Rhevilian Civil War|IC

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Rhevilian Civil War|IC

Postby United States of Kuwait » Thu May 19, 2022 11:19 am

OOC: To those interested in the Roleplay here's the link to the signup thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=518989

Kingdom of Rhevilia
Rhevilia City, KR
11:00 AM

King Adris Balodis I

Staring out the window at the blue sky and the bright sun almost made me want to laugh. Not because the sky was inherently funny, but because of how normal it was. The war has been raging for seven months now, and good men, under my authority, have laid down their lives to kill their former citizens. Not just citizens, these are their brothers and fathers, sons and nephews, uncles and cousins. Families torn apart, friendships broken, relationships severed, all for what.

Sometimes I wonder how we got here. For the majority of our nation’s existence, we’ve lived in peace and prosperity, well at least to me it was prosperous, and now we’re at war with one another. And sometimes I blame myself, after all, I was the one who enforced the ban, in hopes of preventing the People’s Party from taking control of the Assembly. Maybe, I was too harsh, too stubborn, maybe this killing this suffering really is all my fau-

“You know if you keep wallowing in self-pity I’m gonna have to smack in you the head.”

I turned away from the window to the voice of said statement. My beautiful wife filled my visage. Her dark green eyes showed with amusement, as a wry smile graced her face.

“Not many people could get away with saying that to the king,” I responded a smile slowly creeping on my face too.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m the Queen.” She leaned closer placing a small peck on my lips which I happily accepted.

As I settled in, a momentary silence embraced us before she finally broke it.

“So, are you nervous about your speech today?”

“I’m always nervous about these types of things.” I turned away from her once more looking out at the window.

“Oh really, Andris Balodis I, beloved King of Rhevilia, still struggling to give speeches.” She teased, wrapping an arm around my body and leaning on my shoulder.

“You do know I failed my public speaking course.”

“Yes, twice, you always complained your tutor was-”

I interrupted, “Out to get me, he absolutely was, he criticized everything I ever did and I never got full marks from him in anything.”

“Well, I will admit, your court tutor was always a strict one.”

“Yeah, he was.” I slowly looked down, my mind focused on something else.

Another silence lulled over us as the people and buildings of the city flew by the window.

“Still thinking of the war.”

“Yes, I’m always thinking of it these days.”

“I figured,” she paused before taking a short but deep breath, “Is there any update on our daughter.”

“She’s…,” I hesitated, “ still missing. She probably hates me right now.”

She tightened her hold and me, hugging me even closer. “She doesn’t hate you, honey, she’s just mad. She’ll get over it, she’ll come back to us.”

“I don’t think so this time, she was so mad when I made the announcement, called me a tyrant. My own daughter,” I turned to her, “Liana, maybe she was right, maybe this all is really-”

She held up her palm facing forward, indicating for me to stop. She then turned to look me directly in the eyes. “Andris, you know I’ll always support you in your decisions, however, this self-pity is really unbecoming of you. You made a decision, for the best interest of the country, these socialists made their decision. There were already mentions of a revolution even before the ban, the ban was just meant to protect the people, to protect the foundations of our government. They were already planning to end centuries of our traditions if they gained power. You did what had to be done.”

Looking at her steely gaze, filled me with some measure of resolve. She was right, after all, she was always right. “Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

“Of course, I’m right honey, now look, we’re finally here.”

The car came to a stop in front of a large crowd gathered on each side of a large walkway. Security patrolled the gates established on each side of the walkway. Taking note of this, the door slowly opened.

“Your Majesty, welcome to the capital.” In front of me stood a man, dressed in black typical security gear. He extended his hand to me and I grabbed it and stepped out into the fresh air.

I could hear the loud cheers of support as the crowd on both sides saw me. I put on a smile and waved to them, going into PR mode. I felt someone grab onto my hand, and quickly turned to see my smiling wife, I gave her a genuine smile, before turning away as we began the walk down the walkway. In the distance stood the National Assembly.

It was showtime.

As we began walking I took notice of the crowd, many of them were cheering but some more political people were holding signs saying, “STOP THE WAR” or “FREE RHEVILIA”.

A security guard leading us to the Assembly turned toward me. “Your majesty we can have them removed if you need us to.”

Looking at the people holding the signs, I could feel the anger and resentment in their eyes, some held pure hatred. Yet I shook my head no, I couldn’t take away the people’s right to protest. That would be too much, wouldn’t it?

