World Cup 83 - Rosters Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Cup 83 - Rosters Thread

Postby Equestrian States » Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:50 pm


Rosters Thread

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Welcome to the 83rd World Cup, being hosted by Equestria and Banija!

Nations that have signed up for World Cup 83 are to post their rosters here. Rosters should (at minimum) list your 11 starting players and their reserves. Participants may also wish to include background information on their players, manager/head coach, and any other staff members their teams might have. It is suggested that information on national stadiums also be included in roster posts, as they are commonly-used elements in many participants' RPs.

Other information participants may include in their posts include: formations, strategies/tactics, team background, traditions, kits/jerseys, fans, players' roles, team achievements, nicknames, and anything else not listed here that might come to mind.

Style Modifiers
Nations are also invited to include a style modifier for their team. Style mods range from -5 to +5. A team that plays offensively, attacking more and focusing on scoring more goals at the cost of defense, should choose a positive style mod (anywhere from +0.001 to +5.0); they will both score and concede more goals on average. Teams that would rather sit back and focus on defense to prevent their opponents from scoring too many goals should choose a negative style mod (anywhere from -0.001 to -5.0); they will give up fewer goals, but will also have more difficulty scoring goals than their offense-first counterparts. For those who want the best of both worlds, or just don't really care to choose one style over the other, a neutral style mod of 0 is the best option. Nations that do not indicate a style mod will be assigned a neutral one.

After the first match day, if a participant wishes to change their style mod to one different from what they initially posted, they may do so by sending the host scorinating their next match a request via telegram. It is asked that participants include an in-character rationale for the change in their TG to the hosts. Nations will only be allowed one style mod change after the first day of qualifying, so choose wisely when asking.

RP Permissions Box
It is also asked that participants include information on what their opponents can and cannot include in RPs about their team by posting an RP permissions box (or its equivalent) with their roster:

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes/No
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes/No
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes/No
Godmod other events: Yes/No

Posting a roster for your team will earn you a small RP bonus as well as the gratitude of other nations in your group, since writing match reports quickly becomes boring if one is unable to name any of their opponents' players. If you have any OOC comments, questions, or concerns please post them in the World Cup Discussion Thread (see links at top) or send one of the hosts a TG.
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Postby Equestrian States » Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:51 pm

Reserved for Equestria roster

Note: Please do not reserve roster posts unless you are a host
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Postby Banija » Sun Jul 21, 2019 5:52 pm

Reserved for Banija roster.
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Postby Nephara » Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:07 pm


World Ranking:
Preferred Formation: 4-4-2
Secondary Formation: 4-3-3
Style Modifier: 1.5
Home Stadium: The Farham Arena in Sabrefell is reserved for the biggest games, but Nephara is a large enough country that it spreads its matches across the nation.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Nickname: The Cormorants

The axe had to fall on Aidan Brosque. A group stage exit from the World Cup, then a fractured dressing room imploded in the Copa Rushmori - his position had become untenable. Their captain and star defensive midfielder, Monica Rowland, celebrated by using the Mathias Precedent to defect to Eura. The Cormorants continue to have reached precisely one WC quarterfinal, and no semifinals, since WC75.

So, Daniella Strauss comes in unburdened by expectation, in what is anticipated to be a bust cycle. While reaching the World Cup knockouts has to remain the expectation, her immediate task is to revitalise and detoxify the dressing room, while rejuvenating an aging playing pool. No pressure!

Overall Record
426 wins - 76 draws - 109 losses
1346 scored - 710 conceded

Baptism of Fire 51
Cup of Harmony 61
World Cup 74
Eagle's Cup 5
Copa Rushmori 30
5 Campionati Esportiva - 6, 8, 10, 15 and 18
Only the second nation in history to achieve the 'Triple Crown' of WCC titles - represented by three stars on the crest.

Most Caps
172 - Hadrian Belfast
155 - Elaine Ashdown
143 - Dieter Konoval
141 - Tosca Marlowe
137 - Cathy Stokes
136 - Tanith Rainsford
134 - Michael Brandon
129 - Adnan Szalai
126 - Anna Shrike, Malachite Scharner
123 - Estrella Hawke
116 - Dale Brightley, Diandra Ballard, Sasha Christener, Penumbra Amokachi
112 - Konrad Gosforth
111 - Calliope Katskalidis
108 - Gerhard Thunder
105 - Rowena Strongbow
104 - Rook Cathar
103 - Keith Rowland, Sieglinde Lohengrin
100 - Leona Rafford

Most Goals
72 - Estrella Hawke
65 - Penumbra Amokachi
57 - Gerhard Thunder
55 - Rook Cathar
50 - Elaine Ashdown

Most Clean Sheets
44 - Diandra Ballard (116 caps)
30 - Apostolos Tsattalios (89 caps)
28 - Portia Thrift (78 caps), Kieron Riordan (66 caps)
24 - Reece Coleman (51 caps), Andreas Swoboda (46 caps)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Hawke takes penalties, Moxham and Strongbow share set pieces.
** I'll have the final say on how long the player will be out, but feel free to make them look severe as you want.
*** One per match.

As always, the Cormorants play hard and physical on the defensive and quick, broad and ruthless on the attack, especially loving to absorb pressure and hit on the break. Set pieces are also something of a specialty. They usually press hard and try and wear out the opponent, but are willing to sit back if they need to preserve a lead. The fullbacks are expected to overlap with their wingers and provide much of the team's width. The strikers - mostly, anyway - are all very physical and very capable of finishing, pressing high as the first defenders but also striving to get on the end of chances and to finish what the midfield starts. Nepharim play rough, some might even say dirty - but at least it's always honest, and outright cheating isn't tolerated culturally. Well, not unless it wins a REALLY important match.

Manager - Daniella Strauss - Age 48
Assistant Manager - Bryony Johansen - Age 44
A former striker, Strauss has never done it at a truly big club - but then, the obvious candidates tend to fail for Nephara. Strauss turned a terrible Corvette side into a credible Premiership outfit for a time, and started to revitalise Southfell United before the Cormorants came calling. Unusually for Nepharim, she likes to keep ahold of the ball, but likes to play quick, aggressive football, with a high line choking the opposition. Bryony Johansen has also spent some time in the hot seat, though with vastly less success at Extreme Hills, and was a dominant centre-half in her playing days.

1 - GK - Andreas Swoboda (Image Holdenberg) - Age 32 - 46 caps, 24 clean sheets
12 - GK - Hesterine Mercator (Image Eastweald) - Age 27 - 16 caps, 10 clean sheets

GK - Apostolos Tsattalios (Image Falourr) - Age 32 - 89 caps, 30 clean sheets
GK - Leila Ramelow (Image Vermillion Rage) - Age 29 - 2 caps
GK - Althea Taliadoros (Image Raven River) - Age 28 - 2 caps, 1 clean sheet

After the excellence of the three-way duel between Swoboda, Tsattalios and Mercator - the latter of whom seems to be in the ascendancy - there's a worrying dearth of talent below, with most Premiership goalkeepers either foreign or in their thirties by now. Still. That's tomorrow's problem. Right now, Swoboda and Mercator are world-class goalkeepers, the former consistent and conventional, the latter a spry, acrobatic shot-stopper.

2 - RB - Eloise Kielseng (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 27 - 35 caps, 1 goal
3 - LB - Marcin Close (Image Brinemouth) - Age 26 - 38 caps
5 - CB - Roxelana Thorn (Image Revolutionaries) - Age 24 - 25 caps
6 - CB - Dragora Steelhenge (Image Ramusok United) - Age 30 - 61 caps, 3 goals

RB - Anita Sanger (Image Rammsissil) - Age 24 - 11 caps
RB - Valeri Longship (Image Crisisbless) - Age 24 - 1 cap
CB - Alcander Visser (Image Starling) - Age 29 - 4 caps
CB - Ilyana Brosch (Image AFC Corvistone) - Age 25 - 11 caps, 1 goal
CB - Gabrielle Reinhardt (Image Newrook City) - Age 25 - 3 caps
LB - Nike Rouphos (Image Chenoworth Harriers) - Age 26 - 6 caps, 1 goal
LB - Sander Katarec (Image Vermillion Rage) - Age 24 - 7 caps

Strauss promised a return to tradition, and one of the ways it's apparently manifesting itself is in question marks at rightback, with Leona Rafford scraping her way into the century club and internationally retiring. Half their defence, Kielseng and Steelhenge, are good, but not great - one playing for a fading giant in Cosumar, one literally in Brenecia. As for the others, though, quietly resolute Close is arguably the world's best leftback, and Thorn's got the potential to outshine anyone on the team. There's plenty of solid Premiership players to back everyone up.

4 - HM - Tawny Shone (Image Sabrefell Moths) - Age 24 - 27 caps, 5 goals
7 - RM - Ishtar Fanaiyan (Image Eastweald) - Age 29 - 70 caps, 20 goals
8 - CM - Rusalka Klein (Image Crawford City FC) - Age 30 - 68 caps, 18 goals
11 - LM - Rowena Strongbow (Image Directus) - Age 29 - 105 caps, 30 goals
13 - RM - Monako Saroszi (Image Ulsa) - Age 26 - 42 caps, 9 goals
21 - CM - Chimera Moxham (Image Crawford City FC) - Age 25 - 45 caps, 17 goals

RM - Atalanta Skapetis (Image Coret Hawks) - Age 26 - 6 caps, 2 goals
RM/CM - Marica Kuepper (Image Jungle Strike) - Age 24 - 12 caps, 2 goals
HM - Circe Rosenthal (Image Directus) - Age 29 - 47 caps, 9 goals
HM - Catheline Marchant (Image OAS Royal FC) - Age 27 - 5 caps
HM - Evangeline Aschenbach (Image Starling) - Age 27 - 5 caps
CM - Mordecai Brandtner (Image Newrook City) - Age 27 - 8 caps, 4 goals
CM - Malachi Chalk (Image Falourr) - Age 25 - 5 caps, 3 goals
LM - Marisha Staunton (Image Crisisbless) - Age 27 - 25 caps, 5 goals
LM - Morena Deventer (Image Brinemouth) - Age 23 - 5 caps, 2 goals

The famous trident of Rowland - Klein - Moxham has been ripped apart; Klein is 30 now, and Rowland has switched allegiance, the Quisling bitch. What better time to switch to a 4-4-2? This is, admittedly, the formation that star playmaker Moxham literally fled Treason to escape, but she's older now, more mature, might actually track back. And Tawny Shone's a vicious terrier in midfield. Meanwhile, the Nepharim wingers are terrifying; Strongbow is probably the team's best player on the left, while the lightning-quick Fanaiyan and dynamic Saroszi fight it out on the right.

9 - ST - Estrella Hawke (Image Directus) - Age 31 - 123 caps, 72 goals
10 - ST - Aristide Metzger (Image AFC Treason) - Age 26 - 20 caps, 11 goals
15 - ST - Kurtis Bastable (Image Hornchurch) - Age 23 - 9 caps, 3 goals

ST - Erika Wolff (Image North Sabrefell) - Age 29 - 14 caps, 7 goals
ST - Maladict Farrell (Image Newrook City) - Age 29 - 2 caps, 1 goal
ST - Cheney Breremond (Image Vermillion Rage) - Age 27 - Uncapped
ST - Arista Tzorvas (Image Olympic Thessia) - Age 23 - 1 cap, 1 goal
ST - Konrad Lovelace (Image Starling) - Age 22 - Uncapped

Not so long ago, there was a dearth in quality up front; now, there's almost too much quality to fit in. This is probably Estrella Hawke's last rodeo, the veteran all-round striker who always finds a way to the net, and the equally physical powerhouses of Metzger and the wunderkind Bastable will support her. Behind those three, who are almost certain to be on the plane bar misadventure, Wolff, Farrell and Breremond are very much present threats, with Tzorvas and Lovelace the raw talents of the future, ready to be blooded.
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Postby South Covello » Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:08 pm

South Covello National Team Roster

Nickname: Rebels
Style modifier: -5

Head Coach: Richard Hawkins
Assistant Head Coaches: Vinnie LaGuche and Joey Egermeister

After World Cup 79 and the South Covellan Revolution, the feisty Rebels elected to turn things over to the next generation. Richard Hawkins, previously the star goalkeeper, was named head coach, but the entire team was new. Vinnie LaGuche returned as well, as an assistant coach, and was joined by Joey Egermeister, a proud supporter of the Revolution and lifelong soccer fan who previously served as Acting President of the South Covello Soccer Federation after the Gregists were overthrown.

Hawkins and his staff hand-picked the new stars, and to his pleasant surprise he was able to find a young goalie who was almost athletic as he was, in Matthew Tyler. Tyler was just 19 years old and already almost as good as Hawkins was. In time, he would probably even surpass him. The rest of the team filled in nicely as well, defensively minded as always, and, as many of them had grown up idolizing the strong defensive wall, first for the Foot Slaves and then the Rebels, this led many of them to become defenders as well. So the good old Rebel Wall was still there, great and strong as ever. The team wouldn’t be letting in many goals this cycle, it sure seemed.

The Rebels would be playing a defensive 4-5-1 this cycle, with the sole striker being the young, awesomely named star Coconut Charles. The Coconut name, of course, was a direct insult to the Gregists, Lord Almighty Gregory and the others who forbid the mere mention of the work. It was sure to be a spectacular future.

However, the future wasn't all it was cracked up to be. South Covello fell way too early, in the Round of 16 of World Cup 80. However, they rebounded in World Cup 81, making the final before losing to Eura, and will look to finally hoist that elusive trophy this tournament.


GK: Matthew Tyler (Age 22) CAPTAIN
LB: Pat Hauer (Age 28)
CB: Cal Yachtwood (Age 23)
CB: Dmitri Woodward (Age 28)
RB: Paul Paul (Age 26)
DMC: Dexter Yankee (Age 26)
LMC: Steve Danckweed (Age 30)
MC: Gerry Ollivera (Age 28)
RMC: Henry Ocho (Age 27)
OMC: Pillory Cantwell (Age 29)
ST: Coconut Charles (Age 23) VICE CAPTAIN


GK: Derry Beer (Age 29)
GK: Uganda Reed (Age 28)
DB: Reed Riley (Age 25)
DB: Jackson Jackweet (Age 28)
DB: Mordechai Coutheesh (Age 27)
DB: Elwood Averricci (Age 28)
MF: Serch Patty (Age 28)
MF: Piccho Della Gallo (Age 26)
MF: Caddy Woodstock (Age 27)
ST: Woody Woodstock (Age 27)
ST: Mattias Iwanuka (Age 28)





Revolution Stadium, Riverview

Revolution Stadium opened to start World Cup 80 and usher in a new generation of South Covellan soccer. The stadium is located on the banks of the Goldenrod River, and fans will be able to arrive at the stadium by boat should they wish. As the river is navigable in the portions that run through San Jose Guayabal as well, this opens up the possibility that some visitng fans from that nation could visit if the two nations face each other. However, as San Jose Guayabal appears to have withdrawn from international competition for the time being, that seems unlikely for now.

As mentioned above, the stadium is far more intimate than the old one, seating a relatively small 42,000 fans, with ample space for supporters as well as a small number of visiting fans. The views from the stadium are immaculate, looking out over the Goldenrod Valley with the river in view as well. For games played in the fall, it will just be an amazing sight to behold, even ignoring what is going on with the game.

