AOCAF LVIII Everything Thread

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AOCAF LVIII Everything Thread

Postby Banija » Thu May 30, 2019 8:59 pm

Logo designed by Qasden

The Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park and the Royal Banijan Soccer Association are proud to bring you AOCAF LVIII! We are excited to bring to you the first ever co-hosted edition of this storied and historic tournament. May you enjoy your stay in Baker Park or Banija!

Helpful AOCAF LVIII Links
Guide to Sports Roleplaying || General Sports Roleplaying Questions || World Cup FAQs || AOCAF LVII || Signup Thread || Host Bid

There will be 8 groups of four. Each group will have exactly one team from each pot(pots provided below), and play every single side in their group once. The top two in each group shall qualify for the Round of 16, where the tournament shall then become a single elimination knockout tournament.

Pot 1
Vilita and Turori(4)
Equestrian States(5)
Baker Park(7)

Pot 2
Siovanija and Teusland(15)
Saint Emelie(18)

Pot 3
Oontaz Dert Li Ng(21)
Euran Oceania Territories(23)
Busoga Islands(29)

Pot 4
Aji No Moto(39)
Greater Spokane(UR)
Rabastorian Union(UR)
Third Asopia(UR)

Group A
Baker Park (7)
Third Asopia (UR)
Ko-oren (17)
Busoga Islands (29)

Group B
Saltstead (20)
Farfadillis (2)
Qasden (16)
Greater Spokane (UR)

Group C
Audioslavia (19)
Geisenfred (32)
Vilita & Turori (4)
95X (13)

Group D
Krytenia (30)
Equestrian States (5)
Rabastorian Union (UR)
Eshan (8)

Group E
Oontz Dert Li Ng (21)
Iskandervale (37)
Banija (9)
St Emelie (18)

Group F
Euran Oceania Territories (23)
Valanora (3)
Siovanija & Teusland (15)
Sticiano (UR)

Group G
Lochario (28)
Freeport Isles (31)
Mriin (6)
Tropicorp (11)

Group H
Anthor (25)
Starblaydia (10)
Aji No Moto (39)
Cosumar (1)

Calendar - Banija's Cutoffs(Groups A-D, games played ICly in Baker Park) will be between 10:30 and 11:30 PM EST. Baker Park's(Groups E-H, games played ICly in Banija) will be between 10:30 and 11:30 PM EST.
Group Draw- Sunday, June 2nd at 10:30 PM EST.
Group Stage, Matchday 1- Wednesday, June 5th. (1v4, 2v3)
Group Stage, Matchday 2- Sunday, June 9th. (4v3, 1v2)
Group Stage, Matchday 3- Tuesday, June 11th. (2v4, 3v1)
Round of 16- Thursday, June 13th. (A1vB2, C1vD2, B1vA2, D1vC2, E1vF2, G1vH2, F1vE2, H1vG2)
Quarterfinals- Saturday, June 15th.
Semifinals- Monday, June 17th.
Third Place Match- Tuesday, June 18th.
Final- Wednesday, June 19th.

RP Permissions
Please post this either with your roster or your first RP with a yes or a no(with any qualifiers) for each question. These are all permissions to help facilitate an acceptable RP to you if somebody else RPs your match first, and vice versa.
Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Choose my scoring events:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Give Yellow Cards to my players:[/b]
[b]Give Red Cards to my players[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events:[/b]

Group Stage Tiebreakers
1. HTH points
2. HTH goal difference
3. Overall Goal Difference
4. Wins
5. Goals Scored
6. Coin Flip (OOCly Rank+RP Bonus or, if still tied, we'll break the tie by scorinating tiebreaker matches until the tie is broken)
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Katikkiro = Prime Minister
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Thu May 30, 2019 8:59 pm


Head of State Michael Gregson, Prime Minister Rebecca Schoenlein, the Government, and the people of our nation join with the Football Association of the Commonwealth in welcoming the visitors and teams from across our region to the 58th edition of the championship of the Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football. We take enormous pride in being chosen to host, alongside the Kingdom of Banija, the oldest & most prestigious regional competition in the multiverse.

Baker Park was established in 1892, and has from its inception been open and inclusive of all people seeking to establish settled lives here; more recently, the country has seen a rise in the number of immigrants from other AO nations and has worked to provide wider access & accommodation to sentient non-human species who have made their home within our borders.

The nation consists of seven constituent states—the State of Baker Park, Endover, Osheana, Ezra, Midalia, St Leon, and Lynchana—each with their own unicameral legislative body and together are united as a federal parliamentary democracy; the Parliament consists of the 175 member House of Assembly and the 56 member Council of State.

The engine that drives the country's economy is the industrial conglomerate that was founded by the family that established the nation, the Baker International Corporation. Known by citizens as "The Company" or "The International" or simply BI, at one time it was responsible for close to 50% of the nation's GDP; over the past 30 years it has divested itself from many of the companies that dominated the economy, opening up opportunities for more investment and growth for both those entities and competitors alike.

The legal age for consumption or purchase of alcohol is 18, and the sale and use of cannabis is allowed for persons over that age as well; there are legal cannabis dispensaries in most cities, you will need to present your passport, or a government issued identity card with your photo to purchase, and the amount you are permitted to buy is regulated by local ordinance, so ask first what the limit is.

Most bars and pubs have closing time at 3am, and only such establishments that serve food can legally open prior to 11:15 am to serve alcohol.
We have legalized gambling in Baker Park; there is a modern casino downtown in Belle Haven as well as casinos in East Liverpool (just south of Endborough) and suburban Oceana. Prostitution is not illegal, but it's not technically legal either; there are just no uniform laws on the subject. Some local jurisdictions may have ordinances that confine the practice to certain places or certain degrees of "offense", but no legal entity is permitted to make prostitution or solicitation more than a minor misdemeanor.

Violent crime is extremely rare in the Commonwealth. There is a higher chance you will fall off a subway platform than be assaulted or robbed with a firearm, and we take pride in the safety of our subways systems.

Travel in Baker Park is easy and safe due to the modern mass transportation infrastructure that the country has built over the last 60 years. Connections to major cities are available via rail, road, plane or ferry. Rental cars are available at relatively modest prices as competition is fierce among rental firms; almost any type of vehicle you might wish to hire is available, as the Commonwealth automobile market is made up of about 35% imports, so you'll find about any make or model you could imagine.

You'll probably notice that we have a bit of Victoriana fetish here in Baker Park. You can't miss it even if you're only halfway paying attention. We have parks, buildings, bars, restaurants, streets and anything else you can think of named for Victoria, or some kind of reference to her.

All host cities in the AOCAF will feature Match Day Fan Festivals at or near all venues; there will be activities for the younger fans, vendors, music, food & beverages before and after all matches. Additionally, there will be a daily Fan Zone at the Commonwealth Convention Center in Belle Haven, where matches will be shown on a large screen, with music & entertainment and vendors on hand. Details for each particular stadium are included below.

Cities and venues
Belle Haven is the national capital of the Commonwealth; with a metro area population of over 5.6 million, it is also the largest city, the financial, entertainment, and cultural center of the country, and more than likely your first stop on your trip to Baker Park. Belle Haven International Airport (BHX) serves 41 foreign & domestic carriers and accommodates over 900 takeoffs and departures per day. The airport is approximately 18 miles south of the city center, and there are numerous ground transportation options for arriving visitors at Belle Haven International.

Keller Field—BH (capacity 56,500)
The country's largest stadium; named for Robert Keller, who is considered the principal writer of the Commonwealth's constitution. It hosts most high profile championship events across many different sports. Designed originally as the centerpiece of later abandoned Olympic Games bid, it was opened in 1973.
Fan Festival: stadium plaza, noon-9pm match day

Sportsmen's Park—BH (capacity 39,000)
The capital's second stadium and the oldest in the country is also its most visited & recognizable to even the slightly casual Baker Park sports fan. Most of the famous "firsts" in sport history occurred at the venue over the years since it was completed in 1921; its name comes from the former Deauville Sportsmen's Club—charter members of the FAC in 1901.
Fan Festival: park behind the Club Stand, noon-9pm match

Endborough is the Commonwealth's Second City, located in the northeastern part of the country. It is the state capital of Endover and the home of the nation's top institution of higher education, the University of Endover. Much of the state beyond the city is pristine wilderness, with the Lake District one of most popular family vacation destinations.

Rogers Stadium—Endborough (capacity 46,800)
Completed in 1926 as a home for the Endborough Gold Sox baseball team, it was not well suited to larger field sports like football and soccer; however it did host 2 National Team matches in 1960 and 1964. In 1975, the Endborough Eagles professional football team entered into an agreement to help finance an expansion that nearly doubled the capacity and another investment from the Endborough RFC to share the stadium as a tenant brought about further improvements.
Fan Festival: stadium plaza, noon-9pm match day

Oceana is the capital of Osheana, and the third largest city. It has always had a reputation as being the "anti-Belle Haven", due to its more conservative outlook and tradition; it was the home base of the former Northern States Company, who were the second largest business venture in the country.
Collins Park—Oceana (capacity 47,000)
A stadium with a complicated history, it is the third athletic ground that has sat on this site. Built and rebuilt in phases and with irregular planning, it was only at the beginning of the 2000's that serious consideration was given to making meaningful structural and aesthetic renovations. A good place to see a match, although it suffers from not having a full time soccer tenant.
Fan Festival: plaza/park adjacent to stadium, noon-9pm match day.

Ezriquay is the fourth largest city and capital of Ezra; situated on a peninsula formed by the last major bend in the Belle Haven River, it's often referred to as "The Thumb". Much more industrialized than the first three cities, it has more blue-collar feel to it.
Queen Victoria Stadium—Ezriquay (capacity 37,475)
The stadium has much in common with several of the other older venues on this list—its riverside location, easy access to public transportation and multi-use adaptability. With the University of Ezriquay just across road there are plenty of food & drink establishments nearby that cater to both students and sports fans alike.
Fan Festival: Riverside Park, west of the stadium, noon-9pm match days.

Springfield would probably not be the bustling city of over 300,000 if a simple decision had not been made to route one of the east-west cross country railway lines through it instead of further south.
The city—BP's 8th largest--is the nation's agricultural hub, as the food processors & packagers, the farm commodity markets, the agri-business companies are all based here in the heart of "farm country". The Baker Park State Fair began here in 1919.
State Fairgrounds Stadium—Springfield (capacity 36,000)
Constructed in the 1970's to replace the aging wooden grandstand at the Fairgrounds, it hosts many sporting events and concerts year round.
Fan Festival: inside the Fairgrounds, across the street from the stadium, 3 hours before & 2 hours after the match

Shirley is the capital and largest city of St Leon and sixth largest in the country. It was the third of the primary hubs of the Baker International (after Belle Haven and Endborough) established by the Baker family. It is the headquarters of the Commonwealth Mining Corporation, whose office tower is known as "Black Rock". It is the center of the oil, coal and gas industry.
Presidents Park—Shirley (capacity 26,115)
Presidents Park retains its unusual shape and mismatched stands for reasons that have less to do with money & more to do with the desire of fans to not change the character of the ground. Completed in 1923 and renovated and rebuilt several times, the roof on the Main Stand was for many years the largest under-truss cantilevered structure in the Commonwealth.
Fan Festival: Delegacy Plaza, downtown Shirley (free shuttle to & from stadium) 1-8pm match days.

More cities and venues:
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Postby Banija » Thu May 30, 2019 9:00 pm

National Information

The Kingdom of Banija is a country that classifies itself as a semi-constitutional monarchy. A nation that is freshly a member of Atlantian Oceania, it is led by the Kabaka(which translates to King), and the current monarch is Kabaka Mwanga. The Kabaka, alongside with the Waziri(translates to Foreign Minister), whom he picks and dismisses solely at his pleasure, is the Head of State and responsible for the country's foreign affairs. Upon reaching age 25, the Isebantu(Crown Prince), becomes the Waziri by constitutional right.

Kabaka Mwanga ascended into power after the assasination of Kabaka Albert III during World Cup 82 Qualifying. This is, of course, a government with an elected element. The elected unicameral legislature is the Lukiiko(Parliament), and the Lukiiko is responsible for governance of domestic affairs. The Katikkiro(Prime Minister) is elected by the Lukiiko. Currently, the Social Democrats, Banija's most left-wing major party, has won the most recent elections, a strange notion for this traditionally conservative nation. Their biggest accomplishment to date is eliminating gender segregation laws in the country when it comes to collegiate and professional sports. The established church is the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, most commonly known as Puritan Mormonism. Well over 90% of Banijans identify as adherents to the state church, though freedom of religion is generally respected by the law. There is very little patience, however, for athiesm among the general populace.

Due to the massive influence of Puritan Mormonism in this nation, they are relatively socially conservative. Abortion in this country is outlawed unless the mother's life is in danger, and polygamy for males is legal. The church's Universal Call to Motherhood, which teaches that the destiny of each and every woman is to give birth to children and raise faithful Puritan Mormons, has heavily shaped the nation's view on the role of women in society, forming the basis for Banija's prior sports gender segregation laws in teh first place. Consumption of alcohol and the recreational use of marijuana in Banija is legal. Due to Mormon tradition, however, the purchase/sale of coffee products is illegal within Banija- however, the consumption is not. Fans and teams are allowed to bring in their own coffee products as long as they are declared at customs, where it is then taxed per pound.

Banija's currency is the shilling. The exchange rate to the NationStates Dollar is 1,000 shillings to 1 NSD. Conversion kiosks will be available at all hotels and at airports to exchange your money, as well as any banks. However, using the NSDs directly to purchase items is only guaranteed at stadiums and hotels- vendors outside of stadiums or hotels are not required to accept NationStates Dollars. Fans are also advised that street vendors will only take cash, according to Banijan law- as an issue of security to prevent against credit card theft.

Of course, Banija is a developing country by modern economic standards. However, due to a recent discovery of large oil deposits in Hangaza, there is hope that the country can use the new oil money to vault forward into first world nation status. A general lack of development in Banija, we are a country with excellent sporting infrastructure, but little else. Most roads are dirt, and public transit within cities is via the boda boda, though each team will have two 45 passenger busses to transport players, coaches, staff, family, etc... To and from the hotel to the games and practices. The climate of Banija has a lot of natural rainforest and jungle, which means that there is no winter, only wet season and dry season. Temperatures generally range at their coldest around 60 degrees farenheit, and at their hottest around 110 degrees farenheit. For the duration of the tournament, average high temperatures will range from 60 to 85 degrees farenheit.

Banijans have a tendency of being relaxed about time. While, of course, things like flights and matches will run on time, this is something that is observed generally, especially at restaurants. It is considered standard to arrive about 15-20 minutes late for a restaurant reservation, which is something Banijan authorities would like to make note of for travelling fans and visitors to the country for this tournament.

The three major international airports within Banija are Istria International, Jinja City International, and Busukuma International. These serve the country's two largest cities, and the nation's capitol. Jinja City's airport status was recently converted to international status after the discovery of oil within the Hangaza region. All the cities hosting games have their own airport, but teams/fans will have to fly in via the two international airports, and then take a connecting flight to their eventual destinations.


Istria, Moravica
Banija's largest port and largest city by population, this is in the Moravica region, in Northwestern Banija. It is a city of 3 million people, and it is known as Banija's economic capitol. It is largely considered Banija's most diverse city. Historically, this city served as the second capitol city of the Kasanke Tribe, the historical predecessors of the modern Banijan nation. It is one of two Banijan cities with a major foreign population- the other being the nation's capitol, Busukuma. There is even a Kalactanian Hockey League team hosted in the city. Nearly a third of the city holds citizenship of a country other than Banijan. More of those come from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec or the Busoga Islands, but people come from all over Atlantian Oceania and the rest of the multiverse. It is also known as Banija's wealthiest city and primary economic hub. It is home to Banija's oldest university, the University of Loyola-Istria, and to the country's biggest airport.


The stadium in Istria is Kabonero III Field, with a capacity of 48,000. The stadium is named after Kabonero III, the monarch who united the country's modern day territory under his rule, and the first to rule the country with the name Banija. There was controversy when Banija hosted the Baptism of Fire as this stadium was not selected to host matches in that, due to a failure between the RBSA and Istria City FC, the stadium's operators, to reach an agreement on revenue splitting. However, one was reached for this tournament, and Kabonero III Stadium will host games at World Cup 80. The stadium is located on the city's oceanfront, and is considered to be on the city's best real estate.

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group F Matchday 1
Group E Matchday 3: Iskandervale v. Saint Emelie
One Quarterfinal

Herzegovina City, Moravica
Banija's oldest city, the city by its current name is over 800 years old, when it was first conquered by the Kasanke people. It is a city with a population of 1 million people. It is the heart of the Puritan Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The national religion was started in this city, and the church's world headquarters, the Herzegovina Temple, is the multiverse's largest Puritan Mormon church. The Bishop of this church, formally titled the Patriarch of Herzegovina, is the most senior member of the church, and the joint head of the global church, alongside His Majesty, the Kabaka. It is home to Banija's largest university, Northern Moravica University. It served as the seat of government for the Kasanke Tribe. It is also the capitol city of the Moravica region. As the original home of the predecessors of the Banijan monarchs, all reigning monarchs are buried on the grounds of the Herzegovina Temple.

To get to Herzegovina City directly from abroad, you will fly into Banija via Istria, and then take a 50 minute high speed train ride North to Herzegovina City.

Stadium- Star Field

The stadium in Herzegovina City is Star Field, and it has undergone an expansion to 70,000, much larger than it was when it hosted World Cup games. This stadium was, of course, a shoe-in to host games- when you consider capacity, ease of transportation, and size of the city, it was a no brainer. The stadium is home to Herzegovina City FC, Banija's most successful side since the establishment of the BSL, with 5 league titles in the past 7 seasons.

The expansion is paid for, of course, thanks to the stunning success that Herzegovina City has had in recent seasons in the Banijan Soccer League.

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group F Matchday 2
Group E Matchday 3: Banija v. Oontz Dert Li Ng
One Quarterfinal

Busukuma, National Capitol Region
This is the nation's capitol, located on the country's Southern coastline. Puritan Mormons believe that their God told the-then chief of the Kasanke, Kabonero III, that he should conquer all of the land that is currently Banija, gave the country it's name(therefore killing the name of the Kasanke nation), and put the capitol in the South. He did it, made Busukuma the capitol, and declared himself Banija's first Maharaja, or Emperor. As the nation's capitol for over 400 years, the city has been the spot for many major events in Banijan history, and the seat of plenty of foreign embassies, a large foreign population, and Banija's first airport.

The city, of course, is known for having two airports- the public, international airport, called Busukuma International, and also the non-public airport, named Gonzaga International Airport- reserved for the royal family and their guests, elected national politicians, foreign diplomats, and the point of entry for high-ranking officials to avoid the general public. Heads of State/Government, Foreign Ministers, AOCAF officials, host committee members, and national teams, upon their first arrival into Banija, will fly into Gonzaga International.

Stadium of the Restoration

The national stadium, the Stadium of the Restoration, sits 91,835. It is the country's largest soccer stadium, and, of course, it is the national stadium. On the stadium's site, in 1835, the Banijan monarchy was restored at this site in Banija's first declaration of independence from the Royal Kingdom of Quebec. When the RBSA was formed, it was the obvious site to build the national stadium. The original facility sat 69,000, and was then, as it is now, Banija's largest soccer stadium. It was home to the Banijan national soccer and gridiron teams, and hosted plenty of international tournaments, including the Finals of a UICA Globe Cup, World Bowl and a Baptism of Fire. However, the ageing facility needed to be rebuilt so that one could fit the WCC's 80,000 seater minimum requirement to host a World Cup opening match, as required when the country co-hosted World Cup 81.

The bid from AEP, an architectural firm from Siovanija & Teusland, won the bid to build a new Stadium of the Restoration on the same site in time for World Cup 81. The brand new stadium's capacity, according to the bid, is a nod to Banija's history, of the year that made the site famous in 1835. It has a retractable natural grass surface, used for soccer, and a retractable articifial turf surface, used for gridiron football and during ceremonies like coronations. There are no gaps between the stands, while the South Stand is a single tier, designed to amplify crowd noise. The stadium contains 35 suites, 1 of which is always reserved for RBSA executives, and the second always received for His Majesty, the Kabaka.

Since the rebuild, of course, it hosted both the opening match and one of the semifinals of World Cup 81, as well as the coronation ceremony of Kabaka Mwanga.

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group E Matchday 1
Group H Matchday 3: Starblaydia v. Cosumar

Jinja City, Hangaza
This city of 2 million people is Banija's largest inland city, and the second largest city in the entire country, in terms of population. This city is the economic center of the Hangaza region, even if its political capitol lies towards the East, in Aissa. Being an inland city, of course, it is not know for its diversity- nearly the entire city are native Banijans, even if many are from rural Hangaza. Historically, the city is known for being the spiritual home of one of Banija's minority ethnic groups- the Akamba. It is also sight of the first battle of the Kasanke conquest, when they moved from the Moravican coast to take over the entirety of what is now Banija.

Stadium- BCEL Stadium

This stadium has a capacity of 52,400. Sponsored by the soft drink company BCEL from Baker Park, it is the only corporate sponsored stadium being used on the Banijan side in World Cup 80. It was built to attract matches for the previous Baptism of Fire, and is considered one of Banija's premier stadiums. It is home to Banijan club Jinja City FC, one of Banija's Super 5 clubs. T

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group H Matchday 1
Group F Matchday 3: Siovanija & Teusland vs. Euran Oceania Territories
One Round of 16 match

Busembe, Kitara
The first four cities on this list were shoes-ins. Absolute guarantees. You couldn't ever hold a tournament in Banija and ignore those four cities. As for the last cities, there was a lot of debate. One of the four winners of this debate, of course, and one of them was Busembe. Busembe is the capitol of the Kitara Region, with nearly 300,000 people within the city limits. It is, of course, on the country's west coast- but not a port city, like Istria, Herzegovina City, or Busukuma. The city, in fact, isn't what's memorable. The reason it was chosen, of course, was because of the stadium. The Kitara Region is known as Banija's hottest region, however, and so that means expect both the temperatures and the humidity to climb very high in games that are played at The Wolf's Den.

Stadium- The Wolf's Den

The stadium's name pays homage to the stadium's operators, the Busembe Timberwolves of the Banijan Soccer League. It has a capacity of 44,000, so it is one of the smaller stadiums awarded AOCAF matches- however, it is also seen as one of Banija's highest quality stadiums. It is one of Banija's most intimate stadiums, with the fans being extremely close to the field. The intimacy, as well as ease of access from Busukuma International Airport(just a 45 minute train ride to the Northwest) are some of the major reason why this stadium was chosen.

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group G Matchday 2
Group F Matchday 3: Valanora v. Sticiano
One Round of 16 match

Aissa, Hangaza
As mentioned above, there was a lot of debate over the last four stadiums that would be picked. Which ones would they be? With legitimately competitive bids from 7 different stadiums to be in that final group of four, of course, there were bound to be disappointed cities and regions. The Hangaza region, of course, is not one of them. The region, dominated economically by its economic core in Jinja City, will provide a second host city, in its regional capitol, Aissa. A city of 477,000, it is nothing remarkable on its own. This is a notoriously difficult city to access, just a few miles from the country's eastern border with Geisenfred. It is a one hour bus ride from Jinja City.

