World Cup 60: Rosters Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]

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Postby Cassadaigua » Tue May 29, 2012 2:49 pm



Coach: Meaghan Bateman (7th World Cup as coach; Captain of WC 50 & 51 Championship Teams)

Starters in Green
Subs in Blue
Reserves in Red

#20- Erika Payton, Age: 33, Sub WC 58 & 59, Reserve WC56 & 57, Starter DBC 18
#35- Zoey Anderson, Age: 25, Starter DBC 21, Traveled with WC59 team
#30- Emily Lachance, Age: 29, Reserve WC 58 & 59, Starter DBC 20

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Brittney Davies (21), Starter DBC 22
Sarah Simpson (20), Sub DBC 22

#23- Sarah Mathis, Age: 32, Starter WC 59, Reserve WC 57 & 58, Starter DBC 18
#4- Heather Stewart, Age: 29, Starter WC59, DBC 20, traveled with WC 58 team.
#6- Samantha O’Keefe, Age: 26, Sub WC59, Starter & Captain of DBC 21 team
#3- Carrie Van Fleet, Age: 23, Starter & Captain of DBC 22 team

#2- Julie McCarthy, Age: 35, Starter WC 57-59, Reserve WC56, Starter DBC 18
#25- Bella Bailey, Age: 25, Starter DBC 21, Traveled with WC59 team

#28- Amanda Sirkin, Age: 26, Starter DBC 21, Traveled with WC59 Team
#27- Katelyn Danielson, Age: 22, Starter DBC 22

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Jenna Cortright (20), Starter DBC 22
Tiffany Blunden (18), Starter DBC 22

#16- Breanna Hawkins, Age: 31, Starter WC59, Reserve WC 57 & 58 -- TEAM CAPTAIN
#8- Megan McCarter, Age: 28, Starter WC 59, DBC 20, traveled with WC 58 team
#32- Holly Sanders, Age: 21, Reserve WC 59, Starter DBC 21 & 22
#26- Patti Hicks, Age: 28, Sub WC59, Starter DBC 20 & 21, traveled with WC 58 team

#21- Valerie Middleton, Age: 27, Sub WC59, Starter DBC 20
#9- Emily Gray, Age: 22, Sub WC21, traveled with WC 59 team

#33- Jackie Van Camp, Age: 28, Reserve WC 59, Starter DBC 20
#24- Savannah Devaney, Age: 25, Starter DBC 21, traveled with WC59 team

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Stephanie Olsen (21), Starter DBC 22
Brianne Van Karsen (20), Sub DBC 22

#10- Ashley Barrett, Age: 22, Starter DBC 21. In WC59: Reserve until MD11, and a starter thereafter
#12- Kristen Marchant, Age: 31, Sub WC 58 & 59, Reserve DBC 18 & WC 57

#34- Trista Rodgers, Age: 32, Sub WC59, Reserve WC56-58, Sub DBC 18
#18- Nicole Prucha, Age: 29, Starter DBC 20, traveled with WC 58 & 59 teams

#19- Lauren Moore, Age: 30, Reserve WC 58, Starter DBC 20, traveled with WC59 team
#22- Kacie Kennedy, Age: 23, Starter DBC 22

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Summer Merritt (22), Starter DBC 22
Kellie Fenton (18), Sub DBC 22

Retired Kit Numbers:
#1 is retired in honor of Allison Salamida
#5 is retired in honor of Michelle Fuller
#7 is retired in honor of Shannon Myers
#11 is retired in honor of Courtney Ferguson
#13 is retired in honor of Meaghan Bateman
#14 is retired in honor of Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser
#15 is retired in honor of Erica Lambert
#17 is retired in honor of Jessica Schanke

When visiting Concord Heights Stadium, the South End Zone has a “Monument Wall” in honor of these players; think Yankee Stadium.
The North End Zone has something similar in honor of World Baseball Classic players.

Info & RP Permissions:
Style Modifier: +2.6
Traditional Formation: 4-4-2
Home Stadium: Concord Heights Stadium (Concord Heights, Cassadaigua). Capacity 77,000
People from Cassadaigua are referred to as Cassadagans. Subsequently, the unofficial team nickname is simply, “Dagans”.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, & 19; WB 8 & 22; WCOH 11; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3 & 5 (college hoops).
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13 & 15, DBC 21
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67.
Hosted: World Cup 54 & 67; CoH 57, BoF 47, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, & 40, Conferences within NSCAA 4, 5 & NSCH 1; WLC 7.

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Postby Cowardly Pacifists » Tue May 29, 2012 4:31 pm

The Chickens

Our Mascot - Ms. Cluck-n-Peck

Play Style: Originally known as the Frightened Chickens, the CP football club has since dropped it's "frightened" moniker and is now known simply as The Chickens. The team lines up in a 6-3-1 formation; their overall strategy is to frustrate their opponents with defense and capitalize on small mistakes. Scoring is quite an ordeal for the Chickens, since they're rarely brave enough to venture very far into the opponent's side of the field - much less take a shot at the goal. The Chickens do score on occasion, much to their surprise.

Recent Developments: Following a so-so showing in the Brevity Challenge Cup 2, the Chickens have shuffled-up their starting line. Adam Hyder and Mathew Shivrson have been relegated to the bench in order to make way for up-and-coming players Bertrand Wylee and Samuel Sprinter. It remains to be seen whether the line-up changes will have any effect on the team's World Cup performance.

Style Modifier: -5

International Record: 11-2-16 (WC Rank: 135th*)
*up 72 places from World Cup 59'

Coach: David "Duck" Encover

Starting Lineup:

GK – Franklin "Frankie" Faste
FB – Bertrand Wylee
FB – William Fleeman
CB - Brian Craven (C)
CB - Craig Wimpson
WB – Ryan Duckler
WB – Dennis Peacefield
CM – Steve Flinchmun (AC)
WM – Michael Yeller
WM – Samuel Sprinter
ST – Nathan Nuetralle

Substitute Players:

GK – Max Rundoff
DEF – Adam Hyder
DEF – Gregory Quieter
MID – Mathew Shivrson
MID - Michael Cur


Wylee Fleeman
Craven Wimpson

Duckler Peacefield
Yeller Sprinter


  • The bronze stripe on the team's secondary uniform commemorates the team's third place finish in the 46th Baptism of Fire.
  • The team's first alternate uniform celebrates the team's invitation to the 2nd Brevity Challenge Cup, where they were awarded a Pewter Spoon.

Stadium: The Frightened Chicken's home stadium - The Chickendome - is located in the Armed Republic's capital city of Phrytton. All of the team's home matches are played there. The stadium's capacity is 15,000, with 1,000 seats reserved for fans of the away team. The "Chickens Fandom" is a group of ~2,000 dedicated, well-mannered Chickens fans who show up wearing chicken hats to nearly every match, clapping politely for the home team and quietly snickering at the away team.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Yes
Roleplay injuries to my players - Yes
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes
Godmod other events - Yes

Just about anything is fair game as far as I'm concerned. Just don't be a jerk.
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Postby Nicole Scherzinger » Tue May 29, 2012 5:02 pm

Nicole Scherzinger's Roster for World Cup 60

Nation: The Queendom of Nicole Scherzinger
Nation Code: NSZ
Coach: Ashley Studen
Captain: Jenny Rodriguez
Rank: 57 (previously 84 for WC59)
Colors: Pink and Yellow
Group: TBA

Goalie: Maria Murguía
Center Defense: Molly Phelps
Right Defense: Jenny Rodriguez
Left Defense: Carrie Davies
Sweeper: Gabriela Sanchez
Center Midfielder: Nora Krajisnik
Right Midfielder: Elena Kenchadze
Left Midfielder: Cristina Angeloni
Center Striker: Heidi Kesselschläger
Right Striker: Gisèle Côté
Left Striker: Madison Dervishi

Goalie: Lauren Woodford
Center Defense: Vanessa Calderone
Right Defense: Stephanie Monacelli
Left Defense: Kristin Feinauer
Sweeper: Mallory Teague
Center Midfielder: Virginie Teurbat
Right Midfielder: Sandy Castlewood
Left Midfielder: Kelsey Mohat
Center Striker: Roberta Folchi
Right Striker: Anne-Marie Berzack
Left Striker: Emma Corsetti

Qualifying Schedule TBA
Post-WCQ Friendly vs. Thatius

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y
Modifier +1
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Postby Cotdelapoms » Tue May 29, 2012 5:13 pm


Michel Carbonnier

Timothée Riopel- SK Franz Josef City (Polar Islandstates)
René Wright-Efans- Tout-Puissant Outremont
Loukas Gratton- Montréal

Loïk Mailhot- Ranca Toco (Cafundéu)
Patrice Proulx- Sparta
Geoff Carpentier- Tout-Puissant Outremont
Noë Renault- Worcester Hearts
Frédéric X'Ch'Ital- Cap Nordique
Alexandre Grainger- Montréal
Zackaël Villeneuve- Montréal
Gaël Cissé- Tout-Puissant Outremont

Ismaël Yarrez- Sparta
Jean Bédard- Montréal
Pierre-Alexandre Séguin- Worcester Hearts
Gaëtan LaChance- Tout-Puissant Outremont
Laurent Parizeau- Montréal
Julien Tousignant- Charlevoix
Zaruko Zarranz- Montréal
Serge Lambert- Tout-Puissant Outremont
Pascal-Luc Brillant- Worcester Hearts

Jackson Diawara- Worcester Hearts
João Desjardins- Sparta
Nickolas Malenfant- Cap Nordique
James Hunt- Montréal
Erubiel Navarro- Tout-Puissant Outremont
Frédéric Bilodeau- Sparta
Kristján Dagenais- Tout-Puissant Outremont

Formation: 4-3-3
+2 Modifier

Likeliest Starting XI: Riopel; Proulx, Carpentier, Mailhot (c), Renault; Séguin, Yarrez, Bédard; Diawara, João, Malenfant

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, within reason.
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Postby Polar Islandstates » Tue May 29, 2012 5:30 pm

Nation Name: The Federation of Polar Islandstates
Shorthand Nation Names: The Federation, The FPI
Demonym: Polarians/Valhallans
Team Nickname: The Terns
Official Supporters Group: The Twitchers (as in, birdwatchers)

Courtesy of Barrengeka Kits, Astograth:

HOME SUPPORT: The Ostkurven - Home of the Twitchers

(Caps in brackets indicate appearances from the bench)

Coach: Sol Kirkkegaard, 58
Sol Kirkkegaard is the finest tactical mind our nation has ever produced, and has guided his teams to success almost without fail with a calm and cool exterior that does nothing to hint at what his calculative mind is really thinking. He rarely flaps under pressure, and is well respected by fans, players, and press alike. He was the natural choice to lead our nation into the development of their first official international team, and carefully assessed the players through the exhibition A vs B and Road To The World Cup matches, the link to which can be found in my signature. Through this he developed a key core of players to rely on, and whilst almost all of them are retiring now, he is nurturing a second wave of talented youngsters to lead the Terns further on with the help of U21s coach Gregorz van der Riise.

Three out of the last four tournaments have been disappointing now for the Terns. A second round exit to Krytenia is a reasonable loss, yes, but the penalty defeat to Andossa Se Mitrin Vega on home soil was a devastating blow to the Twitchers' confidence in the team and the management. This was followed by a disastrous title defence in the Copa, with the Terns failing to get out of their group, losing to the minnows of Princess Beatrice Isle in the process. Fortunately, the reason there was a title to defend at all has been Sol's saving grace, but there are whispers in the press that his fiercely attacking mindset and a reluctance to rotate during campaigns is leading to some disapproving tuts and clicks higher up in the FPIFA. There are more than a few key players hitting their absolute mental and physical peak during this tournament, and it has been noticed by those with the power, so, failures will be looked upon pretty harshly...

Assistant: Joachim Schwartz, 48
Brought in by Sol to cover the absence of Morten Yarbin, former indoor soccer coach Joachim Schwartz has now been appointed the position on a permanent basis. Despite being used to coaching on a smaller pitch, he very much advocates the use of wingers, and as such has found himself at odds with Sol's preferred tactics on a number of occasions. It is Sol's belief that this difference in professional opinion will provide a healthy and progressive atmosphere with which to coach, and shouldn't be discouraged at all. He is hard nosed, and tough to win over, but incredibly forceful and a powerful personality on the sidelines. It is thanks to Joachim, and Joachim only, that we have wingers and a less attacking than usual mindset at this tournament. Unlocking this team's potential will fall to him, and with the Terns never having had a side so full of players peaking at the right time before, he'll be feeling the pressure.

#1 - GK - Lars Hegg Gammel - Age 33 - Avidia United (Krytenia) - 104 Caps, 1 Assist
Lars moved abroad to Cotdelapoms in order to try and win a place in the Terns squad, fearing he'd never get the chance if he stayed stuck behind Atle Andreasson at SK. The move have paid off, replacing first Atle on the bench, and then Karlsson in the starting line up. His talent is undeniable, and his quick reactions were key to the Terns claiming the third place medal when they did, keeping their only clean sheet of the finals as they beat Krytenia 1-0. Following the collapse of the Cotdelapomais league, it was this performance that alerted his presence to Krytenia giants Avidia United, for whom he now earns his living.

#2 - DR - Zacharias Juul - Age 26 - Jan Mayen Islanders - 50(2) Caps, 2 Assists, 3 Goals
Called up but never used in previous senior squads, Juul was once again been called up for the Copa as backup to Thor Lossler, but some impressive subsitute performances saw him win the starting position on a permanent basis as the Terns lifted the title. He is fast, a natural leader, and calm and confident on the ball, and will make waves at this tournament as they Terns attempt to retain their title following his move to Jan Mayen Islanders.

#3 - DC - Sander Ljungberg - Age 30 - SK Franz Josef City - 83(11) Caps, 4 Assists, 2 Goals
With his movement, dependability, and extravagant tackling, Sander Ljungberg has proved himself to be a natural and worthy successor to Maarten Berg. Berg's retirement had left something of a hole in the heart of Sol's oft-favoured plans, but Ljungberg showed that all was not lost, and its almost as if he's been in the side all along. Has a turn of speed that can keep up with almost anything any fleet-footed strikers might try to pull on him, and with Urfstadt next to him, the two are hard to get past.

#4 - DC - Torre Urfstadt - Age 26 - Club ESF (Valanora) - 36(11) Caps, 1 Assist
Urfstadt is one of the most exciting players to come from the Torshavn ranks in a long time, and was been a crucial part of Torshavn's continued presence in Divisjon One, and a vital component in their Cygnus Cup winning squad. This brought him to the attention of Vanorian scouts, and a big money move saw him playing in the VSL. Fast, powerful, and one of the few shining lights in the Terns' World Cup campaign, now the finer points of positioning and leadership reveal themselves to him, he is a truly formidable defender, the likes of which the Federation hasn't seen since Niko Marek. Expect his 6'8" frame to be a danger in the opposing penalty box as well.

#5 - DL - Edvar Folke - Age 25 - SK Franz Josef City - 27(1) Caps, 1 Assist, 2 Goals
With the retirement of Steffan Pekarik after what was a fairly uninspiring World Cup run, Sol wasn't overly bowled over by the performances of his back up, Robin Arnfeldt. Therefore, with the left back position completely open, in from a string of performances in the U-21s comes the pair of Baalsen and Folke. A hugely dynamic presence in the defence, Folke plays his way for SK after leaving the King's League, and his huge promise has impressed enough to deserve the starting position, his exciting runs being a particular highlight.

#6 - DMC - Jorgen Hauge - Age 30 - Battle (Zarbli) - 112(4) Caps, 21 Assists, 10 Goals - CAPTAIN
A well established played in the Zarblese Duke League, Hauge was snapped up by Battle from Cross SC a few seasons ago, and hasn't looked back since. Now a regular in the starting lineup for the Terns, his marauding hatchet-man presence in front of the defence means attackers can't relax for a second. A long future in the national team beckoned for Jorgen, who is impressively large even by Polarian standards, and he has a fearsome reputation that has led to him being given the captain's armband, such is the level of importance he holds for the Terns. If he does his job correctly, it allows others to do theirs more easily, and he sees everything that happens on the pitch. Not bad with and from set pieces, either.

