14th Winter Olympic Games :: Rosters & Info Thread

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14th Winter Olympic Games :: Rosters & Info Thread

Postby Vilita » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:57 am

Dear friends,
On behalf of the governments of Vilita and Liventia, and the cities of Yeaddin and Neverend, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting our cities to host the XIV Olympic Winter Games.

Neverend is no stranger to the Games, having also hosted the VII Olympic Winter Games; for Yeaddin, this is a first. The people of both cities look forward to welcoming you and your athletes to what we are sure will be a wonderful celebration of the Olympic ideal.

For the first time, the Games will be held in two distinct sites in two different regions. With the exception of curling, all non-snow sports will take place in Yeaddin; all other events will be held in Neverend. While we do not wish to set a precedent, we hope the more dedicated resources in each region for the events will prove beneficial to teams, athletes, us as organizers, and the fans.

Once again, we thank you for your trust, and hope you will enjoy the Games.

Jungrii Canopii and Alastiir Surf
Bid co-chairs, Yeaddin

Pearline Jones
Chair, Liventia Olympic Association and bid chair, Neverend

This is the official Rosters thread for the 14th Winter Olympic Games. In this thread, Please post the expanded roster information for your Delegations entries into the TEAM EVENTS. As a guide, the expected roster size for select team events is as offered below. In general you should follow these guidelines unless there is a (to be) documented IC Reasoning for a deviation from the expected:

  • 18 Athletes Per Team
  • 5 Athletes Per Team
    (4 + 1 Alternate)
Ice Hockey
  • 25 Athletes Per Team
    (22 Skaters + 3 Goalies)
  • Starting Lineup
    (3 Attackers + 2 Defenders + 1 Goalie)
  • Note any projected Penalty Shot / Shootout Takers
Snow Volleyball
  • 4 Athletes Per Team
    (3 + 1 Substitute)

This thread is also for any IC information that might not fit in the RP thread such as national anthems, traditions, flag bearers, officials, judges and other prominent characters from your nation(s) that are not competing as athletes.

Competing Delegations

Amuaplye (AME)
Benjamin Mark (BNM)
Cocoabo Forest (CFT)
Commonwealth Games Federation (CWF)
Darkmania (DMN)
Darmen (DAR)
Diarcesia (DCS)
Electrum (ETM)
Free Republics (FFR)
Fujai (FJA)
Gryphonian Alliance (GRY)
Ioudaia (IOU)
Kelssek (KSK)
Ko-oren (KOR)
Kriegiersien (KGS)
Liventia (LEN)
Main Nation Ministry (MNM)
Mattijana (MTJ)
New England (CNE)
Peoples Republic of Xabia (PRX)
Reçueçn (RCN)
Saintland (SNT)
Savojarna (SVJ)
Taeshan (TAE)
Tara and Cambray (TCM)
Teremaran Unified Team (TRM)
Unified Beretania (UBT)
Valanora (VAL)
Vekaiyu (VEK)
Vilitan Union (VLT)
West Phoenicia (KWP)

Olympic Games Discussion Thread (OOC)
Olympic Announcements Thread
Host Bid
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Postby Ko-oren » Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:10 am

Ko-oren (KOR) - Ko-orenite Delegation to the XIV Winter Olympics

National Anthem: starting at bar 27 of Nimrod by Elgar, no lyrics. Corresponds to this and goes on for 42 seconds (in the video), then moves to the final few bars of the piece.
Traditions: Winter sports are played in only a few places in Ko-oren, and the languages of these places are used for the Olympiad proceedings even if they are not widely spoken at all in Ko-oren. Languages to use: Altioran, Ko-Germanic, Tarrashall.

Men's: Kanemitsu Taira, Mota Ivakura, Kagejasu Akita, Aine Aiphite (and Aorire Aimorea)
Women's: Kome Harada, Furimi Hoshina, Aophona Airaros, Aerilee Aeresana (and Amara Amirama)
Mixed Doubles: Kagejasu Akita & Aerilee Aeresana

Ice Hockey
C1 #15 Hallady Buck (West Coast Blizzards)
C2 #25 Yaller Nyan (West Coast Blizzards)
C3 #35 Daniel Oostberg (Straudum Ice)
C4 #45 Maure Hoekstra (South Aevanna Storm)
C* #55 Ainoph Eriren (Aevanna Scouts)

RW1 #14 Ulem Aovira (Aevanna Scouts)
RW2 #24 Torsten Groenbloem (Straudum Ice)
RW3 #34 Bjorn Hoeij (Egevea Islanders)
RW4 #44 Rangar Yallerman (West Coast Blizzards)

LW1 #13 Izan Aiamalod (South Aevanna Storm)
LW2 #23 Nim Curumbah (West Coast Blizzards)
LW3 #33 Kjell IJsberg (Noordrug Bi-state)
LW4 #43 Robbe Vonkers (Straudum Ice)

D1 #11 Aofet Epedoris (Southwest Aevanna Rangers)
D1 #12 Roger Haarstad (Aevanna Plains Wanderers)
D2 #21 Goran Magnussen (Noordrug Bi-state)
D2 #22 Erling Mirre (Launott Polar Bears)
D3 #31 Winand Nedergard (South Aevanna Storm)
D3 #32 Jowdah Wamallu (West Coast Blizzards)
D4 #41 Lirtinthal Melsodhingun (Egevea Islanders)
D4 #42 Ainepea Aiphalise (Egevea Northerners)
D* #51 Assanor Aiaros (Southwest Aevanna Rangers)

G1 #10 Jonathan Laurissen (Aevanna Scouts)
G2 #20 Anedel Aemel (Egevea Islanders)
G3 #30 Elen Amiranel (Aevanna Bay Mariners)

C1 #15 Sue Viraga
C2 #25 Ainathise Aiolane
C3 #35 Kondidi Bindu
C4 #45 Eldine Aorebel
C* #55 Signe Olsen

RW1 #14 Essalori Avanei
RW2 #24 Jindin Mirlingo
RW3 #34 Aiphiale Aereda
RW4 #44 Orianne Bechard

LW1 #13 Aiolis Aereda
LW2 #23 Aivise Adirane
LW3 #33 Tsuneshi Kuzujama
LW4 #43 Aosaresi Aoralis

D1 #11 Elin Valen
D1 #12 Arilina Aidapi
D2 #21 Aetiomisa Aetinoe
D2 #22 Kikumi Kimura
D3 #31 Sofie Meland
D3 #32 Ama Dopmeijer
D4 #41 Aerissa Animei
D4 #42 Mornha yGallnewm
D* #51 Aelalura Animei

G1 #10 Taranna Winbery
G2 #20 Aenile Aonavena
G3 #30 Katrine Reinertsen

GK1 Natsu Ichioka
GK2 Bapanen Dalsudherindhen

RB1 Millring Coomer
CB1 Oskar Ritland
CB2 Larre van den Berg
CB3 Derarun Karbinthen
LB1 Ragnar Petersen
LB2 Cosme Sarabia

MF1 Rinta Himura
MF2 Ole Larsen
MF3 Indamury Mundaja
MF4 Goran Carstensen
MF5 Jusulend Bulindhaundhen

FW1 Pije Bolkman
FW2 Ottar Annes
FW3 Robin Melhuis
FW4 Yoto Shimamura
FW5 Lasedasaun Rathangun

GK1 Samanta Brood
GK2 Roze van Noorden

RB1 Denice Gorandochter
CB1 Flora Lucy
CB2 Lina Lonink
CB3 Saika Nakavara
LB1 Céli Cousteau
LB2 Kerstin Noordkwist

MF1 Vera Overrivier
MF2 Ida Bloemkwist
MF3 Saeko Mijashiro
MF4 Hekose Zanusidinthen
MF5 Eve Bergkamp

FW1 Tyra Oostland
FW2 Misaltu Manamalinden
FW3 Ishi Okabe
FW4 Marit Aalderink
FW5 Yae Kitamura

Snow Volleyball
Men's: Gasazaun Jarthauldindhen, Ruzherak Thordhauthinthen, Kunelrol Tussanthinden (and Jinstilinak Panzedhinthen)
Women's: Zailasu Sutherinden, Dhugirindi Gaulasteringun, Samariku Dhosistherinden (and Noriultha Kaugonterinthen)
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - RPable People - Info Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 3x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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West Phoenicia
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Postby West Phoenicia » Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:55 pm


The Confederate Kingdom of West Phoenicia Winter Olympics Team

Trigramme: KWP

Ruler: Emperor Glenton Gryphon-Bush II
Co Ruler: Empress Angelique Baroda-Gryphon-Bush
Co Ruler: Empress Alotta Diesel Gryphon-Bush.
Co Ruler: Empress Cleopatra-Olympias Gryphon-Bush
Prime Minister: Jimmy Bain
Deputy Prime Minister: Countess Tia High
Religious Leader: Pontifex Angelika I
Pagan Religious Leader: High Priestess Margie Brixton II

Flag Bearers: Angelika Lipinski

* Gold in Women's Figure Skating- XIII Winter Olympics-Prescott, Electrum
* Gold in Women's Figure Skating- Nations Sport Federations Council Winter Games

Decorated as the top West Phoenician female figure skater, Angelika was voted in as flag bearer for the West Phoenician delegation for the Winter Olympics in Yeaddin and Neverend. At 25 she will be looking to scoop up another medal at these games.
For the Opening Ceremony she will march in the Yeaddin Opening Ceremony.

