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Libertarian Police State

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Name: The Armed Federation of Xenohumanity
Government: Combining aspects of stratocracy, libertarian capitalism, and figurehead democracy, the government can be called a “representational tyranny”, with a federation-wide, once-elected dictator-for-life (Lord General Superior) ruling over a system-based, council of regional representatives and advisers (The Federate). The national government then oversees system-based governorships and grants the systems nominal independence and local law.
Current Lord General Superior: Rai’a Sirisi
Capitol: Xeno City, Tuzus II
Currency: Galactic Credits / Tuzunius
Official Language: Galactic Common (Basic)
Colors: Bright red and dark blue.
Numer of Controlled Star Systems: 17
Number of Inhabitable Planets: ~21
Number of Worlds (planetoids, moons, asteroids): Approx. 240
Average age: 52
Unaugmented average life expectancy at birth: 83 for humans, 92 for Drakonians
Augmented average life expectancy: 140 for humans, 170 for Drakonians
Population: 240 billion (OOC note: Inflated due to FT)
Population make up: 58% Homo Sapiens (Human), 37% Homo Draconis Xeno (Drakon-Xeno) 5% Imigré (non-human, non-Xenan citizens)

Commander: Lord General Superior Rai’a Sirisi

XenoGovernment, more commonly known as XenoAdministration, it the first of a long line of government organizations using the old block nomenclature of the Xenohuman Republic. It is a pyramid dictatorship, headed and controlled absolutely by the Lord General Superior, he holds direct authority over his subordinate heads of state, known as Superiors themselves. Each Superior heads a subordinate organization that may or may not make contact with other divisions, such as XenoRelations, XenoLaw, XenoNavy, and so forth. Typically, they are branched into ‘XenoMil’, ‘XenoDomestic’, and ‘XenoForeign’, but these are unofficial.

There is also, technically, a legislative body known as the Federate, elected planet-by-planet using a population-representation system to determine voting power, but due to the fact that no laws can actually be made, and that the Lord General Superior can dismiss members and entire sessions at will, they are merely a figurehead organization, used by XenoAdmin to either to show solidarity with or announce superiority to the populace.

Outside of XenoAdmin’s pyramid structure lie the individual governors of the systems of the Federation. Usually handed out as rewards to victorious admirals or simply to those who know the right people, these positions are life-time tickets to luxury, as individual governors have only slightly more power than the Federate, capable of self-mobilizing their planetary defense forces and perhaps ordering martial law if XenoAdmin is slow about it. However, this too is merely a figurehead position, as XenoAdmin greedily guards its power from all who might show signs of possible disloyalty.
Commander: Spymaster Superior Sarah Snis

XenoIntelligence, abbreviated as XenoIntel, serves as the Federation’s foreign intelligence service and secret police force. Usually seen engaged in legitimate surveillance and information gathering in conjunction with XenoRelations, they are more notable for their hacking / counter-hacking, spying, contra funding, propaganda, loyalty maintenance or ‘plumbing’, and information warfare. XenoIntel also manages, arms, trains, and accommodates the Federation’s shadow-ops division, bluntly named LethalOps. When working in conjunction with Xeno-Tech’s own intelligence and corporate warfare program (Known as the ‘Genestealers’ for their pioneering work in illicit gene-sequence sequestering), they extend their horizons into the wonderful worlds of assassination, political torture, false flag invasion, covert military operation, and testing experimental weaponry on unsuspecting populaces.

An organization that doesn’t care about how people think about them as long as they stay in line, they are fairly open about activities that won’t directly harm them diplomatically, with a public office on Tuzus II, fairly well posted staff lists, and corporation-standard hiring requirements. However, due to the heavy guarding of personnel, extensive ‘termination contracting’ to ensure soft assets stay loyal, and their nasty habit of having to keep Xeno-Tech in check painfully, they are on guard against all threats foreign and domestic.
Commander: Inspector Superior Anthony Luak

The ‘executive’ part of XenoAdmin, XenoLaw is responsible for the military police, domestic programs, collect taxes from Xeno-Tech and the populace, and help make sure that Xeno-Tech’s extraterritoriality is worth it by policing the corporate mega-conglomerate and its associations. XenoLaw is also notable for being the strongest enforcing body behind the ‘Gene Pollution’ legislation that leaves many species XenoAdmin finds distasteful hopelessly disenfranchised. Viewed as a social-contract godsend by supporters and a brutal genetic inquisition by opponents, it is based on the Nishta Veridae super-station orbiting Tuzus I, with its terrestrial headquarters on Tuzus II.
Commander: Lord General Superior Rai’a Sirisi

XenoMilitary, or XenoMil as it is usually referred to in official paperwork, serves as the collective governmental body that holds the three branches of the Federation armed forces together. XenoArmy, XenoNavy, and the XenoMarines all answer to the same command, but each branch has its own commanding officer, General Superior, Admiral Superior, and Marine Superior, respectively, who all answer to the LGS. XenoMilitary also works with Xeno-Tech and its subsidiaries to produce, maintain, and transfer military equipment, as well as sell surplus to foreign powers.
CorpSec and XenoMarine Military Police
Commander: Lord General Superior Rai’a Sirisi

Law enforcement in the Federation begins with stringent analysis of the data patterns and transactions of every identified citizen and foreigner in the nation, watching for signs of possible crime and placing those who could fall on the wrong side of the law on watchlists for rapid response. Being placed on the “Brary Lists” is a death knell for many employment opportunities, and as such, fear of being suspected a criminal is strong among the under-classes. Pervasive security camera systems, automated policing androids (notably lacking fuzzy logic and known for their paranoid programming), and other monitoring systems do most of the work of the police, leaving the actual men on the ground more than a little bored. Combining this with the fact that policing is meant only to enforce the law in terms of the lower classes, leaving the elite almost beyond the law, this results in a fairly common police state legal practice.

XenoMarine Military Police make up the most visible face of the police. Almost always Drakon, heavily armored and well-armed, and with no qualms about firing to kill when threatened, they are best respected unless the common man wants to find himself in a painful place. XenoMarine MP’s also form the Federation’s special crimes unit, EXtroardinary Incident Tactics, or E.X.I.T. Using military equipment and efficient to the point of ruthlessness, they are deployed against terrorists, corporate insurrections, organized criminals, and often against politically sensitive targets such as religious sects.

Ever-present, well-armed, and prone to reckless, brutal behavior, the law enforcement agents of the Federation are notorious for being as mean-spirited as the criminals they supposedly protect against. Usually corporate mercenaries hired typically from Wyrm Defense (a subsidiary of the Xeno-Tech Corporation), Corporate Security or CorpSec are foul-mouthed keepers of the peace prone to using violence and scare tactics rather than good-will and civil behavior. However, this activity often puts them in conflict with legitimate military police, and knowing the strength of the XenoMarines often puts them back in their place. Still, incidents of CorpSec crime are not unheard of, including stories of extortion rings, racially motivated assault and robbery, and even ‘proactive’ murder of suspected local crime leaders.

If apprehended, the first order of business is to interrogate the suspect either at the scene of apprehension or in a proper XenoLaw facility. This often involves harsh verbal abuse and physical violence, meant to enforce the supremacy of the law over the individual. Afterwards, depending on the crime, various punishments can be inflicted, including but certainly not limited to...

-Privilege Revocation, including Social Level probation and limited Extranet access
-Government Monitoring via ‘slap drone’ (armed hover-jet UAV)
-Forced labor time to provide restitution
-Logging into permanent criminal records, effectively barring future employment and possibly activating higher-level termination contracts for corporate employees
-Arrest (House, Secure, Military Security)
-Drafting into XenoSci R&D for experimentation purposes
-Execution, private or televised, usually through firing squad or disintegration

Xenomarine MP E.X.I.T. Dropship
XenoMarine MP Skylane Capsule Bike
XenoMarine MP Civil Security Armor
XenoMarine MP E.X.I.T. Armor
Xeno-Tech Enforcement Protocol Droid
Wyrm Defense Police Jetbike, cockpit closed
Wyrm Defense Slum-Buster APC
Wyrm Defense CorpSec Steet-Side Enforcement Agent
Wyrm Defense CorpSec Front-Line Combat Corpsman
Wyrm Defense CorpSec ‘Arbitrator’ Peacekeeper Combat Walker

Any modern nation in the galaxy has to be fully capable of handling foreign policy and public relations with hundreds if not thousands of parties at once, with the smallest action or implication capable of having staggering effects on galactic politics. Below is a short listing of major political and military associations Xenohumanity holds and a few words on the nature of the relationship.

Genomita:The Armed Federation of Xenohumanity has been called ‘Bizarro Genomita’ by galactic comedians in the past, and with a fair amount of accuracy. Both are experienced with bio-tech manipulation, panhuman-populated, and share cordial relations with the other. However, the highly modified Genomitans and their telepathic altruism come off as fairly alien to the Xenohumans, who are fairly individualistic and generally not nice people all things considered. Both parties are known to perform active espionage on the other, with XenoIntel attempting to gather the Genomitan’s latest breakthroughs and the Transhuman Community doing its finest to do the same. The rivalry can be considered friendly, despite the fact that both parties have terminated agents from the other, and aside from a few moral disagreements regarding the nature of planetary states and government, the Xenohumans and the Genomitans can be considered galactic allies.

AXISThe Alversian-Xiscapian-Setulan Alliance is one of the strongest powers Xenohumanity aligns itself with. While each of the powers are at least cooperative, the individual states in the Alliance have varying degrees of trust in the Federation. Unofficially supportive of their milky way activities, recent developments between Xiscapia and the Cilistians prove that XenoAdmin is fully capable of neutrality in times of military involvement nearby.
Xiscapia - The first nation that Xenohumanity made formal contact with from the Alliance, the Xiscapian Empire is a close associate and like-minded state. With Xenohumanity serving to generally further the kitsune's Milky Way interests in exchange for technology and an unofficial defense pact membership in the area. While formal first contact was an understated affair, true FC was made on behalf of Xenon and the Xeno-Tech Corporation. After an extremely impressive electronic B&E into the Jaunt Gate system, Xenon sent a team of unwanted Genestealers to a mission to Xiscapia itself, spoofing them through the system and proving Xenohumanity capable of unparalleled electronic warfare. With orders to steal genetic samples of Emperor Rose, the team was intercepted and killed promptly upon arrival. After a few tense days of confusion between the two, Xeno-Tech and the Triad Group announced corporate cooperation, with sufficient lobby groups on both sides to keep the peace. Now, the two powers see each-other as relatively good-natured rivals, occasionally giving the other trouble 'for their own good', with the expected corporate micro-warfare between X-Tech and the Triad serving to keep both nations on the cutting edge.
Alversia – Few interactions have taken place between the Alversian Republic and the Armed Federation. While both are on decently cordial terms, little aside from standard trade has taken place between the two governments, and culturally, diffusion rates and tourism have remained relatively low. Until such time as AXIS military politics drags XenoMilitary into a war of alliances, Alversia appears to remain a ‘Rolodex friend’ for the near future.
Setulan – Aside from some decently quite ‘inspirations’ that XenoSci has gathered from Setulan heavy armor units, and typecasting in cultural tropes as bounty hunters and paladins astride the battlefield, little can be said about political interactions with the Setulan as well. While cordial, there isn’t really anything ‘to do’ with the Setulan as of yet, as most projects that require AXIS resources often can be serviced most effectively by the Xiscapian Empire. However, in the event that military assistance for ground-based combat is required, the Setulanites are the first to call in several XenoMilitary contingency plans.

Terran Federation:The Terran Federation is one of Xenohumanity's most reliable trade partners and an occasional military ally. A friendship forged from mutual hatred of the Celestial Republic, a successful repulsion of one of the Princess' Grand Fleets saw trade talks open and Xenohumanity enter the TradeGate network, allowing goods foreign and domestic to flow in and out. With the aid of the gates, social and fiscal interaction with the galaxy at large has increased, and Xenohumanity's reputation as a free-trade state that holds its own has only grown as a result.

The Former Celestial Republic:The Celestial Republic, formerly known as the Steppe Khanate, was the 'problem child' of Alpha Quadrant. A nation known for shoddy, mass-produced vessels, incongruous evolutionary paths, multiple junta-elections in the time most nations take to have one democratic cycle, and child-like leadership with a twitchy trigger finger holding a rusty gun, the Khanate/Republic fortunately collapsed half-a-decade after Xenohumanity entered galactic politics. With the go-ahead of most neighbors and the blind eye of the Galactic Assembly, Xenohumanity began annexing various systems and subjugating the populace. Annexation still continues, and progress has slowed as resource trails grow longer and the vengeance-filled support the wars have had earlier has begun to fade in face of economic and political realities regarding the refugees. Lassa, Drese, Questoo, and Cleacae are all formerly Celestial holdings integrated into the Armed Federation.

Saurisia: A friendly rivalry exists between the Saurisians and the Drakon of the Federation. While mutually appreciative of each-other’s choice of government and general politics, they sometimes get caught up trying to out-do the other. This arms race can be productive sometimes, but on a few occasions, this rival has brewed into incidents of contained violence, usually on the streets but with at least two notable incidents of soldiers striking each-other. Regardless, the relationship is considered stable and their support can be counted on during the invasion of most planetary states.

Apeleas:The Apeleans are an extragalactic species falling under the classification of ‘Ascentian’, forerunners / precursors typically utilizing advanced, holistic technology. Having lost an ancient war with the Wraiths, their last battleship went into FTL hyperspace attempting to flee battle and cross dark space into the Milky Way. However, their vessel arrived several thousand years off schedule, and with the crew in deep stasis, there was nothing they could do about it. A XenoTrade freighter discovered the vessel and made First Contact, and after informing nearby XenoNavy vessels, helped escort to the Apeleans to drydock for repairs and stasis exit. Their population severely depleted as a result of their former extinction, XenoSci has a vested interest in using the latest in cloning and reproductive technology in seeing their culture thrive in the galaxy once more.

Cilistia Novaren:The Solarian Empire Of Cilistia Novaren is known for its Vivisen station over the homeworld of Tuzus II, which brings in incredible business and is one of the Federation’s most dynamic domestic investments. While not an actual Federal holding, a portion of the great profits go to XenoAdmin as well as encouraging tourism over the metropolis world. Notable for its extensive and exotic red-light districts as well as handling a large portion of the low-volume consumer goods and non-commodity shipping taking place in the home system, the ‘SkyBuy Station’ is one of the major reasons that Xenohumanity has remained uninvolved in recent military disagreements between the Novaren and the Xiscapian peoples.
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Factbook - Officially Good Enough To Show The In-Laws

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Libertarian Police State

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Homo Draconis Xeno

The Drakon-Xeno, politely referred to as the Drakon or Drakon, are one of the most curious examples of a created species on record with the Assembly of Worlds. Born as soldiers to the now-destroyed Todularian Ecclasiarchy, the inheritors of power after the XenoCide, and now the genetic ruling class in the Federation, the Drakon battled, leveraged, and now enjoy the benefits of genetic type-casting and Todularian over-specialization.

The Drakonian genotype is partially reptilian, but the phenotype is almost completely mammalian due to the inclusion of a secondary genome to combat against viral weaponry and oncogenetic mutation. They stand on average 2 to 3 feet taller than most humans, and easily hundreds of pounds larger thanks to dense bones, larger muscle groups, and redundant vital organs.

With sleek, semi-conductive scales covering their bodies, they seem like lizards with casual observation, but have body structures and physiological similarities with mammals, with exothermic bodies, live births, and hominid reproductive and digestive structures. Other indicators include clawed, 5-fingered hands, 3-toed feet ending with sharp toe talons, and occasional occurrence of a bone-like “crest” at the back of their long, triangular, reptilian skulls that only form ‘horns’ with congenital mutation (associated with the Pairbond Sequence elaborated on later) or aesthetic gene-modification.

Wingless and tailless in contrast to the Dragyn of Todularian myth, they are not based off of any pre-existing organisms or species, being truly original beings. Coded in computers, drawn up from raw genetic material and born in vats in Eccalsiarchy laboratories, the first generation of Drakon were all too proud of their social role as military strong-men and avatars of the Gods. However, their descendents grew restless, joining the social and scientific movements that later sparked the Xenohuman Civil War and saw the end of the Ecclasiarchy. This generation’s children fought in the XenoCide and inherited the nation, becoming arrogant and pernicious. Now, in a galaxy that has changed much, the 4th generation of Drakon, the fighting and working youth of the nation aged 15-35, are a more stable, balanced race willing to work with others to advance the nation as a whole, and less receptive to genetic and political propaganda than their ancestors.

Occasionally resenting consignment as lizard-men alongside other reptilian races evolved naturally into their current state of being, racism from the Drakon is passive-aggressive, rarely showing itself as outbursts of anger or violence. However, this latent tension has caused issues on a few occasions, with relationships with the Saurisians, Gorn, and other reptilian races turning into love-hate relationships driven by a dangerous whirlwind of slight racism and competitive biotechnology.

In Xenohuman society, Drakons are known as the stronger part of the Federation. Physically superior and politically better-placed than Xenohumans, they hold the vast majority of military and political positions, with the Xenohumans themselves thankful that they can live their secure, routine lives in safety. However, older Drakons tend to view Xenohumans with disdain, seeing them as simply unable to keep up in a galaxy where domestic blood competes with foreign blood for survival, be it through military combat or reproductive capability. With politicized Genetic Soundness Tests and the Federal Charter of Genetically Questionable Races a product of the Drakon, they are rarely questioned morally by the non-Drakon populace save extraordinary or arbitrary placement of certain peoples.

With 70% of all Drakonian males serving in the military for five years or more, and with over 90% of all held government positions going to Drakon, it is not unheard of for other nations with sub-standard intelligence programs to think that all Xenohumans are Drakonian, leading to contentious confusion as to the genetic origins of the Drakon-Xeno in relation to modified humans or Homo Sapiens-based nonhumans. However, XenoIntel works hard to combat this rumor, despite the fact that it has sometimes leveraged this fact in information warfare.


Drakonian sight is binocular and generally forward-facing, but the capacity for vision can extend up to 270 degrees if the eyes are turned to the sides as far as possible. This extended vision is more peripheral and loses considerable detail, but military gene-fixing removes this easily, making Drakon deceptively aware of their surroundings. Average visual acuity stands at 20/14 due to purpose-built optical tissue refinements in the retinal tissues that allow far better resolution adjustment when presented with objects of varying distance. This gives Drakon supreme distance judgment and hand-eye coordination, another gift from the Todularians to make them natural-born gunmen.


Rather than ears, Drakon use genetically modified tympanums, or external eardrums to hear. An array of 6 small tympanums on each side of the head are located behind the eyes, each one made of durable, flexible skin-like material and ringed with hardened cartilage. When sound strikes the drum, vibrations on the drum are transmitted to small tissue rods that stir material in the inner-ear tubes of the Drakon. This stirring moves nerve-hair which transmits the motion into crystal clear sound.

When the Todularians designed the Drakonian Tympanum, they also incorporated a brilliant failsafe found in most frogs. Drakonian lungs also contain sensory tissues to pick up sound, transmitting any sonic waves that strike or enter the lungs directly to the tympanum systems and converting them into sound. This not only allows extreme air pressure and sound pressure to be safely equalized through the lungs, but allows for pin-point accuracy in finding the source of a sound, as comparing the pressure between the cranial ears and the lung sensor-tissues allows for accurate distance and direction measurement.

The system, as it is merely a simplification of hominid hearing systems, does not detract from the frequency range and hearing distance of the Drakon. Lab studies have found a gene-fixed frequency range of 5 Hz – 20,000 Hz, with greater perception at the lower bandwidths. Due to the resilience of the tympanum tissues, regenerative inner-ear tissues, redundant nerve connections, and pressure-reactive bio-analgesics, Drakon can handle long-term sound pressures of approximately 115 dB without sustaining hearing damage, and have been shown to have a threshold of pain of an astounding 160 dB, making them naturally resistant to stun grenades and concussive sensory injury.


Drakonian ‘scales’ are extremely deceptive, for they are in fact a cutaneous plating over a dermal tissue wrap, making them more like dense fingernails than anything else. Even then, due to their small size, they are barely noticeable, giving Drakon a sleek, moist shine rather than a gem-like glimmer. Semiconductive to electricity by design, the Todularians gave Drakon a natural affinity to mechanical augmentation, allowing their skin to serve as a much better neural connector than additional wiring. However, this does mean that Drakon are more likely to be harmed by static discharges and electrical accidents, meaning that a few Drakon are gene-fixed and ‘rubber-skinned’ to reduce this conductivity to a minimum.

Drakonian sub-skin is generally grey, white, or black. The color of the scales themselves can be greatly variable, covering the ‘chromatic spectrum’ in accordance with Todularian color-catechism. Reds, blues, whites, blacks, and greens are all common-place, with gene-modification allowing for pinks, greys, and purples as well.


Todularians were self-hating people at times, and their Drakon were designed to facilitate flagellant penance and humility when eating. Therefore, the Drakonian digestive system is durable, high-capacity, naturally anti-toxic, and suited to break down nearly anything it faces. With extremely strong stomach and intestinal muscles, diverse and genetically engineered floral and faunal colonies in the digestive tract, and extremely efficient waste removal systems, everything from rocks to urine can be consumed with relatively minor consequence. Artificial poisons still effect Drakon negatively, but raw meat, contaminated food, and rot toxins have been found to do little to dampen Drakonian health.


Drakon were born to be warriors, and an unfortunate reality of the Todularian perception of that role was aggressive military sexuality, often at the expense of others, now referred to by XenoIntel propaganda as a literal ‘rape culture’. While gene-fixing exists that moderates the hormones responsible for aggression and sexual drive, it is usually administered only as a punitive measure to civilian sexual criminals. Due to the loosening of public morality after the Civil War, open cultural exchange with progressive and liberal nations, and hormonal surpluses, Drakon are very forward about their needs and wants, and ‘double-talk’ and innuendo are seen as deceptive and dangerous. Immunosuppressive aptitudes towards negating STIs and venereal blights combined with gene-fixing administered in-utero bring the risk of negative repercussions of base physical activity to a minimum.

Female Drakon maternalize hormonally during gestation, making pregnancy the only time ‘at-a-glance’ gender distinctions arise. Mammarial tissues begin to multiply in preparation for a hungry infant and muscle mass decreases as it is catalyzed into nutrition for the unborn, continuing over the course of the 30 weeks of pregnancy. Drakon children are almost always single births, with twins the result of a congenital mutation that the Todularians referred to as ‘Pairbond Sequences’ and are of interest to psionics and biotics researchers, due to their uncanny aptitude for biotic and psionic implants.

Drakon were genetically programmed to birth their young quickly, and to grow up with the same speed. While born a pale white and with no teeth erupted, the full set break within 4 weeks and the skin and scales colorize within 6 months. Breast milk is weaned out of the diet after a year, and physical maturation continues at an accelerated pace until the age of 8, when puberty proper begins, finishing at around age 15.

Biotics and Psionics:

The Drakon were intended to exist as soldiers, and the Todularians held psionics and other metaphysical capacities as a hallmark of the ruling class. This was codified into the Drakonian double-genome as a natural ineptitude for hyper-mental ability, high rejection rates for biotic and psionic implants, and notable mental vulnerability to psychic influence. While the majority of Drakon feel they have lost little, and those who do find solace in extensive mechanical and nano-augmentation, there are a select few who are born with the capacity for power beyond scientific reckoning.

Theories abound in regards to the true origins of the Pairbond Sequence; cult conspiracies, midiclorian mutation, neurotoxic gene-venoms integrating into cellular systems, and even foreign infiltrators tampering with modern medical gene-fixes. However, the true nature of the P.S. is unknown. What is known is that it exhibits itself exclusively in twin births, with approximately 80% of such births resulting in phenotypic Pairbonding. Physically, the hides of the twins are always a dull grey, with reduced muscle-mass, lean limbs and increased general joint flexibility, which has most civilians to simply refer to those exhibiting the phenome as ‘lanks’ or ‘chameleos’. Psychologically, the twins are co-dependent, forming their identity together rather than on their own; some go so far as to abandon individual names and identify as a pair constantly. However, this psychological disturbance is far outweighed by the utility of the physiological alterations.

The Pairbond Sequence mutation manifests itself as a nervous system mutation that results in levels of neurological efficiency and signal capacity several orders of magnitude greater than the average Drakon. With secondary sub-brains along the side of the spinal cord, self-correcting neural nets, increased conductivity of the skin and scales to facilitate nerve activity, and a natural generation of static electricity, higher-level brainwaves, and phase-space energy. This stew of fields, known as ‘Strange Magnetism’ and harnessed outside of the Phenome by bio-technologial exo-brains and expensive micro-digital integration into a generator unit, is generated from this enhanced CNS functioning properly and magnified by the presence of properly functioning biotic or psionic implants.

Pairbonds without psionic or biotic augmentation are discomforted by their naturally high energy levels, manifesting in numbness and motor tics. This, combined with their high-capacity neural systems, makes them viable candidates for such augmentation. When operating together, a pair of P.S. mutants can easily overpower most police forces, and this knowledge results in most pairs being drafted into military service for public safety.

At our conclusion, certain terms should be clarified. Biotics are implants that utilize Strange Magnetism in order to modify space-time and classical mechanics on a local level. Also known as ‘Force powers’, biotic manifestations are known for their kinetic magnitude and ease of application in a military setting. This contrasts with Psionics which use Strange Magnetism to alter the electro- and neuro-chemistry of other living things, often through psychological influence or mechanical body control alteration (such as seizure induction or black-out shocks). Both utilize the same basic mechanics, but use different training protocols and implant firmware to facilitate actualization.

Rumors and whispered nothings regarding the 'Unreal Sequence' that fringe scientists blame for Drakonian psionic difficulties, and its full expression resulting in 'anti-psionics' are openly mocked and derided by XenoScience officials as the ravings of the under-funded.

Homo Bellalupus Xeno

Two xenan cubs
Xenan homesteaders during the XenoCide
A xenan Genestealer agent

The first and last great genetic engineering project of the Xenohuman Republic, Homo Bellalupus Xeno, or ‘The Xenans’ were an attempt by eager Xenohumans to redeem the T.A.N.K. Program’s technologies for the greater good, bringing life into the universe for life’s sake. While this optimism would be crushed brutally during the XenoCide, the millions of Xenans cloned and raised in joint corporate-government creches, and the millions more who were naturally bred and raised by the first and second generations populated the Federation rather densely at one point, accounting for up to 10% of the population according to census data pre-dating the XenoCide.

During the end stages of the Saurisian War, a coalition consisting of the Federation and the AXIS Powers (the Alversian Republic, the Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia, and the Setulan Republic) seized several systems from the Saurisian States. The Xiscapian Empire, unbeknownst its allies, had rescued one of the last surviving Xenans from slavery at the hands of a multi-syndicate criminal operation. Donating her DNA to the Xiscapian Navy, Samosi Tiqaqua would become the ‘Eve’ of the Xenans; her DNA was templeted onto a new strain of Koch’s Contagion, which was then deployed against the Saurisians. Forced mutation into Xenans along with neurobiological loyalty reprogramming resulted in a dozen system’s worth of Xenans, bringing the species back from extinction, undoing their earlier genocide. They have now reintegrated into a society that realizes it has forgotten what made them hate Xenans in the first place. While some elements of XenoAdmin still try to institutionalize racism against them, the vast majority of Federals see no need, and welcome a chance to get past the ugliest days of the Armed Federation.

Xenans are a genetic chimera, containing chromosome segments from various other animal species or lab-fabricated organisms. Genetic samples from various mammalian orders along phenotypical sequences from assorted other orders (i.e. Selachimorpha (sharks) and Accipitriformes (avian raptors, etc.). Standing at an average height of 6’3”, roughly as heavy as a human at that size, xenans are considerably smaller and generally less durable than drakon; they simply lack the body volume to support the redundant organs and dense tissues of the drakes. However, to compensate, xenans prove one of the most flexible endoskeletal sapient species in the galaxy. Xenan tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissues are highly elastic yet extremely strong for their mass, minimizing sprains and injury in order to maximize range of motion. Xenans are double-jointed as a rule, a race of contortionists and rogues according to stereotypes. While it is true that they were originally gene-mapped to support the drakes in military activity, providing technical support and serving as infiltrators and secret agents, this does nothing to diminish the everyday utility of being able to squeeze through closing elevator doors before they shut.

Xenans are slender, almost gangly, with long limbs and thin figures. Sharply angular muzzles, long pointed ears, and narrow eyes speak to their meat-heavy diets, although xenans are of course omnivorous in order to assure proper nutrition. They carry themselves on strong, digitigrade legs with four toes and an opposable ‘thumb-toe’ that allows them to secure solid footing on steep inclines and unstable terrain. They also balance themselves with slender, thick-furred tails tipped with a thick tuft of fluff. Well suited to rugged environments that would slow down other sapients, Xenans often put their agility to good use serving as scouts, survey corpsmen, and other military and private-sector roles demanding rapid mobility.


Xenan sight is binocular, with a field-of-view of but the capacity for vision can extend up to 40 degrees if the eyes are turned to the sides as far as possible thanks to their angular head-shape. Average visual acuity stands at 20/10, stronger than drakon and allowing for better long-distance vision without compromising short-range acuity. Further improving on the drakon archetype, xenans eyes are very dense with rod cells, allowing for highly precise night vision in exchange for a slight dulling of color during daytime.


While not as durable and pressure-proof as drakon auditory organs, Xenan ears prove much more sensitive and can pick up a much broader bandwidth of sound, ranging from 60 to 32,000 hertz. Their ears are capable of independent motion, able to turn and perk towards sources of sound to better pinpoint their location and distance. Able to hear quieter sounds at greater distance than panhumans and their auditory equals, Xenans are often slighted as natural eavesdroppers, even if they can’t help it.


Xenans are fur-covered, in stark contrast to their scaled drakon countrymen. The thickness of this fur changes seasonally, thinning during summer and thickening during winter, but they tend to stay fluffier than not regardless of weather conditions. Thick tufts at the base and tip of the tail, the back of the neck, and the chest remain regardless of seasonal shedding. The color patterning among xenans is fairly consistent, either a monochromatic coat (tending towards light colors such as beige and white) or a posterior-anterior divide, with a light color on the belly and front and a striking hue on the back and crown of the head. Reds, blues, and greens are the most common, with dark greys and blacks tailing behind as recessive shades.


The xenan sense of smell is marginally stronger than that of a panhuman, but it is their sense of taste that proves one of their strongest traits. A xenan is able to identify chemicals and taste-bearing substances with only a few parts-per-billion, generally categorized as ‘super-tasters’. As they were gene-mapped for long patrols in the field with little food, their ability to naturally identify poisons and edible substances through small samples is invaluable. Their body can also handle a higher load of toxins and other harmful substances due to gene-tweaked kidney and liver tissues. This is essential, due to the fact that xenans do not sweat and are not able to disperse toxins through that means, leaving it entirely to filtration and catalyzing tissues. While certainly not as poison-proof as the drakon, xenans are able to live on little food and water for much longer periods of time, embodying natural survivalist adaptation as opposed to drakon ‘death-proofing’.


The xenan’s tail tends to be a point of pride, being the only tailed species in the Federation (excluding the ‘unpeople’ known as the Celestials). Measuring anywhere from 70-85% of a body-length, the tail provides balance and counter-weight during rapid movement, allowing for sharp turns and agility on any surface. This also allows for great agility in ZG conditions and underwater (as long as the xenan in question makes sure to prepare for great drag given their fluff). Their tail is also prehensile enough to grasp small objects and serve as an effective striking limb during hand-to-hand fighting.


Unlike drakes, xenan sexuality was designed with civilian life in mind. This translated into increased hormone regulation, more generous pregnancy times, and a slower developmental cycle overall. Healthy pregnancies last nine to ten months (depending on the gender of the child, with females developing an extra month in the womb), births are quick and relatively easy given the mother’s xenan flexibility, and children grow at a slow pace, reaching puberty at around 14 and maturing fully at around age 22. This sometimes presents troubles in Federal society given that drakes reach full maturity at age 15, but the rebirth of a long-dead species will invariably come with some friction to be worked out over the decades.

A newborn xenan is blind, deaf, toothless, and pink, with a thin coat of albino fur. By two months, the pup will have begun to see, hear, begin taking on coat color, and begun to experience tooth eruption. Nursing continues for a few months until the child is ready to begin eating solid food, and by the end of the first year, the pup will have progressed past milk entirely.

Biotics and Psionics:

Unlike the drakon, xenans do not have a genetic predisposition against psionics. Unlike the xenohumans in turn, they do not have a predilection towards biotic and psionic ability naturally. Of course, xenohuman sequences were included in their genome in order to encourage this, and this results in rates of psychic / biotic ability slightly higher than average in sapient populations. Still, their abilities pale in comparison to xenohuman psykers, requiring much more training and neurocomputational augmentation in order to manifest biotic powers or transmit psychic influence upon other beings. However, as they are much quicker and agile than xenohumans, and far more flexible, xenans are capable of somatic gesture-patterns and acts of arcana that would prove impossible for the progeny of Todular’s mages. Combining this with their ability to evade enemy attacks, this makes xenan biotics deadly hit-and-run attackers, and makes xenan psykers battle-phantoms, flitting in and out of cover and around enemy flanks to wrack the courage and sanity of their enemies while evading returning fire.
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“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future…”

The Todularian Empire of the Ecclesiarchy was a relatively new addition to the galactic scene during its short-lived prime. Deeply religious, and only 500 years old since achieving FTL technology despite having been in existence as a civilized people for over 40,000 years, they had spread like colonial ants, covering a wide array of almost 60 planets at great expense to the living quality of the masses. On one of these worlds, a science colony known as Tuzus, a secret research project had just come to fruition.

