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Gay conversion therapy banned!

Postby New Othman » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:23 am

New Ankara Gazette,
Tahir Kurtar, Staff Writer

In a vote of 325-73, with 2 abstentions, the Grand National Assembly has formally approved a national ban on so-called "conversion therapy services," as now proffered by various religiously motivated "counselors," which largely appeal to traditionalist families, especially in the provinces, who resent what one deputy called a "dangerously rapid growth of the homosexual and transvestite subculture in our cities." Given the controversial nature of the issue, which affected the religious beliefs and morals of many devout Muslims, Christians, and Magi, the various party caucuses were permitted to vote freely without any pressure from the leadership of most parties.

Even so, there was a distinct pattern, wherein more of the Social Republicans, Democratic Unionists, and other centrist or rightist deputies, voted against the bill, whereas Social Democrats almost to a man voted in favor of it. Even more than a few of the DUP and Social Republican deputies approved of it, thus reflecting a split in both parties on this issue. The overall public sentiment was in favor of the bill, but many clerics campaigned loudly against it, even holding rallies in the past few weeks in various, mostly rural, locales to oppose it. They were not, however, able to mobilize enough opposition to a bill that doesn't outlaw anti-homosexual feelings, "just coercive methods to force people to abandon their natural sexuality."

A particular controversy about the ban was due to the belief among some more conservative deputies that "feminists were recruiting young women to reject men and embrace lesbian separatism, taking only other women as sexual and romantic partners." While many prominent feminists and avowed lesbians denied this, the myth persisted in many circles, along with the accompanying belief that this created a danger of fewer Othmanis. Some even claimed that this was a Gloria Regian, Deadoran, or Shrailleeni plot to "subvert Othmani civilization and reduce our numbers, as part of a plan to weaken us, divide the sexes from each other, and prepare us for colonization, occupation, and indoctrination as some new matriarchal puppet state of one of these misandrist civilizations, also using our disarmament against us, knowing that it is harder to defend our country, our fatherland, under the present Treaty. They are trying to soften us up for conquest."

A spokesman for the Othmani National Women's Congress categorically denied this, and reminded deputies, and the people, in public hearings over such rumors, that, "even if someone does invade us over a desire to forcibly turn New Othman into some kind of vassal matriarchy, the Treaty requires the other signatories to come to our defense, particularly those in the CPO." President Gozde Polat in particular dismissed such notions, calling them, "misogynistic fantasies used to justify persecution of lesbians and feminists, when most are committed to gender equality, and also exploited nationalistic resentment of the Treaty of Beaulieu, a revanchist desire to revoke the disarmament and DMZ clauses in particular. We are not as vulnerable as they would suppose. We simply concentrate on defensive military formations rather than offensive ones."
"It is high time for ballots, and not bullets. For bread and butter, not tanks treading on foreign streets. For reform, for schools, for more police on the beat, instead of building up a massive war machine used only to bully our neighbors. The only armed forces that the new New Othman needs are those which defend the nation itself from aggression. We don't need the trillions that we used to spend for that." - Udan Varcar

"Radical feminism in the west is less about womens liberation (and that's fair - women in the west have been largely liberated after all), and more about authoritarian thought policing." - Hirota

"The function of our social services is to discourage sedition." - Premier Bayazid Izmirek, 2005

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Mother Knows Best State

Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:36 pm

The Eagle's Cry

Shrailleeni News Unbiased
Serving the Children of the Mother Goddess and the Region

Statement of Purpose: Founded on the principles of liberty, morality, and matriatism, the staff of the Eagle's Cry are dedicated to the principles of free speech and accessibility of information, except where this information could endanger the well-being of the Shrailleeni people. This news source will report to the Shrailleeni people and the region the true goings-on within the Shrailleeni Empire through foreign electronic and domestic printed mediums.

International News
February, 1294 (2018)

Groundbreaking Shrailleeni-Imperium Treaty Ratified

Imperial City - The Imperial Palace announced today the ratification of an historic treaty regarding the long-troubled territories of Kurungarra and Krutongo. A result of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the Enlightened Matriarchy and the Imperium of Arbites, the treaty sets forth provisions intended to ease tensions on the border of the two Sister nations. The treaty is hoped to not only improve relations between Shrailleen and the Imperium, but also to bring an added measure of peace and stability to the southern Acheron region.

The former nation of Krutongo split in 1995, when the King of Krutongo converted to Magism and declared it the official religion of the nation. The substantial non-Magi population of the country, most of whom were worshippers of the Mother Goddess, revolted, and the situation quickly escalated into a civil war. After two years of fighting, a peace was negotiated by the Imperium of Arbites and the Enlightened Matriarchy on behalf of each side, and the nation divided in half. Afterward, Krutongo became part of the Imperium and Kurungarra part of the Enlightened Matriarchy, but tensions have remained high along the militarized border and small incidents have often threatened to escalate conflict once again.

The reestablishment of normal relations between Shrailleen and the Imperium last year brought the issue of Krutongo and Kurungarra back to the table for the first time in decades. On the day that the Shrailleeni embassy reopened in Magus Civitus, terms for a treaty between the two nations were discussed which would enact several historic changes to the Krutongo-Kurungarra relationship. These terms contained two primary sections:

1. Recognizing that any destabilization to either territory would have disastrous consequences on the other, the two nations arranged for a mutual defense pact to be signed for Kurungarra and Krutongo. Any attack on either territory will be considered an attack on the other, and responded to in kind. This defense pact does not apply to the Enlightened Matriarchy and the Imperium as a whole, but only to their gulf territories.

2. The border between Kurungarra and Krutongo will be partially demilitarized, with a dedication made by both nations to reduce the number of forces deployed directly on the border. In addition, provisions will be made to allow citizens of both territories to apply for travel to the other, with the intention of allowing families divided for years to begin to reconnect with one another.

While the treaty was drawn last year, it is only now being announced and ratified. There is speculation that the Deadoran threats against Krutongo, which included actions of the Deadoran navy and an attempted blockade, may have partially been responsible for the formation of the mutual defense section of the treaty. It is known that the Imperial Palace did not approve of Bryn Tegna's decision to deploy forces so close to Shrailleeni territory without previous consultation or permission. However, the Shrailleeni Matriarchy of Foreign Affairs declined to comment on this speculation.

With the attempted succession of Kehrahn from the Empire of Deadora again threatening destabilization in southern Acheron, it is hoped that the formal ratification of this treaty will help to bring peace to an area of the region so often brought with conflict.

War Against King Lucian Continues

Imperial City - As the Shrailleeni Navy enters Gavinium waters, the regional coalition against the immoral and insane regime of the self-styled King Lucian has grown to include nearly every major nation. The Enlightened Matriarchy has been joined by not only its New Edomite allies, but also the Republic of Gran Chaco, Novitera, the Republic of Adiron, the Imperium of Arbites, the Late Roman Empire, the Vorindun, and Free Garza. The military forces of these nations are closing in on the mad king even at the time of this reporting.

However, as Lucian continues to lose any hope of foreign support for his regime, his policies grow more and more erratic. He has passed and cancelled numerous economic policies, throwing the Gavinian markets into complete disarray. He has banned all non-Luminarian religions on pain of death, then almost immediately rescinded this policy save for both Gavinian and foreign Leenists, who he is continuing to arrest and put to death by fire. Concerned for the safety of Mother Goddess worshippers and indeed for the Gavinian people, the Mother Empress has authorized the mobilization of six Imperial Battlegroups for a full-scale invasion of Gavinium Magnus, to take place alongside the forces of the growing coalition.

The Imperial Palace continues to support the claim of Princess Desiree to the throne, citing the Gavinium law of absolute primogeniture. Some reports from underground sources within Gavinium Magnus suggest that the four-year-old son of the late King Maximian, Jason, may have survived Lucian's purge of the king's family and is alive in Ghant. While unconfirmed by any credible sources, it is possible that Princess Desiree could be named regent for the child prince until he comes of age.
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Embargo and protests against Lucian!

Postby United Valik » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:57 pm

Glauconeum Citizen,
Maurice Ladas

Massive protests have continued for the past two weeks in Glauconeum, Valikgrad, and numerous other cities and towns throughout the Republic against the ruinous financial policies, horrific atrocities and violations of human rights and civil liberties, and breaches of international law of the regime of King Lucian I and Queen Denise I of Gavinium Magnus. More than 23,000 protesters turned out last Wednesday alone, just outside of the Federal Parliament Building, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Gavinian Embassy in Glauconeum, the nation’s capital. Led by such formidable agitators as Paulina Adamski of the People’s Party and Father Ioannis Kanakaredes of the Christian Alliance, they have waved various protest signs, ranted against the Gavinian government, and called for the abdication of the King and the end of the war on the basis of a “crowned liberal democracy” in Gavinium Magnus.

In response, this morning, Prime Minister Stanislav Lubinski and Foreign Minister Talia Tsaros co-sponsored and introduced the Gavinium Magnus Illegitimate Regime Relations and Sanctions Act of 2018, which will, if enacted, impose a complete embargo against Gavinium Magnus while Lucian and/or Denise remained in power or office, sever all diplomatic relations with Gavinium Magnus, recall the Valikan Ambassador to Gavinium Magnus, expel the Gavinian Ambassador to United Valik, and offer full asylum to all Gavinian religious and political dissidents seeking haven from the persecution caused by Lucian’s rule. It also expressed a “firm belief that Gavinium Magnus must not be subjected to a long-term foreign military occupation and colonization by the international military coalition, but rather be restored to full independence as swiftly as might be practical or feasible.” Due to party discipline, this bill’s passage was largely a foregone conclusion, but there was now hope of attaining a nearly unanimous vote in its approval.

In answer to questions regarding why this activity was relatively delayed, Prime Minister Lubinski explained, “We were too much preoccupied with this racketeering and human trafficking fiasco operating in this country and the Empire of Delvian States, probably to the detriment of other concerns that were also valid. Clearly, we have failed to adequately address this matter, but this inaction or delay has been remedied and will not resume. The Association is still our primary national issue at this time, given the resources that we shall need to devote to its eradication from our Republic and its territories, but we also need to take enough time from our tunnel vision to notice the crises in places like Gavinium Magnus and Deadora. We also wish to urge the Deadoran Government to recognize the independence of Kehrahn and Aedora, their national self-determination to resume at last after nearly two centuries of oppression.”

As for Tsaros, she made a pointed statement, directed at Lucian himself, “I call for King Lucian to step down now and save his country unnecessary bloodshed. Every man, woman, and child who perishes between now and the end of the war, their blood is on now on his hands, as well as those of his sister, who should also abdicate. I also call for the Gavinian Government to sue for peace before more of its people have to die. If Lucian and Denise surrender their throne, I urge the coalition arrayed against them to grant generous terms of peace and not engage in atrocities against the Gavinian people in either case. War is the greatest tragedy in this world, rivaled only by slavery and tyranny. We wish nothing but peace, freedom, and justice for Valik and all of Cornellia.”

Prime Minister Lubinski also expressed support for the families of three Glauconeum University students who have engaged in hunger strikes over the religious persecution of Leenists and other sectarian minorities. Foreign Minister Tsaros and he today, just prior to introducing the bill in the Federal Assembly, visited the three students, Maria Miskos, her brother Anatoly, and Anatoly’s boyfriend Hanusz Modrzejewski, who were all visibly more gaunt than in their past. They issued a joint-statement, calling for “peace, liberty, and justice for Valik, Gavinium, and all of Cornellia, a speedy end to the war and the termination of all crimes against the Gavinian and all other peoples, regardless of their beliefs.”

Locals also left wreaths at the Shrailleeni Embassy, expressing sympathy with those Shrailleeni nationals impoverished, expelled, and harmed in any way by Gavinian official violence and repressive measures authorized by the Lucian and Denise regime. Clerics, academics, students, merchants, workers, and even civil servants held two midnight vigils Wednesday and Thursday night in remembrance of these “victims of the hateful Lucretian tyranny and its atrocities against peaceful and innocent Shrailleeni and other foreign nationals, who ought to have safe conduct as law-abiding guests in a peaceful nation. These crimes will be judged harshly by history, as will those officials who carry them out in defiance of their own scruples and consciences.” Similar protests, vigils, and wreath-layings occurred in other cities, including at the Shrailleeni consulates there.

Update: The Federal Assembly has approved the embargo and sanctions bill by a margin of 394-6. The negative votes and abstentions were all from the Communist-led United Proletarian Front. The Senate is expected to begin debate, followed by a formal vote, between 1 pm and 4 pm local time (United Valik does not observe Daylight Savings Time).
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Postby New Edom » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:26 pm


1 Copper Daily
February 10,2018

National Petroleum Corporation to invest NSD56 bln from 2018 to 2022 - DirG

by Annabelle Barca

FINEBERG, New Edom-- New Edom's most powerful corporation and leading energy giant will invest $56 billion from 2018 to 2022, its Director-General said on Thursday.

"We will give more details very soon," David Daniels told reporters during a visit to the Eskura gas field.

He spoke after launching a new gas pipeline project plan in the Eskura Fields in Ghant capable of capacity of 8.8 billion cubic meters a year.

In spite of a general slump in oil purchasing due to the Regional Recession, the New Edomite oil industry has made the decision to invest in the future and as Director-General Daniels has said, "Be faithful and true, for as scripture says, 'do not fret for the morrow, but trust in the Lord with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.'"

Count Thomas Lalery acting President of the Council, who is still acting as Finance Minister until a replacement is found, has approved the decision following meetings between his office and that of Director-General Daniels, and has encouraged trade-friendly nations to discuss making arrangements for what he refers to as 'fair deals in a dry season' for both future oil investment and also for reasonable pricing arrangements."

