WorldVision 55 - Dreiichibu-u-Mousiki, Izmedu [IC]

Where nations come together and discuss matters of varying degrees of importance. [In character]


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Postby Kwadai » Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:11 pm


1. Britonesia
2. Balkvla Islands
3. Togonistan
4. Arioslavia
5. Electrum
6. Mercedini
7. Izmedu

8. Nightom
10. Kalosia
12. Ethane
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Postby Grellenbyosha-ga » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:15 am

Maire, Grellenbyōsha-gese journalist and model

1- Tödlichebujoku
2- Mercedini
3- Monaeroglisseurest Pleindanguilles
4- Electrum Diplomatic Offices
5- Izmedu
6- Balkvla Islands
7- Gim

8- Adab
10- Tinhampton
12- Missus X
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Postby Kalosia » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:58 am

20/22 voting
Paola Amadin, Kalosian singer, WHF32 entrant

Buna sirë Dreícibu-u-Mousiki! It's great to see all of you again... here are the points of the Kalosian vote.

07 Kwadai
06 Izmedu
05 Adab
04 Arioslavia
03 Ethane
02 Gim
01 Britonisea

Now for the top 3. 8 points go to...

10 points go to...
Normandy & Picardy!!

And finally, the Kalosian 12 points go to...

Good luck, and see you all soon in Harrikes!

Mister X
Missus X
Electrum Diplomatic Offices
Monaeroglisseurest Pleindanguilles
Balkvla Islands
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Postby Ethane » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:00 pm

Ethane votes

12 - Normandy and Picardy
10 - Mercedini
8 - Kwadai
7 - Mister X
6 - Kalosia
5 - Electrum
4 - Missus X
2 - Nightom
1 - Izmedu
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Postby Grellenbyosha-ga » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:32 pm



Henrik is illuminated, flanked by his co-hosts and with the results in hand. "And we have a result! The voting was pretty intense this edition; in fact we have three nations clustered at the top:



*he pauses for a moment to allow fans of the three nations to cheer and scream*

"Let me drop a hint.. Despite my home nation Tödlichebujoku's less-than-satisfactory placing.... I will not concede."

The hosts then shout as one, for those who hadn't figured it out already,

"Congratulations and take it away!"


1. Nightom 95
2. Mercedini 93
3. Kalosia 89
4. Normandy & Picardy 76
5. Izmedu 68
6. Kwadai 66
7. Ethane 65
8. Electrum 64
9. Britonisea 57
10. Mister X 54
11. Togonistan 49
12. Electrum Diplomatic Offices 48
[DSQ] Zeganas 45
13. Grellenbyōsha-ga 43 (7 nations voted)
14. Gim 43 (6 nations voted)
15. Arioslavia 41 (11 nations voted)
16. Adab 41 (7 nations voted)
17. Balkvla Islands 40
18. Monaeroglisseurest Pleindanguilles 38 (8 nations voted)
19. Tödlichebujoku 38 (7 nations voted)
20. Missus X 35
21. Tinhampton 30
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Postby Nightom » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:05 pm

Matinée Schylestreake - "I Will Not Concede"
Tune : Simone - "Heart Shaped Hole"
Writers: Silver Kjornborn, Vincenti Xaveborn
Music Enwritin Smegborn, Nirentina Chubyorn, Naqeemi Salhelm


Matinée Schylestreake will represent Nightom in the 55th WorldVision Song Contest. Nightom is returning to the song contest after ten editions. Last time that Nightom participated in the WorldVision Song Contest, it was during the WorldVision Song Contest 45 in The Sarian's Lavington. During the contest in The Sarian, Nightom performed first out of twenty nine countries (thirty-eight countries if you count those who were disqualified.) From this, Nightom placed a respectable 15th place with a total score of 41 points, from 9 different countries, including ten points from Ethane. However, fast forward ten editions and we are now at the competition in Izmedu, and we are ready to learn from our mistakes.

"This proves that us small nations can excel on the big stage!"
-Matinée Schylestreake

Indeed, she would not concede to defeat in the 31st World Hit Festival. With the same song, "I Will Not Concede," she moved nearby to Dreiichibu-u-Mousiki to start working on the song. How will she improve the song? How would she find that path to victory? She didn't know but all she could've done was performed to the best of her ability and step on to the Izmeduan stage. It seemed that WorldVision was kinder to Matinée as she won with 95 points. The country of 17 million people can now feel proud of what they have done. Interestingly, this is only Nightom's second appearance in the WorldVision Song Contest - and so this is a massive achievement. Also, this is ten editions since the debut of Nightom - all the way back in WorldVision 45. This is a special gift to them. Will Nightom return next edition? Or will they wait another ten editions?

