Games of the XII Olympiad - Roleplay Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:42 pm

Ekaterine, Falkasia
Kazyenko Independence Tower
Some Months Prior

“We have a lot riding on this… no pun intended,” The Premier declared at the head of the mahogany conference table, glancing over his shoulder quickly as an image of a horseback rider appeared and disappeared overhead in the same instant.

At the other end of the room, a nervous looking aide rapidly flipped through a notebook as sweat visibly poured down her neck. Stuck precariously just above her breast was a name tag which read “Tatiana,” underscored by a single terrifying word: “Intern.”

“Falkasia is traditionally a powerhouse of winter sports, but I have proposed that we consider other options. With one corner of the world’s sports clearly under wraps in our end of the field, it’s time to do what all the best business leaders in the world do and…” he paused, waiting for the clearly overwhelmed intern to flip the slide.

“Diversify!” He announced with incredibly fake enthusiasm, motioning to the enormous single-word slide behind him without so much as looking. “We need to diversify our sports ventures! Granted, we have many fine athletes here in Falkasia who partake in sports outside of the normal scope of international competition… mind you, exclusively winter sports. But there are many who engage in running, swimming, gymnastics, and field events who deserve a shot on a truly global stage.”

He paused, clearing his throat slightly and sipping from a glass of water.

“Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I propose a doubling of Falkasia’s national sports budget to accommodate the creation of permanent team and training facilities for both winter and summer Olympics. And who will lead this endeavor, you may ask? I have selected none other than Dimitri Romanov, who by and far has the most experience of all of us having led the Falkasian contingent to both of the previous Winter Olympics. There may not be any snow in summer, but he sure will freeze out the competition.”

With a single, unceremonious click the projector hit the last slide and the room was suddenly bathed in ambient blue electric light. Vladimir shrugged and walked around the side of the table towards a row of empty chairs.

“So, what did you think of the presentation Mr. Romanov? Are you interested?”
The chair rotated, revealing a rather poorly photoshopped cut-out of the Olympic Bobsledder’s face duct taped to the seat back. It was clear from the image that he was not in the best of moods when the picture was taken, hallmarked by squinted, beady eyes and a heavily furrowed brow.

“What was that?” The Premier asked the picture. “You accept the position? That’s excellent! We’ll get your new office set up at once here in the Tower, while we begin searching for a suitable location to house the training facilities.”

Tatiana appeared silently behind him, notebook clenched firmly across her chest underneath white knuckles.

“Excellent presentation sir. The Ministers will be easily persuaded by your charm and charisma,” she spat out robotically.

“Thank you…” Vlad glanced down, trying to catch a glimpse of her name tag without making the obvious any more obvious than it already was, “Svetlana?”

“Yes sir. Happy to help sir.” She replied immediately, making no effort to correct him.

“Very good then,” he shrugged and sighed dismissively. “Now, let’s go get the real thing done in the next room over. Please make sure you have the slides in order this time.”

[RP Courtesy of Falkasia]
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Postby Kriegiersien » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:03 am

After the terrible Nuclear War on April Fools’ Day, which wasn‘t taken serious enough, Kriegiersien had to rebuilt again.
The multicoloured Nation became a multicoloured Wasteland, Vaults being the home for many survivors.

A new Version of Robots were build out of scrap, stolen and in catalogs ordered goods, as backbone of the Kriegiersien Sports Federation. A male model, Mr. Handy:


And a female version (you can tell by the pink hairbow), Mrs. Codsworth:


Not being water proofed, others had to excel here. A new generation of Vault Dwellers came up, training in the clear Water of the water treatment rooms in their Bunkers, to compete for their wasted nation in the swimming events.

Luckily many Kriegiersien athletes had not been in Kriegiersien when the bombs hit (who wants to be in Kriegiersien if he could life somewhere else anyway?).
And so many of their heroes and medallists are able to compete for them once again in Novonaya and Provinsk.

Stars like Brie von Zart, Atlanta Johnson or Esther Ada in Boxing and Table Tennis, the great Entertainers with their showbiz names, like Rink, Val or Elfchen or the Ponies in Equestrian competitions. And of course the National Teams in the Ball team Sports, filled with experienced players, playing in clubs in other Nations leagues, often unaware of their Kriegiersien heritage until short before the Olympics, that brought them a ticket for these contest. Proud (greedy?) mercenaries.
Except the Soccer (Football) team, as soccer is played in Kriegiersien from nearly everyone all the time, in the Vaults or Wasteland alike, in War, Peace or Terror. Sound or silent. Casual or hard, for fun or as a matter of life or death. Soccer, Soccer never changes.

They all compete for the medals, Gold, Silver, Bronze and as the Kriegiersien President puts it: We need every bit, we are running out of resources.
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Second: World Cup of Masters I
3rd of the Maple Leaf Bowl I, Quidditch World Cup 5

Olympic Medals:
VIII Summer Orean: 2-6-10
IX Summer Zube Kytler Bay City: 6-4-15
X Summer Centralis & Nassau Bay 7-5-12
XI Summer Aeropag 0-2-4
XII Summer Novonaya & Provinsk 9-1-7
XIII Summer Republica 13-16-16
XIV Summer Orean/Istria 22-16-18

IX Winter Olympics Arcon: 2-5-3
X Winter Baseton 1-2-2
XI Winter Prescott 3-8-7
XII Winter Prescott 1-4-5
XIII Winter Prescott 4-5-4
XIV Winter Neverend & Yeaddin 6-9-7
XV Winter Clayquot 2-2-8
Overall 78-75-118

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Postby Blitzkeig » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:48 am

((what follows are snippets of the actions of several havenic athletes prior to the opening ceremony.))


First the light came, blinding and disorientating. Then came the room, unfamiliar and rather uniformly boring, swimming before his eyes...the taste in his mouth, like a brewery had emptied its waste pipe down his throat, and the heartburn to match. Further down in his body, the stomach was doing a tango; threatening more and more every moment to spray last night, and whatever had happened in it, over the floor like a spoilt childs worst game; scattered, probably regretful, unwanted.

This was morning for King Blacksen of Celeria, whether it was his palace in Turin or this Olympic village room in provinsk morning was just the same: pain, regret and...oh fuck no, please let me be dreaming...Blacksen closed and opened his eyes again but it was still their; or rather, she was still their.

The girl was sleeping soundly, oblivious to the mental trainwreck going on in her latest sleeping companions head, and she had a strange smile on her face that Blacksen certainly did not share. His wife was out somewhere, not coming to provinsk for the opening ceremony, she would show when the mens football got going...pregnancy and her own event, womens football, did not mix. Obviously, drunk Blacksen had decided that this gave him a perfect opurtunity to sleep with whoever he found that night, and his sober side had given in to his drunk side's vodka-fuelled decision.
The girl was turning around in her sleep and recognising her gave Blacksen even more of an imperative to leave, and sharpish. Standing, and trying to find an angle he cold hold his head at without the room doing a merry dance around him, he turned his back on Savenna Galos Konti and got dressed.

Savenna didn't get drunk, it was well-known. She pretended to get drunk all the time, found a handsome and rich man she liked and rob him blind while he was too paralitic to do anything about wasn't that the Haven's female water polo captain was poor in any way, it was just that she enjoyed to take things off people, and that she had developed a reputation as something of a seductress and loved to maintain it. They'd certainly done something in her bed, but Blacksen didn't know or care what; he wanted to be walking to his own room very soon, and doing something to clear his head: he'd swim, perhaps.

As he replaced his bad-smelling and ruffled clothes from last night, that voice that lived caged up inside his head began to chatter again: soon he'd need to make a choice. Three aisles presented themselves to him: the life of a king, an athlete, or some hopeless drunk; something in Blacksen's head was desperately trying to pull him back from one of those options, but he was weakening and the allure of alcohol was magical and inviting...Blacksen shuffled out into the weak sunlight, and tried to find his room.

While Celeria's king struggled to piece together last night, his enemies were sat around a low table with a game of monopoly between them, not that that was the object of their meeting. The shooters, for they shared one common sport if little else, were whispering quietly between themselves, all of them paying silent deference to the stunningly beautiful woman sat at the rear left of their gathering, her mouth working into a cheerful grin as she spoke.
"If my sources are correct," she was saying, "Which they are, Savenna Galos Konti has got the fool so drunk he'll be struggling to remember his own name for a few hours at least. Chances of fast, chances of him wanting to go fly back to deal with it, even lower..." people nodded, Maria Schtenko knew her stuff.
"He has people to deal with any issues that might crop up at home, let them deal with it," she said ponderously, "They're qualified. I can read the fool's mind from here."

These discussions carried on for several hours, and as plans were layed out a sense of achievement overcame the four of them: Maria Schtenko looked at her phone and counted down from 5, when she got to zero life in Celeria would not be the same for many years...the bombs would see to that. Pausing only to take a sip of water, Maria Schtenko moved her token and bought another property: in Altach in Eastern Celeria, her forces moved to take far juicier prizes. The war had begun...the question was would their be a winner?
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Postby Togonistan » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:45 am



That's right folks, Olympics are knocking on the door once again as it is time for Multiverse's biggest sports competition. Last time was when Togonistan won their first Olympic medals. This time, we want to do it again. Although TOC decided to send a considerably smaller telegation to this year's games, they believe our chances are way better than earlier. So, let's take a look at some of our marvelous (or not so) talents and with help from sports analytic Michel Herada (aka some bloke we recruited in a pub earlier), tell you about their chances in this competition.

Martin Seamus (Swimming - Men's 100m Freestyle)

So, first up in our list, there is Martin Seamus, a returning star to the Olympics. Despite being a national champion of the event, Seamus did not do that well in last Olympics where he ended up as 52nd. Has he become considerably better after a year so he could have a chance to compete for high spots in the rankings? Eh... not really. expectations: Poor

Lydia Nandi (Swimming - Women’s 50 m Freestyle, Women’s 100 m Freestyle)

Another one of our two swimmers this year, Lydia Nandi wants to prove she can do it in the Olympics. This 32-year-old still believes she can compete with world's top athletes. We asked her about her expectations, and she said she is looking for that spot in top 30. Some expectations you got there girl. expectations: Poor

Daza Jabulani (Athletics - Men’s 100 m, Men’s 200 m)

This junior athlete managed to qualify for the Olympics, so here he is. Not looking for any prestigious spots, just here to gain experience. expectations: Poor

Randy Maccer (Athletics - Men’s 100 m)

This 30-year-old athlete is known by many as a guy that never achieved anything noteworthy. Also, his skills as a athlete are rather questionable, some rumors say he was given a Olympic ticket because he bribed the committee. expectations: Poor

Erika Swift (Athletics–Women’s Heptathlon)

Erika Swift back for some action. After last year's terrible performance, she still believes she can do it. Well, Erika has proven herself as a athlete to be reckoned with, so we might see a surprise happening here. expectations: Average

Gaby Lekker, Angelina Lopez, Pauline Teu, Samantha Menupa (Cycling–Women’s Team Pursuit)

Apparently, TOC thought it would be a great idea to participate only in one team event this time. And instead of our marvelous football team, we decided to send this instead. Besides the fact that all four girls are young and hot, nothing much to be proud of here really. expectations: Poor

Roberto Matula (Boxing–Men’s Super Heavyweight)

Roberto Matula came to TFU Fighting League like a bolt from the clear sky! This giant is one badass son of a gun who has already proven himself as a strong fighter who is going to desrtoy anyone who gets in his way. We expect some great deeds from this guy in the Olympics. expectations: High

Fujimori Masashige (Taekwondo–Men’s 68 kg)
Kam Hyun Su (Taekwondo–Men’s 58 kg)
Min Mi Ryung (Taekwondo–Women’s 57 kg)

Now this is where we are truly in game for these golden medals. Our Taekwondo athletes have trained all year and showed great results so far in both domestic as well as internaional competitions. Amongst others, we have last year's bronze medalist Fujimori Masashige, last year's 16th finalist Kam Hyun Su who has gone through a great rise this year and young, promising newcomer Min Mi Ryung. expectations: High
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Postby Kelssek » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:56 am

The Dogeport brewpub trail

In the last few years microbreweries have popped up like mushrooms anywhere you have light industrial zoning in an inner city, and Novonaya's developed its own cluster in Dogeport. For those who think the best way to get to know a city is to know its beer, here's a quick guide to some local favourites.

