Can Your Soldiers Survive Atoll-113H?

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Can Your Soldiers Survive Atoll-113H?

Postby Old Beringia » Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:46 pm

Cpl Donners Field Diary wrote:Day 1
What a shit-hole, that's really all I have to say. Since we've landed all the place seems to be is shit coated fauna. And by shit I mean mud mixed with shit from the various woodland creatures that occupy this dump. Why Admiral Connor is interested in this island, I don't know, but questioning my superiors would get my face in the shit. It's hot, bugs are flying all around and it rains all the time. The weather varies from a light mist or a fierce storm, never dry conditions. My NCO told me we'll have to wait to summer for it to dry out. Typical of most islands in the South Beringian Sea. Anyway, no local life has been found other than plants, birds, snakes and bugs.

Day 2
Today we came across a group of tribals. They didn't speak English, rather some strange Asiatic language but not one our translator could understand. I call them tribals because even though they are armed they lived in small huts. They permitted us to move further inland without a hassle oddly enough. What's strange though is that they're using the typical armament for a poor commie nation. Could a more civilized people have passed through here before? Other than the rifles and I highly doubt they left any thing else.

Day 3
It seems like the further inland we go the more bugs there are. I've had to change my socks more times than I can remember yesterday. The local tribals are-

Day 15
It's been a week since I've spoken to anyone from the outside. This is the first time in one week I have been able to get a word out. You cannot understand the joy that brings me. It's unimaginable and I can't express how happy I am. Even if the events that plagued our task force will haunt me for a long time to come. Wait someones coming. Shit-

Day 28
what's happened to me, for the first time in a combat situation im atcully afrad of what lies outside of that door. nearly evrywone in my plattoon is either ded or taken by them... i have existed far to long on thiz islad , i want to go hme. please help me get hme. ple-

Day 30
yhesterday-i-narly-crushed-my-devce-s0-no-spaces-STOP-jI-cold-care-lesza-if-yhu-undestd-wht-ur-reading/just-if-i cld-get-my-pint-acrioss-STOP-i havent-eten-in-a-while-im-nt even-shure-if-i-could-run-like-did-yesetday-STOP-teh-hurrors-cased-me-into-a-cve-i-slept-in-the-mud-all-nite-STOP-i-dont-deserv-to-liv-throu-this-nooone-does-STOP-i-dont-wnt-to-g0-hpme-anhmore-i-coldnt-STOP

Day 31
twh-horros-are-ojside wianteind flr me-STOP-i-haves-nos wepansn to speaks of and tehwy have-horrsa-STOP-iwanetrs tos dies pelsa-kiel me pleas-STOP-tehunskepeabel-horrs-atrocietsu-death-usnlpeakebe-terrrus0-eholpes-wicksed-savesidgs-mes-help-STOP

Day 32

Day 33

Day 35

Day 37

Of the 1000 men that unknowingly volunteered for the HSPWNT training simulation, none survived. Yes they were mostly fresh recruits with only basic training, the simulation was designed to change that. We are currently revising the system in place on the island and are working to see exactly what occurred to have Cpl. Donner want himself killed. No official statement has been made to the Beringian public as to the actuality of the HSPWNT training simulation and a cover up is currently being discussed by officials from the Beringian Army, Navy, Guardian Corps, and Airforce. Although the next scheduled "landing" with more experienced soldiers is due to occur in 10 weeks, we are allowing other nations to deploy soldiers to Atoll-113H. If your men survive they'll be congratulated personally by the Emperor. Good luck.

