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Postby Ko-oren » Sat May 18, 2019 4:01 am

Rugby Union - Season 27


First, let's look at how we did last year. Well, we couldn't have been more right, in a sense, because we said there were no clear favourites to win the title and there were no outright contenders. Instead, we dumped four teams into the Second Tier for high-flyers: the ImageIdyllwild Coronae, the ImageLlandy Bulls, the ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix and the ImageMaynard Andromeda. The top three was made up of three of these teams, with the exception of ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix who finished 8th. The other three all qualified for the finals, with the ImageLlandy Bulls eventually winning it all. We were right about there being no clear favourites, as a further two teams came very close to spoiling the top 3 party.

Instead of looking at the tiers, which will look a lot like last year's as there isn't a lot of movement between teams and a lot of teams are fairly equal, let's look at each team's three additions this year. Every year, every team may add three players to their team who can play from day 1. Every addition after that may only play the second half of the season. All of these players come from the second divisions or the development league. Let's say this: there is a lot of talent and teams mostly addressed their needs, but barely any team was successful in signing three key additions. The ImageGreencaster Galaxy had one immediate upgrade, one depth player and we just don't see this third signing, and the same goes for ImageMaynard Andromeda, ImageWillowbourne Foxes, ImageAnsonville Comets. Probably the best trio are coming to the ImageTarrashall Travellers, with probably the best addition of them all, as well as two depth players. The ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix went solely by need in terms of position, but these are players that we couldn't be to enthusiastic about. Every other team falls somewhere between these extremes. The ImagePenstead Bears probably had the second best choices, choosing three players that are starting-XV-quality but not necessarily future national teamers.

This time around, we're going to discuss the teams without putting them in tiers.
ImageAnsonville Comets The worst spine in the Union, but making up for that by putting good players in nearly every other position. The forwards are fine and there is a lot of talent in the back, but getting the ball there in the right time and place is too hard for this team most of the time. Masahiko Morimoto, switched from League, is a huge upgrade at centre.
ImageAubury Swans Decent weight in the scrum but very top-heavy. Proper halves and alright backs, but no stars to carry this team in a pinch. 70 out of 80 minutes should not be a problem for this team, but maintaining a tiny lead or winning from behind needs character sometimes, and I have my suspicions about this team.
ImageEaglebury Aquila have put some decent players next to worse ones, but keeping the incredible duo of Whithingham at halfback and Sheehan on the wing intact. That duo will have to carry this team once again, though this time there are fewer weak spots.
ImageGreencaster Galaxy what a signing. Going from one of the most unreliable halves to scouting one in rugby league, and nailing the contract. Greencaster, as a big city team, have to perform every single year and this is probably just about the biggest turnaround possible through a single choice, including attacking structures involving a lot of options, carrying over from the francophone rugby league teams. Ba Vasseur might just take the Union by storm.
ImageIdyllwild Coronae they've mostly added weight to their team, in order to be among the top few teams for an extra year. The scrum will be a little better, but they've mostly kept the great players in a position to do well around the sides of the field. Solid additions, but no spectacular players - not that they need to, they still have Weddall, Alardice and Scenay in the second row, on the wing, and at fullback.
ImageLlandy Bulls also followed the example of keeping your best players and surrounding them with players who make fewer mistakes. yMhalmawm and yTewnchaeg remain Ko-oren's best forwards, but the entire scrum is now superb. The biggest missing link was at fullback, but they've now signed the very young yFfewlchewm to that position.
ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix poor additions, after a season where they've thoroughly disappointed. We can't exactly say that this team is much better than last year, but they're all still very young so if they can live up to last year's hype with last year's team + one year, they'll be better than 8th.
ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia again leaning fully on their backs, there is now a fullback to match the backline with Leauntherinthen. A bit of a mediocre roster for the rest of it, and there are about four players that could be replaced on a whim, but not enough quality to coach those guys or correct their errors.
ImageMaynard Andromeda this team continues to build slowly towards a better team. Even if some players are about to retire, they don't make haste to have one good season and jeopardise the future. Andromeda have always been a well-built team, and they even landed rugby league's Finisterran centre Viveiros - not a particularly spectacular player but a decent addition to their backs.
ImagePenstead Bears are also not a team of splashy signings and big ups and downs. The second biggest home advantage in the Union also helps, and their remote location also means that there is never a lot of pressure on the team - although there is a lot of local pride involved. Two effective players have been added, and the Bears are absolutely getting near top-6 material. yDdofcaech is their new half, not as good as Vasseur but better than most halves in the Union.
ImageTarrashall Travellers are the team with the largest home advantage and a lot of local feelings. The Travellers are often a fun team to watch, and in a land that should bring great forwards they have incredible firepower at the back instead. The Travellers have a hard time signing talent not from West Strand Riding given how far away they are to the rest of the country, but they once again have a respectable team. Bilaranora, the new fullback, immediately competes as one of the best fullbacks in the Union.
ImageWillowbourne Foxes like Greencaster, the Foxes always have to be good. Unlike Greencaster, they have no way to get there and they have made suspect decisions in new players once again. It's like this team is trying to be bland in a position where it's so easy to draw attention... Centre Carrington is the closest they get to being interesting.


KRUL                           Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 ImageMaynard Andromeda 22 12 3 7 337 261 +76 54 Grand Final
2 ImageAnsonville Comets 22 12 2 8 192 144 +48 52 Semifinals
3 ImagePenstead Bears 22 12 1 9 253 220 +33 50 Semifinals
4 ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia 22 12 0 10 220 230 −10 48
5 ImageGreencaster Galaxy 22 11 2 9 241 174 +67 48
6 ImageAubury Swans 22 11 2 9 190 162 +28 48
7 ImageIdyllwild Coronae 22 11 1 10 189 168 +21 46
8 ImageEaglebury Aquila 22 10 2 10 244 264 −20 44
9 ImageLlandy Bulls 22 10 1 11 237 256 −19 42
10 ImageTarrashall Travellers 22 9 1 12 156 193 −37 38
11 ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix 22 8 0 14 160 265 −105 32
12 ImageWillowbourne Foxes 22 6 1 15 205 287 −82 26


ImageAnsonville Comets 20–13 ImagePenstead Bears (HT 3-13)
Drop goals: 5' Morimoto, 66' White / 23' 39' yDdofcaech
Penalty Goals: - / -
Tries: 71' 78' Finnerty / 30' yBhaddras
Conversions: 71' 78' Morimoto / 30' yDdofcaech

Grand Final:
ImageMaynard Andromeda 11–21 ImageAnsonville Comets (HT 8-7)
Drop Goals: 48' Wilmer / -
Penalty Goals: 22' Wilmer / -
Tries: 18' Prater / 5' 55' Finnerty, 59' Morimoto
Conversions: - / 5' 59' Morimoto, 55' White


As suggested by the close standings, the average score this year was 10-10. Or rather, 10-9.9, which surprisingly still realised a very decent home win percentage (53%). As close as the average score is, home teams were the favourites, and away teams struggled to get points (40% wins). The remaining 7% were draws.

It's been extremely close all season, so the final matchday results have had a big impact:
ImageMaynard Andromeda 9–32 ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia - Mayara would've made it in if not for the Bears win, on H2H, with a negative PD! Huge service done by Andromeda.
ImageLlandy Bulls 17–10 ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix - no impact
ImageGreencaster Galaxy 13–6 ImageIdyllwild Coronae - kept the Coronae out, if it weren't for the Bears Galaxy would've been in.
ImageTarrashall Travellers 8–15 ImageAubury Swans - also kept the Swans in the conversation.
ImageEaglebury Aquila 7–24 ImageAnsonville Comets - secured the Comets.
ImagePenstead Bears 12–7 ImageWillowbourne Foxes - landed the Bears in the finals with a lot of teams just out! They were lucky to play the hapless Foxes at home on the last day.

For every team between 4th and 8th, there are multiple moments where a different bounce could've seen different finals, in every single game.


ImageAnsonville Comets 7–6 ImageGreencaster Galaxy
ImageGreencaster Galaxy 5–6 ImageAnsonville Comets - Here's the difference between the Galaxy in the finals versus Comets in the finals.

ImageGreencaster Galaxy 13–10 ImageWillowbourne Foxes
ImageWillowbourne Foxes 14–8 ImageGreencaster Galaxy - this derby has lost some of its shine, but even the Foxes in 12th get the upset. The Galaxy would have made the finals with the win...

ImageMaynard Andromeda 15–7 ImageIdyllwild Coronae
ImageIdyllwild Coronae 10–24 ImageMaynard Andromeda - Two wins for Andromeda, over contenders Coronae, there's how you secure first place.

ImageIdyllwild Coronae 0–5 ImageAubury Swans
ImageAubury Swans 7–3 ImageIdyllwild Coronae - with differences so tiny, two Swans wins landed them over the Coronae, and kept the Coronae out of the finals!

ImageMaynard Andromeda 16–0 ImageAubury Swans
ImageAubury Swans 10–0 ImageMaynard Andromeda - two one-sided games, one for each team.