Stadium- Hangaza Unified Stadium

The Hangaza Unified Stadium is a behemoth of a stadium, with a seating capacity of 55,000. It is, of course, the home of Aissa United FC, who aren't exactly one of Banija's most prominent clubs. Still, the stadium is the second largest in the Banijan Soccer League. The stadium was chosen for its stadium capacity, and nothing else- it is a great stadium, but its location, all the way out in little Aissa, made it seem as if the stadium was unlikely to get chosen. The city had a rabid soccer fanbase, however, and if hooliganism is to hit anywhere, it is to hit in Aissa, a city where the drinks certainly flow freely.

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group H Matchday 2
Group G Matchday 3: Freeport Isles v. Tropicorp
One Round of 16 match

Dodoma, Bunyoro
The Bunyoro Region got a rude awakening with Bwubanza City Soccer Club's recent relegation, in stunning fashion, from the Banijan Soccer League. Previously seen as a lock to host World Cup matches, that relegation threw it all into doubt. Would Bwubanza City's revenues fall enough to prevent them from making the necessary upgrades to host World Cup football? There was, of course, the other city in the region to consider- Dodoma, a city with almost 800,000. Locals joke that while in the rest of Banija, there is dry season and wet season, in Bunyoro, there is wet and wetter season- it has some of the highest rates of rainfall in all of Atlantian Oceania.

But where to put the matches? The existing stadium in the city isn't big enough, with a capacity of 33,000. Then, of course...

Stadium- Albert III Stadium

This was built for World Cup 81 under a different name, and is currently used by Bunyoro RSC. However, after the assassination of the Kabaka's father, Albert III, it was renamed after him. It will debut in this tournament, and, of course, be the future home of Bunyoro Regional Sporting Club. With a stadium capacity of 48,600, and with revolutionary field drainage technology, thoughtful considering the amount of rain that this region gets, this will be some of Banijan engineering technology on full display. Due to the unique structure of the roof, the sound is made to go down onto the ground, and many expect this will be the tournament's loudest venue due to that stadium design.

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group G Matchday 1
Group H Matchday 3: Aji No Moto v. Anthor
One Round of 16 match

Hoima, Ankole
Now, while Hoima wasn't a shoe-in per say, it was never really going to be left off of the host list, was it? One of five cities in Banija with at least a million people, it had to be chosen. It is not a multicultural city, as is true of most of Banija's inland cities, but it is more diverse than Jinja City. Banija Air is headquartered in this city, as the city's economy relies on commercial airliner manufacturing. The weather in this city is known as some of the best in Banija- almost always temperate, and not much humidity. Of course, there is alittude, as the city is located three quarters of a mile above see level.

Stadium- Mavuto Field

This is a brand new stadium, built on the same site as PG Arena, home of the Hoima Warriors of the BSL. With a combined investment from the Ankole Regional Government, the Hoima Warriors, and the City of Hoima, this is a behemoth of a stadium- seating a stunning 75,000, becoming the largest stadium in the BSL. Built to ensure that Hoima would get AOCAF games and games in future tournaments, it is home to a burgeoning fanbase of soccer fans. It is named after Gerald Mavuto, the city's first ever mayor.

Matches Held Here
Both games for Group E Matchday 2
Group G Matchday 3: Mriin v. Lochario
One Semifinal
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Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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Tropicorp Roster - AOCAF 58

Postby Tropicorp » Thu May 30, 2019 11:35 pm


During AOCAF 50, Tropicorp put out a call amongst a subset of its scientists, researchers and engineers for support on an ongoing project. The project, which required exposure to competitive football, saw Tropicorp scientists, researchers, engineers and other such guinea pigs wearing special fabrics with electronic measuring devices sewn into them in order to aid in their measurements and calculations. The data collected during AOCAF 50 was absolutely invaluable to the project. During the cycle since, Tropicorp Engineers have been putting the data to the test at Tropicorp locations in Tropicoast and also at a new facility at an undisclosed location, also on Calania. During AOCAF 51, the scientists, researchers and engineers returned to collect some final data points to push them towards the final phase of the project. However, a strange thing happened during AOCAF 51 - the Tropicorp Scientists - perhaps a result of their own detailed research of the game, began not only to be competitive, but to win matches. The Techies actually qualified for the Knockout Rounds and stunned many with their performances until ultimately being knocked out by host and eventual champion nation Valanora.

After 4 Campaigns collecting data for their research, the experiment transitioned to reality. Their Cocoabo were ready for action and saw action during World Cup 78 Qualifying for Turori and during the XII Olympiad in Novanaya and Vekaiyu - with the Cocoabo team making it all the way to the Olympic final before losing to Darmen and earning the Silver Medal. Until the Cocoabo lift the NS World Cup trophy, however, the work for the scientists and researchers from Tropicorp and Cocoabo Park will not be done. They will continue tweaking, continue training, and continue CEEPing. Now, the focus for the Tropicorp Team is not to perfect the Cocoabo Squad, but to study the makeup of the 'optimum' team - a hybrid Citizen-Cocoabo Roster that could one way or another shape the future of footsport in the Vilitan Cove.

Hybrid Squad Schedule:

Matchday 1:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Cocoabo Only
MID: Techie
FOR: Techie

Matchday 2:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Techie
MID: Cocoabo Only
FOR: Techie

Matchday 3:
GK: Hanauma Ranbomahi / Cocoabo
DEF: Techie
MID: Techie
FOR: Cocoabo Only

Hanauma Ranbomahi is a 22 year old Vilitan Goalkeeper who qualifies to play for the National Team of Tropicorp as an employee of Tropicorp by virtue of playing their club footsport at Tropicorp FC in the Vilitan League. Ranbomahi is expected to play all no fewer then 45 minutes in each match. Tropicorp employee Jorden Calvanese will serve as the emergency backup.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #88
Cocoabo #89

There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed. Laurie Kannemeyer is the most experienced on-field scientist defender for the Techies.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #58
Cocoabo #57
Cocoabo #53
Cocoabo #59

As with the defenders, There will be two scientists and two researchers on the field at any given time, with a further 2 scientists and 2 researchers working from the sidelines and prepared to step in if needed. They will alternate between central and wing positions. Former Sunrisean midfielder Hasato Kimiki qualifies to play for the squad as an employee of Tropicorp by virtue of being Tropicorp FC's Captain and Assistant Manager. Kimiki will reprise his coaching role for the Tropicorp team as well as joining the team on the pitch should they reach the knockout rounds. Greg Narine and Lalo Kallimanis lead the Scientist and Research teams in midfield.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #61
Cocoabo #46
Cocoabo #65
Cocoabo #64
Cocoabo #67

There will be one Scientist, and one Researcher working in tandem and one each from the sidelines. Ashlyn Kojic has been the top performing attacker amongst the Tropicorp Employees.

Cocoabo Representative(s):
Cocoabo #91
Cocoabo #99
Cocoabo #98

Team Nickname: the "Techies"

Style: RAND(-5,5)


Invent Names for additional Scientists/Researchers/Engineers: Y
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y
GodMod Injury Events Y

Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y
- Tropicorp -

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Postby Starblaydia » Fri May 31, 2019 2:17 am

Starblaydi RP Permissions Box wrote:OOC Information:

The Starblaydia national football team factbook will tell you more about the team, their style, culture, fans, and history than I can ever write in a simple roster post. If you need more background information or just fancy browsing 15 RL years of football history, that's a fairly decent place to look.

I Give My Opponent Permission
(and actively encourage them) To:
Choose my scorers
GodMod Any scoring events
RP injuries to my players
Give Red & Yellow Cards to my players (Within reason; they're not remotely a dirty side overall)
GodMod Other Events for Humorous Intent

1) Starblaydia's style modifier is +3
2) The best starting eleven are numbered 1-11 and are in bold
3) I actively encourage that if you RP first you pick my scorers (if any) and their style of goal.
4) * Denotes female, denotes elf, ^ denotes dwarf.
5) Before each match, in between the national anthems and kick-off, the entire 23-man squad will perform the Raiigar, one of Starblaydia's traditional war-dances.
6) If you're stuck for a player to do a specific thing, some suggestions are in the infobox on the right.


Starblaydia's Team for the 58th AOCAF Cup
Six-time champions look to make a magnificent seven

Starblaydi All-time Cap Winners:
1. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 270
2. Dacil Taniquentar, 263
3. Daeron Avathar, 259
4. Valrauncion, 242
5. Soronúmë, 240
6. Carnophin Narquelie, 134
7. Minheled Earisil, 127
8. Brazadar Khurnos^, 126
9. Lucas Cable, 108
10. Sergio Di Bradini, 107

Starblaydi All-time Scorers:
1. Valrauncion, 116
2. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, 71
3. Lena Kochanska*, 61
4. Jacqueline Maitland*, 59
5. Soronúmë, 57
6. Lubii*, 55
7. Dasha Tolkacheva*, 52
8. Nicole Maitland-Banks*, 47
9. Johan Keifner, 47
10= Simeone Di Bradini, 44
10= Zhorin Tumunzahar^, 44
10= Diamontii Di Bradini*, 44

Demonym: Starblaydi

Key Personnel:
Ázëwyn Fëanáro, Starblaydia's Elven
Manager and record appearance maker,
leads Starblaydia for a fourth
Qualifying campaign.

Most likely to (in order):
(Suggestions only, if you're stuck for a
name to go with a particular incident)

Score goals:
McCloud, Cole, Sato
Take a penalty:
Cole, Sato
Defend well:
Capodanno, Viipuri, Sigismund
Create a moment of magic:
McCloud, Sato, Kaufman
Change the game as a sub:
Apelles, Yamaguchi, Eccleston
Receive a card:
Sigismund, Cole, Navarro

Five-time World, six-time Regional, two-time Under-21, one-time Under-18 and one-time Olympic Men's Football champions Starblaydia will line up for their 53rd participation in the world's premier regional football tournament. They're looking to make up for the winles disappointment of four years ago in Mriin and live up to the promise shown in the 56th edition, where Starbladia fought their way to third place.

To achieve this, manager Ázëwyn Fëanáro has been bringing through a host of youth players from the championship-winning side of the 7th Under-18 World Cup into the squad and every single one of these young players is chomping at the bit to break into this Starting XI. There's plenty of competition for the established players in practically every position, so any under-performances will surely lead to the up-and-coming stars of the future being given their shot. The only Under-18 World Cup winner to break into the starting XI already is Sutter McCloud, the twenty-one year old scoring sensation at youth level, who is given a starting spot alongside the captain, lead striker and master of Audioslavian-style shithousery, Aaron Cole. 13 goals in 10 games plus a championship at youth level has translated into 19 goals in 29 games for the senior side and he's only just turned 21. With more more players like this at Ázëwyn Fëanáro's disposal, Starblaydia would be a side for any in the world to fear.

The full makeup of the team is as follows:

AF. Ázëwyn Fëanáro*, Manager, 4,059 - World Cup 44 & 47 Winner, World Cup Hall of Famer
270 Caps, 71 Goals (Uncapped at Under-21 level)
Fëanáro scored the winner in the 47th Final against Valanora, denying them a title on their own turf and lifting Starblaydia to the mantle of all-time greatest team. Known for her excellent attacking play, range of passing and great eye for goal that lifts her to second in the all-time goalscorers list too, by virtue of a nearly 1-in-4 ratio, Ázëwyn Fëanáro is a symbol of grace, power and beauty from Starblaydia's golden age, some hundred and fifty years ago when the Cup was in its 40s. It is these qualities that the SFA managed to recapture with Fëanáro at the helm, bringing her trademark poise and piercing yell to the touchlines after more than a decade of national failures. She's taken her team to three consecutive World Cups and twice to the Second Round; can this be the time they break through this latest barrier?

JM. Jerzy Makuszewski, Assistant Manager, 69
83 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at Under-21 level)
Known as "Chef" by those who can pronounce his surname correctly, Makuszewski took up the mantle of "Best in the World" Lucas Cable to become Starblaydia's unassailable number one between the posts and wear the captain's armband. Always a fiery character, he can shift from jovial to furious in moments, and is Fëanáro's 'enforcer', barking out orders and remonstrating with players and officials with equal fervour.

1. Amari Ollarion, GK, 30 - Corinthian Spirits Image
33 Caps, 0 Goals (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Ollarion is the first female goalie to cement herself between the posts for the Starblaydi senior side in a very long time, and being a Liga Starblaydia winner with the Spirits is further proof of her quality. Ollarion has a good command of her area and is cool under pressure, though tends to punch more often than is strictly necessary.

12. Cosmo Leopoldi, GK, 22 - Colonial Sile (Vilita) Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
8 Caps, 0 Goals (8 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Making his way through Under-18, Under-21 and Under-23 goalkeeper, Cosmo looks like he has everything to succeed as Starblaydia's leading goalie in the future, and a winners' medal at the Sporting World Cup was the perfect start to an international career full of promise and potential. Spotted by Vilitan scouts at a young age, Leopoldi's talent with his feet as a ball player as well as a goal stopper with his hands, is what marks him out as a special talent. May make the team for some games in a squad rotation, otherwise he's the back-up here to learn the finer parts of the international goalkeeping trade.

19. Roberto Calligaro, GK, 26 - Zeppelin University (Kita-Hinode) Image
3 Caps, 0 Goals (4 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
With Martin Bennet on the out with a drop in performance at Paricone, Calligaro comes into the fold, but is not expected to take the field except in emergency cases.

2. Maria Reyes, R/CB, 24 - Chaolan Zaibatsu (Kita-Hinode) Image
20 Caps, 0 Goals (4 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Has spent her whole career in Kita-Hinode to this point and is included in this squad for her versatility and a dominant right foot.

3. Theodore Sigismund, L/CB, 26 - Sabrefell Athletic (Nephara) Image
29 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Another stand-out season for Soundgardia in Liga 2 alongside Alofa during their promotion run, and the big boys came calling for Theodore Sigismund, signed by the new two-time Globe Cup champions, Sabrefell Athletic of Nephara. Sigismund is big and strong but also positionally aware enough and has the athleticism to play as a full-back, which will serve the team well.

5. Arnold Navarro, CB/DM, 25 - Jhanna City Image
15 Caps, 0 Goals (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
A versatile defender, equally at home being the first or last line of defence, Navarro's solid appearances for JCFC have placed him firmly in the picture for the national team. Able to easily fill in for any of the three centre-backs or two deep-lying midfielders, Navarro is expected to get a lot of playing time from the bench, rotated in against the lower-ranked teams to get crucial international minutes under his belt.

6. Sami Viipuri, CB, 29 - Vegai FC (Velestria) Image
50 Caps, 1 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
A tall, strong central, left-footed central defender with an eye to getting up at corners, his positioning is the best part of his game, reading the play and snuffing out the passes before they get dangerous, as well as tracking back against the speedy forwards he may face. He's the most experienced of the defenders at this level and is enjoying the fruits of his labour with a big-money move to the Starblaydi expat club of Velestria, where he's a designated player and will find himself a very rich man if he stays for the next five years under the management of Starblaydia's former golden girl at the helm, Ella Kabeya.

13. Ursula Naaman, LB, 22 - Vecchio Victors Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
6 Caps, 0 Goals (7 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

14. Falka Kaumolainen, CB, 20 - Hallad Reavers Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
13 Caps, 0 Goals (7 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Positionally excellent, using her brain to be one step ahead of the play for a crucial interception, clearance or well-timed tackle, the platinum blonde ponytail of Kaumolainen is becoming quite the spectacle at the Reavers, now that she's been brought into the first team to bolster their defence. even at her young age. In the end, the Reavers lost out on a Globe Cup place by just three points, and made the Quarter-Finals of the Tiberius Cup. Kaumolainen was the better of Starblaydia's Under-18 central defenders and has thus earned her place in the squad.

20. Lucian Todaro, RB, 28 - Tabeck FC Image
Uncapped (3 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

4. Viola Capodanno, Captain, L/DM, 26 - Northern Union (Brenecia) Image
61 Caps, 11 Goals (8 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
She's been the rock in the heart of the Starblaydi midfield, a box to box player who's exceptionally good at breaking up attacks, commanding the defence and beginning attacks afresh. Ázëwyn Fëanáro was the first to genuinely believe that Capodanno was an international-class player, and this current Starblaydi midfield gives her every opportunity to continue to develop into just the type of player that Fëanáro herself would have longed to play alongside.

7. Carlotta Beretano, RM, 30 - Crystal Fair HC (Crystal Empire) Image
12 Caps, 0 Goals (6 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Long-time teammate of Capodanno at the Druids, both players moved on from the team's relegation to Liga 2 with big money moves abroad and, for Beretano, realisation a long-held dream of playing in the Hoofball leagues. This midfielder, best deployed on the right, is great with a pinpoint cross or pass and has an acceleration from standing that can leave most opposition for dead.

8. Kota Sato, L/AM, 29 - Marine Coast United (Vilita) Image
42 Caps, 12 Goals (5 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)
Kota Sato is an exciting midfield star, notable for also racing away down the wing at MCU, hurdling challenges as he goes. He's at his best facing the goal and making runs with a naturally high top speed. With back to goal, however, he's usually forced into a pass as he doesn't have that explosive acceleration that would make him truly great. When his teammates around him play well and to his strengths, there's few defenders who have a chance of stopping him. If his talents can be contained, however, he can become a wandering, ineffectual figure.

15. Kaori Yamaguchi, R/CM, 21 - Foxchester Raiders Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
16 Caps, 1 Goals (8 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
A hell of a youth academy at Foxchester Raiders over the last few years, producing the likes of Syku Ryku and Mezna Rayyen, along with Sutter McCloud and also Yamaguchi. This all-round midfielder plays confidently with her head up, always looking for the incisive pass or the quick dribble to gain ground and take defenders out of the game with dynamic passing and movement. As an Under-18 World Champion, she was crucial to keeping the centre of the park ticking along in Starblaydia's favour.

16. Calindra Apelles, C/AM, 20 - Northern Union (Brenecia) Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
17 Caps, 4 Goals (8 Caps, 4 Goals at youth level)
She's a string-puller, the rhythm-setter and playmaker in the heart of midfield, but she's just as likely to ghost to the edge of the box and rifle the ball into the back of the net from distance. Though defending is not her strong suit, Apelles has an arsenal of clever plays at her command already and is sure to use them to confound defender and stadium cameraman alike. Jumped at the opportunity to join captain Capodanno at Brenecian side Northern Union, where they hope to form a midfield link for both club and country.

17. Arkady Krakowski, LM/LW, 22 - Articala Inlet (Vilita) Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
27 Caps, 3 Goals (11 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
The wing wizard, a blur of bright orange boots and so often sprinting down the touchline or cutting inside to head for goal, the former Overdrive youngster was given the captain's armband for the Under-18s and it proved to be an excellent decision. With this, Ázëwyn Fëanáro got Krakowski to play the role of a key and skilled component among a greater whole, leading by example like all great Starblaydi captains.

21. Glauco Vega, R/DM, 24 - Koshu Dragon Guard HS (Kita-Hinode) Image
7 Caps, 0 Goals (4 Caps, 0 Goals at youth level)

22. Austin Dashwood, C/D/RM, 31 - Montepool Waves Image
57 Caps, 3 Goals (5 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
Versatile, dependable and playing with a smile on his face, Dashwood goes about his task on the pitch with a dogged determination that sees him cover the ground, win the ball, break up the play and re-distribute it to those around him. He's creative, a hard worker, and links up well with those around him. His relatively small size is likely his biggest weakness, but his enthusiasm totally makes up for it.

9. Aaron Cole, SC, 30 - Corinthian Spirits Image
57 Caps, 35 Goals (7 Caps, 4 Goals at youth level)
Cole the bruiser, the playmaker, the string-puller in what every other nation might call the archetypal 'Number 10' position. In Starblaydi naming conventions, however, the number 10 is often the out-and-out goal hanger, with the number 9 hanging back either as the playmaker or huge target man. Cole is a player of the likes Starblaydia has not seen in a long while, a lethal forward and devilish assist-provider, playing with a maturity and intelligence far beyond his years. Spearheading a recent Spirits' charge to a Globe Cup Semi-Final and a Liga Starblaydia title, he's the one who will be leading the line.

10. Sutter McCloud, SC, 21 - Yeaddin Owls (Vilita) Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
29 Caps, 19 Goals (10 Caps, 13 Goals at youth level)
Sutter McCloud had already announced himself on the world stage with a hat-trick at the Olympics against Polynesia before scoring an incredible 12 goals in just seven games, at least once in every match, to become Under-18 World Champions. McCloud is fast, strong and has a great left foot to strike from all distances and angles. The sky's the limit with this kid and he's already fully entrenched as next golden boy of Starblaydi football.

11. Mercy Kaufman, SC, 27 - Beverington Hawks Image
33 Caps, 14 Goals (5 Caps, 1 Goals at youth level)
Kaufman is a short, wiry speedster, possessing the thing that defenders fear more than anything else: pace. A fiery personality, too, keeps rearing its ugly head, leading to a questionable disciplinary record that she really needs to curb.

18. Alan Eccleston, SC, 22 - Tuncastle Rovers Image - 7th Under-18 World Cup Winner
16 Caps, 3 Goals (10 Caps, 2 Goals at youth level)
Some strikers don't need to score hatfuls of goals, because they cause so much disruption and create chances and open up opportunities for others to score, and Eccleston is one of those. Not through trickery or guile, but through sheer presence and physical bloody-mindedness, he draws players and often requires two markers, shrugging off weak challenges as he does. A smashmouth style means he commits fouls almost as often as he draws them, however.

23. Elianora Mendez, SC, 26 - Tentai University (Kita-Hinode) Image
19 Caps, 3 Goals (4 Caps, 1 Goals at youth level)
A creative genius with a host of tricks and skills in her armoury. At this point in her career, Mendez should probably be more concerned with putting the ball in the back of the net, but her natural abilities and love for the game means she can do, and will attempt in matches, things that other players simply can't conceive of.

Formation (4-3-3), +3 Style Modifier

Home And Away Kits
Kits created by:
ediraf once again innovated beyond all competitors with the Generation Five series of football kits, with this version first debuted at the 82nd World Cup Finals.

Generation Five-B blends a number of Starblaydia's iconic kits from across more than a quarter of a millennium, including the return of side panels and a number on the front, while mixing in new design elements such as the subtle stripes of the away kit. Both proudly sport the five gold stars - representing their record-setting five World Championships at senior level - above the Starblaydi Football Association logo. Starblaydi players will also all be wearing rainbow laces, as a symbol of diversity and inclusion.
Six-Time World Cup Committee President (WCs 25-33, 46-51 & 82*)
Co-host of World Cups 20, 40 & 80 • Di Bradini Cup Organiser
World Cups 30, 63 & 83 Runner-Up • World Cup 27 Third Place • 25th Baptism of Fire Runner-Up
Six-Time AOCAF Cup Champions • Two-time U21, One-Time U18 WC Champions • Men's Football Olympic Champions, Ashford Games
Five-Time Cherry Cup Champions • 1st Quidditch World Cup Champions • WGPC8 Drivers' Champion
The Protectorate of Starblaydia
Commended by WA Security Council Resolution #40
Five-Time NS World Cup Champions (WCs 25, 28, 41, 44 & 47)


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Postby The Authoritarian Republic of Lochario » Fri May 31, 2019 5:45 am


Nickname :Ginger Tigers
World Ranking :61st
AOCAF Ranking : 28th
Coach : Cinga Munrich (Maryloupe)
Assistant coach : Jeremy Farash
GK Coach : Roman Agunović
Striker Coach : Seladin Mihtun
Home Stadium: Zun Olympic Stadium (98,000)
Tactics : 4-2-3-1
Style Modifier : - 3

The Locharian football team is back with 3 new players from the U18 team that have potential playing in the big tournaments like AOCAF.


