389th Orbital Police Corps [Archive]

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389th Orbital Police Corps [Archive]

Postby Vancon » Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:56 am

The Newest Van RP:
A mash up of some of the best Scifi out there


389th Orbital Police Corps

We will have promotions. Most likely after our first mission, to get some of our SC's up and into a Sergeant position.

-Major Rubin
    Major Rubin's Assistant, Lieutenant Faye

-Lieutenant Commander Ruki

-Lieutenant Mizushima
-Lieutenant Slager

-Sergeant Rothar
-Sergeant Yseult
-Sergeant McLeod
-Sergeant McLean

-Senior Constable Khalid bin Jalili
-Senior Constable Jelinek
-Senior Constable Capell
-Senior Constable von Valatyera
-Senior Constable Franson
-Senior Constable Gladstone
-Senior Constable Craine
-Senior Constable Smith
-Senior Constable Diaz
-Senior Constable Cichy
-Senior Constable Price
-Senior Constable Legion
-Senior Constable Shay
-Senior Constable

-Constable Schenberg-Anich
-Constable Averow
-Constable Ryan
-Constable Rath
-Constable Miller
-Constable Cooper
-Constable Metzer
-Constable Burov

Team Alpha: Lieutenant Mizushima (IC)
Sergeant Yseult (2 IC) (marksman)
Sergeant Rothar (medic)
Sergeant Shay (I hope you don't mind me giving Kassaran's character this rank)
Senior Constable Legion (Mechanic)
Senior Constable von Valatyera
Senior Constable Capell (gunner)
Constable Schenberg-Anich (mechanic)
Constable Averow (mechanic)
Constable Cooper (mech driver)
Constable Price (medic)
Constable Schweitzer
Constable Burov (medic)
Team Bravo: Lieutenant Slager (IC)
Sergeant Mclean (2 IC) (mech driver)
Sergeant Mcleod (gunner)
Senior Constable Jalili (gunner)
Senior Constable Jelinek (marksman)
Senior Constable Ryan Gladstone
Senior Constable Franson
Senior Constable Smith
Senior Constable Diaz (medic)
Constable Ryan
Constable Rath
Constable Miller
Constable Cichy (marksman)

My App

Name: Major Hans Rubin
Age: 38 Physically; 70 Mentally.
Gender: Male
Appearance: The major in all his glory
Preferred rank: Major
Preferred class: Tactical-ish.
Nationality: Swedish/German
Experience: 62 years
Hight & weight: 6'1''
Short Bio: By use of cryogenic sleep and advanced mechanics, Hans has lived for much longer then it appears. Ever since he was 8 years old, he has been taught now to lead the next wave of the OPC against a foreboding Crime wave that was foretold to hit as the drug trade went down. Every evening, he would sleep in a specially designed cryo pod so that he would be able to shave of time of his lifespan spent sleeping. Now, with the crime wave in full force, Hans has rose, and risen, to the challenge for the past 20 years.
RP example: No. Just, no.
Likes :
    Effeicency, as his father taught him
    Classiness, as his Grandfather taught him
    Style, as his other father taught him
    Guitars, in all kinds of music, like his Assistant taught him.
    Also Rubies. He really likes them, mainly since they're red and shiny but also since he has a locket with a ruby in it.
    Annoying brats
    People that disobey orders
    People who don't take action or matters into their own hands.
Full Bio: Adopted at birth into a family of 2 male parents, a swedish cop and a german engineer, he was raised to be a kind individual. He was always taught to fight against injustice and to help those in a worse state then himself. Because of his parent's endless pushing him towards a life of justice, they put his name in for a program of sorts within the newly formed group known as the Orbital Police Corps.

From when he was 8 years old, he was enrolled in their Future Leader program, which was for all intents and purposes a mix of a boarding school and a prison, with the ability for Parents to show up whenever they wanted. With his one allocated hour of spare time, he learnt how to dress well, eat well and act well. All to become the perfect leader. When he turned 16, he was given his very first week off.

The Father duo brought him home to their little home on the seaside just outside of Stralstund, Germany. It was a stormy week, like none other before. In this time home he had received naught but one gift: A silver locket no bigger then a poker chip encrusted with a large red ruby with a long silver chain. On the back it had a small clock, with roman numerals. It was given to him for answering a simple question from his parents: ''Why do you fight?''

Skipping ahead quite a while, long after his parents had both seen the end of their days, he looks no older then when they adopted him in the first place. Now he is still attempting to go higher in the ranks, and will never stop as long as he is still able to go higher. To stunt his growth in the Corps, many of his colleagues have pushed him into being in charge of one of the most dangerous places, Cape Town, South Africa, with the goal of him seeing an untimely death.
Theme: Everyone fights; No one Quits. Otherwise, I'll shoot you myself
Blood type: A-
Sexuality: Straight
Mech Information:
    MX-8 Combat Drone
    2x 14.7mm Chainguns or 30mm auto cannons.
    6x Smoke Grenade Launchers
    Cloaking devices
    Heat sensors.
    Storage space for himself.
Mech Image: A trio of These
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Postby The United Remnants of America » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:01 pm

Name: Kael Rothar
Appearance: Image
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Preferred rank: Lieutenant
Preferred class: Support
Nationality: American
Experience: 5 Years
Hight & weight: 5'9", 135
Short Bio: Kael grew up in the Chicago District in America. Coming from a working class family, his father and mother both employed at a large fabrication plant, Kael knew one thing growing up: He didn't want to do that. 18 years old, and ready to try and join the Joint Military Force left him at a disadvantage; He failed his physical examination for having poor eyesight. So, pressed for money, Kael took a service job at a McDonald's just a few blocks from his childhood home. Fast-orward 2 years, 20-year-old Kael Rothar stands proud with his fellow accepted recruits to join the Orbital Police, a new up-and-coming private security force that deals with a multitude of global issues. The OPD allowed him in, and even offered to surgically augment his eyesight so that he'd be able to see clearly, all he needed to wear was a pair of corrective contacts that made his irises appear to glow a soft blue from the circuitry in them. Kael wouldn't find out until later that the contacts were also equipped with an augmented reality heads-up display for in mission situations that allowed him to identify friends from foes using the IFF that every OPD officer had. Finally, fast-forward five years, and young Kael Rothar is now a mid-level field medic with the 389th OP Corps.
RP example: Jump Gate Jockeys, LoS, Project Warfigther, etc. (Van, I see you too much)
Likes : Foreign women, staying employed, watching gladiatorial combat games
Dislikes: Having to patch himself up, "hard landings," his 3-year dry streak with women
Full Bio: Check the "Short" Bio.
Blood type: O-
Sexuality: Heterosexual
If you choose Medic,
Weapon: Magsec SMG
Medical kit: injector gun, Stims, gauze/bandages, cauterizer, nanoinjector, tranquilizer, morphine, sealant gel, gloves, HUD contacts that can target injury or illness.
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Postby Aquesta » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:02 pm

Name: Cormac Ryan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Face Armour
Preferred rank: Sergeant
Preferred class: Combat officer
Nationality: Irish
Experience:2 years with the orbital police corps.
Height & weight: 5'8" ,153 pounds
Short Bio: Cormac was born in Thurles Co.Tipperary,Ireland. A small town with most of the industries there having shut down it had a strong outflow of young people. His father was a garda (Police man) and his mother was a secretary. When Cormac finished secondary school he knew he wanted to be a law enforcement officer, however he couldn't join the Irish police force the garda síochána as a requisite for joining was 2 languages and Cormac had failed his Irish test for the leaving certificate. Left with few options Cormac decided to join the orbital police corps. He passed basic training and after a couple months on the job he became to be known as ruthless,cold law enforcement officer who did what other officers might balk at.
RP example: Sword art online,21 years in the future,Mass effect:Homefront
Likes : Video games,politics,reading,peace and quiet,Ireland,Catholicism,nationalism,classical music.
Dislikes:Feminism,Britain,Loud people,cheery optimistic people,alcohol,drugs,pop music,rap music.
Full Bio: See short bio
Theme: Duo Des Fleurs
Blood type: O+
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Weapon:Multi-purpose rifle
Snubnose Revolver
Spare gear: Nightstick
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Postby Icrum » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:11 pm

