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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby South Covello » Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:58 pm

Goats' Rights Activists Arrive in Banija For Pro-Goat Protest

A group of goats' rights activists, calling themselves "Goats Are Friends, Not Food" have arrived in Banija and begun to protest their message on sidewalks and other public areas outside World Cup stadiums. Members are at every stadium in the country that is hosting matches to protest what they call the "barbaric" practice of eating goats, which is widely practiced in Banija.

The leader of the group, Lou Newis, was seen with about 75 other protesters outside Hangaza Unified Stadium before the Banija-Apox game, waving signs with smiling pictures of goats saying "Please Don't Eat Me" as well as the old classic "Goats Are Friends, Not Food." They even brought along three live goats (not from Goat Clippers) who were wearing signs that also said "Please Don't Eat Me" and bleating happily so the world would know they are lovely creatures. Similar protests occurred at other stadiums for Matchday 2 contests.

In a written statement, Lewis said on behalf of GAFNOF "Goats are some of the best animals in the Multiverse. We should make them our friends and let them eat all the grass they want, not eat them ourselves. How would you like it if a goat ate you? But they don't, they eat grass. And of course, goats are our friends because they eat grass, and other shrubbery that we need trimmed. They'll eat just about anything at all, except of course people because they aren't evil. All they ask in return is that you not eat them. That really isn't too much to ask. Seriously, instead of eating goat, have something else. We're not opposed to all meat eating, though that isn't to say none of our members are individually. But that is not a position our group holds, that meat eating is bad. If you want to eat a cheeseburger, or chicken nuggets, go ahead. Or just have an ice cream sundae. Because food isn't bad. Food is good. We like food. But goats are friends, not food. And you wouldn't eat your friend, would you? And how can you not be friends with something as adorable as a goat?'

Protesters were also seen interacting with spectators attending the matches and offeing to let them pet the goats in attendance if they took a solemn vow never to eat goat again. This was apparently quite popular among foreigners, most of whom never ate goat to begin with, but it appeared to be less popular among Banijans and other goat-eaters. GAFNOF did succeed in gathering numerous petition signatures to outlaw goat-eating in Banija, but most of those signatures appear to be foreign. It is unclear the exact national breakdown at this time, but we do believe most of the signers were not, in fact, Banijan.

GAFNOF plans to be at all Banijan matches for the duration of this tournament unless and until the Banijan government gives in to their demands and outlaws goat eating in the country. So far, Banija's government has not reacted to these pro-goat protests, but it is only a matter of time before they will be forced to.

Meanwhile, South Covellan Supporters again unveiled a pro-goat tifo before their match against Kita-Hinode, this one featuring a goat which is crying as it's being led to the slaughterhouse by a fan of the Banijan national team. However, that match, like all South Covello matches unless they make the third-place playoff, was held in the Free Republics, so most Banijans likely didn't see it. However, the Free Republics does have an election ongoing, and GAFNOF has called on the remaining candidates to make a pledge to put sanctions on Banija immediately upon election until they outlaw the barbaric practice of goat eating. Reportedly, they tried to submit a question to the recent Consul debate asking about this, but it was not selected by the moderator to be asked. That is just as well given the apparently bizarre nature of how the debate turned out. Nevertheless, the South Covellan comedy show Friday Night Live ran a sketch parodying the debate in which the question was asked, and a transcript can be found at the bottom of this article. Both the actual debate and the FNL sketch have gone viral in South Covello due to their ridiculous nature.

In the "debate", Scarlett Nicholls was portrayed by porn star Busty Daniels, who was wearing an incredibly skimpy outfit that left little to the imagination, Sebastian Trudeau was played by the host of this week's episode, Sarah Bouvier, who was wearing reverse drag in an apparent attempt to ridicule the sexist Trudeau by having a woman play him, Tsukihiko Fukuhara was portrayed by Mukato Numakashi, Julian Norberg was played by Alec Alexis, and the moderator was portrayed by Nick Kaine.

Transcript of Friday Night Live Republican Consul Debate Sketch

Moderator: Good evening, folks, and welcome to the debate for Consul of the Free Republics. Before we get into Q&A, each candidate will make an opening statement. We'll start with Juian Norberg.

Julian Norberg: Good evening, everybody.

Moderator: Thank you, Mister Norberg. Next we'll move on to Tsukihiko Fukuhara.

Tsukihiko Fukuhara: I -

Moderator: Thank you, now we'll move on to Scarlett Nicholls.

Scarlett Nicholls: Good evening Republica! If you vote for me, you'll get to see more of these! *removes skimpy shirt to presumably reveal her breasts, but they are censored on live TV. Those in the studio audience could see she was wearing a bra underneath* If you vote for me, we'll all have sex with whomever we want, all day! Isn't sex great? I think I'll have sex six times today, because six is only one letter off from sex, and it's also the number of Lucifer, who I love! So let's make sex super fun and fun and fun and time and time and sex and sex and sex and sex and also might I just say that Sebastian Trudeau is a sexist pig and just because sexist has the word "Sex" in it doesn't mean it's good, seriously SCREW YOU SEBASTIAN! *pause* Figuratively speaking, of course.

Moderator: Speaking of Mr. Trudeau, he's up next.

Sebastian Trudeau: Just what I'd expect from Scarlett the Harlot! Go back into the kitchen, Scarlett! Why don't you make me a sandwich, you harlot? Because that's what women are supposed to do. Make men sandwiches! Not have sex with six million men like you do!

Scarlett Nicholls: Hey, I've only had sex with one million men, not six million!

Sebastian Trudeau: You're not just a harlot, but a liar too!

Scarlett Nicholls: OK, two million.

Sebastian Trudeau: JEZEBEL!

Scarlett Nicholls: OK, ten million.

Sebastian Trudeau: My God, it's worse than I thought. You are going straight to the fires of infernus, Scarlett, and I may have one of my supporters express mail you there! Oops, did I say that out loud? You heard nothing, heathen!

Moderator: With that, we move on to our first question, coming from, um..... Some random group in South Covello called Goats Are Friends, Not Food. How did this get in there? Well, anyway, here's the question. "Currently, the nation of Banija is engaged in the barbaric practice of goat eating. As Consul, what would you do to stop this?"

Sebastian Trudeau: Goat beating? Why would you beat a goat? Why wouldn't you just beat your wife instead?

Moderator: Ummm, the question said "goat eating."

Sebastian Trudeau: Well, in that case Banija is clearly some backwater evil heathen land where women are men and men are women and goats are food and food is goats and sapient ponies do satanic things, but clearly we knew that already because the only good nation is the Free Republics, and thanks to Skanky Scarlett, we're not so good!

Scarlett Nicholls: FUCK YOU SEBASTIAN! *pause* Figuatively speaking.

Julian Norberg: May I say something?

Moderator: Fine.

Julian Norberg: I think that -

Moderator: Your time is up! Scarlett, would you like to respond?


Scarlett Nicholls: See what you'll be voting for if you elect this sexist pig? Now, as for the actual question, I think that goats are -


Scarlett Nicholls: I don't have sex with goats, I only have sex with people.

Sebastian Trudeau: So all people, not just men? You're bi? Damn it, Harlot, you're really going to hell, in just a few minutes. Oh crap, did I say that out loud?

Scarlett Nicholls: No, I'm not bi -

Sebastian Trudeau: Good, because those sexual deviants need to be jailed or executed, just like you, Scarlett! You'll get it real soon, oops, did I say that out loud?

Scarlett Nicholls: No, I think gay people deserve full equal rights.

Sebastian Trudeau: SO YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! PREPARE TO GO TO HELL RIGHT NOW! *checks watch* RIGHT NOW! *double checks watch* Ah, what time is it again?

Moderator: It is 8:30 PM.

Sebastian Trudeau: Damn it, this thing's 15 minutes fast.

Moderator: The question was on goat eating, we're getting very off topic.

Tsukuhiko Fukuhara: Well, if we look at other nations' practices -

Moderator: Thank you, very much Mr. Fukuhara, we'll move on to the next question and LIVE FROM SOUTH COVELLO, IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT!
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Postby Eura » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:53 pm

As soon as Peter Tarrant had scurried out of the Prime Minister’s residence with his tail between his legs, Yarley was already beginning her next move. Tarrant saying he’d been fired rather than making a resignation speech would be a problem she could worry about on another day. His successor as Foreign Secretary was already appointed by phone while Tarrant was being given his marching orders, a promising but loyal to a fault cabinet minister called Liam Bolton who had done a fine job at Intelligence for a number of years. Bolton’s loyalty and eagerness to impress in the dramatic new environment would be extremely useful in the coming days. His first duty was to explain Eura’s actions of the last day or so in a question and answers session for the press on the PM’s behalf. For example, why was Eura abruptly bombing a communist insurgency in north eastern Sameba that it had strangely left alone for years? He couldn’t admit Eura’s covert deal yet, so instead it was a good opportunity for Eura’s Liberal government to take a quick political win over the Euran left (and some of Eura’s international adversaries).

Prompted with this question by a mass of journalists, Bolton was confident and maybe even a bit cheerful in his reply. ‘Our military action against anti-democratic, violent far left groups in Sameba who threaten the advancing Euran forces is entirely consistent with our existing policies against such organisations. They pose an existential threat to democracy in Eura and abroad when left unchecked. Maybe if the Social Party wasn’t being taken over by people like this they wouldn’t be fifteen points behind us in the polls.’ The joke was forced but hit home. A good start. ‘In fact, we are looking into the growing demand for a Parliamentary inquiry into how that party’s leadership have become increasingly an d deeply associated with such groups. Can we be sure that we can trust them? That’s a question that needs answering.’ He was also challenged on the international angle of the change in policy towards the revolutionaries – how could Eura bomb both its own and foreign citizens of the “international brigades”. Like before Bolton had his answers ready to go. ‘Any Euran citizens fighting for these groups have long been charged in absentia with serious crimes. We encourage any citizens of countries like Electrum, Mytannion and Savojarna serving these groups to hand themselves over, or they will be treated as enemy combatants from now on.’

While the new man Bolton put on a show Yarley was writing her spin on the situation for a huge “long read” article to go into the Emplor the next day. Such a piece for any head of government in Eura normally has to be on a subject of grave national concern or a defining policy change; this newspaper would carry the story on the front page of its print edition and website, which would go out to every newsstand of every corner of every street in Eura, and the foreign news stands of all the major capital cities in the nearby regions. Or at least that was the original plan, until Yarley had a change of heart. She would still write the article to the same deadline with the help of her team. But it would be pre-empted by a public speech, in the open, in Bastion and set in the huge Castle Park of all places. This was unprecedented over the course of this bitter war where Sameban sponsored terrorist attacks were a real threat in the capital. She had realised that the fifth night of the Beranist Crisis was the night that the war would be won in theory and in the heart for most Eurans. Politically it would have been madness not to take advantage of the opportunity and to write herself into the history books. Wasn’t that what it was all about after all? For Yarley the only thing that came close to the importance of power was prestige.

The arrangements were made in spite of any security concerns and news spread quickly. Thousands of armed police descended upon the area to marshal the quickly developing crowd of the rally, public outpouring of emotion, whatever one could call such a thing. By the late evening (but conveniently before EBC Television ran its main evening news programme), Yarley was ready to appear after a brief warm up act by the former PM Michael Judge and the new Foreign Secretary. Even she was shocked to see that hundreds of thousands had gathered in the immediate area, probably millions in the huge boulevards stretching miles beyond. Details of the speech belong to the textbooks, the column inches and the video clips that would no doubt be played over and over for a very long time. But the key messages were absolutely crystal clear and simple. Gartanzo was definitely dead. Eura was on the brink of its “greatest victory”. An admission was made; Yarley accepted that full peace and stability in Sameba was probably years away. But the main conflict, dominated by a state versus state paradigm, had made way for a historic Euran triumph and the collapse of the fascistic Sameban Republic. The masses could begin to breathe and look forward to the future.

Buried in the subtext of the speech were a range of other signals and messages, some designed to sow discord among her opponents, some preparing key lines for her next election and so on. With regards to the Sameban political situation, the Euran audience were being told that this new Beranist faction could not be trusted to stick to a peace, and that the Loyalists were simply a continuation of Gartanzo and almost all war criminals. Both would have to be dealt with. There was, however, a clear message to another audience – the Sameban government and people. Eura’s demand remained unflinching and unchanged. Unconditional surrender or a continuation of the onslaught were the only options just as Michael Judge had decided years ago. The Euran Army would not stop or slow down and the strategic bombing would continue. The only question was, “how much are you willing to take?” If you asked different Sameban commanders they would likely give different answers. However the one that mattered was the tired and disillusioned General Calternan.

The rebel general now had his forces split between fighting the Eurans and fighting the Loyalists. Tactical inertia had overwhelmed him and trapped the forces of the Third Army outside Samebus, unable to defeat either enemy. The Beranist leadership had gone quiet due to an unexpected aerial attack leaving him without orders to take from above. A third of his army had become autonomous and turned back to fight a doomed counteroffensive against the Eurans. Complications like these forced a rethink from Calternan. Maybe it was Yarley’s speech (which was easily receivable to those with the know-how in Sameba) rather than just these numerous military setbacks that shifted his intentions once more. It could have even been nothing but pure hatred for what the Loyalists had done to the country, and a burning desire to end their national sabotage. By morning it was an academic debate to wonder which mattered the most to this old soldier. His mind was made up. Although it meant a humiliation for Calternan’s family name that his descendants wouldn’t live down for a thousand years he knew that the next step was the right one to take. Calternan and the Third Army approached Euran Army Centre and began the proceedings of surrender.


On the seventh day, Beranist Sameba surrendered and formal hostilities began to come to a close. And it was good. Many an individual who had seen their lives transformed by this awful war were given the answer to a question they’d be asked throughout their lives; where were you when it ended?

Not every conscript and auxiliary accepted this. There were mass suicides of officers and war criminals in waiting in some places. Last stands took place of both the valiant and pathetic varieties. Some units simply decided to keep fighting as normal. Most of the Beranist army held together and awaited orders from its leadership, but how long that would remain the case remained opened to question. They had fundamentally decided to hand the country over to the Eurans and many of the rank and file weren’t even sure if the Sameban Republican Army still existed in theory. Were they supposed to hand over their weapons or use them on their Loyalist compatriots? From Samebus the Loyalists predictably cried “betrayal” and furiously doubled down on their intention to fight to the end. Peace in Sameba would not come overnight, but there was no doubt anymore about the status of the main war. Eura had won. The Final Endemian War was at an end.

In Eura, there was nothing less than mass public celebration. The streets of every major city swelled with their inhabitants. All of the main political party leaders appeared at victory rallies. The stock market rallied and the Euran Pound surged upwards, though not quite back to pre-war value yet. Unfortunately there was predictable and unavoidable violence against Sameban heritage citizens, and a number of lone wolf attacks by the small numbers of remaining sleeper agents. It was both proof of the villainous and untrustworthy nature of Eura’s adversary, but also the flaws of its own society and a dangerously popular increase in anti-Sameban racism. While this was happening the combat hadn’t actually stopped of course. Euran’s were still fighting and dying. The difference was that they knew the end was in sight, which was an enormous morale boost.

International leaders responded with warm yet tentative congratulations, in the knowledge that the Euran state faced an immense task ahead in how to deal with Sameba now that it was on its knees. Eura’s allies in particular tried to strike this balance – its enemies remained noticeably silent, unable to mount a moral argument against Eura’s undeniably just war and fearing the prospect of the nation recovering its international confidence and then lashing out at them. International aid organisations welcomed the opportunity to finally access the Sameban warzone and help people. Yet the coverage of the humanitarian side of things by the international press was less positive. Sameba had been left in ruins by this conflict and with a population upward of five hundred million, there would be body bags to fill with the innocent in the days to come.

