Games of the XV Olympiad — roleplaying thread

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Games of the XV Olympiad — roleplaying thread

Postby Electrum » Thu Jul 29, 2021 8:22 pm

The purpose of this thread is to post roleplays which will contribute to your nation's results. Roleplays will be marked out of ten, compared to the best nation in each of the three components, and then weighted. The weightage of roleplay bonuses are:
  • Min-max avoidance bonus (20%) - provided when an a delegation has been accepted, maximum score is 0.200 if a delegation's standard deviation is below the target
  • Cumulative roleplay score (20%) - sum of a nation's roleplay bonuses over the Games, including any roster information
  • Best roleplay score (30%) - a nation's best roleplay score for the current or previous scorination day
  • Daily roleplay score (30%) - a nation's roleplay score for the current scorination day

Cutoff window is between 7am to 9am UTC -- dates for the next cutoff will be announced on the previous cutoff and the schedule/results thread.

Rosters will count only for the cumulative roleplay score and will be marked and added at the first cutoff occuring after it is posted. Multiple roleplays posted over one scorination day will be counted as one larger whole. The host nation, Electrum, will have its bonuses set to its MMAB + the highest scores in the other three components.

List of delegations
Roster links are provided, where applicable.

A Kea (AKE)
ABEN Union (ABU) [Britonisea]
Britonisea (BRI)
Estogium (RWH)
Nightom (KNI)
Abovian Union (ABL) [Aboveland]
Acastanha (ACS)
Adab (ADB)
Alezian Union (ALE)
Amuaplye (AME)
Antahbrantahstan (ANT)
Apox (APX)
The Archregimancy (ARC)
Asteran (AST)
Augusticinia (AUG)
Banija (BNJ)
Beaver River (BVR) [Beaverriver]
Benjamin Mark (BNM)
Brookstation (BRO)
Bollonich (BOL)
Caryton (CRT) [Spiritual Republic of Caryton]
Chartistan (CHA)
Chromatika (CMT)
Cocoabo Forest (CFT)
Coconut Isle (CIS)
Darkmania (DMN)
Darmen (DAR)
Team Diarcesian [Diarcesia]
Diarcesia (DCS)
Wochaystein (WOC)
Dotras Unified Olympic Team [Raspotochje]
Dotivija (DOT)
Raspotochje (RAS)
Electrum (ETM)
Eura (EUR)
Feifnia (FEI)
Felinetopia (FET)
Free Swiss States (FSS)
The Grearish Union (GRU)
Gim (GIM)
Græntfjall (GRÆ) [Graintfjall]
Greater Vakolicci Haven (VKL) [Coraspia]
The Hannasean Federation (HAN) [Hannasea]
Hebitaka (HTK)
Hispinas (HSP)
HMS Onslaught (HMS)
Hopal (HOP)
Ioudaia (IOU)
The Jovannic (JOV)
Kaldtfjell (KLD)
Kalosia (KLS)
Kelssek (KSK)
Kohnhead (KHD)
Kriegiersien (KGS)
Krytenia (KRY)
Lanesolde (LNS)
The Licentian Isles (TLI)
Lisander (LIS)
Liventia (LEN)
Lochario (LOC) [The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario]
Magnecia (RMA)
Malta Comino Gozo (MCG)
Mertagne (MRT)
Mytanija (MYT)
Natanians and Nosts (NTN)
Northwest Kalactin (NWK)
Nuevas Hesperides (NHE)
Oberour Ar Moro (OAM)
Omerica (OME)
Ostankin (OST)
Ostovo (OVO)
Palmani (PLN)
Pemecutan (PCU)
Phoenxia (PNX)
Polkopia (PLK)
Pratapgadh (PRT)
Qasden (QAD)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (QUE)
Rhim Flavezztowland (RFD)
Saltstead (SAL)
San Ortelio (SOR)
Sargossa (SRG)
The Sarian (TSA)
Scornerse (SCR)
Scotatrova (SCT)
Sincluda (SNC)
Sirian (SRN)
Srednjaci (SRE)
Sylestone (SYL)
Teremaran Unified Team (TRM) [Teremaran Olympics Delegation]
Arkyatan (AKY)
Austrakia (ATK)
Espicuta (ESP)
Falkasia (FLK)
Glisandia (GLS)
Gragastavia (GRG)
Gaul (GUL)
Lacetanya (LCT)
Neu Engollon (NEG)
Port Edwinn (PEW)
Qasifya (QFY)
Quelport (QLP)
Reino Do Brazil (RDB)
San Rosito (SRT)
Shourhiel (SHL)
Taranima (TNA)
Yellow Star Republic (YSR)
Tikariot (TKT)
Todlichebujoku (TBJ)
Togonistan (TGN)
Tumbra (TMB)
Valanora (VAL)
Vdara (VDR)
Vekaiyu (VEK) [Todd McCloud]
Victoria (KVC) [Victoria 1684]
Vilitan Union (VLT)
Waisnor (WSN)
West Phoenicia (KWP)

This list is mainly used for Olympic Council purposes at the conclusion of the Games - puppets and unified teams have been removed

A Kea (AKE)
ABEN Union (ABU) [Britonisea]
Abovian Union (ABL) [Aboveland]
Adab (ADB)
Alezian Union (ALE)
Amuaplye (AME)
Antahbrantahstan (ANT)
Apox (APX)
Asteran (AST)
Augusticinia (AUG)
Banija (BNJ)
Beaver River (BVR) [Beaverriver]/Felinetopia (FET)
Brookstation (BRO)
Bollonich (BOL)
Caryton (CRT) [Spiritual Republic of Caryton]
Chartistan (CHA)
Chromatika (CMT)
Cocoabo Forest (CFT)
Darkmania (DMN)
Darmen (DAR)
Diarcesia (DCS)
Electrum (ETM)/Coconut Isle (CIS)
Eura (EUR)
Feifnia (FEI)
Free Swiss States (FSS)
Gim (GIM)
Græntfjall (GRÆ) [Graintfjall]/The Hannasean Federation (HAN) [Hannasea]
Greater Vakolicci Haven (VKL) [Coraspia]
Hebitaka (HTK)
Hispinas (HSP)
HMS Onslaught (HMS)
Hopal (HOP)
Ioudaia (IOU)
Kalosia (KLS)
Kelssek (KSK)
Kohnhead (KHD)
Kriegiersien (KGS)
Krytenia (KRY)
Lanesolde (LNS)
Lisander (LIS)
Liventia (LEN)
Lochario (LOC) [The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario]
Magnecia (RMA)
Malta Comino Gozo (MCG)
Mertagne (MRT)
Mytanija (MYT)
Natanians and Nosts (NTN)
Northwest Kalactin (NWK)
Nuevas Hesperides (NHE)
Oberour Ar Moro (OAM)
Omerica (OME)/Saltstead (SAL)
Ostankin (OST)
Ostovo (OVO)
Palmani (PLN)
Pemecutan (PCU)/Acastanha (ACS)
Phoenxia (PNX)
Polkopia (PLK)
Pratapgadh (PRT)
Qasden (QAD)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (QUE)
Rhim Flavezztowland (RFD)
San Ortelio (SOR)
Sargossa (SRG)
Scornerse (SCR)
Scotatrova (SCT)
Sincluda (SNC)
Sirian (SRN)/Benjamin Mark (BNM)
Srednjaci (SRE)/Raspotochje (RAS)
Sylestone (SYL)
Teremaran Unified Team (TRM) [Teremaran Olympics Delegation]
The Archregimancy (ARC)
The Grearish Union (GRU)
The Jovannic (JOV)
The Licentian Isles (TLI)/Kaldtfjell (KLD)
The Sarian (TSA)
Tikariot (TKT)
Todlichebujoku (TBJ)
Togonistan (TGN)
Tumbra (TMB)
Valanora (VAL)
Vdara (VDR)
Vekaiyu (VEK) [Todd McCloud]
Victoria (KVC) [Victoria 1684]
Vilitan Union (VLT)/Cocoabo Forest (CFT)
Waisnor (WSN)
West Phoenicia (KWP)

Some advice on roleplays
Roleplay marking can be pretty subjective, but here are some of the things which would help you in scoring highly:
  • Quality > quantity - a roleplay that can make me laugh or feel emotional or has good sporting analysis/research (especially for more obscure sports), graphics, characterisation, world building will be marked more highly. Feel free to experiment and be creative.
  • Try and roleplay events about or related to the Olympics or its athletes in some way.
  • Use all the information provided to provide details: where applicable, refer to team rosters, IC info, sponsorship info, other people's roleplays, etc.
  • Respect people's roleplay permissions (usually people post them on the roster thread) -- this includes not godmodding if it's not allowed and being consistent with what other people have roleplayed first.
  • Don't give me a list of results -- I scored them! Instead, give information that I don't know. Fill in the blanks and provide context behind the scores. How did the athletes feel? What moves did they do? How did they win or lose? Why did they perform above/below expectations?
  • Don't expect to always win. Remember that having a high skill athlete and/or a good roleplay only increases but does not guarantee the chances of a medal.
  • Don't tag posts to edit in roleplays later. Once I see a post on the thread, I will mark it. If you have anything new to add, do so in a new post and it will be counted.
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Postby Electrum » Thu Jul 29, 2021 8:23 pm

Terranean Coast / Bunjil & Electrum Information


About Electrum

Electrum is a very large but sparsely populated nation situated in the Terranea region of Rushmore. Its capital city is Centralis and its national food is the democracy sausage. The country is well known for its financial and scientific industries, and for its devotion to pacifist principles. Electrum has been ruled jointly by a Governor-General and a five-dimensional overlord called 'The Computator' for quite some time now. How the overlord came to rule over Electrum is a long story, but it relates to the fact that the overlord rescued Electrum from the time warp it was stuck in for at least several decades.

There are a few quirks that athletes can expect in Electrum. They will have to contend with a completely digital currency (the Synergy), a fanatical devotion to resource-based board games and (mostly) zero tolerance for hooligans. Lines to enter venues may take longer than usual due to stringent security checks -- no flares, no disorder, no obscenely large banners, no hooligans, and no criminality of any sort is allowed (although some may slip through the cracks, especially in Agri and Port Grenville). Electrum has a storied history in the Olympic Games with its hosting of three Winter Games and co-hosting a Summer Games with its southern neighbour, New Gelderland. Now the multiverse's biggest sporting carnival returns to Electrum.

About Terranean Coast / Bunjil

The Terranean Coast / Bunjil region refers to the east coast of Electrum, on the Terranean Sea. The traditional name for the region, by Electrum's indigenous population, is Bunjil. It hosts Electrum's fourth to seventh largest cities, as well as one of two of Electrum's territories. The region, overlooked by most tourists in favour of the bigger centres of Centralis, Hamilton and Prescott, are slowly increasing in stature and prominence as a result of these Games. People along the coast are more laid back and are known for their love for adventure and water. As a result, the theme of these Games is environmental sustainability, so no new venues will be built with existing facilities being used and/or upgraded. With the smaller cities, the smaller crowds for some events, especially for the group sports, will mean a more intimate playing experience for both fans and athletes alike. There will be an athlete's villages in each city with enough capacity at Somer and Agri to host all athletes that wish to attend opening and closing ceremonies respectively.

The games will be dispersed throughout five centres on the Terranean Coast, which are connected by maglev. While wormholes were mooted in the bid as an alternative means of transport, the maglev system is fast and efficient, facilitating 600km/hr travel, with a maximum three hours distance between the two extremes of the network. Selected athletes who are participating in multiple sports may use the wormholes to travel in their events in the same day, however the side effects include a severe bout of nausea. The five cities and their respective venues are given in greater detail below.

About the cities and venues


Agri is situated in a rainy and wet area in the northeast corner of Electrum -- it is one of the poorer cities of Electrum, with the town deeply connected to the surrounding rural areas as a hub for agriculture. Agrians are known for their hooligans and passionate supporters, however security efforts will be stepped up here to prevent the lighting of flares. You can expect to see the audience pick sides and boo players/teams they don't like at will, especially those athletes who complain at an umpire's decision, or are generally unpopular. The large 90,000 capacity Agri Cricket Ground, in the middle of the town's sporting precinct, will host the athletics and the closing ceremony. The precinct also hosts Walkers Stadium, a technologically advanced rectangular stadium and Mallow Park, an indoor/outdoor complex known for the smell of marshmallows as it is situated on a former swamp with marshmallow plants. Agri Town Hall is in the middle of town with its modern brutalist design imposing itself on the city. Lin Stables is a half hour's bus ride from the village, and is where multiple-time Olympic medallist Li Lin, the owner of the entire facility and the cross-country course around it, trained her horses for the jumping competition. It is also where the horses will come from for the modern pentathlon.

Agri Cricket Ground - athletics, closing ceremony
Agri Town Hall - fencing
Lin Stables - equestrian
Mallow Park - archery, shooting
Walkers Stadium - modern pentathlon*, rugby sevens

*Walkers Stadium has a multi-layered field. On the bottom is a swimming pool for the modern pentathlon swimming, the middle layer has a sand pit for the equestrian, and finally a lawn layer on top for the other events. The top two layers can be brought in and out from underneath the stands.


Twin cities known for its connection to the country of New Gelderland to its south. Has adopted many elements of Gelder culture including colourful houses, windmills and a love for fine dining. Warburton University is known for its stately campus with multiple configurable indoor arenas that are shared with the Fairleigh-Warburton City Council to host cultural and sporting events. The Electrum Hockey Association has its main base and pitches just twenty minutes from the city centre and is essentially built in the middle of a new housing development with lots of young families in the area. Fairleigh Convention Centre is known for its wave-like design, but has large open spaces ideal for weightlifting and wrestling. Tea Tree Garden is situated in the middle of the Warburton Botanic Gardens and is known for its glass roof and the presence of plants all around the stadium.

Electrum Hockey Association Stadium - field hockey
Fairleigh Convention Centre - weightlifting, wrestling
Fairleigh Field - football
Nassau Bay to Fairleigh** - cycling road race
Geldectrum circuit** - cycling time trial
Tea Tree Garden - boxing
Warburton University*** - basketball, indoor volleyball, handball

**In the road race, men and women will take an amended course run during the Games of the X Olympiad. It starts seaside but quickly moves inland on the approach to the border town of Geldectrum. There are some large dips down to the Silab Valley before multiple climbs with a maximum of 15% gradient. There is a 30km circuit around Fairleigh which the women ride through once and men five times, with a hill finish at Fairleigh in front of the futuristic Town Hall. Both are technically challenging around Fairleigh due to the presence of pave.
***Warburton University has several side arenas that will be used in the group stage.


Capital of Kale Island, an island that is majority indigenous/islander with a population of 400,000. The island has been an outpost of Electrum's for some time and was formed from a long dormant volcano. This volcanic rock and ash has given the island its unique jungle environment with a nickname of the 'Wild Isle'. The South Gully National Park, an hour's bus ride from Kale, contains rocky, humid jungles for mountain biking while the central Lake Mittiyack just outside of town has perfect conditions for rowing/canoeing. Baseball-softball is the top sport played on this island, thanks to its connection to Coconut Isle, in Esportiva, who has won an edition of the International Baseball Slam.

Kale Memorial Park - football
Lake Mittiyack - canoe-sprint and rowing
Margaret Memorial Field - baseball-softball
South Gully National Park - mountain biking

Port Grenville

Port Grenville is a windswept, seaside city to the southwest of Centralis on the Helios Peninsula, opposite Fairleigh on the Bittern Bay. Known for its blustery conditions, it is rainier and windier here than anywhere else in the country. The city was historically a fishing town, with a good proportion of the citizens still working in that industry. This tradition has led to lots of 'drinking holes' (taverns) here. The formidable Port Greville Sailing Club has generously lent its Black Stone Marina for the Olympics, which is capable of holding up to three courses simultaneously. All events at the Grenville Guildhall, a two-hundred year old former town hall, will be held in the central room where business transactions were once conducted. Features architectural delights such as stone mermaids and murals of the God of Randomness, Margaret, on the ceiling. Gruber Velodrome is out in the suburbs, named after Phineas Gruber, the founder of Cycling Electrum. Port Grenville Country Club showcases a 72 par 18 hole course filled with sand traps and water. The Waterways Indoor Arena is downtown, next to the Guildhall and is most commonly used for concerts.

Black Stone Marina - sailing
Grenville Guildhall - judo, karate, taekwondo
Gruber Velodrome - track cycling
Port Grenville Country Club - golf
Sailors Stadium - football
Waterways Indoor Arena - gymnastics


Somer is a major city facing the Endemien Sea and is known for its eternally sunny days, its golden beaches and theme parks of both the dry and wet variety. It is Electrum's family city, and swells in population every summer with a tourist town reputation more than anything. However, in recent years, the population has increased due to its beachside skyscrapers making living affordable. Somers (the demonym) are also known to frequent the Sandy Coast, a long thirty-kilometre stretch of beaches on the sea. The richer part of town live in the old quarter which is on the North side of the Sandy Coast, where the beach meets the steep hills of the old quarter. It is also where Somersville Stadium is, the location of the Opening Ceremony. Nearby is the Somer Country Club where the former clay court NSTT grand slam (the Terranean Slam) was once held. The south side of the Sandy Coast contains Bittern Beach, the site of many lifesaving competitions, Ridgeway Bay and Ridgeway Bay Arena. Just a five minute's walk from Bittern Beach is the Somer Urban Park, which contains all of the exciting new sports as well as a whitewater course for the slalom. Brewster Hall, which is Somer's hundred year old convention hall, and the Somer Olympic Natatorium are all located inland, near the Brewster Theme Parks.