#7 - MR - Jon Kjaer - Age 28 - Mar Sara FC (Valanora) - 33(11) Caps, 15 Assists, 5 Goals
With six caps and three assists for the U-21s, Kjaer was a victim of Sol's tactical preference when it comes to his national side potential, and this marks his time with a starting position thanks to Schwartz's persuasion. Nonetheless, he seems to have always been around, and the fact he's only twenty-seven catches many by surprise, as he had been a regular and feared feature of the SK starting lineup for many a year. His move to Valanora seems to have made him even more potent, and this foray into using wing players for the national team couldn't have come at a better time both for Kjaer and the Terns. His eagerness to cut in and support Irndtor will be greatly appreciated, and his crossing is keen and deadly. The speeds with which he can change direction appear to have only slowed very slightly, and he is in the form of his life right now.

#8 - MC - Jorgen-Franz Bru - Age 26 - East Franz Athletic - 18(2) Caps, 3 Assists, 4 Goals
Captaining the Chicks to their Di Bradini Cup win all those years ago, Bru's star has been rising almost unstoppably ever since, shining in an FC Torshavn side that finished third and won the Cygnus Cup. Along with the other star of that side, Torre Urfstadt, Bru accepted the offer of play at a higher level, and developed even further as part of the dynamic Champions' Cup winning East Franz Athletic side, utilising his metronomic midfield play as best he could. Alongside Hauge, he can provide a truly industrious engine room for the Terns here as he enters his physical peak, and is a greatly loved positive member of the team.

#9 - ST - Amadeus Irndtor - Age 30 - SK Franz Josef City - 41(31) Caps, 8 Assists, 36 Goals
With a lethal left boot and a sixpence turning circle, this speedy player is enjoying his big chance in the famous number nine that used to belong to his arch-rival/inspiration, Timo Skye. His recent performances for SK will have him brimming with confidence, this despite a Copa Rushmori campaign that was plagued by injury and saw him appear in only two games. If he is to fully replace Skye's potency, he will rely on the support form van Sorensen, Kjaer, and Berghaus. And whilst that may be considered a weakness of Irndtor's, the thought of those four attacking forces converging on the penalty box at once could never be considered a weakness for the Terns. In this way, he is a catalyst for a new style of Polarian attacking play. He is an experienced player, who knows the tricks of the trade and when to use them, not many strikers can be their own number ten if needs be, but Irndtor is using exactly that kind of experience in all that he does right now.

#10 - TQ - Alexsandr van Sorensen - Age 27 - Petardos S/A (Cafundéu) - 67(46) Caps, 45 Assists, 54 Goals - VICE-CAPTAIN
Shining light of the side Alexsandr is only 27 and entering his devastating best form, but he seems to have been around forever. Played a vital role for Jan Mayen before his move to Cafundéu where he continues to impress and is learning every day, impressing the scouts from Petardos S/A enough to be offered a contract. Suffers from rare brain condition synaesthesia, meaning his senses get muddled up in his head, but manages to not let this affect his attractive attacking play - indeed, if anything it seems to help him. Captained the U-21s in the Draggonnii Inviyatti, showing his leadership on the pitch for which he has been granted the vice-captain position in the squad this tournament, and likes to link in from the midfield, which is where he plays for Petardos S/A. Sol will be playing him as a supporting deep lying striker for Irndtor, or a forward thinking midfielder operating in front of Hauge and Bru. Ultimately, he is to be a trequartista, applying his explosive acceleration and going on mazy dribbles that often end in a shot from his sweet right boot. Can play anywhere across the midfield and attacking position if needed to, and could change a game in an instant. Almost certainly an all-time legend already, and he is without a doubt the Terns' key player at this tournament, potentially of all time. Anything good will likely come through him, and at 27, if the Terns are going to use one of the best players in the world (probably) to propel them to a world title... now is the time...

#11 - ML - Ole Berghaus - Age 27 - Gimnasia (Kagdazka and Pazhujebu) - 25(2) Caps, 10 Assists, 2 Goals
Ole Berghaus has had a wonderful few seasons for Gimnasia, and with no other obvious left winger in the pool, Berghaus was bumped to the squad some five years ago for the Copa, where he excelled in a cross field partnership with Kjaer. He is nimble and quick for a big man, and his imposing presence on the wing can be the first line of defence. Going forwards, he is explosive and powerful, and will be drifting into the box before you know it. Is conscious of the distant threat of Kjetil Huytspurr, and will be eager to cement his place in the squad for years to come. Revels in front of a big crowd.

#12 - GK - Jan Rasmus - Age 28 - FC Axel Heiburg - 4(2) Caps
From his early days at the U-21s squad, it was clear to all that Jan Rasmus has talent. Finally, after several seasons working the penalty area at FC Axel Heiburg and becoming a real goalkeeper you can trust, he has been called up once more to the snior squad, so that he may add to his small collection of caps.

#13 - GK - Piotr Hemjann-Bezelhov - Age 24 - Jan Mayen Islanders - 0(1) Caps
24 is still plenty young for a goalkeeper, and you'll be sure to be hearing the tongue-twisting name of Hemjann-Bezelhov for a long time, yet. Gammel is one of the best goalkeepers the national team has ever had, so chances in the first team may be limited, but PHB will be ready to take them when they appear. Taking over the first gloves at Jan Mayen since Mathias Marek's sudden retirement has been something of a baptism of fire for the keeper, but his reflexes and speed off his line have kept him right. Still learning, but plenty of potential.

#14 - MC - Iulian Finnibaturinn - Age 26 - Therakham ZL (Kagdazka and Pazhujebu) - 25(4) Caps, 5 Assists, 3 Goals
Iulian has nine caps, two assists, and one goal for the U-21s, and although first first team performances have been relatively limited so far, his performances have Jorgen Hauge looking over his shoulder nervously. He's a commanding presence, and likes to sit as part of a central midfield pair, supporting a more attack-minded partner and protecting the defence. He can also be used to swing free-kicks from long range for attackers to head attempts at goal, and though his shooting isn't that good he is labelled as a star of the future, and as another player entering the peak of his fitness, he could make a real name for himself at this tournament if afforded the game time.

#15 - DL - Luka Baalsen - Age 26 - East Franz Athletic - 3(9) Caps
One of the stars of van der Riise's Chicks side for many years, this East Franz left back has impressed hugely during East Franz Athletic's run to being Champions' Cup title-lifters and hugely deserves his repeated call ups to the main Terns side. One of many youngster who has waited patiently for the legendary Pekarik and de Huyer to retire, he will seize this chance with both hands if given the chance to by Edvar Folke. Fast and intelligent, Baalsen can drill the balls in from long distance like a missile, so keepers will need to beware of his ability.

#16 - DR - Dima Petersen - Age 23 - Ituraitz FC (Astograth) - 3(10) Caps
Without much history in the national team, Dima is one of the wave of talented young wing backs the nation seems to be awash with at the moment, and following some impressive performances in the World Cup, Sol has handed the man based in Ituraitz another call up. He is lithe and nimble, quick to change direction and a difficult marker to shift. His tackles are, well, when he tackles you, you stay tackled, put it that way, and his ferocity and determination is a key part of why Sol has called him up.

#17 - MC - Niko Lepka - Age 24 - Royal Vosaroni Antenelli (Erathore) - 6(9) Caps, 9 Assists, 2 Goals
Not many would have expected such an experienced and calm reader of the game to reside in a body just 24 years old, however, Sol saw the talent this young midfielder has to bring the table, and has brought him in in repeated squads now, after a number of short cameos offered mere tasters of what he is capable off. Playing for Atletik Thessia before moving to RVA, he is well experienced and highly thought of in Erathore, and likes to give as good as he gets, physically speaking. His real skill lies with distribution, however, and he is seen as the next worthy successor to Demarchelier as a truly creative presence in the midfield. Certainly one to watch as he is another contingent of what is a youthful Terns side in top form.

#18 - MC - Emrahn Vik - Age 24 - Jan Mayen Islanders - 4(1) Caps, 2 Assists, 1 Goal
With Henning Tir's decision to retire from international football, and Artur Rochemback's less than impressive cameos at the Copa, Emrahn Vik is being handed the chance in the side rather earlier than he had anticipated. With a box to box game type, you are just as likely to see Emrahn smashing in a shot from the edge of the box as you are to see him make a block on the edge of the other box minutes later. May be still learning, but the move to Jan Maybe is drawing his wonderfully out of his skin.

#19 - ST - Ellis Elmsvikur - Age 25 - Royal Rumiatzi (Astograth) - 9(10) Caps, 3 Assists, 6 Goals
Much is hoped for from Elmsvikur, and amongst a fiercely talented quartet of young strikers in Elmsvikur, Kvitchenko, Bergen, and Kaplowitz, it is Kvitchenko and Elmsvikur who are making the biggest strides into the national side. Imposing and athletic, Elmvikur is the complete package. Fast, nimble, packed with stamina, a dead ball ace, good in the air, and with a lethal shot. He can play as a poacher, or as a supporting striker. You name it, he can do it, and has done. Very highly thought of in the Iturributan league, he none the less ditched Iturributa for the Astograthi league in the form of Timo Skye's former side, Royal Rumiatzi. It remains to be seen how popular this will make him. His star is one to watch, and he will be a key part of Terns sides in the future. At 25, he and Kvitchenko are just starting to mature together into this Terns side, and are seeing the attack starting to be based around their plays. Can expect some serious game time in the near future.

#20 - ST - Diedrich Kvitchenko - Age 25 - East Franz Athletic - 4(11) Caps, 1 Assist, 6 Goals
With six goals in his few appearances so far, Kvitchenko is looking like developing into a lethal striker, and like Irndtor is capable of playing out wide left or right and cutting in if required to do so. He is fast, and likes to use this to surprise defenders, changing direction and making a darting run that finishes in a first-time shot before many are even aware he changed direction. His ability to find space like this has been likened to witchcraft by a few defenders, and though he might not touch the ball much during the match, when he does, he uses it efficiently. Let's face it, there were two Polarian strikers in the CC-winning East Franz squad, and the nigh-on legendary Henning Blonqvist wasn't the one that made the Terns squad. Yeah. That good.

#21 - MC - Casper Baek - Age 30 - FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls - 1(5) Caps, 1 Goal
Another niggling injury for Demarchelier means that there is an opening in the squad for an experienced and reliable midfielder to come in and pass on his knowledge to the youngsters, and who better than Casper Baek. The Surtsey captain has done pretty much everything in his career at the Gulls, and can pass on his experience in this squad. He hasn't been capped widely despite being in squads before, but if called upon he will do a fine job in whatever midfield capacity you ask of him. The ultimate utility midfielder, and a true leader both on and off the pitch.

#22 - DC - Stanislav Dahl - Age 28 - East Franz Athletic - Uncapped
An injury to Jan Kowalski means Stanislav Dahl is called up in his place. Though there are other defenders with caps, Sol has made the decision to opt for Kowalski's team-mate Dahl on the basis that not only is Dahl is peak physical condition at this time of his life, but also that Dahl and Kowalski's East Franz partnership is based heavily around teamwork, something that Dahl will need to focus on if he is to provide a telling contribution when called upon in this campaign. He is exceptionally tall, and gives off the impression of not being strong, though this is far from the truth. He will be keen to win his first cap and make his first tackle, his thirst for the game pushing him ever onwards.

#23 - DC - Julius Oyen-Spekke - Age 23 - Resolute Storm 1913 FC - 1(1) Caps
Quietly putting in matchwinning performances isn't easy in the Federation League, where every move is scrutinised and caught on camera, but playing for a club outside the big four has helped. Oyen-Spekke is a young defender upon many hopes rest, although his inclusion in the squad has been seen by many as something of a wild-card decision by Sol, many will point to the extensive courting of his services by the big teams in the league as proof that he has what it takes to succeed on the biggest levels. His agility and ability in the air is almost unmatched, and for sheer athleticism he'll be hard to beat.

The Polarian game is fast, quick, and physical. They won't give you a second on the ball to think, and they won't hold back in the tackle. It is an attack minded game, though when the full backs bomb forward, expect to see Hauge hang back to mop up any counter attacks. In the centre of the park they will play a possession based midfield game, though a defence splitting pass could come at any moment towards the fast and direct attack. The following is the predicted first-choice starting lineup based on the squad numbers assigned, though expect Elmsvikur and Kvitchenko to both get long runs in the team during qualifiers.
--------------------- Gammel ---------------------
--- Juul --- Ljungberg -- Urfstadt --- Folke ---
--------------- Hauge ------- Bru -----------------
-- Kjaer ------- van Sorensen ------ Berghaus --
---------------------- Irndtor ----------------------

Modification: +1.5

Record going into WC60:
Played 214, Won 120, Drawn 43, Lost 51, Scored 432, Conceded 254, Goal Difference +178
Top Goalscorers:
Timo Skye - 117
Patrick Ackermann-Finn - 57
Alexsandr van Sorensen - 54

Most Assists:
Luc Demarchelier - 73
Ole van Jendrisen - 68
Alexsandr van Sorensen - 45

Penalty Taker: Amadeus Irndtor/Ellis Elmsvikur
Free Kick Taker: Alexsandr van Sorensen/Niko Lepka
Corner Taker: Alexsandr van Sorensen/Edvar Folke/Zacharias Juul

Choose my goalscorers? Yes
Godmod scoring events? Yes
RP injuries to my players? Yes, within reason, and I reserve the right to change the severity in a follow-up RP
Godmod injuries to my players? Yes, as above
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Yes
Hand out red cards to my players? Yes, but only 2 per match maximum
Godmod other events? TG me first, but I'm always open to ideas
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Postby Earent » Tue May 29, 2012 7:52 pm

Style modifier: -1

If you RP first, you can choose my goalscorers, RP injuries, and hand out cards. Feel free to godmod events, too, just don't godmod my characters' reaction too much without asking first. Please feel free to telegram if you want to collaborate on anything, I'm always up for working together. Thanks!

Manager: Tykel Marsinee

Tope Hassel (Mt Ceabring Thunder, Taeshan)
Sharnis Aylkee (Atteregav Numa)*
Tubin Luvelee (Brantslaybel TU)

Chera Maris (Attereg GU)
Lemond Toneler (Ousteeble TU)*
Shenlake Parkins (Ousteeble TU)* (captain)
Laynin Brathis (Ousteeble TU)
Lays Mearkayd (Nithgard GU)*
Soypuv Klume (Atteregav Numa)
Stob Heayander (Perntav Marna TU)
Tardit Nyn (Nithgard GU)
Doven Ufes (Brayntel TU)

Dorim Atik (Ungalb Devsgrybe)
Moygel Hempner (Attereg GU)
Pesser Nagin* (Ojian Orangemen, Taeshan)
Kayv Rashith (Ungalb Devsgrybe)
Margel Puse (Bayern-Algaer, Taeshan)
Talia Klyn (Stivarnel GU)*
Toyvin Vish (Stroyfungul GU)
Talia Wonker (Stroyfungul GU)*

Tearim Hayz (Ungalb Devsgrybe)
Moyer Kayns (Brayntel TU)
Belb Inmora (Atlantea Hurricanes, Taeshan)

*: female player

The players are listed in very rough priority order by position (first listed are somewhat more likely to play, though everyone will get their chance). Formations could be a 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-4-1, anything goes really but mostly with a defensive bent.

Marsinee has chosen the players with an eye for club balance, though not to the degree of his predecessor. He is the former manager of Attereg GU, a team very self-conscious about its home city's relative isolation. In fans' eyes, their success is a way to put the city on the map. Can he do the same for the country?

Well, maybe. The tenth-place finish at the Brevity Challenge Cup came as a pleasant surprise, but don't expect a lot of national pride following this team. It's an open secret that Earent's first World Cup qualification run will probably be its last, with this being mostly a way to raise money for the league and its clubs by showing off an all-star team across the country (see stadium list, below), and in all probability, showing it off by losing. There's a lot of xenophobia here, both in a "darn Bigtopians stealing our jobs" sense and "terror of being squished between giant countries who could crush us like bugs" sense, so no one's too concerned if we're not long for the World Cup world.