Due to there being two Opening Ceremonies one in Liventia the other in Vilita. The West Phoenician Olympic Committee has nominated Freestyle Skiing — Men's Moguls skier Auric Le, who took out silver in the event at the last Winter Olympics Games to march in the Opening Ceremony in Liventia.

Minister of West Phoenician Olympic Sports: Baroness Flora Freeman

Olympic Federation Chairperson: Lord Maximillan Saintè III
Olympic Federation Vice- Chairperson: David Baroda
Selection Committee Head: Lady Giselle Santiago

National Anthem: West Phoenicia in all our hearts

Debut: XI Winter Olympics-Electrum


Men's Ice Hockey

General manager: Mr Sid Ceasarian
Head coach: Luiz Casarero
Assisting coaches:Mildred Jey, Nicholas Schmidt

Colours: Purple, red, white


* G: 1 Heinrich Germania
* G: 70 James St. Sprijgs
* G: 59 Carlos Churchill
* D: 3 Bailey Fi
* D: 22 Jacob Floridan
* D: 16 Daniel Feck
* D: 31 Nathan Thomas
* D: 39 El Sansago
* D: 75 Ryan Koresh
* D: 80 Guy Prestox
* D: 98 Gavin Sunn
* F: 5 Luis Medello
* F: 10 Chuck Mars
* F: 13 Elvis Donnelly
* F: 22 Lee Van Ryde
* F: 40 Michael Sainte-Amero
* F: 47 Levi Shuttletuck
* F: 55 Elijah El Sayim
* F: 44 Derby Heniel
* F: 66 Mason Groger
* F: 71 Stephen Del Rio
* F: 77 Luke Gaye
* F: 81 Sven Donnsevraj

Women’s Ice Hockey

General manager: Mrs Eloise Secret
Head coach: Elizabeth Lost
Assisting coaches: Marcus Rugby, Salvador Chavez

Colours: Purple, red, white


* G: 1 Mona Hobson
* G: 70 Natalie Twin
* G: 59 Yvette Twin
* D: 3 Fiona Jett
* D: 22 Zoe Middle
* D: 16 Helena May
* D: 31 Antonia Franchesca
* D: 39 Melissa Tom
* D: 75 Elissa Reece
* D: 80 Marnie Yacobs
* D: 98 Veronica Smalls
* F: 5 Denize Oz
* F: 10 Tina Admin
* F: 13 Thea Vegan
* F: 22 Amanda Scotts
* F: 40 Lorrie Appleby
* F: 47 Alya Tusk
* F: 55 Rebecca Emberson
* F: 44 Anna Stoner
* F: 66 Gabby Tucker
* F: 71 Leonie Voicer
* F: 77 Rhea Gardell
* F: 81 Michelle Mirage

Men's Curling

Head coach: Noah Charlton


Lead: Alan Polenski
Second: Conrad Phillipe
Third: Jaxson Wells
Skip: James Craigs
Sub: Mohammad St Clair

Women's Curling

Head coach: Carmen Nguyen


Lead: Piper Three
Second: Ginger Wells
Third: Jeannie Du'Woi
Skip: Kim Phou Pan
Sub: Alice Smythe

Men's Bandy

Manager:Mr Gregory Derreck
Coach: Timothy Durhill


GK: Ali Mustafa
2 Adam White
3 Sven Morroneski
4 Gill Palmer
5 Jack Lei
6 Abraham Sturt
7 Noah Walters
8 Brandon McCoy
9 Manesh Singh
10 Holden Ryder
11 David Tan

Women's Bandy

Manager:Mr Gregory Derrick
Coach : Maude Brain

GK: Kiki De Souza
2 Mariam Leboneski
3 Misty Ca
4 Chelsea Wicca
5 Phoebe Black
6 Luna Poles
7 Kristen Wrights
8 Kirsten Bloc
9 Melissa Eaglemont
10 Eden La Rue
11 Betsy Ribbons

Men's Snow Volleyball

1.Shane Scoutt
2. Grady Franklin
3. Ali Nova-Sorrento

Substitute: Raphael Veng

Women's Snow Volleyball

1.Doreen Tass
2. Donna Nguyen
3. Felicity Garcia

Substitute: Enid Vinestein

Support Staff & Coaches

* Head of PR & Communications: Helena Antonius

* Dr Phillipe De'Jour-Team Nutrionist
* Margo Santiago- Head Dietician

* Dr Harrison Paige- Senior Doctor
* Dr Sofia Black- Junior Doctor

* Victoria Stawell-Registered Nurse
* Donnie Parcell-Registered Nurse:
* Indira Glan- Registered Nurse:

* Dr Alexandria Defsour- Senior Psychologist
* Pedro Otaro- Physiotherapist
* Lisa Choctow- Physiotherapist
* David Nguyen- Physiotherapist

* Alfred Sinclair- Physiologist

* Thuy Tran- Massage Therapist
* Marcus White- Massage Therapist
* Louisa Novak- Massage Therapist

* Tristan Rhodes- Head of West Phoenicia Olympic Security

* Reverend Robert Kellog-Chaplain
* Reverend Mariamne Davies-Chaplain

* Antony Middacci- Aide to Chaplains
* Sister Martha Mary Saint- Private Secretary to Chaplains

* Magas, Priest of the goddess Fortuna
* Aurora, Priestess of the goddess Fortuna

* Florence Preet- Head Tarot Reader
* Madam Butterfly-Tarot Reader
* Lady Hathor- Medium
* Victory Alamein- Fortune Teller
* Vishnu Sharma-Spiritual Guru
* Gabriella Jook-Angel Intruitive
* Sabre- Astrologer

Official Media Conglomerate: West Phoenician Combined Press
Official Newspaper: West Phoenicia Times,
Official TV Channel: West Phoenicia Sports 1. WP1 (Live coverage, with repeats at night)
Official Magazine: WP Sports
Offical Gossip Magazine: The Cat's Meow (Norma Mansfield)
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Peoples Republic of Xabia
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Postby Peoples Republic of Xabia » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:09 pm

Flagbearer: Asuna Hanagata (Bronze in Women's Skeleton @ 13th Winter Games in Electrum)

    Ethan Kabashima - Men's hockey referee
    Umeji Taniskishayinew - Men's hockey linesman
    Scott Nakatake - Men's hockey linesman
    Misty Yagami - Women's hockey referee
    Sanji Ingram - Ski jumping judge
    Maki Ishikawa - Snowboard slopestyle judge
Xabia's national anthem

The Xabian team sports rosters are still to come.
I'm a First Nations dude from Saskatchewan. I enjoy anime and I'm also a bit of an Anglophile.
Xabian policies do not necessarily match my IRL values.
1 Universal Standard Dollar approximately equals 120 Sen, thus NS stats that use currency units should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Postby Liventia » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:55 am

Things to know about Liventia:
Liventia has two official languages, French and English. Its official name in French is République liventienne (Liventian Republic), although the inaccurate "Liventie" is in common colloquial usage.

Liventia has two national anthems, both in English — if a Liventian athlete or team wins gold, Liventia, Land of Hope is played. However, at the opening and closing ceremonies in Neverend, both official anthems, including The Call of the Liventian Republic, will be played.

Opening Ceremony flagbearers: Dany Bellegarde (Olympic champion, snowboard parallel giant slalom) will carry the Liventian flag in Neverend. Caleb Stevens (Olympic champion, men's singles luge) will carry the Liventian flag in Yeaddin.

Women's team:
Paige Ramsey (lead)
Jos Owen (second)
Fran Brennan (third)
Keira Tucker (skip)
Danielle Richardson (alternate)

Men's team:
Clément du Toit (lead)
Jean-Noël Rochefort (second)
Denis Ménard (third/skip)
Rob Kennedy (fourth)
Michel Cochet (alternate)

Joanne Bevan (G1)
Esther Martel (G2)
Michèle Serre (G3)

Ashleigh Winfield (D1)
Lisa Dufour (D1), captain
Ashley Mooney (D2)
Harriet Livingstone (D2)
Adele Rowe (D3)
Steff Brentwood (D3)
Coralie le Tonnelier
Esther Aubert

Caty Johnstone (LW1)
Maria Toussaint (C1)
Rosie Atkinson (RW1)
Gaby Griffiths (LW2), vice-captain
Dona Vaughan (C2)
Samantha Foley (RW2)
Josephine Quentin (LW3)
Claudine Deschanel (C3)
Alix Olivier (RW3), vice-captain
Maxine Beaufils (LW4)
Krystal Davidson (C4)
Danielle Rousselle (RW4)
Désirée Cochet
Elaine Lockridge

Benjamin Atkinson (G1)
Max Poincaré (G2)
Bertrand Bellegarde (G3)

Aaron Windsor (D1)
Quentin Girard (D1)
Billy Allen (D2)
William Higham (D2), vice-captain
Bob Osborne (D3)
Walter James (D3)
Pierre-Antoine Cédoulin
Clément Raymond

Charles Clark (LW1)
Laurent Picard (C1), captain
Eric Kemble (RW1)
Quentin Jaillet (LW2)
Archie Boyle (C2)
Dominic Moore (RW2)
Ed Larsen (LW3), vice-captain
Robbie Taylor (C3)
Bill Cunningham (RW3)
Bertrand Thiers (LW4)
Laurence Poivre (C4)
Thibaut Chevrier (RW4)
Ant Baxter
Max Raymond

Jade Mann
Victoria Wilson
Rach Hughes
Selena Gilmore
Grace Keller
Hortense Moreau
Sarah Lefrançois
Anastasie Laurent
Rhona Blake
Morwenna Copeland
Samantha Thomas
Ashleigh Riggs
Melina McColl
Augustine Trouvé
Leslie Murray
Eugénie Boissel
Dona Moore
Sammy Morse

Gabe Nolan
Quentin Rees
William Windsor
Harry O'Keefe
Jake Compton
Christophe Desjardins
Eugène Blaise
Théo Terrier
Lewis O'Keefe
Devon Moores
Ricky Llewellyn
Alan Ballard
Selwyn Sharp
Bertrand Royer
Rhys Owens
Sébastien Rochefort
Devon Ward
Brendon Tucker

Samantha Lovett/Leah Gray/Elizabeth Gilbert-Smith (sub: Marie-Claudette de la Mer)
Caleb Davidson/Garth Steele/Peter Fulton (sub: Arnoud Bruxelles)

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Postby Kriegiersien » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:24 pm

The Kriegiersien(KGS) delegation for the XIV Winter Olympics


Head(s) of Mission: Depp Jones and Susan Nicols (ex-icedancers)

Flag Bearers:
Hanz Lummerjager Junior (ski jumping) for Neverend
C van D (Luge) for Yeaddin

The Kriegiersien delegation starts as always in their

As they are used Summer and Winter, it is a good fortune that nudity is mandatory in Kriegiersien. Many athletes know to exercise in the cold without clothes and the thin jerseys at the Olympics are no shock to most.