I felt my wife’s hand squeeze mine tighter. I turned to her and she gave me a look of assurance and support. We continued onward.

As we reached the steps of the Assembly, a number of members of the Parliament came out to greet me. All, of course, coming to show support for the authority of the Monarchy. They led us into the building past the beautiful decorations and hallowed walls of the chamber of the Assembly, toward the large back exit that led to a green field full of thousands of people, all coming to hear the great speech of Andris Balodis. My speech.

I was quickly moved away from the exit as tailors began redressing me in decorative clothing, and the jeweled crown, which always traveled separately, was placed on my head all in preparation for the speech. And then, a few minutes later it was time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the privilege and the honor, of presenting to you His Royal Majesty, Andris Balodis I, King of Rhevilia.

I stepped toward the podium, hearing the cheers of the crowd as they all looked belovedly toward their King. All of a sudden, I could feel the true weight and power of the crown blissfully sitting on top of my head. Yet, I slowly raised my hand, palm facing forward, to indicate silence. And the crowd listened.

“Men, Women, and Children of Rhevilia. I come to you today not as your King, but as a fellow citizen of this great Kingdom. It’s been seven months, since the outset of the rebellion. Seven months of pain, of suffering, experienced by all of our citizens. Seven months of disunity and distrust as we reckon with ourselves, the great question, of whether this nation will continue to be guided by the honorable and traditional rule of a Monarch or whether we will be guided by a Socialist Conspiracy masquerading as a democratic republic, that seeks to destroy centuries of peace and prosperity established by the Royal Family of Rhevilia and its people. This question while great, has an obvious answer, the people of Rhevilia must remain united together but must due so under the Monarchy, the timeless institution that was established to protect and preserve Rhevilia, and has done so, successfully, for centuries.

Despite these sentiments, we must keep in mind as we continue this war, that the people apart of this Conspiracy are not our enemies, they have been misguided by powerful forces seeking to destabilize our nation. We will continue to fight against such forces and win, as we have always done. Because of that, I will always hold the diplomatic table open to them if they wish to discuss reconciliation and a return to their home and their people. However, I must reiterate we will not accept the independence of this “Republic”, as stated by our glorious Constitution, the “Kingdom of Rhevilia shall not ever surrender its sovereignty or territory to enemies both domestic and abroad”.

Speaking of these domestic enemies, there has been a surge in the movement calling itself For the People or FTP, however, these terrorists are hardly for the people, not only targeting this government but also civilians, women, and children, without care for what they destroy of who they hurt. I promise to the people of Rhevilia today, that not only with ending this rebellion, we will put them down harshly, as these enemies of the state shall not be tolerated by this Kingdom and this Monarchy.

Speaking of enemies from abroad, there has been recent interest by foreign powers in the affairs of Rhevilia and its Citizens. I must warn these powers, that any interference in the true government’s ability to end this war quickly and successfully may be considered a hostile act against our great Kingdom. I hate to remind these powers, but we are a nation that possesses devastating nuclear capabilities, and we will use them to defend the people of Rhevilia if we must.

On that note, I will end this by saying, that the challenges of today and tomorrow can be immense, but the Kingdom of Rhevilia shall always persevere, by your continued faith and trust in your King, in your Royal family, in your government. I have nothing but a desire to one day see, my loving but misguided people return to us, so we can continue the ongoing peace and prosperity established at our very beginning.”

Thank you, God bless us, and God bless the Kingdom of Rhevilia.”
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Republic of Rhevilia
Valdis, RR
10:00 PM

Prime Minister Vanda Ozoliņš

“Thank you, God bless us, and God bless the Kingdom of Rhevilia.”

The words of the King echoed from the television screen across the room. I had been listening to it all day, ever since it was given this morning. It served as a constant reminder of what we’re fighting for. I mean calling us “misguided”, labeling our movement as a “conspiracy”, all of it was just an excuse to shovel the legitimate concerns we once had, away from the eyes of those in power. “Out of sight, out of mind”, that’s all those people care about.

And for the longest time, I once believed in the words of those monarchs. Everyone did, from a young age the Royal Family had constantly told us how they fought for us, sacrificed for us, guided us, for generations, and that it was thanks to them that we lived in such “peaceful” and “prosperous” times. Yet the instant they felt even slightly challenged, or if they believed for a second that rightful change was coming, they fought to oppress us, sacrifice us, and guide us right back under their thumb. The ban, by the King himself, on “threatening” political parties is the very example of their oppressive and authoritarian ways, which they hid behind “tradition” and “honor”.

