Issue #636 Mistreats Civil Rights

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Issue #636 Mistreats Civil Rights

Postby Steelfeather Rapture 1 » Fri May 13, 2022 2:48 pm

Issue #636 ("Going on the Cyber Offensive") has a civil rights demerit that the game hands out a big civil rights buff for. The option in question is the top one, option #1. The effect line on that option is, "School teachers check the staff room for hidden webcams before complaining about rebellious students."

The problem is that hiding cameras to spy on people violates their civil rights. This endorses as "libertarian" a student who is going around spying on people. I know it's abnormal to think of a student as violating the civil rights of a teacher, but it's not literally impossible.
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Postby Outer Sparta » Fri May 13, 2022 7:36 pm

Next time post in this thread if you have any unusual stat effects: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=424650
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Postby Merconitonitopia » Sat May 14, 2022 3:36 pm

The effect line is incidental. The issue option didn't say anything about cameras.

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