World Cup 87 - RP Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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United Pink States
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Postby United Pink States » Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:27 am

At the United Pink States, we do last place right!

0-1-12. Who the heck was that loser that couldn't beat us like the other 12 teams did?
Eura? Eura! Our lone point is against Eura?

What is up with this world? I mean, someone like Cassadaigua can never get points against Eura. But the United Pink States? We got that draw against Eura!

Eura is currently in third place in Group 19, five points behind second place Siovanija & Teusland. Eura not qualifying for the World Cup is mind-boggling, but imagine if they fail to get second by two points or less. Then, the United Pink States made one of the bigger impacts in what would be a colossal and historic failures in Eura's failure. When you did that, why bother getting a point in any other games?
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Postby Xanneria » Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:29 am

Falcon flies in huge victory
Extract from http://www.xtrasports.xan/nationalteam.htm

XANNERIA - In hat is now one of the biggest games of the year so far, Xanneria thoroughly dominate Esportivan rival Vdara. Somewhat of a shock results given how the Vdarans have been playing as of late, but its possible a hangover from the Baker Park Victory has left them with more headaches than they can deal with. A through domination with Kyle Falcon at the helm. Falcon a young player who is in love with playing over seas in Chromatika for the Wirr Tsi side and had rejected a transfer offer from Galaxy SC, has been given the starting role in this game after Bray Feltzer had a hammy come up sour and usual top reserve Andrew Gasey was dealing with the death of his father. While Gasey will be back, he had Jim Hallett in as first choice striker replacement, Feltzer is likely out for the Cascadia match. Falcon struck early, Falcon Struck often, but Falcon just plan struck gold! Despite Vdara scoring quickly after a Falcon header off of a corner kick, the young Wirr Tsi player then came back 5 minutes later and put to rest the Vdaran menace with a hook shot from a decent distance, and when we say "hook shot" we're talking Xannerian slang for a beautiful curve ball of a kick. There's also been reports, the Vdaran Hangover may have been literal one too as multiple unnamed players claimed smelling a touch of Alcohol from either players, or in fairness since they were on the bench, it may have been rowdy fans. But int he end according to the score it was Kyle Falcon 4 Vdara 2 and Xanneria was holding what amateur football historian, and fellow Esportivan Nation Jeremy Jeffacake calls, The Unofficial Lineal Title belt (Interm Championship)

Xanneria - 4
Falcon 37' 48' 76' 89'

Vdara - 2

Lazelis 39'
Petras 82'

Formerly feuding friends help foil foe
Extract from http://www.xtrasports.xan/nationalteam.htm

XANNERIA - Coming off the win versus Vdara, the Maroons were taught a good lesson. THat lesson was "How not to lose after a big win." Granted the game was a 1-1 draw with pesky mid pack team Cascadia Empire, But the Maroons still pulled one out of there bums. Kyle Falcon continued his hot streak as he scored a late equalizer that sent chills down the spines of many Maroons fans, Cascadians and even non-biased onlookers. Falcon's tear has been an amazing feat as he's single handedly won the day for the Maroons and they are rapidly ascending the ranks like "a comet thats freshly been chunked out of a moon" (This is an old Xannerian phrase, we know its not scientifically correct). Whats even more amazing is apprently there had been an akward behind the scenes feud between Falcon and coach Myrone Rhule. Rhule said after the game some stuff had gone down, and was quoted with the following explination.

Coach Rhule wrote:Well when I heard Galaxy was going to woo him back home, I got excited, I realize I don't work there any more, but I still bleed the Orange Blue and Green! So when he unexpectedly signed with Wirr Tsi I was a bit annoyed and I did the wrong thing and let it simmer, in fact for a long time too, Igot disgusted at a Domestic result and as an NT coach I shouldn't have done that. It wasn't till the Kylian Lacroix incident that I had to take a look at myself and put him in the starting lineup like I should have, and it's dumb that I had to have something so severe like that to wake me up. But we have been talking and now I'm glad he's a starter for the Maroons. He's done so much for us and him and Brower have great chemsitry and so does he and Feltzer.

The Kylian LaCroix incident of course refers to a recent accident former Donnaconna expat and Xannerian Maroon NTer Kylian Lacroix had in a private plan crash shortly before the start of the WCQs, While Lacroix is expected back at Bearden next season he is out for the good while, with leg and head injuries. Falcon took over and has shown he may be the next big star in Xannerian Football and possibly the world, and Rhule has shown great humility something very rarely seen by coaches and Managers these days.

Xanneria - 1
Falcon 85'

Cascadia - 1

Chambers 41'
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Postby Hebitaka » Tue Jan 26, 2021 9:52 am

Two victories of four for Hebitaka

After quite the wait, the second half of the Qualifiers has begun. And the first four matchdays are already into it.

MD 10 vs Widaya

Widaya got another defeat from the falcons, this time at their place. The Widayan fans got really unhappy with their team's result. Unlike the previous game, the Widayan team was no where close tonight. Two goals both coming from Vijay helped the team to keep their position intact at sixth. The analysis was completely thrown out as Hebitaka who were filled with pressure the previous game at home easily finished the opponent at away.
[Score: Hebitaka - 2(R Vijay 32', 47') Widaya -0]

MD 11 vs Khytonya

A really close game with a boring first 81' followed by a great final 10 minutes. The close head to head was taken by the falcons in the end as the home fans went out of the stad delighted with the ending. The early 81 minutes were scoreless thanks to the great defense of both sides. Neither Vijay nor the Khytonyan striker. But the game took the turn towards the home team as Masake finally scored a goal in the 81st minute giving the crucial lead for the falcons. But the lead was short lived as the away team took the bait towards themselves with themselves as they scored a goal at 85th minute equalizing. The game was looking to be ending in a draw when the Hebitakish star Ram Vijay pushed the ball at the back of net finishing at 90+3 minutes with a score of of 2-1 for our favour.
[Score: Hebitaka - 2(T Masake 81', R Vijay 90+3') Khytonya - 1(P10 85')]

MD 12 vs Vilita

A miracle happened at the third matchday at the falcon's home when the team drew with the sixth place Vilita. Well miracles do really happen very less. As the Vilitan team defeated the falcons two goals to nil. The pressure was always on the visitors. The first goal was scored in the 22nd minute by Alabonni followed by a goal from Tarala in the 67th minute
[Score: Vilita 2(Alabonni 22', Tarala 67') Hebitaka 0]
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Postby Pasarga » Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:03 am

Torgos Tribune ~ All About That SuperLiga

While for many, international football is the epitome of football and that the success of a national team is what matters the most to them. To that end, after a bit of a wobbly form in the middle of the qualifying cycle, the Wanderers seem to be rounding the corner and getting back to good form after a narrow win over regional rivals Valladares in Valladares before coming back to Torgos and put an emphatic five to one scoreline up on bottom of the table Regmotto. These victories were good news for Meriadoc Griffiths, who was starting to feel the seat he is sat upon start to get hot, with the Wanderers failing to win four straight home matches and having surrendered a five point lead at the top of the table. While it is only two games, it was a win over a qualification rival in the form of Valladares and to do so away is a sign that the squad can get the job done even in the most difficult circumstances, while the emphatic win is just one of two that the side has had during the qualifiers thus far. It is signs that with five games left that the squad is trying to buckle down and get the job done, to keep South Newlandia and the other challengers off the top spot.

The squad travels to U-Koro next, the only other team that the Wanderers have put their boot to the throat of and pressed down, defeating them three to nil in the Stade de Torgos on the fifth matchday of qualifying. After that, the squad then travels back to the Stade de Torgos to take on Hampton Island, the group's second seed that the Wanderers managed to pip away from home one to nil in the first half and will be looking to at least do the same inside the friendly confines of the the Stade de Torgos. A win over Hampton Island in the second game would be an effective end to the group's second seed chances of returning to the Finals, with them already sitting nine points adrift of both the Wanderers as well as South Newlandia who are tied at the top with twenty-nine points each, though the Wanderers have the edge in the tiebreakers and would make Ethane-Taeshan if the qualifying campaign was to end today. However the squad has to keep up this momentum that they have put together in the last two matches and keep the blip in form at the halfway stage out of their mind, U-Koro has picked up points in three games in the campaign and the Wanderers would be loathe to afford them points in a fourth, especially before such a big match back at home that could effectively kill off one of the chasing pack.

However for all the talk of the national team and international football, it all has to start somewhere smaller and that is the domestic club football scene, where these players make their names and cases for being selected into those national teams. In the dual islands, that comes in the form of the SuperLiga, which over the course of last season overwent a massive overhaul as the entire league pyramid, with the league system moving from three tiers to four tiers each with sixteen teams each. The case was made for the change due to a clogged schedule for all three tiers, with the top tier having many international competitions that they were competing in, while the bottom two had a bloated domestic schedule. In order to offset the financial falling out from having less games being played and thus less revenue coming from the gate receipts, the PFA has increased youth grants greatly, as well as subsidies for the bottom two tiers, while television rights domestically were renegotiated. While the overall there was a slightly smaller of money spent on the rights for this cycle, it ends up being more per club than before, with less teams to have to share the pie in the first and second tier.

Everyone needs a club to support though and while most will go with whoever their local club is or whoever their family supports, if you find yourself still wondering who to support elsewise, we have a bit of advice. For anyone who likes clubs with a lot of history to them, that want them to be among the oldest and most historic of clubs, then they want to look towards Club Stein-los, Paulinthal FC, and Stein-los Turkish. While none of these are the first clubs ever formed, they are among the oldest and have had some success, with all having at least one top flight title in their trophy cabinet. For an old club who has and has always had a lot of money, being able to buy teams to grab titles seemingly at the drop of a hat, then you probably want to support Tanrısal. As for the oldest club itself, then it is CA Paulinthal who also has become the most storied and successful side in the dual islands and all of Rushmore, having won eight editions of the Rushmore Copa de Campeones, twice more than second place Tanrısal. It has been a competition that Pasargan clubs have dominated since its inception, having streaks of dominance throughout its history, even when the SuperLiga itself was perhaps not at the best quality.

For anyone who wants someone who has built their club the right way, investing in youth and only spending big money when they have to, yet are not one of the old, traditional clubs, then Hellinic Rouge is your club, buoyed by having recently won two SuperLiga titles and a Copa de la Luna to cement their place in history. However the youth way was pioneered by Baskita FC, with several Wanderers having come through the Eagles' academy. Those of you who like defensive football, which is weird but you do you, should look towards Duke of the North or Sardin United, as they have a history of being defensively solid and have even produced a few national team defenders for the Wanderers in both of their histories. Perhaps you like teams that are normally just there but will on the occasion have a bounce and contend for a title while also having pretty good youth teams, then you should go to Lunas and get either a Lunas FC or Peynol-Lunas kit, as the two major Lunas clubs both fit that mold. Do you like to be a villain, to have the rest of the people in a room not like you because you think you're better than them? If that is you, then you should root for either Galatica or Santos Luega, choosing the former if you are metropolitan or the latter if you are nationalist. However, if you are just happy to be at the party, then you are going to likely be a fan of Featherdron United, Myrtha Dalin, or Aleine United, the latter two having been promoted while the former being the obvious third capital club who has traditionally be a yo-yo club.

There you have it, eyes will soon be upon the fields of the various stadiums throughout the dual islands, watching the fortunes of the domestic clubs rise and fall, as well as how the SuperLiga manages to fare in the Champions' League and Challengers' Cup. A top twelve league by virtue of the IFCF coefficients following the fourth IFCF cycle, the SuperLiga is one of the better leagues in all of the lands but needs to have good performances to maintain such a lofty position. Those positions give prize money which allows the transfers needed to then maintain and build upon that place, becoming something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. CA Paulinthal will enter into the Champions' League group stage while Stein-los Turkish will have to try and advance through the preliminary rounds, likewise with Hellinic Rouge in the Challengers' Cup going straight to the groups, as Galatica and Santos Luega will try to claw their way in. It is not an easy path but the teams are full of talent, something they will have to put on display to advance and then to put up a fight for the now more difficult to achieve SuperLiga title domestically.

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Northwest Kalactin
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:04 am

OOC: This is a simulation, do not take these results as literal.

Regional Qualifiers MD 10&11

AO Group 1
Khytonya 0–5 Turori
Ibixa 0–1 Krytenia
Legalese 0–2 Qasden
Freeport 1–0 Tioguldos

AO Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Farfadillis 8 7 0 1 12 2 +10 21
2 Krytenia 9 6 2 1 11 4 +7 20
3 Qasden 9 6 1 2 18 7 +11 19
4 Turori 9 5 1 3 13 5 +8 16
5 Freeport 9 4 3 2 9 7 +2 15
6 Tioguldos 9 5 0 4 8 8 0 15
7 Khytonya 9 1 2 6 5 17 −12 5
8 Legalese 9 0 2 7 8 21 −13 2
9 Ibixa 9 0 1 8 1 14 −13 1

AO Group 2
Pluvia and Saxean 1–3 Ko-oren
Bonbohk u Piche 0–3 Siovanija and Teusland
Netop 3–5 Mavinet
Gyatso-Kai 0–0 Barunia

AO Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Ko-oren 9 6 2 1 18 11 +7 20
2 Mavinet 9 6 1 2 21 11 +10 19
3 Valanora 8 6 1 1 12 3 +9 19
4 Siovanija and Teusland 9 4 3 2 23 12 +11 15
5 Gyatso-Kai 9 4 3 2 13 10 +3 15
6 Barunia 9 3 3 3 13 10 +3 12
7 Netop 9 3 0 6 13 17 −4 9
8 Pluvia and Saxean 9 1 1 7 8 19 −11 4
9 Bonbohk u Piche 9 0 0 9 5 33 −28 0

AO Group 3
Fjorsz 2–2 Audioslavia
Sett Forest 1–3 Equestria
Quakmybush 4–0 Maccian
Euran Oceania Territories 2–4 Busoga Islands

AO Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Banija 8 6 2 0 20 7 +13 20
2 Busoga Islands 9 6 2 1 15 7 +8 20
3 Audioslavia 9 6 1 2 17 10 +7 19
4 Equestria 9 5 2 2 21 16 +5 17
5 Maccian 9 4 1 4 15 16 −1 13
6 Euran Oceania Territories 9 4 0 5 18 19 −1 12
7 Quakmybush 9 2 1 6 14 20 −6 7
8 Fjorsz 9 1 3 5 11 18 −7 6
9 Sett Forest 9 0 0 9 5 23 −18 0

AO Group 4
Muralos 1–2 Mriin
Wreckeria 0–1 Flavovespia
Savigliane 0–1 Northwest kalactin
Saltstead 1–0 Twicetagria

AO Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mriin 9 8 1 0 23 11 +12 25
2 Starblaydia 8 6 1 1 14 4 +10 19
3 Flavovespia 9 6 1 2 17 10 +7 19
4 Northwest kalactin 9 4 3 2 11 6 +5 15
5 Saltstead 9 5 0 4 13 14 −1 15
6 Twicetagria 9 2 3 4 9 11 −2 9
7 Savigliane 9 2 2 5 14 15 −1 8
8 Wreckeria 9 1 0 8 5 18 −13 3
9 Muralos 9 0 1 8 5 22 −17 1

AO Group 5
Jabal Ahkdar 1–4 Commonwealth of Baker Park
Cosumar 0–3 Chromatika
Hapilopper 0–1 Independent Athletes from Quebec
Huayramarca 2–1 Blouman Empire

AO Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Commonwealth of Baker Park 9 7 2 0 19 5 +14 23
2 Vilita 8 6 1 1 21 8 +13 19
3 Independent Athletes from Quebec 9 6 1 2 19 10 +9 19
4 Chromatika 9 4 3 2 18 9 +9 15
5 Hapilopper 9 4 2 3 13 15 −2 14
6 Huayramarca 9 3 2 4 16 13 +3 11
7 Blouman Empire 9 2 2 5 6 11 −5 8
8 Cosumar 9 1 0 8 2 25 −23 3
9 Jabal Ahkdar 9 0 1 8 4 22 −18 1

Rushmore Group 1

Rushmore Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pasarga 4 4 0 0 9 2 +7 12
2 Electrum 4 2 0 2 8 6 +2 6
3 Eastfield Lodge 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Darmen 4 1 1 2 6 6 0 4
5 San Ortelio 4 0 1 3 3 11 −8 1

Rushmore Group 2

Rushmore Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Savojarna 4 4 0 0 10 1 +9 12
2 Yuezhou 4 3 0 1 7 2 +5 9
3 Crystalline Caverns 4 2 0 2 6 8 −2 6
4 Valladares 4 1 0 3 3 5 −2 3
5 Govournauch 4 0 0 4 0 10 −10 0

Rushmore Group 3

Rushmore Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Eura 4 4 0 0 11 1 +10 12
2 Oberour Ar Moro 4 3 0 1 7 3 +4 9
3 Nagore 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Sargossa 4 1 0 3 4 4 0 3
5 Nacaltora 4 0 0 4 1 14 −13 0