A recent development in Earental football is the advent of "nidjing;" creating as if by magic (but actually due to science, somehow), a "psychic" link between individuals compatible in some identifiable way. At least when applied to footballers, the results are somewhat increased levels of physical awareness--perhaps they'll be able to know where to pass to the other, even with a poor line of sight. Generally this is done artificially, but in recent seasons, other pairs have "clinked" or formed such a link without resorting to science. Of course, it's by no means a cure-all; teams with successful pairs (or "nidjfoges") can and regularly do lose to teams without, but Lemond Toneler and Laynin Brathis' success as a unit at Ousteeble is part of the reason why they've been called up.

Moreover, Toyvin Vish and Talia Wonker have somehow clinked as part of a triad with Raysil McFree (an prodigious Bigtopian at Stroyfungul who hasn't been naturalized, unfortunately for this team). The Brevity Challenge Cup suggested that there shouldn't be many ill effects even if she stays back in Kolpuung while they travel the world, so the other two youngsters have joined the national team under the physios' watchful eyes. They could potentially be game-changers coming in off the bench, or alternatively could be toothless on their own, as their Next-Gen Tournament form suggested.

Our first-choice kits are gold with green sashes. Our second-choice kits are white with Earental pink numbers and names (Earental pink is sort of a laughingstock, even within Earent). And our goalkeepers wear teal jerseys with black numbers and names.

(Pre-qualifying friendly? Artin Kysee Bukiness, Brantslaybel)
Matchday 1 vs. Sanian Confederacy: Perntav Marna Bukiness, Eanbyre
Matchday 3 vs. Western Cuba: Attereg Kyrahi Bukiness, Attereg
Matchday 5 vs. Antoletia: Dantelav Pearkin, Kolpuung
Matchday 7 vs. Waspeaters: Brayntel Kyrahi Bukiness, Brayntel
Matchday 9 vs. Erathore: Kepav Pearkin, Devsgrybe
Matchday 11 vs. Equestrian States: Pesser Bonkin Bukiness, Bloyben
Matchday 13 vs. Enslavia: Nolee Torbinhaf Bukiness, Ousteeble
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I can't take credit for all the ideas here--some of them are other people's but they've let me run with them.

All text is, ICly, in Earad, and transliteration retcons are likely at any time!

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Gyatso-kai World Cup 60 INFOSHEET

Postby Gyatso-kai » Tue May 29, 2012 11:49 pm

Gyatso-kai Men's National Football Team
Kǎihǎiyáng Guójiā Zúqiú Duì
Gyats'kai Tsad droten Taab’rugam

Official Name: Gyatso-kai Men’s National Football Team / 凯海洋国家足球队 (Kǎihǎiyáng Guójiā Guójiā Zúqiú Duì) / Gyats'kai Tsad droten Taab’rugam
Official Nation Name: The Avatarian Republics of Gyatso-kai / 凯海洋降世神通共和国 (Kǎihǎiyáng Jiàngshì Shéntōng Gònghéguó) / Tsad Gyats'kai Jettise
Country Code: GKI
Officiating League: The Republic Premier Football League (RPFL)
Founded: 1876 (228 YAKy)
Titles: 0 (Fourth World Cup Appearance)
Rank: 29th (Before World Cup 60 )
Nickname: Bisons

The Roster
When RP'ing, the name of my players in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD are the player's family names. These are the names on their jersey and the name professional commentators would call out when making observations. Also, do not write the names in all capital letters, as this is somewhat annoying when reading; I just imagine someone reading calmly along then suddenly SHOUTING the player's name. For example, if writing about FENG Shaoli making a long shot, one would write "Feng made a long shot..." as opposed to "FENG made a long shot..." If you have any further questions regarding names, please feel free to telegram me.

Players age ONE YEAR in-between cups.

Starting players will have their names in GREEN type
Alternate players will have their names in BLUE type
Reserve Playes will have their names in STANDARD type.

22- Bai'a KITA
Height: 183cm - Weight: 79kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: FC Mando
A goalkeeper who is known for having a short attention span, Kita is the epitomy of a Mandalorian goalkeeper: Known for taking excessive risks, bum-rushing an opponent to make a distant steal and playing on the rim of the box, Kita is a gamble in any game he appears in. Perhaps that is why he is the second goalkeeper for the Bisons; maybe why he is a member of FC Mando too...

While his form is less chisled than Nishimura, Kita enjoys a great camradiere with many of his teammates; something the older starter seems to lack; perhaps it is an age difference, perhaps it is cultural. However, whatever it is, when in the net, Kita is able to almost control the game with shouts in Mando'a and giant hand signals. After making the move from back-up goalkeeper to the starting in the 50th Cup of Harmony, Kita continues to mature and distance himself and his style from that of his predecessor, Nishimura Kenshin.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Form: A
CAPS: 73:: GOALS: N/A :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

1- NISHIMURA Kenshin
Height: 187cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 33 years old - Team: RC United
The second-oldest player on the team, Nishimura may also be the most agile. A top-form goalkeeper in his last ten seasons with RC United, Nishimura has established himself as the 'veteran' on a team which will be making its fourth World Cup appearance.

Unfortunately for Nishimura, he has reached a wall in his career; a wall he cannot surmount. Due to this invisible wall, Bai’a Kita has replaced the veteran as starting goalkeeper for the team, and as such, has seen Nishimura brought in only when Kita is unable to recover and make those critical saves.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A
CAPS: 52 :: GOALS: N/A :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

33- CHU Takumi
Height: 183cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 22 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED
The youngest member of the Goalkeeping Corps, Chu has yet to make an appearance for the Bisons in any World Cup or Cup of Harmony match, though Vhett continues to choose him to the National Team... There must be something in this young player, considering he is the newest starting keeper for Ba Sing Se UNITED... Who knows? Maybe he will get lucky this World Cup...
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Form: B
CAPS: 0 :: GOALS: N/A :: WC's PLAYED: 0

Left Defenders:

Height: 187cm - Weight: 82kg – Age: 24 years old - Team: Kuruk FC
A big defender with the skills to back up his talk, Miyamoto Kaoru is an impressive specimen of a defender. Playing for agruably one of the best teams in the RPFL has hardened this man into an imposing wall of strength on the backfield. Prepare to see plenty of tackles, shoves and general rough play from a man who grew up playing meshgeroya; an Avatarian variation of football also known as 'limmie' or 'bolo-ball'.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A
CAPS: 76 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

12- AKIYAMA Qiangyi
Height: 183cm - Weight: 86kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED

Much like Miyamoto, Akiyama is a no-nonsense player. He has no problem laying an opponent out for a fowl, and as such as earned the most red cards in a single season by any player in the Modern Era (12) as well as garnishing multiple suspensions. He is a rough player who pairs perfectly with Miyamoto and the two have earned the moniker, ”The Dueling Mandos” by the media.
CAPS: 53 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

16- ZHANG Jijian
Height: 178cm - Weight: 75kg – Age: 22 years old - Team: RC United
A young player who was drafted four seasons ago to the Premier Cup champions RC United, Zhang is still a young player with much to learn from his teammates. While he lacks the size of Akiyama and Miyamoto, he most certainly does not lack on the heart: During practice skirmishes, Zhang is often found opposite Miyamoto and has thrown himself full-force into the 'Mando Mauler', only to receive a week-ending injury as a parting gift.
Rating: C - Team Relationship: C - Morale: A - Form: B
CAPS: 4 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58

Central Defenders
5- KIM Dong Su
Height: 178cm - Weight: 75kg – Age: 26 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED
Not a highly-rated player for the Bison defence, however, Kim has shown himself to be a surprise in many a games; a fine defensive player, Kim is also a very good option for the full-back position when results are needed. He supports the offence well, with very strong passing and marking skills.

Outside the stadium, Kim is the morale of the team. Often telling jokes and giving out care packages, he is loved by the fans and by the media for his often-spirited antics and interviews
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: B
CAPS: 76 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

15- WONG Haru
Height: 185cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 20 years old - Team: University of Kibago

Given his size, one would expect Wong to have a style of play more similar to Fujimoto. However, growing up playing in the offensive-orientated Earth Kingdom's LEAGUE ROYALE shaped Wong into a speed-demon in the body of a tank. He is quick to run, able to outpace many of his teammates and overtake many of his opponents. His endurance is bar-none the best of the team, which Coach Vhett attributes to his genes; the son of a clone trooper with the Avatarian Republics' Mandalorian Corps, Wong shares similar genetics to several other players as well as Vhett himself.

At such a young age, Wong is set to be drafted out of college when he graduates this year, with many deals already in the works. After placing into the Starting Eleven, Wong has continued to flourish as a player, and as such, we can expect him to be drafted early, if not within the first two or three picks of the first round.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: A
CAPS: 54 :: GOALS: 7 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

Height: 175cm - Weight: 70kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: RC United
Extremely fast given his size, Fujimoto is a full-back more focused on the offence, and can have some minor difficulties when tasked with defence. Able to quickly counter any attack placed before him, Fujimoto serves as a valuable link between the offence and the defence. An excellent sniper, Fujimoto is one of the best free-kickers on the team, being able to take pieces with either pure technique, pure strength or a combination of the two; exceeding in both styles is a rare form in Avatarian football.

However, every gem has its imperfection and for Fujimoto, it is discipline. With such natural talent coming easy, Fujimoto has yet to truly have to work to exceed: Rather, he naturally falls into the game and succeeds at almost everything he does. This lack of discipline wears on his team mates, many of whom believe he is just a spoiled snob not worthy of the Avatarian kit.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: C - Morale: A - Form: B
CAPS: 37 :: GOALS: 7 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

Right Defenders:

13- BAO Yiyong
Height: 177cm - Weight: 76kg – Age: 23 years old - Team: Kuruk FC

While certainly not the oldest player in the defence, Bao serves to give a bit of balance between the youth beneath him and the seniority above him. A strong member of the Kuruk FC, Bao strives to deliver a consistent performance game after game, though this obsession with consistency has caused him to blow many a checks of liquor and loose women.

While he did see a few games in WC 59, he will not be on the Starting Eleven this year; barring any incidents or injury to the players in the defensive corps.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 32 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

Height: 187cm - Weight: 83kg – Age: 29 years old - Team: FC Beijing
The veteran of the Defenders, Kobayashi is a mixture of strength, speed, techicality and violence. He is strong for his size, though the restraint he shows upon merging on an attacker is admirable. He is a bit of a 'bully', often provoking his opponent to the point of breaking just for the fun of it all.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: B – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 39 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

23- XU Lingbo
Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 22 years old - Team: Republic FC (Taap-B)

One of the more youth players on the team, Xu has fallen under the tutelage of Kobayashi, so much that the two right defenders room together on every road trip, visit one another during bye weeks and Kobayashi will even visit RCSU once a month just to check up on Xu; considering RCSU was his alma mater, it is not unordinary for Kobayashi to take an interest in a fellow RC Bison.

This tutelage has resulted in the shifting of Xu's skill-set, from more of a reserved full-back to a matured one, capable of running with his opponent, stealing the ball quick and passing it off up-pitch even faster. After being drafted out of college into Republic FC, a Taap-B team in the RPFL, Xu has continued to develop and will one day become a fine defender...
Rating: B – Team Relationship: C – Morale: A – Form: B
CAPS: 2 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 58

Defensive Midfielders:

7- MAKI Li
Height: 178cm - Weight: 76kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED
A veteran of the Grand Army of the Republic, Maki was shot with an assault rifle during a border dispute with the Charicific Valley which tore his left shoulder to shreds. Six months of physical therapy resulted in his retirement, however, Maki had a great passion in football; luckily for him, you don't need to use your arms in football. At 23, he was drafted by Ba Sing Se as a defensive midfielder and within the first six months of play, he established himself as a premier player. Being a veteran, he is often found with the other 'military players' on the team, notably Kad'e Tay'haai, Kotyc'e Bralor and Wong Haru. A result of his training, Maki is a very serious player, whose morale is spot-on and dedication to the team is second only to Vhett himself; this leads to him being liked a little less than most players, but since when has football been a popularity contest?
Rating: A – Team Relationship: B – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 77 :: GOALS: 12 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

4- Kotyc'e BRALOR
Height: 187cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Keldabe FC

In Keldabe, Bralor makes for a perfect pair with Tay'haai: While Bralor serves as the connection from the defence to the attack, Tay'haai gives the sniping skills of a well-honed soldier. Quick on his feet and agile in mind, Bralor is just starting on his historic career...

Just as his partner on the midfield defence, Bralor is military veteran. His father is a General within the Grand Army of the Republic and Bralor is currently on Sportsmanship Leave from his own military life as a Sergeant, First Class in the GAR. Having the rigors of combat beaten into him since the beginning of his adult life, Bralor knows full well the pay-off for hard work, well-refined skills and dedication.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: B
CAPS: 78 :: GOALS: 9 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

17- TRAN Bảo
Height: 177cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: FC Mando
A player like Tran is one you would hardly notice. He rarely makes a goal, never drives it to the net and doesn't play a very show-boating game. Instead, he is a hard-working midfielder, who focuses his time on setting up the offence for a great pass, a well-positioned switch or the decisive tackle to change the momentum in the game. Ranked as the second-best player on FC Mando, Tran has worked hard to get to the National Team, so expect to see him alternate to relieve Bralor or Maki in the late games.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: B - Morale: B - Form: B
CAPS: 7 :: GOALS: 1 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58

Neutral Midfielders:

18- TSUKINO Hachiro
Height: 183cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 21 years old - Team: Sparta FC (CDP)
Extremely technical for a player his age, Tsukino is definitely an up-and-coming player within the Avatarian league system.

Selected by Sparta FC, a Série A football club in Cotdelapoms, after a terrific performance in World Cup 57, Tsukino has continued to flourish there. He received his Bachelors of Science in Biomolecular Engineering with a Minor in Physics from Accord, a premier Science and Arts University in Albionpool, Cotdelapoms just after the completion of the Cup of Harmony, so his future in Cotdelapoms is uncertain. With teams from home and Erathore competing for the talented midfielder.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: B – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 34 :: GOALS: 10 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

Attacking Midfielders:

8- Pre KRYSE
Height: 183cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: FC Mildred (EAT)
The Golden Star of Gyatso-kaian football, Kryse has shocked the nation twice in his career. First, predicted to reach the National Level at 21, Kryse came onto the pitch at 19 wearing the national kit; this was such a feat that a new set of laws were passed to allow players younger than 21 to play with the Bisons as opposed to just travelling. Second, after World Cup 58, Kryse was sought out by FC Mildred, a Seria-A team in the Kingdom of Erathore. He quickly signed a contract with the team, despite suffering a concussion in Group Stage Play. In Erathore, Kryse has brought his Avatarian talents abroad, scoring 13 goals in 34 appearances for Mildrid, leading them to a 2nd place finish in the Erathore Seria-A League.