Name: Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Sydney Schenberg-Anich

Age: 19 1/2
Gender: Female
Preferred rank: Constable
Preferred class: Mechanic
Nationality: Swedish/American
Experience: Fresh Blood
Hight & weight: 5'10" and 145 lbs.
Short Bio: Born to a military Vetran and a mechanic, Lizzy grew up surrounded by war and vehicles. When she turned 6, she wanted to drive APCs to deliver troops to the front lines. However, at the age of 15, she changed her mind and wanted to become a military mechanic. It was on her 16th birthday when she then changed her mind to join the police force. She was having a smashing time when a murderer came and began to shoot her and her friends up. Lizzy's mom, a navy seal Vetran (F da rulez), almost instantaneously took the murderer down with lethal force. However, two of Lizzy's friends were killed and Lizzy was wounded in the hip. After a couple of surgeries, Lizzy vowed to join the police force to help stop criminals. After completing the Police Academy, she was assigned to the role of Mechanic as she was extremely adept at repairng vehicles, no doubt die to her father's influence.
RP example: You know me Van-Senpai
Likes : Tanks, Family, and Video Games
Dislikes: Jets, Death, and Douchebags
Full Bio: See Short Bio
Theme: None as of Right Now
Blood type: AB+
Sexuality: Bisexual
If you choose Mechanic,
Weapon: Morita Rifle
Toolkit: Wrench, Blowtorch, Screwdriver (Both kinds), Hammer, Hormel Spam, Duct Tape, and a Crowbar
Small Drone: Scout Drone
Explosives: C4
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Postby Perestroikavo » Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:48 pm

[quote="Perestroikavo";p="23490749"]Name: Khalid bin Jalili
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Appearance: Here
Preferred rank: Lieutenant
Preferred class: Support [Gunner]
Nationality: Iranian
Experience: 6 years with ISIS, 2 with the IRIA afterwards.
Height & weight: 172 cm tall, 98 kg.
Short Bio: Khalid was recruited to ISIS, captured, saved through ratting, ran from ISIS, arrested again, and picked up to the Corps by the same diplomat that saved him before.
RP example: You both know me.
Likes : Cigars, Whiskey, the simple things in life.
Dislikes: Complex designs, new age tech, people open about non-heterosexuality, hostility to the Quran.
Full Bio: As a small boy, Khalid was taught that loyalty to Islam was the most important thing in life. That without that little scrap of order in this chaotic world, he would be destroyed. This message was fed to him all through his relatively normal childhood years. Khalid was recruited into ISIS as an idealistic young man when he was 18, and he fought faithfully by his Muslim brothers until the very end. Khalid fought tooth and nail against the NATO, and participated in some rather heinous crimes, such as bombing buildings, or executing hostages that belonged to NATO affiliated countries. Over the years, his wisdom grew, and he went from a simple fighter to the highest echelons of ISIS leadership. His time came at last, when he grew tired of all the bloodshed.

He had been identified as the man executing 3 hostages on film, and NATO had made a concerted effort to track him down. He was sitting down, smoking a cigar and going over maps with other ISIS leadership, devising battle plans and discussing logistics. The firebombing came in first, and with terrible shouts and noise came several hundred men from at least a dozen helicopters. Doors were kicked in, and Khalid watched as him comrades were shot right beside him. With NATO airstrikes pounding the bunker, and troops advancing into all the exits, he had no choice, but to surrender. Strangely enough, Khalid wasn't bitter, or even angry at the reality of the situation. It was just how war went. It was in prison in Geneva that he finally realized the gravity of his situation, serving a triple life sentence. After 2 years, his savior came, in the form of a United States diplomat.

In exchange for ratting out his friends in ISIS, and serving a short stint with the IRIA afterwards, he could walk free. What he did with that life was none of their buisiness, he was assured. Khalid knew that he was looking at two bad choices, and prison was the worst of the two. On his 34th birthday, Khalid was a free man, with a price on his head from ISIS. He found himself between a rock and a hard place, hiding to survive for several months, until he was picked up by local police for being a vagrant. Once again, he was saved from the slammer by the same mysterious US diplomat, this time offering him a job with the 398th Orbital Police Corps. Khalid didn't like all the newfangled gadgets they used, nor did he understand them, but he knew that it was his ticket out of danger. He accepted, and two days later, was transferred to the facility.

Though Khalid only served a few years, the Corps recognized the experience and that only wartime planning and combat could give you, and he was brought on as an assistant to the Sr Lt. Time went on, and he eventually became advisor to the Commander of the Corps, helping plan for terrorist situations and how to deal with heavily armed opponents, suffering as little casualties as possible. His career was the new highlight of his life, and his entire past was scrubbed from his records, only known by 3 people on the base, including himself. Khalid prided himself with his work, and his 38th birthday present was a promotion to Lieutenant, and a transfer to fieldwork. Khalid was disappointed he was going to have to be seperated from the friends he had made over the years, but took his transfer orders with a straight face, and an even straighter posture.
Theme: Bet you weren't expecting this
Blood type: B-
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Weapon(s): UR-47 LMG- The UR 47 was designed to make machinegunner's more mobile and lighter, especially for those in parachuting jobs. It shaves off the unneccesary weight of a stock and instead of a large box magazine, has a spring-fed cylinder magazine that loads into the bottom of the gun. It's bullpup design allows it to be used in close quarters combat, as well as longer range engagements with the scope on top of it. The UR-47 fires a tungsten-cored FMJ 7.62x39 caliber bullet, capable of penetrating the armor of most light attack vehicles and helicopters. The UR-47 is known for its rugged reliablity and use in the five main powers of the world's military service, including the USA, Russia, UK, Germany and China.
V-88 Judge The V-88 judge is the premiere non-lethal handgun in the world, firing either taser or rubber rounds. The gun cannot physically accept anything larger than these two, including live ammunition for revolvers of a similar caliber. The V-88 mixes both stopping power and accuracy, striking a mix between both at the cost of little to no concealability. It's revolving action holds the standard 6 rounds, and each round recharges or automatically ejects, depending if it's taser or rubber. It is reccommended that the officer's using such a weapon keep an eye on it, for it is a favorite to steal and sell, each one fetching far more than a fair price on the blackmarket. The V-88 sees use by over 1,000 officers today.
Spare gear: T-96E Combat Armor-Engineered after the goals of the Russian Federation's T-90 series tanks, the T-96E combat suit combines both armoring with a good level of agility. Constant cooling is run through the inner workings of the suit, and this same cooling can be turned off to make the wearer warm again. Such a suit requires that the wearer be implemented with several microchips installed in their bodies, as the suit can still overextend and literally tear the wearer apart on the inside without them. Without the pistons and hydralics that help the wearer use the suit, it's 119 pounds of armor, much to heavy for any user to wear practically. It utilizes a titanium alloy-kevlar weave configuration to provide the best possible protection from small arms fire, but lacking the plating to do much against larger caliber rifle rounds and explosives. The main feature of the T-96-E is it's hydralically enhanced agility. The wearer can run at speeds up to 23 miles an hour (for 15 seconds) and 6 miles an hour for up to 23 miles. In addition, most user's had a 617 percent increase in jump height, and a 89 percent increase in upper body strength. Integrated night vision into the helmet helps to locate objects in the dark, and a small communications bundle can be added, for a fee. The T-96E is currently in use with 3 militaries and over 200 police departments in the world.
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Postby Isle of Lithonia » Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:36 pm

Name: Ruki
Age: 29
Gender: Male (Psychologically is Bigender, for the record)
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Preferred class: Combat Officer
Nationality: American
Experience: Four years in LAPD SWAT, Five years in Orbital Police
Height & weight: 5'10", 155 pounds.
Short Bio: Ruki is bigender, and had a rather frustrating early life which was interrupted by joining the LA Police Academy. There he came to grips with who he was, and began his (so far) successful career as a peace officer.
RP example: Hell nuh.
Likes: Alternative weaponry, freerunning, heavy metal, cosplaying in free time, less-lethal/non-lethal tactics, horror flicks.
Dislikes: Overly happy-pappy people, lazy asses, douches, religious bigots (traditional Christians especially piss him off), nuclear warfare, use of excessive force.
Full Bio: I've made like, what, six or seven of these in the last three months?!?! Ugh...