Multinational units forming small but vital and much appreciated segments of the Euran Army were relieved that they would soon be able to go home, or at least only have to put up with lower intensity fighting in future. Private military contractors licked their lips at the promise of lucrative post-war security contracts. Thousands of soldiers from Eura’s allies remained at the front but two, Amelia and Orson of the Nepharim Army, had long quit after their experiences in the “Big Bloody”. Instead they found themselves chinking glasses in an old pub in suburban Bastion. Well, whatever counted as a suburb in a place like that anyway. They were toasting a hard won victory, and some friends they had lost along the way. Amelia’s mother gave her a ring. She let it go to voicemail.

John Doyley joined a cabinet briefing grudgingly once more. He used to be much more committed to the job of Chairman of the Office of State Intelligence. The task of planning this grand finishing blow on Sameba had necessitated his presence, but it hadn’t been comfortable for him or the PM. Both of them remained raw from their bruising falling out and her inability to dismiss him as punishment. When it was over they spoke for a moment in hushed tones about what would happen next. It was agreed that he was indispensable, especially now. Nevertheless…he could have a month. John already knew what he was going to do. He gave his sister a call and started looking into tickets for a flight to Esca.

Back when the war started the Euran Army had suffered its most intense period of casualties proportionate to the amount of personnel involved in combat. Though the battles that began this savage conflict would never be forgotten they had been somewhat pushed to the side in the collective memory as the much happier days of victory beckoned. One group of Eurans who would never let that first phase go were the survivors of the legendary “lost platoon of the central sector” and it’s First Section. They had become a bit of a legend among the armed forces and media – a rag tag group of Euran infantry who survived the brutal initial assault in the border zone, hiked through burning heathland and hell on earth for months, and then mostly gone down shooting in a heroic suicide attack on an important Sameban mobile depot. Remarkably it wasn’t just a myth, but one of the most improbable true stories of the war, and one that made the entire squad, dead or alive, very famous.

From that group, Private Green had somehow been the one to keep fighting. He had been the least suited of them all for combat, constantly written off and belittled by his superior, only to learn much about himself and the reality of war once he was forced to fight one. His experience saw him decked in medals as a transformed man. Private Green rapidly became Corporal Green, Sergeant Green and so on. By war’s end he was a junior officer and a rising star. He would be one of the first boots to hit the ground in Samebus once the Loyalists and Beranists were done killing each other in a murderous three month civil war. Stein had the willpower but her injuries made it difficult to go back, and by the time she was physically ready she had decided to put herself behind a desk rather than a bunker.

By way of contrast the light hearted and indefatigable Bray had not recovered from his experiences in the opening months of the war. Despite offers of support from Green and Bray and a lengthy period of leave he had left the army a broken man. Drink and depression took him back to the hell he had so deservedly escaped alive, not in reality but within his mind and memories. His colleagues showed up for the funeral (he did not escape the hell) none the wiser to how he of all people had been the one to struggle the most.

The Platoon’s story had been told internationally by an award winning documentary. Kat and Monty – Sydicatians by birth but now Eurans in spirit – had pulled off one of the great television and journalistic achievements in the history of wartime reporting, embedded with the stranded unit throughout their ordeal. Vital footage taken of Sameban massacres against Euran civilians had caused international outrage and led to the two documentary makers being honoured by the Euran government. The tragedy of their story like so many others was always going to be somewhat focused on those who didn’t make it rather than just the troubled survivors. Even so they deliberately kept in touch with the surviving squad members and visited the cemetery markers for those who didn’t make it. Had it not been for them the two journalists would have surely perished. Telling the story of their saviours was only the bare minimum of what they owed to them.

Atop all of this human misery and more recently jubilation sat one undisputed winner on her blue and gold Liberal throne. Prime Minister Amy Yarley had defeated her enemies comprehensively, domestic and abroad, and now was in a position to cement herself as the Prime Minister to end all Prime Ministers.
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Postby Ethane » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:54 pm

The Viewfinder

Ethane and Eshan Announce Joint Citizenship Exchange Programme

To celebrate the coming together of the two countries in the World Cup and the strong bond between them, Ethane and Eshan have announced they will be setting up a joint citizenship-exchange programme together to bolster their economic, political, and cultural ties.

What is it?

The Joint Citizenship Exchange Programme is a programme set up between the governments of Ethane and Eshan designed to bolster ties between the countries. Not only does it allow for a greater number of student and cultural exchange programmes between the two countries, but it also makes it easier for citizens of either country to travel to and settle in the other countries participating in the programme. The programme also allows for a much faster application process to become citizens of another country that you move to, provided they are in the programme and don't exclude themselves from this clause.

Who can benefit?

The Joint Citizenship Exchange Programme is open to any citizen of either Ethane or Eshan. Residents in their own state can benefit from the cultural and student exchange programmes and any other agreements made within the programme, while residents who live in one state but are citizens in another that are a part of this programme can benefit from the faster citizenship application process. Citizens or residents of a state not part of the programme cannot benefit from it unless they naturalise to a member state of the programme, or the state they are citizens of joins the programme.

What is the student exchange programme?

The student exchange programme is a year-long scheme; different establishments organise how they run the exchanges in different ways. However, the most common ways in which the exchange is organised is that a student from one country can go stay in the other country and engage in educational activities there (eg internship, educational course), staying either independently, with other students, or with a family of the member state (recommended), or a student swaps with another student and they go stay with the other student's family for a year while engaging in educational activities. The programme facilitates this administratively but also provides finance on top of what you may already receive from your government to facilitate your studies and travels. The programme can sometimes last longer or shorter than a year, but a year is the most common period for the programme.

The exchange programme is available to students from the age of 13 (but restricted opportunities) up to the age of 60. Opportunities are restricted to those under the age of 18 due to safeguarding and protection legislation. A student is anyone in full or part-time education or completing an internship or other forms of training on a course that lasts at least 1 year.

What is the cultural exchange programme?

The cultural exchange programme is harder to define as there is no set formula for how it operates, the length of trips, or anything of that sort. But the programme generally involves cultural exchange trips between partner cities in each of the nations, so residents of one city would visit the partner city in the other country and then the reverse would happen; or cultural exchanges between families; or cultural trips open to citizens of that country visiting the other country, including special access to some sites and a meeting with the leader of both countries.

The programme is open to citizens of any country that are members of the programme, and they must be resident in the country of citizenship (so Ethani citizens must be resident in Ethane to participate in the programme) unless they have successfully completed and received joint-citizenship either through the programme or through family. Costs are subsidised by the programme to make it as accessible as possible.

What is the Joint-Citizenship Exchange Programme?

The Joint-Citizenship Exchange Programme is the name of the whole programme between the two states which includes the cultural and student exchanges, but it also is a different process in itself (which any new members can opt out of).

The programme makes the application for citizenship of a nation in the programme much easier for citizens of another nation in the programme. It does this by providing a 'fast-track' system for programme member applications, as well as providing joint-citizenship rather than exclusive citizenship of the other country in the name of cultural exchange. This is open to all citizens of a nation that has opted into this part of the programme trying to settle and become a citizen of another nation that has opted into this part of the programme.

When does this programme go into force?

The Programme begins as of the final whistle of the Ethane-Eshan football match in the group stages of the 81st World Cup.

Why are Ethane and Eshan doing this?

Ethane and Eshan are strong allies, with strong political, cultural, economic, and military ties. The nations want to further bolster their friendship by striking this agreement which will facilitate greater cooperation and exchange between the two of them.

The distinction between Ethane and Eshan is already hard. Won't this make it harder for other nations to distinguish between the two of them?

Probably, although it isn't harmful. We are strong allies and for other nations to confuse us because of this can only be a sign of how close we are. As long as they don't accidentally declare war against the wrong country, all will be fine.

Can other nations enter the Joint-Citizenship Exchange Programme?

The programme is open to other participating nations from all regions and places across the multiverse.

There are restrictions, however.

- Members cannot be in a state of violence or anarchy.
- To be approved, 2/3 of member states must vote to allow you to join the programme.
- Ethane and Eshan, as founding members, have a veto on new members to the programme.
- There is a restriction on the total number of members in the programme, although The Viewfinder was unable to find the details about this.

This isn't a comprehensive listing of the programme between Eshan and Ethane, as this information was only obtained from a leaked government document. If any details here are wrong, we are not responsible although we will issue corrections in our next edition.
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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:54 pm

Baker Park at the Final Hurdle
Frank Armitage
The Mail on Sunday Chief Soccer Writer

Reporting from Elephant, Horadote, FFR:

The Commonwealth National Team stand on the verge of another milestone to add to the history books as they prepare to face Cosumar with a spot in the knockout stage of the World Cup on the line.

The Vanquishers have been eliminated and will have only pride to play for, but another performance by Baker Park like either of their previous 2 matches will see them through regardless of the result of the Brenecia-Mriin game. A win by the holders will eliminate Mriin and a Mriin win will eliminate the Patriots if the difference is 2 goals or more.

For the second straight match, it was a goal from the substitute's bench that got the BP a result, with Annabeth Westmoreland's 73rd minute thunderbolt from 26 yards the winner. It will probably require a tally from someone in the starting XI to get the Commonwealth through to the last 16, and another performance from the defense equal to that turned in over the last 158 minutes of play.

Mollie Pelletier stopped all 7 shots on her goal against Mriin, and Susan Brown neutralized the Reavers' star forward Solara Vol to put Baker Park within 90 minutes of advancement, which would be an accomplishment worthy of the venue, the O'Reilly Coliseum of Greatness.

Mriin 0-1 Commonwealth
Pelletier; Brown, D Haller, Enzikomibo; N Haller, Villareal, DiPietro (Westmoreland 63'), Whitestone; Bozeman (Ohler 81'), Ashcroft, Thomas (Schmidt 74')
goal: Westmoreland—73'
yellow card: none
shots (on target): Mriin 11 (7), Commonwealth 8 (4)
corners: M 4, C 3


Most of the traveling party were energized following their witnessing the National Team's come from behind effort to earn a draw with Brenecia and as the flight headed for home, there was more of a buzz than normally would be the case.

There hadn't be time to discuss the meetings in Banija and the Busoga Islands on the flight to Republica, but the Prime Minister thought this was a good time to have a bit of a de-brief. She called the several opposition members of the Assembly who accompanied her into the middle compartment of the plane, where a small conference room was situated along with the other VIP amenities.

"First of all, I want to thank all of you helping make this trip a success. The Crown Prince was quite impressed that political opponents could join together in solidarity, something he said he couldn't imagine happening in the Kingdom. And I want to apologize for the circumstances involving the opening ceremony, but I'm sure you all understand that we needed to be on a tight schedule and so I hope this extra perk of our own World Cup match makes up for that."

Everyone around the table nodded and then Calvin Redfern, a Conservative back-bencher from a district in Midalia close to Schoenlien's own, spoke up. "Bec, I won't speak for everyone, but I am extremely pleased with the way everything worked out, and I appreciate that you included an all-party delegation for your first visit to Banija." Again the group nodded and made approving noises.

"Thank you Calvin, and since you have spoken up, could you give me your impressions on the diplomatic aspects of the trip? I want to hear from all of you your thoughts and your interactions with the people you spoke with."

Around the table they went, each summing up their experiences and opinions on the visit. When they were finished, she let them return to their seats in the front section of the plane.
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Postby Darmen » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:46 pm

Tor Tong Lee rushed aboard the plane, it began taxing towards the runway only moments later. This was a national emergency. A Valladar armored column was racing north along the coastal highway, its destination being Darmen's third largest city: Rogerton. Lee desperately needed to return to Darmen to direct the National Defense Forces' response.

Making his way to the cabin that was specifically designed for his use, Lee joined his Foreign Secretary, Donald O'Donahaue. O'Donahaue was finishing a telephone call to the National Defense Force General Headquarters, placing the phone back in its place just as the plane angled up for its takeoff.

"What's the situation? Give me a report," pleaded Lee, a look of uncertainty on his face.

"Well, it seems the National Intelligencery misidentified the armored column as Valladar. Turns out it was actually one of our own armored columns on a training exercise."

"How does an entire national intelligence agency misidentify an armored column?" asked Lee, shocked.

"Because I told them too," said O'Donahaue, leaning back in his chair.

"You... what... how... why... you... I don't... you wouldn't... why‽"

"I'm on to your schemes Lee. You'll do anything to wear that jersey and those boots and play football again with the All Greens. You didn't come to Banija to meet the Kabaka and the other dignitaries, to represent Darmen and support the All Greens as a fan. You came here to play for them. I'm beginning to wonder whether you even want to be President anymore. Planning to come out of retirement?"

"Of course not, the days when I could play games back to back is over. But I've still got enough to feature for a half every now and then when the All Greens need me..."

"Oh, please Lee, you'd find a way to get your starting spot back."

"I'm committed to being President of the Republic till the day I die, Lord willing, but why should that stop me from playing the game I love?" replied Lee, fuming in his seat. Deciding to turn the topic of conversation towards O'Donahaue, Lee accused him, "You lied to your President. Some might call that treason..."

"Oh please. I did Darmen a national service. We're going to lose the match no matter what. The All Greens will be lucky to even advance from the group. There's no sense in letting you make a fool of yourself trying to save them single handedly."

"The public loves it when I play," fired back Lee.

"The public loved it when you played. Twenty years ago. When you were good. Now, you're old, slow and useless in defense. I don't have the exact numbers, but the polls suggest you do best not to play again."

"Fine," whined Lee, folding his arms and looking out the window. Below, the Stadium of the Restoration looked like a small bowl filled with peas, the 90,000 plus fans bedecked in green, as the pilot flew past the stadium as if to torture Lee. The eleven All Greens, without the help of Lee, continued to struggle against the Kadongo Kamu.

O'Donahaue broke the momentary silence, "Speaking of making a fool of yourself; do you mind changing into something a bit more Presidential? You did bring a change of clothes with you right?"

"Er... no. No, just this," said Lee, pointing towards his jersey and shorts. "Should I have brought something else?"

O'Donahaue sighed and shook his head. "Yes, Mr. President."
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Postby Free Republics » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:52 pm

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Postby Saltstead » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:59 pm

A hotel outside Republica
Match day 2

Gay turned off the television in pure digust. Not only had Chromatika completely bent over backwards, but Rule Theriault was crossing a thousand different lines all at once. The crowd? They were pigs in shit the whole damn time.

Absolutely appalling. That grimy little chauvinistic cretin makes me sick to my stomach.

Calm down,” Nelis politely instructed. “Don’t let him work you up.

I almost feel insulted by his compliments. ‘We’ve shown a lot of heart to be here.’ Give me a break…

I guess you aren’t wrong.

You know, I don’t know what those arseholes at home are complaining about when they cry about ‘degenerates’, because this place is the most degenerate I’ve ever seen. And the gall Theriault has to call the Equestrians cheaters? Did he ever watch one of those North Gaza or whatever they're called players? Those are some cheats right there. I almost want to lose so we can get out of this godforsaken hellhole already.

Silence hit the room like a brick, interspersed only by a scream from outside. The Royal Saltsteadish Football Federation had made sure to book an entire hotel up and staff it with Saltsteadish armed guards: they were not going to take any chances here.

Listen,” Mikäelssen stated, “We have a golden opportunity here and I want us to take it. The Equestrians will take care of their own business, but I want to show Theriault up. I loathe him just as much as the next Saltsteader, after all.

That is true, but…

But,” interrupted Nelis, “when we were drawn against Drawkland, did we give up?


When we were in the middle of a riot, did we give up?


When we were lost to Chromatika, did we give up?


When we went down to the Equestrians, did we give up?

You have made your point,” Gay said with disdain on her tongue.

Then let's whip the Republicans into submission before someone gets killed here!

It’s probably too late, to be honest.

That is not the point, but I cede the point.

And because of the fact I never said I wanted to lose, I accept your point.

That’s the spirit,” Nelis said under a smattering of laughter.

