Campionato Esportiva 34 & Sport. Fest. 2 - Everything Thread

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Campionato Esportiva 34 & Sport. Fest. 2 - Everything Thread

Postby South Newlandia » Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:12 pm

South Newlandia is proud and honoured to welcome you to the 34th Campionato Esportiva and the rest of the 2nd Sporting Festival (Baseball, Basketball, Field Hockey, Handball, Rugby Sevens)!

December 18th: Matchday One (aka Day 1)
December 20th: Matchday Two (aka Day 2)
December 22th: Matchday Three (aka Day 3)
OOC Holiday Break (and also my laptop break, apparently)
January 3rd: Matchday Four (aka Day 4)
January 5th: Matchday Five (aka Day 5)
January 7th: CE34 Round of 16, “Other sports” playoff round (aka Day 6)
January 9th: CE34 Quarterfinals, “Other sports” Semifinals (aka Day 7)
January 11th: CE34 Semifinals, “Other sports” Finals & 3PPOs (aka Day 8)
January 13th: CE34 Final & 3PPO (aka Day 9)

The listed days are scorination days, which will be used to differentiate between cut-offs below.

Cut-off times will be between 8 pm UTC and 9 pm UTC.

RP information:

You may begin posting Rosters and Roleplays now.

As the host of the tournament, I have a few rules about roleplays of the host nations that I hope you to follow. Namely, there are no current pandemics in South Newlandia, and I would appreciate if you could keep it that way. Please also don’t kill anyone in my country without permission. Most things can be talked about; if you have an interesting idea, but aren’t sure if it would be okay for me, it never hurts to send me a telegram or a message on discord.
Please do include a Roleplay Permission Box, so your opponent knows what they can Roleplay about. You may have a general box, or make one for every sport you participate in.
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

If you have any questions, please feel to ask them! I am easily reachable by Telegram or on Discord, or you can answer your question in the signup/OOC thread for all to see.

Formats and Pots, and, where applicable, group draws, found under spoilers below.

Campionato Esportiva 34
with 36 signups, teams will compete in 6 groups of 6 teams. After five games for each team, the group winners, runners-ups, as well as the four best third-placed teams will advance to the Round of 16. From there, it will be a single-elimination bracket as you're used to. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, goal difference, H2H record, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.


Pot 1:
Tumbra (1*)
Brenecia (2)
Natanians and Nosts (3)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (4)
Xanneria (5)
The Licentian Isles (6)

Pot 2:
South Newlandia (7)
Cap Nord (8)
Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva (9)
Esportivan Darmen (10)
Ceyne Isles (11)
Racing (14)

Pot 3:
Le Choix (15)
Robostania (17)
Ancherion (18)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (19)
Gouvanarch (21)
The Hannasean Federation (22)

Pot 4:
Neomaris (23)
The Five United Clans (24)
Ha'Yarok (26)
Cheetahs and reptiles Coalison (27)
Macbon (28)
Bongo Johnson (29)

Pot 5:
Acadiana (30)
Drehda (36)
Lozho (37)
Sylestone (44)
Kings Park (UR**)
Katterimunk (UR**)

Pot UR:
Dod Rava (UR)
Boring Paradise (UR)
The Shambia (UR)
Ummat al-Haqiqa (UR)
Kalush (UR)
Vielfaltig (UR)

* OOC rank reduced as requested
** drawn into Pot 5 at random


Group A - played at Stadium of Friendship, Elephant Valley
Ha'Yarok (26)
Kalush (UR)
Acadiana (30)
Natanians and Nosts (3)
South Newlandia (7)
Le Choix (15)

Group B - played at EsportivArena, Newport
Ceyne Isles (11)
The Five United Clans (24)
The Hannasean Federation (22)
Ummat al-Haqiqa (UR)
Katterimunk (UR)
The Licentian Isles (6)

Group C - played at Ratzupalfu Colosseum, Ratzupalfu
Dod Rava (UR)
Esportivan Darmen (10)
Neomaris (23)
Brenecia (2)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (19)
Drehda (36)

Group D - played at Kinetik Stadium, New Colk
Sylestone (44)
Racing (14)
Boring Paradise (UR)
Gouvanarch (21)
Macbon (28)
Tumbra (1*)

Group E - played at Walstreim Park, Walstreim
Lozho (37)
Ancherion (18)
Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva (9)
Xanneria (5)
Cheetahs and reptiles Coalison (27)
Vielfaltig (UR)

Group F - played at Elephant Dome, Elephant Valley
The Shambia (UR)
Cap Nord (8)
Bongo Johnson (29)
Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom (4)
Kings Park (UR)
Robostania (17)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 - Round of 16
Day 7 - Quarterfinals
Day 8 - Semifinals
Day 9 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

With 12 signups, teams will play in 2 groups of 6. After that, group winners will directly advance to the Semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams will have a playoff for the final two spots. After that, it will be a regular single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers for advancement will be wins, H2H record, Run differential, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

Pot 1:
South Newlandia (1)
Super-Llamaland (11)

Pot 2:
Nova Anglicana (AZE) (12)
The Hannasean Federation (57)

Pot 3:
Le Choix (62)
Esportivan Darmen (UR*)

Pot UR:
Tumbra (UR)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (UR)
Ha'Yarok (UR)
Kalush (UR)
The Licentian Isles (UR)
Natanians and Nosts (UR)

* drawn into pot 3 at random


Group A - played at Elephant Stadium, Elephant Valley
Natanians and Nosts (UR)
The Hannasean Federation (57)
South Newlandia (1)
Tumbra (UR)
Esportivan Darmen (UR)
Ha'Yarok (UR)

Group B - played at Seaside Park, Walstreim
Nova Anglicana (AZE) (12)
Le Choix (62)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (UR)
The Licentian Isles (UR)
Kalush (UR)
Super-Llamaland (11)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – Playoff Round (A2-B3, B2-A3)
Day 7 – Semifinals (A1-(PR2), B1-(PR1))
Day 8 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes/No
Choose my lineup: Yes/No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Eject my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No
Use DH at home: Yes/No

With 12 signups, teams will play in 2 groups of 6. After that, group winners will directly advance to the Semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams will have a playoff for the final two spots. After that, it will be a regular single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers for will be Group placement, wins, H2H record, PD, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.


Pot 1:
The Hannasean Federation (1)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) (2)

Pot 2:
South Newlandia (21)
Robostania (UR*)

Pot UR:
Fhulghamous Peninsula (UR)
Kalush (UR)
Neomaris (UR)
The Licentian Isles (UR)
Natanians and Nosts (UR)
Esportivan Darmen (UR)
Ha'Yarok (UR)
Katterimunk (UR)

* drawn into pot 2 at random.
IBC35 ranks were used, since IBC36 ranks were not available at time of posting


Group A - played at Elephant Valley Superhall, Elephant Valley
Kalush (UR)
South Newlandia (21)
The Licentian Isles (UR)
Neomaris (UR)
Fhulghamous Peninsula (UR)
Nova Anglicana (AZE) (2)

Group B - played at Jungle Stadium, Ratzupalfu
The Hannasean Federation (1)
Katterimunk (UR)
Ha'Yarok (UR)
Esportivan Darmen (UR)
Robostania (UR)
Natanians and Nosts (UR)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – Playoff Round (A2-B3, B2-A3)
Day 7 – Semifinals (A1-(PR2), B1-(PR1))
Day 8 - Final/3PPO

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes/No
Suspend my players: Yes/No
Godmod suspension events: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Field Hockey:
With 12 signups, teams will play in 2 groups of 6. After that, group winners will directly advance to the Semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams will have a playoff for the final two spots. After that, it will be a regular single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers will be points, goal difference, H2H record, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

*no rankings were used

Group A - played at Sally Stadium, Newport
Natanians and Nosts
Le Choix
South Newlandia

Group B - played at Green Field, Elephant Town
Kings Park
The Hannasean Federation
Nova Anglicana (AZE)
The Licentian Isles

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – Playoff Round (A2-B3, B2-A3)
Day 7 – Semifinals (A1-(PR2), B1-(PR1))
Day 8 - Final/3PPO

The below box is also subject to change:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes/No
Suspend my players: Yes/No
Godmod suspension events: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

With 12 signups, teams will play in 2 groups of 6. After that, group winners will directly advance to the Semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams will have a playoff for the final two spots. After that, it will be a regular single-elimination bracket. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, H2H result, goal difference, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.


Pot 1:
Sylestone (1)
Natanians and Nosts (19)

Pot UR:
Ha'Yarok (UR)
Cap Nord (UR)
Robostania (UR)
Tumbra (UR)
The Five United Clans (UR)
The Licentian Isles (UR)
Katterimunk (UR)
Le Choix (UR)
South Newlandia (UR)
The Hannasean Federation (UR)


Group A - played at Harrier Hall, New Colk
The Licentian Isles (UR)
South Newlandia (UR)
Le Choix (UR)
Sylestone (1)
The Hannasean Federation (UR)
Katterimunk (UR)

Group B - played at Trunkst Multipurpose Arena, Trunkst
Robostania (UR)
Ha'Yarok (UR)
Cap Nord (UR)
Tumbra (UR)
The Five United Clans (UR)
Natanians and Nosts (19)

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – Playoff Round (A2-B3, B2-A3)
Day 7 – Semifinals (A1-(PR2), B1-(PR1))
Day 8 - Final/3PPO

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers Yes/No
RP injuries to my players Yes/No
RP yellow cards / 2-minute suspensions / red cards to my players (bold all that apply)
Godmode scoring / injury / other events (bold all that apply)

Rugby Sevens
With 12 signups, teams will play in 2 groups of 6. After that, group winners will directly advance to the Semifinals, while the second- and third-placed teams will have a playoff for the final two spots. Tiebreakers for advancement and seeding will be Group placement, points, wins, point difference, H2H result, coinflip. If three or more teams are tied, and a team wins or loses the tiebreaker at any stage while the remaining teams remain tied, tiebreakers start from the top again.

*no rankings were used

Group A - played at Portside, Newport
Fhulghamous Peninsula
Le Choix
South Newlandia
Natanians and Nosts
The Shambia
Nova Anglicana (AZE)

Group B - played at Sevenball Field, Elephant Valley
Kings Park
The Licentian Isles
Esportivan Darmen
Cap Nord

Day 1 - Matchday 1 - 1v6; 2v5; 3v4
Day 2 - Matchday 2 - 6v4; 5v3; 1v2
Day 3 - Matchday 3 - 2v6; 3v1; 4v5
Day 4 - Matchday 4 - 6v5; 1v4; 2v3
Day 5 - Matchday 5 - 3v6; 4v2; 5v1
Day 6 – Playoff Round (A2-B3, B2-A3)
Day 7 – Semifinals (A1-(PR2), B1-(PR1))
Day 8 - Final/3PPO

Should my opponent RPs first, he/she may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

You may post your rosters, if signed up for more than one sport, in the same post or different ones; but if you plan on editing anything into a post at a later date, please leave some kind of disclaimer for me to see; I might miss your edit otherwise!
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Postby South Newlandia » Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:13 pm



by the way, check out the OP to find out where your teams are playing!

In a nutshell
South Newlandia is a small Esportivan island with about four million inhabitants, located somewhere east of Super-Llamaland. South Newlandia is known for democracy, elephants, regulated capitalism and environmentalism, and the friendly population, happy to help you out if you run into any problems.

In general, you can divide South Newlandia into a Southern and a Northern Part, each consisting of five general areas. You can reach a few of those directly with an airplane, via the airports in Elephant Valley, Walstreim and Newport, but for most of the areas, you will have to take an additional ship or train, or a bus. Fortunately for you, public transport is almost free in South Newlandia, while renting a car can be more expensive.

Your stay at the Campionato and/or Sporting Festival
South Newlandia is a very small country. Therefore, expect that for the average fan, getting a hotel room on short notice will be difficult, and tickets will definitely be in short supply. Remember that re-selling tickets for more than the original price is banned in South Newlandia, so if you see someone ripping people off, alert the authorities by dialling or texting 123.
Even if you can’t get a place in the stadiums (tickets will be divided 40%/40% between the two participating nations, with 20% being available to everyone else), that isn’t that big of a deal. In many spots around the country, opportunities to watch the games on a big screen, often outside, with hundreds or thousands of other fans. The atmosphere at those events is often almost as great as being in the stadium, and in many places, it’s completely free of charge.
If you need any help or assistance with anything, feel free to ask the populace for help. South Newlandians are known to be eager to help, as long as you follow a few basic rules, such as not being an embarrassment for everyone and not being a pain on purpose. If you fail to clear this smallest of hurdles, you probably won’t have much luck getting help from the general public, but you can still get help by texting or dialling 321, where people are paid to deal with you. You can use this number to get all kinds of help and get answers to your questions. On an unrelated note, please don’t make North Newlandia jokes. Nothing bad will happen, but everyone has heard that one already.

Rules and Laws
If you plan to visit South Newlandia, there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand. Laws on imported goods are rather strict, and things you’d expect to not be allowed to take into other countries are usually banned in South Newlandia as well. Examples for this include dead animals, living people unwilling to enter and bombs of any kind. The same regulations will also apply if you go to leave the country again.
Special note should be made of South Newlandian drug laws. While all drugs, and this means all drugs, including alcohol and tobacco; are decriminalized in South Newlandia; this does not mean you are allowed to deal drugs. Selling or giving away drugs for any reason is strictly banned; this includes, again, alcohol and tobacco. However, you are allowed to take any drugs you want to without punishment, and are allowed to own any that are only for your own consumption. You are probably going to be treated like an addicted person though, so people might attempt to get you professional help to fight the addiction they perceive you to have. This is rare; most people are aware that different customs exist in other countries. In short, you are allowed to take any drugs into South Newlandia as long as you can convince officials that you aren’t addicted to them and do not intent to sell them.
Bribing South Newlandian officials is basically impossible; border control is a very well-paid job in South Newlandia. Otherwise, the South Newlandian legal system is similar to the legal systems of most other civilised places; with the exception that jails and prisons have been outlawed a few years ago.

Getting around inside South Newlandia isn’t a huge problem, it is often more difficult to arrive in the first place. That’s the case with all islands, but South Newlandia has rather few flights and ships exiting and entering, mostly because of environmental regulations. If you do arrive in South Newlandia, you are likely near the coast or even on an island now; your options are Elephant Valley, Newport, Walstreim, Kinjestad or Ineton.
When you arrive, the probably best options are the multiple high-speed trains that can get you almost everywhere in the country fairly quickly. Unless you want to go to a really remote place, you can probably expect your journey to your destination to take two hours at the very most. If you want to connect between two of the big cities, like from Walstreim to Ratzupalfu, you can expect it to be even quicker. If you don’t like trains, for some reason, there are also busses and cars to rent, but the streets aren’t always in perfect condition, and are far less convenient, to be honest.
Flights inland are banned in South Newlandia. If you want to be mobile within a city, you can rent bikes for free, or you can take the underground if you are in a bigger city and the bus if the city is smaller. There are also busses and rental cars in the bigger cities, but unless you really need to, we wouldn’t advise you to use them. The bus is slower than the underground, and the underground gets you pretty much everywhere within a city. Cars can get very inconvenient because they are banned in many areas, and where they aren’t, there are rarely any parking spots. Seriously, don’t try to drive a car in South Newlandia. Most of the citizens don’t either; a lot of them don’t even have a license.

The climate typically stays the same in South Newlandia throughout most of the year, with moderate winters and warm summers. In the places where games are hosted, temperatures around 15-25°C can be expected, and although it may rain a bit, there are no big storms forecast during the duration of the Tournaments. Weather extremes of all kinds are rare, too; don’t expect any windstorms or floods or anything like that.

There are some wild animals in South Newlandia, but they will generally don’t disturb you if you don’t disturb them. Basically, just stay on the outlined paths in the forest and don’t do anything to anger animals, and you’ll be fine. Most of South Newlandias wild animals are friendly, like the elephants, for example; in the unlikely event that you meet a bear, probably the most dangerous animal you could meet in South Newlandia, in the woods, you should follow standard bear safety guidelines. In any emergency, you can call or text the number 123 to get immediate help, or the number 321 if you just need less urgent, but still important advice.

Cities and Stadiums

Elephant Town

Elephant Town is right to the west of Elephant Valley, and the two cities have grown together over the years. Compared to Elephant Valley itself, the city is slightly more industrial and poorer than Elephant Valley, but it remains one of the most important cities in the nation. Outside of sports, many people don’t think of the two cities as separate anymore, and Elephant Town has received much support by the government in recent years.

Elephant Town used to have a solid, workers-club style soccer team in the Elephant Town FC. There are hardly any other sports here, as many young people here simply prefer football, and Elephant Town is not playing a role in many other sports; however, Field Hockey is quite a popular nice sport here.

Other attractions
Top attractions in Elephant Town include many museums showcasing the history of South Newlandia, including many of the old industrial buildings. Today, not much industry remains in South Newlandia, and it’s possible to visit many of the former factories, many of which have been built into museums today. If you’re looking for the harbour of the West Coast, that’s also just nearby.

The people
People from Elephant Town generally have a greater sense of community compared to most of the rest of the nation, and people are helping out each other more often than anywhere else. This is also the most likely city on the mainland for you to be greeted by strangers.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~22°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)


Green Field (4,000) [Esportivan Field Hockey Trophy Group B]
The second-biggest stadium that regularly hosts Field Hockey matches in South Newlandia, the Field is among the older stadiums used in the competition, but still very functional. It is located a bit away from Elephant Town itself, which means that the open-air stadium doesn’t have to deal with as much of the city noise.

Elephant Valley

Elephant Valley, the capital of South Newlandia, makes up about an eighth of the country’s population. The city has relatively few skyscrapers, but is built over a large area instead. The city used to be more industrial, but is mostly focusing on providing entertainment for the rest of the country; most of the biggest media outlets, like the “Elephant Valley Mail” or “South Newlandia One” are having their headquarters here, but there is also a lot of other IT-related industry here. Elephant Valley is relevant for just about every sport.

Elephant Valley is the centre of South Newlandian sports. They had two elite soccer teams between Elephant Valley FC and the Valley Wanderers, still have two elite baseball teams in the Homers and United, and are also the host of most South Newlandian home games in baseball and soccer. Additionally, Gridiron football is bigger nowhere than in Elephant Valley, home of the national team and the NSCF team Elephant Valley University Red Elephants.

Other attractions
Other than sports, Elephant Valley is by all accounts the heart of South Newlandian politics and culture. The South Newlandian government, a common sight to visit, is here, for example. Elephant Valley also has multiple large universities, with the Elephant Valley Science Institute and Elephant Valley Sports College next to the aforementioned EVU. Other sights to visit in Elephant Valley include the biggest water park in the nation, as well as a massive statue of an Elephant painted in the colours of South Newlandia.

The people
Like in most of South Newlandia, many inhabitants of Elephant Valley are immigrants either in first, second, or third generation, creating a melting pot of all kinds of different cultures. In recent years, other cities have surpassed the growth rate of Elephant Valley, which has caused a once rapidly shifting city to settle down a bit.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~22°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)


Stadium of Friendship (41,093) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group A]
The Stadium of Friendship is by far the biggest stadium in all of South Newlandia. It was, very expensively, built by Valentian Constructions Limited, but it has all the bells and whistles of a modern stadium, including a retractable roof and the best available technology everywhere. It stands just outside the city limits, and is easily reachable using all forms of transport. The Stadium of Friendship also hosted a semifinal during World Cup 89, and the CE31 final.

Elephant Dome (21,500) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group F]
The Elephant Dome used to be the biggest stadium in South Newlandia, having been host to the final of the 28th Campionato Esportiva. The retractable roof allows the stadium to be dry regardless of weather, and it stands closer to the center of the city, easily reachable from everywhere. It has also been used during World Cup 89.

Elephant Stadium (30,000) [Esportivan Baseball Trophy II Group A]
The biggest South Newlandian baseball stadium is located in the relative South of the capital city Elephant Valley. The stadium was upgraded after the 48th WBC, and was again in preparation for the second Sporting Festical, and is now able to host 30,000 people. All fifteen home games of WBC48 were played here, and the unranked South Newlandia won twelve of them, the first ten in a row. The upgraded stadium also featured one match series in the IBS11 and the WBC49, and knockout games in IBS12, including a semi-final; and of course, multiple play-off series at WBC52, including the South Newlandian semi-final win over Sarzonia. Domestically, this is the home of the Elephant Valley Homers.

Elephant Valley Superhall (6,000) [Esportivan Basketball Trophy II Group A]
The Superhall, located near the centre of the city, it a multi-functional sports hall frequently used for all kinds of events, including the occasional concert, and it will be used for basketball for the duration of the tournament.

Sevenball Field (777 seats, additional capacity for standing) [Esportivan Rugby Sevens Trophy Group B]
Rugby Sevens is not exactly a popular sport in South Newlandia, but this is probably a very serviceable field with no mole hills at all. Also, it’s only in Elephant Valley if you follow a political map and not common sense on where a city ends.

New Colk

New Colk is located on the Elephant Island only just off of the coast, but already technically in the Strele Channel separating South Newlandia and Tumbra. New Colk, having a population of roughly 40,000, has a large Grearish population. Although many of them have assimilated with the South Newlandians into one, many Grearish influences remain today, and that is making this city extremely special. Because of this, New Colk is also the city with the strongest cricket presence in South Newlandia.

The Kinetik Islanders used to take the SNSL by storm, but since then, it has been a bit quieter around sports in New Colk. Recent developments suggest they’re looking to lure a baseball team into the city; and teams from here dominate the small cricket league of South Newlandia.

Other attractions
As mentioned earlier, New Colk has many Grearish influences. This includes rare wildlife, such as the yellow-billed kingfisher and Grearish harrier, as well as, in extremely rare circumstances, black dolphins being sighted from the Island. Other than that, Grearish support, including through the energy drink company ‘Kinetik’, has given the city a massive boost. Among the host cities, New Colk also has the nicest beaches to visit; like every South Newlandian beach, they are subject to strong environmental regulations.

The people
Graerish folks are some of the nicest people you could ever meet, and that is reflected in New Colk.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: medium-high (~40% on any given day)


Kinetik Stadium (16,000) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group D]
Kinetik Stadium, sponsored by Kinetik, has also hosted CE28 games. Kinetik built a top-notch modern stadium with everything you could possibly want. It is very close to the sea, so this stadium always looks fantastic on photos. For WC89, they upped the seat count once again.

Harrier Hall (5,000) [Esportivan Handball Trophy Group A]
Handball is surprisingly popular in New Colk, and the Harrier Hall reflects that; it being primarily used for Handball games. It’s definitely a hall that handball is being played in.


Newport is located on the East coast of South Newlandia, and is the second-biggest city of the country at about 330,000 citizens. It used to be a very industrial city, named after the port that is the biggest in the country today. If anything is getting shipped to South Newlandia, odds are, it arrives in Newport first. In recent years, Newport has been the fastest growing city in the country, as job prospects have quickly attracted people from around South Newlandia and the multiverse.

Newport has always been an important city for South Newlandian sports. Before the end of SNSL, there were two strong football teams here, Jecken Newport, and Newport United. Newport also has a strong baseball presence, with the Newport Owls and Newport Dolphins in Llamaphant Pro Baseball, and plays a role in various other sports.