Ruki was born and raised in... America (Gott im Himmel!!!), specifically LA California (Vad i helvete?!). He was a rather solemn child, and throughout most of his teenage years he was an introverted personality and social outcast. Why? Well, Ruki wasn't "normal". He was constantly warring with himself, trying to understand just who he was (I use "he" because of his physical sex). Sometimes, he thought of himself as a girl, at others a boy. But he was told by everyone that this was not possible. Well, it technically was possible, but only for complete freaks. Ruki didn't want to be a freak, and he was afraid of himself. As he grew older, he merely came to loathe who he was, and continually repressed his "freak" side.

In order to atone for being who he was, Ruki decided to get into a "respectable" career. He joined the LA Police Academy, pouring himself into the work. Quickly he rose to the top of his class, and was a favorite of the teachers. Through this, he gained most of the training that would propel him into the Orbital Police force. But it wasn't necessarily the "down and dirty" training he received that had the deepest impact upon him.

The Academy, in accordance with new State and Federal laws, gave cadets courses regarding current gender issues. The course taught cadets about the LGBT community and related issues, all in an attempt to rid the LAPD of bias and prejudice with regards to those who did not fall into the "traditional gender" system. This was huge for Ruki, who was finally able to begin accepting himself for who he was, in spite of what people in the past told him.

By the time he entered the LAPD, he had come to grips with himself, and was openly bigender. Within the first few months, he joined the SWAT, and began his rather successful four year stint with them.

However, the American nationalism (even in LA of all places) was exceedingly abrasive to his recently gained cosmopolitan beliefs. And being in the LAPD meant that he only served that little locale within the US, rather than the whole world. So he joined up with the Orbital Police Corps.

Since then, he has consistently shown his level-headed approach to police work. On more than one occasion, his quick and out of the box thinking averted a great deal of violence, ending very dangerous situations with little to no bloodshed. And constantly he has been advocating for more less-lethal and non-lethal tactics and equipment to be utilized by the OPC at large (to the chagrin of his more aggressive peers and superiors).

Theme: Vinushka-Dir En Grey
Blood type: B+
Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Laser Pulser: A bullpup assault rifle which uses focused beams of light to inflict damage on the target by burning into it and causing its outer surface to vaporize and expand, creating an explosive effect. The laser beam is pulsed in order to bite into the target before the beam is diffused. This lethal mode fires in semi-auto, and has inferior penetration power in comparison to more traditional, kinetic weapons (thus is best used against unarmored opponents).

    One advantage to the pulser is that it can be placed in less-lethal mode. In this case, it first fires a pulse at the target to create a ball of plasma, quickly fired by a second pulse that strikes the plasma and creates a flash-bang shockwave to stun and disorient the target.
    This blast has an area of effect with a three-feet radius. Anyone caught in the blast is temporarily stunned and disoriented, and if hit directly is knocked down and paralyzed for a short time. In this stun setting, the pulser fires only in single-shot mode (with each shot costing the same battery power as three normal shots), and takes three seconds to cool off.

    The pulser uses nuclear battery packs which hold seventy-five shots each. After the battery is used up, it will recharge on its own, and takes four hours to charge. Ruki carries three battery packs (one in the pulser, two on his person).
  • Pistol with flux rounds: bullets made from rheological materials that allow each bullet to be “programmed” so that they may change from regular rounds to less-lethal soft plastic-like rounds. This allows the firer to choose the type of round (regular or plastic) made with each shot, and then change with the next one. (3 magazines, each magazine carries 12 rounds)

Spare gear:
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Postby Charmera » Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:07 am

Name: Yukiko Mizushima
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Preferred rank: Senior Constable
Preferred class: Combat Officer
Nationality: Japanese
Six years in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
(One year in the Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital)
Two Years in the Orbital Police Corps
Trained in various martial arts
Height & weight: 6ft 2
148 pounds
Short Bio: (See the Full bio for the non-abridged version)
Yukiko was a sheltered child who due to mental trauma from being kidnapped and bullied became violent. She joined the Tokyo police force and was a success story all around, even getting to detective rank, but eventually a single case she had several mental breakdowns, which landed her in a mental hospital. She eventually came out of it, but was rehired this time by the OPC.

RP example:

Full Bio:
At the start of her childhood, Yukiko Mizushima was kept in a controlled, sterile, safe environment. Her Father and Mother were both successful and wealthy and insisted on keeping their little flower so protected, due to her family’s record of unstable mental health. She was always a fierce and strong willed girl, but still tried her best to play the role of the perfect little princess. Unfortunately, when she turned age 8, she was kidnapped by two criminals, each with crippling drug addictions and deteriorating mental states, who had the idea of kidnapping a little rich girl so they could extort the family for money.

Yukikos parents paid the ransom, but that only encouraged the two kidnappers (who happened to be husband and wife) to gamble for more money. When the parents inevitably involved the police, the three men disappeared with their daughter. The police were unable to track the kidnappers, leaving Yukiko in their hands.

Yukiko was subjected to horrific abuse from the kidnappers, still hanging onto her because of the possibility of being able to extort more money from her parents and out of some strange, twisted desire to raise her as their own child due to being unable to reproduce themselves. They managed to hold onto her for two years, keeping her in a basement while they used the money from the Ransom to build a life for themselves, keeping secret the girl in their basement. This bred an anger and frustration in Yukiko, as she grew to hate the people who kidnapped her.

Eventually, she was lucky enough to be able to get ahold of a phone, which she used to inform the police of her whereabouts. This time, they managed to rescue Yukiko, who was scarred by the event, being the groundwork for the rest of her life of creeping rage.

When she got back to school and life, things had changed. Her parents had developed a rift between them, each blaming the other for their daughters misfortune and their ensuring financial deterioration. Also, the abuse had not stopped. She was subject to a cruel amount of bullying in school, abuse both verbal and physical. At first she endured it, but the more she didn’t do anything the worse it became. She couldn’t tell her parents, they weren’t taking it nearly serious enough. She couldn’t tell the teachers, who didn’t take it seriously at all, in fact she was reprimanded for doing so. Plus, most of the abuse happened outside of school. She felt trapped and helpless again, unable to do anything… reminding her of her kidnapping.

A year after her return to normal life, she finally snapped and lashed out at a bully who happened to be tormenting her at the time. She didn’t win the ensuing fight, but she would remember the feeling unleashing her inner frustration and rage. And she now knew she didn’t have to endure the bullying any longer. Unfortunately, she took the less than healthy route in dealing with her anger…

She took martial arts and defense classes, her parents becoming less concerned with her as they themselves became consumed in a marital war with each other. Soon she was able to put up a fight against the bullies, and soon she came to enjoy the fighting, especially hurting those who had hurt her. She might have even become some sort of bully had her determined career lead her to the Japanese police academy. Since she wanted to become an officer of the law to prevent others from suffering the same fate as her kidnapping, she worked hard to pass the requirements. Arguably, she could have been joining to fulfil some sort of desire for revenge too…

She passed with flying colours and got a job in the Tokyo Police Department. She became an excellent police officer, a rising star, though the stress and the nature of the job did nothing to help her deteriorating mental state. However the comradeship of her coworkers and their support at least encouraged her to mask her ailing mind, though on occasion she has had explosions of rage at others.

