Under 18 World Championship (SWC 11) Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Under 18 World Championship (SWC 11) Everything Thread

Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:53 pm

Welcome to the 11th Under 18 World Championships hosted by the Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park, under an agreement with Sporting World magazine.

Please begin submitting your rosters and RP's here,

The format will have six groups of seven nations each, playing a single round robin, with the top 4 from each group advancing to the knockout stage with the group winners and the top 2 second place finishers earning a bye into the round of the 16.

The schedule is as follows:
Sunday July 12--MD1/MD2 (2v7/3v6/4v5) (6v4/7v3/1v2)
Monday July 13--MD3 (3v1/4v7/5v6)
Tuesday July 14--MD4 (7v5/1v4/2v3)
Wednesday July 15--MD5 (4v2/5v1/6v7)
Thursday July 16--MD6/MD7 (1v6/2v5/3v4) (5v3/6v2/7v1)
Friday July 17--OFF DAY
Saturday July 18--Playoff Round
Monday July 20--Round of 16
Wednesday July 22--Quarterfinals
Friday July 24--Semi-Finals
Saturday Jult 25--3PPO
Sunday July 26--Final

Cutoffs will be approximately between 10-11 pm, EDT (0300-0400 UTC)

Group A (Belle Haven, Riverside, Jamestown)
Greater Vakolicci
Baker Park

Group B (Coolville, Kellerville)
San Jose Guayabal
Terre Septentrionale

Group C (Oceana, State University Borough)
Northern Sovereign Islands
Siovanija & Teusland
Ind Athletes from Quebec
Error 458:No Nation Found

Group D (Springfield, Salisbury, New Bremen)
Free Republics
Oberour Ar Moro
Northwest Kalactin

Group E (Endborough, New Richmond)

Group F (Southend, Richmond, Lindenwood)

Match assignments are now in the Info Section!

Please use the following in your roster submission for the benefit of others participants

Code: Select all
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Y/N
RP injuries to my players: Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players: Y/N
Give red cards to my players: Y/N
Godmod other events: Y/N
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:54 pm


We welcome all teams and supporters to Baker Park for the Under 18 World Championships and wish good luck to all on the field & in whatever activities you choose to pass the time between matches.
Centrally located within Atlantian Oceana, Baker Park is one of the top tourist destinations in the region, welcoming nearly 1.9 million visitors per year. Especially in the northern third of the country, outdoor pursuits are most popular among visitors. We have a mostly temperate climate, with autumn and early winter the times of the year when precipitation is heaviest.

Our nation consists of seven constituent states—the State of Baker Park, Endover, Osheana, Ezra, Midalia, St Leon, and Lynchana—each with their own unicameral legislative body. They are united as a federal parliamentary democracy; the Parliament consists of the 175 member House of Assembly and the 56 member Council of State. The Prime Minister is the Head of the Government, currently held by Rebecca Schoenlein, the leader of the Federalist Party of Baker Park.

Belle Haven is the national capital of the Commonwealth; with a metro area population of over 5.6 million, it is also the largest city, the financial, entertainment, and cultural center of the country, and more than likely your first stop on your trip to Baker Park.
Belle Haven International Airport (BHX) serves 41 foreign & domestic carriers and accommodates over 900 takeoffs and departures per day. The airport is approximately 18 miles south of the city center, and there are numerous ground transportation options for arriving visitors at Belle Haven International; Metro Transit Buses, commuter rail, taxis, for hire limos, private coaches, rental cars and both private hub-to-hub & hotel shuttles are available to carry the traveler to any part of the city (or further) as needed.
There are also large airports that serve the other areas of the Commonwealth where matches will be played. Oceana, Ezriquay, Endborough, and Coolville/Shirley have International standard airports, capable of handling inbound flights from anywhere in the multiverse.

People in Baker Park tend to be formal or deferential to strangers when you first meet them; this is something of an ingrained relic of the values and lessons of our ancestors, as 'propriety' is a word that every child & teen has drilled into their head from an early age. Many of our citizens are only a couple of generations removed from the behavioral and social norms of our Victorian era European fore-bearers. Generally, once the ice has been broken, people are for the most part extremely friendly; we are a curious nation and eager to learn about people and cultures from across the multiverse.

Baker Park prides itself on the equality of citizens and the respect for the rule of law; we have an array of civil liberties that are important as the foundation of our society. Cannabis is legal for use and purchase, and prostitution is not illegal, but not technically legal either. By law, prostitution arrests can be charged as no more than minor misdemeanors, although in some places it is not a criminal offense at all.

Most bars and pubs have closing time at 3am, and only such establishments that serve food can legally open prior to 11:15 am to serve alcohol. The legal age for purchase and consumption is 18.

We have legalized gambling in Baker Park; there is a modern casino downtown in Belle Haven as well as casinos in East Liverpool (just south of Endborough) and suburban Oceana. In addition, there are 3 major horse racing establishments that have slot machine/video poker 'racinos' adjacent in Fairport, Southend and Ezriquay.

Violent crime is extremely rare in the Commonwealth. There is a higher chance you will fall off a subway platform than be assaulted or robbed with a firearm, and we take enormous pride in the safety of our subways systems. Still, it is advisable to take precautions normally utilized when in unfamiliar places. 0-9-9 is the universal emergency number in the country and especially in the largest cities, response times are extremely quick.

Travel in Baker Park is easy and safe due to the modern mass transportation infrastructure that the country has built over the last 60 years. Connections to major cities are available via rail, road, plane or ferry.
Rental cars are available at relatively modest rates, as competition is fierce among rental firms; almost any type of vehicle you might wish to hire is available, as the Commonwealth automobile market is made up of about 35% imports, so you'll find about any make or model you could imagine here.
Within the Greater City of Belle Haven area, public transportation is widely available across several platforms; CARTA (Capital Area Rapid Transit Authority) provides for public buses, a modern light-rail network, a clean & efficient subway system and connections to commuter and interstate rail lines.
Transit fares are equalized across all types of accommodation; 1 day, 3 day and 7 day passes each offer discounts off the regular single ride price, and the system is fully integrated; one price allows you to access to any CARTA mode of transport along with transfers. Several other cities throughout the country have initiated or improved their commuter rapid transit systems over the past several years as people move farther away from core city areas; Oceana, Endborough, Coolville and Springfield maintain outstanding public transit networks, allowing employers to encourage using automobiles less, reducing environmental impact.

The inter-city river ferry system is a popular option for travelers on day trips or weekend visits. There are vehicle and passenger-only options that operate on hourly schedules or dedicated point to point trips. Nearly 2 of every 5 inhabitants of this country live within a zone extending approximately 25 miles on either side of the Belle Haven River; it is one of the heaviest traveled inland waterways in the multiverse.

You'll probably notice that we have a bit of Victoriana fetish here in Baker Park. You can't miss it even if you're only halfway paying attention. We have parks, buildings, bars, restaurants, streets and anything else you can think of named for Victoria, or some kind of reference to her; almost every adult over the age of 35 in this county knows some arcane trivia fact about the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Not because they necessarily want to.

Baker Park's currency is the CBP dollar; generally $1 NS is equivalent to about CBP$ 1.35. The monetary system is decimalized and denominations are 2, 5, 10 and 50 cent coins, 1 and 2 dollar coins, and 5, 10, 25, 100 and 500 dollar notes.
As a result of the 1998 elimination of the 1 cent coin, the general practice throughout the county is to round up or down any prices that would result in purchases or change returned ending in 1 or 3 cents; for example, a merchant may keep the extra 1 cent if your change due is 3.31, or may return 2.54 if the amount due is 2.53 (merchants and vendors have through the years generally adapted pricing so this is a rare occurrence).

Cash gratuities for service are not expected, but are not uncommon. Generally, workers in hospitality and tourism are more accustomed to receiving small tips, but the level of service you receive is not affected if you choose not to do so. Workers at all levels of employment are paid under a scheme known as CLAWS (Classified Labor and Wage Scale) which ensures that citizens are compensated fairly and reasonably equal to their peers based on years of work and experience.

