM. 24 april 2014 - Ballo |
Sedge to Senior Issues Moderator, LG, Blatt, Jen, and Farn are GMs now, and GMC is retired with honors. Oodiloli Golly What a day! 30 May 2014 -NERV |
Raurosia and Golgothastan press-ganged into Issues Editing team 2 Apr 15 - Sedge |
Tossed Mouse to the Shark and the shark into Mall, and both popped out as Game Mods. 15 April 2015 -NERV |
I guess I'll add myself! added Issues Moderator Luna. 30 May 2015 - Luna |
added e-mail. 4 June 2015 - Luna |
Issues team changes. 08 July 15 - Sedge |
Retired The Most Glorious Hack 10 July 2015; also made changelist readable by adding carriage returns; also hid changelist inside spoiler block - Cogitation |
Gnejs added by Sedge 26 Aug 2015 - Dictated But Not Read |
Dread Lady Nathicana retired 9 Sep 2015 - Ballo |
Luna Amore becomes a Game Moderator 16 Oct 2015 - Ballo |
Sanctaria gets AARP'd 7 Dec 2015 - Sedge (He's too important to make his notes. I've gotta go clean up after him. Tis the lonely life of Issue Mod Luna)
Sleep added as IE 15 Jan 2016 - Sedge... except for the note here. That's still Luna.
Eluvatar to Tech Modling, whatever the hell that is. 12 Feb 16 -- Sedge, and actually him this time.
Kurusia and Wrapper become Forum Mods 9 Mar 2016 - Ballo
Retired Flibbleites 28 Apr 2016 - Ballo
New IEs: LL/CWA 10 May 2016 - Sedge
Added email to Kyrusia on 22 May 2016, then edited in this on July 21 2016. - Kyru
Bumped Kyrusia to GM 11 Sep 2016 - Ballo
Added OT, Yumyum and Monitor to FM 15 Sep 2016
Moved Jenrak to "Retired Mods." — Kyru (November 19, 2016)
AARP'd CWA, re-added Golgothastan to IE, added Ransium, Helaw, The Grim Reaper, Zwangzug, Wyethalania, The Free Joy State, Pogaria as IE's January/February 2017 - Sedge added them, Luna filling in the notes.