Code: Select all
[b]Size of troop:[/b] (Max 1000)
[b]Detachment Breakdown[/b] (Contents of your troop)

[b]-Short Range:[/b]
[b]-Medium Range:[/b]
[b]-Long Range:[/b]

[b][u]The Individual[/u][/b]
[b]Name Set:[/b] (ex: European Asiatic etc.)
[b]Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent:[/b]
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Postby Kurdullahstan » Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:50 pm

Size of troop: 670
Detachment Breakdown
  • 2 Tank Companies (6 T-80UM MBTs or MAD.III Mod E, 4 T-80UK Command Tank each)
  • 6 Infantry Companies (12 BTR-T Heavy IFVs; 24 VPM.IV IFVs; 6 BMP-T Infantry Support Vehicles)
  • 3 Weapons Companies (12 Ural-5323 trucks; 3 BMP-T ISVs)
  • 1 Aviation Company (6 ACI-39 Attack Transports)
Description: General purpose Kurdllahstani Republican Guard mechanised infantry battalion times 2, since it's two battalions.

-Melee: Kilzyar DV-2 fighting knives
-Short Range: MP-443 Grach Pistol
-Medium Range: PP-2000 PDW
-Long Range: FN FGR (7.62x54mmR Imperial Russian; 7.62x51mm Winchester)
-Explosive: RPG-27; AGS-30; RPG-29; RShG-2; RPO-2 Schmel-M
Vehicles: BMP-T; BTR-T; T-80UM; T-80UK; MAD.III Mod. E; VPN.IV IFVs; Ural-5323; ACI-39

The Individual
  • M2 Steel Helmet with OD outer cover, or United States' DPDU cover
  • FN FGR with AN/PEQ-2 or eqv., SUIT scope or eqv., and 20-rounds ammunition
  • Dog tags
  • ID
  • Watch
  • Notebook and pen
  • OD Battle Dress Uniform with infrared tape
  • Black Combat Boots
  • Tactical gloves (usually Oakleys)
  • Socks
  • Undershirt
  • KAZAK-6 bullet resistant vest (Level III NIJ or so)
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Multi-tool
  • Goggles
  • AN/PVS-7 or eqv.
  • Bayonet
  • 180 rounds ammunition
  • 1 qt. canteens
  • Iodine tablet
  • Potassium iodine tablets
  • Buddy Aid kit (First Aid)
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Canteen cup
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent:
  • 4 MREs
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • Entrenching tool
  • 240 rounds ammunition in 20-rnd magazines (7.62 Win. or 7.62 Russian)
  • 2 RGO defensive grenades and 2 RGN offensive grenades
  • MP-433 Grach (sometimes ditched due to weight) and 3 17-rnds of 9mm 7N21 +P ammunition
  • 1 Poncho and liner
  • 1 Bivy sack
  • Hygiene kit (toothbrush, deodorant, razor, etc.)
  • Sling rope with 4 links
  • 2 undershirts
  • Cold weather gloves
  • Knit cap/cold weather cap
  • Spare batteries
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sleeping bag
  • Long underwear and insulating undershirt
Training: Trained to an extent fitting of a modern warrior (read: similar to the US Army). The Guard isn't a bunch of pushover, pansy-ass, weak-kneed conscripts like the Kurdallahstani BIG ARMY.
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The Anglo-Saxon Empire
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Postby The Anglo-Saxon Empire » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:33 pm

Size of troop:271 soldiers (1 company)
Detachment Breakdown (Contents of your troop)
10: platoons
1: Headquarters Platoon
*Captain/Company Commander (Armed with R2L)
*2 First Lieutenants (Armed with R2Ls)
*1 First Sergeant (R2L)
*4 Machine Gunners (Armed with R2GM)
*4 Snipers (R2S)
*4 Designated Marksmen (R2)
*1 Communication Expert (R2L)
*1 AT Gunner (MA-14)
*2 Grenadiers (GR-88)
*8 Riflemen (R2L)

7: Rifle Platoons
*1 Second Lieutenant/Platoon Leader (R2L)
*1 Staff Sergeant/Second in command (R2L)
*1 AT Gunner (MA-14)
*3 Sergeants/Squad Leaders (R2L)
*12 Riflemen (R2L)
*3 Designated Marksmen (R2)
*3 Snipers (R2S)
*3 Machine Gunners (R2GM)

