World Cup 59 Roster Thread

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Postby New Montreal States » Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:39 am

The NMS Ministry of Morale is pleased to announce the Paladins' roster for World Cup 59 qualifiers. After successes against such powerhouse nations as Bears Armed, Queer Poco el Mono Ara and Cafundéu at the Brevity Challenge Cup, Paladins head coach Jacques-Modeste Taschereau will return the full starting XI. The bench is also (mostly) unchanged, although if the Paladins go downhill Taschereau will come under pressure to call up younger players like Hank Bay or Réjean Latendresse.

All ages are for WC59
Formation: 2-6-2
Style: Taschereau's version of the 2-6-2 plays as a +2
Coaches: Jacques-Modeste Taschereau, age 59, head coach; Ernie McGonagall, age 44, strikers; Norman Lajoie, age 48, midfield; Vincent Kent-Mercier, age 62, backs; Étienne Lajeunesse, age 46, keepers

Home Pitch: The Paladin Dome, New Montreal, capacity 120,200. Natural grass; pitch is brought indoors and set up prior to each match. The Paladin Dome has hosted the World Cup 28 and Cup of Harmony 16 finals, as well as the more recent Cup of Harmony 50 3rd-place match.

KEEPERS in 50 words

1 Édgar Thibault, age 31, FC Sandside, Civil Citizenry
91 Marcel Johnstone-Beaumont, age 25, CF Chateauguay
4 Ernie Busey, age 24, NM Patriotes

Chet Oakes has been shown the door after coughing up four goals when Thibault left the QPeMA match with a light bicep tear. Thibault himself remains as reliable and popular as ever, showing no signs of slowing down at 31, and inspiring Johnstone-Beaumont with his talk of playing in foreign climes.


33 Cory Taylor, CB, age 29, Sorel Black Dragons, 1 goal
76 William St. John de la Ware, age 26, Sorel Black Dragons, 0 goals
18 Jeremy Steelman, age 25, Répentigny War Eagles
24 Hubert Séguin-Holmes, age 23, NM Patriotes

Teams and coaches circled the wagons around William St. John de la Ware after he got an early red card with a what-could-he-have-been-thinking tackle in the box against QPeMA. Jeremy Steelman, meanwhile, is in the doghouse for the lousy job he did replacing de la Ware in the 6-4 shootout; expect Hubert Séguin-Holmes to see his first action this tournament. Pay no attention to the Drew-Watson-takes-Steelman's-job rumors that have been inundating the internet - Watson apparently impressed nobody in the Paladins camp at either the BCC tryouts or the WC59 trials.


12 Jocelyn Brisebois, LDMF, age 27, CF Sherbrooke, 2 goals
8 Neil Poussin, RDMF, age 22, NM Patriotes, 0 goals
14 Joe Webb, CMF, age 26, Répentigny War Eagles, 1 goal
40 Pwim Charbonneau, LMF, age 26, City of New Montreal, 3 goals
27 Benoit Gallagher, RMF, age 24, Alliance Sportif Ville-Marie, 1 goal
49 Guillaume Ouillemet, AMF, age 28, Philemon Mariners, 7 goals
0 Hank Bay, CMF/DMF/AMF, age 21, Pride of Wolfe Harbor, 0 goals
7 Christian Ponder, CMF, age 26, Moncton Sands Coyotes, 3 goals
20 Yann Chrétien, CMF/DMF, age 23, NM Patriotes, 0 goals
12 André Vaillancourt-Bosquet, AMF/RMF, age 33, St. James Seagulls, 9 goals
11 Alphonse Bélanger, CMF/LMF, age 20, Bullets, 0 goals
29 Donald Taylor, CMF/LMF/RMF/AMF, age 22, CF Sherbrooke, 0 goals

Injured: 78 Martin Kennedy, RDMF, age 23, CF Chateauguay, 0 goals, return TBD.

The Paladins return all six starting midfielders from the BCC side, the first time that's happened since the Paladins returned to international play. Great unit chemistry, with Joe Webb doing a good job setting the table for Ouillemet and the strikers and André Vaillancourt-Bosquet embracing coming off the bench in the final 20-30 minutes. Hank Bay rumors will instantly plague any struggling midfielder, however.


6 Rhéal Ackersley, CF, age 25, CF Valdemont, 9 goals
3 Loic Bacon, SS, age 26, NM Patriotes, 4 goals
10 Lionel Bonsecours, CF/SS, age 24, City of New Montreal, 0 goals
80 Shane Pritchard, CF, age 21, Dorion Poules, 0 goals

Loic Bacon was a revelation with 4 BCC goals, and Rhéal Ackersley more than kept pace with a hat-trick against QPeMA. Both players will look to go full steam ahead into qualifiers; each of them has separately vowed a 10-goal campaign during pre-qualification interviews.
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Postby Kalumba » Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:27 pm

Choose my goalscorers Y, but try to keep them in the starting 11
Godmod scoring events Y, but not too ridiculous
RP injuries to my players Y, but not to serious
Godmod injuries to my players Y, but please don't cripple them
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y, but not excessively
Hand out red cards to my players Y, but not too often
Godmod other events Y, make it funny

And the team:

Manager: George Davies- Resigned from the first team after a very disappointing start to the World Cup 56, which he deemed disgraceful for a team who had just won the Baptism of Fire, then managed the Womens Squad in the Weaker Sex World Cup but after an agreement with the KFA has returned to the national team managers position. Will be hoping to further increase Kalumba's world standing and possibly make the knockout stages, especially after last outings narrow defeat to 11th ranked Dorian and Sonya.

First Team Coach: Magnus Malan- Led the team throughout World Cup 58 without much success but he did record a notable victory against highly rated Newmanistan, and suffered only narrow defeats to teams in the top 25 in the world. Very defensive minded and his approach led the team to be nicknamed 'The Tortoises'.

Terrence Ottbourne-No.1 34 years old and team captain, an agile ex-paratrooper. He led the team to victory in the BoF and kept a clean sheet until the quarter-final. Together with Aaron Yuill of Southern Cynocephali was the outstanding keeper of the tournament. Now plays in Kagdazka and Pazhujebu proffesionally.
Frank Burnden-No.67 37 year old veteran keeper, useful back up option. Will not expect to start but will most probably be on the bench to cover for the outstanding 'Super Terry' Ottbourne.
Peter Franks-No.41 21 year old rookie, first selection for the team. Missed out on going to the Di Bradini cup by 2 months, so will be hoping to play a few games to secure his position as long term successor to Ottbourne. May play in less crucial group games or when Kalumba are knocked out.

LB-Derek Ward, 27 year old truck driver, stupid but effective No. 12 Recently banned from driving for Drink-Driving, will be hoping to secure a place at a foreign club team to provide him with an income.
LCB-Ronan Beardly, 31 year old, also Kalumba's golfing champion No. 14 Has suffered a nasty shoulder injury but should fit in time for the CoH.
LCB-Duncan Edward, 21 year old, pretty boy, but solid at the back No. 4 Recently married with a child will his mind be fully on the World Cup?
RCB-Klaus Van Harniggen, 22 year old, 6 foot 6, deadly in the air No. 6 Enrolled in a boxing program and has further added strength to his frame.
RCB-Norman Baker, 27 year old bank manager, great slide tackler No. 5 Castigated in the news for losing his bank a large amount of money speculating on the stock market, will try to rebuild his reputation.
RB-James Downs, 39 year old ex-rugpy prop forward, solid but no agility whatsoever No. 3 Recently dropped from his Rugby team so is looking to football for his wage.
RB-Frank Ruyten, 21 year old civil servant, very fast but poor crossing ability No. 19 Has worked on his crossing but still struggles to fulfill his promise as an attacking fullback.

LM-Peter Kurtz, 23 year old full time proffesional footballer No. 21 Still struggling for form but has improved at the World Cup scoring twice and creating another couple for Kalumba.
LM-James Fish, 17 year old protege No. 9 Still a protege, retained for the first team instead of the U21s so Davies clearly intends to play him.
CM-Ollie Roberts, 21 year old model and dancing champion No. 18 First high profile homosexual in Kalumba. Has moved to Southern Cynocephali to play proffesionally and be open with his sexuality.
CM-Ben Rowlatt, 23 year old boxer No. 16 Robert's husband. Their relationship has caused problems in the team but after performances from them both helped to win the BoF are being more accepted.
CM -Oliver Dempster, 31 year old taxi driver No. 15 Recovering from shock after being mugged in his taxi, but will recieve the fans full support.
CAM -Ben Cheeter, 21 built like an arab donkey but with the shot of an angry mule No. 27 Didn't impress at either the BoF or the last WC but still integral to the team as he links the midfield to the strikers.
CDM- William Anderson, 35 year old Protestant Minister, couldn't tackle for toffee but aggrssive as the most violent phsycopath No. 17 Has toned down his aggression as he recieved a lot of yellow cards at the BoF and the last WC and was lucky not to be sent off.
RM-Chris Abouto, 21 year old sprinter, fast and can turn on a sixpence No. 33 A truly marvellous footballer, other than Ottbourne our player of the year. Scored many and set up more. Also rewarded with a move to proffesional football in K&P.
RW-Jermaine Filks, 32 year old great crosser of the ball No. 11 Due to Abouto's excellence has yet to feature but has worked on his left sided play in hope of getting a starting position.

RS- Roland Grezlak, 26 year old, 6 foot strong as an ox No. 8 Came on to score many a crucial goal, will be looking for me involvment this time round.
RS- Anthony Peters, 21 year old, youngster but top scorer last season No. 99 Barely featured but did score our second goal in the BoF final. Will be looking to break into the team on a regular basis.
LS-James Malone, 34 year old, seasoned veteran No. 21 Struggled for form and not likely to feature here unless there is a major injury crisis.
CF- Kevin Davis, 32 year old, ex-heavyweight champion boxer No. 10 Another key player. His goals and hold up play won Kalumba many games and will be hoping to continue his wonderful form and impress at this World Cup which may be his last.
CF- Craig Garden, 27 year old, reliable but not much skill No. 93 Another non-starter and like Malone will struggle to record a further cap to his collection of seven.

Starting line-up:

4-5-1 (Style Modifier: -1)

GK Terrence Ottbourne (c)

LB Derek Ward
LCB Duncan Edward
RCB Klaus Van Harniggen
RB Frank Ruyten

LM Peter Kurtz
CM Ollie Roberts
CDM William Anderson
CAM Ben Cheeter
RM Chris Abouto

CF Kevin Davis

GK Frank Burnden
LCB Ronan Beardly
RB James Downs
CM Ben Rowlatt
CM Oliver Dempster
ST Roland Grezlak
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Postby Carmadin » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:15 pm

In what will (really) be the final event using the Current roster, we present to you:

Carmadin National Football Team
Sauh'h'dohm Zl'xohj ahz Tohg'auh'tohm ohw Kahr'mah'dihn
Nickname: Oymaeh D'mow Choyj (yellow, blue, and red)

Style Modifier: +3

Head Coach: Iythow Xah'h Choysz
A great coach, already a legend in the country, he is extremely competitive


Vehchowng I
Cheeshoosh Shaeh'h


Kihxaw Jahp
The star of the team, he fascinates fans around the world with his acrobatic saves, and is always good for a joke

Guh Thi Nurng
Always charging in to cut off a breakaway at the last possible moment, Nurng is an invaluable defenseman.

Oo Gaht'oth
More of an "offensive defenseman, he is "the quiet guy" on the team.