One year before the end of her career, she was promoted to detective. Her first case was one with a serial killer who seemed to go after young rich girls specifically. After a while on the case, the murderer started taunting her, seeming to exploit her rage strategically as part of his sick game. Yukiko eventually became deeply personally involved in the case. She eventually discovered that this was someone she had gone to school with and who had bullied her. This only made her more determined to find him.

Unfortunatly, the stress was starting to get to her, and she was starting to crack. She eventually had a series of three mental breakdowns (all of which were violent and often resulted in one of her co workers getting hurt). After the first, she was taken off the case. The second was after the killer was still taunting her and she was demoted. After the third she found herself in a mental hospital for some time.

When she got out of the hospital, she had changed somewhat, becoming completely reserved and burying her emotions deep down, knowing they were only hurting. She was not offered her job in the force back, though managed to find the Orbital Police Corps wiling to hire her. With little other options, she joined them.
Blood type: A+
Sexuality: Bi
Weapon: Shotgun, Pistol.
Spare gear:Tear gas, Taser, knives, flashlight.
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Postby The Armed Republic of Dutch Coolness » Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:08 am

Name: Laurens Slager(Lawrence for you English lot)
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Preferred rank: Lieutenant
Preferred class: Support [Gunner]
Nationality: Dutch
Experience: 2 years Rotterdam Police Department
5 years of service in the Militaire Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst
3 years at the Orbital Police Corps.
Height & weight: 198 cm
92kg (using the superior metric system here, guys!)
Short Bio: Grew up in the province of Zeeland, in the Netherlands - a rather quiet area where you can't find a single flying fuck. Studied Public Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, but eventually ended up in the local police force as a detective. He was soon recruited by the MIVD, where he stayed for 5 years before being honorably discharged, and joining the Orbital Police Corps.
RP example: You know me.
Likes : Reading the news and about economics and politics in general, playing vidya games, watching series, reading, Heineken beer.
Dislikes: Nationalists/patriots, mean-ass huggers trying to kill him, Amstel beer (tastes like piss, mate).
Full Bio:
Theme: There y'are
Blood type: O+
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Weapon: Heckler & Koch MG4
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Postby Atlannia » Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:51 am

Name: Kelly Averow
Age: 26
Gender: female
Preferred rank: Constable
Preferred class: Support (mechanic)
Nationality: Australian
Experience: 4 years with Altona private security, 1 year with the the Orbital Police Corp.
Hight & weight: 174 cm. 84 kg.
Short Bio: Kelly's Father was a talented engineer and inventor working for the successful Altona company. A victim of corporate espionage Robert Averow was killed by agents of a rival company in a botched operation that also saw his young daughter seriously injured, her face hideously scarred. The Altona company had a generous insurance policy and took care of Averow's widow and daughter, even paying for re constructive surgery for Kelly. Unfortunately a clerical error saw her face reconstructed with the wrong features, those of another, similar patient. Kelly was so traumatised by the combination of the attack and her wrong features that she couldn't bear to look at her own face, suffering panic attacks and depression. She took solace in her Father's last prototype, a combat visor capable of displaying a number of expressions by reading the wearer's facial muscles and mimicking them. This feature was indented to raise rapport with non combatants whilst still protecting the wearer's identity. Kelly now wears the mask more or less constantly and while perhaps a little off putting is otherwise capable of functioning perfectly well. Kelly joined the Altona company partly out of gratitude after graduation and discovered she had inherited her father's talent for working with machines however whilst working for the company overseas she was heavily affected by the violent and widespread crime and eventually left the company to pursue a career in law enforcement.
RP example:
Likes : robots, machinery in general, chocolate, her privacy
Dislikes: Privacy invasions, children being hurt, spies
Full Bio:
Blood type: I dunno AB?
Sexuality: straight
If you choose Mechanic,
Weapon: Altona 32C carbine (The gun in the picture)
Toolkit: A plasma cutter able to sever most materials or solder together metals (in limited volume), a multitool with screwdriver, saw, wire clipper, etc. 7m high strength rope, all purpose, high strength adhesive tape, Altona EX2 universal battery, Wrist mounted smart gauntlet for controlling drones and interfacing with external networks.
Small Drone: appearance TBA, its main features are flight, a camera able to transmit live footage and a small claw for manipulating and transporting small equipment such as grenades.
Explosives: EMP grenades?

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Postby Northern Arcadian Empire » Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:56 am

Northern Arcadian Empire wrote:
Apperance White, brown hair, brown eyes, wears glasses, some stubble of a beard
Name: Christopher Rath
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Preferred rank: Constable
Preferred class: Combat
Nationality: American
Experience: Fresh out of Basic
Hight & weight: 4'9" and 180 lbs
Short Bio: Born into a middle class family, mother was killed when he was 12 form a "car crash". He later joins the police force at 18, and now is a fresh recruit
RP example: Here is my own Rp that I have made
Likes : rock music, country music, steak, history, running, video games and guns
Dislikes: traitors, criminals that use innocent people as human shields, drug addicts
Full Bio: Chris was born into a small middle class family around Junction City Kansas, he was a only child so he got alot of things but he valued his family and friends. His father was a soldier so he moved around alot trying to create new friends. When he was 12 his father was deployed leaving him and his mother, later his mother was killed in a supposed car crash, his father came back home immediately in order to take care of him. Later he begun to peruse the world of law, to find who killed his mother. So at the age of 18 he enlisted in the Orbital police corps, he was accepted and then trained until he was 20. Now he is a fresh recruit ready for some action.
Theme: American badass by kid rock
Blood type: O
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Weapon: Rifle
--32 round magazine
--fires a 5.56mm FMJ round or a 5.56mm stun round
Spare gear: tasers, a extra flashlight, tear gas, extra ammo, stun ammo
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Postby Penguinia-Tempor » Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:17 am

Name: Amy Miller
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Appearance: Something like this
Preferred rank: Sargent
Preferred class: Combat Officer
Nationality: American
Experience: 3 years in the military and 2 years as a private security guard.
Hight & weight: 5'10, 143 lbs
Short Bio: Amy had always been a wild child ever since she was born, and she was quite violent too. Her third grade science project was a working coilgun, and she almost took out her teacher's eye with it. After multiple suspensions and 3 expulsions from everything from prep schools to rundown catholic schools, her parents decided to give up and send her down to a military academy when she was 16. This turned out to be a good idea, as Amy actually liked the place. After she graduated from the academy, she intermediately went to the nearest recruiting office and joined the army, staying there for 3 years. Amy was discharged for drug distribution at that point, and not wanting to have a crappy office job, she became a private security officer. After 2 years there, Amy received an invitation to the 389th Orbital Police Corps, and she accepted their offer.
RP example: You know me...right?
Likes : Puppies, guns, cooking, liberals, bread.
Dislikes: Kittens, pacifism, fast food, conservatives, cupcakes.
Full Bio:
Theme: I'll get to this later.
Blood type: AB+
Sexuality: Heterosexual
DM3 Lightweight Assault Rifle: A prototype assault rifle being trialed by the US Army. Designed to be lightweight and compact, it can use both lethal and nonlethal rounds.
APDW-12C Personal Defense Weapon: A high caliber machine pistol that can fire in full auto, 3 round burst, and semi auto modes. Extremely compact, it can easily take out a man up to 100 meters away.
Spare gear:
Armor (with some more plating, I guess) and helmet: A suit of armor that enhances the user's jumping ability, thus allowing Amy to hold a perch during combat.
Freq Knife Baton: A vibrating knife that cuts through nearly anything and an electric baton, all in one package.
Wall Climbing Gloves: Just what it says on the tin.
Stun Grenades: Creates a large flash and a BANG!
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Postby Jeremy Beaver » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:28 pm