The revolution, our revolution, is supposed to change all of this. To end the reign of monarchies and give everyone a fighting chance. They called us socialist as if it was demeaning, but if socialist means providing for the lower class, abolishing the power of these elitist assholes, and bringing true authority back to the working class, then so be it. We will fight tooth and nail for our independence and show everyone that generations of authoritarian rule hidden beneath a smile and some charisma will not overrule the will of the people.

These ideals, were why I was appointed by the General Assembly in the first place, despite my young age, they needed someone resolved in the true ideals of this Republic. Someone, who would make the tough decisions to ensure our victory over Monarchists. And pave the way for a future for the children and grandchildren of the Republic of Rhevilia.

Just as I finished that thought, the door to my office burst open. A young man, my secretary, quickly came in holding a folder full of papers in his left arm. “Madam Prime Minister, General Starek is here.”

“At this time.” A curious frown crossed my face. While war reports are always brought to the Prime Minister’s desk as quickly as possible, they are usually reserved for in the morning, unless they are of urgent importance.

“Yes, he’s outside the Assembly offices now, he’s demanding a meeting.”

“Well, send him in.”

“Right away.”

The young man raced out of my office to get the general. I turned away toward the nearby window and looked down upon the city. At the onset of the war, Valdis had been immediately retrofitted to be the new capital of the nation. The General Assembly met in the former Governor’s mansion of the region.

Looking at the city of Valdis, more and more anti-aircraft weaponry had been mounted to the inner and outskirts of the city, due the Kingdom maintaining air supremacy over some parts of the region. Our fighters were doing our best, but not only were they outnumbered but resource shortages due to the blockade was stifling our ability.

A deep voice bellowed as the door to my office opened once again. “Madam Prime Minister.”

I turned away from the windows toward a man dressed up in full combat gear, alongside him were two more men also dressed in gear. They each gave a salute to me before the general stepped forward.

General Starek cleared his throat before beginning, “Madam Prime Minister, sorry for bothering you this late at night.”

“It’s fine General, please say what you must.”

“Thank you. Madam Prime Minister, we need to urgently update you on the situation near the border near Aļģis. Last year the Kingdom launched an attack that devastated our position and allowed them to ta-”

She interrupted, “Yes General, we know this, they were able to capture one of our major towns. Kopnov, I believe it was.”

“Uh, right,” He continued, “Well six days ago, our spies were able to obtain information on a buildup of troops near Kopnov. We were worried that after a year, they’d be finally launching an attack to try to push toward Aļģis, but it seems we were wrong or our information is incomplete because two days ago they marched from Kopnov and set up an encampment 3 klicks from the town, they still remain in their occupied territory but they’ve opened themselves up.”

“And the thing is they’re still being supplied by Kopnov.” One of the other soldiers chimed in. The general turned toward the soldier and gave him a hard stare. The young man immediately backed down and the general turned away.

“Yes, they’re still being supplied by Kopnov,” the general reiterated. “Imagery from some of our combat aircraft took note that armaments and food were being transported to the encampment from Kopnov.

Prime Minister Vanda probed, “While this is interesting General, how does this help us.”

“Madam, our commanders in the area are suggesting an assault on the town and the supply line. We lead our troops and cut off their supply before we encircle the encampment, once taken, we march toward Kopnov, which has been left unfortified with only basic military police in that area. This would be a huge blow to the Monarchists, and finally, allow us to push the Kingdom out of Republican territory.”

“This sounds good, almost too good, what’s the downside.” The Prime Minister asked as she retook her seat behind the desk.

General Starek looked away before taking a deep breath. “We’re already stretched thin as it is just trying to keep them from moving into our territory, if this fails or if this is a trap, not only would we lose, but we could possibly lose the entire region to the Kingdom. Madam, this is really risky.”

“Hmm, I see, so we cut off their supply, and take the encampment before marching toward Kopnov, if we fail, however, we might lose the region, which would mean the war would heavily favor the Kingdom,” Vanda rubbed her temple in slight frustration. The war effort always required risk but this might be too big of a one to take.

“The commanders in the area voted on this but they tied, in regards to trying to take the encampment. Meaning your decision will be required, Madam.”

She turned to look toward Starek, “And what do you think General.”

