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The Orion Sector (OOC/FT-Nation/Open)

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by Tagali Federation
The Orion Sector


1: Don't be an ass
2: No metagaming or godmodding
3: OP and CO-OP's rule is law
4: No ancient of precursor species. Follow the Power Scale and Technology Tiers
5: Ship sizes no larger than 10 Kilometers
6:No Human nations (OP exempt), Hiveminds and Synthetic Nations will be heavily scrutinized and limited

Further rules and exemptions may be made to adapt to the Rp.

Ever since life had become advanced enough to explore the milky way, the Orion Arm of the Galaxy has been seen as a backwater of little to no importance. At best, it was the frontier of the galaxies largest empires, many of whom's ruins still dot various locations across the arm. At worst, the Orion Arm was dominated by petty local powers with little influence outside of their corner of the sector, much less the Galaxy. In the 38th Million year of the galactic standard Calendar (2025), This was the status quo in Orion Arm until an outside force forced the petty races of the sector to band together.

In that year, The Tagali Empire, the de jure Power of the Eastern Sectors of the Galaxy, Finally turned its gaze to the Orion Arm, seeing only upstarts and primitives. At first, the denizens of the Orion Arm, paid little attention to the Invaders as they conquered worlds on the periphery, making their local base of operations a small unknown planet called Earth. By the time they began to take notice, hordes of ships wielding technology previously unseen in the region manned by the conscripted masses of unknown species enslaved to the Tagali. Eventually, the powers of Orion came to conclusion that none of them stood any chance by themselves and banded together to defend their home. Forming this coalition, they were able to hold back the Tagali for decades, eventually even pushing back the Tagali bit by bit.

For a time, the Orion Arm was united by a native power, the first of its kind. Ambitious talk of liberating the vassal races of the Tagali and creating a Galactic Empire of their own began to spread. Unfortunately, the fortunes of the Orion races turned on them as the Tagali strengthened their hold, drawing the war to a stalemate. Eventually, the leaders of the Tagali Empire lost interest and those placed in charge of their conquests began to go native in a sense, the lack of a common threat quickly began to unravel the alliance and the local powers began to return to their squabbling ways.

500 years have past and little has changed as the races of the Orion Arm rival eachother for dominance of the Sector, paying little attention to the happenings of the Greater Galaxy....

The largest and oldest civilization in the Orion Arm. As suck, they possess the most systems, the largest populations, and the most advanced technology. Essentially the superpowers of interplanetary politics. (Only 4 allowed)
    Population: <500 Billion | Territory: <500 Systems | Tech Limit: Tier 1

Younger and generally more energetic, these civilizations have been capable of FTL travel for a few centuries at most. While generally not as populated or as large as older civilizations these empires are nonetheless capable of competing in the galactic landscape.
    Population: <300 Billion | Territory: <150 Systems | Tech Limit: Tier 2

The youngest of all space-faring civilizations, these empires are relatively weak compared compared to First-Rate or Second-Rate Powers and, as a consequence, must rely on cunning and political astuteness to avoid being absorbed by larger imperialistic neighbors.
    Population: 100-200 Billion | Territory: <75 Systems | Tech Limit: Tier 3

The weakest of all civilizations. Not all have achieved FTL capabilities, much less the ability to leave their home system, and some have yet to discover fire. A civilization trapped on the confines of its homeworld. This includes humanity. Those wishing to play a non-FTL civilization may have taken the first steps in space exploration but are unable to leave the home system.
    Population: <10 Billion | Territory: 1 System | Tech Limit: Tier 4

The most technologically advanced civilizations in the Orion Arm. Capable of long-range FTL travel. Advanced medical treatments had led to the eradication of most diseases; weapons based on antimatter and exotic energies are under development. Additionally, the small-scale use of teleportation to move goods from orbit to surface is possible. Near-sentient Artificial Intelligence is also possible. Only First-Rate Powers may possess Tier-1 technology.

FTL travel is more-or-less mastered, capable of jumping multiple systems before needing to cool Warp Drives. Plasma and fusion weapons are utilized, many diseases have been eradicated on developed worlds, and Artificial Intelligence is continuing to advance.

FTL capabilities are new with the first colonies being relatively recent additions to the civilization. Diseases are only now starting to be eradicated on the homeworld; weapons are limited to simple ballistics, nuclear fission, laser, and magnetic-acceleration. Artificial Intelligence is advanced enough to assist in calculated FTL jumps and other math-heavy tasks but has yet to develop to a point of outright superiority when compared to pre-FTL civilizations.

Any technology used before the advent of FTL capability. This ranges from Stone Age hunter-gatherers to advanced civilizations on the cusp of interstellar flight. Humanity in the modern era would be considered Tier-4.

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[b]NS Name:[/b]
[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Power Scale:[/b]
[b]Technology Tier:[/b]
[b]Major Species:[/b] (Spoiler Images or small description)
[b]Population:[/b] (Follow Power Scale limit)
[b]Number of Systems:[/b] (Follow Power Scale Limit
[b]History and Culture:[/b] (Two Paragraph minimum)
[b]Military Size:[/b] (Cannot exceed 500 million)
[b]Military Description:[/b]


NS Name: Tagali Federation
Nation Name: The Tagali Empire (Orion Holdings)
Power Scale: First Rate Power
Technology Tier: Tier-1
Major Species:
Tagali- Humanoid in appearance, save for their 12ft height, prehensile tail, skin that is often a shade of blue, increased strength and agility, and four eyes. Their fast breeding and expansionist ideals have made them a common site from the Orion Arm and beyond. Tagali culture can be considered "primitive" compared to many of their contemporaries. The Tagali form polygamous relationships called packs, led by a lead couple in the group.