RP Permissions:

If my opponent RPs first, I give him permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but I choose severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, subject to same restrictions
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, have fun, but don’t do anything you wouldn’t be OK with me reciprocating
Other Notes: All IC communications to or from any South Covellan government agency or official are public information under South Covello's government transparency laws. Keep this in mind in RPs, as this also applies to unsolicited messages you may send to our government. Obviously, purely OOC communications such as TGs are not included in this.

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Postby Hapilopper » Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:38 pm

The Hapilopper National Football Team

Full nation name: The Dominion of Hapilopper
Trigramme: HAP
Nicknames: The Thrashers, The Haps
Team Colors: Blue, Green and White

The Hapilopper National Football Team is a relative newcomer to the world of international sport, but recently made quite a name for itself in the 70th running of the Baptism of Fire, a tournament for first-time national teams. That initial run was quite a shock to Hapiloppian observers, considering association football's standing in the pecking order of Hapiloppian sport, well behind auto racing, baseball, gridiron football, and wrestling. Under manager and head coach Thom Perkins, the Hapiloppians went undefeated in the entire Baptism of Fire, on the strength of loud, obnoxious play, physical defending and bold promises often kept. While such a performance is not likely against more established powerhouse nations in the World Cup, The Hapiloppians are cheering for a miracle, and fans have called the HNFT's World Cup hopes "The Impossible Dream," and feel that under Perkins' leadership, Cooter Harris's captaining and the goal scoring ability of Ernie Stevenson, anything is possible, and the Haps are hoping for a miracle. For this World Cup, the team's motto, reflecting that attitude, is "What's the worst that could happen?"

Perkins, 53, was recently named the manager of the national team, and is known for his ability to rally a team together. The former manager of The Soldiers, Perkins rallied the troops together a year ago to help The Soldiers score the HFA Championship. Perkins likes to rely on an attacking form of football, and will likely rely on the 4-2-3-1 formation for most of the time. Perkins has received a vote of confidence following his ability to bring together players, some of whom didn't particularly care for each other, en route to a great showing in the 70th Baptism of Fire.
Perkins's staff includes:
TRAINER: Marc James
PHYSIO: Russ Oliver

Typical Lineup:

Capital Stadium, Hapilopper City, Hapilopper
Built: 1970 | Seating Capacity: 66,025 | Open-Air | Artificial Turf
(Pictured: Capital Stadium in baseball configuration)
Capital Stadium, Hapilopper's de facto national stadium, is the last of Hapilopper's classic cookie-cutter venues, used for a variety of applications, including the Hapilopper City Nationals baseball team, the Hapilopper National Baseball Team and is the home of the Hapilopper National Football Team. As is custom with cookie-cutter stadiums, the park is completely symmetrical and is surrounded by multiple decks of stands, typically filled with screaming fans when the home team is doing well. Back in the 1970s, the HC Nationals, and their vaunted "National Machine" dominated Hapiloppian baseball, and brought over four million fans through the turnstiles on six occasions. Hapiloppian fans have vowed to come to Capital Stadium in force for HNFT games. Typically, Hapiloppian fans, including the members of the "Traveling Thrashers" supporters group are among the wildest fans in sport, and promise to be exactly that for the World Cup. Expect to see fans dancing along to 1970s funk music, slamming drums as loudly as possible, waving their flags, and throwing streamers for every Hapiloppian goal.

From left: The team's primary kit, the secondary kit and the goalkeeper's kit.

These uniforms, as seen here, are the HNFT's designated regular season kits. Should Hapilopper, by some miracle, make the knockout stage of the World Cup, the team will unveil a gaudier, livelier uniform for its team to wear. These uniforms, the "playoff specials," are a Hapiloppian sports tradition, and a tradition held very dear since the early 1970s when the West Hampton Royals introduced the "playoff special" to the Hapiloppian sports culture.

#1 | Cooter Harris | Hapilopper City Soldiers | Goalkeeper
Cooter Harris, the captain of the Hapilopper National Football team, is the last line of defense for The Soldiers of Hapilopper City, the top team in Hapiloppian football. Considered the most effective goalkeeper in the top level of Hapiloppian football, Harris registered a remarkable one goal allowed per 175 minutes of play in last year’s HFA Championship, which helped The Soldiers win the title last year. Away from the pitch, Harris enjoys going off-roading in his 1979 Major M-200 pickup truck, hunting and listening to country music.

#2 | Nick Seward | United Hampton Cities | Defenseman/Right Fullback
Nick Seward, the right fullback of United Hampton Cities and of the national team, is one of the strongest defensemen in all of Hapiloppian football. His tackling ability from the right side of the pitch helped get UHC out of a few unfortunate situations, but unfortunately, that same tackling ability can go too far, as Seward is known for getting in card trouble. In fact, he was suspended twice last year due to yellow card accumulation, and unfortunately, it happened when UHC needed Nick the most.

#3 | Colin McLain | Hapilopper City Highway Patrol | Defenseman/Left Fullback
Colin McLain, the Highway Patrol’s left fullback, is one of the more aggressive players in Hapiloppian football, and one of the more temperamental players, too. McLain will tackle players with impunity, regardless of if the player actually has the ball, or if he’s going for the ball. McLain was given a straight red in Highway Patrol’s match against The Soldiers a year ago for clotheslining striker Ernie Stevenson, precipitating a large-scale brawl between the two clubs. McLain has been warned by the Hapilopper Football Association to be on his best behavior.

#4 | Scott Dukes | Kingsland Warriors | Defenseman/Centerback
Scott Dukes, one of two centerbacks for the national team, is the Kingsland Warriors’ top defensive man, but he typically plays on the left side of the pitch. Dukes has been asked to move to the center position, and has been extensively practicing from the center of the pitch. One of the cleanest defensivemen in Hapiloppian football, Dukes has been asked on multiple occasions to turn up the aggression, and hopefully he’ll do exactly that on matchday for the Hapiloppians.

#5 | Nathan Ellis | FC Buckridge | Defenseman/Centerback
Nate Ellis, FC Buckridge’s ill-tempered centerback, was a late addition to the team following injuries suffered by Garvinson defenseman Paul Dibble. Ellis is an aggressive defensiveman, but is known just as much for fits of anger, most notably last year when he kicked UHC midfielder Steve Erickson in the stomach in retaliation for Erickson diving in an attempt to draw a foul. Ellis was given only a one-game suspension, likely due to the fact that, yes, Erickson had very obviously dived, something the HFA has been trying to stamp out.

#6 | Pancakes Taggart | Capital City United | Defensive Midfielder
Richard “Pancakes” Taggart, a defensive midfielder for Capital City United, one of Hapilopper City’s multiple football teams, is the first line of defense for Capital City, and can kill the momentum of an opposing team’s offensive run. Taggart got his nickname after eating 25 pancakes in one hour at an International House of Flapjacks on the outskirts of Hapilopper City.

#7 | Kelvin Beverly | West Hampton Sports Club | Defensive Midfielder
Kelvin Beverly, a defensive midfielder for the West Hampton Sports Club, at 36 years old, may be nearing the end of his career, but for the work he has done with the WHSC, to keep him off the national team would be a crime, honestly. Beverly is known for putting his entire body in the way of an attack, which sometimes means a kick to the ribs, or a ball right in the face. But, strangely, it gets the job done.

#8 | Murray Hunnisett |West River FC | Central Midfielder
Murray Hunnisett, the younger brother of HC Nationals star third baseman Leroy, is a central midfielder for Hapilopper City’s West River Football Club and the national team. Hunnisett can attack, and has three goals to his credit, and he can defend, getting the ball away from carriers at the first instance. Away from the pitch, Hunnisett is known as a ride-share driver on the “Mega” rideshare service around Hapilopper City, benefitting the “Drink, Drive and Die” campaign to stop drunk drivers in Hapilopper.

#9 | Steve Erickson | United Hampton Cities | Playmaking Midfielder
Steve Erickson of United Hampton Cities is a playmaking midfielder and striker, but is being used as an offensive midfielder for the national team. Erickson scored 19 goals last year for United Hampton Cities, but is unfortunately known for his tendency to “simulate” injuries at convenient times that may draw penalties. In other words, he’s a flopping jackass. This flopping drew the ire of Buckridge defenseman Nate Ellis in a match last year. Ellis and Erickson were jockeying for position. Erickson hit the deck. Ellis turned around and kicked Erickson in the stomach. Needless to say, the two didn't like each other until they were brought together for the Baptism of Fire.

#10 | Bobby East | Garvinson Trojans | Attacking Midfielder
Bobby East, Garvinson’s quiet attacking midfielder, is one third of the “Midnight Express” trio that led the small-town Trojans to a stunning second place in the HFA Championship. East, more commonly known as “Beautiful Bobby,” leaves the talking to his teammates and is just happy doing what he does on the pitch. Known as one of the nicest players in Hapiloppian sport off the pitch.

#11 | Ernie Stevenson | Hapilopper City Soldiers | Center Forward
Ernie Stevenson, the younger brother of racing driver Drake Stevenson, is one of the top strikers in all of Hapiloppian football, scoring 33 goals last year for The Soldiers en route to their HFA Championship a year ago, and has likely scored more goals than any single player in the 70th Baptism of Fire. Stevenson is a strong center forward and can bring the ball into the net from any angle. Away from the pitch, Stevenson and his wife, Wendy, lovingly take care of four dogs – a bulldog named Willie, a terrier named Drake, a Labrador named Precious and another bulldog named Princess.

#12 | Rufus Weeks | Hapilopper City Highway Patrol | Center Forward
Rufus Weeks, the Highway Patrol’s chief striker, scored 26 goals last year, primarily from point-blank range. Rufus, known as “Judge Weeks” by the Highway Patrol’s fans, is one of the biggest showboats in Hapiloppian football, and his goal celebration commonly consists of him pointing at the goalkeeper and shouting “GUILTY AS CHARGED!” for whatever reason. Unfortunately, Weeks is also known for his diving, which put him down to fourth on the four-man depth chart on the national team as the HFA has tried to stamp out diving as much as it could.

#14 | John Cornett | Garvinson Trojans | Center Forward
John Cornett, Garvinson’s foul-mouthed striker, scored the second-most goals last year, scoring 31 goals as the Trojans finished 2nd in the HFA Championship. Cornett can be a threat from all sides of the pitch. Cornett, meanwhile, has an unfortunate reputation as one of the most ill-tempered players in all of Hapiloppian sport. Two years ago, Cornett was suspended for half the season for threatening to ram a broken beer bottle up a rear orifice of a referee. Rumors also exist of a video of Cornett threatening a drive-through worker of a Fat Chuck’s Tasty Fried Chicken restaurant.

#15 | Patrick Morris | Pinkerton City SC | Forward
Pat Morris, one of Pinkerton’s top strikers, scored 23 goals last year, but was put #3 on the striker’s depth chart due to the diving of teammate Rufus Weeks. Morris is a threat from primarily the right side of the pitch, and defenders would be very smart to trap him on the left side, as his usefulness typically goes downhill very quickly on that side of the pitch.

#16 | Stan Long | Garvinson Trojans | Playmaking Midfielder
Stan Long, one of Garvinson’s “Midnight Express” trio, is the more charismatic of the two Midnight midfielders. Long, a creative playmaking midfielder, will elude defenders any day of the week and twice on Sunday as he sends the ball to John Cornett for a Trojans goal. Reportedly has a black belt in karate.

#17 | Brandon Herbert | Peoria City FC | Midfielder
Hybrid defensive-offensive midfielder Brandon Herbert is a multi-purpose threat for Peoria City. He can either stop an attack or he can start one. How he plays depends on the players he’s with, and Peoria City is not known as one of the top teams in the HFA Championship. However, experts agree that their poor standing is in spite of Herbert, not because of it.

#18 | Steve Swindlehurst | Raceway Football Club | Midfielder
Steve Swindlehurst, who can be placed anywhere ahead of the midpoint of the field, is a strong midfielder for Raceway Football Club in Buckridge. Swindlehurst actually scored two goals last year in incredibly lucky circumstances, one from 55 yards out when nobody was paying attention.

#19 | Doug Morse | FC Buckridge | Midfielder
Doug Morse of FC Buckridge is a defensive midfielder and will likely be a fixture on the bench to be put on as a mid-match substitution. Morse is known as a player that can stop offensive momentum when needed.

#25 | Clive Blackburn | Hapilopper City Soldiers | Defenseman
Clive Blackburn, a right fullback for The Soldiers, is a strong defenseman and will likely be named as a constant bench player, eligible to be subbed on. Blackburn, 29, is one of the more efficient defensive players in Hapiloppian football.

#28 | Donnie Armistead | Hapilopper City Highway Patrol | Defenseman
Don Armistead, left fullback for the Highway Patrol, will also be considered as a bench player to be subbed on. Constant injuries have plagued Armistead’s career, and this alone has placed a question mark on his playing time.

#30 | Rod Hughes | United Hampton Cities | Goalkeeper
Rod Hughes, the second-string goaltender for the national team, is a strong figure in front of the net, and is also a strong figure to keep the team motivated. Hughes registered one goal allowed per 143 minutes last year.

#35 | Paul Garrod | Washington FC | Defenseman
Paul Garrod, centerback for Washington FC, is on the team primarily as a last resort. Garrod was one of the last players selected to the national team. Expected to receive very little playing time in either the BoF or the World Cup qualifiers, and if he does make it in, it will be after the game is out of reach for either team.

#37 | Peanut Carlisle | Surrey United | Defenseman
Peanut Carlisle, another centerback for Washington FC, could see some time on the bench and potentially some limited time on the pitch in the later minutes. Carlisle is known for being one of the biggest country bumpkins on the national team, and has been asked to curb his chewing tobacco habit.

#60 | Colt Delaney | West Hampton Sports Club | Goalkeeper
Colt Delaney is the third-most efficient goaltender in Hapiloppian football, registering one goal allowed per 141 minutes last year. Delaney, however, has been also plagued by injuries and his playing time could be non-existent.

Style Mod: +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me if you want to do something serious
Godmod injuries to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: TG me first, or ping me on the NS Sports Discord, and we'll talk about it
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me first
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Postby Saintland » Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:48 pm

The Saintland National Soccer Team


Formation: 1-5-1-1-1-1
Style Modifier: -5
Captain: Alessandro Suedius
Demonym: Sanctii
Stadium: Royal Stadium
Stadium Location: St. Petrus
Stadium Capacity: 62,383


Starting Lineup

GK: #1 Alessandro Suedius (23)
SW: #2 Thomas Terentia (22)
RB: #3 Nicolaus Flavonius (22)
CB: #4 Andreas Munatius (21)
CB: #5 Paulus Vibenius (22)
CB: #6 Georgius Maianius (24)
LB: #7 Marcus Pompeius (24)
CDM: #8 Lucas Equitia (20)
CM: #9 Matthaeus Asinius (21)
CAM: #10 Ioannes Granius (20)
ST: #11 Iacobus Sosia (24)


GK: #12 Antonius Rutilius (21)
GK: #13 Silvester Fadius (23)
DEF: #14 Josephus Staius (25)
DEF: #15 Paulus Octavius (24)
DEF: #16 Nicolaus Plautia (22)
DEF: #17 Lucas Metilius (24)
DEF: #18 Nicolaus Aedinius (22)
MID: #19 Isaacus Baenius (23)
MID: #20 David Bruccius (23)
MID: #21 Salomon Petronia (23)
ST: #22 Abraham Justus (25)
ST: #23 Isaacus Nemetorius (25)


Since last participating in the Copa Rushmori back in the 24th edition, Saintland has undergone two time warps with over 50 years elapsing. In the years since, Saintland split into the Feministvs Sanctvsterra-run west and the Church of Saintland-run east which were eventually unified under the eastern government after King Petrus XX (now officially regarded as a usurper and heretic) died without a male heir and King Paulus XVI, son of King Andreas, refused to recognize the legitimacy of the law permitting Petrus's daughters to take the throne. After conquering Saintland, King Paulus XVI has restored the Church of Saintland to its legally dominant position and has pursued a course slightly more traditional than that of his grandfather. Sanctii time now runs at the same pace as Republican time (OOC: 1 year per WC).