State of Origin
Mawryshire 20 - 24 WSR
Surbourneshire 24 - 11 Gehrenna
Gehrenna 16 - 21 Mawryshire
WSR 17 - 18 Surbourneshire
WSR 22 - 33 Gehrenna
Surbourneshire 22 - 32 Mawryshire

MAW 2-1 +11
SRB 2-1 +4
GEH 1-2 -7
WSR 1-2 -8

Team of the Year

Props: Moore (ImageAnsonville Comets), Luckett (ImageMaynard Andromeda)
Hooker: yBhaddras (ImagePenstead Bears)
Second row: Knight (ImageMaynard Andromeda), Bashford (ImageAubury Swans)
Locks: yDdwffrell (ImagePenstead Bears), Meahon (ImageIdyllwild Coronae)
Eight: Atkinson (ImageAnsonville Comets)
Halves: Wilmer (ImageMaynard Andromeda), Vasseur (ImageGreencaster Galaxy)
Centres: Morimoto (ImageAnsonville Comets), Denrenaundhen (ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia)
Wings: Finnerty (ImageAnsonville Comets), Alardice (ImageIdyllwild Coronae)
Fullback: Ewell (ImageGreencaster Galaxy)

Dev Leagues
GWU: Seameet, WSU: Regenton, MU: Llandy
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Postby Ko-oren » Wed May 22, 2019 12:04 pm

Ko-orenite Football - Season 200

Everyone plays each other once. Every team comes from a single census area, or in the past, from a county. There have (almost) always been 48 of these. Winning two thirds of your games or more lands you in the finals - so there is a different number of finalists every year.

KorFOOT                    Pld    W   L 
1 Alara 47 38 9 - Round 2
2 Sydberg 47 37 10 - Round 2
yGladdfawr 47 37 10 - Round 2

4 Finisterre 47 36 11 - Round 1
5 Amillon 47 35 12 - Round 1
Heuveltuinen 47 35 12 - Round 1
7 Etena 47 34 13 - Round 1
Sterrenwolde 47 34 13 - Round 1
9 Katashi 47 33 14 - Round 1
Sudoren 47 33 14 - Round 1
11 Greencaster 47 32 15 - Round 1
Pays d'Amandine 47 32 15 - Round 1
Thornwich 47 32 15 - Round 1

14 Aminey 47 31 16
Anarcourt & Norille 47 31 16
16 West Strand Riding 47 30 17
17 Maethoru 47 29 18
Oren 47 29 18
Santa Teresa 47 29 18
20 Aerellen 47 27 20
21 Nordoren 47 25 22
Senoren 47 25 22
23 Laringerland 47 24 23
24 Auburylength 47 23 24
Gehrenna 47 23 24
Pays d'Étouille 47 23 24
Willowbourne 47 23 24
28 Schemerdrecht 47 22 25
29 Mayara 47 21 26
Penshaw 47 21 26
31 Burnet & Grainshire 47 19 28
32 Dawsbury 47 17 30
Nitoyagawa 47 17 30
34 Aviansolagawa 47 16 31
Idyllwildland 47 16 31
36 Ferrovente 47 15 32
Ouleux 47 15 32
Pays de Baie 47 15 32
39 Straudum 47 14 33
yDhinas 47 14 33
41 Aevanna 47 13 34
42 Albion & Argyle 47 12 35
Guildwood 47 12 35
44 Selesi 47 11 36
45 Angloren 47 10 37
Donkerburg & Keizerdal 47 10 37
Gemwright 47 10 37
48 Metalwright 47 8 39

Round 1
Finisterre def. by Thornwich
Amillon def. Pays d'Amandine
Heuveltuinen def. by Greencaster
Etena def. Sudoren
Sterrenwolde def. Katashi

Round 2
Alara def. Thornwich
Sydberg def. by Greencaster
yGladdfawr def. by Sterrenwolde
Amillon def. Etena

Round 3
Alara def. by Greencaster
Amillon def. by Sterrenwolde

Greencaster def. by Sterrenwolde

TEAM         1  2  3  4  5  6  TOTAL
Greencaster O X O 33 X O 3+33
Sterrenwolde O O X X O 39 3+39
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Postby Ko-oren » Thu May 30, 2019 11:07 am

Rugby League - Season 17

Starting with the end of last season, how accurate were the predictions last year? Did the Harriers and the Scorpions end up with the best spots? Did the Owls disappoint everyone?

Well, yes they did. The Harriers were the best team by far in the 22 regular games of the season, the Scorpions finished in third, and the Owls were 5 full wins away from 11th (out of 12). For the rest, we saw that there were a lot of just above-average teams that could very easily turn a decent season into a great one. Lots of teams went for energetic players that could turn around a game single-handedly, but it doesn't say much about the mental strength. It turned out that the Buffaloes had the right mix of everything at the right time, taking second place, focusing on forwards instead of backs, against the grain of the league, and getting rewarded for it. However, that's just the regular season. Then there were the playoffs, in which the Scorpions first upset the Buffaloes 18-19 (a first half drop goal, actually) - and then trashed the Harriers 30-10, making the Scorpions the grand champions of the year.

As most teams stay relatively the same from year to year, here are the best new signings since last season:
1) ImageAminey Owls: Asselin and Boudon, prop and lock. The Owls finally get back to what their forward pack should be like. There is so much talent up front in Cote Austral and somehow none of it landed with the Owls so far. Massive upgrade to a team that desperately needed talent.
2) ImageÉtouille Vultures: fullback Kaplan and centre Duchamp. Both were highly sought after, but nobody could imagine both signing with the same team. The Vultures mean business this year - but are among 4-5 teams that desperately need a star.
3) ImageNitoya Foxes: halfback Vamadate and fullback Jamakava, the Foxes have the spine needed to keep any game close. If the rest of the team shows up, the Foxes are in for a massively better year.
4) ImageFerrovente Scorpions: lock Van Ekkelkamp, winger Lista and halfback Vales. The Scorpions should remain among the top teams for the next 5 years with these kinds of sinings.
5) ImageKatashi Wasps: with hooker Okazaki, the Wasps have done what it took to eclipse the Hawks. More forward talent from Leleia, out of nowhere.

Other notable players:
- ImageAlara Spiders centre Ffwllnhil yLleorrhag. Switched from Union to League, would be an immediate upgrade at the position with any team.
- ImageKatashi Hawks: prop Vakasugi. Forward talent is few and far between in the Japanophone lands, but here is one that commanded attention from everywhere.
- ImageLinieux Harriers: halfback Bourseiller, the creativity needed to propel this team to the top once again, and this time win the final.

KRL                      Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 ImageFerrovente Scorpions 22 18 0 4 564 385 +179 72 - Grand Final
2 ImageSanta Teresa Sabres 22 15 0 7 509 433 +76 60 - Semifinal
3 ImageLinieux Harriers 22 13 0 9 512 404 +108 52 - Semifinal
4 ImageKatashi Wasps 22 12 1 9 502 423 +79 50
5 ImageEtena Vipers 22 10 2 10 484 456 +28 44
6 ImageAlara Spiders 22 10 0 12 428 459 −31 40
7 ImageAminey Owls 22 9 1 12 451 446 +5 38
8 ImageSelesi Dragons 22 9 1 12 453 480 −27 38
9 ImageKatashi Hawks 22 9 0 13 427 478 −51 36
10 ImageAminey Buffaloes 22 9 0 13 414 524 −110 36
11 ImageNitoya Foxes 22 8 1 13 425 514 −89 34
12 ImageÉtouille Vultures 22 6 2 14 399 566 −167 28

ImageSanta Teresa Sabres 24–16 ImageLinieux Harriers (6-12 HT)
Tries: '31 '48 '51 '58 Canlas / '5 Brunet '12 Bourseiller '61 Cousteau
Conversions: '31 '48 Arceo '51 '58 Rodas / '5 '12 Bourseiller
Penalty goals:

Grand Final
ImageFerrovente Scorpions 14–22 ImageSanta Teresa Sabres (10-8 HT)
Tries: '20 H. Vales '39 '76 Lista / '2 Rodas '46 Mira '72 Canlas
Conversions: '20 Saavedra / '46 Mira '72 Rodas
Penalty goals: - / '18 '29 '58 Arceo

The derby final, on Ferrovente soil... won by Santa Teresa. Can't make this up even if you tried.

Well, it's back to the drawing board for the Étouille Vultures. This looked like it could be their year at the start of the season, but every single team easily overpowered them, and they're the only team to score fewer than 400 points, as well as concede over 550. On the other side, the ImageSanta Teresa Sabres surprised everyone with their incredible comeback, as well as staying a full two wins ahead of the next team. The ImageFerrovente Scorpions won it all, and between the top two, this has been Finisterre's year. They even won State of Origin... the smallest Rugby League state of all has been absolutely dominant.

The ImageKatashi Wasps came just short of a postseason appearance, and that on the back of a single good offseason. The Katashi teams are on their way up, and the Wasps more than all. Next up are the Vipers and Spiders, the two 'northern' teams, in another decent showing. Neither can figure out how to break into the semifinals, but neither ever finishes beneath 8th, it feels like. Incredibly stable teams. The Owls go from 12th to 7th, so that's their season complete.

Total number of games: 132
Number of home wins: 80, so 60.6% of games ended in a home win
Number of away wins: 48, so 36.4% of games ended in an away win
Number of draws: 4, so 3% of games ended in a draw
Total number of points: 5568
Home points: 3050
Away points: 2518
Average number of points scored by the home team: 23.11
Average number of points scored by the away team: 19.08
Average number of total points scored per game: 42.18

Panic mode started in week three with just two points so far, off decent and improved teams. The next two weeks stabilised the mood somewhat, but going for five straight games without a win after that not only dashed their playoff hopes, they also sprang a set of panic moves by the Vultures' staff. They took the two wins in three weeks as a sign they did well... then they lost seven straight. This is a class on what you don't do when things don't go your way.

Come on, you only read this because you want to know who the Scorpions lost to. Here goes: the Hawks (30-10), the Owls (20-16), the Harriers (36-6), and the Wasps (24-18), all were away games. For some reason, both Katashi teams got the better of Ferrovente. The Owls and Hawks punched well above their weight in this one.

