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Postby UIS Leviathan » Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:09 pm

Visby Class Cruiser (PMT)

TypeStealth Missile Cruiser
Cost3 Billion USD
Armament1 x UDR Mk.2 255mm AGS Railgun
2 x 8 cell Muli Mission Missile Launchers (MMML)
160 x Mk.57 VLS Cells
64 x Mk.30 CVLS Cells

2 x Mk. 40 Quadruple Torpedo Tubes
2 X Mounts for HMGs
Defenses2 x URD HPLR Laser
2 x Lightning CIMS
UDR Striker ECM Suite
Decoy/Flare Launchers
12 x IWI Torpedo Decoys

Graphene protection over key areas
Sensors and Processing SystemsIMI PAR-17 Long-Range Multi-Function 3D Radar
IMI SUR-78 Encrypted Satellite Uplink
IMI GTS-101 Gun Targeting System
IMI OIST-11 Optical Surveillance System
IMI HFP-43 Hull-Mounted Sonar
IMI HFTS-37 Towed Sonar Array
IMI AMRS-43 Helicopter Carried Multi-Function Radar
IMI LRAS-40 Helicopter Carried Long-Range Active Sonar
Displacement12.5k tons
Length190 meters
Beam20 meters
PropulsionIHI D10I Nuclear Reactor
CMC Electric Motors
CMC Generators
2 x Stealth Propellers
Top Speed33.7 knots
RangeTheoretically unlimited
Compliment230 crew
Vehicles Carried1 x IHI UAV Bulldog Helicopter Drone
2 x Reconnaissance drones
2 x 8m RHIB
FacilitiesLarge Hangar for up to 1 large helicopter, or 2 medium helicopters.
NotesAdditional Images: Open hatched/doors, Side view, Top down view

The Visby Class was designed in response to a request from BASED +IE Co. We believe our design to not only meet, but exceed the client’s requirements for a Guided Missile Cruiser.

The Visby is a highly adaptable combat vessel, allowing it to take on land, surface, undersea, and air targets. It has plenty of room for additional weapons and systems, allowing the client to easily modify the Visby for any sort of role.

The offensive capabilities of the Visby not only meet, but exceed the requested offensive requirements. With 160 vertical launch cells, and 64 vertical launch cruise missile cells, the Visby greatly exceeds the capabilities of the US’s Ticonderoga class of vessels. Additionally our 255mm AGS (Advanced Gun System) Railgun, MMML (Multi Mission Missile Launcher), and HPLR Laser defense system bring much greater firepower and capabilities compared to traditional vessels such as the Ticonderoga Class.

The Visby’s hull was designed with a layer of EMP-absorbent material, and critical systems are protected by additional protective material. Further, the ship is equipped with graphene spall liners and graphene armor plates around critical systems such as the reactor, CIC, engines, and ammo storage. VLS are designed to explode outward from the ship, preventing possible complete destruction. Our systems have also been integrated with analogue controls, allowing the vessel to be navigated even when operating on back-up power.

Due to the client requesting more analogue systems, IHI decided to use traditional propellers for propulsion. These propellers have been designed with reduce noise signature in mind while also maintaining speed and efficiency. The requirement for a high sustainable speed has also been met, our reactors can output high power for extended periods of time, allowing you to use all systems at full power without a worry.

The Visby has the ability to launch and recover 2 8 meter RHIBs, a IHI UAV Bulldog Helicopter Drone and 2 Reconnaissance drones. It has hangar space for 1 large helicopter or 2 medium helicopters comfortably. Additional helicopters can be stored on the deck and held in even bad weather. The deck is also equipped with 10 ton cranes that can be lifted from the deck hydraulically.

On each side, the Visby has 2 bays, the rear RHIB bay and the forward bay. The forward bays house the torpedo tube launcher. The RHIB bays have a specially designed system to launch and recover RHIBs, and are almost exclusively used for such, but UUVs and other small drones or boats can be launched and recovered here, allowing the Visby to even have mine-clearing capabilities. The torpedo launchers in the forward bays can be easily moved out of the way in order to provide more room. This bay is where the ship is resupplied and serves as a general area for crew in order to get fresh air and relax.

The rear of the vessel is where the towed and “dropped” countermeasures are, this is also where the towed sonar is. The rear launchers can release torpedo decoys, ship decoys, and noisemakers.

A last minute addition adds a low-level AI to the vessel to increase automation and combat efficiency. This will also allow the vessel a degree of anonymity, allowing it to react to damage and automatically intercept incoming munitions. As well as automatically change the vessel’s route, direction, and speed in order to achieve efficient movement or to avoid collisions.

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