The quality of Sanctii soccer has declined precipitously in recent years as baseball has become the most popular sport due to King Paulus XVI's legendary status in that sport. While King Paulus XVI's son Prince Andreas is tearing up youth soccer at the moment and may one day follow in his grandfather's footsteps, he is nowhere near ready for international competition which means that Saintland is returning to international play with a young defensive-oriented team led by goalkeeper Alessandro Suedius, the young goalkeeper for the St. Nicolaus team that has won the Sanctii league championship 2 years straight. Suedius selected a team of younger stars from the Sanctii league due to the low expectations surrounding the team.

The team is built around conservative, physical, defensive play. If the officials allow rough play, this Sanctii team will take advantage of it to frustrate attack-oriented opposition with a steady diet of borderline dirty tackles. As for the team itself, none of the players particularly stand out other than Suedius and Suedius will shuffle players in and out on a regular basis. The starters listed are the most likely starters but that exact lineup will almost never be the lineup Suedius goes with for an actual match.

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Other Restrictions: Y
Use My Bench: Y
NS Sports Results | Saintland Press | Commentaries on the WA's resolutions 7-22-14 update: Complete through #125 |
World Baseball Classic 27 co-host | World Bowl XXII host | World Cup of Hockey 23 host | Various Rankings | King Paulus XV Memorial Games
Official Name: Regnvm Sanctvsterra
Official Name in English: Kingdom of Saintland
Monarch: King Petrus XX
Prime Minister: Sara Poenius
Demonym: Sanctii
Trigram: SNT
If you're new to NS Sports and need help, feel free to send me a telegram or read my guide to NS Sports

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Postby Free Republics » Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:52 pm

Republican National Soccer Team, LLC


NOTE: The Republican National Team will only play a full-strength lineup in Qualifying against the higher seeds or in must-win matches. Against weaker opposition, some backups will see playing time in the interest of keeping the starters fresh for the World Cup Finals.

Formation: 3-1-2-1-3
Style Modifier: +2.5
Colors: Blue and White
Manager: Soccer General Rule Theriault
Assistant Manager: Sir Koby Theodore
Honorary Assistant Coach: Consul Kyle Bolton

Roster (age in parentheses)

Starting Lineup

GK: #12 Taras Sergeyev (21)
RB: #2 Ralf Schroder (21)
CB: #3 Zak Josef (22)
LB: #4 Vaclav Urbanek (21)
CDM: #5 Maxim Izmailov (22)
LM: #6 Usman Eldarkhanov (23)
RM: #7 Lecha Arsanukayev (21)
CAM: #8 Johnny Smith (20)
ST: #9 Porbergur Lydsson (22)
ST: #10 Love Holm (18)
ST: #11 Kalervo Peltola (20)


GK: #1 Stig Roivas (23)
GK: #13 Jaroslaw Nowicki (19)
DEF: #14 Mumadi Godina (20)
DEF: #15 Jake Reed (22)
DEF: #16 Marko Gersten (20)
DEF: #17 Tim Freeh (19)
DEF: #18 Ignacy Wozniak (17)
MID: #19 Alfonso Sundberg (21)
MID: #20 Donka Solyom (22)
MID: #21 Alik Khadzhiyev (19)
MID: #22 Nicolai Svendsen (20)
MID: #23 Denes Polak (18)
ST: #24 Dragutin Perkovic (21)
ST: #25 Norman Casares (18)
ST: #26 Andreas Hansen (19)
ST: #27 Steven Bosters (16)

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)



More information on these stadiums can be found in my IC information for World Cup 81.

NOTE: Specific stadium assignments will be announced after the draw.

MD1 vs The Aurian Plains

Stadium: Gem of the Oceans Stadium
Stadium Location: Republica, Republica District
Stadium Capacity: 101,208

MD3 vs Main Nation Ministry

Stadium: CoCoCo Stadium
Stadium Location: New City, Orlandiana
Stadium Capacity: 151,732

MD5 vs Lons

Stadium: Nejan Stadium
Stadium Location: Oldston, Nejax
Stadium Capacity: 122,406

MD9 vs Amuaplye

Stadium: Olympic Stadium
Stadium Location: Baseton, Amolotopia
Stadium Capacity: 107,432

MD11 vs St. Saratoga

Stadium: Soccer Palace
Stadium Location: Petrograd, Plymouth
Stadium Capacity: 111,663

MD13 vs Vakolicci Haven & Celeria

Stadium: Woodson Coconuts IslandDome
Stadium Location: Toakameau, Falatulu
Stadium Capacity: 66,666

Potential Friendlies

Stadium: MilaneseDome
Stadium Location: Wortana, Keronama
Stadium Capacity: 98,734

Stadium: AllMartDome
Stadium Location: Reco, Jolarus
Stadium Capacity: 88,234

Stadium: MingleDome
Stadium Location: Latroit, Yorkoba
Stadium Capacity: 73,203


After two years away from international soccer, Republican National Soccer Team, LLC reformed two years ago just as its owner and sole proprietor was awarded the title of Soccer General by Consul Kyle Bolton. Soccer General Rule Theriault held open tryouts throughout the FFR to find the best young soccer players and the hottest high school cheerleaders in the Federation and get them under contract to Republican National Soccer Team, LLC. After travelling across the Federation and holding 60 open tryouts, a total of 27 soccer players and 68 cheerleaders were selected for the team based on their performance, (in the case of the soccer players) game tape and discussions with their coaches. At this time, Theriault is unsure whether any of the players stand out above the rest but he is hopeful that they will be responsible to coaching from the first Soccer General in the history of the Free Republics and his legendary assistant manager Sir Koby Theodore, who shined so memorably in World Cups 68 and 71. While rumor has it that looks were a factor in selecting both the soccer team and the cheerleading squad, Soccer General Rule Theriault denies rumors that Nova Hellstrom-Hancock and Lucia Bolton had a role in selecting players for the soccer team, though he does admit that Sir Koby Theodore and Consul Kyle Bolton hand-picked the cheerleaders.

In the year since World Cup 78, the Free Republics fell into a civil war. Political tensions that had been brewing for a long time between the political mainstream and the progressive left finally boiled over at the Unite the Left rally in Goldberg, Nejax. The small college town, home to the University of Nejax, was the site of disturbing political violence as an extreme progressive ran over 5 people, including University of Nejax pitcher Jurgen Eberhardt, the ace of the school's baseball team. A wave of left-wing domestic terror followed, leading to the passage of the Stop Aggressive Violent Extremism (SAVE) Act which granted extraordinary powers to the Federation Investigation Bureau (FIB) to protect public safety. 32 Republics responded to this by seceding from the FFR to form the Confederacy of Leftist Republics, which quickly became a state sponsor of terror. In the months since, the Republican armed forces have lost battle after battle to the Confederates and the FFR has suffered from many acts of terror, some of which, such as the destruction of the entries into international tournaments of the National Baseball Team and the National Hockey Team have had serious repercussions for Republican international sports. Eventually, the Leftist Republics were defeated and their territory turned into extremist containment zones known as "Charter Societies" as part of an effort to end political extremism in the Free Republics.

As the civil war was going on within the Free Republics, the National Soccer Team somehow managed to qualify for the World Cup, shocking almost everybody throughout the multiverse. However, they did not lost all 3 of their group stage matches that year and very much looked like a fluke qualifier. Last year, the Republican National Team headed into the Independents Cup in Schottia last year, where they announced their return to respectability in international soccer by winning the tournament, albeit with a fairly controversial victory over Mercedini and a poor group stage performance along the way. Then, they managed to qualify for the World Cup again in rather ugly fashion, drawing their first 4 matches, going just 8-7-3 in qualifying and barely managing to finish 3rd in their group. After defeating Apox rather easily in a playoff, they proceeded to lose 2 more World Cup group stage matches before drawing Abanhfleft in a meaningless match on the final day. 2 years ago saw the Republican National Team pick up 3rd place finishes at the Independents Cup, Cup of Champions and World Cup, all of which were held on home soil. Last year was disappointing with the Republicans going out during the group stage at both the Independents Cup and World Cup. This year's Independents Cup saw the Republicans go out in the Quarterfinals against Kavagrad.

Cheerleading Squad (age in parentheses)

Coach - Lady Nova Hellstrom-Hancock

#1 - Minka Sasa (22)
#2 - Fabienne Casares (19)
#3 - Elsa Suutari (20)
#4 - Anisa Kazantseva (22)
#5 - Michele van Roijen (23)
#6 - Kathrin Unger (19)
#7 - Helena Kucerova (20)
#8 - Zakia Zwarthoed (19)
#9 - Katie Hoysted (19)
#10 - Aubrey Desroches (22)
#11 - Miluse Vilkova (19)
#12 - Morana Tomic (22)
#13 - Rukiyat Ibragimov (20)
#14 - Beatrycze Piotrowska (23)
#15 - Leona Henriksson (21)
#16 - Lalita Bazhaev (23)
#17 - Sonya Wynne (23)
#18 - Ruzena Chlupova (21)
#19 - Sarah Miller (21)
#20 - Leokadia Olszewska (20)
#21 - Olivia Henderson (23)
#22 - Taymaskha Batukayev (22)
#23 - Patricia Knatchbull (20)
#24 - Hilda Sigurvaldadottir (21)
#25 - Ktisztina Dudas (19)
#26 - Mia Espenes (22)
#27 - Bethany Nunan (20)
#28 - Julitta Zawadzka (19)
#29 - Kamilla Sultes (21)
#30 - Summer Bradford (19)
#31 - Jodi Marshall (22)
#32 - Kriszta Goloncser (19)
#33 - Frederique Vaillancour (21)
#34 - Anni Salonen (19)
#35 - Deidamia Batista (20)
#36 - Claribel Fuentes (20)
#37 - Thyra Strom (22)
#38 - Ester Udinese (20)
#39 - Alma Jessen (22)
#40 - Veronica Biryukova (20)
#41 - Edda Palsdottir (23)
#42 - Klaudia Makay (19)
#43 - Candelaria Jaquez (22)
#44 - Judit Forgach (22)
#45 - Rosaura De Luca (21)
#46 - Elina Ek (19)
#47 - Matilda Todd (20)
#48 - Zuzana Tomankova (22)
#49 - Fabienne Jolicoeur (23)
#50 - Katrina Sigmund (22)
#51 - Beatrice van Sluijs (20)
#52 - Mikaela Lindberg (20)
#53 - Zana Kurunic (19)
#54 - Hana Vidakovic (20)
#55 - Victoria Allan (20)
#56 - Ursy Almonte (23)
#57 - Tahlia Lew (19)
#58 - Fiona Soderstrom (22)
#59 - Yisa Vedzizhev (21)
#60 - Sonay Meilink (19)
#61 - Bojana Matic (22)
#62 - Liliana Boni (21)
#63 - Julia Schroder (23)
#64 - Vera Dilday (22)
#65 - Sanja Barisic (22)
#66 - Elise Reinikainen (20)
#67 - Kristal Lendvay (22)
#68 - Claudia Vasilyeva (20)
#69 - Sophie Burrows (14)
#70 - Hua Ko (17)
#71 - Wakaba Chikafuji (14)
#72 - Karen Mathisen (14)
#73 - Greta Yermolayeva (17)
#74 - Ellen Black (16)
#75 - Chloe Kitamura (17)
#76 - Johanna Klein (16)
#77 - Leah Austerlitz (15)
#78 - Liane Lamare (16)
#79 - Ninette Labrosse (14)
#80 - Daphne Pinto (16)
#81 - Teresa Lucchese (14)

RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (but check with me first before you kill or seriously injure any major Republican characters)
Godmod other events: Y (In addition, everybody is welcome to get involved in my ongoing RP lines)
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3rd: World Cups 71 & 81, DBC 29, UWCFC Gold Cup III, GCoS 1
Qualified: World Cups 68, 69, 71, 72, 73, 79
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII & XXXI, WBC 42, RUWC 25, Beach Cup XI, World Korfball Classic III, Runner Cup 7
Current Senior Consul: Kyle Bolton (Liberty)
Current Junior Consul: Scarlett Nicholls (Liberty)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
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Postby Zwangzug » Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:57 pm

Style: -2

Manager: Tavish Willow. Took a relatively straightforward approach in re-leading Keppal Cosmos to their recent championship, but has earned side-eyes from the national "federation" (such as it is) for his "screw it, we're doing a (1)-4-6-0 I guess, that's probably a thing" response to the available options. He is also, technically, the first man born in Zwangzug to hold this position, which is probably nice.

1. Joel McJakill (Keppal Cosmos) (m) (first tournament: WC80 Q)
12. Paige Daunten (North Sabrefell, Nephara) (f) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
23. Shobhana Birla (Namiri Forest) (f) (first tournament: Eagles Cup 7)

2. Martin Scallop (Keppal Cosmos) (m) (1 goal) (first tournament: WC80 Q) (captain)
3. Chevanthi Arokiaraj (Namiri Forest) (f) (first tournament: CoH 72)
4. Sydney Stefred (Arlington City) (f) (first tournament: CoH 74)
5. Franziska Schnee-Krull (KF Koflir, Qusmo) (f) (first tournament: Eagles Cup 7)
13. Allison Levi-Gold (Sporting Esper) (f) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
14. Randall Saitta (Bassabook Old Boys) (m) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
15. Kurt Uehara (Eintracht Trink) (m) (first tournament: CoH 74)
16. Subroto Parida (Namiri Indepedent) (m) (first tournament: WC80 Q)

6. Lucas Kukiseso (Spenson Suburbia) (m) (first tournament: WC80 Q)
7. Joshua Twoni (Arlington City) (m) (3 goals) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
8. Marlon Sayle-Bren (Sporting Esper) (m) (3 goals) (first tournament: CoH 72)
9. Ramona Ambaile-Hund (KF Koflir, Qusmo) (f) (6 goals) (first tournament: Eagles Cup 7)
10. Jonah McCollins (Bassabook Old Boys) (m) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
11. Ione Friede (Canbix Muses) (f) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
17. Riley Kivrin (Arlington City) (f) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
18. Micah Angier (Eintracht Trink) (m) (1 goal) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
19. Edwin Cherenkov-Nguyen (Trebuchet Cham) (m) (first tournament: WC83 Q)
20. Satenik Banach (Keppal Cosmos) (f) (first tournament: WC82 Q)
21. Corianne Rogawski (Rovers United) (f) (3 goals) (first tournament: Eagles Cup 7)
22. Sophie Munshi (Namiri Independent) (f) (first tournament: WC83 Q)

Numbers 1-11 are most likely to start, beyond that, who knows.