Ot Aeh Waw
Right in between Nurng and Gaht'oth in terms of style and personality, Aeh Waw can stuff any player who comes at him

His name is Ahnger. Anger. But he's the most soft-hearted on the team. Go figure
Owva Ihwo
Send crosses and feeds all over the pitch, always thinking of his teammates first
Chaw Oyt'j
The MOST competitive player you will meet, he cant stand losing, and looks to avenge the WC
Dowv Daz
The Big-shot goalscorer is not concieted or proud, and loves to joke around

Ot'j Choy Othozur
Whoah. that's a mouthful. He'll be dribbling around you to the net before you can pronounce his first name (OT (like dOT)- j' (soften the j) :)
Ataeh Ahsaeh
The projected top scorer for Carmadin's WC, his explosive speed makes him a valuable asset

By Barrengeka Kits of AstograthImage

By Bright New World of The Kytler Peninsulae

Carmadin Park


Don't kill them, dont remove limbs.
Cuz if they don't have hands, then how will we win?
If out they should be for 2 days or more,
tg me first to avoid a war.
Godmodding is fine, but beware
ill do it to, and i can be a scare.
So, all in all, do whatever seems cool
but please, I implore you, remember the golden rule
cuz if ya do it to me, i'll do it to you,
and of the same rp there would be two
and we dont want that, so be kind,
and follow these rules. Just see what you'll find!
That you can rp, and i can too!
and this will bring happieness to me and to you

^the RP permissions poem by Carmadin
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WHF 9: 10th place with 16 points
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Postby Von Kopsho » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:15 pm


GK 1 Filiberto Lucash (20- Gesios Rebels - 2 caps/1GR/1 Assist.) Captain
GK 13 Florinda Freniere (29- Toretia Rockets - 2 caps/1GR)
GK 26 Leandro Fiora (27- Eruos Legends - Uncapped)
DF 4 Michal Lapuerta (20- Jasebat Dynamos - Uncapped)
DF 3 Alonso Kirkness (22- Osato Panthers - Uncapped)
DF 14 Jae Pacholec (32- Siosque Miners - 3 caps/1 Assist.)
DF 15 Wally Brah (29- Siosque Miners - 2 caps)
RB 2 Titus Casuat (35- Siosque Miners - 2 caps)
RWB 16 Hilma Bourlier (19- Houm Ravens - 4 caps/1G)
LB 5 Lonny Beauparlant (21- Tekota Kamikazes - 4 caps)
LWB 17 Keneth Gonzalez (33- Houm Ravens - Uncapped)
DM 6 Erasmo Marye (29- Siosque Miners - Uncapped)
MC 18 Douglass Niswender (19- Noinmaen Neutrons - Uncapped)
MR 7 Isreal Munet (26- Houm Ravens - 3 caps)
MR 19 Malcom Lecaros (33- Peteq Pilots - 3 caps)
ML 10 Rachele Olloqui (29- Jasebat Dynamos - Uncapped)
ML 20 Kraig Niedzwiedzki (26- Noinmaen Neutrons - Uncapped)
AMC 21 Sha Gianola (17- Peteq Pilots - Uncapped)
AMC 8 Toney Ardaly (27- Eruos Legends - 3 caps/1G)
FW 9 Korey Cushen (31- Gesios Rebels - 3 caps/2G)
FW 11 Michale Dasso (26- Jasebat Dynamos - Uncapped)
FW 22 Marcellus Ostasiewicz (24- Siosque Miners - Uncapped)
FW 23 Ligia Oaxaca (23- Siosque Miners - Uncapped)

Tactic: 4-4-2
Modifier: +5


Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Cowardly Pacifists » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:38 pm

The Armed Republic of Cowardly Pacifists
Frightened Chickens

Our Mascot - Mister Cluck-n-Peck

Play Style: Fresh off their Baptism of Fire 3rd place finish, the Chickens are bringing a new look and a new play style to the 59th World Cup. The Chickens still play a primarily defensive game, but now utilize a 5-4-1 formation, lining-up one of their forward midfielders in a striker position. Their overall strategy is to frustrate the opponent with defense and hope to capitalize on small mistakes. Scoring is quite an ordeal for the Chickens, since the players are rarely brave enough to venture very far into the opponent's side of the field - much less take a shot at the goal. The Chickens do score on occasion, much to their surprise.

Note (04/04/12): the Chickens have switched to a 6-3-1 formation following their early struggles and injuries to key players.

Style Modifier: -5

Home Uniform: Deep Red shirt with a bronze diagonal stripe* running across the front, White shorts with a yellow chicken on the right side.
Away Uniform: White shirt with a bronze diagonal stripe* running across the front, White shorts with a yellow chicken on the right side.
Goalie: Yellow shirt with a bronze diagonal stripe* running across the front, Yellow shorts with a white chicken on the right side.

*The bronze stripe on the Chicken's uniform commemorates the team's third-place finish in the 46th Baptism of Fire

Starting Lineup:

GK – Franklin "Frankie" Faste
FB – Adam Hyder
FB – William Fleeman
Stopper – Brian Craven (C)
WB – Ryan Duckler
WB – Dennis Peacefield
DM – Craig Wimpson
DM – Mathew Shivrson
Mid/ST – Steve Flinchmun (AC)
Mid/ST – Michael Yeller
Mid/ST – Nathan Nuetralle
(Note: Flinchmun, Yeller, and Nuetralle take turns lining up in the striker position)

Substitute Players:

GK – Max Rundoff
DEF – Bertrand Wylee
DEF – Gregory Quieter
MID – Samuel Sprinter
MID - Michael Cur

Starting Lineup (effective 04/05/12 as a result of Brian Craven's foot injury):

GK – Franklin "Frankie" Faste
FB – Adam Hyder
FB – William Fleeman
CB - Craig Wimpson
CB - Bertrand Wylee
WB – Ryan Duckler
WB – Dennis Peacefield
CM – Steve Flinchmun (AC)
WM – Michael Yeller
WM – Mathew Shivrson
ST – Nathan Nuetralle

Substitute Players:

GK – Max Rundoff
DEF – Gregory Quieter
MID – Samuel Sprinter
MID - Michael Cur
RES - Brian Craven (C) (injured reserve: turf toe)

Coach: David "Duck" Encover

The Frightened Chicken's home stadium - The Chickendometm - is located in the Armed Republic's capital city of Phrytton. All of the team's home matches are played there. The stadium's capacity is 15,000, with 1,000 seats reserved for fans of the away team. The "Chickens Fandom" is a group of ~2,000 dedicated, well-mannered Chickens fans who show up wearing chicken hats to nearly every match, clapping politely for the home team and quietly snickering at the away team.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - Yes
Roleplay injuries to my players - Yes
Godmod injuries to my players - Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players - Yes
Hand out red cards to my players - Yes
Godmod other events - Yes

Just about anything is fair game as far as I'm concerned. Just don't be a jerk.
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Postby Socialist States Owen » Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:31 pm

FSSO World Cup 59 Squad Roster

Manager: Ben Randall
Assistant Manager: Dimitri Campbell

Style and Permissions

Style Modifier: +2.5

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers – YES
Godmod scoring events – YES
RP injuries to my players – YES
Godmod injuries to my players – YES (But only how the injury happens, NOT the extent of the injury)
Hand out yellow cards to my players – YES (Five a game maximum)
Hand out red cards to my players – YES (One a game maximum)
Godmod other events – YES

The Squad

Shirt number – name – position – age – caps – goals – club
Players in bold are the starting eleven


1 – Daniel Belgrave – GK – 27 – 115 – 1 – Directus

40 – Simon Neeson – GK – 23 – 18 – 0 – Matarazi (Erathore)

35 – Rick Connors – GK - 19 – 2 – 0 – Honeybadgers


2 - Nick Feeney – CB/RB – 20 – 18 – 1 – Hornchurch

5 – Mike Humphrey – RCB – 30 – 158 – 1 – Bastion

4 – Julesk Paranaya – CB/CDM – 29 – 101 – 7 – Bugny FC (Saugeais)

3 – Joe Arne Pizza – LB/LM – 28 – 154 – 7 – Bastion

15 – Michael Robertson – CB – 21 – 7 – 0 – Directus

19 – Buschak Dassuna – CB – 19 – 3 - 0 – Bastion

21 – Grant Davis - CB - 34 - 178 - 8 - Ulsa

23 – Nicholas Kerr - LCB - 23 - 23 - 1 - Stona United


6 – Steven Thompson – CDM – 33 – 192 – 24 – Ulsa

7 – James McCroft – RAM/RW – 26 – 135 – 27 – Directus

28 – Clive Dawson – AM – 24 – 7 – 1 – Marketville

11 – Josh Stevenson – LDM/LM – 24 – 91 – 8 – Sparta FC

8 – Carlos Aduna – CAM – 30 – 164 – 23 – Bastion

16 – Kieran Kane – RW – 23 – 38 – 14 – Revolutionaries

18 – John Buckson – AM – 24 – 35 – 3 – Honeybadgers

24 – Persa Ryans – CM – 29 – 106 – 5 – Bastion


10 – Lee Sharp – ST – 29 – 135 – 90 – CR Submira (Cafendu)

9 – Sam Needle – ST – 26 – 105 – 59 – Dunboor FC (Cafendu)

14 – Simon Xavier – ST – 23 – 33 – 16 – Athens Town (Civil Citizenry)

12 – Paul Fessner – ST – 26 – 18 – 9 – Directus

17 – Scott Daley - CF - 31 - 130 - 37 - Edmonton (Valladares)

25 – Sam Thomas – CF – 19 – 5 – 1 – Sparta FC

The Starting Lineup
Note; does not take into account suspensions or injuries. Check my pre match previews or last match RP to see if its changed.

GK – 1. Daniel Belgrave
RWB – 2. Nick Feeney
RCB – 5. Mike Humphrey
LCB – 4. Julesk Paranaya
LWB – 3. Joe Arne Pizza
RAM – 7. James McCroft
CDM – 6. Steve Thompson
CAM – 28. Clive Dawson
LAM – 11. Josh Stevenson
RS – 10. Lee Sharp
LS – 9. Sam Needle


40. Simon Neeson
15. Michael Robertson
23. Nicholas Kerr
16. Kieran Kane
24. Persa Ryans
14. Simon Xavier
12. Paul Fessner

Player Roles

Captain: Steve Thompson
Direct free kicks: James McCroft primary, Steve Thompson secondary
Indirect free kicks: James McCroft primary, Steve Thompson secondary
Right corner: James McCroft
Left corner: Josh Stevenson
Penalties: Sam Needle

Kits and stadiums

Home Kit

Away Kit

Goalkeeper Kit

Bastion Arena, Bastion, FSSO (Capacity of 92,000)
---NOTE--- Do not use my nation name. In RP, my nation is known simply as Eura, denonym Euran.
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Postby Bostopia » Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:48 pm


The F.A. (Bostopia) do not condone, encourage or support the actions of any of the players & staff not related to positive on or off the field matters, such as winning challenges, beating the opposition, fair play, scoring goals and partaking in pleasant interviews (amongst others). The F.A. (Bostopia) do not have any involvement in diplomatic incidents that may occur due to any of the actions of any one player or staff member, or any event undertaken by all players & staff, or a combination of the above.

Number/Initial(s), Name, Position, Age, Team


HM – Harry MANLORNE - Manager - 43
JB - Jake BITHNELL - Assistant Manager – 29
LB - Louise BROWN – Fit barmaid at "ours" (The Bear & Ragged Staff) Turns up to watch - 22
VW – 'Big' Vern WRIGHT – Veteran player who still turns up and cuts the oranges at half time – 61
F – Freddy DOG Canis lupus familiaris – Dog who belongs to 'Big' Vern – 3 (Dog years)


Bostopia are this year sending F.C. Halthorpe, the top team in the Fort Boston & District Sunday League. This is mainly because nobody else can be bothered and the F.A. (Bostopia) were happy to write a cheque or two and let someone else sort it out, as long as a waiver was signed promising not to get the F.A. (Bostopia) involved in anything which "went down".

Playing in the following formation: GK | DC DC | WBL DMC WBR | MC MC | AMC | SC SC

The first player(s) named in each area of the team start the game. For example, Jacks, Barns, Wilkinson and Abbott would start out of the midfielders.