Rushmore Group 4

Rushmore Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Cassadaigua 4 3 1 0 11 3 +8 10
2 Tikariot 4 2 2 0 4 0 +4 8
3 Astograth 4 2 1 1 3 3 0 7
4 Southwest Eastnorth 4 1 0 3 5 7 −2 3
5 Simulland 4 0 0 4 1 11 −10 0

Rushmore Group 5

Rushmore Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Nephara 4 4 0 0 10 1 +9 12
2 Plane of Possibility 4 2 1 1 4 5 −1 7
3 Graintfjall 4 2 0 2 8 4 +4 6
4 Mytanija 4 0 2 2 5 10 −5 2
5 Hispinas 4 0 1 3 7 14 −7 1

Indies Group 1
Caryton 0–4 Terre Septentrionale
Melbergia 0–3 New Lusitania
North Alazia 0–1 Indusse
T Republic 0–1 Emastalia
TBS 0–1 Icecliff

Indies Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Terre Septentrionale 10 8 1 1 31 7 +24 25
2 New Lusitania 10 7 1 2 20 8 +12 22
3 Indusse 10 5 3 2 18 12 +6 18
4 Emastalia 10 4 2 4 18 14 +4 14
5 Melbergia 10 4 2 4 11 20 −9 14
6 T Republic 10 3 3 4 5 12 −7 12
7 Icecliff 10 2 3 5 9 13 −4 9
8 TBS 10 2 3 5 9 17 −8 9
9 North Alazia 10 2 2 6 9 18 −9 8
10 Caryton 10 2 2 6 5 14 −9 8

Indies Group 2
Beepee 3–4 Drawkland
Widaya 0–1 Poafmersia
U-koro 0–2 Juvencus
Cirrus Azale 0–2 Murphtannia
UAC 2–0 Hebitaka

Indies Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Poafmersia 10 9 0 1 23 7 +16 27
2 Drawkland 10 9 0 1 26 13 +13 27
3 Murphtannia 10 8 0 2 25 5 +20 24
4 Juvencus 10 7 1 2 18 7 +11 22
5 Hebitaka 10 2 3 5 12 22 −10 9
6 Cirrus Azale 10 3 0 7 10 22 −12 9
7 Beepee 10 2 2 6 17 28 −11 8
8 UAC 10 2 1 7 10 18 −8 7
9 Widaya 10 2 1 7 7 16 −9 7
10 U-koro 10 1 2 7 4 14 −10 5

Waisnor 2–1 Abanhfleft
Trolleborg 2–1 Al-Qurija
Stevid 0–2 Bluecliff
State of Trinity 1–2 Freechi
Squidroidia 1–1 Garifunya

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Abanhfleft 10 8 1 1 19 7 +12 25
2 Freechi 10 6 2 2 23 15 +8 20
3 Squidroidia 10 5 4 1 17 7 +10 19
4 Trolleborg 10 6 1 3 19 14 +5 19
5 Garifunya 10 5 3 2 23 12 +11 18
6 Bluecliff 10 4 2 4 16 14 +2 14
7 Waisnor 10 2 2 6 12 20 −8 8
8 Stevid 10 2 2 6 7 20 −13 8
9 Al-Qurija 10 1 2 7 6 17 −11 5
10 State of Trinity 10 0 3 7 10 26 −16 3

Indies Group 4
Trigel 1–1 Zwangzug
Hafamarimet 0–3 Geektopia
Cascadia 1–1 Darkmania
Quemmor Isles 0–2 Megistos
St. Domingues 0–0 PSTCT

Indies Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Zwangzug 10 8 2 0 25 6 +19 26
2 Megistos 10 8 0 2 29 9 +20 24
3 Geektopia 10 7 1 2 19 9 +10 22
4 Darkmania 10 5 1 4 16 14 +2 16
5 St. Domingues 10 3 3 4 12 17 −5 12
6 Quemmor Isles 10 4 0 6 10 21 −11 12
7 PSTCT 10 2 4 4 13 19 −6 10
8 Trigel 10 3 1 6 12 21 −9 10
9 Hafamarimet 10 3 1 6 8 18 −10 10
10 Cascadia 10 0 1 9 5 15 −10 1

Indies Group 5
Smosh Games 0–2 Kandorith
Hindu RR 0–4 Jeruselem
Aepreleh 0–3 Kohnhead
West Angola 2–5 Sulsuland
Mexi Catcha 1–2 Ranoria

Indies Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kandorith 10 9 1 0 24 5 +19 28
2 Jeruselem 10 7 2 1 21 3 +18 23
3 Kohnhead 10 7 2 1 20 10 +10 23
4 Sulsuland 10 7 0 3 25 11 +14 21
5 Mexi Catcha 10 3 2 5 13 22 −9 11
6 Smosh Games 10 3 1 6 11 21 −10 10
7 Aepreleh 10 3 0 7 14 23 −9 9
8 Ranoria 10 2 1 7 12 18 −6 7
9 West Angola 10 0 5 5 7 16 −9 5
10 Hindu RR 10 1 2 7 6 24 −18 5

Indies Group 6
Gothina Isles 0–2 Kelssek
Tornado Queendom 0–2 Squornshelous
Magnecia and Galmencia 0–2 Sharktail
North Japan 2–5 Balqia
Mand Blustopia 4–1 Chartistan

Indies Group 6 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kelssek 10 10 0 0 26 4 +22 30
2 Sharktail 10 8 1 1 21 6 +15 25
3 Squornshelous 10 7 0 3 20 9 +11 21
4 Mand Blustopia 10 6 0 4 19 15 +4 18
5 Balqia 10 4 3 3 14 14 0 15
6 North Japan 10 3 1 6 13 18 −5 10
7 Gothina Isles 10 2 1 7 9 22 −13 7
8 Chartistan 10 1 3 6 7 16 −9 6
9 Tornado Queendom 10 1 3 6 6 18 −12 6
10 Magnecia and Galmencia 10 1 2 7 9 22 −13 5

Indies Group 7
Garbellia 2–6 Mercedini
Critical Operations 0–3 Port Ember
Regmotto 0–1 Squornshelan Remnant States
Socialist New Britain 0–1 Rangers FC
Sannyamathaland 3–1 Fluvannia

Indies Group 7 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Port Ember 10 9 1 0 25 7 +18 28
2 Mercedini 10 8 1 1 26 9 +17 25
3 Rangers FC 10 6 3 1 23 7 +16 21
4 Squornshelan Remnant States 10 5 2 3 15 10 +5 17
5 Socialist New Britain 10 3 2 5 14 19 −5 11
6 Garbellia 10 2 3 5 14 19 −5 9
7 Critical Operations 10 3 0 7 11 23 −12 9
8 Fluvannia 10 3 0 7 6 18 −12 9
9 Regmotto 10 2 1 7 11 22 −11 7
10 Sannyamathaland 10 1 3 6 8 19 −11 6

Indies Group 8
Pays Den Haut 0–3 HUElavia
Frezza 3–2 Omerica
Logano 2–3 Devonta
Silvedana 2–5 Baggieland
Rwezakaland 1–5 Transvolcanic

Indies Group 8 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Devonta 10 8 2 0 20 9 +11 26
2 HUElavia 10 8 1 1 20 9 +11 25
3 Baggieland 10 8 0 2 15 6 +9 24
4 Transvolcanic 10 6 2 2 26 11 +15 20
5 Pays Den Haut 10 3 2 5 15 19 −4 11
6 Frezza 10 3 2 5 15 19 −4 11
7 Omerica 10 2 2 6 11 21 −10 8
8 Rwezakaland 10 2 1 7 10 19 −9 7
9 Silvedana 10 1 3 6 10 20 −10 6
10 Logano 10 0 3 7 12 21 −9 3

Indies Group 9
Lorrana 0–1 The Holy Empire
Pemecutan 0–1 TJUN-ia
Norish Jeia Repa 1–3 Acronius
Red Kelp 0–6 Havynwilde
Armed King 0–2 Arklanda

Indies Group 9 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 The Holy Empire 10 9 1 0 23 5 +18 28
2 Acronius 10 6 3 1 18 6 +12 21
3 Havynwilde 10 5 4 1 21 9 +12 19
4 Pemecutan 10 5 2 3 12 9 +3 17
5 TJUN-ia 10 4 4 2 13 7 +6 16
6 Arklanda 10 2 5 3 12 16 −4 11
7 Norish Jeia Repa 10 2 2 6 10 18 −8 8
8 Lorrana 10 1 3 6 9 19 −10 6
9 Red Kelp 10 1 3 6 12 26 −14 6
10 Armed King 10 0 3 7 7 22 −15 3

Indies Group 10
Thibaea 1–4 The Sarian
Acastanha 0–1 Tequilo
Yerapia 1–6 Sajnur
Central Shaneville 0–1 ZSeparatists
United Pink States 3–3 Treekidistan

Indies Group 10 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Tequilo 10 8 2 0 23 6 +17 26
2 Sajnur 10 8 0 2 26 9 +17 24
3 The Sarian 10 7 3 0 21 6 +15 24
4 ZSeparatists 10 5 3 2 14 11 +3 18
5 United Pink States 10 3 3 4 10 18 −8 12
6 Yerapia 10 2 4 4 18 25 −7 10
7 Treekidistan 10 3 1 6 14 21 −7 10
8 Acastanha 10 2 0 8 7 15 −8 6
9 Central Shaneville 10 1 3 6 3 11 −8 6
10 Thibaea 10 1 1 8 7 21 −14 4

Game of the Day: Cosumar 0–3 Chromatika
Cosumar and Chromatika, 2 familiar foes, faced off today in a game that would be a big win for the Chromatika team, who is trying to punch their way into a qualifying spot. This win puts them over Hapilopper, who is at 14 points on the tournament. Cosumar on the other hand, has struggled a good bit, although this is expected as they are one of the lower ranked teams in their group.

Rivalry of the Day: Ibixa 0–1 Krytenia
The match between the 2 Calanian teams was not necessarily expected to be a close one coming into the game, although both teams put out a strong performance, and it would be a close one in the end. Krytenia, who is trying to overcome the hump of qualifying needed this win today to help keep themselves in a secure position. Luckily, they were able to come through against their rivals, and the Kryties won, 1-0.

Upset of the Day: Trigel 1–1 Zwangzug
Zwangzug, a group 1 team, has been the pure force in the Indies Group 4. However, today the relatively unknown Trigel team had a surprise for them, and this win may put Zwangzugs handle on the group in jeopardy. Zwangzug was stunned as they were unable to come through on offense, and Trigel played well enough on the offensive side to net one of their own.

Surprise Frontrunner: Freechi
One of the top teams in the Baptism of Fire got drawn into one of the toughest groups of the entire Indies regional, Group 3. This group includes teams like Trolleborg, and Squidroidia, one of which qualified for the World Cup. However, Freechi has risen above all of them, and they are in second place. While they are still 5 points behind, that can be easily made up in the next few matches.

AO Group 1
Tioguldos 4–3 Legalese
Qasden 6–1 Ibixa
Krytenia 1–0 Khytonya
Turori 3–1 Farfadillis

AO Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Krytenia 10 7 2 1 12 4 +8 23
2 Qasden 10 7 1 2 24 8 +16 22
3 Farfadillis 9 7 0 2 13 5 +8 21
4 Turori 10 6 1 3 16 6 +10 19
5 Tioguldos 10 6 0 4 12 11 +1 18
6 Freeport 9 4 3 2 9 7 +2 15
7 Khytonya 10 1 2 7 5 18 −13 5
8 Legalese 10 0 2 8 11 25 −14 2
9 Ibixa 10 0 1 9 2 20 −18 1

AO Group 2
Barunia 0–1 Netop
Mavinet 2–0 Bonbohk u Piche
Siovanija and Teusland 2–0 Pluvia and Saxean
Ko-oren 0–1 Valanora

AO Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mavinet 10 7 1 2 23 11 +12 22
2 Valanora 9 7 1 1 13 3 +10 22
3 Ko-oren 10 6 2 2 18 12 +6 20
4 Siovanija and Teusland 10 5 3 2 25 12 +13 18
5 Gyatso-Kai 9 4 3 2 13 10 +3 15
6 Barunia 10 3 3 4 13 11 +2 12
7 Netop 10 4 0 6 14 17 −3 12
8 Pluvia and Saxean 10 1 1 8 8 21 −13 4
9 Bonbohk u Piche 10 0 0 10 5 35 −30 0

AO Group 3
Busoga Islands 1–3 Quakmybush
Maccian 0–1 Sett Forest
Equestria 3–1 Fjorsz
Audioslavia 2–3 Banija

AO Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Banija 9 7 2 0 23 9 +14 23
2 Equestria 10 6 2 2 24 17 +7 20
3 Busoga Islands 10 6 2 2 16 10 +6 20
4 Audioslavia 10 6 1 3 19 13 +6 19
5 Maccian 10 4 1 5 15 17 −2 13
6 Euran Oceania Territories 9 4 0 5 18 19 −1 12
7 Quakmybush 10 3 1 6 17 21 −4 10
8 Fjorsz 10 1 3 6 12 21 −9 6
9 Sett Forest 10 1 0 9 6 23 −17 3

AO Group 4
Twicetagria 0–1 Savigliane
Northwest kalactin 1–0 Wreckeria
Flavovespia 2–0 Muralos
Mriin 2–2 Starblaydia

AO Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mriin 10 8 2 0 25 13 +12 26
2 Flavovespia 10 7 1 2 19 10 +9 22
3 Starblaydia 9 6 2 1 16 6 +10 20
4 Northwest kalactin 10 5 3 2 12 6 +6 18
5 Saltstead 9 5 0 4 13 14 −1 15
6 Savigliane 10 3 2 5 15 15 0 11
7 Twicetagria 10 2 3 5 9 12 −3 9
8 Wreckeria 10 1 0 9 5 19 −14 3
9 Muralos 10 0 1 9 5 24 −19 1

AO Group 5
Blouman Empire 1–0 Hapilopper
Independent Athletes from Quebec 1–2 Cosumar
Chromatika 6–2 Jabal Ahkdar
Commonwealth of Baker Park 5–4 Vilita

AO Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Commonwealth of Baker Park 10 8 2 0 24 9 +15 26
2 Vilita 9 6 1 2 25 13 +12 19
3 Independent Athletes from Quebec 10 6 1 3 20 12 +8 19
4 Chromatika 10 5 3 2 24 11 +13 18
5 Hapilopper 10 4 2 4 13 16 −3 14
6 Huayramarca 9 3 2 4 16 13 +3 11
7 Blouman Empire 10 3 2 5 7 11 −4 11
8 Cosumar 10 2 0 8 4 26 −22 6
9 Jabal Ahkdar 10 0 1 9 6 28 −22 1

Rushmore Group 1
Darmen 1–2 Pasarga

Rushmore Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Pasarga 5 5 0 0 11 3 +8 15
2 Electrum 4 2 0 2 8 6 +2 6
3 Eastfield Lodge 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Darmen 5 1 1 3 7 8 −1 4
5 San Ortelio 4 0 1 3 3 11 −8 1

Rushmore Group 2
Valladares 2–2 Savojarna

Rushmore Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Savojarna 5 4 1 0 12 3 +9 13
2 Yuezhou 4 3 0 1 7 2 +5 9
3 Crystalline Caverns 4 2 0 2 6 8 −2 6
4 Valladares 5 1 1 3 5 7 −2 4
5 Govournauch 4 0 0 4 0 10 −10 0

Rushmore Group 3
Sargossa 1–1 Eura

Rushmore Group 3 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Eura 5 4 1 0 12 2 +10 13
2 Oberour Ar Moro 4 3 0 1 7 3 +4 9
3 Nagore 4 2 0 2 5 6 −1 6
4 Sargossa 5 1 1 3 5 5 0 4
5 Nacaltora 4 0 0 4 1 14 −13 0

Rushmore Group 4
Astograth 0–1 Cassadaigua

Rushmore Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Cassadaigua 5 4 1 0 12 3 +9 13
2 Tikariot 4 2 2 0 4 0 +4 8
3 Astograth 5 2 1 2 3 4 −1 7
4 Southwest Eastnorth 4 1 0 3 5 7 −2 3
5 Simulland 4 0 0 4 1 11 −10 0

Rushmore Group 5
Graintfjall 2–1 Nephara

Rushmore Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Nephara 5 4 0 1 11 3 +8 12
2 Graintfjall 5 3 0 2 10 5 +5 9
3 Plane of Possibility 4 2 1 1 4 5 −1 7
4 Mytanija 4 0 2 2 5 10 −5 2
5 Hispinas 4 0 1 3 7 14 −7 1

Indies Group 1
TBS 3–3 Caryton
Icecliff 0–1 T Republic
Emastalia 1–0 North Alazia
Indusse 1–1 Melbergia
New Lusitania 1–2 Terre Septentrionale