Humans- Originally a Tier-IV species, the Humans were one of the first species in the Orion Sector conquered by the Tagali. At first, Humans just like every other slave race in the Empire, but through their actions on the battlefield and their history of atrocities on their own kind made them valuable tools in the Tagali war machine. As time went on, Humanity went from a slave caste to one of the higher races under the Tagali with multiple colonies throughout the Empire. While generally content with their position, some more ambitious and independent minded Humans have sought independence, leading to the annihilation of several worlds.

Synthetics- While mostly viewed with suspicion, the Tagali are rather fond of synthetics due to many artificial characters in their folklore. Synthetics rank second only to the Tagali in the Empire's hierarchy. Tagali AI and synthetics differ greatly from other designs, often valuing aesthetics of their forms and closeness to organic intelligence instead of surpassing it.

Conquered Races- Hundreds, possibly thousands of races have been conquered in the Tagali Empire. These races are often decimated through Tagali conquests and their remnants scattered across the Empire. While the majority of them are a mere peasant caste, some have proven their worth and enjoy lives of privilege and comfort, if they remain loyal.

Population: 500 Billion
Capital: Local Imperial Control is based out of Earth in the Sol System
Number of Systems: 500
History and Culture:

The history of the Tagali Empire is surrounded in mystery and intertwined in myth. What can be found is that the Tagali have been known in the galaxy for over 50,000 years, not as the void faring conquerors, but as a late neolithic species who had barely mastered animal domestication and metallurgy. Their homeworld of Jakala was a hostile one, with the remnants of a shattered moon often raining down and pecking down on the surface, and violent weather and harsh climate made the flora and fauna hardy and deadly. The planet was on the fringes of Kelraaza, a long gone race of shapeshifters that once ruled a large part of the Eastern ends of the Galaxy, maintained a small outpost on the obscure planet due it being rich in Nurazim, a type of crystal used as an energy source by the neighboring powers. The members of the small garrison and their AI companions broke protocol and interacted with the young Tagali race, not completely uplifting the species, but bringing them up to a technological level akin to Humanity's bronze age.

Unfortunately, time continued its march and the time of the Kelraaza came to an end. What had become gods to the Tagali had been chased off by other aliens, who only cared about their world's resources and saw them as slaves at best and prey at worst. The Tagali would see empire after empire occupy their world, setting up their own minor colonies and playing what Tagali powers existed against each other to better exploit them.

After thousands of years, a hero of the Tagali named Sunda, discovered what was seen as a gift from the Gods, an ancient Kelraaza warship that greatly outclassed the peoples who came after. After activating the slumbering AI of the ship, Sunda gathered his pack and surprised his planets occupiers,knocking their navy out of the sky with a single vessel and leaving their people stranded and at the mercy of the Tagali. After uniting hunting down the aliens to the last, Sunda rallied his people for revenge. Luckily for the Tagali, the recent collapse of the local major power had left a vacuum. With their ancient and powerful warship, the Tagali continued the hunt for their occupiers and burned them out wherever they were found and conquered any in their path. Using the survivors of their conquest,the Tagali laid down their revered vessel in favor of mass producing their own vessels to continue their conquest, vowing only to use their holy vessel in their species darkest hour.

500 years of conquest and expansion pass and the Tagali Empire rules as the largest Empire the Eastern regions have seen in 10,000 years. Eventually, the "Sunda" of the Empire made plans to expand into a region on the fringes of their Empire, the Orion Sector. While initially making tremendous gains, the local races banded together to halt their offensive. While eventually leading into stalemate, the Empire as a whole lost interest and moved on to other conquests.

The local territory of the Empire became just another competitor for control of the Orion Sector, eventually trading with it's neighbors and bringing in exotic technology, goods, and peoples into the backwater that is the Orion Arm.
Military Size: 500 Million garrisoned in the Orion Holdings
Military Description:

The Empire's military pulls from all races of the Empire and mercenaries, mostly using their native tactics and organization. Meanwhile, the Tagali themselves form the core of the military, fighting in close knit groups of 6 to 10 individuals called packs. Tagali tactics, both groundbased and in space, leave much to be desired. Mostly, they rely on overwhelming numbers and firepower to make their enemies route, when the real slaughter begins.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:44 am
by Tagali Federation

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:01 am
by Kaledoria
So, no matter what a civilizations home planet is like, no matter the species' physiology, psychology and culture(s), they all develop different fields of sciences in the same order and expand at the same rate (relative to technology) and industrialize at the same rate (relative to technology and expansion)?

Also: Is that hard Scifi, or can Psyonics be a thing?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:16 am
by Tagali Federation
Most of the limits are just to stop individuals who would try to game the system and make some stupid Imperium of man shit. However you do raise a good point, so I'll get rid of the year limit.

As for the setting, I'm going for a light sci-fi scenario, so psionics are good to go.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:32 am
by Utceforp
Tag. Gonna make a hivemind synthetic nation.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:22 am
by Kaledoria
Tagali Federation wrote:Most of the limits are just to stop individuals who would try to game the system and make some stupid Imperium of man shit. However you do raise a good point, so I'll get rid of the year limit.

As for the setting, I'm going for a light sci-fi scenario, so psionics are good to go.

So the rule are more like guidelines with the warning, that people who step over the lines are more likely to get refused - I think this is a good policy. I have an idea for a civilization but it needs some more researching and writing, probably not going to finish today.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:57 am
by Tagali Federation
Fair enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:00 am
by Ralnis
Tagali Federation wrote:Fair enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I wish to be a giant pirate/raider confederation and was wandering what tier it would be considered on tech and power scale.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:11 am
by Tagali Federation
Ralnis wrote:
Tagali Federation wrote:Fair enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I wish to be a giant pirate/raider confederation and was wandering what tier it would be considered on tech and power scale.