He sighed, “Madam, I hate to bring politics into this, but the speech given by the King today has ruffled some of our men.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m saying, that even now, despite the war, the King is a beloved figure, Madam. Him asking for us to “come home” has been felt by some of our men. Madam, if you take the encampment and the town, it would be a great blow to the Kingdom and reinstill resolve into the war effort.”

“Are you saying I should risk it General?”

He hesitated and after a quick puff to resolve himself he said, “Yes, Madam. Absolutely.”

A small quiet overtook the room as Prime Minister Vanda leaned back into her chair, thinking about the proposal. After a few minutes, she finally answered.

“How long until I absolutely must give a decision.”

“3 days max, after that we’re not sure what Kingdom’s plan is nor do we want to find out.”

She sighed. “Ok then, I’ll have my answer in 2 days in the morning General.”

“Yes, Madam.” He along with his fellow soldier saluted her before exiting the room.

As the Prime Minister sat there in silence, she thought long about the war in its totality. Resolving herself for what was to come.

Because even though the Kingdom may have tradition and honor and maybe even God on their side. The Republic didn’t need any of that, they had the will, the determination, and the commitment to take on the challenges of today and find a way to win this war.
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Republic of Sargk
02:00 PM

President Ckarl L'Arrentonsen
On this historic day President Ckarl L'Arrentonsen, President of Sargk since May 2021, gives his 21st speech to the international community and the third one of his in the English language.

Many people have waited for a long time to see the reactions from the government of Sargk to the ongoing civil war in Rhevilia. Today, a day after the grand speech of King Andris Boladis I of Rhevilia, seemed like the perfect time for the government to give their first conference about the war.

2 PM Central European Time

The President quietly walks into the room with a visibly melancholic attitude. This will probably be the most significant press conference in his entire career as President. He sits down and the guards open the room to his 21st press conference.

"Dear people of Sargk and abroad, we are honored to announce President Ckarl L'Arrentonsen of Sargk! May the world protect your souls!"

The President stands firmly but begins nervously, even more so than at his first speech as president.

“Thank you First Officer of the Presidential Guard Sanchez.
Dear citizens of Sargk and all of the lovely people around the globe, today we must address a topic that many of us would probably like to forget: The ongoing civil war in Rhevilia. We as the folk of this planet must stand united against further pain, destruction, and suffering that this horrendous war has already brought to this world. We must find a way to achieve peace and prosperity for Rhevilia. This conflict has already endured far too long. We need to force a peaceful end to these battles, bombings, and terrorist attacks.
I reckon we all remember when this conflict started. 7 months ago. 7 months of atrocious warfare between the Kingdom and the Republic. 7 months where the economy of Rhevilia has been reduced to shambles. All of us were shocked when the civil war began, nobody thought that a civil war in a developed, western country like Rhevilia would ever happen. This… this needs to end. That's why I, as President of Sargk, am proposing that we begin peace talks between the two sides and an end to the awful terrorist attacks by the group known as For The People. But we also state that all sides of the argument need to be heard. There can’t be a long-lasting peace in the region without some concessions. We realize this and we hope that you too also realize this fact. Not just in Rhevilia but all around this beautiful planet that we should strive to preserve.

But the longer this war goes on, the chances of an international war continue to increase. The Republic has claimed that they have the right to decide what happens to their people, even though we have been unable to reach steady communications with them. But they’ve told us and the world that this is their land, their resources and they can decide what happens to the people of Rhevilia. We have heard the same affirmation by the King of Rhevilia.
We, the people of Sargk, want peace, not war. But we must not act rashly. We must take a long, hard look at what we are willing to give up in order to bring peace back to the island. We must be sure that we are not sacrificing the very things that we hold dear to us in the name of peace.
We must be able to talk to each other. We must be able to compromise and find a compromise that will benefit both sides of the war. I ask you, our dear friend, our beloved King Boladis, to acknowledge this as matter of fact.

We must look at the bigger picture here. We must not forget that the Republic has a vast array of weapons and resources at its disposal. The Republic has at its disposal fighter jets, missiles, tanks, artillery, and even weapons of mass destruction. We here in Sargk condemn any use of these weapons from the means of both sides and any form of their use and as a consequence we will immediately cut off all aid to the side that began possible Armageddon.
While we are on the subject of international aid, we ask the Kingdom and the Republic of Rhevilia for possible diplomatic relations. We, the people of Sargk ask for an allowance by both sides to send aid in form of medications, food and other services regarding the public wellbeing.