Indies Group 1 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Terre Septentrionale 11 9 1 1 33 8 +25 28
2 New Lusitania 11 7 1 3 21 10 +11 22
3 Indusse 11 5 4 2 19 13 +6 19
4 Emastalia 11 5 2 4 19 14 +5 17
5 T Republic 11 4 3 4 6 12 −6 15
6 Melbergia 11 4 3 4 12 21 −9 15
7 TBS 11 2 4 5 12 20 −8 10
8 Icecliff 11 2 3 6 9 14 −5 9
9 Caryton 11 2 3 6 8 17 −9 9
10 North Alazia 11 2 2 7 9 19 −10 8

Indies Group 2
UAC 2–1 Beepee
Hebitaka 1–3 Cirrus Azale
Murphtannia 4–2 U-koro
Juvencus 1–0 Widaya
Poafmersia 0–2 Drawkland

Indies Group 2 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Drawkland 11 10 0 1 28 13 +15 30
2 Murphtannia 11 9 0 2 29 7 +22 27
3 Poafmersia 11 9 0 2 23 9 +14 27
4 Juvencus 11 8 1 2 19 7 +12 25
5 Cirrus Azale 11 4 0 7 13 23 −10 12
6 UAC 11 3 1 7 12 19 −7 10
7 Hebitaka 11 2 3 6 13 25 −12 9
8 Beepee 11 2 2 7 18 30 −12 8
9 Widaya 11 2 1 8 7 17 −10 7
10 U-koro 11 1 2 8 6 18 −12 5

Squidroidia 1–0 Waisnor
Garifunya 2–1 State of Trinity
Freechi 1–0 Stevid
Bluecliff 2–1 Trolleborg
Al-Qurija 2–3 Abanhfleft

Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Abanhfleft 11 9 1 1 22 9 +13 28
2 Freechi 11 7 2 2 24 15 +9 23
3 Squidroidia 11 6 4 1 18 7 +11 22
4 Garifunya 11 6 3 2 25 13 +12 21
5 Trolleborg 11 6 1 4 20 16 +4 19
6 Bluecliff 11 5 2 4 18 15 +3 17
7 Waisnor 11 2 2 7 12 21 −9 8
8 Stevid 11 2 2 7 7 21 −14 8
9 Al-Qurija 11 1 2 8 8 20 −12 5
10 State of Trinity 11 0 3 8 11 28 −17 3

Indies Group 4
St. Domingues 1–2 Trigel
PSTCT 1–1 Quemmor Isles
Megistos 4–1 Cascadia
Darkmania 1–0 Hafamarimet
Geektopia 4–1 Zwangzug

Indies Group 4 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Megistos 11 9 0 2 33 10 +23 27
2 Zwangzug 11 8 2 1 26 10 +16 26
3 Geektopia 11 8 1 2 23 10 +13 25
4 Darkmania 11 6 1 4 17 14 +3 19
5 Trigel 11 4 1 6 14 22 −8 13
6 Quemmor Isles 11 4 1 6 11 22 −11 13
7 St. Domingues 11 3 3 5 13 19 −6 12
8 PSTCT 11 2 5 4 14 20 −6 11
9 Hafamarimet 11 3 1 7 8 19 −11 10
10 Cascadia 11 0 1 10 6 19 −13 1

Indies Group 5
Mexi Catcha 2–2 Smosh Games
Ranoria 2–3 West Angola
Sulsuland 3–0 Aepreleh
Kohnhead 3–1 Hindu RR
Jeruselem 1–2 Kandorith

Indies Group 5 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kandorith 11 10 1 0 26 6 +20 31
2 Kohnhead 11 8 2 1 23 11 +12 26
3 Sulsuland 11 8 0 3 28 11 +17 24
4 Jeruselem 11 7 2 2 22 5 +17 23
5 Mexi Catcha 11 3 3 5 15 24 −9 12
6 Smosh Games 11 3 2 6 13 23 −10 11
7 Aepreleh 11 3 0 8 14 26 −12 9
8 West Angola 11 1 5 5 10 18 −8 8
9 Ranoria 11 2 1 8 14 21 −7 7
10 Hindu RR 11 1 2 8 7 27 −20 5

Indies Group 6
Mand Blustopia 1–0 Gothina Isles
Chartistan 2–2 North Japan
Balqia 1–0 Magnecia and Galmencia
Sharktail 1–0 Tornado Queendom
Squornshelous 0–0 Kelssek

Indies Group 6 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Kelssek 11 10 1 0 26 4 +22 31
2 Sharktail 11 9 1 1 22 6 +16 28
3 Squornshelous 11 7 1 3 20 9 +11 22
4 Mand Blustopia 11 7 0 4 20 15 +5 21
5 Balqia 11 5 3 3 15 14 +1 18
6 North Japan 11 3 2 6 15 20 −5 11
7 Chartistan 11 1 4 6 9 18 −9 7
8 Gothina Isles 11 2 1 8 9 23 −14 7
9 Tornado Queendom 11 1 3 7 6 19 −13 6
10 Magnecia and Galmencia 11 1 2 8 9 23 −14 5

Indies Group 7
Sannyamathaland 3–2 Garbellia
Fluvannia 1–0 Socialist New Britain
Rangers FC 2–0 Regmotto
Squornshelan Remnant States 1–1 Critical Operations
Port Ember 1–0 Mercedini

Indies Group 7 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Port Ember 11 10 1 0 26 7 +19 31
2 Mercedini 11 8 1 2 26 10 +16 25
3 Rangers FC 11 7 3 1 25 7 +18 24
4 Squornshelan Remnant States 11 5 3 3 16 11 +5 18
5 Fluvannia 11 4 0 7 7 18 −11 12
6 Socialist New Britain 11 3 2 6 14 20 −6 11
7 Critical Operations 11 3 1 7 12 24 −12 10
8 Garbellia 11 2 3 6 16 22 −6 9
9 Sannyamathaland 11 2 3 6 11 21 −10 9
10 Regmotto 11 2 1 8 11 24 −13 7

Indies Group 8
Rwezakaland 3–2 Pays Den Haut
Transvolcanic 4–2 Silvedana
Baggieland 3–0 Logano
Devonta 4–0 Frezza
Omerica 0–3 HUElavia

Indies Group 8 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Devonta 11 9 2 0 24 9 +15 29
2 HUElavia 11 9 1 1 23 9 +14 28
3 Baggieland 11 9 0 2 18 6 +12 27
4 Transvolcanic 11 7 2 2 30 13 +17 23
5 Pays Den Haut 11 3 2 6 17 22 −5 11
6 Frezza 11 3 2 6 15 23 −8 11
7 Rwezakaland 11 3 1 7 13 21 −8 10
8 Omerica 11 2 2 7 11 24 −13 8
9 Silvedana 11 1 3 7 12 24 −12 6
10 Logano 11 0 3 8 12 24 −12 3

Indies Group 9
Armed King 0–0 Lorrana
Arklanda 1–0 Red Kelp
Havynwilde 3–0 Norish Jeia Repa
Acronius 3–1 Pemecutan
TJUN-ia 3–3 The Holy Empire

Indies Group 9 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 The Holy Empire 11 9 2 0 26 8 +18 29
2 Acronius 11 7 3 1 21 7 +14 24
3 Havynwilde 11 6 4 1 24 9 +15 22
4 TJUN-ia 11 4 5 2 16 10 +6 17
5 Pemecutan 11 5 2 4 13 12 +1 17
6 Arklanda 11 3 5 3 13 16 −3 14
7 Norish Jeia Repa 11 2 2 7 10 21 −11 8
8 Lorrana 11 1 4 6 9 19 −10 7
9 Red Kelp 11 1 3 7 12 27 −15 6
10 Armed King 11 0 4 7 7 22 −15 4

Indies Group 10
United Pink States 3–5 Thibaea
Treekidistan 1–1 Central Shaneville
ZSeparatists 1–0 Yerapia
Sajnur 3–0 Acastanha
Tequilo 2–2 The Sarian

Indies Group 10 Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Sajnur 11 9 0 2 29 9 +20 27
2 Tequilo 11 8 3 0 25 8 +17 27
3 The Sarian 11 7 4 0 23 8 +15 25
4 ZSeparatists 11 6 3 2 15 11 +4 21
5 United Pink States 11 3 3 5 13 23 −10 12
6 Treekidistan 11 3 2 6 15 22 −7 11
7 Yerapia 11 2 4 5 18 26 −8 10
8 Central Shaneville 11 1 4 6 4 12 −8 7
9 Thibaea 11 2 1 8 12 24 −12 7
10 Acastanha 11 2 0 9 7 18 −11 6

Game of the Day: Squornshelous 0–0 Kelssek
Kelssek was probably the best team in this tournament. They started out with an 10-0-0 record, and are unable to be beat so far. However, their tie to Squornshelous hurts. Sharktail is not far behind Kelssek right now, and is trailing them by just 3 points. This tie puts them in range, and if Kelssek drops a few more points, we could be in for a wild ride at the end of this group stage.

Upset of the Day: Sargossa 1–1 Eura
While Sargossa may not seem like a bad team, their rough as as of late has hurt them quite a bit, in 2 straight tournaments. Their tie to Eura however, was unprecedented, as Eura, one of the best teams in the world, probably should’ve been able to handle this Sargossa team well. While it doesn’t look like Sargossa will qualify, Eura has the best shot in their group, and this could help stop that.

Rivalry of the Day: Poafmersia 0–2 Drawkland
In a showdown between 2 IAC powers that are in close quarters right now, Drawkland won a decisive victory over Poafmersia today, and they take the group lead by a total of 3 points. Drawkland played very solid defense, and was able to beat Poafmersia soundly today. Even though it may not look like a big win out of 18 games, this game may decide the group.
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Postby Tumbra » Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:59 am

The Tumbran Broadcasting Corporation's

Written by Ben Golding

To many people, Western Tumbra is an enigma. The vast swathes of untouched, pristine natural land. The love of freedom and slower-paced lifestyle compared to that of the East. The long distances between urban settlements, the flowing hills and sharp peaks. Compared to the flatter, busier, Eastern Tumbra, Western Tumbra seems almost like an entirely different country. But in its natural beauty and hardy, industrious people lies a region rich in history and culture in its own right, and is an excellent destination for those seeking to get away from it all, even for just a moment.

But what is Western Tumbra? That definition depends on different people. To the government, it's the six states of Marlsbruhe, Fremont, Turvenal, Caduke, Lormark and Pesvern. To the inhabitants themselves, it's the above six states plus Grantfeldt in the northwest, which stems from its association in the short-lived Republic of West Tumbra. To the Tumbran Football Federation, it's anything west of Finnley, Raleigh and Georgia, though if you dare use that as a definition of the West, prepare to be laughed at. For the sake of this guide, we'll be looking at the definition most Westerners use to define their region, and that means the seven states mentioned above.

I spent three weeks in West Tumbra writing this guide, and in it I traversed all seven states, soaking in the experiences which I hope will be able to show you why you should make West Tumbra your next vacation destination.

How To Get There

By Train
Western Tumbra, like the rest of the country, has a number of ways to get there. Tumbran Rail offers high-speed services to any of the major cities - that includes all seven of the state capitals, plus any other on the way there - that depart multiple times daily from any of the rail hubs in Couno, Serrapince, Marray, Straton, Lakewood, Kingsbury and Washington. Depending on where you begin your journey from, travel times could be anywhere from three to six hours. Fares are typically about $30 for a one-way trip.

By Plane
The major airports in the West are located in Millsburgh, Grantfeldt and Fontwell, Marlsbruhe. International flights serve these destinations in the West, though there are plenty of domestic flights from carriers like Tumbran Air to FlyEz that serve the smaller airports typically located in the state capitals as well. While this offers the shortest travel time - just two hours from, say, Couno International to Millsburgh International - it is also the most expensive.

By Road
The Tumbran Expressway System serves a majority of all the medium-to-big sized cities, so if you're planning on heading straight to a single part of the west, the best bet is by road. Blackhound bus services are available from all big cities, and Expressway 1 - which runs from Harren in the north-east to Shepperton in the south-west - is the best way to quickly get to the West. Of course, this will take the longest time of the three alternatives, but also serves as one of the most picturesque routes into Western Tumbra. Western Tumbra also has its own system of smaller expressways that link major population centres together.

For the purposes of this trip, I took a high-speed train from Straton to Millsburgh, then chartered a car to explore the rest of the region.

So What's There To Do?


Caduke National Park

The main point of going to West Tumbra is, of course, to soak in its natural beauty. West Tumbra is home to Tumbra's biggest national park, with Caduke National Park comprising a huge part of the north-western regions of the state (as well as poking slightly into Marlsbruhe and Grantfeldt), and is home to various natural attractions for the aspiring camper. Various nature trails are offered, and the Tumbran Park Service offers a guided hiking trails. Do note that going off marked hiking trails can be dangerous, as wildlife roams free throughout the forested areas of Caduke. Camping and fishing permits cost a fee of $15 a night, varying per location. Entrance to the park, however, is free and the park is open all year round.

I spent my fourth and fifth days in the National Park, embracing the beauty of the forested region and getting up close and personal with the different species of flora and fauna in the park, and went stargazing at night under the unblemished night sky. Coming from a city born-and-bred boy like me, the carpet of stars that sparkled in the night sky showed just how much light pollution is a problem in our urban areas. Truly, a sight to be beholden, especially by those who have never experienced such a sight.

Mount Vernon National Park

A fair bit south, of course, is another sight that cannot be missed - the sight of Tumbra's tallest mountain, Mount Vernon. Located in the western half of Turvenal, the park offers opportunities to climb to its 2,877m summit. First mounted by gritty explorers in the mid 19th century. Originally named Mount William in honour of the Emperor, after the founding of the Republic it was renamed Mount Vernon. While I didn't climb to the top of the peak - such an expedition typically takes about a week or so, if going with the Park Service - I ascended to Base Camp, about 800m up, and spent a few nights there talking to mountaineers who were either looking forward to going up the mountain or coming back down from the top of it.

"The view from the top of the mountain is frankly superb. It's not the tallest peak in the world, but it's fair enough. The last day is particularly triumphant. You set off before the sun rises because the guides want to give you a view from the summit, and when you reach there, the sun will have just risen. The warm rays on you really give a whole new sense of perspective to life in general...and for a moment you forget about the cold.

Journeying up Mount Vernon is definitely a life-changing experience for those unable to travel outside of Tumbra. The climbing season ranges from October till March, and a typical permit costs about $600. All waste has to be brought down along with up, so for those planning to ascend to the top, it's recommended you pack only the bare essentials. Should you decide to ascend with the Park Service, additional fees may apply, but the cost of doing an independent expedition may increase to about $1,500 per member.

Culture and History

The Flag of Marlsbruhe

Part of West Tumbra's freedom-loving culture stems from their brief foray as an independent country, from 1862 till 1873, when they decided to join the Federal Republic. The flag of Marlsbruhe - six white stars on a blue canton, backed by a green field - is a reference to the old flag of the Western Republic. The best place to learn about the Western Republic, of course, is in its old capital, Fontwell, where the Museum of Western History seeks to preserve and document the history of the Western Republic. Inside, such exhibits including a framed copy of the Constitution, portraits of the Presidents of the Republic, and battle flags used in their struggle against the Empire are on public display, alongside a library which seeks to archive all written material from and about the Western Republic, including art, music and especially poetry. For a country that existed for only eleven years, the amount of written material, especially poetry, about the Seven States is unreal. I guess it must be that natural scenery I mentioned above serving as inspiration.

Other museums throughout the region that I visited included the Museum of Industry and Technology in Millsburgh - a fitting location, given that the city was built because of the burgeoning steel industry there in the early 20th century - which documented the history of Tumbran tech, including a full-size replica of the first steam train to run on Tumbran rails, as well as the old Presidential carriage.

Southport is home to the Maritime Museum of Tumbra, which has such delights as a sailing ship dating back to the Revolutionary War in its port, while Caduke is also home to prehistoric archaeology sites, displaying results from digs and are mostly open to tourists to show them how Tumbra was before human civilisation.

Fun and Sports

The West, while not known for much sporting achievement in football, is certainly known for its passionate fans. Millsburgh in particular is known for their fiery support of its two teams, and while neither play in the Premier Division (Millsburgh Steelers play in the Second Division, while Millsburgh United play in the Third Division West), support for both teams never seems to waver, and whenever those two teams meet in the Millsburgh Derby, the city seems to take on a whole new life of its own, as home to some of the most intense derbies in football.

Derby Days: The Millsburgh Derby on the TBC Sport YouTube channel has a fairly good overview of what the Millsburgh Derby is actually like.

So my trip of the West came to an end in Southport, Lormark. Luckily, Southport is home to a burgeoning nightlife scene that may surprise many who don't normally tread here. Thanks to the state government's new focus on tourism and developing its tourism industry, some $400 million was given to develop the hospitality scene in Southport. New nightclubs and bars fill the downtown region of the once-sleepy city, a vast contrast to the conservative state which even has a cross on its flag. Certainly one for the hedonists to check out, as the city and state grows.