Old Venice Brewing - 266 Tyberlan St (Tyberlan stop, NET trams 13, 15, 30)
It's unclear if there was ever any shipping trade in Novonaya with a place led by a Doge, but historical accuracy is no obstacle for this interpretation. Fans of the Earthworlds Renaissance fantasy universe will really like the decor theme.

The beers
Serene Amber Ale
Old Venice Extra Special Bitter
Portia's Baltic Porter
Old Venice Export Lager - the brewery's mass-distribution product which can be found in stores across Lupinissia
Winged Lion Pale Ale

New Vanardia Brewing - 200 St. Sulpice Avenue (Fur Hall stop on trams 3, 5, 22, or 10 minute walk from Bolgarden NET subway)
Sneakily capitalizes on the tourist flow heading for the historical site which once housed the biggest (they think) fur trading market on the Yasterian plains. The locals might roll their eyes a little at the Vanardian weaponry, not realizing they're all genuine artifacts which probably were used to massacre a few hapless villagers in their day.

The beers
New Vanardia Witbier
Village Pillage IPA
Anderlecht Gate Gueuze
Axeman's Dubbel

Dogebrew - 17 Walbrae Road (Dogeport interchange, NET trams 4, 5, 10, 13, 15, 22, 30, 45)
Taking the other meaning of doge a bit too far, a large portrait of the most adorable shiba inu greets you when you walk into the door. Aside from that, the nicest feature of this place is its backyard patio.

The beers
such stout
very malt (dark lager)
much hop (American IPA)
many ferments (Belgian-style triple)
pils pls? (Czech Pilsner)

Horde Brewing - 40-D Fourth Avenue (Dogeport interchange, or Gertlet St stop on NET tram 17)
Shares a former warehouse with a swing dancing school and a business that seems to sell custom biker patches. They have a rather experimental streak, so what's on tap may vary and some of their wilder ideas are... well, worth trying at least. Also has a selection of whiskies.

The beers
Rasputin's Revenge (Imperial White)
Flower Child (brewed with dried rose petals)
Hop Horde IPA

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Postby Kalosia » Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:41 am

Kalosia u l'Olimpiade
Official coverage of the XII Olympic Games by Lë Puntu Kuotidianu

It has been announced that Kalosia has agreed to send a delegation to the Games of the XII Olympiad, marking the first time since the IX Games 3 cycles ago that the island nation has decided to mark its return to this colossal event celebrated across the multiverse.

The current delegation, however, is vastly smaller compared to in previous Games, with all of them being newcomers to a competition of such scale. The tiny, 9-member team is set to fly the Kalosian flag in the cities of Novonaya and Provinsk in Kelssek. The athletes are (sorted by alphabetical order of their surname then by first name):

Ǧamal Albukkori (Fencing — Sabre)
Masimilian Dalesso (Cycling — BMX)
Rafael Korsikanë (Fencing — Sabre)
Nadin Kruž (Weightlifting — Women's 69kg)
Rian Kruž (Badminton)
Maria Pariǧi (Tennis)
Luka Sitšilianu (Volleyball — Beach)
Paolo Sitšilianu (Volleyball — Beach)
Natanael Zola (Badminton)

You may notice that some last names are shared. Nadin Kruž has no relation to Rian Kruž, while Luka and Paolo Sitšilianu are brothers. Masimilian Dalesso is a known name throughout the extreme sports community, having run a vlog on his life as a cyclist, and will also be the flag bearer during the Opening Ceremony of the Games. More in-depth details on each of the individual athletes to come soon as we continue coverage of the XII Olympic Games in Kelssek.

You may wonder, why is our delegation so small and why does it consist entirely of non-veterans? No one exactly knows why, and a popular theory is that this is a 'test run' to determine whether continuous, long-term participation in the Games is feasible. Another possible explanation is that the Ministry of Sports and Recreation did not have enough funding to send a full delegation, so they only accepted athletes who were willing to receive less pay or had their own sponsors, perhaps even hastily. It could be both — the two do not contradict each other — but nobody knows for sure. The Ministry has not responded to a request for comment either. We'll keep you updated but regardless, we at LPK are glad that Kalosia is once again back at the Games. Stay tuned with us as the event unfolds!

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Postby Sargossa » Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:57 am

SSM | Sargossan State Media
International Edition - Sport

A Delightfully Odd Mixture

José Dorado reports;

Sargossa is, at heart, a nation of sports lovers. Nothing quite captures the public imagination like the thrill of competitive sporting action. Football may be the national sport but the likes of Athletics, Swimming, Volleyball, Boxing, Tennis and Golf attract hefty audiences. But for three weeks every four years the footballers, the tennis stars and the boxers have to share their usual limelight with exponents of the slightly more fringe events. And the public lap it up. Such is the surplus of sports channels that these events tend to get televised all the time. But when hidden away on Televista Sportiva, Sport Centro or on late night SargoSport the viewing figures are negligible. As are the crowds in the various arenas. But when you add the word Olympics suddenly hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Sargossans will be tuning in for the Handball, Archery or Gymnastics. Suddenly those competitors too are superstars.

Former Olympic Authority of Sargossa (OAS) president Ricardo Aranda once referred to a typical Sargossan delegation as ‘a delightfully odd mixture’, a combination of millionaire superstars and talented amateurs. Current OAS chief Danté Tostado, a former delegation Chef de Mission, summed up the current team as ‘an amalgamation of professionals who receive the maximum backing of their sport’s governing bodies and amateurs who have minimum expectations of real success. And a big chunk in between.’ Although he stressed that was entirely in keeping with the makeup of any modern sporting nation. ‘I’d love nothing more than to give every sport the same amount of funding, but factors like performance targets, public interest and the like ensure that there was always be an inevitable hierarchy. Consequently a nation will always succeed in some sports more than others. But while they’re here in our delegation every member will be treated exactly the same.’

You only need look at the stats to see the truth of it. In its history Sargossan competitors have won 163 medals in 21 different disciplines from Summer Games past. But a massive 61 of those have come in Athletics events, with a further 36 from Swimming. It is, as Tostado stated, a reflection of the domestic popularity and consequent funding of these sports. There are some areas in which Sargossa, despite sending its largest delegation ever, has no representation. For instance male involvement in Gymnastics is practically nil back home and while Sargossan Cycling may organise a competitive tour across the nation, its events are primarily of the outdoor variety. The delegation reflects this.

But regardless of politics and selection criteria the public are still going to get behind every single one of the competitors in the darker blue of Sargossa, for they love the Olympics and the memories it can create. Certainly the goal that downed Starblaydia in the recent round of World Cup qualifiers will temporarily capture the imagination but it’s images like Maribal Varga on her knees, with head in hands and tears streaming unchecked down her face having just taken 100m gold in Emberton or Matías Almeida’s world record breaking turn in Orean that last forever.

In other Olympic news, the OAS has confirmed that Jazmín Villa will be Sargossa’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony. Villa, a member of the Fencing delegation, is the reigning national champion in Épée and will be competing in both the individual and team events. It continues the OAS’s policy of handing flag bearer duties to lower profile members of the delegation.
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Sargossa at the Olympics

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Postby Novumera » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:14 pm

Novumeran Games of the XII Olympiad Team Review

Top Contenders

1. Ivor Hollands
The 31 year old Comerstanian long-distance runner is a sure fire favourite for this seasons domestic 5k and 10k Championship and should his excellent form continue, he will be expected to win a medal in the upcoming tournament.

2. Colin O' Baoghill
The 31 year old from Crockettham will have his eyes set on winning a medal in the modern pentathlon to fill himself with confidence before the domestic season which is due to be a very close Championship with George Roydon also looking in hot form.

3. Marian Howse
Another Novumeran pentathlon athlete who is bound to be up there in the finals. Howse has stormed the pentathlon championships for the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down at 29.

4. Mac Neachtain
Nicknamed "Wheels", the 34 year old Barrettonian will be looking to be as big a hit on the international stage as he is on the domestic one. Neachtain will not settle on anything but winning a medal and hopefully a gold one.

5. Douglas Coy
If anyone is going to win a medal for Novumera, it's going to the 31 year old McLeanian who has won each of his 26 fights and three by way of knockout and is looking to continue his record to win the flyweight tournament in his biggest challenge yet.

The Underdogs

1. Ben Huxtable
The 27 year old welterweight from Barreton could cause an upset in the upcoming games as he will be disappointed to be going into his Novumeran Championship Bout against William Morris on a low.

2. Frances English
23 year old English will be looking to put her foot in the door and lay down a good base to build upon on the world scene. The golden girl from Gatheren has looked electrifying recently as she hopes to be contending for a medal in the 400 metres

3. Monica Purcell
Another girl from Gatheren could well be in contention for a medal in the 800 and 1500 metres as the 29 year old will be looking to carry her fine form over from the domestic stage to the world stage.

4. Wallace Black
The middleweight maestro of Novumera might be about to become the maestro of the world if the 32 year old can avoid any controversies and build upon his 16 wins to put him in very good steed for his Novumera Championship Bout against Matthew Amos in September.

5. George Roydon
Modern pentathlon is the sport to watch for Novumerans with three potential medal contenders representing the country. The 33 year old from Gatheren isn't a favourite but he has a history of causing upsets and is certainly one to look out for.

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Postby Kelssek » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:53 pm

Host announcement

The schedule is being set back by one (real-life) day. This is the cutoff for (IC) Day 1, but scores will only be posted tomorrow. The RP of Thursday's opening ceremony will be posted soon - any RPs posted now will count for day 2.

Cutoff for day 2 will be at around 19:00 UTC on Sunday (3pm EDT in North America), and scores will be posted that evening.

The schedule will soon be updated to reflect these changes.

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Postby Todd McCloud » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:11 pm

The sweet smell of resin was thick in the cooled yet crisp early summer Provinsk air as hundreds of thousands of spectators anticipated what was likely to be a most unusual spectacle of theatrics before them. Indeed, the city could not stop for an Olympiad, and hundreds of large factories, with their neon glows and hot melts, glistened in the distance as the progress of Vekaiyun industry must not stop for anything, except for the occasional and predictable religious holiday celebrated by the Vayan Catholics. But tonight wasn’t a night for the stiff and stuffy religious folk. Provnisk, after all, was a city nestled deep within the warm confines of Vekaiyun culture, but was shaped by its independent streak, wantonly leaving behind marks of crayon against a white wall like a petulant child as the state patiently washed away the rebellious undertones while at the same time keeping what it deemed as worthy. Vekaiyu, after all, was a mélange of several vulpine cultures, but expressive as their rooms were, they were always whitewashed with an underlying theme: Vekaiyu first.

Yemestrovi Revetraveru (Yemestrovi Field) was filled at above-capacity with many more standing outside and perhaps millions sitting in Provinski bars, homes, or night clubs watching the celebration in their own way. Millions more watched with undulating anticipation from the comfort of their living room across the Vekaiyun Union, which included Vekaiyu, Listonia, Isklevyu, and South Dveria. Now that Vekaiyu was a nation open to foreign entities, everyone assumed the celebrations would be subdued, but one couldn’t be too sure. Of course, it would have its own Vekaiyun flair, and that wasn’t a tough gig to do in one of the more splendid cities across the Vekaiyun nation. The entire stadium was covered in Unonian script with the occasional Codexian to keep the foreign fan honest ((OOC: Codexian = common language, English, etc)). Vulpines tended to congregate in their own sections, but would occasionally venture out toward the islands of other species, predominantly humans, scattered about the stands.

