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Postby Whirl Islands » Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:02 pm

The Whirl Islands Premier League Season 15

Fifteen seasons of Whirl Islands Premier League action have already been held, so let's have a quick look at what happened this last season...


Team                            P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
1 Navel Sharks 33 23 4 6 69 29 +40 73 CC
2 Lagoon Red Diamonds 33 19 8 6 62 33 +29 65 CC

3 FC Atlantis 33 15 9 9 45 39 +6 54 GC
4 Navel FC 33 13 14 6 46 35 +11 53 GC
5 Eastburg United 33 14 8 11 30 23 +7 50 GC

6 Portland Greencaps 33 10 11 12 30 32 -2 41
7 Náutico 33 9 9 15 32 43 -11 36
8 Union FC 33 9 8 16 39 55 -16 35
9 Narissa Dolphins 33 8 11 14 19 33 -14 35
10 Halcones de Maracaibo 33 10 5 18 29 51 -22 35
11 Racing de Terranova 33 8 9 16 27 39 -12 33
12 Vieux-Port FC 33 8 8 17 35 51 -16 32 REL

In the most boring and predictable football league of the multiverse, Navel Sharks cruised to yet another championship without another team posing a significant threat to their title chances, although the Red Diamonds managed to strip Navel FC from another second place finish and got the Whirl-Islander berth for the Champions' Cup's preliminary rounds for non-champions. And once again, Atlantis proved that they could be title contenders in the middle-term by retaining their third-place finish, while NFC's failure to represent a real threat to their arch-rivals sent them crashing to fourth place and an unwanted ticket to the Globe Cup, and Eastburg seemed to be content with finishing in fifth every season, with the Greencaps finishing too far away in sixth and never looking as a strong contender for that last berth to the GC.

And, if last season's relegation struggle was passionate, this season it was even more, with Náutico, promoted Union, Narissa, Halcones, Racing and Vieux-Port reaching the last weekend of league action with real chances of seeing the drop. Halcones and Racing found themselves facing each other, while Union had to visit Eastburg, Náutico had to fight for their salvation in Atlantis, and Narissa and Vieux-Port had the toughest matches, with Vieux-Port hosting Navel FC, and the Dolphins visiting the already-crowned champions, the Sharks. Of all five teams, the only ones able to get positive results were Halcones, who beat Racing in Terranova, and Náutico, who stole a point from Atlantis, which was enough for them to finish in seventh, and for the Yellow-Blacks to secure third place. Union were downed by Eastburg, while the Dolphins lost at Jamestown, and Vieux-Port, who were rock-bottom at the start of the day, doomed themselves to play the next season in the Campeonato Nacional after losing in a shameful way to NFC at home.

The Whirl Islands Campeonato Nacional Season 17

A new Campeonato Nacional season is over, with a three-horse race developing throughout the season between Sparta Navel, Athletic Victoria, and Olimpia, although the claret-glad team was the one that finished first and won promotion to the Premier League, where they will meet their arch-rivals Union once again. For Victoria and Olimpia, there was a "consolation prize" waiting for both though, as their efforts were awarded with qualification for the Series B Champions' Cup, along with champions Sparta and Lagoon Crocodiles, who finished in fourth place. And clearly, we won't waste any words talking about the rest, as they did nothing notable or of interest for the competition this season.

Team                            P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
1 Sparta Navel 33 17 9 7 49 30 +19 60 CH/P - SBCC
2 Athletic Victoria 33 17 8 8 48 30 +18 59 SBCC
3 Olimpia 33 16 9 8 45 24 +21 57 SBCC
4 Lagoon Crocodiles 33 16 7 10 49 41 +8 55 SBCC

5 Atlético Narissa 33 12 10 11 30 29 +1 46
6 FC Moncton 33 12 6 15 41 47 -6 42
7 FC Terranova 33 10 9 14 32 38 -6 39
8 Hoxvathor Seahawks 33 10 9 14 35 45 -10 39
9 CCD Eastburg 33 9 11 13 35 41 -6 38
10 Sporting Ayacucho 33 9 10 14 27 40 -13 37
11 Arica FC 33 8 10 15 31 45 -14 34
12 Deportivo Maracaibo 33 8 10 15 23 35 -12 34


The Twelfth Islander Championship

With the return of the Whirl Islands Premier League as the highest tier of Whirl-Islander professional football, the Islander Championship now gives a single berth for the Cygnus Cup.

Navel Sharks 6-1 Union FC
Lagoon Red Diamonds 2-0 Náutico
FC Atlantis 0-0 Portland Greencaps (1-0 AET)
Navel FC 3-1 Eastburg United

Navel Sharks 2-3 Navel FC
Lagoon Red Diamonds 0-1 FC Atlantis

Final @ Yellow Field, Atlantis, Atlantis Island (Attendance: 11,223)
FC Atlantis 3-0 Navel FC

Congratulations to FC Atlantis, who won the twelfth Islander Championship and qualified for the next Cygnus Cup!

UICA Qualification:
CC: Navel Sharks, Lagoon Red Diamonds
GC: FC Atlantis, Navel FC, Eastburg United
SBCC: Sparta Navel, Athletic Victoria, Olimpia, Lagoon Crocodiles

Cygnus Cup qualifier: FC Atlantis
The Whirl Islands - A more tropical version of Valladares
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Postby Osarius » Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:17 pm

2199-2200 King's League Preview

|AFC Hollybrent |
Honours: OFA Cup (x8), Corradini Cup (x2), Queen's Shield (x1), Osarius Football Combination (x5)
Stadium: Applegrass Arena (64 000)
Manager: Yannic Yokum (TYR)
The former club captain has managed to cling onto his job in recent years, but this will surely be his last chance. Even with the backing of the fans, he simply can't afford to allow his team to be fighting off relegation again. The board have entrusted a reasonable amount of funds to him, and he will need to invest wisely. Picking up Marvin Turner on a free transfer was smart business, but signing Kholanaras attacking midfielder Alvaro Saldana is seen as a risk at 5m OSC.
Captain: Alvaro Iniesta (OSR)
The pint-sized midfielder has already announced his intention to hang up his boots come season's end, and will look to go out on a high. His trickery and clever passing could be key to any success in Hollybrent this year, especially now that he has Turner behind him alongside Pugh.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: E-Lete (Sportswear)
Notable Transfers:
Veteran "destroyer" Marvin Turner from Burningham City (free) should add some defensive solidity; Kholanaras playmaker Alvaro Saldana (5m) will help supplement, and ultimately replace Iniesta.
Starting Lineup: [4-4-2] Mason, Bernardi, Marsh, Negro, Wilson, Pugh, Turner, Iniesta, Saldana, Bray, Richards
Last season:
  • 13th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Third Round
  • Corradini Cup Quarter Finals
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Thirty-four. The number of millions of Osarian credits Hollybrent have named as Gareth Mason's price tag. Expensive.

|Burningham City |
Honours: King's League (x14), OFA Cup (x11), Corradini Cup (x7), Queen's Shield (x2)
Stadium: Elishat Stadium (72 000)
Manager: Giorgio Cassetti (OSR)
As a former national team assistant coach, Giorgio Cassetti is well acquainted with the pressures of a high profile management role, and even more aware of the magnitude of the task at hand with Burningham. Overhauling the squad is not an option, so Cassetti is relying on his connections within the game to pick up good loan deals while he slowly rebuilds the squad.
Captain: Conor Kinsella (OSR)
Blood and guts, all-action centre backs aren't exactly rare in Osarian football. However, those kind of guys who are all that, and also possessing great ball control and the ability to step forward into midfield, are exceedingly rare. Kinsella ticks all those boxes and remains an integral part of the Burningham squad, despite his advancing years.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Royal Gold (Electronics)
Notable Transfers:
Firewood's promising all-round midfielder Elettra Messieri (loan) should help to create chances for livewire striker Cameron Stern (9m) and overseas hitman Othello Hondon (undisclosed) signed from Utica and Paper Tree Town, respectively.
Starting Lineup: [4-1-3-2] Corradini, O'Reilly, Monte, Steele, Ledesma, Kinsella, Messieri, Rapinato, Rabuano, Hondon [PPF], Stern
Last season:
  • 7th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fourth Round
  • Corradini Cup Fourth Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Forty-one. The total number of goals scored by Burningham's two new strikers last season. Prolific.

|Callisto City FC |
Honours: Corradini Cup (x1), Royal League (x1)
Stadium: Golden Temple (32 000)
Manager: Hugh Collingwood (OSR)
Once upon a time, Collingwood was the unlikely captain of a classy Hastmead side… whatever Amandeep Sahota preaches there must have rubbed off on the Callisto boss, as he has transformed them into something like the "golden generation" of Donovan MacLean. With a lot of backing from the club's new owner and clever investment in youth, Collingwood has built a team based on sound football principles who could yet break into the King's League elite.
Captain: Jonathan Bailey (OSR)
Much like the Callisto boss did at Hastmead, Bailey seems like an unlikely selection for captaincy. The functional central midfielder operates as an anchor, though, and provides a sense of balance. His tendency to "keep it simple" and slow down the tempo of the game is perfect for this young Callisto side.
Kit Manufacturer: Umas
Shirt Sponsor: Amaranthina (Utilities)
Notable Transfers:
Collingwood promoted a few youngsters from the academy instead, most notably Right Forward Suzanne Hayes and Right Back Alberto Caraballo. The two formed a strong partnership in the youth team and will look to carry that over to senior level.
Starting Lineup: [4-3-3] Poulsen [PIS], Rowland, Knowles, Serafinowicz [PIS], Duffy, P. Caraballo, Bailey, A. Lombardi, Barrera [AQL], G. Lombardi, Hayes
Last season:
  • 6th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Third Round
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Ninety-two. Jonathan Bailey completed ninety-two percent of his passes last season. Accurate.

|Charleston Athletic |
Honours: Royal League (x1)
Stadium: The Qube (60 000)
Manager: Martin McGrath (OSR)
Unfashionable. Old school. Negative. Just some of the adjectives used to describe Charleston manager McGrath. It's not unfair criticism, but it does overlook the effectiveness of his system. The fans at The Qube have no problem with the combative style of play, reliance on set plays, and general paucity in front of goal, however, as they are fond of the aggressive defence. McGrath does, however, seem to want to move away from that more and more recently.
Captain: Ozyxomidruin Lamas’Porii (AMV)
Even the press in his own country call him a thug, but Charleston fans won't care. They love "Ozyx" and his brutal tackles. It has been speculated that it's the captain's appetite for destruction (so to speak) that has been behind the general increase in offensive play from Charleston. They've defended from the front a lot more in recent times.
Kit Manufacturer: Emmarr
Shirt Sponsor: Timoteo (Food processing)
Notable Transfers:
Former Osarius centre back Valeria Ayala (free) will add some depth to their already formidable defence; Warton's hit-and-miss left winger Phoebe Allen (1m) will add an attacking threat and much-needed support for Luke Warren; Greeningham's Rinaldo D'Orazio (3m) could be a steal, considering the quality of midfielder they've produced in recent years
Starting Lineup: [5-4-1] Kauser, Lamas'Porii [AMV], Ayala, Eckers, Maloney, Gonsalves [AQL], Allen, Dhanda, D'Orazio, Graham, Warren [PPF]
Last season:
  • 12th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Third Round
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Seventeen. The number of seasons between the signings of Charleston's two most well-known heroes; Mace Kinoz'gh and Ozyxomidruin Lamas'Porii. Legendary.

|Cymrwell FC |
Honours: OFA Cup (x2), Corradini Cup (x2)
Stadium: Cymrwell Stadium (26 000)
Manager: Mathieu Melia (OSR)
When Alain Montblanc names you as the best coach he's worked with, you'd think your stock would fly through the roof. Not Melia's. The former Minor League player/manager doesn't mind though. He admits he sees the Cymrwell job as a long-term project, and is dead-set on rebuilding the team and returning them to the top half, competing for a UICA berth. Fans will hope that while he keeps up the good work, a bigger club doesn't swoop in and steal him away.
Captain: Katherine Holland (OSR)
Her refusal to leave Cymrwell for all these years is often held up as a paragon of loyalty, and even in her advanced years -- she admits she likely only has one more year left at the highest level -- she still manages to exude strength and grace simultaneously on the pitch. Her impending retirement will leave a massive hole, she's simply that important to Cymrwell.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Ansuro (Telecommunications)
Notable Transfers:
Promising central midfielder Rosetta Pellegrino (3m) from Kyatoshima could be one of the best buys of the decade; Maharia's Diamante Illuminato (3m) provides decent depth up front, though she won't be threatening Ramiro Valencia.
Starting Lineup: [5-4-1] Robinson, Spencer, Quinn, Holland, Clifton, Daniels, Solis, Pellegrino, Walsh, Mundine, Valencia
Last season:
  • 17th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fourth Round
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Zero. Katherine Holland offered to play for free as a thank you to the club for their support after being ruled out of action for the majority of the 2197-98 season with a severe spinal injury. Gratitude.

|FC Barciddia |
Honours: Phoenix League (x1), MLC Initial Stage (x1)
Stadium: Kart Hago Koliseum (36 000)
Manager: Satoshi Matsumoto (OSR)
The quiet, former Burningham City and Osarius enforcer is making quite the name for himself as a manager. His tenure at Barciddia has been the most successful in the club's recent history, and perhaps due to this relative period of success, he has not been forced to sell the best players on the team. He has been criticised for lacking passion by some fans of the Tubrissian club, but none can deny he has worked miracles, especially given how little he is given to spend.
Captain: Basilio Mazuel (PPF)
When Barciddia signed the PopularFreedom midfielder, eyebrows were raised and nobody foresaw the impact he would have. He started slowly, before taking charge in midfield and becoming the fulcrum around which the team operates. An alleged target for several King's League clubs over the past few seasons, Mazuel has remained loyal to Matsumoto and Barciddia although he is approaching the end of his career with little silverware on his mantle.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Agwu Health (Pharmaceuticals)
Notable Transfers:
Young playmaker Rosaria Adriani from Dynapolis (loan) will give Mazuel the needed support in the final third; former Utica striker Dante Speranzo (free) will prove a great mentor for Fernanda Figueroa; Zarblese midfielder Napoleon Agualu (free) gives additional attacking options; former Aquillian captain Pablo Sirici (free) offers stability and experience between the sticks.
Starting Lineup: [4-3-3] Sirici [AQL], Fernandez [AQL], Rogers, Contreras, Montoya, Tardelli, Mazuel [PPF], Adriani, Agualu [ZRB], Figueroa, Rizzuto
Last season:
  • 10th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fifth Round
  • Corradini Cup Second Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Two-point-three. The average transfer fee of Matsumoto's signings as Barciddia boss, in millions of credits. Bargain.

|Firewood City |
Honours: King's League (x20), OFA Cup (x12), Corradini Cup (x8), Queen's Shield (x12), Phoenix Cup (x3), Osarius Football Combination (x5), Duchess Shield (x1)
Stadium: The Cauldron (54 000)
Manager: Ronald Ceasar (EFL)
The former Eastfield Lodge manager has a lot of good-will in Firewood, after leading the club to the Globe Cup final in his maiden season in Osarius, and the club's fortunes since have done little to change that. He has, however, seemingly struggled to harness the potential of the club's stellar academy, and the team he's done so much with was largely inherited from Willem Hamel. Now we get to see if Ceasar can build his own version of Firewood City.
Captain: Serenity Lewis (OSR)
As the daughter of Firewood legend Jermain Lewis, expectations were always high for Serenity. Her dynamic style of play is very much reminiscent of her father's, and she is very much a vocal leader. Her raw athleticism drives the Firewood midfield at all times, ensuring they retain an advantage in the most crucial area of the pitch.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Metis (Financial)
Notable Transfers:
Ronald Ceasar has made no new signings, instead opting to try and allay fears regarding his ability to coach and develop youngsters by promoting some talent from the academy. Four of the five are being touted as potential Osarius internationals, most notably goalkeeper Marco Soranno and centre back Leon Donaldson.
Starting Lineup: [4-2-3-1] Alba, A. Robinson, M. Robinson, Agretto, Rios, Parker, Lewis, Melendez, A. di Corradi, Urbina, M. di Corradi
Last season:
  • 3rd in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fifth Round
  • Corradini Cup Semi Finals
  • UICA Competition - Globe Cup Preliminary Stage
Trivia: Three thousand, two hundred and forty-one. The weight in lbs of the expectations on the shoulders of the di Corradi siblings. Burden.

|Grasshoppers Turic |
Honours: King's League (x6), OFA Cup (x12), Corradini Cup (x8), Queen's Shield (x2)
Stadium: Turic Thunderdome (46 000)
Manager: Roberto Cormega (OSR)
He's come a long way from semi-professional youth coach to taking charge of the national champions last season. Cormega is arguably the most popular manager in the country, though. His tactical knowledge is extremely highly-regarded, and by coming through the managerial ranks at Turic -- he formerly managed the youth team -- he has managed to avoid a large amount of the expected questioning of his ability. He does still face an uphill struggle, though, as he inherits the league champions, and will need to keep them challenging at the top to earn respect from all corners... Turic can't simply promote youth players forever.
Captain: Harvey Decker (OSR)
Decker's appointment as captain surprised no-one. From his time in the youth team, he's been compared to former Turic captain Tay Gidds, and he has lived up to the hype. As a "man's man" and probably the only other proper, old-fashioned, blood-and-guts centre half in the league, other than Conor Kinsella, Decker plays a crucial role in the acclaimed Turic defense.
Kit Manufacturer: Umas
Shirt Sponsor: Pantera (Automobiles)
Notable Transfers:
Cormega has addressed the only real problem in the team by signing three central midfielders this summer. Paper Tree Town's Graziano Martinelli (6.5m) will likely shoulder the creativity burden in the middle; Utica's Michael Harris (1.5m) brings a lot of experience and will provide a dynamic presence; Kyoshiku's Denise Quinn (3.5m) is a bit of a gamble at defensive midfield, though.
Starting Lineup: [4-2-3-1] Ambrosio, Enrique, Decker, Basile, Farnleigh [CVC], Harris, Martinelli, Hendricks, Galli, Knight, Sesmiro
Last season:
  • 1st in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fourth Round
  • Corradini Cup Runners Up
  • UICA Competition - TakilQuip Champions' Cup Group Stage; Globe Cup Runners Up
Trivia: Sixty-three. The percentage of matches won as a manager at youth level by Roberto Cormega. Victorious.

|Greeningham City |
Honours: King's League (x7), OFA Cup (x7), Corradini Cup (x4), Queen's Shield (x2), Phoenix Cup (x2)
Stadium: Green Bowl (51 000)
Manager: Anton Maro (OSR)
Anton Maro has a task ahead of him. Greeningham City are excellent going forward, but for all their midfield talent, they are lacking in defensive solidity. Maro has never been acclaimed as a defensive coach or tactician, and will really need to overcome that if he intends to return the Giants to the top of the King's League. Greeningham fans won't mind too much if their team keeps scoring (more than the opposition) but it is something for the gaffer to think about. He can't use the lack of funds excuse anymore.
Captain: Andre Gumble (OSR)
Some consider it a travesty that Gumble hasn't yet earned a call-up to the national team, but the reality is that his greatest talent -- and the main reason he is Greeningham captain -- is his ability to provide some kind of balance to a top-heavy midfield. When he is gone, the Giants will struggle to find another player with his influence and awareness.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: DynaBet (Gambling)
Notable Transfers:
Anton Maro seems happy with his squad as it is, but the departure of Romario Roberts may well have far-reaching implications for the Giants. He leaves some pretty big shoes to fill. Latrell McLaren wears a size 12, though… Also, the arrival of Cyborg Dutch forward Lam van Agerten will help fill that void, as well as facilitate a degree of flexibility up front.
Starting Lineup: [4-2-3-1] Andrews, Jenkins, Nash, Broderick, Gudeste [AQL], Gonzalez, Gumble, Fields, van Agerten [CYB], Perry, McLaren
Last season:
  • 8th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fifth Round
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Two hundred and twelve. The total market cost, in millions, of Greeningham's first eleven, according to Osarian transfer analyst website InTheMarket.osr. Valuable.

|Hastmead Diamante |
Honours: King's League (x3), OFA Cup (x2), Corradini Cup (x1), Queen's Shield (x2), Phoenix Cup (x1), Royal League (x1), Duchess Shield (x1)
Stadium: Black Patch Park (31 000)
Manager: Rodrigo Hernandez (OSR)
It's a poorly-kept secret in Carbonia that Hernandez is in charge on a temporary basis only. He is simply helping to prepare for the duo of Benni Watson and Sean Dore to take over. Hernandez has the knowledge and experience that Hastmead need from a manager at the moment, while they transition over to an ambitious young managerial duo. Should Hernandez exceed expectation, though, he could see this temporary role become a more permanent one as there are still questions over whether Watson and Dore are ready for the pressures of managing a club like Hastmead.
Captain: Guinevere Baird (OSR)
The decision to take the armband from van der Smeejin and hand it to Baird might seem like a risky one for Hernandez, but it could be a very shrewd one. Baird has been primed to take over from the Mytanar playmaker as Hastmead's pace-setter for some time, and her familiarity with the club -- and unwavering loyalty and love for it -- make her obvious captain material. The only real risk is whether she's ready to take over from van der Smeejin yet.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Ikonik (Telecommunications)
Notable Transfers:
Felix McLean from Rapid Hearthlands (8m) joins permanently, following his loan spell last season, to fulfill a need up front. His hold-up and link play will be a massive help to facilitating the flexible forward system started by Amandeep Sahota before his departure.
Starting Lineup: [4-1-2-3] Ustari, Cromwell, Koc [MYT], Santana, Kouli, Baird, Nelson, Yorke, Alonso [ERA], McLean, Valenti
Last season:
  • 4th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fifth Round
  • Corradini Cup Fourth Round
  • UICA Competition - Globe Cup Eliminatory Stage
Trivia: Nine. The combined number of trophies won by the managerial team of Hernandez, Watson and Dore as managers. Champion.

|Iton Valley FC |
Honours: OFA Cup (x1), Royal Leagu (x1), MLC Initial Stage (x1)
Stadium: Ocean Towers (21 450)
Manager: Li Tien (OSR)
The former Shanak captain and manager revels in his team's status as perpetual underdogs, acknowledging that it removes pressure and allows his team to play to their potential. It is probably this kind of psychological insight that has seen Tien rise to be considered among the better managers in the King's League. His penchant for vague answers and mind-games in press conferences has made him something of a cult hero for football fans in general.
Captain: Scott Spencer (OSR)
Spencer is a switch player. He can go from bruising, warrior-type centre half to classy, libero-esque advancing defender in an instant. It is his multi-faceted style of play that best defines Iton Valley's, as they are equally adept at playing spoiler for technically superior teams as they are at outclassing lesser teams.
Kit Manufacturer: Umas
Shirt Sponsor: ToteIt (Gambling)
Notable Transfers:
Li Tien has openly admitted that the board have not been able to make much funds available for transfers this season, and he doesn't feel it necessary to make any big signings. Expect a couple of loans mid-season if Iton Valley aren't where he wants them to be.
Starting Lineup: [3-4-2-1] Stoose [PPF], S. Spencer, Girogo [PPF], Crawford, Arriaga, Chamberlain, Rose, Sullivan, Johnson, Griffiths, Watson
Last season:
  • 5th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Winners
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Globe Cup Eliminatory Stage; Cygnus Cup First Round
Trivia: Sixteen. The number of home league games Iton Valley sold out tickets for at Ocean towers last season. Popular.

|Kart Hago FC |
Honours: Royal League (x4)
Stadium: Kart Hago Koliseum (36 000)
Manager: Robert Watson (OSR)
The joke in Tubriss is that Kart Hago can't afford to get rid of Robert Watson, despite his up-and-down results at the helm. It could have some merit, as Watson has been unable to really splash the cash, as it were, to at least paper the cracks in a fragile Kart Hago side. He has, however, done a remarkable job bringing his players together and instilling a fighting spirit. He has also shown some shrewdness in scouting lesser-known nations.
Captain: Jonus Monelli (PPF)
Nobody expected Monelli to blossom into the dependable, influential presence he has, not even the media in his hometown. Robert Watson has done a great job building his confidence and moulding him into one of the most respected leaders in Osarian football. Monelli's aerial prowess and never-say-die attitude epitomise the mentality Watson demands from his players.
Kit Manufacturer: Umas
Shirt Sponsor: Marauder (Automobiles)
Notable Transfers:
Kart Hago's funds are so bad, they literally needed to sell a few players simply to stay out of debt. Robert Watson refuses to complain, though, and has been trying to pick up youngsters from the Cartacura academy in Kart Hago instead.
Starting Lineup: [4-4-2] Cleveland, O'Hara, Monelli [PPF], Q. Webb, Cardona, Rice, McDonald, Osorio, Russell, Gaitan, Lopez [AQL]
Last season:
  • 1st in Royal League
  • OFA Cup Quarter Finals
  • Corradini Cup Fourth Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Seventy-five. The percentage of Kart Hago's squad that trained at the club's academy. Development.

|Littleshaw Village |
Honours: MLC Initial Stage (x1), Minor League Championship (x1)
Stadium: The Cauldron (temporarily) (54 000)
Manager: Roberto Grosso (OSR)
Since returning from Cotdelapoms, Grosso has transformed the former Minor League side into a genuine contender. He had a reputation for solid defensive tactics and having his teams play functional, but largely boring football, but with Littleshaw, Grosso has put together an entertaining side. His experience operating on a shoestring budget and contending with the threat of relegation with Dominion will also come in handy with the Fourgian minnows, as they enter the King's League with limited funds due to their new stadium being built.
Captain: Eric Miller (OSR)
Miller's role in the team is often overlooked by those who don't understand Grosso's tactical system, but the understated midfielder acts as an anchor for the team. He patrols the centre of the field, anticipating and snuffing out attacks before moving the ball subtlely forward as the first step in a new attack.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Vopara (Automobiles)
Notable Transfers:
None, but signing Grant Maroney and Malcolm Paterson to long-term contracts will relieve some of Grosso's worries.
Starting Lineup: [4-1-3-1-1] Maroney, Longo, Negri, Mercado, Doherty, Miller, Graham, Vozzo, Agosto, Suarez, Paterson
Last season:
  • 3rd in Royal League
  • OFA Cup Third Round
  • Corradini Cup Semi Finals
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: One hundred and twenty. The number of millions of credits the board have invested in Littleshaw's new, 30 000 seater stadium in Pareille. Expansion.

|Muirford Athletic |
Honours: Royal League (x2)
Stadium: Serpent's Coil (23 000)
Manager: Miguel Guardiola (OSR)
William Haskins' legacy lives on at Muirford, as former captain Guardiola has continued his stellar work. Stubbornly refusing to deviate from this blueprint might come back to bite him in the backside, but so far, it's working. His careful selection of transfer targets to make sure the player fits exactly in with the style Muirford play is also a prohibitive criterion when perusing the market. Guardiola refuses to consider these things handicaps, though, simply pointing out that the players are there and the system works.
Captain: Luann Morin (OSR)
Her tendency to hover between the midfield and the defence has led to her being termed a "false five", and it is her presence in this role that often makes a difference for her team. By offering flexibility between roles, Morin enables her team to gain a numerical advantage in most situations, and often acts as a "spare man" when they need an easy out in their passing game.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: OmegaNorth (Telecommunications)
Notable Transfers:
Several transfers this summer for Muirford, despite Guardiola's claims that he will only sign "the right players". Most notable are Paper Tree Town's oversas goalkeeper Jose Sandino (7m), who will provide security at the back; and Bowsston's golden girl Tia Lombardi (8m) who will be tasked with linking up with Joe Cunningham to provide goals.
Starting Lineup: [4-1-2-3] Sandino [PPF], Muniz, Milani, Johnson, Prince, Morin, Adduci, Cunningham, Madera, Lombardi, Galindo
Last season:
  • 16th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Semi Finals
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Fifty-nine. The average percentage of possession enjoyed by Muirford across all matches last season. Greedy.

|Rapid Hearthlands |
Honours: Royal League (x1)
Stadium: White Water Stadium (29 000)
Manager: William Haskins (OSR)
Haskins has a difficult task at Hearthlands, revitalising an aging squad, and effectively altering their entire playing style. He has begun the process slowly, and appears to be working backwards to his usual system. By augmenting Hearthlands' ability to score goals, Haskins likely hopes they can overpower the teams near them in the table, and thus propel themselves to safety. If he can stabilise the team, though, he could repeat the successes he had with Muirford Athletic.
Captain: Sian Martin (OSR)
Sian Martin has been compared to "Super" Ayanna Barca-Carthy in the past, but it’s a slightly lazy comparison. While Martin does have an impressive passing range and is similarly integral to her team's style of play, she is far more dynamic. Her crunching tackles are perhaps more important than her sometimes visionary passing.
Kit Manufacturer: Lynx
Shirt Sponsor: Red Cherry (Computing)
Notable Transfers:
Reuniting the Callado sisters -- picking up Felipa (5m), from Cymrwell and Thera (2.5m) from Burningham's academy -- Haskins is making it clear that he wants more goals from his team. Young Burningham midfielder Sergio Estevez (6m) is no doubt an investment for the future, and Haskins will likely build the team around him in future.
Starting Lineup: [3-1-4-2] Corso, Doyle, Basile, Carrillo, Martin, Adduci, Estevez, De Luca, Casillas, F. Callado, T. Callado
Last season:
  • 15th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Third Round
  • Corradini Cup Second Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Eighteen. The combined number of goals scored by Hearthlands' three forwards last season. Goal-shy.

|Real Jraxville FC |
Honours: Royal League (x1)
Stadium: JNV Arena (42 000)
Manager: Anthony Yoah (OSR)
Yoah has done okay with Jraxville, not really improving them, but not regressing either. In the world of a constantly progressing King's League, this indicates a gradual progression, but the board will expect more. The impending loss of captain and key player Ayanna Barca-Carthy may force the Shanak native to act more decisively and push forward. The club's mega-rich owners have already expressed a willingness to invest heavily.
Captain: Ayanna Barca-Carthy (OSR)
Super Ayanna has already announced her intention to retire at the end of this season, but she will leave in indelible mark on the history of Real Jraxville. Her passing range and vision have been integral parts of the club's recent performances, albeit relative lack of success. Barca-Carthy will intend to go out on a high, and may well put in some of her best career performances.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Dynakron (Electronics)
Notable Transfers:
Noting the complete absence of left midfielders in the squad, Anthony Yoah swooped for Burningham's Fidel Muniz (5m) and veteran Osarius wide forward Autumn Phelps (free) to address the problem.
Starting Lineup: [4-1-3-2] Sinclair, Warwick, Vidal, Walker, Quadrelli, Barca-Carthy, Muniz, Rossetti, Rush, Mejia, Paredes
Last season:
  • 14th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Third Round
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Sixty-eight. The number of millions paid out in wages by Real Jraxville to their players every season, third highest in the league. Minted.

|Trelagstad FC |
Honours: Phoenix League (x1)
Stadium: Trelland Road (21 500)
Manager: Dean Atkinson (OSR)
Club legends are extremely hard to fire, as Trelagstad are finding out. Under normal circumstances, Dean Atkinson would be looking for work, but the fans simply can't stay mad at him, even when the club is struggling. It almost seems as if they are still riding an odd wave of euphoria at simply being in the top flight, and there is no question that Atkinson -- a Trelagstad native -- will do all within his power to maintain that feeling. His friendships and reputation within Osarian football are useful, but his relative lack of tactical nous is a problem.
Captain: Lionel Milito (AQL)
The Aquillish winger's best days are behind him now, but he still possesses the ability to change a game in a matter of seconds. His trickery and experience are a major asset to the offensive potency of the team. Owing to the decline in his pace, Milito tends to operate in a deeper role of late, though, increasing his overall influence on the game.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: ONE Service (Energy)
Notable Transfers:
Callisto left back Renata Gutierrez (4.5m) fills a need in the squad, while Dean Atkinson has augmented the team's offensive output by signing Monica Elliot (7m) from Paper Tree Town, and Greeningham youngster Scott Graham (loan)
Starting Lineup: [3-4-3] Dalton, Vitali, Fentress, Quadrelli, Cosar [KRS], Orlova, Day, Telo, Milito [AQL], Graham, Elliott
Last season:
  • 2nd in Royal League
  • OFA Cup Third Round
  • Corradini Cup Second Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Three. The number of matches played while on trial with Trelagstad by Dean Atkinson's cousin Paul, a gridiron placekicker. Crossover.

|Trothwands Evolution |
Honours: Corradini Cup (x6)
Stadium: Trothwands Terrordome (67 000)
Manager: Jonathan Herd (OSR)
Jonathan Herd's successes at lower league level has carried over to the top level, and his work at Trothwands is set to continue. The board has given him their full backing, and his ambition seems to be infectious. His near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the Osarian lower leagues has led to him being credited with some excellent discoveries. His man management skills are often cited as being among the best in the game.
Captain: Sean McCarthy (OSR)
On the back of his excellent performances last season and in the AOCAF Cup, McCarthy has graduated to a more prominent role in the Trothwands team. His dynamic style of play is not dissimilar to that of legendary former captain Malachi Lubret, and if he develops similarly, Trothwands could well be at the top for a while.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: Ferro (Construction)
Notable Transfers:
Jonathan Herd has raided lower leagues for some promising talents this summer. Fullbacks Tomas Urena (6m) and Benedict D'Urso (5.5m) from Altrinston United and Arcaea County respectively will provide a dual threat from the back not seen since Aquilani and Watson; Ethea's Salvatore Soranno (6m) adds an enforcing presence in the middle; Westpoint's Robyn Wilkinson (8m) provides creative guile in midfield.
Starting Lineup: [4-4-2] Ragonese, Urena, Vecchi, Garden, D'Urso, Shazad, McCarthy, Wilkinson, Paladino, Serra, Voloski [THT]
Last season:
  • 2nd in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fourth Round
  • Corradini Cup Winners
  • UICA Competition - TakilQuip Champions' Cup Third Preliminary Round; Globe Cup First Knockout Round
Trivia: Fourteen. The number of years Trothwands fans had been waiting since their last trophy success until Herd's tenure delivered back to back Corradini Cups. Patience.

|Utica United |
Honours: King's League (x2), OFA Cup (x1), Corradini Cup (x1)
Stadium: The Ursinopolis (59 000)
Manager: Rúben Contreras (TAM)
After a great start, Contreras' side have seemingly lost their way a little. They looked primed to break into the championship race a few years ago, but fell away. The Tamarindian -- who has now acquired Osarian citizenship -- will almost certainly be working hard at bringing the best of the youth at his disposal through into the first team, and making a push at the elite group at the top of the King's League. His tactical knowledge and proficiency when it comes to working with young players mean it's hard to bet against him achieving this aim.
Captain: Vittore Zavaglia (OSR)
The classy centre back is loved by the fans in the same way as Rafael Higuain was, his seemingly unflappable defending, as well as remarkable ball-control -- he has a "lovely touch for a big man" -- make him an excellent representative of Utica's approach to the game. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him stay at Utica beyond the age of 27.
Kit Manufacturer: Corradini
Shirt Sponsor: E-Lete (Sportswear)
Notable Transfers:
Just the one for Contreras, as he relies heavily on the academy and Utica University graduates. Rex Robinson (7.5m) at right back fills a gaping hole in the squad.
Starting Lineup: [4-3-3] Griffin, McCarthy, Sa'astre [AMV], Zavaglia, Robinson, Silvestri, Stošović [THT], Webster, D'Ortona, Irin'arbor [AMV], Cano
Last season:
  • 9th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Runners Up
  • Corradini Cup Fourth Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Ten. The number of players in the Utica squad under the age of twenty-one. Youthful.

|Warton Villa |
Honours: Corradini Cup (x1), Royal League (x1)
Stadium: Warton Lower Grounds (18 000)
Manager: Claudio Bielsa (OSR)
The Warton boss, on the face of things, is a simple man. He likes aerially dominant defenders, quick wingers, and strong forwards. The team play a simple but effective system which requires them to win the ball back quickly, and spread it wide to their pacy wingers to create chances. Bielsa, however, is a stats geek, and has slowly been making alterations to this tried-and-tested formula, seeking to upgrade or refresh several positions.
Captain: Paul McGrath (MNT)
Dodgy knees, lacking pace, and questionable dietary habits… Who cares? McGrath is easily the most popular player at the club, and exhibits a near-psychic ability to read the game and snuff out attacks. John Holcombe once remarked that he could defend effectively for an entire ninety minutes without moving more than five yards in any direction from the start of the game.
Kit Manufacturer: Umas
Shirt Sponsor: ICD (Publishing)
Notable Transfers:
Bielsa strengthened the team's attacking corps with Dynapolis striker Grant Burke (9m) and attacking midfielder Ellen Palmer (2m). In addition, the signing of right back Lisa Andrews (3m) from Mesaluf falls perfectly in line with Bielsa's defensive needs.
Starting Lineup: [4-4-2] Busnitch [MNT], Franklin, Dunne [MNT], McGrath [MNT], Andrews, O'Reilly, Horezna [PPF], Artisun [PPF], Johnson [AQL], Duran, Burke
Last season:
  • 11th in King's League
  • OFA Cup Fifth Round
  • Corradini Cup Third Round
  • UICA Competition - Did Not Enter
Trivia: Fifteen. The number of goals scored from set pieces by Warton Villa last season, a league high. Dangerous.
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Postby Farfadillis » Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:18 pm

Results of the last Farf Freitball Ligá (FFL):

Ferdullaele FC would like to sign up for the 42nd Champions' Cup, after winning the FFL.