Stadium list:
MD2 vs. Abercontin-Jereaux: Stelladome, Fulpog
MD6 vs. Barunia: Wayr Stadium, Rackham Range
MD7 vs. Pasarga: ZS^3, Zwischen
MD8 vs. Cheetahs & Reptiles Coalison: Ayathen Arena, Keppal City
MD10 vs. Flardania: City Athletic Venue, Arlington
MD13 vs. Schiavonia: Eagles' Club, Forbridge

The parliamentary republic of Zwangzug, an antisocial social democracy now twelve years old (the decimal system is passe) has a long and--dare we say it--checkered history. The original national team competed through World Cup (qualifying campaign)s 33 through 42; a successor team participated in 64 through 69. After a hiatus caused by the country's sudden and devastating retreat into isolationism, a temporary recovery was made, and the national league (the 1./) which had emerged with the second iteration of the NT resumed play. Since World Cup 69, their involvement in the international world has been erratic; they won the 6th Eagle's Cup, and also participated in the seventh edition, where several of these players made their debut. They also participated in the WC80 cycle but were absent for 81, returned for 82, and were fourth at the most recent Cup of Harmony.

Colors: White with black stripes. Or black with white stripes. We go for the basics.

More than you probably wanted to know about Zwangzug can be found in our factbook, unless what you wanted to know was...relevant to modern happenings such as the football team/league, in which case probably you're out of luck until the biographer is motivated to go back to work. Don't hold your breath (but feel free to motivate).

If RPing first, please feel free to name goalscorers, injure, and distribute cards to my players at will! You can also godmod events, though I'd appreciate advance warning if you want to take narrative liberties that I couldn't just as easily do to your team (due to being, e.g., an MT, mostly-human country). Put another way, metaphorical "godmodding" is welcome if clever, but I'd avoid the literal sense.
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Postby Lisander » Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:08 pm

Lisander National Football Team
The National, The Eleven of the Lys
Ranked 62th, 10.82
World Cup Record (including BoF and CoH): 36-13-35
Style Modifier: +2

Lisander returns to World Cup 83 with the basic team used by Andreas Fox in World Cup 82, with only two modifications on Starter 11. Andreas Walker is finally retired and is currently coaching Club Sparta U-18s. The national champions keep being the base of the defence since the replacement for Walker is Luís Rosell, his partner in the red-and-blacks. The other modification is the return of Luís Ávila, back to the midfield after recovering from an ankle injury. With that, Saber Neville returns to the bench and will need to battle for position with Afonso Heretier.

Roster for qualifiers
Subject to modifications during the qualifiers.

# | POS | Name | Team | Age | Extra Info
1 | GK | Anders Michaelichen | Club Sparta | 26 | Captain
2 | RB | Bruno Lasses | Dawson FC | 24 |
3 | DF | Louis Varden | Atlético de Kasandora | 25 |
4 | DF | Luís Rosell | Club Sparta | 28 |
5 | MF | Luís Ávila | AS Virtus 1904 | 31 | 2nd Captain
6 | LB | Milen Kaplanoski | Racing Club de Soria | 24 |
7 | FW | Yoann Dawson | Shamrocks FC | 30 |
8 | MF | Afonso Heretier | Club Sparta | 32 |
9 | MF | Christian Nantel | AS Virtus 1904 | 26 |
10 | MF | Tássio Camden | Club Sparta | 27 | Star Player |
11 | FW | Milo Sommerville | Shamrocks FC | 25 | Penalty Kicker
12 | GK | Martin Garmin | Shamrocks FC | 28 |
13 | RB | Arthur Adler | Club Sparta | 30 |
14 | LB | Cassius Bonnevue | Atlético de Kasandora | 30 |
15 | DF | Leyton Garner | Shamrocks FC | 27 |
16 | GK | Dorian Scilia | Club Sparta | 24 |
17 | DF | Luís Rosell | Club Sparta | 28 |
18 | MF | Jácome Cardo | Racing Club de Soria | 26 |
19 | MF | Saber Neville | AS Virtus 1904 | 26 |
20 | MF | Erick Morton | CA Oeste | 29 |
21 | FW | Lukas Hiltmann | AS Virtus 1904 | 21 | Rising Star
22 | FW | Arjun Etienne | AS Virtus 1904 | 19 | Rising Star
23 | FW | Cyril Amati | Atlético de Kasandora | 22 | Rising Star

In Lisander, starters are ALWAYS 1 to 11, unless stated otherwise.

Federation originally wanted Ediraf kits originally, but provided they failed 81st WC cycle, it wasn't possible. They keep with local manufacturer NEO. This is the second of three cycles of current NEO Jerseys. Home jersey is green, alternate is white. Fluo green one is for goalkeepers. Neo is taking requests. Visit Guilde des Graphistes to comission.


Lisander will play its Qualifier home games in:
ACK Arena, Kasandora (32000)
Estádio Albert II, Soria (42400)
Estádio Sparta, Sirenia (55000)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose my scoring events: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y, but drop me a TG about it.
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Y
Give Red Cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Torisakia » Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:29 pm


Torisakia National Association Football Team

Nation Name: The Democracy of Torisakia
Demonym: Torisakians
Nickname: Ice Birds
Sponsors: Æ Insurance, ₯ Jewelry, №one Rentals, ʤntodexon Entertainment
Style Modifier: +2



Manager: Andy Sanders (Tokai Ice Birds)
Assistant Manager: Felix McQueen (South Bohan Zephyrs)
Strength & Conditioning: Nathan Kiefer (ASFC Criminals)
Pack-mule(Equipment Manager): Temito Fandito Banbito (C.F Kallanirr)

Tokai Memorial Stadium
Capacity: 92,138
Location: Tokai, TK
Team: Tokai Ice Birds
Matchdays: MD2 and MD8

Troutwood Bowl
Capacity: 90,800
Location: Douglas-La Pryor, DLP
Team: Douglas La Pryor Indians
Matchdays: MD5 and MD10

Stadium of Peace
Capacity: 86,450
Location: Yasui, YS
Team: Yasui Black Magic
Matchdays: MD7 and MD13

Kirk & Hilton Heights
Capacity: 82,630
Location: Presidents City, PC
Team: Presidents City Senators
Matchdays: MD8

C = Captain PE = Penalty taker L = Left corner taker R = Right corner taker LF = Long free-kick taker SF = Short free-kick taker

Position Number Name Age Club
GK #1 Mitch Issacson 24 East Island City F.C
ST #10 Johnny KelsoC 31 Tokai Ice Birds
ST #12 Jordan KallianPE 22 Fishmarket North Troubodours
CF #19 Syarhey SweetcloudR 22 Ogino Fire Ninjas
CF #8 Gregory FranklynSF 22 University of Yasui
CM #3 Derek LovelLF 22 DeRaul University
CM #6 Faron James 24 Gollus F.C
LWB #15 Logan Brantley 29 Mushai Devil Rays
CB #25 Kanta SerafinL 26 East Lake Jethawks
CB #20 Daniel Ehud 24 Beachport Seahawks
CB #30 Josh Mikita 27 FFT Biijuss
GK #0 Craig Novak 24 Laennalos United
ST #11 Aristide Wallace 28 Dorrsville Mustangs
CM #18 Aelius Rona 27 Deyair F.C
CM #7 Oskar Carlson 22 Jennison University
CB #19 Ezekial Van Aggelen 24 Nausoins A.C
CB #26 Blake Dragan 21 Presidents City Senators
RWB #11 Brent Narciso 24 Tokai City Sunraiders
RWB #20 Scott McRaske 26 Lozsia AC


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (TG me first and I will determine severity)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes (as long as no death befalls any of my players or staff)
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Postby Geektopia » Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:57 pm


Geektopia NT

For this edition of the World Cup, we've decided to scrap out most of the players but also keep the ones who made a memorable impact.

Key: ⭐= Primary | БП= Benched | (c)= Captain
GK's: (#1) Epto-thraeltothol⭐, (#12) Hecato-octaelgathor, БП (#22) Gigolthrex БП

DF's: (#2) Tethrathothatria, (#3) Deutero-gralheptol, (#4) Peta-hyperon, (#6) Octuple Terricubed-tethrateron БП, (#13) Superior Bigrand Hugexul БП, (#14) Ducentillion БП, (#15) Utter Oblivion БП, (#23) Quarticahlah БП
Photo to confirm that Utter Oblivion isn't a black hole

MF's: (#5) Terinngathorsexagintice, (#8) Duperdecal, (#11) Bisuperior Hugetrixul, (#16) Tethrathoth-by-hyperion БП, (#17) Googondolthra БП, (#18) Googoim БП, (#19) Pentacthulto-tethrathoth БП

FW's: (#7) Russ de Andes, (#9) Chaindupribolplex, (#10) Tethra Thoth, (#20) Astratreagol, (#21) Gralgodgathorseptucegathor БП

Formation: 3-3-4
Style Modifier: +3.651
History: 4th in Groups @ World Cup 82
Fans: Can be known to chant in Geektopian, or cheer player's names. Very loud and hard to settle down.
Nickname/s: Motherboards, The Worst Past the 81st, Greens
Players to look out for: Duperdecal, Russ de Andes, Utter Oblivion
Loans: Astratreagol, Googoim, Chaindupribolplex
Home Kit: Green Bow on top of Dark Green for torso; rest of body dark green
Away Kit: Green, White, Red Stripes imprinted on whole kit

Home Stadium TTope, pictured here
Seats: 23,000
City: Mordecai

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Brusseldorf » Sun Jul 21, 2019 8:53 pm



Following an incredible run in their first World Cup, Los Alrededores are hoping to once again prove themselves on the world stage. Their style of gorgeous attacking football attracted the attention of football fans worldwide, placing the national team's successes in the hearts and minds of many local and international fans.

The Brusseldorfen Football Federation (FFB) is proud to represent over 500 years of Brusseldorfen Football History. From grassroots football to the national team, The FFB has created an open-tiered system that encourages the growth of local football clubs and incites a competitive edge in semi-professional and professional-level play. The heralds of this Footballing establishment are Los Alrededores themselves. Meaning The Surroundings, the name refers to the collection of cultures and communities right across Brusseldorf, that find themselves brought together by a common love of Football.

Courtesy of Adidas, here's the beautiful new playing strip Los Alrededores will wear at the World Cup:


Last night, Los Alrededores Manager Sir Craig Foster announced the 23-person squad that would be competing in the 83rd NationStates World Cup. Following up his sentiments from last round, Craig once again stated his intents to "Put on a show," and that the "sexy football" would be better than ever.

Here's how the team lines up:


Los Alrededores favours a 4-2-2-2 'magic boxes' formation. Wingers are encouraged to make attacking runs into the opposition half, and cross into the 18-yard box. This style of play puts large amounts of pressure on an opposition's back line and takes full advantage of any structural weaknesses.

The full 23 man squad for the World Cup is announced as follows:

No.    Name                    Pos.         Club
1 Antony Providence GK Image Casablanca City
2 Boronia RB Image Casablanca City
3 Gabriel Lellouche LB Image Oahu FC
4 Ricard Sciolan CB Image Real Marrakesh
5 Andrea Zidane CB Image Meknes al Morocco
6 Sarah Pickett CDM Image Salé United
7 Michael Hernández CAM Image Behotzadt Casablanca
8 Vindark Al Maghribī CDM Image Sahara Compétitif
9 Teddy Wolfenden (CAP) ST Image Behotzadt Casablanca
10 Santa Dominguez ST Image FC Stockholm
11 Giroud Sidi CAM Image 1830 Victroz
12 Gimenza Azoulay GK Image Atlas United
13 Dom Harrak LWB Image Tangier Lions
14 Phil Lataste RM Image Salé United
15 George Stambouli CB Image Fez FC
16 Felix Kateb CDM Image FK Kragujevac 1928
17 Michael Scafford LW Image Oahu FC
18 Jay van der Eisen GK Image Real Marrakesh
19 Chorus Reynolds CDM Image Siem Reapers
20 Actha Achiveal CF Image Bahias Serenadamiata
21 Harry Koehl CM Image Club de Fútbol Rabat
22 Sven Prote CB Image Club de Algiers
23 Marcev Steyr ST Image FK Sarajevo

Managing Staff
Manager: Sir Craig Foster
Assistant Manager: Mauritzio Eritz

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Tim Erikson
Outfield Coach: Vieon Paul
Goalkeeping Coach: Levy Walker

Other Staff
Talent Scout: Sam Calkar
Head Chef: Fredric Nickel
Bus Driver: Alistair Nomaly

I Give My Opponent Permission To:

Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: Y
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Style Modifier +4
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Postby Crystalline Caverns » Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:14 pm

Crystalline Caverns
"Overkilling Drawk's Host Bids since Never"


- Clovis Terrano
- Sekar Sersiuppe
- Marque Glacies

- Josceline Arik
- Austin Timour
- Vanamo Starkeysa
- Maksym Kujesmart

- Tufayl Muffie
- Fjordham Alsein

- Dan Castellini (C)
- Balint Tovnia
- Brodie Wavers
- Etzel Zircon

- Neo Dortmund
- Cosimo Planetaris
- Zerah Buani

- Landen Smoker
- Seffora Phirestone

- Bituin Coinicus
- Gay Jatsby

Coaching Staff
- Gaston Rolf (Head Manager)
- Björk Björk (Assistant Manager)

Starting XI

Kits (Brought to you by the kit sponsor I forgot from Kita-Hinode)


Other Info

Skill: 8.17 (85th)
Style: -4
Nickname: The Frostac Wolves
(Though "Some Frosty Bois" work as well)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
- Choose my goalscorers: Yes
- Godmod scoring events: Yes (The crazier, the better!)
- RP injuries to my players: Get my ok first, then we'll talk injuries ;3
- Godmod injuries to my players: See above
- Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
- Hand out red cards to my players: TG for approval
- Godmod other events: As long as you aren't killing my people, you should be good.
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Postby The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario » Sun Jul 21, 2019 10:14 pm


Ranking: 61st
Nickname :Ginger Tigers
National Stadium: Zun Olympic Stadium (98,000)
Style Modifier : –1.5
Formation : 4-3-3
Coach : Matej Ljubanik ( Mattijana)
Assistant coach : Jeremy Farash
GK Coach : Roman Agunović
Striker Coach : Seladin Mihtun

The new Locharian team has renewed itself a bit. First of all, Kolad Sassi has left the team at the age of 33, saying that he is too old to continue his career on a national team. Secondly, the team has also said a farewell to Alek Kolashkov, who has suddenly died from Pneumonia. The new team will make sure to atleast play these qualifiers as good as the last time.