Home kit
Away kit
GK kit

Logan Lition (AML)
Henry Koghan (GK)
Alek Kolashkov (DC)
Bruma Quides (ST)
Herman Oltay (AMC)
Serum Magan (ST)
Alruq Heskey (DL)
Wejjon Olsman (AML)

Anything except Godmodding
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri May 31, 2019 1:23 pm

Ko-oren - Ko-orenite National Association Football Team
Home - Away - Alternate/GK

Nickname Dragonflies
Region Atlantian Oceania
Head Coach Katanmak Juliasterinthen
Assistant Coach Katherine Davenport
Trigramme KOR
Colours Green, blue, (yellow)
Ranking 24 (KPB) 17 (AOCAF)
World Cup
Appearances: 10x - 64-66, 69-72, 74-75, 81
Best Result: 6x Ro16 - 66, 69-70, 74-75, 81
World Cup qualification
Appearances: 25x - 55, 57-75, 78-82
Cup of Harmony
Appearances: 10x - 50-51, 53-55, 60, 65, 71-72, 74
Best Result: 1st, CoH 65. 3rd, CoH 74.
Atlantian Oceania - AOCAF
Appearances: 16x - 40-51, 55-58
Best Result: 2nd, AOCAF 50. 3rd, AOCAF 48.

Formation 5-3-2 (and tactical notes)

1. Larut Theshendan (28y) - ImageMaethoru SC
Established 1st goalie for several years now. Disappointing season with Maethoru, with whom he won't play UICA football for the first time in his career.
12. Ronald Munks (25y) - ImageMiradela GD
People still debate his talent and quality, as it seems he is mostly selected on the back of two excellent Miradela seasons (and two championships).
23. Gudo Neihof (22y) - ImageStraudum
Neihof has been selected as goalkeeper of the season, as Straudum keep topping every defensive metric in the Ko-orenite Top League.

2. Lionel Dalton, RB (31y) - Chenoworth Harriers, Nephara
Dalton is one of the first three names on the team sheet. His move to the high-quality league of Nephara keeps doing him favours. For the rest, lacks character.
3. Dennis Lampshire, CB (27y) - Raven River, Nephara
Saved his career by leaving Ko-oren, where his position had become untenable. Has the talent to become one of Ko-oren's best ever, so the coming years have to count.
4. Minne van Schelven, CB (22y) - ImageStraudum
Straudum have established itself as the best defending team with Van Schelven's (and Neihof's) growth. One of the most exciting talents to come from the Archipelago in years.
5. Ethan Benjamin, CB (24y) - Mallox, Cosumar
Back in the starting XI after a long absence. His rebellious side set back his career by years, but he seems to be on the way back.
6. Alan Brogley, LB (33y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
The team still lacks a clear captain, so Brogley will start at leftback once again. He is arguably past his prime, and needs his experience to stay relevant.
13. Ézo Gicquel, RB (21y) - ImageBruncester United AFC
Could overtake Dalton as starting rightback any second now, but had a bad season with his Bruncester.
14. Hikomoto Mizuno, CB (21y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
Lost the starting spot to Benjamin for the time being. He was a starter on the merit of Lampshire and Benjamin being hard to work with, so that counts for Mizuno.
15. Odde Aandal, CB (26y) - ImageStraudum
Another Straudum selection. Aandal was never really in contention for the NT, but somehow made it. This is one left field call-up, and isn't expected to play much at all.
16. Quentin Seoane, RB (31y) - ImageMiradela GD
Still on the team, even though this spot would have gone to a centreback if possible. Seoane represents Miradela's immense spell, and deserves a spot based on that.
17. Oridhin Hergulauthen, LB (24y) - ImageMaethoru SC
Hergulauthen remains the best backup of the Archipelago. He isn't a flashy player and may lack the speed required for the position, but still is a well above-average choice for the team.

7. Reizo Yokota, DM (29y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
Once again, Yokota is the prime defensive midfielder. He knows the system and his teammates better than anyone, also on a personal level, and enjoys excellent rapport with everyone.
8. Philip Odell, CM (33y) - ImageAdvance Alara
Nobody dares kick him off the team. At the same time, Odell has taken his Alara side into the Globe Cup - something that was unimaginable just a few years ago. If he had been a slightly better leader, he'd also be captain.
10. Maximilien Longchambon, AM (23y) - ImageTanques AOE
There is no more creative player than him, so he is the rightful selection for this position and likely will remain there for the next decade. He is a magician to his teammates and opponents.
18. Jochi Murakami, AM (23y) - ImageAdvance Alara
A member of the incredible Alara team that has finally landed UICA football. Murakami is the quick, shifty midfielder there that finds open spots and sets up the strikers, but rarely creates something out of nothing.
19. Cornelious Magrath, CM (22y) - ImageMiradela GD
Another Miradela player, and for good reason. Magrath glues the team together like nothing else, and lacking a defence, Magrath has plenty of passing to do in a possession-based 'if we have the ball, they can't score' team.
20. Cole Train, DM (21y) - ImageTanques AOE
The Coal Train is reportedly unhappy at Tanques, even though they've scouted him as the immense talent he is.

9. Mata Vaugrenard, SS (24y) - ImageMaethoru SC
Vaugrenard plays with an arrogant air that puts off many teammates and opponents. Even then, it's hard to ignore just how well he reads the game and how powerful his shots on goal are.
11. Tsuki Tsuchida, S (32y) - ImageAdvance Alara
The starting striker on the best offensive team in the league deserves a spot.
21. Seibei Olio, SS (22y) - ImageKatashi-Kanatsu
Big factor in Katashi's improving attacking play. Strikers come and go in the Ko-orenite team, it's not a focal position for us, so Olio has a lot to prove.
22. Domingos Noya, S (27y) - ImageMiradela GD
The best attacker in the league for the second year running, and last season's top scorer finally makes it on as a fringe player. His ruthlessness in front of goal will likely see him receive some minutes, but the pressure is on immediately.

Starting lineup usually consists of numbers 1-11.

Style mod -5
RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

1) Simon Everest - Scored the first official goal
2) Alizarin Lelantos - Coached the team to the first Cup of Harmony
3) Haki Asgard - Record holder for most matches played for the national team
4) Koyane Shiribeshi - Record holder for most goals scored for the national team
5) Pet Rilasthaunden - Most games as coach, introduced the defensive scheme
6) Xi Shang - Captain during the formative years
7) Sobek Dehenat - Celebrated defender of the formative years
8) Fin Fenner - Dynamic midfielder, third-most appearances for the national team
9) Katanmak Juliasterinthen - Celebrated defender and captain of the most successful campaigns
10) Katherine Davenport - Long time captain
11) Storm Enshadilsa - Second-most capped player, most clean sheets for the national team
12) Bogdan Antonescu - Only non-Ko-orenite in the HoF, coached the team to most of its World Cup qualifications
13) Naemasu Tokachi - Fourth-most capped player, most assists, many goals
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Sports Domestic Sports Newswires - RPable People - Info Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Storefronts Loro Language Schools - Goliæth Sports Café
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 2x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 2x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Commonwealth of Baker Park
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:36 pm

Additional information for fans and teams:

The Commonwealth is one of the top tourist destinations in Atlantian Oceania, welcoming over 1.9 million visitors every year.

People in Baker Park will seem a bit formal or deferential to strangers when you first meet them; this is something of an ingrained relic of the values and lessons of our ancestors, as 'propriety' is a word that every child & teen has drilled into their head from an early age. Generally, once the breaking of the ice & introductions & initial pleasantries have been completed, people are for the most part extremely friendly and will treat you like a long-lost friend; Parkers are argumentative, loud, brash and proud, but at the end of the day they want to let bygones be bygones and everybody have a laugh and a good time.

Baker Park's currency is the CBP dollar; generally $1 NS is equivalent to about CBP$1.40 (exchange rates are generally very close whether you go to banks or authorized brokers or just rely on the "going rate" at merchants).
The monetary system is decimalized and denominations are 2, 5, 10 and 50 cent coins, 1 and 2 dollar coins, and 5, 10, 25, 100 and 500 dollar notes.
As a result of the 1998 elimination of the 1 cent coin, the general practice throughout the county is to round up or down any prices that would result in purchases or change returned ending in 1 or 3 cents; for example, a merchant may keep the extra 1 cent if your change due is 3.31, or may return 2.54 if the amount due is 2.53 (merchants and vendors have through the years generally adapted pricing so this is a rare occurrence).

Baker Park has a national Goods & Services Tax (GST) on a wide array of products and services; it is a tiered structure based upon the retail cost, meaning you will pay a lower tax on cheaper items, and a higher tax on those that are more expensive. Visitors can apply for a refund of the Federal government share of GST (generally about 75% of the collected tax) by filling out a form with proof of purchase via sales receipts; ask at customs upon your departure for Form 85.
In some cases, GST is incorporated into the price; for example an item that has a retail price of $1.80 is probably GST inclusive ($1.75 with a .05 tax) so this would not be refundable.

Cash gratuities for service are not expected, but are not uncommon among workers in hospitality and tourism jobs. The level of service you receive is not affected if you choose not to do so, as workers at all levels of employment are paid under a scheme known as CLAWS (Classified Labor and Wage Scale) which ensures that citizens are compensated fairly and reasonably equal to their peers based on years of work and experience.

Time is fleeting & not necessarily universal in Baker Park, which is strange if you weigh that against the nation's strong Protestant work ethic.
Business hours still follow strange local customs and habit, and no one really can tell you exactly what a "normal schedule" is.
In Belle Haven, merchants, banks, the Stock Exchange, the usual places you think will be open early generally are; 9-5 might be a standard business day for some, but 8:30 to 5:45 or 6 pm is closer to what a large number of office workers & others who work in "midtown" Belle Haven call a day's work. There are all sorts of reasons for this—commuter traffic is the biggest one, and working hours in other nations is probably the second most popular reason.
Plus, lunch is a big deal here--among citizens, it is a sense of amusement to say that employers can be considered to be maintaining a hostile work environment if people don't get a full hour for lunch. (a lesson that some multiverse companies who open offices here are quick to find out!)

On a lighter note, if you are familiar with any news related to the various sporting events we've held in this country in the recent past, you'll hopefully have noticed that we do take factors into consideration when enforcing public consumption of alcohol & what would be called "drunk and disorderly" and other punitive misdemeanors during large gatherings.
Any fans who have experienced a game at University of the Commonwealth's Gleason Field during NSCF seasons will agree our Belle Haven Metro Police are as tolerant & easy going as you'll find anywhere, but the degree that YOU make it hard for them NOT to arrest you, is how much leeway you're going to get.

Outside of the capital, other cities have adopted similar attitudes and crowd control protocols; Baker Parkers are very enthusiastic sports fans and even the police understand that there are some things that occur in excitement and reveling that are not necessarily criminal behavior. They don't want to spoil the party, but if you present a danger to yourself, to property, or to others they really have no choice.

Regardless of the particular area of the Commonwealth you happen to find yourself in, you can hardly go wrong by taking a few minutes to observe how the locals behave and interact, as it can be difficult to generalize behavior or social norms in a country of 51 million.

MD stadium/group assignments

Match Day 1
Group A
Baker Park vs Busoga Islands @ Keller Field, Belle Haven (Opening Ceremonies)
Third Asopia vs Ko-oren @ Prince William Stadium, Newmarket
Group B
Saltstead vs Greater Spokane @ President's Park, Shirley
Farfadillis vs Qasden @ Queen Victoria Stadium, Ezriquay
Group C
Audioslavia vs 95X @ State Fairgrounds Stadium, Springfield
Vilita & Turori vs Geisenfred @ Newport City Stadium
Group D
Krytenia vs Eshan @ Carrollton, Coolville
Equestrian States vs Rabastorian Union @ Salisbury Stadium

Match Day 2
Group A
Busoga Islands vs Ko-oren @ Riverside City Stadium
Baker Park vs Third Asopia @ President's Park, Shirley
Group B
Saltstead vs Farfadillis @ Collins Park, Oceana
Qasden vs Greater Spokane @ Carrollton, Coolville
Group C
95X vs Vilita & Turori @ Rogers Stadium, Endborough
Audioslavia vs Geisenfred @ Sportsmen's Park, Belle Haven
Group D
Krytenia vs Equestrian States @ Newport City Stadium
Eshan vs Rabastorian Union @ Prince William Stadium, Newmarket

Match Day 3
Group A
Ko-oren vs Baker Park @ Sportsmen's Park, Belle Haven
Third Asopia vs Busoga Islands @ Salisbury Stadium
Group B
Farfadillis vs Greater Spokane @ State Fairgrounds Stadium, Spingfield
Saltstead vs Qasden @ MacIlwaine Park, St Warren
Group C
Vilita & Turori vs Audioslavia @ Queen Victoria Stadium, Ezriquay
95X vs Geisenfred @ Hamilton City Stadium
Group D
Equestrian States vs Eshan @ Rogers Stadium, Endborough
Krytenia vs Rabastorian Union @ President's Park, Shirley

Round of 16
1)A1 vs B2 @ Sportsmen's Park, Belle Haven
2)C1 vs D2 @ Collins Park, Oceana
3)B1 vs A2 @ State Fairgrounds Stadium, Springfield
4)D1 vs C2 @ Queen Victoria Stadium, Ezriquay

winners of match 1 vs match 2 @ Rogers Stadium, Endborough
winners of match 3 vs match 4 @ Collins Park, Oceana

quarterfinal winners @ Keller Field, Belle Haven

semifinal losers @ Keller Field, Belle Haven
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Soccer--Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 81/82/83 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 2
Kit Supplier: Cloaker
Captain: Leila Rzazade
Nickname: The Flock

Iskandervale has been through the wars. Specifically, as an oft-forgotten secondary battleground of the Terranean War, as Sameba occupied it and was painstakingly fought off by Nepharim and Euran forces, as well as local partisans. Now, Iskandervale is free... and now it is time to celebrate.

The squad itself is a mixture of locally-based semi-professionals, a few Nepharim with blood ties in the lower tiers and some stars who have made the grade abroad. The IFA aspires towards professionalism, and saw COCANEFA as their avenue towards that... until its collapse. Even so, they do what they can to fuel youth development.

Iskandervale's biggest issue is that its two best players, Ishtar Fanaiyan and Servet Misidjan, are both playing for Nephara. It's managed to call up a handful of Nepharim, though, chiefly in the lower leagues but with a few players of quality. While unlikely, financially, to be a regular competitor in the AOCAF going forward, Iskandervale hopes to be a flex invitee in times where the tournament could benefit from, bluntly, filler.

Given a lazy template kit by an apathetic Nephara-based Cloaker. The goalkeepers will wear terracotta or yellow.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

First-choice lineup. The game plan is to keep tight at the back and swarm forward quickly in numbers, hoping crosses and long balls over the top hit their targets. Those targets are Samarqand and Uzunlar, both tall, strong and athletic forwards. And, naturally, given the Nepharim origins of the side, they will be hard and uncompromising tacklers. Pace and power will be the watchwords, hoping to make up in physicality what they lack in skill.

Manager: Yasmin Bisakci - Age 46
Asst. Manager: Tamerlane Kapadze - Age 47

Groomed for a time as a successor, Bisakci was the assistant last time around; now she has the job full-time, and a brief that extends to overseeing youth development. Kapadze was an iconic player for the Flock in the past, an uncompromising centre-half and commanding leader.

1 - GK - Ishtar Curran - Age 30 - North Kazama United (HIN)
12 - GK - Serikzhan Cooper - Age 21 - Lokomotiv Iskandabad
20 - GK - Gevorg Bauyrzhan - Age 24 - AFC Tachmur

Spry, agile Curran fought as a partisan during Sameban occupation; unsurprisingly, she's fearless on the football pitch, and as the only professional is the unquestioned first choice goalkeeper. Cooper is the most likely successor. Bauyrzhan is meat.

2 - RB - Dimitri Rashad - Age 22 - Alliance Barossia (NPH)
3 - LB - Canaya Seraph - Age 27 - Corvette Maulers (NPH)
5 - CB - Parvizdzhon Borrowfield - Age 33 - Perlabuhan Bersekutu (PJI)
6 - CB - Iskar Serket - Age 29 - Kanshiro Lopunnies (HIN)
13 - CB - Oskana Karapetyan - Age 23 - Vakhqul Ironworks
16 - RB - Marcel Evans - Age 27 - The Hanged Man (NPH)
18 - LB - Darren Mkoyan - Age 24 - Navakor Farchi
22 - CB - Reza Neumann - Age 32 - Kommissar (NPH)

Borrowfield's well past his best, but has Nepharim Premiership experience to draw on, as does the sprightly attacking fullback Seraph. Serket will help tie down the midfield. Rashad and Karapetyan show promise, but aren't really ready for the big-time just yet. That said, in Rashad's case, there's not really a choice.

4 - DM - Leila Rzazade (c) - Age 32 - Dí Maozöxê (FFD)
7 - RCM - Kashim Broadway - Age 29 - Ohafia Pride (OSR)
8 - AM - Monika Talay - Age 23 - Pillars of Southfell (NPH)
11 - LCM - Vuesala Frey - Age 31 - Cypher Town (NPH)
15 - AM - Tigran Montague - Age 24 - Ballardine FC (NPH)
17 - DM - Termagant Steiger - Age 30 - Qarshakor
19 - CM - Maryam Alexandre - Age 21 - Umbershore Rovers
23 - CM - Falzibad Keenan - Age 25 - Lokomotiv Iskandabad

Rzazade is a quick, occasionally violent holding midfielder, and is by this stage the lifeblood of the midfield. Frey offers guile, Broadway offers heayy metal, and with an injury to Maryam Darvish, a late call-up for Talay (another who qualifies through paternal ancestry) will hopefully give them the needed cutting edge. Alexandre is another who will hope to get a professional contract abroad through cameos here.

9 - ST - Kurtis Samarqand - Age 32 - Zakhoro Aces (COS)
10 - ST - Sinan Uzunlar - Age 33 - Sabrefell Athletic (NPH)
14 - ST - Petrus Khalilzade - Age 26 - Iskandabad United
21 - ST - Voska Avetisyan - Age 21 - Lokomotiv Iskandabad

Along with Rzazade, the strikers are the pinnacle of the squad. Tall, elegant Samarqand and the resilient, powerful Uzunlar are both solid strikers proven in top-class leagues. Injury to either would be disastrous, though the scrappy street-fighter Avetisyan shows considerable promise.

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Postby Oontaz Dert Li Ng » Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:37 am


This is the seventh time that Oontaz Dert Li Ng will be participating in the AOCAF. Oontaz got through undefeated in the group stage of the Baptism of Fire 61 but was knocked out in the round of 16 by Arioslavia. The nation is a mix of Muslims and Catholics, with the Mohammedans concentrated in the northern part of the country and the Christians living mostly in the southern islands. Despite a turbulent early history which saw both religious groups fighting constant wars and rebellions, by the time Abanhfleft came and "occupied" the nation in 1921, a general "peace" had settled between the two groups, and today both are content to consider each other as Oontazniks. Despite being a sultanate, the freedom of religion is valued by the nation, although it would be good advice to say that while the Catholics and Christians might be welcoming, even accommodating, to foreigners of strange new religions, the Muslims might not be so welcoming.

Name of nation: Sultanate of Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Demonym: Oontaznik
Nickname: Lions of Sand and Sea
Team colors: Green and white
Style modifier: -2.0 (Defensive this time around)
Formation: 4-2-3-1
Head coach: Juan Dominador "Ador" Macaspac (43 y/o, Oontaz Dert Li Ng)

GK: Karim ANSARIFARID 37 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image, captain
In the old days, Karim Ansarifarid was Mr. Oontaz. These were the days when Karim was the first choice keeper of Riuwiee United and Georges Leblanc. And then Karim was surprisingly sold back to his old Oontaznik club Pasargad Manitogoro and while Karim's goalkeeping skills didn't diminish, going back to his homeland seemed to have made Emir Usamah (the old manager of the team) forget all about Karim and his contributions to the Oontaznik national team during their historic run to the Coalition Cup (an informal tournament held between the national teams of Abanhfleft, Pridnestrovia, Oontaz, and Copper Cuprum). Following Oontaz's (unsurprising) exit in the Round of 16 of AOCAF 52 to Osarius, Ador Macaspac remembered that Karim still exists and called him back up to the squad.

RB: Marcus Oliver "Marco" PORTENCIO 27 y/o, Electric Yugal Image (Abanhfleft)
Marco Portencio is one of the new faces on the Oontaznik national football team following the sacking of Emir Usamah and the elevation of Ador Macaspac from star striker to new team manager. Marco is a quality right back who is already showing flashes of world-class brilliance, kind of like a cheap Oontaznik version of Hector Bellerin. He has pace in buckets, and he is also good for scoring a goal or two per season.

RCB: Jericson SARIMANOK 28 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Sturdy defensive minded player who can play anywhere across the defensive line. He used to be stuck on the Oontaznik bench when Emir Usamah was still the coach because of clan rivalries between the Emir's clan and Jeric's, and then when Ador Macaspac took over the team, Makhdoum Macaraig resurrected his defensive career to become another mainstay in the starting eleven, but with Makhdoum finally retiring from international duties after AOCAF LV, Jeric finally gets elevated to the starting eleven.

LCB: Honesto CAMPANILLA 31 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Sometimes it is lamentable that in a competition where experience and leadership would be most valuable in a back line, all that could be scraped up was a single slow defender who somehow made it big in Abanhfleft's top flight, and a bunch of young talent that could make it or break it at any day. Campanilla, or Estong as he likes to be called, has slightly more potential than the other defenders in the team, and he also has a slightly higher chance of being an actually good player than the others. Sure, he slide-tackles at every opportunity, and it is easy for an experienced forward or even midfielder to get him booked, but Estong only has to learn to not swing himself around like a mace and he could make it big like his big partner in the center, Makhdoum Macaraig.

LB: Martin OPULENCIA 28 y/o, Real Mikkaleth Image (Abanhfleft)
Another new face from Ador Macaspac's new look Oontaznik team. Martin is a resolute left back who doesn't shrink away from making any challenges, even against players normally acknowledged as "untouchable" by other teams' defenses. He is content to remain at the back, defending his goal when needed, but sometimes he might be commanded to come up for an attack, and he doesn't shrink away from scoring a goal or two per season either.

DM: Timothy SAN MARCELINO 32 y/o, General Santos FC Image
Of course it wouldn't be a real Oontaznik football team if a Santos player wasn't there. And in this part of the team, it looks as if Emir Usamah has finally assembled a team capable of making it through the World Cup qualifiers with at least a few draws and maybe a win or two. SanMar, as he's called by Oontaz fans, is, as his position states, a defensive midfielder, meaning that his main purpose is to break up any attacks attempted by the opponents before they reach the pitiful defense and the sadly shocking goalkeeper. It's a job that he does well enough that he's earned a starting spot in the most prestigious team in Oontaz Dert Li Ng.

CM: ABU NAYEF Ismailuddin 32 y/o, Pasargad Manitogoro Image
No one really thought much of Abu Nayef's inclusion to the national team since he was one of those players who was good enough in the league to get a spot in the national team, but not good enough to get a starting spot. But he's starting to earn a spot in Emir Usamah's team sheet, since he's turned out to be one of the surprise players of Oontaz's World Cup qualifying campaign. By now, he's a shoo-in for a spot on the bench, and if the going gets tough, he can handle a starting spot.
IMPORTANT: This player should be always referred to as Abu Nayef since Ismailuddin is a patronym.