Somersville Stadium - opening ceremony, football finals
Bittern Beach - marathon swimming, triathlon
Brewster Hall - badminton, table tennis
Ridgeway Bay - surfing
Ridgeway Bay Arena - beach volleyball
Somer Country Club - tennis (clay courts)
Somer Olympic Natatorium - artistic swimming, diving, swimming, water polo
Somer Urban Park - BMX cycling, 3x3 basketball, canoe-slalom, skateboarding, sport climbing

Other cities

Please note that other cities will host football venues, which are provided in greater detail here. Each football venue will play host to one or two groups.

Auras - Auras Oval
Burnton - Fitzgerald Stadium
Centralis - Olympic Stadium and Centralis Arena
Hamilton - Hamilton Multi-Purpose Venue
Prescott - Northcote Oval
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Sponsorship Information

The Games of the XV Olympiad are also sponsored by 28 organisations. They are the exclusive provider of goods and services at the Olympic Games with a presence at all Athlete's Villages and venues. Individual Olympic Committees/Councils are, of course, allowed to have their own sponsorship arrangements independent of the 28 official ones selected for the Games of the XV Olympiad. The selected sponsors demonstrated how their brand aligned with the principles of healthy living, environmental sustainability, gender equality and inclusion, and the spirit of fair play.

Equipment and Venues Sponsors

Official Pharmaceuticals Partner: Artsivi Biochem (The Hazar Amisnery)

Artsivi Biochem is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals for Europe since 2010. We manufacture our medicines with the latest technology and sell them at affordable prices to pharmacies across Europe and even beyond. Provider of free medical care and medicines to all athletes to make sure that they are in perfect health.

Official Apparel Partner: ÉLÉGAMMENT (Britonisea)

Boasting hundreds of thousands of outlets across the multiverse and a lively online presence, ÉLÉGAMMENT is the top place to go to for beauty, homeware, and high-quality fashion for all genders at affordable prices. Providing the multiverse with official apparel merchandise and souvenirs for the Olympic Games, ÉLÉGAMMENT is partnering up with some of the Olympic delegations by designing the outfit that they will wear when they embark on their journey for gold. With distribution centres in over 30 nations, providing coverage from all over the Multiverse, no one will have to wait a long time to get their hands on a T-shirt in the colours and style of the flag of the nation they are supporting or a shirt with designs inspired by the logo of the Games. Using materials that are recyclable or biodegradable, we strive to make all our products sustainable and kind to the Multiverse in which we live.

Official Sports Equipment Partner: Gallop (Sincluda)

Gallop is a company based in Limeburg, Sincluda, known for making the most reliable and eco-friendly treadmills in Europeia. Gallop, despite being a big corporation, tries to get personal and active with its customers. Gallop has hosted numerous "Pushing the Limit Challenges" where it awards prizes to the customers who log the most miles on Gallop equipment. Gallop also supports local healthy food eateries and non-profit environmental organizations, as Gallop is arguably the most environmentally conscious corporation in Sincluda. Gallop is providing state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly training equipment for the event.

Official Materials Partner: Hedra Group (Lysander)

Hedra products are part of every aspect of human life. From the ethanol that fuels our cars, to the polyester jerseys our teams wear, through the gas that warms our homes and the products we use to clean our dishes. Chemicals are important for our life. Chemicals are everywhere. We are everywhere. We are building the future. We are Hedra. Hedra is providing chemical products used at the Olympics such as paraffin for skates and surfboards, chlorine for the pools and magnesium carbonate for gymnasts. Hedra Neufloor provides synthetic grass for the field hockey fields, vinylic floor for volleyball and clay for the tennis courts.

Image Image Image Image

Professional and Technical Services Sponsors

Official Communications Partner: Reistar (Rhim Flavezztowland)

Reistar was formed in 2001 through the merger of three Flavezztowlander companies with stakes in Rhim Flavezztowland's telecommunications and cell phone industry. It has recently launched 5G networks and 5G-compatible devices in 2019. Reistar is providing internet, telecommunications and broadcasting services for the Games.

Official Data Partner: Cygnus Technologies (Krytenia)

Cygnus Technologies are one of the largest companies in Krytenia. Based in Bromham, and owned by the Swann family, Cygnus has its fingers in pies all over the tech sector, including business software and hardware, bespoke programming solutions, and chipsets and other PC components. Their C8 quad-core CPUs can be found in pretty much any PC system manufactured in Krytenia and beyond. Cygnus plans to work with the Organising Committee to deliver accurate timing solutions, data and IT services for the Olympic Broadcast Centre, and any other tech/data needs required by the OC.

Official Financial Services Partner: Yoto (The Grearish Union)

Official Professional Services Partner: Death Templars Law Firm (Chromatika)

Death Templars Law Firm started off as the nation's top Law Firm in Civil, Corporate, and Environmental Law. After the Rainbow Revolution, they were the people's Law Firm in litigations against the former Chromatik Party. Provider of accounting, housekeeping, and representation as agents, when requested, for athletes at the Olympics.

Official Security Partner: Sentinel Security (Tikariot)

The security and safety of your family or business is not something you should leave in the hands of just anyone. Sentinel Security and its franchisees are dedicated to a personalized experience with highly trained personnel that has to undergo stringent qualification screening and annual inspections to ensure the highest possible service. One of its doctrines is to never outsource monitoring or customer service, but keep the jobs in the respective communities, where people are invested into keeping their friends and neighbours safe. Everybody has a right to feel safe and secure within their own four walls or in their business and we will be keeping the Olympic venues and athlete's villages safe and secure for athletes.

Image Image Image Image Image

Other Services Sponsors

Official Banking and Supermarkets Partner: The Britannual Group (Britonisea)

The Britannual Group is a multinational corporation specialising in mainly three industries; banking (The Britannual Group), retail (through our Britannual Foodstore chains), and appliances (mostly online presence). Our partners have worked hard from nothing to build a huge conglomerate which all members of The Group can be proud of - an Olympic journey of our own. We understand the blood, sweat, and tears that Olympians go through, and as The Britannual Group has shown, you can turn your wildest of dreams into reality. Provider of physical banking and retail services at the Games.

Official Environmental Partner: Environmental Conservation Organization (Jeltronia)

The Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) is an international organization working for the protection and conservation of nature and the sustainable use of natural resources by member-states. The ECO brings together governments and private organizations, and provides an avenue for them to share resources and expertise; conduct collaborative research and studies, field projects, advocacy, lobbying and education. ECO together with Electrum's environment ministry will launch the The Million Tree Project for the Terranean Coast, a movement that will invite athletes, visitors and locals from Electrum to plant a million of Electrum-approved trees all over the Terranean Coast to support the conservation efforts of the beautiful region.

Official Hospitality Partner: UBJ Hotels (Pemecutan)

UBJ Hotels Inc. is established in 1999 from merger of 3 previous hospitality companies which all located in Pemecutan. Provider of hotels and hospitality services for journalists and spectators at the Olympics.

Official Languages Partner: Loro Language Schools (Ko-oren)

Our goal is to share knowledge and to promote communication among different people. We provide classes in dozens of languages across dozens of nations, for cultural exchange, business, or simply the love for learning. Provider of translation services and training at the Olympic Games.

Official Restaurant: Novus Imperium Restaurant (European Federation Reunified)

Born as a simple small family-run Italian restaurant, Novus Imperium Restaurant is now one of the best known restaurant chains operating in Europe. Just like the Olympics, our chain of restaurants has set itself the task of unifying and bringing peace to peoples... with food. By doing so, the participants of the 15th Summer Olympics will be able to get to know the most varied tastes of Europe.

Official Casual Restaurant: Margaret's Homestyle Rubber Chicken (Tikariot)

Margaret's is a long-standing chain of casual dining establishments with a rich history of sports sponsorship. While not a sports bar or sports themed restaurant, it features large screen TVs covering a wide variety of sports. It is named after the Goddess of Sports Luck and her weakness for the sacrifice of rubber chickens in an attempt to garner a favourable nod towards the respective nation's or team's fortunes. At Margaret's, fans of any discipline and nation or team can come together in the true Olympic spirit.

Official Social Media: twii.tur (Turori)

Official Wind Energy Partner: Eólos (Kalosia)

Eólos is a Kalosian state enterprise specializing in wind energy. Eólos is committed to advancing sustainable energy not only in Kalosia, but also beyond, including to our neighbours in Rushmore. As part of Eólos' commitment and corporate social responsibility, we are working together with the organizers of the Games to promote sustainable energy at the multiverse's largest and undoubtedly most energetic sporting event. This will take the form of side events that will be held in a pavilion within proximity of the Olympic village.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Transportation Sponsors

Official Airline Partner: Air Terranea (Ceni, Electrum)

Air Terranea is the flag carrier for Electrum, Ceni and New Gelderland. In 2015, the company was formed from the merger of two carriers: Air Electrum and Ceniana. Air Terranea will be flying in athletes, journalists and spectators to the five cities in Electrum.

Official Automobile Partner: Sidus (Valkea)

Sidus Motor Company is one of Valkea's largest mobility companies, producing a diverse range of products including motorcycles, automobiles, and power equipment. Sidus is a leader in the mobility industry in developing safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions to the problems mobility currently faces. The company will be working with the Olympic Council to provide an all-electric autonomous transport system to transport athletes, staff, and visitors throughout the venue of the Games and assistant robots serving food and other goods, for guiding spectators in wheelchairs to their seats, and provide event information.

Official Public Transportation Partner: Regional Transit Corporation (Banija)

The Regional Transit Corporation is the multiverse's premier provider of public transportation needs to cities and local governments. The RTC is one of the corporations in the mulitverse that is most involved in sports. A leading sponsor on the Banijan side of the Istria/Orean Olympiad, the RTC wants to continue to establish sporting links and partnerships throughout the multiverse. As a sponsor, the RTC will be helping host cities to design and operate public transportation systems during the Olympics.

Official Shipping Partner: Leidangr Dock Company (Darmen)

The Leidangr Dock Company, headquartered in Tilden, is Darmen's preeminent shipbuilder and ship repairer. With a history dating back to the 12th century, the company has a long tradition of contributing to the success of the Darmeni and international maritime industry, via the building of new ships and the repair and maintenance of extant ships. As the world moves forward into the future, the Leidangr Dock Company is committed to finding and providing environmentally friendly propulsion solutions to our customers.

Image Image Image Image

Goods Sponsors

Official Beverages Partner: Terembev (Neu Engollon)

Terembev is a global leader in beverage production, distribution, and retail, with facilities, breweries, brewpub/restaurants, and main distribution sites in just about every corner of the multiverse. Some popular owned or partnered brands of Terembev include Burgunden Breus, Golden Cross, and Jory Jory Bottling Company. It is centered in Neu Engollon, but its brands are recognized and in demand everywhere, and it is a major global employer. Terembev will be providing all beverages at the Olympics.

Official Contraceptives Partner: Trojana Contraceptives (Quebec and Shingoryeo)

Based in Trojana-Trojanajara, Quebec and Shingoryeo, Trojana Co. is considered to be the predominant company in the contraceptives industry. Having been the longtime sponsor of many sporting events, Trojana Co. is extremely familiar with the world of sports sponsorships and would be looking forward to continue their services this Summer Olympics. With our latest products being affordable, available and environmentally friendly, Trojana Co. aims to provide highly sustainable way of life, love and passion into and off the sacred fields and arenas of the Olympics.

Official Household Goods Partner: GenProdSov (Kelssek)

GenProdSov, originally known as the General Products Soviet, is a consumer goods firm producing a wide range of personal care and cleaning products. Among the 57 brands in its current portfolio are soap and shampoo brands New Forest and Bains Royales, Marky’s razors and shaving supplies, Easx tampons, Fleet laundry detergent, Champs diapers, Bouclie deodrant and skin creams, Agent household cleaner and Bubblefast dishwashing liquid. Our products will help prevent the Olympic Village, and the Olympics generally, from descending into filth, disease, and despair. We are fully worker-owned, very ethical and environmentalist, support LGBTQ rights, and clean oil off baby ducks.

Official Video Games Partner: Dream Games (The Grearish Union)

Dream Games is a jointly owned Grearish-Electrumite vertically integrated company that creates consoles and develops, distributes and sells games. The result is a large conglomerate, suited to all of your nation's needs in all things gaming - whether it be stores, game development or seat-back airplane entertainment - we cover it all. Dream Games will be creating a video game based on the Olympics.

Official Snack: Wlad Čips (Zeta Reka and Hugeltaldom)

Wlad Čips is the most popular potato snack in Zeta Reka with over 19% market share of just their regular chip. In addition, a new "Cool" chip with a refreshing ranch flavor just hit the shelves last year and has been a gargantuan success. The snack was inspired a by government sold potato snack that was wildly popular with kids, teens, and day laborers. Wlad Čips is a company that has already sponsored professional teams in Zeta Reka. In addition, the business was twice voted the "Best Manufacturer" by the Union of Industrial and Agrarian Workers.

Official Tea: Tudor Teas Ltd (West Phoenicia)

Tudor Teas Ltd is the biggest producer of tea throughout the Empire of West Phoenicia. We have over 20 blends, which include chai and green herbal tea for the health conscious, or traditional blends like Empress Angelique and Warm and Cozy for those who like an indulgence after a long day. And if someone is not partial to hot tea, we have a range of iced teas to fight off any thirst. Athletes go the extra mile to repress their countries and we go the extra mile to supply the most delicious, environmentally friendly and heart warming tea to our customers.

Official Toy Store: Toys 4 All (Turori)

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Postby Diarcesia » Fri Jul 30, 2021 6:30 pm


...that Margaret says hello. Stay safe while at Electrum, my sisters!

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Postby Polkopia » Mon Aug 02, 2021 5:45 pm




OLYMPICS Who Will Carry the Polkopian Flag at the Games of the XV Olympiad?

With the opening ceremony just days away, the Polkopian Olympic Committee (POK) has officially announced who will be carrying the Polkopian flag and leading the trail of Polkopian Olympian athletes

.....By Vera Pirožkova
.....2nd August, 2021, 10:07 | Updated 2nd August, 2021, 10:32


.....Sports fans in Polkopia went berserk last month, as the nation publicly announced that it intended on sending a delegation to the 15th Summer Olympic Games in Electrum. To add to that, the nation followed up with the original announcement, adding that they would be publicly broadcasting the event for the first time in history, meaning that Polkopians would be able to watch members from their home country compete in the multiverse's largest multi-sporting event. The decision came after the Polkopian Ministry of Sports (MPS) took on the decision to expand the nation's previously closed-minded approach to international sporting competitions, and open the doors to allow Polkopian athletes to compete. After the World Cup, this marks the second large-scale international event that the current administration has allowed Polkopians to compete in, and many assume that there will be more to follow.

.....Last night, the POK announced who would be the lucky two to carry the Polkopian flag during the opening ceremony. It was determined that Polkopian cyclist Martina Čosić and Polkopian tennis player David Vakhromeyen will be the two flagbearers leading the way for the rest of the Polkopian delegation to follow. The two athletes being chosen came after the POK asked all participating athletes to nominate one male and one female athlete to take on the role. Currently, neither athlete holds an Olympic medal.

....."It's so funny when people ask me what my favorite Olympic memory is," Vakhromeyen commented before departing for Electrum, "because, as you know, as we know, we don't really grow up watching this kind of thing. It wasn't until I was a teenager when I even heard of the Olympics, so I guess that might be it." Vakhromeyen later commented on being a flagbearer for his country. "It was an honor to even be nominated in the first place. None of us [Polkopian Olympic athletes] have really 'flown the flag' of our country at the Olympics before, so the honor is just.... you know, there aren't many words that describe it."

.....David Vakhromeyen has won several of Polkopia's largest domestic tennis events, the most of recent of which being the Yellow Ball Open, held in Valinkova. Apart from that, Vakhromeyen has been one of many Polkopian athletes advocating for gender equality in sports. Years ago, Vakhromeyen launched a charity which would in which the proceeds would go towards the implementation of tennis programs in schools for boys and girls, and just last year Vakhromeyen established the Akadamiya Atletikač dal' Pul'kopivskovo Yunosha (AAPY), or Academy of Athletics for the Polkopian Youth in his hometown, Stariy Yemkin. It is his town's first and only after-school sports academy.

.....The Olympics are set to begin in the next coming days. After the opening ceremony, the first Olympic events include men's and women's one-person dinghy, and men's and women's windsurfer. There are no Polkopian athletes competing in any events schedule for the first day, however the Polkopian Olympic Committee has already wished all competing athletes the best of luck, regardless of nationality.

.....Vera Pirožkova
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Postby Amuaplye » Tue Aug 03, 2021 12:30 am


from the


200 George Street
Sydney, Amuaplye
The Rocks, LP5 R1A

August 2nd, 2021

Welcome, everyone, to your new jobs at the ANOC!

While we have been inconvenienced by the events of the past 3 years, to say the least, we are all glad that we could finally come back together to show off Amuaplye's best in sport.

This does not, however, mean we are out of the woods yet. We still need to discuss security with various contractors, and until the bill passes in Parliament, we are still incredibly strapped for cash due to the pandemic. But, with the main expenses taken care of, we can implement cost-saving measures in order to somewhat take the load off of any financial strain we might be having.

Ultimately, despite our current situation, we can and will get out of it. We will have money, we will be safe, and hopefully, we will be here for 10 more years.

Robert R. Quinn
President of the Amuaplyean National Olympic Committee


August 1, 2021


Prime Minister Stanislav Chuikov gave a speech outside the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Arts yesterday to celebrate the re-opening of the Amuaplye National Olympic Committee offices.