The Todularian Antropomorphic New-life: KASTROS (T.A.N.K.) Project, named after their lord of the gods, had just borne its first batch of machine coded, tank-bred ‘Dragyn’, known scientifically as the drakon. Scientists and secularists rejoiced through-out the empire, but the leadership of the Ecclasiarchy and the more devout Todularians had to disagree with the mood of jubilation. With the recent, religiously-fueled additions to the ruling council who had been kept out of the loop about the project to prevent dissent protesting on behalf of their followers, the empire quickly divided over the issue. For the following two centuries, the political strife led to slowed conquest at the frontier, and all the while, more drakon were being bred and naturally copulating, spreading throughout the outer regions of the Ecclasiarchy.

It came to such a point that two halves of the Empire became notably segregated culturally into one that clang to religion and the ways of faith, psionics, and religion, and another that looked forward to science, individualism, and technology, each with mutual hatred for the other.. The Empire divided into the Church of the Todularian Deitarchy and the self-christened Xenohumans, a collection of human frontier-folk and 'liberated' drakon free to live outside the military system. While the Deitarchy had numbers and psionic power at their side, the Xenohumans had cutting-edge scientific advancement gathered from secret interaction with foreign powers, arming themselves with energy weaponry and non-psionic vehicles that allowed the common pinkskin to serve as more than cannon fodder.

Apocalyptic civil war broke out, entire planets burning under nuclear and psycho-temporal hellfire and the thick running of blood across earth becoming the only language of discourse between the opposing factions. Psionic monstrosities tore ships apart with ease while experimental weaponry rent time and space asunder to get to their foes. Ground-fighting was just as barbaric, the blades and faith of the Dragyn-Knights clashing with the cyber-gear and genetic enhancements of their drakon brothers. Both parties became equally animal in their fervor to win as the combat stretched into its 60th year, but the advanced and advancing technology of the xenohumans saw them through. After purging Todular herself of the taint of the old Deitarchy, the surviving drakon and their xenohuman allies claimed victory.

Forming the Xenohuman Republic, the newly formed governance decided that technology and military industry were an absolute must in order to maintain legitimacy after such heavy resource loss. With its high population of scientists, soldiers, working hands, and pre-existing scientific and military infrastructure from the front-lines of the Ecclasiarchy's imperialist expansion, the xenohumans quickly caught up with their more well-established neighbors in terms of power and technology. Within a span of 75 years, millennia of religious stagnation and social apathy were undone. Religiously bound principles of meta-quantum technology were quantified and utilized, fabricators previously restricted to the priest caste were utilized in the rebuilding efforts, and the materials sciences, once neglected as peasant research, saw a renaissance such that the remaining xenohuman navy, once ships of composite-stone and weighty macro-metallic alloys, became worthy ships-of-the-line in a bold new galaxy.

All was well for those many decades, as cities were rebuilt and an economy boomed. Previously, the Ecclasiarchy had managed the economy centrally with mixed success, but with their absence, the void was filled by countless enterprises and businesses. However, a well-subsidized research foundation known as the Xeno-Tech Corporation quickly took the lead, consolidating businesses and entering the galactic market with a bang. Branching into genetic sciences, materials R&D, consumer goods, and everything else that can be imagined, the Corporation quickly became a megacorporate syndicate of subsidiaries and wealthy share-holders, all headed by the recently posthuman businessman now referring to himself only as ‘Xenon’.

Change never stops, even for the optimists. Independent researchers, eccentric government groups, and other scientific bodies continued the Todularian T.A.N.K. program with reckless abandon. Using knowledge from abroad and secretly built equipment, another sapient, pan-humanoid species was brought into existence. Labelled the ‘Xenan’ people, these mammalian predators began to expand and populate over the course of the last 40 years of the Republic, assisted by state-operated cloning programs, filling societal roles and helping to further prepare the nation for inevitable first contact.

However, this century of growth was not without troubles. As the population grew and diversified and contact in the streets of the cities became shoulder-to-shoulder, the first mega-skyscrapers began going up on the remnants of the urban worlds while arcologies and hydroponic super-farms began sprouting up elsewhere. More worlds were discovered, but the resources and financial benefits of them slowly found their way into the hands of the drakon, whose military connections and public discourse of national security allowed them relatively free reign over frontier claims. Rumors that the Xenans had been created simply to secure political hegemony for certain parties had a veneer of truth to them, even after the state cloning programs were shut down at the behest of worried senators fearing a military subversion of the system.

However, it all came to a cultural head when with the Inferno at Rembrandt Habitat. A Xenan mega-skyscraper that had caught fire during the night, Rembrandt Habitat was a relatively new development. However, the tragedy was in more than the actual disaster. Dozens of thousands of xenans lost their lives over the course of several weeks of unabated structural collapse. Shocking reports of possible arson and relief-interference operations by the military circulated, followed by indifference on the part of civil defense forces and the refusal of subpoenaed military officers to heed constitutional demands to submit to investigation.

The fact that most civil defense forces were drakon should have been a sign, but the people of the Republic did not see them in time. The drakes were a warrior race at heart, proud and always hungry for power. Having them holding most of the military’s guns, policing most of the streets, and operating a fair share of the public utilities might have been foolish, and in a happier galaxy, in another time and space, it might have even ended well.

Alas, history was never merciful to the Todularians, and it was the same with the Xenohuman Republic. A band of drakons who had situated themselves perilously close to supreme power mustered their forces, met in the shadows, and arranged for a great upheaval to put the nation on their tracks, whether not they were the right ones. A confederacy of generals, police chiefs, congressmen, and businesses rallied their resources and influence in a conspiracy of unparalleled malice and masterful execution. Motivated by greed, racial pride, and concerns that the Republic was ill-equipped to cope with the swelling tide of cultist and techno-communist violence beginning to permeate society,

The Xenocide, the great upheaval that forever changed Xenohumanity’s soul and body, began in 2565 AD and concluded in 2572 AD. Information warfare, semi-legitimate propaganda campaigns, and a notable darkening in popular culture marked the first year, with a marked increase in racially motivated crime on the part of the police with a government helpless to stop it. The second year was the tipping point, with civil defense forces, naval forces, and the Federal Marines as a whole declaring secession from the Xenohuman Republic, rallying with the help of a racist population and beginning a campaign of ‘national democratization’ and ‘purification’ of the national genome. Xenans and their accomplices were executed as enemies of the state through systematic use of genetically targeted weaponry, occupation of cities by self-appointed 'purge forces', and lastly, the infamous Promise of Morphoza, where the remaining xenan populace were forced upon the eponymous colony ship that toured the Republic with the drakon forces in tow. There are historians who argue that the following years should be properly named ‘The Second Xenohuman Civil War’, as the military engagements between Xenan populations and the ‘Federal Army’ were as heated as any battlefield. Cities and slums burned, armor units faced off against kitbashed trucks and haulers, and war crimes that would haunt the nation were committed by both sides. Killing trenches, torture, and chemical warfare were all tools in the arsenal as the Xenohumans battled with themselves for the future of the state.

Alas, in the third year, then-president Bryan Vallne was ordered to step down from his position by the General Superior, Andor Sirisi after the Federal Navy moved onto Tuzus itself, destroying the Promise of Morphoza overhead to signify the end of the human government's attempt at 'take-over'. Promptly executed before a cheering mob with a gunshot to the back of the head, Bryan’s name would quickly be phased out of the history books. Andor and his fellow commanders gave themselves their crowns quickly, with Sirisi himself, the mastermind and logistical genius behind the Xenocide, becoming Lord General Superior, and his accomplices the Superiors of their respective forces. The remaining Xenan forces, and with them, their species, were wiped out down to the last man, woman, and child. Remaining genetic samples were destroyed, disposable scientists tied with the project were killed, and the Xenans themselves were also partially phased out of history, demonized as mutants and misguided experiments by the neo-theocrats. Those few who'd fled the nation new better than to inform foreign powers of their existence, and so the xenans were considered dead and gone forever.

The Republic itself was morphed into the Federation, with the Senate turned into the 'Federate', a figurehead organization with no power whatsoever other than that of advising the LGS of courses of action. The Xeno-Tech Corporation and the newly christened Armed Federation of Xenohumanity joined forces to repair the damages, further modernize the nation, and prepare for a true first-contact with the outside. The Federation became outgoing economically, freeing trade and accepting outside cultural influence in order to disguise the disgusting atrocities that birthed her.

With Andor's induction, Todularianism became a hanging crime, the military delegated domestic peace-keeping to Xeno-Tech mercenaries, and a bastardization of a fascist state and hypercorporate plutocracy rose from the ashes of the great experiment that was the Republic. Andor bore a son with an unknown woman (or possibly had one produced through gene-stock cloning in cooperation with Xeno-Tech) named Rai'a, and had him educated privately in statesmanship and military strategy. Rai'a would eventually help lead the development of Macro-Armor as an experimental pilot and project overseer during his early adulthood.

Unfortunately, Andor died in the line of duty during the Reannexation of Ramam, fighting against the remaining techno-communist forces that had fortified on the world during the Xenocide and emerged from their tunnels in an attempt to capture the planet in cooperation with Todularian cultists. Rai’a Sirisi was granted the position of LGS by the other members of the ruling junta. The propagation of 'XenoCulture' helped Rai'a win the hearts and minds of his people, a cyberpunk policy of bread and circuses backed by disautomation of the economy to keep the masses working by day and revelling by night, too busy and too content with the status quo to consider joining subversive political factions or protesting the state's suppression of dissent, protest, and disregard for the anarchic actions of its sub-contracted police forces.

Now, the nation seeks to befriend and beguile its neighbors, subjugating planetary states and waging limited wars against its foes when convenient.

From knowledge, the future.

Using Terran Standard Chronology
AXC – After the XenoCide

2647 AD / 77 AXC – First Contact with the Nare. Despite initial misgivings due to the unparalled psionics and strangely moral nature of the winged hominids, peaceful arrangements are reached. However, these contacts go mostly unused, seeing only immigration and the occasional piece of psycho-tech from the ‘angels’.
2647 AD / 77 AXC – Xenohumanity enters the Traders Economic Coalition, headed by the Terran Union. Using their Gate system, with posts around the galaxy, Xenohumanity’s prospects for trade and alliance look much better.

2648 AD / 78 AXC – Telaron, a planetary state once famed for its repulsion of invading star-farers, attacks a Xenohuman scout vessel. Deeming the lush world ripe for the picking, a mis-communicated order to gather mercenaries sees a swarm of comm-drones sent out. However, a Xiscapian Skulk obtains one, and short talks with XenoNavy prove profitable, as their services are bought in exchange of planetary resources and the good-will and blind legal eye of the Federation. The invasion is carried out, and the Telaronians, languid and slow to act due to arrogance, are quickly defeated as their famed macro-cannons are left unfired. The world is annexed, local authority suborned, and an extensive assimilation and anti-religious campaign begins.
2648 AD / 78 AXC – Despoticana attempts a gene-purge of its mutant population. Xeno-Tech quietly pledges black-flag forces, saving face before the post-human merchant families. However, when the Despoticanan vessel is attacked by the C’Tan, the Xeno-Tech ship’s AGI rescues the post-human captain via data upload. This mind is then sold to the Xiscapians for a mighty bounty, providing precedent for later covert-ops.

2649 AD / 79 AXC – Arceasis, a Karaig fortress world, is assailed by a variety of foes, including a Xiscapian Skulk, an Ork Waaagh!, and a Dalek invasion force. After away forces prevent the Waaagh! from gaining a notable ground presence, forces are evacuated as the Skulk makes good on its word and leaves the retreating force more or less unharmed.

2649 AD / 80 AXC – ‘The Defense of Tuzus Cloud’: The Celestial Republic stages a fool-hardy invasion of Tuzus II. The defending fleet repulses the invaders despite a 10:1 numerical disadvantage. Fleet Admiral Darso is granted the Admiralty Superior for his actions.
2649 AD / 80 AXC – The last known Alteran vessel, carrying with it the last of that race, is found by a Xenohuman freighter. Rescued by XenoNavy personnel, First Contact goes very smoothly. Technology from the ship is emulated and used to further refine teleportation and Planck Adjustment equipment, making them smaller and safer for their users.

2651 AD / 82 AXC - ‘The Xiscapian Greeting’: Seeing new market opportunities in forming alliances with the Xiscapian Empire and their Syndicate crime groups, Xenon put his resources to work and used a zero-day glitch in Jaunt Gate security to send a team of Genestealers in a vain attempt to secure Emperor Rose’s genetics. Killed almost instantly upon arrival, interrogation of the survivor traced the affair back to Xenon, and after relatively relaxed discussions, trade rights were granted and a shockingly large technology exchange for such a young partnership went through with few hard feelings.

2652 AD / 83 AXC – Mekajiki Orbital Foundries is incorporated, a 50/50 subsidiary holding between the Triad Group and the Xeno-Tech Corporation as a sign of hypercorporate brotherhood. Work on the first of two Yahweh-class supercapitals begins, and plans to incorporate it into the Xiscapian 6th Fleet as another pair of Xenohuman eyes and ears into galactic military politics are made.
2652 AD / 83 AXC – The Celestial Republic collapses. The Armed Federation begins annexations of border territories immediately, gaining two colonies in the first year.

2654 AD / 85 AXC – The first Yahweh-class is completed, christened the Forged Alliance, and given as a gift to Xiscapia and the AXIS Alliance, crewed partially by Xenohuman naval personnel and bridge crew.
2654 AD / 85 AXC – The annexation of the Celestial Republic continues, with another two colonies taken and plans for further expansion in the making.
2654 AD / 85 AXC – Xenohumanity enters the Kostemetsian SPEARHEAD Coalition. A XenoNavy Field Group is committed.
2654 AD / 85 AXC – A XenoSci scout ship is lost under unknown circumstances. Investigation pending.

2655 AD / 86 AXC - The Federation aids the Xiscapian Empire in a medium-scale invasion of the Dinosaur States of Saurisia and annexes the moon of Tan. Xiscapian use of Koch's Contagion also sees the Xenans return to the galaxy as a species group after weaponized mutagens are deployed against the Saurisians. Factionalism in XenoAdmin and domestic race riots ensue, and foreign policy considerations force the Armed Federation to start discussion of possibly repealing the 'Green List' in order to maintain political standing as well as reframe the XenoCide before inevitable investigations come in from abroad.
2655 AD / 86 AXC - Rai'a Sirisi rallies XenoMilitary and commits large forces to the Liberation of Setulan from Exile invaders alongside the AXIS alliance. Fighting is expected to be heavy but the Federation is confident in its forces and the strength of its allies.
The Celestial Republic’s collapse and annexation by its neighbors did nothing to remove the problem of the Celestial people themselves. Xenohumanity’s four takings from the debacle were inhabited by several billion natives, and simply purging the planet a la XenoCide was a non-solution due to the oversight of the Galactic Assembly. Thus, the Celestials were begrudgingly accepted into the fold of the Armed Federation as second- and third-class citizens.

The first major obstacle to assimilation is the alien nature of the Celestial. Homo Vulpes Inanis-Gloria, classified literally as the ‘Vainglorious Kitsune’, are insufficiently panhuman to qualify for the benefit of the doubt from the average Federal. Phenotypically, yes, they are hominid, but the remainder of their physiology and genotype make it impossible to reconcile with their origins.

Standing at an average of 5’8” in height for both genders, the Celestial is covered in a thick coat of short fur, colors ranging naturally across the spectrum with more extreme and vibrant shades holding genetic dominance over more muted, natural tones. Vulpine ears, muzzle, tail, and feet along with sensory balance predisposed towards olfactory precision take them even further from the panhuman body-type, and oddities such as seemingly unnatural eye coloration, large feathered wings rooted on the sides of their spine from the shoulder blades to the bottom of the ribcage, and their uncanny affinity with ‘Force’ energies lend credence to theories that they are an engineered species from a long-extinct forerunner race who would likely be disappointed in their creation.

If it was merely their impractical bioengineering that was an issue, Xenohumanity would be able to take them in smiling and nodding for the Galactic Assembly’s press people. However, the staunch cultural segregation that the Celestials impose on themselves makes any attempt to make the Celestials ‘normal’ moot. While the democratic structures of the Republic destroyed themselves, the people remained hopeful that their Empress and her family would bring some semblance of unity that never came. What resulted was a self-delusional hope for the future that the state would bring itself back together, either into the Celestial Republic or into the Steppe Empire of old. Regardless of political affiliation, all Celestials seem hell-bent on ‘getting themselves together’, commissioning colony ships, and trying again to start a country.

In the meanwhile, though, the Celestial people are at the lowest they have ever been. Xenohumanity filled the gap left by civil war and infrastructure evaporation, seeing millions of colonists and military crewmen entering Celestial space and squatting on neutral space under the guise of reconstruction. To be sure, the schools, habitats, agri-towers, and orbital infrastructure put up was perfectly valid and healthy, but the Celestials failed to recognize the silent cessation of sovereignty. This resulted in much confusion when the Celestials began learning that they were being forcibly inducted into the Federation as citizenry of some sort or another, but they failed to complain sufficiently in order to stop the situation from worsening.

As a result, the average ‘Vainglory’ only knows life from the inside of an internment camp, racial ghetto, or factory dormitory. Apartheid would not be an overstatement; XenoLaw and XenoMilitary are dead set on killing off the Celestials through over-work, under-feeding, crime, and the occasional outright slaying by law enforcement mercenaries. Because keeping them all on three or four planets is a bit difficult, most Celestials were forcibly extradited throughout the Federation and placed into ‘Habitation Centralizations’, allowing for the construction of bare-bones arcologies and labor tenements specialized not to the world in question, but to the highest bidder who had won mastery of the fates of those within.

The Xeno-Tech Corporation and the Xenohuman Consortium of Independent Business Enterprises both claim several dozen of the approximately 90 Centralizations, each containing approximately 5 million Celestials in overly dense shantytowns and dangerously shabby industrial production plants. Other groups such as XenoArmy, the Xiscapian Triad Consortium, and the Galactic Assembly Committee of Sapient Rights Oversight have also entered the bidding war and come away with one or two Centralizations of their own.

This oppression, of course, does not come without backblast; While the average Celestial lies within the bottom 20% of the Federation’s income-earners, they also rate within the top 10% of the most politically and religiously militant elements of the criminal world. Their affinity with the Force manifests itself in mercenary psionics and their pride in their nation is expressed through militant Reich-Fascist or communist allegiance to street gangs and terrorist organizations. The rampant drug abuse of the average Federal manifests itself in the sale of unlicensed metamorphines, stimulant alkaloids, and other ‘hardcore’ drugs rather than the recreational substances of the middle and upper classes.
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Plannids (Temporary Spot)

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6 O’NEILL CYLINDERS (to be fluffed later)

The Xenohumans reside in the Milky Way Galaxy near their progenitors and former neighbors, the Todularians. They have a firm foothold in several dozen systems, mostly yellow starred systems with a few easily defensible planets. The home system of Tuzus remains the largest colony, is the most heavily defended, and the center of all administration and military action.

Population: 35,500,000,000
Planets in system: 2
Moons in system: 8
Planets owned: 2
Moons owned: All 13 moons in system are under Xenohuman control.
Notable Cities: Xeno City (Quarters: Administrative, Corporate, Martial, New Vegas, Galakt, Aquavita, + 24 others)

HDI-Mine Field w/ Oort Extention
‘Dragonsreach’ Bastion-Turret Grid
Class VII System Defense Mobilization/Weapons Development and Deployment Base, Nishta Varidae
XenoNavy 1st Fleet

System governor: Lord General Superior Rai’a Sirisi

Exports: Raw and refined ore, precious metals, gems, electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances, starships, computers and computer parts, transport equipment, miscellaneous manufactured articles, foodstuffs, general industrial machinery and equipment, professional scientific and control instruments and apparatus, telecommunication and sound record and reproduce apparatus and equipment, and organic chemicals.

Tuzus is the seat of power for Xenohumanity, the most densely populated system in the Federation, and the most heavily defended and industrialized.

Tuzus I, Dorua
The closest planet to the star, Dorua is desolate, and the toxic atmosphere and surface temperature in excess of 300°F make it useless for colonization. A lifeless lump of boiling magma running with the molten ores of rare metals, it serves only as a glorified, planet-wide mining operation. Used for military weapons and armor development (conducted in orbit) and testing (on the surface), an absolutely massive orbital station, Nishta Veridae, hangs overhead and serves as the main shipyard and arms factory for Xenohumanity, churning out vessels and weapons almost constantly. The world’s 7 moons, also boiling rocks, serve as little more than accessories to Dorua’s already massive liquid deposits of ultra-high grade, all-natural liquid alloys.

Tuzus II, Tuzus
A world turned into a city is the best way to describe Tuzus. While still sectioned off into provinces and territories, and taller sections of it being labeled as sub-cities (‘Quarters’) explicitly, the majority of the planet is now one large industrialized “ultimate city”. While water occupies only 30% of the surface, the depths of the oceans more than makes up for it, and even the seas are not safe from the bubbled sections of Xenohuman urbanization. With the climate ranging from cold and snowy in the northern and extreme sourthern sections of the planet to uncomfortably warm around the equator during summertime, the planet is self-contained and self-sustaining, with hydroponic skyfarms and megaskyscrapers stretching for miles into the sky and factory quarters taking up the area that lesser nations could reside in relatively comfortably. The planet’s one moon, Tuzus IIα (Narsect), is primarily used as a massive, heavily guarded research facility for the military and serves the largest source of technological innovation in the Federation…
Population: 12,000,000,000
Inhabitable planets in system: 1
Moons in system: 2
Planets owned: 3
Moons owned: 2
Notable Cities: Opolis, Neo City, Fort Arthing
Defenses: HDI Draggers, Sentry-Turret Orbiter Grid, HDI Minefield
System Fleet: 2nd Fleet
System governor: Richard Prighton
Exports: Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Industrial Gases, Super-Computing Equipment, Knowledge (Research facilities), Exotic Ultra-Cold Organisms

Geography of Gilarilar I, Grafton: Grafton is a stereotypical floral world. With a near-star orbit and a low mass, it remains humid year-round, planet-wide. With most cities near the poles, where it is slightly cooler and dryer, the equator remains a vast wilderness of coniferous rainforests and prairies . With water covering about 45% of the planet’s surface, the seas are shallow and wide, making them a great source of easily exported fish.

Geography of Gilarilar II: Unlike Grafton, Gilarilar II’s atmosphere is in fact too humid to sustain life. With chokingly moist, overly nitrous air, the planet only has cellular life at best. The planet does have its uses as a gas mining planet, but nothing more, and only a few thousand workers populate the planet at sparse, spread-out mining facilities.

Geography of Gilarilar III: A cold world with a 140-year orbit where dinitrous oxide takes the place of water, it is a frozen planet with no surface liquid. With strange nitrogen-based organisms traversing the near-absolute-zero planet, the planet serves as a super-conductor research facility and as the primary research institute for Xeno-Tech’s General Artificial Intelligence Acclimation (G.A.I.A.) Program.
Population: 5,000,000,000
Inhabitable planets in system: 1
Moons in system: 2
Planets owned: 4
Moons owned: 2
Notable Cities: Lattrobee City, Fort Impudence
Defenses: HDI Draggers, Sentry-Turret Orbiter Grid, HDI Minefield
System Fleet: 3rd Fleet
System governor: Henrik Buss
Exports: Starships, Industrial Goods and Services, Crime

Geography of Oarkaz I/II/III: An extremely odd trinary world-system made of a trio of gas giants whirring around each other in an extremely unpredictable gravitational orbit. Combining this with their high masses and their inexplicable avoidance of collisions, it makes for interesting study in the fields of gravity manipulation and dark energy. Most research stations have to do passes, as no consistent orbits are possible that do not result in loss of the facility. That doesn’t stop the pirates from using the occasional gap in the trio as a hiding place for their roving supply ships and looter fleets.

Geography of Oarkaz IV, Lattrobee: With most of the crust having been ground into fine sand from ancient microscopic meteor storms, the planet is a single large desert. No surface water exists for meaningful durations, and it is a miracle to find any life on the world. Originally supposed to be a dead world, Todularian researchers found microscopic life capable of sustaining itself on the surface, and the planet was deemed useful. With an economy centered on industrial and star-ship production, the few cities on the world are largely space-ports and industrial quarters. The world has a reputation of being a shady port-town, and it fits the description, serving as the largest hub for pirate, mafia, and gang activity in Xenohuman space, as well as one of the most well-‘secured’ planets contracted to Wyrm Defense.
Population: 2,000,000,000
Inhabitable planets in system: 2
Moons in system: 6
Planets owned: 2
Moons owned: 6
Notable Cities: New Chichitzen, Fort Hampton
Defenses: HDI Draggers, Sentry-Turret Orbiter Grid
System Fleet: 4th Fleet
System governor: Armand Darrir
Exports: Chemicals, Weapon Fuels

Geography of Darsun I: Darsun I is a planet cloaked in an uncomfortably high-density, high-absorption atmosphere that carries latent static electricity from the solar winds. The clouds are a strange color of dark blue rather than grey when ready to precipitate to the sheer density of the clouds that form thanks to strengthened polar bonding. Where and when the clouds part, the light from the binary blue giants of Darsun are blindingly bright and dangerously hot. The combination of hearty rain and powerful light results in massive jungles, dark most times of the day due to the density of the canopies. The wildlife is deadly, the plants are just as dangerous, and the native residents are the worst of all, thanks to a militant lifestyle and an unhealthy reliance on violent hunting methods when hydroponic solutions are present. The remnants of the A’spasn civilization, the first of three major powers destroyed by the Todularian Ecclasiarchy, remain explorable, a hot-spot for xenohistorical students and foreign professors alike.

Geography of Darsun II: Darsun II is a terrible place to do such things as breathing and heavier-than-air flight. Thanks to an atmosphere that is breathable only thanks to intensive ox-pumping at dedicated stations, the air is far too dense to be of much use aside from keeping the planet's water on the surface. Motion through the air is difficult, making surface life a nice simulation on a high-gravity world without the long-term health damages, and the light of the yellow-ish sun is perceived as a dull red that gives only half the hours of sunlight it would on a typical planet. However, it is great for doing 'science' (well-hidden experiments protected by the atmosphere) that other worlds would be too frightened to do, and also serves as the main training station for XenoMil’s ToxMarine, AquaMarine, and other extreme-conditions programs.
Population: 4,000,000,000
Inhabitable planets in system: 1
Moons in system: 3
Planets owned: 1
Moons owned: 3
Notable Cities: Nashell'l, Roursia, XenoFarm 299
Defenses: HDI Draggers, Telaronian ‘Stonehenge’ Mega-Railgun Installations 1-24, Sentry-Turret Orbiter Grid
System Fleet: 5th, 6th Fleets
System governor: Elisa Lartee
Exports: Food, Livestock, Genetic Material

Geography of Telaron: Telaron was once a peaceful agri-world free of foreign influence. When XenoNavy vessels were attacked by the natives, the military was sent in with the assistance of a Xiscapian ‘force group’ (which remains off of Imperial records to this day) and the world quickly surendered. The locals were forcibly integrated and the world put back to work. A planet of hills, forests, and lush prairies, it now houses some of the largest hydroponic tower-cities in the Federation. A world well-guarded so as to feed the Federation and allow the more industrial planets to carry on their work, the planet is both relatively quiet and one of the most fiscally vital in the Federation, seeing recent military occupation to quell assimilation-related riots and fears of incursion by alien forces.
Population: 0
Inhabitable planets in system: 0
Moons in system: 4
Planets owned: 1
Moons owned: 4
Cities: None left standing
Defenses: HDI Draggers, Sentry-Turret Orbiter Grid
System Fleet: 7th Fleet
System governor: Rai'a Sirisi
Exports: Historical and Religious Relics, Cult Conspiracies, Sorrow

Geography of Todular: To call it hellacious would be an insult to Hell. The small shroud of atmosphere is choked with radioactive grey smog and dust along with quantum dust from centuries-old Planck Adjustment attacks. The surface is nothing but grey and brown shades of stone and scorched earth. Many remnental ruins remain, beautifully baroque hyper-cathedrals and arcologies, humbled since their grav-supports were taken off-line and now standing amidst their own fallen heights. However, most of the planet is filled with blackened seas, terrifyingly violent wreckage, and bodies and remains already fossilizing as the chemistry of the air and the radiation of the earth work against those who lost the Xenohuman Civil War. Rumors of cult compounds miles beneath the surface and lost Relic-Weapons still lure bounty hunters and looters, many of whom never return.
Population: 9,500,000 permanent residents, approx. 2 times that number including tourist populations year-round
Inhabitable planets in system: 1
Moons in system: 1
Planets owned: 1
Moons owned: 1
Notable Cities: Ver’tick City, XenoPolis™, Goodcoast
Defenses: HDI Draggers, Sentry-Turret Orbiter Grid, HDI Minefield
System Fleet: 24th Fleet
System Governor: Hu’ni Nekhen
Exports: Cultural Products (visual / audio arts, celebrity), organic farm produce, Gynoid/Android robotics and biomechanical body-sleeves

Geography of Tyloa: A world of broad tropics, gentle axial tilt, and high water levels that managed to be shaped into a ‘paradise planet’ by the Todularians with little effort. The closeness of its moon results in severe tidal activity, but due to wonderful engineering, the cities and coastal affairs of the planet have little to fear. The surfer’s-dream waves and clean, glimmering water frame islands of burgeoning (carefully maintained) flora and fauna, and the world’s peace and prosperity make it a natural choice for tourism, domestic cultural development, and, most obviously, insidious crime operations. The planet serves as the heart of the Consortium’s drug and slaving enterprises (giving new urgency to the term ‘tourist trap’), as well as XenoAdmin’s peddling of hedonist propaganda and Xeno-Tech’s family-unfriendly ‘Red Zone’ affairs. Nevertheless, as long as one does their research and avoids the obvious dangers and bad leads, a vacation on Tyloa is always a lovely prospect.

Geography of Zioncos: The moon of Zioncos is inhabited mostly by the ‘ugly necessities’ of system management. Government compounds, military installations, diplomatic installations, and all the other legalities are accounted for on the little verdant orb that gets a beautiful view of Tyloa above. Warm, sunny, with quick days and even quicker nights, even the Federation’s administrators and bueracrats have a fun time. Some say it’s even ‘funner’ than down on Tyloa due to the Federation’s closed doors and well-known higher-level depravities, but until someone dares to come out and admit to Roman cyber-deviancies made manifest in holodecks and through body-hopping biomorphs, it remains the stuff of jovial conjecture.
Scathis 328
Inhabitable planets in system: 0
Moons in system: 1
Planets owned: 1
Moons owned: 1
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor:
Inhabitable planets in system: 0
Moons in system: 1
Planets owned: 1
Moons owned: 1
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor:

Geography of Olangmar Prime:
Inhabitable planets in system: 2
Moons in system: 3
Planets owned: 3
Moons owned: 3
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor: Orson Nayr

Geography of Androssia Prime:

Geography of Androssia Tertius:
Inhabitable planets in system: 1
Moons in system: 2
Planets owned: 2
Moons owned: 2
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor:

Geography of Old Lofwyr:

Geography of New Lofwyr:
Inhabitable planets in system: 2
Moons in system: 4
Planets owned: 2
Moons owned: 1
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor:

Geography of Phillos Alpha:

Geography of Phillos Beta:
Inhabitable planets in system: 4
Moons in system: 5
Planets owned: 4
Moons owned: 5
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor:

Geography of Ramam Primaris (water world):

Geography of Ramam Secundus (steppe world):

Geography of Ramam Tertius (taiga world):

Geography of Vinse (low-grav frozen-mountain world):
Inhabitable planets in system: 1
Moons in system: 4
Planets owned: 3
Moons owned: 4
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor:

Geography of Ch’Hive: (oasis)
Geography of Cleacaea II / III: (binary gas giant)
Inhabitable planets in system: 2
Moons in system: 22
Planets owned: 3
Moons owned: 22
Notable Cities:
System Fleet:
System Governor:

Geography of Questoo I: (gas giant)
Geography of Saura: (normal)
Geogrpahy of Jaura: (rocky, nuked)
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Libertarian Police State

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Rai'a Sirisi, Lord General-Superior of the Armed Federation
Age: 52
Height: 7'7"
Gender: Male
Species: Drakon

"I am the Federation. I am its hopes, its fears, its strengths, and its crushing weaknesses. I regret some of the things this country and I have done, certainly, but do I regret who I am and what this Federation has become? Never."

History: The second child of Andor Sirisi and the sole child to survive into adulthood, he followed in his father’s footsteps and joined XenoArmy at the ripe young age of 14, having qualified early due to exceptional physique brought on by expensive nanoaugmentation. Fighting in the service abroad and specializing in the operation of macro-armor in air-to-air combat, he was forcibly retired at the rank of colonel after his father was killed during the Reannexation of Ramam. Appointed at age 28 to become the next Lord General Superior, he saw a notable modernization of the Federation’s foreign affairs and military-industrial complex, putting himself in place over one of the most collectively stable autocracies in the galaxy. Seen at home as a strong, level-headed leader who knows how to manipulate his Drakonian temper masterfully, the only serious opposition he faces domestically is the threat of Todularianism and Consortium conspiracy.
Apor Rania, Ambassador Superior
Age: 82
Height: 7'4"
Gender: Male
Species: Drakon

"I babysit the deadliest children XenoAdmin has ever produced. Generals, tyrants, lawyers, scientists; all of them, children."

