Into the Realm Eternal - Cup of Harmony XL Bid

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Into the Realm Eternal - Cup of Harmony XL Bid

Postby Valanora » Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:14 pm

Valanora, one of the most experienced hosting nations in international sports, have announced plans to host the 40th Cup of Harmony in association football.

It would represent the first time that I have hosted the Cup of Harmony. However, the user behind Valanora, has hosted four World Cups under various guises (WC39, WC43, WC45, WC47) as well as other significant events including Baptism of Fire 23 and the ninth Di Bradini Cup. Without question, experience is a strength and not weakness of this bid, and I am a reliable host.

Therefore the decision is in the detail, both in OOC mechanics and IC fun. That's where the rest of this bid thread comes in.

Fundamental to the IC emphasis is the slogan 'Into the Realm Eternal', reflecting the very different IC nature of the host nation; as within Valanora, not only is technology further towards the futuristic, but magic and psionic beings are entirely normal. The other CoH nations have even more wild variations, and I encourage all of you to make the most of these differences for RP purposes. I certainly will.

On the OOC detail, here's the mechanics:

RP bonus: is added as a direct addition to KPB score and is calculated across multiple matchdays, to ensure those who cannot always RP on a consistent basis to still gain bonus across the tournament.
Scorination: will use the highly proven NSFS software and generally occur between 0:00 and 2:30 UTC (late afternoons/early evenings for those in the Americas).
Qualification: will be a first come, first serve situation. I will be looking for multiples of four or eight, with the ideal situation being thirty-two teams. Other options will be considered if the number of signups requires such.
Additional details: will be made available on request.
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