----Team                                  P   W   D   L    G  Ag   +/-  Pts
1 Ferdullaele FC 38 36 1 1 213 15 +198 109 Champions
2 Tympú AC 38 29 5 4 163 23 +140 92
3 Feardallis' Wanderers 38 29 4 5 82 36 +46 91
4 Flying Jellyfish 38 29 4 5 95 47 +48 91
5 Fryi Frêndê 38 23 5 10 58 27 +31 74
6 Farfadillis' Official Military Team 38 19 7 12 44 53 -9 64
7 Fragardallians 38 15 7 16 42 56 -14 52
8 Suburban Farfadillis 38 16 4 18 48 83 -35 52
9 Friguista Farfa FC 38 15 5 18 40 67 -27 50
10 Mein dief Honsson 38 13 6 19 39 74 -35 45
11 Yi 38 12 8 18 44 74 -30 44
12 Llefraga FC 38 11 9 18 47 70 -23 42
13 Ñandfe FC 38 11 5 22 44 76 -32 38
14 Libertarian Ferdullaele 38 10 8 20 37 72 -35 38
15 Koloko 38 10 7 21 30 60 -30 37
16 Fragrafagardanialles 38 7 13 18 40 85 -45 34
17 Toimputa AC 38 8 7 23 30 60 -30 31
18 Sent 01 38 6 13 19 23 58 -35 31
19 Outsiders 38 7 9 22 24 69 -45 30 Relegated
20 Geyistanles United 38 7 7 24 22 60 -38 28 Relegated

Ferdullaele FC
1st Title
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Postby Astograth » Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:37 pm

The Astograthian Football League: Season 649 Review
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The sixteenth season of Astograthian football has come to a close with yet another thrilling finale, as we look back on the results of the First and Second Divisions and the prestigious Royal Cup!

First Division
Twelve seasons ago, Astograth University clinched promotion to the First Division with a winner over Athletic Club Basabe; from that squad, featuring such names as Gilamu and Erlantz Izagirre, Ion Arreta, Lartaun Echaspe and Maore Barturen, none lifted the title this season. The few fans who witnessed the feat may feel rightfully out of sorts in the new 30 thousand seater Arritzola and represented by a band of eleven labelled "mercenaries" - but they more than anyone can appreciate what a fantastic achievement it is for a club that was once the poorest in the league to come away with the trophy.

It certainly didn't come easily. They struggled through the first half of the season, when at the top Ituraitz FC tussled with Urbizania Wanderers and a surprising Blue Mountain Range, before Xuban Barrutia instilled a sense of consistency and University began to collect the three points with regularity. As the previous contenders began to show the wear and tear of the campaign, it became a mad rush for the top between University and the cross-town Royal Rumiatzi, and they were the two possible winners going into the final matchday, the former with 54 points and the latter with 55. Barrutia's men turned away Lermendia FC with a Tilford Quirin brace, but simultaneously the Knights had more trouble than expected against the already relegated Ximun Orieta FC. Vladimir Konovalov's goal set Royal Rumiatzi on track for the title, but a stoppage time Denis Kiriza free-kick that curled into the corner changed everything and gave way to incredible scenes at the jubilant Arritzola. Lekubegi Guerrikaechebarria received the coveted trophy, with Astograth University's badge affixed to the base alongside those of the other fifteen title-winning teams, and lifted it high above his blonde mane for the very first time.

Xuban Barrutia continued to use the strategy he first developed at Urbizania Wanderers and was finally able to perfect it at University, Inguma Sapano perhaps the final piece that was required - two creatively-minded defensive midfielders, Sapano and Andrey Antic, hogging possession and directing the flow of the match at their will instead of the traditional system of one creative defensive mid and one anchor man to back him up. This way, Astograth University was able to keep their opponents at bay and break the all-time First Division goals against record with a mere 15 conceded across 30 matches; Churio Muniya retires as the only keeper to maintain 18 clean sheets in a league season, in no small part thanks to the efforts of his defense and its indefatigable commander, Leheren Ubago. Up front, Loren Dornaletze and the team's top scorer, Tilford Quirin, did not score as much as they could have, but Barrutia has always preferred to err on the side of caution and only allowed wingers Guerrikaechebarria and Lukuix to feed them when the time was right, once the opposition showed signs of tiredness and impatience.

It would be stupid to say University were only champions due to wretched luck on behalf of their adversaries, but looking at Royal Rumiatzi's run it's hard not to end up on that conclusion. The second-best defense (though still conceding twice as many goals as University) and the third-best offense, playing the most attractive football in the country, went unrewarded with silverware. Ellis Elmsvikur topped the scoring charts, Harold Nehafsaim and Anixi Eturaspe led with assists, Cheru Larretape racked up clean sheets, the defense humiliated forwards and the midfield toyed with whole teams... and yet, they were doomed by one free-kick. Sublime skill or dumb luck, the reason for it doesn't matter and isn't worth dwelling on, save for how the Knights might've avoided it - it's up to Norman Kerrick to recover his men and mount another title challenge next season.

Urbizania Wanderers started off on the right foot and were early title candidates, inching towards favourites at the two-third mark, but failed to keep up and fell to third after dropping points to South Factory and Royal Association. At least they're still the top-qualified Astograthian team at the Globe Cup, and displayed the efficiency in both attack and defense that could make them champions in due time. Edwardo Baez was once again the most crucial part of the team, dealing and recovering, though his partner Agoztar Gorstiaga and the formidable defense, including the young Yokin Arizmande, most certainly deserve a mention as well.

Ituraitz FC, with their star-studded squad, fell quite short of expectations. Fourth place isn't good enough for the kind of investment they made; that the difference with the champion was just six points is irrelevant. Soter Sarlange and Tomas Aer, now with the formidable talent of Itzeder Unzueta to back them up, terrorised defenses across the First Division, but Ituraitz showed some grave gaps at the back that could lead to extensive restructurement, moreso once Pazhujebi Pirdassia Bawuah returns to her country. Another one amicably parting ways with Ituraitz will be club and country legend Dei Ormache, who at 38 is well past his prime but refuses to retire, and will probably finish his career at a lower-profile outfit.

Echegoyan FC had an unremarkable season, never very close to the top but never too far from the UICA competition spots. Everything they did, someone did better, however, and overall this should be an easily forgettable season for their season. Uranga added some mobility to a defense that already boasts Abdoulaye Bocandé, Aurelio Seriesta and proven goalkeeper Mikelatz Elizalde, but the team's problems probably lie in its lack of presence in the central midfield; Ilixo Akutain isn't versatile enough and Manex Urrutia plays too far up.

Athletic Club Olarria's captain Xanti Olasagastia was tied for First Division top scorer with 19 goals in one more display of their newfound status. Freshly promoted after one season in the second tier, Olarria shot up to the top in the early days of the season and stayed there for a remarkable amount of time, more due to Eate Orkiola's shrewd tactics than any blinding individual talent. Being only two points off qualifying for the Globe Cup after returning from Second Division is an excellent indicator, making Olarria one to watch out for in the future - especially if they manage to secure any big names.

Further down, Athletic Club Rumiatzi also taught a lesson in consistency as they punched above their weight to finish seventh with the highest goals for total in the league, their return to three-pronged attack proving quite effective. Blue Mountain Range, eighth, will be disappointed to have come away with so little from yet another season when they've stalked through the top of the table for two-thirds of the season. Sendoa Irigiben has responded with goals at least, and though their defense has been terribly shown up by Astograth University's, its historical integrity is in no danger.

In the lower half, Lermendia FC did better than expected by ending up a solid ninth, though the signing of FKM's Anton Axpuru did little to solve the leakiness of their back line. Royal Association and South Factory finished level on 36 points but should and could have done better - the former struggled with relegation all the way down to the last matchday, where a win over the very same South Factory pushed them up, and the latter simply couldn't find a style of football they were comfortable with, once more falling short of their potential.

One point down, on the edge of the danger zone, were The Army Club - who again save themselves by the skin of their teeth - and an increasingly troubled Ituraitz Victory, who look likely lose their star Raitin Eneriz to more powerful sides in the coming off-season. Down and out were Oyardo FC, whose relegation came as a shock and an exodus of their best players is expected, a feeble Ximun Orieta FC and the poor East Railway, with the worst goal difference in the First Division.

Taldo Lehan                   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Astograth University 30 17 6 7 32 15 +17 57 Champions' Cup / Copa de Campeones
2 Royal Rumiatzi 30 17 5 8 59 33 +26 56 Champions' Cup / Copa de Campeones
3 Urbizania Wanderers 30 16 4 10 53 39 +14 52 Globe Cup / Copa de los Príncipes
4 Ituraitz FC 30 15 6 9 62 50 +12 51 Globe Cup / Copa de los Príncipes
5 Echegoyan FC 30 15 4 11 58 48 +10 49 Globe Cup

6 Athletic Club Olarria 30 13 8 9 59 53 +6 47
7 Athletic Club Rumiatzi 30 13 6 11 65 65 0 45
8 Blue Mountain Range 30 10 12 8 39 38 +1 42
9 Lermendia FC 30 10 9 11 52 60 −8 39
10 Royal Association 30 11 3 16 41 49 −8 36
11 South Factory 30 8 12 10 48 49 −1 36
12 The Army Club 30 10 5 15 50 55 −5 35
13 Ituraitz Victory 30 10 5 15 49 58 −9 35
14 Oyardo FC 30 10 4 16 46 57 −11 34 Relegated
15 Ximun Orieta FC 30 7 8 15 41 58 −17 29 Relegated
16 East Railway 30 5 9 16 51 78 −27 24 Relegated

(1st title)

Second Division
Old faces will be making a triumphant return to the First Division, as Gesterlake FC, Royal Arexa and Athletic Club Yungoitio all make a comeback after one or two seasons in the second tier. Urizaharra FC will once again have to content themselves with the SBCC, though the last time a club was so consistently denied their first promotion it was Athletic Club Olarria, who aren't exactly doing badly at the moment.

Taldo Biharran                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Gesterlake FC 30 17 9 4 40 23 +17 60 Promoted / SBCC
2 Royal Arexa 30 16 8 6 57 37 +20 56 Promoted / SBCC
3 Athletic Club Yungoitio 30 17 5 8 71 53 +18 56 Promoted / SBCC

4 Urizaharra FC 30 16 4 10 54 46 +8 52 SBCC
5 Ibarbe Polo Club 30 14 8 8 37 23 +14 50
6 Miners FC 30 13 7 10 29 23 +6 46
7 Rumiatzi United 30 12 9 9 40 36 +4 45
8 Gortz United 30 13 5 12 40 36 +4 44
9 Antiguoko FC 30 9 13 8 49 45 +4 40
10 Urbitzo FC 30 11 5 14 35 41 −6 38
11 Sporting Arkamo 30 9 8 13 46 51 −5 35
12 Athletic Club Basabe 30 9 6 15 18 31 −13 33
13 Basabe Old Boys 30 7 10 13 27 42 −15 31
14 Ibarbe Youth 30 8 5 17 36 56 −20 29 Relegated
15 Letzama FC 30 8 4 18 43 58 −15 28 Relegated
16 Oak-Builders FC 30 6 4 20 36 57 −21 22 Relegated


Round of 64
Royal Association 1-1 Conquerors FC
Conquerors FC 1-5 Royal Association (2-6 agg)

The Army Club 1-0 Mauritza FC
Mauritza FC 0-1 The Army Club (0-2 agg)

Ibarbe Polo Club 1-0 Erribe United
Erribe United 0-1 Ibarbe Polo Club (0-2 agg)

Athletic Club Rumiatzi 4-1 Butzanda United
Butzanda United 2-2 Athletic Club Rumiatzi (3-6 agg)

East Railway 0-2 Sporting Ibarguren
Sporting Ibarguren 1-4 East Railway (3-4 agg)

Basabe Old Boys 0-1 Lukyando Union
Lukyando Union 0-1 Basabe Old Boys (0-2 AET, 1-2 agg)

Urbitzo FC 5-0 Favourites
Favourites 1-2 Urbitzo FC (1-7 agg)

Oyardo FC 7-1 Gortz Academy
Gortz Academy 2-3 Oyardo FC (3-10 agg)

Royal Rumiatzi 2-0 Izarloka FC
Izarloka FC 0-2 Royal Rumiatzi (0-4 agg)

Ituraitz FC 9-0 Kumatz Cheese
Kumatz Cheese 0-4 Ituraitz FC (0-13 agg)

Royal Arexa 3-0 Urbizania United
Urbizania United 2-1 Royal Arexa (2-4 agg)

Letzama FC 2-0 Aizpiyeta FC
Aizpiyeta FC 2-3 Letzama FC (2-5 agg)

Lermendia FC 6-0 Irtzu Provincial
Irtzu Provincial 1-1 Lermendia FC (1-7 agg)

Ximun Orieta FC 4-0 Independent FC
Independent FC 0-1 Ximun Orieta FC (0-5 agg)

Blue Mountain Range 3-0 Uertza FC
Uertza FC 0-2 Blue Mountain Range (0-5 agg)

Athletic Club Yungoitio 4-1 Ezkutia Municipal
Ezkutia Municipal 0-3 Athletic Club Yungoitio (1-7 agg)

Echegoyan FC 3-0 Warrior Spirits
Warrior Spirits 0-2 Echegoyan FC (0-5 agg)

Ituraitz Victory 4-1 Basabe Youth
Basabe Youth 1-2 Ituraitz Victory (2-6 agg)

Gesterlake FC 1-0 Scarlettville Rough Riders
Scarlettville Rough Riders 1-1 Gesterlake FC (1-2 agg)

Astograth University 2-0 Athletic Club Progress
Athletic Club Progress 0-2 Astograth University (0-4 agg)

Sporting Arkamo 0-1 Old City Central
Old City Central 2-2 Sporting Arkamo (3-2 agg)

Oak-Builders FC 3-1 Biasterri FC
Biasterri FC 1-1 Oak-Builders FC (2-4 agg)

Miners FC 1-0 Sporting Sagastia
Sporting Sagastia 0-1 Miners FC (0-2 agg)

Athletic Club Olarria 5-0 General Errekart
General Errekart 0-2 Athletic Club Olarria (0-7 agg)

Urbizania Wanderers 5-0 Omagoitia Rovers
Omagoitia Rovers 0-4 Urbizania Wanderers (0-9 agg)

Urizaharra FC 1-1 Tower Hill
Tower Hill 1-2 Urizaharra FC (2-3 agg)

Antiguoko FC 3-1 Chinchartu Mountain Lions
Chinchartu Mountain Lions 2-1 Antiguoko FC (3-4 agg)

Rumiatzi United 5-0 Traka K/P
Traka K/P 1-5 Rumiatzi United (1-10 agg)

Gortz United 3-2 Islanders
Islanders 1-1 Gortz United (3-4 agg)

South Factory 2-2 Winteredge Pirates
Winteredge Pirates 0-4 South Factory (2-6 agg)

Athletic Club Basabe 0-1 Bakartirla Buccaneers
Bakartirla Buccaneers 0-1 Athletic Club Basabe (1-1 AET, 2-1 agg)

Ibarbe Youth 3-0 Akialden Marauders
Akialden Marauders 0-2 Ibarbe Youth (0-5 agg)

As usual, nothing much of note happened in the Royal Cup's Round of 64, in which Second Division B and non-league invitees are pitted against sides from the top two tiers and commonly receive thrashings. The only upstes came in the form of Old City Central – a traditional second-tier team doing time in the third – beating the relatively weak Sporting Arkamo, and Bakartirla Buccaneers overcoming Athletic Club Basabe after a dramatic extra-time winner in Bakartirla island's main city, Kala.

Round of 32
Royal Arexa 0-1 Miners FC
Miners FC 3-0 Royal Arexa (4-0 agg)

Letzama FC 1-1 Rumiatzi United
Rumiatzi United 1-1 Letzama FC (1-1 AET, 2-2 agg, 0-3 PKs)

Athletic Club Yungoitio 1-3 Athletic Club Rumiatzi
Athletic Club Rumiatzi 1-2 Athletic Club Yungoitio (4-3 agg)

Royal Association 1-0 Blue Mountain Range
Blue Mountain Range 1-1 Royal Association (1-2 agg)

South Factory 0-0 Oyardo FC
Oyardo FC 2-1 South Factory (2-1 agg)

East Railway 2-0 Oak-Builders FC
Oak-Builders FC 1-0 East Railway (1-2 agg)

Royal Rumiatzi 0-0 Bakartirla Buccaneers
Bakartirla Buccaneers 0-2 Royal Rumiatzi (0-2 agg)

Ituraitz Victory 3-3 Gesterlake FC
Gesterlake FC 1-0 Ituraitz Victory (4-3 agg)

Echegoyan FC 0-0 Athletic Club Olarria
Athletic Club Olarria 0-1 Echegoyan FC (0-1 agg)

Ituraitz FC 1-1 Old City Central
Old City Central 0-3 Ituraitz FC (1-4 agg)

Urizaharra FC 2-1 Ximun Orieta FC
Ximun Orieta FC 0-1 Urizaharra FC (1-3 agg)

The Army Club 0-1 Gortz United
Gortz United 1-0 The Army Club (2-0 agg)

Urbizania Wanderers 5-2 Antiguoko FC
Antiguoko FC 2-2 Urbizania Wanderers (4-7 agg)

Ibarbe Youth 1-1 Basabe Old Boys
Basabe Old Boys 1-0 Ibarbe Youth (2-1 agg)

Astograth University 2-0 Urbitzo FC
Urbitzo FC 2-3 Astograth University (2-5 agg)

Lermendia FC 3-2 Ibarbe Polo Club
Ibarbe Polo Club 3-1 Lermendia FC (5-4 agg)

The Round of 32 had some exciting matches, but overall wasn't much more thrilling than the usual, as top tiers sides typically field weakened sides before giving it their all from the Round of 16 forwards. This was still the bane of a few, especially Lermendia FC, who won the first leg on to fall to Ibarbe Polo Club in the second, eliminated after a late goal put Ibarbe in front on aggregate.

Round of 16
Oyardo FC 1-2 Urbizania Wanderers
Urbizania Wanderers 2-0 Oyardo FC (4-1 agg)

Gesterlake FC 1-2 Urizaharra FC
Urizaharra FC 1-0 Gesterlake FC (3-1 agg)

Astograth University 1-1 Letzama FC
Letzama FC 1-1 Astograth University (2-1 AET, 3-2 agg)

Royal Rumiatzi 2-2 Echegoyan FC
Echegoyan FC 1-1 Royal Rumiatzi (1-1 AET, 3-3 agg, 2-3 PKs)

Ibarbe Polo Club 4-4 Athletic Club Rumiatzi
Athletic Club Rumiatzi 3-0 Ibarbe Polo Club (7-4 agg)

Ituraitz FC 4-1 East Railway
East Railway 0-3 Ituraitz FC (1-7 agg)

Basabe Old Boys 2-2 Royal Association
Royal Association 2-1 Basabe Old Boys (4-3 agg)

Gortz United 0-0 Miners FC
Miners FC 0-1 Gortz United (0-1 agg)

The humble Letzama FC claimed a major scalp by taking Astograth University to extra-time and knocking them out after a rare defensive mistake gave the home team the advantage. The offense of Ituraitz FC, meanwhile, toyed with East Railway; Royal Rumiatzi and Echegoyan FC could only be separated by penalties, Kauldi Isasmendi shooting over the bar and then Harold Nehafsaim calmly deciding for the Knights.

Urbizania Wanderers 2-0 Urizaharra FC
Urizaharra FC 1-0 Urbizania Wanderers (1-2 agg)

Letzama FC 0-1 Royal Rumiatzi
Royal Rumiatzi 1-0 Letzama FC (2-0 agg)

Athletic Club Rumiatzi 2-4 Ituraitz FC
Ituraitz FC 2-1 Athletic Club Rumiatzi (6-3 agg)

Royal Association 1-0 Gortz United
Gortz United 0-5 Royal Association (0-6 agg)

No less than three Second Division clubs made it to the quarterfinals, but none made it out. Urbizania Wanderers was too much for Urizaharra FC in the first leg but came dangerously close to the dreaded extra-time after going down in the second, while Royal Rumiatzi sent Letzama FC packing thanks to Anixi Eturaspe and young Camian striker Brandon Bishop. Ituraitz FC and Royal Association both scored 6 on aggregate, the latter tearing apart Gortz United in the second leg.

Urbizania Wanderers 0-2 Royal Rumiatzi
Royal Rumiatzi 1-0 Urbizania Wanderers (3-0 agg)

Ituraitz FC 2-2 Royal Association
Royal Association 0-4 Ituraitz FC (2-6 agg)

The semifinal favourites were always Royal Rumiatzi and Ituraitz FC, and although Urbizania Wanderers loves to upset the favourites this was not the time nor place, as the two most successful Astograthian clubs left no doubts as to who deserved to reach the now-blockbuster final at Grand Duke's Stadium.

Royal Cup Final
@ Grand Duke's Stadium, Rumiatzi
Royal Rumiatzi 2-3 Ituraitz FC

The two most successful Astograthian clubs vying for the Royal Cup at the capital – on one side, the royal family's team, always a contender, and on the other, the proud nationalists with their star-studded lineup. Both played to their best and ultimately the better team won, though both put on ninety minutes of exquisite football that will be remembered for years to come.

The Knights got in front first, in front of their crowd, via Harold Nehafsaim, before Itzeder Unzueta appeared to slice in a cross that swerved in, rattled the crossbar and was headed on the rebound by a flying Tomas Aer. In the second half both sides were more cautious, though neither was capable of establishing dominance in a game of sporadic chances for either side. The final ten minutes were mayhem, as Dei Ormache came on to put Ituraitz in front only for Bartosz Slusarski to equalise in the following play, tapping it in after an attack of precise passing between him, Elmsvikur, Eturaspe and Nehafsaim. When extra-time seemed certain, it was Ikatz Alberro who appeared on the edge of the box to hit the ball straight past Larretape after a failed attack left everyone confused in the box.

When Dei Ormache and Soter Sarlange received the Royal Cup from Grand Duke Lastur it was like a postcard from the past, from times when the future still held a million possibilites for a pair of eager forwards who took Ituraitz FC to the pinnacle of Astograthian football.

(5th title)

First Division Awards
Player of the Season: 1. Lekubegi Guerrikaechebarria (Astograth University) 2. Ellis Elmsvikur (Royal Rumiatzi/Polar Islandstates) 3. Edwardo Baez (Urbizania Wanderers/Falconwhereveryouare)
Young Player of the Season: 1. Haitz Maistegi (Astograth University) 2. Yokin Arizmande (Urbizania Wanderers) 3. Vladimir Konovalov (Royal Rumiatzi/Polar Islandstates)
Signing of the Season: 1. Inguma Sapano (Astograth University) 2. Agoztar Gorstiaga (Urbizania Wanderers) 3. Itzeder Unzueta (Ituraitz FC)
Top Scorer: 19 – Ellis Elmsvikur (Royal Rumiatzi/Polar Islandstates) & Xanti Olasagastia (Athletic Club Olarria) 18 – Tomas Aer (Ituraitz FC/Polar Islandstates) 17 – Adon Aburto (Lermendia FC)
Team of the Season: Churio Muniya (Astograth University); Urtzi Galard (Royal Rumiatzi), Leheren Ubago (Astograth University), Vladimir Beschastyn (Royal Rumiatzi/Chetkosk), Dima Petersen (Ituraitz FC/Polar Islandstates); Lekubegi Guerrikaechebarria (Astograth University), Edwardo Baez (Urbizania Wanderers/Falconwhereveryouare), Agoztar Gorstiaga (Urbizania Wanderers), Itzeder Unzueta (Ituraitz FC); Ellis Elmsvikur (Royal Rumiatzi/Polar Islandstates), Tomas Aer (Ituraitz FC/Polar Islandstates)

­Qualified for International Tournaments
Champions' Cup: Astograth University, Royal Rumiatzi
Globe Cup: Urbizania Wanderers, Ituraitz FC, Echegoyan FC
Series B Champions' Cup: Gesterlake FC, Royal Arexa, Athletic Club Yungoitio, Urizaharra FC
Cygnus Cup: Ituraitz FC
Rushmore Copa de Campeones: Astograth University, Royal Rumiatzi
Rushmore Copa de los Príncipes: Urbizania Wanderers, Ituraitz FC
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Postby The Scandinavian Islands » Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:49 pm

As per here

Champions Cup - Wesholm City
Globe Cup - Nordin, North Port Islanders, Navalry
Series B Champions Cup - Benhagen United, Wesbridge Old Boys, Ashlyn, Aleksander Forest

Copa de Campeones - Wesholm City, Nordin
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UICA Season 408 Qualifications

Postby Miskatonic University » Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:13 am


UICA Qualifications

CC: Tamarindia College
GC: Extramarine, Portmuthian Naval College, Royal Monster FC
SB: Stockett Brigade, Tamarindo FC, Arnold Bedsit Rovers, Students of Sixteen Bits

Post-Season Championships Play-Off

Le Tissier Penal Colony 1-4 Portmuthian Naval College
Le Tissier to compete in the Junior Championships, Portmuthian in the Seniors

Senior Championships
The Senior Championships always opens with the Despite Trophy, between the winners of the Alumni and Inter-Faculty Football Leagues, to decide the Varsity Champions. This game is also game 1 of the Championships, played a day ahead of the rest of the programme. All games in the championships are played on neutral grounds.

Despite Trophy
Miskatonic University Championship Game

Tamarindia College 2-1 Old Tamarindians

Previous Winners
407Un Chien Andalou School 1-0 Old Fellateians
406Rear Admirals 1-0 Un Chien Andalou School
405Faculty of Geodimensions 1-0 Old Fellateians
404Tanguy School of Architecture 1-0 Old Fellateians
403Old Calculators 3-1 Faculty of UnHumanities

Tamarindia College start their first post-season campaign with an historic win over their house rivals, the old boys. Thought to be the start of an era for this team, the main problem the Tamarindians will have will be holding on to their emerging talent, with the Haphazard Foundation sure to come calling. But take nothing away from them, they are the team of the moment.

Senior Championships Standings

An unpredictable and thrilling post-season championship sees the first Varsity winner since the post-season series was formed, as Tamarindia College stunned the nation with the Senior title to sweep all before them. Extramarine continued their impressive run of continuous UICA qualification, the only team to have done so, while Portmuthian Naval College made it a double for the Inter-Faculty. Royal Monster FC made history too, becoming the first foreign team to qualify for UICA through the Haphazard Foundation. Huge disappointment for Haitiëns who, losing their double crown, now find themselves out of UICA after last season becoming the first Wightling team to progress past the group stage, in the Globe Cup.

Senior Championships       Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Tamarindia College 11 7 3 1 15 10 +5 24Champions Cup Qualification
2 Extramarine 11 6 4 1 19 10 +9 22Globe Cup Qualification
3 Portmuthian Naval College 11 5 2 4 18 18 0 17Globe Cup Qualification
4 Royal Monster FC* 11 5 2 4 17 17 0 17Globe Cup Qualification
5 Old Tamarindians 11 5 1 5 17 14 +3 16
6 Humunculus Alumni 11 4 4 3 14 12 +2 16
7 Haitiëns 11 4 4 3 11 9 +2 16
8 Un Chien Andalou School 11 3 3 5 10 13 −3 12
9 Old Cartographers 11 2 5 4 15 15 0 11
10 Uncertain College 11 2 4 5 12 18 −6 10
11 Old Fellateians 11 2 4 5 13 20 −7 10
12 Búa's Boys 11 1 4 6 11 16 −5 7

Previous Champions of Wight

407 Haitiëns
406 Haitiëns
405 Extramarine
404 Extramarine
403 Old Calculators (pre-HF)

Junior Championships
The expanded Juniors takes in the champions of the Broken Islands Association, Le Tissier Penal Colony, after their play-off defeat to the Naval College, as well as the two other island association teams Arnold Bedsit Rovers and Spit City.

Junior Championships Standings

A fine season for the village heroes of Stockett Brigade is capped with a Junior Championships title and a place in the SBCC, joined by two surprise teams in Tamarindo FC and especially Arnold Bedsit Rovers, who continue to defy the odds by finishing ahead of several far more fancied teams. It's a third SBCC qualification for Students of Sixteen Bits, the most of any team in Wight.

Junior Championships            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Stockett Brigade 11 7 2 2 16 11 +5 23Qualified for Series B Champions Cup
2 Tamarindo FC 11 7 1 3 19 12 +7 22Qualified for Series B Champions Cup
3 Arnold Bedsit Rovers 11 6 2 3 14 11 +3 20Qualified for Series B Champions Cup
4 Students of Sixteen Bits 11 5 3 3 19 9 +10 18Qualified for Series B Champions Cup
5 Four Bit Irregulars 11 4 4 3 14 11 +3 16
6 Le Tissier Penal Colony 11 4 3 4 14 16 −2 15
7 FC Berserkr 11 3 4 4 14 13 +1 13
8 Kitchen Whippets 11 3 4 4 10 11 −1 13
9 Young Horses of The Apocalypse 11 3 4 4 10 13 −3 13
10 Trench Brigade 11 4 1 6 10 14 −4 13
11 Titanium Juniors 11 2 3 6 12 19 −7 9
12 Spit City 11 1 3 7 10 22 −12 6

Previous Junior Champions of Wight

407 Black Throats
406 FC.58 Asyluum
405 Portsmouth FC
404 Students of Sixteen Bits
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Postby Sixteen Bits » Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:17 am


Sixteen Bits Calculation
Football League
Snapshot at: 11:16:47 GMT. For the purposes of UICA entry
Calculated in: 0.23133333r seconds (recalculates 11,204,630.7r times per UICA cycle)

Primary Sixty-Five

Team                                 P    W    D    L   For    Ag   +/-   Pts
1 Villa Straylight OS 1024 395 301 328 1076 959 +117 1486TQCC Qualifier
2 68000 Emulation 1024 385 301 338 1048 982 +66 1456GC Qualifier
3 RGB 72 OS 1024 388 280 356 1072 1032 +40 1444GC Qualifier
4 OS Anti Alias 1024 376 316 332 1016 950 +66 1444GC Qualifier
5 Hex 256 BiCubic 1024 376 315 333 1049 973 +76 1443
6 OS Hexadecimal 1024 386 285 353 1090 1001 +89 1443
7 1024 Arg Max 1024 378 299 347 1063 1044 +19 1433
8 OS Enigma 1024 383 283 358 1016 985 +31 1432
9 OS Resistance Futile 1024 376 300 348 1073 998 +75 1428
10 1317 User DNE 1024 369 320 335 1058 999 +59 1427
11 OS Fuzzy Logic 1024 377 292 355 1055 1008 +47 1423
12 System Software 1.1 1024 380 280 364 1071 1046 +25 1420
13 1024 J-Query 1024 373 299 352 1044 1002 +42 1418
14 1024 Command Liner 1024 379 278 367 1030 1011 +19 1415
15 OS Calculus 1024 370 305 349 1063 1027 +36 1415
16 4001 Local WINS Not Deleted 1024 378 280 366 1045 1028 +17 1414
17 GeoLoc QR 1024 368 303 353 1059 1044 +15 1407
18 OS BiCubic Resample 1024 371 294 359 1002 989 +13 1407
19 1024 Difference Engine 1024 364 314 346 999 998 +1 1406
20 1024 Quadcore 1024 369 297 358 1064 1054 +10 1404
21 Firewire I/O 1024 371 291 362 1021 1009 +12 1404
22 1717 Interface Unknown 1024 373 285 366 1061 1072 -11 1404
23 GIGO Gigaflop 1024 372 286 366 1016 987 +29 1402
24 USB Cable OS 1024 370 292 362 1043 1019 +24 1402
25 OS 802.11g IEEE 1024 360 321 343 1014 1008 +6 1401
26 The Euclidean Space Rn 1024 365 305 354 1050 1015 +35 1400
27 1024 x Pi OS 1024 363 310 351 1008 974 +34 1399
28 OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard 1024 370 288 366 1060 1068 -8 1398
29 Quantum Interference 1024 358 321 345 994 961 +33 1395
30 OS JobsGate Dichotomy 1024 367 293 364 1041 1036 +5 1394
31 OS Atari Pong 1024 360 311 353 991 997 -6 1391
32 OS Beta v0.1 1024 361 307 356 1050 1044 +6 1390
33 isNaN() Variable OS 1024 360 309 355 990 988 +2 1389
34 OS Lisa System 1024 362 302 360 1067 1063 +4 1388
35 1024 tLPhysics 1024 370 274 380 1013 1046 -33 1384
36 OS Least Upper Bound 1024 356 315 353 1002 1005 -3 1383
37 OS 64 GigaHertz 1024 362 296 366 1049 1052 -3 1382
38 OS String Theory 1024 361 299 364 1011 1021 -10 1382
39 OS Atari ST 1024 356 311 357 1011 1015 -4 1379
40 Additional RAM 1024 353 319 352 1022 1001 +21 1378
41 Ethernet MTU 1024 354 316 354 1023 1023 +0 1378
42 C++ Ancients 1024 354 315 355 1021 1032 -11 1377
43 H-infinity Method 1024 355 311 358 968 1001 -33 1376
44 1024 Bayesian Probability 1024 365 281 378 1033 1038 -5 1376
45 1024 Force Quit 1024 352 320 352 1045 1069 -24 1376
46 MIMO 802.11n 1024 357 303 364 1001 1044 -43 1374
47 Zero Day Exploit 1024 359 293 372 966 1001 -35 1370
48 OS Commodore 64 1024 350 308 366 1010 1033 -23 1358
49 OS parseFloat 1024 347 315 362 986 1031 -45 1356
50 USB-5 1024 352 299 373 1014 1013 +1 1355
51 OS Trigonometer 1024 351 301 372 1006 1021 -15 1354
52 CMYK Euroscale 1024 358 278 388 1029 1060 -31 1352
53 OS Chipset Overdrive 1024 349 305 370 1023 1076 -53 1352
54 PPC Prime OS 1024 349 301 374 1024 1068 -44 1348
55 PSD Layers 1024 336 336 352 985 962 +23 1344
56 Vista Fail OS 1024 352 284 388 1002 1064 -62 1340
57 OS Nine Was Fine 1024 352 282 390 1004 1037 -33 1338
58 CMYK Vector AI 1024 340 313 371 956 1005 -49 1333
59 1024 Executable 1024 346 290 388 965 1049 -84 1328
60 OS Brigade Neurale 1024 345 293 386 983 1054 -71 1328
61 OS Complex Plane 1024 341 304 379 1008 1053 -45 1327
62 CMYK 300dpi 1024 347 280 397 966 1035 -69 1321
63 OS Nanobiotechnological 1024 336 307 381 988 1062 -74 1315
64 OS XHTML 1024 332 309 383 967 1045 -78 1305
65 OS Suprema LUB 1024 335 289 400 1001 1094 -93 1294
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Postby Vilita » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:57 am

(Note: V-League 32 will determine the qualifiers for the 42nd UICA Championships and related International Cycle)


After the break, all eyes were on the Turoki Community Complex as top of the table Strike visited 2nd place Turoki Tide in a table topping clash for momentum down the stretch. The home field advantage was all the Tide needed, picking up the 2-0 victory with goals coming from Camthalio Ringeril and Steffyn Siazzu.