Name:Geert Jelinek
[b]Preferred rank:Senior Constable

Preferred class: Combat, Designated Marksmen.
Experience: 4 years of Moscow Police experience, 2 years of OPC Experience
Height & weight: 5' 10" at 180 Lbs
Short Bio:Born in Moscow, Russia, Geert went through schooling being shy but maintained his grades, to this day he is still quiet but knows when he should voice his opinion and listens to Authority. When he graduated from Police academy he went on to being a Designated Marksmen for the Moscow Police Department and made it to being a equivalent of being Sergeant in any American police department after 4 years of service he later quit and went on to joining the 389th Orbital Police Corps it has been 2 years since then.
RP example: Pandemic Nations RP is most recent.
Likes : Scoped weapons, Semi Automatic weapons, being around Other people and Jokes.
Dislikes: Speaking out, Russian Stereotypes, Alcohol, Fully Automatic weapons.
Full Bio:Born in Moscow, Russia Geert was born in the Tverskoy District of Moscow which is was the home of the Moscow Police Headquarters. His Mother died Shortly after his birth and His father dealt with his grief by becoming an Alcoholic while still maintaining a job he had at the Police Headquarters organizing files which still put food on the table he later died of Alcohol poisoning while Geert was at the Police Academy. Jump forward to young adult years past being a shy, quiet person in school he went to Police academy during the time when his father died and passed to join the Moscow Police force which was one of the oldest Police Forces in the Country after 4 years of service as a Designated Marksmen and being promoted to Sergeant he left to find something for suitable to his Skills and possibly better pay too.

This is when he finds the 389th Orbital Police Corps in which he is in for 2 Years, this is when his story begins.

Blood type: O-
Weapon: SAMR-G47 DMR
Spare gear: Gas Mask, Tear Gas, Hand cuff's, Grappling Hook.
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Postby Ulvenes » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:49 pm

Name: Ulrica Yseult
Age: 26
Gender: F
Preferred rank: Sergeant
Preferred class: Marksman
Nationality: Deutsche
Experience: 2 years in a local police force, 4 years in the Corps
Height & weight: 5'6", 145 lbs
Short Bio: Born to a low income family, knows what its like to be forced in to crime world, wants to make a difference.
RP example: GAMA: Episode 2 "Last in Line"(Started under Volvek)
Likes :
Full Bio: Ulrica was born in to a low income family barely getting by and living day to day in the city of Berlin. She, her Mother and Father managed to stay under the gang radar, but it wasn't long before they were targeted for home invasion. She was only 12 at the time, and the invasion ended up in her abduction and murder of her parents. Ulrica was forced to be a part of the gang, but as soon as she was able to navigate around the city she secretly became an informant for the local Police department where she assisted in rooting the gang out from the inside. Before long the gang began to turn on itself accusing each other of being snitches and eventually collapsed on itself. After that, Ulrica was put in special custody until she turned 20 when she joined the local force, and after 2 years of extremely progressive work, and making the other officers look bad, she was promoted and transferred to the 389th Orbital Police Corps. And recently, she volunteered for an experiment to enhance officers with surgical enhancements in the form of animal ears.
Theme: I Miss The Misery by Halestorm
Blood type: O+
Sexuality: Unsure
Weapon: Prototype Gaussgun, PDW, Sidearm, combat knife.
Spare gear: Armor. Appearance.
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Postby The Templar High Council » Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:53 am

Name: Aiden McLean.
Age: 26.
Gender: Male.
Preferred rank: Lieutenant.
Preferred class: Tactical Officer.
Nationality: Ireland.
Experience: Police officer at 22, qualified for OPC at 24, worked as a mechanic until 26, then began piloting mechs.
Height & weight:
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: ~170lbs
Short Bio: Irish boy who always dreamed of doing justice. Mechanically gifted and too smart for his own good, Aiden breezed through school and joined the police. Police led to OPC, OPC lead to mechanic, and mechanic led to pilot.
RP Example: Mine's in my sig, ya know?
Mech Image: TARP-18.
Mech weapons:
  • Claws for grasping/breaking things.
  • Shoulder-mounted grenade launcher (mainly gas, smoke, and flash).
  • Dual tri-barrelled guns (can be removed for non-lethal projectile armaments, but these fire 7.62 rounds).
  • Capable of lifting a few tons. Aiden never did test the limits.
  • Thruster boots to eliminate problems of rough terrain/landing.
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Postby Imperialisium » Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:49 pm

Name: Kira von Valatyera
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Preferred rank: Senior Lieutenant
Preferred class: Combat/Tactical (either or trained to be able to do both, whichever)
Nationality: German/Russian
Experience: 5 years
Height & weight: 5 ft 8, 150 pounds.
Short Bio: Born in Sigmaringen, Germany and lived in the former and Russia with her parents. Entered the OPC at age 17, and used her instilled work ethos by her military father while on the job.
RP example:Van knows me (I think)
Likes : Books, Board games, hiking, Rugby, and long walks on the beach
Dislikes: Lacrosse, braggarts, and criminals.
Full Bio: Kira von Valatyera was born Sigmaringen, Germany. To a military father and a civil servant mother. Both living out their lives into retirement within Germany and Russia. Growing up Kira always possessed an air for adventure, and held a keen sense of loyalty instilled by her often harsh father. Disciplining her for any infraction, usually with a swift strike to the head, or a slap to the face if she dared do anything passing as impolite. Her rebellious, adventurous, and gregarious nature melding away; to a quiet, disciplined, and thoroughly competent personality.

As such she graduated from the local Gymnasium and had a choice to go to College, join the military, or become a civil servant. She chose the OPC, and was instantly abandoned by her parents due to her last defiance. Signing with the PMC organization wit ha fresh black and blue face at the age of 17, her father had to get one last, "disciplinary action," in. But that would be the last time, for just as they abandoned her, she would abandon them.

Her service in the past 5 years has been stellar, if boring. Proving to be by the book for the first three years of her career, earning praise and condemnation at the same time. As such she was not well liked until a partner of hers had been shot while on duty. This awoke the long repressed emotional state within her, and she beat the perpetrator to death in a subway tunnel despite orders to capture the suspect. No one liked a cop-killer, no questions where asked.

The death of her partner furthered her detachment, but strengthened her loyalty to her comrades; thus, she applied for junior officer training at the age of 20. Graduating a year later at the rank of Lieutenant, with a career track to the appointment of Senior Lieutenant within a year.

For Lulz

For Cereals

Because Classy

Blood type: AB
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon: Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun (slung on back)
Spare gear: Grappling hook, Tear gas, flash bang, tazer, stun baton.
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Postby The Aspari Syndicate » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:18 pm

Name: Jericho "Hightower" McLeod
Age: 60
Gender: Male

Preferred rank: Sargent
Preferred class: Support Gunner
Nationality: English
Experience: 44 years of experience with the Orbital Police.
Height & weight: 5'9" 280 lbs
Short Bio: Background: One of the oldest officers in the Orbital Police Corp, "Hightower" has proven his mettle time and again on behalf of his employers. He has a significantly higher level of tenacity than the average officer, coupled with an intimidating, almost mechanical drive to apprehend his suspect. Once he's placed on a case, he doesn't stop until something stops him: intriguingly, this particular behavior is what earned him the nickname in the first place. When first coming to work for the OPC as a mere Constable, he was assigned to particular executive suspected of pilfering corporate data and disseminating it to rival syndicates. Tracking a lead to the subject's penthouse in a skyscraper penthouse, he managed to catch the perpetrator in the act, and ended up tackling the man... clear out of a window... Two hundred stories above the ground. On impact, it is rumored that he even managed to walk away from the crash, despite collapsing into cardiac arrest after walking several steps on fractured shins and a damaged spine. With the assistance of the OPC's Department of Internal Affairs, however, he made a full recovery and has resumed his post with his usual cheerful vigor.
Likes: Quality black tea, compliant suspects, general courtesy, aged brandy, and classical music.
Dislikes: Herbal tea, impolite behavior, scotch, death metal, and people accusing him of being "stodgy".
Full Bio: Jericho hired on with the OPC as soon as he turned sixteen, learning lessons from life on the streets as quickly and brutally as possible. Walking the beat as a sixteen-year old with an assault rifle leads some to dangerous situations indeed, and he was no exception; drugs, loose women, and looser morality filled his nights, and his days were a haze of corruption and greed. It was tremendously likely that he would have wound up in a ditch if he hadn't been caught by an internal affairs officer in the midst of an incident of excessive force. However, instead of simply sacking him as most would have, the officer saw a spark of greatness inside of Jericho; even though he had taken some seriously wrong turns in his career, he still held a very high arrest record, and the majority of his perps were convicted. Under the mentoring of his newfound paternal figure, Jericho found his way back to the right side of the law, and became one of the OPC's most effective officers for eighteenth and nineteenth years of service.