Act One: Invitation

The colorful lighted glow of advertisements and floodlights soon dimmed slowly, allowing just some informative texts on the walls, exit signs, and the glow of phones and holographic devices to illuminate the darkness. Cheers and shouts of affirmation could be heard around the bowl, but the noise levels began to decrease as the attendees knew something was happening – some silhouettes could be seen on the grounds below moving things left and right, or perhaps appearing and disappearing (it was tough to tell, even with the occasional flashes from cameras). After a few minutes, lights began to shine on the grounds below in the form of candle lights – twenty-nine, to be exact, a teen from every province. The candles were enough to reveal their faces and outfits – black dresses with black hosiery and black shoes for the ladies, black suits with black undershirts for the young men. They began to sing in Codexian, with the center young woman taking the lead while the rest did harmonics until the chorus began.

In the clearings of the veiled forests
And the fields of golden wheat
Across the mighty waters of the gulf
Sheltered by mountain peaks
We come to greet you on our journey
Hopeful yet patient
Willing but nervous
Warmed by a truth we must show you

Over time
(Time across the generations)
Our histories have crossed paths
(Histories shape the nations)
Yet as each moment passes
(Time will never bide)
We share our moments together

We ask you to accompany us fully
On this beautiful journey of passion
And through our understandings
While we are separated by fashion
Our skin and our bones are but containers
The vulpine soul
The human soul
We share the same dreams

The candles were extinguished then, after a moment, a yellow light appeared on the ground below. Televisions in and around the stadium flickered on to ensure those who couldn’t quite see the performance below would be able to easily discern the production they were about to see.

Act 2: Emergence

In the center of the mist-covered stage, surrounded by some pretty decent foliage of jaku trees and other native fauna, stood a pair of male and female vulpines dressed in traditional pagan clothing from long ago. The male wore crude leather boots and fustanella round his waist, done up like a thick skirt of drab brown but intricately-dyed symbols, symbols which were also painted on his chest. The female, on the other hand, wore a simple olive green dress that fell to the knee. A long, diamond-like garment with points falling to the shoulders, back, and stomach hung from her neck, constructed with fabric of many colors. Ribbons were tied at their arms, hanging like the leaves of the jaku tree. The two smiled as they twirled about each other, dancing to an intensifying rhythm of ancient Vekaiyun music. Upon closer inspection, identified by the Unonian broadcast stations, the dancers were retired gymnasts, and they moved across the floor in unusual fashion, flowing through a dance of almost contortion as they showed off the dexterity of their bodies. As the two danced, a chorus moved in and began to sing in Unonian, with their words presented in Unonian and Codexian (common language) for all to interpret.

“We came from the forests to escape the darkness. We tried to tame the land around us. We tried to tame the land around us. Only light could save us. The light of fire, Liviala, protected us. The light of the sun, Verveno, sustained us.” As they spoke, holographic depictions of these and other gods appeared next to them, displayed in all their splendor. “We were bound to the land and bound to tradition. We were bound by our own understandings.” More vulpines in similar costumes, but perhaps different colors and fabric, began to dance in circles and then in rows around a fire started by one of the dancers. Some wore bizarre masks that appeared to be carved from wood, the almost grotesque faces serving as a safeguard to the sinister silhouetted background. Their dancing was somewhat contorted, but simplistic as well, recalling the ancient sacred celebrations centered about the solstices. “But we tilled the land. We worked and prospered. We danced until the occupation, but when the rain came, we did not dance the dirge of our forefathers.” The performers slowed, then stopped as the stage lights began to dim and images of dark curtains flowed across the landscape. The holographic images, once vibrant and exciting, faded and were joined with blots of darkness consuming the scenery.

The cryptic rant may not have been received by all of the audience, but to the Vekaiyun faithful, they understood the meaning loud and clear. Vekaiyu, before it was Vekaiyu, was a loose union of pagan city-states that went by many names. While the occasionally waged war against one another, they weren’t truly prepared for the advanced armies of the northern empire, Nugala, and over the course of roughly one century, the city-states fell one-by-one. A red hue doused the stage as the pre-Vekaiyun pagans were now subjected to what appeared to be enslavement by individuals dressed in all black, appearing as silhouettes. This was the dilemma of the performance: Vekaiyuns by and large desperately wanted to co-mingle with their human counterparts, but it was impossible to forget their past – their wars and the wars with other species. The faceless depiction of the Nugalese was considered appropriate enough, save for scrapping the whole act entirely.

Enter stage right. A younger, rather thin vulpine child immediately identified as St. Aiya, the patron saint of Vekaiyu, moved toward the toiling vulpines, slipping passed the whips, dead bodies, and chained individuals. She toted a large book that, once opened, began to ‘write’ text in Unonian, just as St. Aiya and several other communities – Provinsk included – witnessed so many years ago. The enslaved individuals slowly began to lift their heads toward the self-writing book as letters lit on the pages, no doubt a utilization of Vekaiyun holographic technology. Holographic images of St. Aiya depicted from cathedrals of old drenched the scenery. “We will no longer live in darkness! We will no longer chase the light! For the light lives in all who trust and obey in the Almighty, the Unseen Hand, the ultimate protector of the Vekaiyun Nation!” She moved about on the stage and roused the dejected and hopeless faithful to action, causing them to look up despite the torment from their captors. When she met one of the silhouetted men, they were quick to stab her. The crescendo of activity ceased once her spine bent backwards and the child fell behind some conveniently-placed scenery.

Yet this only appeared to catalyze their resistance. The captives turned to their captors and began struggling at first, then engaging in a dance with them, one full of fanciful movements at a quick, persistent pace, giving the impression of a fight stirring between the two factions. More vulpine citizenry, along with armies from both sides joined in the fray, with the Vekaiyuns wearing armor befitting of the time period – hard leather tunics fastened with strips of metal. The anointed army of rebels pulled toward the center, then moved outward, pushing back on the foreign entities. Each vulpine soldier held a piece of a larger cloth that unfurled as they swept the enemy factions from view. Once stretched out, they revealed the borders of Vekaiyu, the Vekaiyun state, adorned in a golden hue.

Act Three: Growth

It wasn’t just the vulpines that made Vekaiyu unique. Unknown to the rest of the audience, but revealed appropriately by sudden lighting, the pitch of Yemestrovi Field had morphed significantly. Trees were scattered about, along with collections of various fauna. A long, curved tank full of water housed hundreds of fish and… mermaids? Apparently Vekaiyuns were adamant about displaying their affinity for water. Dozens of vulpine men and women fitted with tails of various colors and styles dazzled the audience with their flips and turns as they mingled with other fish in the aquarium. They weren’t really mermaids, though – each performer had a small tank discretely hidden by some kind of back dorsal fin assembly they could routinely take air from when needed. Dangerous, perhaps, but it spoke to the great lengths these vulpines went to in order to deliver a successful show. After a time, the mermaids moved toward each other, moving rapidly from all corners of the tank to meet up, touch, then dart from each other, displaying some kind of dance which again catered to the dexterity of the vulpine frame while of course displaying their unique costumes. Then, the crew would move across the waters, flipping, turning, and of course flicking their tails as they moved from one end of the long tank to the next. All the while some kind of airy, flightly music added to the atmosphere of their performance.

That wasn’t to say the land creatures were to be ignored, either. As the performance of the mermaids slowed, vulpines dressed to the nines in outfits of green (for the vegetation), red (for the autumn hues), white (for the doldrums of winter), and yellow (for farming and, especially, grain), began to move onto the pitch, each toting a holographic Unonian letter character projected above them. When they met, these projections would form words and would sparkle once the complete word formed. Once that occurred, the projection would display the particular product or animal native to the Vekaiyun land. Islovium – the staple fermented Vekaiyun alcoholic drink. The dunshu – a kind of cow with shorter, stubbier legs. The redfish – a staple fish plentiful in the waters of the Eruli River. Kikale – a dish derived from noodles, spices, and vegetation. The eksor – it kind of looked like a furry pig with longer ears. And so on, and so on.

The land performers then turned to those in the tank. To end the scene, the mermaids took center stage once again as lights reflected on the water. The performers built up speed and then one by one leapt from the water, some with flips, some with turns, and all with grace. With their final sendoff complete, they swam to the water’s edge and waved at the camera as the music stopped, signaling the end of the act.

Act Four: Innovation

With that out of the way, the stage dimmed again as movement was silhouetted by the loss of light. Just one moment later, a collection of several large machines made their way from the exits and onto the stage, wheeled by individuals dressed as scientists with their lab coats and engineer boots. Others dressed as oil-laden workers grimed by the toils of working a tough industry job, practically attached to the machines as they worked. The machines began to light up in colors of red and gold – staple Vekaiyun colors – and it was apparent that these machines were extruders for developing and processing polymers to be used in various applications such as mill rolling, general mixing, wire coating, etc. The Provinskis in the audience immediately recognized the exaggerated designs and their machinations. After all, Vekaiyu prided itself on its acumen for tech, and Provinsk was no different, with the ancient-now-modern city built by the reams of resin, pounds of plastic, and synergy of synthetic compounds.

Workers began to optimize their machines – wiping it clean with cloth, using solvents from drums in order to wash out the contents, and general routine maintenance. The barrels of the extruders began to glow red to degrade whatever was left in there from before (presumably), and when their work was nearing completion, groups of vulpine men and women dressed in smart business attire arrived on scene. They split into groups and stationed themselves at each of the four large devices then, moving their hand in unison like a windmill across the curious landscape, ordered production to begin. Churning and humming of motors was followed with a single bass-toned note as a yellow neon-glow rope jettisoned from one of the devices. All performers jolted from the sudden sound, with the odd noise clearly coming across as comical. Scientists moved in to qualitatively asses this strange new material, prodding it with gloved hands and carefully cutting off specimens in order to analyze the equipment later. But now the other machines started up, each producing different colors of neon ropes – red, green, blue, and of course yellow. Each machine had a different note, and it became reasonably clear to the audience that this was purposeful. Soon material moved from the extruders, sputtering, but producing a unique blend of techno beats.

But this wasn’t good enough for the foremen and forewomen. They directed the scientists to man their machines, and the crew of researchers reported to their posts, pressing various buttons to refine this new product and utilize it to their liking. Each button flashed and produced a note, almost as if each control deck was a keyboard and the various keystrokes controlled the behemoths in front of them. This in turn influenced the material moving from the extruder toward the die outlet.

Suddenly the music stopped with a loud bass drop. All present on the stage began to sing in unison. “We have shaped our culture! We have shaped our world! We have been given the tools. We have been blessed with the resources. Now we will create! Now we will build!”

The extruders, which once made useless neon ropes, now began to create something much more spectacular, with each one focused on a particular industry. Holographic depictions of the neon yellow rope began to snake up and form an abstract depiction of a building, followed by another next to it in order to illustrate the use of polymers in construction. Another, the green neon rope, formed bridges, followed by a road extending to the horizon with outlines to form common vehicles in order to illustrate the use of polymers in the Vekaiyun infrastructure. The red rope reptated and slithered to form tanks, armed Vekaiyun servicemen and women, and military aircraft in order to demonstrate the military prowess made possible by polymers. As the tanks formed, a small sampling of Eternal Vekaiyu was haphazardly thrown into the beats, giving the audience members a chance to laugh again. Finally, the blue rope formed service items, from toys to flatware to electronics and computers, all to demonstrate the wide application base of Vekaiyun-made polymers and its polymeric technology.

It was a bit bold, perhaps, but it was certainly Vekaiyun, to say the least. At the end of the performance, the scientists, foremen, and workers all took a bow. The stage opened up and violinists played another Vekaiyun song, ‘The Fields are Full of Grain’ as the performers were joined by individuals from previous acts, from the vulpine pagans and early Christians of old to the teenager singers, from the silhouetted foreign entities to those who represented the lovely colors of the Vekaiyun landscape. Stage hands even moved carts for the mermaids to sit in. They took a bow as the stadium focused lighting on the massive group in front of them – the short and limber vulpines, who tried for just one night to reveal the mysteries behind a different sentient species and a different culture tied to their being.