Goalkeepers - 2

1 - Pete JACKS - GK – 28
13 – Johnny DOMSTORN – GK – 21

Defenders - 5

3 - Luke WRIGHT - WBL - 21
4 - Andy HAWSHAW - DC - 23
2 - Vince DOVE - DC - 47
29 - Emperor BOSTON - WBR – Immortal (physical age - 27)
5 - Dan PETERS - D - 17

Midfielders - 6

6 - Ray JACKS - Captain - DMC - 30
10 - Frank BARNS - MC - 25
8 - Taylor WILKINSON - MC - 22
7 - Scott ABBOTT - AMC - 27
14 - Andy GRIFFITHS - DMC - 24
15 - Gary McNAUGHTON - MC - 16

Strikers - 3

9 - Boris LANGSTON - SC - 23
11 - Petter FUCHS - SC – 30
16 - David HILL - SC - 27



Important Information for Hosts & RP'ers

Style Modifier - +3

In the event my opponent posts an RP first, they may:

Select my scorers — Yes
Give out yellow cards to my players — Yes
Give out red cards to my players — Yes
RP injuries to my players — Yes
Godmod injuries — No
Godmod scoring events — Yes
Godmod other events — Yes

Do whatever you want basically, just don't kill/maim/etc. An RP that makes me laugh would make me eternally grateful.
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Postby Antoletia » Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:06 pm

Manager-Axkess Nahmeput
Asst. Manager-Beniamin Grigorescu
Captain-Petr Antonescu
Vice Captain-Iosif Nicolescu
Modifier + 2

Vladimir Cornelius 25 Avidia City KRY GK
Hans Alexandre 25 Brady City Crunch DAR LB
Sebastian 23 Atlantea Hurricanes TAE LCB
Ciprian Albescu 29 Beckton Supermarine KRY RCB
Petr Antonescu 29 Al Haxire TAE LM
Razvan Vaduva 25 Celtic Rangers F.C. TAE CDM
Valentin Illiescu 25 Swift City ABK RB
Iosif Nicolescu 27 Blacklake Blues TAE CM
Stefan Sala 26 Brady City Crunch DAR RM
Constantin 26 Leston Town KRY CF
Hiarchratez 19 SK Nethers United FC TAE ST
Mathew Cannibus 17 DF
Niculae Ricard 20 DF
Dragos Antonescu 29 Cache TAE CAM
Cezar Ardelean 25 Beckton Supermarine KRY ST
Cristian Balan 25 Stanton Town KRY MF
Gabiel Mohammed 18 Celtic Rangers F.C. TAE MF
Georghe von Leeweonheouck 16 MF
Nathan Hart 29 Minutemen TAE MF
Octavian 24 Blacklake Blues TAE MF
Alec Rat 17 Atlantea Hurricanes TAE DF
Filip Constantinescu 22 ST
Adolf Dumitrescu 19 GK
Danny Muller 22 Brady City Crunch DAR GK

--P. Antonescu--Nicolescu--Sala--
--D. Antonescu--

Jerseys-On wiki page-

Home Ground- Queen Kaitlyn Stadion 182,941 Image
World Cup Qualifications - World Cup 58, World Cup 66, World Cup 67, World Cup 69 (Quarter-Finals)

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Postby Thatius » Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:28 pm

Thatius National Team

for the

59th World Cup

Team Information
Nation: Thatius
Acronym: THA
Nickname: Firebirds
Head Coach: Marcel Joranoski
Captain: Roy Seeler (Left Midfield)


GK: Novák Prakusya, #3
DEF: Marek Stefanski, #19
DEF: Serije Erkocević, #26
DEF: Chase Kowalczyk, #34
SW: Kostas Stošović, #3
MID: Will Szrolzek, #30
MID: Jason Petković, #6
MID: Roy Seeler, #45
FOR: Fabijan Tsurenko, #9
FOR: Marko Voloski, #7
FOR: Alex O'Brien, #14

GK: Lukas Kolar, #17
DEF: Richard Wójcik, #4
DEF: Vojislav Domanović, #17
DEF: Sean Petrauskas, #22
SW: Tommy Petzschner, #11
MID: Henry Dierk, #41
MID: Blaise Kavcić, #13
MID: Daniel Nestor, #1
FOR: Robert Kostelić, #42
FOR: Nick Pietrangeli, #5
FOR: Lance Koravić, #16

RP Information
Style Modifier: +2
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Aguazul » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:24 am

Style +2

Read me first!

Wiki article (for information about uniforms, positions, etc. And fun facts about the team!)

Manager: Fernán Mejia (First tournament: WC58Qs)

1. Osoro Coceres (Unión de Ciudagua) (First tournament: WC55)
12. Jimeno Arellano (Gimnasia, Kagdazka and Pazhujebu) (First tournament: WC54Qs)
23. Gabriel Asprilla (ICD Villago) (First tournament: Brevity Challenge Cup)

13. Gascon Amatrian (Alianza Ciruelas) 1 international goal (First tournament: WC57Qs)
3. Ismael Osorio (Unión de Ciudagua) 2 international goals (First tournament: WC53Qs)
4. Tadio Juarez (CA Condadore) (First tournament: WC57Qs)
16. Macario Fanez (12 de noviembre) (First tournament: Brevity Challenge Cup)
14. Gaspar Meolans (SK Franz Josef City, Polar Islandstates) (First tournament: WC58Qs)
15. Garcilaso Criville (Ojedo Cerro) 1 international goal (First tournament: WC56Qs)

6. Rafael Luis Robledo (Universidad de Dénprade) 6 international goals (First tournament: WC56Qs)
7. Blas Pulido (Petardos S/A, Cafundéu) 14 international goals (First tournament: WC54Qs)
8. Claudio Albornos (Zhevassi, Kagdazka and Pazhujebu) 13 international goals (First tournament: WC53Qs)
9. Ramón Galindo (Unión de Ciudagua) 4 international goals (First tournament: WC58Qs)
17. Merlín Salomón (Cednia Beach AFC, Turori) 1 international goal (First tournament: Brevity Challenge Cup)
18. Diego Héctor Carranza (Unión de Ciudagua) 1 international goal (First tournament: WC58Qs)
19. Ansuro Sarmiento (CA Condadore) 5 international goals (First tournament: WC56Qs)
20. Fabián Banderas (Blén CA) 1 international goal (First tournament: Brevity Challenge Cup)

10. Eusebio Nadol (12 de noviembre) 23 international goals (First tournament: WC55)
11. Sosimo Lissón (SC Lasft, Cafundéu) (captain) 34 international goals (First tournament: WC53Qs)
21. Escobar Lanos (Universidad de Dénprade) 9 international goals (First tournament: WC57Qs)
22. Muño Valcárcel (Jan Mayen Islanders, Polar Islandstates) 14 international goals (First tournament: WC56Qs)

Formation: in principle a winged 4-4-2, though variations are likely. The (slightly) more probable starters are numbers 1-11, (Edit as of Matchday Six: 1, 13, 3, 4, 16, and 6-11) also known as those not in italics. But it'll probably be different each time, whether I RP it or not, so please tweak it however you want.

My opponents, if they RP first, can do whatever they want.

Our home games will be played in various stadia around the country:
MD2 vs. Acapais: Estadio Paridos, Mapabore (34,000)
MD4 vs. Chetkosk: Estadio Prosperea, Ciudagua (70,000)
MD6 vs. West Guiana: Estadio Valor, Dénprade (38,000)
MD10 vs. Jedi8246: Estadio Jodevi, Villago, (35,000)
MD12 vs. West Zirconia: Estadio Aramis Peralta, Ciudad Peralta (68,000)
MD14 vs. The Icemark: Estadio Peluque, Ciruelas (40,000)
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The Kangaroo Republic
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Postby The Kangaroo Republic » Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:17 am

Standard formation: 4-1-2-1-2
Bold = Starter
italic = Substitute
Normal = Reserve
1. GK Wudro Ruzakvax Døzekom - Red Kangaroo - 27/12/1980 - 6'6" - Riviruz VK
Døzekom is the best keeper the Kangaroo Republic has to offer. While his size may be little smaller than Jandae's, the difference is negligible in comparison to his skill and insight and he can dive like no other. He is also the first professional football player in the Kangaroo Republic to be openly homosexual, and a very active proponent of LGBT rights. He is very politically active and works strongly on raising awareness of situations in countries where LGBT rights aren't fully observed. Despite the controversy, his consistent play makes him one of the most favourable players in the team.

34. GK Alekz Ruzakvax Jandae - Red Kangaroo - 03/05/1986 - 6'7" - Gautkozt United

5. LB 'zem Norakxezix Dant - Western Grey Kangaroo - 09/10/1980 - 5'11" - Mudzab Roos
A consistent defender, who is often overshadowed by the skills of the other players in the team, but nevertheless is a trustworthy and disciplined player. His mediocre skills are all made right by his strong dependability.

3. LCB Traeve Wudar Boerde (captain) - Eastern Grey Kangaroo - 08/11/1976 - 5'9" - Riviruz VK
The old veteran of the Kangaroo Republic. Boerde exhibits great tactical insight, both off and on the pitch. His discipline and level-headed thinking earned him captaincy of the team, and he is very active in decision-making on the pitch. He is a very intelligent player who puts his utmost effort into every match to really get things done. He is the moral driving force behind the team, and has so far managed to maintain the chemistry within the team.

6. RCB Damjen Antaero Tezannge - Antilopine Kangaroo - 14/03/1986 - 5' - Ordrio Rangers
Despite his short size, Tezannge is a force to be reckoned with. He can be a bit aggressive sometimes in play, but his tackles are precise and powerful and is a key element in defense and dispossession of the opponent. He often initiates the attacks by passing either to Karp or Dant for a play over the wings.

25. RB Taemon Norakxezix Karp - Western Grey Kangaroo - 25/11/1984 - 5'5" - Riviruz VK
He is often the driving force behind attacks. He is quick to rush into the box to aid in the defense, and is just as quick in playing the ball forward for an attempt to push the ball upfield via the right wing.

18. LCB Kavne Ruzakvax Kaempre - Red Kangaroo - 09/09/1987 - 6'2" - Mudzab Roos
8. RB Bari Wudar Jøke - Eastern Grey Kangaroo - 02/01/1984 - 6'2" - Mudzab Roos
19. RB Rowan Antaero Goher - Antilopine Kangaroo - 17/04/1987 - 5' - Mizge Lakers
15. LB Jørge Wudar Kemptar - Eastern Grey Kangaroo - 21/07/1986 - 6'0" - Gautkozt United
29. RCB Vraege Wudar Zemtau - Eastern Grey Kangaroo - 21/01/1988 - 5'6" - DHVK

2. DCM Izmae Ruzakvax Dizau - Red Kangaroo - 27/08/1984 - 6'9" - Gautkozt United
Though often overshadowed by Paetrov, Dizau is a very strong and consistent player, who can be a pain to be dispossessed. What he lacks in speed and agility, he makes up in strength.

14. LM Waradz Ruzakvax Enda - Red Kangaroo - 04/06/1981 - 7' - DA Nomads
The tallest of the 'roos, and with little doubt also one of the rudest and loud-mouthed. The red-furred Enda has a fiery attitude, and relies on his strength mostly to get things done. His fiery Scottish accent strongly reflects his attitude

4. RM Uzmont Wudar Paetrov - Eastern Grey Kangaroo - 10/12/1982 - 5'11" - Mizge Lakers
A reliable player who gets things done. He is lightning fast over the wings to get the cross in, and does so with dead-precision. He is a man of few words, who relies more on doing the deed, and doing it good.

13. ACM Zami Antaero Jevjøki - Antilopine Kangaroo - 14/07/1988 - 4'9" - Ordrio Rangers
Do not let his size fool you, despite his species' natural short stature, Jevjøki has proven from time to time that he can pack an enormous punch. He is a fast and strong player, who can surprise unknowing opponents with the large force he puts behind his kicks. Jevjøki often acts as a play-maker but has also turned distant shots at goal into an art form. He has pleasantly surprised the 'roos with his strong and consistent performance, and the young antilopine kangaroo will certainly 'grow' (ironically speaking, of course) to be even better.