History: Born into government, with father and mother both serving as internal advisors during the Republican Era, Rania knew a privileged childhood of good education, quality med-augmentation, and the crucial political contacts he’d need to make a name for himself. Ranging from military up-and-comings to sectarian double-agents and even penetrating, Rania found himself the glue holding a great web of tenuous alliances and simmering rivalries together. Playing accountant and face-man during the XenoCide, he earned a good slap on the back from everyone involved and gladly accepted the role of Ambassador Superior to carry on the good work of keeping friends close and enemies closer at home and abroad.
Andony Snis, Spymaster Superior
Age: 62
Height: 6’2”
Gender: Male
Species: Xenohuman

“I'm the only one here who knows what a bloodline really means. Here. Give me your wrist. I'll show you what it means, the hard way..”

History: Andony Snis would be in prison or dead if he didn't know the right people. Once a cultist, always a cultist, as they say. This one is simply an apostate with a chip on his shoulder, is all.

Presumably. Andony Snis has taken every possible measure to remove all information on his life from private and public records. All that is known about him is what he claims - lineage from various Todularian psychic houses, upbringing as a devout cultist of the Septumvirate, and an escape from home to avoid the loss of his soul to the hungry forces of SlipSpace. Of course, his story changes subtly every time he tells it. Hell, even his face seems to change subtly, likely the work of extensive psychic glyph-enchantment. This would take the form of full-body, excuciatingly applied tattooes, but the nature of the psionic illusion makes confirming their presence (and thus confirming his cultist past) impossible. At any rate, he joined the inner circle of Rai'a Sirisi's administration on the recommendation of General Superior Petronez. Petronez had taken advantage of Snis' skills as a psion through private contract work with xenohuman biotic mercenaries to support various police actions throughout the early years of the Federation, and Snis' skills at technomancy, intrusive telepathy, personality editing, hypno-programming, and no-frills mind control all made him an ideal candidate for membership in the fledgling XenoIntelligence agency. Of course, the inner circle of XenoGovernment are all fitted with anti-intrusion augmentation as a matter of personal security in a galaxy of mind-raping cultists.

Snis is, therefore, incapable of exerting undue influence over his peers.
Of course.
A man like Andony wouldn't lie about such things.
Jiana Tho, Representative-Superior of the Xenohuman Federate
Age: 43
Height: 5'9"
Gender: Female
Species: Human

"Some among you call for a ban on ‘futile speech’ such as ours in the Federate, simply to save your tempers. Well then, let him without sin cast the first stone."

Gorren Dukannon, Agent Superior of LethalOps
Current Incarnation’s Age: Unknown, estimated at around 43-46
Height: 7’6”
Gender: Male
Species: Drakon (BlackDrake Clone)

“Sometimes, I feel like I’ve done all of this before… The combat, the training, the living, everything… Like déjà vu runs in my blood 24/7…”

Public History: Born in a down-trodden sector of Xeno City, the orphaned Drakon known as Gorren Dukannon was found by CorpSec mercenaries, taken in, accommodated for, and turned in to an ultra-loyal super-soldier. From years one to nineteen, he was raised with Spartan discipline, chemically doped, and martially trained in many varieties of melee and ranged combat, from bows and arrows to bolt-guns and shoulder-fired focus cannons. Once training was complete, XenoAdmin bought Gorren's service and he was further conditioned for the next five years, trained in the arts of infiltration, assassination, and once his next layer of training was finished, he spent the next decade years serving XenoMil working with XenoArmy and XenoMarine, working as a corporate assassin, front-line riot control enforcer, and occasionally acting as a heavy weapons or distance-work specialist during Genestealer operations.

Appointed as Agent Superior for LethalOps, he now wields as much political influence and military decision-making power as a street-born could ever hope. A decade and a half of intense combat experiences and of getting his way with almost every individual he meets has made Gorren an arrogant, self-serving bully who gets what he wants and wants whatever he thinks he can get. Thinking, no, knowing that he is the best around, he has a habit of proving his points with fists thrust into faces, horrible bouts of profanity, and at the least, sharp retorts and cocky self-confidence.

Actual History: BlackDrake 887-293-Zeitgeist was an experimental project by the Xeno-Tech corporation in enhanced learning and social stabilization in the BlackDrake series. Previous experiments often suffered from severe psychosis, anxiety disorders, self-rationalizing suicidal psychiatric profiles, and other neural maladies. Psychosurgical experimentation, in which a neural landscape was altered through coding and programming in a VR simulspace, led to the creation of the ‘Zeitgeist’ cyber-brain, capable of biological function and sapience sustenance, but without the uncontrolled self-alteration and logical flaws that led to the destruction of countless previous units.

After arrangements with Wyrm Defense were finalized, 'Gorenn Dukannon' was tank-birthed. After the proto-consciousness that would become the man was uploaded into the cyber-brain, the baby’s entire CNS was replaced, effectively killing the old Dukannon and replacing it with a more secure version. From there, the child was planted in the ghettoes and collected. From there, the experiment ran its course and Siars proved to be perform above and beyond all expectations. A little cajoling with XenoIntelligence saw the details of the plan shared, contracts written up, and Siars ensured a place in national command. Now, with Dukannon sitting on the chief-of-staffs board of Superiors, Xeno-Tech waits to see what further developments might warrant additional ‘testing’ and augmentation. Official paperwork refers to him as Gorren Dukannon in order to throw off the tails of those who are attempting to access information that they don't ever need to know. Other 'production models' based on Gorren's archetype are either in monitored real-world development or under tight containment by Xeno-Tech itself.
CFO Orson Nayr III (Wyrm Defense Services)
Age: 28 (7 biologically: Accelerated-growth, stunted-aging BlackDrake clone)
Height: 7'4"
Gender: Male
Species: Drakon

"I represent the 98th time Xeno-Tech has attempted to create a domestically profitable BlackDrake Supergenome. To their compliment, they have become very, very good at it."

History: Gorren Dukannon is not the only public official to have been born out of the Black-Drake program. After a nasty Corp-War between Xeno-Tech security personnel and well armed dock workers was resolved following a 3-month embargo of Androssia, the local unions were ceded to and a sub-corporation was born out of the matter. Wyrm Defense Services demanded a new leader, one closer to the people than Xenon, and so Orson Nayr was chosen from a pool of viable candidates by local leadership. Little did they know that Orson Nayr was simply a contingency being, bred and kept in a VR coma should the need for a harsh-but-effective leader on the quick ever come up. Now, holding the locals in check through flagrant abuse of the law and simple force-of-arms, Nayr is equal parts planetary dictator and corporate face, serving as a flesh-and-blood conduit to commune Lord Xenon to smaller chunks of the foreign private sector. As head of Xeno-Tech’s primary military contracting, he is also responsible for tactical and strategic direction of police forces, paramilitary and black-flag operations, and occasionally is given command over Genestealer teams operating both domestically and abroad.
BlackDrake Experiments
Progenitor’s Age: Died at age of 38
Average Height: 7’9”
Gender: 70% Male, 25% Female, 5% other (hermaphroditic, neuter, budding, etc.)
Species: Drakon

“The body is a machine. The mind is a computer. Life is a grand experiment, and all we can do is ensure there is something to learn from it.”

Progenitor History: Born to death cultists in a down-trodden sector of Tuzus Capitalia (what would become the Industrial Sector of Tuzus II) the mentally unstable bare-handed who called himself Endrok became one of the Todularian Council’s greatest arguments against continuing the Drakonian species. Becoming a drug-addled psychopath raised semi-parentally by gene-hackers and gangers in the ghettos, he wandered the shadows and ruled the streets, killing and eating his victims for month-long stretches of terror. With a kill-count in the low triple digits by the end of his career, he was finally captured and killed by Todularian military personnel shortly before the Xenohuman Civil War began.

During the war, before the Fall of Todular, resistance personnel successfully broke into an Ecclasiarchy gene-lab and stole samples of Endrok’s genome before destroying the lab. Upon analysis, it was found that Endrok was nothing short than a genetic messiah for the Drakon. With genes exhibiting near-sapient self-modification and time-dilated evolutionary improvement, it represented the last best hope for Drakonian self-actualization as a species.

After the course of the war, the Xeno-Tech Corporation obtained exclusive rights to the Endrok Samples and began making the kind of big plans that usually get the Assembly of Worlds investigating. In order to push the boundaries of gene-tech and biotechnology, a series of dangerous experiments began taking place, changing what could be understood as Drakonian and occasionally daring the galaxy to reconsider what could be aesthetically considered sapient life. Codenamed ‘BlackDrake’, the project has received continual funding both from Xeno-Tech itself as well as XenoIntel and XenoSci.

Notable BlackDrakes – Public Launches
BD-799-883-Wallstreet: After a long series of combat-focused experiments, Xeno-Tech decided it was high time to plan for the future and attempt to create a social-focused BlackDrake. No holds were barred: Pheremone emitters, neural booster tech-implants, and aesthetic planning borne of countless hundreds of focus groups were the tip of the iceberg. The birthing was a success, and ‘Orson Nayr’ was ready. After spending several years in stasis having his cyber-brain loaded with skilsofts and more information than could physically be learned otherwise, he was released and given control of Wyrm Defense, Xeno-Tech’s largest private military contracting subsidiary and deemed a tremendous success.
BD-800-293-Zeitgeist: BlackDrake 887-293-Zeitgeist was an experimental project by the Xeno-Tech corporation in enhanced learning and social stabilization in the BlackDrake series. Previous experiments often suffered from severe psychosis, anxiety disorders, self-rationalizing suicidal psychiatric profiles, and other neural maladies. Psychosurgical experimentation, in which a neural landscape was altered through coding and programming in a VR simulspace, led to the creation of the ‘Zeitgeist’ cyber-brain, capable of biological function and sapience sustenance, but without the uncontrolled self-alteration and logical flaws that led to the destruction of countless previous units. As the current Agent Superior of the LethalOps program, 'Gorren Dukannon' is likely the most objectively successful BlackDrake to date.
Xenon, Corporate Executive Officer of the Xeno-Tech Corporation
Age: 623 (including parallel consciousnesses)
Height: N/A when digitized, varies from body to body
Gender: N/A when digitized, varies from body to body
Species: Exosentient (Virtually Suspended Intelligence)

“I sent four Genestealers into Imperial space after hacking into the Jaunt Gate system with nothing more than my own complex-forms. Why? Because I found it very, very funny when they died. The look on the Emperor’s face was good too, and the Syndicate got a good kick out of it, but I did it mostly to send men to their deaths in a novel, painful way. I shouldn’t have to tell you the lesson, but here goes, you poor soul; don’t fuck with me. Don’t you ever try and fuck with me.”

History: Iulius Landen-Ardelan was a patterns-recognition savant from a poor family living on Tuzus at the time of the Xenohuman Civil War. Entering the newly instated Republican Artificial Intelligence program, he proved to be one of its greatest assets, developing Artificial General Intelligence independently and taking on successful genetics and cyberware programs ‘on the side’. Using his vast intelligence and skill, he also founded the Xeno-Tech corporation and used his innovations to quickly become one of the largest megacorporations, buying out competitors and crushing opponents with breakthrough consumer technologies. However, his favorite project was the Exosentient Intelligence program, a way to transfer consciousness and possibly even ‘souls’ from man, machine, and android without data-loss or memory failure. After decades of work, he finally had enough resources and willpower to plug himself in.

Becoming a being of pure energy existing in a datascape of incomprehensible power spanning what eventually became a continent’s-mass of hardare on the North Pole of the homeworld, ‘Xenon’ also created Cyber-Surrogacy, BioSleeves, and the Omni-Specitated Avatar Apparatus in order to continue operating in the material world. With his ‘terrestrial holdings’ well-protected with extraterritorial law, he is constantly conniving, plotting, acting, and occasionally trolling the powers of the galaxy for power and personal pleasure.

Xenon’s standard BodySleeve
Datascape self-construction of Xenon Central Sentience
Marckus Petronez, General Superior
Age: 88
Height: 8'3"
Gender: Male
Species: Drakon (XenoMarine Modified)

“Say that again! Say ‘come get us’ again, I dare you, I double dare you, boy, say ‘come get us’ again!”

History: Born relatively shortly after the Republic’s inception, and quickly initiated into the Republican Marines as they were called at the time, Petronez showed remarkable physical and mental capability, taking the organ implants well and rising through the ranks with impressive speed, becoming a General in that branch. Petronez was present for the disaster of Rembrandt Habitat and has repeatedly told the media of his proud inaction during that event, seeing himself as a paragon of XenoAdmin’s future virtue. However, his real rise to power came about when he joined with Andor Sirisi and others in political power to conspire and enact the XenoCide. Taking the role of field commander, responsible for killing thousands of Xenans with his own guns, blades, and power-armored fists, and helping ensure the extinction of the Xenans as a whole, he was granted the position of General Superior as well as Marine Superior and has held his power against enemies foreign and domestic. Thanks to his bleeding-edge self-repair nanoaugmentations, he currently does not have a mortal life expectancy, meaning that he may very well wage war and destroy his enemies for as long as the Federation exists.
Nasrys Siars, Shadowrunner
Biological Age: 28
Actual Age: 7
Height: 7'10"
Gender: Male
Species: Drakon (BlackDrake)

"I'm the best at what I do, they say, but if I could trade that for the chance at anything else, I'd take it. Can't be a good person in this line of work after a while, and my number's bound to come up any day now."

Nasrys Siars knows as little about himself as anyone else, and what he's learned from his interaction with Xeno-Tech has never been encouraging. Records aboard the Spinor Nasrys downloaded before the ship's destruction show he was born through the BlackDrake program under sub-species header 'Sith' as an experimental psy-sensitive hunter and tracker designed for urban environments. Compared to other BlackDrakes, his physicial modifications were limited, only going so far as gene-tweaked muscle tissue, increased hormonal output, and modified hip-joints to allow a better quadrupedal gait for sprinting and climbing.

Vat-grown by X-Tech scientists, and mentally programmed with various skillsofts and personality heuristics, the experiment was deemed a failure due to cascading neurological defects culminating in severe psychosis. Delusions of grandeur tying into his genetic ancestor, sociopathic personality traits, sadomasochistic tendencies, and obsessive-compulsive behavior. However, with Citadel Security Solutions always putting pressure on Wyrm Defense Services, Nasrys was set loose in CSS-protected precincts and allowed to freely roam, a serial killer on a leash serving Xeno-Tech's interests as 'The Dragon-Knife'. Killing and eating his victims in the dead of night, always evading capture and district lock-downs, and eventually crippling CSS' public image in the beleagured sectors of Tuzus II, allowing WDS to come in and restore peace. Nasrys was captured after he had taken the lives of over 100 people, the black drake found in a water treatment hub in the sewers, having scarred himself extensively from cutting as a compulsive behavior slaked by violence and sexual release. With no further use for the drakon, Nasrys was shuttled for the hellworld of Charnel, having done his part for Xeno-Tech and serving no further use.

However, rather than simply vanish into the corpse-piles of the world, Nasrys came into the company of a motley crew of outlaws, bounty hunters, and other prisoners. Joining with them out of naked self-interest, even expressing his wishes to enact violence on his peers at times, Siars tagged along, his brute strength and agility serving the group well to survive. Of special note are the beginnings of his friendships with Sei Vydam, Terramo 'The Saint', and Olsthanel. Of the three, the latter is at once his shortest and most important relationship.

Olsthanel, a warp-touched Eldar exile sent to the planet by her Craftworld to dispose of her before her corruption overtook her, formed a bond with Nasrys by no fault of her own - Nasrys fixated on the elf and her strong psychic presence, and he saved her on more than one occasion from certain death. During a heated battle, Nasrys was gravely injured, and Olsthanel invoked her powers to heal him. While his torn body stitched together and his scars began to fade from broad grey gashes into mere patterning on his hide, his mind was touched by the Empyrean. Neither Nasrys nor the psy-scientific co as a person.mmunity at large can provide accurate explanation for what happened, but the daemonic forces of SlipSpace, possibly one of the Todularian Gods themselves, worked upon Nasrys' psyche and rebuilt him. Neurological and psychodynamic defects were restored to fullness, and the delirious psychosis that had plagued Nasrys was gone. No longer driven to kill or injure to keep the voices silent, and able now to understand the world and other lifeforms around him as more than blurry figments of his hateful, confused imagination, Nasrys awoke reborn, a drakon given a second chance at life.

He knew little about his new self, when he first came to, but he knew he had to protect his friends, and so he did, helping his party escape Charnel and boarding the Spinor along with the rest as it landed gathering specimens for experimentation. Joining his comrades in a prison break and surviving everything from zombie hordes to kill-servitors, Nasrys and his fellows came a cross a cloning lab holding various black-scaled drakes in various stages of development. The more they saw, they more it seemed they resembled Nasrys in one way or another, and by the time they accessed the computers and discovered the BlackDrake program, it was obvious where Nasrys had come from. During their adventures on the Spinor, Olsthanel went missing, and it was not until Nasrys and the rest came to the hangar that her whereabouts were known.

She had been captured and thralled by another BlackDrake, a four-armed psychic goliath, project-name 'Malac'. While the rest of Nasrys' allies battled to secure a ship and fend off the hordes of Stormtroopers and zombies that attacked, Nasrys rushed Malak and Olsthanel. Their battle was over in a flash - the three of them were pulled into a SlipSpace pocket by Malac where he could torment Nasrys and force the drake to destroy the Eldar who had given him a chance at sanity. When they returned to RealSpace, Nasrys stood in a heap of gore and bone, eyes blood-shot, mute for days after he boarded a shuttle with the rest of his friends and fled for safer stars.

While Sei departed for the Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia, Nasrys and Terramo set out on a spiritual journey together. Terramo had been appointed by the gods of Setulan as their great Saint, and Nasrys sought to understand himself and seek a way to atone for his crimes on Tuzus, unused to sanity and seeking guidance in his life. Together, they spent months in Setulan, battling evil wherever they found it and understanding their respective callings. This work is what resulted in Nasrys becoming a Setulan Saint in his own right, a title he appreciates but rarely invokes - he considers himself unworthy of such a thing as Terramo has earned.

Returning to the Armed Federation of Xenohumanity, Nasrys found a nation in dire need of moral guidance. Having been psychotic to the point of impaired sapience before, Nasrys finally learned of Xenohuman society - its brutal military and megacorporate regimes working in unison to oppress the masses and force them to build up might and wealth that would only be turned against them. It was an easy decision to become a shadowrunner, and he quickly earned a name for himself as a preternatural tracker, bounty-hunter, and head-taker. Between contracted work, dealing with 'assasination attempts' by Xeno-Tech's BlackDrake assassins (which Nasrys knows are merely tests of his strength by Xenon, who seeks to recapture the 'perfect drakon' and create an unstoppable army in Nasrys' image), and coming to the aid of his friends whenever asked, Nasrys is rarely for want of work.

Rising to the rank of Prime Runner, joining the ranks of the finest hired criminals in the Twin Galaxies, Nasrys is amenable to contracts against megacorporate targets, supporting xenoenvironmentalist radicals targeting heavy industry, contracts against psychic threats, and other jobs that require a combination of brute force and shadowy stalking only he provides. However, he is very stringent on the morality of his operations - if he suspects a job will overreach his personal guidelines, he will refuse, and if undisclosed complications to his objectives breach his ethics, he will terminate the operation.

Lingering psychological issues still plague Nasrys, despite the healing done at Charnel. While rendered psychically null as regards telepathy and more malicious psychic powers, the neurological architecture for his psy-sense is abnormal, and the altered brain structure of the SlipSpace healing he received left some of his psychological disorders intact. Mild-moderate schizophrenia and assorted sub-pathologies plagues Nasrys, manifesting in the form of paranoid episodes, audio hallucinations, and depressive tendencies. His empathy often gets the better of him and he is prone towards self-loathing and taking on the burdens of others beyond his limits to cope. His strong devotion to his friends and the common good as a form of penance results in internalizing the tragedies of others, whether it is the existential plight of the Xenohuman people or the hurt and stresses of his dear friends - the loss of Sei's 'brother' Enishi is a particularly painful matter for Nasrys, its effect on Sei a vivid picture of the anguish his crimes on Tuzus as 'The Dragon-Knife' caused the innocents of the Federation.

Nasrys - the Dragon-Knife, the Saint of Strength, and a cyberpunk penitent the forces whose evil sees most clearly in himself.
Josephus Darso, Admiral Superior
Age: 40
Height: 7'9"
Gender: Male
Species: Drakon

"I'm always torn between determining whether fighting a worthy foe or a foolish foe is 'funner' when I'm at the helm. It's not really an issue, though; in a galaxy like this, I get more than enough of both."

Darrin Darmouth and Wair Cobali
Ages: 32 and 36
Heights: 5’8” and 7’7”, respectively
Species: Xenohuman and Drakon, respectively
Professions: Former XenoSci Solo Scout and Former XenoMarine DigiMarine, currently Smugglers / Treasure-Hunters

“Hey, wanna go out to Dastor VI, go see if there’s any archeo-tech gizmos we could sell?” “What? That one with the old dig-site the cultists occupied? That the army’s sitting on trying to smoke ‘em out?” “Yeah, that one.” “Yes. Hell yes.”

Bios: Darrin Darmouth was the unremarkable son of two indentured migrant factory workers who were shipped from planet to planet wherever specialized machine-repair skills were required. Seeing the whole of the federation by the time he finished his Extranet-based schooling, Darrin showed a particular aptitude for piloting, and made his parents proud when he was taken by XenoSci into their Scout-Survey program. However, this meant serving alone on a mostly autonomous ship, which led him to his lifestyle of cynicism, Extranet addiction, and moderate drug abuse (leaving him with a low-mole heroin habit he nurses to this day). After assisting a Genomitan surveyor with investigating a space hulk and coming upon ‘nasty things’ that XenoSci saw fit to ‘un-remember’ in him, he was re-assigned to closer patrols aboard the XSSS Chemistral.

Wair Cobali was deposited unceremoniously into a XenoMarine orphanage on Tyloa by a night-lifer mother he has never met. Trained, augmented, modified, and chipped with the hardware of a DigiMarine combat hacker, Specialist Cobali was given the Mark of High Service (1st Class) for exceptional leadership under duress of fire while neutralizing a Consortium slaver stronghold. However, after this battle, he was put onto ship-maintenance duty aboard the XNV Andross, a boring job which dedicated XenoNavy personnel already managed rather well. A short tour of duty later, he was reassigned again aboard the XSSS Chemistral after skill-software training in ship piloting.

Thus the XenoMarine and the XenoScout met for the first time. After some time of standard scouting, the pair came across a wrecked XenoAdmin freighter. Embarking and boarding, the two discovered all manner of high-grade mineral fuel, secret composites, and other valuables. Deciding that a life on the run wasn’t all that bad in exchange for the pay, the two made off like bandits and left the wreck unreported for three weeks until another patrol found the looted vessel. Living on the run and turning mighty profits, the pair take up odd jobs, explore ruins and wrecks, and even help move people and goods for the right price, and the two are never known to turn down a job simply because it’s dangerous or fool-hardy.
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Trading Policy

Xenohuman markets are no-tariff, completely open affairs, save the monolithic Xeno-Tech corporation's uncanny ability to beat out the competition on local grounds. However, due to the fact that Xenohumans are sometimes overly fond of incorporating foreign goods in their compulsive need for more, foreign trade is a major part of the Federation's economy. While the upper classes live off of fabricator technology, and the mass industry and hab-agriculture of the middle and lower classes would allow the federation to effectively secede from the galaxy should the need arise, the need for exotic resources, specially trained workers and tradesmen, and the occasional 'liability-debatable asset gives XenoAdmin sufficient reason to engage in open trade.


Xenohuman shipping is performed by either XenoTrade, the Federation's national shipping group and merchant marine, or by the Xeno-Tech Corporation, supplying itself and engaging in personal business on a mass scale. During wartime, XenoTrade freighters are often used to transfer weapons and personnel discreetly, with Xeno-Tech vessels exercising extraterritoriality and working with the Federate government to combine business and 'patriotism' to engage in the same tactical operation. Due to the fact that most freighters are somehow customized or at least aesthetically modified, ships can be classified in four main groups based on specialization.

Volume Freighters - Haulers

Carry capacity, low maintenance, and reliable delivery under any and all circumstances separate the Volume Freighters, typically called haulers, from their smaller or foreign cousins. With energy systems devoted to high-speed Phase Drives rather than maneuverability or notable speed in real-space, and with a vastly automated crew, the haulers make up the majority of Xeno-Tech and government shipping vessels. When designed, the haulers were built to handle any threat short of a dedicated military assault. With this in mind, the haulers almost universally are heavily armored, mounted with almost military-grade weaponry, and under orders to tolerate absolutely no interference with their work. However, this policy is susceptible to bribery, corruption, and treasonous activity, and these three often explain any inefficiencies in Xenohuman shipping. In emergencies, haulers can be further armored and deployed by XenoNavy as mine-layers, Q-ships, and other low-speed high-armor positions.

Lodsemone-class Shipping Hauler
Crew: 15
Length: 3,250 meters
Capacity: 4 million tons

Marco-class Commodity Hauler
Crew: 35
Length: 6,675 meters
Capacity: 10 million tons

Liquidity-class Route Establishment Hauler
Crew: 70
Length: 9,205 meters
Capacity: 15 million tons

Velocity Freighters - Runners

Unlike the Haulers, the Velocity Freighters are designed for transporting individuals and small shipments within a system, usually operating through a larger ship’s hangar resources or making system-to-system transit using Waystations exclusively, as the available generators would be strained by the use of a SlipSpace drive. Due to the square-cube law, their acceleration and highest practical speed is greater than the volume freighters, allowing for more inconspicuous and secure transport of undesirables, high-value goods, and persons operating beyond strictly legal limits of Federal trade law.

Sanick-class Route Runner
Crew: 1, with room for up to 5 passengers/crewmen and baggage
Length: 40 meters
Capacity: 100 tons

Enterprising-class Civilian Logistics Vessel
Crew: 6
Length: 120 meters
Capacity: 400 tons

Hermitage-class Civilian Away-Shuttle
Crew: 4 operating, capacity for 100 passengers with baggage
Length: 60 meters
Capacity: 100 passengers OR 220 tons of cargo

Utility Freighters – Scrappers and Scanners

To call the utility freighters ‘freighters’ is misleading, as they rarely carry actual cargo. Instead, these specialized vessels are deployed whenever and wherever ‘objects of interest’ come up on XenoAdmin and Xeno-Tech’s collective radar. Deconstructors move in when ships are beyond repair, repurposing scrap metal and space hulks into usable materials, as well as being sturdily equipped to handle dangerous fuel leaks and radiation venting that often results when military vessels are destroyed. Scanning ships analyze anomalies, carry small scientific labs, and are fast enough to enter areas of contention to drop off and pick up research teams when other shuttles would be stopped and investigated. Scout-Survey vessels, a mainstay of Federal astrocartology and frontier-pushing, serve as the plentiful scouts and scanners of XenoSci and Xeno-Tech, often making First Contact with other races and making first headway into dangerous and uncharted areas of space.

Extorsic-class Heavy Deconstructor
Crew: 25
Length: 140 meters
Capacity: 7,500 tons, 15,000 if the ship is equipped with compressor chambers and grav-assist modules

Analyth-class Variable-Energy Scanning Ship
Crew: 1-4
Length: 50 meters
Capacity: 50 metric tons and/or 20 passengers

XSSS-class Scout-Survey Vessel
Crew: 2-10, depending on configuration
Length: 45 meters
Capacity: 75 metric tons and/or 30 passengers

Trading Partners

Note: This list only represents states which conduct contracted trade with XenoTrade itself. The Xeno-Tech Corporation is willing to trade with over 90% of established galactic nations for the right price, meaning that such a list would be difficult to keep complete.

Setulan Republic
People’s Republic of Alversia
Extrasolar Empire of Karaig
Kitsune Empire of Xiscapia (Mekajiki Shipyards are a joint-held subsidiary)
Terran Federal Union (Connected to the Terran Gate System)
Huerdaen Empire
United Dinosaur States of Saurisia
Solarian Empire of Cilistia Novaren (Vivisen-Class Trading Hub in orbit over Tuzus II)
Transhuman Community of Genomita

Imports: Element Zero, foodstock, agricultural supplies and machinery, cultural goods and services, pharmaceutical drugs, military equipment.

Exports: Computer systems, weaponry, robotic and biological labor, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, pre-fab starcraft and repair components, consumer goods, scientific apparatus and experimental systems.

Import-Export Index
Using the Xiscapian Index of Economic Priority

Color-codes indicate the levels of Imports or Exports for a product. Each product will have two color codes, one for Exports and one for Imports.
None - There is no demand for this item, importing this item will be nearly impossible.
Very Low - There is very little demand for import of this item. While deals can be made, the seller is at a severe disadvantage.
Low - There is a marginally increased demand for this item, however most imports will be either one-time deals, or very low volume deals.
Moderate - There is a fairly steady demand for this item. Merchants can be fairly confident in trying to import this item.
High - This item is in nearly constant, heavy demand. Any merchant attempting to import this item can make good profit.

These two tags are optional.
Illegal/Banned - This indicates this product or service is banned from imports/exports, and may be illegal in this nation. Illegal or banned items may still have a local demand, but smugglers may face penalties if caught.
Permit Required - This indicates trade of this product is regulated, and requires a permit from the local government. Trade without a permit is deemed illegal, and smugglers may face penalties if caught.

Key: Item – Import Rating (Demand) - Export Rating (Output) – Illegal (Optional) – Permits (Optional) – Notes

Raw Materials
Metallic Minerals - Very Low - High
Mineral Elements - Very Low - High
Rare Earth Elements – Very Low - Low
Gaseous Elements - Very Low - Low
Metallic Compounds - Very Low - High
Mineral Compounds - Very Low - High
Rare Earth Compounds - Very Low - Low
Gaseous Compounds - Very Low - Low
Non-Edible Plants - Very Low - Low
Radioactives - Very Low - Moderate
Gems and Stones – Very Low - Very Low
Waste Materials – None - Very Low
Exotic Matter (Antimatter) - None - High - Permit Required
Exotic Matter (Element Zero) - High – None - Permit Required
Exotic Matter (Mass-Carrying Entropy) – None - High - Permit Required – As the only nation thus far capable of producing materials- and weapons-grade M.C.E, XenoTrade prohibits sale of the good to civilian buyers.