Other attractions
Newport has basically everything you’d expect a city to have, including food from around the multiverse, malls, and everything else. Two of the most well-known attractions of Newport are the East-Newport minigolf course, considered the best in the country, and suitable for all ages and skill levels; and the Newport Cineplex, one of the biggest cinemas in the nation, featuring all the currently relevant movies and blockbusters. If you’re more interested in culture, you can visit the highest court of law here, or the Newport College for International Relations, or the Newport Law School, or the Newport Politics Institute…

The people
The citizens of Newport are relatively normal for being South Newlandian, friendly, and commonly welcoming toward foreigners. Of course, many citizens of Newport are immigrants themselves, moving to South Newlandia for job prospects or whatever else. They do have a reputation for being a little bit less open than South Newlandians from other places, but that’s mostly a myth.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~18°C
Chance of rain: medium-low (~20% on any given day)


EsportivArena (25,000) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group B]
The EsportivArena was specifically built for World Cup 89, and upgraded for this Festival. In honour of the Esportiva, South Newlandia represents the region with this stadium. It’s also just about as modern as it can get.

Sally Stadium (6,500) [Esportivan Field Hockey Trophy Group A]
The most modern Field Hockey facility South Newlandia has to offer is named for the mythical first elephant that arrived in South Newlandia, and is pretty oversized considering the lack of Field Hockey anything on Elephant Island.

Portside (1,400) [Esportivan Rugby Sevens Trophy Group A]
Portside is the slightly better Rugby Sevens ground in South Newlandia. Rugby of all its variants is relatively unpopular here, as the sport is perceived as too violent; which is interesting considering they still do support Gridball.


Ratzupalfu, with a population of 175,000, located near the center of South Newlandia, was always a city trying to work with nature instead of against it, and it works out fairly well for them. The city is surrounded by jungle, with wild animals often not far away, and it will be your best bet if you want to see wild Elephants. Ratzupalfu is located at the edge of the South Newlandian jungle, encompassing most of the central portion of South Newlandia.

The Ratzupalfu Rhinos used to be a strong South Newlandian soccer team, and although they lost their baseball team due to the reduction through Llamaphant Pro Baseball, they are set to regain new life with the Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets set to start playing in NS College Football. On top of that, Ratzupalfu is the team usually on top in South Newlandian basketball as well.

Other attractions
Other attractions, beside the jungle and the animals, include the aforementioned Ratzupalfu University of Nature, as well as many sources of information about South Newlandian wildlife, including the two biggest museums of South Newlandia.

The people
People from Ratzupalfu are more nature- and animal loving than any other in South Newlandia, and are going to tell you about their pets, and want to know about yours. People from here are willing to work together with nature, giving back more than they take.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: very high (~70% on any given day)


Ratzupalfu Colosseum (16,000) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group C]
The Colosseum was built from scratch for Campionato Esportiva 28, partly by the government and partly by the then, existing Rhinos. Different to the old stadium, the colosseum is not only much more modern, but also has some reasonably decent connections to the rest of the country. Rain is pretty much the natural state here, but it’s also dry reasonably often. The stadium surely won’t shield the players from the rain, but has still been used for the big stage of the 89th World Cup.

Jungle Stadium (4,500) [Esportivan Basketball Trophy II Group B]
The secondary South Newlandian basketball court is located in a hall that is, otherwise, almost completely surrounded by the wilderness. This can lead to stunning pictures; it is not uncommon for wildlife to be seen outside the large windows.


Trunkst is the smallest hosting city with only about 44.000 inhabitants. It is located at the Northern edge of the country, and considered part of the Far North politically. The northern tip of South Newlandia, where Trunkst lies, is not really viable for agriculture, and fishing and the occasional rare thing in the mines is what kept the city afloat in the beginning.

Since then, sports have been a big part of the city. While their football team, Trunkst CFT, was most known for always falling short of getting promoted to the top flight, the cities’ own Robin Dragonovic became the nations’ first (and only) NSSCRA driver, now racing under the flag of TJUN-ia. Aside from that, Trunkst is by far the city where ice hockey is most popular in South Newlandia; and Handball is popular as well.

Other attractions
There are a limited number of things to visit in Trunkst, but you can go look at the beautiful cliffs just outside of the city, or visit one of the museums about the history of the South Newlandian North.

The people
The people tend to be more reserved in Trunkst, but they’re still very friendly on the inside. While most of the rest of the country tends to underestimate the Far North, it remains a core part of South Newlandia.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~15°C
Chance of rain: medium (~30% on any given day)


Trunkst Multipurpose Arena (3,000) [Esportivan Handball Trophy Group B]
Handball, as an indoor sport, is relatively popular in Trunkst, the only place in South Newlandia that knows what cold means. I’ve also just retconned that Robin Dragonovic used to play Handball in his youth!


Walstreim is located on the very South coast of South Newlandia. You probably recognise the name from the club team, but more on that in a bit. Walstreim, one of the drier cities in the nation, has been very industrial in the past, and is widely considered to be the home of South Newlandin football. Having more than 200,000 people, it is the third-biggest city in South Newlandia, behind Elephant Valley and Newport, and that’s largely what it is thought of. Most of the important stuff is in one of those two cities, but there are many important things here as well.

The Walstreim Lions, home of South Newlandian sports, won the last four SNSL titlesand have also have won a CEdC. There’s also a decent baseball team in Walstreim, the Stingrays. Despite typically being the game of the North, baseball is surprisingly popular down here.

Other attractions
Walstreim, although not the most interesting city, still has a couple of interesting things to visit, such as the largest mall in South Newlandia and a very interesting museum about marine life, or Walstreim Business University.

The people
People from here are honestly rather boring until you get to know them better, which is usually worth it. Also, people are crazy about football here.

Weather forecast:
Temperature: ~25°C
Chance of rain: low (~10% on any given day)


Walstreim Park (15,000) [Campionato Esportiva 34 Group E]
Walstreim Park, formerly Walstreim City Stadium, has been the stadium where the Lions fought their CL run. Since then, the stadium has been modernized for World Cup 89, and is regarded as the stadium with the most comfortable seats.

Seaside Park (14,000) [Esportivan Baseball Trophy II Group B]
Seaside Park, is, as the name suggests, seaside; and the new home of the Walstreim Stingrays. The recently renamed baseball franchise only just moved into this ballpark for the ongoing season, and it’s easy to see why – not only is it visually stunning, but also modern as it can get.

If you need any additional information, feel free to drop me a telegram or a message on discord.
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Postby Lozho » Fri Dec 09, 2022 10:27 pm


The Lozhoan National Football Team!

A History of Lozhoan Football

Association football is one of the most popular sports in Lozho. During a daily five minute factory break one day, Lozhoan workers decided to kick a leftover bottle of Sozha Soda around in an improvisation of football. The bosses of Ghezhan Pens and Paper Inc. were so impressed that they decided to establish the first football club in Lozho, Ghezhan Pens and Paper FC, later shortened to Ghezhan City. The Lozho Championship (since renamed) Lozho First Division was later established, all between teams that had been established by factory bosses. Lozhoan football is a very lucrative venture, but most players play out of love, and thus are more than willing to sign four year contracts for a few Lozhons a month.

Recently, the Lozho Football Association decided to formally select a team to represent the nation on the world stage, inspired by the previously isolationist and sports-unfriendly nation of West Barack and East Obama's foray into international cricket. Lozho's dark blue and red uniforms will shine as they take the field in their first Brevity Challenge Cup. With the team reaching the knockout rounds of the Brevity Cup recently, and players getting stronger as they push themselves in the Lozhoan First Division as it gets underway, the team will be looking to make an impact on their second ever Campionato Esportiva after a disappointing precious edition where they finished last in their group.

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Gezald Ponzo
Assistant Coach 1: Thomas Bluefield
Assistant Coach 2: Francis Clarke

Gezald Ponzo is the 61 year old former head coach of Langhan Town, with whom he won the Lozho Championship with 12 years ago in one of the biggest upsets in Lozhoan history. He has since been inbetween coaching and pundit roles, as well as filming a few commercials for Langhan & Zangzan Accountants. He brings a wealth of experience to the job, and his special expertise in team unity and morale boosting makes him perfect for the role.

He will be assisted by two assistant coaches - Thomas Bluefield and Francis Clarke. The two have been loyal assistants to Ponzo his entire career, and will stay on for the CE even with constant swirling rumours that the assistants would be offered head coach roles in LFD and LSD teams.

Starting XI

Goalkeeper: Bonzo De Jong, 31

The current goalkeeper for Gosport Pelicans, De Jong has had a long and esteemed career. Starting his career as a Pelican mascot holding up a sign to fast food restaurants, De Jong quickly rose up the ranks with his signature jumping technique. Despite being only one metre tall, De Jong can jump to anywhere in the goal and make a save, earning the nickname 'Bonzo the Guy Who Can Jump Really Far and High Which Saves Shots on Target'.

Left Full Back: Fazj Srejzjajk, 23

This fast-paced left wingback has been making waves ever since her debut for Langhan Town two years ago. Having recently been signed by Lozhoan titans Protchen United for a lucrative deal, Srejzjajk is looking to make her impact on the international stage as well. Her speed makes her a dangerous wingback who can strike opponents on the counter.

Left Centre Back: Penny Butterfield, 26

Despite plying her treade in obscurity (the second tier) for most of her career, Penny Butterfield got her big break when she was signed in a surprise deal by Protchen United. While this was considered by commentators as a "sorted by height on Lozho Manager 2022" type of signing, the two metre tall centre back puts the "no nonsense" in "no nonsense centre back". If you've conceded a corner and she's on the pitch, you've probably conceded a goal.

Right Centre Back: Drew Zaratrianias, 32

Often called "The Old Gentleman", "Zaratrianasaurus", or even "South Ghezhan Nursing Home FC Hall of Fame Inductee", this old dog Zaratrianias knows all the new tricks. Motivated by the chants that "chasing this fast will impede your arthritis", Zaratrianias intimidates any forwards that try to get past him by simply being faster. Genius!

Right Full Back: Cartzon Zohzo, 21

Another young wingback, Zohzo and Srejzjajk make up what's called 'Lozho's Finest Pair of Wings: Sponsored by Lozho's Finest Pair of Wings Fast Food Inc.'. While he is one of the younger members on the team, Zohzo is proving his worth with his outings at the Gosport Pelicans, having broken into the team as a teenager. He has the potential to be amongst the all time greats.

Left Central Midfielder: Henry Blyth, 29

The captain of the team, Blyth has both experience and a passion to improve. A one club man for Shezhen Athletic, Blyth has developed a reputation for his strong leadership and passing skills. He's also an avid online gamer, and regularly plays Valorant with his teammate Obamovich, developing his skills as a captain by strengthening his vocal cords when he has to insult "useless teammates".

Right Central Midfielder: Pazron Droozle, 27

Nicknamed "The Droozler", Droozle is known for his "droozling" skills, or in layman's terms "dribbling". Droozle can droozle a ball all around the pitch in an exhilarating display of end-to-end football. Rumour has it there's no defender he hasn't droozled past.

Left Winger: Fatrouza Smith, 22

Fatrouza Smith may come from a wealthy family of the Smith Textbooks and Notebooks and Notepads Company wealth, but he's a golden boy on and off the pitch. Speedy, crossy, and shooty, this winger can get a ball in the box any time of the day, no questions asked.

Central Attacking Midfielder: Pazrick Zouzal, 27

Zouzal is the playmaker that makes the Gosport Pelicans attacking force tick. Always able to create chances even when there doesn't look possible, Zouzal conjures a ball out of thin air. Oh, and he used to work part time as a magician. Might be related.

Right Winger: Zed Zoan, 31

A pacey right winger, Zed Zoan runs up and down the flanks of the pitch in record time. Whilst his crossing may have room for improvement, he makes it up with his ability to cut deep into the opposition boxes to attempt long shots.

Striker: Paxton Obamovich, 29

A refugee from West Barack and East Obama fleeing persecution for his love of football, Paxton Obamovich has taken up citizenship in Lozho and has already been banging in the goals. A target man that always makes the ball connect with his head, he just needs to jump a little bit and boom! You've conceded again. Yes, there are a lot of people who can head well on our team.


  1. GK: Percival Obamahama
  2. GK: Faj Zhaozhamhra
  3. LB: Frozone Drezhon
  4. CB: Romulus
  5. CB: Zadim Ferzhai
  6. RB: Zorro Zakaria
  7. CM: Harron Stanisic
  8. CM: Marc Benson
  9. LW: Moz Zuckerberg
  10. AM: Herezoikaokaza Forrozonich
  11. RW: Hector Zoomfield
  12. ST: Shinji Nakajima

Set Piece Takers

  1. Obamovich
  2. Drezhen
  3. Nakajima
  4. Droozle

Left Free Kicks:
  1. Smith
  2. Zuckerberg
  3. Blyth
  4. Srejzjajk

Right Free Kicks:
  1. Obamovich
  2. Drezhen
  3. Nakajima
  4. Droozle

Left Corners:
  1. Smith
  2. Srejzjajk
  3. Zuckerberg
  4. Drezhon

Right Corners:
  1. Drezhen
  2. Nakajima
  3. Zoan
  4. Obamovich

OOC Stuff

RP Permissions: As long as you TG me beforehand about any potential serious wackiness, do what you like. Red and yellow cards should not be issued too liberally though.

Style Mod: +0.5
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Postby Lozho » Sat Dec 10, 2022 12:06 am

Romulus, Stanisic and Zuckerberg Handed First Call-ups as Lozho's Campionato Esportiva Squad is Named

Sponsored by Audible

As the Lozhoan National Football Team hopes to make a splash in their second ever Campionato Esportiva, in a tough group that contains prior winners Xanneria and the Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva, three new faces have been named in the final 23-person squad: Shezhen Athletic's Romulus, Catroza Town's Harron Stanisic and Foltcalfe Borough's Moz Zuckerberg.

All three players, should they make an appearance in the CE group stages, will make their debuts. Additionally, only centre-back Romulus has represented Lozho on an international level as a member of the U21 squad years prior, whilst Stanisic and Zuckerberg will put on the dark blue and red uniforms for the first time.

Of course, as three players have joined the squad, three have thus been removed. Romulus replaces Catroza Town defender Zoufal Cerezaki. Cerezaki picked up an injury in training that would rule him out for the entire CE group stages at minimum, so he had to withdraw from the squad. His rock-solid partnership with friend and fellow international Zadim Ferzhai has helped Catroza Town rise up to second place in the Lozhoan First Division, so his omission will be missed. However, Romulus is a very similar player to Cerezaki with his ball-playing skills particularly commended, so he would be a perfect replacement for the injured centre-back.

Harron Stanisic has replaced Protchen United midfielder Prozo Mozolonia. Mozolonia has been in poor form this season, with his playmaking skills absent during the Railwaymen's horrid start to the season. On the other hand, Stanisic has been creating chance after chance this season and has racked up a decent amount of assists for Catroza Town, so his inclusion in the squad over Mozolonia is a no-brainer. Expect Stanisic to be an impact player when he comes off the bench during this Campionato Esportiva, with his energetic playstyle always being a gamechanger.

Lastly, Moz Zuckerberg has replaced Chill Zane in the national team. Zuckerberg, a forward for Foltcalfe Borough, had already long been considered for national team selection due to his exceptional service for his club. In the current season, he has already scored three goals and made three assists, an exceptional performance that has allowed the Steelers to steer clear of the drop so far. However, Chill Zane has mostly been absent even in a Catroza Town side playing very well, and with the introduction of Poopoo Bumbum into the squad things are about to get very competitive in the Town. Thus, Chill Zane voluntarily withdrew from the CE squad to fight for his place.

The Lozhoan National Football Team will take on unranked Vielfaltig in the CE opening match, whilst its autonomous territory Kings Park will have a very tough match against high-flying Cap Nord ahead of them.
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Postby Kings Park » Sat Dec 10, 2022 12:07 am

Kings Park National Football Team

About Kings Park

Kings Park is a minuscule, autonomous territory of Lozho. The crown dependency is many kilometres off the coast of Shezhen, and consists of two main islands: Loftus Island and Eze Island. Kings Park is very small and is home to just ten thousand people.

Even with their small size, there are many pitches and arenas for sports such as football, cricket, hockey and especially rugby sevens. The Kings Park National Football Team will make its debut at the Campionato Esportiva 34.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Nichael Serpentine, 63

Nichael Serpentine, also known as 'Nick the Snake', is the coach of Kings Park. A beetroot seller by day, Nick spends a lot of time playing amateur football with his farming mates before going to the pub. He has a lot of experience so he will be the man to lead Kings Park to glory.

Starting XI

GK: Samuel Dennis
LB: Rhys Manville
CB: Jacob Salsa
CB: Nostradamus Bailey
RB: Keke Offerman
CM: Steve Johnson
CM: Andrew Dusseldorf
LW: Oliver Shapiro
AM: Christian Willard
RW: Aloysius Table
CF: Lily Dyche

Other Stuff

RP Perms: Anything and Everything, but inform me if you bring Lozho/WBEO into it

Style Mod: -1

Kits: Blue and White

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Postby Robostania » Sat Dec 10, 2022 4:23 am

Robostani Federation for Association Football
Campionato Esportiva 33 Squad

Manager: Federick Emmeryn
Trigamme: RBT
Nickname: The Red Dragons


GK 1 Honnor Gomez
GK 31 Taranjit Mallah
DF 16 Haridev Gummara
DF 13 Lawrence Zirres
DF 4 Sheldon Mathews
DF 86 Mansoor Shah
DF 69 Gannat Maqbool
MD 16 Taha Malingra
MD 9 John Keville
MD 14 Shawn Gunner
MD 13 Hillary Masha
FD 10 Ferdinand Burghan
FD 7 Mallard Trevuss
FD 11 Josh Kirawn
FD 121 Golden Mathews
MD 99 Huashi Takara
FD/MD 111 Gamez Harare
[[ Playing XI was Bolded ]]

Image Image


My Opponents, if they RP first. Can do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Robostania Basketball Federation
Esportiva Sports Fest 2 Squad

Starting Squad

PG - Trevor Tennyson #11 Age: 23
SG - Steve Shawkenzey #43 Age: 23
C - Leonard Batistuta #26 Age: 28
SF - Edwin Keakeu #42 Age: 22
PF - Kishazi Shehza #73 Age: 26


PF/SG - Anant Nana #8 Age:24
PG/C - Sahart Shauwn #95 Age:37
SF - Gowdin Bashadhhi #44 Age: 22
SG/PF - Kent James #12 Age: 27
C - Martin Holland #55 Age: 26
C/SG - Tinkel Yaultz #86 Age: 29

Head Coach: Alexander Shizkauntzky
Asst. Coaches: Jackson K Jokeson


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Robostania Handball Association
Esportiva Sports Fest 2 Squad

Henry Tasky
Nathan George

Daniel Hilstar
Karthik Das
Anton van George
Antonio Mascrenhas

Victor Almeda
Vasco Degeneres
Bhargav Malwar

Shah Alam
Karthik Rao
Haniel Fernandez

Centre Backcourt
Ferdinand Nicholas
John Daniel Janzenk

Bignose Olaf
Tarzan Kingsword
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Postby Bongo Johnson » Sun Dec 11, 2022 5:45 pm

Incorporated States of Bongo Johnson
Official Campionato Esportiva 34 Roster


Head Coach - Jean-Claude Benoit
Asst. Coach - Jean-Baptiste Benoit

Style Modifier: +2.00
Formation: 4-2-3-1

Starting Eleven

GK: Adam Jones
LB: Frederick Frick
CB: Bolzak Teebaghar
RB: Jordy Nelson
DM: Hands McGurkin
LM: Michael van Bichael
CM: Kiplet Hurston
RM: Chaplain Crabtree
LW: Speedy Wheels
CF: Bongald
RW: Schnitzer Longmont


GK: Spobe Rogers
LB: Rudy van Zant
CB: Paul Creenis
CM: Walter Puterbaugh
RM: Bob Graff
LW: Danny Provolone
RW: Balthazar

Code: Select all
RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes (1 per match)
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby The Shambia » Mon Dec 12, 2022 4:51 am

A first venture on the international scene for The Shambia, one of Esportiva's smaller and often forgotten nations. This comes mostly due to the self-inflicted splendid isolation of the communist nation. Towards its own citizens, it is written off as a protection against the horrendously capitalist world. That the Party plays its part in that system as well, exporting copper and other precious metals found under the surface of the nation to find enough primary resources to keep the nation afloat? That is less known, but still a public secret. As it is that some top party members manage to keep their percent in those deals. A system that works until it does not. New Secretary of the State Union Levison Kanguya tries to minimize the slowly bubbling protests by opening up to the world a little and offering the people games. If it will suffice to ensure that their mind will wander off far enough remains unsure.


As it is in many corners of the world, football is the most popular sport in The Shambia. Only the most important boxing bouts and athletics competitions can get anywhere near the tens of thousands of fans who gather for the games of the Shambian Top Division. This might be in part because, on governmental edict, the price for admission is blocked on one dollar, even if inflation made that a minimal amount. The twelve clubs in the Shambian top tier represent either a group of workers (such as Copper Bullets) or a socialist sport group (such as Red Star or SoSpoCom). Players usually remain with their team for life, but minimal transfers can happen.

The team will be led by socialist representative (or more colloquially, coach) Jackson Phiri. The domestic competition is usually very attack minded: more often than not, games will by the final quarter see the field fall apart in two blocks. This means five players solely defending and five trying to break down the opposition. An entertaining recipe that leads to fan enthusiasm and some high-scoring results. Phiri is a member of the Army, an organization usually represented by Training Barracks FC. He decided to opt for a more defensive approach than usual nationally with two defending midfielders in front of the quartet of backs. Expect some runs on the wing by Pelekelo, needlessly spectacular saves from Bunda and extremely rough tackles by the defensive block. Red cards are only handed out for approaching manslaughter in the Top Division, international referees might be stricter.

Up the field, the whole plan focuses on Winston ‘The Chosen One’ Ntalasha. Despite playing for one of the weaker clubs in the top tier, he is recognised as The Shambia’s finest. Powerful and fast, he forms a menace to any opponent as confirmed by scoring over one goal a game across the last three seasons. Free kick specialist Mphande and fancy footwork proponent Mutonga should find ways to bring the ball to Ntalasha. For the attacking front, the bench is a bit stronger than in defense with the main joker being Nampasa, a surprising omission from the starting line-up. His lack of ‘ideological purity’ has been murmured to be the reason for that but leaving him out of the selection completely would have caused uproar.