GK. Logan Koghan
DC. Sergey Dukin
DL. Segh Sotagh
AMR. Artur Jereman
AMC. Eltar Lition
ST. Erik Kagun
MC. Trent Werrit
MR. Wern Uion
ST. Juan Iouta
AMC. Laure Rayuit

Home kit
Away kit
GK kit

Anything except Godmodding
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Postby West Phoenicia » Mon Jul 22, 2019 1:43 am


Full nation name: The Confederate Empire of West Phoenicia
Trigramme: KWP
Nicknames: The Stampedes
Team Colors: Purple, Black and Red

Head Coach/Staff:

Manager: Yusuf Weir
Assistant Manager: Jacqueline Busset
Head Coach: Patrick Newman
Assistant Coach: Colin McQueen
Goalkeeping Coach: Symon Parkinson
Trainer: Lazarus Sharma
Physio: Melinda Fall
Chaplain: Father Michael Vikkers
Spiritual Guru: Vishnu Sharma
Priestess of Nortia: Avalon Neo-Nortia


#22 Jason Summer- Striker

#3 Luis Cavera - Attacking Midfielder/Central Forward
#17 Chandler Goodwin- Left Wing
#5 Ricardo Latin- Right Wing
# 27 Marcelo Devier - Defensive Midfielder
#34 Ashley Butler - Defensive Midfielder

#2 Clayton Danes - Leftback
#8 Vince Young - Center Back
#10 Manpreet Siva - Center Back
#31 Ron Eccles - Rightback

#1 Daniel Fozter- Goalkeeper


#29 Was Shortcrop - Striker
# 11 Renaldo Newmano - Striker
# 24 Ricardo Guitera- Midfielder
#19 Emilo Franz- Midfielder
#20 Paris Tomei - Midfielder
#15 Count Jefferson La blonc - Defender
#7 Wei Du Fung- Defender
#13 Gabe Alexander - Defender
# 15 Thomas Singh- Goalkeeper
#40 Pedro Rodriguez- Goalkeeper

Line up


Team Stadium


Name: Tudor Stadium
Location: Tudor Gardens; New Tudor
Capacity: 25,000

Unlike other sports in The Confederate Empire of West Phoenicia where the main international sports stadiums are located in the central capital of Melbourne-Haven. The football stadium where all World cup games will be played will be at the Tudor Stadium in the city state of New Tudor.
International fans wanting to attend matches will need to travel to Melbourne-Haven International Airport than take a domestic flight to the New Tudor Domestic Airport, flights generally take 3 Hours.

The Province of Tudor Gardens like the rest of the city-state of New Tudor boasts huge alluring and elegant public gardens and towering Tudor architectural houses and buildings. It is home to the New Tudor Knights, the current domestic champions in the West Phoenician Football League.

Aside from football, international guests can enjoy the large number of pubs and tavens and zoos and magnificent bird aviary. International guests are welcome to enjoy another sporting pastime in the city-state which is jousting, or take in some of the old castles, some rumoured to be haunted.
Guests are advised to follow the rules; dueling is legal in New Tudor and if felt offended a citizen may challenge you to a duel.

Team Uniform


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes- nothing serious
Godmod injuries to my players:no
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Brenecia » Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:01 am


World Ranking:
Preferred Formation: 4-3-3
Backup Formations: 4-4-2
Style Modifier: 2
Home Stadium: Kingsgarden - a 58,000 all-seater in the capital of Rozelle.
Kit Supplier: ediraf
Nickname: the Patriots

The Patriots are in a transitional state. Which is to say, trouble. It always feels like they have an aging squad on the brink of failure, but, uh, seriously, this time, things do not look good for their medium-term future. And, whisper it; recent results have been poor. Some would say it's a reversion to the mean, and it probably is, but people are starting to ask questions of Jim Reid, the man who won tiny, shitty Brenecia a World Cup. And that says something about how things are.

Campionato Esportiva 14, 17, 19 and 22 champions.
World Cup 80 champions.
Casaran round participation award.

Overall Record
305 wins - 97 draws - 113 losses
969 (nice) scored - 591 conceded

Most Caps
187 - Mathis Woodgate
162 - Catherine Gryphon
157 - Catherine Purrington
126 - Orson Faulkner, Anaximander Scrivener
121 - Miriam Spitfire, Squire Trevelyan
119 - Ursula Rankin
117 - Sam Allbeck
112 - Isadora Cullen
108 - Brandon Duguid
103 - Roisin Carroll
100 - Elsie Drover

Most Goals
67 - Ursula Rankin
50 - Catherine Purrington
48 - Cheney Scherzer
39 - Squire Trevelyan
38 - Brad Kuepper

First Team and Tactics
Jim Reid is switching focus to a 4-4-2 in the hopes of more support up front, a bit more firepower. The defence is strong and tight, the central midfield combining physicality and technique with the wingers the main creative outlets. Up front, there's a combination of a workhorse striker and a pure finisher.
Unfortunately, it didn't work. New manager Brelk-Xeral is upping the ante, Rozelle-style.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Wheeler takes most free-kicks and corners, Case takes penalties
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match without prior agreement.

Manager - Jim Reid (PCR) - Age 55
Manager - Brelk-Xeral Erv (QUS) - Age 44
Asst. Manager - Jess Curtin - Age 41

Jim Reid was the backbone behind the inexplicably successful Port Christopher national football team for years, a former striker who based his success on a simple, disciplined approach. He built his sides from the back, made sure everyone knew what they had to do and then pumped them up to a point where they'd run through walls, walk over coal and, more literally, form micronations for him. Perhaps the least glamorous manager in the world; perhaps one of the best in history. The astute former international midfielder Jess Curtin takes over as assistant.

1 - GK - Rostyn Calhoun (Image Wexax United) - Age 32 - 52 caps, 30 clean sheets
20 - GK - Cass Farrell (Image Northern Union) - Age 26 - 3 caps, 1 clean sheet

GK - Lenore Drummond (Image Rozelle) - Age 32 - 5 caps, 3 clean sheets
GK - Cole Bruin (Image Brigham) - Age 30 - 3 caps, 1 clean sheet
GK - Scanlan Pritchard (Image Marque) - Age 24 - Uncapped

It's a straight fight between the powerful incumbent Calhoun and the younger Farrell. Both are similar players, both fairly traditional goalkeepers, commanding shot-stoppers more than sweepers. In fact, there aren't really any sweepers in the pool - besides the more progressive Pritchard, who is a distinct outsider. Drummond is all but locked in as third-choice, particularly given Reid's conserva-- 'loyalty'.

2 - RB - Keziah Broxham (Image Mallox) - Age 25 - 43 caps, 2 goals
3 - LB - Gethin Quill (Image Revolutionaries) - Age 31 - 83 caps, 6 goals
6 - CB - Garwyn Varney (Image Soldarian FC) - Age 31 - 51 caps, 2 goals

RB - Fiona Marquess (Image Birdingstone United) - Age 27 - 12 caps
RB - Erica Weaver (Image North Hall) - Age 26 - 23 caps
RB/CB - Chadwick Beath (Image CA Paulinthal) - Age 29 - 29 caps
CB - Niko Szubanski (Image 1830 Cathair, c) - Age 35 - 99 caps, 5 goals
CB - Cheney Heneghan (Image Carsby) - Age 32 - 87 caps, 1 goal
CB - Rosena Grayndler (Image North Hall) - Age 28 - 5 caps
CB - Garrett Horgan (Image Northern Union) - Age 28 - 10 caps
CB - Ava Ramsay (Image Pikemouth) - Age 27 - 5 caps
CB - Keane Mathers (Image Northern Stallions) - Age 25 - Uncapped
LB - Eliwulf Tambor (Image Northern Union) - Age 25 - Uncapped
LB - Morwen Prentice (Image Crystal Fair HC) - Age 24 - 36 caps, 1 goal

The World Cup winning back four is all but broken now. Carrack's internationally retired, and so is Szubanski - with the exception of making one final ceremonial appearance to cap off his century scheduled for some stage in qualifying. Heneghan's old, and so is Quill, though the latter remains one of the world's premier left-backs. The squad looks thin, full of solid upper-echelon A-League talent but without real stars, besides the buccaneering, fiery Keziah Broxham on the right.

7 - RM - Brae Crowther (Image Chenoworth Harriers) - Age 29 - 86 caps, 23 goals
11 - LM - Cathal Keynes (Image Lajuno) - Age 26 - 50 caps, 14 goals
13 - CM - Corby Wheeler (Image Ramusok United) - Age 27 - 62 caps, 20 goals
21 - HM - Falcon Case (Image Barbury Town) - Age 29 - 61 caps, 12 goals

RM - Cu Roi Garrard (Image Northern Union) - Age 28 - 42 caps, 6 goals
RM - Lauren Cheney (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 23 - 17 caps, 5 goals
HM - Catsidhe Alweather (Image Eastal Lunar) - Age 30 - 69 caps
HM - Roisin Staunton (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 30 - 51 caps, 1 goal
HM - Finn Townsend (Image Francisca Orient) - Age 23 - Uncapped
CM - Claire Ruskin (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 27 - 45 caps, 6 goals
CM - Keziah Locke (Image Duke of the North) - Age 26 - 5 caps, 2 goals
CM - Elysse Matheson (Image Hornchurch) - Age 24 - 19 caps, 7 goals
LM - Isidra Corvey (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 29 - 17 caps, 4 goals
LM - Ceridwen Fletcher (Image North Hall) - Age 22 - 8 caps, 3 goals

The glass-half-empty approach to the change of formation is that the centre of Brenecia's midfield is weak. That might not be the case, when not stretched over three positions; Case is a versatile, muscular pragmatist, Wheeler the main creative fulcrum of the side. With Keynes' dynamism and Crowther's guile, they have plenty of ways to unpick stubborn defences. There's plenty of emerging talent here as well, with Matheson, Fletcher and Cheney all carrying high hopes, but perhaps the lingering worry of a lack of holding midfielders.

9 - ST - Griffin Riordan (Image Mallox) - Age 30 - 81 caps, 34 goals
10 - ST - Kara Ciogach (Image Southern Star) - Age 25 - 14 caps, 12 goals

ST - Angharad Northstead (Image Tanrisal) - Age 30 - 3 caps, 1 goals
ST - Vesuvia Carrick (Image Atletik Thessia) - Age 29 - 16 caps, 6 goals
ST - Niall Bremner (Image Unioneers) - Age 27 - 27 caps, 10 goals
ST - Kit Kennedy (Image Bourne River) - Age 26 - 2 caps, 1 goal
ST - Banshee Strider (Image Lotus Park) - Age 26 - 16 caps, 6 goals
ST - Creidne Lindauer (Image Kingsgrove) - Age 24 - Uncapped

Riordan may not be a world-class, top-drawer striker, but she's diligent, athletic and a confident finisher who makes the most of the scraps she's given against high-class opposition. Fans have fantasised about what she could bring to the table alongside Ciogach, a terrifyingly prolific striker at the moment in the form of her life, adding physicality to her electrifying pace and confident finishing. The depth is serviceable, with Bremner, Carrick and Lindauer the favourites to round out the plane, and some room to maneuvre past that.
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Postby BOLGANO » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:41 am

Bolgano National Soccer Team

I have a fact book with my team's information.

#1 Red Nines
#12 Louis Nick
#13 Frank Smith

#2 Gail Noldmand
#3 Martin Liovani
#4 Patrick Deds (Captain)
#14 Austin Ficks
#15 Tomas Lied
#16 Carl Lats
#17 Garl Driez
#18 Kevin Brans

#5 Ail Hedd
#6 Riot Birgot
#7 Brandon McShane
#8 Ryan McShane
#19 Bryan Pods
#20 Eammon Frott
#21 Francis Litts
#22 Ock Lotanm

#9 Daniels Frizzel
#10 Tom Evans
#11 Louis Merts
#23 Greg Tads
#24 Pablo Dounick

Formation: 3-4-3
Choose my goalscores: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuriess to my player: N
Hand out yellow card to my player: N
Hand out red card to my player: N
Godmod other events: Y

Regional Stadium: Fedek
Cap: 23.400
Team: Fedek ASS

Oll's Park: Bolgano
Cap: 30.000
Team: Bolgano Unted

Golden Stadium: Bolgano
Cap: 35.000
Team: Golden Region

Bolgano Stadium: Bolgano
Cap: 55.350
Team: Bolgano National Team
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Postby Kelssek » Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:46 am


Kai Poirier GK, Treftadeth Alliance [COS], b. Burnaby, Konoha (age 32)
Marc-Henri Normand GK, Langlois Océanic, b. Outineau-Nord, Beaulac (age 29)
Cathal Gallagher FK Vlaikograd 1896 [STL], b. Tête-Jaune, Konoha (age 22)

Thamior Liadon D L/R, Burnaby SC, b. Firith Forest Elven Territory (age 118)
Damien Halliger D C, Holdenburg City [EUR], b. Old Taunton, Noua Cymru (age 21)
Kassel Pokorný D C, Coquitlam United, b. Kirkenes, Noua Cymru (age 27)
Tim Bowler D L, Bayern Phoenix [TAE], b. Newmarket, Noua Cymru (age 22)
Christian Arbour D C, Latrobe AFC, b. Neorvins, NFT (age 29)
Gabriel Farahani D R, ASC Arvika, b. Novonaya, Lupinissa (age 25)
Mason Curtin D C, Kirkenes FC, b. Brampton, Noua Cymru (age 29)
Ryan Dumont D L, Strathcona Internationals, b. Kirkenes, Noua Cymru (age 28)
Ashley Douglass D/M R, CF Outineau, b. Saint-Rémy, Beaulac (age 26)
Martin Green D L, Latrobe AFC, b. Glen Waverly, Etnier (age 24)

Ruslan Demetriev [captain] M C, Honeybadgers [EUR], b. Glen Eira, Etnier (age 29)
Adrian Tremblay-Fillon M C, 1912 Stellburg [STL], b. Saint-Richard, Beaulac (age 24)
Blake McDonagh AM R, Everfree Forest [EQS], b. Hudsonsfield, Konoha (age 31)
Rémy Dionne AM L/C, Trenton AC b. Sainte-Anne-sur-Lichy, Roites (age 25)
Victor Clinton DM C, Clayquot City, b. Breton, Haligonia (age 33)
Rory Canning-Meagher M R/C, NGSA Ulyanof, b. Cervidés-Rouges, Conryia (age 31)
Gabriel Lapierre M C, 1093 Club de Atlantea [TAE], b. Laval, Beaulac (age 22)
Patrice Champetier M L, Fontvielle Impact [VLD], b. Granby-de-Bellevue, Beaulac (age 23)
Matts Bogdanor M C, Marketville [EUR], b. East Fallowfield, Etnier (age 21)
Colm Ó Tuathail M L, Oldem Knights [APX], b. Colwyn, Noua Cymru (age 22)
Cory Greenwood M C, Ulsa Rovers [EUR], b. Natanel, Lupinissa (age 27)
Adam Corvin M C, CF Outineau, b. Neorvins, Mazinaw, Conryia (age 29)

Brayden Custworth ST, Oldem Mechanical [APX], b. Clayquot, Etnier (age 26)
Patrice Langelier ST, Latrobe AFC, b. Langlois, Beaulac (age 30)
Matthew Lister ST, CS Saint-Rémy, b. Vickery, Conryia (age 27)
Shaheen Taleb AM C/ST, Sleepy Hollow [TAE], b. Mineru, Konoha (age 21)
Louis Kuelvic ST, Birdingstone United [ETN], b. Missisauga, Noua Cymru (age 26)
Arjan Singh ST, Coquitlam United, b. Mission Springs, Konoha (age 23)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes but I will determine severity
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Style Modifier: +1

Head coach: Kirk McDonagh
Assistant coach: François St.-Louis

Records and history
Honours: Cup of Harmony 43 champions

Qualifying matches will rotate between three stadiums. You may choose which one if you are the first to RP the match, but Kirkenes is generally preferred.