RM: Ronson "Ronnie" RAMIREZ 30 y/o, Revanigruud Riversharks Image (Cosumar)
Georges Leblanc spent 5 million new penenks to get Ramirez from Real Altamarino to the May 26 Memorial, but it seems a little bit too soon to say if he's had any impact in the Blue Tribesmen, and Leblanc has seen it fit to loan Ramirez out to Real Mikkaleth, who will be making to make yet another promotion push next season. Ronnie is more of a winger than a proper midfielder, but since Oontazniks never really believed in investing in proper wingers, Ronnie can fill in for that central midfield role, but not as well as when he's deployed as a real winger. Still, at least he's got a chance of breaking through and becoming a good and decent player, unlike the majority of the rest of his teammates.

CAM: Macario "Mac-Mac" CORTES 31 y/o, Easthaven Centurion Image (Super-Llamaland)
Yet another promising Oontaznik youngster lured away from his home by the prestige and glamour of the Fleftic Premier League. The good thing is that Emir Usamah is setting up the team for the future, meaning that he's getting the most promising young Oontaznik players and getting them playing time with the senior team, which he knows will eventually be replaced by the youngsters once the veteran players grow old and retire. At least his reasons for being on the bench are much more justified than the others: he's still a little bit too young to be playing in the first team, and Magomedun Mangudadatu is still the best in the game in his position as CAM, which is also Mac-Mac's favored playing position. At least he gets to learn from one of the best.

LM: ZULFIQLI bin Alisher 31 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
Sometimes, there comes a time that a team becomes so full of talent in the midfield that someone has to be dropped for the sake of the other players. Zulfiqli was... someone who had this happen to him. Everyone knows of Godric Wexler's reputation for finding and producing world class players from relative unknowns. He had done much the same with Zulfiqli, but unfortunately for the Oontaznik, his quality only appeared when Wexler had finally fixed his problems in his midfield. He knew that Zulfiqli would need starting minutes if he was to keep his spot in the starting eleven of the Oontaz national team, and that's why he was loaned to Pridnestrovia's Union Rheinburg. And now Zulfiqli's a vital component to the Eisern Union's surprise title challenge in the Pridnestrovian Super League.
IMPORTANT: This player should always be referred to as Zulfiqli since bin Alisher is a patronym.

FW: Eduardo ESTEVEZ 31 y/o, FK Torpedo Telgrad Image (Arioslavia)
Eduardo is a decent striker for his age, and there's definitely room for him to grow and take up Ador Macaspac's mantle when Oontaz Dert Li Ng's star striker finally decides to hang up his boots. But it looks like this won't be the case, as Teofisto Abcede surprised everyone else and took over Estevez's spot as Macaspac's backup striker option. Still, there's no denying that Eduardo can become one of Oontaz's best strikers after the age of Dominador Macaspac draws to a close, but it's up to him to realize that potential. Santos FC sold him to Arioslavia's FK Torpedo Telgrad in exchange for Alexey Bulganin. Now starting in place of the retired Ador Macaspac, who has become the new team manager after Emir Usamah was sacked.

GK: Septimio BARRANQUILLANO 35 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image, alternate captain
Maranao is renowned in Oontaz as being one of the best football academies, if not the best, in the country. It also has a reputation of producing good goalkeepers from its ranks. Unfortunately, Septimio is not one of those good keepers. Sure, he's decent, and can pull off a save that could be considered world-class, but for all intents and purposes, if he really was one of the good keepers, he would not be playing in Oontaz anymore, especially not for a mid-table side like Botafogo.

GK: Usamah ROBERTS-INGLES 27 y/o, Botafogo de Maranao Image
At least Botafogo's goalkeeper academy produced another good one. Unfortunately for him, he's both too young to be the national team's starting keeper, and he's also the son of a marriage between an Oontaznik and a foreigner, so discrimination is coming into play in here. But not by much, because he's so good and the other keepers are so... crap that Emir Usamah had no choice but to call him up even though both of them know that goalie Usamah won't get to play while Emir Usamah's the manager.

DEF: Garson LAPITAN 28 y/o, Sub Deg Raiders A.F.C. Image (Copper Cuprum)
Garson is a defender whose main assets are speed and a good footballing mind. He can catch up to all but the fastest players in any given league, not that he is often caught out of position. His only downside is that he fancies himself someone who can crack open the opposition's defense with a long ball, a tactic which more often than not gives the ball back to the opposition.

DEF: Zenofilo BATOBALANI 32 y/o, Racing Al-Ampatuan Image
It's not a real Oontaznik national football team if there isn't any player from Racing Al-Ampatuan in the roster, and Batobalani fits that role nicely. Al-Ampatuan used to be one of the biggest teams in Oontaz, constantly competing with Santos and Botafogo for titles and cups, but lately they've been on a bit of a decline, and now they're considered relegation fodder just like their traditional rivals, Deportivo Mangudadatu. Batobalani once had a future of being one of the greatest Oontaznik defenders of all time, and not just the present time but of all time. But instead of moving on to more prestigious teams and letting his talent get noticed, he decided to stick it out with the constant relegation scraps between Mangudadatu and Al-Ampatuan. Perhaps it would be prudent not to mention the loaded contract that he was given by the team owners, who have been accused of masterminding one of the greatest massacres in recent history, and also one of the biggest benefactors of the nation's endemic corruption culture...

DEF: Albert James DIMACATARUNGAN 34 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image
Dimacatarungan's surname means "unfair" in the Mayin language, but this time, there's nothing unfair about his being on the bench. Dimacatarungan shouldn't even be anywhere near the Oontaz national team, but since he's a member of Clan Dimacatarungan, he gets a spot in the final roster. At least Emir Usamah isn't stupid enough to choose him over Estong Campanilla who, as said before, has, at least, a definite chance of becoming an actual quality player instead of Dimacatarungan, who is just plain shit. Strange to see him still in the team now that Emir Usamah is gone...

DEF: Noah CALANOY 32 y/o, Malabon SC Image (Abanhfleft)
Malabon may not have had the best of seasons in the FPL but Noah Calanoy stepped up and became one of the few bright spots in the Magpies' season as he stepped up to replace the likes of Redwood Simpson and Setrak Abrahamyan in an effort to plug Malabon's defensive leaks. It may not have worked out in the end for Malabon but Calanoy showed enough quality in defense to warrant his first ever international call-up for the Oontaznik national team.

MID: WEYVERLEY 24 y/o, Vigan Athletic Image

MID: Seif DAHER 23 y/o, Gryphons Nubalochi Image

MID: Josef "Joey Boy" MACALACAN 34 y/o, Union Rheinburg Image (Pridnestrovia)
Joey Boy is the classic box-to-box midfielder, balancing offensive and defensive duties and covering as much of the pitch as possible. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to focus on one specific duty for too long, and by the duty he could mentally shift himself from being an attacking player to a defensive player or vice versa, it's often too late, and the defense had been overrun by a competent opponent.

FW: Felix NAVIDAD 27 y/o, RCD Baler Image
Out of the surprise team of the season is the Young Player of the Season of the 2023-24 Oontaznik First Division. Felix is all about pace, pace, and more pace. He also makes use of his ability to turn on a dime to roam all over the pitch and distract defenders. Yes, this does mean that he doesn't score a lot of goals himself for a forward player but does it count when it's his ability to pull defenders away that results in his teammates scoring anyway?

FW: MARCRIS Mas 27 y/o, Sportif Ab Gon Image (Copper Cuprum)
Now here is a player whom no one was expecting to be anywhere near a football team, let alone the Oontaznik national team. Marcris was born Maricris Mas, a woman, and had actually participated in the women's teams of Vigan Athletic and then Botafogo de Maranao before undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and revealing himself as a transgender man just about two years ago. His uncertain status has forced him out of Oontaznik clubs but he has found a new home in Ab Gon in Copper Cuprum. His main assets are strength and hold-up play but he also has a beautiful flick that looks absolutely fine when it connects with another teammate. But when said flick ends up sending the ball straight to the opposition, it's a wasteful and needless tactic.

FW: Arthur SUPRATNO 23 y/o, Malabon SC Image (Abanhfleft)
Supratno is in very much the same situation as his FPL teammate Noah Calanoy. Supratno did his best to back up Kevin Kelvin in terms of scoring goals but in the end, Malabon still fell short of getting back into at least the Globe Cup places despite his twelve goals in all competitions. But Supratno is young, and some experience in an international tournament can't do him any harm whatsoever.

(replace Macaraig with Sarimanok and Godzilla with Estevez)

Official name: Sultan Abubakar International Stadium
Capacity: est. 70,000
Tenant: Pasargad Manitogoro FC

Official name: Emir Nawwaz bin Marwan ibn Baloch Stadium
Capacity: est. 42,000
Tenant: Gryphons Nubalochi FC

Official name: Estadio Honorario General Artemio Espinosa Villavicencio
Capacity: est. 32,000
Tenant: General Santos FC

Official name: Estadio Commemorativo Sargento Primero Leopoldo Mamintas
Capacity: est. 60,000
Tenant: FC Botafogo de Maranao

Win-loss record: 15-7-16 (penalty shootouts counted as draws)
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The Sultanate of Oontaz Dert Li Ng Oontaz
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Postby Banija » Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:47 am

Banija National Team- The Kadongo Kamu

Country code: BNJ
Denonym: Banijan(s)
Association: Royal Banijan Soccer Association(RBSA)
Nickname: The Kadongo Kamu
Manager: Marcus Waters, 51 years old, native of the Equestrian States. Took over the interim manager role after Matchday 9 of World Cup 80 Qualifying; became the full-time manager at the end of that World Cup Qualification campaign.
Senior Assistant Manager: Sarh Sane, 74 years old. Took over the role after Marcus Waters was named the manager. Manager for 16 seasons at Busukuma Athletic Club.
Captain: Chibuzo Afolayan
Alternate Captain: Ensa Camara
Home Kits: Green
Away Kits: White
Alternate: Orange

Brief National Team History
The Kadongo Kamu have played in exactly 217 games, as of the end of World Cup 82. The national team has participated in 8World Cup Qualification campaigns(WCQ73, WCQ74, WCQ75, WCQ76, WCQ77, WCQ79, WCQ80, WCQ82) and played in the past three World Cups- World Cup 80, World Cup 81, and World Cup 82. We have also participated in Baptism of Fire 60, and been a participant in three different Cup of Harmonies(CoH 66, CoH 67, and CoH 71). In three Cup of Harmonies, Banija has never once moved past the group stage in the competition, and in their lone Baptism of Fire, they earned a lone point. In World Cup 80, Banija was eliminated in the group stages, though in World Cup 81, Banija won Group A and went to the Round of 16 before falling in extra time, on home soil, to Turori by a score of 1-1(2-1 AET). in World Cup 82, Banija won its opening game 3-1 before losing its next two games, its last one in heartbreaking fashion to Pasarga to be eliminated in the group stages.

The team has been on its best run in the last three World Cup cycles. A shocking World Cup 79 Qualification campaign saw them on the brink of qualifying, but the team simply ran out of gas and lost 4 of their final 5 matches to not make it to Ceni/Drawkland. Since then, the U21 team got 3rd place at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup, and the national team advanced to the quarterfinals of AOCAF LV, AOCAF LVI, and AOCAF LVII, establishing themselves as a strong regional side, falling to the eventual champs in the latter two tournaments. They stunningly qualified for World Cup 80, after starting poorly by losing 5 of their first 9, to going unbeaten in the second half of qualifying, where they won 7 of those games. In the World Cup 80 Qualification playoffs, a 3-0 first leg victory in Montreal, Royal Kingdom of Quebec, powered the team through to their first ever appearance in the World Cup Finals, advancing to sport's pre-eminent competition 5-3 on aggregate over Mercedini. While a pair of one goal losses saw them eliminated after two games, they earned their first ever victory at the World Cup Finals in a 2-0 win over New Gazi in their final group stage game. As they hosted World Cup 81, they went directly to the tournament, and went to their first ever knockout stages, winning Group A before falling, 1-1(2-1 AET) to Turori in the Round of 16. They cruised to qualification in World Cup 82, maintaining a top two spot in their World Cup Qualification group behind Brenecia for the entirety of the World Cup 82 Qualification campaign, getting to the tournament with relative ease before bowing out in the group stages.

The team's trophy cabinet is bare, having never won any international competition- though the national team won bronze medals earned at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships on home soil, before their move to Atlantian Oceania.

All-Time Record: 90-93-34(W-L-D)
All-Time Winning Percentage: 41.47% (Wins over total games played)
All-Time Points Percentage: 46.70% (Wins plus 1/3rd of draws over total games played)
Current AOCAF Rank: #9(18.02 points)
Top 5 All-Time Leading Goal Scorers:
T1. Kiggwe Mavuto(43 goals)
T1. Chibuzo Afolayan(43 goals)
3. Gitonga Kahara(38 goals)
4. Toyuwa Okafor(37 goals)
5. Isaac Georgiadis(27 goals)

World Cup Apperances: 3- World Cup 80, World Cup 81, World Cup 82

List of National Team managers
1. Kizza Kabila(Banija). Manager for Baptism of Fire 60 and the World Cup 73 Qualification Campaign. Overall record of 0-14-1(W-L-D).

Kizza Kabila is the only Banijan to have ever managed the national team. Hired for Banija's first foray onto the international scene in this sport, his reign was universally derided as a disaster. Managing 15 games, he drew his first game in the Baptism of Fire, and not only lost the next two, he then lost ever single match in the 12 game World Cup Qualification campaign for World Cup 73, with the side only scoring 5 goals across the entire campaign. Unceremoniously fired after becoming one of few managers to go through an entire World Cup Qualification campaign without earning a single point, he, alongside the entire board of the RBSA, resigned after the last game. He was disgraced in the sport after the campaign, and, to this point, has never returned to top-level soccer.

2.Jan Cassallerus(San Llera): Hired before the start of the World Cup 74 Qualification Campaign, managed through the World Cup 77 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 27-32-16(W-L-D).

Banija put its eyes abroad, searching for a foreign manager before the World Cup 74 Qualification campaign, and found Jan Cassallerus. He is Banija's longest ever serving manager, being at the helm for four entire World Cup cycles, and being at the helm for 75 total games, a kind of longevity unheard of in the modern game, especially managing the national team. He started winning a game at the Coupe D'Esquarium, in what was known as the group of death. He was largely celebrated for bringing the team into relevancy. The expectations were through the floor, following Kizza Kabila, but he brought the team to Cup of Harmony 66 and Cup of Harmony 67, as well as advancing in Olympic Qualifying and getting third place at the United Valhaven Regional Football Championships. He was forced into retirement after the World Cup 77 Qualification campaign, when the RBSA declared bankruptcy, and could not participate in the World Cup 78 Qualification Campaign due to their inability to compensate players and staff.

3. Randolf Cherry(Drawkland): Hired before the start of the World Cup 79 Qualification Campaign. Overall Record of 20-25-2(W-L-D)

Randolf Cherry, after the RBSA got its act together, was hired- controversially- as the manager of the national team. Not that his own hire was controversial, it was applauded across the sports spectrum here at home. He was given a 3 cycle contract, and everyone knew what the goal was- to make the World Cup Finals at least once over the course of the contract. They understood that it would take time to climb the rankings, and they were willing to give him the leash. However, he came in a very awkward situation. Adama Sowe, the Chairman of the RBSA, allegedly first offered the job to Sarah Owens, out of the Equestrian States. Of course, it is illegal in Banija for women to coach men's professional teams, and that caused controversy. And yet, here he was- the manager of the national team.

His own home country of Drawkland is, of course, very progressive in that area, where the sport is dominated by the ladies. Regardless, he had an excellent start to his reign as a manger, and was initially extremely popular. He won his first game, in a special Eagles Club match, against Aggrey-Fynn Land. He lost his first few qualifiers, but he went on a dear through the middle of qualifying, which included a 7 game winning streak on home soil. Big wins against then 4th ranked Chromatika at home and then 32nd ranked Eshan, put them in the conversation of World Cup Qualification, though they were simply not strong enough.

The Cup of Harmony was considered a disaster, finishing in dead last in their group. The competition maybe simply isn't for the Banijans, eh? But they were strong throughout the offseason, making a surprising quarterfinal run in AOCAF LV and bringing high hopes to the squad going into World Cup 80 Qualification. Hopes were through the roof for the national team, maybe even bordering unrealistic. They struggled, and the campaign got worse as the pressure built, as the squad lost their final four qualifiers of the first half of qualifying. With the campaign seemingly in free-fall, he was fired, as the RBSA said they wanted time to conduct "an open, thorough, search."

4. Marcus Waters(Equestrian States): Hired after the 1st half of World Cup 80 Qualifying, present manager of the national team. Overall record of 43-23-15(W-L-D).

Marcus Waters was the national team's assistant manager with Randolf Cherry above him, and the manager of the youth national teams. He first gained notoreity in Banija after successfully leading the U21 team to a 3rd place finish at the 42nd Di Bradini Cup. With his abilities clear, it made sense to move onto him as the interim manager as they searched for a permanent manager ahead of the second half of World Cup Qualifying. However, he was able to complete a stunning turnaround of this team. His first game in charge, he changed nearly the entire backline, and had a massive upset, away to Qasden, by a score of 3-2. A 3-0 victory over Razenthuria in the other mid-qualifying friendly got high hopes for him.

Marcus Waters went out with an intent to keep his team focused, despite everything going on at home. He has proven adept at navigating the political minefield that is this job, especially with his own country of origin essentially at war with Banija. He didn't lose a single game in the second half of qualifying, winning 7 games to get to the playoffs, including when the team was forced to play home games in Montreal due to ongoing violence within Banija. He was widely applauded for getting the team ready to play in Montreal, and winning 1-0 against Turori, the group's top seeded squad, and a 3-0 win in Montreal in the Qualification playoffs. While the RBSA interviewed four other candidates, his successful push through the World Cup Qualification playoffs and into Banija's first-ever World Cup Finals essentially clinched the job for him, as he put pen to paper to take the interim tag off of his title ahead of the 80th World Cup Finals.

Since then, of course, he has done a lot to garner the confidence of the higher-ups, and of the fans. Falling to the eventual champions in the quarterfinals of both AOCAF LVI and AOCAF LVII was widely seen as a positive. As well as, of course, a surprising Fourth Place finish in the Cup of Champions Six, highlighted by a surprising point earned in their matchup against Nephara, while also pushing through to the Round of 16 of World Cup 81, pleasing the home fans. A different sort of pressure faces him this campaign, however.

For the first time in his reign, you could say that Banija had a disappointing tournament, failing to advance in World Cup 82 beyond the group stages. It might be harsh to say that- on paper, advancing from a group with both Pasarga and Farfadillis is a tall order if your team is not Pasarga or Farfadillis. And yet, here they are. That's the level of excellence that they want to reach- and with these AOCAFs on home soil, this is seen as the time for the team to take one step closer towards their own biggest goals.

1. The Equestrian States. All time Banijan record against opponent- 0-5-0(W-L-T).

The Equestrian States are easily Banija's biggest rival, and by a country mile. It has all the makings of a good international sporting rivalry- plenty of matches played, history of competitive matches, geopolitical rivalry, player familiarity, and, of course, geographical proximity- all those boxes are checked. They've played each other 5 times, and Banija has come out on the losing end each and every time, most recently a 4-0 clobbering at the hands of the Equestrian States during Banija's final friendly before this qualification tournament began.

Three times have they played in competitive competition, and three times Banija has fallen. The Equestrian States eliminated Banija from Cup of Harmony 71 in group play, while also defeating the Banijans in both the opening match of World Cup 80, and the final group stage match of AOCAF LVI, though the Banijans still advanced to the quarterfinals of that tournament. The familiarity of players between each other is strong. Banija's present and most successfull all-time manager, Marcus Waters, is Equestrian. A number of players in each country play in leagues in the other. Famous Equestrian NT players like Aaron Aiza, Rosie Tyler, and Josef Lawrenz, ply their trade in the Banijan Soccer League, with Aiza particularly growing to superstar status while winning league titles at Herzegovina City FC.

Banija's failure to beat the Equestrian States has grown the rivalry into a national obsession- this is something that fans of this team desperately want. When the next chance will come is uncertain, but it is sure to be a ratings bonanza.

2. Eshan. Banijan all time record against opponent: 3-2-1(W-L-T)

Banija's other major rival is Eshan. Another regional rivalry, it doesn't carry quite the same weight as the Equestrian States, but they've played four high stakes competitive matches against each other, all in the same cycle. In World Cup 79 Qualifying, the two nations were in the same qualification group. Banija had an upset win in the first half of qualifying that vaulted them into serious discussions about making the final tournament, only to fall on the return trip, which effectively eliminated them from attending World Cup 79. And in the ensuing AOCAF LV tournament, they were drawn into the same group, and Eshan easily embarassed the Banijans, winning 5-1.

The draw did not seem to favor the Banijans, as the pair were drawn together in the ROund of 16. This time, it was the Banijans who got the last laugh. After a thrilling 4-4 draw, the Banijans won on penalties and advanced to the quarterfinals of their first AOCAF, an overwhelming success. While they have not played each other since AOCAF LV, on a competitive or on a friendly basis, the rivalry is still an important one for many fans of the Kadongo Kamu.

The rivalry was renewed when the two teams were drawn against each other in World Cup 82 Qualifying, with the pair of nations favorites to compete for the group's 2nd qualifying spot, with Brenecia widely favored to win their World Cup Qualification group. Banija won the first match in Busukuma, while they drew on the return leg, as Banija clinched the World Cup Qualification spot as Eshan did not qualify for the World Cup Finals.

Full credit to Filindostan for the design and production of these jersies. Thank you very much!

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier: +2

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them.

Roster for AOCAF LVIII

Starters: 4-2-1-3
Players who are based in a foreign league are bolded.
Players who have their first ever competitive callup in this tournament are italicized.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, Banija's only national professional soccer league.
GK #1 Lemuel Bereket. Age 28. Plays for Exton FC in the Apox National League.
RB #2 Ephrem Selassiee. Age 26. Plays for Sterling City United in Darmen. Starter since Matchday 2.
CB #3 Jalang Ba. Age 29. Plays for Jinja City FC in the BSL.
CB #5 Abate Brehanu. Age 33. Plays for Herzegovina City FC in the BSL. Starter since Matchday 2.
LB #13 Ensa Camara. Age 29. Plays for the Zakhora Aces in the Härlighet Ligan in Cosumar.
RCM #6 Ablie Kah. Age 25. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.
LCM #8 Kizza Okafor. Age 24. Plays for Lakiska Sporting Club in the BSL.
CAM #10 Okonkwo Okparro. Age 28. Plays for Makosile United in the Vilitan League's Declasse Division.
RW #7 Chibuzo Afolayan. Age 32. Plays for AFC Corvistone in the Nepharim Premiership. Captain.
LW #11 Gitonga Kahara. Age 26. Plays for OAS Royal FC in the Härlighet Ligan in Cosumar.
ST #9 Assefa Yitebarke. Age 30. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL.