The beginning of the end was just beginning.
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Postby Banija » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:05 pm

Kabaka - King
Luguba - Queen Consort
Sarauniya - Queen Mother
Isebantu - Crown Prince
Omugabe/Omugaba - Prince/Princess
Omulangira/Kyabazinga - Duke/Duchess
Kagere/Kiweewa - Lord/Lady
Katikkiro - Prime Minister
Waziri - Foreign Minister

This takes place at a meeting of the Banijan half of the World Cup 81 Host Committee

Isebantu Mwanga was sitting at the RBSA headquarters, as one of the members of the Host Committee. It was a prestigious committee to be on, with representatives of the Royal Family, the elected government, bishops, other powerful people in the sport, and other men. It was not a meeting of the full Banijan half of the committee, but select powerful members. Omugabe Basamula, RBSA Chairman Adama Sowe, Isebantu Mwanga, and Randolf Cherry, the Drawkian who was the Commissioner of the Banijan Soccer League. They were dealing with a certain controversy, with fans from South Covello.

Fans from South Covello had been protesting some Banijan custom. Now, of course, they had expected that there would be some protest against Banija's history, especially considering the recent crisis. But they had expected protests against Banijan polygamous practices, or religious practices, or Banija's gender segregation policies regarding professional sports- but not this. Fans from South Covello had been protesting Banija's dietary habits. Something that none of the three Banijans at the table took very kindly to.

"Mr. Chairman, if you pardon me, this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't hired those damn goats to eat the grass before every game." Said Omugabe Basamula at the beginning of the meeting. "What was the point of that? Do we not have landscapers? Goats aren't meant to graze grass, it is against God's law. Goats are just like cows, which are just like chickens, which are just like pigs- goats are made for one purpose, and one purpose only, and that is to provide food to God's greatest creation, man. They provide cheese and milk and dairy products as they live, and when they die, they serve as a brilliant source of protein. What is there to protest?"

"Now, of course, your Highness, do not question the move to hire the Goat Clippers." Said Adama Sowe. The RBSA Chairman and the World Cup 81 Host Committee Co-Chairman was always careful about how he talked to royals- he was highly regarded, but there was nothing that would ruin your legacy like pissing off a member of the Royal Family, especially one who was the second son of His Majesty himself. "It made too much sense. They're cheap, they're efficient, and they're effective. People like seeing goats in this format. They're a hit with our foreign visitors."

"Yes, but then why is it causing these problems? Have you seen what has been going on here, Mr. Chairman?" Omugabe Basamula replied. "People are protesting eating goat meat. That's my own personal favorite food. They're doing these protests in this country and they aren't even playing any games here? What's going on?"

"Calm down, your Highness." Replied the RBSA Chairman. "It's not a big deal- they'll do their protest, they'll get over it. It's our job to ensure the tournament runs as smoothly as possible."

"Mr. Chairman, let's go over what happened." Said Omugabe Basamula. "First, a tifo from South Covello fans, in their opening World Cup match in FFR- a tifo reading 'Goats Are Friends, Not Food!' These are a people that are clearly coming after Banija, and her customs. And then, these protesters came, to Banija, and spit in our faces! It's a travesty! It's a disgrace! They even brought three live goats, saying that they shouldn't be eaten. This protest, of course, happened in Aissa, before Banija's match with Apox. "

"Brother, calm down." Interjected Isebantu Mwanga. "These are protesters. Let them do their thing. It's not a big deal."

"But it is, your Highness!" Said Omugabe Basamula. "What makes us Banija is what makes us unique, what makes us different. Do you remember why we are hosting this tournament? It is expensive. But it is to repair Banija's image in the world, and showcase Banija's culture to the masses. You know what's not good? People coming in, and just protesting everything we do. THat means the billions of dollars that we've spent, the time and effort, will all be for naught. We must nip this in the bud."

"Guys, we need to calm down. There's no crisis here." Said Adama Sowe. "We have plenty of pressing topics- we need to move on. Nobody's gonna stop eating goat meat in this country because of a couple of South Covellan protesters. Don't worry, we'll be fine." The meeting continued, as they discussed transportation and security for teams that were in the country. But Omugabe Basamula was still angry. He was young, and he was rash.

Of course, an idea popped into his head. One that many would later decry as foolish, of course, but it was his turn to make an impact. As the younger brother, he would never be the Kabaka. His Father was old, his brother would ascend soon, and his brother also had a son to secure his succession- Omugabe Basamula knew that he would never be the Monarch. Screw it, he thought, why not? That'd show them, people like his brother Mwanga and Adama Sowe, that this issue was important, that it deserved to be addressed- and that addressing it head on was the best way to respond to this crisis.

The Banijan Post
Covering All of Banija, All of our News, All of the Time

Omugabe Basamula's controversial twii goes viral

BUSUKUMA, NATIONAL CAPITOL REGION- Omugabe Basamula, the second son of the Kabaka, has caused quite a stir at the World Cup Finals with a twii. Twii.tur, a social media network that is the official Messaging & Communications Partner of World Cup 81, is one of Atlantian Oceania's most popular media sites, and its growth has exploded, at least here in Banija, throughout the duration of the World Cup Finals. You can send out messages in 140 characters or less on twii.tur, and they are publicly viewable for anyone to see, and shown on the feed of those who follow that account. Of course, big names, like members of the Royal Family and famous athletes have quite a few followers.

There has been controversy in Banija following the South Covello protests against the Banijan practice of eating goat meat. There was a tifo shown at each of South Covello's first two group stage matches here at the World Cup Finals, saying that "Goats Are Friends, Not Food", among other messages opposing Banijans eating goat meat. And, of course, before the Banija v. Apox game in Aissa at the Hangaza Unified Stadium, there was around 75 protesters from South Covello opposing the practice of eating goat meat.

These protesters, of course, have not been well received in Banija. There is, of course, support from various vegetarian organizations in Banija, though those are very few and far between in this country, as meat products are Banija's largest export. But largely, there is opposition from many fans. "These South Covellans are crazy." Said one fan, who gave his us first name, Joseph. "They want us to stop eating goat meat? Why? It's delicious, and it's a farm animal. They should try it. They'd love it."

However, the controversy has been ratcheted up a level following a twii from Omugabe Basamula, Isebantu Mwanga's younger brother and the Kabaka's second son. He is, of course, third in line to the throne, after Isebantu Mwanga and his son. His twii was a picture of him eating a plate of goat meat, right outside the South Covellan embassy, with South Covello's flag clearly in the background, and the caption was "God's greatest meat for mankind- goat." His second twii, immediately following, said that "protesting Banija's food habits in our country is disrespectful- they should learn our culture and eat our food." The second twii was taken down about 15 minutes after it was sent out, but the first one still remains. It was a twii that went viral and exploded. It, of course, is seen as a direct shot at South Covello, considering the picture was taken in front of their embassy in Busukuma.

With the involvement of high ranking members of the Royal Family, now this is something that has the attention of many Banijans. Many politicians defended the young Omugabe's twii, saying that 'he has the right to express his own opinion'. Others criticized the move, saying that he risked creating an international incident. The Foreign Ministry declined to make a statement on the issue, further adding to the confusion and chaos generally around the developing diplomatic situation.

Will this be seen as a shot at South Covello, or simply at the protesters? How will they respond? A controversy that has a chance to overshadow Banija's efforts so far to host this tournament simply will not go away, and only seems to get bigger every day.
Kingdom of Banija(3rd world nation). RP Population: 87 million
Kabaka = King
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Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
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Postby Equestrian States » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:52 pm

A song by Equestrian ultra-nationalist pop rock band "Death to Humans" commemorating Equestria's victory in the "Busogan Crusade", set to the tune of "Africa".

I hear the artillery echoing tonight
But they hear only whistling before meeting oblivion
They're coming in, twelve o'clock
Our valiant warriors ushering them towards destruction
We found a small task force in our way
Hoping to stop us from bringing much-needed aid and weapons to the Busogans
Their resistance causing us to say, "We really ought to kill off Mutebi!"

It won't take a lot for us to force a coup
There's nothing that a hundred ponies or so couldn't do
I bless the troops over in Banija
Gotta take the time to wipe these inferiors off the map

Our thestral commandos cut through the night
As they find the scum, massacring entire companies
I know that we must use our might
As sure as Celestia's sun purges the land of impurities
I seek to cure our great region, soured by the taint of humankind

It won't take a lot for us to force a coup
There's nothing that a hundred ponies or so couldn't do
I bless the troops over in Banija
Gotta take the time to wipe these inferiors off the map

We really ought to kill off Mutebi!

It won't take a lot for us to force a coup
There's nothing that a hundred ponies or so couldn't do
I bless the troops over in Banija
I bless the troops over in Banija
(I bless the troops)
I bless the troops over in Banija
(I bless the troops)
I bless the troops over in Banija
I bless the troops over in Banija
(Ah, gotta take the time)
Gotta take the time to wipe these inferiors off the map

OOC Note: Long story short: forums were glitching out, lost the original RP, had to come up with something quick-like. I'm so sorry.
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Postby Banija » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:09 pm

We go to Tunisia for today's cutoff. In the half I am scorinating, exactly zero teams, entering today, have punched their tickets to the KO stages. 8 will punch their tickets to the Round of 16 on this day, and earn the chance to compete in the knockout stages of the World Cup Finals. That would certainly the Time of Our Lives, is it not?

Today's cutoff, of course, is brought to you by Tropicorps Sport, the official match bull supplier of World Cup 81.
Kingdom of Banija(3rd world nation). RP Population: 87 million
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
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Postby Nephara » Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:54 am

Nephara 1 - 0 Turori
(4-2-3-1) 12 - Swoboda; 18 - Kielseng, 22 - Thorn, 6 - Steelhenge, 19 - Close (3 - Lohengrin 76'); 23 - Misidjan (vc), 8 - Klein; 13 - Saroszi, 21 - Gosforth (c, 14 - Moxham 67'), 11 - Strongbow (16 - Staunton 61'); 10 - Cathar
Goal: Saroszi 52'

Servet Misidjan weaved her way through the squad, metaphorically and now physically. She'd been a callow youth, and anything but as she'd aged, a forced extrovert with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. The kind of person who'd give midfield partner Klein a little slap on the rear as she passed - Klein, normally the cool, collected professional, squeaked - compliment Close on his shoes, reflect with Thorn and Strongbow on the relative ease of facing birds vs. bipeds. It calmed her down, it calmed the rest down, and had Misidjan been a somewhat better footballer she'd be captain material without a doubt. As it was, she'd still had the disconcerting experience of being thrown into the deep end at 22, quickly becoming a recognised starter and just as suddenly having that rug swept from under her feet by Monica Rowland, a better player she could bear no grudge against. Besides, Klein and Rowland just worked well together... in large part, Misidjan had to admit, because the dour double act didn't go around smacking one others' rears.
And then she got to Monako Saroszi, sitting on the bench, slowly bobbing their head to their headphones.
"Hey. Monako."
Bob. Bob. Bob.
"Mona- fuck it." Misidjan lifted up one of the headphones and was made to immediately regret it, club music pumping through it and flooding the dressing room, and she quickly slapped it back over Saroszi's ear.
Wearily, the Ulsa winger stared up at her. Painstakingly slowly, they turned off the sound. "Yes?"
"Just... you know." Misidjan smiled in what she figured was a disarming way. "Catching up. First World Cup game, right?"
Saroszi turned the music back on, leaned back, and closed their eyes.
They were strange like that, Misidjan figured. All you could do was shrug and move on.

It wasn't much of a first half to write home about, and for that Misidjan could claim credit. It wasn't that the sides were settling for a draw and mutual advancement, not by any means - that kind of attitude was anathema to the Nepharim, and in all honesty this was the same Turori (albeit one totally different and... fleshier, in personnel) that beat Nephara two years back, and were looking to do it again.
But the Cormorants were pretty content to hang back, absorb pressure, even without Monica Rowland (trying to avoid a second group-stage booking). Saroszi tested Disterfred from range; Iretziia tested Swoboda from range. Both goalkeepers were, unsurprisingly, equal to the task. More threateningly, Nevaeh Cathar found her way onto the end of a lethal low cross from Saroszi and with her first touch... sent it hurtling towards, approximately, the moon.
But things changed in the last five minutes. The Cormorants really started to build on their platform, to chalk up some genuine momentum. Misidjan, again, was at the crux of it - newly chatty off the pitch, but still an ocean of calm on it, clean tackles and clean passing and clean heels as she lifted the ball out from Nura'amura's feet and hustled past him, playing the ball across to Klein, who tensed, looked up, sized up her options and, with no pressure incoming... sent a ferocious drive hard and low. Disterfred dove valiantly, but not enough... as the ball caromed off the post. Laina-Sola was closest, but Cathar body-checked her in an effort to scuff the ball over the line. Which, sure, it got over the line. But the scores remained locked scoreless as they headed into the break.

Command and control, those were the watchwords, cliche as they were. Michael Brandon was generally pleased with what he'd seen, evidenced by him telling the lads "I'm pleased with what I saw," but was less pleased with the lack of goals, evidenced by him telling the lads, "I'm less than pleased with the lack of goals." Brandon's phrasing tended to be direct like that.
Anyway, it was something to work with, and Misidjan set contentedly about her task, and that task was mostly to keep star midfielder Koarena quiet.
Star midfielder Koarena didn't want to keep quiet, though. Star midfielder Koarena wanted to find a long ball from Edgeli, chest it down, turn Misidjan and lash a violent strike at goal that skimmed the top of the crossbar.
Brandon gave Misidjan a Look. As in; don't let that happen again.
To her credit, she didn't. More to her credit, she helped bring about the Cormorants' breakthrough, through something as innocuous as Kielseng's throw-in. She took that on the chest, turned to face no real pressure, sliding the ball to Klein, who kept passing it along to Close, shifting the Turori defence to the right. Close kept moving, running forward, forcing Loinara to chase... and then slipped the ball back to Klein, to Gosforth with his back to goal and Nura'amura breathing down his throat, and Misidjan ran into the space, obligingly took the ball back off Gosforth - actually nipping it from his feet as she ran by, looked up, saw Monako Saroszi running like hell down the right flank.
Breathed deep, let the ball stall and pulled back her boot at the impact, the feathery touch just enough to let Saroszi take it in stride, swoop past Edgeli and hammer the ball past a sprawling Disterfred with their left.
The match had been a fairly routine affair, and the rest of the game would bear that out. The better viewing was probably in the other match, where Nova Anglicana stunned Mercedini but couldn't overturn the GD deficit they needed to to get through. Here, well.. Disterfred made good saves from Cathar up close and Gosforth before distance, Moxham came on and did a rabona that went out for a throw-in, Koarena did get one more moment and slipped the substitute Gotuai through, but Swoboda flung himself at him and managed to parry the shot with a dragging boot. Fortunate, perhaps, a slim victory was about warranted.
The three points were good enough reward. But the part Misidjan took home?
"Hey, great finish, Monako," she told the goalscorer, slapping an arm around their shoulder.
And they smiled, tightly - they actually smiled.
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Postby Savojarna » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:43 am

The eSports tournament mentioned is hopefully going to happen - if you want a player or fan of your nation to be included, send me a TG! Scorination happens through xkoranate's football function, and there is no RP bonus or anything. All I'll do is give all the eSports-pros a high rank and the fans a low one. Your TG should include at the very least the gamer name and nation of your player, but of course you're free to include more info - the more I have, the more I'll try to mention when I RP the tournament!