18 Athletes Per Team

Oh, you clicked the spoiler.
Did you know that Kriegiersien is still actual Champion du Monde in Bandy? There was no further World Championship after the last an eternity ago, so the Olympics are the only way for the Bandy players to show how good and interesting they are. Last time the Kriegiersien men ended with silver in this demonstration sport.
Anyways, it is still an amateur sport and no one knows their names.

Curling women
These are the actual Olympic Champions. Luckily, for Kriegiersien, you can play Curling even at a great age. Beside the four grand ladies, there are no men or women in Kriegiersien who are that good. Or even close.

Mirya Bratwurst, Andrea Egyptulan, Briza Icemop and Rhonwen Loewenzahn

The men are… not that good.

Curling Men
Joey Bratwurst, Jerk Egyptulan, Max Simpson, Homer Power.

25 Athletes Per Team
(22 Skaters + 3 Goalies)

Oh, you clicked here. Have you ever heard of any Kriegiersien hockey player? No? No surprise, outside of Kriegiersien nearly no one has. The leagues are good, professionell... but isolated.
Maybe some players can make a name for themselves at the Olympics. Maybe.

And they did:

Pos		Name                	Club                          	
GK Jody Becker HC Schoenwetter
GK Reid Horne Scorpion City United
GK Ruben Herman Muhr HC
1st LINE
D Thanh Parker Scorpion City United
D Odell Velez Scorpion City United
LW Curtis Mccarty Scorpion City United
C Oswaldo Paul Scorpion City United
RW Buddy Mora Scorpion City United
2nd LINE
D Tristan Hopkins Schoenwetter Anteaters
D Guy Rose Schoenwetter Anteaters
LW Jesse Hunter Schoenwetter Anteaters
C Josef Kaiser Schoenwetter Anteaters
RW Adolph Brooks Schoenwetter Anteaters
3rd LINE
D Elwood Fields Winter City Owlbears
D Shelton Joyce HC Schoenwetter
LW Florentino Potts Schoenwetter University
C Elroy Koch Schoenwetter Anteaters
RW Vance Armstorm Schoenwetter Anteaters
4th LINE
D Ellsworth Mosley Winter City Owlbears
D Santo Nguyen Winter City Owlbears
LW Mitchel Lucas Scorpion City United
C Kaktus Schoeller HC Schoenwetter
RW Dirk Nojokeski Schoenwetter Anteaters

4 Athletes Per Team
(3 + 1 Substitute)
These are actually Beach-volleyball players, trying something new. Most of them Olympians and there is the only known Cyborg left in the whole team. Female Scrapbot, a reserve player for the ladies.

Iwan Trouble
Hungwung Trouble
Micha Dig

Thomas Block

Birgit Alissa
Adriana Nederland
Lee Sheera

Female Scrapbot
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Postby Diarcesia » Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:41 pm

Team Diarcesian

RP Permissions, Should Opponent Post First
Choose Lineup: Yes
Choose Goalscorers: Yes
RP Match Events: Yes
Penalties: Yes, if no fines or suspensions are involved. Otherwise, consult. Notify me if penalties are made against my players.
Godmod for Comedy: Yes
Godmod for Tragedy: Yes for injuries that last for the event being played. Otherwise, consult.
Godmod other events: Yes
Storyline-Related RP: Consult

Full Nation Name: Monarchia Diarcesium (The Monarchy Diarcesian)
Trigram: DCS
Chrysolyncophori (Flagbearers):
Pihla Werner (Women's 1500m Speed Skating) at Yeaddin, Vilita
Satan Bolton (Men's Curling) at Neverend, Liventia
Anthem: Diarcesians Here, Now, and Forever (lyricless)
Monarch: Phlegomy
Archon of Sports (de facto): Adrast, King of Chiyginia and Heptarch Diarcesian
Head of the Olympic Committee: Tom Cole
Debut Appearance: Summer XIII Olympiad
First Appearance in an NS Winter Olympic Games

Diarcesia is a tropical country with no snow-capped mountains and nowhere else to experience subzero temperatures. How in the world is it in a Winter Olympics? Indoor rinks, that's why.

Blas Michel
Avarand C'ogem
Michael Henry
Qimiryan Qadir
Satan Bolton

Gwenivere Barbosa
Orinthy Ó Séaghdha
Leah Rivera
Ildi Ferguson
Bethan Johnsdaughter

Ice Hockey
* G:Timon Lewin (Starter)
* G: Dan Lynch
* G: Tone Tosetti
* D: Ben Lars (Starter)
* D: Theobrand Nash (Starter)
* D: Taliesyn Arvake
* D: Kagiso Rayne
* D: Muhammad Smith
* D: Agni Chance
* D: Michael Montgomery
* D: Lesla Qaizun
* D: Grady Wembley
* F: Grim Gehrig (Starter)
* F: Bidziil Santos (Starter)
* F: Cobrand Theodericson (Starter/Shooter)
* F: Joshua Arbor
* F: Trasnuddin Cyag-i
* F: Robbie Naoumov
* F: Srekislas Jez
* F: Vardamir Branimirov
* F: Ethan Balliol
* F: Niles Agostini
* F: Alexander Dragomir (Shooter)
* F: Harry Smith
* F: Baruch Papadopulus (Shooter)

* G: Stamenelta Ostrovski (Starter)
* G: Yvona Zienteck
* G: Helen Kubichek
* D: Marinka Bengoechea (Starter)
* D: Srekislava Krall (Starter)
* D: Megan Nelson
* D: Stamenelta Kozlovski
* D: Vaishnavi Munroe
* D: Tara Johnsdaughter
* D: Hikaru Shehu
* D: Stanislava Stanek
* D: Hester Yumizuka
* F: Volgrima Blue (Starter/Shooter)
* F: Stošija Einarsson (Starter)
* F: Stamenelta Adamet (Starter)
* F: Saeko Mukami
* F: Praveena Greer
* F: Darla Patrick (Shooter)
* F: Kamala Herceg
* F: Sarah Sanders
* F: Kali Ó Néill (Shooter)
* F: Maya Cade
* F: Faustina Baier
* F: Erin Normandy
* F: América Gadhavi
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Teremaran Olympics Delegation
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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:37 pm

Teremaran Unified Delegation
To The XIV Winter Olympics

Trigram Key:
TRM: Teremaran Unified Team (Teremara)
ATK: Austrakia
FLK: Falkasia
GLS: Glisandia
GRG: Gragastavia
GUL: Terre Des Gaules (Gaul)
LCT: Lacetanya
NEG: Neu Engollon
YSR: Yellow Star Republic

Flag Bearers

Yeaddin, Vilita: Habiba Shamoun, Gragastavian Figure Skater
Neverend, Liventia: Mèlia Pous, Lacetan Snow Volleyball Player

Regional Anthem

All Over The World
By Electric Light Orchestra

Teremaran Men’s Ice Hockey Team (TRM)

Head Coach: Andre Manon (NEG)
Assistant Coach: Arve Wolle (FLK)
Head Trainer: Dimitri Lazarev (FLK)
Assistant Trainer: Samuel Deseaux (NEG)

Line/Pair/GK One
GK Rostislav "Rossy" Pyanykh (FLK)
RD David Mastroni (NEG)
LD Julien LeTranc (NEG)
LW Remy Velper (NEG)
RW Jean Luc Marchal (GUL)
C Vladimir Kusko (FLK)

Line/Pair/GK Two
GK Calvino Bassati (NEG)
RD Pavel "Pasha" Nechayev (FLK)
LD Karsten Ruggiero (NEG)
LW Alain Coupin (GUL)
RW Felip Casabella (LCT)
C Bojan Gavnic (NEG)

Line/Pair/GK Three
GK Guillaume Brunet (GUL)
RD Arno Reimsel (NEG)
LD Yevgeniy "Zhenya" Nechayev (FLK)
RW Thierry Sameaux (NEG)
LW Alex Weissbaum (NEG)
C Brandur Evaldsson (GLS)