GK #19 Jumu Sanneh. Age 28. Plays for Turoki United in the Vilitan League's Declasse Division.
GK #35 François Tantoh. Age 22. Plays for Duntho Sporting Club in the Banijan Northwestern League.
RB #27 Obey Chidiebere. Age 28. Plays for Bunyoro RSC in the BSL. Matchday 1 starter.
CB #20 Kawsu Kaba. Age 23. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL. Captained Di Bradini Cup 44 side. Matchday 1 starter.
LB #4 Abraham Godefai. Age 29. Plays for the Kitara Athletic Association in the BSL.
CM #15 Kiggwe Basamula. Age 22. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL.
CM #14 Abesalom Yitay. Age 26. Plays for Mynda Electra in the BSL.
CAM #21 Namakula Kawesa. Age 22. (Female). Plays for Gwinevra Barbarians in the Apox National League.
LW/RW #12 Nwabudike Ugonna. Age 22. Plays for FC Rotmunde 1932 in the Republikaliga in Siovanija & Teusland.
LW/RW #18 Alanso Tamba. Age 27. Plays for Crisisbless United in the Nepharim Premiership.
ST #24 Kabir Jobateh. Age. 26. Plays for FC Kaiserhaven in the Republikaliga in Siovanija & Teusland. Starter on the bronze medal 42nd Di Bradini Cup squad.
ST #17 Ilman Jawara. Age 21. Plays for the Hawabark Boulders in the BSL.

- Our free kicks are taken by Chibuzo Afolayan. Our corner kicks are taken by Gitonga Kahara.
- Our penalty kicks are taken by Assefa Yitebarke.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides Kahara. He plays 90 minutes in every match, unless he gets a red card or is injured.
- The vast majority of goals will come from the four-headed monster at the top- Afolayan, Okparro, Yitebarke, and Kahara.

AOCAF LVIII Group Stage Schedule
Member of Group E. Top 2 in group qualify for the knockout stages
Matchday 1: Iskandervale vs. Banija @ The Stadium of the Restoration in Busukuma, National Capitol Region, Banija
Matchday 2: St Emelie vs. Banija @ Mavuto Field in Hoima, Ankole, Banija
Matchday 3: Banija vs. Oontz Dert Li Ng @ Star Field in Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija

Select Player Biographies

1. RW Chibuzo Afolayan

Where do we start with Chibuzo Afolayan? He held the transfer record for Banijans for a while- selling a few windows ago for $5.5 million NSDs to AFC Corvistone, then in the Nepharim First Division, and now in the Nepharim Premiership. He held it for four seasons until, of course, Gitonga Kahara and Aaron Aiza shattered his record. Doesn't mean the after effects aren't being felt still, however. Tthat sale is one that Askatasuna FC, even with all those riches, has rued ever since. Why? Well, for their two seasons with Afolayan, they were competing for the top 4 and even won a RBSA Cup. But since they sold him? He has helped AFC Corvistone finish their miraculous rise up the Nepharim pyramid, and achieve their first-ever promotion to the Nepharim Premiership, while Askatasuna FC slid from a team competing for UICA berths to barely fighting off relegation.

Afolayan is the man who wears the armband now. He is seen, alongside fellow NT legend Isaac Georgiadis, as the man who truly paved the path for Banijans to play abroad- by thriving in one of the world's toughest leagues, the Nepharim Premiership. He's had a season where he led his team in scoring with 17 goals in a single season in that league, as they fight in what is now the UICA'S top league. He's finally reached the top of the all time scoring list, tied for first with long time national team captain Kiggwe Mavuto, at 43 goals. He is widely expected to surpass that mark in this tournament. He knows, however, that he's running out of time to cement his legacy, and this tournament might just be his opportunity to truly solidify his legacy with the national team, the tournament where, on home soil, he'll likely become the national team's all-time leading goalscorer. Will his legacy simply be paving the way for Banijans to play abroad? Or will it be something more- bringing glory to the Kadongo Kamu?

2. CM Kizza Okafor

Kizza Okafor, under the tutelage of Winad-Lenpi at Lakiska Sporting Club, has seen a true revolution in his own level of play. A great season in Season 8 in the BSL at the club level allowed him to earn a spot on the national team for the World Cup 82 Qualification campaign, coming off the bench before eventually replacing a struggling Amadi Uche in the starting lineup by the time the World Cup Finals came around, punctuating his rise through the ranks by scoring in the World Cup itself, netting an equalizer against Farfadillis in the second group game of that tournament. The pinnacle for him, he took that excellent form into the most recent season of the BSL. Even though Lakiska SC largely regressed from what many considered a miracle 5th place finish, he was able to earn 1st Team All-Pro honors for the first time in his career.

With that, he is in the starting lineup, solidifed next to Ablie Kah. Those two look likely to form Banija's central midfield pairing for the next number of years, but if there's a slip up, there is fierce competition for those spots. Like how he overtook Amadi Uche, Uche is only 24 years old- after struggling in World Cup 82, there is still time for Uche to gun for his spot back, even if he's been dropped entirely from the 23 for this tournament. Okafor should look over his shoulder at Basamula and Yitay, both players who will provide some tough competition for minutes in training. Still, for now, he has the opportunity, and he will be expected to take full advantage of it.

3. LW Gitonga Kahara

He is the true budding superstar of the Kadongo Kamu, and has long been hailed as the savior of the sport in this country. That tells you everything you need to know about the Boy Wonder's meteoric rise through Banijan soccer. He has been given lots of nicknames- the Boy Wonder, Banija's Football Savior, the Deliverer, etc... And he has never played a professional game on Banijan soil. When he was just 16 years old, he moved to Project Olimpo in Kita-Hinode, and starred in their youth league, one of the world's best. Project Olimpo won a league title, and Gitonga Kahara was the star of the team, winning the Golden Boot that season. He then, of course, went to the U21 World Cup as the player everybody had their eyes on- was he the real deal?

The answer was an emphatic yes. Gitonga Kahara, and the team in general, simply could not stop scoring in Valanora. He scored a stunning 10 goals at the Di Bradini Cup- taking the tournament by storm, and being not only the best player on the pitch for the Banijans, but arguably the best player on the pitch at the tournament in general. His value, and name, exploded on the international scene. Randolf Cherry, much to the chagrin of Project Olimpo officials, was pushing him to leave before the window- see what he'd do in a top-flight league, while his value was high with the memory of the Di Bradini Cup fresh. Of course, during the window, he'd be able to probably get a better deal. But the fact of the matter was this- a move was better for his immediate career prospects, even if it was a serious question mark for his long-term career prospects.

He went to Polaris, in the Terranean League East. He helped lead his team earn the Pablito Numede Trophy, and, with a third place finish, finish with a berth in the Champions Cup. He looked likely to be a star in that league for a long, long time to come- and then, it came crashing down, as the Terrenean League East has faltered. He then made a big money move to OAS Royal FC, becoming the first ever Banijan to make an 8 digit move, being valued at $10 million NSDs by the side from Northeast Atlantian Oceania.

He is reaching his prime, and when it's all said and done, he is expected to be #1 on the all-time scoring list for the Kadongo Kamu, and quite comfortably at that. But he's leading a generation that, you would think, could expect eventually to go deep into a major tournament, beyond the quarterfinals, and legitimately contend for a crown. With this tournament on home soil, is this the year?
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Postby Busoga Islands » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:46 pm

Busoga Islands National Team

Country code: BUS
Denonym: Busogans/Busoga Islanders/Islanders(Busoga Islanders is the formal term; many Banijans call them Busogans, while locals refer to themselves simply as Islanders, which will be the terminology used by the journalists of this country)
Association: Busoga Islander Soccer Association(BISA)
Manager: Starfire (Pegasus - female), 47 years old, native of the Equestrian States. Starfire is a manager who excels at getting the most out of whatever she's given, regularly keeping the Ponyville Galaxy from relegation with a keen eye for tactics and seemingly boundless optimism that keeps spirits up in the locker room. Starfire was Moon Dust's long-time student as an assistant coach at Ponyville United and pundits tend to think more highly of the pegasus than her club's place in the table might suggest. She has been largely popular so far as the Islander manager, signing an extension after qualifying for the Cup of Harmony through the World Cup 83 cycle.
Senior Assistant Manager: Yamma Mbye. 40 years old, doubles as the new executive director of the Busoga Islands Regional Youth Academy. Spent the twilight of her professional career when she was part of a wave of Banijan female players that went to the Equestrian States, playing for the Manetreal Impact. Just announcing her retirement from the playing scene at 36, she was hired quickly by Starfire to be the Assistant Manager, and they had a good working relationship at the latest AOCAF. She said that connections they shared within the Equestrian States, as well as her own connections in the Busoga Islands, would allow her to be an 'invaluable asset' for the transition.
Captain: Marie Sonko
Alternate Captain: Berihu Abeselome.
Home Kits: Red
Away Kits: Black
Alternate: White

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes(please state what injury they have suffered and how many games they will miss).
Godmod other events: Yes
Style modifier: +1

Do whatever you want besides godmodding the actual goals(I prefer the actual goals to be real). If anybody dies, please TG me who so I can replace them.

Roster for AOCAF LVIII

Starters: 4-4-2 diamond.
The six professional clubs on the Busoga Islands are all part of the Banijan soccer pyramid.
Players receiving their first callup for the national team are italicized.
Players who do not play within the Banijan soccer pyramid are bolded.
BSL = Banijan Soccer League, the top-flight for Banija & the Busoga Islands.
GK #1 Hibbaan al-Shareef. 27 years old. Plays for Jaribga Soccer Club in the Northwestern League. Male.
RB #2 Berihu Abeselome. 32 years old. Plays for Crystopolis City in the Crystal Empire. Plays in the United League, the top-flight of the United Hoofball Association. Brother of Robel Abeselome. Male.
CB #5 Marie Sonko. 30 years old. Plays for Everfree Forest HC in the Equestrian States. Plays in the United League. Female. Captain.
CB #3 Mohan Thakshak. 25 years old. Plays for the Herzegovina Phoenix in the BSL. Male.
LB #4 Naaji al-Azam. 26 years old. Plays for Jaribga Soccer Club in the Northwestern League. Male.
CDM #6 Channeh Jarju. 26 years old. Plays for the Canterlot Stars in the Equestrian States. Plays in the United League. Female.
RM #7 Upanshu Paramartha. 24 years old. Plays for Rukunbi FC in the BSL. Male.
LM #11 Madhav Oojam. 24 years old. Plays for the Busembe Timberwolves in the BSL. Male.
CAM #10 Utpal Ishan. Age 27. Plays for the Hoima Warriors in the BSL. Male.
ST #9 Ikshu Amitabh. 24 years old. Plays for Kitara Athletic Association in the BSL. Male.
ST #12 Ousman Babaja. 30 years old. Plays for Lakiska SC in the BSL. Male.
GK #35 Kylian Jawara. 20 years old. Plays for the Tripoli Foresters in the Northwestern League. Male.
GK #23 Mantek Ranwa. 26 years old. Plays for Koszagard City in the Northwestern League. Male.
RB #16 Yashpal Gopaal. 23 years old. Plays for the Isipongo Flash in the BSL. Male.
CB #18 Behzad Bina. 22 yeras old. Plays for Jaribga Soccer Club in the Northwestern League. Male.
CB #19 Filije Kolley. 28 years old. Plays for Istria City FC in the BSL. Male.
LB #14 Parviz Blourian. 19 years old. Plays for Taramazna United in the Northwestern League. Male.
CM #6 Karamba Fatty. 22 years old. Plays for the Lwanga Lions in the BSL. Male.
RM #17 Ibrahim Fatah. 23 years old. Plays for Lakiska Sporting Club in the BSL. Male.
LM #20 Kamu Jacobs. 23 years old. Plays for Rukunbi FC in the BSL. Male.
CAM/CM #15 Fara Turay. 27 years old. Plays for Fillydelphia Union in the Equestrian States. Plays in the Second League, the second tier of the United Hoofball Association. Male.
ST #21 Arjun Singh. 18 years old. Plays for the Nezrouch Rovers in the Northwestern League. Male.
ST #25 Sarika Birla. 16 years old. Plays for the Islander Regional Academy in the Banijan Youth League. Female.

- Our free kicks are taken by Fara Turay.
- Our penalty kicks are taken by Ousman Babaja.
- In terms of substitutions, anybody is OK to substitute off the pitch besides Marie Sonko and Berihu Abeselome. Those two are the core of the team with international experience, and are the team's seasoned leaders.

Select Player Biographies

1. CB Marie Sonko

The heart and soul of this team, the man who has long been a legendary footballer in this country, Delbin Kasekende, the goalkeeper, has finally retired. He played for local club Dukuma SC for many years, and then changed to Herzegovina City FC, where he established almost a vice grip on the BSL Golden Glove award, as well as winning a host of league titles under Brian Emerson and being one of few men to be captain for both his club and his country. Not an easy feat, and he was the country’s inaugaural captain- even after having played in a World Cup for another side.

Kasekende, however, is 39 years old, and retired from national team duties at the end of the previous Cup of Harmony, when the Busoga Islands were eliminated by Saltstead. However, while sad for him, the show must go on. The armband has been passed to an obvious contender- Marie Sonko, the center back who plys her trade in the Equestrian States. The Northern Moravica grad has long played for Everfree Forest HC in the Equestrian States, manning the center back position for the club. Denied an opportunity to play in her home country while Banija’s sports gender segregation laws were on the books, she has stayed loyal to the club that has given her the opportunity to play in the top flight, declining an opportunity to go to Lakiska SC and stick it out at Everfree Forest.

While they could always rely on the goalkeeping position with Kasekende there, the position has suddenly turned from the sure bet it once was, to a mystery- they are certainly downgrading in quality. That puts more pressure on the back line, and she will be expected to shepherd together a decent performance from them. Players will be looking to her for veteran leadership, and if they are to have any chance at all, playing on Banijan soil, she will be a big part of that effort.

2. RB Berihu Abeselome

With the retirement of Kasekende, Abeselome is now the oldest player in the Starting XI. Beyond that, he's the only player on this squad who has been to a World Cup, being on the World Cup 80 squad for Banija, though he did not get any minutes in that tournament.

He's spent the majority of his professional career playing in the Crystal Empire, starting for Crystalopolis City, regarded by many as the class of the United League. He was an obvious choice to be one of the key players on this squad- Starfire has seen him play, up close, as she has managed Ponyville Galaxy. He is now the alternate captain for the team. While it is unlikely he will ever wear the armband for the national team, he is one of the squad's most passionate players, and helps provide stability in the back.

He will be a threat, and a force, for the team. He has seemingly endless amounts of energy- meaning that he can turn defense into offense quickly, and will be prone to look for the counter-attack. And, of course, he has some experience, playing for a national team, and playing in the World Cup. Expect him to be part of the emotional heartbeat of this squad as they enter an AOCAF tournament so close to home.

3. ST Ousman Babaja.

Ousman Babaja was part of a shock Lakiska SC squad that challenged greatly for UICA places last season, only to fall just short of Istria City FC for that fourth and final spot. Istria City FC, of course, is a much larger and richer club than Lakiska SC, and is part of their astounding success under their manager from Qusmo. Of course, the level of play was raised on the South Island, and nowhere was that more evident than Ousman Babaja basically exploding onto the scene.

He had a peak moment when, against the defending world champions Vilita, away from home in World Cup Qualifying, he cheekily chipped the goalkeeper en route to the greatest win the Busoga Islands have had to date, a 1-0 upset over Vilita in World Cup Qualifying, the same team that ended up winning their second straight World Cup. In fact, the Busoga Islands remain, to this date, the last team to defeat the two-time defending world champions in a competitive match. Isn't that the craziest stat?

Now, of course, having met that expectation, he finds himself on the front line once again. After a respectable Cup of Harmony, where a team that wasn't fancied to do much won a game and almost got out of the group, will look to shock region at the AOCAFs, and his goalscoring ability will be key to their ability to do just that. Can they?

AOCAF LVIII Group Stage Schedule
Member of Group A. Top 2 in group qualify for the knockout stages
Matchday 1: Baker Park v. Busoga Islands
Matchday 2: Busoga Islands v. Ko-oren
Matchday 3: Third Asopia v. Busoga Islands

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Football Association of the Commonwealth of Baker Park


The FAC was founded in 1901 and currently has 124 full member clubs, 307 associate member clubs and approximately 21,000 registered players--male & female--between the ages of 11 to 65+ as well as approximately 3,100 registered officials, both male & female. It sponsors competitions across all age groups, genders and ability levels, including 12 National Championships and 6 domestic cup competitions for men and women.

Major Multiverse Honors
SWC 5 Under-18 Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runners-up
AOCAF LVII Quarterfinalists
DiBradini Cup 42/63 Quarterfinalists
DiBradini Cup 43/64 Round of 16
World Cup Apox/Valanora82 Round of 16
World Cup Banija/FFR81 Round of 16
World Cup EqueStar80 Group Stage

All time match record—234 wins, 184 losses, 87 draws (current through World Cup 82)
NS match record--55 wins, 22 losses, 18 draws
AOCAF record--6 wins, 2 losses (best finish, quarterfinals AOCAF LVII)

National Anthem--"Hear Our Voices Commonwealth"
Region—Atlantian Oceania

Nickname--since the end of the 1960's the National Team has been known as "The Bees", a period when the team's uniforms consisted of alternating black and gold hoops. While the bee is an element on the coat of arms of the Commonwealth—a long accepted heraldic symbol of industriousness--the association was actually a reference made in an Italian newspaper game story when the senior team was wearing the hooped shirts, referring to the BP team as il Bombi (the bumblebees) for their perseverance and swarming tactical play.

Colors--Black & Gold (while they are just 2 of the 5 main colors on the flag of Baker Park--Blue, Red and White are the others--black & gold have been closely associated in the nation's consciousness as representative of the country since its founding.)

KPB—33.73 (13th, current through WC 82)
AOCAF—19.25 (7th, current to beginning of AOCAF LVIII)

The Commonwealth of Baker Park undertake their biggest challenge to date during the NS Sports Era--co-hosting the toughest tournament in the multiverse.
The arrival of the AOCAF to the nation is coincidental with the emergence on the senior squad of a majority of players who participated in the first three competitions entered by the FAC--the DiBradini Cup 42, the Sporting World Cup 5 and the Baptism of Fire 67. Ten members of the side are 25 years of age or under, representing the cutting edge of the generation that has been brought up in the game over the last 10 years under the FAC Development Charter.

Coaching staff:
Manager—Pamela Scott
Assistant—Tony Weiss
Coaches—Don Alvarrez
Elaine King
Physio—Gina Damicone

Women's National Coach Pamela Scott will once again take charge of the AOCAF squad, joined this time by Tony Weiss as her assistant, due to the maternity leave absence of Kate DiMarini, Scott's longtime number 2.

age	name			age	club				caps
1 Caroline Gordon 30 Brentford Ladies FC 25
20 Kyle Moyer 30 Newmarket Saxons FC 29
2 Emily Arnold 30 Hamilton Wanderers Ladies FC 22 (7)
3 Derick Briggs 30 Shirley Metros FC 37 (2)
4 Eric Herrara 29 Southend AC 33 (3)
5 Tracy Vasillias [C] 29 Middletown City Ladies FC 29 (7)
16 Sarah Foreman 29 Shirley Metros Women FC 21 (4)
17 JC Bartok 24 Westwood Sprites FC 16
22 Derion Hutchins 24 Coolville United FC 3
6 Tony Santos [C] 29 Asbury Park FC 47 (1)
7 Veronica Navarro 24 Hamilton Wanderers Ladies FC 23 (9)
8 Jamari Bozeman 25 Southend AC 35 (12)
11 Nick Haller 30 Kitara Athletic Assoc (BNJ) 40 (4)
13 Annabeth Westmoreland 24 Hondo FC (VAL) 20 (13)
14 Lorenzo Taborn 25 Westwood Sprites FC 21 (11)
19 David Voss 29 Bloomer FC (DAR) 2 (3)
21 Antonio Sotolongo 24 Learfield FC 11 (3)
24 Nicki Stone 22 Riverside City Ladies FC 3 (2)
9 Sabrina Patton 28 Chenoworth Rovers FC (NPH) 24 (9)
10 Alex Sandoval 29 Busukuma Athletic Club (BNJ) 31 (10)
12 Missy Tilton 27 Leiderkranz Ladies FC 10 (6)
15 DeAngelo Simmons 21 Monmouth Park FC 0 (4)
18 Jessica LeClair 25 Haskins Blues Ladies FC 4 (5)
23 Tim Blair 24 Richmond Station FC 1


Special for this tournament, Baker Park will wear a modern update to its classic il bombi uniforms from the late 1960's era.

RP Permissions
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Y
Hand out red cards to my players: Y (TG in advance please)
RP Injuries to my players: Y (duration of match only, unless a TG ahead of time with your idea)
Godmod injuries to my players: Y
Godmod other events: N
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Soccer--Under-18 World Cup (SWC 5) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
AOCAF LVIII Third Place (co-hosts)
World Cup 81/82/83 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
Football--NSCF 18 Mineral Conference Champions
playoff quarterfinalist
NSCF 19 & 20 Mineral Conference Champions

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The coaches will select the squad from the National Player pool. The latest known members of the National Player Pool are listed below, grouped by position and sorted by projection 'Depth Chart' position where the top player listed is most likely to be named the first player selected for that position, and so on. Depth chart positions are determined by performance in pre-cup training sessions, as well as performance and average ratings in the Vilitan League competition and previous appearances for the National Team.

HEAD COACH: Nili Ylimaiina
Was regarded as the 'next great thing' in a long line of Vilitan forwards when he made his debut for Kiiarana City, Ylimaiina would ultimately live up to the billing at the International Level more than just at the domestic level. Playing for Arcticala Inlet, Eastal Lunar, Strike and Colonial Sile; Ylimaiina won 2 Stellar Division titles and scored just over 100 goals. Ylimaiina was born in Vilita but also contains Starblaydi blood on his Mother's side. The striker had great success for the National Team, serving as the primary forward during Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 42 Championship Winning side. Ylimaiina would become a regular in the Jungle Cats roster and was in the starting lineup for the World Cup 68 final, won by Vilita. After finishing out his competitive playing career at Colonial Sile but not wanting to hang up the boots completely, Ylimaiina returned to the capital region and became Player/Manager of Tivali City as well as taking the call to lead the Vilita & Turori Eel-Cat Things in AOCAF 54. Despite an uninspired performance at the helm during AOCAF 55, Ylimaiina returned to lead the Eel-Cat Things for AOCAF 56 in the Equestrian States and the joint Football Association's patience was rewarded as the former Vilitan National Team star led Vilita & Turori for its first AOCAF title in 15 cycles.

Vernasa Sanamun [ - Kiiarana - ]
GK ( AGE: 19 :: [ NT CAPS: 9 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 3 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 8 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ] : Tropicorp Cup :
Sanamun came through the academy at Kiiarana and was promoted to the senior squad at the age of 15 after the departure of Super-Llamaland netminder Lukas Bernholm following the clubs relegation from the Vilitan League. Made two group stage appearances for Vilita & Turori in AOCAF 56 at the age of 17 as the Eel-Cat Things eventually earning first ever regional silverware as a player. The youngster impressed helping Kiiarana City to the Tropicorp Cup title and promotion back to the Vilitan League and became a regular fixture with the Vilitan National Team after making their internationstatal debut in goal for the Jungle Cats as they opened up their World Cup 81 Qualifying campaign against Kernovi and Rewgwlas. Sanamun appeared twice in World Cup 81 Qualifying for the Jungle Cats without conceding a goal earning the young netminder the gloves as Vilita competed in the 7th Cup of Champions competition, ultimately conceding their 1st international goal against in the fourth match of their career, the Cup of Champions semi-final against Banija. The impressive performances however earned Sanamun trust and a place on the team for the World Cup 81 finals. Sanamun would start two matches - a group stage defeat to Cassadaigua and the Round of 16 victory over Sargossa as Vilita would go on to win the World Cup.

