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Postby Rocopurr » Fri Nov 22, 2013 7:43 pm

Picture: Just imagine an adorable, androgynous bunny humanoid.
IM Contacts: Nope
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Rocoism.

The Isolated Isles of Rocopurr
Real Name: Nicholas "Nic"
Age: 18 today, 7 tomorrow, 34 in a week
Gender: I don't even know.
General Location: MURICA
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Liberal(?)
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Agnostic
Where Did You Find NationStates?: I was told about it from a family member.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No, but I'd like to get Lexicon and Syrup.
Professional Goal: Therapist or psychiatrist
What is your favourite genre of music: I'm open to almost anything.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: I only speak English but hope to be fluent in at least one other language before I die.
Other information: Equality is my fetish.

Abortion: Pro-choice
Affirmative Action: Indifferent
Aid (International): If it is requested, sure.
Arms Trade: Indifferent
Death Penalty: I'm on the fence about this. my gut says it's okay on very rare occasions.
Drones: Eh...
Drugs: Legalize some of them but not all.
Economic System: *sweats nervously* I'm not sure. It isn't something that I know much about.
Education: I am all about education and am receiving education.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: It's alright.
Environmentalism: Great.
Euthanasia: As long as the person requesting it is lucid and stuff, yeah.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution
Gay Marriage: For
Gun Control: On the fence
Immigration Policies: On the fence
Income Tax: It's alright, I guess.
Iran: Iwalk
Israel/Palestine: Not really on either side.
LGBTQ Rights: Hell yeah.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): I'm not sure.
Political Party Affiliation: The Roco Party
President Obama/American Policies: He isn't the best of presidents, but I can't really complain.
Prostitution: Should be legalized.
Religion: Some parts of religion are good, some aren't. Overall, I'm fine with it and will respect you and your beliefs as long as you respect me and mine.
Social Security (Welfare): Good thing.
The UN: Can't complain.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Admire the cause but am in a relationship with ribs, so I could never be either.
War on Terror: Can we not?
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Seljuq Kyiv
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Postby Seljuq Kyiv » Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:16 pm

Picture: No.
IM Contacts: Buzz off.
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): I would say Pan-Islamic pacisfistic khilafat, or probably social democracy.

The Almighty Flapjack Motherland of Seljuq Kyiv
Real Name: Ahmad
Age: 21
Gender: Male
General Location: South East Asia
General Political Affiliation [if any]: See above. Left-leaning centrist with a hint of authoritarian, if we're using a political compass.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Sunni Islam of the Shafi'i school of thought
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Googled political simulation game.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No. Watched Syrup recently, but I'm very certain the book is much better than the movie.
Professional Goal: To be a computer game designer (preferably in charge of the writing department)
What is your favourite genre of music: Alternative rock, blues.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: Bahasa Melayu, English
Other information:

Abortion: No, except in cases of great danger to the mother, etc.
Affirmative Action: No.
Aid (International): Yes.
Arms Trade: No.
Death Penalty: Yes for certain crimes.
Drones: No.
Drugs: No.
Economic System: Free market capitalism, I suppose
Education: Free for all.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Not American, so I do not know much about it, and I don't really care much for it either way.
Environmentalism: Yes
Euthanasia: No
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Open.
Gay Marriage: Illegal
Gun Control: Regulated, yes.
Immigration Policies: Vague...
Income Tax: Yes, and lower for the poor.
Iran: Not the best place to be, I'd say.
Israel/Palestine: One statist
LGBTQ Rights: No, I'm afraid, but they have rights just like every other citizen.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): What this mean?
Political Party Affiliation: Surprise Party/Independent.
President Obama/American Policies: Don't care about America.
Prostitution: Nope.
Religion: Freedom of worship and proselyting
Social Security (Welfare): Yes.
The UN: Yes, I suppose.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Carnivore 4 lyfe.
War on Terror: No.
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The Great Warrior Rivers
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Postby The Great Warrior Rivers » Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:42 pm

The Great Warrior Rivers
IM Contacts:None
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies):Freedom based democracy, just not too far with it

The Allied States ofThe Great Warrior Rivers
Real Name:Alex B.
General Location:USA
General Political Affiliation [if any]:None
General Religious Affiliation [if any]:None
Where Did You Find NationStates?:Online...
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal:Get involved in architecture or a small business
What is your favourite genre of music:Country
Which languages you can speak and/or write in:English
Other information:N/A

Abortion:Illegal except where the mother's life is in danger
Affirmative Action:Neutral
Aid (International):Pro
Arms Trade:Anti
Death Penalty:Anti except in very serious cases
Drugs:Prescription, Pro; if you mean recreational, Anti
Economic System:Free-Enterprise system
Education:Fund, Fund, Fund
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Needs some slight reforming
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Undecided
Gay Marriage:Neutral
Gun Control:Anti
Immigration Policies:You can stay, just need citizenship
Income Tax:Graduated, Pro
Iran: Neutral
Israel/Palestine: Neutral
LGBTQ Rights: Don't they have the same already?
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Order is a small speck in a sea of chaos. Hold on to it dearly, do not lose it, or you lose sight of your goals.
Political Party Affiliation:None
President Obama/American Policies:Anti
Social Security (Welfare):Just a little, make sure it's used properly
The UN:Pro
Veganism/Vegetarianism:Your decision
War on Terror: Neutral

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Shofercia » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:12 pm

Gender: Male
General Location: Commiefornia
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Centrist
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Orthodox Christian
Where Did You Find NationStates: I was looking for a nation simulator online
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Jennifer Government
Professional Goal: Billionaire
What is your favourite genre of music: Jazz (although it used to be Classical, than Classic Rock, so I listen to pretty much everything)
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: Russian, Spanish
Other information: I enjoy reading quite a bit

Abortion: *Aborts the question*
Affirmative Action: Only if it's economic-based, although I'd just prefer better schools for everyone
Aid (International): For vital stuff
Arms Trade: Regulate it
Death Penalty: Against
Drones: Not a fan, but sometimes they're necessary
Drugs: Soft drugs should be regulated, hard drugs, (i.e. the really addictive ones,) should be banned
Economic System: Centrism/Socialism Light
Education: Needs more funding, going directly to teachers, not administrators or unions
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Abolish it. California gets no benefit from it, unless someone from Cali runs
Environmentalism: Good, unless people go crazy with it
Euthanasia: Difficult question
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: One's a theory, the other's a philosophy
Gay Marriage: I'm for gay rights, and I'd rather not debate what they're called. Gays should be treated like Straight people, and it's as simple as that for me
Gun Control: For, but I'm also for reasonable gun ownership
Immigration Policies: Limit immigration as necessary, check illegal immigration by imposing fines on businesses that hire them and pay them a substandard wage
Income Tax: Progressive, but no more than 33%, without loopholes
Iran: Should be allowed to build nuclear power plants, but not nukes
Israel/Palestine: Israel, stop illegal settlement construction; Hamas, stop blowing stuff up
LGBTQ Rights: For
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Sensible
Political Party Affiliation: None, in part because of Cali's open primary, which I think all countries should have
President Obama/American Policies: That's a tough one
Prostitution: Regulate it, I mean it's going to happen, and even though I might personally be against it, I realize that there's a reason that it's still here
Religion: For
Social Security (Welfare): For
The UN: For
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I'm an omnivore, but whatever rocks your boat, just don't bitch about how I'm killing the environment by eating steak
War on Terror: Shouldn't we have a plan for this thing? I mean wars have plans, right?
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Siaos » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:36 pm