GK Lazarus Bunda The Prophet Red Star Chisombe 27
LD Oliver Pelekelo Petit Pélé Forrest Rangers 24
CD Chishala Simutowe The Snake Charmer Copper Bullets 31
CD Oscar Simpemba The Axe of the Party Vanguard Sukalongo 23
RD Fanwell Ngwira The Wirecutter Training Barracks FC 22
DM Geoffrey Mwambazi Stone-Eyes Red Star Chisombe 25
DM Brighton Fundulu Sergeant Training Barracks FC 33 Captain
CM Rabson Nlogwe The Spider of the Web Mupamba Sospocom 23
AM Jameson Mutonga Velvet Kiss Copper Bullets 22
AM Franck Mphande Cannonball Red Star Chisombe 29
ST Winston Ntalasha The Chosen One Zivongo Harbor 23

GK Silvester Kondowe The Black King Police Academy XI 35
LD Aswell Mukosa Hit ‘n’ Run Red Star Chisombe 25
CD Chinyemba Bwalya Machete Forrest Rangers 20
RD Julius Chabala Parent Control Red Star Chisombe 26
DM Inambao Musanda The Green Arrow Chisombe Sosec 24
CM Nambula Kalaluka The Vision Training Barracks FC 25
AM Newton Mutoya Doctor Hips Kalakumbi Students 21
AM Kendrick Nampasa The Lion of Mupamba Mupamba Sospocom 28
ST Pearson Mukelabai Sorry Copper Bullets 26

MD1 Robostania
MD2 Cap Nord
MD3 Bongo Johnson
MD4 Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom
MD5 Kings Park


Contrary to football, rugby is not very widespread in popularity in The Shambia. But there is a small but dedicated following in the universities that has a thriving competition among them. The variant with seven players receives as much attention as the union code (even if there is a linguistic ideological bias to the advantage of union). Little is expected of this line-up but they are present as a prop for the regime: the universities are a breeding ground for protests and with small gifts as sending a representation to this regional event, Kanguya hopes to humor them.

H Elvis Kayama Archaeology 21
P Adrian Sichela Mine Engineering 22
P Gibson Chibale Languages: Tokazunga 19
S Evaristo Kampamba Medicine 25 Captain
F Elijah Mbambo International Economics 22
C Adam Lutangu Civil Engineering 20
W Titus Kayula Chemistry & Technology 21

MD1 Le Choix
MD2 South Newlandia
MD3 Natanians and Nosts
MD4 Nova Anglicana (AZE)
MD5 Fhulghamous Peninsula

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not to Ntalasha and we will retaliate if exuberant
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, with the above restrictions
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG if there is an impact on (The )Shambia(ns)

Style Modifier Football: -2

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Postby Cap Nord » Mon Dec 12, 2022 5:58 am

Up until the end of the World Cup qualifiers, the manager of the national team was Jon Forseth. Under his tenure, the Whalers took the field 33 times and despite being new to the international scene, they came out victorious 18 times and only lost eight confrontations. The latter more often than not against sides featuring in the World Cup. As such, results could not be used as the excuse to give the charismatic and outspoken Forseth the boot but ‘differences concerning the way forward’ were used to part ways. A few days later, in silence, Robert McEather was installed as the new manager of the national team. A surprise as his history only features a few stints in the lower leagues but, possibly more importantly, he has an NUP member card. Needless to say that the takeover of the latter party and the installation of a puppet kingdom had its impact on the foundations of society.

McEather tries to keep the same style for the Whalers: rather defensive reaction-based football with a tough block of four in the heart of the organisation and energetic wingbacks to fuel targetman Myrrheim. But what started as a 4-3-3 has evolved into a Christmas tree 4-3-2-1, if one wants to put it in numbers. If the circumstances allow it, replacements are few and late, as it is considered to break the rhythm of a team. As this is a final tournament, there would be little room for experimentation but some rotation in the midfield is not impossible. To keep the guys on the bench all satisfied, McEather can still count on younger assistent Van Nooten, a composed and sympathetic fellow who excelled with the Sporting Noordende U23 but couldn't convince at the helm of Stade Saint-Loic.

During their inaugural tournament, the previous Campionato Esportiva, the Whalers showed potential with a respectable trajectory that only ended in the quarterfinals against the hosts. Especially goalkeeper Siel Leuwert and striker Till Myrrheim featured in review pieces, having been instrumental for the satisfactory debut. In the Baptism of Fire, Cap Nord looked like a viable candidate for glory but against Loyo, they could not turn the possession into goals and the fourth of five penalties was stopped. The bronze medal was, in a strange exchange of metals, a silver lining. During the qualifiers, Cap Nord managed to win 1.6 ppg, five points short of the play-offs tying sides such as TJUN-ia and Mytannia showed that the Whalers can go to the Cup of Harmony aiming for a few points.

Excellent scores for a newcomer turned into mixed performances in the Cup of Harmony. A cynical approach and some erratic whistling by the Graintfjaller referee ensured a victory over Juvencus and a nervous host country Ceni was held to a draw. But two more losses eliminated Cap Nord, with the audience increasingly annoyed by the questionable decision by McEather. After a short review, it was decided that he would get a new chance in the Campionato Esportiva. The ambitions, nonetheless, are high and an early elimination would result in the boot for the manager.

.1 Siel Leuwert          Draiewikum Boys          31 (27 caps)
12 Johannes Marzinn Cleorough [SYL] 23 ( 8 caps)
13 Svend Moller Lydholm Forened 27 ( 0 caps)

The trio of goalkeepers are still headlined by Siel Leuwert, even if it might be his last tournament in this role. Leuwert is a modest and fine shotstopper with excellent reflexes but mediocre feet. His proverbial goalkeeper craziness limits itself to an unusual interest in pottery and ceramics. During the BoF, Leuwert lost credit by tearing his finger during a night out and he will have to perform on the pitch or Johannes Marzinn will jump up to the starting position much faster than anticipated. Only 23 but well talented, the lanky, modern goalkeeper proved his worth in the title-winning season of Sielhafen. Not the most eloquent and needs to grow in leadership, but that he will take over the number one is a matter of when, not if. The trio gets rounded up with Svend Moller rather than Pierre Le Vallez. The latter failed to connect with his teammates and after some open conflicts, management decided to give Moller a shot. He’s a late bloomer who shows notable consistency - a reliable source of a decent game without excelling.

.2 Troels Poulsen        Lydholm Forened          25 ( 5 cap / 1 goal )
3 Patrick van Hilvaren Sporting Noordende 33 (36 caps/ 1 goal )
4 Luuk Vennema Columbia City [TMB] 24 (11 caps)
5 Erik Brymsaeter Sporting Noordende 29 (33 caps/ 3 goals)
14 Jonathan Peary Sielhafen 1.FC 27 (32 caps)
15 Pat O’Sullivan Crester Wanderers 23 ( 0 caps)

Conceding four to Bears Armed was the last hammer in the coffin of the original quartet of the previous Campionato. For Jonathan Peary, a return to the line-up remains possible as he is valued by all his teammates. A blatant skinhead and a bit of a journeyman, but what you see is what you get: ‘Johno’ can and will murder his direct opponent. But in the heart of the defence, he is barred by two more talented footballers. Captain van Hilvaren looks classy and is at face value an elegant central defender from the Sporting academy. That means impeccably dressed, precise passing, lots of cunning and a bit of complaining with the referee. If needed, he can be a cunt. To his side, there is rising star Luuk Vennema who made - a few years after expected - his big breakthrough in the Premier Division. He is a commanding player who can run his defensive line, a true understudy to his big example van Hilvaren.

The wings, so crucial in this system, are the main cause of worry for McEather. Left wing, ‘Pencil’ Brymsaeter (after his feet, build, moustache and prose) remains a great source for attacking intentions. The recently transferred Sporting player looks more like a violinist than a football player. Nonetheless, he is without remorse and can pick up a goal here or there. His artistic vibe causes some question marks among the staunchly right-wing government but the lack of alternatives keeps him on board. That is not the case for Brian MacLean. Boisterous and loud, his remarks see him barred by the powers that be after thirty-two caps. On the other hand, his replacement Troels Poulsen actively contributed to the ‘popular uprising/military coup’ (pending on whose word you take for it). But Poulsen is not just a political pawn and possesses style and energy. As he can take a card, finding back-up for him was necessary but difficult. The lack of depth domestically for wingbacks got confirmed when it was inquired whether Brenecian Athame Caulker already qualified for a passport. In the end, the choice fell on Pat O’Sullivan: she’s fast and has a good cross, but not the best in positioning.

.6 Carl Worbe            Sielhafen 1.FC           28 (37 caps/ 1 goal )
8 Theodore Bissett Sielhafen 1.FC 25 ( 8 caps/ 1 goal )
10 Simon Carstensen Sandfjell Fotball 20 ( 2 caps)
16 Kenneth Breuker Fallwich United 29 ( 6 caps)
17 Trevor Barrington Sporting Noordeinde 25 ( 3 caps)
18 Dirk Lemmeling FC Waalterzee 32 (30 caps/ 3 goals)
19 Hella Veensma Sielhafen 1.FC 23 (10 caps/ 2 goals)
20 Jorgen Bjerkness Fort Viljan North. [TIK] 19 ( 1 cap )

It is fair to say that this selection represents the end of an era for Capnordic football. A scapegoat had been sought for the Cup of Harmony and was quickly found in the ageing midfielder Jonas Persson. Turning 35, Persson had been the central element in the early successes but his star quickly faded in the past twelve months. On his day, there still was brilliance in his vision and a catapult in his crooked left leg, but the speed of execution dropped lately. A few remarks in the press even cost him a position on the bench. No room there anymore for Andreas Hom either, despite a second spring with Lydholm. The deep-lying playmaker is a fellow victim of the hasty rejuvenation of the selection as is Dirk Lemmeling, who loses his starting position.

The plan, even with new names, remains the same. Robert McEather adopts the traditional vision of the midfield trio with a holding player, one water carrier and a maestro to direct the play. No one suits the bill for the first position better than Carl Worbe, who finally got some recognition after the title of Sielhafen. Still fairly young, he made a personal brand out of being boring, allowing 1. FC fans to call a characteristic, simple, 1-0 win a 'Worbe Dream'. The box-to-box role falls to Bissett. Surprising as this is not his position for his team and many see him as a liability in the line-up. But he is a man with energy, stamina and more than decent feet. If he can employ those at the right time, he is a potential world beater. The playmaker was expected to be Hella Veensma, who combines energy with insight. A year with Sielhafen has given her already some experience to reap the yield on her efforts, but there remain doubts whether her evolution is not going too fast.

And so, it is Simon Carstensen who will get the reins of the Capnordic cart. Surprising, for his twenty years and grand total of two caps. A matter of time as one looks at the stratospheric trajectory Carstensen has put in for Sandfjell. Debuting at seventeen, he is already the playmaker of this top-three side and shows amazing maturity. He is quite industrious for his role, with excellent vision and passing: if only he could add better statistics. On the bench, we find his former teammate and fellow youngster Bjerkness, an energy bomb. Lemmeling, a loyal engine and great dueller remains an option: outside of Waalterzee everyone thinks he's a dirty bastard and a cheeky trickster, but no one minds that he will get that fiery midfielder of yours booked. If it comes to hardworking types, there might also be minutes for Breuker who shows no remorse on his opponents. Lastly, there is Barrington, a Bissett-light with better feet but slower pace.

.7 Daniel Clark          Sporting Noordende       22 ( 0 caps)
9 Till Myrrheim Sandfjell Fotball 25 (36 caps/23 goals)
11 Rohan Williams Corinth. No Longer [NPH] 26 (34 caps/14 goals)
21 Dieter Scharf Sielhafen 1.FC 28 (32 caps/ 5 goals)
22 Rodney Fraser Drochry Academic 28 ( 0 caps)
23 Moussa Sangaré Fallwich United 24 ( 6 caps)

No more room in the selection for Eberhardt Beirer and Murad Benkasar. The former showed his capacity with Sielhafen and even if he never disappointed for the Whalers, he was not seen as a long-term option at thirty. Murat Benkasar, in turn, drifted out of the selection as his performances for his club (Huftstad and Stennköping) were mixed. He hopes to bounce back after a stint abroad. The system has been honed on the concept that the individual strengths of the players gets priority over fitting the numbers. Up front, one finds Till Myrrheim, a likeable two metres of unfiltered firepower, with a babyface on top. A gentle giant outside the game, Myrrheim shuns no duel and weighs on an opposing defence. Despite ‘Till Torrheim’ being the topscorer, the player that everyone on the playing ground wants to be is Rohan Williams. After all, he is in all aspects a beautiful footballer. Makes the covers of the sports section with his dribbles, of the newspapers with his podcast and of the tabloids with his flirts and cars. Drifts between the wing and the box, only scores marvellous goals.

Surprisingly, Dieter Scharf lost his position in the line-up. Surprising, not just for his NUP leanings but for his unique profile: he appears in the halfspace whilst opening up the boulevard for Brymsaeter. The intellectual Scharf is a short ersatz playmaker who finds space when it doesn't exist. He is known as an einzelganger and a fremdkorper and rarely scores: and apparently that started to cost him. Moving into the selection and the line-up is ‘Danny’ Clark, who exploded on the scene domestically. A lanky forward who scores easily and who possesses the football IQ to pop up where he is needed. His former Fallwich teammate Sangaré still is in the selection as a wildcard. If Cap Nord finds themselves pinned to their own half, they can throw in this lightning bolt, but you have to make sure he uses the ball before running out of bounds. Lastly, there is third debutant Fraser. The goal machine of Drochry had accepted that international football would not be his but his conversion rate could no longer be ignored as the alternatives struggled to convert. Will mainly be used to rest Myrrheim.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Give red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Style Modifier: -1.5

Tournament                  W   D   L   GF   GA    G+   Result
Campionato Esportiva 33 3 1 1 7 5 +2 Quarterfinals
Baptism of Fire 79 6 1 1 17 10 +7 Bronze medal
World Cup 92 Qualifiers 9 5 6 38 32 +6 6th out of 11
Cup of Harmony 1 1 2 6 8 -2 Eliminated in opening round

TOTAL 19 8 10 68 55 +13
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Postby Nova Anglican Admin Zone of Esportiva » Mon Dec 12, 2022 6:33 pm


Nova Anglican Admin Zone Roster and Overview


G #1 Karla Craig, 30, Queen Elizabeth FC (Londinium)
G #22 Laurie Bennett, 25, White Rose FC
G #23 Naomi Bridges, 22, FC Minerva

LB #5 Lila Hale, 28, FC Boudica Defiant (Vinovium)
CB #2 Jenny Flanagan, 27, FC Minerva
CB #3 Amelie Chabot, 25, St. Hilda FC
RB #4 Stephanie Kim, 29, St. Hilda FC (Eboracum)
FB #12 Chelsea Hudson, 23, FC Boudica Defiant
FB #13 Lydia Caldwell, 32, White Rose FC (Pons Aelius)
CB #14 Clara Richardson, 24, FC Regina Noviomagi
CB #15 Emilie Ouellet, Fleurs de Sept-Iles
CB #26 Brittany Moran, 23, Invicta FC

DM #6 Anna Frazier, 25, Queen Elizabeth FC
LM #7 Maggie Shelton, 28, Invicta FC
AM #8 Sara Harper, 26, FC Boudica Defiant
RM #9 Liz Pope, 31, FC Minerva (Aquae Sulis/Portus Abonae)
M #16 Lea-Rose Baril, 24, Fleurs de Sept-Iles
M #17 Stephanie Reid, 23, St. Hilda FC
M #18 Kristen Petry, 24, White Rose FC
M #19 Lydia Shelton, 24, Queen Elizabeth FC
M #25 Alyssa Phelps, 26, White Rose FC

F #10 Rosalie Grenier, 30, Fleurs de Sept-Iles
F #11 Maria Nichols, 30, Queen Elizabeth FC
F #20 Daisy Lawrence, 25, Invicta FC
F #21 Caroline Clements, 25, FC Regina Noviomagi
F #24 Samantha Mullins, 24, Queen Elizabeth FC

Manager: Ross Hogan

Formation and Style (4-4-2 diamond)

CF Grenier CF Nichols

AM Harper

LM Shelton
RM Pope

DM Frazier

LB Hale
CB Flanagan CB Chabot
RB Kim

GK Craig

Style Modifier= +1.5


(In order, home, away, and alternate, courtesy of NSI's Vulpine Sportif)


Home Stadium: Lighthouse Stadium, Rutupiae, NAAZE (cap. 40,000)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y - only if you TG me and ask first
Injure Players: N - TG me if the severity will be more than one game and I'll give the yea or nay
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y - no more than one every two games, so if my previous opponent has doled one out, tough luck
Yellow Card Players: Y - for every two you give my players, at least one must be given to your players
Godmod Other Events: N

Nova Anglicana Esportivan Sports Fest II Roster

Nickname: Lions
Acronym: NOV

Starting Rotation (order as given)
RHP #36 Dave Caldwell, 26
LHP #44 Alan Strickland, 25
RHP #19 Luke Glover, 27
LHP #20 Xavier Beaulieu, 26
RHP #39 Matt Fuller, 25

LHP #57 Scott Black, 27 - long reliever,
LHP #46 Guillaume Saint-Cyr, 28 - lefty specialist,
LHP #48 Darren Powell, 27 - middle reliever,
RHP #56 Mark Quinn, 27 - middle reliever,
RHP #16 Evan McCormick, 27 - middle reliever,
RHP #11 Theo Dumond, 26 - middle reliever,
RHP #30 Brandon Smart, 29 - middle reliever
RHP #43 Colin McGregor, 26 - setup
RHP #23 Conrad Coleman, 26 - closer

Catchers (Bats/Throws)
C #60 Teddy Rideout, 27, (R/R)
C #18 Antoine Allard, 25, (S/R)
C #51 Jamie Roberts, 26, (L/R)

Infielders (Bats/Throws)
1B #21 Casey Flynn, 26, (L/L)
3B #26 Mitch Baird, 25, (R/R)
SS #11 Christopher Larsen, 26, (S/R)
2B #6 Simon Cauchon, 28, (S/R)
3B/1B #50 Edouard Martel, 27, (R/R)
SS/2B #27 Cliff Mackey, 27, (S/R)

Oufielders (Bats/Throws)
RF #25 Alex Kaplan, 27, (R/R)
CF #35 Nick Sheridan, 26, (R/R)
LF #29 Robbie Overton, 28, (L/L)
OF #38 Brant Finley, 28, (R/R)
OF #24 Henri Verrett, 26, (S/R)

Rick McDonald #55 (Manager)

Lou Sharp #1 (Hitting Coach)

Willy O'Neill #47 (Pitching Coach)

Rod Lacey #9 (1st Base Coach, Fielding Instructor)

Stan Mesa #8 (3rd Base Coach, Outfield/Baserunning Instructor)

Ned Francois #15 (Bench Coach)

Les Sheehan #52 (Bullpen Coach)

Starting Lineup w/DH
SS Christopher Larsen
3B Mitch Baird
RF Alex Kaplan
1B Casey Flynn
DH Robbie Overton
C Teddy Rideout
CF Nick Sheridan
LF Brant Finley
2B Simon Cauchon

Starting Lineup w/o DH
SS Christopher Larsen
3B Mitch Baird
RF Alex Kaplan
1B Casey Flynn
LF Robbie Overton
C Teddy Rideout
CF Nick Sheridan
2B Simon Cauchon
Pitcher's spot

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Use DH at home: No
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but not serious ones. Back stiffness, jammed fingers, bruises, etc. Nothing that would keep them out of the lineup for more than 1 game. Reciprocity is expected.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No, but manager is fair game
Godmod other events: No

Nova Anglicana Lions U23 National Basketball Team

Offensive Style: 5 out
Defensive Style: Press/3-2 Matchup Zone
Style Modifier (if applicable): +4
Captain: Darren Goodman
Colors: Red and White Home, Blue and White Away
Arena: National Arena (doubles as hockey stadium)
Arena Location: Londinium
Arena Capacity: 14,000
Head Coach: Lyle Montgomery
Assistant Coaches: Hugh Reynolds, Fred Sullivan



G #3 Brad Gray, 6'2, 21
G #8 Justin Craig, 6'4, 22
G #12 Max Carpenter, 6'5, 23
G/F #25 James Russell, 6'7, 23
G/F #27 Silas Nadeau, 6'9, 23

G #14 Jake Hamilton, 6'3, 21
G #35 Steven Beaumier, 6'4, 21
G #17 Ricky Hunter, 6'6, 20
G #10 Thomas Lin, 6'5, 22
G/F #32 Alexander Vallières, 6'8, 21
G/F #22 Chris McLaughlin, 6'7, 23
G/F #48 Ian Abbott, 6'9, 21

Playing Style

5 out means they utilize guard play to the maximum, with no player inside the arc. It is a constantly shifting offense of back cuts, dribble drives, and three-pointers. On defense, they press in a 1-2-2 style before falling back into a 3-2 matchup zone. They can play man-to-man, but don't often because they are usually undersized compared to their opponents. They try to fill up the scoreboard more than their opponents, but if they hold their opponents down, it's usually because they've forced bunches of turnovers.



Schedule (Group 1)

MD1: Kalush (UR) v Nova Anglicana (2)
MD2: Nova Anglicana v Neomaris (UR)
MD3: South Newlandia (21) v Nova Anglicana
MD4: Fhulghamous Peninsula (UR) v Nova Anglicana
MD5: Nova Anglicana v The Licentian Isles (UR)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my pointscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y, but TG me before you put anything in and I'll give it the yea or nay
Give my players foul: Y (no technicals, maybe head coach)
Foul my players out: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y, but not serious ones (1 game or less)
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: N

Nova Anglicana National Rugby Sevens Roster

Manager: Denís Ferrer

Starting VII
Prop: Harrison McKay, 24
Prop: Lucas Faubert, 25
Hooker: Hunter Mobley, 27
Scrum-half: Will Greenlee, 26 (captain)
Center: Robbie Altman, 23
Fly-half: Graham Fredericks, 29
Winger: Francois Laferrière, 28

Forward: Raphael Desroches, 26
Forward: Teddy McClintock, 24
Forward: Andy Stubbs, 27
Back: Darren Coates, 21
Back: Reggie Huntington, 29
Back: Guillaume Pouliot, 22
Back: Brian Slattery, 24




IC Schedule:

G1: vs. Fhulghamous Peninsula
G2: vs. Natanians and Nosts (23)
G3: vs. Le Choix
G4: vs. The Shambia
G5: vs. South Newlandia

Should my opponent RPs first, he/she may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y, nothing serious
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y, only if you also give a red to one of your players
Godmod other events: N

Coach: Warren Larson (St. Stephen's)


1. Noah McDonald (GK), 21, St. Stephen's
2. Lori Olson, 19, University of Labrador
3. Tommy Benson, 20, St. Stephen's
4. Chelsea Copeland, 21, Memorial University
5. Andreanne Li, 20, University of New Brunswick
6. Maxim Lafrenière, 21, University of King's College
7. Gwen Barber, 21, St. Mary's University
8. Jack McGee, 20, University of Prince Edward Island
9. Tracy Norris, 22, Dalhousie University
10. Kelly Wise, 20, Université de Moncton
11. Casey Goodwin, 20, Université de Sept-Iles


12. Anna Palmer, 18, University of King's College
13. Michael Carter, 19, St. Stephen's
14. Genevieve Fournier, 18, St. Francis Xavier University
15. Olivier Boisclair, 19, Université de Sept-Iles
16. Lydia Black, 20, Aelia University
Puppet of Nova Anglicana

Champions: CE29, CE30

Third place: CE 31

Quarterfinals: CE13, CE16, CE17, CE18

Round of 16: CE10, CE15

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Postby Tumbra » Tue Dec 13, 2022 6:06 am

The Black Eagles


IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: For all intents and purposes, this Tumbra that began contesting in WCQ87 is an entirely new nation. They have no recollection of their earlier exploits from WC70-80, because that simply didn't exist for this Tumbra. Any and all similarities to the nation of the similar name can and should be construed as glitches in the Multiverse. You may, however, make muted references to "having done this before" or something. For a detailed explanation of how this came to be, read these RPs.

