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Postby Sarzonia » Mon Dec 27, 2021 10:56 am

Sam Rosen woke up the morning after the group draw was announced.

Even though he was no longer the starting quarterback for the Sarzonian national gridball team, he was interested to see whom Sarzonia would be drawn with. When he saw the teams drawn into Group B, he let out a brief sigh of relief.

Glad I'm not playing those guys, he thought as he saw top ranked defending champions Ranoria and sixth ranked Abanhfleft along with No. 20 HUElavia. There were also two unranked sides in Cordia and United Adaikes, but Group B was very much emerging as the group of death, at least according to Kanyean media.

Rosen propped his feet up on the coffee table in his living room as he reclined on his couch. He took a sip of Delaclav tea, which was as good as Sarzonian tea and was priced slightly less than the Sarzonian brew thanks to his having connections south of the border who could send him tea at a bargain price. He looked at his mobile as it rang, realising it was a reporter, most likely asking him his reaction to the group draw. He cross referenced the number with the list of media he'd talked to and when he realised it was a small weekly newspaper in the suburbs, he decided to let voice mail handle things.

"Not my circus, not my monkeys," he glibly said to the same reporter after he was asked about being booted from the team. "I don't fucking care anymore," he'd told another reporter. He took another sip of tea and saw the light on the voice mail indicator come up. He thought for a second. Do I call back and possibly give him the soundbite of the decade? Do I throw Gavin under the bus right here? He then decided not to. Gavin Davis could sink or swim on his own as Stars manager with an inexperienced quarterback playing in World Bowl action for the first time. He had no intentions of helping Cameron Stallworth out. Davis could do that.

Then he saw his phone ring again. He saw it was his agent, Ben McAllister.

Lemme guess, Gav wants to come crawling back, he thought when he picked up the phone.

"Sam, get to St. Helen's straight away."

"Wha- what do you mean?" St. Helen's was the children's hospital in Townsend, 15 minutes from Rosen's house.

"It's Sam, Jr. He's been shot. They don't know if he's going to make it." All of a sudden, the veneer of a quarterback who was too big for his britches was gone. The colour on his face was replaced by the stunned, ashen look of a father who was now worried about his son.

"Uh-on my way," Rosen said. He immediately stood up from the couch and went back to his room to throw on a pair of jeans and a collared shirt, then put his shoes on and raced to hospital. When he got there, he saw the doctor breathe a sigh of relief.

"It's a lot better than I thought at first," he said. "Your son's going to make it. We expect him to make a full recovery."

"What happened?"

"He was grazed with a bullet over at the firing range."

Rosen knew his son was at camp, but he also knew he wasn't supposed to go anywhere near the firing range. He'd made it clear to his son that was an absolute no-no. But then he'd gotten reports that his son was taken there against his will, and that only the fact that the man who took him there was a terrible shot kept Junior still alive and give him an opportunity to make a full recovery.

"You can go see your son," said the head nurse as they motioned into the room where Junior was still asleep. Rosen walked in. He saw the camp counselor who rushed his boy to hospital and noticed the blood stain under his lip on the right side of his face.

"What happened?"

"Someone tried to kidnap Samuel," the counselor said. "We fought him off, but the gun discharged. I'm sorry."

Rosen closed his eyes and bowed his head, his mouth still agape. He inhaled and exhaled. All of a sudden, his release from the Stars was the last thing on his mind. He'd run the complete gamut from thinking he was going to lose his son to realising life could be a lot worse than losing his starting job for the national gridball team. It was a moment of perspective.

That's why when he saw the phone call from Davis, he answered.

"Sam, I heard about your son! How is he?"

"He's expected to make a full recovery, Coach, thanks," Rosen said. The two men briefly exchanged pleasantries before hanging up.

It wouldn't lead to Rosen getting his old job back, but the incident made Rosen realise his priorities were out of whack. He needed perspective. He needed to understand that it wasn't all about him and being the quarterback for the Stars. And he got a needed jolt in potentially the worst possible way.
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Postby Banija » Mon Dec 27, 2021 3:54 pm

Roster Information of the Banija Serpent Eagles

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes(please specify the injury and the number of games my players will miss)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes(please specify the injury and the number of games my players will miss)
Godmod Other Events: Yes(no pandemics or anything of the sort in Banija or for any of my players. Also, no killing Banijans or major destruction of Banijan property without my permission. I.e. you can break a bar window or something in Banija without asking me, but can't go blowing up buildings)
Style Modifier: +3.9

General Information
Governing Body: Olympic Committee of Banija
Full Nation Name: Kingdom of Banija
Denonym: Banijan(s)
Team Nickname: Serpent Eagles
Notable World Bowl Finishes: Second Place in World Bowl XL. Third Place in World Bowl XXXVII. 4th place in World Bowl XXIX, World Bowl XXX, and World Bowl XXXI.
Other Trophies: Champions of AO Bowl IV
Rivals: Ranoria, Delaclava, Sarzonia, Drawkland(in that order)

All-Time Record
All-Time World Bowl Group Stage Record: 88-42. Winning percentage of 66.67%
All-Time World Bowl Knockout Stage Record: 16-11. Winning percentage of 59.26%
All-Time World Bowl Record: 104-53. Winning percentage of 65.41%
All-Time AO Bowl Record: 11-5. Winning percentage of 68.75%
All-Time Competitive Record: 122-66. Winning percentage of 64.21%

Uniforms designed and put together by St. Kanye. Thank you so much!
Home Jersey

Away Jersey

Official Depth Chart for World Bowl XLIII

The rosters is drawn both from the Gridiron Football League of Banija(GFLB), our NSCF teams, foreign NSCF teams, and other Banijan college teams.

Starters are underlined. Players who are receiving their first national team call-up are italicized. Listed in the order of the depth chart.


Ifeatu Chineze. #12. 29 years old. NSCF 18-21 starter for Richardson University(Ranoria) in the NSCF. Starter for the Aissa Crocodiles in the GFLB.
Amazu Chibuzo. #9. 28 years old. Starter for the Busukuma Suns in the GFLB. NSCF 20-22 starter for Loyola-Istria.
David Izoka. #4. 36 years old. Starter for the Istria Black Mambas in the GFLB. Left-handed.

With Isaka Jawara's retirement, it hasd launched one of the most entertaining QB competitions in living memory- Chineze v. Chibuzo. They both were on the roster at World Bowl XLI, but neither of them took a single snap- therefore continuing the anticipation. Chineze was the winner of the most intense position battle in recent memory for Banijan sports fans, and he staked his claim to the QB1 spot. Banija reached the quarterfinals of the World Bowl, as well as won an AO Bowl- so he stays.

Izoka is considered a great deal worse than both Chineze and Chibuzo, but the veteran has been brought onto the roster to be the third string QB and a veteran presence in the locker room. He's the consummate professional- hard-working, first to practice and last to leave, and is functionally an extra QB coach for this roster.

Kuenda Sello. #21. 26 years old. Graudate of Richardson University(Ranoria) in the NSCF. Team's feature back.
Christopher Isto. #25. 29 years old. Plays for the Jinja City Springboks.
Elasah Okumu. #20. 21 years old. Plays for the Istria Black Mambas.
Philip Apondo. #23. 23 years old. Plays for the Herzegovina City Cobras.

Running backs are always the first position that are able to play at the professional level. And Sello is poised to take a step forward as the team's feature back, with his third World Bowl as the team's starting ball carrier. The offense is set to undergo significant transformation, as they look to spread it out more, but Sello will still be there to establish the ground game, and be an important safety valve for Banija's quarterback.

Wide Receivers.
Chinweuba Jelan. #84, 29 years old. Graduate of Raynor University(Valanora) in the NSCF. Olympian in Track.
Lamin Kah. #81, 28 years old. Graduate of the University of the Commonwealth of Baker Park in the NSCF.
Ikem Orjea. #11, 30 years old. 5'11, 198 pounds. Slot receiver. Plays for the Herzegovina City Cobras.
Lafi Senghore. #17, 22 years old. 6'4, 220 pounds. Three year starter at Wide Receiver at Loyola-Istria.
Berechiah Ramogi. #87, 24 years old. 6'0, 188 pounds. Plays for Busukuma Suns.

Banija might have the most talented top 2 receiving duo in the entirety of international gridiron. While the rest of the receiving corps leaves something to be desired, Lamin Kah and Chinweuba Jelan are both bonafide superstars. They are both big, strong, and speedy players who excel against man coverage, and can play themselves open when a defense focuses themselves on them. Jelan especially is an absolute terror in the open field, and the offense will try to creatively get him the football in space, including with middle screens, reverse, and other gimmicky plays.

The other veteran receivers are solid receivers, but should not scare opponents. However, if opponents focus on shutting down Banija's superstars on the outside, it is one of the other receivers stepping up as an X-factor that could be the biggest difference between glory and another early exit from the World Bowl.

Tight Ends.
Belonwu Akuchi. #81, 31 years old. Pass catching Tight End. Plays for the Sisonke Leopards.
Rada Menasse. #85, 27 years old. Balanced Tight End. Graduate of Northern Moravica University in the NSCF.
Oscar Baboto. #80, 33 years old. Blocking Tight End. Plays for the Busukuma Suns.

The tight ends in the Serpent Eagle's offense, historically, simply do not get much attention in the passing game. The Banijans use 11 personnel- which is 1 running back, 1 tight end, 3 wide receivers. Like many teams in the modern game, we do not carry a fullback. These tight ends are generally expected to block. And they do their job well. Muhumuza has brick hands, but is aggressive in blocking, and will often be used to help a tackle double team talented EDGE players.

But with the offense opening up this World Bowl, tight ends are expected to be more valuable. Cue the retirement of a blocking tight end tank, Muhumuza, and the emergence of Akuchi as the team's preferred tight end. It's unclear how many targets he can get- but the big man is capable of running, and is a great middle of the field target for Banija's QB.

Left Tackle.
Hassan Sesay. #65, 33 years old. Plays for Umbazi Metropolitan Sporting Club. Third World Bowl, second as a starter.
Chioma Obyke. #69, 27 years old. NSCF XXII & XXIII starter for Northern Moravica. Plays for the Dukuma Dragons.

Left Guard.
Olefile Dithapelo. #64, 30 years old. Plays for Askatasuna Wildcats. NSCF XXII starter for Northern Moravica. Second World Bowl, first as a starter.
Addo Kargbo. #60, 27 years old. Plays for the Lwanga Rhinos. Three year starter at U of Moravica, NSCF XXIII starter at Northern Moravica.

Tabia Anasa. #50. 31 years old. Plays for the Istria Black Mambas.
Jamaal Afiri. #57. 27 years old. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves.

Right Guard.
Bayou Awash. #68. 27 years old. NSCF 22 & 23 Starter for Loyola-Istria. Plays for the Istria Black Mambas.
Jordan Karamba. #61. 28 years old. NSCF 22 & 23 for Northern Moravica.
Lamin Jobateh. #63, 37 years old. NSCF XX Starter for Northern Moravica.

Right Tackle.
Kutubo Nyang. #73, starter for Busukuma Suns. 31 years old. Captain. Third World Bowl as a starter. Only returning starter on the Offensive Line.
Landing Sillah. #71, starter for Busukuma Athletic Club. 34 years old.

From World Bowl XL to XLI, continuity was the name of the game. The exact same 5 guys started every single World Bowl game across those tow tournaments, and low and behold, it went fairly well. A combined record of 21-3, with a championship game appearance, between those two tournaments. But you can't run the same O-Line out in every international tournament forever- the fact that these happen once every three years simply prevent that from happening.

At World Bowl XLII, the Offensive Line struggled to gel, as there was only one returning starter on the Offensive Line. Now, with the entire position group returning, there are big expectations for them to be able to maul people on the ground, and help give Chineze enough time to air it out.

Defense 3-4.

Left Defensive End.
Hatabu Kodo. #96, 33 years old. NSCF XX Starter for the Université du Saguenay(Royal Kingdom of Quebec).
Antouman Diene. #91, 33 years old. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves.

Right Defensive End.
Suma Jawara. #93, 30 years old. Plays for the Mynda Gorillas.
Wassa Ouattara. #90, 26 years old. NSCF XXIV Starter for Northern Moravica. Plays for the Aissa Crocodiles in the GFLB.

Nose Tackle.
Charles Bbumba. #95, 33 years old. Graduate from Université du Saguenay(Royal Kingdom of Quebec), a NSCF school. Plays for Busukuma Suns.
Wasa Jassey.#99, 32 years old. Starter for the Istria Black Mambas.
Chydea Ndulu. #98, 30 years old. Plays for the Hoima Zebras.

Left Outside Linebacker. (Typically a pash rusher in passing situations- both players at this position are EDGE guys)
Kajwang Odoyo.[ #55, 29 years old. Starter for Busukuma Athletic Club.
Onindo Agot #40, 25 years old. Starter for the Busembe Timberwolves.

This team is built around its front 7, and it starts with the front 4. Even with a 3-4 defense, this is a team that wants to attack and dominate the line of scrimmage, and get into the backfield quickly to get after the quarterback. Of course, everyone likes to do that- there's no bigger advantage in football than getting pressure. But this team is capable of doing that. They've got a fresh body in the EDGE spot in the name of Kajwang Odoyo, but they will look to get after the quarerback.

This team will substitute often on their defensive line, valuing keeping guys fresh. There's a lot of 'good' and 'very good' talent in this front 7, but none of these guys, following Hairte's retirement from the national team, would be considered 'gamebreakers'. But their depth along the D-Line and ability to control the line of scrimmage is definitely considered an asset. While the front 4 is aging, they should still do enough damage to help ensure this team is a force at this tournament.

Middle Linebacker.
Isaiah Bryce. #56, 34 years old. NSCF 18, 19, and 20 starter for Richardson University(Ranoria). Captain.
Demba Diouf. #47, 26 years old. Starter for Busukuma Athletic Club. Former three-year starter for Loyola-Istria and defensive captain.
Baturou Jagne. #59, 29 years old. Starter for the Herzegovina City Cobras.
Ensa Jagne. #57, 29 years old. Starter for the Jinja City Springboks.

Strong Side Outside Linebacker. (Usually drops into coverage in passing situations)
Moses Luwum. #41, 24 years old. Starter for the Lwanga Rhinos.
Zelotes Ouko. #52, 26 years old. Starter for Umbazi Metropolitan Sporting Club.

It is a talented linebacking core that the Banijans have. Isaiah Bryce, particularly, is a game breaking player, even at age 34. He is a true ballhawking defender. The Richardson grad is everywhere- he's got the ability to keep up with tight ends in coverage, he's always got a nose for the football, and is a hard-hitting force in the middle. He'll make people fear getting into the middle of the field on shallow crossing routes, as it's going to hurt like hell if you meet Isaiah Bryce there.

Diouf and Luwum are both good linebackers too, in their own right- although they've never played at the national team level before. But Bryce is the leader and heart and soul of this defense. But with Bryce at 34, and the rest of the linebacking corps being first time starters at the national team level, they are going to be seriously challenged up front.

Ensa Faye. #39, 29 years old. NSCF XXI and XXII starter and graduate of Northern Moravica. Starter for the Aissa Crocodiles.
Makang Secka. #25, 22 years old. Four year starter at Richardson University(Ranoria) in the NSCF. Nicknamed 'the Banijan Ballhawk'.
Opiyo Onango. #25, 26 years old. Starter for Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club.
Ephraim Okomo #24, 27 years old. Starter for the Askatasuna Wildcats.
Madue Uzoma. #31, 27 years old. NSCF 22 & 23 starter and graduate for Loyola-Istria. Starter for the Askatasuna Wildcats.

Strong Safety.
Hebron Okungu.. #26, 25 years old. Starter for the Mynda Gorillas.
Fara Danso. #27, 32 years old. Starter for the Istria Black Mambas

Free Safety.
Ozioma Mazzi. #19, 21 years old. Three-year starter at Felswyr State in the NSCF; he is presently a junior.
Isaka Kakay. #20, 34 years old. Starter for the Sisonke Leopards.

And now, for the secondary. The defense is being remade after the Serpent Eagles stunning elimination the hands of Ranoria at the last World Bowl. They were 'humiliated in every phase' of the game, according to the Head Coach, Thomas Hall, who wants to ensure that never happens again. There is a clear leaning, of course, of where this team's talent lies- and they are going to continue to build around their offensive skill positions. But they've got to do better on the other side of the football, and they have three new starters in their secondary.

It's a high-risk, high reward maneuver. Two Uber-talented NSCF defensive backs, Makang Secka and Ozioma Mazzi, have not only made the roster, but have been listed as starters. They are talented- Secka is regarded probably as the best man coverage cornerback in all of college football, while Mazzi has been at the back of the Firehawks defense for years, making play after play. And, of course- he's a NSCF champion. But the risk is here- they are obviously both extremely young. And this isn't a team set up to win in 44 or whatever- this is a team that believes its title window is open, and that wants to win it this year. Everyone knew they'd make this team eventually- but is right now the time, before either has played a down of professional football? If it doesn't work, it could blow up in Hall's face, but if it does? The man's a genius.