2: Support Platoons
*1 Second Lieutenant/Platoon Leader (R2L)
*1 Staff Sergeant/Second in command (R2L)
*3 Sergeants/Squad Leaders (R2L)
*6 Riflemen (R2L)
*6 Designated Marksmen (R2)
*3 Snipers (R2S)
*3 Machine Gunners (R2GM)
*2 Grenadiers (GR-88)
*2 AT Gunners (MA-14)

(riflemen carry extra ammo for machine gunners and AT gunners)
Description: A standard Anglo-Saxon mechanized company, they are trained to face first rate armies in battle, and through superior weapons, training, and leadership come out on top. Basic training is 30 weeks, with specialized training varying from 10 weeks (for riflemen) to 6 years (for officers), with the average being 20 weeks. Due to the slow rate of promotion, the NCOs and junior officers usually are very experienced, having gone though hundreds of mock battles, and dozens of real battles.

-Melee: Combat dagger, tactical tomahawk, taser
-Short Range: CLAP automatic pistol (sidearm of all soldier)
-Medium Range: R2L, GR-88
-Long Range: R2S, R2, R2GM, MA-14
-Explosive: 0.5-2kg plastic explosives each, hand grenades
Vehicles: 40 IFVs

The Individual
Dress: Body armour, digital camouflage pattern, helmet with a bracket for mounting night vision goggles, face mask, regular goggles
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent: MREs for about a week, tent, Advanced Command Control and Communication Infantry Platform 2000 (my nation's equivalent to the land warrior system), NIJ level IV body armour, night vision goggles, helmet offering level III protection, more listed in military factbook
Training: 30 days basic, between 10 weeks and 6 years specialized.
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Postby Old Beringia » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:50 pm

OOC: Haven't really decided what fashion to post the response in. I'm leaning more toward a field diary style. Should it be like the field diary in the OP or something else?
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Greater Slobbovia
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Postby Greater Slobbovia » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:50 pm


I'd say like the OP, but varying perspectives.

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Postby KludgeMUSH » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:10 pm

Size of troop: 200
Detachment Breakdown The latest model of genetically engineered cybernetically enhanced super-soldier prototypes.
Description: We're sending these guys in to see how well they can survive this. They are genetically engineered soldiers specificially designed to be highly resistant to pain and death, and have an extremely stunted range of human emotion. A normal person would consider them to be borderline psychopaths. Their enhancement include skeletal reinforcement and computer memory with neutral interface, giving them access to a range of preloaded data.

We want to see how well they do to see what improvements can be made in the next model.

-Melee: Spear and Knife.
-Short Range: Spear as above, thrown.
-Medium Range: None
-Long Range: None
-Explosive: If anything on this island can be made to explode, it's in their database.
Vehicles: None

The Individual
Dress: Basic clothes, nothing more.
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent: None
Training: Preloaded at factory: Contains everything known to be relevant about environment, accessible through neural interface.

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Metalhead Orangutans
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Postby Metalhead Orangutans » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:30 pm

Size of troop: 300
Detachment Breakdown We have riflemen, machinegunners, and grenadiers.
Description: Just a local orangutan/gorilla militant group.

-Melee: Their fists, knives, clubs. And guitars.
-Short Range: Various handguns of various calibers. We have both worn-out human-made guns and our reverse-engineered clones, which are badly built.
-Medium Range: Old Remington shotguns and our clones.
-Long Range: M4 rifles and our badly-made reverse-engineered copies.
-Explosive: Molotov cocktails and primitive bombs.
Vehicles: Mainly beat-up jeeps and Toyota Hiluxes or our poor copies.

The Individual
Dress: None...because they're apes.
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent: Some food and water, along with compasses and various equipment. And guitars.
Training: Various shooting sprees that the soldiers have experienced. Most are against humans or other animals, which we kill without mercy.
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Postby Gesseria » Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:40 pm

OOC: Do the native retrieve and utilize weapons from killed forces? It would be rather nice to see a force move in with heavy tanks and APC's, thinking they could easily crush everything in their way, only to be blown up (Or in my case shot down) by AT-mines and rockets taken from the dead.