That's a good question. I would probably say somewhere a high 3rd Rate and a low 2nd Rate power. As for tech, probably just stick with tier-III, leaning into II.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:15 am
by Labstoska
Tag mind if I reserve a first rate power? The plan is to create an empire that'll make the Yugoslav wars look like a petty squable

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:28 am
by Tagali Federation
Labstoska wrote:Tag mind if I reserve a first rate power? The plan is to create an empire that'll make the Yugoslav wars look like a petty squable

Yeah, but I can only reserve it for a couple days at most.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:37 am
by Turmenista
Brotha you should’ve pinged me when this went up.

EDIT: Reserving an evil megacorp I guess.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 12:23 pm
by Ostnea
Tagged and question: What tech level would significant genetic modification be at? I have the idea of a sort of technocratic society ruled by scientists and engineers, with a species of genetically modified workers doing the heavy duty work that can't really be fully automated without some serious threats to stability or comfort of the leading species (e.g. Making up the lower ranks of the armed forces, domestic servants, managing initial colonization efforts and doing deep-space mining.)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 12:32 pm
by Elerian
I'm thinking about taking a Second Rate power, but I'm curious if we can trade off having fewer systems for more population than the max, or vice versa?

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by Labstoska
NS Name: Labstoska
Nation Name: The Artistic Union of Atrearch
Power Scale: First-Rate Power
Technology Tier: Tier-1
Major Species:
The Karakoi - The Karakoi evolved on what can only be described as a bog world filled with vast marshes and swamps, this inevitably lead to Karakoi coming out as a race permanently stuck at the amphibian stage of evolution. They are on average around 5 feet in height and have smooth glistening skin not dissimilar to that of a frog, their species also possesses two eyes both of which are highly perceptive through the use of mass genetic modification upon the species. The inside of their body possesses all of the ordinary functions you'd expect within a humanoid other than a poison gland capable of producing a paralysing toxin that is excreted from any point on the species skin.

the Cluster - This is a catch all term for the great variety of races that exist beneath the glory that is the artistic union, their cultures are viscously supressed and their labour often exploited by the vast corporate conglomerate that dominate the economy
Population: 450 billion
Capital: Atrearch
Number of Systems: 412
History and Culture: The history of the Karakoi is mired in obscurity and a plenitude of lost historical archives which has lead to only a few select tales being remembered from those early years. What little that is known is that around 100,000 years ago the species had coalesced into a number of city-states/megalopolises, it is a heavily contended point among the union's historians on weather this city-state period was during a time of extreme industrial progress and somewhat advanced technology or if it was set against a world where metallurgy was the hot new thing. The one thing that is evident about this period is that it eventually faced a kind of cataclysmic event that lead to the complete collapse of civilisation, after this historians are left with nothing until 50,000 years ago in which Karakoi civilisation had now reformed around a number of vast and powerful global superpowers who had for certain entered the atomic age, eventually relationships between these powers came to an absolute low and the subsequent collapse of Karakoi civilisation for the second time.

Now recovery came far quicker with the next significant segment of Karakoi civilisation emerging 1000 years later when for the first time the entire planet was unified under one government, this government was seemingly a democratic state and lasted for around 100 years spending most of it's time on reclamation and reconstruction yet when these vast programs finally came to an end the economy of the unified government fell unto a complete freefall, it's social and political structures slowly began to collapse alongside it. It seemed that the species was once again to follow the cycle of past generations and face total and complete collapse, yet out of these dark times came the Karakoi's greatest figure and artist to rescue them from the depths of depravity.

Rneayah Ia Ulloth was a pioneer among various art circles at the time, renowned for his surrealist art pieces and the creation of his own art genre which emphasised speed, industry, urbanity and violence. It was during the collapse that Rneayah came forth to propose a new revolutionary ideology that would surely save the race from it's cycles of collapse: Accelerationism, it sought to rejuvenate of the race by accelerating socio-economic development via the expansion of corporatism under the guidance of the state and all of this would be beneath the strong central leadership of the patron who in his eternal wisdom would bring culture into a new surrealist era. Naturally there were some manner of resistance against this movement yet with collapse on the horizon the world eventually fell in line.

With the patron's mandate secured he began reshaping society along accelerationist lines with surrealism defining practically all works of culture and all facets of civilisation are put towards permanent industrialisation. It was a time of great mourning when the great Patron died before the first star ship left Atrearch's solar system yet he had left behind a civilisation that would grow to dominate the Orion sector. The militaristic Union left behind by the Patron began aggressively expanding across barren systems and upon making first contact they were disgusted at how other races seemed to lack any kind of true culture and so they too were incorporated into the ever growing union.

it was 5000 years after the patron's death that the first cracks seemed to emerge within the union, at this time the union had come to dominate half of it's current territory and was ruled by an oligarchy of powerful corporate conglomerates and influential military leaders. This oligarchy had grown fatally weak: It dared to liberalise the glorious Union, giving the cluster races some manner of rights and even considered removing some of the cultural restrictions put in place by the Patron himself! These accursed reforms went ahead without opposition for the population in these years of decadence had grown apathetic, fortunately for the union from the more provincial colonies the second incarnation of the patron, Shuggoth Aia Rulyan, emerged to end the stagnation.His movement picked up speed as he produced great pieces of art and oration that could surely be the work of only the patron himself.

This all culminated with the first civil war of the Union which resulted from a deal the second patron struck with various influential members from the navy that in return for their services the navy would be granted significant influence within the new political structure of the union and a great deal of autonomy in how the operate. With more than half of the navy on his side Shuggoth Aia Rulyan successfully toppled the weak regime and started the odd form of pseudo-worship of the patron that exists within the union to this day. The second glorious patron also refocused the Union's governance around one strong central figure effectively turning it into a personal dictatorship, he also introduced a vicious element of social Darwinism to the union's various institutions so that never again would a weak Kakakoi rise to the top of the administration.