Act Five: Banner

The presentation of the Vekaiyun flag was next, along with the Flag of Kelssek, both to be raised in the stadium. The Vekaiyuns in the audience responded with standing and saluting the flag. Indeed, they had much respect for their flag, the flag of the Vekaiyun people, the flag of the vulpine peoples, and the flag of one of the leading nonhuman nations across the globe. The Vekaiyun star against a crimson background housed by jaku branches had inspired generations of individuals who called these lands their home. Many individuals died so that their flag would fly across all twenty-nine provinces across the great Vekaiyun nation. And, coincidentally, thirty-two children, each dressed in ornate costumes to represent the thirty-two distinct nationalities across Vekaiyu, from west Listonian to sub-Allegheny, respectfully carried the flag across the stadium.

Well-known Vekaiyun cantors Ankya Yivistrovi and Yiisu Strobinaru led the crowd in a moving rendition of Eternal Vekaiyu, the national anthem to the vulpine nation. There were two ways to sing said anthem. The militaristic way, with short, staccato pauses was not selected and instead the two chose to sing the anthem in a more artistic manner, with the Unonian words flowing and airy across the cool Vekaiyun night sky. The flag was presented to a military color guard in dress uniforms. They grasped the flag firmly, then carried it to a nearby poll. Once tied, the edge of the flag was flipped by one of the armed servicemen in order to get it flowing in the night sky. The flag was deliberately hoisted for all men and women to see, the flowing banner to the Vekaiyun people moving proudly across the various televised airwaves despite the words from their languages describing the event. Thousands of miniature Vekaiyun flags joined in the congregation as the flag ascended higher and higher until it reached its final resting place.

It continued to wave throughout the remainder of the ceremony. Cardinal Ehjy Velemiru approached a prepared podium bedecked with the Vekaiyun Star and blearily looked up at the throngs of people around him. He led the Vayan Catholic faithful in a prayer in Unonian, asking for protection, clarity, and peace during these games.

Act Six: Opening

One of the performers stepped from the crowd of actors and actresses and walked to the podium as the Cardinal stepped aside, carrying her mask used for earlier theatrics. When the cameras zoomed in, they captured her identity – Vekaiyun Premier Ikrisia Levinile was dressed in similar fashion to those who had portrayed the early Vekaiyuns from long ago. It was unclear if she had participated in the performance, but that would be left to those pundits and talking heads who would likely analyze footage later on. Either way, while the vulpine faithful cheered her arrival, there would be those who would critique this move, of course. The Premier has historically been stoic and impassive in nature – did this signify a change to her demeanor? Was this because she was dating that one scientist, Yensey Nekuslovi? And why was she dating anyway? And what of the performers – if she wasn’t in the show, was she taking credit for their own work? But if she was in it, well, did it detract from the doldrums of diplomacy and tasks she was required to perform?

Unlikely. Maybe she had changed a bit, but that still wasn’t her style. But what the style of this performance thus far? The show was expected to be rather political, because Vekaiyuns had been political ever since the monarchy fell to a coup some thirty years prior, even before the current Premier was born. It wasn’t up to this point. It didn’t include anything about the Vekaiyun fight for independence from the Maxists and how Ikrisia took the reins in the darkest hour to lead the nation from a terrible civil war. No mention about the loyalists wrestling control from fascists. Nothing about all the televised hangings of Maxists, a move which earned her the title of ‘The Butcher of Eldura’. And nothing still about aiding neighboring Listonia in independence, or defeating longtime hostile nation Dveria over some disputed provinces. Nothing about establishing a congress of representatives of sorts to reduce powers to the Premier in order to prevent a future dictatorship. Nothing. But was that intentional? After all, did anyone in Vekaiyu want to be reminded of those dark times? And was she really one to grandstand and laud over her involvement in improving and stabilizing the Vekaiyun state?

Nevertheless, the crowd fell silent as she approached the podium. A strand of her hair was dyed purple with beets, a nod to the Provinski traditions. Anne Marsha Cressey, the Prime Minister of Kelssek, shared the spotlight with the Vekaiyun premier who, due to her species, was somewhat dwarfed by the human. A wry smile crept on Ikrisia's face as the Chairwomen of the Vekaiyun National Olympic Council, Riyna Yovisktre, stood next to the premier, dressed sharply in a pinstriped business suit / skirt combination. If Ikrisia looked calm, Riyna was anything but as she appeared ready to burst from her own skin, the anticipation killing her.

Ikrisia moved the microphone down a bit to accommodate her stature and began her oration. Each sentence was spoken first in Unonian, then repeated in Codexian. Her accent wasn’t very noticeable.

“Nations of the world, we thank you for your attendance to this Twelfth Summer Olympiad. We thank you for your selection and are honored to be considered for this hosting distinction. It is the hope of our nation that these games are remembered for the unique undertones of unity, the showcase of spectacular sportsmanship, and the arrangement of advanced athletic acumen. To the fans, I urge you to cheer loudly for your home team and any other athletes that win your heart. Athletes, I urge you to compete to your fullest of abilities. Vekaiyuns, and those who are incorporated into the Vekaiyun Union, I urge you to enjoy this display of athletics gracing our home soil. And, finally, I urge everyone to partake in this Olympiad not only on Vekaiyun soil, but in Kelssek as well. These games would not have been possible without their inclusion.”

She turned to Riyna, who declined to speak, holding up a hand and shaking her head slightly. “Very well,” Ikrisia responded with a slight laugh.

Riyna then grabbed the microphone as Ikrisia continued to laugh. “I must now ask our honorable Premier Ikrisia Levinile to please open these games!”

Ikrisia scoffed and turned back to the audience. “With that, it is my honor to declare these games open!”

The stadium lights brightened as fireworks lit the Provinsk night sky. The illumination revealed that the tank of water from before now had two swimmers occupying its waters – the recently-retired Yva Noveli and Riyna McAves waved to the crowd and wore their old Vekaiyun speed swimsuits. But most of the audience wasn’t paying attention to them. Not yet. They were focused on another retired athlete, three-time silver medalist in diving, Reko Xanavostre, who was being transported near the pool in a gondola of sorts suspended by a cable high above the stadium. In his hand was the torch, bedecked in colored metal of red, gold, black, and white. He waved to the crowd once the small platform stopped, and, after doing the sign of the cross, plunged into the waters below, much to the chagrin of Olympic purists worried about the torch extinguishing underwater.

A flurry of bubbles, however, quickly alleviated fears. He remained in water and passed the still-lit torch on to Riyna, who moved through the waters with ease toward Yva.

Why didn’t the torch go out? Seri Lusitroviyey, the man behind the patent, filed on behalf of the University of Eldura where he taught, had been on edge the entire night. He was credited with developing a method for burning white phosphorous underwater by utilizing small quantities of manganese dioxide and hydrogen peroxide (3-5% each by weight) to fuel the fire with oxygen and maintain a safe, controlled combustion atop the torch. The elderly vulpine seated in row 26, section 1F, leaned back in his seat and relaxed in his seat. All those years of testing were finally put to good use.

Riyna passed the torch to Yva as the fanfare of music increased. Once Yva reached the end of her destination, she touched the torch to a metal line hidden by the stone and sediment in the tank. As soon as contact was made, the line lit like a rope as the fire traveled slowly to its destination – a cauldron, perhaps thought to be a decoration by some, but as the flame continued to travel high into the sky, it eventually ignited within the bronze sculpture, lighting up the 6 oly-… no, 5-pointed star of Vekaiyu as it shined brightly in its vessel. Upon reaching a critical temperature, a firework was lit from the basin, which for added effect “leapt” from the stadium and careened far into the night sky, bursting in colors of blue, white, and red. A digital signal worked its way across the Vekaiyun nation, through the Listonian grasslands, and reached its final destination in Novonaya. This ignited the cauldron’s twin – a maple leaf instead of a star - to the delight of the tens of thousands gathered in the historic Bolgarden Square for the city’s official viewing party.

The crowd roared with excitement as the cauldrons were alight with the raging fire of Olympic spirit. No doubt bars, clubs, and homes across Vekaiyu, perhaps across all of Yasteria, were engaged in the excitement.

Act Seven: Nations

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the athletes of Provinsk and Novonaya at the Twelfth Summer Olympiad!” The female announcer spoke in Unonian first, then in Codexian for all to hear as the crowd finally approached the long-awaited debut.

The names of nations were called out over the loudspeaker, first in a female voice announcing their Unonian names, then a male voice announcing the same name in Codexian. Some names were a bit more difficult to decipher than others. “Gesgasistan!” “Gregisgodistan!” “Neslevi Beyhimasi!” “Benjamin Mark!” "Saysgasi! Sargossa!" "Ef Lireski ses Atlay! The Atlae Islands!" And so on. Any nations that attempted to look at least somewhat festive to the tune of the average Provinski was met with enthusiasm by the crowd, whether it was banners in Unonian or various hand-symbols Vekaiyuns would know and love, but all seemed to cheer the loudest for those who at least tried to assimilate to their sacred culture, at least for one night, especially if they had some kind of streaks of beet-dyed hair. The Provinskis loved it. Finally, they were once again at the forefront of a crossroads of many cultures.

A series of upbeat tunes encouraged the athletes to make it through quickly as to not drag the ceremony on and on. Each delegation was led by a vulpine male or female dressed smartly in a black with red and gold trim suit or dress with gold and red accents combination, the guide holding up a banner with the name of the nation written in Unonian at the top, followed by the Codexian equivalent, then the name as the home country would write it out.

The Listonian delegation, their first ever appearance at a Summer Olympiad, was met with encouraging support from those seated around the arena. But the fanfare from the crowd reached a crescendo as the last few nations made their way across the stadium. Kelssek (announced as ‘Ustoria’ by the Unonian voice, an artifact from many years ago still uncorrected in modern Unonian connotations) was greeted with a warm reception, no doubt shared by Vekaiyun faithful and Kelssekians who made the trek over to the westward lands. But anticipation was building, and the Vekaiyun faithful were becoming increasingly antsy. Finally, as the Kelssekian delegation made their way across the pitch, the Vekaiyun faithful roared in anticipation.

So the beet-dyed hair athletes, cameras, and little Vekaiyun flags toted by the athletes were greeted by a raucous reception from their native people. Males wore white suits with shimmering accents of gold and red, while the women wore dresses constructed of fine, shimmery fabric of mainly red but with white and gold accents. The small Ikrisia Sulevire waved the banner to her home nation proudly and, as was Vekaiyun tradition in Olympic ceremonies, weightlifters from the back of the massive delegation scooped her up and planted her firmly on their shoulders.

Sure, they were shorter people, but that didn’t stop them from waving their flag high in front of their countrymen. For it had been seven years since Vekaiyu first joined the Olympics, and for now, at least, they were celebrating it on their own soil.
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Postby The Atlae Isles » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:18 pm

2100 Hours
Provinsk, Vekaiyu
July 7, 12017

Yuliana Romero in Archery had been selected to be the flag-bearer for the Atlae Isles. The immediate thing that she found out right before the Parade of Nations was that the flag was heavier than it looked.

But the weight didn't matter. Her dream was to one day make it to the Olympics, and be the best in the world. And here she was, in the XII Olympiad in Provinski, Vekaiyu.

It was breezy in the stadium, a good 295 degrees Kelvin, but Romero shrugged it off. She had grown up in the cold winters of Rocheste when she was young, and it was sure to get "warmer" as the Parade started.

At last, it had started. The fascinating display of Vekaiyun culture had ended and the parade had started. As she was getting ready to start walking and waving the flag around, she heard,

' “Gesgasistan!” “Gregisgodistan!” “Neslevi Beyhimasi!” “Benjamin Mark!” "Saysgasi! Sargossa!" "Ef Lireski ses Atlay! The Atlae Islands!" '

For a split second, she marveled in the strange names of the other countries. And then, as that set in, she realized that her country was The Atlae Isles, not Islands.