Line/Pair/GK Four
GK Vincent Gaspard (NEG)
RD Bertrand Carreau (GUL)
LD Siegfried Kemmelz (NEG)
RW Finnur Gravlursson (YSR)
LW Henri Guilbert (GUL)
C Maurice Terfram (NEG)

Teremaran Women’s Ice Hockey Team (TRM)

Head Coach: Johanna Raud (FLK)
Assistant Coach: Lena Taljerski (GLS)
Head Trainer: Gertrude Geier (ATK)
Assistant Trainer: Hannah Fulacci (NEG)

Line/Pair/GK One
GK Amalia Lappi (FLK)
RD Demna Gurfarsdottir (YSR)
LD Marlena Steinhauser (ATK)
LW Sarafina Woetz (NEG)
RW Sílvia Company (LCT)
C Kati Naas (FLK)

Line/Pair/GK Two
GK Lena Deinberg (ATK)
RD Stephanie Muriel (GUL)
LD Oksana Fyodorova (FLK)
LW Milyena Nikitova (FLK)
RW Rikke Bohkler (FLK)
C Vaka Humarsdottir (YSR)

Line/Pair/GK Three
GK Anna Parome (GUL)
RD Marela Zobiewski (GLS)
LD Nada al-Saheed (FLK/GRG)
LW Veronika Auchtel (ATK)
RW Sigmunda Kristjinsdottir (YSR)
C Sofia Margalo (NEG)

Gaulic National Men’s Bandy Team (GUL)

Arnaud Beauchamp

Goalkeeper: Donald Pasquiat
Defensive Back: Renard Mercier
Sweeper: Gerard Linville
Defensive Back: Robert Baudin
Halfback: Guillaume Kratic
Midfielder: Jean Luc Segal
Midfielder: Stephen Reyer (C)
Halfback: Eduard Voclaine
Forward: Auguste Relevic
Forward: Thierry Masson

Defense: Gauthier Belin
Defense: Jean Bellamie
Forward: Henri Gaspard
Forward: Samuel Boucher

Neu Engollian National Women’s Bandy Team (NEG)

Viola Trambord

Goalkeeper: Monique Uccello
Defensive Back: Nadine LeTranc
Sweeper: Graziana de Santoro
Defensive Back: Alessa Baptiste
Halfback: Maria Cipriano
Midfielder: Philomena Hölzer
Midfielder: Anastasia Fergenheim
Halfback: Jeanette Schräder (C)
Forward: Rosalda Marzagliano
Forward: Hanna Beyersdorf

Defense: Alicia Fortunato
Defense: Sarah Graner
Forward: Gia Altoberti
Forward: Dominique Sybain

Neu Engollian National Men’s Curling Team (NEG)

Skip: Ernesto Sauveterre
Lead: Jean Gerber (C)
Second: Rodolph Lenz
Third: Fabiano La Danse
Alternate: Helmut Kruse
Alternate: Alonzo Cipriano

Glisandian National Women’s Curling Team (GLS)

Skip: Teresa Holgersdottir
Lead: Eliza Rodawski (C)
Second: Jannike Renlorduor
Third: Tatiana Starsdottir
Alternate: Thyra Kasprzak

Lacetan National Men’s Snow Volleyball Team (LCT)

Coach: Nèstor Junqueras

Vícenç Vaquer
Ricard Gilibert
Narcís Tatje
Alternate: Emeric Ferrermo

Lacetan National Women’s Snow Volleyball Team (LCT)

Coach: Èrato Casal

Alexandra Vilasetr
Mèlia Pous
Sofia Raix
Alternate: Esperança Royo

The XIV Winter Olympics will have media coverage across the region from some of the following major Teremaran Networks:

Ekaterine Television, Falkasian National Media Network

Al-Duhaba Press, Gragastavian National Media Network

The Primary Neu Engollian National Network Sports Channel, National Media Network

The Secondary Neu Engollian National Network Sports Channel, National Media Network

Gauloise Télévision Nationale, Gaulic National Media Network

Austrakisch Bundesfernsehen, Austrak Federal Television Network

Ràdio i Televisió Lacetanes, Lacetan Radio and Television

RP Permissions
TG us for anything weird. Don't kill, main or give our players/athletes career ending injuries. Other than that, have fun!
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Postby Cocoabo Forest » Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:39 am


Cocoabo Forest: Olympic Games Kit


Cocoabo Forest: Mens Ice Hockey

Projected Starting Lineup:
Pos :: Identification : Home
GK :: ( Cocoabo #87 ) : Cocoabo Forest
D :: ( Cocoabo #59 ) : Cocoabo Forest
D :: ( Cocoabo #57 ) : Cocoabo Forest
RW :: ( Cocoabo #61 ) : Cocoabo Forest
LW :: ( Cocoabo #63 ) : Cocoabo Forest
C :: ( Cocoabo #99 ) : Cocoabo Forest

Second Line:
GK :: ( Cocoabo #87 ) : Cocoabo Forest
D :: ( Cocoabo #53 ) : Cocoabo Forest
D :: ( Cocoabo #65 ) : Cocoabo Forest
RW :: ( Cocoabo #67 ) : Cocoabo Forest
LW :: ( Cocoabo #71 ) : Cocoabo Forest
C :: ( Cocoabo #91 ) : Cocoabo Forest

Cocoabo Forest: Womens Ice Hockey

Projected Starting Lineup:
Pos :: Identification : Home
GK :: ( Cocoabo #86 ) : Cocoabo Forest
D :: ( Cocoabo #58 ) : Cocoabo Forest
D :: ( Cocoabo #56 ) : Cocoabo Forest
RW :: ( Cocoabo #60 ) : Cocoabo Forest
LW :: ( Cocoabo #62 ) : Cocoabo Forest
C :: ( Cocoabo #94 ) : Cocoabo Forest

Second Line:
D :: ( Cocoabo #54 ) : Cocoabo Forest
D :: ( Cocoabo #64 ) : Cocoabo Forest
RW :: ( Cocoabo #66 ) : Cocoabo Forest
LW :: ( Cocoabo #72 ) : Cocoabo Forest
C :: ( Cocoabo #98 ) : Cocoabo Forest

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Postby Savojarna » Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:50 am




Flag Bearer Neverend
Name: Nilla Johansson
Sport: Biathlon
Age: 30
Previous Success: Olympic Champion Pursuit 13th Olympic Winter Games, 4x Savojar Champion Individual, 2x Savojar Champion Sprint, 3x Savojar Champion Mass Start.
Notable Information: First ever Savojar Olympic Champion.

Flag Bearer Yeaddin
Name: Jonas Gulbrandsson
Sport: Ice Hockey
Age: 26
Previous Success: Vice World Champion WCoH 34
Notable Information: Assistant Captain and one of the most popular players of the Savojar Men's National Team.

Delegation Information
Total Size (including functionaries, coaches and referees): 267
Present at Opening Ceremony: 213
Outfit Design: National Design Collective of Savojarna NDCS
Outfit: High black leather boots with red laces, a symbol of the Savojar Revolution. Navy jeans and the official Savojar Olympic Team shirt, white with a pulsating red star in the middle, surrounded by the campaign slogan "Light of the North" in blue. Over that, a blue denim jacket with the Olympic Estoile stitched onto the heart in dark blue, and a red star pin on the revers.
Flag-Bearer Outfit: Traditional hunting dress of Northern Vestrholm, consisting of woolen clothing and a long jacket of reindeer or deer leather, and boots of the same material. The traditional cap is made from fur, while the grey gloves are traditionally made from dragonscale, although leather is commonly used as well. For the Olympics, custom-made dragonscale gloves were created using scales from the Norderholmen National Dragon Preservation Reserve.


Men's Curling

Team: CK Nyborg
Team Coach: Martin Sandholm (55)
National Coach: Viktor Lindberg (47)
Lead: Olaf Persson (27)
Second: Pär Byggmark (23)
Third: Jonas Schöne (28)
Skip: Anders Wilman (28)
Alternate: Harald Mara (26)

The Savojar team is a strong allround team, with a typically quite conservative play relying on low-risk rocks. Wilman is a very safe take-out player, but sometimes has faltered under pressure and considered a weak draw player. They have won the Savojar trials with only one loss in the Round Robin, to the team of Olympics 13 participant Jonas Skarsgard of CK Landsmarks Industrie. All of them participate in their first Olympic games.

Women's Curling

Team: Akademisk CK Sjoedrhavn
Team Coach: Regina Andersson (45)
National Coach: Christina Rundblad (38)
Lead: Annegret Hammarby (27)
Second: Gitte Lund (28)
Third: Karolina Viipurainen (25)
Skip: Helena Berger (26)
Alternate: Helga Kristiansdottir (27)

Having surprisingly won the trials four years ago, they have won it convincingly this time again and managed to qualify for the Olympics. Former Alternate Christina Rundblad has finished her career after the last Olympics, being offered a position as national coach by the Savojar Curling Federation, and had been replaced by the variable Kristiansdottir. The team plays very offensively, using many draws, and Helena Berger's greatest strength is that she plays a very precise length.


Hockey in Savojarna

Savojarna plays a game that is mostly depending on tactical discipline and puck possession. While the Savojars do value a good deflection or rebound goal, and certainly have many players who can do such things, they usually prefer a pass to a shot from a desperate position hoping for a lucky bounce. Their players think fast rather than move exceptionally fast (but they are not slow either!), with a few exceptions on the attack since the coaching changed and the team is a bit more aggressive. While they don't have to hide from anyone, they are usually not physically superior.