Now in modern day the Union has entered a period of stagnation and collapse. The measures taken to save it from destruction have come back around to tear it down. The social Darwinism brought in to prevent incompetence has only guaranteed it as more than often the right man for the job is waved aside in exchange for the more influential one l, the personal dictatorship lead to a string of weak leaders who allowed for numerous factions to tear apart the once effective bureaucracy of the nation and turn it into an administrative mire, the culture originally created to ensur
Military Size: (Cannot exceed 500 million)
Military Description:
WIP because I'm lazy and tired.

Wip app.

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by Shadowwell
NS Name:Shadowwell
Nation Name: Weseh Conclave
Power Scale: 2
Technology Tier:2
Major Species:
Races within the Conclave

Weseh: Weseh are large in size and appear akin to the great apes of Earth, they stand at around 8 foot in height and half as wide. They hold a thick coat of fur which is usually a mottled black or brown but can range from black to orange or even silver. Their fur holds patterns which can change from time to time, even without the Weseh willing it.

They still carry traits from their days as simple animalistic life-forms, as prey. They can camouflage themselves in a variety of ways, they can change the color of their skin and fur at will to reflect nearly any pattern. They can even mask themselves from senses, both natural and artificial; they can eliminate or change their scents and even heat patterns and such that they release.

Despite the fact that they evolved to avoid danger rather than fight they are not defenseless. They possess a strength befitting their size, tough thick skin, and strong senses, they have sharp teeth and claws in addition to their other traits.

Weseh generally live for 500 years at the least, it is not entirely known just how old they can get, even to themselves. True elders of the Weseh may vanish over night, using their Nymos given gifts to go on a Pilgrimage or to seclude themselves and ponder on the wonders of nature. It is not unusual for a Weseh to be thought dead only to surface a few centuries later.

Ihbb: They are a semi amphibious reptilian species of humanoids and are quite peaceful and long lived. The Ihbb present in the Conclave only number in the tens millions to hundreds of millions. They are the most reclusive of those within the Conclave, and also among the most aged. Comparatively few are younger than 400 and most are close to a millennia if not older. They prefer to ponder on the mysteries of the universe and leaving most other things to those far younger than them.

Chyss: The Chyss are the least numerous of the major races within the Conclave numbering at around 11,000,000 at the most at any given time. They are the most regulated of those within the Conclave, though they are a far cry from the Chyss that were once a part of the dominion. The regulation is with good reason, most within the Conclave still remember the atrocities the Chyss Dominion dealt to all beneath them.

They typically do not hold high positions, most often in maintenance or the like. This is not done out of any sense of spite or dislike, but because they are quite suited to such things. Most of the other races within the Conclave are too large for proper maintenance or not nimble enough. In addition they are quite suited for such tasks, they can live through and resist hazards that would bode ill for others.

Mensir: Mensir are one of the Younger races of the Weseh Conclave. They joined only a few decades after the fall of the Chyss Dominion. They are intellectually minded much like the Weseh and even the Ihbb are, but their scientific pursuits are less noble one could say. They only live a few decades longer than the average human would. They are a pretty people by human standards, and perhaps those of other races as well.

They are low key shapeshifters and every Mensir has some degree of Psionics, but they are mostly latent. Mensir typically cannot actively change their form, their form is actually somewhat dependent on how people they commonly interact with view them. Over a period of time typically from ages 12 to 22 they change frequently and eventually obtain their final form. This has led to the Mensir as a whole having a vast variety of appearances.

Goblings(name change to be determined) Goblings are short typically biped humanoids with green skin and varied appearances beyond that. Each individual Gobling is part of a Host, where they exist in an almost hivemind like state. When one Gobling within a Host dies, the rest of the Host gain what that Gobling had been. It is not known how exactly this is accomplished, some within the Conclave suspect this is possible because of their fungoid nature. Others think this is because of the fact they were created rather than born.

Population: 250 billion
Capital: Valdmar(the Weseh homeworld) and The Primarch's Legacy(The seat of the Council of Revered Elders, a massive ship)
Number of Systems: 122
History and Culture: HistoryThe Weseh began as a species of primitive humanoids on their homeworld, Valdmar, which at that time was home to an incredibly advanced species. The Weseh eventually gained sapience and developed a primitive culture, separate from the Draug'n, the species who inhabited Valdmar before them. The Draug'n developed a vast space faring civilization that spanned many worlds and star systems.

They were a group of closely related reptilian humanoids, great warriors who were akin to raiders in that they would attack others and hoard what they gained. They left most of the lesser races and civilizations in their space alone and would periodically raid and cull them. Suddenly many millennia ago they seemingly vanished over night, their cities and stations were vacant and abandoned.

It took some time, but the Weseh learned that the Draug'n were gone and over time they began to more actively approach what remained of the Draug'n civilization on Valdmar. It would take even longer for them to start living in the Draug'n cities. At the start they merely ventured into the cities, harnessing what the Draug'n had hoarded. Of what they gathered from the remnants of the Draug'n cities they valued not the wealth or the weapons the most, no, they valued knowledge the most.

After they began inhabiting the Draug'n Cities they began to adapt Ihbb tech to their own needs and purposes, gathering more knowledge along the way. The Weseh were a patient people, they had spent centuries avoiding and deceiving the I Draug'n, they could wait until they knew every secret the Draug'n possessed then advance onwards from there. Eventually they began to take to the stars, using not just adapted Draug'n ships but a few of their own as well.

It was not long before they began to colonize their home system, spreading to the other worlds. When they reached their destinations they repeated what they had done in the past, patiently waiting and acquiring knowledge. The Weseh would face their first test a short time after taking to the stars, against a species once under the thumb of the Draug'n, the Chyss. They were rodent like humanoids, small and weaker, but they were versatile adaptable beings, and they were many.