7. RM Gønar Norakxezix Bemau - Western Grey Kangaroo - 30/07/1984 - 5'7" - Ordrio Rangers
10. DCM Andrae Antaero Paute - Antilopine Kangaroo - 02/08/1988 - 4'10" - DHVK
20. ACM Jirou Takahashi - Human - 11/02/1984 - 5'8" - Mizge Lakers
22. RM Natan Norakxezix Pizara - Western Grey Kangaroo - 20/10/1987 - 5'7" - Mizge Lakers
30. LM Rid Norakxezix Erwud - Western Grey Kangaroo - 05/07/1983 - 5'8" - DHVK

9. LS Bjørn Wudar Inande - Eastern Grey Kangaroo - 27/02/1981 - 6'2" - Riviruz VK
A top striker, and one of the star players of this team. His finishing skills are superb, and is equally good with both left and his right foot. He can jump like no other and it often comes down to him to make a cross fruitful. He's a macropodine legend, who's trademark tailshot, in which he whips the ball into the back of the net with his tail, makes him a strongly admired player among the fans.

17. RS Satoshi Yamamoto - Human - 22/07/1981 - 6'1" - Ordrio Rangers
The only human in the starting line-up. Yamamoto immigrated from Jalanat to the FKR 22 years ago as a kid, and grew up in this country. He is a dependable attacker, who is equally skilled at play-making as he is as finishing it off himself. While he lacks the ability to jump as high as his kangaroo teammates, which makes him of less use in attacks over the wings as Inande, he has proven to be more than useful in finding space for a well-placed assist.

28. RS Irvin Antaero Hemann - Antilopine Kangaroo - 04/08/1983 - 4'10" - Mizge Lakers
31. LS Jazper Norakxezix Kata - Western Grey Kangaroo - 12/01/1983 - 5'9" - Riviruz VK
15. LS Akmet Ruzakvax Uzikae - Red Kangaroo - 27/12/1988 - 6'4" - DA Nomads

Coach: Enart Ruzakvax Kerke - Red Kangaroo - 15/01/1970
An experienced coach, though often conservative in his strategic approach to football. His mindset has thusfar preserved the consistency and discipline of the 'roos, but at the same time, it has also been one of the weakest points of the 'roos. He coaches the 'roos with a stern hand, and focuses his mind completely on what is important, winning the matches, and leading the 'roos to victory. Football is his greatest passion, and in his days, he was one of the star players for the team Riviruz VK, and he has played as part of the starting 11 of the national football team of the FKR in the history of the team.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y/N
Godmod scoring events Y/N
RP injuries to my players Y/N (within reason, please. If you're not sure, TG me)
Godmod injuries to my players Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y/N (within reason, please. If you're not sure, TG me)
Hand out red cards to my players Y/N (within reason, please. If you're not sure, TG me)
Godmod other events Y/N (nothing too extreme, please. If you're not sure, TG me)

Style Modifier: +2
Home Stadium:
Capacity: 42 000
Sub Astra --- Australes Unum
they/them or he/him pronouns please
Version 3 of the Kangaroo Republic started on 9 March, 2014

>>Go to factbook<<

Other names for the Kangaroo Republic: The Federation, FKR, The Federal Kangaroo Republic
Demonym: Macropodine, Kangan
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Postby Phoenigetuzstha » Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:24 pm

Style Modifier: 3.4
Phoenigetuzsthan Tournament Information
Team Name: Phoenigetuzstha National Football Team
Team Nickname: Saevam Phoenicopteri
Manager: Nebuchad Bel-Hammonis
1. Adonis Jemal GK
2. Maharbal Magos GK
3. Hannibal Gisco DF
4. Bomilcar Yugrah DF
5. 'Adon Gastu DF
6. Ariarethees Hapotur DF
7. Sakarbal Baalqemar DF
8. Hamilcar Hanno DF
9. Vairatus Muttunbal MF
10. Antar Hammoiya MF
11. Mehdi Hammoiya MF
12. Marik Tanuut MF
13. Himilico Annibasti MF
14. Hamilqart Mithral MF
15. Mithridates Tauras FW
16. Hammon Gehrib FW
17. Pelstaar Masis FW
18. Tigran Eupator FW



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y - Not too excessive though
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y
WHF5: 1st (24 points)
WHF6: 15th (7 points)
WHF7: 7th (24 points)
WHF8: 5th (29 points)
WHF9: 13th (13 points)
WHF10: 4th (31 points)
WV20: 6th (75 points)
WV21: 9th (72 points)
WV22: 4th (135 points)
WV23: 10th (76 points)

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Postby Astograth » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:18 pm

The Astograth National Football Team

Style: +3

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Top Row: Adin, Aira, Ansotegi, Atristain, Barta, Belarte, Bocandé, Burruchaga
Middle Row: Galard, Gorstiaga, Iurngarai, Jantot, Larretape, Lasuen, Legeren, Lekea
Bottom Row: Mendikoa, Nanklares, Ormache, Sarlange, Unzueta, Uranga, Zornoza

Manager - Image Powell Pieran
Powell Pieran is a man of habit, and he wanted to make qualifying to the World Cup a habit. Things didn't go as planned, however, and Pieran found himself at CoH 50. Positively furious with this outcome, only some very tactful phone calls kept him from resigning on the spot; the outrage and controversy following charges set against him by the Citiz FA were channeled into Olibondeka's most inspired performance to date as they ran out winners of the golden Cup of Harmony. Content with this, Pieran has agreed to steer the team for at least one more cycle, and is confident about World Cup qualification.

For this, Pieran will continue to use his preferred style of play: a daring 3-1-2-1-3, with three centre-backs standing guard, a defensive midfielder recovering the ball and dealing it out wide, wingers and an advanced playmaker to coordinate attacks and three forwards to finish them. The midfield and attack is one of the most prolific in the world, racking up a goal tally that was the second highest in the WC58 qualifiers; the defense is not nearly as top, but with some new faces and renewed confidence there shouldn't be any major issues at the back.

(Ages accurate as of UICA Champions' Cup 35 final)
Starting XI:

#1 - GK - Zernin Aira - Age 30 - Image Royal Vosaroni Antenelli – 125 caps, 166 goals against, 36 clean sheets - CoH winner
Former goalie of current Astograthian champions Sporting Iturributa, Aira is blessed with stunning reflexes and a leaping ability unlike any other. A commanding keeper, he rarely suffers from miscommunication. Furthermore, pretty much the only thing that could be held against him is his tendency to rush off his line more recklessly than he should, but when his defense holds this is rarely a problem. Finds himself somewhat more exposed with a line of three, but then the attacking style of Erathi football has made him used to it.

#5 - LCB - Urtzi Galard - Age 26 - Royal Rumiatzi – 33 caps, 1 goal - CoH winner
Normally a left-back and veteran of three Di Bradini Cups, his quick, offensive runs down the wing are a constant threat. Tireless for the full ninety and an expert crosser, he can seamlessly swap positions with the left winger, and can indeed be used in that position if required. Has nonetheless adapted very well to Pieran playing him as a centre-back, but is usually the first to go if the defense is leaking.

#16 - CB - Ubelteso Adin - Age 30 – Image Raynor City United - 80 caps, 4 goals - CoH winner
A rock in the defence of one of the best clubs in the world, Adin is a smart player renowned for his smart challenges and his skill at covering empty space in just the right spot to cut off attacks. Considered the successor of Milian Erburu, Astograth's now internationally retired star centre-back, but has arguably accomplished much more.

#4 - RCB - Sotil Burruchaga - Age 28 - Sporting Iturributa – 46 caps - CoH winner
Pinched from Royal Association and perfected at Sporting's prolific school of defenders, he adapted to the Chevrons' first team without a problem and makes his presence felt with size and grit. He's not fast at all, which can make counter-attacks deadly, but under Adin or Aira's orders he can be trusted to stay in position.

#15 - DM – Zorion Legeren - Age 30 - Image SK Franz Josef City – 50 caps, 4 goals - CoH winner
A smart, level-headed centre midfielder who currently plies his trade in one of the Polarian league's top teams. Can be accused of not covering enough ground and not diving in with the tackle when necessary, but he is a valuable asset going forwards, pinpoint passes and quick dribbles allowing him to move right up to the box.

#11 - LM - Urgutz Belarte - Age 29 - Image Atlético Jutense – 126 caps, 18 goals - CoH winner
Coming in from the demanding Primeirona, Belarte brings to the table his repertoire of tricks and dribbles, which combine with his precise crosses to make him a very dangerous man down the left wing. Very rarely cuts into the box, but when he does his carefully placed shots are a challenge for even the best keepers. The third most-capped for Astograth, he is one of Olibondeka's most beloved icons.

#10 - RM - Itzeder Unzueta - Age 29 - Image FKM – 87 caps, 15 goals - CoH winner
Unzueta combines deadly crossing with great shooting skill to turn him into a valuable asset both in and around the box. Tremendously talented, he tends to be selfish with the ball, and his attitude often gets him in trouble with teammates and manager alike. Personally, Pieran doesn't care for him very much, but Unzueta's performances leaves him no choice but to send him out. Moreso when he is a key part of FKM, Champions' Cup winners and multi-time KPFA League champions.

#8 - AM - Otz Lasuen - Age 26 - Ituributa United – 46 caps, 7 goals - CoH winner
Lasuen has successfully taken up the mantle of Estebe Bularte as team playmaker, setting up Astograth's numerous attacks and - increasingly often - finishing them himself with a strong right boot. Though tempted by foreign leagues, Lasuen has stayed true to Astograth and graces First Division stadiums day in and day out as one of giants Iturributa United's most important players.

#18 - LCF - Artzeiz Zornoza - Age 31 - Image Eterna Stars - 38 caps, 9 goals - CoH winner
He doesn't really know how to build up an attack, but can finish like the best of them. Blessed with an exceptional first touch, Zornoza jumped straight from the Astograthian second tier to the highly-rated Valladar league. Ever since Eterna Stars pulled off their incredible title-winning campaign, with Zornoza as one of the league's top scorers, it was expected of him to translate his form to the national team, which he has only recently accomplished. Given that he is already 31 and can't really be considered a team icon, this will most likely be his last chance to win a World Cup, which may just be the motivation he needs.

#7 - CF - Dei Ormache (C) - Age 34 - Image SK Franz Josef City – 131 caps, 44 goals - CoH winner
One of the most prolific scorers in the Polarian league, and a living legend at Ituraitz FC and SK Franz Josef City, Ormache is the ultimate poacher. Short and slow, yet a good header, shooter and dribbler. Somehow always manages to find a way to score from the most unlikely positions, which makes him as reliable as they come. Absolutely adored by the crowd but originally at odds with Pieran, with whom he has since reconciliated. This will be Ormache's last tournament with Olibondeka, so going all the way is his one and only desire.

#9 - RCF - Soter Sarlange - Age 30 - Image CR Submiria – 131 caps, 65 goals - CoH winner
Sarlange is a rude, egocentric striker who relies on his speed and height to score with unusual frequency. Thrice top scorer of the Astograthian First Division during his time at Ituraitz FC and top scorer of the national team by a mile; he and Ormache know each other inside out and are absolutely deady when played up front together. One of the top strikers in the highly competitive Primeirona, Sarlange is lethal and he knows it. His only remaining drive, as far as his career goes, is winning the World Cup, and he'll do anything and everything to accomplish it.

#13 - GK - Cheru Larretape - Age 29 - Royal Rumiatzi – 30 caps, 44 goals against, 9 clean sheets - CoH winner
Having matured in goal at club level and mostly solved his previous issues with handling, Larretape is still forced to sit on the bench due partly to his low height (1.73m) and partly due to his persistent problems in cutting crosses. His reflexes, arguably better than Aira's, give him a constant chance at making the starting eleven, though, and Pieran has shown a great deal of uncertainty in this regard. Irungarai isn't far off though...

#23 - GK – Aztore Irungarai - Age 27 - Sporting Iturributa – 9 caps, 10 goals against, 4 clean sheets - CoH winner
A good all-around keeper, Irungarai has fulfilled the expectations of him at club level as he stepped up to replace the prestigious Zernin Aira. After a brief Di Bradini Cup performance some years ago, he has cemented himself as reliable and commanding, if slightly burdened by the reputation of his predecessor and Sporting's fine defensive tradition. Performed admirably at the Brevity Challenge Cup, alternating with Larretape and then proving decisive in the semifinal shootout against three-time world champions Aguazul. Won himself a place in the final, a clean sheet and a shiny gold medal.