Processed Materials

Industrial Alloys – None - High
High-Temperature Alloys – None - High
Electromagnetic and Magnetic Materials – None - High
Specialized Crystals - Moderate - Moderate
Polymers & Plastics - Low - Moderate
Plant-based Fibers and Materials - High - Low
Semiconductors and Superconductors – None - High
Metamaterials – None - High
Petrochemicals – None - Very Low
Fertilizers - Moderate - None
Scrap Metals - Low - High
Fusion Fuels – None - High
High-Energy Plasma (Stored) - Very Low - HighPermit Required
Explosives - Low - High

Manufactured Goods
Electronic Components - Low - High
Optical Computing Hardware – Low - High
Molecular / Quantum Computing Hardware – Low - High
Consumer Electronics – High - High
Household Goods – High - Moderate
Construction Equipment - Moderate - Moderate
Microreplicators - Moderate - Moderate
Nanofactories / Nanoforges – High - Low
Mining Equipment – None - High
Agricultural Equipment - Low - Low
Gravitic Equipment – High - HighHigh
Entropy Containment Equipment – None- High- Permit Required
Starship Chasses - HighHighPermit Required
Starship Drives (Sub-Light) – Moderate - HighPermit Required
Starship Drives (FTL) – HighHighPermit Required
Starship Generators – HighPermit Required
Starship Weapons -High - HighPermit Required
Starship Defenses / Shields -High - HighPermit Required


Animal Foodstuffs (Organic) - High - Moderate - Permit Required
Animal Foodstuffs (Mass-Produced) - Moderate - High
Plant-based Foodstuffs (Organic) – High - Moderate - Permit Required
Plant-based Foodstuffs (Mass-Produced) - Moderate - High
Artificial / Fabricated Foodstuffs – Low -High
Atmosphere Mixtures (Oxygenated Air) – Moderate - Moderate - Permit Required

Novelties & Luxuries

Intoxicants (Alcohol, Amyl Nitrate, Cannabis, Opium, etc.) - High - High
Narcotics (Barbiturates, Heroin, Morphine, Methadone, etc.) - High - High
Hallucinogens (LSD, Mescaline, etc.) - High - High
Accelerants (Amphetamines, Cocaine, etc.) - High - High
Luxury Food & Drink - High - Low
Exotic Food & Drink - High - Low
Rare Spices - High - Low
Fashion / Social Status Items – High - Moderate
Todularian Artifacts – ModerateIllegal/Banned – Exporting Todularian religious artifacts is illegal and likely to result in penal recolonization or execution.
Historical Relics – ModerateIllegal/Banned – Exporting Todularian Archeo-Technology or other Republican or Federal artifacts is illegal and likely to result in penal recolonization or execution.
Non-Interactive Entertainment (Movies, Trideo/Video, Holograph Trideo) – High - High
Interactive Entertainment (Trideo / Hologames, Virtual Reality Simulations) – High - High
Creative Art - High - Moderate
Performance Art (Live) - High - High
Performance Art (Recorded) - High - Moderate

Medical & Pharmaceutrical

Basic Medicines (Antibiotics, Antivirals, Anesthetics, etc.) -Moderate - High - Permit Required
Medical Supplies (Bandages, Splints, etc.) - Low - Moderate -Permit Required
Blood / Plasma (Synthetic and Real) -High - High - Permit Required
Longevity Treatments (Genetic Rejuvenation, Body Transfer, etc.) -High - High - Permit Required
Cosmetic Treatments (Plastic Surgery, Trangenetic Infusion, etc.) - High -High - Permit Required
Medical Nanotechnology - Moderate - High - Permit Required
Medical Equipment (Scanners, Surgical Equipment, Biohazard Gear, etc.) - Moderate[/color - [color=#FF0000]High- Permit Required
Cloning Equipment – Low - High - Permit Required
Medical Cloning (Tissues / Organs) – Low - High - Permit Required
Medical Cloning (Body Replacements) – Moderate - High - Permit Required
Augmentation (Biomedical) –High - Low - Permit Required
Augmentation (Mechanical) – High - High - Permit Required
Augmentation (Nanomechanical) –High - Moderate - Permit Required
Augment Implant Equipment – High- High - Permit Required


Research Data – High - High
Starcharts – High - Low
Civil Intelligence – High - Low
Military Intelligence – HighIllegal/Banned – Export and sale of Federal military intelligence is a treasonous offence and is illegal.
Journalism / News Services – Moderate - High
Information Services (Trade Periodicals, Scientific Journals, etc.) - High - High


Research & Development – High - HighPermit Required
Starship Design – Moderate - Moderate
Starship Construction – Moderate - HighPermit Required
Mercenary Contracting – Moderate - HighPermit Required
Augmentation Installation – Moderate - Moderate - Permit Required
Financial Services – Moderate - High
Mining Contracts –Low - HighPermit Required
Terraforming – Low - Low
Parcel Delivery – None - Low
Live Performance Art – High - Low
Academic Education – Moderate - ModeratePermit Required
Tourism - High - High

Paid Workers -High - High -Permit Required
Indentured Workers (Xeno-Tech or Consortium)- None - High - Permit Required
Slaves (Sapient) – Illegal/Banned –Bringing slaves in to or out of, or slaving sapient beings in Federal space is a capital crime. However, the Xenohuman Consortium of Independent Business Enterprises carries on a Moderate deal of underground slaving and sapient-trafficking operations regardless.
Machines (Droids and Robots) - Moderate - High
Machines (Industrial Machinery) - Moderate - High
Machines (AI and AGI) - Moderate - High
Clones and Bioroids (Non-Sapient) - Moderate -Moderate

Military Goods

Melee Weapons – Low - High - Permit Required
Light Arms (Handguns, SMGs, etc.) - Low - High - Permit Required
Heavy Arms (Sniper Rifles, Explosive Ordinance, etc.) – Low - High - Permit Required
Artillery (Mortars, Howitzers, etc.) – Low - Permit Required
Body Armor (Unpowered) – Low - High - Permit Required
Power Armor – Low - High - Permit Required
Macro-Armor – High - HighPermit Required
Armored Vehicles (Tanks, APCs, etc.) – Low - High - Permit Required
Munitions (Ammunition, Fuel, Rations, etc.) –Low - High - Permit Required

Vehicles (Manufactured & Assembled)

Consumer Ground Craft - High - Moderate
Industrial Ground Craft - Low - Moderate
Specialized Ground Craft - Low - Moderate
Consumer / Pleasure Water Craft - High - Moderate
Transport Water Craft - Low - Moderate
Military Water Craft - Moderate - ModeratePermit Required
Personal Aircraft - High - HighPermit Required
Passenger Aircraft - Moderate - Moderate - Permit Required
Cargo Aircraft - Low - Low - Permit Required
Small Spacecraft – Low - High - Permit Required
Light Transport Spacecraft – Low -High - Permit Required
Freighter Spacecraft – Low - High - Permit Required
Light Military Spacecraft – Low - Moderate - Permit Required
Medium Military Spacecraft – Low - Moderate - Permit Required
Heavy Military Spacecraft – Low - Moderate - Permit Required
Ultraheavy Military Spacecraft - Low - ModeratePermit Required

Prostitution - High - High
Survey and Exploration Services - Moderate - Moderate
Organism Byproducts (wood, fur, etc.) - High - Low
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Cults of Xenohumanity


The Todularians are classified as an extinct culture by the Assembly of Worlds and the Armed Federation, but in reality, the holistic religious tradition and simple lifestyle of the forerunners of the Drakon continues to exist. While it is not by any means a pervasive philosophy, there are still some minor influences in modern Federal living, and those who quietly adhere to the Todularian way of life continue carrying on the old ways. Scientists and merchants, soldiers and gangers, corporate officers and even government officials have been known to ‘fall prey’ to Todularianism, but the reality of worship is much more complicated, as explained below.

The remaining seven gods survive only in cult worship, and the only surviving remnants of this proud and ancient culture are passed down from priest to acolyte and by those scientists and looters brave enough or foolish enough to venture to ‘the old worlds’ and recover artifacts, records, and Relic-Technology.
The Armed Federation’s official stance on religion is on its error and notable lack of utility, working to suppress religious expression whenever possible to help maintain social stability. This has included breaking up public assemblies, dismantling unofficial church meeting groups, and going so far as to conduct armed raids on suspected religious compounds and bases. Other states have protested Xenohumanity’s harsh treatment of the subject matter, with others forgiving them on the basis of the oppressive nature of the Ecclasiarchy having shaped their views on the matter.

Despite its efforts, XenoAdmin and XenoLaw cannot stop all religious expression and thought. The Deitarchy of Todular, the henotheistic faith of the Todularians, survives in the form of small cults and sects. Todularians acknowledge the existence of all gods, in and out of the faith, but each one devotes themselves to serving one specifically, putting their energies towards advancing their dogma and agenda. While the true breadth of the surviving pantheon is unknown, what follows is short listing of those seven faiths that are known to survive in Xenohuman space under cover of darkness.

Kastros, The Harsh Ruler

Once an order of guardsmen, knights, and jailers for the Ecclesiarchy, the arbiters of justice and punishment have descended into sadistic and savage madness. The ‘Executors’ believe that sin must be punished, and that nothing can remove its stain. At best, the sinner can atone through suffering. At worst, the sin itself can be scourged through the death of the fallen. Combining this with a cultic, memetic obsession with the rust, steel, and machinery of the corrective dungeons and inquisitorial ‘correctives’ and torture of the old way, the Executors have rightly earned their street-cred as ‘Shreds’. Viewing society as a rotten husk, they attempt to scrape the meat and polish the bone. Their modus operandi is as brutal as their philosophy. The Executors fortify themselves wherever XenoSociety flees – abandoned housing projects, depleted mines, and ultra-toxic sewer systems beneath the ecumenopolis of Tuzus itself. Kidnapping those they have deemed ‘stained’ by sinful lifestyles, they bind them into elaborate, psychotic traps and force their victims to free themselves from their sin as well as their bondage. Forced to self-mutilate or inflict death and agony on others to survive, those who manage to flee the clutches of the Executors are scarred for life, prime targets for brainwashing into the cult themselves. Pain is their penance, gore their godhood. The gears that grind and blades that shred, the chains that rend and flames that broil, all are nothing but holiness to these sadists. Even those among the Wretched of Tarkolai and the Horde of Firuzehn view the Executors with rightful disgust – there is only so much that the Remnants of Todular are willing to accept from their kin.

Jarmore, The First Warrior

A temple smelted from the soul of every weapon ever used by one sapient against another. A steed of shifting, powdery bone and writhing, spraying arteries. A dragyn-man standing tall in bronze armor, upon which is engraved the history of ever war ever fought, wielding an axe etched with the name of ever warrior dying for a glorious cause. A sword clutched by gory hands, shrouded by the unknowable form of ‘The Last Vanguard’, a human figure with a winged head towering miles over the battlefield. These are the forms of the Nex Alea, the Vyngandal, the Ur-Drakon, Jarmore. His host of phantoms manning their bronze suits of armor and their crackling force-weapons are legendary for their ‘Long Marches’, striding from SlipSpace where the battle was proving most perilous for the faithful and making gory spectacle of the Church’s prompt triumph. The god’s aspects are as varied and subjective to the faithful as the forms of warfare. From planet-shattering spectacles of gore and chaos, to the subtle battles for power and influence in the halls of galactic government, the war god grants his favor to those who fight for just causes and without a shade of fear in their hearts. Selflessness, courage, and honor are key virtues to the priesthood of Jarmore, but the petty virtues of bloodlust and mercilessness in the face of evil are also holy when practiced in the company of like-minded fighters.

Engliz, The Noble Mage

‘Magic’ is the simple imposition of alternate laws of physics upon reality for a brief period of time. Whether this takes the form of elemental conjuration, telepathic manipulation, or breaching the boundaries of SlipSpace to let daemons take shape and crawl forth into our humble three dimensions, all is within the demesne of Engliz. The Todularians, and by extension the Xenohumans, have a peculiar affinity for psionics that the Students of Engliz attribute to their patron god’s involvement in the creation of their species, granting them a bond to the extramathematics that form the arcane. Taking the form of a sleek, metallic cephalopod of impossible composites and inscrutable complexity, Engliz represents the strength of mind and purity of blood required to bridge our world and the next. A near-obsessive devotion to codifying and sharing knowledge is a key part of the cultic worship of the Ever-Studied God, resulting in the circulation and preservation of cultic codices, grimoires, arcane formulae, and nanomechanical alchemy despite the Federation’s attempts to suppress the true knowledge of the galaxy. The ExtraNet is seen as an complicated, bewildered mind that requires education, and the Students work diligently to disseminate their information across the system, allowing for the induction of sympathetic would-be cultists in foreign lands and allowing all the cults of Todular unparalleled logistical speed as they wage their shadow war against the Armed Federation.

Mahvash, The Stern Mother

The cultists of Mahvash, her ‘Judicars’, are the closest to a beneficent force as modern Todularianism can produce. While first-founding Todularianism worshipped Mahvash as a goddess of vengeance, protection, and the family (encompassing fertility, mothers and fathers, and the performance of family duties), cultists of Mahvash now revere her as a shrine-goddess, protecting homes and persons and only extending her might as far as needed to keep her children safe. Many in the medical professions worship Mahvash in secret, and those who join her ecclesiastic orders rarely interact with the surface world, dedicating themselves to prayer, study, and organizing large networks of cultic charity. These underground networks of contraband literature, medical aid, and even weaponry supply other cults as well as anti-Federal nationalist groups and native uprising across the Federation, justified in the name of individualism and bringing long-term peace to families oppressed and divided by the current regime.

Mahvash herself is a loving being. In contrast to Firuzehn’s lusts, Mahvash’s mercies and attentions are beneficent and mutual. Those who truly doubt her love see her as a siren, luring lonely souls to their doom by promising them companionship and fellowship in life and cult-hastened death. It all depends on the openness of one’s heart and the willingness to give until it hurts, give until you cannot, give until all that is left to do is let the warm, rich flesh slough from your bones to feed the planet and continue the cycle of life.

Tihana, The Emotionless Judge

The Daughters of Tihana

Firuzehn, The Raging Wrong

The most notable of the ‘mad cults’ who aggress against the populace, the Horde of Firuzen are renowned as one of the most proactively aggressive underground movements in Xenohumanity. ‘Horde’ activities are typical for most street gangs: recruitment, criminal operations such as unlicensed drugs and sexual slavery, fighting other gangs, dealing with, dodging, and bribing CorpSec and MPs, and the like. However, unlike other gangs, who have financial, survival, or social motivations to operate, the Horde is motivated by religious impulse.

Firuzehn the Raging Wrong is a chaotic being, formless and hateful, spiting everything simply for spite’s sake. God of chaos and fire, Firuzehn was often the mythological trickster god, with a touch more malicious intent than other religions would give them. Those who devote themselves to the Raging Wrong live lives of reckless abandon and hedonism, preferring to burn bright and fast rather than join the rest of the dim candles in their ignorant self-destruction. Craving sensation, experience, and glory, they attempt to gain street fame more than legitimate fame mostly due to its ease of acquisition.

Tarkolai, The Hanged God

The Wretched of Tarkolai are easily the most dangerous and disturbing sect of Todularianism to survive the Xenohuman Civil War. Tarkolai is as a sinister god of death and hate who dwells in the shadows and operates through disposable mortals, consuming them with sadistic abandon. Built on principles of sadism, arcane ritual, and psychotic outbursts of violence, the Cult of Tarkolai is the enemy of all life in the Federation and the galaxy. With rumored presences in lower-class areas of the major cities of the Federation, the Cult is rarely spoken of by the public.

Of particular note is the official holy text of the Cult, The Hanged God’s Historie. Possession of any copy of this text is a capital crime in Xenohuman space, and XenoIntel devotes considerable effort to preventing its publication or consumption abroad. Taking the form of a four-hour passion play, the Historie follows the story of Tarkolai’s role in the origin of the Ecclesiarchy and the training of the first assassin. Interrogation with ‘survivors’ of performances draw little concrete information. Their recollections of the performance often include occurrences of off-script soliloquies and the general arming of the cast as the play goes on, using weapons such as hatchets and knives that are not mentioned in the text. As it continues, the two witnesses both reported increasingly paranoid behavior from the actors, including nervous tics, unscripted profanity, and aggressive brandishing of their ‘props’. Disturbingly, they also both recall the play ending in the ritual throat-slitting of the ‘first murdered man’ character by the other actors, with the ‘first assassin’ killing the rest of the cast, the audience, and himself, both cases stating with a hand grenade, sufficient to terminate all present in the small enclosures the Hanged God’s Historie was performed in.

XenoSci refutes and denies any allegations of blood-rite summoning, mind control, teleportation, or other supernatural phenomenon in the Cult or its members. However, the depth and true nature of the cult’s activities is unknown.


While not technically deities, the Forces-Taking-Form are an inexorable aspect of Todularian theology and a large part of the threat militant cult activity poses to the masses. These are the monsters that stalk the darkened streets of soulless cities, the horrors and haunts that crawl from the fogbanks and alleyways to take their tithe in blood, soul, and terror on those nights that strike the average Federal as particularly unsafe, but for no apparent reason. These are the monsters that XenoIntelligence has sworn to combat to its dying breath, and these are the atrocities that Todular used in its last great war against the Xenohuman Republic to drag that conflict out for a hundred horrid years. While varied beyond counting due to the variability of summoning rites, fabrication rituals, and the fickle wills and whims of capricious idiot-gods, there are a few Forces-Taking-Form that time and time again rear their heads and demand action in one form or another.
Ri’dohwwghhi (Red Dogs): Blood-thirsty daemons taking animal form, the Ri’dohwwghhi (their self-name, as attested to by Ecclesiarchy writings passed down through the priesthood of the cults) care little for pittances like ‘mercy’ and ‘suffering’. While intelligent, they willingly leave most of their faculties unused – a culture of contentment through ignorance and living in the moment through the sort of rushes brought on by battle and slaughter make them as hedonistic as the most debauched Federal. However, rather than indulging in women and drugs, the Red Dogs draw their ecstasies in feeling meat squeezing between their teeth, straining their jaws as they pull it from the bone and feel the blood splash across their muzzles. Living for the kill, the Red Dogs take point in cultist kill-squads and form a front-line in larger combats, terrifying both friend and foe with their bipolar shifts between indulgent carnivorism and intelligent, willful socipathy.

Knyghts: Knyghts played an important role in Todularian society, and those few that remain remember that role well. The souls of psionically gifted Todularians could be bound to nanocomputational swarms, which were then imbued into suits of animatronic power-armor, giving life to said suits and imbuing them with the essence of a psyker. Their mind carried over into the new form, ensuring the wisdom and power of the greatest Todularians could be preserved through the ages. After conversion, Knyghts returned to their posts as before – warriors, librarians, priests, and other esteemed positions – to ensure the traditions of their age could continue through to the rest of society. After the Todularians were destroyed by the Xenohuman Republic, most Knyghts were destroyed, their nanocircuitry overloaded fatally and their bodies scrapped to develop the prototypes for XenoMarine power armor. However, those that lived on hide away in the darkest places of the Federation, keeping the cults strong. Some that sleep have awakened, remembering the fall of their people and pursuing those paths of might and evil that will allow them the greatest possible vengeance.

Mahvavarchs: The goddess of self-sacrifice and altruism is not without warriors. While her cultists are the medics and hosts of the Septumvirate, her Mahvavarchs are the tireless sentinels and brutal furies of the faith. These she-daemons are terse, preferring deeds to words whenever possible. If one is close enough to be heard, however, it is already too late for those whom she has been sent to punish. Armed with dragyn-slaying bows, defying the laws of physics in their non-euclidian motion in pursuit of their prey, and capable of enduring any retaliation that comes should their first shot fail to kill, the Mahvavarchs once fabled to guard the skies of Todular now rarely manifest in the material place, preferring to watch on from SlipSpace and only phasing in when the most virtuous souls in the Federation are in peril.

Palacebreaker Drakyes:



OmnimiraculaeHigh-Efficiency Mass-Energy Converters: One of the marvels of the Ecclasiarchy’s dying days, what would have been the weapon to win the war came about too late to stop the inevitable. By tapping into the emotional and psychic energies of SlipSpace, a choir of psions could shape the forces bleeding through into usable energy. More powerful than any fusion generator, and cheaper to maintain than a zero-point machine (if you consider regular psion-death a cost of operation), this breakthrough was implemented in an experimental bunker in the deserts of Oarkaz. However, after the Xenohuman Civil War, it was abandoned, left to gather dust for decades until the indigenous cultists of the dunes found the site and began to reactivate it. Using Federal fabrication technology combined with the power of the Omnimiracula, the rebellion would have started a planetary war were it not for the action of the mercenaries of ‘Team Brickwall’ and the local XenoArmy guard battalion responding quickly and destroying the site. The Omnimiracula was obliterated, but XenoIntel is investigating whether or not other experiments of this sort are extant in the ruins of the Ecclasiarchy on Todular itself.

NeurothothsArchaelect Intelligences:

The Z’enghatExtradimensional Hypercomputational Entity:
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Extracorporate Factions

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Also known as: Rebels, Treasonaries, Tribal Xenohumans (negative connotation)

"Welcome to Telaron. Now get out."

With Imperialism comes expansion, with expansion comes conquest, and with conquest comes those underfoot. Xenohumanity has assimilated, broken, devoured, mutilated, or prosituted several cultures both psuedo-human and completely alien for the purposes of profit, safety, and convenience. However, a few of those who have been relegated to slave away in factories or die alone as a flesh-cog of the military-industrial complex are not complacent in the least.

The Indigenes are a cross-planetary underground of religous, cultural, and intellectual renegades who wish to see their peoples liberated and their oppressors treated with the same absolute brutality that they have known. Forgoing body-modifications that they see as 'dollar-slavery' to Xeno-Tech and XenoMil, they utilize low-end tech, tenacity, skill, and such 'antiquated' methods as biological cavalry units and trench warfare. Sprining up in systems with low naval presence to take full advantage of owning the land, they attack suddenly, wage province-scale war, and seemingy dissapear, usually in the course of a system's native sidereal month.

With an illicit, monistic 'Unified Culture' to see them through until victory, the various cultures of the Indigenes rally around a central way of life similar to that of tribal Arabia or pre-Khan Mongolia, with 'clans' of warriors and experts working autonomously with sleeper agents and small-to-medium-scale subversion programs.
Also Known As: Cultists, The Wrong-Faithful, Fleshies

"Praise be to the Somati, the joiners of flesh and the casters off of wretched slave-sentience!"

If the government ever says a group that can afford to get a space-ship doesn't exist, don't believe them.

Officially, BioFaction does not exist as a unified terrorist cult, per se, but the fact that several tens of thousands of local-space and foreign-space Xenohumans have banded together to spread the faiths of Todularianism and Ultranietzschism states otherwise. A loose-knit coalition of pirates, scientists, priests, and body-hopping AIs that formed before the Xenohuman Civil War petered to a halt after the Glassing of Todular, they occasionally serve as the first faces foreigners meet of Xenohumanity, much to XenoAdmin's chagrin. Todularianism, the ancient faith of pagan near-pantheism, oppressively large text-volumes, and a deep tradition of varied psionics and ultrahuman genetics, survived the death of Todular in the form of refugees and codices. Continuing to attempt to resettle the radioactive planet occasionally, they primarily busy themselves with attempts to steal Xeno-Tech and foreign-corp genetics research, suborn and indoctrinate foreign civilian vessels and their crews, and serve as a philosophical thorn in the side of XenoAdmin's anti-religious policy due to the genuinely progressive and beneficial 'basic gods' and ethical guidelines that the core texts lay out for the average galaxy-citizen.

Ultranietzchism, however, is a newer construct that various independent intelligence agencies have stumbled upon. A 'theophilosophy' built on transcending chemical nervous systems ('thinking flesh') and using a combination of AI/AGI-assisted body-hopper tech and various forms of flesh-zombification ('living flesh'), the radicals are known for a brutal and gothic aesthetic in their stolen vessels and corrupted bodies. Regarding Necromorph Markers and the various CNS-degrading pathogens of the galaxy as holy, most of them are content to try to take over the universe one body at a time. However, the more extreme members who actually have entered the 'living flesh' and take on the title of 'Somati' quickly become the 'Ultranietzchaeans' that named the sect. As their powers of data-comprehension exceeded their life-experience and scale-of-comprehension, they quickly become violent, paranoid recluses eager to kill and dominate others to validate their existence and assert their dominion over their own realities. They are as dangerous and unstable as they sound.
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The Xeno-Tech Corporation

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Also Known As: Corporate, X-Tech
Subsidiaries: AuRa Energy Solutions, Wyrm Defense Services, Skywarden Naval Industries, Resonance Incorporated, Mekajiki Orbital Foundries
Notable Transplanetary Gang-Vassals: The Lonestars, the Red Giants, Cypner

“We offer more than goods and services. We offer safety, security, normalcy, and fiscal solvency. Xeno-Tech. The greatest way of life.”

The first major business enterprise to cross-planetary boundaries in the early days of the Xenohuman Republic, the Xeno-Tech Corporation was, at the time, notable only for quickly gaining popularity for its wide variety of high-tech consumer goods and its inception of Xeno- as a now pervasive prefix. However, despite its stature, the enterprise still has its worries, requiring dutiful day-to-day management in order to assure equal parts profitability and political influence.

While technically a private organization, the Xeno-Tech Corporation is undoubtedly a federal institution. Its size, power, terrestrial-holdings extraterritoriality and enforcement of local law, and absolute omnipresence in the lives of the Xenohuman populace puts it into a place of power equal to XenoAdmin in some ways. While the Federal government conducts the military actions and enforces laws, Xeno-Tech is mainly responsible for using undiluted capitalism to ensure the prosperity of the nation, as well as play a major role in foreign relations and trade.

Xeno-Tech is a syndicate-style hyper-corporation, being a flagship with majority share in several smaller mega-corporations. Headed by Xenon, an exosentient intelligence utilizing a continent’s-worth of computer systems to give himself multiple parallel consciounesses and memory space to run his business enterprises, he often uses BodySleeves to conduct business in the material world, coming in every imaginable (and sometimes unimaginable) shape and species. As an integral part of Xenohuman culture, finance, domestic law enforcement, and the majority of foreign-interactive trade agreements, Xeno-Tech sometimes claims it is a part of the Federal government, which most foreign analysts and political science researchers wouldn't entirely disagree with.
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The Consortium

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Also Known As: The Consortium, The Indepp Group, X-CIBE
Notable Member Corporations: Indepp Financial, TWB Armaments, Citadel Security Services, Solaris & Company Stellar Transport Solutions, Allister Unified General Mechanical Enhancements and Natural Technologies (A.U.G.M.E.N.T.)
Notable Transplanetary Gang-Vassals: The Nuturks, The Horde, The Wyvern Kings, AhMeCron Unity

"Competition is the lifeblood of evolution, and any businessman knows that applies to economics as well. Xeno-Tech should thank us for every bit of trouble we give them."

With the rise of the Xeno-Tech Corporation, many other businesses felt reasonably threatened that they would be pushed off the cliff, so to speak. As the syndicate grew, gathered vassal corporations, and began leveraging its extraterritoriality more and more martially, other groups banded together in order to hold their own against the tide of the invisible hand. With the XenoCide and the final nail in the coffin for domestic competition in the Federation, the self-christened Consortium of Independent Business Enterprises found itself in an impossible situation. Torn between their personal business ethics and their own survival in an increasingly animal market, the Consortium decided to do what had to be done and enter the criminal realm. On the streets of Xeno City, the dunes of Lattrobee City, and the tropical paradise resorts of Tyloa and Phillos, the ‘new mafia’ waged corporate, economic, and literal war against Xeno-Tech and its associates in the XenoMarine Military Police. Quickly buying out and propping up street gangs and branching out into every sort of organized crime, as well as continuing surface operations of a completely legitimate nature, the Consortium quickly became associated with a desperate, often futile struggle for a semblance of ‘the old morality’ and order in Xenohuman space.

The leadership of the Consortium, unlike the public personas put out by the Xeno-Tech group, is a shadowy group of men, women, and likely foreigners who maintain total anonymity and function through proxies, disposable and skilled alike. Accounting for about 75% of organized crime and with a hand in at least 40% of all street crime in the Federation, X-CIBE has tendrils, contacts, bases, fronts, legitimate factories and financial buildings, and other sorts of influence in every Federation world, with attempts to branch out abroad currently underway.

Battling the ‘post-ethical’ market approach of Xeno-Tech has brought elements of the Consortium into such enterprises as weapons smuggling, illicit drug manufacture and shipping, unlicensed gambling operations, untaxed gynoid and AGI production, speak-easies for particularly criminal chemicals, information warfare, indenture-contract forgery, kidnapping, various pseudo-slavery operations (such as ‘avatar-napping’ and ‘trode-napping’ ), blackmail, extortion and protection rackets, and the corruption and influence of government officials of all walks and ranks.

With the high levels of monitoring and particular brutality of law enforcement in Federal space, the Consortium typically functions as a low-key, underground organization. However, in the lower-class areas of large urban areas, open street gangs can easily be granted forged open-carry rights to enforce holdings at gunpoint. If a gang or small business cannot be coerced into the fold, it is typically destroyed with particular brutality; bombings, firing lines, and roof-top executions come to mind when the average Xenohuman is asked how the Consortium deals with opposition. While it is willing to do anything possible to fight the Xeno-Tech Corporation and its interests (often including the public good and wellbeing), it has cooperated with law enforcement, military personnel, and foreign powers to ‘do the right thing’ on a few occasions.
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XenoMilitary: General Information

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Staff Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant

Master Sergeant
Marine Superior
Lord General Superior
Master Sergeant
Sergeant Major

General Superior
Lord General Superior
Deck Starman
Major Starman
Chief Starman

Rear Admiral
Fleet Admiral
Admiral Superior
Lord General Superior

Unit (Personnel, Commanding officer)
Officers can command all units that fall below their direct authority should the situation allow or mandate it.

XenoMarine (All Xenomarine Personnel and Vessels, Lord General Superior, Largest Theoretical ‘Strategic Unit’)
Division (100,000, Marine Superior, Largest Practical ‘Strategic Unit’) (2 Brigades)
Brigade (50,000, General) (5 Incursions)
Incursion(10,000, Colonel) (3 Forces + 1 Leading Regiment)
Force(3,000, Lieutenant) (3 Regiments)
Regiment (1,000, Master Sergeant) (5 Batallions)
Battalion (200, Gunnery Sergeant) (2 Companies)
Company (100, Staff Sergeant) (2 Platoons)
Platoon (50, Sergeant) (5 Squads)
Squad (10, Corporal) (2 Fireteams)
Fireteam (5, Corporal / Appointed Private, Smallest ‘Tactical Unit’)
Unit (Maximum Personnel, Commanding officer)
Officers can command all units that fall below their direct authority should the situation allow or mandate it.

XenoArmy (All XenoArmy Personnel, Lord General Superior, Largest Theoretical ‘Strategic Unit’)
Theater (100,000-1,000,000, General Superior, Largest Assembled ‘Strategic Unit’)
Army (100,000, General) (Largest Practical ‘Strategic Unit’)
Division (50,000 Colonel)
Brigade (10,000, Major) (2 Regiments)
Regiment (5,000, Captain) (5 Batallions)
Batallion (1,000, Lieutenant) (Smallest ‘Strategic Unit’)
Company (140, Sergeant Major) (2 Platoons, Largest ‘Tactical Unit’)
Platoon (70, Master Sergeant) (7 Squads)
Escort (30, Sergeant) (3 Squads, Unofficial)
Squad (10, Sergeant/Specialist) (2 Fireteams)
Fireteam (5, Specialist/Appointed Private, Smallest ‘Tactical Unit’)
Unit (Maximum Craft, Commanding officer)
Officers can command all units that fall below their direct authority should the situation allow or mandate it.

XenoNavy (All XenoNavy Vessels and Personnel, Lord General Superior)
Grand Fleet (300+ Vessels, Admiral Superior)
Fleet (150 Vessels, Fleet Admiral)
Deployment (75 Vessels, Admiral)
Field Group (30 Vessels, Rear Admiral)
Regatta (10 Vessels, Captain)
Unit (1 Vessel, Lieutenant) (Upward rank variance based on pay grade of ship’s chief)
Unit (Maximum Personnel, Commanding officer)
Officers can command all units that fall below their direct authority should the situation allow or mandate it.

Wing (300 craft, Chief Starman) (5 Groups)
Group (60 craft, Major Starman) (4 Squadrons)
Squadron (15 craft, Deck Starman) (3 Flights)
Flight (5 craft, Deck Starman / Appointed Starman)
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Motto: The Fleet, The Fit, The Finest

If a nation is to consider itself 'faster than light', it requires some sort of deep-space naval capability to guard its FTL routes and ensure its planets remain in control. The Todularians, being by and large surrounded by planetary states and nations willingly neglecting space travel, built ships out of religious devotion and in order to facilitate large platforms for psionic and experimental technology. However, with the fall of the Ecclasiarchy, the Xenohuman Republic, and later, the Armed Federation of Xenohumanity saw that it had to quickly step up its game in order to maintain national security in a universe of callous empires and macroviral super-species.

XenoNavy’s duty is, to quote standard training materials, ‘defend national and international access points and assets, enforce national sovereignty, ensure optimal utilization of Federal resources, and expand the resource-base of the Armed Federation of Xenohumanity through military intervention and annexation’. Cutting through the double-talk, this means that XenoNavy and its ships exist to protect trade routes, WayStation points, national borders and frontier colonies, maintain orbital and extrasolar installations, ensure orbit-defense assets such as turret grids and anti-orbital guns are maintained, conduct survey and mapping missions in foreign and neutral territory, and orchestrate the extra-planetary theater of combat against planetary states and multi-system nations.

Standard tactics in ship-to-ship combat are focused on using the durability and fire-volume of capital ships to their fullest while protecting support vessels in order for them to provide sufficient ‘edge’ and ship-by-ship advantage for the slow, gradual advance of the fleet-formation to break the enemy’s spirits and force a surrender. Stellar Swine-Formation (a pyramid or octahedron of Capital and Mainline ships containing Support Vessels), NeoBroadsides (a ‘conga line’ of ships, typically ordered Capital-Support-Mainline-Support-Capital, capable of engaging foes in all directions), and other three-dimensional shapes and strategies are standard fare, for solid fundamentals and sheer force of will are policies that have proven effective against even the most hyper-reflexive and adaptive opponents. XenoNavy prefers to engage foes at ranges shorter than one light-second, allowing for effective ramming and more powerful energy-based attacks, as well as keeping combat manageable in the event that PHLUMOCS are knocked offline and automated fire-management or weapons-tracking systems fail to operate beyond close-range in case enemy jammers or hostile PhaseSpaced vessels are present.

Against planets, installations, habitats, and other large-scale entities, XenoNavy is noted for its apathy for the well-being of ‘groundsiders’, preferring to delegate precision operation to the XenoMarines or the occasional XenoArmy invasion force. Typically meant to ensure orbital and air dominance, ships engaging a planet or habitat are directed to destroy pockets of urban resistance and remove potential weapon-threats without mercy, using both precision and broad-spectrum weaponry with little regard for collateral damage. XenoNavy also takes command of all atmospheric craft, deploying large numbers of remote-operated fighters and bombers to continue projecting force with speed over a wide area as well as monitoring shuttles, supply craft, dropships, and FireBase landers as they make their approach and perform operations on the ground.