Strike continued stumbling being held to 0-0 draws by both Sile clubs allowing them to slide 2 points adrift of the Tide after 16 games. Once-beaten Eastal Lunar also entered the fray level with Cednia Beach AFC on 27 points in the Championship fight.

Eastal Lunar's championship hopes took a dent on Matchday 17 as leaders Turoki Tide handed the Seraai club its second defeat of the season, allowing the top 2 to open a 4 point gap on the field making it seem more likely to come down to a battle between Strike and the Turoki Tide. The Tide took a further step toward their first Stellar Division title on Matchday 18 with an emphatic 3-0 drubbing of Kiiarana City with goals from Riksa Valjariia, Michael Coburn and Actalia Mermaioada while Strike were defeated 0-1 at home by Arcticala Inlet.

Things went from bad to worse for the Venom on Matchday 19 as they dropped a shock result to Mliona-Lpaka while the Tide handled the likely-relegated Nusira Lionta to move 8 points clear of Strike, 7 clear of Arcticala Inlet who jumped into second place by defeating the sliding Eastal Lunar FC

The Electricians closed the gap to 5 points on Matchday 20 as the Tide were held to a draw in the Turoki Derby by their United rivals. At the bottom of the table, things were not looking good for the Yeaddin Owls who lost a 6-pointer chance to climb out of the relegation zone against Mavaloiao and sat 4 points clear of safety, trailing the Kionao Locals.


1. Turoki Tide (44)
2. Arcticala Inlet (39)
3. Strike (36)
- - - -
12. Kionao Locals (22)
XX. Yeaddin Owls (21)
XX. Nusira Lionta (12)

There appeared to be no stopping the Tide this time around as they put together a four-star performance over now-relegation threatened Mavaloiao, extending their lead atop the table to 8 points with just 4 games to play. Both Arcticala Inlet and Strike FC, who now trailed by 11 points with just 12 to play for, suffered defeat at the hands of midtable opposition. For Strike FC, the dissapointing performance was almost certain to result in the sacking of manager Ematora Pikakora, unless something miraculous was going to happen.

At the bottom of the table, the Yeaddin Owls climbed out of the relegation zone thanks to a come-from-behind 3-2 result over cross-cove rivals Cednia Beach AFC while sending another Turorian side, Kionao Locals, into the drop zone.

1. Turoki Tide (47)
2. Arcticala Inlet (39)
3. Strike (36)
- - - -
12. Yeaddin Owls (24)
XX. Kionao Locals (22)
XX. Nusira Lionta (15)

It was not written in stone yet and when the Turoki Tide were defeated away from home 2-0 by Mliona-Lpaka, many supporters recalled the last time the Tide held the lead this late in the season before being caught and beaten by Strike FC. This time it was Arcticala Inlet on their tail, closing to within 5 points with a win over Colonial Sile. There was still a battle to be had for 4th place too, however, as Mliona-Lpaka had caught Cednia Beach AFC in the battle for Turori's UICA Champions League place, a slot that to this day has never been occupied by a team other than Cednia Beach.

1. Turoki Tide (47)
2. Arcticala Inlet (42)
3. Strike (39)
- - - -
4. Cednia Beach (35)
5. Mliona-Lpaka (33)
- - - -
12. Yeaddin Owls (24)
XX. Kionao Locals (22)
XX. Nusira Lionta (16)

The Tide slipped again on Matchday 24 being held 1-1 by Cednia Beach AFC while Arcticala Inlet kept chipping away, collecting all 3 points against lowly Mavaloiao. Unfortunately for the Electricians, any Turoki Tide victory was likely to put Arcticala out of title contention due to the Tide's superior goal differential. Strike FC, who drew against relegated side Nusira Lionta, were eliminated from title contention, falling to 8 points back with just 6 to play for.

1. Turoki Tide (48)
2. Arcticala Inlet (45)
3. Strike (39)
- - - -
4. Cednia Beach (36)
6. Mliona-Lpaka (34)
- - - -
12. Yeaddin Owls (25)
XX. Kionao Locals (23)
RR. Nusira Lionta (17)

It would finally happen for the Tide who became the 7th different winner in the 32 season history of the Vilitan Stellar Division with their 1-0 win over the Yeaddin Owls on Matchday 25. There was no better scene for the Tide to capture their first title than the Lirai Asku Castle, home to over one-third of the Stellar Division titles ever awarded. After finishing second to Makosile during Season 31, the Turoki Tide became the second club from the Island of Turoki to win the Stellar Division. It was also the first time since Seasons 1 & 2 that consecutive V-League titles were won by teams winning for the first time in their club's history, as well as the first time two consecutive Stellar Division titles were awarded to teams off the main Island of Vilita, with both Makosile and Turoki Tide playing on Turoki Island.

There was still plenty to play for on the final matchday, however. While Arcticala Inlet and Strike FC had already secured their Champions League places, Cednia Beach and Mliona-Lpaka AFC had a score to settle. While it woulnd't be settled against each other, their destiniies would be fully linked into their results on the final matchday while fellow Turorian side Kionao Locals AFC struggled to keep pace with their relegation zone competitors, remaining 1 point behind the Yeaddin Owls, the only other team in the relegation fight.

Incredibly, the Kionao Locals did everything they could to stay afloat, crashing the Championship party at the Turoki Community Complex by downing the Turoki Tide 1-0 on a Pedro Uguccione goal. Unfortunately for the Locals, however, the Yeaddin Owls also did what they needed to do, ending the misery that was the Makosile title defense with a win of their own that kept the Owls in the top flight for another season, but once again, dissapointingly out of the UICA places.

As for the final Turorian UICA spot, all teams interested cracked under the pressure with Cednia Beach falling 3-2 to Arcticala Inlet, who closed the final gap atop the table to just 3 points. Mliona-Lpaka, with a chance to take the Champions League place, fell flat in a 2-1 loss to Eastal Lunar but still tying a club record with the 6th place finish in the table.

Champion: Turoki Tide (Vilita) [1st Stellar Division Championship]
Runner Up: Arcticala Inlet (Vilita)

1 Turoki Tide 26 15 6 5 38-28 51
2 Arcticala Inlet 26 14 6 6 35-26 48
3 Strike 26 11 8 7 28-15 41
4 Cednia Beach 26 11 6 9 27-26 39
5 Colonial 26 10 8 8 29-18 38
6 Mliona-Lpaka 26 10 7 9 26-25 37
7 Turoki 26 9 10 7 17-17 37
8 Eastal Lunar 26 8 11 7 21-18 35
9 Kiiarana 26 10 5 11 25-31 35
10 Makosile 26 8 9 9 27-31 33
11 Yeaddin Owls 26 8 4 14 21-30 28
12 Mavaloiao 26 8 4 14 25-42 28
13 Kionao Locals 26 5 12 9 18-21 27
14 Nusira Lionta 26 0 6 7 14-33 18
. .

Champions Cup :: Globe Cup :: RELEGATED

Top Individual Performers (Stellar Division Games):
Pos   Player                     Club                       Apps     Goals
1st Loala Kigoouao Arcticala Inlet 25 12
2nd Riksa Valjariia Turoki Tide 18 11
3rd Viji-mara Lawaai Strike 23 10
4th Kuzman Ruslan Mavaloiao 26 8

Pos Player Club Apps Assists
1st Eric Tyler Cednia Beach 23 7
2nd Camthalio Ringëril Turoki Tide 19 6
3rd Vrotaoa Lorasoiba Arcticala Inlet 24 6
4th Kuzman Ruslan Mavaloiao 26 5

Pos Player Club Apps Performance
1st Lita Adjei Arcticala Inlet 24 7.92
2nd Riksa Valjariia Turoki Tide 18 7.78
3rd Viji-mara Lawaai Strike 23 7.43
4th Lucas Andrada Turoki Tide 14 7.43

Pos Player Club Apps Star of Match
1st Lita Adjei Arcticala Inlet 24 7
2nd Viji-mara Lawaai Strike 23 6
3rd Riksa Valjariia Turoki Tide 18 6


Lonngeylin Coast returned to the top of the table after 18 matches, joined by pre-season favorites Turoki Isle level on 32 points atop the table. It was clearly a battle between 7 teams for 2 spots as Morata Valley sat 1 point back while Kiiara-Torra, Jlinal Cove, Marine Coast United and Lopinka were all within 3 more points. The relegation battle was also warming up as FC Almintora and Terrarokka Spirit closed on 12th placed Tivali United. Turoki Isle solidified their promotion merits with a 3-0 win over Morata Valley to move into the top 2.

Turoki Isle and Lonngeylin Coast continued going back and forth atop the table, Lonngeylin Coast the most prolific scoring team in the competition while the Islanders were the best defensively. They could not shake Morata Valley though, the team with the most wins on the season, who stayed locked on points.

FC Almintora climbed out of the relegation zone in what had become a 5 way battle to avoid the drop between Almintora, Tivali United, Tivali City, Terrarokka Spirit and the Crosaibi Locals.


As the top 2 slipped on Matchday 23, both losing to relegation battlers FC Almintora and Crosaibi Locals, Morata Valley took advantage with their win to leapfrog to the top of the table.

With 3 Games to play, the contestants:
1. Morata Valley - 41 Points
2. Turoki Isle - 39 Points
3. Lonngeylin Coast - 38 Points
4. Jlinal Cove - 37 Points
5. Lopinka - 37 Points

Morata Valley increased its lead further on Matchday 24 with a 2-0 win over Inland Peaks while Lonngeyling Coast drew 1-1 with Marine Coast and Turoki Isle was held 0-0 by Tivali City. The Lopinka Rovers leaped up into third place with their win.

With 2 Games to play, the contestants:
1. Morata Valley - 44 Points
2. Turoki Isle - 40 Points
3. Lopinka - 40 Points
4. Lonngeylin Coast - 39 Points
5. Kiiara-Torra - 39 Points

A shock defeat to Irottea ended all the Morata Valley momentum and set up a thrilling final-day scenario as four teams would fight it out for two places in the Stellar Division. Lonngeylin Coast, who had led much of the season, however, would not be one of them. It had all come undone for Lonngeylin who were beaten soundly 3-0 by Tivali United who climbed out of the relegation zone, putting rivals Tivali City to occupy it instead.

With 1 Game to play, 3 teams were left to battle for 2 spots in the Stellar Division:
1. Morata Valley - 44 Points
2. Turoki Isle - 43 Points
3. Lopinka - 43 Points
4. Jlinal Cove - 41 Points

Although all the pieces were there for a grandstand final matchday, in the end, each team did what they had to do - win the match, as Morata Valley were promoted as Champions with a 2-1 win over Lonngeylin Coast while Turoki Isle returned to the top flight after their 1-0 win over Irottea. At the bottom of the table, the Terrarokka Spirit and Tivali City needed a win to keep themselves up, but they played each other to a 0-0 draw and both side were relegated.

Champion: Turoki Isle (Vilita) [Promoted to Stellar Division for Next Season]
Runner Up: Morata Valley (Vilita) [Promoted to Stellar Division for Next Season]

1 Morata Valley 26 14 5 7 22-15 47
2 Turoki Isle 26 12 10 4 19-9 46
3 Jlinal Cove 26 11 11 4 19-10 44
4 Lopinka 26 13 5 8 19-14 44
5 Kiiara-Torra 26 11 9 6 22-15 42
6 Lonngeylin Coast 26 9 12 5 29-19 39
7 Marine Coast 26 10 8 8 18-14 38
8 Irottea 26 6 11 9 11-16 29
9 FC Almintora 26 6 10 10 14-21 28
10 Inland Peaks 26 4 15 7 10-14 27
11 Crosaibi Locals 26 5 10 11 9-20 25
12 Tivali 26 4 11 11 12-17 23
13 Tivali City 26 3 14 9 7-14 23
14 Terrarokka Spirit 26 4 9 13 11-24 21
. .


Vilitan Cup Group Stage:
Pod 1: Turoki United defeated Non-Leaguers Vilisorma while former League Side Inland Rovers defeated Lonngeylin Coast to join Turoki in the second round.
Pod 2: The shock of the tournament, perhaps not limited to Season 32, came at Corra Park in the capital city as 3-time defending cup champions, and winners of 6 of the previous 8 editions, Strike FC crashed out spectacularly due to an own goal and a 0-1 defeat to non-league side Corra Rovers. The rovers have been putting all of their focus into the Cup in recent seasons, and the rewards have been there, with this being the third straight attempt where they have qualified for the knockout phase. Ironically, it was Strike FC who dumped Corra out of the competition with a 3-0 result during their last appearance in the knockout phase. Joining the Rovers in the knockout stage will be Declasse side Kiiara-Torra AFC, who defeated Rammsissil to clinch their spot.
Pod 3: Saugeain forward Kuzman Ruslan led the charge for Mavaloiao FC as the newly promoted Stellar Division side topped the third pod where they will be joined by Non-League side Riailia Village who snuck through over fellow Non-Leaguers Jaguar Moreda.
Pod 4: Stellar Division side Nusira Lionta had no issues in Pod 4, getting by non-league side Mavaloiao City at Mavaloiao Park to secure their place in the Second Round. Declasse side FC Almintora was not as fortunate, falling to the Alikki Locals who advanced to the second round for the 6th time in club history.
Pod 5: Pod 5 was circled in many books as the most interesting of all the draws, pitting two of Turori's most famous cup success stories together. Kionao Locals and Cedniavella, the only two Turorian sides to ever bring home silverware on the international level, having both won the UICA Series 'B' Champions Cup, squared off for a single place in the Vilitan Cup second round at the Kionao Minor Field. In the end, it was the Stellar Division side that ruled the day. Despite the slim 1-0 scoreline, Kionao easily defeated Cedniavella who despite a few attempts, failed to trouble the Kionao goalkeeper. Former League side Alikki-Corra, pride of the Vilitan capital, also advanced edging out the Lopinka Rovers.
Pod 6: There were no real surprises in the 6th pod as Eastal Lunar FC, led by Vilitan National Team goalkeeper Jungrii Canopii, recorded a 1-0 victory over Declasse side Morata Valley to advance. Declasse side Jlinal Cove FC also advanced after their 1-0 victory over non-league side Tkaob Inland.
Pod 7: Season 30 Cup runners-up Colonial Sile had no problem taking down non league opposition to advance to the knockout stage while Declasse side Inland Peaks rode a strong performance from Audioslavian National Team member and club captain Delain Colgan to dispose of Tivali United and earn their place in the second round.
Pod 8: The favorites ruled the day in Pod 8 as Cednia Beach AFC, still looking to become the first Turorian side to lift the Vilitan Cup after 31 seasons, trounced non-league side Lonngeylin City by a 4-1 scoreline to top the pod. Declasse favorites Turoki Isle also advanced, defeating fellow declasse side Crosaibi Locals 1-0.
Pod 9: Defending league champions and Tropical Trophy Winners Makosile were drawn famously with Sile Town who were no-match for their cross-city rivals. Sirkii Moliaudo and Loala Kigoouao scored for the champs in the 2-0 victory as they look to set off on a clean sweep of Vilitan silverware in Season 32. The Makos would be joined in the Knockout phase by the Turoki Tide who defeated declasse side Terrarokka Spirit by the same scoreline.
Pod 10: The Yeaddin Owls crashed out at the first hurdle after being defeated 1-0 at Jlinal Park by non-league side Jlinal City. Stellar Division rivals Arcticala Inlet did not have the same issues, recording a 1-0 victory over declasse side Tivali City at the Council Stadium.
Pod 11: Marine Coast United defeated Stellar Division side Mliona-Lpaka Turori 1-0 at Marine World Park after a Dalian Kiawooi goal coupled with a missed penalty kick by the Turorian side. Elsewhere, at the Lavaoi Rapids Stadium, an Erocka Lorei goal was not enough for Kiiarana City who crashed out 2-1 to former league side Yutzie Sorma.

Vilitan Cup Round 2:
Despite the fact that half of the teams in Round 2 of the Vilitan Cup were non-league sides, only one progressed - that being Alikki-Corra who knocked out fellow non-league side Yutzie Sorma. Arcticala Inlet, Inland Peaks, Turok Tide and Eastal Lunar were all successful in knocking out their non-league foes without so much as conceding a goal while Jlinal Cove needed extra time to defeat Declasse promotion chasing rivals Turoki Isle 2-1.

Vilitan Cup Round of 16:
Former league side Alikki-Corra stole the show in the Round of 16, hunkering down at the Crossroads Stadium and withstanding the pressure from Cednia Beach AFC with a 1-0 victory to yet again ensure that a Turorian side would not lift the trophy still after 32 runnings of the storied cup competition after the elimination also of the Kionao Locals by Colonial Sile in extra time.

Makosile continued their quest for the Cup with a convincing 2-0 win over Turoki United while Mavaloiao crashed out with a 3-0 defeat by Arcticala Inlet. Marine Coast United, Eastal Lunar and Jlinal Cove also advanced to the Quarter Finals.

Alikki-Corra v. Cednia Beach (1-0)
Makosile v. Turoki United (2-0)
Colonial Sile v. Kionao Locals (2-1 AET)
Nusira Lionta v. Marine Coast United (0-1)
Turoki Tide v. Inland Peaks (2-1)
Mavaloiao v. Arcticala Inlet (0-3)
Jlinal City v. Eastal Lunar (1-2)
Kiiara-Torra v. Jlinal Cove (0-1)

Vilitan Cup Quarter-Finals: (Two Legs)
After 1-1 draws in both legs, the Turoki Tide were victorious in the penalty shootout to advance to the semi-finals over Jungrii Canopii's Eastal Lunar FC. Marine Coast United saw a rise in form to advance over fellow Declasse side Jlinal Cove FC for the 3-time cup winners first Semi Final appearance since Season 23.

Defending league champions Makosile looked to add to their trophy shelf by defeating Arcticala Inlet 3-1 over two legs while the dream run ended for Non-League side Alikki-Corra, falling 2-1 to Colonial Sile.

Vilitan Cup Semi-Finals: (Two Legs)
It was an incredible draw for the Semi-Finals with the most important battle of Sile in the history of Vilitan League play. Just one season removed from winning the first major silverware in the history of Sile, Makosile's Stellar Division title, the Makos were drawn against cross-town rivals Colonial Sile in the Vilitan Cup semi-final with a place in the Final and more history at stake. Makosile went into Colonial Field with a purpose and came out 2-0 victors, leaving many to believe that the tie was over before it ever got to the Track Venture Field. Those thoughts were misguided, however, as Colonial Sile were setting a statement in the return leg, quickly getting on the scoresheet, then leveling the aggregate by going up 2-0 on the day by the half, setting up 45 minutes of pure derby rivalry to determine who would compete at the Tivali Ring Stadium to lift the cup.

Colonial looked to have the match won in the second half when they hit the upright but Makosile survived that onslaught and needed to find the nerves that would get them another goal. The goal would come 20 minutes from time on a corner-kick and it certainly seemed to relax the home side, who started playing more freely after the goal, and eventually added a second through Sirkii Moliaudo as Colonial looked to press to find a way back into the match.

The real story, however, was the resurgence of Marine Coast United who travelled to the Turoki Community Complex and took down the Stellar Division leaders with a 1-0 win on the day, 2-1 aggregate victory. For Marine Coast United, the Vilitan Cup final was a place they had been before - 6 times, winning 3 of them. But for one of the most storied sides in Vilitan League History, it was a welcome boost to their confidence, and reputation as one of the top teams in Vilita to climb back to the Final where they would look to become the first Declasse side to lift the trophy.
Makosile United (Stellar) 4-2 Colonial Sile (Stellar); Turoki Tide (Stellar) 1-2 Marine Coast (Declasse)

Vilitan Cup Final:
It was all happening at the Tivali Ring Stadium, and it did not take Makosile long to get a leg up on their Declasse competitors. Lioniaa Tana scored to put Makosile ahead 1-0 after just 3 minutes. Marine Coast were not to be denied, however, as they responded just minutes later to level the score when Dalian Kiawooi broke free and chipped one past Atacir Tivalin.

While Marine Coast were getting a fair number of chances, the majority still fell to the Makos who retook the lead through Xcnaio Bansoa in the 30th minute. Neither side made any change at the half, and perhaps Marine Coast should have as Sirkii Moliaudo added a third for Makosile shortly after play resumed, appearing to put the game out of reach. The never-say die attitude that got Marine Coast to the final just kept shining through as the Vilitan Cup's first ever champions clawed back again to 3-2, but the story book ending was not to be on this day. Lioniaa Tana added the decisive goal in stoppage time to bring the Vilitan Cup to Sile for the second time.
Makosile United 4-2 Marine Coast United

Top Individual Performers (Vilitan Cup Matches):
Pos   Player                     Club                       Apps     Goals
1st Sirkii Moliaudo Makosile 9 7
2nd Loala Kigoouao Arcticala Inlet 6 6
3rd Riksa Valjariia Turoki Tide 8 5

Pos Player Club Apps Assists
1st Cristoh Nrubari Makosile 8 5
2nd Camthalio Ringëril Turoki Tide 8 4
3rd Eda Shindhi Arcticala Inlet 7 3

Pos Player Club Apps Performance
1st Kristofer Kilpter Cednia Beach 3 8.00
2nd Sirkii Moliaudo Makosile 9 7.89
3rd Lita Adjei Arcticala Inlet 7 7.86

Stellar Division Champions: Turoki Tide (Vilita)
Declasse Division Champions: Morata Valley (Vilita)
Vilitan Cup Champions: Makosile United (Vilita)
Tropical Trophy Champions: Makosile United (Vilita)

Full Individual Player Statistics and Transfer Information will be presented in a subsequent Newswire.

UICA and other International Qualifying Information

UICA Champions Cup: Turoki Tide (Vilita)
UICA Champions Cup: Arcticala Inlet (Vilita)
UICA Champions Cup: Jungle Strike FC (Vilita)
UICA Champions Cup: Cednia Beach AFC (Turori)

Globe Cup: Colonial Sile (Vilita)
Globe Cup: Mliona-Lpaka (Turori)
Globe Cup: Turoki United (Vilita)
Globe Cup: Eastal Lunar (Vilita)
Globe Cup: Makosile (Vilita)
Globe Cup: Kionao Locals (Turori)

SB Champs' Cup: Morata Valley (Vilita)
SB Champs' Cup: Turoki Isle (Vilita)
SB Champs' Cup: Jlinal Cove (Vilita)
SB Champs' Cup: Lopinka Rovers (Vilita)
SB Champs' Cup: Kiiara-Torra (Vilita)
SB Champs' Cup: Marine Coast United (Vilita)
SB Champs' Cup: FC Almintora (Turori)
SB Champs' Cup: Cedniavella (Turori)

Cup Champions (Cygnus Cup Applicant): Makosile (Vilita)

Past Seasons, Format and Background Information on the Vilitan League is available in the Vilitan League Thread
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((OOC: More detail later. Gotta run to coach my team in a bit.))

Ahead of a restructuring of the Osarian football league pyramid, promotion and relegation is a little different this season... the bottom four of the King's League will be relegated no matter what. The next three lowest finishing teams will enter a relegation playoff with the winners of the Royal League promotion playoffs.

   King's League 2199-2200  Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts          
1 Firewood City 38 21 11 6 92 66 +26 74 C/TQCC
2 Grasshoppers Turic 38 21 10 7 79 45 +34 73 TQCC
3 Burningham City 38 21 7 10 69 44 +25 70 GC
4 Hastmead Diamante 38 20 8 10 91 79 +12 68 GC
5 Iton Valley FC 38 18 10 10 46 34 +12 64
6 Greeningham City 38 18 8 12 77 64 +13 62
7 Trothwands Evolution 38 17 7 14 69 61 +8 58
8 Utica United 38 16 9 13 76 74 +2 57
9 Real Jraxville FC 38 12 16 10 51 44 +7 52
10 Callisto City FC 38 12 16 10 70 70 0 52 GC
11 Warton Villa 38 13 11 14 80 75 +5 50
12 Charleston Athletic FC 38 13 8 17 40 44 −4 47
13 FC Barciddia 38 13 7 18 70 80 −10 46
14 AFC Hollybrent 38 11 10 17 67 81 −14 43
15 Kart Hago 38 12 5 21 61 83 −22 41
16 Muirford Athletic 38 10 10 18 64 73 −9 40
17 Cymrwell FC 38 11 7 20 51 73 −22 40 R
18 Rapid Hearthlands 38 7 17 14 52 65 −13 38 R
19 Trelagstad FC 38 9 10 19 45 68 −23 37 R
20 Littleshaw Village 38 9 5 24 26 53 −27 32 R

Corradini Cup
from Quarter Finals onward

Quarter Finals
Trothwands Evolution 2-0 FC Barciddia
Junipa Athletic 1-2 Real Jraxville FC
Greeningham City 1-3 Grasshoppers Turic
Iton Valley FC 3-0 Charleston Athletic FC

Semi Finals
Real Jraxville FC 3-1 Trothwands Evolution
Trothwands Evolution 1-0 Real Jraxville FC
Aggregate: Real Jraxville FC 3-2 Trothwands Evolution

Iton Valley FC 0-0 Grasshoppers Turic
Grasshoppers Turic 1-0 Iton Valley FC
Aggregate: Iton Valley FC 0-1 Grasshoppers Turic

Real Jraxville FC 1-3 Grasshoppers Turic

from Quarter Finals onward

Quarter Finals
Greeningham City 0-4 Firewood City
Trothwands Evolution 1-0 Charleston Athletic FC
Callisto City FC 1-0 Yamihagi FC
Burningham City 2-3 Greeningham City

Semi Finals
Trothwands Evolution 1-2 Firewood City
Callisto City FC 2-1 Greeningham City

Callisto City FC 2-1 Firewood City

Similarly to the King's League, the bottom four teams in the Royal League are guaranteed to be relegated. An undecided amount will be forced to play in relegation playoffs as part of the restructuring.

   Royal League 2199-2200   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts         
1 Kyoshiku Island FC 38 24 7 7 83 48 +35 79 C/SBCC
2 FC United of Dynapolis 38 24 6 8 90 53 +37 78 SBCC
3 Inter Alepio FC 38 21 6 11 93 70 +23 69
4 FC Masaka 38 19 11 8 92 70 +22 68
5 Real Rajahara FC 38 18 10 10 74 62 +12 64 SBCC
6 Violia FC 38 18 8 12 78 73 +5 62 SBCC
7 Shanak FC 38 17 9 12 59 49 +10 60
8 Arcaea County FC 38 16 8 14 78 66 +12 56
9 Bowsston United FC 38 16 8 14 66 65 +1 56
10 Spoturess FC 38 16 6 16 66 66 0 54
11 Priesthood of Baal 38 16 6 16 68 70 −2 54
12 Yamihagi FC 38 14 9 15 60 68 −8 51
13 Maharia United FC 38 13 8 17 59 67 −8 47
14 Junipa Athletic 38 12 10 16 59 60 −1 46
15 Paper Tree Town 38 11 12 15 47 52 −5 45
16 Athletic Lindenhurst FC 38 12 7 19 63 79 −16 43
17 Dynamo Druz FC 38 13 3 22 41 54 −13 42 R
18 FC United of San Manuel 38 10 8 20 68 90 −22 38 R
19 Churchfield Sport Club 38 5 10 23 58 97 −39 25 R
20 Barringdon Athletic 38 6 6 26 44 87 −43 24 R

Royal League Playoffs

Semi Finals
Violia FC 3-1 Inter Alepio FC
Inter Alepio 2-1 Violia FC
Aggregate: Violia FC 4-3 Inter Alepio FC

FC Masaka 2-2 Real Rajahara FC
Real Rajahara FC 3-1 FC Masaka
Aggregate: FC Masaka 3-5 Real Rajahara FC

Violia FC 3-4 Real Rajahara FC

International competition qualifiers:

TQCC: Firewood City, Grasshoppers Turic
GC: Burningham City, Hastmead Diamante, Callisto City
SBCC: Kyoshiku Island FC, FC United of Dynapolis, Real Rajahara, Violia FC
CYG: Callisto City
Ruler: King Alexander II | Population: 148,329,946 (2230 census) | Capital: Burningham, Mount Crown
Civilisation Index: 13.43 • Tier 7, Level 2, Type 5
Current Project(s): National Simulation Football League

Useful NSSports Stuff
COCANEFA | OFA Pro Leagues | Oracle (OSPI)

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Postby Westros » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:16 am


The Westros Football Association introduces its Entrants:

Champions Cup: BlackGayte Fc

Globe Cup: New Oslo United, WinterEnd City, FishermansHaven

SB Champions Cup: Newton Town, YittleBurg, WindDawn Yetis, Bear Village

Cygnus Cup: New Oslo United
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Postby Turori » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:46 am

Turori 42nd UICA Cycle Stadium Bid

UICA Champions Cup: Cednia Beach Center, Cednia, Turori (103,000 Capacity)
The Cednia Beach Center is one of the purest examples of capitalism and expansion in the Vilitan Leagues. Originally a modest plot for a modest team, the stadium has risen along with the rise of the club. Now, a world class stadium capacity wise, there are concessions that were made. The training grounds outside the center are second rate, and parking is virtually non-existent at the complex. Public transportation - including your own two feet, would be required for fans to access the stadium. Thats alright though, plenty of lodging surrounds the local area within walking distance.

UICA Globe Cup: Coliseum of the Inurahtii, Inura, Turori (88,000 Capacity)
The Coliseum of the Inurahtii is the home of Turorian lower division side Inura Forests, the newest team in the Vilitan Domestic Pyramid having joined along with Kionao Koastal during the return of the Vilitan League for Season 26. The Coliseum of the Inurahtii had existed for a long time prior to Inura Forests first occupying the stadium and transforming it into a venue worthy of hosting both domestic and international fixtures. The stadium was built in the middle of the vast Inura Forest away from the coastal hubs of the Island Emirate of Turori. It was envisioned as a stadium of the future, that would provide satsifactory accommodations for fans both from Turori and abroad, however, that would feature many modesties and more traditional offerings, most notably the view. While there is a lower bowl of seating in the arena for traditional match viewing, there is also an upper tier that extends high above the canopy of the Inura Forest, perched at a certain elevation that was factored brilliantly in by the architects and renovators to provide moments of natural beauty for fans seated in the upper sections and a taste of what Turori would have been like for eon's before civilians started to occupy the coastal areas of the Island.
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Postby Vilita » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:24 am


Most Prolific Jungle Cat Striker seeks International Move

Vilita & Turori Forward Kristofer Kilpter subject of countless transfer inquiries over his career, has confirmed that he has handed in a transfer request to his club, Turori's UICA Champions Cup representatives Cednia Beach AFC. The transfer request comes after yet another season trophyless in Turori. It is not known if Kilpter has been in pre-negotiations with any club but Cednia Beach AFC are surely going to be look to recoup some of the all-time record 12kT fee they paid for Kilpter from the Yeaddin Owls.

Kilpter is joint Vilitan & Turori national, but declared to play for Vilita, with the lure of World Cup competition in Vilita's entry into World Cup 57 the key decision maker after the Turorian side was not entered at that time. Kilpter netted 4 times during the World Cup 57 campaign but missed three matches due to an undisclosed injury. After struggling to win silverware with the Yeaddin Owls, Kilpter made the Largest Transfer in V-League history (12.7 kT) to Turorian side Cednia Beach. The transfer was more than double the 4.5kT previous transfer record in the Vilitan League, which was also payed by Cednia Beach to Yeaddin (for Antonis Siazzu). Kilpters contributions to the National Team have seemed to hurt from his move to Turori, however, having scored just one goal during the World Cup 61 Qualifying Campaign.

Kilpter is likely looking to switch clubs in time for the upcoming UICA Champions Cup tournament, as it is not known, now that a transfer request has been submitted, whether Cednia Beach will continue to use Kilpter. It is believed that Cednia Beach have already been trying to line up a replacement for Kilpter in the form of Farfadillis attacking winger Friekder Dandalleion.

It is believed that, having already played in both Vilita & Turori with minimal success and no silverware to show for it, Kilpter is looking to move internationally. There are requirements for any particular UICA Ranking, but Kilpter is looking for the biggest press coverage of his performances, to enhance the chances of his performance influencing his selection to the Vilitan National Team. For inquiries on the availability of Kristofer Kilpter, please contact the Football Association of Vilita


The entire starting squad of the Turoki Tide received keys to the city of Turoki. Team captain Rexii Tzikas was the first to accept, making a short speech on behalf of the players thanking the city of Turoki for their support throughout the season and for sticking behind the club through their recent near-misses atop the table. Tzikas even paid respects to rivals Turoki Isle, the team that paved the way for Stellar Division success on the Island of Turoki, and that the entire team was looking forward to the challenge of playing them in the Stellar Division again during Season 33, noting that Turoki City is the only city that will have three teams in the Stellar Division. After Tzikas' speech, keys were handed out to Turorian goalkeeper Hooizo Nuakoi, Defenders Niubo Deneli, Baiiub Jual-Knakok and Uajiala Pulkki, Ukalai Saluria, Liventia midfielder Michael Coburn, top scorer Riksa Valjaria, Steffyn Siazzu, Sargossa's Lucas Andrada and Actalia Mermaioada.

Vilitan Stadium Bids for 42nd UICA Cycle

UICA Champions Cup:
Lonngeylin Coliseum - Lonngeylin, Vilita (115,500 Seated) - 141,000 Standing Room
Home Club: Jungle Strike FC
The Coliseum is one of the oldest, but most expansive stadiums in Vilita. The Home of Vilitan club Strike FC, the stadium has undergone several renovations, name changes and expansions in its long history, which includes being a knockout venue for the World Cup 17 and 31 finals, as well as hosting the exciting World Cup 59 Final between The Babbage Islands and Aguazul. The Coliseum is known for its unique hillside accommodation, boasts one of the most impressive match atmospheres in the region. Typically, only the home fans are allowed in the south and east areas, which include both hillside seating and open hillside that can accommodate an approximately 30,000 additional fans beyond the seated capacity - depending on how far away from the stadium they wish to prop themselves. Away fans are always seated in the west grandstand.

UICA Series 'B' Champions Cup:
Marine World Park - Crosaibi, Vilita (57,500 Capacity)
Home Club: Marine Coast United
Marine World Park is the oldest stadium in Vilita, home of the historic club Marine Coast United. The stadium was at one time the largest stadium in Vilita by seating capacity before the construction of the Tivali Ring Stadium in Alikki-Corra prior to World Cup 13. Marine World Park is one of the few stadiums of the Vilitan league that was never hit by the expansion bug in the golden era of the Vilitan League. While many stadiums expanded to over 100,000 capacity, Marine World Park's coastal location made any expansion plans tricky, and some have blamed the lack of expansion for some of the troubles of Marine Coast United in attracting the talent they need to keep up with any of the Stellar Division teams. Marine World Park hosted parts of the World Cup 17 Finals as well as the 34th UICA Series 'B' Champions Cup Final contested by NSE Kovenham of Krytenia and Hoxford Rovers of Valladares
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Postby Commerce Heights » Sun Sep 02, 2012 8:57 am

Twenty-Second Aeropag Football Invitational

After someone at the PSC (whose name is being withheld for his or her own protection) added a discus launcher to a purchase order with the mistaken belief that such a device could be used for athletics training, it was decided to make use of the contraption to send out invitations for the Aeropag Invitational before returning it for a full refund. The targets of these missiles included one new association (Licentiapacisterra), one new-ish association (Unified Falcon), one association whose scary-looking flyswatter was only designed to down hummingbirds, not discuses (Astograth), and one association which really could have sent itself an internal memo instead of a discus (the Paripana Sporting Council).