The Federal Republic of Siaos

IM Contacts:No
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Centrist/Moderate Libertarian

Real Name: No
Age: No
Gender: Male
General Location: Southeast US
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Centrist/moderate Libertarian
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Christian
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Online Search Result
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Be sucessful
What is your favourite genre of music: Jazz (Real Jazz, not the smooth stuff)
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English
Other information: Nope
Abortion: Divided opinion. I'm generally against abortions, except in life-threatening cases or rape, and always against late term abortions
Affirmative Action: Against in all forms in the Western World.
Aid (International): For increased international aid to the poorest nations in the World, and continued support to poor nations and those hit by natural disasters, war, and corruption.
Arms Trade: While it should be heavily regulated, I see no problems with private military corporations existing.
Death Penalty: Against in all cases, the life penalty is much better.
Drones: They are needed in today's high-tech combat, but shouldn't be abused like they are currently in the Middle East.
Drugs: Legalize Marijuana and other soft drugs if they have been determined to have minimal danger to the person taking them. We can then tax the drugs and make a profit off of it, allowing us to divert the money towards education and healthcare.
Economic System: Moderatly regulated Capitalism or Mixed Market
Education: One of the Highest Priorities. Divert more funds to Education, weaken the public Teacher's Unions greatly, and institute tougher standards for teachers.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Bad, it is an outdated system, and should be replaced. We should have Alternative Vote for Presidential Elections and MMP for Congressional Representations. Gerrymandering should also be banned and the ban heavily enforced.
Environmentalism: Moderate Disdain. Perhaps its my Republican background, but I always found most Environmentalists to be idiots. I of course support Environmental Regulation, but in many cases they support major overregulation and types of renewable energy which can be worse than fossil fuels for a variety of reasons. They seem to believe that solar and wind can completely replace fossil fuels at its current stage of development, and that is just not possible. They will also often fearmonger against nuclead, which is amazingly ignorant and harmful.

Not that there aren't some good environmentalists, but they are often few and far in between.
Euthanasia: Legalize, though with doctor's approval.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution should be the only theory taught in schools, for the sake of seperation of church and state. I myself believe in Intelligent Design.
Gay Marriage: Legalize
Gun Control: I support background checks and other "Common sense" regulations, but don't overregulate it.
Immigration Policies: A reform to make the path to citizenship more understandable and easy is definantly needed. Right now our Immigration system is essentially a jumbled mess. I also support a loosening of regulations when the economy is good and tightening when we go through economic troubles.
Income Tax: I support a progressive tax, and also support keeping the tax low, specifically for the middle class.
Iran: Help the people of the nation, keep a close eye on Iran. If we find any evidence of them developing missile guidance systems capable of directing a nuclear bomb at surronding nations, bomb their military infrastructure.
Israel/Palestine: Try to convince them to recognize the other nation and work out a clear-cut border.
LGBTQ Rights: Full rights on par with Straight rights, including marriage. Against mandatory trans bathrooms.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): I am generally centrist and I rarely adhere to a single ideology or philosophy, though I do lean Libertarian. I try to take away most emotion (though not Morality) when solving problems, and rely totally on logic.
Political Party Affiliation: None
President Obama/American Policies: I dislike President Obama and his policies. He has bumbled foreign policy greatly and Obamacare was very poorly thought out. In my opinion, he is only barely above Bush in competence.
Prostitution: Legalization and regulation.
Religion: A good thing most of the time, though it can be used for power, evil, and control. Organized Religion has the sad habit of falling into that.
Social Security (Welfare): For a light safety net. Perhaps it should be more job-focused than help focused for most.
The UN: It bumbles alot of things, specifically the security council, but it is overall a great force for good, and helps brings peace and security to this world.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I don't know how Vegans can stand not eating meat and cheese. I practically live off of it! But hey, if they want to do that, I couldn't care less.
War on Terror: We have greatly hurt Al Quaeda and other terrorist cells, and we are safer than ever. However, we continue to anger the Middle East with our borderline imperialistic attitude towards them, which is causing an increase in terrorism and tension between us and the Middle East. What we need to do now is mostly pull out of the Middle East, and let the situation cool off.
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Economic Left/Right: 0.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.92 ... 41_eng.jpg ... &soc=-4.92
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New Frenco Empire
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Postby New Frenco Empire » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:48 pm

New Frenco Empire
Picture: I think this is an accurate depiction of my RL self
IM Contacts: Nope
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): No individual ideology really speaks to me. Keynesianism economically. I see myself supporting a benevolent fascism or autocracy of some sort politically. Socially, I'm a moderate with mostly left leanings in areas such as LGBT, minority rights, abortion, but some pretty big right-wing opinions on things regarding crime and foreign policy.

The New Frenco Empire
Real Name: Nah
Age: 17
Gender: Male
General Location: USA
General Political Affiliation [if any]: N/A
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Antitheistic-Atheist-Agnostic
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Another site. Fuck that site, NS is better.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No, unfortunately. I'm trying to get my hands on JG.
Professional Goal: To be somebody. At the very least, have a page about me on Wikipedia.
What is your favourite genre of music: Punk Rock, Indie Rock, the big hybrid genre the Gorillaz belongs to, old vocal tracks (Henry Burr, The Ink Spots, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, etc.)
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English.
Other information: I'm usually only half serious.

Abortion: Fetuses aren't people. Stick a coat hanger in and be done with it, if you really need to.
Affirmative Action: Meh. Good intentions, terrible results at times. I tend to think less on what I feel about it and more on why we would need it in the first place. I can't sympathize with the right-wing crybabies who always whine about it, and I can't support the over-sensitive liberals who praise it.
Aid (International): As long as we can ravage their resources, sure.
Arms Trade: Sure, as long as we're getting paid good.
Death Penalty: Justice > Rehabilitation
Drones: The future of warfare. They're deployed a little ineffectively at times, sure, but anyone who's against them is flat-out wrong and must prefer it if more soldiers die. I'm also intelligent enough to know that, despite popular belief, drones aren't Obama's tool for taking away your freedom to masturbate in privacy. I can't believe I had to say that.
Drugs: Marijuana and other soft drugs should be legal and regulated. Keep the others away.
Economic System: Social Capitalism
Education: Should be a government priority.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Fuck democracy. ObamaDictator#2016
Environmentalism: I like animals, too, but human needs outweigh those of nature. I'm more of a conservationist.
Euthanasia: Well, I'd rather we attempt to treat, but it should be legal.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution.
Gay Marriage: It offends me! It offends God! GAYS ARE ICKY! But seriously, all for. No rational reason to be against.
Gun Control: Extreme regulations. Sorry, I just don't have the love affair with guns a lot of Americans do.
Immigration Policies:
Income Tax: Taxation isn't theft. Taxation is rent.
Iran: I hear they're getting better. Still, can the CIA just do the cool breach of human rights freedom stuff it does to other foreign threats?
Israel/Palestine: Israel for state #52. Palestine can sodomize itself with a freedom dildo! Now, come on Puerto Rico...
LGBTQ Rights: LGB, no question. A 'B' not supporting his rights sounds pretty dumb. T, of course I support their right to be recognized as their preferred gender, though the transgender condition confuses the hell out of me with all the social gender binary hoohah it has going on.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Hedonism
Political Party Affiliation: I'll more than likely register Democrat.
Prostitution: It should be legalized, and regulated as well.
Religion: I'm all for sending secret police to burn churches and arrest priests, but I'm not too unethical. Let's just try to be more secular, and wait for this mythology to whither and die.
Social Security (Welfare): I'm all for it, assuming there are fair checks for abuse and job training available to those on it.
The UN: New World Order ruled by lizardmen, obviously.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Humans are natural omnivores. I can't stop you, but I'm no monster for eating a steak.
War on Terror: I'm for it, but I feel we're going about it the wrong way. Stop bombing Pakistan, use the drones in actual terror hotspots, and show no mercy with the Navy Seal raids.
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Transferring information from disorganized notes into presentable factbooks is way too time consuming for a procrastinator. Just ask if you have questions.
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Las Palmeras wrote:Roaring 20s but in the future and with mutants