In terms of tactics, they play an aggressive forechecking with one or two men, trying to force puck losses, and drop back to their own blue line once the opponent has reached the neutral zone. They attempt to keep the opponent away from their own side, and defend usually quite solid. On the attack, Savojarna's top lines work with a lot of passing and cycling the puck to find an open lane while the third and fourth line play deeper and with more drive to the net. Especially the fourth line often crowds the slot, while the third is more likely to go deep and play behind the net. Usually, the Savojars play with 13 forwards and 7 defenders. On the men's team, Glukov can be expected to barely play outside special teams. The women's team employs significantly more offensive tactics and relies more on passing the puck around due to the less physical nature of women's hockey.

Men's Team Info

Style Mod: +1.25

Coach: Fridtjof Ragnarsson (53)
Assistant coaches: Denis Patrishin (42), Alexander Litmanen (37)
Medical and physio staff: Dr. Pyotr Alexandrov (63), Dr. Valtteri Naumanen (46), Lisa Andersson (35), Kari Litmanen (33)
Press representative: Carl Törmänen (34) - please note that apart from mixed zone interviews and WCoH press conferences, only Törmänen is authorised to speak to foreign media.

Savojar National Team
Pos Nr. Name Age Club Style
GK 30 Niklas Hoyman 31 CASK Thorsborg BFY
GK 35 Andrey Strakhov 36 International Pawlograd HYB
GK 70 Ville Kerjanen 25 Savojars Vinge Virkaja HYB
1st LINE
D 22 Erik Kristiansen - C 30 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn OFD
D 5 Jon Asgeirsson 31 ESK Storevik DFD
LW 40 Ville Stefansson 32 SK Torpedo Pawlograd SNP
C 18 Mikko Simonen 32 RHK Savojagrad PLM
RW 28 Denis Elegin 29 International Pawlograd SNP
2nd LINE
D 8 Mikael Ingerman 23 CASK Thorsborg DFD
D 21 Soren Falborg 28 Exton Islanders (MRC) OFD
LW 17 Johan Bryzhnev 24 Torpedo Belushya Guba (NZE) SNP
C 47 Eythor Malinsson 23 ESK Storevik PLM
RW 41 Jonas Gulbrandsson - A 26 Partizan Belushya Guba (NZE) PLM
3rd LINE
D 80 Victor Troels 30 RHK Savojagrad TWD
D 29 Terje Nordrsson 24 ESK Storevik OFD
LW 55 Dominik Gränlund - A 29 CASK Thorsborg GRN
C 92 Anders Hejman 29 ESK Storevik SNP
RW 19 Tuomas Jaskinen 30 PT Hovikkära TWA

4th LINE
D 13 Vyacheslav Glukov 33 RHK Savojagrad TWD
LW 53 Valeri Taranin 27 CASK Thorsborg SNP
C 33 Jacob Andersson 22 Orga MC (MRC) PWF
RW 53 Yuri Elyagin 21 Dynamo St. Andrei PWF
RW 10 Andrey Dragunov 23 PT Hovikkära SNP
D 44 Tuukka Lajanen 23 Traktor St. Andrei TWD
C 52 Anders Hjalmarsson 29 HK Metall Jarnstad PLM

Goalkeeper order: Hoyman - Kerjanen - Strakhov, unless indicated otherwise.

Special Teams:
The Savojar team plays a powerplay focused mainly on shooting from the point and the circle. The two defenders play both in the area between the blue line and the top of the circle, but occasionally advance to the circle. The winger on the side of the puck moves to the circle to be open and get a shot off, the other winger moves towards the goal to assist the center in screening and opening shooting lanes. The center remains in front of the goal. In penalty killing, Savojarna lets the opponent play around the boards, but intervenes quickly if the puck moves inside the box. They play a PK with relatively little pressure.

PP1: Falborg - Gulbrandsson - Stefansson - Andersson - Bryzhnev
PP2: Glukov - Kristiansen - Söderberg - Hejman - Jaskinen
PK1: Asgeirsson - Falborg - Andersson - Jaskinen
PK2: Ingerman - Glukov - Elyagin - Gränlund

Women's Team Info

Style Mod: +2.8

Coach: Karina Jeronenko (42)
Assistant coaches: Anna Valtersson (55, goalie coach), Linus Allbäck (49)
Medical and physio staff: Dr. Pyotr Alexandrov (67), Dr. Valtteri Naumanen (50), Lisa Andersson (39), Kari Litmanen (37)
Press representative: Carl Törmänen (38) - please note that apart from mixed zone interviews and press conferences, only Törmänen is authorised to speak to foreign media.

Savojar National Team
Pos Nr. Name Age Club Style
GK 1 Sarah Jagström 27 PT Hovikkära BFY
GK 30 Laura Valder 31 Amazonia Vestrkustslän HYB
GK 31 Ulla Parvanen 24 Hovikkära Skipsmän HYB
D 4 Andrea Makhalsky 28 RHK Savojagrad TWD
D 23 Jessica Egqvist 33 Amazonia Vestrkustslän OFD
LW 20 Britta Philipsson 27 Thorsborgs KIF PWF
C 52 Katinka Argoshin 26 RHK Savojagrad PLM
RW 92 Sofie Väll - A 28 Akademisk HK Sjoedrhavn SNP
D 6 Mariya Lishkin 25 PT Hovikkära OFD
D 21 Helena Ragnarsson 31 Thorsborgs KIF OFD
LW 7 Katharina Vilhjälm 19 Landsmarks Industrie TWA
C 93 Svetlana Vetrayev 21 SKSK St. Andrei PLM
RW 13 Olga Rishov 23 International Pawlograd SNP
D 2 Vicky Jaerbyn 23 Akademisk HK Sjoedrhavn TWD
D 5 Helle Mortensen 26 Amazonia Vestrkustslän OFD
LW 49 Petra Olsen 27 PT Hovikkära SNP
C 75 Anna-Lena Ellman - A 30 Thorsborgs KIF TWA
RW 24 Martina Hovland 27 HK Bergheim SNP
D 79 Greta Traustasdottir 29 ESK Storevik DFD
LW 40 Lipa Mazurov - C 37 International Pawlograd PLM
LW 33 Milla Taranen 20 PT Hovikkära TWA
C 64 Erika Sandbäck 23 Akademisk HK Sjoedrhavn PWF
RW 11 Arianna Johannesson 18 Amazonia Vestrkustslän GRN
D 48 Laana Ontiainen 23 Akademisk HK Sjoedrhavn TWD
C 17 Aleksandra Horov 25 RHK Savojagrad TWA

Goalkeeper order: Valder - Jagström - Parvanen, unless indicated otherwise.

Special Teams:
The Savojar team plays a powerplay focused mainly on circling the puck around the outside and searching the pass through the slot. The two defenders play both in the area between the blue line and the top of the circle, but occasionally advance to the circle. The winger on the side of the puck moves to the circle to be open and get a shot off, the other winger moves towards the goal to assist the center in screening and opening shooting lanes. The center remains in front of the goal or cycles behind it when the puck is rotating. In penalty killing, Savojarna lets the opponent play around the boards, but intervenes quickly if the puck moves inside the box. They play a PK with relatively little pressure.

PP1: Lishkin - Ragnarsson - Philipsson - Ellman - Väll
PP2: Egqvist - Mortensen - Vilhjälm - Argoshin - Rishov
PK1: Makhalsky - Traustasdottir - Ellman - Philipsson
PK2: Egqvist - Jaerbyn - Argoshin - Taranen

Style codes:
HYB = Hybrid goaltender. Uses a sensible mixture of butterfly and standup styles. Average likelihood of rebounds.
BFY = Butterfly goaltender. Quickly drops into butterfly stance to make saves. Will concede more rebounds, but is harder to beat low.
DFD = Defensive defender. Sticks to the blue line and works a lot in backchecking. Blocks shots, checks and is hard to get past.
TWD = Two-way defender. Dangerous from the point and the top of the circle, but focuses on backchecking. Also good at breakouts.
OFD = Offensive defender. Usually a good shooter and passer, and will more frequently move deep in offensive play. Still is a defender though.
TWA = Two-way attacker. A forward who will be quick to fall back if the team loses the puck, and prevents odd-man rush opportunities.
PWF = Power forward. A forward who plays with strength in everything he does, but also relies on skill. The most allround forwards on the team.
SNP = Sniper. A forward who will score more goals than assists. His job is simply to put the puck in the back of the net from every position.
PLM = Playmaker. A forward who has good overview and passing, and will score more assists than goals. His job is to create chances for the team.
GRN = Grinder. A forward using his body to annoy the opponent, get or keep the puck and push it into the goal. Especially good at forechecking.


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WJHC 12, WCoH 34, Alpine Skiing World Tour
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Mattijanan Information For the 14th Winter Olympic Games:

Trigram: MTJ
Governing Body: MattijanaOlympianaBand, MattijanaSportBuro (Mattijanan Olympic Team, Mattijanan Ministry of Sport).
Sports Minister: Julian Petrov
National anthem: Hoffe un Valaške (Hope and eternity)
National Sport: Field Hockey
Other popular sports: Bobsled/skeleton, Cricket, Tennis
Most popular winter sports: Bobsled/skeleton, alpine skiing, short-track speed skating, curling.
Delegation size: 250 medal athletes +8 demonstration athletes

Katija Lumana-Gold medallist, 1000m Short Track
Sofia Velez-Gold Medallist, Moguls


Mattijana's curling teams have long-since been a source of hope for medals. The men won silver in Electrum in a thrilling final, losing out narrowly to Liventia. The women suffered a disappointing defeat to Vakolicci Haven and Celeria in the round of 16, but will be looking to bounce back this time round with a remodelled team taking to the ice.