Image Host club / Élite League twelfth place
Seventeenth appearance (AFIs 6–21) · Champion, AFI 18
Nicknames: le Bleu-et-Orange, les Olympiens, les Manchots
Home venue: Stade de la Tour olympique, Aéropag (capacity 196 812)

Image Champions’ Cup 41 champion / Élite League runner-up
Fourth appearance (AFIs 8, 9, 19) · Best: Runner-up, AFI 8
Nicknames: the Panthers, SCP
Home venue: Anaphase Alchemy Stadium, Sonoma Center (capacity 171 337)

Image Globe Cup 38 champion / Elven Premier League runner-up
Début appearance · Sixth club from Valanora
Nickname: the Blues
Home venue: Donna Cathedral, Mar Sara (capacity 60 000)

Image Canalave Crown champion
Seventh appearance (AFIs 1, 17–21) · Best: Runner-up, AFI 18
Nicknames: les Bleus, l’Impact
Home venue: Stade de la Frontière, Fontvielle (capacity 41 378)

Image FPIFA Federation League Divisjon One champion
Third appearance (AFIs 14, 19) · Best: Runner-up, AFI 14
Nicknames: the Lanterns, Athletic
Home venue: Rendahl Stadion, Franz Josef City (capacity 47 911)

Image Liga Aguazuleña champion
Third appearance (AFIs 14, 16) · Best: Third place, AFI 14
Nicknames: none
Home venue: Centro Deportivo Nacional, Blén (capacity 33 000)

Image Astograthian Football League First Division champion
Third appearance (AFIs 11, 17) · Best: Runner-up, AFI 17
Nickname: Kaparaka
Home venue: Knights’ Stadium, Rumiatzi (capacity 70 000)

Image King’s League champion
Third appearance (AFIs 1, 11) · Best: Fifth place, AFI 1
Nickname: Grasshoppers
Home venue: Turic Thunderdome, Turic (capacity 46 000)

Image Stellar Division champion
Début appearance · Third club from Vilita
Nickname: the Mako
Home venue: Track Venture Field, Makosile (capacity 106 000)

Image LAPFL Premier League champion
Début appearance · Seventh club from LAPFL Federation
Nicknames: the Beachboys, the Seasiders
Home venue: DuneDome, Navon Beach (capacity 36 000)

Image Unified Falcon Football League Premier Division champion
Second appearance · Ninth place, AFI 21
Nicknames: the Defenders, Spaceport
Home venue: Iona Spaceport Dome, Iona Spaceport (capacity 42 000)

Image Gold League champion
Début appearance · Second club from Socialist States Owen
Nicknames: none
Home venue: Castle Road, Directus (capacity 59 684)

Image Gordonopia Cup champion
Début appearance · Second club from United Gordonopia
Nickname: Lat U
Home venue: Islands Field, Latimere (capacity 91 300)

Image Série A champion
Début appearance · Third club from Cotdelapoms
Nicknames: the Vikings, the Nords
Home venue: Stade Cap Nordique, Cap Nordique (capacity 35 750)

Image Daineri Super League champion
Début appearance · Third club from Dainer
Nicknames: the Green Stars
Home venue: Gigempat Arena, Derdia (capacity 120 000)

Image Licentian Premier League champion
Début appearance · First club from Licentiapacisterra
Nicknames: the Blues, SC
Home venue: Adamson Park, Montfort (capacity 65 000)

With the sixteen-team format restored, the format of the group stage would be four groups of four, with each team playing all of its group opponents once. Champions’ Cup winner Sonoma Center Panthers was placed in Group A and Globe Cup winner Club ESF was placed in Group B. CF Aéropag was specially drawn into one of Groups B and C, to avoid them playing Sonoma Center Panthers prior to the final round.

GROUP A: Sonoma Center Panhters, Blén CA, Minigoleada, Iona Spaceport Defenders
GROUP B: Club ESF, CF Aéropag, Directus, SC Montfort
GROUP C: Royal Rumiatzi, East Franz Athletic, Navon Beach, Latimere United
GROUP D: Fontvielle Impact, Grasshoppers Turic, Cap Nordique, Makosile

Group stage
The standings for the group stage were determined, in order, by points, head-to-head result, goal difference, goals scored, and fair play standings (which were finally of some use). The winner of each group advanced to the playoff bracket (for 1st–4th place), the runner-up to the consolation bracket (for 5th–8th place), the third-placed team to the classification bracket (for 9th–12th place), and the fourth-placed team to the kindoff bracket (for 13th–16th place).

Blén CA 3–0 Minigoleada
Iona Spaceport Defenders 0–0 Sonoma Center Panthers
Sonoma Center Panthers 1–2 Blén CA
Minigoleada 1–1 Iona Spaceport Defenders
Minigoleada 0–0 Sonoma Center Panthers
Blén CA 2–2 Iona Spaceport Defenders

Group A                      Pld   W  D  L  GF  GA   GD  Pts
1 Blén CA 3 2 1 0 7 3 +4 7
2 Iona Spaceport Defenders 3 0 3 0 3 3 0 3
3 Sonoma Center Panthers 3 0 2 1 1 2 −1 2
4 Minigoleada 3 0 2 1 1 4 −3 2
Sonoma Center Panthers ahead of Minigoleada on GD
CF Aéropag 1–1 Directus
SC Montfort 1–1 Club ESF
Club ESF 3–0 CF Aéropag
Directus 4–2 SC Montfort
Directus 2–0 Club ESF
CF Aéropag 1–1 SC Montfort

Group B                      Pld   W  D  L  GF  GA   GD  Pts
1 Directus 3 2 1 0 7 3 +4 7
2 Club ESF 3 1 1 1 4 3 +1 4
3 SC Montfort 3 0 2 1 4 6 −2 2
4 CF Aéropag 3 0 2 1 2 5 −3 2
SC Montfort ahead of CF Aéropag on GD

East Franz Athletic 1–2 Navon Beach
Latimere United 2–0 Royal Rumiatzi
Royal Rumiatzi 1–0 East Franz Athletic
Navon Beach 1–1 Latimere United
Navon Beach 0–2 Royal Rumiatzi
East Franz Athletic 3–0 Latimere United

Group C                      Pld   W  D  L  GF  GA   GD  Pts
1 Royal Rumiatzi 3 2 0 1 3 2 +1 6
2 Latimere United 3 1 1 1 3 4 −1 4
3 Navon Beach 3 1 1 1 3 4 −1 4
4 East Franz Athletic 3 1 0 2 4 3 +1 3
Latimere United ahead of Navon Beach on fair play standings
Grasshoppers Turic 1–2 Cap Nordique
Makosile 0–1 Fontvielle Impact
Fontvielle Impact 1–1 Grasshoppers Turic
Cap Nordique 0–3 Makosile
Cap Nordique 2–1 Fontvielle Impact
Grasshoppers Turic 5–0 Makosile

Group D                      Pld   W  D  L  GF  GA   GD  Pts
1 Cap Nordique 3 2 0 1 4 5 −1 6
2 Grasshoppers Turic 3 1 1 1 7 3 +4 4
3 Fontvielle Impact 3 1 1 1 3 3 0 4
4 Makosile 3 1 0 2 3 6 −3 3
Grasshoppers Turic ahead of Fontvielle Impact on GD

Kindoff bracket
CF Aéropag narrowly avoided making an eighth appearance in the kindoff match with a win over East Franz Athletic, who really should have been able to avoid the kindoff match as two-time AFI medalists and one-time world champions. Makosile “stunk something special”, in the words of one Vilitan official who wished to remain anonymous, finishing in last place. Minigoleada, who managed a draw against Champions’ Cup holders Sonoma Center Panthers and somehow finished behind them only on goal difference, were the cream of the kindoff bracket crop.

Minigoleada 2–0 Makosile
CF Aéropag 1–0 East Franz Athletic
KINDOFF: Makosile 1–3 East Franz Athletic
THIRTEENTH PLACE MATCH: Minigoleada 1–0 CF Aéropag

Classification bracket
Sonoma Center Panthers–Fontvielle Impact is a fixture you expect to see in a Champions’ Cup final, not a classification bracket semifinal, but there it was. The Panthers emerged 2–0 victors, essentially earning them ninth place and Fontvielle Impact eleventh, since neither team expected to lose to either SC Montfort or Navon Beach, and neither did. Navon Beach may feel it was unfair that they were relegated to the classification bracket on account of their unfair play, but they’re wrong.

Sonoma Center Panthers 2–0 Fontvielle Impact
SC Montfort 2–2 Navon Beach (2–3 aet)
ELEVENTH PLACE MATCH: Fontvielle Impact 1–0 SC Montfort
NINTH PLACE MATCH: Sonoma Center Panthers 2–1 Navon Beach

Consolation bracket
Although they put in an average group stage performance with their three draws, Iona Spaceport Defenders failed in their defensive duties in the knockout stage, conceding three goals in each match to slide down to eighth place. Latimere United improved upon their compatriots’ performance last season, finishing in seventh place, while Globe Cup champion Club ESF made a respectable showing to finish in fifth.

Iona Spaceport Defenders 0–3 Grasshoppers Turic
Club ESF 1–0 Latimere United
SEVENTH PLACE MATCH: Iona Spaceport Defenders 2–2 Latimere United (2–3 aet)
FIFTH PLACE MATCH: Grasshoppers Turic 2–3 Club ESF

Playoff bracket
“EURA VICTOR” may have been the cry when Directus finished atop Group B, but it was not to continue as Royal Rumiatzi competently tossed them out of the final and into the third place match, where Cap Nordique handed them a second defeat to bring Aeropag Invitational medals home to Cotdelapoms for the first time. The final was between two teams who had already won medals, but none of them gold; Royal Rumiatzi had the upper hand and became the first Astograthian side to lift the champion’s trophy.

Blén CA 3–2 Cap Nordique
Directus 0–2 Royal Rumiatzi
THIRD PLACE MATCH: Cap Nordique 1–0 Directus
FINAL: Blén CA 1–3 Royal Rumiatzi

Final classification
As always, in addition to the prize money, each team receives a set of goody bags as a reward for participation. The amount of goodies on offer varies according to placement, with a total cash value of 109.3 g Au for teams in the kindoff bracket, 198.4 g for teams in the classification bracket, 249 g for teams in the consolation bracket, and 490 g for teams in the playoff bracket. Teams finishing first, second, and third receive the appropriate medals, teams finishing first through fourth are awarded trophies of varying size, and teams finishing fifth or lower get a commemorative plaque.

Image GOLD: Royal Rumiatzi (20 kg Au)
Image SILVER: Blén CA (18 kg Au)
Image BRONZE: Cap Nordique (16 kg Au)
Image 4th: Directus (14 kg Au)

Image 5th: Club ESF (12 kg Au)
Image 6th: Grasshoppers Turic (11 kg Au)
Image 7th: Latimere United (10 kg Au)
Image 8th: Iona Spaceport Defenders (9 kg Au)

Image 9th: Sonoma Center Panthers (8 kg Au)
Image 10th: Navon Beach (7 kg Au)
Image 11th: Fontvielle Impact (6 kg Au)
Image 12th: SC Montfort (5.5 kg Au)

Image 13th: Minigoleada (5 kg Au)
Image 14th: CF Aéropag (4.5 kg Au)
Image 15th: East Franz Athletic (4 kg Au)
Image 16th: Makosile (4 kg Au)

OOC: League post to come later, again, but I hope not as late as last season…

International qualification—Capitalizt SLANI
Champions’ Cup 42: Yuba United, Árgos LP, Kagoshima Phoenix, Medoria Löwen, Sonoma Center Panthers (as title holder)
Globe Cup 39: Sokojiwa Dosi CK
Series B Champions’ Cup 39: Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen, Querzakhi United

International qualification—Jasĭyun
Champions’ Cup 42: Carter FC, Noka Mariners
Globe Cup 39: Yûpo CCK, Jamaica Giants, Qidade Savana, Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ
Series B Champions’ Cup 39: Griffin Zebras, New Demarnican Town, New Haverford Albion, Floral FC, Afton FC, Humai Titans
Cygnus Cup 17: Forest Hill FC (Open Cup final: Forest Hill FC 2–0 Sonoma Center Panthers)

International qualification—Associations des clubs francophones
Globe Cup 39: CF Aéropag
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Season 1950
Well that's it then, the Liga de Fuego is done and dusted, at least in its current form as a joint league between Pasargans and Pocoans. While they are just rumors, it has been said that the clubs in the northern islands of Sargossa are looking to fill in the void that the Pocoan withdrawl from the Liga created. If such an agreement is made, there is likely to be a major overhaul to the Pasargan base or the structure of the Liga itself, with Sargossa clubs far outnumbering Pasargan. Its suffice to say that the idea would need some major refinement before anything was made solid, and it could very well be another season or two before it could implemented. As such, the Super League has returned to us.

And what a season it was, with CAP, Club Stein-los, and Tanrısal fighting to the last two weeks to win the title. In the end, CAP showed just enough class and skill to edge out their title challengers and a last day defeat in Lunas kept Tanrısal from reaching the Champions Cup, allowing Club Stein-los a cherished trip and the fortunes that come with such a showing. Turkish and Santos round the other international participants, though they were both well off the pace set by the lead pack, with Santos being lucky to get their by a single better goal differential than the surprise Featherdron side. At the other side of the table, it came as no surprise when Aleine United and Evenfar finished in the last two places, having done so the last time each were in the top flight. Meanwhile Tulduroc and SC Myrkan had an easy go of it in the Super League 2, both getting a comfortable promotion into the top flight.

Super League
Pos Team                    P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
1 CA Paulinthal 30 17 7 6 52 32 +20 58 Champions
2 Club Stein-los 30 17 5 8 43 26 +17 56 CC
3 Tanrısal 30 17 3 10 56 33 +23 54 GC
4 Stein-los Turkish 30 13 8 9 54 36 +18 47 GC
5 Santos Luega 30 12 10 8 53 47 +6 46 GC

6 Fetherdron United 30 11 13 6 34 29 +5 46
7 Paulinthal FC 30 12 9 9 44 42 +2 45
8 SC Sardin 30 12 8 10 46 37 +9 44
9 SC Troubalose 30 12 7 11 45 57 -12 43
10 Baskita FC 30 10 10 10 41 42 -1 40
11 SC Filwarfin 30 11 5 14 32 40 -8 38
12 Galactica 30 9 8 13 51 53 -2 35
13 Lunas FC 30 8 8 14 26 28 -2 32
14 Peynol-Lunas 30 9 5 16 25 38 -13 32
15 Aleine United 30 8 4 18 26 41 -15 28 Relegated
16 Evenfar FC 30 2 10 18 32 79 -47 16 Relegated

Super League 2
Pos Team                  P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
1 Tulduroc United 30 20 7 3 38 14 +24 67 Champions
2 SC Myrkan 30 16 9 5 47 25 +22 57 Promoted

3 RC Sardin 30 14 7 9 47 28 +19 49
4 Sardin United 30 12 10 8 42 39 +3 46
5 Targas City 30 13 7 10 32 31 +1 46
6 Aleine FC 30 12 8 10 39 29 +10 44
7 FC Felaton 30 13 5 12 47 43 +4 44
8 FC Myrkan 30 11 8 11 47 35 +12 41
9 FC Belja 30 11 8 11 34 30 +4 41
10 Cillinas FC 30 9 12 9 27 31 -4 39
11 SC Dendros 30 10 6 14 42 50 -8 36
12 Targas United 30 7 14 9 26 26 +0 35
13 Celesthem FC 30 8 11 11 21 27 -6 35
14 Darom United 30 8 6 16 24 52 -28 30
15 Isnet'pa United 30 5 7 18 26 53 -27 22
16 Tharg-calan 30 4 9 17 20 46 -26 21

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Postby Valladares » Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:09 pm


Fontvielle Impact confirm both new coach and special kits, ahead of UICA Golden Jubilee match

LASFT, CAFUNDÉU – Valladar runners-up and two-time Champions’ Cup winners Fontvielle Impact have already landed in Cafundéu, where they will play six-time Champions’ Cup winners Yuba United from Paripana, in a special match to commemorate UICA's 50 years as the world's governing body of club football. It is to be noted that this match has become a regular fixture for both sides, as they have already faced each other four times in the five most recent seasons of UICA football, with Les Bleus winning three out of those four meetings.

The Impact ownership, led by Antoine Tamount, is aware of the existance of a vacancy in the coach job, after Ramsey Parris was dismissed at the end of the last Valladar Super League season. We would like to clarify that the Tamount family, in spite of the circumstances which led to his exit from the club, is still very appreciative of all the achievements and records set by Mr. Parris in his spell with the club, and would also like to wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours, while also confirming Frank Boern as caretaker manager for at least the Golden Jubilee match and the Champions’ Cup group stage matches.

Mr. Boern has worked for 5 years at Fontvielle Impact's reserve club Sion-Impact OSC as both assistant and head coach, and while also acknowledging that contacts with Parris's fellow countryman Powell Pieran were made, the ownership is totally supportive of Mr. Boern despite his relative inexperience at top-level football, and would like to ask the fans to be patient and confident in a process which we expect to be as successful as the last one, which regrettably has come to its end.

Also, before leaving for Cafundéu, the whole Impact squad participated in a simple yet elegant ceremony at the Mairie de Fontvielle, in which the special kit to be worn for the Golden Jubilee was presented. The special Golden Jubilee shirt can be seen by clicking here.

To commemorate UICA's 50th Anniversary, Fontvielle Impact will switch from its traditional kit colours (blue, white, and gray) to a special modified version of the team's usual away kit, mostly featuring a shade of golden which, besides paying homage to UICA on this special day, also represents the club's recent success in both the domestic and international stages. Although golden will be the main colour to feature in this special kit, blue and gray will not be left behind. Blue will continue as the secondary colour, while gray will be present on the back of the shirt (not shown in the picture) in the ever-present inscription paying homage to both Fontvielle's tradition as an industrial city and the club's position as one of the top Valladar sides ("L'usine des étoiles"). Shorts and socks will also feature golden as the main colour, with blue and gray accompanying it in shorts and socks, respectively.

And, as his first action as head coach, Frank Boern announced both Impact's starting lineup and the rest of the roster travelling to Lasft for this special match, featuring Yoan Gignac's return from Cotdelapoms:

--------------------- Lacombe -------------------
---- Lavoisier - Salazar - Millar - Demont ----
----------------------- Perrin ---------------------
----- Romero (C) --------------- Bársenas -----
-------- Gignac ------ Villa --- de Roux --------

GK- Paul Lacombe
DR- Phillippe Lavoisier
DC- Jordan Salazar
DC- George Millar
DL- Alain Demont
DCM- Guy Perrin
MC- Édgar Romero (captain)
MC- Andre-Luis Bársenas
FW- Yoan Gignac
FW- Ricardo Villa
FW- Jean-Pierre de Roux

GK- Antoine Gillet
DC- Gustavo Aristizábal
DC- James Vera
MC- Michael Jiménez
MC- Marco Rouillard
FW- Alexandre
FW- William Hurst

Read this article in: Français | Español | Português

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Map of Valladares | Valladares on NSwiki | Valladares Embassy Program
Champions: I Coupe Pomme D'Or, Copa Rushmori 26, Copa Rushmori 29
Runners-Up: World Cup 75, Cup of Harmony 49, Copa Rushmori 25, Copa Rushmori 27, IBC 10
Third Place: Copa Rushmori 18
Fourth Place: World Cup 67, IBC 8, IBC 9, IBC 12
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Teach yourself association codes in just thirty minutes a day
ACF  Association francophone        MAN  Mantwenic
AEL Aels MAP Mapletish
AGU Aguazul MEL Melatia
AIS Arcadian Islands MGD Megadia
AMV Andossa Se Mitrin Vega MIU Miskatonic University
ANC Ancharmunn NBI North Blue Island
ANT Antoletia NCB 19th Century Beards
APX Apox NFX 95X
ASG Astograth NSI Northern Sunrise Islands
BLM Balma OPP Oppland
BRP Boring Paradise OSD Ossidiacqua
BVR Beaverriver OSR Osarius
CAW Camwood PAS Pasarga
COM Capitalizt SLANI PHO Phoenigetuzstha
CPL Crystal Palace PIS Polar Islandstates
CPV Capivara Group PZJ The Pazhujeb Islands
CRM Carmadin SAU Saugeais
CYB Cyborg Holland SCI The Scandinavian Islands
DAI Dainer SIC Sicoutimont
DAR Darmen SRG Sargossa
DSF Democratic States of Fenbar SSO Socialist States Owen
EAR Earent SXB Sixteen Bits
EFL Eastfield Lodge TAE Taeshan
FCH Fanchnopolis TBI The Babbage Islands
FFD Farfadillis THL Thaulandi
FOR Forestly TJN Taijan
FSC Free South Califas TUR Turori
FSS Free Swiss States UGO United Gordonopia
FWH Falconwhereveryouare UNF Unified Falcon
ICM The Icemark VAL Valanora
IPE Ipeland VIL Vilita
ITB Iturributa VLD Valladares
JSY Jasĭyun WCB Western Cuba
KIN Kinitaria WES Westros
KOR Ko-oren WRL Whirl Islands
KSK Kelssek WZI West Zirconia
LCP Licentiapacisterra YSP Yesopalitha
LLF LAPFL Federation ZIT Zitru
LYM Lymantatia


(CAF)              Petardos S/A    1–2    Raynor City United        (VAL)

Referee: Alain MERCHAT (VLD)
Assistant referees: Arturo GELABERTO (COM), Nikos ZOUMPOULAKI (JSY)
Additional assistant referees: Jacinto NAHARRO (AGU), Gilen YRUBETAGOYENA (ASG)
Fourth official: Mark CLEMENT (WRL)
Reserve assistant referee: Le’vi RAMANA’KI (OSR)


The Forty-Second Champions’ Cup
Preliminary Phase Draw


Procedural notes
  • The late entries from Pasarga were accepted.
  • The Series B Champions’ Cup entries from North Blue Island were rejected, as the teams qualified from the same tournament as the Champions’ Cup and Globe Cup entrants, which is thus considered a top-flight tournament. The fact that they qualified from a separate phase of the competition is insufficient.
  • The Series B Champions’ Cup entries from Western Cuba were rejected, as top-flight teams are ineligible for that competition.
  • The second- and third-placed teams from Zitru were placed in the Globe Cup rather than the Champions’ Cup, as Zitru is an unranked association entitled to only one place in the Champions’ Cup. The entries of the fifth- and sixth-placed teams to the Globe Cup were consequently rejected. The entries of the seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-placed teams to the Series B Champions’ Cup were rejected, as they qualified from a top-flight league competition.
  • Kagdazka and Pazhujebu (KPZ) has been renamed The Pazhujeb Islands (PZJ), retaining its coëfficient.
  • The 105 teams in the Champions’ Cup, 303 teams in the Globe Cup, 228 teams in the Series B Champions’ Cup, and 554 teams from 77 associations in all UICA competitions are almost all records.
  • Because of the economic crisis in Cafundéu, UICA has developed a plan to consolidate operations in its Olympic Tower headquarters. Most significantly, following the recommendation of outside consultants, UICA will no longer use French as an official language, and in-house translators will make way for the additional personnel needed to run all of UICA’s ever-growing competitions from Aeropag.

Final site selection
Five sites were submitted for consideration for the Champions’ Cup final. The UICA Selection Committee very much appreciated the well-designed bid books on glossy paper submitted by some of the bidding associations, though its members decline to name names.

Round 1: Stade de Foix-Jules Picot (VLD) 10, Ijak-Nash Stadium (TBI) 9, Lonngeylin Coliseum (VIL) 9, Estadio Aramis Peralta (AGU) 8, Cednia Beach Center (TUR) 5
Round 2: Stade de Foix-Jules Picot (VLD) 13, Ijak-Nash Stadium (TBI) 10, Lonngeylin Coliseum (VIL) 9 (23), Estadio Aramis Peralta (AGU) 9 (18)
Round 3: Ijak-Nash Stadium (TBI) 15, Stade de Foix-Jules Picot (VLD) 14, Lonngeylin Coliseum (VIL) 12
Round 4: Ijak-Nash Stadium (TBI) 22, Stade de Foix-Jules Picot (VLD) 19

Ijak-Nash Stadium in Paris, The Babbage Islands will host the forty-second Champions’ Cup final.

First preliminary round draw
Elkhausen EFC (FOR)–Nova Algiers Maroons (TJN)
Ferdullaele FC (FFD)–Nestingham FC (FWH)
Uni-Ribs (FCH)–FC Framro ’08 (OPP)
Oxley Vale (CPL)–Laurentia FC (LYM)
Basil AC (FSS)–Higher Megadonia (MGD)
Dwile Warriors (APX)–Spatula City Utensils (NFX)
Lac-Drouin City (SIC)–Kirie FC (MAN)
Mi’ato (KIN)–Bakersfield (FSC)
Sporting San Marquez (SRG)–Svenja CF (BLM)
South Beach FC (NBI)–Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP)
Killington SC (BVR)–Gill United (ZIT)
Tower 6 (THL)–Ironmont FC (MEL)
Latrobe AFC (KSK)–MK Killers (DSF)
Wesholm City (SCI)–FC Guingamp (CYB)
Esperance United FC (AIS)–Tumbes FC (WCB)
Rushton Nature Reserve (NCB)–BlackGayte FC (WES)

Second preliminary round draw
Latrobe AFC (KSK) or MK Killers (DSF)–Home United (MAP)
Pinel (CPV)–Killington SC (BVR) or Gill United (ZIT)
Oxley Vale (CPL) or Laurentia FC (LYM)–Olimpia Tyreebi (PHO)
Rushton Nature Reserve (NCB) or BlackGayte FC (WES)–Errion Vega FK (AMV)
Sporting San Marquez (SRG) or Svenja CF (BLM)–Caballeros CF (OSD)
Tower 6 (THL) or Ironmont FC (MEL)–Esperance United AFC (AIS) or Tumbes FC (WCB)
Wesholm City (SCI) or FC Guingamp (CYB)–Empilot City United (BRP)
Uni-Ribs (FCH) or FC Framro ’08 (OPP)–Korriga (DAI)
Sporting Iturributa (ITB)–AFC Farnworth (LCP)
Elkhausen EFC (FOR) or Nova Algiers Maroons (TJN)–Maethorü (KOR)
Leighton (IPE)–Lac-Drouin City (SIC) or Kirie FC (MAN)
Ferdullaele FC (FFD) or Nestingham FC (FWH)–Ungalb Devsgrybe (EAR)
South Beach FC (NBI) or Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP)–Mi’ato (KIN) or Bakersfield (FSC)
Pentref-ar-y-Bae (AEL)–Dwile Warriors (APX) or Spatula City Utensils (NFX)
Matthew City Senators (NSI)–Bendis (ICM)
Goidelic (ANC)–Basil AC (FSS) or Higher Megadonia (MGD)

Third preliminary round draw
Champions’ path
Ferdullaele FC (FFD) or Nestingham FC (FWH) or Ungalb Devsgrybe (EAR)–Wesholm City (SCI) or FC Guingamp (CYB) or Empilot City United (BRP)
Rushton Nature Reserve (NCB) or BlackGayte FC (WES) or Errion Vega FK (AMV)–Seendok Shells (CRM)
Uni-Ribs (FCH) or FC Framro ’08 (OPP) or Korriga (DAI)–Iarba Tineri (ANT)
Vanler Dynamo (CAW)–Matthew City Senators (NSI) or Bendis (ICM)
Pinel (CPV) or Killington SC (BVR) or Gill United (ZIT)–Iona Spaceport Defenders (UNF)
Maystead (SAU)–FC Deska (UGO)
Tower 6 (THL) or Ironmont FC (MEL) or Esperance United AFC (AIS) or Tumbes FC (WCB)–RGS Athletic (EFL)
Latrobe AFC (KSK) or MK Killers (DSF) or Home United (MAP)–Banks (WZI)
Oxley Vale (CPL) or Laurentia FC (LYM) or Olimpia Tyreebi (PHO)–Scott City FC (DAR)
Sporting San Marquez (SRG) or Svenja CF (BLM) or Caballeros CF (OSD)–Elkhausen EFC (FOR) or Nova Algiers Maroons (TJN) or Maethorü (KOR)
Tamarindia College (MIU)–Pentref-ar-y-Bae (AEL) or Dwile Warriors (APX) or Spatula City Utensils (NFX)
Bastion (SSO)–Cednia Beach AFC (TUR)
Orean United (LLF)–Goidelic (ANC) or Basil AC (FSS) or Higher Megadonia (MGD)
Bayern-Algaer (TAE)–Villa Straylight OS (SXB)
Leighton (IPE) or Lac-Drouin City (SIC) or Kirie FC (MAN)–Turoki Tide (VIL)
Sporting Iturributa (ITB) or AFC Farnworth (LCP)–South Beach FC (NBI) or Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP) or Mi’ato (KIN) or Bakersfield (FSC)
Non-champions’ path
Hondo FC (VAL)–Club Stein-los (PAS)
FK Maribor (TBI)–Grasshoppers Turic (OSR)
Lagoon Red Diamonds (WRL)–Urajbina (PZJ)
Augusta (DAR)–Arcticala Inlet (VIL)
UR Town (EFL)–Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS)
Mountbatten Junction (LLF)–Royal Rumiatzi (ASG)
Pays de Croix (SAU)–Jungle Strike FC (VIL)
Bradley Hornets (WZI)–Tintown Terrapins (TAE)
Northeastern (CRM)–Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)

Qualified for playoff round
Champions’ path: 16 winning teams from third preliminary round
Non-champions’ path
Metropolis Alligators (VLD)
Kagoshima Phoenix (COM)
SK Franz Josef City (PIS)
Noka Mariners (JSY)
Yastrabi (PZJ)
Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD)
Medoria Löwen (COM)
9 winning teams from third preliminary round

Qualified for group stage
AS Bezieres (VLD)
Fontvielle Impact (VLD)
Yuba United (COM)
Árgos LP (COM)
East Franz Athletic (PIS)
FC Axel Heiburg (PIS)
Carter FC (JSY)
Universidad de Dénprade (AGU)
Raynor City United (VAL)
Astograth University (ASG)
Navel Sharks (WRL)
Firewood City (OSR)
CA Paulinthal (PAS)
Bloomfield National (TBI)
Sonoma Center Panthers (COM) [as title holder]
16 winning teams from playoff round


The Thirty-Ninth Globe Cup
Playoff Access and Selective Stages Draw


Final site selection
As part of the consolidation of UICA’s administration in Aeropag, the Globe Cup final site was to be determined by the UICA Selection Committee, like those of the Champions’ Cup and Series B Champions’ Cup. However, the bureaucrat responsible for receiving the bid files and distributing copies to the committee members opened her office window on the 149th floor of the Olympic Tower, and the papers blew away. Some of them landed in the sea, but she was able to find one page from one of the bid files laying on the ground in the Olympic Park, so that stadium, Estadio Villago in Villago, Aguazul, was chosen.