Inside the NAK Andersson Fan Village

By Yuri Milkarainen

The Fan Villages set up by NAK Andersson throughout the World Cup lands proved to be great attractions loved by fans, and often provided great atmosphere so far. Tonight, for the second match of the Banijan National Team, I decided to visit the Fan Village in the capital of Busukuma. This is one of the biggest villages NAK Andersson had set up, and one of the most popular as many fans stay here for at least part of their stay. Of course, it is already packed with Banijan fans three hours before the kick-off, as you can spend all day sitting here and watching football. Upon entering, visitors pass a zone lined with stands, where Banijan souvenirs and World Cup memorabilia are offered. As this zone was rented out by NAK Andersson to local suppliers, it is a colourful world showcasing a Banijan market, selling all kinds of goods. Once we pass the entrance gate, to my left I see a big bar offering the products supplied by the official World Cup partners, but also more local food, which is where my company is immediately headed. I stroll further down towards the big screen, where the second half of Darmen vs. Pasarga airs. To the left, after the main bar, follows the small temporary sports shop, selling jerseys of all competing nations as well as the official match ball and further sportive accessories. In order to blend in, I help myself to one of the gorgeous Banijan kits, the main seller here in Busukuma.

Leaving again with my brand new football jersey, I reunite with my friends to check out the second main attraction besides the match. This is the NAK Andersson Media Lounge, right after the entrance, a big tent in which Savojarna displays its latest developments in electronic entertainment. In the Media Lounge, lines sometimes form along the five flatscreens where people can play the official World Cup 81 video game. I sit down together with my friend Petteri to settle an old dispute about who is the better virtual footballer. Fitting my new shirt, I play with the Banijan national team while Petteri, being the old provocateur he is, chooses the Equestrian States. It doesn't take long until local youth have assembled around us and cheer me, the obvious foreigner wearing their jersey and playing their team, on to beat their virtual rivals. Things go badly as Petteri makes his opening goal - of course with the famous Pristina Shine. My Banijans pick up the slack and before the break, a shot by Kahara hits the net. The second half sees some serious Finnish trash talk as we get increasingly frustrated with the referee and get swept up in the atmosphere of the fan village and the virtual rivalry unfolding on our screens. The kids around me scream along as my Toyuwa Okafor falls to the ground injured and the referee doesn't even blow his whistle. However, I do manage a goal and humiliate Petteri with my 2-1 victory over him, much to the entertainment of the kids.

Later on this week, the pros will take the five battle stations as NAK Andersson have chosen Busukuma to be a site of their eSports-tournament, in which people from all over the world can sign up to play against invited professional players. 32 random fans will be drawn to play on-stage in four tournaments, to be played on the stage in Busukuma, Moravica, New City and Baseton. On the day of the final, the two best players of each tournament travel to New City to compete against 24 invited pros for the World Cup. We sign up for the Busukuma stage of the tournament and hope to be drawn, but for now we move in line for the main attraction of the fan village. The Football Immersement Experience was set up to showcase Andersson's use of new technology and consists of a separate area within the media lounge. Using a camera system and sensors in the ground, the FIE gives you a VR goggle set to let you replay a scene of your choice that was relevant for World Cup history. For each team present in Banija and the Free Republics, one scene was chosen that gave them some success; and to celebrate their heritage, Andersson also put in a Savojar scene, Freya Sigurdsdottir's 2-1 against Eshan that allowed the Savojars to go to their first ever World Cup.

And this is the scene that I choose when it finally is my turn to try. Suddenly, I am standing on the pitch wearing a Savojar national team jersey, and an arrow shows me which way I should run. It feels awkward to run more or less in place so that I don't leave the camera's radius, but it works surprisingly well. Having been shown a video from the audience perspective before, I know what the system expects me to do - get in place, take the pass that Jarkasjärvi will give me, and score. I look to the left and see the ball approaching, trying to stop it with Sigurdsdottir's chest. Suddenly I see a defender in front of me, being too late for the turn I am supposed to do. My virtual self somehow stumbles past the defender, but my shot attempt lands far beyond the goal - to the amusement of people around me, who can see both myself and my virtual effort on a split screen. Petteri tries the Brenecian scenario, the winning goal of the last World Cup, but to my relief he looks just as bad at it as I do.

Having tried out own hand at this, we now march outside to watch the game. In the back, there is no cover or seats, meaning that people have to hope it won't rain. In the front, however, there is a large white sunscreen above our heads protecting us from the setting Banijan sun (or any surprising rain), and rows of seats. We are quick enough to nab one of them, and can watch the game in comfort as the Banijans take on Apox. The atmosphere around us is amazing, as you could expect from a nation like Banija that hosts the World Cup - we have seen before, especially in Savojarna at the WCoH 34, how excited the people here can get. As the match ends and Banija win the game to qualify for the World Cup octofinals early on, the fan zone almost explodes. As after every match day, local DJ's take over the scene to celebrate with the winners and console the losers. It took us a long time until we ended up in, or on, our boda boda home, but once we do, we are exhausted and amazed. The NAK Andersson Fan Villages - we can recommend them!
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Postby Cassadaigua » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:55 am

It was the 77th minute, with the game tied at 2. Vilita and Cassadaigua had played an evenly matched game. The Jungle Cats had already secured their ticked to the round of 16, so perhaps the Fillies got a little fortunate to not see them be in the same mode of desperation, much like River Suzgar was in the Pencurve Electronics 500. At halftime, the two teams had gone into the locker all square at one, with Hannah Ranucci tying the game in the 35th minute. Ranucci scored her second on the match in the 59th, which again tied at the score. Now, Cassadaigua had the chance to take the lead. They had dominated the flow of play for the preceding ten minutes or so, and were poised to strike.

“Remember the Di Bradini Cup?” Lupe Enriquez said to forward Caitlyn Mayer. “You know they are expecting us to set up Hannah here. This is all you. Just like you did in the Di Bradini Cup.”

That was the defining moment of Caitlyn Mayer’s career. She was only a teenager then, and scouted to be one of the top goal scorers of the Cassadagan soccer draft. She was said to have a bright promising future, and Mayer knew it. All of that came with a big asterisk, which was pointed out by Enriquez prior to that fateful Di Bradini Cup 41 match. “Caitlyn is soft.” “Caitlyn does not pay the price.” “Caitlyn will be pushed around be defenders all night.” “Caitlyn is too afraid to break a nail to get involved in physical play.” Mayer never believed all that, because all throughout school and the youth programs she participated in, she was told never to do any of that stuff. Her job was to score goals, and score goals anyway. So she wanted to do that. Mayer couldn’t believe what the varying scouting reports were saying. For more substance if interested, check out this RP and this RPof the events.

Then, that day in the big Di Bradini 41 game. The opponent, Dainer, had done their homework on Mayer, and a young defender named Bravvo had his way with Mayer all game. Until the play in a situation much like this. Mayer would deliver the “accidental elbow” to the stomach of Bravvo, who would never expect it. It was executed flawlessly, and the game winning goal was scored. Since that play, Caitlyn has proven the critics wrong that she is unwilling to pay the price, but everyone still knows that her preference is to not get involved too much in physical play. That is what the Di Bradini Cup is all about: growing talent. Winning the Cup is nice, but the little things of turning talent into well-rounded players is more important.

Mayer looked back at Lupe and grinned as the memory of the Di Bradini Cup flashed back briefly. She nodded and winked. “41!” Enriquez shouted to Hannah Ranucci. The defense would have no way of knowing what that meant, and in fact, and did not mean much at all, it was more of a bait by Enriquez to think that Ranucci would still be targeted. Sierra Mattison, who would deliver the corner, was the one who really needed to hear the “41", and she would. The corner was delivered perfectly, and Mayer slammed her elbow in the abdomen of defender Kósa, who had owned her all game on plays like this. Not this time, as Kósa fell to the ground, Mayer had time for the leap, and would head the ball into the net to give the Fillies the 3-2 lead. Much like Bravvo did in the Di Bradini Cup, Kósa looked at the referee with his arms outstretched, clearly upset that there was not a foul called. “Unintentional!” the referee yelled at Kósa, “Good goal!” Mayer and Enriquez both knew that when you have the reputation of shying away from that stuff, no one will believe that you meant to do it.

3-2, Cassadaigua! The defense would hold, and amazingly, this team is heading to the round of 16. They will meet Ethane, who they played in qualifying of World Cup 79, and both would advance to the World Cup out of the qualifying group. The nations split the two games, with one win a piece. This could also be a matchup we see in a late round of the World Baseball Classic. Cassadaigua (20-4) and Ethane (19-5) are among the top five teams in the Classic right now.
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Postby Alasdair I Frosticus » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:29 pm

Dear World Cup 81 Hosts,

We would like to apologise on behalf of the Holy Empire Football Association for the events at last night's match between the Holy Empire and Barunia.

We would particularly like to send our condolences to the families of the referee, the assistant referees, the back-up referee, the back-up assistants, the back-ups back-ups, and the back-ups back-ups back-ups, and the back-ups back-ups back-ups back-ups.

We also like to send strong apologies to any children - and their parents - traumatised by what happened to the back-up referee. We quite agree that it is upsetting to families to see a grown man's head bodily removed by a single swipe of a paw, and then see a group of what the multiverse had been led to believe were cuddly, adorable, and mostly harmless bunnies tear open his stomach and feast as a ravening horde upon his still-pulsating entrails.

I mean, yowser! No wonder so many live feeds cut to a commercial at that point.

The other deaths were, thankfully, considerably cleaner; well, except for the back-up back-up back-up assistant - but the less said about that rather unfortunate moment, the better. Though we can assure you that it should prove easier to wipe brains off a crossbar than you might imagine.

We also realise that it is not wholly constructive - and hardly encourages strong international relations - that the Free Republics security forces were so intimidated by events on the pitch that they felt unable to intervene. No doubt you will, however, award posthumous medals for bravery to all of the selfless men and women who volunteered to enter the field of play as replacement referees after events took their rather bloody turn.

We have received the letter from the World Cup Committee banning the fluffy bunnies from future tournaments given what happened last night, and can assure you that we are taking this request seriously. We have also forwarded the letter to the Dread Lords Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, so that they are also aware of the WCC's request.

We would, however, like to acknowledge - in some form of mitigation - the forbearance of the bunnies in avoiding any direct physical attacks on the players or officials from Barunia, or indeed on the fans in attendance; their terrible vengeance was reserved for what I believe the team subsequently referred to as 'the meanest and stinkiest nasty referee men and women ever'.

Sincerely Yours

The Holy Empire Football Association
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Postby South Covello » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:22 pm

Goat Army Invads Banija!

No, it isn't an actual military, or is Banija actually under attack. But that was the statement put out by a group calling themselves the Goat Army earlier this afternoon. Several charter planes filled with 1,000 human protesters, 500 goats, and a handful of protesters of other sapient species landed in Banija and immediately took to the main streets of the capital in protest. As the crowd marched down the streets, with the humans chanting waving signs opposed to the practice of goat eating and the goats bleating and dancing and having a lot of fun, crowds of both Banijans and foreigners lined the streets to watch what was happening. Although the Goat Army claims to be an anonymous legion of goat allies, its apparent leader grabbed a megaphone in the middle of the road and started addressing the others assembled.

"Good afternoon, Banija! We have but one simple demand! Free the goats! Goats are friends, not food! We will not stop our protests until all goats are free from fear of becoming food! What do we want? Goat freedom! When do we want it? Now! Goats are friends, not food! Now, let us march to the palace! Prince Omugabe Basamula, prepare to meet the Goat Army!"

So the Goat Army, with its humans and its goats, marched as close to the palace as they could before encountering security, then stood there for hours chanting slogans about how goats should not be food and how they should be friends. "You can't hide in there forever, Princey Poo!" one protester shouted. "Baaaaa!" bleated a goat, adorably. "Don't eat our friends!" shouted another protester! "You're no better than the vicious fluffy bunnies!" shouted another. "Baaaa!" bleated another goat. :We will not leave until we get our goat rights!" shouted several protesters in unison. "WE WANT PRINCEY!" chanted one protester, and then some more joined in until all 1,000 protesters were chanting "WE WANT PRINCEY" over and over, so loud they could probably be heard inside the palace. If the prince was indeed inside, he could surely hear them, but if he was inside, he wasn't showing any sign of it.

Meanwhile, the goats were loving every minute of it. They were nibbling at the grass and at scraps of food on the ground. At one point, a Banijan citizen walking by threw a wrapper from a hot pretzel on the ground, presumably purchased from a street vendor, and one of the goats licked all the salt off before eating the wrapper itself. It was so adorable.

Then their anonymous leader spoke again, through a megaphone. "We will not leave here until the Prince comes out, apologizes for his evil, heinous crimes against goats, and pledges never to eat goat again! What he did was an insult to our great nation and to goats around the Multiverse! Prince Omugabe Basamula, we know you're in there, so come out and face us. Or are you too scared? Are you scared of a few goats? Is that why you have to eat them? There are more of us back in South Covello. More than you can ever know. And soon, they will be here in Banija as well. And you will be forced to face the facts - that goats are for playing with, petting, and watching them eat the grass and other stuff, not for eating yourself. Goats are some of the greatest creatures to roam this Earth, along with ferrets and llamas. But goats are number one. But none of those three animals should be eaten, because they are all so incredibly awesome and lovely. But thankfully, Banijans don't eat ferrets or llamas, so we don't need to protest that. But you do eat goats! But the goat eating must stop, and it must stop now, or we will not leave, ever! We will keep fighting for goats' rights for as long as it takes for the Banijans to see the error of their ways! You must ban goat eating, and enact a Goats' Bill of Rights! You must guarantee that every goat in Banija has the right not to be eaten, just as every man, woman, and child in Banija has the right not to be eaten! You wouldn't eat your friends, would you? Well goats are our friends, so don't eat them! We are the Goat Army, growing stronger by the day, and we will not be silenced! We will not be silenced! Say it with me!"

And the entire Goat Army joined in, shouting "WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!" while the goats bleated along with the shouting. By this point, the protesters had been outside the palace for half an hour, and nobody had come in or out. But the Goat Army had made it clear they would wait there as long as it took, and they intended to keep that committment, unless of course the Banijan authorities were to put a stop to it. The protesters truly believed in what they were fighting for and would lay down their lives to protect goats, but they would never put the goats in harm's way. Of course, depending on the circumstance that could work either way. If they thought surrendering peacefully to the authorities would put the goats in grave danger, they would not do so. But they didn't really want the police to be opening fire and risk shooting a goat either. But to date, no Banijan authorities had attempted to intervene, so this was all a moot point. Only time would tell if the Goat Army truly would make good on its threat of bringing in more and more protesters and goats until their demands were met. But one thing was for sure - the Battle of the Goats was going to continue to drag on for at least a little while longer.

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WC81 MD3 v. Cassadaigua | Jaffacake Farm

Postby Vilita » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:16 am



Unbeaten streak ends again in Confusing Fashion

Star Field, Herzegovina City, Moravica, Banija :: The Vilita National Team entered the sixth Cup of Champions on an 18 game unbeaten run after a near-perfect World Cup Qualifying campaign. When they were defeated by the host nation Free Republics in the tournaments opening game their unbeaten run in all competitions was reset back to zero. However, as the Cup of Champions is not an officially sanctioned event used in the computation of the World Cup Committees ranking process, the Jungle Cats unbeaten run in World Cup Committee sanctioned competition was still alive and well. it would continue that way for two matches in the World Cup 81 finals as wins over fellow Atlantian oceania nations Valanora and Qasden extended Vilita's World Cup Competition unbeaten run to twenty matches. With the win over Qasden, however, the Vilitan National Team secured progression through to the knockout rounds and even ensured themselves the top spot in Group D, meaning the Jungle Cats result in the third group stage match against Cassadaigua had absolutely no impact on the rest of their World Cup 81 campaign. There was no result that would change who their Round of 16 opponent would be and even the far-reaching impacts would only come into play if the Jungle Cats were to reach the Semi-Final round of competition.

The situation being as it was, the Vilitan National Team made some changes ahead of the matchday three clash and admittedly would have potentially been keeping a closer eye on proceedings in Group C where Sargossa and Farfadillis would do battle to see who would advance in the second slot in Group C to face the Jungle Cats in the Round of 16 than they would have been spending on preparing for the nearly meaningless match against two-time World Cup champion Cassadaigua.