Further afield, the other cities hosting matches all have a myriad of options for the visitor. A trip via the train to our northern areas of the country, where the natural beauty of our own largely undeveloped "frontier" is strenuously preserved is quite popular with foreign visitors.
The Lake District in northeast Endover is a popular summer getaway for families (approx. 1 hr 40 min from Endborough by rail), and in the other corner is The Old North, formerly a large holding of the Northern States Company that was heavily cleared of its forests for use in building the railways, but has been reclaimed by conservation and is becoming a popular resort area as an alternative to the Lakes (approx. 2hr 10 min from Oceana by rail).
Alternatively, the southern part of the country has its' own attractions; although not a substitute for warm water beaches, the villages and getaways along the coast in both directions from Newport are popular with boaters, fishermen and vacationers. The higher elevations in the southeastern corner of the Commonwealth have become the center of the nascent winter resort industry in areas formerly used for deep mining of coal, iron ore and bauxite, as well as gas and oil drilling.

There is so much more info than space to discuss; feel free, should you wish, to learn more in this detailed guide prepared for World Cup 84:

The venues:

Group A

The Under 18 championships will be unusual in that it will almost completely bypass the nation's largest and most important city. Several out of town match sites are close enough to enable one to set up base in Belle Haven and day trip for matches.

Hillsborough Stadium, Belle Haven (capacity 17,500)
One of the busiest venues in the city, if not the whole Commonwealth, Hillsborough Stadium has seen more than its share of memorable moments. Home of Hillsborough FC, and the University of Belle Haven's football, men's & women's soccer teams, plus high school football and soccer; completed in 1934 and renovated between 1997-2002.

Match Schedule--MD1: Sylestone v Libonesia; MD2: Kohnhead v Equestria; MD3: Libonesia v Baker Park; MD 4: Equestria v Greater Vakolicci; MD5: Baker Park v Hopal; MD6: Greater Vakolicci v Sylestone; MD7: Hopal v Kohnhead

Riverside is the nation's 9th largest city, which began as satellite town of Belle Haven in the 1920's. It has grown to be a major metro area in its own right.
The Riverside Stadium seats 18,000 & is easily accessible from downtown Belle Haven via subway/light rail connections and has an excellent atmosphere for matches, despite the running track that surrounds the pitch. Hosted a group match in AOCAF 58.

Match Schedule--MD1: Equestria v Hopal; MD2: Baker Park v Sylestone; MD3: Greater Vakolicci v Kohnhead; MD4: Hopal v Libonesia; MD5: Sylestone v Equestria; MD6: Kohnhead v Baker Park; MD7: Libonesia v Greater Vakolicci

Jamestown is the major metropolitan area of the southern part of Baker Park State, with nearly 450,000 residents in the city and Highland County. Home to the University of Southern Baker Park, the major economic forces here are the McDonald & Muir Corporation, producers of appliances and home goods; and Oliver, Stearns, Kirk & Co, the nation's largest textile and fabrics producers. Easy access to all parts of the Commonwealth via rail and expressway.
Wright-Stearns Stadium seats 23,700 and is situated on the edge of the SBP campus to the southwest of the center city.

Match schedule--MD1: Greater Vakolicci v Baker Park; MD2: Hopal v Greater Vakolicci; MD3: Sylestone v Hopal; MD4: Kohnhead v Sylestone; MD5: Libonesia v Kohnhead; MD6: Equestria v Libonesia; MD7: Baker Park v Equestria

Group B

Coolville is the capital of Midalia state and the fifth largest city in Baker Park. The citizens have a bit of an identity crisis, with the other main towns in the state (St Warren & Kellerville) and their down-river neighbors Shirley all having less than positive feelings for them.

The State College Stadium is Coolville State University's home facility for sports, and prior to the completion of Carrollton's redevelopment, the city's largest venue. The 26,000 seat stadium has a running track, which is less than ideal for the fan, but has a roof over much of the seating areas which helps make the atmosphere decent.

Match schedule--MD1: Jeckland v Terre Septentrionale; MD2: Vdara v San Jose Guayabal; MD3: The Jovannic v Chromatika; MD4: Terre Serpentrionale v Sarzonia; MD5: San Jose Guayabal v Jeckland; MD6: Chromatika v Vdara; MD7: Sarzonia v The Jovannic

Christian Lundqvist Stadium is the home of Sorenberg Park FC of the National Conference. Capacity 14,000.

Match Schedule--MD1: San Jose Guayabal; MD2: Chromatika v Jeckland; MD3: Sarzonia v Vdara; MD4 Jeckland v The Jovannic; MD5: Vdara v Terre Septentrional; MD6: The Jovannic v San Jose Guayabal; MD7: Terre Septentrionale v Chromatika

Kellerville was a sleepy, rural county seat until the early 1960's, when the expressway came through, which spurred growth in industry and led to the elevation of Kellerville State University from agricultural extension college to full 4 year status in 1973. Population is approximately 85,000, with nearly a quarter of a million people who now live within a 25 mile radius.

Princess Helena Sports Park hosted group matches during WLC 31 and is the home of Kellerville State University & Kellerville AFC; it's had a makeover and an expansion to 12,350 since then.

Match schedule--MD1: The Jovannic v Vdara; MD2: Terre Septentrionale v The Jovannic; MD3: San Jose Guaybal v Terre Septentrionale; MD4: Chromatika v San Jose Guayabal; MD5: Sarzonia v Chromatika; MD6: Jeckland v Sarzonia; MD7: Vdara v Jeckland

Group C

Oceana is the conservative anti-Belle Haven, due to the years of pre-Commonwealth rivalry between the Northern States Company and George W Baker & Sons. There is a full complement of things to do and see during a stay in the Osheana State capital.

Learfield Park is situated north of downtown and is home to the club of the same name, seating 9,400. LFC have been the city's main club for many years and have enjoyed success, but they are not universally loved by neutrals.

Match schedule--MD1: Ind. Athletes from Quebec v Springmont; MD2: Northern Sovereign Islands v Siovanija & Teusland; MD3: Springmont v Poafmersia; MD4: Siovanija & Teusland v Trolleborg; MD5: Poafmersia v Error 458 No Nation Found; MD6: Trolleborg v Ind. Athletes from Quebec: MD7: Error 458 No Nation Found v Northern Southern Islands

Tollgate Stadium is where Llewellyn Turnpike FC have called home for 91 years, and if not for the club's return to the Championship, would probably not be hosting any matches. It's been given a long overdue facelift and upgrade ahead of the season. Located south of the city center in Carmarthen Borough (about a 15-20 minute subway ride), make sure you get a chance to visit the tollgate station from where the ground gets its name, located diagonally across the street from the northwest corner of the stadium.

Match schedule--MD1: Siovanija & Teusland v Error 458 No Nation Found; MD2: Poafmersia v Ind. Athletes from Quebec; MD3: Trolleborg v Northern Sovereign Islands; MD4: Error 458 No Nation Found v Springmont; MD5: Ind. Athletes from Quebec v Siovanija & Teusland; MD6: Northern Sovereign Islands v Poafmersia; MD7: Springmont v Trolleborg

State University is a so-called "big borough", as there isn't really a community large enough to be considered a town by legal definition. Osheana State University is located here, and the nearby northwestern corner of the country is both a major supplier of forestry products and is also a popular tourist vacation area for outdoor recreation. The National Railway Museum is located here (of course) and has exhibits to interest even those are not railroad buffs.

Falcon Stadium has a compactness that makes it seem smaller than its 20,000 seat capacity. Definitely try a BOB sandwich (beef, onion, bun—essentially a grilled hamburger), as it's said they make the best ones in the Commonwealth here.

Match schedule--MD1: 3v6; MD 2: 7v3; MD3: 4v7; MD4: 1v4; MD5: 5v1; MD6: 2v5; MD7: 6v3

Group D

Springfield is the center of the Commonwealth's agriculture industry and the site of the Baker Park State Fair. The eighth largest city in the Commonwealth, with over 800,000 residents in the metro region.

State Fairgrounds Stadium—Springfield (capacity 44,000) Constructed in the 1970's to replace the aging wooden grandstand at the Fairgrounds, it hosts many sporting events and concerts year round. A second expansion prior to World Cup 84 brought the stadium to nearly double its original capacity. It's a popular venue as a neutral site given the city's location and accessability.

Match schedule--Rwezaka v Savojarna; MD2: Free Republics v Oberour Ar Moro; MD3: Savojarna v Lovisa; MD4: Oberour Ar Moro v Devonta; MD5: Lovisa v Northwest Kalactin; MD6: Devonta v Rwezaka; MD7: Northwest Kalactin v Free Republics

Salisbury isn't quite yet considered a part of the Metro Belle Haven area, but it's population has increased by 1/3 over the last 25 years due to suburban creep from the northern areas of the capital.