Striitca Virahat [ - Alikki-Corra Academy - ]
GK ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 1 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 82 : ]
Virahat is the latest goalkeeping prospect to come out of the Alikki-Corra Academy behind such former Vilitan National Team netminders such as Kalek Intafel. Was part of the roster for Vilita & Turori's AOCAF 56 championship team but did not appear in any matches. Made their internationstatal debut for the Vilitan National Team as a substitute during World Cup 81 Qualifications in a 2-0 victory over Mercedeni.

Timaala Hualtia [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
GK ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 4 :: NT CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T CLEAN SHEETS: 0 ] )
Hualtia came through the Eelandii Academy and instantly developed as a future Turori National Team prospect. Played one season for Sporta Eelandii before their relegation from the Vilitan League prompted Hualtia to make a switch to become the starting goalkeeper at Inland Peaks during Season 59. Made first Turori National Team start during World Cup 82 Qualifying in a 2-1 victory over Kelssek. Made first ever World Cup Finals start in the World Cup 82 Semi-Final helping Turori to a 6-3 win over Farfadillis to advance to the Nations first ever World Cup Final.

Jirak Trikala [ - Jungle Strike FC - ]
D C ( AGE: 23 :: [ NT CAPS: 33 :: NT GOALS: 2 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 15 :: V&T GOALS: 6 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ] : Vilitan Cup : Tropicorp Cup :
Although born in Vilita, Trikala moved to Tropicoast at a young age and could always be found on the footsport pitch. Trained briefly at the Obaiobao Academy on Turoki Isle before returning to Tropicorp and joining Tropicorp FC. Scored 3 goals in Tropicorp's Season 54 Tropicorp Cup Championship campaign. Trikala's first season in the Vilitan League wasn't especially impressive but the defender provided solid performances as Tropicorp finished impressively in 4th place in the Declasse table. These performances caught the eye of the scouts at Jungle Strike FC who snapped up the young defender as part of their rebuilding project after two consecutive finishes outside the top 5. Trikala got their first taste of triumph with Strike FC during Season 57 as Vilitan Cup Champions. Scored the winning goal for Vilita & Turori in the AOCAF 56 final against Mriin. Was Vilita’s starting central defender in their World Cup 81 Final victory over South Covello.

Lohani Riiyaaw [ - Cassandra City (COS) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 5 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 82 : ]
Riiyaaw was trained at the Tivali City Academy until the age of 16 when they had the opportunity to sign their first professional contract. Instead of staying local with Declasse side Tivali City, Riiyaaw took the opportunity to move internationally. After attracting the attention of foreign bidders, Riiyaaw eventually signed a deal with Internationstatal high-flyers Cassandra City of Cosumar where they earned Runner-Up medals in both the UICA Champions Cup and Atlantian Oceania Champions League in their first season of competition.

Amakli Inuro'o [ - Bastion (EUR) - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 11 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
After making their debut in Turori’s 3-0 World Cup 82 Matchday 5 qualifying match against Cosneolta, Inuro’o would become a regular in the Turori National Team squad eventually becoming a starter for key matches as Turori advanced to the World Cup 82 Final.

Rojara Tiones [ - Yeaddin Owls AFC - ]
D RC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 7 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 11 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Rojara Tiones progressed through the training programme at the Owls Castle Academy before getting a call to train with the senior team at Yeaddin Owls AFC for Vilitan League Season 58. Tiones was a member of Vilita’s World Cup 82 Championship winning team, having watched the final from the bench as an unused substitute.

Jirijii Januaa [ - KT Itzalovalle (AUD) - ]
D LC ( AGE: 37 :: [ NT CAPS: 109 :: NT GOALS: 15 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 68 : World Cup 77 : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ] : UICA Champions Cup : UICA Super Cup : UICA Series 'B' Champions Cup : : Vilitan Cup :
Januaa began his career at Kiiarana City but after City failed to secure promotion back to the Stellar Division during Season 41, Januaa was recruited by Nycflala Kater to make the switch across town to play for Kiiara-Torra starting in season 42 before spending 3 seasons at Mliona-Lpaka. During Season 46, Januaa transferred to Jlinal-Cove FC but the move was short lived as Januaa returned to Mliona-Lpaka and helped to guide the team to the 68th UICA Champions Cup title. After spending 20 seasons in the Vilitan League, Januaa left the Stellar Division for Audioslavia and KT Itzalovalle.

Biliki Rona'atu'i [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
D LC ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 9 :: NT GOALS: 2 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 8 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : AO Champions League : : Vilitan Declasse :
Trained at the Alikki-Corra Academy, Rona'atu'i moved on to Inland Peaks FC during Season 55 and become a crucial part of their Declasse Division record setting championship season resulting in promotion back to the Stellar Division. Signed for Eastal Lunar after arriving in the Stellar Division but only spent one season there before earning a starting position at Colonial Sile for the Season 57 campaign helping Colonial to a third place finish in the League table. After a season and a half in Sile, Rona'atu'i returned to their native Turori by joining Cednia Beach AFC and helping them to the 31st Atlantian Oceania Champions League title.

Moumouni Verre'elali [ - Tropicorp FC - ]
D RLC ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 6 :: NT GOALS: 1 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: : Vilitan Declasse :
Made their debut for the Turori National Team at the age of 17 on the opening matchday of World Cup 82 Qualifying against Bohr, eventually making six appearances for the Eels over the course of the campaign.

Limu Katarakhna [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
M/F ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 37 :: NT GOALS: 6 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 19 :: V&T GOALS: 8 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Limu Katarakhna came through the academy system at Colonial Sile and impressed greatly upon making their debut midway through Season 54. After Colonial Sile failed to qualify for UICA competition in Season 56, the young athlete able to step in anywhere on the field made the switch to Eastal Lunar FC. Katarakhna made their international debut during AOCAF 45 for the Eel-Cat Things but did not commit immediately to playing for Vilita or Turori internationally. After the success of the Cocoabo Squad during World Cup 79 however, the highly touted prospect acceped an invitation to be apart of Vilita's World Cup 80 Qualifying playing pool. The decision would prove to be a good one as Katarakhna was part of Vilita’s World Cup 81 and World Cup 82 championship squads including their first career World Cup Finals goal during the World Cup 82 Quarter Final against Apox.

Tripate Falcon [ - Makosile - ]
M C ( AGE: 35 :: [ NT CAPS: 119 :: NT GOALS: 22 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 1 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 77 : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ] : Vilitan Cup :
Vilita & Turori Dual National. Member of the Cednia Beach AFC squad that won the Vilitan Cup during Season 43, and subsequently went on to win the 50th UICA Globe Cup, the first ever UICA Top-Level Champions from Turori.

Purapal Eskiiy [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
M RC ( AGE: 38 :: [ NT CAPS: 121 :: NT GOALS: 30 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 68 : World Cup 77 : World Cup 81 : ][ : AOCAF 42 : ] : Vilitan Declasse :
Up and coming youngster who can trace lineage back through Lake Bekk and Starblaydia, was a member of the Vilita & Turori regional squad that won the AOCAF 42 Championship. The young Eskiiy broke into the Vilitan lineup during World Cup 68 and started in the World Cup Final, scoring the goal that changed the momentum of the game in the Jungle Cats favor.

Daliora Toru'u [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
DM C ( AGE: 24 :: [ NT CAPS: 36 :: NT GOALS: 4 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 18 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Toru'u made a debut for the Yeaddin Owls at the age of 17 and cracked into the first team immediately with 4 goals and 4 assists in their debut Season 54 campaign.

Kudii Davasarii [ - Cednia Beach AFC - ]
M LC ( AGE: 22 :: [ NT CAPS: 14 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 14 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : AO Champions League : : Tropicorp Cup :
Davasarii was one of the first players brought up through the Tropicorp system and helped the club earn their second Tropicorp Cup title and subsequent promotion to the Declasse Division for Season 55. Davasarii's four goals during Season 55 helped the team to an impressive 4th place finish in the table. Davarsarii's strong play earned a transfer to Cednia Beach AFC for Stellar Division season 57. Won the 31st Atlantian Oceania Champions League title with Cednia Beach AFC.

Kiidallen Aeroluzzi [ - Rammsissil - ]
DM C ( AGE: 21 :: [ NT CAPS: 6 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 13 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ] : Vilitan Declasse :
Aeroluzzi joined Rammsissil from Surf Jettica at the age of 17 as the eventual Declasse Champions looked to bolster their squad ahead of a season 57 Stellar Division return.

Intikko Kuhilana [ - Makosile - ]
DM C ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 7 :: NT GOALS: 1 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 11 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Kuhilana was perhaps too young when being called into the squad at Jlinal Cove on an emergency basis to cover squad gaps as they struggled to keep fit during Vilitan League Season 55. Strong performances did catch the eye of Makosile United, however, who snapped up the youngster in order to fill their own gaps left by departing players following their relegation from the Stellar Division.

Lati'ala Giaoka [ - Yeaddin Owls - ]
M RLC ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 8 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 15 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Lati'ala Giaoka impressed from a young age at the Owls Castle Academy and earned their first professional contract with the Yeaddin Owls at the age of 16. During Season 56, Giaoka became the youngest player to appear in a Stellar Division match for the Owls since Mako Canopii made their debut at the age of 16 during Vilitan League Season 50.

Mbdiai Akarenaa [ - Real Azuris (COS) - ]
M LC ( AGE: 28 :: [ NT CAPS: 13 :: NT GOALS: 2 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 13 :: V&T GOALS: 6 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Akarenaa started out at the Eelandii Academy before signing a professional contract with Cednia Beach AFC during V-League 47. Akarenaa's time in the Vilitan League didn't last long, however, attracting international interest from Exton FC in Apox. After a few seasons in Apox, Akarenaa returned closer to home moving back to Atlantian Oceania to join Cosumarite club Real Azuris.

Nii'arala Milaaso [ - Eastal Lunar - ]
F C ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 40 :: NT GOALS: 21 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 20 :: V&T GOALS: 11 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Born in Vilita to a Turorian and a Starblaydi, Milaaso came through the Eastal Lunar Jr. Academy winning the Tropicorp Youth challenge with the Jr. Astronauts and was adjudged to have the 'DNA of Champions' based on their multi-cultural upbringing. Milaaso had a breakout season during Vilitan League 57 as the 18 year old netted 11 goals in all competitions and was widely regarded as the third best forward in the league behind National Team duo Sipke Tarala and Berali Tzufarei. Miilaaso made their international debut at the end of World Cup 79 qualifying against The Steel Coast, scoring late to net their first international tally on their debut. Was named Galacticos Youth Player of the Season at the age of 18.

Enzoril Alabonni [ - Marine Coast United - ]
D/F C ( AGE: 20 :: [ NT CAPS: 18 :: NT GOALS: 8 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 12 :: V&T GOALS: 3 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : World Cup 81 : World Cup 82 : ][ : AOCAF 56 : ]
A young prospect originally from Mavaloiao, Enzoril Alabonni moved with their family to the main Island to be trained by Marine Coast United at the Crosaibi Academy. The Mavaloier has height well above the others in their age group and as such often switches between a center-back role and a role as an aerial target in attack.

Nua'oma Aikiki [ - FC Almintora - ]
F C ( AGE: 18 :: [ NT CAPS: 16 :: NT GOALS: 4 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 1 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Brought up through the youth system at FC Almintora. Made their international debut on Matchday 3 of World Cup 82 Qualifying and then scored their first career international goal on Matchday five of World Cup 82 Qualifying against Cosenolta.

Mirana Gotuai [ - Iskara Daii (STR) - ]
F C ( AGE: 33 :: [ NT CAPS: 22 :: NT GOALS: 9 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 9 :: V&T GOALS: 2 ] )
TROPHIES :: [ : AOCAF 56 : ]
Originally of the Mist City Floatzels in the Sunrise Islands, Gotuai has become a world traveller spending time at Sardin United in Pasarga before completing the three-region trifecta and moving back to Alantian Oceania to play for Iskara Daii of Starblaydia.

Kala'a Yuliizala [ - Inland Peaks FC - ]
F C ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 0 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 3 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
A key member of the youth movement at Inland Peaks FC, Yuliizala’s early call up to the senior squad domestically attracted the attention of the Vilita and Turori coaching staff who called the Turorian striker into the AOCAF 57 squad.

Turakia Diijelhma [ - Owls Castle Academy - ]
F C ( AGE: 17 :: [ NT CAPS: 2 :: NT GOALS: 0 ] :: [ V&T CAPS: 0 :: V&T GOALS: 0 ] )
Diijelhma made their international debut on the multiverse’s biggest stage as a substitute in Turori’s 2-1 World Cup 81 Round of 16 knockout round victory over host nation Banija.


I Give My Opponent Permission To:	
Choose Scorers: Y
GodMod Goalscoring Events: Y

Injure Players: Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)
GodMod Injury Events Y (Limited to Duration of Competition)

Red Card Players: Y (TG After RP is Posted to Inform)
Yellow Card Players: Y
GodMod Other Events: Y


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Banija prepares for AOCAF LVIII with one goal in mind- Respect

Fans cheer on the Kadongo Kamu during a World Cup 82 match

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- The AOCAF regional championships are back upon us, and for the first time, they will be held (partially) on home soil. As we are sure almost every reader of this magazine is aware, this tournament is being co-hosted by the Kingdom of Banija and the Commonwealth of Baker Park, the first time, in the 58 editions of this historic and prestigious tournament, that the tournament is being co-hosted at all. And as fans from 32 different nations across Atlantian Oceania pour into Banija and Baker Park, to watch their teams compete for this trophy, it is worth it to consider the history of a nation like Banija, of a team like the Kadongo Kamu, at this tournament.

The first edition of this tournament that the Kadongo Kamu entered was AOCAF LV, held in the Equestrian States. Held after the World Cup 79 cycle, it featured a Banijan team that, after being stagnant in World Cup 76 and 77 Qualifying, that had a bit of a resurgence in World Cup 79 Qualifying, notching upset home victories over then 4th ranked Chromatika, and a highly ranked Eshan squad, before eventually succumbing to the fact, that, at the time, they simply weren’t talented enough to be going to a World Cup Finals. And after a disappointing Cup of Harmony, where an excited team finished in last place in its five team Cup of Harmony group with a game remaining, they came to AOCAF LV with hope, that simply making the knockout stages would be enough for them. A defeat of minnows was then followed by a walloping at the hands of Eshan, by a score of 5-1, before they had a winner take all game against the Sultanate of Oontaz in their final group stage match. Interestingly enough, that team is drawn into Banija’s group, once again, here in AOCAF LVIII. They won that game, 3-1, to make it to the Round of 16 to face the same team that they had just lost 5-1 against- their rivals, Eshan. And that is where the greatest moment in the history of Banijan football, to that date, anyways, happened. Coming up against a team where they had just lost, 5-1, where they were heavy underdogs, the Banijans did not simply buckle under. They did not play with fear. Playing without the weight of expectation, understanding that many would simply assume that they were happy to make the knockout stages at all in their first ever AOCAF (which they were), they played in what was the match of the tournament, as they went toe to toe and punch for punch with Eshan, taking a 4-4 draw into penalties, where the Banijans prevailed. The team that had embarrassed them at that tournament, a burgeoning rival, that had eliminated them in World Cup Qualifying for the previous World Cup- the victory was sweet. A quarterfinal appearance for a nation that had never even made the World Cup before was a shock result in and of itself, and it was quite a tournament.

Then, we must go to AOCAF LVI. The storyline here was much different- the Kadongo Kamu, while not quite reaching even dark horse status for the crown just yet, were much more well respected on the big stage. In World Cup 80 Qualifying, they earned 23 points out of a possible 27 in the second half of World Cup Qualifying to just barely qualify for the World Cup 80 Qualification playoffs, where they defeated Mercedini 5-3 on aggregate over the course of two legs to make the World Cup at all. But that was overshadowed by something much bigger- the Banijan v. Equestrian War. Coming off of that war, there was a huge amount of change being undertaken within Banija. But in the immediate aftermath of that war, the Banijans and Equestrians had a pair of chances to play each other in this sport, which would vault this rivalry into the stratosphere. The first, is during the midst of the war, the Banijans and the Equestrian States played each other in the opening match of World Cup 80. The tension, the electricity in Canterlot was something to behold. And then, shortly after the Banijan surrender, the soccer gods drew them together again. That’s right, in AOCAF LVI, they played in the same group, though it was a rubber match. While both teams won their first two games, including the Banijans notably defeating their next door neighbors, Geisenfred, the Banijans fell again to their archrivals, another loss in the one-sided history of this rivalry- the Kadongo Kamu are 0-5 all-time against the Ponies. A 3-2 win in the Round of 16 saw them granted a matchup with the buzzsaw of Vilita and Turori, to whom they fell, 3-1, in extra time. In hindsight, while the Banijans were heavy underdogs then anyways, that loss has looked even better with time. Vilita and Turori not only went on to win that tournament, but Vilita has gone on to win both World Cups since that game, and Turori was eliminated by Vilita in the first World Cup after that, and lost the final to Vilita in the second one. So that tournament is seen as the beginning of one of the best runs the sport has ever seen, so no shame, of course, for Banija losing to that buzzsaw of a team.

And then, to AOCAF LVII. The first regional championships Banija played in that was not in the Equestrian States, this time travelling to Mriin- the same nation that was the runner-ups of AOCAF LVI. In this group, as well, the Banijans finished second for the third straight tournament, and for the third straight tournament, they ended up in the Round of 16. And they were underdogs in the Round of 16, for a third consecutive time, as they were drawn to play against none other than Tropicorp, who had just come off of winning a group that contained Farfadillis, really the only team with enough talent to challenge Valanora’s hegemony as the best team in the Glorious Southwest. But, of course, they came against a more talented Cosumar squad, and the Azure Dragons, deservedly, knocked the Banijans out of the quarterfinals of the AOCAFs for the third consecutive tournament. Bryger Tidesson, the Cosumarite superstar, scored the game’s lone goal with just 15 minutes remaining, and Cosumar went on to win the whole tournament- the second straight time that the Banijans were eliminated in the quarterfinals by the eventual champions.

This run of quarterfinals is amazing, and shocking, in and of itself. All of those defeating better teams in the Round of 16, even though they’ve never won their group at this tournament, is part fortune, and part skill, and the Banijans should be proud of their accomplishments in this tournament so far. But, as always, you want more- you are in this sport to win silverware, and trophies, and as the saying goes, ‘if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best’. And this tournament, with this roster and on home soil, is quite the opportunity for Banija to take a step forward. “Like all nations, we want this team to be a perennial power in this sport.” Said Marcus Waters, the longtime Banijan manager. “But those kind of ambitions, to get the level of respect that nations like Cosumar, like Valanora, like Vilita get, that takes time, and consistency. We’ve had an incredible run of success in this tournament, making the quarterfinals in our first three appearances here. It isn’t easy to make a quarterfinal, and we can’t be thinking that far ahead. We have to take things one game at a time, and that means that we must focus on our opponents ahead of us, and strengthening the team, so that when the knockout stages do come, we would be ready.”

Banija’s first match at AOCAF LVIII is against none other than Iskandervale, at the Stadium of the Restoration- the same stadium, of course, that will host the AOCAF LVIII Final, as well as the Starblaydia v. Cosumar group stage match. It is an interesting group that the Banijans are drawn into. First, Iskandervale is a tough matchup for quite a few teams. Even though Iskandervale is not the most talented squad, what they do have is the ability to play tight defense, and counter quickly. While the Kadongo Kamu will certainly be favored, they will have to be wary. If they get lazy with passes in this match, then they can certainly be punished by the pair of strikers that Iskandervale have at the top. Indeed, Banija’s left back, Ensa Camara, is club teammates with Iskandervale #9 Kurtis Samarqand, as they both play for the Zakhoro Aces in Cosumar. Camara, more than anyone, knows what Samarqand is capable of, and this is a matchup that could cause some problems for the Banijans. The rest of the group, even if Banija is favored to win it, is interesting as well. The Banijans eliminated Oontaz in both AOCAF LV and AOCAF LVI, meaning that the Lions of Sand and Sea will be looking for revenge. What better form of revenge is there than beating the Kadongo Kamu on their own home soil? And lastly, Saint Emelie. While there’s no history there, Saint Emelie made the quarterfinals of AOCAF LVII, just like the Banijans- meaning that they’re very likely to be a tough out. This group will be an interesting test for the Banijans, and will be able to give them different sets of challenges. We'll see how the team responds to them at the Stadium of the Restoration, when they take on Iskandervale tomorrow night.
Reigning Bronze medalist of the WBC, IBCs, WLCs, and the World Cup. The Semifinal is where Banijan dreams go to die. Vice President of the World Baseball Council.
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8. World Baseball Classic 47. National Trophy Cabinet.
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The Pony Principality of Equestria
National Hoofball Team - AOCAF Cup 58 Roster

Quick Facts
AOCAF Ranking: 5th (25.57 pts.)
Style Modifier: -1.35
Nickname: The Ponies
All-Time Record: 319-117-92 (0-0-0 at AOCAF Cup 58)
Achievements: Champions (Runner Cup 3, Market Cup 5); Runners-up (Equestria Cup 2); Third Place (Equestria Cup 1, Market Cup 6); Semifinals (AOCAF Cup 57, Cup of Champions 4); Quarterfinals (World Cup 80, World Cup 81, Cup of Harmony 71, AOCAF Cup 55, VIII Olympiad Women, VIII Olympiad Men); Round of 16 (World Cup 67, World Cup 70, World Cup 72, World Cup 82, Cup of Harmony 51, Cup of Harmony 53, Cup of Harmony 60, AOCAF Cup 56); Qualified (World Cup 64, World Cup 65, World Cup 66, World Cup 71, World Cup 73, Cup of Harmony 52, Cup of Harmony 54, Cup of Harmony 55)


Home - Away - Reverse

The national team receives its kits from two different companies, though the design for each is the same. Kits for the humanoid players (see above) are provided by Kirola Sportswear of Audioslavia, while those for equine and other non-humanoid players are provided by Generosity Sporting Equipment. The Equestrian kits were designed to be simple and easy to identify, using the national colors of purple and orange.