His footballing style is very offensive, working as the last link between the midfield and the offence; Kryse has been known to even advance from the midfield to score some key goals in pivotal games. He has a powerful long shot and is exceptional at heading, both of which are aided by his height. However, as skilled as he is in offense, Kryse still prefers to pass the ball up to forwards for an assist in a goal as opposed to being the star player.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Form: B
CAPS: 60 :: GOALS: 14 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

11- NGO Quyen
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: RC United
A very creative midfielder, Ngo is not known for his consistency: One day, Ngo may get a couple assists and even a goal while keeping the opponent at bay, when on others, he could barely get a foot on the ball; many in the league attribute this to Ngo's service in the Republic Marines and as such, he has been seeing psychiatrists for these issues. A bit of a clown, on those days he is well-inspired, Ngo will often perform many an antic when a goal is scored, thus earning him the love of the fans. On those days less-inspired, Ngo will hardly shuffle through the pitch, tending to gaze at his feet instead of ahead...
Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: C – Form: B
CAPS: 40 :: GOALS: 4 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58

14- HIMURA Katsu
Height: 185cm - Weight: 81kg – Age: 23 years old - Team: Northern AFC
Relatively young when compared to his teammates, Himura has not had a promising start to his career, both at home and abroad. Given his still-developing skills in midfield, his is seen as a comparatively weak player and often spends more time with the coaching staff than other more-seasoned players. In his second season out of college with the Northern AFC, Himura is a technical player by nature whose greatest asset is not in his aim or power, but in the art of dribbling which he uses at every opportunity. While more prone to provide assists on plays as opposed to goals, Himura caught Vhett off-guard when he was brought on the pitch to replace an injured Pre Kryse, and managed to score his first goal of his career. Later in the 58th World Cup, Himura would strike again, so perhaps this is a sign of change for the young midfielder.
Rating: C – Team Relationship: C – Morale: B – Form: B
CAPS: 20 :: GOALS: 2 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58

9- WAKAHISA Hikaru
Height: 189cm - Weight: 86kg – Age: 27 years old - Team: FC Beijing
A great player who is the star of FC Beijing, Wakahisa is a world of contradiction. While he gets along swimmingly with his teammates and has the technical form of a football-playing robot, his morale leaves something to desire; a defeatist by nature, whenever the going gets a little too tough, Wakahisa will start to crack. It is this attitude which sees Wakahisa often removed from the pitch and replaced by the younger A’den Skirata.

Given his size, he makes for an impressive target for midfielders; coupled with his physical strength and accuracy, there is very little the defence can do should Wakahisa break through. Many a times a defender has gone for a tackle, only to have the 86-kilo Wakahisa just steam roll him. Known for his aerial skills as well as his ground work, a goal from Wakahisa is just as easily to come from the sky as it is to come from the ground.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: A – Morale: C – Form: A
CAPS: 77 :: GOALS: 23 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

10- Kad’e TAY’HAAI
Height: 178cm - Weight: 74kg – Age: 30 years old - Team: Keldabe FC
Tay’haai comes from a sports-centric family; with his father a coach in the AHL, his brother a member of the National Ice Bisons and his mother the coach of the women’s national football team, fans and critics have come to expect nothing but greatness from Tay’haai. Certainly they have not been mislead, with Tay’haai has become known as ‘The Next One’ following the retirement of VId’a Ambeck eight years ago. When on the pitch, he plays almost effortlessly, dodging defenders as if they were standing still, sniping balls past nets which might as well have been empty and being the media’s favourite player.

He strives for perfection in every session and he knows too well the wrath of Vhett when he does not perform well. In his personal life, he is a staunch supporter of the military, given his family’s history with the GAR; his grandfather was one of the first training sergeants of the GAR’s clone-based military nearly 80 years ago and ever since, Tay’haai donates portions of his salary to charities which support the GAR. During an impressive appearance at the BoF, Tay'haai was able to score an astonishing nine goals; even earning his first international hat trick in the game against Greater Coventry. In the ensuing world cup, Tay’haai earned eleven goals, followed by seven more in the Fifth Market Cup, then ten more in the next World Cup. It seems as if nothing can stop the Next One...
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A
CAPS: 77 :: GOALS: 61 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

21- A’den SKIRATA
Height: 185cm - Weight: 85kg – Age: 20 years old - Team: Keldabe State University
The youngest son in what has to be the Republic’s greatest sports family, Skirata is too young to be seen as a starter in the World Cup. However, with Wakahisa often faltering in the later games of a tournament, you will see Skirata coming out on the pitch to support Tay’haai on the front. With the speed and strength of youth on his side, Skirata compliments Tay’haai very well... So well in fact, there have been talks of pushing Wakahisa to the alternate corps...
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A
CAPS: 30 :: GOALS: 17 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58, 59

19- NGYUEN Bình Đức
Height: 185cm - Weight: 80kg – Age: 25 years old - Team: Ba Sing Se UNITED
Known as one of the fastest players in the league, Ngyuen is an impressive striker who only has one issue; accuracy. Known as a ‘loose cannon’ throughout the league, his impressive speed combined with his unparalleled power often erupts and launches the balls over the net, to the far right or far left of the net and even into the stands only to injure small children. A liability with this lack of accuracy, Ngyuen spends most of his free time practicing accuracy with Tay’haai, who as a seasoned veteran, only wishes to help train a potential replacement in years to come.
Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: B
CAPS: 9 :: GOALS: 1 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58

20- PHAM Vinh Lành
Height: 187cm - Weight: 84kg – Age: 28 years old - Team: RC United
Probably the biggest surprise player on the Avatarian team, Pham never made any headlines until his first international cap last season as an alternate; brought in during the final ten minutes of play, Pham was able to make an impressive three goals within that time frame, blind-siding the Gaoling Boars in a 4-1 game. A well-seasoned pivot man, Pham is not known for his endurance, however, his ability to read the pitch and place himself ahead of a ball to bring in an attempt --- even if the pass is terrible --- through his excellent ball-handling skills.
Rating: B – Team Relationship: A – Morale: C – Form: B
CAPS: 10 :: GOALS: 0 :: WC's PLAYED: 57, 58

The 7 alternative options – can appear in friendlies:
Goalkeeper: NISHIMURA
Full-Back: WONG Haru
Defender: AKIYAMA Qiangyi
Defensive Midfielder: TRAN Bao
Offensive Midfielder: HIMURA Katsu
Attacker: A’den SKIRATA
Extra: BAO Yiyong

Captain: Kad’e TAY’HAAI
Vice-Captain: WAKAHISA Hikaru
Third Captain: Kotyc’e BRALOR

Kick Takers (in order of ability)
Free kicks: FUJIMOTO Zhong.
Right corners: WAKAHISA Hikaru, KOBAYASHI Ren, FUJIMOTO Zhong
Left corners: Pre KRYSE, MIYAMOTO Kaoru, FUJIMOTO Zhong
Penalties: Kad’e TAY’HAAI, FUJIMOTO Zhong, Kotyc’e BRALOR, WONG Haru, TSUKINO, Hachiro, Pre KRYSE

Head Coach: VHETT Boba
Height: 182cm – Weight: 76kg – Age 46 years old – Team: Keldabe FC, Head Coach
Having coached for fourteen years since his retirement from active service, Vhett was the obvious choice for the Head Coach of the National Team following the retirement of the infamous Ko Palu. A man who played for a couple of years in the top club in its day, Vhett has the experience to understand his players, read the field as if he were on it and adapt quickly. Vhett first coached for FC Mando --- his former team ---, in which he saw the reformation of the team into a competitive threat before a sudden transfer to Keldabe FC, where he has been the manager for the last seven seasons; bringing with him three Premier Cups to the National Stage, the Bisons qualified in the 59th World Cup and look to advance even further this year.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Confidence: A

Assistant Coach: LIU An Qiang
Height: 178cm – Weight: 72kg – Age 39 years old – Team: RC United, Head Coach
Being Head Coach of one of the most successful clubs in Avatarian history certainly has its advantages, and with being selected to the Assistant Coach position for the Bisons, Liu has certainly gained more stock. Formerly the star striker of Southern AFC, Liu has only been ‘out of the game’ for six years; in his first year of retirement, he was given the Assistant Coach position at FC Mando, however, the next year RC United’s illustrious coach Chao Rodrigiu retired and soon Liu was offered the position and moved immediately.

Much like Vhett, Liu is a think-on-your-feet kind of coach, quickly able to read the field as his men do, adjust his own strategies and prepare them for whosoever they face. It is indeed a tough job coaching in Vhett’s shadow, however, with the U-20 squad coming into light, perhaps Liu may step out of it soon enough.
Rating: B - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Confidence: B
Coaching Assistants: KUSONAGI Batou and SHEN Laofu (Forwards), NAKAMURA Batou and KOLOLI Ki’se (Defence), ITAKAWAI Itsuko (Goalkeeper)

Head Medical Officer: Doctor WEN Wuchin
Height: 180cm – Weight: 78kg – Age 40 years old
A medical doctor whose primary training was as a GAR Field Medic, Wen is the best choice possible in a world where doctors prefer to stay in privately-owned hospitals rather than rural rigshacks. Wen served for ten years in the GAR before he would honourably discharged to serve as Chief Resident at the prestigious Ba Sing Se Inner Ring Medical Centre, where he would remain for six years before being given a more suitable job as Chief of Medical Training at the Republic Military Academy.

Now on the National Team’s payroll, Wen is able to use his well-honed skills to repair injuries, set his players right and have them on the field as soon as possible.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A
Medical Assistants: HU Haicheng, FONG Jintao, LEE Jiabao

Security Chief: Captain AKAAN (RC-4648)
Height: 183cm – Weight: 81kg – Age: 21 years old CHRONOLOGICAL (31 years old BIOLOGICAL)
A clone officer within the Grand Army of the Republic, RC-4868 was appointed Chief of Security for the National Team in 2011.1. Each time the team travels abroad --- so long as he is not engaged in a mission --- RC-4868 is pulled from service and placed into the spotlight of security. He is battle-hardened, having been raised since birth for war and combat, and as such often views these assignments with true boredom. The seven men he brings with him on assignment share the same sentiments of the ‘mission’, however, their ‘unwaivering loyalty’ to the Republic prevents any negative speak during the assignment. Each is a member of the Avatarian Guard, whose sole responsibility is to defend the Avatar at both home and abroad; this protection then extends to all sports teams travelling beyond the borders of the Five Nations.
Rating: A – Strength: A – Tactics: A – Skill: A
Security Assistants: CT-2234, CT-45-9934, CC-8341, CT-2309, CC-76-8855, RC-1334, RC-4321, RC-4555

Age: 101 – Time in the job: 27 years

Having taken over as President of the ALAF following his retirement from the Head Coach position of the esteemed RC United, His Right Honourable Zhao is a man of little words. However, what little words he does have will often shake mountains and move oceans. He has spent years shaping the future of Avatarian association football, bringing the two codes of football within Gyatso-kai into a profitable and benefitting relationship.
Rating: A - Influence: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A

Vice-President of the ALAF: THE HONOURABLE LI Kosai
Age: 81 - Time in the job: 17 years
Rating: B - Influence: A - Morale: B - Confidence: C[/b]


For World Cup 60, the Bisons will use the same kit that they used since the 58th Edition.





Matchday 01, 05 June at 167Bitternea
Matchday 02, 06 June vs 26The Archregimacy
Matchday 03, 07 June at 106Virabia
Matchday 04, 08 June vs 294Daedric Stellar Empire
Matchday 05, 09 June at NRThe Han Empire (Daehanjeiguk)
Matchday 06, 10 June vs 68Mapletish
Matchday 07, 11 June at NRAchtervolging
***12 June --- TOURNAMENT BYE DAY***
Matchday 08, 13 June vs 167Bitternea
Matchday 09, 14 June at 26The Archregimancy
Matchday 10, 15 June vs 106Virabia
Matchday 11, 16 June at 294Daedric Stellar Empire
***17 June --- TOURNAMENT BYE DAY***
Matchday 12, 18 June vs NRThe Han Empire (Daehanjeiguk)
Matchday 13, 19 June at 68Mapletish
Matchday 14, 20 June vs NRAchtervolging


Official Name: Stadium of the Republics
Local Name: The Bowl
Seating Capacity: 83,686
Location: Republic City, Republic Capital Territory, Gyatso-kai
Games Hosted: Matchday 02, Matchday 06, Matchday 14


Official Name: Stadia Capital
Local Name: The Stadia
Seating Capacitu: 78,050
Location: Beijing, Jing Prefecture, Earth Kingdom, Gyatso-kai
Games Hosted: Matchday 08, Matchday 12


Official Name: Meshgeroya'yaim
Local Name: Mesh'yaim
Seating Capacitu: 79,890
Location: Keldabe, Keldabe Autonomous Province, Mandalore, Gyatso-kai
Games Hosted: Matchday 04, Matchday 10

Style: +2.6 out of 5.0
Choose my goal scorers: I would prefer if you didn't, but if you do, then oh well. Please TG me if you get the first RP and just leave [Placeholder] until I reply. Thank you.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
Injure to my players: Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries. I will decide and RP any further inactivity for a player caused by your injury.
Godmod injuries: Yes for minor, one-game-out injuries
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes, within reason
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes (1 MAX PER GAME)
Godmod Other Events: Yes, within reason. Please telegram me if you’re in doubt.

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The Avatarian Republic of Gyatso-kai
Denomyn: Avatarian || Trigramme: GKI || Located: Avatar Incarnate
Factbook || Armed Forces Holocron
Champions: World Cup of Hockey XXIII
Runner-Up: World Junior Hockey Championship III, World Cup of Hockey XXI
Third Place: World Cup of Hockey XV, XVII, XVIII
Qualified: Baptism of Fire 44 (Mangolana Quaterfinals), Cup of Harmony 50 (4th Place), World Cup 59-63, World Cup of Hockey XV-XXI
Participant: World Women's Hockey Championship I (9th Place), World Cup of Hockey XVI, World Cups 57-63 Qualifying, Republic Cup I, Cup of Harmony 49
Rankings: 5th in Ice Hockey (Before WCoH 21), 22nd in Association Football (after WC 64)

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Postby Ko-oren » Wed May 30, 2012 3:19 am


Ko-orenite Roster for WC 60 – National Football Team
Ko-orenin Khjóst Samünin ‘WC 60’ín

Nation Name: The Meritocratic Utopia of Ko-oren
Short Nation Name: Ko-oren
Trigramme: KOR
Demonym: Ko-orenite
Team Nickname: The Greenblues, Sélésáó, Kites
National Colors: Green, Blue, Gold, Silver


The team


Goal & Defence:
1. Haki Asgard - GK (29)
2. Horus Buhen - LWB (32)
3. Sobek Dehenat - CB (29)
4. Lodur Nidog - RWB (23)

6. Ul Leire - DM (27)
7. Fin Fenner - RCM (25)
8. Hama Hel - LCM (30)
10. Palnatoki Idrasil - RWM (23)
5. Pta Talmis - LWM (20)

11. Koyane Shiribeshi - ST (26)
9. Naemasu Tokachi - ST (23)


12. Amate Hoki - GK (27)
13. Jusaset Ogdoat - CB (26)
16. Min Pilak - DM (29)
17. Nigihayahi Nemuro - AM (28)
18. Furu Kii - ST (30)

23. Ra Bat - GK (33)
14. Ajas Ilias - CB (36)
15. Ninigi Kinai - LWB (34)
20. Futushi Musashi - RB (24)
21. Susano Sanuki - CB, DM (23)
19. Erus Metis - RS (27)
22. Kastor Prometus - LS (33)

World Cup History:
Points Total: 88
Matches Played: 62

Wins: 26
Draws: 10
Losses: 26

Goals Scored: 80
Goals Conceded: 79
Goal Difference: +1
(WC 55, 56, 58, 59)

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers? Y
Godmod scoring events? N
RP injuries to my players? Y
Godmod injuries to my players? Y, within reason
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Y
Hand out red cards to my players? Y, within reason
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Postby Falconwhereveryouare » Wed May 30, 2012 7:43 am

Team Nickname: The Falcons
Team Colours: Primarily Blue, White, Yellow. Red is used as an alternate colour.
Manager: Jack Laughton
Formation: 3-3-1-3
Style Mod: +2.5

Starting Eleven
Left Striker Myles Marrero
Center Striker Art Jarrel
Right Striker Perry Dempsy
Forward Midfielder Leon McClain
Left Midfielder Edwardo Baez
Center Midfielder Darry Kouzmanoff
Right Midfielder Dennis Key
Defender Harriet Stowe
Defender Boris Halth
Defender Ida Tarbell
Goalkeeper Vladimir

S Nevil Nowak
M Hideki Inoque
M Igor Jurja
D Yvonne Gyuappo
D Mara Heinlim

This team reached quarters in the recent Baptism of Fire, and a team of their clones reached the semis of the latest Copa Rushmori. They're competent, if nothing else.