A pang of doubt went through her and she hesitated. Was there "The Atlae Islands" which they had to compete against? And where was her country?

But she ultimately decided to start walking. After all, Codexian likely wasn't their first language, so this was what they had to be talking about.

And so she led the column of light blue, bright yellow, and white clad athletes out, waving the flag. Romero felt eyes watching her, and imagined that somewhere, sports commentators here, home, and abroad were talking about her.

That was how an athlete's dream was fulfilled, in a stadium in Vekaiyu competing with other top athletes.
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Postby Tretrid » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:54 pm

10:00 PM
Provinsk, Vekaiyu

Madeline Fleming held the Tretridian flag, waiting for the announcer to get to Tretrid. She was an excellent fencer and was the champion of the Women's National Fencing Championship's Foil division. (The championship had three divisions for each type of sword, mainly because it's generally considered unfair if the contenders used different swords.)

Finally, the female announcer said, "Treskid!" which was followed by the male announcer saying "Tretrid!"

That was the moment Fleming was waiting for. She immediately started walking, and was followed by the other 101 Tretridian athletes.

She had done it. She had made it this far. She had the skill to make it into the Olympics, and now had the extraordinary distinguishment of proudly bearing the Tretridian flag. This, at least for now, was her proudest moment.
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Postby Asendavia » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:58 pm

2120 Hours
Provinsk, Vekaiyu
July 7, 3754 AA (2017 AD)

Asendavia's top diver, Torbjorn Birkeland, had the honor to be the flag-bearer for Asendavia. He had expected it to be heavier than it actually was. Along with the pride he got from carrying the flag, he felt an additional burst of pride from seeing the double-headed Asendavian crowned eagle streaming in the breezy stadium. With the breeze in the stadium, Torbjorn guessed that it was around 71 degrees Fahrenheit, quite a bit warmer than it normally was in his native Khyev. Anyway, here he finally was, in Provinsk, Vekaiyu, in the XII Olympiad. He sighed, wondering when it would start. Finally, it began.

He nodded to himself as the display of Vekaiyu's culture began and ended. "Quite fascinating really, and much more interesting than our own history," he commented.

He watched as the first few nations began to pass. As The Atlae Isles passed, he nodded in approval. While their nations might not be on the absolute best of terms, especially after the Four Days War, where the FPA fought the SEPC and The Atlae Isles joined the SEPC towards the end of the war, relations began to improve between the two nations after the end of the war, since The Atlae Isles had never truly fought in it. As more time passed, he started to get more impatient. He tapped his foot against the ground and sighed.

"Ilskadevi!" the female announcer blared in Unonian.

"Asendavia!" the male announcer said in Codexian.

"Asetinuklori," Torbjorn muttered to himself in Asendavian as he began to wave the flag and walk forward. I hope my family's watching, he thought to himself. It truly would be a shame if they didn't.

Torbjorn allowed himself a smile. He deserved it, after all. He hadn't trained for nothing. He was in the Olympics, he would prove himself worthy. He was the flag-bearer. That must have meant that the people back home believed in him. Torbjorn closed his eyes and let himself bask in his glory.

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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:07 pm

Al Duhaba, Gragastavia
Palace of the One

“The Olympics? Didn’t we just have those a few weeks ago?”

The warm, glowing light of the TV screen refracted across the top of the water, some spilling over the porcelain rim of the clawfoot tub, as King Friedrich rolled to face the person he was addressing. From behind the opaque silken screens of the room partition, he could barely make out the silhouette of one of the few remaining heirs to the throne, Josephine. He had let out a silent groan as she had made her way in a few minutes prior, knowing that, in all likelihood, she had come to lobby for her candidacy as heir once more. The incoherent jabbering of the anchors, reading some story about the Gragastavian Olympic delegation that barely qualified as news, haunted his ears. He screwed his eyes shut for a brief moment, as if clearing his mind of some nagging pain, and lent the woman his attention.

“That was in January.”

“Was it that long ago? We hadn’t noticed,” the King said, running his wet hand over his scalp. He let out a sigh, nestling the back of his head into his hand, “Be that as it may, we suppose.”

“It’s kind of a big deal.”

“Be that as it may,” he repeated, “It is a performance for the dull-witted by the dull-witted, and nothing more.”

“Still,” Josephine said, “We have more athletes going to the summer games than the winter games. Practically the entire world is going to be watching, not to mention our own viewing numbers. This is our opportunity to show that the war has not defeated us.”

He paused for a moment, shifting again in the water. “We have issued the typical statement of support, as usual,” he said, giving a faint smirk, “Sometimes, we wonder whether we actually are king, or if our publicist is king. Nevertheless, we’re sure we’ve made our personal opinion quite clear on the matter. They allow some of the most degrading sports to be put on spectacle, and yet, they will not deign to grant us the right to compete atop our camels.”

“The world will march on, even if we choose not to march with them,” Josephine replied, a strong hint of disdain manifesting in her voice, “I would be more concerned about proving that Gragastavia is more than just an enormous sand dune.”

“Which we most assuredly are,” the King interjected.

“That’s beside the point. If you truly are the King of Gragastavia, as you claim to be, then you might actually try being a leader for our people.”

“You speak as though you have borne the weight of the state on your shoulders alone,” King Friedrich said, sitting up in the tub, water dripping off of his emaciated body, “Our people do not always need a leader, and we are grateful that Polatilus has endowed us with the wisdom to know when our leadership is needed, and when it is not. We serve the people no less than the people serve us: to do more would be to devalue the authority of this most humble office to which we have been entrusted. We hope that our kingdom does not deteriorate to the point where we would have to wager our crown on the outcome of a foot race.” With a great thrust of energy, he rose from the depths, using the soapdish as a handhold to pry himself out of the bathtub. “That is all, my dear. You may go, and do send Osman in.”

He heard a sharp sigh, followed by the unmistakable clicking of high-heeled shoes that slowly faded with the next footfall. Shivering in the dry air, the King crept over to the TV stand, using the edge of the bathtub as a support, and pressed the power button. With slow, deliberate steps, he made his way to the other side of the partition, his legs trembling until he was greeted with the embrace of his cane and the kind face of his valet.

“Eminence?” the valet asked, coming around to the King’s side, slipping his cane into his hand, “You really ought to wait for us to come get you out of bathtub. The floor can get mighty slippery when it’s wet.”

“Then, if we break our neck, it will be our own fault. Come now, I should like to pick out the night’s suit.”

Osman opened his mouth to say something, but opted instead for a simple, “Yes, Eminence.”

[RP Courtesy of Gragastavia]
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:19 am

It was that magical time again, the Olympics was on again and all eyes were on Novonaya, Kelssek and Provinsk, Vekaiyu for the opening ceremony.

Thousands of eager West Phoenician sports fans who were lucky enough to secure seats eyes were glued at the spectacular opening ceremony. For those West Phoenicians not making the pilgrimage there televisions were set to WP Sports which would be broadcasting 24hour coverage of the international sporting event.

It was a welcoming relief with King Glenton Gryphon-Bush II and his wife Queen Angelique were helping to oversee a civil conflict in the nation of Hoosier Alliance. And just days before the West Phoenician Congress had startled the nation by declaring war on Hoosier Alliance rebels who were behind the assassination attempt on King Glenton Gryphon-Bush II.

The Vekaiyun story that was being told through music and dance drew the attention of the crowds as the host nation opened up the Olympics with their story. The pride of their nation and their history opened up for all the world to see.

Some of it was lost on the West Phoenicians who were not up on the history of the host nation;, however how it was portayed for all the world to see with a rainbow of colours and thousands of hardworking citizens it was a powerful image. The computers and scientist performance was confusing to many West Phoenicians but they kept their eyes glued enjoying the history lesson.
And West Phoenicians were quick to applaud when bursts of colour shot up in the night sky.

The applause grew even louder after the spectacular opening which quickly transgressed into the nations marching in under their banned. Talented athletes all decending to take part in the most popular international sporting event. This was the favourite part of the opening ceremony as each nation proudly entered the arena.

Large delegations and small alike marching in, smiling and waiting to the crowds dressed in attires that received cheers for their innovation or mocked whispers for their tackyness.

When West Phoenicia was called those in the stands stood up and cheered their home nation. While sending a big team with sporting events split between two nations and with many athletes competing in day 1 may athletes had opted out of the opening ceremony wanting to rest and prepare for day 1. However these athletes were cheering on there team mates from the Olympic village.
West Phoenicia still had a small army appearing at the opening ceremony march in, hundreds of male and female athletes attired in classy light purple outfits, purple being a long time colour of West Phoenicia and their Monarchy.
Their flag bearer Crown Princess Arsinoe Gryphon-Bush V stood upon a chariot resembling a living goddess in an lomg flowing dress of light purple adorned with emeralds and sapphires, a diamond encrusted diadem upon her carefully braided hair. Her entrance bringing back memories of her own win bronze win in Chariot - Quadrigae at the 1st Olympia Games held in Ilysea, Ilyseum. The West Phoenician crowd went wild at one of their favourite princess who would be staying on to support her country and her brother who would be competing. Many wondered how long before the two would marry. While frowned upon in many nations West Phoenicia had a long royal tradition of sibling marriage and the two eldest children of the current King were the perfect siblings to join in union and one day rule once King Glenton Gryphon-Bush II passed away.

The stadium erupted into fits of applause as The Vekaiyun males wore white suits with shimmering accents of gold and red, while the women wore dresses constructed of fine, shimmery fabric of mainly red but with white and gold accents. The host nations attire received a respectable applause from the West Phoenician audience. Classy and expensive. The home nation could not be faulted by the fashion conscious of West Phoenicia.

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Postby Electrum » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:44 am

OOC: Continuation of here

Any Electrumite would know the names of Greg Gregor, August Brooks and Edward Callahan, famous equestrian riders in their discipline who are returning to the Olympics. Whilst Electrum might not do so well in the maligned dressage discipline, Electrum's traditional favourite disciplines are the eventing and the show jumping, two events where the rider and the horse need to be on the same page at all times. These events push the horses to their physical limit, and their riders to their mental limit. Just a year later from the Aeropag games, most of the horses that we know and love are returning. Arrente returns on the Bavarian Constellation whilst Gregor will return with his gold medal winning horse Fortissimo. Lin sadly had to retire her horse, Diamontina because it was now too old to jump: she now has a happy home at the Lin Stables just north of Port Grenville. Instead, Lin returns with another Westphalian horse, the youthful Strawberry, who at just three years old, is the youngest of all the athletes in the Electrumite National Team, horse or human!

This is an interesting sport to choose as Electrumites don't really know much about wrestling, much less take notice of it outside of the Olympics, but in recent years it has gone from strength to strength. Recent regulations by the Department of Sports has meant that female Electrumite wrestlers have the same access to the same, admittedly small, amount of funding as the men. This small amount of funding is still a world of difference in the Olympics as gender equality/non-compulsory events such as women's Greco-Roman wrestling are introduced and added into the Games. Many other nations unfortunately suffer in the gender equality stakes, preferring to give most of their sports funding, including in wrestling to the men, whilst leaving almost nothing at all to the women. Most of the medallists here are just normal everyday Electrumites with a side hobby, indeed, wrestler Becky Turner is in fact a full-time teacher's assistant at Newport High School. With constant support from the EOC, she is able to rise up and do well for Electrum -- let's hope other nations around the world try and emulate our success simply by having equality between the sexes.