In fact, the match would be so meaningless to the Vilitan National Team that not only would they end up losing the match by a 3-2 scoreline, but the deciding moment of the game would see a Farfadillian centre back on the field defending a late corner and exemplifying once more the weakness and lethargic play that knocked Farfadillis out of the World Cup to begin with.

For certain it was a very confusing match for all involved, from the players on the pitch to the stands in the fans and those listening around the multiverse. While it was quite confusing when it was all over with, the match actually started in fairly common fashion with the Vilita National Team getting out to a relatively early 1-0 advantage. One thing that wasn't typical about the start was where the production came from as it was Fishtii Blikala scoring their first goal of the entire World Cup 81 campaign - including qualification and the Finals - to start things off for the Jungle Cats.

Of course, Blikala got their chance as a result of wholesale changes made by the Vilitan coaching staff for the match which would see youngster Vernasa Sanamun get the nod to start their first ever World Cup Finals match in goal and a number of changes in the field including the inclusion of the Marine Coast United striker in the starting lineup for the first time since matchday five of the qualification campaign. Notably absent for the Jungle Cats would be the recent hot boot Berali Tzufarei who despite not having recorded a goal in the first two matchdays of the group stage, is considered the Vilita National Team's most potent goalscoring threat after averaging a goal per match through World Cup 81 Qualifying and the Cup of Champions.

Cassadaigua and Vilita would trade blows late in the opening forty five minutes as the Dagans believed they had snatched the equalizer just before half time - and they had through Shelby Martin, but the Jungle Cats responded quickly to take the momentum back at the stroke of half time as Eastal Lunar attacker and former Galacticos Young Player of the Season Nii'arala Milaaso put the Vilita National Team back in front 2-1 at the break.

While the Jungle Cats had the lead in the match, it wasn't as a result of total dominance in play rather just taking advantage of the opportunities afforded as the two goals were the only two shots that the Vilita National Team had thus far bothered Cassadaigua's Kristen Speller with. Due to the points scenario in Group D it was absolutely critical that the Fillies collect all three points from the match or else they would be eliminated and one of either Valanora or Qasden would advance depending on their result taking place simultaneously at the Kabonero III Field in Istria, Moravica.

The Cassadaiguans came out guns 'a blazin' in the second half and began peppering shots and dangerous balls through Vernasa Sanamun's penalty area. By the time the match had reached the hour mark it was all tied up again with a 2-2 scoreline. Still, it wasn't enough for the Cassadaiguans who needed a win or else they would be eliminated from the World Cup. That's when the confusion, and some would say the controversy, would begin - or at least become apparent to all those watching both in the arena and at home.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that the Farfadillis National Team made their home base for the World Cup 81 Finals in Moravica on account of having their opening matchday fixtures at the Kabonera III Field or perhaps there is some other equally preposterous explanation, but somehow Farfadillis defender Kósa Csizmazia Bajnok Adonys (Kósa) made it onto the pitch in a Vilitan kit for the final half hour of the match and no one from the Vilita National Team bench seemed to realize that it was not one of their own players out there. The tall centre back who plays for Crisisbliss in Cosumar, was likely either in disbelief that the dream of winning the World Cup for their country had ended yet again, or, possibly was just catching the match while they were still in town and the desire to play was just too great that they could no longer help themselves.

Whatever the reason, and regardless of whether or not Kósa should have been on the field at all, the defender had nothing but embarrassment to share after being the recipient of an elbow in the 77th minute that not only did not result in a foul against the apparent offending player, Caitlyn Mayer, but would ultimately lead to the game winning goal by Mayer off the corner kick delivered by Sierra Mattison. The Vilita National Team coaches knew the play wasn't reviewable but wouldn't even know if it could be protestable since the foul was committed on a player who wasn't even on their team. As a result of the uncertainty and the fact that the match meant nothing to the Vilita National team in terms of advancement to the knockout rounds, All parties on the pitch decided it wouldn't be worth the argument and the match was official, Cassadaigua were through to the Round of 16 following the victory where they would join the the Jungle Cats who remained atop Group D in spite of the days result.

FarfaVilis [2] - [3] Cassadaigua

:: FarfaVilis Goalscorers ::
:: 13' Fishtii Blikala
:: 45' Nii'arala Milaaso
:: FarfaVilis Statistics ::
:: Possession: 51%
:: Shots on Target: 4
:: Corner Kicks: 6
:: Cassadaigua Statistics ::
:: Possession: 49%
:: Shots on Target: 7
:: Corner Kicks: 8

Vilita Jungle Cats Lineup v. Cassadaigua ::
[GK] Vernasa Sanamun, [D.] Mileke Drokasorna, [D.] Linkat Cjinder, [D.] Arocki Tadalek, [ML] Limu Katarakhna, [MC] Westii Yahaya, [MC] Cavuna Aquafek, [MR] Purapal Eskiiy, [FC] Sipke Tarala, [FC] Nii'arala Milaaso, [FC] Fishtii Blikala
[FC] Berali Tzufarei, [FC] Tenziki Kulakao, [M] Polaox Torerun, [M] Jurzen Devmiko, [U ] Kwuimekii Hentetii, [D] Jirak Trikala, [GK] Mako Canopii

The defeat to Cassadaigua was certainly unexpected as they had struggled to win their opening matches and were all but set to fly back home following the match against Vilita. Instead, both teams will be packing for the Knockout rounds and the Jungle Cats will have the honor of playing the second placed team in Group C. Of course, that was one of the more entertaining duels of the group stage as Farfadillis and Sargossa tangled in a winner take all matchup with second place in Group C on the line. The Tridents of Sargossa would claim the honors knocking Farfadillis out of the World Cup and potentially saving the Jungle Cats from the embarrassment of crashing out to the Farfvattle one more time.

With the result the Jungle Cats will prepare to host Sargossa at the Wolf's Den in Busembe, the same venue with which the Vilita National Team opened up their World Cup 81 campaign and the same city where they had set up their mini camp prior to the start of the World Cup Finals. While the teams would be ready to play ant time, anywhere, Vilita and Sargossa would clash for the first time since the World Cup 79 Finals where the Sargossans provided the only source of three points for the Jungle Cats after the rest of the World Cup campaign had been and utter disappointment - also ending in a 2-3 defeat. The Sargossa match however was the finest example from recent times and also the most recent example of the Vilita National Team keeping a clean sheet in the World Cup finals.

The Jungle Cats haven't had trouble scoring goals throughout the World Cup 81 cycle still maintaining a two-goals-per-game average through the World Cup 81 Group Stage, but Vernasa Sanamun struggled to keep the ball out of the net when Cassadaigua were in position. While it is almost certain that Mako Canopii will return in net for the match against Sargossa, more changes may be needed defensively if the Jungle Cats are going to record a rare clean sheet in the World Cup 81 Knockout Rounds.


Tropicorps Shipping Bulls to Banija for World Cup 81

Tropicoast, Tropicorp, Atlantian Oceania :: Tropicorp and some of its major subcomponents such as Tropicorp Sports have become household names around the multiverse ever since they broke out of their locally focused mold and hit the internationstatal stage by becoming the official ball supplier at World Cup 68 with the Tcp-X1. Tropicorp Sports equipment would regularly be used in internationstatal competition for seasons to come but with minimal technological advances until the new generation Tcp-X2 was unveiled for World Cup 78. While the Tcp-X2 was one of the most technologically advanced balls to ever hit the pitch, many traditionalists wondered if it was a step too far and calls for a return to the 'Beautiful Game' were heard loud and clear by the engineers and scientists at Tropicorp who took note of all the features of the Tcp-X2 the caused controversy and all those that were either overlooked or accepted as a positive change, and quickly got to work on their next product. The Tcp-X1s, with a nod back to the origins of the Tcp-X line, were ready for production by the time World Cup 80 rolled around and the Ball performed its duties at the competition with the controversy about technology in the game replaced by other on-pitch scenarios like the effects of cocoa-doping on fluffy bunnies and whether or not it should be outlawed for future tournaments. As such, Tropicorp Sports would build on the legacy of success established by the Tcp-X1 in agreeing to provide the Tcp-X1s as the official match ball for World Cup 81.


While Tropicorp Sports may be the most well recognized arm of Tropicorp; there are many groups within the Tropicorp family that do not often get the multiverse-wide attention that some of their efforts might be deserving of. One such group is the so-called 'Tropicorps'. The Tropi-Corps (Tropicorps for short) are a volunteer driven program run by the quasi-governmental entity to help aid in providing social and economic development abroad through their assistance and expertise. One such growing field of support provided by the Tropicorps is in Agriculture where they have been able to offer assistance based on the first hand experiences of setting up the Tropicorp campus and eventually the city of Tropicoast in a unique environment, a mix of fertile and desolate where the Forest encroached upon the great Calanian Desert and the waves crashed into the shore of sandy beaches.

When it was announced that the 81st World Cup was heading to the Free Republics and Banija, it was only natural for the TropiCorps to wonder what help they could provide to the host nations - not only to offer their services in helping to prepare for one of the biggest events that those nations would ever play host to - but perhaps also with some consideration to the fact that a TropiCorps tour of service might also overlap with the World Cup itself, offering the volunteers with a chance to be in-country during the World Cup Finals and possibly find time to get to some games.

As the discussions progressed however a serious need was identified in Banija. With the need for additional milk production due to the expected influx of foreigners descending on the country, they needed more cows. To make more cows they needed more Bulls. Luckily, a TropiCorps volunteer who had recently returned from a tour in Audioslavia knew where to find some Bulls ready for mating. According to the Volunteer, many of the Bulls in Audioslavia actually had no testicles at all. However, either as a cause of this or to compensate for it, there was this one particular farm - the Jaffacake farm, that had Bulls with enormous testicles - the type of testicles that could be used on a slew of Banijan farms and may be able to single handedly solve the Banijan milk crisis.

While there was some concern that removing the large-testicled Bulls from the Jaffacake farm would leave the Audioslavians with only testicle-free Bulls - putting their own Agricultural industry into question, the smooth-talking TropiCorps volunteers assured the Audioslavians with fingers slyly crossed that it would be a worthy sacrifice to Margaret, and that the TropiCorps would come to their aid if a crisis arose.

With the Bulls secured, the TropiCorps informed the Banijans that they would be able to help. The Bulls would come in and get to work. To recognize the accomplishment, one Bull from each city would be denoted as the official Match Bull for that venue and would do a lap of the field before each World Cup Finals match as a celebration of the cooperation between the local Agricultural industry and the TropiCorps that allowed all the fans in attendance to drink their milk and enjoy their milk-based delectables.

While the TropiCorps have been providing their assistance and expertise around Atlantian Oceania for some time as an opportunity for Tropicorp Employees to Volunteer for a rotation to spend time abroad while continuing to practice and execute their trade in real world scenarios, World Cup 81 in Banija and the Free Republics marks the first time that the TropiCorps have engaged in outreach or the promotion of their cooperative assistance mission.

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Ch 17. Northport and San Baptiste
In the mid 16-th century, a Spanish ship, the San Juan Du Baptiste, was blown miles off course by a fierce storm, and attempting to land on an uncharted island, were shipwrecked off the coast of that island. Many people onboard survived, and settled in that new land, becoming the first people to inhabit Barunia. The island these first settlers arrived on was named after their stricken vessel, and soon shortened to San Baptiste. Today, the largest settlement on the island is Northport (known officially as Northport – San Baptiste), the capital of the Territory of the Northern Isles. Northport is the smallest of Barunia’s capitals, but one of the most beautiful. As the oldest inhabited island in the country, San Baptiste is a history buff’s dream. Spanish is the primary language of the Northern Isles, and while almost all Barunians are fluent in English, in the Northern Isles it is common to see signs only in Spanish, and to find that people converse more readily in Spanish then English.

Getting Around
To get to San Baptiste, you’ll need to travel across the water. Regular ferry services run between Northport Port Lincoln in Tildos. Less frequent services go to Edwardton and San Javier. A quicker but more expensive way to get there is by sea-plane. These services can be found across Barunia, but the main ports for flights to Northport are at Delmars, Lenina, and Monte Sol.
San Baptiste is the largest island in the northern archipelago, and one of the few to be able to support a public transport network. There are no trains on the island, but a series of buses serve the outer areas, while Northport also has an extensive tram network.

Things to see
Much of San Baptiste’s historical sites are outside of the capital. Northport has the feel of a modern city, but there is still a wide variety of architectural styles amongst its streets, representing five centuries and multiple cultures. To get a glimpse of the city from the air, head to the Northern Spire. The tallest building in the territory at just over 300 metres, the spire has become the symbol of a modern Northport. The four-sided glass pyramid has a restaurant, conference centre and a gift-shop on the ground floor, and elevators to take you up to one of the three observation decks, the highest being at 290 metres.

Northport is also well known for its sport. The Barunian Sports Hall of Fame is located at the Northport Sports Complex, and has displays relating to all of the nation’s greatest sporting heroes. The Hall of Statues commemorates some of these greats, including footballer Yohan Marris, Olympic sprinter Lacie Millican, and hockey legend Tiffany Grouch. If you want to try your own hand at some sports, head to the water. Azura Beach is the place for jet-skiing, wake-boarding, or other extreme water sports.

If you want something more relaxing on the water, head around the point a little to Bather’s Bay. A rock groyne provides a barrier from the roughest weather, making this the perfect place for a dip, or to relax on the beach. There are a few good seafood restaurants here, and they serve the famous Northern Isles Paella, a local take on the traditional seafood dish.

No visit to San Baptiste would be complete without a trip to Nuevo Zaragoza. Located about a half-hour drive from Northport, this is the oldest settled site in Barunia. While some of the settlement is still inhabited, much is in ruins. These are carefully preserved by the historical society, who gives guided tours through the early settlement. It is a fascinating insight into how the earliest Barunians made a new life in their unexpected home. The Nuevo Zaragoza museum continues the journey through the past with a vast array of artefacts retrieved from the site, as well as across the Northern Isles. Another site is Nuestra Senora, a hill near the centre of the island on which the first chapel was built, the chapel was used for at least two centuries before it was abandoned, and the remains are still there. Nuestra Senora is a great place for a walk, and as you walk over the hill you will see the remains of other buildings in the earth, all that is left of this early village.
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Postby Banija » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:38 am


Banijans win Group A; face Turori in first ever World Cup knockout stage match

Banijan fans enjoying the team's third Group stage game

HOIMA, ANKOLE- The Kadongo Kamu, in just their second ever World Cup, though of course on home soil, have won Group A and are going to the Round of 16 to face a familiar foe- Turori. This is, of course, their match with the highest ever stakes between these two foes. We have a history with Turori, and we've played three times. Matchday 8 of World Cup 80 Qualifying, when Banija fell, 3-2, to Turori away from home. Then, of course, in a game that Banijans will remember for a long time, on Matchday 17 of that same campaign, the Banijans scored a massive 1-0 win, in Montreal. While the Banijans were climbing up the table, it was that final victory, over the much higher ranked Turori side, that would be the big one to put them in the playoffs, sealed of course with a 1-1 draw in Ethane on the campaign's final day.

That massive win, of course, was part of the rising action of World Cup Qualifying, when a Banijan team, that was in 8th halfway through the group stages, fired their coach, pulled off 7 wins and 2 draws in the final 9 games to storm towards the playoff, and then upset Mercedini 5-3 on aggregate to put themselves into their first ever World Cup Finals, at World Cup 80. An important victory for the Banijans, and easily, at least from our perspective, the most important Turori v. Banija game that has been played- until now, that is. The combined Vilita & Turori team, on their way to winning AOCAF LVI, beat the Banijans in the quarterfinals of the same tournament, 1-1(3-1 AET), on their way to becoming the regional champs.