Special Teams.

My punter is the holder for field goals, just to be clear. My punter does normal kickoffs while my kicker does onside kicks. Lastly, my kicker is my backup punter and my punter is my backup kicker, just in case you RP an injury to one.

Long Snapper
Richard Kondana. #61. 33 years old.

Kick/Punt Returner.
Chinweuba Jelan. #84, 29 years old. Graduate of Raynor University(Valanora) in the NSCF.
Isaka Kakay. #20, 34 years old. Starter for the Sisonke Leopards. He is the team's backup free safety.

Komani Achaje. #3, 31 years old. Maximum range is somewhere between 50 and 63 yards. Starter for the Istria Black Mambas.

Travis Galubasi #2. 30 years old. Starter for the Sisonke Leopards.

There are no changes to the special teams unit, as these will be the primary players for that unit for the third straight tournament. Let's start with the exciting stuff. Jelan is a superstar athlete. He had four touchdowns in a NSCF playoff game, a 35-17 win for Raynor University of Valanora. He can beat you any number of ways, and is a terror in the open field. He's exactly the kind of guy that Banijans want returning the ball, and opponents would be at their best to kick the ball away from him.

Now, as for kicker and punter. As a fan, you never want to think about these positions. But we have new players at both positions. First natural thought is worry. Both guys are talented- but can they handle the pressure of a World Bowl? Achaje has made big-time kicks in the GFLB, but it is simply not the pressure of the World Bowl. It'll be a mental game for him, and the question is- can he survive it?

And then we have the punter, Travis Galubasi. He can boom the ball. There's really not much to say- he's a good punter. Galubasi will be the holder on field goals, instead of backup quarterbacks like usually happens in this country. Thomas Hall told reporters that "in practice, you want your QBs throwing the ball and your special teams units together. So instead of pulling backups from other positions, we simply specialize at those positions. It'll be better for our special teams efficiency, and better prepare our backup QBs and center to prepare for game situations." We'll have to take his word for it, right?

Head Coach: Thomas Hall(Ranoria). 56 years old. The Olympic Committee of Banija, frustrated with failure after failure of Alastair Jobs, the legendary Loyola coach, after his World Bowl 37 semifinal run, has finally forced Jobs out. The Banijans believe that they have the talent to get into the knockout stages of major tournaments, prepping to make deep WB runs within a tournament or two- whether they should or not, is another question entirely. They also felt they needed a culture change- a coach with a record at the professional level, rather than a college coach.

After searching long and wide, they looked to Ranoria, one of their football rivals, to find a coach. The opposite of Alastair Jobs. As a player, Hall was the career leader in the Ranorian Football League with 62 career interceptions. He had immediately success. The Banijan national team didn't make the knockout stages at either World Bowl 38 or 39, and it was the group stage elimination at the Istria Olympiad that got his predecessor fired. Thomas Hall, however, hit the ground running. Changing the team's focus from a spread 'em out speed team to more of a power team, he went 10-0 in the group stages of World Bowl XL, and took the Serpent Eagles to their first ever World Bowl final.

After a quarterfinal appearance at World Bowl XLI, he said it's time to revamp the team's offense. "We've got stars on the outside with Lamin Kah and Chinweuba Jelan on the outside- we can't let that go to waste." Whereas Banija has been ground and pound for the last two tournaments, expect them to lean more towards spreading around the football and lighting up the scoreboard, to take advantage of the star players they have at the skill positions on offense. However, the revamp didn't result in an improved performance at World Bowl XLII, with the team getting eliminated at the quarterfinal stage by archrivals and eventual champions, Ranoria, by a score of 33-7.

Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Adhama Khalfani. 65 years old. Known as one of Banija's chief offensive innovators, he is a former offensive coordinator for the Istria Black Mambas professionally here in Banija. With Mamadi Diene's retirement and Hall looking for a change of philosophy, he wanted to hire a coach that he felt would fit his play style. And boy, did he ever. The complete opposite of what you'd expect from a defensive minded coach. But Khalfani said he's excited for the opportunity.

"This is our second tournament with this offense." He told reporters. "We don't have an easy, gimme group. Especially when you consider we have a top 5 team like St. Kanye in our group. But it is our job, as coaches, to get our players prepared. And we are going to simply attack teams with this amount of weapons."

Other notable Offensive Staff: Former NSCF 14 and NSCF 17 champion, Loyola alum running back Justice Greenspan is the running backs coach. He is 47 years old. 50 year old Ugonna Chioma is the Quarterbacks Coach. 58 year old Uchey Akachi is the Wide Receivers Coach. 57 year old Beluchi Chika is the Offensive Line Coach. And 39 year old Mamadi Diene Jr.(the former offensive coordinator's youngest son) is the Tight Ends Coach.

Defensive Coordinator: David Franklin. 53 years old. David Franklin was a starting middle linebacker on Loyola-Istria's NSCF 14 title team, and he was a defensive captain on Banija's run to the World Bowl XXXVI semifinals. With the defensive coordinator from the last two tournaments taking his talents to South Newlandia to become head coach at Elephant Valley University, Franklin got the promotion. Having a stellar playing career domestically and being a longtime national team assistant, it is seen as his turn. It's his second tournament calling plays- but can he live up to Hall's expectations?

Other notable defensive staff: Faraji Moyo is the linebackers coach. He is 44 years old. 47 year old Diji Jel is the Defensive Line Coach. 60 year old Chizoba Izuchukwu is the Safeties Coach. And 54 year old Fodazi Manqoba is the Cornerbacks Coach.

Special Teams Coordinator/Strength & Conditioning Coach: Iyoas Motuma. 57 years old.

Stadium of the Restoration
Location: Busukuma, National Capitol Region, Banija. Capacity: 91,835

The Stadium of the Restoration is the country's national stadium, used primarily for both gridiron and association football. It is located in the northern part of Busukuma, Banija's capitol city. It is built between the "northern hills of Busukuma" where Banija's first independence was declared, an event known as the restoration of the Banijan monarchy. It is a revered and hallowed stadium for sports fans throughout the country.

A number of major events have been held here, including two World Bowl Finals, a Baptism of Fire Final, a Cup of Harmony Final, two AOCAF Finals, an IFCF Champions League Final, and the opening matches of two World Cups, as well as two World Cup semifinals. Furthermore, it has hosted multiple NSCF bowl games, as well as the NSCF Championship game. It is also the site of the annual BGFL National Championship Game. It is the regular home stadium for both national football teams, gridiron and association. The stadium, rebuilt shortly before World Cup 81, which Banija co-hosted alongside the Free Republics, has a turf gridiron field that lies underneath the grass soccer field.

Traditionally, Banija would rotate their home games around the country. However, for World Bowls XL-XLII, they played all their home games at the national stadium. Now, at World Bowl XLIII, they will return to spreading the games around the country, "so everybody gets a chance to see the national team."

Group C Schedule
Matchday 1: Banija(4) @ Caleonia(UR)
Matchday 2: Banija(4) v. St.Kanye(5). Game played at the Stadium of the Restoration(cap. 91,835) in Busukuma, National Capitol Region.
Matchday 3: Banija(4) @ New Gesem(31)
Matchday 4: Banija(4) @ TJUN-ia(13)
Matchday 5: Banija(4) v. United States of Great America(UR). Game played at Electra Stadium(cap. 41,000) in Mynda, Aksum Region.
Matchday 6: Banija(4) v. Caleonia(UR). Game played at The Crocodile Swamp(cap. 47,000) in Aissa, Hangaza Region.
Matchday 7: Banija @ St.Kanye(5)
Matchday 8: Banija v. New Gesem(31). Game played at The Watering Hole(cap. 63,000) in Lwanga, Buganda Region.
Matchday 9: Banija(4) v. TJUN-ia(13). Game played at the Istria Olympic Stadium(cap. 80,000) in Istria, Moravica Region.
Matchday 10: Banija @ United States of Great America(UR).
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Postby Buffalostan » Mon Dec 27, 2021 6:00 pm

World Bowl 42, following the play-in round

In the home team changing rooms of the NutriSLURP MegaBowl, Liberty Base, a dejected Janissaries crew were recovering from a humiliating 27 – 13 pounding at the hands of Sarzonia, the relatively close scoreline not reflecting the scale of the defeat. The Janissaries experiment had been an interesting one. Previous Buffalostani teams had typically represented just a single time bubble, but with the tournament being played on home soil/agrophosphate-nutrient-binding-matter-substitute, there was a desire for a more diverse selection. One player from each time bubble had been chosen. Some had really prospered, like 578 pound nose tackle Braedyn Barnett and cybernetically enhanced wide receiver Zinc Strangegear, xir legs currently detached and plugged into a recharging booth. But now the dream was over. Heads were hung, tears were shed, wounds were licked – literally, in the case of Spots.

Spots had been a less successful element of the experiment. Brave researchers had ventured into the Mesozoic SoCal time bubble and coaxed the resident dinosaurs into giving up a player. The coaches had been hoping for a ferocious carnivore who would play defensive back, chasing down opponents at great speed and intimidating quarterbacks with snapping jaws on blitzes. Instead, Spots tended to wander off and graze on the sideline turf. Slow moving and with poor eyesight, Spots made very little impact on the defensive end. “He’s a useless herbivore,” was the general consensus. Which was completely wrong, because Spots wasn’t actually male – no one had checked, but she was a female considered rather fetching by the males of her species. And Spots wasn’t useless. She had learned all sorts of clever tricks, like how the door handles worked – how they could be pulled open. And how they could be locked shut.

Jonny Rubio, a stout defensive lineman from the Sunbeltopolis time bubble, shifted his hefty bulk off a bench. He’d packed up his kit and was ready to head to the temporal exchange and get home, back to his day job hard at work (as a realtor, of course; in Sunbeltopolis selling identikit suburban homes to one another was the only remaining major economic activity, besides being a camgirl, for which he didn’t quite have the figure). He took one last, fond look back at the teammates he’d travelled the world with, and reached for the door handle. It was locked. He gave it a jiggle, but it didn’t budge. He bent down and examined the lock: there was half a key lodged in it, snapped off at the grip. It would take some heavy duty pliers to do that, or some really strong jaws, anyway. Behind him, a low, rumbling growl echoed off the neoconcrete walls of the changing room.

Oh, one more thing: Spots wasn’t a herbivore.

She was just very, very patient.
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Postby Ranoria » Mon Dec 27, 2021 11:50 pm

Last day of training camp for the Ranorian Krauts
-Ranoria City, Ranoria

"Well would you look at that," head coach Raul Nieler laughed as his team took a knee around him, "You made it! Well, most of you." He looked rather pointedly towards veteran guard Zane Wilhelm, who had sprained an MCL and would miss week one. "Anyway!" He clapped his hands.

"Seriously, I want to say I'm incredibly proud of you all. Coming off a championship, it's easy to rest on your laurels, consciously or not. Some of you are dealing with recent injuries," Angelo Gordon nodded at this, "That are affecting your play, but you aren't making any excuses. You've all been coachable, and overall I'm confident going into the next stage of practices. You've all got tomorrow off - next week we're going to be focusing on United Adaikes, scout guys will be running their stuff and giving us a look there."

Nieler couldn't hide his grin, "But get to the trainers, get right. We've got a brutal season ahead of us, and some tough opponents to deal with in the group stage with Sarzonia, Abanhfleft, and HUElavia. All three of those teams are more than good enough to make us pay for any mistakes we make, top twenty in the rankings. But our goal this season is the same as last year - beat every team in front of us, win a championship. We cannot let them trip us up on the way there. So with that in mind - Win on three!"


Power Rankings Pre-World Bowl 43: Can Ranoria Repeat As Champions?

We've made it.

After a long, two year interlude between World Bowls of waiting (and waiting. . .and waiting), it's time to pay the piper. World Bowl 43 kicks off with a slew of excellent week 1 matchups highlighted by Kohnhead @ Buffalostan, Abanhfleft @ HUElavia, and Ko-oren @ a rising South Newlandia.

Don't be afraid to tag me on twi.ttur (@Vick_Hamilton_Reporter) if you're mad about your team's placement! Are you excited? I'm excited. We're gonna start at #10 and work our way up . . .

But first - the just-missed-outs: Drawkland, HUElavia, and South Newlandia: Despite a losing record and falling 30-10 to Kohnhead in the playoff game, of the 33 points allowed by Ko-oren in World Bowl 42's group stage, 30 of them were scored by South Newlandia. They've been dubbed "the feisty elephants" for a reason.

10: Sarzonia Stars
Group Stage Record: 4-4
Finish: Round of Sixteen, 3-0 loss to Ko-oren

The Stars had a tough season, placing third in a brutal group C (you'll see two other teams from that group on this list) before going on to win a play-in game...only to get placed against a team that had allowed 33 points all season, pitching 5 shutouts in 8 games, in the Dragonflies. They lost, 3-0, but it was still a strong performance just to get there. They'll have a chance to prove their mettle twice in the group stage against the reigning champions.

9: Kohnhead Brains
Group Stage Record: 4-4
Finish: Semifinals, 46-23 loss to Chromatika

Not a bad year for Kohnhead, with Byron Joseph now cemented as their starter. Last season he came in as the backup, but led them to a strong finish, hanging 66 points between a play in game against South Newlandia and a first round date with Squidroidia. They were stopped by a rival Chromatika 46-23 in the quarterfinals, but don't let that dissuade you from keeping an eye on these guys as they look to one-up their showing last edition.

8: TJUN-ia Jaguars
Group Stage Record: 5-3
Finish: Round of Sixteen, 20-9 loss to Drawkland

The Grid Corps. may not be seen as a threat this year, but they were coming off a title last edition. TJUN-ia was given a rough hand in a group with the eventual champions - Ranoria - and an upstart Tumbra team that was the only squad to mar an otherwise perfect campaign. They then drew the reigning runner-ups in the Round of Sixteen - and we'd like to think after sharpening their fangs on those tough matchups, they'll come out stronger than ever.

7: Abanhfleft Armored Revolutionaries
Group Stage Record: 7-1
Finish: Round of Sixteen, 18-13 loss to Chromatika

The Fleftics placed 2nd in their group despite an impressive 7-1 group stage showing...but failed to capitalize in the playoffs. Chromatika, a nation quickly establishing itself as a gridiron powerhouse, knocked them off in the first round in a campaign that saw them reach the semifinals.

6: Delaclava Phoenixes
Group Stage Record: 6-2
Finish: Semifinals, 23-16 loss to Ranoria

When Ranoria kicked it up a notch in the playoffs, the eviscerated everyone in their path. 30-14 over the Allammunic States, 33-7 over Banija, and 42-24 over Saint Kanye in the final. Only one team really gave them a run for their money, and that was Delaclava. This team is headed by a guy man say is the best quarterback in football - and he has one hell of an argument, with his defeating Ko-oren's Dragonflies - and Taurus Wright is likely looking for a revenge tour after a heartbreaking loss last season to the Krauts. Can he keep his off-the-field issues to a minimum to give his team a shot at their third World Bowl Championship?

5: Banija Serpent Eagles
Group Stage Record: 6-2
Finish: Quarterfinals, 33-7 loss to Ranoria

Despite a blowout loss to Ranoria, Banija takes the spot over Delaclava here due to winning the group that these two powerhouse squads shared. The Serpent Eagles bring back Ifeatu "Ice" Chineze for his second season under center, this time with a full offseason of first-team reps after winning the starting quarterback job over Loyola-Istria legend Amazu Chibuzo. With more reps and more familiarity can only come more success for a team that's been on the upswing since head coach Thomas Hall took over, right?

4: Chromatika Iron Legion
Group Stage Record: 6-2
Finish: Semifinals, 20-10 loss to Saint Kanye

We've mentioned this squad a couple times now. Headed by Sarai Gwenderyn and Alessandra Mio, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Well, besides up. Expect the Iron Legion to maintain their tough defensive play with stars like Mi-Hyeon Park on defense and build upon a semifinal run from last season. Hell, last time Ranoria won a gridiron competition they participated in, they won their own two seasons later. Their time will come soon, if it hasn't arrived already. But even with their impressive feats notwithstanding, the Legion sport a class-act group of players that you can't help but to root for.

3: Saint Kanye Surge
Group Stage Record: 6-2
Finish: Championship, 42-24 loss to Ranoria

The Surge, well, surged once the playoffs came around. After edging Chromatika for the Group D lead and a 6-2 record, they didn't have an opponent that came within a score in the first three rounds of the playoffs. They won 20-10 over Karditan, sent home the World Bowl 41 runner-ups in the Grid Corps 26-3, and moreover improved to 3-0 against the Iron Legion in a 20-10 win. Then came into the championship against Ranoria. They were stopped in their tracks, but they've certainly got the talent, coaching, and, after some inflammatory comments by Krauts defensive end Angelo Gordon, the billboard material to run this thing back.