It is definitely an interesting mixture to see sailing, tennis, equestrian and wrestling held up as our 'most likely' sports for us to win medals in, but we mustn't be swept up in our hubris and our complacency to look at previous Olympic Games. It's very clear that upsets can and do happen, and perhaps this year we will see a rise in a new Olympic powerhouse, one that we haven't seen before. Or perhaps we will be beaten by our old foes and enemies: the Teremarans are hot our heels, and Kelssek and Vekaiyu are expected to surge at their home Olympics. These Olympics are sure to be interesting, and you've picked the right newspaper to read along with! So sit down, and tune in to the Opening Ceremony which will be broadcast on ENN at 7pm.

Network ENN - Opening Ceremony Partial Transcript


Announcer: The world's best athletes, all together in one place, it can only mean one thing, the Olympics are just about to kick off! Your host for the Games of the XII Olympiad are your favourites, Max Hardwell and Sonya Portelli!

Max: Welcome to you all in what seems like an annual tradition! It seems like we're the only commentators that ENN employs, bouncing around WorldVision and Olympics!
Sonya: Please, Max, it's because we have nothing to do at all except lounging around all day and reacting to stuff. You know Max, you could make big bucks with that concept on the internet!
Max: Yeah right Sonya, as if people are braindead enough to enjoy people reacting to things. Anyways, on with the show! We're in the lovely Vekaiyun city of Provinsk, and the weather's just right for a fantastic opening ceremony, so let's begin.
Act One: Invitation
Sonya: For those of you at home, that was the first act, invitation. Each of the 29 teenagers represented each of the Vekaiyun provinces.
Max: Gorgeous piece of music, but we couldn't really understand it.
Sonya: I'm just glad they continued our tradition of releasing a new song! I was a bit disappointed when Aeropag didn't have an original song
Max: But they had the pyrotechnics. I can't forget them.
Acts Two to Four
Max: Unlike nothing we've seen before!
Sonya: The last hour or more of performances has been truly great, far better than our very own opening ceremonies to be honest.
Max: This is far better than the pyrotechnics from the last Olympics let me tell you. I love the motifs of water, of unity, of polymer.
Sonya: You know, I wonder if they're going to make the medals partially made of polymer? I remember they wanted to make 4th place polymer medals...
Max: I don't think so, not with the large amount of money they must have spent tanks and the mermaids they hired.
Sonya: I don't think they're mer-- anyways the vulpines know how to put on a good show.
Max: Okay, onto the boring and compulsory parts of the opening ceremony now
Acts Five and Six
Sonya: You know, I never really knew what the Vekaiyun flag looked like until now -- who would have known it was red?
Max: What I took away from this is that they're so religious. Who invited the cardinal?
Sonya: You're learning, I'm learning, we're all learning today.
Max: Also I'm wondering, did Premier Levinile really participated in today's performance? We'll have to go back to the tapes and see, but that was a nice little twist.
Sonya: They had some serious underwater flame action too. Seriously, this is the best Olympic production we've ever seen, and we've been to every ceremony since the X Winter Olympics. And they kept the boring speeches to a minimum, which is a bonus in my book.
Max: I expected to be blown away and I was. Onto the parade of nations!
Act Seven
Max: Great costume for the Electrumites this time, a very sensible gold and blue uniform and some good cheering.
Sonya: Aha! So that's how you write Electrum in Unonian and Codexian.
Max: Honestly, I don't know what the difference is between the two anyways.
Sonya: Meh, I'm just going to copy those symbols down. Also, what you may notice is that the EDO are no longer a separate entity to Electrum! This is because our stupid and silly gun laws have been amended to give exception to athletes only. This means that there is no longer a need for a separate Olympic Committee to represent Electrum solely for the shooting events because of how illegal it was.
Max: I'm glad it's consigned to history.
Sonya: With that it's the end of the Opening Ceremony.
Max: It's been a long time coming, but finally Vekaiyu have hosted their very own Olympics! Tune in tomorrow morning for the men's archery in Kelssek, and the start of some swimming heats in Vekaiyu. Until then, goodnight from Network ENN.
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Postby The Royal Kingdom of Quebec » Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:28 am

Royal Quebecois Fencing Federation Announces 2030 Olympic Team Coaching Staff

Cameron Ellerslie-Han
11:11, July 7, 2030

(Winnipeg, MB) - At the conclusion of the National Championships in Winnipeg on Sunday, the last of 24 positions on the 2030 Quebec Olympic Team were finalised and staff for Team Quebec was selected.

Team Quebec Athletes selected for each of these positions will be nominated to the Royal Quebecois Olympic Committee and are subject to review and confirmation by the RQOC.

Fielding 18 athletes and 6 replacement athletes to compete in both individual and team events in Novonaya, Team Quebec includes 5 returning Olympic medalists and a total of XX athletes who completed or served as replacement athletes for past Olympic Teams, including 4 entering their 3rd Olympics.

Men's Epee
With the retirement of Krjstan Dueck and Vassily Khoklachev from coaching in national team capacity, the national team as a result welcomes two new faces to the program with great enthusiasm. Yim Hyo-Jin (58, Westmount, Montreal), after 14 years, has returned to the national team program as the head coach. A world-class Epee specialist, Yim also serves as the Head Coach to Farrer Redmen fencing teams, a traditional powerhouse. He will be personally coaching Yeung Hoon Min (33, Chicoutimi, Saguenay), a longstanding veteran entering his 3rd olympics, and Fabien Grumier (25, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale), now aged and strong after his 6th place finish in Aeropag Games. Yim will be joined by Park Jeong-Soo (48, Bathurst, Acadie), who has traveled with the national team as the personal coach of Sebastien Blanchard-Hwang (19, Bathurst, Acadie) and replacement athlete Yi Sang-Wook (25, Goose Bay, Labrador). The duo, whom holds significant connections through their respective times growing up (Blanchard-Hwang) and in college (both), is expected to make significant strides towards their development and prove their worth in Novonaya.

Women's Epee
Amelie Meyrand-Dilio (51, Montreal, Montreal) returns as the national team coach. Long experienced and prepared for the position, she has done admirably in her first olympics in Aeropag and will be serving the duty once agin. Due to Vassily Khoklachev's retirement, affecting athlete Leanne Tokarski (29, Chicoutimi, Saguenay), Meyrand-Dilio will be taking over as the program's head coach and coach all 4 athletes that include her student Eugenie Morand-Chown (24, Montreal, Montreal), as well as Annette Wilson-Joubert (18, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale) and Vanessa Scharnecchia (19, Veronaville, Montreal).

Men's Fleuret
After 24 years and 6 national championship titles as Head Coach of the Queen's University men's and women's fencing teams, Dillon Petricca (48, Montreal, Montreal) is appointed the program coach for men's foil program. Very familiar with all athletes and deep-heeled in current pool of national level fencers, Petricca is looking to continue where his former coach and teammate Dietsche-Parker, who brought a gold and a silver medal to Quebec in her tenure in Nassau Bay and Aeropag Games. She will be serving as the personal coach of a solid arsenal of foilists that include veteran Yi Gweon-Joon (28, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale), Fabien Jean-Desbarats (35, Ste-Foy, Capitale-Nationale) whose leadership is expected to anchor the team, Felix Thibault-Messier (21, Ottawa, Outaouais and young phenom Sergei Ilyin (17, Montreal, Montreal). Quebecois foilists, a team mixed with experience and youth, should be up for an uphill but high-achieving fight on the way.

Women's Fleuret
Two-time Commonwealth Games coach Danitte-Anne Varin (55, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale) returned as the national team head coach for the program in 2028. While Varin's well known for coordinating women's foil team in early and mid 2010s, he continues to groom champion athletes, including a fearsome duo of Kang Mina (29, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale) and Elizaveta Sokolova (20, Hamilton, Frontenac). After coaching the Women's foil team in 2022 to silver medal finish, Yim Yeong-Seok (60, Ottawa, Outaouais) is returning to the Novonaya Games with Nam Joo-Heui (23, Ottawa, Outaouais) and Gabrielle Kweon-Meunier (19, Kanata, Outaouais), who have successfully brought the foil dominance in Ottawa region once again on national stage.

Men's Sabre

Longtime head coach of Royal Military College women's team and Cornwall Loyalist Fencing Club, Charlotte Watson (50, Gaspe, Gaspecie) has finally rescinded her refusal to serve for the Tricolour and finally accomplished the long list of accomplishments she originally started as an athlete. Five-time Commonwealth Gold Medalist in 1998, 2002 and 2006 Games, she has signed on to lead the Men's Sabre program in 2029 after Andrei Kaidanov's hospitalisation and will be coaching at the Olympics. Her student, Guillaume Polossifakis (21, Montreal, Montreal) will be making his highly-anticipated olympic debut, and Mathieu Homer (26, Longeuil, Montreal), whom she's been working with since Kaidanov's hospitalisation. The current coach of the Royal Kingdom of Quebec Olympic Women's Sabre Team, Marcel Cody-Yi also be in the box with Watson as his athlete, Kim Joo-Hwan (37, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale), will be entering his 3rd Olympics as an athlete- looking to make it three-peat of Golds in Men's Sabre Team event.
Also making the appearance are 2-time national champion Aron Horanyi (55, Alma, Saguenay), who will be coaching his pupil of 20 years in Geza Ryan-Kodaly (33, Chicoutimi, Saguenay).

Women's Sabre

Unlike most programs, the coaching staff for women's sabre team will actually remain the same. After 6 years in waiting, it will once again be headed by Marcel Cody-Yi (46, Quebec City, Capitale-Nationale). He is currently the personal coach for two-time Olympic champion, Isabelle Park (33, Halifax, Acadie) and two-time Commonwealth Games champion Irina Scherban (28, Bathurst, Acadie). Also returning is Alexander Han-Krief (71, Laval, Montreal) is back coaching for the olympics, as he will coach replacement athlete his nephew Eleanor Sassine (27, Montreal, Montreal), in the team event. Joining Yi and Han-Krief for the coaching staff will be Nicolas Periard (45, Nampo, Abitibi-Temiscamingue), whose athlete [b]Libiana "Libby" Dunnan (24, Val d'Or, Abitibi-Temiscamingue will be making the individual debut after serving as a replacement athlete at the age of 18 in Aeropag. With a strong, intact squad that's trained together for a long, they look to overcome their remarkable inconsistency and finish better from their ninth-place finish at Aeropag Games.
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Postby Asendavia » Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:56 pm

1527 Hours
Novonoya, Kelssek
July 8, 3754 AA (2017 AD)

Torbjorn Birkeland was sitting by himself in the common room, drinking akevitt, when Anja Lunde entered the room. Deciding that he could use some company, he gestured towards Anja to sit next to him. She hesitated for a second, but then she walked over and sat next to him. Wordlessly, he gave her a glass and filled it with akevitt. With a soft "Cheers," from the both of them, they drank their akevitt. Anja put down her glass. "So, how's your day been?" she asked.

Torbjorn shrugged. "Not bad. I'm just a bit nervous for my event, that's all."

"When is that anyway?" she responded.

"I believe it starts on Day 8."

"Ah," she got the bottle of akevitt and poured herself another glass. "Mine starts on Day 3," she replied after taking a sip of her drink.

Torbjorn poured himself another glass. After downing it, he asked her, "Now it's MY turn to ask the questions. How do you like it here?"

"I think it's alright. It seems like a nice city so far. Only thing is, I don't really like these Vekaiyuns and Listonians much," she whispered the last part.

Torbjorn glared at her for a moment. "That's rude. You repay their kindness of co-hosting the Olympics, giving us a place to stay when the time comes, and holding the opening ceremony by being racist?"

"All I'm saying is-" she was cut off by Torbjorn before she could finish.

"Sure you are. I bet you think that Humans are better than everyone else. Hell, why not an Asendavian master race? I mean, I bet that's what you think, that we're better than everyone else. When it comes time to head back to Vekaiyu for some of the events, you're going to be in hell."

Her voice rose with his. "That's NOT what I'm trying to say!"

Torbjorn scoffed in disgust. "Sure it isn't," he shook his head and made to leave the room. He paused at the edge of the room. "You can keep the akevitt. I've lost all of my taste for it, just like I've lost all of my faith in humanity," with that, he left the room.