And then, of course, Turori came to Banija as part of the World cup Qualifying tour, those games that the Banijans played during World Cup Qualifying, to keep the team fresh. At the Olympic Stadium in Hawabark, Buganda, in front of 17,000 in a stadium that, next season for the first time, will play host to top flight football, the Banijans fell by a score of 3-2, on home soil. The fans were out for that game, as that is a big matchup, but it will be nothing compared to the scenes that we expect to see out here for this massive game at PG Arena. And with their National Citizen squad coming to Banija for this massive World Cup knockout tilt, there is going to be true magic in the air for this one.

How do we project this one? The Banijans, of course, are happy to be here. As co-hosts, the expectation was that they would break through to the knockout stages, and they did. In crazy fashion, however, as Pasarga, the group's powerhouse and the betting favorite to run away with this group, finished in third place, falling out of the group stages. The Banijans advanced from Group A in first, while Darmen advanced in second. Turori, of course, finished second in their own group, finishing behind another powerhouse- Nephara. Nephara, one of the sport's biggest nations, with the world's top ranked league, are a tough team to beat. Regardless, we face the question- who will advance to the Quarterfinals?

Let's look at the National Citizen squad. They beat Mercedini, but drew, surprisingly, with Nova Anglicana in the group stages, only advancing on goal difference. The Eels are well organized, and they play with a stellar, counter-attacking style. They are capable of finishing, and can score a lot of goals. 7 goals in the group stages, including four in the opener against Mercedini and three in the subsequent match against Nova Anglicana, shows their finishing capabilities. Players like Inamari Altariiz are having vintage tournaments, the 36 year old having scored 3 goals in the group stage, including two in the first 10 minutes against Nova Anglicana. Wasa Jawo will have his hands full, in the back, keeping an eye on him. That matchup, Jawo vs. Altariiz, will be a good one. Those two are a combined 69 years old, with Altariiz just three years the senior of Wasa Jawo.

There's an X Factor off the bench that we have to watch for as well, and his name is Kentu Umaka'a. Just 24 years old, he came off the bench to score against Mercedini, and then came off the bench again to score against Nova Anglicana. He was at Makosile United, the club of Okonkwo Okparro. He is young, he has a ton of energy, and can run seemingly for days. That's what makes him so potent- when your players are tired, he'll come in and do some serious damage. The Banijans, as he's likely to play late in the match, have to keep an eye out for him, and need to maintain their energy so he doesn't bury them late in the match.

Who are the key players for the Banijans then? Besides, of course, Wasa Jawo and Isaac Georgiadis, who will be the strongest men in the back. For whatever firepower the Eels have up front, they have lacked the ruthlessness in the back. They allowed six goals during World Cup Qualifying, and while only holding Nephara to 1, they allowed 3 to Nova Anglicana. It is possible to score against these boys, and the Banijans will have to, considering our defense is nothing to write home about, either. The front trio, of course, is the key. Afolayan, Kahara, and Okafor will have their chances in front of net. Can they convert them?

All three of them play in some of the world's best leagues. Chibuzo Afolayan in the Nepharim Premiership, Gitonga Kahara for Polaris in the Terrenean League East Division, and Toyuwa Okafor playing in Farfadillis. They face this kind of pressure, the weight of expectation, week in and week out. They face the talent level that Turori brings to the table, more so than our domestic based players face. And then, of course, Okonkwo Okparro. Playing for Makosile United, a few of the guys across the field are teammates of his, and many more are rivals. That will give him an important role- can he break down the Turori defense, in this high stakes of a matchup?

The energy surrounding the atmosphere here is absolutely electric. Hoima has been excited ever since it was announced that this match would take place in the city, that was almost left off of the World Cup City host list entirely. The city is buzzing, as Banijans from all across the country descend on Hoima in anticipation for what would be Banija's biggest match ever- their first ever World Cup knockout stage match. Will they exact revenge on their AOCAF Quarterfinal defeat, and write themselves a different legacy?

Now, of course, time for a prediction. The Banijans lost to Turori, of course, in their last matchup, at the Olympic Stadium. But that was a friendly. They beat Turori in their last competitive match, though lost against a combined Vilita & Turori in the regional championships. Which of the two Atlantian Oceania sides will assert themselves in this matchup? Which team will cement their legacy- the Citizen Squad, after being outshone by the Cocoabo for the last two World Cup cycles, or the Kadongo Kamu, looking for a dream run to the World Cup Quarterfinals?

The home crowd will be fantastic. There will be energy, there will be singing and dancing, and there will be goat protesters. However, Turori is ready for this. They are a strong team, and coming off winning half of a regional championship, the Citizen Squad wants to assert themselves after years of being outshone by the Cocoabo. They will overcome the home crowd, and we predict a 1-1(2-1 AET) victory for the Eels, with a rousing standing ovation given to the Kadongo Kamu for such a fantastic showing on home soil. But, of course, this is one of those times where we hope we are wrong. And as always, of course, go Banija!
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Postby Free Republics » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:50 pm

News Magazine

Second Round: Trudeau Falls Just Short with 49.5% of the Vote, Will Face Nicholls in 3rd Round
By: Matthew DeRose

Responsible Progress candidate Sebastian Trudeau finished just shy of a victory last night in the 2nd Round of the Consul election. Trudeau scored 49.5% of the vote, which is a record for the narrowest margin in history by which a candidate for Consul has missed obtaining a majority in the first or second round. Liberty Party candidate Scarlett Nicholls scored 31.7% of the vote, easily securing a second place finish. Overnight television ratings for election coverage reportedly broke records as it was unclear until 11 A.M. this morning that Trudeau had fallen short of the majority. Radical Alliance candidate Julian Norberg's share of the vote fell to just 11.2% as exit polls showed some of his 1st round supporters switching their votes to Nicholls and the electorate expanded with a large number of what appear to be foreign votes. Globalist Movement candidate Tsukihiko Fukuhara finished at 7.6% as he unexpectedly failed to gain traction amongst the foreign vote. By law, the top 2 candidates advance to the third and final round, unless a candidate wins an outright majority. The last candidate to win an outright majority in the second round was Caleb O'Reilly 8 years ago.

Election night was a long affair and the early returns actually showed Scarlett Nicholls ahead of Trudeau. However, as more results came in from the major cities, Trudeau jumped to a massive lead and was soon sitting at 55% of the vote. As the night went on and a more diverse cross-section of votes poured in, Scarlett Nicholls began gaining on Trudeau. With Trudeau sitting at 53% at 2 A.M. this morning, the WOLF News Channel erroneously called the election for Trudeau, wrongly declaring him the Consul-elect of the Free Republics. Trudeau would take the stage moments later and make a lengthy speech declaring himself the winner of the election. Then, in the middle of Trudeau's victory speech, a large number of votes came in from Amolotopia and Trudeau's numbers dropped all the way to 46%. WOLF News rescinded their call and have been roundly mocked on all of the other news networks for prematurely calling an election. In mid-speech, Sebastian Trudeau was informed by an aide that he was not the Consul-elect of the Free Republics. Trudeau then told the crowd, "I have been informed that WOLF News, which is usually a reliable source, has been spreading fake news tonight. I am not the Consul-elect. As it turns out, a large number of votes just came in from Amolotopia with around 90% of them going for Scarlett the Harlot so we're now sitting at 46%. We will keep you all updated throughout the night but as of right now, we have not won yet and we may not win tonight. We may instead be heading back out to vote in a few weeks to secure our final victory over Scarlett the Harlot." Trudeau has yet to make a further comment now that the final result is known.

For her part, Scarlett Nicholls stayed off stage for the entire night. Sources close to the Nicholls campaign informed News Magazine that Scarlett spent the night with her family, including her father Consul Robert Nicholls, watching the election returns come in. She did however issue a statement to News Magazine declaring Sebastian Trudeau a "vile misogynist" and promising to "do everything within my power to thwart his efforts to Turn Back the Clock on women's rights." Nicholls denied any connections to a bombshell report this morning from the Republica Post detailing Sebastian Trudeau's alleged ties to the Salvation Circle and the Salvation Circle's alleged ties to the True Church of Iesus Christus (more commonly known as the "Church of Saintland"). Church of Saintland propagandist "Sister Maria Polus", a Republica-based schoolteacher, has been a vocal cheerleader for Sebastian Trudeau and reportedly was the first to use the nickname "Scarlett the Harlot" for Scarlett Nicholls. (OOC: This RP over in the WBC thread hints at the origins of that report, which is true but not 100% proven ICly.)

Whether or not the Republica Post's report turns out to be accurate (and a Trudeau campaign spokesman has already threatened, on Trudeau's behalf, to sue the Post for libel), it is likely to dominate the discussion during the 3rd round. Nicholls and Trudeau are currently scheduled to have 1 more debate at a date, time and location that are still to be determined...

Matthew DeRose writes about the Federation Government. He is a graduate of the University of Republica with bachelors degrees in Journalism and Political Science. During his time in college, he interned with the Republica Post. Although the Post didn't have any openings for him upon his graduation, he had left an impression on their editor, who recommended him to Admiral Theriault.

Rule Theriault Speech after 2-0 Victory over Saltstead

I have to give credit where it's due: Saltstead played with alot of heart today but they just didn't have what it took to get the job done! I know they're going to complain about the foul that wasn't called by Zak Josef. They wanted him carded. I haven't seen the film yet so I'm not going to say whether or not the ref got the call right but when you step on the pitch, that's what you sign up for. Sometimes, calls don't go your way out there and there was certainly nothing egregious or malicious about Zak's tackle on d’Angel. He was just playing hard out there and sometimes things just happen out there.

Both teams played really hard today and it was a really good game of soccer. Love's [referring to Love Holm, of course] goal early on put us up but they really controlled the possession out there. I'm surprised they didn't do more with it but I guess you can't afford to give up early goals when you're a defense-first team like they are. They had their share of opportunities to beat us but ultimately we got them on the counter-attack and Johnny [Smith] put Dragutin in a 1v1. There was nothing their keeper could do even if Rotscheud is a really good keeper.

I am informed that the Equestrian States have been victories over Chromatika which means that they have won Group E. I have also been informed that our next opponent will be Barunia and that the match will take place in Falatulu at the IslandDome. For most people, going to Falatulu is a vacation and a chance to go to a laid-back place where people are partying all year long. For us, this is an opportunity to reach the World Cup Quarterfinals and continue our quest to live up to the legacy of our previous generation.

Barunia is a really good team and I am as shocked as anybody that both Starblaydia and The Holy Empire fell short tonight. I did not expect to see Barunia or Ko-oren advance out of that group, let alone both of them. While Barunia hasn't exactly won any titles or even played us much over the years, they have been around a long time and will be a tough opponent for us. It should be a good game for the neutrals and a stressful one for those hoping that this will be our year.

It is a long road to the final and every single match from here to the final will see one team's hopes of winning the World Cup extinguished. It is now up to us to play the best that we can and pour our hearts into it to win. I promise each and every one of you that you will see our very best effort for the rest of this World Cup.

Ever since our victory over Chromatika the other day, I've felt a different energy around this team. Every single one of our players now believes that we can beat anybody, anytime, anywhere. We have a newfound confidence, a confidence that showed today. Beating the likes of Mercedini and Drawkland in the Independents Cup is cool. Beating Vilita in the Cup of Champions is even cooler, given our history with them. But victories in the World Cup mean more than any other kind of victory and we've given you 2 of them back to back.

Well, it is getting late tonight and we need to get some rest before we get back out to the practice field tomorrow so I just want to thank all of you for coming out today and I promise that we will be ready to play Barunia at the IslandDome.
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Postby Sargossa » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:52 pm

It was match night all across Sargossa. Across the home islands, across the outer isles, across the colonies the hustle and bustle became something different. Workplaces were abandoned, high streets emptied, cafes and restaurants closed early while bars stocked up for a night of heavy drinking. Crowds were gathering at fans zones and big screens that had been erected in parks and city squares. Families huddled in their living rooms, bathing in the glow of television screens. While those unlucky enough to pull the late shifts clustered about TVs, computers or radios to keep them up to date with all the goings on in far off Jinja City.

Such scenes were hardly unusual in Sargossa. Just a year earlier they had been repeated during the Copa Rushmori. During the quarter final, the semis and the eventual final. But this was only a group stage fixture. But a group stage fixture at the World Cup, with all the magic that brought. The fans had experienced the same magic two years ago when a win over Cosumar gave hope for a place in the last sixteen. Only out of form Barunia stood in the way but, alas, that night it wasn’t meant to be. It was different this time, the expectation was much, much lower. For there was no out of form Barunia. Instead there was Farfadillis. Second in the whole Sportiverse Farfadillis. A draw would be good enough to take them through. A draw for the Farves, a nation that normally wins.

Over in Banija the days prior had been filled with training routines. With defensive positioning, attacking play, set pieces, attacking and defending both. Markers, runners, overlaps, crosses. All the facets of the beautiful game. Coaches had poured over video footage, read scouting reports and detailed statistical analyses. It’s uncertain at which point the Corsairs’ head coach Rodrigo Defederico looked up from the sea of spreadsheets and data and instead came up with his own tactical solution to the up coming match. A philosophy for the encounter that could perhaps be best summed up in six words. ‘You know what, fuck it. Charrrgggeee!’

And charge they did. Goal scoring hadn’t exactly been too much of a problem thus far. Fifty goals scored in the qualifying group, eight more in the playoff and a further five in the two World Cup group games was an impressive tally. Time to turn that firepower squarely towards the Farves. And so they did, with a joie de vivre that had been strangely absent in some of the slightly laboured qualification performances. Because there Sargossa had been top seeds and favourites. Here they were anything but. And that is something the Corsairs seem to prefer.

The men in darker blue harried and pressed and attacked with the spirit of a pack of hyenas. And they were rewarded too, with a strike that lifted a million roofs in distant Rushmore. But the opposition were nothing if not a class act and wasted little time in striking right back. As the Corsairs pushed on the fragile defence grew increasingly exposed. Gaps appeared, into which Farfadillis’ finest poured to swing the pendulum back towards Atlantian Oceania. Then came the luck, the good and bad depending on your accent. The handball. The contact was obvious but could he have got his arm out of the way in time? The Farves thought no. The referee thought yes. Penalty. Nerves of steel. Two goals apiece.

Were this a big budget blockbuster a winner would have been found at the end of a beautifully flowing passing move. Or a thirty yard thunderbolt that would leave a goalkeeper with not a prayer. But real life tends to lean more toward the flawed than the perfect. A late corner. A defender up from the back mistiming his jump. An envisioned bullet header into the corner and anticipated headlines the next day instead becoming an impromptu flick-on off the top of the head. And a striker whose predatory instincts saw him react first to send said flick-on spinning over the line.

Then came that momentary pause, while a million collective brains catch up with what their eyes had just witnessed. And then the explosion of emotion. A mere shadow of the explosion that came minutes later, to salute the final whistle at the magnificent BCEL Stadium. Players and coaches tore from the bench to celebrate with eleven heroes. Back at home the noise went on throughout the night as cities, towns and villages cheered their distant footballing stars. To foreign eyes it may have seemed an overreaction. To the likes of Eura, Vilita and Nephara, for whom a place in the knockout stages is simply routine, it probably appeared ridiculous. But for the rest of us it’s a much harder slog. Thirty one attempts at the greatest tournament of them all and just a fourth ever advancement to the last sixteen. The joy was justified.

