Donations: Buy Eluvatar dinner

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Donations: Buy Eluvatar dinner

Postby [violet] » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:07 pm

A couple of people have asked if they could chip in financially to help out with the recent server crash, which is mighty nice of you.

The site won't take contributions, but I tell you what, it would be amazing if we could take Eluvatar our for dinner, because he put an incredible amount of work into bringing us back with (almost) full data, at the expense of spending time with loved ones. He's an unpaid volunteer and we want to take him out for dinner.

If you'd like to tip in, use this link and say it's Dinner for Eluvatar! Also mention your nation name (or "anon") and I'll post here a list of contributors.

e: Dinner Fund has reached USD$1,219.03 from 98 donations at a median amount of $10.00

e: Holy cow, that's a nice dinner. I am now un-stickying this thread. Thanks so much for all your support in sending Eluvatar off for a VERY nice dinner (and a show??)... it's very much appreciated.

Update 1: Dinner For Eluvatar Fund contributor comments! And gosh there are a lot of you. Thank you.
  • Big Chungus (also known as Eluvatar)
  • Dinner for Eluvatar!
  • Dinner for Eluvatar (username: DGES) whatever you do, do not take them to Little Caesars. their pizza is terrible
  • A thank you from Valentine Z. I have sent SGD 5 before this one, so it's 10 total. I forgot to write for that. Whoops.
  • Dinner for Elu - Sanctaria
  • Big thanks to Eluvator, hope this contributes to a nice meal with family. Wish I could give more! from The Serendipitous
  • Dinner for Eluvatar, thank you for getting NS back up! -Hapilopper
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Sincerely, the Provincial Union of the Pacific
  • Dinner for Elu! Some yummy turtle soup -9003
  • Dinner for AlEluvir
  • Take Elubish out to Dinner. :)
  • Thank you, Eluvatar. Enjoy your dinner. :-)
  • Dinner for Eluvatar.
  • This is thank you from Anagonia to the NS team and Eluvatar
  • Buying Elu Dinner
  • Dinner for Eluvatar - Ever-Wandering Souls
  • The Supreme & Exalted Empire of Gatchina, and the all the people of the State of Krasnaya extend their thanks to the Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar for their work in helping to get NationStates back online. We hope that God will grant them many blessings for the coming year.
  • Thank u so much Eluvator!! -United Democratic Christian States
  • Fris agrees that Elu needs better food than the image he posted in Discord
  • Upper Tuchoim
  • Chipping in for dinner for Eluvatar from the Besot Bucolic of Brawn
  • Dinner for Eluvatar Nation: Farfadillis
  • Eluvatar's dinner. And for any other mods that helped out. Thanks. You guys rock.
  • Dinner for Eluvatar-From Hoxie
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Thanks for the hard work! -Verdant Haven
  • From Enduvas (RIP) and Zhuangze. Thank you for restoring peace to the realm. Have a drink on me and happy new year! -Wolflandil
  • Making Catgirls Real is helping pay for Eluvatar's dinner
  • Cause you are awesome.
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! From the Nickel Empire cause I said "cause your awesome" the first time.
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! (anon please)
  • Pocket change for Eluvatar! Ignore how some of the coins are a bit sticky and there's lint, maybe a hair or two. Don't ask why Max Barry's hair is in my pocket - what happens in the Duxburian Union stays in the Duxburian Union. Hopefully you can get a single french fry with this contribution, it won't even buy me a drink in the NY metro area :) Also please save any leftover calories, the Vinny needs feeding always. - Vincent Drake
  • Dinner for Eluvatar, with thanks from Brocklandia on behalf of the staff, customers, and dust bunnies at The Bar on the Corner of Every Region. (P.S. Don't eat dinner here. The service is lousy.)
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! - from RiderSyl
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! From, Conexus
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! And guests. Eating is better with company :) ---fractalnavel
  • Dinner for Eluvatar - from Simone Republic, The North Pacific
  • Dinner for Eluvatar from The Salaxalans. Thank you so much!
  • Contribution towards dinner for Eluvatar, from an anonymous member of The Communist Bloc
  • Dinner for Eluvatar from Toneor

Update 2: More Dinner For Eluvatar backers!
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! From: Vivanco
  • Dinner for Eluvatar with thanks from Wight
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! -Aleixandria
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! - Sil Dorsett
  • From SalusaSecondus, NationStates is in amazing hands. Great work getting it back up.
  • Have a dinner or two on me. Very appreciative you spent the Holidays to get our favorite site back up and running. -Tes
  • Eat well- Holy Marsh
  • Dinner for Eluvatar (from Allanea)
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Don't forget dessert! -S. Bob
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Thanks for helping bring this wonderful site back! :) - Picairn
  • Buy that admin at least $10.93 worth of dinner! (The Plough Islands)
  • Buy yourself a nice beer, you've earned it - Esty
  • Thanks for NS back - Flanderlion