While the Weseh had spent many years patiently learning every secret the Draug'n had held the Chyss were different. They had already been space faring when they first encountered the Draug'n, they were peaceful traders, but their time under the Draug'n irrevocably changed them as a whole. They became cruel, paranoid, and aggressive, striking out at any and all around them who were not Chyss. They used Draug'n tech, not bothering to change it and what remained of their own.

They swiftly conquered the species in the systems and worlds around them, those who like them had once been under the thumb of the Draug'n, not all were changed as the Chyss were. Those that did not accept the rule and domination of the Chyss were not simply enslaved, they were massacred. What remained of those species were used as trophies, mounted on ships and their soldiers as trophies of war and warnings to their enslaved foes.

They were arguably worse than the Draug'n who although being raiders did not stoop as low as genocide if they didn't get their way. They met their match when they encountered the fledgling Weseh Conclave. The Conclave at that time was not powerful, in fact they were quite weak compared to the Chyss Dominion. What they did have was patience, patience and knowledge, especially about the technology used by the Draug'n Supremacy, technology the Chyss still used.

At first the Conclave was only able to rebuff the Chyss, to hold them off, but the Weseh had patience, they just had to wait to change the situation. They adapted their ships for combat against the Chyss and searched for allies against them. They found their first ally in a most unlikely place, one of the aces that had been conquered by the Chyss, the Ihbb.

The Ihbb were a species of long lived semi aquatic humanoid reptilians. They were peaceful creatures, long lived and devoted to knowledge, similar to the Weseh, but unlike them, they had no fangs to bear or traits to use against the Draug'n or Chyss. They could only allow themselves to be conquered, to be forced underfoot by the Draug'n and then the Chyss later. At first they were distrustful of the Weseh due to their ferocious appearances, that changed when the first of their worlds were liberated.

When they got to know the Weseh, and their nature they were quick to lend their knowledge to the Conclave. The Conclave were not able to save all those under the Chyss, not all were able to endure, some were broken beyond repair, much like the Chyss had been. They did provide release to the unfortunate souls who were less fortunate. After a time the Weseh started truly fighting and they forced the Chyss back from many systems and worlds.

After many years, nearly a century of fighting, the government of the Dominion sought peace. A peace summit was arranged, the government of Chyss and the rulers or ruling parties of every world involved would arrive at an old abandoned moon not inhabited for millennia. The events at that summit would herald the downfall of the Chyss, as a nation, and a race. The event was a trap by the Chyss, the whole moon was rigged with Draug'n tech and explosive devices.

The peace monger politicians of the Dominion and the governments of the other worlds against them were all killed. One of the casualties of the Red Summit as the event would come to be called was the First Primarch, the eldest and first ruler of the Weseh since they took to the stars. It was his death that led the Weseh to exterminate the Chyss and those who stood against them.

Up until that point the Weseh had hesitated, had not wanted to inflict irreparable harm on another sentient species, no matter how terrible they were. It was during this time that the Deathwalkers were born, they were Weseh trained from a young age in combat oriented pursuits in addition to the regular intellectual ones. It was they who brought an end to the Dominion Wars, they arrived on every world held by the Chyss and wreaked havoc.

They arrived silently, walking through their cities and compounds, and in their wake only bodies were left. They did not kill all Chyss, only the leaders of the military and others who actively stood in their way, but not those simply following orders or doing so unwillingly. The cruelest and most devastating knowledge held by the Conclave was put to use tin their hands against the Chyss. It was following the Fall of the Chyss that the Weseh Conclave fully came into its own.

Though the Conclave would carry their name still the Weseh would not rule alone. They formed a council of members of all the species they liberated and that fought with them. AS they expanded and explored the Orion Arm they encountered more species and races. All that was long ago however, and prior to Five-hundred and Seventy odd years ago, the Weseh and the Conclave were secluded and not well known in the galactic community. It was nearly six centuries ago that the Tagali invaded and the Conclave became involved in the fight for the Orion Arm.
Though the Conclave and its people were not incapable in combat, their many centuries of secrecy and seclusion had left them more suited for ambushes and skirmishes. The Deathwalkers of the Conclave ended up in use as scouts and couriers, sometimes retrieving Tagali technology for analysis and study. The Conclave was not a major military or Economic power within the coalition but they did become known for their intelligence gathering and technological savvy.

Culture: Weseh culture revolves around knowledge and the mastery of crafts. Their natural traits and longevity makes mastery of any field merely an inevitability, but they are still regarded as an accomplishment, if only a lesser one. What really is important is the knowledge, the wisdom they have gained and their insights into that field.

To further their knowledge many Weseh act as scientists and researchers, secluding themselves in the Sanctuaries, the massive ships which house the knowledge of the Weseh. Though they pursue knowledge above nearly all else this is not so for the young. of those youths in the Conclave, even the Weseh seek life beyond the ships. When they reach the age of majority, or its equivalent

Despite being a space faring race or maybe because of their knowledge seeking nature they still worship two deities, Nymos, Goddess of Nature and Travel and Axona, Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. Those of the Conclave revere not just the aged and the wisdom age brings, but the knowledgeable as well.

Culturally speaking, the Ihbb are very similar to the Weseh, but are much

The Chyss culture revolves around status largely, before the Draug'n status was provided by the wealth you had, after it was decided by the number of slaves and successful conquests.

Mensir are quite intellectual much like the Ihbb and the Weseh, but they are devoted to less technological pursuits. They are quite devoted to what humans would call Life Sciences.
Military Size: 450 million, give or take
Military Description:

Ground Forces/ Of the races within the Conclave that typically become soldiers, the Weseh, Mensir, and (insert 3rd name here), few if any of them use the same armaments and equipment as one another.