Things looked all amazing come the season half. Nine wins, two losses, and only behind the Scorpions who were 10-1 at that point(!!) and ahead of the Sabres at 8-3. The rest of the league was well off (Wasps, 4th place, 5-6). Then they just, stopped. Four wins in the remaining 11 games... and now the Harriers look like a team that is going to lose the semifinal straight away. What a collapse.


ImageSelesi Dragons 20–24 ImageLinieux Harriers
ImageLinieux Harriers 13–28 ImageSelesi Dragons - The Harriers get the last laugh, though.

ImageSanta Teresa Sabres 16–24 ImageFerrovente Scorpions
ImageFerrovente Scorpions 22–20 ImageSanta Teresa Sabres - This derby has never been more relevant. Two contenders for game of the year.

ImageKatashi Hawks 18–22 ImageKatashi Wasps
ImageKatashi Wasps 28–10 ImageKatashi Hawks - The Wasps showcase just how much more they've improved than their citymates.

ImageAlara Spiders 28–12 ImageKatashi Hawks
ImageKatashi Hawks 24–12 ImageAlara Spiders - Two alright games, lack of spectacle.

ImageAminey Buffaloes 24–22 ImageAminey Owls
ImageAminey Owls 34–6 ImageAminey Buffaloes - The Owls showcase just how much more they've improved than their citymates.

ImageKatashi Wasps 36–6 ImageAlara Spiders
ImageAlara Spiders 34–18 ImageKatashi Wasps - Alara can't win them all.

State of Origin
Cote Austral - Finisterre 6-30
Yoshima - Leleia 18-18

Leleia - Cote Austral 20-28
Finisterre - Yoshima 16-15

Yoshima - Cote Austral 26-34
Leleia - Finisterre 28-12

Finisterre:   2-0-1
Cote Austral: 2-0-1
Leleia: 1-1-1
Yoshima: 0-1-2

Team of the Year

Props: Bran (Scorpions), Bonnet (Harriers)
Hooker: R. Mira (Sabres)
Second rowers: Rodas (Sabres), Levasseur (Owls)
Lock: Nagao (Wasps)
Halves: Saavedra (Scorpions), Bourseiller (Harriers)
Wings: Kamizumi (Wasps), Nakazono (Vipers)
Centres: Canlas (Sabres), Brunet (Harriers)
Fullback: Higuchi (Dragons)

Dev Leagues
Yoshima League: Aviansola. Cote Austral-Finisterre League: Vionne
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Postby Ko-oren » Sat Jul 20, 2019 3:12 am

Semi-professional and amateur sports - Season 5

Ice Hockey

KIHL                          Pld    W   D   L    Win % 
1 Egevea Islanders 44 27 7 10 0.693
2 Aevanna Plains Wanderers 44 24 8 12 0.636
3 Aevanna Scouts 44 22 9 13 0.602
4 Straudum Ice 44 25 3 16 0.602
5 Launott Polar Bears 44 24 4 16 0.591
6 West Coast Blizzards 44 23 6 15 0.591
7 Egevea Northerners 44 21 5 18 0.534
8 Southwest Aevanna Rangers 44 19 6 19 0.500
9 Noordrug Bi-state 44 19 4 21 0.477
10 Aevanna Explorers 44 12 5 27 0.330
11 Aevanna Bay Mariners 44 8 4 32 0.227
12 South Aevanna Storm 44 5 9 30 0.216

In a weak year for the competition, only a few teams manage to improve enough to be contenders. West Coast is always up there, as are the Scouts, this year joined by the Islanders and the Plains Wanderers.

In the end, the West Coast Blizzards fall back quite a bit but manage to win over 50%. the Islanders run away with the league, followed by the other contenders. Straudum Ice hold on to last year's quality and finish above 60%. The entire top eight goes .500 or over, courtesy of a few dreadful teams at the bottom and it'll be hard to see them do much better over the next few years - but that's sports for you. South Aevanna win 5 out of 44, the worst team of the last decade. Aevanna Bay win 8 out of 44, the fourth lowest total of the last decade.

Field Hockey

KFHL                       Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Rozenvoorde 22 16 4 2 52 29 +23 52
2 Wintertoorn-S'drecht 22 11 7 4 42 26 +16 40
3 Vleugelberg 22 12 4 6 41 29 +12 40
4 April 22 11 4 7 48 36 +12 37
5 Sterrenwolde 22 10 5 7 46 27 +19 35
6 Angelwoud 22 10 4 8 36 29 +7 34
7 Oostgemeenten-S'drecht 22 7 8 7 44 36 +8 29
8 Laringen 22 8 5 9 37 44 −7 29
9 Venstertoren 22 8 2 12 29 38 −9 26
10 Herengein-S'drecht 22 6 4 12 28 49 −21 22
11 Donderen-S'drecht 22 3 7 12 31 50 −19 16
12 Hazel-Amber 22 2 2 18 20 61 −41 8

Hazel-Amber lose a huge amount of players and their championship window is now clearly over. They all move to either Wintertoorn-S'drecht or Sterrenwolde, who are both now incredibly improved teams capable of getting that title. It'll be one of them, or Oostgemeenten-S'drecht, after being so close last year. Rozenvoorde hold on to most of their championship team and are ready for a repeat.

In fact, they do repeat. By 12 points, even, and lose just two for the entire year. Wintertoorn-S'drecht and Vleugelberg come closest, but they have absolutely nothing on ruthlessly strong Rozenvoorde. The other contenders disappoint heavily, and Hazel-Amber fall to last place as expected.


KLL                           Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD    Win % 
1 Anarcourt 11 8 0 3 159 108 +51 0.727
2 Sydberg - Greencaster 11 7 2 2 136 112 +24 0.727
3 Windward - Greencaster 11 7 0 4 132 123 +9 0.636
4 Cirelbourne 11 6 0 5 133 135 −2 0.545
5 Marinwood 11 6 0 5 126 139 −13 0.545
6 Bruncester 11 5 1 5 139 127 +12 0.500
7 Cresthill - Willowbourne 11 5 0 6 124 130 −6 0.455
8 Thornwich - Greencaster 11 5 1 5 114 122 −8 0.500
9 Ansonville 11 4 1 6 116 115 +1 0.409
10 Norille 11 3 2 6 123 134 −11 0.364
11 Maynard 11 3 0 8 136 163 −27 0.273
12 Dalmington - Willowbourne 11 3 1 7 121 151 −30 0.318

The Lacrosse season is short and sweet, and mostly is a battle between the two largest cities of the country. The Lacrosse league enjoys some popularity in cities and towns alike, even in such a saturated (though densely populated) area. Most teams are from Greencaster or Willowbourne, and Lacrosse is the most urban sport of all by this measure. Anarcourt win the league over Sydberg on goal difference and number of wins, and we have had one of the closest competitions in a while. Even Windward were in it until the end, but Anarcourt won 12-4 and improved their GD some more.


KBL                                 Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Mayara Blues 44 36 8 3660 3032 +628
2 Lunay-Aminey Argonauts 44 33 11 3561 3105 +456
3 Miradela-Santa Teresa Silvers 44 30 14 3462 3244 +218
4 Étouille Energie 44 29 15 3553 3189 +364
5 Senoren White Diamonds 44 27 17 3390 3201 +189
6 Ouleux-Aminey Sapphires 44 25 19 3328 3243 +85
7 Montelo-Santa Teresa Snipers 44 22 22 3318 3388 −70
8 Couziers-Linieux Centurions 44 21 23 3322 3433 −111
9 Gehrenna Lions 44 18 26 3280 3470 −190
10 Serramonte-Santa Teresa Castles 44 11 33 3134 3555 −421
11 Maethoru Banshees 44 6 38 2982 3554 −572
12 Ferrovente Tazers 44 6 38 3032 3608 −576

The Basketball League is small but spread out across Ko-oren's southern bay coast. Between the capitals (Mayara, Gehrenna, Maethoru, Senoren), the contrarian cities in Cote Austral (Couziers, Ouleux, Lunay, Étouille), and the religious cities of Finisterre (Miradela, Serramonte, Ferrovente, Montelo), there are some clashing ideas about how sports should be enjoyed. Étouille have the best offseason, attracting some good players while the top all lose a culture-defining player to retirement.

However, it's the Mayara Blues who come away with the title, almost keeping their points allowed under 3000! The entire contingent placed 4th to 6th last year move up three spots. Mayara, Lunay-Aminey and Miradela-Santa Teresa. The Banshees find themselves near the bottom once again and hope for the offseason Étouille had.


KYKL                  Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Nitoya 22 20 2 1085 625 +460
2 Alara 22 15 7 1017 780 +237
3 Katashi East 22 15 7 984 788 +196
4 Furune 22 12 10 1004 820 +184
5 Teragaseki 22 12 10 884 810 +74
6 Aonishi 22 12 10 930 938 −8
7 Lejana 22 12 10 834 848 −14
8 Suvira 22 10 12 846 1003 −157
9 Echizen 22 8 14 832 922 −90
10 Katashi West 22 8 14 800 969 −169
11 Arakura 22 6 16 759 1024 −265
12 Aviansola 22 2 20 610 1058 −448

Kabaddi is quietly becoming the sports enthusiast's guilty pleasure, and the venues of Yoshima are filling up accordingly. That said, sponsor income falls by a significant margin and the talent level drops significantly as well. Nitoya are quietly dominating this league and take the championship by FIVE wins over a 22-game season! Alara and Katashi East keep the damage to a minimum, but one has to wonder what Aviansola are doing.