Exhibition Place, Kirkenes (cap. 38,600)
See NSWiki. Kirkenes is the largest city in Kelssek and has a 540m observation/broadcasting tower. It hosted the Cygnus Cup final not too long ago. Home of Kirkenes FC.

Stadium Konoha, Burnaby (cap. 54,400)
The home of Kelssek's most well-known club Burnaby SC. A landmark stadium for its retractable roof with strings of multicoloured LED lights. Burnaby is Kelssek's 3rd-largest metropolitan area and located on a plateau surrounded by mountains and the shores of Lake Konoha.

Stade de la Pacifique, Langlois (cap. 26,800)
Among the most picturesque venues in the Kelssek Football League, spectators have the option of taking in ocean views from the nosebleeds of this stadium located in the hills of the Côte-du-Panier district. Home ground of Océanic CF.

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Postby Mattijana » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:50 am

Mattijanan Roster and Information for World Cup 83

The Story So Far

Despite a series of fairly average results in the World Cup, Mattijana have risen to the position of regional heavyweights within Esportiva. Successive bronze medals in the 20th and 21st tournaments were finally broken by a second-place finish in the 22nd addition, despite a 5-0 drubbing by Brenecia in the final. They finally claimed the big one last time round though, beating the same opposition by 2 goals to 1, winning their first tournament in the process. Despite missing key players, the squad backed up that result at CE 24, beating Damukuni in the third-place play off to win another bronze medal.

Despite continued regional success however, the country, including Dusan Vukoja's employers at the MattijanaFusBand, have become increasingly unhappy with Mattijana's dismal attempts at qualifying for a World Cup and this will almost certainly be his last attempt at making a decent fist of it. His job is not easy though. There has been a hefty amount of turnover in the squad in recent months and the team has been rocked by the departure of all-time scorer Mathilde Lekarisa to birth-country Saint Émelie.

Team Info

World Rank: 59
Esportivan Rank: 4
Style Modifier= +1.5
National Association: MattijanaFusbalBand (MFB)
Kits: Image


Head Coach: Dusan Vukoja
Appointed manager around a month before his first game in charge, Vukoja left Division 1 side FK Puljanka for the National team job, having recorded the club’s best finish in 10 years with 5th, behind only Burges, the two Petrovijanka clubs and FK Revinka. The south-Mattijanan had previously spent time at FK Burges both as assistant and full-time manager after a spell at lower-table side Jamas, where he succeeded in rescuing the team from almost imminent relegation. Now aged 42, Vukoja did not enjoy a lengthy playing career due to injury, but says that coaching is his real passion.
With Ljubanik’s style of play turning increasingly turgid and results also suffering, the Mattijanan FA and fans decided to seek a more exciting brand of football that had been on show at Puljanka in their 5th-place success last season. However the pressure was on the new man to deliver both results and more exciting football.

Assistant Manager: Dominik Samikov (FK Burges)

The assistant manager at Championship leaders FK Burges hails from the North-East of Mattijana and began his career at Dinamo Legisaw, another division 2 side before then moving as one of the tactical staff to FK Burges, where he has since worked his way up the pecking order to assistant manager. He has an excellent tactical mind as well as good player welfare skills and helps out Ljubanik in both management areas. He has so far proved himself to be a capable aid.

Head Scout: Marcel Kuzbacher

Marcel Kuzbacher is a seasoned scout, mainly plying his trade for the famed Puljanka Academy. He has links with numerous players in the Mattijanan squad as well as the under-21 side and makes up the 3-man selection panel alongside Samikov and Ljubanik.

Fitness Coordinator: Jelena Neumanič

Jelena Neumanič is responsible for the diet and fitness of the squad, freeing up the main management team to think about tactical matters. She has a solid variety of exercises and is well-known for getting on player's backs if they don't keep up with their expected effort levels.

Psychologist: Samira Kazmir

Samira Kazmir is an experienced sports psychologist who has done work for both the summer and winter Olympic teams, the Mattijanan ITT side and the MRT motor racing team. She is responsible for the mental welfare of players, stretching from the collective mind-set to more personal issues for each individual in the squad. It's a far-reaching and often complicated task.

The Medical Team:

Head Doctor: Dr Charlotte Smitič
Assistant Doctor: Dr Mattias Buranov
Physio: Martina Laramazič
Physio: Mika Glasnić

The Players:
GK-Lucija Handanovic-#12-Age 28-FK Revinka
Understudy to Matej Handanovic for most of Ljubanik’s tenure, Lucija is again favourite to start between the sticks for Mattijana in the upcoming qualifiers. The 25 year old has impressed for club side Revinka in the recent season with both solid performances and heroic clean-sheets and will be tricky to keep out of a starting place.

LB-Helena Neumann-#2

The Burges Player is a regular in the championship leading side and will provide a good defensive option with the occasional run forward to help out the wingers. Barring any injuries or unlikely suspensions, she will play all of Mattijana's matches,

CB- Rikard Illicić-#14
The first Mattijanan player to move abroad, specifically to the top division in Buyan, Illicić was widely expected to replace Edvard Crajasović in the starting lineup on the retirement of the ledgendary centre back and now has. He is modelled in a similar style as his predecessor too. He's big, he's strong and despite being slower than other defenders, he is able to stamp his authority on attackers with some gritty tackles.

CB-Katija Burnisevič-#4-Captain

Another Burges Player, Burnisevič is a potential answer to Crajasović's clumsiness and is a quick, skilful and sure-footed player capable of taking the fight to those attempting to run through. She is a dedicated player, happy to chase any lost cause until the ball crosses the line. Her lack of physical strength may be her weakness however and she could be a potential target for more powerful strikers.

RB-Kevin Krychowiak-#13-Age 24-Matbirjke
Another promotion from the under 23s, Krychowiak is a typical modern full-back with his pace and attacking mindset. Having succeeded Dominik Illisevic as first-choice full-back last cycle, he will need to build on some shaky performances against the pace that the world has to offer if he is to retain his place on the teamsheet.

LM-Sophia Velezia-#16
A mazy winger with less raw pace, but the ability to turn any defender into a messy knot, Velezia is a constant challenge to keep quiet on her day and normally gets through at some point if she hits top form. Her mercurial nature is her biggest and arguably only weakness, but Mattijana will be well-placed if she can get it together.

CM-Marko Hojbjerg-#7

Now a mainstay of the team at the age of 27, Hojbjerg is a playmaker with good awareness and passing ability and is the perfect fit for Ljubanik's technical brand of football. Useful for connecting the more attacking players ahead of him, he is also integral in providing the start or the killer pass in a counter-attack. When no forward options are available, he's not afraid to hit one and occasionally finds the back of the net from improbable ranges.

CM-Katarina Jakupovic-#15
Former captain of Mattijana’s under-23 side, Jakupovic is a part of Vukoja’s turn to a more attractive style with Jago Adrianov, the midfield enforcer out and the instinctive passer promoted to a starting role. The 25 year-old Snezn player has impressed with both her technique and maturity in the early years of her career and is touted as a future Mattijanan captain after a successful run in the Under-23s.

RM-Jessika Struna-#9

A pacey winger who's preferred play is to make a run and then a cross, the 28 year old Struna is a dynamic and different part of the Mattijanan team. Tipped for a move to Petrovijanka or Burges, Struna chose to stay at Revinka, close to her family and in the town she loves.

CAM-Mattias Hoffman-#8-Age 26-Rapid Petrovijanka
Hoffman established himself as an impact player during the 79th cycle, scoring twice from the bench and making a substitute appearance in 15 of the 18 games. He offers a dynamic and direct approach when required and has cut open tired defences on a number of occasions. His consistency across longer periods has so far kept him out of the first team, but he remains a very useful and versatile player for Vukoja.

FW- Kara Lorenzič, age 24, Matbirjke

With Mathilde Lekarisa departing the Mattijanan setup in favour of the warmer climes of Saint Émelie, Matbirjken youngster Kara Lorenzič has been thrown into the starting line up for Mattijana. The pacey, direct forward was introduced on numerous occasions during World Cup qualifying and played reasonably well, offering a threat from the incisive through balls of the midfield and the testing low crosses of her wingers. Despite that, she is still young and the shoes of record scorer Lekarisa are big ones to fill.

The Bench:
GK-Matej Handanović-#1
The 31 year old Mattijanan number 1 plays under Matej Ljubanik at FK Petrovijanka and has been a solid, if unspectacular option between the sticks for most of his career. He has good handling skills and makes few mistakes, but could be replaced if he fails to make the spectacular stops expected of him. He may also face renewed competition from the younger and more dynamic Martin Vaskaric.

RB-Dominik Illisević-#5

Now a regular for FK Puljanka, Illisević is a punchy and pacey player with outstanding fitness and good crossing ability. His defensive technique is the biggest question mark, but if he can have a solid match at the back, he will undoubtedly be a danger coming forward.

CB-Ana Sevastova-#27-Age 22-FK Snezn

Young north-easterner Sevastova is the stereotypical centre-back from her region. Tall, strong and tough as ice, she has worked her way into the starting line-up at Snezn and with the retirement of Edvard Crajasovic, has now earned herself a call-up to the national side. Provided Illicic and Burnisevic remain fit and reasonable in form, she probably won't make too many appearances this cycle, but is certainly one for the future.

LM-Sofiane Bisrali-#6
From the less familiar setting of Shalkar in the South-East, Bisrali has the pace and skill that Vukoja is looking for in his wingers. Replacing the mercurial Sophia Velezia in the starting line-up, the 24 year old has a lot to live up to early in his career, but has the chance to do it on the biggest stage.

CAM-Juliana Kjofmann-#22-Age 26-Weststrand FK

Kjofmann, heralding from the windy climes of the Mattijanan west coast, has learned how to play with the ball on the deck and has made her strengths count at local team WestStrand. She might not pull off all her passes, but the ones she gets right will be enough to cause problems for any opposing defence.

FW-Andreas Weiss-#11

The 32 year old Burges Striker has been a fixture in the Mattijanan team for a while now and has matched his performances for the national side with consistent scoring form for FK Burges. He is a poacher with the ability to be in the right place at the right time for any pull-back into the box. Also a good header of the ball, Weiss will be an intimidating target for high crosses if the Mattijanan plan-B is needed.

ST-Daniella Alaba-#18-Age 28-Puljanka
It is difficult to tell where Alaba's strengths really lie as she is relatively quick, but not lightening fast and despite good strength, she is no match for more bulky defenders. Where she is effective is as a goal poacher, using positioning to find space to latch onto crosses and loose balls from fairly close range.

The Reserves:

GK-Martin Vaskaric-#19-Age 23-FK Antalja
LB-Lara Ljunavic-#20-Age 29-FK Revinka
CM-Jasmina Kovac-#24-Age 21-Ljubala FK
FW-Matej Jokic-#26-Age 20- FK SavaFluss

About Mattijana!

Mattijana is a large safe nation in Esportiva with a significant, but proportionate population. It spans a fairly large range of climates with the far north a colder area, the central region temperate, the south Mediteranean and the South-East semi-desert. Petrovijanka, the setting for this competition, is located almost exactly in the centre of the country at 214-232 metres above sea level. It has summer highs of around 28°C and lows of -5°C in the winter. There is a high level of sunshine for most of the year with precipitation mostly snowfall in the winter months.

Culturally, Mattijana can also be divided into six regions. The West of the country is largely Germanic whilst the centre North is a mix of Slavic and Germanic cultures, centred around Mattijana's second city, Burges. The North and East are more Scandinavian and speak Dansk, a language similar to Danish. The Centre (where Petrovijanka is situated) and the South are Slavic (similar to the Slovenian and Croatian cultures). There is an Arabic community in the South-East.

All Mattijanans speak the official language, Mattijanan. However, due to this not being spoken anywhere else in the World, English and German are well-spoken throughout the country whilst Arabic is taken on by the most intelligent students (in addition to English and German) as well as by those in the South-East.
There is no official religion in Mattijana due to this mix of cultures. Islam is popular in the South-East and parts of the South whilst some in the East follow the Mattijanan Orthodox church. Most people hold no religious belief, but believe in the universal philosophy of being kind, welcoming and helpful to others, known nationally as Jelenara. Even in religious communities, it is these principals that are most talked of with religious figures used to preach them.
Due to the mix/match nature of Mattijanan cultures and these philosophies, religious symbols are uncommon and religious tolerance is very high.

Attitudes to drink and sex are fairly liberal whilst there is good gender, sexual and racial equality. Social mobility is also good and the rich earn only twice as much as the poorest. Cannabis and similar recreational drugs are banned by law, with cannabis also forbidden for medical use.

The government follows mildly socialist policies meaning the tax rate is fairly high, but schools, hospitals and other public services are all well-funded and either free or reasonably-priced. Taxes on large businesses are higher than on small ones. The government building is the MattiStaja, which is situated on Staja square in the centre of Petrovijanka. All six regions have their own smaller congresses however. Politicians are generally appreciated and although public decisions are limited to elections and important political decisions where the main population is the most affected, most citizens feel well represented due to the numerous meeting and discussion opportunities with their local politician.
All parties follow a similar philosophy, but mainly disagree on where to fund the most. The MattijanaLeušaBuro is the current elected party and have an emphasis on public services, but other popular parties are the ViroBuro (who generally promote the needs of the environment) and the NašinalBuro (who promote funding for employment opportunities).

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes, but only two per game and nothing potentially life/career ending.
Godmod Injury Events: Yes
Red Card Players: Yes, but 2 per game maximum.
Yellow Card Players: Yes, but a maximum of 5 per match
Godmod Other Events: Yes

Other RP stuff:
Most likely to (in order of likelihood)

Score-Kara Lorenzic, Mattias Hoffman, Jessika Struna
Score from distance-Marko Hojbjerg, Sophia Velezia, Katarina Jakupovic
Score a header-Marko Hojbjerg, Mattias Hoffman, Rikard Illicic
Pick up cards-Rikard Illicic, Marko Hojbjerg, Katarina Jakupovic
Assist goals-Jessika Struna, Marko Hojbjerg, Sophia Velezia


Due to a large land mass and numerous good quality stadia, the Mattijanan FA prefers to rotate games around a few different grounds. Having said that, the Stadijo Nasinal and the Stadijo Dinamov play host to the bulk of the matches due to the central position of Burges and Petrovijanka, their size and their reputation for providing excellent hosting services.

Stadijo Dinamov
The Stadijo Dinamov in Petrovijanka is the second biggest football stadium in Mattijana and is one of the five stadiums that share the hosting honours for international matches. It is used on a weekly basis by FK Petrovijanka, Matej Ljubanik's old club, having built by them in 1940 and upgraded twice in 1972 and 2001. The capacity is 60,000.
The stadium is found to the north of the city's old town.