2: Ranorian Krauts
Group Stage Record: 7-1
Finish: Championship, 42-24 win over Saint Kanye

What? The defending champs at 2? Well, you'll understand why in a bit, but many pundits have the Krauts as the favorite to win World Bowl 43. Led by John Garrett and Johnny Farmer, why wouldn't they be? But despite a dominant World Bowl 42 campaign that saw them break through for their first championship, their defense may have taken a slight step back. Star pass rusher Angelo Gordon suffered a traumatic neck injury two seasons ago that has severely limited his effectiveness, Ross Monarch is only getting older at linebacker, and cornerback Darnell Sleight has returned after missing World Bowl 42 with a torn ACL, but he is currently a free agent in the RFL after being cut. Will he be able to capture some of hold old magic? Only time will tell.

1: Ko-oren Dragonflies
Group Stage Record: 8-0
Finish: Quarterfinals, 12-11 Loss to Deleclava

The Dragonflies are the team to beat, as usual. They allowed just 3.3 points per game (and only 3 total in the games not against South Newlandia) in the group stage, and looked to be continuing that utter dominance on defense in the playoffs with a 3-0 victory over the Stars. Only...Taurus Wright found a way. The embattled but incredibly talented quarterback for the Phoenixes managed to bring his team back from a 5-0 deficit in the first quarter to pull off a huge upset. 5-0 may not seem like much, but touchdowns...they just don't happen against the Dragonflies. The quarterfinal defeat will not dissuade a team that's historically the best defensive unit in gridiron history. Consequently, the nation has four World Bowl championships including 41, with the latter coming after a quarterfinal run in World Bowl 40. Is history just repeating itself for the Dragonflies?
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Postby Caliland » Tue Dec 28, 2021 8:08 am

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: yes
Godmod scoring events: sure
RP injuries to my players: no
Godmod Injuries to my players: no
Suspend my players: yeah, no
Godmod suspension events: no
Godmod other events: i guess.

The uniforms are gold and blue. Red accents are used for home games, white for away games.
The logo is a gold and blue bear’s head.
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Postby New Gesem » Tue Dec 28, 2021 8:13 am

Fraternities of New Gesem, pt 1: “Introduction”
Gesemite politics are complicated. As has been noted elsewhere, the nation is technically a unitary parliamentary republic, ruled by a five-member Executive and a hundred-seat Assembly, but New Gesem has never extended universal suffrage. Everyone over the age of twenty-one may vote, regardless of color, creed, class, or gender–provided they can demonstrate they are property owners. The constitution of New Gesem, just under one thousand words in length, appropriates a few of those words to define “property” for voting purposes; a detached building, suitable for dwelling, deeded to the individual. A house of sufficient size shared between a married couple, with both names on the deed, grants suffrage to both parties, but no other such cohabitation arrangements exist.

The unusually stark political conditions, as well as the lack of a publicly-funded social safety net and a general aversion to government services, has led over the centuries to the rise of fraternal orders, which take the place of other social institutions. “Lodges”, as they are known in shorthand, provide critical financial services such as insurance, lines of credit, and individual retirement accounts to their members through affiliated credit unions. An unaffiliated Gesemite or foreigner might be able to purchase basic auto and health coverage through an affiliated financial institution, but to purchase a house, finance an education, or start a business, they would need to be admitted into the lodge itself.

The status of the lodges as the unofficial, though absolute, gatekeepers of voting rights through their mortgage cartel, as well as the primary source of venture capital, places them in a quasi-governmental role which is further buttressed by their forays into other areas of government such as military and foreign affairs. The Gesemite military consists of regiments “sponsored” by various lodges, whose officers are also officers of the attendant lodge, and Gesemite law requires that travelers seeking an exit visa be bonded against “ransom, red tape, and the predations of hostile states”. As fraternally-affiliated financial institutions are the primary sources of such bonds, this amounts to giving the fraternities the ability to veto exit visas.

At the center of the lodge system is the Grand Fraternal Council, a self-governing body headquartered inside a high-rise building in Alexandria. The GFC has control over the Grand Fraternal Bank, the only source of deposit insurance in New Gesem and the de facto gatekeeper for new fraternities. While any Gesemite citizen may in theory charter a new fraternity, for that lodge to gain a role commensurate with the established lodges, it must set up a bank and be admitted to the GFC. The GFC’s staff is comprised of officers of all fraternities; typically, after serving time as a local lodge president, a fraternal member must choose whether to move into national leadership for his or her lodge, or go to work for the GFC.

As the lodges influence the Gesemite government, they are themselves influenced. Of the “Big Five” fraternal orders-namely the Sphinxes, Wapitis, Aurochs, Griffons, and the Knights of Constantine-only the Knights have an official religious affiliation, with the Gesemite Catholic Church. However, the others maintain a chaplain on their executive staffs, and religious leaders continue to maintain an outsized influence in fraternal affairs. Education is a primary area of collaboration between the lodges and religious groups-in the absence of a true public education system, schools from primary through university are funded either through ad-hoc local councils, or by religious bodies.
Population: ~10 million
Capital: Alexandria
Demonym: Gesemite
Sports played: American football
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Gesemite Constitution

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Grid Corps

Postby Drawkland » Tue Dec 28, 2021 10:24 am


World Bowl XXX Champions
World Bowl XXXV Champions

Name: Grid Corps
Colors: Black with Crimson trim
Denonyms: Drawkian or Drawkish, personal preference
SIXTEENTH World Bowl, Rank #3
Manager: Sam Willis
Head Coach: Quentin Averfel
[O] Alex Gerhardt
[D] Mathis Southers
[ST] George Lindholm

The former champions of the World Bowl (XXX and XXXV), and current pathetic lame runners-up (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLI), the Grid Corps are back at it again and ready to rough up everyone on their way to the playoffs, maybe. Then they'll take a really hilariously pathetic L.

Here's the roster containing the names, numbers, and notes for each player. Players are listed in depth chart order.

After World Bowl XLI, a vast majority of the roster elected to retire from World Bowl play, as they'd been around for like a billion years. Most of the players here are young, being standout rookies or even some players still in college. Expect some growing pains. The holdovers from the previous squads (Beck, Hoy, Cross) are the captains as well as the ones expected to lead the team in pretty much every way.

As far as player rotation goes, generally the starters will go the entire match unless cases of injury or fatigue, obviously. Now-veteran QB Dustin Beck will play the whole game unless he's injured. There are currently no plans to have a two-QB system like there was before. At halfback, Jack Hoy will go for most of the game, but expect the next fellas on the depth chart to receive more snaps than they would've in previous WBs. Starting linemen will generally play the whole game. Defensively, the secondary will shuffle after the half on occasion. Some of the front 7 will shuffle as well, but generally Cross will always be in. Punters generally trade off punts. Merit always kicks field goals and Hampton always does kickoffs.

#   NAME                NOTES

4 Dustin Beck Established veteran player. Dual threat QB. Great power, fast and elusive. Accuracy to be desired.
5 Tino Sutton Elite pocket passer. Has trouble escaping the pocket, but without pressure he's infallible.
1 Nick Parks Sadeg State QB, NSCF champion. Dual threat, but not as talented as his predecessor Beck.

49 Jack Hoy Veteran talent. Small, fast, elusive. Can be unstoppable. Decent hands. Open field wonder.
20 Matt Adams Often hailed as "the next Hoy" thanks to his skillset. Has experience as a QB in college.
23 Avery Barrett Power back, mainly used on 3rd down or on the goalline. Fumbles very infrequently.

42 Jeffrey Mitchell One of Drawkland's few actually utilized fullbacks. Speedy, reliable, and can lay defenders out.
22 Proko* Primarily a Strong Safety. Used in trick plays or stacked backfield formations. Good hands/carrying.

84 Preston Sawyer Very fast, soft hands, shifty, overall great target. Biggest "weakness" would be route running.
16 Jackie Morris Top tier route runner. Great timing and hands, great at sideline catches, but average speed.
11 Abram Navis Recent Sadeg State graduate. Small frame, but very speedy and shifty. Loves a flashy catch.
84 Donovan Hugo Excellent in the slot, but can take snaps anywhere. The fastest on the lineup.
85 Ramsay Gallo Excels in the underneath routes and in high traffic. Converted from TE. Good at run blocking.

87 Quinn Conrad Very good hands. Great on corner and out routes. Decent blocking. Good in the open field.
88 Steven Stewart Decent receiving skills but primarily a blocking TE.
44 Johnathan Kimbrough Cavsar TE. Young but incredibly talented. Amazing hands, decent speed at TE, gets open often.

75 Dermot Byrne Pass blocking officiando. Excellent communication and execution.
73 Major Hathaway Best in the run game and on the goalline. Extremely disciplined, lowest penalty rate in league.

66 Walter Bernard Neutralizes the best pass rushers, but leaves a bit to be desired in the run game.
60 George Fulton Excels at stopping the blitz. Seems to create a wall around his general area.

57 Tucker Cuocco One of the highest football IQs ever seen. Excellent communicator, born leader. Perfect snaps.
50 Lenny Black Starting long snapper. Will rarely play at center unless Cuocco's injured.

64 Paul Emerson Handles double pressure very well. Good team player, opens running lanes with ease.
69 Ozzy Davis Previous experience at defensive line. Good at predicting the defensive moves. High tier blocker.

75 Joyner Winfield Best rookie run blocker in Drawkland. Great speed for a lineman, gives downfield help if possible.
74 Daren Ellsworth Ideally a run blocker, but pass blocks well. Good at opening lanes for pocket escapes.

#   NAME                NOTES

97 Evan Wimbley Power pass rusher. Large for a Drawkian, carries an imposing presence and outmuscles linemen.
90 Jordan Sander Finesse type rusher. Doesn't have stamina to play every snap, but often gets his way when he's in.

92 McClain Hartwell Nose tackle in 3-4 formations, anchors the line in 4-3. Good stamina and great moves.
95 Nolan Parrish Often gets the nod in 4-3. Large presence and frame, uses muscle rather than finesse.
99 Madison Moulon One of the best tackles in the business, pure strength. Lacks penalty discipline, however.

77 Leo Cross Old veteran, but still monstrous. Relentless, tireless, strong. Impossible to contain for long.
79 Mike Mikari Cavsar senior, but nearly guaranteed to be a successful pro. Great strength, great moves.

54 Travis Holt Sometimes found on the line in 4-3. Good at blitzing and pass rush, but excels in the run game.
52 Liam Stilo Good coverage skills. Best lining up against tight ends for coverage or pass rush.

95 Amaro Hackett Excels against the run, the pass, and rushing. Selfless and always plays until the whistle.
91 Harvey Donovan Corps Veteran. Talented across the board (coverage, blitzing, run defense), just lacks stamina.
55 Kosta Gray Run defense specialist. Coverage and rushing are decent, but his job is to take down the runner.

41 Stan Jefferson Best cover linebacker in the game right now. Speedy, can even match with some wideouts.
40 Felix Delgado Not super flashy player, but makes all the right moves. Sucks up blocks, selfless.

25 Zeke Kyro Cruz Matches against any wideout. Fights for ball. Plays all over the field but prefers 1-on-1 play.
33 Daniel Ericson Best tackler among the Corps corners. Few interceptions, many pass breakups.
30 Walker Torre Great nickel corner. Speediest of the bunch. Solid blitzer, and good at limiting RAC.
36 Paul Gore Recent Sadeg State graduate. First CB pick in the draft. Has the full skillset, just young.
39 Matty Mason Best corner blitzer around. Don't discount his coverage skills, though, he's lethal.

24 Richard Brown Gets after the ballcarrier with relentless efficiency. Hard hitter, feared by all.
22 Prokopios Vortigern Roijakkers The defensive "swiss army knife." College player at Cold Hill.

21 Ivan Arkwright Ballhawk supreme. Lurks like a tiger hunting its prey. Prefers zone coverage above all.
27 Phoenix Keye Coverall guy. Excels in man or zone or even an occasional blitz. Never burnt deep.

#   NAME                NOTES

3 David Merit Extremely accurate, ice in his veins, and he's only a second-year player. Generational placekicker.
1 Dale Hampton Biggest leg in Drawkland, and you know that's big. Used for kickoffs, accuracy needs improvement.

8 Jared Flan Best finesse punter in years. Good boot, but almost always lands the ball right where he wants it.
1 Dale Hampton ^

50 Lenny Black ^

8 Jared Flan ^

0 Ozzy Otten Cavsar's dedicated return man. Zippy, great vision, excellent agility, and 100 yard sprint stamina.
49 Jack Hoy ^ Now the backup or second return man.

The name of the game for the Grid Corps is aggression and power.

The offense of the Grid Corps is balanced, splitting up responsibilities for yardage between running and passing plays. None is really favored over the other, since everybody on the team is good, but in crunch time situations, they're likely to pass more than run (although running is still used to keep the defense honest). The base formation is the shotgun, although the I, pistol, and sometimes singleback are still common. Most shotgun plays are run from a single RB set, although having a FB or another RB in the backfield isn't out of the ordinary. The most common personnel is RB-TE-WR-WR-WR, but the Corps is willing to mix any amount of personnel thanks to the depth and skill at their disposal.

Most running plays are either inside the tackles or just outside them. Stretch runs are rare unless the blocking is on point, or the opposing defense can't stop them. Zone running and power running are evenly split. Fullback-led runs are also very common, especially on third down and in the red zone. A very common play is a triple option out of the I formation: it could be a fullback handoff, a halfback pitch, or a quarterback keeper. The Wildcat formation always shows up a couple times a game, especially if the opposing defense is stumped. Passing plays have a lot of elements, not necessarily a vertical offense but not necessarily a conservative one either. Deep routes are thrown relatively often to keep the defense honest thanks to the incredible QB and WR talent available. When the game is tight, the Corps is excellent at the hurry-up offense, having a deep playbook to constantly keep the defense off guard.

The defense is also aggressive. Blitzing is very, very common, as the defense is fearless. Even on non-blitz plays, the defensive linemen go all out, and if a player's zone is totally empty, they'll start rushing to the pocket (for better or worse). Man blitzes on first down are a regularity, but you likely won't see more than 3 non-linemen blitzing on a play (unless it's goalline, of course). When an opposing offense is stuck inside the five, the Corps will likely come out with everyone except the defensive backs blitzing. Scoring safeties are the pride of the Grid Corps, and thus they'll go for it as much as possible. They'll also pack the line on the other goalline inside the five, but if a team is 3rd/4th and Goal outside of the 7 or 8, they're likely to just pack the end zone with as many defensive backs as possible. When not in goalline formation, they'll usually opt for a 4-man rush. 4-3 and Nickel defenses are Corps staples, unless the situation calls for a change in strategy (obviously). The Corps runs both man and zone evenly, but prefers Cover 2 man. Usually they'll start with man coverage until the team they're playing shows proficiency in beating man, then they'll switch to zone with man and the trademark blitzes thrown in. Blitzes themselves are commonly done by the linebackers, corner and safety blitzes are highly unlikely as the Defensive Coordinator doesn't like bringing guys out of the secondary. Zone blitzes on crucial third downs have been known to happen. In all, they aren't afraid to take chances in big spots and bring pressure.

Special teams for the Grid Corps is prone to fake plays. Whether it's a misleading kick return (moving all the blockers to the opposite side of the field from where the ball is going), lateral returns even when the game doesn't depend on it, passes or runs from special teams formations, or even simply pretending to fumble the ball to pull rushers out of their lanes, the Corps practices it all. In addition, the defensive special teams is highly aggressive. Rushing on punt returns, super fast kick blocks, or even line hurdling to block kicks. This is made much easier by the physiology of the Corps of course. David Merit will always do placekicks, Dale Hampton will always do kickoffs, and Jared Flan will always punt, unless injuries occur.

The Corps almost exclusively opts for two-points conversions for their first few touchdowns. In a blowout win, they'll likely shift to normal PATs after the half. Don't be surprised to see fake PATs to try and get the 2PC. The playbook is deep and the number of dynamic playmakers means that two point conversion plays are well-rehearsed, hence why they're pretty fearless going for it.

I recommend you read this. It contains important information on how Drawkians are different from your average human. In a nutshell, they're over 7 feet tall on average, and have larger proportions to match. Now, they're also lankier and less stocky all-around, but that doesn't mean some like a D-tackle can't get thick and muscular, it's not just not the average build. Now, this may conflict with some of your RPing preferences or make it harder to RP about us, so you're totally free to just ignore that and pretend we're the same as humans. That's totally your call, and I don't mind it either way.