Jericho never recovered from his surgery; in fact, he died on the operating table several times, with increasing levels of horrifying damage. He had no chance of survival, and was doomed to an agonizing death... but one executive proposed an alternative idea. An experimental procedure would ensure his survival perfectly, but at a horrendous cost: his humanity. What emerged from the operating room was not the man that had gone in, but it was a convincing facsimilie nonetheless. His fragile mind had been stretched across his metallic bones, pumped into his synthetic tissues, and coiled through his vat-grown muscles. He is the man he was before, but he is no longer merely human. Due to this, however, he has experienced significant discrimination for his... condition. Society as a whole has proven viciously biased against the concept of full-conversion cybernetic prosthesis; if his secret were to ever get out, odds are that he would experience first-hand the cruelty humanity can inflict upon the things they don't understand. Therefore, he guards his secret carefully, and if his confidentiality is threatened, he tends to become... unhinged.

Blood type: AB
Sexuality: Straight
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The Aspari Syndicate wrote:...As leviathan corporate monsters ourselves, we look forward to taking part...

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Postby West Suburbia » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:24 pm

Name: Norman Capell
Age: 34
Gender: Male

Preferred rank: Lieutenant
Preferred class: Gunner
Nationality: British
Experience: Served in the British Army for 3 years, 13 years with OCP
Height & weight: 6'2" - 210 pounds
Short Bio: Norman was born and raised in London. His father was a double decker driver and a meth addict. His mother was an alcoholic. One day, Norman discovered a clandestine meth lab in the basement of his home. He declined to tell anybody about it, and kept it secret. Over dinner once, he was offered a joint, which he refused and threw it in the trash. Once he graduated from high school, he immediately ditched his family and joined the army. After 3 years of service, he saw a job opening with the OCP and decided to sign up, deciding that his military skills would be put to good use. Spending 13 years with the OCP enabled him to develop a sharper sense of the world, become a grizzled experienced person and to resent Americans and Russians.
RP example: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=316466
Likes : Tea with a splash of whiskey, British nationalism, the Queen (or King), double decker buses, fish and chips, skeet shooting, Tower of London, Canada
Dislikes: Muricans, rednecks, communism, dictatorships, universal health care, Russians
Full Bio: N/A
Theme: British Grenadiers
Blood type: O
Sexuality: Heterosexual

If you choose Gunner,
Weapon: L190A3 Light Machine Gun
Sidearm: L203A1 Pistol
I like to RP. Excellent thing to pass time with.

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Postby Brechalht » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:47 pm

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Postby Sasutary Island » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:47 pm

Name: Ryan Gladstone
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Preferred rank: Senior Constable
Preferred class: Combat Officer
Nationality: English
Experience: 4 and a Half years in the Devon and Cornwall Police
Height & weight: (Metrik stronk)
-185 cm
-70 Kilograms
Short Bio: Grew up in Cornwall with his father. The highest he got in terms of education was Secondary School before working for a small diner. Signed up for the Cornwall Police at the age of 20, he soon found other work in the Orbital Police Force after his Father was murdered, seeking to do his part in the fight against Crime and what he views as the 'Defence of his Country'.
RP example:
This or
Likes :
  • Being around people; he's a Socialite
  • Watching and playing Football (as in Soccer)
  • ENGLAND; raised in a rather 'Nationalistic' background
  • Banter and General Hilarity
  • Death; he has never had a rather big appetite for blood
  • Idiots; even though he himself is rather uneducated, he views those who lack any sort of 'General' knowledge with disdain
Full Bio: He was born to a family of Shoemakers, and was raised in the Cornish countryside. At the start of his education, he found it tedious and tiresome, and would often skip school altogether to go out into the wilderness and get lost; much to his parent's horror. At the age of 15 his mother passed, and Ryan found life no longer worth living, and decided to take his own life. That is if his father wasn't there. He had never liked his father, he was always drunk and picked fights with Ryan over the smallest of things. Things were to change, however, and he nursed Ryan's (mental) health back up to standard, and funded his Secondary education using whatever money they had left in their savings. By the end of it, he graduated as the top student in his cohort and became a Constable in the Cornwall and Devon police.

He patrolled the Cornish countryside, aiding his now sick father with medicine and food. It was the least he could do, he kept telling himself. He managed to take time off every-week to take care of his father; an old man now, frail and weak. Their relationship was what we could say 'warm', and the previous arguments at the dinner table were replaced with warm-hearted jokes and banter, before watching football on the television. Now that he had a stable income and a family he could go back home to, he grew content, and continued on with his daily business. That is until his father was brutally murdered on his 75th Birthday. It was an unusually dark night that day, and Ryan returned home from work, stopping by the local grocers to pick up some dinner. Unlocking his door, he called out for his father. Once, twice he called out for his father before venturing deeper into the house. Flicking on the lights, he noticed a puddle of blood, still wet, and his father lying on his back in the kitchen; his face frozen with fear. 3 knives were stuck in the man's body, and the trauma that soon engulfed Ryan proved too much. He applied for the OPC, seeking to end crime once and for all.
Theme: What a really, really wonderful world...
Blood type:AB
Sexuality: Bisexual tendencies
Weapon: Spare gear:
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Postby Ontorisa » Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:23 pm

Not sure if you're still taking applications. Didn't really see an accepted players list anyways. Oh well, here goes [sloppy app, sorry]

Name: Caleb Franson
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Appearance: Caucasian, dark brown hair combed over to the side with the sides of the head buzz cut(kind of like what people do today with their hair), hazel eyes. Moderately attractive.
Preferred rank: Sergeant
Preferred class: Combat
Nationality: Canadian
Experience: Approximately 8 years on the job. Franson was recruited from the Ottawa Police Services, where he was patrolling the slums of Ottawa for 4 years. Since the slums of Ottawa have extremely high crime rates, it was astonishing how long Franson continued to work there
Hight & weight: 5"11, about 190 pounds
Short Bio:
Canada, probably a shadow of what it was back during the 21st Century. Due to the influx of Viir living inside of the region, Canada has seen its crime rates skyrocket. Caleb Victor Franson was someone who felt that crime rate hit home. Born in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, Franson enjoyed a time of limited tranquility, learning how to walk, talk and spell as well as having friends and going to school as he grew up like any other ordinary kid. Then, the worst happened. When Franson was 8 years old, his father, was mugged walking to his car before being shot and killed. Despite this, Franson's life continued on as normal, except he enlisted in the Ottawa Police Service illegally, lying about his age and providing false documents. Regardless, during this time, the police was undermanned and outnumbered by the amount of violent criminals. Thanks to this, Franson continuously volunteered to patrol the places of Ottawa where no one wanted to go to. It was due to his influence against crime in Ottawa that the OPS saw a growth of volunteers for the police service.
RP example: Bit sloppy here and there, but still managed to get posts down, Sexy OP or what?, Died off, but it had its good posts
Likes :
    Ice Hockey (Gotta keep to the stereotype, eh?)
    Sports in general
    People in general to talk to
    Stuck-up/Pompous People
    The Viir
    "Irregular" People (Outcasts of society)
Full Bio: (See short bio, kind of too lazy to type one up for now)
Theme: Nada, Franson doesn't need one, he's pretty humble
Blood type: AB
Sexuality: Heterosexual
6.04x81mm Themclos I Assault Rifle - A brutal design by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Themclos I Assault Rifle was built in 2058, utilizing the recent design of the 6.04x81mm round. While the Themclos was recently put out of service in the face of the Themclos II Assault Rifle, the Themclos I Assault Rifle is still produced for police services. With the fire rate of 1300 RPM and the effective zeroing range of 600 metres, the Themclos I boasts an impressive 45-round magazine. Although it is relatively lightweight for the amount of equipment onto it, it can be inaccurate when on full-automatic.