So on that note I will make a statement: We are Sargk and we are a strong, united, and peaceful nation. We will not tolerate any more violence. We will not tolerate any infliction of pain and suffering to the admirable people of Rhevilia.

We will work together to bring an end to this war and we will strive for peace. We will work together to bring an end to the brutality that the civil war has inflicted upon the people of Rhevilia.

I hope that you understand my intentions. We must put aside our differences and work together to achieve a peaceful solution to this conflict. We will not allow this war to continue. We will bring about an end to this Civil War."

The room was filled with silence until the first people stood up and clapped. Then more and more workers, soldiers, and journalists started clapping. Then all of them joined in. The people started cheering and shouting:" Peace for Rhevilia! Peace for Rhevilia!"

As the cheering continued, the people slowly rose from their seats and started clapping and shouting. And then they all began to applaud and cheer. All of them were standing up, clapping and shouting. Even the Ambassador for Rhevilia stood up and began clapping.

After the applause died down President Ckarl L'Arrentonsen thanked the audience and left the speakers podium with a sigh of relief. His most important speech was luckily his best speech. The people of Rhevilia in Sargk and abroad seemed to have a renewed sense of hope and they all cheered and clapped. The Rhevilian flag was raised and the Union Cross Flag was lowered.

After the applause had died down, the Ambassador of the Republic, Mr. Lebrum A. was asked to speak. He said:
"Thank you for the speech President Ckarl. We appreciate your kind words and the fact that you are willing to take the time to talk personally to us.
We will listen to you and we will work with you and the government.
We understand that this has been a very difficult time for all of us.
But we are willing to talk to you and we are willing to try and work with you. Your wish to deepen the relations between the Kingdom of Rhevilia and the Republic of Sargk will not be overheard. So when I say that I plead both sides of the civil war to open up further relations and to aid by our government, I talk for all the people of Sargk.
We will try and work together to end this war.
Thank you."

People all around the globe gave a great cheer and then cheered some more. The room was filled with cheers and claps and the Union Cross Flag was raised again.

To Sargk, this was a successful day in the beginning of the diplomatic history between Sargk and Rhevilia.
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Postby Rubescovia » Sun May 22, 2022 10:45 pm

May 21st 2022.
Drakensburg Mountains, Undisclosed location

POV: Prime Minister Andile

"Jesus I hate this place, frozen wasteland, why couldn't we meet somewhere in Cape Town. The weather is wonderful there I hear."

"No point in complaining now Nathan, you know we can't discuss what we want at a a café drinking coffee ", I said ,staring at General Nathan Van Schulenburg - young at the age of 48, for his position as - the Chairman of the Military Chief of Staff (the highest commissioned military officer in the entire Armed Forces)

" The Honorable Prime Minster is right Nathan. At least we have coffee, thank God for small mercies." quipped Vincent Ndlov War Hero and current Director of the Rubescovian Intelligence Directorate (RID).


I scan the table, as the remaining four seats on the table are filled. First , immediately on my right was the King's personal secretary and
advisor , Julian Wood, a hawkish man with a missing fingertip, rumored to as a result of a barfight. Sat opposite of him was Lady Julia
Vincent, an academic expert specialising in Rhevilian affairs, aristocrat and my nominee to be the first Rubescovian Ambassador to the
Kingdom of Rhevilia.
Alongside the Lady also sat Milicent Musonda, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Defense.
The last to take seat on the far end of the table, was Giles Du Plessis, who I admitted I didn't know too well but as the General had briefed
me was an revered character in the Special Forces Community and served as an veteran paratrooper in the elite Airforce Dragoons, which
he went on to command and now currently owns and operates a controversial PMC ominously named Hell Spawn International.


Once everyone had settled, I rose from the head of the table, and prepped myself to de-brief some of the most powerful people in this country.
"Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen", I began. "Before I began, I assume I don't need to remind that none of what will be discussed here cannot get to the prying eyes of the media, at least not till things are finalised," I said with a pointed look.

"I have assembled this meeting here today to discuss the ongoing Rhevilian crisis as you been briefed". "While off the bat, the conflict may just seem like just another civil war, ladies and gentlemen let me assure you that is not the case. Oh else I wouldn't have dragged you all into a Cold-War era bunker in the middle of nowhere", I joked and got a few chuckles.

"As you may know that during the last 2 years of my administration and most of my political career, I have fought valiantly to ward off socialism from our great country. " For decades we have seen the effects of socialism destroying and tearing up our fellow African neighbors." I paused for dramatic effect.