Some of the money being investment will potentially be put into pipeline development in Kehrahn, if trade and diplomatic talks with Deadora and Kehrahn have a satisfactory conclusion. The government of the Allied States and the National Petroleum Corporation have offered to negotiate concerning FODE and the impact of the independence movement.

    In other news:
    Victory over Gavinian Rebels on Sea and Air by Coalition
    Miners and Factory Workers' Unions' Negotiations Rviewed by Provincial Court
    Adiran Summit Concludes Amicably; Commitment to Peace
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Left-wing Utopia

Postby Hittanryan » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:45 am

Liberation of Gavinium Begins

(An animated graphic of the ANBC logo comes into view before cutting to a sleek modern set. A middle-aged news anchor in a suit is seen sitting with his arms folded on the table. Cut to the anchor, who is seated before a window of the Puerto Rojas skyline at sunset)

Good evening, I’m Mark Townsend. Our top story tonight: war in Gavinium after weeks of uncertainty and turmoil in the formerly peaceful Belisarian nation. In a press statement this afternoon, military spokesmen have just released the first official account of the war so far. Since the declaration of war was issued, Adiron has begun fighting Lucian’s regime on two fronts, north and south, with Adiran forces initially comprising the whole of the northern front.

(Stock footage of the following is shown in order:

1. A map of the Vorin Strait, with the countries, Behatza, Goliath, Aelium, King Vincent Air Force Base clearly labeled
2. A pair of destroyers at sea in formation, shot from the deck of another ship
3. Adiran naval officers at consoles talking in jargon incomprehensible to most civilians

Townsend narrates over all of it)

In the Vorin Strait, Sixth Carrier Group, commanded by Steven Henriksen, was already on maneuvers and went into action immediately, launching fighters and raising the fleet’s defenses. Once in position, the fleet established radio contact with the Royal Gavinium Navy declaring Adiron’s intentions, which inspired the Northern Shore Command’s Admiral Laura Mayer to defect along with a majority of her forces. The Navy further said that there appears to be considerable domestic Gavinian opposition to Lucian’s rule in the north, and that it expects further defections.

(Stock footage of the following is shown in order:

1. Gavinian Lagrels flying in an old air show
2. A cruise missile launch from a destroyer
3. A grainy black and white shot from a flight camera showing an airstrike
3. A Raven taking off from a carrier deck, engines roaring, deck crew giving hand signals.
4. Several Ravens doing a flyby in formation

Townsend narrates over most of it, but occasionally the audio from the clips cuts in)

The greatest immediate threat to the Adiran fleet was then the land-based fighters at King Vincent Air Force Base. Admiral Henriksen made the decision to conduct cruise missile strikes on the base’s runways, while nearby Gavinian fighters rejected Adiran attempts at communication and engaged Adiran UAVs and fighters in a brief air battle. Precise casualty and damage figures are not yet available, but according to the Navy this battle ended in a decisive Adiran victory. King Vincent airbase is now unable to launch or land aircraft of any kind and no serious air threat remains on the northern coast.

(Stock footage of the following is shown in order:

1. An Adiran para drop exercise, this one at higher altitude than the one over Jacobium
2. Fighting in a Gavinian city, with French road signs over a highway nearby; the clip is actually from Beck’s rebellion some years prior

Townsend narrates over most of it, but occasionally the audio from the clips cuts in)

In the south, Adiran paratroopers of the Tenth Airborne Regiment have formed part of the coalition’s vanguard in Jacobium. A major airborne drop and airlift by Noviteran, Chacano, and Adiran forces was aimed at seizing the city and its vital ports. Equipped only with what they could carry and what could be dropped by parachute, the soldiers of the Tenth were among the first coalition forces to face combat on the ground, blocking Gavinian troops from reinforcing the airfields and threatening the landings.

(Stock footage of Edomite ground forces and of Romain herself, which was purchased from NENN)

To the west on the Delvian border, Edomite forces have launched a two-pronged assault on the city of Bastium by both land and sea. New Edomite Army forces under General Felicity Romain have crossed the Delvian-Gavinian border, while a fleet of Edomite ships has begun amphibious landings on the coast. While New Edom has been conducting ground operations against Delvian rebels for nearly two years now, the Navy had no explanation as to how or why New Edom had an amphibious landing force assembled and in position so quickly.

(Camera cuts back to Townsend in the studio)

Up next, the fallout from the mass flight of investors from Gavinium’s financial sector, and we speak to a State Department official who claims the government made no effort to engage Lucian prior to the declaration of war…
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In-character name of the nation is "Adiron," because I like the name better.

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Foreign Invaders Commence War of Aggression!

Postby Gavinium Nova » Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:34 am

Gavinium City Loyalist,
Adele La Forge, Staff Writer

Patriotic militia and naval infantry forces defending the frontier and the Southern Shore against the Edomite infidel menace this past weekend were reportedly forced to retreat or surrender despite a gallant defense against overwhelming odds that slowed the enemy just enough to buy time for the garrison of Bastium to set up a more effective perimeter. According to Brigade Leader Katrina van der Geerst, the Commandant of the Royal Youth Militia, “The youth forces in particular made gallant sacrifices, but their training and discipline still require considerable work. We are at present working on improvements to unit cohesion, military discipline, and unifying the chain of command, so as to correct any deficiencies.”

Royal Youth Militia are also engaged in aiding the Special Gendarmerie and the Black Front in correcting and re-educating those citizens whose loyalty and patriotism have faltered for whatever reason, aiding the improvement of morale and civic duty, as well assisting national efforts at civil defense. They have been reportedly helping in motivating any demoralized citizens in not only resisting defeatist impulses, but also refuting foreign propaganda and lies about the invaders being “liberators,” as well as countering any impulses to hoard, loot, or in any way subvert the defense of King and country, such as anti-state agitation and sedition. Tax evaders, hoarders, looters, and other disloyal enemies of the Crown have been taken into protective custody, arrested pending trial, or been subjected to emergency suspension of habeas corpus and other traditional privileges of simpler, less dire national eras.

Meanwhile, we continue to suffer from the negative impacts of the foreign economic aggression known as the coalition embargo, forcing our brave and loyal countrymen and countrywomen to improvise domestic solutions to various shortages and the consequent rationing. Efforts at national autarky continue to produce inventive results, such as the man who recently found ways to replace corn ethanol, always an inferior product, with wheat-based ethanol for fuel. A landholder with an estate producing considerable qualities of ethanol prior to the war, Viscount Alan Thornby has proven most worthy of royal and public praise for his continued innovations in that field. He has thus been placed in charge of the National Autarky Commission, head of a five member board responsible for finding homegrown answers to the now blockade goods and services denied to us by the embargo.

Also in the news, the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Major General Celeste Bretagne, has assured us that, “despite recent heavy losses in manpower and material, our air force remains operational and is preparing to regain air parity over the Kingdom’s skies. We will not rest until the enemy has been forced from our airspace.” The Air Force has indeed suffered reverses, but the Major General remains confident, she says, that these conditions are temporary and will be reversed in time, followed by victory in the air as well as on land and at sea. Reports that Chacano forces have seized King Lucian Air Force Base, formerly known as Prince Mithra Air Force Base, have been confirmed, but the public should be sure that the base will be retaken in time by our brave men and women in the armed forces, whatever the cost or sacrifices involved.

Also in the news, it has been reported that Jacobium is presently under attack by foreign coalition detachments from the Republics of Adiron and Gran Chaco, as well as the United Federation of Novitera, the latter two being former trading partners who have betrayed Gavinium to throw in their lot with the Shrailleeni and Edomite savages. New Edom itself, of course, is a former ally that has invaded us in violation of its treaty of alliance with us and thus shown itself to be motivated more by religious bigotry against our national faith than by loyalty to its friends and trading partners. Its claim to be liberating us from alleged tyranny is a poor disguise for its real purpose, which might be surmised by the consequences of its invasion of Damoclea back in 2013, where it occupied and colonized the place in collusion with the evil and godless Imperium of Arbites Materia, a nation governed entirely by clerics of a dangerous and imperialistic cult. While one must sympathize with its initial grievances against the formerly Communist and barbaric state of Damoclea, a state sponsor of international terrorism, the Edomite nation and its ally, the Imperium, have long since exceeded their mandate for continued rule in that oppressed country.

There have been reports that the Chacano savages in particular are engaged in rapine and plunder, and that they have forced tenants of local apartments in the harbor district of Jacobium out of their domiciles, possibly for the purpose of setting up local headquarters or observation posts. Adiran forces have apparently seized and wrecked sections of our national Prince Roger Highway in their sector, while Noviteran military forces have robbed us, temporarily, of the public use of Princess Katherine International Airport, stranding numerous civilians of all nationalities who wish to return to their own cities and families after holidays and business functions in Jacobium. Mayor Oscar Lindquist reportedly made a speech before City Hall this morning, denouncing the invaders and calling for the public to actively resist them in any way possible.

Finally, the trial for the traitorous thirty-three deputies involved in the heinous conspiracy against the King, along with the six Royal Guardsmen responsible for an apparent Marxist-inspired assassination attempt, has commenced, with the Grand Tribunal directly taking on such cases. The Crown and its legal counsel have assured us that the trials will result in “swift and sure justice, proper retribution for those who choose violence, hate, and cruelty, the Darkness, over Justice and Light.” Let those currently plotting disloyal activities against the Crown and Realm beware. Your day will come soon, and perhaps sooner than you think, if loyal subjects report their suspicions about you to the proper authorities.
"All feminists should simply be lined up against a wall and shot." - Lucian I, King of Gavinium Magnus

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Further Reforms

Postby Gavinium Nova » Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:43 am

Lucretia Daily Mail,
Nasuki Mayashira, Staff Writer

His Sacred Majesty, King Lucian I, has formally introduced a Royal Draft Board, to be headed by Count Pepin La Rue, a former Chancellor who served last under Princess Katherine and the first week of Prince Alec’s reign. La Rue, aged 67, is a native of Lazodiria, who converted to Luminarianism and emigrated to Gavinium at the age of 15, rising in the ranks of the clergy before transferring to academia, and then the civil service. He was created a Count by Princess Katherine in the last summer of her reign, after serving for a full two years as her Chancellor, and granted an estate near Pescenia in the north.

The age of majority has been formally reduced to 13, all youth between that age and 18 now required to enrol in the Royal Youth Militia and serve in whatever reserve or active-duty capacity might be expected of them. The age of marriage has also been lowered to 13, so as to ensure the fecundity of the youth and the procreation of future soldiers and taxpayers. To encourage marriage, the King has further decreed that newlywed spouses are exempt from the Rape Tax for the first year of their marriage henceforth, and that prima noctes is formally and permanently abolished. While some members of the controversial rape squads might well object, they have been reportedly, “assigned newer and more useful work in the service of King and country to preoccupy them.”

New Regular and Reserve Army conscripts, who must be at least 16 years of age, are also exempt from the Rape Tax and its noteworthy consequences henceforth. Civil Defense workers and other civil servants are further exempt from the Rape Tax, as are members of the Special Gendarmerie, the Black Front, and the Royal Guard. Military rations are reportedly to be increased to twice that of civilians, as a further inducement to enlistment.

His Sacred Majesty has further decreed the repair of ten sections of the Royal Railways and Royal Highways, as well as the public water and electrical facilities, not to mention the Alphonse Dumont Great Hydroelectric Dam, just seven kilometers from Gavinium City itself. Bidding for the construction of this and the new King Lucian and Queen Denise University has already begun, with public payroll for employment of construction workers to be considerably augmented in the next few months for the duration of the war.

To finance this, further quantitative easing, or QE, of the new national currency by the Royal Bank of Gavinium Magnus. It remains to be seen what will result from the continuation of this policy by the Royal Government of His Sacred Majesty the King, Lucian I. Micro-lending has been decreed to accelerate for the benefit of small business, along with increased payments for old-age, civil service, and military pensions, as well as of short-term and long-term disability, accidental injury, dismemberment, and workers’ compensation. This is clearly motivated by a desire for increased aggregate public demand, so as to stimulate the national economy and raise morale, even under war economy policies, instead of austerity as expected.
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"All feminists should simply be lined up against a wall and shot." - Lucian I, King of Gavinium Magnus

"What is truth to a woman?.....Her chief art is the lie, her supreme concern is appearance and beauty....." Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good And Evil

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Vorindese Emperor Albert to support Free Garza!

Postby Free Garza » Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:06 am

El Matador,
Lisa Benitez, Editor-in-Chief

It has now been confirmed that an unspecified number of Vorindese military forces are moving to support the Free Garzan Army and Air Force in their operations against the lawless Gavinian regime of Lucian Aelius, the deposed king who has illegally returned from exile, murdered his successor, and seized back power in violation of his parole (along with his sister-wife Denise Aelius, who he has made Queen again). These Vorindese military forces are commanded by none other than His Catholic Majesty's uncle by marriage and cousin, Emperor Albert I of Vorindeum. The Vorindese Emperor, of course, was one of the first to denounce the tyranny of King Lucian of Gavinium Magnus, though he has been far from the last, and his actual military participation until now has been non-existent.

One can only hope that his forces will greatly augment those of the Free Garzan Army and Air Force, enough that the Gavinian military are unable to repel the invasion and the war is brought to a quicker close. While the Matador doesn't typically favor foreign wars and aggressive war as a matter of principle, and certainly views with alarm the general trend of the ruling Christian Democrats to favor the military-industrial complex, it must be agreed that, for now, wartime military and police budgets do need to increase. Presumably this should be paid for by increases in war bonds and progressive taxes to shift more of the sacrifice onto the rich rather than the middle class or the working poor.