Salisbury Stadium, Salisbury (capacity 25,900) is home to 2nd Division club Salisbury City, who have played here since 1975. With the Red Line subway/commuter train from Belle Haven's main downtown district, visitors can have the best of both worlds by staying in the capital and affordable, reliable transportation on matchday.

Match schedule--MD1: Devonta v Lovisa; MD2: Northwest Kalactin v Devonta; MD3: Rwezaka v Northwest Kalactin; MD4: Free Republics v Rwezaka; MD5: Savojarna v Free Republics; MD6: Oberour Ar Moro v Savojarna; MD 7: Lovisa v Oberour Ar Moro

New Bremen was a sleepy farm town until the railway came to this part of Baker Park in the 1950's, and now it has a population over 105,000 in the main town and the surrounding borough.

FSFB Stadium, New Bremen (capacity 12,000) is home of New Bremen FC, who won the National League Championship for the first time last season; the stadium was completed in 2009 as part of major investment into the club by the country's sixth largest bank.

Match schedule --MD1: Oberour Ar Moro v Northwest Kalactin; MD2: Lovisa v Rwezaka; MD3: Devonta v Free Republics; MD4: Northwest Kalactin v Savojarna; MD5: Rwezaka v Oberour Ar Moro; MD6: Free Republics v Savojarna; MD7 Savojarna v Devonta

Group E

Endborough is the Commonwealth's Second City, located in the northeastern part of the country. It is the state capital of Endover and the home of the nation's top institution of higher education, the University of Endover. Much of the state beyond the city is pristine wilderness, with the Lake District one of most popular family vacation destinations.

Ludlow Road Park serves the University of Endborough and East Endborough AFC, the 14,000 seat facility consisting of 3 double tiered stands.

Match schedule--MD1: Krytenia v Sharktail; MD2: Tequilo v Cassadaigua; MD3: Sharktail v HUElavia; MD4: Cassadaigua v Mavinet; MD5: HUElavia v Starblaydia; MD6: Mavinet v Krytenia; MD7: Starblaydia v Tequilo

Bridewell could be twice the size as its current 9,600 capacity and there would probably still be a shortage of season tickets for supporters of Monmouth Park FC, one the country's biggest clubs. The last few years have been bumpy for Park (relegation, promotion, relegation again, and now back in the Championship) but they still draw boffo box office.

Match schedule--MD1: Cassadaigua v Starblaydia; MD2: HUElavia v Krytenia; MD3: Mavinet v Tequilo; MD4: Starblaydia v Sharktail; MD5: Krytenia v Cassadaigua; MD6: Tequilo v HUElavia; MD7: Sharktail v Mavinet

New Richmond is feeling a lot more pride in itself these days; the local club were accepted to full membership in the FAC and will play the Shield competition for the first time after 74 years of being a part-time club, while the area continues to grow in population due to an increase in manufacturing being located in the town.

Lytle Five Points Road is the home of New Richmond FC, and the Endover State University athletic teams. The move to full time club status coincides with the completion of the redevelopment of the stadium which has modernized the facility and increased the capacity to 11,000.

Match schedule--MD1: Mavinet v HUElavia; MD2: Starblaydia v Mavinet; MD3: Krytenia v Starblaydia; MD4: Tequilo v Krytenia; MD5: Sharktail v Tequilo; MD6: Cassadaigua v Sharktail; MD7: HUElavia v Cassadaigua

Group F

Richmond—not to be confused with New Richmond—sits dead center in the triangle of the bitter sporting rivalry between Ezriquay, Newport and Southend; although the latter of those three is now the larger town, Rich remains the county seat, and has surprising good visitor amenities and accommodations for its size.

Richmond Dale was the name of the club that formerly played here and also the ground, which is one of the easiest stadiums to get to in the Commonwealth, as the passenger station is literally across the street. Richmond Station FC (naturally) call it home today and although small by standards of international competitions (9,000), it has an old school charm.

Match schedule--MD1: Nagore v Abanhfleft; MD2: Darmen v Megistros; MD3: Abanhfleft v Lochario; MD4: Megistros v Eraman; MD5: Lochario v Xanneria; MD6: Eraman v Nagore; MD7: Xanneria v Darmen

Southend is home to Ezra State University, and the yin to State University borough's yang; at oppositie end of the 'Trunk Line' as the north-south railway is called, it has nearly 100,000 residents and a diverse economy.

Old College Park (19,600) is the home of Southend AC and the university's teams. It's quirky, mismatched, dated—but it is an excellent venue for enjoying whatever is taking place here.

Match schedule --MD1: Megistros v Xanneria; MD2: Lochario v Nagore; MD3: Eraman v Darmen; MD4: Xanneria v Abanhfleft; MD5: Nagore v Megistros; MD6: Darmen v Lochario; MD7: Abanhfleft v Eraman

Lindenwood sits on the southern bank of the Stillwater River, and grew rapidly after the completion of the railway bridge connecting the Western & Southern and the Northern States railway lines. Over 100,000 residents make up the metro area, as it has developed into commuter haven for both Eqriquay and Middletown.

Park Grove Stadium (12,000) is just a short walk from the rail station, and is home to Linden Woods FC, who play in the 2nd Division, and Linden Ladies FC of the Women's NSL.

Match schedule--MD1: Eraman v Lochario; MD2: Xanneria v Eraman; MD3: Nagore v Xanneria; MD4: Darmen v Nagore; MD5: Abanhfleft v Darmen; MD6: Megistros v Abahnfleft; MD5: Lochario v Megistros

Semi Finals/3PPO/Final

BBP National Stadium (72,000) has hosted the 3rd place match of both AOCAF 58 and World Cup 84, as well as the finals of AOCL.
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World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:54 pm

The Commonwealth of Baker Park Under 18 National Team are appearing for the sixth time in the event--the first appearance in SWC 5 was the debut of mixed gender squads in the national setup--seeking to become the first three time champions of the event on home soil. Zoe Montgomery returns for her third stint as manager, and her coaching includes Women's NT Assistant Manager Will Barnard, Rob Lindstrom and Goalkeeping coach Elaine King. Antoine Jones and Beth Rossi will share the co-captaincy, and the squad welcomes 12 new players making their U18 debuts.

All-time record: 25 wins, 4 defeats, 3 draws
Formation: 3-4-1-2
Style Mod: +2.1

Permissions: everything goes, for Red Cards & Injuries, please drop a courtesy TG.

Manager—Zoe Montgomery
Assistant—Will Barnard
Coaches—Rob Lundstrom
Elaine King
Physio—Gina Damicone

1 Beth Rossi 18 Llewellyn Turnpike Ladies FC
22 Shelly Duffy 17 Meadowdale Ladies FC
21 Geoff Cotterill 17 South Bank HS, Belle Haven,BP
18 Carlton Frost 17 Nelson HS, Newport, EZ
5 Joe Finnegan 18 Asbury Park FC
19 Stacy Milner 18 Tyler County Central HS, Middlebourne, SL
3 Danny Todd 17 Parkway East HS, Clayton, BP
2 Magda Kucera 17 Solomon HS, Endborough, EN
4 Antoine Jones 18 Bradley HS, St Warren, MD
17 Julie Morris 16 Montrose HS, Jamestown, BP
11 Park Jae-sung 18 Lassiter HS, Belle Haven
7 Grace Douglas 17 Westwood Sprites Ladies FC
8 April Syzmanski 17 Broadview AFC
20 Shonte Logan 17 Montgomery HS, Shirley, SL
14 Cyndi Garfield 16 City HS, Belle Haven, BP
13 Rob D'Alessandro 17 South Middletown HS, Middletown, EZ
6 Andrea Kirksey 17 Bergholz Caledonian FC
16 Edward Ogwumike 17 Eastwood HS, Mansfield, BP
9 David Coleman 17 St Warren City FC
15 Erika Riley 16 Carmarthen HS, Oceana, OS
9 Phan My Kieu 18 Linden Ladies FC
12 Rob Donahue 17 Chesterfield HS, West Chester, OS
24 Fatima Khan 17 Asbury Central HS, Asbury, BP
10 Peter Obulundi 18 Newmarket Saxons FC


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World Cup 85 Fourth Place
World Cup 84 Co-hosts
World Cup 81/82/83/84 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
AOBC 5 Champions
NSCF 21 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff semi-finalists
NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

WLC 34 Fourth Place
WLC 30/31(host)/32/33 Quarterfinal
WLC 29 Playoff Round

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Sylestonean Roster for Under 18 World Championship

Postby Sylestone » Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:52 am

Style Modifier: 2
Formation: 4-3-3
Nickname: The Minipliances

This Sylestone side is mainly descended from the Stovetop and Utensil suburbs in the sentient city of Kirkham, Sylestone. There are up and coming names that many have heard of, such as the wok and fork, and some relatively new ones, such as the colander and spatula. How they will do, we are yet to find out.