12x18mm Argos - The official sidearm of all law enforcement agencies in Canada. The Argos has been the go to weapon for all Canadian police services since 2068. It boasts a 18-round magazine and is semi-automatic. Due to its large calibre, the Canadian police have adapted a "warning shot" system for criminals.

Spare gear:
PLQ7 Stun Baton
2x Flash Grenades
2x LAKZ24 Portable Tear Gas Canisters
Canadian Mark XI Armour - Combat armour that served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 2082 to 2096 before being replaced by the Mark XII. The Mark XI boasts an impressive HUD in the helmet, an active camouflage module and the ability to store the helmet within the armour or to take it off manually.
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Postby Of The Rnclave » Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:18 pm

Name: Elijah Smith
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Appearance: [spoiler=He's handsome bruhs :rofl: ]Image[/spoiler]
Preferred rank: Staff Sergeant
Preferred class: Combat Officer
Nationality: American
- 2 Years US Army 101st Ranger Regiment
7 Years US Space Force 422nd Shock Commandos
Height & weight:

Height - 6'4
Weight - 167

Short Bio: Ex-Army and Space Force soldier from the USA. Dishonorably discharged following a failed mission that resulted in the udder annihilation of his unit and questions about actions the man undertook while deployed, especially while deployed in Africa.
RP example: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=329313
Likes : The US of A, Rifles, Reading, Silence, and Women
Dislikes: Russians, Chinese and Liberal politicians
Full Bio:

Born to a small farm family in Alaska, Elijah grew up in harsh winters and even harsher parents, especially following the death of his older brother in a car accident. The abuse that followed post his brothers death, threatened to break the spirit of the boy, inky saved from such a fate by his uncle, a former US military man, who came to remove the boy from his home after a particularly horrible night showed him what his sister was doing to her child.

At the age of fifteen, Elijah took interest in the Shock Commandos of the US armed forces, after hearing many stories from his uncle, a US Army Ranger who more then once called upon the Shock Commandos to help him and his squad when in danger. It was at this age, the boy began taking his studies and his fitness seriously as he strived to become a Commando like his uncle and told him about.

At age eighteen, Elijah enlisted in the army, qualifying for drop school, and later, Ranger school. Elijah's career as a ranger went off almost without a hitch, two years coming and going before a man from the US Space force approached him, asking him to come make his attempts at becoming a Shock Commando in the Space Force academy.

Sixth months later, Elijah was leaving for Space with 20 other graduates. The first six years of deployment loved up to every promise of action the boy wished for, with drop deployments to almost every continent and at one point, national recognition for saving the Columbian president from assassination and quelling a rebellion in Columbia. It was the seventh year everything seemed to get worse.

It was simple really, a drop deployment into Iran. Take out the military general and escape. Elijah and every other soldier aboard their strip pods knew something was wrong, when their deployment was met with a hail of rockets and drones. 3/4ths of the squad would fall whole deploying from orbit, the rest would die on the ground during the hail of micro artillery that brought hell to live around them. Elijah was captured and later ransomed for several his red million, a ransom later payed. Upon his return to the USA, he was met with crowds of protestors and immediate discharge from the military for his actions. There was little he could do without people booing him or attempting to attack the man.

Two months post deployment, he realized just how used to combat he'd become, and sought out PMC work, joining the 389th Orbital Police Corps after a few odd jobs for other Paramilitary groups.

Theme: I'm not sure on this one
Blood type: O Negative
Sexuality: Hetro-sexual
Weapon: M107e MagRifle, which fires a round that is either heated to the point of plasma and discharged at short ranges, or fires a semi-solid round upwards of 250 miles that morphs into a flat disk .0000128 seconds prior to the point of impact distributing the most force over the largest area.
Spare gear: Grappling hook, Smoke grenades and a knife
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Postby Heraklea- » Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:39 pm

Name: Duncan Cooper
Age: 34
Gender: Male

Preferred rank: Sergeant
Preferred class: Tactical (Mech)
Nationality: American
Experience: 10 YRS USMC (4 YRS 3rd Mechanized Battalion, 6 YRS Marine special operations regiment)
Hight & weight: 6'2”, 205#
Short Bio: Former mech pilot for the USMC as well as "non-supply procurer and "supplementary intelligence officer in his units. His personnel jacket contains numerous citations and reprimands, some given on the same day. Spends much of his off hours engaged in activities that corrupt the sould.
RP example: NSGS, Off site regional RP
Likes: beer, liquor, wine, women, flirting, sex, cards, gambling, fighting, ribald comments, heavy metal
Dislikes: Questions about where he got something
Full Bio: The son of a pair of Devil Dogs, themselves children of former marines, Duncan and his brother both knew from a young age that their futures lay with Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. As younger, and thus smaller brother, Duncan had to learn how to fight smarter than the his sibling. During rough housing sessions, Duncan became adept at using the environment around him to his advantage, a skill that would later serve him well. Financial troubles for his family during his teen years saw a young Duncan learn the importance of getting the most bang for your buck and the opportunities that could be gained by searching for deal or scavenging from what others considered waste.

Once in the Marine Corps, Duncan early showed an aptitude for mech piloting and was picked up for service with a mechanized battalion. The battalion was deployed in one of the endless conflicts the United States has found itself in, where the many failings of the Supply Corps and inherent oxymoron of “military intelligence”. He took it upon himself to make up for their short comings and began scrounging, lying and sometimes outright stealing in order to fill the need of his outfit. He gained contact with the local black market, further aiding in his efforts to fulfill the needs of his mates as well as providing a secondary source for local intel not coming through the normal channels. This ultimately led to him filling orders for other supplies, including especially alcohol.

His antics eventually became known to the upper echelons. Rather than punish him, they decided to make use of him for the MSOR. He served with the “Raiders” for the next six years, most of his activities being classified. Despite this, the unclassified portions of his service record tells a very colorful tale. Half of the entries detail acts of bravery and ingenuity on the battlefield. The other half his numerous reprimands for numerous activities “prejudicial to good order and discipline.” He chose to not reenlist after his second commitment, choosing to pursue a more “stable” life in the OPC.

During his time in the Corps, Duncan came to appreciate a highly mod-able mech. Though he has developed a standard armor and equipment loadout that he keeps in place for rapid deployment, he has taken the time to build more specialized loadouts for a variety of situations.