Alyakia wrote:you are a modern poet
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Postby Ziegenhain » Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:58 pm

Picture: This is I
IM Contacts: Does Steam count?
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Uh, pro-federalism monarchist right-wing libertarian pro-military guy?

The Greater Reich of Ziegenhain
Real Name: Gage Wagner
Age: 18
Gender: Male
General Location: Missouri
General Political Affiliation [if any]: I like monarchism, federalism, and other things.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: None
Where Did You Find NationStates?: I think I found it while googling for nation/government simulators
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No, but I want to
Professional Goal: I'm in the delayed entry program for the USMC. So my goal is doing well and serving my country while I'm in.
What is your favorite genre of music: Metal mainly
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: I'm learning German if that counts for anything
Other information: Nope

Abortion: No opinion
Affirmative Action: Nope
Aid (International): Generally against unless it's a nation that is truly in need of aid
Arms Trade: I guess
Death Penalty: Only in extreme cases where the
Drones: Against
Drugs: I'm fine with legalization of marijuana, but skeptical of the others
Economic System: Laissez-faire capitalism
Education: I've liked the things I've heard about Belgium and Finland's system.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Popular vote please
Environmentalism: Eh
Euthanasia: Only with clear and informed consent
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution
Gay Marriage: Sure
Gun Control: I'm fine with training classes and background checks
Immigration Policies: Just tell us you're coming here and don't screw around
Income Tax: Should be lowered for all
Iran: Don't care
Israel/Palestine: Don't care
LGBTQ Rights: Sure
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Uhh, don't know
Political Party Affiliation: Republican, although this is difficult for a Monarchist such as myself
President Obama/American Policies: Bleh
Prostitution: Sure
Religion: Don't care
Social Security (Welfare): It's all good stuff that needs serious reforming from scratch I think
The UN: Go away
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Don't care
War on Terror: Pointless war that should stop
wew lad

Factbook: Greater Ziegenian Reich
OOC Dispatch: Here

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Lianhua (Ancient)
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Postby Lianhua (Ancient) » Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:40 am


The Kingdom of Lianhua

Real Name: Fuchizaki Rena
Age: 21
Gender: Female
General Location: Tokyo, Japan
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Democratic Party
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Taoist; Buddhist; Confucianist.
Where Did You Find NationStates?: The internet.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No.
Professional Goal: to be on the board of directors for a large corporation
What is your favourite genre of music: Pop
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: Standard/Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, English/Singlish
Other information: I have tentacles.
21 y.o. Sine-Japanese female from Tokyo, Japan; Song Xingyiquan/Dai Xinyiquan/Xinyi Liuhe Quan. Sister+Lover of Kapao Pango & Nabeshima. <3.

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Postby Kumrann » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:54 am

Picture: -
IM Contacts: -
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Classical Liberal

The Peoples Republic of Kumrann
Real Name: George
Age: 20
General Location: England - Manchester or Cambridge (depends if I'm at uni or not)
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Liberal Party
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Agnostic
Where Did You Find NationStates?: My dad showed me when I was about 13
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Communication's officer - A less evil Alistair Campbell is the dream.
What is your favorite genre of music: Garage
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English but I can shout very loud basic Spanish at Johnny Foreigner when I'm abroad
Other information: Had several nations in the past - Cartomb, Grygstan and Aethelstania. Left but always came back for me

Abortion: Pro Choice
Affirmative Action: Opposed
Aid (International): Pro but we should send auditors over to check aid money is spent correctly on people! not space ships, presidential palaces ETC
Arms Trade: You should sell arms to your allies.
Death Penalty: Against
Drones: Not in principle (although I think they are nasty) but I don't think Obamas drone war is very effective
Drugs: Legalize Cannabis and MDMA make them available in special stores with restrictions on how much you can buy. Decriminalize possession of everything else but enforce harsh sentences on dealers
Economic System: Capitalist
Education: Free state education and free access to university.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: . America should get a parliamentary system. Transfer most powers to the PM and have the speaker of the Senate as head of state.
Environmentalism: Not fussed
Euthanasia: Against - But I think I could be persuaded
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: A bit of both
Gay Marriage: Pro
Gun Control: Strong restrictions but gun ownership should be possible
Immigration Policies: Pro Immigration, Pro Assimilation.
Income Tax: First £12,000 tax free. Then multiple bands with the percentage of income tax going up slowly - but get's no higher than 45%
Iran: Don't let them go nuclear.
Israel/Palestine: I support Palestinian state hood - I am ambivalent about Israel
LGBTQ Rights: Enjoy the same rights as non LGBTQ people.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Lockean Liberal, Preference Utilitarianism.
Political Party Affiliation: Liberal Democrats (halfheartedly)
President Obama/American Policies: Obama is a "meh" president. the US has so many problems but hey, if one countries got to rule thank god its America.
Prostitution: Legalize prostitution in registered brothels. Make curb crawling and pimping illegal.
Social Security (Welfare): Safety net not a hammock.
The UN: For
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I love meat but I don't mind vegetarianism. Vegans on the other hand! GIVE ME STRENGTH
War on Terror: Anti
Born in Cambridge 1993
Messed around a lot for 18 years
Now a student of Politics & Intentional Relations at the University of Manchester

If you cant say something simply, then you simply don't understand it.

PRO: British Unionism, Liberalism, Commonwealth, Decriminalizing Drugs, WestHam, Garage Music, Dancing & Lager
ANTI: EU, Smoking Ban, Conservatism, Crypto-Fascist lefties
Cosmopolitan 32%
Secular 37%
Visionary 20%
Anarchist 32%
Capitalistic 17%
Militaristic 21%
Anthropocentric 95%

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Moen Island
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Postby Moen Island » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:25 pm

The Matriarchy of Moen Island
Real Name: Hanna
Age: 25
Gender: Female
General Location: Norway
General Political Affiliation: Independent
General Religious Affiliation: N/A
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Word of mouth
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Not yet ;]
Professional Goal: Entrepreneur
What is your favourite genre of music: Punk
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: Norwegian, English

Picture: 2hot2handle ;p
IM Contacts: Available on Skype - ask for it.