So to the very near future. And to Vilita, the Jungle Cats, with the sharpest of claws and a bite to match. History doesn’t inspire but the support at home and a few friendly neutrals at The Wolf’s Den might. Convention dictates that this battle is where our war comes to an end. But, you know what? Fuck it, charrrgggeee!
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Postby Brenecia » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:21 pm

Brenecia 3 - 1 Mriin
(4-1-4-1) 1 - Woodgate; 2 - Broxham, 5 - Heneghan, 6 - Szubanski (c), 3 - Quill; 23 - Alweather; 15 - Garrard, 21 - Case (4 - Staunton 61'), 13 - Wheeler (8 - Hartsdown 78'), 16 - Keynes; 9 - Riordan (17 - Strider 83')
Goals: Garrard 23', Keynes 37', Case 55'

It had been, on the balance of it, a fairly good week for Brenecia.
Most of the headlines revolved around the World Cup. Not the tournament, the actual, physical Cup, the one which the government had tried to pretend wasn't stolen and then had to admit was stolen, and was now, happily, no longer stolen. The communist rebels who took credit for the left wound up with egg on their face when the trophy turned up in the hands of one of Brenecia's criminal syndicates, who promptly ransomed it for money. Not exactly a great look, but a video of the Cup being menacingly waved near an open forge by a couple of masked goons made the government opt for safety.
Second piece of good news, this had distracted global headlines from a number of extrajudicial executions of more-or-less confirmed rebel ideologues and leaders.
Anyway, now the Brenecian national team had a World Cup to defend. A nation that had mostly tried to ignore its real events, because they were humiliating, could now focus on what really mattered. Football.

Brenecian matches were rarely routine, at least on the big stage itself, but, well... this turned out to be one of them. The pundits had worried that Brae Crowther's rest would come back to bite Jim Reid, but after a placid opening twenty minutes, Cu Roi Garrard quickly made them look stupid.
Mriin, see, were strong. Tall. Powerful. This was undeniable, and it was clear the Brenecian defence were under new orders to stand off them rather than tangle with them. Catsidhe Alweather had tried her hand at a more physical approach, and wound up being almost accidentally thrown to the ground by Joren Kreuger in the process. But that came with the caveat of pace, specifically a lack thereof, especially with an aging squad. So when Kreuger had an optimistic pass down the wing cut out by Keziah Broxham, the penalty was... immediate, as Broxham shot past Rei, Kreuger, Polandre and chipped the ball forward into the box, finding Garrard's run. He chested the ball down on the fly and smashed it towards goal, and Tavol wasn't able to block it, Solaani just able to brush her fingertips against it, getting that moment of hope, dispelled cruelly by the sound of the ball finding the net behind her.

Solaani should probably have saved it. She made up for it a few minutes later, Griffin Riordan with a stooping header from close range that she somehow managed to claw away for Kress to clear, and that fostered confidence, built momentum. Mriin attempted to make up for pace with power and measured, inch-perfect passes. Rei hit the outside of a post, Kress had a free header from a corner but managed, well, a defender's finish, and a one-two between Vol and Polandre lead to a vicious low strike from the Marque midfielder, forcing a fine save from Woodgate, which Vol snatched on but could only put into the side netting.
Jim Reid was angry on the sideline, a rare and impressive sight. "Pull yourselves together, for fuck's sake!" he bellowed inches from a touchline mic, nearly deafening billions across the multiverse. But it was worth it for the Patriots, and got them to redouble their efforts. Wheeler hit Riordan with a long ball that stuck to her feet, she used her low centre of gravity to hold off Tavol and cut back to Gethin Quill, who slipped in Keynes clear of the last man, who still had a lot to do... but managed to strike low and hard across Solaani to double Brenecia's advantage.

Don Mizzet needed a reaction from his Reavers, and whatever was said over the break extracted one. They came out of the tunnel hyped and motivated, and more than happy to use their physicality to pulverise their opponents. Alweather and Case, no lightweights, were slammed into the turf in quick succession by Iarrow, who picked up a the process and was hauled off for Ara Klein to try and assert some cleaner dominance. But no sooner had she come on than she'd hit the channels nicely with her first pass, finding the veteran Kreuger in space, and he in turn had found Vernan Quill, who muscled off his Brenecian namesake to hit in a high cross. Nobody could get near Solara Vol, though Heneghan valiantly tried, as she delicately angled herself to knock the ball down to Lasser Rei, lurking, to hammer home a goal back.
Nobody wanted to get in Vol's way as she retrieved the ball, and it was clear that the Reavers had the momentum. For the Patriots, just trying to hold out their lead would probably mean death - they'd barely had a sniff all half. Someone had to step up - and in the event, it was the proud, athletic Case, who wasn't really over getting bundled into the turf by Iarrow, and set the agenda for the Brenecian attack when the kickoff came to him and he immediately struck a ball beautifully down the wing, for Keynes to run, and run, and run, and eventually hack the ball into the side netting.
It had been a good idea, though. And after a physically intense, stop-start few minutes, Keynes finally managed to return the favour. The box was packed, his path blocked by (the Mriinian) Quill, but he managed to send a high ball over the top, arcing away from the box. Polandre complacently stood and waited for it but with a spectacular running leap, Case raced ahead of her and tipped the ball away with his head, landing with surprising grace and not waiting before striking at goal. Solaani could probably have stopped it... but it deflected heavily off the luckless Tavol's back, and bounced miserably into the net, Riordan looking like she wanted to steal the goal so badly but contenting herself with shepherding it in.
The last half-hour mostly just fizzled out, demoralised Reavers trying to pick themselves up but unable to recapture the momentum they'd had at the start of the half. Case's reward was replacement to rest his legs, and the graceful Roisin Staunton took well to keeping satyrs at bay with clever passing and strong positioning. Riordan, then later Strider, kept them honest, always provided an out ball. And, at the very last, Woodgate got an iron wrist to a forceful header from Vol, keeping stoppage time from being Interesting. Brenecia had done enough. The defence would last another day.
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Postby Ethane » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:03 pm


Explosive Sports News
Football - World Cup 81
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Is This The World Baseball Classic?
by Declan Fleece

After going without a loss in the group stage, the Red Kites look to continue their run with a victory against Cassadaigua.

The Red Kites have had a good run. In fact, they've had one of their most impressive World Cup runs ever. They almost went perfectly in the qualifiers, with the team performing even when rotated revealing the real depth this squad has, and have also now gone 3 games - including against the 2nd best side in the world - without loss in the group stages.

And what a group stage it was. The Red Kites were drawn as the second seed in the group, favoured to move on to the round of 16 in second behind Farfadillis but ahead of Sargossa and Eshan, yet this is not what the final results of the group looked like.

The Ethanians managed to pull off a magnificent set of displays against all of the other 3 teams in the group, always playing it close - as it normally is at this high level of football - but always just edging out the other team. An impressive 4-3 victory against Sargossa in the first game of the World Cup and a comfortable 2-0 victory against our allies - Eshan - in the end, would have been enough to seal the top spot, but the icing on the cake came with the astounding result against Farfadillis.

Much like a game that happened on the website RLStates recently, the Ethane-Farfadillis game - with 2 very attacking teams - was supposed to be a high-scoring game. However, much like that fictional game on that website, the match was a bit of a boring flop, with not a single goal scored in the 90 minutes in the match. It was almost like the two teams neutralised each other. But this was less of an achievement for Farfadillis, as the second-ranked side in the multiverse, and more of an achievement for the Red Kites, who aren't in the top 10 of the world rankings and haven't surpassed the quarter-finals in the World Cup.

Unfortunately for Eshan, they couldn't muster up enough to pull off a surprise win, although they almost managed it against Farfadillis and did put up a fight against Sargossa. They ended the group with 3 losses out of 3 matches, which is slightly disappointing for them but considering they didn't expect to even be in the world cup, could be seen somewhat as not a complete failure. Not that many of the Echani fans will be going home though; a large proportion of them will be staying abroad to keep on supporting Ethane - one of their greatest allied nations.

A team that did impress everyone though and even delivered some slightly surprising results was Sargossa. The Red Kites were able to dispose of them in the first game - although it was a very close 4-3 result to the Ethanians - Sargossa wasn't giving up. A victory against Eshan was as expected, but in the final game of the group in what was their most difficult game of the group, they managed to pull off a shock win to progress to the round of 16 behind Ethane, knocking Farfadillis out of the World Cup. And while their defence was a little leaky, their 8 goals scored is tied for the top in the 3 group stage games, showing the offensive prowess they bring to the table that other teams will have to be wary of.

Surprisingly, it was the defensive side of the team that held out the best for the Red Kites, conceding an average of 1 goal a game but scoring an average of 2 goals a game. Despite the team going all-in on attacks at points, they can still hold their shape and get back to protect the keeper and the goal without too much hassle, otherwise, that stat would be much worse. It isn't anywhere near the 0 goals conceded that South Covello has in the group stages, but it is a marked improvement over previous tournaments and certainly shows the benefits of taking a more defensive style, were the team ever to move back to a more defensive style of play (which is generally more to Ethane's fashion of football).

But now the group stages are over, the games get more difficult, as they are a straight knockout; you lose and you're out. That's going to put a lot more pressure on the team to perform, although it's nothing most of them haven't done before with The Red Kites having now made it into a number of consecutive World Cups.

Of all the games we could have played, this game provides the most humour though. We find ourselves up against a team which we don't really know from football, but which we definitely know from the World Baseball Classic. Cassadaigua is one of the most accomplished baseballing nations in the history of the WBC, and they look set to continue this domination in the current WBC, having by far the best record during the group stage series. There are a number of teams that could challenge, but they look a cut above the rest. We all know that The Red Kites perform so well as the underdog in baseball though, so there might be a surprise later in the playoffs of the WBC.

But this isn't the World Baseball Classic, despite what the headline may presuppose. This is football. This is the World Cup. And despite not having really achieved anything in the World Cup yet other than reliable qualification, Gavin Comi (the manager) describes football more as 'our domain.' He said 'when we play them at baseball, we are playing them at a sport that they are historically and currently good at, and while we are good at that too, we can't match Cassadaigua's performances in baseball. But this isn't the WBC, this is the World Cup, so Cassadaigua is now playing on our domain; football is our nation's main sport, and Cassadaigua will now have to play us at a sport we're evidentially better at.''

He's been talking the team up ahead of the fixture, which does put all the more pressure to perform on the players because it feels more like a failure if they lose after saying they should be easy to beat. But the players are up for the challenge, it's just Cassadaigua certainly is too.

But we can look at our group stage form to show that The Red Kites have the upper-hand going into this fixture. They had a much better qualifers than Cassadaigua, but in the long run, this doesn't matter nearly as much as performances against top teams once you enter the World Cup group stages.

In the groups, The Red Kites picked up 7 points - 2 wins and a draw. Cassadaigua, however, could only muster 4 points from a win, a draw, and a loss. In what was quite a tight group, Cassadaigua were quite lucky to progress, with the 3-2 victory against Vilita scoring just enough to keep Valanora at bay after their losses in the first match and draws in the second match, Cassadaigua progressing only by having scored 7 goals rather than Valanora's 6 (the teams were both level on points and goal difference and any other tie-breakers used).

But form doesn't matter when it comes to the World Cup knockout rounds. It doesn't matter who was better in their previous games. The only thing that matters is who is better on the day. Who performs well in the fixture, and who doesn't? These games are won or lost by the closest of margins, and it is the team that switches off slightly during the game that will lose out. And that could be either team.

VS Cassadaigua

GK: Jeremiah Shepard
LB: Theresa Desantis
CB: Darien Fear (CB)
RB: Joshua Cook
LM: Alexis Stinnet
CM: Leyton Underwood
RM: Xavier Rengart
CAM: Josh Montoya
LF: Scott Burgess
CF: Declan Smith
RF: James Rodriguez

SUBS: Nicholas Reed (GK); Rashad Bowens (RB); Eric Morris (LB); Kyle Cooper (CB); Seth Vaughan (CAM); Mohammed Hope (ST); Lukas Cole (ST)
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Postby Eura » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:14 pm

Peace had broken out, said the papers. Eura’s headline writers were hard at work on the forced wit front like they always were. Yarley finished her review of the front pages for the day and lazily stretched out in her seat, looking tiredly out of the window at the Bastion skyline. It had been a few weeks since Sameba’s schism and matters were progressing just as she had planned. The Loyalists and Beranists were both crumbling as organised forces and descending into horrifically violent infighting while the Bregan revolutionaries to the north east had been largely routed. It had been a field day for the Euran military. Chaos in the Sameban ranks had left them with free reign to decimate Sameba’s remaining military infrastructure and especially its dormant armoured columns, trapped on rural roads and isolated staging grounds. Numerous high ranking officials and officers had been captured. Yarley could hear her Secretary of State for Justice salivating at the thought of a massive war crimes trial in cabinet meetings.

Long term problems were beginning to appear over the horizon but, for now, Yarley had chosen not to worry about them. The huge cost of rebuilding and in effect integrating Sameba (if that was even possible) would have to wait. Her only short term concerns were preparing for a snap “peace time” election and taking Sameban leaders alive while she still could. She was also taking the opportunity to relax where possible. After all, everything had gone seamlessly to plan meaning much of the pressure on her position had been washed away. It was a time for celebration - and possibly a bit of reflection. Reflection had always been a strong suit of hers and even in victory it would have been most unlike her not to reflect on what she had done well. If anything could be learned from the experience about how to utilise power, it was to be prepared, to be informed, and to always think one step ahead. She repeated this to herself numerous times. It sounded like a statement of the obvious, but if all truths in politics were obvious, it wouldn’t be so difficult in the first place.

Her stomach turned slightly as the aircraft made contact with the tarmac and decelerated quickly. She’d never been fond of flying. At least she had thoughts of grand strategy to distract from the discomfort, underwritten by a hint of anxiety about her position that would never quite go away. No leader could ever be sure of their position beyond doubt; Yarley was no different despite her ruthlessness and extraordinary success. No, there is no point dwelling on that sort of thing, she thought to herself with a sense of optimism. It was optimism backed by the accuracy of the predictions behind her triumphant master plan. She had correctly made four key assumptions, informed by copious amounts of OSI intelligence and some best guesses about a scenario where Gartanzo died prematurely. The starting assumption was that Colonel Beran – the original target – could be pushed into drastic action if he lost his family. Yarley had done what she could to push him over the edge with the help of a drone and a well-placed missile strike.

Beyond the initial starting point lay the other three predictions. These were about what would happen to Sameba once Beran had done his duty. Both her and the rest of the Euran political leadership had long concluded that the Sameban leadership’s greatest weakness in the event of a sudden leadership change would be hesitation and internal squabbling. This had proven to be completely accurate, though the Euran’s privately realised it had been a stroke of luck to get early notice of Gartanzo’s timely demise. That was the second prediction, and the third was that Sameba would now lay divided between the ruins of three factions, none of whom were individually strong enough to beat the others or resist Euran dominion. Broadly speaking this too had proven accurate. The communists were being overwhelmed by everyone, the Loyalists and hardliners had panicked and pushed the civilian population too far (inciting revolt and surrenders to the Eurans), and the rebels had thrown away their leverage by panicking in a different way, offering themselves up to the Eurans out of desperation before they could achieve their domestic objectives.

Yarley’s final prediction had been contingent on the others. It concerned the Sameban people, and the belief that when faced with this crisis, they would be too divided and too exhausted by its scale and violent bitterness to recover from the schism as a unified entity, making Euran victory inevitable and the viability of a continuing Sameban state impossible. Time would tell if Sameban nationhood had been discredited among the population but for now at least they were beaten, just not completely won over. In the long term Yarley hoped to finally break through the propaganda blanket that had been draped over Sameba’s general population for decades, and the schism had started that process. Sameban citizens far and wide now wondered why the Beranist and Loyalist media pronouncements about Beran’s motivations appeared to be wrong, and why the Eurans had been right, with no cult of Gartanzo’s personality to counter the change in public opinion.

Above all she believed Samebans would now empathise with Eura’s position in a way that had never been possible. The irony was not lost on her that she, portrayed by opponents who knew her well as a callous bordering-on-psychopathic leader, was going to win the peace through having a better understanding of empathy than her opponents. Once again they had underestimated her and now their defeat would be taken advantage of without mercy. Other mechanisms would need to be used in time to ensure that she would get the credit for this transformation both domestically and abroad. The CRC was one of these mechanisms to promote her role as a national and regional leader. In her mind, an opportunity had arisen to make herself the self-anointed guardian of the region and its blossoming union, an indomitable icon whom the oppressed and invaded of Rushmore could dream of to help them sleep soundly at night. The poor naïve bastards might regret it later when the roses stopped smelling so nice. But that wasn’t her problem.