Naval Forces/Starships: Originally the Weseh Conclave focused on faster stealthier ship designs. It has only been within the last 600 years, since the Tagali made their appearance in the Orion arm, that ship designs have changed. Though there are still stealthy and speedy classes of ship, the vast majority of craft fielded by the Conclave are Modular in design.



Unique Technologies: Again, i am not entirely sure what to put here but the Conclave holds both stealth composites, ie allows/metals that can confuse or reflect most sensors as well as technology to project stealth field and phase shifting technology.

Military Description:
Soldier types/classes

Of the different soldiers used by the Conclave it is the DeathWalkers and the Warmakers who are the most dangerous, they wield something more dangerous than any weapon of war, knowledge. The Warmakers are the elite, the best of the best, they have devoted their lives to the art of war. They are trained to adapt to nearly any situation, in battle and out of it, they are rarely seen except during times of war. Until such a time they act as personal guard for the Council of Revered Elders.

Aside from the requisite knowledge and skill in combat all Warmakers

While both DeathWakjers and Warmakers wield knowledge as a weapon, the Deathwalkers are the most mysterious of the two. They are masters of disguise, with the majority of them being Weseh, as the first were. Outside and inside combat most are masked or disguised as normal soldiers, very rarely however they do appear in their actual uniforms. The cruelest things ever committed by those of the Conclave were committed the Deathwalkers.
Deathwalkers are chose
Soldier appearance: (Spoiler images)

Standard Ship Appearance: Due to their nomadic natures, most ship classes come with multiple variants, some suited for combat others suited for trade or knowledge seeking. It is because of this that for each ship class has a basic design then 1-3 variants. The only exception to this are the 4 Sanctuary Class Titans with the various Nomadic Fleets.

-Frigate: Tracker and Hunter Class Frigates

-Destroyers: Seeker Class Destroyer, Illusion class

-Cruisers: 3km

-Battle Cruiser: 4-5km

-Battleship: Guardian Class,

-Carriers: Primarch class, Reverent Class

-Dreadnought/Super Dreadnought: Dib'hur Class Dreadnought, Var'tash Class Dreadnought

-Titans: Sanctuary Class Titans

Carriers and some other ships usually carry a compliment of smaller strike craft, usually of three different types.

Devastation assault craft: The largest and most heavily armed of the types of craft carried. They are meant to take a beating and deal out as much damage as they can. They have a single nose mounted cannon as well as several missile/rocket pods. In addition they hold a host of point defense turrets for defense against kinetic projectiles.

Stalker Scout Craft: Stalker Strike craft are the only type of craft which possesses stealth capabilities. Even when not at stealth their hulls are made of materials that confuse sensors allowing them to evade detection. They are fast agile craft and are used mostly for scouting or harassing smaller enemy ships. They lack offensive weapons for the most part, they do however possess a large amount of PDT's.

Boarding Craft: These craft are slightly larger than the Stalker, but are equally agile. They have moderate weapons and PDT's which are mostly used to evade and defend against enemy fire. They are capable of punching and boring into ships hulls and allowing its inhabitants to board enemy ships.

#DOSAPP (do not delete)

Traits: Weseh are capable of many great things that are alien to others but as normal to the Weseh as breathing. They can also eliminate or manipulate their scent to a certain extent, though it is much less precise than their natural camouflage ability.

Mating habits and Culture:
Weseh become mature when they reach the age of 200, though this can range from 190 years to 300. It is only after they mature that they can father children or give birth. Even then it is only after they complete the Pilgrimage that they earn the right to start a family unit. Though their ways have changed upon their taking to the stars and discovery of true knowledge some of their ways have been kept, but adapted.

Family units are typically composed of a single dominant male, the Primarch, 1-3 females on average and possibly a few non-dominant males. Once strength determined the dominant male, now it is strength of the mind rather than just the body. Of those in a family unit one female is chosen to rule alongside the dominant male and oversee the affairs of the family unit.

Though The Weseh are predominantly patriarchal females are not without their own important roles. While the dominant pair deal with problems and affairs concerning the family unit the others are not without their own roles. The others, male and female both deal with educating the young, in a variety of ways.

The females typically train the young in how to properly use and control their traits. It is the males who help the young to make sense of their genetic memories. Back before they were evolved it was not strange for young Weseh to go mad, to lose themselves in the past, in what their parents and their parents had once been, what they had done and experienced.

The Weseh are a deeply religious people as a whole, and that along with their pursuit of knowledge dominate their culture. Though they only worship two traditional Deities, Nymos and Axona, there are other figures that they give reverence towards, they are called the Exalted.

Most of these figures are notable leaders or scholars of the past, the most notable among the Exalted is the First Primarch, who led the Weseh into the stars. Another example would be The Great Scholar, the Weseh who made one of their greatest technological breakthroughs, how Draug'n ships worked.

When a Weseh comes of age and returns from their Pilgrimage they take a new name. Their new name takes a syllable or sound from the Exalted they follow and add it to part of their birth name. The choosing of their True Name is a very important

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by Sinyal
NS Name: Sinyal
Nation Name: The Great and Holy Empire of Viraska
Power Scale: 1
Technology Tier: 1
Major Species:
Humans: We all know what humans look like, makes up around 50% of the population.

Retiloids: Humans combined with reptiles, most common are snakes and types of lizards. On average over 7 ft tall, and covered in scale and stands like a human.

Hybrids: Any two races combined together.

Conquered Races: Many races of planets conquered by Viraska live on Viraska.