The Tumbran National Football Team is Tumbra's main representative in all association football competitions for national associations. Making its debut at the 87th World Cup Qualifiers, the team currently ranks 4th in the world. The team is controlled by the Tumbran Football Federation, which is also the governing body of football in Tumbra. Also known as the Black Eagles, or affectionately the Eagles, the team competes in the World Cup and its related competitions. The team also participates in the Campionato Esportiva, also sends teams to the Di Bradini Cup for Under-21s, and the Under-18 World Cup. The team have won the 51st edition of the former tournament and the 13th edition of the latter tournament; which has led to a keen emphasis on bleeding youth into the national team set-up early. With a loyal travelling contingent of supporters known as the Black Army, the Tumbran national team's support will be on display throughout this tournament, with lots of tifos and loud cheers expected throughout matches.

Tumbra lost to TJUN-ia 0-0 and were knocked out of the World Cup early. Robin Vaughn, Harry Henderson, Raymond Perry, Nigel Harris, and Nigel Erskine all announced their immediate international retirements after the fact. The focus, says manager Yuan Zilai, is now to rebuild with younger, less established players supporting the established core — and tournaments like the Campionato and the Eagles' Cup will become Tumbra's primary method of bleeding new players into the team.

Style Mod: -3

Coaching Staff
Pos Staff Member Age Prev.Club
Manager YUAN Zilai (袁子赖) 62 Yuezhou NT
Asst. Manager Peter Gabriel 45 Straton FC
Coach (Atk) Gabriel Watson 60 Hesham FC
Coach (Def) John McGann 62 Delphi Lionesses
Coach (GK) Callum Randolph-Watts 50 Fraser Valley FC
Head Physio Lucy Reynolds 46 --
Physio Richard Harris 47 --
Scout Viv Watson 65 Tavistock Athletic

This is expected to be Gabriel Watson, John McCann and Viv Watson's last tournaments with the squad.

The Manager

Yuan, 62, managed the Yuezhou Dragons in their debut cycle in the World Cup, finishing a miraculous third as a ninth seed, before bringing Yuezhou to the quarterfinals of the Copa Rushmori 36. A difficult start to the World Cup 87 cycle saw him lose his job, however. Slated to take on the job at AC Valanari, visa issues meant he was never able to take on the job — and was a free agent until the approach from the national team to replace the recently-departed Marco Hemmings. Prior to his foray in international football, he also served as a coach for WNS Nangang. Since joining the Tumbran national football team, he has brought it to great success; qualifying for the World Cup in all four cycles he's been with the country now, reaching the semi-finals on the third time of asking; and two regional titles, to boot.

Touted as a defensive manager, Yuan chose to set the Dragons up with five defenders during his time with them; but has already indicated his preference for playing with four at the back in Tumbra. Utilising an aggressive midfield press, the Black Eagles fall into a 5-4-1 in defence, with the defensive midfielder dropping back to provide an extra man in defence. With the ball, it's fast, one-touch counterattacking; constant running is the name of the game here.

The Roster
No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps CS

1 GK Raphael Brennan M 26 Clyde Park 1 1
12 GK Alan McDermott M 25 Hesham 1 0
13 GK Henry Woodhouse M 23 Ulsa Rovers [EUR] 0 0

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

2 LB Sabine Kemp F 27 Raven River [NPH] 24 0
18 LB Holly Willoughby F 24 Clyde Park 0 0

4 CB Stephen Kerr [vc] M 26 Chromatik [CMT] 94 4
5 CB Belinda Proudfoot F 23 Clyde Park 6 0
14 CB Carole Bond F 23 Macarthur City 5 0
20 CB Laurence Pearson M 24 Lanar [CMT] 0 0
24 CB George Steel M 26 West Couno United 5 0

3 RB Tracey Mercurio F 25 Kingston FC [QUE] 19 1
19 RB James Larkin M 25 Felswyr [CMT] 4 0

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

6 CDM Trudy Harrison [c] F 26 Chromatik [CMT] 106 2
15 CDM Adrian Hewitt M 26 Concord Heights City [CDG] 0 0

8 CM Vincent Hicks M 30 Lhor [CMT] 148 17
16 CM Cathal Maguire M 24 Wirr Tsi [CMT] 5 0
25 CM Wendy Thomas F 21 Alnio [CMT] 0 0

10 CAM Natalie Coleman F 24 Couno Rangers 12 4
23 CAM Susie Knight F 24 Anomalies [CMT] 4 1

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

7 LW Ian McDermott F 25 Macarthur City 5 0
17 LW Rebecca Haines F 22 FC Inter Nantwich 0 0

9 RW Julie Hardaker F 23 Perce Town [QUE] 12 5
21 RW Charlie Baker M 25 Straton 0 0

No Pos Name Sex Age Club Caps Gls

11 ST Charlotte Henshaw F 23 Lakewood City 16 8
22 ST Heidi Canavan F 23 Ridgewell Rovers 2 1
26 ST Gerard Deighton M 22 Hesham 0 0

Stephanie Pearson (Lanar) initially called up, but withdrew due to injury; place taken by Holly Willoughby (Clyde Park)
Vivianne Anderson (Macarthur City) initially called up, but withdrew due to injury; place taken by Gerard Deighton (Hesham)
Lucas McCormick (Colbrook City) initially called up, but withdrew due to injury; place taken by Adrian Hewitt (Concord Heights City)
Audrey Pearson (Rülândéá Kôstä) initially called up, but withdrew due to injury; place taken by Charlie Baker (Straton)
Petra Hall (Ararat Serevyan) refused callup due to political reasons

13 based within Tumbra; 13 based outside Tumbra
8 debutees; average of 18 caps, median of 4.5 caps

Players from 1-11 can safely be assumed to be starters, but pre-match XIs will be posted before every cutoff. Please check my RPs for pre-match lineups. If none are posted, feel free to pick and choose from this side.

Tumbra will name eleven starters and fifteen names on the bench, with up to five substitutes. In the unlikely event that they make it to extra time, a sixth substitute will be taken. Tumbra will not play for penalties and will try as often as possible to finish a match in ninety or a hundred and twenty minutes.

Kits, courtesy of Kirola of Audioslavia


Tactical Set-Up

Tumbra typically sets up in a 4-2-3-1, though may change to a 3-5-2 depending on the circumstance.

RP Permissions

Style Mod: -3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes. Maximum of 2 per match. I will decide length.
Godmod injuries to my players: No.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes. Maximum of 3. Any more must be matched.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes*. Maximum of 1. Any more must be matched.
Godmod other events: No.

Do not use pictures of RL players and claim they are my players.

COVID-19 does not exist in Tumbra.

*As a general rule, just let me know before doing something egregious. Don't know what egregious means, or unsure that what you want to do breaks
this line? Telegram me or message me on Discord. I'm on the NSS server.

rosters for other sports to come soon
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Postby Esportivan Darmen » Tue Dec 13, 2022 8:22 pm

Esportivan Darmen Football Team
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Football Association

All-time Record: 76 matches, 31 wins, 16 draws, 29 loses, 126 GF, 134 GA, .513 Win %
1 Junior Wheeler 70
Deforest Allan 70
3 Demyan Borisov 67
Davie Underwood 67
5 Meade Arterbury 56
6 Aubrey Arnold 52

7 Gruffydd Kitchen 50
8 Diederich Sonnen 48
9 Sandy Larson 45
10 Quinn Parent 44

1 Demyan Borisov 42
2 Davie Underwood 26
3 Deforest Allan 8
4 Hendrix Seabrook 5
Roy Quincey 5
Aden Cobb 5

Coaching Staff
Manager: Hartley Banks, 46
Assistant Manager: Brett Carr, 47

26 Player Roster
#  Pos Name                 Age Club                     Caps Goals
1 GK Junior Wheeler 33 Cairo United 70 1
2 LB Hollis Sydney 25 Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC 6 0
3 LCB Gruffydd Kitchen 31 Civil Service FC 50 1
4 RCB Noel White 32 St. Leonards Casuals FC 25 0
5 RB Glendower Paris 28 Nawi Narwhals 4 0
6 LM Alban Rogerson 26 Portsmouth FC 6 0
7 LCM Moss Parks 27 Earo United 9 1
8 RCM Théo Poirot 29 Cairo United 2 0
9 RM Chad Jepson 31 St. Leonards Casuals FC 12 1
10 LF Demyan Borisov 33 Chuckio FC 67 42
11 RF Burt Joseph 32 Cairo United 8 3

12 GK Kaolin Forester 37 Earo United 0 0
13 LB Kit Althaus 28 Aissurop United 7 0
14 LCB Gerald Park 30 Cairo United 2 0
15 RCB Denis Tyrell 28 Central & Park FC 4 0
16 RB Rorie Symonds 20 Cairo United 0 0
17 LM Willoughby Patterson 34 PFC Sofia 12 0
18 LCM Elmer Holland 26 St. Leonards Casuals FC 4 1
19 RCM Normand Moore 36 Deathsdon FC 17 0
20 RM Alf Derby 30 Cairo United 2 0
21 LF Fenton Alvey 27 Cowapobia FC 3 0
22 RF Davie Underwood 35 Earo United 67 26

23 GK Daniel Triggs 24 St. Leonards Casuals FC 0 0
24 LCB Kichirō Nakajima 27 1899 Stille Strand 2 0
25 RM Hendrix Seabrook 33 O'Kirk FC 37 5
26 LF Cory Barrett 30 Cairo United 1 0

Formation: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: +1.25

There's a ball. There's a goal. Get the ball in... the... goal.

Oh and stop the other team from doing that too.

When the team decides to be a little more sophisticated, counter-attacking is the name of the game.

Team Roles
Captain: Gruffydd Kitchen
Vice-Captain: Junior Wheeler
Left Corner: Moss Parks
Right Corner: Noel White
Penalties: Demyan Borisov
Free-kicks: Noel White

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES! If you name your goal scorers, please also name mine.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, within reason.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason.
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Also, sending TG's to Darmen will probably be the quickest way to get in contact with me if necessary.

Esportivan Darmen Baseball Team
presented by the
Frecmentan Fall League

Manager: Braam Arendse (Union of Finchley)
Pos   Name               Age Club                 Bats Throws
SP Gilbert Barclay 22 Eckfords BC S R
SP Angel Davis 22 Fier Red Stockings S R
SP Yancy Burton 26 Nyiregyháza Red Caps L L
SP Noa Raines 19 Mutual of Cairo S R
RP Wendell Gardner 20 Fier Red Stockings S L
RP Moïse Steffen 34 Kiev Beaneaters R R
RP Edison Hollins 21 Crickets BC S R
RP Josselin André 19 Damascus BC S R
RP Claude Erickson 31 Sofia Athletics R R
RP Booker Thorne 34 Damascus BC L L
RP Davis Causer 33 Union of Finchley R R
CP Lincoln Caldwell 30 Nyiregyháza Red Caps R R

C Maxwell Samson 28 Damascus BC L L
1B Dane Fosse 26 Kiev Beaneaters R R
2B Maurice Stephenson 22 Rome BC S R
SS Kendall Hope 33 Rome BC R R
3B Dudley Peck 20 Damascus BC S R
LF Kendrick Wilcox 26 Fier Red Stockings R R
CF Brock Arendsen 24 Sofia Athletics S R
RF George Gilliam 28 Crickets BC R R

C Dwight Martell 33 Damascus BC R R
1B/3B Jochem Cokes 30 Nyiregyháza Red Caps R R
2B/SS Alvin Morris 23 Damascus BC S R
OF Clément Bell 28 Union of Finchley R R

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes.
Choose my lineup: No.
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Eject my players: Yes, but please let me know first.
Godmod other events: Yes, but please let me know first.

Esportivan Darmen Basketball Team
presented by the
Islands Athletic Association

Head Coach: Hugh Horn (53 - University of Earo)
#  Pos Name              Age Height School                                 Year
1 C Rory Chambers 22 2.08m University of Earo Senior
2 PF Darin Beck 22 2.07m Institute for Security Studies Senior
3 SF Terance Swanson 19 2.02m Institute of Innovation and Technology Freshman
4 SG Onyx Hayter 20 2.01m University of Earo Sophomore
5 PG Didier Westenberg 21 1.94m University of Frecmenta Junior

6 C Stephan Vincent 20 2.12m University of Frecmenta Sophomore
7 PF Harold Goode 19 2.05m University of Earo Freshman
8 SF Quinten Morce 19 2.03m University of Earo Freshman
9 SG Llewellyn Leavitt 19 2.00m Stroud University Freshman
10 PG Eric Kopp 19 1.96m University of Aissurop Freshman
11 SF Garry Trengove 19 2.02m Institute for Security Studies Freshman
12 PG Wilmer Holland 20 1.92m University of Earo Sophomore

RP Permissions: No killing or other serious life altering events. Otherwise, have fun!

Esportivan Darmen SuperChargers
presented by the
Esportivan Darmen Rugby Football Union

Head Coach: Martyn Merricks
#  Pos Name              Age
1 LP Dan McCabe 31
2 HK Gustav Hofer 33
3 TP Edward Buckholtz 33
4 SH Hachirou Kamiya 35
5 LW Ignat Matveev 32
6 RW Shichiro Nakahara 30
7 FB Jehoiachin MacRae 33

8 HK Evander Morris 30
9 TP Julius MacChruim 31
10 SH Stas Antonov 29
11 WG Iona Kato 30
12 FB Shiloh Cannon 32

RP Permissions: No killing or other serious life altering events. Otherwise, have fun!
Esportivan Darmen
Regional President: Aston West (REP) | Capital: Cayo Costa | Population: 139,457 | Demonym: Esportivan Darmeni, Darmeni | Trigramme: ESD
Factbook (WIP)
Third: CE 12 (as Earo), CE 26 (as SEU), CE 28

Overseas Region of Darmen and successor state to the Southern Esportivan Union

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Postby Natanians and Nosts » Tue Dec 13, 2022 10:16 pm

Kits made by:K Kits

Coach:Márcus Ion Mutu
Goalkeeper trainer:Márcus Carolus Ioanescu
Psychologist:Mihai Iohann Marques

# name position height club
45	Mihai Xosé Apilescu        	goalkeeper	32	1,90	S.C. N-City
2 Rato Ret r. wingback 39 1,80 Notrina Lat F.C.
27 Cláudius Petre Constantinescu centre back 23 1,78 The N. Blue Lions
28 Mikhail Ioan Ionescu centre back 23 1,80 The N. Blue Lions
69 Caeso Júlio Probus d. midfielder 21 1,80 "free agent"
6 Laço Tralto l. wingback 39 1,80 Notrina Lat F.C.
17 João Márcus Munteanu a. midfielder 34 1,80 T-natanicus F.C.
20 João Márcus Munteanu a. midfielder 34 1,70 Sulphuric Acid S.A.
25 Niels Numídio North striker 33 1,95 T-natanicus F.C.
21 Rodion Gabriel da Silva striker 34 1,78 Rodion F.C.
9 Jorge Luís Humboldt centre-forward 33 1,80 Vanadiu Athletic
37 Daniel Whitcliffe goalkeeper 30 Dínamo N-City
13 Ápius Carolus Ionescu centre back 30 1,80 The N. Blue Lions
14 Marcus Caeso Domicianus r. wingback 33 1,75 S.C. N-City
15 Paulus Mihai D'Orville centre back 26 1,90 S.C. N-City
16 Michel Carvalho l. wingback 35 The Northern Blue Lions
53 Mihai C. Mureșan-Antonescu a. midfielder 29 1,80 The S. Blue Lions
18 Ion Viktor Enderssen d. midfielder 32 1,90 The Northern Blue Lions
19 Mihai Júnio Lima Larssen d. midfielder 32 1,80 Rodion F.C.
54 Jack Kramer a. midfielder 22 1,93 Aruanãs Azuis F.C. (Cheetahs and reptiles Coalison)
7 John Cramer a. midfielder 22 1,97 The N. Blue Lions
90 Getúlio Epitácio Soares goalkeeper 31 1,80 N-City F.C.
23 Ion Claudiu t'Brāhinni striker 36 1,92 Notrina Lat F.C.
24 Ioan Magnus Shroom goalkeeper 24 2,15 "free agent"

captain's name is in blue
25	9	21 	

20 17


6 28 27 2

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers:Yes*
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod Injuries to my players:No
Give Yellow Cards to my players:Yes (Maximum three per match)
Give Red Cards to my players:Yes (One per match,but never the goalkeeper)
Godmod other events:No
Style Modifier:+4,236

*Players that have the probability of scoring(in order from more probable to least,by number):
Champions of the Londinium 7s Tournament II!!! fourth place in AVBF 7s,Plate champion at AVBF 7s III,URSA 7s 2 and Watson's Bay Int'l and also:
we reached the play-ins at WLC 22,quarter finals at WLC 26 and WLC 27 and Ro16 at WLC 28!
Hosted:WLC 27

International Geese Brigade - Celebrating 0 Radiation and 3rd Place!
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Postby Sylestone » Wed Dec 14, 2022 12:49 pm


Campionato Esportiva 34




Located in the far east of Esportiva, Sylestone is an equatorial nation home to roughly 30 million residents and while the vast, vast majority are humans, Sentients and even a small cluster of elves live in specific areas of the island. For the very first time in the nation’s history, though, a national team selected by Mytanar manager Mojmir Anac contains both Sentients and humans in a bid to further unify the two races under the banner of Sylestone, rather than “Kirkham” and “the rest of Sylestone”. So while this side truly may contain the 26 best players available for Sylestonean representation, many are concerned about the teamwork aspect, with humans and Sentients possibly preferring their own race over the other when it comes to the heat of the moment on the field. And hell, will opponents capitalise on that crack if it does open.

Style Modifier: -5
Nickname: The Sentients
Formation: 4-4-1-1 → 4-2-3-1 or 5-4-1


Mojmir Anac Image (M, 38)
It might be his first hosting gig, but who else would you want other than Olympia Thessia and Mytanar legend Mojmir Anac, the king of defensive football coaching? Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch, but he’s certainly pretty good. As a centre-back himself, he is incredibly knowledgeable on the structure of defensive units, while he also likes a quick counter-attack, meaning that the Sentients will likely sit back and give up possession, just to press forward when their opponents are not expecting it. However, Anac’s main role will be to unify Sentients and humans together and actually like, you know, play good football together and not act as two separate teams like they’re used to playing as.


GK: Brick Wall ?? ?? 206 1 Kirkham Appliances Image
GK: Georgina Fuller 26 F 0 0 Alcassar 1896 FC Image
GK: Verity Cavendish 30 F 0 0 Armed Forces FC Image

You know you are absolutely stacked with talent when the winner of the Toilet League Golden Glove, Callum Holmes, has not done enough to break into the top three Sylestonean goalkeepers for the Campionato Esportiva. While he certainly outperformed the Brick Wall - a literal brick wall that can cover nearly half of the goal at a time but can’t take goal kicks or anything - the Sentient’s reliability is second to none and as a result, certainly deserves to start. Georgina Fuller and Verity Cavendish are somewhat surprising callups but considering their recent form in Tikariot and Poafmersia, both have managed to inch their way into the squad despite the likes of Holmes threatening their spots. Fuller’s probably the more reliable of the two, but Cavendish can pull out the stops at any point and when she’s on, she’s on.


LB: Eden Holt 27 F 0 0 Pesfield Trees FC Image
CB: Hugo Mornington 27 M 0 0 Hesham Image
CB: Hand Sanitiser ?? ?? 0 0 Northandryun Rovers Image
RB: Toilet ?? ?? 206 8 Northbury FC Image

LB: Ironing Board ?? ?? 229 6 Breakfast Bowl FC Image
CB: Sophia Pearson 30 F 1 0 Betham FC Image
CB: Washing Machine ?? ?? 225 3 Fridge FC Image
CB: Sunil Damasekara 31 M 0 0 Gallant Cross Image
RB: Dishwasher ?? ?? 216 4 Fridge FC Image

Even with the likes of Joseph Tasserton and Thomas Davis injured, this is still an incredibly strong defensive outfit that is guaranteed to cause offensive concerns for oppositions. On the left, Eden Holt was in superior form for Pesfield Trees last season and totally deserves this callup. Her pace on the left is second to none and while some may argue that Isabella Cross is better suited to the role the left-back will play under Anac’s 4-4-1-1 formation, she will still be effective as a defender, with the Ironing Board expected to substitute on once she runs out of steam and provide some extra skills and tackling determination in the dying minutes of the match. The centre-backs are absolutely stacked, with Hugo Mornington and the Hand Sanitiser - making its debut after a couple of good years for the Northandryun Rovers in Quebec - leading the way, with support offered from Sophia Pearson, Sunil Damasekara and the Washing Machine. Finally, on the right is the Toilet - a player who can play literally anywhere in the defence - with backup from the Dishwasher keeping the likes of Jason Finnigan and Jayden Clarke out of the squad. Don’t expect many of the defenders to frequently attack unless for set pieces or they participate in a counter-attack, with most likely to hang back and protect themselves from the counter.


LM: Anna Henling 30 F 0 0 Diamondqueen Image
CM: Callum Blair 27 M 0 0 Baraldhur FC Image
CM: Raphael Brown (c) 31 M 3 0 Belgrave Image
RM: Abigail Jones 26 F 2 0 Pria City Image

LM: Stove ?? ?? 217 15 Kitchen Sink FC Image
CM: Bar Stool ?? ?? 227 32 Kirkham Sentients Image
CM: Gemma Rodway 25 F 0 0 Pesfield Trees Image
CM: Amelia Stanton 26 F 0 0 Avondale City Image
RM: Fridge ?? ?? 231 24 Fridge FC Image

It should be no surprise that Raphael Brown, arguably the best human player in this squad at his very pinnacle a couple of years back, is captain of this Sylestonean outfit. At 31 years of age, he’s still not far from his best and when he’s on song, he can single-handedly control the midfield. Callum Blair is capable of similar achievements, going from a relative unknown to one of Sylestone’s best midfielders due to his rejuvenation at Baraldhur in Tikariot as he looks likely to make his debut in South Newlandia. Anna Henling is another likely debutant for the opener against Tumbra, the left-midfielder plying her trade in Nephara at Diamondqueen, while Abigail Jones may currently be the best of the lot as a starter at Pria City. Jones and Henling and certainly obliged to move up as wingers if need be with both used to more attacking styles of play, creating a 4-2-3-1 formation when goals are necessary.

The reserve bench is nearly as strong when it comes to the midfield - there is very little in the way of weak links. Gemma Rodway’s breakout season - culminating in her being awarded Toilet League Player of the Year - has been duly rewarded and at 25 years of age, is the youngest player in the squad. A versatile midfielder, Rodway’s exploits at Pesfield have been as a CAM, but she is equally capable as more of a defensive midfielder, too. On the left, the Stove is in a poor vein of form but as soon as it slips on its custom-made Sylestonean jersey, we have seen it many a time turn into an absolute machine. The same goes for the Fridge, who may be a little salty that Jones took his starting spot from him but if you’re a starter in the Red League, then you kind of have to be starting.