While this was all rattling around Yarley’s head, Aurelia Fern was sitting across from the Euran Prime Minister and wondering what to make of her on the second day of her state visit. The Margravine of Nephara was an impressive woman from a nation dominated by them but not out of place among the social democratic leaders of the world’s medium sized liberal democracies, at least from a Euran perspective. According to Yarley’s briefing on Fern when she took power, she was firmly middle class, forged by political activism and an early entry into politics through universities, and rather un-cynically walked into power off the back of an anti-interventionist instinct and normally calm demeanour. This was punctured by the occasional moralistic outburst, including a nine minute takedown of her predecessor on foreign policy in Parliament. She was happily married and “nice”, in a media friendly but not outgoing way.

Yarley was a different entity altogether. Working class in background but aggressively liberal and no socialist, she had been born into a patriarchal and wary society of immense size, and then struggled to the top through sheer intelligence, willpower and allegedly inhuman willingness to destroy those who opposed her, all while being told it would be impossible for her to get anywhere from within the confines of the struggling Liberal Party. She was unashamedly interventionist and despised weakness. To top it all off, she was the first single Euran head of government for a long time, though rarely for a female leader in Eura she had managed to control the narrative surrounding this and turn misogynistic speculation to her advantage.

However, there were similarities. Both leaders were big champions of LGBT+ rights and indeed both were genuinely committed to the cause of human rights as a whole, though Yarley’s record in office didn’t always reflect that by necessity. They shared a dual ability to make their point both quietly and loudly to good effect. Most importantly of all, both were political survivors and better operators than many of their critics might have anticipated previously. Fern smiled as Yarley came over to her once the plane had stopped. ‘If you’ll follow me Aurelia, we’re heading to Blackhall. There’s going to be a display to commemorate the recent good news.’
‘Wonderful. I look forward to it!’ The public awaited them. Working each other out could wait for a few hours. Smiling and waving would take priority until then.
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WC81 MD3 - twii.tur highlights

Postby Turori » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:00 pm


:: twii.tur Highlights ::

twii.tur is a short message communication service that originated from Turori and allowed users to exchange content of 140 characters. The service was conceived as a way to allow officials to receive alerts and key information such as incoming weather notifications, major events and the ability to stay coordinated during a time of crisis but was under-utilized and doubts were raised as to whether the overhead of the infrastructure was worthwhile to maintain.

As capabilities of interconnected and handheld communication devices improved, the Turorian Weather & Information Interchange (Twii) was adapted into a public facing service where users could sign up to create their own twii nodes where users would sign up to a twii group to receive all the twii messages delivered by members of that group.

Ultimately, as demand grew, a fully public release of twii came at the connected location twii.tur where all users can participate in the public twii, selecting which messages to receive by adding individual users, groups or topics to their twii.tur feed.

More recent developments and additions to twii.tur included the introduction of quick bangs, images, emotitags and users with high overall ratings can even post video of 30 seconds or less onto their twii feed. Now, after being named as the Official Global Messaging & Communications Partner for World Cup 81 in Banija and the Free Republics, user accounts, activity level and overall expectations are higher than ever and the twii.tur servers have been operating at high capacity levels and many milestones have been reached including quite possibly the first ever serious international incident caused by a single twii. Lets have a look at the highlights from this week on twii.tur:

:: twii.tur trending this week

Image Just got hit by a can of @VILAYE wtf? the giveaway vendors are fighting over who has the better product #WC81 Image

Image @cocoa-bo dude just yelled as a crowd gathered at the @VILAYE table "VILAYE SUCKS!, COCOA-BO IS BETTER!" Image

Image @VILAYE dude is playing ignorant & spouting some junk about @VILAYE tastes better and quenches thirst better to keep folks at table Image

ImageImageImage holy crap the whole @cocoa-bo table and like 10 fans just chanted in unison "VIL-AYE SUCKS, IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS!" Image epic!

Image no way.@VILAYE guy just dropped everything did a run and jump to dive-tackle the @cocoa-bo dude who started it. is this real life? Image

:: Behind the twii :: This incident was virtually re-twii'd as it happened outside the BCEL stadium in Jinja City, Hangaza. Many of the official World Cup sponsors were in attendance in the fanzone outside the BCEL stadium giving out product samples, offering coupons or in some cases, such as the case with the Cocoa-bo eatery, simply selling product that many fans may not have been exposed to before.

Given the proximity of the Vilaye Energy Drink booth and the pop-up Cocoa-bo Eatery location outside of the BCEL Stadium, it was easy for the Cocoa-bo employees to see that the Vilaye booth was stealing the attention of any prospective customers by offering not just free samples of Vilaye - but entire cans of collectible WC81 Vilaye Energy Drink product for free at a limit of one per customer. When they weren't completely overwhelmed they were even allowing fans to pick out their favorite nations can. Many fans weren't even looking in the direction of the Cocoa-bo location as they were drawn to the crowd and freebies on offer by Vilaye.

Then, the leader of the Cocoa-bo eatery started to take matters into their own hands by attempting to dissuade fans from taking the Vilaye product and instead to come get a quality product from Cocoa-bo. Of course, its hard to dissuade fans from taking something that is free but the Cocoa-bo team did their best and things really got heated when one of the Vilaye Energy Drink staff members took out a can of Vilaye and chucked it across the way shouting "Heres a sample, why don't you try it before you knock it!". Not missing a beat, the Cocoa-bo employee chucked the dented, spewing can back but the change in its weight due to the loss of liquid combined with the unpredictable aerodynamics due to the forced ejection at the site of maximum aluminum crinkage resulted in the initial tweet cited above. It most certainly didn't mark the end of the altercation between the two vendors, however, and locals ultimately had to get involved after the Vilaye employee tackled the heckler from Cocoa-bo to the shock of many passing fans - and the delight of a handful of others.

Ironically, the incident which saw vendors arguing about which of their liquid consumable products was better, took place at the BCEL Stadium - the only corporately sponsored stadium on the Banija half of the World Cup Finals, and sponsored by soft drink company BCEL from Baker Park. With BCEL being the official Global Beverage Partner for World Cup 81 it will almost certainly not sit well that two different - albeit non-competing beverages made headlines on what was supposed to be BCEL's day in the spotlight of the beverage world of sports. It has not yet been announced whether the Vilaye Energy Drink and Cocoa-bo Eatery vendors will be invited back for the Third Place Playoff match which will also be taking place at the BCEL stadium in Jinja City.

Image God's greatest meat for mankind- goat.

Image this twii has been deleted by it's author

:: Behind the twii :: Controversy is sure to follow any internationstatal event, or gathering en masse of large groups of people from varied upbringings and belief systems. Its not often, however, that the controversy is centered around a goat. But that is what has happened when the South Covellans arrived in Banija, even earning an official sponsorship deal for their goat based lawn care services, only to find out that their may have been a far more sinister reason that the Banijans inked the deal: Any goats left behind might make for a tasty dinner.

Protests by South Covellans in Banija throughout World Cup 81 have caused a minor headache for the locals but had flown largely under the radar until Omugabe Basamula, the second son of the Kabaka and third in line to the throne, decided to twii out a picture of himself eating goat meat in front of the South Covellan embassy. The twii set off a firestorm of emotions across the multiverse and brought what had been an isolated disturbance mostly following the matches that South Covello were contesting and turned it into an international incident.

Omugabe tried to backtrack followup comments but the picture had already circulated the multiverse and there was no point in trying to hide it at this point. Opinion within Banija has been split with some supporting Omugabe's right to expression and the right of Banijans to eat goat meat whenever and wherever they wanted to. Others, however, have suggested that if Banija wish to be taken seriously on a regional or internationstatal level both politically and socioeconomically in the future, they had better start considering sensitivities of other cultures, particularly when they are inviting those nations into their home.

Imageso just walking around republica some local asks me if i voted. huh? came here for #WC81Image but ok Tsukihiko Fukuhara you can have my vote

:: Behind the twii :: It is election time in the Free Republics and every tom, dick and harry roaming the streets has been redirected off their paces and into the voting booths. Responsible Progress party candidate Sebastian Trudeau is the favorite after the second round of voting while Liberty Part candidate Scarlett Nicholls is the last challenger remaining after a slew of candidates were eliminated from contention.

Nicolls will need to hit the ground hard and work on converting all of the supporters of the eliminated candidates including Globalist Movement candidate Tsukihiko Fukuhara. The Globalist Movement party had garnered minimal support from native Free Republicans and was counting on the influx of foreigners to bolster their candidate, Fukuhara, into contention. While present at the debates, Fukuhara struggled to be heard as many of the questions were either focused at or dominated by the dominating personalities of Trudeau and Nicholls. Even when given the chance to speak during the debates, however, some would argue that the Globalist Movement candidate failed to take advantage of the opportunity. Some believe that Fukuhara alienated some undecided locals when implying while answering a question about Marriage that the Free Republics are considered as a "Laughing Stock" elsewhere in the multiverse.

Fukuhara's team was grasping at straws by the end, sending staffers out into the streets to lasso up foreigners and take them into the polls with some reports suggesting possible hints of bribery in the form of coupons and street goods. In the end, however, it is likely to garner minimal attention as the strategy was not effective in permitting the member of Falatulu's Republic Legislature to progress further in the elections.

Imageyo so this match bull runs around the field and its balls so big hits some actual balls on the field and one of them rolls into the goal. we all cheered

:: Behind the twii :: One of the most unanticipated pre-game festivities of World Cup 81 has come from the matches in Banija which have included a crowd-pumping ceremonial bull run around the pitch just before the players come out of the tunnel.

The bulls, which were imported specially from the Jaffacake Farm in Audioslavia by the TropiCorps to ensure there were enough cows in Banija to provide Milk for all the fans... and possibly for the potential uptick in Cocoa-bo delectables consumed by fluffy bunnies and other assorted mischievous critters... make a ceremonial lap as ball boys and girls hide behind the advertising boards as a celebration of the cooperation between the TropiCorps and the locals.

After having seen the tradition begin over the opening matchdays of play, one set of Ball Boys and Girls thought it would be funny to collect all of the match balls into one big pile right on the side of the pitch in the bulls prospective running path.

Sure enough, about 15 minutes before kick off as the crowd was filing in, the pre-game festivities opened with the running of the bull. Ball boys and girls snickered as their eyes peered just over the top of the advertising boards, the bull charging in a gentle stride along side its TropiCorps handler. As it approached the collection of balls it hesitated only for a moment then gracefully lept over and continued on its way. It was unclear exactly what part of the bull made contact with the last 3 or 4 balls in the pile but whatever part of the bull it was, the balls dispersed at some pace, a couple bouncing off the ad boards and another struck off in front of the bull and rolled along side it for a good 15 yards. The final ball, however, rolled at an angle towards the goal. The crowd noticed and the energy started to build in an inverse relationship to the speed of the ball as it neared the opening of the goal and crawled to a near stop. It had just enough energy to roll softly over the goal line while stopping short of hitting the back of the net.

As the ball crossed the line a small eruption came from the crowd who had realized what had just happened, particularly loud were the celebrations from those who put two and two together and realized that there may have been more balls involved in the incident than just the four match balls that went shooting out from the pile.

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Postby Commonwealth of Baker Park » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:17 pm

© Sporting Times Daily 2021
BP through to last 16 despite loss.
by Mindy Cartwright, National Soccer Writer

At the final whistle of Cosumar's 2-1 victory over Baker Park in the final Group H match for both sides, there was the usual—albeit rare these days—feeling of disappointment from the players in black at not having come through 90 minutes with at least a single point.

But the singing and scenes of celebration in the end of the stadium where the travelling support from the Commonwealth were seated reminded many of the night in Qasden 4 years earlier, where the result on the scoreboard was less important than the surrounding permutations that involved the bigger picture.

Brenecia's win against Mriin in the other group match meant that the National Team would advance to the last 16 knockout stages of World Cup 81 as the runners-up. After the handshakes and commiserations between the teams were concluded, the full realization of what they had achieved finally brightened the mood of the players and staff, and they joined with the fans to mark one of the most important days in the history of soccer in the Commonwealth of Baker Park.

Trevor Richmond reverted back to the lineup that faced Brenecia for this match, with the exception that Erica Shaw moved to the spot normally manned by Jamari Bozeman and Steven DiPietro started in midfield for the second consecutive match.

While the Azure Dragons had nothing to play for except their pride, they came out early in the match as though they needed the win to advance. They held possession for long stretches of the first 17 minutes while BP played deeper in the midfield than is usual for them; they gradually worked their way into the flow and began to find areas in the Cosumar half of the pitch to exploit.

It was the Vanquishers who broke through with the opener on 37 minutes when Romikk Valgard took a pass from Isla Sibučić and stroked a left footed seeing eye ball just beyond the reach of Scott Hartline and it was 1-0; although the Bees pushed higher soon after the re-start, the teams went to the locker rooms for half-time oranges with the result unchanged.

The second half saw Baker Park press more against the Cosumari back line, and some slack passing led to several golden opportunities for an equalizer; Valerie Agahambri missed a wide open net from 23 yards, Alex Sandoval couldn't direct his header off a corner on target, Shaw made a 25 yard run with the ball but put her shot over the crossbar, and then she just missed the top corner off a free kick from 30.

That profligacy on offense came back to haunt the all-black clad side, as the lead was doubled just shy of the hour mark, Sibučić scoring from a set piece after Derick Briggs had committed a foul on Vega Zeale-Riddick.

As in the previous match, Annabeth Westmoreland replaced DiPietro with 28 minutes left, she and Shaw swapping positions, and it was the interplay between those two and Matt Villareal that set up the goal that BP deserved--on the balance of play--since the beginning of the second half; the substitute dropped a pinpoint pass into the path of Agahambri and she blasted a volley past GK Shjegrzh Na’Kefir and it was 2-1 at the 71st minute mark.

Commonwealth pushed for an equalizer and thought they had it when Evan Ashcroft, who had replaced Sandoval, tapped in the rebound off a shot from Tony Santos that the keeper couldn't handle, but the referee spotted an infraction on Westmoreland and waved it off.

As the final 5 minutes of the match wound down, the mood in the Baker Park end of the stands intensified, not urging on the team, but in reaction to the reports that Brenecia would sustain their lead to eliminate Mriin. A shot of the Baker Park bench showed Richmond and assistant manager Pam Scott stone-faced, but the other staff & the substitutes had a hard time keeping their smiles from showing. At the final whistle, the two managers shared a quick celebratory embrace before accepting the congratulations from the Cosumar coaches.

Quick kicks: The loss snapped the 10 match unbeaten run that dated back to the side's only loss in qualifying, which was also a score of 2-1; in fact, since the start of the last World Cup finals, BP have lost 5 competitive matches in that span up to now, and four of those losses ended 2-1

The National Team will now travel to Borotia, Iodara to face South Covello in the Round of 16 at the FreedomCola Stadium, with the winner going on to the quarterfinal where they will the winner of the Equestrian States and Ko-oren match at the Olden Stadium in Falkamore. The Under 18 side played at the Olden Stadium during the Round of 16 at the last Sporting World Cup, which was a 2-0 victory over Togonistan.

Aside from the co-hosts, Banija (32) and the Free Republics (33), Baker Park are the second lowest ranked side to advance from the group stage; only Ko-oren, at number 40 is rated lower.

The players celebrated in the dressing room by spraying bottles of Chappy Cola in lieu of champagne. Chappy is the official Soft Drink of this World Cup and the equipment staff hustled to get a couple of cases from the concession operators just before the players returned from the field.
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Soccer--Under-18 World Cup (Sporting World Cup 5) Champions
Baptism of Fire 67 Runner-Up
World Cup 81 Round of 16
World Cup 80 Group Stage
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