For group stage home games, Drawkland will be playing in Metro Arena, the 150,000 seat indoor gridiron stadium in the heart of Metropolon, Drawkland's capital.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Hell yes.
RP Injuries to my Players: To an extent.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Fine if it's funny or serves a story.
Godmod Other Events: Ditto ^
Style Modifier: +4.5

As far as these go, do anything except kill or brutally injure my major starters. Other than that, free reign. TG or Discord DM if you want to collab.
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Postby Kohnhead » Tue Dec 28, 2021 1:06 pm

Kohnhead presents the KNGT (Kohnhead National Gridiron Team) for the World Bowl XLI

Full Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Short Nation Name: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KHD
Team Nickname: The Brains
Colors: Red, White, and Blue
Record: 18-21
Appearance Number: 5
Best Result: Quarterfinals (World Bowl XLII)
Ranking: 15th
Pot: 3

Team Info: Kohnhead improved on their 3-7 performance at the 39th World Bowl by going 5-5 in Karditan but ultimately just didn't have the firepower to compete with Saint Kanye, Ko-oren, and Abanhfleft. Expectations were high for Kohnhead going into their third cycle but for the second straight time we finished .500 with a shock loss to South Newlandia sealing our fate despite us getting an upset win against Ko-oren. In Buffalostan for the first time Kohnhead broke through thanks to a quarterback change as we navigated through the Group Stage with a 4-4 record before dispatching of South Newlandia in the play-in and then beating Squidroidia in the Round of 16 before Chromatika sent us packing after a very good quarterfinals run.

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Eric Dietrich, 45 years old (Ranoria)
The college football world was thrown into chaos two seasons ago when Eric Deitrich supposedly the heir apparent to head coach of the Richardson University team and leader of for what was a long time one of the best defenses in college football was fired after a horrible season. Kohnhead City putting up 51 points on a hapless Richardson defense was the final straw and Dietrich was unceremoniously released following that week 7 game. However this is a man with a long history of success who many expected to find a job quickly in the college world as a defensive coordinator for another school or maybe even a head coach for a lower level program. Instead Dietrich received no offers until the Kohnhead National Gridiron Team came calling offering him a massive five year deal to take over from Walker Sparks as our Head Coach with a large say in the roster and playcalling duties on the defensive side. All he did in his first WB at the helm was take us to the playoffs for the first time in our nation's history and then upset Squidroidia in the Round of 16. Dietrich seems like the perfect coach and with him our future appears quite bright.

Offensive Coordinator: Richie Bell, 60 years old
Richie Bell was the running backs coach at Kohnhead City University for their first two seasons in the NSCF where he helped turn Herman Whitworth into a superstar and has helped develop Chromatik Rowena Hastroff. It was an unexpected move when the team hired him to become the offensive coordinator with many claiming that this meant we would be focusing on the running game. No, Bell's biggeset strength is his versatility as he can scheme up a run heavy offense but he can also work with the quarterbacks and work on their passing skills. Given Deitrich's skills fall on the defensive side of things Bell will have an even more important job as he will be calling the plays offensively and will be top of the line in that regard.

Defensive Coordinator: Tim Shaw, 39 years old (Ranoria)
Tim Shaw was the Defensive Backs Coach at Richardson two seasons ago and while he was not let go like our new Head Coach he followed Dietrich to Kohnhead with an opportunity to become our defensive coordinator. Shaw is an up and coming coach and while it is a risk Kohnhead is banking on his chemistry with Dietrich as a big reason for defensive improvement.

Special Teams Coordinator: Tim Murphy, 53 years old
Murphy is the special teams coordinator, and kicking has always been a strength for the team. Special teams coverage is sometimes lacking but Murphy has improved the coverage immensely. The team is also good at returns and returners will constantly get near the 30 yard line on kickoff returns. Murphy was the only coordinator to return to the team following World Bowl XLI.

QBs Coach: Lindsey Walters, 40 years old
RBs Coach: Bart Jurytion, 49 years old
WRs Coach: Martha McTurner, 52 years old
TEs Coach: Marie Arthur, 66 years old
OL Coach: Jordan Detter, 58 years old

DL Coach: Margaret Harris, 62 years old
LB Coach: Thomas Harrington, 42 years old
DB Coach: Michael Reeds, 43 years old

Offensive Starters
(C) QB #1 Byron Joseph, 23 years old
After a neck injury to the inconsistent Jackson Watford forced Byron Joseph into the action everything changed as Joseph was on fire before eventually cooling off although he still managed to lead us to the quarters. At only 23 years with a multitude of experience in big games whether it be playoff games in the RFL, playoff games in the World Bowl, or playoff games in the NSCF Joseph appears destined to have an amazing career. In Ranoria we've seen him go from a quarterback dependent on his legs to one who still is as dangerous as ever on the ground but has the arm talent up there although nowhere near the level of quarterbacks like Rhine. However the KNGT has an offense more designed to the run than the Highport Hawks so we may see Joseph run the ball at levels near his college days although Bell has said the playbook is completely open in regards to the pass.

RB: #24 Herman Whitworth, 21 years old (Senior Kohnhead City University)
While Georgette Butler was the starter for Kohnhead's first two World Bowls, she was relegated to the bench for the third one as Kaitlan Deacon took take over as our starter. However following another dominant season at Kohnhead City University, Herman Whitworth was named the starting running back at the World Bowl and had his former RB Coach Richie Shaw calling the plays offensively. Whitworth is a bowling ball who you cannot hope to tackle but needs to improve in the pass catching game if he really wants to be a special player. His pass protection skills are already there and his biggest question mark has got to be his extensive injury history combined with his physical style of play which could limit him throughout the World Bowl. Whitworth was an animal last time and once again during his senior NSCF season and has declared for the RFL Draft where he is projected as a mid-late first round pick.

WR: #17 Marco Polisson, 24 years old
Polisson is very young but has already proven he can be The Brains number one wide receiver. Polisson has the physical tools you look for in a WR 1 as he has an ability to go and get jump balls but also has a lot of speed and great RAC ability. Watford and Polisson have a good connection so it will be interesting to see what happens if Watford does not keep his starting spot. Polisson has a massive ego and wants the ball, something that they will have to work on. He's young and can be the premier receiver on the team for a long time and is a classic boundary receiver who can also be a target in the end zone.

WR: #6 William Carey, 21 years old (Senior Swisston City University)
Carey is the #1 receiver for a very talented Swisston City receiving corps and offense as a whole. Carey possesses speed and can be a deep threat although he is by no means a burner. His best talents come with his route running but he is a perimeter receiver despite his small frame at 6' 0 and 174 pounds. Many still question his weight but Carey says he will dismiss those concerns and that it has yet to ever effect him. Carey was an instant upgrade at receiver over Albie Terry who will once again be on the bench.

WR: #15 Ezekial Edwards, 23 years old
Ezekial Edwards excelled in his two seasons in the NSCF for Kohnhead City operating out of the slot and now gets a chance to start for the National Team given our lack of skill at the position. Edwards missed World Bowl XLI after electing for offseason surgery in preparation for the NSCF season otherwise he might have been starting then. Edwards has chemistry with Byron Joseph and his biggest strength is his consistency with catching and almost always getting separation when running his routes. He's not the most explosive with the ball in his hands but when you need that first down he will come up with it.

(C) TE: #86 Billy James, 34 years old
The blocking skills of James are eh especially for a tight end which is why we run 12 personnel a lot. He has great speed for a tight end and can make a lot of contested catches and says he never drops the ball (it holds up only 1 drop in three seasons). James is also amazing in the red zone and is probably Watford's favorite target when they make it there. James is a modern tight end who doesn't really block but is a good weapon for the offense.

LT: #75 Peyton Whiteley, 23 years old
Peyton Whitely was the anchor of a good Kohnhead City protection two seasons ago and now take over on either QB's blindside. She was the third blindside tackle in three years however hopefully the musical chairs appear to have stopped with Whitely who is a beast now and for the future. She has the right size and strength but Nicholas Love is still there on the bench if she struggles with the weight of expectations placed on her. Whitely should be a staple for years to come of the offensive line.

LG: #73 Mildred Plumbing, 28 years old
Plumbing has been known as someone who was good at run blocking but struggled when it came to pass protection. She used to be a tackle but due to her size and struggles in pass protection she was moved inside where she has done a lot better and sort of hidden her weakness. Jordan Detter and Worthing have worked tirelessly to make her into a very good guard and I expect her to take the next step forward especially when Plumbing retires.

C: #62 Jonathon Jodan, 26 years old
Jodan is undersized for a center yet he has enough strength to hold his own in pass protection and is pretty good in run blocking. Jodan's biggest strength is his knowledge of the game and he is able to read what the defense is doing pre-snap and communicate it with the guy under center as well as the rest of the offensive line. He has a very good personality and is loved in the locker room by literally everyone.

RG: #79 Micheal Carter, 31 years old
Carter is the weak spot on the O-Line as he struggles in both pass protection and run blocking, has poor speed and athletiscsim, a low football IQ, poor technique, but the one bright spot is his size and strength. Unfortunately size and strength can only get you so far and he is known to give up pressures way too easily. He needs to be replaced sooner rather than later but as of right now there is no one capable enough to replace him.

(C) RT: #65 Bethany Crooks, 25 years old
Crooks was the tackle a couple of years ago at Kohnhead City before they were part of the NSCF and was completely dominant. This will be her fourth straight World Bowl starting despite her age. The plan at one point was to kick her over to the left side but she has stated she prefers the right side and does not want to undergo a transition. Despite being somewhat of a weak spot in World Bowl 39 she has developed into a complete strength and is a beast. The team has so much faith and trust in Crooks that they have even named her a captain despite her age because she has been starting for so long and has all the leadership traits and capabilities you look for.

Defensive Starters
RE: #96 Brittany Yater, 29 years old
Yater at one point was the best player on the defensive line which is not saying much. The pressure generated mainly comes from the edge rushers and Yater struggles to win one on ones. That being said she is still pretty young and with good coaching can grow. She has the physical tools necessary, and her heart is in the right place it's just her technique is absolutely abysmal. If this defense wants to play better they need more production from her.

DT: #91 Ellenor Firth, 32 years old
Firth is the biggest question mark of anyone on the team. She has some talent but the past few years has been injured and not very productive when playing. There is competition for this nose tackle position as Firth is mainly a run stuffer. The coaching staff trusts her and seems to like her as a starter although I'm doubtful that she can produce on a defense that is sure to have lots of struggles. Albie Snow will probably take over from her by the next World Bowl although she has been named the starter for now.

LE: #92 Josef Travis, 24 years old
After a good senior season for Kohnhead City University, Josef Travis took over as the left end and eased some of the pressure off of Espinosa who draws lots of double teams. Travis will also look to generate more pressure from this left end position than before although some think he'd be better suited at the EDGE position in place of Spears. It's possible that at World Bowl 43 he takes over in that position which would allow his pure pass rushing skillset to do wonders.

Right EDGE: #90 Levi Espinosa, 30 years old
Espinosa is the best pass rusher on the team. He also will sometimes (rarely) drop back into coverage, although he is not the best at doing that. Espinosa is a power rusher with great technique and a variety of power and finesse moves in his arsenal that he uses to get around offensive lineman. Espinosa is by far the best player on the defense and he anchors the pass rush, and run defense. He is just 29 and is in the prime of his career as we speak.

(C) Left EDGE: #95 Rayyan Spears, 35 years old
On the opposite side of Espinosa sits Spears. Spears is lucky because all of the attention is on Espinosa so she can really thrive on the left side rushing the passer. She also drops off into coverage more frequently than Espinosa and is better at it although not by much. Spears is a good second edge rusher to have, but I doubt she could step up into that premier rusher role if Espinosa goes down. Spears' job could be in doubt especially if Travis is moved to the Edge position as may have thought he should be moved there.

(C) MLB: #53 Phillip Haney, 24 years old
Haney is the young signal caller for the defense. He has very high potential and is already quite good. He is good at tackling and is very good in coverage although his speed at 4.6 is slower than what you want for the position. Haney is expected to step up as a leader in future years, and already is one. Although he is not one of two defensive captains, he get's the captain's patch because he's the captain on special teams with regular contributions on coverage.

MLB #58 Lyla Barrera, 27 years old
Barrera is the second interior line backer on the team, and is also quite young at just 26 years of age. Barrera is known to be a better tackler than Haney, is faster, yet she lacks the great coverage skills that make Haney such a good player. Barrera is still a very good player and will only get better with time as young as she is.

CB #24 Percy Whitehead, 33 years old
Whitehead is a big play machine and is the number one corner on the team. Whitehead is very aggressive as a corner back and will often get beat on simple double moves because of his ball hawk tendencies, but on the bright side he often comes up with key interceptions when you need it most. I would rather have a better number one corner but Whitehead is the guy you can count on to come up with a key interception if he's not getting roasted 10 yards behind his person because of a double move. Whitehead is also a good tackler which is important in stopping short passes from turning into big gains. Whitehead will shadow opposing teams best receivers all over the field because the defense plays man defense most of the time.

CB #30 Anne Boyer, 23 years old
Anne Boyer was given the number two corner spot and even though she had a down final season for Kohnhead City and many thought this spot should have gone to Zion Irving. Boyer however won this spot out in camp and should bring needed stability to the other side of the field. Boyer is a bit oversized for the position and thus lacks something in the speed department but has good reactions and instincts and is good in the mental department.

FS #23 Shane Holman, 29 years old
Holman is the deep center field safety who tries to limit the opposing team's big plays, and he's pretty good at it too. This allows Whitehead to play more aggressive as he knows Holman will usually be able to back him up if he gets roasted. Holman is a top three player on the defense and he knows it as he plays with poise and confidence.

(C) SS #27 Chris Molina, 37 years old
Molina is the guy you want on your team no matter what. Molina will play ever defensive snap of every game, and can play anywhere on the field. He can line up at linebacker, slot corner, outside corner, safety, or wherever you need him to be. Molina is a great leader on and off the field and someone teammates look up to. Despite being 36 and with skills diminishing he's still an invaluable member of the team. I cannot say enough good things about him and neither can his teammates. The question continues to be after every World Bowl is this Molina's last and early indications say the 37 year old is planning retirement after this 43rd World Bowl.

QB: #11 Jackson Watford, 28 years old
QB #7 Diego Rodriguez, 21 years old (Senior Swisston City University)
Watford the former starter has been relegated to the bench in a move he apparently had lots and lots of problems with, it's quite possible Rodriguez serves as the top backup after showing his worth in three seasons with Swisston. Rodriguez has a chance at being an RFL draft pick and has a brighter future than the 28 year old Watford.

RB #26 Kaitlan Deacon, 23 years old
RB: #25 Georgette Butler, 32 years old
RB #27 Elliot Roach, 20 years old (Junior Richardson University - Ranoria)
Georgette Butler will serve as the third down back given her abilities as a pass catcher outside of the backfield and she has that experience in big games if Deacon struggles considering she was the starter at the last two World Bowls. Deacon and Roach will be more power backs off the bench although Roach is not expected to play much given that he not only has the NSCF but he also has a domestic season with Richardson. Roach is the only player from a foreign school let onto the team thanks to the Kohnheadian embassy in Ranoria.

WR: #10 Kenneth Bradson, 36 years old
WR: #18 Albie Terry, 23 years old
WR: #13 Maggie Brown, 31 years old
Bradson is a deep threat who started the first two World Bowls but cannot stay healthy and is nothing like what he used to be, Terry is a perimeter receiver with decent upside and Brown started the first three World Bowls but is now just a decent backup for the slot.

TE #88 Tom Crouch, 32 years old
TE #83 Benny Devlin, 21 years old (Junior Kohnhead City University)
TE #81 Evelyn Lang, 35 years old
Yeah the tight end depth does leave a little to be desired as our top three tight ends are all past 30 years of age however Benny Devlin provides hope for the future. The Kohnhead City tight end was one of a few Kohnhead City players to be named to the team and he has the upside to be better than James, Crouch, or Lang. While Crouch and Lang mainly serve as blocking tight ends who don't provide too much in the passing game (Crouch provides more), Devlin is more of the moder tight end but has been working on his blocking. The four tight ends on the roster are due to Kohnhead running a lot of 12 or even 13 personnel so they will all see the field. Lang has indicated she plans on retiring after this World Bowl.

OT #77 Nicholas Love, 26 years old
OT #71 Erika Wolf, 23 years old
OG #68 Adrienne Gross, 35 years old
G/C #78 Kylo Friedman, 29 years old
Nicholas Love has been sent back to the bench where he will remain as a backup swing tackle, a very valuable piece to any roster. While he definitely has upside the two tackles ahead of him are just plainly better and he will probably stay as a backup for most of his career on the World Bowl team. Gross and Friedman really all don't have any upside with the former being 34 years of age and are mainly here for depth purposes. Erika Wolf was a beast for Swisston last season but I don't think she is better than either of the two starting tackles.

DE #58 Blanka Robles, 26 years old
DT #93 Jakub Brush, 23 years old
DT/DE #97 Albie Snow, 22 years old
EDGE #51 Fox Middleton, 23 years old
EDGE #94 Bella Snider, 33 years old
While the starters on the defensive line are less than impressive to say the least we have a lot of young backups with high potential meaning the position group is in a better place. Jakub Brush and Albie Snow both have the ability to be starters and Snow can also play at the end position as opposed to the tackle position given his lack of size for a nose tackle. Fox Middleton just graduated from KCU and while he's not ready to make the jump to starter yet maybe in a few years.