The offices had closed down in early 2019 due to a combination of major financial losses, civil unrest, and lackluster performances in the past few Winter Olympics. Plans to open them back up in 2020 and send a small delegation to the Summer and Winter Olympics were scrapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister touched upon the pandemic, the economic slump most of the sport industry has had since 2018, and the disastrous events of the 13th Olympiad in the Free Republics.

"We hope that we can heal further. The wounds might have closed up, but the scars still remain. Hopefully we can regain some of the respect & dignity we once had on the world stage."
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Postby Alezian Union » Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:38 am


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Postby Lisander » Tue Aug 03, 2021 8:23 am


By Mariana Monteverdi, Intern and Olympic Rower
Updated on 2 hours ago | _Share_

Our new "permitted" flag. Not much different of our current flag, but with slight modifications thought to make Lisander more visible in the Olympics. Image: College of Heraldry

The Olympics change people's lives in many ways (let alone mine, see the news in today's edition). The College of Heraldry, the institution responsible for regulating personal coats of arms, genealogies and national symbols, has announced the regulation of a new national flag, or more specifically a new permitted national flag. It is the second change in a few years. Two years ago, during the Period before Fernand Ecker's election as Prime Minister, the Lisander flag was temporarily replaced by the princely flag.

Officially, the national flag has no mandatory fixed proportions, so any green cloth with gold fleur-de-lis is admitted as a flag for private uses. The Ratio used on all flags for official use (such as those flown on public buildings) is 1:2. In light of the Olympics, the College of Heraldry was asked about the "unfavourable dimensions" of the national flag, which would be "disadvantaged in height" compared to other national flags, which usually have proportions closer to a square. Listening to designers, heralds and historians to find the best solution without flouting any legislation, the College of Heraldry added a slightly altered design to the "permitted" versions of the national flag.

The "new flag" has a 3:5 ratio, being more "square", and has compulsory symmetry, i.e., the fleurs-de-lis cannot be arranged asymmetrically in the application. The measure pleased the designers and personalities present at the presentation, by offering more "visual order" to the national flag, which is often seen as "crooked".

Also at the meeting, it was informed that a batch of ninety-six units of the "new flag" has been produced and sent to the Electrum Olympic Committee, to be used in the Olympic venues during the games in Terranean Coast/Bunjil.

What the law says?

The Princely Decree 14, of 1817 states:

1. The National Arms of the Principality of Lisander is a semy de fleurs-de-lys Or on a field Vert, in a shield crested by a Royal Crown.
2. The Flag of the Principality of Lisander is a banner of the National Arms.
3. The Personal Flag of His Sovereign Highness is a White flag with the National Arms of the Principality of Lisander and should be used as National Flag when applicable.
3. Further legislation by the College of Heraldry should clarify permitted and prohibited uses of the National Arms and Flag.


The national rowing federation decided it would neither require funds nor ask for places at the Olympics, leaving it up to the athletes to decide whether or not to take part. Our intern, Mariana Monteverdi, an amateur rower, outraged by the situation, decided to try to qualify on her own. And she succeeded. + Read More


After the disqualification of "Cédric Blanchecroix" issued by Lisander and Azhaar Fencing Federation, Guilherme Beaumont, brother of Princess Armine, takes over as the third foilist of Lisanderian team. + Read More
The Principality of Lisander
a sports loving, very highly developed nation.
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Postby The Licentian Isles » Tue Aug 03, 2021 8:26 am

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first podcast as part of the LBC’s Olympic coverage. This is the Olympic Star Profiles podcast, and I am your host, Iain Mackay. In this podcast, we’re going to be taking time at the end of each day of the 15th Summer Olympics in Bunjil, Electrum, to focus on the story of one of our Licentian athletes at the Games. We don’t just intend to focus on medal winners, but to pick out a different, talented sportsperson on each of the 19 days of competition. I hope that you’ll join us throughout, as we tell you everything you need to know about the best athletes that the Isles have to offer.

Now, you might be wondering why this podcast is starting before the Games begin in a few days’ time. That’s because we have a very special interview with the Head of Delegation from the OCLI for these Games, William Gray, who will be supporting the hundreds of athletes travelling to Rushmore under the Licentian flag. I’ve been lucky enough to get some time with William in the media centre here in Somer, which will host the opening ceremony of these Games at the Somersville Stadium in the beautiful old quarter of the city. William, it’s a great pleasure to have you here, how are you doing?

Doing well thanks Iain, just about getting used to being here in Electrum! Thank you for having me here.

Of course! You’ve immediately brought us onto quite an interesting point: how are you and our athletes acclimatising to this new environment, with the events themselves not far away from starting?

Travelling this sort of a distance is definitely a challenge! We’ve got a fair few athletes who haven’t ever left the Isles given the situation that the nation found itself in, so making that journey was a new experience for them, but I suspect the next three weeks or so will be filled with new experiences.

Absolutely, especially with a diverse group of athletes making the journey to the Games, and actually staying in a number of different cities up and down the coast. What are your thoughts on that?

It presents a new challenge for myself and my team as co-ordinators, that’s for sure. We’ve got athletes staying and competing in all five cities here in Bunjil, so that means we’ll be making plenty of use of the transportation put on by the organisers here in Electrum. We’ve got our largest base south of here, in the twin cities of Fairleigh-Warburton, but it isn’t difficult to get ourselves to Agri or here to Somer.

It’s all being done for important reasons though.

Yes, definitely. You won’t be surprised to hear that we very much approve of the fact that the organising committee are using multiple cities in order to make use of existing venues, and that sustainability aspect is something that the Electrumites can be proud of here.

Absolutely, there’s always a desire to see more environmental sustainability amongst Licentians, so it’s fantastic to see that that’s the case here. You mentioned before that you would be basing a lot of the delegation in Fairleigh-Warburton; why was that decision made?

It’s mostly practical reasons to be honest. Many of our athletes will be competing in the cities down here, either in Fairleigh-Warburton itself, or in Kale or Port Grenville. That means that we’ll be close at hand for a lot of our athletes, especially those competing in water-based events. We do have small bases in every city for the athletes that are competing there, and for those involved in the ceremonies in Somer and Agri.

You mention the ceremonies: have decisions been made about Licentian representation at the opening ceremony here in Somer?

Aye, pending some confirmation from the local organisers. We’ve got a decent contingent of athletes who want to attend, especially those competing later in the games. Some of our sailors are expected to be competing in Port Grenville the same day, so there’s no pressure on any athletes to attend, especially those who are based away from Somer.

Can I assume that they will be as decked out in cyan and gold as you are William?

Indeed! We will have slightly more formal dress than my t-shirt for the ceremony itself though. We’ve got our national tartan all over those outfits, with jackets and kilts for the men and a fly plaid with a choice of either skirt or trews for the women.

I hope it’s not all tartan William!

No, no, just the accents that you would expect. We want to draw attention to ourselves for the right reasons!

Another important aspect of the opening ceremony at the Somersville Stadium will be the athletes bearing the Licentian flag in the parade. Is that something else that’s been confirmed, and if so, any chance of an exclusive announcement?

Oh you do ask the difficult questions Iain! I suppose I probably can give LBC the scoop on this one. We’ve decided that our female flagbearer will be Isabelle Allan, a badminton player who’ll be competing in the singles and doubles, and the male flagbearer will be Christopher Gillies, a mountain biker.

Fantastic! That must be great news for Isabelle and Christopher.

Absolutely, both of them got pretty emotional when I had the conversation with them.

I can imagine. Why did you choose them in particular?

You know, there are plenty of athletes with leadership qualities in the team, so it was a difficult choice to make, but between Christopher and Isabelle, we have two incredible athletes in their sports with a lot of experience, and people who have already drawn a lot of people to their sport. Isabelle in particular has led the renaissance of badminton in Colesham Parish, especially around the suburbs of Colesham, and Christopher inspires not just sportspeople, but the average Licentian, to get out and explore the outdoors through his online activities.

So you were looking for athletes that can inspire as well as perform well in their sports.


That leads me onto my final question, which I suspect will be a difficult one for you to answer. Where do you think the fans back home in the Isles can expect the medals to come from in these Olympics?

You’re right, that is a difficult question! I haven’t received my crystal ball from the OCLI yet… In all seriousness though, I’ve got as much idea as you Iain. We have our hopes in sailing, rowing, and canoeing as you would expect, and I’d hope to see some medals there, and everybody hopes for at least a medal or two in the pool or in track and field. I think there are a few surprise packages throughout the delegation though, and I’d encourage the fans just to watch as much as they can!

I think that the team here at LBC would suggest the same! William Gray, thank you so much for your time.

My pleasure Iain.

That was a very interesting interview with the man who will be supporting our athletes throughout the games as the head of the Licentian delegation, with a few insights into what will be going on behind the scenes. With regards to what to watch on the first day of competition, officially Day 0 of the Games, of course there's the opening ceremony here in Somer. In terms of sport, the Cyan-and-Gold women's water polo team start off their Games at the Somer Olympic Natatorium with a fixture against Quebec and Shingoryeo, Isabelle Allan's teammates Stanley Parker and Darcie MacLeod start their singles campaigns at Brewster Hall against Leopoldo Macías of Nuevas Hesperides and Marise Messana of Omerica respectively, and one of the best medal hopes in the sailing fleet, Sìne Milne, takes on her first three races in the windsurfer class.

For now though, that’s everything from me, and from the Olympic Star Profiles podcast here on LBC. The coverage on LBC television, radio, and online will begin in earnest with the first day of competition ahead of the opening ceremony here in Somer, and you will be able to watch and listen to all the action you could want from every sport at the Olympics. This podcast will return after the first day, so for now, thank you for listening, and to our Licentian athletes, good luck, veel succes, sealbh math dhuibh!
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Postby Kelssek » Tue Aug 03, 2021 8:37 am


(NB: This is a hospitality house similar to those run IRL. See here for a more detailed description of the facility from the 14th Summer Olympics which will be similar.)

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Postby West Phoenicia » Tue Aug 03, 2021 1:43 pm

House of Voluptas; Pharos, Ptolemaic Haven; West Phoenicia

"You will never build an empire lounging in bed eating crepes," her mother would cite.

As a child, Voluptas Mecklenburg never quite grasped the odd quotes that would escape her mother's lips.

She recalled one morning when she was ten years old after her mother expressed her usual phrase while pulling the heavy drapes aside to let the morning sun enter the room.
She voiced her distaste for crepes, she preferred pancakes.

Her mother's lips twisted in contempt as she reminded her daughter pancakes were eaten by the lower classes, rich and successful people are crepes.

Finally, in her teenage years, she understood what her mother was saying; to be successful one had to work hard and not waste the day wallowing in bed.
If only her mother said, "get your ass out of bed and seize the day if you want to be somebody," Voluptas would have cottoned on sooner.
Once she understood, it was a phrase she lived by, she would wake up early during her high school days just to get that little extra studying in; it helped her reach the top of her class, she graduated first in her class and her grades easily allowed her entry into The University of Jackson where she studied Business and Fashion.

After graduating with honours, she took on work in two important West Phoenician fashion houses.
The experience allowed her to build up her portfolio of designs, while she rose in the ranks from assistant designer to some of the best talented designers in the nation; to being offered the chance to breathe life into her designs and have them admired on the catwalk at West Phoenicia Fashion Week.
The mesmerized looks of the guests watching the catwalk parade of her designs, followed by their applause and the mad rush to place orders on a handful of her outfits set her mind in a whirl.

Why continue to produce designs and fill the coffers of other fashion houses, so she could form her own house and start lining her own pockets?

The House of Voluptas was born from that idea that night. She received the blessings and glowing recommendations from Felix Noir, Head designer of the House of Hathor, her current employer.
While upset to see her leave, he was supportive like a momma bird pushing its young out of its nest to fly.

It took less than six months to obtain the investors and capital she needed to purchase the building and materials.
Through her successful catwalk and skilful marketing and creative designs, she secured a comfortable amount of buyers to sell her creations when they hit the market in their shops and outlets.
She thanked her mother for this success, for instilling in her the need to work hard and avoid the trap of laziness and resting on one's laurels.

All that occurred 20 years ago, her business had grown and flourished since those days. House of Voluptas was now a success, stores over West Phoenicia and internationally stocked her products.
Her creations were seen on commercials, in print ads and on the backs of West Phoenician models, nobility and celebrities.

It was only fitting when the opportunity arose for her to place a tender and design samples to the West Phoenician Olympic Committee for the chance to be selected to design the next Summer Games uniform.
She crossed her fingers and waited, the designs would speak for themselves. If selected, her creations would be seen by billions of people….

"This news calls for a toast!" Adélaïde Courtemanche, the personal assistant of Voluptas announced, appearing in the meeting room doorway holding a tray.

Voluptas Mecklenburg snapped back into the present moment, a smile plastered across her face.
She had just gotten off the phone with Somchai Suparat; Head of Marketing and Events for the Olympic Committee.
Adélaïde, who had been in the room during the call, promptly left to spread the word for everyone to head towards the meeting room, to hear the good news.

"Dom Pérignon P3 Plénitude Brut Rosé," Adélaïde proudly announced.
A small contingent of designers, assistants and support staff trailed behind her, like a musical procession, all eager to celebrate the news

Voluptas Mecklenburg smiled towards her faithful personal assistant. Adélaïde had worked for her during their days at House of Hathor.
When Voluptas made the jump to start her own company, Adélaïde followed believing in her friend's dream.

"Congratulations everyone, Head of Marketing and Events for the Olympic Committee phoned to announce the House of Voluptas has been selected to design the team uniform for the next Olympic Games. We did it, you all made this happen!"

A round of applause echoed throughout the room.

"I am so proud of everyone. When we placed our tender we were up against strong competition, other tasks in houses with amazing designs looking for the opportunity to showcase their wares to the world at one of the biggest sporting events in the world.
Each of these houses also had their dreams, it was gratifying that the Olympic Committee saw something special in her designs which stood out from her competition.

She reached forward to clutch a flask of champagne, holding it up in a symbol of cheers to her employees

Somchai Suparat requested three designs to show the committee who would then decide on which of the three designs would be approved. It would be go, go, go from now on, she needed to draw up some designs, source and purchase the cloth and materials needed, then create the garments.
Hunting for the right material and designing the perfect garment still excited her after all these years. There was no better feeling to her hands than running her hand over cloth and fabric in a multitude of colours and materials. She could spend hours enjoying and hunting for the right fabric.

Somchai Suparat wanted to see progress within a month. Approval of uniforms being suitable could take months for the Committee to agree and vote on. There could be no dilly-dallying for her in the fabric stores in her warehouse, she already had a good idea of what fabric and textiles she would use.

While her staff celebrated she waltzed over to the large window in the meeting room. It was a beautiful view of the ocean. She was glad she had chosen Pharos; the capital city of the city-state of Ptolemaic Haven for her company. She often visited the city as a child during school holidays, it held a special place in her heart.

On top of her memories, fantastic views of the ocean and sandy beaches dotted the coastline.
Modern towering office buildings with decorative ancient columns and marble etchings exteriors melded in the capital city, surrounded by prestige gardens, classy shopping malls and immaculate middle-class houses, in the outlying provinces.
And the corporate tax rate was less than in the bigger city-states in West Phoenicia which was a bonus.

Voluptas was a fan of the Olympics, she watched every opening ceremony. Each nation marching out wearing beautiful uniforms in all styles of designs and every colour of the rainbow.
The first few times when West Phoenicia marched in the opening ceremony, the uniforms Her heart danced a jig as her eyes feasted on the intricate designs.
However, lately, they appeared to be nothing more than cookie cut out copies, purple and gold, with similar cute and appearance.
Something needed to change, the athletes who wore them and the fans who watched them deserved better.

The House of Voluptas would soon reveal her most magnificent creations for all the world to see. She would step away from the usual traditional standard and really get tongues wagging in the fashion and sporting world.

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Postby Mytanija » Tue Aug 03, 2021 1:46 pm

A flashy titles sequence starts up along with screeching guitars and percussive drum beats. Images of past Mytanar sporting glories cross the screen: Yolanda Savic setting an Olympic record in the pole vault in Lasft and then incredibly doubling up to get a bronze in the high jump; Wes van der Stijnen – possibly the greatest road cyclist ever – winning back-to-back Island Tours; Zuzana Spevakova, the country’s best ever swimmer, climbing to the top step of the podium twice for the 200m freestyle and 400m individual medley before also getting a bronze in the 4x100m medley relay in Lasft before going on to win 3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze at the Rushmori Games. The images then move inside, boxers Arni Tukaldev and Katrina Ujeva winning their golds in the ring, before one of their punches causes the images to shatter and the words ‘Standing On The Shoulders of Giants’ complete the sequence.

Narrator: Mytanija has produced some fantastic sportspeople over the years, a number of record-breakers and serial winners in different disciplines. Now we chronicle the experiences of the athletes which are looking to follow in the footsteps of those that have come before them and reached the pinnacle of their sports. This series will provide full coverage and insight in the run-up to, during and after the Terranean Coast/Bunjil Olympic Games. We will see what boxers, cyclists, pole vaulters, swimmers and several other Olympians go through in order to prepare for competitions; all the trials and tribulations of the Games; and see how they react to both successes and failures. Standing On The Shoulders of Giants is a series which is designed to give viewers an insider’s view to the efforts and emotions Mytanar athletes will experience and cover all the highs and lows of the Olympic Games hosted on the other side of our region in the land of our Rushmori neighbours, Electrum.

“I always feel like I’ve forgotten something,” says Emira Memisevic, one of three Mytanars entering the women’s pole vault event at the upcoming Olympics. “There’s just so many things to remember.”