Update 3: And More!
  • Anonymous elephant helps out with dinner
  • One Dinner to Rule Them All! Thanks for keeping the site we love to hate alive!! - Wymondham
  • Dinner for Eluvatar. Honoring Turtle Day as best I know how. From El Fiji Grande.
  • Dinner for Eluvatar From nation of Suth Seaxe
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Thanks Glorious Existence.
  • Eluvator's dinner for rescuing NS from the dead!
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! You are a LEGEND! Make sure you get a massive one! :D From: Usual People In Life
  • Dinner for Eluvatar. Aiya Eluvatar elenion ancalima! -- Roavin

Update 4: Latest Dinner Fund Patrons!
  • Dinner for Elu! Thanks so much, and don't forget to sign up for World Cup 93 over on NS Sports! -- Ko-oren
  • Thanks for your hard work Eluvatar! -Ashtie
  • Buy Eluvatar Dinner from South Covello
  • Ref: "Dinner for Eluvatar". Sender: Minoa
  • Festive Dinner for Elu! - PotatoFarmers
  • Eluvatar's dinner
  • Dinner for Eluvatar - from NES
  • Thank you Eluvatar (anon pls)
  • Thank you Eluvatar and ALL the admins for your incredible work keeping our community alive.
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Thanks for your hard work from Grazool
  • Hail comrade eluvatar! -procieania
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! (anonymous bird)
  • Dinner for Elevutar
  • Thank you for bringing NS back from the dead! -- Big Tex NewTexas
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Elu, you are amazing. Thank you for saving NS! -GBM
  • Thanks for keeping the site alive. Have a nice dinner Eluvatar!

Update 5: Yet more Dinner Fund investors!
  • Dinner for Eluvatar, from Delta Vega IV
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Thanks for getting NationStates running again! --Cogitation
  • The Imperial Federation of Faulott proudly contributes to the "Buy Eluvatar Dinner" fund!
  • Dinner for Eluvatar
  • To our beloved EluTurtle, большое спасибо товарищ. Happy New Years to you and yours, thanks for the work than you do! - Tim
  • Already cooked a dinner for Eluvatar - so here’s a thank you/late Merry Christmas/early New Year’s instead! ~Naivetry
  • Dinner for Eluvatar!! Thanks to you and the rest of the tech team for all of your hard work keeping the site going ~upc

Update 6: Two more for the Dinner Fund:
  • Dinner for Eluvatar! Thank you for all the work! -Rundown
  • As an IT Professional, I can relate to unscheduled crashes. Dinner is the least I can do.

Update 7: Any more Dinner Fund contributions will be added below:
  • Dinner for Eluvatar from Trackeendy :)
  • it's Dinner for Eluvatar! (nation: q w e r t y)
  • Dinner for Eluvatar and happy New Year to all team! from TalAkMaChen
  • Dinner for Eluvatar!
  • Dinner for Eluvatar [pizza emoji] Thank you so much for your hard work and a happy New Year! - WishForLoveAndPeace and the kids
  • Dinner for Eluvatar
  • Dinner for Eluvatar
  • Gratitude for keeping the lights on.
  • Dinner for Eluvatar, our Lord and Savior! From Zocra.
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Postby Destructive Government Economic System » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:17 pm

Sure, why not?

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Postby Valentine Z » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:18 pm

My thanks to you, and it is done. <3

One donation is without message, sorry about that. And I also forgot to write "Dinner for Elu."

Not a good start, I know.
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Postby 9003 » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:22 pm

A small contribution for a large sacrifice

Happy holidays! Thank you so much.
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Postby Floofybit » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:24 pm

Man, I wish I had money...

Big thanks to Eluvatar! Hope it's a nice dinner
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Have a good dinner.

Postby Axixic » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:24 pm

Yes I spelled Eluvatar incorrectly. Sorry. Enjoy,


[violet] wrote:A couple of people have asked if they could chip in financially to help out with the recent server crash, which is mighty nice of you.

The site won't take contributions, but I tell you what, it would be amazing if we could take Eluvatar our for dinner, because he put an incredible amount of work into bringing us back with (almost) full data, at the expense of spending time with loved ones. He's an unpaid volunteer and we want to take him out for dinner.