Captain: Technically titled the ‘Federal Captain of Tactics, Operations, and Logistics aboard the XNV <ShipName>’ as a holdover from the Republican Navy, the Captain of any XenoNavy vessel is an avatar of XenoMil command on paper and the absolute chief-of-staff aboard their ship. Federal naval law is designed primarily to prevent public-relations issues with foreign parties who bear witness to disciplinary proceedings and felonies or misdemeanors by naval personnel, but Captains are almost universally expected to reinterpret the code and enforce it as they see fit. Some are lenient and encourage ‘classical camaraderie’ based on fellowship and what some see as stereotypical masculinity rather than discipline, whereas others look for trouble at the drop of a hat and dole out harsh punishment for it. When not serving as the head of onboard military or domestic tribunals, the Captain ensures his under-staff perform maintenance, logistical, medical, and bureaucratic operations to the best of their ability. First Contact incidents also fall squarely onto the Captain’s lap (at least until XenoRelations sends ambassadors and takes control of the situation for itself), with existing F.C. protocol giving them a wide variety of options and stances to take in regards to new life forms and civilizations. Captains are based squarely on the bridge, with personal quarters and offices on the command deck.

Political Commissar: If the Captain is the judge and jury of his ship, the Political Commissar is the constable and executioner. Dating back from the XenoCide, Commissars are placed aboard ships as second-in-command directly by XenoAdmin and XenoIntel in order to ensure loyalty, discipline, efficiency, and morale reach satisfactory levels during tours of duty. While the Captain generally remains on command decks and the bridge to manage the vessel, the Commissar is much more deck-mobile and very nosy, eager to root out pranksters, insubordinates, criminals, cultists, saboteurs, foreign-nationals, and many other undesirables. If the Commissar has evidence of such behavior, and the Captain has leveled punishment, it is the Commissar’s duty to carry out that punishment to the best of his ability. However, most Captains delegate the assignment of actual punishment to the Commissar himself in order to distance themselves from the occasional overstepping of orders through unaccountability. PC’s are notable for their open-carry policy aboard XenoNavy vessels, allowing for a wide array of various ‘disciplinary enhancements’ to be seen on them; less-than-lethal power-fists, sjamboks, plasma stun-guns, and more can be seen on their belts or simply carried about and kept active to remind crew of the ease with which punishment can fall on wrong-doers. Political Commissars operate officially from offices on the command deck, but many base their actual work-station in the same security office as the XenoMarine Commander in the brig in order to save walking distance for the administration of floggings, beatings, jailing, spacing, and other punitive measures.

First Mate: With discipline and ‘soft-asset resources’ managed by the Commissar, the actual day-to-day business of running a XenoNavy ship falls on the shoulders of the First Mate. Typically serving as the practical right-hand man or woman to the Captain both in combat and during routine operation, the FM reviews the work of section heads and other bridge-officers and submits regular reports to the Captain to aid in resource and crew management. In combat, they serve as the main orders liaison to operations crew from the bridge, moving about the ship to help with damage control, systems optimization, and area evacuation when under fire. Because of the duress of this position during actual combat, First Mates often serve only for a tour or two before promotion to a Captaining position, meaning the role is a quick gateway to happier places for the First Mate when ships go to war. Offices for the First Mate are based in a variety of locations based on the particular needs of the ship, be it in engineering, medical, tactical, command, or even the security quarter.

PHLUMOCS: The PHLUMOCS Artificial General Intelligence is of such importance to a ship and has such force of personality that it is granted an officer’s position in its own right aboard a vessel. Whether this is a legitimate aspect of the command structure or merely an honorary title depends on the individual Captain, who assigns the PHLUMOCS its leadership status, but more Captains and Commissars are seeing the value of granting the AGI the ability to make direct input to vessel operations. Many PHLUMOCS use operating androids or biological Avatar units regardless of command status, but those granted officer status are required to function as a secondary First Mate or PHLUMOCS Starman (Tech Specialization) in the physical world using a binary consciousness. Physical PHLUMOCS offices are typically based in engineering, where they specialize in information logistics, InfoSec, and crew-technology interfaces (terminal maintenance, personal drive-stores, etc.).

Engineering Starman: Engineering Starmen lead a XenoNavy vessel’s upkeep and self-repair teams, monitor power, and work closely with PHLUMOCS to maintain vessel cohesion during combat or situational duress. Directing operations from his station in the reactor control deck or a separate crew-management office, the Engineering Starman also assists in actual repairs alongside his damage-control teams and maintenance crews, meaning he is rarely at his actual station and is one of the most deck-mobile bridge officers aboard a vessel. While they have been sometimes called upon to ‘fortify’ sections of a vessel to repel or brace for boarders or damage, this duty is usually delegated to the XenoMarine Commander, whose knowledge of actual boarding tactics would make such constructs much more useful.

Martial Starman: Weapons, shields, tactical power management, and the art and science of keeping everybody onboard the ship alive is the field of focus for the Martial Starman. Off the battlefield, the position entails weapons and shields checks, ammunition inspections, power re-director maintenance and practice, practicing emergency drills, and ensuring medical resources are available to all ranking Deck Officers, as the Medical Starman is preoccupied keeping the standing med-bay operational. During battle, the Martial Starman remains linked with the PHLUMOCS system through DNI (and possibly modified Procul immersion for larger vessels), assisting in target designation, weapons vector-calculation, range adjustment, friendly-fire prevention calculus, optimizing ship movement, and other minute but tactically essential operations. Capital and Macro-Capital ships often staff multiple Martial Starmen controlling individual weapons clusters and synchronizing under the administration of the ship’s Senior Martial Starman, as the vast mathematics and calculi involved in preventing friendly fire and maximizing accuracy on vessels with hundreds or thousands of gun-points would be far too much for one individual.

XenoMarine Commander: With the majority of XenoNavy vessels having some complement of XenoSoldiers, or XenoMarines, management and leadership of assault troops, boarding and counter-boarding teams, and security personnel is given to the ship’s XenoMarine Commander. Addressed as their given rank, typically ranging from Master Sergeant to Colonel, the Commander works with the Political Commissar to enforce discipline, mete out punishments, keep up crew morale, and manage crew-based military action. While the Commissar is more of a ships-law enforcer, the Commander is more devoted to security proper, managing much of the surveillance and patrol work aboard the ship. XenoMarine Commanders are based in security offices in the brig, often working in the same physical space as the Commissar.

PHLUMOCS Starman (Tech Specialization OR Psychiatric Specialization): Even if the ship’s PHLUMOCS is not granted officer status, the caretaker of the ship’s AGI still holds a place among the bridge officers. The title of the position is misleading, as the PHLUMOCS Starman is actually responsible for all electronic security, software and hardware maintenance, and subsystem optimization alongside the duty of keeping a PHLUMOCS healthy and psychologically sound. When a PHLUMOCS holds officer status, they work with their caretaker as co-heads of their department. Outside of their duties as e-security and e-maintenance, PHLUMOCS Starmen serve as the ship’s psychological and psychiatric counselors, as the training that goes into maintaining AGI psychology is merely advanced versions of standard psychosurgical and psycho-analytical procedures used by clinical psychologists in modern medical facilities. Offices for the PHLUMOCS Starman are either based in the medical area or in the engineering bay, depending on whether the ship uses them mostly for maintaining the ship’s electronics or the crew’s sanity and happiness.

External Suites Starman: Also known as the ‘Scanner Starman’, the E.S. Starman manages sensors, scanners, CommsCrusher arrays, survey equipment, and participates in any scientific or diplomatic away-missions. While most XenoNavy vessels are already equipped with accurate star-charts and have the equipment to make relatively rapid surveys of planets, asteroids, moons, ships, stations, and other objects of note, most Scanner Starmen make their scans much more rapidly using well-manipulated CommsCrusher hyperwave sweeps or other crafty techniques. Working closely with the PHLUMOCS through DNI and binary cognition, they also provide motion and position information on any objects within scanner range, and are responsible for accurate and rapid information regarding hostile force counts, classes, movements, and energy-intensive activities during combat.

Internal Suites Starman: Also known as the ‘Comms Starman’, the Internal Suites Starman (I.S.S.) is in charge of monitoring internal and external communications, data-exchanges, personal computer storage contents, and monitoring the status of any CommsCrusher arrays for potential sabotage or security flaws. Most operations personnel and bridge crew use transponders, intercoms, teleconference terminals, or face-to-face conversation to communicate, and as such, the I.S.S. records, logs, monitors, sifts, and sorts all communications made aboard the vessel. If anything of questionable nature is found, information is handed over to the Political Commissar or the Captain personally for analysis and judgment. Contact with other ships, stations, species, and the like are also managed by the I.S.S., recorded and sifted to prevent malicious software or DNI hackers from gaining access. Due to their binary cognition computers and extensive lingua-bank and non-verbal dictionary software (such as Morse, binary, hexadecimal, atomic-standard communication, various sign languages, contextual body-languages, etc.), they are typically capable of serving as master translators and diplomats during First Contact incidents and when dealing with species that do not use Galactic Basic.

Flight Starman: Due to the logistical difficulties of managing up to several thousand fighter craft, shuttles, attack vessels, boarding craft, pilots, engineers, technicians, drone-craft, boarding visitors, and the occasional safety inspector, the hangar(s) of any vessel are commanded directly by Flight Starmen. Ensuring that Procul systems are safe and operational, drone-fighters and other small craft are kept in good repair, keeping pilots well-trained and well-motivated, and serving as the chief tactical advisor in regards small craft, fighter-swarms and trans-atmospheric operations, the Flight Starmen often work in pairs or trios due to the large logistical scale of their work, with each hanger on multi-bay Capital and Macro-Capital ships getting their own Flight Starmen.

Medical Starman: While the most under-publicized role on a ship, the Medical Starman is the kind of officer who makes a wonderful friend and a dreadful enemy. Operating from the ship’s med-bay, they supervise medical droids, doctors, nurses, and the occasional biofeedback-capable psion in their duties as they treat injuries, medicate and isolate the sick, virus-proof and rad-proof the ship, and other routine cleaning tasks. Counseling is led by the MedStarman as well, working often in conjunction with the PHLUMOCS Starman and their psychiatric education. Captured hostiles and boarding parties are also treated by the Medical Starman, with supervision by either the Political Commissar or the XenoMarine Commander, as some foes may warrant different (or non-existent) treatment plans.

Bridge Crew (Captain, Lieutenants, Ensigns)

The commanding crew aboard a ship responsible for making all major decisions regarding ship operations and activities, as well as being staffed by the heads of the various sub-departments, the Bridge Crew is the face of a vessel and the audience of most visitors, hails, and inspections. Typically functioning with two shifts (and with larger vessels having duplicate bridge staff for this reason), this command council of twelve holds daily meetings regarding logistics, daily drills, points of note such disciplinary actions and outbreaks of illness, and decisions regarding the day’s operational events.

Deck Officers (Chief Starman, Major Starmen, Deck Starmen)

Directly under the bridge crew lie the Deck Officers, the XenoNaval equivalent of Non-Commissioned Officers in the XenoArmy. Taking orders directly from the various members of the Bridge Crew, and giving their own interpretation and expertise to their subordinate operations personnel, the deck officers form the most pervasive command aboard a ship and are often the ones who actually shout Crewmen and Starmen into action. They are not exempt from active duty, however; about one dozen Chief Starmen are present on the bridge as assistants to the Bridge Crew (often termed ‘bridge bunnies’), and those who serve in the ship proper perform all the technical, tactical, and engineering roles as their juniors.

Operations Personnel / XenoSailors (Starmen, Crewmen, Conscripts)

The standard XenoSailor, contrary to popular portrayal as mooks who get taken out by exploding sparks coming from the walls during battles, are well-trained technical specialists who show more discipline under fire than either the XenoMarines or XenoSoldiers, rightfully making their standard-grade the most elite of the standard military services. Responsible for maintaining martial components (such as weapons, armor and shields, and sub-light navigation), utility hardware (SlipSpace drives, some computer hardware, communications and sensor systems), and other tasks such as assisting with hangar work and performing emergency repairs and damage control during emergencies, Operations Personnel are very busy and are the most numerous of the various crew specializations aboard any XenoNavy vessel.

Pilots and Hangar Technicians (Crewmen, Starmen, Deck Starmen)

Responsible for the maintenance, field repair, and general servicing of aboard-craft and fighter-craft, Hangar Technicians are as close to dedicated hardware mechanics as one can find aboard most XenoNavy vessels. XenoNavy Pilots, crewmen trained and skill-soft educated in the operations of these craft both physically and using Procul or Datajacker uplink, assist in these repairs as one of many responsibilities related to mothership support, transport, and other duties as dictated by individual ship needs and operational necessity.

Datascape Personnel (Crewmen, Starmen, Conscripts)

As important as T.E.S.T programs, Flummox AGIs, and various other virtual systems and institutions are to XenoNavy, the inclusion of specialized technicians to ship crews, devoted to the hardware and software of aboard computer technologies, is a logical conclusion. Including the PHLUMOCS Starman and the PHLUMOCS itself, the Datascape Personnel maintain back-up systems, memory drives, automated systems (such as navigation and point-defense geometry), and the collective network security of a ship’s personal and martial computers. Also useful for assisting in emergency operations and serving as technicians and hackers / software engineers on away-teams, Datascape crewmen come from various walks of life, ranging from corporate ‘security spiders’ and counter-hackers to enterprising youngsters who derived the principles on their own.

XenoMarines and XenoSoldiers

Drawn from the ranks XenoMilitary’s terrestrial combat groups, XenoMarines and XenoSoldiers play similar roles aboard XenoNavy ships and installations. While XenoMarines are the more elite of the two, and XenoSoldiers the most numerous, they are both tasked with law enforcement, internal tactical command, systems defense (including repulsion of boarders, landing vessels, and externally attached weaponry), ship-to-ship and station-to-ship counter-boarding, and precision-strike reinforcement and deep striking. Both groups ensure that XenoNavy detachments of their personnel are equipped with low-grav/no-grav and multiple-hazard combat skill-softs. As they are primarily infantry, they can be sent from a ship to assist ground forces as tactics demand, and a unit can often find its fighting troops split between ground-based combat and various vessels, reuniting as operation-level objectives are met and forces unified for larger pushes and drives into enemy territory.

Medical Personnel (Crewmen, Starmen, Conscripts)

Due to the extensive mechanical, digital, and nano-tech augmentation of XenoNavy personnel, every XenoNavy ship ensures that it has a well-trained and well-motivated medical team aboard. Medical personnel of various rank, license, and nature can be seen on a Federal vessel, ranging from general care physicians and nurses to specialized implant surgeons and even to exotic hyper-specializations such as VR psychosurgons and gene-ware pharmacists. Keeping a vessel’s crew healthy with regular diagnostics, rapid treatment, and almost as keen on their assistance droids as the Technicians, XenoNavy doctors are typically the busiest aboard large vessels with ‘pathological economies’ that make illness and bio-weaponry especially hazardous. Medical personnel go through few standardized checks, selected by a Captain or his First Mate personally after reviewing applications, meaning that a doctor could be a paragon of practicing ethics or a street-bound organ farmer or prosthetic-looter before being taken aboard, and also meaning that medics are sometimes as combat-capable as their peers in Operations, if not more so.
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Room for Expansion

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Room for Expansion
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XenoNavy: Macrocapital Ships

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The largest and most experimental vessels ever fielded by Xenohumanity in deep space, the MacroCapital ships far and away dwarf the Capital ships by an order of magnitude. First created as a ship-class in 49 AXC with the production of the first Nirvana-Class warship, the MacroCapitals range from mere rumors in other nations of star-shattering super-vessels to legitimate, power chips in the world of military statecraft. They are, as a whole, exceptionally massive due to heavily redundant systems, armor overlays, shield and power generators, super-weapons, and extensive armament batteries, and their presence in a battle typically ushers in its prompt resolution by virtue of the mere threat of overwhelming firepower. Capable of engaging the heaviest orbital installations, largest macroviral entities, and entire enemy fleets single-handedly, the logistics and bookkeeping behind them is overwhelming, and they are relegated to weapons of last resort when other means simply will not suffice. MacroCapital vessels are commanded by nothing short of an Admiral with the most experienced and efficient PHLUMOCS systems at his side, with a half-dozen subordinate Captains to manage logistics, maintenance, crew life, and patrol and fleet-action movement.

Yahweh-Class Solar Dreadnought
MANUFACTURER: Mekajiki Orbital Foundries
LENGTH: 38,500 meters
CREW: 62,440
Type XXC-III Supernova Induction Rail (Forged Alliance Only)
Type XCC-II Metastability Cannon
4x Planck Adjustment Macro-Beams
24x Planck Adjustment Mini-Beams
8,192x Point-Defense Grasers
1,680x Quantum Torpedo Tubes
16x MAC Cannons
500x Turboxasers
6,000x Langolier Mk.X Missile Launchers
6,400x Macro-Flak Carronades
6x D.E.E.P. Launchers
500x E.M.F.R.F. Guns
200x SmartDust Launch Batteries
16x CommsCrusher Arrays (redundant)
STARFIGHTERS: 15,000 fighters, w/ supplies to fabricate 5,000 specialized craft
ASSAULT TROOPS: 50,000 XenoSoldiers, 30,000 XenoMarines
ABOARD CRAFT: 25 Attack Ships, 300 Dropships, 250 Away-Shuttles, 30,000 Support Craft / Drone Hubs
CONSTRUCTED: 3 (Soul Edge, Aigaion, Forged Alliance (gifted))
BIO: The goal of creating a ‘fleet-ship’ capable of unilateral action against a foreign power’s terrestrial holdings was until recently out of reach of XenoNavy, despite the best efforts of her scientists and engineers. However, with cooperation from the Xiscapian Imperial Navy and corporate resources from both the Kitsune Triad Group and the Xeno-Tech Corporation (in the form of their joint-held Mekajiki subsidiary), the Yahweh-class Solar Dreadnought was finally brought off the drawing holographs a few short years ago in 82 AXC. Due to Xiscapian militarization and extensive pre-existing Xenohuman infrastructure, the first two ships were completed a stunning two years later in 84 AXC, with a third completed the following year and sent to the Empire’s Sixth Fleet as a good-will / apology / proof-of-concept (The XIA ‘Forged Alliance’). Designed as the forerunner of ‘the next big step’ in galactic-scale warfare, where planets are merely assets rather than large-scale habitations and their destruction will be nothing more than the destruction of any other fortress, it utilizes the latest in weapons-battery management and phase-expanded particle acceleration to power its main gun.

That weapon, the Type XXC-III Supernova Induction Rail, forces vacuum metastability, a state of false vacuum that violently over-loads the zero-point string energy of a few select Planck-Areas at the center of the weapon-detonation. The arrow of time bends, physics are violently written out of existence, chemistry and thermodynamics cease following cause-and-effect relationships, and the entire microcosm of eldritch reality is extruded from common reality with impossible violence. While only a few space-time points are affected, the resulting blast-wave in time-space is capable of shattering planets, vaporizing war-fleets, and inducing three-stage supernovae in stars lined up and fired upon. This payload, launched at near-light speeds, can be accurately fired slightly within a system’s Oort Cloud, allowing for star-killing shots to be made with enough time for vessel evacuation. The raw power of the main gun makes the ships definite ‘weapons of mass destruction’, never deployed in actual combat and kept under proverbial lock and key by order of the Galactic Assembly, with testing runs seeing the destruction of two ‘dead’ star systems (Ingoan and Westaphr) belonging to the former Ecclasiarchy in supernova explosions.

The Forged Alliance is a Xiscapian vessel and is the only ship to bear the Type XXC-III weapon, with the Xenohuman Aigaion and Soul Edge bearing the less powerful XXC-II variant, allowing for more effective power allocation at the cost of 'sun-killing' weapons power in exchange for merely planet-shattering ordinance. With one kept in garrison over Tuzus II, and another enforcing military power over Ramam Secundus, they are used as training vessels for military personnel and officers, only moved in the event that anti-secession fleets must be assembled or in the event that ‘matters of national survival’ as dictated by the Lord General Superior unfold, such as attack by several Relic-Weapons in unison or defection attempts by lesser XenoNavy vessels.
Nirvana-Class Strange Magnetic Battleship
COMBAT DESIGNATION: Area-Denial Platform
LENGTH: 12,250 meters
CREW: 14,215
PHLUMOCS HyperBrain w/ MacroBiotic and MacroPsionic Augmentation
2x Planck Adjustment Macrobeams
8x Planck Adjustment Minibeams
2,048x Point Defense Grasers
870x Quantum Torpedo Tubes
5x MAC Cannons
250x Turboxasers
3,000x Langolier Mk.X Missile Launchers
3,000x Macro-Flak Carronades
2x D.E.E.P. Launchers
200x E.M.F.R.F. Guns
100x SmartDust Launch Batteries
8x CommsCrusher Arrays (redundant)
ABOARD CRAFT: 5 Attack Ships, 100 Away-Shuttles, 8,000 Support Craft / Drone Hubs
CONSTRUCTED: 2 (Sovereign, Novus Orbis Librarium)
BIO: Like most Consortium productions, the Nirvana-Class dances on a thin line separating cutting-edge biotic technology and the arch-treason of Todularianism. Designed to emulate ‘Holy of Engliz’ without its neuro-cannibal ‘diet’ or propensity towards advancing its own alien agenda, the vessel is devoted mostly to maintaining a massive semi-biological positronic nervous system, the literal brain of the ship. Giving the PHLUMOCS aboard special training and adaption in the use of macro-biotic and macro-psionic ‘implants’ (scaled up and over-charged due to the notably reduced radiation danger posed to the positronic brain) allows the ship to make biotic and psionic attacks on a scale unprecedented in the modern battlefield. Combining this with its extensive defensive array and easily deployed escort wing of fighters, the Nirvana’s standing crew are able to face metaphysical threats and deal with rogue Relic-Weapons in a way no other ship can.
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XenoNavy: Capital Ships

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Capital Ships are deployed as the routine flagships, anti-capital vessels, and reliable shock-and-awe units in XenoNavy Field Groups and Fleets. These ships are held as the ‘golden standard’ of XenoNavy vessels, and are produced in numbers often matching their specialized escorts, as these ships are the mainstay of most tactics and strategem used both for anti-fleet and anti-planetary action. All of these ships are equipped with notable fighter-carry hangers and Procul decks, as fighter ‘swarms’ are used to further expand the fearsome area-of-influence of these craft. Due to their size, their high-ranking commanding officers, their extensive weapons batteries, and their reputations as durable, vengeful vessels, the Capital Ships are what most galactic citizens imagine when they picture XenoNavy vessels.

Spore-Class Heavy Carrier
MANUFACTURER: Skywarden Naval Industries / Mekajiki Orbital Foundries
LENGTH: 8,455 meters
CREW: 9,225
4x Planck Adjustment Mini-Beams
4,096x Point-Defense Grasers
960x Quantum Torpedo Tubes
4x MAC Cannons
70x Turboxasers
600x Langolier Mk.X Missile Launchers
640x Macro-Flak Carronades
2x D.E.E.P. Launchers
50x E.M.F.R.F. Guns
40x SmartDust Launch Batteries
4x CommsCrusher Arrays (redundant)
STARFIGHTERS: 10,000 fighters with resources to fabricate an additional 3,000 in the field.
ABOARD CRAFT: 10 Attack Ships, 100 Drop Ships, 250 Shuttles, 2,500 Support Craft / Drone Hubs
CONSTRUCTED: 32 (Diomedes, Corpuscle, Devangelizer, Andevarr, Hivestack, Cortical, Delegator, Balance-Bringer, Monetary, Flighty, Modern, Tactica, Operant, Overlord, Strife, Cackler, Onymous, Stopping Power, Ramam, Falco, Hybore, Six-And-Twenty, Blightchrist, Undeniable, Loadstar, Frequentor, Indenturement, Double, Psychovirus, Contraphile, Bold, Alexandriah)
BIO: Proving that quantity is its own kind of quality when it comes bearing arms, the Spore-class Heavy Carrier was one of the first ship classes pioneered by Xeno-Tech after the Xenohuman Civil War. After defeating a power with a singular focus on increased amplitude of fire, the Carrier and its onboard mini-factory sought to and succeeded in changing the paradigm of Republican warfare. Capable of launching a staggering number of light fighters and other small craft, with new technologies such as Procul allowing for almost nonexistent risk of its own crew during engagement, and well-armed in the rare case that its position in the ‘rear’ of fleet formations is compromised, the Spore is currently next in line for retrofitting, hopefully boosting its already impressive hangar bay capacities by upwards of 85% thanks to ‘Hammerspace’ M-String phasing technology.
Darwinian-Class Heavy Ship-of-the-Line
MANUFACTURER: Skywarden Naval Industries / Mekajiki Orbital Foundries
COMBAT DESIGNATION: Close-Engagement Battleship
LENGTH: 4,525 meters
CREW: 6,220
6x Planck Adjustment Mini-Beams
2,048x Point-Defense Grasers
1,680x Quantum Torpedo Tubes
16x MAC Cannons
100x Turboxasers
750x Langolier Mk.X Missile Launchers
700x Macro-Flak Carronades
4x D.E.E.P. Launchers
80x E.M.F.R.F. Guns
50x SmartDust Launch Batteries
4x CommsCrusher Arrays (redundant)
ABOARD CRAFT: 6 Attack Ships, 120 Dropships, 120 Shuttles, 2,000 Support Craft / Drone Hubs
CONSTRUCTED: 40 (Red Tape, Golden Spider, Orphan Sword, Baroque, Fluxion, Gohma, Terrajam, Horsepower, Ethos, Swagger, Asura, Diablo, Diaspora, Genesis, Torchbearer, Sineater, Repetitive, Endzone, Linebacker, Ikaras, Heat Therapy, Literary, Primeval, Vlitra, Jigsaw, Counterweight, Exotica, Phoenix, Insightful, Despoiler, Gravitas, Passionate, Medicant, Samsara, Hangman, Superb Owl, Anor Londo, Daemonette, Neutronium, Tarkus)
BIO: The pride and joy of XenoNavy and the Xenohuman people, the Darwinian has undergone change from a prototype vessel stolen out of drydock immediately prior to the Xenohuman Civil War to one of the most produced and exported Capital Ships in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The An’dronya Ontrasschai (Reliquary-Ship Ontras of the Pantheon) was a heavy battleship lined up for production by Todularian shipyards before the prototype craft was stolen by Xenohuman sympathizers and delivered to safe space. During the war, the Ontra served as the flagship for the Republican Navy, and after the war’s conclusion, the plans were re-made, upgraded with new technology (primarily Planck Adjustment weaponry and proper AGI support), and produced on a large scale. Now one of a handful of ‘signature craft’ in the XenoNavy register, the Darwinian is a sturdy, reliable ship capable of taking all manners of beating in order to close the gap and vaporize opponents in close quarters combat.
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Room for Expansion

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Room for Expansion
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Room for Expansion

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Room for Expansion
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Room for Expansion

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Room for Expansion
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XenoNavy: Assorted Technologies And Weaponry

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XenoMil has invested heavily in ensuring its holdings are well-protected, and its extensive variety of shields and defensive fields. Variances include defensive style, what they defend against, energy costs vs. protection, etc. The term ‘field’ and ‘shield’ are used interchangeably by both civilians and lower-level military personnel, but in technical terms, shields are close-range areas of aggression-interdiction, whereas fields are wider-range and can serve both offensive and defensive roles.

CommsCrusher Channel-Battery Communications Jamming Field – ‘CommsCrusher Arrays’

One of the oldest tactical systems created during the Todularian Ecclasiarchy’s regime was a simple-but-powerful form of communications jamming whose original title is lost to history. However, the technology remains, and the Xeno-Tech Corporation entered the field of stellar combat systems by putting out an updated version of the old system, brand-named ‘CommsCrusher’.

The jammer itself is a large ‘reverse sensor’ hooked up to a personal generator and computer system. When activated, the CommsCrusher begins transmitting high-amplitude omni-spectral data, usually music, propaganda, or more specialized transmissions such as AI degenerator rootkits or anti-DNI ‘Dumpshock Caches’. This field swamps all other data-transmission systems in the area, breaking target locks, rendering communication impossible, and even interfering with intra-vessel wireless systems. Capable of variable targeting, CommsCrusher arrays can range from blinding one ship to making a fleet or small planet incapable of effective action. Xenohuman ships and those acting in allied fleet-actions maintain communications and tactical cohesion during wide-spread CommsCrushings by using small spatial gates set up between sub-space comm-links on each ship. Simply bypassing the noisy spaces between ships, the arrays are effectively no more than 2 or 3 feet apart in traditional time-space.

Heisenberg-Disassociative Interdiction Fields – ‘HDI Fields’

The galaxy’s most common application of faster-than-light technology is in missiles, torpedoes, and military vessels, and XenoScience’s R&D division counts the HDI Field made to counter them as its first major post-Todularian development, and Xenohumanity’s primary form of FTL-Interdiction. When an object moving at faster than the speed of light or moving through one of the galaxy’s wide variety of sub-space and hyper-space dimensions impacts the field, a remarkable series of quantum-tunnel computations and counter-FTL applications lock onto the object and alter its quantum probability of entering the field at a certain speed. This either results in the object being slowed down to any fraction of the speed of light (with greater decelerations requiring more power), or sending it into a parallel quantum dimension at its full speed for a fraction of a second, effectively deleting it from perceived multi-space for a moment before returning it to real-space, much worse for wear (a technique known as ‘blinking’ a target). However, this system is less advanced than it seems; if overloaded, the machinery and computers within the HDI Generator will shut down automatically to prevent the system from making a mistake and possibly sending the ship careening into a parallel quantum dimension itself.

Garshakter-Lewis-Newtonia Friction Shields – ‘Friction Shields’

One of the main advantages mass-driver and solid projectile weapons have in space over land is the lack of friction to slow them down and reduce their impact strength, and the latest development from the Defensive R&D division of Xeno-Tech has taken this advantage away elegantly. By utilizing an ionic isotope of Element Zero known as Gygravagnite and Entropic Focusing equipment, relative coordinates around a ship can be granted a very significant friction value at relatively low cost, with the resulting heat surplus being safely vented into phase-modulated space. While this does make Xenohuman ships glow on FTL scanners while the shield active, it creates a one-way anti-mass barrier that glows a dull orange when the ship in question in motion. It serves as the best Xenohuman defense against projectile weapons to date. While the energy costs are decently high, the shields are capable of minor regeneration after micro-overload, meaning that only dedicated, military-grade attacks can truly bring the shields offline.

XenoMetric Phase-Modulation Stealth Fields – ‘Metric Fields’

‘Paint The Ships Black’, a running joke in regards to space stealth, was taken very seriously by the Todularians, whose warfleets were the same black as space in order to strike fear of the Gods into the enemy. However, times changed, wisdom was gained, and the Xenohumans set about using their newly accepted scientific aptitudes to changing the paradigm. Now, rather than purely optical stealth fields, XenoNavy vessels seeking stealth suites opt for phase-modulation fields that alter the string-vibration in order to partially ‘phase’ the ship out of standard time-space. Not quite leaning into one of the FTL sub-dimensions, but not quite ‘here’, the ship becomes undetectable to most military sensor suites and stealth-pinger systems. While high-energy sweeps across multiple FTL sub-dimensions will point to a time-space ‘pimple’ shaped like the ship, the vessel is otherwise invisible. This system is very energy-intensive, however, and is either used for very short periods of time or for military vessels with the generator-banks to supply them for longer jaunts in a phased state.

Euclidean Shielding – The SEP (Somebody Else's Problem) Field

Xiscapian Technological Import

The SEP Field is an ingenious device that manipulates dimensional perception to the advantage of the user. SEP fields take the target they are projected over out of one spatial dimension, effectively reducing it to a two-dimensional object. This makes the target extremely difficult to strike as literally only lucky slugs, bolts and missiles will be able to connect; an additional benefit is that, unlike energy and gravitic shields, the SEP field does not slow the user's movement down at all. While the user can still perform all operations normally and effectively, the SEP field does have two downsides; other shield types cannot be used while it is operating, and in the event that the field fails abruptly or malfunctions, the user is always destroyed by the resulting dimensional shift. Despite this the SEP field is extremely effective both for covert operations and for protecting targets that would otherwise be highly vulnerable to enemy fire.

Induction-Based Thermo-Dynamic Energy Shielding – ‘Buzz Shielding’

Using an extensive system of battery-chambers, thermally activated paint-skins, and hand-installed shield projectors, Xenohuman ships can be equipped with a dual-form anti-energy shield notable for its energy efficiency. Allowing matter to pass through with the addition of a light static charge, it only activates when energy signals impact it, be they electromagnetic or thermal. The energy charge is absorbed by the field through electromagnetic induction using high-tolerance EMI systems and minor Phase-Modulation dissipation against particularly high-yield weapons and through the paint-skin with thermal-energy conversion systems. This energy, being safely disarmed, is quickly shuttled into battery systems, and from there, to the components of the ship as needed. Applied to all vessels military and civilian as a precaution against galactic ‘weather’ and low-budget raiders, more extensive battery arrays allow for the absorption of a wide range of wave-patterns, with experimental models capable of using universal background radiation to keep the system’s energy shields online during total generator inactivity.