Aussie Rules

KMARL                 Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts 
1 yMhinem 20 15 0 5 2000 1731 +269 60
2 Mawrystwyth 20 13 0 7 2130 1726 +404 52
3 Penstead 20 9 0 11 1888 1877 +11 36
4 yDremdwn 20 9 0 11 1744 1839 −95 36
5 Llandy 20 8 1 11 1736 1824 −88 34
6 yNelseg 20 5 1 14 1725 2226 −501 22

1 Aralla 20 14 0 6 2348 1802 +546 56
2 Myaranowra 20 13 0 7 2226 1693 +533 52
3 Tarrashall 20 13 0 7 2147 1786 +361 52
4 Eaglebury 20 11 0 9 2055 1850 +205 44
5 Jillong 20 6 0 14 1715 2469 −754 24
6 Nyashawill 20 3 0 17 1547 2438 −891 12

Aussie Rules is the best kept secret of the west coast, and even though the towns are small, the sport is taken very seriously. Field sizes do depend on the ground - not every town has a large enough flat space. The top teams are really running away from the rest this year, with yMhinem and Mawrystwyth ruling over the KMARL. Aralla win a highly contested KWSRARL, just over Myaranowra and Tarrashall. New teams fall to the bottom, so at least there is some movement. The top teams look hard to beat over the next 5 years, though.

yMhinem 19.12.126 def. Aralla 13.9.87

yMhinem's best record in the league gives them home advantage for the final! In a high scoring match, the home team are clearly a full few sizes larger than their opponents and Aralla can't play as advertised.
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Gridiron Season 45 - Previews

This offseason, we saw multiple rarities: moves between teams. Usually, a player is picked up by one of twelve teams, stuck in the D-league (Developmental League) for a while (maximum of four years), then in the second division, all on teams that are affiliated with the team in the pros. If a player does not pan out, they are usually swapped, traded, sold or fired from the D-league team, or from the second division team, but rarely from the professional team. The farm system has about 4-5 years of video on most players trying to go pro, so most of the time, the only players on the roster for the professional teams are players that have been picked and prepared for anywhere between 1-6, or even more years. Trades are a luxury problem only rarely encountered, and this year it happened because some teams moved away from some fan favourite players.

Ko-oren Bowl losing quarterback Fullmore moves from the 14-2 65ers to the 4-12 Saints, as the 65ers pin their future on a new draftee: Kjell Enkwist from the Salamantic Professors of NSCF fame. The Saints have a gap at QB from their old signalcaller retiring after last year. More QB news: draftee Aalander, fresh in the (6-9-1) Astronauts' system, was moved to the (12-3-1) Ko-oren Bowl winning Destroyers before seeing a regular season snap! The Destroyers' Bowl win didn't rely on a quarterback and it doesn't look like they will this year either.

For other positions, Reinsma has been a more than passable option at safety for the Admirals, and will now strengthen the Caspians' secondary, which is now taking on scary forms. The Dragonflies have dealt around the league, sending off their disappointing TE and acquiring one from the Emperors, while also securing a punter as special teams around the league are shaping up. Lastly, the Explosions now have an intimidating offensive line with the addition of C Welsh. Winners of the offseason seem to be the Dragonflies, adding two immediate impact players (punters are people too!!).

QB Fullmore 65ers -> Saints
QB Aalander Astronauts -> Destroyers
SS Reinsma Admirals -> Caspians
K Eiren Explosions -> Astronauts
TE Kagageera Emperors -> Dragonflies
TE Goudveld Dragonflies -> Godspeed
P yPenmheos Centaurs -> Dragonflies
P Redsmith Saints -> 65ers
C Welsh Saints -> Explosions

TE Gardet Godspeed -> RETIRED
C Tarabel Explosions -> RETIRED

And now for the preseason power rankings, which take on a different form every year:
ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers
Offence: a great, though hard to manoeuver offensive line should keep newly acquired QB Enkwist clean. They will need to, because Enkwist really only has TE Van Luttert to throw to. Plenty of youth in this team, so they should remain good for a while. RB Galway is one of the best rushers in the league, so there are a lot of options here. Passing will be somewhat of an issue, though.
Defence: The defence consists of a wildly inconsistent line, with national teamers Maatman and Braakjans, but also rookie (and candidate to not be in the league for long) Neenyah. There's not much at linebacker, and the secondary really only has national hero CB Ensink.
Overall: Very decent offence with plenty of options, just lacking receiver depth. The defence relies on pressure by Braakjans and Maatman - if the opponent can get them out of the way, nothing will stop you.
ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals
Offence: On the line, everything is alright. It's not the best unit in the league, but it will be far from the worst either. Right tackle is a liability, lots of shifting of players to and from this position in preseason. They seem to go for Carpentier. There is not much to pass protect, QB De Croon lacks talent but is still first choice. RB Mannussen, TE Klijn and WR Aidivan show that there is talent at the skill positions, but will that be enough to mask other issues? There are too many question marks here.
Defence: Players are hitting their best years, from DE Binnenpoorte, to MLB Ramsbottom, Salamantic Professor SS Turaundhinthen. The latter two are rookies, and that suggests that the Admirals have probably gotten the best rookies this offseason. The bad thing is that they have these unproven players to rely on and outside of this core, quality varies.
Overall: Lots of question marks on both sides of the field. Well addressed in the offseason, but it doesn't seem to be enough to turn the team around.
ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
Offence: Poor offensive line which means that QB Reeman (top 3 QB) will have to get rid of the ball quickly. He has new TE Kagageera, WR Schoolhendrik, and there's definitely some upside to rookie RB Olink too. To be honest, despite the new arrivals, there is still a lot to improve on this offence. If anything, Reeman is the perfect man for the job, but this team needs to give him better options. Skill positions are not great, not terrible.
Defence: In the front 7, four are likely future Hall of Famers, or at least Hall of Very Gooders. The defensive line is stellar (DE Bakker, DT Avink), with Bakker likely on his last good years. MLB Fokke is one of the pillars of the World Bowl winning NT. Safeties are incredible ball hawks from FS Kadwell (just 19 years old, huge talent) and SS Dollen (led the World Bowl NT in interceptions). CB Ecaliris is looking to be making his first NT appearance soon, too. Lack of depth, but that's alright.
Overall: Unimpressive offence, but that defence is easily best of the league. New additions seem to have strengthened the defence, that which was already good, and the offence remains ignored. QB Reeman has won a World Bowl for his team, can he bring the Dragonflies to glory too?
ImageAminey Caspians
Offence: QB Sylvestre has a few good options, from WR Lokaguthen to WR Crozier, and Aminey seems to always find receivers in a league so devoid of receiving talent. This team makes a single-dimension passing offence possible, and honestly it's the only thing keeping them afloat. There is no running game here. The line is composed of greats and then a few players that would find it hard to get employed at other teams...
Defence: They have addressed depth more than any other team. For the linebackers, they have a massive unit but lack a star. The entire defence should be doing just fine, but there is no star pass rusher or ballhawk to turn the ball over to. The defensive line is very good, but not the best in the league. If anything, fumbles will have to come from there. Other than that, it won't be easy to score on this D either.
Overall: Wildly inconsistent team, with several upsides and individual stars. The defence is fine, but will struggle against well-prepared teams.
ImageNoordrug Astronauts
Offence: High personnel counts will have to do it, just like the national team, as there is little receiving talent on the Astronauts. TE Antonsen is an upside, as is RB Svenszoon, all while QB Plasman really isn't bad at all. Plasman is often passed up, but he might challenge the top 3 of quarterbacks. The line is fine, but might be directionless with 21-year old unproven C Hofstad.
Defence: Pressure comes from OLBs Holmgroen and Ehrenkorn, but the rest of the front 7 won't impress much. Two new players on the line, DT Ruijtenberg and DT Bicker look way out of place. The secondary has something at least, with CB Nieuwstroom and FS Eisenman. That won't be enough, though.
Overall: The Astronauts have a 12th player on the field in the form of home advantage, especially when those cold, cold northern winters kick in. Apart from that, this team has a talent issue. There is plenty of good on this team, but it is too easy to pick on the worse points.
ImageAerellen Explosions
Offence: There was some commotion on the national team as QB Arerira appealed for extra playing time. We now know why: it's not like he can show what he can do with this starved receiving corps. WR Varafin is alright, TE Voorhorst should be the big man as a blocker, receiver and general jack of all trades, but he's new in this unit. Arerira loves to run, and has a stable of running backs (Alaraicia, Westergroen) to help him too. One of the better offensive lines in the league turns this into a run-first, pass-never offence.
Defence: Every single player on the defence is a fine role player - but not more than that. Don't get me wrong, they should all be good additions to any of the 11 other teams, and they work very well together, but there's nobody to step up and lead this unit. CB Aemino does most of that, but he's only 21. DT Verian might do that as well, but he didn't even make the national team. DE Asafala might, as the most senior player here. The linebackers and secondary aren't too impressive.
Overall: If you thought the Astronauts had home advantage in the cold, think again. The Explosions' stadium is open, further north, further east, and the team knows that running works, and passing doesn't. That said, it's very onedimensional, and half the season consists of away games. The defence won't subtract much from this, but won't add much either.
ImageEaglebury Emperors
Offence: The Emperors have taken their rivals (Centaurs) idea for an offence and are currently perfecting it. The line is serviceable, definitely among the top 50% in the league, with QB Parkes making the game look easy, throwing to newly attracted WR Junga, Salamantic Professor TE Suthmeer, and now the Emperors have a sneaky good offence. Running will be an issue, but they didn't do that much to begin with.
Defence: The stars have stayed, SS Minjarrah, DT Farrier, OLB Darknoll. The rest are doing just fine, from nice additions at cornerback (Wongar, Nakada) that have the energy to stay with good receivers all day. They might be a little soft in the middle, but there's enough around them to hide that.
Overall: The Emperors have gone from middle-of-the-pack to contenders in one offseason, through a great multi-year plan and good targets in the offseason. They will be postseason candidates.
ImageMawryshire Centaurs
Offence: It all starts with the quarterback, as they say, and the Centaurs currently don't have one under contract that can play the pass-happy game the Centaurs are known for. QB yThollhas is definitely not the worst passer in the league, but TE Pwlh and WR ySarrwdd deserve better. With RB yGwmrwll, not selected for the national team for some reason, and C ySegrwm and OT yPeolewf, there is enough of good support to make this something. Unfortunately, the line isn't strong everywhere and the question whether they can pass enough to sustain drives remains.
Defence: They added a surprise to their roster in rookie DE Sugimoto: one of very, very few Japanese-speaking players in the league, ever. Sugimoto grew up on rugby league but made the switch sometime around the start of his college education, and is touted as a possible national teamer soon. Behind him, there is an up-and-down group of linebackers, and a downright poor secondary. The defence will cost this team.
Overall: The offence should be fine, though maybe a little predictable by midseason. The defence is a huge liability and we cannot see them win much with it. Special teams are alright, with K yTantews and P Tadhinthen (from the Professors).
ImageMayara Wolves
Offence: The typical run-first element is still here, with RB Zanonthen and bulky QB Loder, supported by a wide range of TEs to create more potential running lanes. TE Maret should be the man going forward for them, with plenty of depth around him. WR Junstarin is a welcome target for Loder. The line doesn't reflect their running game, with only C Thalkurinden up to snuff.
Defence: The strong 4-3 defence has been improved some more. DE Payne and DT Sjouwman were added from the D-league, and it should immediately make this D-line an intimdating one. Adding OLB Dauntaringun and MLB Kinportinden makes the entire front 7 well over average, with an underwhelming secondary beyond that.
Overall: R Garsasunthen gives this team a nice extra dimension. This team is not bad in any position but still feels very incomplete. They might challenge for the postseason, but in an alternate universe they could find themselves near the bottom of their division as well.
ImageMayara Destroyers
Offence: Take last year's Ko-oren Bowl winner, and it wouldn't surprise you that there is still a lot to like. They were forced to use a new QB, Aalander, which is a downgrade, but otherwise it's mostly the same team - but there will be some retiring after this year or the next. The line is fine from C Likathinden to OT Tathinden, running support from RB Jurethen is fantastic, depth is well done, WR Whitlock and TE Tharadhen are some of the best catchers in the league. This offence is good - as long as Aalander can do something with this.
Defence: The defence is mostly the same, so it will still be a huge unit this year. DT Rushadhin for tackles for a loss, RS Mesjathaunden with the interceptions, OLB Gunmothinden with a huge national team effort.
Overall: This team is slightly worse from last year, and special teams weren't a selling point either. Still, they're pretty much a lock for the postseason.
ImageGreencaster Godspeed
Offence: There isn't much to see here, apart from RB Thorebourne continuing to put the unit on his shoulders. WR Turner is a much needed extra, but now to see whether QB Whistling can deliver the ball to him at all. They won't get much help from the line, although C Penn isn't a liability.
Defence: The young defence will have to provide the points for the Godspeed. The line is solid, especially with just 22-year old DE Burton, incredible middle linebacker play from Casey and Nottle (Casey might be on his last or second-last year) and a serviceable secondary with CB Knight and FS Wheelwright.
Overall: This team isn't great, will struggle to get points on the board but might be able to stop a few offences. They deserve a little more recognition for taking special teams this seriously. Returner Bronsvoord and K Bennett will decide games for them.
ImageWillowbourne Saints
Offence: The Saints had the addition of the year with QB Fullmore. He'll be asked to do a lot to get this team with a deep losing record up to .500 and above. The line is absolutely awesome, from C Gavreau, to OG McLelland and OT Schildwacht, he has targets in WR Harrington and TE Barbary, and there's rushing help from RB Hellyer. The Saints have put together an offence, and only needed one offseason to do so.
Defence: It's a different story defensively. The line is prone to get pushed around, the linebackers are anywhere from ok to unimpressive, and the secondary has a lot to be desired. Their additions will help, but there is no one to step up and change a game single-handedly here. CB Dwyer, maybe, or ex-Professor FS Fortuin.
Overall: This is a hard to like team. On the one hand, there's something here, especially on the offence. This is a young team apart from Fullmore, and if they can find a quarterback in a few years' time they can go places. This year, I just don't see them do much.