Size of troop: 314
Detachment Breakdown
Company D, Airborne Infantry Battalion 9
- 3 Rifle Platoons (50 troops each)
- 1 Utility & Support (50)
- 1 HQ (54)
Company D, 11th Air Assault Battalion
- 3 Assault Flights (12 each: Pilots, crew, maintenance)
- 1 Recon Flight (12: Pilots crew, maintenance)
- 1 HQ (12)

Description: A small detachment from Gesseria's 2nd Airborne Division, currently assigned to Extra-Territorial Force duties. Due to the nation's policy on compulsory military service, the majority of its members started their basic military training during school at the age of 12 (As a class which effectively replaced Physical Education). Despite this they are certainly not cold-blooded killers(for the most part), but well trained in their art.

Concerning Location: Gesseria, being a nation made up of several islands along with a tropical climate, gives many of its troops the advantage of being somewhat accustomed to the environment of Atoll-113H. The city-folk are introduced to the jungles, forests and mountains in Post Graduate Training, a more in-depth time in which all citizens must go through before deployment.

Concerning Native Peoples: More than 200 years have passed since first contact with European explorers. Since then, Gesseria's old traditions, language, and history seems to have vanished in all but a few remote islands. They probably won't be getting along with the A113H locals is all I can say.

-Melee: Bayonets/Combat Knife, expandable baton, their rifle (As a club/bat), sticks/whatever they can find, their own two hands/fists
-Short Range: SIG P226 (Standard Sidearm), H&K MP7A1
-Medium Range: SIG SG550 (Standard Service Rifle), SIG SG553
-Long Range: M24 SWS, M14, AI AWSM
-Explosive: Hand Grenades, SIG GL5040, AP Mines, AT Mines, Panzerfaust 3, MATADOR-AS
Vehicles: UH-60s, OH-58 Kiowa Warriors, HMMWVs (Up-Armored), M577 Command Vehicles

The Individual
Dress: Standard woodland/forest digital camouflage uniform (Two-Tone Green), Body Armor w/ceramic inserts (Solid color Dark Green), Helmet w/cloth cover (Copy of USMC Lightweight Helmet), Knee pads, Combat Boots, Socks, Gloves, Goggles, undergarments (Shirts, Shorts, etc.)
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent:
Week’s worth of MRE’s, hydration pack, 5ft of rope, extra socks/undergarments, flashlight, emergency flares, GPS/maps (Both), compass, radio/communications gear, toiletries kit, matches, first aid kit
Dependent on Individual
Journal/Diary, Religious articles (Bible, Rosary, Koran, etc.), sketchbook, camera
Mission Specific
Shiny objects, candy/sweets (Diversionary tactics)
Training: Basic military training begins at the age of 12 (Grades 6-7 of Junior High school), where it replaces the class known as Physical Education (Health classes are fitted in somewhere else during that time). Training during Junior High School (6-8) are meant to increase the student's physical strength, endurance, and teamwork, while use of firearms is not started until High School (9-12). Further training is received after High School graduation in PGT (Post Graduate Training) preparing for deployment, which basically reviews everything learned in the past 7-11 years. College students receive more specified training to be officers, pilots, medics, and then go through PGT after graduation. Because of this they are well trained, although they lack experience in actual combat due to Gesseria’s low involvement in global conflicts.

Gesserian Extra-Territorial Force Command has looked over the information available from the Old Beringian's records. We have found the use of airborne troops and transport by helicopter to be more optimal than ground forces in the dense forests. It is only hoped that the natives have not learned to use the weapons retrieved from the dead forces who came before us.