USS Monitor dry docked, refitted to Game Mod status. You may start playing the music from ST:TMP here if you wish. March 4, 2017 -NERV
Kryozerkia retired, March 6, 2017 - Fris
Audioslavia Forum Modded, April 15, 2017 - Sedge. Dictated but not read.
Moved Blaat to retired list --Monitor Aug 23, 2017
Moved Sedge to retired list -- Luna Aug 28, 2017
Moved Elu to Site Admin list. Also corrected improper Admin listings to reflect their actual apparent masking. That was going to bother me... -- Kyru Aug 28, 2017
Heh, heh, heh. We scarified the goat for the POWER of senior Game Mod, Kyru to senior. -- NERV 2017/September/1
Consolidated redundant admins. Take that, redundant admins! --v 2017-09-01
Wrapper to Senior FM. For cool, easy listening, tune in to Senior FM. --v 2017-09-02
Moved CG to Retired Mods. -- Kyru Sept 1, 2017
Corrected typo: "amoung" -> "among" -- Kyru Oct 20, 2017
Added "Ransium" to "Forum Issues Mod" listing. -- Kyru Nov 10, 2017
Hrmm, strong is Ransium with the Force, but he's not a Game Mod yet, rewording Issues Mod to being any kind, not just Game. --Nerv 21 Nov, 2017
Moved Luna to the retired list -- Luna (that's right, I done retired myself) Dec 1, 2017
Noting that "Ransium" was promoted to Game Moderator, though remains on Issue Mod list. -- Kyru Mar 14, 2018 (Pi Day!)
Added The Marsupial Illumianati, Baggieland to IEs. -- Ran Mar 27, 2018
Added Wyethelania and Luna to the IE list. Keeping track of them is like whack-a-mole. -- Ran Apr 9, 2018
Transnapastain retired -- Fris 20 April 2018
Jakker becomes a forum mod, May 1 2018. Not April 1 2018, mind you. It really happened.
Moved Yumyumsuppertime, Ardchoille, Tsaraine, and Lunatic Goofballs to the dugout -- Fris, 12 May 2018
Lamoni to Forum Mod. -- Kyrusia, 14 May 2018
Retired Lenyo. -- Kyrusia 14 May 2018
Promoted The Free Joy State to senior issues moderator, added Frieden-und Freudenland as an IE --Ran August 5, 2018
Liberated Neutraligon and Starblaydia of their attachments to their souls. (Elevated to Forum Mod.) -- Kyru, 9 FEB 2019
Added Altmer Dominion to editors list -- Monitor Feb 17 2019
Re-added Luna Amore as GM -- Ballo, April 9 2019 (logged by Luna. That's right. I done retired AND rehired myself)
Lamoni promoted to Game Mod. -- Kyru, 6 MAY 2019
Mallorea and Riva demoted (by request) from Game Mod to Forum Mod -- Fris, 29 June 2019
Retired and IE'd USS Monitor. -- Kyru 13 August 2019
Retired Euroslavia + Wrapper removed luna from retired list-- Ransium 9 October 2019
Retired Gnejs from IE. -- Kyru 13 OCT 2019
Promoted Audioslavia, Neutraligon, and Starblaydia to Game Mod 16 Oct 2019
Retired Mallorea and Riva. -- Kyru NOV 2 2019
Retired myself -- NERV NOV 6 2019
Retired IE 'Frieden-und Freudenland'. -- Kyru DEC 31 2019
Return of the Sedge -- Sedge, 04 Jan 20
Retired OT - Ransium 12 Feb 20
Santheres raised to Forum Mod. -- Kyru FEB 12 2020
Giovenith raised to Forum Mod. -- Kyru FEB 16 2020
Zurkerx raised to Forum Mod. -- Kat FEB 18 2020
Sedge/Luna/Ransium listed as Issues Moderators, updated description of that role, and removed Issues Editors/Issues Tech from this list as they're covered in the Got Issues stickies. -- Sedge FEB 25 2020
Fixed email typos -- Luna MAY 8 2020
I retired myself before that got forgotten. Someone else can do the rest. -- Kyru MAY 24 2020
Euro returns -- Sedge JUN 7 2020
Sedge back to Senior Issuse Mod -- Sedge JUL 25 2020
Giovenith, Santheres, Zurkerx to GM -- Sedge Aug 31 2020
NVI to Forum Mod -- Lamoni Sep 20 2020 (Logged by NVI 11/23/2020)
Retired Ransium -- NVI 11/23/2020
CG returns -- Sedge Nov 25 2020 (Logged by NVI 11/26/2020)
NVI to Game Mod - Sedge March 23rd 2021 (Date in log corrected by NVI 03/23/2021)
Ransium back - Sedge May 13th 2021
Goobs and Mall back, what a day! - Sedge May 22nd 2021
Blaat back as Tech Modling -- Sedge 2nd July 2021
Euroslavia retired again -- Sedge 27th Sept 2021
Goobs now game mod -- CG January 3rd 2022
Jakker removed -- CG January 29th 2022 (Logged by NVI 01/30/2022)
Removed email addresses, replaced all admin emails with default admin email -- Luna June 2nd, 2022
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All about Mods: How to Suggest or Become One

Postby Luna Amore » Sun May 23, 2010 5:09 pm

STANDARD DISCLAIMER:This does not mean we are looking for new moderators or that anyone who receives a nomination has an actual chance at being asked to be a moderator. Self-nominations will not even be looked at!

So, we get peppered regularly with questions to the effect of "How do I become a moderator?" and "So-and-so would make a great mod, don't you think?"

So, here's your chance to submit an opinion that won't be met with an annoyed moderator checking off your telegram and hitting the "Delete Telegrams" button. The rules are simple.

  1. Don't nominate yourself. That's just like asking about how one becomes a mod. We want to know who else you think might be mod material. We won't even look at self-nominations. And we will check to make sure you aren't nominating yourself using a puppet!
  2. Submit a Getting Help Request that contains all of the information listed below.
  3. Serious opinions only, please!
In your submission, be sure to include the following information: (Note that fields marked with a * are required if you want us to look at your nomination!)

  • Your nation's name
  • Your email address
  • Your IRC nickname/Discord name (if applicable)
  • Your nomination's name. (Or primary nation, if the player has more than one)
  • Your nomination's IRC nickname/Discord name (if applicable)
  • Reasons why you think your nomination would make a good moderator.
  • Reasons why you think your nomination may not make a good moderator (Remember, folks, nobody's perfect!)
  • List of links to threads/posts by your nomination that you think supports your reasons
  • Any other assorted information you feel should be mentioned regarding the nomination

Thank you, and good luck!
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Reason: Changed email nominations to GHR

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