Playoff access stage draw
Pradera FC (VLD)–Torpedo Okhtepes Oztenza (PHO)
Port Kostas City (CAW)–FC Zimbru Asisuus (PHO)
Kaje Football (UGO)–FC Torshavn (PIS)
Loi (IPE)–Bunnifon (BVR)
Makosile (VIL)–Unión de Ciudagua (AGU)
Los Riosa Monstas (TAE)–Santa Barbara (FSC)
Urnabhi (PZJ)–Haslingden (CPL)
Dauron FC (MAN)–Tower 3 (THL)
Loire-Mourenx (AMV)–Old Haven (ICM)
Freedom FC (ITB)–Flosas SFC (FOR)
Matting Memorial (MAP)–Zinkak United (DSF)
Coquitlam United (KSK)–Dark Destroyers (DSF)
Great Falls Cymru (TBI)–Megatropolis Sea-Devils (MGD)
Amzterdam Wykes SC (CYB)–Jaris Sarud (AMV)
Eastburg United (WRL)–Ministry of Finance (NCB)
Balmas CF (BLM)–Mabel Wigglytuffs (NSI)
Framro Kickers (OPP)–FishermansHaven (WES)
WinterEnd City (WES)–Urbanista (APX)
Umber Lumber (FWH)–Nile Bridge (EFL)
Rimsyleanus Red Star (ANC)–Avengers United (YSP)
Echegoyan FC (ASG)–LaSalle FC (SIC)
Mount Barry Altitude (NFX)–Crowle (CPL)
Mi’ato City (KIN)–AS Bellerophon (AIS)
Doverston (AEL)–1. Maja (KIN)
Rogglebo TU (EAR)–North Point Islanders (SCI)
Rushton Juniors (NCB)–Toshien FC (MAN)
Hague PPRC (CYB)–Keflavik ’93 (OPP)
San Diego (FSC)–Wingipeg Wingers (FWH)
CS Saint-Rémy (KSK)–Real Cardenas (WCB)
Naughton Town FC (NBI)–Athletico Rengo (WCB)
Dynamo Spartak (ZIT)–Samcastle United (BRP)
Para Wanderer’s FC (BRP)–Chahr North Stars (CRM)
Abingdon Celtic (LCP)–Kilnahu TC (FOR)
Shaolin Boosters (FSS)–Barbury Town (APX)
North Hampton City (YSP)–Tower 7 (THL)
Eastal Lunar (VIL)–Qidade Savana (JSY)
Rhymney Unedig (UNF)–Uizasd Daredevils (MGD)
Vermat CF (BLM)–Balsak FC (ZIT)
Rua Augusta (FCH)–Dínamo Maturín (SRG)
CS 1093 Modna Nord (LLF)–Bafoon EC (BVR)
Mont Blanc Club (FSS)–Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (JSY)
Junglă (ANT)–Dynamo New Zion (TJN)
Frostmarris (ICM)–OS Anti Alias (SXB)
Parkvania FC (MEL)–Navalry (SCI)
University (DAI)–Cannington United FC (AIS)
Royal Monster FC (MIU)–Vnóskjülung (KOR)
Montfort Wanderers (LCP)–Callisto City (OSR)
Green Star (TJN)–Lynder Frosslasses (NSI)
Bristol Rovers (MAP)–Seaside Gulls (NFX)
Ibini FC (VAL)–Royalwich (SAU)
São Ratazano (CPV)–Stanley United (WZI)
Clarksburgh FC (MEL)–Chippewa Falls Strykers (DAR)
Xistrumbigonça (DAI)–Santos Luega (PAS)
Sparta FC (SSO)–Qolo-Qolo (OSD)
Sportivo Cordova (SRG)–Atlética Capital (FCH)

Selective stage draw
Ballymairead Town (ANC)–Coquitlam United (KSK) or Dark Destroyers (DSF)
Nordin (SCI)–Supeda Mortoge (ZIT)
Império Vazio (FCH)–Dragoste Dragons (ANT)
Eau Claire United (DAR)–Houghton Kestrels (WZI)
Esbjerg ’82 (OPP)–Sporting White Rock (CAW)
Xistrumbigonça (DAI) or Santos Luega (PAS)–Northtown United (LLF)
Montfort Wanderers (LCP) or Callisto City (OSR)–Ibini FC (VAL) or Royalwich (SAU)
Sportivo Cordova (SRG) or Atlética Capital (FCH)–Loi (IPE) or Bunnifon (BVR)
Dynamo Spartak (ZIT) or Samcastle United (BRP)–Iturributa Racing Club (ITB)
Red Star Severny (PIS)–Burnaby SC (KSK)
Cahrsinleh Devils (CRM)–FC Tallonts (SIC)
Frostmarris (ICM) or OS Anti Alias (SXB)–Marinos Metropolis (VLD)
Doverston (AEL) or 1. Maja (KIN)–Navel FC (WRL)
Wrexton FC (APX)–Naughton Town FC (NBI) or Athletico Rengo (WCB)
Rogglebo TU (EAR) or North Point Islanders (SCI)–Jamaica Giants (JSY)
Eastburg United (WRL) or Ministry of Finance (NCB)–Urnabhi (PZJ) or Haslingden (CPL)
El Nacional (SRG)–Pacific City Nationals (NFX)
Lausaunne White Lions (FSS)–Hague PPRC (CYB) or Keflavik ’93 (OPP)
X Island Marauders (TAE)–Portmuthian Naval College (MIU)
Belgium FC (TBI)–Mont Blanc Club (FSS) or Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (JSY)
Port Lewin University (NBI)–Brayntel TU (EAR)
Pyria Thunder (UNF)–Lanstead FC (MEL)
Junglă (ANT) or Dynamo New Zion (TJN)–Loire-Mourenx (AMV) or Old Haven (ICM)
Shaolin Boosters (FSS) or Barbury Town (APX)–Arcadia AFC (AIS)
Condensadores CD (OSD)–Pradera FC (VLD) or Torpedo Okhtepes Oztenza (PHO)
Royal Monster FC (MIU) or Vnóskjülung (KOR)–Bugny FC (SAU)
Megatropolis All-Stars (MGD)–University (DAI) or Cannington United FC (AIS)
Great Falls Cymru (TBI) or Megatropolis Sea-Devils (MGD)–North Hampton City (YSP) or Tower 7 (THL)
Umber Lumber (FWH) or Nile Bridge (EFL)–Flippers (DSF)
Zeava United (MAN)–RGB 72 OS (SXB)
Umber FC (FWH)–Freedom FC (ITB) or Flosas SFC (FOR)
Sparta FC (SSO) or Qolo-Qolo (OSD)–Port Kostas City (CAW) or FC Zimbru Asisuus (PHO)
Tower 5 (THL)–Para Wanderer’s FC (BRP) or Chahr North Stars (CRM)
Los Riosa Monstas (TAE) or Santa Barbara (FSC)–Revolutionaries (SSO)
Unbidden United (YSP)–Clarksburgh FC (MEL) or Chippewa Falls Strykers (DAR)
Stein-los Turkish (PAS)–St. Christopher United (TJN)
Capivara FC (CPV)–WinterEnd City (WES) or Urbanista (APX)
São Ratazano (CPV) or Stanley United (WZI)–Turoki United (VIL)
Echegoyan FC (ASG) or LaSalle FC (SIC)–Matting Memorial (MAP) or Zinkak United (DSF)
Branvün (KOR)–Rimsyleanus Red Star (ANC) or Avengers United (YSP)
Abingdon Celtic (LCP) or Kilnahu TC (FOR)–ICD Villago (AGU)
Thousand Oaks (FSC)–Kionao Locals (TUR)
San Diego (FSC) or Wingipeg Wingers (FWH)–CS 1093 Modna Nord (LLF) or Bafoon EC (BVR)
Eastal Lunar (VIL) or Qidade Savana (JSY)–Balmas CF (BLM) or Mabel Wigglytuffs (NSI)
NT United (EFL)–Mount Barry Altitude (NFX) or Crowle (CPL)
CS Saint-Rémy (KSK) or Real Cardenas (WCB)–AD Flammas (BLM)
Framro Kickers (OPP) or FishermansHaven (WES)–Rua Augusta (FCH) or Dínamo Maturín (SRG)
Pendleton (IPE)–Rhymney Unedig (UNF) or Uizasd Daredevils (MGD)
Parkvania FC (MEL) or Navalry (SCI)–Bristol Rovers (MAP) or Seaside Gulls (NFX)
Burntwood (CPL)–Makosile (VIL) or Unión de Ciudagua (AGU)
Rushton Juniors (NCB) or Toshien FC (MAN)–Reichsburg FC (UGO)
Connorstown FC (LYM)–Raktaghav Hathi (PZJ)
Green Star (TJN) or Lynder Frosslasses (NSI)–Drayfill Town (AEL)
New Oslo United (WES)–Amzterdam Wykes SC (CYB) or Jaris Sarud (AMV)
Hastmead Diamante (OSR)–Ciudad Seville (WCB)
Amzterdam FC (CYB)–Kaje Football (UGO) or FC Torshavn (PIS)
Cowlington Town (FOR)–Dauron FC (MAN) or Tower 3 (THL)
Police Service (NCB)–Rolalas FC (VAL)
Mi’ato City (KIN) or AS Bellerophon (AIS)–Vermat CF (BLM) or Balsak FC (ZIT)
Litora United (KIN)–Ituraitz FC (ASG)

Qualified for preliminary stage
Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS)
Yûpo CCK (JSY)
Iguani (PZJ)
Blén CA (AGU)
AC Valanari (VAL)
Urbizania Wanderers (ASG)
FC Atlantis (WRL)
Burningham City (OSR)
Tanrısal (PAS)
Sporting Boulder (TBI)
Mort Park (WZI)
Eau Claire Aris FC (DAR)
Colonial Sile (VIL)
Mliona-Lpaka (TUR)
Sho Athletic Club (CRM)
Mt. Ceabring Thunder (TAE)
Mountain FC (LLF)
Les Alliés (SAU)
Monksville United (EFL)
Extramarine (MIU)
Inter Compolis (CAW)
La Pinatra Crusaders (UNF)
Directus (SSO)
Gordonopia FC (UGO)
68000 Emulation (SXB)
Inima de la Riu (ANT)
CA Conquistadores (OSD)
Ousteeble TU (EAR)
Coelhinhas FC (CPV)
Líjü (KOR)
Ballymairead Dynamos (ANC)
Vant Isles (IPE)
Iturributa United (ITB)
Trechoid FC (AEL)
Vegai 4th Quad (AMV)
Marvel Team (DAI)
Michael’s Bay (ICM)
Mardi Lopunnies (NSI)
Golden Phoniex (MAP)
SC Montfort (LCP)
CF Aéropag (ACF)
Bartholomew FC (BRP)
AC Regia Artadates (PHO)
Lots o’ Love (BVR)
60 winning teams from selective stage
16 losing teams from Champions’ Cup first preliminary round

Qualified for eliminatory stage
Tannenberg FC (VLD)
Sokojiwa Dosi CK (COM)
60 winning teams from preliminary stage
16 losing teams from Champions’ Cup second preliminary round

Qualified for qualifying stage
39 winning teams from eliminatory stage
25 losing teams from Champions’ Cup third preliminary round

Qualified for group stage
32 winning teams from qualifying stage
16 losing teams from Champions’ Cup playoff round


The Thirty-Ninth Series B Champions’ Cup
Preliminary Phase Draw


Final site selection
Four bids were received for the Series B Champions’ Cup final.

Round 1: Marine World Park (VIL) 13, Estadio Pomorum (AGU) 12, Istadiu Capivara (CPV) 9, Universal Football Oval (TBI) 7
Round 2: Estadio Pomorum (AGU) 16, Marine World Park (VIL) 15, Istadiu Capivara (CPV) 10
Round 3: Estadio Pomorum (AGU) 23, Marine World Park (VIL) 18

Estadio Pomorum in Rofi, Aguazul will host the thirty-ninth Series B Champions’ Cup final.

First preliminary round draw
Bear Village (WES)–Shared Land Freedom (CRM)
Goat Island United FC (AIS)–Urbalyn United (CAW)
São Eymael (FCH)–Winsfield FC (MEL)
Hail (KOR)–Fort White Fire (CAW)
Floral FC (JSY)–Violia FC (OSR)
Newtonville (SAU)–Sycuan (FSC)
Rangers Rovers (MAP)–Tower 15 (THL)
Shanmaghery (CPL)–Olimpia (WRL)
Coco Bay City (TJN)–Diebert Colts (TAE)
Tuntigone FC (EFL)–FC Royal (MGD)
Dinamo Leninberg (KIN)–Preaflori (ANT)
Emmerson Ridge (MAN)–Sunrise Town Cape (BRP)
YittleBurg (WES)–Etoile City FC (YSP)
CF Mirabel (KSK)–Houghton Young Boys (LCP)
Área de Fumantes (FCH)–Dynamo (PZJ)
Tower 10 (THL)–Chüngü (KOR)
Arenys FC (BLM)–AFK Esbjerg (OPP)
Cologne SC (BLM)–Estrellas Azulas (SRG)
Catacombs (TAE)–Glottle (LLF)
Swift Athletics (BRP)–Urizaharra FC (ASG)
Lots of Lakes FC (FOR)–Peixe Frito (CPV)
Baker’s Eleven (ITB)–Limoeiro (DAI)
Ainslie County (KSK)–Farond United (EFL)
Raxton United (YSP)–Oddteg II (IPE)
Jlinal Cove (VIL)–Harp Port (FWH)
Greencroft United (MEL)–Redswyth Red Stars (KSK)
East Snaith (WZI)–FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS)
Lopinka Rovers (VIL)–Tromso Rovers (OPP)
Ragaman (DAI)–Temuco SC (SRG)
Eavchester (IPE)–Hilly Village (BVR)
Wesbridge Old Boys (SCI)–AC Carrington (LCP)
Atletika Vanuku (KIN)–New Haverford Albion (JSY)
AC Tallin (VLD)–WindDawn Yetis (WES)
FK Grise Fiord (PIS)–Babakin (CPL)
Danger Cove (BVR)–Lagoon Crocodiles (WRL)
Ibarra Pumas (SRG)–Aels Welsh (AEL)
Vonto City United (CRM)–Aleksander Forest (SCI)
Megatropolis Capitals (MGD)–Athletic Club Yungoitio (ASG)
Harbor Football (UGO)–AS Lavelanet (AIS)
Lywik FC (FWH)–Quetzin United (FOR)
Wakeford (LLF)–Loittra (UNF)
Errion Vega Polii (AMV)–Kempton FC (MAN)
Favela da Remo (FCH)–Bregantino (CPV)
Fábricas (AGU)–Hamanos Athletic Club (VLD)
Plaidstone (AEL)–Marine Coast United (VIL)
Mean Green United (YSP)–Baselin Freezers (NSI)
Chudley (CPL)–Citta de Montevento (OSD)
Caribbean-Atlantic Jets (TJN)–Indio (FSC)
Montbenoit (SAU)–Buckby Town (WZI)
Ulsa Rovers (SSO)–Markiniz Union (ITB)
CD Quemavilla (AGU)–Unión Gimignano CF (OSD)
Roam Island Rampage (TJN)–Spurg FC (BLM)
Kura Kurii (AMV)–Humai Titans (JSY)
Real Rajahara (OSR)–Forest Rangers (UGO)
Kiiara-Torra (VIL)–Students of Sixteen Bits (MIU)
FC Brussels (CYB)–Capital City (FOR)
Fortwich FC (MEL)–Arnold Bedsit Rovers (MIU)
Afton FC (JSY)–Channel Islands (FSC)
CPD Dinas Vale Ebbw (UNF)–Reading (MAP)
Darlannia Veringht (CYB)–Barbado FC (MAN)
Tragaarn Bulls (CYB)–Capitolia Defence Force (MGD)
Kasmenai Phoenix (KIN)–Stapleford Thursday (TBI)
Cardiff FC (TBI)–Mov Caveleri (ANT)
Ashlyn (SCI)–Vezhidrupa (PZJ)
Outer Nestingham (FWH)–Lillepool Dragons (NSI)

Second preliminary round draw
Floral FC (JSY) or Violia FC (OSR)–Harbor Football (UGO) or AS Lavelanet (AIS)
Coco Bay City (TJN) or Diebert Colts (TAE)–FK Grise Fiord (PIS) or Babakin (CPL)
Danger Cove (BVR) or Lagoon Crocodiles (WRL)–Dinamo Leninberg (KIN) or Preaflori (ANT)
Franz Josef Young Boys (PIS)–Kura Kurii (AMV) or Humai Titans (JSY)
Montbenoit (SAU) or Buckby Town (WZI)–Hail (KOR) or Fort White Fire (CAW)
Ile Perrot FC (SIC)–YittleBurg (WES) or Etoile City FC (YSP)
Atletika Vanuku (KIN) or New Haverford Albion (JSY)–Gloria Orasul (ANT)
Dřukahir (KIN)–Penfro Irish (AEL)
FC United of Dynapolis (OSR)–Greencroft United (MEL) or Redswyth Red Stars (KSK)
Bear Village (WES) or Shared Land Freedom (CRM)–Totlu Islanders FC (CAW)
Sport Wios (DAI)–Roe Green (IPE)
Seniors FC (EFL)–AS Montreux (VLD)
Real Rajahara (OSR) or Forest Rangers (UGO)–Fortwich FC (MEL) or Arnold Bedsit Rovers (MIU)
Old Corinthians (LCP)–Royal Arexa (ASG)
Darlannia Veringht (CYB) or Barbado FC (MAN)–São Eymael (FCH) or Winsfield FC (MEL)
Plaidstone (AEL) or Marine Coast United (VIL)–Catacombs (TAE) or Glottle (LLF)
Grand Arsenal (LLF)–Afton FC (JSY) or Channel Islands (FSC)
St. Christopher FC (TJN)–Mean Green United (YSP) or Baselin Freezers (NSI)
South Side AC (TBI)–Tower 16 (THL)
Emmerson Ridge (MAN) or Sunrise Town Cape (BRP)–1977 Kvivik (OPP)
Chudley (CPL) or Citta de Montevento (OSD)–Turoki Isle (VIL)
New City FAC (BRP)–AC Tallin (VLD) or WindDawn Yetis (WES)
Benjamin Constant (CPV)–CF Mirabel (KSK) or Houghton Young Boys (LCP)
Pro Megadia XI (MGD)–Winterfell FC (FWH)
Ulsa Rovers (SSO) or Markiniz Union (ITB)–Ibarra Pumas (SRG) or Aels Welsh (AEL)
Vonto City United (CRM) or Aleksander Forest (SCI)–Jlinal Cove (VIL) or Harp Port (FWH)
Megatropolis Capitals (MGD) or Athletic Club Yungoitio (ASG)–Langaraitz Rovers (ITB)
Baker’s Eleven (ITB) or Limoeiro (DAI)–FC Brussels (CYB) or Capital City (FOR)
Rangers Rovers (MAP) or Tower 15 (THL)–Brighton City Hove (NSI)
Cologne SC (BLM) or Estrellas Azulas (SRG)–Carsby (SSO)
Goat Island United FC (AIS) or Urbalyn United (CAW)–Benhagen United (SCI)
Súvírá (KOR)–Shalerix FK (AMV)
Laketown FC (TAE)–Westbay United (SAU)
Gildorf Town (FOR)–East Snaith (WZI) or FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS)
Área de Fumantes (FCH) or Dynamo (PZJ)–Blackpool (MAP)
Eavchester (IPE) or Hilly Village (BVR)–Arcrés Millos (AGU)
New Demarnican Town (JSY)–Little Creek United FC (AIS)
Lopinka Rovers (VIL) or Tromso Rovers (OPP)–CD Quemavilla (AGU) or Unión Gimignano CF (OSD)
Wakeford (LLF) or Loittra (UNF)–FK Nadendal (OPP)
Roam Island Rampage (TJN) or Spurg FC (BLM)–Tragaarn Bulls (CYB) or Capitolia Defence Force (MGD)
Vonto Bears (CRM)–Lago Preto (FCH)
Newtonville (SAU) or Sycuan (FSC)–Estudiantes CRF (OSD)
Athletic Victoria (WRL)–Lots of Lakes FC (FOR) or Peixe Frito (CPV)
Pemberton (CPL)–Outer Nestingham (FWH) or Lillepool Dragons (NSI)
Cedniavella (TUR)–Errion Vega Polii (AMV) or Kempton FC (MAN)
Raxton United (YSP) or Oddteg II (IPE)–Kasmenai Phoenix (KIN) or Stapleford Thursday (TBI)
Tamarindo FC (MIU)–Favela da Remo (FCH) or Bregantino (CPV)
Beast SC (BVR)–Swift Athletics (BRP) or Urizaharra FC (ASG)
Fábricas (AGU) or Hamanos Athletic Club (VLD)–Bellum Neu (UGO)
Kiiara-Torra (VIL) or Students of Sixteen Bits (MIU)–Mineros De Maracay (SRG)
Caribbean-Atlantic Jets (TJN) or Indio (FSC)–Querzakhi United (COM)
Shanmaghery (CPL) or Olimpia (WRL)–Arenys FC (BLM) or AFK Esbjerg (OPP)
Lywik FC (FWH) or Quetzin United (FOR)–Civil Service (WZI)
Ragaman (DAI) or Temuco SC (SRG)–Shadows (PZJ)
Cardiff FC (TBI) or Mov Caveleri (ANT)–East Fortwich United (MEL)
Wesbridge Old Boys (SCI) or AC Carrington (LCP)–Tower 10 (THL) or Chüngü (KOR)
Ytriba Shock (UNF)–Tuntigone FC (EFL) or FC Royal (MGD)
Ainslie County (KSK) or Farond United (EFL)–Newton Town (WES)
Ashlyn (SCI) or Vezhidrupa (PZJ)–CPD Dinas Vale Ebbw (UNF) or Reading (MAP)

Third preliminary round draw
Vájóthl (KOR)–Ulsa Rovers (SSO) or Markiniz Union (ITB) or Ibarra Pumas (SRG) or Aels Welsh (AEL)
Danger Cove (BVR) or Lagoon Crocodiles (WRL) or Dinamo Leninberg (KIN) or Preaflori (ANT)–Cologne SC (BLM) or Estrellas Azulas (SRG) or Carsby (SSO)
Axpuru Castle (ITB)–Selyne City Athenians (NSI)
Metropolitan FC (KSK)–Wakeford (LLF) or Loittra (UNF) or FK Nadendal (OPP)
Vonto Bears (CRM) or Lago Preto (FCH)–Adda (DAI)
Old Corinthians (LCP) or Royal Arexa (ASG)–New Demarnican Town (JSY) or Little Creek United FC (AIS)
Baker’s Eleven (ITB) or Limoeiro (DAI) or FC Brussels (CYB) or Capital City (FOR)–CCPD Brifddinas (AEL)
Emmerson Ridge (MAN) or Sunrise Town Cape (BRP) or 1977 Kvivik (OPP)–Plaidstone (AEL) or Marine Coast United (VIL) or Catacombs (TAE) or Glottle (LLF)
Chudley (CPL) or Citta de Montevento (OSD) or Turoki Isle (VIL)–Pro Megadia XI (MGD) or Winterfell FC (FWH)
Tamarindo FC (MIU) or Favela da Remo (FCH) or Bregantino (CPV)–Fábricas (AGU) or Hamanos Athletic Club (VLD) or Bellum Neu (UGO)
Laketown FC (TAE) or Westbay United (SAU)–Sport Wios (DAI) or Roe Green (IPE)
Beast SC (BVR) or Swift Athletics (BRP) or Urizaharra FC (ASG)–Gildorf Town (FOR) or East Snaith (WZI) or FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS)
Vonto City United (CRM) or Aleksander Forest (SCI) or Jlinal Cove (VIL) or Harp Port (FWH)–Grand Arsenal (LLF) or Afton FC (JSY) or Channel Islands (FSC)
FC United of Dynapolis (OSR) or Greencroft United (MEL) or Redswyth Red Stars (KSK)–Benton United (BRP)
Athletic Victoria (WRL) or Lots of Lakes FC (FOR) or Peixe Frito (CPV)–FC Syndical (FSC)
Gaels (LCP)–Rosswich (IPE)
Shanmaghery (CPL) or Olimpia (WRL) or Arenys FC (BLM) or AFK Esbjerg (OPP)–Tower 1 (THL)
Ytriba Shock (UNF) or Tuntigone FC (EFL) or FC Royal (MGD)–Lopinka Rovers (VIL) or Tromso Rovers (OPP) or CD Quemavilla (AGU) or Unión Gimignano CF (OSD)
Floral FC (JSY) or Violia FC (OSR) or Harbor Football (UGO) or AS Lavelanet (AIS)–Ainslie County (KSK) or Farond United (EFL) or Newton Town (WES)
Roam Island Rampage (TJN) or Spurg FC (BLM) or Tragaarn Bulls (CYB) or Capitolia Defence Force (MGD)–New City FAC (BRP) or AC Tallin (VLD) or WindDawn Yetis (WES)
Isla De Marte (AMV)–Newtonville (SAU) or Sycuan (FSC) or Estudiantes CRF (OSD)
Goat Island United FC (AIS) or Urbalyn United (CAW) or Benhagen United (SCI)–SV Karbruner (CYB)
Pemberton (CPL) or Outer Nestingham (FWH) or Lillepool Dragons (NSI)–Ile Perrot FC (SIC) or YittleBurg (WES) or Etoile City FC (YSP)
Dřukahir (KIN) or Penfro Irish (AEL)–Darlannia Veringht (CYB) or Barbado FC (MAN) or São Eymael (FCH) or Winsfield FC (MEL)
Ashlyn (SCI) or Vezhidrupa (PZJ) or CPD Dinas Vale Ebbw (UNF) or Reading (MAP)–Cedniavella (TUR) or Errion Vega Polii (AMV) or Kempton FC (MAN)
Bear Village (WES) or Shared Land Freedom (CRM) or Totlu Islanders FC (CAW)–South Side AC (TBI) or Tower 16 (THL)
Wesbridge Old Boys (SCI) or AC Carrington (LCP) or Tower 10 (THL) or Chüngü (KOR)–Raxton United (YSP) or Oddteg II (IPE) or Kasmenai Phoenix (KIN) or Stapleford Thursday (TBI)
Harford United (MAN)–Montbenoit (SAU) or Buckby Town (WZI) or Hail (KOR) or Fort White Fire (CAW)
Straghan United FC (AIS)–Benjamin Constant (CPV) or CF Mirabel (KSK) or Houghton Young Boys (LCP)
Atletika Vanuku (KIN) or New Haverford Albion (JSY) or Gloria Orasul (ANT)–Onis CD (BLM)
Megatropolis Capitals (MGD) or Athletic Club Yungoitio (ASG) or Langaraitz Rovers (ITB)–Caribbean-Atlantic Jets (TJN) or Indio (FSC) or Querzakhi United (COM)
Ragaman (DAI) or Temuco SC (SRG) or Shadows (PZJ)–Bury Town (MAP)
São Perebano (CPV)–Eavchester (IPE) or Hilly Village (BVR) or Arcrés Millos (AGU)
Área de Fumantes (FCH) or Dynamo (PZJ) or Blackpool (MAP)–Wolvesbane Athletic (YSP)
Coco Bay City (TJN) or Diebert Colts (TAE) or FK Grise Fiord (PIS) or Babakin (CPL)–Lywik FC (FWH) or Quetzin United (FOR) or Civil Service (WZI)
St. Christopher FC (TJN) or Mean Green United (YSP) or Baselin Freezers (NSI)–Seniors FC (EFL) or AS Montreux (VLD)
Súvírá (KOR) or Shalerix FK (AMV)–Rangers Rovers (MAP) or Tower 15 (THL) or Brighton City Hove (NSI)
Cardiff FC (TBI) or Mov Caveleri (ANT) or East Fortwich United (MEL)–Kiiara-Torra (VIL) or Students of Sixteen Bits (MIU) or Mineros De Maracay (SRG)
Real Rajahara (OSR) or Forest Rangers (UGO) or Fortwich FC (MEL) or Arnold Bedsit Rovers (MIU)–Franz Josef Young Boys (PIS) or Kura Kurii (AMV) or Humai Titans (JSY)
Ion Athletic Club (BVR)–Magisterio AC (OSD)

Qualified for playoff round
AD Cerro (VLD)
Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (COM)
RSK Longyearbyen Town (PIS)
Griffin Zebras (JSY)
Deportivo Peralta (AGU)
Gesterlake FC (ASG)
Sparta Navel (WRL)
Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR)
AC Santa Catalina (TBI)
Redwood Forest (WZI)
Morata Valley (VIL)
FC Almintora (TUR)
Ultimate (CRM)
Real Atlantea (TAE)
County Stanley (LLF)
Christchurch FC (SAU)
Royal Jam FC (EFL)
Stockett Brigade (MIU)
South Banks FC (CAW)
Clwb Sahaive (UNF)
Hornchurch (SSO)
Basin Plain (UGO)
Reginăi Parc Pădurar (ANT)
40 winning teams from third preliminary round
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Postby Farfadillis » Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:32 pm

Ferdullaele FC


Manager: Neguimbelefra Jukanovic
Style: +2.0

Starting Eleven:

GK: Erfaon Lisdiren (NT)
LB: I7'miund Bujkanovic (NT)
CB: Jangui Altamirano (D)
RB: Fernando Lazzia
LCM: Frion Wanderis (NT)
RCM: Yurpá Mêndêlöíndçêl (NT)
LCAM: Matí O'rosso (NT)
RCAM: Ichi Tuzzio (NT)
LW: Septimus Johans (NT)
ST: Yolo Fu (NT)
RW: Christian Drummer (M)






GK: Juan Manuel Mascia
LB: Suram Namuva
CB: Sottello Myiv
RB: Honder Mitonivic
CM: Handullij Johnson
CM: Adil John Williams (S)
ST: Dieje Fellay

(NT): Has played for his national team.
(M): Mantwenican
(D): Dandish
(S): Sonderosan
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Champions: AOCAF Cups 43, 48 and 57
Hosts: AOCAF Cup 38, Baptisms of Fire 54 and 68
For: Good things Ӿ Against: Bad things

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Lineup announced for Golden Jubilee
Aécio Funez will make his return to the Obelisco Monumental pitch in very special fashion as the Silver-Blues help celebrate UICA’s fiftieth birthday by taking on Fontvielle Impact of Valladares. Cástor Corona is joined by Regina Elmersen up front, with Silveriö Sánqeso out through suspension after his sending off in last season’s Champions’ Cup group stage defeat against West Zirconia’s Bradley Hornets.

Funez stated that he was “delighted” to have the opportunity to return to the home of his former club Petardos S/A at a press conference prior to the team’s departure for Lasft, but manager Monika Köhler made it clear that the players will have no time to be spectators to the earlier match between the home side and Raynor City United.

The Golden Jubilee match—officially a competitive UICA fixture, thus the suspension—has been billed as confirming a budding rivalry between Yuba and the Impact, with the clubs winning three of the last five Champions’ Cups, and meeting on two occasions in the world’s greatest tournament, with the nine-time Valladar champions winning three matches out of four. From UICA’s perspective, it represents a meeting between the greatest team of all time against the greatest team of the present day, but of course the latter classification is a matter of some dispute.

Yuba United participated in UICA’s only previous anniversary event, the UICA Celebration Match, which took place at Holmes Stadium in Columbia twenty-five years ago. Although the club’s under-21 team defeated Olympique Protectorat’s youth squad in a nominal rematch of the first Champions’ Cup final, Yuba’s senior side lost the main event 1–0 to Petardos S/A. On a trivial note, Yuba United U21 is officially the only team to have a perfect winning record in UICA matches.

Tickets for the match are still available through the club, as is the Air Paripana Fly United bundle, which includes a match ticket and flight from Hampton Airport to Lasft via Sonoma City.



(COM)               Yuba United    1–1    Fontvielle Impact         (VLD)

Referee: Johannes RUDKILDE (PIS)
Assistant referees: Majmuthuš RUŠINAQH (PZJ), Llecagorion KILYNNDAR (PIS)
Additional assistant referees: Breno GAVIÃO (CAF), Le’vi RAMANA’KI (OSR)
Fourth official: Rodrigo SANCHEZ (PAS)
(Reserve assistant referee Levi Ramana’ki substituted for an absent official)

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Postby Westros » Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:27 am

BlackGayte Fc Champions Cup Line Up

Starting Line Up

Tom Ramirez ST
Jim Malcovic CM
Callen Turner GK
Mick Burns CD
Frank Hill CAM
Tim Neville CM
Harry McDonald ST

The Sport Line
2 Hours ago BlackGayte FC Manager Kurt Trump talked to the press.
(Video starts playing showing Kurt Trump talking to the press.
The Team is ready for the match against Rushton Nature Reserve but we know this will not be a easy game. We know we must play twice as hard. So all we have left is to wait and see what happens.
With that Sport Line wishes Good Luck To BlackGayte Fc

The BlackGayte FC Badge

BlackGayte Football Kit:
Black Shirt
Black Shorts
Black Socks
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The Forty-Second Champions’ Cup
Preliminary Phase


First preliminary round (losing teams enter Globe Cup preliminary stage)
(FOR)             Elkhausen EFC    2–5    Nova Algiers Maroons      (TJN)   2–1   0–4 
(FFD) Ferdullaele FC 4–5 Nestingham FC (FWH) 3–3 1–2
(FCH) Uni-Ribs 2–3 FC Framro ’08 (OPP) 2–0 0–3 (aet)
(CPL) Oxley Vale 3–4 Laurentia FC (LYM) 3–3 0–1
(FSS) Basil AC a 3–3 Higher Megadonia (MGD) 1–1 2–2
(APX) Dwile Warriors 3–2 Spatula City Utensils (NFX) 1–1 2–1 (aet)
(SIC) Lac-Drouin City 5–1 Kirie FC (MAN) 3–0 2–1
(KIN) Mi’ato 3–1 Bakersfield (FSC) 2–1 1–0
(SRG) Sporting San Marquez 1–3 Svenja CF (BLM) 1–1 0–2
(NBI) South Beach FC 3–5 Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP) 2–2 1–3
(BVR) Killington SC 2–5 Gill United (ZIT) 0–1 2–4
(THL) Tower 6 1–6 Ironmont FC (MEL) 0–3 1–3
(KSK) Latrobe AFC 3–4 MK Killers (DSF) 1–1 2–3 (aet)
(SCI) Wesholm City 2–4 FC Guingamp (CYB) 1–1 1–3
(AIS) Esperance United FC 3–4 Tumbes FC (WCB) 1–3 2–1
(NCB) Rushton Nature Reserve 4–1 BlackGayte FC (WES) 1–0 3–1

Second preliminary round (losing teams enter Globe Cup eliminatory stage)
(DSF)                MK Killers    1–3    Home United               (MAP)   1–1   0–2 
(CPV) Pinel 7–4 Gill United (ZIT) 3–1 4–3
(LYM) Laurentia FC 2–6 Olimpia Tyreebi (PHO) 1–1 1–5
(NCB) Rushton Nature Reserve 1–1 a Errion Vega FK (AMV) 1–1 0–0
(BLM) Svenja CF 2–4 Caballeros CF (OSD) 0–1 2–3
(MEL) Ironmont FC 5–2 Tumbes FC (WCB) 4–0 1–2
(CYB) FC Guingamp 3–4 Empilot City United (BRP) 3–2 0–2
(OPP) FC Framro ’08 3–4 Korriga (DAI) 2–2 1–2
(ITB) Sporting Iturributa 4–3 AFC Farnworth (LCP) 2–1 2–2
(TJN) Nova Algiers Maroons 1–4 Maethorü (KOR) 1–2 0–2
(IPE) Leighton 2–5 Lac-Drouin City (SIC) 1–2 1–3
(FWH) Nestingham FC 1–3 Ungalb Devsgrybe (EAR) 1–2 0–1
(YSP) Tarahal Lake Athletic 3–0 Mi’ato (KIN) 2–0 1–0
(AEL) Pentref-ar-y-Bae 4–3 Dwile Warriors (APX) 3–2 1–1
(NSI) Matthew City Senators 2–3 Bendis (ICM) 0–0 2–3
(ANC) Goidelic 5–1 Basil AC (FSS) 2–1 3–0

Third preliminary round (losing teams enter Globe Cup qualifying stage)
Champions’ path
(EAR) Ungalb Devsgrybe 6–2 Empilot City United (BRP) 3–0 3–2
(AMV) Errion Vega FK 3–5 Seendok Shells (CRM) 2–3 1–2
(DAI) Korriga 5–7 Iarba Tineri (ANT) 2–2 3–5
(CAW) Vanler Dynamo 3–0 Bendis (ICM) 2–0 1–0
(CPV) Pinel 3–1 Iona Spaceport Defenders (UNF) 3–1 0–0
(SAU) Maystead 2–5 FC Deska (UGO) 0–2 2–3
(MEL) Ironmont FC 2–7 RGS Athletic (EFL) 1–2 1–5
(MAP) Home United 3–6 Banks (WZI) 2–3 1–3
(PHO) Olimpia Tyreebi 0–5 Scott City FC (DAR) 0–3 0–2
(OSD) Caballeros CF 2–4 Maethorü (KOR) 1–3 1–1
(MIU) Tamarindia College 3–1 Pentref-ar-y-Bae (AEL) 2–0 1–1
(SSO) Bastion a 3–3 Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) 1–0 2–3
(LLF) Orean United 1–3 Goidelic (ANC) 0–0 1–3
(TAE) Bayern-Algaer 7–1 Villa Straylight OS (SXB) 4–1 3–0
(SIC) Lac-Drouin City 0–5 Turoki Tide (VIL) 0–3 0–2
(ITB) Sporting Iturributa 0–3 Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP) 0–2 0–1
Non-champions’ path
(VAL) Hondo FC a 2–2 Club Stein-los (PAS) 0–1 2–1
(TBI) FK Maribor 4–3 Grasshoppers Turic (OSR) 4–1 0–2
(WRL) Lagoon Red Diamonds 4–3 Urajbina (PZJ) 1–2 3–1
(DAR) Augusta 3–5 Arcticala Inlet (VIL) 1–1 2–4
(EFL) UR Town 3–5 Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS) 1–3 2–2
(LLF) Mountbatten Junction 1–6 Royal Rumiatzi (ASG) 1–3 0–3
(SAU) Pays de Croix 4–5 Jungle Strike FC (VIL) 1–2 3–3
(WZI) Bradley Hornets 6–2 Tintown Terrapins (TAE) 3–0 3–2
(CRM) Northeastern 0–5 Alianza Ciruelas (AGU) 0–2 0–3

Playoff round draw
Champions’ path
FC Deska (UGO)–Bayern-Algaer (TAE)
Scott City FC (DAR)–Bastion (SSO)
Vanler Dynamo (CAW)–Seendok Shells (CRM)
Goidelic (ANC)–Turoki Tide (VIL)
Ungalb Devsgrybe (EAR)–Banks (WZI)
Tamarindia College (MIU)–Maethorü (KOR)
RGS Athletic (EFL)–Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP)
Iarba Tineri (ANT)–Pinel (CPV)
Non-champions’ path
Arcticala Inlet (VIL)–Bradley Hornets (WZI)
Kagoshima Phoenix (COM)–Lagoon Red Diamonds (WRL)
SK Franz Josef City (PIS)–Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD)
Metropolis Alligators (VLD)–Yastrabi (PZJ)
Hondo FC (VAL)–Medoria Löwen (COM)
Royal Rumiatzi (ASG)–FK Maribor (TBI)
Noka Mariners (JSY)–Jungle Strike FC (VIL)
Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)–Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS)