Unravelled al-foil (just say Al-foil)

Frying Pan
Water Jug

Kitchen Sink


RP allowances:
Do whatever. No killing and no excessive red and yellow card usage. Apart from that, do what you want.

The players in italics are members of the starting lineup, the most likely to the least likely in order.
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Postby Springmont » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:06 am


Manager: Pablo von Listor
Head Coach: Sydd Khelbegh
Coach: Ezra Nigel
Physiotherapy: Ralf Rainthorn

GKMarco van Thebits13Image Basilsome Athletic FC
GKJoubert De Beers13Image Stavaberg Youth
GKRautenbach Mattys Van14Image Groveaire Univ.
DEFArnold Matsumoto14Image Cordwell Univ. FC - VICE CAPT.
DEFAndries De Waal12Image Cordwell Univ. FC
DEFGerhardus Williams13Image Groveaire Univ.
DEFAngus Kordys13Image Foxparkos College
DEFRynold Van Schoor12Image Stavaberg Youth
DEFLuca Van Niekerk13Image Stavaberg Youth
MIDZander Oosthuizen17Image Danford FC
MIDBen Clugston13Image Ashburn United FC
MIDRavencloud Fjetland14Image Stowburgh United FC - CAPTAIN
MIDWikus Van Schalkwyk16Image Shipbrough FC
MIDAndré Le Roux17Image Stowburgh United FC
MIDFranco de Gil17Image South Winbridge
FWDAdriaan Verdoorn17Image Rowanwood FC
FWDNoah Crownfish17Image Shipbrough FC
FWDGroen Langenhoven17Image Shaftecester Miner FC
FWDGrog Christiaan Bezuidenhout17Image Esthampton FC
FWDGonzalez Thudd14ImageRowanwood Academy FC

style +1.33

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Give red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N

Marco van Thebits
Position: Goal Keeper
Age: 13
Club: Basilsome Athletic FC Image
This player main strenght is shot stopping and we also indicates that he regards to be fairly consistent performer.

Andries De Waal
Position: Left Defender
Age: 12
Club: Cordwell Univ. FC Image
We believes De Waal to be fairly good at marking. One of the main reasons why this player is a good team player is his high work rate and he also a fairly consistent player.
Luca Van Niekerk
Position: Right Defender
Age: 13
Club: Stavaberg Youth Image
Luca Van Niekerk possesses great pace. This player's natural fitness underpin his athleticism and fairly sporting too.
Arnold Matsumoto
Position: Central Defender
Age: 14
Club: Cordwell Univ. FC Image
We believes Matsumoto to be goods in the air. This player's bravery underlines his desire to help out his team mates, and skillful too.
Gerhardus Williams
Position: Central Defender
Age: 13
Club: Groveaire Univ. Image
We believes Williams to be a good team player. The player's first touch is key to him being a technical player.

Zander Oosthuizen
Position: Central Midfielder (Left)
Age: 17
Club: Danford FC Image
Oosthuizen possesses great pace and his bravely underline his desire to help out his team mates, and his professional too.
Ravencloud Fjetland
Position: Central Midfielder
Age: 14
Club: Stowburgh United FC Image
Fjetland possesses great pace and his acceleration underpin his overall speed. We also indicates that Fjetland to be player who enjoys the big matches.
Franco de Gil
Position: Central Midfielder (Right)
Age: 17
Club: South Winbridge FC Image
We believes de Gil to be good at taking set-pieces, and one of the player's main strengths is to take direct free kicks.

Groen Langenhoven
Position: Left Winger
Age: 17
Club: Shaftecester Miner FC Image
We believes Langenhoven to be a good team player. The player's ability to do the unexpected is one of the main reasons behind his ability to go past his man.
Noah Crownfish
Position: Central Forward
Age: 17
Club: Shipbrough FC Image
We believes Crownfish possesses great header and dangerous in the air. He possess a great pace too.
Gonzalez Thudd
Position: Right Winger
Age: 14
Club:Rowanwood Academy FC Image
We believes Thudd to be a skillful player. The player's ability to strike a ball from distance makes this player a constant danger to the opposition.
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Postby HUElavia » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:21 am

HUElavian U18 National Football Team Squad for SWC XI

Style: +1.5

#1: Gabriel Vannier (17 Years Old) (1.86 m)
#13: Lipina Rostislavovna (16 Years Old) (1.80 m)
#23: Ibai Anezagasti (16 Years Old) (1.80 m)

#2: Nil Rey (15 Years Old) (1.78 m) (CB)
#3: Elisabete Passos (18 Years Old) (1.80 m) (CB)
#4: Marco Dohna (17 Years Old) (1.82 m) (RB-LB)
#5: Boris Antonovich (16 Years Old) (1.77 m) (LB-RB)
#12: Pae Chiyun (16 Years Old) (1.65 m) (LB-RB)
#15: Taro Uda (18 Years Old) (1.78 m) (CB)
#18: Najma el-Amber (16 Years Old) (1.67 m) (CB)
#19: Suhay Allccarima Carihuasari (17 Years Old) (1.62 m) (RB-LB)

#6: Iara Nakata Carmo (15 Years Old) (1.63 m) (DM-CM)
#8: Mathieu Guilbert (16 Years Old) (1.78 m) (DM-CM-AM)
#10: Alfonso Hidalgo (17 Years Old) (1.75 m) (CM-AM)
#14: Casimira Pino (18 Years Old) (1.73 m) (DM-CM)
#16: Ko Min-Jae (15 Years Old) (1.69 m) (CM-AM)
#20: Novia Lizbeth Abyyappy (16 Years Old) (1.52 m) (DM-CM-AM)

#7: Rafael Savedra (16 Years Old) (1.70 m) (LW-RW)
#9: Renato Rodrigues (17 Years Old) (1.78 m) (CF-ST)
#11: Bárbara Assis dos Reis (16 Years Old) (1.68 m) (RW-LW)
#17: Meike Dohna (17 Years Old) (1.72 m) (RW-LW)
#21: Veronica Bermúdez (17 Years Old) (1.65 m) (ST-CF)
#22: Urpikusi Choque (18 Years Old) (1.80 m) (LW-RW)

Starting XI:
1 Vanier
4 Dohna, 2 Rey, 3 Passos, 12 Chiyun
6 Nakata, 8 Guilbert
11 Assis, 10 Hidalgo, 7 Savedra
9 Rodrigues

Captain: Savedra
Vice-Captain: Vanier
Free Kicks: Nakata, Hidalgo
Corner Kicks: Guilbert, Assis
Penalty Kicks: Rodrigues, Savedra, Assis

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y, duration of match only please
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (Give reason why)
Godmod other events: N
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Postby Kohnhead » Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:52 am

Nation Name: The Galactic Empire of Kohnhead
Abbreviated Name: Kohnhead
Trigramme: KND
Nickname: The Tiny Brains
Record: 0-0
Formation: 4-3-3
Info: The U-18s from Kohnhead will be entering their first SWC and will be made up of some starters from the Premier League, some reserves, and some members of the B League. The team is mainly comprised of 17 year olds but a few 16 year olds, and even some younger made the roster.

Coach: Elijah Godwin (47)-Barnley FC (M)

Starting XI
GK: Carl Wells (15)-Northern FC (F) #1
LB: Sophia Bertua (17)-FC Wangor (F) #25
CB: Allison Ruterford (17)-Kohnhead City FC (F) #71
CB: Brogan Broadsie (17)-Northern FC (M) #30
RB: Clement Haas (16)-FC Rockaton (M) #15
(C) LM Jordan Korkson (17)-Real Dawson (M) #22
CM: Josiah Randall (14)-New Ballow United (M) #7
RM: Suzanna Barter (17)-Real Dawson (F) #60
LW: Randall Gilmore(17)-FC Kohnface City (M) #9
CF: Rafa Santos (17)-Kohnhead City FC (M) #10
RW: Mindy Howells(16)-West Castle (F) #11

Captain: Jordan Korkson
Penalties: Rafa Santos
Left Free Kicks: Jordan Korkson
Right Free Kicks: Josiah Randall
Left Corner: Jordan Korkson
Right Corner: Jordan Korkson

GK: Damon Chadwick (17)-Real Barnley (M) #2
Def: Bobby Dillard (16)-New Ballow United (M) #14
Def: Kelly Gilliam (17)-Barnley FC (F) #16
Def: Fletcher Klein (17)-Dawson Diamonds (M) #18
Mid: Rowan O'Doherty (16)-Goldberg City (F) #26
Mid: Taylor Osborne (17)-Lithrop FC (F) #28
Mid: Sharon Bullock (17)-Porter City (F) #8
For: Archie Burns (15)-Porter City (M) #12
For: Lexie Acosta (16)-Bingham City (F) #6
For: Darien Robin (17)-FC Wangor (M) #13


Jerseys (Same as National Team)

Big shoutout to No Nonsense Sportswear and Filindostan for making the kits

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Give red cards to my players: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Style: +2
Last edited by Kohnhead on Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:03 pm, edited 2 times in total.