The 65ers and Destroyers remain the league's best teams, despite things going a bit south for them. The Dragonflies and Emperors are new challengers, and there are plenty of middle-of-the-pack teams that could be a nice surprise. The Admirals, Explosions and Centaurs feel much too unprepared to do much.

Contenders: 65ers, Destroyers
Pretenders: Dragonflies, Emperors
Middle of the pack: Caspians, Astronauts, Godspeed, Saints, Wolves
Not finishing last: Admirals, Explosions, Centaurs
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Gridiron Season 45 - Regular Season

In the regular season, each club will play their division home and away, and the teams in the other division once: three home and three away. Informally, the season is divided into two sections: the first phase, where every club plays each other club once, and then the second phase, which has the divisional matchups' second legs.

KGL                              Pld    W   D   L    Win %    Win % 
1 ImageMayara Destroyers 11 10 0 1 0.909 0.909
2 ImageEaglebury Emperors 11 8 0 3 0.727 0.727
3 ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers 11 8 0 3 0.727 0.727
4 ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies 11 7 0 4 0.636 0.636
5 ImageNoordrug Astronauts 11 5 2 4 0.545 0.556
6 ImageAerellen Explosions 11 5 1 5 0.500 0.500
7 ImageMayara Wolves 11 4 2 5 0.455 0.444
8 ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals 11 4 2 5 0.455 0.444
9 ImageAminey Caspians 11 3 0 8 0.273 0.273
10 ImageWillowbourne Saints 11 3 0 8 0.273 0.273
11 ImageGreencaster Godspeed 11 2 2 7 0.273 0.222
12 ImageMawryshire Centaurs 11 2 1 8 0.227 0.200

The four most hyped clubs from the preseason have at least stayed true to their projections in the first 11 games. The Destroyers are near-perfect, losing only the Round 2-game against the 65ers. The Emperors finish second and are provisionally second in the Western division. After that, we get four Eastern division teams, from the 65ers, then the Dragonflies, and then two teams that are a little further behind in the race, the Astronauts and Explosions. The other teams are more or less eliminated, a lot will have to go right for any of the 4-win teams to make it.

WEST                             Pld    W   D   L    Win %    Win % 
1 ImageMayara Destroyers 5 5 0 0 1.000 1.000
2 ImageMayara Wolves 5 4 0 1 0.800 0.800
3 ImageEaglebury Emperors 5 2 0 3 0.400 0.400
4 ImageMawryshire Centaurs 5 2 0 3 0.400 0.400
5 ImageWillowbourne Saints 5 1 0 4 0.200 0.200
6 ImageGreencaster Godspeed 5 1 0 4 0.200 0.200

The Destroyers remain as good as ever in the division and are 10 from 10 against the West. The real fight is for second place: the Emperors were fantastic across the first 11 but they have fallen back. The Wolves have taken advantage but it will be too little, too late. Mawryshire even have something to celebrate after being called the worst. The Saints and the Godspeed are derby mates and are both very, very lackluster.

EAST                             Pld    W   D   L    Win %    Win % 
1 ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers 5 5 0 0 1.000 1.000
2 ImageAminey Caspians 5 2 1 2 0.500 0.500
3 ImageNoordrug Astronauts 5 2 1 2 0.500 0.500
4 ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies 5 2 1 2 0.500 0.500
5 ImageAerellen Explosions 5 1 1 3 0.300 0.250
6 ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals 5 1 0 4 0.200 0.200

The 65ers do the ImageMayara Destroyers thing and are perfect against the East in the remainder of the season. The Dragonflies have a disappointing end to their season with the playoff spot more or less taken care off, but the Caspians, Astronauts and Explosions cannot get close enough. Even with a decent 4-5-2 start, the Admirals fall way back and let the division slip past them.

Final Standings

KGL                              Pld    W   D   L
1 ImageMayara Destroyers 16 15 0 1 - #1 WEST
2 ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers 16 13 0 3 - #1 EAST
3 ImageEaglebury Emperors 16 10 0 6 - #2 WEST
4 ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies 16 9 1 6 - #2 EAST
5 ImageMayara Wolves 16 8 2 6
6 ImageNoordrug Astronauts 16 7 3 6
7 ImageAerellen Explosions 16 6 2 8
8 ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals 16 5 2 9
9 ImageAminey Caspians 16 5 1 10
10 ImageMawryshire Centaurs 16 4 1 11
11 ImageWillowbourne Saints 16 4 0 9
12 ImageGreencaster Godspeed 16 3 2 11

Discussion & Stats

Total number of games: 96
Number of home wins: 36, so 37.5% of games ended in a home win
Number of away wins: 53, so 55.2% of games ended in an away win
Number of draws: 7, so 7.3% of games ended in a draw -> one more draw than last year
Total number of points: 3973 -> 14 more than last year
Home points: 1837
Away points: 2136
Average number of points scored by the home team: 19.1 -> up 0.1 from last year
Average number of points scored by the away team: 22.3 -> up 0.1 from last year
Average number of total points scored per game: 41.4 -> up 0.2 from last year

Destoyers' season: WWWWWWLWWWWWWWWW. 1 loss to the 65ers, which was followed up by a 50-3 win over the Admirals. Taking revenge on the one least deserving of it, it looks like. It was their only 40+ score of the year, though they've come close here and there.