The Thirty-Ninth Globe Cup
Playoff Access and Selective Stages


Playoff access stage
(VLD)                Pradera FC    3–3 a  Torpedo Okhtepes Oztenza  (PHO)   3–1   0–2 
(CAW) Port Kostas City 5–1 FC Zimbru Asisuus (PHO) 1–1 4–0
(UGO) Kaje Football 3–3 p FC Torshavn (PIS) 2–1 1–2 (3–4 pen)
(IPE) Loi 4–5 Bunnifon (BVR) 2–4 2–1
(VIL) Makosile 5–2 Unión de Ciudagua (AGU) 3–1 2–1
(TAE) Los Riosa Monstas a 3–3 Santa Barbara (FSC) 1–1 2–2
(PZJ) Urnabhi 3–1 Haslingden (CPL) 2–0 1–1
(MAN) Dauron FC 3–3 p Tower 3 (THL) 3–0 0–3 (1–4 pen)
(AMV) Loire-Mourenx 2–4 Old Haven (ICM) 1–3 1–1
(ITB) Freedom FC 3–1 Flosas SFC (FOR) 0–0 3–1
(MAP) Matting Memorial 1–3 Zinkak United (DSF) 1–0 0–3 (aet)
(KSK) Coquitlam United 0–3 Dark Destroyers (DSF) 0–2 0–1
(TBI) Great Falls Cymru 1–2 Megatropolis Sea-Devils (MGD) 0–1 1–1
(CYB) Amzterdam Wykes SC 5–3 Jaris Sarud (AMV) 4–1 1–2
(WRL) Eastburg United 2–1 Ministry of Finance (NCB) 0–0 2–1
(BLM) Balmas CF p 4–4 Mabel Wigglytuffs (NSI) 2–2 2–2 (8–7 pen)
(OPP) Framro Kickers 4–1 FishermansHaven (WES) 1–0 3–1
(WES) WinterEnd City 4–0 Urbanista (APX) 2–0 2–0
(FWH) Umber Lumber 1–0 Nile Bridge (EFL) 0–0 1–0
(ANC) Rimsyleanus Red Star 1–7 Avengers United (YSP) 1–3 0–4
(ASG) Echegoyan FC 5–0 LaSalle FC (SIC) 4–0 1–0
(NFX) Mount Barry Altitude 1–3 Crowle (CPL) 0–1 1–2
(KIN) Mi’ato City 2–5 AS Bellerophon (AIS) 2–3 0–2
(AEL) Doverston 4–3 1. Maja (KIN) 3–2 1–1
(EAR) Rogglebo TU 1–0 North Point Islanders (SCI) 0–0 1–0
(NCB) Rushton Juniors 5–3 Toshien FC (MAN) 4–1 1–2
(CYB) Hague PPRC 0–2 Keflavik ’93 (OPP) 0–1 0–1
(FSC) San Diego 3–2 Wingipeg Wingers (FWH) 2–0 1–2
(KSK) CS Saint-Rémy 6–0 Real Cardenas (WCB) 2–0 4–0
(NBI) Naughton Town FC 5–3 Athletico Rengo (WCB) 2–2 3–1
(ZIT) Dynamo Spartak 3–2 Samcastle United (BRP) 1–1 2–1
(BRP) Para Wanderer’s FC a 3–3 Chahr North Stars (CRM) 0–1 3–2
(LCP) Abingdon Celtic 7–3 Kilnahu TC (FOR) 3–2 4–1
(FSS) Shaolin Boosters 2–5 Barbury Town (APX) 1–0 1–5
(YSP) North Hampton City 4–2 Tower 7 (THL) 2–2 2–0
(VIL) Eastal Lunar 3–4 Qidade Savana (JSY) 1–1 2–3
(UNF) Rhymney Unedig 4–1 Uizasd Daredevils (MGD) 2–0 2–1
(BLM) Vermat CF 5–3 Balsak FC (ZIT) 3–2 2–1
(FCH) Rua Augusta 6–2 Dínamo Maturín (SRG) 3–2 3–0
(LLF) CS 1093 Modna Nord 4–1 Bafoon EC (BVR) 2–1 2–0
(FSS) Mont Blanc Club 0–4 Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (JSY) 0–2 0–2
(ANT) Junglă 6–1 Dynamo New Zion (TJN) 2–0 4–1
(ICM) Frostmarris 2–2 a OS Anti Alias (SXB) 1–2 1–0
(MEL) Parkvania FC 2–2 a Navalry (SCI) 2–1 0–1
(DAI) University 0–3 Cannington United FC (AIS) 0–1 0–2
(MIU) Royal Monster FC 0–1 Vnóskjülung (KOR) 0–0 0–1
(LCP) Montfort Wanderers 4–3 Callisto City (OSR) 3–1 1–2
(TJN) Green Star 5–1 Lynder Frosslasses (NSI) 3–0 2–1
(MAP) Bristol Rovers 4–2 Seaside Gulls (NFX) 2–0 2–2
(VAL) Ibini FC 7–0 Royalwich (SAU) 4–0 3–0
(CPV) São Ratazano 1–2 Stanley United (WZI) 1–0 0–2
(MEL) Clarksburgh FC 3–4 Chippewa Falls Strykers (DAR) 2–2 1–2
(DAI) Xistrumbigonça a 3–3 Santos Luega (PAS) 1–1 2–2
(SSO) Sparta FC 3–2 Qolo-Qolo (OSD) 1–1 2–1
(SRG) Sportivo Cordova 2–3 Atlética Capital (FCH) 1–2 1–1

Selective stage
(ANC)         Ballymairead Town    6–4    Dark Destroyers           (DSF)   4–1   2–3 
(SCI) Nordin 2–4 Supeda Mortoge (ZIT) 2–2 0–2
(FCH) Império Vazio 1–3 Dragoste Dragons (ANT) 1–1 0–2
(DAR) Eau Claire United 0–1 Houghton Kestrels (WZI) 0–0 0–1
(OPP) Esbjerg ’82 2–3 Sporting White Rock (CAW) 1–1 1–2
(DAI) Xistrumbigonça 4–2 Northtown United (LLF) 1–1 3–1
(LCP) Montfort Wanderers 3–1 Ibini FC (VAL) 3–1 0–0
(FCH) Atlética Capital 5–2 Bunnifon (BVR) 4–1 1–1
(ZIT) Dynamo Spartak 0–3 Iturributa Racing Club (ITB) 0–1 0–2
(PIS) Red Star Severny 1–3 Burnaby SC (KSK) 1–1 0–2
(CRM) Cahrsinleh Devils 5–1 FC Tallonts (SIC) 3–1 2–0
(SXB) OS Anti Alias 1–3 Marinos Metropolis (VLD) 0–2 1–1
(AEL) Doverston 0–4 Navel FC (WRL) 0–3 0–1
(APX) Wrexton FC 2–0 Naughton Town FC (NBI) 1–0 1–0
(EAR) Rogglebo TU 1–3 Jamaica Giants (JSY) 1–3 0–0
(WRL) Eastburg United 2–0 Urnabhi (PZJ) 0–0 2–0
(SRG) El Nacional 5–1 Pacific City Nationals (NFX) 2–0 3–1
(FSS) Lausaunne White Lions 2–4 Keflavik ’93 (OPP) 1–1 1–3
(TAE) X Island Marauders 4–2 Portmuthian Naval College (MIU) 4–0 0–2
(TBI) Belgium FC 5–4 Dûsanto Mojaikĭjĭ (JSY) 1–3 4–1
(NBI) Port Lewin University 0–2 Brayntel TU (EAR) 0–1 0–1
(UNF) Pyria Thunder 3–2 Lanstead FC (MEL) 1–1 2–1
(ANT) Junglă a 1–1 Old Haven (ICM) 0–0 1–1
(APX) Barbury Town 1–7 Arcadia AFC (AIS) 1–3 0–4
(OSD) Condensadores CD 5–4 Torpedo Okhtepes Oztenza (PHO) 5–1 0–3
(KOR) Vnóskjülung 3–2 Bugny FC (SAU) 2–0 1–2 (aet)
(MGD) Megatropolis All-Stars 1–3 Cannington United FC (AIS) 1–1 0–2
(MGD) Megatropolis Sea-Devils 1–2 North Hampton City (YSP) 1–1 0–1
(FWH) Umber Lumber 2–2 p Flippers (DSF) 1–1 1–1 (1–3 pen)
(MAN) Zeava United 2–8 RGB 72 OS (SXB) 0–4 2–4
(FWH) Umber FC 4–0 Freedom FC (ITB) 3–0 1–0
(SSO) Sparta FC 3–1 Port Kostas City (CAW) 2–0 1–1
(THL) Tower 5 2–4 Para Wanderer’s FC (BRP) 2–1 0–3
(TAE) Los Riosa Monstas 4–3 Revolutionaries (SSO) 4–0 0–3
(YSP) Unbidden United 4–1 Chippewa Falls Strykers (DAR) 2–1 2–0
(PAS) Stein-los Turkish 3–4 St. Christopher United (TJN) 1–1 2–3
(CPV) Capivara FC 5–1 WinterEnd City (WES) 1–0 4–1
(WZI) Stanley United a 5–5 Turoki United (VIL) 2–2 3–3
(ASG) Echegoyan FC 2–1 Zinkak United (DSF) 0–0 2–1
(KOR) Branvün 1–2 Avengers United (YSP) 1–1 0–1
(LCP) Abingdon Celtic 2–4 ICD Villago (AGU) 1–2 1–2
(FSC) Thousand Oaks 2–5 Kionao Locals (TUR) 0–3 2–2
(FSC) San Diego 0–3 CS 1093 Modna Nord (LLF) 0–2 0–1
(JSY) Qidade Savana 6–3 Balmas CF (BLM) 6–1 0–2
(EFL) NT United 3–0 Crowle (CPL) 3–0 0–0
(KSK) CS Saint-Rémy a 4–4 AD Flammas (BLM) 1–1 3–3
(OPP) Framro Kickers 1–1 p Rua Augusta (FCH) 1–0 0–1 (5–6 pen)
(IPE) Pendleton 4–2 Rhymney Unedig (UNF) 1–1 3–1
(SCI) Navalry 4–5 Bristol Rovers (MAP) 1–1 3–4
(CPL) Burntwood 1–4 Makosile (VIL) 0–1 1–3
(NCB) Rushton Juniors 1–6 Reichsburg FC (UGO) 0–2 1–4
(LYM) Connorstown FC 1–6 Raktaghav Hathi (PZJ) 0–3 1–3
(TJN) Green Star 3–2 Drayfill Town (AEL) 2–0 1–2
(WES) New Oslo United 7–2 Amzterdam Wykes SC (CYB) 3–1 4–1
(OSR) Hastmead Diamante 3–1 Ciudad Seville (WCB) 2–0 1–1
(CYB) Amzterdam FC 1–4 FC Torshavn (PIS) 1–2 0–2
(FOR) Cowlington Town 3–0 Tower 3 (THL) 3–0 0–0
(NCB) Police Service 3–3 a Rolalas FC (VAL) 3–2 0–1
(AIS) AS Bellerophon 3–3 a Vermat CF (BLM) 3–1 0–2
(KIN) Litora United 3–0 Ituraitz FC (ASG) 2–0 1–0

Preliminary stage draw
Mliona-Lpaka (TUR)–Eau Claire Aris FC (DAR)
Kirie FC (MAN)–Sparta FC (SSO)
Iguani (PZJ)–South Beach FC (NBI)
Umber FC (FWH)–Mardi Lopunnies (NSI)
ICD Villago (AGU)–CS 1093 Modna Nord (LLF)
CA Conquistadores (OSD)–Killington SC (BVR)
Makosile (VIL)–Burningham City (OSR)
La Pinatra Crusaders (UNF)–Junglă (ANT)
Iturributa United (ITB)–Esperance United FC (AIS)
Líjü (KOR)–Cannington United FC (AIS)
Oxley Vale (CPL)–Jamaica Giants (JSY)
Blén CA (AGU)–Mountain FC (LLF)
CS Saint-Rémy (KSK)–Belgium FC (TBI)
Inima de la Riu (ANT)–Houghton Kestrels (WZI)
Bakersfield (FSC)–Vnóskjülung (KOR)
Ballymairead Dynamos (ANC)–Eastburg United (WRL)
BlackGayte FC (WES)–Ousteeble TU (EAR)
RGB 72 OS (SXB)–Sporting White Rock (CAW)
Kionao Locals (TUR)–Dragoste Dragons (ANT)
Iturributa Racing Club (ITB)–Coelhinhas FC (CPV)
Condensadores CD (OSD)–Urbizania Wanderers (ASG)
FC Torshavn (PIS)–Rolalas FC (VAL)
NT United (EFL)–Michael’s Bay (ICM)
Higher Megadonia (MGD)–Raktaghav Hathi (PZJ)
Para Wanderer’s FC (BRP)–Keflavik ’93 (OPP)
Xistrumbigonça (DAI)–Unbidden United (YSP)
Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS)–Echegoyan FC (ASG)
Hastmead Diamante (OSR)–Rua Augusta (FCH)
Gordonopia FC (UGO)–Stanley United (WZI)
Latrobe AFC (KSK)–Les Alliés (SAU)
Los Riosa Monstas (TAE)–Ballymairead Town (ANC)
Cowlington Town (FOR)–Mort Park (WZI)
Qidade Savana (JSY)–Marvel Team (DAI)
Bartholomew FC (BRP)–CF Aéropag (ACF)
Green Star (TJN)–Monksville United (EFL)
Golden Phoniex (MAP)–New Oslo United (WES)
Vegai 4th Quad (AMV)–Tower 6 (THL)
Litora United (KIN)–Brayntel TU (EAR)
Sho Athletic Club (CRM)–Elkhausen EFC (FOR)
Yûpo CCK (JSY)–Lots o’ Love (BVR)
St. Christopher United (TJN)–North Hampton City (YSP)
Pendleton (IPE)–Burnaby SC (KSK)
X Island Marauders (TAE)–Avengers United (YSP)
El Nacional (SRG)–Inter Compolis (CAW)
Directus (SSO)–Pyria Thunder (UNF)
Spatula City Utensils (NFX)–Montfort Wanderers (LCP)
Reichsburg FC (UGO)–SC Montfort (LCP)
Capivara FC (CPV)–Navel FC (WRL)
Cahrsinleh Devils (CRM)–Trechoid FC (AEL)
Bristol Rovers (MAP)–Tanrısal (PAS)
Wrexton FC (APX)–Vermat CF (BLM)
FC Atlantis (WRL)–AC Valanari (VAL)
Supeda Mortoge (ZIT)–Vant Isles (IPE)
Wesholm City (SCI)–Flippers (DSF)
Uni-Ribs (FCH)–Arcadia AFC (AIS)
AC Regia Artadates (PHO)–Extramarine (MIU)
Atlética Capital (FCH)–68000 Emulation (SXB)
Ferdullaele FC (FFD)–Sporting Boulder (TBI)
Sporting San Marquez (SRG)–Marinos Metropolis (VLD)
Colonial Sile (VIL)–Mt. Ceabring Thunder (TAE)

Eliminatory stage draw
Kirie FC (MAN) or Sparta FC (SSO)–FC Torshavn (PIS) or Rolalas FC (VAL)
Blén CA (AGU) or Mountain FC (LLF)–RGB 72 OS (SXB) or Sporting White Rock (CAW)
Basil AC (FSS)–Ferdullaele FC (FFD) or Sporting Boulder (TBI)
Capivara FC (CPV) or Navel FC (WRL)–Sho Athletic Club (CRM) or Elkhausen EFC (FOR)
Laurentia FC (LYM)–Uni-Ribs (FCH) or Arcadia AFC (AIS)
CA Conquistadores (OSD) or Killington SC (BVR)–Umber FC (FWH) or Mardi Lopunnies (NSI)
Bakersfield (FSC) or Vnóskjülung (KOR)–Cahrsinleh Devils (CRM) or Trechoid FC (AEL)
Supeda Mortoge (ZIT) or Vant Isles (IPE)–MK Killers (DSF)
Condensadores CD (OSD) or Urbizania Wanderers (ASG)–Nova Algiers Maroons (TJN)
Mi’ato (KIN)–Xistrumbigonça (DAI) or Unbidden United (YSP)
FC Framro ’08 (OPP)–Bartholomew FC (BRP) or CF Aéropag (ACF)
AC Regia Artadates (PHO) or Extramarine (MIU)–NT United (EFL) or Michael’s Bay (ICM)
Matthew City Senators (NSI)–Vegai 4th Quad (AMV) or Tower 6 (THL)
Latrobe AFC (KSK) or Les Alliés (SAU)–St. Christopher United (TJN) or North Hampton City (YSP)
Iturributa Racing Club (ITB) or Coelhinhas FC (CPV)–Oxley Vale (CPL) or Jamaica Giants (JSY)
Bristol Rovers (MAP) or Tanrısal (PAS)–AFC Farnworth (LCP)
Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS) or Echegoyan FC (ASG)–Colonial Sile (VIL) or Mt. Ceabring Thunder (TAE)
Litora United (KIN) or Brayntel TU (EAR)–Mliona-Lpaka (TUR) or Eau Claire Aris FC (DAR)
Tumbes FC (WCB)–Green Star (TJN) or Monksville United (EFL)
Spatula City Utensils (NFX) or Montfort Wanderers (LCP)–Sporting San Marquez (SRG) or Marinos Metropolis (VLD)
FC Atlantis (WRL) or AC Valanari (VAL)–Los Riosa Monstas (TAE) or Ballymairead Town (ANC)
Atlética Capital (FCH) or 68000 Emulation (SXB)–Makosile (VIL) or Burningham City (OSR)
Hastmead Diamante (OSR) or Rua Augusta (FCH)–Gill United (ZIT)
CS Saint-Rémy (KSK) or Belgium FC (TBI)–Kionao Locals (TUR) or Dragoste Dragons (ANT)
Líjü (KOR) or Cannington United FC (AIS)–Iguani (PZJ) or South Beach FC (NBI)
Nestingham FC (FWH)–Wesholm City (SCI) or Flippers (DSF)
FC Guingamp (CYB)–El Nacional (SRG) or Inter Compolis (CAW)
ICD Villago (AGU) or CS 1093 Modna Nord (LLF)–Dwile Warriors (APX)
Iturributa United (ITB) or Esperance United FC (AIS)–Leighton (IPE)
Higher Megadonia (MGD) or Raktaghav Hathi (PZJ)–Wrexton FC (APX) or Vermat CF (BLM)
Para Wanderer’s FC (BRP) or Keflavik ’93 (OPP)–Cowlington Town (FOR) or Mort Park (WZI)
Pendleton (IPE) or Burnaby SC (KSK)–Golden Phoniex (MAP) or New Oslo United (WES)
Svenja CF (BLM)–BlackGayte FC (WES) or Ousteeble TU (EAR)
Reichsburg FC (UGO) or SC Montfort (LCP)–Sokojiwa Dosi CK (COM)
Ballymairead Dynamos (ANC) or Eastburg United (WRL)–Tannenberg FC (VLD)
Qidade Savana (JSY) or Marvel Team (DAI)–La Pinatra Crusaders (UNF) or Junglă (ANT)
X Island Marauders (TAE) or Avengers United (YSP)–Yûpo CCK (JSY) or Lots o’ Love (BVR)
Directus (SSO) or Pyria Thunder (UNF)–Inima de la Riu (ANT) or Houghton Kestrels (WZI)
Rushton Nature Reserve (NCB)–Gordonopia FC (UGO) or Stanley United (WZI)

Qualifying stage draw
Svenja CF (BLM) or BlackGayte FC (WES) or Ousteeble TU (EAR)–Bakersfield (FSC) or Vnóskjülung (KOR) or Cahrsinleh Devils (CRM) or Trechoid FC (AEL)
Ironmont FC (MEL)–Hastmead Diamante (OSR) or Rua Augusta (FCH) or Gill United (ZIT)
Northeastern (CRM)–Blén CA (AGU) or Mountain FC (LLF) or RGB 72 OS (SXB) or Sporting White Rock (CAW)
Pays de Croix (SAU)–Iturributa Racing Club (ITB) or Coelhinhas FC (CPV) or Oxley Vale (CPL) or Jamaica Giants (JSY)
Sporting Iturributa (ITB)–Reichsburg FC (UGO) or SC Montfort (LCP) or Sokojiwa Dosi CK (COM)
Ballymairead Dynamos (ANC) or Eastburg United (WRL) or Tannenberg FC (VLD)–Grasshoppers Turic (OSR)
Mi’ato (KIN) or Xistrumbigonça (DAI) or Unbidden United (YSP)–Tumbes FC (WCB) or Green Star (TJN) or Monksville United (EFL)
Para Wanderer’s FC (BRP) or Keflavik ’93 (OPP) or Cowlington Town (FOR) or Mort Park (WZI)–FC Atlantis (WRL) or AC Valanari (VAL) or Los Riosa Monstas (TAE) or Ballymairead Town (ANC)
Iona Spaceport Defenders (UNF)–Kirie FC (MAN) or Sparta FC (SSO) or FC Torshavn (PIS) or Rolalas FC (VAL)
Home United (MAP)–Condensadores CD (OSD) or Urbizania Wanderers (ASG) or Nova Algiers Maroons (TJN)
Higher Megadonia (MGD) or Raktaghav Hathi (PZJ) or Wrexton FC (APX) or Vermat CF (BLM)–Pentref-ar-y-Bae (AEL)
Qidade Savana (JSY) or Marvel Team (DAI) or La Pinatra Crusaders (UNF) or Junglă (ANT)–AC Regia Artadates (PHO) or Extramarine (MIU) or NT United (EFL) or Michael’s Bay (ICM)
Atlética Capital (FCH) or 68000 Emulation (SXB) or Makosile (VIL) or Burningham City (OSR)–Líjü (KOR) or Cannington United FC (AIS) or Iguani (PZJ) or South Beach FC (NBI)
Orean United (LLF)–Basil AC (FSS) or Ferdullaele FC (FFD) or Sporting Boulder (TBI)
Directus (SSO) or Pyria Thunder (UNF) or Inima de la Riu (ANT) or Houghton Kestrels (WZI)–FC Guingamp (CYB) or El Nacional (SRG) or Inter Compolis (CAW)
Club Stein-los (PAS)–Nestingham FC (FWH) or Wesholm City (SCI) or Flippers (DSF)
Caballeros CF (OSD)–Supeda Mortoge (ZIT) or Vant Isles (IPE) or MK Killers (DSF)
CA Conquistadores (OSD) or Killington SC (BVR) or Umber FC (FWH) or Mardi Lopunnies (NSI)–Capivara FC (CPV) or Navel FC (WRL) or Sho Athletic Club (CRM) or Elkhausen EFC (FOR)
Villa Straylight OS (SXB)–Litora United (KIN) or Brayntel TU (EAR) or Mliona-Lpaka (TUR) or Eau Claire Aris FC (DAR)
FC Framro ’08 (OPP) or Bartholomew FC (BRP) or CF Aéropag (ACF)–Urajbina (PZJ)
Spatula City Utensils (NFX) or Montfort Wanderers (LCP) or Sporting San Marquez (SRG) or Marinos Metropolis (VLD)–Cednia Beach AFC (TUR)
Mountbatten Junction (LLF)–Matthew City Senators (NSI) or Vegai 4th Quad (AMV) or Tower 6 (THL)
CS Saint-Rémy (KSK) or Belgium FC (TBI) or Kionao Locals (TUR) or Dragoste Dragons (ANT)–Errion Vega FK (AMV)
Augusta (DAR)–ICD Villago (AGU) or CS 1093 Modna Nord (LLF) or Dwile Warriors (APX)
Olimpia Tyreebi (PHO)–Rushton Nature Reserve (NCB) or Gordonopia FC (UGO) or Stanley United (WZI)
Iturributa United (ITB) or Esperance United FC (AIS) or Leighton (IPE)–Empilot City United (BRP)
Jan Mayen Islanders (PIS) or Echegoyan FC (ASG) or Colonial Sile (VIL) or Mt. Ceabring Thunder (TAE)–Lac-Drouin City (SIC)
Bristol Rovers (MAP) or Tanrısal (PAS) or AFC Farnworth (LCP)–Bendis (ICM)
Korriga (DAI)–X Island Marauders (TAE) or Avengers United (YSP) or Yûpo CCK (JSY) or Lots o’ Love (BVR)
Laurentia FC (LYM) or Uni-Ribs (FCH) or Arcadia AFC (AIS)–UR Town (EFL)
Pendleton (IPE) or Burnaby SC (KSK) or Golden Phoniex (MAP) or New Oslo United (WES)–Maystead (SAU)
Tintown Terrapins (TAE)–Latrobe AFC (KSK) or Les Alliés (SAU) or St. Christopher United (TJN) or North Hampton City (YSP)


The Thirty-Ninth Series B Champions’ Cup
Preliminary Phase


First preliminary round
(WES)              Bear Village    2–1    Shared Land Freedom       (CRM)   1–0   1–1 
(AIS) Goat Island United FC 3–5 Urbalyn United (CAW) 2–4 1–1
(FCH) São Eymael 4–6 Winsfield FC (MEL) 2–2 2–4 (aet)
(KOR) Hail 1–3 Fort White Fire (CAW) 1–0 0–3
(JSY) Floral FC 0–1 Violia FC (OSR) 0–1 0–0
(SAU) Newtonville 4–1 Sycuan (FSC) 2–0 2–1
(MAP) Rangers Rovers 4–3 Tower 15 (THL) 3–0 1–3
(CPL) Shanmaghery 1–4 Olimpia (WRL) 1–2 0–2
(TJN) Coco Bay City 2–4 Diebert Colts (TAE) 1–2 1–2
(EFL) Tuntigone FC a 4–4 FC Royal (MGD) 2–1 2–3 (aet)
(KIN) Dinamo Leninberg 1–4 Preaflori (ANT) 0–2 1–2
(MAN) Emmerson Ridge 6–2 Sunrise Town Cape (BRP) 3–1 3–1
(WES) YittleBurg 3–5 Etoile City FC (YSP) 2–2 1–3
(KSK) CF Mirabel 1–7 Houghton Young Boys (LCP) 0–3 1–4
(FCH) Área de Fumantes 2–2 a Dynamo (PZJ) 2–1 0–1
(THL) Tower 10 2–0 Chüngü (KOR) 0–0 2–0
(BLM) Arenys FC 4–1 AFK Esbjerg (OPP) 2–1 2–0
(BLM) Cologne SC 3–6 Estrellas Azulas (SRG) 2–2 1–4
(TAE) Catacombs 3–4 Glottle (LLF) 2–3 1–1
(BRP) Swift Athletics 1–6 Urizaharra FC (ASG) 1–2 0–4
(FOR) Lots of Lakes FC 2–3 Peixe Frito (CPV) 2–1 0–2
(ITB) Baker’s Eleven 3–1 Limoeiro (DAI) 2–0 1–1
(KSK) Ainslie County 0–1 Farond United (EFL) 0–0 0–1
(YSP) Raxton United 1–0 Oddteg II (IPE) 1–0 0–0
(VIL) Jlinal Cove p 3–3 Harp Port (FWH) 3–0 0–3 (4–3 pen)
(MEL) Greencroft United 5–1 Redswyth Red Stars (KSK) 3–0 2–1
(WZI) East Snaith 1–3 FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) 1–0 0–3
(VIL) Lopinka Rovers 4–2 Tromso Rovers (OPP) 3–0 1–2
(DAI) Ragaman 4–2 Temuco SC (SRG) 4–2 0–0
(IPE) Eavchester 3–3 a Hilly Village (BVR) 3–2 0–1
(SCI) Wesbridge Old Boys 2–3 AC Carrington (LCP) 1–1 1–2
(KIN) Atletika Vanuku 1–4 New Haverford Albion (JSY) 0–2 1–2
(VLD) AC Tallin 3–0 WindDawn Yetis (WES) 0–0 3–0
(PIS) FK Grise Fiord 5–0 Babakin (CPL) 5–0 0–0
(BVR) Danger Cove 1–3 Lagoon Crocodiles (WRL) 0–2 1–1
(SRG) Ibarra Pumas a 2–2 Aels Welsh (AEL) 1–0 1–2
(CRM) Vonto City United 3–0 Aleksander Forest (SCI) 3–0 0–0
(MGD) Megatropolis Capitals 1–3 Athletic Club Yungoitio (ASG) 0–1 1–2
(UGO) Harbor Football 4–0 AS Lavelanet (AIS) 1–0 3–0
(FWH) Lywik FC 3–2 Quetzin United (FOR) 2–2 1–0
(LLF) Wakeford 2–3 Loittra (UNF) 1–3 1–0
(AMV) Errion Vega Polii 2–0 Kempton FC (MAN) 0–0 2–0
(FCH) Favela da Remo 4–3 Bregantino (CPV) 2–1 2–2
(AGU) Fábricas 1–4 Hamanos Athletic Club (VLD) 0–3 1–1
(AEL) Plaidstone 3–6 Marine Coast United (VIL) 3–5 0–1
(YSP) Mean Green United 4–1 Baselin Freezers (NSI) 3–1 1–0
(CPL) Chudley 4–1 Citta de Montevento (OSD) 2–0 2–1
(TJN) Caribbean-Atlantic Jets 7–4 Indio (FSC) 3–2 4–2
(SAU) Montbenoit 0–4 Buckby Town (WZI) 0–0 0–4
(SSO) Ulsa Rovers 4–3 Markiniz Union (ITB) 3–0 1–3
(AGU) CD Quemavilla 3–2 Unión Gimignano CF (OSD) 2–0 1–2
(TJN) Roam Island Rampage 2–1 Spurg FC (BLM) 0–0 2–1
(AMV) Kura Kurii 1–5 Humai Titans (JSY) 1–1 0–4
(OSR) Real Rajahara 3–4 Forest Rangers (UGO) 2–1 1–3
(VIL) Kiiara-Torra 2–5 Students of Sixteen Bits (MIU) 1–3 1–2
(CYB) FC Brussels 5–3 Capital City (FOR) 3–2 2–1
(MEL) Fortwich FC a 3–3 Arnold Bedsit Rovers (MIU) 2–0 1–3
(JSY) Afton FC 4–0 Channel Islands (FSC) 2–0 2–0
(UNF) CPD Dinas Vale Ebbw 6–1 Reading (MAP) 3–0 3–1
(CYB) Darlannia Veringht 1–1 p Barbado FC (MAN) 0–1 1–0 (2–4 pen)
(CYB) Tragaarn Bulls 4–6 Capitolia Defence Force (MGD) 3–2 1–4
(KIN) Kasmenai Phoenix 0–2 Stapleford Thursday (TBI) 0–1 0–1
(TBI) Cardiff FC 5–2 Mov Caveleri (ANT) 4–2 1–0
(SCI) Ashlyn 3–2 Vezhidrupa (PZJ) 1–1 2–1 (aet)
(FWH) Outer Nestingham 0–2 Lillepool Dragons (NSI) 0–0 0–2

Second preliminary round
(OSR)                 Violia FC  a 1–1    Harbor Football           (UGO)   0–0   1–1 
(TAE) Diebert Colts a 2–2 FK Grise Fiord (PIS) 0–1 2–1
(WRL) Lagoon Crocodiles 5–0 Preaflori (ANT) 4–0 1–0
(PIS) Franz Josef Young Boys 1–2 Humai Titans (JSY) 1–1 0–1
(WZI) Buckby Town 1–6 Fort White Fire (CAW) 0–3 1–3
(SIC) Ile Perrot FC 1–2 Etoile City FC (YSP) 1–0 0–2
(JSY) New Haverford Albion 5–6 Gloria Orasul (ANT) 3–2 2–4
(KIN) Dřukahir a 4–4 Penfro Irish (AEL) 2–1 2–3
(OSR) FC United of Dynapolis 3–1 Greencroft United (MEL) 3–0 0–1
(WES) Bear Village 3–3 a Totlu Islanders FC (CAW) 3–3 0–0
(DAI) Sport Wios 1–3 Roe Green (IPE) 1–2 0–1
(EFL) Seniors FC 3–2 AS Montreux (VLD) 2–2 1–0
(UGO) Forest Rangers 4–0 Fortwich FC (MEL) 2–0 2–0
(LCP) Old Corinthians 2–3 Royal Arexa (ASG) 2–1 0–2
(MAN) Barbado FC a 2–2 Winsfield FC (MEL) 1–0 1–2
(VIL) Marine Coast United 2–3 Glottle (LLF) 2–3 0–0
(LLF) Grand Arsenal 2–4 Afton FC (JSY) 0–3 2–1
(TJN) St. Christopher FC 2–3 Mean Green United (YSP) 1–1 1–2
(TBI) South Side AC 5–4 Tower 16 (THL) 2–2 3–2
(MAN) Emmerson Ridge 2–4 1977 Kvivik (OPP) 0–2 2–2
(CPL) Chudley 1–3 Turoki Isle (VIL) 0–2 1–1
(BRP) New City FAC 1–5 AC Tallin (VLD) 1–2 0–3
(CPV) Benjamin Constant 3–7 Houghton Young Boys (LCP) 1–3 2–4
(MGD) Pro Megadia XI 3–3 a Winterfell FC (FWH) 2–2 1–1
(SSO) Ulsa Rovers 3–2 Ibarra Pumas (SRG) 2–0 1–2
(CRM) Vonto City United 3–0 Jlinal Cove (VIL) 2–0 1–0
(ASG) Athletic Club Yungoitio 5–3 Langaraitz Rovers (ITB) 3–1 2–2
(ITB) Baker’s Eleven 6–2 FC Brussels (CYB) 4–0 2–2
(MAP) Rangers Rovers 0–1 Brighton City Hove (NSI) 0–1 0–0
(SRG) Estrellas Azulas 5–4 Carsby (SSO) 2–1 3–3
(CAW) Urbalyn United 1–3 Benhagen United (SCI) 0–2 1–1
(KOR) Súvírá 3–4 Shalerix FK (AMV) 3–3 0–1
(TAE) Laketown FC 5–0 Westbay United (SAU) 2–0 3–0
(FOR) Gildorf Town 1–6 FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) 0–3 1–3
(PZJ) Dynamo 6–2 Blackpool (MAP) 4–0 2–2
(BVR) Hilly Village 1–4 Arcrés Millos (AGU) 1–2 0–2
(JSY) New Demarnican Town 4–2 Little Creek United FC (AIS) 3–1 1–1
(VIL) Lopinka Rovers 1–6 CD Quemavilla (AGU) 1–2 0–4
(UNF) Loittra 2–3 FK Nadendal (OPP) 1–1 1–2 (aet)
(TJN) Roam Island Rampage 1–2 Capitolia Defence Force (MGD) 1–1 0–1
(CRM) Vonto Bears 4–5 Lago Preto (FCH) 2–3 2–2
(SAU) Newtonville 5–4 Estudiantes CRF (OSD) 3–3 2–1
(WRL) Athletic Victoria 4–1 Peixe Frito (CPV) 3–0 1–1
(CPL) Pemberton 1–4 Lillepool Dragons (NSI) 0–1 1–3
(TUR) Cedniavella 3–2 Errion Vega Polii (AMV) 3–2 0–0
(YSP) Raxton United 4–3 Stapleford Thursday (TBI) 3–1 1–2
(MIU) Tamarindo FC 3–1 Favela da Remo (FCH) 2–0 1–1
(BVR) Beast SC 1–3 Urizaharra FC (ASG) 0–2 1–1
(VLD) Hamanos Athletic Club 0–1 Bellum Neu (UGO) 0–0 0–1 (aet)
(MIU) Students of Sixteen Bits 0–1 Mineros De Maracay (SRG) 0–1 0–0
(TJN) Caribbean-Atlantic Jets 1–5 Querzakhi United (COM) 0–3 1–2
(WRL) Olimpia 7–2 Arenys FC (BLM) 6–1 1–1
(FWH) Lywik FC 4–3 Civil Service (WZI) 4–0 0–3
(DAI) Ragaman 1–2 Shadows (PZJ) 1–1 0–1
(TBI) Cardiff FC 0–1 East Fortwich United (MEL) 0–1 0–0
(LCP) AC Carrington 4–3 Tower 10 (THL) 3–2 1–1
(UNF) Ytriba Shock 4–2 Tuntigone FC (EFL) 3–2 1–0
(EFL) Farond United 1–1 a Newton Town (WES) 1–1 0–0
(SCI) Ashlyn 4–7 CPD Dinas Vale Ebbw (UNF) 3–4 1–3