She’s packing to go to the Mytanski Institut za Sport in Esca, where she trains for competitions and also studies for a physical education degree. The 21 year old is from Thessia, along with her two colleagues Izet Jusufovic and Vanja-Ahmadou Mpongo, both of whom will be competing in the men’s pole vault event. The three usually get the train to Esca together when they’re travelling up and down.

“Emira is always the one holding us up,” Izet explains. “We always offer to pack her stuff for her so that she hasn’t forgotten anything, but she always says she’ll do it herself and then we end up waiting for her. Thankfully she’s never actually made us late yet.” He laughs.

“They always blame me,” Emira replies. “But they won’t tell you about the times I’ve had to wait on them because they’re making extra protein shakes or sorting their hair out. People think it’s just girls, well, wait until you see these two!” They all laugh. The trio have a strong friendship, coming up through the ranks together on the local Thessian scene before being spotted by talent scouts from the OKM’s (Olimpijski Komitet Mytanija) athletics arm. Since then they have progressed into the elite talent group, all training and studying at the Mytanski Institut za Sport. In a few weeks they will be competing for Mytanija on Electrum’s Terranean Coast in what is probably the only athletics event which the whole country will stop to watch. A fact which has a lot to do with their fellow Thessian Yolanda Savic and her sporting legacy.

Yolanda Savic is one of Mytanija’s real sporting greats. She was a rarity in athletics terms, doubling up in pole vault and high jump and being truly exceptional in both. Her achievements led to NK Thessia – the multi-sports club she represented in domestic events – naming their stadium after her. The stadium hosted games during the recent Copa Rushmori held in Mytanija and is arguably the spiritual home of Mytanar athletics. Savic’s success, winning gold in the pole vault at the Olympic Games held in the Cafundelense city of Lasft with an Olympic record height of 5.05 metres, has meant that generations of Mytanars dream of being the country’s next big pole vaulting talent. Whilst sprinting and throwing events might be shunned, thousands of kids try out each year to see if they might be the one to follow in Yolanda Savic’s footsteps and bring international glory in the event back to Mytanija.

Interestingly the same phenomenon isn’t present in high jump. Savic was also really strong in this event, winning a bronze medal in Lasft to go along with Ingvar Pjorlaksson – a Mytanar of Polarian extraction – winning a silver medal in the men’s event. High jump is still popular, but it doesn’t have the all-encompassing pull of the pole vault, with Yolanda Savic’s gold and Olympic record setting that event apart in Mytanija’s national psyche. That much is clear when speaking to Memisevic, Jusufovic and Mpongo if they ever considered competing in high jump in the same way as Savic had done.

“Doubling up?” Mpongo asks, slightly incredulous. “No, no way! Yolanda Savic was one-of-a-kind, only somebody like her could do that and I’m not sure those people come around all that often. Plus, when we were growing up the focus was always on pole vault. Anyone that had some degree of athletic prowess wanted to try and be like Yolanda and compete in pole vault. Coaches would push you towards it, it’s the event everybody wants to be good at or wants to discover the next great talent in. My dad couldn’t understand it when I was growing up, he had only ever seen people getting this hyped over football, pole vault hadn’t even come into his mind!”

Vanja-Ahmadou Mpongo was born in Thessia to a Ketioulais father and a Mytanar mother. His dad was a talented footballer who played at semi-professional level in Mytanija’s lower leagues, his high point a couple of seasons with the aforementioned NK Thessia. This gave Vanja-Ahmadou strong connections to the coaches there and they soon recognised his potential, alerting talent scouts from the OKM and having him try-out for junior national championship events after only a couple of months of training.

“I wasn’t great at it at first but after a couple of weeks I started to get the hang of it and I really enjoyed the challenging nature of the event. There was so much technique involved and so much I could work on to improve.” He explains. “But I kept at it and really began to love it. I think the slightly romantic nature of hearing stories about Yolanda Savic and getting to practice at the stadium named after her kind of appealed to me too. And of course my dad played football at the same stadium and every little lad wants to follow their dad’s lead when they’re young. Pole vault allowed me to do that.”

Memisevic, Jusufovic and Mpongo make up only half of Mytanija’s pole vault contingent heading to the Games. They will compete alongside the Zentrian duo Ivan Spicijaric and Tamara Manojlovic; as well as Magev Asya Zhutova. The six of them will be hoping to follow on from Yolanda Savic, not the easiest of tasks, but if they can step foot on the podium in Electrum then it will be to a raucous reception back home. You would think that knowing that could heap pressure onto them, but the Thessian trio all seem quite relaxed about it on the journey to Thessia’s Ilidza train station where they will catch one of the high-speed trains to the capital.

“I don’t know about that,” Izet Jusufovic replies when asked about pressure to replicate Savic’s success. “I want to do as well as I can for myself, if that means following in Yolanda’s footsteps then that would be brilliant. I don’t really feel pressure because everyone is interested in pole vault though, representing Mytanija in this event is something which garners so much respect anywhere you go in the country so the reaction is always very supportive if anything. What do you think Emira?”

“Yeah, to be honest the thing which puts pressure on me is the fact that the OKM have backed me so much and given me financial support to pursue this sport. And the Mytanski Institut za Sport too, obviously, giving me a scholarship. Not everybody gets those sort of opportunities in this country and it means I want to pay that back with some good results. Fans and the public in general don’t really add any pressure though, I love interacting with them because they’re always so encouraging and upbeat. It’s an event which draws so much attention so I could understand if people did feel pressured by that, but there’s not really expectation, everybody just wants us to do well!” Emira explains.

The trio board the train on their way to Esca and wish our crew goodbye. They have work to do in preparation for the Games.

“Oh no!” Emira gasped as she got on the train. “I’ve only brought two pairs of shorts!”
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Postby Krytenia » Tue Aug 03, 2021 4:01 pm


HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia have a long history of being “just OK” at archery, usually decent enough to win a couple of rounds in the team contest, and having one – and usually only one – archer reach the latter stages of the individual events without troubling the medal matches. Istria changed all that, with the women's team claiming the nation's first ever gold medal in the sport, and the pair of Aston Jeavons and Kat Kristensen pairing up to win mixed team bronze.
PROSPECTS: Jeavons will be spearheading the charge for the men, whilst the women have Kristensen and Evelyn O'Brien returning from four years ago, with youngster Victoria Ainslie joining the trio. It'll be interesting to see whether Jeavons and Kristensen will get the chance to win a mixed medal again, as the entry requirement has changed to top man and woman in the ranking rounds.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia's achievements in the Artistic Formerly Known as Synchro start and end at “basic competence”.
PROSPECTS: If our boys and girls get even a sniff of a final, they'll have exceeded expectations by miles. Mainly because there aren't any expectations.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia have a tendency to pop up somewhere at random and win a few medals – usually in the sprint and one-lap hurdles, where the nation has medalled eight times. There's a smattering of medals in the middle-distance events, too, whilst on the field side of things, we've ploughed a nice little furrow of top three performances in the discus. Istria saw the sky blue vests all over the damn shop, with a highest-ever five golds, including Alejandro Hernandez becoming the second Krytenian to win the men's 100m, and Sinead Black becoming our first racewalking champion.
PROSPECTS: Alejandro Hernandez is looking to retain his sprint title, and possibly double up in the 200m as well. Middle-distance competition is led by Eric Saban and Vicky Cunningham, whilst the 400m hurdles pair of Simon Eno and Phillipa Milian look to win a second successive gold apiece. Look out too for Louise Moynahan, who has unfinished business with the sprint hurdles, and Anita Zilli, who'll be hoping to do for the women's sprints what Hernandez wants to do for the men.

HISTORY PENPIC: Shruton's finest, Dana Ireland, contributed at least in part, to a third of Krytenia's medals. Lasft saw her win a gold and bronze, with a silver and bronze on home court four years later. The women's doubles pairs four years ago, meanwhile, made the final an all-Krytenian affair.
PROSPECTS: Sally-Anne Kohler and Roberta Belletti return to try and retain their doubles medals, with Christina Fincher and Michaela Cacala hoping to stop them. Reigning champion Rowena Madison and semi-finalist Gloria Stephenson will return in the women's singles. Only two men – Deon Goss and Robert Hansen – have ever won medals in men's badminton; twenty-year-old Luke Stewart will be leading the charge to rectify that.

HISTORY PENPIC: Put simply, it's just not cricket. Sadly, though, cricket isn't an Olympic sport...
PROSPECTS: Winning a couple of group-stage matches will be seen as an achievement.

HISTORY PENPIC: Don't get us wrong; we don't hate basketball. We're just not very good at it. This would explain the lack of anything approaching a medal. There are simply many nations who take the sport more seriously than we do.
PROSPECTS: Basketball is another sport where there's no targets set, mainly because getting out of the pool stage would be an achievement. Same goes for 3x3.

HISTORY PENPIC: Nine bronze medals prove that the Krytenian semi-final curse never truly died; it just moved to the boxing ring.
PROSPECTS: Heavyweight boxer and social media sensation Michelle Hennig returns, with furbabies Axel and Holly – and new puppy Izzy – watching from home. Look out too, for teenage light-heavyweight Loic Delacroix; the Galibier native only turned eighteen last month, and a medal would be a fantastic late birthday present for him.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia plus boats equals medals. Columbia was our most successful Games in terms of volume, with nine medals – though surprisingly no golds. Georgina Sarrozi soon rectified this, winning the kayak kilo in Aeropag before retaining the title in Outineau; Lizzie Guaita, meanwhile, medalled in the canoe slalom in four consecutive Olympics. Just don't mention Republica; the team failed to win a single medal, something they rectified with two silver and three bronze in Orean.
PROSPECTS: Most of the Orean band returns, older and wiser; that includes all five medallists, plus the talents of Victoria Miller in the women's K1 slalom and Ryan Keane in the men's K1 kilometre.

HISTORY PENPIC: Yes, you're reading that right. Fifty-six medals and counting for the cyclists of Krytenia. Just think how many more that might have been if not for Delaclava and (Gods rest them) Sorthern Northland. Surprisingly, though, only one medal has ever been won outside the road and track disciplines – Sally Marsh with a mountain bike bronze on home turf.
PROSPECTS: The velodrome has learned to fear the sky blue skinsuit, and with good reason. New names to watch out for include Steven Nielsen (keirin, team pursuit), Jacques Aurier (individual and team sprints), and Georgia West (also sprints). Leon Wagenmacher, meanwhile, will want to put his disappointment of four years ago behind him in his quest to win Krytenia's first-ever BMX gold.

HISTORY PENPIC: When it comes to Krytenians in the saddle, it tends towards bike rather than horse. Tell that to Graham Barton, though; the rider from Port Victoria won eventing gold in Republica.
PROSPECTS: The Krytenian Equestrian Sports & Horseracing Association are yet to capitalise on Barton's gold eight years ago. That said, Gavin van Dijk is an outside shot for a bronze if things fall his way in either the eventing or showjumping events.

HISTORY PENPIC: Any fencing establishment that gets the Quebecois seal of approval must be doing something right, and Escrime Emberton is just that. Thirteen of Krytenia's fencing medals have been courtesy of the converted manor house in Oakwood; surprisingly, though, they've never managed to produce an épée swordsman or woman of sufficient quality.
PROSPECTS: Jonathan Evans and Honey Boden will both be participating in their third Olympics in Krytenia's favoured discipline – sabre – with Evans looking to complete the set of medals with a gold, and Boden hoping to break her duck. James Morgan and the returning Imogen Brooks, meanwhile, will be hoping to make history in the heavy weapon category.

HISTORY PENPIC: We could wax lyrical for days about the Dragons, but this is Olympic football we're talking about. Truth be told, the Krytenians have underperformed in this department for the most part. The exception was the team forged in Lasft; they scored the gold medal – the first Krytenian national football team to win a major tournament – before the core of the team returned to retain their titles on a memorable day at Oxley Park.
PROSPECTS: For whatever reason, the youngsters never seem to light the burners on the Olympic stage, and this is likely to continue. Possibly the knockouts, but unlikely to trouble the medal positions.

HISTORY PENPIC: A relatively recent addition to the Games, and a sport Krytenia has never really taken to.
PROSPECTS: Mina Bachinelli was occasionally excellent in Istria, but not consistent enough. If she can do more of the good stuff, she could be in the hunt come round four.

HISTORY PENPIC: Traditionally a sport in this country that the women have dominated – through Republica, all six Olympic medals for Krytenia had been won by women, and all of them in the artistic events. Orean changed all that, with Damon Armfield winning on the parallel bars as the nation won a best-ever four medals in the sport.
PROSPECTS: Armfield returns to defend his bars title, whilst Bryony Marasso is the unknown quality in the women's team. Joanne Jackson, meanwhile, is targeting the women's all-around. Charlie Mitcham is also an outside bet in the men's trampoline.

HISTORY PENPIC: Handball had received, over the years, precisely zero central funding, being a niche recreational sport. That was before Melissa Womack and the Ousevale University Women's Student Handball Club decided they were going to put the sport on the map. OUWSH convinced the KNOC to send their team to Republica, and the students repaid their trust with a bronze medal.
PROSPECTS: OUWSH technically no longer represent the nation – but that's mainly because those behind it have secured central funding and a semi-pro women's league. There's still teething problems, though, and the team is likely to move backwards rather than forwards.

HISTORY PENPIC: Hockey has been a source of both success and frustration for the men's team, having medalled five times without ever getting their hands on the gold. Those five medals came in the team's first five appearances; sadly, their star has waned quite dramatically since.
PROSPECTS: A pair of improving sides, both of which have the potential to make the knockouts. Whether or not either can make it any further than that is another question, of course...

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia have a long and storied history on the judo mat. The complete dumpster fire that was Orean, then, came as a bit of a shock. The (in)famous black front page of the Cy'un said it all.
PROSPECTS: Polly Gennaro in the women's under 48kg, and Robson White in the men's under 60kg, will be hoping to exorcise some demons on Day One of competition. Look out, too, for Emile “Beast Mode” Robertson, who we swear is secretly part bear.

HISTORY PENPIC: Not exactly our strong suit.
PROSPECTS: Bailey Stackhouse might get into a repechage in the over 61kg kumite if the draw is kind.

HISTORY PENPIC: Modern pentathlon is a curiously Olympic sport. As such, it doesn't exactly get a lot of love in terms of participants or funding. That being said, Jessica Southern somehow managed to pick up a silver at the first Areopag Games.
PROSPECTS: Ian Costello is back for another go, but won't trouble the business end.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia's most successful sport bar none. After the disaster of “only” two bronzes in the Free Republics, our rowers went all RAWRCRUSH in Orean with four golds, three silvers, and two bronzes, a haul not seen since the first Aeropag Games.
PROSPECTS: Everyone. Krytenia will brook absolutely zero quarter in all fourteen events.

HISTORY PENPIC: A quietly growing sport in Krytenia, partially thanks to our women reaching the final in Republica.
PROSPECTS: A few of the core from eight years ago are back for the women, now joined by a fresh batch of youngsters in both sides. Could sneak a second medal.

HISTORY PENPIC: As previously stated, Krytenia + boats = medals. Sailing is no exception: the main exception with them is that it's talented individuals rather than a concerted team effort, with Harry Bartolo, Carlos Valencia, and the pair of Moretti and Chokroun account for twelve of the nation's sixteen medals. Only two of those medals, though, have come since Emberton, both off the coast of Liventia (albeit almost a quarter of a century apart).
PROSPECTS: Ryan Ormondroyd is looking to do better than his heavyweight dinghy silver medal in Orean, whilst Coco Connor and Jaida Sanchez could be a medal shout in the women's skiff.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia's tight gun control laws have our shooters at a bit of a disadvantage, which explains why we've only won three medals. That said, two of the three were in Orean – Robyn Wilcox in the women's trap and Adrienne Parker in the women's three position rifle.
PROSPECTS: Say it quietly, but there's actually reason to be excited about the shooting. Wilcox and Parker return – with Parker also going in the ten-metre air rifle – whilst in the men's three position rifle, biathlete James Makone is looking to complete the rare feat of a winter-summer gold medal double.

HISTORY PENPIC: Exciting to watch, mainly Krytenian-free.
PROSPECTS: Richie Brown is our best hope in both the men's park and street events.

PROSPECTS: Laughable.

HISTORY PENPIC: Water, yes, but that's no boat.
PROSPECTS: Not drowning is the limit of our potential here.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia do like to keep the medals ticking over in the pool, with their best performance being a twelve-medal haul in Emberton. With six golds, three silvers, and five bronzes, Sarah Farnerud has contributed more to Krytenia's Olympic medal total than the majority of sports. Istria contributed
PROSPECTS: In the men's events, Paul Devereux will be attempting to medal in seven events total, whilst Peter Bartholomew and Freddie Verlam will both be defending 100m stroke titles whilst trying to double up in the 200m. For the women, Annabelle Mathiassen has unfinished business after only picking up the one medal in Istria, with Vandana Turner and Lorraine Imlach both looking good in the butterfly events.

HISTORY PENPIC: Once upon a time, there were two brothers named Andrew and James. They had a part in all six of Krytenia's table tennis medals. They retired after the Emberton Games and Krytenia hasn't been near a medal since...until Istria, when a young woman named Rebecca Morris won bronze in the women's singles.
PROSPECTS: Morris, and men's captain Glenn Jackson, will be the main medal prospects, both in their respective singles and in the mixed doubles.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia in taekwondo are the Krytenia of the Olympics, right down to the single global title. Seven of their ten medals in the sport have been bronze – four of those to Harvey Fillion. Oddly, there appears to be a prediliction for larger jin being successful; all of the nations medals have come in the heaviest class of either the men's or women's event.
PROSPECTS: Guillermo Maldonado is Krytenia's first-ever taekwondo gold medallist, and he returns to defend his title, with Veronica Ortiz hoping to upgrade her bronze from four years ago. Clinton Pearce, meanwhile, hopes to become the first Krytenian jin outside the top weights to medal in the event.