Home stadium: Falcon Field, Wingipeg. Cap. 22,000.

RP Permission:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Ossidiacqua » Wed May 30, 2012 8:42 am

Former Oasirican Republic of Ossidiacqua
Roster for World Cup 59


Ossidiacqua is a nation coming blinking into the light of the international community. In what seems like mere years ago for most nations, as Oasirica, they sent a team to the Baptism of Fire. Meanwhile, at home, with a terrible disease name la Plaga ravaging the country, the academics of the nation prepared to put up a time wall around the central hospital that would allow medics and scientists on the inside to spend months developing a cure or vaccine for la Plaga, whilst only days passed outside the time wall, allowing the maximum population to be saved. However, it went wrong, and the time wall surrounded the entire nation, cutting off the baptism of fire squad. Months passed outside the wall, whilst inside it, la Plaga decimated the native population, leaving Djocorangan refugees in the nation untouched, ensuring they became the primary caregivers and nation re-builders.

The time wall eventually dissipated after 270 years, labelled 'The Pause Time' by those inside the wall, revealing the nation of Ossidiacqua to the world for the first time. It was a much changed place, the weather, land, and cities had all changed, and the genetic heritage of the population had shifted from 99% Oasirican and 1% Other, to 97% Djocorangan and 3% Old Oasirican and the paragraphs below the roster go some way to explaining some of what has happened as a consequence. You are also encouraged to read the series of RPs written during Oasirica's BoF, as they will provide a lot of back story that informs this complicated nation:
Cabinet One
Cabinet Two
Cabinet Three
Cabinet Four
Cabinet Five
Cabinet Six
Cabinet Seven
Cabinet Eight
Cabinet Nine
Cabinet Ten

After the wall fell, the Ossidiacquan Football Federation was aware of the Baptism of Fire team being sent, and upon hearing of how they finished as runners-up in the end, and being informed that they hadn't missed the start of world cup qualification, decided that they still had a contract to fulfil, and got together a team to play in these qualifiers. Many of the isolated team, nicknamed the Lost Boys, could not take being torn apart from their families and homeland, and more than a few committed suicide during their separation. The others, upon being reunited, decided they could not carry on playing football, and decided to give up the sport as they tried to come to terms with what had happened. A few stayed on in advisory roles, but as a mark of respect for their fallen comrades, the survivors of the Lost Boys decided that the qualification came too soon, and the wounds were still too deep.

However, just as time inflicted these wounds, so it is that time heals the very same wounds, and a few of the squad signalled their willing to be considered for the Cup of Harmony squad, following the team's promising qualifying campaign. Some have even remained in the squad for the following qualifying campaign, Ossidiacqua's third. The former Lost Boys that were called up to the squad are marked in the roster by a '*' symbol before and after their entry.

So, here is the squad, nicknamed la Renaissance, as put together by manager Alessio Cardinale, and his two assistants Gregorio Di Falco, and Yoann Vega. It is an ageing squad, and this could be the last time we see some names in the Acquan side. There is hope however, with fresh blood like Nardiello and Fibonacci waiting for their chances from the sidelines.

Number - Name - Age - Position - Club - (Record)
1 - Massimiliano Antuofermo - 29 - GK - Condensadores CD - (33 Caps, 1 Assist)
2 - Martin Cenghialta - 30 - DR - CA Conquistadores - (31 Caps, 3 Assists, 1 Goal)
3 - Pierre Sandoval - 32 - DC - Qolo-Qolo - (22 Caps)
4 - Matteo Polanco - 32 - DC - Caballeros CF - (31 Caps, 2 Assists)
5 - Antonin Schettina - 26 - DL - Qolo-Qolo - (27 Caps, 3 Assists)
6 - Stephan Albertazzi - 34 - MC - Qolo-Qolo - (31 Caps, 5 Assists, 4 Goals)
7 - Simone Muscetta - 28 - MR - AS Débardeurs Nationale - (31 Caps, 8 Assists, 5 Goals)
8 - Ricardo Velasquez - 30 - MC - CA Conquistadores - CAPTAIN - (29 Caps, 10 Assists, 10 Goals)
9 - Lucas Sanguinacco - 28 - ST - CA Conquistadores - (29 Caps, 4 Assists, 13 Goals)
10 - Luis Guajardo - 29 - ST - Condensadores CD - (33 Caps, 7 Assists, 16 Goals)
11 - Lorenzo Borromeo - 24 - ML - Kionao Locals Turori (TUR) - (33 Caps, 6 Assists, 1 Goal)
*12 - Cassiano Peralta - 32 - GK - AS Débardeurs Nationale - (12 Caps)*
13 - Simeone Rospigliosi - 28 - GK - Clube Cobreloa - (4 Caps)
14 - Ezekiel Fibonacci - 22 - MC - Northbrook Diamonds (PIS) - (5 Caps)
15 - Marcos Pedraza - 30 - MR - Atletico Sant'Elia - (11 Caps, 1 Assist, 1 Goal)
*16 - Benjamin Lazzaretti - 25 - ML - Atletico Sant'Elia - (16 Caps, 6 Assists, 1 Goal)*
17 - Angel Galvan - 30 - DR - AS Débardeurs Nationale - (8 Caps, 2 Assists)
18 - Alessio Conforto - 26 - DL - CA Conquistadores - (13 Caps, 1 Assist)
*19 - Sebastian Cordero - 33 - ST - Qolo-Qolo - (16 Caps, 4 Assists, 8 Goals)*
*20 - Nuno Valturri - 30 - ST - CA Conquistadores - (16 Caps, 5 Assists, 10 Goals)*
21 - Florent Barbiusa - 24 - MC - Condensadores CD - (12 Caps, 1 Goal)
22 - Djibril Nardiello - 21 - DC - AS Débardeurs Nationale - (4 Caps)
23 - Francois Colleano - 29 - DC - Condensadores CD - (11 Caps)
Manager - Alessio Cardinale - 46
Assistant - Stefano Di Falco - 59
Assistant - Yoann Vega - 38

The Acquan game has been cut off from the rest of the multiverse for 270 years, and as such has developed a unique flavour and style of its own. Short passes, keeping possession, and running are the key to the majority of play, with Acquan teams keen to instil a sense of duty in their players that leads to any of them being able to play or deputise in any other position during the course of a match. The players are very capable with the ball, and have developed tricks and flicks enough to bamboozle any opponent, way ahead of their time as far as the rest of the multiverse is looking at it. However, they have much to learn about the way the rest of the footballing community plays their game, and with the Acquan game developing a far higher tolerance for rough and tumble, even the silkiest of attacking forwards (and in this squad there are four outstanding interchangeable strikers) can find themselves sent off for an illegal tackle that would have been perfectly legal in the Acquan leagues. Therefore, it would be of great help to me if you could RP my team as technically gifted, but tactically naive. Thank you.
Starting Formation: 4-4-2
Modifier: +2
------------------------------ Antuofermo ------------------------------
------ Cenghialta ----- Sandoval --- Polanco ----- Schettina ------
---------------------- Velasquez ------ Albertazzi ----------------------
-- Muscetta ---------------------------------------------- Borromeo --
---------------------- Sanguinacco -- Guajardo ----------------------

Home Stadium: An archaic stone construction in the centre of Sant'Elia, Il Colosseo. Lit by oil lamps and featuring vast walls of stained glass, it seats 103,450 and is a treasured landmark, being one of the first building built by Acquans following the eradication of la Plaga, as the nation began to reinvent itself during the Pause Time.

The land of Oasirica was a large and beautiful one. After suffering the ravages of an unpredictable climate and loss of knowledge during the Pause Time, it has been transformed by the Djocorangan survivors of la Plaga into the Former Oasirican Republic of Ossidiacqua. Consisting of one main island and a handful of surrounding smaller ones, it can be found towards the north-west of the Vatmark region of Rushmore. The capital city of Sant'Elia is by far the biggest conurbation, and it whilst it used to shine with its golden spires and silver domes, it is now a shambolic and chaotic mix of alleyways and squares and piazzas, though the Acquans are making every effort to restore the city to its former glory, even getting the steam powered monorail back up and running, and employing a dirigible courier service.

Clean running water used to flow across the land and around the cities in an extensive network of aqueducts, channels, and canals. The continued eruption of volcanoes in the large Patriarchate of Vul in the east of the country during the Pause Time has affected this however, located over extensive mineral deposits as they were. These deposits included a huge amount of obsidian, obsidian that was distributed through the land in huge quantities, tainting the water, and giving the nation its new name. The water the flows is now nearly jet black in colour, and requires extensive treatment before it can be used as drinking water, leading the Acquans to rely on condensers that extract moisture from the dry air and from boiled off water vats often situated near rivers. These condensers often break, and are fixed by tech-priests who use mainly copycat work and guesses accompanied by some rather frenzied prayer rather than any informed ability to fix and maintain the machines, the knowledge for which died with the rapid spread of la Plaga. The weather is taking longer to recover from the time wall than expected, and the land whilst not particularly hot, is still exceptionally dry. The Oasiricans were a highly educated and cultured race, and the fall and loss of knowledge is embarrassing to the Acquans.

The patriarchate governmental system has moved from the old religion to one offering praise to a mechanical deity of no name, only various titles, with tech-priests and those in the Magisterium holding a high amount of respect. Since the dubious death of the former president, it is the maniacal High Cardinal Giocomo Re who is in charge of the country, supposedly on an interim basis.

Football in Ossidiacqua is the national sport, and support is fanatical. The Campiocinato continued during the Pause Time as a way to keep spirits up, and has been running for 313 seasons as the football league structure in the country, with three divisions, A-Liga, B-Liga, and C-Liga. The league has dominated by the three big Sant'Elia clubs; CA Conquistadores (66 Campiocinatos), Condensadores CD (62), Caballeros CF (58), as well as by Qolo-Qolo (47). Internazionale (23), Atletico Sant'Elia (17), Unión Gimignano CF (17), AS Débardeurs Nationale (11), Magisterio AC (9), Académica di Terrabianco (4), RCD San Marco (1), Clube Cobreloa (1), and FC Sommieres Hibernia (1) are the other clubs to have sealed a title so far. Most big clubs are represented in the selection of players to go to the Cup of Harmony, as they were for the BoF and qualifying campaign, with captain Ricardo Velasquez, descendant of the legendary captain Stefano Velasquez, looking to unite the usually very partisan fans of the Sant'Elia clubs so that they may get behind and support the team.

Choose my goalscorers? Yes
Godmod scoring events? Yes
RP injuries to my players? Yes, within reason, and I reserve the right to change the severity in a follow-up RP
Godmod injuries to my players? Yes, as above
Hand out yellow cards to my players? Yes, it is encouraged in fact. See formation for details.
Hand out red cards to my players? Yes, it is encouraged in fact. See formation for details. Just not Velasquez.
Godmod other events? Yes
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The Former Oasirican Republic of Ossidiacqua - Pop. 87,500,000
Capital: Sant'Elia - Demonym: Acquan - Trigramme: OSD
Runner-Up: Cup of Harmony 56
"If Found, Please Return to Time and Space"
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Postby Equatorial Sarmen » Wed May 30, 2012 10:11 am

The Equatorial Sarmen National Team

Nickname- Terminators
Colours- Red, white and blue
Stadium- National Stadium, Canton
Manager – Rob Gilbert

First XI:

James Montin - GK
Josh Spidowski - LB
John Norman - CB
Matt Conaples - CB
Edward Polonit - RB
Oliver Woods - CM
Jacob Polonit - CM
John West - AM
Jonathan Jones - AM
Jacob Powers - AM
Harvey Smith – ST


Gary Thomson – GK
Chris Garton – CB
Fabian Grant – FB
Sam Bishop – CM
Luke Barton – AM
Tom Harris – AM
Jake Michaels - ST

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Postby Monastery-on-the-Rock » Wed May 30, 2012 4:58 pm

In the far reaches of Carmadin, in the places only belonging to Carmadin because of oceanspace, there is a nondescript island, one square mile in diameter. On this Island is the Monastery on the Rock, where the most devoted Catholics in Carmadin practice their faith. The place is unknown to all but a select few, and the forty-four monks who reside there. What they do in the monastery is unknown. The Monks, however, have decided that their work to the Lord is in part done, and the Nine most aged Brothers have left the monastery to preach the word of the Lord through the best medium they could find: Football.


The most ancient monk on the team is Brother Saul, and he plays keeper for the team. His strategy is to not mind the net at all, but to stand behind the goal line and the cage, and pray for the Lord's protection over the net. If his prayers are strong enough, no ball shall enter the goal. Brother Saul is Three Hundred and Forty-Seven

The four defenders, Brothers Niccodemus, Henry, Paul, and Solomon, have a strange condition never yet seen in any others. They are, as it is called "United in Faith" if one of them should lose faith in his purpose or being, the other three shall perish. This also means, however, that they work very well together, and have complete trust that anything that happens in the game is for the greater good. They plan to combine their faith in the team to make it nearly impossible to beat. The four are all Three Hundred and One

The four midfielders will be controlled by Saint Simon, Brother of the Monastery. Saint Simon has the unique gift of chanelling the energy of the Holy Spirit into projections of beings that are created out of pure love. Players attempting to defend these beings will find themselves forgiven instantly, and cleansed of all other acts against the team. Saint Simon is Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight, and will stand on the sidelines in deep meditation during each game.

The Left forward shall be Brother Frederick. Brother Frederick's belief that the Lord is acting through him makes him a very powerful vessel, and it is not uncommon to see him ascend toward the sky at random intervals and times. He says he has not acted of his own accord since his birth, and he is Two Hunderd Eighty-Seven years old.

The Right forward is Brother Regis, a large man who is the most earthly of the Monks. He has no special connection or powers except his own rather exceptional skill with a football, and it was he who introduced the Monks to the game. He is Two Hundred Fifty-Six

The "Coach" is Brother Bartholomew, a "dreamer", whose visions, he claims, are sent to him directly from the Lord. He uses this to predict the future, and thus immensly help the team's tactics. He spends the game asleep near the oppisite goal, the better to read the opponent's vibes. He is Three Hundred and Two

Trainer for the team will be Brother Barnabas, who has the ability to bend and warp even the things we consider unchangeable. Time and dimensions are his main skill, and he will alter the former to ensure that training is completed on schedule. He used the latter to make the small Monastery Courtyard into a football pitch, where the team will play their World Cup matches. He is Three Hundred and One

The official scribe for the team is Brother Jonathon, head scribe of the Monastery. He will record in meticulous detail everything that happens in each match, in english, latin, and the Angelscript (the Monastic alphabet, used since the founding of the Monastery). He is One hundred and Eighty-Six, a mere youngster.


Tactics: Shut the Door and Listen from the Outside. The Lord is good, and he shall give us the victory if we have faith and obey. Our actions are inconsequantial, and the outcome is not ours to decide. We merely are vessels, demonstrating the will of the Lord, and the will of the match.

Style: -3. Our team is humble, as all who follow the Lord as we do should be. We expect not to score many goals, but to stop the others.

Only Brother Regis actually plays the game and is on the field during the match. Brother Frederick is a vessel of the Lord, and cannot be held responsible for his actions during a match. Saint Simon creates projections of love, and is on the sidelines. The Defense is four individuls, but their unity is such that they are as one person, and Brother Saul simply prays for protection. The team's tactics can only be described as "The oppisite of the other team's"

Information- Traveling into and out of the Holy Sphere, and playing matches in the Monastery:

[spoiler=Brother Barnabas' Thoughts explain the function, but add to the mystery, of the Sphere]Brother Barnabas stood, high in the tallest tower of the monastery. His elbows leaned on the wall of the lofty parapet. The sea wind billowed his robes around him. It was times like these when, if he really looked, he could see the shimmering edge of the Holy Sphere. He sighed. In just a few hours time, he and the rest of the Monastic Football Ministry would clamber into a small rowboat, and exit the Sphere. He smiled. The outside world could never understand the Sphere. So far as he knew, the Sphere had guarded the Monastery as long as the building had stood. It was a sort of divine force field. It enabled dimensions inside it to be altered without disturbing the outside world. He knew this better than most, being the alterer of dimensions. The Sphere also ensured that nobody who was not a monk would enter. If a ship or boat entered the sphere, they would see absolutely nothing but a blank stretch of ocean. It took the touch of a monk to be able to experience the inside of the Sphere.[/spoiler]

What happens when you play the Monastery?
Playing against Monastery-on-the-Rock is not like playing any other teams. The strange powers and football aside, this section is to talk about before and after the match.