MLB #47 Sid Carlson, 22 years old
MLB #50 David Decker, 23 years old
LB #49 Jemima Woolen, 23 years old
While our starters at the linebacker position with Haney and Barrera are potentially the strength of our defense the depth was to put it mildly complete garbage a few years ago. However we entirely revamped our backups with the three star linebackers for Swisston City from NSCF 24 who all graduated becoming our three backups all of whom have tremoundous upside but a difficult path to playing time.

CB #21 Zion Irving, 22 years old
CB #29 Rachel Gordon, 21 years old
C/S #22 Melanie Wilks, 34 years old
S #37 Roman Jimenez, 25 years old
S #32 Sophia Molloy, 30 years old
In terms of the corner depth, Irving and Gordon were both #1 starters for their teams over in the NSCF with Irving being the best slot corner in college football two seasons ago. Last season he switched outside despite his size and was decent but showed a lot of potential. One of them is most likely going to supplant Whitehead in a few years. Wilks has decent abilities to play both positions and that's why she's there. Jimenez plays like a third safety when that's required and he's still relatively young while Molloy is a depth piece.

Special Teams
K #4 Wanda Parkinson, 26 years old
P #1 Susan Welsh, 33 years old
LS #45 Mira Ballard, 31 years old

KR: Kenneth Bradson
PR: Kenneth Bradson

As stated earlier Special Teams is a strength of ours especially with Parkinson improving her accuracy in recent years. Bradson is the returner just like he has been and maybe now he can contribute more as he's not a full time starter.

Stadium: Chicken King Stadium (67,000), Kohnhead City

Home: Image
Away: Image
Massive shoutout to Saint Kanye for making these awesome gridiron uniforms

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, please let me know via telegram or on discord first.
Style Modifier: +0.5

Note: I will be doing an injury report before every match so please use this if RPing our match thanks. In addition due to some camp battles there will be changes to the Starers that I will announce.
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Football: 64th
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Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 2nd
Volleyball: 2nd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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DISCLAIMER: Gaelic Gamers is an independent sports blogging website created by four cousins with a common liking and passion for sports of all kinds and is in no way or form affiliated with or organized by any official news organization in the Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft. All statements and opinions posted here are our own and not anyone else's.

Gaelic Gamers

Gabbing on Gridiron
with Dara Keane


College football is over; long live the World Bowl. If I’m being perfectly honest, while the early days of the “resurgence” of both Ceneisis Naval Academy and Thereisnogodistan Community College were fun to watch, once they hit their inevitable slump of form in the second half, the interest levels just started to drop. It was fun watching them make both Mar Sara and Raynor squirm for a little bit, but in the end the Vanorian schools still emerged triumphant. Typical of every sporting meeting between Valanora and Abanhfleft, but let’s not get into that just yet. Another post for another time and all that stuff. But in all seriousness, it does feel kind of sad that despite everything that Eric Bush and company tried to make the most out of their final season in the NSCF, it still wasn’t enough. Maybe in a few years, after they’ve finished their service with the Fleftic Navy, we’ll get to see him and Eduardo Hendrix and Carson Amato and the others suiting up for the Armored Revolutionaries. Just a thought. But that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Now it’s time to turn our attention fully to the World Bowl. Wow, World Bowl XLIII. Who would have believed that we are already in our 43rd edition of the World Bowl as of time of writing? I certainly didn’t. But Abanhfleft have been in the scene for quite a long time already, at least as far as gridiron is concerned, and we are still fighting to win that second championship. It’s a shame though that Pridnestrovia dropped out of the reckoning almost immediately after they won their first World Bowl, but in a way, I get it. They already got their victory so their propaganda is finally vindicated, and there’s no need anymore to risk their team’s reputation. But I do miss seeing the likes of Stan Serban being out there. Maybe I should hit up my Pridnestrovian friend Denis Fyodorovich Avtushenko. I’m sure he would like to hang out and talk about nothing except gridiron once again. I heard that he had finally received his honorable discharge from the Pridnestrovian Army Reserve List so he should be more active on his PGSL (Pridnestrovian Gridiron Super League) blog once again.

But now let’s take a look at our group mates in the World Bowl. HUElavia, Sarzonia, the Cordian Isles, Ranoria, and United Adaikes. Hmm. Not sure if I really fancy this group or not. But let's go over them one by one, see which ones I fancy the Armored Revolutionaries beating. First up, HUElavia. Oh, boy, HUElavia. I better be careful mentioning this country in company because the Man from Markovsky might go ballistic yet again. Although I think he's more focused on berating Sannyamathland after they beat us in the Independent Associations Championships, but let's let him do what he wants to do. The kind of football that HUElavia excels in is the one which actually involves a foot and a ball instead of an arm and a pigskin, but they've been trying to make inroads into gridiron. It all culminated in the most recent Arena Bowl which they hosted, and while the outcome of that tournament was most satisfactory from my point of view (we won the whole damn thing, in case you've forgotten), the officiating certainly left much to be desired. It certainly felt more like a flag football competition than arena football if you ask me, what with all the low-scoring games that you just don't expect from arena football. But apart from that, there's really not that much that I can put against them. Now do I fancy the Armored Revolutionaries to beat them? Maybe. Do I want the Armored Revolutionaries to beat HUElavia? Oh hell yes.

Up next we have Sarzonia. Now if this was being played out in the World Lacrosse Championships then it would be right to call this a grudge match. In terms of lacrosse, we are talking about a total of thirteen championships clashing against each other. But in the World Bowl, the rivalry is not quite there yet. I hate to dismiss it just like that, but as far as gridiron is concerned, Sarzonia is "just another match." Famous last words. Now do I fancy Abanhfleft beating Sarzonia in the World Bowl? Maybe, just a little more than I fancy us beating HUElavia? But would I love it if we beat them in gridiron? Of course I do! Then after Sarzonia we have the Cordian Isles. They're a little bit strange, but not Kriegiersien level weird. They don't know if they prefer being called just Cordia or as the Cordian Isles. See what I mean when I say they're not as weird as Kriegiersien? Then again, nothing could probably be as weird as Kriegiersien. Have you heard that the bastards have made it through to the semifinals of the Independent Associations Championship? Absolutely disgusting, if you ask me. But that's football sometimes. It just can be plain disgusting. Personally, that's why I've decided to stick with gridiron. Less opportunities to be disgusted by what you see out there. I'm not talking about those freak injuries, of course. I'm talking more of those freak incidents which allow unremarkable teams to get one up over their stronger and better peers. But I don't expect that kind of bullshittery from Cordia. I foresee them to be a team actually putting their all into this competition and making a name for themselves. Nevertheless, I still see our Armored Revolutionaries winning this. It might be close or it might be a blowout, but Abanhfleft will win against them. Again, more famous last words.

And then we have Ranoria. Lately they have felt like tormentors of Abanhfleft's brave and honorable sportsmen and sportswomen, although once again it would look like I would have to delve into our nation's lacrosse history once again for some background on this but it's already twice in recent memory that Ranoria have beaten Abanhfleft in lacrosse, but in terms of gridiron, I'm not sure if we've beaten them or even played them yet. Now this might be the first team where I see us actually struggling to play against, but once again I reiterate my desire to see us beat this team, possibly as revenge for the two times that they beat us in lacrosse. And finally, last but not the least, the final opponent, United Adaikes. Like the Cordian Isles, they are new faces in gridiron, but that doesn't mean that they're babes in the woods. They've had some experience in sports, most notably in the World Grand Prix Championship, where one of their drivers Aaron Deering drove in WGP2. And while I may not know how their gridiron team will pan out right now, allow me to predict that we might get another win against these guys. Once again, these are probably going to be some famous last words, but sometimes you just gotta back your team despite all the hardship and disappointment.

And that should do it for the World Bowl previews. Now will someone please get in touch with the Ranorians and inform them that the Fleftic gridiron team is known as the Armored Revolutionaries? Yes, I know it's long and unwieldy and doesn't roll off the tongue very well. No, we probably won't change it at all. Now go ahead and spread the news. Someone's gotta do it, and it won't be me. Nia Kirk, Nia Kirk, Nia Kirk…
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Postby Kohnhead » Tue Dec 28, 2021 1:47 pm

5 takeaways as The Brains exit camp and prepare for World Bowl
Byron Joseph was praised for his performance during camp

1. The RFL's high level of play has completely transformed Byron Joseph
Byron Joseph has always had a high level of confidence and swagger, not to the level of cockiness but to be a professional football player especially a star quarterback some swagger is needed. However from the first day of Kohnhead's camp something was clearly different about him, his teammates said he played and acted just different enough for it to be clearly noticable. Joseph has had a touch on his passes that his National Team teammates had never seen and can't just be show on TV where most of them watch his games. It's clear that the level that the RFL is at has benefitted him greatly in the passing game and he's ready to show that on the World stage.

2. Diego Rodriguez is clearly this team's backup
After a Senior season with Swisston that went under the radar Diego Rodriguez came into camp penciled in as the team's third string quarterback once again not expecting much. However former starter Jackson Watford who the coaching staff hoped would come in motivated after losing his starting job has shown a lack of interest in trying and has just looked plain terrible throughout camp. Despite his lack of experience it's clear that if Joseph were to go down, Diego Rodriguez is who this team would turn to.

3. In a perfect world Elliot Roach serves as Herman Whitworth's backup
Elliot Roach can ball, we know that for certain as Richardson's offense has run through him completely the past two seasons. In a perfect world Roach comes into camp completely healthy, fresh, and ready for a large role. Instead Roach will play sparingly thanks to his intense workload throughout the domestic and NSCF seasons through Richardson. While not completely impossible for Roach to play a lot this World Bowl, the coaching staff recognizes the talent he has but wants to keep him on a pitch count for the time being internationally. With only one more season at Richardson, expect an increased load for him next year.

4. Percy Whitehead will lose his starting role at some point
Whitehead has consistently been this team's #1 corner and we've all gotten used to him trotting out there and getting burnt deep often. However Whitehead has a knack for big plays that has kept him in this role throughout his career. However he's not getting any younger and I believe at this point it's within the team's best interest to put a very similar player out there in Zion Irving instead. Irving is younger, faster, and gives this team a better chance of winning. I think that Whitehead has the starting spot out of past performances and that Irving will win it out after clearly being the better player throughout camp.

5. The offensive line can be a top five unit
Led by the tackle duo of Whitely and Crooks, Kohnhead's offensive line has all the talent to be among the best in the world. Plumbing, Carter, and Jodan have eached proved they can do it at the top level and they have chemistry both with each other and with starting quarterback Byron Joseph. In addition they will look good as Herman Whitworth tends to make the people around him look better than they are unless they happen to be a defender.
Trigramme: KHD
Pop: 25 million
Football: 64th
Gridiron: 24th
Baseball: 15th
Basketball: 2nd
Volleyball: 2nd
Wonder Cup 2 - Champions
Di Bradini Cup 48 / U21WC 69 - 4th place

6 Ethanian Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Steinigestrasse Open - Winner (Doubles)
7 Britonish Open - Winner (Doubles)

NSCF 22 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)
NSCF 24 - Semifinals (Kohnhead City University)

Gold Coast Basketball Tournament - 2nd place

International Baseball Series 12 - 4th place

Volleyball World Expo 11 - 3rd place
Volleyball World Expo 12 - 4th place

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Postby Delaclava » Tue Dec 28, 2021 3:57 pm

Taurus Wright sat in a wicker rocking chair on the small patio. He took a deep breath of the fresh, piney air around him.

"So, Taurus, how's the last week been for you?"

It was his final appointment with his therapist, Dr. Michelle Rothko, before he'd board the plane with the rest of his team to Santa Lourdes. There, they'd play the first game of the campaign against Caliland.

"Yeah, it's been pretty good."

It was funny, it had been a bit longer for him than anyone else to travel on the team plane to a game. The last time they'd fired up the jet to go to Buffalostan, Wright was in a holding cell in the suburbs of Quinniville, and he was forced to hitch his own ride.

"How's your anxiety been?"

Amid the interceding DGL season and preparations for the World Bowl, Taurus had been spending a fair amount of time in outpatient rehab and therapy. It wasn't so much that he thought he had a problem - although an overnight stay at the police station for suspected intoxication might suggest otherwise - but after all of that, losing to Ranoria in the semifinals really stung. Finishing third once was a miracle; finishing third a second time was a letdown. Taurus knew he was better than John Garrett and Chineze and that kid Gwenderyn - but he'd been so successful for so long that he'd grown passive in making it happen.

"It's been manageable. Our last few practices have been really focused and that helps a lot."

And amid all the pressure he'd been dealing with, he'd been finding ways - like drinking and partying - to avoid giving that extra one or two percent. Can't fail if you don't try, right? But that was avoidance, not the determination and drive and talent that'd gotten Taurus this far, or that he knew he wanted to take him even further, to world titles, if he could just get out of his own way.

"That's good to hear... So, the trip is coming up. Can you tell me how you've been feeling about that?"

Taurus had been sober for about a year. It was a bit of a lifestyle change for him, and it required focus, but he hadn't found it too difficult. The support of his Crushers teammates had kept him on track, especially after he and they started the new DGL season tearing through the league. Their reward? Finally, a championship trophy for the Crushers, and another MVP award - both regular season and playoffs - for Wright. It was thrilling...

"I've been feeling the jitters a bit. I feel like I shouldn't, you know? We've done this before, I've done this before. It's the start of another season. But it still feels a bit weird waiting for it to come."

...and yet ironically, it had also further increased the pressure he felt. And sure, he'd gotten better at dealing with it. But he hadn't mentally prepared himself for a Delaclava bid for World Bowl 43. Now, after how badly he wanted to win that title, he had both the possibility and burden of getting it done on home soil?

"Well, I think you can remind yourself that you haven't done this before. You've done a lot of really good work to manage your stress and met a lot of great challenges over the past several months. This is a new challenge - starting this season and knowing eventually it'll come down to big games that will be right here in Delaclava - probably in Catherina, if I'd venture a guess.

"But I think you can take satisfaction in all you've accomplished, and the ways you've learned to control your emotions and stay committed to your goal. You are ready for this."
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Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby South Newlandia » Tue Dec 28, 2021 5:15 pm


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Postby Buffalostan » Tue Dec 28, 2021 5:59 pm

Nation: Buffalostan
Demonym/adjective: Buffalostani
Team nickname: Janissaries

Buffalostan is a ‘chronologically diverse’ nation: geographically it resembles the contemporary USA, but because of a horrible accident in a temporal physics lab at Texicus University involving a stoned particle accelerator technician, a malfunctioning diode, and an overly lubricated squirrel, areas are cordoned off in different time bubbles. Periodic disruption such as temporal tornados, timequakes, or chrono-meteor impacts can further cause massive temporal dislocation: for example, New Reykjavík may be familiar to past World Bowl participants from the year 1972, but now exists as New New Reykjavík in the year 2220.


In the past – if such a term even makes sense with respect to Buffalostan* – teams drawn from a single time bubble have represented Buffalostan in international gridiron, but at World Bowl 42, the nation came together to produce a united squad, with each time bubble furnishing a representative. Improving from the disastrous 0–10 showing the last time a Buffalostani team entered, this new “Janissaries” team powered through the group stages and made the play-in round for the playoffs. Where they list and were promptly all eaten by a dinosaur. But, y’know. Small steps.

As such, Buffalostani handegg authorities have decided to continue the Janissaries experiment: once more, the team will be drawn from each time bubble (except Mesozoic SoCal, who have been granted a “waiver” from furnishing a player, in exchange for not eating us). These players vary very widely in quality. Gridiron is a popular and well established sport in some time bubbles, but in others it is yet to be invented (or has gone extinct). This means athleticism and durability are highly prized traits, as is positional flexibility because of the small roster size that means some players may have to double roles (something those from the early-mid-20th century time bubbles insist is only right and proper anyway!).

All players are male or are at least comfortable using male pronouns except Jaessa Kimimoto-Chávez, who is female and also the only returning player from WB42 (as she was not present in the changing room). Another familiar name is representing the New New Reykjavík time bubble, though NSCF 2** Offensive MVP Tom Ehrlich was last seen representing the New Reykjavík time bubble.