Abortion: Legalize completely.
Affirmative Action: Completely opposed.
Aid (International): Out of your own pocket, go on!
Arms Trade: Agree.
Death Penalty: I'm undecided on this.
Drones: N/A.
Drugs: Abolish all legislation.
Economic System: Capitalism.
Education: High priority.
Electoral College in USA Elections: N/A.
Environmentalism: Moderate priority.
Euthanasia: Legalize for all.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: I don't care.
Gay Marriage: Legalize.
Gun Control: Only legal for good/important citizens.
Immigration Policies: I think we're having enough babies.
Income Tax: Agreed.
Iran: I don't care.
Israel/Palestine: Israel.
LGBTQ Rights: Ideally there would be no "sexual orientation", just sex and reproduction, separately.
Philosophy: Hedonism
Political Party Affiliation: N/A.
President Obama/American Policies: N/A.
Prostitution: Legalize completely.
Religion: Judaism - I don't care what's yours.
Social Security (Welfare): Only with very good reason (i.e. redundancy, injury).
The UN: Opposed.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I'm vegetarian for healthy reasons, I don't care.
War on Terror: Forget the War on Terror - start killing terrorists.

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Democratic Socialists

Postby Sjovenia » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:30 pm

Where is this player info going? What is it for?
Leader: Autarch Ferdinand Tennfjord
Capital: Sova Mesto
National Animal: Tyto Owl (Barn Owl)
Currency: Tolar

Olympic Athletes


Official Sjovene Youtube

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"No one loves a warrior until the enemy is at the gate."

"You know dying is often a cry for attention"

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Ikania » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:40 pm

Picture: Nah
IM Contacts: Nah
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Centre-Left Moderate Democratic Tribunic Socialist Trotskyist.
The Holy Badgerian Republic of Ikania

Real Name: Simon [CLASSIFIED]
Gender: Male
General Location: Ontario, Canada
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Liberal Trotskyist
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Bodobol told me about it while discussing fanfiction.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No, but I plan to.
Professional Goal: Writing books or politics.
What is your favourite genre of music: Folk.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English and Quebec French.

Abortion: Only before third trimester
Affirmative Action: Yes
Aid (International): Oh yes
Arms Trade: Only with friendly nations
Death Penalty: Split
Drones: Meh
Drugs: Regulate Pot
Economic System: Socialist Scandinavian
Education: Free till College.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: I don't really know
Environmentalism: Good
Euthanasia: If subject is willing
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution
Gay Marriage: HELL YES
Gun Control: Definitely
Immigration Policies: Let people in!
Income Tax: High on the rich, low on the poor
Iran: Disarm
Israel/Palestine: Two-states
LGBTQ Rights: LGBTQAIP rights.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Confucianism.
Political Party Affiliation: Liberal Party
President Obama/American Policies: Good person
Prostitution: Regulated
Religion: Not tax-exempt
Social Security (Welfare): Good
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Meh. To me, it's just depriving your body of useful supplements.
War on Terror: No.
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Canton Empire wrote:You are a scumbag who deserves a special spot in hell for what you do
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Postby Seriong » Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:11 pm

IM Contacts: I'm "Dunstil Brejik" on basically everything/i]
[i]Political Beliefs: Center Right

Real Name: Dunstil B. If you must, Josh
Gender: Male
General Location: Good ol' Kentuck
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Split between Republican and Democrat depending on the issue
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Irreligious, atheist.
Where Did You Find NationStates?: I have no idea
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Research/Applying Astrophysics
What is your favourite genre of music: Rock Opera
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English, Spanish
Other information: I play MtG

Abortion: As horrible as the practice is, it's a necessary evil
Affirmative Action: Idiotic
Aid (International): So long as it benefits us in the long term
Arms Trade: See above
Death Penalty: In our current application it is inefficient and costly, streamline it, and I have no issue
Drones: Perfectly fine with them
Drugs: Don't do them myself, but could not be bothered to care if others do
Economic System: Capitalist
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Basically unneeded, and goes against the principle of democracy
Environmentalism: Global warming exists, the methods through which we fix that problem I will argue
Euthanasia: Voluntary, have at it.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution
Gay Marriage: Have at it
Gun Control: Against
Immigration Policies: Adopt a points system, he have enough unskilled people already here. The system would be similar to Australia's system, if you are X profession, and we need X profession, you are netted a number of 'points' making your entry more likely. Illegal immigrants are entitled to no social programs, and should be shipped off, their children as well.
Income Tax: Fine
Iran: Probably pretty bad
Israel/Palestine: Both are pretty much evil, not equally so however. If I were made to choose, Israel.
LGBTQ Rights: I am one of the first to get bothered when people begin to make up terms, however being an LGBT person, it would be silly for me to oppose rights for them
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): I'm far too uneducated to really know
Political Party Affiliation: Depending on the issue, I switch from the Republican to the Democratic party
President Obama/American Policies: Not the worst we've had, but certainly not the best.
Prostitution: Pretty much okay.
Religion: Pretty much okay, and honestly I prefer dealing and hanging out with theists than anti-theists.
Social Security (Welfare): It depends on the person, the system should never be one such that one is not motivated to work.
The UN: Probably negative
Veganism/Vegetarianism: In my opinion pointless, but I again don't care what people do in their free time
War on Terror: Difficult to do. Fighting extreme guerrilla tactics in the manner we are is not going to be that successful.
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Lunalia wrote:
The Independent States wrote:Um, perhaps you haven't heard that mercury poisons people? :palm:

Perhaps you've heard that chlorine is poisonous and sodium is a volatile explosive?

Drawkland wrote:I think it delegitimizes true cases of sexual assault, like real dangerous cases being dismissed, "Oh it's only sexual assault"
Like racism. If everything's "racist," then you can't tell what really is racist.

Murkwood wrote:As a trans MtF Bi Pansexual Transautistic CAMAB Demiplatonic Asensual Better-Abled Planetkin Singlet Afro-Centric Vegan Socialist Therian, I'm immune from criticism.

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Postby Waldmania » Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:57 pm

Picture: No thank you
IM Contacts: No thank you
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Centrist (Left-leaning)

The Nation Pretitle of Waldmania<--REPLACE
Real Name: Josh
Age: 16
Gender: Male
General Location: Massachusetts
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Centre
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Christian
Where Did You Find NationStates?: The internet
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Science, more specifically chemical or nuclear science
What is your favourite genre of music: Rap/hip hop at the moment, tends to change
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English, and a little spanish
Other information: Irrelevant