1. External defenses (gun drones, fighter swarms, etc.) are deployed and the ship’s CommsCrusher is prepared for use, with data-selection likely done at this stage. HDI Fields are also deployed and extended, and any ships with mine-layers will deploy as much of their payload as possible. If applicable, Metric Fields are also activated as well. If so, the ship likely slinks into a better position rather than spending power to activate further shielding.
2. The shields proper are at this stage. Buzz Shields and Friction Shielding make up the vast majority of the defense at this line, with SEP Fields being deployed and extended only when conventional defenses fail to protect the vessel in question from a particular attack.
3. The ship’s point defense guns, armor, and other hardpoints lie here, as well as the Buzz Shield’s kinetic- and thermal-energy recyclers and battery-banks. Should the shields be breached, it is likely a sign that a retreat is in order due to firepower discrepancy.
Positronic-Heuristic, Lightly Unified, Multiple-Operation Control System – PHLUMOCS / ‘Flummox AI’

Computer systems are often the most valuable sub-system onboard a vessel, and as Xenohumanity prides itself on its advancements in the fields of artificial and digitized intelligence, it was natural that it created a series of Artificial General Intelligences to play a defensive role. AGI’s known as PHLUMOCS, or ‘Flummoxes’ are a standard part of every Xenohuman vessel, civilian or military. Civilian ships use them primarily as drivers, assistants, and sometimes friends on long and lonely freighter trips.

However, military applications are much more intensive. Everything from drone piloting to factory-management, from gun operation to evasive maneuvers management, and even substituting for the Captain if he is incapacitated are expected from the ship’s Flummox. Each Procul Pilot Pod uses two in conjunction, main-line battle ships have one for tactical command, and all ships have one for pilot assistance and general operations. Instances of ‘rebellion’ are rare due to the careful and personal nurturing of each AGI as an individual (often by specially trained Xeno-Tech parents or by other AGIs), but they are known to occur when the systems are abused or grossly neglected.

Within the virtual realm, Flumoxxes self-elect their avatars and often name themselves and their ships, caring little for formality and often wholesaling jovial nomenclature from the Mind AGI’s of the Culture. Often appearing as mighty warriors or helpful cyborgs, they are often more diverse than others, due to the wide range of Extranet information they soak in. However, their handlers do well to keep them in check, moderating them like proper authority figures and ensuring they are properly indoctrinated in Xenohuman policy and ideals. While some might see this as intellectual slavery, but as the topic of artificial sapient rights is still a fervent one in some areas of the galaxy, Xenohumanity simply moves the goalposts and continues their actions while fighting for other nations to create their own AGIs in the first place.
In order to traverse the parsecs between habitable systems in a timely manner, the Todularians harnessed the power of quantum-string vibration and used equal parts rite and technology to create the Phase Modulation Drive. Named the ‘SlipSpace’ system for its ability to ‘slip’ under time-space, the drive modulates the entire ship’s quantum vibration frequency (it’s ‘phase’), shifting it into an alternate dimension that shares the vibration. Typically empty and with greatly reduced relative distance relationships, transit in SlipSpace results in much faster net transit upon re-entry to ‘RealSpace’. Transit in and out is marked by the release of a purple-pink ‘mist’ of particles and space from this lower dimension, which serves as a sufficiently strong EM pulse to require a short cooldown time before ship operations in the immediate vicinity return to normal.

This system is used both for ship-based FTL as well as the WayStation Warp Points, which are often much faster and more effective for civilian and military transit within and beyond Xenohuman space. Without WayStations, galactic crossings would take approximately 2 Standard Terran Months, with trans-galactic distances warranting stasis technology and over a year of voyage time.
‘Televators’ are a common sight in Xenohuman buildings, and the use of casual teleportation is an accepted part of life.

Due to the Todularian apprehension of using reconstructive fabricators morally, and because of the decent jamming risks found in quantum translocation when radiation is applied to the exit or entrance, their work with quantum vibration phasing was applied in conjunction with applications of the mass effect. The matter to be teleported is quickly scanned, and a phase modulation applied to the target. The target is then ‘shunted’ with a kinetic vector such that they will exit SlipSpace on target, harmlessly displacing the air they (should) occupy into SlipSpace to satisfy the heat debt. While mistargeting can result in portions of walls or objects being lost, as the teleported target cannot be ‘gibbed’ or otherwise damaged to satisfy heat debt, this is a rare occurrence outside of unpracticed emergency evacuations.

While this system results in less disorientation and more secure transit than others, the nature of phase modulation is very energy intensive, often making it the first system or sub-system to be brought offline during power shorts and EMP attacks. As such, stairs and ladders are still a part of life, but they are avoided as much as possible due to the fact that there is no risk of ‘falling down’ with phase teleportation.

Mass Accelerator Cannons

Using twisted-helix coils carrying high-voltage electrical charges and powered by micro-fusion generators, mass acceleration cannons fire payloads of variable nature and payload, but typically fall anywhere from 0.5 pounds to 10 pounds at the upper extreme, when trading speed for mass is considered when breaking through certain types of shields. Functioning alongside flak cannons, MAC cannons are capable of breaking through most armors. While harder hitting and longer ranged than point-defense systems, they function in similar ways, targeting ships rather than incoming projectiles and fighters.

Spinal Linear Accelerator Weaponry

While MAC cannons are rotation-capable and decently mobile. Spinal LinAc weapons are not, and even the most mobile ones built into Macro-Capital ships large enough only allow a maximum of 45 degrees of total rotation.. Built into the framework of a ship as a large, intimidating weapon echoing the Planck Adjustment Beam, LinAc guns use long rails of conductive materials and arcs of electricity to charge and propel heavy, heat-resistant slugs ranging from one to one dozen tons at a target at c-frac velocities. Fully capable of cutting ships in half and boring great holes in Capital Ships, LinAc guns take an unfortunate amount of time to reload safely and recalibrate between firings, meaning that every shot of these great weapons must count.

High-Explosive Flak-Cartridge Batteries

Utilizing more reactive chemicals and more expensive alloys, the H.E. FC-Battery is simply a XenoMarine Bolt-Thrower scaled up and super-charged to operate in space combat. Designed to strip armor layers and take advantage of previously opened gaps in defense, the two-ton bolts are fired from a decently large coilgun and accelerated further to the target via round-contained chemical boosters comparable to 20th-century lunar-exploration launches in thrust-capacity (albeit much smaller, due to nanomaterial fuel and the shorter burn duration). Exploding on impact or slowing of penetration, the rounds can peel layered hull plating like an onion and send shrapnel flying through multiple deck bulk-heads. While the FC-Battery is focused on increasing the ease of high-velocity attacks, they also prove highly effective against external sub-systems and open-space bridges.

Gamma-Ray Thermal Howitzers
Grazers are lasers operating in the gamma ray (the name is an abbreviation of gamma ray amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), and thus are considered vastly superior in both strength and size when compared to conventional lasers. Operating with ‘lenses’ that utilize electro-magnetic and gravitic focusing fields to form the gamma radiation into an ultra-energetic beam, Xenohuman Grazers are used in lieu of lasers and masers in point-defense systems as well as in anti-fighter weaponry and anti-capital shield-blowing. Firing in micro-second bursts, grazers can fire off several shots in succession without having to enter a cooling cycle, and the use of small-scale zero-point power generators to fuel them takes the burden of energy off the ultra-fusion generators that fuel most Xenohuman ships. Large-scale grazers are being developed with the aid of Xiscapian technology to support P.A.B. weaponry in dealing with larger targets.

High-Yield Point-Defense Graser Turret Systems

The primary energy-based weapon aboard non-capital vessels, and one of the reasons XenoNavy finds itself operating best at ‘knife-fighting range’, point-defense grasers are misleading, for they are actually a decently ranged reflexive battery of small-but-mighty gamma-ray turrets. Rather than using optical-light or x-ray energy, Xenohumainty opted for a high-energy solution to the problem of rapid-attack weaponry in order to maximize the utility of the system. Capable of inflicting damage on larger ships as well as fighters and incoming low-speed projectiles, especially against shields and non-physical barriers, point-defense grasers are a plentiful sight on larger XenoNavy vessels and a large investment of onboard energy supplies that helps to encourage efficient management of fusion generators and auxiliary power stations.

Anti-Quark ‘Quantum Torpedoes’
The concept of a torpedo is simple enough: A relatively slow projectile moving through hidden space and carrying a massive payload, designed to blow large holes in enemy frigates and capital ships. In the grim darkness of the far future, the concept remains largely unchanged. Xenohuman ‘Quantum Torpedoes’ use payloads of several kilograms of ‘molten’, uncombined anti-quarks (mostly Top and Strange) loaded into a low-silhouette, ‘space black’ chassis. When launched, the torpedo quickly enters PhaseSpace, making the vast majority of anti-rocket defenses useless against the weapon now half-way between dimensions. The torpedo remains almost invisible as it travels at rather sluggish speeds, and only exists PhaseSpace to detonate against the enemy’s hull or if forced out prematurely by FTLi fields. However, the detonation caused by the raw sub-atomic annihilation of QT and ship hull usually puts most vessels out of commission, making even glancing hits comparable to high-yield thermo-kinetic MAC-blasts. However, because it must exit PhaseSpace outside of a ship, very fast defenses can still catch the payload and neutralize it before detonation, meaning it is often combined with salvos of more ‘distracting’ weaponry such as fighter swarms or missile pods.

Dark Energy Excitement Projectiles (D.E.E.P.)

A combination of Anti-Quark weaponry and Planck Adjustment technology, the Dark Energy Excitement Projectile is the newest main-line weapon in the XenoNavy arsenal, developed in 80 AXC and put into the field in 83 AXC. The projectiles themselves consist of a carefully designed payload consisting of multi-stage anti-quark blasting caps, solid-state entropy payloads, and entropy containment barriers, all packed within a high-power electrospectral containment field. This results in a glowing blue-white ovoid about the size of a tractor trailer. This payload is then loaded into a large, specialized coilgun launch tube, which necessitates the mounting of the weapon exclusively on Capital and MacroCapital ships.

When the payload is launched and makes sufficient contact with the enemy, either through incoming defensive fire or making impact successfully, the containment fields release and the entropy barriers are released. When the anti-quarks are acted upon by the entropy, they result in a massive release of dark energy, the force responsible for the general expansion of space. When this occurs, the resulting wave in the fabric of reality surges through the enemy vessel destructively, as the target is partially ‘jammed’ into reality and wrenched back out. Understandably, while the effects on smaller vessels are nothing short of horrific, larger ships will still suffer massive internal systems damage while the exterior plating experiences peeling and shield short-circuits.

Electro-Magnetic Free Radical Focusing Gun

Compared to ‘ion guns’ and ‘EMP blasters’, the E.M.F.R.F Gun (referred to as the Em-Furf Gun by non-technical personnel), the Electro-Magnetic Free Radical Focusing Gun is not only more variable in application, but with much more potential for anti-personnel application. By separating electrons from hydrogen atoms and mixing them into a semi-liquid, high-temperature ‘negative plasma’, the low-mass high-velocity goop can be easily poured into containment tanks and piped into a focusing chamber. Focused into a thin beam and ejected at c-fraction velocities, the electro-magnetic free radicals do minimal physical damage against most modern warships, only penetrating high-density armors that fail to distribute the load of impact well. However, even if properly absorbed and diminished, the highly charged beam still distributes massive amounts of system-overloading energy directly into the vessel ad targeted sub-systems, making the E.M.F.R.F. Gun an effective precision-targeted EMP weapon. Frequency can also be modified and the electro-magnetic free radical excited with various forms of radiation in order to project microwave or variable-frequency beams if anti-personnel weaponry is specifically required, typically before a boarding action or in an attempt to simply clean smaller ships of their crew before capture.
Dislocative Awareness Redirection Turret – ‘D.A.R.T. Systems’

=A hyper-specialized T.E.S.T. combined with specially programmed and anti-biological SmartDust is the mechanical heart of the D.A.R.T. System. Taking the form of either a wall-hidden turret or a sliding-panel dispersal mini-mortar, the Dislocative Awareness Redirection Turret is simply scientific double-talk hiding the fact that the D.A.R.T. System was designed to hijack the brains of boarding enemies and force them into combat with their allies before disposing of themselves in a practical manner. When triggered, either by remote security or local trip-wires, the D.A.R.T. system releases a cloud of dart-like SmartDust into the chamber. Seeking unauthorized personnel out and targeting paths of least resistance, the dust attempts to penetrate a target’s armor and skin and enter the bloodstream in order to enter the victim’s central nervous system. Once inside, the SmartDust runs T.E.S.T. programming and forcibly assimilates higher brain function to that of the D.A.R.T. system, effectively slaving the victim’s mind to a small network. Once slaved, the D.A.R.T. system then attempts to use the victim’s body to do the most damage to the invaders possible, usually forcing a hapless intruder to attack his own compatriots before killing himself for lack of additional foes to repulse. If the victim’s body cannot be breached, usually due to heavy armor, the SmartDust will then attempt to simply manipulate the armor, either hijacking power armor and performing the same roll or simply flooding unpowered armor with sufficient electrical charge to render the attacker useless.

AGI-controlled Androids – ‘The Tron Squad’

=While Xenohumanity is proud to call itself a ‘disautomated society’, preserving jobs for its populace and only using robots and androids where truly necessary, the Federal AGI population is not averse to the use of automatons and mechanical artificial bodies. Aboard most XenoNavy vessels and spatial installations, the ship’s dedicated PHLUMOCS AGI often utilizes such a body in order to interact with the crew and assist in mechanical self-maintenance. Typically flesh-wrapped androids with modified dermal metabolisms to minimize nutrient demand, these bodies are easily produced and far sturdier than their natural counterparts. A minimum of 5 spares are stocked for safety purposes as well as for the novelty of the AGI, but in the event of hostile attack, the AGI is fully capable of commandeering multiple bodies, taking up arms, and assisting in defense. Thanks to the AGI’s link with the ship’s internal and external security suites, this crack squad of lethal operatives is capable of lightning fast movement, devastating hit-and-run attacks, and generally ruining the tactics of invaders through superior intellect and situational awareness.

Disassembly Nanosludge – ‘Boarding Smooze’

=Orders to ‘dump the bucket’ or ‘flood the sluice’ aboard a XenoNavy vessel are signs that something has clearly gone wrong, for these are slang terms for venting disassembly nanosludge into various compartments in an attempt to kill intruders at all costs. Contained in decently large canisters typically stored in the security office, ‘Boarding Smooze’ is a stew of SmartDust and nanite minifabricators programmed to seek out any living thing failing to bear friendly Xenohuman IFF chip-tagging and break it down into its constituent molecules and atoms in a timely manner. As it is fairly indiscriminate and difficult to put back into storage safety, it is rarely used unless valuable cargo or personnel are at risk of capture or termination.

Phase-Modulated Hypervelocity-inducing Particle Fields – ‘The Invisible Fist’ / ‘Phase Darts’

=While monomolecular wire systems can pose a danger to friendly troops left out of the loop, the ‘Invisible Fist’ system proves a reliably safe way to kill intruding personnel in such a manner to leave the surviving witness psychologically unsuitable for combat. The system consists of ship-integrated repulsor/receiver pads built into the corridors and bullkheads of a vessel, recursive-circuit Phase-Field generators and quantum-tunnel energy transmitters, and an IFF system to prevent friendly fire. Using IFF tags that are easily associated with standard Xenohuman implant technologies such as the binary-cognition computer or integrated I.D. chipping is easily done, and can be applied to friendly boarders and other non-standards on a case by case basis easily from the ship’s main security center or by the PHLUMOCS AGI. The Phase-Field generators within a vessel, typically dedicated to certain specific shields, have recently begun seeing wider installation as the PmHiPF system has become standard in larger military vessels. Using quantum-tunneling to transmit the vibration-phased energy created by the generators, the resulting ‘phase charge’ can be stored in repulsor/receiver pads. When an enemy intrudes in an area with the Invisible Fist, the pads automatically detect them and prime a small 5-microgram slug for firing. When the enemy crosses the path of two pads, the repulsor-pad launches a slug at c-frac speeds with a pulse of high-phased electromagnetic energy (through the target, with lethal effects), with the receiver-pad quickly phasing the slug out into Phase-Space for safety and gathering energy from the slug to prime for another shot if necessary. Attempts to flee the pads often activate more pads, resulting in a ‘dart trap’ effect sufficient to keep intruders in place until security details can react to a threat.

Combat Servitors – ‘Rectifiers’

=One of the more grisly fates that can await those convicted in Federal space is to be inducted into the Servitor program, usually through XenoSci. After a short mechanical lobotomy, the convicted is placed into a medical coma and psychosurgically reprogrammed in such a way that borders on the animal; fixations on violence, obedience, efficiency, and senses of satisfaction and physical pleasure only coming from a job well done replace any semblance of sentience. After this programming, the subject is given an extremely invasive series of surgeries and cybernetic replacements in order to make them more machine than mortal. Cyberbrains, artificial skeletons and cardiopulmonary systems, minimized digestive and immune functions, and the replacement of limbs with variable-weapon socketed appendages and hyper-flexible joints are normal, but case-by-case additions are almost impossible to track thanks to the input of XenoNavy officers. This input is so powerful because the finished ‘Rectifier’ is then almost certainly put back into chemical coma and put aboard a XenoNavy vessel as a defensive installation. Awoken at the first sign of trouble, either from enemy boarding or simply if men need pulling apart and beating over the head, a Rectifier is a Commissar’s closest friend and a XenoMarine Naval Commander’s greatest weapon.

By using advanced quantum calculations and entropy-heavy strong-force reactions in semi-SlipSpace, Planck’s Constant can be changed. By utilizing the latest in Entropic Containment/Focusing technology, the resulting change in Planck’s constant in the area can be magnified and weaponized. Using it alone creates an explosion that can either increase or decrease the ‘graininess’ of the universe in the affected area for a few milliseconds, with the results being the violent shrinking and re-expansion (resulting in chaotic implosion) or violently expansion and shrinking (tearing apart the affected area with a violent explosion) of the target.

Using Entropic Containment Field (ECF) technology, this effect can also be actualized into a beam. By aiming the beam and releasing the contained entropic burst through the beam, an enemy ship, vehicle, or crewman hit by the beam will experience the effects of the atomic disruption in a localized area, with fine-tune adjustments to the increase/decrease of Planck’s constant conducted at the firing station. Use in atmosphere results in a horrid, storm-like roaring and boils the air around the beam into a toxic oxide that can instantly rust exposed metals and cause prompt oncogenetic mutation in those who breathe the free radicals. The target itself is reduced into ‘quantum dust’, a grainy fallout that is treated as a high-grade radiation hazard due to its biocidal properties.

While most famously seen as the ‘great pink beam’ used to slice enemy dreadnoughts in twain, the system is also utilized in the Planck Adjustment Bomb. A warhead containing a large sample of the contained entropy is guided to the target, typically using smart-linked, target-designated guiding fins. Upon impact, the bomb embeds itself in the ground, promptly deploying 8 above-ground and 8 below-ground director vents for the Planck Adjustment sub-beams. This explosion is known to knock out heavy fortifications with single blasts, reducing the structure and the ground beneath it to quantum dust.

Comparative analysis and reverse-engineering of Xiscapian Randomized Efficient Amplified Particle Entropy Rays (R.E.A.P.E.R. Systems) allowed for bleeding-edge variability in the use of altered Planck Constants on a weapon-scale level. Skilled technicians and properly trained XenoMarine engineers are now able to coerce the entropy to enter ‘binary state’ through deft application of electromagnetics and ECF ‘nudges’. Once this is entered, the beams seem to form a swirling helix of orange and green beams in conjunction. However, entering binary state simply to merge the beams is pointless, for the purpose of this state is to allow only one of the beams to pass, dramatically altering the effect of the weapon.

Using the green beam alone derives the ‘Planck Crush’ effect, emphasizing the dramatic reduction and normalization of Planck’s Constant. This reduces the target into a grey slurry of free quarks and gluons more rapidly than with dual beams, making it a far better hull-breaching tool against unshielded targets such as disabled ships or pesky blast doors. Using the orange beam, conversely, amplifies the ‘Planck Amp’ effect, with the violent magnification and natural reduction serving as an ultra-efficient, high-energy version of the standard beam. While less effective against matter due to the reduced vibration of the impact site, it is rapacious when turned on energy shields and other barriers, overloading systems and shorting out generators such that re-raising shields and ablatives will be impossible without changing out the system.
Tactical Electronic Systems Tampering (T.E.S.T.) Agent-Programs

Information warfare is a standard aspect of the faster-than-lightspeed battlefield, and with combat hackers, DNI attacks, and dedicated AIs and AGIs set on using VR/AR technology and hypercomputing to do in their foes, XenoSci set about creating a catch-all countermeasure to all forms of electronic and fiber-optical warfare. After intense study with conjunction with Xeno-Tech’s Exo-Sentient Intelligence program, Xenohumanity finally had a leg-up in the virtual arms race.

Stored in computer memory aboard power-armor systems, ship servers, or within the neural chips of combat hackers, the Tactical Electronic Systems Tampering Agent-Program is a self-directing artificial intelligence. Specialized in the art of system infiltration, data modification, and the planting of quick-burn viruses and worms, they are used against any sort of electronic system, wired or wireless. Whether they are hand-planted by infiltrators into secure databases or thrown at the enemy in large numbers during a space combat, the T.E.S.T.s will quickly map out the system, learn of or create backdoors, bot-slave any available systems, rootkit continued access in light of enemy I.C. programming, and perform other mundane hacking tricks.

Once it is ready, the system is given free rein to do whatever it wants or has to in order to achieve its objective. For example, a T.E.S.T. thrown out by a combat hacker into an enemy weapon can over-load a battery, dump a cartridge, jam the weapon, retract the trigger, or automatically fire when the weapon is oriented towards other hostile targets. While not capable of self-education like the PHLUMOCS, they are more than capable of using fuzzy-logic programming to act uncannily like the smart-aleck coders behind them, leading to certain T.E.S.T. specializations gaining infamy, such as the ‘Encryption Conniption’ Security Inverter, the ‘RAMIREZ’ TacComm Line Tap, and the ‘Ambrosia’ Augment Disability Worm.
KillKode Remote Systems Controller
RAMIREZ Tactical Communications Line Tap
Encryption Conniption Security Subverter and Inverter
Ambrosia Augment Disability Worm
Persuadernator Hostile Biosystems Cracker
Plan 9 Anti-Equipment Neutralization Script-Batch
Aimbawt Bullet-Computer Subversion Rootkit
UMBRALORD Strange Magnetic Implant/Bioware Code-Editor
Icepick Artificial Intelligence Disassembler
Paraphile Direct Neural Interface Dump-Shock Cache-Thrower
‘Koch’s Contagion’: KC-XV Techno-Evolutionary Diversion Antigen

Koch’s Contagion was born of a misguided effort to attempt to combat a short-lived outbreak of a highly infectious nanoviral bioweapon on the now-dead world of Olangmar by gene-fixing the populace and providing nanite innoculations. While a larger portion of the local population was killed by the cure than by the disease before the nanovirus was eradicated, the knowledge gained was more than worth it to the more conspiratorial elements of XenoIntel.

Developed by Professor Koch by Xeno-Tech Industries (and earning him the position of Genemaster and chief of biomedical R&D), the blight in question is a complicated, programmable mutagen. Comprised of sanguine nano-bots, micro-replicator units, and using the latest in guided evolutionary refinement, KC-XV stands head and shoulders above the majority of artificial diseases. Cost-effective to the extreme, the plague forgoes feralization or subject termination in favor of relatively stable, survivable respeciation.

An individual can be infected by KC-XV either from injection, sexual transmission, ingesting contaminated food or water, or through inhalation, depending on the particular strain. Incubation ranges from a mere 6 hours to indefinite lengths of time, again depending on the strain. Regardless, the Contagion makes its home in approximately 90% of the body’s cells, harboring nanobots, chemical catalysts, nano-computer nodes, and biological and nanomechanical fabricators. If the infection is detected at this point, and if state-of-the-art medical facilities are on hand, the systems can be neutralized using pin-pointed, high-dose electromagnetic surges, but purging the dead machinery from the body would require expensive counter-nanites that currently only Xeno-Tech holds production rights on. The remnants of the disease once treated often manifest as lethargy, However, if left untreated, the machinery can be activated remotely through phase-encrypted channels, inducing the full range of symptoms.

The nanocomputers begin to server-synchronize, gathering enough collective computing power to give the nanofabricators and catalysts their instructions. Each strain of the virus carries different orders and physiological, chemical, and neurological modifications. The nanomachinery begins re-writing genetic material on a cell-by-cell level, selectively activating and deactivating strains in order to begin prompt mutation. The process, which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on the strain, completely changes the subject’s species. Further alterations such as gender, certain psychological aspects, and remote-controlled congenital defects are also possible, but require a longer incubation time.

Defenders of the use of KC-XV point to the variable alteration capability, use for treating genetic and nanomechanical disease, and entertainment applications, but critics still see the use of KC-XV as the illegal legitimization of nanoviral warfare. Microbiologists and nanotechnologists draw disturbing parallels between the KC-XV varieties and the ‘Blacklight Contagion’, responsible for the Vulpes Vulpes population in the Sen Systems Alliance. While careful analysis of the two does show remarkable similarity, XenoSci vehemently denies accusations of involvement with the production of Blacklight.
Type XXC-III Dimensional Coordinate Designator/Annulator

Description: The Calabi-Yau Multiverse structure is the now-commonly-known shape of the multi-verse in all 11 dimensions according to Unified M-Space Theory. Using an objectively dangerous combination of massive particle accelerators, entropy containment, anti-matter multi-charges, X-ray-reflective fission detonators, this dimensional adjacency and the zero-point energy found in dimensional strings can be used against foes in a horribly effective manner by taking advantage of a theoretical phenomenon known as ‘vacuum metastability’.

By loading the aforementioned components into a 300-foot-long missile (held inside a ship’s hangar bay), equipping the rocket with a Q-Entanglement phase field to guard against enemy counter-projectiles and using Slip-Space drives to quickly arrive at its destination, quickly scans its objective location in the time-space continuum, trying to find the point where dark matter is low and dark energy is high for maximum effect. Once the ‘weak spot’ is found, the payload is detonated. What unfolds can only be described as mind-warping.

The very location of space-time designated is snapped like a rubber band by both 7D and 11D Ultraspace and removed from reality, gone from our world, sent spiraling into the multiversal void as a lone snapped sinew of reality. That one point ceases to be until the void is filled by the surrounding space-time strings. This sonic-boom-like void-filling is where the weapon causes damage. Snapping M-Strings in the surrounding cubic kilometers, sending a massive wave-motion gravity ripple out, and ending it with a micro-cosmic singularity burster, a planet hit by the Calabi-Yau can count on being rocked with asteroid-like force, hit with a massive EMP, torn open violently (often exposing mantle and outer core layers), and being partially (if not completely) pulled into the quick-filling black hole. Used against stars, it typically induces supernova, regardless of stellar mass.

The weapon has only been used twice during testing flights of the Yahweh-class MacroCapital ship, and only against nuclear wastelands formerly belonging to the Todularian Ecclasiarchy.
“Where there is no necessity, desire will do in sufficient measure.” These words from Xenon himself sparked the race to create a weapon capable of firing through SlipSpace without losing appreciable mass-energy power from tradition FTLi systems. While most militaries accept FTLi and work around it, Xenon in typical form sought to simply work through it like any other problem. Startlingly, he did.

Xeno-Tech began by becoming fully aware that FTLi is like any other field or gravitational well: it is a discrete matter with barriers and gradients which effect the offending projectile. “So, why don’t we just go onto a dimensional perpendicular and strike fromCalabi-Yau,” they asked. “Because the process will cause the projectile to lose so much energy and velocity that it will get intercepted anyway,” replied the rationalists. To this, the progressives returned “To hell with the projectile. Just put the energy there and let it melt the damn ship down by virtue of over-Kelvin.”

This is far easier said than done, as it had never been done before, and for good reason. Taking energy and simply hauling it in a cohesive package without using mass or gravity-wells anyhow is a daunting feat even for advanced civilizations. Still, Xenon and his organization were never ones for common logic, and so they started turning the problem in on itself until it cried ‘uncle’.

Kugelblitzes were once hypothetical entities according to general relativity. If the numbers work, sufficient radiation poured into a limited space will bend space-time enough to create a self-gravitating body, namely, a singularity with an event horizon wider than its physical radius, also known as black hole. However, this black hole would be formed from high-density energy rather than mass, making it strange and delightfully useful for the problem presented. Here, as it is apt to do nowadays, general relativity found itself in a pickle, for experimental data showed that despite its event horizon, the type of matter-energy that created it did matter, as the bending and temporary shrinking of the event horizon allowed for energy to be retrieved in a (somewhat) safe manner.

Thanks to the clever application of gravitational mini-lenses, solid-state entropy, and old-fashioned dumb luck, Xeno-Tech’s Experimentals Division was capable of creating a .00003-meter-wide Kugelblitz in laboratory, keeping it from evaporating or breaking apart, and adjusting local gravity constants and the Immirzi Coeficcient to ‘shave’ portions of the energy-ball off. This ultra-high-voltage, high-temperature ‘KC Light’ or ‘Hellfire’ was also found to be remarkably ‘dense’, seemingly expanding when physical constants returned to normal and releasing exponentially greater amounts of energy than had been gathered. The violation of mass-energy conservation can be explained by the suction of energy from SlipSpace and the Calabi-Yau manifold, which makes the actual release of this energy much more terrifying.

The first part of the problem solved, Xeno-Tech set about figuring out how to fling little balls of Hellfire through SlipSpace without burning a ghastly hole in common reality or accidentally dropping the whole damn Kugelblitz into anti-space and losing an 800-billion Credit investment. The application of previous technology was called for to balance out the bleeding-edge progress made earlier, and a modified version of the XXC-III Dimensional Annulator delivery chassis was prototyped, sized up to carry a modified version of its SlipSpace drive that would take a ‘longer’ route through Calabi-Yau space proper rather than the parallel dimension of SlipSpace. With test-runs successfully converting the decommissioned XNV Loremonger into white-hot ferrosteam after interdicting a medium-grade FTLi field (a Heisenberg-Disassociative Field from XenoNavy) by virtue of hitting it at an ‘indeflectable angle’ relative to realspace, the tests were deemed a success and many a case of XenoBeer was won in the wagering.

The weapon itself awaits mass production, but will be a common sight on Capital and Macro-Capital vessels due to its ability to quickly deliver a ship-killing blow with minimal chance of interdiction save mechanical interference during the deployment and dimension-launch sequence.

Procul Extraphysical Operation Systems

Xiscapian Technological Import

Weapon Type: Interface
Classification: Remote Neural Fighter Operation
Damage Grade: Variable, depending on pilot skill
Reload Time: Depends on fighter re-construction time.
Description: The pilot is placed into a V.R. berth aboard the operator's carrier. Equipment aboard the fighter links with the unit and creates a real-time simulation of the cockpit of the operator's ship around them. Communications are made via Phase-Space Quantum Tunneling FTL from the berth to the fighter so the pilot controls the fighter through their connection and experiences everything as he would if he was physically present in the cockpit without actually being there. The most obvious advantage, of course, is that if the fighter is destroyed the pilot lives on to fight another day. However, if the fighter was on board a capital ship, carrier, or factory ship, an identical unit can be manufactured and the link uploaded to the new ship, which the pilot can then control. This means that as long as the pilot remains alert and the materials necessary for making fightercraft do not run out, the pilot can go into combat from his or her berth indefinitely, thanks to life support systems in the V.R. Another advantage is that while the new fighters are complex to design, they are relatively cheap and easy to make, not requiring actual life support systems since there is no pilot aboard. Finally, the removal of the pilot means the ship can pull off maneuvers that no biological could, making it matched with any droid or A.I. controlled ship, while still retaining the originality and imagination necessary to make an organic being an ace pilot. Finally, an A.I. backup is installed in the program in case the carrier ship is destroyed or the pilot disconnected, so the Procul ship with continue the fight. The link can only be terminated by the will of the pilot, the destruction of the fighter, or the destruction of the carrier. Unlike most variants of Xenohuman SlipSpace Phase-Modified FTL, the link is immune to FTLi due to QT-capable 'quantum force-feeders' that serve to render the interdiction inverse/null, and cannot be blocked, jammed or hacked.

The artificial augmentation of the body’s natural capacities and the introduction of new abilities and capacities with technology is an essential part of Federal life and central to Xenohuman culture and self-perception. One of the primary separator points from the old Todularian tradition, a point of pride of citizens of all walks of life, and a market that Xeno-Tech prides itself on helping to lead on a galactic level, augmentation technology, also known as ‘up-ware’ or simply ‘ware, requires a fairly close examination in order to understand the full scope of services that Drakonian and Xenohuman Federals treat as common-place.

Mechanical Augments: What typically leaps to mind when ‘augmentation’ is brought up. Mech-ware is cheap, durable, reliable, versatile, and typically will get the job done, no questions asked. Ranging from the ghastly hydraulics and exposed circuitry of the poor to the barely noticeable implants of the upper class, mechanical augmentation includes prosthetics, certain kinds of synthetic organs and tissue-lacings, tool and weapon implants.
=Mechadendrites (‘Drites): Two arms is never quite enough, honestly; not in today’s world, anyway. While other societies view these flexible, variable-tipped limbs typically grated to the lumbar of the back or the latissimus dorsi as primitive, the Federation has managed to resell them as an evolutionary aid of sorts, lifting its user above the common masses by virtue of new physiology. Mechadendrites can be tipped with small weapons, manipulators, specialized tools for surgery, mechanical maintenance, and a million other professions, and are universally stronger than unaugmented arms could be due to synthetic nano-musclular tissue. They are seen most often on military personnel and mercenary police officers, but both gangers and corporate officers have access to various grades and qualities of ‘drite technology.
=Integrated Weaponry (InteGuns): The ultimate concealed weapon, impossible to disarm and always ready if you make sure to check the batteries before you head out the door. InteGuns are prosthetic limbs typically energy-weapons such as las-guns or arc-casters, but are also capable of taking ‘hard-projectile’ weapons such as small railguns and bolter/slugger guns if the user is willing to feed an ammo belt through their antebrachial region. They function normally as limbs until the user triggers a small transformation, typically through digital prompting through other augments or through a ‘fidget’ password of finger flexes and gestures. Folding away, the hand packs away and reveals the weapon, with other assorted relocations and slides making the weapon ready for firing in five seconds or less at a minimum.