The End

While this short article can never hope to fully show all the sights and sounds of West Tumbra, hopefully this guide can serve as a small introduction to the biggest sights in this oft-neglected region, and hopefully makes you want to go there. I know I'll certainly be back for more.
Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 114 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
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President: Kelia Campbell (Labour) | Prime Minister: Kenneth Everett (Labour)
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Part I

Part II of a short series

Kabaka - King
Luguba - Queen Consort
Sarauniya - Queen Mother
Isebantu - Crown Prince
Omugabe/Omugaba - Prince/Princess
Omulangira/Kyabazinga - Duke/Duchess
Kagere/Kiweewa - Lord/Lady
Katkikkiro- Prime Minister

Omugabe Ttembo, with his wife Omugaba Nagulwa and his daugher, Omugaba Zandaba, on the plane to Quebec City

"Dad." Omugaba Zandaba walked up to her Dad on the plane, who had his headphones in watching the Banija @ Saltstead qualifier. "Do you have any advice for me today? I'm a little nervous."

Ttembo looked up at her. It was rare for someone so young to ask about dating advice- 24 year olds generally took on the world thinking that they knew everything, including Zandaba. A show of maturity by his daughter. And a show, of course, of the magnitude of the situation.

What was the situation? Well, just a few short weeks ago, Ttembo's father, His Majesty Kabaka Mwanga of Banija, changed the marriage rules for the women of the royal house. Of course, these rules were very important- if you ran afoul of the marriage rules, the punishment was severe- total exile from the Royal Family, and completely stripping you of your royal titles and all royal privileges. And the rule changes were major. For the women in the Royal Family, it was no longer required of you to marry a man of your religion- a major change.

Of course, with Banija's dominant religion being Mormonism, a religion dominant in Banija but nearly non-existent abroad outside of Banijan migrant communities, this had the practical effect of ensuring that Banijan Royals could only marry other Banijans. Many other countries were different- valuing blood, histories spanning hundreds of years of royals marrying foreign royals. But Banija had a different sort of history. Marrying commoners was the norm in this Royal Family, as of course they couldn't only marry other Banijans of noble blood- since they'd simply be marrying their cousins, and who wants that?

So of course, no member of the Royal Family in recorded history has ever married a non-Mormon, or a non-Banijan. But now that would change. Not long after the Royal Proclamation was made official, the Québec City Bal des Ballons, the premier social season event of Atlantian Oceania, forwarded an invitation to Omugaba Zandaba, inviting her to their event in the Quebecois capitol. His own daughter would be the first Banijan Royal to attend the event who could be paired with non-Banijans. And they had invited her to do the Opening Dance alongside His Royal Highness Prince Philippe, who was the younger brother of the Quebecois Queen-Empress, Christine II.

"My daughter." Omugabe Ttembo replied. "Do not stress. You will be fine. How much time over the past few days have we spent practicing this dance? Practicing how to speak? We even got you to Mujaguzo Palace to freshen up your French skills with the Loro Language professor." She continued to look worried. "You'll be fine, Zandaba. These are men of very high society. But you are a high society woman too. A Princess! Your grandfather is the Kabaka. You come from a Royal bloodline, my daughter." She thanked him and walked over to her mother, who was on the other side of the plane.

Zandaba and her mother whispered to each other intently as Ttembo simply smiled, said a quick prayer, and threw his headphones on to watch the game. It was a brilliant first half by Banija- they were dominant in every phase of the game so far against Saltstead. It was 2-0 after just 15 minutes, and by the time it got to halftime, the Kadongo Kamu were up 4-0 against this Saltstead team that was threatening to qualify for the World Cup Finals. So much fun watching this team when they were on. HE was a little nervous too, for tomorrow. But confident- this event could go well.

Québec City Bal des Ballons

Omugabe Ttembo walked into the Hotel Place de la Royaume here in Quebec City. A truly grand place, the whole place prepared for this high society event. Royals from all across the Quebecois Commonwealth were here- it was the place to be. Ttembo went to sit down at his table, alongside his wife and daughter, and made small talk with a few royals from Quebecois Acadiana.

Lord Ansley, 13th Duke Ansley and the Master of Ceremonies, stood up and said a few words. He then invited Prince Philippe of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec out to the dance floor, and then Omugaba Zandaba out to the floor for the opening dance. Ttembo knew what to do. He stood up, and, arm in arm with his daughter walked her out to the dance floor. He handed her off to Prince Philippe, and her bright, beaming smile showed him that she had found a way to either convert her nerves into positive energy, or to swallow them entirely.

It was a simple dance, and Zandaba's feet were moving very well. "Look at our daughter, Nagulwa." Ttembo told his wife. "This- this is beautiful." He said. He even felt something close to a tear hitting his eye, as the magnitude of what was happening hit him. His daughter was officially starting the courtship. And he'd have to help her navigate this. A much bigger one, a much more confusing one, with so many more eligible, bachelor men. But as he watched her dance, he saw that she seemed to have some sort of connection with Philippe. They were really moving well together. For two people who hadn't seen each other in years- it was as if they had practiced together.

"Look at his dance moves, Ttemblo." Said Omugaba Nagulwa. "He can really dance- maybe he would fit in back in Busukuma." He simply nodded. Once the dance ended, the whole room applauded, and Ttembo even stood up briefly. At that moment, the other debutantes made their way to the dance floor, as different men and women started talking to each other. Ttembo, watching, could see his daughter and Philippe always gravitating towards one another.

"Nagulwa." He said. "I think her and Philippe will have a great connection. His mother is here, where is she?" And he looked around, and saw the Queen Mother at the front of the room. "An elegant woman, she is. Let's go up to her- it looks like she's here with the Prince Consort." Omugabe Ttembo and Omugaba Nagulwa stood up, and, holding hands walked across the room. While they paused to talk to a few others, it didn't take that long for them to reach the Queen Mother.

"Your Majesty, Queen Elizaveta!" Omugabe Ttembo said, slightly bowing. "And your highness, Prince Caspian!" He slightly bowed again. "It's a pleasure and honor to see you both here. Caspian, I have heard about your baby, Crown Prince Alexandre- congratulations to you on having a son!" Prince Caspian, who really wasn't a fan of such events, nodded and replied politely.

"Queen Elizaveta, your son Philippe is magnificent on the dance floor." Ttembo said. "He's light on his feet, and he and my daughter seem to really get along." Just then, Zandaba came off the dance floor, and walked up to her parents.

"Daddy!" She said, giving him a big hug.

"Hey, Zandaba!" Ttembo said. "This is Queen Elizaveta and Prince Caspian." She gave a deep curtsy to both of the Quebecois Royals. Just then, Prince Philippe came out. Ttembo and Philippe had a firm handshake- the one always had between fathers and men who were pursuing their daughters. The group of six conversed for a little bit, before Philippe grabbed Zandaba's arm and took her back onto the dance floor. And after some further conversation, Ttembo went back to take his seat with his wife.

"Well, what a day, right Nagulwa?" Ttembo said. "Never in my life did I think this was possible. But...They seemed to have really hit it off."

"Never in my life did I think Zandaba would end up with Philippe after tonight." Omugaba Nagulwa. "But look at them. They have gotten along so well, they seemed to have hit it off perfectly, almost to a T." Towards the end of the night, Philippe and Zandaba came over, and asked Ttembo's permission to go out to an after party with some of the other debutantes. Ttembo, of course, gave his approval, and the two were off to enjoy Quebec City's nightlife.

Was this the beginning of the first true romance between these very high-ranking members of the Banijan and Quebecois Royal Families?
President of the World Cup Committee and the World Cup of Hockey Federation. Back to Back defending IBC champions.
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Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby West Zirconia » Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:36 pm

The Daily Herald

for all your World Cup news

Price WZC2.20

The Daily Herald continues its series looking at the team responsible for reaching the second round of World Cup 51. Where are they now?

Part Two: The Middle Men

Dean Thompson: Was involved up to World Cup 58, and then disappeared from the football world altogether. Currently runs his own estate agency.

Ed French: The undoubted star of the squad retired after World Cup 58, becoming coach at Taylor's Cross. He was subsequently appointed manager at Etruria, keeping the St. Martin outfit in Division One for several seasons. After that, things went wrong for his managerial career and he spent the next three seasons being hired and fired by West Coast Angels, Skelton Town, FC Boston, Oglesby United and Somerville Thistle. Currently hoping for better things at Division Four North side Westby Motors.

Paul Collins: During his long playing career at Stanley United, he was also studying a part-time course in Sports Journalism at Stanley University. He graduated a full season before his retirement from football, and once his playing days were over he put his degree to good use here at the Daily Herald before going freelance as sports reporter and occasional television pundit.

In next week’s Daily Herald – Them Up Front.

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OOC - my thanks to Tequilo for the basic idea; I also stole a paragraph from his TG to me.

The 5-3 away victory over Trolleborg had given Juan Tzimisces - all of him - hope again. There were only five matches left in qualification, true - but there were also only three points in it, and with head to head results even, it could come down to goal difference. How disappointing, then, that the normally free-scoring Holy Empire was struggling to bat aside the lesser-ranked teams by the usual three- to five-goal margins. Manager Tzimisces had to be pleased at scoring five in Trolleborg; but he was equally displeased at conceding three. It was a shame that he couldn't replace the goalkeeper under the circumstances. Meanwhile, news that the team's centre-back had been spotted on a much loved, but (in the opinion of some), hugely annoying television series on Canal-23 in Tequilo had been met by stunned amazement by many Imperial citizens....

Estoy aqui para ti
Estoy aqui para ti...

A∙M∙I∙G∙O∙S is filmed before a live studio audience

"What are you watching, Hector?"

"It is nothing, Gavriel; just a re-run of an old A∙M∙I∙G∙O∙S episode."

"A∙M∙I∙G∙O∙S? That programme about six kooky twenty-somethings living in downtown Tapalupé City who have rotating romances with each other, indeterminate income sources apart from that one, um, archaeologist type who only has his job identified in order to pillory him for being too intelligent, and completely hilarious totally pre-watershed hapless adventures, usually in the local coffee shop, Perco Centrál. They are all tremendously sexy of course, and perfectly lovely and loveable people, mostly to be found hanging out in their shared apartments which they rotate around like they do each others beds so you are never quite sure who lives where, apart from the archaeologist who is sort of the wiser older kooky one who definitely lives in the main flat of the majority of scenes, in order to pillory him for wearing pyjamas a lot and skulking off to bed after a typical misunderstanding when he turns into a bit of a teenager."

"Si, Gavriel; A∙M∙I∙G∙O∙S. There is no need for the critique. Everyone in Tequilo knows A∙M∙I∙G∙O∙S."

"Which episode is it?"

"The One With The Football Player."

"You mean the one where Níobe is dating the famous Holy Asylum football coach Juan Tzimisces, except that most of the rest of the amigos have no idea who he is..."

"Except for archaeologist Roxelio, who - it turns out - is a massive football fan, who knows exactly who Juan Tzimisces is, and then gets into all sorts of kooky scrapes while trying to prove that it really is that Juan Tzimisces, and not some random hombre that Níobe met who just looks like Juan Tzimisces."

"Ah si, Hector; that scene where Roxelio asks if it is true that Níobe's new boyfriend once dated Margaret..."

"And his sister Rochelle says 'Margaret who?' with her head tilted just so to one side...."

"And Juan Tzimisces then says 'Margaret is a bitch who must be bedded on a mattress of corpses'"

"And all the amigos except for Níobe and Roxelio start to think he is some sort of serial killer..."

"And Roxelio gets into even more kooky scrapes trying to stop the amigos from reporting Juan Tzimisces to the police while still trying to prove that it really is Juan Tzimsices..."

"And it's only after that hilarious scene outside of the museum where Roxelio completely humiliates himself, only to find that Níobe has broken up with Juan Tzimisces, so his moment of humiliation was completely unnecessary..."

"Si, Gavriel.... it is most hilarious."

"Say, didn't I read somewhere that Juan Tzimisces's appearance on this episode of A∙M∙I∙G∙O∙S led directly to a massive uptick in interest in football here in Tequilo?"

"It could be, Gavriel; I am not sure."

"I am sure I was reading that La Unión de Pitxi de Tequilo was only formed after this episode aired, and people across Las Patrias Aliadas started to spontaneously form their own football teams; so you could argue that Juan Tzimisces was personally responsible for the rise of Los Pitxileros."

"Surely only indirectly, Gavriel; you could also say that the six kooky amigos were even more responsible."

"Ah, they were always such trendsetters, Hector."

"Though I must say that I always preferred The One That Proves That Archaeologists Are Incredibly Sexy and Intelligent myself."

"Ah si... that was a really good one; very true to life, I always felt...."
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Postby Quemorr Isles » Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:46 pm

It seems that I forgot to save my file, so Matchdays Ten and Eleven are lost. Their new results are below. Fortunately, it does not matter one bit.


Damukuni 0–2 Newmanistan
Bongo Johnson 3–5 Sylestone
Hampton Island 1–1 Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
South Covello 1–1 Filindostan
Vangaziland 0–0 Riena

Tumbra 0–3 Natanians and Nosts
Xanneria 1–4 Ancherion
Brenecia 3–2 Vdara
Lisander 0–3 The Grearish Union
South Newlandia 5–1 Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison

Vangaziland 0–2 Damukuni
Riena 0–0 South Covello
Filindostan 1–1 Hampton Island
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 4–2 Bongo Johnson
Sylestone 1–5 Newmanistan

South Newlandia 2–2 Tumbra
Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison 0–1 Lisander
The Grearish Union 3–3 Brenecia
Vdara 1–0 Xanneria
Ancherion 2–3 Natanians and Nosts

Group A

Matchday Twelve
Damukuni 1–3 Sylestone
Newmanistan 1–3 Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
Bongo Johnson 2–1 Filindostan
Hampton Island 0–1 Riena
South Covello 3
–0 Vangaziland

Matchday Thirteen
South Covello 2–2 Damukuni
Vangaziland 2–4 Hampton Island
Riena 3
–2 Bongo Johnson
Filindostan 0–2 Newmanistan
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 2–2 Sylestone

Group A                       Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Newmanistan 13 9 1 3 30 18 +12 28
2 South Covello 13 6 6 1 24 12 +12 24
3 Riena 13 5 6 2 10 7 +3 21
4 Hampton Island 13 6 3 4 16 14 +2 21
5 Damukuni 13 5 4 4 20 16 +4 19
6 Sylestone 13 4 4 5 28 27 +1 16
7 Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom 13 4 4 5 19 20 −1 16
8 Filindostan 13 3 6 4 12 14 −2 15
9 Vangaziland 13 3 4 6 10 18 −8 13
10 Bongo Johnson 13 1 0 12 11 34 −23 3

Group B

Matchday Twelve
Tumbra 0–1 Ancherion
Natanians and Nosts 0–2 Vdara
Xanneria 2
–1 The Grearish Union
Brenecia 0–0 Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison
Lisander 3–4 South Newlandia

Matchday Thirteen
Lisander 0–1 Tumbra
South Newlandia 2–2 Brenecia
Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison 2–5 Xanneria
The Grearish Union 0–0 Natanians and Nosts
Vdara 3–0 Ancherion

Group B                            Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Brenecia 13 8 3 2 38 21 +17 27
2 Ancherion 13 9 0 4 22 16 +6 27
3 Vdara 13 8 1 4 24 13 +11 25
4 South Newlandia 13 7 4 2 24 16 +8 25
5 Lisander 13 7 1 5 19 17 +2 22
6 Xanneria 13 7 0 6 32 27 +5 21
7 Natanians and Nosts 13 4 3 6 16 23 −7 15
8 The Grearish Union 13 3 4 6 26 29 −3 13
9 Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison 13 2 1 10 16 31 −15 7
10 Tumbra 13 1 1 11 14 38 −24 4

Game of the Week
The matchday thirteen game between Vdara and Ancherion was pivotal to both teams - with Vdara requiring a win to really stay a chance for qualification and Ancherion to stay in that precious top spot. However, Vdara proved too good for Ancherion, who were completely out of their depth as Vdara notched up an easy 3-0 win to move up into third. Brenecia is now in first place, ahead of Ancherion on goal difference, while Vdara is only two points behind on 25 points. It's shaping to be a good finish.

Upset of the Week
The upset of the week? A few notable matches, nothing really spectacular. What takes the cheese, though, is Brenecia's inability to score against the ninth pot side Cheetahs and Reptiles Coalison, with the game finishing 0-0. What's more, it was played at Brenecia's home ground as well. A big upset for the best side in Esportiva.

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Postby Kandorith » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:11 pm


Shinonome Kyoai - International

Kandorith saves face with small victories, still in crisis.
Wins against Garbelia and Sett Forest still show little improvement.
By Natsumi Miyasaki
ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

TENKYO, KANYORI — The Kandorese team seems to be in a crisis. After thirteen matches the team has only been able to accumulate 23 points, one of the lowest amounts in any Kandorese qualification campaign. The Kandorese national team is ranked 30th but is clinching a fifth place in group 9 of the qualifiers. "An absolute disappointing result, unworthy for Kandorith" was the slogan on social media. A lot of people were not shy of celebrating the last two wins though, but a lot have not forgotten the absolute devastating games the team has played so far. It has been a few matches after the resignation of Hayabusa; but Watanabe seems to be not much of a change. For the Kandorese team the countdown has really started though and any other results than winning could spell disaster.