HISTORY PENPIC: One bronze medal, and one Opening Ceremony protest are about the sum total of Krytenia's forays into Olympic tennis.
PROSPECTS: None. The fallout from the Stephen Perez incident in Istria has led to the Krytenian Tennis Federation withdrawing from international competition, with no endpoint as to when they'll be back in the international fold. This means no participants in Bunjil.

HISTORY PENPIC: We have decent swimmers and long distance runners, and a litany of world-beating cyclists. When it comes to putting the three together, though...not so much. Samuel King's silver in Aeropag is the exception rather than the rule.
PROSPECTS: Deborah Heder has a good bike leg, whilst Alan Nash will be in the mix at the end of the swim. Neither look strong enough in their other two disciplines to medal, though.

HISTORY PENPIC: No-hopers indoors, but challengers on the sand – the women especially. Krytenia's beach volleyball teams have historically proven hard to beat, winning silver in the first Orean Games and a bronze the last time the Olympics visited Electrum.
PROSPECTS: Jenny Thompson and Tracey Cork went deep but came up empty last time; they'll be looking to rectify that on Electrumite sand. The new pairing of Casey Takahara and Britney Ricken will be looking to follow Thompson and Cork into the knockouts.

HISTORY PENPIC: Quite frankly, it's a sport that happens to other people.
PROSPECTS: The men will be happy to win a match; the women might go so far as winning two.

HISTORY PENPIC: Weightlifting used to go under the radar...then Ieuan Llewellyn happened. One gold in Istria later, and suddenly people are paying attention.
PROSPECTS: Llewellyn is back in the over 109kg category, with Emberton's Seán Ó Loinín (men's under 96kg) and the returning Gemma Tadden (women's over 87kg) also decent medal prospects.

HISTORY PENPIC: Krytenia spent three Games not caring about Olympic wrestling – it's nothing like the SWF after all – and then Emily White happened. Since then, there's been a slow trickle of medals in the freestyle. Greco-Roman was still a no-go zone, though, until four years ago, when Tilda Polsen, Greg Chesterton, and Lucy Sixsmith all picked up medals.
PROSPECTS: Krytenia's three Greco-Roman medallists from four years ago return, with Julian Hendricks and Isobal Reed looking our best hopes in the freestyle.
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Postby HMS Onslaught » Tue Aug 03, 2021 10:52 pm


We be the crew of HMS Onslaught, a rogue submarine that mutinied against the Baggieland Royal Navy and then turned to piracy. We patrol the waters of B71 to pirate booty from any ship that dares to sail the same waters.

We heard that Electrum be giving out gold and silver, so we thought we'd give these Olympics a try; it had better be real gold!

We're entering in all the sailing competitions as we're all professional sailors and know how to read the sea and the wind. Our two lovely serving wenches, Molly and Connie, be entering in the women's section. Don't no one think that these two lasses be a push over - they've both been out in the sub many times and they know their way around a boat.

Finally, we created a new video for our national anthem (same song, different vid), check it out, it's the dog's bollocks!

But Youtube be telling us that you landlubbers living in Germany, Switzerland and Austria can't be viewing this... so best move to France! YAAARRR!!!!
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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:54 pm


“...Hello, and good evening to Neu Engollon and our International viewers! I’m Liz Rittenhaus…”

“And I’m Karl Demais, and you’re watching the 15th Summer Olympics on NETV Sports 7. Liz, this year Teremara, and the world, goes to the lovely Terranean Coast and Bunjil in Electrum to compete…”

“Karl, I have heard lovely things about the area, and even though I believe this is a first time for that area and city to host, we do know from past experience what to expect from Electrumites as hosts. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Electrum is a solid host of the Olympics. Two winter editions of the Olympics have been held in Prescott, to my knowledge, in recent history. It’s been quite some time, especially before Teremara was competing as a joint delegation, that Electrum has hosted a proper Summer Olympics, or as many like to say, simply, “The Olympics” to distinguish it from the summer edition.”

“Yes, so...let’s talk about Teremara. There are seventeen individual nations that make up this year’s delegation for our region to the Olympics. That is a record, since they have started doing a unified delegation a few years back.”

“Certainly is, Liz. A lot of fanfare about the new additions to the unified delegation, as efforts by diplomats and the TOC (Teremaran Olympic Committee) to keep gaining more nations into the fold is building up traction exponentially every year. The benefits of joining the Unified delegation are of course, a shared cost to train, equip, and support the athletes…”

“As well as a wider pool of talent to contribute to the Unified teams, Karl.”

“Certainly the best reason I could think of, Liz.”

“So...the new nations to join the Teremaran effort were Espicuta, Qasifya, Quelport, Reino Do Brazil, and Shourhiel.”

“We should also mention that this is the first Summer Olympics for San Rosito and Port Edwinn, even though they were on board for the 15th winter edition.”

“Pretty sure San Rosito was in the 14th summer Olympics, Karl.”

“Not officially, if I recall...I think they had some athletes on the teams, but not in individual events. We’ll have to check the stats on that later. In any case, some controversy, as always…”

“We can’t get away from drama in Teremara…”

“The acceptance of Qasifya has been very controversial, as some elements in their government are strongly suspected of supporting terrorist organizations such as the QLA, the Qasifyan Liberation Army, which has lashed out at Neu Engollon, the Roman Federated States, and especially harshly hit Gaul (Terre des Gaules), their former colonizer.”

“We have seen some athletes that have competed for Gaul, as residents of Marveille, the Gaulic territory on the Qasifyan coast, revert to their Qasifyan citizenship in order to compete under that flag. We’ll have more on that in a later segment...”

“Debate on Qasifya joining, much like how there was debate about letting on the YSR and Austrakia.”

“Well, with the latter, I think our nation was the only one truly opposed to Austrakia’s entry onto the delegation, whereas, yes, it’s been quite evident that the YSR’s state security service, the RLO, has their links to terrorism around the planet.”

“This is true. Other controversy boils in Madurin, as Espicuta finally caved to popular pressure from their citizens to sign on. If you recall, there was a lot of dramatic things said when Lacetan and Port Edwinnian athletes were competing and winning medals and Espicuta was left on the sidelines.”

“Yes, I think there were a lot of vocal Espicutans, considering themselves to be the dominant culture of that peninsula, that didn’t want to see Lacetans getting all the glory. Or Port Edwinn for that matter. Although I think Lacetan athletes have actually won Olympic medals...There certainly has been a turbulent history with all three nations interacting, and if we include the Roman Federated States that makes 4.”

“Have to agree there, Karl. Jealousy has sometimes been a big motivating factor in getting a nation mobilized to send its athletes to the games. It’s unfortunate, as I’d wish it was for more benevolent reasons.”

“...More nations on board, eventually they will all gel, and we can see true peace in the region through unified representative competition. It might take a few years, but I think its closer than ever, Liz. I think we’ll see Teremara lining up on the same goals, now it’s sport, down the line possibly economics and politics.”

“Karl, are you like...reading that from some PR pamphlet for the TOC? I mean, yes, unified in sport, getting closer in economics as they have more summits, but politics? Literally Teremara covers every corner of the grid and every end of the spectrum when it comes to politics. I don’t see these nations coming together on politics any time in this, or the next, century.”

“Maybe we’re digressing too much from the sports and focusing on the politics, but, I think you’re wrong, Liz. I think we’ll see it in our lifetime.”

“I don’t want to sound like your old co-host, Magda, but um...I do hope you have enough lifetime to see that.”

“Liz, you ever notice that when someone says, ‘I don’t want to say anything bad, but…’ that they usually end up saying something pretty bad?”

“We’re going to go to commercial sponsor break, then we’ll come back and go to Dom who is on the spot in Ekaterine, interviewing athletes before they fly out to Electrum. Stay tuned here to NETV Sports 7 or our affiliated networks.”

RP Contributed by Neu Engollon

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Postby Ostovo » Wed Aug 04, 2021 9:01 pm

Ostovoan News Network Presents: Preview of the Olympic Games

"Hello, and welcome to this ONN special broadcast. I'm Saul Borra..."

"And I'm Lavina Viloria, and we're coming to you live from out temporary studio here in the beautiful city of Somer, Electrum. In just a few days, the Games of the Fifteenth Olympiad will begin with the Opening Ceremony in Somersville Stadium."

"Of course, as you all know, these games will mark the first Olympic delegation from Ostovo. People all across the nation have been buzzing with excitement for weeks. Years, really, ever since that huge investment on the part of the government aiming to bring Ostovoan sports to an international level."

"That's right, Saul. We have such a rich history of sporting tradition in Ostovo. And of course there are many Olympic events that are deeply ingrained in Ostovoan culture."

"So with that in mind, we're here tonight to take a closer look at our national delegation. Will we see any medals around Ostovoan necks? Will the Ostovoan flag be seen and our anthem heard by viewers around the multiverse? Let's take a look at some of our most popular events and best prospects."

The screen fades to black, before the voice of popular football announcer Noe Lorenzo cuts in. The smiling faces of athletes from the delegation flash on the screen as he talks.

Two hundred and fifty-three athletes. One hundred and fifty events. Ostovo is heading for the Olympics. These athletes are coming together from all corners of the nation. Over the past year, various competitions from all across Ostovo have culminated in Olympic qualifying finals. Many of the most popular sports in Ostovo are well represented, so it's no surprise that a large portion of the team will be competing in the water. This includes, of course, Carmen Fortun.

Nicknamed "Barracuda", Carmen has been a rising star for several years now. She burst onto the competitive swimming scene at the young age of 15 by winning gold in the 200m freestyle at the Aquafoil championships, out-swimming competitors with ten years on her. Now 21, her dominance in the 200m freestyle has been unchallenged since. Notably, she has greatly improved her distance swimming during that time, rising to the top in the 400 and 800m freestyles as well. In Electrum, she will be competing in all those events, plus one relay, and is one of Ostovo's best hopes for a podium finish at the Games.

Another name familiar to many viewers, Guillermo Tassis will also be pushing for gold in the pool. The freestyle sprinter will also have four chances at a medal, three of them individual. We've seen him dominate both the 50 and 100m freestyle competitions for years here in Ostovo, and now maybe the rest of the multiverse will get a chance to see him smashing the competition. Guillermo has been working on perfecting his butterfly, and while it's not his strongest stroke, we just might see him on the podium in the 100m. He'll also get the opportunity to lead off the men's 4x100m freestyle relay, where hopefully he can give his teammates a sizeable lead. Guillermo will be one of the athletes carying the Ostovoan flag during the opening ceremony.

But what about elsewhere in the water? Well, look to the waves and you'll see Ostovo's other flag bearer, Celesta Ricardo, the superstar surfer. Obviously surfing has a long and storied history in Ostovo, and it's been intimately intertwined with our culture. At 26, Celesta has been surfing with her family since she was just 4 years old. She proudly claims the waves as her true home, and she moves as if she was born with a board attached to her feet. Celesta is a world class competitor, and we can't think of anyone better to be the face of Ostovo on the waves.

We can't forget about the Marmolejo sisters. Nailia and Domenica have been dominating in the lightweight double sculls for the past year. At 19 and 20, barely a year separates the young women, and Nailia and her younger sister may as well be twins. They've been inseparable ever since Domenica's birth. They started rowing in high school, but it wasn't until they got in the boat together that they really started to shine. Now they've been dominating the university circuit, and are eager to prove themselves on the international stage.

But don't go thinking Ostovoans are only good in the water. Over in the Agri Cricket Ground, Estela Colorado will be throwing for gold in the discus competition. The 33 year old from Ostovo's mountain district recently set an Ostovoan record, and will be looking to brake that here in Electrum. But moving from skills with a throw to skills with a bow, Eduardo Serano is the star of the men's archery team. Known for his incredibly calm and confident demeanor, he has not been shy about setting his sights on that gold medal. And it's not just the individual stars who might be standing on top of those podiums. Ostovo will be fielding several teams in competitions ranging from softball and football to water polo, and these teammates are eager for hardware. Drawn from the best of the best of leagues across Ostovo, the composite skill on display is sure to draw attention from all across the multiverse.

After the Ostovoan flag is displayed, proudly flapping in the wind, the screen fades back to Saul and Lavina.

"And we just want to remind you that those athletes are only a slice of what Team Ostovo has to offer. You can find complete bios of every athlete, including their competitive records, over at"

"We'll have live coverage of all competitions over there as well. And of course, selections of the most popular sports, live or otherwise, will be on display in primetime every evening."

"For now, we all eagerly await the opening ceremony and the beginning of the glorious competition here in Electrum. I've been Lavina Viloria..."

"And I'm Saul Borra. We'll see you all very soon."

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Postby Hopal » Thu Aug 05, 2021 9:02 am

The Olympic Show on HBC: The Preview

"Hello there, and welcome to the show, I'm Martini Feits and I'll be your host on this preview of the Olympic Games.

Hopal will be sending its first delegation to an Olympics Games. The biggest multi-sport event in the multiverse will be taking place on Electrum's Terranean Coast, or as it is called by the natives, Bunjil. The Hopalian Delegation is already on their way to Electrum, but our own Irina Lesky was able to catch up with them in Hopton before they took off."

Screen switches to the reporter with three people beside her.

"I'm here with our two flagbearers for these games, Mack Roy of Rowing and Helen Henandez of Cycling, as well as the Head of this Hopalian Delegation, Mike Ashcroft. But first to you two, our Olympic flagbearers, Mack and Helen. How does it feel to represent Hopal in our first Olympics as our flagbearers? And what does this mean to you?"

"I guess I'll answer first, if, unless Helen wants to."

"No, no, you can answer first Mack."

"Alight, ah, it's a huge honour to be here as one of Hopal's Olympic Flagbearers, I never thought I'd be here going to Olympics, let alone being honoured as the Olympic Flagbearer. You know we never grew seeing Hopalians at the Olympics and I hope that I can inspire at least one young Hopalian to chase their dreams, to give it all they got, and to be inspired and to aspire to achieve their dreams. And if one little Hopalian can take that, and be inspired than I've done my job. You know Helen and I we come from different backgrounds, our lives haven't always been easy, but we push on, and I hope that I can show all of the young Hopalians out there that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. I remember being a young kid and how that felt, and it's amazing being here today and I thank my parents and all of those who have sacrificed so much for me, and have believed in me, and this is to them, this is to kid me, and this is to all the young kids out there, and it means the to me and to them."

"And for you Helen?"

"Yeah I totally agree with what Mack said. It's a huge honour to be one of Hopal's Olympic Flagbearers. We've worked so hard for this, to be going to the Olympics, all of us on this team, and to see all that work pay off it's incredible. I don't know what to say, this feels like a dream, and I never wanted to wake up..... ah You know the path is so difficult, but being here, being able to do this it makes it all worth it."

"What about you, Mike. How does it feel leading all of these incredible athletes?"

"They're all incredible, and they all deserve to be here going to the Olympics. They've earned it and I can't wait to see what they have in store and what they can show Hopal and the world on this great multiversal stage. You know I tell them to to enjoy the moment and to give it their all, they have this incredible opportunity in front of them, they have this incredible stage in front of them and I can't wait to see what they can do. It's an honour being the head of this delegation and I still can't believe what incredible athletes Hopal has to offer and what they can do, it's amazing."

"Alight then, well best of luck to you all, and all of Hopal will be routing for you."

"Thank You!"

"Back to you in studio Martini."

Screen changes back to the Host.

"Alight thank you Irina. What amazing athletes, I'm so glad Mack and Helen were chosen as the flagbearers, they've both gone through so much, they're the symbol of perseverance and determination. They've never given up, Helen has had so many injuries and challenges, she's gone through so much adversity, she's the children of immigrants who fled a bad situation in Latin America, and she's had to go through so much. Mack, he was born into poverty, he hasn't always had the opportunity to show his talent, and I'm so they're both here now getting ready to compete at the Olympics, and as Hopal's Olympic Flagbearers. All of the athletes on this delegation are incredible, I can't wait to see what they can do, and we'll have live coverage of the Olympics here on HBC on the Olympic Show. After the break a look at Hopal's chances at medal and a look at some of our athletes. While we are not favourites by any means, our athletes will still be ones to watch."
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Postby Banija » Thu Aug 05, 2021 11:05 am


Who will be the most controversial people to represent the green and orange in Bunjil at the XV Summer Olympiad?

SOMER, ELECTRUM- Electrum's Olympic Committee is embarking on an unprecedented path for the XV Summer Olympiad- hosting the Games in a record 5 primary Olympic host cities, all located in the Bunjil region, known colloquially in English as the "Terranean Coast". Banija journalist protocol, of course, has made the decision to refer to the region as solely its indigenous name, Bunjil, to help clarify that this is in Electrum, since they are not the only nation with coastline on the Terrenean Sea. And also, out of respect to the indigenous, original name given to the region.

Enough with that, though. We're here for the Opening Ceremonies. As the first ever complete delegation in Banijan Olympic History, excitement for these Games is bursting through the seams back home in Banija. An event that really performed below its expected popularity level at home exploded the last time these Games came around, when Istria was the junior host in the successful Orean/Istria XIV Summer Olympic Games. With that, the Olympic Committee of Banija committed to sending a full delegation to ensure that there would be Banijans in every single event.