All members of the detachment were ordered to watch the movie Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, for reference and entertainment.
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Postby Maychion » Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:17 pm

Size of troop: 532
Detachment Breakdown

4 Hospitalier companies (50 men each)
2 Mechanized Infantry companies (2 AV4M3 APCs, 30 men and 2 personnel each)
6 Infantry Companies (40 men each)
1 Rapid Aerial Response Team (20 men, 8 personnel, 2 Goshawk-class transports)

Description: With the exception of the Hospitaliers, all these men are from the 1st Rakazian Corps. These troops are accustomed to harsh jungle environments due to the native dense jungles of the Razaki region in Maychion. It is a custom to teach these men how to survive and fight from the moment they understand instructions. Those who join the military are given further training in jungle warfare and survival, making them Maychion's only corps specializing in a single style of warfare.

The Hospitaliers are a group of advanced medics, trained to fight in any condition possible and trained to perform any sort of advanced care in the field. During training, they are put through extremely stressful conditions, and any sign of breaking was punishable by rations reductions. This was to make them hard to rattle and difficult to break, with the idea that a panicking medic was useless as he would be unable to do even the simplest procedures.

For what it's worth, this is the only corps that practices traditions hearkening back to their tribal beginnings in the dense jungles of Razaki. They may or may not get along well wit the natives. The Hospitaliers are also more tolerant of native activities than most units thanks to their training.

-Melee: Machete, M5 Combat knife/Bayonet, M7 Dagger-sword [Issued only to Hospitaliers]
-Short Range:

CQWS-65 (10 round semiauto shotgun)
P60 (10 round semiautomatic pistol)
MA .44 (6 round revolver) [Officers only]
USG-01 (30 round SMG) [Issued only to personnel of vehicles]

-Medium Range:

CWS-95S (30 round Assault rifle) [Standard Service Rifle]
CWS-95C (30 round carbine) [Issued only to Hospitaliers]
SWS-93 (100 round belt-fed light machine gun)

-Long Range:

DMR-45 (20 round, bullpup , semiauto Designated marksman rifle)
SRS-98 (5 round semiauto sniper rifle)


MKII Anti personnel fragmentation grenade
SE5 Coloured smoke grenade
Type 08 Anti-personnel mine
F08 Flashbang grenade
R67 80mm anti-tank rocket launcher


AV4M3 (Tracked APC, armed with 1 20 mm auto cannon and 4 .50 cal machine guns providing 360 degrees of fire)
Goshawk-class transports (Twin rotor helicopters, carries ten men each, armed with one GL-67 Grenade launcher behind pilot)

The Individual
Dress: Standard Jungle warfare attire (2-tone green Digital camouflage), dragon-skin style body armor, lightweight tactical helmet (With eyepiece for HUD), shin guards, knee pads, thigh pads, combat boots, fingerless gloves, undergarments
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent:
Water pack, At least a week's worth of MREs, extra undergarments, basic medical supplies, personal radio, matches, flares, toiletries, maps, personal effects.
Water pack, a few days worth of MREs, advanced medical supplies (Basic Medical Supplies + portable defibrillator/Respirator/Any emergency medical equipment [One piece of equipment per Hospitalier]), personal radio, matches, flares, toiletries, maps, personal effects

Training: Training for the 1st Razakian corps starts after the 2 year conscription term, as the training can last for up till five years and thus they only accept those who wish to be permanent members of the military. The Razakian troops are trained in advanced jungle warfare and are usually put through tough and stressful environments by the trainers. Those who show signs of breaking are dismissed and sent to other branches of the military. They are taught to use to jungle to their advantage, learning how to use various plants as medicine and how that in the even they meet some undiscovered tribe, that they should not shoot first ask later and instead try to establish friendly communication.