If the Monks are playing in your nation:
This is the easy part if you're drawn with the Monastery. On the eve of your match, all monks will retire to their chambers, inside the Monastery. Brother Barnabas will then place them into a small fishing boat, and they will exit the Holy Sphere, arising in the closest body of water to the match's venue there is, at exactly midnight. They will then sleep in the stadium, and will most likely be already there, praying and asking blessings, when your team arrives.

If you're going to the Monastery:
First off, do not try to get to the Monastery yourself. This will result in your seeing only a blank stretch of water or air, and missing the match entirely. Of course, should this happen, Brother Barnabas will fold time over and let the match be played, but the Monks hate having to play two games at once, and many other teams have found it to be quite difficult. For the sake of convieniece, please follow the instructions left by Brother Barnabas for your team. Unfortunately, they were written in the Angelscript and Latin. It seems Brother Barnabas has been pulling our leg once more. Thanfully, this was translated from the angelscript, and we present unto you the Monastic Latin version:

I. Lorem ipsum habere vis aquae congregari in litoribus proxima pridie nostros futuros.
II. Ipsorum navicula piscatum mihi monachi et omnis imposita.
III. A corpus aqua, nos peregrinari ad Nosterderefugium, ubi omnes egressi, et natare reliquae procul ad terminus Sancti Spera
IV. Ut natant, et maxime mundabitur peccata remittuntur, et absque pavore (licet natare videtur in aperta Oceani)
V. Sphaera est terminus adveniret, si fides sit scientia in me et monasterium vere esse fatendum erit. Non aperiam tibi venire Sphaera

1. Please have your team assemble on the banks of the nearest body of water on the eve of our match.
2. I will arrive in the Monastic fishing boat, and take all on board.
3. From your body of water, we shall travel to Nosterderefugium (lierally "Rock of our refuge", a small stone, no more than a meter across, where non-monks wait to gain access to the Monastery, where all will disembark, and swim the remaining distance to the boundary of the Holy Sphere
4. As you swim, most of your sins will be cleansed and forgiven, and you will feel no fear (though seeming to swim into the open ocean)
5. Upon reaching the sphere's boundary, if you belive that I have the knowledge to let you in, and that the Monastery truly does exist, you will be admitted. If not, I will open the Sphere for you to enter

The Pitch:

As outlined in the Monastic League, the pitch will be the Monastery's courtyard, extended by Brother Barnabas. Try not to trample the holy flowers, or knock down any lanterns. While efforts have been made to keep pillars and walkways out of the field of play, we ask that tall players not play on the right side of the pitch, for, though its height has been altered, and it poses no threat, the ceiling on the side walkway is rather low.
While the match is in progress, Brother Barnabas will ensure that time ceases its motion inside the holy sphere. Thus, when your team exits the sphere, no time will have passed in their lives from the moment they entered the sphere.


The monks will compete in their Monastic Robes.

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Postby Savski Venac » Thu May 31, 2012 9:49 am

Savski Venac National Team
Coach:Andreas Sam
First 11:
GK Tomislav Ćosić #1 age:29
DEF Julius Pelić #20 age:20
DEF Petar Kostić #5 age:21
DEF Janko Neješ #8 age:22
DEF Aleksej Takovski #6 age:31
MID Pavel Neješ #19 age:23 C
MID Dobrica Erić #61 age:19
MID Dario Pavonić #44 age:32
MID Andrew Buckett #10 age:26
FWD Avgust Peter #21 age:29
FWD Adrijan Kočić #34 age:20

GK Kokan Totić
DEF Rudi Hiti
DEF Gorazd Hiti
DEF David Čavčić
MID Andrej Stojković
MID Dragan Mrđa
FWD Aleksej Čajkovski
FWD MIchael Budd

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players N
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events N
Style Modifier: +3
Народная Союзная Республъика Савскоя Веннаций
Народна Савезна Република Савски Венац

The truth about Kosovo
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"Kosovo is Serbia! Failing to acknowledge that either proves your ignorance or lack of education." -Kleomentia
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Postby Milchama » Thu May 31, 2012 1:10 pm

Chi Sun-Times-Tribune-Star-News-Today-Tomorrow-Yesterday-Paper

Sports Section

Warriors Look to Improve

After their most successful World Cup and Cup of Harmony campaigns in ages the Milchama Warriors are at their highest ranking since they last regularly qualified for World Cups back in the 40s. With the Warriors in the second pot of teams and no longer with the 50s curse on them (the 50s being the only decade of Milchamian participation in the World Cup that did not yield a qualifying team) Milchamians expect great things from the team. Expectations have not been this high for a World Cup in a long time. As Coach/Savior Harris Wontern said, "We understand what people expect of us and it's a lot but we think we can achieve that."

In recognition of the great efforts put in last time the Warriors trot out the same team for this World Cup as last World Cup:

A traditional 3-3-4 formation that is +1

GK: Mickey Flint
D: Hadley Flynn
D: Marcus Crassis
D: Mark O'Donell
M: Valerie Eres
M: Ari Haldentrot
M: Avi Haldentrot
F: Tim Roe
F: Carry West
F: Ricky Pritt
F: Colin Floyd

GK: Fletcher Shin
D: Kent Roent
M/D: Finn Wells
M/F: Corey Klein
F: Barry Barry
Milchama Sports achievements:
World Baseball Classic 23 Champion!

3x CoH winner (29, 46, 50) 3x WBC winner (4,5,23), 1x World Cup host (32) Various other minor trophies there's a football club trophy, a kleptochase trophy, Other minor international football trophies.

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Postby Darmen » Thu May 31, 2012 2:39 pm

Darmeni National Football Team

Coaching Staff
Manager: Tim O'Donahaue
Assistant Manager: William von Kriesler
Offensive Coach: Tony Bordeck
Defensive Coach: Jason Erickson
Goalkeeping Coach: Robert Yelton
Physio: Yoram Abrahams

Style Modifier: +5
Formation: 3-5-2 is the first choice and will be used in just about every match. The 3-4-3 may also make some appearances.

Name                   Age      Club
Troy Osborne 29 Eau Claire Aris FC
Kimi Siesman 22 Chippewa Falls Strykers
Thulani Daniels 31 South Darmen United
Brad Schreier 24 Rogerton Whitecaps
Brady Summon 22 Eau Claire United
Osborne and Siesman will most likely be the ones guarding the net. Daniels will most likely make appearences only if Darmen is up by several goals and time is winding down. Schreier and Summon will only play if one of the other three Keepers is injured.

Name                   Age      Club
Mikael Adan 26 Scott City FC
Dustin Nguyen 28 Scott City FC
Charm Vue 27 Eau Claire Aris FC
Scott Rydzik 25 Eau Claire Aris FC
Donald Sheen 33 Eau Claire United
Terry Lalas 39 Brham United
Oguchi Findley 22 Chippewa Falls Strykers
Johan Garza 22 Chippewa Falls Strykers
Matt Flemer 22 Rogerton Whitecaps
Arik Sikula 22 Forden
Trevor Goodwin 23 Eau Claire Aris FC
Terrence Sinapati 23 Menomonie United
Adan, Nguyen, and Vue will most likely be the starting back three. Rydzik and Sheen will provide the backup should one of the starters grow tired. Lalas, Findley, Garza, Flemer, Sikula, Goodwin, and Sinapati will be there if needed, but will most likely see more practise than actuall game time.

Name                   Age      Club
Luca Cormio 24 Scott City FC
Danny Beasley 28 Scott City FC
Zach Preston 31 Scott City FC Vice-Captain
Tor Tong Lee 25 Rogerton Whitecaps Captain
Jake Gibbons 27 Eau Claire Aris FC
Gene Turko 22 Eau Claire United
Aaron Gibbons 29 Eau Claire Aris FC
Jack Chaves 30 Darmen City FC
Francisco Lyons 21st 22 Eau Claire United
Dan Lipari 34 Johnho FC
Andy Judkins 32 Forden
Nicky Salapu 23 Menomonie United
Charles Ramirez 23 Menomonie United
Javier Zakuani 23 Brham United
Josimar Son 22 Darmen City FC
Steve Nystizor 22 Johnho FC
Maika Molesi 22 Menomonie United
The Big Three: Lee, Preston, and Cormio, will be a mainstay in the lineup. They will most likely be joined by either Beasley, J. Gibbons, or Turko. Lipari will always be sitting on the bench, ready to run on the field at any moment. Aaron Gibbons, Chaves, Lyons, Judkins, SalapuRamirez, Zakuani, Son, Nystizor, and Molesi will not be called upon by O'Donahaue very often, if at all.

Name                   Age      Club
Dan Baker 33 Eau Claire Aris FC
Bryan Faulkner 28 Scott City FC Vice-Captain
Abraham Gibbons 31 Eau Claire Aris FC
Roberto Gregio 22 Eau Claire United
Sergio Autitore 22 Chippewa Falls Strykers
Fernando Grevsthan 22 Menomonie United
Natt Dittman 22 Forden
Sean Whale 31 Menomonie United
Adam McKay 25 Chuckio FC
Charmaine Hooper 23 Brham United
George Pele 25 Chippewa Falls Strykers
Faulkner and Gregio will be the two starting, and itching to score goals. Baker and Abraham Gibbons will be the main substitutes, while Autitore, Grevsthan, Dittman, Whale, McKay, Hooper, and Pele will be held in Reserve.

Player Roles
Direct free kicks: Tor Tong Lee
Indirect free kicks: Zach Preston
Right corner: Roberto Gregio
Left corner: Jake Gibbons or Gene Turko
Penalties: Tor Tong Lee

Stadium & Kits
Darmen National Stadium, where all Darmeni Home Matches will be played.
Designed and Manufactured by Barrengeka Kits
Main Jerseys
Designed and Manufactured by Darmeni Soccer Industries
Special Alternates

RP Permissions
Please note that following every match I will list the starting lineups and which jerseys will be worn in the next match.
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, max of 1. I'll decide the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y, max of 1
Hand out red cards to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a TG or find me on IRC.

*Players who have their names struck through are in Krytenia for the Olympics.
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My opponent can do anything within reason. That means within legitimate reason for a football match.

Nation Name: The Sylvanaes Queendom of Dorian and Sonya
Nationals are known as Sylvanae. Not Dorians and Not D&Sians.
Race: Elf
Team Name: Mystical Unicorns
Colors: Pink, Purple, and Lime
Style: 3-4-3 (+3 Offensive)
Stadium: White Hall Stadium
Ages: Elves have much longer life spans than humans, so get used to seeing these names.

Starting 11
Pos no name ht wt age

RF 11 J’hys Ickaeth 5’2 100lbs 144
CF 13 Alura Sabre 4’8 79lbs 91
LF 65 Narniel Amandguord 5’1 113 lbs 108
RM 21 Wend Rayghaest 4’5 90lbs 136
RCM 25 Sison Nyifith 4’6 85lbs 113
LCM 23 Laidiriel Roloeme 4’8 110lbs 118
LM 01 Silwen Isilidilinmae 5’0 102lbs 97
RB 34 Nithiraxa Calethdren 4’6 91lbs 123
CB 33 Deshy Ielath 4’7 108lbs 120
LB 66 Jacina Elminster 5’2 107 lbs 106
K 41 Jania Lassvanil 5’0 98lbs 124


F 14 Anilla Weresil 4’10 103lbs 121
F 02 Janwen Undomiel 5’1 96lbs 96
F 08 Mineryniel Felésthir 4’10 85lbs 93
M 06 Merdëmiel Aldatauré 4’9 78lbs 95
M 07 Amarana Aldatauré 4’9 78lbs 95
B 03 Lora Vandel 5’1 111lbs 90
B 35 Rhalimiel Raidael 4’7 92lbs 129
B 04 Lona Vandel 5’1 109lbs 90
K 42 S’ser Ayleeth 4’8 90lbs 118

Coaching Staff

Manager: Maelwen Maridilyon 4’10 94lbs 179
Off Asst: Earwasseu Nubaron 4’6 83lbs 171
Def Asst: Taluriel Arturamil 5’0 94lbs 175
World Cup 53 Champions

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Postby Eastfield Lodge » Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:34 am

OOC: For fair RP bonus attribution, most of the characters included on this roster are from the Doctor Who TV Series (and from a couple of Dr. Who books) and are either real, as in play a part in the series, or just random variations but from the species listed in Dr. Who. Some names will come from the members' list of this thread. For more background info, most of the species should be found on Wikipedia; except for Lazarus, for which you need to search for 'The Lazarus Experiment'. For the Raxacoricofallapatorians, search Slitheen. For Silurian, see 'Cold Blood' or 'The Hungry Earth' (followed by Doctor Who if necessary). For Rory, search 'The Pandorica Opens'.

Manager: Rassilon (Species: Time Lord; the first Lord President of Gallifrey, Rassilon created the Eye of Harmony, which gave the Time Lords their time travelling ability. All in all, he became the foundation of Gallifrey, although that may all be just public relations. He had discovered the secret to immortality, but was deposed by rebellious Time Lords, before going into an eternal sleep in the Tomb of Rassilon, located in the Death Zone. Late on in the Time War, he was seemingly brought back to direct the war efforts, but as he was willing to destroy the Time Vortex and thus the whole of creation [in the Whoniverse, if not all universes], to win the Time War, the Doctor time-locked him and the whole of Gallifrey.)
Assistant Manager: Adam Loftus (Normal human; returns to the national team after a break of a few World Cups, but has basically been the behind the many managers there have been since the creation of the team back in World Cup 49 [OOC: a bit like Stuart Pearce of England].)
Coach: Sameer Ahmad (Normal human, aged 44; is the older brother of Shabeen, and also has one of the higher goal counts, but has been much eclipsed by his brother's success.)
Coach and Team blogger:Shabeen Ahmad III (Normal Human, aged 42; has scored over 200 goals for the EL national team, and is still an inspiration to everyone, nearly taking the team to the playoffs in World Cup 58, which has his first foray into full management.)

This team were all taken out of their respective time-lines by Time Scoop technology, so where some may be dead by this time, they are alive at this point in space-time. And it was the ELFA who did this, with the help of its inventor, Rassilon.


Blon Fel-Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen: Species: Raxacoricofallapatorian (family: Slitheen); refer to as Blon. Was caught impersonating MI5's Margaret Blaine in 2005 (Earth time), where she and her family members were planning to instigate World War III and turn the planet into fissile material, ready to sell. With the plan destroyed by a well-timed Harpoon missile, she managed to escape, but was the only one. She then went on to become Mayor of Cardiff, using a nuclear plant and the Cardiff Rift to attempt to escape. She did, but in doing so regressed into an egg, and was delivered to the hatcheries on Raxacoricofallpatorius for a second chance at life.

The Abzorbaloff: Species: Unknown, but related to Raxacoricofallapatorians (albeit despising them); Originating from Raxacoricofallapatorius' twin planet, Clom, this particular one came to Earth and tricked a group of humans who were searching for the Doctor to join him, but eventually absorbing them all to satisfy his hunger.

Outfielders (Basically, this lot can play anywhere on the pitch apart from in goal):

Strax: He was a Commander for the Sontaran Military, but was disgraced for an unknown reason, and then was forced to become a nurse by the Doctor, to settle a debt.

Reaper: Species: Reaper; Flying bat-like creatures with scythe-like tails, the Reapers are extradimensional beings, who have the ability to materialise in normal spacetime when a paradox occurs, devouring everything in the area to repair the damage. They can be stopped by material barriers, the older the better, but not permanently, and a paradox on the other side of the barrier will let them through quicker.