Also, it is quite apparent that Lucian and his sister-wife Denise are active enemies of freedom, democracy, and social justice. Any good done by certain financial reforms was undermined by other actions, particularly the harsh autarky policies, rationing, and failure to compensate investors who lost out to his misguided efforts at mortgage relief. While debt relief and bankruptcy reform to alleviate poverty and financial ruin are positive, middle-class investors were also badly hurt by the extreme cancellation and forgiveness law. Clearly, the man is motivated more by trying to appear a champion of the middle class and the working class than by actually helping them.

Worse still, his persecutions of religious and political dissidents, his show trials, kangaroo courts, internment camps, rape squads, death squads, militarization of youth (if not quite child soldiers, adolescent soldiers are bad enough), his harsh rationing, kleptocratic takeover of the national banks by his own family's front companies, such as his own and his sister's shell companies, and his apparent imposition of martial-law, curfew, and secret police, all undermine the liberalization policies of his predecessors, as has stacking the Grand Convocation with cronies, constant purges of the military and police leadership, the use of a private army, and the persecution of foreign nationals, along with a truly bizarre national dress code.

In short, Lucian and Denise have ruled as arbitrary and mercurial tyrants, not only being authoritarian and autocratic, but totalitarian in their attempts to "purify" and control civil society, to the point that they are now even determining what is and what is not acceptable dogma in the state religion of Luminarianism and persecuting anyone who defies them with a new inquisitional organization. It is time for them to go and for Gavinium to move on to a constitutional democracy, whether monarchy or republic.

While, as a progressive social democrat, I generally oppose this kind of military adventurism and intervention, I cannot fail to see the toppling of this rogue regime as necessary to the peace, freedom, and justice of the region. This is particularly true when we border Gavinium and its insane, paranoid leadership can possibly engage in hostile actions against our own country. It is not a far away, overseas military venture here, but one right at our backdoor, with people being actively repressed and the very real threat of eventual Gavinian terroristic activities or worse spilling over and destabilizing our own country.

Action now is necessary, and so I support the coalition forces and strongly urge my fellow Garzans of all political stripes to do so as well.
Viva La Garza!

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BREAKING: Valdiu declares war on Gavinium Magnus
In a surprise vote late last night, the Senate voted by a 56-8 majority to declare the existence of a state of war between the Republic of Valdiu and the Gavinian Lucianite regime. Despite expected opposition from the more nationally-focused Conservative Party, there seemed to be no organized resistance to the vote. The news comes as a stark reversal to the no-direct-intervention policy espoused by the Sterling administration during the unfolding of the crisis in Gavinium.

The Sterling administration also announced that several hundred Valdian soldiers are currently en route to Gavinium, along with a squadron of destroyers and a small fleet of tanks.

This page will be updated as more news comes in.
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[Mobilization Underway]
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Gimme News
March 21st, 2018

New Prince of Ghant is Born!
Empress Sophia of Ghant gives birth to a son.
Ghant's Empress gave birth to her fifth child in the early hours of Wednesday.

(Ghish, Ghant)- At approximately 1 AM GST, Ghant's Empress gave birth to her fifth child in the early hours of Wednesday, on a foggy spring night. She gave birth to a son– weighing in at 8 pounds and 21 inches in length – at 60 minutes past midnight at Empress Elena Hospital in Ghish.

"Both mother and child are in good health," a statement from Inperiala Palace said. "We are thrilled about the new addition to the Imperial family. Crown Prince Nathan, Prince John, Princess Imperial Sara and Princess Valerie are looking very much forward to finally meeting their new little brother.”

The newborn prince is the fifth child of Empress Sophia and Emperor Nathan IV of Ghant. Their first three children, Crown Prince Nathan, Princess Imperial Sara and Prince John were born on November 8, 2014, and Princess Valerie followed on January 1, 2016. The infant is also third in the line of succession to the throne, preceded only by his two older brothers.

UPDATE: the Prince’s full name is said to been decided upon as Nicholas Victor Elijah Ahenobarbus of House Gentry.

Other News
  • Spring: the birds and the bees
  • Sinus Infections: home remedies that work
  • Don't east the Easter bunny!

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General Strike In Justitia Demands Peace!

Postby Gavinium Nova » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:38 am

Justitia Gazette,
Annette Manion, Senior Writer

A general strike has broken out in the coastal city of Justitia, on the Northern Shore, where students, workers, shopkeepers, clerks, and even clergy of various stripes have openly denounced the war, rationing, conscription, and other wartime measures, calling for a negotiated peace between Gavinium Magnus and the invading coalition.

"I do not believe that this invasion was entirely unjustified, given that the present King was deposed for a reason the first time, him and his sister. Now, I take umbrage at the notion that this country needs to surrender outright and be occupied by a collection of foreigners with very alien notions of what Gavinium should be, but still, they have some right on their side. Was Lucian lawfully dethroned? Well, it's hard to say, but, hey, Rome had a hand in it, and the Roman Emperor's our overlord, something that I would like to see change, but that might well make it constitutional. My point is, hey, let's give peace a chance, shall we? Surely, Lucian can step down, take a severance package, and enjoy a comfortable exile. It's not justice, but right now, this country is being torn down the middle and justice simply isn't available. Let's save Gavinium from further war and rebuild our nation, if you will," one masked lawyer insisted, clearly afraid of being identified by the Special Gendarmerie, but not enough to remain silent.

"He doesn't go far enough in my book. It's time for socialism. Yes, I said it. Socialist Gavinium would be a lot better off. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mean Valikan-style Communism. I mean what they have in Adiron, New Othman, Lazodiria, places like that. Social Democracy. That's the ticket. The monarchy? They can keep their throne, just stay out of politics and cut ribbons, stick to that kind of stuff. And abolish the armed forces or at least scale them down to a border force, like they have in Lazodiria. We can't afford it and they clearly can't defend us worth a damn, anyway," another anonymous voice spoke up, this time a local schoolmistress with an opera mask.

"No, just bring back the rightful monarch and let them handle it. Lucian's a usurper and needs to step down and stand trial. We'll spare his family, wives, children, etc. He just needs to face the blade of Madame Guillotine. It's a quick and painless death, much nicer than what he gave King Maximian, if you ask me. Same with his sister, if she's not pregnant already. If she is, let her give birth and then slice off her head. Let the family raise it. Just my take on it," another protester asserted, wearing something suspiciously like a clerical collar around his neck below his masked face.

"Look, I don't give a fig who's King and who's Queen. I just want the rapes, mayhem, murders, burglaries, rationing, show trials, all that stuff to stop! I want the war to stop! My husband was publicly fed castor oil and beaten within an inch of his life with truncheons and brass knuckles by those black armband thugs because he wanted to buy more than his ration card permitted through the black market. We're not getting enough fresh fruit, he was suffering scurvy because he would give what he could find to me and the children, and then he got brutally beaten and fed castor oil. He died two days later after intense suffering that I can't repeat in public. No more! I just want my old Gavinium, peaceful and prosperous, lawful and orderly, back! Maximian gave us that, so did the other monarchs! What do Lucian and Denise have against normalcy and decency?" a very angry widow in mourning garb called for serious reform.

The Mayor of Justitia, Adam Warren, has responded, so far, by openly refusing to disperse the strike and announcing a town hall to confer with the protesters to hear their grievances. He has also refused to say what his administration will do about the war, but he has assured the public that, "we shall not break out tear gas and we shall not shoot rubber bullets or rock salt at you." It remains to be seen what he can do about the Royal Youth Militia and the Garrison, both of which King Lucian and Queen Denise have called out in the name of martial-law, along with threatening to arrest and depose the Mayor, Chief Constable, and Crown Solicitor for "dereliction of duty."
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Lucian Warns of Foreign Colonialist Conspiracy

Postby Gavinium Nova » Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:01 am

Gavinium City Herald,
Donald Sevier, Senior Writer

His Sacred Majesty, King Lucian I, gave a speech in the Grand Convocation last night, which asserted that, "Make no mistake. This war is a war of Shrailleeni and Edomite cultural and political imperialism and colonialism, having as its direct object the absolute subjugation of our people by these foreign empires who have designs upon our national independence, of Roman revanchist imperialism, seeking to return us to full annexation by the Roman state, and Noviteran economic imperialism, having in mind and in view the complete abrogation of any limitations on the absolute power of the Noviteran financial barons over our economies. To prove this, need we any more evidence than the promises of this puppet regime of theirs, this so-called 'Committee for National Liberation,' which offers in exchange for recognition the abject surrender of our economic sovereignty to the Noviteran puppet cartel known as the Cornellian Trade Organization?"

He went on to add, "There is also a considerable degree of Ghantish, Vorindese, and Garzan ambition to restore this perverted branch of the Lucretian tree, this discarded line of Elena of Garza, who rejected her Gavinian national identity long since, to the Throne of Light, notwithstanding the laws of this realm, which explicitly terminated any such birthright and disinherited her with just cause, said cause being her embrace of two other nations and of the pernicious Christian faith and all of its superstitions, which are antithetical to the Gavinian tradition and way of life. It should be understood as a fundamental law of this realm, and allow us to make this a formality now by edict, which at length we shall indeed put in legislative print, to wit, that no Christian shall sit ever the sacred throne of this land, nor ever wear its sacred crown."

He continued with the following words, "Let there be no misunderstanding of us and our position here. Our position is that the essential and constitutional framework, the bedrock upon which this realm was founded, was that of the Luminarian religion, and not some diluted, mealymouthed, perverted version of the same, but the faith as it was intended and originally conceived, an uncompromising celebration of justice over both cruelty and mercy, of the divine appointment of our monarchs as absolute sovereigns and autocrats, with no lawful limitation or restriction upon the just powers of the same. Our deposition and exile were thus entirely unlawful, and the execution of the traitor and usurper Maximian, whom these foreign powers, willfully ignorant of our constitution and laws, lionize as some kind of martyr and butchered, regicided king, nothing less than the deserved fate and punishment of a traitorous pretender to the throne."

He concluded by adding, "At no time shall I contemplate negotiating with these foreign, colonialist regimes, which seek to supplant me with my empty-headed cousin, the Princess Desiree, a pretender to my throne whose claims rest entirely on the false ones of her late, unlamented brother, the traitor and usurper Maximian, the same Maximian whose cowering, quivering, meek, and pathetic groveling to New Edom and Deadora were the national humiliation of Gavinium Magnus and an absolute disgrace, in that he did not repel the Deadorans posthaste with the land with extreme prejudice, but agreed to a compromise with the enemies of this land! There can be no compromise with aggressors and invaders! They must be expelled and retribution exacted for their presumption in making demands of us and breaching our national frontiers, our national sovereignty, and our territorial integrity.

"Let there be no question of this. I will not yield my person, my body, my family, or my throne without perishing first, nor shall I draw breath while in foreign captivity, or in the custody of some puppet regime that panders to foreign conquerors while hypocritically claiming to liberate my subjects from my supposed tyranny, which is nothing less than a brazen lie intended to assassinate my character. I shall not, under any circumstances, permit anyone to take me prisoner or arrest me while I still breathe in this world. I will not yield or surrender my lawful authority over my dominion, my kingdom, my patrimony left to me as a sacred trust by my late father, King Damien the First, under the laws of this land.

"Nor will I fail to energetically pursue any and all means at my disposal to exact retribution for the invasion of my land. There can be no peace here without absolute concession, by my enemies, of my lawful tenure of this throne, of the territorial inviolability of my domain, and of this country's indefeasible rights. Anything less must mean the continued and eternal prosecution of this war, both in my own reign and those of my lawfully appointed successors. Should the enemy prevail, however, then let it be known that the death squads whose existence I warned of beforehand, shall undertake their mission, and that I shall issue to all of my merchant marine, in all of their shipping full letters of marque, reprisal, capture, and salvage to wage a war of privateering, and indeed, piracy, upon the seaborne commerce of this region of all countries party to this unprovoked and wholly unjustified war of naked aggression against my country."

There is little that can be added to this but to reiterate that this means that His Sacred Majesty has drawn a line in the sand and dared his enemies to cross it. I have little doubt that he means what he says and that he will see to it that these death squads engage in the justified extermination of all heads of state and government who authorize this war of aggression against our land. That this is just and righteous is due to the fact that he is, in fact, the one supreme viceroy of the Light upon this Earth, with no others having anything close to the same divine right to reign and rule on behalf of said Light, and to mete out whatever justice he may deem fit. There is also little doubt that he is sincere in formally and permanently outlawing all Christians from ever succeeding to the throne of this land.
"All feminists should simply be lined up against a wall and shot." - Lucian I, King of Gavinium Magnus

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Postby Ghant » Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:00 pm


The Legend of Log

An Oral History

Welcome to yet another special edition of The Nibbler. This issue features a special segment regarding the history of Log, which this year has turned 30. While most people today consider Log to be a quaint toy that Ghantish children around the country enjoy, it was at one time a ferocious beast of a toy that took the country by storm. Let us take a trip down memory lane, and recall the history of Log, from conception to present.

The Log we all know and love.

Location: G-Mart, Ghish, Ghant. Date: December 14, 1988. Victim: Stock room employee Robert Balagar. Injuries: A broken rib, pulled hamstring, and concussion.

Cause of emergency room admission: Log.

The 27-year-old stock clerk had been working the overnight shift during the holiday rush when he was spotted holding a Log by a crowd of frantic shoppers. The ensuing melee left him looking like he had just been in a minor car accident. Someone had even torn the crotch from his jeans. The last thing he saw was a white sneaker kicking him in the face before he lost consciousness. Such was the savage nature of consumers frantically clamoring for Log.

All across Ghant, shoppers and retail workers alike were reduced to their primal instincts in an effort to obtain Blammo’s must-have toy of the holiday season. Log combined the appeal of Ghant’s breakout character—a kid-sized piece of wood with charmingly clipped branches—with a novel design that allowed him to be customized to the child’s desire.