The Hospitaliers are trained just like the special operations. The option to enter the Hospitalier corps is open only to those who have just begun their conscription term. Entering means that you will not be able to leave the military. The Hospitaliers go through special operatives' training as well as their advanced medical training. They are taught to operate effectively in any situation and also taught to see themselves as fighters and not supporters. They are also taught extensively in how to deal with foreigners whose language they won't understand as in the event of a catastrophe elsewhere, they would be the first ones in and last ones out.
Cause I'm too lazy to make a factbook, here's the stuff you might need to know about my nation.
Full Title: The Unified Confederacy of Maychion
Languages: Maychian (Something like Swedish), Polish and Russian
Government Type: Parliamentary Dictatorship
Current Leader: Anatoly Sabaev
Current Prime Minister: Yngve Åker
Current Foreign Miniser: Victor Labachev
Current War Minister: Stanislaw Träsk
Current Finance Minister: Georgy Wukawicz
Current Minister of Home Affairs: Mikhail Lärssen
Current Minister of Internal Security: Anders Skårsgärd
Current Minister of Commerce: Anders Yaloslav

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Postby Gimmadonis » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:03 pm

Size of troop: 400 (Max 1000)
Detachment Breakdown
-230 Support units/combat engineers, everything ranging from medics to maintenance crews.
-84 Gimmad Ranger Foot soldiers
-6 Gimmad Snipers
-20 Gunship Pilots
-20 Gunship Gunners
-40 Tank Crew

Description: Bravo Company, The 41st Rangerr Battalion, 2nd Rangers Division. Some of Gimmadonis's most premier senior soldiers mix with Rookies in the this unit, which has existed for the last 41 years. They took part in the Gimmadonis Civil War, and have some of the best kill-death ratios of any ground based-unit. Their senior official is Colonel Zakery Fielder, 48 years of age, I.Q. 162. Bravo Company, as well as the rest of the 41st Rangers, pride themselves on their ability to move fast, punch hard, and take a beating.

-Melee: "traditional" 7-inch stainless steel Gimmad combat knife; doubles as bayonet
-Short Range: M107A1 Combat Shotgun, 12 gauge, produced by Phoenix Dynamix; wielded by combat engineers and Rangers.

Warcry 10mm Pistol, produced by Gimmadonis-based Silver Star industries; Standard issue to everybody.
-Medium Range: Misarah-Armories 5.56mm Assault Rifle; wielded by Rangers and combat engineers.

M249 SAW; wielded only by Rangers

-Long Range: 20mm SR-20 Sniper rifle, produced by Phoenix Dynamix; wielded by Ranger Snipers

-Explosive: 20mm incendiary ammunition, 12 gauge explosive slugs, C4 Explosive, SGATR Anti-armor Satellite-guided Rocket-Launcher, 40 mm M-69A1 Grenade Launcher

Vehicles: 40 supply/transport trucks, 20 Cougar HE for transport, 10 M1A3 Abrams Battle tanks, 20 WAH-1 Apache Attack Helicopters

The Individual
-The Support units wear BDUs to match their enviornment, and are expected to wear over them medium-body armor
-Ranger units wear traditional Gimmad Class-12 Combat armor, a 6mm thick Aluminum/titanium-alloy armor painted a dull silver. It is bullet "resistant" up to 5.56, and can save a soldiers life from anything larger (if hit in the abdomen, chest, upper arms, or thigh). All Rangers come equipped with Gimmadonis S4 Combat Helmet, a silver-domed helmet with a blue visor, which displays important information such as squad-member vitals, GPS and Satellite imaging, current orders, ammo count of current held weapon, and weapon crosshairs. For more information, hear is a picture of a Gimmad Soldier (in snow wear, sporting the M107A1 with affixed bayonet)
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent: Gimmad soldiers carry a small "COM-PAC", containing:
-Short and long range radio
-GPS device
-120 rounds of ammunition (for assault rifle); 40 rounds of Warcry 10mm ammunition; 50 Shotgun shells (if shotgun user), 40 rounds of 20mm ammunition PLUS 10 rounds of Incendiary 20mm ammunition (if Sniper), 200 rounds ammunition if the operator of SAW.
-2 bottles of water
-an energy bar
-a lighter
-a "Swiss Army" knife
-a book of choice, weighing no more than 4 pounds
-2 fragmentation grenades