The team has been trying to undo the disappointing spell they have been playing so far without great results. The most painful matches for the fans are without doubt the derbies against Græntfjall and Baggieland, where the Kandorese players lost all their grip on the games. However there is a small hope, Watanabe's new insights have seemingly worked in multiple areas and the team seems more confident on the field after his changes. The new manager however said there was no time for optimism yet as there's "way more work to do". The new manager has already stated that the problems with the Kandorese team are not only the responsibility of the managers, coaching staff, but also the organization of the KFA as a whole. "From a disappointing two seasons in the First League to corruption at the top, there have been decisions which have weakened the position of football in our nation subsequently." He stated in his previous press moment.

Watanabe has also hinted he would change his coaching staff around, which might mean an end for the longest serving team in the history of Kandorese international football. One thing is for sure, there will not be much left of the Hayabusa era of Kandorese football. Watanabe himself still holds hope as he already stated he would try his best to manage Kandorith to at least a second spot, but has also said no one should be hoping for miracles when it just comes down to hard work. It seems that the new era of Kandorese football is a more communal effort as Watanabe himself tends to use social media to do Q&As with fans of the team and to talk about what his plans are when it comes to the national squad.

For the fans however, the only thing that will matter are the upcoming games. The Kandorese will face South Covello and Nephara next, statistically the toughest opponents. These two matches have to be won with convincing play to still have a chance for qualification or not being humiliated at least. A win against South Covello is one of the most important things to do as the table sits right now as they sit on top of the group in a very strong position with 29 points. Group 9 has become one of the most contested groups of the tournament as there's only marginal differences between points from the numbers two to the number seven and almost anything could, theoretically, still happen. It is all up to the resilience of the Kandorese national football team and their determination, along with Watanabe's game plan to turn the disappointment of the current campaign around. Hopefully the Kandorese team can pull itself back up from where they are now and the new game plan will lead to a bright new future for football within the Empire.

Group 9                                 Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 South Covello 13 10 2 1 29 10 +19 32
2 Nephara 13 7 4 2 27 17 +10 25
3 Græntfjall 13 7 4 2 24 15 +9 25
4 Indusse 13 7 4 2 30 18 +12 25
5 Kandorith 13 6 5 2 23 19 +4 23
6 Baggieland 13 4 3 6 30 29 +1 15
7 Garbelia 13 3 1 9 17 30 −13 10

8 Sett Forest 13 2 3 8 14 26 −12 9
9 Pluvia and the Saxean Isles 13 2 2 9 19 34 −15 8
10 Quemorr Isles 13 2 2 9 18 33 −15 8
Great Empire of Kandorith | 大宮来国 | Dai Kanyori Teikoku

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Shinonome Kyoai Headlines:
BREAKING NEWS: Hiyashi Corporation to unveil strategy for the coming year. ● Winter celebrations in full swing throughout the nation, celebrating the ending of the year and asking the gods for a prosperous 2021.

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Postby Sylestone » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:20 pm

The user behind Vdara has issues with sleep. So I did this.

"Firetruck" is me
"Country Roads Take Me Home" is Vdara

Hmm, that's actually a good idea, isn't it?

My favourite letter of the alphabet

Let's keep on going.
As well as telling him to go to sleep, y'know.



Which sources? Show me.

I have sources too. Fight me.

What the fuck is that. That's not a fucking source.

It's a land gull.

If you say so.

Did the yam sweet potato work?


No caption required.

Not you?

Not you.

Good question.

Oh no. Negative RP bonus for me.

The only thing I gleaned from that was Dijon Mustard.

About time.

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Postby Murphtannia » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:27 pm

Despite qualification hopes being ended, Murphy secures job.

Going into the game against Sajnur qualification was over all but in math. Still this was an important game as Sajnur lay in 6th place, and if Murphy was to build on his last World Cup performances, he needed to finish 5th, so this was a must win to try and close the quite large gap between the 2 sides.

However this would not come to pass, as in the 102,000 capacity national stadium, Murphtannia were torn apart. Ahmed Nazar started the scoring after Par Jazu whipped in a brilliant cross, as Nazar jumped to get his head on it, it rifled into the top right.

Not long after in the 34th minute, Basuli Maktar worked his way into a 1 on 1 with Ball, managing to make a fool out of the keeper, as he went to ground Maktar easily chipped him and wheeled away in celebration.

During the second half Murphtannia continued their average performance, with Saunders getting the best chance of the game for Murphtannia, shooting from outside the box forcing a brilliant save from Alek Kahdur. Parjazu would then add a goal to his assist in this game, collecting the ball on the wing before working his way into the box and slotting the ball into the bottom right to make it 3-0.

In the 70th minute Sajnur ruled out any possibility of a comeback when Ciuru came off the bench to scored a volley from outside the box. The win for Sajnur left Murphtannia 10 points adrift of 6th place.

However any pressure starting to build up on Murphy would be dissipated again, as Murphtannia played at home to 5th placed Tioguldos.

The game was an entertaining one, with both sides being fairly balanced and playing attacking football, however to the surprise of those in the stands, Alex Saunders was played in by Murphy, the 2 striker’s developing an excellent partnership, and Saunders smashed it into the top right in the 70th minute of the game.

The team celebrated and so did the fans, even though the news would arrive later that qualification was now mathematically impossible, for the second world cup in a row Murphtannia would be missing out.

With Sajnur also winning Murphtannia rose to 7th place, still 10 points off the targeted 6th place, but the recent win had largely secured Murphy’s job and had given Murphtannia hope that they could still finish higher than last season.

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VIII. Sent away horses

Postby Balqia » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:42 pm

The manager stood there, spitting empty words that fell on deaf ears. The player’s faces varied in expression, but the feeling of failure was shared by all of them alike. Even though they knew Balqia stood no chance, even though they were sure that pack of strangers, united by the despair of a man that thought to be above a nation, they still had the dim hope of winning, the childish dream of being the underdog that classified against all odds. But the reality crushed this silliness, bringing with it the despair of facing facts.
Sugarcane was indifferent to all of that. Being a champion for her whole life gave her the knowledge of the foolishness of prizes. Yes, she won again and again, but to what cost? As a horse she would never enjoy those prizes, her oath still was dry as sand and the doctors never stopped looking at her as an animal, an object for it’s owners glory. In the World Cup it wasn’t different.
It was a joke from the beginning, a mistake by a trainee or a misunderstood by some clueless civil servant, it didn’t matter, she became the fool of the Team. The first articles about a horse in the World Cup attracted the laughs and smiles of the public, but soon the novelty vanquished in the collective memoir. Then, it came, her first match. The poor animal was placed in front of a goal with only a piece of black cloth protecting it from the balls thrown by confused players.
Four games passed with her terror being fed by the cruelty and greed of the bureaucracy. Finally Zanos returned, putting an end to her suffering. Or so it appeared, soon Sugarcane would stood in the field, for Andrev was considered unfit for duty that day. Seven times the ball managed to pass through her, but for many more times she flinched in fear.
Now, with the declassification assured, she was sure of peace, for the Management and coaching alike agreed on putting she at rest while Andrev played the role of a Goalkeeper.
— But what about the horse?
Asked Topolin after the end of the speech by the manager.
The boy developed a strange rivalry with Sugarcane. A simple poll stroke his vanity by electing the poor animal as the most popular player. From this poll onward the youngster could only think about revenging himself from the horse in a game it never intended to partake. It all became worse once Sugarcane was gifted with a special prize by the government, a reward for the love of the public that amused itself with the sheer confusion of a horse where it shouldn’t be.
— It will be sent to the farm, so it will not be able to play in the last games.
Replied the Vice-Manager with her always fake voice.
The prize, as the Vice-Manager said, was a trip to some farm in the interior of the country where Sugarcane would spend some weeks to relieve the stress of being put in a field full of aggressive humans. The government was also going to run some tests, to guarantee that no harm was done to it’s precious horse in the foreign lands.
As soon as the other questions where answered Sugarcane was guided to it’s transportation, a small cage in the back of a van. Some straws in the floor made it a little more bearable, but no straw could make it less claustrophobic. Miklos always complaint about it, but no finger was lifted to change the way that the horse was dealt with.
And so the doctor arrived, the old physician that had to learn how to give sedatives to a horse. He never smiled near Sugarcane. Dr. Kaganoviq was another foe of the horse, for he considered her the greatest shame in his career. “To apply sedatives in a horse was no job for a respectable man as him, who spent more than sixteen years studying humans!” he said, but the Sport Ministry never listened, forcing him to swallow his pride and do his job.
Dr. Kaganoviq took the ampoule from his bag and prepared the medicine that would make her fall asleep, making sure that the plane wasn’t going to have a horse moving around during flight. The needle was bright, and with much caution it approached her soft fur.
The instant that the needle tore open her flesh, the clear liquid of the sedative relaxed and expanded her pupils.
69th Baptism of Fire - 2nd Place;
82th World Cup - 5th place of group 6;
83th World Cup - 4th place of group R;
84th World Cup - 5th place of group 11;
85th World Cup - 4th place of group 6.

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Postby Mytanija » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:56 pm

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

“What do you lot want, anyway?” Éléonore asked. She could barely conceal the venom in her voice. She had to keep off the topic of Tomica as much as possible, she hoped he didn’t come back to the flat, her mind was racing at ways she could let him know it wasn’t safe but there wasn’t anything she could do now. She just had to try get them out as quickly as possible and hope he didn’t come in. She was trying to act unbothered, but she knew the worry was writ-large across her face, she tried to throw them off: “I’ve not been using the hard stuff for ages now and I’ve not been on the game, I wish you lot would piss off and leave me alone.”

“No, Éléonore, it’s not about that.” The woman started. The man was looking around the flat, he looked in the kitchen and then headed towards the bedroom. Fuck, some of Tomica’s stuff was in there.

“Hey!” Éléonore shouted. “What the fuck is going on here? If you’re gonna search my flat at least show me a fucking warrant first. You can’t just be rooting around in my business, going wherever you like.”

“Sorry.” The man smirked, before walking into the lounge and sitting on one of the sofas. “We’re not here to search your flat Éléonore. I’m Tomas, this is Eva. We’re investigating the theft of four pieces of priceless art from the Central Art Museum. We have reason to believe that a man named Tomica Vjeranovic is behind the theft.”

Fuck. Well there it was. They must be onto him, Éléonore thought. How the hell had they worked that one out? They had been so careful, he hadn’t been out of the Votavova in weeks and when he did go out to do stuff he wasn’t out long. The Policija that were around didn’t hang about for long because their vehicles got pelted with stones by the neighbourhood’s kids. Unless they had some undercover cops, or something, Éléonore mind was racing.

“Erm, are you alright Éléonore?” The woman, Eva, asked. “You’ve gone white as a sheet.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Éléonore replied, sitting down on the sofa, she felt panicky. “I’m okay. I just don’t like having you pigs here, rooting around my house!”

“Well, that’s alright.” Eva said. “We won’t be here for long. We just have to ask you a few questions about Tomica Vjeranovic. You used to be in a relationship with him, yes?”

“Kind of. It’s a long story. It was a while ago.” Éléonore said, trying not to give too much information.

“We just need to know when you last heard from in. When he was in touch with you, where you saw him. That sort of thing. We know he’s been around the Votavova in the past couple of months. We think he might have been the one behind the letters to the Gazeta Mytanija, I don’t know if you saw them.” Eva explained. Obviously Éléonore did know, but she had to try and not let these two know that. So far she wasn’t sure she was doing a great job.

“Well, where to start I suppose.” Éléonore said. The two officers looked at each other, Éléonore laughed. “No, nothing like that, I haven’t seen him in a long, long time. He went out of the country a few years ago and that was the last I saw him. I think he called a few times a few months after, but I didn’t bother responding. Tomica was someone who was constantly doing his own thing, he was too flaky to maintain any sort of relationship, even a friendship, with.”

“But you were in a relationship with him then?” Tomas asked quizzically.

“I suppose you could call it that. It was casual really. Nothing serious.” Éléonore tried to play it all down. She needed them out of the flat as soon as possible.

“How did you get to know him then? Did he come to you when you were working as a prostitute? Isn’t he a lot older?” Tomas asked. Eva, the woman, looked at him with a thunderous glare on her face. That might not have been the tack they were supposed to take with this interview. Éléonore was used to it though.

Éléonore wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. She wanted to tell him to leave her alone. She could tell that he – a Policija officer – was stood there silently judging her for being a prostitute and a former addict, for the things she had to do to survive. She couldn’t do any of that though, she had to get them to leave, the longer they were here the worse it was. Tomica could walk in at any moment. The game would be up. She didn’t have to cover for Tomica, but he also offered her a way out, she also got on with him quite well. It was true that their relationship was odd, more two people being thrown together and finding a way to cope alongside one another than any natural spark of love.

“No. I used to buy drugs off him. He realised what the drugs were doing to people and then stopped selling drugs. He helped me get clean.” Éléonore said.

“He’s tried to paint a picture of him being someone who only takes from the rich. Would you say that’s true about him?” Tomas asked.

“He never liked rich people, or politicians,” Éléonore answered. “He sold drugs to make ends meet I think. He stopped when he realised that it was bad for the people he sold them too. I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“You seem to feel a bit defensive about him?”

“Haha, I’m defensive because I have two pigs sat in my living room. I’ve told you what you wanted to know, I haven’t seen him in a long time, haven’t heard from him. Nothing. I’m also not taking any drugs at the moment, nor am I a prostitute. I think that covers everything, yes? So I’d appreciate it if you leave, I have nothing else to tell you.” Éléonore said firmly.

“Okay, alright.” Eva said. “If there’s anything else you want to tell us I’ll leave my card here. Anything you tell us will be in complete confidence, okay? I’ll just leave it here.” She added, putting the card on the arm of the sofa. She stood up and looked down at Tomas.

“Alright then.” He said, sighing. He seemed disappointed. “Please do get in touch Ms. Bobec.” He added, turning to walk towards the door of the flat.

“Yeah, I probably won’t.” Éléonore replied. She followed the two officers towards the door, ushering them out. Tomas opened the door, Éléonore nearly pushed them out. “Thanks, goodbye. Yeah, see you later.” The door slammed behind them, the air colder outside greeting them. Éléonore nearly started having a panic attack, simultaneously breathing heavily and somehow struggling to get any air into her lungs. How had they known to come here? Were they watching them? Their questions hadn’t been about anything too recent which was good, but were they just trying to lay traps? Had that Tomas left something in the flat to monitor it when he was looking around? Had Éléonore not spotted him do it?

Outside, Tomas and Eva headed down the walkway towards the steps which would take them down to ground level. The old couple who had been playing cards had gone inside now, even they had perhaps cottoned on that they were two members of the Policija.

“You shouldn’t have taken that line of questioning with her Tomas.” Eva said angrily. “She was never going to open up with you asking about her past.”

“What else could I ask her? We didn’t know when she was in touch with him.”

“I didn’t mean that, but asking her about the prostitution and what sort of person he is. If they were in a relationship together she’s not going to want to talk about her being a prostitute or how he sold her drugs, is she?”

“Whatever. She’s hiding something I reckon. Did she see how she reacted when I was going to look in the bedroom?”

“I know. I thought she wanted us out of there as soon as possible too.”

“He could have been hiding in that bloody bedroom for all we know.”

“I doubt it, but who knows. Maybe there’s some old stuff of his or something.”

“We’ll have to mention it to Mirko. Get some regular eyes on this place so that we can see if she is in contact with him. We know he’s been in the Votavova over the past month or two. I reckon they’ve definitely been in contact at some point.”

“Yeah, probably.” Eva replied. “Just try to be a bit more delicate if we’re in that sort of situation next time, yeah? We might get more information that way. These people don’t want to speak to cops, we’ve got to make them want to tell us things.”

“Alright, god.” Tomas said as they moved down the steps to ground level. The group of young men were still there looking across at them. “Your admirers are still there.”

“Don’t talk to me about that, come on, let’s get out of here.”