If you'd like to tip in, use this link and say it's Dinner for Eluvatar! Also mention your nation name (or "anon") and I'll post here a list of contributors.

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New Astri
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Postby New Astri » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:30 pm

in terms of money i have no money but many heartfelt thanks to eluvatar for keeping us poor terminally online nerds from experiencing a terrible setback in our favorite little browser game
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Postby Hapilopper » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:30 pm

More than happy to pitch in. Thank you very much!
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Postby TheKeyToJoy » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:33 pm

I have no money but a heartfelt thanks to him.
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East Coggins
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Postby East Coggins » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:36 pm

What a novel idea [violet]. It isn't much, but for whom it's earmarked, it's worth each penny.

Thank you, Eluvatar. Happiest holidays to you and those you love and cherish. :hug:
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Postby Quebecshire » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:39 pm

Sent a couple bucks in for him, it sounds like he carried the brunt of things in fixing up the site, and during Christmas I imagine that's a huge pain in the ass. Thanks Elu, get something nice.
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Postby Anagonia » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:40 pm

I have sent some money to help with a dinner or whatever ya'll need. I'd be very much open to a monthly contribution if that what this account would be used for...or just a "contribute when able" type of thing. Either way, thank you all so much for your hard work in getting things not only back to what it was, but with very little missing! That is an incredible feat. This event was a healthy reminder to always have backups of work. Thank you so much for bringing our community back together!

Thank you Eluvatar and the Staff for your awesome work!
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Ever-Wandering Souls
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Postby Ever-Wandering Souls » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:41 pm

Can't think of a better use for the $9.62 sitting in my PayPal from Equifax's 3-year-belated data breach compensation. He's earned it.
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Finn and Keran 2
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Postby Finn and Keran 2 » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:41 pm

I don't have a Penpal account!
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The Serendipitous
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Postby The Serendipitous » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:45 pm

Very happy to pitch in - I wish I could contribute more.

I also went ahead and bought a few thousand stamps that I'm going to need sooner or later, but figure the support may certainly be relevant now.

Thanks so much to everyone involved again, and especially Eluvator - I hope that you get enough contributions to pay for a nice dinner for you and your loved ones. It's certainly no replacement for the time you gave up to work on the servers, but hopefully it'll be enough for them to give some proper compensation.

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Postby Gatchina » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:47 pm

The Supreme & Exalted Empire of Gatchina and the people of the State of Krasnaya extend their thanks to The Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar for all their hard work and help during this crisis. We have sent a small token of our appreciation. Best wishes for a new secular year full of blessings.
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Postby Xmara » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:53 pm

I can't donate rn but thank you Eluvatar for helping to get this site back up and running! :clap:
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Postby StrayaRoos » Tue Dec 27, 2022 7:54 pm

kinda thought this was a joke ngl,and i also don't have money to give,but I do want to say thanks to elu for keeping this 20-year old game as normal as well as sacrificing his Christmas to try <3
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The Hamster Eluvatar Poked
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Postby The Hamster Eluvatar Poked » Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:00 pm

As the self-proclaimed server hampter I hope Eluvatar gets a nice meal!

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Postby Grenartia » Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:02 pm

Finn And Keran 2 wrote:I don't have a Penpal account!

I no longer have one, either, or I'd kick in a fiver.
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Postby Zazumo » Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:21 pm

You rock Elu, thank you!

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Upper Tuchoim
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Postby Upper Tuchoim » Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:25 pm

[violet] wrote:A couple of people have asked if they could chip in financially to help out with the recent server crash, which is mighty nice of you.

The site won't take contributions, but I tell you what, it would be amazing if we could take Eluvatar our for dinner, because he put an incredible amount of work into bringing us back with (almost) full data, at the expense of spending time with loved ones. He's an unpaid volunteer and we want to take him out for dinner.

If you'd like to tip in, use this link and say it's Dinner for Eluvatar! Also mention your nation name (or "anon") and I'll post here a list of contributors.

Hey, sorry, the money sent with the note "Upper Tuchoim" is for Eluvatar

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The Ambis
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Postby The Ambis » Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:29 pm

While I cannot spend, thank you ever so much, Mr. Eluvatar, for doing this. NationStates will be incredibly grateful
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Verdant Haven
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Postby Verdant Haven » Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:30 pm

I'll chip in for that! Thank you for your hard work Eluvatar, and all the admins who helped out!
- Verdant Haven

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Postby Libertia-Columbia » Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:33 pm

I unfortunately have no money to donate, but seriously, huge thanks to Eluvatar for working so hard to get the site up and running again (and that too during Christmas). I hope he gets himself something nice.
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