Training: Gimmad soldiers, especially Rangers, are trained in the art of psychological warfare. While they may be physically weaker in strength and stamina compared to other soldiers of the world, they make up for it with their hardening to the gruesomeness of war. Gimmad soldiers are the result, also, of many months of physical conditioning, which allows them to take certain drugs, such as GX2-31, which suppresses stress in stressful situations, allowing them to remain calm in a combat situation, GX3-5, which allows heightened awareness and control during an adrenaline rush, and GX4-24, which allows a soldier to better control his or her aggression. Returning soldiers often require a month of therapy and many dosages of hormones and counter-drugs to make them "normal" again.

Gimmad military doctrine favors the "mighty glacier" style of warfare, where upon a main field base is set up on the most recently captured ground. Fighting relies heavily on resupply from the base, due to soldiers often not having much of their own supplies, to keep them light and agile.
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Postby Gimmadonis » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:04 pm

Old Beringia wrote:OOC: Haven't really decided what fashion to post the response in. I'm leaning more toward a field diary style. Should it be like the field diary in the OP or something else?

I like the field-diary style, keep doing that.
Muravyets wrote:Your argument is like the Eiffel Tower sculpted out of bullshit.

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Postby Old Beringia » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:13 pm

OOC: I'll be doing the field diary style then, starting tomorrow.
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Postby Kurdullahstan » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:15 pm

Well, if you're doing the field diary, just throwing this out there be sure to pick a Arabic name for my soldier's diary, since my nation has no European surnames like "Smith" and "Donners".

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Postby Charvah » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:19 pm

Size of troop: 200
Detachment Breakdown
200 new, fresh recruits, ready for battle.

-Melee: E-Tool
-Short Range: Type 93 flamethrower
-Medium Range: M-16A4
-Long Range: Steyr Scout Sniper
-Explosive: M79 Grenade Launcher
Vehicles: LAV

The Individual
Dress: Camoflauged Kevlar
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent:
-300 rounds
-5 water bottles
-2 MRE
-Bowie Knife
-2 M79 Grenades
-lighter and pack of ciggies
-10 water purifier tablets
Training: Charvahn soldiers are trained in the art of Clandestant warfare. They take 3 years of grueling, mind numbing classes that harden them for the field. Many of these classes are classified, and whall not be reveiled.
115,000,000 Active Members
200,000,000 Reserve
1,000,000,000 Can Be Mobilized

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Postby United Gordonopia » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:47 pm

Size of troop: 36
Detachment Breakdown Three squads of 12 men, divided into fire teams of four. Each squad is led by a lieutenant, each fire team by a sergeant. A Captain commands the platoon.
Description: A SPARTAN platoon is recognized throughout the United Gordonopian military community as one of the shining examples of Gordonopian military prowess, in the Greater Dienstad region, and beyond. A SPARTAN begins their military career with the typical year of basic training. After that, they must serve two years in the regular forces, before being selected for their skills to be an ATHENIAN, Gordonopia's lowest special forces. After an additional year of training, they must spend at least three years as an ATHENIAN, which are a mix of combat exercises and operations. After those three years are up, they may be selected as one of approximately 10,000 to become a MACEDON, the next level up. A MACEDON undergoes an additional year of training, and three years of combat experience. Finally, an elite MACEDON may be selected to become one of just over 700 SPARTANS. A brutal two years training course weeds out most recruits, and is topped off with a 'Howling Month', where recruits must spend a full month alone in the formidable Northern Gordonopian Mountains.
A fully fledged SPARTAN participates in the most dangerous and covert operations in United Gordonopia. Examples (some of which are classified) include an airdrop into Stoklomolvi where a Gordonopian war criminal was successfully assassinated, the assassination of the North Defese leader during the Second Defese War, and the destruction of the entirety of the Communist 14th Heavy Brigade during Second Communist Rebellion. With a mix of the most brutal and effective training the human body can endure, the most elite soldiers in the entire Gordonopian military, and the best equipment available in the world, a single SPARTAN platoon is more than a match for forces of company strength, or even more.