Goalkeepers: 1. Pedja Kasun (Ararat Severyan), 12. Lazar Obradovic (Liria Prizren), 23. Zafer Muminovic (Tekstil Ibon)
Defenders: 2. Srdan Vukovic (1896 Ebor), 3. Mojmir Anac (Olympic Thessia), 15. Grigorij Savicevic (Atletik Thessia), 5. Petr Isaev (Crvena Zvezda); 25. Patrik Odonelec (Atletik Thessia), 4. Kamil Jernejec (Olympic Thessia), 27. Osman Muhic (Liria Prizren), 16. Branko Nikolov (Liria Prizren)
Midfielders: 6. Alen Hrdaljko (CDSA), 7. Tahir Fejzuli (Mâ Âlâmëómë [FFD]), 8. Dalibor Vlahovic (Ararat Severyan), 10. Jasno Odonelec (Atletik Thessia), 11. Boris Kalinic (Workers Union [EUR]); 17. Branko Brkljacic (Atletik Thessia), 18. Vilim Kupresak (Olympic Thessia), 33. Sefir Ajanovic (Stade Yvelines [PRH]), 34. Sasa Zebic (Olympic Thessia), 20. Maks Shishkin (Energija-Nuklearna), 36. Kemal Gajic (Arka Snezhnaya)
Forwards: 9. Jezdimir Ocokoljic (Atletik Thessia); 21. Zlatan Andrijasevic (Atletik Thessia); 40. Dejan Zgela (CDSA)
Federal Republic of Mytannion

Capital: Esca
Population: c. 49,600,000
Demonym: Mytanar

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Postby Flavovespia » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:59 pm


Late goal gives Flavovespia 3 points in Acronius


Flavovespia won 0-1 in Acronius, in a first win against a side in the group in Pots 1-6. Whilst the 0-1 win wasn’t exactly a hall of fame display of football, it marked a key milestone that Flavovespia had managed to overcome in these qualifiers.

Alan Young made 5 changes to the squad that lost 1-4 to Cassadaigua. Tony Gardner made his predicted return, but Alexander May finally returned to a starting role as a centre back. Also back in goal was Aarif Muhammad, now preferred to David Meehan. Kieron Player dropped to the bench, Jonathan Feld returning to left centre midfield in the narrow diamond. Up front, and an arguably overdue start for Mark Paul, Ramon Martin now on the bench.

The match was slow to see much action in the beginning. The midfield was crowded, thanks to the narrow diamond shape Flavovespia now played with, and the 4-3-3 (DM) of Acronius. The wingers of Acronius, Loïc Taubira and Antony Saint-Saëns looked to spread the play out wide, but wing backs David Lyons and David Blythe of Flavovespia had their number. David Pascale also couldn’t get into the game, May and Gardner proving to be the effective centre back pairing Flavovespia hoped for early on.

Mark Paul had the first notable chance of the game in the 19th minute. Steven Hall’s lofted ball through the centre was met by Paul, holding off Jérôme Karam. Karam however kept with Paul, and got a foot in to block Paul’s shot, sending it out for a corner. James King then delivered a poor corner, as it curled out of play without anyone getting close to it. The early play indicated a game of few goals it seemed, especially given the goalless draw these sides played out previously.

Throughout the first half, possession favoured Acronius, but there was just a lack of a good clear cut chance throughout the half. The closest chance was on the half hour mark, Antony Saint-Saëns, strugging to get down the wing, cut inside instead, and shot from 25 metres out. It was a good effort, with plenty of curl on it, but not enough to beat Aarif Muhammad. Restored to the Flavovespian starting 11, Aarif Muhammad looked like he’d not spent any time off the pitch with a good save to stop that effort. 0-0 at half-time wasn’t unexpected, but both sides would’ve wanted a bit more.

Hopes for an exciting second half were raised in the 50th minute, when James King went direct for goal from a free kick. Michael Rowland was beaten, but the ball smacked the upright, and bounced away, with David Garner getting the critical clearance to avoid a follow-up tap-in for anyone in yellow. That was the closest either side had come to scoring in this encounter, and it got the crowd a bit more interested.

As the minutes ticked on, the game did begin to open up. Acronius pushed more forward, in the hopes of finding a breakthrough and not settling for a point. The wingers were cutting inside more, to try and take shots at goals. There were a fair few half-chances, but Aarif Muhammed proved capable in dealing with them all. Tony Gardner and Alexander May were also looking strong at the back, the change in line-up proving effective.

The breakthrough finally came 8 minutes before the end, and it was Flavovespia who got the all-important goal. James King had the ball out wide on the right flank, and went it alone, with substitute Ian Johnson holding a deeper defensive line than David Blythe did. King angled in a low through ball towards the penalty spot. Scott Coleman was quickest to it, and with none of the defence able to get a block in, Coleman was in prime position. A quick first-time shot beat Michael Rowland, and gave Flavovespia the lead. The away side were delighted, with just minutes to hold on now.

Acronius threw everything forward looking for an equaliser, but couldn’t find a way through a tough Flavovespia defence. A few promising passes fell wayward, and in injury time Flavovespia nearly equalised. Substitute Ramon Martin was nearly clean through on goal with nobody to stop him, but Roger Meyo had just enough pace left in him to get back and knock the ball away, before Martin could take a shot. Nevertheless, it was still a win for Flavovespia.

Flavovespia’s 0-1 win over Acronius means that they finally have a win against a side outside of the bottom 4 pots. Furthermore they now have 4 games away from home without losing, a turnaround in fortunes after a slow start. Flavovespia move up to 6th, due to Muralos suffering a heavy 7-1 loss in Cassadaigua. TJUN-ia won 1-3 in the struggling Nacaltora, to keep hold of 2nd place. 1-3 was the margin for Busoga Islands over Hispinas, as they keep up their pursuit for 2nd place. Finally, Central Shaneville vs Havynwilde was a real goal-fest, and the visitors eventually came out 5-6 winners.


Flavovespia continue to enjoy their travels


Flavovespia kept up a good streak of away form with a win in Muralos in the last Matchday. This win is the 5th in a row without loss away from home for Flavovespia, as they look towards a better closing half of the qualifying campaign.

No changes were made to the squad that beat Acronius 0-1, with Alan Young favouring consistency this time. It was a good win for Flavovespia against Acronius, even if the match itself wasn’t as action-filled as some others these qualifiers. Nevertheless the team were optimistic going into this match.

Despite the early optimism and difference in ranking between the sides, Muralos started off the better of the two sides. The team in turquoise were enjoying a lot of the ball and a lot of attacks in the early exchanges. Galina Shchedrina was performing well, her passing was creating opportunities, and Tony Gardner and Alexander May had to be on their toes all the time to prevent Valora Lin or Adamo Brava having clear cut opportunities.

Muralos were knocking on the door, but had to contend with Aarif Muhammad as well, showing some great form. Twice he plucked some dangerous crosses out of the air, and did well to read Johano Abramovich’s long, curling shot, to tip it away from danger just after the half hour mark. It felt like Muralos had a real chance to take points out of this game.

The hard work of Muralos however, came unstuck in the 37th minute. Rodion Markov’s clearance was intercepted by Steven Hall inside the Muralos half. A quick one-two with Scott Coleman opened up space for Steven Hall. He drove forward into the box, and shot with power. Markov got fingertips to the ball, but not enough to deflect it away from goal. Steven Hall had the opening goal of the game, against the run of play, but Flavovespia were going to take what they could. Muralos had little opportunity to equalise before half-time, and so it was 0-1 at the break.

The momentum Muralos had prior to the opening goal seemed to have been lost as the second half began. Now behind, it felt like the extra pressure on them was leading to more little errors here and there, and sustained pressure was hard to maintain. That said the Flavovespian’s weren’t immune, Jonathan Feld had a shot so off-target, it went out for a throw-in, to the amusement of his teammates. Brava got on the end of a high cross by Abramovich in the 62nd minute, but got too much air on the ball and floated it well over the ball.

Flavovespia doubled the lead in the 69th minute. James King’s free kick in the box wasn’t cleared well, and Jonathan Feld was able to fire the ball back into the box. This time Scott Coleman got there first, and at close range placed it beyond the reach of Markov or any of the defence of Muralos. That goal gave Flavovespia a much more comfortable lead, with just 20 minutes to defend it.

Despite being 2 goals down at home, Muralos dug in and were determined to fight their way back into this game. The changes made to the side were positive, and certainly put Flavovespia on the back foot for the final stages of the game. However the defence of Flavovespia looked resolute, and any time there was a breach, Aarif Muhammad looked assured in goal. Muralos attacked well, but just couldn’t get the first goal needed to mount a potential comeback.

Flavovespia won 0-2 in the end, a second consecutive clean sheet and away win. Furthermore it’s now 5 games away from home without a loss. Cassadaigua keep their unbeaten record in the whole group, a 1-3 win at Havynwilde their 11th win of the group. TJUN-ia won 4-3 over Central Shaneville, giving them a great chance of at least 2nd in the group now. Busoga Islands won 1-0 over Nacaltora, an unlucky 13th loss in a row for the visitors. Acronius also won, 2-5 at Hispinas. However the 7 wins and 1 draw for TJUN-ia, since their loss to Cassadaigua, means they’re ever closer to at least 2nd in the group. Flavovespia now must almost certainly beat Havynwilde, then win in TJUN-ia, and hope the latter have a collapse, if qualifying dreams are to live on. Otherwise, it’ll be a battle for a consolation prize in terms of group finish, and maybe a berth to the Cup of Harmony.

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Postby The Gothanita Isles » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:05 pm

U-Koro 1-2 TGI
Lineup for TGI (4-2-3-1): Thulile Bolkvadze (c); Jeanette Ross, Abu Bakr Ekmekçi, Den Benjaminson, Charlee Harel; Amalija Bothe (Chloe Brewster 61'), Remus McQueen; Grigorii McCrory (Marino Barros 82'), Ladislava Tyler, Adelia Kelly; Abdelkader Kartal
Cards: Grigorii McCrory 38' (yellow)
Goals: Unknown 42'
Goals: Adelia Kelly 16' (assist by Tyler); Den Benjaminson 78'

TGI 1-1 Hamtpon Island
@ Hangor Stadium, Alor Hangor, Jerbula State, Otksarin, Melayu Archipelago (cap. 73,240)
Lineup for TGI (4-2-3-1): Thulile Bolkvadze (c); Jeanette Ross, Timotheos Dunn, Saif al-Din Kartal, Charlee Harel; Sardar Chaplin, Remus McQueen; Stefanie Salzwedel, Chloe Brewster, Cyneburga London; Adelia Kelly
Cards: None
Goals: Cyneburga London 19'
Goals: Daquan Perlino 33'

The Poolside Evening News
Unable to get past solid defence, Yellow Lions takes a point
Alor Hangor - The Yellow Lions grabs a point from 2nd seed Hampton Island to ensure that the team maintains a gap of 7 points behind leaders Pasarga and South Newlandia, ahead of a streak of important matches that begins with Garifunya away and continues with Bluecliff at home, Tumbra away, before 6-pointers against South Newlandia away and Pasarag at home to round up the group stage of the campaign.

The defence was extremely on point for both sides today, as the number of shots were limited to a grand total of 11 throughout the game. The Yellow Lions managed 6, but it wasn't because the frontline wasn't capable enough. Rather, the Hampton Island defenders were extremely awake and they did a solid play that reminded the home fans of that teams' form on the way to winning Esportiva regionals earlier in the year. In a surprise change, Adelia Kelly led the line against Hampton Island, and while Kelly looked slightly out of place, her pace and ability to cause havoc really caused some trouble at the start, and she was able to work with Cyneburga London to score a goal in the 19th minute. However, the Golden Bears managed to find a brilliant response through a really solid link-up player that our players were not able to catch, allowing Daquan Perlino to equalise in the 33rd minute. After that, it was just a question of whether the defence could break, but nothing was giving way, and in the end, both settled for a 1-1 draw, a result which both sides would certainly prefer to a loss.

Manager Zahi Castillas made some comments after the game. "I wouldn't say we were at 100% game performance this time, but I think we did around 80% and that is pretty well. Maybe we could have done better with the counter-attack. Maybe the pressure against the visitors could be better. We will definitely review this game like all the previous ones, trying to tell ourselves where we should work on as we take on our next opponents."

For The Gothanita Isles, the 1 point carries them to 4th place, 1 point behind Tumbra, and 7 points behind top 2 teams, namely Pasarga and South Newlandia. The draw may be terrible, but it allows The Gothanita Isles some breathing space ahead of battles against a bunch of tricky opponents. And Zahi personally sees that the fixtures ahead will be "good tests" for the team to see if they have really improved from the start of qualifiers. "Not going to lie, I never really thought this group was an easy group. And to be in this position after the explosive earlier performances meant that our team is slowly improving. I am feeling really optimistic. It isn't ego-boosting to say our team definitely has some chance of stealing one of the top 2 spots, because I believe our players have the potential and ability to close the upcoming games. The next week will be important. Away game at Garifunya and Tumbra, together with a home game against Bluecliff. 7 points would be my target, if we can grab all 9 that would be fantastic. But really, at this stage, we just have to do our best, and with teams so close to each other, anything can and will happen."

The Handorian News Network
WCQ Group 18 - The true Group of Death?
At the start of qualifiers, it was widely believed that other groups are the Group of Deaths this tournament. Some pointed at Group 5. Others pointed at Group 15. Some even mentioned Group 17 as another example. But really, our group has often been missed out in many of those "group to watch" reports, and suddenly, we are now thrust into the spotlight with possibly the tightest race to the finish with as many as 7 teams well capable of spinning out excellent performances. All these teams are able to either take a top 2 spot, or throw a spanner into another's run. Absolute absolute craziness.

Just look at the table and you will see why. Top 2 teams are top seeds Pasarga and...3rd seeds South Newlandia with 29 points each. While 29 points is average for 2nd place, 29 points is the lowest among all 1st placed teams. And don't get us wrong, we think that Pasarga is a really good team. It is probably that this team has too many matchups where the Wanderers can slip up in. Following the top 2, unranked Tumbra is in 3rd, our Gothanita Isles team is in 4th, 2nd seeds Hampton Island in 5th, with 7th seeds Bluecliff League and 4th seeds Valladares, both level on points, in 6th and 7th respectively. While Tumbra is 6 points behind the top 2, only 4 separates 3rd and 7th. A very tight race as you see.

Our Yellow Lions somehow did better this time as compared to the last. Last cycle, the team exploded real hard, going on a long streak without scoring, being the lowest-scoring team in the entire qualifiers. This time, we are really in the mix for the top 2 spots, though saying we are going to get it will be a bit too early. There are lots of match-ups between these 7 teams that have yet to play out, and the race can only get tighter.

But honestly, our group is the hardest. Have we not convinced you as such?
The Incorporated States of The Gothanita Isles (GTI)
"4 states, 1 isles."
Members of the Isles include: North Handoria, South Jeolerina, Hallikshire and Otksarin.

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Postby Savojarna » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:10 pm

Savojarna’s prime news source for international readers

KPS secure lead, Grand Coalition likely
Sjoedrhavn/Vestrholm - After the first results of yesterday’s National Assembly election, it looks like Iivo Paavanen’s bid for the EC just about fell short. His Communists managed to secure a narrow lead over Sundby’s Labour Party bid, but the coalition of KPS and KPS-I fails to secure an absolute majority. Leninist support would still just about fall short of the required 125 MNAs to swear in a new Cabinet.

First, cheers erupt at the base of the KPS election campaign in central Sjoedrhavn; then, a moment later, shock as the first mental mathematics are over. The Communist Party saw its power further erode, with Labour coming into striking distance for the first time ever; three seats is the closest the difference between KPS and AP has ever been. With the KPS-I now an increasingly uneasy ally of the Communists, the times when no party could govern without the KPS are over; now, even the duo may not be sufficient anymore. Together with their independent allies, the Communists secure 101 seats, 24 short of the required majority. The much heralded tenuous alliance of KPS, KPS-I and LKPS, dubbed the Upper Coalition (according to the more authoritarian bent of its members), still lacks four mandates, leaving the nation in chaos.


Greens: 1 seat / SU: 25 seats / AP: 60 seats / KPS-I: 38 seats
KPS: 63 seats / LKPS: 20 seats / LB: 31 seats / PSR: 6 seats / KDPS: 6 seats

The AP, similarly, broke into reluctant cheers at their own party headquarters, only a few metres down from the KPS’ Perl Kruger House. Coming closer than ever to the biggest party is nice for the AP, but frustrates their dreams of getting the lead; together with their syndicalist allies, they manage only 85. This undercuts their plan of offering alliance to the KPS-I, as this sort of “betrayal” would not land the independents in government: a combined 123 seats may be closer than the Upper Coalition, but still not enough; even the 124 resulting from adding the newly elected member of the Green Party would be insufficient.

The ball is, for now, in the court of the KPS, who will traditionally be the first to propose an Executive Committee to the NA. In his speech after the results, Paavanen stated the necessity to keep an open mind, as well as his absolute priority on forming a KPS-led government. “The people have spoken, and the people must be respected”, he said. “The KPS have a plurality of the support in this country, and this is what is has made the difference tonight. I don’t think we can speak of democracy if we are not involved in this government, when we have the support of a quarter of the nation”.

While he has not proposed any plans yet, many have read his words as an invitation to the Labour Party for a grand coalition, featuring the KPS-I as well. Such a formation would have a supermajority of 161 votes; not enough to bypass the People’s Council, but a significant lead over the opposition. Others have interpreted his words to mean he is seeking out to make the Upper Coalition happen, perhaps with support of independent members of the PSR or the Christian Democrats. For both parties, it would be the first Executive Committee relying on their support in party history. Others suggest a minority Committee with case-by-case support from Syndicalists or Labour; a fragile but compromise-oriented solution.