"Unless actively deterred and stopped , every country that has fallen under the yoke of socialism has spread it to his neighbors". "Now we may be more than a ocean distance away from them, but that's no excuse." "You don't need to be rocket scientists to understand that there are some striking similarities between Rubescovia and Rhevilia." "To stop..


" I see where you're going with this Andile," interjected Director Vincent. " A significant victory for the Communist Republic, will galvanize and embolden that Commie Bastard Phillips and give him and his coalition a edge in the House." " I know for a FACT that the USRO bastards hiding in Kwatzu-Natal area are Phillips henchmen, I just don't have conclusive proof." What I'd do to smack the sh**t out of his veneer", rambled the Director.

" The Director was far less diplomatic than I would have been but that's the gist of it", I shrugged at the table. " Moreover, it is in our interest to secure new trade partners particularly for Aluminum trade, considering our relations with the Chinese is not so .... how do I put it, warm at the moment". "Anyways what I'm saying is that it wouldn't take much to send Rubescovia into the same hole that the Kingdom of Rhevilia is in now, what are your thoughts on the matter?", I query.

After a moment of silence, Lady Julia spoke, " I hope you're not insinuating a military response? Because that would make my job a tad bit difficult" getting a few chuckles as well. " I suggest we not pursue any military based response at the moment, upon the establishment of formal ties - which I believe will happen in the forthcoming weeks - we could introduce a bill to the parliament to legally send emergency civilian supplies and other economic aid. Who knows , we may even find a willing trade partner in the Rhevilians for our weapons?".

"The lady is not wrong, but in my experience actively getting involved in another nations 'internal affair's' never ends the way we want it, unless we use more..... potent tactics," said Du Plessis who by now had got up from his chair and started pacing the room. When s**t hits the fan, as it always does inevitably, we need to be ready to take a more active role in Rhevilian matters, whether either party likes it or not." he carried on. "Now I know I'm ex Air Force, but I'm not so dumb to not realise you can't just air drop soldiers into a foreign country, without severe international and political repercussions. Which is why I'm suggesting Mr Prime Minister that instead of deploying active military personnel , you allow me and my boys at Hell Spawn to be inserted. That'll give you plausible deniability even if one of my operatives are captured, which I assure you they won't." With that he abruptly sits back in his chair.

"As much as I dislike the use of PMC's abroad", Mr Du Plessis has a point inserted the Chief of Military staff. Most of his outfit consists of former Navy, Army Special Forces operatives. They're as good as they come without us actively inserting troops". "However let's not get ahead of ourselves, there's no need for any immediate action as of now." However, I think there's no harm for us prepare for such inevitabilities", pausing for dramatic effect. "I propose we unofficially hire the services of Hell Spawn and make arrangement for a suitable team of his to start acclimatization training at Lesotho and then our Antarctic Station in Bouvet. "It's always better to be safe than sorry".

"Any objections to this course of action?" knowing very well what the answer will be.

To my surprise no one said anything for a good ten seconds, until Dep Secretary Milicent Musonda broke the silence. " Mr Prime Minister, fundamentally, I don't see an issue with this course of plan, but hypothetically speaking if Mr Giles's troops were to be deployed either on the request of the Government of Rhevilia or otherwise, they have to be directly in line of communication with the Department of Defense. I repeat for the entirety of the duration these PMC's are hired they will be receiving orders from the Department of Defense. I further request that a handful of special forces operatives currently serving to be attached to your group". Mr Giles?

"Anything for country and king " he drawled sardonically.

"Alright now, let's not be petty." I said. "We're currently in the process of opening formal diplomatic channels with the Kingdom of Rhevilia, and for the sake of not sabotaging the talks, no one talks about any military operation, understood?".

"Julian, I hope you will let His Majesty know the content of todays meeting"? ......

"Yes, I will". "Expect a response from his Majesty soon".


"Alright then", I said wiping my brow dry. "We seem to have exhausted our remit of conversation, unless anyone has anything to add, we will adjourn this meeting." I said. "Everyone hear knows what needs to be done, General Van Schulenberg, I hope you will make the necessary arrangement for Mr du Plessis". Upon receiving a nod of affirmation from both individuals , I concluded by standing " All right then, thank you for coming on short notice Ladies and Gentlemen.

"For King and Country" I finished with the customary 3 salute and received six other chants in response


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