Now alone on the couch, Anja sulked. She poured herself two glasses of akevitt and downed them both. She looked around the room, but there was no one she wanted to talk to. She slowly shook her head and took the bottle of akevitt with her to her room.
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Postby Sargossa » Sat Jul 08, 2017 2:24 pm

“Good morning and welcome to our studio here in Novonaya for this, day one of the Twelfth Summer Games. There’s no competition quite like this one and we will bring you all of it. We’ll have studio guests galore, special features and, of course, every single event. For the duration of these Games SargoSport 1 & 3 will be dedicated Olympic channels. And anything you don’t find on them you will find on our blue button service. We have reporters at every venue, you don’t have to miss a moment.

“Starting in just a moment on SargoSport3 we’re live from the Novonaya Riverfront Expo for the opening events in the Fencing. Jazmín Villa in action for Sargossa today. She had of course been selected as the delegation’s flag bearer but declined the offer. She felt she couldn’t attend the ceremony over in Provinsk and then compete here in Novonaya the next day. A very mature attitude indeed. You can see her and her teammates over on SargoSport3 in just a moment. If team sports are more your thing then the blue button is for you, we’ve got the opening matches of Men’s Basketball and, on the Women’s side, Water Polo, Football and Beach Volleyball.

“There’s so much for you to enjoy. But if you’re still here on SargoSport1 you probably don’t want to listen to me talking for too much longer. So let’s find you something more exciting to watch. Traditionally it’s the first medal event of the Summer Games. It’s Cycling, it’s the Women’s Road Race and talking you through all the action from Catfields Park it’s Isabel Montoya and, first, David Cerdá…”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Archery is of course an event in which Sargossa has never won a medal and that isn’t going to change today. We have the final standings from the Men’s ranking round. Remember, it’s the top sixty four who advance and Santiago Galván was the best placed Sargossan, back in eighty first place. Omar Rosas has placed ninety sixth, after a drawing of lots with home hope Jeff Loufter, and Ulises Santana has finished one hundred and eleventh out of one hundred and twelve.”

“Thank you Roberto. So no luck there, although we probably weren’t expecting much if we’re honest. We’re not a nation with much Archery pedigree. Much like in Cycling. If you’re just joining us the first gold of the Games has come in Cycling and, unsurprisingly, it has gone to Liventia. And I doubt that’ll be the last Cycling medal we see going in that direction.

“But now, let’s get you some more live action. It’s time to throw over to a venue you’re going to be seeing a lot of in the coming days. We are off to the Provinsk Sport Natatorium, Sargossa’s men and women in action in the opening events of the Swimming. And taking you through it it’s Adriana Abarca and, first, Alberto Monreal.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“…it was Lena Alvarado, totally unmarked, who slotted it into the corner. Clear daylight now between the sides. It’s Natanians and Nosts nil, Sargossa two.”

“Good news from Yemestrovi Field. Particularly with both Gregoryisgodistan and Valanora to come for Sargossa’s Women. A good start is essential. But now we come to what will be the first of, I’m sure, many changes to our broadcast schedule. You can turn over to SargoSport3 now for continuing coverage from the Provinsk Sport Natatorium but here on SargoSport1 we’re returning to Catfields Park. It’s the final of Men’s 10m Air Pistol and Luís Rodriguez is in action for Sargossa. Calling the shots it’s Roberto Valda.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“…and with fifty metres to go Rayon is hanging on. In the outside lane it’s Amado Rayon! Navikala and Biermann are coming back at him but he’s hanging on! Listen to the noise. A huge swathe of this crowd willing Navikala forward. But it’s Rayon! Ten metres! Amado Rayon! Gold! It’s gold for Sargossa! The first of these Games. And what a performance from Amado Rayon. He wasn’t expected to be among the contenders. Eighth fastest into the final, that in itself was a creditable performance, but while the big guns Catalina Aguilar and Javier Vázquez failed to fire in their events Rayon came to the fore…”

* * * * * * * * * *

“And that brings us to the end of this broadcast. It’s official, the Games are up and running. Medals are on the board and two of them have gone to Sargossa. Luís Rodriguez with a bronze in the Air Pistol event, a first shooting medal since the Ninth Games in Zube, and a glorious gold for Amado Rayon in the pool. And it’s the pool where we will start tomorrow’s action. Catalina Aguilar will be looking to put her disappointment tonight to rest with strong showings in the heats for both the 100m Breaststroke and Backstroke. There’ll be more medals on the line in the Men’s Road Race. For the more militaristic among you the blue button will have Archery, Fencing and Shooting. And we’ll see Team Sargossa’s best paid competitors, as the Football starts in Vekaiyu. Join us then. Goodnight.”
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:25 pm


--- Trey Devlin

West Phoenician fans who were still on a proverbial sugar high after watching the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games received an additional shot of adrenaline after day 1 where West Phoenicia pulled in four medals.

Ali Dallas scored the first gold medal for the nation in the men's 56kg Weightlifting. Ali who was not born in West Phoenicia came to the country when he was 12 after his family fled a civil war in the nation of United Syrian Emirates. Always a troubled child his father got him involved in Boxing and Weightlifting to keep him off the streets. While he quickly tired of boxing he found he enjoyed the challenge of Weightlifting. Not only was it a great sport to keep fit in, it gave him not only physical power to lift abnormal high weights over his head, it also gave him the mental discipline. A gold medal win is a great honour, not only to himself but his father who inspired him and the nation that took him in.

If a gold win was not just enough to make every West Phoenician smile Trish Soong pulled in a bronze win in the women's 48kg Weightlifting. Her elated coach and Trish were all smiles as the media took their photos with Trish posing in the corny pose of biting into her medal.

West Phoenician Olympic officials did not forsee any results from Weightlifting and it was on a list of sports threatened with a financial chop. With these two wins and possible other wins it looks as if these two amazing athletes have saved Weightlifting from the chop...for the time being.

Rowena Roxborough pulled in the first silver for Team West Phoenicia in the
Swimming - Women’s 400 m Individual Medley. Rowena was thrilled to return to the XII Olympiad after first appearing at the Aeropag Summer Olympic Games where her swimming result equalled to that of a drown victim. Her appearance at Aeropag did come with some controversy Rowena Roxborough along with a handful of other female swimmers were caught flashing religious athletes from another nation. Instead of being suspended she was made to sign a morality clause to appear at these games which strictly forbids her from flashing her girls anywhere but in the shower.

Sarah Wick and her younger sister Leah did an outstanding performance at the Women’s Synchronized 3 m Springboard diving event and walk away with their first bronze. There routines were almost flauseless except for Leah Wick a little shaky on her first dive in her handstand position, and there entry into the pool was met with hardly a splash almost as smooth as butter and vegemite spread on a piece of toast.

West Phoenicia saw other remarkable results on day 1.

High profile NS Archery player Pete Long progressed to the top 64 by placing 15th. While he would have liked to have been ranked higher he knew the challenge was on with more nations and more competition, he was however satisfied that a number of his Qasden NS Archery rivals were below him in the rankings especially Tyler Ponaski.

Allison St James of the Women's individual épée in fencing has shown yet again what a top fencer she is as she sails into the Quarter-finals. Her close friend Duchess Margaret Iris narrowly missed out losing to Sarah Kluge in the third round. Both women will also unite in Epee team where West Phoenicia hopes Allison St James will have a medal around her neck if she continues to perform to such a high standard for the remainder of the rounds.

Merry-Pippin Baroda stands a great chance of a medal win as he too powered forward in the Men's individual foil to also progress to the Quarter-finals. Merry-Pippin Baroda is another returnee from the Aeropag Summer Olympic Games who has learnt from his poor performance at the last event and has improved on his fencing technique through watching the performances of other fencers multiple times during his training sessions.

Meanwhile over in Women’s Beach Volleyball Alabaster True-Path and Cleopatra True-Path had alot of tongues wagging and its guaranteed to get tongues wagging in ladies church and bridge circles across West Phoenicia for the very minimalist bikinis these two ladies where wearing.
Decked out in bikinis with the nations flag imprinted they arrived trailed by an assortment of men lured by their attire like rats to the Pied Pipper pipe playing. Aside from the revealing show the two ladies won both sets 21-15, 23-21.

Count Frederick Van Horne had a successful day in the pool in the 100m Breaststroke, finishing in the top 8 to progress to the finals. With Swimming a popular event and the majority of nations entering some great swimmers it will be an ongoing battle for West Phoenicians to qualify in their heats. With swimming one of the most government funded sporting events the whole Swimming delegation will need to lift their game. Rowena Roxborough has shown it can be done and Count Frederick Van Horne plans to be the next West Phoenician to scoop up a medal.

In addition the West Phoenician Sea Hags Water Polo team defeated Schottia 9-5 in their first match in the pool. Team Captain Alice Telle has called for possible name changes. "Sea Hags as a name is really offensive. While it may seem basic, but with our men's team known as the Mermen is there any reason why we cannot be renamed The Mermaids?"

The men's basketball team went into overtime during their first match against
Benjamin Mark. With a final score of 81-79. Basketball is see as a favourite sport especially among West Phoenician teenagers but when it comes to international events we are not making the grade. We flop at the International Basketball Championships and West Phoenician basketball fans are not giving the men's team too much hope of progression.

While she failed to achieve a medal, honourable mention goes to Ash Townsville of the Women's road race places 10th with an impressive time of 3:32:46, compared to gold finalist time of 3:32:37. Mere seconds separating 1st from 10th goes to show the very high calibre of the athletes at these games.

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Postby Tretrid » Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:45 pm

This is TBC news. Here's your daily recap on the Olympics:

In Kelssek, the Men's Archery ranking rounds took place, with all of our athletes in the competition passing to the knockout rounds, which will come later.
In the Women's Individual épée, one of our athletes made it to the third round of the R16, but none of them made to the quarterfinals.
In the Men's Individual Foil, both contestants were eliminated in the second round in the R16.

In Vekaiyu, the Women's Synchronized Springboard 3m took place and our team got 8th place.
In the Men's 400m Freestyle, both of our swimmers didn't go past the HEATs.
In the Women's 100m Butterfly, Anne Moss advanced from the HEATs to the semifinals, and also got into the finals.

The 100m Butterfly finals and the much-looked-forward-to Women's Individual Saber will be held tomorrow.
Minister of Information and Communications, The East Pacific

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The Atlae Isles
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Postby The Atlae Isles » Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:19 pm

2100 Hours
Soleri, Vekaiyu
July 8th, 12017

Serena Khristiansen paced in her temporary Olympics living quarters. It was a long day for her, watching others compete and eventually competing herself.

She had walked into the Football (Soccer) field earlier that afternoon, feeling the grass under her cleats. She was up against the host country. Everyone said they were beatable; Vekaiyu's football team was formidable, but Atlae's was one of the best.

But still, facing down the other team, it was hard to dismiss them. Even though outmatched, they managed to put up a fight, tieing 3-3 near the end.

The last 5 minutes she could remember perfectly. It would stay with her for the rest of her life.

The ball had gone into the sides, and it was thrown in. It went to Vekaiyu, who passed it to another. However, that pass was intercepted, and passed down the field to her, one of the forwards. She kicked it at the goal - and scored.

The crowd was either ecstatic or quite disappointed. They lined up and uttered "Good Game" to each other.

It was only later until she realized the profoundness of it all. She had kicked the winning goal. She would be a celebrity back home, even though essentially all she did was kick a ball into a net. But this was at the Olympics. Maybe they could get a medal, maybe they would suffer a humiliating defeat.
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Postby Kriegiersien » Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:32 am

The two Kriegiersien mechanics were sitting in the Kastruviyey Arena, eating local food and sipping from cups. Kriegiersien was playing Basketball against Emberwood coast.
One looked on his smartphone, which had just made an annoying sound.