Across the road, Astridur Halldorsdottir has found sharper words for her Labour comrades. “I do not believe that we can be ignored after this result. This has shown that there is a demand for more housing, more agency, and most importantly more democracy in this country, and we need to find the best way of making our voice heard - be it in government, or in opposition. We owe it to our voters not to chase a seat in a Committee that does not stand for these values, nor for any AP policies. We will negotiate, but we will negotiate from a position of strength and refuse to be window-dressing”, she stated in a fiery speech many took to mean that the AP may not be very interested in a Grand Coalition. Chairwoman Candidate Sundby echoed the sentiment, although in a more conciliant tone, and proposing the idea of minority support for an Upper Coalition.

Amanda Nejström, party leader of the Communist Party of Savojarna - Independents, has only made a short speech to her supporters and followers, focusing primarily on thanking her allies and volunteers. The KPS-I, she said, is now considering all options and choosing the one best aligned with its own interests; a vague statement that left little to take out of. She also refused to talk with reporters, making the KPS-I an unknown. Their position is uneasy, as they cannot play kingmaker on their own, but can trouble government formation. There are turbulent times coming up in Savojar politics, and the numbers may work out in many different ways.

Daily Headlines

Green Party manages historic entry into National Assembly
Savojagrad/Russica - In what many dub Savojarna’s most cosmopolitan city, Green Party candidate Jonas Naparenko managed a historic feat. The 43 year old climate scientist of the University of Savojagrad won 39.7% of the vote in his district, making him the first Green Party member in the party history to join the National Assembly. He aims to take important steps towards a more renewable and sustainable future of Savojarna, citing energy as his core interest.

Hedestad refuses cooperation with Executive Committee
Sjoedrhavn/Vestrholm - Frederik Hedestad, the leader of the Liberal Block, has clearly denied his party’s attempts to join the EC. After the LB has managed a strong result, edging out both the Syndicalists and the Leninists, some have rumoured that his 31 man strong faction may be a player in negotiating a new Committee. Hedestad himself has categorically refused such a move, saying that he will never be a member of an EC that is not committed to significant reforms towards private enterprise; something neither of the major parties will be able to consider.

Savojar national team looking to secure World Cup Playoffs in away double-header
Högvald/Vestrholm - Victory for Savojarna’s national football team in Netop and Saint-Domingue in the upcoming week would lead to getting ten points ahead of Saint-Domingue and therefore secure participation in the World Cup Playoffs, as well as a match point for direct qualification at home against Abanhfleft. Coach Mikaela Rangren has shown some optimism, stating that her team will be up to the task and seeking to lock in their tickets as soon as possible.

Lineups for the second week of qualifying

vs. Netop: Virulainen - Kiivälä, Zirkova, Forsberg, Nurkanen - Klaebo, Maersk - Rajala, Poulsen, Jashkin - Jacobsen
Bench: Pakanen, Pedersen, Nymark, Nurkanen, Ilkkanen, Lundell, Voynov, Grivoshenko, Smolov
vs. Saint-Domingue: Pakanen - Pedersen, Zirkova, Forsberg, Skov - Ilkkanen, Maersk - Voynov, Lundell, Jashkin - Jacobsen
Bench: Virulainen, Pedersen, Nymark, Skov, Klaebo, Poulsen, Rajala, Grivoshenko, Smolov
MT socialist (mostly) island state - Cultural mixture of Scandinavia, Finland and Russia -Exports iron, steel, silver and wood - Low fantasy in terms of animal species - Sports-loving - 22.8 million inhabitants.

The adjective is Savojar; Savojarnan is not a word!
I am a student of (European) politics, ice hockey fan, left-wing communist bordering on anarchy, and European federalist. Enjoy!

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Postby Omerica » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:14 pm

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The Green Movement propose former Omerica international footballer as its presidential candidate
Opposition leader Callum van den Berg publicly backs Casimir Paquet’s candidacy, but the former midfielder still needs 83 more votes to win

Charlescourt — Green Movement members have officially backed a proposal by leader Maëlys Saint-Jean to make former Omerica international footballer Casimir Paquet the party’s official presidential candidate, putting him in contention to become the 21st President of the United Republics.

Incumbent President Christina van der Hout is expected to call federal lawmakers to Charlescourt next month to elect her successor, as under the Instrument of Government (the main document of Omerica’s federal constitution) neither van der Hout nor any of her predecessors can be re-elected to the presidency. Furthermore, according to unwritten convention, the presidency alternates each term between anglophones and gallophones, meaning that the anglophone van der Hout must be succeeded by a gallophone.

Van der Hout, a former trade union leader, was elected to office in the dying days of Alexandra Karamanlis’s Democratic–Reformist coalition government. The opposition Omerican Socialist Party and Green Movement had won enough general elections in the republics to overturn the coalition’s Commons majority when the federal legislature met in Congress, giving then-Leader of the Official Opposition Julie Thibault enough political capital to put forward van der Hout as the Socialist candidate against the government’s candidate constitutional lawyer Jonathan Adebayor. The Green Movement scattered their votes on the first ballot before voting for van der Hout on the second and securing her election to office.

Seven years on, a series of federal by-election losses and changes of government in the republics mean that the governing Socialists have lost their overall majority in the Congress and will once again need the support of at least one other party to elect a new President. However, the combined opposition majority is significantly smaller in this upcoming election—a margin of just six seats over the Socialists—and hinges on the controversial Conservative Party, which commentators and political scientists have identified as “far-right”. As such, electing a president will be politically untenable without some support from the Omerican Socialist Party caucus.

“[H]igh praise” for Paquet
The 51-year-old Casimir Paquet has been considered the favourite for the upcoming presidential election since former Department of Customs and Revenue director and anticorruption icon Carola Lefebvre declared that she would not accept election to the presidency on account of her declining health. Born in the Port Alexandre borough of New Atlia to two Gallophone parents, Paquet played as a midfielder for his hometown club United Philibscostal and the Omerica national team for more than a decade and was part of the team that won qualification to the 74th World Cup finals in Valladares and San José Guayabal. Paquet was later elected to the mostly ceremonial presidency of Omerica’s football governing body ahead of the 82nd World Cup and served in the position for a decade before passing the reigns to former Incorrigibles goalkeeper Frédérique Acardi last year.

“Monsieur Paquet has proven over his term as President of the URSF that he is a worthy candidate for the chief magistracy of the Union,” a representative for Saint-Jean said after Green Movement members overwhelmingly voted to support Paquet in the election. “We firmly believe that Mr Paquet is a unifying figure for Omericans in a time of great division. Now is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that there is more than unites us than divides us.”

Callum van den Berg, head of the Democratic Party of Omerica and Leader of the Official Opposition, has also publicly announced his support for Paquet. “Mr Paquet is a great and conscientious man who knows how to be a team player and possesses the technical capacity to make complex organisations run effectively. His leadership in Omerican football’s governing body gives me and the entire Democratic Party of Omerica full confidence that he will be a worthy successor to Ms van der Hout.”

“I am very honoured to be endorsed for the presidency by the Green Movement,” Paquet stated in a Friendbook post, signalling acceptance of his candidacy. “The president should be a person of great accomplishment who can unite Omericans of all stripes and I am sincerely flattered that Ms Saint-Jean and Mr van den Berg have such confidence in me. I can only pray that if I am elected, that I live up to their high praise.”

Paquet “a cross-party candidate”
The Congress will consist of 545 members: namely the country’s 401 federal deputies and 144 plenipotentiaries; assuming no members are absent or abstain, candidates will need to receive 273 votes to be elected. The Omerican Socialist Party currently hold 270 seats, three short of the necessary majority to elect a President. The support of Democratic and Green leadership effectively gives Paquet 190 votes in the Congress, 83 votes shy of the majority mark. Support from the Reformists would still leave Paquet five votes short of a majority, but would likely persuade the Socialists to back the Métropolitain to prevent the Conservatives from acting as kingmakers.

“The Green Movement’s announcement appears to be a bid to bring to the Socialists and Reformists on board with a cross-party candidate rather than having either of them try to press their own choice,” Federal Academy of Economics and Law political science professor Géorgie van Hull told SFRD stated. “The Green Movement very much do not want to be put back in the kingmaker position they were in during the last Congress and a widely-admired and popular figure like Paquet is a strong presidential candidate that the Socialists and Reformists are very likely to back.”

Even if Thibault’s government does not formally endorse Paquet, a large backbench rebellion could still put him over the 273 mark. A seventeen-deputy group led by Chyle (Free State) deputy Maria Halleran and Deschênes–L’École (Altomare) deputy Olivier Stavros has already called on the government to back Paquet’s candidacy. “Casimir Paquet is a highly qualified candidate and a great choice for our next head of state,” a spokesperson for Halleran told SFRD. “The federal government has every duty to stop the far-right going to the Palais des Rois with the power to crown a new head of state.”

The Omerican Socialist Party, Reformist Party and Conservative Party have not reacted to the announcement by the Green Movement or declared candidates of their own. A spokesperson for Thibault declined to comment when contacted by SFRD. ⚜️
For your reading pleasure
▶ Equestria v Omerica: Incorrigibles supporters nervously await a qualifying six-pointer in Atlantian Oceania
▶ Latest Northern Times opinion poll shows the Socialists clinging on for dear life against the Democrats
▶ Reigning world champions Banija cheered by the home crowd in Ashwell after humiliating Saltstead
▶ Free State voters return Byron Willoughby’s Socialists to Williamstown with a narrow majority
United Republican Soccer Federation
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Equestria v Omerica
World Cup 87 qualification — Matchday Fourteen
Old Sample, Sampleville, Equestria

— and —
Omerica v Beepee
World Cup 87 qualification — Matchday Fifteen
Stade Rue de la Victoire, Éternare, Alleos

Omerica lineup (4–3–3): Valentine Augustin; Alphonse Notley, Charity Kayode, Justin Thyme, Sacha Sepulveda; Red Bolton (captain), Soraya Archambault, Thom Magalhaes; Jessie Beckett, Alexis Chrysanthos, Jamal Ahmad
Substitutes: Antoine Vicario, Alexandra McGuire; Anna Charles, Darcy Francis, Raphaël Martin, Lauren Kerry; Maxime Fournier, Paige Boyce, Nadiya al-Hashim; Maïa Bustos, Jean-François Fernand, Wesley Sawyer

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Postby Krytenia » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:15 pm

Paul Davis pored over his notepad, pencil in hand. The defeat to Farfadillis had been a bump, for sure, but it wasn't the end of the world. The Farves would probably win the group now, but Margaret had at least screwed over Poafmersia. The chink of light was still there, they just needed to win out.

Bongo Johnson, their next opponents, shouldn't be too much of an issue. True, they liked to pack the midfield, but only leaving Bongald up top on his own would allow the defence to press. Do the old Krytenian thing, the Niblick and Navas style of a high line and quick movement of the ball, and they'd fall sure enough.

Southwest Eastnorth would provide the second game of the double-header. His tactics from the away game worked perfectly; no reason not to do that again. The big question would be whether to go for the experience of Ross Green or the enthusiasm of Eddie Bull as the third centre-back.

Then came the headache. By all rights, Davis shouldn't be worried too much about Poafmersia - they'd beaten them five-two at home - but this was a match with a playoff place almost certainly on the line. Anything could happen. Plan A was simple - interrupt the tempo and don't let the opposition set the tone of the game. Let the match come to the Dragons. But what if that didn't work?

Davis had mulled over this question for some time, and was now on Conditional Plan M. This was "level mid-second half, but a man down." It was entirely possible Davis was overthinking this. That train of thought was interrupted by the office door opening.

"Hey boss, you look like you could do with a coffee." Selly Kennedy plonked a large mug of strong coffee on the desk, and his manager nodded and smiled in acknowledgement. "Working out the tactics for the Bongo game, then?"

"Something like that." Bongo Johnson first, thought Davis, and if we need Plan M later...ah, sod it. I can wing it.
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Postby Kohnhead » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:18 pm

Michael White's job is not in doubt

Despite rumors swirling ahead of the World Cup about Michael White and his position as manager of the squad, Marshall Jones the head of the Kohnhead Footballing Committee has recently put those reports to bed following a statement 2-1 win over underachieving yet pot 3 Port Ember. We had been overall eh during this cycle but with the win and despite a subsequent loss to Mapletish, Kohnhead is in 4th place of the Group 19 Table.

Don't let Port Ember's 8th place fool you, this is still a pot 3, top 50 squad that drew us at 2 the first time around at Chicken King Stadium. However this time we would pick up the full three points following our 3-2 loss to Savigliane that many had said almost guaranteed our fate. The first half was goaless yet the second half was filled with them as all three goals in the match came in the latter 45 minutes.

To start things off it was a header by Claire Corton who has been decent this cycle, the long ball was sent in by Sophie Johnson who in her first tournament as a starter has really impressed and has shown why Coach Kohnhead put so much faith into her. Corton went up to get it as she was down the field on the attack and positioned herself perfectly to send the header past the keeper.

Port Ember would not be finished however as they would score in the 66th minute with Donald Vroomen sending one into the bottom right corner past Bertha Sanders to give the match a 1-1 draw and the fans celebrated in appreciation. If you can remember back to IAC 10 when Kohnhead played Port Ember for the first time as complete underdogs who it was that scored the stunning winner to give us the 3-2 win and give us first in the Group then you knew what was coming.

It would be Al Torgan with the beautiful curving strike from the mid left of the box into the far right of the goal to give us the 2-1 lead in the 77th minute. The assist even though she didn't do much would be given to Maltos who had played a simple pass to Torgan before he beat a defender and scored this beauty. We would go defensive and would not break earning the three points from our win against Port Ember.

Following this and our subsequent boost to 4th in the table Marshall Jones officially made the following statement "The rumors regarding Michael White are completely untrue, we have lots of faith in our manager who is still competing in his first qualifiers as our manager. The win last night and the performances throughout this tournament have shown us that we we placed our faith in good hands, the KFC has full confidence in Mr. White and we believe that he will lead our squad to great heights."

Michael White's job may be secure for now but for how long is the question especially after we follow this up with our second 1-0 loss to Mapletish of the cycle and whil we remain in 4th it's looking more difficult to qualify. With just five matches remaining in qualifying Kohnhead sit in 4th place as mentioned before but we are seven points off of 3rd place Eura and 12 off of 2nd place Siovanija & Teusland who are one point behind top of the table Savigliane(!).

Group 19                                Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Savigliane 13 10 1 2 30 13 +17 31
2 Siovanija & Teusland 13 9 3 1 36 17 +19 30
3 Eura 13 7 4 2 27 15 +12 25
4 Kohnhead 13 5 3 5 35 25 +10 18
5 Natanians and Nosts 13 5 3 5 21 23 −2 18
6 Mapletish 13 4 5 4 8 8 0 17
7 Pemecutan 13 4 4 5 22 25 −3 16
8 Port Ember 13 4 3 6 21 19 +2 15
9 Al Qurija 13 3 1 9 14 35 −21 10
10 United Pink States 13 0 1 12 15 49 −34 1

Kohnhead has to face 2nd place Siovanija & Teusland and a loss would eliminate us from passing them at any time in qualifiers, and if we want to have a chance to compete for a playoff spot we need to beat them and beat Natanians and Nosts who we host in the next match and who sit even on points with us. This is the gauntlet part of our schedule and Kohnhead need to capitalize basically go 5-5 in terms of wins and hope results fall our way but as has been said before never tell me the odds.
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Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place

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Postby Geektopia » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:28 pm


Conflict on the coastal area earlier today | Published by Musaronii

As we know, there have been guards situated around the ports of corresponding cities Isleshore, Chiseled Cheddar Bay, and Chiseled Cheddar Port since the week before Saturday, which is when the news came out about a select group of autocratic-leaning peoples who are wanting the monarchial government to stamp out it's remaining policies that promote civil freedoms, lest reality doesn't parallel with their authoritarian fantasy land, they'll tear the country apart with their various connections to Aimenan military leaders. Because if there's one thing that these guys can do, it's beat us once more. Smart thinking, not! Those traitors only held us off once, and it was when the country was having to deal with another less major civil war on our capitol building over a flag design.

On the morning of December the 31st, 6299, people for the first time were acting stupidly because of the civil laws given to them and even now are continuing this stupidity, but that reason shouldn't have warranted a redefinition of the nation's military paranoia, the creation of an Arms Manufacturing race with the other Kwandoan countries such as Aimena and Unimon, and a forty-eight hour military standby on one of the target areas, a delicatessen in CCB. This forty-eight hour standby made the officers and lieutenants who stood by lose in the first place, such a thing called fatigue exists, and added on to that stipulation, there were only six military officials. So you have six worn-out army goons who have practically forgotten their protocol and hand-to-hand combat as a side effect of staying up for two days and then there's these rag-tag duo of twenty-somethings who aren't as bad at fighting and could level with these guys.