It was impossibly adorable, and impossible to get: Blammo, which was anticipating a modest success, found themselves chartering private jets in order to get inventory from other countries more quickly; mobsters made headlines for a top-secret Log pick-up at a Ghish location; bomb threats were called in to Blammo; one Log disappeared from a Ghish police station; a toy designer carrying a Log through airports was suspected of being a terrorist.

With Blammo re-releasing the toy for a new generation of kids this winter, we assembled the inventors, designers, marketers, and industry insiders who helped make Log one of the biggest success stories in the history of playthings to talk about how the piece of wood became a pop culture phenomenon—one that parents would literally step all over someone to get.

I: Origins
The original prototype for Stickman.

With an interest in art and a degree in clinical psychology, Ron Dubaro had been making board games and toys for 15 years. A mutual friend had introduced him to the late Stan Klutta, who held inventor liaison positions with a number of companies. Klutta was always willing to listen to Dubaro’s ideas, but had rarely said anything other than "no." That’s not unusual in the toy business, but it was still gratifying when Dubaro—who had only had modest success with games like Bubbly Boys—finally heard Klutto say “yes” to a prototype he made: a wooden figurine that he called “stick.”

Ron Dubaro (Co-inventor): I had been in the park one day watching a bunch of kids poking each other with sticks. It brought back childhood memories—how much I loved playing with wood. There was usually a kind of fascination with wood. I thought that would make a great toy.

Patricia Harugui (Curator, The Strong National Museum of Play):There was some precedent for putting personality into a wood-type toy. There was the wood man, who was a little person made out of tied-together sticks.

Dubaro: I can’t tell you why I used a piece of wood. I somehow associated wood with fun, or maybe it’s because of all those days playing in the woods when I was a kid. I don’t know.

Mark Jakara (Toy Designer): I had been doing design for Blammo for years. There had been stick figures before. What made this different was the right size and right personality.

Dubaro: Wood was becoming inexpensive for toys at that point. We were getting into lumber. It was too expensive to make one, so the prototype literally came from a lumber yard.

Jakara: Later on, I basically designed a concept for a thick piece of wood. I had done a section of a tree trunk as a toy.

Dubaro: I called up [co-inventor] Greg Hardenguy, who was an engineer and had recently lost his business partner. The original idea was a thick, blunt stick, but it wasn’t feasible because it could break easily. Greg and I worked on developing a prototype to show around. We were turned down by 12 different companies.

Dubaro, who refers to the toy business as “the failure business,” wasn’t dissuaded. He finally came around to Klutto, who was working as vice president of marketing at Blammo’s Preschool division, in 1986.

Dubaro: We showed it to Stan, and his immediate reaction was, “This would be great if it were a Log instead of a stick, but we don’t have the rights.”

Janice Yaberra (former Associate Vice President of Marketing and Development, Blammo Preschool): We had the lumber rights. H-Toys had the sawing rights.

Dubaro: The meeting lasted about 15 minutes before Stan referred me to another guy at Blammo, Gene Marata. He knew that side of the company had the rights to Woody the Woodman. I met Gene that day.

Gene Marata (former Vice President of Marketing, Blammo): I instantly liked what he had. It was kind of reminiscent of Woody the Woodman.

Dubaro: He looks at it and says, “This would be a great Woody the Woodman toy.”

Marata: I don’t think I said it to Ron, but I thought it would be a great feature product for our Woody the Woodman license, which we had at the time.

Yaberra: The concept was a toy made completely out of wood. It would be versatile, durable, and relatively inexpensive to produce.

Dubaro: The versatility was important. It just keeps being whatever you want it to be. There was an adaptability to it.

Marata: We might have looked at doing a Stickman. But at the time, Vasco Bros. was pushing Woody the Woodman and had all kinds of research indicating how popular he was. Boys loved the gruffness of him. The market was reaching a saturation point with a Stickman. There had been a lot of Stickman.

Jakara: No one wants to take care of Woody the Woodman. You don’t want to be his friend.

Marata: We did do a Woody the Woodman prototype. It was functioning, with the wood and everything. We had someone come in and do some tests. I remember taking it to Vasco Bros. and they were like, “Yeah, fine.” It wasn’t memorable on their part. They could have had the Log license under their property.

Despite Marata's enthusiasm, Woody the Woodman would not get the opportunity to become the must-have toy of the year.

Harugui: When you think of that character, versatility doesn’t seem the least bit compatible.

Yaberra: It was good for Woody the Woodman, he had a laidback personality, but during the evaluation, Blammo decided not to renew the Vasco Bros. license.

Marata: In those days, Blammo had no email system. We all communicated via fax. I remember being at the offices in Ghish after hours—it was me, Stan, and a few others. I walked past the fax machine and it was spitting out a notice that Blammo had dissolved their agreement with Vasco Bros. I walked to Stan and said, “Why don’t you take this and make Lumberman?” And he said, “No, it would just be Log.” And by this point, they had gotten the Ghantboy license.

Dubaro: The guy Stan worked for, [former Blammo president] Martin Sazo, had the idea to pursue the license to Log and create feature items they’d promote on TV. Marty went to Stan and said, “I need a feature item.” And Stan said, “I’ve got an idea.”

Yaberra: We had a long-term relationship for wooden toys for the Ghanboy license. The relationship had grown and they gave us the opportunity to bid on the lumber portion and to become the master toy licensee.

Ann Kindaro (former Vice President, Licensing, Ghantboy Workshop): Lumberman was really our first big item. It was pretty low-tech, but it was a huge success. Before Log came along, Lumberman was the star of the show. He was the quintessential 6-year-old and Log was the quintessential 3-year-old.

Dubaro: I got a call from Stan saying, “Guess what?” That’s when I came up with Log’s Law: Anything that can go right will go right.

Yaberra: From the time it got kicked back to us, we all felt the best use for the concept would be with Log.

Marata: I was delighted for Stan to take it over. It was 70 percent done. I was able to take the internal development costs, which were between $50,000 and $100,000, and move them over to Stan’s profit and loss margin.

Bruce Mangudi (CEO, Fredo PR): Log hadn’t really been translated into toys yet.

Yaberra: Log was starting to come to the forefront on Ghantboy. This was around 1985. He was becoming more and more popular with parents and children.

Kindaro: We didn’t do a lot of Log products at first, but in the early 1980s, we started getting calls from parents. “My kid loves Log, my kid wants to go to sleep with Log.”

Dubaro: At the time, Ghantboy was sort of a sleepy license for toys. They were perceived as controversial, and that’s a death knell for toys.

Jakara: The character had to be on long enough for people to go looking for him.

Marata: The whole character changed with Log’s bark. It gave it a gentle, loving ambiance.

Yaberra: His character lent itself to versatility and durability. It was perfect.

II: Good Vibrations
Still from the original Log advertisement.

The original Log commercial

Work began on turning Woody the Woodman into Log in early 1987, with the expectation that it would be ready for a February 1988 debut at Ghish’s Toy Fair. Dubaro and Hardenguy had licensed their concept and would be paid a royalty, although the end result would be markedly different from Woody the Woodman.

Dubaro: I don’t have a proprietary feeling about it. A lot got changed, developed, and improved.

Jakara: I have a lab near a main street and there are windows. At one point, there were Log husks all over without any of the lumber. It looked like a lumber yard exploded. People would walk by and go, “What happened?”

Marata: The next things they did were awesome.

Yaberra: We brought in our ad agency to take a look at the concept. Bob Mola came to the meeting. He looked at the toy and there was just dead silence.

Mangudi: It was a line review. I remember being there. They said, “This is going to be our lead item.”

Bob Mola (Advertising): I, as the ad man, said it was a waste of money to advertise a wood toy. Television is about motion. The thing ought to move.

Yaberra: He said, “It’s adorable, it’s great, but television is a visual medium.” And off he went.

Mangudi: Bob said, “It’s great, but can you make it shake, like a Santa Claus belly?” That one little change had such a payoff.

Dubaro: I think what happened was, someone had remembered seeing a shaking monkey that had been on the market.

Neil Fegusa (former President, Blammo Preschool): The line review was just about the time I had come on board the company. That lumber became the component.

Jerry Clarasa (former Vice President, Sales, Blammo Preschool):With the laughing and shaking together, I thought we had something compelling.

Jakara: They showed me this piece of wood, and asked me to build one with all of those elements.

Yaberra: I remember at the time people were playing with fallen trees, rolling them around and stuff. And a light bulb went off.

Dubaro: My wife actually saw a Log prototype and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if it had more girth?” I said, “Yeah, but no one is going to put that kind of money into it.”

As with most licensors, Ghantboy Television Workshop—which later changed its name to Ghantboy Workshop—was fiercely protective of its intellectual property.

Yaberra: There were serious concerns from the Ghantboy people. They weren’t sure if they wanted Log to be a toy. It was a conversation over the course of several meetings, winning them over.

Kindaro: I don’t recall that. She may have spoken to someone else about it. What I recall is that we wanted to make sure Log was durable.

Jakara: It was a conversation with Janice on how to make the Log sturdy.

Dubaro: They tested it with moms, and no one seemed to care it was going to be $50 instead of $40 because of the girth of the lumber.

Yaberra: We did some informal research, and no parent thought Log was too thick.

Jakara: Every licensor does this. Every one.

Dubaro: It was a big payoff, or surprise ending. The roundness is what makes people start playing along with it.

Jakara: I flew the prototype back to show them. They’re professional toy people. It’s not like they clapped.

While a lot had to go right in order for Log to succeed, one key component would be the notion that parents and their children would be able to see Log in action before spending $49.95.

Yaberra: Martin Sesma originated the concept of “Try Me” at retail, which means presenting a product to a consumer in packaging so you can press it and get a demonstration. That was a critical piece of Log.

Marata: I wouldn’t say originated, but there was a mastery of it. We had to do a lot of Try Me because Blammo Preschool wasn’t advertising on television.

Fegusa: I forced the factory to display it because I wanted it to be a Try Me.

Mangudi: You’d be walking down the aisle, and be able to touch it through the packaging.

Jakara: That was a relatively new idea. One of my theories when I wrote the program was, most people have an attention span of less than eight seconds. Log would have to get to the punch line in less time than that. Any longer and people walk away.

Dubaro: Try Me showed off everything about the toy. You get it right away.

The pressure was building for Blammo Preschool’s core team, which had never before been charged with delivering such a high-profile item.

Marata: That division of Blammo was considered to be kind of a stepchild. There was a critical meeting where four or five of us sat with Dick Garada, the CEO, in Gaemarlen. And he basically scolded and berated us.

Clarasa: I think he was challenging us, which was his job. The discussion was about who was going to be promoting it.

Marata: We showed him Log and thought we had something special and wanted to handle the advertising. He wouldn’t allow it. I thought we’d be fired.

Clarasa: In so many words, he told us we didn’t know what we were doing. And then they finally reconsidered.

Marata: This is around the time Neil Fegusa came in [as president of Blammo Preschool]. He had a very keen marketing eye for what the consumer will respond to.

Clarasa: Log was done by the time Neil came to the company, but he did a remarkable job selling it.

Fegusa: It was not done. The packaging still needed to be designed and there was more work to do.

Mangudi: She wasn’t his wife at the time, but Amanda Fegusa designed the original Log. A lot of people became lifetime friends from working on it.

Logs’s push began during the February 1988 Toy Fair in Ghish, the annual event for companies and buyers to get an idea of what the coming year will bring.

Yaberra: I remember waddling into Toy Fair very pregnant at the time. I was presenting it to buyers and having meetings. The reaction was positive, but it wasn’t, “Oh, my God, we have a phenomenon.” It was, "Okay, it’s cute, great."

Jakara: They stuck a bunch of them on a wall.

Mangudi: The primary line at Toy Fair was Blammo’s line of RC Cars. So the media would go through this tour and wind up at Blammo Preschool, where Log was. It was probably one of the first lumber toy licenses next to Stickman. They may have thought, “Oh, okay, they’re just doing what they did before.”

Jakara: My wife at the time had a friend who didn’t like anything I did. She was kind of a curmudgeon. When she touched Log, she smiled, and I knew it was going to be a big deal.

Mangudi: Al Rakara from the Morning Show was there, and he loved it. He was pretty chunky back then. He laughed and his belly laughed and Log rolled around.

Ellie Bagaruda (Senior Vice President, Fredo PR): Al was being Al and Log was being Log. It was a great visual.

Mangudi: It brought Log to life in a way that had never been done before.

Yaberra: Neil was at a baseball game when he ran into a buyer from G-Mart. And the guy said, “Oh, my God, Neil. We just got an initial point of sale report and this thing is flying off the shelves. You guys better ramp up.” It had been out three or four weeks.

Fegusa: We were monitoring it from the moment it hit shelves. It wasn't because of running into anyone. We were getting calls from buyers right away. It was selling far better than any $50 toy would have sold in those days.

III: The Log Monster
Log as initially released.

Thanks to Log’s popularity and the novel Try Me packaging, Log was off to a solid start when it hit store shelves in July 1988. But without the viral marketing of today, a toy’s best shot at hitting the stratosphere was exposure to children—and their parents—on television.

Yaberra: The Morning Show had aired a segment about the new hot toys. Borig Karranza and Catherine Daguza were sitting there playing with Log and getting a kick out of it. It was great exposure.

Mangudi: Borig was not considered a warm guy, so for us, it was great. He was not the type you’d expect to have Log on his lap. It seemed to humanize him.

Bagaruda: He held it the entire time. I don’t think it’s ever been done before or since.

Yaberra: Fredo PR was responsible for getting Quiz Show Carl.

Mangudi: Ellie was taping his almost from the start. Carl would create a kind of game show atmosphere and give his audience products.