Sporting Achievements
2nd Wonder Cup Champions
48th Di Bradini Cup/69th U21WC 4th place

Outdoor Hard Court Season 6 Steinigestrasse Open Runner Up (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Istria Open Semifinals (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Mattijana Open Semifinals (Singles)
Clay Court Season 6 Hamilton International Semifinals (Singles)

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Postby Megistos » Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:02 am

Skill Mod: +1.75
4-5-1 (Attack)
(#1) Damien Becks (GK)
(#31) Yoko Muealio (GK)

(#3) Brousse Kellingrad (LB)
(#4) Fred Callimolo (CB)
(#16) Allobouti Jackson (CB)
(#2) Brett Willams (RB)

(#34) Brennston Cat (CB)
(#13) Frenc Fri (CB)
(#99) Franc Iodiop (CB)

(#7) Danny Lukovic (LM)
(#8) Mitchell Howard (CM)
(#10) Jordi Frett (CAM)
(#5) Robert Jorgenson (CM)
(#11)Bentse Cringan (RM)

(#27) Clueles Royen (CM)
(#28) Dest Royen (LM)

(#9) Ben Roberston (ST)
(#45) Ryan Pulliso (ST)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Give red cards to my players: Y (Only 1)
Godmod other events: N
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Wed Jul 08, 2020 8:56 am

Kalactin U-18 Football Team
Coach: Keith Richardson (Taking over from Johnathan Rose)
Formation: 4-2-4
Style Mod: +5
Tactics: High Defensive Line, Play Through Butler, Create Chances on The Box

About the Nation
Northwest Kalactin is a nation of 20 million people, the nation has many major city’s with hockey teams in them. The largest cities are Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour And Kempsey the capital and largest city in the nation is Gold Coast. The climate is hot with the summer temperatures getting up to about 110 Fahrenheit at the highest and winter temperatures go down to about 50 at the lowest. The nation plays host to many domestic sports leagues across many different sports including Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and many more.


The Team
William Bennett, Regional Academy in Banija
Jimmy Foster, Fountain of Youth International

Brian Green, Lutka Juniors
Mark Reed, Ballina FC U-18

Support Strikers:
Thomas Butler, Ballina FC
Craig Washington, Kempsey United U-18

Howard Cox, Fountain of Youth Gold Coast

Christopher Wright, Murwelldobah Juniors
Billy Ward, Fointain of Youth Coffs Harbour

Eugene Moore, Purple Town U-18
Sean Rivera, Fountain of Youth Coffs Harbour

Louis Baker, Murwelldobah Juniors
Christopher Wright, Coffs Harbour FC
Patrick Kelly, Toureres U-18
Juan Phillips, Griffin U-18

Roy Carter, Fountain of Youth Gold Coast
Ernest Anderson, Fountain of Youth International
Earl Watson, Coffs Harbour FC

Howard Collins, Fountain of Youth International

Adam Foster, Fountain of Youth Gold Coast
Current Champions of the AO Lacrosse Invitational
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Postby Starblaydia » Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:59 am

(just the starting XI for the moment, to get a squad of sorts up)

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. Thanks.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose My Scorers
GodMod Any Goalscoring Events
Red & Yellow Card Players (Within reason, they're not remotely a dirty side)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia play a wide attack-minded game with a +3 style modifier.
2) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any).
3) Before each match, in between national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, Starblaydia's traditional war-dance (Similar to a New Zealand Haka).
4) * denotes female, denotes elf, ^ denotes dwarf


A Sporting Chance
Starblaydia enters the Under-18 World Cup once more

Starblaydi All-time
Junior Cap Winners:

1. Nunzio Gre, 23
2. Gbenga Ogunniya, 23
3. Itechton Matranga, 21
4. Juan Santiago, 21
5. Jikiri Fuinbar, 21
6. Christian Macia, 21
7. Nelson de Montford, 21
8= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 18
8= Jae Chang-hwa*, 18
8= Cherry Garcia*, 18
8= Surachai Buathiang, 18
8= Danzir Garahildim^, 18
8= Florencio Zaragoza, 18

Starblaydi All-time Junior Scorers:
1. Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 18
1= Sutter McCloud, 18
3. Darius Belizaire, 15
4= Stefan Hinkonnen, 13
4= Giovanni Lopez, 13
6. Marco Del Blanco, 12
7= Mercutio, 9
7= Eomer Hall, 9
7= Alfonso Di Angelo, 9
10= Lubii*, 8
10= Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 8
10= Tarquin Fullbright, 8
10= Jeremy Anselm, 8
10= Stephen Landsberg, 8

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's
Manager at Under-18, Under-21
and senior levels

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
Damocles, Duke, Al Qubaisi
Take a penalty:
Damocles, Sargent
Defend well:
Watson, Brackenridge, Galdarhim
Create a moment of magic:
Duke, Stephenson, Damocles
Receive a card:
Watson, Galdarhim, Tinkerson

Starblaydia won the Under-18 World Cup at their first attempt five editions ago at Royal Equestria Stadium. The SFA had declined to send a squad to the previous six editions, but their reaction to a steadily decreasing level of senior team performance since the Third Place at the 56th Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football Cup has been an admirable one. Using this competition to build for the future, Ázëwyn Fëanáro managed to be successful at the very first attempt, and finish as Runners-up the second, but poor third and fourth cycles means that the Starblaydi youth system is under more of a microscope than ever. Was the first team a fluke, or can this success be replicated once more?

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,072
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and twenty-five years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm for the 78th World Cup Qualifiers, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. Considered to be by far the most successful and beloved manager in Starblaydia's recent history, and at this point may well be the manager for eternity.

AC. Aaron Cole, Assistant Manager, 43
90 Caps, 54 Goals (7 Caps, 4 Goals at Under-21 level)
The first person to break into the Starblaydi all-time top ten goalscorers in literally generations, Cole had the dubious honour of being the man to finally knock Simeone Di Bradini off out of that same list. His excellent footballing brain, aggression levels, tactical nous and all-round Audioslavian/Brenecian level of shithousery made him a uniquely successful striker in a nation more used to smooth flying strikers and hulking target men. These are the qualities he will try to bring to the national team on a much grander scale.

1. Damion Stanford, GK, 17 - Internashionale

2. Andvar Galdarhim^, C/RB, 18 - Karak Ungor Chiefs
3. Claire Stephenson*, LB/LWB, 18 - Jhanna City
5. Dalton Aldridge, CB, 18 - Tuncastle Rovers
6. Campbell Watson, CB, 18 - Penningworth United

4. Quentin Brackenridge, DM, 17 - Tabeck Cefn Druids
7. Andreas Sargent, Captain, R/LM, 18 - Tournetas
8. Edmund Duke, AM, 18 - FC Farça

9. Isiah Tinkerson, SC, 18 - Beverington Hawks
10. Lucian Damocles, SC, 17 - Iskara Daii
11. Omar Al Qubaisi, SC/AM, 18 - Yaton FC (Taeshan)

Formation (4-3-3, +3 Modifier)

Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits, with this version first debuted at the 82nd World Cup Finals.

Generation Five-B blends a number of Starblaydia's iconic kits from across more than a quarter of a millennium, including the return of side panels and a number on the front, while mixing in new design elements such as the subtle stripes of the away kit. Both proudly sport the five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships at senior level - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo. Starblaydi players will also all be wearing rainbow laces, as a symbol of diversity and inclusion.
Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Seven-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)


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Postby Sarzonia » Wed Jul 08, 2020 2:28 pm

Sarzonia's Under 18 National Team (The Baby Stars)

In an effort to revitalise the Sarzonian football programme, the powers that be at the Incorporated Football Federation have decided to establish an Under 18 national team to improve the pipeline from young talent to the senior national team.