Madame Vastra: species: Silurian; Is another of the people who the Doctor a debt, in this case, it is for saving her from a life of crime and hiding out in the early London underground, and she in turn became a detective.

Creet: species: Toclofane/Human (from the year 100 trillion and reduced to live inside metal balls); With the universe on the brink of ending, a group of humans were building a means of escape to "Utopia". With the help of the Doctor, they managed to do so, but only found darkness, and then they cannibalised themselves into this shape. This particular one was a young boy who worked in the sanctuary.

The Doctor: species: Time Lord, age: 1103 (although he doesn't really know himself). Words cannot describe this man's life, but as for football, he's had "plenty" of experience, having played a match for the King's Arm Pub League Football team and scoring more than two hat-tricks in that single match (and then World Cup 59 with the associated Cup of Harmony). Plays mainly up front.

Captain Jack Harkness: species: unknown (very humanoid though); Jack grew up on the Boeshane Peninsula as a kid and joined the Time Agency, but quit after a few years, becoming a con man with a Vortex Manipulator (basic time travel). After meeting the Doctor during the Blitz, Jack dies on Satellite 5 in the year 200,000, but is then brought back to life by the Time Vortex, effectively becoming immortal.

Rory the Plastic Centurion: species: Auton, created by the Nestene Consciousness; refer to as Rory; Dressed up in full Roman armour, Rory has had a miserable past, one that has included being killed, followed shortly after by not being born, followed by becoming a plastic duplicate with a full human consciousness. However, he is rather hardened by all this, and also has a gun in his right hand which he won't use, but will still throw himself into anything nothing less than fully committed.

Raston Warrior Robot: species: None, it is a machine; This robot has been called 'the most perfect killing machine ever devised', being able to move faster than lightning and to kill a troop of Cybermen in seconds. Its face is featureless, and its weapons are collapsible and miniaturizable, and so concealed. For the purposes of this campaign, its weapons have been remotely disarmed, but it still moves faster than normal humans can see.

Pyrovile: species Pyrovile; A humanoid being made of pure magma and volcanic rock, Pyroviles are vicious (albeit quite slow), not to mention being about 5 times the height of average humans when fully grown. Pyroviles originated from the planet Pyrovilia, but crash landed on Earth after their home was lost. They grew in the bowels of Mount Vesuvius, giving some of the locals the power of soothsaying. They planned to convert the entire human race to Pyroviles, and in turn create a new Pyrovilia.

Jenny: species: Human/Time Lord hybrid; The Doctor was taken by the TARDIS to Messaline, where a war was raging between humans and fish-like humanoids called Hath. The Doctor then had his hand put into a progenation machine, used to produce clones for the war, and out came Jenny. She was later on killed by a commander who refused to accept the ceasefire, but then came back to life, having died in the presence of a terraforming device. She was last seen blasting off in the rocket, looking for adventure, and now she's here.

Modified Weeping Angel: species: Weeping Angel; modifications: only becomes a statue when opposition player with the ball is looking at it; No information known as of yet.

Professor Lazarus: Species: Severely mutated human (completely not humanoid at times), refer to as Lazarus; Professor Lazarus was eighty-odd years old, but invented a machine which could manipulate a person's DNA and make them younger. The first demonstration nearly catastrophically fails, but Lazarus emerges much younger. However, his DNA was since found to be unstable, and it showed when Lazarus changed into a scorpion-like creature that drained the life energy of other humans in order to keep him young.

Dalek Sec: Species: Human Dalek (Dalek that has taken on a humanoid form); After the Battle of Canary Wharf, the Cult of Skaro, now armed with the knowledge that they were the last Daleks in existence, escaped to 1930's New York, where they planned to recreate themselves in a humanoid form, by merging symbiotically with kidnapped humans deemed to be of superior intelligence. The leader of the cult, Dalek Sec, was the first to do so, merging with the businessman behind the building of the Empire State Building to form a Human Dalek. The remaining pure Daleks stopped the program upon seeing a Sec having emotions.

Silent: species: The Silence; The Silence is a religious order that believes that Silence will fall when the first question, the oldest question in the universe, is put to the Doctor, on the fields of Trenzelor, where no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer. They attempted to bring down the Doctor through an abducted part Time Lord child (no relation to the Doctor), and kill him in a still point, thus creating a fixed point. But they failed.

Captain Tybo: Species: Judoon; refer to as Tybo; Is a Juddoon captain who crashed on Earth whilst transporting the Juddoon's most wanted criminal, Androvax the Destroyer, wanted for 12 counts of planetary destruction.

Vashta Nerada swarm: species: Vashta Nerada; The are microscopic organisms, which when swarming are completely indistinguishable from shadows, and being highly carnivorous, this plays into their hands. These Vashta Nerada number about 3,000,000, but are compacted into a humanoid form, for fairness. They are also probably vegetarian, but don't take the risk, otherwise you will die.

Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y (Although I'd love to see your player try and injure a 15-foot tall being made from volcanic rock.)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y (max. of four more than given to your team)
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (max. of two more than given to your team)
Godmod other events: Y (consult me if it is too outlandish)

Style Modifier: +3
Formation: Well none really, as nobody but the Doctor has a fixed position. However, the team will usually play in a sort of 4-5-1/2-5-3 hybrid, whatever that means.

Home stadium: Lodger City Memorial Stadium (cap. 150,000)
The national stadium of Eastfield Lodge since it was built not too long ago, it was built on the ruins of the old Lodger City, the former capital of Eastfield Lodge which was completely devastated by a nuclear disaster and floods within minutes of each other. It stands as a symbol of a new life, now even more prevalent after a horrible civil war and what not. But the new city has now become the footballing capital of Eastfield Lodge after some of the biggest teams moved in after Dillvill declared independence.

Because I can't be bothered to make a factbook, information about Eastfield Lodge can be found here, although some of it will be out of date. Including the facts that Dillvill declared independence and went back to normal reality, as did half the country's empire.
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Postby Jedi8246 » Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:30 pm

The Wyverns

Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Donald Hemlock
Assistant Coach: Tarry Hemer

Manager:Georges Thomas
Asst. Manager:Mikael Gibbons

Starting Players
Keeper-Dan Triboult
Left Fullback: JhorDan Sykes
Left Center Back: Gary Dean
Right Center Back: Ben Dover
Right Fullback: Quintus Marks
Left Midfield: Faulkner Saleson
Center Midfield: Kris Hutchenson
Right Midfield: Sam Leon
Right Forward: Manny Hem
Center Forward: Nicolas Hem
Left Forward: Charles Hem

Keeper-Jack Oft
Keeper-Leontes Guilga
All-Purpose-Holden Caufield
All-Purpose-Austin Taylor
All-Purpose-Donol Adamson
Striker-Brian Kilkenny

Formation:4-3-3 Flat
Style Modifier:+1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y/N
Godmod scoring events Y/N
RP injuries to my players Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y/N
Hand out red cards to my players Y/N
Godmod other events Y/N
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WC-60 Synaxarion

Postby Wight » Fri Jun 01, 2012 3:23 pm

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Postby Legalese » Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:07 pm

Some quick (semi-OOC) notes:
- Kit number, Club side, as well as the current age of the player is listed. All players are currently registered with domestic sides, with one exception noted. Players will age an additional year or two over the course of qualifying and the Cup of Harmony (or, on the off chance that we qualify, the WCF)
-Our style modifier will be +4.

And now, for the squad:

(The Usual) Starters:
GK: 1 - Stan Thate, 29, Rhinos. The starter for the national side in the last qualifying campaign, as well as the keeper for the AOCAF run, Thate remains a modestly consistent force in goal . This is his 3rd Cup Campaign, overall.
D: 2 - Phil Livingston, 27, Cragland Climbers. This is Phil's 2nd Cup campaign, coming in with 22 prior appearances.
D: 3 - Liam Todd, 23, Argyle Warriors. Todd replaces team captain Gus Langdon in the starting eleven. He made two appearances in the AOCAF.
D: 4 - Joe Ellsworth, 24, The Knights of Tiberia. Ellsworth has eleven starts and thirteen appearances to his name, but only one in World Cup play.
DM: 5 - Sam Washington, 24, Bob's Towing. Sam is known for his ability to play back as a fourth defender if necessary, but will generally press forward. His AOCAF XXXIV performance helped him earn his cup slot, in which he scored his first and second international goals.
M: 6 - Gerard Torrens, 28, LC Capitals. Gerard has earned 22 caps in two prior World Cup campaigns and an AOCAF run.
M: 7 - Monte Kelshimer, 22, Tiberian City. Monte, previously a reserve, has shown some strong play with Tiberian City, earning him his place in the starting eleven. He has two previous appearances with the NT.
M: 8 - Archie Sanroman, 29, Ellentown Exempts. Archie is a bit of an old hand for the NT, leading the side with 30 caps. He also will take on the Captain's armband for the first time in his career.
F: 18 - Garry Maharry, 25, Bob's Towing. Garry was named to the team as a reserve, but was swapped in as the withdrawn forward for his club striking partner, Jimmy Jay. He's had ten international starts and 11 appearances as of the end of qualifying.
F: 10 - Jimmy Jay, 24, Bob's Towing. Jay has a history of being hot and cold; he electrified in AOCAF 34, scoring ten goals in five matches, then scored another four goals in qualifying; flash forward to the next AOCAF, and Jay finds himself benched mid-way through. He's back on, initially as a withdrawn forward, but
F: 11 - Kelvin Bassford, 25, FC Sandside (Civil Citizenry) Kelvin may be Legalese's first true international star - a heck of a feat, for a 250-year-old country. He skipped the last AOCAF, but has apparently smoothed things over with Cushing, and returns to the lineup.

9 - Del Bialek, 31, Gavelton Bangers (F). Bialek started qualifying as a starter, but a mix of injuries and performance by his teammates has resulted in the Premiership's leading scorer returning to the bench. He's made eleven international starts between qualifying and AOCAF XXXV, and a total of 14 appearances for the NT.
12 - Leonard Dobrun, 30, Bob's Towing (D)
13 - Roy Whitcraft, 25, Ostia Ostriches (D)
14 - Liam Todd, 23, Argyle Warriors (D)
15 - Jack Wayne, 20, Brecorn City (M)
16 - Chase Liquet, 26, GSC Grizzlies (M)
17 - Jonny Baldwin, 29, Argyle Warriors. (M)

19 - Fred Rutledge, 21, Francis City (F)
20 - Reuben Hascal, 26, Okerson United (GK)
21 - Bobby Johnson, 22, Selinstown Chiefs (GK)
22 - Roger Maur, 25, Rhinos (F)

Manager: Gabe Cushing
Assistants: Mark Barbour and Hamish McKinley

RP Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may take any and all liberties that they permit their opponents to take with their RPs; should you have not posted a roster, you may take no liberties whatsoever. My only request is to limit the total death and dismemberment of my team, especially since they are not a team of simulacra, unlike some others in my group.

Oh, and for visual reference, these are the kits. With the exception of the Starblaydia opener - and any other notes, assume we're hosting in black, and wearing black on the road if it doesn't clash with your color choice - the red is for those situations (including the Home opener - RP related).

After current RP events, you can expect Red to be worn whenever sensible. Black remains the primary color, and will be reverted to at some point.
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Postby Cyborg Holland » Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:57 pm


1st Choice Side

GK - 29 - Eindhoven Bears - 6ft 1" - Caps: 25 - Goals: 0

LB - 32 - Eindhoven Bears Womens - 5ft 11" - Caps: 16 - Goals:1

CB - 26 - FC Guingamp - 6ft 2" - Caps: 19 - Goals: 2

CB - 23 - FC Guingamp- 6ft 6" - Caps: 3 - Goals: 0

RB - 22 - Amzterdam FC - 5ft 9" - Caps: 22 - Goals: 4

LM - 33 - FC Guingamp - 5ft 10" - Caps: 31 - Goals: 7

CM - 21 - SC Paritzburg City - 5ft 9" - Caps: 8 - Goals: 3

CM - 20 - Amzterdam FC - 5ft 7" - Caps: 25 - Goals: 8

RM - 29 - Eindhoven Bears Womens - 5ft 6" - Caps: 13 - Goals: 2


LF - 22 - Hague FC - 5ft 9" - Caps: 20 - Goals: 11

RF - 28 - FC Guingamp - 6ft 4" - Caps: 24 - Goals: 16


Jan Brullik- GK - 26 - Paritzburg City SC - Caps: 1 - Goals: 0
Edward Mannerheim- CB- 28 - Paritzburg City SC - Caps: 7 - Goals: 0
Ben van Doer- CB - 30 - Hague PPRC - Caps: 1 - Goals: 0
Nick Landath- CM - 28 - Hague PPRC - Caps: 8 - Goals: 3
Jurge Donnerine- RM - 22 - Overijessel Town - Caps: 2 - Goals: 0
Klaus Hinsmann- CF - 26 - Darlannia Rovers- Caps: 0 - Goals: 0
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Postby The Archregimancy » Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:06 am



First of all, everyone except newbies knows that the Archregimancy is a nation of Eastern Orthodox Christian monks from an alternate reality, right?

Despite ongoing misgivings in some quarters about the team's star forward, and the failures of WC58, the Archregimancy's qualification for WC59 - where they were the only team to defeat Aguazul - has encouraged the Monastic Football Association to stick with Fr. David of the Woods' more attacking approach for at least one more cup. So long as he also sticks with that star forward for at least one more cup.

The team is largely unchanged from the WC59 squad, though there are important changes in goal, defence, and on the left wing.

Fr. David of the Woods:

A former international goalkeeper for both Errinundera and the Archregimancy, Fr. David was a controversial choice as national team coach. Not because of his knowledge of either football or Ordinary Reality teams, but because before defecting from Errinundera and converting to the Orthodox Church, he was the notoriously dissolute and immoral publicly genderqueer owiavi. While both the Holy Synod, Monastic Football Association and his brothers at the Holy Monastery of Solovetsky all happily accept that his conversion to the ascetic monastic life is wholly genuine (and that Fr. David is wholly male), more conservative elements in the Archregimancy question his suitability as a role model. His appointment to the position may represent a rare outbreak of pragmatism on the part of the Monastic Football Association.

Fr. Innocent of Ariddia Had hoped to leave involvement in football entirely following his second playing retirement after WC58, but has grudgingly agreed to stay on as an assistant through the present tournament, if only to guarantee some form of involvement by an Ariddian in WC60.

Fr. Dodo the Venerable
Deeply experienced goalkeeper for perennial Monastic League strugglers Gregoriou, and an admirer of poverty and solitude, Fr. Dodo is aware that many in Ordinary Reality will laugh at his name. He hopes they won't be laughing after the match.

Fr. Lucillian the Bold
Bold in the sense of his willingness to stand up for Orthodoxy against the heresies of schismatics - and bold in his willingness to launch an overlapping attack from the left full-back position; is this an inspired choice by Fr. David, or a possible defensive weakness?

Fr. Anthony the Sleepless Previously the disgraced New Montreal States center back Antoine Long, Fr. Anthony has now taken Orthodox monastic vows, has received dispenstation from the NMS federation to play for the Archregimancy (now for the second cup in a row), and attempts to expiate the sins of his youth through prayerful all-night vigils. Let's just hope he stays awake during the game.

Fr. Peter the Non-Martyr Fr. Peter's defensive determination is rumoured to stem from the sense of guilt he feels in escaping martyrdom for the faith during an unpleasant incident in Northern Bettia about which he refuses to speak further.

Fr. Saturninus the Pensive Cultured and thoughtful right back who is best known - outside football - for his fascinating tome on Valentinian gnosticism.

Fr. David the Candlemaker
Makes all the beeswax candles for Monastic League powerhouses Solovetsky MFC. A fine footballer too.

Fr. Maximus the Confessor His searching eye for the laser-like defense-splitting pass is akin to his ability to force even the most wretched of sinners to repent of their wrongdoing; said to have joined the squad at Fr. David's personal request.