Group D
#5 - Image Equestria (25.57 pts.)
#8 - Eshan (19.08 pts.)
#30 - Krytenia (3.71 pts.)
UR - Rabastorian Union (0.00 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group D
MD1: Equestria vs. Rabastorian Union at Venue (cap. 00,000) in City, BKP
MD2: Krytenia vs. Equestria at Venue (cap. 00,000) in City, BKP
MD3: Equestria vs. Eshan at Venue (cap. 00,000) in City, BKP


GK - #1 - Gentle Breeze (Pegasus - Female) - 31 y/o - Image AC Izotz Zubia (National League Division 1)
GK - #21 - Marilyn Peterson (Human - Female) - 27 y/o - Image Jhanna City (Liga Starblaydia)
GK - #24 - Silver Charm (Pegasus - Female) - 24 y/o - Image Zoloroni Metropolitan (Mercedinian Premier League)

LB - #12 - Brix Hamilton (Human - Female) - 31 y/o - Image Sabrefell Moths (NFA Premiership)
CB - #4 - Rumble (Pegasus - Male) - 25 y/o - Image Cloudsdale Flyers (UHA United League)
CB - #20 - Arctic Lily (Crystal Pony - Female) - 29 y/o - Image Ponyville United (UHA United League)
RB - #3 - Krysia Bailey (Human - Female) - 26 y/o - Image Avendia Leal (FARF Freitball Ligá)
CB - #8 - Andrea Molovi (Human - Female) - 34 y/o - Image Crisisbless (NFA Premiership)
RB - #14 - Sunlight (Unicorn - Female) - 27 y/o - Image Ponyville United (UHA United League)
LB - #23 - Nightshade (Bat Pony - Female) - 22 y/o - Image Oldem Knights (Apox National League)
CB - #56 - Ironhoof (Unicorn - Male) - 22 y/o - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League)

CM - #2 - Cloudchaser (Pegasus - Female) - 35 y/o - Image Mallox (FSF Härlighet Ligan)
CM - #25 - Aarón Aiza (Human - Male) - 29 y/o - Image Hondo FC (Vanorian Premiership)
LM - #16 - Luminesce (Unicorn - Female) - 23 y/o - Image Ramusok United (FSF Härlighet Ligan)
AM - #9 - Rainbow Blitz (Pegasus - Male) - 31 y/o - Image Makosile United (V-League Stellar Division)
RM - #5 - Apple Cobbler (Earth Pony - Female) - 25 y/o - Image Jungle Strike FC (V-League Stellar Division)
CM - #17 - Rosie Tyler (Human - Female) - 27 y/o - Image Herzegovina City FC (Banijan Soccer League)
LM - #11 - Krystal (Unicorn - Female) - 30 y/o - Image Crystopolis City (UHA United League)
CM - #46 - Sunny Day (Unicorn - Female) - 18 y/o - Image Canterlot Royals (UHA United League)
RM - #18 - Stardust (Pegasus - Female) - 30 y/o - Image Whitetail Foresters (UHA United League)

ST - #10 - Pristina Shine (Unicorn - Female) - 29 y/o - Image 1830 Cathair FC (National League Division 1)
ST - #7 - Rosewing (Pegasus - Female) - 27 y/o - Image Shamrock Cathair (National League Division 1)
ST - #26 - Decima (Sphinx - Female) - 23 y/o - Image Vidial Alchemists (MNL Premier Division)

Coaches & Staff
Manager - Image Pearly White (Earth Pony - Female) - 48
Appointed interim manager of the national team by the Hoofball Association following the resignation of Twilight Striker - the Ponies' long-time boss of some 12 World Cup campaigns - Pearly White secured the position on a permanent basis with a number of impressive performances against higher-ranked opposition in her first games at the helm, including a stunning upset of then-defending world champions Vilita in the 3rd Cup of Champions. Since then, Pearly White has done nothing to give her employers any doubts that she's the best pony for the job, leading Equestria on a Runner Cup title run without dropping a single point and reaching the 4th Cup of Champions semifinals before capping it all off with a second round appearance at the World Cup finals.

Assistant Manager - Image Dreamy Skies (Pegasus - Female) - 44
Not very long ago, Dreamy Skies was a rookie manager taking the reins of Second League club Whitetail Foresters. Her arrival had a near-instant impact on the club's fortunes as they were promoted to the United League the following season and now regularly contend for UICA berths, an incredible improvement in such a short period of time for a team once known largely for producing talent which was then poached by bigger clubs, at the Foresters' expense. When Pearly White first took charge of the Equestrian senior team, she managed to convince the HA that the still-young pegasus would be a strong addition to the Ponies' coaching staff, and thus far it has paid-off spectacularly. Players routinely praise Dreamy Skies for her enthusiastic optimism and superb work ethic which makes her a popular figure in the locker room and on the practice field.

Assistant Manager - Image Lunar Dusk (Bat Pony - Female) - 44
The newest addition to the national team staff is Lunar Dusk, somepony few Equestrian hoofball fans were aware of just a few years ago but is today one of the best-known coaching talents in the Pony Lands. Like Dreamy Skies, Lunar Dusk's managerial career started in the second tier with Crystal Fair HC, a previously unremarkable side from the Crystal Empire which she transformed into a legitimate force within a few seasons thanks to a focus on quickly developing the Grounders' budding young stars into hoofballers capable of hanging with the best. After shattering numerous Second League records and earning promotion, Crystal Fair survived a relegation battle in their first ever United League campaign, broke into the top half the following season, and last year defied all expectations to come within a tiebreaker playoff of ending Crystopolis City's previously unchallenged monopoly on the Crystal Empire's Champions' Cup berth. With Lunar Dusk's undeniable talent for inspiring young players alone makes her a valuable addition to the staff, but her brilliant tactical mind makes her appointment by Pearly White a no-brainer.

Goalkeeping Coach - Image Fire Blossom (Unicorn - Male) - 53
Responsible for training the Ponies' goalkeepers is Fire Blossom, whose exploits as a keeper in the old Equestrian Premier League earned him much respect amongst early Equestrian hoofball fans and eventually a job with the national team. Fire Blossom's prophetic praise of a teenage prospect named Gentle Breeze and his subsequent push for her initial selection to the senior team for World Cup 62 qualifying have since earned him a reputation as a natural judge of potential, not to mention a considerable amount of credit for Gentle Breeze's many successes.

Scout - Image Diamond Star (Unicorn - Female) - 51
Originally chief scout under Twilight Striker with the Canterlot Royals, Diamond Star was later hired for the national team by the Royals' and Ponies' manager to help identify young Equestrian players with international potential, and the unicorn scout did not fail in her task. Among the current national team stars first scouted by Diamond Star are Thunderlane, Cloudchaser, Rainbow Blitz, and Pristina Shine. Now the manager of Stalliongrad HC, Diamond Star has seen her national team role diminished, though she still provides valuable advice to Pearly White regarding her observations of potential internationals within the United League.

Scout - Image Golden Hooves (Earth Pony - Female) - 62
A veteran member of the Equestrian staff, Golden Hooves has been around the national team for what seems like forever, her longevity speaking to her performance as a reliable scout. While fellow Ponies scout Diamond Star's focus lies primarily upon United League players and her evaluation of their potential with regards to the senior team, Golden Hooves is responsible mostly for scouting Equestrians on foreign clubs and assessing the Ponies' opponents and how their players compare with those available to the Ponies.

Fitness Coach - Image Craig Jackson (Human - Male) - 51
Hired in the midst of the injury plague which characterized the Ponies' World Cup 63 qualifying campaign, Craig Jackson was the first human member of the Ponies' staff and has done well to keep Equestrian players' injuries minimal in the years since then. While fitness coaches generally don't get much respect or attention from the press, Jackson's gift for keeping players of various biologically-diverse species in near-perfect health throughout grueling tournament schedules which can push them above and beyond their limits is certainly nothing to be dismissed as trivial.

Team Strategy

Note: Players' names and numbers may not be updated, see roster for details.

The Ponies' most-used formation is the slightly modified 3-5-2, preferred by former manager Twilight Striker because of the strength and dominance of the Equestrian midfielders. Thanks to the versatility of the Equestrian States' players, the formation gives the Ponies the ability to shift quickly from the offense to the defense and vice-versa. More recently, however, the Equestrians have begun to shy away from the 3-5-2 in favor of the 4-2-3-1 in order to strengthen the back line and keep their opponents guessing. Aside from the formations themselves, the Equestrians have a number of definitive strengths and weaknesses.

First, the Ponies are among the world's fastest and most durable teams, using their natural advantages to tire out opponents. With those two traits as the defining characteristics of the Equestrian style of play, the squad excels at producing chances in the latter stages of the match. But while the attack dominates the second half, opposing squads have occasionally found success going all-out at the start of the match in an attempt to build an insurmountable lead.

Another area in which the Equestrian States has traditionally dominated is in the aerial battles for headers. While the Ponies are generally shorter than their opponents, the team is often credited with impressive leaping abilities (particularly among the pegasai players). Controlling headers makes the team lethal on corner kicks, and opponents looking to defeat the Equestrians must limit the number conceded to the Ponies or else face a barrage of dangerous short-range shots from the Ponies' attackers.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes - Only that the player was injured and how they were injured, I will determine actual severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same restrictions as above apply
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes - Limited to one per match, player info and species sections give hints on likely candidates
Godmod other events: Yes
Other Notes: Please feel free to contact me via TG or on the #nssport IRC or Discord channels if you have any questions regarding my RPs, requests for more information on Equestria, or requests for exemptions from my RP restrictions. I also strongly encourage my opponents to read through my roster's section on team strategy and the linked article on species to get a better idea of the team's strengths and weaknesses. Please note that Equestrian records do not officially include matches played from WCs 72-78, but achievements from that time period are included for the sake of completeness. Player statistics are updated through the conclusion of AOCAF Cup 56.
President of the NS World Cup Committee
83rd World Cup and 58th & 59th AOCAF Cup Champions
5x World Cup, 2x Cup of Harmony, 1x Baptism of Fire, 2x World Cup of Hockey, 3x World Baseball Classic, 1x World Bowl Host

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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:31 pm

Siovanija and Teusland National Football Team


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teus
FA: Siovanija and Teusland Football Association (STFA)
Colours: Blue and gold
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Capital City: Borograd
Other Major Cities: St. Jakob, Stelburg, Vlaikograd, Chernovets, Felsenkirchen
Highest Domestic League: Republikaliga
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +2.5

Coaching Staff

Manager: Gavin Hughes (APX)

A return to the AOCAF for Apoxian Gavin Hughes, who has been in charge ever since the Goldhorns’ first trip to Mriin in AOCAF 57, which saw the Goldhorns make a run to the Quarterfinals. Since then, a decent qualification campaign in World Cup 82 followed before a poor performance at the Cup of Harmony. Returning to the AOCAF, the Goldhorns are surely hoping to build off the successes of the previous campaign. Hughes is known as a thoughtful character who is incredibly analytical in his preparations for matchday, and his experience at the highest levels will surely be a major help to the Goldhorns. He will continue to use the 4-4-2 system with Siovanija and Teusland.

23-man Squad


GK -- Yanko ZHELYASKOV -- #1 -- 24y/o -- Ulsa Rovers (EUR) -- 13 caps, 4 clean sheets
GK -- Viktor VENEV -- #22 -- 35y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd -- 50 caps, 12 clean sheets
GK -- Anatoli SVETEIKOV -- #23 -- 27y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- 3 caps, 1 clean sheet

Yanko Zhelyaskov is officially handed the reigns here at the AOCAF, receiving the number 1 shirt. The young keeper has always performed well for the Goldhorns, and his chance has come. Viktor Venev is still in the squad and can be called upon as a reliable backup with 50 caps worth of experience, while Anatoli Sveteikov is also in the squad. Zhelyaskov is a solid shot stopper also noted for his distribution of the ball.

Left Back

LB -- Lyubomir DIMITROV -- #3 -- 27y/o -- FK Metropola Borograd -- 34 caps, 1 assist
LB -- Paul SCHORNER -- #13 -- 29y/o -- SW Stahlberg -- 6 caps, 1 assist

Lyubomir Dimitrov has been the established starter in this position for a while, and with Dietmar Kleinmann missing out due to injury, has a massive opportunity to further himself from the trailing pack here. Paul Schorner will be trying to force his way into the national setup permanently, and had a solid season for Stahlberg, but Dimitrov is the man who will be counted on for the Goldhorns. Dimitrov’s ability to get forward and put in solid crosses has been his best asset for the team.

Centre Back

CB -- Raphael KLOPFER -- #4 -- 29y/o -- 1912 Stelburg -- 78 caps, 2 goals, 3 assists
CB -- Karl-Heinz JAGER -- #5 -- 20y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 20 caps, 3 goals, 1 assist
CB -- Erich THIERSE -- #14 -- 26y/o -- FC Rotmunde 1932 -- 13 caps
CB -- Kasper MARTZ -- #15 -- 20y/o -- TSV Marzig -- Uncapped

The duo of Klopfer-Jager has been perhaps the most consistent in the history of this national team, and of course they will return here at the AOCAF. Klopfer has been the rock of the backline throughout his international career, with 78 caps to his name. His leadership skills have also earned him the captain’s armband for this tournament. Beside him, Jager has been one of the hottest prospects in national football for years now, and is perhaps the best ball-playing centre back in the domestic league. Jager has an extremely bright future, as does new boy Kasper Martz. The Marzig defender played with Jager at the Di Bradini Cup, and he is expected to play a massive role in the future of the national team, so why not bring him along? He will likely earn his first cap here. Then, of course, there’s Erich Thierse, who has always been reliable in his appearances for the national team.

Right Back

RB -- Lutz DASCHNER -- #2 -- 33y/o -- 1912 Stelburg -- 65 caps, 2 assists
RB -- Thorsten HELMKE -- #12 -- 28y/o -- FC Felsenkirchen 1879 -- 29 caps, 3 assists

Lutz Daschner is another one of those names that has always been there for the Goldhorns, and will be for as long as possible. How long that will be, however, is in question, as he has always relied on great pace as part of his game. Now that he is getting older and slowing down, he is needing to adapt his game. Behind him, Thorsten Helmke is always a reliable more defensive option. Not selected to this squad, Luka Ambroz of Metropola Borograd appears to be the future of the right back spot for the Goldhorns.

Centre Midfield

CM -- Vladimir KOSTOV -- #6 -- 34y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- 51 caps, 2 goals, 4 assists
CM -- Thorsten KRAMER -- #8 -- 24y/o -- 1830 Cathair (AUD) -- 78 caps, 14 goals, 32 assists
CM -- Viktor DIMITROV -- #10 -- 29y/o -- Energija Chernovets -- 71 caps, 5 goals, 37 assists
CM -- Kurt WITZEL -- #20 -- 21y/o -- TSV Marzig -- 8 caps, 3 goals, 3 assists
CM -- Dennis BROTZMANN -- #16 -- 30y/o -- Herzegovina City FC (BNJ) -- 40 caps, 1 goal, 2 assists

The engine room of the national team, the midfield position. Thorsten Kramer has been a force here throughout his career, sitting on 78 caps and has scored 14 times for his country. he dynamic midfielder is a creative playmaker who has great skill on the ball. Usually beside him is Viktor Dimitrov, who sits a little higher up than his counterpart and is a creative source in the team. Vladimir Kostov is a strong midfield anchor who is utilized to help protect the ball, while Kurt Witzel has been earning praise for his national team performances to date and is seen as a footballer of Dimitrov’s mold. Dennis Brotzmann is here as well, he has always been in and around the squad and is viewed as a very reliable option.

Left Wing

LW -- Paulus LEISTNER -- #11 -- 31y/o -- Letson Town (ETH) -- 54 caps, 5 goals, 12 assists
LW -- Mario KOGLER -- #21 -- 24y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 2 caps

Paulus Leistner retains his hold on the starting spot on the left wing, fresh off a move to Letson Town. He has been a performer under pressure for the Goldhorns throughout his career, 4 of his 5 goals being either the winning goal or saving a tie. He’s got a strong resume at the international level, and will be relied on here. Mario Kogler is a smart, speedy winger who has been great for Teussen, and is hoping to continue that strong form in the national side.

Right Wing

RW -- Ivo ROMANOV -- #7 -- 29y/o -- Rozelle (BRE) -- 73 caps, 25 goals, 17 assists
RW -- Leo HEIDEN -- #17 -- 25y/o -- FC St. Jakob -- 13 caps, 2 assists

Ivo Romanov is the obvious star here, his move to Rozelle proving fruitful so far. He’s added a Campionato Esportivano di Campeones trophy to his collection, with a goal and assist in the final match, and is hoping to build on that success with the national team. He was one of a few good performers at the Cup of Harmony. Leo Heiden has been itching for a chance in the national team for a long time, and is unlikely to see consistent time with Romanov in front of him. He’ll take what he can get, however, and is hoping to make a mark here.

Centre Forward

CF -- Michael RIBBECK -- #9 -- 23y/o -- SW Stahlberg -- 33 caps, 24 goals, 1 assist
CF -- Krasimir KYNEV -- #18 -- 26y/o -- Olympia Borograd -- 41 caps, 19 goals
CF -- Ludwig REICHWEIN -- #19 -- 26y/o -- FC Teussen Stelburg -- 8 caps, 4 goals

There’s plenty of options here for Gavin Hughes, and each of these forwards will want to stake their claim to a starting spot. Krasimir Kynev and Michael Ribbeck are the usual duo, have had a decent chemistry so far. Michael Ribbeck broke out as a star at the last AOCAF, with 5 goals through the 5 games in that tournament, while Kynev added 2 of his own. Both are Republikaliga champions, and Ribbeck won the Golden Boot last season with 30 goals, Kynev having 28. Ludwig Reichwein recently moved to FC Teussen Stelburg and is hoping that he can get a fresh start in the national team, with 4 goals to his name so far and hoping to add to that total here. Miro Dinev skips this tournament as part of his expected retirement from international football, he will return however for a testimonial match before World Cup 83 qualifiers begin.

Set Pieces
Left Corners: Lyubomir Dimitrov
Right Corners: Ivo Romanov
Free Kicks: Thorsten Kramer, Viktor Dimitrov, Ivo Romanov
Penalties: Krasimir Kynev, Michael Ribbeck, Ivo Romanov, Thorsten Kramer, Viktor Dimitrov

Raphael Klopfer is the captain, with Lutz Daschner and Thorsten Kramer as vice captains.


Siovanija and Teusland will continue to use their current kits for the AOCAF tournament, although new kits are reportedly in the works from Starblaydi design company ediraf. The crest, circular, features an edelweiss in the middle with blue and gold colour around it. The home kit is coloured mainly gold, with blue highlights. In addition, a blue stripe is in the middle of the kit, with the crest inside. Gold shorts and blue socks round out the home design. The away kit is coloured mainly blue, with gold highlights and a gold stripe. Blue shorts and gold socks complete the design. The blue and gold here come from the flag of the country. The goalkeeper kit, not pictured, is fully green. Green was both the colour of the House of Stajovic, Siovanija’s old imperial family, and the colour of the uniforms of many Knights from Teusland during several historical conflicts.

Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, I determine length/severity
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out Red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod Other Events: No

Group and Schedule

The Goldhorns have been drawn into the Banijan half of the group draw, with the tournament being split between Banija and the Commonwealth of Baker Park. That means a short flight over the Vestsee for the Goldhorns, who return to Banija for a major tournament for the first time since the Baptism of Fire all those years ago. Ironically, it was the co-hosts Baker Park who eliminated the Goldhorns from that tournament. The Goldhorns find themselves in Group F, alongside defending champions Valanora, the Euran Oceanian Territories and debutant Sticiano.

Matchday 1: Valanora vs Siovanija and Teusland, @ Kabonero III Field, Istria, Banija
Matchday 2: Sticiano vs Siovanija and Teusland, @ Star Field, Herzegovina City, Banija
Matchday 3: Siovanija and Teusland vs E.O.T @ BCEL Stadium, Jinja, Banija

There’s history in all of these matches. Last AOCAF, Siovanija and Teusland squared off with Southwestern neighbours Valanora in the Quarterfinal round. A brave Goldhorns side fought hard but fell to the eventual champion in a 1-0 contest. The Goldhorns will be keen to turn things around this time around, but will of course face a massive challenge. This way, the Goldhorns get what would seem to be the hardest match out of the way first. Next up are Sticiano, newcomers to the tournament. The match will be played at Star Field in Herzegovina City. The stadium is home to local football club Herzegovina City FC, who have won 5 league titles in recent years - Dennis Brotzmann being a part of 2 of those. Brotzmann could bring some knowledge of the field to the team. Then, perhaps it’s already there: Star Field is actually the field the Goldhorns have played on most outside their borders, having played their 4 times during the Baptism of Fire. The Goldhorns were 2-1-1 in those matches. On the final day, Siovanija and Teusland takes on the Euran Oceanian Territories. Now, the E.O.T are ranked lower than the Goldhorns, but that hasn’t mattered much in the past: The E.O.T defeated Siovanija and Teusland twice in World Cup 82 qualifying, both times by a 3-2 score. With a final-day clash that could be the difference for both teams in terms of qualification, it’s certain the Goldhorns will be looking to make amends for the past.

Our journalists are on the ground at the team’s training camp in Banija, and we’ll have full coverage of AOCAF 58.
The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland

Capital: Borograd -- Population: 74,245,000 -- Languages: Siovanijan, Teus

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Postby Equestrian States » Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:45 pm

Cloudchaser to retire from international play after AOCAF Cup

by Steve McNotapony

SOMEWHERE, Baker Park - Longtime Ponies captain Cloudchaser formally announced her intention to retire from international hoofball at the Equestrian national team's pre-AOCAF press conference, confirming rumors that have built in frequency and veracity around the veteran midfielder over the past several months.

Cloudchaser made her debut for the Ponies at age 20 against Khytenna in a friendly prior to the World Cup 60 qualifying campaign, notching an assist in the Equestrians' 6-1 victory. The pegasus quickly established herself as a regular starter under then-manager Twilight Striker, and was crucial to the Ponies' first successful qualifying campaign several years later at World Cup 64. Cloudchaser was appointed captain of the Equestria national team following the retirement of Fire Dash before World Cup 70, and has worn the captain's band ever since.

Over the course of her career, Cloudchaser has made a record-shattering 322 appearances for the Ponies, notching 133 assists and scoring 76 goals for Equestria.

Cloudchaser also confirmed at the press conference that, while she is retiring from international play, she intends to see out the remainder of her contract with Mallox in the Härlighet Ligan before making a final decision on her career as a professional hoofballer. It is likely that Cloudchaser will not be the only longtime member of the Ponies donning the purple and orange for the final time here at the 58th AOCAF Cup: 34 year-old veteran defender Andrea Molovi is also expected to retire from the national team following the tournament's conclusion.
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95X AOCAF 58 Roster

Postby 95X » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:18 pm

95X National Team Roster
Winners of AOCAF 22 and 47

In 95X, AOCAF 58 takes place in 95X Year 80, one year after World Cup 82.

Formation: 4-3-3

Style: 0

Key: D-Defender, F-Forward, K-Keeper, M-Midfielder, U-Utility

##   P Name                        M/F Age Club
0 K Lauren Hills F 20 Black Hawks NFX
2 MF Diego Dodongo M 22 Black Hawks NFX
3 RF Sydney Hardin F 19 Transit Authiority SC
5 LM Kaylee Moody F 21
20 RM Eric Adelphia M 19 Black Hawks NFX
30 D Talon Claw M 19 Black Hawks NFX
32 D Jay Hooper M 21
41 D Chaya Concord-Fourteenth F 32 Pacific City SC
42 D Rhiannon Concord-Fourteenth F 32 Pacific City SC
50 LF Micah Morrison M 30 X SC
70 CM Alix Ajax X 24 X SC

50 02 03
05 70 20
30 41 42 32

4 D Samantha Fourfortyfour F 33 University City SC
9 D Houston Nineteenth M 32 Transit Authority SC
13 F Kamran Johnston M 19 Transit Authiority SC
14 F Akshay Venezia M 23
15 F Carlton Eightyseven M 22
17 CF Reynaldo Mallard M 31 Cactus SC
19 U Zedex Sinclair X 20 Black Hawks NFX
21 K Joe Conklin M 24 SC Cascadia
22 M Becky Catron F 20
25 K Jabari Robertson M 31 University City SC
27 M Kimberly Dlihc F 24 SC Cascadia
29 D Sophie Riverforest F 30 Twentytwo Cacti
62 M Lynsey Borland F 32 Transit Authority SC
71 D Savannah Onethirtysix F 24 SC Cascadia
72 D Ebony Deerview F 24 SC Cascadia
Head Coach: Katelynn State, 48

Rest of the Sideline staff exists; named as needed.

New minimalistic uniforms for this tournament;
One of four solid colors; blue, green, magenta, or yellow; "Ninetyfive X" written in black diagonally on the upper left of the shirt and upper left of the rear shorts. Number on the front of the shirt in black.