All of that midfield without Cayden Holmes, out with a metatarsal fracture. Sure, there’s depth, but is there the talent?


CAM: Rose Fleetwood 28 F 2 1 Raven River Image
CAM: Cameron Keyes 29 M 0 0 Lakewood United Image
CAM: Mixer ?? ?? 230 69 Kirkham Appliances Image

Under Anac, attacking midfielders will be used to scythe open defences and provide the forward, whoever it may be, with balls so they can score. Rose Fleetwood is expected to start and hence, increase her versatility as a player as she adds another position to her banner, alongside centre forward and on the left wing. Cameron Keyes will likely be introduced as more of an “impact player” - not dissimilar to how Lakewood United treat him - who can come on and break a game open in the final half hour or so. And that leaves us with the Sentients’ highest ever goalscorer, the Mixer with 69 (nice) as the third reserve, with Fleetwood and Keyes likelier to start over it due to their current form.


CF: Alyssa Hightower 29 F 0 0 Capitol Athletic Image
CF: Tumble Dryer ?? ?? 226 60 Kirkham Sentients Image

Who else would we choose? Sure, there’s only two of them but let’s face it - all three attacking midfielders are just as capable as forwards. It will be a very tight race, but Alyssa Hightower appears set to start over the Tumble Dryer come the Tumbra encounter as the Toilet League Golden Boot attempts to do her bit in pulling off an historic upset by applying the finishing touch. However, if Hightower cannot score or threaten with regularity, expect the Tumble Dryer to receive its fair share of starts come the conclusion of the tournament. While Hightower is known for her finishing ability, Tumble Dryer is more willing to shoot from outside of the box, spraying shots from range with immense power. While most of its shots are off target, it takes a brave goalkeeper to get behind them and nullify the power and has, more than once, essentially shot right through one’s arm.



Esportivan Sporting Festival 2


Two years onwards from their victorious HWC campaign in Bollonich and with another World Cup scarcely around the corner, Sylestone have elected to send their Under-23 team to the tournament in order to take a closer look at how things stand within the next generation of Sylestonean handballers. Standout players include goalkeeper Sophia Tweddle, centre-back Lucas Bochsa, winger Zane Ecuyer and pivot Alice Macleay.

Nickname: The Hawthorns
Head Coach: Lauren Prior (F - Age 44)
Assistant Coaches: Angelina Marmion (F - Age 59) and Cameron McRae (M - Age 41)

GK: Sophia Tweddle F 23 Avondale Avengers Image
LB: Jonathan Lawson M 23 Avondale Avengers Image
CB: Lucas Bochsa M 23 Cleorough Thorns Image
RB: Jackson Ogden M 20 CIS Wanderers Image
LW: John Whittington M 22 Cleorough Thorns Image
RW: Zane Ecuyer M 23 Zane Ecuyer Image
P: Alice Macleay F 22 CIS Wanderers Image

GK: Harry de Lissa M 22 Betham Sunrisers Image
LB: Beau Trevascus M 23 Kirton Cavaliers Image
CB: Hayley Latour F 23 Kirton Cavaliers Image
RB: Cameron Kenny M 21 Chamberley Crocodiles Image
LW: Kaitlyn Baylis F 22 CIS Wanderers Image
RW: Molly Read F 22 CIS Wanderers Image
P: Anna Clendinnen F 23 CIS Wanderers Image


Esportivan Sporting Festival 2


It’s been four years since the most recent Field Hockey World Cup in Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland and despite the Hawthorns’ failures there, they are no doubt a more well-rounded and experienced side now. Even so, they’ve had very little in the way of genuine matches ever since that tournament and as a result, are deeply unprepared, like literally everyone else in this competition. Can Sylestone capitalise on this?

Style Modifier: -5
Formation: 4-3-3
Nickname: The Hawthorns

Head Coach: Sarah Sher (F - Age 52)
Assistant Coach: Maddison Fishbourne (F - Age 43)

GK: Lara Garside F 32 Pesfield
LB: Harrison Coffhill M 30 Betham
CB: Claire Yirawala F 31 Betham
CB: Jasmine Coe F 26 Chamberley
RB: Brayden Doherty M 27 Dodle
LM: Ben Wimble M 33 Conton
CM: Isabelle Lempriere (c) F 30 Dunkirk
RM: Charles de Pury M 24 Halpenley
LW: Mary Bracy F 28 Chamberley
CF: Tyson Arndell M 29 Betham
RW: Victoria Rosenthal F 23 Chamberley

GK: Brodie Mockridge M 32 Chamberley
GK: Lucy Eatock F 28 Dodle
LB: Dakota Synan F 29 Betham
CB: Flynn Kreitmayer M 24 Chamberley
CB: Maddison Gunson F 33 Avondale
RB: Angus Hershfield M 36 Pesfield
LM: Katie Bucowski F 27 Avondale
CM: Samuel Beet M 22 Avondale
RM: George McCabe M 26 Chamberley
LW: Justin Vis M 35 Freeman
CF: Stephanie Freeman F 23 Emacuton
RW: Hunter Hopetoun M 24 Freeman

RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers:
Godmod scoring events: As long as it isn’t too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players: Yes (only minor ones, and I decide the length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes (don’t go overboard)
Eject my players: Yes (max 1 red card per game in all sports)
Godmod other events: As long as it isn’t too ridiculous
President of Aussie Rules (WC)
Football: CoH 78 third place
Aussie Rules: ARWC II champions, ARWC III finalists, ARWC I semifinalists
Cricket: ODI WT II semifinalists, EspoT20 I&II champions
BoF 74, CoH 78, CoH 81, ARWC II&III, WLC 36, HWC 24, EspoT20 I

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Postby Katterimunk » Thu Dec 15, 2022 8:05 am

Katterimunk at the 2nd Esportivan Sporting Festival
and the Campionato Esportiva

The Katterimunk Board for sports and Athletics(KBSA) has decided to send a total of 70 Athletes including 21 football players, 15 basketball players, 16 handball players, and 18 hockey players to South Newlandia for the 2nd Esportivan Sporting Festivals and the 34th Campianato Esportiva.

Katteri National Football team for the
34th Campionato Esportiva


Name: Katterimunk National Association Football Team
Demonym: Katteri
Trigramme: KTM
Nickname: Green Lions
Head Coach and Manager: Stephan Cholke
Asst Coach: Helio Arichov
Formation: 4-4-2 - Diamond






#22 Trish Khomov - ST:

The most well-known striker in all of the nation, Chedo striker Khomov won the Golden boot scoring 17 goals in 25 games and is a beast on the field. His amazing hat trick against Acrehull won the hearts of millions in the nation. His ability to finish and create chances on the field makes him able to switch between a Creator forward and a finishing striker on the field, making his plays unpredictable. Many deemed him unstoppable, including the Chedo Head coach Asimov, who stated that this man is here to create history.

#09 Isaac Lorenz - ST:

Isaac, the Vrord star and winner of the golden hat, had the highest number of assists in the 122 season. Called the "Flash of Football" by many Katteri, Isaac impresses scouts and coaches and antagonizes the opposing defenders with his quick movement on the field. Also, one of the best passers in the league, his chemistry with co-striker Donest is amazing, making them one of the best duo Liga Premera had ever seen, where many experts stated that the duo is destined to make history.

#11 Arub Donest - CF:

The 'left hand' of the duo, Donest is the finisher for Lorenz's creative Playmaking. A capable striker from a young age, his duo with Lorenz has allowed him to take his potential to another level. Being one of the top scorers in the League the previous season, there was no doubt he would be named for the team

#19 Shoa Ahiko - LST:

The Ipheburn Creator was one of the most sought-after players in the league for his debut. Of course, he chose to stay in his home team of Ipheburn. Playing the left striker position, this man is a physical menace with amazing short and long passing skills as well as tremendously accurate shooting. The man was named forward of the year and is expected to be a starter.


#10 Garf Shinoda - CAM:

The one and only MVP, Garf is the brain of the team. The perfect Playmaker, can turn the tides of the game with perfectly timed and positioned pass that is guaranteed to go through and create a beautiful chance of scoring. Though most of the time his name does not come as his passes are mostly the 2nd Assist and hence his stats stay only in the back while his teammates shine. No wonder he is in here!

#17 Kesh Lal - CM:

Called the 'Golden Devil', Chedo midman Lal was a unique but deserved pick for the tournament. The man has shown his talent all throughout the season. His passing, his dribbling and his aggressiveness are all perfect and suited for the best mids. And even though he was not named the Mid of the year, he still is a strong talent on the squad.

#08 Rosul Arikovic - RM:

Arikovic was one of the few wingers that shined in the league last season. Having given perfectly timed crosses, he created multiple opportunities for the Xuvale strikers to score. And it is expected of him to give similar crosses to the Katteri forwards to score.

#20 Shane Robbs - RM:

The famed Robbs is the only player on this roaster that wasn't in the Premera the last season but rather was selected on the basis of his performance in the Youth Chamionship. He rumored to have signed a contract with Ipheburn, but nothing is confirmed by either the club or the player.

#07 Yuzman Aftar - LM:

The captain of the Ipheburn team and potential cap to the national team, Aftar is a comparitively weak but highly agile player, capable of running through the field up and down helping in both offense and defense. And though his crosses are not as good as Arikovic's his speed and short passing make it up for it.

#18 Saloke Patrine - LM:

The left footed genius, Patrine was the spine of the Inaspolis team. The man playing with his quick speed and unpredictable shooting and passing capabilities with be a problem for the opposition to face. The man was named the best midfielder, and his play does keep up his name.

#21 San Kun Lee - CDM:

Called the 'Super Lee' by the fans, Kun Lee is the star of the Mando Club. The Captain, he is quick and fast making speedy plays to quickly move the ball up the field for scoring. Most of his plays are rather defensive letting the opposition keep the ball, only to find opportunities in the opposition's mistakes.

#08 Valder Vaan Sensier - CDM:

The physically adept Sensier has a more defensive minded play. Playing for the champions Adafield he would keep transitioning from helping the defense and pushing the ball up and moving up with the ball to get more scoring opportunities. The man was one of the top contenders for the midfielder of the year.


#03 Ahan Khan - RB:

The Vrord star defender, Khan was great as a fullback controlling the defense as well as helping the attack at the wing upward. The man was a beast at keeping the attacking winger detached from the rest of the team, always on his toes to snatch the ball up causing a turnover. A strong contender for the Defender of the season, only losing by a few votes.

#15 Abhinav Shaha - RB

A more orthodox sideback, Shaha prefers to play along with the Centre back and defensive mid to trap the opposing player pressing them to commit mistakes or give up the possession completely. A speedy player, Abhinav is an amazing pressing player and along with his brother on the other end, he is capable of showing an amazing game throughout.

#04 Parukh Shayar - CB

The best defender of the season for Katterimunk, Shayar is capable of controlling the entire defensive line with good accuracy. His capability of keeping the line under control with proper pressuring and offside traps is just amazing. It is hoped that he will also show his amazing game in this tourney as well.

#06 Shane Loesteen - CB:

A good defender, contrasting Shayar's cool and commanding demeanor, Loesteen is a hot headed sweeper clearing away most balls that come close to him. One of the most aggressive players, Loesteen has a high number of cards to his name.

#27 Vaibhav Shaha - LB

Brother to Abhinav, his game is quite similar to his brother.

#29 Ulter Akimov - LB

A pressing and physical player, the man can defeat any forward with his physical game. The man is the power of the team, defending like a boar. Yet he has one of the least fouls in the league.


#01 Kalke Soraski

#30 Shah Khaalif

#31 Lonzer Shamond

Basketball team of Katterimunk


Katterimunk has decided to send 15 players to play in the 2nd Esportivan Sporting Festival in South Newlandia

Head Coach: Nuzen Ashikai
Asst Coach: Aoi Nasra

Point Guards

Tariq Khan 174cm
Steph Lawrence 169cm
Stenz Asimov 173cm

Shooting Guards

Rauf Khomov 178cm
Balter Greg 179cm
Cheng Kun 176cm


Jack Dawn 189cm
Kevin Khumwunchuk 192cm
Narstik Toptunov 190cm

Power Forwards

Harzath Ali 187cm
Usman Chand 186cm
Khulmukh Alternov 187cm

Small Forwards

Ghiskar Asimov 178cm
Lurent Alkax 185cm
Jimar Sural 185cm

Hockey(Field) team of Katterimunk


Head Coach: Lorenzo Eeto
Asst Coach: Yusuf Khamin
Formation: 4-3-3




Starting XI

GK: Kumar Basu
SW: Musfiqur Khan
LB: Julius Istamov
CB: Steph Helker
RB: Sahil Kornar
DM: Kolkier Alshinovic
IL: Samar Khan
IR: Osman Nikolai
LW: Moer Skukotov
RW: Josh Asimov
CF: John Wusterwov


Ulmas Iskander - CF
Resol Stepovic - DM
George Holker - CB
Tyler Holen - SW
Bradd Slender - LW


Manny Roy
Uestace Courage

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes(Pls DM first Tho)
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No

Handball team is to be declared soon....
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Postby Lozho » Thu Dec 15, 2022 10:53 am


The Lozhoan National Hockey Team!

A History of Lozhoan Hockey

Hockey is one of the more popular sports in Lozho. It is not unusual here to see roads abandoned due to a lack of investment being reinvigorated every afternoon with kids playing amateur hockey on it. In spite of this, there are no domestic hockey leagues in Lozho, due to each attempt at opening one ending in spectacular failure due to people preferring to watch the ones on the streets anyways. For the first time however, the long-dormant and underfunded Lozho Hockey Federation will field a national team of Lozhoan hockey players. Like the cricket team, the lack of budget means no reserves can be sent at this time, creating a slightly precarious situation if one was to get injured. But everyone here has survived scraping their knees to the bone on poor-quality asphalt, so what could go wrong?

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Ralph Dawson

Starting XI

GK: Dexter Woodbridge
LB: Paul Howard
CB: Aaron Pittman
CB: Harry Naismith
RB: Winston Beckett
CM: Humphrey Hardcastle
CM: Stanley Brockbank
LW: Leonard Osbourne
AM: Albert Wootton
RW: Arthur Thomas
CF: Andrew Devonshire


The Lozhoan National Rugby 7s Team!

A History of Lozhoan Rugby 7s

Unlike hockey, Rugby 7s isn't popular in Lozho. Or any rugby really. However, due to a mixup in paperwork the application to join the sporting festival was accidentally sent to the broom closet the LRA operated in instead of the LHF's one. (The Lozhoan Government Sports Building's offices are mostly hogged by football). In any case, the LRA president/janitor who was in at the time sent a roster of 7 individuals to represent Lozho in international rugby. Hopefully, if they turn up, they can show the nation why the alliance should at least get an office the size of the downstairs Taco Bell.

The Coaching Team

Head Coach: Petta Zidane

Starting XI

L Prop: Ferraz Mazerati
Hooker: Jose Mozher
T Prop: Triztan St. Bartholozew
Scrum-Half: Hiroka Sato
Centre: Mast Zigpop
Fly Half: Zenmo Fajzox
Winger: Jack Zinger

OOC Stuff

Nicknames: The Pelicans

RP Permissions: As long as you TG me beforehand about any potential serious wackiness, do what you like.

Style Mod: +5
The Queendom of Lozho

Brought to you by West Barack and East Obama

Champions: EspoT20 III
Super 12: T20 World Championship XV
Round of 16: Brevity Cup 3
Check out our league
Quarterfinalists: BoF 79
Round of 16: RTC U-18 World Cup 17

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Postby Fhulghamous Peninsula » Fri Dec 16, 2022 1:11 am


The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula (Full-Gah-Moose) was first established on 6 December 2008, when Fleftic explorers landed on what was then a previously undiscovered continent. These explorers landed on a large peninsula that they named Fhulghamous because of its rich and lush green forests. One of the explorers then fell into an old mine shaft while exploring the peninsula and discovered that the entire peninsula was lying on top of one of the biggest diamond deposits ever discovered by mankind. Once the explorers announced their discovery to the Fleftic government, the Democratic Republic Army Corps of Engineers was quickly dispatched to help speed up the establishment of the colony by helping in constructing settlements and assisting in constructing mining facilities to extract the diamonds within the land.

The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula was officially established as a colony of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft on 6 September 2010 following the signing of Democratic Republic Act No. 2340. The colony's capital would be Port Thimpodopoulos, named after Sergeant Major Pythagoras Thimpodopoulos of the Army Corps of Engineers, who tragically died of a heart attack during the construction of the settlement that would eventually bear his name. Today, Port Thimpodopoulos has a population of ten million, accounting for just under half of the total population of the colony. Other cities in the colony were Besanza, Tadoki, Haritzaga City and Thereisnogodabad, home of Multiverse Premier League club Thereisnogodistan FC.

The colony is under the leadership of Governor-General Petrarchos Kulbano, brother of Minister of Colonial Affairs Demetrios Kulbano. His rule saw the Fhulghamous Peninsula's ascent to being one of the most economically-productive colonies of the Democratic Republic, but due to the colony's distance from the mainland Governor Kulbano is slowly beginning to treat the colony as his own personal fiefdom. This was one of the reasons why he had decided to send forth a petition to send a national team to the Di Bradini Cup, the Multiverse's top under-21 football competition. Unfortunately due to some last-minute troubles, the Fhulghamous Peninsula's team was not allowed entry into the Di Bradini Cup, leaving many people in the colony a bit unfulfilled. But when another chance to send forth a national team revealed itself, Governor Kulbano was quick to submit his team's entry, and this time he made sure that the wouldn't miss out on another chance at participating in an international competition.

Name of Nation: The Colony of the Fhulghamous Peninsula
Demonym: Fhulghamousian, Colonist
Team colors: Green and gray
Manager: Wellington Acuña (70 y/o, Abanhfleft)

GK: Thanasis Tsiros (25 y/o, Charalambos FC)
RB: Bruno Bravo (26 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos [Abanhfleft], co-captain)
RCB: Miltiadis Mouzakis (26 y/o, Nou Constantinopoli [Abanhfleft])
LCB: Ermolaos Katsikas (25 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
LB: Abd El-Hafez Eldozwi (33 y/o, Marble Arch Defenders FC)
RM: Mutlaq el-Aboud (34 y/o, FC Aeaea Albion)
RCM: Tilemachos Dermentzis (26 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
LCM: Krystallis Antonakakis (28 y/o, UD Nuevo Carthago)
LM: Priamos Kontoulis (26 y/o, Heliopolisspor)
RS: Anselmo Iñiguez (26 y/o, Atletico Bed Deg [Copper Cuprum], captain)
LS: Julian Elvira (33 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)

GK: Tadeo Roman (23 y/o, Deportivo Pequeña Melilla)
GK: Dimokritos Kapias (22 y/o, RCD Nueva Ceuta)
DF: Basilio Silvestri (22 y/o, OGC Nou Nicaea)
DF: Walid Joman (26 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)
DF: Mariano Suarez Iglesias (22 y/o, Nuevo Guadix CF)
MF: Edgardo Quinterno (25 y/o, Asparagus Thistle)
MF: Meheni Ziane (20 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos [Abanhfleft])
MF: Zakaria Fihraoui (20 y/o, Marinos Thimpodopoulos [Abanhfleft])
MF: Ulises Cambronero (28 y/o, Nou Philippopolis)
FW: Magdy El-Romy (25 y/o, Vay Deg Eels A.F.C. [Copper Cuprum])
FW: Giorgis Agiasmenakis (26 y/o, EA Tatouwine)
FW: Gerasimos Mouratidis (25 y/o, Nou Philippopolis)

If the Fhulghamous is facing a higher-ranked opponent then Iñiguez is the captain.
If the Fhulghamous is facing a lower-ranked opponent then Bravo is the captain.

KITS (by Adidulas)

Arena Marinos is the home ground of both FC Marinos Thimpodopoulos, which plays in Abanhfleft's Premier League (first level of the Fleftic football league system) and the Fhulghamous Peninsula national football team. It has a total capacity of 35,673 spectators. Now back in service after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake caused part of the stadium's roof to collapse and devastated the capital city of the colony, necessitating a lot of repairs.

Richard Dawkins Park has a capacity of 23,171 spectators. Following a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that devastated Port Thimpodopoulos, all Fhulghamous Peninsula home matches were held in RDP in Thereisnogodabad while repairs were being made on Arena Marinos. With Arena Marinos now fixed, both the Fhulghamous Peninsula Football Association and Thereisnogodistan FC have reached an agreement in which RDP will serve as an alternate venue for national team games in recognition for the time that Richard Dawkins Park served as the home stadium of the national team following the earthquake.

RP PERMISSIONS (This also applies to the other sports as appropriate)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (but I decide the severity and length)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (maximum of 3 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (only 1 per 2 games)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first before posting anything)

Style modifier: +2.25 (Positive two point two five)

Since the Fhulghamous Peninsula is part of the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft, basketball is the most popular sport in the colony, with association football coming in a close second place. Despite this though, there is only one team in the Fhulghamous that plays in the Fleftic Basketball Association (FBA), Real Haritzaga Baloncesto, and it is from this team that the core of the Fhulghamousian "national" basketball team was formed.

STARTERS (Jersey number, height, age)
Center: Alladin Riaz (#30, 7'1", 32 y/o)
Power Forward: Elias Mastache (#21, 6'6", 31 y/o)
Small Forward: Erlantz Bengoetxea (#39, 6'4", 27 y/o)
Shooting Guard: Juanito Mina (#90, 6'1", 28 y/o)
Point Guard: Xalbador Bidarte (#96, 6'7", 29 y/o)

Center: Abderrahim al-Jirari (#16, 6'8", 24 y/o)
Center: Christopher Olson (#54, 6'9", 25 y/o)
Power Forward: Inozentzio Irigoy (#33, 6'6", 23 y/o)
Power Forward: Habib Idrissi (#45, 6'5", 22 y/o)
Small Forward: Youssouf Chraïbi (#12, 6'3", 25 y/o)
Small Forward: Iñaki Goyelgui (#78, 6'2", 23 y/o)
Shooting Guard: Farid Taïa (#98, 6'0", 23 y/o)
Shooting Guard: Martin Anzano (#8, 6'2", 27 y/o)
Point Guard: Sergio Villacres (#5, 5'10", 29 y/o)
Point Guard: Karim Shaer (#2, 6'2", 26 y/o)
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Governor General: Petrarchos Kulbano || Lieutenant Governor: Nadejda Palomarska
Capital: Port Thimpodopoulos || Population: 21,046,399

Abanhfleft's Esportivan colony

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Postby Super-Llamaland » Fri Dec 16, 2022 1:51 pm


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes, within reason (justify any discrepancies from the below lineups if possible)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG for approval
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I determine the severity
Godmod injuries to my players: TG for approval
Eject my players: TG for approval (Llamaneans really don’t get ejected often)
Godmod other events: TG for approval
Use DH at home: Yes

NICKNAMES: The Tigers (official), The Cubs (unofficial)
MANAGER: Buck Fuchs, 74
IBS runner-up while managing the Llamanean U11s. Former hitting coach of the Llamanean national team. Fourth-place finisher at the IBS home run derby. One-time pilgrim to Zwangzug. Most Loyal Customer status at Martha's Carrier Pigeon Emporium.