#3 - LCB – Abdoulaye Bocandé - Age 23 – Echegoyan FC – 10 caps
Although fully Zenegalese, Bocandé has been naturalised by Astograth after his standout performances in the First Division, originally joining from the Tamarindo league. A crucial part of Echegoyan FC's rise to the top and eventual championship run, he is a blood-and-guts defender with no fear of crunching tackles or studs to the face.

#2 - CB - Dion Jantot - Age 27 - Royal Rumiatzi – 10 caps
Previously capped by his native country of Southern Cynocephali, Dion Jantot has been naturalised by Astograth and accepted the national team's call-up in light of the Cynoceph retirement from international football. A tall defender with plenty of talent, an excellent workrate and a solid club career; all-around a top-notch player who hasn't yet paid his dues in Pieran's opinion.

#19 - RCB - Benat Uranga - Age 28 - Image Raktaghav Hathi – 43 caps, 2 goals - CoH winner
Normally a fast, technically gifted right-back whose crosses and slide tackles are accurate and deadly, Uranga is being played out of position by Pieran in what is a risky but interesting gamble. A very mobile defender could be a perfect replacement for Burruchaga, but his defensive skills are not quite up to snuff. Led Raktaghav Hathi of Kagdazka and Pazhujebu to a domestic cup win, the first title of their history.

#6 - DM – Agoztar Gorstiaga - Age 24 - Image FKM – 28 caps, 3 goals - CoH winner
Gorstiaga's performance at Di Bradini Cup 18 was so inspired that Pazhujebi giant Zhevassi signed him as soon as possible. Now at Kagdaz side FKM, he has continued to display his quick feet, pinpoint passing and powerful shot, which was a crucial part of the club's Champions' Cup campaign. Though defending isn't his strong suit, he doesn't think twice about recklessly throwing himself to the ground to recover the ball.

#17 - LM – Zuzen Barta - Age 26 – Image Northbrook Diamonds FK – 18 caps, 2 goals
A quick little devil who rose through the ranks of Iturributa United and the U21 national team, competing in three Di Bradini Cups before earning a place in the team that reached the finals of World Cup 57. Didn't manage to fully convince Pieran, though, so he was cut for the following campaign and is now back with a vengeance.

#14 - RM – Lukar Mendikoa - Age 28 - Image Emberton Reds – 26 caps, 1 goal
Part of Ituraitz FC during their most successful period, Mendikoa is an incredible sprinter. He can run the full length of the pitch at top speed, with or without the ball, and leave defenders in the dust, but the cross isn't always as accurate as he'd like. He can hit the ball surprisingly hard for a man his size, though, which can turn him into a credible goal threat.

#12 - AM - Aintza Lekea - Age 23 - Image Juvillian Martinax – 11 caps, 2 goals
Signed at a remarkably young age by the renowned FC Mildrid of Erathore and then transferred to the equally massive Juvillian Martinax, where he has quickly become one of the top-rated players in the Seria-A. Selfish with the ball and a bit of a diver, but his tricks and free kicks are brilliant. Suits Pieran just fine. A strong candidate for someday taking up the mantle of national team playmaker, though his attitude is strongly rejected by the Astograthian fans.

#20 - LCF – Tipi Nanklares - Age 27 – Image Ajax Khaldoon II – 39 caps, 11 goals - CoH winner
Obnoxious. Above all, Tipi Nanklares is obnoxious. He's taken a liking to riling up the opposing fans and players on the back of his great scoring ability, which has earned him a good few needless red cards. Not overly tall, but jumps surprisingly high and posseses quick enough feet to try to go past the keeper at every chance.

#22 - CF - Hurko Atristain - Age 25 - Image Red Star Severny – 9 caps, 6 goals
Atristain established a good scoring partnership with Ellis Elmsvikur at Urbizania Wanderers, but he was still just another striker among many when transferred to Red Star Severny of the Polarian Divisjon One. Once there, the previously unremarkable forward began to bang in the goals on a regular basis and became the team's driving force, his commitment eventually winning him the division's Signing of the Year award. Naturally, he has caught Pieran's attention; some standout performances at the Copa Rushmori and Brevity Challenge Cup, which included the winner over his club nation Polar Islandstates, have ensured him a coveted place on the World Cup squad.

#21 - RCF – Ikatz Ansotegi - Age 25 - Ituraitz FC – 35 caps, 14 goals - CoH winner
Once scored a massive 28 goals in 25 matches playing for the controversial The Army Club in the Astograthian league thanks to his sheer speed, height and brute force. Though now scoring less insane amounts at Ituraitz FC, Ansotegi is still built like a rugby forward and nicknamed 'The Locomotive', barging through the defense till he scores. Scored five goals in Astograth's recent demolishing of Melbergia, making him the first and only man to do so for Olibondeka, and has accrued an impressive ratio considering he doesn't often play the full ninety minutes.

Captain: Dei Ormache
Free Kick Taker: Otz Lasuen
Penalty Taker: Dei Ormache
Right Corner: Urgutz Belarte
Left Corner: Otz Lasuen

Home Stadium
All of Astograth's home matches will be played at Grand Duke's Stadium, which is a 90,000-seater multipurpose arena that is the largest of its kind in all of Astograth. Used only sparingly for football, it is home to no club team, with only the national team's matches and the yearly Royal Cup final being played there. There are, of course, rare exceptions, such as the inaugural Ides of March Cup contested between the league champions of Astograth and the Federation of Polar Islandstates. Due to the circumstances in which Astograthian players get to step on its pitch, doing so is considered a great honour reserved for a select few. The stadium itself is very modern and fully equipped to stage most sports tournaments, with retractable stands that extend over the track that allow for an increased capacity and a closer view during particularly important football matches. It was the venue of a semifinal and the third-place play-off in both Cup of Harmony 48 and Baptism of Fire 45, as well as the venue where Polar Islandstates defeated Western Cuba in the final of the eighth Copa Rushmori.

YES to all RP permissions, barring any career-ending incidents. I also reserve the right to retcon anything suitably minor that clashes with the storyline I intend to run.

Should you need any information about Astograth, don't hesitate to TG me or visit the wiki article.
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The Ides of March Cup · A History of the World Cup · IIWiki Article(s) · RL States World Cup
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Postby Liventia » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:29 pm

The Football Association of Liventia has opted to re-enter the World Cup using a team selected entirely by the Ministry of Defence, meaning the entire team are professional servicemen and women. For only the second time ever, Liventia's World Cup squad includes a female player‡, although she is not a regular starter. The team will play a calm and maintained 4–4–2 (–1 modifier), with counter-attacking tendencies. The team will generally avoid committing fouls, although are not averse to stopping a player in his or her tracks when required.

None of the players are attached to clubs, nor are any of the players up for transfer, as they are all serving members of the military.

Manager: Colonel Richard Westhall, 41, of the 3rd Infantry Division, 114th Battalion. Has seen action in the Outer Islands campaign, the insurgency which led to Ad’ihan's independence. Decorated for actions in line of fire.

Assistant manager: Major John Silsby, 37, of the 14th Armoured and Cavalry Division, 301st Battalion.

Coach: Major Owen Tynell, 38, of the 14th Armoured and Cavalry Division, Headquarters Battalion.

Chief medical officer: Colonel (Doctor) Pierre Michaud, 40, of Headquarters Medical Corps. Saw action in the Outer Islands campaign, and decorated for saving lives in an active theatre.

Chief medic (physio): Captain (Doctor) Steve Herriford, 31, of 1st Battalion Medical Corps.

1 Major Peter Sellers, 29, 14th Liventian Signals Battalion
12 Lieutenant-Commander Paul Beesley, 28, LNS Bravery
13 Private Matthew Kenyon-Davies, 20, 141 Squadron Liventian Air Force

2 Colour Sergeant Michael Stevenson, 27, 3rd Battalion Liventian Guardsmen
3 Sergeant First Class Simon Marks, 25, 3rd Armoured and Cavalry Division, 104th Battalion
4 Petty Officer Andrew Johnson, 24, LNS Fortress
5 Lance Corporal Stewart Lancaster, 21, 3rd Infantry Division, 118th Battalion
14 Second Lieutenant Kelly Rochester, 25, Liventian C3I Service, Headquarters Battalion‡
15 Flying Officer Steve Jones, 24, 138 Squadron Liventian Air Force
16 Corporal Joséph-Pierre Valeur, 28, 4th Infantry Division, 103rd Battalion
17 Lieutenant-Commander Jacob Fielding, 30, LNS Speedster

†Killed off in this RP. In his memory, no replacement player has been called up.

6 Lieutenant Ronald Mathewson, 26, Army General Headquarters
7 Flight Lieutenant Preston Owens, 28, 102nd Squadron Liventian Air Force [TEAM CAPTAIN]
8 Sergeant Ryan Bruscher, 27, 4th Battalion Liventian Guardsmen
9 Staff Sergeant Noel Humphrey, 29, Liventian Engineer Corps Headquarters
18 Corporal Josh Mattocks, 27, 2nd Infantry Division, Forward Artillery Battery
19 Petty Officer Lucas Williams, 26, LNS Humility
20 Major Benjamin Owen, 30, Army General Headquarters
21 Lieutenant-Commander Robert Johnson, 30, Liventian Navy General Headquarters

10 Sergeant First Class Jeremy Phillips, 23, Special Elite Service
11 Flying Officer Sean Reynolds, 24, Liventian Air Force General Headquarters
22 Private Roger Hennessey, 18, 3rd Battalion Liventian Guardsmen
23 Petty Officer Edward Davies, 21, LNS Bravery

RP permissions: Free reign, although I reserve the right to undo godmodding.
*You are requested to refer to all members of the Liventian delegation by rank and last name in formal correspondence (e.g. match reports).

For ease, you may use the following rank abbreviations: Col. (Colonel); Lt-Col. (Lieutenant-Colonel); Maj. (Major); Capt. (Captain); Lt. (Lieutenant); 2nd Lt. (Second Lieutenant); CSgt. (Colour Sergeant); SSgt. (Staff Sergeant); Sfc. (Sergeant first class); Sgt (Sergeant); Cpl. (Corporal); L/Cpl (Lance Corporal); Pte (Private); Flt. Lt. (Flight Lieutenant); Fl. Offr. (Flying Officer); Lt. Cdr. (Lieutenant-Commander); P/Offr (Petty Officer)

All Liventian home matches will be played at the Main Stadium, Borleai Defence Base. It is a restricted area and only 150 visiting supporters will be allowed in at any time. Every visiting supporter must be pre-approved by the Ministry of Defence and they will not be allowed to bring any alcohol or weapons onto base. Likewise, only 1,000 home supporters — also pre-approved — will be allowed in, although all servicepeople on base (numbering around 29,000) will be given free passes to attend, making the attendance at each match in excess of 30,000.

Although only 150 away fans will be allowed to attend matches, up to another 7,000 will be allowed into the country to support their team. However, as Borleai is a military town, these fans must stay in designated hotels in City Centre, Orean, Schimpol or Neverend.
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Postby Yesopalitha » Fri Mar 23, 2012 5:06 pm

Yesopalitha Flames World Cup 59 Squad

It's been one crazy stretch of days in Yesopalitha. The Yesopalitha Sports Committee has been dissolved due to lack of funding. The new government under the Dark Council is dead set on improving international relations first before spending money into sports again. However, because they do not want to look disrespectful to the international community, collegiate athletics and athletics without an official league have been allowed to continue. Most of the players, now, are looking to play out of country to make sure that they have ample opportunities to succeed. However, they are still proud to call Yesopalitha home, and the Flames fans are rampant as ever, all rooting for their Red and Blue. They were severely disappointed when the YSC didn't send a U-21 team, reason being that the U-21 team couldn't find a coach...

This year's squad is... a bit different. The two stars are the same, but plenty of new stars have emerged, and there are a lot less Unbidden on the squad. The Unbidden that are on the squad, though, are in some key positions that will be important strategically. After a Round of 16 finish at the Cup of Harmony after faring not so well in the World Cup Qualification stage of the last World Cup, hopes are high that the Flames will at least get third, and perhaps, even sneak in.