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP injuries: N
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most other events: Y
Nation not my RL views, etc.
Poe's Law. Nonpartisan, except:
Jay Inslee for WA Governor
Carolyn Long for WA-3
Atlantian Oceania. The Place.
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Postby Mriin » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:28 pm

Mrii National Team

For competition in the 58th AOCAF
Right: An artist's rendition of Solara Vol, star Mrii striker (in her Sabrefell Moths duds).
Style: 4-3-3, +1.5
Nickname: the Reavers

Note that most players (and the majority of Mrii) are satyrs, as pictured, though with a variety of skins tones--mostly in various shades of blue, purple, and red. They're on average very tall, along the lines of human professional basketball players, and specialize in aerial play thanks to the elevated header control courtesy of their horns. Their stature also lends itself to a fast and aggressive attacking game, leveraging long strides, high stamina, and imposing presence to pressure and wear down the opposition. While there are certain Mrii who show a phenomenal amount of dexterity on the ball, they're generally the strikers; small, quick humans that can "get under" Mrii backs have been a problem spot for the team, as well as a generally weaker grasp of the defensive game.


M - - F - 49 - Tailtiu Brennan- Image
AS - 11 - M - 39 - Joren Kreuger - Image Vidial Alchemists

Typical XI
GK - 1 - F - 32 - Mara Solaani - Image Kingsgrove
LB - 2 - F - 27 - Pia Levaani - Image Rozelle
CB - 14 - M - 28 - Maas Halder - Image AFC Hosingr
CB - 4 - F - 32 - Reina Kress - Image Marque
RB - 16 - F - 24 - Karii Bruun - Image Crisisbless United
LM - 6 - F - 37 - Malia Polandre - Image Vidial Alchemists <Set Pieces>
CM - 7 - F - 28 - Malia Yonen - Image Cranequin Wanderers
RM - 8 - F - 26 - Tia Mor - Image Easthold Royals
ST - 9 - M - 33 - Aldo Vocani - Image Barbury Town
ST - 10 - F - 34 - Solara Vol - Image Sabrefell Moths <Captain, Penalties>
ST - 0 - F - 30 - Portia Taani - Image Cranequin Wanderers

GK - 12 - F - 35 - Zilia Hawsorn - Image Maal Angels
GK - 23 - F - 28 - Kaara Iarrow - Image Chafford
LB - 13 - M - 29 - Meryn Valent - Image Maal Angels
CB - 3 - M - 36 - Geraard Tavol - Image Bruul Skewers
CB - 15 - F - 32 - Kalia Tolsii - Image Harbor
RB - 5 - M - ?? - Wehi’katal - Image Westhold Royals (note: is a dryad)
LM - 17 - M - 24 - Varyn Acerii - Image Crystal Fair HC
CM - 18 - F - 32 - Revan Mor - Image Maal Angels
RM - 19 - F - 36 - Hilda Iarrow - Image Whitetail Foresters
ST - 20 - M - 30 - Lasser Rei - Image Dynapolis United
ST - 21 - M - 33 - Jorm Vahn - Image Southern Star
ST - 22 - F - 25 - Mako Silanii - Image FC Samotath
ST - 11 - F - ?? - Tali’raia - Image Eastweald (note: is a dryad)

Positional Breakdown
It’s fair to say Mara’s got a firm hold on the starting gig. Despite Zilia’s utter domination of the MNL, one has to think being named to the A-League Team of the Year is a stronger look. The NT momentum also feels like it’s in Mara’s favor, but we all know how fickle that can be. In the third slot Kostin Bermat decided to hang up his international boots, to borrow a human phrase, and make way for the unheralded Kaara, who’s been making a better name of herself in Brenecia than she ever did in Bruul. Even if her club is a bit naff.

The back situation for the Reavers is always sticky and this cycle is no different. Finding the correct balance between threatening ball-handlers like Reina and hatcheteers like Maas to Stitch Together what can plausible be called “a defense.” Karii has been a "promising talent" for what feels like forever, but it's important to remember she's still only 24--and it's not like there's any better options at rightback.

A surprising youth option has cropped up as Veryn split time winning the United League, but on short notice he’ll mostly be along for the ride to see if he can acclimate to the squad. While she's likely nearing the end of her leash, Malia Polandre will keep plugging along as long as the team lets her, providing what creativity she can to a fast a direct formation. Malia Yonen is quickly settling into her role as the new midfield bruiser, but she manages to bring some silk along with the steel and provide another solid front-to-back link. Tia is the classic link-up with Pia and a constant thorn in the side of whoever she sets her sights on. Hilda manages to hang on in the reverses for the situations where someone absolutely, positively needs to get merced while Revan Mor finally gets a call-up after years of solid but unspectacular play on an excellent Angels squad. A minute-eater that specializes in stifling the game with a lead.

The Mrii bread and butter, and by far the most competitive position. Solara’s a lock, no questions. Her ability to flip seamlessly between straining any defense to holding up play for ages to making opportunities appear at random is the hallmark of the Reavers. Aldo has made a very strong case as a lock as well, through his years of consistent contribution and continual ripping up of the ANL. A solid poacher with a great sense of “right place right time” can get a lot done. Tali’raia’s spot is a bit more tenuous as the talent levels even out--though her unique brand subtle technical play is often a refreshing change of pace to the other two running defenders over. Jorm is still in good standing with Don despite being rather quiet the last few cycles--he’s best described as the backup Solara, with a chunk less magic but a bit better ability to get stuck in (without drawing ref ire, at least). Lasser and Mako both fill the sort of quick, hard-hitting supersub role and are probably the most direct competition to see who gets booted out of the final squad. Finally, but certainly not least, is Portia. The former Alchemist who walked over the MNL and still didn’t get a call-up has finally forced the issue by taking the Nepharim First Division Iron Fist; with the juicy prospect of linking up to recent teammate Yonen in the cards, it’s possible that she’ll crack the first eleven in the near future (or even right now!).

Kits fabulously provided by Aer!
Home / Away / Keeper

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes (minor, out-for-the-game max)
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby Saltstead » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:38 pm

Style modifier: 0 :shock:
RP permissions: Your RP permissions are mine, short of death and career-ending injuries. If I can send off your players, you can send off mine. If your players can’t be booked, neither can mine. If I can rain a hail of meteors down on the city, so can you. Just make it funny/entertaining, if you don’t mind. ;)

Note: Saltsteadish surnames follow RL Netherlands Dutch conventions on surname prefixes: they aren’t capitalised when used in combination with first names or initials, but are capitalised in all other situations. For example, “Carle de Marħt” is correct, while “Carle De Marħt” is not; however, when the given name is not used, “De Marħt” is proper, while “de Marħt” is not.

Country code: SAL
Nickname: The Stallions
National Anthem: Risen from Ruins

Competitive statistics
First international:
Saltstead 0–2 Loynn (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 matchday 1)
First win: Finland 0–1 Saltstead (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 matchday 2)
First loss: Saltstead 0–2 Loynn (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 matchday 1)
First draw: Saltstead 4–4 Acapais (Bellator, DRK; BoF 65 semifinal)
Biggest win: Saltstead 6–1 Frejo (Port Michael, SAL; WCQ 78 matchday 5)
Biggest loss: Saltstead 0–4 Starblaydia (Maneapolis, EQS; AOCAF LVI matchday 3)

The historic DNA of the Saltsteadish game has rested on a style best compared to a deadbolt, best described as a karela-esque style of patience and control. Great importance has been placed on midfielders to control possession and act as the first of two lines of defence, with attack limited to sporadic, opportunistic runs at moments of weakness. However, blending the Saltsteadish defensive tradition with a bolstered and emboldened attack to balance is the price (some) supporters are willing to pay to avenge a cycle which has left the historically pillarised realm united and bitter.

The shock appointment of a new Qusmi head coach has thrown the tried-and-possibly-true formula out the nearest window and into the wastelands of Kryosis. Remaining true to the defensive roots of the Saltsteadish game has often been a demand of the Saltsteadish faithful, but the former KF Qastyr head coach has made it their mission to temper those roots by coaxing out the best attacking talents that have up to hence remained buried in the rough of the Såutstedisħ Mästerheid and the Saltsteadish youth system.

Head coach:
Tlanx-Hulzk Hal [QUS]
Assistant coach: Johannes Simonssen
Medical lead: Konroud Abbetspoul

Starting Eleven
Goalkeeper №1 Robert-Jan van Daal (age 24; Königlik Veelheim)
Defender №2 Otto Frederickssen (age 28; Sant-Claudie)
Defender №3 Emmet le Duc (age 27; Ōtachi Audfort)
Defender №4 Maxime Crabshaas (age 24; Ōtachi Audfort)
Defender №5 Anne-Elisabeth Smid (age 30; Metropolitan Constabulary)
Midfielder №7 Ann-Claudie Uristssen (age 27; Königlik Veelheim)
Midfielder №8 Constantinė van Bleck (age 24; Cherrygrove City)
Midfielder №6 Ann-Marine Crabshaas (age 30; Sant-Claudie)
Midfielder №10 Zacharias van den Slåp (age 23; Cherrygrove City)
Midfielder №9 Natasħa Aħterop (age 24; SIS FC)
Forward №11 Haråud Haråudssen (age 23; SIS FC)

Goalkeeper №12Julian Lyksdal (age 35; Sant-Claudie)
Goalkeeper №13 Marianne Åudershof (age 21; Royal Michaeltown)
Defender №14 Richard Christophe (age 26; St George University)
Defender №15 Piėr Josefssen (age 19; Royal Michaeltown)
Defender №16 Forrest Lohengramms (age 25; Union Orange)
Defender №17 Catharine de Vriħt (age 23; Cherrygrove City)
Midfielder №19 Nicholas Tiberius (age 19; FC Heilig Krösch)
Midfielder №20 Benjamin Sħåul (age 20; Grandstrasse)
Midfielder №18 Thomas Lions (age 22; St George University)
Midfielder №22 Adelaide de Jong (age 24; Union Orange)
Midfielder №21 Wilheum Amistad (age 18; Metropolitan Constabulary)
Forward №23 Tamara Addens (age 22; FC Vengelo)
Forward №24 Reinhard Åubreħtssen (age 20; Ōtachi Audfort)

Most likely to …:
Maxime Crabshaas
Be fouled: Zacharias van den Slåp
Be subbed out: Anne-Elisabeth Smid
Be subbed in: Catharine de Vriħt
Shoot: Haråud Haråudssen
Score from close range: Haråud Haråudssen
Score from long range: Zacharias van den Slåp
Attempt the spectacular: Natasħa Aħterop
Player roles:
Ann-Marine Crabshaas
Vice-captain: Emmet le Duc
Second vice-captain: Otto Frederickssen
Left corners: Ann-Claudie Uristssen
Right corners: Ann-Claudie Uristssen
Direct free kicks: Ann-Claudie Uristssen
Indirect free kicks: Ann-Claudie Uristssen
Penalties: Haråud Haråudssen

Formation: (4-2-3-1)

Home: Red-and-black-hooped shirt with black shorts and socks
Away: White-and-green-hooped shirt with green shorts and socks
Goalkeeper: All gold
Courtesy of: No Nonsense Sportswear
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:26 pm

Welcome to the Opening Ceremonies of the 58th AOCAF, co-hosted by Banija and Baker Park!

On the video board, a rotating video representation of the logos of both this tournament & the AOCAF are then dissolved into the flags of the two hosts, which morph into a CGI animated falcon, which then takes flight, giving a birds eye view of various landmarks, scenes of fields, forests, hills, neat subdivisions of houses from all across Baker Park. Finally as the video bird approaches the animated Keller Field, the scene cuts to a live shot where an actual falcon swoops in to land on its trainer's arm.

And now please turn you attention to the field, as the Contemporary Dance Company of Baker Park will incorporate modern dance & traditional folk dances of the peoples who first settled the country.

The dancers perform for approximately 6 minutes, combining polka, waltzes, reels, jigs and other old world folk dance into a modern interpretation.

And now let us pay tribute to our co-hosts, the Kingdom of Banija!

The falcon flies off and the animation of the video board shows it soaring over the oceans and the land masses, before finally reaching Banija, where the video bird repeats its travel around various sights and landmarks of the Kingdom, finally coming swooping in the Stadium of the Restoration.

The CDC will now perform a piece incorporating traditional Banijan folk dance.

The company go through the routine, which also lasts about 6 minutes

Both Baker Park & Banija proudly welcome all the participating nations to the competition and wish all players, coaches, staff and fans the very best of luck.

The video board shows a map of the region, and each participating nation is briefly highlighted, following which the flags of each country lift off the video map and fly towards their respective hosts.

Please the welcome the flags of all 32 countries who will play for the championship!

A parade of flags enters.

Please turn your attention to the field, where the Mansfield Children's Chorus will sing the official song of AOCAF 58, "Joining Together Across the Seas".

At the end of the song, the walk-on of the teams commences

Ladies & Gentlemen, please stand for the signing of the National Anthems. To perform the Busoga Islands anthem, please welcome million selling singing sensation, from Busoga, Emily Mngizomba!

To perform the national anthem of Baker Park, please welcome award winning Belle Haven Opera Company tenor Phillip Finnegan!

The captains meet at midfield for the coin flip, Busoga in all white, Baker Park in their new black and gold hooped shirts.

And the The Cutoff for Match Day 1 for the Banijan half (Groups E-H) is upon us!

Group E
Oontaz Dert Li Ng 1–0 St Emelie
Iskandervale 3–4 Banija

Group E Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Banija 1 1 0 0 4 3 +1 3
2 Oontaz Dert Li Ng 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Iskandervale 1 0 0 1 3 4 −1 0
4 St Emelie 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group F
Euran Oceania Terr. 2–0 Sticiano
Valanora 4–4 Siovanjia & Teusland

Group F Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Euran Oceania Terr. 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Siovanjia & Teusland 1 0 1 0 4 4 0 1
Valanora 1 0 1 0 4 4 0 1
4 Sticiano 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group G
Lochario 0–1 Tropicorp
Freeport Isles 1–5 Mriin

Group G Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Mriin 1 1 0 0 5 1 +4 3
2 Tropicorp 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Lochario 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Freeport Isles 1 0 0 1 1 5 −4 0

Group H
Anthor 0–1 Cosumar
Starblaydia 3–0 Aji No Moto

Group H Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Starblaydia 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
2 Cosumar 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Anthor 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Aji No Moto 1 0 0 1 0 3 −3 0

Apologies for the re-score. Operator error!
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Postby Saltstead » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:28 pm

The Royal House of Sport, Ashwell
31 March

“We have two options here: a political controversy or a sporting controversy” Christien summarised, “I know which I prefer.”

The debate had been fierce thus far, but boiled down to which of two coffins the Royal Saltsteadish Football Association wanted to drive a nail into: either the Stallions would have to risk alienating a substantial part of their fanbase or possibly surrender their tactical identity. Which would be the more bitter pill to swallow was now the question. If either was bitter at all, that is...

“But how do we know that Hal will spark a controversy?” Johan-Charles spouted without even taking a breath, “With John, we know he will provoke an outrage from half our supporters. At least we can justify Hal by saying we need to change our tactical profile.”

“But John can adapt to our team’s style” Nicholette responded, “He will bring change, just like we saw him do in Saint Anne, but it would be nowhere near as drastic or desperate.”

“And that is the other aspect I think we are missing,” Åron concurred, “If we hire a Qusmi, we come off as woefully desperate. The optics of taking a coach from the nation that beat us to the World Cup would be comic at best.”

“I would tell him to apply for the Omerica job” Nicholette replied in jest, “but last I checked, they are not hiring right now.”

“Do we even have to look abroad?” Aleksander asked, practically ignored by the other suits in the room. “I think we may have some managers that we could look to here at home, with the bonus that we would not have a controversy on our hands.”

No response.

“Well,” Åron spouted without even taking a breath, “I look at the language competency bit and it’s clear to me that John is better suited for the role. Hal does not speak a word of Saltsteadish and would probably mispronounce half the players’ names. John is at least conversational, which figures given his ancestry. And that is point two I give in his favour over Hal. The only benefit to Hal I can think of is their success in the league and in UICA.”

“Which John does not have anything close to comparable, if you ask me,” Johan-Charles retorted near-instantaneously, “If John can come back with back-to-back Omerican championships and a halfway decent UICA run, I am willing to listen, but until then, his ancestry does not mean anything to me.”

Aleksander finally snapped.

“I do not think we are going to find a consensus if we keep arguing over foreign coaches. Half of us are going to defend one person and half of us another. We have been going in a circle for more than an hour and it is getting ridiculous.”

He sat down, confident that his message was finally getting through. Saltstead did not need to resort to looking abroad for its new head coach. The perfect candidate for the job is lurking somewhere in the Kingdom.

“Very well,” Christien. “I think you are right. We are not getting anywhere.”

Perfect, Aleksander thought for a brief moment as he took a sip out of his glass of water.

“We will vote,” Christien stated matter-of-factly.

Aleksander spat the water in his mouth over his paper, ruining his notes and his copy of the agenda. Meanwhile the glass fell to the floor, by the grace of Violet not shattering into pieces.

“Are you okay, Aleksander?” Christien queried. “Is this not what you were saying we should do?”

“I am fine,” Aleksander answered as he attempted to dry his papers, shocked that the Vice-President had so completely missed the point. “We will have a vote on this.”

The Walland Daily Press
Northern Saltstead’s premier news source
VOL. 125 NO. 091
Proudly printed in Cherrygrove

Stallions in flux: Royal Saltsteadish Football Association hire Qusmi manager ahead of AOCAF
Former KF Qastyr boss Tlanx-Nulzk Hal will take up the Saltstead gig after a tense boardroom debate

Ashwell — The Saltsteadish national team will have a (relatively) more attack-oriented outlook thanks to the new head coach appointment announced today by the Royal Saltsteadish Football Association.

Gay Ware’s reign as Saltstead manager ended in humiliation after finishing a World Cup qualifying group outside the top two for the second-straight time. Ware was saved the first time by adminstrative blunders on the part of the Garifunya FA, but had no such luck in her second loss: the Qusma FA was on top of things and even if they hadn’t, Kavagrad would have slipped into the finals after leapfrogging Saltstead on the final day of qualifying.

Now the Stallions will be led by a coach from the nation that cost Saltstead a place in the finals: Tlanx-Nulzk Hal, former boss of Qusma giants KF Qastyr, was appointed after a tense behind-the-scenes debate. Though perceived to be out-of-touch with Saltstead’s traditional defensive style of play and looked wearily at for not knowing any Saltsteadish, but edged out an unnamed rival due to their accomplishments with Qastyr. Under the watch of the two-time Fuzpon Qusma Manager of the Season, the club won the Qusma championship three times and advanced to two Champions’ Cup quarterfinals, as well as racking up the two highest-scoring seasons in the history of the Qusma league.

Introducing the new head coach at the Royal House of Sport, KSFB spokesperson Johanne Castellan stated that “[​i​]t’s an honour to have as esteemed a coach of Hal with us. The perspective Hal brings with them is different to that which has historically ruled De Nationalėpark, but it is one that is most certainly welcome.”

“My Saltsteadish will need some work,” Tlanx-Nulzk stated jocularly to introduce themselves, “but I would like to start by saying danken, damen en hirren. Ik niėt sħå slatten van åvand de Såutstedisħ sprake.” [“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I will not slaughter the Saltsteadish language tonight.”]

“Personally, it is the honour of a lifetime to work with a team of the calibre and potential of Saltstead,” Hal continued. “The growing pains will be tough, but I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.”

The appointment has proven mildly controversial in Saltstead. On one hand are Saltsteadish purists who decry Tlanx-Nulzk’s focus on offensive play and lack of defensive credentials, nationalists who dislike the idea of bringing in a foreign head coach and sceptics wary of changing trajectory too quickly. “We have to maintain some kind of identity,” Jan-Martin van den Camp of Grekenport told the Daily Press. “Hal is undoubtedly a great coach, but they are not a coach who is compatible with Saltsteadish football.”

On the other are those who argue that the Stallions have advanced as far as they can possibly go on with defensive bent. “I like the style of play Hal brings to the table,” Hadrien Nilssen of Greenbeck stated. “Something has to change at De Nationalėpark or we will have to keep praying for miracles and flukes. We have to start thinking more about the attacking side of things and not just stubbornly stick to what has not been working.”

The early leaks indicate that Tlanx-Nulzk will take a younger, more experimental squad to AOCAF as a test. Most of the players who featured in the failed qualification campaign have either already retired from international football or are being sidelined by Tlanx-Nulzk as incompatible with their new, balanced approach. Only time will tell if the approach or Hal will stick. ❧
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Hosts: HWC 19
Winners: BoF 65
Vanquishers of: Drawkland’s perfect WC qualifying streak
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This space intentionally left
Königriħĕ Såutstedes Kingdom of Saltstead

Maybe the real World Cup title was the friends we made along the way.” – Qusmo, 2019 ❤

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Greater Spokane AOCAF 58 Roster

Postby Greater Spokane » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:04 pm


Standard 4-4-2 Formation
Style Modifier: 0

1 K Mike Sprague
2 D Chris Bridge
3 D Matt Mallon
4 D Jessica Cataldo
5 D Jacob Dean
6 M Emily Boone
7 M Nick Sharp
8 M Andrew Sinto
9 M Dan Maxwell
10 F Taylor Trent
11 F Joe Wellesley

12 K Brandon Spofford
13 K Ashley Augusta
14 D Emily Indiana
15 D Sarah Shannon
16 D David Knox
17 D James Mission
18 M Ryan Baldwin
19 M John Mansfield
20 M Megan Montgomery
21 M Zachary Carlisle
22 F Justin Perry
23 F Anthony Freya

RP Permissions
RP goal scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP yellow cards: Y
RP red cards: Y
RP my in-match substitutions: Y
RP injuries: N (Ask first; no tournament/career-ending injuries, no death.)
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod most other events: Y, except:
RP/Godmod things taking place in Greater Spokane: N
Sell the IC local or regional transit system to National City Lines: N (That already happened IRL. It didn't die.)
Hang out at The Plaza all day: well, you probably could, but I don't recommend it.
This nation brought to you by 95X, who might be the only person on NS who likes Spokane, Washington.
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Postby Banija » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:43 pm

Life's not fair... Is it, my little friend?

While some are born to feast... Others spend their lives in the dark.

Begging for scraps at the cutoff

Group A
Baker Park 2–0 Busoga Islands
Third Asopia 0–1 Ko-oren

Group A                 Pld  W  D  L    GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Baker Park 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Ko-oren 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Third Asopia 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Busoga Islands 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0

Group B
Saltstead 0–0 Greater Spokane
Farfadillis 1–0 Qasden

Group B                 Pld  W  D  L    GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Farfadillis 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
2 Greater Spokane 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
Saltstead 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
4 Qasden 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0

Group C
Audioslavia 2–4 95X
Geisenfred 0–1 Vilita & Turori

Group C                 Pld  W  D  L    GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 95X 1 1 0 0 4 2 +2 3
2 Vilita & Turori 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Geisenfred 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Audioslavia 1 0 0 1 2 4 −2 0

Group D
Krytenia 0–2 Eshan
Equestrian States 1–0 Rabastorian Union

Group D                 Pld  W  D  L    GF  GA  GD  Pts 
1 Eshan 1 1 0 0 2 0 +2 3
2 Equestrian States 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 3
3 Rabastorian Union 1 0 0 1 0 1 −1 0
4 Krytenia 1 0 0 1 0 2 −2 0
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