Stadijo Nasinal-Burges
The Stadijo Nasinal is Mattijana's largest multi-purpose sports stadium with retractable grass and astroturf surfaces to cater for cater for Cricket, Hockey, Rugby and Football matches. There is a capacity of 90,000. The Stadium was built in 1985 and heavily upgraded just 4 years ago in preparation for the Cricket T20 World Cup. It is situated on the South bank of the Juliana river, just next to the water and just East of the NordesParke.

Stadijo Snezn:
City: Snezn
Capacity: 37,000
Club residents: FK Snezn
Location: Western Snezn, not far from the old town.
Transport: 10-15 minutes walk from central Snezn, 10 minutes cycle. S3 tram or B3 Bus routes.

The Stadijo Snezn is situated in Mattijana's most northernmost city and is a more modern ground, with a generic rectangular shape and fairly modest capacity. This feature however makes it very accessible and easy to use, so a match here should be a reasonably comfortable experience, despite the cold. The stadium was built around 15 years ago, by owners FK Snezn.

Stadijo Katarina Zafarova:
City: Revinka
Capacity: 30,000
Club residents: FK Revinka
Location: Coast, Eastern Revinka
Transport: S2 Tram route, 20 minute walk/10 minute cycle from city centre.

Another modern multi-purpose stadium, Revinka's regular evening thunderstorms mean that a roof has recently been added to the stadium to make for all-weather events. The stadium is already used for Hockey, rugby, football and handball and is named after Revinka and Mattijanan national Hockey captain Katarina Zafarova.

Garijo Ales Struna:
City: Puljanka
Capacity: 40,000
Club residents: FK Puljanka
Location: Garijo Struna, north-west Puljanka
Transport: 10 minute walk/5 minute cycle from City centre. S11 Tram route.

An older, but very traditional stadium in a park just north-east of Puljanka's centre, the ground has progressed from humble beginnings as a playing field to one of the most recognisable stadiums in the country.
The ground has been upgraded in accordance with Mattijanan FA rules, but still retains much of its old history and is a beautiful place to watch a game. The most distinctive features are the arches spanning the length of the North and South stands.

City: WestStrand
Capacity: 70,000
Club Residents: Weststrand FK
Location: Northern Weststrand
Transport: 10 minutes on foot from Weststrand city centre and main train station. B1 bus route from city centre.

One of the newest stadiums in Mattijana, the Westerstadion was built to reflect its resident's consolidation of a place in the Mattijanan premier league, which gave the club enough funds to move out of a small and battered old ground into a shining new 70,000 capacity creation on part of a former park in the north of Weststrand.
The ground is used almost exclusively for football, although there is talk of rugby also being allowed to take place at the ground. The stadium's modernity means it is accessible and comfortable.

Around Weststrand:
The most Germanic of Mattijana's cities, Weststrand is situated on the west coast of the country and is part of a more rugged section of coastline extending for hundreds of kilometres. As a result, the weather is generally windier than in most locations, with rain coming off the sea regularly.
The town itself has a more colonial feel to it, with imposing buildings on the seafront giving way to narrow, but buzzing backstreets containing a number of quirky independent shops. Watersports are also popular in the area. Cuisine is largely seafood-based, with mussels a very popular choice in the region.

Long Distance Travel:

International airports are found in Burges, Revinka and Petrovijanka, with some Esportivan flights also heading to Snezn. Shuttle underground trains from airports to corresponding city centres will be subsidised for the duration of the tournament. High speed rail links extend between all cities and airports, making travel to Puljanka and Snezn also relatively painless. There are express services between Petrovijanka and Burges, Burges and Snezn, and Revinka and Puljanka.
Those from reasonably local countries looking to travel to Revinka or Snezn may wish to consider travel by sea. Both cities have good ferry ports and road and underground links to the city centres they serve.
The socialist republic of Mattijana:
As if Austria, Slovenia, North-Eastern Europe and Sweden were merged together into some weird stew of a country.
through resilience, we are strong!

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Togonistan National Football Team


Home kit - Away kit

Head coach: Jason Kaloros
Captain: Luca Faleta
Home stadium: Tushlark Stadium
Home colors: Yellow
Away colors: Red

Formation: 5-3-2
Style: -3


#	Pos	Name	       Age	        Home Club
1 GK Fujima Sumiteru 25 ImageFC Tushlark Elks
20 GK Tariua Asiata 24 ImageFC Power
21 GK Abel Teaej 25 ImageFC Hawkston
2 DF Romy Hunda 28 ImageIncendia United
3 DF Luca Faleta (c) 26 ImageTushlark Superstars
4 DF Iosefa Manaia 33 ImageFC Hawkston
5 DF Jeb Delafi 26 ImageFC Power
6 DF Haunui Etera 27 ImageIncendia United
7 DF Kahue Laka 29 ImageCorona Centaurs
8 DF Edi Oceania 29 ImageFC Hawkston
9 MF Elisara Fa'amoe 23 ImageIncendia United
10 MF James Lantana 29 ImageTushlark Superstars
11 MF Auri Variatoa 30 ImageTushlark Superstars
12 MF Laran Makula 25 ImageTushlark Superstars
13 MF Loi Laguna 26 ImageFC Power
14 MF Henri Toelau 26 ImageFC Hawkston
15 MF Martin Tui 18 ImageAFK Perman-Ziga
16 MF Elea Busar 25 ImageHwoarang Shoguns
17 MF Pita Loferi 21 ImageIFK Anderstad
18 FW Greg Kanufatu 26 ImageTushlark Superstars
19 FW Lev Mafati 24 ImageTushlark Superstars
22 FW Aleki Siosifa 23 ImageFC Chemistry
23 FW Karol Niue 26 ImageCorona Centaurs

RP Permissions:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: N (TG for permission)
Godmod Injury Events: N (TG for permission)
Red Card Players: N (TG for permission)
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N (TG for permission)

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Saint Émelie Roster For World Cup 82

Following respectable showings at AOCAFs LVI and LVII as well as World Cup 81, Saint Émelie are back to try and improve on their first cycle in international football and forget about their second where they were absolutely woeful.
Les Insulaires narrowly missed out on making the knockout stages of their first AOCAF. Despite a win against South Toronto and a heroic 4-3 win against Vilita & Turori in their first ever international, a 2-0 loss to this year's hosts Mriin condemned them to third in the group on head to head record. They fared much better in the one after however, making the quarter finals and beating Farfadillis 4-1 in the process. The squad are also boosted by the surprise decision of Mattijanan top-scorer Mathilde Lekarisa to switch allegiances to the island just in time for this cycle.
Amélie Martín returns to manage the team whilst Florian Bastereud, the match winner in that epic first international, regains his captaincy.

Team Information:

Style Mod: +2
Nickname: Les Insulaires
Team Colours: Blue and white
Captain: Florian Bastereud
Formation: 4-4-2 (diamond)

The Team:

Head Coach: Amélie Martín

46 year old Amélie Martín was the lady tasked with managing the team for their world cup debut and still has a tough job on her hands. She now has the experience of an AOCAF, Baptism of Fire and World Cup qualifying cycle to call upon, but the squad is still lacking in game time compared to most of the region and the Ligue D'Ile is no suitable preparation for a tournament alongside some of the world's best.
Martín played for around 15 years in that league before making the switch to management. The Saint Émelie FA believes that she is therefore the person with the most thorough understanding of football on the island and is as good a person as any to continue the island's progression.

Assistant Coach: Jacques Barre

Alongside Martín will be the experienced head of Jacques Barre. The 58 year old also once played in the Ligue d'Ile, but finished early due to injury and 'not being able to run like he used to.' Since then, he has managed 3 of the island's teams, getting to know many of Saint Émelie's best players in the process.
Despite his increased experience relative to Martín, Barre lacks the dynamic approach to management preferred by the island's footballing authorities. His tactical mind will however provide a calm word in Martín's ear when needed.

Team Doctor and Physio: Antonin Gardinier

Gardinier has little to no experience with sports injuries or fitness management, but as the island's best general doctor, was picked to make the trip to the Equestrian States as he would 'have to do.' He has a fairly hands on approach to medicine and players will probably be hoping they remain injury-free throughout the tournament due to fear of a good prodding and Gardinier's tendency to opt for surgery when possible rather than when necessary.


#1-Hubért Joubert-age 33-Stade Barbotteau
#12-Caroline Chapelle-age 25-CA Le Goutiér
#23-Robin Patenaude-age 28-Racing Montmirail

The experienced Joubert will be Saint Émelie's number one throughout the cycle. The 33 year old has established a reputation as the best all-round goalkeeper on the island and has particularly impressive distribution with his range of kicks and throws. He is also solid with crosses, but his shot-stopping skills will recieve more of an examination against international opposition compared to at home.
Caroline Chapelle is very much the understudy in the team. The 25 year old is an excellent shot stopper, but is less experieced and ultimately deficient in the areas where Joubert is strong. This may keep her out of the starting lineup for now, but she is here to learn and will almost certainly take over the starting role one day.
Robin Patenaude is decent by island standards, but is really only in the squad as injury cover and to have a nice time. If Saint Émelie actually end up playing him, they will be desparate and will probably lose.

Wide Defenders:

#2-RB-Charléne Forestier-age 24-CA Le Goutier
#5-LB-Max Lestiénne-age 29-CF Savenay
#13-RB-Paul Gasquet-age 26-Stade Barbotteau
#16-LB-Chloé Travert-age 22-Stade de Saint Marie

Saint Émelie's selection of full-backs is also a mixed bag. Max Lestiénne is the only player over 26 of the four players chosen, but the additional domestic experience will probably count for nothing in the international arena.
Saint Émelie's teams generally try to play with quick full-backs, using them to push up the pitch and provide an additional option for attacking players. This usually requires high fitness levels and will be even more testing for the players against better-quality opposition.
This is provided by a youthful lineup that includes up-and-coming Le Goutier player Charléne Forestier as well as 22 year old Chloé Travert, who despite her young age has already become one of the talents in the Saint Émelie league to watch in the coming months and years.
Rather like Robin Patenaude, Paul Gasquet is very much just along for the ride, but will provide reasonably coherent cover if needed.

Central Defenders:

#3-Daniel Bouchard-age 33-CF Duport
#4-Mignon Laureille-age 30-Stade Barbotteau
#14-Emeli Pied-age 28-CF Soufriére
#15-Claude Leclerc-age 25-CA Le Goutier

Saint Émeli's central defenders are the polar opposites to their wide counterparts. Big, powerful and not afraid to put in a strong tackle, they are certainly up to the physical challenge posed by any opposition, even internationally.
Daniel Bouchard and Mignon Laureille, who is anything but sweet, are the epitomy of this and despite their lack of pace, sitting deep and heading stuff out of the danger zone has become a common practice.
Their slowness will almost certainly be exposed by stronger opposition, but their prescence may frustrate, for a little while at least.


CDM-#6-Florian Bastereud-age 33-CF Dupont
RM-#7-Florence Caseille-age 25-CF Savenay
CAM-#8-Simon Pelletier-age 31-CF Soufriére
LM-#9-Mathilde Laurent-age 27-CF Riviera
CM-#17-Laurent Michaud-age 26-Stade de Saint Marie
RW-#18-Emeli Fontaine-age 29-Stade Barbotteau
LW-#19-Tomas Cousineau-age 21-Racing Montmirail
CAM-#20-Jadine Dupont-age 27-CF Le Goutier

The midfield diamond is probably the most experienced of the Saint Émelie setup, although everything is of course relative. Florian Bastereud is the key component, with the 33 year old both the team's captain and midfield enforcer. The wings are also important however. Play in Saint Émelie requires fast movement of the ball to negate some fairly rustic pitches and will often be fed out to the wide players. Florence Caseille is a massive talent on the right whilst Mathilde Laurent is now an established name on the island and can deliver a fantastic set piece.

Simon Pelletier is often the intermediate between defense and attack, but has a keen eye for a through ball, both over the top and through the middle of a defense. He is probably the team's best chance of scoring from distance as well. The 31 year old has scored many times in the Ligue d'Île from outside of the penalty area and will look to notch a few more in the coming international season.


#10-Mathilde Lekarisa-age 29-Rapid Petrovijanka (in Mattijana)
#11-Dominic Trion-age 26-Stade Barbotteau
#21-Marizanne Proliné-age 24-CF Riviera
#22-Sara Katjanović-age 29-FK SavaFluss (in Mattijana)

Sara Katjanović has very much been the star player in this Saint Émelie side for the duration of its existence and is also the only player operating outside of Saint Émelie. The third-choice Savafluss striker has a Mattijanan father and a mother from the island and fortunately, can handle both the Mattijanan and French languages.

As a player, she is a real poacher. Diminutive in stature, the 29 year old knows how to find the back of the net and knows where to position herself to do it, complementing the pace and crossing style from the wingers.

Mathilde Lekarisa, having switched allegiances from her country of residence to her country of birth in time for this world cup cycle, joins Katjanović up top and brings a very similar, but sharper skill set. She is an exceptional goal scorer, having gained the honour of being Mattijana's all time top scorer, and also brings a little more aerial threat than Katjanovic.

Tactical Notes:

Saint Émelie's isolation means that the style of football has deviated rather a lot compared to the rest of the world. It is in fact rather agricultural, with a lot of physical challenges and strong aerial play.
This means that the team will inevitably pick up cards. No malice is meant, but the physicality of the team will mean that injuries may occur.

Otherwise, Saint Émelie's style of football is actually fairly easy on the eye. Quick passing from front to back as well as movement on the wings is the game-plan and when it pays off, it looks great.
When it doesn't, it looks like an incoherent mess and if fans wish to be realistic, this is probably what they will get for the most part against some high-class defences.

RP Permissions:

Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Yellow card my players: Y
Red card my players: Y
Injure my players: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Starting Lineup:


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If you're planning on visiting our island for the upcoming world cup qualifiers, there are quite a few things you should know before you arrive. Saint Émelie is a very different country to many of the ones you may have visited and its isolation also causes many quirks. This page will give you all the information you need to survive and even enjoy your trip here.

Getting Here:

Saint Émelie is situated in Eastern Atlantian Oceania and is part of an archipelago of islands, the majority of which are uninhabited. It is equidistant to its three nearest pieces of claimed land, Penguinata (part of Paripana), northern Falcania and the kingdom of Corelia.
Getting to the island is undoubtedly a tricky task. There is only one airstrip in the country, in Port D'Émelie and known simply as L'aéroport, and the runway is only long enough to accommodate regional flights. If you wish to arrive by air, you may need to make one or even two stops at regional and local hubs before your final flight to Saint Émelie, particularly if you are visiting from outside Atlantian Oceania. Powered flight is a phenomenon only introduced to us after gaining status as protectorate of Mattijana and as a result, facilities remain underdeveloped.

Despite this impracticality, air travel is the fastest way of getting here. You can also travel by boat from surrounding nations to the docks in Port D'Émelie, cutting out one of the air stops, however this will be incredibly time consuming over long distances. In theory, it is possible to swim, but this will probably end in death by exhaustion or due to incapacitation by a jellyfish or other marine creature. We therefore do not recommend this mode of transport.

Getting here will not be the most enjoyable part of your time away, but it will be worth it.