With Sarzonia's surprise performance in World Cup qualifying, leading up to a semifinal appearance in the Cup of Harmony, the momentum for football in Sarzonia hasn't been this powerful since the Stars won World Cup XXII.

Thus, the team began interviews for technical director and manager to help the Under 18 programme get underway. The IFF have named 65-year-old Ganz Ijak as technical director for the team, nicknamed the Baby Stars by some in the media.

Sarzonia Baby Stars

Manager: Diogo Avarel (52)
The young apprentice to the late Franz Braddock during the legendary manager's tenure with the senior Stars national team, Avarel beat out four other candidates for the Under 18 national team starting role. He previously served as national team manager for his native Cafundéu. His experience is likely to benefit a young Stars team, even if the team is new to international competition.
Assistant Manager: Tim Lankford (47)
One of the four would-be managers Avarel beat out for the job, Lankford impressed Avarel with his attention to defence and will guide the Stars defensive unit.
Assistant Manager: Joe Carson (43)
Carson was a midfielder in the Sarzonian Football Confederation prior to its relegation to the second level of the Sarzonian football pyramid behind the Cyanea Joint League. He will work with the midfielders.
Assistant Manager: Matt Lynch (36)
The longtime Stars striker is in his first role as an assistant manager. He will work with the forwards.
Goalkeepers Coach: Horace Sandt (39)
Sandt was the goalkeeper who backstopped the Stars lone World Cup championship. He'll work formally with this team in the unofficial capacity he has with his brother Carlton Sandt on the senior national team.

If my opponent RP's first, they have permission to do the following:
Style: +1.5 (slightly attack-oriented)
Formation: 3-5-2
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y (stuff like deciding who scores a PK, who passes to whom and how the goal's scored is cool. Weird shit is not.)
Injure Players: Y (let me determine severity)
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (check with me first)
Yellow Card Players: Y (no more than one or two players. check with me first)
Godmod Other Events: N (only stuff like inclement weather or crowd reactions, please. nothing crazy)

ROSTER (starters in BOLD)

1 Timothy Raintree, 18 (6-foot-1, 165 pounds)
30 Joey Lang, 16 (5-foot-10, 170 pounds)

2 Chris Jones, 18 (6-foot, 161 pounds), left back
4 Cam Vargas, 16 (5-foot-8, 135 pounds), sweeper
17 Alan Carson, 18 (5-foot-11, 150 pounds), right back
19 Alyssa Raven, 17 (5-foot-4, 115 pounds), left back. Niece of former Stars women's player Jenna Raven.
22 Von Page, 18 (5-foot-7, 137 pounds), sweeper. Gender non-conforming.
25 Ben DiSoto, 17 (5-foot-10, 168 pounds), right back. Rugged player. Page's best friend on the team and often sticks up for them.
28 Kenny DiSoto, 18 (5-foot-11, 176 pounds), can play either wing position defensively. Ben DiSoto's older brother.

7 Rick Doctson, 17 (5-foot-3, 145 pounds), defensive midfielder
8 Coy Reynolds, 17 (5-foot-10, 170 pounds), left wing. Little brother of Brady Reynolds; plays more defensively than Brady does.
10 Sheila Carson, 17 (5-foot-10, 166 pounds), playmaking midfielder.
12 Johnny Danvers, 16 (5-foot-11, 172 pounds), right wing. Fastest player on the Baby Stars.
13 Tommy Marcus, 17 (6-foot-2, 188 pounds), offensive midfielder, occasionally withdrawn forward. He takes the lefty corner kicks and some of the free kicks.
14 Ty Frank, 16 (5-foot-8, 162 pounds), reserve defensive midfielder
15 Timmy Durant, 17 (6-foot, 180 pounds), reserve winger. Primarily right wing, but can play left in an emergency.
20 Michael Johns, 17 (5-foot-11, 158 pounds), reserve playmaking midfielder
23 Carter Yancey, 17 (5-foot-10, 170 pounds), reserve jack-of-all-trades midfielder

6 Ian Clarke 17 (6-foot-3, 205 pounds. Big, burly striker with surprising speed and agility.
11 Kristine Lynam 18 (5-foot-7, 140 pound), the creative forward. She'll take the righty corner kicks and many of the free kicks.
16 Larry Swann, 16 (5-foot-10, 160 pounds), has some skill, though not to the same extent as Lynam.
24 Zane Sakata, 17 (6-foot-2, 200 pounds). He's the reserve striker and usually only gets sent on if the Baby Stars trail and need a goal late.
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Postby Terre Septentrionale » Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:38 pm

Équipe nationale de soccer des moins de 18 ans de Terre Septentrionale

U-18 Reprezentacja Nordycki w Pilka Nozna

Northern Land U-18 National Soccer Team

Nation Name in French: République de Terre Septentrionale
Nation name in Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polnocna
Nation Name in English Republic of Northern Land
Short Nation names: Terre Septentrionale / Ziemia Polnocna / Northern Land
Trigramme: RTS
Demonym: Septentrional (plural: Septentrionaux)
Nicknames: Nordiques, Reprezentacja Nordycki, Northmen
Team colors at home: Red, black and green
Team colors on the road: Green and white
Style Mod: 1


Home - Away -

Thanks to No Nonsense Sportswear from Filindostan

Image Image Image


Head Coach     Mieczyslawa Gorzelak-Borkowska	56
Ass. Coach Gaston Désormeaux 55
Ass. Coach Ginette McNally 47

Captain: Gabriel Pinsonneault
Penalty Taker: Gabriel Pinsonneault
Corners (left): Krešimir Grujević-Komšić
Corner (right): Xavier Turgeon-McGee
Free Kicks: Urszula Więckowska or Krešimir Grujević-Komšić
Direct Free Kicks: Gabriel Pinsonneault or Urszula Więckowska


Num	Pos	Player	                Age	Team	                        Birthplace
1 GK Arkadiusz Kaczmarczyk 18 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow U-21 Krzczonow, MA
12 GK Émile Buisson-Deshaies 17 Impact de Jacques-Cartier U-21 Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC
28 GK Alexandra Diaz 18 Longueuil Wanderers F.C. U-21 Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC

5 SD Kristina Kovacevic 18 NK Lokomotiva Kukljica U-21 Port O'Connor, TX
81 SD Xavier Turgeon-McGee 18 Impact de Jacques-Cartier Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC

4 SD Nathaniel Poisson-Descheneaux 16 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier U-21 Lac-aux-sables, CN
25 SD Bernadett Szőcs 17 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy U-21 Göd, BA
23 SD Esteban Rodriguez 18 San Pedro Fire U-21 North San Pedro, TX
2 SD Sarah-Maude Gosselin 17 A.S. Baie-Sainte-Catherine U-21 Lac-Akonapwehikan, CH

15 CD Kristóf Rácz-Takács 18 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy Szentgyörgyvölgy, BA
17 CD Nicolas Gariépy 18 ÉTK Szentgyörgyvölgy U-21 Les Trois-Saumons, HY

3 CD Kylan Anderson-MacPhee 17 Shelburne F.C. U-21 Larry's River, SH
14 CD Wojciech Kozlowski 18 KS Ursus Trzeszczyn U-21 Krzywcza, LU
33 CD Cédrick Brouillette 18 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica U-21 Ville Jacques-Cartier, DC
18 CD Krzysztof Orzechowski 17 KKS Wlokniarz 1925 Krzczonow U-21 Kleszczewo, MA

22 SM Léina-Anne Bellefleur-Deschamps 17 En avant Prévost U-21 L'Île-aux-Chiens, PA
24 SM Anne-Frédérique Bellefleur-Deschamps 17 En avant Prévost U-21 L'Île-aux-Chiens, PA

10 SM Laurence Pellerin-Breton 18 C.S. Portneuf-sur-Mer Les Trois-Saults, CH
29 SM Kimberly Bellerose 18 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier U-21 Sault-au-Récollet, MT
27 SM Rose-Marie Lafontaine 18 Dynamo de Jacques-Cartier U-21 Sainte-Julie, MT
51 SM Uroš Lipušček 18 NK Rudar Podvolovljek U-21 Krplivnik, KR

16 CM Urszula Więckowska 18 Kaszubia Ostroszowice Ostroszowice, CA
55 CM Krešimir Grujević-Komšić 17 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica U-21 Vukosavljevica, DA