Why can't a strong sporting nation like us make a serious difference in these Games? There is no reason not to. And there are all sorts of Olympic hopefuls this year. But some, of course, are controversial. We're sending well over 600 athletes to Electrum, occupying one of the largest spaces in the Olympic Village, and surely, the largest coffee-free space in the Village. But you can't have that many athlete selections and expect it to be no arguments, all rosy, everybody agrees on who should be there, right? Many of these players qualified directly. But not without controversy.

Who are the most controversial members of the Banijan Olympic Delegation, then? Let's get on with it!

Men's Soccer- CM Idi Mboge, 27 years old

Idi Mboge. A world class central midfielder who is elite at this sport in ever sense of the word. Born in Maal to two Banijan immigrants, he grew up in the Mrii capitol, debating for a while whether to play for his country of birth or country of origin. When the opportunity came to play youth football, he came back to Banija at the age of 16 to play in Banija's youth league, winning the player of the year award in that league. That got him a nod for the U21 World Cup, aka DBC 47. Marcus Waters contacted him to play for Banija's U21 World Cup team, and he was flown into Valanora, declaring his allegiance to the Vijana Kadongo Kamu, the name of Banija's youth national teams.

At that tournament, while he was already in Valanora with the team, he dramatically switched his allegiance from Banijan green to the sky blue of Mriin, the day before Matchday 1. Threw a wrench into the plans of Banija's squad. And, of course, caused all sorts of controversy. Mriin, at the time, did not allow humans to play for their national team- until this tournament, when they finally changed their rules, and Mboge was the first ever invitation. It was an invitation that he felt he had to accept, of course, and he took it.

Not to mention- he turned up on the Mriin bench for Matchday 1, without it being announced by anyone, and scoring the late dramatic equalizer in Mriin's first game of the tournament. Now, of course, youth caps don't tie you to a senior national team. And players switching nationalities is not uncommon. But to do so in that fashion, while you were already at the tournament- well, it garnered a lot of anger. And for years, he's never even been considered for the full national team.

But you can take three overage players to the Olympiad, which is otherwise U23 on the men's side. And Marcus Waters, of course, picks his youth squads even though he doesn't manage them himself. So the invitation- was it trying to dip the toe on how the reaction would be if Mboge was brought back to the senior side? The reaction was one of surprise- nobody really saw the move coming. Mboge said that he was "glad to be back", and the Cup of Harmony 79 winner(with Mriin) told reporters that he didn't give a damn about the critics, that he was looking to put his head down and help lead this team towards a medal.

Banijan players who were on that U21 team mostly reacted in shock and criticism of the move, saying that there were enough people already who were 'sufficiently loyal' to Banija. But many players and pundits who weren't on that squad applauded the move, saying that Marcus Waters expanding the player pool is good. This will be the roster intrigue of the cycle then, as World Cup 89 Qualifying looms on the horizon. Will Idi Mboge get an invite to team camp, and will get his first senior cap for the national team?

The 'Peerless Princes'- How four Princes took streetball by storm and will play 3x3 Basketball in the Olympiad

The selection of the 3x3 teams for men and women are radically different in Banija than they are for any other team sport in this country. As many know, Banija places a high premium on team sport medals at the Olympics- even if that's not the way to rack up your medal count. But it is the way to keep Banijans engaged, TV ratings high, and keep the dollars flowing into the Olympic Committee of Banija, and their broadcast partners.

It works much more like individual sports qualifying. Normally for team sports, of course, people ply their trade in college or professional leagues, and you pick the best players available from different teams. Not for 3x3 Basketball. The Olympic Committee spokesman explained it while at home. "In a sport with such few players, simply picking the four most talented of the bunch will not get you far. The nature of the sport, the floor spacing, it requires a lot of chemistry. Guys who have been together. Who know each other. So we did it like individual- have a tournament, and qualify as a team."

So Banijan 3x3 Qualifiers, which occurred in Bwubanza at Sankt Adelheid, had all sorts of teams enter. Per usual, professional 5x5 players were not allowed. On the men's side, there was a surprise entry- a team calling themselves 'The Peerless Princes'. And low and behold- the young men who are 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th in line to the throne all on the same team. Three brothers and a cousin. For Banija, it is unprecedented for royals to compete in professional sports. And it is unprecedented for royals to use their English language titles of 'Prince' rather than the vernacular of 'Omugabe'.

Many thought they'd get laughed off the court. But it turned out they not only knew what they were doing- they were good! But it was an interesting qualifiers. They got a large amount of 50/50 calls. Referees were clearly cowed by the fact that their literal future King was on the floor. Not to say they weren't good- these guys hit their shots, moved with and without the ball well, and probably deserved to win? But they got the benefit of the doubt almost every single time.

That certainly won't happen here in Somer, where 3x3 Basketball will take place. There's been criticism from some corners that there are no way that the royals are 'tough enough' to make it at the Olympiad, and many think they'll get pushed around. And some people think that it's flat out a bad idea for them to be there at all. The Busukuma Post Editorial Board even published an op-ed saying that the four men shouldn't go, because 3x3 was supposed to be streetball to reach the lower classes- not for posh royals to domineer the sport.

There's no controversy with the fifth royal, Omugaba Zandaba- she, very clearly, is Banija's best surfer. She has a decent chance at medaling. But we will see how well the Olympics treat Banija's most eligible bachelors.
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Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby Waisnor » Thu Aug 05, 2021 11:22 am

Waisnor arrives at the games

While Tokyo 2020 Olympics are still going, Waisnorian Olympic team already arrives in Electrum to participate in 15th Summer NS Olympics. Waisnorian team will have 120 entries and, of course, for some of them Waisnorians have hopes for medals. Now, about sports specifically:

Waisnor will be represented in diving only by Dmitry Duboenko in Men's 10m platform. He's considered to not have many chances for medals, Duboenko says himself that he's happy to just be present at this Olympics)
Swimming has 2 strong medal contenders from Waisnor, both in 100m butterfly - Sergey Chemerko in men's competitions and Inna Belyavskaya in women's. Also Waisnor has a couple of strong swimmers in freestyle (Dmitry Strutinsky in men's 50m, finalist of previous Olympics, Yana Panova in women's 50m) and in backstroke (Sofia Mamontova in women's 100m, Galina Lutsevich in women's 200m). Much more longer distances will have Dmitry Lentsevich in men's 10km marathon, who's also pretty strong swimmer.
One pair will represent Waisnor in artistic swimming - Anna Suvorova and Anna Berg. This pair is the strongest in Waisnor for at least last decade, but didn't quite get results on international stage, so for this Olympics they hope for good result. But nonetheless, bookmakers don't bet so much on chances of this pair.
In archery most well-known athlete from Waisnor in this discipline, Andrey Bagaev, didn't participate in this Olympic, focusing solely on Tokyo Olympics. Instead of him, younger but very talented archer will participate, Janusz Lisowski, who will have his own baptism of fire in Electrum. In women's tournament Alena Putilo will represent Waisnor, although less hopes are placed on her that on Lisowski.
Athletics will have the biggest delegation from Waisnor and, of course, many medal contenders will be in this discipline. Track has Miroslav Zakharov in men's 400m and Polina Belousova in women's 200m. But Waisnor tends to have better results in field events, and so bigger number of medal contenders are in tournaments of this half of athletics: Men have Dmitry Grachev in pole vault, Alexey Suchkov in long jump, who is considered as one of the best athletes in all of Waisnorian delegation, Alexey Ustinov in shot put, Alexander Martinovich in discus throw, who showed his good skills in last NS Olympics. Women too have good chances - Marina Vikhrova, bronze medalist of last Olympics came back for better results. She will be accompanied by Svetlana Kalashnikova in javelin throw and Taisiya Rybakova in long jump. Another bronze medalist of games in Orean and Istria, Maria Solovyova, returns in women's marathon competition. She will be not alone in this discipline - Ekaterina Isakova is also pretty good runner, who will try to show good result. In other long distance disciplines Waisnor has Andrey Borisenok in 20km Walk, who said that he have to Olympics for a medal after 4th place in 14th Olympics and Diana Tsvetinskaya in women's competitions at the same distance.
Only team sport in which Waisnorians will be participating, basketball, will be represented by a pretty solid team, who, even if it didn't change very much from last Olympics, still has some chances for a medal.
Boxing has one very good representative of Waisnor, Alexey Matyush in Men's lightweight, who now is in really good form and ready to take a medal. Other two Waisnorians don't have many chances, but Yuri Plechistik in Men's light heavyweight might surprise.
Waisnor bases their hopes for medals in canoeing on pairs - Maxim Kostin and Semyon Voronov in Men's K-2 1000m competitions have the highest chances. Kirill Ptashinsky returns for his second NS Olympics hoping to improve his results.
One discipline is very strong in cycling competitions - road race. Sergey Kozyulin got incredible form in last year and is considered as one of the main medal contenders of Waisnorian delegation. In women's competitions Elena Safonova also has pretty strong form and can go for medals.
One Waisnorian is notable in fencing competitions - Arkady Zenin. He surprised the whole nation when he took bronze in Tokyo in Individual Épée, earning first fencing medal in Waisnorian history of Olympic participations and opening the score of medals in 32nd Olympics. Arkady said that he hopes to score a medal in NS Olympics too to become the first person to earn medals in both Olympics.
Waisnor is usually strong in gymnastics only in men's trampoline, but for this time they have very strong person in other discipline - Evgeniya Bushinskaya in women's rhythmic gymnastics individual competitions. Evgeniya said that she's very happy to made it to NS Olympics and will try do show her best.
Another sport in which Waisnor is usually strong is judo, and 2 out of 4 bronze medalists of Orean/Istria are judokas. And they return for Electrum games - Evgeny Kontsevoi (men's over 100kg) and Lyudmila Tatarevich (women's over 78kg), who was earned with honor of carrying Waisnorian flag at the opening ceremony, return hoping to take medals of higher quality.
One sport in which Waisnor doesn't have big hopes for medals is modern pentathlon. Igor Pyshnik in men's tournament is considered the strongest one and even he thinks that even making it to higher half of final table will be a great achievement for him.
Rowing is one of most favourite sports in Waisnor, so this sport definitely have great athletes from this Eastern European country. Nikolay Radyukevich is considered as the best one in this delegation, representing Waisnor in men's single sculls. Other good rowers are in double sculls - Valentin Subbotin and Maxim Lunko in men's and Victoria Tolstik with Alina Martinovich in women's.
It seems that in shooting Waisnorians like to shoot from 10 metres - Pavel Shvaybovich is one of the best in 10m Air Rifle men's competitions and in Women's 10m Air Pistol Sabina Majewska is also considered as strong shooter.
Out of new Olympic sports Waisnor has the most interest in skateboarding and the best skater in Waisnor is Vladimir Trofimovich, who will represent his country in men's park. Also, you could expect him goofing out after he finishes)
Waisnorians in table tennis are mostly mediocre - best of them is Peter Shchukin in men's singles and in Tokyo Olympics he was able to squeeze through only one qualifying round, so Waisnorian fans don't expect much from delegation in this sport.
Only one Waisnorian will be in taekwondo tournaments - Artyom Chelyadinsky in men's 63kg. He's considered as pretty good fighter, but not good enough to take a medal.
Waisnorian tennisists made some successes in NSTT, mostly courtesy of Vladimir Mikhailov, winning one tournament and playing in final of Grand Slam tournament. He will be accompanied by Evgeny Kondratenko and Oleg Vlasov - very well known double, returning for their second NS Olympics.
Waisnor has one very good person in weightlifting and a bunch of others. This person being Konstantin Kirichenko in men's 81kg. Other 4 weightlifters don't have much chances for medals, but Waisnorian fans hop ethat they will put everything they got in them at this Olympics.
And finally, wrestling. There Waisnor awaits medals from Fedor Bykov in freestyle men's 125kg and Andrey Lobakov in greco-roman men's 67kg. But surprises from other wrestlers will be a nice gift to the fans)

And that's all for Waisnorian athletes)

OOC thing: There can be an addition to Olympic RP, telling interesting stories from the history of Waisnorian television. I hope that I will write them for every RP, but I don't guarantee anything.
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89 = 16th/37
90 = 8th/35
91 = 9th/30
92 = 8th/29

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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Postby Sargossa » Thu Aug 05, 2021 1:29 pm

SSM | Sargossan State Media

International Edition - Olympics

Destination Electrum

Blanco Borrayo reports;

The sports authorities had begun the Herculean task of gathering together another delegation to launch a new assault on the Olympic medal table. A delegation comprised of hundreds of athletes, coaches, medical staff, backroom teams and executive members, summoned to the capital before being flown across the continent to Electrum. Alongside them will be literally tonnes of equipment. From speedos to shotguns, from hammers to horses. All meticulously catalogued and made ready for transport. It was a juggernaut of a logistical problem, and one that was being repeated across the sportiverse.

But despite the preparations being in their final stages the sporting hierarchy were still undecided as to whether the previous Games in Liventia and Banija had been a disappointment or simply a true reflection of where the nation lay when set against its sporting rivals. Twenty-eight medals, eight of them gold, was good enough for sixteenth place in the medal table. Once upon a time that would have been considered a very healthy showing. But Sargossan Olympic delegations exist in the shadow of a four-year spell that saw the nation finish sixth at the 8th Games in Orean and then third at the 9th Games in Zube. In between those tournaments was a table topping performance at the Rushmori Games in Aels. A golden age in Sargossan sport that recent years had noticeably failed to emulate.

But typical pessimism can take a back seat for a fortnight or so as we take a look at some of the names to look at for when the action gets underway all along the Terranean Coast. At the medal contenders, the dark horses, the under pressure to perform and those just happy to be on the plane.

The Contender
Every Games there’s always a scramble for tickets, with the Aquatics Centre being a very popular location for the Sargossan fans. The nation’s swimmers have evolved from a motley collection of individuals to a thoroughly professional outfit, backed by substantial funding and consistent competitive domestic active courtesy of the Azure League, that can hold its own with the big boys. Sargossan swimmers in finals are an encouragingly regular sight. Getting them into the top three is the hard part. Off the back of an impressive domestic season Naomí Alarcón remains the nation’s chief medal threat. The Olympic Butterfly champion over 100m will attempt to defend her crown alongside taking on the Breaststroke over the same distance. With two relay appearances thrown in for good measure Alarcón has a mathematical chance of emulating her personal hero Adriana Abarca by achieving a tally of seven medals.

The Dark Horse
Athletics fans back home have been captivated by the renaissance currently being enjoyed by Débora Sarmiento. Twelve years ago she stood atop the podium in Kelssek, having taken Pole Vault gold. Four years later she led Team Sargossa out in Republica. She may have fallen short in her title defence but still left the Free Republics with a bronze. And that seemed to be where the Sarmiento story had ended, with the Mercada native missing the Liventia/Banija Games to commit to the even more strenuous task of being a mother. But at 32 she made a surprise return, taking a shock gold at the Games of the Greater Republic. Since then Yesenia Zorita may have edged ahead domestically but, with a comfortable qualifying effort at the trials coupled with plenty of big competition experience, Débora Sarmiento could well be a name to watch very closely.

The Under Pressure
Pick a sprinter. Any sprinter. It’s been sixteen years since Sargossa lifted a sprint gold and the shadow of athletes past looms large over the current stable of speedsters. It’s not just a history of gold medallists that weighs on them, but world record holders too. Sebastián Gallo remains the nation’s best on the Men’s side. He took bronze in the 100m four years ago, before fading badly in his favoured 200m. He goes again in both. Bruno Juderías had been expected to join Gallo in the 200m, but has now put all his eggs in the 400m basket. That Ximena Braga is still topping the domestic standings on the Women’s side of the draw is testimony to an alarming lack of depth currently. The Republica 100m bronze medallist caved under the pressure in Orean but will be hoping her third, and presumably final, Olympics will end on a much happier note.

If funding and popularity is proportional to expectations of Olympic success then Sargossa’s national football team would be expected to be in the medal mix every tournament. They never have. Ever. Let’s rephrase. The Men never have. The Women’s team, so often an afterthought, went on a stunning run at the Eighth Games in Orean. A run only ended by heavyweights Valanora in the final itself. Admittedly the Football Federation’s insistence on adhering to the archaic Olympic practice of picking an Under-23 side, supplemented by three overage players, hasn’t helped a great deal. Although the current squad, led by national Under-21 boss Eduardo Larrea, feature a core of players Larrea took to the final of the Campeonato Rushmori Juvenil XII and are boosted by five members of the senior side that lifted the Copa Rushmori. The FFS are quietly confident. At least they were, prior to being grouped with the Vilitan Union.

The Just Happy To Be Here
When the domestic television viewing figures are digested after each Games they present a consistent yet strange fact. Archery is weirdly popular among the home audience. Sargossa has never won a medal in Archery, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon, but the likes of Josué Carballar and Catarina Barrios will enjoy their brief moments in the spotlight. While the National Archery Society continue to wait for the day when the temporary popularity leads to an increase in participation in the sport.
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Sargossa at the Olympics

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4th Ostankin Channel. Program "A Hour about Sport". 5.8.1993. 14:25.

Good afternoon, dear viewers of the Fourth Channel! I hope you're excited cause the main event of the year, the Summer Olympic games would begin soon! And therefore every day before the games begin, we will take an interview with some of our athletes. At first, we interviewed our main olympic hope, our flag bearer.
Meet Boris Haritonov, 5-time national wrestling champion!