Genefixing and ‘Wet’ Augmentation: A more recent addition to the techno-cultural norm of the Federation due to Culturestalking and technological exchange with the Genomitan commune, wide-spread genetic modification and biological augmentation, known as ‘wet-‘ware’ collectively, was beginning to see use by the Todularians but was cut short due to the untimely sparking of the Xenohuman Civil War. While most of the archeo-techonological discoveries they made have been lost for better or for worse, most of the ground has been made up. This category includes protein and plasmid regimens, genetic modifications, certain applications of cloning, and purely biological /bio-chemical prosthetics and upgrades.
=Xenohumanity and Life Extension: Paradoxically, most Xenohumans and Drakon swear off of ‘miracle-‘ware’ such as telomerase rejuvenation and anti-oncogenetic plasmid regimens. While their celestial neighbors live to hundreds of years and see no death save that of accident or far, the average Federal citizen will be lucky to reach 140, and most die at the age of 97 according to the latest census and mortality figures. Even more paradoxically, the Federation as a whole seems proud of this fact: thanks to leaps and bounds with prenatal gene-fixing, tank-breeding, a (propaganda-backed) culture of in-the-moment hedonism breaking up single-minded productivity in the workplace, and a certain morbid acceptance of the high chance of being killed one way or another by the government, mega-corporations, gang wars, and the constant but unspoken problem of cult activity lead to an indifference to the prospect of trying to live forever only to die screaming and bleeding.

Neurological Augmentation and Psychosurgery: Cutting edge even by Federal standards, neurological augmentation through any vector and the field of computer-assisted psychological editing (known as ‘psychosurgery’ due to the surgical manipulation of the mind and consciousness in cyberspace, through DNI and performed in a metaphorical interface) prove a large draw for foreigners coming to Xenohumanity seeking exotic modification. Anything from emotional recalibration to personality rewriting, from memory insertion/deletion to ‘cutting-room’ treatment of psychological imbalances, to activating and facilitating limited psychic abilities in certain patients and even to body-swapping and other more grey-market applications of the technology is fair game.

Digital Implants: Some may argue that digital augmentations should be categorized with hard-‘ware, but there is a great difference between having a ferro-composite arm and having a computer inside your brain doubling your effective world-awareness. This difference, as far as categorization is concerned, is between physical and psycho-social augmentation. Digital augments are typically integrated computers, CNS upgrades and re-wires, and other implants and technologies meant to empower the mind rather than the body.
-Binary Cognition Computers: The most famous of the digital augmentations, the Binary Cognition Neurocomputer is ubiquitous in the Federation and its peoples. A small optronic computer integrated into the cerebellar vermis (for ease of use with wired DNI ports and minimally invasive surgery), it does not have much to do with motor control. Rather, the system uses biology-inspired fractal expansion to integrate into the brain as a whole, creating a seamless integration of carbon-based and artificial neural systems. With both brain and computer sharing the work-load and specializing differently, the system also allows for wireless access to the Extranet, AR and VR interface, wireless DNI, skill-software uploads of useful information and limited muscle-memory, and a general enhancement to the higher faculties. Fears that the system is used to project subliminal neuro-propaganda and exercise limited psychosurgical personality control over consumers are totally unfounded.

DNI: Direct Neural Interface is the kind of paradigm-changing technology that makes men question the need for God. When total mastery over both mind and machine has been put into a form small enough to install in the back of your head, why worship? The Todularians answered this with the techno-pantheism of all the other questions, but the Xenohumans abandoned the explanation as the use of the system grew. Once dedicated for linking the captains and bridge-crews of ships to their vessels and occasionally used for experimental remote-weapons management by forward operations bases, DNI has grown to include car and motorcycle operation, personal computer uplink, robot-biological interface, and ‘SmartLinking’ with weaponry to provide unsurpassed accuracy and systems feedback.
-Drone Rigging and Remote-Body Operation: One of the most controversial, and arguably the most important applications of DNI technology is the use of wireless connectivity to create ‘WiDNI’ and enable the direct mental control of an individual’s Personal Area Network. Combining this with innovations in Procul technology and the resolution of the ‘Phrorendal Hypothesis of Transgenetic Unipsychology’, the creation of both mechanical and biological / semi-biological bodies to be ‘rigged’ remotely by a user seems hard to accept as ever having been a fringe application. The control of a mechanical drone, which is what typically comes to mind when the term ‘rigging’ is used, sees wide application in paramedical, construction, military, and police services where specialized high-durability frames and machinery can take full advantage of a living being’s creativity and multiple-spectrum intelligence. Biological copies, known as ‘replicants’ or ‘avatars’, see most of their business from metacelebrities, long-distance travelling business-people, intelligence operatives, and others who have much to gain from being able to put a custom version of themselves on site for remote use in a convenient, safe environment.
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XenoArmy personnel go through a ten-week course of basic training, cut down to six weeks during a draft. Mostly humans, as suitable Drakon are usually inducted into the XenoMarines at a young age, XenoSoldiers are fully aware of their increased disposability, but also of the far greater armory associated with a system-scale warfare body. Full training includes firearms cleaning and safety, basic marksmanship, military vocabulary and command structures, vehicle instruction, and basic field martial arts. Draft training trims tis down to marksmanship, martial arts, command, and basic safety, trimming down a month of training in order to produce infantry on the cheap and on the double. Should training prove successful, XenoArmy personnel are given a battery of aptitude tests and psychosurgical examinations to determine their strengths and weaknesses empirically. Those who show sufficient skill in one area or another are specialized, but most are further trained in front-line infantry performance.

Blade of The Nation

The XenoSoldiers that make up the bulk of the XenoArmy, drawn from the ranks of corporate and private volunteers alike, serve as a flexible asset-efficient fighting force to be reckoned with.. Operating in conjunction with armored forces, XenoMarine shock infantry, air support, and other units, the XenoSoldier is one of the most reliable assets in the military. What they lack in brute strength or raw firepower, they make up for with organization, camaraderie, and a versatile array of weaponry. With the proper gear, one squad can eliminate anything from heavy infantry and mechs to enemy aircraft and armor. Using foot-mobility to carry crewed weaponry to where they need to be, XenoSoldiers can be surprisingly tenacious and hard to root out of a position once held. However, they are not as combat-effective as XenoMarines. While quicker to train and deploy, their cost-effectiveness ratio is objectively lower than the Marines across the board, meaning that they are often used as defensive, garrison troops rather than frontline infantry.

Fabricating The Future

Shovels, excavators, and profuse yet odorless sweating are the hallmarks of the tactical logistics branch of XenoArmy. Relatively unaugmented save synth-muscle and odor-reduction gene-fixes, XenoEngineers hold responsibility for constructing earthworks, bridges, FireBase junctions, keeping supply chains stable, distributing ammunition, weaponry, rations, and other pieces of equipment, and everything else associated with ‘boring army jobs’. Playing the role of heavy-weapons crewmen, vehicle drivers, and supplemental assault infantry with the same basic training as XenoSoldiers, they are arguably the easiest branch to move out of into civilian life, as demand for their services is high in private military contracting groups, given their combination of combat training and logistical and business education.

Patience with Fervor

Easily the most augmented soldiers on the battlefield due to the heavy investment of training and specialized equipment, the XenoSnipers are an under-reported but vital asset to a XenoArmy defense. Responsible for long-distance engagement and the removal of highly armored or logistically valuable targets immediately after acquisition, they have such upgrades as (including but not limited to) cyber-eyes, speed-boosted spatial geometry neuro-computers, fly-by-wire synth-muscle, ferro-skeletal reinforcement, metabolic tuning, micro-photosynthetic dermis, and Wi-DNI drone control implants. Trained in deep infiltration, camouflage and stealth-gear use, rapid foot-mobile and ‘improvised’ exfiltration (including commandeering enemy vehicles, spoofing command personnel through cyber-larynx and modified CommsCrusher use, etc.), the XenoSnipers are preternaturally patient and attentive, capable of keeping a bead on a target for days at a time in order to get one perfect shot off.

All Man’s Able

The minimizing of combat losses is a top priority in XenoArmy, especially considering the brutal nature of galactic warfare. XenoMedics are deployed to combat zones in an attempt to mitigate these losses and recover personnel under any circumstance. Operating XenoM.A.S.H. camps, performing hot-zone triage and combat surgery, and filling the logistical roles of unit doctors and general-purpose physicians, ‘X-Meds’ are often seen as the most personable XenoSoldiers due to the majority of them having some form of interpersonal diagnostic software and implanted tricorders, allowing them to calm and treat with patients undergoing the most extreme stress, pain, and disfiguring injury modern combat injuries can deliver. Also augmented with ‘fly-by-wire’ twitch-synth muscle fibers to allow for far faster running and gear-transport speeds, they provide reliable injury evacuation from the front in case treatment is not possible on site. Armed with side-arm only in order to carry their triage gear, they are distinguished by their white-and-red armor. Despite this, some foes may target the XenoMedic specifically, to which they answer with the same training and determination as any XenoSoldier, along with the ire of his teammates. While they are not under obligation to necessarily make life easy for captured enemies, they are obliged under multinational law to deliver what treatments they can.

Masters of Machines

Electronic warfare was always a strong suit in XenoMil, and the existence of combat hackers as a specialization attests to that. In addition to infantry training, those with compatability with additional DNI augmentation and a little computer skill are trained in systems security, hacking and counter-hacking principles and protocol, smart-dust deployment and manipulation, electronics and hardware maintenance and upgrading, manual and AI-assisted programming on and off the field, T.E.S.T. logistics and deployment, and receive additional psychosurgery to make them compatible for binary-consciousness augmentation to allow them to truly multitask, with a parallel cognition devoted entirely to the datascape. When facing enemies less advanced than most that do not use smart-gear or other battlefield networks, they play the same role as XenoSoldiers on the battlefield, much to their chagrin.

High Orbit Drop Drakes
As Above, So Below

XenoArmy tactics typically call for strong defensive and supply lines, firing ranks utilizing automatic weaponry, and combined arms assault when the front must move forward. However, there are instances when it is up to the Army to lead the charge rather than the XenoMarines. For this purpose, the High Orbit Drop Drakes were created, shortly following the Reannexation of Ramam. A unit of entirely Drakonian shock troopers with impact-resistant subdermal plating, modified Eustachian tubes and equilibrioceptive systems, and spatial-awareness enhancement, the HODD troopers are masters of shock-and-awe and violent insertion. Whether they enter battle via drop-pod, gunship, FireBase, or Excelsior-Jumping with a jetpack from an orbiting ship, they always make a point to arrive dramatically and to inflict as much on-point collateral damage as possible in order to demoralize the enemy and break holes in their formations.

LethalOps Special Attachment
The Unknowables

In situations regarding high-priority objectives, top-secret intelligence and assets, and operations that simply cannot be allowed the chance of failure, XenoAdmin and XenoIntel often sends their own agents to personally monitor and assist ground forces in the field. Agents from LethalOps, often type-cast by local commanders as snipers, infiltrators, demolitions specialists, and Macro-Armor operators, usually deviate rather promptly from assignment in order to operate discretely and work towards whatever true goal XenoIntel has in mind, whether it is black-flag orchestration, politically deniable assassination, or anything else that falls into the realm of black operations. With a peculiar interest in recruiting or drafting individuals showing the Pairbond phenome or other tags of psionic or biotic potential, the LethalOps commandoes are also called upon as V.I.P. bodyguards for high-ranking commanders during non-clandestine operations, and the sight of two or more grey-skinned Drakon with psionic/biotic amp-hoods and digi-armor are not uncommon on flagships and at military and hypercorporate installations.
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The epitome of bio-technological military prowess, this planetary landing and invasion branch of XenoMil is the most elite, most deadly, and most technologically well-supplied branch of the military. Recruits are selected from birth, either out of state orphanages or through gene-tracking programs typically conducted by the Genestealers or XenoIntel. Genetically prime specimens of Drakonian or human origin are raised by the state and prepared for a life of training, physical modification, mental programming, martial education, and other necessities of the XenoMarines. Starting ‘The Aasinan Procedure’ sooner than other races with similar programs, the modifications begin by the age of 4. Using methods created by the Ecclasiarchy of Todular and perfected by Xeno-Tech Industries on commission, the thirteen organs, augmentations, and gene-modifications prescribed are administered to the recruit while he undergoes several years of combat and technical training, and by age 15, the human or Drakon has become a living engine of war, capable wearing suits of ultra-powered armor that work with the Tertiary Nervous System (TNS) DNI array to go from 1,800 lbs of metal to a nimble, fully integrated extra layer of the Marine’s body.

Wielding a wide variety of weapons that push the boundaries of galactic weapons technology, they can easily destroy anti-infantry mecha in melee or ranged combat, and can go toe to toe with fellow power-armor. Thanks to the benefits of nano-composite armor and VR-enhanced speed-training, they are only rivaled in combat effectiveness by dedicated armor units and enemies taking advantage of Strange Magnetism to produce biotic or psionic effects. XenoMarine commands massive orbital transport navies, terrestrial vehicles and support structures, and oceanic landing fleets, dropped from orbit to conduct blue-water warfare. While harder to train and raise than XenoSoldiers, their combat effectiveness is several orders of magnitude greater, resulting in them used as the primary offensive force during wartime.

XenoMarine Light Human Armor
XenoMarine Light Drakonian Armor
XenoMarine Drakonian Armor
XenoMarine Human Armor
XenoMarine Explosives Ordinance Disposal / XenoMedic Armor
XenoMarine Covert Operations / AquaMarine Armor

March, Fight, Live

The iconic XenoMarine, standing at an average of 8.5 feet in their armor, armed with a trusty bolt-thrower, represents the Federation’s chief military asset in the field of planetary warfare. Speed-trained in VR chambers, gene-tuned and augmented to the event horizon of their standard speciation, and ever so slightly brainwashed into patriotism and loyalty in the face of a hedonistic culture and the stupidly dangerous nature of modern warfare, the XenoMarines are the power-armored main-line infantry of XenoMil and the most oft-deployed personnel aside from XenoNavy vessel crewmen. With armor paintings that range from camouflage and the red-white-blue of the Federation to the more famous ‘chapter paintings’ of noteworthy units that have earned a more intimidating moniker due to action in the field, their range of gear varies greatly, due in equal part to the diversity of threats and counter-threats in the galaxy and to the endless fascination of Xeno-Tech with putting ‘something cool’ in the military’s hands to ‘try out for a while’.

Where Gods Fear to Tread

Originally tasked with the operation of experimental weaponry during the Xenohuman Civil War, and still notorious for their notable pleasure in the destruction of enemies living or otherwise, the Toxin Marines are deployed as extreme-conditions, anti-biological, and terror troopers. With the rise of the Federation, they have been tasked with the mitigation and destruction of all uncontrolled macroviral, metaphysical, and pseudo-necrotic outbreaks such as Tyranid incursion, nanite containment breach, and Necromorph Marker discovery. With a wide array of blood/air scrubber implants, multi-lungs and internal oxygen reserves, and overcharged personal shield generators, the ToxMarines are the most durable XenoMarines in active deployment, capable of surviving weaponry that would easily render some vehicles (and most XenoMarines) inoperable. Also used in disaster relief efforts involving Todularian contraband, C/B/R releases, and particularly dangerous flora and fauna, they are often the first to board derelict ships, space hulks, and other potentially hazardous environs in Federal space. Deployed in small squads often cut off from support and facing unknowable horrors, they are viewed as heroes, madmen, and knuckleheads with enough skill to justify their very comfortable pay-grade.

Front-Line Industry

Referring to themselves colloquially as the ‘Scrap Artists’, Artillery Marines specialize in the operation, maintenance, and movement of heavy infantry weaponry, turrets, and XenoMarine vehicles. Wearing black and yellow high-density ‘safety armor’ to warn other marines of their presence, their weapons often have backblast or other hazards to nearby personnel, warranting the additional caution. Serving also as combat engineers and general purpose mechanics, ArtMarines are responsible for tactical construction (including bridges, earthworks, and FireBase deployment), demolitions, mine laying and clearing, and armor column logistics. Capable of operating in any environment planet-bound or celestial, ArtMarines are seen as ‘the smart guys’, often contracted after retirement for PMC management positions on and off the field.

Saviors of Saviors

In contrast with the XenoMedics, whose role is focused on personnel recovery and triage designation, the MediMarines devote themselves to keeping men fighting on at any cost. Heavily up-armored, augmented with internal medigel-production organs and almost universally grafted with two or more medical and cybernetic-repair mechadendrites, and arguably the least sympathetic doctors in the galaxy, their hulking white-and-red forms can be seen clambering amidst the bodies restoring basic life functions and grafting in cybernetic hardware to quickly replace dismembered limbs and innards. They also crew XenoM.A.S.H. tents, performing all manner of cybernetic repair and replacement, grown-tissue surgery, and acting as primary battlefield pharmacists in wartime.

Force Where Needed

In contrast to their nomenclature, derived from their original deployment as blue-water specialists and incongruously stealthy infiltrators, the AquaMarines are primarily snipers and tactical saboteurs, rarely seeing oceanic deployment in the modern age. Equipped with enhanced tactical geometry computers, integrated sat-links for range-finding and spotting purposes, and with elite members undergoing skin-grafted optical redirectors for toggled translucence, they are the most far-sighted of the XenoMarines, often undergoing additional surgery for additional cranial reinforcement and fly-by-wire synth-muscles in the legs in the event that counter-sniping and possible discovery disrupt operations more dangerously than anticipated.

Trained to target high-ranking soft assets, exposed targets of opportunity on enemy vehicles and installations, and provide long-range long-term suppressive fire on open foes, the AquaMarines focus less on sniper nests and long-term ‘camping’, believing that the fluidity of the modern battlefield warrants high mobility, fast reaction time, and the ability to survive engagement with decently large tactical units over holding dedicated overwatch positions. In the event that their self-guided, high-mobility actions sees them uncomfortably isolated, though, they do have the skills to fortify a position with limited resources and hold their own until reinforcements arrive. Usually working either in pairs or with a DigiMarine as a drone-operating spotter, AquaMarines also make extensive use of UAV drones either for fire support or accuracy and visibility enhancement.

The Future of Warfare

Also known as ‘TechMarines’ due to the recent renaming of the specialization, the DigiMarines are the logical and financial extension of the XenoHackers. Utilizing more powerful software and hardware, capable of forcibly inducing wireless connection in wired or disconnected software through minor use of their back-mounted Strange Magnetic Generators which make their smart-dust almost invisible and much more difficult to physically remove, and capable of fully hacking and hijacking vehicles, androids, and even cyber-chipped organics, the DigiMarines are also used as battlefield support engineers alongside the ArtMarines. Whereas the latter handle mechanical logistics and supply movement, the former deals with data movement, communications, system security, and generally are seen as ‘the radio guys’ off the field. PMC work by retired DigiMarines usually sees them as security spiders or drone rigger-operators rather than front-line personnel.

Genestealer Special Attachment
For The Genepool

XenoMarine and the Xeno-Tech Corporation have a long-standing, unstated alliance in the field of battle. While the former performs active military action against foreign powers, the latter funds, supplies, assists, and motivates those soldiers in order to do their best, as well as using their vast monetary strength as a liquid war asset in their own right. Occasionally, in order to ensure flawless operation of objectives in the field, the Corporation will send its own agents to the field to fight on the front lines as saboteurs, assassins, deep intelligence agents, and deadly close-quarters combat specialists. The Genestealers are no strangers to violence, and will use an array of experimental cybernetics, biotics, hacking and combat-hacking equipment, surveillance drones, and black-flag foreign equipment in order to achieve their objective, whether it is the removal of high-rank soft assets, destruction of vital hardware, terror or shock-and-awe attacks, or simply monitoring the battlefield and its players (allied and hostile) for a chance to make a healthy profit off of notably illicit activity.

Xeno-Tech Experimentals
INnovation+EXpansion (IN.EX)

Xeno-Tech realizes that despite its extensive laboratory facilities, ‘ivory tower’ analysis simply does not suffice at this stage of technological advancement, where entropy itself is considered nothing more than a limited-access commodity and the forces of thought itself are within the grasp of high-budget operations. Therefore, whenever something of particular operator-hazard or novelty requires field-testing, a group of Xeno-Tech Experimentals is commissioned and attached to a deploying XenoMarine unit, with a healthy commission to motivate their sponsor to ‘give it a shot’ despite the hazards. While the safety record of the Experimentals is less than spotless, they often prove to be great leaps forward. The Experimentals program saw the birth of Friction Fielding, man-portable grasers, and a wide array of consumer-grade psionic and biotic safeties and amps, alongside [=[=[LISTINGS REDACTED]=]=].
1. Secondary Heart
2. Equilobrioceptive, Proprioceptive, and anti-nausea gene-mods
3. Binary Cognition Computer
4. Haemastamen Sanguine Efficiency Nanoenhancement
5. Larramen Military Auto-Sang Injury Tubrocoagulant
6. Biocarbon Skeletal Reinforcement
7. KC-XV Individual Treatment Plan (varies, typically used in preparation for later specialization and training)
8. Occulobe Visual Acuity Enhancement Stimulant
9. MetaOptika Augmented Reality / H.U.D. Cyberware
10. Melanochromatic Radiation-Blocking Dermal Tissue
11. HyperMetrica Tactical Geometry Software
12. Katat-Su CQC Tactical Decision-Action Software
13. Direct Neural Interface Bundle-Cable
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XenoMarine / XenoArmy Equipment

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Man-Portable Shield Systems: Like many other nations with the capability to field high-level power generators on a man-to-man basis via power-armor and phase-venting fusion generators, Xenohumanity issues shield generators to its fighting infantry and armor. Due to the inherent differences between a largely inorganic ship and an infantryman, shield types differ. With two main deployment types and three shield systems often used in conjunction, a squad of men can see total variety in their shield usage and defenses.

Shields are deployed either as Cloaks or Bubbles. Cloak Shields are man-portable, back- or hip-mounted, and are personal defense fields to ensure individual survival when under duress of arms. Using a combination of Friction Shielding and Buzz Shielding, they provide decent protection from both solid-state and energy weaponry by neutralizing incoming projectiles and absorbing low-level energy attacks. When overloaded, the shield will ‘pop’ as it vents excessive energy immediately to prevent self-detonation, requiring time to cool off and regain functionality.

Bubble Shields are a misnomer; they can take many shapes aside from spheres or half-spheres, including “everything-proof” riot shields and translucent bunker-rectangles or bunker-cylinders. Using the same principles, Bubble Shield systems are often larger, which prevents ‘popping’ but requires more dedicated systems for transport and energy supply, meaning power armor or vehicle mounting is a must to make them mobile.

Man-Portable Variable-State Armor: In the days of the Todularian Ecclasiarchy, armor was armor, nothing more and nothing less. Made of composite nano-metallic ‘super-alloys’ almost lost to modern science and hand-forged by master smiths in advanced refinery complexes, yes, but hopelessly neo-medieval. Typically made with exo-ferronite, often alloyed with plasteel or woven with C-22 nanofabrics, the Todularians saw fit to use it for Knyght’s Plate, ship hulls, vehicle armor, and much more. The old armor systems were very durable, but extremely heavy, totally inflexible, and very hard to repair without totally refabricating a wounded section.

Modern Xenohuman infantry armor exists in both powered and unpowered forms, with power armor primarily used for front-line combat, riot control, and other ‘large-mass’ roles. Unpowered armor is still popular, as it allows greater physical flexibility for untrained personnel, a much smaller target silhouette, and additional slotting for auxiliary shield generators, to compensate for the lack of sheer resilience. Both use different chemistries and construction, and so shall be covered separately.

Power Armor: In order for PA to function, it must have notably strong power source. For this, zero-point atomic radiator batteries are primarily used, with energy-intensive armor augmentations or weapons load-outs warranting the attachment of an additional fusion generator to be mounted on the back. This does warrant legitimate questions of breach safety, and this is answered by having a phase-shift failsafe mounted into each generator, such that if containment is lost, the entirety of the fusion core is dumped into an alternate quantum phase, rendering the explosion as nothing more than additional galactic background radiation, rendering the inevitable explosion harmless to normal time-space denizens.

The armor itself is composed of an outer shell of advanced anti-materiel alloys, coated with refractive vinyl to aid in repelling energy attacks. Beneath this is a layer of variable-density nanofoam to reduce impact pressures from explosions and kinetic weapons, as well as reactively guard against medium-caliber fire that penetrates the outer layer. All of this is supported by a third layer of biochemical gel, capable of catalyzing sweat and adrenal hormones with body temperature to produce a medical ‘paste’ that automatically helps to staunch wounds, begin nerve repair, and even hold organs in place during extreme mechanical duress. This is held in finally by a bodysuit with interfaces to react either with a XenoSoldier’s digital augmentations for H.U.D. feedback and strength-boost management or with a XenoMarine’s more extensive DNI suites for a wider variety of infantry enhancements and greater reaction times and movement speeds.

Unpowered Armor: The external layers consist of electro-spectral recyclers and micro-vents, heat resistant composite-ceramic scales, and impact-resistant nanotube sheets laid over honeycombed durotanium plates, in that order. Larger suits may also include reactive-blast, electromagnetic, or liquid-state anti-kinetic integrations for further protection. Additional defenses and exact specifications are based primarily on role specialization, such as EMP resistance or radiation-proofing, as well as brand name and manufacturer. Internal layers are mostly moisture- and static-wicking fabrics and joint-supporting low-friction rubbers, with typical extensions including auto-medical arrays and DNI-compatible H.U.D. information feeds. While not as weapons-proof as power armor, it is cheaper to produce, more easily replaced, and is less intimidating for use on the streets of the Federation for policing and private security work.