1. #2 Ryan Frazer
2. #63 Virl Bryce
3. #5 octodawson alixer
4. #15 Tom Ehrlich
5. #16 Zebulon Badgerfarmer
6. #9 Jaessa Kimimoto-Chávez
7. #99 Sam Reid
8. #55 Jennings Horgan
9. #53 Benjamin Clubb
10. #41 Xochixaual Huitzilihuitl
11. #49 Krurv
12. #93 Kuruk Pitalesharo
13. #92 bluashgro;splaulakdohu
14. #94 Juan Sebastián Navarro Coronil
15. #87 Devajee Hardy
16. #43 Manoël Arsenault
17. #97 Juggernaut Jacobs
18. #96 laas’gug zervaggiill
19. #73 John Hägglund
20. #23 Noah Langerud
21. #10 Tommy Herschlag
22. #76 Crosby Cunningsynthesizedcuredpigmeatreplacement
23. #40 Willie “No Teeth” Turner
24. #30 caeius 9460
25. #47 Luke Reyes
26. #48 Blair Driscoll
27. #68 Phoenixforce Swiftwhisper
28. #56 R3qu31m7X1Tyste
29. #1 Nathan Kennedy
30. #57 Brandon Starbuck
31. no dinosaur selected!
32. #17 Vadim Vyacheslavovich
33. #75 Aukanai’i Olina

RP permissions

Please do not use photographs and say they represent my players. Everything else is OK.

Style mod: +3.210

Home Stadiums

v Delaclava
Life Valley Stadium, Calhoun, Atlantic Malaisia [1979]
A ~55,000 capacity stadium, it’s the largest arena on the eastern seaboard of Buffalostan, an era locked in an era of national desperation and humiliation in terms of the domestic economy and affairs overseas. The uninspiring peanut farmer Johnny Carter?-I-Hardly-Knew-’Er! is president, but is facing a tough upcoming election with charismatic actor and conservative darling Ronnie Raygun. The stadium has recently undergone expansion to add 10,000 seats. Traditions include “Frank’s stone”, an exceptionally large kidney stone by former coach Howard “Firehose” Frank and now permanently on display – the home team run past it and touch it for luck; and Running Up That Hill, in which the home team run up to the stadium from their locker room, which is located in a slight depression. The sight of them cresting the hill is often described as “the most exciting 25 seconds in sports”, although that time with the Brazilican rhythmic gymnast exchange student is a close contender.

v Pius Desurongcrandis, Caliland
The Presidentdome, Si’ahl, The Grunge Coast [1991]
The ~65,000 capacity stadium is the home of the Buffalostani Handegg League team the Si’ahl Ospreys. In the hip northwestern city of Si’ahl, known for its burgeoning tech scene, its coffee bar culture, and its rock music scene including the emerging genre of “grunge”, the Presidentdome is a stadium that doesn’t quite match the cool of its home city. There’s been talk of moving to a new stadium but funding remains a controversy, with the Ospreys talking about relocating if a new arena is not built but the public voting down a bond issue to fund one. The arena is somewhat decrepit and ceiling tiles from the roofed dome have been known to fall down on occasion. The playing surface is AstroTurf laid over asphalt, leading to a difficult experience, hard on the knees.

v Kohnhead, Drawkland
Pirate Stadium, Body of Christ, Neo-Grande [2125]
The stadium may be small (cap. ~25,000) but physical attendance is not such a concern. Most of those in the stands will be wearing cybernetic augmentations allowing them to stream holoprojections back to an audience in excess of millions. Set in the high-tech future of the southernmost tip of Buffalostan and home to a college team, the stadium is fitted with many modern conveniences such as access ports for recharging cybernetic limbs, feedback buffers to prevent overloads, and a really good taco bar.

* It doesn’t.
** Not a typo.

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Postby Delaclava » Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:10 pm

It's time! The small but mighty field of 24 begin tonight to stake their claim to the World Bowl in its 43rd edition! We know how badly you want to come to Delaclava - now prove it! DJ, hit it!


Oh wait, you don't have a song cued up that is specific to this gameday? Ah, well. Listen to this. It's in Russian and I don't understand it, but it satisfies the first commandment of Delaclav music: Thou shalt slap.

*clears throat, turns to scorinator...*

Group A
Delaclava 43–6 Caliland
Pius Desurongcrandis 16–32 Drawkland
Buffalostan 9–31 Kohnhead

Group B
Sarzonia 53–20 The Cordian Isles
Abanhfleft 32–9 HUElavia
Ranoria 34–13 United Adaikes

Group C
United States of Great America 0–16 TJUN-ia
Caleonia 7–17 Banija
Saint Kanye 53–26 New Gesem

Group D
Allamunnic States 21–20 Lisander
StrayaRoos 6–38 Chromatika
South Newlandia 27–17 Ko-oren
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2x WORLD BOWL CHAMPIONS (13 & 15) ~~ Current World #1 in American Football
Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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Postby South Newlandia » Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:15 pm


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Postby Delaclava » Tue Dec 28, 2021 10:09 pm

Excerpts from the press conference in the media room at MountainEsc Stadium in Santa Lourdes, following Delaclava's opening 43-6 victory over Caliland.

TW: Taurus Wright - 15/19, 241 yards, 2 TD; 8 rushes, 51 yards, 1 TD
MW: Michael Willis - 8/13, 125 yards, 1 TD, 1 2PC
RH: Robbie Hahn - 8 receptions, 65 yards, 1 TD, 1 2PC
LM: Luke Mussett - 2 interceptions, 1 return TD, 8 tackles

Gentlemen, congratulations on a big opening win for this World Bowl. What were your general thoughts about the game?

TW: Thanks, it's good to get back out there. We've been thinking about this game since we walked off the field in Buffalostan, not this place or this opponent, but getting back to work. I don't think we were meant to learn a whole lot from today, we were meant to get the job done and that's what we did. 1-0 is nice any way you slice it.

MW: Yeah, like Taurus said, a good opening win. I think there are things we all want to do better, but we weren't rusty or out of form. It was a good first game and we're only going to get better.

Three of you were on that team that won the AO Bowl, picking up wins over Banija, Sarzonia, and Gyatso-kai twice. All high-quality opposition, like you'd find here. How important do you think that was in having a good performance today?

MW: It was huge, I think. We always come out of a hard DGL season going into the international play, and I think it takes a bit of time to adjust to playing with each other and not against. So getting those reps with a lot of the same guys really got those pains out of the way, and the rest of the team could come into the fold really easily. Plus, we've got a title under our belt and we're feeling really confident about that.

LM: I know that's really helped our defense. A lot of us are so young and got our first international games in that tournaments. A lot of our nerves of crossing that threshold, we already confronted that and we won a lot of games in the process. This was my first World Bowl game and I wasn't overwhelmed that I was doing this brand new thing, a lot of the other guys felt pretty similar I think.

The Phoenixes looked strong on both sides of the ball, but I think most observers would be surprised by the manner in which Caliland scored three safeties - can you explain what happened there?

MW: Yeah, the first one was definitely a bit of a mistake. Their punter was very good and pinned us deep a few times, and there we were just unfortunate to get dinged with the holding penalty. But after that we were up, what, 36-2? Their actual offense had no one and nothing to offer. Our main priority was keeping everyone safe. So the next two times we got pinned like that, it was just better to snap it out the back of the end zone, get the defense out and stop them so we'd have better field position. Better to be the hammer than the nail.

This was the Phoenixes' first game in Santa Lourdes - what do you think of it here?

RH: Game-wise, it was really good, great energy. You know, I don't think of Santa Lourdes as a football town, there isn't a DGL or big DUSA team here, but it's a big city and there are enough people who have been dying for some high-level football. City-wise, there's a lot to do... it's a weird place though. Like, even I smoke a lot of weed and I've never been on the planet these people are on. But yeah, it'd be cool to come back here.

Do you think the crowd energy is different knowing that the World bowl will end in Delaclava?

RH: Maybe? I guess if people know they can provide enough support and help us get the wins, there will be more games here and we'll be closer to the title. But it's stupid to think we're paying attention to that stuff or trying to compare to last year or any dumb shit like that.

Taurus, with Michael playing the second half, and with what he accomplished in the AO Bowl - do you have any concerns that your starting job is insecure?

TW: Not more than usual. I'm 100% positive I'm the guy, and Michael has pushed me every day for at least the past two years to make sure it stays that way. You know I chose not to play the AO Bowl to make sure I was fully prepared for this, Michael did a great job during that tournament and I think it's valuable to keep getting him reps when possible. So it makes sense, but I'm not obsessing over whether Michael's coming for my job. We're both going to give it our all, Coach Newman's going to start the best guy and either of us is going to go win a lot of games.

Michael, have you believed that you've done enough to win the starting job yourself?

MW: We're teammates, and we're working to make each other better. Leave the speculation and other bullshit to yourselves.

In other group action, Drawkland and Kohnhead both picked up big road wins - what do you think of your performance in relation to them?

MW: I like our chances against both of them. I have confidence in our form and how we we played today. But they're working towards those games just as hard as we are. Drawkland is always tough and beat us last time, and Kohnhead has had some convincing performances lately. We're not looking past anyone. But we back ourselves as always.

Of note elsewhere, Ko-oren dropped their opener in South Newlandia, 27-17. The four-time champions are now on a two-game losing streak for the first time in recent history.

RH: Yup, we broke them. We ground them down, we beat them at their own game. Can't wait to do it again after we break Drawkland in a few weeks.

What are your thoughts on your upcoming game with Pius Desurongcrandis, who are also named the Phoenixes?

TW: It's another game. We care about winning, not proving a point. But I do know they want to prove that point, and they won't. Anyone talks about the Phoenixes, and you know they're talking about us. There are reasons for that.

Caliland       0 - 0 -  4 - 2 --  6
Delaclava 14 - 7 - 15 - 7 -- 43

1st Quarter
DEL - Taurus Wright 13 yard run (Kieran Conley kick), 9:23.
DEL - Wright 28 yard pass to Andre Michel (Conley kick), 3:24.
2nd Quarter
DEL - Wright 7 yard pass to Robbie Hahn (Conley kick), 8:09.
3rd Quarter
DEL - Noah Simmons 6 yard run (Conley kick), 13:15.
CAL - David Carlos holding penalty in end zone, safety, 9:34.
DEL - Luke Mussett 38 yard interception return (Michael Willis pass to Hahn), 8:29.
CAL - Michael Willis fumble out of end zone, safety, 5:50.
4th Quarter
DEL - Michael Willis 40 yard pass to Justin Vandaele (Conley kick), 12:47.
CAL - Snap out of end zone, safety, 2:40.
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Champions of World Team Tennis Championship 2 and 3, World Cup of Masters III, Atlantian Oceania Bowl 5
2nd: World Bowl 11, International Basketball Championship 31, World Junior Hockey Championships 16 and 17, AO Hockey Championship 7, AO Basketball Championship 5, World Lacrosse Championship 16, AO Baseball Series 3
3rd: World Bowl 41, 42, 43, and 44; International Basketball Championship 35, World Cup of Hockey 16, AO Basketball Championship 6 and 7, Di Bradini Cup 15
4th: Baptism of Fire 34

Hosts of World Cup 55, Cup of Harmony 44 and 46, Baptism of Fire 72; World Bowl 11, 15, 39, and 43; IBC 7 and 31; AOCAF 31; WJHC 16; etc.
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STV+ StrayaRoos vs Chromatika Highlights

Postby StrayaRoos » Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:23 pm

1:15pm:Game Starts
4:45pm:Game Ends
6:00pm: End Coverage
Pre-Game Show
so the Koalas i mean Taipans start their WB43 Campaign Tonight against Chromatika and are Tipped to Lose so we recommend you turn this off and put on The SPL or Lacrosse
First Down StrayaRoos With the ball[background:He throws to the left he throws to the right,those damn Koalas Throw a lot of Sh*te]and he's stuffed it up and it goes to Chromatika and hes running and running! oh TD For the Iron Legion 6-0
The fans seem to be getting Agitated at the score with 2 to go until Half it's 26-3
Post Game
Told You So
СтраяРус ❤️ Україна
Technoblade Never Dies
Aussie Rules:6th
Test Cricket:28th
4th Place at ARWC5

94:26/29 23pts
95:26/27 26pts
96:26/34 56pts
98:27/31 24pts
99:28/38 71pts
100:45/51 42pts

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Postby The Cordian Isles » Wed Dec 29, 2021 2:35 am

Massive thanks to Saint Kanye for making these!

After an impressive performance in the AO Bowl despite a semifinals loss, the North Stars now enter the World Bowl with a bit of extra confidence. However, take one look at the competition in Group B, and that confidence is pretty easily shattered. The defending champions, Ranoria, sixth-ranked Abanhfleft, and Sarzonia, who the North Stars can never seem to avoid having in their group. Cordia runs a run-first offense with a pretty good 3-4 defense and thrives in low-scoring games.

Gridiron in Cordia is fourth in popularity, well back of the big three sports (lacrosse, hockey, football), and is primarily played on the East Island, home to many of the Isles' biggest high schools and colleges. Games will be hosted in East Jutland Arena, capacity 45,000 and home to various Jutland teams from Cordia's major sporting leagues.

Coach: Edvard Holmberg (56)
Offensive Coordinator: Jonathan Pedersen (43)
Defensive Coordinator: Osvald Lundqvist (39)

Most likely starters are to the left, least likely to the right.


QB: Emanuel Ostergaard (29) / Jesse Adcock (31) / Hayden Gray (30)
No special talent here, as all of these players are aging and none were spectacular to begin with. Ostergaard does have a good arm that can make deep throws, but he has issues under pressure and isn't a very good runner. He'll likely split time with Adcock, a very mobile QB with a lesser arm, but who makes up for it with his ability to run and take hits.

RB: Garrett Barrett (23) / Winfield Huxtable (24) / Selby Radclyffe (26)
Barrett is a notably good running back, his best skill being his awareness, as he can see a play develop and make the best of it given a little time and space. However, when that is denied him, his play tends to go downhill quickly.

TE: Lanny Sniders (31) / David Samuels (26) / Bryan Thompsett (31)
TEs are often used as an extra blocker to give Barett some extra time. Thompsett is adept at that but not much else, so his presence is a pretty clear message that a run is coming. Then again, he could be used to fake out playcallers.

RT: Ryker Black (29) / Gareth Lynwood (24)
RG: Don Gray (23) / Arron Allen (28)
C: Tatu Burrell (28) / Erle Garrod (25)
LG: Chaz Love (23) / Chuckie Coke (30)
LT: Mitch Irving (23) / Emery Siddall (24)
The offensive line is... okay. Nothing great, nothing terrible. Of course, going against the world's best will make it look terrible.

WR: Clyde Atkinson (24) / Brion Ayers (26) / Tor Myles (27) / Barney Vollan (29) / Ozzie Farran (26) / Michael Odell (25)
Atkinson is a very good receiver for his speed. Guarding him man-on-man is ill-advised as he is liable to leave the cornerback in the dust. When he gets the ball with room to run, there's pretty much no catching him. Ayers is a starter because his height (6'7) allows him to make catches pretty consistently, and he can come down with a lot of contested balls too.


DE: Wyatt Wortham (26) / Charley Akselsen (26) / Lewis Power (30) / Kim Elvis (27)
DT: Tryggve Boon (25) / Pete Berntsen (26) / Kodey Jackman (24) / Jooa Blakeley (25)
The D-line, much like the O-line, is okay. Nothing great, nothing terrible.

OLB: Bridger Gully (26) / Loui Judd (31) / Jae Rose (25) / Gerry Wortham (26)
ILB: Lake Holst (24) / Milford Wilton (24) / Benjamin Skovgaard (27)/ Lorin Byron (25)
The linebackers tend to be more geared towards blitzing and tackling than pass coverage, and that means short passes can tear this defense apart. On the other hand, the opposing quarterback had better get used to pressure. Skovgaard is alright in coverage and will often be brought in for those situations.

CB: Aden Ogden (26) / Reuben Attaway (31) / Jalmari Hermansen (31) / Kamden Ridge (23)
SS: Valdemar Edvardsen (25) / Shaw Sharman (23)
FS: Andreas English (26) / Chucky Apted (27) / Georg Niemi (27)
The secondary tends to be pretty good, universally fast, and solid at reading the quarterback, too. Watch out for Ogden; he's the fastest of the bunch and is sometimes used to blitz.

Special Teams

LS: Edvin Alexandersson (24)
Alexandersson snaps very longly.

K: Viktor Robertsson (27) / Thorvald Lang (23)
Robertsson is very consistent, but with a range around 45 yards, he's not very powerful.

P: Christoffer Adolfsson (31) / Ola Winther (24)
Adolfsson is good but inconsistent. One punt he might put it inside the 10; another he might send it into the end zone, another might pull up too short.

K/PR: Clyde Atkinson (24) / Tor Myles (27)
Atkinson's speed does him a lot of good as a returner, not much else to say.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, no deaths
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, see above
Suspend my players: Yes, I decide length
Godmod suspension events: Yes, see above
Godmod other events: Yes, no deaths

Style Mod: -3
Former R/Der of moderate skill
Former Executive Director of Founderless
Current WLC Vice President
Ro16: WLC 38, WLC 39, CoH 82
QFs: BoF 77, WCoH 44, WCoH 45, AOCAF 67, AOHC 9
SFs: Mike Sarzo Memorial Trophy

Also known as NCE.