Theme: Warriors of the World United
Blood type: O-
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Mech Image: Giza
Mech weapons: Variable according to situation. Standard Loadout: 1x/2x 14.7mm chain guns, 2x chest mounted grapple cable (shock capable), 2x chest mounted LRAD, 2x 6-shot shoulder mounted grenade launchers (smoke/tear gas/EMP/net), active camouflage
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Postby Nekronia » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:40 pm

Name: Maximilian Metzer
Age: 26
Gender: Male (eunuch)
Rank: Constable
Preferred Class: Combat
Nationality: English
Experience: 6 years in a private security company, 9 months as an OSP janitor (Hey, somebody needs to keep the place clean!), 6 weeks actually on the OSP force.
Height & Weight: 5'6"/135lb ; 167.6cm/61.2kg
Short Bio: Stoner had a single-parent childhood, single-parent went missing, he can't remember what happened, and now (through a random series of events and blind luck) he ended up on a police force in space.
RP Example: I was invited by Lith to be, as he put it, "comedic relief". I'M JUST DOING MY JOB :p
Likes: Chillin', clowns, clowning around, acrobatics (WHEEEE), puns, ganja, going pewpewpew
Dislikes: People bein' dicks about stuff, bein' uptight, working overtime, being in tight enclosed spaces, having to focus on boring things
Full Bio:

Maximilian was born in the lower-class to a single mother. In school, he wasn't very motivated and generally did poorly in everything except some sports. At home, his mother generally was busy working and would keep him in the closet whenever she would bring a new friend over. Max was okay with it, but it was pretty boring being in a closet for an hour or two. He eventually just got stoned constantly to tune out, and how he managed to pass basic highschool is anybody's guess. However, his lame life got lamer one day. Police arrived at the Metzer household and found Max surrounded by blood with his mother missing, however he doesn't recall what happened, where she went, or why he was by a pool of blood. He didn't worry too much about what happened and why he couldn't actually remember the event, but his mental development was stunted a bit by the traumatic event.

Life went on, and the teen barely got through highschool and was in the bottom of the lower class. He barely managed to hold low-paying jobs, and his spending money was all wasted on weed to tune out and relax. At one point, he managed to meet a relatively wealthy individual while working as a convenience store clerk, who introduced him to an entirely new way of life. The rich man brought religion into Maximilian's meaningless life, and gave purpose. Max was enthralled by this lovely turn of events. Then the cult was shut down by the police for illegally castrating its members and other bizarre law violations. So Max was back to being a useless stoner, but at he had a bit more of a purpose with that bizarre clown cult's teachings in him about the lords and saviors Violent J and 2Dope. The hundred euros in spending money was nice too.

Maximilian managed to find work basically as a security officer somehow, and again somehow managed to luck out and get a job. The reason he picked this is that he figured he could just smoke weed on the job the whole time. Yeah, real philosophical reasoning there. Anyways, he did the sitting around the building and smoking weed in the middle of the night like he intended to and his job required, and this went on for a few months with nothing of note happening. THEN there was an attempted robbery, and well... he actually did pretty well. He managed to acrobat around and dodge gunfire with sheer luck and clowning skills, and tasered the perps. The incompetent stoner managed to get such a surprise out of the rest of the company that he was actually promoted to more important jobs. Again and again, he managed to do his job right out of sheer luck. There wasn't any rational explanation. Max claims it was "MIRACLES BRUH", but that would be retarded. Some years later, the manchild woke up one morning in space without actually remembering how he got there after a long night of, well, marijuana as usual. Apparently he was approached by OCP and managed to net a nice job as a janitor. After several months as a janitor, he was reassigned to be a cop. He had no idea why. Probably signed a contract while high as balls, a frivolous hacker decided to put a stoner on the police force, or there was some sort of clerical error and the janitor somehow got switched with a constable or something. In any case, the lucky clown was now on one of the best peacekeeping organizations in human history. He, again, somehow managed to bullshit and luck his way through the first several weeks, alongside lucking out and dodging bullets and tasering "the bad guys". He has absolutely god-awful aim though, so he isn't really issued any lethal arms since an incompetent stoner with deadly weapons is a disaster waiting to happen.

So now there's a clown with a bizarre amount of luck cartwheeling around tasering criminals on an elite private police force while smoking pot.

Theme: The Next Episode. More commonly known as "SMOKE WEED ERR DAY"
Blood Type: A+
Sexuality: Heterosexual. But he's, y'know, childish so don't expect him to really going to hop on the hump wagon. Also he's a eunuch, so...
Weapon: Ultralightweight carbine that fires electrifying stun rounds (Guaranteed to incapacitate anything from a dog to an armored horse with <1.0% death rate, or your money back!); Heavy stungun with a dozen 'shots' before it needs a battery swap (Warning: Do not use repeatedly on same person! Adler Industries is not liable for any death or injury resulting from abuse of plasma channel electrification.)
Spare Gear: Stun baton (Self-explanatory: Beat Prod the opponent while the Stun Stick™ is activated.); Extra pouch filled with a ton of strong zipties; Combat knife (for cutting people free and accidentally getting human rights violations other utility purposes.); Combat gas mask; 2 tear gas grenades (Warning: Choking hazard. Keep away from small children.)
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OOC Info: I am a male and an atheist.
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Postby The Moon States » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:07 pm

Name: Robert Diaz
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Preferred rank: Sargeant
Preferred class: Medic
Nationality: America
Experience: Served a single tour as a combat medic in the armed forces with the U.S. Robert the. Went to LAPD and served for four years.
Hight & weight: 5'11" 215lbs
Short Bio: Robert felt the need to do something greater with his life after highschool, but to help people as well. Enlisting in the Army Robert took combat medic training and was rewarded by the thanks of soldiers that he saved and patched up. After a single tour Robert still felt the need to protect people and went to LAPD to serve for another similar term as in the army. Not finding that he was being paid enough by the government when he was doing the same work as others gaining three times as much, Robert went out and seeked a PMC to hire him and his expertise.
RP example:
Likes : Classic firearms,Gelato, boxing.
Dislikes: Arrogance, the color purple, traffic.
Full Bio: Being the epitome of average during highschool, Robert felt the need to exceed himself and to do something that was worthwhile. He found his calling in joining the army after graduating from Highschool. Feeling a stronger need to help people than to do normal soldiering Robert went into combat medic training and seemed to do it very well, even being able to improvise some treatments with different off hand medicines. Feeling more accomplished by the thanks and comraderie and true sense of thanks from the soldiers he saved and patched up. After serving the one tour Robert went and joined up with LAPD for four years. After having seen the rise of PMC's influence and the increased payroll Robert finally resigned from the police force and seeked for new employment in a PMC.
Theme: Sarcasm- Get Scared
Blood type: B+
Sexuality: Bisexual
If you choose Mechanic,
Small Drone:

If you choose Medic,
Weapon: KRISS Vector SMG w/ interchangeable barrels for different loads. (Only for confirmed hot areas) Normally with a stun gun and S&W M&P 40
Medical kit: Gauze, tape, aspirin, morphine, turniquett, micro defibrillator, several disseinfectant packets, chewing gum, small flashlight.

If you choose Gunner,
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Postby Elerian » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:27 pm

Name: Fawkes Cichy

Age: 30

Gender: Male

In Gear

Out of Gear

Preferred rank: Senior Constable

Preferred class: Tactical

Nationality: Pole


-Seven years with GROM (Polish counter-terrorism unit)

-Two years in the Polish Army as a sniper

-Two years with the Orbital Police Corps

Height & weight: 5’11”
175 lbs.

Short Bio: Born into a large Catholic Polish family, Fawkes from a young age wanted to serve his country in whatever way possible. So, once he came of age he joined the military as an Army Sniper, and after two years retired from active duty. After going through several crises at home, Fawkes joined the Polish counter terrorism unit: GROM.

RP example:
Likes : Reading, Violence, and Guns

Dislikes: Criminals

Full Bio: Born into a large Catholic Polish family, Fawkes from a young age wanted to serve his country in whatever way possible. So, once he came of age he joined the military as an Army Sniper, and after two years retired from active duty. After going through several crises at home, Fawkes joined the Polish counter terrorism unit: GROM.

After serving admirably for seven years, and participating in a number of operations, Fawkes retired on account of the political red tape that prevented him and his comrades from doing their jobs. So, Fawkes joined up with the Orbital Police Corps as a sniper. After a year and a half of service he was promoted to Senior Constable and has since continued to serve faithfully.

Theme: Theme

Blood type: O+

Sexuality: Hetero

Sniper Rifle: Mah Snipr



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