Marata: It was perfect. This was September, and the kids were going back to school.

Dubaro: It helped his show as well. He was just starting out.

Yaberra: You couldn’t just send Carl items. It was all about whether he liked it or not. If he didn’t, it wasn’t going on his show.

Bagaruda: It was early October. We had sent his son one and then he talked on-air about how he had flushed it down the toilet. So I jumped on the phone with Blammo and said, “Get every Log we have. Get some brown tissue paper.” I got a call from his show an hour later saying, “This is great. Can we have enough for the whole audience?”

Marata: He eventually brought Neil Fegusa out and he did a great job pitching. Log did a great job pitching.

The packaging, the character, and Quiz Show Carl’s endorsement put Log on the map in a very prominent way. As the holiday season began, the media took note of shoppers waiting anxiously outside toy stores in groups resembling "Depression-era bread lines.” Unlike most dolls and toys, Log was a “gender-free” gift that boys and girls were demanding in equal quantity.

Harugui: If it were plastic, chances are most boys wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with it.

Marata: Going into September, we were forecasting 100,000 pieces. Within a week of Carl, we were forecasting a million.

Bagaruda: It was virtually sold out from the day after the Solstice through Christmas.

Mangudi: All of a sudden, demand got really strong, and Blammo was in a position of, “How many more can we make before the end of the year?”

Marata: You line up factories for 100,000. A week later, it’s a million. There’s just no way to get them into the marketplace.

Clarasa: I was on the phone with the factories three nights a week. The tools could burn out on high manufacturing runs, so we were figuring out how to build new tools.

Fegusa: The lumber was the limiting factor. We were expanding the mills every week.

Yaberra: We ended up not running the full TV campaign, pulling some of the back-half media because we didn’t feel it was right to continue to advertise the item to gain awareness and sales when we could barely support all of the pent-up demand.

Mangudi: That’s the irony of Log. It was made for television and it didn’t even need television.

Following Black Friday, Log turned into the most coveted holiday item on wish lists. The scarcity led to a tsunami of media about toy aisle mayhem. Mobsters were seen entering various G-Marts around Ghish after hours and walking away with several Logs; Cartuga Jewelers offered Log free with the purchase of a $1 million necklace. One G-Mart district manager pushed a pallet of Logs out and watched in horror as parents tore into them without regard for anyone’s safety. He started to cry.

Yaberra: People would call the Blammo offices threatening to do something if we didn’t release more Logs. Bomb scares. “I’m going to blow the place up.” It was overwhelming.

Dubaro: There were people acting primitive, but that happens every Christmas. A kid laughing with his parents doesn’t get to be a news story.

Kindaro: Did it make us cringe? A little. It was nothing we promoted, but there was nothing we could do about it. It was just demand.

Yaberra: The media kept saying that we planned it, and it was just great marketing. It wasn’t.

Dubaro: Nothing of the kind ever happens. They’re in business to sell stuff. The problem is, they don’t want to be stuck with inventory.

Mangudi: The media was doing negative stories, saying it was artificial. Sometimes they want to build up a thing to knock it down. Everyone thought there was a bunch in storage somewhere. Blammo was a public company. You couldn’t mess around like that.

Fegusa: Plan a shortage? No one plans a shortage. You can't just say, okay, we want a million. You need to buy lumber, and that can take 60 days.

Clarasa: You have a responsibility to the shareholder. That’s the last thing we’d do.

Mola: [We just] underestimated how the thing would take off. Nothing succeeds in the toy business like shortages.

Yaberra: Neil was so influential in getting us more goods, as much as we could possibly produce. We went from 400,000 to shipping a million units.

Dubaro: Stan thought Neil was crazy to do that, that it was way over the line.

Mangudi: He wanted to put the pedal to the metal, where Blammo as a whole wanted to be more cautious. Big toys have put companies under. Teddy Rubskin killed CoolToys. You can’t flood the market. Neil convinced them.

Fegusa: It was completely my decision.

Dubaro: They were shipping them by boat, but then they started to fly them in.

Fegusa: We air-freighted them in on a regular basis, over and above the goods arriving on water.

As Christmas neared, it was clear not everyone who wanted a Log was going to get one. A toy phenomenon had become a cultural symbol of how determined shoppers were to land the coveted Ghantboy character. To prevent thefts or fights, G-Mart would call raincheck holders and leave vague messages that their “item” was in. In the store, they would be handed a pre-wrapped package so they could slip out of the store without being obstructed.

Dubaro: For me, it hit home when I was on a plane to Onmutu in early December and the Ghish Post had the front page of their business section talking about Log. It was a pinch-me moment.

Mangudi: Harold Borgas contacted us and sent us a bunch of award-nominated movies on VHS. The Jauneketxea called and traded us sweatshirts. The Emperor of Ghant called Neil.

Clarasa: The Prime Minister. I told my secretary to tell him I’m Conservative.

Marata: Jill Baduka, the [former] CEO of MeeToys, walked past my office one day and saw him. “Oh, my God, you have a Log!” I gave her mine.

Mangudi: Some people at GTECH traded us Super G consoles, which were the other hot toy, for Logs.

Dubaro: The internet wasn’t even a thing back then. Most people had phones. But there were a few scam calls already.

Yaberra: I was riding the train home from Ghish one night and Stan asked me to go do a radio interview. I get on the phone and did the interview. I look up, and everyone on the train is looking at me. “You work for that place? Can you get me a Log?” I really felt like my life was in danger.

Mangudi: You had to say no sometimes to needy people who would benefit, like charities. You became the gatekeeper for this toy.

Clarasa: We tried to distribute it evenly. But we were able to use it and say to retailers who were slow to pay invoices, “Look, we gotta clean this up or we can’t allocate any product to you.” And everyone paid their bills.

Marata: We took Blammo Preschool from being the losers in Ghish to, “Oh, those are our guys.”

Mangudi: When Log sold out, you couldn’t come home empty-handed, so you bought some kind of Log toy.

Kindaro: It was a halo effect across the entire Ghantboy line. There was always another Log on the shelf to buy. We had T-shirts, books.

Mangudi: They could have sold 10 times as many if they had them.

Marata: MeeToys was in the process of buying Blammo and merging Blammo Preschool and Perka together when Log was coming out. I would say the entire purchase price of Log [$737 million] was recovered over the next two to three years by Log.

IV: Log Gets Extreme
Log rolls out new variations, including the Alien Log (pictured).

New Log variations commercial

By the end of 1988, Log had taken his place among the most popular toys of the 20th century. Over 1.2 million of the toys had reportedly been sold, making Blammo a name that could stand among the top brands as a leading supplier of hot holiday items. But unlike past fads, Log wasn’t going to be forgotten quickly.

Dubaro: I think it took until the following June for G-Mart to honor all of their rainchecks for 1988.

Fegusa: I'm not going to tell you the number. We sold well over a million in 1988. And we sold many, many more Logs in 1989. In fact, we sold more Logs in the first quarter than we did for the entire year before.

Clarasa: We sold one million Logs in 1988 and four million Logs in 1989.

Kindaro: It may have been the first time a toy did better in year two than year one.

Yaberra: It was an exciting time, but Stan gave me a reality check. He wanted to know what we were going to do the next year.

Mangudi: It became a franchise out of nowhere.

Yaberra: We did Sing and Snore Seal, which did almost as well as Log.

Fegusa: The biggest thing I found following the craze was walking into a toy department and seeing people pick up a wooden toy to see what would happen. We needed to keep bringing wooden toys to life, and that's what we spent a lot of time doing.

Kindaro: Before long, we were rolling out new types of Log toys.

Yaberra: We also did a line extension with Action Log, Log of Arabia, Officer Log, Athletic Log, Cheerleader Log, Arctic Log, Agent 00 Log, Liontamer Log, Singing Log, Alien Log, Civil War Log and Armchair Log.

Kindaro: There was no Monster Log. The toys always had to be true to the character.

Clarasa: We sold 4 million Action Logs. There was just so much demand we couldn’t fill.

Gina Sanu (former Vice President of Marketing, Perka):One of my main strategies when I got to Perka was to have people asking, “What is Log going to do next?”

Bagaruda: You’ve got to give them credit. Every year, they did a new Log. Singing Log won a Toy of the Year award.

Yaberra: There was a Tickle Me Log.

Dubaro: You’d tickle it, it would laugh, and it would laugh harder the more you tickled it.

Clarasa: Log as a Rock Star.

Yaberra: Rock and Roll Log was also Greg Hardenguy. I was there until 1998 and there weren’t any real dogs.

Girard: Pogo Log got a lukewarm reception. It was the only one that wasn’t really a huge success.

Dubaro: To some degree, I’ve been told it saved Ghantboy at the time. The success spread to the entire license.

Mangudi: As funding for public television deteriorated from the government, the private sector was coming into place through royalties. Now you were seeing the characters on applesauce and snacks.

Kindaro: What I would say is that any non-profit is constantly challenged with ways to drive income. Any success story is a big plus. [Ghantboy Founder] Doran Ezkibel gave a speech where he said Log was such a big success it allowed them to expand Ghantboy internationally.

Under MeeToys’s Perka banner, Log made annual appearances right on through 2016. For his 20th anniversary, the company launched Extreme Log, a Log that had to be seen to be believed.

Dubaro: Extreme Log was fabulous. I wish I could say I developed it, but I didn’t.

Bruce Luda: (Owner, Luda and Company): We had actually shown them the mechanism for Log’s fifth anniversary. Later, one of us came to the other and wanted to take the concept further into extreme laughter.

Sanu: It didn’t work out for the fifth anniversary. When he bought it back, we added the automated rolling.

Kindaro: I remember Perka did a mock-up to show us and we just fell over laughing. It was a no-brainer.

Mangudi: We were able to recreate the hysteria, which was pretty huge.

Kindaro: Gina Sanu was the genius behind the marketing of keeping the whole thing under wraps. Retailers would buy it without having seen it.

Sanu: We did ads with Log in silhouette.

Mangudi: I had been working with Blammo for 25 years and it was the first time they made me sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Luda: There is satisfaction in seeing people mystified. It was a simple toy, but people thought it was a mechanical marvel.

Sirard: The whole goal was to make Log seem as real and alive as possible.

Luda: One time we had temporarily lost a sample and Perka was a little upset. We did find it. They wanted everything kept top secret.

Mangudi: We stole a little from PRISM and didn’t let anyone see the product until it was at retail.

Bagaruda: There were maybe 20 people in the world who saw it before then. We kept the product a secret until the day we revealed it the Morning Show.

Luda: It was really marketing genius.

Bagaruda: The package looked like a metal briefcase with a warning, “May Contain Uncontrollable Log.”

Luda: We had shipped samples in a diamond-plate pattern metal with foam inside, sort of an attaché case that fit the Log properly, because they were so valuable. That was ultimately the inspiration for the packaging.

Kindaro: They made a package where you just saw the Log through a tiny little flap.

Luda: It was also good because there was no on-shelf demo, and so the batteries wouldn’t wear out.

Mangudi: The hosts had it in a little vault.

Bagaruda: Most holiday sales started on Black Friday, but this pushed it ahead two months. We called it the Log Effect.

Mangudi: People were lined up outside of G-Mart and put 10 in a cart to sell online.

Bagaruda: It was like getting election results. You get the North, and then the South numbers pop up.

Mangudi: The toy industry was in the doldrums that year. All of a sudden people got excited to go to big box stores in September and it turned out to be a good year. Everyone benefited from Extreme Log.

Harugui: I suspect the appeal was more for adults who had grown up with Log and now had kids of their own. It was very exaggerated and very funny.

Luda: According to MeeToys, it sold more toys on its first day than any other toy in history to that point. That doesn’t include video games.

Sanu: I remember getting calls every hour from G-Mart. It was incredible. I think the number was 250,000 sold that day. I don’t know if there’s been a product since that’s done that.

After countless variations—including backpacks, foreign releases, and more—Log and the rest of the Ghantboy license returned to Blammo in 2011. Their Love2Learn Log offers children guidance on potty-training; a slightly smaller version of the original is also in stores. Ghantboy, which is now premiering new episodes on GBC, still considers Log its biggest licensing success among preschoolers.

Dubaro: Ironically, there had been a stick toy on the market the same year Log came out. But there was no TV promotion and no character.

Bagaruda: People still use Log as the standard. “What’s the next Log?”

Luda: When I did Extreme Log, I had people come to me and go, “Oh, man, why didn’t you bring it to us?” What would you do with it? Make a teddy bear? Who cares? When it’s Log, that’s when it matters to people.

Dubaro: There had been big toys, but this transcended the typical toy phenomenon. It was more human than something like Furmo or Ghantomon. It became something adults were aware of.

Kindaro: It became what the industry came to call a “feature toy.” There had been talking toys, but this was on another level entirely.

Marata: I’ve worked on a lot of these. Great toys—it’s what you work for. When it comes together, all you can say is wow.

Dubaro: Woody the Woodman probably would have vanished overnight.

Kindaro: It was a perfect storm, the right character with the right mechanism. No one wants to hug Woody the Woodman.

Dubaro: It’s simple. It gave people joy. It may have only lasted a couple of moments, but that’s one of the precious things about life.

Kindaro: At the time, my sister-in-law was going through some very serious radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. I would visit her and talk about what we were working on. I once brought a Log to show her and she got the biggest smile on her face. Even with all these tubes and chemicals, she smiled. All the doctors and nurses played with it. It showed me Logs’s appeal went beyond preschoolers. She passed away. I still have her doll. Everyone loves Log.

Log advertisement as seen today.

Because we know you have nothing better to do.

Can’t get enough of the Nibbler? Come see our Nibbler Article Archives!
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Postby Novitera » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:53 pm


The screen pans to a lounge like looking room. Sitting on one sofa is Director Wade Setsuko and across from him, Toby Cox, a commentator from NNN.

