Need a whole ton of chicks and women

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Need a whole ton of chicks and women

Postby COCKULAR » Tue Jul 07, 2020 4:31 pm

Greetings from the Holy Empire of Cockular, you might have heard of us as the world hub for dog fighting, illegal drug distribution, bootleg Islamic bibles, and hot bitches 8) well we're out of the last one and we really need your help. The government ran cockular-con 2020 needs tons of hot women to help serve the pulled porked ribs and run the carnival games. We expect almost 500,000 people to be at this massive event, so we are requesting as many people as you can. These hot brods will be paided 185,000 each in our national currency, Hella Money, provided food, shelter, and a fun ass time.

Q and A:
Q- Why don't you just use the people you've already got
A- Where's the fun in that?

Q- How long will you need these people?
A- Anywhere from 4 days to 5 months

Q- Will our people be safe when returning?
A- Can't promise they will

We hope our request meets you well

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Postby Kuborano » Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:27 am

In the spirit of diplomacy and exploration, we have asked for volunteers amongst out people to see who wants to take up your request. 52 female frog-folk said yes as well as 19 cube-people. Though cube-people have only one gender, which is cube, and therefore are not women, they are all deemed very conventionally attractive cubes.

If this meets with your approval, we shall arrange transport for them to travel to your nation.
A 17.8 civilization,
according to this index.
Kuborano is made up of the cube-people and the frog-folk who live together in symbiotic harmony.
Pro: Democracy, Diplomacy, Friendship, Strength, Environment ~~~ Anti: Corruption, Pollution, Autocracy, Sphere-People
Our factbook has info on cube-person & frog-folk physiology, our military, our leader Prime Minister Ruĝa and the grand tale of our glorious nation. And lots of pictures too.

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