Credit: No Nonsense Sportswear, Filindostan

Hit a home run: Brünhild Gunnlaugson, Gabriel Acosta, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao
Hit a double: Jeff Huang, Brünhild Gunnlaugson, Gabriel Acosta
Get a clutch hit: Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, Brünhild Gunnlaugson, Hansel Eriksen
Strike out: Gabriel Acosta, Hansel Eriksen, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao
Draw a walk: Brünhild Gunnlaugson, Jeff Huang, Ava Llorente
Steal a base: Schuyler Duffy, Sylvi Vermark, René Corbin
Get caught stealing: Trevor Mikkelson-Yao, René Corbin, Schuyler Duffy
Make a great defensive play: René Corbin, Schuyler Duffy, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao
Commit an error: Tyson Long (although it’s still unlikely)
Get Ejected / Start a Fight: literally nobody

Hansel ERIKSEN, #47, 26, C, S/R - Elephant Valley United (South Newlandia)
Gabriel ACOSTA, #10, 35, 1B/RF, L/L - Masmow Dragons (South Newlandia)
Sylvi VERMARK, #16, 25, SS/2B, R/R - Peninsulara Kingfishers
René CORBIN, #18, 28, SS, R/R - New Llama Cyclones
Jeff HUANG, #11, 26, 3B/1B, R/R - Xingcheng Renaissance

Will GUTIERREZ, #1, 24, C/1B, R/R - South Bryant Chariots
Rachel ESTRADA, #34, 31, UTIL, S/R - Vargas City Lions
Summer HUANG, #6, 36, SS/2B/CF, S/S - New Llama Wizards
Ava LLORENTE, #33, 23, 3B/1B, R/R - Sun City Flames

Hansel Eriksen won South Newlandia's Rookie of the Year award after being taken first overall, immediately winning the fans over with his cannon arm and sweet stroke. Pitchers and prospective base-stealers should both take caution before testing him, as he's blossomed into a two-way star in the LPB in his sophomore season. Corner infielder (and occasionally outfielder) Gabriel Acosta, expected to start at first, is one of the few traditional sluggers on the team. And while he also struggles with plate discipline, he distinguished himself from other potential starters by his defensive prowess and versatility. Sylvi Vermark, a promising young player who the Kingfishers apparently liked enough to mortgage their entire future for, is an effective contact-hitter with enough plate discipline and power to get by, as well as an underrated defender and base-stealer. René Corbin is a flashy defender (although the underlying productivity numbers don't live up to the hype) who likes to swing for the fences and steal bases. Jeff Huang is a young third baseman who has shown almost five-tool talent while locking down the hot corner in Xingcheng. He hit .290 with 20 home runs and tremendous defense in his rookie year, then far surpassed those hitting statistics in a breakout sophomore season.

Will Gutierrrez, who shocked everyone by making the all-star team the same season he was taken second in the amateur draft by South Bryant, is a strong defender with some pop in his bat - but who will need to be more disciplined to be a good hitter at this level. Rachel Estrada is a jack-of-all-trades utilityman who, while not the greatest hitter who could’ve filled up the bench, is definitely the most versatile and the best teammate. Summer Huang is starting to lose a step, and finds herself relegated to the bench in what is likely her last cycle in a Tigers uniform. Still, with a bat in her hands, she’s an incredibly effective - if overly aggressive - contact-hitter with doubles power and strong baserunning instincts. Ava Llorente is an old-school slugger who’s increasingly evolved into a new-age three-true-outcomes hitter. She’s also surprisingly solid at the hot corner despite her bulky frame.

Brünhild GUNNLAUGSON, #52, 32, LF/RF, L/L - Emerald City Greens
Schuyler DUFFY, #50, 29, CF, S/R - Emerald City Greens
Trevor MIKKELSON-YAO, #27, 32, RF/CF, L/L - Vargas City Lions

Silvia WANG, #39, 24, CF, R/R - Kyrinson Cosmos
Tyson LONG, #9, 35, LF/RF, S/R - Newport Dolphins (South Newlandia)

Brünhild Gunnlaugson can absolutely rake, with absolutely once-in-a-generation power reminiscent of her uncle Isak, a WBC40 champion with the Tigers. She's also incredibly quick on the basepaths and is solid enough in the corners, although her lack of discipline may cost her at this level. She's steadfastly refused to join the LPB for a few teams, instead staying with her hometown team despite their relegation from the top-flight, but has shown she can still rake en route to some video-game numbers in the rump LBL. Of course, her signing with Emerald City this last offseason broke that, but she's still signed for a major underdog. Schuyler Duffy is mostly here for their defense - the third-year player is on track to win a second consecutive Gold Glove at a competitive position - but has also shown strong batting abilities, even if the power and plate discipline aren't there yet. In right field, Trevor Mikkelson-Yao is an elite five-tool talent. In his second LBL season with Vargas City, Mikkelson-Yao became the youngest player to join the 30-30 club (thirty home runs and thirty stolen bases) in the past twenty years. He’s a bit of a free swinger, and his decision-making in right-field betrays his cannon arm and range sometimes, but the athleticism and talent are clearly there on both sides of the ball.

Silvia Wang, a recent third overall pick who is determined to bring Kyrinson back to its former glory, is an archetypal speed-and-defense center-fielder. She legs out a lot of sneaky extra-base hits owing to her speed and surprisingly okay contact abilities but has work to do to round out her game. Tyson Long, a former first overall draft pick, has staked his case to be the Llamanean slugging outfielder of his generation - but that's not really what Llamaneans value anymore, as a bumper crop of corner outfielders has dampened his buzz. His plate discipline, long at-bats, and ability to hit to the opposite field have always defied his young age, but his in-game power has really caught up to his raw power recently in a strong campaign where he slugged forty-one home runs.

Solveig JØRGENSEN, #28, 29, R - Xingcheng Renaissance
A young fireballer who loves to mix high fastballs that top out in the high nineties with sharp, late-breaking shuutos down in the zone. Also mixes in a comically slow, looping 12-6 curveball to great effect. Has absolutely broken out as a star for club and country in recent years.
Savanna WLADECKI, #25, 34, L - South Falls Athletics
Rookie of the Year three seasons ago, Wladecki originally wasn’t supposed to be in the majors at all after being taken in the fourth round. But injuries forced her into Derrierton’s rotation, and although her fastball never rose above ninety miles an hour, extremely high spin and pinpoint accuracy ensured that even a relatively pedestrian-seeming fastball-slider-changeup combination was able to stymie hitters for her first few seasons in the LBL. This is likely her final cycle in her legendary career as a Tiger.
Maddie BENITEZ, #12, 23, R - Peninsulara Kingfishers
Benitez doesn’t have great velocity, but her control and command are absolutely second to none - maybe even surpassing that of Wladecki. Her first two seasons with the Kingfishers were marked by absolutely abysmal run support, but also by some absolute artistry on the mound from the young righty. In terms of repertoire, she a two-seam fastball, slider, and curveball that she mixes to expert effect - and there may be more on the way.
Griffin GONZALEZ, #31, 28, L - Rüsselsheim Blue Sox (South Newlandia)
The understated Gonzalez has quietly become someone who can hold his own in Rüsselsheim's stacked rotation. His fastball is in the low-to-mid-nineties with good spin and movement, but he is at his best keeping hitters off balance with a tantalizing array of tight, late-breaking curveballs, sharp cutters, and the occasional circle changeup.

Note: these are their recommended roles, but most of these are elite Llamanean relievers and can fill other roles pretty well. In the Llamanean baseball leagues, roles tend to be flexible, but Oladipo will be more rigid in his bullpen management. Isaac Oladipo eschewed the new-age "relief ace" for a traditional, ninth-inning closer, which Buck Fuchs has continued. These are all OOC role descriptions; ICly, there is no distinction between relievers. Specialty pitches are marked with one asterisk (or two asterisks for emphasis). Relief is a definite weakness, with many strong relievers retiring now or soon, and without much talent coming up through the pipeline.

Long Reliever: Simon CHU, #84, 31, R - South Falls Athletics - fastball, slider, curveball
Long Reliever: Madison VERDUGO, #34, 27, R, Kyrinson Cosmos - fastball*, slider*, changeup
Left-Handed Specialist: Lucien RAMIREZ, #59, 22, L, Sophie City Monarchs (South Newlandia) - fastball*, slider, changeup
Middle Reliever: James CONCEPCIÓN, #99, 25, R, Emerald City Greens - fastball*, curveball*
Middle Reliever: Nate PETERSON, #48, R, Xingcheng Renaissance - fastball**, changeup
Setup Reliever: Y.P. YING, #70, 36, L - Newport Dolphins (South Newlandia) - cutter*, curveball, changeup
Setup Reliever: Anastasia ZHU, #59, 29, L, Shantarr Scorpions (Chromatika) - fastball*, slider*
Setup Reliever: Gerrard McNEIL, #69, 25, R - Denison Dynamo - fastball, cutter*, changeup
Closer Evangeline LU, #55, 34, R - Apple Valley Vipers - fastball*, curveball*, changeup**


1. CF Schuyler Duffy (S)
2. LF Brünhild Gunnlaugson (L)
3. 3B Jeff Huang (R)
4. 1B Gabriel Acosta (L)
5. C Hansel Eriksen (S)
6. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
7. SS Rene Corbin (R)
8. Starting Pitcher
9. 2B Sylvi Vermark (R)
Against left-handed pitchers, Ava Llorente will replace Gabriel Acosta at first and Tyson Long will replace Brünhild Gunnlaugson in left field.


1. CF Schuyler Duffy (S)
2. LF Brünhild Gunnlaugson (L)
3. 3B Jeff Huang (R)
4. 1B Gabriel Acosta (L)
5. DH Ava Llorente (R)
6. C Hansel Eriksen (S)
7. RF Trevor Mikkelson-Yao (L)
8. SS Rene Corbin (R)
9. 2B Sylvi Vermark (R)
Against left-handed pitchers, Ava Llorente will replace Gabriel Acosta at first, Tyson Long will replace Brünhild Gunnlaugson in left field, and Summer Huang will DH.

Manager: Buck FUCHS, 74 (???)
Bench Coach: Jackson FELIZ, 58 (Manager, New Llama Cyclones)
Pitching Coach: Akena LWANGA, 55 (ex-Pitching Coach, WBBL)
Hitting Coach: Anthony SMITH-MILLER, 47 (ex-Hitting Coach, South Newlandia NT)
First-Base Coach: Marcos PEREYRA, 67 (First-Base Coach, South Falls Athletic)
Third-Base Coach: Melanie XIA, 58 (Third-Base Coach, Xingcheng Renaissance)
Bullpen Coach: Nicholas JENSEN, 54 (Pitching Coach, Kyrinson Cosmos)
Team Trainer: Jordan AMELIO, 59 (Trainer, Emerald City Greens)
Video Coordinator: Nora JUN, 50 (Video Coordinator, South Bryant Chariots)

Five-Time WBC Champions (28, 30, 31, 40, 42)
Three-Time WBC Runners-Up (29, 37, 41)
WBC Co-Host (30)

ALL-TIME WBC RECORD: 508 - 233 (68.6 Winning %)

WBC 23: 6-4, Third in Group Stage
WBC 24: 5-5, Fourth in Group Stage
WBC 25: 5-5, Third in Group Stage
WBC 26: 6-6, L 2-0 to Equestrian States in Ro24
WBC 27: 6-4, L 2-0 to Kriegersen in Ro16

WBC 28: 15-8, W 3-1 over The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 29: 14-9, L 3-2 to The Royal Barangay in Finals
WBC 30: 15-3, W 3-1 over Jeckland in Finals
WBC 31: 39-0, W 3-0 over Jeckland in Finals

WBC 32: 5-5, Third in Group Stage

WBC 34: 26-16, L 3-2 to Cosumar in Semifinals
WBC 35: 12-5, L 2-0 to The Great Pond in Ro16
WBC 36: 29-9, L 3-2 to Nova Anglicana in Quarterfinals
WBC 37: 31-17, L 4-2 to Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 38: 23-6, L 2-1 to Ethane in Quarterfinals
WBC 39: 24-13, L 3-1 to West Phoenicia in Quarterfinals

WBC 40: 36-12, W 4-2 over Schiltzberg in Finals
WBC 41: 37-11, L 4-3 to Newmanistan in Finals
WBC 42: 35-13, W 4-1 over Darmen in Finals
WBC 43: 26-9, L 3-2 to Free Republics in Quarterfinals

WBC 49: 20-14, L 3-1 to Banija in Ro16
WBC 50: 20-15, L 3-2 to South Newlandia in Ro32
WBC 51: 25-16, L 3-0 to South Newlandia in QF
WBC 52: 22-13, L 3-2 to Delaclava in Ro32
WBC 53: 19-15, L 3-1 to Milchama in Ro32
WBC 54: 12-6, L 3-1 to Zwangzug in Ro16
WBC 55: 17-7, L 3-1 to Ranoria in Ro16

#2 - 2B Max Danks (WBC23-WBC29)
#3 - C Michael Trabajen (WBC30-WBC32)
#4 - 2B Hector Rinaldi (WBC37-WBC43)
#5 - CF Megan Peterson (WBC28-WBC32)
#7 - 3B Alex Cameron (WBC23-WBC28)
#8 - C Sofia Rasmussen (WBC36-WBC43)
#13 - SP Justin Zheng (WBC36-WBC43)
#14 - SP Brittany Hendrickson (WBC28-WBC32)
#15 - SS Darren Bradley (WBC23-WBC28)
#17 - SP Axel Florentssen (WBC38-WBC41)
#21 - SP Genevieve Strauss (WBC43, WBC49-51)
#22 - SP Josva Reynolds (WBC31-32, WBC34)
#23 - SP AJ Rondout (WBC29-WBC32)
#24 - SS Markus Wright (WBC38-WBC43)
#26 - OF Tanya Ericsson (WBC34-WBC40)
#30 - RF Jake Earnest (WBC28-WBC32)
#32 - RF Lucien Russo (WBC37-WBC43)
#35 - RF Owen Duffy (WBC34-WBC37)
#43 - SP Evan Masorka (WBC23-WBC29)
#44 - RP Nick Bowden (WBC23-WBC28)
#49 - SP Natalie Wu (WBC40-WBC43), SP-RP Drew Gilson (WBC28-WBC32)
#51 - RP Jason Van Dijk (WBC38-WBC43)

Thomas Yaft (WBC23-WBC25) - 16-14 (53.3%)
Joe McKenzie (WBC26-WBC28) - 27-18 (60.0%)
Chris Evans (WBC29-WBC32) - 73-17 (81.1%)
Alex Cameron (WBC34-WBC37) - 98-47 (67.6%)
Colin Nittledeen (WBC37-WBC39) - 78-36 (68.4%)
Laurent Mårtensson (WBC40-WBC43) - 134-45 (74.9%)
Sofia Rasmussen (WBC49) - 20-14 (58.8%)
Winston Yi (WBC50) - 20-15 (57.1%)
Isaac Oladipo (WBC51-53) - 66-44 (60%)
Buck Fuchs (WBC54-) - 29-13 (69%)
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Postby Sylestone » Fri Dec 16, 2022 5:18 pm

At the Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley, Sylestone

“Keyesy, to your left”, came the shout from left-back Eden Holt as the 28-year-old Lakewood United representative feinted past Callum Blair’s outstretched leg to hone in on Georgina Fuller in goal. Spotting the defender out to his left, Keyes quickly knocked the ball onwards as the defence moved towards the goal-line, outpacing the Dishwasher and crossing it in as sweat began to bead on her forehead. Holt was undoubtedly the fastest in the team but often found herself substituted at the 70th or 80th minute for her club, the IFCF-bound Pesfield Trees, due to a lack of stamina when making cheetah-like runs down the left wing. The sticky, tropical air must not have helped as storm clouds began to form over the Camperdown Strait separating the mainland from Felton Island, although it would not hit until mid-afternoon - a common occurrence during the wet season or for football fans, the off-season.

The players had all been asked to turn up before 10am, to ensure all 26 of them were there for when newly-elected Mytanar manager Mojmir Anac turned up. Each of the players had met the man in the weeks leading up to this moment but never before had the 38-year-old received the opportunity to watch the entire squad go about their business. With a fourteen-day training camp starting upon Anac’s arrival, this - and some friendlies against Evermark, Quebec and Tikariot - would be their only chance to gel together as a team ahead of the nation’s return to the Campionato Esportiva.

And while Anac was still yet to arrive, it’s entirely safe to say that it already wasn’t looking that good. Already, two larger groups had been formed - one of fifteen composed entirely of humans playing a 7v7 on half the field, and the remaining eleven over shooting at the Sentients’ likely first-choice goalkeeper, the Brick Wall. This segregation between Sentients and humans is relatively common and a social decision, rather than a political one - making it all the more difficult for Anac to merge the groups into one.

As the players trained, a tall, bulky figure with a mop of brown hair atop his head emerged from around the corner and began to watch the players, as if jotting down mental notes. Defender Hugo Mornington was the first to notice the figure, quickly calling fellow centre-backs Sophia Pearson and Sunil Damasekara over and discreetly pointing in his direction. Gradually, word spread that a man each of them recognised was watching them and in the space of a minute, the intensity of the match on one side of the field increased, as did the determination and power on the shots at the other end of the field.

Beneath the mop of hair and a broad-brimmed hat that suddenly materialised into existence - a necessary asset in the Sylestonean heat - a smirk appeared on the man’s face. He’d seen what he wanted to see and was prepared to face his players.

As they saw the man begin his walk over to the training field, each and every one of the 26 players stopped their games and began to cluster together in a semicircle. This sight relieved the man as he opened the gate and strode through - the humans and Sentients were obviously comfortable enough to stand together at close range without shooting wary glances at one another. To the man, it appeared that the Toilet appeared the most comfortable with the presence of humans, having played around five years in Cassadaigua across a range of clubs. The Brick Wall, AC Vent and Mixer - just to name a few - had also played in overseas leagues such as the defunct ones in Kohnhead and Ethane but for them, it had been many years since they were one with humans.

The man stood in front of the group, each of the young adults sporting the bright orange jersey of the Sylestonean national football team, surveying each and every one of them before he began to speak, his thick Mytanar accent betraying anyone’s fleeting thoughts about whether this was actually an imposter.

“As all of you know, I am Mojmir Anac. It only seems like it was yesterday that I was back in my homeland, playing for my club. And now, I get to teach you lot everything I know. I’ve obviously met each and every one of you and ultimately, that is the reason you are here but realistically, I barely know any of you. Over the next fortnight or so, I will know each of you - and all of you will know each other - effectively inside out. In my opinion, knowing your own teammates is the key to success.”

Anac proceeded to point at Rose Fleetwood, a versatile forward on the verge of completing a move from Raven River in the Zenith to Newark Argyle on the other side of Esportiva. “Put that ball down. You will not be needing it today. Today, and tomorrow, is focussed on getting to know each other. It’s been years since a group of Sylestoneans played regular football on the international scene and only once before - in a one-off match last year - has this country ever produced a mixed-race team. As I said, this training camp is not as much about football as it is about knowledge.

“There are fifteen humans and eleven Sentients among you. Over the course of the next few days, I would like each of you to sit down and talk to at least one person of the opposite race, for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. In fact, if you could do that with anyone you do not feel like you know well - I assume that only a few of you have truly close relationships with other members of this squad - that would be ideal. You are all mature enough to find time for this without me watching over you, whether it be before breakfast, during a break, even after dinner. Meanwhile, I will also be calling you into my office, one by one, at some point over the next fourteen days or so. It’s just as important that I know each and every one of you.

“Today, we’ll focus on building those relationships. Sure, some of the activities may seem a little childish, but they are just as important as anything we do on the field, if not more so.”

At the Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley, Sylestone

Seven days later

“Anna, Abby,” shouted Sylestonean coach Mojmir Anac from the sideline. “We’re 1-0 down with ten to go. I want you two to play as wingers. 4-4-1-1 to 4-2-3-1. Let’s give that a try, shall we?

Then, to the other team, also composed of squad members. “Raffa, drop back to become a centre-back and yes, you too Mixer. You’re now a centre-midfielder. I know it’s not your normal position, but you’re 1-0 up with ten to go. Let’s try this, shall we?”

Five minutes later, Anac ushered Gemma Rodway over to him. “I want you to replace Mixer on the red team, can you do that? You’ll be playing as a central midfielder, so just take its position, alright?”

Rodway nodded once to indicate that she understood and at the next stoppage in play, ran onto the field. The past week or so had been gruelling, but not in the way she had expected. Instead of focusing on her physical game, Anac had gone about strengthening her - and her teammates - mental strength, as well as their cognitive abilities. It did not take him long to realise that a few of the players were lacking the ability to think like lightning on their feet and began to drill that into each and every one of them, something that the Toilet League Player of the Year award winner found incredibly interesting.

Sure, Rodway had still had to undergo physical exercise - like most of the human players, she was down in the gym each morning, using the treadmill and every now and then testing some weights to build her lean frame a little bit more. If there she had one weakness from her breakout season, it would be that she found herself knocked over a little too often by nudges she really should not be knocked over. As a footballer - and a goalscorer at that - that’s not always necessarily a bad thing, but it’s far better to stay on your feet whenever you can.

When Anac decided he had finished experimenting half an hour later, he brought the players in, most of whom looked absolutely dead after two hours of play. Yes, even the Sentients, for one of the side-effects of being anthropomorphic is that you do in fact have a limit to your stamina. The Stove in particular was feeling - and producing - the heat, so much that it had to go and plonk itself down on a patch of concrete so the grass stopped smouldering. As for the rest of the players, their shirts were sticking to them due to the humidity of the air and all were puffing and panting as if their lives depended on it.

To the eye, Anac was not impressed. “I know it’s fucking hot, it’s fucking humid, but this is our home turf, for fuck’s sake. We’ve got to be more prepared for conditions like this. Yes, I know the climate is much calmer over in South Newlandia but come World Cup Qualification, half of our games will be played here. In the final twenty or so minutes, I could see our energy levels waning, our intensity dropping. We cannot be having that. All of you have an hour, then we’re going on a jog around the institute before the sun sets. Our first game in the Chamberley Football Trophy is only a little over a week away, and I want all of you to show me by then that you have the fitness to get through a full 120 minutes.”

But while Anac may have appeared annoyed on the outside, inside he was secretly chuffed. The team was beginning to gel. They were beginning to play good football. And most importantly, the rift between the Sentients and humans seemed to be effectively gone.

Perhaps things were looking up.