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Postby New Gesem » Wed Dec 29, 2021 5:06 am

Saint Kanye 14 7  20 12 53
New Gesem 13 6 0 7 26

A game of two halves, one in which the Pilgrims were competitive but could not stay out of their own way, and another in which they were completely outclassed by the Surge. After ending the half down by only two, the PIlgrims failed to score in the third quarter, allowing Saint Kanye to extend their lead by twenty points and putting the game out of reach despite a heroic fourth-quarter TD reception by Stephens. Not much to be learned from this one, unfortunately, save for that the Pilgrims still aren't up to the standard of the professional teams that populate the World Bowl.

Fraternities of New Gesem, pt 2 "Fraternal Finance"
The imposition of New Gesem’s fraternities upon its financial system creates a de facto two-tiered society, where those affiliated with fraternities have better access to credit and a much stronger safety net than those without. Membership criteria vary, but most lodges require that a prospective member be over the age of twenty-one, gainfully employed (with exceptions sometimes made for stay-at-home parents or full-time students), and receive the unanimous support of the local lodge membership. In return for annual dues, which are frequently expressed as a portion of the member’s income, the member receives access to the lodge’s financial services, such as insurance, loans, and investment accounts as well as other benefits of lodge membership.

While membership in most lodges is typically open to anyone, the requirement for a unanimous vote frequently reinforces existing bias and patterns in lodge membership. The requirements to receive a unanimous vote are usually unspoken, but can be broadly assumed to include financial stability, personal responsibility, and an outlook more or less congruent with the majority of lodge members. Those expressing views too far outside the mainstream are habitually black-balled and so excluded from the social safety net of lodge life, therefore perpetuating the cycle of haves and have-nots. Second-generation and beyond lodge members are increasingly common, and though these legacies must go through the same rites as other initiates, they often do so with prior knowledge from their relatives.

For those outside the lodge, some fraternal financial institutions provide basic “community” services, such as loans, checking accounts, and basic auto insurance as a service to the community and a source of income. Interest rates and premiums on these services are typically much higher than those offered to members, in theory to compensate for the risk of providing services outside the institution’s clientele. In the absence of a true credit bureau system or driving records, applicants for loans are frequently asked invasive questions about their personal lives in order to verify their “creditworthiness.”

Fraternal financial institutions also place stringent requirements on financial services provided to lodge members. For instance, most all fraternal mortgages are subject to the approval of either the lodge executive board, an ad hoc “mortgage board”, or in some cases the general membership. While in theory these committees serve to ensure the institution does not take on too much risk or overextend itself, in practice they exist to enforce redlining measures and ensure that the lodge membership does not extend over too large a geographical area or into areas deemed “undesirable.” Even those loans which are approved may come with stringent requirements above and beyond repayment of the loan, and failure to meet these requirements may end with repossession of the house or car purchased with the loan.
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Postby Saint Kanye » Wed Dec 29, 2021 5:48 am

To paraphrase an old familiar saying, with great rank comes great responsibility. The St. Kanye Surge enter World Bowl XLIII as the fifth best among all national gridiron teams, as well as third in the Ranorian press' unofficial power rankings (behind only their title game tormentors the Krauts, and their bitter rivals the Ko-oren Dragonflies). That gave the team some much needed confidence as they try to survive the group stages, but also some extra pressure to try to be at the top of their game, every game.

"Now that we're among the big names, we have to keep watching our back for lower ranked teams eager to pull the upset," said Surge signal caller R.J. Linetti. "No one is to be treated like a pushover - we scout these teams the same way we do our big opponents." The Yeezies' opening day opponents, the 31st-ranked New Gesem Pilgrims, may be a mixed bag of misfits (not the Tumbran kind), but these misfits managed to pull off a couple of wins in the previous World Bowl's group stages. "On the tape, we watch out for every good play, every little spark of brilliance we see from [the Pilgrims]," explained Linetti. "Any one of these players might break out, and we sure don't want it to be at our expense."

Sure enough, New Gesem proved their worth and went toe to toe with St. Kanye at the start of their group stage opener, with the latter only leading by two at halftime. However, the Surge took a page from their NSSCRA counterparts' playbook, cast some "Yeezie Magic", and pulled away in the end, eventually winning by a score of 53 to 26. Linetti threw two touchdowns and rushed for one; running back Noah Sherman added another two on the ground; the defense scored on a pick six; and kicker James Rasputin was his usual accurate self, going 6 for 6 on extra points and 3 for 3 on field goals.

1Q STK Jeffers 19 pass from Linetti (Rasputin kick) STK 7-0
St. Kanye won the coin toss, but chose to give up the ball. It proved to be a wise decision, as it took just two plays for the defense to force a fumble on the Gesemites and regain possession. Three straight first downs later, Linetti connected with tight end Hussein Jeffers for the team's first points of World Bowl XLIII.

1Q STK Linetti 6 run (Rasputin kick) STK 14-0
A few sequences later, Surge star receiver Bruce Dobler had the chance to go all the way as he caught a long pass from Linetti from their own 27-yard line. But he was pushed out of bounds at the Pilgrims' 14, and after a Sherman run for an eight-yard gain, Linetti took it in himself to make it 14-nil for the home team.

1Q NGS Fox ?? pass from Gonzales (Padilla kick) STK 14-7
Pro league journeyman Willard Fox is the closest thing the Pilgrims have to a receiving threat, and it showed when he put his team on the scoreboard.

1Q NGS Baker ?? run (Pass failed) STK 14-13
New Gesem forced St. Kanye into a three and out, and after getting the pigskin back, they would cut the deficit to one with a Rayford Baker run. Well, they could have equalized (or gone up by one), but Yeezie cornerback Bernard Van Pelt batted away the pass from Gonzales to Fox.

2Q STK Sherman 48 run (Rasputin kick) STK 21-13
One of Sherman's finest moments in the previous edition's playoffs was when he took the ball on a fake pass attempt and ran 52 yards to the house against Chromatika in the semis. Almost the same thing happened on this play, though instead of Cara Setri, it's Walter Decker appearing on the poster as the one being juked.

2Q NGS Fox ?? pass from Gonzales (Pass failed) STK 21-19
Fox caught his second TD pass of the day, but with their failure to convert, they blew a chance to tie at the half.

3Q STK field goal Rasputin 37 STK 24-19
The Surge were limited to three points on their opening drive of the second half. The pro-Pilgrims crowd seemed to be satisfied by this, but little did they know that what was just a five-point lead would only grow as the game progressed.

3Q STK Sherman 31 run (Rasputin kick) STK 31-19
Linetti went with split backs on the scoring play, appearing to hand the ball to newcomer Gregory Silk. The Pilgrims bit, and they fell for the misdirection play, Sherman encountering little resistance on the way to his second end zone visit of the day.

3Q STK field goal Rasputin 43 STK 34-19
A pass interference penalty on the offense negated what would have been a TD pass from Linetti to Patrick Moore, and instead brought up fourth down. Rasputin nailed the kick, which due to the wind, was just a few inches away from missing left.

3Q STK Varley 25 interception return (Rasputin kick) STK 41-19
St. Kanye's blitz happy defense got to Gonzales quickly, causing him to make an errant throw. Aidan O'Connor batted away a pass meant for Fox, and the ball landed in newly appointed defensive captain Justin Varley's hands. Varley, speedy for his size, made a dash for the end zone and grew the lead to twenty-two.

4Q STK Moore 74 pass from Linetti (Rasputin kick) STK 48-19
Moore may have been robbed of his chance to earn himself some points midway through the third quarter, but he would get it in the fourth. It took only one play for him to break through the Gesemite defenders and score.

4Q NGS Stephens ?? pass from Gonzales (Padilla kick) STK 48-26
The Gesemites refused to go scoreless in the second half, Gonzales connecting with tight end Dameon Stephens for the score, but time was working against them in their attempt to get back in contention.

4Q STK Gonzales safety STK 50-26
A great punt from Chris Florence pinned the Pilgrims at their own four-yard line. The blitz got to Gonzales quickly; he ended up running out the back of their end zone, giving the Surge a couple of points.

4Q STK field goal Rasputin 29 STK 53-26
With less than two minutes remaining, Rasputin sank his third FG of the day for the final margin. New Gesem's possession afterwards didn't last long, as O'Connor picked off the pass, after which St. Kanye simply knelt away the remaining time.

"This is what you would call a 'statement win', and that statement is that we're to be reckoned with, for as long as we keep putting in the work," said Linetti, who notched a 129.6 passer rating (23/29 for 278 yards, 2 TDs). "High ranked, low ranked, unranked, there's always a chance we get beat, and our duty is to make that chance as small as possible." Up next for the Surge (1-0) is a road game against one of the high ranked sides, world #4 the Banija Serpent Eagles (also 1-0 after beating unranked Caleonia 17-7). "This will be a great game, I'd say," according to Surge head coach Jeff Delphine. Us and them [Banija], we complement each other, kinda. We have the undoubtedly talented Linetti under center; they have [linebacker Isaiah] Bryce, who's a hell of a hard hitter. They have [Chinwueba] Jelan and [Lamin] Kah as aerial threats; we have O'Connor and [Gary] Bradman strengthening up our secondary. Even the kicker battle is worth watching. You all know what Rasputin can do, right? Well, their kicker [Komani] Achaje, apparently he's got range too. You mustn't miss this series, both with them hosting us, and vice versa." New Gesem (0-1) also go on the road, facing the TJUN-ia Jags (1-0 after beating the United States of Great America 16-nil).

It had been a good opening day for World Bowl XLIII, not just in the Surge's Group C. Here's a quick peek at what happened in other groups.

- In Group A, Taurus Wright led hosts the Delaclava Phoenixes to a 43-6 domination of newcomers Caliland. Like Linetti, he also threw two touchdowns and ran for one.
- In Group B, the Sarzonia Stars matched the Surge's output, dropping 53 on the debuting Cordian Isles North Stars (who scored 20).
- In Group D, the South Newlandia Elephants stomped through the Ko-oren Dragonflies' notorious defense, pulling off the 27-17 upset in this battle of green, yellow and blue squads.

| MD | Opponent | Rank | Uniform | Score | Record | Place |
| 1 | New Gesem | 31 | Purple/Purple | W 53-26 | 1-0 | 1st |
| 2 | @Banija | 4 | White/Purple | | | |
| 3 | USGA | UR | Purple/Black | | | |
| 4 | @Caleonia | UR | White/White | | | |
| | BREAK | | | | | |
| 5 | TJUN-ia | 13 | White/Purple | | | |
| 6 | @New Gesem | 31 | White/White | | | |
| 7 | Banija | 4 | Purple/Purple | | | |
| | BREAK | | | | | |
| 8 | @USGA | UR | White/Purple | | | |
| 9 | Caleonia | UR | Purple/Black | | | |
| 10 | @TJUN-ia | 13 | Purple/Purple | | | |
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NSFB: A Tight Shutout...Huh?

Postby TJUN-ia » Wed Dec 29, 2021 5:50 am

After another long 2-year break, it was finally time to suit up in the black, orange and blue (with orange shorts) and get back to our Gridiron best. The Jaguars of TJUN-ia were back Gus McKerrin had one simple goal in mind heading into what many thought was a "Group of Death" - finish in the Top 3, reach the playoffs for a 3rd-straight time and try to go as far as possible. Winning this group and claiming that Quarterfinal bid was certainly going to be a challenge, but TJUN-ia never stood down from a challenge - especially in this sport. The gang was all back and that was all that let the games begin once again.

Our first contest of the campaign was an interesting one, to say the least, on the road against the United States of Great America - no prizes for guessing the mantra of these guys then. The USGA didn't provide us with much info on their team or even on where this game would be played, but that wouldn't matter as much as this game was essentially a tune-up/wake-up game for the contests to come. No one expected excellence in the first game back after a long while, but the way we commanded ourselves despite that could be described as "respectable" and that alone. We only managed 2 scores in this contest, which is concerning a little bit but Mohammad Al-Khalifa's defence didn't concede any points at all and we will certainly take that into consideration. With that in mind, Jake Griffin didn't really need to do much to actually win this contest, but he still went through all the motions in his 16 points. His 2 TDs came through Hubert Valois and Chris Davidson, but also managed two 2-Point Conversions as he found Valois and Jack Davidson to find those 16 points. That did mean Chi On-Ma wasn't able to get a shot at any FGs today, but he did manage 1 or 2 kickoffs and I guess that's OK? A win is a win nonetheless and so, we start the new tourney 1-0.

Everyone knew that the true tests would be on the horizon and that will certainly be felt up next in our first home game of the season. The Field of Dreams in The Gardens of New Washington is always an interesting place to play and that will certainly lead into proceedings against New Gesem - the 31st ranked Pilgrims who we've certainly become acquainted with due to the recent NSCF season. Therefore, the first home game of this season is "NSCF Night" - with players from both GCU and TSU in attendance and NSCF memorabilia brought to the home of the GFA if possible. We want an NSCF atmosphere for this WB game, and that will certainly get this party started proper. GO JAGS!

MD1: @United States of Great America (UR) W 16-0 (2nd)
MD2: vs New Gesem (31) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD3: @Caleonia (UR)
MD4: vs Banija (4) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD5: @Saint Kanye (5) - Pencurve Electronics Field, Kardashia
MD6: vs United States of Great America (UR) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD7: @New Gesem (31)
MD8: vs Caleonia (UR) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD9: @Banija (4) - Istria Olympic Stadium, Istria, Moravica
MD10: vs Saint Kanye (5) - The Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
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T2: #97 Robin Dragonovic [SNL] (3W [2 @JR])/#96 Alice Jepkosgei (2W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (2W)

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (1W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 3 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (2 RU)

UN - U1
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Dec 29, 2021 6:49 am

Cameron Stallworth wasn't expected to be in this position, not by a long shot.

He accepted the invitation he received from Sarzonian national gridball team manager Gavin Davis to come to tryouts and told everyone he was genuinely honoured to even be asked to come to national team tryouts.

There's no chance I even make the squad, he thought. Not with Sam Rosen entrenched at quarterback. Sure, Stallworth was a hotshot young prospect coming out of high school, but one training camp at Joe Gibbs University humbled him quickly. He remembered strutting into the team dressing room confident that he'd win the starting job as a freshman even though the coach never even gave freshmen a single snap without it being an emergency, let along starting one. He recalled getting slammed to the ground on one passing attempt despite wearing the navy jersey of a quarterback, which was supposed to prevent him from even getting touched.

He saw the 330-pound defensive lineman lurking over him after the hit, ignoring the lecture the coach was giving his defensive lineman. He'd talked smack to that particular lineman and bragged about his abilities, so it was a comeuppance. He saw it for that. He slowly got up from the ground and mouthed the words, "OK, you got me," then went back to the huddle. After a redshirt season, he played sparingly as a sophomore before transferring to Woodstock City College when James Arthur became the head coach there. He was about to take the field for his senior campaign when the SARS 2 novel Coronavirus pandemic shut everything down. When the intercollegiate athletics association offered everyone an additional year of eligibility, he opted not to take it.

He won a job as a backup quarterback in Woodstock despite going undrafted. And now, he was here. He was under no illusions this time about his abilities. He knew Rosen was entrenched as the starter and he figured Wendy Bartlett would push Mike Barnett for the backup job. He felt he'd be lucky to get the opportunity to hold a clipboard. That was, of course, until Davis suddenly tapped him on the shoulder for a private meeting. He was surprised when he didn't hear "and bring your playbook." However, the biggest surprise was yet to come.

"Cam," Davis said. "I'm releasing Rosen and naming you the starter."

"Coach?! You're what?" Stallworth said.

"I think this team needs to go in a new direction behind centre. You've earned the starting job. Congratulations."

Stallworth didn't know what to make of the news. He saw Rosen silently collect his things from his locker and grimaced as Rosen shot him an evil glare before departing the dressing room after handshakes and hugs from some of his now-former teammates. Of course, Rosen didn't say a word to Stallworth as he departed. Stallworth would have some work to do as the team began to install the gameplan for the opener against Cordia.

Stallworth figured Ty'Relle Clinton would get the bulk of the work and he'd throw the ball sparingly, so his look of shock when he saw the first 15 plays being scripted to have him throwing the ball on 10 of them was palpable.

"Coach has a lot of confidence in you," Clinton said. "We all do."

That confidence proved well placed, at least against Cordia. Stallworth completed eight of those first 10 passes and finished the day 15-for-21 for 243 yards and two touchdowns. He threw one interception on third and 23 from his own 17 yard line, but it traveled 66 yards in the air from his launching point at the 14. Momentum carried North Stars free safety Andreas English back to the 14 where wide receiver Steve Swain touched his helmet with his right hand. The interception was essentially a punt that flipped field position and the Stars rolled to a 53-20 victory that was reminiscent of some of the barnburners City College had in their first NSCF season in the Sequoia Conference.

After the match, the Stars decided to give the game ball to Stallworth, the man who was now entrusted with the keys to the Stars engine in the hopes he would rev up a run to the championship south of the border.