65ers' season: WWWWWWWWWWWLLWLW. Three losses aren't bad at all, but it's slightly worrying how they've all come towards the end of the season. Losing back to back, at home, to the Saints and the rival Admirals, that's a serious slide. At the end they lose to the Emperors, which is a perfectly possible result.

The Godspeed have a nice 7-game losing streak from week 2 to week 8. At least the Centaurs spread out their losing across the season. Makes you wonder if more was possible during that streak for the Godspeed...

Divisional Round

ImageMayara Destroyers (West) 13–6 ImageEaglebury Emperors (West)
ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers (East) 20–23 ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies (East)

The Destoyers are in a league of their own with a nice win over the Emperors. Low scoring, fine, but a win is a win and it's one in a long tradition. The Destroyers go to their second straight Ko-oren Bowl and their third overall in the modern era. The Dragonflies are back to the big one after having missed two - and they are also on their third overall. We will have a repeat winner in the modern era, and the champion will be the first team to two modern titles. Let's not forget the first modern title, Ko-oren Bowl XLI (that's just four seasons ago)... which was exactly this matchup.

Ko-oren Bowl

ImageMayara Destroyers (West) 23–16 ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies (East)

The Destroyers, as their name suggests, destroy the opposition and smash a bunch of records while they're at it! The first team with two consecutive Ko-oren Bowl wins, the first team with two modern titles... What haven't they proven yet during this dynasty?


ImageMawryshire Centaurs 30–43 ImageEaglebury Emperors
ImageMawryshire Centaurs 10–41 ImageEaglebury Emperors

ImageWillowbourne Saints 27–10 ImageGreencaster Godspeed
ImageWillowbourne Saints 9–23 ImageGreencaster Godspeed

ImageMayara Destroyers 49–13 ImageMayara Wolves
ImageMayara Destroyers 33–17 ImageMayara Wolves

ImageNoordrug Astronauts 10–10 ImageAerellen Explosions
ImageNoordrug Astronauts 6–31 ImageAerellen Explosions

ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies 16–16 ImageAminey Caspians
ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies 31–17 ImageAminey Caspians

ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers 27–28 ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals
ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers 24–12 ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals

Developmental Leagues

D-league Final
Willowbourne Wildcats 10-16 Schemerdrecht Skies

KG2 Playoffs
Gehrenna Mountaineers (1) 26-20 Intermare Internationals (4)
Aevanna Phoenix (2) 31-18 Greencaster Anchors (3)

Gehrenna Mountaineers 11-27 Aevanna Phoenix

Season Stats

Offence of the Year ImageMayara Destroyers
Defence of the Year ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
Team of the Year ImageEaglebury Emperors

League MVP Garathen Jurethen (Mayara Destoyers)
QB of the Year Kjell Enkwist (ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers)
RB of the Year Garathen Jurethen (ImageMayara Destroyers)
Receiver of the Year Thorlibin Junga (ImageEaglebury Emperors)
Pass rusher of the Year Baluin Dauntaringun (ImageMayara Wolves)
Defensive back of the Year Aelithage Ecaliris (ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies)
ST of the Year Abner Bennett (ImageGreencaster Godspeed)

Postseason Announcements

Louw Klijn, TE ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals
Gwerwd Pwlh, TE ImageMawryshire Centaurs
Lathaun Haunidhindhen, DE Mayara Destoyers
Auneferin Asafala, DE ImageAerellen Explosions
Amame Alaraicia, RB ImageAerellen Explosions
Zeb Drogace, R ImageEaglebury Emperors
Noud Bakker, DE ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
Thor Svenszoon, RB ImageNoordrug Astronauts
Viggo Muikelist, WR ImageNoordrug Astronauts
Hugh Aldridge, DE ImageEaglebury Emperors
Be Rutenfrans, FS ImageSchemerdrecht Admirals
Torsten Eisenman, FS ImageNoordrug Astronauts
Gus van de Weg, WR ImageSchemerdrecht 65ers
Nungen Egaboo, WR ImageEaglebury Emperors
Burur Zorowen, OT ImageGreencaster Godspeed
Ugathen Piralasthen, OLB ImageMayara Destroyers
Karentak Karentathen, DE ImageMayara Wolves
Guust Geitenbeek, OT ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies
Aethegale Ahalidane, MLB ImageEaglebury Emperors

Ahalidane retires at just 26 years old, having played one year in the Top League and spending the rest of the time in the second division. Robin Reeman remains the oldest active player in the league as the quarterback of the ImageSterrenwolde Dragonflies at 35 years old.
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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:54 pm

Rugby Union - Season 28

Last season, the ImageAnsonville Comets won the championship after first winning the 2nd vs 3rd semifinal and then the final as the second placed team. ImageMaynard Andromeda had it all as the 1st placed team after the 22 regular games - then lost the final. Lastly, the ImagePenstead Bears, using their immense home advantage, finished third but crashed out in the semifinal, which was an away match for them. The very worst team by some distance were the ImageWillowbourne Foxes, and to a lesser extent the ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix. Local pride dictates that the ImageTarrashall Travellers should be competitive, but they placed 9th and were not a force for most of the season.
The best players going to the worst teams through a short and simple draft means that the overall talent is very, very similar between teams and it really is a question of getting the best players in the spine and securing the best coaching staff. Minimising injuries is very important as well. Just looking at the rosters, it seems that the ImageLlandy Bulls have made roster building an art in the era of parity, and it's ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia who are just a tad worse than the rest.

The best halves and fullbacks (subjectively) play for:
1. ImageTarrashall Travellers - Amaranga dealing the ball around and Bilaranora as safety insurance makes for an impressive combination. The Travellers only have a single great half, which could hurt them.
2. ImageGreencaster Galaxy - they have a combination much like the Travellers, with Vasseur at the half and Ewell as fullback. Ewell really is one of the more explosive and reliable players at his position. The trio is completed with Hopperton, who really is a step down from the other two.
3. ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix - as bad as they were, it really is not on the spine. yThwllmhel and yPheffchawll (bless you) are a massive duo at half and fullback respectively, with plenty of state pride for Mawryshire.
4. ImageMaynard Andromeda - they didn't come as far last year without Wilmer and Laurtingun, both as halves. Kicking has few secrets for them. They can't rely on Rick as a fullback, not showing up when he's needed most, though.

The most impressive and heaviest scrums:
1. ImageLlandy Bulls - they would be on this list with their quality overall roster. There are monsters on every line of this unit, but they aren't strong at every position. There is room for improvement...
2. ImageIdyllwild Coronae - there aren't any truly bad players on their scrum, though discipline issues sometimes sell them short. The true forces are on the lines further back, with second rower Weddall and recently acquired flanker Reejulga.
3. ImagePenstead Bears - aiding their home advantage is a punitive group of forwards that slow down and wear down any opponent that faces them. Prop yBhaddras is the strongest of the lot, with yPawfewn and yDdwffrell capable of a lot of tackles and run metres alike.
4. ImageMaynard Andromeda - while not universally powerful, the Andromeda forwards combine strength with a bit of gamesmanship. Knight and Luckett are known to be quicker than their size should allow, and gets them in positions to score or assist tries occasionally. Moore completes a trio to be reckoned with.
The quickest guys on the sidelines:
1. ImageAnsonville Comets - Finnerty and Morimoto operate on the same wing, and that's usually where the Comets' tries come from, if speed is needed. With Sedhaninthen, the new winger from West Strand Riding, they have a decent option on the other side as well.
2. ImageLlandy Bulls - there are two truly strong centres on this team, which aids the defence and provides some odd scoring options at the same time. yPhwgaragh and Weston have some support in the extremely fast (but soft) Porden on the wing.
3. ImageWillowbourne Foxes - as much flak as their team gets, the backs do not deserve it. Bartley is a new winger who is insanely fast, and with Carrington at centre they have a scary combination. If both are healthy, this team has possibilities.
4. ImagePenstead Bears - they are the only team with good options at all four positions here. wingers yCawslall and Bolubung (the latter is a rookie) and centres yNellchawr and Norebor (the latter also a rookie) the Bears have added a lot of options. The Bears are the only team that can make something happen on both wings, but without a single star.

KRUL                           Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts  
1 ImageLlandy Bulls 22 16 0 6 301 157 +144 64
2 ImageGreencaster Galaxy 22 14 2 6 250 141 +109 60
3 ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia 22 15 0 7 274 200 +74 60
4 ImageIdyllwild Coronae 22 14 0 8 272 198 +74 56
5 ImageMaynard Andromeda 22 11 2 9 249 208 +41 48
6 ImageTarrashall Travellers 22 11 2 9 239 216 +23 48
7 ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix 22 10 2 10 195 193 +2 44
8 ImagePenstead Bears 22 10 1 11 205 249 −44 42
9 ImageAubury Swans 22 8 1 13 246 279 −33 34
10 ImageAnsonville Comets 22 6 1 15 160 321 −161 26
11 ImageWillowbourne Foxes 22 6 0 16 173 254 −81 24
12 ImageEaglebury Aquila 22 5 1 16 158 306 −148 22

ImageGreencaster Galaxy 25–16 ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia
Drop goals: - / Denrenaundhen 73'
Penalty goals: Vasseur 4' 7' / Denrenaundhen 34'
Tries: Teague 20', Jauffret 51', Aldridge 54' / Warmeling 34' 69'
Conversions: Vasseur 20' 54' / -

ImageLlandy Bulls 11–14 ImageGreencaster Galaxy
Drop goals: yFfewlchewm 38' / -
Penalty goals: Weston 25' / -
Tries: yPhwgaragh 6' / Risewell 65', Morino 72'
Conversions: - / Vasseur 65' 72'

While home teams had a significant advantage last year, this year the away teams had a better chance of winning. 50% of matches ended with the away team stealing four points away, and with a few draws here and there only 45% of matches ended in a home win. It was harder than ever to keep points at home and only the teams that kept their stadium as a fortress shot up the standings. This is where most of the ImageLlandy Bulls' points came from, as well as the ImageTarrashall Travellers, ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix, as the teams with the strongest home following. Like last year, the average score was 10-10 (10.2 vs 10.5).