AI/Androids: AI and androids are considered citizens in Viraska.
Population: 489.7 B
Capital: Delhbar
Number of Systems: 476
History and Culture:
Viraska started when an organization called Reap The Universe or R.T.U. started. They started a secret underground operation to develop new technologies and conquer all other planets and races. Eventually when earth was dying, they finally finished building their technology and launched off of earth. By that time they had grown really big and had billions of people on board.

They started conquering many races and planets, and gaining more and more people in their organization. That's when they learned of the Orion sector. They heard that they could reap great rewards there, so they went to conquer. What they discovered was different. Plenty of open planets, and they just took some and created a main planet which they named Viraska.

When the Tagali came the banded together with the other planets in the Orion Sector to fight them off. They suffered very heavy losses, and the rebuilding stage began. It took decades to rebuild, but Viraska was back better and stronger than ever. Then the first civil war started.

It was over AI rights. Of course people who wanted AI with the same rights as living beings won, but it left Viraska in flames. Right after that, another civil war over the government type started. The people who wanted the current government won. Now Viraska is in its current state,and is thriving like always.
Military Size: 500 million
Military Description: Very advanced starships and universal fleets, employing the newest technologies including intergalactic missiles and death satellites, and state of the art mechs and infantry equipment.


PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:46 pm
by The Empire of Tau
Ralnis wrote:
Tagali Federation wrote:Fair enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I wish to be a giant pirate/raider confederation and was wandering what tier it would be considered on tech and power scale.

Pirates, huh? Don't mind if I join in the fun in the confederation of booty?

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:49 pm
by Ralnis
The Empire of Tau wrote:
Ralnis wrote:I wish to be a giant pirate/raider confederation and was wandering what tier it would be considered on tech and power scale.

Pirates, huh? Don't mind if I join in the fun in the confederation of booty?

Not at all, the more the merrier.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:56 pm
by The Empire of Tau
Ralnis wrote:
The Empire of Tau wrote:Pirates, huh? Don't mind if I join in the fun in the confederation of booty?

Not at all, the more the merrier.

How does radical space religious nuts sound? Armored fuel tankers ramming into cargo ships.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:00 pm
by Shadowwell
Ralnis wrote:
The Empire of Tau wrote:Pirates, huh? Don't mind if I join in the fun in the confederation of booty?

Not at all, the more the merrier.

Your nation name seems familiar Ralnis.

Also, seems like the Orion arm will be full of Megacorp's and pirate/space raiders, what fun.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:10 pm
by Ralnis
The Empire of Tau wrote:
Ralnis wrote:Not at all, the more the merrier.

How does radical space religious nuts sound? Armored fuel tankers ramming into cargo ships.

Perfect, that's part of the brand of craziness that I'm making with my faction.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:18 pm
by The Empire of Tau
Ralnis wrote:
The Empire of Tau wrote:How does radical space religious nuts sound? Armored fuel tankers ramming into cargo ships.

Perfect, that's part of the brand of craziness that I'm making with my faction.

state-sponsored terrorism/pirate funding I go.

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by Turmenista

NS Name: Turmenista
Nation Name: Half Moon Interstellar Corporation (also shortened to Half Moon)
Power Scale: Second-Rate Power
Technology Tier: Tier-2
Major Species:
Average Sobani
Average Sobani Male
Average Sobani Female

The term "Sobani" has more or less come to describe a race of anthropomorphic mammalian humanoids from the planet Soban, located in the 81 Caicos system. Due to interbreeding with the many other sub-species of the Sobani and inbreeding with their own species, the many Sobani subspecies have effectively become genetically homogeneous with one another much in the fashion of different human ethnicities and races. The Sobani carry the traits and appearances of a blend of species one would find on a planet like Earth, including equines, canines, mustelids, felines, and some reptiles. Generally speaking, they are omnivorous, averaging 5'11" in height and 137lbs / 62 kg in weight. They harbor as many humanoid features as they do animal-like, including longer and more powerful leg muscles, increased endurance, and, in a few instances, sharp teeth and claws. Adaptations specific to Soban include hard padded feet and specialized claws that aid in the gripping of rocks (for climbing), generally larger extremities which aid in radiating heat, and longer, prehensile tails for balance. There are a few instances of Sobani who harbor one trait over the other—IE, those with more feline traits than canine traits, and those with more equine traits than reptilian traits.

There are various other species within Half Moon's SOI, too many to mention here. Major ones include humans, Tagali, and Sobani.

Population: 150 billion
Capital: Kawanahi-IV
Number of Systems: 100
History and Culture:
The Half Moon Interstellar Corporation hails its humble beginnings to the planet of Kawanahi-IV, fourth planet from the yellow dwarf star Kawanahi. This system was a relatively new system, so to speak, and the planet made for the perfect startup for Andios Koba, founder of the Half Moon corporation, a small venture that was bankrolled by the Sobani government in the nearby 81 Caicos system. Not expecting for his company to grow exponentially over the next couple of years with the introduction of speedy FTL travel, Andios's company guided the population of an overpopulated and dry savanna world like Soban into the stars, free of any major governmental restrictions. The Half Moon corporation competed with other similarly-minded private ventures, establishing colonies far and wide in the Orion Arm. However, the Sobani were reluctant to expand so close to their neighbors, the Tagali, which they had only just recently gained independence from.

The prevalence of large corporations within Sobani space wasn't something that everyone was taking so kindly to. This spree of vast and rapid interstellar travel and colonization came to an abrupt halt when a syndicalist uprising occurred within Sobani space, targeting various megacorporations and the Sobani government itself due to its mistreatment of workers. The ensuing war transformed formerly peaceful trade hubs and worlds into bloody battlefields immediately. The Half Moon was lucky enough to not be in the thick of the fighting, as it was still a relatively young company, but Andios saw an opportunity in the chaos. War was profitable, yes, but it was also expensive, and when companies couldn't support themselves, they were simply "acquired" through ages-old practices like predatory pricing and "buying out" the competition. While bloated megacorporations were beset on all sides by opportunist pirates, syndicalist rebels, and alien banditry alike, the Half Moon only grew in their shadow, establishing various front companies and subsidiaries in departments aside from interstellar colonization.