LadijoKurlBand (Mens' team):

The men make one change from the side that has won consecutive medals at the previous two games. Dominik Jariliov, who left the side to form his own rink shortly after the Electrum Olympics is left out, promoting Sami Grosicki. Zan Plesko, who has shown good form back home, takes his place as third with Marko Oblak as alternate.

Skip: Matej Donilovič
Lead: Stefan Radjeskov
Second: Sami Grosicki
Third: Zan Pleško
Alternate: Marko Oblak

LadijaKurlBand (womens' team):

Jasmin Karotič is the only survivor from the team that was knocked out prematurely in Electrum. She retains her spot in second having joined Zala Jakupovic's rink from Marika Sava's team before the Mattijanan championships that doubled as the selection tournament for the games.

Skip: Zala Jakupovic
Lead: Sara Gasparic
Second: Jasmin Karotič
Third: Amelija Bezjak
Alternate: Juliana Srebotnik

Ice Hockey:

Mattijana have chosen to send Ice Hockey teams to a Winter Games for the first time in three editions following a loosening of regulation forbidding the sport to be played professionally. The amateur game continued throughout the ban, which is still in place, but was not allowed to put together a team for the Olympic Games.
The two teams are put together with players who all have a 'normal' job to fund their training, but these sides will take on the might of the professional nations over the course of the group stage, and maybe even beyond.

LadijoEisHockeyBand (Mens' team):

G-Matej Handanovic-29-Respiratory Doctor
G-Olij Krunic-25-Conservationist
G-Kaspar Jakobsonn-28-Accountant
D-Jan SchmalBerg-30-Electrical engineer
D-Alex Zelinsky-26-Civil Servant
D-Bostjan Lamanovic-22-Biomedicine student
D-Josip Beck-27-Civil Servant
D-Max Ceferin-24-Builder
F-Lukas Hallsteiner-21-History student
F-Linus Christoffersonn-30-Roofer
[b]F-Sebastian Thorsonn-23-Nurse
F-Julian Shafer-26-Police worker
F-Marko Pirson-31-Train Driver
F-Andreas Gasparovic-29-Counseller
F-Dominik Sava-25-Factory worker

LadijaEisHockeyBand (womens' team):

G-Daniella Handanovic-30-Aeronautical engineer
G-Jana Dobranovic-27-Librarian
G-Karolina Vuckic-23-Medical Student
D-Kaia Vranj-32-Supermarket manager
D-Klara Vestergaard-25-Lab technician
D-Jasmina Struna-20-Drama student
D-Jessika Lund-29-Vetinary nurse
D-Ameli Bostjanovic-26-Accountent
F-Naomi Katjanovic-25-Midwife
F-Dominika Krujcova-27-Postwoman
F-Freja Seferovic-22-PE Teacher
F-Magdalena Kruischberg-30-Electrician
F-Polina Bezjak-25-Conservationist
F-Thea Kristenson-22-Vetinary student
F-Julia Kampl-31-Social worker
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The socialist republic of Mattijana:
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Postby Kelssek » Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:46 pm



Kieran Anderson (skip)
Gregor Potter
Adam Schuster
Scott Pallister

Maxime Lavallée (skip)
Lisa Follett
Francine Macdonald
Leanne Rosen


Sean Duneasler - C/RW, Dinamo Lupinissia
Julien Lescarbeau [A] - RW, Ad Astra
Ryan Carter-Jenkins - C, Burnaby Ravens
Riley Hesselboe [C] - LW, Internationale
Roch-Olivier Charron - RW, Éireann Dartmoor
Cameron Franklin - C, Olympique Langlois
Luc Pelletier - RW, Grand Falls Haligonian
Mathieu Fabre - RW/LW, Kirkenes Dragons
Shawn Freedman - C/RW, CH Outineau
Jackson Croft - LW, Dinamo Lupinissia
Dylan Saranack - LW, Faucons de Saint-Rémy
Brad Torrhen - RW, Dinamo Lupinissia
Pierre Machouf - C, Redswyth Union
Eamon Coady - C, Breton Emeralds

Kirk Betand - LD, Neorvins Wolves
Rory Kirkland - RD, Dinamo Lupinissia
Zach Polanis - RD, CH Outineau
Pieter Ostend - LD, Vickery Vikings
Matej Halmana [A] - RD, Kirkenes Dragons
Alejandro Belvila - LD, Kirkenes Dragons
Antoine Lauzon - LD, Clayquot Partisans
Loïc Normand - RD, Novanaya Rangers

Simon Durocher - CH Outineau
Gabriel Dillon - Redswyth Union
Bryce Kennedy [starter] - Vickery Vikings

Head coach: Séverin Jeanne


Aislinn Easley - LW, CH Outineau
Briana Meekinson [C] - C, Internationale
Angéline Carlson - RW, Neorvins Wolves
Elizabeth Geist-Turner - LW, Faucons de Saint-Rémy
Béatrice Vernier - C, Glen Éira
Mairead MacCullaich - C, Cantons-de-l'Ouest
Joséphine Lamidou - RW, Red Star Clayquot
Juliene Szczernic - LW, Kirkenes Dragons
Patricia Green - C, Mazinaw Knights
Kathy Clarke - RW, Kingsharbour Royals
Megan McTavish - LW/RW, Wenerderian HC
Christine Belcairn - C, Burnaby Ravens
Sophie Devoile - C/RW, Kirkenes Dragons
Alice Wett - C, Escadron de Dorval

Hayley Clark - RD, Vickery Vikings
Samantha Limman - LD, Llandwei Brewi
Rachel Lubovic - RD, Kenora Thistle
Melissa Vine - LD, Internationale
Annemay Jenkins - RD, CH 1949 Beaujoire
Gabrielle Dupuis - LD, Mazinaw Knights
Nicole Beryntor - RD, CH Outineau
Bronwyn Jones - LD, Olympique Langlois

Shelagh O'Brien [starter] - Olympique Langlois
Jeanna Corbett - Red Star Clayquot
Lesley Peterson - Neorvins Wolves

Head coach: Sarah Fitzpatrick


Nick Cutter
Pierre-Olivier Hamelin

Leighton Murphy
Greg Erwinger
Sven Lecharbon
Bryan Lee
Mason Lecuyer

Aidan Toibin
Tanner Sarzokic
Lewis MacIntyre
Jourdain Dupuis
Pietro Lucconi
Anders Johanssen

Douglas Daley
Seán Mac Lochlainn
Nathan Peterson
Dustin Mackenzie

Patricia Murphy
Michela Howe

Laure Perrault-Arras
Clare Niewen
Lucienne Gouin-Bédard
Margery Potter
Alaina Reitter

Pauline Callaghan
Brenda Meekinson
Béatrice St.-Hubert
Roseanne Hall
Jordan Platter
Andrea Morris-Ayala
Hayley Duncan

Shannon O'Rourke
Maya Chasseur
Brianna Fernandez
Maryanne Priessing

Flagbearer: Laureline Grise-Dufour, biathlon
Chef-de-mission: Sean Orness
Anthem: The Maple Leaf Forever
Normal flag image -

RP permissions
If you RP first you may RP any in-competition actions by my athletes: who scored, missed, made a mistake, minor rule violations, etc.
In ice hockey, no fights may be RPed involving my players except by prior agreement.
In general, please ask if you are in any doubt. I may even be able to add details or suggestions to make your RP better. Telegrams are the best way to contact me.
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Postby Taeshan » Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:30 pm


Mathew Shusterman (skip)
Calvin Yaxley
Mortimer Jackson
Clinton Padilla

MacKenzie Blackadder (skip)
Portia Connoly
Rebecca Goldsmitt
Dolores Hall


Forwards (by Line)
12 Jackson Gagne 21 MT Ceabring Stormchasers C (Captain)
14 Emmit LaRue 25 Reynea Monsoons RW
89 Jeffrey Kordell 23 Chinchinhua Catalysts LW
24 Axel Gardener 30 Atlantea-Greenville IceWolves C
25 Jordan Maxwell 32 Zorg City Zephyrs RW
33 Alvaro Venatia 22 Yaton Fissures LW
68 Morten Packwell 24 Capetown Capricorns C (Alternate)
88 Fordham Lafayette 20 Atlantea Atoms RW
15 Mathew Gold 27 Loudon Thundercats LW

20 Tyler Pierre 19 Reynea Monsoons LD (Alternate)
5 Gordon Quarant 25 Reynea Monsoons RD
30 Johnson Kent 34 X Island Avalanche LD
40 John Drew 29 Eshington Earthquakes RD
99 Porter Syvret 22 Machrobat Ice Kings LD
2 Benjamin Moriarty 25 Pariot Phoenix RD

1 Emmit Williamson 25 Reynea Monsoons G
70 Emerson Quioto 35 Mierton Lakers G

Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals), 83

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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Postby Recuecn » Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:52 pm

Olympic Delegation of Reçueçn

Aside from those competing on Reçueçn's curling or ice hockey teams, only 27 athletes have been sent to represent our small nation for its first time at the Olympics. Almost all of these will be competing on snow; only the bobsleigh teams will be joining the hockey players in Yeaddin. Reçueçn, despite its small size, is home to some world-class skiiers thanks to its alpine terrain. Snowboarding is not as popular, but a group of amateurs was able to get permission to represent the nation on the Multiverse's biggest stage.