My prediction here, no contest for the Alphabet Association. That's two members situated in what's basically a military barracks at this point, everyone's been ordered to evacuate the deli and make space for six army cadets, so these six army cadets were in the deli at the same time these fuckers were getting in.. but when you look at the CCTV footage, from the first nanosecond they don't go after the two, and I'm like "why?". These two just bust in through the windows, cuts on their legs from the glass and all, and one of 'em who looks roided up throws a table. No plan to this, he just throws a table and pins all five down because they're mentally weak and haven't slept in two days, I don't know what the government was thinking with this operation. The other agent, who physically is to my observation as lanky, robust, and skinny as a bamboo pole full-stop lifts the sixth army officer who got hit by the table but wasn't pinned under it by the legs and puts a toe hold on him, only for the other agent to use his body weight to fall on the submission hold and break part of the officer's leg! I mean, come on man, he was having fun, why did you break the hold?

Once every military officer was unconscious, the solution was clearly very clear for the bigger agent of the two, who built some sort of a sound-proof cage for these military guys in thirty minutes, who just an hour ago, were keen, alert, and defending the deli. It was like a Looney Tunes animation, he was pulling things out of his pocket. I mean, just who are these people, and where are the other twenty-four agents? Can this duo take on the world by themselves, man, I don't want to find out the answer anyway. So, if anyone wants to keep reading this, the two agents escaped the deli by carving a hole out of the ceiling user a laser pen light, it's just ridiculous! At this point, we're just in disbelief, like, was this made in an action movie FX editor app?

Now that the surveillance is open-access and everyone can see how the government failed to take this international incident seriously, they've made another move, one of which is idiotic and makes no sense regarding the context. If this country and it's law enforcement agencies could indite and arrest these fools themselves instead of queering around and sending over six half-dead military trainees over to clear out a restaurant so they could wait around for two days isn't enough, then why post a bounty? I'm a weak person, most of the civilians here can't make an arrest unless you give them rights to own a gatling gun, which bringing that up, the government hasn't given anyone the civil right to own a firearm. If anything, these federal agents are just posting wanted posters all over the city like some used to in The Golden Age of Piracy, a time where there was no law.

So, I've been itching to know, what do you readers think about this? It's a very complicated situation for a country to be in, so give me your best replies by drafting an answer in the info box below this article, or better yet, just writing a letter to the country itself by going to the web address

This might have been the worst post I have ever written post-WC84
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Postby Saltstead » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:44 pm

Asħwells Tijden
Vor Saxlandes en Såutsteides Königlikstad

Rosencrants pledges his day’s wages to charity after a humiliating defeat to Banija

Jån-Pijr Michahels from the Borough of Königsplaas

You would be forgiven for thinking that reigning world champions Banija were playing a home game in the second half of their return match against Saltstead. In the midst of the Stallions’ most comprehensive defeat ever, the crowd at King William VII National Park fully turned on John Nicholas Rosencrants’s hapless team, cheering on every move by the Kadongo Kamu.

The affair was already looking grim a quarter-hour in, as Banija had raced out to a 2–0 lead and over the course of the next half-hour, Banija had doubled their lead. The second half was arguably even worse than the first, with the home crowd ultimately booing the Saltsteadish team off for the poor performance. In a single match, the world champions managed to completely reset Saltstead’s goal difference to zero and force the Saltsteadish team to win by at least two in the return match against New Lusitania to have any hope of advancing to the qualifying playoffs.

“Yes we were playing the best team in the world,” Rosencrants stated in his post-match press conference, “but there is no excuse to be losing by this kind of margin. Our performance today was like an amateur team and not worthy of the standard of the red-and-black hoops. We were lucky to have not lost by eight or nine with the way we played, if I’m being honest.”

As a result, the Omerican has pledged to give his wages for the day to the Royal Saltsteadish Homes Initiative, a charity group that builds houses for economically vulnerable Saltsteaders, and encouraged the rest of the team staff to donate their wages as well. “Ultimately, responsibility for this performance has to fall on the shoulders of one person and that person is the head coach,” Rosencrants told the press. “At the end of the day, I did not earn my pay. Instead, that money should go to help Saltsteaders who really need it.”

Assistant coach Thomas de Vricht and fitness coach Clement Kolen have already confirmed that they will donate their wages. De Vricht has pledged his wages to the Royal City Food Bank, while Clement Kolen will give his to the Southmark Canine Foundation in honour of Ruddie, a golden retriever who was awarded the Medal of the Silver Horse for her work sniffing out landmines in the Saltsteadish border province. Assistant coach Aleksänder van den Bergen did not return Asħwells Tijden’s request for comment.

A spokesperson for the Royal Saltsteadish Football Association has stated that “[t]here are no plans to relieve Mr Rosencrants of his post. In spite of this setback, Mr Rosencrants retains the full confidence of the Royal Saltsteadish Football Association.”

The Stallions are now eleven points behind group leaders Banija and three points behind New Lusitania in second with a near-insurmountable goal differential gulf. The Stallions now head to Thibaea before hosting Jeruselem on matchday 15, after which is the potential second-place decider in São Jorge do Mar. Saltstead will ultimately require a miracle against New Lusitania to recover the qualifying campaign. ⁕
In other news:
  • Football: New Lusitania become clear favourites for the playoffs after Saltstead’s miserable match against Banija
  • Silver Horse-winning golden retriever’s owner is “deeply touched” by donation to the Southmark Canine Foundation
  • Sħip-in-Straxe Footballsclub risk losing their pre-eminent place in Saltsteadish football unless they act decisively

The Royal Saltsteadish Football Association
Royal House of Sport, Ashwell

Thibaea : Saltstead
World Cup 87 qualifying group stage — Matchday 14
Unknown Stadium, Unknown City, Thibaea

Starting line-up (5–4–1): Christijn Sänt-Andreas (captain); Richard Christopħe, Jan-Pijr Åudenberg, Serena van Middelkamp, Catharine de Vriħt; Nicholas Tiberius, Benni Sħåul, Thomas Lions, Adelaide de Jong, Wim Amistad; Reinhard Åubreħtssen
Substitute bench: Robert-Jan van Daal, Marianne Åudershof; Micħäl Aurelius, Pijr Josefssen, Maxime Crabshaas, Victoria Rothöüf; Mina Ratmaker, Constantijn van Bleck, Aleksa Pascal, Zacharias van den Slåp, Natasħa Aħterop; Haråud Haråudssen

Saltstead : Jeruselem
World Cup 87 qualifying group stage — Matchday 15
King William VII National Park, Ashwell, Saltstead

Starting line-up (5–4–1): Julij Kåler (captain); Frans Richard, Rokus Michahels, Anne Hodmaker, Johan van Tilborg, Constantijn Kåler; Johanne Geuberts, Nico Swart, Theodor Felicianus, Nico Joxepħssen; Edvard Rothås
Substitute bench: Adam van Middelkamp, Kathrinita Äsħes; Gunner Stepħenssen, Sebastien van Can, Dijter Ackerdiħ, Tobias Thomassen, Yorg Handel; Marina Jager, Violeta Igesleven, Margaretha Wilheumssen, Aleksa le Duc; Stepħanie Withöüf

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Postby Astograth » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:50 pm

GaureBet presents…

The no. 1 cult footballing podcast in Astograth, with your hosts Ibon and Mantzia
Originally dedicated to the Audioslavian National League, then it spiralled out of control

Transcribed and translated by Transkribia, sign up at Transkribia.asg/DSG for the full script and a 30-day free trial

Mantzia: … thoughts on Duarte’s form right now? Scored a brace against Fjorsz and gave both the assists to Epherra and Malkorra against Mriin. Man of the match, twice.

Ibon: Brilliant player, in brilliant form. How many goals is he on, these qualifiers? Seven? And Epherra’s on eight. Duarte’s not even a striker, I think this is the best he’s ever been. You just have to wonder for how much longer.

Mantzia: That’s the thing. Guy’s 33. One wrong step, one defender hits too hard and that’s it, career’s over. And the thing that disturbs me is that… is he the last of his kind?

Ibon: Of what kind, exactly?

Mantzia: The classic Astograthian number 8. Attacking midielder, playmaker, good dribbler, good scorer. They’re a dying breed, Ibon, we’ve talked about it.

Ibon: Eh… Morua’s alright.

Mantzia: Come on. Morua’s a good kid but he’s not replacing Duarte. Not just because he’s not as good, he’s a different sort of player. Edera, Dirassar, Zumalakarregi, they’re not the classic sort of Estebe Bularte, Luar Dardan, Otz Lasuen we used to have. Bakaikoa, Aintza Lekea. They just don’t make them like they used to. Duarte, Sorrosua, Ulibarri, they’re dying out. At a stretch you could say Peruchena at Olarria is in the same vein, but It’s a stretch.

Ibon: I… guess I can agree with that, yes. I’ll need to think about it further, but I have a feeling the new generation’s not as different as you make it out to be.

Mantzia: I look forward to those thoughts. Now quickly: are we beating Squornshelous or not? Are we going to the World Cup?


Mantzia: Ibon?

Ibon: I- no. Sorry. Not going to jinx it. Nope.

Mantzia: Come on, just an idea. A hint.

Ibon: No! There’s too much at stake! I’m not making predictions on air. But do you know who will know my opinion of the next match?

Mantzia: Tell me.

Ibon: This week’s sponsor, none other than GaureBet! Whether you’re a jet-setter or a podcasting freeloader who won’t fork out for the lowest tier of our Zaindariak, we know you have some spare diru lying around. Are you feeling good about the match against Squornshelous, or the one against The H Corporation – or hell, damn near any match in the multiverse? Then GaureBet offer you the best odds and the easiest way to bet on all your favourite sports with their patented Two-Touch-Triple-Threat-Bet, all with your phone from the comfort of your home. I’ve put my money where my mouth is, will you?

Mantzia: Oh, you have? I think your mouth’s missing here, Ibon.

Ibon: It’s a turn of phrase.

Mantzia: Totally off the cuff and not written down.

Ibon: Yes.

Mantzia: OK. Well, if you won’t talk about Squornshelous, then I will. And I’m nervous, not going to lie to you, but this is real. It’s real. We’re thiiiis close, and this is a six-pointer. It can happen. Ten wins is Astograth’s longest winning streak ever, this is literally our best run of form of all time. I’m excited!

Ibon: Mantzia… jinxes are a serious matter. 10 to 20 percent of World Cup participants will experience a jinx at some point of their cycle. It’s the silent killer.

Mantzia: We really should do a special on that.

Ibon: Hell, we could do a full one just about the Echegoyani Derby.

Mantzia: Do they have a lot? I’ve only heard the one with the rat.

Ibon: Oh, Mantzia. Oh. Have you seen that meme that’s an iceberg and the further down you go the weirder and creepier and conspiracy-er things get? That’s the rivalry between Echegoyan FC and Blue Mountain Range, and it’s all true. Like at the top you have the rat story, you know, that some Echegoyan fans did some blood ritual with a rat and threw it at Auxkin Izpura during a match. The time they threw nails at each other, the time Torrontegi bit Udoy’s fingertip off, the time they shrunk the goal, etcetera etcetera. And then you go down. How did Echegoyan get a sponsorship from Bonesea? How many shell companies does BMR own in Taeshan? Who planted the goats under the Ximun Orieta Sporting Ground? How did they both have contacts in Tamarindia, and who were they? Why was Echegoyan paying for boating expeditions to northeastern AO? Who works at Office 7 and what do they do?

Mantzia: Wait, wait, wait, wha-

Ibon: Anyway! Let’s talk about this later, off air. But yeah, let’s do that episode. And if BMR asks, dear listeners: you didn’t hear about Office 7 from us!
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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Busoga Islands » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:54 pm

Busoga Islander Soccer Association, Head Coach's Office

Bethany Donnell was in her office, waiting for her Director of Player Scouting, Wassa Faye, to show up for their emergency meeting. They were in a weird spot in their World Cup Qualification campaign. Ranked highly in the group, technically outperforming their projections, and yet, very little, if any, of a chance of actually making it to the World Cup Finals. Cassadaigua and TJUN-ia, barring an epic collapse by either team, had a stranglehold.

The Busoga Islanders also took comfort in the fact that they would certainly be getting an invitation to the Cup of Harmony. Which put her in a weird place as a manager. How do you continue to motivate your players, when you've got nothing left to play for? This is a lot easier to do at the international level, thank heavens- playing for national pride goes a long way. But still- everyone knew that, barring a stunner, catching TJUN-ia in the table and World Cup 87 were well out of reach for this team.

The team still had plenty of opportunity, however, to play for pride and such with a number of marquee matchups left. They'd play Central Shaneville next- but after that, they'd welcome the fighting Fillies of Cassadaigua into town, to Lakiska City Cricket Park. The massive stadium always used in the Lakiska half of qualifiers, to fit all the people who'd want in. I'd be a special night- everyone knew that the crowd would be crazy, the atmosphere electric, and they'd give the Cassadagans as intimidating an environment they could offer.

But for this moment, for this brief moment, she wasn't thinking about Qualifying. She usually didn't meet with scouts for obvious reasons during the Qualification campaign- she had her roster, it was set, and she needed to focus on the task at hand. But the Scouting Director had said that this would absolutely be worth her while- so here she was.

"Sit down, Wassa." Said Bethany Donnell when he walked into the room. Wassa Faye was a Banijan/Busogan dual citizen. He had lived his entire life in the Islands, but had been born to Banijan parents while living there, and simply stayed and has always rooted for Busoga over Banija. The manager and Scouting Director shook hands, and engaged in a little bit of small talk.

"OK, Wassa." Donnell said. "We didn't come here for small talk. I know you're a busy man, and more importantly, I'm a busy woman. I've got a flight to catch in two hours to get to Central Shaneville. What's up?"

"Coach-" Wassa Faye began.

"Please, call me Bethany." Donnell said.

"Bethany." Wassa Faye began again. "Like you told us to do, we have always been looking to expand our horizons in our search for quality. There are plenty of Banijans out there with enough Busogan blood to play for this national team. While overviewing the latest Quebecois scouting report, I found a stunning finding- I found somebody who has Busogan heritage. Somebody, I'm not sure how we've overlooked him entirely, but it's not just a grandparent- he was born in this country, and has a parent who is Busogan. And this boy... This boy can play.". He said the last part with so much emphasis.

"What? How have we missed him?" Bethany said.

"Well, he's Delaclav." Wassa Faye. "Or, should I say, half-Delaclav. So here's the scouting report." And he grabbed the second copy of the scouting report and pushed it across Bethany Donnell's desk. Bethany Donnell looked at it, and she was suddenly curious.

"Look at these evaluations you've given him!" She exclaimed. "He is the real deal. I mean, that's a better evaluation than we gave Birla when we found her. She started off with so much hype... Although she's kind of stalled. His name is-"

"Artem Kohut." Wassa Faye replied. "He's a striker, as you can see. 22 years old. Plays for a major club in the Royal Kingdom of Quebec- Unamaꞌkik Inverness 1877. I know it's... an extraordinary ask in the middle of World Cup Qualifying, but I think I should call him. And you should too."

"Well, shit. We should call him!" Bethany Donnell exclaimed. "But it shouldn't be that hard- we could just invite him for a callup for the post Qualifying Friendlies, whether it's pre WC or pre-CoH, right?"

"Well, not that simple." Wassa Faye replied. "He's only half Busogan. While he was born here, he left the Busoga Islands as a child- he was a toddler when he left this place. He's lived his entire childhood in Delaclava, growing up there. Now, we haven't had any conversations with him or his agent. Estimated, he'd probably want to play for Delaclava."

"Delaclava doesn't even have a national team, Wassa." Bethany Donnell said. "Do you see them in World Cup Qualifying?"

"Well, they most certainly have a team, they simply didn't enter this cycle." Wassa Faye replied. "But who knows- maybe they could enter next cycle? Rumor has it that people in the Delaclava FA are going to push for entry into the next AOCAF, which means of course... We'll probably see them in World Cup Qualfiying."

"Oh." She said. And they sat in silence for a moment. "Well, there is no time to waste. A player like him... He could be transformational for our program. Now, you've got to leave. I've got a flight to catch. I know you guys have film- make sure to send me the film. I won't be able to view it until after probably the Flavovespia match on Matchday 16... But I will view it. You- find his agent's number, make a phone call, fly out to Quebec or Delaclava or wherever the hell you've got to fly too, and get a sit down meeting. Our best chance at getting him to commit to Busoga rather than Delaclava is to do it before Delaclava goes public with any sort of announcement of their national team's return... If, indeed, the rumors of their return are true at all."

She then kicked Wassa Faye out of her office, and got ready for the flight. She always got to the airport 45 minutes early for team flights. It'd look terrible if she was late, right? But Central Shaneville wasn't on her mind. Artem Kohut was. Could a player like him change the trajectory of this national team?



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