"For audience, Director Wade Setsuko, Officer of the International Trade Committee. Good afternoon Director and thank you for being on the show." Cox opens.

Setsuko nods and smiles. "Thank you for having me."

"I'm having you here today to talk about the International Fair Competition Subcommittee. This has been a controversial body for years. Perhaps you would like to elaborate on your organization so the people can understand." Cox beckons.

"Yes, the IFCS is part of the national legislative body, the Directorate. Long story short, its main purpose is to identify where foreign trade practices are being used to harm our domestic industries and recommend tariffs for the Directorate to combat these practices. Now, I know what you're thinking. Protectionism. Yes, we generally have a policy of anti-protectionism as the Noviteran citizenry are guaranteed the right to trade by the Constitution. But this is not protectionism. More so, protection against government artificially giving their companies a leg up over ours." Setsuko explains.

"Well what do you mean by that? How do we know these tariffs aren't meant to give our domestic companies an advantage depriving the citizenry of access to goods or the best value?" Asks Cox.

Setsuko waves a hand. "First, it does not often get to the point where the IFCS proposes a tariff. Their main purpose is to identify an instance where trade is unfair. When that happens, the Directorate always tries to solve the issue through diplomacy first and in most cases it does. We don't want a trade war." He pauses to see a reaction from Cox. "Now let's say diplomacy does not work. Now it's time for a tariff policy. It's true. We have to walk a fine line. Almost all our tariff acts get suits levied against them and end up going to the courts to reviewed for Constitutionality. Admittedly, some of them get struck down as trade protectionism. Generally, this is what we try to do. If a foreign industry is simply outperforming our domestic industries, we do nothing. This is just capitalism on an international scale and something we legally cannot stop, nor should we. If a foreign industry is getting assistance from their government but isn't directly competing against our domestic industries, we do nothing. Of course, we are wary of this and deal with it in other ways. But it isn't necessarily something to take issue with. We do import sometimes from government backed industries abroad because we want or need those goods. Some of these industries cannot stand alone and it doesn't help anyone to call for privatization of those industries if they are just going to collapse without government support and our citizens no longer have access to those goods. Or, have to pay a higher price for them." He pauses. "What we are looking for is where a foreign industry is getting government assistance and is directly competing against our domestic industries. An example of that is where a government is subsidizing their firms so they can sell their products at a similar or lower price than ours. In that case, the foreign firm is able to take a loss whereas they would not without government assistance. This isn't true economic competition. Our companies generally do not get any help. They have to stand on their own two feet. When that happens, we tariff the goods just enough so the playing field is leveled."

"Well, what indicators are you looking at on whether the trade is unfair?" Cox asked.

"We look at a lot of things. Mind you, we first have to prove that the trade is unfair to the Directorate so we get enough votes to pass a tariff. Then we inevitably have to prove it in the courts. First we have to determine whether the industry competes with any of our own. This involves a number of economic analysis. Is it a similar product? Is it a substitute? Do we even make this product domestically? That's very important. Let's say, Adiran government dumps money in to their smartphone industry to make their smartphones cheaper over ours. We make smart phones too so that's a cause for concern. If New Edom does the same thing with avocados, we don't care. We don't grow avocados. In fact, they can subsidize their avocado farms as much as they want. Makes it cheaper on us. Once we have determined the industry directly competes then we look to whether they would be able to get the price as low as it is if not for the government assistance. Mostly we are looking at price and where the money is going. There are other exceptions too. Like, if the money from government is just going into R&D and not being used to artificially lower prices. Whether such tariffs would unduly obstruct access to products demanded by the Noviteran public. If it is a new industry that the government just wants to get off the ground. In that case, we want the industry to succeed and eventually be an independent competitor to better serve the interests of capitalism." Setsuko says.

"Serve the interests of capitalism..." Cox repeats.

"We don't want to stonewall a new foreign industry right away and make things difficult on them to compete in Novitera unless the government assistance makes things excessively unfair. Eventually...hopefully...the industry gets up and running, it becomes independent of government assistance, now we got a new competitor in the market. More competition. Which means cheaper goods, innovation and foreign influences pushing our domestic firms to do better." Setsuko replied earnestly.

"There is a lot of controversy floating around out there that the IFCS is a cover for economic protectionism denying the Noviteran public the best value and infringing on their constitutional right to trade. How would you address that?" Asks Cox.

"At the end of the day, it is...a form of protectionism...but not against the free market as bad protectionism is." He says slowly. "This is protecting our industries from forces that are not of the free market. From foreign governments artificially tipping the scales in favor of their firms over ours. And its not like we have free reign on this. As I said, the first thing we do is try to talk it out with the foreign government and come to an agreement. If that does not work, I need approval from the other two Directors on the International Trade Committee to be able to instruct the IFCS to propose a tariff. The tariff policies that come out of the IFCS are checked at every turn before they can be enacted. We have to do our homework and have the proof for the Directorate to vote in favor of it. No Director wants to be seen as a real protectionist so they do not want to make a mistake. The problem must be, almost beyond reasonable doubt, unfair competition. Then there's the courts. Everything is under the microscope being harshly scrutinized." Setsuko answered a bit more passionately.

"I see. But...what about our CTO partners. Let's take your previous example. We don't grow avocados but Chaco and Ashab does. What if New Edom is dumping government money into their avocado farms to out compete the CTO?" Asks Cox.

Setsuko shakes his head. "That is a different situation. Of course we have an interest in protecting the industries of CTO partners from unfair practices like that. But that is more an international affairs issue that is outside the IFCS purview. Although, there are proposals underway for an amendment to the CTO provisions to combat such instances."

"Interesting. What would that look like?" Cox asks curiously.

"Pretty much, an IFCS like body but for the whole CTO. It goes through the same rigorous review processes, makes decisions in a similar way and enacts tariff policies for the CTO as a whole to combat unfair competition on CTO industries. Like our system, it can be challenged at the CTO Courts and struck down for unduly burdening free trade." Setsuko explained.

Cox nodded. "Are the CTO members going to accept this?"

Setsuko moved his head back and forth weighing his thoughts. "I don't know but they should. Novitera has one of the largest economies in the region and the largest in the CTO. They would be much more capable of defending their domestic industries from this kind of unfair competition if the entire CTO, especially us, is on board with a tariff policy. Keep in mind, an IFCS like body and limited tariff powers for the CTO is more beneficial for the rest of the CTO than it for us. We are big enough to do it on our own. This would definitely make the CTO more powerful in regional economics but Novitera can carry on without it. The main obstacle that I see is that this could violate bilateral economic agreements the CTO has with non-CTO nations. If tariff policy goes into effect, all CTO nations would have to abide by it. We'll see. The proposals are going to be sent to CTO governments within the week."

"I'm excited to see how that goes. Thank you for your time Director."
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King Lucian I denounces coalition as "war criminals."

Postby Gavinium Nova » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:59 am

Lucretia Gazette,
Babette Brunelle

His Sacred Majesty, King Lucian I, warned today that, "the nations of this region are fighting the wrong war. They should be crushing what's left of Deadora and breaking Gloria Regis down for good, setting its oppressed men free. Instead, they're making war on an egalitarian, enlightened monarchy like Gavinium, a nation with just laws and a righteous, holy government committed to the welfare of its people. Why? Because a few investors lost their blood money when a simple clerical mistake left an important clause out of my mortgage edict, and thus angered the power of Noviteran financial barons, because New Edom has designs of forcibly converting us to Christianity and making us go naked, and because Shrailleen wants to expand its ideology of matriarchal oppression everywhere, so for now, they're thick as thieves, but once they have obtained their object, they will turn on each other and their deluded Adiran friends, whom they are just using as cannon fodder. As for the Chacoans? They're just here to rob us blind, to loot Gavinium for its treasures, rape its women, and go home."

"I have been tempted to abdicate and save the country bloodshed, but these aggressors would simply find another pretext for war and continue their plans to wreck my country, just as they have already wrecked one of my forests and part of the wine country region. They have already destroyed part of my infrastructure and helped foment Communist rebellion in part of my domain, which no doubt they will quash themselves once the Marxists no longer suit their ends. Make no mistake. This is a war of colonialist expansion, and the Adirans are no less guilty than others, given their dream of spreading liberal democracy. The Vorindun, at least, are fighting for something that I can respect, given the unfortunate and misguided attack that I did not authorize on their naval academy.

"That these nations, which have almost nothing in common, an alliance that includes even both Adiron and its mortal enemy the Imperium, are all banding together means one thing: they have decided to liquidate our national existence and turn our country into a collection of occupation zones that will soon become colonies. They are attacking us because of our small size, military weakness, and great national wealth that they all hope to plunder, thus to distract their countries and bribe their people in the middle of an economic crisis that Novitera, in fact, caused itself. The Treaty of New Laconia means nothing if this war of conquest and aggression is allowed to stand. I appeal to the CPO and to the people of the nations involved, to intervene and demand that this war of aggression cease, that these aggressors withdraw from our soil and leave us to handle our own regime changes, thank you very much. Don't butcher civilians and destroy and steal property for your own avarice and insult us by calling it 'liberation,' my friends.

"You are attacking a peaceful nation with a just and lawful king and government who never did you any harm or wrong. Think on that and how that makes you any different from Selim Targan and his Othmani Fascists in their invasion of Lazodiria, Saint-Severin, and United Valik. You might win the war, but if you do so, I swear to you by the Light that you will never win the peace. The Gavinian people might be forced to collaborate with you in the end, but they will never forgive you, and given the chance to do so, they will hurt you in whatever way remains to them. I will start this, by calling in the loans that we lent to New Edom, when we helped them out, something that they have forgotten in this war of aggression and their zeal to purge us according to their twisted moral code. You will deserve it, because history and posterity will judge you as the war criminals that you are. May you suffer eternal darkness, forever cast away from the Light."
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Rationing Commissioner, others killed!

Postby Gavinium Nova » Tue May 08, 2018 5:10 pm

The Lucretia Reader,
Allen Dale Owens, Senior Writer

The Commissioner for Rationing, Dr. Madeline Brooks, along with several members of her staff, were killed by a car bomb today, with the incident then claimed as the responsibility of the "United Spartacist Labor Party of Gavinium," which predictably hacked the official Rationing Commission website to post an online manifesto advocating their own version of Communism.

This follows an attempt on the life of Chancellor Lambert Gicquel last night at the opera, where part of the Princess Katherine Opera Hall was destroyed in the process by a bomb set off by two members of the security team itself. There was also an attempted jailbreak of two Othmani nationals who had been taken during the evacuation of that country's embassy in Gavinium City, but both Othmanis, known to be grown offspring of embassy staff who had attended the Prince Robert University in downtown Gavinium City, were killed while resisting recapture by the Diplomatic Security Police. They have been identified as eighteen year old Bedir Bayat and seventeen year old Yosma Gucer, the son of the military attache and daughter of the vice-consul respectively.

For both the opera house bombing and the attempted jailbreak, a militant revolutionary group known as the "Theocratic Front" claimed responsibility for the attacks. Members of said group were killed rather than be captured in "suicide by cop" actions in both cases. The Theocratic Front posted its own manifesto online shortly afterward, advocating that future monarchs be elected by a "sacred religious conclave" and answerable to the same, and that Luminarian religious law be codified into a new "permanent and sole lawful constitution of this realm." They have also called for the King to abdicate his throne and allow this convocation to select his successor immediately.

The High Constable, Laverne Pierce, has publicly decried these attacks, but also publicly called for the rationing to be terminated and for the King to formally sue for peace, "not to renounce his throne, but to save our country from the indignity of occupation and colonization." She has further vowed to "bring these criminal rogues to the bar of justice, whatever it takes to punish them as they truly deserve."

It remains to be seen what response the High Constable's words will gather from the Palace of Light and Justice.

Update: The High Constable, Laverne Pierce, has been arrested and formally charged with high treason by the Ministry of Justice, for "presuming to lecture His Sacred Majesty on the best foreign policy for this land." As the verdict is largely determined ahead of the trial, she is almost certain to be executed, perhaps by hanging.
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Popular Democrats gain seats in Senate elections!

Postby United Valik » Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:42 pm

The Glauconeum Observer,
Charles Lowestein

Federal Senate elections have witnessed the increase in support for the centrist Popular Democratic Party, the junior partner of the ruling National Liberals in the coalition cabinet that has governed United Valik for the past five years. The PDP, under Foreign Minister Talia Tsaros, captured 18 seats, a gain of 5 from its previous 13, in the recent elections mandated by the 2013 Constitution for the upper chamber of the Federal Parliament.

The PDP's success effectively kept the governing NLP in exactly the same position as before, remaining at 43 seats out of 100 in the Senate, at the expense of the Federalist Party, which slipped to just 1 seat (from 6 seats) for itself due to recent difficulties, such as human trafficking and corruption scandals in local governments. Federal Chairman Janos Magyari has taken responsibility for the recent setbacks and vowed to "cleanse and purge the party leadership of those who have proven immoral and unworthy of the Emperor's grace," alluding to the growing Magi dominance over the Federalist Party membership. The Federalists have increasingly changed from a secular-oriented fascist movement to a theocratic Magi religious bloc instead. Accordingly, their support has narrowed but deepened to incorporate most of the Orthodox Magi faithful and fewer people outside of that faith.

The result of this latest coalition government victory is that now 61 seats in the incoming Senate are pro-government, as opposed to 56. This will greatly strengthen the government's ability to get legislation past any Senate filibusters and enacted into law much sooner. It will also aid the ability of the Popular Democrats to flex their political muscles and urge moderation on the center-right National Liberals. It is highly unlikely that any dramatically right-wing legislation will result, more that centrist reforms that both parties favor will be proposed and approved by the future Federal Parliament.