At the Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley

Nine days later

“Alright lads… and ladies… and Sentients.” The words tasted odd in Mojmir Anac’s mouth, but he knew he’d get used to them. He had to. “We all know Evermark are good, and they’ve been playing together for a hell of a lot longer than us. But what I’ve seen over the past fortnight has shown me that we are well and truly good enough to compete with them. Hell, if we can pull off a result here, then perhaps we can also give Quebec & Shingoryeo and Tikariot a run for their money. We’ve got to believe, okay? We’ve gotta get out there and do what we do best - play football. I haven’t seen any of you play a proper international match together yet, so I’m thinking that we’ll probably mix it up a bit here, and over at Excelsior and come Tikariot, I’ll probably play something similar to how I expect to lineup for the Campionato. However, I would like everyone here to know that all of you have something to play for - I am still yet to apply pen to any names for the Tikariot match as of yet, let alone the Tumbra one. If you want to be playing in those games, then you have to prove to me that you deserve to be there, today and against Quebec & Shingoryeo.”

* * *

“Well, you lot, let’s be honest here. We really could have won that.” Anac’s tone was matter of fact, stating to the players that there was absolutely zero leeway for them to argue otherwise. “While I was impressed by our individual performances, where did some of our fucking teamwork go? Everything we’ve worked so hard on over the past couple of weeks, half of it left us in the heat of the moment! I know you’re still new to working together, but this needs to be fixed, and now. Tomorrow morning, we aren’t playing any football. This is going to sound weird, but tomorrow morning is going to be focused on regaining that trust between one another. Abseiling, rock climbing, whatever springs to my mind. Anything that’s going to help us in the long run.”

Sylestone vs Evermark @ Northampton Gardens, Chamberley
Sylestone (4-4-1-1 → 4-2-3-1): Fuller (Brick Wall 45’); Holt (Ironing Board 45’ (Image 53’)) - Damasekara (Mornington 61’) - Hand Sanitiser - Toilet (Image 9’) (Dishwasher 45’); Stanton (Stove 45’ (Henling 80’)) - Blair (Rodway 45’) - Brown (Image 37’) - Fridge (Jones 45’); Fleetwood (Mixer 45’ (Image 78’) (Keyes 80’)); Hightower (Tumble Dryer 61’)

Evermark (4-4-2): Cassalei; Connel (Petrus 67’) - Gerhard (Image 41’) (Seneca 45’) - Stephi - Costil (Annika 90’); Harker - Idina (Oaktree 67’) - Carsten - Kalenz (Caspar 45’); Leif (Image 60’) (Emerjade 90’) - Hilda (Ziska 67’)

Sylestone 2-2 Evermark
Image Jones 58’; Image Keyes 85’ - Image Hilda 36’ (p), 41’

At Abraham Park, Chamberley

Three days later

“Okay, so we might’ve lost 3-0 but the truth is, we looked absolutely rock solid for 75 minutes. During those 75 minutes, we frustrated those Quebecois - they’re used to scoring, and that is something we simply did not allow them to do. But the fifteen minutes at the start of the second half? Come on fellas, we’re better than that, and each and every one of us knows it. We’ve got to maintain that focus for 90 minutes, if not longer. I know it’s bloody hot, it’s bloody humid, but for fuck’s sake, Quebec’s fucking icy. If they can withstand that sort of temperature, then so can you.

“But ultimately, a few of you really stood out to me today. Keyesy, I was going to see if you could start the game against Tikariot just so I had an idea of your abilities for the full ninety, but today you showed me why you’re the “impact sub” everyone’s talking about. Excellent work. And Washing Machine, when I brought you on after they’d scored three in quick succession, the calmness you brought to our back four was also excellent. Eden, you too were unlucky not to score and while you know I’m not a massive fan of your runs up the wing, today you showed me why I should allow you to do them when necessary. As for the rest of you, each of you have shown me why you deserve to be in this squad but there’s still some aspects of your game I found frantic, especially when under pressure. If we can sort that out before the Campionato, I do not doubt we can put up a serious fight.

“Our final game before we jet off is back at the Institute of Sport, as all of you know. A big crowd is expected. Let’s put this result behind us and focus on our next game, alright? Sure, Tikariot may have won both of their games so far, but we easily have the potential to steal something from them. We have our home support behind us, so let’s use it, hey? There would be nothing better than scraping a win against a World Cup regular in front of a massive crowd in our first game back in years, right?”

Sylestone vs Quebec and Shingoryeo @ Abraham Park, Chamberley
Sylestone (4-4-1-1 → 5-4-1): Brick Wall (Cavendish 45’); Ironing Board (Image 53’) (Holt 55’) - Pearson (Washing Machine 62’) - Dishwasher; Henling (Stove 55’) - Rodway (Stanton 62’) - Brown (Bar Stool 45’) - Jones; Mixer (Keyes 62’); Tumble Dryer (Hightower 74’)

Quebec and Shingoryeo (2-3-4-1): Middleton; St-Onge (H Kim 72’) - Cizeron; Ukaleq - Dyxkeson (Morin-Antonoff 72’) - Miller (Image 30’) (Higgins-Mah 58’); Kim S-Y - Wawanolett - Vaillancourt (Litt 90’) - Woodcarver (Hong 58’); Huitema-Omeasoo (Image 90+5’)

Sylestone 0-3 Quebec and Shingoryeo
none - Image Woodcarver 48’; Image Dyxkeson 50’, Image Huitema-Omeasoo 61’

At the Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley

Two days later

“An excellent performance, fellas. If we can do that day in, day out, we have a bright future at the Campionato. If that match was to be played again, I do not doubt that we could have won it, particularly with the way we were playing on the counter-attack during the final ten or so minutes. Everyone really put in an excellent stint, and I’m proud of you all. Yet, a loss is still a loss and despite our new “Stoneball” tactics working, where we throttle the life out of the opposition’s offensive unit - yes, I’m calling it “Stoneball” now - we still ultimately let them score. Sure, it was an unlucky goal and a bad deflection cost us, but that’s football sometimes. We’re beginning to trust each other now and that’s the most important thing. If we can do that when it matters, we may truly be in with a shot at causing upsets here. Yet, our cohesion is still our greatest weakness. I look around this room and see players in Nephara, Tumbra, Quebec and Tikariot and most importantly, doing well there. There is absolutely zero doubt that, on paper, we’re a lot better than our rank suggests. So let’s live up to that!”

Anac looked each one of the 26 in the eye, succeeding in suppressing a little smirk when he peered into one of the eleven pairs of googly eyes. “I’ve seen each and every one of you produce your best on the pitch over the past three weeks or so. But that does not mean anything unless you can do it over in South Newlandia. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, coach,” came the response from the room, all in perfect unison. Anac smiled. He was still yet to win his first game as Sylestonean coach and going into a tournament that Sylestone has historically struggled in - only achieving one win and two draws in nine appearances - it would not get any easier. But at least there was cause for hope. This truly was the best Sylestonean outfit anyone had ever pulled together, simply due to the balance of Sentients and humans in the squad. They could do this.

Sylestone vs Tikariot @ Chamberley Institute of Sport, Chamberley
Sylestone (4-4-1-1 → 4-2-3-1): Brick Wall; Holt (Ironing Board 78’) - Mornington - Pearson (Image 50’) (Washing Machine 66’) - Toilet; Stanton (Henling 45’ (Image 90+2’) - Rodway (Blair 66’) - Brown - Jones (Image 23’); Fleetwood (Keyes 66’) - Hightower (Image 74’) (Tumble Dryer 78’)

Tikariot (4-3-3): Merson; Stewart (Image 40’) - Ongard (Eovaldi 71’) - Dinanga - Yates; Irvine (Sukunda 56’) - Monaghan (Image 82’) - Wickens; Grimaud (Thesselborg 86’) - Armitage (Fredriksson 56’ (Image 57’)) - Arrowsmith (Nighthorse 75’)

Sylestone 0-1 Tikariot
none - Image Arrowsmith 63’

At Kinetik Stadium, New Colk

Fourteen days later

Anac surveyed the room, taking in each and every one of his players. For the first time in two weeks, eleven of them were sporting their playing jerseys - clad in a brilliant azure - while the remainder wore their training jerseys. “We’ve come a long way since we first assembled last month. We fought our arses off back in Chamberley and since then, we’ve only improved more as a team. When you go out there, ignore the crowd - much of it will be Tumbran support willing to boo every single move of yours - or if you don’t, use it to fuel you. Sure, this is a ridiculously difficult assignment, don’t get me wrong, but if you play like you did against Tikariot, like you’ve been playing the past few days, I do not doubt we can scrape a draw, or even a win. Go out there and throttle them defensively. Like us, they like to counterattack, so be wary of that, and always make sure you have players behind the ball. They’re very fit, but so are we. Whoever runs more wins this match.

“The heat is not as cruel as it was back in Chamberley, so there’s that. I do not doubt that each and every one of you can perform at your peak for ninety minutes, or at least close enough to that the impact becomes negligible. Due to their style of play, they will certainly be tough to throttle, rather unlike Tikariot, and we’re likely to have more possession of the ball. You cannot let that lull you into a false sense of security, though. That’s their entire plan, and we can’t be falling into that trap.

“I know we can do it. I just need each and every one of you to believe you can, too.” A murmuring of agreement resonated across the Sylestonean dressing room.

“So let’s go out there and put those so-called defending champions back in their place!”

Starting XI vs Tumbra @ Kinetik Stadium, New Colk
Brick Wall; Holt - Mornington - Hand Sanitiser - Toilet; Stanton - Blair - Brown - Jones; Fleetwood; Hightower

Matchday One: Sylestone - Tumbra @ Kinetik Stadium, New Colk, South Newlandia
Matchday Two: Sylestone - Racing @ Kinetik Stadium, New Colk, South Newlandia
Matchday Three: Sylestone - Boring Paradise @ Kinetik Stadium, New Colk, South Newlandia
Matchday Four: Sylestone - Gouvanarch @ Kinetik Stadium, New Colk, South Newlandia
Matchday Five: Sylestone - Macbon @ Kinetik Stadium, New Colk, South Newlandia
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Postby Xanneria » Sat Dec 17, 2022 10:39 am


ST: Allison Burnes (25) - Austin City
ST: Dillon Hailey (22) - Hawthorne Kickers
ST: Jari Juups (23) - Galaxy SC
ST: Gil McKenna (28) - Capital FC
ST: Justin Ingram (25) - Alexandria City
ST: Yolinda Sequin (24) - Hawthorne Kickes
DM: Max Smith (32) - Lexington Victory SC [New Gelderland]
DM: TS Avery (30) - Tanques AOE [Ko-Oren]
DM: Dawson Plante (25) - Bearden
DM: Octavious Smith (26) - Alexandria City
OM: Bryse Papp (28) - Bruncester United AFC [Ko-Oren]
OM: Robbie Gordon (24) - Pearlham SC
OM: Paul Gessecki (27) - FREE AGENT
OM: Italio D'arcy (26) - Bearden (Co-Captain)
MF: Xander Washington (27) - Plastiniagrade [Zeta Reka & Hugeltadom]
MF: Anton Vito (34) - Austin City
MF: Allie Jordan (21) - Capital FC
MF: Alec Bon Air (26) - AFK Imperirealisms [Zeta Reka & Hugeltadom]
LB: Mark Hailey Jr. (25) - Brunswick [Cassadaigua]
CB: Rhinestone Hailey (22) - Hawthorne Kickers
RB: Nikolai Brown (28) - Austin City
DF: Colton Boyd-Church (21) - Waldster FC [Flavovespia]
DF: Ranger Selltick (23) - Pearlham SC
DF: Mauricio Franklin-Perez (28)- Aleiusia Capital [Zeta Reka & Hugeltadom]
DF: David Iowa (24) -Alexandria City
GK: Evan Jefferson Jr (28) - Bearden
GK: Ashton Shaley (22) - Haskins Blues Coed FC [Baker Park]
GK: Hailey Rae Crawford (27) - Asbury Park

RP Permissions

My opponent, shall they RP first, have permission to…
Choose goalscorers: Y
Godmod Scoring:
Injure players: Y (But give me a heads up first)
Godmod Injuries: N
Hand out yellow cards: Y (have some self control here though.)
Hand out red cards: Y (Only if there hasn't been one recently)
Godmod other events: Y (YES!)

FORMATION: 3-2-2-3
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Postby The Shambia » Sat Dec 17, 2022 4:10 pm

The evening before the opening game

“... And as such, I want to press again on how thankful we should all be that we can present here, in South Newlandia. But more importantly, how we must make our nation proud, spreading the word on the supremacy of The Shambia.”

Jackson Phiri halted, his voice quietly huffing after having sung the praise of the Socialist Federation for nearly three quarters of an hour. There was an applause from his audience which remained halfway between genuine socialist pride and just relief that they had reached the end of this. What initially should have been a tactical training session had devolved into a long, winding speech. Phiri gave a modest nod, allowing the twenty players to rise and leave. Among them, there was quite a bit of confusion as they walked back to their room. Even captain Fundulu had to admit that the information on Robostania shared by the coach was exceptional, yet remained firm to the party line.

“Yes, there were four midfielders, four defenders and three strikers in that starting line-up. I cannot believe that this would be a mistake by our sorep [often used shorthand for socialist representative, the domestically used term for manager in all walks of life] so I can only assume that this is one of the many ways the capitalist nations will attempt to destabilize us. And will be given unfair advantages.”
“Having twelve players in an official tournament?”

Petit Pélé, the charismatic left-back, spoke up instinctively, but reserve Kalakula quickly preserved the status quo.

“There is no doubt that a capitalist nation such as South Newlandia will attempt to thwart our ambitions, preferring the advancement of any other nation over ours. Allowing them an extra player sounds outrageous, but corruption runs wide and through the veins of their system.”

The others nodded in contemplation, pulling a face which confirmed that they considered this excellent hotel, manned by friendly and welcoming staff, as a debauched hellhole. A few days back, when he boarded the plane in Chisombe, defender Chinyemba Bwalya would have been able to pull off that thought without as much of a glance. But right now, he could only try to hide his thoughts as he stared across the skyline of Elephant Valley.

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Postby Cap Nord » Sat Dec 17, 2022 5:11 pm

The difference in flair between the trio on stage was obvious, even to the untrained eye. Annette Dalving had made a personal brand out of being clear and to the point. Theoretically, a head of state as her had little to do with the presentation of a bid to an international tournament. But her nose for marketing had spotted this excellent opportunity to make clear, once more, how her Capnordic government would position itself on the international stage. All attempts for outreach to the Esportivan Council had been abandoned but they would no longer be hiding in their corner of the map: rather, Cap Nord wanted to make an impact. And hosting the Campionato Esportiva, the most prestigious sports tournament of the region, fitted that idea perfectly. She had the fewest lines in the presentation, but when she took the word, it was mainly to outline the underlying policies. Creating supportive infrastructure? Long overdue requirements. Financing the national team heavily? A measure for national pride. Building and refurbishing various stadiums? Trickle-down measures for the youth. It sounded easy, it sounded smooth.

The same could not be said about the comments made by Robert McEather. It was a public secret that he had won his position for his party card with the NUP, especially as his predecessor Forseth had made some off the record remarks on the takeover of said party, not just in parliament but also in the FA. As such, stage left with Forseth and an opportunity for a new name. But even if the position of national manager had become the most prestigious possible domestically in just one cycle, there were not too many takers. Unsurprisingly, managers feared the interference by bigwigs in the bloated structure of the association. The search for a spineless puppet had eventually led to AC Bellworth, where McEather managed one of the least remarkable clubs of the third tier. On the Cup of Harmony, he had not yet been exposed, which had earned him some limited credit. Credit that dwindled upon announcing the de facto retirement of Jonas Persson on the national team. And credit that completely imploded with his appearance here: a mumbled, nervous attempt to sound enthused went nowhere.

As such, the presentation was carried by Grégoire Delabre, the brand-new head of the CNFA. Finding people with a taste for tactics among the party members had posed a difficulty but braggarts and masters of bullshitting were apparently more numerous. And of those, Delabre might have been the one with the most exquisite taste for visuals. There was his flawless designer suit, his well-timed jokes to the journalists, his panache as he led the audience through the needlessly complicated proposal. If you would have known little to nothing on international relations and football, one would believe that this single Campionato would solve all domestic and international problems, making the FA filthy rich along the way. Marvelous stadiums for the long term, a boost in the tourism sector, an improvement of our economy: this was just a gift to the Capnordics that only needed to be unwrapped. It was Delabre who ended with the final slide, carrying the slogan under which the bid had been spinned: FOR THE SPORT, FOR THE WORLD: Delabre shined.

“Any further questions?”

As he tinkered a little on his microphone, Delabre scanned the room. As he had expected, the journalists were in equal parts taken aback by the surprising ambition and the extended information. In the back, one pressman rose and left but his attention was on a woman who sat in the left-front chair. She would introduce herself as ‘Nadine Ducroiseau’ from some unknown publication called ‘Sports Domestically’. Grégoire knew her on a daily basis as ‘Jeannine from accounting’.

“Mister Delabre, this bid sounds incredibly consistent, original and strong. What would you consider as our main selling point against the opposite bid from South Newlandia?”

Even if it was not exactly as they had trained in advance (she should have said ‘the main’ rather than ‘our main’), Delabre kept his smile.

“While the Esportivan Sporting Festival bid, put together by our South Newlandian friends, definitely holds merit, I believe that any impartial judge will choose for our FOR THE SPORT, FOR THE WORLD organization. A strong and clear focus on football with a nation-wide footprint for a new and modern Esportiva. An opportunity to step forward into the future for our region.”

We will redact the remainder of his wordsauce as little was said in the second part as in the first. For Delabre, everything went as planned - the majority of the journalists knew their task today. In the back of the room, a hand was raised for a next question. It was not until he gave the word that he realized it was the one who had risen and left for a phone call earlier.

“Lewis Grundle, Crester Courier. The official deadline for bids for the Campionato has come and gone nine days ago. Is there a reason why this bid has been presented so far afterwards?”

There was a little twitch visible in the plastic smile of Delabre.

“And I believed that the press always conducted its research so meticulously? The vote is not for another three weeks, mister Grundle.”

Some muffled laughter among his esteemed colleagues, but Grundle did not surrender.

“That is true, but bids were required to be filed, in full, at least one month in advance. As such, why have we not heard about this bid before?”

Delabre’s eyes shifted to the first floor. Jeannine looked increasingly pale and tried to make eye contact with some of the other staff members that were scattered across the floor.

“We have… The bid has been completed already…”

Grégoire Delabre never completed that sentence. By the time the Capnordic selection boarded for South Newlandia, his name had been stripped from the annals of the federation but the mud of the ‘bid-that-never-was’ still stuck on the national team.

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Postby Tumbra » Sun Dec 18, 2022 4:06 am

State of the Republic Address 2031

Traditionally delivered every February by the Prime Minister, the State of the Republic Address is a constitutionally mandated speech whereby they (or he, in this case) "shall, from time to time, report on the State of the Republic to a Joint Session of Parliament." Because the Chamber of the House of Representatives is formed of two benches facing each other, and the Senate Chamber is too small to fit all eight hundred and fifty members of Parliament, the address has typically taken place at a location outside the Federal Parliament. This year, the address is taking place at the concert hall of the Tumbran National University.

Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, honourable Senators, my colleagues in the House of Representatives, Justices of the Federal Constitutional Court, and my fellow Tumbrans.

No less than eighteen months ago, you, the people of Tumbra, put me in this office to deliver change and a Tumbra that works for all. I am pleased to report that we are well on the way to delivering said change. There is still a long way to go before we can deliver a more prosperous, more free society for all, but I am confident that all of us, working together, will bring us to that destination.

From the fields of Hamilton, to the ports of Westmond and Nantwich, to the bustling commercial hubs of Serrapince and Lakewood, I am heartened to see that the Tumbran ethos — our shared values of hard work, giving back to our communities, care and respect for each other, and, of course, a society that respects the values of liberty, justice, truth, solidarity, equality, and democracy — has been shining bright throughout the world. Our Tumbrans have been on the forefront of achievements in almost every field of the world, and, in particular, I am exceptionally proud of the meteoric rise of our national football team. Outside of the realms of sport, however, our intellectuals continue to stand on the shoulders of giants, and reach for the stars — our university system ranks at one of the best in the world, attracting students and academicians from all over the world to make the country a hive of learning. Our cultural industry is booming, our Federal Republic is easing itself into taking a leading role on the regional and world stage through the auspices of the Esportivan Union, and our country is growing stronger, every day.

These are all things that the country should be proud of. These are all things that I am proud of. And I am proud to report that the state of the Federal Republic of Tumbra is strong, thanks to the hard work of every citizen within it.

You may ask yourselves — what more do I have to say? I have delivered what the state of the Republic is. But there is still about an hour left in my address tonight. Tonight, I will focus on two other subjects. The first is on the ongoing security situation in the Northlands. The second will be on the continuing relationship between the federal government and the states of Tumbra. The first is a topic that has been ongoing for nearly seven years now, and is something that has come to occupy a greater part of Tumbrans' lives. From the terrorist attacks committed by the United Clans, to the shocking murder of a Member of Parliament at the very heart of Tumbran democracy itself, none of us can avoid the situation of the Northlands. The second is a topic that I, and the members of my Government, have brought up time and time again. Now, we feel, is the time for action. Tonight, we will set out our plan to re-shape that relationship, for the good of the common person on the street. [...]

[...] Let me be absolutely clear on this. We are absolutely committed to the Northlands. We maintain, and will continue to maintain, that the Northlands, when left alone, represented — and would represent — a grave security risk for our country. We went in with the express interest of bringing stability to that region, and so far, we have attempted to do so to the best of our ability. We may be fighting a war against an enemy that does not fight in the traditional way, but we are absolutely committed to ensuring a safe and secure Northlands, integrating those who have lived there into our society, and allowing Tumbra to harness the rich natural resources for the common good of not just Tumbra, but the region as well, by providing cheap, clean energy for everyone. [...]

[...] Energy independence is, and has always been, one of this government's national priorities. We are currently heavily reliant on foreign countries, some outside Esportiva, even, for our energy needs. To become wholly energy independent is not just an economic imperative, but also a national security one as well. We live in a global anarchy of friends, I would like to believe, where conflicts are largely local. The conflict in Nyowani Kitara may have ended nearly half a decade ago, but all throughout the world we see similar conflicts. In Rushmore, there now exists the growing whiff of a great power rivalry between the Pavolans and the Terraneans; should that head south at any time, we might be in danger. [...]

[...] As technology improves, it is important that renewable energy be part of the spotlight. That technology, for us, is still rather far away, but it is important that we remain part of the conversation. We will remain committed to the development of such renewable energy technology, and my government will commit funding towards the construction of a new particle accelerator in Hoxford, under the auspices of the Hoxford Technological University, in a bid to remain competitive on that end [...]

[...] And now the second part of my address. My government is committed to creating a leaner, less bloated, fitter federal government. To this end, we have passed a bevy of reforms to the welfare system that have reduced claims amounts, and gotten more people back into work. But I have no wish to further take from those who truly need it. What needs to be further made fighting fit and lean are state government budgets. [...]

[...] Let me be exceedingly clear. I am a strong proponent of federalism. This central federal government that I run cannot solve every problem that Tumbra faces, nor should it. Our system allows for more local issues to be taken on by those who are more able to, and faster. We are a union of states, and I have no wish to impugn upon that relationship that has served us well for nearly two centuries. But there has to be change. State government operating revenues have become an almost limitless black hole in which the federal government has to continually pour money into, for there exists the vague whiff of a possibility that the hole will be plugged. No more, I say — the buck stops here. For the first time in Tumbra's history, we have to re-look the way that we run our federal systems; and in an age where we can much better pool resources together to serve people more efficiently, I have chosen to go for a solution that is extremely dramatic, but will be the easiest — we will re-look Tumbra's state boundaries and consider the possibility of merging states together. [...]