X932 Shoulder-fired Magnetic Accelerator Carronade (SMAC)
=A man-portable coilgun capable of throwing a kilogram slug at sufficient speeds to penetrate most known composites sufficiently to destroy most tanks and fortifications. Heavy, unwieldy outside of power armor, and requires room for back-blast due to rapidly displaced air and plasti-powder (the friction of which greatly reduces. The slug itself can be a solid-mass armor-piercing round, an anti-infantry flechette cartridge, or an impact explosive, depending on what the situation calls for. Loaded into the side, the weapon must be cleared before another shot can be fired, making it a relatively slow weapon.
Planck Adjustment Ram
=Similar to a minigun in appearance and application, this device feeds off of a back-mounted entropic generator in order to produce a P.A. Beam. Typically used as a suppression weapon or as a breach-and-entry device, binary states can be used to adjust the weapon’s output based on the situation presented, changing the user from the ‘minigun meat-shield’ into a more tactically flexible fighting unit. The weapon’s standard pulse-fire and multiple barrels makes overheating a non-issue, but requires a time-intensive batt-pack change after 3 minutes of sustained fire.
XKR-87 Guided Distance Engagement Rifle
=A .45 caliber over-the-horizon sniper rifle designed for use with power armor, but still usable by civilians if used with extreme caution, with a magazine capacity of ten rounds. The weapon uses a variety of satellite links, laser and radar designators, variable-state optics, and internal computers to ensure accurate round placement under a wide variety of conditions. The weapon also uses experimental self-guiding ‘Gauss Rounds’, smart-linked with the weapon and capable of self-navigating to a preselected target via self-application of opposed and unopposed magnetic fields, making it capable of reaching behind cover and ensuring that wild shots during uncomfortably close combat still find their target’s power source or cranium.
XAR ‘Argos’ Man-Portable Xaser Cannon
=Typically carried by XenoMarines, with most XenoSoldiers requiring power-bracing to operate despite their synth-muscle, the ‘Argos’ is a powerful, unforgiving energy weapon designed for anti-armor and anti-fortification assault. Pulse-firing four high-energy amplified X-Ray beams powered by a back-mounted auxiliary generator (cycling barrels to prevent barrel-warping), XAR attacks are consistently traumatic to infantry and disabling to vehicles and vehicle crewmen. Some praise the weapon as ‘the most efficient weapon since air bombing’, but some operators view its highly traumatic injuries, dramatic nerve damage, and the Argos’ tendency to require amputation and graft-augmentation as enough to label it the ‘Walking Warcrime’.
PS-2L ‘Nieflheim’ Tripod Autocannon
=Do not be fooled by the small size of the actual autocannon; a set-up and well-manned Nieflheim turret is capable of eviscerating infantry and proving a serious damage hazard against lightly armored vehicles and aircraft. Firing .280-caliber rounds at about 1,200 rounds per minute, and capable of belt-feeding either from a weapon-mounted box, a back-mounted ‘mega-magazine’ bolt storage pack worn by the gunner, or from a seemingly endless belt fed from a vehicle, the PS-2L proves time and again to be a favorite with XenoArmy defensive installations for its ease of use and utility against combined arms attackers.
SRS-11S ‘Gandalf’ 2-Bore Automatic Mounted Shotgun
=Originally used as a riot control device by the Todularians, the ‘Siyani Gospelate’ was built to be loaded with non-lethal rounds. However, due to the dearth of high-power anti-infantry setup-guns in the Xenohuman Republican Army, the system was modified and fitted with a converse-helix coil-gun firing system. Rather than the heavy sandbags and rubber rounds of old, the SRS-11S instead fires shells of high-temperature C-22 or durotanium shot. Combined with standard infantry engagement weapons, the ‘Gandalf’ can ensure a position is secured against all manner of armored foes, and has seen extensive use in urban and installation combat due to its complete control over enclosed areas.
L44-9X1 ‘Langolier’ Self-Contained Armor-Piercing Sabot Launcher
=Produced in both infantry-level (Mk.I, Mk.II) and ordinance-level models (Mk.III and beyond), the Langolier is a multi-tube self-contained missile launch system designed for direct fire. Fired over the shoulder or mounted in place to handle recoil, the system uses the same coilgun-thermochemical combination of accelerants as the Bolt Thrower, but on a much larger scale, with many times more voltage and more potent fuels. The missile itself is an Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot unit, discarding the fuel-jet and the mounting when exhausted and revealing a ferroliquid payload. This payload is capable of ripping through tanks and blowing apart power armor and mechs, making its relatively low ammo capacity even more precious.
AL-CH ‘Alkhenost’ Man-Portable Missile System
=Contrasting with the Langolier, which is an armor-penetrating unguided round, the AL-CH fires volleys of 12 small, target-seeking anti-personnel and anti-drone micro-missiles. Fired like any shotgun, stock against shoulder and braced properly, the weapon is considerably more mobile than the Langolier as well, with easily loaded 3-shot missile-packs allowing for much longer hold-outs and trap-nest lifetimes using the weapon.
Anti-Material HeatBlade
=In a galaxy with as many foes as there are worlds, not all battles will be at gunpoint. With this in mind, XenoSci put its mind to the blade and created the HeatBlade system to handle the wide array of threats. A notable enhancement from the chainblades of the Ecclasiarchy, the HeatBlade combines the motive teeth of the former with new innovations in plasma shaping and micro-phasing to drastically increase the cutting capacity of the weapon. The weapon itself oscillates several thousand times per second, with the cutting edge lined with a high-speed chain of microscopic C-22 saw-teeth. The sides of the blade also vent super-heated plasma which shrouds the blade and give it the appearance of glowing, giving it the thermal capacity to burn or cut through almost all known materials. Typically seen on knives, bayonets, and swords, and occasionally on other weapons such as glaives and hatchets, the HeatBlade is the Xenohuman standard for personal melee weaponry.
XNMB ‘Primarch’ Anti-Personnel Bolt-Thrower
=Combining design aspects from the Todularian Boltgun with modern rail-gun and chemical accelerants, the Primarch propels high-caliber anti-personnel charges from the barrel using electro-magnetic pulses. Once out of the barrel, the round’s own chemical jets ignite and flight-path fins extend to maintain trajectory. The bolt, timed for detonation within a soft target or immediately after deflection off of harder armors, proves virtually unsurvivable even on glancing strikes, and injury sustained from nearby detonations can be compared with most combat grenades. With decently large magazines (16 shots) and HeatBlade bayonet attachments should that become an issue, the heavy guns are designed for use by power-armored personnel to reduce recoil injury, as they are technically shoulder-braced microrocket-launchers.
L96 Standard Laser Rifle
=A basic combat staple of any FTL-capable nation, the L96 is a light, reliable laser weapon. Fed with battery packs, plugged into high-capacity back-mounted generators, or capable of taking .357-caliber gas-cartridge magazines in a pinch, they fire a high-energy beam of visible-spectrum electromagnetic energy to burn into a target. Unlike the stereotypes, the weapon fires no visible beam, the only sign of a hit being a burn-mark on the target. However, due to the difficulty in aiming this weapon under certain situations, smaller laser-range designators and visible-spectrum ‘tracer’ charge-packs provide a more visceral connection between weapon direction and target connection.
ND-3 Enclosure SMG
=Built with close quarters action in mind, where tight corners and low profiles can make all the difference, the ND-3 submachine gun allows for field modulation and situational customization while still maintaining military-grade reliability, precision, and stopping power. With flush-fitting magazines holding anywhere from 8 to 50 rounds depending on ammunition type, engagement ranges of up to 150 meters with accuracy-enhancers, and with weight balancing unsurpassed by similar weapons, the ND-3 deserves its place as the standard long-arm for Wyrm Defense Services’ domestic police force.
ME-4 Thermokinetic Shotgun
=Known colloquially as the ‘Thugbuster’ due to its prevalence in Wyrm Defense’s police force, the ME-4 is a fairly light, high-powered 14-gauge shotgun firing armor-piercing liquid-metal slugs or high-temperature pellet blasts. The use of high-amperage circuitry in the firing mechanism and barrel acceleration components of the receiver of the ME-4 result in super-heated projectiles, making it excellent against armored foes, wheeled vehicles, macro-armor, and for ignoring cover by virtue of round penetration.
.585 Special Targets Elephant Gun (S.T.E.G.)
=Designed to assist XenoSnipers and AquaMarines in removing ‘hard targets’ such as bunkers, armor and mech units, low-flying aircraft, and particularly sturdy power armor squads, the ‘Steg’ is a small railgun capable of launching a lightweight variable-payload round at ranges comparable to galatically modern standard-lob artillery units. Whether tipped with thermite, white phosphorus, SmartDust, or more exotic tips, S.T.E.G. rounds are known for their precision make and expense, meaning those snipers trusted with a .585 are expected to make every shot count.
688-Z Adjustable-Range Flamer
=Designed for shock-and-awe attacks both close-quarters and at fire-fight distances, the 688-Z Flamer fires a potent mixture of white phosphorus, thermite, hydrogen-based near-plasma, and nanochemical adhesive in a stream capable of reaching up to 140 meters when arced properly. Seeing less deployment in the modern battlefield due to public-relations issues related to the use of the weapon against sentient populaces, the 688-Z is still a favorite among military veterans and gangers who manage to get their hands on this merciless instrument.
SP-290 'Drake-Flayer' Anti-Infantry Arc Caster
=The SP-290 was born of a logical extension of existing LTL weapons technology, built to answer the question of ‘why less-than-lethal’ with a resounding ‘good question’. 'Drake-flayers’ as they’re called on the streets, where military police and mercenary police alike use them as the go-to anti-Drakon weapon, use a charged plasma conduit and a spark-gap ‘barrel-space’ combined with monomolecular q-tunnel generators serving as a target designator. Aimed and fired, the q-tunnel forms a link with the target, which allows the microscopic alteration of a few atoms of the target, resulting in a fraction of a second where the mark is the most electro-conductive object in range. This new conductivity, combined with the sudden charging and discharging of electricity through the spark-gap and towards the target, typically results in high-voltage, high-amperage lightning bolt blowing a molten hole through whoever or whatever the SP-290 has been fired at.
DPF ‘Varden’ Concealed-Carry Sidearm
=A light-weight .357-caliber firearm popular both with CorpSec and the XenoMil officer corps, the Varden is the better known of the standard XenoMil handguns for a variety of reasons. While its popularity among street gangs and organized crime groups is well known due to the weapon’s nano-ceramic components giving it a much smaller signature on security scans, the weapon itself is just as notable. A six-shot revolver, loadable either with gas-laser cartridges or nanocarbon rounds, the Varden proves highly effected in trained hands against decently armored targets.
APB ‘Guardsman’ Miniaturized Bolt Thrower
=Another popular choice with CorpSec due to its range and stopping power, the Guardsman operates on similar concepts to the XNMB Bolt Thrower, but lightened and specialized for standard-armor users. With a 20 round magazine and a rate of fire of 400 rounds a minute, the APB fires a .44 round using electromagnetic pulses similar to a railgun. The bolt then self-accelerates to the target with thermochemical jets after leaving the barrel, making contact sufficient to break through most light body armors and ballistics gear. Unlike the XNMB, the Guarsdsman contains fire switches to allow the bolts to self-neutralize within the target in order to reduce lethality, or to maintain internal detonation for a sure kill.
JRO ‘Handaxe’ Open-Carry Shotpistol
=The standard sidearm of XenoSoldiers, and size/caliber-augmented for XenoMarines, the 29-JR ‘Handaxe’ is a high-powered micro-bolter, using self-propelled chem-jet rounds fired using a small coilgun mechanism. The rounds have the standard option of detonating inside a target, but the intention of the weapon is to detonate the round prematurely, as the internal explosive is a shaped charge that fragments the round into a high-trauma 20-gauge shot. While the ‘Handaxe’ is a fairly low-caliber weapon as far as flechette guns go, its 14-shot magazine capacity makes up for it.
‘Groke’ Atmospheric Distribution Grenade
=The depopulation of agrarian and suburban Xenan villages during the XenoCide forced the XenoMarines to adapt their weaponry in order to minimize the effort spent on clearing out living complexes. However, after some clever thinking and extra requisitions of nerve gas and cellular degenerators, the field-built prototypes of the Groke ADG were put to use extensively on Tyloa and other planets with lower-than-average population density. Normally fitted with either astantine-citric acid fogs or custom-built dodecocarbonate microflechette ‘Lungflayer’ nanite cloudlets, the Groke uses pressurized gas to forcibly expel its payload, but can be pre-timed to slowly leak in order to serve as an area-denial tool. While astantine-citric acid proves highly effective against unprotected foes, melting flesh off of bone and causing acute damage to major organs damage upon inhalation, foes using N/B/C protection or EVA equipment are not safe from Lungflayers, specifically designed to seek out weak points in armor and exposed flesh and burrow towards the cardiopulmonary organs in an attempt to destroy them.
’Malgebolge’ Incendiary Grenade
=Incendiary weapons have continually miniaturized in the Federation, dating from Todularian vehicle-mounted flamethrowers, evolving into Republican hand-flamers and eventually reaching fruition in the form of the fist-sized Malgebolge. Incorporating small wood-work innovations from the Huerdaen and the Genomitan peoples in the form of secondary detonation and particularly horrific biochemical accelerants, the Malebolge IG is possibly the most horrific non-Planck weapon in the Federal arsenal. When it first detonates, the shattering of the weapon spreads a thin adhesive paste over an area approximately 6 meters in diameter. While bio-hazardous in and of itself, the secondary detonation of the grenade’s interior blasting caps reveals the flammability and water-resistant properties of this paste. Capable of burning at temperatures comparable to industrial grade thermite, proving the Genomitan’s skill at creating gene-ware and Xenohumanity’s skill at weaponizing new technologies, the Malgebolge serves as a primarily anti-personnel weapon, as Planck weaponry and the Atomicide PAG are more effective at neutralizing modern heavy armor and mobile weapon platforms.
‘Atomicide’ Planck Adjustment Grenade
=An obvious application of Planck Adjustment technology, the Atomicide’s uncreative title is misrepresentative of the technology and highly versatile design of the actual PAG. Consisting of six small capsules containing a contained-entropy charge and a central detonator consisting of a larger contained-entropy charge coupled with a small element-zero core. Standard weapon usage dictates the priming of the central charge followed by throwing the grenade. Upon detonation, the central charge will detonate, releasing sufficient entropy to induce the element zero to form a biotic field and fling the secondary charges into range immediately before their detonations, resulting in a kill radius of up to 45 meters depending on weapon orientation. Individual detonators can also be taken off, primed, and used as smaller charges, typically for breach-and-clear operations, with a kill radius of about 6 meters.
‘Plaguedog’ Electromagnetic Grenade
=With special attention paid by the military to combat hacking and frontline information warfare, the development of electromagnetic and broad-spectrum infantry weapons was a priority in the early days of XenoArmy. Part of the standard load-out of combat hackers and DigiMarines, but a common sight on the belts of most XenoSoldiers, Plaguedog Grenades utilize a hyper-miniaturized CommsCrusher hooked up to an overcharged nanotube battery and encased in durable, conductive meta-metals. When active, the grenade sends out a 35-meter sphere of high-amplitude spectrum-filling noise that renders communication impossible and quickly begins to build up systems-killing static on enemy hardware. In the event that enemy gear has been EMP-hardened, combat hackers can also lock onto specific foes and use the grenade’s micro-generator to begin attacking them physically with arcs of electricity until the grenade has been exhausted.
‘Frollo’ P.A.C.K. Mine
=Deployed as XenoArmy’s standard defensive anti-personnel mine, the Planck Adjustment Cluster Kill Mine is one of many reasons approaching armed Xenohuman holdings is a dangerous proposition. Designed as a hybrid cluster-bounding munition, the P.A.C.K. is laid by drones or androids, with most minefields spacing them apart approximately 20-30 meters apart. When any combination of weight, electromagnetic / thermal signatures, and direct-feed tactical data from spotters or satellite observation are sufficient to identify an in-range infantryman or light vehicle is placed on the mine, the mine’s can-like body launches a small cluster bomb loaded with small Planck Adjustment Bomblets. The mine launches 36 of these bomblets after reaching a height of four or five meters, spreading the payload to an area of 50 square meters. The bomblets then detonate, bathing the area in an instant of total spatial explosion. The result is almost universally lethal to infantry and power-armored units, with swathes and gouts of the victims disintegrated and the local shockwaves resulting from the atomic fission of a portion of the air pulping the remains.
‘Peter’ P.A.U.L. Mine
=The Planck Adjustment Undercarriage Land Mine, similar to the P.A.C.K. in terms of the physics involved, is deployed as an anti-armor mine in the field. Planted in the earth, the P.A.U.L. is triggered using similar mechanics to the P.A.C.K., accepting different, heavier conditions before detonating, in order to specifically target vehicles. The P.A.U.L. is a two-stage explosive, initially launching a foot-long ferrofluid cylinder into the underside of the target, penetrating armor and leaving a gaping hole, often reaching through the roof. This is followed by the deployment of a fist-sized Planck Adjustment explosive, thrown up into the middle of the target. When detonated, it pries the target vehicle apart and vaporizes the contents, throwing quantum dust into the surrounding area and totally destroying the occupants and cargo of the victim.
‘Handwave’ Optronic SmartDust Nanocomputing Swarms
=The idea of cross-platform remote hacking might seem dead, and would appear to be particularly arrogant and mind-numbingly foolish on a modern battlefield. However, due to advances in quantum computing, nanomechanics, minor kinetic manipulation, and a few too many spy thrillers on the part of R&D personnel, such feats of software mastery are now commonplace in XenoMilitary engagements. Launched in small capsules that disperse well in air or vacuum, the individual micro-computers form a large wireless synaptic network, granting itself relatively powerful processing capabilities. Using microjets, the swarm locomotes to the target hardware, designated by a hacker, and attaches itself. Due to their size and electrical charge, they are transluscent and almost impossible to remove from metal and painful to scratch off of exposed flesh while they do their work.

From here, they have multiple options. They can simply build a charge and release it explosively, often causing a number of problems in enemy software and hardware such a premature round detonation and armor-OS disability. However, this is merely the rookie’s option, as skilled hackers can use this small network and set it to work probing enemy equipment for weaknesses, backdoors, and the occasional zero-hour glitch. Once established, the hacker can use these exploits to wreak havoc. It is not limited to external hardware, either; cybernetic augmentation and neural digi-ware are also fair play, resulting in cyberlimb dislocation, grand-mal seizures, and other, far more painful attacks.
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XenoArmy Macro-Armor and Walkers

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Mechanized Infantry and Role-Tasked Walkers
Motto: ‘Giants Among Us’


Macro-Armor, also known as Mechs or Battlesuits, stands between power-armor infantry and dedicated combat vehicles in terms of tactical utility. Differing from Power Armor by virtue of larger size and altered user interface, holding the user in the ‘torso’ to operate the unit through a DNI-connected cockpit, Macro-Armor allows any trained infantryman to increase their durability, speed, and firepower, while maintaining a relatively tight target silhouette and their ability to operate alongside other infantry. Developed by the Todularians as ‘Knyght’s Plate’, used to allow bladesmen to reach and destroy unarmored targets when confronting firearms, Xenohumanity recognized the true utility of the concept after research into foreign war-systems and Battlesuit applications, and adapted Macro-Armor into four distinct specialties, each focusing on notably improving some subset of a crewman’s operating capacity in the field.

Winguardia-class General Purpose Enhancement Macro-Armor
1x Integrated SMAC OR ‘Langolier Mk.I’ 3-round sabot rocket launcher (left shoulder)
2x Xaser Blasters OR Bolt Throwers OR Flechette Launchers (modular weapons, ‘arm guns’)
2x Sub-Manipulator Arms, typically armed with a size/amplitude-augmented L96 Laser Rifle
2x Integrated HeatBlades (arm-gun bayonets)
1x Integrated T.E.S.T. Offensive Suite + 1x SmartDust Launcher
Friction Field Generator, Nanomaterial Armor
Size: 3.2 meters (10.5 feet) high
Overview: Purpose built to allow any properly trained and DNI-capable infantryman to increase his combat capability by several orders of magnitude, the Winguardia-class was the first set of Macro-Armor adapted from the old Todularian schematics. Using lighter, more durable composites in the armor, advanced integrated weaponry, and electronic banks to store T.E.S.T. programs and integrate seamlessly with neural interface systems, the armor proves a reliable investment in the hands of XenoArmy Specialists and Sergeants across the Federation.

Entering the system from the rear, the pilot manually links the fiber-optic DNI connection manually to a compatible port. The rear is sealed in with armor plating, and leg sheathes extend to protect the operator. Units may be outfitted with jumpjets , magna-grapples, and other extensions easily, but these are often personal requisitions, as most Winguardia pilots are content with their systems as is.
Viktoré-class Range-Operation Macro-Armor
2x Integrated ‘Langolier Mk.II-Viktoré’ Sabot Missile Launchers (5 tubes each) (shoulders)
2x Triple-Jointed Manipulator Hands, typically armed with a heavily size/caliber-modified XKR-87 Guided Distance Engagement Rifle
2x Integrated HeatBlades (wrist blades)
1x Integrated Utility T.E.S.T. Suite
Buzz Shielding, Friction Field Generator, Nanomaterial Armor
Size: 2.9 meters (9.5 feet)
Overview: Focusing on giving the XenoSnipers enhanced combat durability and frontline deployment opportunities in enclosed areas and areas where longer shots are impossible, the Viktoré-class provides sufficient up-armoring and additional shielding to sustain fire from enemy infantry squads and counter-snipers. The first piece of Consortium military hardware to see major deployment, the armor is a veteran of most conflicts conducted after the XenoCide, as well as seeing use in E.X.I.T. squads for the prompt resolution of hostage and high-armor situations.

The pilot enters the unit from the front rather than the back, with the torso sealing the pilot into a DNI-intensive cockpit that does not require any movement by the pilot. The users limbs thus safe from amputation under fire, the system seamlessly integrates with the XenoSniper, effectively making them and their machine one cybernetic entity, capable of greater optical bandwidth and frame-rates than any living being.
Smaug-class Heavy Ordinance-Durability Macro-Armor
2x Integrated ‘Langolier Mk.II-Smaug’ Sabot Missile Launchers (4 payload-enlarged tubes each, stacked, left shoulder)
1x Integrated Twin-Linked Planck Adjustment Microbeam (right shoulder)
1x SRS-11S ‘Gandalf’ 2-Bore Automatic Mounted Shotgun (‘head’ slot)
2x Sub-Manipulator Arms, typically armed with a PS-2L ‘Nieflheim’ Autocannon OR Argos Man-Portable Xaser Cannon
2x Integrated HeatBlades (wrist blades)
1x Defensive T.E.S.T. Suite
Buzz Shielding, Friction Field Generator, Naval Multi-Layer Hull Armor
Size: 5.2 meters (17 feet)
Overview: Purpose built to counter enemy armor, mechs, and hardpoint installations, the Smaug-class proves a favorite of Macro-Armor pilots and XenoNews drone coverage. Also known as ‘The Vertical Tank’, the Smaug is the largest, toughest, and most heavily armed suit of Macro-Armor deployed, rivaling the smaller walkers in terms of height and weight. Implementing naval-style armor and an additional generator devoted wholly to powering additional shield generators, it is a common joke among XenoSoldiers that the only way to kill an angered Smaug driver is to ‘nuke it from orbit, just to be sure’.

Pilots are loaded in from the top, and the ‘shoulders’ are lowered onto the frame, including the ‘head bulge’ containing the unit’s ‘Gandalf’ weapon; sealed inside so tightly, most pilots require at least nominal counter-claustrophobia psychosurgery before achieving full DNI synchronization with their Smaug.
Peregrine-class Air Supremacy Macro-Armor
2x Triple-Jointed Manipulator Hands, usually armed with a size/caliber-augmented XNMB Bolt Thrower AND 2x size/caliber augmented 29-JR Shotpistols
2x AL-CH Mk.II ‘Erinyes’ Guided Multi-Missile Launchers (24x mini-missiles each, back of shoulders)
2x Integrated HeatBlades (wrist-blades)
1x Offensive T.E.S.T. Suite + 1x High-Velocity SmartDust Launcher
Buzz Shielding, Friction Field Generator, Nanomaterial Armor
Size: 4.3 Meters (14 feet)
Overview: While XenoAero forces are capable of engaging forces in atmosphere, orbit, and in deep space, there are situations such as hyper-urban environments, dense-canopy jungles, and highly ionized atmospheres that prohibit deployment of interceptors, orbital drones, and other XenoNavy assets. In situations such as these, the Peregrine-class is capable of filling the gap. With pilots typically tapped from the Procul system, they are deployed in megacities, hazardous environments, and other areas where maneuverability takes precedent over engagement speed.

Pilots load in from the front into the torso, which closes up tightly and makes prompt DNI connection with the pilot. Due to the demands of high-speed flight, these connections also make use of limited Procul Wi-DNI in order to supplement the hard-cable link and ensure rapid, flexible responses.
Chokobo-class High-Velocity Macro-Armor
2x Sub-Manipulator Arms, typically armed with an XMBC Bolt-Thrower
2x Belt-Fed Mini-SMACs (arm guns)
2x Integrated HeatBlades (wrist-blades)
1x AL-CH Mk.VI ‘Erinyes’ Guided Multi-Missile Launcher (24 mini-missile capsules, mounted behind shoulders)
Buzz Shielding, Friction Field Generator, Low Delta-V Budgets and High 2D/3D Velocity
Size: 3.6 meters (12 feet)
Overview: After the Reannexation of Ramam and the apocalyptic urban warfare that took place on all three planets in the system, XenoArmy realized that its major weakness was that its infantry was simply not able to move quickly enough to respond to the various guerrilla pockets and fire-zones in order to prevent situations from becoming operational obstacles rather than local tactical issues. After the Reannexation and the induction of Rai’a Sirisi as LGS, the Chokobo-Class was the first new R&D project and the first truly impressive fruit of Rai’a’s reign. A high-speed hybrid of the Viktoré and the Winguardia models, the Chokobo capitalizes on hyper-vector jet boosters, ‘Clansman’ hover-skis, and a system-unique multi-missile launcher to remove infantry groups while maintaining extreme velocity and accuracy.

Pilots load into a surprisingly normal cockpit, and the Chokobo is unique in its hybridization of ‘biological sensory input’ (actual pilot sight and physical H.U.D.) and DNI-input sensor feeds and radar. When jacked in, the pilot’s chair moves them into a sort of sitting lunge, forcing the body to somatically release adrenaline and physical exertion-hormones during operation in order to maximize perception and decrease vision blurring and firing inaccuracy, leading to the pilots of the Chokobos being known colloquially as the ‘Cheetahmen’.
Mobile Armor Unit Leader (M.A.U.L.) Autonomous Macro-Armor
1x Integrated Bolt Thrower (‘nose gun’)
2x Xaser Blasters OR Bolt Throwers OR Flechette Launchers (modular weapons, ‘shoulder guns’)
1x Sub-Manipulator Arm, typically armed with a size/caliber-augmented ND-3 SMG, typically held within chassis
1x Integrated HeatBlades (manipulator bayonets)
1x Integrated T.E.S.T. Offensive Suite + 2x SmartDust Launcher
Friction Field Generator, Buzz Shielding, Nanomaterial Armor, Defensive T.E.S.T. Suite, Pure Animal Agility
Size: Solidus Make: 4.6 meters (15 feet)/ Big Boss Make: 2.4 meters (8 feet)
Overview: Several obvious problems present themselves in regards to MacroArmor as a warfare asset. Mobility concerns are overcome through synth-muscle and jump-jets, and firepower comparisons to tracked armor are rendered irrelevant by load-out diversity, Engineering limitations and the vulnerability of the pilot remain unaddressed by modern MacroArmor. The Mobile Armor Unit Leader is XenoArmy’s attempt to address this concern, and combat testing provides a firm if tentative ‘yes’. The M.A.U.L. uses no hydraulics or mechanical servos, consisting entirely of synth-muscle, a ferro-bone chassis, and a weapons platform with arming slots, an A.G.I. load-bank / command computer, communications array, and personal defense systems such as CIWS lasers and smoke-sprays. With terrifying kicks for enemies seeking to engage in close quarters, high running speeds to control distance, and impressive weaponry, it can serve both as an infantry heavy support platform or as a light ‘tag-em-and-bag-em’ recon unit for MacroArmor wings.


Walkers, while similar to Macro-Armor, differ in two key ways that are worthwhile to elaborate on. Firstly, where Macro-Armor is meant to be operated as an extension of the users, walkers are vehicles in their own right, crewed by one or more operators who use DNI interface to operate more effectively rather than ‘jump in’ and become one with the vehicle. Secondly, Walkers are on the whole much larger than Macro-Armor, partially because of their increased crewing, but also because they must bear large specialized support systems and fire-power options, making them more imposing individually but requiring infantry support for maximum tactical effectiveness. Thirdly, Macro-Armor primarily serves to augment infantry while still serving traditional infantry roles (objective acquisition, controlled firepower point-application, etc.), but walkers are more variable in their application, serving as anything from comms-science nodes to deep scouts to high-mobility artillery platforms.

Steedgoat-class High Mobility Anti-Aircraft Walker
2x Integrated ‘Langolier Mk.II-Steedgoat’ Sabot Missile Launchers (4 payload-enlarged tubes each, stacked, capable of rapid ejection and replacement to ‘reload’)
1x Integrated Twin-Linked SMAC
2x Flak-SMAC Airburst Boltcannons
1x Offensive T.E.S.T. Suite + 1x High-Velocity SmartDust Launcher
Buzz Shields, Friction Field Generator, Reinforced Nanomaterial Armor
Size: 11 meters (36 feet)
Crew: 4 (1x Pilot, 1x Gunner, 1x Comms Technician, 1x PHLUMOCS AGI)
Overview: With Xenohumanity’s love of close air support, it only figures that XenoArmy would prepare a mobile-asset answer to the CAS of foreign powers. Combining the weapons precision and mobility of a tracked platform with the anti-infantry capability and morale boost of a legged chassis, the Steedgoat is a hexapod unit capable of engaging hard targets on the ground as well as interceptors, bombers, gunships, transports, the occasional Todularian Heldrake, and other aerial assets. With specialized Langolier launchers capable of hot-swapping to consistently engage multiple targets in a short timespan, Flak-SMAC weaponry to handle both infantry and low-flying hover-craft, and a TL-SMAC to provide limited anti-orbital and anti-overwatch ordinance in a combat zone, the Steedgoat has been cheerily nicknamed ‘Erik’s Ambler’ by XenoSoldiers for its harmonious servo-soundings and hideous appearance.
Hood-class Anti-Armor Walker
1x ‘Langolier Mk.X-Hood’ Sabot Missile Launcher (120 tubes)
2x AL-CH Mk.VII ‘Valkyrie’ Guided Multi-Missile Launcher (12 missiles each, mounted on back)
2x SRS-11S ‘Gandalf’ 2-Bore Automatic Mounted Shotguns (hip guns)
1x Offensive T.E.S.T. Suite + 2x SmartDust Launchers
Buzz Shields, Friction Field Generator, Naval Multi-Layer Plate Armor, ‘Study Hall’ Anti-Armor T.E.S.T. Jammer-Interdictor
Size: 12.5 meters (41 feet)
Crew: 4 (1x Driver, 1x Gunner, 1x Combat Hacker, 1x PHLUMOCS AGI)
Overview: Taking a hint from the Huerdaen and their famed armor and ordinance units, the Hood-class Anti-Armor Walker devotes itself entirely to finding heavy-weapons platforms and long-range engagement vehicles and rendering them inoperable to the extreme. With over-the-horizon weaponry, anti-infantry guns, durable armor and shields, and a skilled crew capable of combat-hacking particularly pesky hostiles, the Hood is just as intimidating when it destroys you from across several degrees of latitude as when engaged in person.
Foxfire-class Command Walker

Xiscapian Technological Import

Armament (Axial Loadout):
1x Super-SMAC Hypervelocity Cannon (mounted on top in the center, fires 120 slugs a minute, can be used as a line-of-sight or an artillery weapon effective at 75 miles, able to reach orbit)
2x ‘Haymaker Mk.III’ Xaser Cannons (armor-destroying gun, able to reach orbit)
4x ‘Uppercut Mk. IV’ LinAcc Artillery guns (three and a half foot long guns that fire ten ton shells up to 50 miles, cannot reach orbit)
10x ‘Gorger Mk. II’ Flechette/Sabot Launchers (four on the chest, two on the top, one on all four sides, fires large spreads of shrapnel or armor-piercing thermal rounds that can destroy light vehicles and heavy enemy infantry units, cannot reach orbit)
10x ‘Langolier Mk. VI’ Missile Launchers (each 10 cell unit able to fire surface-to-surface, surface-to-air, or surface-to-space missiles)
2x Ion Cannons (designed to take down enemy shields and disable electrical and computer systems, cannot reach orbit)
(Generally deployed alone)

Armament (Nuveau Loadout):
1x ‘Cultural’ Gravitic Macro-Cannon (landscape alteration array and hostile asset-crusher, orbit-capable)
1x Planck Adjustment Beam Cannon (heavy disruptor beam, able to reach orbit)
1x ‘Mechanica’ Friction Field Combat Manipulus System (shield modulator, allows anti-material shield to be weaponized against nearby foes in form of shield-spikes, over-clocked projection, and thermal vibration patterns)
4x ‘Gorger Mk. II’ Flechette/Sabot Launchers (one on all four sides, fires large spreads of shrapnel or armor-piercing thermal rounds that can destroy light vehicles and heavy enemy infantry units, cannot reach orbit)
4x ‘Langolier Mk. IV’ Missile Launchers (each 10 cell unit able to fire surface-to-surface, surface-to-air, or surface-to-space missiles)
1x Ion Cannon (designed to take down enemy shields and disable electrical and computer systems, cannot reach orbit)
(Deployed with a light armor or infantry escort)

Extremely thick naval-plating armor, light buzz / friction shielding, jamming devices, T.E.S.T. electronic counter-measures w/ reactive SmartDust launchers
20x Point-defense laser guns (situated over the entire surface, can intercept and destroy incoming bombs, missiles, shells)
2x Tractor Beams
1x Remote-controlled scouts
1x deployable T3-X Mk.VI Auto-Engineer

Size: 30 meters (98 feet) high
Crew: 8 (1x Commander, 4x Gunners / Fabricator Operators, 1x Combat Hacker w/ Defensive and Offensive T.E.S.T. Suites, 1x Engineer w/ Utility T.E.S.T. Suite, 1x PHLUMOCS AGI)

Overview: The creatively titled ‘Command Mech’, a military import from abroad, served as a multi-purpose superheavy siege platform in the Xiscapian Imperial Army. Used to remove heavily entrenched forces in installations and cities, the unit was capable of engaging orbiting vessels and single-handedly secure swathes of territory, and the XIA was proud of their flawless combat record, with no recorded Command Mechs lost due to enemy fire. However, the unit began to show its age and was slowly phased out of front-line service. XenoArmy leapt at this chance and arranged for the purchase of surplus units. Seeing a chance to test new military technology (as XenoMil is apt to do), the standard load-out was modified and another set of schematics drawn up and put into practice alongside the traditional lay-out.

The Nuveau Loadout specializes the Foxfire, making it into a combat terraformer. Using gravity guns and modified shields that allow it to ‘pulse’ plasma blasts and incinerate the surroundings at will, it specializes in denying opponents any semblance of terrain familiarity. Given the fact that such units are often accompanied by a small armor or infantry attachment as support, such a force is capable of literally chewing through enemy defenses, tossing tanks aside like toys and shattering mountains like so much glassware.

490 units were obtained during 2653 AD (84 AXC), with production for an additional 110 planned to begin in 2655 once final tests of the Nuveau Loadout in the field are completed.
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XenoArmy Tracked, Wheeled and Grav-Vehicles

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Tracked, Wheeled, and Grav-Motive Combat Vehicles
Motto: 'Canned Goods And Services’

Macro-Armor’s mobile firepower and skill at zero-grav and urban combat is balanced by limited survivability against sustained infantry attack or combined-arms offensives. Keeping in line with the need for durable combat platforms, both for symmetrical and asymmetrical warfare scenarios, XenoArmy’s doctrine has consistently placed great weight on tracked and wheeled vehicles as well as highly mobile grav-motive ‘hover’ vehicles. All modern Federal designs can be traced to Republican developments during and after the Xenohuman Civil War, with Todularian designs relying on (officially impossible) designs that sourced power from SlipSpace drives, ‘daemonic’ intelligence in lieu of AI or AGI, and weaponry that modern engineering has deemed ‘violent and insecure fantasy’, using mathematics and mechanical systems that physics dictates cannot function. Favoring reliability over flash-in-the-pan hardware, no salvage from the Todularian Ecclasiarchy was kept for research and so Xenohumanity based its designs on Terran and other panhuman militaries, later adopting battle-tested, war-hardened techniques and innovations from the AXIS Alliance after contact with the Home Galaxy.
Totenkapf-class Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Armament: 2x Twin-Linked Bolt-Cannons OR Quad-Grasers (modular turret system)
6x Firing ports for small-arms fire by passengers
Defenses: Heavy composite metamaterial armor, Friction Field generator, Buzz Shielding (requires additional generators in personnel hold)
Size: 7.3M (24 ft) x 4.9M (16 ft)
Crew: 1x Pilot, 1x Gunner, 1x PHLUMOCS AGI, up to 14x XenoSoldiers w/ gear or 8x Marines w/ full armor and loadout
Role: Armored Personnel Transport / Urban Operations / Anti-Infantry
Overview: The success of the Slum-Buster IFV as an urban transport solution is without question, and its continued use by military police and Wyrm Defense Services is a testament to the strengths of the design. However, with developments in anti-armor weaponry outpacing the defenses the ‘Busters could bear while maintaining mobility and a blast-proof center of gravity, heavier transport solutions for front-line combat and dedicated anti-infantry engagement were needed desperately in the days after the Telaron Annexation, as guerillas armed with SMAC weaponry or grav-weaponry provided stiff resistance to military occupation. Problems such as these had been faced by other states, and the IFV designs of such well-known states as the Fractal Terran Imperium, and that Imperium’s designs for heavy infantry transports impressed XenoArmy engineers. Thus, the Totenkapf was created, a squat, heavily up-armored infantry transport capable of holding its own against enemy armor and infantry units, delivering squads of XenoMarines and XenoSoldiers into the thickest fighting and providing cover fire while they disembark for their objective. Even when unloaded, the cargo space can be fitted into a munitions feed for heavier turret-mounted weaponry, making it a dedicated armor-harassment platform or a light-weight siege engine when armed with anti-emplacement weaponry.
Intervention-class Grav-Mobile Armor
Armament: 1x X1095 Rifled Magnetic Accelerator
2x Integrated ‘Langolier Mk.II-Smaug’ Sabot Missile Launchers (4 payload-enlarged tubes each)
2x retractable size/amplitude-adjusted L102 Heavy Lasguns
Defenses: Heavy composite nanomaterial armor, Friction Field generator, Buzz Shielding
Size: 12.2M (40ft) x 4.3M (14 ft)
Crew: 1x pilot, 3x gunners, 1x comms officer, 1x PHLUMOCS AGI
Role: Multipurpose Frontline Armor
Overview: Tracked armor was a main-stay in Todularian combined-arms warfare and domestic force extension. However, despite their sheer mass and scale, traditional anti-tank weapons such as magnetic mines, tank traps, and trench systems often prevented them from assailing early Xenohuman positions during the Xenohuman Civil War, and in light of this, XenoArmy embraced a track-free tack for its armor warfare during the campaign. After the war, the utility of tracked armor was remembered for its cost-efficiency, but the terrain traversal and overland speed of lev-armor remained key in Xenohuman armor strategy. The Intervention Grav-Mobile MBT is a vital component of Xenohuman anti-emplacement and anti-infantry operations, loaded to bear against aerial and terrestrial targets at horizon ranges and within, extremely nimble to counter enemy armor and well-armored to counter fortified emplacement weaponry. Mag-lev propulsion allows for ease of transport over difficult terrain such as marshes, shallow bodies of water, extreme inclines, and artillery-primed expanses of battlefield. While hopes of perfect mine-proofing would never manifest, high-level AGI manning the unit’s sensors allow for better detection and evasion of enemy traps and other hazards, and AGI linking can allow for impromptu ‘police sweep’ units to conduct rapid, wide-range sweeps of an area for anything from missing personnel to mine-fields to underground OPFOR installations.
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