When the fighting seemed to die down, a power vacancy emerged, which was quickly acquired by the Half Moon with the help of their new "buddies"—various underling corporations and other groups, especially in the security sector. The Half Moon company took up the reins of this power vacuum and quickly grew to dominate Sobani space under a corporate banner, the lack of an otherwise oppressive government and restrictions allowing the company to transform desiccated and war-devastated worlds and stations into trade hubs and colonies of unprecedented size. In a little over than 30 years, the Half Moon grew from just a small company in Kawanahi to a massive unconventional superpower carrying the characteristics of a megacorporation and quasi-state, with a large amount of subsidiary companies and the remnants of the Sobani government under its conglomerate...and something big enough to be a competitor to some nearby civilizations.

As a private and relatively successful venture, the Half Moon consolidated itself into a company capable of sustaining mass colonization efforts throughout the Orion Arm, while also maintaining an impressive number of security forces thanks to contracts with mercenary companies and their own funded security forces. After acquiring pharmaceutical companies and cybernetics companies, the Half Moon also became a prime source of robots, androids, and cybernetics for various purposes in addition to stellar contracts, real estate, and other private interstellar ventures. Various mining conglomerates under the Half Moon's wing presided over the resource-rich worlds in the fringes of corporate space, allowing the Half Moon to gain clout in the burgeoning industrial sector. Despite the low pay of Half Moon's mining arm and unsafe work conditions of many mines, the Half Moon still maintained a large workforce due to its contracts—which entrapped entire families into its service.

For a good part of its history, the Half Moon was able to maintain their dominance in their section of the stars due to a monopoly on mining, security, pharmaceutical operations within their end of the Orion Arm. With recent events, however, including a resurgence of the Tagali, it seems like this superpower on the rise may have some more competition on its plate than just pesky pirates soon..

Military Size: 20 million
Military Description:

Because of its corporate nature, the Half Moon corporation does not have a proper military, instead relying upon various PMCs, privateers, and other private security forces for its protection. As such, it places a heavy emphasis on mercenary use and special forces, including assassins and hitmen, private guards, and small, organized naval strike groups for anti-pirate operations. The Half Moon's own security forces wing uses a similarly styled doctrine of small, elite teams to accomplish their goals, usually done by sending a team down onto a surface to deal with it cleanly. Essentially, these hired troops are given the best training and fighting programs that the Half Moon's security wing has available, giving them a sharp advantage compared to more conventional soldiers of other armies, save for their small size, and the fact that they are used to dealing with smaller threats like pirates rather than proper armies. The Half Moon does not have a proper order of battle aside from hiring mercenaries and private fleets for the protection of its assets, as well as mobilizing its own military assets. As such, units are not treated as commodities, but rather as resources - run out, and you are doomed to fail, but if you have numerous numbers of this resource, you are free to do whatever you please.

Due to the fact that Half Moon mercenaries act on a payroll rather than an ideology, they have become notorious for acting on their own accord. An increasing number of these mercenaries are becoming "brain in a jar" type androids and robots, leaving mercenary commanders free of having to worry about a population loss issue. Larger conflicts are generally avoided as best as possible—for these sort of events, the full brunt of the Half Moon's available forces will be put forth for the protection of Corporate's assets. Half Moon mercenaries utilize plasma weaponry or other energy-based weapons, whereas ships use an assortment of energy missiles, plasma weaponry, nuclear weaponry, and more. Both Half Moon warships and mercenaries possess energy shielding with varying strength that recharges over time.

Rather than being split into classes like frigates, cruisers, destroyers, and battleships, the Half Moon groups their "larger" warships into the category of "man-of-wars." These ships comprise the "larger" warships of the Half Moon's security forces, typically up to 1,000 meters in length, with various specializations, including area denial, fighter transport, and standard combat. These warships are typically tasked with engaging other ships of comparable size and role, as well as screening strike craft. "Fleets" of these ships, in the conventional sense, usually consist of small strike groups, usually five ships at the max, as most engagements are small-scale in nature—Corporate strike groups, for example, are usually dedicated towards counter-insurgency and counter-pirate operations, due to the small scale of these operations. Any number larger than 100 in terms of the size of a fleet is considered utterly massive. Man-of-wars are often converted into massive freighters or battleships, depending on who owns them, but are undoubtedly large enough to carry a small complement of strike craft and definitely defend themselves from any threat. They are most notable for mounting powerful spinal weapons, including heavy mass drivers and particle cannons.

The Half Moon places a heavy but very conservative and strategic emphasis on the use of strike craft (fighter craft), in a fashion very similar to that of 20th-21st century humanity's use of aircraft on aquatic aircraft carriers. In other terms, the role of strike craft is a versatile hybrid between a reconnaissance craft, electronic warfare and intelligence craft, heavy bomber, and fighter/interceptor craft, depending on their weapons and equipment. Albeit in small numbers and not necessarily "swarms", strike craft are used, as their name suggests, for precision strikes and for softening up large ships. In addition, they are also used to engage with other strike craft. The Half Moon takes this to the extreme, utilizing warp-capable fighters that can display their capabilities as long-range interceptors and bombers capable of dealing massive damage to even larger ships with high-quality weaponry

Some appearances for soldiers:


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by Ralnis
Shadowwell wrote:
Ralnis wrote:Not at all, the more the merrier.

Your nation name seems familiar Ralnis.

Also, seems like the Orion arm will be full of Megacorp's and pirate/space raiders, what fun.

I think we've seen each other somewhere? I don't remember.