The ImageLlandy Bulls and the ImageGreencaster Galaxy went into the final round as surefire finals candidates. On the last day, the ImageGreencaster Galaxy lost 14-0 to the ImageTarrashall Travellers to give up on the regular season title (and straight placement in the grand final). The ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia needed a draw to get there, but they won 16-6 over ImageMaynard Andromeda instead to get their on their own strength. ImageIdyllwild Coronae won 10-31 at the ImagePenstead Bears, an amazing feat given how good the Bears are at home - but it wasn't enough.

So, the ImageLlandy Bulls go straight to the grand final. They didn't get there easily (LWWWWWLWWWWWWWLLLLWWWW): they started with a loss at the Travellers, then lost four straight right when things were starting to heat up. Four straight losses raised some eyebrows in Llandy, but they kept their confidence to win the final four games anyway. The four losses were to the tune of 6-3, 6-8, 3-10, and 14-8, all low-scoring matches. After that they went to regular scheduling with 17-7, 3-23, 46-7 and 17-28 wins. What caused their attack to break down... we'll never know.

The ImageGreencaster Galaxy improve massively on their previous season and had few setbacks during their campaign (LDLWLWWWWWDWWLWWLWWWWL). They started off with two points in three matches, a horrid start but they kept their composure. With a 15-7 loss, 7-7 draw and 5-3 loss, they kicked off a campaign for the ages.

ImageMaynard Andromeda 19–9 ImageIdyllwild Coronae
ImageIdyllwild Coronae 6–18 ImageMaynard Andromeda 2-0

ImageMaynard Andromeda 27–24 ImageAubury Swans
ImageAubury Swans 0–25 ImageMaynard Andromeda 2-0

ImageAubury Swans 7–10 ImageIdyllwild Coronae
ImageIdyllwild Coronae 5–16 ImageAubury Swans 1-1

ImageWillowbourne Foxes 0–16 ImageGreencaster Galaxy
ImageGreencaster Galaxy 20–9 ImageWillowbourne Foxes 2-0

ImageAnsonville Comets 7–14 ImageGreencaster Galaxy
ImageGreencaster Galaxy
13–3 ImageAnsonville Comets 2-0

The ImageGreencaster Galaxy win both of their rivalry series, the ImageIdyllwild Coronae lose both of theirs, ImageMaynard Andromeda win both of theirs again.

State of Origin
Mawryshire 15-25 WSR
Surbourneshire 14-14 Gehrenna
Gehrenna 3-28 Mawryshire
WSR 0-12 Surbourneshire
WSR 3-20 Gehrenna
Surbourneshire 23-3 Mawryshire
SRB 2-0 
GEH 1-1
WSR 1-2
MAW 1-2

Team of the Year
Props: Newddlawdd yTewnchaeg (ImageLlandy Bulls), Cowan Holden (ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia)
Hooker: Namawch yBhaddras (ImagePenstead Bears)
Second row: Al Jauffret (ImageGreencaster Galaxy), Gene Weddall (ImageIdyllwild Coronae)
Locks: Mayra Reejulga (ImageIdyllwild Coronae), Bayou Grootemarsink (ImageTarrashall Travellers)
Eight: Jurgasen Hilnasindhen (ImageAubury Swans)
Halves: Ba Vasseur (ImageGreencaster Galaxy), Tharind Laurtingun (ImageMaynard Andromeda)
Centres: Rhonws yPhwgaragh (ImageLlandy Bulls), Burrula Bebenna (ImageTarrashall Travellers)
Wings: Tei Warmeling (ImageMayara Wanderers-Cassiopeia), Morton Carson (ImageMawrystwyth Phoenix)
Fullback: Sinclair Ewell (ImageGreencaster Galaxy)

Dev Leagues GWU: Senoren. WSU: Langward. MU: Southern WSR.
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:39 pm

Rugby League - Season 18

First of all, what is last season's aftermath? We leave the 17th season with resounding victories for both Finisterre and Cote Austral in the State of Origin - the 'Forward' states completely overpower the 'Backs' states of Leleia and Yoshima. Could we be at the start of a revolution, where slow progress through the forwards begins to be more important than flashy plays from the backs, on the sidelines? Also, the ImageSanta Teresa Sabres win the championship in a dramatic final where they beat regular season title holders Ferrovente. That's a Finisterran final - another indication that changes are afoot. Yoshiman and Leleian rugby league is at an impasse, can they make a comeback? Can the Cote Austral teams find a way up into the top? The ImageLinieux Harriers finished third to make the semifinals (3rd vs 2nd) - but we find the other Cote Austral teams all the way at 7th, 10th and 12th.

Given all this, which teams look the strongest heading into the 18th season?

1) ImageAminey Buffaloes. On the back of a completely Leleian/Yoshiman spine, the Buffaloes have added the right pieces in the last few offseasons to jump into second place from way behind. Jamakava as fullback is a quick, technical tackler. Muramoto and Vamadate as halves give this team a ridiculous edge that could rival the Scorpions' spine for the next 5-10 years. There is a little bit of everything on this team, with Matthieu and Gaudin providing some weight in the tackles as well. Backs could hold this team back.
2) ImageFerrovente Scorpions. Again, they prepare for a campaign with the best spine. Saavedra, Vales and Higuchi have finally been crowned - but a single championship wasn't enough to force them into retirement. They're back, but another year slower than they were last year. Could this, finally, be the end of the best spine in RL? They are once again aided by a prime forward pack, with Bran, Ramo, Levasseur and Sakakibala hitting their best years and giving plenty of tackling and ball carrying options.
3) ImageSelesi Dragons. With 21-year-old Cellier at halfback, the Dragons are putting together something that resembles a pretty decent core to rely on. With Vales (Heitor, brother to Scorpions' Adan Vales) at the back and Castex to provide a little experience as Cellier grows, the Dragons are in the best position to jump up a few ranks. With a mixed bag at the back, from veteran Trottier to new recruit Wakao - and true star Ogawa - there is more reason to jump on the Dragons bandwagon.
4) ImageSanta Teresa Sabres. The Sabres could be going to back-to-back finals, this time with more incredible skills from do-it-all fullback Monteverde. Kotake and Okabe are a bit of a comedy duo, but their quality is not up for debate.
5) ImageNitoya Foxes. Fujioka has been the key to our national team for a while, and he's getting on in years. Adding Pinchon at fullback should help the Foxes a little - and so this team is high up on the preseason rankings with nothing to show for it. Criticism that Fujioka is strictly a national team star, not a club star, is looking more and more accurate. Nitoya needs a good season to earn respect from friends and foes. They're past preseason hype. There are no excuses if things go wrong again. There's so much speed on the wings (Abbadie, 19yo, Burress, 19yo) that there is reason for hype again, though.
6) ImageÉtouille Vultures. The 12th placed team actually do not have a bad team. A lot went wrong, sure, but they have made some steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. Kaplan is their fullback, asked to do a lot but it finally seems like he's up for the job. Medin and Fukuhara are the halves here, providing decent options and creativity - but not top 3 stuff. Not much at the back, but they have gone for the forward options (that have made the Scorpions near-champions last year), with 19-year-old Poulin as second rower, aiming to add dozens of metres to his team's total every single game. Laza, Charbonnier, Rousselot - there's actually a lot of talent here. It might take another 2-3 years before they hit their stride, though.

Notable teams among 7-12: ImageLinieux Harriers: National team backs on this team, actually. Not bad for a Cote Austral team, which is supposed to be a 'heavy' state. Brunet and Ocampo could be in for a good season on the left wing (winger and centre combo). ImageAlara Spiders: Despite years and years in mid-table mediocrity, the Spiders are ready for an upswing. Few teams have better backs than them. Scratch that, they have the best backs in the league. yLeorrhag and Satomi as centres, Suganuma and Sanada as wingers. Suganuma might not last long, but he could pass on his tricks before retirement. ImageAminey Owls: They completely overhauled the forward pack, adding Asselin, Boudon and Uematsu, as well as Andrade, as prop, lock, hooker, and second rower. If they can get their strength and conditioning in check, this might develop into something. Don't expect too much this year yet. ImageKatashi Hawks, ImageKatashi Wasps, ImageEtena Vipers: there are great players on each team, but don't hold your breath on them. There'll be great moments for all of them, yet it's hard to see them finish in the top 6.