[...] The government's plan will be presented in greater detail over the coming months, but I can already safely say that we are intending to re-organise the Tumbran state borders into ten states. We will not touch existing state borders; we are going to place states that have strong historic links and ties to each other with each other. We will be able to save the taxpayer money that they know better how to spend themselves. We will allow historically poor states to clear their debts, wipe their slates clean, and join into a union and start with an entirely new balance sheet. [...]

[...] Of course, this will have to be approved by the taxpayer. The ordinary voter will have to go to a referendum on this reorganisation of the Tumbran federal relationship. This referendum will be held in March of next year, alongside our next Presidential, Senate, and, I am told, over two-thirds of the elections for the states. I will trust in the wisdom of the people to approve of it — and I will require that two-thirds of the states will have to approve of the project for it to proceed. This is a crossroads, a vital one, for Tumbra. For nearly two hundred years, our federal system has gone unquestioned. But it has clearly outgrown what it was meant for. It was established in a time of telegraphs and horse-driven carriages. For us, we, who live in a time of the Internet and bullet trains, surely we can do better. And with that, we can keep the state of the Republic strong for the decades to come.
Tumbra - a sprawling, modern federal democratic republic located in Esportiva. Strong economy, strong civil rights, strong freedoms.
Population: 121 million | TLA: TMB | Capital City: Straton | Largest City: Couno
Constitution | Domestic News | Domestic Sports | Wiki Article | A Timely Reminder
President: James D. Clark (Green/Independent) | Prime Minister: Stephen Williams (Liberal)
U-18 World Cup 13 Champions/Di Bradini Cup 51 Champions

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Postby Neomaris » Sun Dec 18, 2022 5:26 am


A word from our Chef de Mission
What a big dream for such a small nation.
Contrary to most, we're a very small city-state, sending our plumbers, police officers, teachers, students, lawyers, construction workers et cetera to have some fun. Apart from the professional coaches we found among the physical educators in our schools and university, our sports associations are almost completely amateur. Student and teacher play football together, while mother and daughter can be seen in the same hockey roster, and brothers take side together in rugby sevens. So we hope the rest of Esportiva, full of professional and capped athletes, could at least enjoy with us, playing in fair and square contests. We are a small city, a small nation wih big dreams. And we'll love if all of you share these dreams with us.
Milena Cantanhede
Chef de Mission

Neomaris Hockey, Association de Football de Neomaris and Neomaris Rugby present the Neomarisian Teams for Campionato Esportiva 34 and Sporting Festival 2:

Field Hockey
The Neomarisian Field Hockey team is almost the same team that will participate in the Tri-Nations College Hockey Championship, against teams from Lisander and Rhaecia, in the city of Aisbourg, Nassovia. The roster for the Sporting Festival is bigger, with 24 athletes, instead of the 16, since 8 of the athletes aren't members of Universidade de Neomaris team, but amateur players below or above College age. Among the "non-college" members is the most curious case among the teams: Anna Park, aged 34, is one of the amateur players. She's not a particularly awesome player, having played for the 3rd team of Elysium Club, a famous team in Soria, Lisander. The great promise of the family is her daughter, Stéphanie Park, aged 14, and the youngest player on this team. At age 13, she was already in the first U16 team of Elysium when their parents emigrated to Neomaris. She's Probably the youngest hockey player to ever wear a national jersey in the first team. It's unlikely that she'll play for more than some minutes, since her parents are very concerned about her physique and health.

1 Melissa Castia (captain)
16 Georgia Brazier
23 Henrietta Lyons

2 Nadia Lagrange
3 Enya Casella
5 Marie Frantzen
13 Violetta de Luna
14 Marina Arlet

4 Erina Mennen
6 Laetitia Arez
15 Chloe Rista
17 Sarah Wyatt
21 Amira Nasser

7 Lya Vestri
8 Elisa Deville
12 Carmen Oviedo
19 Sophie Valier
20 Meredith Mortensen
26 Stéphanie Park

9 Natalie Bonham
10 Marjorie Valmont
11 Anna Park
18 Linnea Belard
22 Kristin Ako Ichihara
24 Laura Amis
25 Anielle Kuhne

Coaches Lea Thorn-Gast
Ruby Albridge

Rugby Sevens
Unlike hockey, which was embraced by the university, Rugby in Neomaris is not very prominent (even in Lisander, where most of the immigrants that make up the population of Neomaris come from), there is still a perception that Rugby is a slightly more elitist sport. Of course, there are efforts against this view, and it was these efforts that founded "Neomaris Rugby". The lack of a club structure and the hardships of life in a nation in the making, makes teams have uncertain rosters and the players, who are all weekend athletes. Conversations like "Next Saturday I can't, I have to work, so fella gets in my place" are common. Consequently, those who have more time to dedicate to the hobby or physical training are the ones who play better, like Prop and team captain Alexander Vale, a personal trainer, who besides everything acts as the team's physical trainer and is one of the managers of Neomaris Rugby.
1 Alexander Vale
2 Richard Lisen
3 Carlo Dax
8 Eric Miller
9 Louis Durham

4 Arthur Huet
5 Pedro Lago
6 Daniel Visser
7 Luke Mae'a
10 Herman Foncet
11 Filip Ratsirana
12 Maio Henare

Coach Matias Rochefort

Ten tall guys who play on the weekends and two "just to close the list". Seven of the ten are college guys trying to form a team to try to get in as a "guest team" in Lisander College Basketball. Three of them are occasional visitors to the Third District Basketball Court who have joined to complete the teams. Two of them are part of the Football team that is competing in the Campionato, and may not be available for every game. Listed as Coach, but merely a figurative figure in the bench, the Chef de Mission, Milena Cantanhede. She's the Deputy Secretary for Sports in Neomaris Government.

4	Alfred Martinez
5 Joannes Spinelli
6 Andreas Anisi
7 Marco Borba
8 Leko Miltinič
9 Maro Kinwasa
10 Dean Walshford
11 Joseph A. Ikite
12 Thomas Lytt
13 Mariano Lucero
14 Justin Briner
15 Sam Mastrangelo


Very little has changed in the Neomaris football since the team participated in CE 33. The uniforms, for example are the same, since they weren't able to sell everything yet:


Football still accounts for about 60 per cent of the number of those playing sports. Neomaris still has a small stadium, seating approximately 4500 people, in the second district, north of the city centre. Built by a partnership between the LEZ government and private companies, the stadium is used for matches between local teams, as well as other sports and cultural activities in the district. A bigger stadium is in the city's construction plans, but it is something for some time in the future. Still, the bottleneck of national construction is housing, so it is unlikely that we will see anything new in this sector for some time.

For the roster itself, there are only threee changes. Timothy Lemmens, Scott Bannon and Lucas Vieira, employed in construction sector, weren't available this time due to the building of a new housing condo.

12 - GK - Leopoldo Monteverde - Goalkeeper that can also play as a field player in case of an emergency. Formal job: PE Teacher.
2 - RB - Mario Bonini - Bonini is, along with his brothers, the owner of a small supermarket chain. He doesn't have much quality with the ball, but he pressures his opponents well. That is, those he usually faces.
3 - CB - Aleo Morientes - The only player born in Aristian Republic is a fireman, and is also a phisically strong man.
14 - CB - Eduardo Vetorazzi - Vetorazzi is one of the few on the team who has "high level" competitive experience, having played in the LAN (Lisander) university championship for Kasandora's Concordia University. Off the pitch, he is a police officer.
6 - LB - Giacomo Campana - A sprinter, can play as Left Back or Left Midfielder.
5 - DMF - Michel Maenoara - In his native Grand Merina he was a docker. The move to a more technologically advanced country has seen Maenoara rise to the rank of Shipping Inspector. He plays for the Civil Service Club.
15 - MF - Carlos Mauger - Mauger is a language teacher living in the second district, tutoring children and teaching in schools. He was an amateur American football kicker in Lisander.
8 - MF - Franco de Leone - Born in Lisander to Arianninian parents, used its birth nationality to emigrate. He works as bank clerk.
10 - CF - Juno Martins - Not a very skilful striker, but owner of a powerful shot. Off the field, he works as an electrician.
11 - RWF - Felipe Einar - A quick, good passing and attentive right winger. Played amateur football in Lisander, before moving to try his hand at life as a Personal Trainer.
19 - LWF - Christian Gastaldi - He's now 18 and finished the school, and it's being scouted for Lisanderian Teams like Sporting Grandeville and Solaris Sirenia. Yet, he's not allowed to move overseas since families that decided to move to Neomaris are expected to live for three full years before allowing any member moving back to Lisander permanently.

However, since Neomaris NT doesn't field professional players, is not like most of these ones aren't in the best of their physique. So expect a lot of player rotation. The following players, even if not the best, can still play anytime:

1 - GK - Jonas Alvarado - A fairly decent goalkeeper, a buff large in both height and weight. He owns a gym.
4 - MF - Victor Jansen - A policeman. Despite being theoretically a reserve, have reasonable quality (at least, comparing to the others)
7 - LWF - Mariano Lucero - A somewhat good footballer, will rotate in the left wing with Gastaldi. Montesinan-born emigrant, works in a car park.
9 - MF - André Neves - Midfielder, and also a trained pharmacist.
13 - RB - Christian Broen - Not so skilled as a defenseman, but sprints decently.
16 - CB - Justin Briner - A strong defenseman. Does well this position, but tends to have difficulties if away from the box. He's quite tall, so may be a chance for crossing kicks.
17 - MF - Hassan Zarqawa - Born in Riyah, he is the fourth son of a petrol tycoon. He plays for fun, but turned out he's best than the Average Joe.
18 - MF - Bonifácio Siano - Siano played for the Lisander Olympic team of Lisander in Terranean Coast, but after leaving the College and moving to Neomaris, he works as an Art Teacher.
20 - CB - Ahmed Zarqawa - Brother of the other Zarqawa, was selected because of his rapid passes. Covering as a centre back, but not being the first option for the position, he can play as defensive midfielder too.
21 - FW - Benjamin Vargas - Vargas is a strong kicker, but can be caught offside as easily as breath.
22 - FW - Florian Salles - The striker of Second District United. Works as school secretary 9 to 5 and as Deliveryman in weekends.
23 - LB - Eric Almsford - A decent sprinter. Lacks in ball control.

Coach - Paulo Schaefer - The only full-time football professional on the team is the coach. With coaching stints with small teams in Lisander's first division, Schaeffer was hired to help develop local football by offering workshops and training for teams to improve their performance.
Assistant - José Molina - A P.E. teacher that helps Schaefer with the training.

Roleplaying Permissions
And a little bit of rant, if you would like to read it as is:

If Style Modifiers is applying, the answer is a +5 to all teams. They give it all (whether this is good or bad). They're amateurs, they're having fun, so it would be silly not to allow that the right of doing its maximum.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but keep the extent of injuries light. Amateurs can still twist an ankle, falling awkwardly and dislocating the shoulder, silly mistakes like that... Also please spare the youngsters like the younger Park in Hockey team and Guastaldi in Football team. They're only kids competing, since the nation still lack in sporting human resources.
Godmod injuries to my players: If inside the scope of the written above, yes.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes.
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, as long it's reasonably explained through roleplay.
Godmod other events: No.

Last, but not least, I'd like to talk about equality and equity in sports. Sorry if this sounds creepy or sexist, but I've been always frowning upon this proposed "equality" of NationStates, that puts male and female beings on the same teams, disregarding all physiological questions that are never addressed in form of Roleplay. The world don't need "genre equality" more than "genre equity", In my opinion.

That said, I reserve myself the right to ignore rosters and regard all the field hockey matches as female in my canon, if I'm roleplaying Hockey. I won't cite male names, and I'd ask you to refrain if it's the case, to cite female first names on your roleplays. I'm okay with Henrietta Lyons becoming Henry Lyons, Marie Frantzen becoming Mario Frantzen or whatever you prefer. Just please respect this way I found to involve women in sport without making it completely unreal to Neomaris and my other nations reality.
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Postby Brenecia » Sun Dec 18, 2022 7:44 am


Your Ashburn™ Patriots
World Ranking: Regressing to the mean
Preferred Formation: 4-3-3
Backup Formations: 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2
Style Modifier: -1
Home Stadium: Crown Row - a new, 65,000-capacity white elephant in Rozelle.
Kit Supplier: ediraf

Derdriu Wright is going to live or die by her sword. An unchanged side arrives at the Campionato Esportiva a year later, with any serious experimentation to wait until the qualifiers. Nobody really knows quite how good this Brenecia side is, but one thing's for sure: that semifinal WC finish just three years ago feels a lot longer already.

Campionato Esportiva 14, 17, 19, 22 and 25 champions.
World Cup 80 champions.
Casaran round participation award.

Overall Record
467 wins - 139 draws - 160 losses
1560 scored - 897 conceded

Most Caps
187 - Mathis Woodgate
162 - Catherine Gryphon
157 - Catherine Purrington
148 - Lauren Cheney
138 - Finn Leadbetter
126 - Orson Faulkner, Anaximander Scrivener, Scathach Wright
121 - Miriam Spitfire, Squire Trevelyan
119 - Ursula Rankin
118 - Esther Caitiff, Gethin Quill
117 - Sam Allbeck, Corby Wheeler
112 - Isadora Cullen
111 - Clovette Bravender
108 - Brandon Duguid, Ceridwen Fletcher
103 - Roisin Carroll
100 - Elsie Drover, Triss Roscommon, Niko Szubanski

Most Goals
67 - Ursula Rankin, Lauren Cheney
50 - Catherine Purrington
48 - Cheney Scherzer
43 - Kara Ciogach
39 - Squire Trevelyan

First Team and Tactics
Corder is now first-choice goalkeeper.

Raised on lumpy grass pitches, waterlogged and potholed, Brenecian footballers tend to grow physical, disciplined and tough to break down, and this iteration of the national pool is no exception. Under Derdriu Wright, the Patriots are an athletic, muscular side with plenty of pace and power, with two unpredictable, top-class wingers in Byrne and Wake who are given plenty of freedom so long as they do their work in pressing high. Wright likes to make use of the full squad, picking good tactical matches for each opponent rather than having a single best XI in mind.

Favouring a 4-4-2, Wright will look to her excellent wingers as her only real creative outlets. A hard core of defenders and a fairly conservative central midfield will look to hold the opponent at bay first and foremost. This is a physical Brenecia side but, Lofthouse and the centre-halves aside, not an overly tall one; they'll look to exploit pace on the counter more than slinging in high balls.

Common Substitutes
The veteran Kendra Carpenter, a less physical player than Wake but a beautiful striker of the ball, will be a common sight to switch things up in the second half. Sometimes she will come on for Byrne, with Wake switching flanks.
In midfield, either the metronomic Rajmund Sitko to bring calm in possession or the mercurial Lienke Covolan to chase the game. Covolan or Meskela could also be brought on for a striker, if more bodies are needed in midfield.
Goal-poacher Siobhan Baker will be a common sight, on for the more industrious Stokes late in the game to pick holes in a tired defence. The taller Danand Tristram is the obvious route-one high ball choice off the bench, but offers little hold-up play.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Byrne and Covolan take most free-kicks and corners; Covolan takes penalties
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match without prior agreement.

Manager - Derdriu Wright - Age 56
Asst. Manager - Hendry Jackson - Age 51

An intelligent, well-read and softly-spoken woman, Wright likes a slightly more open style of play than her predecessors, but recognises that Brenecia's talents lie largely towards the back and will play to those strengths. She has high standards of her players and has been accused in the past of burning them out; will this translate well to international football's short stints and high turnover, or will she be unable to get her ideas across? Few expect her to revolutionise the game, but she's seen as a safe and unambitious pair of hands for the medium-term.

1 - GK - Cessair Meade (Image Rammsissil) - Age 23 - Uncapped
Tall, athletic and reliable, Meade might be the pick of the slim bunch of up-and-coming Brenecian stoppers. Seeing a neverending wave of hotshot foreign goalkeepers arrive at Kingsgrove, she felt she had to leave to make a name for herself, but the club's still left its mark on her as a high-sweeping shot-stopper with excellent distribution.

12 - GK - Phoebe Corder (Image Ituraitz FC) - Age 29 - Uncapped
Corder's first eight caps were followed by clean sheets, and though she hasn't managed to stay quite so imperious (and many of those matches were against minnows), her cult hero status is assured.

20 - GK - Casper Harder (Image Sparta Zijweg) - Age 25 - Uncapped
While his actual credentials as a Brenecian are suspect, his shot-stopping is not.

2 - RB - Esther Sidle (Image SC Montfort) - Age 26 - 7 caps, 1 goal
Lithe, long-haired and with a streak of quiet arrogance, Sidle's one of those few fullbacks who feels like they can really command the game from that withdrawn position. An expert at long diagonal balls cutting through defences, and no slouch at actually defending herself.

3 - LB - Nimue Culpepper (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 27 - 21 caps
Culpepper looks strangely weathered, a lot older than her years, and perhaps that makes sense. Her best attributes are her sense of anticipation and her intelligence, which extend her fair-but-indifferent physicality and technique as far as they can go.

5 - CB - Athelney Shrine (Image Falourr) - Age 29 - 48 caps, 2 goals
One of Brenecia's many rock-solid defenders, Shrine's about as fast a sprinter as an actual shrine. Fortunately, her instincts rarely guide her astray, and she's an oasis of calm no matter the pressure, both in and out of possession.

6 - CB - Cerys Staplewood (Image Suttonville) - Age 24 - Uncapped
A steady and capable defender, who has held her own physically and mentally in the intense bear-pit of Brenecian football from an early age.

17 - RB - Caomhin Hadley (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 24 - 2 caps
A hard-bitten, tough-tackling but above all painfully disciplined fullback. Plays with a maturity belying his years.

18 - CB - Iucharba Killen (Image North Laithland) - Age 29 - 25 caps, 4 goals
A brutish powerhouse, Killen always lumbers a little faster than people expect. Kind of like a starving crocodile. It makes him an undeniably effective defender, though he does tend to give away a lot of penalties, and probably one of these days will end up scaring a midfielder to death.

22 - CB - Patrick Fitz (Image Royal Rumiatzi) - Age 28 - 2 caps
A journeyman brawler who just can't be put down for long.

25 - LB - Shana Reed (Image Creed United) - Age 23 - Uncapped
A vocal, redoubtable defender. Holds a degree in Mathematics from an Arts university, but is not otherwise a study in contradictions.

4 - HM - Skaidrina Briggs (Image Southern Star) - Age 27 - 21 caps
A tough, taciturn midfielder who has proven reliable where called upon. Tall, powerful and strong in the tackle, Briggs has a rash, youthful physicality and a tendency to see picking up a caution as indication of a job well done. Lacks the raw NRI of Schofield, but has had markedly more consistency in a blue shirt.

7 - RM - Kendra Carpenter (Image Wirr Tsi) - Age 32 - 71 caps, 18 goals
A classy, elegant winger who has worked hard for every sniff of football she's had, and will take no chance for granted. Energetic and fearless, Carpenter won't feel the weight of that number 7; the kind of player who can leave Northern Union's comfortable nest and keep going from strength to strength.

8 - CM - Iseult Conway (Image Wirr Tsi) - Age 29 - 66 caps, 10 goals - Captain
Quick-witted, quick-footed, and always with a smile on her face. Conway is an unflashy but diligent box-to-box shuttler with a hint of the unpredictable, and excels at bringing the ball forward between the lines. Fouls a lot, and always seems to get away with it.

10 - LM - Katua Byrne (Image KT Itzalovalle) - Age 26 - 75 caps, 26 goals
Byrne's got it all. Top-class pace, fully two-footed, even relishes defensive work pressing high. She's going to go far, and she knows it, forcing a move to Audioslavia to get away from pockmarked Brenecian pitches.

11 - CM / AM - Lienke Covolan (Image Vermillion Rage) - Age 27 - 36 caps, 12 goals
Covolan played for Brenecia before ever setting foot in the country, but it's okay, because she's a potentially important player for the Patriots. A clever, two-footed and creative player, the rangy, arrogant, standoffish and blatantly Nepharan Covolan might be exactly what the Patriots have needed for years.

15 - RM / LM - Maerhen Wake (Image 1830 Cathair) - Age 24 - 28 caps, 10 goals
A muscular powerhouse who bristles with coiled energy, menace and malice. Wake's not the best-liked in the dressing room - he's always come across a bit as the kind of man who laughs when old ladies fall over on the street - but he's a cold model professional who always looks to make an impact.

16 - LM - Sylvia Marusak (Image Juavi FC) - Age 26 - 8 caps, 3 goals
Marusak's very fast, and

19 - HM - Tamara Seager (Image FK Arsika) - Age 26 - Uncapped
A hard-working water-carrier, but with a bit of something extra about her that just elevates her above the level of so many other Brenecian players of the same archetype. She'll absolutely break a leg if needed, though.

23 - CM - Rajmund Sitko (Image West Couno United) - Age 25 - 14 caps, 1 goal
One of the more promising of this upcoming generation of Brenecian talent, Sitko's not notably physical, but just has that quiet presence of mind and always goes looking for the ball. The kind of player analysts love and casuals don't see the point in and wonder why the team works better with him than without.

26 - AM - Vaida Meskela (Image Makosile) - Age 25 - 3 caps, 1 goal
A clever schemer. Physically slow and somewhat fragile, but mentally resolute and developing excellent technique.

9 - ST - Siobhan Baker (Image Anomalies) - Age 29 - 9 caps, 2 goals
A late bolter into the squad, Baker was playing in the Nepharan third tier for much of her career before blazing into life in Chromatika. She's the kind of player who proves that an eye for goal can translate from near any level, but tireless work ethic and excellent fitness mean she reliably gets in good positions.

13 - ST - Mor-Rioghain Stokes (Image Mountainside) - Age 24 - 1 cap
Stokes was considered good enough that the MiCF project, a rare case of a tail wagging a dog, decided to near-bankrupt the side trying to get Stokes on the nominally male-only league. She has the air of someone mystified she isn't one of the world's best.

14 - ST - Danand Tristram (Image Sabrefell Athletic) - Age 30 - 45 caps, 16 goals
A powerhouse up front, and a traditional target woman in a way that Brenecia haven't had since the underutilised Fox Charnwood. Tristram is the kind of relentless brawler that doesn't consider a game complete until her elbows have been in at least four faces. In a sense she's the ideal forward for the system, but she's developing a real reputation for missing the target.

21 - ST - Jadwiga Lofthouse (Image Yassaca) - Age 27 - 46 caps, 22 goals
Generally, when Union want a player, they just get one. So when a local rises through the ranks to break through, especially in a key position and at a young age, Brenecians take notice. A towering juggernaut, Lofthouse is certainly old-school but undeniably effective, and excels at helping bring others into play.

24 - ST - Cyprian Korsak (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 25 - Uncapped
A spare striker with a good strike rate in Brenecia. Might have been more prominent in another era.
Puppet of Nephara.



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