Home Field: The Sacred Heart, Freedom's Altar, Yesopalitha (cap. 144,000)

Manager: Sir James Handel
Juliet Hargrove had to take a leave of absence indefinitely after her mother passed away, being forced to take care of the Elvish family now. Enter Sir James Handel of Wolvesbane. Sir James has written many bestselling books, including the Red Dawn series and perhaps the most read book in Yesopalitha: The Night of the Kangaroo. Besides being a bestselling author, Sir James has also coached the Hynden Park High School to five National Football Titles. The aspiring thirty-year old will now make his national debut after being nominated by his players to be the next coach. Believing in finesse and technical skills over raw power or speed, Handel will seek to usher in a new era of Flames football.

The Formation: 3-5-2 (+2.5 Style Modifier)

A 3-5-2 formation would usually be dubbed "defensive", but the Flames do not play so. The "edge" midfielders play more up front, helping out the two forwards. The "center" midfielder also spearheads the attack if needed. Hence, one could call the formation 3-2-5 at times, but it is dubbed a 3-5-2 because most of the midfield attacking occurs mid-transition. Sir James instituted this system, and it has potential, but how it looks on paper and how it plays out on the field will likely be two very different things.

The Starting XI

Goalkeeper: #1 Patricia Sweeney Age: 21 Height: 6 feet, 6 inches

Patricia Sweeney came out of nowhere to the national spotlight when she helped Roodenville College of Hansbrough to the National Intercollegiate Title. In a total of thirty-three games, Sweeney gave up a total of fifteen goals, totaling eighteen clean sheets. Known as "Glue Hands", Sweeney understands that international matches will be much harder, but her desire to learn and drive to succeed will be the motor behind which she will come back over and over again no matter how badly she gets beat. It'll be interesting to see how far "Glue Hands" will guide the Flames. Currently looking to play overseas.

Defender: #22 Noah Galvin Age: 23 Height: 6 feet, 3 inches

Orphaned at age 11, Noah Galvin lived in the streets of Freedom's Altar until he was found by a man named Gavin Berrod. Mr. Berrod saw the raw potential in the defensive abilities of the young man and took Noah under his wing. Seven years since that day, Noah is now the best defender in the nation. Known for not caring if he gets hurt or not, Galvin will take a charge if it'll let him win; his self-sacrificing play has earned him the moniker of the ultimate team player. Currently looking to play overseas.

Defender: #17 Mikrail Josun Age: 200 (Looks like 40) Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

One of the few Unbidden left on the squad, Mikrail Josun is a Vampire of extreme age. Still very fit, and harmless, considering he lives off of the blood of donors. Agility is his strength, often leaving would-be scorers without the ball by using very good technique. Currently looking to play overseas.

Defender: #44 Michael Kevin Age: 20 Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Not the tallest of players, Kevin makes up for his size by his quickness and nimbleness. His teammates hate facing him on defensive tackle drills, for he has a knack of making sure that his opponent lands on the ground. He can be a bit brash at times, but he is a trooper and well liked by his compatriots. Currently looking to play overseas.

Midfielder: #58 Ivan Dostoevich Age: 25 Height: 6 feet, 5 inches

If the name, "Dostoevich", sounds familiar to Flames fans, it is because Ivan is in fact Nadya's cousin. He didn't know of her plight before she came out with it during the last Baptism of Fire, and felt horrible about it. This time, Ivan is in, and he will be the left "winger" in the Flames' midfield, meaning that in transition, he will streak up the left side to help with the offense. Possessing exceptional speed, Ivan is also known for being a heartthrob for female Flame fans. Currently looking to play overseas.

Midfielder: #42 Isaac Jack-Bentley Age: 20 Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Isaac Jack-Bentley missed out on U-21 World Cup the last time that the Flames sent a contingent, and was dismayed to hear that the wouldn't be sending a squad at all this time. However, under Sir James's system, Jack-Bentley's style of possession and deft, precise passing can be utilized beautifully. Mid-transition, Jack-Bentley can be the one that threads the needle to one of the forwards or one of the streaking midfielders. Also the man in charge of set pieces, Jack-Bentley believes that this is his moment to shine. Currently looking to play overseas.

Midfielder: #55 Hilary Vander Rox Age: 24 Height: 6 feet, 4 inches Captain

The darling of Yesopalitha is back as the Flames' Captain. The YSC unfortunately didn't keep track of stats during the Oxen Cup and the WC 58 campaign, but it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Hilary has already scored about twenty goals for the Flames in international play. Playing now in the Kionao Locals of Vilita, Hilary is in her prime, and looking to capitalize on it. Known for her knack of making plays when it counts, Hilary will look to take the Flames to even greener pastures than reaching the Round of 16 in the Cup of Harmony.

Midfielder: #7 Fantasia Cecile-Marie Age: 22 Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Mon Dieu! When talking about players coming out of nowhere, the story of Fantasia Cecile-Marie would be one of the first to come out of any Yesopalithan who keeps track of the national team. This stunning blond came out of nowhere to nab a spot in the national squad. When Sir James first read off her name, most were left wondering, "Who?" That question hasn't been answered yet... A player with a lot to prove, all of Yesopalitha will see what Fantasia is made up of...

Midfielder: #35 Jane Vander Rox Age: 21 Height: 6 feet, 0 inches

Thriving under her older sister's shadow, Jane (often called Janet) is also starting to make a name for herself. Now playing in Civil Citizenry as a forward, her versatility to play both defense, midfield, and offense isn't lost on any coach, and she might be asked to play any position depending on how the games go. Currently, she holds the right winger spot, and will help out the attack with Hilary and Ivan.

Forward: #21 Nadya Dostoevich Age: 21 (Forever stuck at 21) Height: 5 feet, 2 inches

The shortest person on the roster by far, Nadya is also the fastest. Having accepted Isaac's apology on the first day of practice, the Dostoevich cousins have been working tirelessly in making sure that they will be in sync with each other during counterattacks. Known for slicing through defenses, Nadya shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone this qualifying season, but still has the aptitude to believe that they wouldn't be able to stop her even if they know that she's coming.

Forward: #77 Quincy Demetrius-Adams Age: 28 Height: 6 feet, 0 inches

Which Quincy will show? At times, he can be a force up front, hitting some wicked-angle shots. Other times, he can be a complete whiner, disrupting the rhythm of the team and making it all about himself. Which side of him is more prevalent may in fact be the deciding factor on whether he can help out the Dostoevich cousins and the Vander Rox sisters to qualifying for the World Cup.

Reserves: These players make up the rest of the team. Details about them will come as they play.
GK: Oman Nebula
DEF: Benjamin Habjeem
DEF: Peter Ralph-Loren
MID: Cassidy Jones
MID: Gavin Bergoed
FOR: Jamie Mead
FOR: Xadeem Morkal

RP Permissions: No godmodding, and no serious injuries, and no red cards. Otherwise, knock yourself out, and have fun! Collaborations always welcome, shoot me a TG.
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Postby Sativaville » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:38 pm

Style Modifer: +4.20


Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y (Within Reason)
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y (Within Reason)
Hand out red cards to my players Y (Within Reason)
Godmod other events N

ROSTER: (starters are #1-#11)

#1-   GK Jack Darden
#2- DEF Mary Jones
#3- DEF Pauline James
#4- DEF Irene Weiss
#5- DEF Joseph Coombs
#6- MID Kathy Brock
#7- MID Catrice McCray
#8- CM Edward Sarmiento
#9- LW Carl Callahan
#10- RW Linda Martin
#11- FOR Gordon Weaver
#12- GK Laurie Jackson
#13- DEF Frank Darnell
#14- MID Roger Hester
#15- FOR Karin Jenkins
#16- ANY Nathan McDonald

(Yes the formation will sorta look like a 4-2-0...)

Home Stadium: Bob Marley Memorial Field; Capacity: 42,000
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:54 am


Coach: Meaghan Bateman (6th World Cup as coach; Captain of WC 50 & 51 Championship Teams)

Starters in Green
Subs in Blue
Reserves in Red

#31- Meghan Plaske, Age: 32, Starter WC58, Sub WC55-57, Starter DBC 17
#35- Erika Payton, Age: 29, Sub WC 58, Reserve WC56 & 57, Starter DBC 18
#30- Emily Lachance, Age: 25, Reserve WC 58, Starter DBC 20

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Rachel McGoss (23), Sub DBC 20, also in this role in WC58
Zoey Anderson (21), Starter DBC 21

#2- Julie McCarthy, Age: 31, Starter WC 57 & 58, Reserve WC56, Starter DBC 18
#20- Taylor DeSantis, Age: 29, Sub WC 57, 58 & DBC 18
#23- Sarah Mathis, Age: 28, Reserve WC 57 & 58, Starter DBC 18
#4- Heather Stewart, Age: 25, Starter DBC 20, traveled with WC 58 team.

#3- Sydney Lieberman, Age: 33, Starter WC 57, 58 & DBC 18
#6- Samantha O’Keefe, Age: 22, Starter & Captain of DBC 21 team

#24- Victoria Goodman, Age: 27, Reserve WC 58, Sub WC 57, Reserve DBC 18
#28- Michelle Chevalier, Age: 26, Reserve WC 57 & 58.

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Amanda Sirkin (22)- Starter DBC 21
Bella Bailey (21)- Starter DBC 21

#18- Taylor Connolly, Age: 33, Starter WC 56-58, Reserve WC55, Starter DBC 17. Leading team scorer in WC 56-58. TEAM CAPTAIN.
#12- Tara Moreau, Age: 31, Starter WC 57, DBC 18, Reserve DBC 17
#16- Breanna Hawkins, Age: 27, Reserve WC 57 & 58
#8- Megan McCarter, Age: 24, Starter DBC 20, traveled with WC 58 team

#26- Patti Hicks, Age: 24, Starter DBC 20 & 21, traveled with WC 58 team
#21- Valerie Middleton, Age: 23, Starter DBC 20

#32- Holly Sanders, Age: 17, Starter DBC 21
#33- Jackie Van Camp, Age: 24, Starter DBC 20

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Emily Gray (18)- Sub DBC 21
Savannah Devaney (21)- Starter DBC 21

#9- Jessica Behnke, Age: 29, Starter WC56-58, Reserve WC 55, Starter DBC 18,Sub DBC 17
#22- Heather Wells, Age: 33, Starter WC 57 & 58, Sub WC 55 & 56, Starter DBC 17
(injured MD10, out for Cup)
#19- Zoey Holcomb, Age: 33, Sub WC56-58, Starter DBC 18
#37- Kristen Marchant, Age: 27, Sub WC 58 Reserve DBC 18 & WC 57

#34- Trista Rodgers, Age: 28, Reserve WC56-58, Sub DBC 18
#38- Ashley Barrett, Age: 18, Starter DBC 21
(starting, effective MD11)

Traveling with team for training purposes only:
Lauren Moore (26)- Starter DBC 20, Reserve WC 58
Nicole Prucha (25), Starter DBC 20, traveled with WC 58 team

Retired Kit Numbers:
#1 is retired in honor of Allison Salamida
#5 is retired in honor of Michelle Fuller
#7 is retired in honor of Shannon Myers
#11 is retired in honor of Courtney Ferguson
#13 is retired in honor of Meaghan Bateman
#14 is retired in honor of Stacie Kerrigan-Fraser
#15 is retired in honor of Erica Lambert
#17 is retired in honor of Jessica Schanke

When visiting Concord Heights Stadium, the South End Zone has a “Monument Wall” in honor of these players; think Yankee Stadium.
The North End Zone has something similar in honor of World Baseball Classic players.

Info & RP Permissions:
Style Modifier: +2.6
Traditional Formation: 4-4-2
Home Stadium: Concord Heights Stadium (Concord Heights, Cassadaigua). Capacity 77,000
People from Cassadaigua are referred to as Cassadagans. Subsequently, the unofficial team nickname is simply, “Dagans”.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
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Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13 & 15, DBC 21
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67.
Hosted: World Cup 54 & 67; CoH 57, BoF 47, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, & 40, Conferences within NSCAA 4, 5 & NSCH 1; WLC 7.