11 CM Trevor Enstrom 18 Shelburne F.C. U-21 Woodstock, SH
99 CM Włodzimierz Walaszczyk 16 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz U-21 Skrzyszow, PO
6 CM Martyna Janiszewska 18 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz U-21 Kuznica Zdzieszowicka, PO
8 CM Natalia Krawczyk 18 Szczakowianka Trzebiegoszcz U-21 Trzebiegoszcz, PO

21 S Gabriel Pinsonneault 18 En avant Prévost Val-des-Lacs, CN
9 S Slawomir Blaszkowski 18 Pogon Zdzieszowice Wojkowice, PO

91 S Anastazja Jedrzejewicz 17 Klub Turystow Rzodkiewnica U-21 Krzyszkowice, KZ
7 S Katarina Joščak 18 DNK Hajduk Vukosavljevica U-21 Vukosavljevica, DA
19 S Maude Lajoie-Rouleau 18 U.S. Papineauville U-21 L'Orignal, PA

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Yes
Injure Players: Yes
Godmod Injury Events: No
Red Card Players: Yes
Yellow Card Players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes

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Postby Eraman » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:26 pm


Nation: The Kingdom of Eraman
Demonym: Eramanian
Style Modifier: 2
Formation: 4-1-2-3 DM Wide

Head Coach: Rifa Bakti

GK: Arjuna Kesuma, 18, Anara

GK, Bayu Suri, 18, Royal Cittapura
GK, Jebat Setia, 17, Royal Daulapura

DR: Tuah Padi, 18, Anara
DL: Andika Putra, 18, Royal Daulapura (Captain)
DC: Budi Andi, 17, Mitra
DC: Purnama Sari, 18, Royal Daulapura

DR, Panji Hari, 18, Royal Daulapura
DL, Armada Bara, 17, Anara
DC, Setiawan Agus, 17, Royal Daulapura
DC, Wira Astaka, 18, Anara

DMC: Adiwarna Arung, 18, Anara
MC: Helikopter Tompok, 17, Royal Puncakpura
MC: Asli Buana, 18, Royal Daulapura

DMC, Long Pati, 17, Royal Daulapura
MC, Adi Bilis, 18, Royal Daulapura
MC, Bon Sagur, 16, Anara

AMR: Timur Beladau, 18, Anara
AML: Dewa Budiman, 18, Mitra
ST: Faiz Johnson, 18 y/o, Royal Pasirpura

AMR, Rem Tambul, 18, Damaisari
AML, Anil Kumar, 17, Royal Daulapura
ST, Nirmal Varma, 18, Anara

Sponsored by zsports

Choose My Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes.
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes.
Godmod Other Events: Yes.
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Postby Eraman » Thu Jul 09, 2020 12:57 am

____________________THE MOST TRUSTED NATIONAL NEWSPAPER____________________



The national under-18 squad can be said to be more complete with the presence of two players in action from the newly annexed Mitra and Soma for the Under 18 World Championship.

According to the list of names announced by the Eraman Football Association (ERAFA), the two players are Mitra-based Budi Andi and Dewa Budiman. Budi Andi is a tall and commanding center back who is good with his feet while Dewa Budiman is a quick right-footer left-winger who loves to cut inside.

The selection of Budi Andi and Dewa Budiman to the under-18 national team is a historic feat as they become the first former Mitranese national to represent Eraman. No former Mitranese and Somanese nationals represented Eraman yet in any fields or events.

The two players will join the other 21 players in the first training camp in Daulapura. The main contributors to the national team are the two most dominant clubs in the country with Royal Daulapura supplying 9 players to the national team while 8 academy players were called up from Anara. The other 4 players are contracted to Royal Pasirpura, Royal Puncakpura, Royal Cittapura and Damaisari respectively.
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Postby Eraman » Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:01 am



"Adiwarna Arung of the Anara squad led the other team members from the Anara Youth Cup squad to report at the ERAFA Complex in Daulapura.

"Eight names from the Youth Cup squad selected were Adiwarna Arung, Arjuna Kesuma, Tuah Padi, Armada Bara, Wira Astaka, Bon Sagur, Timur Beladau and Nirmal Varma," the statement said.

In fact, Anara FC also congratulated the eight players for bringing Anara to international competition.

"Hopefully, all eight of them will give a strong fight to honour Eraman," the statement said.

Adiwarna Arung had previously been the attention in the social media, especially among Anara's fans when he was said to have an identical look as a popular movie star, Mahan Insani.

The U18 squad is in preparation for the Under 18 World Championship in the Commonwealth of Baker Park.
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Postby Hopal » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:38 am

ImageHopal U-18 Team
Nickname: The Suns
Head Coach David Stoyers 54 M
Goalkeeping Coach Lance Wilkins 41 M
Defensive Coach Allison Woodville 37 F
Offensive Coach Halmin Rashsada 46 F
Physiotherapist Dr. Lee Moses 52 M
Starting 11
GK Travis Durant 16 M
CB Brian Atwood 17 M
CB Allison Terrace 16 F
CB Kaylee Haboshinter 16 F
DMF Hunter Dublohaber 15 M
DMF Hector Cruz 15 M
WB Fred Thom 16 M
WB Uma Frey 14 M
OMF Kevin Bird 17 M
OMF Larry Thomson 17 M
CF David Shelby 17 M
GK Helen Oburhabel 15 F
GK Harry Schultz 17 M
DEF Kyle Barker 16 M
DEF Terry Holmes 17 M
DEF Karen Wickers 16 F
MID Uma Garre 16 F
MID Gary Turner 15 M
MID Justin Thomas 14 M
MID Wendy Stein 17 F
AT Erin Tarter 17 F
AT Mark Jovanoko 17 M
Captain Kevin Bird
Assistant Captain David Shelby
Assistant Captain Brian Atwood
Penalty David Shelby, Kevin Bird
Free Kick Hector Cruz, Kevin Bird
Corner Kick Larry Thomson, Brian Atwood
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Give red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
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Postby The Jovannic » Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:38 am

The Jovannic U18 Team!

Jovannic Citizens are traditionally proud of their youth development programs. It's the same for this year, as another fruitful batch of players have molded into a Centre trusting attacking team. A deviation from the usual Fluid style, but certainly no less deadlier.


Seintat Fele, 18, Varla Crlak United
Juno Marian, 18, Kilvil Hastar
Dottogon Verastalio, 18, Ninhiein United

Seintat has played in the WCQ, and has shown amazing potential as a first team goalkeeper. An eye-catcher this tournament.

Marcus Gurchan, 18, Chan City
Zhua Zhen Lin, 17, Haladay FC
Francis Weddert, 18, Royale De Golda
Relde Opposiur, 18, New Hope City

Cur Jitiveryu, 18, Nationale Jovannica
Dirstox Backenfaff, 17, Dustilez Bulls
John Siffi, 18, Haladay FC

Twater Harring, 18, Prisfent FC
Huli Maringar, 17, Varla Crlak United
Swazy Cahto, 18, Chan City

Roger Martsho, 18, New Hope City
Tarh Scotk, 18, Varla Crlak United
Neng Her Qwak, 17, West Juxe United
Strec Sataraka, 18, Huleman Carols

Nagato Urimagi, 18, Nationale Jovannica
Juyt Dersa, 18, West Juxe United
Jovenu Lorhir, 18, Nationale Jovannica

Ming Su Jin, 18, Chan City
Fujin Rasnanaki, 18, Chutiman United
Tui Shan, 18, Ninhein United

Style Mod: +3.5

Coach: Shuci Faret, 32
A young coach, good in modern tactics and fast attacking play. Also able to connect well with the players.