Abortion: In certain circumstances, like if someones' life is in danger, rape, etc.
Affirmative Action: Should be aimed more towards those who have a hard time getting into college and should be less based on race
Aid (International): Secondary to domestic issues, but if it can be afforded than why not. Don't support corrupt governments that might take the aid for themselves though
Arms Trade: Go ahead, be careful though
Death Penalty: For serious infractions
Drones: War only
Drugs: If someone wants to ruin their life then have fun and do it at your own expense, not the taxpayers'
Economic System: Regulated Capitalism, the only sensible method
Education: Public and Private, pro-specialization, make education something where the students take the initiative to choose their own path.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: The entire elections system is messed up and needs improvement, but getting rid of the electoral college is a good start
Environmentalism: Extreme environmentalism is silly, but small steps are necessary. Climate change denial is simply ignorance.
Euthanasia: Sure, if it releases people from the pain of slowly dying
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution obviously, but I do believe in a god that may have aided evolution and created the universe
Gay Marriage: This shouldn't even be a question, obviously yes
Gun Control: Minor regulations, but all out gun bans or strict regulations do little to nothing
Immigration Policies: Strict regulations, only those that are skilled can immigrate
Income Tax: Progressive, not too high or too low
Iran: Whatever
Israel/Palestine: Stop being little babies
LGBTQ Rights: Don't care
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): I don't know, individualism?
Political Party Affiliation: Independent
President Obama/American Policies: Bureaucratic and corrupt nightmare
Prostitution: Sure why not
Religion: Do what you want, no cults though
Social Security (Welfare): Good for the disadvantaged but kept minimal to discourage taking advantage of the system
The UN: Good intentions
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Animals eat other animals, humans eat other animals. It's not a big deal
War on Terror: Pointless and a waste of resources
economic left/right= 0.12
social libertarian/authoritarian=-2.16
My Factbook

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Postby Ragnarum » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:35 pm

Picture: I really dont think anyone would want to look at me.
IM Contacts: Nope
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Its much more easy for other people because they can say "Social democrat" or something, I can't. I am very left leaning socially, but I see absolutely no reason those rights and the influence of them should not be defended and spread with a military. The closest you would get to a short definition is Liberal/Socialist Militarist or something, I'll explain the rest on the next few bits.

Real Name: Joe, lots of clues I've left about, even my prime ministers name.
Age: Nope.
Gender: Male
General Location: UK
General Political Affiliation [if any]: None.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Anti-religion Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: I can't remember, too long ago.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No.
Professional Goal: No clue.
What is your favourite genre of music: Industrial metal, drum and bass. Lots of classical too.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English, a small amount of German.
Other information: I am obsessed with military equipment and other things related.

Abortion: I don't care what you do with that thing, it is inside of you anyway. Do what you like with it.
Affirmative Action: Shouldn't really have to happen in the first place, but whatever.
Aid (International): Not really that optimistic unless there are some nice resources there.
Arms Trade: Depends on who we are selling too and what they will do with those weapons.
Death Penalty: Some people need to be shot.
Drones: Are very useful in warfare. Drone tanks are the next thing I imagine, means you get more armour and firepower since you don't have to make exceptions for the crew. Might be practical for police use too.
Drugs: Marijuana and other stuff should be legalized, taxed heavily. Harder drugs should require a licence. Yes, that's right, a licence.
Economic System: State Capitalism with a bit of a sprinkling of socialism.
Education: Should be a high priority. I can't tolerate uneducated people.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: From the UK, no clue what that is.
Environmentalism: Fine, so long as it doesn't begin to overrule other more important things.
Euthanasia: Make it legal.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution.
Gay Marriage: No real reason to not to make it legal, unless you seem to think it will make you look tougher if you don't agree with it, which is of course wrong.
Gun Control: National service = Service rifle/Stage one firearms licence.
Immigration Policies: Are they useful would be the first question.
Income Tax: It just means you are getting more stuff like libraries etc. No reason to complain.
Iran: Meh. They appear to be getting nicer.
Israel/Palestine: Really dont care.
LGBTQ Rights: Good stuff. Again, no reason not to support them.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Hedonism, or something similar.
Political Party Affiliation: There is no distinguishable difference between most of them.
President Obama/American Policies: Don't care. Not American.
Prostitution: Great. So long as you can regulate it.
Religion: The utmost should be done to stop it spreading, it is simply miseducation. It spreads intolerance and ignorance as well.
Social Security (Welfare): Ideally it wouldn't be needed, but it is.
The UN: Meh.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Why would you do that?
War on Terror: Do as much as possible to stop it, don't hesitate to threaten nations that defend them.

Also, Frenco Empire. You might disagree, but I think we have a lot in common in terms of beliefs.
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Authoritarian Democracy

Postby Merconitonitopia » Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:44 pm

Picture: N/A
IM Contacts: N/A
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Center-Rightist Extremist Libertarian.

The One True Master Race of Merconitonitopia
Real Name: Lewis
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
General Location: N/A
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Unofficial Anarchist / Voluntaryist
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Secular
Where Did You Find NationStates?: A different website
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Nay
Professional Goal: Undecided
What is your favourite genre of music: I like almost all genres, although I tend to just listen to dubstep.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English
Other information: N/A

Abortion: There are too many good arguments from each side for me to decide.
Affirmative Action: Nay.
Aid (International): I'm all for it.
Arms Trade: For.
Death Penalty: Literal murder.
Drones: No thanks...
Drugs: Should be 100% legal, although I strongly discourage the consumption of them.
Economic System: Capitalist.
Education: Desperately lacks voluntary association nowadays.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Indifferent.
Environmentalism: I'm all for it. If it wasn't for the Environmentalist organizations, our environment would be exploited a lot more.
Euthanasia: An unquestionable right.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Neither.
Gay Marriage: Again, an unquestionable right.
Gun Control: Just no...
Immigration Policies: I'm all for open-border policies.
Income Tax: I know I sound...y'know, when saying this but, it literally is theft. I would be more than happy to pay my taxes if they were voluntary.
Iran: Meh.
Israel/Palestine: Meh.
LGBTQ Rights: An unquestionable right.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Indifferent.
Political Party Affiliation: They're all horrible.
President Obama/American Policies: Disgusting.
Prostitution: I don't support it and strongly suggest you don't partake in it, but I'm not gonna be a cock-block. It's a right that no authority should take away.
Religion: Disgusts me.
Social Security (Welfare): I'm all for investing extensive amounts of money towards it voluntarily as I'm all for helping the poor, but involuntary welfare is slavery.
The UN: Meh.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: An unquestionable right, yet I'm personally against it. It's unnatural.
War on Terror: Against.

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Postby Margno » Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:20 pm

Picture: None.
IM Contacts: None.

Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Christian Anarchism.
The Margnopolis of Margno
Real Name: None.
Age: 18
Gender: Male.
General Location: Massachusetts, United States.
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Anarchism.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Christianity.
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Just stumbled across it one day.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No.
Professional Goal: None.
What is your favourite genre of music: Punk, emocore.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English, French.
Other information: N/A

Abortion: Against. I don't think it should be illegal, but I don't think it should be done.
Affirmative Action: For.
Aid (International): For.
Arms Trade: Against.
Death Penalty: Against.
Drones: Against.
Drugs: Against. I don't think they should be illegal, but I don't think they should be done.
Economic System: Sharing.
Education: Should be free.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Won't be necessary once the revolution comes.
Environmentalism: For, though people are more important.
Euthanasia: Against.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Both.
Gay Marriage: For.
Gun Control: Against. People shouldn't need the government to know that killing is wrong.
Immigration Policies: Won't be necessary once the revolution comes.
Income Tax: The state can have its money, it made it. I'm doing fine without it.
Iran: Has its own moral choices to make.
Israel/Palestine: Is a complicated issue.
LGBTQ Rights: For.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Ends don’t justify means. Love is the meaning of life. The future doesn’t exist, you’re gonna die later tonight. Do more for other people than you do for yourself.
Political Party Affiliation: Will not save you.
President Obama/American Policies: Don't know him/ A mess.
Prostitution: Against. I don't think it should be illegal, but I don't think it should be done.
Religion: For.
Social Security (Welfare): For.
The UN: Will not save you.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Definitely not against.
War on Terror: Against.
Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.
We have nothing to lose but the world. We have our souls to gain.
Nothing you can possibly do can make God love you any more or any less.