KRL                      Pld    W   D   L    PF   PA   PD   Pts  
1 ImageAminey Buffaloes 22 14 0 8 519 428 +91 56 - Grand Final
2 ImageFerrovente Scorpions 22 13 1 8 481 438 +43 54 - Semifinals
3 ImageNitoya Foxes 22 13 0 9 462 423 +39 52 - Semifinals
4 ImageAminey Owls 22 12 0 10 477 521 −44 48
5 ImageSelesi Dragons 22 12 0 10 507 394 +113 48
6 ImageAlara Spiders 22 12 0 10 470 443 +27 48
7 ImageSanta Teresa Sabres 22 11 0 11 460 463 −3 44
8 ImageEtena Vipers 22 11 0 11 426 476 −50 44
9 ImageLinieux Harriers 22 10 1 11 425 432 −7 42
10 ImageÉtouille Vultures 22 10 0 12 478 468 +10 40
11 ImageKatashi Wasps 22 10 0 12 450 457 −7 40
12 ImageKatashi Hawks 22 3 0 19 352 564 −212 12


Semifinal ImageFerrovente Scorpions 18–19 ImageNitoya Foxes
Tries: Kamizumi '30, Ramo '77, Levasseur '79 / Abbadie '33, '38, Nagao '60
Conversions: Saavedra '30, '77 / Fujioka '33, '38, '60
Penalties: Saavedra '7 / -
Drop goals: - / Mori '80

Drama and excitement in Ferrovente! The home crowd were used to finals appearances, but they usually go over better for them. This time, they climbed to a small 8-0 lead, but the Foxes immediately came back for two tries before half time (8-12) and another one well into the second half (8-18). A monumental last-minute push gave the Scorpions two more tries, from the famed forward duo Ramo and Levasseur. Ramo's was grounded near the middle of the field for an easy Saavedra conversion... and with second left on the clock, Saavedra had the opportunity to kick his team to a final. Levasseur went over, unchallenged, though nearly over the sideline. The Scorpions five-eight couldn't connect, the ball flew short of the goalposts, and it was all tied 18-18. In a battle of the halves, with two geniuses dividing up plays (Fujioka for the Foxes, Saavedra for the Scorpions), to decide who would be the better player from their generation... and it looked to come up equal. Only, the Foxes came prepared and while Fujioka was bugged into not handling the ball, Mori took a shot - a last second drop goal to send the ImageNitoya Foxes to the Grand Final!

Grand Final ImageAminey Buffaloes 18–32 ImageNitoya Foxes
Tries: Matthieu '20, Vamadate '37 / Burress '7, Nagao '28, Itou '54, Abbadie '70, Mori '75
Conversions: Muramoto '20, '37 / Fujioka '7, '28, '54, Mori '70
Penalties: Muramoto '66, '79, Gaudin '72 / Fujioka '14, Pinchon '79
Drop goals: - /-

Another 18 points suffered by Nitoya, but they were even better than last week. Nitoya wins the championship! After a few futile years they go back to the form of three years ago - with a completely different team. Poor discipline gave the Buffaloes enough chances to pull up in sight of the Foxes again - but the 32 points were far too much to get back to. Fujioka, the architect behind this team and finally in a position to prove that he is also a great club half, didn't see the end of the match through injury.

Analysis There was a lot of regression to the mean this year. The ImageFerrovente Scorpions and ImageSanta Teresa Sabres had insanely good teams last year, but age caught up, the lucky breaks stopped coming, and now they're back within reach for the rest of the competition. The ImageAminey Buffaloes peaked early, the ImageNitoya Foxes and ImageSelesi Dragons had an alright season but have still to profit fully from their young, amazingly talented teams, while the Étouille Vultures and ImageLinieux Harriers weren't up to snuff yet. Apart from the ImageAminey Buffaloes, the largest overproduction came from the ImageAminey Owls: the Aminey derby wasn't very special last year - this year it's a very different story. That said, the Owls allowed vastly more points than they scored, and they finished over the ImageSelesi Dragons with the highest PD. As I said, a lot of regression to the mean and apart from the top three, everything was very close together.

And then there were the ImageKatashi Hawks.

ImageKatashi Hawks: LLLLLLLWLLLLLLWLWLLLLL. Wins over ImageLinieux Harriers (30-6), ImageKatashi Wasps (18-24), ImageFerrovente Scorpions (12-23). Well, one of these isn't like the rest. The ImageFerrovente Scorpions could have finished even closer to first place if they hadn't lost to the worst team in rugby league. And they're not just a little beneath the rest in a parity-filled season: they finished 7 wins beneath the 11th placed team, in a 12 team league.

ImageAminey Buffaloes: WWLWLWLWLLWWWLWWLWWWLW. Fourteen wins would get the Buffaloes a third place with barely enough points to get into the semifinal last year, this year it's a clean championship. Not just that, they came from 10th last season. That's a turnaround of 5 wins - not huge, but still enough to climb from 10th to 1st. Their losses came to the Owls, Wasps, Scorpions, Harriers, Dragons, Owls again, Sabres, and Dragons again. Even if they tripped up against the teams in 4th and 5th, they won't see them again - they're lucky only the top 3 goes to the finals.

Total number of games: 132
Number of home wins: 76, so 57.6% of games ended in a home win -> down from 60.6
Number of away wins: 55, so 41.7% of games ended in an away win -> up from 36.4
Number of draws: 1, so 0.8% of games ended in a draw -> down from 3
Total number of points: 5507
Home points: 3023
Away points: 2484
Average number of points scored by the home team: 22.9 -> down from 23.11
Average number of points scored by the away team: 18.8 -> down from 19.08
Average number of total points scored per game: 41.7 -> down from 42.18

ImageAlara Spiders 12–25 ImageKatashi Wasps
ImageKatashi Wasps
10–24 ImageAlara Spiders

ImageAminey Buffaloes 18–24 ImageAminey Owls
ImageAminey Owls
24–20 ImageAminey Buffaloes - The Owls take the city, yet the Buffaloes take the nation.

ImageKatashi Hawks 12–28 ImageKatashi Wasps
ImageKatashi Wasps
18–24 ImageKatashi Hawks

ImageLinieux Harriers 11–22 ImageSelesi Dragons
ImageSelesi Dragons
30–12 ImageLinieux Harriers

ImageKatashi Hawks 18–24 ImageAlara Spiders
ImageAlara Spiders
40–12 ImageKatashi Hawks

ImageSanta Teresa Sabres 18–22 ImageFerrovente Scorpions [img][/img]Ferrovente Scorpions 18–24 ImageSanta Teresa Sabres - a season-final penalty goal gets them the derby win. The Scorpions have the last laugh, they can take the trophy back.

State of Origin
Cote Austral - Finisterre 16-18
Yoshima - Leleia 16-22

Leleia - Cote Austral 22-20
Finisterre - Yoshima 14-20

Yoshima - Cote Austral 36-12
Leleia - Finisterre 10-20

Yoshima      2-1 +24 
Finisterre 2-1 +6
Leleia 2-1 -2
Cote Austral 0-3 -28

Team of the Year
Props: Baris Bran (ImageFerrovente Scorpions), Lei Vilashima (ImageEtena Vipers)
Hooker: Miza Uematsu (ImageAminey Owls)
Second row: Na Matthieu (ImageAminey Buffaloes), Zaquiel Ramo (ImageFerrovente Scorpions)
Lock: Marin Gaudin (ImageAminey Buffaloes)
Halves: Shunmyo Fujioka (ImageNitoya Foxes), Yoma Muramoto (ImageAminey Buffaloes)
Wings: Isamu Ogawa (ImageSelesi Dragons), Hirokata Suganuma (ImageAlara Spiders)
Centres: Glenn Burress (ImageNitoya Foxes), Hugo Canlas (ImageSanta Teresa Sabres)
Fullback: Heitor Vales (ImageSelesi Dragons)

Dev Leagues Yoshima League: Arakura. Cote Austral-Finisterran League: Vionne (2nd consecutive championship)
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:26 pm

Chairmen & Chairwomen

KFA (Soccer) Rodi Gaubert (KFA), Taleolu Justorthaunthen (Top League), Suzana Katlagithunten (2nd Division), ...
KGFL (Gridiron) Tisgonatlun Kalperinden
KRL (Rugby League) Kayu Okudaira
KRU (Rugby Union) Cyrus Whitesmith
KBA (Baseball) Inez Ishikawa
KCA (Cricket) Ffenton yLeomchawm (Mawryshire), Rhoda Mildenhall (Western Surbourneshire), Reuben Argall (Leeshire), Godfrey Crayford (Greencaster), Aria Aveline (Willowbourne), Cornelius Castleton (Eastern Surbourneshire)
Olympiad Maya Salgado

Referees & Officials

KFA (Soccer)
Male: Roland Holdaway (strict), Wilson Hooper (strict), Targolsen Naunthonthen (lenient), Adam Dalstroom (talkative), Izumo Shimamoto (lenient), Shuke Utsunomija (friendly), Dirre Rensink (authoritarian, Gré Vaugeois (lenient)
Female: Kath Treloar (lenient), Lavinia Northwood (strict), Mé Regnard (average), Veerle Middelwijk (talkative), Maiko Aomine (friendly), Dorotea Nova (authoritarian), Isolda Lence (lenient), Leona Walgroen (strict), Zasda Janaulerinthen (strict)
KGFL (Gridiron)
KRL (Rugby League)
KRU (Rugby Union)
KBA (Baseball)
KCA (Cricket)

Reporters, Bloggers & Talking Heads

KFA (Soccer) - Lunaro Tsukida ('the Numbers Game', statistics)
KGFL (Gridiron)
KRL (Rugby League)
KRU (Rugby Union)
KBA (Baseball)
KCA (Cricket)
General/Olympic - Therguil Jadheshugithen ('Opinion Piece', sociologic)


KFA (Soccer)
KGFL (Gridiron)
KRL (Rugby League)
KRU (Rugby Union)
KBA (Baseball)
KCA (Cricket)
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