As for the remaining 39 seats, the center-left Progressive League regained some lost ground, generally at the expense of the Communist-led United Proletarian Front, which lost much popular support for its refusal to take a strong anti-Lucian stance until late in the recent Gavinian war. Only after a pro-communist dissident movement emerged did the UPF denounce the Lucianist regime more thoroughly, and by then it was too late for many Valikan leftist voters to recover much respect for the UPF. Both of the UPF's two seats in the Senate were lost, notably including that of Senator Wladyslaw Moczar, a prominent Communist with a lot of personal popularity which couldn't save his present post. One of the two seats forfeited by the UPF went to the Progressive League, raising its tally to 22 out of 100.

The other seat was added to that of the People's Party, a far-left radical umbrella movement dominated by anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists, Luxemburgists, and council-communists. Its chairperson, Paulina Adamski, even won a seat in the Senate herself, though she would have to step down and award it to another should she ever (unlikely though it might be) become Prime Minister. The Populists now hold 8 seats instead of 7 in the Senate, a strong platform in which to advocate their revolutionary proposals.

The Christian Alliance bloc, composed of Christian Democrats and the growing, ETC-led Free Congress, a mostly centrist religious party for the country's Christian minority, held its own, keeping to just 8 seats and thus tied with the Populists in the Senate elections. Advocating more social justice and workers' rights positions of late than in the past, the Christian Alliance is an otherwise socially conservative party in many respects, though very pro-secular in a country dominated by its Patrian majority. The Christian Alliance is expected to favor a constitutional amendment to legalize collective bargaining and unionization for public sector workers, a notion increasingly favored in a country no longer as animated by its resentment and bitterness over the Communist past or given to extreme libertarian ideology.

Expected to continue in her Presidency another five years is Senate President Dvora Aziz, a Sephardic Jewess, sister-wife (her husband has two wives), mother, and schoolmistress. Aziz is one of the most widely popular and admired public servants in Valikan history, followed closely by Prime Minister Stanislav Lubinski, the late Prime Minister Dr. Basil Pappas, and Foreign Minister Talia Tsaros. However, there are also rumors that Elder Hosea, a notable End Times Cleric and newly elected Senator, might challenge Aziz for the Presidency in the incoming Senate vote. Whether or not the cleric can command that kind of support remains to be seen, especially against the country's beloved first ever female head of state.

The Senate is the upper and less active chamber of the Federal Parliament, but the President of the Senate is also the President of the Republic, and it has ultimate say in the ratification of all treaties, as well as an effective absolute veto on legislation that the Federal Assembly produces which fails to gain Senate assent.

There are also rumors that the Christian Alliance might soon participate in the formation of a broader coalition government, though that has not been substantiated of late.
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Postby Hittanryan » Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:35 pm

Breaking: Cresswell Rescued during Fierce Battle in Arcologia

At 10 AM this morning, the War Department released the first public reports of a harrowing battle against the Arvo in the remote Arcologian jungle village of Sona. Although precise details remain classified or confidential, the report describes an air assault by elements of the Seventh Ranger Regiment. The operation’s stated purpose was to kill or capture Mok Ukkadis, the Arvo chieftain responsible for the Virden Raid. Anticipating heavy resistance, the Rangers launched the largest airborne operation in Arcologia to date.

Resistance, as it turned out, was even fiercer than expected. The Arvo surprised the Rangers with antiaircraft guns, which were used to disrupt the landings and gunship support. Deprived of air support and outnumbered, the Rangers found themselves in a foot slog through jungles, minefields, and bunkers full of determined Arvo warriors. A number of helicopters were lost to enemy fire. The Rangers sustained the heaviest losses when one of the four landing grounds was overrun by the Arvo.

In spite of everything, the Rangers held long enough for reinforcements to arrive. The antiaircraft guns were knocked out, air support was restored, and the lines were stabilized. A fresh company of Rangers then managed to punch through the Arvo defenses and move into the village as originally planned. While investigating Mok Ukkadis’ presumed headquarters, Rangers located Dr. Cresswell, apparently being kept bound under guard in a nearby hut. With Adiran forces in the village cutting off supply runners and communications, the Arvo still fighting at the landing grounds grew disorganized and began to run out of ammunition. The Arvo defenders began to disperse, some retreating to the village while others moved into the jungle. Mok Ukkadis evaded capture.

Although Mok Ukkadis remains at large, the report called the battle a victory. The Arvo air defenses failed to stop the landings outright and were ultimately destroyed in the course of the battle. Rangers prevented the evacuation of many tons of Arvo supplies, including ammunition, fuel, and boats which could be used to carry out further raids. Several dozen captives, including Dr. Cresswell and others from Virden, were liberated from appalling conditions. Early estimates claim the Arvo sustained 500 to 1,000 casualties, which the report calls a ‘potentially substantial’ reduction in the Arvo’s total fighting forces.

The victory came at a significant cost to the Rangers in turn: 32 Rangers were killed in action, with another 105 wounded. No names were given, but military spokesmen say families and next of kin have been notified.

Secretary of War Fortner was willing to comment “The Rangers at Sona ran into some nasty surprises and a tough enemy. Takes more than that to keep them down. We’re all grateful for their sacrifices over the course of this campaign. In my opinion they’ve all earned some extended leave somewhere nice.”

When asked what this means for Arcologia going forward, Fortner largely demurred but hinted that efforts may be ramped up. “Look, we need more intelligence before we commit to anything. From what I’ve read about Sona, though, the Arvo were clearly prepared for a fight, a big one. They’re even trying to adapt to how Adiran and Edomite forces fight. If they won’t negotiate, if fighting is all we can expect from them, then we’ll have to oblige them. We can’t ignore the security of our own people, and we’re not going anywhere until we’re satisfied with that.”

In spite of Secretary Fortner’s bold rhetoric, it remains to be seen what this will mean in the Assembly. The Select Committee on the Arvo Nation is scheduled to interview tribal rights advocate Edward Uskuld later in the week. How Sona will factor into those discussions is anyone’s guess.

Green Party leader Merrill Eddings has faced increasing pressure from his party’s base to end the Rowan government’s military interventions. Although Mr. Eddings declined to comment, his office released a notably brief statement. “We thank the Rangers for their efforts and are overjoyed at the liberation of Dr. Cresswell and others kept in slavery. Our party will continue to work towards a resolution to the current conflict in Arcologia.” Unlike Secretary Fornter’s remarks, no mention was made of the threat posed by the Arvo Nation.

Even Opposition Leader Saito seemingly had more praise for the operation, weighing in on the battle directly. “This is the Rangers’ victory, and a victory for Adiron. If Adiron’s objective is to end the threat posed by Arvo piracy and human trafficking, then of course we will support that. The Rangers’ sacrifice must not be in vain, however. The President must outline a clear strategy now, one with a defined end goal and a viable route to get there.”

ANBC will remain on this story as further details are revealed.
In-character name of the nation is "Adiron," because I like the name better.

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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:41 am

The Eagle's Cry

Shrailleeni News Unbiased
Serving the Children of the Mother Goddess and the Region

Statement of Purpose: Founded on the principles of liberty, morality, and matriatism, the staff of the Eagle's Cry are dedicated to the principles of free speech and accessibility of information, except where this information could endanger the well-being of the Shrailleeni people. This news source will report to the Shrailleeni people and the region the true goings-on within the Shrailleeni Empire through foreign electronic and domestic printed mediums.

International News
June, 1294 (2018)

Chaos In Deadora
Mother Empress Denies Thrall Accusations

Imperial City - Following reports of dramatic gunfire and military gunships flying over the Deadoran capital, Jacqueline Thrall has accused the Enlightened Matriarchy of destabilizing the Feminist Empire and abducting Matriarch Empress Jennifer Thrall. Jacqueline Thrall, who has been crowned the new Matriarch Empress of Deadora, has demanded her sister's return upon threat of war with Shrailleen.

An official with the Matriarchy of Foreign Affairs has warned that a travel advisory is now in effect for all of Deadora, including the self-proclaimed Queendom of Kehrahn, until further notice.

Tensions in the southern Acheron matriarchy have been steadily increasing following the mysterious sequestering of Matriarch Empress Jennifer Thrall nearly nine months ago. Traditionally the Matriarch Empress has been the absolute ruler of the empire and is never absent from the daily activities of government. Rumors of Jennifer Thrall's weakness caused a marked increase in both accusations of government corruption and petty crime, culminating in the declaration of independence by the province of Kyrrn under the name of the Queendom of Kehrahn.

The official policy of the Enlightened Matriarchy has been to attempt to keep the peace in Deadora and to promote the values of the Enlightened Path among our Deadoran sisters. The Alliance of Mutual Defense and Sisterhood between Deadora and Shrailleen, signed in 1994 CE, has always been upheld even during times of great stress, such as the Deadoran invasion of Dengali in pursuit of Warlord Ajam and the Deadoran naval blockade of the gulf of Deadora two years ago. As unrest began to spread Her Enlightened Majesty made it clear that she saw this alliance as embodied in the person of the Matriarch Empress Jennifer Thrall and offered her the complete support of Shrailleen.

However, the apparent disappearance of the Matriarch Empress and the sudden ascent of her sister Jacqueline to the throne has drastically altered the Deadoran-Shrailleeni relationship.

Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen was quick to respond to the allegations against her, offering a firm denial of any wrongdoing on the part of the Shrailleeni government and a reprimand of Jacqueline Thrall. A transcript of her speech, given in the Imperial Palace, is offered below.

Among the noteworthy aspects was the revelation, confirmed for the first time that the mysterious ailment afflicting Jennifer Thrall was, according to Her Enlightened Majesty, a pregnancy:

"To my dear Child, Jacqueline Thrall, proclaimed Matriarch Empress of Deadora,

You have issued unto me an ultimatum to be met, and indeed I shall meet it, for my answer is unequivocal. Neither myself nor any in the Shrailleeni government have had any involvement whatsoever in the sudden and shocking disappearance of your sister, a woman who I have considered to be a trustworthy ally, wise confidant, and friend. You ask for her return, and were it in my power I would only gladly hasten to enable it. Her disappearance wounds me deeply, and I pray for her health and for the health of her unborn child for whom I have spared no expense in caring over these last few months.

I have not abducted your sister, nor have I authorized any kind of attack on the Calla-Gold Palace. You say that in my denying this you shall declare war upon me and all Children of the Mother Goddess. I say that if this is your first act as Matriarch Empress, then you are fool and foolish, and the swords of the Enlightened shall oppose your transgressions and shall not waver.

The wise hearts and clear minds of this region see this ploy for what it is, the actions of a jealous sister threatened by the impending birth of a new heir. If Jennifer Thrall has disappeared, as indeed seems to be the case, my heart darkens to think of what fate you may have provided for her. And so my Child I now provide for you this counter-offer, cease this pointless antagonism and renew the bonds of Sisterhood which strengthen our peoples. If your purpose is true and your actions merely misguided, place suspicion aside so that we may work together to find your sister and bring her home.

Come to the Light of the Goddess Child, or be lost in the Darkness forever."

This speech was broadcast mere hours following Jacqueline Thrall's announcement of her ascent and accusations against Shrailleen.

When pressed for details about the surprising revelation of Jennifer Thrall's pregnancy, a Matriarchy of Foreign Affairs official said only that the Matriarch Empress's condition had been kept secret for "security reasons."

"I can confirm that the Matriarch Empress Jennifer Thrall is indeed pregnant, and asked Her Enlightened Majesty for medical assistance. I cannot comment on the state of the pregnancy or the extent of assistance at this time."
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Postby Aedora » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:14 am

Fallows Worker's Chronicle
Socialist Party News

July, 2018

Aedoran Workers Rejoice, Means of Production Seized!!

Fallows - In an historic vote today, the Council of Aedora approved a law drafted by the Socialist Party to legalize the takeover of all manufacturing, plantation, and mining industries by their rightful owners: the Aedoran workers and farmers. The ownership of these vital industries by Nadirii and Kehrahnii noblewomen has nearby been utterly revoked and their assets seized, handed instead to representatives of the workers' unions.

The takeover was made official by Council vote, but had already been planned by the Socialist Party leadership for some time. Several workers' unions in Fallows had already enacted the physical takeover of their factories during the push for independence, and are now supported to the fullest extent of the law. All Aedoran industries which formerly served to enrich the empire will now be owned by the Aedoran, and it will be the responsibility of the workers' unions to institutionalize new corporate leadership and policies. All major industrial activity will now be coordinated by the Council government, which has created a Department of Industry to oversee this process.

A standard minimum wage, forty-one hour work week, and mandated benefits are all listed for future Council discussion.

From now on the money made from the exploitation of Aedoran resources will go directly into the hands of the Aedoran people. The Aedoran worker can work happily and energetically knowing that the reward will be the full value of her labor, and the construction of a stronger and more united Aedora.

In related news, another vote regarding the fate of the Nadirii and Kehrahnii currently residing in the People's Republic of Aedora failed today when only 56% of the Council voted in favor of granting full citizenship. Strong arguments for and against accepting citizenship for the former masters of Aedora have divided the Council nearly in half, and have even divided opinion within the Socialist Party. The arguments can be summarized as follows:

Those in favor of granting citizenship to Nadirii and Kehrahnii argue that the People's Republic is a democracy based on the principles of justice and fairness. Therefore, all people regardless of their ethnic origin should be able to enjoy the full rights and privileges of citizenship. Many of the Nadirii and Kehrahnii living in Aedora have done so for generations, and are our neighbors. Pragmatists argue that removing these people or denying them citizenship would ultimately be too great a strain on Aedoran resources, and point out that the Shrailleeni Empire has asked that they be integrated into society. Leenist leadership offers a more sentimental argument.