Third preliminary round
(KOR)                   Vájóthl    3–2    Ulsa Rovers               (SSO)   2–2   1–0 
(WRL) Lagoon Crocodiles 8–4 Estrellas Azulas (SRG) 5–2 3–2
(ITB) Axpuru Castle 2–1 Selyne City Athenians (NSI) 1–0 1–1 (aet)
(KSK) Metropolitan FC 2–4 FK Nadendal (OPP) 0–2 2–2 (aet)
(FCH) Lago Preto 1–4 Adda (DAI) 0–0 1–4
(ASG) Royal Arexa 0–3 New Demarnican Town (JSY) 0–1 0–2
(ITB) Baker’s Eleven 1–3 CCPD Brifddinas (AEL) 0–1 1–2
(OPP) 1977 Kvivik 2–3 Glottle (LLF) 1–2 1–1
(VIL) Turoki Isle 8–2 Winterfell FC (FWH) 4–2 4–0
(MIU) Tamarindo FC 4–3 Bellum Neu (UGO) 1–2 3–1
(TAE) Laketown FC 5–3 Roe Green (IPE) 3–2 2–1
(ASG) Urizaharra FC 3–2 FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS) 1–1 2–1
(CRM) Vonto City United 0–5 Afton FC (JSY) 0–3 0–2
(OSR) FC United of Dynapolis 5–1 Benton United (BRP) 2–1 3–0
(WRL) Athletic Victoria 2–0 FC Syndical (FSC) 1–0 1–0
(LCP) Gaels 1–0 Rosswich (IPE) 0–0 1–0
(WRL) Olimpia 5–1 Tower 1 (THL) 3–0 2–1
(UNF) Ytriba Shock 3–1 CD Quemavilla (AGU) 2–1 1–0
(OSR) Violia FC 4–2 Newton Town (WES) 2–1 2–1
(MGD) Capitolia Defence Force 1–2 AC Tallin (VLD) 1–0 0–2 (aet)
(AMV) Isla De Marte 5–1 Newtonville (SAU) 2–1 3–0
(SCI) Benhagen United 1–3 SV Karbruner (CYB) 1–1 0–2
(NSI) Lillepool Dragons 0–4 Etoile City FC (YSP) 0–3 0–1
(KIN) Dřukahir 4–2 Barbado FC (MAN) 0–1 4–1
(UNF) CPD Dinas Vale Ebbw 0–5 Cedniavella (TUR) 0–3 0–2
(CAW) Totlu Islanders FC 1–3 South Side AC (TBI) 1–1 0–2
(LCP) AC Carrington 3–5 Raxton United (YSP) 2–1 1–4
(MAN) Harford United 0–5 Fort White Fire (CAW) 0–2 0–3
(AIS) Straghan United FC 2–3 Houghton Young Boys (LCP) 1–1 1–2
(ANT) Gloria Orasul 3–1 Onis CD (BLM) 2–0 1–1
(ASG) Athletic Club Yungoitio 3–5 Querzakhi United (COM) 1–2 2–3
(PZJ) Shadows 4–0 Bury Town (MAP) 2–0 2–0
(CPV) São Perebano 1–3 Arcrés Millos (AGU) 1–2 0–1
(PZJ) Dynamo 5–5 a Wolvesbane Athletic (YSP) 5–3 0–2
(TAE) Diebert Colts 3–1 Lywik FC (FWH) 2–1 1–0
(YSP) Mean Green United 2–0 Seniors FC (EFL) 1–0 1–0
(AMV) Shalerix FK 2–1 Brighton City Hove (NSI) 2–0 0–1
(MEL) East Fortwich United 4–0 Mineros De Maracay (SRG) 1–0 3–0
(UGO) Forest Rangers 3–2 Humai Titans (JSY) 1–1 2–1
(BVR) Ion Athletic Club 4–5 Magisterio AC (OSD) 2–1 2–4

Playoff round draw
Etoile City FC (YSP)–Adda (DAI)
Ytriba Shock (UNF)–Athletic Victoria (WRL)
Stockett Brigade (MIU)–Diebert Colts (TAE)
BFZ (PZJ)–East Fortwich United (MEL)
South Banks FC (CAW)–Ultimate (CRM)
Gesterlake FC (ASG)–Mean Green United (YSP)
Raxton United (YSP)–Real Atlantea (TAE)
Redwood Forest (WZI)–Gaels (LCP)
RSK Longyearbyen Town (PIS)–Olimpia (WRL)
SV Karbruner (CYB)–Clwb Sahaive (UNF)
Fort White Fire (CAW)–Cedniavella (TUR)
Royal Jam FC (EFL)–Reginăi Parc Pădurar (ANT)
Vájóthl (KOR)–Shalerix FK (AMV)
Urizaharra FC (ASG)–Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (COM)
FC United of Dynapolis (OSR)–Afton FC (JSY)
Axpuru Castle (ITB)–Tamarindo FC (MIU)
Gloria Orasul (ANT)–FK Nadendal (OPP)
County Stanley (LLF)–Laketown FC (TAE)
Lagoon Crocodiles (WRL)–Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR)
AD Cerro (VLD)–FC Almintora (TUR)
Morata Valley (VIL)–AC Santa Catalina (TBI)
AC Tallin (VLD)–Wolvesbane Athletic (YSP)
Dřukahir (KIN)–Houghton Young Boys (LCP)
Sparta Navel (WRL)–Glottle (LLF)
CCPD Brifddinas (AEL)–South Side AC (TBI)
Querzakhi United (COM)–Griffin Zebras (JSY)
New Demarnican Town (JSY)–Deportivo Peralta (AGU)
Violia FC (OSR)–Arcrés Millos (AGU)
Turoki Isle (VIL)–Forest Rangers (UGO)
Magisterio AC (OSD)–Basin Plain (UGO)
Christchurch FC (SAU)–Isla De Marte (AMV)
Hornchurch (SSO)–Shadows (PZJ)
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The Forty-Second Champions’ Cup
Playoff Round


(losing teams enter Globe Cup group stage)
Champions’ path
(UGO) FC Deska 2–2 p Bayern-Algaer (TAE) 1–1 1–1 (1–3 pen)
(DAR) Scott City FC 2–4 Bastion (SSO) 1–2 1–2
(CAW) Vanler Dynamo 1–3 Seendok Shells (CRM) 0–2 1–1
(ANC) Goidelic 3–3 a Turoki Tide (VIL) 3–1 0–2
(EAR) Ungalb Devsgrybe 3–2 Banks (WZI) 0–0 3–2
(MIU) Tamarindia College 4–0 Maethorü (KOR) 3–0 1–0
(EFL) RGS Athletic 2–5 Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP) 1–3 1–2
(ANT) Iarba Tineri 1–2 Pinel (CPV) 0–1 1–1
Non-champions’ path
(VIL) Arcticala Inlet 5–4 Bradley Hornets (WZI) 2–1 3–3
(COM) Kagoshima Phoenix 1–4 Lagoon Red Diamonds (WRL) 1–1 0–3
(PIS) SK Franz Josef City 4–2 Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD) 0–2 4–0 (aet)
(VLD) Metropolis Alligators 4–0 Yastrabi (PZJ) 1–0 3–0
(VAL) Hondo FC p 2–2 Medoria Löwen (COM) 1–1 1–1 (5–4 pen)
(ASG) Royal Rumiatzi 3–1 FK Maribor (TBI) 1–0 2–1
(JSY) Noka Mariners 4–0 Jungle Strike FC (VIL) 3–0 1–0
(AGU) Alianza Ciruelas 6–2 Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS) 3–1 3–1

Group stage draw
Group A
East Franz Athletic (PIS)
Metropolis Alligators (VLD)
Royal Rumiatzi (ASG)
Tamarindia College (MIU)

Group B
Raynor City United (VAL)
Navel Sharks (WRL)
Arcticala Inlet (VIL)
Pinel (CPV)

Group C
Yuba United (COM)
Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)
Bloomfield National (TBI)
Bastion (SSO)

Group D
SK Franz Josef City (PIS)
Hondo FC (VAL)
CA Paulinthal (PAS)
Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP)

Group E
Sonoma Center Panthers (COM)
Carter FC (JSY)
FC Axel Heiburg (PIS)
Bayern-Algaer (TAE)

Group F
Universidad de Dénprade (AGU)
Turoki Tide (VIL)
Noka Mariners (JSY)

Group G
Árgos LP (COM)
AS Bezieres (VLD)
Astograth University (ASG)
Seendok Shells (CRM)

Group H
Fontvielle Impact (VLD)
Firewood City (OSR)
Lagoon Red Diamonds (WRL)
Ungalb Devsgrybe (EAR)


The Thirty-Ninth Globe Cup
Preliminary, Eliminatory, and Qualifying Stages


Preliminary stage
(TUR)              Mliona-Lpaka    3–1    Eau Claire Aris FC        (DAR)   2–1   1–0 
(MAN) Kirie FC 3–3 a Sparta FC (SSO) 3–1 0–2
(PZJ) Iguani a 1–1 South Beach FC (NBI) 0–0 1–1
(FWH) Umber FC 1–3 Mardi Lopunnies (NSI) 0–1 1–2
(AGU) ICD Villago 7–3 CS 1093 Modna Nord (LLF) 3–1 4–2
(OSD) CA Conquistadores 4–3 Killington SC (BVR) 3–1 1–2
(VIL) Makosile 1–3 Burningham City (OSR) 1–1 0–2
(UNF) La Pinatra Crusaders 3–0 Junglă (ANT) 2–0 1–0
(ITB) Iturributa United 2–3 Esperance United FC (AIS) 1–1 1–2
(KOR) Líjü 3–1 Cannington United FC (AIS) 3–1 0–0
(CPL) Oxley Vale 2–7 Jamaica Giants (JSY) 0–4 2–3
(AGU) Blén CA 1–2 Mountain FC (LLF) 1–2 0–0
(KSK) CS Saint-Rémy 1–4 Belgium FC (TBI) 1–1 0–3
(ANT) Inima de la Riu 3–3 a Houghton Kestrels (WZI) 1–3 2–0
(FSC) Bakersfield 3–1 Vnóskjülung (KOR) 3–0 0–1
(ANC) Ballymairead Dynamos 3–4 Eastburg United (WRL) 2–1 1–3
(WES) BlackGayte FC 2–3 Ousteeble TU (EAR) 1–0 1–3
(SXB) RGB 72 OS 3–6 Sporting White Rock (CAW) 2–3 1–3
(TUR) Kionao Locals 1–1 a Dragoste Dragons (ANT) 1–1 0–0
(ITB) Iturributa Racing Club 2–3 Coelhinhas FC (CPV) 0–2 2–1 (aet)
(OSD) Condensadores CD 0–4 Urbizania Wanderers (ASG) 0–2 0–2
(PIS) FC Torshavn 3–5 Rolalas FC (VAL) 2–2 1–3
(EFL) NT United 3–1 Michael’s Bay (ICM) 1–0 2–1
(MGD) Higher Megadonia 1–4 Raktaghav Hathi (PZJ) 1–0 0–4
(BRP) Para Wanderer’s FC 3–5 Keflavik ’93 (OPP) 3–3 0–2
(DAI) Xistrumbigonça 4–5 Unbidden United (YSP) 3–2 1–3
(PIS) Jan Mayen Islanders 3–4 Echegoyan FC (ASG) 1–2 2–2 (aet)
(OSR) Hastmead Diamante 4–1 Rua Augusta (FCH) 1–0 3–1
(UGO) Gordonopia FC 3–2 Stanley United (WZI) 2–1 1–1
(KSK) Latrobe AFC 2–6 Les Alliés (SAU) 1–4 1–2
(TAE) Los Riosa Monstas 2–3 Ballymairead Town (ANC) 2–1 0–2
(FOR) Cowlington Town 0–4 Mort Park (WZI) 0–3 0–1
(JSY) Qidade Savana 3–1 Marvel Team (DAI) 1–0 2–1
(BRP) Bartholomew FC 1–3 CF Aéropag (ACF) 0–2 1–1
(TJN) Green Star 1–3 Monksville United (EFL) 1–0 0–3
(MAP) Golden Phoniex 2–4 New Oslo United (WES) 1–1 1–3
(AMV) Vegai 4th Quad 2–2 a Tower 6 (THL) 1–2 1–0
(KIN) Litora United 2–8 Brayntel TU (EAR) 1–4 1–4
(CRM) Sho Athletic Club 3–4 Elkhausen EFC (FOR) 1–1 2–3
(JSY) Yûpo CCK 4–1 Lots o’ Love (BVR) 3–1 1–0
(TJN) St. Christopher United 5–3 North Hampton City (YSP) 3–2 2–1
(IPE) Pendleton 4–2 Burnaby SC (KSK) 1–1 3–1 (aet)
(TAE) X Island Marauders 1–4 Avengers United (YSP) 1–2 0–2
(SRG) El Nacional 3–2 Inter Compolis (CAW) 2–1 1–1
(SSO) Directus 3–5 Pyria Thunder (UNF) 3–2 0–3
(NFX) Spatula City Utensils 0–6 Montfort Wanderers (LCP) 0–3 0–3
(UGO) Reichsburg FC a 3–3 SC Montfort (LCP) 1–0 2–3
(CPV) Capivara FC 1–4 Navel FC (WRL) 1–2 0–2
(CRM) Cahrsinleh Devils 3–0 Trechoid FC (AEL) 1–0 2–0
(MAP) Bristol Rovers 1–3 Tanrısal (PAS) 1–0 0–3
(APX) Wrexton FC 5–3 Vermat CF (BLM) 3–2 2–1
(WRL) FC Atlantis 2–3 AC Valanari (VAL) 2–1 0–2
(ZIT) Supeda Mortoge 2–3 Vant Isles (IPE) 1–0 1–3
(SCI) Wesholm City 3–5 Flippers (DSF) 3–2 0–3
(FCH) Uni-Ribs 2–4 Arcadia AFC (AIS) 2–3 0–1
(PHO) AC Regia Artadates 4–5 Extramarine (MIU) 1–2 3–3
(FCH) Atlética Capital 1–6 68000 Emulation (SXB) 0–4 1–2
(FFD) Ferdullaele FC 1–3 Sporting Boulder (TBI) 1–3 0–0
(SRG) Sporting San Marquez 4–3 Marinos Metropolis (VLD) 3–1 1–2
(VIL) Colonial Sile 4–4 p Mt. Ceabring Thunder (TAE) 2–2 2–2 (0–3 pen)

Eliminatory stage
(SSO)                 Sparta FC    5–4    Rolalas FC                (VAL)   2–2   3–2 
(LLF) Mountain FC 3–4 Sporting White Rock (CAW) 2–0 1–4
(FSS) Basil AC 2–1 Sporting Boulder (TBI) 2–1 0–0
(WRL) Navel FC 3–2 Elkhausen EFC (FOR) 3–1 0–1
(LYM) Laurentia FC 3–2 Arcadia AFC (AIS) 2–1 1–1
(OSD) CA Conquistadores 1–3 Mardi Lopunnies (NSI) 1–2 0–1
(FSC) Bakersfield 2–5 Cahrsinleh Devils (CRM) 1–1 1–4
(IPE) Vant Isles 6–1 MK Killers (DSF) 4–1 2–0
(ASG) Urbizania Wanderers 7–1 Nova Algiers Maroons (TJN) 6–0 1–1
(KIN) Mi’ato 3–2 Unbidden United (YSP) 2–1 1–1
(OPP) FC Framro ’08 4–3 CF Aéropag (ACF) 2–1 2–2
(MIU) Extramarine 5–1 NT United (EFL) 3–0 2–1
(NSI) Matthew City Senators 3–3 p Tower 6 (THL) 1–2 2–1 (4–5 pen)
(SAU) Les Alliés 8–2 St. Christopher United (TJN) 2–1 6–1
(CPV) Coelhinhas FC 2–6 Jamaica Giants (JSY) 1–2 1–4
(PAS) Tanrısal 3–6 AFC Farnworth (LCP) 2–1 1–5
(ASG) Echegoyan FC 1–3 Mt. Ceabring Thunder (TAE) 0–2 1–1
(EAR) Brayntel TU 3–3 a Mliona-Lpaka (TUR) 2–2 1–1
(WCB) Tumbes FC 1–2 Monksville United (EFL) 1–2 0–0
(LCP) Montfort Wanderers a 4–4 Sporting San Marquez (SRG) 2–0 2–4
(VAL) AC Valanari 3–1 Ballymairead Town (ANC) 2–0 1–1
(SXB) 68000 Emulation 5–2 Burningham City (OSR) 1–2 4–0
(OSR) Hastmead Diamante 6–1 Gill United (ZIT) 4–0 2–1
(TBI) Belgium FC 2–3 Dragoste Dragons (ANT) 2–1 0–2
(KOR) Líjü 1–4 Iguani (PZJ) 0–1 1–3
(FWH) Nestingham FC 5–2 Flippers (DSF) 3–0 2–2
(CYB) FC Guingamp 3–2 El Nacional (SRG) 2–0 1–2
(AGU) ICD Villago 2–0 Dwile Warriors (APX) 0–0 2–0
(AIS) Esperance United FC 1–2 Leighton (IPE) 1–0 0–2
(PZJ) Raktaghav Hathi 3–4 Wrexton FC (APX) 2–2 1–2
(OPP) Keflavik ’93 2–3 Mort Park (WZI) 1–1 1–2
(IPE) Pendleton 3–1 New Oslo United (WES) 0–0 3–1
(BLM) Svenja CF 2–6 Ousteeble TU (EAR) 1–2 1–4
(UGO) Reichsburg FC 3–0 Sokojiwa Dosi CK (COM) 1–0 2–0
(WRL) Eastburg United 3–5 Tannenberg FC (VLD) 2–5 1–0
(JSY) Qidade Savana 2–4 La Pinatra Crusaders (UNF) 2–2 0–2
(YSP) Avengers United 3–6 Yûpo CCK (JSY) 1–2 2–4
(UNF) Pyria Thunder 7–4 Houghton Kestrels (WZI) 2–1 5–3
(NCB) Rushton Nature Reserve 2–5 Gordonopia FC (UGO) 2–1 0–4

Qualifying stage
(EAR)              Ousteeble TU    3–1    Cahrsinleh Devils         (CRM)   1–0   2–1 
(MEL) Ironmont FC 5–1 Hastmead Diamante (OSR) 1–0 4–1
(CRM) Northeastern 6–1 Sporting White Rock (CAW) 2–1 4–0
(SAU) Pays de Croix 3–5 Jamaica Giants (JSY) 1–3 2–2
(ITB) Sporting Iturributa 1–5 Reichsburg FC (UGO) 0–2 1–3
(VLD) Tannenberg FC 1–4 Grasshoppers Turic (OSR) 0–3 1–1
(KIN) Mi’ato 1–6 Monksville United (EFL) 0–2 1–4
(WZI) Mort Park 2–2 a AC Valanari (VAL) 2–1 0–1
(UNF) Iona Spaceport Defenders a 2–2 Sparta FC (SSO) 0–0 2–2
(MAP) Home United 2–3 Urbizania Wanderers (ASG) 2–0 0–3
(APX) Wrexton FC 2–3 Pentref-ar-y-Bae (AEL) 0–2 2–1
(UNF) La Pinatra Crusaders 0–3 Extramarine (MIU) 0–1 0–2
(SXB) 68000 Emulation a 3–3 Iguani (PZJ) 1–1 2–2
(LLF) Orean United 3–3 a Basil AC (FSS) 3–2 0–1
(UNF) Pyria Thunder 5–4 FC Guingamp (CYB) 1–3 4–1 (aet)
(PAS) Club Stein-los 1–2 Nestingham FC (FWH) 1–0 0–2
(OSD) Caballeros CF 6–0 Vant Isles (IPE) 2–0 4–0
(NSI) Mardi Lopunnies 1–6 Navel FC (WRL) 1–3 0–3
(SXB) Villa Straylight OS 1–10 Mliona-Lpaka (TUR) 1–4 0–6
(OPP) FC Framro ’08 3–5 Urajbina (PZJ) 2–2 1–3
(LCP) Montfort Wanderers 0–2 Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) 0–0 0–2
(LLF) Mountbatten Junction 4–3 Tower 6 (THL) 2–0 2–3
(ANT) Dragoste Dragons 2–3 Errion Vega FK (AMV) 2–0 0–3
(DAR) Augusta 5–1 ICD Villago (AGU) 4–0 1–1
(PHO) Olimpia Tyreebi a 3–3 Gordonopia FC (UGO) 2–0 1–3
(IPE) Leighton 4–0 Empilot City United (BRP) 4–0 0–0
(TAE) Mt. Ceabring Thunder 5–1 Lac-Drouin City (SIC) 2–1 3–0
(LCP) AFC Farnworth 3–2 Bendis (ICM) 2–1 1–1
(DAI) Korriga 0–8 Yûpo CCK (JSY) 0–5 0–3
(LYM) Laurentia FC 0–1 UR Town (EFL) 0–0 0–1
(IPE) Pendleton 2–4 Maystead (SAU) 2–1 0–3
(TAE) Tintown Terrapins 3–2 Les Alliés (SAU) 2–2 1–0

Group stage draw
Group A
Navel FC (WRL)
Monksville United (EFL)
Ousteeble TU (EAR)
Goidelic (ANC)

Group B
Urbizania Wanderers (ASG)
Yastrabi (PZJ)
Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS)
Iona Spaceport Defenders (UNF)

Group C
Medoria Löwen (COM)
Caballeros CF (OSD)
Iarba Tineri (ANT)
AC Valanari (VAL)

Group D
FC Deska (UGO)
Errion Vega FK (AMV)
Yûpo CCK (JSY)
RGS Athletic (EFL)

Group E
Reichsburg FC (UGO)
68000 Emulation (SXB)
AFC Farnworth (LCP)
Tintown Terrapins (TAE)

Group F
Augusta (DAR)
Vanler Dynamo (CAW)
Mt. Ceabring Thunder (TAE)
Jungle Strike FC (VIL)

Group G
Ironmont FC (MEL)
Maethorü (KOR)
Leighton (IPE)
Banks (WZI)

Group H
Grasshoppers Turic (OSR)
Mountbatten Junction (LLF)
Bradley Hornets (WZI)
Northeastern (CRM)

Group I
Pentref-ar-y-Bae (AEL)
Urajbina (PZJ)
Nestingham FC (FWH)
Mliona-Lpaka (TUR)

Group J
Jamaica Giants (JSY)
Kagoshima Phoenix (COM)
FK Maribor (TBI)
Maystead (SAU)

Group K
Pyria Thunder (UNF)
Extramarine (MIU)
Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD)
UR Town (EFL)

Group L
Olimpia Tyreebi (PHO)
Cednia Beach AFC (TUR)
Scott City FC (DAR)
Basil AC (FSS)


The Thirty-Ninth Series B Champions’ Cup
Playoff Round


(YSP)            Etoile City FC    5–4    Adda                      (DAI)   2–2   3–2 
(UNF) Ytriba Shock 1–2 Athletic Victoria (WRL) 0–0 1–2
(MIU) Stockett Brigade 2–1 Diebert Colts (TAE) 2–0 0–1
(PZJ) BFZ 3–1 East Fortwich United (MEL) 2–0 1–1
(CAW) South Banks FC 2–5 Ultimate (CRM) 2–3 0–2
(ASG) Gesterlake FC 5–3 Mean Green United (YSP) 2–0 3–3
(YSP) Raxton United 0–4 Real Atlantea (TAE) 0–2 0–2
(WZI) Redwood Forest 4–4 p Gaels (LCP) 3–1 1–3 (7–8 pen)
(PIS) RSK Longyearbyen Town 4–1 Olimpia (WRL) 2–0 2–1
(CYB) SV Karbruner 2–3 Clwb Sahaive (UNF) 1–1 1–2 (aet)
(CAW) Fort White Fire 2–2 a Cedniavella (TUR) 2–1 0–1
(EFL) Royal Jam FC 5–2 Reginăi Parc Pădurar (ANT) 2–1 3–1
(KOR) Vájóthl 4–1 Shalerix FK (AMV) 3–1 1–0
(ASG) Urizaharra FC 2–1 Sokojito Dosi Gyulhabdwen (COM) 1–0 1–1
(OSR) FC United of Dynapolis 4–1 Afton FC (JSY) 3–1 1–0
(ITB) Axpuru Castle 4–3 Tamarindo FC (MIU) 4–2 0–1
(ANT) Gloria Orasul 1–1 p FK Nadendal (OPP) 1–0 0–1 (2–4 pen)
(LLF) County Stanley 4–4 a Laketown FC (TAE) 2–3 2–1
(WRL) Lagoon Crocodiles 1–5 Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR) 1–3 0–2
(VLD) AD Cerro 5–2 FC Almintora (TUR) 3–0 2–2
(VIL) Morata Valley 3–4 AC Santa Catalina (TBI) 1–2 2–2
(VLD) AC Tallin 4–3 Wolvesbane Athletic (YSP) 3–1 1–2
(KIN) Dřukahir 4–2 Houghton Young Boys (LCP) 3–2 1–0
(WRL) Sparta Navel 3–2 Glottle (LLF) 1–0 2–2
(AEL) CCPD Brifddinas 1–4 South Side AC (TBI) 0–2 1–2
(COM) Querzakhi United 2–7 Griffin Zebras (JSY) 0–2 2–5
(JSY) New Demarnican Town 3–1 Deportivo Peralta (AGU) 3–0 0–1
(OSR) Violia FC 3–3 a Arcrés Millos (AGU) 2–2 1–1
(VIL) Turoki Isle 4–1 Forest Rangers (UGO) 2–1 2–0
(OSD) Magisterio AC 1–4 Basin Plain (UGO) 0–2 1–2
(SAU) Christchurch FC 4–4 a Isla De Marte (AMV) 2–3 2–1
(SSO) Hornchurch 2–3 Shadows (PZJ) 1–1 1–2

Group stage draw
Group A
Gesterlake FC (ASG)
FK Nadendal (OPP)
Griffin Zebras (JSY)
Isla De Marte (AMV)

Group B
Etoile City FC (YSP)
South Side AC (TBI)
Gaels (LCP)
Arcrés Millos (AGU)

Group C
FC United of Dynapolis (OSR)
Stockett Brigade (MIU)
Clwb Sahaive (UNF)

Group D
New Demarnican Town (JSY)
Turoki Isle (VIL)
Urizaharra FC (ASG)
AC Santa Catalina (TBI)

Group E
AC Tallin (VLD)
Real Atlantea (TAE)
Athletic Victoria (WRL)
Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR)

Group F
Vájóthl (KOR)
Ultimate (CRM)
Laketown FC (TAE)
Cedniavella (TUR)

Group G
Shadows (PZJ)
AD Cerro (VLD)
Axpuru Castle (ITB)
Royal Jam FC (EFL)

Group H
Basin Plain (UGO)
RSK Longyearbyen Town (PIS)
Sparta Navel (WRL)
Dřukahir (KIN)

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The Forty-Second Champions’ Cup
Group Stage


Group winners and runners-up qualified for Champions’ Cup first knockout round
Third-placed teams qualified for Globe Cup first knockout round

  Group A                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   EFA  TaC  RRu  MeA
1 East Franz Athletic PIS 6 5 1 0 7 1 +6 16 — 2–1 1–0 2–0
2 Tamarindia College MIU 6 3 0 3 10 8 +2 9 0–1 — 1–4 2–0

3 Royal Rumiatzi ASG 6 2 1 3 9 9 0 7 0–1 0–2 — 4–3
4 Metropolis Alligators VLD 6 0 2 4 5 13 −8 2 0–0 1–4 1–1 —

  Group B                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   RCU  ArI  NaS  Pin
1 Raynor City United VAL 6 5 1 0 15 3 +12 16 — 2–1 4–1 3–0
2 Arcticala Inlet VIL 6 3 1 2 7 5 +2 10 0–2 — 1–0 3–0

3 Navel Sharks WRL 6 2 0 4 6 9 −3 6 0–3 0–1 — 2–0
4 Pinel CPV 6 0 2 4 2 13 −11 2 1–1 1–1 0–3 —

  Group C                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Yub  BlN  ACi  Bas
1 Yuba United COM 6 4 1 1 11 4 +7 13 — 2–0 2–2 2–0
2 Bloomfield National TBI 6 3 0 3 5 7 −2 9* 0–2 — 1–0 1–0

3 Alianza Ciruelas AGU 6 2 3 1 9 8 +1 9* 2–1 2–1 — 1–1
4 Bastion SSO 6 0 2 4 4 10 −6 2 0–2 1–2 2–2 —
* Bloomfield National ahead of Alianza Ciruelas on wins

  Group D                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   TLA  Hon  CAP  FJC
1 Tarahal Lake Athletic YSP 6 3 3 0 8 4 +4 12 — 0–0 3–2 1–1
2 Hondo FC VAL 6 2 3 1 9 6 +3 9 1–1 — 1–1 4–1

3 CA Paulinthal PAS 6 1 2 3 6 9 −3 5* 0–2 1–2 — 2–1
4 SK Franz Josef City PIS 6 1 2 3 5 9 −4 5* 0–1 2–1 0–0 —
* CA Paulinthal ahead of SK Franz Josef City on head-to-head points

  Group E                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Crt  AxH  BAl  SCP
1 Carter FC JSY 6 4 2 0 11 5 +6 14 — 2–0 1–1 2–1
2 FC Axel Heiburg PIS 6 2 2 2 8 9 −1 8 1–3 — 2–1 0–0

3 Bayern-Algaer TAE 6 1 3 2 10 12 −2 6 1–1 3–3 — 1–4
4 Sonoma Center Panthers COM 6 1 1 4 7 10 −3 4 1–2 0–2 1–3 —

  Group F                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   TuT  UDé  FKM  Nok
1 Turoki Tide VIL 6 4 1 1 13 8 +5 13 — 2–1 3–1 4–1
2 Universidad de Dénprade AGU 6 3 1 2 11 9 +2 10 1–2 — 2–1 4–2

3 FKM PZJ 6 2 2 2 8 8 0 8 2–0 1–1 — 2–1
4 Noka Mariners JSY 6 0 2 4 8 15 −7 2 2–2 1–2 1–1 —

  Group G                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Bez  Árg  SeS  AsU
1 AS Bezieres VLD 6 3 2 1 11 7 +4 11 — 2–2 5–1 1–1
2 Árgos LP COM 6 3 1 2 10 6 +4 10 0–1 — 3–0 2–1

3 Seendok Shells CRM 6 2 1 3 6 12 −6 7 0–1 1–0 — 2–2
4 Astograth University ASG 6 1 2 3 9 11 −2 5 3–1 1–3 1–2 —

  Group H                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   FiC  FoI  LRD  UDv
1 Firewood City OSR 6 3 3 0 13 5 +8 12 — 3–0 2–1 4–0
2 Fontvielle Impact VLD 6 3 1 2 9 7 +2 10 2–2 — 2–0 3–0

3 Lagoon Red Diamonds WRL 6 2 1 3 4 6 −2 7 1–1 1–0 — 0–1
4 Ungalb Devsgrybe EAR 6 1 1 4 3 11 −8 4 1–1 1–2 0–1 —

First knockout round draw
Árgos LP (COM)–Turoki Tide (VIL)
Fontvielle Impact (VLD)–Raynor City United (VAL)
Arcticala Inlet (VIL)–Firewood City (OSR)
Universidad de Dénprade (AGU)–Yuba United (COM)
Bloomfield National (TBI)–Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP)
FC Axel Heiburg (PIS)–AS Bezieres (VLD)
Tamarindia College (MIU)–Carter FC (JSY)
Hondo FC (VAL)–East Franz Athletic (PIS)

Quarterfinal draw
FC Axel Heiburg (PIS) or AS Bezieres (VLD)–Universidad de Dénprade (AGU) or Yuba United (COM)
Árgos LP (COM) or Turoki Tide (VIL)–Arcticala Inlet (VIL) or Firewood City (OSR)
Hondo FC (VAL) or East Franz Athletic (PIS)–Fontvielle Impact (VLD) or Raynor City United (VAL)
Tamarindia College (MIU) or Carter FC (JSY)–Bloomfield National (TBI) or Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP)

Semifinal draw
winner QF2–winner QF4
winner QF1–winner QF3

Final draw
winner SF2–winner SF1 (at Ijak-Nash Stadium, Paris, The Babbage Islands)


The Thirty-Ninth Globe Cup
Group Stage


Group winners and runners-up qualified for Globe Cup first knockout round

  Group A                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Nav  Goi  MoU  Ous
1 Navel FC WRL 6 4 1 1 7 4 +3 13 — 2–1 2–0 1–0
2 Monksville United EFL 6 2 2 2 9 8 +1 8 2–0 — 1–1 2–0

3 Goidelic ANC 6 2 2 2 4 5 −1 8 0–0 2–0 — 1–0
4 Ousteeble TU EAR 6 1 1 4 6 9 −3 4 1–2 3–3 2–0 —
* Monksville United ahead of Goidelic on goal difference

  Group B                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   UrW  NDi  ISD  Yas
1 Urbizania Wanderers ASG 6 3 2 1 10 9 +1 11 — 3–2 2–2 2–0
2 Northbrook Diamonds FK PIS 6 2 2 2 12 11 +1 8 1–2 — 4–2 2–1

3 Iona Spaceport Defenders UNF 6 1 4 1 9 9 0 7 1–1 1–1 — 1–1
4 Yastrabi PZJ 6 1 2 3 7 9 −2 5 3–0 2–2 0–2 —

  Group C                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Val  Med  ITi  Cab
1 AC Valanari VAL 6 3 2 1 7 5 +2 11 — 0–1 2–1 1–0
2 Medoria Löwen COM 6 3 1 2 12 11 +1 10 2–2 — 3–2 2–3

3 Iarba Tineri ANT 6 2 1 3 9 8 +1 7 0–1 2–1 — 1–1
4 Caballeros CF OSD 6 1 2 3 7 11 −4 5 1–1 2–3 0–3 —

  Group D                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Yûp  ErV  RGS  Des
1 Yûpo CCK JSY 6 4 0 2 11 5 +6 12 — 3–1 1–0 4–1
2 Errion Vega FK AMV 6 3 2 1 7 6 +1 11 1–0 — 2–1 2–2

3 RGS Athletic EFL 6 1 2 3 6 8 −2 5 2–1 0–1 — 2–2
4 FC Deska UGO 6 0 4 2 6 11 −5 4 0–2 0–0 1–1 —

  Group E                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Far  Rei  68k  Tin
1 AFC Farnworth LCP 6 5 0 1 18 6 +12 15 — 2–1 1–2 6–1
2 Reichsburg FC UGO 6 3 0 3 9 11 −2 9 0–3 — 3–2 2–1

3 68000 Emulation SXB 6 1 2 3 7 11 −4 5* 1–3 1–3 — 0–0
4 Tintown Terrapins TAE 6 1 2 3 6 12 −6 5* 1–3 2–0 1–1 —
* 68000 Emulation ahead of Tintown Terrapins on goal difference

  Group F                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Aug  JSt  Van  MCT
1 Augusta DAR 6 4 1 1 8 4 +4 13 — 2–0 2–1 1–0
2 Jungle Strike FC VIL 6 3 1 2 6 6 0 10 1–1 — 3–2 0–1

3 Vanler Dynamo CAW 6 3 0 3 10 8 +2 9 1–0 0–1 — 4–1
4 Mt. Ceabring Thunder TAE 6 1 0 5 4 10 −6 3 1–2 0–1 1–2 —

  Group G                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Bnk  Lei  Mae  Iro
1 Banks WZI 6 5 0 1 12 5 +7 15 — 2–0 2–1 3–1
2 Leighton IPE 6 3 0 3 8 7 +1 9 0–1 — 2–1 4–1

3 Maethorü KOR 6 2 1 3 6 8 −2 7 1–3 1–0 — 0–0
4 Ironmont FC MEL 6 1 1 4 6 12 −6 4 2–1 1–2 1–2 —

  Group H                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   GrT  Noe  BrH  MbJ
1 Grasshoppers Turic OSR 6 4 2 0 13 3 +10 14 — 2–0 2–0 4–1
2 Northeastern CRM 6 2 2 2 8 8 0 8 0–0 — 2–1 2–2