Stadium: Grand Jovannica Stadium, 65,000

Just ask me if you want to say something important or interesting about my team. :lol2:
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Postby Oberour Ar Moro » Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:57 pm

Dominion of Oberour Ar Moro
National Under-18 Football Team


Eleventh Under-18 World Championship Roster


Manager: Thoumas d'Herbigny, age 55 (former du Mont Saint Eloy Manager)
Assistant Manager: Segal Martineaud, age 44 (former Saida Holly Assistant)
Assistant Manager: Zacharie Vireron, age 32 (National Coaching Academy graduate)

Starters in bold (Domestic Club)


1 GK Ernand Gringnart, age 18 (Cyrene Bay)
12 GK Colledoc Lonard, age 18 (Regium United)
24 GK Adrian Daigneault, age 18 (Naucratis)


2 LB Kongal Cayn, age 17 (Myrrh-Streamer)
3 RB Tilio Lot, age 18 (Fleuriot)
14 LB Awen Lalande, age 18 (Hibernus)
15 RB Alèthe Calmette, age 17 (Pescium)


10 SW Daniel de Choisi, age 18 (Celeritas)
11 SW Alexander Sauvari, age 18 (Massalia City)
22 SW Yannic Lefou, age 18 (Regium Immortal)
23 SW John Conreeur, age 17 (dit de Compiengne)


5 LM Iudicael Breut, age 18 (Saida Holly)
6 RM Celestin Ebrard l'Aisné, age 18 (Cyrene Bay) CAPTAIN
4 CM Seguinus Tesserant de Linge, age 18 (Hibernus)
17 LM Maeldoi qui Brodele, age 17 (Cyrene Bay)
18 RM Aelwin du Celier, age 18 (Estipen United)
16 CM Joavan Baudroyer, age 17 (Pescium)


7 LW Ronan Vrely, age 18 (Hibernus)
8 RW Kieran la Pasquiere, age 17 (Estipen United)
9 ST Peter des Bouz, age 18 (Sesamos)
19 LW Soaic Degarbaudie, age 17 (Invicta)
20 RW Philip Walimont, age 18 (de la Charite)
21 ST Govrian Astruc, age 18 (Anceaume)



First and Second-Choice Shirts


RP Permissions

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose my scoring events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: TG me first, and then I should say Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: TG me first, and then I should say Yes
Give Yellow Cards to my players: Yes
Give Red Cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: TG me first, and then I should say Yes

Style Modifier: +5
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Postby Megistos » Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:46 pm

Commonwealth of Baker Park wrote:snip

what timezone?
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Postby Sylestone » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:23 pm

Megistos wrote:
Commonwealth of Baker Park wrote:snip

what timezone?

3-4 am UTC. Also you should probably be asking this on the World Cup Discussion Thread.
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Postby Sylestone » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:50 pm

Sylestone has been drawn into a group with many familiar names, but with many unfamiliar ones too. Sylestone has never played against any of the competing teams, save Kohnhead in one game of cricket, but everyone else will be completely new to them. Equestria and Baker Park are familiar names, but everyone else is completely new. Greater Vakolicci, Libonesia and Hopal are seemingly new and it will be interesting to see what challenges they pose to the Minippliances. A brief overview of each team in their group will be stated below as Sylestone race for their first-ever chance to make the knockouts and maybe even win.

Kohnhead looks to present the Minippliances with some problems in this U18 WC. They have an extremely young side, with even a 14-year-old in them. The Minippliances will probably screw with their young heads, but they will be a challenge.

Possibly the most respected nation in the entirety of the sporting world the moment, Sylestone will be severe underdogs heading into this clash. But they are surprise packets and you can never know what will happen until the day of the game.

Greater Vakolicci:
A side which Sylestone will have a great deal of trouble with. They have never shared an international encounter and very rarely, if ever, participated in the same tournament. It will be an interesting matchup.

Sylestone has never even remotely come across the Libonesians. You can be sure that they will be watching them closely heading into their encounter.

Baker Park:
Baker Park, the hosts of this U18 WC have been drawn into the same group as Sylestone. This is not necessarily a good sign as their youth products will be nearly as good as their senior side, but the Minippliances do have a few tricks up their sleeves. Will it be enough, though?

Like Libonesia, Hopal are a completely unknown product in Group A. Sylestone’s players and staff will most certainly be watching footage of their side before the game to plan as much as they can for what should be a thriller.

That rounds up Group A. Sylestone will have their work cut out for them in order to make the top 4, but no one has doubted them thus far.
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Postby Sharktail » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:07 pm



After 3 edition hiatus from the U-18 world cup, SWC 6 runner up Sharktail U-18 team back in action. With most of the SWC 6 the age limit, this team can be said fully new. All the player will get their first U-18 cap for the first time. With not much data on this team, we cannot predict how far this team will go but remember, Don't try to provoke them. Who knows, the might win over a strong opponent. Don't be too much confidence until the game is over that was the result.GO YOUNG PREDATOR.






My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorer: Y
Good scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: Y, no ending injury
Give red cards to my players: Y
Good other events: Y but no death


Sporting World Cup 6-Runner Up

Steinagrasse open(single and double semi final)
Istria Open(Single Final,Double Semi Final)


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Postby Springmont » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:43 pm


Stavaberg Youth players strenghten our U-18's team

by Aiton Feria

Three Stavaberg Youth players have been summoned by National Under-18 head coach Sydd Khelbegh to join a three-week central training camp in preparation for the Under 18 World Championship at the Commonwealth of Baker Park from 12-26 July 2020. Defender Luca Van Niekerk along with teammate Rynold Van Schoor, and goalkeeper Joubert De Beers are among the 20 names absorbed into the final squad by the Springmont Football Association (SFA).

Stavaberg Youth manager Jim Holkenbergh leads Stavaberg Youth to second place in the Springmont IronHope League (Youth) this season with 18 points in six wins and four defeats, delighted by the recognition the national body has shown to the three players.

"Their hard work and dedication has paid off and I hope they can take advantage of the opportunity and give their best during the trial and try to get into the final squad to prove Stavaberg Youth is capable of producing quality national players," said Holkenbergh. For the record, Holkenbergh also won the Springmont IronHope League Manager of the Year award this season.

The Springmont U-18 is placed under Group C, which ranks great teams such as the Northern Sovereign Islands, Georgia & Teusland, Trolleberg Trolleborg, Ind Athletes from Quebec, Poafmersia, and Error 458: No Nation Found. They will compete in Oceana, and State University Borough. Among the stadiums listed are Learfield Park, Tollgate Stadium, and Falcon Stadium. Learfield Park is a location that gives many memories to the U-18 team manager, Pablo von Listor where he began to gain experience in the sports arena by venturing into activities as a ball collector once upon a time.

The first match of the Springmont U-18 is against the Ind Athletes from Quebec U-18 on Sunday July 12, 2020. Although not much can be said about the opposing team, the Springmont U-18 remains ready to face any situation with high fighting spirit.

Other News
  • Varsities can fully reopen Oct.- Higher education campuses will fully reopen in October, says the Ministry of of Education, Technology & Innovative.
  • Petrol and diesel prices down.- The prices of S97 and S95 will go down by four sen per litre, respectively, while the price of diesel will reduce by two sen per litre for the period of July 4 to July 10.
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Postby The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario » Fri Jul 10, 2020 12:04 am


The Locharian national U-18 team is now ready to go far in this u-18 championship, as the team is filled with it's best youth potential from the U-18 league. The goalkeeping star Trent Liriq is compared to our current national men's team goalkeeper Eltar Vasquez, who has become a Locharian goalkeeper of the year for a record of 7 times, whereas the attacking potential of Seq Fusi is among the likes of Kamil Ghittin and Trish Fervan (the Striker of the national team from 1990 to 2001)

Nickname : Ginger Tigers
Coach : Rewar Olman
Assistant coach : Wern Freud
GK Coach : Wolt Qwerti
Striker Coach : Asvaq Rott
Physical coach : Woin Ghinniwer
Motivational coach: Dwyne Deeraq - Junsson
Style Modifier : +3
Formation : 4-3-3


Substitutes :
Rit Werrriq (GK)
Troy Müller (DMC)
Ron Paul (ST)
Lin Treeman (ST)
Won Fang (MC)
Rin Dritten (MC)
Qen Yusef (AMR)



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Postby HUElavia » Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:52 am

HUElavia Return to the SWC with Promising Youngsters!

HUElavia participate once again in the Sporting World Cup, which is the official name to the Under-18 World Cup. For this tournament, HUElavia is participating in another edition of the SWC, bringing in a new wave of talents from all around the country. Some of the players to look out for include the following: Gabriel Vannier, Nil Rey, Iara Nakata Carmo, Alfonso Hidalgo, Rafael Savedra, and Bárbara Assis dos Reis. While they may be getting their international starts with the U18 team, Vannier and Savedra have had very strong performances in their clubs and may get a call-up to the senior team in the near future.

Los Amarillos/Os Amarelos got placed in Group E, where they got the likes of Tequilo,Cassadaigua, Mavinet, Krytenia, Sharktail, and Starblaydia. This is a difficult group, but HUElavians have faith that the youngsters can make a name for themselves and give the teams a tough time in their matches. Plus, the team is coming off a 3rd Place finish in SWC 10, and look to make a deep run once again. The matches will be played at Endborough and New Richmond. Here's to hoping for a solid performance from our youngsters!

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