Athletes Representing Reçueçn in Neverend

Flagbearer: Madeleine Lecerf (Alpine Skiing)

Reçueçn Men's National Curling Team
Lead: Jérémy Wathelet
Second: Jean-Christophe Deshaies
Third: Nias Mägli
Skip: Gilbert Dupic
Alternate: Hansruedi Zenger

Reçueçn Women's National Curling Team
Lead: Lea Mazzella
Second: Leonilda Fiorenza
Third: Eusebia Faenza
Skip: Saba Lizza
Alternate: Adele Pizzoferrato

(Anastasie Faché will represent Reçueçn in the mixed doubles event along with Men's skip Gilbert Dupic.)

Other athletes competing in Neverend:

Athletes Representing Reçueçn in Yeaddin

Flagbearer: Elea Lörtscher (Women's Hockey Captain)

Reçueçn Men's National Hockey Team
Style mod (if used): -3.5
#1 | First-string goalie | Niel Kunz
#24 | Second-string goalie | Alexandre Boulle
#25 | Third-string goalie | Leandro Klossner

First Line
#9 | Center | Robin Von Ins [Captain]
#10 | Left Wing | Jean-Marc Gaudreau
#18 | Right Wing | Alexander Burn
#22 | Defense | Levi Ruf
#7 | Defense | Jasmin Tremblay

Second Line
#11 | Center | Ivan Kern
#2 | Left Wing | Georges Chabert
#15 | Right Wing | Thomas Graber [Alternate Captain]
#4 | Defense | Sandro Burgener
#16 | Defense | Franzi Bachofner

Third Line
#21 | Center | Gabriele Oertli [Alternate Captain]
#8 | Left Wing | Leandro Klossner
#17 | Right Wing | Walo Gaisser
#6 | Defense | Sanno Steffen
#14 | Defense | Vitus Bernhard

Fourth Line
#26 | Center | Davy Peletier
#5 | Left Wing | Diego Füllemann
#19 | Right Wing | Eduard Kindler
#20 | Defense | Gabriel Rousselot [Alternate Captain]
#22 | Defense | Eddie Schüpbach

#3 | Center | Mathis Enz
#12 | Defense | Gabriel Beaudouin
Starting line-up:
#1 | Goalie | Niel Kunz
#9 | Center | Robin Von Ins
#10 | Left Wing | Jean-Marc Gaudreau
#18 | Right Wing | Alexander Burn
#22 | Defense | Levi Ruf
#7 | Defense | Jasmin Tremblay

Special Teams:
Penalty Kill:
#22 | Defense | Levi Ruf
#7 | Defense | Jasmin Tremblay
#18 | Right Wing | Alexander Burn
[#16 | Defense | Franzi Bachofner]
[#4 | Defense | Sandro Burgener]

Power Play:
#9 | Center | Robin Von Ins
#10 | Left Wing | Jean-Marc Gaudreau
#18 | Right Wing | Alexander Burn
#20 | Defense | Gabriel Rousselot
#22 | Defense | Eddie Schüpbach

Penalty Takers: (in order)
#9 | Center | Robin Von Ins
#7 | Defense | Jasmin Tremblay
#10 | Left Wing | Jean-Marc Gaudreau
#11 | Center | Ivan Kern
#2 | Left Wing | Georges Chabert

Reçueçn Women's National Hockey Team
Style mod (if used): +2.333
#1 | First Goalie | Elea Lörtscher [Captain]
#2 | Reserve Goalie | Émilie Fresnel
#3 | Reserve Goalie | Dietlind Frank

First Line
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux [Alternate Captain]
#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn
#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet
#7 | Defense | Audrey Lecerfe
#8 | Defense | Lynn Kern

Second Line
#9 | Center | Seraina Bichsel
#10 | Left Wing | Sarah Essig
#11 | Right Wing | Marilen Rieder [Alternate Captain]
#12 | Defense | Inja Kammacher
#13 | Defense | Liv Jucker

Third Line
#14 | Center | Marei Zurflüh
#15 | Left Wing | Sylviane Mignard
#16 | Right Wing | Bella Gehrig
#17 | Defense | Abby Beaudouin
#18 | Defense | Ramona Grasshoff [Alternate Captain]

#19 | Center | Sandrine De Villiers
#20 | Center | Amandine Bombelles
#21 | Left Wing | Alessia Schwarz
#22 | Right Wing | Eugénie Dubuisson
#23 | Defense | Eva Herig
#24 | Defense | Nicola Fürstenberg
#25 | Defense | Maeva Pasteur
Starting Line-Up:
#1 | First Goalie | Elea Lörtscher
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux
#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn
#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet
#7 | Defense | Audrey Lecerfe
#8 | Defense | Lynn Kern

Special Teams:
Penalty Takers: (in order)
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux
#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet
#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn
#9 | Center | Seraina Bichsel
#10 | Left Wing | Sarah Essig

Power Play:
#14 | Center | Marei Zurflüh
#15 | Left Wing | Sylviane Mignard
#16 | Right Wing | Bella Gehrig
#17 | Defense | Abby Beaudouin
#18 | Defense | Ramona Grasshoff

Penalty Kill:
#7 | Defense | Audrey Lecerfe
#8 | Defense | Lynn Kern
#4 | Center | Berthe Arceneaux
[#6 | Right Wing | Caroline Pernet]
[#5 | Left Wing | Marleen Heilbronn]

Other athletes competing in Yeaddin:
Team Casaran

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The Transmondian Commonwealth
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Postby The Transmondian Commonwealth » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:39 pm

National Anthem: "Amazing Grace"
Flag Bearer: Aila Walsh Black

Background Info: The Transmondian Commonwealth of New England is spread across many parallel worlds. The knowledge of how to travel between them is a closely guarded secret. New England is a highly advanced FT nation with exceptional medical care, communications technology, etc. -- but it does not have interstellar travel because space travel research was not prioritized.

The only permanent settlement in the NS-verse is a small island in the Hollander Sea off the coast from Wray and Vangaziland. The main town on the island is Mattapan, which has a population of a few thousand. There is also a small fishing village called Eastport that has a population of a few hundred.

However, some people may have already guessed that New England has a population larger than the 7,000 or so people who live on this island. New England has fielded a fairly good team for the World Bowl, and many football fans have traveled to watch the games. Although the island has a port where ships from around Esportiva are allowed to dock and trade with the New Englanders, there is not enough trade or manufacturing on the island to explain the high level standard of living or the ability to field well-equipped professional-level sports teams.

Because the Commonwealth is spread across many different worlds, and most worlds have their own international sporting events, New England often fields several "national" teams in the same sport. Some recruit only from their own world; others recruit from across multiple worlds. It's very common for talented athletes from less developed worlds where there are not many international competitions to travel to more developed worlds where they have better career opportunities.

Since Mattapan is too small to field its own international sports teams, NS sporting events are being used to create opportunities for athletes from underdeveloped worlds, who could not find competition at this level in their own world. Many of the Olympic athletes are from the same worlds where the New England World Bowl team was recruited.

There are also some athletes from other parts of the Commonwealth who simply had some time on their hands and decided this was the best use of it.

How Transmondian names work: Most Commonwealth citizens have 4 names -- first, middle, family, and world. The names on my sign-up and rosters are in the format first, family, world. If two characters have the same first and family name, but a different world name, they are doppelgangers -- copies of the same person born in different parallel worlds.

In everyday conversation and journalism, most people only use first names and family names. So when one of my athletes has a triple name like "Doris Walker Wilderness," most people would just call her Doris Walker.

In print, world names are sometimes put in parentheses -- e.g. "Doris Walker (Wilderness)" -- to differentiate them from double-barreled family names.

Men's Ice Hockey:

Starters listed first in each section.

Henry Tilton Flood
Fritz White Vineyards
Joe Randolph American

Riley Kramer Esportiva
Jesus Garcia Rainbow
Humble-Before-God Jackson Puritan
Trey Driscoll Marx
Trey Driscoll Coal
Viktor Bauer Reich
Charles Weeks Nuclear
Charles Weeks American
Ross Lane Squab
Pyotr Barrow Marx
Lars Liefson Viking
Jacques Derry Rubble
Jerry Duncan

Tim Lee Dark
Khalid London Musselman
Richie Galloway
Randall Quayle English
Tilly Chung Australian
Tommy Chung Australian
Ben Goldbaum Maine
Pete Jones
Kyle McClellan Canadian

Women's Ice Hockey:

Helen Sullivan Neon
Rachel Edelmann Reich
Minnie McLaw

Lisa Ferrara Chrome
Kate Casco Rubble
Molly Brooks Poet
Claire Williams Rickshaw
Hailey Hixson Canadian
Hope Scott Puritan
Charity Lincoln Puritan
Francis McLeary Noble
Brittany Giles Nuclear
Messalina Cornelia Novangliana Roman
Tammy Suffolk
Lila Bale Carolingian
Christina Goldsmith Coal

Kayla Stone Namibia
Daisy Kwan Rainbow
Joy Lightman Puritan
Susan Swanson Poet
Tecumpease Lawrence Rickshaw
Laura Reese Dark
Elizabeth Shelley Vineyards
Mary Porter Obama
Rashida Lewis Musselman

Men's Curling:
Kevin Covey Coal
Manuel Hernandez Rainbow
Philip Taylor Sail
Eric Sorenson Canadian
William Aleman Wilderness

Women's Curling:

Irene Ramirez American
Eleanor Norton Sail
Tracy Singer Sail
Daria Johnson Poet
Charlene Grafton Sail