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Postby Resora » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:41 pm

Picture: Nada
IM Contacts: Nope
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Between libertarian and democratic socialism.

The Democratic People's Republic of Resora
Real Name: Josh
Age: 23
Gender: Male
General Location: United States
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Socialist
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Via another forum
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No
Professional Goal: Short term, finishing my dissertation without losing my soul to stress.
What is your favourite genre of music: Folk and rock punk, garage rock, art rock and contemporary classical.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English, and intermediate skill in French.
Other information: I'm a mountain biker hobbyist and spend an average of five hours a week biking.

Abortion: Pro-choice
Affirmative Action: Supportive, as a stopgap solution for endemic racial and gender disparities.
Aid (International): Supportive, though with conditions.
Arms Trade: A symptom of a broken world order.
Death Penalty: Strongly opposed.
Drones: The latest tool used to promote imperialism, without allowing for significant backlash against the government.
Drugs: Should be immediately legalized, though stringently regulated.
Economic System: Socialist, merging elements of workplace democracy, parecon, and state ownership.
Education: University graduate, first year graduate student (doctoral) in sociology.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Needs to be immediately dismantled, as it stifles third parties.
Environmentalism: Strongly in favor.
Euthanasia: Should be legal.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution.
Gay Marriage: Strongly in support.
Gun Control: A strict licencing and registry system, with background checks.
Immigration Policies: Open.
Income Tax: Abolish, in favor of a wealth tax that caps at 100% for individuals with a net wealth of $2,500,000, the revenue being funneled back to the public in the form of a basic income.
Iran: An oppressive state, with no hope of reform until its forced isolation is reversed.
Israel/Palestine: While I don't believe the two-state solution is the correct one for a number of reasons, it is the only realistic solution under the current Israeli regime.
LGBTQ Rights: Absolutely.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Absurdist.
Political Party Affiliation: None, though I voted for the Green Party's candidate in 2012.
President Obama/American Policies: Only looks good when graded on a curve with the GOP.
Prostitution: Legalized.
Religion: Opposed personally, though I don't support persecution of the religious.
Social Security (Welfare): Replace with a basic income pegged to inflation.
The UN: Ineffectual.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I'm a vegetarian, for environmental reasons.
War on Terror: State terrorism and mass murder.
The history of progress is written in the blood of men and women who have dared to espouse an unpopular cause.

Member of the Free Communists (District 108)
Left/Right: -10.00
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -9.45
Alternate Test
Political Views

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The Scientific States
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Postby The Scientific States » Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:03 pm

The Nation Pretitle of The scientific states
Real Name: No
Age: 14
Gender: Male
General Location: Phoenix, Arizona
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Social Liberal, Left Leaning Centrist, Ordoliberal
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Nah
Where Did You Find NationStates?: A google search
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: no
Professional Goal: I dunno yet.
What is your favourite genre of music: Indie/Alt Rock, Classic Rock, 80s
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English, Spanish.
Other information: No

: Pro Choice
Affirmative Action: Meh
Aid (International): Good
Arms Trade: No
Death Penalty: No
Drones: No
Drugs: Legalize Soft Drugs, Decriminalize the Rest
Economic System: Mixed Market, Rhine Capitalist etc.
Education: Free.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Bad, parliamentary system=best
Environmentalism: Moderate environmentalism is good.
Euthanasia: If the person who requests euthanasia is mentally sound and stable, yes. Also, they must be terminally ill or dying to request euthanasia.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution. Creationism is preposterous and ludicrous.
Gay Marriage: Absolutely.
Gun Control: "Common sense" gun control.
Immigration Policies: Few Restrictions
Income Tax: Progressive Taxation.
Iran: Boo!
Israel/Palestine: Two state solution, both nations should stop being asshats to each other.
LGBTQ Rights: Absolutely.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): My philosophy is "don't be an asshole."
Political Party Affiliation: Reluctantly, Democratic Party of the USA. I just wish they were a bit more liberal.
Lib Dems(UK)
Labour(New Zealand)
Social Democrats(Germany)
President Obama/American Policies: Meh. He's alright.
Prostitution: No Pimps, but it should be legal, regulated etc.
Religion: I'm an atheist, who is fine with religion, so long as it's not shoved down anyone's throat.
Social Security (Welfare): Good.
The UN: Good.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Meh.
War on Terror: Boo!
Last edited by The Scientific States on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:13 pm, edited 2 times in total.
Centrist, Ordoliberal, Bisexual, Agnostic, Pro Social Market Economy, Pro Labour Union, Secular Humanist, Cautious Optimist, Pro LGBT, Pro Marijuana Legalization, Pro Humanitarian Intervention etc etc.
Economic Left/Right: 0.88
Social Liberal/Authoritarian: -6.62
Political Stuff I Wrote
Why Pinochet and Allende were both terrible
The UKIP: A Bad Choice for Britain
Why South Africa is in a sorry state, and how it can be fixed.
Massive List of My OOC Pros and Cons
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Postby Potenco » Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:24 am

IM Contacts:
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies):Neo-Situationism

The Republic Potenco<--REPLACE
Real Name:Zane
General Location:Northern Illinois
General Political Affiliation [if any]:Associated with Young Communist League
General Religious Affiliation [if any]:Atheist/Buddhism
Where Did You Find NationStates?:Looking for political games a few years ago, found this
Have you read any of Max Barry's books:Yep, Jennifer Government
Professional Goal:Probably something in academia. I would love to teach either philosophy, religious studies or history.
What is your favourite genre of music: Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Rockabilly, Techno
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English, Spanish, Afrikaans (Can read), Esperanto (again can read and speak certain phrases)
Other information:

Abortion:Pretty pro choice, something government should stay out of
Affirmative Action: Pro. The playing field has to be leveled for any shot at reaching genuine equality
Aid (International):Necessery and a moral obligation for all privileged nations
Arms Trade: No official attitude, however I am highly pro nuclear abolition.
Death Penalty:Highly against, it is another aspect of a rascist justice system and any white trash shitkicker who wants to keep it should be shot put in prison!
Drones: Primarily pro, they are preferable to B-52s
Drugs:Pro legalization of marijuana and hallucinogens. Make rehabilitation the focus of those caught with heavier narcotics
Economic System:Market Socialism seems most preferable to me. I would like to see the bosses taken out of the mix and have direct union control of industry
Education:Start treating teachers like professionals, fund them and quit standardized testing. Charter schools are absolutely evil and if schools are going to succeed, they cannot be treated like a business
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?:I dont care, a parliamentary system would be best anyhow
Environmentalism: Overwhelmingly for, though I do support nuclear power
Evolution or Creation (or both)?:Evolution. Children who espouse creationist beliefs should be huimiliated in front of their entire class and forced to spit on a crucifix. Yeah, that would be cool
Gay Marriage:For me? Fuck No, no mans going to tie me down! But yeah, that is a right I enjoy having
Gun Control:Pro. The hicks can hunt with a slingshot if they need to so bad.
Immigration Policies:Open Borders.
Income Tax:Needs to be raised on the wealthy and upper middle class. Duh.
Iran:A terrible, possible threat to world security maybe....
Israel/Palestine:Primarily supportive of Palestine. The settlers need to be removed from ther West Bank and the occupation must end.
LGBTQ Rights: All of them silly
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?):Im big on Michel Foucalt and postmdernism. Im also pretty into existentialism, Situationism and reductionism.
Political Party Affiliation: None, vaguely associated with CPUSA
President Obama/American Policies: Well, high powered corporate lobbyists still have alot of control in this country and this nation is always fucked with capitalism. Still hes the first president to do anything positive since Roosevelt
Prostitution:Pro legalisation and regulation so as to make it a safer profession
Religion:Im not anti religion, I just dont get how anybody could be so presumptuous to think that they know what god wants.
Social Security (Welfare):Its entirely necessary, as capitalism leaves most people poor. We cannot trust private enterprise to handle the lives of the nations poor.
The UN:Kind of useless but I admire its goals and it does only good work
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Slim Jims are my favorite food.
War on Terror:Oh Yes, I cant stand Paranormal Activity movies!
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Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist depending on the weather.
Very Bisexual-Probably a 4 on the Kinsey Scale
Pro:US Democratic Party, Social Democracy, Bayard Rustin's ideals, Hopefully a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren for President in 2020. Recent convert to the episcopal church from atheism and a fan of distributist thinking and christian democracy.
Anti: Paleoconservative bullshit, dicksuck Austrian economics

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Not sure if this is still going, but...

Postby Alizeria » Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:23 am

Picture: You really don't wanna see...
IM Contacts: Don't do IM
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): I would call myself a "small c" conservative, or perhaps a Tory.

The Kingdom of Alizeria
Real Name: I'd prefer to keep that to myself.
Age: 24
Gender: Male
General Location: Auckland, New Zealand... but I tend to move around a lot.
General Political Affiliation [if any]: One-nation conservatism/ Progressive conservatism
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: I think I googled 'create your own nation' one day about 5 or 6 years ago
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Yes, all of them except for Syrup.
Professional Goal: Author, although I would settle for journalist, possibly politician
What is your favourite genre of music: Currently it's metalstep, which combines two of my other favourite genres - metal and dubstep.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English. I studied Japanese once but have forgotten it all.
Other information: The less you know, the better

Abortion: Generally pro-life. I'm against abortion but I accept that it is sometimes necessary.
Affirmative Action: Strongly against.
Aid (International): Tentatively for
Arms Trade: Against
Death Penalty: For in principle, against in practice.
Drones: For
Drugs: Yes for marijuana, no for others.
Economic System: Capitalism is fine by me
Education: I strongly support state education - it's the one investment the government needs to make in order to ensure social mobility and equality of opportunity
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Don't give two shits about the USA
Environmentalism: I'm all for sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, but it's not my number one priority
Euthanasia: For
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution. Jesus, are there still people out there who believe in the Judeo-Christian creation myth!?
Gay Marriage: For
Gun Control: Don't give a shit, I'm not in America and it doesn't affect me
Immigration Policies: I'm kind of anti-immigrant
Income Tax: It needs to be simplified a bit, but overall don't fix what ain't broke - I don't feel the tax system where I live needs much reform
Iran: Would probably get on really well with America if only the two countries followed the same religion
Israel/Palestine: Palestine deserves to be recognised as a sovereign nation
LGBTQ Rights: Support, same goes for racial minorities and women while we're at it
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Nihilist
Political Party Affiliation: New Zealand National Party
President Obama/American Policies: Obama is a dud. A community organiser and one-term Senator is not someone who is ready to be POTUS. I support him over Romney, McCain I liked but I hated Sarah Palin, so.... yeah.
Prostitution: I don't see any reason why it should be illegal
Religion: The sooner humanity moves on from religion, the better
Social Security (Welfare): I support it, as long as it's a hand up and not a hand out.
The UN: What a joke.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I can see where they're coming from, but most individual vegans and vegetarians I know are self-righteous assholes
War on Terror: Support it, although the west has been rather naive in its approach thus far
Last edited by Alizeria on Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:27 am, edited 1 time in total.
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Hittanryan wrote:What do you call a guy with his hand up a sheep's ass? An Alizerian mechanic.

Schottia wrote:While Belisaria is burning Schottia is watching football and Alizeria is teaching sheep to drive.

Shalum wrote:Alizeria, the one place where it's acceptable to be a lady by day, and a freak in the hay.

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Left-wing Utopia

Postby MERIZoC » Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:50 pm

Picture: Nope.
IM Contacts:
Political Beliefs:
The Je'daii Clans of Merizoc<--REPLACE
Real Name: No thanks
Age: A teenager
Gender: Male
General Location: New York
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Far left socially, somewhat left economically.
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: A friend
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Jennifer Government and Lexicon
Professional Goal: I have no idea.
What is your favourite genre of music: Celtic and Rock.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: French
Other information: I love Pokemon, Star Wars and MTG.

Abortion: Pro-Choice 
Affirmative Action: Neutral
Aid (International): For
Arms Trade:  Against, I'm a pacifist.
Death Penalty: Absolutely not. It is cruel and inhumane.
Drones: In of itself, I have neutral feelings towards the technology. However, the way they are being used must stop.
Drugs: Legalize and rehabilitate.
Economic System: Market socialism with small capitalist influences.
Education: A critical part in maintaining our future. Should receive more funding. Get rid of the standardized tests. That system doesn't work. 
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Need drastic reforms or should be removed.
Environmentalism: Absolutely vital. We don't have another planet, so don't waste this one.
Euthanasia: Legalize it.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution.  
Gay Marriage: Make it legal.
Gun Control: People don't really need assault weapons.
Immigration Policies: Accept people into your borders. Really, America is supposed to be a welcoming land. Same goes for other countries.
Income Tax: Should be slightly higher for the middle class, lower for the poor, and a lot higher for the wealthy.
Iran: Just ignore them.
Israel/Palestine: Israel needs to GTFO of the West Bank. That said, Hamas should stop blowing people up.
LGBTQ Rights: I like them.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Dogma is bad, I make my own philosophy.
Political Party Affiliation: Leaning toward SYRIZA
President Obama/American Policies: There are very few good politicians in America. Obama is not one of them.  
Prostitution: Legalize.
Religion: Whatever, but don't push it on other people.
Social Security (Welfare): Needs expansion.
The UN: I like the idea, but it's too bureaucratic. They need to take decisive action.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I am vegetarian, and while I encourage people to not eat meat, I won't badger them about it.
War on Terror: It needs to stop.
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Postby Gigaverse » Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:54 am

Picture: Here, have this.
IM Contacts: No.
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): No official political ideology. Socially Liberal. Economically State Capitalist. Politically, Social Democrat with a strange interest in Oligarchical Collectivism.