-Melee: GK-114 Tactical Combat Knife
-Short Range: LY-46 'Hellhammer' .50 Caliber Handgun
-Medium Range: R2 Rifle, Service and Machine Gun variants
-Long Range: R2 Rifle, Sniper Variant
-Explosive: C-4 and Fragmentation Grenades
Vehicles: LY83 Fox with LY64 GPMG

The Individual
Name Set: European (English with a few German), plus Captain Vonn Ohoku (descendant of a different ethnic group than most Gordonopians)
Dress: 'Dauntless' Ballistic Armor, BALCOTH Advanced Helmet
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent: -500 Rounds for rifleman, 3000 for machine gunner, 250 for sniper
-4 Liters of Water
-8 Days Rations
-5 Grenades
-Three Books
-2 Iodine Water Purifiers (good for 2,000 liters each)
-Multi-use tool
Training: See Description
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Postby Freelasio » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:48 pm

Size of troop: 935
Detachment Breakdown
1 Supersoldier
(basic infantry)

2 radar men
130 Strategists, scientists, cooks, officers, utility men etc.
Description: 99th Psionic Division Sub-sector 3, this is only part of the whole division, the top men in the division chosen to go here. The division was created in 1833 only 28 years after our current leader seized power and drank his immortality potion to last into the present (freelasio now orbits a dead star), sub-sector founded in 1959.

-Melee: common ionic plasma heat saber
-Short Range: Specific targeting projectiles
-Medium Range: Classified
-Long Range: Classified
-Explosive: Classified
Vehicles: The freelasian army has no tanks.

The Individual

Sonic troopers, have the best armor made of the best materials the freelasian mines have to offer. The rest is classified due to my laziness to post more.

Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent: Its a surprise (lazy to remember what it was, and look for the other post)
Training: Supersoldiers are trained in meta-physics, long-range shooting, medium range shooting, and are trained past their limits to be able to reach new heights that no human soldier in the history of Nationstates has ever reached before. They are trained to be mentally indestructable, and cannot be affected by psychological torture, or any psychological warfare. Their suits boost their reflexes by 1000%. Though if hit at the right angle they could be killed in one shot from any projectile, the supersoldier is trained to avoid getting hit in this spot. They are also trained in magnetic railguns, and can resist the pain of getting their weakest hand replaced with a powerful railgun. These supersoldiers share the exact same ideals as the dictator and must pass monumentally tough tests of loyalty to become a supersoldier, right now there are currently 3,000 supersoldiers serving in our military. The power glove the supersoldiers use can crush a tank and the resulting explosion will not hurt them...but it will sting, and their fighting style is like a badass movie preview in slow motion. The sonic trooper is trained in the fast arts, and are almost impossible to get affected by psychological warfare (grammar police needed there). The 99th division is the most trained division in our country, whilst we also boost their stamina through daily activities.
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New Amerik (top ally)
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Psychotic Dictatorship

Postby The IASM » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:47 pm

Size of troop: (Max 1000) 765
Detachment Breakdown Titianican Amoured regiment (400 men), Titianician scout squad (100 men), ASSR CST cell-001 (250 men), ASSR Olympian Cell-000 (15 men).
Description: A military training gone wrong. The ASSR was transporting a legion of 1000 men crash landed on Atoll. They were training for deployment in Verktha and have finished their controled war-game when they crashed.

-Melee: Every soldier has a shortsword for melee combat.
-Short Range: H17/ HV is standard for soldiers.
-Medium Range: TA/25 Battle rifles.
-Long Range: TA/25 Battle rifles.
-Explosive: 450 grenades.
Vehicles: 40 TAI/HI APCs.

The Individual
Name Set: Christian Africian names.
Dress: Sealed Carbon alloy amour and sealed gas masks.
Contents of Rucksack or Equivalent: In-vitro meat, salad etc etc.
Training: Early Titianican permanent force training.

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