First Quarter
SRZ: Steve Swain 28 pass from Cameron Stallworth (Matt Vargas kick) 13:21, SRZ 7-0
COR: FG Viktor Robertsson 38 10:07, SRZ 7-3
SRZ: Ty'Relle Clinton 58 run (Vargas kick), 2:13, SRZ 14-3

Second Quarter
SRZ: Matt Largent 72 pass from Stallworth (Vargas kick), 14:02, SRZ 21-3
COR: FG Robertsson 23 5:24, SRZ 21-6
COR: Garrett Barnett 22 run (Robertsson kick) 1:14, SRZ 21-13

Third Quarter
SRZ: Stallworth 14 run (Vargas kick) 9:18, SRZ 28-13
COR: Barnett 17 pass from Emanuel Ostergaard (Robertsson kick) 6:58, SRZ 28-20
SRZ: Clinton 19 run (Vargas kick) 3:49, SRZ 35-20
SRZ: Stallworth 1 run (Vargas kick) 0:27, SRZ 42-20

Fourth Quarter
SRZ: FG Vargas 19 14:22, SRZ 45-20
SRZ: Les Creighton 1 run (Clinton pass from Mike Barnett) 7:21, SRZ 53-20
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Postby Banija » Wed Dec 29, 2021 11:17 am


Banijans prep for massive game against 5th ranked St. Kanye to open World Bowl XLIII

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- "It's a top five matchup. That's all the motivation we need." That was the quote from the Serpent Eagles quarterback, after they dispatched of their unranked opponents, Caleonia, with relative ease, by a score of 17-7 in Week 1. It's tough to glean much from this matchup. While the scoreline was probably closer than you would want, especially against an unranked team(even though it was on the road!), there were several factors to explain that. For one, the Banijan coaching staff definitively did not open up the playbook. "It's a smaller tournament than usual- just 24 teams. That means it's going to be even tougher, as teams have a better chance to scout each other and gain more familiarity with one another." Said the Head Coach, Thomas Hall. "Teams that will be able to continuously bring out schematic innovations, bring out things that people haven't seen on film, those are the teams that will succeed in World Bowl XLIII. And in a group stage where it's a double round robin, well- that's doubly true."

So the Banijans went with a lot of ground and pound. Running the ball much more than usual, simply looking to get out of here with a victory before they take on the 5th ranked team in the multiverse, and a nation whom Banija has struggled to compete with across multiple sports(particularly basketball!), the Yeezies of St. Kanye. 35:50 time of possesion. A stunning 45 run plays called, as compared to just 18 passes for Ice Chineze. And, of course, 229 yards of total rushing for the team. Naturally, a missed field goal and a fumble from Christopher Isto on the goal line did not help things, but Kuenda Sello earned that win for the Serpent Eagles. 29 carries for 157 yards and a touchdown on the ground, with 3 receptions for 22 yards, including a receiving touchdown. Such a dangerous weapon- and yet, after scoring twice in the first half, the Serpent Eagles seemed content to rely on their defense. Caleonia's only score was with 11 seconds left in the fourth, after Banija had been up 17-0 for the entirety of the game.

So now, we prep for this preview for this much anticipated matchup with the Surge. What do we need to know? How do we preview this matchup? What will decide this massive tilt at the Stadium of the Restoration? How can the Banijans beat a team that just put up 53 a week ago?

Banijan Rush Offense v. St. Kanye Rush Defense- Advantage Banija

We saw a heavy dose of Kuenda Sello and Christopher Isto in Banija's season opener. But St. Kanye has always had its strength in going up quickly, and then trying to put a stranglehold on their opponents with a defense that's designed to get pressure on the QB. The best way to counter that, of course, is to establish a run game- see what Richardson did to Loyola-Istria in the final week of the NSCF season. Establish the run, control the tempo, control the pace of the game. And the Serpent Eagles will likely try to do that. We've got the running game to do so. While we aren't great at tight end, the offensive line is coming together nicely, and Sello is truly a world-class talent at running back. He's excellent at making the first man miss a tackle, and can hurt you from so many ways.

One of the things that makes the Banijan running game so interesting, however, is the variety of ways that they can attack you. Adhama Khalfani values creativity, and he is going to devise a number of ways to attack The Yeezies front seven. Of course, Sello is going to be the main way. But he won't be afraid to use misdirection. Chinweuba Jelan is one of the most talented all-around pure athletes at this tournament, for any team. There are going to be ways to get him the football, and the ground game is one of them. We'll line him up out of the backfield, use him on reverse plays, etc... There's no player on this offense more dangerous with the ball in open space than Chinweuba Jelan. Expect him to get a few carries, Christopher Isto as a change of pace back- and expect to run from a variety of formations. 11 personnel, 12 personnel, even 21 personnel. There is all sorts of talent on St. Kanye's front seven, which is obvious since they were runner-ups at World Bowl XLII. But still- advantage to the home team here.

Banijan Pass Offense v. St. Kanye Pass Defense- EVEN

This is too close to call. You've got to take into account, for the St. Kanye pass defense, both their ability to get pressure on the quarterback, and their ability to cover in space. Banija's top two WRs are some of the most talented in the sport, with Lamin Kah probably capable of being a #1 WR option on most teams at the World Bowl. Chineze's finally had some time to really build some chemistry with his WRs, and while that was not unleashed in week 1, he is expected to be fully unleashed with his talented top two wideouts in Week 2. They are extremely tough covers- players like Lamin Kah and Chinweuba Jelan are some of the best out there. Single coverage, double coverage, contested catches, in space, whatever- you focus on one, and the other will find a way to get open. Not to mention, you've got a guy like Chineze throwing the ball, who's basically a dart master with his accuracy.

On the other hand, let's look at St. Kanye. They've got the ability to get pressure and throw off the timing of this offense. Matt Dawson, in particular, can raise hell on the edge for our left tackle. He's simply not a guy who can be blocked by just one person- he's going to need to be double teamed nearly all the time in passing situations. And when that happens, of course, it creates one on one situations for their other guys to simply go out and win battles at the line of scrimmage. They can create chaos and havoc in the backfield. Combine that with their aggressive cornerbacks, it creates for a formidable defense that is built to suffocate opposing offenses who are forced to throw the ball when they fall behind.

St. Kanye Rush Offense v. Banijan Rush Defense- EVEN

This is another one that is too close to call. Of course, there are two main rushing threats for St. Kanye. The first, of course, being Noah Sherman. He's a big dude, who is known for bulldozing all sorts of people, especially in situations where the game can be won. Nobody wants to tackle this guy- defenders simply bounce off him. However, his physicality can be matched in the Banijan front seven. You've got people like Isaiah Bryce, Demba Diouf, and Hatabu Kodo, who are capable of standing up to even physical running backs. If it was just the St. Kanye running back room, we'd probably say that this is an advantage to Banija. However, this is the modern-day, most teams have more than just a running back who can carry the football.

R.J. Linetti is one of the best quarterbacks at this tournament in general. He's got as much talent as dudes like Taurus Wright and John Garrett- but yet, his scrambling ability cannot be matched. It's not only scrambling on plays that break down too- it is his ability to run RPOs, and do designed runs, that separate him. Linetti is an important part of the Surge's ground attack, and it's going to take a lot to stop him. It's hard to know what Thomas Hall will do to stop him, but expect a lot of QB spy from Isaiah Bryce. The problem with that, however, is that it can pull Bryce away from play if he's constantly running a spy-which is exactly the goal for St. Kanye's coaching staff. Linetti's legs caused serious matchup problems for the Serpent Eagles, and he is going to be a problem.

St. Kanye Pass Offense v. Banijan Pass Defense- Advantage St. Kanye

St. Kanye's an air raid team. Spread 'em out, throw it everywhere. That's their offensive philosophy, and Linetti is the perfect man to run that type of offense. "They've got a whole host of ways to move the ball down the field via the air." Head Coach Thomas Hall said. "They are going to be tough. We're going to have to try multiple ways to slow down their pass attack- since it can't ever really be stopped completely. Look at their receivers, look at the guy slinging the ball all over the field. It's going to be one hell of a game."

Linetti's got both the arm strength and the accuracy to put the ball anywhere he wants. He's got dudes like Bruce Dobler, whose hands are like glue. And then they have a guy like Patrick Moore, who is simply a matchup problem for any defense he faces. He's hard to cover- he can line up in the slot, on the outside, wherever you want. Banija's got a young secondary, headlined by 22 year old cornerback Makang Secka(who's got boatloads of talent), and 21 year free safety Ozioma Mazzi. With so much youth at so many important spots in the secondary, expect a lot of up and down performances by the secondary in this tournament. They were great on the road in Week 1- but the Surge are another challenge altogether.

The secondary, by enough, probably doesn't stand a chance. Banija's best chance to slow down the pass attack is to get pressure on Linetti, and do so consistently throughout the ballgame. Kodo is going to have to have a huge game from the defensive end spot to have a chance. Thomas Hall is going to have to scheme guys to the QB. Expect them to consistently bring 5-6 guys to the QB- it's more likely to get pressure on the quarterback, but of course, it can just as easily fail. It's a high-risk, high-reward maneuver. You're going to leave young cornerbacks and safeties, virtually on islands, against this receiving corps all day long. Can they make plays? And maybe even more importantly- can Banija's secondary make open field tackles? That will be the key. For now, however, the advantage has to go to the Surge.


If you think we're going to give bulletin board material to the Surge, as they visit our nation's capitol, you've absolutely lost your mind. But we can say this- it's going to be one hell of a matchup, Banija v. St. Kanye. Two top 5 teams, both with ambitions to take down the reigning champions, Ranoria. Which of the two teams will take an early advantage in Group C?
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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Dec 29, 2021 12:04 pm

The scene in the defensive lineman's room was utter chaos.

Sure, former defensive lineman Colin Grassley wasn't around to even think about putting a bounty on anyone from Abanhfleft, but the players looking at Tyler Paige as he waited to turn on the video projector were angry.

And why wouldn't they be? Sure, the Sarzonian national gridball team prevailed in their first match of World Bowl XLIII and the offence dropped 53 points on the hapless Cordians, but they also allowed 20 points. Paige showed highlights of North Stars running back Garrett Barnett running through big holes created by Cordia's offensive line. He would tote the pigskin 23 times for 104 yards and catch six balls for 57 including a touchdown pass from Emanuel Ostergaard that momentarily kept Sarzonia from pulling away.

Defensive end Arlen Cunningham knew from hanging out with strong side linebacker Calvin Jacks that his position coach Jerome London would likely point out the breakdowns in coverage that led to Jacks in particular trying unsuccessfully to cover Barnett down the field. Both London and Paige asked defensive coordinator Kyle Hanley to employ three nickel backs and take out middle linebacker Howard Dent. That would force free safety Cliff Longoria to start calling signals on defence, and that was why Hanley resisted until Barnett found the end zone in the third quarter to make it a one-possession game.

"Longoria!" Hanley shouted as the safety made his way to the bench and sat down. "I'm taking Dent out next series."

"Got it, coach," Longoria said. He suppressed his desire to groan at the increase in responsibilities this would give him. He wanted to get back out there and hit people, make them think twice about going up the middle or hesitate momentarily when they lined up opposite him in a pass pattern. Now that he was essentially serving as the quarterback of the defence, he had to take a less active role in the hitting that Hanley's defence became known for.

Fortunately, the next time the Stars would be on defence would see the lead stretched back to 15 points after Ty'Relle Clinton rumbled for a 19-yard touchdown that put Sarzonia ahead 35-20. The adjustment was a little bit strange considering the North Stars were having success moving the ball on the Stars with the ground game, but Hanley would later say he expected his team to hit ferociously and turn the tide in Sarzonia's favour once and for all. He would eventually be right as Longoria picked off an Ostergaard pass on third and 10 that gave the Stars the ball with 1:43 remaining in the quarter. For his part, Cameron Stallworth used Clinton's own effectiveness in running 27 times for 149 yards and two scores to fake out Cordia's defence. On third and goal from the 1 and Sarzonia employing a heavy jumbo formation with four tight ends, including two additional tackles who reported as eligible, Stallworth faked a handoff to Clinton and ran a naked bootleg, easily finding the end zone before North Stars cornerback Aden Ogden could get there.

That score would put the game away for good, and essentially took Barnett out as a serious threat to Sarzonia's defence en route to the 53-20 victory. However, it wouldn't stop the defensive linemen's and linebackers' rooms from being active.

"If we play like that against the Fleftics, we're gonna get our asses kicked," Paige said. "We've got to do a better job against the run and we've gotta make Abanhfleft one-dimensional."

"We need to do a better job of stuffing the run. We can't afford to run too many eight-man fronts and run-blitz, especially with a team like Abanhfleft who can be equally deadly in the passing game," London said. "Look at this play," he said of Barnett picking up a key third down with a 11-yard run to keep a drive alive following a by defensive end Clancy Wilson.

"I was supposed to plug the 'A' gap," weak side linebacker Artem Roshovski said. "I couldn't get there."

"OK, what else did we notice on this play?"

"I got caught trying to double the tight-end," Jacks said. "My man was the fullback. If I stay in position, I can get Barnett for a five-yard gain and leave them short."

"We can't afford mistakes like that against Abanhfleft. Gibbs is going to be rocking and we don't want to send our fans home disappointed," London said. "And that's to say nothing about Ranoria. The Krauts are defending champs for a reason."

"Now, let's take a look at our assignments for the Abanhfleft match."
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Postby Buffalostan » Wed Dec 29, 2021 12:15 pm


      1   2   3   4   F
3 14 7 7 31
3 3 3 0 9

1 Jaessa Kimimoto-Chávez 21 yard field goal 0 3
Wanda Parkinson 23 yard field goal 3 3
2 Jaessa Kimimoto-Chávez 31 yard field goal 3 6
Billy James 43 yard pass from Byron Joseph (Wanda Parkinson kick) 10 6
Herman Whitworth 4 yard rush (Wanda Parkinson kick) 17 6
3 Jaessa Kimimoto-Chávez 44 yard field goal 17 9
Chris Molina 46 yard interception return (Wanda Parkinson kick) 24 9
4 Georgette Butler 21 yard pass from Byron Joseph (Wanda Parkinson kick) 31 9

Offensive Player of the Game: Jaessa Kimimoto-Chávez's kick brought the Janissaries within a score of the Brains in the third quarter, Ryan Frazer solemnly nodded to his coach and reached for his helmet. "I got this," he said.

He did not, in fact, got this.

The fourth of the interceptions the young quarterback threw sailed into Chris Molina's hands with the veteran safety eyeing a clear lane to the endzone, helped by being -- mystifyingly -- five years clear of any possible intended receiving target. It was a galling day out for Frazer, whose career as national starting quarterback has very possibly ended after a single game: there were conversations in training camp about handing over the reins to Tom Ehrlich, a former college quarterback who hasn't lined up under center for four years, but also hasn't thrown four interceptions in one game in that time. A quarterback not winning offensive player of the game virtually breaks the matrix, but Frazer's performance was so inexcusably inept we have to cast around for someone else to honor. Nor did caeius 9460 or Krurv tear it up on the ground. So instead let's acknowledge Brandon Starbuck, who had a very solid game at left tackle. The solidly built Young Republican dissident from the People's Socialist Republic of Northern California time bubble of 1969 stood strong at the most difficult position on the offensive line and kept quiet the Brains' most devastating defensive player, Levi Espinosa, who was limited to zero sacks and just one quarterback hit.

Which makes Frazer's performance look all the worse...

Defensive Player of the Game: Tom Ehrlich actually started the game -- at free safety. It was there that he snagged his interception off Byron Joseph that the Janissaries turned into early points to give a sense of optimism. That was before the dark times. Overall, though, for someone who hadn't played the position since high school, he did a pretty good job and contributed to a pass defense that kept the Brains below 200 yards through the air on the day. He tackled hard, grabbed his pick when it came his way and broke up another pass when William Carey had eyes on a home run, and provided some good leadership among the inexperienced defense. Crosby Cunningsynthesizedcuredpigmeatreplacement had a decent game, picking up 2 sacks -- more than the entire Kohnhead pass rush managed -- but he did get flattened by Mildred Plumbing as she pulled right on what turned into a huge gain on the ground for Herman Whitworth, who was only dragged down short of the line by (you guessed it) Ehrlich (though Whitworth punched it in on the next play anyway).

Special Teams Player of the Game: Jaessa Kimimoto-Chávez shook off any lingering trauma from seeing all of her teammates eaten by a dinosaur to post the only points of the game for the Janissaries. Last World Bowl she wasn't trusted with kickoff duties owing to concerns about leg strength but this time she notched a touchback on her opening kickoff. Unfortunately, this offence doesn't look like it will give her much practice on the end. When it came to field goals she nailed all three of hers, from an opening chip shot, to a tricky 44 yarder in the third quarter. It wasn't a breakout display as she'd already proved herself last time, but it was a welcome reminder that, even though gridiron has gone extinct in the United World Capitol time bubble, it still has one torchbearer. Seriously, she carries around a flaming torch with her, to ward off dinosaurs.



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