We won't keep you waiting; enjoy the winning song for one final time. It's Matinée Schylestreake, singing "I Will Not Concede!"

As the Song started, her figure was already on stage. She was standing with her back towards the audience, looking at the backboard of the arena's stage. The stage was a fiery red and orange - infused together to make a dangerous display. The camera came from the back screen of the stage to meet her face to face. As the camera came closer to her face, she smiled ever so slightly. She then looked to the right, where another camera had greeted her. She then began to sing the song.

I have now returned,
I am back in town,
I've traveled a long way.
You tried to run away,
But I was on to you.
Now it's time to voice the truth.

She then turned around, now facing 90° clockwise from where she was previously. The staging was still quite fiery and it showed now signs of slowing down - the fire raged on. She held out her hand, singing the song with passion. She felt used, she felt abused. She wanted to convey this message with her audience - both in the arena and at home.

Do you think that they will be in your favour?
You better think again!
I've been so down low,
But you were sky high!
Oh, you'll deserve what's coming...

She then slowly started to turn around more. The camera, however, spinning around her in the opposite direction. At every four bars, the camera would meet her face and out, would she hold her hand. When she started to sing about how she had been "down low," she went down to the floor, and a camera from above her came closer to her. She then looked up and pointed as she sang about what will be coming.

As she did that, a 3-D spectacle happened, where it looked as though she was trying to reach for the camera, but she was sinking under. The floor of the stage was compensating to this illusion and of course, the movement of the camera.

On a fight, a conquest!
I will tear you down.
You'll defend, I'll fight back!
As I will not concede!

She started to sing the chorus, she had totally turned around all the way and the camera came from the far end of the arena, zooming in on her face at 40mph and the stage behind her crumbling from hellish red and orange to turquoise green. A wave was created with the staging behind her, which was complimented with 3-D effects which made it seem as if the wave was coming out of the stage - thanks to the camera work.

As she sang about how she will "shelter," she walked to the left of the stage, with the camera behind her. The spotlight were infront of her, so as she walked, each spotlight would turn on, paving the way for her to walk. She then stopped and raised her hand in the air as she sang "I will not concede!" The camera then faded in to darkness, and so did the arena.

Another camera came from in front of her and greeted her in the face, similar to how it was done earlier in the song, near the start of the song. However, her facial expressions were somewhat different. She looked angry and slightly flustered. She raised her hand to her ear and roughed up her hair to show her frustration.

I was left to think,
It was all on me.
You've put me in great doubt.
I knew the day of judgement would come.
You are up for trial! Justice sounds good,
And so does my voice!
Once was silent, but I'm now heard!

She then started to walk backwards back to the main bulk of the stage. She still looked confused as she walked back, with her head lowered - ashamed to show the audience her true emotion. How could someone have done this to her? A strong woman she thought she was. She started to doubt herself.

When she sung about how "Justice sounds good," the camera zoomed passed her and confronted a violinist on the side of the arena. The light then focused on the violinist and so did the camera, so that the people in the arena and those watching on television could see. The violinist stressed the next section as this was her bit to shine. The light, which had previously been yellow turned back to hellish red. After "heard!" was sung, a splash of pink and yellow blew up on the stage with petals on the screens. However, there were some petals which were blown on to the stage to make the staging look more realistic.

On a fight, a conquest!
I will strike you down.
You'll defend, I'll soar high!
I will not concede!

The song was about to increase in texture before dropping dramatically. She had to make sure that this would good, and so this was complemented but quick and fast camera shots. She just stood there on the stage as the fan machines were turned on and the rest did the job.

I won't surrender
I'm your contender

I will not, I will not concede.
I'll linger in your mind,
Have regret for your life

I will not, I will not concede.

Her head was so up that she was looking at the ceiling of the arena. She was turning around on the spot, and she turned on the spot, the floor LED made spirals which would ripple throughout the whole floor of the stage. She raised up her hand to the sky and lowered her head down to the floor.

Never surrender. I'll never render,
The love we once shared together!

On a fight, a conquest!
I will break you down.
You'll defend, And I'll rise!
I will not concede!

I will not, I will not,

After the drums kicked in for the last time, the stage then fell in everything. A single white spotlight was on her for the last bit of the song (the one with the larger font), and lifting her face from looking down on the floor, with a line of mascara dripping down her face.

She then shouted to the audience, "Thank-you very much! We love you all!"


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Greenstead Votes

Postby Greenstead » Mon May 15, 2017 1:21 pm

Greensteadian citizens votes for:

12 - Mercedini
10 -Mister X
8 - Kwadai
7 -Missus X
5 - Electrum
4 - Kalosia
3 - Nightom
2 - Normtandy and Picardy
1 - Izmedu

Hosted by Levi Freeman
Broadcast Live Feed From: GBC



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