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Postby Swartaz » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:53 am

Swartaz roster World Cup 58


1. Karl JAMESSON (Starter) (Vaastrada FC) Age: 25

Karl has quickly broken into the Vaastrada first team despite his tender age with some great displays of brilliant acrobatical goalkeeping. Certainly one to watch if you want exitement, but his ability to stick on his line when needed to has been called into question. Due to Handorlink retiring at the end of the most recent Copa Rushmori, Karl has been eased into the first team for this World Cup cycle.

23. Niko Drovasouski (Res) (Der Sorrn) Age: 29

Niko made a name for himself as a quality shot stopper last season in the B Lig playing for champions Der Sorrn. Now in the A Lig and still showing the same ability, Gabriel has built the sufficient confidence needed to include him in the Swartaz team for this World Cup cycle.

99. Kimi Kalssön (Sub) (IFK Göteborg) Age: 24

IFK Göteborg's starting goalkeeper for the last few years, the 24 year old six and a half footer has recieved universal plaudits from pundits for him calm and composed performances first in the A Lig, and in the most recent Di Bradini cup. A possible race for the number 1 shirt next world cup with Jamesson is on the cards.


2. Henrik LITREMMEN (res) (Jan Mayen Islanders) Age: 23

Henrik, son of inspirational ex-captain Jans, has been thrown straight from the U-21 team into this world cup cycle. Swartaz's stand out player in the 17th Di Brandini cup, he has a lot of expectation on is shoulders coming up in the next few years, but he should be able to confidently handle it with his undoubted ability. Thrown jnto the Swartaz squad at Right-Back, not his natural position, may provide a test.

5. Fredrik GAISBAN (Starter) (AFC Tranzversa) Age: 30

Fredrik burst onto the international scene a few years ago in place of struggling now retired Kristan Alvar and has never looked back. Capable of some massive tackles, creator of many a counter attack with his long balls, and his ability on the ball, he has been described as the playmaker stuck in defence, but defence is his calling.

4. Hugo LUKAS (Starter) (Rigdemont Town) (Queer Poco el Mono Ara) Age: 36

Hugo's style of play is similar to Fredrik's, but he has two distinct advantages. One, he is faster, capable of staying with the fastest of strikers. And two, his height (6"6) enables him to clear balls that Gaisban simply cannot get to. Despite starting to get on slightly these days, he has stayed clear of injury and still has the speed he possessed ten years ago, while having massively grown in experience.

29. Olof GÅSSENT (Starter) (Mauntenborg FC) Age: 23

Olof was a bit of an unknown quantity in the centre of the defence. All that changed when his left footed-ness became needed at left back for Groubeschwellei, and he showed that he had the potential to be one of the A Lig's best full backs. Growing in stature in the Swartaz set-up, this could really be a breakthrough cycle for Olof.

27. Janek PIDULSKI (Sub) (IFK Goteborg) Age: 29

Janek's versitility has allowed him to become more of a fixture in the Swartaz squad in recent years. He doesn't particually excel in any area, but he is the perfect player to bring in anywhere in the defence, or even midfield, if injuries hit.

30. Vaarger JASMEIKAEIL (res) (AFC Tranzversa) Age: 32

Not really much to say about Vaarger, an average at best full back for international standards, but he does his job well at AFC and is ready to be called upon when needed.


11. Karl JASIN (Starter) (A.F.F) (Cafundeu) Age: 30

Karl was the definitive 'wonderkid' of World Cup 52 with abundant energy and creativity down the right side and has carried on his amazing play throughout his career thus far. The only non-Swartazian born on the team, he is still as passionate about the team as any. A regular at Cafundeu club A.F.F, he has shown his promise in the domestic scene too.

6. Johan HESSE (Starter) (AFC Tranzversa) CAPTAIN Age: 36

The monster of the centre midfield is Johan Hesse, capable of dispossesing even the cockiest and cleverist playmakers. Couple that with his top class passing ability and vision, you have the perfect holding midfileder. He also writes a very successful blog about his on and off field endevours.

8. Marko KRIVAC (Starter) (Jan Mayen Islanders) (Polar Islandstates) Age: 32

his brilliant energetic and skillful playmaking in the attacking midfielder role make Marko a joy to watch, and he is adored by players and fans alike. He's also capable of scoring from long range and in his element with the ball at his feet just outside the opposision box, he is arguably the reason Swartaz won the Cup of Harmony a few years back.

17. Josef GUNNARSSON (Sub) (Olympic Thessia) (Mytannion) Age: 25

Josef has taken the Mytannion domestic scene by storm this season with his brilliant and eccentric attacking play and love of fan pleasing. He'll be a real hidden weapon in the team having snatched a well deservered starting place, and will be looking to make a great impact in his first Copa Rushmori.

16. Adolph KANNESBOURG (Sub) (Juvillian Martinax) (Erathore) Age: 29

Kannesbourg has thrived since making the move to Erathore, really showing a great deal of his undoubted potential. However, if he is to continue his career problem free, he must make sure he is not inticed into anything to 'exotic' by team-mates or friends ever again, lest it blow up in his face as badly as it did last time again.

27. Jonas Rundstrom (Res) (Bravia Motors) Age: 22

Jonas has earned his berth in the Swartaz squad for World Cup 58 with some eye catching performances at Bravia Motors after breaking into the team there. He won't be thrown straight in at the deep end, but is a useful player to fall back on in hard times.

37. Mikael JOHANNES (Sub) (?) (FSSO) Age: 26

Mikael is another creative master, who excels with the ball at his feet. After an unexpected move to FSSO, has improved greatly and now finds himself on the bench.

25. Yngve SXER (Res) (Volerander FC) Age: 37

A career wrecked by injury is the story here, but is capable of mesmerising displays of football on his day.

20. Wilhelm Berghoff (Starter) (East Franz Athletic) (Polar Islandstates) Age: 27

Wilhelm was promoted to the squad after Kimi Linissön's untimely death halfway through WC 55 qualifying. He had a brilliant season last year up front at AFC Tranzversa with Janni Milverki, and he was rewarded with a move to big Polar Islandstates club East Franz Athletic. His dazzling displays in the most recent Copa Rushmori were enough to get him promoted to the first team for this World Cup, in Klum's expense.

9. Olec DASRA (Starter) (FKM) (Kagdazka and Pazhujebu)[/i] Age: 25

Olec must be one of the greatest but least consistent strikers in world football. With the whole of Swartaz on his shoulders, he carries the Dasra name well on the pitch, with all the confidence and ability of his late father. When on form, he just cannot be stopped. He can score from just about anywhere, and in a variety of different fashions. Off form however, he is hotheaded, agitated and generally needs to have a bit of a cool off to get him back to his world beating talent.

10. Benidikt KLUM (Sub (Volerander FC) Age: 32

Benidikt is Mr. Reliable up front, with speed, strength and goalscoring ability all combining to make the perfect target man. Not as extravagant or exiting as Dasra, he is undoubtedly more consistent and when on form is unstoppable, for club and country, the striker spearheading the exiting Volerander FC front line .

39. Jan Sundstrom (Res) (Jasmuur Eagles) Age: 23

Jasmuur Eagles own prodigy turned good, he is something of a cult hero among the passionate droves of supporters at Jasmuur Eagles. He is capable of spectacular displays, and everybody associated with the player will be hoping he can turn that quality on when he is called upon to do so.

89. Niko SXER (Res) (Mauntenborg) Age: 16

Niko is the hottest prospect to ever have come out of Swartaz. On loan at Tranzversa Titans in Lig B last season, the versatile 16 year old scored in excess of 25 goals (despite starting the season being aged 15) and being voted Lig B player of the year. Scouted out by Mauntenborg aged 10 as a very hot prospect, he looks like he has the ability to potentially become the best player Swartaz have ever had.


Manager: Gabriel Vizcarra (Sargossa)

Assistant Manager: Ljótur Friðfinnursson (Bleak Rock)

RP, keep it realistic please

Modifier +2




Mikael Dasra Memorial Stadium (Capacity 72,000)
(Host of a recent TQCC final)

Winners of Cup of Harmony 46
Other Footballing acheivements: Second Round World Cup 58, Qualified for World Cup 55, 57, 58 and 61 finals.

Goteborg Invitational I (Rugby Union)

Swartaz NSwiki
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West Angola
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West Angolan WC59 Roster

Postby West Angola » Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:13 am

Head Coach: Phillip Garren
Assistant Coach: Kyle Cole


Goalkeeper: Jacob Kerys
Defense: Michael Remonav
Defense: Pardor Jaxton
Defense: Garret Yokum
Defense: Rory Unist
Middle: Levi Darnel
Middle: Christopher Thorpe
Middle: Thomas Young
Middle: Stanley Woticwe
Forward: Isaac Warren
Forward: Luke Parrish


Goalkeeper: David Reese
Defense: Titus Reman
Defense: Victor Totryss
Middle: Alex Krebyt
Middle: William Surav
Forward: Ross Oponer
Forward: Logan Flosh

Style Modifier: +2

RP Permissions:

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (To a Degree- Nothing Career-Ending)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes (To a Degree- Nothing Career-Ending)
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: No (TG Me if you really want to)
Godmod other events: Yes (TG me first please)
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Postby Baleyaroh » Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:23 am

Modifier: +2
Style: 4-2-3-1

Coach: Vernetta Lavongsar

Starting 11
GK - 13- Jeromy Jubyna (18)
RD - 2- Florencia Nygaro (21)
LD - 5- Palmer Pav (19)
DF - 3- Digna Anoe (20) - Captain
DF - 4- Lurline Gals (30)
DM - 6- Alonso Heitmuller (28)
DM - Jere Obermuller (16)
MC - 7- Carletta Mihor (23)
RW - 10- Nga Braver (32)
LW - 11- Ellsworth Kellem (25)
FW - 19- Alejandrina Berley (18)

GK - 1- Risa Brittsan (31)
LD - 14- Rudolf Delgadillo (19)
DF - 15- Milan Mizee (25)
DM - 16- Hobert Mamone (24)
MC - 17- Walton Deralph (35)
RW - 18- Diamond Argudin (32)
FW - 9- Henriette Lighthart (25)

GK - Hilma Kellish (32)
RD - Buck Moreci (25)
DM - 8- Hiroko Lipkovitch (30)
LW - Sid Dellon (18)
FW - Jin Havekost (34)

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Montory » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:31 am

Montory Team Sheet
World Cup 59

Adam Whitewell is taking the BoF squad to the world cup. With a totally unchanged team, many have predicted that Montory will struggle to make it out of the group stages. Whitewell is also sticking with the ultra defensive sweeper system, the system which is both controversial and marginally effective will be one reason for the neutral to track the progress of Montory.

Manager: Adam Whitewell
GK: Mark Busnitch
SW: Jimmy Gray
LB: Andre Gerv
CB: Richy Dunne
CB: Paul McGrath (Captian)
RB: Paulo Turb
LM: Stevie Duke
CM: Franko Trent
CM: Sid Jones
RM: Diego Mchuck
ST: Kenny Powers

Subs Bench:
GK: Pier Noir
CB: Calvin Mars
CB: Serbi Reed
LB: Tony Green
RM: Liam Tappin
CM: Adam Peterson
RM: Gary Ives
ST: Max Boxwell
ST: Sam Steinbruck

Style Modifer: -2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y

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19th Century Beards
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Postby 19th Century Beards » Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:01 am

19th Century Beards roster

GK: Tom Patedson
SW: Lewis McDonald
LB: Dan Mistarton
CB: Louis Blair
CB: Max Gerry
RB: Samuel Muse
RM: Jake Jackson
CM: Vlamdimr Diastochkty
LM: Lukas Small
ST: Mindougas Gimbiris
ST: Bob Ainsworth

GK: Barry Manilow
CB: Cameron Major
RM: Baer Liners
AM: Lucas Mineral
ST: Lukas Nortal

Manager: The squad. The players take it in turns.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
RP injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events N

Stadium: A small park next to the River Ribble. Capacity varies on depending how many chairs you can fit around it.
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Scrap that, Birolika's idea is awesome.