Those against granting citizenship point out that the majority of Nadirii and Kehrahnii in Aedora are active members of the Deadoran tyranny, including noblewomen, secret police, and business owners. Their loyalties are at best untested, but more likely lie with the power and wealth of Bryn Tegna upon which their own success has depended. They also argue that Aedora belongs to the Aedoran, and that if the entire province were to fall under Council control then the Nadirii and Kehrahnii would form a majority of the population. In our democracy, that would mean the death of the Aedoran revolution, the rebirth of our culture, and our right to self-government.

Strong arguments on both sides, and no doubt compromise will be necessary. But Aedoran should take heart that these debates are occurring from our own voices, in our own government. Our future is now ours to decide, whatever it might be. And the revolution has only just begun.
Role-playing nation of culturally matriarchal socialists fighting for their independence.

Mother Goddess Worshippers

Based on characters and concepts created by Deadora, now retired, who I miss and whose legacy I am honored to carry on.

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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:58 pm

The Eagle's Cry

Shrailleeni News Unbiased
Serving the Children of the Mother Goddess and the Region

Statement of Purpose: Founded on the principles of liberty, morality, and matriatism, the staff of the Eagle's Cry are dedicated to the principles of free speech and accessibility of information, except where this information could endanger the well-being of the Shrailleeni people. This news source will report to the Shrailleeni people and the region the true goings-on within the Shrailleeni Empire through foreign electronic and domestic printed mediums.

National News
September, 1294 (2018)

Imperial Palace Announces Elections

Imperial City - A spokesperson for the Matriarchy of State announced today that the long-anticipated implementation of the 2016 Constitution will take place on the first of October. The news has been delivered just as discontent on the ground throughout the empire had begun to surface again in the form of political gatherings and speeches in the empire's largest cities. The government stresses that all of the groundwork for elections required extensive preparation before implementation, but that this preparation is now complete.

The 2016 Constitution, a result of months of talks between different elements of Shrailleeni society regarding the future of the imperial government, calls for the creation of a new democratically elected legislative body known as the National Imperial Shrailleeni Assembly (NISA). The power to create legislation is to be vested entirely in this body, rather than in the hands of the Mother Empress. It is the first experiment with democratic government ever conducted within the Shrailleeni Empire and was a key demand of the protests and uprisings which distinguished the Time of Troubles. Under the new constitution, the NISA will form one of three branches of the imperial government, alongside the Mother Empress and the newly created Enlightened Court, each entrusted with separate but interconnected powers.

However, the implementation of this new constitution has been slow to evolve. Critics of the Imperial Palace have accused the Mother Empress of wanting to hold firm to the absolute power invested in the throne following the disenfranchisement of the nobility.

But the Matriarchy of State says that there was good reason for this delay. The Ancient Temple required time to train and organize its priestesses and priests for the requirements for the Enlightened Court, which will be charged with overseeing both the NISA and the Mother Empress and ensuring that the decisions of both centers of government confirm to the Enlightened Path. Many places in the empire suffer from a lack of infrastructure and have required time to set up voting preparations. Voter registration alone has require months of preparation, as the Imperial government wishes to ensure that all Shrailleeni are able to enjoy their newfound political rights.

With elections scheduled to be held ten days before the annual Enlightenment Festival, the government is clearly hoping to have implemented the promised constitutional reforms before the holiday begins.

In the empire's largest urban areas where registration has been completed for many months, different political movements within the voting population have already begun to form. Some candidates have been vocal about the need to maintain the Imperial system, while others are more in favor of a government based on Leenic theology. In Imperial City, the newly emergent Nine Feathers Movement has made local headlines by holding rallies in support of a stronger empire.
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:35 pm

The Eagle's Cry

Shrailleeni News Unbiased
Serving the Children of the Mother Goddess and the Region

Statement of Purpose: Founded on the principles of liberty, morality, and matriatism, the staff of the Eagle's Cry are dedicated to the principles of free speech and accessibility of information, except where this information could endanger the well-being of the Shrailleeni people. This news source will report to the Shrailleeni people and the region the true goings-on within the Shrailleeni Empire through foreign electronic and domestic printed mediums.

October, 1295 (2018)

The LGBTQuestion
What Role Should Shrailleeni Play?

Drellis Kennatel - The place of LGBT people in society certainly seems to have come to the fore of political discussions around the world in recent years. Headlines such as "Inyurstan Supreme Court rules agains LGBTQ+!" and the establishment of "correctional facilities" by the Allied States (or is it Empire?) of New Edom, the activities of the terrorist organization known as Homofront, and the predominant place of LGBT rights in the programs of self-proclaimed liberal and democratic states are unavoidable. And yet from Shrailleen, almost total silence. How do we explain this silence? And should we fix it?

To start with, Shrailleen's relationship with LGBT individuals is steeped heavily in our culture and traditions. Many Shrailleeni who are openly homosexual or transgender have no familiarity with the term 'LGBT' or the controversies surrounding it. In fact, for the benefit of my fellow citizens I feel obligated to explain the term itself: LGBT is a catch-all acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Lately a 'Q' is often added to represent the word 'Queer' meaning strange or odd.

And this is the fundamental problem for Shrailleeni, as there is nothing strange or odd about homosexual attraction, pairing, or gender self-expression in our culture. For us it is a natural part of life, and an enshrined principle of our religion. There is no "LGBT culture" in Shrailleen that defines itself as a distinct entity. The majority of Shrailleeni on the street will readily admit to having at least one partner of the same sex in their lifetimes. Marriage between same-sex couples has been enshrined in the Ancient Temple for nearly as long as the empire has existed, and our feminine, matriarchal outlook has long blurred what other cultures view as the line between the masculine and the feminine.

But is this cultural comfort making us blind to the plight of others in the world? Certainly no Shrailleeni organization is making the effort to reach out to other countries regarding the issue, let along our government. "Our ways are not their ways" is the mantra. And yet we do not hesitate to advocate for the rights of the poor, or of women, or of fellow matriarchal cultures abroad. Why does this not extend to the LGBT, who after all are only as the Goddess made them and only attempting to live their lives as they were created to live them? Perhaps it would be embarrassing for our New Edomite allies, but it would hardly be the first ideological issue upon which our cultures have clashed.

Fortunately, a few of those running as representatives in the current election are less shy about taking up this cause. For the Radical Republicans, freedom to marry is seen as an essential right and a vital part of society. Several Republican candidates have mentioned that they wish to advocate more strongly for political and civil rights in other countries, including rights of worship and LGBT. The religious also have stake in this, as LGBT issues are an acknowledged tradition in the Ancient Temple and an important part of Mother Goddess Worship. To deny LGBT would be to deny Mother Goddess Worshippers a divine right. And finally, the Nine Feathers, those headdress-wearing crate top preachers you've probably seen in the markets in recent days, have perhaps most strongly advocated for the defense of LGBT people in foreign countries, stating that is is a moral duty of all Shrailleeni to uphold and enforce the will of the Goddess.

Whether or not this will change things is uncertain. The Imperial Republicans, who seem to be leading in the polls, are as silent as the Mother Empress on these issues, preferring as we always have to let foreigners have their foreign ways. The Imperial Palace has made no statement to Inyurstan, nor is it likely to. But if we wish to decide where we Shrailleeni stand as Children of the Mother Goddess, and what our morals are, eventually we will have to make a stand.
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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Postby New Edom » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:36 pm


New Edomite National News Report

Opening bars of Pictures at an Exhibition play as a globe spins with pins popping up on various points of the world. Split screen images of natural disasters, celebrations, military actions, elections, royal ceremonies, celebrity events are showing, occasionally with New Edomite news anchors talking about them, and then fades to a news desk.

A raven haired woman with olive skin, dark brown eyes with a rosebud mouth, a slim nose and a statuesque figure sat behind a news desk with the New Edomite flag imposed over a silhouette map of the Allied States of New Edom behind her. “Good evening,” she said, looking up with a smile. It was clear that above the waist at least she wore nothing but a gold cross on a chain, though her image was pixelated for those nations censoring such an appearance. “I’m Lavinia Tuller, and this is a NENN Evening News."

"In sports news: as women's tennis marches to title, Camilla Sharra has beaten Rosa Hannan in the fight for the Provincials and will be going on to the nationals. Countess Sharra has won 18 consecutive matches since losing at the Saint Veronica Cup on 10 August, and will replace Tiglath-Pileser as Provincial Champion this Monday."

(film clip is shown of an excitement as her honey-borwn ponytail whips around her face, fair-olive features split in a big gleaming smile. For foreigners, her short white slirt flares around her upper thighs. Always, just before there is any true hint of whether she is wearing panties or shorts or not the camera cuts away, though there is a suggestion that all she wears is shirt, skirt, tennis shoes and some small sweat bands on her wrist and forehead.)

"Hannan cruised through the first set, dropping just four points on her serve. recovered from 3-0 down in the second to earn a break point at 3-2 before saving three championship points to break Sharra and make it 5-4. (film clip. Hannan, darker olive tanned with long bobbed hair held back by a headband, paces, wiping sweat away, and prepares to serve again.) But Sharra won her 26th straight set to clinch her fourth title of 2018.

"And look, there's the characteristic kiss blowing!" (clip shows after her raising her hands in triumph blowing a kiss clearly not at the audience but at a camera. Who is receiving this sweet blowing of the rosebud lips? Her father? One of her gallant brothers? A sweetheart? Uh oh, better not let Papa or brothers find out unless there's a proposal of marriage...could there be for one of New Edom's most eligible young ladies? Well good luck regardless, Camilla Sharra!"

"And that is the evening news. A message for all householders: this malaria season, spraynig begins at 11 PM in your local time. Please check your local announcements for any changes. Make sure to receive free children's tablets and keep the littles from the shivers! For NENN, I'm Lavinia Tuller."
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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Republica De Gran Chaco
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Postby Republica De Gran Chaco » Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:58 am

El Tiempo

Chaco's Finest News Source

Military Announces New Campaign Against Piracy and Terrorism.


The Defense Ministry has announced to day that it has began Phase I in what it is now calling Operation Mongoose. A special task force of Army and Navy personnel has been assembled In Valcarlos and has begun landing forces and securing the lawless Islands surrounding the territory. For years the area known as Arcologia has been a blight on the region, with major powers allowing the lawless tribes of bandits to exist as they were. The office of the Prime Minister released a statement saying, “We can no longer wait around for larger nations to get up and do something. Wealth has made them soft, so we must take the initiative instead and put in the sweat to provide stability to our citizens, and to the citizens of Ayaca.”

Currently around nine islands are being pacified with Phase I. There has been some resistance by brigands fighting to protect their lairs, but for the most part the people of these islands are open to the peaceful administration of the new governor in Valcarlos. The call has gone out for missionaries and teachers, as well as any other humanitarian NGOs based out of Chaco to move in to assist the new local government administrator that are being assembled to begin work in improving conditions on the islands as soon as possible.

An OAS peacekeeping force is also being gathered in order to provide and international security force in order to free up Marines and the CLI to secure new areas. Currently there is a Phase II in the plans about the next round of islands, but the Defense Ministry has declined to comment on it.
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Leenic Shrine Attacked By Federalist Militia!

Postby United Valik » Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:10 am

The Rudnik Herald,
Demetrios Kallas

A Leenic shrine today in Rudnik, Western Valik, in the DMZ, was attacked violently in a raid by a unit of heavily armed Federalist Party Militia. They have killed eight people, including the priestess, two acolytes, and five worshipers, one of them a ten-year old boy. Seventeen people were injured, some of them gravely. Four women were publicly stripped and sexually assaulted as well. A variety of religious symbols were destroyed, along with furniture, and the power to the shrine was cut. Nine people have been taken as hostages.

A slow response from the Rudnik Municipal Police Department to the raid has prompted an immediate reaction from Federal Justice Minister Anton Matusik, who has ordered the small, but highly disciplined Federal Police Bureau to intervene and prepare for "a necessary raid, which if this does not restore order, may require more severe and drastic measures. We will not tolerate mayhem, murder, terrorism, and public violence from these militias, who have gotten out of hand."

Prime Minister Stanislav Lubinski followed this up with a "stringent condemnation of this grotesque and abominable act of mayhem and atrocity, and to that end, we must consider all options, but the first of which is necessary legislation to rein in rogue militias at last. I am introducing in the Federal Assembly a bill today to outlaw the militias of all political parties and reserve to the regular and reserve armed forces the right to act in a martial capacity. These paramilitary groups have to be stopped! Their role in defending the Fatherland in the late war does not justify their continued existence. If people want to fight for the defense of the Republic and their homes, let them enlist in the armed forces or the reserves."

The proposed bill, the National Peace, Unity, and Order Act, has been tabled in the Federal Assembly as of 11 am local time today, and its impact is truly earthshaking. It will, if enacted, dissolve, disband, and disarm all private militias, reserving the role of national defense forces to the regular and reserve military. Prime Minister Lubinski has lately been very critical of the continued violence and unruliness of private paramilitary organizations, but this is evidently the last straw and he has chosen to act decisively in the interests of national stability and the rule of law instead of rule by armed, violent thugs. We applaud him for this courageous stand and we condemn vociferously the terroristic action of the Federalist Party Militia.

The Prime Minister also appealed for CPO peacekeepers to intervene and assist Federal authorities in quashing this new insurgency.

Private militias, you had a useful role in the past, when our government was smaller and weaker, but your time is up.
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"The public officer is the servant of the People, and it is useful to keep the whip trained on him constantly."

"Never permit even the first possible step toward tyranny. Resist at every stage. Oppose it at every point. Become suspicious of even the smallest power grabs."

Quotes from Basil Pappas, DDS, Prime Minister of United Valik



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