Fr. Neophytus the Novice Called up to the Archregimancy squad in WC59 while he was still a novice, Fr. Neophytus may be new to the monastic life, but his footballing ability is unquestioned. A former professional midfielder for Holy Empire side New Nicea, this genuinely devout player likely would have been called up to the Imperial squad some cups ago if HEFA had ever decided to field human footballers in recent campaigns. The Archregimancy isn't complaining about his availability. Recently awarded the Great Schema and ordained a priest, and so now a full priest-monk (albeit still a rather new one)

Fr. Euthymius the Great In yet another sign of renewed MFA footballing pragmatism, Fr. Euthymius has joined the squad in recognition of his leading the scoring and assist charts for perennial Monastic League powerhouses Pantocrator MFC this past season. No mean feat for a right winger.

Fr. Stephen the Wonderworker
Gained his nickname after a game where he scored a goal with an audacious chip from the centre circle, followed by an astounding free kick from 30 metres out, and a hattrick-completing goal direct from a corner; truly a miraculous sequence of events.

Fr. Laurence MC Monky L-Man Previously a quiet and reclusive forward for Hermits United MFC, Fr. Laurence was the player of the tournament in Cup of Harmony 50. His decision to set aside his former reclusive lifestyle and become the monastic rapper MC Monky L-Man has, however, raised eyebrows.

GK -
Fr. Hilarion of New Patmos
Fr. Barachisius the Happy
Fr. Mark the Twice-Widowed
Fr. Theodore the Fool for Football
Fr. Eustratius the Obscure
Fr. Arsenius the Fortunate
Fr. Anthony the Boot Polisher

The Archregimancy always plays an orthodox 4-4-2; however, after more than 30 World Cups of playing a neutral style, Fr. David is going on the attack (though not quite all-out attack) - style modifier +3.


See Fr. Seraphim the Occasionally Dangerously Free Thinking Theologian model the Archregimancy's monastic robes!


Team Icon

The team is always accompanied to matches by the Holy Icon of the Mother of God, Bringer of Victory, which shall be paraded before the team before all home and away qualifiers. The Holy Icon looks like:


Tips for footballing visitors to the Archregimancy:

1) Each home match is preceded by the complete Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Rest assured that this should only require visiting teams, fans, and officials to stand for a mere 2 hours before kickoff. Consider yourselves lucky we don't use the Liturgy of St. Basil.

2) We control the nature of reality in the Dreamed Realm. This isn't used to cheat - all normal rules of football are strenuously followed - but it does have two major side effects:
A) Any injuries to either team in Archregimancy home matches are immediately healed.
B) No violent or riotous behaviour by visiting fans will be tolerated. Any such behaviour will find those responsible immediately transported back to ordinary physical reality.

3) Direct travel from ordinary physical reality to the Dreamed Realm is impossible. Some 72 hours before your away qualifier in the Archregimancy, a team of monks shall arrive in your home stadium and construct a portal to the Dreamed Realm. You may then use this to travel to the Archregimancy at your leisure.

4) Visiting support is limited to a maximum of 5,000 fans as this campaign the Archregimancy will be playing in a smaller home stadium.

5) Women are not usually permitted into the Archregimancy. Exceptions will be made for visiting players and properly accredited officials - largely because we have to.

6) Formerly, the Archregimancy made a point of being resentful of being forced to permit atheists, communists, freemasons, assorted heretics and foul excelites into the Archregimancy for home qualifiers. These days the Monastic Football Association tries a little harder to welcome all of the above – though largely in the hope that might just possibly be open to conversion through a slightly more conciliatory approach.


For the second cup in a row, MFA will host matches in the beautiful Arctic Slavic-tradition monastery of Solovetsky. In winter.


It will be cold.

Extremely cold.

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (within limits, see above)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (within limits, see above)
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players y
Godmod Other Events Y - (within limits, see above; and no religious conversions of players, please)

And remember... Monks don't cheat. Please.

OOC: I realise my team might present a role-playing challenge. Rest assured that once they start playing they'll play just like any other team (though they might be a bit more inclined to pray after scoring), so I have no problem with you treating the team like any other if you don't want to deal with the Orthodox Christian element.
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Postby Bloodbath Generation » Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:53 am

Coach: Mike Shingles (coach of number 2 team in BG, KICKS by Ciudad Lingaya

Formation: 4-2-3

Goalkeeper: Kärleken Synnøvin

Suribada Park
Cameron Westley

Venice Nett
Zelko Joskvi
Kim Wan-Hee

Eldar Quiofar
Aishan Kinchner

Other stuff:

Official fighting songs: Quedate Conmigo-Cochine Perez (international tournaments)
Allez! Ola! Ole!-Kim-Ji Won (fan chant, international friendly)
Sattelite-Hanna Talensen (coaches song, sang before game)
Dancing Lasha Tumbai-Varkis Aphrodisiac (players song, sang at half-time in friendlies)
Lovey Dovey-JU-WL (Goal Celebration)

Home ground: National Soccer Stadium (Tumbai Segruto Natinal)

Official Shoe: FLY!xNationalTeam

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod Scoring Events N
RP injuries to my players N
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out Red cards to my players y
Godmod Other Events N
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Postby Carmadin » Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:49 am

Carmadin National Football Team

Coaching and Management:
Manager: Iythow Xah'h Choysz
Assistant Coaches: Vehchowng I, Cheeshoosh Shaeh'h

Raehzoys Ohcheht (Tim City Cyber Rays)(Darmen)

Kihxaw Jahp (Seendok Shells)

Cheh Tom Jaht Kaeh (Arksin Football Club)
Guh Thi Nurng (Vliegende Beigners F.C.)(Chenkorya)
Zwejoyj (FC Charge)
Kohchehmj (Sho Athletic Club)

Hehp Poch'tkh (Abo Abo)
Sahlohm'n aht Vehrohn (Cahrsinleh Devils)

Xer Xán (Tim City Cyber Rays)(Darmen)
Chehri (Abo Abo)
Ohlahp Tehn (Northeastern)
Dowv Daz (Seendok Shells)

Pohcheht Maehdur (Elcahnd Heat)
Kohleet Shaekh'zheht (Chahr North Stars)

Heht Nihk (Abo Abo)
Ahnger (FC Charge)

Mahfrehkt (Seendok Shells)

(More will be added when I have the time)

Thanks to Barrengeka Kits of Astograth for providing Carmadin's kit colors for all their WC Campaigns


Carmadin's Home Matches will be held at venues across the Nation:

Main Venue: Carmadin Park (Will Hold Opener, Closing Match, Carmadin vs Dorian & Sonya, and any other matches of signifigant importance, as well as the majority of remainder matches)
Carmadin Park, the National Stadium, holds 102,332, making it one of the Largest Stadiums in Rushmore. Expect it to be loud, rowdy, and have an amazing atmosphere. It is a quality example of world-renowned architects Bright New World's work


Secondary Venue: Stadium by the Sea (Will hold Carmadin vs West Guiana, Carmadin vs Nicole Scherzinger, and other matches of not-signifigant-enough importance)
The architectual masterpiece of a 31,000 seat stadium is a magnificent building, as well as playing host to the best team in Carmadin football, the Seendok Shells.
As the name may suggest, the Stadium is built on the beach, very near to the waterline. On the side facing the water, at center pitch, a glass wall shows a stunning view of the beach and the ocean. The wall is very slightly elevated off the ground, meaning that at high tide, the water will enter the stadium itself, and, through a series of carefully built ditches and barriers around the field, the ocean surrounds the pitch, quite literally making it an island. This is definetly the most exciting, most breathtaking stadium in the world. It's ready to host some exciting, breathtaking football!

Third Venue: Stade de Abo (Will hold the rest of the matches)

The famous-and-legendary-but-nobody-wants-to-admit-it RP permissions poem still stands:

Don't kill them, dont remove limbs.
Cuz if they don't have hands, then how will we win?
If out they should be for 2 days or more,
TG me first to avoid a war.
Godmodding is fine, but beware
I'll do it too, and I can be a scare.
So, all in all, do whatever seems cool
but please, I implore you, remember the golden rule
'cuz if you do it to me, I'll do it to you,
and of the same RP there would be two,
and we can't have that! So be kind,
follow these rules, just see what you'll find!
That you can RP, and I can too!
and this will bring happieness to me and to you
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Postby Yesopalitha » Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:22 pm

Yesopalitha Flames World Cup 60 Squad

Manager: Sir James Handel Age: 45
After one cycle in which Yesopalitha didn't finish very well, Sir James Handel led the Flames to a Round of Sixteen finish in the fifty-first Cup of Harmony. In the process, he has been signed for at least the next three world cups, with the hopes that one of those years, Yesopalitha will actually qualify. The man loves his team as much as he loves his bottle of cherry sherry, but he is a mastermind of tactics in football, and has a special bond with his players. There is no pressure on him to do well this World Cup; Yesopalithans like relevancy better than success... for now.

The Formation: 3-5-2 (-1 Style Modifier)

The Yesopalithan game has started to become one based on solid defense and rapid counterattacks that catch the other side off balance. The side wingers in the midfield are responsible for helping out the defense as much as required and to push the ball up to the middle three midfielders and the two forwards. There won't be many close-up goals, and headers are almost unheard of except via corner kicks. For Yesopalitha to win by more than two goals in a game is for the team to have a good offensive game. On defense, they concentrate on keeping the ball away from the penalty box; if this means committing a foul and giving up a free kick, they'll give up that free kick. At times, the goalkeeper is called to be the lone man guarding the net, and he/she must be able to face one-on-one situations...

The Starting XI

Goalkeeper: #0 Jonah Calhoun Age: 23 Height: 6 feet, 6 inches

Jonah Calhoun has been thrust into the starting goalkeeping spot with Patricia Sweeney having to retire due to a brain condition. He does not do very well with set pieces, but is very good with the flow. Reports say that he has been spending time with the Vander Rox sisters practicing set pieces so that he won't have a weak spot in his game. If his teammates help him out at all in the defensive side, he has the potential to be a superstar. He could've possibly signed with a foreign side in the offseason for club play, but with the Yesopalitha Sports Committee planning on instituting a Premier League next season, he held off, and will be one of the biggest names to sign on the new Yesopalitha Premier League. He has endless potential... Can he get over his fear of set pieces?

Defender: #22 Noah Galvin Age: 25 Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

Noah didn't have the best inaugural season with the Hoxford Rovers of Valladares, but the defender knew that a good club team wouldn't have snatched a low-profile defender from a not-yet established country like Yesopalitha. Noah's biggest plus is his selfless attitude to sacrifice his body in whatever way necessary to help the team. This does mean that he gets injured more than the most, but when he is on the field, he gives 120%. He handles the left side of the defensive part of the team, and does an admirable job.

Defender: #19 Naisi Von Helz Age: 18 Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

With Mikrail Josun retiring after one stint with the national team, the team will only have one non-human this season. Instead, they get Naisi Von Helz, a promising youngster from the town of Wolvesbane. He caught the eye of Sir James when he reportedly stole the ball from Hilary Vander Rox five times in a charity game. It takes a special person to take the ball from HVR once, yet five times... There are questions to be answered by this kid, but with Noah and Michael beside him, and Jonah guarding the goal, this might be the time for Sir James to test out a new player.

Defender: #44 Michael Kevin Age: 22 Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Signed by RC Corania of Valladares, he helped the side not get relegated. He might be of diminutive height, but he is a fearsome tackler and a fundamentally sound player. If there is a weak spot in his game, it's taking one-on-one situations in the open field. Many consider he and Noah to be the best defenders in all of Yesopalitha, and with them being so young, the potential for them are very high...

Midfielder: #58 Ivan Dostoevich Age: 27 Height: 6 feet, 5 inches

Known more as "Nadya's cousin", Ivan has been quietly contributing for the national team. He might not be assisting or scoring goals, but he is one of the wingers, and hence, responsible for the rapid pushing the ball up the wings that the Yesopalithan game has come to be defined for. He will always bee the man behind the curtains, working to push the ball up and not getting enough credit. Celtic Southland didn't have the best season, but Ivan is learning the ways of playing football in The Babbage Islands.

Midfielder: #42 Isaac Jack-Bentley Age: 22 Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

It is true that the Yesopalithan game will always be centered around Hilary Vander Rox and Jane for years to come, but Isaac Jack-Bentley has shown that he can take over in games if he has to. He is a magnificent striker. He will have to continue to bedazzle in his game if he is to help the Vander Rox sisters qualify for their first World Cup.

Midfielder: #55 Hilary Vander Rox Age: 26 Height: 6 feet, 4 inches Captain

Hilary enters her third qualification campaign, hungrier than ever. She is the unquestionable leader of the team and the face of Yesopalithan football. Her game doesn't lack much - she can dribble, pass, shoot, head the ball, take set pieces, make penalties... And her leadership skills are apparent in that all of her teammates look up to her and follow her directions. It may be Sir James Handel that institute tactics for the beginning of the game, but it is Hilary that calls out modifications that she observes among the other side's tendencies. This team will only go as far as Hilary leads them, and that is that.

Midfielder: #7 Fantasia Cecile-Marie Age: 24 Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

After making international headlines as the first female football player in Astograth's Premier League, the young woman who came out of nowhere to make the team last cycle has proven herself to be a valuable asset for the Flames. Her finesse in the face of adversity is the most valuable aspect of her game, as well as her selfless style of passing the ball to Jane, Hilary, or one of the forwards to finish the attack. She won't take many shots herself, but the ones that she does take will most likely yield great results, for she is one of those players that control when she shoots for the hope that her shots will matter.

Midfielder: #35 Jane Vander Rox Age: 23 Height: 6 feet, 0 inches Vice-Captain

One of the most interesting stories in the offseason was Jane Vander Rox stating that she would not keep playing for North Woodlands of Civil Citizenry. It is true that the Citiz League became franchised and therefore she would have had to learn to play with a whole different crew of players; however, the real reason behind Jane asking to be released probably has to do with the formation of the Yesopalithan Premier League. She, along with Jonah Calhoun, will be two of the most sought after players in the new league, and she seems ready to take the spotlight from her older sister Hilary. Jane's game is modeled mostly after her sister's, as they have played each other in their backyards and across fields for years. However, Jane has a more instinctive edge to her play compared to Hilary's technical prowess. This means that Jane may make more mistakes than Hilary does, but she also causes things that shouldn't happen to happen because of the human factor. Truthfully, they even each other out... and Yesopalitha is fortunate to have both of them.

Forward: #21 Nadya Dostoevich Age: 21 (Forever stuck at 21) Height: 5 feet, 2 inches

The little speedster continues to impress opposing sides with her tenacity, endurance, and agility. The only non-human left on the team (She is a Vampire), Nadya makes a habit of streaking down the field, catching defenders off guard, and launching a shot that many say couldn't have come off her small right foot. At times, she can be a fireball, a little bit out of control as she goes after the ball, but with the Vander Rox sisters closely watching her, Nadya has become a more solid player. She and her cousin Ivan play for Celtic Southland of the Babbage Island League; they didn't have the best season last year, but they were still learning the Babbage game...

Forward: #77 Quincy Demetrius-Adams Age: 30 Height: 6 feet, 0 inches

Quincy behaved well the last cycle, and was not a cause of distraction to the team. He may not have a big of a profile as the rest of his teammates, but he still tries hard and gives all the credit back to the team. He will also be playing domestically next year, and that might be a time when he can come out of his shell and express himself fully without being reprimanded. For now, he'll suit up in the Yesopalithan Black and White, and take the field to hopefully help the Vander Rox sisters and the rest of the team get a few more wins this cycle than they did last.

Reserves: These players make up the rest of the team. Details about them will come as they play.
GK: Mario Hadeli
DEF: Benjamin Habjeem
DEF: Peter Ralph-Loren
MID: Cassidy Jones
MID: Gavin Bergoed
FOR: Jamie Mead
FOR: Xadeem Morkal

RP Permissions: No godmodding, and no serious injuries, and no red cards. Otherwise, knock yourself out, and have fun! Collaborations always welcome, shoot me a TG.

Home Venue: The Sacred Heart, Freedom's Altar, Yesopalitha (Cap. 144,000)
Kits: Black with white stripes for home, white with black stripes for away, yellow with black stripes for goalkeeper
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