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XIV Winter Olympic Games - Vilitan Union Roster

Postby Vilitan Union » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:08 am




Standard Vilitan Union Olympiad Uniform

Vilitan Union Womens Ice Hockey

Head Coach: Zeneli Amarana
Assistant Coach: Ukurara Tyulia

[ 82 ] Nukya Apen [VIL]
[ 80 ] Siimara Nio'ooao [TUR]
[ 06 ] Sagaran Justarn [TRP]

[ 61 ] Juaialza Vintal-Morta [VIL]
[ 63 ] Fena Tlai [VIL]
[ 65 ] Elaraina Vellamoi [VIL]
[ 68 ] Talkarina Miksona [TRP]
[ 64 ] Inkalia Jalikaz [VIL]
[ 62 ] Creaoa Nio'ooao [TUR]
[ 64 ] Craoa Yuainua [TUR]
[ 68 ] Urnafila Magabovia [TUR]
[ 69 ] Joail'oi Moakl'aiao'x [TRP]

[ 31 ] Ruzi Moazkala [VIL]
[ 21 ] Kiikai Raciani [VIL]
[ 23 ] Vula Mvala [VIL]
[ 10 ] Elaki Linaozi [VIL]
[ 15 ] Sinaly Poniaden [TRP]
[ 11 ] Amarena Kyzlaya [VIL]
[ 8 ] Ikasisi Jalikaz [VIL]
[ 38 ] Lanla Moaika [TRP]
[ 32 ] Welaooa Nuakaua [TUR]
[ 33 ] Iiiai Nareta [TUR]
[ 11 ] Akatura Likanuuuapi [TUR]
[ 12 ] Isla Imasina [TUR]
[ 21 ] Uvaraioa Tappa-Varaa'a [TUR]

  • Starting Lineup
    [ G ] Goalkeepers Alternate
    [ D ] Juaialza Vintal-Morta [VIL]
    [ D ] Creaoa Nio'ooao [TUR]
    [ RW ] Ruzi Moazkala [VIL]
    [ C ] Kiikai Raciani [VIL]
    [ LW ] Lanla Moaika [TRP]
  • Shootout / Penalty Shot
    Sinaly Poniaden [TRP], Kiikai Raciani [VIL]

Vilitan Union Mens Ice Hockey

Head Coach: Colora Boharii
Assistant Coach: Agaggagii'o "AA" Amphlanza

[ 92 ] Tommy Finn [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 60 ] 'Snowman' Avalaski [ - Seraai Icestronauts (VHL) - ]
[ 82 ] Ukanlora Imfagarziiz [ - Eelandii Explorers (VHL) - ]

[ 37 ] Kevin Diesel [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 51 ] Korus Korney [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 45 ] Cinnami Vellamoi [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 63 ] Spekkio Turazi [ - Eelandii Explorers (VHL) - ]
[ 55 ] Bayyre Provichuk [ - Tivali River Sharks (VHL) -]
[ 50 ] Rikki Budushield [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) -]
[ 62 ] Hluali Tiik [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 64 ] Yulaio Mrumana [ - Eelandii Explorers (VHL) - ]

[ 32 ] Cartai Chiate [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 48 ] Ricky Fike [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 4 ] River Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 23 ] Eastern Raciani [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 88 ] Ocean Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Jualiar Fichaud [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 17 ] Ataris Filiac [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 21 ] Buffky Oktopi [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]
[ 15 ] Emhaoi Linaozi [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 32 ] Akitana Ruta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 52 ] Malaino Oraziala [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 33 ] Askol Mastley [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]
[ 7 ] Fordin Unrangii [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Ieeko Naret [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

  • Starting Lineup
    [ G ] Goalkeepers Alternate
    [ D ] Cinnami Vellamoi [VIL]
    [ D ] Spekkio Turazi [TUR]
    [ RW ] Jualiar Fichaud [VIL]
    [ C ] Eastern Raciani [VIL]
    [ LW ] Malaino Oraziala [TUR]
  • Shootout / Penalty Shot
    Buffky Oktopi [VIL], Ieeko Naret [TUR]

Vilitan Union Mens Curling

Seraai Curling Club::

Lead: Lutiro Corsi
Second: Jawz Tiiaupila
Third: Nirua Baledrosara
Skip: Orcalii Tiiaupila
Sub: Yakafin Baledrosara

Vilitan Union Womens Curling

Yeaddin Curling Club::

Lead: Anazella Amatri
Second: Lilu Akapellianitsu
Third: Mara Greengola
Skip: Rara Itsumba'a
Sub: Julvea Amatri

Vilitan Union - Mens Snow Volleyball
  • Tikao Mulzi [VIL]
  • Amvila Akaizko [VIL]
  • Lizuuo'o Mokkamo'o [TUR]
  • Troa'a Mokkamo'o [TUR]

Vilitan Union - Womens Snow Volleyball
  • Yuaosa'na Trualia [TUR]
  • Siiala Soara [VIL]
  • Candi Apretti [VIL]
  • Alazari Aplama [TRP]

I Give My Opponent Permission To:	
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y


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Postby Darmen » Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:33 pm

National Olympic Delegation of Darmen
presented by the
Darmeni National Olympic Committee

Opening Ceremony Flagbearers: Doria Travieso (Neverend, Women's Snowboarding - 13th Winter Olympic Snowboard Cross Finalist) & Bartholomew Ready (Yeaddin, Men's Ice Hockey)
Closing Ceremony Flagbearers: Jo Farmer (Neverend, Men's Cross-Country Skiing) & Elisa Devine (Yeaddin, Women's Ice Hockey)
National Anthem: The Black Bear

Men's Curling
Coach: Dov Montagne

Skip: Quintin Kerr
Lead: Mathias Rier
Second: Kevyn Johnsen
Third: Raphael Del Bosque
Alternate: Stace Shea

Women's Curling
Coach: Bethanie Munson

Skip: Cam Granger
Lead: Ori Masson
Second: Arnaude Aquino
Third: Josefine Breckenridge
Alternate: Julia Nicholson

Men's Ice Hockey
Head Coach: Osmond Stainthorpe

Pos Name Age Club
Line #1
LW Pedr Dirks 21 Eau Claire Jets IF
CN Bartholomew Ready 24 Scott City Oilers CAPTAIN
RW Alf Sessions 27 Chuckio HC
LD Stein Kleid 21 Brady City Darmenians
RD Ambrosio Bonnaire 23 Chuckio HC
GK Marcellus Allsopp 24 Chuckio HC

Line #2
LW Glaw Langer 21 Darmen City Flames
CN Melvyn Little 22 Tim City Orcas
RW Lamprecht Foerstner 21 Brady City Darmenians
LD Joss Doran 25 Scott City Oilers
RD Lambert Roscoe 22 Darmen City Flames
GK Emilio Hernandez 26 Rogerton AIK

Line #3
LW Arminius Rice 21 Rogerton AIK
CN Freeman Hooper 23 Sterling City Centurions
RW Cupid Travieso 22 Johnho HC
LD Carloman Donalds 20 Vogler City HC
RD Kenrick Harley 23 Romanopolis IK
GK Dag Sepúlveda 26 Scott City Oilers

Line #4
LW Aodhagán Breitbarth 27 Chippewa Falls Black Hawks
CN Amram Henryson 27 Eric City HF
RW Shelomoh Ó Gormáin 24 Romanopolis IK
LD Taliesin Bagley 27 Chuckio HC
RD Jean-François Hirschel 23 Eau Claire Jets IF

5th Defender Pairing
LD River Kirch 24 Eau Claire Jets IF
RD Neriah O'Connell 22 Brady City Darmenians

Women's Ice Hockey
Head Coach: Bronwyn Stamp

G1: Clíona Rosenberg
G2: Salud Newport

LD1: Agatha Samuelson
LD2: Modestine Rowe
LD3: Judith Petit
RD1: Elisa Devine
RD2: Avril Noel
RD3: Kara Seeger

LW1: Kiley Douglass
LW2: Reilly Henryson
LW3: Zara Ó Dochartaigh
LW4: Christie Peyton
C1: Deirdre Rye
C2: Tansy Cardoso
C3: Lene Jephson
C4: Candi MacCailín
RW1: Virginie McCabe
RW2: Hefina Loman
RW3: Sadhbh Behringer
RW4: Caoimhe Fairbairn

Men's Bandy
Head Coach: Osbourne Paige

GK: Jarl Granville
GK: Folcher Tolbert

DEF: Ty Gerver
DEF: Henning Langlois
DEF: Headley Hier
DEF: Nehemiah Bennet
DEF: Elias Donoghue

MID: Snorri Calhoun
MID: Chandler Horn
MID: Landen Plank
MID: Efraín Nagel
MID: Lanford O'Brien

FOR: Neil Carman
FOR: Malcom Ryer
FOR: Fiachra Ó Gallchobhair

Women's Bandy
Head Coach: Nia Hunter

GK: Barbara Montagne
GK: Josslyn Gaertner

DEF: Crystal Adam
DEF: Michèle Jervis
DEF: Tirtzah Harlan
DEF: Imogen Douglass
DEF: Katie Suess

MID: Shifra Höfler
MID: Gunn Platt
MID: Oralie Lambert
MID: Leesa Jordan
MID: Fanny Cummins

FOR: Nanna Fay
FOR: Nannie Ó Leannáin
FOR: Shifra Vaughan

RP Permissions: Anything goes, except killing, serious injuries and other major life altering events. Have fun!
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