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Postby Unitopolis » Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:34 pm

GK Robert Godfrey 	Athletic Stanza 	28 
GK Dario Lopez Univerbardé 23
GK Robert Bragg New Dublin Dragons 29
LB Joshua Blake Athletic Stanza 28
LB Oliver Ward Wexwick 23
CB Sufjan Scopus (C) Athletic Stanza 26
CB Henri Sheuffer Zamba Torpedoes 20
CB Paul Grandin Zamba Torpedoes 30
CB Eric O'Donnell Wexwick 24
RB Josef Matinzky Eastern Chase (Civil Citizenry) 24
RB Aaron Miles Borderlands Sport 32
CDM John Radcliffe Univerbardé 27
CDM Daniel Podorino Van Sahar 28
LAM Exodus Otohegina Zamba Torpedoes 26
LAM Jason Nolbert Central City FC 23
LAM Alex Palmer LC Lagoa 21
CAM Dario Gishauf Athletic Stanza 24
CAM Abraham Arudaya Zamba Torpedoes 26
CAM John Freud New Dublin Dragons 31
RAM Luca Fabrossi Gratizoli 25
RAM Sun-Woo Kim Rihiki 23
RAM Noah Bloomstone Black Cherry (Hanox) 25
ST Shola N'Zwanzi Zamba Torpedoes 27
ST Emiliano Litz Gratizoli 24
ST Kevin O'Flynn New Dublin Dragons 22
ST Jack Beglin Athletic Stanza 26

Manager: Alakar Davogona - The first manager of the national side to have never won an international cap, 49 year old Alakar Davogona is seen as a bright prospect in Unitopolitan football, as the coach who won the Hibernium B Division with Yesacaspor, kept them up under a tight budget, and then when he was given more money, managed to finish an amazing 7th. His playing career was fairly limited, with spells as a winger with Yesacaspor and Gleeson City United.


GK: Robert Godfrey
LB: Joshua Blake
CB: Sufjan Scopus (C)
CB: Henri Sheuffer
RB: Josef Matinzky
CDM: John Radcliffe
LAM: Exodus Otohegina
CAM: Dario Gishauf
RAM: Luca Fabrossi
ST: Shola N'Zwanzi
ST: Emiliano Litz
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Gaelic Football World Cup III: Winners
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Cyborg Holland
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Postby Cyborg Holland » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:32 pm


1st Choice Side

GK - 29 - Eindhoven Bears - 6ft 1" - Caps: 20 - Goals: 0

LB - 32 - Eindhoven Bears Womens - 5ft 11" - Caps: 11 - Goals:1

CB - 26 - FC Guingamp - 6ft 2" - Caps: 15 - Goals: 1

CB - 28 - Paritzburg City SC- 5ft 8" - Caps: 7 - Goals: 0

RB - 22 - Amzterdam FC - 5ft 9" - Caps: 16 - Goals: 2

LM - 33 - FC Guingamp - 5ft 10" - Caps: 26 - Goals: 5

CM - 21 - SC Paritzburg City - 5ft 9" - Caps: 5 - Goals: 2

CM - 20 - Amzterdam FC - 5ft 7" - Caps: 22 - Goals: 7

RM - 29 - Eindhoven Bears Womens - 5ft 6" - Caps: 8 - Goals: 0


LF - 22 - Hague FC - 5ft 9" - Caps: 14 - Goals: 6

RF - 28 - FC Guingamp - 6ft 4" - Caps: 17 - Goals: 10


Jan Brullik- GK - 26 - Paritzburg City SC - Caps: 1 - Goals: 0
Henrik Sørensen- LB- 23 - Nijmegan Eagles- Caps: 3 - Goals: 1
Ben van Doer- CB - 30 - Hague PPRC - Caps: 1 - Goals: 0
Nick Landath- CM - 28 - Hague PPRC - Caps: 8 - Goals: 3
Jurge Donnerine- RM - 22 - Overijessel Town - Caps: 2 - Goals: 0
Klaus Hinsmann- CF - 26 - Darlannia Rovers- Caps: 0 - Goals: 0
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Postby The Kytler Peninsulae » Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:43 pm

After the mystery madness of the last WC cycle in which a team of secret agents played for the Kytlerians, this is practically an all-new team again, with only a handful of players retained from the WC57 side, and a huge wave of young players.

1. Caine Falamoe (GK, 23, Vengife Town)
Player background: After lacrosse legend Ock Fils and Olympic 100m gold medallist (turned Babbageball star) Ocilla Dotos, former budding gymnast Falamoe is the most well-known aboriginal in the country. And unlike the above two, he is not part-Vephra.
Notable skills: acrobatic shot-stopping; charismatic.
2. Daniel Ortega (RB, 24, Hill Lane [Civil Citizenry])
Player background: In his first season on the Rushmori mainland he was adjudged to be one of the best players in the league, and was crucial in preventing newly-promoted Hill Lane from sliding back out of the top flight. The best player in the squad by some distance.
Notable skills: Deceptively fast for a short and stocky man; excellent positional awareness.
3. Oliver Burton (SW/CB, 22, Capitolians)
Player background: A tall, willowy man, Burton was a star in volleyball and basketball before settling on soccer as his true calling. Eight goals - seven of them headers - helped his team to the title last season.
Notable skills: heading ability, both defensive and otherwise.
4. Morten Jeppeson (CB/RB, 27, Urnabhi [Kagdazka & Pazhujebu])
Player background: The first Kytlerian to play abroad, he was originally a right-back, and often plays there for his club, but in the Kytlerian national team he is now very much a centre-back, playing immediately inside Ortega.
Notable skills: consistency; positional adaptability.
5. Zachary Whyte (CB, 30, Bay City United)
Player background: A late bloomer whose innocent domestic career has taken off in recent seasons, culminating in a superb season in which he captained Bravin Rangers to a Globe Cup place at the expense of Bay City United. Who promptly paid a Kytlerian transfer record to buy him. Desperate times...
Notable skills: mental strength.
6. Arthur Moon (LB/LM, 17, Aardswood United)
Player background: Teenage sensation who has the potential to become a major influence on the team's approach. A true all-action wing-back, he will dribble from his own half but also enjoys a strong challenge. Not the finished article yet of course, but with a dearth of talent at left-back he's sure to start.
Notable skills: Speed and stamina; ball control.
7. Norbert Naugle (RM/AM, 25, Capitolians)
Player background: The crucial signing of last season for many fans of the new domestic champions, Naugle was a fringe player in WC57 and isolated in WC58, but has come to prominence at just the right time to be integral to the national team.
Notable skills: creativity; ball control.
8. Wendolors Denosone (CM, 18, Roddens City)
Player background: Vephra teenager who was a secondary school star in Babbageball but was encouraged to focus on soccer by his family, who have all faced significant financial hardship in the past, because of the greater financial rewards. He's just starting to reap those, and he could catch the eye of big-money international leagues...
Notable skills: determination; passing ability.
9. Christian Ebinger (LM/CM, 20, Capitolians)
Player background: The son of a chemist and an engineer, Ebinger is nothing if not precise, scientific, and basically stereotypically-Germanic in his attitude to the sport. Already talked of as having a coaching career in front of him, for now he'll settle for being part of a title-winning side on the field.
Notable skills: tactical awareness.
10. Ray Bobson (ST, 21, FC Alaer)
Player background: Young black man out of the Kytler Bay City slums who says he would have been a rapper if he hadn't been a soccer player. He's somewhere between John Barnes and the average Citiz chart-topper in rapping skills.
Notable skills: physical presence; shooting power.
11. Guy Stamp (CF, 25, Honeybadgers [FSSO])
Player background: Another to flee the Kytlerian league and benefit a lot from it. Was used in a free role in his Kytlerian club days, but has been used as a more orthodox striker at Honeybadgers, where he has become increasingly successful after initially struggling to adapt.
Notable skills: movement; creativity.
12. Charlie Willingdon (GK, 29, Bay City United)
Player background: Many people forget he's the goalkeeper for a high-profile team, but in many ways that's a compliment - he's kept his head while teammates around them are losing theirs, and is almost never culpable for his team's recent horrible displays. About as low-profile a player as you'll get, but isn't that a good thing for a goalkeeper?
Notable skills: consistency.
13. Recasang Cheslot (CM, 29, Bravin Rangers)
Player background: He insists on wearing the number "to uncurse the team". He prays to Margaret before every game. He spent two years in exile fleeing the voices in his head, or possibly the militant mystery men taking over the national team. And now he's moved to Bravin Rangers and almost single-handedly taken them to the Globe Cup with six goals from midfield in seven games. A man on a spiritual mission.
Notable skills: long passing; shooting accuracy.
14. Mallory Whyte (LB, 23, Ranford & Willsbrook)
Player background: Interestingly-named, boring-to-watch full-back who was the least bad member (other than Tuu Dufu) of a team that got relegated. There's a reason a 17-year-old is first choice in this position, let's put it that way. (OK, admittedly it's Dean Wickens of Bravin Rangers serving in the military. He'd have been first choice otherwise.)
Notable skills: ability to send TV audiences to sleep.
15. Barry Coulton (CB, 28, Roulson Rovers)
Player background: Journeyman thug. Now a journeyman footballer. Probably bribed his way into the squad or something, he's not there on merit.
Notable skills: hard tackling.
16. Andrew Devley (RB, 20, Capitolians)
Player background: Rising teenage star - well, until his recent 20th birthday. Now he's just a rising star. But a regular for the domestic champions, so definitely well on the up - unfortunate to play in the one position that is locked down for years in this squad.
Notable skills: stamina.
17. Gordon Quant (DM/CM, 28, Borlfield Town)
Player background: Son of a miner, and a proper blue-collar boy whose aggressive physical style of play makes him a real enforcer in the midfield as long as the referee is lenient. Surprisingly, one of only two Borlfield players in the national team, despite the club doing very well of late.
Notable skills: physical presence; tackling.
18. Dennis de Roemer (AM/CF, 18, Nellis Port)
Player background: Prolific scorer and creator of goals in the second-tier Emtec League at the age of just 16 to help Nellis Port win promotion, he's kept up the impact in his first top-flight season and is only getting better. Loves to play just behind one or two strikers, and has been likened to Guy Stamp. Expect him to be a regular substitute.
Notable skills: creativity; shooting accuracy.
19. Paul Tennant (ST, 20, Borlfield Town)
Player background: Top scorer for his club already, and some think he ought to be ahead of Bobson in the pecking order. He offers a more rounded skill set, anyway, and may be preferred against opponents who can effectively neutralise a bully of a striker like Bobson.
Notable skills: shooting accuracy.
20. Oscar Benassi (CM, 22, Capitolians)
Player background: He's young, he plays for Capitolians, he's in the squad. Basically. That seems to be the reasoning for this selection. He won't play much.
Notable skills: short passing.
21. Jonathan Scally (RM, 24, FC Alaer)
Player background: Ginger-haired scallywag who can only dream of being as good as Paul Scholes.
Notable skills: long passing.
22. Arkadiusz Abramovicz (AM/CF, 26, Aardswood United)
Player background: A rare survivor of the WC57 squad who was an outcast then and is an outcast now. Will be rotated in and out, hopefully - to say the least, he deserves it for being ready to come back after being first cast away, then basically hiding before chancing his arm back at a lesser club like Aardswood.
Notable skills: creativity.
23. Ferrys Uambe (GK, 29, Roddens City)
Player background: Unexceptional goalkeeper with an exceptional name.
Notable skills: consistency.

Most common starting lineup (4-4-2): Falamoe; Ortega, Burton, Jeppeson, Moon; Naugle, Denosone, Cheslot, Ebinger; Stamp, Bobson.
Style modifier: -1.093
RP permissions: do anything realistic. Please note that Z. Whyte, Moon, Denosone, Bobson, Coulton, and Quant are the players most likely to receive yellow cards, and are the only players who should receive red cards.
Last edited by The Kytler Peninsulae on Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:00 am, edited 1 time in total.
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