3 Bradley Hornets WZI 6 2 1 3 6 9 −3 7 0–3 2–1 — 2–0
4 Mountbatten Junction LLF 6 0 3 3 7 14 −7 3 2–2 1–3 1–1 —

  Group I                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   MlL  Ura  Pen  Nes
1 Mliona-Lpaka TUR 6 3 2 1 11 9 +2 11 — 1–3 2–1 2–1
2 Urajbina PZJ 6 2 3 1 10 8 +2 9 2–2 — 0–0 3–3

3 Pentref-ar-y-Bae AEL 6 1 4 1 7 7 0 7 2–2 2–1 — 1–1
4 Nestingham FC FWH 6 0 3 3 6 10 −4 3 0–2 0–1 1–1 —

  Group J                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Kag  Jam  Mar  May
1 Kagoshima Phoenix COM 6 4 2 0 11 5 +6 14 — 3–2 2–0 2–1
2 Jamaica Giants JSY 6 3 1 2 9 6 +3 10 0–0 — 2–0 1–0

3 FK Maribor TBI 6 1 2 3 4 8 −4 5 1–1 2–1 — 1–2
4 Maystead SAU 6 1 1 4 5 10 −5 4 1–3 1–3 0–0 —

  Group K                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   OFo  PyT  Ext  URT
1 Olympique de Fontvielle VLD 6 5 1 0 18 3 +15 16 — 1–1 5–0 2–0
2 Pyria Thunder UNF 6 2 2 2 9 10 −1 8 0–3 — 2–3 3–3

3 Extramarine MIU 6 2 0 4 7 16 −9 6 2–5 0–1 — 2–1
4 UR Town EFL 6 1 1 4 6 11 −5 4 0–2 0–2 2–0 —

  Group L                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   CeB  ScC  Bas  OTy
1 Cednia Beach AFC TUR 6 3 2 1 11 8 +3 11* — 4–1 0–0 2–1
2 Scott City FC DAR 6 3 2 1 10 9 +1 11* 1–1 — 2–0 3–3

3 Basil AC FSS 6 2 1 3 10 9 +1 7 5–2 1–2 — 4–0
4 Olimpia Tyreebi PHO 6 1 1 4 7 12 −5 4 0–2 0–1 3–0 —
* Cednia Beach AFC ahead of Scott City FC on goal difference

First knockout round draw
Reichsburg FC (UGO)–Augusta (DAR)
Jamaica Giants (JSY)–FKM (PZJ)
Jungle Strike FC (VIL)–Yûpo CCK (JSY)
Medoria Löwen (COM)–Cednia Beach AFC (TUR)
Seendok Shells (CRM)–Grasshoppers Turic (OSR)
Navel Sharks (WRL)–AFC Farnworth (LCP)
Bayern-Algaer (TAE)–Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD)
Errion Vega FK (AMV)–AC Valanari (VAL)
Scott City FC (DAR)–Lagoon Red Diamonds (WRL)
Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS)–Royal Rumiatzi (ASG)
Monksville United (EFL)–Urbizania Wanderers (ASG)
Pyria Thunder (UNF)–Navel FC (WRL)
Northeastern (CRM)–Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)
CA Paulinthal (PAS)–Banks (WZI)
Leighton (IPE)–Mliona-Lpaka (TUR)
Urajbina (PZJ)–Kagoshima Phoenix (COM)

Second knockout round
Reichsburg FC (UGO) or Augusta (DAR)–Jamaica Giants (JSY) or FKM (PZJ)
Jungle Strike FC (VIL) or Yûpo CCK (JSY)–Medoria Löwen (COM) or Cednia Beach AFC (TUR)
Seendok Shells (CRM) or Grasshoppers Turic (OSR)–Navel Sharks (WRL) or AFC Farnworth (LCP)
Bayern-Algaer (TAE) or Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD)–Errion Vega FK (AMV) or AC Valanari (VAL)
Scott City FC (DAR) or Lagoon Red Diamonds (WRL)–Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS) or Royal Rumiatzi (ASG)
Monksville United (EFL) or Urbizania Wanderers (ASG)–Pyria Thunder (UNF) or Navel FC (WRL)
Northeastern (CRM) or Alianza Ciruelas (AGU)–CA Paulinthal (PAS) or Banks (WZI)
Leighton (IPE) or Mliona-Lpaka (TUR)–Urajbina (PZJ) or Kagoshima Phoenix (COM)

winner match 1–winner match 2
winner match 3–winner match 4
winner match 5–winner match 6
winner match 7–winner match 8

winner QF1–winner QF2
winner QF3–winner QF4

winner SF1–winner SF2 (at Estadio Villago, Villago, Aguazul)


The Thirty-Ninth Series B Champions’ Cup
Group Stage


Group winners and runners-up qualified for Series B Champions’ Cup first knockout round

  Group A                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   GrZ  Ges  IsM  Nad
1 Griffin Zebras JSY 6 4 2 0 9 4 +5 14 — 1–1 1–0 2–0
2 Gesterlake FC ASG 6 2 2 2 10 7 +3 8 2–2 — 1–0 5–0

3 Isla De Marte AMV 6 2 1 3 5 5 0 7 1–2 2–0 — 1–0
4 FK Nadendal OPP 6 1 1 4 3 11 −8 4 0–1 2–1 1–1 —

  Group B                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   ArM  SSi  Gae  EtC
1 Arcrés Millos AGU 6 3 3 0 11 6 +5 12 — 1–1 1–0 3–0
2 South Side AC TBI 6 2 3 1 10 9 +1 9 2–2 — 1–0 2–2

3 Gaels LCP 6 2 0 4 7 6 +1 6 1–2 3–1 — 3–0
4 Etoile City FC YSP 6 1 2 3 6 13 −7 5 2–2 1–3 1–0 —

  Group C                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   BFZ  StB  CSa  UDy
1 BFZ PZJ 6 3 1 2 7 7 0 10* — 2–0 0–0 2–1
2 Stockett Brigade MIU 6 3 1 2 8 7 +1 10* 1–2 — 1–1 1–0

3 Clwb Sahaive UNF 6 2 3 1 9 4 +5 9 3–0 2–3 — 3–0
4 FC United of Dynapolis OSR 6 1 1 4 3 9 −6 4 2–1 0–2 0–0 —
* BFZ ahead of Stockett Brigade on head-to-head points

  Group D                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   TuI  NDT  Uri  SCa
1 Turoki Isle VIL 6 3 2 1 12 8 +4 11 — 3–1 2–2 4–1
2 New Demarnican Town JSY 6 3 1 2 8 8 0 10 2–0 — 1–0 2–2

3 Urizaharra FC ASG 6 1 3 2 6 8 −2 6 1–1 0–2 — 1–0
4 AC Santa Catalina TBI 6 1 2 3 9 11 −2 5 1–2 3–0 2–2 —

  Group E                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   KyI  Tal  RAt  AVi
1 Kyoshiku Island FC OSR 6 3 2 1 11 9 +2 11 — 2–1 3–2 1–1
2 AC Tallin VLD 6 2 2 2 13 10 +3 8 1–2 — 1–1 1–1

3 Real Atlantea TAE 6 1 3 2 11 14 −3 6* 2–2 3–6 — 2–2
4 Athletic Victoria WRL 6 1 3 2 7 9 −2 6* 2–1 1–3 0–1 —
* Real Atlantea ahead of Athletic Victoria on head-to-head points

  Group F                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Ced  Lak  Váj  Ult
1 Cedniavella TUR 6 4 2 0 12 5 +7 14 — 5–1 2–1 1–1
2 Laketown FC TAE 6 2 2 2 9 12 −3 8 0–0 — 0–0 4–2

3 Vájóthl KOR 6 2 1 3 8 8 0 7 1–2 4–1 — 1–0
4 Ultimate CRM 6 1 1 4 8 12 −4 4 1–2 1–3 3–1 —

  Group G                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   Cer  AxC  Sha  RJa
1 AD Cerro VLD 6 5 0 1 13 2 +11 15 — 3–0 2–1 2–0
2 Axpuru Castle ITB 6 3 1 2 5 5 0 10 1–0 — 0–1 2–0

3 Shadows PZJ 6 2 2 2 6 6 0 8 0–3 1–1 — 3–0
4 Royal Jam FC EFL 6 0 1 5 0 11 −11 1 0–3 0–1 0–0 —

  Group H                        Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts   BaP  SNa  LoT  Dřu
1 Basin Plain UGO 6 4 1 1 11 6 +5 13 — 1–1 1–0 3–1
2 Sparta Navel WRL 6 3 2 1 12 8 +4 11 3–4 — 2–0 3–1

3 RSK Longyearbyen Town PIS 6 2 1 3 5 5 0 7 1–0 1–1 — 0–1
4 Dřukahir KIN 6 1 0 5 4 13 −9 3 0–2 1–2 0–3 —

First knockout round draw
South Side AC (TBI)–Basin Plain (UGO)
New Demarnican Town (JSY)–Cedniavella (TUR)
Axpuru Castle (ITB)–Turoki Isle (VIL)
Gesterlake FC (ASG)–BFZ (PZJ)
Laketown FC (TAE)–Griffin Zebras (JSY)
Stockett Brigade (MIU)–AD Cerro (VLD)
AC Tallin (VLD)–Arcrés Millos (AGU)
Sparta Navel (WRL)–Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR)

Quarterfinal draw
AC Tallin (VLD) or Arcrés Millos (AGU)–Stockett Brigade (MIU) or AD Cerro (VLD)
New Demarnican Town (JSY) or Cedniavella (TUR)–Axpuru Castle (ITB) or Turoki Isle (VIL)
Sparta Navel (WRL) or Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR)–South Side AC (TBI) or Basin Plain (UGO)
Gesterlake FC (ASG) or BFZ (PZJ)–Laketown FC (TAE) or Griffin Zebras (JSY)

Semifinal draw
winner QF2–winner QF1
winner QF4–winner QF3

Final draw
winner SF1–winner SF2 (at Estadio Pomorum, Rofi, Aguazul)

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The Forty-Second Champions’ Cup
Knockout Phase


First knockout round
(COM)                  Árgos LP    3–2    Turoki Tide               (VIL)   1–0   2–2 
(VLD) Fontvielle Impact 3–2 Raynor City United (VAL) 2–1 1–1
(VIL) Arcticala Inlet 2–2 a Firewood City (OSR) 2–2 0–0
(AGU) Universidad de Dénprade 2–3 Yuba United (COM) 0–2 2–1 (aet)
(TBI) Bloomfield National 5–2 Tarahal Lake Athletic (YSP) 3–0 2–2
(PIS) FC Axel Heiburg 5–5 a AS Bezieres (VLD) 4–2 1–3
(MIU) Tamarindia College 0–3 Carter FC (JSY) 0–2 0–1
(VAL) Hondo FC 1–2 East Franz Athletic (PIS) 1–0 0–2

(VLD)               AS Bezieres    2–3    Yuba United               (COM)   1–1   1–2 
(COM) Árgos LP 1–2 Firewood City (OSR) 1–1 0–1
(PIS) East Franz Athletic 2–4 Fontvielle Impact (VLD) 2–1 0–3
(JSY) Carter FC 4–3 Bloomfield National (TBI) 3–0 1–3

(OSR)             Firewood City    2–1    Carter FC                 (JSY)   1–0   1–1 
(COM) Yuba United 2–3 Fontvielle Impact (VLD) 2–2 0–1

The indomitable Fontvielle Impact successfully navigated one of the most difficult routes to the Champions’ Cup final ever imagined, eliminating three of the top seven teams in the club coëfficients and maintaining their perfect winning record against Yuba United at the Stade de la Frontière. They will face a different sort of challenge at Ijak-Nash Stadium in Paris against Firewood City, the first team from Osarius to reach the club football’s ultimate stage, who are undefeated in Champions’ Cup play this season, yet have not won a single away match. The two clubs faced each other for the first time in the group stage, playing to a 2–2 draw before the Fire won the return leg 3–0.


The Thirty-Ninth Globe Cup
Group Stage


First knockout round
(UGO)             Reichsburg FC    1–2    Augusta                   (DAR)   0–0   1–2 
(JSY) Jamaica Giants 0–5 FKM (PZJ) 0–1 0–4
(VIL) Jungle Strike FC 4–5 Yûpo CCK (JSY) 2–1 2–4
(COM) Medoria Löwen 2–4 Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) 2–2 0–2
(CRM) Seendok Shells 3–5 Grasshoppers Turic (OSR) 1–2 2–3
(WRL) Navel Sharks 2–3 AFC Farnworth (LCP) 0–1 2–2
(TAE) Bayern-Algaer 2–3 Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD) 1–2 1–1
(AMV) Errion Vega FK 0–4 AC Valanari (VAL) 0–2 0–2
(DAR) Scott City FC 6–2 Lagoon Red Diamonds (WRL) 3–0 3–2
(PIS) Northbrook Diamonds FK 3–2 Royal Rumiatzi (ASG) 0–1 3–1
(EFL) Monksville United 1–2 Urbizania Wanderers (ASG) 1–0 0–2
(UNF) Pyria Thunder 3–6 Navel FC (WRL) 2–2 1–4
(CRM) Northeastern 3–6 Alianza Ciruelas (AGU) 2–4 1–2
(PAS) CA Paulinthal 4–2 Banks (WZI) 1–1 3–1
(IPE) Leighton 2–4 Mliona-Lpaka (TUR) 1–2 1–2
(PZJ) Urajbina 6–2 Kagoshima Phoenix (COM) 5–1 1–1

Second knockout round
(DAR)                   Augusta    2–4    FKM                       (PZJ)   1–1   1–3 
(JSY) Yûpo CCK 2–3 Cednia Beach AFC (TUR) 2–1 0–2
(OSR) Grasshoppers Turic 1–4 AFC Farnworth (LCP) 1–1 0–3
(VLD) Olympique de Fontvielle 7–1 AC Valanari (VAL) 5–1 2–0
(DAR) Scott City FC 2–4 Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS) 2–2 0–2
(ASG) Urbizania Wanderers 5–0 Navel FC (WRL) 2–0 3–0
(AGU) Alianza Ciruelas 3–0 CA Paulinthal (PAS) 2–0 1–0
(TUR) Mliona-Lpaka 4–2 Urajbina (PZJ) 2–2 2–0

(PZJ)                       FKM    8–2    Cednia Beach AFC          (TUR)   4–2   4–0 
(LCP) AFC Farnworth 7–2 Olympique de Fontvielle (VLD) 4–1 3–1
(PIS) Northbrook Diamonds FK 1–3 Urbizania Wanderers (ASG) 1–2 0–1
(AGU) Alianza Ciruelas 4–2 Mliona-Lpaka (TUR) 3–1 1–1

(PZJ)                       FKM  a 2–2    AFC Farnworth             (LCP)   0–1   2–1 
(ASG) Urbizania Wanderers 2–3 Alianza Ciruelas (AGU) 1–1 1–2

Final (at Estadio Villago, Villago, Aguazul)
(PZJ)                       FKM    2–3 e  Alianza Ciruelas          (AGU)  (2–2 FT)

Alianza Ciruelas is the second Aguazuleño team to win the Globe Cup, qualifying for the Super Cup.


The Thirty-Ninth Series B Champions’ Cup
Group Stage


First knockout round
(TBI)             South Side AC    4–1    Basin Plain               (UGO)   3–0   1–1 
(JSY) New Demarnican Town 2–2 p Cedniavella (TUR) 1–1 1–1 (1–3 pen)
(ITB) Axpuru Castle 2–4 Turoki Isle (VIL) 2–1 0–3
(ASG) Gesterlake FC 4–3 BFZ (PZJ) 2–3 2–0
(TAE) Laketown FC 1–4 Griffin Zebras (JSY) 0–1 1–3
(MIU) Stockett Brigade 1–4 AD Cerro (VLD) 1–3 0–1
(VLD) AC Tallin 4–3 Arcrés Millos (AGU) 4–0 0–3
(WRL) Sparta Navel 2–4 Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR) 2–2 0–2

(VLD)                 AC Tallin    2–3    AD Cerro                  (VLD)   2–1   0–2 
(TUR) Cedniavella a 2–2 Turoki Isle (VIL) 0–0 2–2
(OSR) Kyoshiku Island FC 1–0 South Side AC (TBI) 1–0 0–0
(ASG) Gesterlake FC 3–4 Griffin Zebras (JSY) 3–2 0–2

(TUR)               Cedniavella    1–4    AD Cerro                  (VLD)   1–0   0–4 
(JSY) Griffin Zebras 0–5 Kyoshiku Island FC (OSR) 0–3 0–2

Final (at Estadio Pomorum, Rofi, Aguazul)
(VLD)                  AD Cerro    1–2 e  Kyoshiku Island FC        (OSR)  (1–1 FT)

After thirty minutes of extra time, Kyoshiku Island FC becomes the first Osarian team to win a UICA trophy, and also qualifies for the Super Cup.
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Swyftlandre Champions League

Postby Swyftlandre » Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:12 am

Swytlandre Champions League:
The First Swyftlandre Champions League is to commence following the Diamond Ranking League, which turned Swyftlandre's 62 teams into 21. Hosted and organised by the Union Isle football board UEFC

Teams and their Stadia:
With the 21 Teams making their debut's, a introduction was deemed necessarily. The team's name is preceded by it's position coming out of the Diamond Ranking League. It is notable that the games work on a promotion and relegation system, with the bottom two being relegated (with the other team being relegated deciding with a 'Survival of the Fittest' match between the 17th and 18th placed teams (played at home of the 17th placed team)). They are replaced by four teams from the Premier League.

#1 Sveinhart FC
City of Sveinhart Stadium
Sveinhart FC are the strongest team following the Diamond Ranking League, having won on a narrow margin, claiming their final required win from the Sveinhart Serpents, the rival football team from the city. The City of Sveinhart Stadium is an impressive sight, as, being the previous site for the 2nd U.I. Emperor's Games it had to be something special. The stadium has a capacity of 65,000 viewers, the second largest in the nation. It is famed for it's intricate designs that line the outside of the stadium.

#2 San Trien FC
Dragons Nest
The supposed resting ground of the mysterious dragons that roamed Swyftlandre in the old days. The team that play there are just as furious as the legends would have us believe, falling only slightly behind Sveinhart FC in the Diamond Ranking League. The stadium is certainly not as impressive as the City of Svienhart Stadium, but still captivates many with the legends that surround it. It has a capacity of 30,000 viewers. The crest is a dragon, roosting atop a giant nest.

#3 Rensave Guardians
Storm Coast Stadium
The Rensave Guardians or Guardians of Rensave come from the seaside city, where Union Isle began their campaign to capture Swyftlandre half a millenia ago. With the Rensavians being the first line of defense, holding back the Union Islanders three times before their eventual victory four years after the initial attack. The Guardians of Rensave hold the same fire in their hearts, holding one of the best defensive campaigns in the whole of Swyftlandre. (most likely coincidental) Storm Coast Stadium shares it's inheritance from the same history of the guardians, being the beach that the Union Islanders first set foot on. The arena holds 25,000 viewers.

#4 Sianford Tigers
Kettlewood Park
Sianford FC, may, following their football history appear to be the worse team competing in the Champions League. That is, if you were just looking at their poor play in the first half of nearly every game they've played. But look at their position coming into the league coupled with their play in the second half of their games and it's clear to see why 'Tigers' is a relevant name, as they both pounce on their prey when their weak. That's not to say that the Sianford Tigers are terrible in the first half, they can play a good defensive formation that will, most of the time, allow one or two goals to be conceded. The stadium is named for the national park of the same name and has played host to many a Third-Place Match in the lesser-known or official leagues that is represented by the UEFC, due to it's ease of access, especially since it lies near the capital and is the site of many budget airlines.

#5 Emporfenn FC
Ruby Crown Stadium
Emporfenn FC (which derives from Fenn of the Emperor), holds many perspective players for the Swyftlandian Campaign to win the upcoming Baptism of Fire (that they aim to win, to outdo Union Isle whom grabbed Runners Up) and the World Cup. This speaks volumes for the Emporfenn team, but without the other components that will make up the Swyftlandre team, it seems unlikely Emporfenn is going to move far from 5th Position, following their poor displays with all the clubs that lay infront of him. This is not bad news for Emporfenn FC, as if they can step up their game, we may have a potential winner sitting comfortably at 5th Position. Their stadium is named for the crown that Emperor Brandon I stole from the current King of Swyftlandre during the conquest nearly 500 years back. The Stadium's inside rim has small, only noticeable Rubies built into the structure. It holds 40,000 fans.

#6 Red Forest Rangers
Red Forest Arena
The Red Forest Rangers bring alot of bad prejudice behind them, following their Black decent that makes up 0.01% of Swyftlandre's population. This racism hasn't affected their play, but many attempts on their life by the small, but powerful white supremacy groups have been made, with none yet being successful. The Red Forest Arena is more of a make-shift stadium, having no walls except the large granite ones and finding itself backed up against the Red Forest itself, despite this, the football pitch still manages to host two and a half thousands fans with it's walls.

#7 Pirates of Karnshelm
Karnshelm City Stadium
The city of Karnshelm is known for the many ex-smuggling ports that pirates would use on a regular basis but also lied home to many other bad faces, such as Thugs, Bandits and Assassins to say the least, however that problem has all but passed for Karnshelm. Or so it was believed, the thuggish play of the Pirates of Karnshelm, in the early stages of the Diamond Ranking League, saw many Red Cards given to players of the team, eventually even receiving a threat of expulsion from the League. At some point, they did start to play by the rules and when they managed to play an honest (well, nearly) game, they had good, well-rounded skill. The City Stadium is impressive as well, with alot of money going into the design of the structure, it came out perfectly. It holds 25,000.

#8 Sigport FC
Old Pass
Sigport FC have a strong career ahead of them, especially with the contracting of many of Union Isle's biggest names, such as Shouta Burton and Moe Sam. In the Ranking League, they played a weak game initially but generally improved throughout the League, bagging them a respectable eight position. They played exceptional games against the two teams at the top of the league table, beating them both with a powerful 3-nil score. Their football grounds are also fairly impressive, sitting on the top of a hill near the Old Pass Bridge that connects Sigport to the rest of Swyftlandre.

#9 Giants of Tinespess
Tinespasse City Stadium or Giants Training Pitch
The Giants of Tinespess are strong powerful players, hailing as the strongest of the two teams of Tinespess if results from the Diamond Ranking League are to be believed. However, dive into the history of the two teams matches, whether they be friendly or not, the Giants have never been able to beat Tinespess City. Despite this, the Giants have dominance over their City rivals in consistency, allowing them to claim the 9th Position. However, with the unfortunate death of the Giants leader, it remains to be seen if the Giant's will suffer or grow stronger from the loss. They share their main stadia with Tinespess City, the beautiful Tinespasse City Stadium. However, in Home Games against City, they use the Giants Training Ground, which holds only 1000 potential viewers in makeshift conditions.

#10 Sindelve FC
Nine Islands Arena
Sindelve FC are a large offensive team that seem to grace the pitch, collecting an unbelievable win streak once they can start winning. The team won the first Fair Play award issued to Swyftlandre, after receiving not a single yellow or red card in their games. 'The Boys in Red' as many of their fans known them, are well practiced in defensive play, but are also known to strike a single goal before falling back and playing the defensive. However, their Fair Play may come at a disadvantage to the team, with one or two teams happy to bend the rules for their own ambitions. Nine Islands Arena is attributed to a sister city of the same name which lives in the region of 10,000 Islands.

#11 Tinespess City
Tinespasse City Stadium
Tinespass City have a long, hard relationship with their rivals, the Giants of Tinespess. While they hold a fairly good position in the rankings, they are not pleased by this, with the Giants placing two positions ahead of them, at number nine. The team have jokingly said that, "Our goal for this seasons is not to win but to thrash those Giants."
Tinespess City share their stadia with the giants, while they technically own the ground, the Giants have no other place to call home, for the time being. The City Stadium is a smaller-scale copy of the design used on the City of Sveinhart Stadium and holds 35,420 viewers.

#12 St. Sydia FC
St. Sydia's Park
St. Sydia were the underdogs of the whole Diamond Ranking League, ranking in at last position after only attributing themselves to local county games before the league. However, they proved they should not be overestimated soon enough, with St. Sydia destroying San Cyan 5-1 in their first match and continuing the trend against some of the stronger league teams. They were stopped in their tracks soon enough though, with many of the top rankers turning there success on it''s head, with embarrassing outcomes for the team. St. Sydia's Park was once the home for the finals of the West Swyftlandre Regional Cups, housing 7,500 people and an average football pitch.

#13 Sveinhart Serpents
Hydra's Beach
The Sveinhart Serpents are put to shame by their upper-city brothers Sveinhart FC, who currently lead the League. However, this does not mean the team is without skill, the Sveinhart Serpents are known for their tactical offensive play which unfortunately, they rely on too heavily, which has led to many a goal being conceded by the team. This is made up by their ability to score goals with ease, with scores like 4-3 being an all too common outcome for the Serpents. The Stadium, named for the mythical Hydra that the Union Islanders brought many a story on, is impressive and plays host to the annual production of Arthur: Lord of the Seas. Due to this famous production, the stadium holds many a fan, sitting at 62,000 seats.

#14 Boccia Rangers
Samuel Smith Stadium
The Boccia Rangers are a strange mixed bunch of football players, with a duty to play an uncertain game. This has both aided and hindered them in games past, with their unpredictable nature making enemy teams unsure what positions to take, this, unfortunately, is countered by their lack of ability to successfully play Defensively as they can Offensively. While not likely contenders for the first place spot, they are most probably going to grab one of the 'Emperor's Scepters' qualifying spots. They play in the Samuel Smith Stadium, named for their manager that passed away during the Diamond Ranking League. The arena holds 32,000 viewers.

#15 Evangail FC
Evangail City Stadium
Evangail FC had the most ties in the Ranking League than any other qualifying team, meaning that we are likely to see a similar show of defense from the Evangail team, with plenty a nil-nil climax. Evangail made their name during many of the Post-Ranking League friendlies, where they impressed the nation with their suddenly-found ability to score goals without conceding a single one in the penalties. Evangail City Stadium is nothing special, but tops their no walls pitch that they played on last time round, especially since this stadium actually holds viewers, 30,000 of them to be exact.

#16 Avenhelm Lords
Avenhelm Castle
The Avenhelm Lords, more readily known as the Lords of Avenhelm or just simply The Lords, bring nothing unique to the league, but to their fans they are a well-oiled machine capable of taking down even the titans of Swyftlandian Football when their in their prime. Should the Avenhelm be able to pull off that feat as they had in the Ranking League, then we are certainly in for a show. The Stadium is named Avenhelm Castle to fit with the theme of the teams name. But the Lords chose to do more than just name the stadia in the theme, but the whole interior, minus the pitch itself, is made to look medieval with the banners of Avenhelm and Swyftlandre hanging across the stadium, with a spare spot for the banner of the opposing team with the same theme even continuing to the fast food vendors. The impressive piece of architecture holds 64,500 viewers, making it the third most populated stadium when full.

#17 Falnafenn United
Starkgrave Stadium
Falnafenn United represent the four Fenn's, that are known collectively as Falnafenn. The team, whom lost their first three matches in the Diamond Ranking League, with embarrassing scores such as 0-8, 0-12 and 2-9 perhaps have the best story out of all the qualifying teams. Captivating and shocking millions of viewers as they made their return into the league and not only winning, but playing some of the best offensive games the nation has seen and while falling short in their defensive tactics, still saw scores like 4-3 and even 9-7, in some of their best matches. This team has an uncertain fate, as they aren't the most consistent team in the world. Starkgrave is the capital of the Falnafenn (all the separate counties have their own sub-capitals) and the pitch holds it's own royalty box, for the openly active football fan, Earl of Starkgrave and Falnafenn, Joseph Vertue. Besides the royalty box, the Stadium holds 45,550 people.

#18 Middlefenn FC
San Chanfell Stadium
Middlefenn FC made their name much longer before any other of the football team, after rallying support for the sport throughout the country, a stunt that may have aided Swyftlandre's growth in interest in the sport. But how would they play when put up against other teams was to be seen, with many hoping that the Middlefenn's could clench first position and while it wasn't to be, the Middlefenn's still placed a decent 18th position, despite many a strong appearance. The stadium, San Chanfell Stadium, which lies in the capital that the Stadium owes it's name, holds 12,000 viewers and is also famed for being the first stadium to see the appearance of mascots in Swyftlandre.

#19 Gildenfenn Hunters
It's an odd realisation, but all the separate Fenn's (Falnafenn, Emporfenn, Middlefenn and Gildenfenn) have qualified for the First League, with Gildenfenn only a position behind Middlefenn and two behind Falnafenn. The weakest of the lot, Gildenfenn Hunters, places at number 19 coming out of the Diamond Ranking League, following intense struggles in many of there battles that paid off. The Hunters are hoping to move out of 19th Position and continue their appearance in the Champions League. Zainecarne, the legendary home of a great Swyftlandian legend also lends it's name to the home of the Hunters. It holds only 9000 potential viewers.

#20 San Swyft FC
Swyftlandre Country Stadium or Lance's Field
San Swyft FC, whom represent the capital of Swyftlandre are said to be possible winners of this years Champions League, despite their low ranking coming into the games. They play a strong, defensive field that has seen them lose many potential goals in the past but also concede a very low number of goals. The team is known for having two grounds, their official grounds at Lance's Field, to the west of San Swyft which holds 45,000 viewers and (incorrectly) the Swyftlandre Country Stadium, which played host to many of San Swyft's games and practice sessions during the Ranking League while the Lance's Field was being constructed. Swyftlandre Country Stadium is now the official grounds of the Swyftlandre Country team and will host only the finals of the Champions League. The stadium holds 75,000 seats, the largest in the country.

#21 Xan Isles Giants
St. Arianna Arena
The Xan Isles Giants are the weakest team in the league, as rankings would have us believe. But the team, representing the Xan Isles, which lies several miles off the coast of Swyftlandre, holds the underdogs, who's appearances in the Diamond Ranking League were all but amazing. Including a one-off 3-1 win over current league champions, Sveinhart FC. The team could be in for big things, but could just as easily trip up as other games have seen them do. The St. Arianna Arena lies on the small island of St. Arianna, which previously only held a small fishing village, now the smallest arena for a league team in Swyftlandre and possibly the whole of Esportiva, seating only 300 potential viewers.

The top four following the Champions League qualify to the Emperors Scepter. A trans-Esportiva league between the best of Swyftlandre and Islo Aiz ens Islo Dorne.

Final Results:
Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Giants of Tinespess 40 18 14 8 50 30 +20 68
2 Sveinhart FC 40 18 11 11 36 31 +5 65
3 Xan Isles Giants 40 18 10 12 54 40 +14 64
4 Tinespess City 40 18 9 13 44 35 +9 63

5 San Swyft FC 40 17 10 13 43 34 +9 61
6 Rensave Guardians 40 16 13 11 40 32 +8 61
7 Evangail FC 40 16 12 12 54 52 +2 60
8 Pirates of Karnshelm 40 18 5 17 44 38 +6 59
9 San Trien FC 40 15 13 12 42 46 −4 58
10 Falnafenn United 40 15 12 13 49 43 +6 57
11 St. Sydia FC 40 16 9 15 36 41 −5 57
12 Avenhelm Lords 40 16 8 16 42 41 +1 56
13 Red Forest Rangers 40 14 12 14 43 44 −1 54
14 Emporfenn FC 40 13 14 13 44 50 −6 53
15 Boccia Rangers 40 14 10 16 32 29 +3 52
16 Sianford Tigers 40 12 14 14 31 33 −2 50
17 Gildenfenn Hunters 40 13 7 20 38 54 −16 46
18 Sigport FC 40 10 14 16 37 40 −3 44
19 Sindelve FC 40 11 11 18 38 47 −9 44
20 Sveinhart Serpents 40 11 9 20 46 55 −9 42
21 Middlefenn FC 40 7 11 22 20 48 −28 32

With the Sveinhart Serpents and Middlefenn FC's fates sealed as they drift into the Second League, an uncertain third team to be lost to the Premier League is to be decided. With, Sigport FC and Sindelve FC contesting in the stadia of Old Pass, followed by the Champions Match, a game that follows every Champions League and decides the overall winner of the Cup.


Sigport FC 3–1 Sindelve FC @ Old Pass

Giants of Tinespess 0–1 Sveinhart FC @ Swyftlandre Country Stadium
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Aiz-Dorne First League:

Islo Aiz ens Islo Dorne's football league comprises of two leagues, the First League and the Second League. Hosted and organised by the Union Isle football board UEFC.

Pre-First League Qualifiers:
With 15 teams entered from Islo Aiz and Islo Dorne respectively, the games have been designed in a Group Stage style, making 30 into a single group of 12, the bottom four of the Aiz Division and the Dorne Division will have a 'loser's league', with the bottom two being relegated to the Second League.

Aiz Division:
Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 St. Duncan's Rhinos 14 9 1 4 14 6 +8 28
2 Crestfenn City 14 8 2 4 19 14 +5 26
3 New Haiveower FC 14 6 6 2 16 9 +7 24
4 Aizenhelm Defenders 14 6 6 2 18 12 +6 24
5 Thorben Raiders 14 7 3 4 17 11 +6 24
6 Grand Forest FC 14 6 4 4 14 17 −3 22

7 Keystone City 14 5 5 4 15 9 +6 20
8 Crendog FC 14 6 1 7 13 12 +1 19
9 Haiveower Warriors 14 5 4 5 11 14 −3 19
10 Aizenhelm United 14 4 3 7 13 15 −2 15
11 Mermur Beach 14 3 6 5 13 15 −2 15
12 Shrilldenver FC 14 4 3 7 12 14 −2 15
13 Borzichover FC 14 3 4 7 7 12 −5 13
14 Crestfenn FC 14 4 1 9 8 16 −8 13
15 Vingarono Dragons 14 3 3 8 16 30 −14 12

Dorne Division:
Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Dwaygenroark 14 8 3 3 26 15 +11 27
2 Wyeandt FC 14 6 6 2 18 11 +7 24
3 New Rushmore 14 6 6 2 12 8 +4 24
4 Horfinn Isle Archers 14 6 5 3 18 11 +7 23
5 Vizehelm City 14 6 5 3 21 15 +6 23
6 Dorne City 14 5 5 4 18 19 −1 20

7 Oakford FC 14 5 4 5 13 12 +1 19
8 Goldenburg Miners 14 4 6 4 12 12 0 18
9 Semeather 14 4 5 5 10 12 −2 17
10 Aegis Rock 14 4 5 5 12 15 −3 17
11 Old Elford Town 14 3 7 4 14 14 0 16
12 Sunspear FC 14 3 5 6 9 16 −7 14
13 Sunspear City 14 3 4 7 13 22 −9 13
14 St. Justines 14 2 5 7 5 11 −6 11
15 Vandervenn FC 14 1 7 6 5 13 −8 10

First League:

Final Results:
Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Aizenhelm Defenders 21 10 7 4 28 20 +8 37
2 Wyeandt FC 21 10 6 5 29 21 +8 36
3 Dorne City 21 11 2 8 26 21 +5 35
4 New Haiveower FC 21 9 5 7 25 20 +5 32

5 St. Duncan's Rhinos 21 9 5 7 17 18 −1 32
6 Crestfenn City 21 7 7 7 18 17 +1 28
7 Dwaygenroark 21 7 6 8 21 25 −4 27
8 Grand Forest FC 21 7 5 9 19 22 −3 26
9 Thorben Raiders 21 6 7 8 26 27 −1 25
10 New Rushmore 21 6 6 9 15 18 −3 24
11 Vizehelm City 21 7 3 11 16 23 −7 24
12 Horfinn Isle Archers 21 3 9 9 12 20 −8 18

Ultimate Champions:
Aizenhelm Defenders 1–1 Wyeandt FC (3–2 AET) @Aizerhearth Stadium

Relegation & Fight for the Wooden Spoon:

St. Justines 0–2 Sunspear City
Vandervenn FC 2–0 Vingarono Dragons

Fight for the Wooden Spoon:
Sunspear City 1–1 Vandervenn FC (2–1 AET)



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