On Arrival:

On your arrival in Port D'Émelie, the capital city of Saint Émelie, there is little you will have to do. Immigration is incredibly lax due to the islander's laid-back attitude, lack of visitors and the fact that if you happen to be an international criminal, there are easier places to go to do your thing. Do not be alarmed or confused if you are allowed into the country in mere minutes, but then have to wait an hour for your luggage to emerge. This is completely normal and due to the lack of mechanisation in the baggage reclaim system. Also do not be alarmed if your luggage contains dents or is damaged. This is due to the heavy-handedness of the baggage handlers and it is recommended you bring a hard suitcase and do not bring fragile items.

There is only one banned item in Saint Émelie. Guns of all kind are not permitted onto the island and will be screened for before you leave the airport or docks. Screening is not done using x-ray scanners or the like, but by cracking open your suitcase and having a good rummage. For our convenience please leave your suitcase unlocked before it goes on the plane or is presented to officials at the dockyard. This process is also partly responsible for the delay in presenting you with your luggage at the airport. Nothing will purposefully go missing, however if you don't trust us, or more legitimately those handling luggage at your country of origin, place valuable items in your hand luggage.

Accommodation and Eating Out:

If you're looking for a plush five-star hotel, Saint Émelie is not for you. If you instead enjoy a collection of small guesthouses and bed and breakfasts, it is ideal. These will be found dotted around the major settlements on the island and vary in quality. Some places will offer very basic facilities and food whilst some will be very well-furnished and offer a large and varied breakfast. Prices will also vary, but will most likely offer good value for money compared to your home nation.
As with hotels, if you require a top of the range gastronomic experience, you will not find it here. What you will instead find is a number of seafront bars that offer an excellent range of fish and seafood, as well as the local selection of drinks. Animal meat is harder to come by, but mainly consists of goat and chicken. Many locals will also frequent these places due to the lack of tourism, so establishments will be friendly and offer food and particularly drink at good prices.

Food specialities include prawns, scallops or lobster with a variety of different sauces. Many bars will offer a choice of sauces to go with each type of seafood. Fish dishes often include cod, sea-bream and tuna whilst goat and chicken are often found in curry-style dishes with local vegetables and spices.

Local beers, spirits and cocktails provide the bulk of the drinks menu. Soft drinks of pineapple, grapefruit and watermelon juice are also available among others, and are infinitely more trustworthy than water sources, which are probably best avoided for hygiene reasons.

There is no official drinking age in Saint Émelie, it is simply up to parents to decide when a child is allowed to consume alcohol when together. This can either end very well or very badly depending on the responsibility and alcohol consumption of a child's family.


People are people, and it is of course important to remember that individual personalities and values will vary, however the culture of Saint Émelie is very rich and is ingrained in the majority of islanders.
Fairly few foreigners visit the island and those that do are largely Mattijanan, so visitors from elsewhere are treated with curiosity and may attract attention in the streets, particularly if you are of a different ethnicity to the dark-skinned Saint Émileans. Despite this, natives relish the rare chance to meet someone from a different country and will be incredibly chatty, particularly in bars. The language barrier may be an issue. The official and most widely-spoken language is French and although English and Mattijanan are being spoken increasingly more across the country, vocab and grammar skills are still very limited. Brushing up on your French language skills is recommended before your trip and although the Saint Émelie dialect is much different to universal French, it will help you get by.

The general attitude on the island is likely much more laid-back than in your home country, so don't be worried or annoyed if it takes a lot of time to get what you wanted, or if you see something going on with incredible inefficiency. It's completely normal.

Saint Émileans are also very proud of their country and any insult to their food, culture or way of life will be taken very personally. Try to refrain from publicly moaning at things taking a long time to happen, islander's lack of professionalism or indeed anything else. However if you want to vent your frustrations in private, who are we to stop you.

Where to Go:

Your first port of call in Saint Émelie will be the capital city of Port D'Émelie in the north of the island. Calling it a city is a stretch as it will probably be the size of a small town in your homeland, however in Saint Émelie terms, it is a metropolis.
There are few actual attractions in Port D'Émelie, but it is a great place for to walk around. There is a charming mix of wooden and stone buildings, often brightly-painted, and the large market is a great place to pick up fresh fish, fruit and meats. Away from the docks, the seafront is lined with bars which are a great place to sit, have a drink and watch the world go by.

Away from Port D'Émelie, there are still places to go. Just down the coast is the village of Le Goutier, renowned across the island for its sports. Watersports such as sailing, windsurfing and canoeing are all possible in the surrounding seas, whilst the beachfront also plays host to the island's top beach volleyball and beach football tournaments.

A short, but bumpy bus journey to the opposite side of the island will see you arrive in the town of Savenay. The town has a quieter feel compared to the hustle and bustle of Port D'Émelie, but has its own charm and is home to numerous traditional art museums and quirky coffee bars. There is also some beautiful rugged coastline to be found a short walk outside the town, which will be much less populated than beaches around Port D'Émelie or Le Goutier.

The Football:

The Saint Émelie FA has announced that two venues will be used for the upcoming world cup qualifiers, both of which are situated on the Port D'Émelie side of the island. The biggest is the Stade Duport on the outskirts of Port D'Émelie. This is a 7,000 seat stadium and home to club side CF Duport.


The ground is somewhat dilapidated, but is functional. If you have a sensitive bum, it is recommended you bring with you a cushion as seating is fairly hard. Stalls and outlets selling classic Saint Émelean snacks such as prawns, peanuts and whitebait will be available on the stadium concourse.

The other stadium is a more left-field choice. La Stade de la Plage in Le Goutiér is named not because it is situated next to Le Goutiér's famous beach, but because it is on it.

You must be wondering how the clever locals have managed to grow some grass on top of the beach, or perhaps you might ask whether it is made of artificial grass. Well you need not wonder as the answer is revealed by the golden colour of the playing surface. It's a sandy one.

Whilst we admit that this is unusual, CF Le Goutiér have always played on sand and there are a few differences from your standard beach football pitch. First of all the pitch is the size of a standard grass pitch, which sounds incredibly tiring. Please bare in mind however that instead of loose, lumpy dry sand, the surface is damp and packed down to make for easier running and passing.
Saint Émelie will play barefoot for matches in Le Goutier and it is recommended that your side does the same. Whilst footwear is not outlawed, it may be impractical, you will have sand in your boots for at least the next 5 matches and it will hurt if you step on our player's tootsies.

Local supporters will be heavily partisan and probably very noisy. As in bars and general public places, locals will be keen to chat about your home nation and the game itself, but any arguments about a particular decision will see you heavily outnumbered. Actual violence is rare, but insults towards members of the Saint Émelie team will not be taken kindly, unless the crowd decide they don't actually like that team member any more.

Typical matchday food includes peanuts, pineapple and seafood such as prawns, whitebait and sardines. The usual range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available at stalls on the concourse and just outside of both stadiums.
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Bliuji world cup roster

Postby Bliuji » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:18 am

Formation 4-4-2
Style mod -2


Head coach Andriy Shevchenko
Coach Mauro Tassotti
Coach Raúl Riancho
Coach Andrea Maldera
General Manager Andriy Voronin
Analyst Volodymyr Onyshchenko
Goalkeeping coachPedro Luis Jaro
Fitness coach Ivan Bashtovyi

Starting 11
Andriy Pyatov GK
Karp Yuriev DF
Roman Aksakov DF
Lawrence Biryukov DF
Ruben Boholyubov DF
Erik Belov MF
Sidor Alexandrov MF
Leon Bocharov MF
Gabriel Kolesnikov MF
David Izmaylov ST
Daniel Lyskov ST

29 GK Philip Tretiakov
99 GK Derik Zueiv
70 DF Timothy Kolesnikov
62 DF Leonid Ozerov
40 DF Aaron Markov
91 MF Timothy Kudryashov
71 MF Vitaly Aksakov
88 MF Raymond Sebanochev
18 FW Porphyry Bulgakchuk
17 FW Wayne Yurikev
77 FW Ivan Gorshko

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (just don't give them a career ending injury)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: No
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:16 am


The Ministry of Sports World Cup 83 Team

Motto: "In a world where possibilities are endless, there is always one prediction."

Coach: General Emmanuel Jones
Assistant Coach: Lieutenant Lucio Peters
Manager: Drill Sergeant Alasteir Stallard
Trainer: Isacco Fitzpatrick

Goalkeeper: Sigibert Era

Center-Back: Ivan Gulumbu
Sweeper: Domen Remus
Left Full-Back: Mahir Singh
Right Full-Back: Eardwulf Jurek
Left Wing-Back: Simiyu Matia
Right Wing-Back: Jerrold Iairus

Centre Midfield: Manahem Piet
Defensive Midfield: Eduard Marco
Attacking Midfield: Azel Ulderico
Left Wide Midfield: Lyudmil Fritjof
Right Wide Midfield: Augustin Plamen

Centre Forward: Lysandros Davor
Second Striker: Muhammad Theophil
Left Winger: Avinash Benediktas
Right Winger: Tristan Wangchuk

GK: Jolyon Adalhard
SW: Marin Ekain
CB: Reiner Adnan
DM: Barclay Baptiste
CM: Jami Warrick
AM: Sjurd Lykos
SS: Yared Magnus
CF: Mihai Rakesh
Full-Back: Shay Vasyl
Wing-Back: Reyes Gerd
Mid-Field: Dobrogost Moysei
Winger: Devaraja Wigand

Uniforms: Uniforms will be checkered black and white, where the national red V will be visible on the sleeves. A favorite among the public of Main Nation Ministry and players for Ministry of Sports World Cup players. "Benchers" or demon players who are assigned at bench unless needed will be wearing similar uniforms to match their needs.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but discuss how severe injuries will be given to players via TG.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes, but TG first.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, TG me first.
Godmod other events: Yes, TG me first.

Style Modifier: -0.5
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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:02 pm

Ko-oren - Ko-orenite National Association Football Team
Home - Away - Alternate/GK

Nickname Dragonflies
Region Atlantian Oceania
Head Coach Katanmak Juliasterinthen
Assistant Coach Katherine Davenport
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
Ranking 29
World Cup
Appearances: 10x - 64-66, 69-72, 74, 75, 81
Best Result: 6x Ro16 - 66, 69, 70, 74, 75, 81
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 26x - 55, 57-75, 78-83
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 10x - 50, 51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71-72, 74
Best Result: 1st, Cup of Harmony 65
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 13x - 40-51, 55-58
Best Result: 2nd, AOCAF 50. 3rd, AOCAF 48.

Home Grounds
Orange Bowl (54.000), Schemerdrecht
Suzumebachi Stadium (25.000), Katashi
Estádio Fortaleza (29.000) or Estádio Marítimo (28.000), both in Santa Teresa
Rikalathen Arena (39.000), Maethoru
Stade sur la Baie (70.000), Aminey
+ other grounds (if you want to play somewhere else, feel free to TG me)

Formation 5-3-2 (and tactical notes)

1. Larut Theshendan (28y) - ImageMaethoru SC
Established 1st goalie for several years now. Disappointing season with Maethoru, with whom he won't play UICA football for the first time in his career.
12. Ronald Munks (25y) - ImageMiradela GD
People still debate his talent and quality, as it seems he is mostly selected on the back of two excellent Miradela seasons (and two championships).
23. Gudo Neihof (22y) - ImageStraudum
Neihof has been selected as goalkeeper of the season, as Straudum keep topping every defensive metric in the Ko-orenite Top League.

2. Lionel Dalton, RB (31y) - Chenoworth Harriers, Nephara
Dalton is one of the first three names on the team sheet. His move to the high-quality league of Nephara keeps doing him favours. For the rest, lacks character.
3. Dennis Lampshire, CB (27y) - Raven River, Nephara
Saved his career by leaving Ko-oren, where his position had become untenable. Has the talent to become one of Ko-oren's best ever, so the coming years have to count.
4. Minne van Schelven, CB (22y) - ImageStraudum
Straudum have established itself as the best defending team with Van Schelven's (and Neihof's) growth. One of the most exciting talents to come from the Archipelago in years.
5. Ethan Benjamin, CB (24y) - Mallox, Cosumar
Back in the starting XI after a long absence. His rebellious side set back his career by years, but he seems to be on the way back.
6. Alan Brogley, LB (33y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
The team still lacks a clear captain, so Brogley will start at leftback once again. He is arguably past his prime, and needs his experience to stay relevant.
13. Ézo Gicquel, RB (21y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
Could overtake Dalton as starting rightback any second now, but had a bad season with his Bruncester.
14. Hikomoto Mizuno, CB (21y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
Lost the starting spot to Benjamin for the time being. He was a starter on the merit of Lampshire and Benjamin being hard to work with, so that counts for Mizuno.
15. Dani Ardouin, CB (23y) - ImageAminey
Always a fringe player, this time Ardouin made it in over the likes of Aandal and Varela. Aminey's single selection, who thought it'd ever be a defender?
16. Quentin Seoane, RB (31y) - ImageMiradela GD
Still on the team, even though this spot would have gone to a centreback if possible. Seoane represents Miradela's immense spell, and deserves a spot based on that.
17. Oridhin Hergulauthen, LB (24y) - ImageMaethoru SC
Hergulauthen remains the best backup of the Archipelago. He isn't a flashy player and may lack the speed required for the position, but still is a well above-average choice for the team.

7. Reizo Yokota, DM (29y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
Once again, Yokota is the prime defensive midfielder. He knows the system and his teammates better than anyone, also on a personal level, and enjoys excellent rapport with everyone.
8. Saushilu Janoreirinthen, CM (24y) - ImageMaethoru SC
Finally, movement in midfield! Veteran Philip Odell has retired form the national team and in his place we find a debutant, Janoreirinthen. Watch out, there are scores of talented Di Bradini Cup graduates in contention for this position.
10. Maximilien Longchambon, AM (23y) - ImageTanques AOE
There is no more creative player than him, so he is the rightful selection for this position and likely will remain there for the next decade. He is a magician to his teammates and opponents.
18. Jochi Murakami, AM (23y) - ImageAdvance Alara
A member of the incredible Alara team that has finally landed UICA football. Murakami is the quick, shifty midfielder there that finds open spots and sets up the strikers, but rarely creates something out of nothing.
19. Cornelious Magrath, CM (22y) - ImageMiradela GD
Another Miradela player, and for good reason. Magrath glues the team together like nothing else, and lacking a defence, Magrath has plenty of passing to do in a possession-based 'if we have the ball, they can't score' team.
20. Cole Train, DM (21y) - ImageTanques AOE
The Coal Train is reportedly unhappy at Tanques, even though they've scouted him as the immense talent he is.

9. Mata Vaugrenard, SS (24y) - ImageMaethoru SC
Vaugrenard plays with an arrogant air that puts off many teammates and opponents. Even then, it's hard to ignore just how well he reads the game and how powerful his shots on goal are.
11. Tsuki Tsuchida, S (32y) - ImageAdvance Alara
The starting striker on the best offensive team in the league deserves a spot.
21. Seibei Olio, SS (22y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
Big factor in Katashi's improving attacking play. Strikers come and go in the Ko-orenite team, it's not a focal position for us, so Olio has a lot to prove.
22. Domingos Noya, S (27y) - ImageMiradela GD
The best attacker in the league for the second year running, and last season's top scorer finally makes it on as a fringe player. His ruthlessness in front of goal will likely see him receive some minutes, but the pressure is on immediately.

Starting lineup usually consists of numbers 1-11.

Style mod -5
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, introduced the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain during the formative years
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
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