Name: Boris Grigoryevich Haritonov
Birth: 14 August 1959 (age 33)
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Sport: Greco-Roman wrestling

Results at Ostankin Greco - Roman Wrestling Championship (97kg):
1981 — Round of 128
1982 — Round of 32
1983 — Round of 32
1984 — Round of 32
1985 — Round of 16
1986 — Semifinal
1987 — Quarterfinal
1988 — Winner
1989 — Winner
1990 — Winner
1991 — Finalist
1992 — Winner
1993 — Winner

Boris Haritonov's fights at 1993 Ostankin National Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship:
R128: def. Magomedahmadalikhabib Nurkadihusseinramazanalimagomedov
R64: def. Prokop Grakh
R32: def. Vitaliy Sevostyanov
R16: def. Kalik Kumarovskiy
QF: def. Alexander Pinyaev
SF: def. Yuriy Osokin
Final: def. Elisey Gardin

This interview was brought to you by Vladimir Kvadratov (VK)

VK: Hello, Boris! Nice to meet you!
BH: Nice to meet you too, Vladimir.
VK: I'm going to ask you some questions. Alright?
BH: Ok. You can ask as many questions as you want.
VK: So, why did you start wrestling?
BH: Well, you know... When i was 15, i was short, weak and skinny. Other guys already were going through puberty, some of them already had facial hair and broken adult voice. But not me. I was a weakling. And because of that, I was bullied by my new classmates. They laughed at me and sometimes ever beat me. I was bullied for about a half of the year. And I had to put up with that.
But at one day, I was finally pissed off and wanted revenge. So, i went to the section of wrestling. After several months, I became more confident. Soon I finally had my late growth spurt and by the age of 17 I finally turned from the weakling to the man. In the last grade of school, I was never bullied. Everyone were afraid to challenge me, and, you know, some of my former bullies even wanted to become my friends!
VK: Wow, that's a wonderful story! But have you made friends with your former enemies?
BH: Of course, no! I hate hypocrites! Moreover, once I even beat them off. Ha-ha!
VK: Who was your sports idol? Who inspired you to became a professional wrestler?
BH: The legendary Olympic champion Adam Medved'. He was so strong and powerful, so I really wanted to be like him.
VK: So, Boris, what do you think about an our olympic delegation? Can you predict, how many medals we will earn?
BH: It's really hard to tell, uhh... how many medals can we get in our first ever games. But I know, that everyone will be trying hard to became medalist. We will fight as hard as we can!
VK: Yeah Boris, I see, that you are really optimistic person.
BH: Optimism is very important for us. We should not give up and not despair, if we want to perform well.
VK: What do you think is the most difficult part of becoming the professional sportsman?
BH: Trying to not to break down after horrible and shameful defeats. In my first ever national championship in 1981, I, umm... lost in the first round to a 16-year old teenager. It was so terrible that I really thought to give up my sports carreer.
VK: Are you worried about being a flag bearer?
BH: Not too much. Moreover, I'm really excited to experience that... you know... mixed feeling of euphoria and honor. I'm more worried about my performance at the games. I think, I can even fight for the medals.
VK: I'm really interested, if such a strong athlete like you loves animals?
BH: If you want to know, I have two rabbits.
VK: I see. What do you like to do in your free time? Maybe, you enjoy playing with your pets?
BH: Well, my hobbies are almost the same as other people's. I like to sleep and play computer games. By the way, my favourite game is Dark Souls III. I completed it. Four times.
VK: Wow. That's really impressive. Alright, Boris, I have the last question for you: What is your motto?
BH: My motto is very simple: AS WE CAN!
VK: Goodbye, Boris! Wish you good luck at the Olympic games!
BH: Bye, Vladimir. Thank you for talking with me.

VK: Vladimir Kvadratov brought this interview to you. Tomorrow I will chat with another perspective and outstanding athlete. Goodbye, and remember, do not turn off your TV!
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— 1990's Belarusian and Russian TV
— Broadcast intrusions
— 1990's Belarus
— 1990's Russia
— Russian 1st and 4th Ostankino Channels (1992-1995)
— Scary stories
— Folk legends and tales
— Technology of TV propaganda

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“Good evening and welcome here inside the International Broadcasting Center in Somer, for the ABC’s coverage of the 15th Summer Olympics! I’m Hanna Baker, not joined by my longtime broadcast partner Alan Eagle as he’s enjoying a well-deserved retirement… know you’re watching, Alan, miss you already! Joining me for these Games is Charlotte Calder, and Char, a real buzz here in Somer for these Olympics.”

“Absolutely Hanna, and great to be working with you for the next three weeks here in Somer. Final preparations are in full swing, and the athletes have started arriving here in Electrum to get settled and ready for competition. Asteran’s delegation started arriving a couple days ago, and have been raving about the world-class facilities they’ll get to compete in. We’re lucky to have a few athletes here with us tonight, to talk about what they’re expecting as the Games get closer.”

“That we do, Char. Welcome to Gregory Nitzinger, Jaco van Heerden, Marina Filipovic, and MacKayla Kask. Thank you all for stopping by tonight.”
“Thank you.”
“Pleased to be here.”

“Gregory, let’s start with you. A lot has been said of your ‘Swim for Seven’ and the chance at Olympic history. How do you think you’ll fare aiming for seven medals at these Games?”
“It’ll be an interesting challenge, and I reckon I’m up for it. There’s a lot of great swimmers at these Games, and I’ll have to be on my best every day to keep the dream alive.”
“Do you think there’s a lot of pressure on you to succeed in the ‘Swim for Seven’?”
“I don’t really think there’s any outside pressure, we’re not really coming into this the nailed-on favorites to win. I’m pushing myself, to be honest.”
“Your coach suggested that focusing on four or five events would have been better.”
“Darren thinks it’s better for my recovery, but we were able to push for seven golds at Nationals with no issue. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, y’know?”

“Certainly so, Gregory. Jaco, let’s move to you and the rugby sevens team making their Olympic bow. What was it like to get the call that the team would be competing here?”
“Dream come true. Ed called me up a few weeks ago and said we were in, and that the selectors would be working to pick a team. He asked me for a couple names, then said that camp starts in Newcastle in a couple days. You get a day to be awed by it, then it’s right back to work.”
“How do you feel about the team’s chances in the tournament?”
“I feel good, y’know? We’ve got a great team, a lot of solid guys on the squad, and I think our camp went really well. It was interesting to have new guys like Shepherd, Winston, and Leighton in the national team, but they really gelled well with us during training camp and they’ll be a hell of a force to be reckoned with on the field.”
“Where do you think the team’s strength lies, what’s gonna be the skill that gets you over the top?”
“How creative we can be off the ball, I think. Being able to find those little overlaps or really sell the dummy is gonna put us over the edge.”

“Looking forward to it, Jaco. Marina, you and the gymnastics team come into this after one of the best and closest national championships we’ve ever seen. Do you think you can carry that form into the Olympics and repeat the Blue Lions’ team win at the 10th Summer Games?”
“I think so, we all had to be on our best to win at Nationals and we’ve been training well coming into the Olympics. I think we have what it takes to win gold, and even take home some individual medals.”
“The coaching staff have been gushing over Hannah Fontenot after her first senior national championship all-around win; how does having someone that versatile in the team help?”
“It’s huge, it really is. Hannah and I have competed against each other at the junior levels for years, and I’ve always been in love with how easy she makes everything looks. Just watching her at Nationals was incredible, and she really made the rest of us step our game up to match her. She’ll be a big part of the team finals, and she can challenge for the all-around title no problem.”

“Going to be a lot of fun to watch, Marina. MacKayla, making history not just as one of the youngest senior national champions, but also as one of Asteran’s first Olympic skateboarders and as our youngest-ever flagbearer. A lot of history on that little board.”
“Yeah, y’know, not every day you get the call that you’re going to the Olympics or that the rest of the team voted you flagbearer. I still don’t think it’s real, like I’ma wake up tomorrow back in my bedroom or something.”
“You’ve been something of an Internet sensation with your skateboarding videos, carving up the streets of North Mara. How were you able to translate that into your competitive skating?”
“Y’just go out and have fun, y’know? Y’dont want to think too hard about it, just end up living in your head and can’t get out. You can think about what trick you want to do next, but overthinking the trick just ends up with you on your back. Had that happen when I first appeared in Blaster, thought too hard about a grind down the Albert Stairs and ended up breaking my arm.”
“How has being one of the youngest competitors on this team affected how people interact with you?”
“Everybody’s been real cool, real chill. Kinda been flipped, a lot of people have been coming up to me asking for autographs and pics, ‘cause they all like my videos. Even Prince Sebastian and his wife wanted a pic, she comments on my videos all the time.”

“Great stuff, MacKayla. Good luck to all of you, and we hope to see you back on the medal couch. Back to you, Char.”

“Thank you, Hanna. Now, Gavin Millstead takes a deeper dive into Electrum and the host cities.”

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Hello and Welcome to TEAM GO ALEZIA, a special comic series where the members of the Alezian Union brings you exploring the history and world behind Alezian Sports Culture! Before we do start with anything, I guess it won't hurt to introduce these four one by one! (do notice that these four age waaaaay slower than a normal human, hence don't be surprised why these four had endured stuff from long long time ago...)

Human Name: Shamal Aliziyyatqaruddin
Height: 173 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Favorite Sports: Rhytmic Gymnastics, Artistic Swimming (summer), Figure Skating (winter)
Capital: Zafizamarrah
Produces: High Tech products (computers, smartphones, screens), Petrochemicals, and Pharmaceuticals

Description: Probably the most experienced in this olympics thingy since he's the only one who had participated before in Banija and Liventia. Although he failed to earn anything that time, he's ready to bring his group to win, or at least have fun if fate aka RP points oocly is not on his side... In the Alezian Union, North Alezia is the strongest economically, and houses the capital of the entire union (Zafizamarrah). His soft side warrants his love for music and sports relating to it which also helped by his great sense of auditory arts, although he can snap if you really-really-really touch his bad sides...

1. North Alezia is a pretty good pilot, he has a license to fly planes!
2. North Alezia is actually a polyglot, able to speak more than TEN languages.
3. North Alezia is pretty good with children, sometimes acting as a babysitter when people need him.

1. North Alezia sometimes do stuff without thinking twice.
2. North Alezia still have a lot of emotional wreckage inside him, due to the bad trauma that is the Iliya Dictatorship (1958-1988)
3. Like I said before, you really really don't want him to snap. (although 99% of the time he's a cool guy)

Human Name: Jamal Aliziyyatqaruddin
Height: 183 cm (6 feet)
Favorite Sports: Shooting, Weightlifting, Athletics
Capital: Doorsbreeken
Produces: Metal and Gems, Milk and Dairy Products (Cheese, Yoghurt, Bread)

Description: The largest in area and population, South Alezia is definitely the strongest and tallest physically, especially added with his previous military background, which brought him more guns and guns and battle scars on his hands(nowadays he's a veteran, and doing less military work and more governmental work especially after reunification). He's also a man of surprises, winning stuff that no one predicted he would do well in, which should bring attention from the people around the world. And that's what he's been doing lately, after living under an "adequate" (that's him being generous) and "smart" (also him being generous) military regime, he's trying to get the world's attention in positive ways after reunification happened.

1. South Alezia has a strong sense of justice, not letting anyone do bad stuff to his allies
2. South Alezia knows how to make good milk and dairy products
3. South Alezia strides for quality in his stuff, after the stupidity around his life in the previous job he's in, he wants to do himself some good work and satisfaction.

1. South Alezia might feel and act a bit too overprotective towards North Alezia. (This has something to do with history between the two)
2. If North Alezia sometimes do stuff without thinking twice, South Alezia sometimes do stuff without thinking even ONCE.
3. South Alezia is quicker to temper compared to the others, sometimes using force when it's actually unnecessary. (he did regret his actions after doing such things)

Human Name: Mona Inganashvili
Height: 162 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
Favorite Sports: Skateboarding, Cycling
Capital: Trishi
Produces: Spare Parts, Tools, Electronic Components (not ready-made products, that was North's job), Pearls and Jewelery

Description: Even though Mosin-Nagan is the smallest region by population, land area, and Parliament representation, she is still a force to watch out for. She can be considered a pretty cool and hip region that for some reason speaks Georgian somehow. And that can be proven with her ability to rush around her islands with her skateboard and/or her BMX. She is also pretty specific with those two sports, where she has to do the techniques specifically or it just won't work. (a.k.a, at those parts of her life, she's a perfectionist.)

1. Mosin-Nagan is an EXCELLENT computer master, knowing the software and the operating system inside it nook and cranny.
2. Mosin-Nagan is really protective towards her environment, with her environmental laws being one of the strongest in the entire union
3. Mosin-Nagan can be creative. REALLY CREATIVE. Many of Alezian-made inventions came from her territory.

1. Mosin-Nagan loves to do pranks towards her fellow members. The others didn't like it... MN's pranks are rather... sinister...
2. Mosin-Nagan sometimes can't read the situation (mostly due to the fact that her place (Trishi) is waaay too far from the other three)
3. Related to number 2, Mosin-Nagan is terrible in solving situations that involve the Alezian Union most of the time, oftentimes she don't know what to do... And would mostly panic.

Human Name: Pa'ina Barley Dasic
Height: 159 cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Favorite Sports: Sailing, Swimming, Diving
Capital: Bucinnois
Produces: Fish and Marine Products, Food Stuffs, Oil and Petroleum.

Description: While Pantabang Islands is the shortest out of the four, he still got a lot to do. Situated between North and South Alezia, he acts as a bridge between the two. (Emotionally, and most of the time, literally since he got a bridge that connects Zafizamarrah and Doorsbreeken) He also works as a major supplier of food to the other members, and a tourism hub for the Alezian Union (his beaches are fantastic). Due to the massive touristy reputation he got, he become a "cool" boy in the Union. Being known for its beaches and water and wearing sunglasses all the time naturally makes him a master of non-musical water sports.

1. Pantabang Islands is a great negotiator in National issues. If North and South Alezia got to a fiery argument, Pantabang Islands act as the Firefighter who extinguish the fight between the two because even in a union, a fight between the big two could be terrible.
2. Related to number one, Pantabang Islands can talk any fight down due to him being absolutely chill most of the time.
3. Pantabang Islands is literally the walking Alezian History Library. He knows everything because he is an ABSOLUTE Native Alezian. He's also a solid protector of Alezian culture and tradition.

1. Pantabang Islands still feel anger towards North and South Alezia (see 1958-1988 and 1988-2021 where PI was divided between the big two.)
2. Pantabang Islands can be cocky a lot of the times. He's mostly that if he's not mediating North and South
3. Pantabang Islands has a rivalry against Mosin-Nagan about who's the most hip region there is.

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OOC: Due to my limited technical capacity atm as well as my RP plans, I have decided not to make a customized news banner for this Games (particularly as I'll be posting in this format a bit sparingly), so I will be reusing this one made for a newswire. Thanks in advance for the understanding.

Also, for transparency, this article discusses something I've been closely working with Electrum on, so I believe I am not overstepping any boundaries here.

Provided for the International Broadcasting Alliance by Radiu-Televižio Kalosia
Venrediés, 6 Aúgustu 2021

Kalosian girl group to perform at the XV Olympics Opening Ceremony

SOMER, ELECTRUM—The Kalosian girl group Montereu have arrived in Somer, Electrum, in preparation for the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XV Olympiad. The Games are being held in the next couple of weeks across a few different cities along the Terranean Coast, Electrum.

The girls are previously known internationally largely for their participation in the 66th WorldVision Song Contest in Britonisea, where they came 6th with the song L'amurë Rušmoresë, a bubbly pop ode to romance in the region of Rushmore. The performance was memorable for a backing dancer who, at some point in the song, 'proposed' to an audience member holding the Rushmori regional flag.

For the upcoming performance, they will sing a version of that song translated into English, titled 'Rushmori Love'. The lyrics have been updated as well, both to reflect geopolitical developments and to appeal to the nations participating in the Games—whereas the original version mentions Saviera, Taeshan, and the Imperial Lodge, the former is now considered part of Novapax whereas the latter two do not appear to be sending athletes to the Games (at least not to the awareness of the lyricists).

Additionally, the girls are currently known domestically as the artists behind the official song of Team Kalosia at this year's Games. The song, titled Lë meľor ('The best'), is an uplifting, summery pop song meant to motivate not only the athletes flying our flag at the Games, but also to inspire the citizens of Kalosia to be more active, physically, and to become the best versions of themselves. An instrumental orchestral version of this song, recorded by the Kalosian Philharmonic Orchestra, will serve as the theme music for Radiu-Televižio Kalosia's coverage of the Games.

For the Opening Ceremony, Montereu will also perform the English version of this song, titled 'Capture the Flag'. With these two performances, the girls hope to captivate audiences across the multiverse. Their management expressed hopes that their performance of 'Rushmori Love' in particular will attract the attention of Rushmori audiences, and noted that the song was chosen due to the fact that the Games is taking place within the region. As Kalosia is located just southwest off the coast of Electrum, it made sense for there to be a cultural performance showcasing the identity of the region to the multiversal audience.
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Fri Aug 06, 2021 12:13 am

OOC-1: Please do not grade the spoiled roleplay piece, as it's an adapted version of a similar RP made back in last olympics. In here, it's updated to provide context, but no more. The rest, now titled 'Jin Chang-Wook's Adventure of A Lifetime', are new and more than welcome to be graded. Many thanks, as always.

OOC-2: The Taegukgi is the leading centrist, Korean-language newspaper (more like centre-left, given this country's political leanings) in Quebec and Shingoryeo, with its particular influence held over Quebecois journalism as field. While all its articles are by default written first in Korean and IC readers who'd be reading it rightaway are familiar with Korean language to one degree, it is written in English here in NSS for obvious reasons.

OOC-3: Thanks to Mertagne and Kytenia for lending me specific use of their settings/characters this series.

The Taegukgi: The Korean-language voice of the Quebecois Commonwealth

Quebec and Shingoryeo Delegation to stay on 6 cruise ships for 2050 Bunjil Olympics

The Grand Evangelion, one of two ships for Quebecois "Olympic Family, Friends and Supporters", on cruise near Newfoundland last December.