„Mrs. Codsworth had a breakdown in cycling.“
„Not our Problem, that is in this Park, Team C has to look after that.“
„Ah, the stress. Shoot you idiot!“
„Johnson never hits the three-pointer, don‘t know why he tries it.“
„That‘s not Johnson. That is this black guy playing in Sargossa.“
„Johnson is black, too. No, the small Forward is playing in Electrum.“
„They have a basketball league in Electrum? Are you sure?“
„They are playing in our group. Of course they have a team and a league.“
„Oh man, Johnson..“
„That is not Johnson! That is the guy who plays in West Phoencia.“
„Are you blind? That‘s Simpson. The fat monster from this minor league in Darmen.“
„We are too far away here. Why did we get so lousy tickets? Unfair.“
„10 points behind already, they won‘t make it.“
He looked on his smartphone again.

„Another Mrs. Codsworth had some problems in Weightlifting. But Team W is handling it.“
“I can’t watch this. Brian just standing there, while his opponent scores two easy points.”
“Brian? That is Jesus.”
“The Center playing in Gregoryisgodistan?”
“What? You believe there are foreigners in that Horrornation?”
“Wasn’t that big news?”
“That was a refugee. Who has another name. And is not playing basketball.”
The smartphone sounded again.

“We have to look after a Mr. Handy.”
“Just work, work, work. I should have stayed on my finca in Vekaiyu. Now we miss the game.“
“They lose anyway. Let me just fetch another hot dog on the way out here.”
“That was not a hot dog.”

While the two were leaving, the scoreboard showed Johnson being substituted for the first time, to become player of the match and finally win the game for Kriegiersien.
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Winner: Championnat du monde de bandy, NS Arena Bowl, Sepak Takraw World Cup I, World Cup of Masters II
Second: World Cup of Masters I
3rd of the Maple Leaf Bowl I, Quidditch World Cup 5

Olympic Medals:
VIII Summer Orean: 2-6-10
IX Summer Zube Kytler Bay City: 6-4-15
X Summer Centralis & Nassau Bay 7-5-12
XI Summer Aeropag 0-2-4
XII Summer Novonaya & Provinsk 9-1-7
XIII Summer Republica 13-16-16
XIV Summer Orean/Istria 22-16-18

IX Winter Olympics Arcon: 2-5-3
X Winter Baseton 1-2-2
XI Winter Prescott 3-8-7
XII Winter Prescott 1-4-5
XIII Winter Prescott 4-5-4
XIV Winter Neverend & Yeaddin 6-9-7
XV Winter Clayquot 2-2-8
Overall 78-75-118

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Listonian Socialist Republic
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Postby Listonian Socialist Republic » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:53 am

Listonian Premier Stapen Evesuni was content with the blurry images before him, as that didn't require the large glasses that made him look like some kind of old vulpine man. Perhaps he couldn't see everything, and perhaps no one was really paying attention to him outside of those who immediately recognized him in the booths set up for world leaders and persons of importance, but one couldn't be too careful. After all, he sat next to some of his advisors, and they'd be sure to relay information to him if something caught their attention. That and great care was made to ensure he looked presentable. His bowtie appeared as if it had just finished its first cup of coffee - perky and pressed perfectly. He draped an arm over the empty seat next to him, exposing a suspender clad in polished steel brackets as he folded one leg over the other.

"Not bad, eh?" longtime friend and Minister of the Interior Yuko Uyastromistre, announced. He had come a long way from their beginnings long ago, when Evesuni was a revolutionary fighting for independence from Dveria and Sevropia and Yuko was a boastful lawyer drunk on the passion of nationalism and rediscovered Listonian pride. They watched as the large Vekaiyun flag was strung to the rigging that would hoist it far into the sky. "You know, if we somehow attached ourselves to this bid, that could've been our flag raised up there, too."

"Not interested," Evesuni blurted before Yuko could barely finish his suggestion.

"Well, why not?" Daszo Strovuyistre, an advisor and yet another longtime friend who had been a part of their cabal for some time, asked.

Stapen sighed. "You really want all these kinds of people running around in one of our cities after that terrorist attack in Vilines? And what about that visa issue they keep going on about?" He paused only briefly as some Vayan Catholic Cardinal led the faithful in prayer. "And then we'd have to think about sports and building for sports and all that sort, you know what I mean? I mean, you see what I'm trying to say here?"

Daszo shrugged and shifted in his seat as Yuko bit his lip. "Well, maybe if Vekaiyu makes a bid later on, we can just kind of sneak in and offer to help out with a few things? You know, like Vekaiyu did to Kelssek over there?"

A dismissive move of the hands followed. "No," Stapen retorted.

"But, but, now listen here but... you know the Listonian people would like it. Some kind of production that would be one for the ages. All the flashing lights, the moving scenery and stuff, we could even stick it to Sevropia if we really wanted to!"

"Too much work. Too much money. Too much-"

Stapen stopped when he noticed the lighting change. As the light dimmed, he tried to make out who was approaching what looked to be a square blob somewhere in the stadium. As soon as the individual began to talk, he knew immediately who it was. He put his glasses back on and tried to listen to what she had to say. But partway through her diatribe, his focus was moved from her and down to himself, remembering the fight the two of them had a few weeks prior. Perhaps she was right, perhaps he needed to lighten up a bit and lay off that scientist. But maybe he was right, too, what good is spending time with someone if it's just about work all the time? Didn't she understand all he had to go through, giving her up like he did when she was just a baby because her mother perished and he knew he wasn't smart enough to raise a child on his own? Could she understand that, even? She didn't have a kid. She didn't know what it was like trapped in the purgatory of wanting what's best for her while at the same time realizing what was best was for him to just not be there. But while he wasn't there for her, he did seem to pass on a few traits. She was just as stubborn as he was, it seemed.

"She's dressed as a performer," Yuko bemoaned. "What kind of a production is this? Leaders shouldn't stoop down like that. Other nations will look at her like an idiot."

"Nah, nah it's okay. I get it."

Yuko scoffed. "Pfft. You get something? Have you been trying to read something again?"

Stapen glared at him. "No. I mean, I get it. She's trying to connect with her people." He looked over at his blank expression. "Ah you wouldn't understand, being a lawyer and all. Sometimes you have to remind people where you're from and where you came from. And sometimes, you know, you need to remind yourself, too. Maybe they don't get it, but at least you did your part. You know?"

Yuko shifted in his seat again. "I guess so."

Evesuni put his glasses away when he couldn't see her anymore with them on. He wouldn't use them again until later in the night, when the crowds were cheering about something. The Listonian delegation. Due to the close proximity of Provinsk with respect to Listonia, it wasn't surprising that a number of Listonians and their supporters felt moved by the small delegation - Listonia's second fielded Olympic team.

He put his glasses on and immediately saw the waving banner of the Listonian nation, a flag he knew all too well when Yamano, bless his soul, came up with the design himself. Stapen actually cracked a slight smile as he watched the troupe make their iconic lap around the stadium, warmed slightly by their clear elation, but also from seeing a banner he knew all too well, one that was at one point face-down in the mud, but rescued by the collective hands of a stateless people who stood guard and were flung by the ebbs and flows of battles and crushed revolutions, only to finally come out on top and wave it proudly for all to see.

"Well, what about now?" Daszo asked. "Think we can tack on something with Vekaiyu?"

Stapen remained silent.

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IGBK - Official Olympic Broadcaster for Britonisea

Postby Britonisea » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:54 am

The Official Olympic Broadcaster for Britonisea
Broadcasters for Estogium, Nightom and the rest of the Ultimaverse

Olympic Ceremony & Day 1 \\ Who from the Britonish Delegation are we expecting to win medals? Pt2
LIKE (7,210) | MORE

The crowd in Vekaiyu were elated as they opened the Games of the XII Olympiad, one of the largest (if not the largest) shows on Earth, and the small handful of Britonish fans who helped filled the stadium were also amazed by what was happening. Going through the acts, a really good story was shown, and it really gave us all the hearty feel of the Olympics. The Olympics being broadcast on IGBK was a first in Britonisea, after BITC recently had the rights and switched it up with BVC, the largest broadcaster. IGBK did have history in multisports as it did broadcast the Olympia Games in Illyseum. IGBK is smaller in Britonisea, but there are huge benefits of the Olympics being on IGBK, including providing coverage for many nations - not just aimed at Britonisea. The Olympic Ceremony was broadcast at 20:00 BST, which was against some very strong competition from BVC and BITC, who are both very bitter. But the IGBK, who is on Channel 4, managed to pull 9.86 million (28%) viewers on television, which is easily IGBK's highest amount of viewers. It is expected that this total will pass 10 million when we add up the On Demand services.

Day One for Britonisea wasn't fantastic, but it was not horrible. Britonisea did not receive a medal on the first day, but this follows tradition of never coming close to medal contention. Summarising the result, we can tell you that the prevelance of the nation is much higher than it was a couple of years ago, and this will only be a catalyst for further improvement. As some of the events are over, this might push Britonish athletes even more as they realise their chances of being number 1 on the medal tally is closing. Aron Semon qualified in the Men's Ranking Round of Archery, and is hoping to win a medal, despite placing 31st. Ipsy Bells comes 20th in the Women's Road Race, which elated her in a field of over 100 cyclists, so she was elated. Xana Cash/Linzy Kaye won their Volleyballl- Beach match easily in straight sets. Diane-marie Nohria came joint 6th in the Women's 48kg weightlifting, only 5kgs away from getting that bronze medal; something she will work towards for next year (hoping she qualifies). Men's 56kg saw Serge Stolzenberg coming 14th, which is a good result for the Briton.

Meanwhile in Novonaya Abi Zero/Kayla Smith came 11th in the Women's 3m springboard, showing Britonisea can do well outside of Synchronised Swimming. Bentlee Nipson came 5th in his qualification, which saw him to be a contender for the gold. However, things did not go well for him in the Semi Finals, as he failed to go under 1 minute in the Men's 100m Breaststroke. Britonisea lost against Vangaziland in Men's Basketball; and is now placed 4th in their standings. In Water Polo, Women's, The Water Palace of Provinsk, Britonisea beat Elejamie 8-7, and is placed second out of four nations in their standings. Interestingly, West Phoenicia leads the medal table, and we are excited to see how far up they go!

Let's go through some of the expected medal winners.

Dave Vatenfall; Eventhough Dave Vatenfall is running in the Men's 400m and 1500m this time, it just goes to show how well flexible he is. In the previous Games in Paripana, Dave Vatenfall qualified to the Semi Finals, where in the third Semi Finals, he came an impressive fourth, very close to the second place. He placed 12th in total in the Semi Finals. He is looking to better his perform in the events he is participating in here in the XII Games. He also participated in the Men's 400m last year, where he did not do very well, crashing out of the first Round with 45.38. Dave Vatenfall has had a lot of upsets, and he is hoping to do well. We are too!

4x100 and 4x400 Men's Relay in Athletics; Mario Atletico/Dave Vatenfall/Jayden Ultimate/Gemili Tomlinson run in the Men's 4x100m relay, and this juicy team has it's heights set on gold. Mario Atletico is one of the gems of Britonisea, one of our most prized personality, known for his humble personality and him being the face of Britonish 100m sprinting. Although he has proven himself to the Britonish public, he is yet to do that on the international stage, and running with some other strong runners from Britonisea. Dave Vatenfall, well, we already spoke about him - very fast runner, an will be a benefit to the Britonish team. The strongest runner and running third is Jayden Ultimate, who won the Men's 800m in the Olympics, and is hoping to be the stamina of the group. Gemili Tomlinson will finish the group off in the home straight. Dave Vatenfall/Liam Hayes/Dean Smith/Adam Jamily run in the Men's 4x400m, and Dave Vatenfall is endeavouring it yet another race and is hoping to win another medal. Also, Liam and Dean, who are unknown, are proving themselves worthy while Adam Jamily returns to running after an absence.



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