Real Name: Yyngdhaeuunn
Age: 16
Gender: Male
General Location: Vietnam
General Political Affiliation [if any]: N/A
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist.
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Google. Yes, believe it.
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Unfortunately, not yet.
Professional Goal: To be an acknowledged artist in the fields of video gaming, voice acting and comic-book creating.
What is your favourite genre of music: Rock in general. Preferably Linkin Park or Thirty Seconds To Mars. J-Pop is a close second.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English and Vietnamese. Also, little bits of German, Latin and Japanese. Throw in a bit of knowledge about Cyrillic for good measures.
Other information: I'm dead serious about most things I say. A bit sarcasm-blind.

Abortion: Officially no opinion. If I must give one, though, I wouldn't recommend it to you.
Affirmative Action: Not too good, but I'm neutral.
Aid (International): There is mutual benefit to everything, isn't there?
Arms Trade: I'm not against it.
Death Penalty: Serving justice rightfully.
Drones: Perfect them a little more, and VOILA! Future Warfare.
Drugs: Only the softest of them should be legalized.
Economic System: State Capitalism, as carried out by actually capable people.
Education: More funds should be put in it for the sake of future generations.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Is not American. Does not give a damn.
Environmentalism: Plant more trees, and put more money into genetic research. MUCH MORE MONEY.
Euthanasia: I'd rather we attempt to treat, but it should be legal.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Both.
Gay Marriage: No rational reason to be against.
Gun Control: Extreme regulations.
Immigration Policies: N/A.
Income Tax: Hand them more money if they were actually competent. If not, less taxes pls.
Iran: Again, not American. Iran is cool in my books.
Israel/Palestine: Palestine. Dunno why though, but Palestine.
LGBTQ Rights: I'm a hetero, but OK. Don't do perverted things to me, though.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Currently, Nihilism and Cynicism.
Political Party Affiliation: N/A
President Obama/American Policies: Obama meh president. America still bad country. Needs more fixing.
Prostitution: Probably not.
Religion: If there's no fundamentalism, why not?
Social Security (Welfare): I'm all for it, assuming there are fair checks for abuse and job training available to those on it.
The UN: Needs to transform into an actual competent global government.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: Preferable.
War on Terror: Erm... America, regulate your activities more before you become the terrorists.
Art-person(?). Japan liker. tired-ish.
Student in linguistics ???. On-and-off writer.
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Union Of Canadorian Socialists Republic
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Postby Union Of Canadorian Socialists Republic » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:49 am

Union of Canadorian Socialists Republic (Canador)
Picture:Right here
IM Contacts: Nope
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Free market libertarian

The Eastern Republics of Union of Canadorian Socialists Republic

Real Name: Kameron W.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
General Location: California
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Laissez- faire Libertarian
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Atheist
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Google
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: Nope
Professional Goal: To become a C-130 pilot in the US Coast Guard
What is your favourite genre of music: Swing/Electroswing
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English
Other information: I have a certification as a life guard
Abortion: For
Affirmative Action: Against
Aid (International): Only to NATO and other close allies
Arms Trade: Not against it
Death Penalty: For, preferably by firing squad
Drones: Meh, I prefer strategic bombers (B-52)
Drugs: Legalize 'em all.
Economic System: Laissez Faire Capitalism
Education: Encourage privatization
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Bad
Environmentalism: Conserve land for nature. That is as environmental as I get.
Euthanasia: Yes, all for it.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution
Gay Marriage: Legalize it.
Gun Control: Pro 2nd Amendment, supports ownership of assault rifles.
Immigration Policies:
Income Tax: Drastically lower it for everyone, or abolish it entirely.
Iran: Screw them. Leave them alone unless they attack us. Then we send 50 B-52s to bomb their asses.
Israel/Palestine: Screw them.
LGBTQ Rights: Support
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Moral Nihilist
Political Party Affiliation: US Republican Party (barely)
President Obama/American Policies: Obama is causing much more harm than good. Government needs to back the hell off of the people.
Prostitution: Don't see any reason to restrict it. Sex is none of the government's business.
Religion: Believe in what ever you want.
Social Security (Welfare): Decrease it.
The UN: The sooner it is disbanded, the better. It is incompetent and a drain on money.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: I eat steak and wear fur hats. If you don't like it, cry me a waterfall.
War on Terror: American terror?
Last edited by Union Of Canadorian Socialists Republic on Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:51 am, edited 1 time in total.
Pro: LGBT rights, Capitalism, Libertarianism, Drug Legalization, Non-Interventionism, Free Immigration, Gun Rights, Secularism
Anti: Socialism, Totalitarianism, Big Government, Bigotry, Nationalism, Censorship, Capital Punishment
Pro: Modernism, Minimalism, International Style
Anti: Postmodernism, Excessive Building Codes, Urban Sprawl, Traditionalism.[/box]
Canador is a neutral Federal Libertarian Constitutional Republic.
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Postby Lysset » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:43 pm

Picture: No.
IM Contacts: No.
Political Beliefs (i.e. name your ideology, if one applies): Left-wing.

The Confederacy of Lysset
Real Name: Jonathan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
General Location: Western United States
General Political Affiliation [if any]: Unaffiliated
General Religious Affiliation [if any]: Christian
Where Did You Find NationStates?: Friend hotlinked it via Skype
Have you read any of Max Barry's books: No.
Professional Goal: Well-paying job in the field of Information Technology, with a side job as a writer.
What is your favourite genre of music: Rock, Powermetal, Electronic Music, etc.
Which languages you can speak and/or write in: English (native), German (somewhat), Latin (only barely)
Other information: I am on the autism spectrum.

Abortion: Legalize. It should be the choice of the person, not the choice of the government.
Affirmative Action: A bit frivolous, but ultimately harmless. Keep it.
Aid (International): Should be given.
Arms Trade: No opinion.
Death Penalty: Should only be used in really, really grievous violations of the law.
Drones: Should only be used in warfare.
Drugs: Should be tightly regulated.
Economic System: Regulated free market.
Education: Should be free for all, including college and university-tier schools.
Electoral College in USA Elections - Good? Bad? Needs reforming?: Reform, possibly. The concept was noble in the nation's early days, however in today's world it's outdated and archaic.
Environmentalism: Necessary. This world can't support Humans indefinitely.
Euthanasia: No opinion.
Evolution or Creation (or both)?: Evolution in school, creation in church.
Gay Marriage: Legalize.
Gun Control: Largely ineffective.
Immigration Policies: Allow immigrants and give them the opportunity to learn how to be productive citizens while celebrating their cultures.
Income Tax: Necessary, and should be heftier for wealthy people.
Iran: Only a threat to its citizens.
Israel/Palestine: Need peace.
LGBTQ Rights: Necessary.
Philosophy (what's your philosophical outlook?): Unknown.
Political Party Affiliation: Unaffiliated.
President Obama/American Policies: Can be changed.
Prostitution: Shouldn't be legal, but that's just me.
Religion: All religions should be free to practice what they want.
Social Security (Welfare): Necessary.
The UN: No opinion.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: If you're not going to go militant on me I won't go ape on you.
War on Terror: Unnecessary.
Lysset's WA Delegate: Ambassador Atharia Khenalli
Lysset's Embassy Program
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Lysset: A nation of wanderers.
I have no clue what my sexuality is. And quite frankly, I'm not sure if I'll find out in my lifetime.
Also, Trans Rights.



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