Joon-Yong Kim-McFadden

QUEBEC CITY, CAPITALE-NATIONALE - They often say that the olympic village is like a small enclave where all the actual actions take place, from people of farthest parts possible meeting each other to jackrabbits flying all around the village. Heck, that's probably the beauty of olympics for many athletes and not to forget, journalists. So what if this happens on a smaller scale, but with lot more familiar groups of people on a really small space? To once again visit the country that had the most successful results in the history of Quebecois delegation?

Right. You have probably heard of this project proposed and prepared, as an extension of the historical precedences, by the RQOC over the course of last six years after the end of 2044 Istria-Orean Summer Olympics. Following the success of the last olympic campaign, where the public and athletic reception to the cruise ships remained high, it seems as if the ways of the old times made sense to resume.

With just a week left before hundreds of Quebecois men and women head to the Bunjil region, at least six hours away from Quebec via aeroplane, rumours have surfaces that the Royal Kingdom of Quebec delegation, both athletes and coaches present, will be staying on two cruise ships - each named The Pride of Quebecois Commonwealth bound for Agri and International to Somer - with the ships staying in the cities' respective ports. To accommodate the Electrumite Olympic Committee's call for moves involving greater environmental sustainability, two additional liners will be anchored alongside during the games and provide lodgings for those whom the RQOC termed (and meant only for themselves) as the "Olympic Family, Friends and Supporters".

But what made this practice, a particularly popular and controversial one in the international media in the Jacquesian Age, come back? When asked earlier this year about the plans, the Royal Quebecois Volleyball Federation president Brittany Veronneau, previously told the Gazette that Team Quebec, like in past 3 olympics, will continue with their different living arrangement to ensure maximum privacy and security. While the successful security measures that have taken during their last participation in the last two olympics, was something they expected it to continue, the measures were continued to avoid possible repeat of the tragedies that had occurred in Zube and Republic games.

'Better safe than sorry, and it probably helps with our delegation's needs lot better, especially as this avoids possible exposure to foreign sources.' said Veronneau, the captain to the gold-medal winning Quebecois women back in 2020 Centralis-Nassau Bay Games. 'The RQOC has maintained this position even after security improvements in Istria and Orean, because there's this sentiment that it is best to continue said arrangement, to avoid any possible row of infections or violence against Quebecois athletes and our olympic family.'

'As far as I know from what I've heard so far, We'll have a few cruise ships in the docks.' Alexander Nikopoulos, the captain of the cruise ship International, told the Gazette. 'There'll be one with the national team athletes and their staff members, and one other for our so-called olympic family, docked in Somer. And then we have the other two heading to Agri under the same arrangement.' When asked on what exact dock they will land, Mr. Nikopoulos declined to comment, stating that it's not up to him to tell at this point.

The twin ships housing the athletes and the staff members will be smallest of the two, 130,000 GT International and The Pride of Quebecois Commonwealth operated by Odeon Cruise Lines, which bills itself as the ‘International Cruise Services for Everyone’. Both ships have their maximum capacity at 1,410, had their recent cruises in the Northwestern Quebec and the Northandryun Passage all the way to Vilita and Huayramarca, and will be housing roughly 850 people each (combining for around 1700) in Agri and Somer.

Despite the return of the cruise ships drawing major public attention, the Quebecois authorities have made sure to stay mum about the journey- until they arrive in the Bunjil region after a week of fun, fitness and fuckery. In one part they're still staying mum about the details regarding the cruise ships. For example Anthea Burke, the Secretary of the Royal Quebecois Olympics Committee (RQOC), refused to comment on a reporter's question asked earlier today about the rumour of a portal used between the ships and their respective olympic villages.

She listed security as the reason for not disclosing the method, but instead emphasised that it is absolutely important to provide space for those who work to earn their spots. ‘RQOC maintains its current stance on the use of alternative arrangements for this edition of the Olympiad because we believe that our athletes should maintain not only the best time preparing for their athletes, but also that they get best possible rest and quality time with their friends and families.’

She also said that RQOC, besides the common misconceptions, does not have any policy against Quebecois athletes visiting their respective olympic villages and surrounding areas, as well as their non-designated airship if they wished to. When asked if there is a curfew for the athletes, she said that there's none: ‘There is nothing to be concerned about, as we do understand that each and every athlete has different ways to prepare ahead and during the Olympiad. If we overthink into this and try to place them into a special mold for their piece of mind, that will certainly fail.’ She said, before passing the mic to members of the Athletes’ Commission.

Jin Chang-Wook's Adventure of A Lifetime

Part 1

Just like is snowy, freezing winters, the heat of Quebec City summers leave no hostages alive. This was a major downside on living in the southern half of the country, where there existed no humidity but the temperature consistently reached 30s and people were either playing on their local parks or resting with a huge fan or two inside their homes. The sun was still out with full force at four in the afternoon, and the sunset wasn't going to happen until past eight. No cloud was to be found, and if you were careful enough, you'd be able to see all the way out to around 200km away from the heart of Quebec City.

Jin Chang-Wook sat on his wooden chair on the balcony of his grandparents' place, looking into the picturesque view of the Quebec City's boulevards and the flowers. Tomorrow, him and the Quebecois delegation were going to board the cruise ships to Bunjil on a two week journey, where they were going to spend a couple of weeks training within their own teams, getting to meet others and most importantly, have a good time. His grandparents were going to travel to Bunjil later, but for now, a good-bye was going to be made.

For once, he took the day off. Normally, he would have been practicing all morning on the gym, either with the national team or the CSKA Quebec team of his youth days, but he certainly wasn't feeling it. In all honesty, he was happy he didn't go to gym today, especially with his partner of two years, Mertagnian sabre fencer in Vicki Egerton, also being in Quebec City where she's been training since 16 (and still did during summer and winter holidays) before heading to Dannin to join the Mertagnian delegation next week.

Of course they both knew where they wanted to go in their athletic careers, and the olympics couldn't have come sooner. Twenty is when some of the multiverse's finest athletes start shining (1). Unlike her, however, he knew his best days were yet to come for a while, and that the Quebecois national team's going to need his services for what, next, fifteen years (2)? Heck, the chances were very high for him to play into the next two olympics, especially with the current wildcard system and the crop right under him. Beating out Benedict Jeon, the clear number one starter, for the spot was going to be a task for future, but that's a story come next March when WorldLeague happens.

Sitting right next to him was his grandmother, Margarita Jeon (unrelated to Benedict Jeon), who was wearing sweatpants and loose tee-shirt. At age 74, she was still on full strength and was able to catch all her four grandchildrens' games whether on television or in person. '어떤 결과가 나오든 실망하지 말고,' (don't be disappointed, regardless of the result), she said to him. '아직 시간이 많이 남았으니까 (there's plenty of time left).' Chang-Wook and his sister Chang-Sook had relied a lot on their grandparents over the last decade, when the passing of his father back then and eventually his mother four years ago, had them move to Quebec City after growing up in Krytenia and Acadiana.

It did take both grandparents to propel both him and his sister to sporting career, especially since his father's passing. Their late mother, Madeleine Streisend, worked on a pair of environmental organisations and later Quebec Foundation, and both works had required her to be away often and for long months, which had made the Jins staying in her native Quebecois Acadiana unattainable. So it came down to his grandparents, who were enjoying retirement in Quebec City after long career as a graphic designer and a cultural centre director, to raise them when they eventually flew back to Quebec City.

His grandparents, of course, were happy to raise their grandchildren. By that point, they had all the time, and with them not really being happy with the incomprehensible behaviours of their daughter-in-law when younger, they took all they could to raise their grandchildren. It began with a lot of preparing their lunchboxes and getting them to actually go to school, and to chat about whether college or professional ranks were better for them after high school, and a lot of visits to the CSKA Athletic Complex counted as well.

Both the Jin siblings' journey to the olympics started when they were on club sides back in Garigal, the capital of Quebecois Acadiana, even though everybody knew that their talent really took off once they had joined CSKA Quebec 8 years ago. They already had great mental fortitude, partly carried from the temper their late parents carried, and with some proper coaching, both quickly rose up the ranks. Of course, even with high expectations, there's a lot to come especially given the family legacy. They say it's not easy to follow up with the legacy of an olympian parent, military honour-winning peacekeeper, and that's how Chang-Wook and Vicki met in first place...

Two Years Ago...

'What a fucking debut, eh?' Shouted a friend from dormitory from some distance, as Jin Chang-Wook waved back at him with all the cool and slight dosage of pride. After the 2nd-ranked Golden Gaels had closed the match, beating the 3rd-ranked Mount Ester Lancers 3-0 (25-22, 25-21, 25-23) on a clean sweep, Chang-Wook received neverending ovation and congratulations by the fans, the parents and of course, the volleyball officials who had watched his debut match on collegiate level.

Chang-Wook was glad to see his floormates from the 3rd Floor of MacDougall Hall came to cheer for him. Being busy with practices or classes, he couldn't hang out a lot with them, which was something that he internally lamented. At least he was glad they were there though. His grandparents, who were enjoying retirement on a flat in Quebec City's Parthenon District, were old and couldn't make it, and his sister too had a career of hers, but in basketball. So seeing their presence, even if they weren't able to see him around a lot on dormitory parties and whatnot, was relieving enough for him.

And to be fair, so were they. Everybody was in awe over how this setter, who was neither tall nor athletic (3), knew how to set the ball with next to no blocks chasing up against Mount Ester. He knew how to spike serve with high speed (120km/h or more, apparently), and there was no doubt he had all the confidence this transitioning Golden Gaels' needed in the freshman setter. Of course, doing this so against Mount Ester, another powerhouse with better results in recent years, only made this sweeter, and at Queen's College, in the heart of this small regional centre of 160,000, this meant something.

The happy-happy crowd, ready to celebrate, finally started walking out of their seats, allowing him to finally see his friends. Now, for once, could Chang-Wook hear something clearly and without another sound interrupting him, as he approached a couple of his close friends from the floor. It was a weird feeling, seeing Chang-Wook wearing trackshirt over his jersey, and all of sudden feeling ordinary. He didn't mind though - the Friday night thriller's now over, and he could at least have a nice, cold shower at one of the floor washrooms and then check emails (and l'Instagramme) before going to bed.

'야! 창욱아! (Hey! Chang-Wook!)' he got to see the same friend, Goh Seung-Hoon, who happened to be on the fencing team, and walked up to him with all the grins and smiles. '추카추카! 이제 치킨먹자! (Congrats man! Now let's get some fried chicken!)' his friend shouted, causing him to slightly grin with the cringe. Seung-Hoon was looking back at him with newfound trust and was unsure on what to say. Chang-Wook knew Seung-Hoon watched more basketball than volleyball, but what caught his attention was not so much on how impressed his friend was. Chang-Wook, being a second generation Golden Gael whose father, a pupil of legendary Epee coach Brock Lundrigan, was the olympic gold medal-winning sabreur back in 2024 Aeropag Games, knew his friend was in every way closer to making the Olympic Team. It didn't matter to him that the Quebecois fencing national team was in middle of transition phase that frankly, hasn't gone well according to last Quebecois Commonwealth Games last August. He just knew.

'그래,' he answered back as they gave each other a fist bump. Now, that mattered less in his mind, as he happened to recognise a company with him. He turned around and looked quickly at her, before noticing rightaway that she wasn't a Quebecois. She certainly appeared Quebecois with clothes and whatnot, but not necessarily the mannerisms. Of course, that didn't matter to him, for the short girl (4) had caught his eye, but she didn't seem as impressed as his friend was.

'Uh...hi. Don't think I've met you, but I'm his friend, Chang-Wook.' Chang-Wook casually tried to introduce himself to the girl. 'I hope this isn't too awkward, but yeah, thanks for coming, and uh-'

'Oh, so you're the volleyball guy he's been talking about, right?' Vicki Egerton asked. Chang-Wook was unsure on how to respond but to nod. 'Yeah, he brought me to the match.'

'I see. That's good.' he responded, trying not to ask a quick question he'd have asked to other girls. ' you watch volleyball? I know you aren't on the women's team, the teams had dinner earlier-' Chang-Wook smiled, trying to not say too much.

'No, though I know just about enough to say that you did look incredible out there.' Vicki answered back with bit more emotion on her voice. 'Mum's a club coach back in Dannin, and I have a couple of cousins who are on their national teams, but no, I don't play it myself.'

'Ah, I see.' Chang-Wook responded, now wondering what sport she's playing. 'In all honesty, I would not recommend it. You have to dive a lot, and rolling ankles and diving, father did a lot of those. Not that he's around anymore to tell us of his stories but-' Unlike his usual self, however, he was not catching clear details of the panorama and missed the clear 'SABRE' sign on the left side of her team jacket, and the Golden Gaels' logo on the right side that indicated she was on the fencing team. Of course, his friend was quick to notice his friend missing out on the details...And now he's oversharing.

'My knees aren't really better, if you couldn't figure out already.' responded Vicki, pointing to her kneecaps. 'Sabre's never good on your thighs, hamstrings and certainly not the knees.'

'Ouch. Lunges definitely.'

''s really cool that your dad actually fenced sabre under Coach (Brock) Lundrigan and Joel-Lynn McCarthy though.' She smiled at him. 'Kinda the same reason why I came here this year- I moved to Quebec City when I was fifteen on a fencing scholarship by Ecole de la Capitale, and then spent three years with them and Salle Andre-Michelin before coming here for college. I was going to move abroad anyway, whether it be here or Emberton, but that's how it turned out.'

'Yeah. I was actually born there. Dad, uh, he used to coach before he passed and then we moved to Quebecois Acadiana. One could say that's how I ended up going somewhere other than that sport, which was such a shame but...the coincidence kept coming back once I returned home 5 years ago?' He said as they turned around, only to notice that Seung-Hoon had already gone back into his dorm. 'So you are going to Bunjil, I guess?'

'I surely hope so!' She shot back, trying not to sound too intimidated by the prospect of it so early. 'I know Mertagne Olympic Committee is expecting a lot from me, and I expect good things to come. Of course, accumulating enough ranking points for qualification is another story though, but by this point I'm used to it. This is my third year on the national team, and it's easier to stay nervous than to lose all the tension in that one moment (5).'

'Seems like you are way ahead of me there.' Chang-Wook chuckled. 'Even with all the junior and youth teams, this never gets easy for me. So much for being an Arlenian Cross recipient's son, as I'd like to say.'

'Sure, but that didn't mean you were lights out today,' Vicki smiled back. Chang-Wook quickly noticed the smile, and thought to himself as well. 'Now we should go back and maybe grab something at The Lazy Friar before the line gets too long...apparently my floor's having a party, so I know they will be there...'

'밖에 좀 나갔다 오렴 (Maybe go have a walk outside,' his grandmother said, reminding Chang-Wook that he didn't have to be with her and the grandpa, who had a board meeting to attend all day long. '2주동안 떨어져 지내는게 아직은 어려울꺼야 (It's not easy yet to be separated for two full weeks on a cruise ship).'

'괜찮습니다. 그게 제숙명이지 않습니까? 삼태극마크의 무겁지만 그건 당연한겁니다. (I'm fine. Isn't this my destiny? It's not easy to bear the mark of the Tricolour Taegeuk.' Funnily enough, this was also the same thing that his late father said before the cruise ships' departure to 2024 Aeropag Games just twenty-six years ago. Unlike his father back then, however, Chang-Wook simply didn't worry about whatever that faced him.

'그래. (Alright.)' Margarita nodded, once again giving Chang-Wook an approval to see his partner just down the road. '아버지의 업적에 부담갖지 마렴. 너는 앞으로 갈길이 멀니까. (Don't be nervous about your father's achievements. You have long ways to go in your career.)' She knew it was going to be a short rendez-vous, and that he was going to come back in a couple of hours to see her. For most part, they were together but for this occasion he didn't want to say too much about it. The upcoming adventure of lifetime could wait on the other side of the mysterious waters that separated northern Anaia to southern Rushmore.

Chang-Wook knew he wasn't nervous one bit, even as the media attention followed her in the months leading up to the olympics. To be fair, he knew they had all the reasons to follow him for the Quebecois delegation. A second-generation olympian (though there were at least twenty on this year's group), whose late father had his own heroics (and to this day, remain the last Arlenian Cross recipient), with all the rumours out there about him declaring for the pros after the olympics? The guy whose partner also happened to be a major Mertagnian prospect? Those were all that's enough to give the hype.

(1) This depends on what country and what position. Fencing and volleyball are two different sports with two different developmental structures and national depth we also have to take into account. In this case, this is more applicable to Vicki than Chang-Wook.
(2) Well, this is partly true and not at the same time. For those who has known me on volleyball circuit, it would come with no surprise I am basing Chang-Wook off 35-year old Bruno Rezende, who has represented Brazil men since 2007.
(3) Setter is one position where height isn't mandatory to have, but top men's setters nowadays, whether it be Bruno Rezende (191), Saeid Marouf (189), Micah Christenson (198) or Simone Giannelli (195), have enough height. Keep Haikyuu Haikyuu please.
(4) Height is a relative thing here. A 185cm guy calling a 172cm girl short makes sense.
(5) While this is less of a case nowadays, especially as there are simply way more women's sabre fencers on FIE circuit nowadays, there once was a time when sabreuses used to win World Championships or even Olympics at age 16-18. Tan Xue, Mariel Zagunis, Rebecca Ward and Olha Kharlan come into my mind. Based on the information on fencing infrastructure Mertagne gave me about, I assumed this to be the case where Vicki Egerton joined the national team and even anchored the side while still in high school.
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